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Bacteriocidal patents


This page is updated frequently with new Bacteriocidal-related patent applications.

Apparatus and using ultraviolet light with pulsatile lavage
An illumination device comprises a housing, a power supply and at least one light source powered by the power supply. The at least one light source is adapted to emit radiation from the housing at one or more therapeutic wavelengths.

Amphiphilic peptide nanoparticles for use as hydrophobic drug carriers and antibacterial agents
Nanoparticulate carrier formulations are useful to solubilize, deliver, and target hydrophobic drugs for treating diseases including cancer and bacterial infections. The formulations contain amphiphilic peptides having a hydrophobic portion and a positively charged hydrophilic portion.
Northeastern University

Method for sterilizing plant seed, preservation method, cosmetic seed, and cosmetic set comprising cosmetic seed
The present invention allows a plant seed that contains at least galacturonic acid and rhamnose as constituents to be reduced in a general bacterial count to a cosmetically acceptable level by placing the plant seed under reduced pressure, subsequently exposing the plant seed in bacteriocidal gas atmosphere with higher pressure than atmospheric pressure, and then placing the plant seed under reduced pressure. The plant seed of the present invention can form a pectic coat in water upon soaking in the water.
Toko Co., Ltd.

Methods for microbial biofilm destruction
Compositions and methods for the dissolution of a microbial biofilm are provided, where the method comprises contacting a microbiofilm with an effective dose of a curcumin derivative as a biofilm inhibitor. In some embodiments the curcumin derivative is dimethoxycurcumin.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University