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Wound Healing patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Wound Healing-related patents
 Bone grafts including osteogenic stem cells, and methods relating to the same patent thumbnailnew patent Bone grafts including osteogenic stem cells, and methods relating to the same
Bone grafts and constructs including stem cells are provided. Example bone grafts include osteogenic stem cells seeded on a scaffold of osteoconductive cortico-cancellous chips and/or osteoinductive demineralized bone.
Globus Medical, Inc.
 Bone grafts including osteogenic stem cells, and methods relating to the same patent thumbnailnew patent Bone grafts including osteogenic stem cells, and methods relating to the same
Bone grafts and constructs including stem cells are provided. Example bone grafts include osteogenic stem cells seeded on a scaffold of osteoconductive cortico-cancellous chips and/or osteoinductive demineralized bone.
 Methods for dissection of subcutaneous tissue patent thumbnailMethods for dissection of subcutaneous tissue
A dermatological skin treatment device is provided. The device comprises a handpiece and a cutting tool, wherein the tool is inserted through the conduit and percutaneously inserted into a tissue disposed within a recessed area of the handpiece.
Ulthera, Inc.
 Fidgetin-like 2 as a target to enhance wound healing patent thumbnailFidgetin-like 2 as a target to enhance wound healing
Methods of treating a wound in a subject are provided comprising administering to the subject an amount of an inhibitor of fidgetin-like 2. Compositions and pharmaceutical compositions comprising an amount of an inhibitor of fidgetin-like 2 are also provided.
Albert Einstein College Of Medicine Of Yeshiva University
 Therapeutic compositions and method patent thumbnailTherapeutic compositions and method
This invention relates the use of cortisol blockers (glucocorticoid receptor [gr] antagonists) for the prevention or addiction induced anxiety and withdrawal side effects as a therapeutic and in concert with a diagnostic. Such addictions could be, but are not limited to, alcohol, drugs, caffeine, sugar, food, nicotine, etc.
Pop Test Cortisol Llc
 Durable haemostatic scaffold patent thumbnailDurable haemostatic scaffold
A method for preparing a haemostatic and adhesive durable scaffold useful for promoting wound healing, and the scaffold so prepared, are provided. The scaffold made of fibrinogen and chitosan is produced by electrospinning techniques, resulting in a material with enhanced endurance, applicable in various medical purposes including surgery, tissue regeneration, burns, injuries, and the like.
 Esculentin 1a  derivatives and uses thereof patent thumbnailEsculentin 1a derivatives and uses thereof
The present invention provides synthetic antibacterial peptides comprising a sequence at least 80% identical to a sequence shown in seq id no: 2 or the diastereomer thereof with a sequence shown in seq id no: 3 or pharmaceutical compositions thereof. Also provided are methods for reducing the severity of microbe-induced inflammation and for stimulating wound healing via the synthetic antibacterial peptides.
 Use of cpg oligonucleotides co-formulated with an antibiotic to accelerate wound healing patent thumbnailUse of cpg oligonucleotides co-formulated with an antibiotic to accelerate wound healing
Pharmaceutical compositions are provided that include an antibiotics, but that include ingredients that counteract the effect of that antibiotic on wound healing, without altering the bactericidal properties of the antibiotic. These pharmaceutical compositions include an effective amount of 1) an imidazoquinoline having toll-like receptor 7 (tlr7) ligand activity, 2) an immunostimulatory k-type cpg oligodeoxynucleotide (odn) comprising an unmethylated cpg motif, 3) an antibiotic, and 4) a surfactant, wherein the composition is formulated for topical administration.
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health And Human Serv
 Wound dressings for the controlled release of therapeutic patent thumbnailWound dressings for the controlled release of therapeutic
A wound dressing material for controlled activation of a wound healing therapeutic compound in the presence of a protease enzyme in a wound fluid, the material comprising: a medically acceptable polymer; a wound healing therapeutic agent; an inhibitor of the protease enzyme; and a linker group which is cleavable by the protease enzyme, wherein the activities of both the wound healing therapeutic agent and the inhibitor are increased by contacting the wound dressing material with a would fluid containing the protease enzyme. For example, the enzyme may be a matrix metalloproteinase, the therapeutic agent may be a reactive oxygen scavenger, and the inhibitor may be a tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase (timp)..
Systagenix Wound Management (us), Inc.
 Compounds and methods for skin repair patent thumbnailCompounds and methods for skin repair
The invention provides compositions and methods for wound healing and scar reduction. The compositions and methods of the invention include at least one ep4 agonist set forth herein.
Allergan, Inc.

Buffered ophthalmic compositions and methods of use thereof

The present disclosure provides a buffered ophthalmic composition for formulation of topically administrable suspensions useful for treating eye disorders by promoting wound healing, delivery of pharmaceutically active agents, and lubricating the eye. In particular the ophthalmic composition includes a buffer solution compatible with application to a mammalian eye, wherein the buffer provides increased mechanism of action of pharmaceutically active agents as well as therapeutic qualities.
Arava Bio-tech Ltd.

Use of the cathelicidin ll-37 and derivatives thereof for wound healing

Use of the antimicrobial cathelicidin peptide ii-37, n-terminal fragments of ll-37 or extended sequences of ll-37 having 1-3 amino acids in the c-terminal end, for stimulating proliferation of epithelial and stromal cells and thereby healing of wounds, such as chronic ulcers. The cytotoxic effect of ll-37 may be reduced by including a bilayer-forming polar lipid, especially a digalactosyldiacylglycerol, in pharmaceutical compositions and growth media comprising ll-37..
Lipopeptide Ab

Ocular treatment system and method using red and gold phototherapy

Systems and methods of ophthalmologic or ocular phototherapy treatment are provided herein. In some embodiments, the systems and methods of ophthalmic or ocular phototherapy treatment comprise applying a treatment light beam in a predetermined wavelength or wavelength range corresponding to gold (yellow to orange), red, or at least part of both the gold and red visible light wavelength ranges to at least a portion of an eye.
Cxl Ophthalmics, Llc

Multi-layer biomaterial for tissue regeneration and wound healing

The technology described herein is directed to compositions comprising at least a first porous biomaterial layer and a second impermeable biomaterial layer and methods relating thereto. In some embodiments, the compositions and methods described herein relate to wound healing, e.g.
Tufts University

Apparatus for aspirating, irrigating and cleansing wounds

An apparatus for cleansing wounds in which irrigant fluid from a reservoir connected to a conformable wound dressing and wound exudate from the dressing are recirculated by a device for moving fluid through a flow path which passes through the dressing and a means for fluid cleansing and back to the dressing. The cleansing means (which may be a single-phase, e.g.
Smith & Nephew Plc

Method and device for treating a tissue with a high frequency electromagnetic field

Methods and systems for treating a tissue with a high frequency electric field to activate mapk/erk pathways, induce angiogenesis, induce angionenic factos such as no and vegf, or promote wound healing. Aspects of the invention are directed to methods of treating chronic wounds such as diabetic ulcers and hypoxia induced wounds.
University Of Cincinnati

Systems and methods for introducing and applying a bandage structure within a body lumen or hollow body organ

Systems and methods provide intraluminal delivery of a bandage structure within a body lumen or hollow body organ, e.g., for treating an injured gastrointestinal tract or an esophageal hemorrhage in a non-invasive way using endoscopic visualization. The systems and methods can be sized and configured to apply a chitosan bandage structure within a body lumen or hollow body organ, to take advantage of the mucoadhesive, antimicrobial, hemostatic, and potential accelerated wound healing properties of the chitosan material..
Providence Health System - Oregon D/b/a Providence St. Vincent Medical Center

Topical corneal analgesia using neurotensin receptor agonists and synergistic neurotensin combinations without delaying wound healing

Ocular analgesics for topical administration are described. The topical ocular analgesic includes a neo-tryptophan-containing neurotensin analog.
Sloan-kettering Institute For Cancer Research

Absorbable polyurethanes and methods of use thereof

Disclosed are novel bioabsorbable and biodegradable monomer compounds, bioabsorbable and biodegradable polymers therefrom, and methods of making such monomers and polymers, which are useful in pharmaceutical delivery systems, tissue engineering applications, tissue adhesives products, implantable medical devices, foams and reticulated foams for wound healing and drug delivery, bone hemostats and bone void fillers, adhesion prevention barriers, meshes, filters, stents, medical device coatings, pharmaceutical drug formulations, consumer product and cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging, apparel, infusion devices, blood collection tubes and devices, other medical tubes, skin care products, and transdermal drug delivery materials.. .
Bezwada Biomedical, Llc

Wound dressing containing polysaccharides

A wound dressing makes use of polysaccharides, including the formation of a range of variable viscosity mixtures that use a solid polysaccharide such as medical grade cane sugar and a liquid polysaccharide such as honey, both of which have inherent beneficial properties for wound healing. The mixture is applied to an absorbent surface that is designed to absorb the mixed polysaccharide only partially..
Medline Industries, Inc.

Composition and dressing for wound treatment

The invention provides methods and compositions for wound treatment and/or blood clot formation, e.g., arresting the flow of blood from an open wound. The methods and compositions provide for promoting and accelerating wound healing and optionally provide for inhibition of microbial infection and/or a local analgesic effect..

Three-dimensional scaffolds for tissue engineering made by processing complex extracts of natural extracellular matrices

Methods of making a biologically active three-dimensional scaffold capable of supporting growth and differentiation of a cell are described. Biologically active three-dimensional scaffold made by the methods of the invention and an engineered tissue made from the scaffolds are described.
Drexel University

Treatment to promote wound healing

The invention relates to a field of tissue repair and regeneration. More particularly, the invention relates to a composition for promoting cutaneous wound healing.
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey

Polyhydroxyalkanoate medical textiles and fibers

Absorbable polyester fibers, braids, and surgical meshes with prolonged strength retention have been developed. These devices are preferably derived from biocompatible copolymers or homopolymers of 4-hydroxybutyrate.
Tepha, Inc.

Hemostasis wound healing device for dynamic elastic injury site

A topical cooling compressive hemostasis wound healing device and methods thereof for affecting a percutaneous access site wound or an acute surgical wound. The device delivers and transports cooling to affect and control vasculature and musculoskeletal motions surrounding the injury site during the blood coagulation, hemostasis, and wound healing phases.

Method of promoting wound healing

A method of establishing a therapeutic window of wound fluid nitric oxide (wfno) in the wound of a mammal, the method including: obtaining a wound fluid sample from a mammal; analyzing the wfno level; determining whether the wfno is at or below a lower threshold level, or is at or above an upper threshold level; wherein the lower threshold level and upper threshold level define the therapeutic window of wfno; and treating the mammal with a substance that alters the wfno level such that the therapeutic window of wfno in the wound is established.. .
3m Innovative Properties Company

Methods for promoting wound healing and/or reducing scar formation

The present invention provides methods for promoting wound healing and/or reducing scar formation, by administering to an individual in need thereof one or more of the heat shock protein 20-derived polypeptides disclosed herein.. .

Wound healing compositions including cyanoacrylate monomers and phenytoin

A monomeric adhesive composition includes a stabilized polymerizable monomer, such as a 1,1-disubstituted monomer, including a cyanoacrylate, and a wound healing agent, wherein the wound healing agent is 5,5-disubstitutedhydantoin, including phenytoin; and a method for making said composition.. .
Adhezion Biomedical, Llc

Antagonistic peptides for frizzled-1 and frizzled-2

The invention is in the field of molecular medicine. It provides antagonistic compounds for frizzled-1 and/or frizzled-2 receptors, which may be useful in molecular imaging of the wound healing process after myocardial infarction and in therapeutic intervention into wound healing after remodeling of the heart, thereby ameliorating the consequences of myocardial infarction.
Academisch Ziekenhuis Maastricht

Methods and devices for conduit occlusion

The present invention comprises systems. Methods and devices for the delivery of compositions for occluding or of elements for opening conduits.
Femasys Inc.

Devices and methods for performing subcutaneous surgery

Devices and methods for performing subcutaneous surgery in a minimally invasive manner are provided. The methods include application of reduced air pressure in a recessed area of a handpiece placed over a section of skin and drawing the section of skin and subcutaneous tissue into the recessed area.
Ulthera, Inc.

Combination of an oxidant and a photoactivator for the healing of wounds

There is provided a wound healing composition which comprises at least one oxidant, at least one photoactivator capable of activating the oxidant and at least one healing factor chosen from hyaluronic acid, glucosamine and allantoin in association with a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier. In addition, a method of topically treating wounds using at least one oxidant and at least one photoactivator capable of activating the oxidant followed by illumination of said photosensitizer is disclosed..
Klox Technologies Inc.

Crosslinked human or animal tissue products and their methods of manufacture and use

Degradable bioprostheses made of collagen-based material having amine-based and ester-based crosslinks are provided, as are methods for their formation and use. Some embodiments of the present invention are directed towards a method of controlling the ratio of amine-based crosslinks to ester-based crosslinks within a collagen-based material to provide a tailorably crosslinked collagen-based material.
Harbor Medtech, Inc.

Method for articular cartilage and joint formation

The invention is a method of applying a joint inducing protein preferably bmp-9 or bmp-3 to an ossification center in order to create a joint, articular cartilage, or an endochondral cap. The ossification center may be one that occurs naturally such as in the case of amputation, wound healing or fracture, or, it may be artificially induced by the application of an ossification center inducing protein, which may include other bmp family proteins such as bmp-2, bmp-4 or bmp-7.

Inducible gene expression composition for using eukaryotic pol-2 promoter-driven transcription in prokaryotes and the applications thereof

Eukaryotic protein-coding messenger rnas and non-coding micrornas are naturally transcribed by type ii rna polymerases (pol-2) but not prokaryotic rna polymerases. As a result, current eukaryotic rna and protein production is performed either using eukaryotic pol-2 promoters in hybridomas or mammalian cells or using prokaryotic promoters in bacterial cells.
Mello Biotechnology, Inc.

Wound healing composition

The invention discloses a composition comprising hyaluronic acid with a high molecular weight and povidone-iodine in low amount that has advantageous efficacy in enhancing wound healing and maintains high stability. Also disclosed is a method of using the composition of the invention in healing wounds..
Taiwan Biotech Co., Ltd.

Angiotensins for treatment of fibrosis

The present invention provides, among other things, methods and compositions for treating or preventing fibrotic diseases, disorders or conditions based on angiotensin (1-7) polypeptides, and analogs or derivatives thereof. In some embodiments, compositions and methods for treating or preventing pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd), asthma, cystic fibrosis, kidney fibrosis, liver fibrosis, systemic sclerosis, post-surgical adhesions, accelerating wound healing, and reducing or preventing scar formation are provided..
Tarix Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Bacteriophages expressing antimicrobial peptides and uses thereof

The present invention is generally related to engineered bacteriophages expressing antimicrobial peptides or lytic enzymes or fragments thereof for targeting a broad spectrum of bacterial hosts, and for the long-term suppression of bacterial phage resistance for reducing bacterial infections. In some embodiments, bacteriophages express antimicrobial peptides or antimicrobial polypeptides (e.g.
Trustees Of Boston University

Decellularisation of tissue matrices for bladder implantation

The invention provides an improved method of producing a natural, acellular matrix scaffold for subsequent use in tissue-engineered replacement of tissues such as the bladder. Decellularisation is carried out on an expanded or distended bladder and the product retains the strength and compliance of natural material.
Tissue Regenix Limited

Method and fractional non-invasive skin tightening

Apparatus is disclosed for providing a rf fractional treatment to the skin tissue by providing parallel elongated electrodes on which conductive areas and non-conductive areas are provided. The providing of conductive and non-conductive areas assists in sparing enough essential healthy tissue components like blood capillaries to support intense wound healing responses..
Lumenis Ltd.

Patch structures for controlled wound healing

The invention relates to an active surface element (2) for improved healing of cell layer lesions comprising at least one topographically structured surface on a substrate, with a pattern comprising alternating ridges (5) and grooves (6) with a pattern period (p) and extending along a pattern length (l), wherein the pattern period (p) is smaller than 10 μm and the pattern length (l) is larger than 1 mm. The invention furthermore relates to methods of making such an active surface element as well as to bandages, in particular adhesive bandages comprising such active surface elements..
Eth Zurich

Collagen-binding synthetic peptidoglycans for wound healing

Methods and compositions for promoting wound healing in a patient by administering a collagen-binding synthetic peptidoglycan to the patient are described. Additionally, methods and compositions are described for decreasing scar formation in a patient by administering a collagen-binding synthetic peptidoglycan to the patient..
Symic Biomedical, Inc.

Methods for promoting wound healing and muscle regeneration with the cell signaling protein nell1

The present invention provides methods for promoting wound healing and treating muscle atrophy in a mammal in need. The method comprises administering to the mammal a nell1 protein or a nell1 nucleic acid molecule..
Ut-battelle, Llc

Thrombomodulin variants and use thereof

A pharmaceutical composition comprising an effective amount of a mutant thrombomodulin is disclosed. The mutant thrombomodulin comprises an ammo acid sequence that is at least 80% identical to seq id no: 2 and has residues corresponding to ala364 and ala391 of seq id no: 2.
Blue Blood Biotech Corp.

Honey and growth factor eluting scaffold for wound healing and tissue engineering

Tissue engineering structures with biologically favorable structural and chemical properties are disclosed. More particularly, the present disclosure is directed to tissue engineered scaffolds having a fiber support and honey.
Saint Louis University

Method and device for improved ulcer treatment

A method and device are disclosed for treating ulcers based on the photobiostimulation effect to reduce inflammation and enhance microvascular activity accelerating the wound healing process. In a preferred embodiment, a diode laser source emits 1470±60 nm laser energy at about 15 watts, which is conveyed through an optical fiber and applied onto wound with about a 7 mm spot with a laser pulse preferably set to about 60 msec.

Topical compositions to treat circulatory disorders

The invention relates to transdermal compositions including nifedipine, pentoxifylline, ketamine hydrochloride, gabapentin, lidocaine, and prilocaine that may be used to treat conditions such as circulatory disorders and peripheral neuropathy. Additionally, methods of the invention are directed to treating conditions such as circulatory disorders, peripheral neuropathy, wound healing, blood flow issues, or the like, comprising the steps of transdermal or topical administration of the compositions..
Cmdp Licensing, Llc

Method for obtaining sterile human amniotic fluid and uses thereof

Provided herein is a method for sterilely filtering amniotic fluid from selected caesarean sections of an individual. The amniotic fluid is first centrifuged at 5,000 to 10,000 rpm for 30 to 60 minutes and filtered through filters with about 5 to about 10 μm pore size.

Methods for measuring changes in optical properties of wound tissue and correlating near infrared absorption(fnir) and diffuse refelectance spectroscopy scattering (drs) with tissue neovascularization and collagen concetration to determine whether wound is healing

Optical changes of tissue during wound healing measured by near infrared and diffuse reflectance spectroscopy are shown to correlate with histologic changes. Near infrared absorption coefficient correlated with blood vessel in-growth over time, while diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (drs) data correlated with collagen concentration.
Philadelphia Health & Education Corporationd D/b/a Drexel University College Of Medicine

Compositions and methods of use for (pro)renin receptor

Disclosed are methods of treating kidney disease, infectious or inflammatory diseases, acute kidney injury and hypertension by administering a (pro)renin receptor (prr) antagonist. In some instances the prr antagonist is a polypeptide.
University Of Utah

Decellularisation of tissue matrices for bladder implantation

The invention provides an improved method of producing a natural, acellular matrix scaffold for subsequent use in tissue-engineered replacement of tissues such as the bladder. Decellularisation is carried out on an expanded or distended bladder and the product retains the strength and compliance of natural material.
Tissue Regenix Limited

Fluorinated polymerizable hydrogels for wound dressings and methods of making same

Fluorinated hydrogels are used to dissolve oxygen or other oxygenated small molecules. The fluorinated hydrogels may release the dissolved oxygen or other oxygenated small molecules upon exposure to an environment of lower tension.
The University Of Akron

Bioactive alkaloid compositions and their medical uses

The present invention relates to a novel alkaloid and novel bioactive alkaloid fractions derivable from ribes preferably selected among ribes rubrum and ribes nigrum; methods of manufacturing such bioactive ribes alkaloid fractions and their use for the inhibition of ikk-β, pde4 and/or pde5 and in addition their promoting effect on mitochondrial biogenesis and function; their therapeutic or non-therapeutic applications as nutritive or medicinal products in the management of conditions associated with impaired mitochondrial function or ikk-β, pde4 and/or pde5 activity, such as inflammation, neurodegeneration, dyslipidemia, type 2 diabetes mellitus, impaired wound healing, sarcopenia and other conditions associated with muscle dysfunction or tiredness and fatigue, or where optimization of muscular or cognitive function is desired; extracts, juices or concentrates of ribes comprising such alkaloids; compostions comprising such alkaloids, including pharmaceutical compositions, nutritive product such as functional foods and nutraceutical compositions, and cosmetic compositions and medical devices.. .
Asiros A/s

Gelatin non-woven structures produced by a non-toxic dry solvent spinning process

The gelatin non-woven can be cross-linked by heat-treatment or chemical cross-linking, and the non-woven is biocompatible as measured by fibroblast growth in vitro and wound healing on pigs in vivo.. .

Methods for making biocompatible polymerizable acrylate products

Sugar-acrylic monomers are synthesized to have a carbohydrate moiety linked to an acrylate group. The sugar-acrylic monomers may be polymerized to form polymers, adhesives, hydrogels, and the like.
Empire Technology Development Llc

Immunocompatible amniotic membrane products

Provided herein is a placental membrane product comprising an immunocompatible amniotic membrane. Such placental membrane products can be cryopreserved and contain therapeutic factors and viable cells after thawing.
Osiris Therapeutics, Inc.

Immunocompatible chorionic membrane products

Provided herein is a placental membrane product comprising an immunocompatible chorionic membrane. Such placental membrane products can be cryopreserved and contain therapeutic factors and viable cells after thawing.
Osiris Therapeutics, Inc.

Composition and a wound healing

A herbal composition for wound healing is disclosed. The herbal composition comprises an extract of honeysuckle and an extract of mint in a weight ration of 1:2 to 2:1.
Han Sheng Biotech Co., Ltd.

Rhizoma arisaematis extracts and uses thereof for wound-healing effects

Provided are water and alcohol extracts of rhizoma arisaematis, compounds isolated from rhizoma arisaematis (such as 3-o-(9,12-octadecadienoyl)-glyceryl-β-d-galactopyranoside, n-(β-d-ribofuranos-1-yl)-phenylalanine, and adenosine), pharmaceutical compositions comprising the aforementioned ingredients, as well as uses thereof for promoting wound healing. In one embodiment, the pharmaceutical composition is a topical formulation, such as a cream, ointment, foam, lotion, plaster, gel, and emulsion..
The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology

Selective plasma activation for medical implants and wound healing devices

A treated surface of a device (10) for implantation or for application as a wound dressing, comprises an array of plasma-activated hydrophilic cell-adhesive areas (18) having the ability to reduce fibrous reaction, is in the form of an array of islets of activation. Each islet of activation (18) has a length which is less than 6 μm, a width which is less than 2 μm and the distance between islets is preferably from 4 μm to 6 μm.
Chuv, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois

Polymer composition containing natural bioactive principles for use in pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations

The present invention relates to a polymer composition containing natural bioactive principles, in particular propolis extract. The present composition is of value because it exhibits antimicrobial (antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antiprotozoal), wound healing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidising and moisturising properties.
Bioative Tecnologia Em Polimeros Ltda-me

Apparatus and wound cleansing with actives

An apparatus and method for cleansing and applying therapy or prophylaxis to wounds, in which irrigant fluid, which may contain a physiologically active material, and wound exudate from the dressing are moved by a device for moving fluid through a flow path which passes through the dressing. A means for fluid cleansing may also be provided to recirculate fluid back to the dressing.
Smith & Nephew Plc

Light adjustable iol with diffraction multifocal

A light adjustable diffraction multifocal intraocular lens (iol), according to the present invention, is a mutifocal iol whose optical power (prescription) may be adjusted by exposure to an energy source after implantation and subsequent wound healing. It makes use of a diffraction element to create the multifocal nature of the iol which retains its structural integrity despite exposure to the power changing energy source..

Method and dermatological treatment and tissue reshaping

The present invention provides improved methods and apparatus for skin treatment and tissue remodeling. The apparatus includes an array of needles that penetrate the skin and serve as electrodes to deliver radio frequency current or other electrical or optical energy into the tissue being treated, causing thermal damage in controlled patterns.

Methods relating to identification of susceptibility to liver injury

The present invention relates to methods for identifying susceptibility of impaired hepatic wound healing in a patient, most particularly by identifying modifications of the of ppar-γ and tgfβ1 genes. It further relates to stratifying populations of patients to determine susceptibility to impaired hepatic wound healing and direct appropriate healthcare resources.

Advanced formulations and therapies for treating hard-to-heal wounds

A method for healing a hard-to-heal wound including the steps of: topically administering a wound healing composition to a wounded area, wherein the wound healing composition includes, at least one of: (a) a medicament characterized as a calcium channel blocker or pharmaceutically acceptable salts or solvates thereof; (b) a medicament characterized as an alpha-adrenergic antagonist or pharmaceutically acceptable salts or solvates thereof; (c) a medicament characterized as a direct vasodilator or pharmaceutically acceptable salts or solvates thereof; and (d) a medicament characterized as a phosphodiesterase type five inhibitor or pharmaceutically acceptable salts or solvates thereof; and (e) a hemorrheologic agent or pharmaceutically acceptable salts or solvates thereof; (f) a primary dermal penetrating agent or pharmaceutically acceptable salts or solvates thereof: and (g) a topical stimulating agent or pharmaceutically acceptable salts or solvates thereof.. .

Nutritional composition for wound healing

A nutritional composition for promoting would healing comprises a protein source, a lipid source and a carbohydrate source wherein no more than 1.8% of the total calories of the composition derive from arginine and wherein the protein source includes praline in an amount of at least 3% of the total calories of the composition. The composition may be administered orally and is particularly suitable for the amelioration of pressure ulcers although it may also be used with advantage in the nutritional management of acute wounds including pre and post surgery..

Methods for improved wound closure employing olivamine and endothelial cells

The present disclosure relates to compositions for and methods of improving wound healing, including compositions for and methods of treating chronic wounds, and compositions for the inhibition and treatment of necrosis and extended quiescence that result in cellular necrosis instead of normal proliferation. The methods for wound healing administer one or more compositions including hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein with cells derived from umbilical cord blood..

"self-regulating device for modulating inflammation"

A bioreactor is provided which contains cells capable of producing cytokine inhibitors in response to cytokines, in a manner regulated by the local or systemic milieu of an individual patient and predicted by mechanistic computational simulations. The bioreactor transfers the cytokine inhibitors to a patient in need of control of the inflammation process as part of a disease or condition in the patient, such as sepsis, trauma, traumatic brain injury, or wound healing.

Methods of use of inhibitors of phosphodiesterases and modulators of nitric oxide, reactive oxygen species, and metalloproteinases in the treatment of peyronie's disease, arteriosclerosis and other fibrotic diseases

The present methods and compositions are of use for treatment of conditions involving fibrosis, such as peyronie's disease plaque, penile corporal fibrosis, penile veno-occlusive dysfunction, dupuytren's disease nodules, vaginal fibrosis, clitoral fibrosis, female sexual arousal disorder, abnormal wound healing, keloid formation, general fibrosis of the kidney, bladder, prostate, skin, liver, lung, heart, intestines or any other localized or generalized fibrotic condition, vascular fibrosis, arterial intima hyperplasia, atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis, restenosis, cardiac hypertrophy, hypertension or any condition characterized by excessive fibroblast or smooth muscle cell proliferation or deposition of collagen and extracellular matrix in the blood vessels and/or heart. In certain embodiments, the compositions may comprise a pde-4 inhibitor, a pde-5 inhibitor, a compound that elevates cgmp and/or pkg, a stimulator of guanylyl cyclase and/or pkg, a combination of a compound that elevates cgmp, pkg or no with an antioxidant that decreases ros, or a compound that increases mmp activity..

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