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Extending and re-using an ip multimedia subsystem (ims)

Secure wireless network connection method

Airborne wireless device security

Date/App# patent app List of recent Wireless-related patents
 Techniques for authenticating a device for wireless docking patent thumbnailTechniques for authenticating a device for wireless docking
Examples are disclosed for a first device to wirelessly dock to a second device. In some examples, a first device may receive identification from the second device for wirelessly docking.
 Extending and re-using an ip multimedia subsystem (ims) patent thumbnailExtending and re-using an ip multimedia subsystem (ims)
Systems and methods for extending and re-using an ip multimedia subsystem (ims) to extend the trust relationship from a closed group of customers of wireless service providers to users of other ecosystems (e.g., gmail, facebook, or yahoo!) for ims services. Some embodiments include receiving a request from an initiating device to establish a service connection between the initiating device and an endpoint through an internet protocol multimedia subsystem (ims) session.
 Secure wireless network connection method patent thumbnailSecure wireless network connection method
A method of connecting a user computing device to a wireless network comprises establishing a wireless connection between the user computing device and a first wireless network. The user provides identifying information to a server via the first wireless network.
 Airborne wireless device security patent thumbnailAirborne wireless device security
A method and apparatus for managing wireless devices on an aircraft. A map for a number of wireless devices on the aircraft is generated.
 Access control, establishing trust in a wireless network patent thumbnailAccess control, establishing trust in a wireless network
A wireless access point provides a subscriber access to use of a core network. Several techniques are implemented to build trust that the subscriber is connected with and using a safe wireless network.
 Protection against illegitimate link termination in a wireless network patent thumbnailProtection against illegitimate link termination in a wireless network
A wireless access point may be openly accessible to public use. The wireless access point receives an association communication from a computer device to establish a wireless communication link with the wireless access point.
 System and method for distributing content through a set-top box patent thumbnailSystem and method for distributing content through a set-top box
A system and method for distributing content through a set-top box. A number of wireless devices are registered for a communications session with the set-top box.
 Method for virtual channel management, network-based multimedia reproduction system with virtual channel, and computer readable storage medium patent thumbnailMethod for virtual channel management, network-based multimedia reproduction system with virtual channel, and computer readable storage medium
Method for virtual channel management, in an embodiment, for use in an electronic device includes the following steps. At least one command indicating virtual channel management is detected.
 System, method, and apparatus for providing digital video recorder services on a portable wireless device patent thumbnailSystem, method, and apparatus for providing digital video recorder services on a portable wireless device
Methods and apparatus for providing digital video recorder services with a portable wireless device (pwd). The pwd includes at least a transceiver, a processing unit and a memory unit.
 Demographic prediction channel patent thumbnailDemographic prediction channel
Video content is identified by a source component via a processor from a plurality of media sources comprising at least two of a wireless broadcast media channel, a web site, a web data feed, and/or a wired broadcast channel for communication via a personalized video channel. A demographic component is configured to classify a user device in a demographic class based on demographic data.
Application management for a wireless communication device
A wireless communication device receives a user request to download a software application and wirelessly receives the software application. The wireless communication device presents multiple application management tiers for the software application.
Tag ticker display on a mobile device
A method of providing a link to mobile content on a mobile device includes receiving a plurality of tags at the mobile device, each tag having at least one piece of mobile content associated therewith. The mobile content is in a format suitable for transmission over a wireless communication network.
Information servicing method and system
An information servicing method and an accompanying system use the vpn wireless communication channel of information service provider to transmit pure text contents of each information record to corresponding user devices, and use another wireless communication channel to transmit multimedia contents contained in the information record to the user devices; such that usage of communication bandwidth of the vpn wireless communication channel can be substantially minimized and the cost thereof can also be reduced. The information service provider includes a server which analyzes each information record in advance to obtain a goods symbol corresponding to the information record.
Managing null packets
Systems and methods are provided for mitigating interference in a wireless network to facilitate network performance. In an aspect, a method for transmitting wireless data packets is provided.
Method and a device of authentication in the converged wireless network
In the existing wlan network, the authentication method using the pre-shared cipher key has low safety, and is not applicable for large scale deployment; while the authentication method based on 802.1x is very complex and needs to introduce eap/radius servers. The invention provides an authentication method and device in a converged wireless access network, wherein, the wireless access network and the ue all maintain a cipher key of a ue for accessing the first wireless access network, when the ue accessing the second wireless access network, the wireless access network and the ue implements the authentication based on the cipher key.
Forwarding e-mail from a wireless device
A system and method of sending an e-mail message associated with a wireless device is provided. A request to forward or reply to an original e-mail message is sent from the wireless device to a server.
Linear feedback shift register (lfsr)
A wireless communication device is described. The wireless communication device includes a linear feedback shift register.
Video adaptation for content-aware wireless streaming
Described herein are techniques related to wirelessly streaming content to a remote display device. Parameters are selected for the streaming based on content information received via an application programming interface (api) associated with a media player.
Automatic ad-hoc network creation and coalescing using wps
A device previously configured as a registrar and that has established an independent ad-hoc network is automatically discovered by another device also previously configured as a registrar. To form an ad-hoc wireless network between these two devices, each device periodically enters a scanning mode to scan for and intercept beacons transmitted by the other device.
Methods and systems for monitoring computer systems using wireless devices
Methods and systems for providing information regarding monitored computer systems to wireless devices are provided. Information may be requested by a wireless device and displayed on the wireless device in a browser.
Method and apparatus for applying uniform hashing to wireless traffic
A method, computer readable medium and apparatus for hashing wireless traffic are disclosed. For example, the method hashes the wireless traffic uniformly by a plurality of probe servers based on at least one first key to provide a plurality of streams, and hashes at least one output stream of each of the plurality of probe servers uniformly based on at least one second key to provide a plurality of output streams.
Systems and methods for network testing
A apparatus for network testing includes a network port adapted to receive data from the test network and one or more network interfaces of a wireless access point in operative communication with the network port. The one or more network interfaces generates a wireless local area network (wlan) that communicates diagnostic information of the test network to a client device and causes the client device to display the diagnostic information..
Providing multimedia contents to user equipment associated with electric vehicle
Described embodiments relate to providing a multimedia contents service to user equipment associated with an electric vehicle located in an electric vehicle charging station through a wireless access point. The wireless access point may allocate an internet protocol (ip) address to user equipment associated with an electric vehicle located in an electric vehicle charging station in response to a connection request message received from the user equipment.
Method and apparatus for controlling traffic in wireless communication system
Provided is a method for identifying and controlling traffic in a wireless communication system. The method includes receiving, by a gateway, a rule corresponding to a determined policy and packet filter information from a policy server upon receiving an internet protocol (ip) session establishment request from a user equipment (ue); installing a packet filter according to the received packet filter information; and after a transmission control protocol (tcp) session is established between the ue and a content server, identifying traffic using the packet filter and transmitting the identified traffic to a radio access network (ran) to schedule packet responsive to a hyper text transfer protocol (http) request being from the ue after a transmission control protocol (tcp) session is established between the ue and a content server..
Application programming interface for enhanced wireless local area network router
A gateway router supports a plurality of api calls initiated by application programs of client devices of a lan and/or by network devices of a wan. The gateway router is positioned at a boundary between the lan and the wan.
System and methods of transferring tasks from a first mobile device to a second mobile device
A method includes selecting a target mobile device based on information regarding a power storage level of the particular mobile device. The method further includes transmitting program context information associated with a task of the first mobile device to a network accessible storage device.
Health and fitness management system
A health and fitness management system is provided that has a health and fitness application operating, e.g., on a smart phone, that can wirelessly communicate with an activity module worn on the user which has a motion sensor, e.g., an accelerometer. The application accepts food and weight inputs (e.g., from the smart phone) and user activity units (e.g., from the activity unit) and develops a user intrinsic metabolism.
Mobile terminal and control method thereof
A mobile terminal including a wireless communication unit configured to wirelessly communicate with at least one other terminal; a display unit configured to display screen information in a first region, and display an indicator area in a second region adjacent to the first region; and a controller configured to extract at least one keyword data included the displayed screen information, perform a search operation using the extracted keyword data, and display a result of the search operation in the second region.. .
System and method for secured account numbers in proximity devices
A method and system for using a secured account number for processing proximity types of wireless financial transactions associated with portable consumer proximity devices is disclosed. In one embodiment, the method includes receiving a proximity type of wireless financial transaction request along with a secured account number from a portable proximity consumer device such as a contactless smart card, converting the secured account number to the user's real account number, and transmitting the financial transaction request along with the user's real account number to the issuer of the user's real account number for authorization and processing..
Apparatus, systems and methods for wirelessly transacting financial transfers, electronically recordable authorization transfers, and other information transfers
The present invention provides apparatus, systems and methods to wirelessly pay for purchases, electronically interface with financial accounting systems, and electronically record and wirelessly communicate authorization transactions using personal digital assistant (“pda”) (also referred to as personal intelligent communicators (pics), and personal communicators), palm computers, intelligent handheld cellular and other wireless telephones, and other personal handheld electronic devices configured with infrared or other short range data communications (for referential simplicity, such devices are referred to herein as “pda's”). The present invention further provides apparatus, firmware, software programs and computer-implemented methods for making service and/or sale service charge payments for credit card charges, debit card charges, electronic cash transfers, ticket and other like financial transactions and for other types of transactions, such as for electronic coupons, where the amount of the transaction is for a small amount of money, such as, for example, less than $5.00..
Remote ordering system
A remote ordering system is provided using an electronic menu having a series of input devices associated with various menu items, and a wireless transmitter to send selected menu items to a receiving device for processing. A display to show selected menu items, an alpha-numeric keyboard, a non-cash payment device, and a printer for receipts are also contemplated for increased functionality.
System and method for selling items via a wireless mobile telecommunications system
Items are sold via a wireless mobile telecommunications network in which multimedia presentations describing items offered for sale are broadcast for reception by wireless mobile devices. Users of the devices can transmit responses indicating requests to buy the items or bid for them in auctions..
Controlling queuing in a defined location
A facility includes a location node having a transceiver of wireless signals. It communicates with a central hub and mobile devices in the facility.
Real-time inventory tracking via mobile device
A computer-implemented method is disclosed for real-time inventory tracking with a mobile device, including: receiving a communication for a stationary inventory item via a cellular or wireless network from a tracking server that is coupled with the cellular or wireless network; and tracking the stationary inventory item on a registered consumer mobile device in real-time via the cellular or wireless network, wherein tracking comprises: receiving an updated status regarding a quantity and a location related to the stationary inventory item; and displaying the updated status on a screen of the mobile device in real time.. .
Error concealment for speech decoder
Provided is a system, method, and computer program product for improving the quality of speech reproduction in wireless applications where the received speech frames are subject to transmission and packet losses. The speech decoding process is dynamically delayed by at least one frame period in order to perform additional error correction and concealment techniques during times when the wireless link quality if below a predetermined threshold.
Wireless network of low power sensing and actuating motes
Embodiments include a wireless mote network having a plurality of motes, wherein each of the plurality of motes includes a processing unit in communication with a communications device. Each of the motes includes at least a sensor configured to monitor an environmental condition in an area around the mote or an actuator configured to control one or more external systems.
Weightless scale system
A weightless scale system provides a selectable display of actual or differential measurements of body composition factors and has a scrollable calendar whereby a user can select any reference date back to the initial use of the weightless scale system for the one or more differential measurements selectable by the user. Body composition factors include body weight, body mass, body muscle, % water, height and a photographic capability for recording a selectable picture range of the user.
Wireless network of low power sensing and actuating motes
Embodiments include a wireless mote network having a plurality of motes, wherein each of the plurality of motes includes a processing unit in communication with a communications device. Each of the motes includes at least a sensor configured to monitor an environmental condition in an area around the mote or an actuator configured to control one or more external systems.
Methods for providing a navigation route based on network availability and device attributes
Systems, methods, apparatuses, and computer-readable media for are provided for providing a navigation route based on network availability. In one embodiment, a method includes receiving a request for a navigation route.
Multi-mode radio frequency winch controller
A wireless remote forms a two-way radiofrequency (rf) communication network with a winch control module that allows the wireless remote to control both the winch and additional vehicle accessories through the winch control module. Further accessory control modules allow the control of more accessories utilizing the wireless remote by way of rf communication.
Vehicle and wireless power transmission device
The vehicle includes a motor capable of producing motive power for movement; a storage battery capable of supplying electric power to drive the motor; and a secondary coil capable of performing wireless transmission of electric power between the secondary coil and a primary coil at an outside of the vehicle. In addition, the vehicle includes a command generation part capable of generating a command to move the vehicle so as to adjust a relative position of the secondary coil with respect to the primary coil, using a first received power value indicating an amount of electric power received by the secondary coil from the primary coil or using a second received power value indicating an amount of electric power received by the primary coil from the secondary coil..
On-board brake system diagnostic and reporting system
A brake valve diagnostic and reporting system for a pneumatic only brake valve on a rail car which includes a brake pipe transducer for measuring brake pipe pressure; and a brake cylinder transducer for measuring brake cylinder pressure. A processor receives measurements from the transducers, compares the measurements against stored brake performance profiles, determines brake status from the comparison and prepares an event report for preselected brake statuses.
Method and apparatus for a demand management monitoring system
A demand management monitoring system including a remote measurement device including a microprocessor for calculating rms voltage data from digital samples and a wireless communications device, and a server system including a database configured to store the rms voltage data from the remote measurement device.. .
Portable management and monitoring system for eye drop medication regiment
Systems and methods for medication management are provided. Some embodiments provide for a portable medication management and monitoring system for eye drop instillation in ocular chronic conditions.
3-dimensional minimally invasive spinal imaging system and method
A method and system is disclosed that is operable to generate a location value associated with an implant that has been implanted in a predetermined location of a vertebra of a spine. The location value can be utilized to generate a three-dimensional animation of the spine in motion.
Method and apparatus for monitoring an organ of a patient
An apparatus for determining tissue versus fluid components of an organ include a detector that generates a detector signal based on electrical signals derived from tissue and fluid. The apparatus includes a signal processor in communication with the detector which subtracts in real time a tissue component from the detector signal and produces a fluid volume signal.
Monolithically integrated implantable flexible antenna for electrocorticography and related biotelemetry devices
A sub-skin-depth (nanoscale metallization) thin film antenna is shown that is monolithically integrated with an array of neural recording electrodes on a flexible polymer substrate. The structure is intended for long-term biometric data and power transfer such as electrocorticographic neural recording in a wireless brain-machine interface system.
Exercise promotion, measurement, and monitoring system
An exercise system comprising: an exercise cycle comprising a crank, wherein the crank is configured to be rotated by a user; and a sensing unit coupled to the exercise cycle, wherein the sensing unit is configured to sense information related to at least one crank measurement and to transmit the information related to the at least one crank measurement to a remote device via wireless communication. In some embodiments, the remote device is a mobile device.
Portable tracking device for entertainment purposes
Embodiments of the invention provide a portable wireless tracking device for tracking a participant as part of an interactive entertainment experience carried out within a wireless-compatible entertainment facility. The tracking device includes multiple wireless transceivers for providing both short-range and medium-range wireless communications with one or more wireless-compatible devices.
System that converts between wireless operation and wired operation
A system communicates with a device in both a wired mode and a wireless mode, and is able to switch between these two modes without permanent disruption to an ongoing use. The system is configured to receive an indication of a condition that suggests switching from the wireless mode of operation to a wired mode of operation, to display a notification for the device to switch, and to transition from the wireless mode of operation to the wired mode of operation..
Game controller
An apparatus generally directed to controlling a video game. The apparatus preferably includes a wireless communications enabled computing device, an electronic game communicating with the wireless communications enabled computing device, and an input device for controlling movement of a virtual object provided by the electronic game.
System and method for facilitating interaction with a virtual space via a touch sensitive surface
This disclosure relates to a system and method for facilitating interaction with a virtual space via a touch sensitive surface. The user may interact with the virtual space via a touch sensitive surface in a wireless client device.
Physiologically modulating videogames or simulations which use motion-sensing input devices
New types of controllers allow a player to make inputs to a video game or simulation by moving the entire controller itself or by gesturing or by moving the player's body in whole or in part. This capability is typically accomplished using a wireless input device having accelerometers, gyroscopes, and a camera.
Mobile game application
A game application for use on a portable electronic device comprises an asset creation interface and a projectile launching game screen. The asset creation interface includes an image source selection interface, an asset bank, an image editor, an object editor, and a scene editor.
Mobile wireless communications device with reset functions and related methods
A mobile wireless communications device may include a display, a graphics processing unit (gpu) being resettable and causing a change in the display when reset, a wireless transceiver, and a processor cooperating with the gpu and the wireless transceiver for wireless communications. The processor may be resettable along with the gpu, and the processor also may be partially resettable without resetting the gpu to avoid a change in the display..
Device and method for providing application for external accessory in wireless terminal
A method and device for providing an application for an external accessory in a wireless terminal, by which related applications corresponding to a type of an external accessory connected to a wireless terminal can be displayed. Instead of sifting through applications or searching for the appropriate ones for the external accessory, the invention causes them to be displayed.
Wireless device with built-in self test (bist) capability for transmit and receive circuits
A wireless device with built-in self test (bist) capability for testing/calibrating transmit and receive circuits is disclosed. In an exemplary design, an apparatus (e.g., a wireless device or an integrated circuit) includes a first circuit and a second circuit.
Detecting electromagnetic energy for alarm or log using mobile phone devices
A mobile phone is configured to employ existing antennae or other exiting input electronics to receive electromagnetic waves, for detection of energy magnitudes. The mobile phone has wireless receiver electronics to receive, through the antennae, communication signals in a plurality of different communication bands that correspond to the plurality of different frequency ranges.
Test system having test stations with adjustable antennas
A test system may include a master test station and slave test stations. The test stations may receive devices under test such as portable wireless electronic devices.
Method and device for maintaining the performance quality of a communication system in the presence of narrow band interference
A system that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a method for receiving a mitigation strategy for reducing interference caused by at least one narrow band interferer detected in a wide frequency band according to an average wideband power level, an adaptive threshold, or both, creating a message according to the mitigation strategy to transmit to at least one communication device transmitting wireless signals that are associated with the at least one narrow band interferer, and transmitting the mitigation message to the at least one communication device to cause the at least one communication device to adjust operations of a wireless transmitter of the at least one communication device. Other embodiments are disclosed..
Device-to-device communication method and apparatus for use in wireless communication system
A method for allowing terminals to exchange discovery or synchronization signals to determine their presences among each other within a service area of a base station is provided. The method includes collecting multicast identifiers of another terminal for use in multicast communication, receiving a multicast control channel for device-to-device (d2d) multicast communication, performing cyclic redundancy check (crc) on the received multicast control channel using the collected multicast identifiers, and receiving, when the crc is successful, the d2d multicast according to the multicast control channel.
Mobile-originated to http communications
A mobile device-to-http protocol gateway (mhg, or “mo gateway”) which translates between wireless mobile originated commands from an smsc, and an application server on the internet (i.e., a “web ip server”). A wireless internet gateway establishes communications with one or more relevant smscs using standard format smpp commands, and the mhg utilizes http protocol post messages to post short messages originated at the mobile device to a particular url.
Network traffic control via sms text messaging
A wireless device is communicatively coupled via sms text protocol to a network control device by a data modem. Authentication of the operator enables a limited number of fixed operations such as status reports, initializing a new network connection, and modifications to a routing table to be carried out..
Method and system for global navigation satellite system configuration of wireless communication applications
Methods and systems for global positioning navigate satellite system configuration of wireless communication applications may comprise in a wireless communication device (wcd) comprising a satellite positioning rf path, determining a location of the wcd utilizing leo signals received by said satellite positioning rf path, establishing communications with a wireless access point based on the determined location, and configuring a wireless communication function of the wcd based on the determined location. The wireless communication function may comprise a power level of wireless local area network circuitry in the wcd, a point-of-sale transaction, or a synchronization of data on the wcd with one or more devices in a home location of the wcd.
Systems and methods to determine the name of a physical business location visited by a user of a wireless device and verify the authenticity of reviews of the physical business location
Methods and systems that ascertain and record the specific named location of a user of a wireless device. A geographic location of a mobile device based on a geographic location sensor is received.
Wireless service platforms
Embodiments of the disclosed invention include an apparatus, method, and computer program product for performing automated events using a multi-wireless detection device service platform. For example, in one embodiment, a method for performing automated events in an office environment is disclosed.
Crowd sourced pathway maps
Some implementations include identifying a location for a device perceived landmark. The location is identified by monitoring received signal strength of a signal of a wireless access point, detecting the location at which the trend in the received signal strength changes direction, and qualifying the location based on measurements taken form one or more inertial measurement unit sensors..
Channel-type supervised node positioning method for a wireless network
A method for positioning a collection of nodes within a wireless sensor network in which each node measures respective strength of signals (rsss), from its neighboring nodes, and channels linking regular nodes and its neighboring nodes are classified into different categories and are allocated path loss parameters accordingly. Distances separating each regular node from each of its neighboring nodes, and respective variances thereof, are estimated on the basis of the measured rsss and the allocated path loss parameters.
Wireless device and methods for use in a paging network
A wireless device includes a user interface that generates a pairing signal in response to an indication from a user to pair the wireless device to at least one remote device and generates a first location request signal in response to a second indication from a user to locate the at least one remote device. A short-range wireless transceiver communicates rf signals to pair the wireless device to the at least one remote device and that transmits a first rf paging signal to the at least one remote device in response to the location request signal..
Systems for and methods of determining likelihood of relocation of reference points in a positioning system
Systems for and methods of determining likelihood of relocation of reference points in a positioning system are disclosed. A method of determining a measure of likelihood that an estimated geographic location of a designated wireless device is not its accurate present location includes determining a set of reference points associated with the device, which are a geographic position at which signals from the device were detected and/or other devices having a relationship with the designated device.
Dynamic characterization of mobile devices in network-based wireless positioning systems
Embodiments disclosed pertain to apparatuses, systems, and methods for dynamically characterizing a mobile station (ms) in a wireless network by determining the variability of measured round trip time (rtt) parameter values, the variability of measured received signal strength indicator (rssi) parameter values and other determined characteristics and classifying the ms into at least one of a plurality of classification groups based on the values of at least one of the rtt variability, the rssi variability, or the other determined characteristics. The classification groups associated with a mobile station may be used to selecting a positioning method to determine the position of the ms..
Dynamic certification system
This disclosure is directed to a dynamic certification system. In general, a device may transmit a request message to a cloud spectrum broker/licensed shared access (csb/lsa) controller requesting certification for operation in shared wireless spectrum.
Interference management and interference alignment in wireless networks
Interference mitigation (e.g., interference suppression and/or interference cancellation) in a wireless communications system may include interference alignment techniques. Interference alignment may be performed to concurrently mitigate the effects of multiple types of interference (e.g., inter-cell interference and intra-cell interference).
Transmit power calibration for matching the coverage of different radio technologies on a common radio node
A method for wireless communication may comprise, for example, automatically determining first power settings for a first radio access technology (rat) based on second power settings for a second rat, and automatically applying the first power settings as power settings for the first rat.. .
Method and arrangement for handling device-to-device communication in a wireless communications network
A method in a radio network node for handling a device-to-device, d2d, communication is provided. The d2d communication is wireless, and the radio network node is comprised in a wireless communication system.
Wireless communication system and wireless communication method and base station device
Information is exchanged among multiple base stations by adaptively changing an allocation of radio resource of each base station, and reducing deterioration in a signal quality that is caused by interference of signals transmitted from multiple base stations. Communication with a terminal located in a cell center and communication with a terminal located in a cell edge are performed in different time zones.
Renewable energy base station and coverage adjustment method therefor, and wireless cellular system
It is provided a renewable energy base station, which is used in a wireless cellular system, including: an adjustment request determining part for determining whether an adjustment to a coverage area is required; an adjustment request transceiver in case where it is determined that the adjustment to the coverage area is required, sending a coverage area adjustment request to neighboring base stations in the wireless cellular system, and receiving an adjustment request response from the neighboring base stations; an adjustment request responding part for determining whether the coverage area adjustment request from the one of the neighboring base stations is allowed in case where receiving the coverage area adjustment request from one of the neighboring base stations; and a response transmitter for sending the adjustment request response to the neighboring base stations based on a result of the determination made by the adjustment request responding part.. .
Methods and systems for responding to handover events during positioning sessions
Disclosed are systems, methods and devices for responding to changes in a wireless access type occurring in connection with a handover event affecting a mobile terminal while the mobile terminal is engaged in a position determination session with a location server. If a first positioning protocol employed in the position determination session is not supported or enabled by the changed wireless access type, the position determination session may be resumed or restarted using a second positioning protocol supported or enabled by the changed wireless access type..
Registration scenarios between new and legacy wireless communication networks
A method, wireless transmit/receive unit (wtru), and base station for access network interworking. Temporary identity mapping rules are defined for use during access network reselection.
System and method for selection of wireless service provider via a mobile terminal
A system and method for provisioning a wireless service provider through a mobile device using a sim card within the mobile device accesses a server via a wireless hub using the sim card and requests comparison data relating to a plurality of wireless service providers. The comparison data is provided to the mobile device from the server responsive to the request, and the mobile device displays this comparison information.
Method, apparatus, and system for discovering wireless access point
Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, a device, and a system for discovering a wireless access point ap, so as to achieve a purpose of rapidly discovering an available wireless access point and saving electricity of a mobile terminal sta. A base station controller bsc receives a request message sent by a mobile terminal sta, acquires information about one or more aps near the sta from an access controller ac, and sends a notification message to the sta, so that the sta performs an active scan based on a service set identifier ssid to discover a corresponding ap..
Methods and apparatuses for connecting a cellular phone with a fixed phone under instruction of a small base station
The present disclosure presents methods and apparatuses for carrying out a wireless call at a small base station via one of multiple available phones, which may include a fixed phone and a cellular phone. For instance, some example methods described in the present disclosure may include establishing communication with a cellular phone and a fixed phone and transmitting a connection command message to each of the cellular phone and the fixed phone commanding the cellular phone and fixed phone to establish a communicative connection.
Short-range wireless communication apparatus
A short-range wireless communication apparatus is disclosed. The short-range wireless communication apparatus comprises: multiple connection devices and a control device.
Interface device for providing vehicle services using a vehicle and a mobile communications device
A method and system for providing vehicle services using a vehicle and a mobile communications device includes receiving at a vehicle a wireless communication sent from an interface device physically attached to the mobile communications device; linking the interface device with one or more vehicle modules; and communicating between one or more vehicle modules and the mobile communications device via the interface device.. .
Communication terminals with pull-based digital information distribution capability and pull-based methods for digital information distribution
Wireless communication terminals include a memory, a wireless communication module configured to communicate with other communication terminals over a wireless interface, and a controller that is configured to store a digital information signal in the memory and to receive a distribution command from a user of the wireless communication terminal. The controller is further configured, responsive to receiving the distribution command, to send a share notification signal through the wireless communication module to a remotely located other communication terminal, and, responsive to receiving an access request from the other communication terminal, to send the digital information signal to the other communication terminal.
Multi-tier service and secure wireless communications networks
The present invention pertains to improved communication quality and security of transmission in cellular communication networks. A customer has the option to pay different fees for different tiers of service relating to voice quality, bandwidth access, and different tiers of service relating to communications security.
Mobile handset extension to a device
Mobile operation is extended to a device. An extension interface comprises a client component within a mobile that is linked to a client component within the device.
Tunable quality factor
The present disclosure relates to a wireless communication system configured to transforming the radiating mechanism of the antenna system in such a way to support different operating modes depending on the needs. In some examples, the wireless communication system comprises an antenna structure connected to a signal process unit.
Wireless testing system and method for controlling the same
A wireless testing system includes a main computer that controls a wireless module, a rotary mechanism, a measurement device, and an antenna. The rotary mechanism includes a rotatable seat controlled by the main computer to rotate about a first rotation axis, a support arm disposed on the rotatable seat, and a module rotating arm disposed on the support arm and positioning the wireless module at or in the vicinity of the first rotation axis.
Symbiotic system for testing electromagnetic signal coverage in areas near transport routes
A cooperative system for testing signal strength near a target area selected by a wireless provider is disclosed, using test units installed in the fleet vehicles of an unrelated service enterprise. The system in one embodiment includes an algorithm for comparing test parameters to the route data contained in the dispatch plan for the fleet vehicles, in order to identify the optimal routes on which to send test units.
Device discovery with privacy support
Systems, methods, and devices are directed to wireless proximate-based communications with privacy support. A first wireless communication device is configured to discover and wirelessly communicate with one or more proximately-located wireless devices.
Wireless device pairing
A wireless communication network includes a communication source device, such as a bluetooth digital music player and a communication destination device, such as a bluetooth headphone or speaker device. The communication source device is configured to transmit audio signals, such as encoded electrical signals in the audio frequency band, to the communication destination device via a wireless or wired audio communication channel.
Near-field communications and routing
Near-field communications (nfc) with nfc reader devices are facilitated. In accordance with one or more embodiments, an apparatus includes a nfc circuit that wirelessly communicates with different types of local nfc readers using an nfc protocol, a host circuit having one or more modules that communicate with one of the types of local nfc readers via the nfc circuit, and second (e.g., secure) modules that respectively communicate with a specific one of the different types of local nfc readers, also via the nfc circuit, using secure data stored within the second module.
Secure nfc data authentication
A mobile device includes a wireless transceiver, a host processor, a secure element (se), and a near field communication (nfc) system having an nfc transceiver and an nfc controller implementing a contactless front end. The contactless front end routes a near field communication related to a payment transaction between the nfc system and the se without going to or from the host processor.
Peer-to-peer data transfer using near field communication (nfc)-enabled styluses
Peer-to-peer data transfer techniques using near field communication (nfc)-enabled styluses are disclosed. The styluses are intended for use with an electronic touch sensitive device.
Method and system to automatically establish nfc link between nfc enabled electronic devices based on proximate distance
Presented is a near field communication system and method to automatically establish an interconnection between two electronic devices. The system includes a first electronic device including an nfc chip communicatively coupled to a passive nfc tag, where the nfc tag having an integrated circuit with a predefined information content, a second device including an active nfc reader configured to read the predefined information content from the nfc tag based on an identification of a proximate distance therebetween, and where the nfc tag is capable of transmitting an activation signal to the nfc chip to enable transition of the nfc chip from a first state to a second state such as to establish a near field wireless communication link between the two devices to enable exchange of digital content therebetween..
Methods and apparatus for coordinating communications between a nfc radio and other coexisting rat radios
A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided in connection with reducing interference between nfc communications and other coexisting rat based communications. In one example, a communications device may include an interface that is equipped to detect that a nfc communication and a coexisting rat communication are to occur within a threshold time of each other, determine whether the communications will interfere with each other beyond a threshold level of interference, and align timing for the nfc communication and the rat communication upon a determination that the communications will not interfere with each other beyond the threshold level of interference.
Dynamic interface selection in a mobile device
A mobile wireless device/platform dynamically selects or instantiates a desired interface to improve conditions related to the mobile (multi-radio) wireless device, such as power consumption savings, radio coexistence mitigation, electromagnetic interference (emi) reduction, etc. In one instance, the mobile wireless device identifies one or more hardware interfaces in a mobile wireless device host.
Multi function toy with embedded wireless hardware
This invention relates to a toy or plush stuffed animal or a doll with built in hardware device connected with a speaker(s) and a microphone(s). The main usage of this toy is to be used as a bluetooth headset, baby activity monitor in conjunction with an mobile application, as a music player with unlimited playback of audio story books or lullaby music, any kind of music when paired with smart phones and any blue tooth enabled devices or as a interactive talk back toy when used with a mobile application..
Contactless communications using ferromagnetic material
A communications structure comprises a first semiconductor substrate having a first coil, and a second semiconductor substrate having a second coil above the first semiconductor substrate. Inner edges of the first and second coils define a boundary of a volume that extends below the first coil and above the second coil.

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