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Windshield patents


This page is updated frequently with new Windshield-related patent applications.

 Wiper system control method and wiper system patent thumbnailnew patent Wiper system control method and wiper system
A wiper system 1 has a wiper blade 5 for performing a reciprocating wiping operation on a windshield glass 6 and a brushless motor 2 for causing the wiper blade 5 to perform the reciprocating wiping operation. The motor used as the brushless motor 2 is provided with a rotary shaft for reciprocating the wiper blade 5, has a degree of operation freedom in three axial directions, and is rotatable about axes of two directions orthogonal to the rotary shaft.
Mitsuba Corporation

 Sun visor system for a motor vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Sun visor system for a motor vehicle
A sun visor system is provided for a motor vehicle. That sun visor system includes a first guide track carried on an a-pillar and a second guide track carried on the rearview mirror support.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

 Windshield tear-offs patent thumbnailnew patent Windshield tear-offs
Disclosed herein is a transparent protective covering to protect a windshield from bugs encountered during travel on highways or freeways. In a preferred embodiment, the invention aims to provide a transparent structure used for the protection of a windshield.

 Photochromic windshield patent thumbnailPhotochromic windshield
An automobile including a photochromic windshield is provided. The automobile includes a frame and at least one drive motor supported by the frame.

 Display device patent thumbnailDisplay device
A display unit is equipped with an led circuit body for irradiating light onto the windshield of a vehicle and a surface panel positioned on the front side in the light irradiating direction of the led circuit body and constituting part of the surface of the instrument panel of the vehicle. The surface panel is provided with a plurality of pores formed in the direction connecting the led circuit body to the windshield.
Yazaki Corporation

 Wiper assembly, a windshield wiper apparatus and a  reusing the wiper assembly patent thumbnailWiper assembly, a windshield wiper apparatus and a reusing the wiper assembly
A wiper assembly includes a housing and a blade coupled to the housing. A windshield wiper apparatus includes a glass panel and the wiper assembly selectively movable relative to the glass panel.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

 Windshield wiper patent thumbnailWindshield wiper
A windshield wiper for a motor vehicle includes an elongate wiper blade and a supply conduit for cleaning fluid leading to outlet openings formed on both sides of the wiper blade. A directional control valve is provided to selectively supply cleaning fluid to either the outlet openings on the first side or the outlet openings on the second side of the wiper blade based on the wiping direction of the wiper blade..
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

 Electronic apparatus and image display method patent thumbnailElectronic apparatus and image display method
A vehicle-mounted apparatus includes a cluster display unit attached to an instrument panel and a hud. The vehicle-mounted apparatus determines a running state of the vehicle and adjusts the focal length in the hud such that the position of a virtual image of a projected image is near the cluster display unit or is a forward position on the windshield..
Alpine Electronics, Inc.

 Display device patent thumbnailDisplay device
A display device includes: a display means that displays a virtual image of a picture by projecting display light representing the picture on a windshield; an identification means that identifies a target outside the vehicle; a control means that causes a first captured image, visually recognized as being superposed on at least a part of the target, to be displayed in the picture; and a vibration detection means that detects the amount of vibration of the vehicle. The control means, when the amount of vibration detected by the vibration detection means exceeds a threshold value, causes a second captured image to be displayed instead of the first captured image.
Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.

 Projection display device for vehicle patent thumbnailProjection display device for vehicle
A projection display device for a vehicle which allows visual recognition of a virtual image of a display image from a predetermined eye point, the device includes: a projection portion which projects light to be imaged as the display image on a display surface which is formed by a light reflection member in a windshield of a vehicle or in the vicinity of the windshield; an optical system which guides the light projected from the projection portion to the display surface; and an adjustment mechanism which adjusts the light before being introduced to the optical system so as to allow light derived from a curved image of which at least a part is curved to be introduced to the optical system.. .
Yazaki Corporation

Aerospace transparency having moisture sensors

A transparency, e.g. An aircraft laminated windshield, includes one or more moisture sensors to monitor moisture penetration to monitor performance of the moisture barrier.
Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

Washer nozzle, wiper arm equipped with nozzle, and vehicle wiper device

A washer nozzle comprises: a nozzle connecting portion to which a hose, that supplies a washing liquid, is connected; a nozzle main body portion that has, at an interior thereof, a flow path that communicates with an interior of the nozzle connecting portion and that has a jetting hole that opens toward an exterior at one end side of the nozzle main body portion, the nozzle main body portion jetting the washing liquid out toward a windshield glass of a vehicle from the jetting hole; and a water repellent portion that, at at least a portion of the flow path, structures an inner peripheral surface that extends to the jetting hole, and that is formed of a material that is water repellent.. .
Asmo Co., Ltd.

Adjustable camera mount for a vehicle windshield

A camera mount for mounting a camera inside a windshield of a vehicle. The camera includes a lens mount and a camera housing.
Mobileye Vision Technologies Ltd.

Weather condition information based on magnetometers

Weather related data is collected using a magnetic sensor of a mobile device. The mobile device may be within a moving motor vehicle.
Nokia Technologies Oy

Forward facing sensing system for vehicle

A forward facing sensing system for a vehicle includes a radar sensor and an image sensor that sense and view forward of the vehicle. The radar sensor and the image sensor are housed in a self-contained unit disposed behind and attached at the vehicle windshield.
Magna Electronics Inc.

Windshield wiper connector and assembly

Novel connectors and wiper blade assemblies including same for securing windshield wiper blades and arms are described, including those that accommodate side-saddle wiper arms. A wiper blade connector may have a mounting portion comprising a wiper blade securing element, the wiper securing element being capable of securing a wiper blade, and a side-saddle portion comprising two side walls, a top wall and a bottom surface, defining a receiving cavity, said top wall having a cantilever with a locking tab..
Pylon Manufacturing Corp.

Universal connector for attachment of a windshield wiper blade with multiple types of windshield wiper arms

A connector for connecting a wiper blade and multiple types of wiper arms, the connector including a base for attachment to a wiper blade. The connector further includes a receiving element attached to the base, the receiving element having a structure to receive and be connected to at least six different wiper arms..
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Rearview video full windshield projector

A vehicle includes a rear view camera, a windshield, an image projector associated with the windshield, a sensor detecting when the vehicle is in a reverse gear, and an electronic processor communicatively coupled to each of the rear view camera, the image projector and the sensor. The electronic processor causes the image projector to project images captured by the rear view camera onto the windshield in response to the sensor detecting that the vehicle is in a reverse gear..
Panasonic Automotive Systems Company Of America, Division Of Panasonic Corporation Of North America

Soft front cockpit cover

A foldable roof assembly having a soft panel top assembly for a vehicle in sealing engagement with a hard top portion of a roof. The soft panel top assembly has a fixed portion attached to the vehicle and a lightweight pivotal portion that folds back to provide the occupant a quick and easy open air effect.
Bestop, Inc.

Dynamic communication data usage

One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for selectively collecting vehicle telemetry data from one or more vehicles. For example, a communication data budget for a vehicle may be identified (e.g., a 5 gb per month data connection plan).
Inrix Inc.,

Integrated device

A sunlight lens portion includes a low elevation angle surface for capturing light at low elevation angles, an opposing surface which is adjacent to the low elevation angle surface and which faces a sunlight detection element, and a high elevation angle surface for capturing light at high elevation angles. Further, the sunlight lens portion includes a reflection surface adjacent to the high elevation angle surface and the opposing surface.
Denso Corporation

Integrated camera, ambient light detection, and rain sensor assembly

An integrated camera, ambient light detection, and rain sensor assembly suitable for installation behind a windshield of a driver operated vehicle or an automated vehicle includes an imager-device. The imager-device is formed of an array of pixels configured to define a central-portion and a periphery-portion of the imager-device.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.

Automatic anti-glare device for vehicles

An automatic anti-glare device for vehicles includes: a transmissive liquid crystal panel disposed between a windshield of a vehicle and the head of an occupant; a sun detector that detects a position of the sun; an eyepoint detector that detects a position of the eyes of the occupant; and a controller that forms a light-shielding region in the transmissive liquid crystal panel based on a result of the detection of the sun detector and a result of the detection of the eyepoint detector. When the position of the sun on the transmissive liquid crystal panel moves in a range that does not depart from a stationary region virtually provided on the transmissive liquid crystal panel, the controller maintains the position of the light-shielding region..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Vehicle display device

Provided is a vehicle display device that can improve visibility without providing a feeling of strangeness to a passenger. A vehicle display device includes a display unit provided in an inner side of an instrument panel and which projects a display image, a transparent cover that transmits the display image projected from the display unit toward a windshield, and a bezel body including an opening portion that allows the display image transmitted through the transparent cover to pass through and having an outer edge portion continuing into the windshield, and the degrees of brightness of respective reflected images of the instrument panel, the transparent cover, and the bezel body, the respective reflected images being reflected in the windshield, are made uniform, and therefore dark visual recognition of any of the reflected images is suppressed, and the feeling of strangeness provided to the passenger is relieved..
Yazaki Corporation

Heads up display system having dual fresnel lens magnification

A heads up display system is provided for an automotive vehicle. The automotive vehicle includes an instrument panel and a windshield.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

Cowl structure

A cowl structure includes: a cowl panel that supports a bottom end portion of a windshield; a dash upper panel that extends in a vehicle up-down direction when seen in a vehicle side view, and has a top end portion bonded to the cowl panel; a reinforcing component that is bonded to a vehicle front surface or a vehicle rear surface of a bottom portion of the dash upper panel, and that forms a closed cross section with the dash upper panel; a first air intake port that is formed in the dash upper panel at a vehicle upper side of a bond portion where the dash upper panel is bonded to the reinforcing component; and a second air intake port that is formed in a bottom portion of the dash upper panel and in the reinforcing component, and that introduces air through the interior of the closed cross section.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Vehicle front section structure

A vehicle front section structure includes a hood; a front windshield glass; a cowl louver; a front pillar; a front side door; a wiper arm comprising an area base portion; and a flow regulating member that is provided at the cowl louver, that is disposed in a wiper storage section at a vehicle width direction outer side and at a vehicle front side of the arm base portion in a state in which the arm base portion is stored in the wiper storage section, and that comprises a vertical wall extending in a vehicle front-rear direction and an inclined wall disposed at the vehicle front side of the arm base portion, in the state in which the arm base portion is stored in the wiper storage section, and extending out from a rear end portion of the vertical wall toward the vehicle width direction outer side and toward the vehicle front side along the arm base portion.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Golf cart enclosure

A golf cart enclosure system for a golf cart having a passenger cabin, a roof mounted on a frame for covering the passenger cabin and a front windshield. The system comprises a guide rail secured to the frame proximate the roof and a panel of a length sufficient to extend from the guide rail to the golf cart passenger cabin below.
Fifon, Inc.

Display device and display method

This display device is provided with a display unit and a connection unit. The display unit reflects a naked-eye-stereoscopic display image onto a glass windshield.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Augmented reality interactive system and dynamic information interactive display method thereof

An augmented reality interactive system and a dynamic information interactive display method thereof are provided. The augmented reality interactive system suitable for being disposed in a transportation vehicle includes a transparent display, a motion detection unit, and a processing unit.
National Taipei University Of Technology

Vehicular display device

Provided is a vehicular display device that can prevent generation of abnormal noise from around a transmission portion. The vehicular display device includes: a display unit that is provided inside an instrument panel to project a display image; a transparent cover that allows the display image projected from the display unit to pass therethrough to a windshield; a bezel body provided with an opening portion allowing passage of the display image that has passed through the transparent cover; and a cushioning material that is provided between at least a part of an end edge of the opening portion on the bezel body and the transparent cover..
Yazaki Corporation

Bezel body and vehicular display device

Provided are a bezel body and a vehicular display device that effectively reduces a sense of discomfort provided to a passenger by making reflection on a windshield less visible. Since a reflection portion is formed in a predetermined area on a lower surface of a light guide member at the rear side, the guided external light is easy to reflect upward, whereby light can efficiently be emitted from the light guide member toward a descending wall.
Yazaki Corporation

Fluid vending technology

A bulk windshield washer fluid vending system. The system includes a storage tank for storing fluid, a controller communicatively connected to the fluid storage tank for managing flow of fluid from the fluid storage tank, a fluid flow line connected to the controller, and a vending mechanism connected to the fluid flow line and disposed at a predetermined location remote from the fluid storage tank for actuation by a customer.

Accessory system for a vehicle

An accessory system for a vehicle includes a bracket having an attaching portion and a pair of attaching arms extending from the attaching portion. A mirror mounting base is configured for attachment at the attaching portion.
Magna Mirrors Of America, Inc.

Front windshield

A front windshield includes a frame portion extending along the circumferential edge, the frame portion includes a lower edge portion extending along the lower edge of the front windshield, and a recess depressed downward from the inner edge of the lower edge portion, and at least a part of a perception mark, which allows the driver of the vehicle to perceive a position based on the vehicle, is provided inside the recess.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Method of controlling a heated portion of a windshield

A method of preventing a windshield wiper from freezing to a windshield of a vehicle is provided. The method broadly includes the steps of: (a) monitoring a state of the windshield wiper; (b) initiating a timer when the state of the windshield wiper changes from an off state to an on state; sensing an ambient temperature of the vehicle a first period of time after initiation of the timer if the windshield wiper remains in the on state; and (c) warming a portion of the windshield where the windshield wiper resides in the off state if the sensed ambient temperature of the vehicle is near or below zero degrees celsius..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Head up display for vehicle

A head up display for a vehicle, the head up display including a display panel configured to emit image light; a polarized light plate configured to linearly polarize the image light emitted from the display panel; a reflection mirror configured to reflect the image light to a windshield of the vehicle; a phase retardance mirror spaced apart from the reflection mirror to reflect the image light forward while converting a phase of the image light, wherein the phase retardance mirror includes a rear mirror and a phase retarder disposed on a front surface of the rear mirror; and a polarization reflection mirror disposed between the reflection mirror and the phase retardance mirror and configured to reflect the image light passing through the polarized light plate to the phase retardance mirror, wherein the image light reflected to the phase retardance mirror is converted in phase by the phase retardance mirror and reflected by the phase retardance mirror to pass through the polarization reflection mirror.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

Hud image enhancement lens

A vehicle includes a heads up display module emitting polarized light. A windshield reflects the polarized light toward a driver of the vehicle.
Panasonic Automotive Systems Company Of America, Division Of Panasonic Corporation Of North America

Windscreen wiper device

A windscreen wiper device is provided. The windscreen wiper device includes an elongated wiper strip of a flexible material for sealing against the windshield and at least one elongated groove.
Federal-mogul Corporation

Windshield deicer power conservation system

Vehicle apparatus includes a glass windshield and a wiper system. A wiper blade has a parking region on the windshield.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Controlling heated windshield load to allow and maximize stop-start availability

Methods for improving operation of a stop-start system of a vehicle include controlling an electrical load delivered to an electrically heated windshield (hws) subsystem of the vehicle prior to a stop cycle or a start cycle of the stop-start system. The methods include steps of discontinuing the electrical load delivered to the hws subsystem for a predetermined time period prior to a determined predicted stop cycle of the stop-start system.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Video display on windshield and windows in autonomous cars

A method is for presenting information to passengers within a vehicle having at least one sheet of transparent material associated with a passenger compartment of the vehicle. A first priority level is assigned to first infotainment content.
Panasonic Automotive Systems Company Of America, Division Of Panasonic Corporation Of North America

Head-up display device

A head-up display device includes: an optical unit that projects picture light toward a front windshield of a vehicle, and that displays picture information reflected on the front windshield as a virtual image; a display controller that controls the optical unit so as to display the picture information on the front windshield; and a vehicle state identifying device that identifies a vehicle state. The display control device controls the optical unit so as to move the display position of the picture information in a direction in which the field of view of a driver of the vehicle can be secured according to the vehicle state identified by the vehicle state identifying device..
Denson Corporation

Display device

A display device includes: a stepping motor; a concave mirror that moves in accordance with the operation of the stepping motor, the concave mirror reflecting display light emitted from a display unit toward the windshield; a lever part that moves together with the concave mirror; a drive unit for driving the stepping motor by a microstep drive system; a control unit for controlling the movement of the concave mirror by controlling the drive unit; and a stopper unit provided within the range of movement of the lever part. The drive unit is configured to detect the counter-electromotive force generated by the stepping motor when the lever part comes into contact with the stopper unit.
Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.

System for displaying an image on a windshield

The invention relates to a screen comprising transparent portions and retroreflective portions distributed over all or part of the surface thereof.. .
Commissariat à L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

Head-up display system and device

A head-up display system includes a projector configured for emitting a first ray of light having a first intensity, and a lens having a first surface facing the projector and a second surface spaced apart from the first surface. The lens is configured for refracting the first ray of light to emit from the second surface a second ray of light having a second intensity that is less than the first intensity, and a third ray of light that is parallel to the second ray of light and has a third intensity that is less than the second intensity.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Display device

A head up display (hud) device in a vehicle and including a display panel configured to output an image containing driving information; a concave mirror configured to reflect the image to a windshield of the vehicle, so as to display a virtual image via the windshield in a forward direction of a driver of the vehicle, wherein the virtual image corresponds to a view box being an area in which the entire image containing the driving information is seen by the driver; a sensing unit configured to sense a position of the driver; a drive unit configured to move the concave mirror, and a controller configured to control the drive unit to correspondingly move the concave mirror in order to move the view box when the sensing unit senses a variation in the position of the driver.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

Device for detachably linking a wiper blade with a driven wiper arm

A wiper blade assembly for a windshield wiper. In one embodiment, the wiper blade assembly includes a connector mounted on a blade support element.
Delmex De Juarez S. De R.l. De C.v.

Display device

The display device includes an imaging unit configured to capture an image of the front of the host vehicle, an image recognition unit configured to recognize an image of the preceding vehicle in the windshield when seen by a driver of the host vehicle from a driver's eye-point which is set in advance in the interior of the host vehicle, and a display control unit configured to cause the display projection unit to project an elongated preceding vehicle distance display, extending laterally along a lower end of the image of the preceding vehicle, onto a position below the image of the preceding vehicle. The display control unit projects the preceding vehicle distance display having a larger lateral width as the inter-vehicle distance becomes smaller..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

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