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Weight Loss patents


This page is updated frequently with new Weight Loss-related patent applications.

new patent Apparatus and methods of inducing weight loss using blood flow control
Methods and apparatus for inducing weight loss using blood flow control are described herein. The apparatus and methods operate by controlling blood flow to the stomach and/or small bowel..
Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

Non-phthalic plasticiser
The present invention refers to a method for producing a low-emitting plasticised polyvinylchloride composition, having a fusion time of less than 5.50 s and a volatility of less than 10% weight loss, by mixing pentaerythritol tetravalerate with a polyvinylchloride composition, the fusion time being measured according to din 54 802 and iso/dis 4574 and the volatility being measured according to iso 176 method a. In a further aspect the present invention refers to a thermoplastic article suitable for use in environments where the article is exposed to heat, wherein the thermoplastic article is based on a plasticized polyvinylchloride composition produced by the method of the present invention..
Perstorp Ab

Glechoma longitube extract, preparation same, and use thereof in sugar reduction, weight loss, and lipid reduction
Disclosed is a glechoma longituba (nakai) kupr. Extract, specifically compounds i and ii, a preparation method for same, and a use thereof in preparing a medicament for blood glucose decease, blood lipids decrease, weight loss, and kidney disease treatment or a method for treatment of said diseases, and a composition containing the extract..
Nanjing Pailexing Pharmaceutical Technology Ltd.

Method and system for improving weight management interventions by assessing variability in serial weight measurements
The present disclosure features novel methods and systems of using a computer system to facilitate improvement of a weight management intervention. In one embodiment, a method of improving a weight management intervention comprises receiving, by an analysis agent executing on a processor, a daily weight measurement of a patient enrolled in the weight management intervention.

Oligonucleotide compositions and methods for treating acute lymphoblastic leukemia
F10 is an oligonucleotide based on the thymidylate synthase (ts) inhibitory 5-fluorouracil (5-fu) metabolite, 5-fluoro-2′-deoxyuridine-5′-o-monophosphate. The activity of f10 against preclinical all models was determined.

Dietary and nutritional compositions and methods of use
A hydrated lecithin carrier vesicle composition includes lecithin and a triglyceride source or fatty acid in conditioned water. The disclosed compositions may be used for controlling appetite, weight loss, modulating effects from alcohol consumption, and/or delivering active agents to the small intestine..
Brightside Innovations, Inc.

Devices and methods for weight control and weight loss
The present invention provides compositions, devices; and methods for affecting, among other things, weight loss and/or weight control, by sequestering nutrients or other compounds such as toxins from absorption in the digestive tract. The compositions, devices, and methods employ one or more members made of a compressible, absorbent matrix material.
Slendine Sa

Autograft reinforcement of stapled tissue
A vascularized autograft created by an autograft-forming apparatus and method, for surgical staple line reinforcement to prevent post-operative staple line leaks following a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy for weight loss. Staple line reinforcement includes creating and positioning a vascularized autograft simultaneous with the gastric transection and serial stapling portions of a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (lsg) procedure.

Randomized weight modulation
A method of modulating an individual's weight generates a randomized daily caloric intake value based on an individual's body composition and metabolic rates and the individual's specific weight management goals, including weight loss, weight gain, or weight control and eliminates the individual's foreknowledge of future daily caloric or nutritional intake goals. Once the individual's base metabolic rate is determined, a series of categories, each having a different daily caloric intake value, is calculated to provide a range of daily caloric intake values.

Formulation of a mixture of free-b-ring flavonoids and flavans as a therapeutic agent
The present invention provides a novel composition of matter comprised of a mixture of two specific classes of compounds—free-b-ring flavonoids and flavans—for use in the prevention and treatment of diseases and conditions mediated by the cox-2 and 5-lo pathways. The present invention further provides a novel method for simultaneously inhibiting the cyclooxygenase-2 (cox-2) and 5-lipoxygenase (5-lo) enzymes, and reducing cox-2 mrna production.
Unigen, Inc.

Co-therapy comprising canagliflozin and phentermine for the treatment of obesity and obesity related disorders

The present invention is directed to the use of co-therapy comprising administration of canagliflozin and phentermine for the treatment of obesity and obesity related disorders. More particularly, the present invention is directed to co-therapy for treating obesity, for promoting weight loss and/or for suppressing appetite; for treating, delaying, slowing the progression of and/or preventing metabolic disorders (including for example type 2 diabetes mellitus); for treating, delaying, slowing the progression of and/or preventing renal or fatty liver disorders (including for example nash, nafld, etc.); for treating, delaying, slowing the progression of and/or preventing sleep disorders (including for example sleep apnea); for providing cardiovascular protection; for treating, delaying, slowing the progression of and/or preventing cardiovascular events (including major adverse cardiac events (mace) such as myocardial infarction, unstable angina, cardiovascular death, revascularization, fatal or non-fatal cerebrovascular accident, peripheral arteriopathy, aortic events, hospitalization due to congestive heart failure, etc.); and/or for extending or prolonging life span..
Janssen Pharmaceutica Nv

Multi-phase release of sports nutrition and energy drink compositions utilizing lipid particulates

Multi-phase release compositions, methods of using the compositions, and methods for manufacturing the compositions are provided. Multi-phase release compositions include ingredients useful in sports nutrition including ingredients useful in muscle building, energy output and weight loss.
Corr-jensen, Inc.

Scroll compressor

A scroll compressor is provided that may include a casing having a sealed inner space; a drive motor provided in the inner space of the casing to generate a rotational force; a rotational shaft rotatably coupled to the drive motor; an orbiting scroll formed of an aluminum material, and coupled to the rotational shaft to perform an orbiting movement; a fixed scroll coupled to the orbiting scroll to form a compression space; and an oldham ring coupled to the orbiting scroll, and formed of a sintered metal. With this structure, it may be possible to prevent the oldham ring from being worn out due to contact with the orbiting scroll.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Methods and compositions for increasing fertility and/or inhibiting pregnancy failure and restoring glucose tolerance

Methods and compositions for enhancing fertility and/or inhibiting pregnancy failure, restoring glucose tolerance and/or preventing glucose intolerance and/or maintaining glucose homeostasis and/or increasing insulin sensitivity and/or preventing weight gain and/or inducing or enhancing weight loss, treating dyslipidemia, treating hypertestosteronism or hyperandrogenism, and/or treating type 2 diabetes in an individual in need thereof are provided.. .
Queens University At Kingston

Method for producing high-strength galvanized steel sheet and high-strength galvannealed steel sheet (as amended)

A method is provided for producing a high-strength galvanized steel sheet having a microstructure that contains martensite in an area proportion of 20% or more and 60% or less and ferrite in an area proportion of 40% or more and 80% or less includes, in sequence, hot-rolling a steel slab containing a specific component composition, performing cold rolling, performing primary annealing, performing pickling, performing secondary annealing, and performing galvanizing treatment, in which in the primary annealing, heating is performed at an average heating rate of 0.1° c./sec. Or more and less than 3° c./sec.
Jfe Steel Corporation

Muscles and bones stretching health device

A muscles and bones stretching health device is constituted by combining the following components together: a back rest, at least one elastic element, a seat cushion, at least one support boy, vertical first, second and third support elements and a base. Whereby, a variety of fitness postures can be done through the back rest, seat cushion and support bodies so as to achieve the stretch of muscles and bones, weight loss and physical fitness, and increase use convenience..

Metap2 inhibitors and methods of treating obesity

The present invention relates to modified or polymer conjugated metap2 inhibitors. The present invention also relates to methods of preventing, inducing, causing or increasing weight loss, treating obesity and/or treating metabolic syndrome utilizing the modified or polymer conjugated metap2 inhibitors.
Syndevrx, Inc.

Method and gastrointestinal tract ablation to achieve loss of persistent and/or recurrent excess body weight following a weight loss operation

Devices and methods are provided for ablational treatment of regions of the digestive tract in post-bariatric surgery patients who fail to achieve or maintain the desired weight loss. Bariatric procedures include roux-en-y gastric bypass, biliopancreatic diversion, and sleeve gastrectomy.
Covidien Lp

Compositions for affecting weight loss

Disclosed are compositions for affecting weight loss comprising a first compound and a second compound, where the first compound is an opioid antagonist and the second compound causes increased agonism of a melanocortin 3 receptor (mc3-r) or a melanocortin 4 receptor (mc4-r) compared to normal physiological conditions. Also disclosed are methods of affecting weight loss, increasing energy expenditure, increasing satiety in an individual, or suppressing the appetite of an individual, comprising identifying an individual in need thereof and treating that individual to antagonize opioid receptor activity and to enhance α-msh activity..
Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc.

Pharmaceutical compositions for combination therapy

This invention relates to the use of pharmaceutical compositions comprising a therapeutically effective combination of tesofensine and metoprolol for preventing the cardiovascular side effects of tesofensine, while leaving the robust inhibitory efficacy on food intake and body weight loss unaffected.. .
Saniona A/s

Polyoxalates and a process for the production thereof

A polyoxalate containing, as a chief constituent unit, a recurring unit represented by the following formula (1): —(—co—co—o-a-o—)n— wherein n is a positive number, and a is a divalent organic group, and having a quantity of heat of fusion Δhm of not less than 60 j/g as measured by dsc in the first time of elevating the temperature, thereby permitting the components to be volatilized in an amount of not more than 2.0% by weight when the temperature is elevated up to 200° c. As measured by the tga, and having a 5% weight loss temperature (td5%) of not higher than 230° c.
Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd.

Brown adipocyte modification

Methods and therapeutics are provided for treating metabolic disorders by increasing activation of brown adipose tissue. Generally, the methods and therapeutics can increase activation of brown adipose tissue to increase energy expenditure and induce weight loss.
The General Hospital Corporation D/b/a Massachusetts General Hospital

Implantable prosthetic device for weight loss in an obese or overweight patient comprising an inflatable gastric balloon and a duodenal prosthesis

According to the invention, such a device is characterized in that it comprises a system for coupling said balloon to said duodenal prosthesis; said duodenal prosthesis is compressible and expandable in a radial direction; said prosthesis has a wall that is fixedly attached, on at least one part of its length, to a helical frame and said helix has an irregular pitch.. .

Calorie optimization respiratory exchange (core) metabolic profile system and method

The disclosed embodiments include a calorie optimization respiratory exchange metabolic system comprising a computer-readable storage media having stored thereon computer-executable instructions; a processor for executing the computer-executable instructions, wherein the computer-executable instructions include instructions for receiving user profile data of a user, wherein the user profile data includes age, height, weight, diet, and fitness information; determining five metabolic points versus heart rate; generating an individualized metabolic profile for the user based on the five metabolic points; determining for the user an individualized nutritional guideline from the metabolic profile, wherein the individualized nutritional guideline is determined by percent fat, percent protein and percent carbohydrate to optimize fat metabolism for weight loss, maintenance, and endurance exercise enhancement; and determining an individualized exercise heart rate profile as a percentage of maximum heart rate from the metabolic profile.. .
Core Metabolics Llc

Weight loss floor mat

A floor mat configured to encourage weight loss through the use of a timer, an alarm, and/or one or more weighing devices. The device is specifically designed to look like an ordinary floor mat in appearance, size and texture and will include a processor that can receive a signal from the user and in response the processor can activate a timer and/or an alarm.

Devices and methods for treating the gastrointestinal system

Devices and methods for less invasively treating the gastrointestinal system, such as the intestinal mucosa of the small bowel. Embodiments described herein may be used to reduce caloric absorption and effectuate weight loss, for example..
Bridgepoint Medical, Inc.

Compounds for the treatment of obesity and methods of use thereof

weight loss agents include compounds defined by formula i or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or prodrug thereof, compositions containing the same, and methods of use thereof are described herein. In some embodiments, the compound is withaferin a.
The Children's Medical Center Corporation

Hunger minimized juice fasting system

The hunger minimized fasting system relies on providing a blood glucose level at all times in the range of 5 to 10 mm, satisfying glucose needs of the brain and metabolizing blood glucose through anaerobic glycolysis to release atp at the extramitocontrial portion of the cell. Consuming only solid free nutrient liquids eliminates brain hunger response.

Method of reducing calorie intake in a pet

The present invention relates to a nutritionally complete pet food product comprising at least two compositions for use in a method of reducing calorie intake in a companion animal, wherein the compositions differ in their level of fat, protein or carbohydrate on an energy ratio basis by 6% to 50% and wherein the compositions are consumed on consecutive days, each composition being consumed on a different day. The invention also relates to such a food product in the prevention of weight gain after surgical procedures to neuter a companion animal, and also to the food product in a weight loss regime.
Mars, Incorporated

Pro-neurogenic compounds

This technology relates generally to compounds and methods for stimulating neurogenesis (e.g., post-natal neurogenesis, including post-natal hippocampal and hypothalamic neurogenesis) and/or protecting neuronal cell from cell death. Various compounds are disclosed herein.
Board Of Regents Of The Univeristy Of Texas System

Glucagon analogues

The invention provides glucagon analogue peptides and their use for promoting weight loss or preventing weight gain, and the treatment of obesity or excess body weight and associated conditions. The compounds may also be used to improve glycemic control and/or for the treatment of diabetes.
Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

Metap2 inhibitors and methods of treating obesity

The present invention relates to modified or polymer conjugated metap2 inhibitors. The present invention also relates to methods of preventing, inducing, causing or increasing weight loss, treating obesity and/or treating metabolic syndrome utilizing the modified or polymer conjugated metap2 inhibitors.
Syndevrx, Inc.

Methods and compositions for using cinnamaldehyde and zinc for weight management

Compositions comprise an amount of cinnamaldehyde that is orally tolerable, thus avoiding an unpleasant mouth feeling, and also tolerable in the gastrointestinal tract. The amount of cinnamaldehyde is supplemented by zinc, and the combination is effective to increase at least one of energy expenditure, sympathetic nervous system activity, or fat oxidation, relative to a composition lacking cinnamaldehyde and zinc but otherwise identical.
Nestec S.a.

Compositions and methods for modulating metabolic pathways

Compositions and methods useful for inducing an increase in fatty acid oxidation or mitochondrial biogenesis, reducing weight gain, inducing weight loss, or increasing sirt1, sirt3, or ampk activity are provided herein. Such compositions can contain synergizing amounts of a sirtuin-pathway activators, including but not limited to resveratrol, in combination with beta-hydroxymethylbutyrate (hmb), keto isocaproic acid (kic), leucine, or combinations of hmb, kic and leucine..
Nusirt Sciences, Inc.

Stearoyl amino acid salt and preparation method and application thereof

A stearoyl amino acid salt having a structural formula of the general formula (i), wherein r1 is h or an aromatic base capable of being substituted by one or more substituents, or a c1-4 straight chain or an alkyl with a branched chain, the substituent being an alcoholic hydroxyl group or a phenolic hydroxyl group; and r2 is a c11-25 saturated or unsaturated aliphatic group. Also provided are methods of preparing the stearoyl amino acid salt, and methods of using the stearoyl amino acid salt.
Shanghai Jiaotong University School Of Medicine

System, post-operative bariatric weight loss performance tracking

A mobile application for a mobile computing device that charts a patient's weight loss after a bariatric surgical procedure compared to a reference curve. By having a reference curve for the patient to conduct a self-comparison, the app can potentially encourage the user to try harder to either meet or beat the average weight loss over time, resulting in improved results for the patient..

Oxidized carbon blacks and applications for lead acid batteries

Disclosed herein are oxidized carbon blacks, which can be incorporated into electrode compositions for lead acid batteries. In some embodiments, the oxidized carbon blacks have a bet surface area ranging from 650 to 2100 m2/g; an oil absorption number (oan) ranging from 35 to 500 ml/100 g; and a volatile content of at least 5.5 wt.
Cabot Corporation

Probiotic compositions and methods for inducing and supporting weight loss

A probiotic composition for inducing or supporting weight loss in a subject, the probiotic composition including an effective amount of a bacteria selected from the genus bacteroides and a carrier for delivering the bacteria to the subject.. .

Low dose topiramate/phentermine composition and methods of use thereof

A method for effecting weight loss by administering a combination of topiramate and phentermine is provided. The phentermine is generally administered in immediate release form, in a daily dose in the range of 2 mg to 8 mg, in combination with a daily dose of topiramate selected to prevent the loss of effectiveness of phentermine alone.
Vivus, Inc.

Glucagon analogues

The invention provides materials and methods for promoting weight loss or preventing weight gain without affecting glycemic control. In particular, the invention provides novel glucagon analogue peptides effective in such methods.
Zealand Pharma A/s

Methods and compositions for increasing energy expenditure using cinnamaldehyde

Compositions comprise an amount of cinnamaldehyde that is orally tolerable, thus avoiding an unpleasant mouth feeling, and also tolerable in the gastrointestinal tract. The amount of cinnamaldehyde is effective to increase at least one of energy expenditure, sympathetic nervous system activity, or fat oxidation, relative to a composition lacking cinnamaldehyde but otherwise identical.
Nestec S.a.

Intra-oral device for treating obesity

The present invention relates to an intra-oral device including a carrier that has an outside wall, an inside wall and an occlusal wall connecting the outside wall to the inside wall. The carrier has at least one inset and at least one insert carrying a beneficial agent that is adapted to fit the inset, and the beneficial agent is capable of promoting weight loss.
Dynamic Mouth Devices, L.l.c.

Fabrication of a flexible metal-clad laminate

The present disclosure relates, according to some embodiments, to a method of fabricating a flexible metal-clad laminate comprising forming a metal layer on a surface of a polyimide film, wherein the metal layer and the polyimide film are contacting each other and forming a laminate, and heating the laminate at a temperature of about 80° c. To about 140° c.
Arakawa Chemical Industries, Ltd.

Weight loss formulations, methods, and compositions based on traditional chinese medicine

The present invention relates to formulations made up from extracts from ganoderma lucidum, rhizome of coptis chinensis, radix astragali, nelumbo nucifera gaertn, chaenomeles speciosa, and fructus aurantii. Pursuant to the invention, the formulations are used to treat obesity and the biological sequelae of obesity including cholesterol levels and glucose levels.

Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape

This invention provides a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape that comprises a polyvinyl chloride film comprising a plasticizer and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer placed at least on one face of the film. The pressure-sensitive adhesive tape has a weight loss on heating of less than 4% and a holding power of 50 minutes or greater..
Nitto Denko Corporation


The present invention relates to compounds which are capable of exerting an inhibitory effect on the na+ glucose cotransporter sglt in order to hinder glucose and galactose absorption, as well as on lipase thus reducing dietary triglyceride metabolism, for use in the treatment of conditions which benefit therefrom (diabetes. Metabolic syndrome, obesity, prevention of weight gain or aiding weight loss).

Compositions and methods for increasing energy metabolism

Compositions and methods useful for inducing an increase in fatty acid oxidation or mitochondrial biogenesis, reducing weight gain, inducing weight loss, or increasing sirt1, sirt3, or ampk activity are provided herein. Such compositions comprise a combination of a pde 5 inhibitor, such as sildenafil or icariin, and resveratrol, and a branched amino acid such as leucine, or its metabolite..
Nusirt Sciences, Inc.

Estrogen receptor modulators for reducing body weight

The present invention relates to a method of reducing the body weight of a subject by administering an effective amount of an estrogen receptor modulator (erm), optionally, in combination with an anti-obesity or weight loss agent.. .
Rosscreening, Inc.

Magnetic satiety-inducing system

A minimally invasive system and method for providing weight loss by inducing the feeling of satiety whereby an intragastric device is inserted into the gastric lumen via the esophagus and an external magnetic device is used as needed to magnetically attract the intragastric device towards the inner wall of the stomach and impart tactile stimulation sufficient to induce the feeling of satiety.. .

Targeting tumor cells with chemotherapeutic agents conjugated to matriptase antibodies

The present invention relates to matriptase antibodies and immunoconjugates of matriptase antibodies with cytotoxic agents and the use thereof for killing or inhibiting the growth of matriptase-expressing cancer cells, such as those of multiple myeloma and breast cancers. In particular, immunoconjugates comprising a matriptase monoclonal antibody and anticancer agents such as auristatin, including monomethyl auristatin e (mmae) and monomethyl auristatin f (mmaf) are introduced, which have potent antitumor activity in vivo.
Georgetown University

Nutrition-balancing containers and use

A four step system for weight loss in a person who is overweight or obese by introducing protein, vegetable, and starch (carbohydrate) in specific ratios to promote fat utilization and weight loss from fat composition of the person's entire body. The system utilizes portion control meal plates for weight loss in an overweight or obese person that have different protein, vegetable, and starch (carbohydrate) intake portions..

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