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Client-side personalization of websites and corresponding network environment

Annotating search results with images

Method and system for generating a document from multiple sources

Date/App# patent app List of recent Website-related patents
 System and method for manipulating user-interface display items for web widgets patent thumbnailSystem and method for manipulating user-interface display items for web widgets
In one embodiment, a method includes receiving a request for web-widget manipulation. The request includes a scope of manipulation.
 Client-side personalization of websites and corresponding network environment patent thumbnailClient-side personalization of websites and corresponding network environment
A method and/or computer program product provides client-side personalization of websites. A client and a web server are provided with a description language infrastructure that provides classifying categories for web content.
 Annotating search results with images patent thumbnailAnnotating search results with images
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for annotating search results. Images associated with a plurality of different websites are obtained and associated with respective domains of the websites.
 Method and system for generating a document from multiple sources patent thumbnailMethod and system for generating a document from multiple sources
A method, system, and computer program product for extracting information from the internet and generating a report on the basis of the extracted information are disclosed. A user can browse various websites, grab content of interest to him/her and assign notations to the information.
 Interaction using content patent thumbnailInteraction using content
A method, computer-readable medium and system for interacting using content are disclosed. A web response may be executed on a first computer system and/or another computer system associated with the first computer system responsive to the initiation of a call over a voice channel between the first computer system and a second computer system.
 Scoping searches within websites patent thumbnailScoping searches within websites
A computer-implemented method, computer program product, and computing system is provided for scoping searches within a website. In an implementation, a method may receiving a search request.
 Content-identification engine based on social media patent thumbnailContent-identification engine based on social media
A system and method for tracking trending topics on social media (e.g., twitter) associated with a particular event and identifying relevant images or videos that are associated with the trending topic. For example, the system may monitor twitter feeds associated with a particular sports event and analyze content posted in those feeds.
 Hybrid method of building topic ontologies for publisher and marketer content and ad recommendations patent thumbnailHybrid method of building topic ontologies for publisher and marketer content and ad recommendations
Systems and methods are discussed to automatically create a domain ontology that is a combination of ontologies. Some embodiments include systems and methods for developing a combined ontology for a website that includes extracting collocations for each webpage within the website, creating first and second ontologies from the collocations, and then aggregating the ontologies into a combined ontology.
 Generation of related content for social media posts patent thumbnailGeneration of related content for social media posts
Architecture presents in a display related content in association with (an annotation) a social media post, as derived from post information of the social media post itself. The related content can be presented in the user interface proximate the social media post or elsewhere in the user interface.
 On-line automated loan system patent thumbnailOn-line automated loan system
A computerized system for determining whether to provide a loan to a customer who would like to purchase goods from a website of a merchant. The computerized system includes at least one processor, at least one memory, and at least one program stored in at least one of the memories.
Method and apparatus of identifying a website user
A method and an apparatus of identifying a website user are disclosed herein. The method includes: obtaining accounts and user identities from a database; building a connected graph by taking the accounts and the user identities as nodes and connecting account nodes and user identity nodes having association relationship therewith; finding a connected component from the connected graph, accounts corresponding to all account nodes in the connected component forming an account group that is bound to a same website user; computing an account density and a fraud account closing rate of the account group; determining whether the account density and the fraud account closing rate are within respective predetermined normal value ranges; and if affirmative, determining that the account group is a dangerous account group and a website user bound to the dangerous account group is a dangerous website user; otherwise, determining that the account group is a normal account group and a website user bound to the normal account group is a normal website user..
Dynamic reconfiguration of web pages based on user behavioral portrait
A method is provided for determining a website user behavioral portrait based on navigation on the website and dynamically reconfiguring web pages based on those portraits. In accordance with the method, data relating to the progress of a user through a website is recorded, and an ongoing behavioral portrait of the user is built based on the data.
Method and system for dynamic online digital brand assets
A digital brand asset system is provided enabling a brand owner to create, distribute, maintain, manage, merchandise and analyze smart brand assets. The system enables distribution and sharing of smart brand assets across the websites.
Semantic graphs and conversational agents
Semantic clustering techniques are described. In various implementations, a conversational agent is configured to perform semantic clustering of a corpus of user utterances.
Method and apparatus for detecting malicious websites
A method and apparatus for detecting malicious websites is disclosed.. .
Systems and methods for distributed authentication of video services
Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for providing distributed authentication of subscribers of a content operator to a content provider. In particular instances, a subscriber of the content operator may visit a website of the content provider and various embodiments of the systems and methods facilitate providing the subscriber with a customized website based on the subscription of the subscriber with the content operator and/or content provider.
Validated product recommendation system and methods
Methods and systems for generating, in real-time, validated product recommendations by a community of like-minded users. In one embodiment, the community of like-minded users is generated based on browsing history, scoring of interactions, and social graph.
Multiple device co-browsing of a single website instance
Embodiments described herein provide systems and method for allowing multiple devices to browse the same instance of a website. In a particular embodiment, a method provides receiving an instruction in the co-browsing system to initiate a co-browsing session for a website with a first client and a second client.
Social location data management methods and systems
Disclosed is a system for managing internet-based location data by periodically requesting and receiving information relating to the identification of a storefront or business. The system can obtain this information by interfacing with the application programming interface (api) of a website or otherwise searching the website and periodically retrieving identifying data from the website.
Audio-based electronic transaction authorization system and method
Methods and systems for facilitating and authorizing electronic transactions with various devices and systems are disclosed. Embodiments of the present invention utilize audio messages to initiate, process and complete transactions between two or more parties, allowing users to efficiently and effectively enter into and complete financial transactions with businesses and other users.
Message based generation of item listings
According to various exemplary embodiments, an electronic text message is received from a source telephone number, the electronic text message including content describing a product item. A seller of the product item is identified, based on the source telephone number, and the product item is identified, based on the content included in the electronic text message.
Wireless analytics in physical spaces
A wireless analytics system and method are disclosed that take shoppers through an initial registration process, after which they can access the internet quickly and easily every time they visit any of the retailer's stores. During future visits to any of the retailer's store locations the shopper's device is automatically granted network access as soon as it is within wireless range.
Website and mobile app for shopping list price comparison
A method of pricing a shopping list includes receiving input effective to generate a shopping list identifying multiple different items. The method also includes identifying pricing data of the different items, the pricing data including: a unit cost of each of the different items at multiple different locations, each of the different locations being associated with a different one of multiple merchants; and discounts applicable to one or more of the different items.
Method and apparatus for the anonymous targeted delivery, application and management of electronic coupons and promotions
A sponsor-agnostic and scalable platform is disclosed that enables websites and point-of-sale terminals to apply targeted offers to anonymous consumers' purchases. Reimbursements to retailers for sponsors' offers are expedited by installing an api (application program interface) at points-of-sale in the retailer's offer network.
Method for creating a digital solution for a business
A method of creating a digital solution, such as a website, for a business where business specific information is collected separately before digital solution information is collected that pertains to the creation and delivery of the digital solution. The business specific information collected may be industry specific, stored separately in the system from digital solution information, and the digital solutions created for optimal presentation on customer computer devices with different configurations through means such as transcoding..
Peeractive technologies and online shopping
The number of users viewing a given variable directly affects the rate of change and/or outcome of said variable. In the case of ecommerce, pricing of products and/or services is based upon a user accessing a website on which products and/or services are for sale.
Methodology for live text broadcasting
A transcription engine is able to broadcast over the internet streaming text associated with the broadcast to registered and authenticated end users who may be hearing impaired or may have difficulty understanding the language used in the broadcast. The end users' understanding of the information being broadcast is improved because of the availability of the associated text.
Web application pinning including task bar pinning
Various embodiments provide a mechanism to allow end users to install web applications and websites onto their desktop. In accordance with one or more embodiments, client-side code can be utilized to allow developers associated with a website to define boundaries associated with user interaction, and have those boundaries enforced by a run-time engine.
User behavior models based on source domain
A method for tailoring content in a web page is provided. There is a relationship between the source domain a user comes from and the behavior pattern of a user on a website.
Systems and methods for providing website browsing history to repeat users of a website
A system and method can monitor interactions between a user and a website during web browsing sessions. The interactions between the user and the website are stored in a data repository, tracking cookies, or the like for later retrieval.
Video player with enhanced content ordering and method of acquiring content
A distributed multimedia player allows a user to purchase multimedia regardless of the website or environment upon which the multimedia is encountered. The player may be hosted by self-contained servers or by modules within third-party servers.
Passive interaction guide system and method
An interactive communications system includes a passive guide system for guiding users on a website to locate their desired content. The passive guide system includes a monitor module configured to monitor user's interaction with content of the website.
System and method for enhanced interaction between an iframe or a web page and an embedded iframe from a different domain
A method for allowing enhanced interaction between an iframe or a web page of a website that corresponds to a domain and an embedded iframe from a different domain. Accordingly, two iframes from the same domain that are placed on the same page are allowed to run a javascript code one on the other.
Crowdchunk system, method and computer program product for searching summaries of mobile apps reviews
System, method, and computer program product (e.g. Mobile app) and/or web-based service to enable users to research reviews written online to assess the performance and functionality of mobile applications.
Specific online resource identification and extraction
A method of automatically identifying and extracting distributed online resources may include locating in a website a candidate entry list page. The method may also include verifying the candidate entry list page as an entry list page using repeated pattern discovery.
Using social signals to rank search results
Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media are provided for using social signals to rank local search results. Local entity website addresses are matched with social network addresses and social network profiles are matched with local entity index records.
Generating and displaying media content search results on a computing device
Technologies for generating and displaying media search results on a computing device include determining search criteria based on media stored and/or accessed on the computing device. One or more search queries are generated based on the search criteria and submitted to one or more search engines.
Care advice system & method
A care advice method, including: visiting a care advice website; registering as a customer on the website; completing a care request for advice from at least one expert; notifying each selected expert electronically of pending care request for advice; responding to the care request by at least one expert providing advice; uploading the advice to the website; submitting the advice which is delivered to the recipient defined by the customer; posting the advice to website which can be viewed by all viewers; and providing customers the option to post comments on the advice posted.. .
Crowdchunk system, method, and computer program product for searching summaries of online reviews of products
System, method, and computer program product for researching reviews written online to assess the performance and functionality of digital media consumer products bought online or not (e.g. Ebooks, movies, tv shows, music, dvd's, etc.).
Method for monetizing user-generated content on websites
A computer-implemented system for monetizing user-generated content on websites, including on mobile devices. In an embodiment, the system includes a website providing content including a viewable online section for containing user-generated content.
Correlating web page visits and conversions with external references
Particular embodiments comprise a method for estimating the value of an organic marketing campaign. A computing device receives an identification of one or more entry pages associated with a website, as well as one or more keywords related to the entry pages.
User photograph based advertisement in a social networking site
An apparatus for advertising includes a photograph identification module, a photograph analysis module, a correspondence module, and an advertisement module. The photograph identification module identifies one or more photographs corresponding to a user of a social networking website.
System and method for logging website interactions
The present disclosure relates to computer-implemented systems and methods for logging website interactions. An example non-transitory computer-readable medium may have embodied thereon instructions executable by one or more processors.
Systems and methods for providing navigation tendencies to users of a website
The example systems and methods provide ways for websites to monitor, store, retrieve, and display navigation tendencies of users of websites. More particularly, the systems and methods involve websites displaying measures of user traffic associated with various categories of web content.
Human action monitor
Systems and corresponding methodologies that enable continuous, real-time or near real-time monitoring of joint activity of patients who are undergoing physical therapy is provided. A joint's motion patterns can be measured using a six degree of freedom combine accelerometer, magnometer and gyroscope sensors that are placed above and below (or in proximity of) the joint.
Systems and methods for sharing cloud-executed mini-games, challenging friends and enabling crowd source rating
Systems and methods for managing sharing of mini-games over a game cloud system are provided. One example method includes receiving a request to access games through a user account.
Method and apparatus for a secure public identification tag
A method and apparatus for a secure public identification tag on a sticker, bracelet or temporary tattoo, or other temporary tag. The tag includes a two-dimensional bar code with embedded public key and a removable or separable security code.
Multi-platform user device malicious website protection system
A security system for defending online users against fraudsters and malicious websites comprises a back-end network server and appropriate apps for each protected user device. An otherwise conventional network server is enhanced with application software instructions for a centralized software-as-a-service (saas) to respond to network requests from user devices operating variously under android-type, apple ios-type, and microsoft windows-type operating systems.
Audio based human-interaction proof
A method and system for allowing access to computer functions such as websites that utilizes a user's ability to recognize sounds is described. The method presents a user a series of sounds.
Off campus wireless mobile browser and web filtering system
A mobile wireless safe browser receives a destination link, host, uniform resource identifier, or internet protocol address. Prior to requesting a resource from the destination, the safe browser transmits a query over the air to a reputation service and receives a messages enabling or disabling conventional browser request for ip address or resources at the destination host.
Cross-platform content management for online community advocacy management platform
For an online community advocacy management platform, techniques (apis) are described for pulling comments in from the app/plug-in, and cross-pollinating the social online community (e.g., social network website “walls”) and app/plug-in content in an intelligent manner (which content, how often, etc.).. .
Device, method and computer program product for generating web feeds
A system for dynamically defining a web feed includes a memory unit adapted to store web feed data and to generate a web feed of selected web content. The system includes an input processor to receive a user input defining one or more remote websites and to retrieve remote web content from the one or more remote websites.
Multi-websites contents fetcher software system
This invention includes uniquely designed implementation methods and processes that enable multi-website content to be displayed at the end user's or server-defined selection. To achieve this purpose, the multi-website content-fetching system implements content-selection methods and apparatus to create desired web page access aside from using urls (uniform resource locator).
Systems and methods for facilitating the gathering of open source intelligence
Systems and methods (e.g., utilities) for use in providing automated, lightweight collection of online, open source data which may be content-based to reduce website source bias. In one aspect, a utility is disclosed for use in extracting content of interest from at least one website or other online data source (e.g., where the extracted content can be used in a subsequent search query).
Online community advocacy management platform
Within an online community (e.g., a social network website), brands (e.g., companies) desire to connect with users (e.g., advocates, audience, customers) in a manner that allows them to evaluate and promote content generated by or in collaboration with users based on “buzz”. The techniques herein, implemented as an app, tab, or plug-in to a social media site, provide user interface and back-end mechanisms to identify people over time in a community-up (not content-down) manner that weights current actions based on the accumulated value of past actions of all involved users, such as by granting users levels of advocacy points/badges for creating or curating content that drive response and action from the audience, with immediate social validation.
Geographical area correlated websites
A system, method and/or software for using overlap between a first website area-of-interest map, associated with a first website, and a searcher area-of-interest map to help prioritize the websites returned by a search engine search. The area-of-interest maps are made up of geographic pixels respectively assigned with area-of-interest values.
Method, system and program product for online commercial and social activity
Method, system and program product comprise requesting to join a trading network of a website. Said trading network is established for commercial and social activity.
Integrated business attire jacket and sports jersey and system for processing online orders of the same
A business jacket integrated with parts of a sports jersey having a first and second layer. The first layer is formed of materials and styled to have the appearance of a business jacket that would be used for business wear.
Framework for generating a personalized item list
A framework 10 is disclosed for generating a personalized item list, such as a shopping list. The framework comprises an access point for acquiring customer transaction data, a data aggregator for collecting acquired customer transaction data, and a list generator that utilizes computational logic engineered to both process customer transaction data and change dynamically as a function of said data.
Automatic website accessibility and compatibility
A method for an accessibility solution provided as a software. The method includes approving or implementing by a website owner of a code into his website and receiving web format by a user device by “scraping” the data from the website pages or by other means of using client side plugin, server side plugin, browser or 3rd party server side or mobile app.
System and method for display and distribution of a pet memorial
A system and method for online marketing a pet death care provider comprising providing an online pet memorial on the website of a pet death care provider.. .
Usage of video for advertising and marketing on a web or mobile platform
Example a clothing store is featuring a coupon on couponing or deal website, a video is added which provides more insight about that businesses to the consumer. A video presentation is more engaging and proves beneficial to the business..
Tunable algorithmic segments
Tunable algorithmic segment techniques are described. In one or more implementations, a target audience definition is obtained that is input to initiate creation of a look-alike model.
Web-based survey verification
Provided is a method for verifying the accuracy of a response to a web-based survey. The method includes providing a survey on a website and receiving a survey response from an electronic device associated with a respondent, as well as receiving verification data from the electronic device.
System for monitoring in real-time movement or location and method thereof
The present invention relates to a system for monitoring in real-time movement or location, comprising at least one sensor, at least one receiver, a server unit and a database unit. Regarding the system of the present invention, the signals of the sensors attached on users or articles are transmitted to a website via a wireless ad hoc network and a local area network to real-time monitor movement or location for users or articles.
Method and system for image and metadata management
A method and system for image and metadata management are described in which a server may communicate with multiple cameras from a single photographic session or shoot. The server may receive a digital image from one of the cameras and may attach metadata to the digital image.
Methods and systems for preventing unauthorized acquisition of user information
The embodiments provide methods and systems for detecting and preventing phishing of a user's information, such as their username and password. In one embodiment, a website detects as a threshold matter whether the user has arrive at the site due to an automatic redirection from a prior visited site or by the user having clicked on a link to the website from the previous site.
Cloud based password management
The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for providing a cloud based password manager that automatically logs in users from any computer. The cloud based password manager does not require that the user install a local plug-in or other tool to perform automatic login.
Disabling unauthorized access to online services
The present invention relates to a method that enables a user to easily, quickly, and securely disable access to any or all of the online services they use by means of an application managed by a service provider that communicates with those online services that agree to deny access when they receive such communications. When a user denies access, no one is able to log in to any of the online services even if someone has correctly entered the user's login credentials.
System and methods for analyzing content engagement in conjunction with social media
Various embodiments disclose a system and methods for media content analysis based at least in part upon social media data. In some embodiments, a computer system may identify social media messages corresponding to televised content.
Website update method and system
Websites, including supporting databases, are updated with little or no downtime. In one aspect, a database is replicated prior to updating, so that updates can be performed on one copy while the other remains operational.
Method and a tool for configuring an object
A method for configuring an object to be injected into one or more webpages of a website, in which a remote server obtains information required in order to configure the object, and provides the information to a content management system (cms). The object is configured, based on the obtained information.
Automatic logon support method and system
An automatic logon support method and system enable a user having an access right to easily access a website on the internet through a mobile communication device without asking the user to manually input a credential. Information about a history of when and where the mobile communication device is located is collected and stored in the mobile communication device itself.

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