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 Method and system for bundling multiple services through a mobile platform patent thumbnailMethod and system for bundling multiple services through a mobile platform
A telecommunications service provider agrees to a pre-paid plan including phone, text and data services, which it provides to a user through her mobile device. The provider's computer system then sends a notification to the user's mobile device that refers to benefits and contains a launch prompt.
Rok Mobile International Ltd.

 System and  creating and sharing user-generated information patent thumbnailSystem and creating and sharing user-generated information
Systems and methods for creating and sharing user-generated content that can be tagged to a website or page are provided herein. The systems and methods allow a user to create content and to share it with others via a variety of methods.

 System and  identifying phishing website patent thumbnailSystem and identifying phishing website
The present invention discloses a system and method for identifying a phishing website. The system comprises: a domain name acquisition unit, a domain name statistic unit and a website identification unit; the domain name acquisition unit being configured to collect all links found in a website to be identified so as to acquire the domain names corresponding to the links; the domain name statistic unit being configured to carry out a statistic on the number of times that the domain names occur in the website to be identified, and finding the domain name which has the most number of occurrences and mark it as a target domain name; and the website identification unit being configured to judge whether the website to be identified is a phishing website on the basis of the target domain name and the domain name of the website to be identified..
Beijing Qihoo Technology Company Limited

 Secured user credential management patent thumbnailSecured user credential management
An identity management system prevents users' credential information from being harvested by phishing attackers. The identity management system can installed as a plug in on users' devices.
Okta, Inc.

 Identifying phishing websites using dom characteristics patent thumbnailIdentifying phishing websites using dom characteristics
Embodiments of the present invention are directed to identifying phishing websites by rendering and analyzing document object model (dom) objects associated with a website for features that indicate phishing behavior. Embodiments analyze the full scope and functionality associated with a website by executing functions embedded in a dom object before analyzing the website for phishing activity.
Riskiq, Inc.

 Using hash signatures of dom objects to identify website similarity patent thumbnailUsing hash signatures of dom objects to identify website similarity
Embodiments are directed to using a hash signature of a rendered dom object of a website to find similar content and behavior on other websites. Embodiments break a dom into a large number of data portions (i.e., “shingles”), apply a hashing algorithm to the shingles, select a predetermined number of hashes from the hashed shingles according to a selection criteria to create a hash signature, and compare the hash signature to that of a reference page to determine similarity of website dom object content.
Riskiq, Inc.

 Entity acknowledgements in social networking patent thumbnailEntity acknowledgements in social networking
In one aspect, a method includes verifying a first link in a first resource associated with an entity. The first resource is provided through a social networking service.
Google Inc.

 Payment system with automated payroll deduction patent thumbnailPayment system with automated payroll deduction
A payment platform that allows a user to submit a current pay stub and bank account information and, through the system borrow money, shop online, and complete repayment through automated payroll deduction. The platform includes several modules including (i) a mechanism for collecting repayment, (ii) an accounting system for reconciling payroll repayment, and (iii) a lending engine that performs risk analysis, fraud protection, and makes lending decisions.
Perpay, Inc.

 Methods and systems for widget optimizer patent thumbnailMethods and systems for widget optimizer
Aspects of the present disclosure are presented for advertisers in e-marketing campaigns to specify with greater granularity and control where and on what websites their advertisements may be placed on publisher websites, through a third party advertising platform. The advertisers utilizing this functionality may be able to improve their advertising effectiveness by having more control, such as eliminating placement of ads that have been shown to generate poor marketing results, or increasing placement onto websites that have been shown to have effective marketing results.
Revcontent, Llc

 Business method to generate income for a free internet browser provider or developer patent thumbnailBusiness method to generate income for a free internet browser provider or developer
An internet browser provider or developer who markets his software for free, codes his internet browser software in such a way that it automatically restricts the usage of cookies on any websites not distributed by an authorized third party entity. He grants the usage of cookies—such as reading, writing or either—for websites supplied by authorized third parties and offers third parties the option to become an authorized third party by paying a fee..

Switching between restricted-access websites on mobile user devices

A system stores first information, provided by a first user input via a mobile operating system, which enables access to a first restricted access website. The system stores a first screenshot and first data associated with the first restricted access website in response to a first user request, via the mobile operating system, to switch to a second restricted access website., Inc.

System and requesting and providing location-based assitance

The present invention provides a method for requesting location-based assistance executed on a mobile device of an assistance requester, and a method and system for providing location-based assistance executed on a server of a joint assistance service provider. The present invention integrates mobile positioning and telecommunications technologies to provide assistance provision information.

Method of and system for privacy awarness

A privacy awareness method and system observes data collection by third parties on websites and applications and determines what privacy metadata is retrieved and/or sent and where the privacy metadata is sent. The privacy awareness method and system informs users about the privacy information collection, so that users are able to better understand what information is being retrieved and navigate the internet accordingly.. Inc.

Website information extraction device, system, website information extraction method, and website information extraction program

A malicious url candidate extraction device extracts, from an access log including urls accessed from a managed network, a known malicious url excluded access log obtained by excluding an access log to known malicious urls. The malicious url candidate extraction device creates a minor url list obtained by preferentially extracting, from urls indicated in the known malicious url excluded access log, urls having a small number of times of access from the managed network.
Nippon Telegraph And Telephone Corporation

Analyzing changes in web analytics metrics

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for analyzing changes in web analytics metrics. In one aspect, a method includes identifying a change in a web analytics metric for a website over a period of time, the web analytics metric being based at least in part on visitor data for the website over the period of time; computing a respective segment contribution score for each of a plurality of segments of the web analytics metric, wherein a segment contribution score for a particular segment is based at least in part on a comparison between a value of the web analytics metric and a value of the particular segment during the period of time; and identifying one or more of the plurality of segments as contributing to the change in the web analytics metric based on the respective segment contribution scores..
Google Inc.

Methods and systems for node-based website design

Aspects of the present invention relate to systems and methods for design and use of web-based applications for account management. Some aspects relate to design tools that enable the use of a virtual agent or avatar as part of an account collection or management web application.
Beguided Inc.

User action prediction

As provided herein, a webpage navigation of a user over a timeframe and a second webpage navigation of a second user over a second timeframe may be received. A time-variant variable-order markov model, comprising a context tree, may be generated utilizing the webpage navigation and the second webpage navigation.
Yahoo!, Inc.

Live privacy policy method and apparatus

A live privacy policy method and system enables enterprises to update in real-time their privacy policy declaration by monitoring the third-party activities using the invention described herein. Once the software is integrated into the website and web applications, third-party related activities are captured continuously and used to build a live profile that is also updated continuously. Inc.

Social graph that includes web pages outside of a social networking system

A social networking system includes a mechanism for incorporating nodes in the social graph, where the nodes are associated with a web page. Each web page includes one or more tags, which contain meta-information for defining the node in the social networking system, such as the type of the node.
Facebook, Inc.

Systems, devices, and methods for dynamically generating webpages

Embodiments relate to systems, devices, and computing-implemented methods for dynamically generating, at a website server, a webpage based on client device information received from the client device and transmitting the webpage to the client device. A dynamic content slot in the webpage can be filled, by the website server, based on receiving a request from the client device, and dynamic content can be obtained and transmitted to the client device., Llc

Interaction trajectory retrieval

Embodiments of the present invention may track a user's interaction trajectory associated with a problem occurred on a website. According to one embodiment of the present invention, an interaction history of interactions between a user and a website may be obtained.
International Business Machines Corporation

Leveraging persistent identities in website testing

A system and method for dynamically scanning one or more features on a website. The system allows detecting of stored scripting errors, where an attack or injection occurs on a page or feature that results in executing malicious code by another page or feature.
Linkedln Corporation

Method and system to detect and interrupt a robot data aggregator ability to access a website

An information processing system, a computer readable storage medium, and a method to detect and block a robot data aggregator from accessing a website. A method includes defining a set of important features of business operations associated with users using a website.
International Business Machines Corporation

Trusting intermediate certificate authorities

A modification to commercial browsers is made that can enable them to detect a change in the server certificate of certain sensitive websites. Browsers are modified to remember certain fields in a certificate, the entire certificate, or hashes of certain fields or the entire certificate.
Sony Corporation

Online information management and display methods and systems

Methods and systems for online management and display of information in a network are disclosed. The method includes displaying an interface including a search field at a display device of a computing device.

Method and system for network access request control

Embodiments of the present application provide a method and system for network access request control. During operation, the system may identify a network access request received by a website.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

Method and system for voice recognition input on network-enabled devices

Apparatus and methods to implement a technique for using voice input to control a network-enabled device. In one implementation, this feature allows the user to conveniently register and manage an iptv device using voice input rather than employing a bulky remote control or a separate registration website..
Sony Network Entertainment International Llc

Transportation services providing method and user device and server using the same

A transportation services providing method and an user device and a server using the same are provided. The transportation services providing method includes following steps: providing a service platform connecting with at least one community website; collecting a status massage, related to an event information and posted on the community website, so as to show the collected status massages on the service platform, obtaining an event location of the event information; and establishing a transportation service link on the status massage, where the transportation service link provides a transportation service interface indicating the event location and a plurality of transportation requirement settings..
National Taipei University Of Technology

Digital signage for immersive views

Techniques for generating and superimposing digital signage onto an immersive view. In an exemplary embodiment, certain entities are occluded or otherwise unviewable in an immersive view of an environment.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Product placement, purchase and information from within streaming or other content

Systems, software, and methods are provided for placing product within streaming and other content. Further functionality may include including product information and purchasing options for the product within the streaming and other content.

System and mobile device limits

Exemplary embodiments provide methods and systems for configuring spending or credit limits for individual mobile devices for the same account, such as a credit card account. The spending limits may be configured by the primary account holder through a website or mobile application.
Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a.

Real-time tracking of status associated with shipment of a plurality of consignments

Disclosed is a system for real-time tracking of status associated with shipment of a plurality of consignments. An input file upload module uploads an input file comprising details of one or more parameters associated to each of a plurality of consignments.
Hcl Technologies Limited

Hierarchical review structure for crowd worker tasks

Systems and methods of the present invention provide for one or more server computers configured to assign section or list item classifications to price list or business data extracted from a website. The server calculates a crowd worker score for each of a plurality of crowd workers based on each worker's quality and speed scores for tasks reviewing the classifications on a worker user interface.
Go Daddy Operating Company, Llc

Workflow management for crowd worker tasks with fixed throughput and budgets

Systems and methods of the present invention provide for one or more server computers configured to assign section or list item classifications to price list or business data extracted from a website. The server assigns section or list item classifications to price list or business data extracted from a website.
Go Daddy Operating Company, Llc

Centralized professional platform

A method and system for a centralized professional platform for interaction between patients and physicians is disclosed. The method and system includes a website arrangement containing at least one profile having a medical study containing at least one medical image and personally identifying material.

Systems and methods for navigating within and between websites

A visitor guidance computing device for navigating a user between digital assets is provided. The visitor guidance computing device includes a processor and a memory.
Mastercard International Incorporated

Control program for accessing browser data and for controlling appliance

A localhost computer is network connectable with a website-hosting server, and is for use with an appliance. The localhost computer includes a localhost processor assembly and a non-transitory processor-readable localhost memory tangibly embodying a browser-assigned storage section, a browser application, and a control program.

Referral source tracking

A hub system, including a memory containing instructions that cause a processor to host a website, interact with a user via the website, select providers, including a first provider associated with a first uri and a second provider associated with a second uri, and based on determining the user is associated with a referral source, modify the first and second uris. Modifying includes: determining, based on the first uri, a first modification, modifying the first uri according to the first modification to create a modified first uri containing a first identifier, determining, based on the second uri, a second modification, and modifying the second uri according to the second medication to create a modified second uri containing a second identifier.
Fx Compared Us Llc

Network media device

A network media device is described that pulls multimedia data from one or more sources (e.g., a multimedia website or a multimedia server computer) at a first time, stores it to long-term storage within the device and transmits the stored multimedia data to one or more designated multimedia playback devices at a second time.. .
Apple Inc.

Method of and system for conducting multiple contests of skill with a single perfomance

A method of and system for conducting multiple competitions of skill for a single performance are described herein. User generated competition groups and system generated competition groups allow users to participate in multiple competitions at once based on answering the same questions or making the same selections related to a single event.
Winview, Inc.

Systems and methods for automatic generation of a dynamic transaction standing in a network environment

There is provided a method for analyzing data collected from network nodes, the method executed by a server connected to at least one website and at least one consumer node, comprising: identifying a transaction request at a website hosted by a web server, the transaction requested by an entity associated with a consumer node; identifying at least one key person associated with the entity; collecting, from a plurality of network nodes, metadata associated with the at least one key person; analyzing the metadata to create at least one characteristic of the at least one key person; generating a dynamic transaction standing based on the at least one characteristic; determining whether the dynamic transaction standing satisfies a transaction requirement associated with the transaction request; and transmitting, to a node associated with the at least one key person, at least one offer when the dynamic transaction standing satisfies the transaction requirement.. .
Behalf Ltd.

Application cards as advertisements

A server includes a network communication device, a storage device, and a processing device that executes computer-readable instructions. When the computer-readable instructions are executed by the processing device, the computer-readable instructions cause the processing device to receive advertisement data that corresponds with a web advertisement.
Quixey, Inc.

Online advertisement method and system therefor

The present invention relates to an online advertisement method and system therefor. More particularly, it relates to a method and system for providing an advertisement using an advertisement icon on a web page and sharing between a website operator and a member advertisement revenue generated by the member clicking the advertisement.

Method, system, apparatus and program for serving targeted advertisements and delivering qualified customer records by using real-time demographic, meta and declared data

A system and method for using user declared combined with demographic and meta data to create a detailed user profile that reflects current purchase intentions. This enables serving in real-time targeted advertisements to a user at a user terminal including a desktop pc, tablet or internet connected mobile device.
Fluent, Llc

Automated, integrated and complete computer program/project management solutions standardizes and optimizes management processes and procedures utilizing customizable and flexible systems and methods

Embodiments are computer program product that provides systems and methods as a complete solution for management profession from initiation to closeout; complies with industry standards and requirements. Automated functionality through cloud server, standardized combination of database management systems with five web-based user's interfaces; for each organizational tier and for quick and emergency responses.

Method and systems for sharing partnership data in shipping transactions

Systems, methods, and apparatuses are presented for establishing partnerships and generally providing prioritized and/or preferential treatment to various entities in the shipping supply chain of the trucking freight industry for shipping transactions. Various functionality and communications may be enhanced when partnerships are formed.
Trakkx Com Llc

Method and systems for managing shipping transactions

Systems, methods, and apparatuses are presented for connecting various parties in the freight industry to better coordinate their shipping needs while offering a much greater degree of transparency. In some embodiments, the system of the present disclosures includes a website that allows users from any of the shippers, receivers, brokers, and carriers, to login and interface with each of the other parties, as well as track the statuses of each of the shipping routes that they are involved with.
Trakkx Com Llc

Different apps on different mobile devices interacting via deep links

Many social apps on mobile devices let a user find others nearby using the same app. But her app cannot find users running other apps.

Integrated software development environments, systems, methods, and memory models

A data schema stores both data and metadata as data in a hierarchical, extensible schema made of three classes of objects. The data schema includes algorithms that generate the data schema and provide the functionality.
Integrator Software

Mashing mapping content displayed on mobile devices

A method and apparatus for mapping addressable information (e.g., locations denoted by name or address, street addresses, landmarks, etc.) off of disparate applications on a mobile device, onto an existing map on the mobile device, are disclosed. An application on a mobile device may display addressable information (e.g., a website displaying a location name and/or address, an email containing an address, etc.).
Empire Ip Llc

Virtual competition environment

One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for facilitating a virtual competition environment. One or more users may register for access to the virtual competition environment in order to compete in various types of activities, such as workout activities, dance activities, real-world activities, and/or virtual activities.
Halcyonic, Llc

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