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Wearable patents


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new patent System and efficient connection setup and communication for power conscious devices
A method for establishing a radio connection includes selecting a first radio access technology for a first phase of a multi-phase radio connection establishment process to minimize power consumption at a remote device, and participating in the first phase of the multi-phase radio connection establishment process. The method also enables establishing and using a radio connection with the first radio access technology that is selected independently from a selection of a second radio access technology used in a second phase of the multi-phase radio connection establishment process, wherein the second phase may be relayed or direct data communications over the established connection in the first phase between the wearable device and its peer (relay) devices or network equipment..
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

new patent Wearable electronic device and operating method thereof
An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a housing having a wearable shape configured to be worn on a human body, a coupling device disposed to at least one area of the housing and changeable from a first state to a second state so that the housing is coupled to an external object, an input signal generating device for generating an input signal when the coupling device is changed to the second state, and a control circuit configured to execute at least one instruction on the basis of at least one input signal generated from the input signal generating device..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

new patent Wearable camera system and recording control method
Provided is a wearable camera including a capture that captures a subject; a recorder that records a video of the captured subject; a storage that stores a predetermined sound beforehand; a microphone that collects sounds; and a controller that starts record of the video of the subject captured by the capture in a case where the sounds collected by the microphone and the sound stored in the storage are collated with each other, and the collected sounds and the stored sound match with each other.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

new patent Method of operating a wearable lifelogging device
The present disclosure provides a method of operating a wearable life logging device (2) comprising a data processing unit (9), a camera unit (7), and at least one motion sensor (4, 5). The method comprises selectively operating the device in a take photo state (200), wherein a photo is captured by means of the camera unit (7), and selectively operating the device in a sleep state (300), wherein the camera unit (7) is in a low power mode.
Narrative Ab

new patent Wearable apparatus with wide viewing angle image sensor
A wearable apparatus and method are provided for capturing image data. In one implementation, a wearable apparatus for capturing image data is provided.
Orcam Technologies Ltd.

new patent Audio/video wearable computer system with integrated projector
A head mounted system can include a video camera that is configured to provide image data. A wireless interface circuit can be configured to receive augmentation data from a remote server.
Muzik, Llc

new patent Wireless charging device and wearable device
The present invention discloses a wireless charging device, comprising a power generation module, a power storage module, a wireless charging emitting module and a wireless charging receiving module, and the power generation module can generate current in a motion state, and the power storage module comprises an electrical energy transmission unit and an automatic power storage unit electrically coupled to the electrical energy transmission unit, and the automatic power storage unit is employed to store the current generated by the power generation module, and the electrical energy transmission unit is employed to provide electrical energy to the wireless charging emitting module, and the wireless charging emitting module transmits the electrical energy to the wireless charging receiving module. The wireless charging device can charge the apparatus to be charged anytime and extend the battery life of the apparatus to be charged..
Wuhan China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

new patent Antenna configuration for compact glucose monitor
A wearable glucose monitor may include a compact having an antenna positioned on a housing of the glucose monitor to allow the size of the antenna to be larger than a printed circuit board of the glucose monitor positioned internal to the housing. The antenna may be communicatively coupled to a wireless communication device, such as a transceiver on the pcb, to transmit glucose level measurements to an external device through low-frequency radio signals.
Verily Life Sciences Llc

new patent Multi-antenna wearable device
A multi-antenna device may include a high-frequency antenna, a low-frequency antenna, and a patterned metal ground plane defining channels having capacitors operable a short circuit for the high-frequency antenna and an open-circuit for the low-frequency antenna. The high-frequency antenna, the low-frequency antenna, and the patterned metal ground plane may be coupled to a multi-layer printed circuit board of the multi-antenna device.
Verily Life Sciences Llc

new patent System and monitoring handwashing compliance including soap dispenser with integral hand-washing monitor and smart button system
A hand-washing monitor and hand washing monitoring system are provided. The hand-washing monitoring system includes a motion detector mounted near, to or in a sink and configured to detect a scrubbing motion near an outlet of a sink faucet and a user wearable smart button device that interacts with the motion detector.
Hand-scan, Llc

new patent

Wearable devices as a service

Various embodiments described herein relate to a service broker framework or device and associated methods and non-transitory machine-readable storage media including a communications interface; a memory storing: a user profile associated with a user and specifying an input type available from a sensor device of the user, wherein the input type is a physiological parameter of the user, and service records associated with respective services and identifying respective input types and servers that provide the services; and a processor configured to: receive, from the user via the communications interface, a request to add a service identified by a service record indicates that the input type specified by the user profile is accepted by the service as an input, effect transmission of data gathered by the sensor device of the user and of the input type identified by the service record to a server identified by the service record.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

new patent

Quick multifunctional smart watch for worship timing and orientation and control method

Disclosed is a quick multifunctional smart watch for worship timing and orientation and a control method, relating to the technical field of smart watches, for solving the problem that no portable wearable products for orientated and timed reminding meet requirements of moslems for worships in the prior art. The watch comprises a controller, a positioning module, a geomagnetic sensor and pointer devices; the positioning module is used for acquiring position information of current position and sending to the controller; the geomagnetic sensor is used for acquiring direction information of current position and sending to the controller; the controller is used for controlling pointer devices to point to the direction of mecca according to pre-stored position information of mecca, position information and direction information of current position and gis geographic information pre-stored in the controller; and the controller is also used for reminding worships according to pre-stored preset worship time..
Xian Gaotai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

new patent

Systems, articles, and methods for integrating holographic optical elements with eyeglass lenses

Systems, articles, and methods that integrate photopolymer film with eyeglass lenses are described. One or more hologram(s) may be recorded into/onto the photopolymer film to enable the lens to be used as a transparent holographic combiner in a wearable heads-up display employing an image source, such as a microdisplay or a scanning laser projector.
Thalmic Labs Inc.

new patent

Large exit pupil wearable near-to-eye vision systems exploiting freeform eyepieces

Within applications for near-to-eye (nr2i) displays, irrespective of whether they are for short-term, long-term, low vision, augmented reality, etc., there is a conflicting tradeoff between user comfort, ease of attachment, minimizing intrusiveness and aesthetics which must be concurrently balanced with and are often in conflict with providing an optical vision system within the nr2i display that provides the user with a wide field of view and high image resolution whilst also offering a large exit pupil for eye placement with sufficient eye clearance. Embodiments of the invention address these issues and provide a high performance optical system through the design of the optical eyepiece design to overcome these limitations within a bioptic configuration with laterally disposed displays..
Esight Corp.

new patent

Systems, devices, and methods for variable luminance in wearable heads-up displays

Systems, devices, and methods for laser projectors with variable luminance that are well-suited for use in a wearable heads-up display (“whud”) are described. Such laser projectors include a laser light source(s) and a scan mirror(s) to generate an image in the field of view of a user, and a liquid crystal element between the light source(s) and the scan mirror(s) to adjust the luminance of the image.
Thalmic Labs Inc.

new patent

Plate carrier apparatus and method

Embodiments include a method and apparatus for mounting wearable ballistic body armor plates and accessories to a user. Embodiments may include a plate frame assembly comprising one or more plate frames and one or more ballistic body armor plates.
S&s Precision, Llc

new patent

Terminal device, air conditioner, and wearable terminal

A position detection unit detects a current position of the terminal device, an environmental-information acquisition unit acquires environmental information of the terminal device, and a storage unit stores therein a behavior pattern of a user of the terminal device, a control pattern of an air conditioner, and air-conditioner position information. The terminal device also includes a control unit that estimates an arrival time at which the user arrives at a position of the air conditioner based on the current position, a moving speed included in the environmental information, and the air-conditioner position information, estimates a behavior pattern of the user by using the moving speed, and decides a control pattern of the air conditioner based on the environmental information and the estimated behavior pattern..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

new patent

Methods and power expenditure and technique determination during bipedal motion

Training at the proper level of effort is important for athletes whose objective is to achieve the best results in the least time. In running, for example, pace is often monitored.
Stryd, Inc.

new patent

Automatic detection and quantification of swimming

A wearable device for tracking swim activities of a user is provided. The wearable device may include one or more sensors configured to generate sensor data, and based on the sensor data, the wearable device may determine swim metrics such as swim stroke count, swim stroke type, swim lap count, and swim speed.
Fitbit, Inc.

new patent

Vibration-based secure side channel for medical devices

According to some embodiments, a system for securing communications between an implantable wearable medical device (iwmd) and an external device (ed) is disclosed. The system includes a wireless radio frequency (rf) channel configured for communication between the iwmd and the ed.
Purdue Research Foundation

new patent

Plunger for drug delivery device

Plunger systems for expelling a liquid drug from a drug container within a wearable drug delivery device are provided. A rotation system coupled to a plunger rotates the plunger about a central axis of the plunger to overcome a static friction between the plunger and the drug container.
Insulet Corporation

new patent

Wearable device

A wearable device is disclosed, including a microprocessor control unit, a first switch module, a bluetooth module, and a multimedia module. The wearable device can be connected to a terminal device by using the bluetooth module to share data, use data locally stored in the multimedia module, and monitor data corresponding to a preset event by using the microprocessor control unit.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

new patent

System, device and remotely monitoring the well-being of a user with a wearable device

Systems, devices, methods for providing a speech pattern as a metric of well-being system for remotely monitoring the well-being of a patient are disclosed. In one exemplary embodiment, a system can include at least one wearable device that is configured to collect body sensor data and speech pattern data associated with a patient wearing the device and analyze the data to determine if the patient's emotional well-being is compromised.
Koninklijke Philips N.v

new patent

Wireless wearable brain blood-oxygen monitoring system

The wireless wearable brain blood-oxygen monitoring system provided by the present application comprises a monitoring control device, a detection device, a fixing device and a flexible printed circuit board; said monitoring control device is used for processing a first optical signal to generate a digital signal and sending said digital signal to a portable mobile terminal; said detection device is used for receiving the first optical signal sent by said monitoring control device, and calculating a degree of blood-oxygen saturation in a detected area according to an incident light intensity and an emergent light intensity of the first optical signal; said flexible printed circuit board is used for fixing a photoelectric conversion means in said detection device; said fixing device is used for fitting said monitoring control device and said detection device to the forehead. The present application can make the brain blood-oxygen monitoring system to monitor in real time and can make it portable..
Institute Of Automation Chinese Academy Of Sciences

new patent

Arcuate wearable device with a circumferential or annular array of spectroscopic sensors for measuring hydration level

This invention is an arcuate wearable device with a circumferential or annular array of spectroscopic sensors which measures a person's body hydration. In an example, this invention can be embodied in a modular smart watch band, a specialized hydration-monitoring band, or a finger ring.
Medibotics Llc

new patent

Episodical and continuous ecg monitoring

Monitoring heart activity using a wearable device, including receiving, from the wearable device, an electrocardiograph (ecg) signal and a motion signal associated with an individual upon contact with the wearable device; in response to receiving the ecg signal and the motion signal associated with the individual, determining, by a computing device, a position of the wearable device in contact with the individual; and determining, by the computing device, a heart activity monitoring mode for operating the wearable device, based on the position of the wearable device in contact with the individual.. .
Huami Inc.

new patent

System and measuring vital signs

A portable wearable computing device configured to continuously obtain data indicative of a patient's vital signs is disclosed. The portable wearable computing device includes a temperature sensor configured to obtain data indicative of body temperature of the patient.
Pelletric Llc

new patent

Connectors for attaching one or more wearable devices to eyewear

A connector assembly comprising a base having an adapter and a retainer, the adapter configured to reversibly couple to a wearable device using a magnet, ferromagnetic material, or combinations thereof; an elastic member partially positioned within the retainer, the elastic member having a first loop portion adjacent a first end of the retainer and a second loop portion adjacent a second end of the retainer; and wherein the elastic member is configured to stretchably move with respect to the base such that, responsive to a force pulling the first loop portion over a portion of an eyewear frame, the second loop portion changes in size.. .
Pogotec, Inc.

new patent

Hair styling device

A portable and wearable hair styling device includes a headband configured to conform to a head of a user, a hair wrap attached to the headband, wherein the hair wrap includes a flexible inside layer, an air distribution network, and a flexible outside layer attached to the flexible inside layer creating an interior volume between the flexible inside layer and the flexible outside layer, wherein the flexible outside layer includes a hair dryer attachment and a clip configured to close a lower portion of the hair wrap around hair of the user.. .

new patent

Hands-free pet leash device

A hands-free pet leash device comprising a wearable belt including a glider movably attached to the belt, wherein the glider is configured to rotate circumferentially around the wearable belt. The glider is configured to move around the wearable belt via a guide element wherein the glider can move along the guide element and rotate around the guide element.

new patent

Gps implant tracking system for pet

A implant tracking system for allowing the location of an animal to be tracked from an implanted device that is not readily removable includes an implant member having an internal positioning component that is connected to an internal rechargeable power component and a wearable charger implement that includes an inductive charging band, a wire charging port, an internal charger battery, and an attachment mechanism. In one instance, the positioning component is a satellite positioning system receiver.

Wearable nfc device for secure data interaction

A method and apparatus for near field communications. Exemplary embodiments can include a near field communication (nfc) device.
Avery Dennison Retail Information Services, Llc

System and operating a wearable loudspeaker device

A method for operating a wearable loudspeaker device that is worn on the upper part of the body of a user distant to the user's ears and head comprises determining sensor data, based on the sensor data, and determining at least one parameter related to the current position of the user's head in relation to the wearable loudspeaker device. The method further includes adapting a filter transfer function of at least one filter unit for the current position of the user's head based on the at least one parameter, and an audio output signal that is output to at least one loudspeaker of the wearable loudspeaker device depends on the filter transfer function..
Harman Becker Automotive Systems Gmbh

Wearable device for listening to sound

There is provided a wearable device for listening to sound comprising two in-ear earbuds capable of reproducing sound, where said two in-ear earbuds are attached to each other with a cord, said cord comprising cable parts with leads for powering the device and for transmitting signals, the length of said cord being adapted to reach around the back of the neck of a user of the device, said device having a wireless connection unit, where the wireless connection unit is capable of receiving a wireless digital signal and provide a wire bound signal to the two in-ear earbuds for reproducing sound in the earbuds, said device having a battery and a charging interface for connecting a charging cable for charging the battery, characterized in that said charging interface is located on the cord.. .
Pugz Gear Ab

Wearable device with an antenna system

A wearable device and methods for using the same provided. In one embodiment, a wearable device includes an antenna disposed in a controller and/or a band.
Logitech Europe S.a.

Method and apparatus of transmitting signal

The present disclosure discloses a method of transmitting a signal, a wearable communication device and a terminal device. The method includes: receiving, by a wearable communication device, a modulated wave signal transmitted by a terminal device; demodulating the modulated wave signal to obtain a to-be-decoded signal; performing a waveform shaping process on the to-be-decoded signal to obtain a square wave signal, where a high level in the square wave signal is configured to represent a first preset value, and a time interval is existed between two high levels corresponding to any two adjacent first preset values; acquiring time interval eigenvalues in the square wave signal; acquiring a one-to-one mapping relation of the interval eigenvalues and a plurality of coding sequences; and performing, according to the time interval eigenvalues and the mapping relation, a first decoding process and a second decoding process on the square wave signal to obtain original data..
Shenzhen Goodix Technology Co., Ltd.

Radio frequency wearable device

A radio frequency (rf) system includes an rf integrated circuit (ic) die. The rf ic die includes a first transmit circuit, a second transmit circuit, a first receive circuit, a second receive circuit, and a control circuit coupled to the first transmit circuit, the second transmit circuit, the first receive circuit, and the second receive circuit.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Monolithic thin film elements and performance electronics, solar powered systems and fabrication

Methods and devices that monolithically integrate thin film elements/devices, e.g., environmental sensors, batteries and biosensors, with high performance integrated circuits, i.e., integrated circuits formed in a high quality device layer. Preferred embodiments further monolithically integrate a solar cell array.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Wearable device configuration interaction

A method and system for interacting with a wearable device is provided. The method includes detecting, by a first wearable device of a first user, a body attachment band of a second wearable device of a second user physically interlinked with a body attachment band of the first wearable device.
International Business Machines Corporation

Emergency reporting system

A state of movement of a body of a person is detected in a wearable device 10, and movement information representing the state of the movement of the body which is detected is sent by wireless together with url of a server device 30 and a terminal id. When the sent information is received in a portable terminal 20, the portable terminal 20 gives access to the server device 30 based on the url and transmits the movement information and the terminal id to the server device 30.
E3 Co., Ltd., 32f

Vehicle request using wearable earpiece

A system includes a vehicle, the vehicle comprising a control system and a wireless transceiver operatively connected to the control system. The control system is configured to wirelessly communicate with a wearable device worn by a user using the wireless transceiver and the control system is configured to receive input from one or more sensors of the wearable device.
Bragi Gmbh

Monitoring worker movement in a warehouse setting

Systems and methods for monitoring worker movement within a warehouse setting are provided. According to one implementation, a wearable apparatus comprises an audio unit configured to receive audio input signals from a user and convey audio output signals to the user.
Vocollect, Inc.

Motion information filtering

One embodiment provides a method, including: utilizing at least one processor to execute computer code that performs the steps of: receiving motion sensor information from a plurality of sensors on a wearable device; identifying, based on the motion sensor information, a motion pattern corresponding to an activity of a user; comparing the motion pattern to a plurality of stored motion patterns; determining, based on the comparing, if the motion pattern matches one of the stored motion patterns that is identified as a motion pattern of a sensitive activity; and modifying, whether the motion pattern matches one of the stored motion pattern identified as a motion pattern of a sensitive activity. Other aspects are described and claimed..
International Business Machines Corporation

Wearable apparatus having a flexible electrophoretic display

A flexible, wearable apparatus comprising a flexible display, a support member and a retainer. In some embodiments, the flexible, wearable apparatus can be used in a flat or rounded configuration.
E Ink Corporation

A hybrid smart watch with multiple sources of time, multiple power sources, and multiple time indicator mechanisms

A hybrid wearable device comprising (a) a smart watch with at least a digital display, a general-purpose processor, an instruction and data memory, and a communications component, and (b) an alternate (mechanical, quartz, kinetic, or other) watch movement, that has these two components interact with each other and with the user.. .

Electronic key system

An electronic key system includes a device that is subject to operation, an electronic key that is authenticatable by the device, and a wearable device that is wearable by a user. The wearable device is capable of recognizing an intention communication action of the user.
Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho

System for interactive sports training utilizing real-time metrics and analysis

This document presents a system and method for installing a free-floating sensor mechanism within a ball and collecting sensor measurements from the ball during sports activity. The ball is one portion of the system, which includes sensors associated with the field, the goal or scoring portion of the field, and sensors within a wearable unit associated with players on the field.

Wearable defibrillators

A defibrillator is provided that includes a garment, shaped to be worn around a chest of a patient; cardiac sensing electrodes, each of which is configured for placement in external or internal contact with the chest of the patient; and defibrillation electrodes, each of which is coupled to the garment for external placement near the chest of the patient, and which comprise respective reservoirs containing electrically-conductive gel, and respective liners removably covering the gel. One or more exposure actuators are configured to remove the liners from the gel.
Rainbow Medical Ltd.

Wearable device having low-frequency generation function, and health care system using the same

The present invention relates to a wearable device having a low frequency generation function and a health care system using the same, and more particularly, to a wearable device having a low frequency generation function and a health care system using the same capable of effectively preventing nausea and vomiting due to motion sickness, morning sickness, drugs, or the like by transmitting a low frequency to the median nerve of the wrist.. .
Piomed Co., Ltd.

Mechanical exoskeleton wearable apparatus, operation control method and operation control device for the same

A mechanical exoskeleton wearable apparatus and an operation control method as well as an operation control device for the same are provided in the embodiments of the disclosure, so as to enrich usable functionalities of the mechanical exoskeleton wearable apparatus. The mechanical exoskeleton wearable apparatus includes a foot wearable mechanism; a leg wearable mechanism including: shank supports articulated with the foot wearable mechanism, thigh supports articulated with the shank supports, and first stroke regulators articulated with the foot wearable mechanism and the thigh supports respectively at both ends; and a hip support mechanism configured to connect with the thigh supports.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

System and determining the fertility phase of a female

An electronic system for determining a fertility phase of a female human comprises a wearable device (1) that includes a first sensor system (101), configured to determine heart rate and heart rate variability of the female human, and a second sensor system (102), configured to determine acceleration of the female human. The electronic system further comprises a processor (13, 30), configured to detect during menstrual cycles sleep phases with resting pulse, using the heart rate variability and the acceleration, to determine a change in the resting pulse during a menstrual cycle using the heart rate, and to determine the fertility phase using a time of the change in the resting pulse.
Ava Ag

Methods circuits assemblies devices systems facets and associated machine executable code for detecting vital signs

Disclosed are a composite bio-parameter sensor assembly and a wearable device including same, for detecting vital signs of a subject person. The sensor assembly includes one or more sensors, mounted on an outer contact surface of the assembly, having a sensing surface to optically detect one or more parameters of a pulse of the subject.
Cardiacsense Ltd.

Low frequency non-invasive sensorial stimulation for seizure control

Example apparatus and methods reduce epileptic seizures in a human patient by non-invasively providing low frequency (e.g., 1-10 hz) audio stimuli coordinated with low frequency (e.g., 1-10 hz) visual stimuli to the patient. The signals are provided non-invasively through the eyes and ears.
Case Western Reserve University

Wearable device for sweat testing administration

Various embodiments relate to a method of assisting a user with administering a sweat test based on monitoring one or more physiological conditions of the user by a wearable device. In an embodiment, a wearable device may receive an indication of a selected sweat-test type from the user and determine as a function of the sweat-test type, which of the plurality of physiological sensors to use for data collection.
Koninklijke Philijps N.v.

Systems and methods of monitoring electrodermal activity (eda) using an ac signal and discrete fourier transform (dft) analysis

Systems and methods of monitoring electrodermal activity (eda) in human subjects suitable for use in wearable electronic devices. An eda monitoring system can include first and second dry electrodes, an alternating current (ac) excitation signal source, a trans-impedance amplifier, an analog-to-digital (a-to-d) converter, a discrete fourier transform (dft) processor, and a microprocessor.
Analog Devices Global

User wearable apparatus with optical sensor

A user wearable apparatus including an optical sensor structure configured to optically monitor an area of a body of a user wearing the apparatus to monitor a physiological property of the user. A movement of at least one part of the optical sensor structure is caused to change the monitored area of the body of the user and to determine a desired monitoring area, and thereafter the monitoring of the physiological property of the user is maintained at the determined desired monitoring area..
Nokia Technologies Oy

Method and device for determining action and/or action part

The present application provides methods and devices for determining an action and/or an action part, and generally relates to the field of wearable devices. A method disclosed herein comprises: in response to that a first part on a body of a user executes an action, acquiring target blood flow information of the first part or a second part corresponding to the first part; and determining the first part and/or the action according to the target blood flow information and reference information.
Beijing Zhigu Rui Tuo Tech Co., Ltd.

Wearable device obtaining audio data for diagnosis

Systems, devices, and methods for providing audio database for health systems that may utilize wearable devices that monitor wearable sensor readings for symptoms associated with a disease and that may prompt a user of the wearable device to place a microphone from the wearable device on a specific location on the user's body for recording an audio file that may be sent to a health professional for diagnosis of the disease.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Multi-feature diaper bag

A multi-featured diaper bag is described. The bag includes a four-point attachment system to permit attachment of the bag to the should straps and waist strap of a wearable infant carrier.

Transformable clothing

A transformable article of clothing wearable by a person in a plurality of configurations. According to various embodiments, a transformable article of clothing comprises a central tubular portion coupled to a first member and a second member is configurable between a shawl and a scarf.

Suit for athletic activities

A suit wearable by a human user includes a torso section, two arm sections extending from an upper portion of the torso section, and two leg sections extending from a lower portion of the torso section. At least one of an arm section and a leg section includes at least one exterior surface region that is uneven and having at least one of a different surface friction property and a different surface roughness property in relation to at least one exterior surface region of the torso section..
Under Armour, Inc.

Garment with wireless entry device

A wearable entry device (wed) is disclosed that may be integrated into a garment. The wed may be used to lock and unlock a vehicle door.

Secure communications with wearable devices

Various embodiments described herein include systems and methods directed towards allowing a wearable device with one or more sensors to communicate with a third-party network or device. The wearable device's software may include user interfaces wherein a user may select a data set from a particular sensor and allocate a security level associated with that sensor's data and with a particular third-party network.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Methods and creating an individualized record of an event

Embodiments of the invention are directed to capturing a record of an event which is individualized to a specific event attendee. Event attendees carry a wearable device configured to periodically transmit a payload that may, for example, include an identifier for the wearable device.
Eski Inc.

Apparatus and providing programming information for media content to a wearable device

Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, detecting a first wearable device and a second wearable device in proximity of a display device and identifying a first user profile associated with the first wearable device and a second user profile associated with the second wearable device. Further aspects may include identifying a first set of media content preferences according to the first user profile and a second set of media content preferences according to the second user profile.
The Directv Group, Inc.

Systems, devices, and methods for laser projectors

Laser safety systems, devices, and methods for use in laser projectors are described. A laser projector includes any number of laser diodes that each emit laser light, a shared laser diode power source, a photodetector to detect a power/intensity of a portion of the laser light, a beam splitter to direct a first portion of the light towards the photodetector and a second portion of the light towards an output on the projector, and a laser safety circuit responsive to signals from the photodetector.
Thalmic Labs Inc.

Wearable police camera with remote activation and positional awareness

The present invention relates to wearable, remotely operable security camera equipment. Specifically, the present invention relates to a police camera with remote activation of the record feature.
Mpas, Llc

Head-wearable displaying and powering system

The present disclosure discloses a head-wearable displaying and powering system, comprising a head-wearable display device, a portable terminal and a powering device; the powering device comprises a first communication interface for connecting to the portable terminal and a second communication interface for connecting to the head-wearable display device; a data pathway is disposed between two communication interfaces to implement direct communication between the head-wearable display device and the portable terminal; when the powering device is simultaneously connected with the portable terminal and head-wearable display device, the powering device powers the head-wearable display device, and the head-wearable display device does not consume electrical power of a battery of the portable terminal. Meanwhile, the head-wearable display device is directly connected to the portable terminal.
Beijing Pico Technology Co., Ltd.

Fabric antenna

An antenna assembly includes: a wearable antenna including a conductive signal layer having a radiating surface; a feed conductive layer; and an insulating layer in between the conductive signal layer and the feed conductive layer, and wherein the conductive signal layer, the feed conductive layer, and the insulating layer are fabric-based, wherein the wearable antenna is shaped and sized to be embedded in a subject's clothing with sufficient flexibility to be stretched and bent as the subject implanted with a passive implantable stimulator device maintains routine daily activities, and wherein the wearable antenna is electrically tuned and configured to have the radiating surface of the conductive signal layer facing the subject's skin and a feed point of the feed conductive layer connecting to a controller such that the wearable antenna is non-inductively coupled to the implanted passive stimulator device to supply power the passive implantable stimulator device wirelessly and non-inductively.. .
Micron Devices Llc

Wearable electronic device with detachable antenna support

Embodiments herein relate to the detection and switchable use of a detachable gnss antenna with a wearable electronic device. In various embodiments, a wearable electronic apparatus may include a multi-band antenna to receive satellite positioning signals in a first frequency band and local radio frequency communication signals in a second frequency band, an antenna connector to optionally receive a detachable satellite positioning antenna, and a switch having a switching terminal, a first input terminal coupled with the multi-band antenna, a second input terminal coupled with the antenna connector, and an output terminal, wherein the switch is to selectively connect the first input terminal or the second input terminal to the output terminal, in response to a state of a switching signal received at the switching terminal.
Intel Corporation

Head-wearable display device

The head-wearable display device according to the present invention is provided with one communication interface via which the head-wearable display device is connected with a portable terminal, to obtain audio and video data from the portable terminal, exchange data with the portable terminal and obtain working power supply from the portable terminal. As compared with current externally-connected type head-wearable display device which has to employ a plurality of cables, the head-wearable display device according to the present invention may operate normally in a way of connecting with the portable terminal via only one cable, without occupying too many communication interfaces of the portable terminal, avoids the problem that the head-wearable display device and portable terminal cannot establish connection because types and number of communication interfaces on the portable terminal cannot meet the needs of the head-wearable device..
Beijing Pico Technology Co., Ltd.

Head-wearable displaying and powering system

The present disclosure discloses a head-wearable displaying and powering system, comprising a head-wearable display device and a portable terminal; the head-wearable display device is provided with one communication interface to connect with the portable terminal; the portable terminal, through the communication interface, transmits audio and video data to the head-wearable display device, exchanges data with the head-wearable display device and provides the working power supply to the head-wearable display device. The head-wearable display device may operate normally after being connected to the portable terminal only via one communication interface, needn't occupy too many communication interfaces on the portable terminal and does not limit the application of the portable terminal.
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Smart watch with automatic voice recording and alarm

A wearable accoutrement such as a wristwatch records noises within a wearer's vicinity, and white noises may be filtered out to output pure human voices. The voice recording feature can be activated manually or automatically during a “panic mode” as indicated by a loud noise or sudden biological changes such as an increase in heart rate or body temperature, the accoutrement can also monitor other environmental elements such as light, motion and audio and may be paired with a wireless phone such that noise from a stressful event can be sent to a remote server which processes the data.
Sony Corporation

Biometric device and wearable carrier

A biometric device includes a substrate, an image sensor, at least one infrared light emitting diode (ir led), a supporting structure and an optical layer. The image sensor is disposed on the substrate.
Industrial Technology Research Institute

Using metadata to take action on an sms message on a proprietary system

Apparatuses, systems, and processes are discussed for using metadata to take action on an sms message on a proprietary system. In some embodiments, a wearable electronic device has a wearable device application that can present an sms notification from an sms application of a mobile computing device.
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Controlling and optimizing actions on notifications for a mobile device

Provided herein is apparatuses and methods for notifications from applications displayed on a wearable electronic device. An action prioritization routine optimizes the display of the possible selectable action items associated with notifications as well as controls a number of other functions regarding notifications..
Pebble Technology, Corp.

Method and wearable device for providing a virtual input interface

Provided is a wearable device including: an image sensor configured to sense a gesture image of a user setting a user input region; and a display configured to provide a virtual input interface corresponding to the set user input region.. .
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Wearable device, control method, and control program

As one of aspects of the present invention, a wearable device includes a display having a display area virtually divided into a first area and a second area. When a user's gaze position moves from the first area to the second area while an object corresponding to a predetermined function is displayed within the first area, the predetermined function is executed.
Kyocera Corporation

Wearable device having a display, lens, illuminator, and image sensor

A wearable device is disclosed. The wearable device may include a display, a lens, an illuminator, an image sensor, and at least one processor.
Tobii Ab

Optical communication device of a wearable object

The present invention relates to a timepiece comprising a case, in which an electronic module supplying at least one item of information is arranged, wherein said at least one item of information is displayed on a dial by display means, characterised in that the electronic module additionally comprises a communication unit having an optical receiving device, wherein said optical receiving device comprises at least one photoelectric receiver arranged to face a first aperture formed on the dial so that an optical signal can be received by said optical receiver.. .
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Infrared transparent visible opaque fabrics

The present invention is directed to infrared-transparent visible-opaque fabrics for wearable personal thermal management.. .

Assisted manual mail sorting system

Assisted manual mail sorting system for assisting an operator in manual sortation of mailpieces in a sorting station including a plurality of destination bins, the system comprising a headset wearable by the operator and connected to a computer comprising an image analysis software for extracting from an image of one of the mailpieces, a name, an address or other relevant information and a sorting application for determining a corresponding relevant destination bin, the headset comprising: a high resolution camera for capturing the image of the mailpiece, a transparent display for signalling to the operator the relevant destination bin where the article is to be placed by highlighting or overlaying a visual artifact on a view of the sorting station while the operator is looking at the sorting station.. .
Neopost Technologies

Swimming information processing system, information processing apparatus, swimming information processing method, and program

A system includes a wearable device that measures positional information and activity information of a swimmer, generates swimming information related to swimming of the swimmer based on the activity information, and transmits the swimming information and the positional information; and a tablet pc that receives the swimming information and the positional information from the wearable device, acquires map information corresponding to the positional information, and generates display information by using the swimming information, the positional information, and the map information.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

System and generating feedback on exercise technique

A system and method for generating feedback on exercise technique. The system comprises a sensor and readout device to generate sensor data based on the exercise technique, e.g.

Erectile dysfunction device

A reusable, cloak wearable over the male member, capable of enhancing or maintaining the blood flow that helps establish and maintain an erection. It has a linear, slideable tubular sleeve that resides atop of a base sheath that encapsulates the penile shaft and glans penis.

System and providing placebo information to a user of a wearable device

Various embodiments described herein generally relate to a wearable device collecting data from one or more sensors related to the activity of a person and the wearable device communicating the physiological data sensed or information that corresponds to the physiological data sensed to a recommendation network. In certain instances the recommendation network may analyze the physiological data or information that corresponds to the physiological data when composing messages.
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System and a wearable knee injury prevention

A method and system for actively monitoring anterior cruciate ligament (acl) strain experienced at the knee joint during athletic activity or dynamic movement. Sensors are used in proximity of the knee joint to actively record parameters such as flexion angle and ground impact force at the knee joint.

Remote controlled physical activity monitoring

An apparatus for remote controlled physical activity monitoring, the apparatus comprising: at least one orientation measurer, wearable on at least one body part of a user, configured to measure orientation of a body part wearing the orientation measurer during a physical activity of the user, at least one pressure meter, wearable on at least one body part of the user, configured to measure pressure applied by muscle of a body part wearing the pressure meter during the physical activity of the user, a computer processor, associated with the orientation measurer and pressure meter, configured to derive monitoring control data from the measured orientation and pressure, and a data transmitter, associated with the computer processor, configured to transmit the monitoring control data to a physical activity monitoring device, and thereby to remotely control a monitoring of the physical activity of the user by the physical activity monitoring device.. .

Device for detecting heart rate and heart rate variability

One or more sensors and/or sensing techniques are used individually or in combination to detect and/or measure heart rate and/or heart rate variability. The sensors may be wearable and/or portable and may operate on different principles and may include different power profiles.
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Wearable thermometer patch capable of measuring human skin temperature at high duty cycle

A wearable thermometer patch for continuous wearing by a user includes a circuit substrate that includes an electric circuit, a battery holder mounted in the circuit substrate, and a detachable cover layer on the battery holder. The battery holder can hold a replaceable battery to supply power to the electric circuit.
Vivalnk, Inc.

Wearable patch for measuring temperature and electrical signals

A wearable patch includes a stretchable and permeable substrate having a first opening, a temperature sensing unit mounted in the stretchable and permeable substrate, wherein the temperature sensing unit comprises a temperature sensor for measuring a user's skin temperature, electrodes attached to the stretchable and permeable substrate. The electrodes include a bottom surface that can contact with the user's skin and to pick up electric signals from the user's body, and a circuit substrate on the stretchable and permeable substrate.
Vivalnk Inc.

Wearable thermometer patch for correct measurement of human skin temperature

A wearable thermometer patch includes a substrate and a temperature probe unit mounted in the substrate and configured to measure temperature of a user's skin. The temperature probe unit includes a force sensor configured to measure contact force between the temperature probe unit and the user' skin, a plate, a first temperature sensor attached to a lower surface of the plate, and a second temperature sensor attached to an upper surface of the plate..
Vivalnk Inc.

Wearable thermometer patch for accurate measurement of human skin temperature

A wearable thermometer patch includes a flexible circuit substrate comprising an electric circuit and an opening, a thermally conductive cup having a bottom portion plugged into the opening and fixed to the flexible circuit substrate, and a temperature sensor inside the thermally conductive cup. The temperature sensor is in thermal conduction with the thermally conductive cup.
Vivalnk Inc.

Dynamic fit adjustment for wearable electronic devices

Systems and methods for dynamically adjusting the fit of a wearable electronic device are disclosed. In many embodiments, a tensioner associated with a wearable electronic device can control one or more actuators that are mechanically coupled to either the housing or to a band attached to the wearable electronic device.
Apple Inc.

Wearable disease prevention device

A wearable device for preventing the spread of disease by detecting when a wearer's hand comes into close proximity of the wearer's face. The device can preferably issue an immediate warning to the wearer to prevent contact between the wearer's hand and face and to change a wearer's face-touching habit in order to prevent future occurrences.
No Touch L. L. C.

Method and providing notification

An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes: a transceiver configured to communicate with at least one wearable device and receive, from the at least one wearable device, status information indicating whether the at least one wearable device is currently being worn; and a processor configured to determine whether to send a notification request to the at least one wearable device based on the status information received by the transceiver..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Interchangeable charm messaging wearable electronic device for wireless communication

Particular embodiments described herein provide for a wearable electronic device, such as a bracelet, coupled to a plurality of electronic components (which may include any type of components, elements, circuitry, etc.). One particular implementation of a wearable electronic device may include a bracelet portion, and at least one charm device configured to be affixed to the bracelet portion.
Intel Corporation

Wearable inward-facing camera utilizing the scheimpflug principle

One aspect of this disclosure involves a wearable device that includes a frame that is worn on a user's head, and an inward-facing camera (camera) physically coupled to the frame. The optical axis of the camera is either above the frankfort horizontal plane and pointed upward to capture an image of a region of interest (roi) above the user's eyes, or the optical axis is below the frankfort horizontal plane and pointed downward to capture an image of an roi below the user's eyes.
Facense Ltd.

System architecture for a wearable device

Apparatuses and methods that generate and send interactive elements to a plurality of wearable electronic devices are discussed. One or more mobile applications and one or more remote backend servers may cooperate to send information in the interactive elements to the instances of the time synchronous application resident in their wearable electronic device in order to bring different types of content such as timely and relevant data, events, and notifications to a user of that wearable electronic device without the user's intervention to actively retrieve the different types of content.
Pebble Technology, Corp.

Wearable computing communication device with display screens and methods.

A wearable computing device (wcd) which provides for new and alternative methods of communication and social interaction. The wcd is mobile and allows the wearer to show, share, play and or generally broadcast various forms of multimedia content on one or more display screens.

Software-defined implantable ultrasonic device for use in the internet of medical things

Implantable and wearable devices and system for transmitting signals ultrasonically through biological tissue are implemented based on an internet of medical things (iomt) platform software and hardware architecture. The devices are size-, energy-, and resource-constrained and implement ultrasonic communication protocols and communicate with each other through ultrasound..
Northeastern University

Signal demodulation apparatus and method in closed communication system

The present application provides a signal demodulation apparatus and method in a closed communication system. The signal demodulation apparatus includes: an analog voltage comparator, configured to convert a received modulated signal into a digital signal, and output the digital signal; and a sampling decider, configured to sample the received digital signal, and acquire a value represented by the digital signal according to a feature of a sampled digital signal to complete a signal demodulation.
Shenzhen Goodix Technology Co., Ltd.

Radio frequency system for wearable device

A radio frequency (rf) system includes an rf integrated circuit (ic) die, and an antenna coupled to the rf ic die. The rf system further includes a reflector layer over the rf ic die, the reflector layer extending over at least a portion of the antenna, a combination of the antenna and the reflector layer having a radiation pattern that comprises a main lobe in a first direction parallel to a top surface of the reflector layer..
Infineon Technologies Ag

Sequence of contexts wearable

In an embodiment, an apparatus comprising a processor (108) is presented that tracks a plurality of events experienced by a subject using data from wearable sensors (38) and network-connected devices (50), determines whether each of the events complies with a personalized schedule, and provides feedback related to the determination.. .
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Digital wearable monitoring device with dual locking system

A digital wearable monitoring device with dual locking system allows parents to monitor and locate a missing or wandering child. The monitoring device is secured to a child and can be removed through biometric signatures of a parent or authorized guardians.

Wearable charm anti-theft system with power saving feature

An anti-theft proximity alert system that includes a wearable smart charm with a charm housing, and an object monitor having a power saving feature comprising at least one operating instruction to select a power consumption mode of the object monitor based upon a condition of said object monitor.. .
Charm Alarm Llc

Wearable devices for use in an entertainment environment

Methods, systems and computer program products for utilizing wearable devices in an entertainment environment are provided. Aspects include creating associations between a plurality of individuals and a plurality of wearable devices and classifying each of the plurality of individuals into one or more groups, wherein each group includes at least one child and at least one parent.
International Business Machines Corporation

Mobile device security using wearable security tokens

Optimizations are provided for completing a transaction event using authentication information. In particular, a presence of a transaction processing device is initially detected.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Methods and systems for remotely determining levels of healthcare interventions

The present subject matter relates to methods and systems utilizing wearable sensor technology to determine when a patient's health may be degrading to trigger progressively higher levels of care and involvement, from “free” hands and eyes to skilled clinicians, in order to keep patients in the lowest cost setting of care, the home, for as long as possible.. .
Carepredict, Inc.

Wearable apparatus, virtual reality method and terminal system

A wearable apparatus is provided, which can express information in more dimensions. The wearable apparatus includes a signal receiving module, a signal processing module, at least one signal generating module and at least one signal outputting module, which are all disposed on a case body.
Hefei Xinsheng Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd .

Methods and predicting musculo-skeletal position information using wearable autonomous sensors

Methods and apparatus for providing a dynamically-updated computerized musculo-skeletal representation comprising a plurality of rigid body segments connected by joints. The method comprises recording, using a plurality of autonomous sensors arranged on one or more wearable devices, a plurality of autonomous signals from a user, wherein the plurality of autonomous sensors include a plurality of neuromuscular sensors configured to record neuromuscular signals.

Motion capturing garments and motion capture using jeans and other garments

A real-time motion capture system and garment includes a wearable activity monitor that may be a pair of denim jeans. The wearable activity monitor includes multiple sensors such as accelerometers, gyrometers, magnetometers disposed within the seams of the garment.
Sanko Tekstil Isletmeleri San. Ve Tic. A.s.

Wearable computer

A wearable computer includes a body temperature power generation device that generates electric power using a body temperature of a wearer, a vibration power generation device, and a control section. The control section includes a determination unit that determines whether the wearer is sleeping or not, and an operation mode selecting unit that selects an operation mode from a high power consumption mode and a low power consumption mode.
Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Wearable device and controlling the same

A wearable device and a method for controlling the same, the wearable device including: a device main body and a wearing part for having the device main body worn on a human body, and the device main body is provided with a micro-controlling unit for controlling operation of the wearable device; and the wearing part is provided with one or more linear motors, each of the linear motors is connected to the micro-controlling unit by a controlling wire, and when the linear motor receives a specified signal of the micro-controlling unit, the linear motor correspondingly vibrates. The wearable device provides one or more linear motors on the wearing part, and controls the linear motors to, upon receiving the specified signal, vibrate, thereby providing the user with a solution of portable vibration tactile feedback and enhancing the user usage experience of the wearable device..
Goertek Inc.

Wearable high resolution audio visual interface

An adjustable visual optical element is provided, which may be supported, for example, by an eyeglass. The optical element is preferably adjustable in each of the x, y, and z axes to allow the wearer to optimize projection of the optical element.
Oakley, Inc.

Methods and devices for rendering interactions between virtual and physical objects on a substantially transparent display

Disclosed are methods and devices for rendering interactions between virtual and physical objects on a substantially transparent display are disclosed. In one embodiment, the method includes displaying a user-interface on a substantially transparent display of a wearable computing device.
Google Inc.

Method and system for near-eye three dimensional display

A 3d near eye display device is provided, the display device comprising a display screen for displaying more than one 2d images, at least one focusing element for collimating the images to sub-images, a spatial multiplexing unit capable of remapping the sub-images to different depths while forcing their centers to align to form remapped sub-images, and an eye piece. The device and methods allow for a high quality, compact 3d display system that can be wearable and overcomes the vergence-accomodation conflict that leads to visual discomfort and fatigue caused by traditional 3d near eye display devices..
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinoi

Wearable neutron detector

By using plural neutron detection parts set to a moderator such as a human body, a water-containing substance, polyethylene or the like, and comparing the counts at the detection parts, the direction of a neutron radiation source can be specified. In addition, since arrangement of the plural neutron detection parts is not restricted as long as the detection parts do not overlap each other when they are set to the moderator, the detection parts can be set to a flexible material such as cloth, and therefore, a sufficient flexibility in shape to cope with the change of appearance shape can be given to the detector..

Electrochemical sensors with a chemically attached molecular redox buffer

Solid-contact electrodes include a molecular redox buffer that is covalently attached to one of the components of the electrodes. These electrodes can be incorporated into electrochemical sensor systems.
Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

Wearable device and charger, and estimating absorbance of wearable device

A wearable device, a charger, and a method for estimating absorbance of the wearable device are provided. The wearable device includes a spectroscope configured to emit a first light to a reference material of a charger, measure an intensity of the first light reflected from the reference material, emit a second light to a skin of a user, and measure an intensity of the second light reflected from the skin of the user; and a processor configured to determine absorbance of the skin of the user based on the intensity of the first light and the intensity of the second light..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Wearable gym

A wearable gym can include base component configured to be worn over a portion of a body of a user. The wearable gym can also include at least one exercise device coupled to the base component, wherein the at least one exercise device is configured to burn calories of the user when the user engages the at least one exercise device..

Wearable soft exoskeleton apparatus

A wearable soft exoskeleton apparatus includes: a fluid supplying portion; and a soft exoskeleton portion which is connected to the fluid supplying portion and is configured to be able to be worn in legs of a user, a soft exoskeleton portion being made of elastic material to simulate motions of the legs and being provided with a fiber conduit through which fluid flows, the soft exoskeleton portion being inflated to support the legs of the user when the fluid is supplied to the fiber conduit from the fluid supplying portion. The soft exoskeleton portion includes: a fiber tube which is formed in a mesh type to be able to enclose a femoral region and a shinbone; and a fiber structure which is disposed within the fiber tube in a structure in which cells of a predetermined shape are connected to one another so as to form a plurality of the fiber conduits therein..
Frt Co., Ltd.

Treatment of bleeding by non-invasive stimulation

Devices, systems and methods for stimulating (e.g., noninvasively) a subject's inflammatory reflex are provided to reduce bleed time. The method may include the step of non-invasively stimulating the inflammatory reflex (e.g., the vagus nerve, the splenic nerve, the hepatic nerve, the facial nerve, and the trigeminal nerve) of a subject, such as by mechanical stimulation, in a manner which significantly reduces bleed time in the subject.

Wearable computing device having a curved back to reduce pressure on vertebrae

A wearable computing device includes a first side portion and a second side portion that partially extend across a shoulder and rest on a front of a user. The device also includes a neck portion connected to the first side portion and the second side portion.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

Optical adapters for wearable monitoring devices

An optical adapter is configured to be removably secured to a wearable monitoring device. The monitoring device includes a housing having a portion with a biometric sensor that is wearably positionable adjacent the skin of a subject.
Valencell, Inc.

Electrocardiogram sensor ring

An electrocardiogram (ecg) sensor has a flexible thin ring-shaped substrate configured to be worn about a patient's finger. The substrate has an inner surface and an outer surface opposite the inner surface.
The George Washington University

Electrode for a user wearable apparatus

An electrode for a user wearable apparatus; the electrode comprising: a conductive part comprising conductive material, wherein the conductive part is configured to provide electrical connection to electronic components of the user wearable device, and an opening configured to provide an optical connection to electronic components of the user wearable apparatus through the electrode.. .
Nokia Technologies Oy

Sweat sensing devices with excess sweat flow management

A wearable sweat sensing device is provided for managing excess sweat flow. The sweat sensing device includes at least one sweat sensor and a sweat path for conveying sweat from a wearer's skin and across the at least one sensor.
Eccrine Systems, Inc.

Recommendations based on biometric feedback from wearable device

Methods and architecture for using sensor data to offer content, such as purchase or viewing suggestions, to a viewer, are disclosed. wearable or other external sensor devices may monitor a viewer while the viewer consumes a first media element.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc

Apparatus and estimating biological substance, acquiring unit spectrum, and wearable device

An apparatus for estimating a biological substance in a user using a unit spectrum for the biological substance acquired using a biological tissue simulation solution is provided. The apparatus may include a spectrometer configured to emit a light to a skin of a user, detect the light returned from the skin, and measure a skin spectrum of the user from the detected light and a processor configured to estimate a biological substance in the user based on the measured skin spectrum and a unit spectrum acquired using a biological tissue simulation solution..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Wearable patch with rigid insert

Embodiments of the present disclosure generally relate wearable patches having rigid inserts. The rigid insert is positioned adjacent to one or more connectors, such as studs for receiving sockets to distribute the force transferred to a patient when reconnecting a socket to the stud.
Preventice Technologies, Inc.

Wearable electrocardiographic measurement device

The present invention discloses wearable electrocardiographic measurement device which includes a first electrode and a second electrode, wherein the first electrode is mounted on a user's body via a wearable structure, and the second electrode is implemented to contact the user's upper limb, neck or shoulder, so as to achieve a loop for acquiring electrocardiographic signals.. .

Tracking cardiac forces and arterial blood pressure using accelerometers

Modular, miniaturized cardiovascular sensors, systems, methods, and wearable devices for the non-obtrusive evaluation, monitoring, and high-fidelity mapping of cardiac mechanical and electromechanical forces and central arterial blood pressure are presented herein. The sensor manufacturing process is also presented.

Wearable portable baby changing table

A portable, stable and rigid baby changing station which can be easily collapsed for storage or expanded for use and which can be safely and securely worn by a user, to form a firm bed for changing a baby when no other clean or useable surfaces are available.. .

Wearable device and wristband thereof

A wearable device, which comprises a wristband, an electronic module and a connector. The wristband comprises a housing and a band.
Htc Corporation

Upper garment eyewear retaining system

A wearable eyewear retaining system is provided. The wearable eyewear retaining system is embodied in an upper garment, wherein the upper garment includes at least one grommet adapted to securely hang eyewear by sliding an arm thereof through the grommet.

Bcc enabled key management system

A system with a wireless communication device and one or more wearable communication devices utilizing body coupled communication, bcc, technology for managing digital keys to a lock. The key management system comprises a wireless communication device and at least one wearable communication device, for managing digital keys, wherein the wireless communication device and the wearable communication device are body coupled communication, bcc, enabled.
Sony Corporation

Wearable device detection

A computer-implemented method includes, by a first terminal device among a plurality of terminal devices in a vicinity of a user, receiving a frequency of coexistence from each of one or more second terminal devices among the plurality of terminal devices. The first terminal device and each of the second terminal devices each store a frequency of coexistence, wherein the frequency of coexistence shows a frequency that a terminal device which stores the frequency of coexistence and each of one or more other terminal devices coexisted in the vicinity at a predetermined location.
International Business Machines Corporation

Earphone noise reduction method and apparatus

An earphone noise reduction method and apparatus, which are applicable to the technical field of wearable devices. The earphone noise reduction method can include collecting, using an earphone microphone, a noise signal of an environment where the earphone microphone is placed.
Shenzhen Grandsun Electronic Co., Ltd.

Wearable audio device having external antenna and related technology

A wearable audio device in accordance with a particular embodiment of the present technology includes an earpiece, a speaker, an antenna, and processing circuitry. The earpiece includes a housing within which the speaker and the processing circuitry are disposed.
New Audio Llc

Wearable device for generating image signal, and system for controlling same

An wearable device and a system for controlling the same are provided. The wearable device is connected to a user biometric state measurement device to capture an image of a certain place or situation, and the system remotely controls the wearable device and the user biometric state measurement device in real time..
Nexsys Co., Ltd.

Wearable band

An electronic wearable device comprising a band having an outer surface; a camera assembly comprising a camera and a battery; a base plate having a first surface, wherein the first surface at least in part defines a channel, a second surface, a main body, and a member configured to rotatably couple with the band; and a base coupling member attached to the camera assembly and configured to engage the channel.. .
Pogotec, Inc.

Authenticating a user and registering a wearable device

An authentication request including at least one of a user identifier and a wearable device identifier of a user is received at a server from a terminal. The server stores a relationship between the user identifier, the wearable device identifier, and a server authentication key.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

Battery, electronic device, electric vehicle, electrical storage device, electrical storage system and wearable terminal

A battery is provided including a battery cell having main top and bottom surfaces, and a plurality of side surfaces; and at least one resin section including a cured resin that covers at least three of the plurality of side surfaces of the battery cell, but that does not cover substantially all of the top and bottom surfaces of the battery cell.. .
Sony Corporation

System and identifying language register

System and method for analyzing audio data are provided. The audio data may be analyzed7 to identify language register.

System and measuring length of utterance

System and method for analyzing audio data are provided. The audio data may be analyzed to measure length of utterance.

System and detecting repetitive speech

System and method for analyzing audio data are provided. The audio data may be analyzed to detect repetitive speech.

System and detecting articulation errors

System and method for analyzing audio data are provided. The audio data may be analyzed to detect articulation errors.

Wearable device assembly with ability to mitigate data loss due to component failure

A wrist-worn device monitors movements of a user with a flexible circuit member. The flexible circuit member is fault tolerant.
Nike, Inc.

Method and device for determining action and/or action part

The present application provides methods and devices for determining an action and/or an action part, and generally relates to the field of wearable devices. A method disclosed herein comprises: in response to that a first part on a body of a user executes an action, acquiring target blood flow information of the first part or a second part corresponding to the first part; and determining the first part and/or the action according to the target blood flow information and reference information.
Beijing Zhigu Rui Tuo Tech Co., Ltd.

Method and device for determining input information

The present application provides a method and device for determining input information, and relates to the field of a wearable device. The method comprises in response to a first part of a body of a user executing an action, acquiring target blood-flow information about the first part or a second part that corresponds to the first part; and determining input information according to the target blood-flow information and reference information.
Beijing Zhigu Rui Tuo Tech Co., Ltd.

Power supply manageable wearable device and power supply management a wearable device

A power supply manageable wearable device includes: a power management module connected to the microphone interface, a control module and a function module that are connected to the power management module respectively; wherein the control module monitors whether a user instruction includes a voice communication instruction; if the user instruction includes the voice communication instruction, the power management module is enabled to supply power to a microphone and output a first voltage to supply power to the control module; or otherwise, the power management module is enabled to cut off power supply to the microphone and output a second voltage to supply power to the control module and the function module, or output a first voltage to supply power to the control module and output a second voltage to supply power to the function module. The wearable device has the advantages of convenient use and low cost..
Shenzhen Goodix Technology Co., Ltd.

Wearable device made by amorphous alloy with antibacterial function

A wearable device made by amorphous alloy with antibacterial function includes a functional part adapted for implementing using functions of the wearable device; and an amorphous alloy housing configured out of the functional part and adapted for cladding the functional part to prevent the functional part from directly contacting with a user. Since the wearable device has the amorphous alloy housing covering on the functional part, thus the amorphous alloy housing rather than the functional part will contact with the user skin directly.
Dongguan Jianye Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Wearable devices such as eyewear customized to individual wearer parameters

Features are disclosed relating to an article such as eyewear customized to individual wearer parameters (e.g., measurements, preferences, etc.), and to systems and methods for customizing eyewear to individual wearer parameters. The system includes an input for receiving data representative of a three dimensional configuration of a portion of a wearer's face and an input for receiving data representative of a desired position where the wearer would like an eyewear frame to reside on the wearer's face.
Oakley, Inc.

Active optical cable for wearable device display

An active optical cable (aoc) for a helmet mounted display (hmd) or goggles includes a transceiver module having a rigid-flex or flex connector packaging to physically couple with an electrical data interface of the hmd or goggles. The transceiver module includes one or more media converters to receive electrical data of multiple formats from the hmd or googles and convert the received electrical data to a common format, and an optical engine communicatively coupled to the one or more media converters to output the converted electrical data as optical data.
Inneos Llc

Integrated air quality sensor

A microelectronic device capable of detecting multiple gas constituents in ambient air can be used to monitor air quality. The microelectronic air quality monitor includes a plurality of temperature-sensitive gas sensors tuned to detect different gas species.
Stmicroelectronics Pte Ltd

Miniature gas analyzer

A miniature gas analyzer capable of detecting voc gases in ambient air as well as sensing relative humidity and ambient temperature can be used to monitor indoor air quality. The voc gas sensor is thermally controlled and can be tuned to detect a certain gas by programming an adjacent heater.
Stmicroelectronics Pte Ltd

Gesture based input system in a vehicle with haptic feedback

A vehicle haptic feedback system includes a haptic actuator, a detection device, and a controller. The haptic actuator is configured to provide haptic feedback to a vehicle driver.
Immersion Corporation

System and health monitoring

The present disclosure provides a health monitoring apparatus for an infant. The apparatus includes a wearable monitoring device that includes a sensor in order to collect vital statistics of an infant.

Wearable ecg system

A wearable ecg system includes a plurality of electrodes; a multiplexor, the multiplexor including an input port, two output ports, and a control port, the input port of the multiplexor being connected with the electrodes; an analog detection module being connected with one output port of the multiplexor; a digital detection module being connected with the other output port of the multiplexor; a processor being connected with the control port of the multiplexor and the digital detection module; and a motion detection module connected with the processor and configured to detect acceleration of the wearable ec system and output an electrical signal accordingly. The processor is configured to receive the electrical signal from the motion detection module, and control the multiplexor to selectively transmit output of the electrodes to the analog detection module or the digital detection module based on the electrical signal..
Liankang Technology Limited

Detection wearable device and wearable device

According to the present invention, whether a user wears a wearable device can be determined quickly and accurately by detecting a value of a distance between the wearable device and the user and a body characteristic value of the user, and a detection success rate is high.. .

Wearable patch having reliable conductive contacts for measuring electrical signals

A wearable patch for measuring electrical signals from a user's body includes a main substrate, a circuit substrate on the main substrate, the circuit substrate comprising a conductive circuit; a first conductive electrode circuit in electric connection with the conductive circuit and including a portion on a lower surface of the main substrate; and an adhesive-conductive assembly attached to the lower surface of the main substrate. The adhesive-conductive assembly includes a support layer having a first opening and a conductive gel layer inserted into the first opening and configured to be in contact with a user's skin, a first adhesive layer to bond to portions of upper surfaces of the conductive gel layer and a portion of an upper surface of the support layer, and a second adhesive layer to bond to portions of lower surfaces of the conductive gel layer and a portion of a lower surface of the support layer..
Vivalnk, Inc.

Conductive polymer electrodes, wiring elements, and use thereof in health and sports monitoring

Disclosed herein are conductive polymer electrodes and wiring elements for use as the conductive element in health monitoring applications, and more specifically to conductive polymer fabric electrodes or conductive polymer fabric wiring elements for use as the conductive element in pads for health monitoring applications and other wearable monitoring systems.. .
University Of Connecticut

Wearable medical monitoring device

A wearable monitoring device includes a plurality of cardiac sensing electrodes, a monitor, at least one motion sensor, and a controller. The plurality of cardiac sensing electrodes are positioned outside a body of a subject and to detect cardiac information of the subject.
Zoll Medical Corporation

Electronically lockable wearable device

A wearable device includes: a band configured to at least partially surround a body part of a user; a clasp configured to hold the band in a closed position, wherein the band resists removal from the body part while in the closed position; a lock actuator configured to selectively lock the clasp against moving to an open position; a communication interface configured to receive data from at least one other device; and a processor in communication with the lock actuator and the communication interface, wherein the processor is configured to: receive a locking indication that the wearable device is to be unlocked, and in response to receiving the locking indication, signal the lock actuator to allow the clasp to transition to the open position. The device may further comprise a physiological sensor (e.g.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Wearable physiological data acquirer and methods of using same

One of the methods includes positioning the physiological data acquirer on the body of a mammal with the electrodes exposed to the body; activating a data acquisition mode of operation of the physiological data acquirer and acquiring physiological data from the user when in said data acquisition mode. Another one of the methods includes extracting the acquired data using a data extraction device..
Icentia Inc.

Wearable physiological monitoring device

The present invention discloses a wearable physiological monitoring device for providing brain activity information and deciding a breathing guiding signal in a neurofeedback section, for being a basis for a user to perform a self-regulation about brain function. The device includes a wearable structure for mounting plural eeg electrodes and/or optical sensor on the head and/or an ear of the user so as to obtain information about brain activity and respiratory behavior..

System and detection of cravings in individuals with addiction

A system and method detects and provides alerts when a subject's physiological measurements indicate a likelihood of the presence of drug cravings and a possible return to drug use. The system includes a wearable sensor which monitors movement in three dimensions, electro dermal response (edr), and temperature.

Drinking cup with lid and detachable headband

Disclosed is a lid for a drinking cup with a detachable headband. The lid is removably securable to a drinking cup to prevent or minimize spills.
Creative Consumer Concepts, Inc.

System and managing data in wearable device

A shoe is provided for use by a user and for use with an external reset system that is operable to transmit a reset signal. The shoe comprises a sole, a detector, a memory, a controller, and a receiver.
Under Armour, Inc.

Empathy monitoring and detection system

A method includes providing a wearable device compatible with and worn by an animal, the wearable device including a processing engine, a plurality of sensors, and a communication interface to a remotely located base station. The method includes monitoring an environment around the wearable device as the animal traverses a space and collecting information based on data generated by the plurality of sensors.
Autodesk, Inc.

Wearable accessory with lighting effect

A wearable accessory having an embedded processor in a substrate for creating a synchronously presented lighting effect at a controlled access venue and a method for creating a synchronously presented lighting effect at a controlled access venue while controlling access to the venue, simultaneously using a wearable accessory that coordinates with the performance allowing each audience member with a wearable accessory to synchronously perform with the performance.. .

Mobile device accessory

The subject matter of this specification can be embodied in, among other things, a mobile device accessory includes a housing defining an attachment surface that is configured to engage a mobile device, a wearable component configured to be worn by a user of the mobile device, a separation detector configured to detect separation of the wearable component relative to the housing, and provide a signal when the wearable component becomes separated from the housing, and an alarm device configured to activate in response to the signal. Alternatively, the mobile device accessory may be a standalone device not designed to be attached to a mobile device..
Baldree Capital Advisors, Llc

Wearable headset with self-contained vocal feedback and vocal command

A headset includes a wearable body, first and second earphones extending from the wearable body, controls for controlling an external communication/multimedia device wirelessly, a microphone for picking up vocal data from a user of the headset system and a signal processing unit. The signal processing unit includes circuitry for processing the vocal data into a distinctly audible vocal feedback signal, circuitry for enhancing the vocal feedback signal thereby producing an enhanced vocal feedback signal and circuitry for mixing the enhanced vocal feedback signal with audio signals originating from the external communication/multimedia device, thereby producing a mixed output signal and then sending the mixed output signal to the user via the earphones.
Onvocal, Inc.

Wearable modular telecommunication device

wearable electronic device includes a neck loop worn on a neck with two electromechanical units; two in-ear earphones; two earphone cords. Each unit has an earphone cord winding mechanism including (i) a spool for winding the earphone cord; (ii) a double drive mechanism including an electric motor, a reducer, and a spiral spring; (iii) an engagement mechanism for engagement between the drive mechanism and the spool; and (iv) a lock mechanism.

Biologically fit wearable electronics apparatus and methods

Detachable wearable electronic eyeglasses and head mounted gear with a plurality of electronic functions and interchangeable electronic function, and a wearable computer with optimal weight distribution and stretchable arms.. .
Geelux Holdings, Ltd.

Earpiece with wirelessly recharging battery

A wearable device includes a housing, a rechargeable battery disposed within the housing and a short range transceiver for near field communication disposed within the housing. The short range transceiver for near field communications comprises a core and a plurality of coil turns wrapped around the core to thereby form a coil.
Bragi Gmbh

Variable positioning of distributed body sensors with single or dual wireless earpiece system and method

A method of location determination using a first wireless earpiece includes receiving a first set of global navigation satellite system (gnss) satellite signals at a first gnss antenna of the first wireless earpiece, determining a gnss position of a user of the first wireless earpiece from the first set of gnss satellite signals, and augmenting the gnss position of the user of the first wireless earpiece using position information from a second wearable device of the user to provide a location determination more accurate than the gnss position of the user determined using the gnss satellite signals at the first gnss antenna of the first wireless earpiece.. .
Bragi Gmbh

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  • Validation
  • Physical Proximity
  • Interactive
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