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Wearable patents


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 Wearable device onboard application system and method patent thumbnailWearable device onboard application system and method
An earpiece wearable includes an earpiece wearable housing, an intelligent control system disposed within the ear piece wearable housing, and an operating system associated with the intelligent control system for the earpiece wearable wherein the operating system provides for a user of the earpiece to choose between a plurality of software applications to execute on the intelligent control system. A method includes installing on the earpiece wearable a plurality of different software applications and selecting one of the plurality of software applications to execute on the intelligent control system of the earpiece wearable using the operating system of the earpiece wearable..
Bragi Gmbh

 Wearable device authentication patent thumbnailWearable device authentication
A wearable device is used to authenticate a user into a user account at a user device of the user. In particular, the wearable device may include a sensor configured to detect a body chemistry of the user.
Paypal, Inc.

 Wearable earpiece voice command control system and method patent thumbnailWearable earpiece voice command control system and method
An earpiece includes an earpiece housing, an intelligent control disposed within the ear piece housing, at least one audio input sensor operatively connected to the intelligent control, a transceiver operatively connected to the intelligent control, and a user interface operatively connected to the intelligent control and configured for receiving user input. The intelligent control is configured to receive voice input through the at least one audio input sensor and interpret the voice input to determine a voice command from a set of voice commands..
Bragi Gmbh

 Aircraft systems and methods with operator monitoring patent thumbnailAircraft systems and methods with operator monitoring
A wearable device to be worn by an operator of an aircraft includes a communication unit configured to receive aircraft parameters from an aircraft system. The wearable device further includes a database configured to store adverse control rules that define at least a first adverse control associated with a first aircraft state.
Honeywell International Inc.

 Wearable display system that displays a workout guide patent thumbnailWearable display system that displays a workout guide
There is provided a display control device including an action information acquisition unit that acquires, at an action position of one actor, action information regarding a past action of another actor, an object generation unit that generates a virtual object for virtually indicating a position of the other actor during an action of the one actor based on the acquired action information, and a display control unit that causes a display unit displaying a surrounding scene to superimpose and display the generated virtual object during the action of the one actor.. .
Sony Corporation

 Selecting virtual objects in a three-dimensional space patent thumbnailSelecting virtual objects in a three-dimensional space
Systems and methods for interacting with virtual objects in a three-dimensional space using a wearable system are disclosed. The wearable system can be programmed to allow a user to interact with virtual objects using a user input device and poses.
Magic Leap, Inc.

 Remote sensor access and queuing patent thumbnailRemote sensor access and queuing
An application generates instructions to a wearable device to remotely activate a sensor in the wearable device and to receive sensor data from the sensor. A query related to a physical object is received.
Daqri, Llc

 Line-of-sight measurement system, line-of-sight measurement method and program thereof patent thumbnailLine-of-sight measurement system, line-of-sight measurement method and program thereof
A system of measuring a line-of-sight of an observer including an user imaging unit which is wearable by an observer of an object in a display space and captures a field view image in front of the observer, an user measurement unit which is wearable by the observer and obtains line-of-sight measurement data showing a line-of-sight direction of the observer relative to a coordinate system of the field view image, and a line-of-sight measurement apparatus which obtains a gaze point of the observer based on a coordinate position where 3d shape data of the display space including the object intersect a vector of the line-of-sight direction of the observer.. .
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

 In-store real-time food item selection recommendations patent thumbnailIn-store real-time food item selection recommendations
Systems and methods for providing a food product recommendation are disclosed. A computer-implemented method includes: determining, by a computing device, that a user with a mobile device enters a store; obtaining, by the computing device, user data that is based on wearable health data, taste data, and preference data of the user; obtaining, by the computing device, store data for plural food products; determining, by the computing device, a recommended food product from the plural food products based on comparing the user data to the store data; and providing, by the computing device, an indication of the recommended one of the plural food products for display on the mobile device of the user.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Content monitoring window for wearable electronic devices patent thumbnailContent monitoring window for wearable electronic devices
Establishing a communication link between a wearable device having a first display screen and a mobile device having a second display screen. A movable content selection window is provided on the first screen.
Motorola Mobility Llc

Oled substrate, display device, wearable device, driving method and compensation circuit

The present disclosure provides in embodiments an oled substrate, a display device, a wearable device, a driving method and a compensation circuit. The oled substrate comprises: a base substrate and at least one electrode located on the base substrate, the at least one electrode acting as a cathode in a display stage and the at least one electrode acting as a touch electrode in a touch stage, wherein, each of the electrode comprises two triangular sub-electrodes isolated from each other..
Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Method and controlling a device based on personalized profiles on a wearable device

The various example embodiments herein disclose a method and apparatus for controlling at least one device by a wearable device, the method comprising determining a position of the wearable device on a finger of a user based on a biometric parameter of the finger, activating a profile corresponding to the determined position of the wearable device on the user's finger; and controlling the at least one device based on the activated profile.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Wearable computing system

A wearable computer system which may be used in various applications including virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality applications. The system may be worn by a user while using such systems and applications.
Atomic Vr Inc

System and providing mobile personal security platform

The present disclosure relates to a personal security platform. In particular, the present disclosure relates to such systems designed to be worn or attached to one's garment during use to provide safety and security measures and help if facing hostility, aggression, harassment, or any other emergency situation mostly while in an outdoor activity such as biking, jogging, walking, usage of any open vehicle and the like.
Roadwarez Inc.

Wearable electronic display

A wearable electronic display includes an eyewear frame having a front frame portion including a brow bar with lens frame rims extending from and below the brow bar. A display module can be mounted to the eyewear frame and have a microdisplay for generating images.
Kopin Corporation

Dual-mode augmented/virtual reality (ar/vr) near-eye wearable displays

A dual-mode augmented/virtual reality near-eye wearable display for use with a curved lens element. The lenses are provided with one or more transparent waveguide elements that are disposed within the thickness of the lenses.
Ostendo Technologies, Inc.

Thermoregulatory impact resistant material

The present invention relates to a protective material which is used in a wearable article to enhance thermal regulation of the user, provide protection to the user by means of pressure and energy absorption, and acts as a platform for technologies (such as sensors) that increase performance and function when worn by the user. The protective, thermoregulatory impact resistant material includes a mesh material which has layers of woven yarn connected together between layers, and having an overall pattern.

Wearable cold plasma system

A system including a wearable cold plasma system, including a wearable cold plasma applicator configured to couple to and deliver a cold plasma to a surface of a user wearing the wearable cold plasma device.. .
Plasmology4, Inc.

Wearable cardiac defibrillator system with impedance measurement circuit to control conductive fluid deployment

In embodiments, a wearable cardiac defibrillator system includes an energy storage module configured to store a charge. Two electrodes can be configured to be applied to respective locations of a patient.
West Affum Holdings Corp.

Wearable multifunctional inhaler, vaporizer watch

A compact wearable inhaler, vaporizer and/or atomizer is addressed by the wearable multifunctional inhaler, vaporizer and smartwatch of the present invention. In the best mode, the invention includes a housing with a chamber having at least port; a lid adapted to engage the housing and open the chamber in a first position and close the chamber in a second position; a source of inhalant mounted within the housing for sourcing inhalant into the chamber via the ports; and an mechanism coupled to the housing for wearing the device.

Team participant awareness indicator and indicative notification

A wearable cranial device has a substrate conformable to an individual's upper cranial hemisphere housing a force sensor for measuring forces associated with impacts to the exterior of the device in combination with a physiological sensor for measuring physiological data of the individual, and a transmitter for transmitting data from physiological sensor and force sensor to a remote receiver for evaluation of the individual's status.. .
Scott Technologies, Inc.

Real-time and continuous determination of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption and the estimation of blood lactate

The current invention pertains to an apparatus and method for the determination of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (epoc) and the estimation of blood lactate levels. While these exercise parameters are traditionally determined using indirect calorimetry and blood sampling, this invention provides a method for the determination of these parameters using heart rate data.
Lifeq Global Limited

System and non-invasive glucose monitoring using near infrared spectroscopy

Current glucose meters provide instantaneous results however are invasive and painful thus causing reduced compliance. A non-invasive, portable, wearable device would be ideal for monitoring and recording and provide a distinct advantage to current glucose monitors..
New Jersey Institute Of Technology

Monitoring pulse transmissions using radar

A method for improving biometric data by using a plurality of wearable devices on a network includes making a first measurement at a first wearable sensor at a first location on a body, making a second measurement at a second wearable sensor positioned at a second location on the body, and detecting an arterial pulse wave transmit time using the first measurement and the second measurement.. .
Bragi Gmbh

Wearable device

The present disclosure generally relates to systems and methods for electronic devices configured to be worn, and further configured to pair wirelessly to similar devices. In certain embodiments, an apparatus may include a first wearable device.
3g Innovations, Llc

Method and automated password entry

A method and apparatus are provided for protecting security credentials (e.g., username/password combinations) and/or other sensitive data in a “password vault.” a password vault device may be or may be incorporated into a portable (or even wearable) electronic device, such as a smart phone, smart watch, smart glasses, etc. When a security credential is requested during a user's operation of the password vault device or some other computing/communication device, such as when the user is accessing an online site or service via a browser program, the request is passed to the password vault, and the appropriate security credential is retrieved, delivered, and entered into the requesting interface..

Wearable power generating device

A wearable power generating device is provided. The wearable power generating device includes an arcuate-shaped flexible substrate, a first energy generating device, an energy harvesting circuit, and an energy storage device.

Display device, manufacturing the same, display method, and wearable device

The present disclosure discloses a display device, a method of manufacturing the same, a display method, and a wearable device. The display includes a first base substrate; a low-temperature polysilicon (ltps) back plate formed on the first base substrate and provided with a switch control circuit; and a micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) microlens array formed at a non-display region of the first base substrate, wherein the mems microlens array is configured to reflect light emitted by a light-emitting structure at the display region, and the switch control circuit is configured to control the mems microlens array to be turned on and off; and the light-emitting structure formed at the display region of the first base substrate..
Chengdu Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Wearable, non-visible identification device for friendly force identification and intruder detection

A wearable, non-visible identification device provides reliable, tamper-proof, friendly-force identification and intruder detection. The device is integrated as a part of the wearer's uniform and includes a user input surface for periodic entry of a unit- or user-defined pass code.

Wearable wagering game system and methods

In at least some aspects, the present concepts include a wearable haptic device including one or more input devices, one or more haptic output devices, one or more processors, and a communication device, wherein the one or more processors are configured to cause the one or more haptic output devices to output a haptic output, of a plurality of haptic outputs, responsive to an event in a game, of a plurality of possible game events, in accord with a mapping of haptic outputs to game events.. .
Bally Gaming, Inc.

Wearable augmented reality eyeglass communication device including mobile phone and mobile computing via virtual touch screen gesture control and neuron command

Provided are an augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality eyeglass communication device and a method for facilitating shopping, payments and multimedia capture using an eyeglass communication device. The eyeglass communication device may comprise a frame, and a right earpiece and a left earpiece connected to the frame.

Method and program product for micro-sponsorship services with wearable advertisements

A method and program product includes detecting that a wearable item is being displayed for viewing by others during an activity of a user wearing the wearable item. The detecting at least including recording outputs from one or more electronic sensors.

Access to a wearable computing system using randomized input origins

Embodiments disclosed herein provide systems, methods, and computer-readable media for accessing a wearable computing system using randomized input origins for user login. In a particular embodiment, a method provides presenting a user with a first origin on which user login information is based, wherein the first origin is randomly selected from a plurality of possible origins.
Avaya Inc.

Wearable device for providing service according to measurement of blood alcohol level and management server therefor

Disclosed herein is a wearable device. A blood alcohol level of a user is measured in real time, and information about the location of the user is measured.
Sk Planet Co., Ltd.

Display device and operating the same

A wearable electronic device including a wireless communication unit configured to be wirelessly connected to a projector for projecting a stored presentation onto a screen of an external device; a main body configured to be worn by a user; a microphone integrally connected to the main body; a sensing unit configured to detect a bio state of the user wearing the electronic device; a display unit configured to be attached to the main body; and a controller configured to match a voice information input through the microphone with a portion of the stored presentation, and to display a part of the stored presentation that follows the portion of the stored presentation matching the voice information input on the display unit, wherein the controller is further configured to change an output size of the part of the stored presentation that follows the portion of the stored presentation when the bio state indicates the user to be in a tense state.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

Dynamic control of playlists using wearable devices

A second electronic device performs a method of controlling the manipulation of a playlist hosted by the second electronic device. In the method, geographic information that is indicative of a geographic location of a first electronic device is accessed.
Spotify Ab

Gesture control of building automation system components during installation and/or maintenance

An hvac component may be configured using a wearable device and a mobile device that is operatively coupled to the wearable device. The wearable device may be configured to capture one or more gestures that correspond to a particular hvac component command, and to communicate the captured gestures to the mobile device.
Honeywell International Inc.

Wearable ultrasonic haptic feedback system

A wearable ultrasonic haptic feedback system includes: a substrate layer; an ultrasonic transmitter matrix layer disposed above the substrate layer and including a plurality of ultrasonic transmitters; a converter matrix layer disposed below the substrate layer and including a plurality of converters; a first control unit connected with the ultrasonic transmitter matrix layer; an rf receiver connected with the first control unit; a second control unit connected with the converter matrix layer; and an rf transmitter connected with the second control unit. The ultrasonic transmitters are configured to be controlled by the first control unit to transmit an ultrasonic signal of a preset frequency respectively.
Leibs Technology Limited

Selecting a vehicle function to control using a wearable electronic device

A system and method of selecting a vehicle function to control using a wearable electronic device includes: receiving, at a vehicle, an identity of a gesture that is associated with two or more vehicle functions and made using the wearable electronic device; identifying which of the two or more vehicle functions to control in response to receiving the identity of the gesture; and controlling the vehicle function.. .
General Motors Llc

Light steering optical assembly with chromatic correction

A wearable optical assembly can include: a first array of aligned prisms configured to direct light towards a first target region; and one or more first chromatic correction elements in series with the first array of aligned prisms, the one or more first chromatic correction elements being configured to compensate for color dispersion caused by the first array of aligned prisms.. .
Elwha Llc

Adjustable pupil distance wearable display

Disclosed herein are devices and methods to provide a display including a projection system and a removable lenses including a holographic optical element to receive light and reflect the light to an exit pupil. Each of the removable lenses may comprise a holographic optical element in a different position of the lens to change the position of the exit pupil.

Wearable 3d augmented reality display with variable focus and/or object recognition

A wearable 3d augmented reality display and method, which may include 3d integral imaging optics.. .
University Of Connecticut

Variable reflectivity image combiner for wearable displays

Disclosed herein are devices and methods to provide an appodized holographic combiner lens having a varying reflectivity profile. In particular, a lens to reflect light from a number of input pupils to a number of exit pupils may be provided, where the lens reflects incident light in varying levels based on where on the lens the light is incident..

Wearable supporting structure for supporting ballistic protections and/or military equipment

A wearable supporting structure for supporting ballistic protections and/or military equipment has a band suitable to be wrapped around the waist or hips of a user; a dorsal upright having a lower end coupled to the band and extending, in use, upwards from the band; a vest for supporting ballistic protections and/or other military equipment, coupled to the dorsal upright and comprising two shoulder straps; and a unit connecting the shoulder straps to the band; the connecting unit being motorised to be able to continuously adjust the position in height of the shoulder straps with respect to the band.. .
Mech Lab S.r.l.

Wearable device

A wearable device, comprising at least one contact area (11) for contacting a wearing object, a temperature detecting circuit (12), at least one temperature regulating module and a control chip (16). The temperature detecting circuit (12) is used to detect the temperature of the contact area (11) when an event occurs as a first temperature; the control chip (16) is used to control the temperature regulating module to change the temperature during a preset time period from the time the event occurs, such that the temperature of the contact area (11) changes based on the first temperature as an alert of event occurrence.
Huaqin Telecom Technology Co., Ltd.

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