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 Methods and devices for locating wearable device patent thumbnailMethods and devices for locating wearable device
The present disclosure relates to methods and devices for locating a wearable device. The method includes: determining, by the wearable device, whether a first short range communication connection between the wearable device and a first terminal is disconnected; and when it is determined that the first short range communication connection is disconnected, broadcasting, by the wearable device, a notification message configured to instruct a second terminal to: establish a second short range communication connection with the wearable device, and send a connection notification to a server, wherein the server locates the wearable device according to the second terminal..
Xiaomi Inc.

 Head pose mixing of audio files patent thumbnailHead pose mixing of audio files
Examples of wearable devices that can present to a user of the display device an audible or visual representation of an audio file comprising a plurality of stem tracks that represent different audio content of the audio file are described. Systems and methods are described that determine the pose of the user; generate, based on the pose of the user, an audio mix of at least one of the plurality of stem tracks of the audio file; generate, based on the pose of the user and the audio mix, a visualization of the audio mix; communicate an audio signal representative of the audio mix to the speaker; and communicate a visual signal representative of the visualization of the audio mix to the display..
Magic Leap, Inc.

 Audio signal processing apparatus patent thumbnailAudio signal processing apparatus
The disclosure is based on the finding that acoustic near-field transfer functions indicating acoustic near-field propagation channels between loudspeakers and ears of a listener can be employed to pre-process audio signals. Therefore, acoustic near-field distortions of the audio signals can be mitigated.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 System for voice capture via nasal vibration sensing patent thumbnailSystem for voice capture via nasal vibration sensing
A voice capture system worn by a user senses vibrations through the nose of the user when the user speaks. The voice capture system generates an electronic signal based on the sensed vibration and generate voice data based on the electronic signal.
Intel Corporation

 A wearable 3d augmented reality display patent thumbnailA wearable 3d augmented reality display
A wearable 3d augmented reality display and method, which may include 3d integral imaging optics.. .
University Of Connecticut

 Wearable image pickup apparatus patent thumbnailWearable image pickup apparatus
According to one embodiment, a wearable image pickup apparatus includes a mounting unit mounted on a user, and an image pickup unit arranged on the mounting unit. The image pickup unit includes a fixed portion fixed to the mounting unit, and a movable portion movably coupled to the fixed portion by a coupling mechanism.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

 System for sound capture and generation via nasal vibration patent thumbnailSystem for sound capture and generation via nasal vibration
This disclosure pertains to a system for sound capture and generation via nasal vibration. An example system to capture and generate sound may comprise at least a frame wearable by a user, sensing circuitry mounted to the frame and a device also mounted to the frame.
Intel Corporation

 Wearable terminal mountable on part of body of user patent thumbnailWearable terminal mountable on part of body of user
A wearable terminal includes a display input unit which displays an image, which corresponds to a program identical to at least one program stored in another wearable terminal among a plurality of programs stored in a storage unit and is used for starting the program in response to an operation performed thereto, on a display screen based on another terminal program information, which is received in a case where another wearable terminal is authenticated, and receives an operation with respect to the image displayed on the display screen, and a control unit which performs control such that in a case where the display input unit receives an operation with respect to the image, the program corresponding to the image which receives the operation is started and a communication unit is allowed to transmit specific information associated with the program to another wearable terminal.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

 Hands-free asset identification, location and management system patent thumbnailHands-free asset identification, location and management system
A hands-free asset management system and a method of its operation are disclosed. An example system includes an asset tracking database storing an asset location and one or more identifying characteristics of each of a plurality of networking assets, and an application executable on a wearable display device communicatively connected to the asset tracking database.
Tyco Electronics Uk Ltd.

 Apparatuses and methods for auto-replenishment of electrodes for transdermal electrical stimulation patent thumbnailApparatuses and methods for auto-replenishment of electrodes for transdermal electrical stimulation
Described herein are methods for automatically reordering, resupplying, or replenishing tes electrode apparatus units (“electrodes”) for use with a wearable neurostimulator.. .

Big data enabled insights based personalized 3d offers

A method, system and computer program product are disclosed for preparing and sending personalized offers to consumers. In an embodiment, the method comprises extracting information from data sources to obtain information about a consumer, including information to determine specified consumer preferences; and using the information about the consumer to generate customized suggestions for wearable apparel types for the consumer, and to produce consumer specific apparel data to show the wearable apparel types fitted onto a 3d photographic representation of the consumer.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method and facilitating electronic payments using a wearable device

Apparatus and methods for binding a wearable device for use with the wearable device, a terminal, and a server are presented. The method executed by the wearable device includes providing device information to the terminal, receiving a device certificate from the server, and storing the device certificate for performing payment using the corresponding user account.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

Virtual payment cards issued by banks for mobile and wearable devices

Provided is a method for issuing single-use and multiple-use virtual payment cards via a mobile and wearable device. The method may include receiving a card issuance request from a user, prompting the user to enter a user authentication information, accessing a user account maintained by a card issuer, generating the virtual payment card based on payment data of the user account, and providing the virtual payment card to the mobile and wearable device.

Systems and methods for providing compensation, rebate, cashback, and reward for using mobile and wearable payment services

Provided are methods and systems for facilitating mobile device payments using codes and cashback business model. Upon installation of an application on a mobile device, a customer may specify his payment information, which may include data on a credit/debit card or a bank checking account.

Systems and methods for mobile application, wearable application, transactional messaging, calling, digital multimedia capture and payment transactions

A method for facilitating mobile device payments, multimedia capture, calling, and messaging may include providing a payment, multimedia capture, calling, and messaging interface on a display of a mobile and wearable device and sensing a haptic input of the user via the haptic control. In response to the haptic input, a cloud-based application associated with the mobile and wearable device may be activated.

Wearable camera system and notifying person

An on-vehicle camera system captures a subject, detects a face of a person included in a captured image of the captured subject, and transmits information on the detected face to the server. The server receives the information on the face, collates information on a face of a person involved in an incident which is registered in advance with the received information on the face, and notifies the wearable camera of the information on the person involved in the incident in a case where the received information on the face is matched with the information on the face of the person involved in the registered incident from the result of the collation..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Home screen for wearable devices

A wearable device receives user configuration data that provides user-specific information for stored use cases and generates a personalized use case database based on the stored use cases and the user-specific information. The wearable device obtains location, sensor, time, and peripheral state data and detects a meaningful change in a most recent data instance of the location, sensor, time, or peripheral state data over an earlier data instance of the location, sensor, time, and peripheral state data.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Wearable device exhibiting capacitive sensing function

A wearable device exhibiting a capacitive sensing function includes a fabric having a plurality of touch-sensing electrode patterns and a plurality of signal lines distributed therein; a controlled device integrated into the fabric; and a control circuit disposed at an edge of the fabric and being in communication with the signal lines for controlling the controlled device according to a capacitance change according to a capacitance change caused by a touch or gesture of a user on the fabric.. .
Touchplus Information Corp.

Techniques for gesture recognition using photoplethysmographic (ppmg) sensor and low-power wearable gesture recognition device using the same

A wearable gesture recognition device is disclosed that provides gesture recognition for gestures that may include a hold or steady-state component, and may account and adapt for real-time fit-level changes. The wearable gesture recognition device may integrate a photoplethysmographic (ppmg) and a piezoelectric (pze) sensor such that respective sensor signals may be used individually, or in concert for gesture recognition.
Intel Corporation

Wearable devices and associated control of media devices

A wearable device (e.g., a headset (100)) for the human ear (202) and having an infrared (ir) temperature sensor (102) to facilitate control of a media device (700) coupled to the wearable device. The control may be based at least in part on the measured temperature indicated by the ir sensor (102) detecting the wearable device as on (or off) an ear of a user..
Intel Corporation

Implantable/wearable device for detecting diverse anatomical/physiological data

A device for augmenting a user's environmental perception to enhance his/her situational awareness includes a visual display element which can be either implanted on an intraocular lens (iol), or mounted on extracorporeal eyewear. An operational mode for the device is selected from the group including: 1) direct, 2) camera, 3) sensor and 4) zoom.
Strathspey Crown Holdings, Llc

Optical module, optical device and wearable display device

The present application relates to an optical module, an optical device and a wearable display device. The wearable display device includes: a miniature display module, configured to output a display source; the optical module, configured to magnify the display source and project the display source to an exit pupil.
Shenzhen Royole Technologies Co. Ltd.

Calculating an estimate of wind resistance experienced by a cyclist

Improved techniques and systems are disclosed for determining the components of resistance experienced by a wearer of a wearable device engaged in an activity such as bicycling or running. By monitoring data using the wearable device, improved estimates can be derived for various factors contributing to the resistance experienced by the user in the course of the activity.
Apple Inc.

Translating natural motion to a command

Systems and methods for translating natural motion into a command are provided herein. The system includes a natural motion receiver configured to receive an indication of natural motion; a digital information retriever configured to retrieve digital information associated with the natural motion; and a digital information communicator configured to communicate the retrieved digital information to an electronic system.

Amphibious vertical takeoff and landing (vtol) unmanned device with ai (artificial intelligence) data processing mobile and wearable applications apparatus, same as jet drone, jet flying car, private vtol jet, personal jet aircraft with gsp vtol jet engines and self-jet charged and solar cells powered hybrid super jet electrical car all in one (electricity/fuel)

The invention pertains to an automobile and more particularly, to a flying car. A flying car, comprises a body, adapted for carrying the payload from once place to another, a tail attached to body at rear end adapted for stabilizing the vehicle, plurality of wheels at the bottom of car connected to a power transmission system, plurality of foldable wings on the sides of body, adapted for creating the pressure difference and creating lift to the vehicle.

Wearable manufacturing assistance device

A wearable manufacturing assistance device (1) for supporting a manufacturing tool (3), the manufacturing assistance device (1) includes a body unit (7) including a fastener (11) for fastening the body unit (7) to the back (13) of a technician (5) in a wearing position (15), and an arm member (9) which has an attachment end (19) attached to the body unit (7) and a tool end (21) opposite to the attachment end (19), wherein at the tool end (21) a mounting device (23) for mounting the manufacturing tool (3) to the arm member (9) is provided. While the wearable manufacturing assistance device (1) is fastened to the back (13) of the technician (5) and is in a wearing position (15), the arm member (9) extends from the attachment end (19) at the body unit (7) over a shoulder (17) and laterally past a head (27) of the technician (5)..
Airbus Operations Gmbh

System and providing an alternate reality ride experience

This invention relates to a wearable autonomous apparatus adapted to altering at least one or more user's senses, such as views, sound, smell, or haptic/tactile, of an alternate reality scene in response to a real physical movement of the user.. .
Astral Vision Ltd.

Instructions on a wearable device

A system is configured for a developer/modeler to be able to define various steps. Each step can be a step in the installation of a product.
Sap Se

Wearable device assembly having athletic functionality

A wearable device assembly has a housing supporting a controller, display and indicator system thereon. The controller has at least one sensor wherein activity of a user wearing the device is detected.
Nike, Inc.

Sporting device and wearable computer interaction

A computer-implemented method is disclosed that includes capturing data about motion of a sports object caused by one or more athletes manipulating the sports object, transmitting the captured data out of the sports object wirelessly in real time while the one or more athletes are still manipulating the sports object, and presenting information that incorporates the captured data about motion of the sports objects with one or more wearable devices.. .
Russell Brands , Llc

Fire fighter's personal escape system

A wearable lightweight fire fighter's personal escape system and method includes a rope, having a distal and proximal end, organized in parallel segments disposed in an inner pouch. The inner pouch is entirely contained in an outer pouch that is appointed to be removably attached to a belt or harness, worn by a fire fighter.

Wearable cardiac defibrillator system delivering shock upon hearing preset ready word from bystander

A wearable cardiac defibrillator (“wcd”) system may include a support structure that a patient can wear, an energy storage module that can store an electrical charge, and a discharge circuit that can discharge the electrical charge through the patient so as to shock him or her, while the patient is wearing the support structure. Embodiments may actively take into account bystanders, both to protect them from an inadvertent shock, and also to enlist their help.
West Affum Holdings Corp.

Wearable smart drug-delivery system

Provided is a wearable smart drug-delivery system, including a power supply, a drug sac structure, a repository, and an electrode structure. The wearable smart drug-delivery system can accurately and precisely control the dosage and delivery time of an ionized pharmaceutical agent, reducing and preventing uncontrolled doses of transdermally delivered drugs.
Xiamen Microtech Biosciences Co., Ltd

Removing motion artifacts from a physiological signal

A physiological signal such as a heart rate acquired from a monitoring device is processed to reduce interference, ambiguity, or artifacts arising during various activities. For example, the system can process a physiological signal to account for motion artifacts in the physiological signal and, thus, reduce the impact of movement on the physiological signal.
Whoop, Inc.

Wearable liquid crystal display using bio-signal, and control method thereof

The present disclosure relates to a wearable display device. According to an exemplary embodiment, the wearable display device includes: a display unit configured to display an image; a wearing means configured to fix the display unit on a body part; a plurality of sensors positioned on one surface of the wearing means and configured to contact a measuring target to measure a bio-signal from the measuring target; and a wearing means adjustment section included in the display unit and configured to adjust a length of the wearing means contacting the measuring target of the wearing means by using the bio-signal..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Method and encouraging physiological change through physiological control of wearable auditory and visual interruption device

A biofeedback system and method enables biofeedback training to be accomplished during normal interaction by an individual with the individual's environment, for example while reading, playing video games, watching tv, participating in sports activities, or at work. Physiologic data is processed and used to generate one or more control signals based on the physiologic data.

Respiratory disease monitoring wearable apparatus

A monitoring and alerting system can be used in any condition with a respiration component. Respiratory symptoms as well as supporting physiological functions are tracked against the user's baseline and alerts the user when there is a worsening trend.
Health Care Originals, Inc.

Probability-based usage of multiple estimators of a physiological signal

A physiological signal such as a heart rate acquired from a monitoring device is processed to reduce interference, ambiguity, or artifacts arising during various activities. For example, the system can process a physiological signal to account for motion artifacts in the physiological signal and, thus, reduce the impact of movement on the physiological signal.
Whoop, Inc.

Wearable biometric measurement device

A wearable biometric measurement device includes a ring body having interior and exterior surfaces, an electrocardiogram component including first and second electrodes wherein a single lead electrocardiogram is formed upon contact with the first electrode and the second electrode, a pulse oximeter component including a light emitter and a photodetector wherein the photodetector receives one or more signals transmitted by the light emitter, and a communication component. A system for measuring and processing biometric data includes a wearable biometric measurement device, a monitor device, and a server.
Huami Inc.

Wearable device for pulse reading

This invention describes a smart pulse reading device placed on a patient's hand or wrist, with which a pulse reading technique through digitalization and signal processing enables telemedicine such that a patient can receive medical attention. The invention includes the benefit of generating a specific prescription for a patient depending on the medical diagnosis.

Short-wave infrared super-continuum lasers for early detection of dental caries

A wearable device for use with a smart phone or tablet includes a measurement device having a plurality of leds generating a near-infrared input optical beam that measures physiological parameters. The measurement device includes lenses configured to receive and to deliver the input beam to skin which reflects the beam.
Omni Medsci, Inc.

Method and device for patient monitoring using dynamic multi-function device

The present invention is directed to an improved method, system and product to provide wireless ecg patient monitoring. Although embodiments make specific reference to monitoring electrocardiogram signal with an adherent patch, the system methods, and device herein may be applicable to any application in which physiological monitoring is used.
Cardiac Technologies International, Inc.

Adjustable bending force assembly

An adjustable bending force assembly is described for use with components that are securable to objects via applied bending force. In implementations, the adjustable bending force assembly is formed as part of a band that exerts bending force upon objects inserted within the band (e.g., between the ends of the band).
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

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