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Wearable patents


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new patent Conductive stiffener, making a conductive stiffener, and conductive adhesive and encapsulation layers
A wearable device includes a flexible printed circuit board and one or more conductive stiffeners. The conductive stiffeners include a conductive surface that can be electrically or thermally connected to contact pads on the flexible printed circuit board.
Mc10, Inc.

new patent Wearable device and a storing credentials associated with an electronic device in said wearable device
The disclosure relates in general to a wearable device for serving as a personal id towards electronic devices. In particular the disclosure provides a wearable device for storing credential data or password from an electronic device, which device is configured for serving as personal id towards an electronic device, such as a mobile phone or other smart devices..
Sony Mobile Communications Inc.

new patent Wearable imaging device
A wearable imaging device including a device body, an image lens, a linking strap, a first magnetic member and a second magnetic member is provided. The image lens is disposed on the device body.
Altek Corporation

new patent Camera peripheral device for supplemental audio capture and remote control of camera
A peripheral device (e.g., a small wearable device) may operate in conjunction with a camera to enable in-the-moment capture and control. The peripheral device may receive voice commands and uses voice recognition to generate a control signal to control the camera, thereby enabling users to freely participate in their activities while seamlessly controlling the camera in a hands-free manner.
Gopro, Inc.

new patent Wearable devices for headset status and control
One embodiment features a wearable device having computer-readable media and comprising: an output device; a receiver configured to communicate over a wireless link with a phone; and a processor configured to cause the output device to indicate a status of a headset, the headset being in wireless communication with the phone, responsive to the receiver receiving, over the wireless link, an indication of the status of the headset. Another embodiment features a wearable device having associated computer-readable media and comprising: an output device; a receiver configured to communicate over a wireless link with a headset; and a processor configured to cause the output device to indicate a status of a headset responsive to the receiver receiving, over the wireless link, an indication of the status of the headset..
Plantronics, Inc.

new patent Information delivery system, information delivery method, short-range communication device, information delivery apparatus, and server
A wearable device generates a temporary id, generates an encrypted user id, and transmits the temporary id and the encrypted user id to a shop system. The shop system receives the temporary id and the encrypted user id, transmits a temporary id corresponding to the received temporary id and the encrypted user id to a server, and transmits the temporary id transmitted by an identifier transmission unit and waiting state information to the server.
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

new patent Paper-based magnesium battery and the use thereof
The present application relates generally to paper-based magnesium batteries, and the manufacture and use thereof, such as in wearable or point of care devices.. .
North Carolina Agricultural And Technical State University

new patent Electronic system denoising device, wearable display device and electronic device
An electronic system denoising device, includes: a power source, a first signal processing unit, a second signal processing unit and an isolating transformer. The power source is coupled to the first signal processing unit, and to the second signal processing unit via the isolating transformer, and supplies power to the first signal processing unit and the second signal processing unit.
Shenzhen Royole Technologies Co., Ltd.

new patent Wearable diet and exercise tracking device with one-submission tracking
A wearable diet and exercise tracking device that provides one-submission input of foods eaten, quantities consumed, exercises performed and exercise quantities, the reporting of tracked information and comprehensive diet and exercise tracking directly via the device. Embodiment of the invention may be in the form of, or integrated with, wrist-secured bands, smartwatches, clothes and fitness gear attachable/embedded devices and other portable and/or wearable enclosures..
Genesant Technologies, Inc.

new patent Helmet and use for emergency notification
A wearable emergency alert apparatus includes a communication device configured to communicate an alert to a node on a communications network external to the wearable emergency alert apparatus, a shock sensor in communication with the communication device, where the shock sensor is pre-configured to send a message to the communication device based on experiencing pressure from a source external to the wearable emergency alert apparatus exceeding a pre-determined threshold, and where the communication device is configured to communicate the alert based on receiving the message. The apparatus also includes a microcontroller communicatively coupled to one or more of: the communication device, or the shock sensor and a heat sensor communicatively coupled to the microcontroller.
Choprix Llc

new patent

Wearable device and operating the same

A wearable device communicating with an external device by using a vibration signal applied to a body part of a user wearing the wearable device, and a method of operating the wearable device are provided.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

new patent

Distance determination between rfid tags

Technologies are generally described for distance determination between two or more rfid tags based on a minimum detectable signal. In some examples, a first rfid tag may establish communication with a second rfid tag, and modulate an irradiating electromagnetic field to generate backscatter signals for sequential transmission to the second rfid tag.
Empire Technology Development Llc

new patent

Verification method, method to open a web page and method to open an electronic file

A verification method includes displaying a selected pattern set on a display device electrically connected with a user apparatus. One of a first selected pattern and a second selected pattern as an as-selected pattern is selected.

new patent

Method and system for managing applications running on smart device using a wearable device

A method and a system for managing applications running on one or more smart devices are provided. The method includes displaying a plurality of application icons on a wearable device, wherein each icon from the plurality of application icons represents an active application on the smart device connected to the wearable device, receiving a touch gesture on one or more application icons from the plurality of icons, and triggering the smart device to perform an event comprising an interaction between the active applications represented by the one or more application icons in response to the touch gesture..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

new patent

Systems and methods for providing task-based instructions

Systems and methods allow a user to interact with an augmented reality device. In one implementation, a wearable device for providing task-based instructions to a user includes a display; a network interface; a data input device configured to capture information relating to progress of a task; and at least one processing device.
Apx Labs, Inc.

new patent

Wearable triggering device

The wearable triggering device of the disclosure includes a base, a pressing element, a key structure and a wearable element. The pressing element is pivotally disposed on the base.
Acer Incorporated

new patent

Thermal solution for wearable devices by using wrist band as heat sink

A heat transfer component of a smart watch captures at least a portion of heat emitted by one or more electronic components located within an enclosure of the smart watch. The heat transfer component transfers at least a portion of the captured heat to a wrist band outside the enclosure of the smart watch.
Qualcomm Incorporated

new patent

Intelligent holster spacer

A holster spacer adaptable for use within a holster assembly including a wearable component and a separable holster supported by the wearable component. The holster spacer includes a wearable component-facing surface, a holster-facing surface opposite the wearable component-facing surface, a mounting interface, an internal cavity provided between the wearable component-facing surface and the holster-facing surface, and a sensor operable to detect a parameter relating to an implement positionable within the holster..
Motorola Solutions, Inc.

new patent

Thermoplastic polyurethane composite material composition, thermoplastic polyurethane composite material and manufacturing method thereof, shoe material and wearable apparatus

A thermoplastic polyurethane composite material composition includes a plastic base material and a curing agent, the plastic base material includes a thermoplastic polyurethane and a silicone gum including at least two alkenyl groups in each of molecules thereof, wherein the thermoplastic polyurethane and the silicone gum are uniformly mixed, and a weight ratio of the thermoplastic polyurethane and the silicone gum is ranging from 95.01:4.99 to 99.5:0.5. The curing agent is uniformly mixed with the plastic base material, wherein the curing agent has an adding amount enabling the silicone gum to crosslink to form a silicone rubber..
Evermore Chemical Industry Co.,ltd.

new patent

Smart notification systems for wearable devices

According to the embodiments described herein, a smart notification system can include a vehicle, a mobile communication device, and a wearable processing device. A wearable processor or the wearable processing device, a mobile processor of the mobile communication device, a vehicular processor of the vehicle, or a combination thereof can execute machine readable instructions to monitor ambient conditions of the vehicle with a sensor.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

new patent

Automatic application-based exercise tracking system and method

An automatic application-based exercise tracking system and methods comprising: i) voice-transcribed or typed text natural language processing and automatic tracking to record exercises, comprehensive exercise quantities, and calories burned data, and ii) multi-exercise administration to record multiple exercises and related data in a single user voice-transcribed or typed text submission. Further, such automatic application-based exercise tracking system is usable through computers, tablets, mobile phones, smart watches, wearables and other similar devices..
Genesant Technologies, Inc.

new patent

Portable, hands-free, pre-calibrated and wearable laser brace/wrap type clinical-strength medical device/apparatus, with embedded low-level-laser-therapy (lllt), providing for a new method/modality for pain relief in the form of orthopedic laserwraps, from joint related musculoskeletal pain caused by joint related illnesses including - tennis elbow, carpel-tunnel, arthritis, osteoperosis, plantar fascitis, tendonitis (back pain, knee tendonitis, hand tendonitis, achilles tendonitis), sport injuries & bursitis

wearable, pre-calibrated & hands-free clinical-strength medical device/s for joint pain relief using a sports/orthopedic brace/wrap (for wrist, knee, elbow, neck & shoulder, ankle & foot & back) embedded with therapeutic low level laser therapy (lllt) based red light (infrared and near infrared) technology. —a convenient portable device for pain relief from joint related musculoskeletal pain caused by illnesses including—tendonitis (back pain, knee tendonitis, hand tendonitis, achilles tendonitis) tennis elbow, carpel-tunnel, arthritis, osteoperosis, plantar fascitis, tissue healing from sports injuries and bursitis, and as an non-invasive alternative to nsaids (non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs).

new patent

Wearable protective articles donning system

An automated, manual or semi-automated donning system may be used to mechanically don wearable protective articles, such as gloves, without human contact with the outer surface of the wearable article. Thus, the system can be used to render wearable protective articles less capable of transferring disease organisms.
Thincubus, Llc

new patent

Movement analysis system, wearable movement tracking sensors, and associated methods

A binodal wireless sensor provides biomechanics feedback focused on movement tracking for the purpose of facilitating enhanced user training and recovery decisions. The sensing device and methods of use differs distinctly from current devices by utilizing a plurality of inertial sensors within a single, non-rigid unit to, among other things, identify a segment's position in space, identify internal movement and stability such as torsion, bending, shear movement, etc.
Biometrix Llc

new patent

Respiratory sampling with support structure

The present disclosure provides an apparatus for collecting respiratory samples with a support structure designed to be wearable by a subject. The apparatus includes a sample collector and a tubing system for collecting and delivering the sample.
Oridion Medical 1987 Ltd.

new patent

Wearable device and system for chemically repelling sharks

The wearable device and system for chemically repelling sharks includes a water permeable case permanently attached to an adjustable strap for wearing on a user's wrist or ankle. The case receives a refill containing a repellent in a water dissolvable matrix.

Wearable information system having at least one camera

The invention is related to a wearable information system having at least one camera, the information system operable to have a low-power mode and a high power mode. The information system is configured such that the high-power mode is activated by a detection of at least one object in at least one field of view of the at least one camera..
Metaio Gmbh

Modifying image parameters using wearable device input

Systems and methods are presented for modifying image parameters of an image to be captured by an image capturing device based on input from a wearable computing device. In some embodiments, the system receives image data, determines an image parameter based on the image data, and receives data from a wearable computing device positioned proximate to a subject of the image.
Ebay Inc.

Terminal, information leak prevention method, and computer-readable recording medium

A wearable device stores data therein. The wearable device transmits the data to a master device registered as a transmission destination of the data when communication is possible with the master device.
Fujitsu Limited

Password protected device unlock based on motion signature and proximity

A method is provided for the authentication of an electronic device using an authenticated wearable device. The method includes wirelessly connecting a wearable device and an electronic device.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Proximity based and data exchange and user authentication between smart wearable devices

A system and method including a disposable wearable device that provides enhanced capabilities to a non-wearable device for a limited period of time by sensing proximity and securely exchanging permissions with the non-wearable device. In one embodiment, the wearable device is capable of sensing one or more bio-signals that are provided to the non-wearable, tactile feedback, or the like.
Sony Corporation Of America

Wireless charging smart-gem jewelry system & associated cloud server

Wireless charging smart-gem jewelry system and associated cloud server comprising a wearable electronic gemstone capable of sensing the emotional state and bodily vital signs of the user and being wirelessly charged and a mobile device capable of communicating with the electronic gemstone such that a cloud server manages communications between members of a social network wearing the electronically smart gemstone. The disclosed jewelry system provides a custom gemstone with symbol-carved light effects, wireless charging of the stone electronics through universal audio jack of any mobile device, and electrical stimulation of the user along with visual triggers as a specific mode of social interaction..
Waveworks, Inc.

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