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Water Purification patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Water Purification-related patents
 Impregnated electrode for capacitive deionisation, process for preparing it and apparatus employing the electrodes patent thumbnailImpregnated electrode for capacitive deionisation, process for preparing it and apparatus employing the electrodes
Disclosed is an electrode an electrode for capacitive deionization comprising • (i) an adsorbent having specific surface area of 100 m 2/g to 1300 m 2/g; • (ii) conductive carbon black; and • (iii) a binder; wherein said adsorbent is impregnated with a substance having conductivity in the range of 105 s/m to 107 s/m and standard hydrogen potential in the range of −0.3 v to −1.3 v. The electrode provides enhanced recovery and greater reduction in total solids and is more energy efficient.
Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

 Water treatment system patent thumbnailWater treatment system
A water purification system is disclosed. An example of the water purification system includes a transportable water machine to generate purified water.
Purewater Therapeutics, Llc

 Lyotropic liquid crystal templated hydrogels for use as forward osmosis draw agents patent thumbnailLyotropic liquid crystal templated hydrogels for use as forward osmosis draw agents
Lyotropic liquid crystal-templated compositions that include hydrogels comprising a cross-linked mixture of a stimuli-responsive agent and a super absorbent agent are presented. The compositions are amenable for methods directed to processing and absorbing fluids, including water purification and fluid concentration..

 Inoculant for water treatment device patent thumbnailInoculant for water treatment device
The invention provides inoculants for the generation of a biologically active layer in a water treatment or purification device. In some embodiments, the invention provides inoculants for a biologically active zone in a wastewater treatment system or device, for example in municipal wastewater and sewage treatment.

 Reverse osmosis system for supplying purified water patent thumbnailReverse osmosis system for supplying purified water
A water purification system includes a first reverse osmosis device, and a water storage tank including a tank inlet and a tank outlet, the tank inlet configured to receive a permeate of the first reverse osmosis device. The system also includes a second reverse osmosis device including an inlet that is connected to the tank outlet and an outlet that releases a permeate of the second reverse osmosis device.

 Desalinization apparatus patent thumbnailDesalinization apparatus
There is disclosed a water purification apparatus and method, related to desalinization. In an embodiment, a water purification apparatus and method includes at least one port for receiving airflow therethrough, at least one port for receiving salt water therethrough, at least one output for providing outflow of pure water vapor, and at least one output for proving outflow of a mixture of water, salt and air; and a plurality of chambers for evaporating the salt water into the airflow, at least one of the chambers forming a plurality of ports arranged in a plurality of rows.

 Process for the preparation of an additive comprising supported and dispersed tio2 particles patent thumbnailProcess for the preparation of an additive comprising supported and dispersed tio2 particles
Process for the preparation of an additive comprising tio2 particles dispersed on a support of pseudo-layered phyllosilicate-type, comprising the dispersion in water of the support, the acid activation of the support and the high-shear dispersion of the support with the tio2 particles use of the particles obtained by this process as additives with photocatalytic activity for water purification and disinfection, for purification of polluted gas streams and to provide materials, in particular construction materials, with self-cleaning, biocide, deodorization and/or pollution reduction properties in the presence of air and ultraviolet light.. .

 Method and composition for water purification and sludge dewatering patent thumbnailMethod and composition for water purification and sludge dewatering
The invention relates to a method for purifying water and for dewatering sludge, comprising the following steps: bringing a surface-treated natural calcium carbonate, a natural bentonite and an anionic polymer into contact with the water or sludge, flakes being formed as a result of the agglomeration of particulate materials contained in said water or sludge, and separating said formed flakes so as to obtain purified water, or separating water in order to obtain dewatered sludge. The surface-treated natural calcium carbonate is a product of a reaction of natural calcium carbonate with an acid and carbon dioxide, which is formed in situ by the acid treatment and/or is fed from outside, and is produced as an aqueous suspension with a ph greater than 6.0 measured at 20° c.
Clariant International Ltd.

 Solar-biomass complementary thermal energy supply system patent thumbnailSolar-biomass complementary thermal energy supply system
A thermal energy supply system, including: a solar concentrating device, a solar storage tank including a first heat exchanger and a second heat exchanger, a biomass power station including a biomass boiler, a central refrigeration and ice maker, and a central hot water supply tank. The solar concentrating device is connected to the solar storage tank.
Zhongying Changjiang International New Energy Investment Co., Ltd.

 Metal-supported anion exchange resins and  remediating toxic anions using the same patent thumbnailMetal-supported anion exchange resins and remediating toxic anions using the same
Provided are a method of removing a perchlorate ion (clo4−) and a nitrate ion (no3−) which are toxic anions in wastewater using an anion-exchange resin on which a metal is supported, and more particularly an anion-exchange resin on which a hydrogen activating metal is supported or a hydrogen activating metal and a secondary metal are supported together and a method of removing toxic anions using the same. The toxic anions may be efficiently ion-exchanged and removed using an anion-exchange resin supporting a reduction catalyst, the regeneration of the anion-exchange resin may be facilitated, and the consumption of energy and the reducing agent may be reduced, thereby being usable in removal of toxic anions from an actual water purification system..
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology


Layer-by-layer assembly of graphene oxide membranes via electrostatic interaction and eludication of water and solute transport mechanisms

A method for synthesizing a water purification membrane is presented. The method includes stacking a plurality of graphene oxide (go) nanosheets to create the water purification membrane, the stacking involving layer-by-layer assembly of the plurality of go nanosheets and forming a plurality of nanochannels between the plurality of go nanosheets for allowing the flow of a fluid and for rejecting the flow of contaminants.
University Of Maryland


Soil ball for water purification with increased hardness and microbial population

The present invention provides a soil ball for water purification with increased hardness and microbial population. According to the soil ball for water purification with increased hardness and microbial population of the present invention, the addition of a hardener increases the hardness such that the degradation of the soil ball in water is delayed, and the addition of a buffer solution prevents an increase in ph to increase the microbial population, thus improving the effect of water purification..
Kyungpook National University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation


Compositions and processes for mesoporous silicas having large pores with narrow diameter distributions

A process for preparing a mesoporous silica comprising contacting as starting components (1) a structure-directing template selected from the group consisting of hydrogenated and non-hydrogenated natural vegetable oils, silicone oils, and combinations thereof; (2) water; (3) silica; and, optionally, (4) a structure-directing co-template selected from tetramethylammonium hydroxide, tetraethylammonium hydroxide, tetrapropylammonium hydroxide, cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (ctab), hexadecyltrimethylammonium chloride; hexadecyltrimethylammonium hydroxide hydrate, hexadecyltrimethylammonium p-toluenesulfonate, hexadecyltrimethylammonium bis-sulfonate, poloxamers having a weight average molecular weight ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 daltons (da), and combinations thereof; in the substantial absence of an alcohol solvent; under conditions such that a mesoporous silica having an average pore diameter ranging from 50 to 175 angstroms and a pore diameter distribution that, within one standard deviation of its mean, is substantially unimodal, is formed. The product composition may offer preferred use in, for example, gas separations, sensing, water purification, heavy metal removal, and electronics, where its narrower pore diameter distribution increases its selectivity..
Dow Global Technologies Llc


Reverse osmosis system with drain water recycle

A water purification system for producing potable water includes a pump to force water from a source tank through one or more filters and a high-pressure pump for pumping filtered water into a reverse osmosis membrane, thereby producing potable water. Drain water from the reverse osmosis membrane is pressurized by a recirculation pump and fed back into the reverse osmosis membrane, thereby reducing power consumption and waste of water.


Porous separation article

The invention relates to a porous separation article having a fluoropolymer or polyamide binder interconnecting one or more types of interactive powdery materials or fibers. The interconnectivity is such that the binder connects the powdery materials or fibers in discrete spots rather than as a complete coating, allowing the materials or fibers to be in direct contact with, and interact with a fluid.
Arkema Inc.


Electrically conducting reverse osmosis membranes

The disclosure provides composite membranes for use in water purification and filtration.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California


Process for reducing the production of sludge by municipal or industrial wastewater purification plants, and equipment for the implementation thereof

A process for reducing the production of sludge by municipal or industrial wastewater purification plants, comprising a step of mesophilic or thermophilic anaerobic digestion (20), or anaerobic digestion combining these two operating modes, of a stream of sludge to be treated (1), and at least one biological solubilization anaerobic treatment step (30); the process comprises, upstream of the anaerobic digestion step, a step of dehydration (10) of the sludge to be treated, followed by a step of mixing (15) the dehydrated sludge with a recirculated fraction of sludge that is more liquid, originating from recycling of the digestion (20), and/or from the anaerobic treatment step (30), and/or centrates originating from a final dehydration (50) of the treated sludge, wherein the recirculation rate is chosen such that the mixture has a dryness suitable for digestion, this mixture then being directed towards the digestion.. .


Water purification by batch crystallization process

A water purifier includes a first crystallization chamber and a second crystallization chamber that each receives a supply of input water; wherein each of the first and second crystallization chambers is a freeze/thaw chamber in which water is alternately frozen and thawed. A refrigerant circuit alternately supplies cold refrigerant to freeze the input water in one of the crystallization chambers, and supplies heated refrigerant to the other of the crystallization chambers to thaw the purified water.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Water purifier

A pot type water purifier capable of obtaining a mixed liquid including purified water and an additive uniformly mixed in the purified water without the need of stirring in a container such as a cup after pouring out. The pot type water purifier of the present invention includes a body container with internal space and an upper opening; a raw water reservoir provided to an upper part of the internal space; a water purification cartridge communicating with the raw water reservoir; a purified water reservoir formed below the water purification cartridge, the purified water reservoir housing purified water resulting from filtration through the water purification cartridge; a pouring lip for purified water in the purified water reservoir; and stirring means provided to the body container to stir the purified water..
Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.


Cyclopropenium polymers and methods for making the same

The present invention provides, inter alia, a process for incorporating a cyclopropenium ion into a polymeric system. Processes for making cross-linked polymers, linear polymers, and dendritic polymers, as well as for incorporating a cyclopropenium ion onto a preformed polymer are also provided.
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York


Mobile water purification system and method

A mobile water purification system is configured as modules to be air-lifted to a site requiring potable water. Raw water is pumped to a pre-treatment module that separates suspended solids and preferably oxidizes organic contaminants.
Hennesy Mechanical Sales, Llc


Water purification and enhancement systems

water purification system comprising filtration media sized with respect to each other to allow a first contaminant in the water to saturate the first medium with a delay prior to saturation of the second medium with a second contaminant.. .
The Water Initiative, Llc


Water purification system with automatic flush flow

The improved water purification system includes a water purification unit having a tap water inflow port for receiving a tap water inflow from a water supply system to produce relatively purified water and a brine water outflow having impurities concentrated therein. An ro filter having an ro membrane separates relatively unfiltered water flow into purified water and the brine water outflow.


Water purification system with active vibration

The water purification system for flow-coupled installation with a tap water inflow for producing a relatively purified water outflow includes a purification unit having a tap water inlet port for receiving tap water inflow and a purified water outlet port for dispensing purified water outflow from said purification unit. A particulate catalyst retained within the purification unit is in flow through relation relative to said the water inflow and purified water outflow and catalyzes contaminants as the tap water inflow travels through the purification unit.


Aeration device, a use thereof, and water purification installation with such an aeration device

An aerator for aerating water comprises a distribution system for distributing air below the water surface and a compressor with an air inlet and at least one air outlet. The compressor is configured to be placed below the water surface.
Atlas Copco Airpower, Naamloze Vennootschap


Microclarification system and method

A microclarification system is disclosed which can be used to separate solid particulates dispersed within a base fluid such as water. The microclarification system includes a plurality of microfluidic separator units disposed between and in fluid communication with a fluid inlet manifold and a fluid outlet manifold.
General Electric Company


Water purification system using ultraviolet leds

The present invention relates to a portable water purification system by means of uv leds. Provided according to the present invention is a portable water purification system by means of uv leds comprising: a support member; a plurality of leds mounted on the surface of the support member; a solid filter provided with a through-path into which the support member is inserted; and a cover, attached to one end of the solid filter, for sealing the through-path of the solid filter..
Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd.


Method and system for providing purified water

A method of providing at least two outlet purified water streams from a water purification system by providing a first purified water into a first reservoir able to provide an outlet purified water stream. At least a portion of the first purified water is passed from the first reservoir through a water purification process to provide an ultra-purified water stream.
Vws (uk) Ltd


Drinking water purification device

A fast acting water purification system containing a source of silver ions which is suitable for use in personal or household water containers, where the non-potable water may contain halides or other materials that limit the solubility of silver in the non-potable water, with the purification agent including a source of silver ions and a compound containing a hydantoin ring increase the presence of silver ions in the non-potable water to a level sufficient to quickly kill harmful microorganisms in the non-potable water without the need to add additional biocides to the non-potable water or pretreat the non-potable water.. .


Laterally-injected light-emitting diode and laser diode

A p-type superlattice is used to laterally inject holes into an iii-nitride multiple quantum well active layer, enabling efficient light extraction from the active area. Laterally-injected light-emitting diodes and laser diodes can enable brighter, more efficient devices that impact a wide range of wavelengths and applications.
Sandia Corporation


Water purification and water supply system decontamination apparatus

A water sanitizing system including a supply system having a supply conduit with a conduit length; a light-diffusing optical fiber in the conduit that substantially spans the conduit length; and an ultraviolet light source configured to inject ultraviolet light rays into the fiber. The fiber includes: (a) a first end and a second end, the ends defining a fiber length, (b) a core region comprising fused silica having a plurality of scattering sites, and (c) a cladding over the core region, the cladding having an outer photocatalyst region doped with a metal oxide.
Corning Incorporated


Particle suspensions of flocculating polymer powders and powder flocculant polymer blends

Powder blends are described comprising blends of particulate water soluble high molecular weight polymer flocculants. The polymer flocculants can include polyethylene oxide, polydadmac, dadmac-acrylamide copolymers, copolymers thereof and combinations thereof.
Psmg, Llc


Detection of quantity of water flow using quantum clusters

The preparation of silver quantum clusters embedded in organic-templated-boehmite-nanoarchitecture (otbn) and its use as a sensor for quantity of water flow measured by change of color in visible light upon flow of contaminated water have been provided. Silver quantum clusters-embedded otbn are highly luminescent.


Evaporator for sagd process

A closed loop contaminant control system for an evaporative water purification process at an oil recovery facility includes an evaporator having a water inlet, a distilled water discharge, and an oil and brine water discharge. A sump in the evaporator is divided by an oil skimming weir into a main sump and a blowdown sump, with the oil and brine water discharge located proximate the blowdown sump and the steam discharge located above the oil and brine discharge.
1nsite Technologies Ltd.


Uv-led collimated radiation photoreactor

A reactor that operates with ultraviolet light emitting diodes (uv-leds) to attain uv photoreactions or uv photo-initiated reaction in a fluid flow for various applications, including water purification. The uv-led reactor is comprised of a conduit means for passing fluid flow, an ultraviolet light emitting diode (uv-led), and a radiation-focusing element to focus the uv-led radiation to the fluid in the longitudinal direction of the conduit.


Water purification and storage system, water-filtering well and polygonal building block

A water purification and storage system comprises a water storage container, a covering plate and an impermeable wall. The water storage container is formed by a plurality of tangentially connected polygonal water-filtering wells having well walls of a water-permeable structure, and an impermeable layer is arranged at the bottom of the well.
Beijing Rechsand Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Water purification system

The present specification discloses a water purification system, a water reformulation system, a method of purifying and/or treating water, and a method of reformulating water.. .
Global Customized Water, Llc


Portable water purification systems

A portable water purification system is disclosed. The system can have a water storage receptacle, a reverse osmosis filter, a pump, and a solar panels array group.


Activated solutions for water treatment

The present invention relates to activated solutions comprising one or more of hypochlorous acid, bicarbonate ions, and phosphate ions for use in water treatment, in particular water purification and descaling, and processes for making the same.. .
R-hangel, Llc


Portable water purification system using one or more low output power uv light sources

A water purification system includes one or more germicidal uv light sources that operate within an amplifying chamber that contains a given amount of fluid as a batch or as flowing through the chamber at any given time. The amplifying chamber has a highly reflective inner surface that redirects the germicidal uv light that reaches the highly reflective inner surface back through the fluid simultaneously in substantially all directions.
Hydro-photon, Inc.


Particle suspensions of floculating polymer powders

Flowable liquid suspensions are described comprising blends of particulate water soluble high molecular weight polymer flocculants. The polymer flocculants can include polyethylene oxide, polyacrylamide, polydadmac, dadmac-acrylamide copolymers, copolymers thereof and combinations thereof.
Psmg, Llc


Fixed bed for aerobic or anaerobic wastewater purification

The invention relates to a fixed bed for aerobic or anaerobic wastewater purification, comprising an upper frame having support elements fixed to opposite side rails and/or intermediate rails for attaching textile, foldable, non-degradable supports for microorganism, a lower frame having support elements for fixing the textile supports to the lower frame, and means connecting the frames at a corner region. The invention is a fixed bed where all parts of the fixed bed can be assembled to form a relatively small packaging unit that already contains the inserted textiles.
B+m Textil Gmbh & Co. Kg


System that provides economical purification of wastewater and recirculation of potable water and generation of electricity

water purification and recycling system that generates electricity and has a large reservoir and a small reservoir that provides potable water to a water user structure. After use by the water user structure, wastewater is applied from said water user structure via at least one wastewater path to wastewater treatment apparatus.


Field water purification system filter

A field water purification system filter is described. The filter includes a water tight enclosure formed between two layers of a polymeric material, an inlet and an outlet are coupled to the water tight enclosure.
Cal Poly Corporation


System and desalinating seawater

Saline water from a body of water is desalinated using a water purification system. Chambers of a plurality of tanks are filled with a volume of saline water.


Water purification compositions of magnesium oxide and applications thereof

Provided herein is a water purification composition containing a magnesium oxide component and a binder. In certain embodiments, the binder is selected from the group consisting of a polymeric binder, calcium aluminum silicate, and combinations of these.
Honeywell International Inc.


Water purification

This invention relates to a method and apparatus (10) for purifying water, wherein oxygen is introduced into the water by electrolysis of the water; and the water is treated with at least one ionized transition metal. In a preferred embodiment of the invention, the electrolysis of the water takes place by passing an electric current through paired electrodes (22) made from stainless steel; and the water is treated with ionized silver, copper and zinc produced at silver (16), copper (18) and zinc (20) electrodes that are supplied with electric current.
Wet Trust


Anaerobic water purification treating a liquid

The invention relates to an anaerobic water purification system, conversion kit and method for treating a liquid. The anaerobic water purification system according to the invention comprises: -a container for the liquid for treatment provided during use with a sludge bed; -a supply conduit operatively connected to the container for supplying the liquid for treatment; -a distribution system connected to the supply conduit for distributing the liquid over the sludge bed from above; -carrier material which is arranged during use in the container and to which anaerobic sludge material can attach; and -a gas roof arranged at or on the container and provided with a volume which can be adapted during use to the biogas production.
Aqana B.v.


Purification apparatus, system, and method

A water purification apparatus comprising an injection moulded floating non-toxic, biodegradable, and recyclable polymer planar structures that are easily stackable, shippable, and connectable to as many companion units as the user desires; such apparatus further comprising many receiving structures made to accommodate plants without inhibiting them so that the user may create a film of plants over a toxic body of liquid for bioremediation purposes.. .


Apparatus for water treatment using capacitive deionization and controlling the same

There are provided an apparatus for water treatment using capacitive deionization and a method for controlling the same. The apparatus for water treatment using capacitive deionization includes a first filter unit and a second filter unit allowing dissolved solids included in an introduced fluid to be adsorbed on electrodes to generate purified water when a water purification voltage is applied to the electrodes, and allowing the dissolved solids adsorbed on the electrodes to be desorbed to generate regenerated water when a regeneration voltage is applied to the electrodes, respectively, and a controller iteratively alternatively applying the water purification voltage and the regeneration voltage to the first filter unit and the second filter unit to generate purified water having a pre-set target total dissolved solids (tds) value..


Compact biocidal water purification system

A biocidal water purification apparatus exposes water to radiation to eliminate viable species. A housing forms a path for water to flow from an inlet to an outlet along a flow path through a treatment zone at which the water is subjected to radiation from a source of radiation, such as beta particles from strontium-90.


Wastewater purification with nanoparticle-treated bed

Nanoparticle-treated particle packs, such as sand beds, may effectively filter and purify liquids such as waste water. When tiny contaminant particles in waste water flow through the particle pack, the nanoparticles will capture and hold the tiny contaminant particles within the pack due to the nanoparticles' surface forces, including, but not necessarily limited to van der waals and electrostatic forces.


Water purification system and process with water pretreatment apparatus

A water purification apparatus for treating water containing at least some organic contaminants, and having a pre-treatment device for removing organic contaminants from a water stream, and having, a spin up bowl; a recovery bowl; an annular flow passage between the bowls; a magnetic member around the flow passageway; a magnetic body positioned adjacent to the member wherein the magnetic member and the magnetic body define a restricted annular flow passageway between them for flow of water from the spin up bowl to the recovery bowl; also disclosed is a method of water treatment using the apparatus.. .


Method and water purification

A water purification system may include a water purification unit and a clean water receiving unit. The water purification unit includes a purification space that has a sealing unit at a predetermined position and communicating with outside the water purification unit.


Nanoparticle-functionalized membranes, methods of making same, and uses of same

Nanoparticle functionalized membranes, where the surface of the membranes is nanoparticle functionalized. The nanoparticles closest to the membrane surface are covalently bonded to the membrane surface.


Dryer and water recovery/purification unit employing graphene oxide or perforated graphene monolayer membranes

Apparatuses and systems for removing water vapor from a gas stream and for providing water purification, recovery and/or concentration. The apparatuses and systems employ a graphene oxide or a perforated graphene monolayer membrane to separate liquid water molecules and/or water vapor molecules from gasses, liquids, and other substances such as a wet muck or an aqueous sample.


Multilayer organic-templated-boehmite-nanoarchitecture for water purification

An adsorbent composition comprising a nanoscale shell of metal oxide or hydroxide on an organic-templated-boehmite-nanoarchitecture (otbn) is provided. The nanoscale shell is prepared by impregnating otbn with a metal or a non-metal ion, followed by in-situ hydrolysis of the deposited ion on the otbn surface.


Process for sewage water purification

Process and apparatus to remove colloids and nitrogen compounds from contaminated water by coagulating the colloids and separating them from the water. The water is then continuously oxidized with chlorine electrolytically to destroy the nitrogen compounds..


Water purification device and operating a water purification device

A water purification device includes a water collecting device having a surface defining a variable volume and comprising a filter membrane permeable to water. The device includes an expansion device for exerting a force for increasing the volume of the water collecting device and thereby drawing water through the filter membrane into the water collecting device.


Dialysis system

A dialysis system includes a filtration system capable of filtering a water stream, a water purification system capable of purifying said water stream in a non-batch process, a mixing system capable of producing a stream of dialysate from mixing one or more dialysate components with the water stream in a non-batch process, and a dialyzer system. The dialyzer may be a microfluidic dialyzer capable of being fluidly coupled to the stream of dialysate and a blood stream..


Large-scale water purification and desalination

Embodiments of the invention provide systems and methods for water purification and desalination. The systems have a preheater, a degasser, multiple evaporation chambers with demisters, heat pipes, and a control system, wherein the control system permits continuous operation of the purification and desalination system without requiring user intervention or cleaning.


Water purification system

A distillation system comprising: an evaporator section for holding a source liquid to be distilled and including a first heat exchanger arranged to heat the source liquid; a condenser section for receiving vapor from the evaporator section and condensing it to form a liquid distillate and including a second heat exchanger arranged to cool the vapor; and a heat exchange system comprising the first and second heat exchangers connected by means of a fluid circuit containing a working fluid that circulates between the first and second heat exchangers, the fluid circuit further comprising a compressor for compressing fluid passing from the second heat exchanger to the first heat exchanger, and a throttle valve limiting flow between the first heat exchanger and the second heat exchanger. The compressor can comprise first and second heat exchange chambers, each chamber including an inlet and outlet for the working fluid in the fluid circuit, and a chamber heat exchanger connected to a supply of temperature-controlled fluid..


Methods for hydrodynamic control of a continuous water purification system

Methods and apparatus for removing contaminants from liquid using a continuously circulating stream of purifying media are disclosed. In one embodiment the method includes mixing a regenerated purifying media with a contaminated liquid containing diverse contaminants; co-currently transporting the purifying media and the contaminated liquid in a mixed state; removing, using the purifying media, while co-currently transporting the purifying media and the contaminated liquid, contaminants from the contaminated liquid so as to produce a mixture of a decontaminated liquid and a contaminated purifying media; and separating contaminated purifying media from the decontaminated liquid.


Selective adsorbent fabric for water purification

A water purification chamber is provided. In one embodiment, a system comprises a purification chamber comprising a selective adsorbent activated carbon fiber fabric including one or more selective functional groups that bind arsenic..


Surface-treated calcium carbonate and its use in water purification and for the dewatering of sludges and sediments

The invention relates to a process for the purification of water and/or dewatering of sludges and/or sediments, to the use of a surface-treated calcium carbonate for water purification and/or dewatering of sludges and/or sediments, as well as to the use of a surface-treated calcium carbonate for reducing the amount of polymeric flocculation aids in water and/or sludges and/or sediments and to a composite material comprising a surface-treated calcium carbonate and impurities originated from different sources obtainable by said process.. .


Water purification using energy from a steam-hydrocarbon reforming process

A process and system for producing a h2-containing product gas and purified water from an integrated catalytic steam-hydrocarbon reforming and thermal water purification process. Raw water, such as salt water, is heated by indirect heat transfer with reformate from the catalytic steam reforming process for purifying raw water in one of a multiple effect distillation process and a multi-stage flash process..


Low energy gasifier-liquefier

Disclosed are two related devices which can convert gas to and from liquid, or liquid to and from gas, with no expenditure of energy for heat of vaporization or for condensation. One device is designed for discrete units of fluid, the other for continuous flow.

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