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Water Purification patents

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 Water purification device patent thumbnailWater purification device
A device (1) for purification of water driven by gravity through a purification unit between an upper dirt water container (2) and a lower clean water tank (3). A backwash system may be integrated, the system comprising a receptacle (8) for accumulation of the backwash water to prevent consumption thereof by mistake..
Lifestraw Sa

 High temperature portable distillation apparatus patent thumbnailHigh temperature portable distillation apparatus
A distillation apparatus for purifying water comprising a raw water holding chamber, a boiling chamber and a steam heating chamber, configured to allow a two-phase water purification, namely a first phase in which raw water is boiled in the boiling chamber to convert it into steam and a second phase in which the steam is superheated in the steam heating chamber to a temperature level that is at least twice the water boiling point and substantially equal to the temperature level of a heat source applied to the steam heating chamber, such that substantially all living matter from the steam is killed.. .

 Water treatment systems and methods patent thumbnailWater treatment systems and methods
The invention provides a water purification system or a water treatment system comprising carbon nanotubes, as well as methods for purifying or treating water using the systems of the invention.. .
University Of Iowa Research Foundation

 Filter module for a device for purifying liquids (variants) patent thumbnailFilter module for a device for purifying liquids (variants)
The invention relates to filter devices for purifying liquids, intended for the additional purification of mains water and other liquids for domestic use. A filter module (variants) for a device for purifying liquids consists of two working zones and at least one retaining means.
Electrophor Inc.

 Water purification compositions of magnesium oxide and applications thereof patent thumbnailWater purification compositions of magnesium oxide and applications thereof
The present disclosure provides a composition for purifying water comprising a magnesium oxide component and a binder. The magnesium oxide component includes magnesium oxide, a ph regulator, and an additional water purifying material.
Honeywell International Inc.

 Lightweight modular water purification system with reconfigurable pump power options patent thumbnailLightweight modular water purification system with reconfigurable pump power options
A modular water purification system has a high pressure pump interchangeably received into one of two or more alternative power modules that can rely on different energy sources, such as an combustion engine module or an electric motor module. The pump applies water pressure to a reverse osmosis filter element.
Terragroup Corporation

 System and  washing items patent thumbnailSystem and washing items
A system (10) for washing items (12) with water, comprising a water inlet (18) and a container (13) for receiving the items (12) to be washed. The system (10) comprises a water purification apparatus (19) for purifying water introduced through said water inlet (18) to produce purified water.
Swatab Scandinavian Water Technology Ab

 High efficiency ultraviolet light emitting diode with band structure potential fluctuations patent thumbnailHigh efficiency ultraviolet light emitting diode with band structure potential fluctuations
A method of growing an algan semiconductor material utilizes an excess of ga above the stoichiometric amount typically used. The excess ga results in the formation of band structure potential fluctuations that improve the efficiency of radiative recombination and increase light generation of optoelectronic devices, in particular ultraviolet light emitting diodes, made using the method.
Trustees Of Boston University

 Sunlight active composite photocatalyst for water purification patent thumbnailSunlight active composite photocatalyst for water purification
The sunlight active composite photocatalyst for water purification includes zno (zinc oxide) and co3o4 (cobalt ii, iii oxide). The composite photocatalyst may, in the presence of natural sunlight, achieve complete mineralization of chemical and biological contaminants in water without leaving any hazardous by-products.
King Abdulaziz University

 System and  purifying water from a body of water patent thumbnailSystem and purifying water from a body of water
Some embodiments of the present disclosure include a water purification system for producing purified water from a body of water. The water purification system may include a floating platform having a ramp extending from an edge thereof at a downward angle into the body of water, a primary impoundment area extending from a top portion of the ramp onto the floating platform, a pair of sub-impoundment areas attached to an end of the primary impoundment area distal from the ramp, at least one hydraulic cylinder and at least one accumulator attached to the sub-impoundment areas, and a nanofiltration system operatively attached to the at least one hydraulic accumulator.

Locally powered water distillation system

A system for distributed utilities including electrical power and water. A generation device is provided for converting an available resource to a desired utility; the resource may be water, in which case the generator is a purifier for purifying untreated water, or, alternatively, the generator may convert a fuel to electrical power.

Functionalization of nanofibrous microfiltration membranes for water purification

A high flux and low pressure drop microfiltration (mf) membrane and a method for making the mf membrane. The microfiltration membranes are formed by a method that includes: preparing a nanofibrous structure; and modifying the surface of the nanofibrous structure with a surface modifier.

Silica sol

The present invention relates to a silica sol having a ph above about 10, molar ratio of si02:m20, in which m is alkali metal, of from about 6:1 to about 16:1, concentration of soluble silica above about 3000 mg si02/l, and s-value of from about 18 to about 40%. The invention further relates to a process for producing a silica sol which comprises acidifying an aqueous alkali metal silicate solution to a ph of from 1 to 4 to form an acid sol, alkalizing the acid sol by addition of aqueous alkali metal silicate solution to obtain an intermediate sol and interrupt the addition of aqueous alkali metal silicate solution when the intermediate sol has reached a ph of from about 5 to about 8, stirring the intermediate sol for a time period of from about 10 to about 6000 seconds without addition of aqueous alkali metal silicate solution, alkalizing the intermediate sol by addition of aqueous alkali metal silicate solution to obtain a silica sol having a ph above about 10 and molar ratio of si02:m20, in which m is alkali metal, of from about 6:1 to about 16:1, and optionally adding an aluminum compound to the acid sol, intermediate sol or silica sol.

Aluminized silicious powder and water purification device incorporating same

A reaction product of silicious material, aluminum metal, and an aqueous solution is disclosed. The reaction product may be used to form a sorbent that is used to purify water of contaminants such as biological matter, dyes, soluble metals, arsenic, or radioactive elements.

Integrated composite filter and water purification system having the same

An integrated composite filter and a water purification system having the same are provided. The integrated composite filter includes: a shell defining a chamber therein, and defining a raw water inlet, a pretreated water outlet, a pretreated water inlet, a pure water outlet and a waste water outlet which are in communication with the chamber respectively; a pretreating filtering element disposed within the chamber; a filtering membrane disposed within the chamber.

Washing control circulative water purification of washing machine and washing machine thereof

A control method for circulation water purification of a washing machine and a washing machine thereof. The washing machine includes a water supply system, a drainage system, a circulation water purification apparatus and a turbidity detection apparatus.
Hefei Haier Washing Machine Co., Ltd.

Photocatalysts based on bismuth oxyhalide, process for their preparation and uses thereof

The invention provides a process for the preparation of bismuth oxyhalide, comprising a precipitation of bismuth oxyhalide in an acidic aqueous medium in the presence of a reducing agent. Also provided are bismuth oxyhalide compounds doped with elemental bismuth b(0), the use of bi(0) doped bismuth oxyhalide as photocatalysts in water purification is also described..
Yissum Research Development Company Of The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem Ltd.

Solar powered water purification device with cylindrical structure

A device for purifying water by solar power is described. The device has bottom and top sections, each being half-cylinders contacting one another along a flat edge to provide an elongated cylinder.
Sun Fresh Water, Llc

Water purifier

The present invention provides a water purifier, the water purification capability of which can be maintained over a long period of time. The water purifier 1 has: an attachment main body 10 that has an inflow passage p11, into which tap water flows from an inlet 11, and outflow passages p12 and p13 communicating with outlets 12 and 13; and a water purification main body 20 that has a first flow passage p21, a second flow passage p22, a third flow passage p23, a first filter material 25 between the first flow passage p21 and the second flow passage p22, and a second filter material 26 between the third flow passage p23 and the second flow passage p22 and is rotatably mounted onto the attachment main body 10.
Basic Co., Ltd.

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Water purification compositions and applications for same

Disclosed herein are compositions and corresponding methods for treating contaminated water and/or contaminable surfaces in order to kill, or otherwise reduce to non-harmful levels the survival of, biological contaminants resident therein and thereon, respectively.. .
Safewaterdrops, Llc

Water purification using xylitol fibres

The invention relates to a device for water purification, especially in flowing or stagnant waterbodies. In this connection, the present embodiments propose that the device has a container in which xylitol fibers are accommodated and/or that the xylitol fibers are surrounded by a structure through which it is firstly possible for water to flow and which secondly retains the xylitol fibers within the structure..
Roess Nature Group Gmbh & Co. Kg

System and water purification

A water purification system includes a high temperature water tank, a flameless heat source, a cylindrical vessel (hydrocyclone nest), a first pump, a steam production meter, and a steam condenser and heat exchanger. The contaminated water is heated within the high temperature water tank using the flameless heat source.
Cloudburst Solutions, Llc

Water purification valve core

A water purification core valve includes a shell having a top opening and a bottom opening. A cam bushing, a cam, a movable tile and a stationary tile are mounted inside the shell.
Xiamen Runner Industrial Corporation

Ion-exchange purification method and apparatus

An ion-exchange water purification method and system. Feed water is exposed in countercurrent to active media in a vessel, resulting in treated water and spent media.
Filterboxx Water And Environmental Corp.

Composite filtration membranes from conducting polymer nanoparticles and conventional polymers

In one aspect, the invention relates to composite filtration membranes for use in, for example, water purification and concentrating a solute, and methods for making and using same. This abstract is intended as a scanning tool for purposes of searching in the particular art and is not intended to be limiting of the present invention..
The Regents Of The University Of California

Water purification cartridge and water purifier

A water purification cartridge is detachably provided inside a water purifier, which includes: a plurality of single cartridges, each of which includes a bottomed cylindrical casing body; and one or more ceiling wall portions which block upper end openings of the plurality of single cartridges, wherein the inside of the plurality of single cartridges becomes a filter medium storage portion, and wherein the plurality of single cartridges is disposed in the lateral direction and is detachably connected to each other.. .
Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

Desalination or water purification means, extremely low cost construction and operation

A very low pressure and entirely mechanical sea water desalination means is disclosed, which may be built and operated at a fraction of the current costs for the desalination of sea water. The said means can also be used to purify polluted or otherwise impure water.

A composition for enhanced biocidal activity and water purification device on the same

A composition for the purification of water and the device using the composition, where the composition contains a transition metal ion mn+ releasing compound along with an co32− releasing compound or an sio32− releasing compound.. .
Indian Institute Of Technology

Antimicrobial quaternary ammonium organosilane coatings

The present invention provides novel solid phase carriers coated with a quaternary ammonium organosilane coating for use in reducing or eliminating the viable number of microorganisms in a liquid. The invention is useful in a wide variety applications, such as water purification and reduction of harmful microorganisms in liquid foodstuffs..
Northern Filter Media, Inc.

Method and device for reminding user about smart water purifier

A method for reminding a user about a water purifier includes receiving total dissolved solids (tds) data reported by the water purifier, updating accumulative tds data corresponding to the water purifier according to the received tds data, calculating a cleaning period of the water purifier according to the accumulative tds data and a preset maximum cleaning period, and sending a reminder message to a terminal associated with the water purifier to remind the user to clean the water purifier if the cleaning period satisfies a preset condition. The received tds data is detected after the water purifier performs water purification and the accumulative tds data reflects an accumulation of total tds data of the water purifier since a latest cleaning..
Xiaomi Inc.

Microbiological and environmental control in poultry processing

Poultry carcasses are contacted with water treated with one or more specified dihalodialkylhydantoin biocides in a processing operation downstream from a scalding tank. The aqueous effluent from that downstream operation or from any location further downstream is recycled to the scalding tank.
Albemarle Corporation

Apparatus and purifying water

It is an object of the present invention to provide a water purification apparatus and a method thereof utilizing an elongated closed water channel, and having increased purification efficiency and facilitated maintenance. The filtration apparatus 1a is provided with: a plurality of tube bodies arranged in parallel with their longitudinal directions directed in the vertical directions; and communication parts adapted to connect adjacent pairs of the tube bodies, thereby forming a water channel.

Heat utilization in orc systems

Apparatus, systems and methods are provided for the improved use of waste heat recovery systems which utilize the organic rankine cycle (orc) to generate mechanical and/or electric power from heat sources generating power from byproducts of water purification process(es). Waste heat energy obtained from heat source(s) is provided to one or more orc system(s) which may be operatively coupled to electric generator(s).
Electratherm, Inc.

Nanoporous thin film and fabricating the same

The present invention relates to a nanoporous thin film and a method for fabricating the same. The nanoporous thin film fabricating method for fabricating a nanoporous thin film with a composite photocatalyst structure for a photodegradation and a water purification includes providing a porous substrate with a plurality of through-nanopores therein, each of which through-nanopores have an inner tube wall; forming an oxide-based photocatalyst layer over the porous substrate and the inner tube wall by using a first chemical-based deposition process; and forming a metal-based photocatalyst layer on a part of the oxide-based photocatalyst layer by using a second chemical-based deposition process..
National Tsing Hua University

Water purification device

A water purification device includes a housing including a first chamber in communication with a second chamber, a first filtration stage, and a second filtration stage. The first chamber has the first filtration stage and the second filtration stage.
Procleanse Llc

Surface-treated calcium carbonate and phyllosilicate and its use in water purification

The invention relates to a process for the purification of water and/or dewatering of sludges and/or sediments, to the use of a combination of a phyllosilicate and a surface-treated calcium carbonate for water purification and/or dewatering of sludges and/or sediments, as well as to the use of a combination of a phyllosilicate and a surface-treated calcium carbonate for reducing the amount of polymeric flocculation aids in water and/or sludges and/or sediments and to a composite material comprising at least one surface-treated calcium carbonate, at least one phyllosilicate and impurities originated from different sources obtainable by said process.. .
Omya International Ag

Reverse osmosis water purification method and system thereof

A ro water purification system includes a ro pressure pump, a motor and a microprocessor control unit and a method thereof includes: providing the motor in the ro pressure pump; utilizing the microprocessor control unit to control the motor and to measure at least one motor operation data; utilizing the motor operation data to calculate inflow water pressure data and outflow water pressure data; utilizing the inflow water pressure data and outflow water pressure data to adjust the operation of the motor for enhancing the efficiency of systematic operation.. .
Genese Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Control blood or fluid handling medical devices

A processor of a medical device configured to communicate with a remote server can be programmed to protect the medical device from exposure to unauthorized or malicious software. A system or method to implement this form of protection can include, for example, at least one processor on the medical device, a control software module that controls the operation of the medical device and is executable on the processor, a data management module that manages data flow to and from the control software module from sources external to the medical device, and an agent module that has access to a limited number of designated memory locations in the medical device.
Deka Products Limited Partnership

Porous membrane and water purifier

The present invention addresses the problem of providing a porous membrane for a water purification purpose, which can be used even under high water pressures and which has both virus-removing performance and water permeability. The problem can be solved as follows: a porous membrane is provided, wherein the average pore shorter-axis diameter in one surface is smaller than that in the other surface, and in a cross section of the membrane in the thickness direction, the pore diameters increase from one surface toward the other surface to have at least one maximum value and then decrease.
Toray Industries, Inc.

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Water purification apparatus

In a water purification apparatus, a light source irradiates the water, passing through the flow passage, with ultraviolet light. The light source has a light emitting diode that emits the ultraviolet light whose wavelength is contained in a bandwidth of 220 nm or above to less than 300 nm, and the optical output in this wavelength bandwidth is in a range of 1 w to 50 w.
Nikkiso Co., Ltd.

Method of water purification

The present invention relates to a water-purifying composite material, especially a water-purifying composite material for use in the photocatalytic destruction of pollutants in water. The water-purifying composite materials of the invention are uniquely formed by growing crystals of photocatalytic metal compounds in situ within interlayer regions or pores within an aluminosilcate mineral structure, to thereby provide highly catalytic species for use in oxidative photocatalytic water treatments..
University Of Central Lancashire

Recovery of retrograde soluble solute for forward osmosis water treatment

Improved systems and processes for forward osmosis water purification or desalination are herein disclosed. According to one embodiment a process for purifying contaminated water is provided wherein a contaminated feed solution stream comprising water and with a first osmotic pressure is passed through a semipermeable membrane to a draw side having a draw solution stream with a second osmotic pressure on a draw side of the semipermeable membrane.
Trevi Systems Inc.

High performance membranes for water reclamation using polymeric and nanomaterials

A water permeable membrane for water purifications applications including filtration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis is provided. The water permeable membrane includes a porous support and a composite layer disposed over the porous support.
University Of Southern California

Advancements in osmotically driven membrane systems including low pressure control

An example water purification system includes a forward osmosis module, a reverse osmosis module, a pump powered by an electric motor, and a pressure sensor. The forward osmosis module may receive a feed stream and a draw stream, and may produce an intermediate product stream.
Porifera, Inc.

Integrated water testing ultra-low total chlorine detection

A system and method for determining a concentration of total chlorine in dialysis water are provided. The system comprises a main unit housing an iodide/water sample chamber and a reducing agent chamber.
Baxter Healthcare S.a.

Water purification and enhancement systems

water purification system comprising filtration media sized with respect to each other to allow a first contaminant in the water to saturate the first medium with a delay prior to saturation of the second medium with a second contaminant.. .
The Water Initiative, Llc,

Mobile, high quality, water treatment systems, apparatus, and methods usable in harsh environments

water purification systems, apparatus, and methods for producing high quality water in harsh environments. Systems of embodiments comprise trailers and reverse osmosis (ro) units and/or multi-media filters (mmfs), and vibration controls.
Omni Water Solutions, Inc.

Integrated water testing ultra-low total chlorine detection

A system and method for determining a concentration of total chlorine in dialysis water are provided. The system comprises a main unit housing an iodide/water sample chamber and a reducing agent chamber.
Baxter Healthcare S.a.

Water purification device

A water purification device which can process contaminated water, and upgrade it to a potable quality or other secondary useful purposes such as irrigation, shower or laundry and general water. This is achieved without the use of chemicals or membranes.
Worldwide Piping Products (m) Sdn Bhd

Electrolysis electrode

A water purification anode has a first semiconductor contacting a second semiconductor at a heterojunction. The second semiconductor includes tio2 and excludes bismuth and niobium.
California Institute Of Technology

Water purification system for hard bottom landscape water body

A water purification system for a hard bottom landscape water body is provided, with a bottom of the hard bottom landscape water body paved with hard materials, comprising a filling element layer and a frame body, wherein the frame body is paved on the bottom of the landscape water body; the frame body includes a cover plate with a plurality of through-holes, and a plurality of supporting parts positioned below the cover plate; the filling element layer includes a plurality of filling elements disposed between the plurality of supporting parts positioned below the cover plate, and the filling elements further include structures configured for microorganisms in water to adhere to. In the present application, the filling element layer provides an adhesion medium for the microorganisms in water, and the frame body provides a protection to the filling element layer, which creates an advantageous site for the microorganisms in water..
Dongguan Vanke Building Technique Research Co., Ltd

Advancements in osmotically driven membrane systems including multi-stage purification

An example water purification system for purifying high concentration feed solutions includes a high rejection forward osmosis module, one or more low rejection modules, and a high rejection reverse osmosis module. The low rejection modules may have different rejection levels.
Porifera, Inc.

Apparatus and treating sludge

A sludge treating apparatus includes a drying unit drying water purification sludge of a high moisture content, a burning unit burning the water purification sludge dried in the drying unit, and a transfer unit transferring the water purification sludge from the drying unit into the burning unit, wherein the drying unit includes a hollow drying tank in which the water purification sludge is charged, and which dries the water purification sludge by dry air, an air supply member heating the dry air such that an amount of saturated vapor of the dry air increases, to supply the heated dry air into the drying tank, and a control unit measuring temperature, humidity, and weight of the drying tank to control a temperature and a flow rate of the heated dry air that is supplied from the air supply member into the drying tank.. .
Sac Co., Ltd.

Water purification process with water pretratment

A water purification process for treating water containing at least some organic contaminants, and including the steps of pre-treating the water for capturing organic contaminants from solution in a water stream, by passing the water into a spin up bowl to speed up the water stream, forcing the high speed stream through an annular flow passage located centrally of the spin up bowl, passing the high velocity stream between a magnetic member and a magnetic ring, thereafter passing the water stream into an energy recovery bowl, directing the flow from the flow passage onto a zinc anode member; and thereafter passing the water stream along a grounded pipe, thereby causing the development if fine particles of calcium carbonates, and capturing the organic contaminants. .

Water treatment systems, devices, and methods for fluid preparation

A water purification component, which may be integrated in a medicament production plant and/or a blood treatment system, removes chloramine and other chlorine compounds and deionizes water. The deionization is selected to be effective for providing product water whose resistivity is sufficiently high to allow chloramine to be detected in the product water if the chloramine removal filtration fails.
Nxstage Medical, Inc.

Magnetic nanostructures and device implementing same

A method and apparatus for selective removal of heavy ions, biological, cations, anions or other elements of interest from liquids using magnetic nanoparticles, and recovery of nanoparticles to be reused in the wastewater purification. For certain embodiments, after water treatment and magnetic separation, the loaded nanoparticles may be washed, regenerated, collected and re-introduced in the water treatment cycle.

Fouling inhibitor, filtration membrane and producing same

Provided are: a fouling inhibitor that is capable of effectively inhibiting fouling of porous filtration membranes use as water purification membranes or the like, that has resistance to chemicals, such as alkali used when the membrane is fouled, and that is capable of maintaining such effects sufficiently even after chemical wash; a filtration membrane provided with the inhibitor; and a method for producing the same. The inhibitor contains: (a) a copolymer having a weight average molecular weight of 10000 to 300000 and contains a mpc unit (a1) and a bma unit (a2), wherein the ratio of (a1) to (a2) ((a1)/(a2)) by mole is 10/90 to 70/30; and (b) pva having a saponification degree of 72 to 93 mol % and a polymerization degree of 300 to 1000, wherein the ratio of component (a) to component (b) ((a)/(b)) by mass is 25/75 to 75/25..
Nof Corporation

Aqueous treatment system

The present invention relates generally to a water treatment system that uses an electrostatic field generating plate. Such electrostatic field is then used by an electrostatic water purification process for mass cooling systems to reduce scaling..

Processing and application of a purification system for gold mining, extraction of minerals and growth of algae biomass

The present disclosure describes a process for using saline water, and saline reject water produced in water purification, to use for gold mining production, and growing and harvesting algae. The disclosure also describes a method for growing and harvesting algae utilizing saline water as growth medium for recycling waste water to extract the remaining metals out of waste water.

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Method of producing an electrostatic field generator

The present invention relates generally to a method of producing an electrostatic field generating plate. More specifically, the method enables an electrostatic field generating plate to be produced made from pvc for a water purification system wherein the plate generates an electric field..

Portable water purification and storage reservoir apparatuses

In some embodiments, a portable water purification and storage reservoir apparatus may comprise a flexible exterior shell comprising a first chamber configured to hold a volume of water and a second chamber configured to hold a volume of water. The first chamber may be positioned within the flexible exterior shell and may comprise a filling aperture.

Systems and methods of providing micro-renewable electrical energy

Various implementations of a system that addresses the need for clean drinking water, improved solid fuel combustion and convection of the heat resulting from the combustion, exhausting of gases and air-borne particulates resulting from combustion, and provides electricity for lighting and charging of battery-operated devices are described herein. The system may include at least one solar panel, a battery, a fan assisted exhaust hood, a fan assisted cooking device, and a water purification device.

Membranes having antibiotic and hydrophilic properties and preparation method thereof

The present invention relates to a separation membrane having both antibiotic and hydrophilic properties for water treatment and a preparation method thereof. In the separation membrane of the present invention, since an organic compound (antimicrobial and/or hydrophilic compound) is chemically conjugated to non-metal inorganic nanoparticles or metal nanoparticles, the nanoparticles are not eluted from the separation membrane even when the separation membrane is used for water treatment for a long period of time, so that the separation membrane may continuously maintain antimicrobial properties and high water permeability, is safe to the human body even when used for the treatment of drinking water, such as water purification, and exhibits characteristics in which stain resistance is also significantly enhanced due to antimicrobial and hydrophilic properties, which have been continuously imparted.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Reverse osmosis unit having rotatable reverse osmosis membrane housing assembly

A reverse osmosis (“ro”) water purification unit has reverse osmosis membrane housings which are rotatably mounted, and movable between a first operating position in which the membrane housings are substantially vertically oriented, and a second service position in which the membrane housings are substantially horizontally oriented.. .

Ultrapure water producting apparatus

Provided is an ultrapure water producing apparatus equipped with fewer reverse osmosis membrane separation units. The ultrapure water producing apparatus includes a primary water purification system 2 and a subsystem 3 configured to treat water treated by the primary water purification system 2.
Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

Total chlorine water detection medical fluid treatments

A system and method for determining a concentration of total chlorine in dialysis water are provided. The system comprises a main unit housing a ki/water sample chamber and a sodium sulfate chamber.
Baxter Healthcare S.a.

Water purification unit

A system is disclosed for facilitating maintenance of water treatment apparatus at multiple locations and which include multiple components designed with an operational life that is greater than an apparatus exchange duration. The system includes tracking the usage of each component and determining an exchange date for an existing apparatus.
Vws (uk) Limited

Gravity flow runoff water purification system

A gravity flow runoff water purification system is provided. The gravity flow runoff water purification system of the present invention includes a debris filter, a grit chamber, and a linear electrolytic reactor.

Impregnated electrode for capacitive deionisation, process for preparing it and apparatus employing the electrodes

Disclosed is an electrode an electrode for capacitive deionization comprising • (i) an adsorbent having specific surface area of 100 m 2/g to 1300 m 2/g; • (ii) conductive carbon black; and • (iii) a binder; wherein said adsorbent is impregnated with a substance having conductivity in the range of 105 s/m to 107 s/m and standard hydrogen potential in the range of −0.3 v to −1.3 v. The electrode provides enhanced recovery and greater reduction in total solids and is more energy efficient.
Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

Water treatment system

A water purification system is disclosed. An example of the water purification system includes a transportable water machine to generate purified water.
Purewater Therapeutics, Llc

Lyotropic liquid crystal templated hydrogels for use as forward osmosis draw agents

Lyotropic liquid crystal-templated compositions that include hydrogels comprising a cross-linked mixture of a stimuli-responsive agent and a super absorbent agent are presented. The compositions are amenable for methods directed to processing and absorbing fluids, including water purification and fluid concentration..

Inoculant for water treatment device

The invention provides inoculants for the generation of a biologically active layer in a water treatment or purification device. In some embodiments, the invention provides inoculants for a biologically active zone in a wastewater treatment system or device, for example in municipal wastewater and sewage treatment.

Reverse osmosis system for supplying purified water

A water purification system includes a first reverse osmosis device, and a water storage tank including a tank inlet and a tank outlet, the tank inlet configured to receive a permeate of the first reverse osmosis device. The system also includes a second reverse osmosis device including an inlet that is connected to the tank outlet and an outlet that releases a permeate of the second reverse osmosis device.

Desalinization apparatus

There is disclosed a water purification apparatus and method, related to desalinization. In an embodiment, a water purification apparatus and method includes at least one port for receiving airflow therethrough, at least one port for receiving salt water therethrough, at least one output for providing outflow of pure water vapor, and at least one output for proving outflow of a mixture of water, salt and air; and a plurality of chambers for evaporating the salt water into the airflow, at least one of the chambers forming a plurality of ports arranged in a plurality of rows.

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