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Water Purification System patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Water Purification System-related patents
 Water purification system patent thumbnailWater purification system
The present specification discloses a water purification system, a water reformulation system, a method of purifying and/or treating water, and a method of reformulating water.. .
Global Customized Water, Llc
 Portable water purification systems patent thumbnailPortable water purification systems
A portable water purification system is disclosed. The system can have a water storage receptacle, a reverse osmosis filter, a pump, and a solar panels array group.
 Portable water purification system using one or more low output power uv light sources patent thumbnailPortable water purification system using one or more low output power uv light sources
A water purification system includes one or more germicidal uv light sources that operate within an amplifying chamber that contains a given amount of fluid as a batch or as flowing through the chamber at any given time. The amplifying chamber has a highly reflective inner surface that redirects the germicidal uv light that reaches the highly reflective inner surface back through the fluid simultaneously in substantially all directions.
Hydro-photon, Inc.
 Field water purification system filter patent thumbnailField water purification system filter
A field water purification system filter is described. The filter includes a water tight enclosure formed between two layers of a polymeric material, an inlet and an outlet are coupled to the water tight enclosure.
Cal Poly Corporation
 System and  desalinating seawater patent thumbnailSystem and desalinating seawater
Saline water from a body of water is desalinated using a water purification system. Chambers of a plurality of tanks are filled with a volume of saline water.
 Anaerobic water purification  treating a liquid patent thumbnailAnaerobic water purification treating a liquid
The invention relates to an anaerobic water purification system, conversion kit and method for treating a liquid. The anaerobic water purification system according to the invention comprises: -a container for the liquid for treatment provided during use with a sludge bed; -a supply conduit operatively connected to the container for supplying the liquid for treatment; -a distribution system connected to the supply conduit for distributing the liquid over the sludge bed from above; -carrier material which is arranged during use in the container and to which anaerobic sludge material can attach; and -a gas roof arranged at or on the container and provided with a volume which can be adapted during use to the biogas production.
Aqana B.v.
 Compact biocidal water purification system patent thumbnailCompact biocidal water purification system
A biocidal water purification apparatus exposes water to radiation to eliminate viable species. A housing forms a path for water to flow from an inlet to an outlet along a flow path through a treatment zone at which the water is subjected to radiation from a source of radiation, such as beta particles from strontium-90.
 Water purification system and process with water pretreatment apparatus patent thumbnailWater purification system and process with water pretreatment apparatus
A water purification apparatus for treating water containing at least some organic contaminants, and having a pre-treatment device for removing organic contaminants from a water stream, and having, a spin up bowl; a recovery bowl; an annular flow passage between the bowls; a magnetic member around the flow passageway; a magnetic body positioned adjacent to the member wherein the magnetic member and the magnetic body define a restricted annular flow passageway between them for flow of water from the spin up bowl to the recovery bowl; also disclosed is a method of water treatment using the apparatus.. .
 Method and  water purification patent thumbnailMethod and water purification
A water purification system may include a water purification unit and a clean water receiving unit. The water purification unit includes a purification space that has a sealing unit at a predetermined position and communicating with outside the water purification unit.
 Dialysis system patent thumbnailDialysis system
A dialysis system includes a filtration system capable of filtering a water stream, a water purification system capable of purifying said water stream in a non-batch process, a mixing system capable of producing a stream of dialysate from mixing one or more dialysate components with the water stream in a non-batch process, and a dialyzer system. The dialyzer may be a microfluidic dialyzer capable of being fluidly coupled to the stream of dialysate and a blood stream..

Water purification system

A distillation system comprising: an evaporator section for holding a source liquid to be distilled and including a first heat exchanger arranged to heat the source liquid; a condenser section for receiving vapor from the evaporator section and condensing it to form a liquid distillate and including a second heat exchanger arranged to cool the vapor; and a heat exchange system comprising the first and second heat exchangers connected by means of a fluid circuit containing a working fluid that circulates between the first and second heat exchangers, the fluid circuit further comprising a compressor for compressing fluid passing from the second heat exchanger to the first heat exchanger, and a throttle valve limiting flow between the first heat exchanger and the second heat exchanger. The compressor can comprise first and second heat exchange chambers, each chamber including an inlet and outlet for the working fluid in the fluid circuit, and a chamber heat exchanger connected to a supply of temperature-controlled fluid..

Methods for hydrodynamic control of a continuous water purification system

Methods and apparatus for removing contaminants from liquid using a continuously circulating stream of purifying media are disclosed. In one embodiment the method includes mixing a regenerated purifying media with a contaminated liquid containing diverse contaminants; co-currently transporting the purifying media and the contaminated liquid in a mixed state; removing, using the purifying media, while co-currently transporting the purifying media and the contaminated liquid, contaminants from the contaminated liquid so as to produce a mixture of a decontaminated liquid and a contaminated purifying media; and separating contaminated purifying media from the decontaminated liquid.

Water purification system

Technology is described for a water purification system. The water purification may include a carbon block.

Water filtration device

A simplified portable water purification system provides an unfiltered water receiving compartment, a disposable filter cartridge, and a filtered water reservoir all in a single container. The container has a removable lid and is a vertically positioned, wide-mouth, tubular structure.

Water conservation device for reverse osmosis system

The initially cold water streams of a household hot water plumbing circuit are accumulated in a storage container to be thereafter drained off with the cold water stream, at various flow restricted levels, thereby conserving water use. This accumulate may be adjustably admixed into the waste products of a household drinking water purification system, thereby diluting it to acceptable levels that may be useful for washing and the like.

Methods of producing iodinated resins

Methods for producing or regenerating an iodinated resin are presented. The methods include converting iodide residues on a surface of and in pores of an iodide loaded anion exchange resin to iodine and iodine intermediates using a source of active halogen to form an iodinated resin having iodine and iodine intermediate residues on the surface of and in the pores of the iodinated resin.

Ultra-pasteurization for dialysis machines

Disclosed herein are water purification and supply systems for medical devices and methods of using. In an embodiment, the system includes a dialysis system includes a filtration system capable of filtering a water stream, a water purification system capable of purifying said water stream in a non-batch process, a mixing system capable of producing a stream of dialysate from mixing one or more dialysate components with the water stream in a non-batch process, and a dialyzer system.

Water purification system and method

Embodiments of the invention are directed to systems and methods for purifying fluids, such as water. In some embodiments, the water is first filtered by known filtering methods, such as by reverse osmosis or distillation.

Apparatus for controlling an electrolytic cell in a water purification system

A system comprises a water purification system having an electrolytic cell to receive a flow of waste water. A power source supplies power to the electrolytic cell.

Portable reverse osmosis water purification system

In a reverse osmosis fluid purification system, an input fluid is received at an input of the purification system, and a fluid purification run cycle is performed on the input fluid. The fluid purification cycle includes pumping the input fluid through a membrane with a pump at a first pressure and first flow rate to generate product fluid and waste fluid.

Quick connect modular water purification system

In a water purifier module, feed water (impure water) moves through feed tubes (60, fig. 3) that have feed tube holes (62) that open to a feed cavity (42).

System and purification and distribution of water with separation barrier taking away the biological contamination

The invention concerns a treated water purification system (18) comprising a closed water flow loop (107) said loop comprising at least one treated water supply point (a), at least one point of use (u) of purified water, a pump means (101), a sterilization means (106) and a filtration means (103), characterized in that the zone (106) comprises the supply point (a) and a water extraction point (p), situated upstream of the supply point (a), and in that the extraction point (p) and the supply point (a) are both situated in a sector (106b) of the sterilization zone (106) that is isolated from the two connection points (rm, rv) of the loop (107) to the zone (106) by two other sectors (106a, 106c) of the zone (106). Method for use of such a system..

Hybrid artificial wetland water purification system, sewage treatment device using same, and natural nonpoint purification device capable of simultaneously purifying river and lake water

A water quality purification system for a hybrid artificial wetland includes a first aerobic artificial wetland, an anaerobic artificial wetland, and a second aerobic artificial wetland. Here, the first aerobic artificial wetland induces a vertical flow of water, which is to be purified, and allows pollutants to be removed.

Water purification system and method

A water purification system has a closed water channel to circulate circulating water not containing substances causing fouling at the downstream side separated from the water to be treated with a semipermeable membrane. By performing reverse osmosis membrane treatment on the circulating water of a low concentration of organic substances after reclaiming water from the water to be treated containing organic substances to the circulating water through a forward osmosis membrane in which fouling is hard to occur, the substances causing fouling can be prevented from contacting onto the reverse osmosis membrane and thus fouling can be suppressed..

Integrated water testing ultra-low total chlorine detection

A system and method for determining a concentration of total chlorine in dialysis water are provided. The system comprises a main unit housing an iodide/water sample chamber and a reducing agent chamber.

Total chlorine water detection medical fluid treatments

A system and method for determining a concentration of total chlorine in dialysis water are provided. The system comprises a main unit housing a ki/water sample chamber and a sodium sulfate chamber.

System and water purification with automatic purge

The invention concerns a treated water purification system (107) comprising a water flow loop (110), said loop (110) being closed onto a tank (10) of treated water to purify, and said loop (110) successively comprising, in the direction of flow of the water downstream of the tank (10), at least one pump means (102), at least one first filtration means (103), at least one second filtration means (104) and at least one point of use (u), the system (107) being characterized in that it further comprises at least one diversionary pipe (112) linking the first filtration means (103) to the tank (10), and a loop return pipe (114) linking the second filtration means (104) to the tank (10). Method for use of such a system..

Semipermeable membrane and process using same

An enhanced process for semipermeable membrane performance. Counter flowing chambers on either side of a semipermeable membrane is disclosed.

Water purification systems and methods

Systems, components, and methods for water purification are described. In an example, a system may comprise an array of light-focusing elements, a heat exchanger device, a turbine generator, or other components and can be configured to use a source of light (e.g., sunlight) to filter water from a water source and to generate electricity.

Water purification system engineered for legionella control in industrial and commercial water systems

The present invention relates to water purification systems and uses thereof in particular, the present invention relates to the use of water filtration systems to combat legionella bacterial contamination of industrial and commercial water systems, such as grocery store misting systems.. .

Ecological biotope water purification system utilizing a multi-cell and multi-lane structure of a constructed wetland and sedimentation pond

The present invention provides an ecological biotope water purification system utilizing multi-cells and multi-lanes by considering the width, length, curvature and slope of proposed composition site wetland and pond. The system comprising: a sedimentation pond (200, 200′) for temporarily storing wastewater incoming from an inlet (100,100′); a marsh (300, 300′) incoming the primarily treated water, being precipitated solid contaminants, and discharged from the sedimentation pond (200, 200′), and at least one multi-level cell composed an open water-surface pond (400, 400′) entering the primarily treated water from the marsh; a settling reservoir (600, 600′) outflow finally purified water by multi-level cell inflow for temporarily storing through outlet (700, 700′), the multi-level cell consists at least of two multi-lanes (40, 40′, 40″), each lane is separated by small dikes (900, 900′).

Water purification system

A system and a method for treating water, the system comprising a first conduit having an inlet and an outlet with an ozone generator situated thereon, the ozone generator being operative to selectively treat water flowing through the conduit with the ozone, a sensor to measure the oxidation reduction potential of water, the sensor being operatively connected to the ozone generator, a holding tank situated at the outlet of the first conduit, the holding tank having a gas outlet conduit and a gas release valve, a second conduit extending from the holding tank, and an activated carbon filter on the second conduit.. .

Mobile water purification system

The present invention relates to a mobile water purification system employing crossflow filtration, such as reverse osmosis filtration. One embodiment of the invention discloses a mobile water purification system comprising a housing, a pump unit and a piping system for providing fluid communication between a water inlet, a pre-filtration unit, a crossflow filtration unit, a disinfection unit and an outlet for supply of purified water, wherein the pre-filtration unit comprises sediment/cartridge filtrations means and dechlorination means, the cross-flow filtration unit comprises a plurality of parallel and/or sequentially arranged membrane filters, and the piping system is reconfigurable such that the crossflow filtration unit can be bypassed.

Automated solution dispenser

The present invention relates to an automated solution dispenser for dispensing a solution having a defined list of characteristics. In particular, the automated solution dispenser according to the present invention is provided with one or more of the following modules: central mixing chamber (cmc), flush and verification system (fvs), liquid handling system (lhs), control system (cs), pivot pipe system (pps), solid handling system (shs) (which includes a delivery mechanism and a measuring mechanism), a bottle handling system (bhs), a water purification system (wps) and bottle marking/label (bm).

Wastewater purification system and method

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a system and method for wastewater purification. The system may include a sludge filtration unit, a screen filtration unit, a multi-media filtration unit, and a soluble hydrocarbon filtration unit.

Drinking water purification device

A fast acting water purification system containing a source of silver ions which is suitable for use in personal or household water containers, where the non-potable water may contain halides or other materials that limit the solubility of silver in the non-potable water, with the purification agent including a source of silver ions and a compound containing a hydantoin ring increase the presence of silver ions in the non-potable water to a level sufficient to quickly kill harmful microorganisms in the non-potable water without the need to add additional biocides to the non-potable water or pretreat the non-potable water.. .

Full contact uv water purification system

A water treatment system having modular-filter based residential reverse osmosis (ro) system that passes a stream of purified water through an ultraviolet light (uv) filter twice to ensure the water is sterile, while using only one uv filter, thereby forcing the water through a uv filter twice in a modular-filter based ro system. The water treatment system also includes a system whereby water passes through the uv filter at both points using only one uv filter by employing a system whereby a purified water stream is passed through a single remineralization module twice.

Water purification system

Purification of water is obtained by pumping water through a multi-stage filtration unit or a series of filters having increasingly smaller dimensional passages and then irradiating the water using uv light delivered at over 16,000 microwatts/cm2/sec. The system is advantageously portable for use in diverse environments and operable using a variety of power sources from solar to conventional fuels or electricity..

Method for calculating bill for use of water purification system and water purification system

To provide a billing method for use of a water purification system that gives incentives for using the water purification system. Such a water purification system is equipped with water purification apparatus having controller and with monitoring server connected to water purification apparatus via public network and having controller.

Functional chitosan scaffold with surface charge tunability as filtering medium

The present invention discloses a method of preparing a functional chitosan scaffold and said functional chitosan scaffold for use as a filtering medium. Said method involves freeze-drying chitosan in the presence of appropriate cross-linkers and additives.

Water purification system

A water purification system disinfects incoming water by filtering the water before creating ozone from the water and directly into the water. After the water is disinfected by exposure to ozone, excess ozone is removed prior to providing the disinfected water to an end user.

Methods and systems for disinfecting potable water supplies

The invention described herein contains two aspects, usable together or separately, that address the needs in the art described above, namely a first aspect that relates to the provision of a transportable water purification system that can be contained on a passenger transport vehicle, and that can use, but does not require, continuous, real-time monitoring, and a second aspect that relates to the use of uv purification of the water as it is uploaded to the passenger transport vehicle after a single pass through the uv chamber.. .

Direct contact cell

A direct contact cell is useful for the purification of water and sterilization of organics and inorganics used in water purification systems, such as waste water reuse. Specifically, this direct contact cell is useful for the treatment of flow back and produced waters in the oil and gas industry and also the mining industry, for the destruction of pathogens, heavy metals, suspended solids, iron, cyanide fats and organic material.

Systems, apparatus, and methods for a water purification system

A water purification system comprising a cross-flow filter is arranged to permit recirculation of the retentate or reject water from the retentate outlet of the filter to the inlet of the filter. A first pump is configured to pump source water into the feed water path of the filter, and to raise the fluid pressure in the feed water path and recirculation path.

Water purification system and washing machine having the same

A water purification system and a washing machine having the same. The water purification system includes a filter unit to physically filter out contaminants from washing water or rinsing water after a washing process or a rinsing process, and at least one advanced oxidation process (aop) unit to purify the washing water or the rinsing water, from which the contaminants have been filtered out, using a photocatalyst so as to reuse the washing water or the rinsing water.

Water purification apparatus and system

The invention relates to a two-stage design for a water purification system, with water to be purified first passing through a first stage containing particulate filtration media, and a second stage containing a porous filtration block. The particulate filtration media can be the same as, or different from, material included in the porous block.

Dialysate mixing and dialyzer control for dialysis system

A medical dialysis system including a filtration system configured to filter a water stream, a water purification system configured to purify the water stream in a non-batch process, a mixing system, and a dialyzer system. The mixing system includes a supply of dialysate components, a conductivity sensor positioned within a fluid pathway through which the water stream flows, and a control mechanism having a pump configured to control an amount of the one or more dialysate components added to the water stream from the supply.

Field water purification system

A field water purification system is described. The field water purification system includes a container and a filter coupled to an outlet port of the container.

Drainless reverse osmosis water purification system

A drainless reverse osmosis (ro) water purification system provides relatively pure water for on-demand dispensing, while recycling brine to a domestic hot water system. The drainless purification system includes a pre-filter catalyst cartridge for removing chlorine-based contaminants from a tap water supply upstream from an ro membrane.

Lightweight modular water purification system with reconfigurable pump power options

A modular water purification system has a high pressure pump interchangeably received into one of two or more alternative power modules that can rely on different energy sources, such as an combustion engine module or an electric motor module. The pump applies water pressure to a reverse osmosis filter element.

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