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Variable-diameter storage tank system

Adjustable dishwasher conduit valve system

Dishwasher appliance and a spray assembly for the same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Washer-related patents
 Dishwasher with at least one receiving structure for items to be washed that is provided with arrangement directions patent thumbnailDishwasher with at least one receiving structure for items to be washed that is provided with arrangement directions
A dishwasher for cleaning an item to be washed includes at least one receiving structure which is configured to hold the item to be washed. Disposed on the at least one receiving structure is at least one arrangement direction for indicating a position where the item to be washed is to be placed in the at least one receiving structure..
 Variable-diameter storage tank system patent thumbnailVariable-diameter storage tank system
A variable-diameter tank construction system is provided. The tank construction system uses sets of wedges (shims) and bevel-faced spacers (washers) in conjunction with the field connections of the vertical edges of adjacent modular tank wall panels, so as to create an angular deviation between the tangent lines of the watt panels immediately adjacent to and on either side of the vertical joint between the connected panels..
 Adjustable dishwasher conduit valve system patent thumbnailAdjustable dishwasher conduit valve system
A spray arm assembly is provided that is configured for receiving a docking station at two different heights so as to, for example, accommodate an adjustable upper rack in a dishwasher appliance. The spray arm assembly includes a chamber and a check valve plate having two check valves with closure protrusions extending therefrom to provide this functionality..
 Dishwasher appliance and a spray assembly for the same patent thumbnailDishwasher appliance and a spray assembly for the same
A dishwasher appliance and a spray assembly for the same are provided. The spray assembly includes a spray body and features for moving the spray body within a wash chamber of the dishwasher appliance.
 Dishwasher wherein ozone wash is applied patent thumbnailDishwasher wherein ozone wash is applied
By means of the present invention, in dishwashers (1), by means of connecting the ozone generator (6) to the suction line (4) prior to the circulation pump (3), the ozone gas generated by the ozone generator (6) is provided to be sucked through the connection hose (7) with the vacuum effect created by the circulation pump (3), the dissolvability of ozone gas in the washing liquid is increased with the vortex effect of the motor (11) since the washing water-ozone gas mixture flows through the circulation pump (3).. .
 Cymbal assembly and method to produce a multiplicity of sounds patent thumbnailCymbal assembly and method to produce a multiplicity of sounds
A mounting assembly with different washer assemblies for a cymbal has a stand rod, an adjusting rod, an inner fastener, an outer fastener, an inner composite washer assembly and an outer composite washer assembly. The adjusting rod is mounted pivotally on the stand rod.
 Hydraulically actuated handle assembly for medical device deployment system patent thumbnailHydraulically actuated handle assembly for medical device deployment system
A medical device deployment system includes an inner shaft telescopically received within a retractable sheath and a medical device positioned over the inner shaft. A handle assembly houses a hollow washer and includes a hollow handle body having an open distal end receiving the inner shaft and the retractable sheath.
 Torsion damping device comprising pendular flyweights that are axially offset in relation to guide washers patent thumbnailTorsion damping device comprising pendular flyweights that are axially offset in relation to guide washers
A torsion damping device (10) equipped with first torsion damping system that comprise a radial phase washer (38) and two guide washers (20a, 20b) and elastic members (36); the damping device being equipped with second torsion 5 damping system that have two pendulum flyweights (54a, 54b) that are mounted oscillatingly on a support element (56) that is rotationally integral with the phase washer (38); wherein the support element (56) is offset axially with respect to the guide washers (20a, 20b) in such a way that the two pendulum flyweights (54a, 54b) are offset axially on the same side with respect to the two guide washers (20a, 20b).. .
 Device for securing chopsticks to dishwasher rack patent thumbnailDevice for securing chopsticks to dishwasher rack
In accordance with one embodiment, a device to be affixed to an automatic dishwasher rack in order to provide a means by which one can secure a number of chopsticks or similarly shaped items such that the items can be cleaned without risk of damaging either the dishwasher or aforementioned items.. .
 Emergency switch for a flashlight patent thumbnailEmergency switch for a flashlight
Improvements in an emergency switch for an end cap flashlight that allows conducting power to the light source by applying side or rotational force on the end caps of the flashlight. The cap is designed to give faster and more convenient access to light in an emergency, or when needed.
Spray assembly for a dishwasher appliance
A spray assembly for a dishwasher appliance is provided. The spray assembly includes a base unit and a mounting bracket rotatably mounted to the base unit.
Spray assembly for a dishwasher appliance
The present subject matter provides a spray assembly for a dishwasher appliance. The spray assembly includes a spray arm, a bearing, and a bracket for mounting the spray assembly to a dishwasher appliance.
Cutlery drawer for a dishwasher
A cutlery drawer for a dishwasher includes a frame extendably supported within a washing tub and a plurality of inserts which are movably disposed on the frame and are configured to hold dishware items to be washed. The plurality of inserts include a horizontally displaceable disposed on the frame so as to be horizontally displaceable in a direction perpendicular to a direction of withdrawal of the cutlery drawer and a vertically displaceable insert disposed on the frame so as to be vertically displaceable.
Silverware basket with integral spray jets for a dishwasher
Embodiments of the present invention provide systems, methods, and apparatuses for providing dedicated spray coverage for silverware and dishware positioned within a silverware basket. In an example embodiment, the dishwasher includes a tub configured to receive dishware and a circulation system configured to circulate fluid within the tub.
Combustion chamber
A combustion chamber comprises an outer wall and an inner wall spaced from the outer wall. The outer wall has at least one mounting aperture extending there-through and the inner wall has threaded studs extending there-from.
Double loop lasso with single puller wire for bi-directional actuation
A catheter has a distal assembly with at least one loop, if not two, with ring electrodes. The distal assembly has an elongated support member covered by an extruded form having two lumens, one sized for nonslip tight fit with the support member.
Self-locking nut assembly
A self-locking nut assembly includes a nut, and a washer connected with the nut. The nut has a screw bore and a protruding conical ring.
Rotation detection set and bearing assembly comprising such a detection set
This rotation detection set comprises an encoder washer rotatable around a rotation axis, at least one sensor adapted to detect a rotation parameter of the encoder washer through an air gap (g), a support member for holding the sensor with respect to the rotation axis and a mounting member for immobilizing the support member with respect to a fixed structure. The mounting member is made of one piece of magnetic material and has a first wall located on the same side of the air gap (g) as the encoder washer and a second wall located on the same side of the air gap as the sensor whereas a magnetic body of the encoder washer, the air gap (g) and the sensor are located in a volume defined by the mounting member between the two walls..
Electric motor
An electric motor includes a rotor having a rotary shaft, a pair of ball bearings for supporting the rotary shaft, and two brackets having bearing housings for holding the ball bearings. The motor further includes a washer between one of the ball bearings and an end wall of one of the bearing housings.
Pressure diffuser with an annular baffle screen plate over water inlet
A pressure diffuser washer comprising: an outer wall, an inner wall adjacent to the outer wall, the inner wall defining annular baffle chambers between the outer wall and the inner wall, wherein each of the annular baffle chambers is configured to connect to a source of a wash liquid, a reciprocating screen assembly adjacent to the inner wall, the reciprocating screen assembly defining a first annular chamber between the inner wall and the reciprocating screen assembly, an area in the inner wall defining a gap associated with each of the annular baffle chambers, wherein the wash liquid from an annular baffle chamber flows through the gap into the first annular chamber, and an annular baffle screen plate covering the gap, wherein the annular baffle screen plate defines openings sized to prevent rocks and other large particulate debris from entering the annular baffle chambers.. .
Damping valve arrangement for a semiactive vibration damper
A damping valve arrangement is provided for controlling a pilot pressure that exerts influence on a control chamber of a damping device of a vibration damper through a control fluid, with an armature that is displaceable by the activity of an electrically energizable coil and provided in a housing, which armature includes a guide pin on which a first spring washer is provided and braces the guide pin. The first spring washer is designed for changing the area of a flow-through opening of the damping valve arrangement through which a control fluid is able to flow..
Dishwasher and method of controlling the same
The present invention relates to a dishwasher that can save wash water for cleaning and a method of controlling the dishwasher. A method of controlling a dishwasher according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention is a method of controlling a dishwasher having a circulation channel through which wash water is supplied to wash a plurality of arms by a wash pump after collecting the wash water, sprayed in to a tub from the plurality of wash arms, in a sump, and the method includes: performing a first water-supplying for supplying a predetermined amount of wash water into the dishwasher by opening a water supply valve; performing a first washing where the plurality of wash arms spray the wash water into the tub to be circulated by operating the wash pump; performing a first draining for saving recycling wash water as much as the volume of the circulation channel and draining the rest of the wash water to the outside of the dishwasher by operating the wash pump and the drain pump; and performing a second water-supplying for supplying the amount of wash water except the amount of the recycling wash water from a predetermined amount of wash water into the dishwasher by opening the water supply valve..
Tool-free blade change system
A tool-free blade change system in one embodiment includes a handle, an arbor bolt including a keyed portion configured to mate with a keyed bore of the handle to restrict rotation of the handle with respect to the arbor bolt, a blade washer defining a plurality of washer teeth which enmesh with the body teeth so as restrict rotation of the handle with respect to the blade washer in one direction while allowing rotation of the handle with respect to the blade washer in another direction, and a biasing member configured to bias the handle downwardly toward the blade washer, wherein the handle is axially movable with respect to the blade washer between a first position whereat the plurality of body teeth are enmeshed with the plurality of washer teeth and a second position whereat the plurality of body teeth are spaced apart from the plurality of washer teeth.. .
Bolt housing for toilet water tank
Toilet water tanks are mounted to the bowls with two bolts through two open holes. While rubber washers are used to seal the open bolt holes at the bottom of water tanks, water leaking is a century-old issue for many do-it-yourselfers.
Attachment arrangement for composite wheels
The present invention provides an attachment arrangement for use in attaching at least one composite wheel to a mount using an elongate fastener element and a fastening nut which can be fastened on the elongate fastener element. The attachment arrangement is used with a composite wheel that includes at least one attachment aperture through which the elongate fastener element is inserted.
Dishwasher, in particular domestic dishwasher
A dishwasher includes a wash container for items to be washed and configured to conduct at least water during operation, and a fluid line system having an inlet valve defined by a center line and configured for direct or indirect connection of a water inlet line from a water supply network. Disposed below the wash container is a base support having an outer wall provided with a cutout.
Tapped auxiliary winding dishwasher motor
A motor assembly comprises an electric motor and a motor controller. The motor includes a stator; a rotor; a main winding; a first auxiliary winding; a second auxiliary winding; a capacitor; a first tap point between the main winding and the first auxiliary winding; and a second tap point between the first and second auxiliary windings.
Washware carrier for accommodating washware in a variable manner
A washware carrier for the accommodation of washware to be washed in dishwasher includes a base portion, and a multiplicity of retainers for the washware. The retainers are arranged, in a row, with a first plurality of retainers being fixed and a second plurality of retainers configured for swing action.
Parts washer assembly with clean rinse module
A parts washer assembly including a reservoir that may have a contaminated fluid solution at a level and a cover with an opening formed therein on an open end of the reservoir. A clean rinse module including a flange, a tank, a first pump and a second pump that may be disposed in the reservoir contiguous with the cover so that the tank and the first and second pumps depend from the flange into the reservoir.
Linear actuator with arm driven mechanism
A linear actuator (1) includes an electrical driving mechanism (10), a lead screw (20), an outer tube (30), a telescopic tube (40) and an arm driven mechanism (50). The arm driven mechanism (50) comprises an arm (51), a driving nut (52), a telescopic sleeve (53), a first washer (54), a nut-tube (55) and a second washer (56).
Washer arranging apparatus, washer arranging system, and washer arranging method
A washer arranging apparatus (10) includes a washer arranging portion (11) for positioning a plurality of washers (53) in predetermined arranging positions (α), and a washer supplying portion (12) for supplying the washers (53) to the washer arranging portion (11). The washer supplying portion (12) includes a holding portion (20) that has a horizontal floor portion (a bottom surface portion 21a of a base portion (21)) and is a portion for holding the washers (53) loaded into the washer supplying portion (12), and a vane member (23) that rotates above the bottom surface portion (21a) about an axis of the washer arranging portion (11) and pushes the washers (53) held in the holding portion (20) in a direction parallel to the bottom surface portion (21a).
Drive member, device for holding a pipe, in particular for windscreen washer liquid, and corresponding wiper system
A drive member for a wiper carrier of a wiper system for a motor vehicle is disclosed. The driver member includes an orifice designed to receive a drive shaft, the drive shaft being able to rotate about a rotation axis, and an external contour when this drive member is viewed along the rotation axis.
Dishwasher with self-sealing vent fan
A vent fan for use with the dishwasher and providing a vent door covering the opening associated with a motorized fan employs a mechanical coupling between the fan motor and vent door to eliminate the need for a separate vent door actuator by using energy of the fan motor to accomplish the actuation.. .
Exhaust-gas turbocharger
An exhaust-gas turbocharger (1) having a turbine (2) which is provided with a variable turbine geometry (18) and/or a wastegate; and having an actuator (11) which is connected to the variable turbine geometry (18) and/or the wastegate via a coupling rod (14). The coupling rod (14) is connected at its end regions (21, 22) at one side to a pin of the actuator (11) by means of a lock washer (25) and at the other side to a pin (33) of an adjusting shaft (5) of the variable turbine geometry (18) and/or of the wastegate by means of a lock washer (26).
Washer arrangement for an axial bearing arrangement
The invention relates to a washer arrangement for an axial bearing arrangement, particularly in a motor vehicle gearbox, having a first sector element and at least a second sector element, which complement one another to form an annular retaining washer. The retaining washer comprises an inner circumference and an outer circumference.
Bonding washer
A bonding washer for making electrical connection between two metal pieces that are to be mechanically fastened together. The washer, to be interposed between the two metal pieces, may be constructed so as to fasten to one of the pieces before the two pieces are joined.
Apparatus and method for monitoring hand washing
A method and apparatus to monitor and document that proper hygienic procedures are followed by food service providers consisting of a camera, a processor controlling the camera, and software to accomplish the hand washing monitoring. The criteria for identifying the start and end of a hand washing event by monitoring activity is selected areas is presented.
Water-conducting domestic appliance comprising a detergent dosing system and cartridge therefor
A water-conducting domestic appliance, in particular a domestic dishwasher, the water-conducting domestic appliance including a washing compartment for receiving items therein that are to be subjected to a washing cycle by the water-conducting domestic appliance; a detergent dosing system, the detergent dosing system having a detergent dispenser with a receiving compartment, the receiving area for receiving at least one cartridge that is configured to hold at least one detergent; and a cartridge having separate chambers for storing at least two detergents, each chamber having a storage capacity for storing detergent that is greater than a quantity of detergent required for one washing cycle.. .
Wheel kit attachment apparatus for hand operating golf bags and sport duffel bag
This is a wheel kit attachment apparatus for the hand operating of a duffel bag or a golf bag comprising of two parts, a handle and a single piece platform with wheels. Both parts mount to a bag by drilling ¼″ hose and fasten with plastic tree fastener or shield retainer.
Apparatus for supplying washer liquid of vehicle
An apparatus that supplies washer liquid of a vehicle, in which a washer liquid hose is inserted into a lower end of a pivot shaft by applying a check valve to the lower end of the pivot shaft. In addition, the washer liquid hose is inserted into the pivot shaft and a pipe, to secure a hose route during wiper operation..
Filter housing and dishwasher including the same
A filter housing for a dishwasher is provided, the dishwasher including a sump to store wash water. The filter housing may be coupled to an upper portion of the sump and include a filter coupling portion having a filter coupled thereto to filter out foreign substances contained in wash water overflowing the sump, a peripheral portion arranged outside of the filter coupling portion and provided with at least one recovery hole frame, a recovery hole allowing the wash water to pass therethrough being formed inside the at least one recovery hole frame, and an inclined rib formed at a lower surface of the peripheral portion, the inclined rib being inclined downward..
Dishwasher detergent dispenser
A dishwasher includes a hydraulically actuated dispenser for dispensing an additive into a treating chamber of the dishwasher. The dispenser includes a storage chamber, a lid, and a hydraulic cylinder that is fluidly connected to a water source external to the dishwasher.
Pneumatic valve and regulator
A regulator assembly for a paintball marker includes a body having an inlet orifice for connecting to the compressed fluid source, an outlet orifice for connecting to the marker, and a cavity formed therein having a first chamber proximate the outlet orifice, a second chamber proximate the inlet orifice and providing a fluid pathway between the inlet and outlet orifices, a poppet valve functionally positioned within the outlet orifice, and a pneumatic valve actuator positioned within the cavity of the body and supportively coupled to the poppet valve. The pneumatic valve actuator comprises a piston, a spring pack and an adjustment strut.
Exhaust gas recirculation valve for vehicle
An exhaust gas recirculation valve for a vehicle may include a housing having a flow path through which an exhaust gas flows, a shaft installed in the housing to be rotatable, a flap valve provided to be rotatable about the shaft and configured to open and close the flow path, a bushing provided on the shaft, an anti-wear washer installed on the shaft between the flap valve and the bushing, and a spring means installed on the shaft and configured to elastically support the bushing.. .
Wrench socket for automatically marking high tension bolt, and method for tightening high tension bolt using same
There are provided a wrench socket and a method for tightening a high tension bolt. The wrench socket includes: a housing making partial contact with a nut to apply force to the nut, the housing being rotatably coupled to a handle; a marker disposed in the housing for marking a high tension bolt, the nut, and a washer according to a height of the high tension bolt; a gauge disposed in the housing for making contact with the high tension bolt and reciprocating according to a position of the high tension bolt; and an elastic part configured to apply an elastic force to the gauge according to a position of the gauge unit..
A washing machine comprises a casing; a tub disposed inside the casing; a drum rotatably provided inside the tub, for accommodating laundry therein; and a spiral nozzle for rotating supplied water in a predetermined direction and then spraying the water into the drum through discharge hole, wherein the spiral nozzle comprises an impingement surface formed in front of the discharge hole so that the water discharged from the discharge hole is distributed by impinging on the impingement surface.. .
Heated or cooled dishwasher safe dishware and drinkware
An actively heated mug or travel mug is provided. The mug or travel mug can include a body that receives a liquid therein and a heating system at least partially disposed in the body.
Dishwasher, a door assembly for the dishwasher, and an associated method for drying dishware
A dishwasher, a door assembly for the dishwasher and a method of drying the dishware in the dishwasher are provided. The dishwasher may include a tub portion adapted to hold dishware, a heating element proximate a bottom of the tub portion and configured to heat air inside the tub portion during a drying cycle, and a blower configured to direct the air and vaporized water into a duct having an inlet proximate the top of the tub portion.
Dropping head for wash basin or bathtub
A dropping head for a wash basin or a bath basin includes a base which is installed with an upper and a lower filter disk which are detachable for cleaning or updating. Cleaning grains can be placed between the upper filter disk and the lower filter disk.
Pivotal unit for barbell
A barbell includes a rod and two tubular members are respectively mounted to the two ends of the rod. Two pivotal units are respectively located in the two tubular members and mounted to the two ends of the rod.
Nut gatherer and method of constructing same
A nut gatherer device includes a cage formed by a plurality of wires. Each of the wires has a bowed middle segment and two straight end portions.
Sprung washer and fixing device
A fixing-device that fixes a second member to be fastened to a first member to be fastened, the fixing-device includes, a base fixed to the first member to be fastened, a sprung-washer attached to the base and interposed between the base and the second member to be fastened, and a fastener that fastens the second member to be fastened and the base to each other, wherein the sprung-washer includes a threaded-portion insertion-hole into which a threaded-portion of the fastener is inserted, an edge-portion that is formed around the threaded-portion insertion-hole, and with which a pressing-portion provided in the fastener comes into contact and that is thereby pressed when the fastener is tightened, and a leaf-spring that extends from the edge-portion forward in a direction in which the fastener is inserted into the threaded-portion insertion-hole and outward, and that has a bent-portion midway along the length of the leaf-spring.. .
Bearing for a shaft of a printing technology machine
A bearing for a shaft of a printing technology machine includes a bearing housing composed of an upper part and a lower part. The bearing housing has a bore for receiving a rolling-contact bearing for the shaft.
Table top dishwasher
A table top dishwasher comprises (a) a tub (10) for accommodating articles to be cleaned; (b) a cover member (12) forming a water-tight hood over said tub (10), said hood comprising a fixed hood portion (14) and a rotatable door (16) which is connected to the fixed hood portion so as to be rotatable between a raised opened position in which it provides access to the tub and a lowered closed position in which the door forms part of the water-tight hood; in accordance with the present invention the dishwasher further comprises (c) lock means (38, 40) which when locked maintains the door (16) in the closed position; and (d) a spring mechanism (54, 58, 62) adapted to keep the door partially opened at an intermediate position when the lock means is unlocked wherein in said intermediate position the door provides for a gap for venting the hood.. .
Backwash fitting
A fitting for connecting a hose to ports of a water filter bypass valve, the hose having an inner diameter less than that of the ports. The fitting includes a unitary base member, a second end connector, and first and second washers.
Foreign object protection system
A foreign object protection system for dishwashers is disclosed. The foreign object protection system prevents large objects from damaging other components of a dishwasher.
Sump assembly for a dishwasher appliance
A sump assembly for a dishwasher appliance is provided. The sump assembly includes a housing that defines a chamber.
Method and system for detecting and removing a clogging condition of a filter in a dishwasher
Embodiments of the present invention relate to methods and systems for detecting and removing a clogging condition of a filter in a dishwasher. According to one embodiment, the method includes determining a normal water level or a normal rate of water level change for a wash cycle of the dishwasher and monitoring a water level or a rate of water level change during execution of the wash cycle.
Spherical collet for mounting a gas turbine engine liner
A liner and attachment structure has an exhaust liner for use in a gas turbine engine. At least one hanger has feet secured to the liner.
Laundering systems incorporating visual displays
Laundering systems that incorporate visual display units into hatch doors are disclosed. In one embodiment, the laundering system (10) includes a cabinet unit (12) for housing laundering elements; an outer door assembly (42), which includes a handle element (48) and control and/or monitoring elements (60), an inner door assembly (44), which includes a display unit (90); and an electrical system (140) for the display unit.
Fixation clamp
A fixation clamp, more particularly for use in an external fixation system for holding bone fragments adjacent to each other with the help of fixation elements, has at least one clamping assembly having at least one reception to accommodate a fixation element along the longitudinal axis of the reception and at least one locking element extending through the clamping assemblies for blocking the position of the clamping assemblies in a defined angular position. Between said locking element and said at least one clamping assembly there is arranged a washer.
Slider locknut
A locknut (12) has an l-shaped slider (18) formed of a washer-like piece (19) held above a nut (13) by a contiguous spring element (20) spot-welded to the nut. The spring causes the washer to press against a bolt (33) or stud with locking torque when the locknut is secured thereon, and to rest away from the nut when not adjacent a bolt or stud.
The present invention relates to a dishwasher comprising at least one spray device (20), the spray device having at least one nozzle (10) for discharging washing liquid in the form of a spray jet, where at least one nozzle is adjustable in order to change the characteristics of the spray jet. According the invention the adjustable nozzle (10) is adjustable by an adjusting means comprising a thermal actuator (10,60)..
Washer / disinfector having a water inlet diffuser
A washer having a plurality of water inlet diffusers, each diffuser connected to a water inlet line for directing the flow of fluid into the washing chamber. The water is directed, i.e., sprayed against the surfaces of the washing chamber to modify (adjust) the temperature of the washing chamber gradually prior to the start of a particular phase of a washing cycle..
Automatic photovoltaic solar panel washer
An automatic (auto) photovoltaic (pv) solar panel washer comprising a main carrier joined by a connecting member to the main mast. A main hydraulic cylinder system comprising one or more hydraulic cylinders and connector arrangement on the main mast raises the main mast up or pushes it down, activating the connecting member, thereby raising or lowering the main carrier.
Dishwasher, a door assembly for the dishwasher, and an associated method for drying dishware
A dishwasher, a door assembly for the dishwasher and a method of drying the dishware in the dishwasher are provided. The dishwasher may include a tub portion adapted to hold dishware.
Ceramic matrix composite liner attachment
An attachment structure and ceramic matrix composite liner combination for a gas turbine engine has a ceramic matrix composite liner including plural flanges extending away from a face of said liner. The flanges have an opening and a bracket secured to the flanges by a securement member extending through the opening in the flange, and through an opening in the bracket.
Twist-preventing apparatus for mounting a rack in a dishwasher
A disclosed example dishwasher includes a tub at least partially defining a treating chamber, a rack for holding utensils for treatment within the treating chamber, a first wheel coupled with the tub, a second wheel coupled with the rack at an angle other than perpendicular, and a track. The track can have first and second channels in a back-to-back relationship for respectively receiving the first and second wheels to slidably mount the rack to the tub..
Dishwasher support structures to reduce rotation of a door crown
Support structures that reduce rotation of a door crown are disclosed. An example dishwasher for treating dishes according to a cycle of operation includes a tub defining a treating chamber with an opening, and a door movably mounted to the tub to selectively open and close the opening.
Cooled combustor seal
A cooled combustor seal having a plurality of channels enabling cooling air to pass from outside of a combustion chamber to cool an area inside the combustion chamber around the seal is disclosed. The channels may be provided through a slider, a housing, and/or a washer of the combustor seal.
Ultrahigh-integrity interlocking nut and washer system for trailer axles
An interlocking nut and washer system complies with new standards identified in the society of automotive engineers (sae) recommended practice j2535, setting preload in heavy-duty wheel bearings, and with maintenance recommendations issued by the technology maintenance council (tmc) recommended practice rp618, wheel bearing adjustment procedure. The system includes an improved inner washer, adjustment nut, intermediate washer, and outer nut that interlocks with the intermediate washer following the introduction of an established level of preload force by the adjustment nut.

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