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Washer patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Washer-related patents
 Lock washer patent thumbnailnew patent Lock washer
A lock washer for releasably locking a fastener to an object is provided. The washer includes a body defining a bore configured for alignment with a bore disposed in the object.
Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake Llc

 Handle patent thumbnailnew patent Handle
Handle consisting of a gripping knob internally provided with a housing cavity in a stable position of a pin, said pin consisting of at least a portion with a larger-diameter section and of a portion with a smaller diameter projecting therefrom, at the top end of said smaller-diameter portion a retaining member being provided, having a larger diameter with respect to that of said portion, on said portion an elastic bush being housed for engagement with the inner surface of said knob characterised in that between said retaining member and said elastic bush a washer is arranged of a material aimed at minimising friction.. .
Elesa S.p.a.

 Movable rack assembly with corner spray nozzles patent thumbnailnew patent Movable rack assembly with corner spray nozzles
A movable rack assembly for a washer having a generally rectangular frame. The frame includes a central hub connectable to a fluid source.
Steris Inc.

 Parts washer patent thumbnailnew patent Parts washer
A parts washer comprising an upper portion and a lower portion, in which the part may be washed in the upper portion and the lower portion includes a drum for containing the aqueous cleaning solution. A method of washing an article in a parts washer and a method of regenerating the cleaning solution within the parts washer are also disclosed..

 Dishwasher patent thumbnailnew patent Dishwasher
A dishwasher, in particular a household dishwasher, includes at least one wash compartment and a rack guide rail for support in the wash compartment of a rack which holds items to be washed and/or dried. The rack guide rail has a running surface to allow movement of the rack in and out of the wash compartment for loading and unloading purposes along a travel path supported on the running surface.
Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausgeräte Gmbh

 Electronic devices with housing-based interconnects and coupling structures patent thumbnailElectronic devices with housing-based interconnects and coupling structures
An electronic device has an electronic device housing containing electrical components such as integrated circuits and other components. The electronic device housing may be provided with an interconnect stack that has layers of dielectric and metal traces forming signal paths.
Apple Inc.

 Electronic indicator device for cleaning monitoring patent thumbnailElectronic indicator device for cleaning monitoring
An electronic indictor device (100) for cleaning monitoring can be disposed in a wash chamber of a washer-disinfector to monitor the efficacy of a cleaning cycle. The electronic indicator device (100) includes an environmental sensor (110) configured to generate signals indicative of environmental conditions and a processor (120) configured to determine the efficacy of the figured cleaning cycle based on the signals generated by the environmental sensor (110)..
3m Innnovative Properties Company

 Weld pass-less boiler of cooking appliance patent thumbnailWeld pass-less boiler of cooking appliance
A boiler of cooking appliance is provided with cylindrical first and second half vessels releasably secured together; at least one screw type fastening assembly including a first seat, a joining member, at least one first sealing ring, a washer, and a nut; and at least one screw type fastening assembly including a second seat on an outer surface of the first or second half vessel, a ring, at least one second sealing ring, and washers put on second threaded fasteners. The ring is mounted on an inner surface of the second joining surface.
Gino Creation Co., Ltd.

 Telecommunications system cooling fan incorporating a compact vibration isolator patent thumbnailTelecommunications system cooling fan incorporating a compact vibration isolator
The present invention provides a cooling fan assembly for use in a telecommunications system, including: a cooling fan; a housing; a rigid pin disposed through the housing an into a mounting hole manufactured into the cooling fan; a vibration isolator disposed about the rigid pin within the mounting hole; and a washer disposed about the rigid pin between the cooling fan and the housing. The vibration isolator is a cylindrical vibration isolator.
Ciena Corporation

 Systems and methods for repairing utility poles patent thumbnailSystems and methods for repairing utility poles
A pole splint, generally for use with a broken wooden utility pole, which can provide for a strong repair at a pole breakpoint and which uses relatively little manpower and equipment to install, even under difficult conditions. The splint generally comprises two panels which are designed to be interconnected with elongated connectors.


Washer and/or dryer comprising a door

The present invention relates to a washer and/or dryer (1) comprising a body (2) and a door (3) that provides access into the body (2) and that has a ring shaped inner door (4) forming the portion thereof facing the inside of the body (2), a ring shaped outer door (5) that forms the portion thereof facing the outside of the body (2) and that is fixed onto the inner door (4) so that their inner faces face each other, a skirt (6) that is squeezed between the inner door (4) and the outer door (5), a transparent door (8) having a hub (7) extending towards the inside of the body (2) and a circular gasket (9) that is all around squeezed between the transparent door (8) and the inner door (4) and that provides leak-proofing against the humid air forming inside the body (2).. .
Arcelik Anonim Sirketi


Atomizing sprayer

An atomizing sprayer includes a vapor tube, a front washer, an ultrasonic chip, a porous plate holder, a porous plate, a rear washer, and a chip holder. The chip holder has an opening hole at its center.
Quatek Holding Inc.


Endodontic file for assessing root canal depth

An endodontic file having an extended measurement range of 14 mm is provided. The endodontic file comprises a shank, a washer and a handle, the shank having a proximal end, a distal end, a proximal region and a fluted region, the washer slidably located about the proximal region of the shank, wherein the improvement comprises an exposed shank in an annular groove in the handle, the exposed shank and the annular groove being about 1 to about 2 mm wide, such that in use, the exposed shank provides a user an extended depth measuring capability.


Spray arm assembly for dishwasher appliances

Dishwasher appliances and spray arm assemblies for dishwasher appliances are provided. An assembly includes an indexing assembly disposed between a conduit and a plurality of spray arms.
General Electric Company


Highly adjustable and adaptable exterior panel racking system

A racking system for holding solar panels and other similar panels in a fixed position and that can easily adjust to terrains which are not level and adapt to variations in solar panel size without different hardware and without significant manual effort is disclosed. Adjustable channels hold the panels in place and the entire assembly process can be completed without the need for bolts, screws, washers, and nuts..
Anar Solar Llc.


Method and structure for fastening and electrically isolating busbars insulated with heat-shrink material

Isolation structure is provided for electrically isolating a busbar mounted to a post insulator by a fastener via a busbar mounting hole. The busbar has insulating material covering the busbar except for surfaces defining the mounting hole.
Abb Technology Ag


Measuring apparatus

A measuring device for measuring nuts, bolt heads, washers and the like that includes a body having a first end, an opposing second end, and a longitudinal reference line extending between the first end and the second end; a first pair of parallel surfaces of equal length, the first pair of opposing parallel surfaces longitudinally between the first end and the second end, the surfaces of the first pair spaced apart by a first distance; a second pair of parallel surfaces of equal length, the second pair of parallel surfaces longitudinally between the first pair of parallel surfaces and the first end, the surfaces of the second pair spaced apart by a second distance that is smaller than the first distance; and a pair of nonparallel surfaces connected at an obtuse angle, the opposing nonparallel surfaces longitudinally between the second pair of opposing parallel surfaces and the first end.. .


Gasket, in particular for a pressurised liquid

A gasket, in particular for a pressurized liquid, includes: a support ring (2) having an axial flange (3) and a radial flange (4); and a ptfe washer (5) arranged on the ring (2), the washer at least partially covering the outer face (3′) of the axial flange (3) and forming a flexible inner sealing lip (6) intended to be applied against an element to be sealed, such as a shaft. The sealing lip (6) includes an annular portion bearing mostly on the element to be sealed and a curved annular connecting portion.
Carl Freudenberg Kg


Modular demountable safety panels, compatible with application on concrete bases or metal barriers at motor racing circuits and their respective assembly process

This invention is concerned with a new type of demountable modular panel and its respective assembly process, intended for use on motor sports circuits, particularly on urban circuits. It has the advantage of being easily assembled and disassembled, allowing easy access to any point on the circuit.
Rodrigo & Sequeira, Associados - Projectos Urbanos, Lda.


Three wheel, mobile frame

Three-wheel, mobile frame adapted to secure one or more nozzles, wand, and spray control power, pressure washer to a main spar with a caster type front wheel assembly connected to the main spar and main wheel assembly comprising two axle mounted, main wheels. The spar includes a support leg attached at a point behind the main main wheel assembly and descending downward to prevent inadvertent back-tipping of the three-wheel, mobile frame in response to cleaning fluid discharged against the flat surface to be cleaned under pressure from the nozzle when the unit is not fully controlled by the operator.


Dishwasher with booster agent dispersal system

A dishwasher includes a shiftable rack provided with a washing agent dispersal system including a housing into which washing fluid is delivered. When the rack is shifted to a retracted position within a tub of the dishwasher, a tube feed system is employed to selectively distribute washing fluid from a pump assembly to each of multiple spray arms, the housing of the washing agent dispersal system and an auxiliary spray unit carried by the upper rack..
Whirlpool Corporation


Convertible insulation holder pin

A foldable pin and base washer combination capable of being connected to a duct surface by welding or by an adhesive. In the unfolded position, the combination meets the preferred industry standard for securing a sheet or batte of insulation to a wall of an hvac duct, and in the folded position the combination can be more efficiently and compactly packaged and shipped.
Duro Dyne Corporation


Axial cage for cylindrical rolling bodies

An axial cage (1) for cylindrical rolling bodies which substantially is formed of a thin-walled washer (2) with a w-shaped profile, the individual profile legs of which are formed by an inner radial rim (3) formed on the inner edge of the washer (2), an outer radial rim (4) formed on the outer edge of the washer (2) and a u-shaped center crimp (7) connected by way of inner and outer axial profile sections (5, 6) to the radial rims (3, 4) and having the same radial extent as the rims (3, 4). A number of evenly spaced rectangular cage pockets (8) are cut from the central crimp (7) and the adjacent axial profile sections (5, 6), between which pockets an equal number of pocket webs (9) are formed connecting the rims (3, 4) with one another, by which webs the cylindrical rolling bodies (10) are retained in the cage pockets (8) at uniform distances from one another and are also guided in the circumferential direction.
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg


Bearing assembly for an electric motor with an axially preloaded ball bearing

The present invention relates to a bearing assembly for an electric motor, in particular for a small electric motor. It comprises an axially preloaded ball bearing with an inner race and an outer race.
Maxon Motor Ag


Bolt and cap assembly for plumbing fixture

A bolt and cap assembly for mounting a plumbing fixture includes a flanged nut, a bolt, a washer, and a cap. The flanged nut includes a flange and a sleeve extending therefrom.
Kohler Co.


Rough metallic locking washer

A metallic locking washer is configured to be mounted in a screw/nut system to engage between a nut and a bearing element. The metallic locking washer has a contact face suitable for coming into contact with one or the other of the nut and the bearing element.
Nord-lock International Ab


Reduction of turbocharger core unbalance with balance washer

Turbochargers operate at extremely high speed, so balance of the rotating core is of the utmost importance to turbocharger life. A special balancing washer is added to the clamping region between the compressor nut and the nose of the compressor wheel to aid in keeping the wheel, nut, and stub-shaft on the turbocharger axis and to thereby prevent introduction of core unbalance..
Borgwarner Inc.


Scroll compressor with captured thrust washer

A load transmittal apparatus transfers an axial load to a thrust surface during operation of a scroll compressor.. .
Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh


Roof mount sealing assembly

A variety of roof mount sealing assemblies are disclosed. The roof mount sealing assemblies allow a user to mount rails for solar panels, signs, satellite dish or any other desired item on the roof and have the mounting location sealed against water.
D Three Enterprises, Llc


Electronic device, computer program product, and controlling display

According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a receiver and a display controller. The receiver is configured to receive information indicating an operation course and information indicating a process currently performed by a washer dryer from the washer dryer.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Dishwasher appliance having energy recovery features

Dishwasher appliances are provided. A dishwasher appliance includes a tub defining a chamber for the receipt of articles for cleaning, a sump for collecting liquid from the chamber, a fluid circulation conduit for circulating liquid in the tub, and a first pump downstream of and in fluid communication with the sump.
General Electric Company


Dishwasher with unitary wash module

An automatic dishwasher having a tub defining a treating chamber and a housing physically separate from the tub and defining a sump to receive liquid sprayed into the tub, the housing having an inlet fluidly connected to a liquid outlet of the tub and an outlet fluidly coupled to a sprayer located within the tub to define a recirculation path for the sprayed liquid.. .
Whirlpool Corporation


Dishwasher appliance and operating same

Dishwasher appliances and methods are provided. A dishwasher appliance includes a chamber and a door, the door having an interior wall and a bottom.
General Electric Company


Microwavable egg scrambling tray

Described is a microwavable egg scrambling tray. The tray includes one or more rounded depressions in which uncooked eggs and other ingredients can be placed.


Fishing reel

One object is to provide a fishing reel including a drag device achieving stable drag performance. A fishing reel of the present invention includes: a spool around which a fishing line is to be wound by rotational operation of a handle; and a drag device configured to apply a braking force to the spool, wherein the drag device includes one or more drag washers, one or more lining washers in surface contact with the drag washers, and an operation member for adjusting a pressing force of the drag washers on the lining washers, and wherein the lining washers are provided with a grease having a viscosity of 800 mm2/s or higher..
Globeride, Inc


Button assembly and electronic device with the same

A button assembly includes a keycap, a washer, a positioning member, and a fixing member. The keycap includes a resisting member and an operating member.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Pressure washer with cool 100% bypass device and method

Embodiments of the present invention disclose apparatuses and methods for a pressure washer with 100% cool bypass without the need for a soap or detergent metering valve, high pressure detergent, a booster pump, or thermal relief valve. The pressure washer can operate for extended periods of time without overheating..


Automated conveyorized wash system to wash oilfield positive displacement motors and drilling tools

An automated conveyorized wash system to wash oil field positive displacement motors and drilling tools can include a conveyor track to guide a load-carrying carriage filled with drilling tool parts and/or displacement motors along a predetermined path inside the washer. A relay switch and control means can be used to begin and end the washing process.


Bushing securement system

A skateboard bushing securement system is provided for improvement of skateboard truck stability and performance. Base washers having a raised annular ring are positioned on opposite sides of bushings engaged to the truck hanger.



A dishwasher for treating dishes includes a tub at least partially defining a treating chamber, a spraying system having a distribution header and at least one aperture provided on the distribution header for spraying wash liquid into the treating chamber, and a recirculation system for recirculating liquid sprayed in the treating chamber to the spraying system. A light assembly is provided on the distribution header, and includes a light source that emits light to a light guide, which in turn distributes light to the treating chamber..
Whirlpool Corporation



A dishwasher includes a washing tub defining a space that is configured to receive dishes to be washed by wash water, a sump configured to receive and collect wash water flowing from the washing tub, a filter unit disposed at the sump and configured to filter the wash water flowing from the washing tub to the sump, and a cap configured to prevent the wash water received in the sump from flowing from the filter unit to the washing tub.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Fishing reel having drag assembly

A fishing reel having a drag assembly. The drag assembly brakes the unwinding rotation of a spool to prevent a fishing line from being excessively rapidly unwound from the spool and thus from being snapped when the fishing line is drawn out by a hooked fish.
Doyo Engineering Co., Ltd


Waterproof motor seat on a rotisserie

The present invention is to provide a waterproof motor seat on a rotisserie, which comprises a housing having an opening on one side thereof and an accommodation space formed therein; an element fixing seat smaller than the opening and mounted in the housing on a position corresponding to the opening; a rotating mechanism positioned on an inner side of the element fixing seat; a waterproof washer having one end embedded into a gap formed between the element fixing seat and the opening, and the other end extending outside of the gap; and a packing ring securely mounted onto the housing and abutting against the other end of the waterproof washer and an outer side of the element fixing seat; such that the waterproof washer can be deformed and tightly packed within the gap for enabling the element fixing seat and the housing to be watertightly joined together into one body.. .


Propane fill adaptor for vehicles

An adaptor for coupling an associated quick connect fitting on an associated tank to an associated filling gun includes a connector body selectively connectable to the associated filling gun. A hand wheel is mounted to the connector body.
Cavagna Group Spa


Ratchet nut and washer

A fastening system which includes a bolt, a washer with at least one protrusion on one surface and at least one tooth on the other surface, and a nut with at least one tooth on a surface are provided. The teeth on the surfaces of the nut and washer are configured to drive the protrusion into an object, and also prevent the nut from backing off of the bolt.


Load indicating washer

A load indicating washer, or tension washer, for visually indicating pre-determined magnitudes of tension force in a tension tie member. The tension washer comprises a body portion with a deformable, curved annular flange member depending from the body portion.


Indicating washer

Indicating washers may include bumps and underlying dimples configured to control compression of the indicating washer during installation. Each bump may include a tapered triangular shape and may be asymmetrical with respect to each underlying dimple.



A washer is held by being sandwiched in an axial direction by a pinion and a holder. Here, although the washer is inexpensive, it has high planar accuracy.
Denso Corporation


System and retrofitting walls with retaining ties

A retention tie system for post-construction installation to stabilize masonry or composite walls. The system comprises a tie member anchored in an anchor hole bored into the existing foundation and a tensioned against a base plate and a cover plate seated along the top of the wall.


Clean clothes catcher

An apparatus to prevent small launderables such as delicates, underwear and socks from falling to the floor when transferring between a washer and a dryer includes a framework having a flexible strip that attaches and conforms to a surface of the appliance. A pair of pivoting arms for support of a fabric mesh cover is connected the strip.


Windshield washer conditioner

A system and method of collecting and conditioning rainwater and other moisture, such as dew, from a windshield of a vehicle and utilizing the collected fluid to replenish the fluids in the windshield washer reservoir. A collection funnel is positioned on a vehicle in order to collect rainwater and other moisture.
Wiperfill Holdings Llc


Method for operating a dishwasher appliance

A method for operating a dishwasher appliance is provided. The method includes interrupting a flow of wash fluid from a filtered volume of a sump to a spray assembly for a period of time during a wash cycle and resuming the flow of wash fluid from the filtered volume of the sump to the spray assembly after the period of time has elapsed during the wash cycle.
General Electric Company



A dishwasher for treating dishes includes a tub at least partially defining a treating chamber, a spraying system having a manifold with at least one sprayer for spraying wash liquid into the treating chamber, and a recirculation system for recirculating liquid sprayed in the treating chamber to the spraying system. The sprayer of the manifold has multiple apertures which are configured to emit liquid to different areas of the treating chamber..
Whirlpool Corporation


Magnetic line and lure restraint for enhanced casting

Apparatus and methods are disclosed for line and lure restraint to enhance spin casting. The apparatus is mountable to a fishing rod adjacent to a line reel maintained on the rod and includes a mount having a positioning arm with a mounting clip at one end and a platform at an opposite end.


Thrust nut

A nut main body has a slanted hole with a smaller inner end portion having a plurality of stepped portions of differing height. This gives the slanted hole a differing depth relative to a large-diameter end portion of the slanted hole at a plurality of locations about a circumference of the slanted hole.


Continuous glass fiber reinforced polymer composites in appliances

The use of a continuous glass reinforced fiber containing polymer composite capable of being thermally formed into various shapes and used in-home appliances such as a clothes washing or drying drum or basket or a dishwasher tub. The polymer composites can also be used to produce a garage wall panel or components for washer drums or baskets..
Whirlpool Corporation


Track joint assemblies

Disclosed are various exemplary embodiments of a track joint assembly. In one exemplary embodiment, the track joint assembly may include a first link having a first bore.
Caterpillar Inc.


Nozzle, manufacturing the same, and washer nozzle

An object of the present invention is to suppress variations in shape of flow channels to have an enlarged flow channel. When an attachment main body 51 of a lid member 50 is attached to a recessed attachment part 46 of a main body member 40, a pair of flange parts 52 provided to the lid member 50 abuts on the main body member 40.
Mitsuba Corporation


Golf putter grip

A golf putter grip comprises a main tubular body having a non-circular cross-section being symmetrical and remaining similar throughout its axial length and a flat front area being also along and throughout its axial length. The non-circular cross-section and the flat front area respectively have a width sufficient to have two hands cupped together at the same height and two thumbs placed side by side on the flat front area to hold the putter grip comfortably with minimal wrist breaking-down.


Soft embolic implant

Soft embolic implants exhibiting secondary shapes are disclosed. Some of the embolic implants exhibit progressively increasing softness from the distal end to the proximal end of the coil.
Penumbra, Inc.


Dishwasher appliance

A dishwasher appliance is provided. The dishwasher appliance includes a tub that defines a wash chamber and a rack assembly disposed within the wash chamber.
General Electric Company


Dishwasher and fan

A dishwasher includes a cabinet defining a washing chamber, a door for closing an opening of the washing chamber and a fan for exhausting moist air from the washing chamber. The fan is arranged between an outer wall and an inner wall of the door, in fluid communication with the washing chamber via at least one vent hole formed in the inner wall, and includes a housing with an inlet and an outlet, an impeller in the housing and an electric motor for driving the impeller.
Johnson Electric S.a.


Dishwasher with unitary wash module

An automatic dishwasher having a tub defining a treating chamber and a housing physically separate from the tub and defining a sump to receive liquid sprayed into the tub, the housing having an inlet fluidly connected to a liquid outlet of the tub and an outlet fluidly coupled to a sprayer located within the tub to define a recirculation path for the sprayed liquid.. .
Whirlpool Corporation


Systems and methods for coupling a semiconductor device of an automation device to a heat sink

A system includes a heat sink, a semiconductor device, and a layer of thermal interface material (tim) disposed between the heat sink and the semiconductor device. The tim may facilitate dissipation of heat generated by the semiconductor device via the heat sink.
Rockwell Automationj Technologies, Inc.


Welding washers for microwire welding

In various embodiments, welding washers are utilized to establish electrical connections between electrically conductive wires and electrically conductive pins.. .


Self-anti-rotating dual lock washer

A disclosed lock washer includes a first opening spaced apart from a second opening for receiving fasteners and preventing rotation. A first set of tabs is associated with the first opening and a second set of tabs is associated with the second opening.


Centrifugal multiple-impeller electric pump

A centrifugal multistage pump “vodomet-water cannon” contains electric motor, condensing case and pump stages, installed on the pump cases. The pump stages are located inside the case and are centered by the covers, and also by the support.


Washer dryer and controlling the same

A washer dryer and method for controlling the same may improve a structure of air circulation and increase dehumidification efficiency, thereby reducing drying time. A cooler fan is operated to prevent overheating of a washer dryer in the drying course, which reduces faults of the washer dryer and thus reduces user inconvenience.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.



The present disclosure provides a dishwasher having an improved basket pull-out structure. The dishwasher includes: a tub; a basket arranged inside the tub for loading dishes; and a draw-out unit arranged on either side of the basket for guiding the basket to be drawn out forward from the tub, wherein the draw-out unit includes first, second, and third rails, a plurality of first balls placed between the first and second rails, and a plurality of second balls placed between the second and third rails, and wherein the plurality of first balls and the plurality of second balls are arranged in vertical direction.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Dishwasher appliance and a mounting a slide rail in a dishwasher appliance

A dishwasher appliance and a method for mounting a slide rail within a dishwasher appliance are provided. A rack assembly of the dishwasher appliance includes a bracket with a post.
General Electric Company


Warewasher comprising a drying operating such a warewasher

A warewasher (1) provided as a box-type warewasher and a method for operating such a warewasher (1) are provided. In accordance with the warewasher and method, during the adsorption phase, air is guided from the treatment chamber (2) of the machine (1) through a drying unit (40) in such a way that moisture from the airflow is absorbed by a dry material, wherein the air is then fed again to the treatment chamber (2).
Premark Feg L.l.c.


Radial bearing thrust washer arrangement for submersible pump motor

An electrical submersible pump assembly has a motor that drives the pump. The motor has a stator having a bore, a shaft extending through the stator, and rotor sections mounted to the shaft, each of the rotor sections having first and second end rings.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Apparatus and methods for temporarily sealing a pipe

Apparatus and methods for temporarily sealing a pipe including apparatus and methods for creating a temporary airtight seal at the open end of a pipe in a plumbing or refrigeration system. One such apparatus includes a body, grommet, washer, and a nut.
Dpr Futures Llc


Pulley structure and damper pulley

Disclosed are a pulley structure and a damper pulley that prevent corrosion. The pulley structure may include a hub part that is fitted on a crankshaft rotated by power from an engine and rotates with the crankshaft and a pulley part coupled with the hub part to rotate with the hub part and connected with a power transmission member.
Halla Visteon Climate Control Corp.


System and methods for thermal isolation of components used

An isolator system for preventing the conduction of thermal energy between the metal components of a wall assembly comprising isolator plates adapted to be placed between the metal components of a wall assembly and made of an insulating material. The isolator plates include at least one opening for receiving a fastener, said opening has an annular shoulder adapted to extend into an opening for receiving said fastener in a metal component of a wall assembly.


Adaptive, multi-mode washer system and control method

A vehicle speed, ambient temperature or surface-condition responsive wash system 89 has a control system configured to adapt the wash system's operation to sensed operating conditions. The adaptive system and method selectively controlling aimed windshield washer fluid sprays comprises a multi (e.g., two) mode system with a washer fluid driving pump 80 having an impeller 121 that is activated to supply fluid under pressure to a multi-mode nozzle assembly 98.
Bowles Fluidics Corporation


Rack assembly and dishwasher having the same

A rack assembly and a dishwasher having the same, the rack assembly includes a basket in which a plurality of holes are formed; and a loading plate that is disposed to be separable from the basket and to be deformable so that loading plate and the materials to be washed placed thereon are removable from the basket. Through this configuration, loading and unloading of the materials to be washed can be easily performed..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.



A dishwasher having a spray unit fixed at a washing tub and configured to spray wash water, and a conversion assembly provided as to convert the direction of the wash water being sprayed from the spray unit toward a tableware basket. The conversion assembly includes a vane rotatably provided while disposed as to face with respect to the spray unit such that the direction of the converted wash water is adjusted.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Dishwasher with tension adjustment system

A dishwasher in which a user conveniently adjusts tension of a spring according to various materials or weights of a cover coupled to a door. The dishwasher includes a housing, a door rotatably mounted to a front surface of the housing, door hinges mounted to both sides of a lower portion of the door and rotatably coupled to the housing, springs connected to the door hinges and arranged at both side portions inside the housing, a wire to connect the springs, a shaft configured to rotate and having one end portion exposed outside the housing, a first rotation member connected to the other end portion of the shaft and formed with a worm, and a second rotation member engaged with the worm and connected to the wire.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Filter assembly for a dishwasher

A dishwasher with a tub at least partially defining a treating chamber, a liquid spraying system, a liquid recirculation system defining a recirculation flow path, and a liquid filtering system. The liquid filtering system includes a rotating filter disposed in the recirculation flow path to filter the liquid..
Whirlpool Corporation

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