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Washer patents


This page is updated frequently with new Washer-related patent applications.

new patent Intelligent washer
An intelligent fastener unit for fastening together structural members. The fastener unit includes a fastener with an externally threaded shank, an internally threaded mating member for threaded engagement with the fastener, and an intelligent washer having an rfid tag and an antenna mounted on one surface of a centrally aperture body member, and a pressure sensor mounted on the opposite surface for generating electrical signals representative of the compressive force applied to structural members captured by the fastener, the mating member and the washer.

new patent Ozone process for color removal
Embodiments relate generally to methods and systems for bleaching textiles using ozone gas that incorporates a color removal step. In one example, there is provided a hybrid machine that incorporates certain features of a washer, but that also includes an integrated blower for gas distribution inside the machine.

new patent Offset washer for adjusting camber angle
An offset washer for adjusting the camber angle in a vehicle is disclosed. The offset washer includes a body having an upper surface and a lower surface, an aperture extending through the body, and a protrusion having a longitudinal width different than the body thickness.
Niwot Corporation, Doing Business As Specialty Products Company

new patent Environment-friendly coffin
The environment-friendly coffin according to the invention comprising a box assembly and a profiled lid assembly covering said box assemblies, with both assemblies being connected to each other by means of connecting elements, is characterised in that the coffin's box assembly (1) comprises a casing (3) made of natural stone plates, plate-shaped flats (10) with tapped bores (11) made in them, fixed to inner or outer surfaces of longer plate side walls (5) of said casing, plate-shaped metal washers (12) with tapped mounting bores (13) fixed to these inner side walls (5) and a tubular element (15) mounted inside casing (3), said element tubular being made of glass fibre mat or metal and fastened to inner surfaces of plate side walls (5) and to bottom (4) made of natural stone slab or made of natural stone slab and plate (27) made of a made of a wood-base material and fixed to said stone slab by means of glue-based sealing mass (17), whereas the profiled lid assembly (2) of the coffin has an outer casing made of natural stone in the form of a solid with bottom cascade-shaped cavity (23) or with trough-shaped cavity (32) with a profile of the truncated pyramid, with a lower side offset in the form of a slab frame (29), where in the inner surface of said casing there is insert (30) made of a wood-base material with the same profile fixed by means of a glue to which glass fibre mat (31) is glued.. .
Socha Piotr Zaklad Kamieniarski

new patent Door assembly for a dishwasher
A dishwasher includes a treating chamber for receiving dishes for treatment according to a cycle of operation and a door assembly selectively moveable to close an access opening to the treating chamber, the door assembly having an interior door panel, an exterior door panel, and a window assembly comprising first and second window panes supported within the door assembly by a peripheral frame.. .
Whirlpool Corporation

new patent Break-proof assembly for wire of temperature control switch of heated clothing
A break-proof assembly for wires of a temperature control switch of a heated clothing is revealed. Several first wires are extended from a switch body of the temperature control switch of the heated clothing and connected to second wires respectively while the second wires are connected to a heating plate of the heated clothing.
Mec Addheat Co., Ltd.

Internal component arrangement within a housing
This application relates to securing and positioning internal components within a housing of a portable computing device. In one embodiment, a number of insert molded retaining members are utilized to inhibit outward deformation of a sidewall of the housing during a drop event.
Apple Inc.

Washers for mounting engine mounting members and accommodating thermal growth
An apparatus includes a chassis and a plurality of mounting members positioned on the chassis and structured to mount an engine. A contact member is in contact with a surface of each of the first set of the plurality of mounting members and is proximate to the chassis.
Cummins Power Generation Ip, Inc.

Quick connector structure for a pneumatic valve
A quick connector structure for a pneumatic valve contains a body, at least one locking unit, and a control set. The body includes at least one inserting hole and an air intake, wherein an airtight washer is fixed between the at least one inserting hole.

Locking nut and washer
A locking nut (10) and washer (12) for use with a threaded bolt. The locking nut (10) has a tool engaging portion (14), a threaded aperture (20), and a washer engaging portion (18).

Wing shroud retention system for a bucket of a machine

A retention system for retaining a wing shroud on a side plate of a bucket is provided. The retention system includes a tube member, a number of washers, and a fastener member.
Caterpillar Inc.

Wiper blade

Injection positions (a2, b2, and c2) toward which washer liquids (w) are injected from the forward-side injection nozzles (a1, b1, and c1) and injection positions (d2 and e2) which washer liquids (w) are injected from the backward-side injection nozzles (d1 and e1) are alternatively shifted in the longitudinal direction of the blade rubber. Therefore, in wiping-out motion of the blade rubber for one reciprocation, the front glass (12) can uniformly get wet, the total number of injection nozzles can be made less than ever, the consumption amount of washer liquid (w) at the time of reciprocating wiping-out motion of the blade rubber can be reduced, power consumption of the washer pump can be reduced, and the size of the washer pump can be decreased..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Bottle washer assembly for dishwasher appliance

Bottle washer assemblies for dishwasher appliances are provided. A bottle washer assembly includes a main conduit defining a main passage for flowing wash fluid therethrough.
General Electric Company

Automatic freeze protection for dishwashers

A system for protecting a dishwasher from freezing using components within a dishwasher. The system comprising: a control circuit, a heating element, a water pump, drain hose, hot water supply, water valve, door sensor to determine whether dishwasher door is closed and a temperature sensor..

Footwear securement system

A footwear securement system employs a plurality of elastic, stretchable elongated tubes, each of which extend through opposed corresponding openings of the footwear. Retainers are slidably receivable on the tubes and releasably engageable against opposed sides of the footwear so as to secure the footwear to a wearer.

Connector including a crimped locking ring and crimping such a locking ring

A connector includes a crimped locking ring and a plug body. The crimped locking ring surrounds the plug body.

Wiper-washer control device

The wiper-washer control device includes a wiper motor that causes a wiper blade to perform a wiping operation, a washer pump that causes a washer fluid to be sprayed, and a controller that, in cases in which defrosting has been instructed, controls the wiper motor and the washer pump such that a defrosting operation in which the wiping operation and spraying of washer fluid is performed in a predetermined combination.. .
Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Conveyor ware washer, in particular industrial conveyor ware washer

A conveyor ware washer (1), having a conveying device for conveying wash ware through treatment zones, has at least two wash zones (11, 12, 13), arranged one after the other and at least one final rinse zone (14) arranged downstream of the wash zones. An exhaust air system (20) removes exhaust air from the conveyor ware washer.

Trash deflector

An attachment assembly for the disc of a mobile agricultural device, including a washer configured to attach to a disc of the mobile agricultural device. The washer may be attached to a center location of the disc.
Schaffert Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Gasket, magnetic switch of starter comprising same, and starter provided with magnetic switch

The present invention relates to a gasket, a magnetic switch of a starter including the same, and a starter including the magnetic switch, the gasket including: a membrane which carries out a sealing function and is made of a resin material having flexibility; and a membrane washer provided along the edge of the membrane in order to prevent bending of the membrane, wherein the membrane and the membrane washer are insert injected. Unlike prior art, the present invention can enhance the durability of the membrane by insert injection molding a hard membrane washer into the membrane having flexibility, can enhance a waterproofing performance by enabling the membrane to be firmly fixed to a plunger, and can enhance an assembly performance by enabling assembly through an automatic production line..
Valeo Electrical Systems Korea Ltd.

Vibration isolator

A vibration isolator suitable for isolating and/or dampening vibrations generated in a vibrating machinery component such as a motor or pump so as to minimise the unwanted effects (such as audible secondary sounds) of those vibrations. The isolator may be installed in a home appliance such as a laundry washing machine and may be a separate, unitary component installed between a motor/pump and the structure of the laundry machine or may be installed between a mounting bracket of the motor/pump and the laundry machine.
Fisher & Paykel Appliances Limited

Fastening device

Internally threaded device 10 includes a main body 11 having an internal thread portion 13 and a ring-like seat portion 12 disposed between the main body 11 and a member to be fastened 30. The main body 11 has a convex portion 15 and the ring-like seat portion 12 has a concave portion 16, the convex portion 15 and the concave portion 16 have a spherical zone with a center on an axis line.

Dryer or washer dryer

Disclosed is a dryer or a washer dryer, including at least a clothes drying system, where the clothes drying system includes a heating structure and a condensing structure; the condensing structure is arranged on a lower part of the dryer or the washer dryer; the condensing structure includes an air inlet and an air outlet for hot air, and further includes a gas inlet and a gas outlet for cold air, and a heat exchanger is arranged inside the condensing structure; the heat exchanger is composed of fins which are superposed in a longitudinal-transverse alternating manner, and a frame with an enclosure structure is arranged outside the heat exchanger.. .
Qingdao Haier Drum Washing Machine Co., Ltd.


A dishwasher detergent composition, preferably ph neutral, and comprising a strong biodegradable builder and optionally a bleach, and optionally a sulfonated polymer.. .
Reckitt Benckiser Finish B.v.

Vented container closure

A container closure comprises an annular region forming a counterface against which a gas permeable, liquid impermeable sealing element may be applied so as to urge the sealing element into sealing engagement with the rim of a container opening. The annular region comprises a gas pathway from an interior space opposite the container opening to the exterior of the annular region.
Greif International Holding Bv

Apparatus for tightening threaded fasteners

The present invention seeks to protect applicant's hytorc z system which involves: tools having multi-speed/multi-torque modes with torque multiplication and vibration mechanisms without use of external reaction abutments; a force transfer means to yield in-line co-axial action and reaction for use with such tools; driving means and shitting means capable of attaching to washers under the nut for use with such tools and force transfer means; associated washers for use with such tools, force transfer means and driving means; and related accessories for use with such tools, force transfer means, driving means and washers. Hytorc® z® washers located under nuts or bolt heads of various types having engageable perimeters of multiple shapes, sizes, geometries and serrations, such as washer/fastener radius engagement differentials, and frictionally biased faces with relatively higher friction against the flange surface and relatively lower friction against the nut, such as friction coefficient increasing treatment means of various types, sizes and locations.
Hytorc Division Unex Corporation

Power milling machine

A milling apparatus has a housing, a drive shaft extending along and rotatable about an axis in the housing and an axially compressible and radially expansible washer stack on the front end of the drive shaft. A tool is held by the on the shaft.
Putsch Gmbh & Co. Kg

Dishwasher with microfilter

A dishwasher and a method of treating utensils in the dishwasher wherein the dishwasher has a tub at least partially defining a treating chamber, a liquid spray system, a liquid recirculation system fluidly coupling the treating chamber to the spray system to recirculate wash liquid from the treating chamber to the spray system, and filters capable of removing particles from the wash liquid.. .
Whirlpool Corporation

System for establishing communication between a user interface and a controller of a dishwasher

A dishwasher may include a closure element, such as a door, a user interface on the closure element, and a controller. A data communication link having a first data connector may be coupled to the controller, and a second data connector may be coupled to the user interface.
Whirlpool Corporation

Differential device

A differential device includes: an input member inputted with driving force; a differential gear supported in the input member and capable of rotating relative to the input member and revolving around rotation center of the input member with rotation of the input member; paired output gears each including a tooth portion meshing with the differential gear and a shaft portion located radially inward of the tooth portion; a washer interposed between the input member and back surface of the tooth portion; and an oil groove provided in a recess shape in surface of the input member facing back surface of each output gear and extending from periphery of the shaft portion to back surface of the washer. The oil groove is arranged offset in peripheral direction of the output gear from a meshing portion between the tooth portion and the differential gear..
Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd.

Differential device

A differential device includes: an input member inputted with driving force; a differential gear supported in the input member and capable of rotating relative to the input member and revolving around rotation center of the input member with rotation of the input member; paired output gears each including in an outer peripheral portion thereof tooth portion meshing with the differential gear; and a washer interposed between the input member and back surface of each output gear. A washer abutting surface in the back surface of the output gear abuts against the washer and has an outermost peripheral end thereof located at the same position as or outward of outermost peripheral end of meshing portion between the output and differential gears in radial direction of output gear.
Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd.

Guide device for retaining ties in masonry walls

A retention tie system for pre- or post-construction installation to stabilize masonry or composite walls. The system comprises a tie member anchored in an anchor hole bored into the existing foundation and a tensioned against a base plate and a cover plate seated along the top of the wall.

Parts washer with fast-opening flexible door

A parts washing system includes a plurality of walls defining a chamber. A washing apparatus is disposed within the chamber for washing a part.
Fives Cinetic Corp.

Spray head structure slidably assembled with a nut

A spray head structure slidably assembled with a nut comprises a spray head, an air pipe, and a fixing nut. The fixing nut of the spray head may adjustably fix to the air pipe by screwing in and out.

Dishwasher appliance and a forming a unitary sump

A dishwasher appliance with a unitary sump, wherein the sump is integrally formed of a continuous piece of material such that a sump portion and a first filter portion of the unitary sump are integrally formed of the continuous piece of material, is provided. A dishwasher appliance with a unitary sump, wherein the sump is integrally formed of a continuous piece of material such that a sump portion and a diverter housing portion of the unitary sump are integrally formed of the continuous piece of material, also is provided.
General Electric Company

Method of determining the magnitude of tension in a tension tie member

A load indicating washer, or tension washer, for visually indicating pre-determined magnitudes of tension force in a tension tie member. The tension washer comprises a body portion with a deformable, curved annular flange member depending from the body portion.

Fastening system for decking boards

A fastening system for decking boards (16) includes a series of supports (14) that define a central raised wall (24) and two planar portions (22) located either side of the wall. A stem (52) depending from a generally semi-circular washer (18) extends into a recess in the wall.
Elmich Pte Ltd

Care product for automatic dishwashers having an optimised surfactant combination

The invention relates to a care product for automatic dishwashers, which is effective against fat deposits in an automatic dishwasher, and includes at least one fatty alcohol of the formula r1—o-(eo)m—h as defined here. The invention further relates to the use of said care product for cleaning and/or care of an automatic dishwasher, and to a method for cleaning and/or care of a dishwasher using said care product..
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

Dishwasher appliance

A dishwasher appliance includes a rack assembly. A bracket of the rack assembly has a post and a support projection that defines a plurality of slots.
General Electric Company

Diverter for selective fluid flow in a dishwashing appliance

A diverter for a dishwasher appliance that can be used to provide more options for directing fluid among various spray arms or spray devices in a dishwasher appliance. The diverter can be used e.g., to select between fluid delivery to both the upper and lower spray arm assemblies or to both the upper and middle spray arm assemblies..
General Electric Company

Bonding washer

A bonding washer for making electrical connection between two metal pieces that are to be mechanically fastened together. The washer, to be interposed between the two metal pieces, may be constructed so as to fasten to one of the pieces before the two pieces are joined.
Hubbell Incorporated

Patio/lawn-scaled cup and ball game

A new competitive indoor/outdoor skill game, based on a smaller table-top version. The patio/lawn-sized cup and ball game allows for various modifications and improvements to earlier versions.

Non-integrated bulk dispenser and operating a dishwasher having same

A removable non-integrated treating chemistry dispensing cartridge assembly may emit a signal in response to a predetermined amount of treating chemistry being detected and in response to a predetermined amount of illumination being detected.. .
Whirlpool Corporation

Automatic dishwasher

An automatic dishwasher with a tub that at least partially defines a treating chamber, a liquid spraying system that supplies liquid to the treating chamber, and a pump assembly fluidly coupling the treating chamber to the liquid spraying system, a portion of which is located above a bottom wall of the tub.. .
Whirlpool Corporation

Dishwasher with permanent storage compartment

A dishwasher, including a chamber for washing dishes and a chamber for storing dishes is provided. A mechanism is also provided allowing the dish racks to move the dishes from the washing chamber to the storage chamber of the dishwasher once the wash is completed..

Dishwasher with dynamically controlled cycle of operation

A method of controlling the operation of an automatic dishwasher having at least one cycle of operation and a sensor that indicates a degree of turbidity of liquid in the dishwasher includes repeatedly determining a correction value for the sensor related to the scaling of the sensor and executing a de-scaling cycle of operation based thereon.. .
Whirlpool Corporation

Apparatus for optical detection of bio-contaminants

A method for optical detection of residual soil on articles (such as medical instruments and equipment), after completion of a washing or a rinsing operation by a washer. A soil detection system provides an indication of soil on the articles by detecting luminescent radiation emanating from the soil in the presence of ambient light..
Institut National D'optique / National Optics Institute

Socket assembly

A socket for coupling an end piece to a leg member of an article of furniture is described. The socket is insertable into an opening in the leg member and the socket has an opening therein for receiving a stem of the end piece.
Carpin Manufacturing, Inc.

Facet fixation prosthesis

A facet screw system for surgical implantation into bone tissue having a shaft, a compression member and a washer. The shaft includes a shaft having a bone engaging portion and a compression member engaging portion.
Globus Medical, Inc.

Filter assembly for a dishwasher appliance

Filter assemblies for filtering wash fluid to be circulated by a circulation pump in a dishwasher appliance are provided. A filter assembly includes a first filter member, a second filter member, a first discharge blade, and a second discharge blade.
General Electric Company

Washer for retaining assembly pin

An assembly includes a first structure having a first pin aperture and at least one first fastener aperture adjacent the first pin aperture and a second structure to attached to the first structure having a second pin aperture and at least one second fastener aperture adjacent the second pin aperture. At least one fastener is configured to pass through the first and second fastener apertures and attach the first structure to the second structure.
Hamilton Sundstrand Space Systems International, Inc.

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