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This page is updated frequently with new Washer-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Washer-related patents
 Extending/contracting flexible pipe and  assembling extending/contracting flexible pipe patent thumbnailExtending/contracting flexible pipe and assembling extending/contracting flexible pipe
There is provided an extending/contracting flexible pipe that certainly has not only weather resistance but also a structure in which a tie rod can properly exhibit its function and assembly is easy. The pipe including: a pair of joint sections 1 configured to be oscillatable and extendable/contractile with respect to each other; an attachment section 10 formed at the outer periphery of each of the pair of joint sections 1; a tie rod 5 that is inserted into rod holes 11 formed at the attachment sections 10 and is bridged across both of the attachment sections 10; and a washer 6 and a nut 7 for fixing the tie rod 5 to the attachment sections 10.

 Coupling mounted spin-through rod centralizer patent thumbnailCoupling mounted spin-through rod centralizer
A spin-through rod centralizer consisting of a stator constructed of plastic, or other appropriate material, which is mounted on the rod coupling which provides the bearing surface for rotation of the coupling within the stator. The stator, which is free to rotate on the rod coupling and, hence, would move freely axially along the coupling, is restrained from such axial movement by two steel “washers” that are captured between the rod shoulders and the coupling when the connection between two rods is made up.

 Method of automatic dishwashing patent thumbnailMethod of automatic dishwashing
A method of cleaning a dishwashing load comprising dishware and tableware having bleachable stains in the presence of iron in a dishwasher, the method comprising the step of contacting the ware with a detergent composition comprising an iron chelant wherein the detergent composition is free or substantially free of bleach and preferably has a ph as measured in 1% weight aqueous solution at 25° c. Of from about 5 to about 7.5.

 Method of automatic dishwashing patent thumbnailMethod of automatic dishwashing
A method of washing dishware and tableware in a dishwasher using a short program comprising the step of subjecting the ware to a main wash lasting less than 20 minutes wherein the washing liquor of the main wash comprises a low ph detergent composition, the composition having a ph as measured in 1% weight aqueous solution at 25° c. Of from about 5 to about 7.5..

 Method of automatic dishwashing patent thumbnailMethod of automatic dishwashing
A method of washing dishware and tableware in a dishwasher using a low temperature program comprising the step of subjecting the ware during the main wash of the automatic dishwasher to a wash liquor comprising a low ph detergent composition, the composition having a ph as measured in 1% weight aqueous solution at 25° c. Of from about 5 to about 7.5, and wherein the temperature of the main wash is 50° c.

 Air washer patent thumbnailAir washer
An air washer in which a water tank unit may be pulled out in a frontward direction is provided, in which a water container to supply water to the water tank unit may be omitted, water may be supplied by directly pulling out the water tank unit in the frontward direction instead, and a front panel or a shielding panel may be used to shield a space formed between the water tank storage portion and the water tank unit when the water tank unit is stored in the water tank storage portion.. .

 Pump plate for conditioning fluid flow in a dishwasher patent thumbnailPump plate for conditioning fluid flow in a dishwasher
The present invention provides a pump plate (60) for conditioning the flow of a fluid before the fluid enters an inlet (51) of a circulation pump (50) of a dishwasher. The pump plate (60) may have a plate portion with a number of holes (62) dispersed across its surface such that fluid may flow through the holes (62).

 Dishwasher with a pivot system for a dish rack patent thumbnailDishwasher with a pivot system for a dish rack
A dishwasher includes a slide system for sliding movement of a dish rack in and out of a wash chamber, and a pivot system to enable cooperative pivoting of the dish rack and an access door when the dish rack at least partially overlies the door and the door is pivoted from an opened to a closed position.. .

 Child place mat with voice recording patent thumbnailChild place mat with voice recording
A child's place mat with a voice recording feature prevents spills. The place mat is waterproof, dishwasher safe, and semi-rigid such that it may be used as a serving tray in some situations.

 Air washer patent thumbnailAir washer
An air washer in which a water tank unit may be pulled out in a frontward direction is provided, in which water may be supplied by directly pulling out the water tank unit in the frontward direction, a water spilling prevention portion in the water tank unit may effectively reduce spilling of water resulting from a motion, inclination, and an impact of the water tank unit, a height difference compensation portion on a front surface portion of the water tank unit may compensate for a height difference between the water tank unit and the water tank storage portion, and a water tank locking device may prevent arbitrary separation of the water tank unit.. .
Winix Inc.


Gas turbine engine mid-turbine frame tie rod arrangement

A gas turbine engine mid-turbine frame includes an annular case that has a hole. A tie rod with a first end extends through the hole.
United Technologies Corporation


Support for windshield washer fluid container, windshield washer fluid container, and device comprising said support and container

The invention relates to a support (10) for a removable, interchangeable container for windshield washer fluid, said support (10) being designed to be secured to a vehicle and comprising a housing for one or more containers (30), which housing is designed to allow the repeated insertion and removal of the container(s) (30). The invention also relates to a removable, interchangeable container (30) for windshield washer fluid, designed to be mounted in such a support (10).
Valeo Systèmes D'essuyage


Electrically heating windshield washer fluid system

An electrically powered windshield wiper fluid heater having a housing with an inlet and an outlet. A piston is movably mounted in the housing between a retracted and an extended position and the piston forms a thin annular passageway between the housing and the piston.


Clip-on rotatable folding drink holder

A clip-on drink holder includes a rotatable spring clip allowing a disabled patient with use of only one hand to attach the holder to a wheelchair. Spring clip arms reach rearward and two curved hands fold back inside the spring clip forming a mouth for attachment to tubular members of the wheelchair.


Clip for electronic cigarette

A clip for or a method of clipping an electronic cigarette having a box and a tank to a person. The clip includes: an adapter interconnecting the box and the tank; a collar adapted to fit around the adapter; a washer, one side of the washer adapted to engage the box and another side adapted to engage the collar; and a fastener affixed to an exterior face of the collar..
Eclyp Llc


Fruit and vegetable washer

A fruit and vegetable washer that can contain a washer similar to a dishwasher spray, a dispenser and reservoir to hold a several cups of cleaning fluid to dispense the appropriate amount necessary depending on the selection of the type of product being cleaned, a vibrator or agitator, a fan and water rinse. The invention draws the cleansing liquid up into spray jets, and depending the type of fruit being cleaned, sprays with different forces.


Loudspeaker using contour field hard magnet poles and yoke construction

Several embodiments of the instant invention incorporate a loudspeaker design utilizing hard magnetic poles and yokes. The magnetic field of the loudspeaker is created and guided with a series of critically formed hard magnetic structures guiding the magnetic field from the primary magnet to the gap in a loop of hard magnetic material, replacing the soft magnetic materials normally used.
Cardas Audio Ltd.


Fluid connector with a swivel body

A fluid connector comprising a base having a first through-hole concentrically positioned therein, the base comprising a first inner surface and a first outer surface, the base comprising at least one annular groove extending radially outwardly from the first inner surface, at least one ring-shaped seal, each seal located within the at least one annular groove, a washer positioned within the first through-hole, the washer having an inwardly facing partially spherical surface, and, a body having a second through-hole positioned therein, the body comprising a second inner surface and a second outer surface, wherein the second outer surface is partially spherical in shape, wherein the second outer surface of the body engages the at least one seal and the inwardly facing partially spherical surface of the washer, wherein the body is arranged to swivel within the second through-hole, and to pass fluid through the second through-hole.. .
Jiffy-tile Co., Inc.


Torque converter and hydrokinetic torque coupling device having turbine-piston lockup clutch with lockup resistance member

A torque converter includes an impeller, a turbine-piston hydrodynamically drivable by the impeller, a stator, and an annular lockup resistance member. The impeller includes an impeller shell.
Valeo Embrayages


Journal bearing for universal joints and producing a journal bearing

A journal bearing for universal joints, including a universal joint sleeve, roller-like rolling bodies, and a thrust washer is provided. A method for producing a journal bearing is also provided..
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg


Thrust washer

A thrust washer for a flange half-bearing may include a semi-annular panel having an inner edge and an outer edge. A plurality of hooking lugs may project inwardly from the inner edge of the panel.
Mahle International Gmbh


Anti-loosening bolt assembly

An anti-loosening bolt assembly includes a bolt having a bolt head and a bolt shank; a fixed nut having second threads on an inner circumferential surface thereof; and a washer, wherein the bolt head includes a plurality of locking protrusions, each of the locking protrusions having an inclined locking surface and a vertical locking surface, the washer includes a plurality of stop protrusions, each of the stop protrusions having an inclined stop surface and a vertical stop surface, and a magnetic member is provided in the washer such that the magnetic member maintains a combined state of the washer with an objective member using a magnetic force, so that when a rotational force is applied to the bolt in the loosening direction, the inclined locking surface is stopped by the inclined stop surface, thereby preventing the bolt from loosening and rotating.. .
Korea Institute Of Machinery & Materials


Washer for automatically washing toilet without power

The present invention relates to a washer for automatically washing a toilet without power. The washer comprising: a toilet body (10) having a hole (11) formed on an upper end thereof; a washing valve (20) mounted to the upper end of the toilet body (10), the washing valve selectively supplying water to an inside of the toilet body; and a non-powered water supply unit (30) provided on the upper end of the toilet body (10).


Cap to accommodate washers

A joint is disclosed having a structure, a fastener passing through the structure with an end of the fastener protruding from the structure, and a cap installed on the end of the fastener. The end of the fastener includes an axially extending shaft, a fastener head carried by the shaft, and one or more washers located between the fastener head and the structure, the one or more washers spacing the fastener head and the structure apart by a distance.
Airbus Operations Limited


Garment holding device

A garment holding device for washing or drying garments in an organized manner so as to prevent pairs of garment from becoming separated. The garment holding device includes an elongated cable disposed in a loop configuration, wherein the cable includes a first end removably secured to a second end.


Fishing reel handle drag system

The invention is a fishing reel handle drag system and a fishing reel having a handle drag system which comprises a reel housing, a shaft extending through the housing, a reel spool is mounted on the spindle and has at least one spool face, the spool is rotatable in first and second opposite directions, a crank or handle member is provided for rotating the spool in a first direction, an anti-reversing device is provided to prevent the crank from rotating with the spool when moving in the second direction, the crank is secured to one end of the shaft adjacent the spool face, the crank is adapted to lever axially toward and away from the spool face, a wave washer is provided on the shaft between the crank member and the spool face whereby when the spool is rotated in the second direction and the crank member is levered toward the spool face the wave washer is caused to be compressed against the spool face to thereby generate drag against the rotating spool.. .


Lens barrel

A lens barrel includes: a first barrel; a second barrel that, with respect to the first barrel, is capable of relative movement in a direction orthogonal to the optical axis; an adjustment member for adjusting an amount of the relative movement; two adjustment member housing portions that are provided in a diametral space between the first barrel and the second barrel, are formed so as to be separate from each other in a circumferential direction and are capable of housing the adjustment member; a plurality of screws; a plurality of fastening portions for threadedly engaging and fastening the first barrel and the second barrel in parallel with the optical axis by means of the plurality of screws; and one washer member that is held in an integral manner between the plurality of screws and the plurality of fastening portions.. .
Olympus Corporation


Bleaching-agent co-granules, producing said bleaching-agent co-granules, and use of said bleaching-agent co-granules

The invention relates to a bleaching-agent co-granule containing a bleach activator, a metal-containing bleach catalyst comprising at least one ligand from the group consisting of di- or trimethyltriazacyclononane and derivatives of these, and a homo- or copolymeric polycarboxylate or its salts or partial neutralizates having a ph in the range from 3 to 9. The bleaching-agent co-granule is obtained in an anhydrous granulating process, preferably by compaction at a temperature below 100° c.
Weylchem Wiesbaden Gmbh


Handheld pressure washer

A handheld pressure washer device is provided that is electrically driven and does not require an external pump. The device comprises a handle section, a barrel section, and a water intake that is configured to secure to a standard water hose.


Rotating filter for a dishwashing machine

A dishwasher with a tub at least partially defining a washing chamber, a liquid spraying system, a liquid recirculation system defining a recirculation flow path, and a liquid filtering system. The liquid filtering system includes a rotating filter disposed in the recirculation flow path to filter the liquid..
Whirlpool Corporation


Pump having a rotation prevention means and domestic appliance having a pump of this kind

A pump has a dc pump drive motor with an electrically driven stator winding and a rotor which is mounted such that it can be driven in rotation in the field of the stator winding. The motor also has a motor shaft, a permanent-magnet ring and a holder which is mounted on the motor shaft and on which the permanent-magnet ring is held.
Bsh HausgerÄte Gmbh


Rotary angle sensor

A rotary angle sensor used to determine a relative angular position as compared to a reference position, comprising a housing (1), at least one rotor (3, 4) that is rotatably mounted inside said housing (1), one circuit board (2) containing electrical and/or electronic components as well as one or multiple stators corresponding to the number of used rotors (3, 4). The rotary angle sensor is supposed to be improved in such a manner that a particularly precise alignment of the first rotor (3) in relation to the stator is ensured and that it is inexpensive to manufacture.
Hella Kgaa Hueck & Co.


Check valves

A check valve comprises a valve housing defining a valve opening and a pair of posts arranged on opposed sides of the valve opening. A hinge pin is mounted between the posts.
Hs Wroclaw Sp. Z O. O.


Rosette lipseal

A mechanical lip seal assembly preventing leaking oil and similar fluids from rotary shafts in gearboxes. This lip seal assembly comprising in combination a casing commonly made of metal which in turn contains a resilient lip seal element made of low friction plastic such as ptfe.


Fastening element and fastening assembly

A fastening assembly includes a fastening element extending along a central axis between a first and a second end. The fastening element includes a head section extending from the second end along the central axis and engageable by a tool, such as a hexagonal head.
Nord-lock Ab


Spring bolt assembly apparatus and methods of use and manufacture thereof

Some embodiments are directed to an apparatus for facilitating manual connection of a spring bolt assembly to a mounting structure. A handle is connected to a bolt holder.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Fitting for suction cup and suction cup

Push-on fitting (10) for a push-on suction cup (20) for a conveyor belt (30) for transporting or lifting goods, which push-on fitting (10) comprises a base disc (12) having a front side (11) and a rear side (13) and being adapted to be mounted in a hole (32) of the conveyor belt (30), said base disc (12) having a hole (15) for through airflow and being provided with a hollow push-on snap fitting pin (14) for through airflow, said pin (14) extending outwardly essentially perpendicular to the front side (11) and adapted to receive a push-on suction cup (20), wherein the snap fitting pin (14) comprises at least a pair of axial slots (16) adapted to provide at least a pair of flexible tongues (14a, 14b) formed in an end (17) of the pin (14) and in that the flexible tongues comprise a concentric snap fitting rim (18) having a variable diameter (d1), that can be varied by an end (19) part of the flexible tongues (14a, 14b) being acted upon, for receiving the push-on suction cup (20) provided with a washer (22) having a mounting hole (23) with a diameter (d2) smaller than a largest diameter (d1) of the rim (14c).. .
Xerex Ab


Washer pump vehicle provided with improved water-proof structure

Provided is a washer pump apparatus for a vehicle, the washer pump apparatus having an improved waterproof structure. The water pump apparatus includes a pump housing including a washer liquid inlet, a washer liquid outlet, a closed lower portion, an impeller, and a motor configured to rotate the impeller, a terminal cap coupled to an upper portion of the pump housing and forming a waterproof structure, the terminal including a structure for connection to a waterproof connector, and an air vent for communication of an outer space of the terminal cap with an inner space, wherein a membrane member including multiple pores that block water molecules and allow passage of air molecules therethrough is placed in the air vent..
Dy Auto Corporation


Tightening structure for cylinder head bolt

A cylinder head bolt inserted into a cylinder head is threadingly engaged with an engine casing comprised of a cylinder and a crankcase to tighten the cylinder head and the engine casing firmly together. Between a rotation operating part, which is provided in a head of the cylinder head bolt, and an upper surface of the cylinder head, a plain washer and a spring member placed thereabove are interposed.
Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Liner hanger with spherical washers

A liner assembly for a gas turbine engine includes a liner defining an inner surface exposed to exhaust gases and a duct spaced radially outward of the liner. A hanger assembly supports the liner relative to the duct.
United Technologies Corporation


Undercut clip anchor system for cladding of materials

The present subject matter relates to method(s), system(s) and device(s) for cladding of materials, and in particular to an undercut clip anchor system. The system comprises a horizontal rail which mounts both an upper undercut clip and a lower undercut clip for attaching an upper cladding panel and a lower cladding panel, respectively.
Eclad Usa, Inc.


Cleaning composition refill for an automatic dishwasher dispensing device

A cleaning composition dispensing device for use in an automatic dishwasher is provided for dispensing the right cleaning composition at the right time during a wash cycle. The device includes wash cycle sensing system that controls the release of cleaning composition via temperature and water flow data measured with respect to time.
The Procter & Gamble Company


Cleaning composition

This invention relates to cleaning compositions with controlled dissolution and improved chelation system. The cleaning composition is generally comprised of a majority by weight of a percarbonate compound, a chelation system, and a binder system.
Milliken & Company


Tidy eats lunch sack

The present invention keeps lunch sacks clean and tidy after many uses. It may comprise a thin, one-piece lunch sack liner, made from pliable, food-grade, and dishwasher-safe silicone.


Support for windshield washer fluid container, windshield washer fluid container, and device comprising said support and container

The invention relates to a support (110) for a removable, interchangeable container for windshield washer fluid, said support being designed to be secured to a vehicle and comprising a housing for one or more containers (130), characterised in that it comprises read means (149) configured to detect identification means (145) borne by the container(s) (110). The invention also relates to a removable, interchangeable container (130) for windshield washer fluid, designed to be mounted in such a support (110).
Valeo Systèmes D'essuyage



A washer includes: a tank which stores washer fluid; a pump which pressurizes the wash fluid supplied from the tank; a main body including an electric-powered motor which is a driving source of the pump and a battery pack which is a power source of the electric-powered motor; a spray device including a nozzle; and a pressure-resistant hose which connects the main body with the spray device. A discharge pressure (a) of the washer fluid is 0.5 [mpa] or higher and 9.0 [mpa] or lower, and a pressure liquid volume ratio (a/b) which is a ratio of a discharge volume (b) of the washer fluid with respect to the discharge pressure (a) of the washer fluid is 1.8 or larger..
Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd.


Reduced vapor dry dishwashers

An example vent assembly for a dishwasher having a tub at least partially defining a treating chamber, and an exhaust vent, includes a condenser having an outlet, and an inlet in fluid communication with the treating chamber, an ambient air cooling duct in thermal communication with the condenser, and having an outlet in fluid communication with the exhaust vent, a venturi having an inlet in communication with the outlet of the condenser, and an outlet in communication with the cooling duct, and a fan for flowing ambient air through the cooling duct, past the venturi, and out the exhaust vent.. .
Whirlpool Corporation


Composition dispensing device for an automatic dishwasher

A cleaning composition dispensing device for use in an automatic dishwasher is provided for dispensing the right cleaning composition at the right time during a wash cycle. The device includes wash cycle sensing system that controls the release of cleaning composition via temperature and water flow data measured with respect to time.
The Procter & Gamble Company


Personalized cleaning composition dispensing device

A personalized cleaning composition dispensing device for use in an automatic dishwasher dispensing the right chemistry at the right time during a wash cycle to provide an improved cleaning performance compared to standard automatic dishwasher dispensers. The device includes wash cycle sensing system that controls the release of chemistry via temperature and water flow data measured during the current wash cycle and uses either a preprogrammed product release algorithm for new wash cycles or a modified product release algorithm based on wash cycle data previously stored in the data storage unit for repeated wash cycles..
The Procter & Gamble Company


Dishwasher drain assemblies having overmolded volutes

Dishwasher drain assemblies having overmolded volutes are disclosed. A disclosed example drain assembly for a dishwasher having a tub, a sump fluidly coupled to the tub, and a discharge outlet includes a drain pump having an impeller to pump fluid from the sump to the discharge outlet, and a resilient member overmolded onto at least a portion of the drain pump, the resilient member defining a volute for the drain pump..
Whirlpool Corporation


A dishwasher comprising a cleaning system for a liquid/gel detergent dosing unit and a receptacle unit

The present invention relates to dishwasher (100) comprising a dosing unit (4) that can adjust the required amount of detergent as per the selected program type and dose into the washing cabin (1), and a cleaning system (9) that implements a detergent washing cycle enabling the detergent residues left in the detergent receptacle (2) from the previous use to be washed and enables the detergent receptacle (2) and the dosing mechanism (3) to be washed.. .
Arcelik Anonim Sirketi


Wheel securing axle and bicycle hub assembly

A wheel securing axle includes a shaft that includes a first end portion, a second end portion including a thread, and a shaft axis, a washer rotationally supported by the first end portion of the shaft, and a click mechanism arranged between the shaft and the washer.. .
Shimano Inc.


Caliper brake device for railway vehicle

A tip of a pneumatic brake cylinder device is attached rotatably at a base side of a caliper body, and a base end of a first brake lever is attached rotatably to an end part of a cylinder at a side opposite to where the rod protrudes. A center part of the first brake lever is rotatably attached to the body.
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation


Bone compression systems

Bone compression systems for internal fixation of bone portions include one or more spring washers having ultra high load capacity and ultra low displacement to close diminution gaps that develop in a discontinuity between the bone portions after fixation. The spring washers, individually or in stacks of up to four, provide installation loads between 1500 n and 4000 n.
Bridging Medical, Llc


Pipe cap

A pipe cap comprising a body; a close-ended bore defined by the body, being sized and dimensioned to accept and rigidly retain an end of a pipe section; an end connector wherein the bore extends out through the end connector; a gasket well in the internal surface of the bore; a gasket for sealing the body to the end of the pipe section, and preventing fluids from flowing out the end of the pipe section; a gasket retaining ring within the gasket well, comprising a shoulder and retaining the gasket within the gasket well; and a gripper washer disposed in the internal surface of the bore, the gripper washer retained between the end connector and the gasket retaining ring, the outer periphery of the gripper washer is in contact with, or in close proximity to, the shoulder of the gasket retaining ring.. .
Spears Manufacturing Co.


Telescoping pipe coupling

A telescoping pipe coupling comprising a hollow body, a hollow tubular insert slidably disposed within the body, two gasket wells, two end connectors, one end connector coupled to each end of the telescoping pipe coupling, two gripper washer wells, a gasket for sealing the tubular insert with the body, two gaskets for sealing one or more pipe sections to the telescoping pipe coupling, two gasket retaining rings each comprising a shoulder, two gripper washers retained within the two gripper washer wells each comprising an outer periphery, wherein the shoulder of each gasket retaining ring is adjacent to the outer periphery of a gripper washer.. .
Spears Manufacturing Co.


Fastening structure of control board to metallic case

A pcu is placed directly on an on-vehicle transaxle (100). A fastening structure for fastening a control board (34) to a pcu case (12) includes a nut (18) that is disposed on an inner surface of the pcu case (12) and in which a female screw (20) is provided; a bolt (22) that is disposed in a fixing hole (40) provided in the control board (34) and is screwed with the nut (18); and a washer (30) that is made of a viscoelastic material, intervenes between a head (25) of the bolt (22) and the control board (34), wherein the bolt (22) includes a male screw section (28) screwed to the female screw (20), an intermediate section (26), and a head (25)..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Ratchet locking mechanism for threaded fastener

A fastening device including a fastener having a head portion and an elongated threaded body portion extending axially from the head portion. The threaded body portion includes opposing flat sections.
Enduralock, Llc


Device for opening a door of a dishwasher

A device for opening a door includes an electric motor on a base, a slider movable relative to the base along a rectilinear direction between a rest position and an open position, and a rod pushing against the door and movable relative to the base and the slider along the rectilinear direction between a retracted position and an extracted position. An actuating element resiliently pushes the rod towards the extracted position.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.



A washing machine of the present invention comprises a casing; a tub disposed inside the casing; a drum rotatably provided inside the tub, for accommodating laundry therein; and a gasket interposed between the casing and the tub, for preventing water in the tub from leaking between the tub and the casing. Wherein the gasket comprises a plurality of gasket nozzles for spraying water into the drum; and a plurality of connectors for supplying water to the respective gasket nozzles.
Lg Electronics Inc.


System for controlling spraying of washer fluid of wiper blade

A system for controlling spraying of washer fluid from a washer nozzle-integrated wiper blade having a wiper motor supplying a driving force for wiping of the wiper blade includes a position sensing plate disposed in the wiper motor and configured to rotate with an output shaft of the wiper motor when the wipe motor operates. The position sensing plate has a plurality of alternating closed periods and open periods.
Hyundai Motor Company


Window washer and washing method

A window washer having a brushing arm mounted to a wiping arm of the window washer, and a motion conversion mechanism for converting back and forth rotational motion of the wiping arm to back and forth linear motion of the brushing arm, thereby the brushing arm rotates with the wiping arm motion, and in addition, linearly slides back and forth from the wiping arm, for brushing a window.. .


Dishwasher rack assembly having positionable support members

A dishwasher rack assembly including a bottom wall formed of a first set of wire rods in parallel, uniform spaced relation to each other perpendicular a second set of wire rods in parallel, uniform spaced relation to each other, the first and second sets of wire members defining open, square lattice areas. One or more support members are coupled intermediate opposing wire rods of the first or second set within a selected lattice area.


Cutlery basket for a dishwasher

The present invention describes a cutlery basket for a dishwasher that facilitates the use of a cutlery basket in particular allowing easier loading and unloading of cutlery into and out of the cutlery basket by providing a large opening on an outer upright wall of the cutlery basket. Preferred embodiments of the cutlery basket comprise movable lids that can be flipped parallel inside of the cutlery basket or flipped outside to provide extra space for storing cutlery..
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag


Rolling-contact bearing with outer ring in the form of a section of a sphere and with a sensor member

A rolling-contact bearing comprising an inner ring, an outer ring with an outer surface in the form of a section of a sphere, rolling bodies between the inner ring and the outer ring, an encoder washer constrained to rotate with the inner ring, a sensor member being designed to detect a rotation of the encoder washer, and a support member having an inner surface in the form of a section of a sphere, the inner surface being designed to be in sliding contact with the outer surface of the outer ring. The support member is designed to hold the sensor member, in relation to the encoder washer, in a position in which the sensor member can detect a rotation of the encoder washer.
Aktiebolaget Skf


Fastener for blind hole

Provided is a tension control bolt assembly for securing two or more substrates together through a blind hole. The assembly includes a bolt having a central shaft attached to a proximal head.
Ira Svendsgaard And Associates


Co-extraction systems for separation and purification of butadiene and isoprene

Co-extraction techniques for separating and purifying butadiene and isoprene from a c4 hydrocarbon mixture including butadiene and a c5 hydrocarbon mixture including isoprene are provided. In an exemplary embodiment, a system includes a dimerization heat exchanger, a c5 purification column; an extraction zone including a mainwasher column, a rectifier column and an afterwasher column; a distillation zone; a degassing zone; and an isoprene finishing column.
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation


Aircraft engine attachment device, and corresponding aircraft

A device for attaching an aircraft engine to a pylon secured to the aircraft, the attachment device comprising a beam secured to the pylon and a first clevis mount comprising two cheeks connected to one another by a first clevis pin. A second clevis mount is secured to the engine and comprises two cheeks connected to one another by a second clevis pin.
Airbus Operations (sas)


Vehicle wiper

A vehicle wiper comprises a retainer that is formed in an elongated shape open at the lower side facing toward a windshield, and that is provided so as to be capable of swinging about a shaft axis of a pivot shaft that is swung to-and-fro; a first nozzle member that is housed inside the retainer, and that is capable of ejecting washer fluid from an ejection portion; and 1 a retainer cover member that closes off an opening of the retainer, and that is formed with a window through which the ejection portion of the first nozzle member is externally exposed.. .
Asmo Co., Ltd.


Dishwasher appliance

A filter assembly for a dishwasher appliance is provided including a first filter, a second filter, and a backflow device. The backflow device is positioned within the second filter and movably attached to the second filter, such that backflow device is movable between an open position and a closed position.
General Electric Company



Loudspeaker includes a voice coil, a protecting cover attached to the voice coil, a washer, and a voice cavity case. The voice cavity top case includes a top panel and a resisting panel coupled to the top panel.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Knee-rest for use with indian classical violin

A violin knee-rest comprising a support with a connecting member attached. A rigid having an elongated opening member is attached to the connecting member.


Turbocharger thrust bearing debris trap

A turbocharger for an internal combustion engine includes a bearing housing and a rotating assembly arranged therein. The rotating assembly includes a shaft with a turbine wheel and a compressor wheel.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Laundry treating apparatus

A laundry treating apparatus is provided that may include a laundry accommodation device that provides a space in which laundry may be accommodated, the laundry accommodation device having an exhaust device that exhausts air and a supply device that supplies air; a circulation passage that guides air exhausted from the exhaust device to the supply device, the circulation passage having an inlet that communicates with the exhaust device; a heat exchanger provided in the circulation passage; a filter frame provided between the heat exchanger and the inlet; a filter fixed to the filter frame and provided in the circulation passage; and a filter washer fixed to the filter frame, that supplies washing water to the filter.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Laundry treating apparatus

A laundry treating apparatus is provided that may include a laundry accommodation device that provides a space in which laundry is accommodated; a circulation passage provided outside of the laundry accommodation device, and providing a space in which air circulates to an inside of the laundry accommodation device; a heat exchanger provided in the circulation passage; a filter device provided in the circulation passage, that filters foreign materials introduced to the heat exchanger; and a washer provided between the heat exchanger and the filter device, that sprays washing water to each of the heat exchanger and the filter device.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Fire containment system for vented clothes dryer appliance

A preferred embodiment of a fire containment system is implemented in a combination washer-dryer appliance equipped with air-vented exhaust. A fire suppression fluid conduit connected between a cold water valve outlet and a fire suppression fluid inlet positioned in a top portion of a tub of the appliance provides a path of cold water flow into an interior space of the tub.
Wnl Inc.



A vehicle includes first and second window panels adjacent to each other and lying in the same plane, a wiper apparatus for wiping the first and second window panels, and a washer liquid nozzle unit for injecting washer liquids to the first and second window panels. The wiper apparatus has a pivot shaft and a wiper blade pivotable on the pivot shaft.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Anti-slipping pad

An anti-slipping pad mainly fuses a braid with a shaped underlying layer and a foaming paste of a surface layer which is not shaped by way of high-temperature fusing to form an integrally covered sandwich structure. Thus, the overall material structure can be fused and is free from peeling off after a long period of time of adhering.


Rotating nozzle die machine for dough extrusion

A rotary drive nozzle die machine for an extruder includes a rotatable nozzle having first and second axial ends and an opening at the second end, a compression head for directing a food material to the nozzle, and a drive assembly including a tubular drive sleeve configured to rotate the an axially removable nozzle. A housing is provided in which the nozzle rotates, and includes an annular recess.
Reading Bakery Systems, Inc.


Fall restraint system

A fall restraint system comprises a webbing and a restraint mechanism. The restraint mechanism comprises a first end and a second end.
Black Ash Outdoor Products, Llc


Batch dishwasher and operating a batch dishwasher

The invention relates to a commercial dishwasher (1) which is in the form of a batch dishwasher and has a treatment chamber (2) for accommodating washware which is to be cleaned and also has a drying device for drying washware which is accommodated in the treatment chamber (2) as required. The treatment chamber (2) is divided into a first region (2a) and a second region (2b) which is or can be physically separated from said first region.
Premark Feg L.l.c.


Dishwasher appliance having dispenser mounting assembly for receiving cleaning agent dispenser

Dishwasher appliances configured to receive cleaning agent dispensers are provided. A dishwasher appliance includes a tub that defines a wash chamber for receipt of articles for washing, the tub comprising a plurality of sidewalls.
General Electric Company


Angled dishwasher sumps

A dishwasher for treating dishes includes a tub at least partially defining a treating chamber, the tub having a bottom portion with a sump opening therein, a liquid spraying system supplying a spray of liquid to the treating chamber, and a liquid recirculation system recirculating the sprayed liquid from the treating chamber to the liquid spraying system to define a recirculation flow path. A sump is positioned in the sump opening of the bottom of the tub within the recirculation flow path, the sump having an outlet therein located adjacent the forward portion of the sump opening.
Whirlpool Corporation


Commercial ware-washer exchange head

A ware-washer control assembly includes electrical control components, an inlet water plumbing assembly, and a drain mechanism. Each of the electrical control components, inlet water plumbing assembly, and drain mechanism are contained within or attached to a housing for shipment and off-site service and distribution.
Jta Industries, Llc


Method of maintaining commercial ware-washers

A method of maintaining commercial ware-washers includes sending a first exchange head to a designated location, receiving a second exchange head requiring repair, repairing the second exchange head, and sending the repaired second exchange head to a designated location. Each of the first and second exchange heads are capable of being removed from and installed on a commercial ware-washer without the use of tools..
Jta Industries, Llc


Quick disconnect swivel adjoined lock mechanism

An adjoined shock absorbing non-breakable two-sectional swivel type attachment in which one section is made from a unitary shock absorbing flexible elastomer material absorbing shocks and allowing for a quick release clamp mechanism and the other section is adjoined by an axis that retains the handle allowing for swivel movement. The adjoined two piece attachment can be locked via a pin with protruding lock lever that can be rotated in either the locked non-swiveling position that engages into a lock cavity housing or rotated 90 degrees and allow for the connector to freely swivel.


Electronic atomization device

Disclosed is an electronic atomization device, which includes a suction nozzle, an oil cup assembly, an atomization core assembly and an electrode assembly. The atomization core assembly includes a heater support with a first stepped structure, an atomization core body supported by the heater support, a sealing washer sleeved on the atomization core body and closely contacting with the first stepped structure, an electrode connecting part connected with an end of the heater support via an insulating ring and an air hole connecting part disposed in the atomization core body.
Shenzhen Jieshibo Technology Co., Ltd.


Control device

The current embodiments provide a control device for a transmission of a vehicle. The control device may comprise a housing including a lower part and a housing cover, wherein the lower part of the housing has an assembly region on a first main surface.


Bonding washer for a solar panel racking system

There is provided a washer for electrically bonding metallic components. In an embodiment, there is provided a washer for bonding metallic components of a solar panel racking system.


Lighting fixture mounting post

A light fixture mounting post includes an upper threaded portion for attaching the post to a light shade and a lower portion for attaching light fixtures to the post. The upper threaded portion has left handed threads, and an o-ring and a shaped rubber washer residing between a post nut and the shade.


Temperature controlled purge valve with washer/o-ring seal stack

In a valve having a body with a sealed working fluid chamber, a bore and a valved fluid chamber, the valved fluid chamber having an inlet and outlet and a seat between the inlet and the outlet, a piston for extending through the bore from the working fluid chamber to the valved fluid chamber, a spring for biasing the piston away from the seat and a working fluid for receipt in the working fluid chamber. Applicant provides an improvement comprising a seal stack assembly for entrainment, under compression, upon the piston and in the piston chamber between a working fluid chamber end wall and a first end of the piston, wherein the first end of the piston is located in the working fluid chamber and a second end in the valved fluid chamber..

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