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Washer patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Washer-related patents
 High temperature vacuum furnace heater element support assembly patent thumbnailHigh temperature vacuum furnace heater element support assembly
An electrical insulating and heating element support assembly for a high temperature vacuum furnace having a threaded support rod for connecting a heating element to the insulated hot-zone support ring in an electrically non-connected position includes insulator sleeves and washers surrounding the rod in contact with a series of refractory metal washers which may include graphite and/or molybdenum as shielding liners used to protect electrical insulators from having electrical short path means due to deposition of conductive materials onto the non-conducting insulators, and the use of threaded nuts and bushings to anchor the rod and shielding arrangement within the furnace hot zone. The non-conducting insulators and washers are made from materials with high thermal and electrical resistance, such as preferably alumina or mullite, and radially surround the support rod and the heating element.

 Coaxial cable device having a helical outer conductor and  effecting weld connectivity patent thumbnailCoaxial cable device having a helical outer conductor and effecting weld connectivity
A jumper cable having an end prepared for connecting to a coupling assembly. The prepared end includes an inner conductor, an outer conductor having a helical outer surface contour, and a dielectric core disposed between the inner and outer conductors.
John Mezzalingua Associates, Llc

 Direct tension indicating washer with enhanced indicating material and  manufacturing patent thumbnailDirect tension indicating washer with enhanced indicating material and manufacturing
A direct tension indicating washer includes a first surface having a protuberance formed thereon; a second surface having an indentation formed opposite the protuberance; an indicating material positioned in the indentation; and a channel leading from the indentation to an outer diameter of the direct tension indicating washer; wherein the indicating material is weather-resistant.. .
Applied Bolting Technology

 Dishwasher rinse aids and detergents patent thumbnailDishwasher rinse aids and detergents
Automatic dishwashing methods using dishwashing agents that contain anionic surfactant(s) having at least one sulfate group or sulfonate group, as well as nonionic surfactant(s), produce very good drying of the dishes cleaned in an automatic dishwashing method. The automatic dishwashing agents additionally contain polycarboxylic acid in combination with methyglycinediacetic acid or glutaminediacetic acid or ethylenediaminedisuccinic acid, or salts thereof..
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

 Removing/connecting structure for complex material of threaded rod work piece and washer patent thumbnailRemoving/connecting structure for complex material of threaded rod work piece and washer
A removing/connecting structure for complex material of threaded rod work piece and washer includes a machine body having abase seat and a rail vertically spaced from the base seat. The rail includes a front section and a rear section spaced from the front section.

 Fastening method, assembly and structure of engine oil fill extension tube patent thumbnailFastening method, assembly and structure of engine oil fill extension tube
Fastening method, assembly and structure of engine oil fill extension tube can include an oil fill extension tube and a self-locking washer. The oil fill extension tube can include a plurality of locking edges disposed towards a first distal end of the oil fill extension tube, where the plurality of locking edges can define boundaries of a plurality of slots.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

 Cutlery rack patent thumbnailCutlery rack
The present invention relates to a cutlery rack (21; 41) for a dishwasher (10). The cutlery rack comprises: a support frame (23; 43) surrounding a storage area for the cutleries; a rack bottom (25; 45) with a first and a second side; a first support arrangement (29; 48) for cutleries arranged on said first side of the rack bottom; and a second support (49) arrangement for cutleries arranged on said second side of the rack bottom, wherein the cutlery rack is arranged with either the first or second side of the rack bottom facing upwards.

 Warewasher with automated scrapping system patent thumbnailWarewasher with automated scrapping system
A warewasher includes a scrap reducing arrangement located within a wash zone for capturing scrap debris falling downward toward a tank. The scrap reducing arrangement is configured to automatically deliver captured scrap debris away from the tank when liquid spraying within the wash zone ceases..

 Dishwasher having spray manifold patent thumbnailDishwasher having spray manifold
A dishwasher includes a tub at least partially forming a treating chamber, a dish rack provided within the wash chamber, and a spray manifold. The spray manifold can have multiple apertures and/or sprayers for emitting wash liquid to define a spray zone..
Whirlpool Corporation

 Mattress supporting system with curved-slot locking mechanism for leg supports patent thumbnailMattress supporting system with curved-slot locking mechanism for leg supports
A bed frame assembly has diagonal struts that lock leg supports into place using novel locking mechanisms. A leg support is pivotally attached to the bedboard frame, and a slotted bracket is welded to a cross bar of the frame.
Zinus Inc.


Support assembly

A support assembly for supporting an element and for rotating that element between a first position and a second position. The support assembly may be used to support an armrest pad and is suitable for use on watercraft.
Challenger Hardware Company


Thrust washer

A thrust washer may include a metallic substrate layer having an axial substrate face. The thrust washer may also include a polymer layer on the axial substrate face.
Mahle Engine Systems Uk Limited


Thrust washer

A thrust washer for a sliding bearing may include a thrust washer substrate having an axial face. The thrust washer may also have a polymer layer of profiled thickness on the axial face of the substrate.
Mahle Engine Systems Uk Limited


Cutlery tray module for a dishwasher and dishwasher comprising at least one cutlery tray module

The present invention relates to a cutlery tray module (1) for a dishwasher, said cutlery tray module (1) comprising a bottom surface (2), adapted for substantially horizontal reception of cutlery items. The bottom surface (2) comprising a plurality of cutlery holding elements (3), adapted to hold said cutlery items, and at least one elongated indentation (4), having a longitudinal extension in a direction d.
Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.


Dishwasher appliance having improved ventilation apparatus

Dishwasher appliances are provided. A dishwasher appliance includes a chamber and a door.
General Electric Company


Warewasher with drain water tempering system with energy recovery

A warewash machine includes a sump for collecting hot cleaning water that is recirculated in the chamber during cleaning, a drain path for draining cleaning water from the sump and a fresh water input line including at least a fresh water input that receives fresh water. A waste water heat recovery arrangement includes a plurality of heat exchange compartments arranged in series flow communication and forming part of the drain path.


Warewasher wash arm filter arrangement

A warewasher includes a liquid recirculation system for spraying wares with wash liquid from a collecting tank. The warewasher includes a filter arrangement for capturing food debris in a wash spray before the wash spray reaches the wares being cleaned..


Decoupling element for a fuel injection device

A decoupling element is described for a fuel injection device which is characterized in particular by a low-noise design. The fuel injection device includes at least one fuel injector, a receiving bore in a cylinder head for the fuel injector, and the decoupling element between a valve housing of the fuel injector and a wall of the receiving bore.


Low-water to water-free liquid cleaning agent

The invention relates to liquid, low-water to water-free cleaning agents, in particular automatic dishwasher detergents, containing at least one rinse aid surfactant and at least one hydrophobically modified acrylate polymer or copolymer, selected from c10-c30 alkyl modified cross-linked polyacrylates, c10-c30 alkyl modified acrylate/vinyl ester copolymer and mixtures thereof. The invention also relates to the uses of said cleaning agents..
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa


Dishwasher appliance with ozone level monitoring

The present subject matter provides a dishwasher appliance that measures the amount of ozone in a wash chamber of the appliance. The appliance is also configured for adjusting the amount of ozone in the wash chamber based upon such measurements.
General Electric Company


Tool for cleaning vessels

A vessel washer comprises: a washing tub; a cover element; and a pedal, wherein the washing tub comprises a rotating member, an outer brush, and an inner brush; the rotating member comprises a center branch and a side branch; the center branch and the side branch are rotated and revolved, respectively; the outer brush is disposed at the side branch, and the inner brush is disposed at the center branch; the cover element comprises a pressure part made of resin for pressing a vessel disposed on the center branch in an upside-down manner; and the pedal is pressed or treaded on by a hand or foot of a user to rotate and revolve the center branch and the side branch.. .


Assembly for clamping and grounding objects

In various representative aspects, an apparatus for clamping and grounding solar panel frames to a mounting rail is disclosed herein. The apparatus comprises a fastener with an enlarged end, and a shank, with the enlarged end having one or more sharp protrusions that resemble teeth, and a washer with one or more sharp protrusions, and an opening.
Ironridge, Inc.


Household appliance and operating a household appliance

The invention in particular is directed to a household appliance, such as a washing machine or dishwasher, comprising a heat pump arrangement (3) with a heat pump (4, 5, 6) adapted to transfer heat to an operating medium (2) of the appliance (1, 3), with a closed storage tank (9) adapted to receive a phase change substance (10) and being heat exchangeably coupled with a process side (5) of the heat pump (4, 5, 6), with at least one sensor (11) adapted and arranged to detect an actual phase state of the phase change substance (10), and with a recovery unit (12) adapted and operable to actively recover the phase change substance (10) in dependence of a signal of the sensor (11).. .
Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.


Method and system for control of pressure washer functions

Methods and systems for controlling pressure washer devices are provided. Pressure washers comprising at least one control unit and the ability to regulate functions of at least an engine of a pressure washer are disclosed.
Karcher North America, Inc.



A washer/disinfector having a washing chamber dimensioned to receive articles to be washed. The washing chamber has a sump at the bottom thereof for collecting fluids used in the washing chamber.
American Sterilizer Company


Easier loading and unloading silverware baskets for automatic dishwashers

Easier loading and unloading silverware baskets for automatic dishwashers are disclosed. A disclosed example silverware basket includes four side walls defining a basket having a top opening and a bottom opening, a moveable first member dimensioned to fit within the top opening and selectively moveable between a first position near the top opening and a second position between the top opening and the bottom opening, and a moveable second member dimensioned to fit within the bottom opening and selectively moveable between a third position near the bottom opening and a fourth position between the top opening and the bottom opening..
Whirlpool Corporation


Detecting operational state of a dishwasher

The present invention relates to a method of and a device (40) for, detecting an operational state of a dishwasher (10), in particular activation of extra wash zones and overfill situations. The device (40) is arranged to operate a motor (22) driving a dishwasher circulation pump (21) at at least one rotational speed differing from a nominal rotational speed and measure operating current of the motor (22) driving the dishwasher circulation pump (21).
Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.


Method and determining that a watercycle has completed

A device, comprising a float, basin, and basin cover, is removably attached to interior rungs of a dishwasher via clip-hooks, and stabilized with a tongue arm, design features of the clip-hooks, and the cooperating portions of the basin or cover. The float rises to a completed water cycle ‘clean’ position as basin fills with water.


Vehicle differential gear

A vehicle differential gear includes first and second pinion gears rotatably supported by a differential case; first and second side gears meshing with the first and second pinion gears and each coupled to corresponding one of a pair of output shafts; and a center washer, a first end washer and a second end washer each having a sliding surface that slides with an axial end face of at least one side gear of the first or second side gears, the sliding surface being lubricated by a lubricating oil; wherein a surface treatment for enhancing a solid lubricating property is performed on the washers.. .
Jtekt Corporation


Moment relief barrel washer

A barrel washer comprising a convex portion, a concave portion, the concave portion configured to mate with the convex portion, such that the convex portion is only capable of rocking along a single axis within the concave portion. The barrel washer may be configured to prevent a bolt from rotating within the barrel washer.
United Technologies Corporation


Friction starter drive unit for meshing with a starter ring gear of a heat engine, and corresponding heat engine starter

A friction starter drive unit comprises a drive pinion for meshing with a starter ring gear. A drive element and a friction clutch are between the drive element and the drive pinion.
Valeo Equipements Electriques Moteur


Washer and dryer identification tag

This is a flexible magnetic writable tag which can be easily mounted and removed from outer surface of washers and dryers. It is placed flush on the machines.


Assembly for securing a retractable headlamp washer device

An assembly for securing to a body part of a motor vehicle, a headlamp washer that is retractable through an opening made in this body part, the assembly having a support intended to receive the headlamp washer and a base, wherein one or the other of the base or the support comprises integrally produced connecting elements, these connecting elements being dimensioned such that they, alone, allow the body part to be sandwiched between the base and the support and allow this sandwiching to be maintained durably.. .
Compagnie Plastic Omnium



A reamer includes a shank, a washer, a ring and a blade. The shank is a polygonal rod and includes an annular groove made in a periphery and a bore made in an end.
Meeng Gane Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Drying domestic machines

A drying apparatus for domestic machines such as dishwashers, washing machines or the like, having a liquid drying agent, a tank for the liquid drying agent and a rotatable distributor element for distributing the drying agent, and also a drive for the distributor element, wherein provision is made of a tank inlet for the return flow of the drying agent and a tank outlet for the removal of the drying agent, is proposed, said drying apparatus being improved in terms of leakage safety compared with the prior art. This is achieved according to the invention in that at least one closure element for closing the tank inlet and/or the tank outlet in a liquid-tight manner is provided..
Sanhua Aweco Appliance Systems Gmbh


System for determining an operating state of a dishwasher and an according method

A washing system for determining an operating state of a dishwasher (12) comprises a dishwasher (12), in particular wherein the dishwasher (12) comprises a dishwasher interface (14), a dispenser unit (26), in particular wherein the dispenser unit (26) comprises a dispenser interface (28), wherein the dispenser unit (26) is connected to the dishwasher (12) for dosing a detergent to the dishwasher (12), a logic unit (30), in particular wherein the logic unit (30) is connectable to the dishwasher interface (14) and the dispenser interface (28), and a current sensor (24) for measuring an electrical current consumed by the dishwasher (12), wherein the current sensor (24) is connected to the logic unit (30). By replacing costly water meters by a current sensor (24), the cost efficiency of the washing system (10) may be increased.
Ecolab Usa Inc


Side-loading quadrant deadend clamp assembly

A clamp assembly includes a body member and a keeper. A cable groove is formed in the body member to receive a cable.


Illumination equipment for a factory building

Illumination equipment for a factory building contains: a light-pervious roofing, an led washer, a waterproof cover, a light pipe, a diffuser and a base. The light-pervious roofing is locked with the waterproof cover which is fitted on the light pipe, the diffuser is mounted on the light pipe, the light pipe is inserted into the base and a building roof, and the base is secured on the building roof.


Flat-face valve for pulp rotary drum vacuum washer filter and method

A rotary drum for thickening pulp from a slurry, the drum including drainage channels delivering filtrate from a pulp mat on an outer surface of the rotary drum to at least one filtrate chamber at an end of the rotary drum, a flat face valve and plenum chamber assembly in the filtrate chamber. The flat face valve juxtaposed against drainage outlets of the drainage channels, wherein the flat face valve does not block the drainage outlets during a majority of the rotation of the rotary drum.


Pulley device for belt or chain, manufacturing process of an hollow shaft for such a device and assembly process of such a device

A pulley device for a belt or chain, the pulley device comprising a bearing provided with an external ring, an internal ring, and at least one row of rolling elements mounted in a bearing chamber defined between the external and internal rings. A pulley is secured in rotation with the external ring and provided with an external radial surface for engaging with a belt or chain.


Metal to metal fastener

A fastener includes a shank having a diameter including a helical thread and a cutting tip. The fastener includes a head having an integral washer and nut.


Overnight cycle for horizontal axis clothes washer

A method and modified clothes washer provides for an overnight dry cycle. A standard washer is modified to draw air from external to the housing, direct the air into the tumbling drum, and remove the air with a blower to exhaust from the housing during an extended drying period overnight.


Device for fastening an anti-skid chain

The invention relates to a fastening device for an anti-skid chain (3), said device comprising a washer (23) having a clamping device (25) arranged thereon. The clamping device (25) is designed to draw a tension element (27) through a bore (31) lying at radial distance from the centre of the washer (23).


Self-adjusting crimping tool

A self-adjusting pliers-type crimping tool includes a crimping arrangement having movable and fixed levers that are pivotally displaced from an open condition toward a fully closed condition, thereby to generate a first crimping force for crimping an electrical contact upon a bare conductor. When the levers are at an intermediate position, a predetermined compensating energy from a caged spring assembly is released and is applied to the crimping arrangement to complete the crimping process.


Water leak preventing washer

A washer of the present invention creates a tight seal and prevents water leaks when disposed between a female fitting and a male garden hose bib. It is substantially toroid in shape with wall that is tapered at an acute angle from its base perimeter.


Variable-flow-rate valve mechanism and turbocharger

A clearance δ between an inner peripheral surface of an attachment hole of an attachment tongue and an outer peripheral surface of a valve shaft is set to be smaller than an allowable displacement amount λ in an axial direction of a valve with respect to the attachment tongue. When a condition is satisfied in which the outer peripheral surface of the valve shaft comes into contact with a front-side periphery and a back-side periphery of the attachment hole of the attachment tongue, and in which a top surface of a valve body comes into contact with a back surface of the attachment tongue, a waste gate valve is constituted so that a metal washer becomes non-contact with a front surface of the attachment tongue..


Method of constructing a flat roof and welding robot

Method of constructing a sealed surface of a structure having plastic sheeting that is fixed on a supporting structure with fasteners having either thermoplastic or hot-melt coated thrust washers, wherein a welding robot is used for welding the plastic sheeting to the thrust washers, with such welding robot at least automatically detecting the thrust washers within the plastic sheeting, moving towards them, positioning a welding device relative to the thrust washers and carrying out the welding procedure, and optionally applying mechanical pressure to the weld joint for a pre-set time and at the same time cooling it.. .


Pump device and terminal member

In a noise suppression device of a washer pump, a first capacitor and a second capacitor are disposed with their height directions along a first direction orthogonal to an axial direction of the washer pump. This thereby enables installation space for the first capacitor and the second capacitor to be suppressed from becoming larger in the axial direction.
Asmo Co., Ltd.


Spiral spring for a sprung balance spiral resonator and manufacturing the same

The spiral includes turns of rectangular section, whose pitch p and/or thickness e can vary from the inside curve towards the outside curve, or whose winding can deviate from the line of a perfect spiral. The inside curve can also be extended by a self-locking washer for fixing the spiral on the balance arbour with no play.
Eta Sa Manufacture Horlogère Suisse


Measurement arrangement and dishwasher containing a measurement arrangement

A measurement arrangement for determining the liquid level in a dishwasher and a dishwasher including the measurement arrangement are provided. In one embodiment, the measurement arrangement comprises a housing having a liquid pump which is connected, at the intake end, to a pump sump which is formed in the housing and comprises a liquid space, having a liquid inlet which is provided on the housing and by means of which liquid from a dishwashing space in the dishwasher flows into the pump sump, having a liquid outlet which is formed in the housing and is connected to the delivery end of the liquid pump, wherein a sensor unit is provided for measuring the liquid level, said sensor unit being connected to the liquid space in the pump sump and being designed to measure the hydrostatic pressure which is created by the liquid level in the pump sump..
Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.


Cleanout boom

A cleanout boom for guiding a plumbing snake, pressure washer, camera or a similar apparatus into a vent pipe on the roof of a structure. A head assembly with a remote mechanism to attach the head assembly to the vent.


Clutch friction disc

A clutch friction disc (1) having at least two opposed annular friction linings (2, 2′), each fastened on a support (4, 4′), and elastic means (3) arranged between the supports (4, 4′) so as to allow the latter to move closer or farther away axially. Each support (4, 4′) has a tongue (6) for fastening to a central hub (12), located on the inner periphery of the support (4, 4′).
Valeo Materiaux De Friction


Fulcrum bearing device for pulley arm

In a fulcrum bearing device for a pulley arm, a sleeve is inserted in a shaft hole formed in a boss portion of a pulley arm, washers are fitted on the outer peripheries of small diameter tube portions formed at the respective end portions of the sleeve, and the sleeve is fixed to an engine block by means of a bolt inserted through the sleeve and tightened, so that the pulley arm is pivotally supported. The shaft hole is formed at its respective end portions with seal receiving recesses having large diameters.
Ntn Corporation


Locking nut

A lock nut includes a lock tab washer for fixing thereof. One or more tab plates are provided for fixing to a flank face of the nut.
Airbus Operations Limited


Blind tack bolt with higher clamp-up strength

A blind tack fastener includes a pull stem having an elongated shaft with an extended tail portion. The blind tack fastener also includes a crush-initiating washer, a crush sleeve, and a swage collar, surrounding the elongated shaft of the pull stem.
The Boeing Company


Dishwasher comprising a locking mechanism

The present invention relates to a dishwasher (1) wherein the stiffness level of the stress means (7) is provided to be kept at different values by means of the adjustment means (8) during the washing cycle, the locking mechanism (4) is provided to remain locked completely by adjusting the stiffness level of the stress means (7) by means of the adjustment means (8) depending on the requirement at the respective stage of the washing cycle, the stiffness level is adjusted to the lowest value before or after the washing process for easily opening the door (3) and the locking mechanism (4) is provided not to open easily in order to prevent escape of steam from inside the body (2) during the washing process by adjusting the stiffness level of the stress means (7) by means of the adjustment means (8).. .
Acrelik Anonim Sirketi


Insulated reinforced foam sheathing, reinforced vapor permeable air barrier foam panel and making and using same

The invention comprises a product. The product comprises a composite panel comprising a foam insulating panel having a first primary surface and an opposite second primary surface, and a first layer of a polymeric elastomeric material on the first primary surface such that at least a portion of a first layer of reinforcing material is at least partially embedded in the polymeric elastomeric material.


Utility or meter pole top reinforcement method and apparatus

An apparatus for reinforcing an upstanding utility/meter pole having a worn top includes an elongate brace adapted to bear against the pole near a top end of the pole. A washer plate is disposed in overlying relation to the elongate brace.
Pls Technologies, Inc.


Front-load washer clothes catcher and front-load dryer clothes catcher

Install a “shelf” on the front panel of the washer and dryer just a few inches below the door of the front-load washer and dryer. The “shelf” could be a flip-down shelf, a flip-up shelf, a pull-out shelf, or a retractable shelf.


Pulsed hydraulic clothes washer

A new washing machine apparatus comprises a washing compartment having a means by which large mixing bubbles six inches or more in diameter may be generated to rise from the lower portion to the upper portion of the compartment. As they rise through the compartment, these large mixing bubbles generate substantial convection currents in clothing suspended in washing solution or rinse water in the compartment, thereby providing the agitation needed for wash and rinse stages of the wash cycle with minimal shear force.


Wiper arm device

A wiper arm device comprising a wiper arm unit which has at least one wiper rod, and comprising at least one nozzle unit which is provided for applying washer fluid onto a vehicle window, and which, in an installed state, is arranged at least substantially laterally on the wiper arm unit. The nozzle unit, in the installed state, is arranged at least substantially as an extension of a wiper rod of the wiper arm unit and is fastened to the wiper arm unit by a latching connection..
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Hammer wrench

A hammer wrench securing apparatus includes a collar having an elongate portion with a length and a first external perimeter as well as a base portion with a second external perimeter greater than the first external perimeter. A washer has a first internal perimeter extending around the elongate portion distal from the base portion and a spring extends around the elongate portion of the threaded collar between the base portion and the washer.
Hammer Tight, Inc.


Bone screws and methods of use thereof

The invention features improved bone screws, a delivery manifold for delivering a flowable medium to a bone screw, and washers for use with the bone screw to provide compressive fixation. The invention also features methods of treatment using the bone screws, washers, and/or delivery manifold, and kits that include the same..
Innovision, Inc.


Dishwasher appliance and a tine assembly for a dishwasher appliance

A tine assembly for a dishwasher appliance is provided. The tine assembly includes a plurality of segmented tines.
General Electric Company


Dishwasher with low-temperature final washing

A method and apparatus for cleaning washware, in particular dishes, is provided. In the process, the washware is subjected to at least one wash process in which adhering dirt is at least largely removed.
Meiko Maschinenbau Gmbh & Co. Kg


Combined baby bottle, sippy cup, and dry storage container

A combined baby bottle, sippy cup, and dry storage container holds wet or dry material, and may support a nipple top, sippy top, or closed top on an interchangeable basis. Each top may also be removed, such that the contents may be eaten with fingers or a utensil.


Washer for a snap fastener

A washer for use in a snap fastener is adapted to be placed over the lower part of a snap fastener component so that the washer rests between the fabric and the lower part of the snap fastener. The upper part of the snap fastener is placed over the fabric and is pressed into place by a tool press.
Duraflex Hong Kong Limited


Printed circuit board and power supply unit

A printed circuit board mounted with a power module having both a plurality of lead terminals for soldering and at least one screw terminal for screwing includes a through hole which receives the lead terminal and is soldered to the lead terminal, and an electrode section provided with a screw hole fastened to the screw terminal via a screw. A groove is formed between the electrode section and the through hole so as to intersect with two common tangents each connecting, to an outer periphery of a land of the through hole, an outer periphery of a contact area of the electrode section which is in contact with a head bearing surface of a screw or a washer..


Bonding washer

A bonding washer for making electrical connection between two metal pieces that are to be mechanically fastened together. The washer, to be interposed between the two metal pieces, may be constructed so as to fasten to one of the pieces before the two pieces are joined.
Hubbell Incorporated


Elevated rail system

The invention is a method of manufacturing elevated rail segments and an elevated rail system including those rail segments. Features of the elevated rail system include pivot points between the track and vertical supports elevating the rail system, eccentric bolt and washer assemblies that allow precise vertical and horizontal adjustment of the vertical supports and threaded bolts that allow precise micro-adjustment of height of the track above the concrete foundations..
Hilltrac, Inc.


Double loop lasso with single puller wire for bi-directional actuation

The u-shape bend is anchored at a distal end of a deflectable section which is reinforced by at least one washer having at least two holes, each hole axially aligned with a respective lumen in the deflectable section. Each hole is centered with a lumen so that each puller wire portion therethrough is straight and subjected to tensile force only.



Disclosed is a dishwasher. The dishwasher includes a washing tub to form a dish receiving space; a sump disposed at a lower side of the washing tub; a heater which heats washing water received in the sump to generate a stream; a dish rack disposed inside the washing tub so that a plurality of dishes are inserted and stand; and a steam nozzle disposed in a direction facing edges of the plurality of dishes to flow the stream between gaps of the dishes inserted into the dish rack..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Dishwasher and controlling the same

A dishwasher includes a circulation pump that supplies water to nozzles; a drainage pump that discharges the water; a driving current supply unit that supplies a driving current to one of the circulation pump and the drainage pump; a controller that transmits driving control signals to the driving current supply unit; and a door opening detection unit that, if opening of a door is detected, transmits door opening detection signals to the controller and the driving current supply unit, wherein, if the door opening detection signals are received while the circulation pump operates, the driving current supply unit stops supply of the driving current to the circulation pump and supplies the driving current to the drainage pump.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method of controlling dishwasher

The method for controlling the dishwasher according to the present invention may clean the sump, thereby to save supply amount of the washing water, inject more clean washing water into the washes, and reduce rinsing time.. .


Automatic dishwasher with pump assembly

An automatic dishwasher with a tub that at least partially defines a treating chamber, a liquid spraying system that supplies liquid to the treating chamber, and a pump assembly that fluidly couples the treating chamber to the liquid spraying system and where the pump assembly includes a housing having an inlet, a recirculation outlet, and a drain outlet.. .
Whirlpool Corporation


Detecting filter clogging

The present invention relates to a method of, and a device for, detecting clogging of a dishwasher filter. The device is arranged to drain the dishwasher on process water, measure operating current of a motor driving a dishwasher drain pump and determine whether the dishwasher filter is clogged based on the measured drain pump motor operating current..
Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.


Dielectric filter

Provided is a dielectric filter that can be anchored in a stable manner without causing damage even when there is variation in the size of the parts. With this dielectric filter, one surface of washers has a concave part, which is equipped with an edge part formed at the perimeter of the one surface, a floor surface provided at a lower position than the edge part, and a tapered part formed between the edge part and the floor surface.
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy


Eyebolt bracket assembly

Eyebolt mounting devices are disclosed. In an aspect, the present disclosure provides an eyebolt bracket assembly for mounting a musical instrument to a rod.
Drum Workshop, Inc.


Double sealing device

A double sealing device for a rotating shaft comprising a first and a second seal of annular form mounted side by side in a peripheral groove formed in a wall of a circular cylindrical housing through which the shaft to be sealed passes. At least one of a discharge or vent channel opens into the peripheral groove between the two seals.
Carl Freudenberg Kg


Bonding washer

A bonding washer for making electrical connection between two metal pieces that are to be mechanically fastened together. The washer, to be interposed between the two metal pieces, may be constructed so as to fasten to one of the pieces before the two pieces are joined.
Hubbell Incorporated


Washer intended for use in a screwed assembly and assembly using the washer

A washer, intended to be used in a screwed assembly, comprises two opposing faces, the washer being intended to be compressed between its two faces in the assembly. The washer comprises two materials both extending from one face to the other.


Vehicle wiper device

A vehicle wiper device including: a wiper blade that wipes a specific range between a lower return position and an upper return position on a wiping target face; a wiper arm that has a leading end side coupled to a length direction center portion of the wiper blade and that swings to-and-fro about a base end side of the wiper arm to cause the wiper blade to swing to-and-fro, wherein at least a portion of the wiper arm that locates further to the base end side than a portion of the wiper arm coupled to the wiper blade is disposed at the upper return position side with respect to the wiper blade; and a first washer nozzle that is provided to the wiper arm disposed further to the upper return position side than the wiper blade and that squirts a cleaning fluid on the upper return position side of the wiper blade.. .
Asmo Co., Ltd.


Laparoscopic device configured with ergonomic control for externally manipulating an internal orgran

A laparoscopic device configured with an ergonomic external control to manipulate an internal organ, the laparoscopic device comprises: an introducer sheath having an open inner end and an open outer end fitted with an annular disc; the opening in the annular disc adapted to be closed in a sealing manner by means of a washer; at least one anchor attached to a common flexible string which is subsequently divided into a plurality of flexible strings extending out of the introducer sheath through the opening in the washer; the anchor being disposed inside the introducer sheath; means for securing the anchor inside the introducer sheath and means for releasing the anchor into the abdomen; wherein the plurality of flexible strings passing through the opening in the washer are adapted to be fixed in a pivotable clip and each of said plurality of strings passes through a skin guard having a string director for externally manipulating the internal organ with ergonomic control.. .


Offset inlet dishwasher pumps

A dishwasher pump assembly according to one example embodiment includes a pump having a housing and a pumping chamber within the housing. The pumping chamber includes a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet.
Nidec Motor Corporation


Dishwasher with improved leak-proofing

The present invention relates to a dishwasher (1) comprising a tub (2) wherein the items to be washed are placed, a sump (3) which is located under the tub (2) and wherein the wash water accumulates, a rectangular casing (4) which provides the tub (2) to be carried at a certain height from the floor and at least one cover (5) which provides the bottom portion of the body (9) to be almost completely covered.. .
Arcelik Anonim Sirketi


Dishwasher appliance and a operating the same

A method for operating a dishwasher appliance is provided. The method includes operating a first pump and a second pump of the dishwasher appliance during a wash cycle of the dishwasher appliance, working the second pump of the dishwasher appliance during a soil collection cycle of the dishwasher appliance, and running the first pump of the dishwasher appliance during a drain cycle of the dishwasher appliance.
General Electric Company


Dishwasher rack spray assembly

A dishwasher having a tub defining a treating chamber, a dish rack, and a spray assembly associated with the dish rack. The spray assembly may include at least one sprayer positioned to spray treating liquid onto dishes received by the rack.
Whirlpool Corporation


Balance spring intended to be clamped by a resilient washer

The invention relates to a balance spring comprising a strip wound around itself into several coils, the inner coil being integral with a collet comprising a band extending substantially in the form of a polygon. According to the invention, the outer contour on each bulging portion (2, 4, 8) of the vertices of the polygon comprises two axially extending walls (21-22, 41-42, 81-82) substantially parallel to each other relative to the segment formed between the centre (c) of the collet (5) and the end (s1, s2, s3) of said bulging portion (2, 4, 8)..
Nivarox-far S.a.


Bike tire pump chuck

A pump chuck for connection with a valve stem of a tire valve is disclosed. The pump chuck comprises a body having a first bore, a second bore, a third bore and a passageway connecting the first bore and the third bore therethrough, a pivot clip pivotally mounted on the body and having a plurality of threads on one end and a depression on a bottom surface, a compression spring compressed between the pivot clip and the body, a pneumatic piston and a washer housed inside the first bore of the body, an end cap mounted on the top surface of the body above the first bore, and a connector housed inside the third bore of the body to connect a hose from a tire pump.


Triple eccentric valve with symmetric drain-proof ring applied no normal force to valve seat

A triple eccentric valve with a symmetric drain-proof ring includes a valve body, a stem, a valve disk, a waterproof washer, and a drain-proof ring. The valve disk is formed as an asymmetric conical shape.


Compressor wheel with balance correction and positive piloting

A turbocharger including, a turbine wheel (10), a shaft (111) attached to the turbine wheel (10), and a compressor wheel (132) disposed on the shaft (111) opposite the turbine wheel (10). The compressor wheel (132) includes a back wall (134) and an axial bore (137) and a pilot washer (150) is located adjacent the compressor wheel back wall (134).
Borgwarner Inc.


Washing machine and controlling the same

A method for controlling a dishwasher is described. The method includes the actions of increasing a rotation speed of the washing tub to a predetermined target rotation speed with at least a part of laundry soaked in wash water.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Method for thermochemically treating a part while masking a portion and corresponding mask

A method for thermochemically treating a part while masking a portion and corresponding mask are provided. The method includes the steps of providing a mask comprising a body with a seat, at least a deformable sealing washer located in the seat, and a tightening bushing, the body having a cavity, placing a first portion of the part in the cavity, a second portion of the part being located in a passage in the sealing washer, and a third portion of the part being located outside the mask, moving the tightening bushing to its tightened position so that the sealing washer is deformed and applied against the second portion of the part, and applying a thermochemical treatment to the third portion of the part..


Air washer of make-up air unit

An air washer includes a contamination removal membrane and a nozzle rack. The contamination removal membrane purifies an outdoor air for a clean room.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Air line protection coupling for a catheter

A catheter connector is described having a hydrophobic end cap or washer located around the end opening to the connector's lumen. The diameter and length of the lumen below the washer is sufficiently large enough to accommodate an absorbent tubular filter that changes color when exposed to fluid.
Innerspace Neuro Solutions, Inc.


Dishwasher insulation blanket

A dishwasher insulation blanket includes a sound absorbing layer, a sound reflecting layer; and a heat activated adhesive layer on a first side of the sound reflecting layer. The heat activated adhesive layer is configured to be activated by heat that emanates from a dishwasher during normal operation of the dishwasher..
Owens Corning Intellectual Capital, Llc


Dishwasher appliance

A dishwasher appliance is provided. The dishwasher appliance includes a rack assembly disposed within a wash chamber of a tub.
General Electric Company


Mattress supporting system with locking mechansim for leg supports

A bed frame assembly has diagonal struts that lock leg supports into place using novel locking mechanisms. A leg support is pivotally attached to a cross bar, and a slotted bracket is attached to another cross bar.
Zinus Inc.


Distribution board system

A distribution board is provided in a dwelling unit in order to distribute electric power supplied from an electric power provider to branch wirings, and to supply the electric power to apparatuses (air-conditioner, dishwasher, monitor device, and the like) that are connected to the branch wirings. The distribution board includes a distribution board body that houses two or more types of internal units including a trunk switch to which a trunk wiring from the electric power provider is connected and a branch switch to which a branch wiring is connected.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Receiver assembly for firearm

A receiver assembly includes a bolt, a receiver having a threaded portion receiving a barrel, a barrel having a threaded portion engaged with the threaded portion of the receiver, and a crush washer positioned over the threaded portions between the barrel and the receiver to permit adjustment of the barrel relative to the receiver to achieve a proper headspacing.. .
Smith & Wesson Corp.


Valve assembly

A hydraulic valve includes a closure member, wherein the closure member is actuable toward an opening sealed thereby in the valve, but is unconstrained to move with respect to the opening when the valve is in a closed position. In an aspect, the closure may be a thin disk, in the shape of a flat washer, which is located between the valve and piston of a hydraulic damper, and when the valve is positioned away from an opening through the piston by virtue of differential pressure across the valve in a dampening r rebound stroke, the disk is free to rotate, move from side to side, and move away from and toward the piston.
Fox Factory, Inc.


Seal washer

A seal washer of the present invention includes a metal washer body including a center hole, an outer resilient material projecting from an outer periphery of the washer body to a location lower than a lower surface of the washer body, and an inner resilient material provided on an inner periphery of the washer body which faces the center hole. If a fastening force in an axial direction is applied, since the lower surface of the washer body metal-touches on a mating member, loosening does not occur unlike a conventional technique.
Aoyama Seikakusho Co., Ltd.



A first distance between a position where a point-of-action end abuts at a rear end surface of a push-side abutting portion (flat washer) forming a part of holder and a rotational axis of a pinion, and a second distance between a position where the pinion abuts at a front end surface and the rotational axis of the pinion have the relation of first distance>second distance. Thereby, after starting an engine, even when the pinion is rotated at high speed, the push-side abutting portion is less likely to rotate and remains stationary relative to the lever, and even though the push-side abutting portion begins to rotate, it is rotated at a lower speed than the pinion..
Denso Corporation

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