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Washer patents

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Torsion-damping device comprising two torque output plates arranged on either side of torque input ring

Valeo Embrayages

Torsion-damping device comprising two torque output plates arranged on either side of torque input ring

Seal, screw connection having the seal, and use thereof

Carl Freudenberg Kg

Seal, screw connection having the seal, and use thereof

Seal, screw connection having the seal, and use thereof

Briggs & Stratton

Chemical injector for spray device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Washer-related patents
 Golf club patent thumbnailGolf club
A golf club includes a golf club head and a shaft attached to the golf club head, the golf club including the golf club head provided with a shaft insertion hole having an upper opening and a lower opening, the shaft insertion hole having an internal surface provided with an undercut groove, the shaft having a tip end, a shaft sleeve adaptor attached to the tip end of the shaft, the shaft sleeve adaptor inserted into the shaft insertion hole through the upper opening and having a first thread portion, a fastener comprising a second thread portion engaging with the first thread portion of the shaft sleeve adaptor through the lower opening of the shaft insertion hole, and a washer held in the undercut groove of the shaft insertion hole and disposed between the fastener and the shaft sleeve adaptor.. .
Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.
 Torsion-damping device comprising two torque output plates arranged on either side of torque input ring patent thumbnailTorsion-damping device comprising two torque output plates arranged on either side of torque input ring
A device (10) for damping torsion between a clutch element (16) and a transmission shaft, comprising: an input washer (12a, 12b) that is rotationally integral with the clutch element (16); two output webs (18a, 18b) that are rotationally integral with the transmission shaft by means of a central hub (20); a pair of circumferentially acting elastic members (42) that are interposed circumferentially in series between the input washer (12a, 12b) and the output web (18a, 18b); a phase washer (44) that is interposed circumferentially between the two elastic members (42) of said pair.. .
Valeo Embrayages
 Seal, screw connection having the seal, and use thereof patent thumbnailSeal, screw connection having the seal, and use thereof
A seal of a fastening element, having the fastening element and a washer, wherein the fastening element and the washer are arranged coaxially and axially adjacent to one another, wherein the washer has a sealing bead of a rubber-elastic sealing material on the outer circumference, and wherein the sealing bead contacts the fastening element underside in a sealing manner during the correct use of the seal. The fastening element has a flange on the underside, which axially faces the washer, wherein the a washer top side axially faces the flange, wherein the flange underside and the washer top side abut in a sealing manner during the correct use of the seal, wherein the flange underside and the washer top side are substantially congruent, and wherein the sealing bead abuts the outer circumferential boundary of the flange underside in a sealing manner..
Carl Freudenberg Kg
 Chemical injector for spray device patent thumbnailChemical injector for spray device
A spray device, such as one used with a pressure washer, includes a housing, a chemical container coupled to the housing, and a chemical conduit coupled to the container. The chemical conduit has an inlet and an outlet forming a chemical flow path therebetween.
Briggs & Stratton Corporation
 Coupler for a dishwasher patent thumbnailCoupler for a dishwasher
A dishwasher has a sump for collecting water. A discharge pipe leads from the sump.
Johnson Electric S.a.
 System and associated  preventing overfilling in a dishwasher patent thumbnailSystem and associated preventing overfilling in a dishwasher
A method, system, and computer-program product for preventing overfilling in a dishwasher are disclosed herein. According to one embodiment, a method for preventing overfilling in a dishwasher is provided, wherein the dishwasher includes a water valve for providing water to the dishwasher and a drain pump for removing water from the dishwasher.
Electrolux Home Products, Inc.
 Table top dishwasher patent thumbnailTable top dishwasher
A dishwasher comprises: (a) a washing chamber for accommodating articles to be cleaned, and comprising in its lower portion a water-collecting sump floor (12); (b) a spray arm (22) rotatably supported at the sump floor; in accordance with the present invention the dishwasher further comprises (c) a sump member (28) which comprises an insert in the sump floor (12) and which comprises an integral spray arm support (24) which rotatably supports the spray arm (22).. .
Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.
 Filter with artificial boundary for a dishwashing machine patent thumbnailFilter with artificial boundary for a dishwashing machine
A dishwasher with a tub at least partially defining a treating chamber, a liquid spraying system, a liquid recirculation system defining a recirculation flow path, and a liquid filtering system. The liquid filtering system includes a filter disposed in the recirculation flow path to filter the liquid and at least one artificial boundary to aid in cleaning the filter..
Whirlpool Corporation
 Dishwashers having phase change materials patent thumbnailDishwashers having phase change materials
Dishwashers having phase change materials are disclosed. An example dishwasher for treating dishes according to a cycle of operation includes a tub defining a treating chamber with an opening, a door movably mounted to the tub to selectively open and close the opening, and a phase change material part of at least one of the tub or the door, wherein the transition temperature of the phase change material is below a maximum temperature of the cycle of operation, and wherein the phase change material releases heat during a drying portion of the cycle..
Whirlpool Corporation
 Insulated component of a household appliance, in particular of a dishwasher, and  manufacturing such a component patent thumbnailInsulated component of a household appliance, in particular of a dishwasher, and manufacturing such a component
A tan delta at 60° c. And at 100-300 hz comprised between about 0.5 and 2.2..

Fastening member

Provided is a fastening member for appropriately ensuring strength of a peripheral edge part of a tapered-cylindrical-body-shaped part and appropriately reducing external dimensions. The fastening member is, for example, a bolt, a nut or a washer employed for fastening a body being fastened by a screw tightening action, the fastening member has a tapered-cylindrical-body-shaped part (12) formed into a cylindrical body shape with a gradually increasing diameter toward a seating surface (13) formed into a circular-planar-band-ring-shape concentric with an axis so as to press against the body being fastened, the taper angle of the tapered-cylindrical-body-shaped part (12) is an acute angle, and an upright surface (12c) is formed on an outer circumferential surface of the tapered-cylindrical-body-shaped part (12) and vertically erected from the body being fastened, so that an outer diameter of the circular-planar-band-ring-shaped seating surface (13) has a size in a range for creating a surface pressure from the seating surface (13) so as to effectively press against the body being fastened..
Kabushiki Kaisha Yamazaki Active

Mobile pressure washer wand holder

A mobile pressure washer wand holder for securely holding the wand of a pressure washer which provide physical assistance in holding the wand while allowing for more consistent and effective cleaning. The pressure washer wand holder comprises a hollow base structure mounted on two weighted plastic, and a wand holding clamp securely attached to the top of the base structure.

Metering device for the metered addition of detergents

A dispensing apparatus for dispensing substances, such as cleaning, washing, or dishwashing agents, in household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, or the like, having a dispensing unit having control means to control dispensing of the substances, and a tank receptacle, a tank for stocking the substances, the tank being embodied as a replaceable unit connectable to the tank receptacle, at least one connection for data transmission between the dispensing unit and the tank, at least one connection for data transmission between the household appliance and the tank and/or the dispensing unit.. .
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

Novel tool tray apparatus and systems for use with aerial buckets

The present disclosure relates to the field of tool staging and assembly trays and systems capable of attaching to aerial buckets and other elevated work stations. In particular, the present disclosure pertains to a tool tray device configured with an interior sidewall surface and one or more attachment saddles capable of engaging with a means for securing the device to the elevated work station.

Tape dispenser and take-up reel for tape backing

This invention generally relates to a tape dispenser with automatic backing removal more particularly including a spindle rotatably mounted for receiving said supply of tape; a pinch roller set in tension having an adjustment to set the drag for the tape supply passing through the pinch rollers that convert a pull of the tape to a rotary motion; a take-up spindle for spooling the protective backing layer when separated from the tape; a set of drag washers to maintain an pre-set tension as the protective backing is spooled onto the take up spindle; a first gear responsive to the rotary motion of the pinch roller set and a second gear responsive to the motion of the first gear and axially attached to the take-up spindle for spooling the protective backing.. .
Midsun Group, Inc.

Component for feeding a pressurized liquid to a washing tub of a washing machine, in particular a dishwasher

The component (10) comprises a hollow body (12) having: an inlet (14, 14a, 14b), which is adapted to be connected to a source of pressurized liquid, for example the water supply network (ws); an outlet (16), adapted to deliver said liquid to a washing chamber (wc) defined by said washing tub (wt); a path (18) for the liquid, which is defined in the hollow body (12) between the inlet (14, 14a, 14b) and the outlet (16) and includes anti-return means (26, 26a) for said liquid under pressure; a passage (28), adapted to receive, at its inlet, vapor coming from the washing chamber (wc) and to discharge the vapor into the environment outside of the washing tub (wt); and a valve device (30) comprising a plug element (32), adapted to at least partially free and obstruct said passage (28).. .
Elbi International S.p.a.

Dishwasher with sprayer

A dishwasher includes a tub at least partially defining a treating chamber and a spraying system having a sprayer supplying liquid to the treating chamber. The sprayer may include a liquid passage and multiple spray outlets to emit sprays to wash the dishes, a first valve body to couple at least one of the multiple spray outlets to the liquid passage, and a second valve body to control a flow of liquid..
Whirlpool Corporation

Dishwasher detergent dispenser

A dispenser for a dishwasher having a wash tub includes a fluid reservoir to hold a treating chemistry, a lid operatively mounted to the fluid reservoir, and configured to move between an open position and a closed position, and a hydraulic actuator fluidly coupled to a fluid source and configured to initiate movement of the lid between its closed and the open positions in response to fluid pressure applied to the actuator by the fluid source.. .
Whirlpool Corporation

Systems and methods for repairing utility poles

A pole splint, generally for use with a broken wooden utility pole, which can provide for a strong repair at a pole breakpoint and which uses relatively little manpower and equipment to install, even under difficult conditions. The splint generally comprises two panels which are designed to be interconnected with elongated connectors.

Connection mount, mechanical connector and wiping device for a motor vehicle

The present invention relates to a connection mount comprising a support (9; 38) intended to callaborate with an adaptor (18a, 18b, 18c) that can be connected to an actuating arm (7a, 7b, 7c, 7d, 7e, 7f) of a motor vehicle wiper device and that can collaborate with this adaptor (18a, 18b, 18c) to bold and attach a wiper blade (2; 31) to the actuating arm (7a-7f), characterized in that said connection mount (3; 34) also comprises at least one washer fluid dispenser (4a, 4b; 35) having at least one inlet (14, 15; 36) that can be inserted into a bore of a washer fluid carrying pipe belonging to the actuating arm (7a-7l). The present invention also relates to a mechanical connector for a motor vehicle wiper blade and to a wiping device..
Valeo SystÈmes D'essuyage

Spray assembly for a dishwasher appliance

The present subject matter provides a dishwasher appliance and a spray assembly for the same. The spray assembly includes a rotatable spray member, a biasing mechanism for rotating the spray member in a first rotational direction, and a plurality of nozzles mounted to the spray member.
General Electric Company

Piston and carrier assembly

A piston and carrier assembly for an engine is provided. The assembly includes a thrust washer positioned at an interface of the carrier and the piston.
Electro-motive Diesel, Inc.

Organic cleaning composition

Organic cleaner/detergent compositions, formulations and solutions, and methods of cleaning using such compositions, formulations and solutions and manufacturing such compositions, formulations and solutions are disclosed. More particularly, compositions; formulations and solutions used for the cleaning and/or cleansing of a variety of industrial, domestic and/or communal hard surfaces, fiber/soft surfaces, including all natural, organic, synthetic and blended fibers, and organic surfaces, including, but not limited to, human skin and hair and animal skin and hair are disclosed.
Greenology Products, Inc.


A dishwasher having an improved structure by which a basket is easily withdrawn, the dishwasher including a case, a basket arranged within the case to receive objects to be washed, a rail provided on an inner wall of the case in order to guide the basket such that the basket is withdrawn forward of the case, a link unit mounted to the basket to lift the basket, and an auxiliary unit connected to the link unit such that lifting force acts on the basket based on a position of the basket.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Rotary drum washer for street sweeping waste and contaminated soil

A horizontal rotary drum in which the materials to be treated are introduced through a feed hopper together with a water flow admitted through treatment nozzles so as to form a suspension of water and materials is described. The horizontal rotary drum has inclined paddles that move forward the heavy materials deposited on the bottom of the drum towards an exit end where an extractor conveys them towards concentric screening means, a stop ring being arranged transversally inside the drum so as to leave only a peripheral annular passage having a height lower than the level of the suspension of water and materials present on the bottom of the drum so as to stop the lighter organic contaminants that are in the upper part of the suspension.
Ecocentro Tecnologie Ambientali S.p.a.

Dishwasher for treating dishes

A dishwasher for treating dishes according to at least one cycle of operation including a tub at least partially defining a treating chamber for receiving the dishes, at least one sprayer, a liquid recirculation system, a liquid filtering system including a housing defining and a filter located within the interior and a heater configured to heat liquid that has passed through the inlet opening of the housing.. .
Whirlpool Corporation


A dishwasher has a treating chamber with four corners and a rotatable sprayer located within the treating chamber, where the sprayer includes two conduit segments which rotate about two different axes and a spray head which rotates about yet another axis. The combined rotation of the conduit segments moves the spray head in a non-circular path around the treating chamber..
Whirlpool Corporation

Spindle nut assembly and installation

An apparatus for and a method of securing hubs and bearings on truck spindles includes a first or inner nut, a locking ring or washer and a second or outer nut. The inner nut includes a plurality of axially oriented threaded openings.

Variable angle reverse humeral tray

A partial reverse shoulder prosthesis comprising a humeral stem and a variable angle tray comprising a plate including a through hole including at least two cutouts oriented horizontally across from one another, and a repositionable variable angle stem occupying at least a portion of an internal cavity defined by the through hole and comprising a first washer including threads at least partially defining a first opening, a post at least partially occupying the internal cavity, and a pin insertable into the first opening and having a threaded head sized to engage the threads of at least one of the first washer and the post; wherein the wall of the internal cavity is sized to retain the first washer and at least a portion of the post.. .
Biomet Manufacturing, Llc

Ceramic composite thermal protection system

An apparatus comprises a thermal protection element, a number of washers, a ceramic layer, a number of blind fasteners, and a number of tabs. The thermal protection element has an upper surface, a lower surface, and a plurality of sides.
The Boeing Company

Security seal fastener system

A security seal fastener system includes a fastener, and an enclosure around a head of the fastener that provides visual evidence of access to the head after installation of the fastener. The enclosure may include a washer that is around a shaft of the fastener, and a cap that closes off an access opening in the washer.
Raytheon Company

Structure for release preventing

The present invention relates to a fastening structure for release prevention, and more particularly, to a fastening structure for release prevention which may prevent a bolt and a nut from being released due to an external impact, and provides a fastening structure for release prevention including: a release prevention washer which is formed in a ring shape, and has a plurality of projections that protrudes on both surfaces of the release prevention washer in a radial direction from a center; and a nut which has a plurality of grooves that corresponds to the plurality of projections formed on the surfaces of the release prevention washer.. .
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

Lock washer with two rings of teeth

The invention relates to a locking washer (39) comprising two washer crowns (10, 26) having each an engagement face (11, 11′), the engagement face having a plurality of asymmetrical, radial teeth (16, 16′), each of the asymmetrical, radial teeth having, on the one hand, a crest (20, 20′) and a tooth bottom (18, 18′) separated angularly from the crest; and, on the other, a sliding side (22, 22′) which inclines and extends angularly between the crest (20,20′) and the tooth bottom (18, 18′), wherein the engagement faces (11, 11′) of the washer crowns are suitable for being applied against each other, whereas the sliding sides (22, 22′) come into contact with each other, respectively, along a contact surface. The engagement face (11′) of at least one of the washer crowns (26) has a recess (28) in order to reduce the contact surface of the sliding sides (22, 22′)..

Timepiece movement having a barrel with reduced core diameter

A timepiece movement, including a plate and a bridge carrying a barrel including a barrel mainspring between a drum and a receiving surface of a core and a cover fixed to the drum. The spring is made of a multiphase, cobalt-nickel-chromium based alloy, having a young's modulus of between 200 and 240 gpa and a shear modulus of between 80 and 100 gpa, and having a width to thickness ratio of between 3 and 23, and the maximum radius of the steel or stainless steel core relative to the pivot axis is less than nine times the maximum thickness of the spring.
Eta Sa Manufacture Horlogère Suisse

Dishwasher with sliding dish rack

A domestic dishwasher includes a wire rack that does not include any rolling elements that would otherwise allow the rack to roll between an extended position and a retracted position. Instead of rolling elements, the rack includes sliding surfaces that slide along corresponding surfaces inside the dishwasher and/or on a dishwasher door.
Bsh Home Appliances Corporation

Washer nozzle for windshield washer system of a motor vehicle

In a washer nozzle for a windshield washer system of a motor vehicle with a heating element held in a duct, a sealing compound for holding the heating element and a sealing element are manufactured from different materials and spaced apart from one another. Consequently, the sealing element may be manufactured from a material having poor heat conduction and the sealing compound from a material having good heat conduction.
Continental Automotive Gmbh

Dust collecting device for a roof tool

A dust collecting device disposed circumferentially around a roof tool and in association with a roof drill bit and slidable thereon for collecting and removing dust generated during a dry drilling operation. The dust collecting device comprises a cylinder member, a bushing, and a mounting assembly comprising a top washer, a rubber insert, and a bottom washer.
Kennametal Inc.


A dishwasher has a tub at least partially defining a treating chamber for receiving dishes for treatment according to an automatic cycle of operation. At least one wall of the tub has spaced outer and inner panels and a conduit framework extending between the outer and inner panels to define a plurality of conduits.
Whirlpool Corporation

Connector for a dishwasher middle spray arm

A docking system includes basket and wall conduit systems. The basket conduit system includes a conduit and first and second nozzles mounted to opposite ends of the conduit.
Wolf Appliance, Inc.


A dishwasher with a tub at least partially defining a treating chamber, a spraying system for spraying liquid into the treating chamber, and a recirculation system for recirculating liquid sprayed in the treating chamber to the spraying system, further includes a variable filtration system that permits varying the amount of wash liquid to be filtered during a cycle of operation in the dishwasher.. .
Whirlpool Corporation

Intragastric space fillers and in vitro testing

An in vitro testing process for simulating conditions of a stomach, comprising, in combination: providing an intragastric device to an acetone bath; inducing swelling of the intragastric device; exacerbating weak spots in the intragastric device; observing the results; and estimating the results of an in vivo study. Improvements to an intragastric space filler to reduce failure at a balloon to shaft area including an adhesive fillet, washers, a balloon cuff and collar, a molded in balloon fillet, and a one-piece molded balloon assembly..
Reshape Medical, Inc.

Gear unit

A gear unit has a washer which is provided at a position where the washer is able to come into contact with a retainer of roller bearings provided to each of adjacent eccentric parts in a crank shaft, and which regulates a movement of the roller bearing in an axial direction. A housing recess which houses the washer is formed on at least one face of the faces of adjacent oscillating gears facing each other.
Nabtesco Corporation

Through bolted connection hardware

A through bolted connection hardware includes first and second nut-bolt-washer connectors each having a base portion and a bolt portion extending through the base portion. A threaded rod and a pair of threaded connectors bridge between the first and second nut-bolt-washer connectors.
Oz-post International, Llc

Assembly providing a connection that is self tightening with temperature

The invention relates to an assembly comprising first and second parts made of composite material and held against each other by at least one fastener system comprising a rivet having a flat head from which there extends a shank having an enlarged end, and a washer co-operating with the enlarged end of the shank of the rivet, the head of the rivet bearing against a countersink formed in the first part, the washer bearing against the second part. On its face remote from its face bearing against the second part, the washer presents a portion of conical shape.

Corner dolly skate

A heavy duty corner skate dolly is provided. The dolly frames includes a rectangular shaped plate with a l-shaped angle riser welded or permanently screwed to its top surface.

Windscreen washer

A window and/or lamp washer system for a vehicle comprising a washer fluid container, a washer fluid pump arranged in fluid communication with the washer fluid container, at least one washer fluid pressure tank for storing pressurized fluid, arranged in fluid communication with the washer fluid pump, and comprising a fluid inlet for receiving pressurized fluid from the pump and at least one fluid outlet for providing pressurized fluid in the form of a washer fluid jet, sensor means arranged to provide a signal representing the measured pressure within the at least one washer fluid pressure tank, a control unit connected to the sensor means and the washer fluid pump, and arranged to receive the signal, wherein the control unit is configured to operate the washer fluid pump based on the signal, whereby a signal representing a value below a predetermined level cause the pump to increase the pressure.. .
Volvo Car Corporation

Removable dishwasher utensil basket that transforms into a utensil holder for a drawer

The invention relates to a new and improved dishwasher utensil basket which eliminates the need to empty the utensil basket or tray in a dishwasher, simply transforming that basket or tray into a drawer organizer and placing it into a drawer. This removable utensil basket saves time and effort and is more sanitary as it eliminates the need to touch each and every utensil.

Household appliance and method

The present invention relates to a method of handling process water in a household appliance (1) and to a household appliance, for example a dish washer. The household appliance comprises a wash tub (3) for performing wash program cycles and a tank (5) for storing process water to be re-used in a following program cycle, the method comprising the steps of: determining (101) the type of detergent used in the household appliance with a sensor unit (7), measuring (102) the amount of detergent in the process water with the sensor unit, comparing (105) at least one sensor unit output value with a predetermined threshold value to define the quality of the process water, and storing (106) at least a part of the process water from a rinse cycle in the tank (5) when the sensor unit output value complies with the predetermined threshold value related to the quality of the process water..
Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.

Optimized double washer pull plug for minimizing coating error

A dual washer pull plug for masking a mechanical part. The dual washer pull plug includes a first centering component and a second centering component.
Engineered Products And Services, Inc.

Aerosol trapping

A household appliance having a drying apparatus, such as a dishwasher, a washer-drier, a washing machine or the like, is shown according to the invention, wherein a contact zone is provided in a contact chamber for extracting moisture out of the air, which originates from a working chamber of the household appliance, by means of contact between the air and a hygroscopic liquid and wherein a separating element is present for separating hygroscopic liquid out of the air, characterized in that a separating surface is formed downstream of the contact chamber in the direction of flow by the surface of the wall of an air duct.. .
Sanhua Aweco Appliance Systems Gmbh

Front loading washer baffle

A horizontal axis washing machine having a front opening clothes containing rotary basket with a plurality of elongated internally mounted baffles for agitating items within the basket during a washing operation. The baffles each have a solid outwardly extending rib which has a nonlinear curved configuration for defining a plurality of water lifting and agitating cavities on each side of the baffle.
Alliance Laundry Systems Llc

Variable flow valve mechanism and vehicle turbocharger

In a waste gate valve, an annular spacer is provided between a washer and an attachment tongue in an axial direction of a valve shaft of a valve. The spacer is made of a graphite material.
Ihi Corporation

Variable flow valve mechanism and vehicle turbocharger

In a waste gate valve, a coil spring being expandable and contractible in the axial direction of a valve shaft is provided between a washer and an attachment tongue in an axial direction of a valve shaft of a valve. The coil spring is made of a heat-resistant alloy or a ceramic.
Ihi Corporation

Fastening of a corrugated sheet in a roof construction or wall construction

A corrugated sheet in a roof construction or wall construction is fastened to an underlying support structure by a screw extending through the sheet or wall construction and into the support structure. The screw includes a head, a washer, and a threading.
Dissing A/s


Disclosed is a fastener to engage and hold a first member to a second member. Fastener has a clip member adapted to install into a first aperture on the first member, the clip member having, a main body and a clipping tongue biased away from the body to engage the aperture.
Rack Studs Limited

Adjustable double bladed water paddle

A water paddle comprising a first shaft having and a second shaft, a first cog collar located on an exterior surface of first shaft and having a first set of teeth extending radially from a mating end of first cog collar, a second cog collar located on an exterior surface of second shaft and having a second set of teeth extending radially from a mating end of second cog collar, second set of teeth mateable with first set of teeth to prevent rotational movement between shafts, a ferrule extending from a free end of second shaft, a snap button-alignment tab assembly comprising a bushing, a wavy washer, and a snap button base located within ferrule and a snap button skirt connected to free end of ferrule and an alignment tab fixed within first paddle shaft downstream of a set of corresponding holes of first paddle.. .

Washing appliance with improved air handling system

A humidity reducing vent for a washing appliance such as a dishwasher or washing machine employs a jet pumping action allowing a single electric blower to move and mix humid air exhausted from the washing appliance washing chamber and external dry air streams together prior to discharge so as to reduce condensation outside of the washing appliance.. .

Washer such as a dishwasher or a washing machine and operating a washer

The invention relates to methods for operating a washer, and in preferred embodiments to a washer having a water tank that is integrally, preferably detachably, formed with the washer, wherein the washer comprises a washing chamber for accommodating goods to be cleaned, said washing chamber having in its lower portion a sump for collecting water during operation of the washer, a water inlet, a circulating pump for circulating water through the washing chamber, and a control unit for controlling a washing cycle carried out by the washer. In accordance with the invention, in this method water is fed via the water inlet into the sump; the pressure within an inlet or outlet conduit of the circulating pump is measured; and based on the pressure measurement the washing cycle is controlled and/or indicator signals are issued to a user of the washer..

Dishwasher comprising a fan receptacle

The present invention relates to a dishwasher (1) comprising a tub (2) wherein the items to be washed are placed, a body (4) having two side walls (3) that surround the tub (2), a fan receptacle (5) located between the tub (2) and the side wall (3), an air channel (8) located in the fan receptacle (5), having an inlet (6) that provides the humid air in the tub (2) to be received therein and an outlet (7) that provides the dehumidified air to be sent back to the tub (2), a fan (9) located in the fan receptacle (5), providing the humid air in the tub (2) to be sucked during the drying step, a hole (10) arranged on the fan receptacle (5), that allows the air received from the outer environment to enter into the air channel (8) and a guiding member (11).. .

Quick release connector

The present invention is directed to an improved sports helmet including a quick release connector assembly for the faceguard that allows for rapid disconnection of the faceguard from the helmet shell. The connector includes a bracket, and a coupler mechanism featuring an elongated pin, a head component, a spring, a retractable engaging element and a washer.

Interlocking biomedical implant fastener and washer concepts

Biomedical implant fastener systems, such as bone screw systems and the like. In some embodiments, a fastener may comprise a first plurality of teeth, and a washer configured to be received on the fastener may comprise a second plurality of teeth configured to be engaged with the first plurality of teeth.

Twist lock flat thrust washer assembly

A thrust washer assembly including a washer and a ring is provided. The washer includes a circumferential outer surface that varies radially from an axis of the washer to define a plurality of ramps.

Tools and ratchet locking mechanisms for threaded fasteners

A fastening device having a fastener with a head portion and an elongated threaded body portion extending axially from the head portion. The fastening device also includes a lock washer and a threaded lock nut for rotatably mating with the fastener.

Cost-effective single crystal multi-stake actuator and manufacture

This invention pertains to piezoelectric actuators made of single crystal active elements which not only exhibit uniform and superior displacement in the axial direction but also of lower cost to produce than full single crystal ring or tube actuators. Said multi-stake actuator is made up of multiple longitudinal (d33) or transverse (d3i or d32) mode piezoelectric single crystal active elements, bonded together by epoxy with the aid of shaped edge- and top and bottom washer-stiffeners which are configured to suit various application needs..

Method and washing pulp by means of intensified suction

A method and an apparatus for washing a solids-containing suspension by means of a suction drum washer comprising a drum provided with a filtration surface, a main vacuum source such as a drop leg and washing tubes connected to the frame of the suction drum washer. A washing liquid stream is introduced by a first washing tube is directed to contact the pulp layer on the surface of the drum in a point below 10 degrees after the surface of the suspension and a vacuum of at least 0.1 bar greater than the main vacuum source, i.e.

Pressure washer with hose reel and motor pump assembly

A pressure assisted washer or pressure washer with hose reel and motor pump assembly. The hose reel defines a bore in which a motor pump assembly is disposed.

Pressure washer with hose reel and motor pump assembly

A pressure washer with hose reel and motor pump assembly. The hose reel and motor pump assembly are disposed in side by side arrangement within a barrel of the pressure washer so as to provide a low centre of gravity while accommodating a suitably long hose, and to provide substantial horizontal weight balance, both of which provide stability to the pressure washer when in use..

Dishwasher with controlled rotation of lower spray arm

An automatic dishwasher having first and second sprayers located within a washtub, a diverter valve to selectively divert liquid flowing from the wash chamber between the first and second sprayers, and a drive system moving the first sprayer in the wash chamber.. .

Housing cover, in particular plastics oil sump

The invention relates to a housing cover made from plastic on an engine housing or gearbox housing made from metal in an internal combustion engine, said housing cover being secured by a plurality of fastening screws (5) against the housing, wherein the housing cover is secured against a bearing surface of the housing by an encircling fastening flange (3) made from plastic, and the fastening flange (3) is provided with penetration openings (4) through which the fastening screws (5) extend into threaded bores (13), which are coaxial with respect thereto, in the housing, wherein the fastening screws (5) are supported by a screw head (7) against the fastening flange (3) directly or with the interposition of a washer, the fastening flange (3) bears without a gap against the bearing surface of the housing, and the fastening screws (5) are secured within the threaded bore (13) against automatic unscrewing.. .

Integration of blower with washer motor shaft or drive shaft

A blower is provided having a fan element that is directly connected to a drive shaft. The drive shaft is attached to a wash drum and is rotated by a washer motor.

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Washer topics: Windshield, Mixing Chamber, Distribution System, Fiber Optic, Fiber Optic Cable

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