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This page is updated frequently with new Washer-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Washer-related patents
 Wheel securing axle and bicycle hub assembly patent thumbnailWheel securing axle and bicycle hub assembly
A wheel securing axle includes a shaft that includes a first end portion, a second end portion including a thread, and a shaft axis, a washer rotationally supported by the first end portion of the shaft, and a click mechanism arranged between the shaft and the washer.. .
Shimano Inc.

 Caliper brake device for railway vehicle patent thumbnailCaliper brake device for railway vehicle
A tip of a pneumatic brake cylinder device is attached rotatably at a base side of a caliper body, and a base end of a first brake lever is attached rotatably to an end part of a cylinder at a side opposite to where the rod protrudes. A center part of the first brake lever is rotatably attached to the body.
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

 Bone compression systems patent thumbnailBone compression systems
Bone compression systems for internal fixation of bone portions include one or more spring washers having ultra high load capacity and ultra low displacement to close diminution gaps that develop in a discontinuity between the bone portions after fixation. The spring washers, individually or in stacks of up to four, provide installation loads between 1500 n and 4000 n.
Bridging Medical, Llc

 Pipe cap patent thumbnailPipe cap
A pipe cap comprising a body; a close-ended bore defined by the body, being sized and dimensioned to accept and rigidly retain an end of a pipe section; an end connector wherein the bore extends out through the end connector; a gasket well in the internal surface of the bore; a gasket for sealing the body to the end of the pipe section, and preventing fluids from flowing out the end of the pipe section; a gasket retaining ring within the gasket well, comprising a shoulder and retaining the gasket within the gasket well; and a gripper washer disposed in the internal surface of the bore, the gripper washer retained between the end connector and the gasket retaining ring, the outer periphery of the gripper washer is in contact with, or in close proximity to, the shoulder of the gasket retaining ring.. .
Spears Manufacturing Co.

 Telescoping pipe coupling patent thumbnailTelescoping pipe coupling
A telescoping pipe coupling comprising a hollow body, a hollow tubular insert slidably disposed within the body, two gasket wells, two end connectors, one end connector coupled to each end of the telescoping pipe coupling, two gripper washer wells, a gasket for sealing the tubular insert with the body, two gaskets for sealing one or more pipe sections to the telescoping pipe coupling, two gasket retaining rings each comprising a shoulder, two gripper washers retained within the two gripper washer wells each comprising an outer periphery, wherein the shoulder of each gasket retaining ring is adjacent to the outer periphery of a gripper washer.. .
Spears Manufacturing Co.

 Fastening structure of control board to metallic case patent thumbnailFastening structure of control board to metallic case
A pcu is placed directly on an on-vehicle transaxle (100). A fastening structure for fastening a control board (34) to a pcu case (12) includes a nut (18) that is disposed on an inner surface of the pcu case (12) and in which a female screw (20) is provided; a bolt (22) that is disposed in a fixing hole (40) provided in the control board (34) and is screwed with the nut (18); and a washer (30) that is made of a viscoelastic material, intervenes between a head (25) of the bolt (22) and the control board (34), wherein the bolt (22) includes a male screw section (28) screwed to the female screw (20), an intermediate section (26), and a head (25)..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

 Ratchet locking mechanism for threaded fastener patent thumbnailRatchet locking mechanism for threaded fastener
A fastening device including a fastener having a head portion and an elongated threaded body portion extending axially from the head portion. The threaded body portion includes opposing flat sections.
Enduralock, Llc

 Device for opening a door of a dishwasher patent thumbnailDevice for opening a door of a dishwasher
A device for opening a door includes an electric motor on a base, a slider movable relative to the base along a rectilinear direction between a rest position and an open position, and a rod pushing against the door and movable relative to the base and the slider along the rectilinear direction between a retracted position and an extracted position. An actuating element resiliently pushes the rod towards the extracted position.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

 Washer patent thumbnailWasher
A washing machine of the present invention comprises a casing; a tub disposed inside the casing; a drum rotatably provided inside the tub, for accommodating laundry therein; and a gasket interposed between the casing and the tub, for preventing water in the tub from leaking between the tub and the casing. Wherein the gasket comprises a plurality of gasket nozzles for spraying water into the drum; and a plurality of connectors for supplying water to the respective gasket nozzles.
Lg Electronics Inc.

 System for controlling spraying of washer fluid of wiper blade patent thumbnailSystem for controlling spraying of washer fluid of wiper blade
A system for controlling spraying of washer fluid from a washer nozzle-integrated wiper blade having a wiper motor supplying a driving force for wiping of the wiper blade includes a position sensing plate disposed in the wiper motor and configured to rotate with an output shaft of the wiper motor when the wipe motor operates. The position sensing plate has a plurality of alternating closed periods and open periods.
Hyundai Motor Company


Window washer and washing method

A window washer having a brushing arm mounted to a wiping arm of the window washer, and a motion conversion mechanism for converting back and forth rotational motion of the wiping arm to back and forth linear motion of the brushing arm, thereby the brushing arm rotates with the wiping arm motion, and in addition, linearly slides back and forth from the wiping arm, for brushing a window.. .


Dishwasher rack assembly having positionable support members

A dishwasher rack assembly including a bottom wall formed of a first set of wire rods in parallel, uniform spaced relation to each other perpendicular a second set of wire rods in parallel, uniform spaced relation to each other, the first and second sets of wire members defining open, square lattice areas. One or more support members are coupled intermediate opposing wire rods of the first or second set within a selected lattice area.


Cutlery basket for a dishwasher

The present invention describes a cutlery basket for a dishwasher that facilitates the use of a cutlery basket in particular allowing easier loading and unloading of cutlery into and out of the cutlery basket by providing a large opening on an outer upright wall of the cutlery basket. Preferred embodiments of the cutlery basket comprise movable lids that can be flipped parallel inside of the cutlery basket or flipped outside to provide extra space for storing cutlery..
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag


Rolling-contact bearing with outer ring in the form of a section of a sphere and with a sensor member

A rolling-contact bearing comprising an inner ring, an outer ring with an outer surface in the form of a section of a sphere, rolling bodies between the inner ring and the outer ring, an encoder washer constrained to rotate with the inner ring, a sensor member being designed to detect a rotation of the encoder washer, and a support member having an inner surface in the form of a section of a sphere, the inner surface being designed to be in sliding contact with the outer surface of the outer ring. The support member is designed to hold the sensor member, in relation to the encoder washer, in a position in which the sensor member can detect a rotation of the encoder washer.
Aktiebolaget Skf


Fastener for blind hole

Provided is a tension control bolt assembly for securing two or more substrates together through a blind hole. The assembly includes a bolt having a central shaft attached to a proximal head.
Ira Svendsgaard And Associates


Co-extraction systems for separation and purification of butadiene and isoprene

Co-extraction techniques for separating and purifying butadiene and isoprene from a c4 hydrocarbon mixture including butadiene and a c5 hydrocarbon mixture including isoprene are provided. In an exemplary embodiment, a system includes a dimerization heat exchanger, a c5 purification column; an extraction zone including a mainwasher column, a rectifier column and an afterwasher column; a distillation zone; a degassing zone; and an isoprene finishing column.
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation


Aircraft engine attachment device, and corresponding aircraft

A device for attaching an aircraft engine to a pylon secured to the aircraft, the attachment device comprising a beam secured to the pylon and a first clevis mount comprising two cheeks connected to one another by a first clevis pin. A second clevis mount is secured to the engine and comprises two cheeks connected to one another by a second clevis pin.
Airbus Operations (sas)


Vehicle wiper

A vehicle wiper comprises a retainer that is formed in an elongated shape open at the lower side facing toward a windshield, and that is provided so as to be capable of swinging about a shaft axis of a pivot shaft that is swung to-and-fro; a first nozzle member that is housed inside the retainer, and that is capable of ejecting washer fluid from an ejection portion; and 1 a retainer cover member that closes off an opening of the retainer, and that is formed with a window through which the ejection portion of the first nozzle member is externally exposed.. .
Asmo Co., Ltd.


Dishwasher appliance

A filter assembly for a dishwasher appliance is provided including a first filter, a second filter, and a backflow device. The backflow device is positioned within the second filter and movably attached to the second filter, such that backflow device is movable between an open position and a closed position.
General Electric Company



Loudspeaker includes a voice coil, a protecting cover attached to the voice coil, a washer, and a voice cavity case. The voice cavity top case includes a top panel and a resisting panel coupled to the top panel.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Knee-rest for use with indian classical violin

A violin knee-rest comprising a support with a connecting member attached. A rigid having an elongated opening member is attached to the connecting member.


Turbocharger thrust bearing debris trap

A turbocharger for an internal combustion engine includes a bearing housing and a rotating assembly arranged therein. The rotating assembly includes a shaft with a turbine wheel and a compressor wheel.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Laundry treating apparatus

A laundry treating apparatus is provided that may include a laundry accommodation device that provides a space in which laundry may be accommodated, the laundry accommodation device having an exhaust device that exhausts air and a supply device that supplies air; a circulation passage that guides air exhausted from the exhaust device to the supply device, the circulation passage having an inlet that communicates with the exhaust device; a heat exchanger provided in the circulation passage; a filter frame provided between the heat exchanger and the inlet; a filter fixed to the filter frame and provided in the circulation passage; and a filter washer fixed to the filter frame, that supplies washing water to the filter.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Laundry treating apparatus

A laundry treating apparatus is provided that may include a laundry accommodation device that provides a space in which laundry is accommodated; a circulation passage provided outside of the laundry accommodation device, and providing a space in which air circulates to an inside of the laundry accommodation device; a heat exchanger provided in the circulation passage; a filter device provided in the circulation passage, that filters foreign materials introduced to the heat exchanger; and a washer provided between the heat exchanger and the filter device, that sprays washing water to each of the heat exchanger and the filter device.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Fire containment system for vented clothes dryer appliance

A preferred embodiment of a fire containment system is implemented in a combination washer-dryer appliance equipped with air-vented exhaust. A fire suppression fluid conduit connected between a cold water valve outlet and a fire suppression fluid inlet positioned in a top portion of a tub of the appliance provides a path of cold water flow into an interior space of the tub.
Wnl Inc.



A vehicle includes first and second window panels adjacent to each other and lying in the same plane, a wiper apparatus for wiping the first and second window panels, and a washer liquid nozzle unit for injecting washer liquids to the first and second window panels. The wiper apparatus has a pivot shaft and a wiper blade pivotable on the pivot shaft.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Anti-slipping pad

An anti-slipping pad mainly fuses a braid with a shaped underlying layer and a foaming paste of a surface layer which is not shaped by way of high-temperature fusing to form an integrally covered sandwich structure. Thus, the overall material structure can be fused and is free from peeling off after a long period of time of adhering.


Rotating nozzle die machine for dough extrusion

A rotary drive nozzle die machine for an extruder includes a rotatable nozzle having first and second axial ends and an opening at the second end, a compression head for directing a food material to the nozzle, and a drive assembly including a tubular drive sleeve configured to rotate the an axially removable nozzle. A housing is provided in which the nozzle rotates, and includes an annular recess.
Reading Bakery Systems, Inc.


Fall restraint system

A fall restraint system comprises a webbing and a restraint mechanism. The restraint mechanism comprises a first end and a second end.
Black Ash Outdoor Products, Llc


Batch dishwasher and operating a batch dishwasher

The invention relates to a commercial dishwasher (1) which is in the form of a batch dishwasher and has a treatment chamber (2) for accommodating washware which is to be cleaned and also has a drying device for drying washware which is accommodated in the treatment chamber (2) as required. The treatment chamber (2) is divided into a first region (2a) and a second region (2b) which is or can be physically separated from said first region.
Premark Feg L.l.c.


Dishwasher appliance having dispenser mounting assembly for receiving cleaning agent dispenser

Dishwasher appliances configured to receive cleaning agent dispensers are provided. A dishwasher appliance includes a tub that defines a wash chamber for receipt of articles for washing, the tub comprising a plurality of sidewalls.
General Electric Company


Angled dishwasher sumps

A dishwasher for treating dishes includes a tub at least partially defining a treating chamber, the tub having a bottom portion with a sump opening therein, a liquid spraying system supplying a spray of liquid to the treating chamber, and a liquid recirculation system recirculating the sprayed liquid from the treating chamber to the liquid spraying system to define a recirculation flow path. A sump is positioned in the sump opening of the bottom of the tub within the recirculation flow path, the sump having an outlet therein located adjacent the forward portion of the sump opening.
Whirlpool Corporation


Commercial ware-washer exchange head

A ware-washer control assembly includes electrical control components, an inlet water plumbing assembly, and a drain mechanism. Each of the electrical control components, inlet water plumbing assembly, and drain mechanism are contained within or attached to a housing for shipment and off-site service and distribution.
Jta Industries, Llc


Method of maintaining commercial ware-washers

A method of maintaining commercial ware-washers includes sending a first exchange head to a designated location, receiving a second exchange head requiring repair, repairing the second exchange head, and sending the repaired second exchange head to a designated location. Each of the first and second exchange heads are capable of being removed from and installed on a commercial ware-washer without the use of tools..
Jta Industries, Llc


Quick disconnect swivel adjoined lock mechanism

An adjoined shock absorbing non-breakable two-sectional swivel type attachment in which one section is made from a unitary shock absorbing flexible elastomer material absorbing shocks and allowing for a quick release clamp mechanism and the other section is adjoined by an axis that retains the handle allowing for swivel movement. The adjoined two piece attachment can be locked via a pin with protruding lock lever that can be rotated in either the locked non-swiveling position that engages into a lock cavity housing or rotated 90 degrees and allow for the connector to freely swivel.


Electronic atomization device

Disclosed is an electronic atomization device, which includes a suction nozzle, an oil cup assembly, an atomization core assembly and an electrode assembly. The atomization core assembly includes a heater support with a first stepped structure, an atomization core body supported by the heater support, a sealing washer sleeved on the atomization core body and closely contacting with the first stepped structure, an electrode connecting part connected with an end of the heater support via an insulating ring and an air hole connecting part disposed in the atomization core body.
Shenzhen Jieshibo Technology Co., Ltd.


Control device

The current embodiments provide a control device for a transmission of a vehicle. The control device may comprise a housing including a lower part and a housing cover, wherein the lower part of the housing has an assembly region on a first main surface.


Bonding washer for a solar panel racking system

There is provided a washer for electrically bonding metallic components. In an embodiment, there is provided a washer for bonding metallic components of a solar panel racking system.


Lighting fixture mounting post

A light fixture mounting post includes an upper threaded portion for attaching the post to a light shade and a lower portion for attaching light fixtures to the post. The upper threaded portion has left handed threads, and an o-ring and a shaped rubber washer residing between a post nut and the shade.


Temperature controlled purge valve with washer/o-ring seal stack

In a valve having a body with a sealed working fluid chamber, a bore and a valved fluid chamber, the valved fluid chamber having an inlet and outlet and a seat between the inlet and the outlet, a piston for extending through the bore from the working fluid chamber to the valved fluid chamber, a spring for biasing the piston away from the seat and a working fluid for receipt in the working fluid chamber. Applicant provides an improvement comprising a seal stack assembly for entrainment, under compression, upon the piston and in the piston chamber between a working fluid chamber end wall and a first end of the piston, wherein the first end of the piston is located in the working fluid chamber and a second end in the valved fluid chamber..


Rivet sealing washer

A rivet sealing washer that includes a washer body with an outer surface and an inner surface and a rivet aperture. Additionally, the rivet washer includes a membrane with at least one raised high pressure point skirt or rib and at least one recessed trough that provides a continuous seal over the outer surface of the washer body, the rivet body, and the mandrel head, and is sealably and continuously connected to the perimeter of the washer body and optionally a circumferential portion of the outer surface..


Constructive disposal applied in mechanical expansion fixer for metal structures or the like

“constructive disposal applied in mechanical expansion fixer for metal structures or the like”, which comprises a kit of pieces which form the mechanical expansion fixer (1), it has a hexagonal head (2) and a cylindrical body (3) endowed with full thread (4), has flat washer (5) and a jacket (6) in low-carbon steel; also on the head of the jacket (6) has a hexagonal (7) to ensure that the jacket does not rotate during mounting and tightening, which provides a wide contact area option to use the key that holds the fixer (a and b) in this way, it is not necessary to position it in the hole in a specific way, ensuring agility in the application; cone guided (8) is pre-assembled with the assembly being threaded in the thread base of the fixer (1), there is a unique locking system of guides (9), these guides fit into the openings or slots of jacket (10) and prevent the cone to rotate false in the jacket (6), as the head of the hexagon socket (7) when locked with a fixed key or star prevents this condition, this also applies in situations in which the level of friction between the fixer (1) and the base material is reduced, so there is a strong and rigid fixation between the metallic hollow profiles (11) and the fixer (1).. .


Organic cleaning composition

Organic cleaner/detergent compositions, formulations and solutions, and methods of cleaning using such compositions, formulations and solutions and manufacturing such compositions, formulations and solutions are disclosed. More particularly, compositions; formulations and solutions used for the cleaning and/or cleansing of a variety of industrial, domestic and/or communal hard surfaces, fiber/soft surfaces, including all natural, organic, synthetic and blended fibers, and organic surfaces, including, but not limited to, human skin and hair and animal skin and hair are disclosed.


A dishwasher with improved drying performance

The present invention relates to a dishwasher (1) comprising a tub (2) wherein the washing items are washed, rinsed and dried, a fan (4) that enables the hot and humid air to be sucked from a suction channel (3) opening into the tub (2) during the drying process and to be mixed with the dry air from the outside environment in a certain ratio, an outlet port (5) that directs the air blown by the fan (4), a discharge channel (6) that is connected to the outlet port (5) of the fan (4) and that enables the air blown by the outlet port (5) of the fan (4) to be delivered to the outside environment, and a return channel (7) that enables the air blown by the outlet port (5) to be redelivered into the tub (2).. .


Dishwasher appliances having deflection assemblies

Dishwasher appliances are provided. A dishwasher appliance includes a tub that defines a wash chamber for receipt of articles for washing, and a rack assembly arranged within the tub.


Lug wire-binding screw

An electrical connecting assembly includes a combination of a wire-binding screw and washer for fastening a conductor wire to a mechanical lug. The wire is inserted into the lug within a main bore.


Fastener for a connector in an electrical coupling

A fastener for a connector in an electrical coupling including a threaded bolt, a keeper member and a biasing member. The keeper member having a base and a distal member spaced apart from each other and a collapsible portion coupling the base and the distal member to each other in electrical communication.


Quick connect for pistol suppressor

A quick connect for a pistol suppressor includes a housing having a first end, a second end, and a central bore with an upper portion, a lower portion, and an internal shoulder separating the upper and lower portions. A piston is within the central bore of the housing.


Catastrophic hit indicator for catcher in plunger gas/fluid lift system for well operations

A catastrophic or heavy-hit indicator subassembly is included in a plunger lift system lubricator which includes a coil spring above a striker block, a piston above the striker block, the piston sealed but moveable within the bore of the subassembly, above the piston another spring or set of spring washers, a space, and above the space a thin membrane or wall in a top nut or seal at the top of the lubricator. If the plunger reaches the lubricator with sufficient force, it will compress the coil spring and move the striker block to push the piston upward within the bore of the lubricator, the piston will compress the second spring or set of spring washers, and the top end of the piston, which is preferably pointed, will pierce the membrane or wall in the top of the lubricator..


Bleach and oxidation catalyst

The present invention concerns a method of making manganese ion-containing catalyst salts, which comprise a mononuclear or dinuclear mn (iii) and/or mn (iv) complex based on cyclic triamine ligands and a non-coordinating silicate-based counterion. The invention also concerns compositions comprising such salts and bleaching formulations comprising the salt and a peroxy compound.


Shock absorbing grip assembly

The present invention is directed to a shock absorbing grip assembly that has been designed to give a controlled floating action to the grip that can be adjusted by varying the different cushioning isolator mechanisms within the grip, or by varying the number of tuning washers. The shock absorbing grip assembly is comprised of one or more grip end clamps; one or more cavities in said grip end clamps; a grip sleeve having one or more protruding engagement members; one or more elastomeric isolator inserts housed within each of said one or more cavities in said grip end clamps, wherein said one or more protruding engagement members mates within said cavities housing said elastomeric isolator inserts; and an outer elastomer grip; whereby said grip sleeve is free floating and has torsional, rotational, linear and axial shock absorbing capacity.


Apparatus and an infrared pressure weld reservoir

A fluid reservoir for a vehicle comprises a first reservoir portion and a second reservoir portion, wherein the first and the second reservoir portions define a reservoir to retain fluid for a washer system. The first reservoir portion and the second reservoir portion are secured together using infrared welding..



A washer configured to wash a product includes a support frame, a transmission mechanism mounted to the support frame, a guide mechanism mounted to a top of the transmission mechanism, and a washing mechanism mounted adjacent to the transmission mechanism. The transmission mechanism includes a plurality of rollers mounted to the ends of the support frame and a plurality of transmission belts mounted to the rollers.


Dishwasher rack handle

A dishwasher includes a rack assembly with a modular handle for allowing a user to grasp and pull out the rack. The modular handle includes a front piece, a rear body, and two end caps, which fit together to form an aesthetically pleasing handle suitable for the temperature and humidity in a dishwasher environment..


Rotating filter for a dishwasher

A dishwasher with a tub at least partially defining a washing chamber, a liquid spraying system, a liquid recirculation system defining a recirculation flow path, and a liquid filtering system. The liquid filtering system includes a rotating filter disposed in the recirculation flow path to filter the liquid..


Warewash machine with automated drain and fill

A conveyor warewasher includes at least one spray zone with multiple nozzles for spraying liquid onto wares passing therethrough, the spray zone including a tank for collecting sprayed liquid. The tank includes a drain outlet at the bottom of the tank for draining of the tank and a drain stop movable between a drain outlet closed position and a drain outlet open position.


Pipe coupling

The invention is a pipe coupling comprising: a) a cylindrical body for accepting and retaining ends of a pair of spaced apart pipe sections, the cylindrical body comprising two opposed ends; b) an end connector attached to each opposed end of the cylindrical body; c) a gasket disposed within an indentation defined within the interior surface of each of the opposed ends of the cylindrical body; d) a gasket retaining ring disposed between each end connector and gasket, wherein the gasket retaining ring comprises a shoulder; and e) a gripper washer comprising an exterior periphery, the gripper washer disposed between each gasket retaining ring and end connector; wherein the gasket retaining ring shoulder contacts and retains the exterior periphery of the gripper washer.. .
Spears Manufacturing Co.


Pump assembly for appliance

Appliances, such as dishwasher appliances, and pump assemblies for appliances are provided. A pump assembly includes a conduit, the conduit including a casing extending between an inlet and an outlet and defining an inner passage between the inlet and the outlet.
General Electric Company


Washing machine descaler introduction apparatus

A washing machine descaler introduction apparatus for introducing a descaling agent to the water inlets of a conventional washer and dryer at a controlled rate comprises a dispensing bag with an attached dispensing valve assembly and an attachable diverter. In use, the dispensing bag, containing of a descaling agent, is hung from an elevated position above a convention washing machine with the water inlet conduits of the washing machine each connected to one of two outlet tubes of the diverter.


Continuous batch tunnel washer and method

A method of washing fabric articles in a tunnel washer that includes moving the fabric articles from the intake of the washer to the discharge of the washer and through multiple modules or sectors. Liquid can be counter flowed in the washer interior along a flow path that is generally opposite the direction of travel of the fabric articles.
Pellerin Milnor Corporation


"cam lock system for reciprocating air compressor inlet filter"

A cam lock system for an air intake filter housing is provided that includes a clevis rod adapted for connection to a bolt on the air intake filter housing; a cam handle; a filter clamp coupled to the cam handle, the filter clamp having one or more cam surfaces thereon, the cam handle and filter clamp pivotally connected to a first end of the clevis rod; a spring carrier disposed at the second end of the clevis rod; and a spring disposed on the clevis rod and restrained between the spring carrier and a washer disposed on the clevis rod. The cam surface engages the washer and pivotal movement of the cam handle and filter clamp causes compression of the spring via the washer to provide clamping force to secure an air filter element in the air intake filter housing..
Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation


Washer assembly for spinal fixation screw

A washer for use with a bone screw having a shank and a head defining a maximum diameter, includes a body having a bottom face for engaging the surface of a bone and an opening therethrough sized to receive the shank of a bone screw extending therethrough. The washer includes a cavity in communication with the opening at the bottom face and configured to receive the head of the bone screw when the shank extends through the opening at said bottom face.
Nexxt Spine, Llc


Dishwasher utensil caddies

Dishwasher utensil caddies are disclosed. A disclosed example utensil caddy for a dishwasher having a tub and a door at least partially defining a treating chamber, and dish rack in the treating chamber, includes an attachment member configured to attach the utensil caddy to a side of the dish rack in a space between the dish rack and the tub or the door, and a slot oriented at an angle relative to the dish rack, and configured to receive a handle of a cooking utensil..
Whirlpool Corporation


Method of pre-treating articles to be washed in a dishwashing machine

A method of reducing residue left on an article of dishware. The method includes the steps of: providing an article of dishware having cooking residue on a working surface thereof; providing a container having a pre-treating composition therein, the container being configured to dispense the pre-treating composition in a downward direction using only a single hand of a user; dispensing some of the pre-treating composition onto the surface of the dishware while the container is disposed in an upright orientation; placing the pre-treated dishware into the dishwasher; and running the dishware through a cleaning cycle of the dishwashing machine..
The Procter & Gamble Company



A dishwasher for treating dishes according to at least one automatic cycle of operation comprises a tub at least partially defining a treating chamber, a chassis supporting the tub and defining a space below the tub a junction box located within the space. The junction box includes a base and a cover configured to receive an electrical connection for the dishwasher..
Whirlpool Corporation


Dishwasher with controlled rotation of lower spray arm

A dishwasher for treating dishes according to at least one cycle of operation and methods for operating a dishwasher. The dishwasher may have a tub at least partially defining a treating chamber, a rotatable sprayer, a drive system operably coupled to the rotatable sprayer to effect movement of the rotatable sprayer, and a liquid recirculation system for recirculating sprayed liquid.
Whirlpool Corporation


Dishwasher with integrated closure element having an antenna

A dishwasher with an integrated closure element, such as a pivoting door or sliding drawer front, having a metallic front panel extending from an upper edge to a lower edge of the closure element includes a user interface located on an upper face of the closure element such that when the closure element is in a closed position, the user interface faces upwardly and is inaccessible to a user. A radio system for the dishwasher includes an upwardly facing antenna located on the closure element adjacent the user interface..
Whirlpool Corporation


Removable blind-hole wide-expansion wedge fastener

A removable and selectively radially expandable fastener device includes a body and at least one expanding arm located on each end of the body. The at least one arm on each end of the body is selectively moveable radially in relation to a longitudinal axis of the body.
Dyno Pro Llc


Method and apparatus of repairing a pool fitting

A method and apparatus of repairing a fluid leak, thru a crack within the body of a pool return fitting, or in a pipe of close proximity to a pool return fitting, wherein an apparatus comprising of a cylindrical flow-thru elongated rubber plug, wherein a tube thru the center of the rubber plug is retained at one end by a flare in said tube or a locking nut over a uniquely shaped washer, and threaded on the other end, secured by a locking nut over a unique washer. In its compressed state, the rubber plug radially expands within the return line pipe and against a rubber extension ring inserted into the pool return fitting, sealing any leak occurring between the pool return fitting escutcheon and the return line pipe, wherein fluid may still pass thru the center tube.


Method for operating a dishwasher, and dishwasher

A method is provided for operating a dishwasher (1) in the form of a batch dishwasher, which has a treatment chamber (2) for accommodating washware to be cleaned. Provision is made, during an adsorption phase, for air to be conducted out of the treatment chamber (2) through a sorption unit (41), which contains a reversibly dehydratable dry material, in such a way that the dry material absorbs moisture from the air stream, wherein the air is then returned to the treatment chamber (2).
Illinois Tool Works Inc.


Double-voice coil moving-coil loudspeaker

A double-voice coil moving-coil loudspeaker comprises a bracket. A u-shaped cup with a circular groove is fixed in the bracket.


Brake pad measuring gauge

The inventive device object of the present application is an ergonomically shaped plurality of brake pad gauges, allowing a user to more efficiently measure a brake pad's thickness by inserting the device through the crevices and openings in the face of most stock and aftermarket automobile wheels. The multitude of brake pad gauges are held together by a key ring, and individually separated by a 0.5 mm washer.
Lisle Corporation


Method, apparatus, and nut for preloading a bearing

Methods and apparatus for preloading a bearing are provided. These methods and apparatus include preload monitoring devices whereby the mechanic can accurately monitor and regulate the preload on a bearing or bearing assembly.
Temper Axle Products Corporation


Pawl-and-ratchet lockable threaded fastener assembly

A fastener assembly includes a fastener, a washer, and a ratchet plate. The washer includes a washer base, and at least one pawl extending from the washer base.


Integrated pump pressure washer

An integrated pressure washer is disclosed. The integrated pressure washer has an engine.
Gxi Holdings, Llc


Electric car washer

A portable electric car washer is mainly formed by a soft water bag (1), a change valve (2), a belt wheel outer box, an electronic water pump, a water gun, and a water discharging pipe (5). The soft water bag (1), the water discharging pipe (5) and water feeding and discharging openings of the water pump are all connected to the change valve (2).
Chang-sha Meiling Electronics Technology Co.,ltd.


Washer nozzle integrated wiper blade

A wiper blade with integral washer nozzles including a blade rubber for wiping a glass of a vehicle, a spoiler combined with a retainer of a wiper arm, secondary levers combined with the spoiler, and yokes combined with the secondary levers, respectively, and supporting the blade rubber, may have a washer nozzle module integrally combined with the spoiler and spraying washer fluid supplied through washer fluid hoses in two directions with respect to the spoiler, wherein the washer nozzle module has washer fluid channels formed therein in a longitudinal direction of the spoiler to spray the washer fluid in two directions, nozzles formed along the washer fluid channels and spraying the washer fluid supplied through the washer fluid channels, and inlets communicating with the washer fluid channels, respectively, and connected with the washer fluid hoses for supplying the washer fluid.. .
Kcw Corporation


Warewasher with drain water tempering system with energy recovery using plate heat exchangers

A warewash machine includes a housing at least in part defining a chamber for cleaning wares and a sump for collecting hot cleaning water that is recirculated through the chamber during cleaning a drain path is provided for draining cleaning water from the sump and a fresh water input line includes at least a fresh water input that receives fresh water. A waste water heat recovery arrangement includes one or more plate heat exchanger units that transfer heat from the draining cleaning water to the incoming fresh water..


Horn apparatus

It is an object of the present invention is to smoothen air flow at the time of vibrations of the diaphragm, and to suppress variations in acoustic characteristics. Since the inclined surface 37c of the washer 37, which forms the air flow channel 50, is an inclined surface having a diameter gradually reduced with distance from the diaphragm 35 in the axial direction of the movable iron core 36, compared with the conventional step-shaped air flow channel having vertical surfaces, air flow in the air flow channel 50 can be smoothened.
Mitsuba Corporation


Fasteners with dual skin depth washers

A fastener including a pin member with an elongated shank having a first end, a second end opposite the first end, a cylindrical shank portion having an outer surface, a head located at the first end of the elongated shank, the head including a bearing surface located on the underside of the head, and a threaded portion located at the second end of the elongated shank. The fastener includes a washer installed on the pin member against the bearing surface of the head of the pin member.
Alcoa Inc.


Direct tension indicator plate and assembly

A direct tension indicator plate, washer assembly, and fastener assembly. The plate includes an annular array of circumferentially-spaced legs extending radially outwardly from a hub, wherein each leg includes a foot portion oriented at least partially in a circumferential direction.


Rotational forearm exercise apparatus

A rotational forearm exercise apparatus including a pair of bar members rotationally connected endwise together at a midpoint. Each of the pair of bar members is rotational relative the other against action of a compressive spring member disposed around a threaded bolt member interior to at least one of the pair of bar members.


Hernia patch

A hernia patch supporting tissue in-growth conforms to a tissue wall upon surgical installation and fixation within a patient. The hernia patch can include a base and positioning straps.
Atrium Medical Corporation


Dishwasher placemat basket and support structure

A dishwasher basket for securing placemats is disclosed. The basket provides multiple compartments and a planar base.


Dishwasher appliance and a operating the same

The present subject matter provides a method for operating a dishwasher appliance. The method includes finely filtering wash fluid with a fine filtration medium via cross-flow filtration and coarsely filtering wash fluid with a coarse filtration medium via dead-end filtration.
General Electric Company


Adjustable rod

A telescopic rod contains a first element, and a second element, and a locking mechanism. The first element is in the form of a hollow tube with an interior wall.
9. Solutions Technology Co., Limited


Window washer fluid reservoir contoured to firewall

A window washer fluid reservoir is provided for a motor vehicle. The reservoir includes a flattened washer fluid tank having an outer wall contoured to hug a firewall of the vehicle..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Washer fluid delivery system

A washer fluid a vehicle comprises a motor and pump assembly and a holster assembly configured to receive a washer bottle. The holster assembly includes a cage configured to receive a washer bottle, a handle to secure the washer bottle within the holster assembly, a locking device to secure a handle of the washer bottle in place, and a bayonet to pierce a foil cap of the washer bottle when the washer bottle is received within the cage portion of the holster assembly.
Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.


Pressure washer spray gun with grip sensor

A pressure washer includes a prime mover, a pump, and a spray gun. The spray gun including a handle with a first grip portion, a barrel including a second grip portion, a flow-control valve movable between an open position and a closed position, and a user interface to control the flow-control valve.
Briggs & Stratton Corporation


Apparatus, providing an auxiliary flush to a central chemical dispensing system

Systems and methods for supplying a variety of chemical products to a plurality of utilization points such as to washer extractors or washing machines includes utilizing an auxiliary flush mechanism that operates independently of a product supplying manifold so that the wash machines may be flushed in order to free the manifold to supply product to an otherwise waiting washing machine. The flush mechanism includes flush lines associated with respective washing machines and each line having an auxiliary flush valve and associated flow sensor which are configured to flush water through delivery lines leading to respective washing machines.
Ecolab Usa Inc.


Medical device control handle

A medical device control handle has with a distal component which is adjustable by an actuator assembly by means of a puller member or wire. The actuator assembly includes a user interface rotational dial, a detent tab washer and a spool, where the dial is rotationally coupled to the detent tab washer which transmits rotational movement of the dial to the spool.
Biosense Webster (israel), Ltd.


Dishwasher doors with multiple silverware baskets

Dishwasher doors with multiple silverware baskets are disclosed. A disclosed example dishwasher includes a tub at least partially defining a treating chamber having an opening, a door movably mounted to the tub to selectively open and close the opening, and two or more silverware baskets mounted one above the other on an interior of the door..
Whirlpool Corporation


Turbine fluid diverter for an appliance

The present invention provides a dishwasher appliance and a diverter for a dishwasher appliance. The diverter uses a turbine powered by a flow of fluid from a pump to switch between different outlet ports.
General Electric Company

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