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Washer patents

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Wiper washer apparatus

Fuji Jukogyo

Wiper washer apparatus

Tapered-land thrust bearing for turbochargers


Tapered-land thrust bearing for turbochargers

Date/App# patent app List of recent Washer-related patents
 Ganged connector system patent thumbnailnew patent Ganged connector system
A connector system includes a plurality of housing mounted on a circuit board and a plurality of cages are provided, each cage enclosing one of the housings, each of the cages including a front face that defines a first port, the cages being spaced apart a predetermined distance. A thermal washer is positioned around the cages, the thermal washer including a front portion and a main portion with air apertures that allow air to flow through the thermal washer and along a gap between the cages..
Molex Incorporated
 Pump with integrated heating element patent thumbnailnew patent Pump with integrated heating element
A pump for a dishwasher is configured as an impeller pump having a central water inflow to a rotating impeller for conveying the water in the radial direction out of the impeller into a pump chamber which surrounds the impeller in a ring-like manner and has a heated pump chamber wall on its outer side. Here, the pump has an outlet in the end region of the pump chamber at an axial spacing from the impeller.
E.g.o. Elektro-geraetebau Gmbh
 Tapered-land thrust bearing for turbochargers patent thumbnailnew patent Tapered-land thrust bearing for turbochargers
An oil-lubricated, tapered-land thrust bearing assembly (60) for automotive turbochargers (10) including a thrust bearing (30). The thrust bearing (30) includes an assembly of a base (62) with at least one insert (64 or 66), which is designed to control the oil film as a purposefully compliant structure based on applied force to optimize performance at low and high power operation.
Borgwarner Inc.
 Thermostatic element patent thumbnailnew patent Thermostatic element
An element comprising a cup containing a thermally expanding material, a piston capable of translational movement along its axis, a rigid guide for guiding the translational movement of the piston, a seal for sealing in the thermally expanding material having an annular overall shape, centered on the axis and through which the piston passes axially right through, and which includes first and second opposite axial parts against which the guide and the cup press respectively in a substantially antagonistic manner so as to compress the seal around the piston, and an anti-extrusion washer mounted coaxially around the piston and axially interposed between the guide and the first part of the seal. The invention provides for including in this thermostatic element means for supercompressing the first part of the seal around the piston, which means are designed to make the degree of compression of the first part of the seal equal to a value strictly higher than that associated with an operational thermostatic element formed by the cup, the piston, the guide, the seal and the anti-extrusion washer assembled with one another without these supercompression means..
 Dishwashing appliance and vent for dishwashing appliance patent thumbnailnew patent Dishwashing appliance and vent for dishwashing appliance
A dishwasher appliance and a vent for coupling a filter and a sump together are provided. The dishwasher appliance includes a cabinet defining a wash chamber for the receipt of articles for washing, and a sump for collection of a fluid from the wash chamber.
General Electric Company
 Dishwasher with treatment-fluid generator, and  operating such a dishwasher patent thumbnailnew patent Dishwasher with treatment-fluid generator, and operating such a dishwasher
A dishwasher for crockery or utensils, which is designed as a box-type dishwasher or as a conveyor dishwasher, wherein the dishwasher (1) has at least one wash tank (12), for accommodating a treatment fluid (20), and at least one final-rinse system, for supplying a final-rinse fluid (42). In order for it to be possible for expensive wash chemicals to be dispensed with for the most part, the dishwasher (1) also has a treatment-fluid generator (100) with at least one electrolysis device (109), wherein the treatment-fluid generator (100) is, or can be, connected to the wash tank (12) and is designed to supply an alkaline solution in the wash tank (12) of the dishwasher (1) by electrolysis..
Illinois Tool Works Inc.
 Wiper washer apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Wiper washer apparatus
A wiper washer apparatus sprays a washer liquid onto a windshield of a vehicle that has imaging areas of an imaging device and wipes the windshield. The apparatus includes a wiper arm that reciprocates a blade so as to wipe a predetermined wiping area, a spray unit that sprays the washer liquid onto the wiping area on the windshield from a nozzle provided on the wiper arm, a drive unit that drives the wiper arm in a mode selected from modes including at least a low speed mode and a high speed mode, and an input unit through which a user inputs a command for spraying the washer liquid..
Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
 Enhanced vehicle wiper blade system patent thumbnailnew patent Enhanced vehicle wiper blade system
A vehicle cleaning system in which washer fluid is dispensed onto a vehicle windshield or headlight wiper blade via an integral channel and nozzles arrayed in a way so as to insure efficient dispensation of cleaning solution onto the vehicle windshield or headlight. The vehicle cleaning system comprises a fluid reservoir, an element to heat the fluid based on outside ambient temperature, a valve which regulates the fluid flow creating a hammering action during fluid application, and a surface wiper with an integral fluid dispensing apparatus..
Kuraray Co., Ltd., Kurashiki-shi Japan
 Removable vehicular registration plate fastener patent thumbnailRemovable vehicular registration plate fastener
A removable vehicular registration plate fastener utilizes hitches that are attached to the front grill of a vehicle and hitch receivers that are attached to the vehicle's registration plate to temporarily secure the registration plate to the vehicle. The hitches are attached to the grill by a flange and a washer, which the grille is compressed between.
 Antenna structure and electronic device using the same patent thumbnailAntenna structure and electronic device using the same
An antenna structure and an electronic device using the same are provided. The antenna structure includes an antenna body and a washer body.
Sercomm Corporation

Antenna structure and electronic device using the same

An antenna structure and an electronic device using the same are provided. The antenna structure includes a directional antenna body and a washer body.
Sercomm Corporation

Floating brake disc assembly

A floating brake disc assembly includes a disc body and fasteners. The disc body includes a hub member and a brake rotor circumferentially around the hub member.

Auto-dishwashing cleaning technique

A method of cleaning tableware in an automatic dishwashing machine comprising: 1) allowing a mist of a cleaning product, wherein the cleaning product has been atomized to a size wherein greater than 95% of the particles have a diameter less than 2 microns, to contact the food soiled tableware to be cleaned; and 2) removing the food soil on the tableware by using a cleaning fluid; and wherein the second step is to be performed after the first step. A dishwasher comprising a device capable of atomising a cleaning product, wherein the device is capable of atomizing the cleaning product such that greater than 95% of the particles are less than 2 microns in diameter..
Reckitt & Colman (overseas) Limited

Power supply control vehicle

A vehicle power supply control apparatus is provided including a power supply control unit, a control signal connection circuit unit, a remote operation signal obtaining unit for receiving a remote operation signal, a power supply control unit that is operated during remote operation, relays serving as electrical path opening/closing units, and fuses. An air conditioner and a heater are connected to an electrical path that is opened and closed by the relay.
Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

Unwelded explosion-proof drain cable gland assembly

An unwelded explosion-proof drain cable gland assembly includes: a gland nut that is disposed on an outer circumference of a flexible tube and has a seat protruding inward; a gland having a cylindrical compression pin part that is formed at an upper portion thereof, an annular flange that is formed integrally with the compression pin part and protruding in a radial outward direction, and a binding part that is integrally formed under the flange and is inserted into and bound to the flexible tube; a gland washer that is installed in front of the gland and comes into surface contact with an upper surface of the compression pin part; a rubber packing that is disposed in front of the gland washer and has a hollow interior; and a coupling into which the rubber packing is fitted and whose outer surface is threaded to be coupled with the gland nut.. .
Seung Jin Ind. Co., Ltd

Dry double clutch

The present invention relates to a dry double clutch. A damper flywheel (300) comprises: a connector (600) coupled to a drive plate (320) of the damper flywheel (300); a cover (700) compensating for backlash between the connecting plate (400) and the connector (600); and a first resilient member (616) resiliently pressing the cover (700) in the circumferential direction of the connector (600).
Pyong Hwa Valeo Co., Ltd.

Apparatus for preventing separation of downhole motor from drillstring

A separation catch mechanism disposed above a power section of a motor prevents full separation of lower components of the motor from upper components and an attached drillstring. An extension of the mechanism has a first end coupled to the rotor and has a second end disposed in a housing member beyond a seat.
Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

Water softening apparatus, dishwasher having the same and control method thereof

A water softening apparatus having an improved structure to provide a function of an air brake, a dishwasher including the same and a control method thereof, the water softening apparatus having an air brake assembly and a regeneration tank and configured to soften wash water being supplied from a tub, wherein the air brake assembly including a water supply valve allowing wash water to be introduced therethrough, an ion exchange tank to accommodate an ion exchange resin therein, and a plurality of valves installed on a first path allowing wash water being introduced through the water supply valve to flow toward the ion exchange tank, wherein the regeneration tank is connected to the air brake assembly and accommodates regeneration material configured to purify the ion exchange resin.. .
Samsung Electronics, Co., Ltd.

Silverware, flatware or parts washer apparatus and method thereof

An apparatus and a method of washing (or pre-washing) silverware/flatware, or one or more other objects/parts is provided. The apparatus and method utilizes a fluid-push/pull system and method in which generally an entire volume of fluid is pushed or pulled through a cavity in which the silverware/flatware or other objects/parts are located.
Unified Brands, Inc.

Rfid ear tag

The rfid tag part comprises at least a housing (2) to house a transponder (1), and a washer (3) to maintain said transponder in said housing first part.. .
Assa Abloy Ab


Disclosed herein is a dishwasher. The dishwasher includes a main body, a tub placed within the main body to receive dishes therein, and an air brake mounted to one lateral surface of the tub.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Windscreen clearing system for a vehicle

A system (80) for a vehicle comprising a rear windscreen (20) and a rear windscreen wiper (26/28), the system (80) comprising one or more tracking sensors (30) and a control unit (50); the one or more tracking sensors (30) being coupled to the control unit (50) and being configured to monitor the behaviour of a driver of the vehicle and to issue data to the control unit, the control unit (50) and/or the one or more tracking sensors (30) being arranged to make a positive determination that said monitored behaviour is indicative of a requirement to look through the rear windscreen (20) of the vehicle and in dependence on making said positive determination, the control unit (50) is configured to activate the rear windscreen wiper (26/28) to wipe the rear windscreen (20) and/or to activate a rear windscreen washer system.. .
Jaguar Land Rover Limited

Scented windshield washer fluid

The invention provides and improved way to provide air freshener, scent, fragrance or perfume to an automobile in a milder and evenly applied manner. The additive or premixed fluid is combined with windshield washer fluid.

Fastener with a belleville head

The present invention relates to headed push-in fasteners of the type produced by penn engineering & manufacturing corp. Known as tackpins and tackscrews.
Pem Management, Inc.

Control solenoid with improved magnetic circuit

An electromagnetic solenoid having a coil wound around a bobbin between first and second flanges for generating a magnetic force is disclosed. An armature having an armature flange at a first end is within an interior portion of the tubular center section of the bobbin and is supported for axial displacement between a first position and a second position.
Flextronics Automotive, Inc.

Fitting arrangement for fitting a drive package for a vehicle

A fitting arrangement for fitting a drive package (1) for a vehicle, the arrangement includes a supporting element (2) to be mounted on the drive package (1). The supporting element (2) has an end element (6), which cooperates with the vehicle's frame (4) to support the drive package (1).
Scania Cv Ab

Tools, devices and methods for intermaxillary fixation

Novel tools, accessories and methods for fixing a patient's upper and lower jaws together with flexible straps are disclosed. The tools are intended to either allow placement of a flexible strap to bind items to the teeth, or for using a flexible strap to fasten the upper and lower jaw into place, among other purposes.
Mercy Medical Research Institute

Devices and methods for preparing animals for milking

Systems for cleaning, sanitizing and stimulating the udder or teats of milk-producing animals include a hand-held washer. The hand-held washer has an ergonomical handle and a trigger that engages a valve and releases sanitizing wash and compressed air when actuated.

Dish washer

A dish washer with an improved flow channel of air passing through an adsorbent includes a tub to wash dishes, a drying device to supply air into the tub to dry the dishes, and an adsorbent case provided in the drying device. The adsorbent case includes an inner space in which an adsorbent to adsorb moisture contained in air in the tub is provided, and at least one mesh unit located in the inner space to form a flow channel of air passing through the adsorbent.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Method for the attachment of a fastener element to a workpiece, a combination of a washer with a die button and also a die button

A method for the attachment of the fastener element to a workpiece with the aid of a washer and also a die button are described. The fastener element has a flange of larger diameter, a rivet section of smaller diameter which extends away from the flange and a workpiece contact surface at the side of the flange adjacent the rivet section.
Profil Verbindungstechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg

Street hockey puck

An improved hockey puck for use on unsmooth surfaces such as streets and parking lots consisting of two generally equal sized disks. Sandwiched between the two disks is an energy absorbing member or members.

Bridge tie fastener system

Methods, system and apparatus are disclosed, including a tie fastener apparatus for attaching railroad ties to a superstructure. The apparatus comprises a threaded hook bolt, including a hook with a hook end to engage the underside of a flange of a superstructure beam.
Lewis Bolt & Nut Company


The present invention relates to a dishwasher which comprises: a washer main body in which a washing basin is provided to form a space in which dishes are washed; multiple fixed jet nozzles which are fixed to the inner wall of the washing basin and jet water for washing toward the dishes at a fixed position; and a horizontally arranged cylindrical rotating rack rotatably disposed in the washing bath, wherein the inner space thereof is split into multiple dish mounting portions where the dishes can be mounted and the rotating rack rotates along the periphery of the multiple fixed jet nozzles.. .

Stabiliser bar for vehicle cab

A stabiliser bar (1) to counteract pitching movements in a vehicle cab (10) includes a suspension device (9) with a bushing (14) on each side of which lateral stops (16a, b) are arranged, made from an essentially elastic material, and bearings (17a, b) arranged on the outside of these. A washer-shaped unit (23a, b) is arranged between the bearings (17a, b) and the lateral stops (16a, b) and that unit has a diameter which essentially corresponds to the lateral stops' diameter.
Scania Cv Ab

Apparatus for controlling the closing of a door of a household appliance, in particular for a washing machine, such as a dishwasher

An apparatus (10) includes an engagement element (11), fitted on a household appliance casing for being releasably held by a retaining element (16) fitted on the door (d). The engagement element (11) includes a support body (12); and a striker (14), releasably coupled to the retaining element (16) and is mobile between a retracted position and an extracted position.
Elbi International S.p.a.

Dishwasher basket with adjustable tray

A dishwasher basket having a container, an interior frame, at least one height adjustable rack, a lid and a connection assembly that hingedly couples the container, the interior frame and the lid together. The height adjustable rack may be fastened and moved vertically via a tray securing assembly to vary a volume of an upper compartment and a lower compartment.
Munchkin, Inc.

Clothes catcher

The present invention is directed to a clothes catcher for facilitating movement of clothing and other goods during the laundering process. A user can transfer clothes or other goods between the clothes catcher and the washer or dryer much more easily than present day loading or unloading.

Dishwasher and operating dishwasher

A dishwasher (2) is provided comprising a washing chamber (8) with a sump (14) and a circulation circuit (16). The circulation circuit (16) comprises the sump (14), a circulation pump (18) and a spraying device (20) for spraying washing liquid into the washing chamber (8).
Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.

Lift cylinder yoke bearing installer and installation

A system and method that includes a device that is used in a particular method to install bearings into a lift cylinder yoke bore. The device includes use of a hollow bore hydraulic push cylinder that maneuvers a push plate along a threaded rod.

Bearing assembly and rotary electric machine comprising such a bearing

A bearing assembly for rotatively holding a shaft with respect to a support member and comprises: a bearing, with a rotatable ring and a fixed outer ring to be immobilized within a housing of said support member. An encoder washer is fast in rotation with the rotating ring.

Transducer systems

Transducer systems with reduced acoustic noise coupling are disclosed herein. In some embodiments, a transducer system includes pressure balancing features to prevent a floating portion of the transducer system from contacting a fixed portion of the transducer system, or to reduce the degree to which the floating portion is urged into contact with the fixed portion by process pressure or atmospheric pressure.
General Electric Company

Uncoupling device for connecting a drilling tool to the end of a drilling column and a drilling system comprising such an uncoupling device

Collection device for connecting a drilling tool, such as a bit, to the end of a drilling column, in which the connection device comprises a first element, with a first end, intended to be connected to the end of the drilling column, and a second element, with a second end, intended to be connected to the drilling tool, in which the second element is fixed to the first element so as to allow a translational movement in a longitudinal direction in order to make it possible to change the distance between the first end and this second end, characterized in that the connection device comprises a “pusher” structure for transmitting a thrust force from this first element towards the second element, comprising a set of “belleville” washers making it possible to ensure that said thrust force, from the first element toward the second element, is substantially constant in any position of the second element with respect to the first element.. .
Tercel Ip Ltd.

Non-electronic methods and detecting wash pump cavitation in a dishwasher

A cavitation sense fill system for a dishwasher system is disclosed. The dishwasher system includes a fluid circulation system for circulating water in a tub, wherein the fluid circulation system includes at least one recirculation pump and at least one fill valve.
General Electric Company

Non-electronic methods and detecting wash pump cavitation in a dishwasher

A method for operating a dishwasher system, including monitoring an output pressure of at least one recirculation pump in the dishwasher system, and deactivating at least one fill valve in the dishwasher system when the output pressure satisfies at least one predefined criteria. .
General Electric Company

Low profile spinal tethering devices

Methods and devices for treating spinal deformities are provided. In one exemplary embodiment, a low-profile spinal anchoring device is provided for receiving a spinal fixation element, such as a tether, therethrough.
Depuy Synthes Products, Llc

Kinetic dumbbell

A kinetic dumbbell includes offset weighted ends keyed to a single axle and a grip residing over the axle and between the weighted ends. The axle and weighted ends are free to rotate with respect to the grip.

Torsional damper for a clutch

A torsional damper (1) comprises a hub (2) coupled to a radial annular web (6); two guide washers; elastic members (9); and friction means, relative angular deflections of the guide washers and the annular web (6) being limited in a first rotation direction (d) by a first series of stops (23) of the guide washers that interact with a first series of protruding parts (25) of the annular web (6), and in a second rotation direction (r) by a second series of stops (24) of the guide washers that interact with a second series of protruding parts (26) of the annular web (6).. .
Valeo Embrayages

Table top dishwasher

A table top dishwasher comprises (a) a tub (10) for accommodating articles to be cleaned; (b) a water-tight hood (12) arranged over said tub (10), said hood comprising a fixed hood portion (14), an access opening (42), and a rotatable door (16) which is connected to the fixed hood portion so as to be rotatable between a raised opened position in which it exposes the access opening to provide access to the tub and a lowered closed position in which it closes the access opening and forms part of the water-tight hood; and (c) a gasket (44) which is attached to the fixed hood portion (14) or to the rotatable door (16) along an edge region of the access opening, wherein the fixed hood portion (14)or the rotatable door (16), respectively, comprises a plurality of mounting projections (46), and wherein the gasket comprises a plurality of apertures (54) in which the mounting projections are held by snap-fit connection.. .
Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.

Wheel cover for truck front wheels

A wheel cover for a front wheel of a truck includes a body, a hub cap, at least two washers, multiple bolt caps and an insulation plate. The hub cap is located in the central hole of the body which has multiple recesses evenly defined therein.

Door latch and a dishwasher mounted with the door latch

The present invention has disclosed a door latch and a dishwasher fitted with a door latch. The door latch comprises a body; a pawl provided with a rotating shaft, a first gap being provided between two ends of the rotating shaft, and a mounting slot being provided in one side of the pawl; a first pin mounted on the pawl, the first pin being mounted in the mounting slot in the pawl; a spring having two ends which are connected to the body and the pawl, respectively, a first end of the spring being connected to the first pin through the first gap.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Assembly for washer shower pipe and method to adjust open area of orifices in the pipe

A shower pipe assembly to provide a wash liquid for washing a pulp mat, comprising: a shower pipe with areas defining oblong orifice openings extending through the wall; and a combination plate paddle configured to be removed and configured to be adjusted along the wall, wherein the combination plate paddle comprises a plate and a paddle, wherein the plate has areas defining a plate opening as adjacent to and configured to communicate with at least one oblong orifice opening of the shower pipe in an open position, wherein the opening formed by the oblong orifice opening in the pipe and the plate can be adjusted by moving the combination plate paddle along the wall of the pipe, and the combination plate paddle is slideably engaged to the shower pipe by fasteners.. .
Andritz Inc.

Method and mounting solar panels

Solar panel array with a plurality of solar panels on support system attached at corners or off such corners for foundation structure needs and irregularities secured to roof by lag bolt with mount channel and flashing pre-assembled into mount by crimp for positive seal and mount riser height adjustable can include bilateral or quadrilateral mounts, a coupler seat to affix panel to mount and lateral movement seat for solar panel. An intercalative junctionpiece, nut, or washer has tines for grounding, a dissociation guide and flexture and keeps off the surface for association and perforation to clamp panel firmly via different clamps including wedge clamps, top restraints, lip end clamps, side support clamps, compression clamps, etc..
J2l Consulting, Llc

Misting chamber

The invention proposes a domestic appliance having a drying apparatus, such as a dishwasher, a tumble dryer, a washing machine or the like, wherein the drying apparatus (8) has a contact space (8, 14) for establishing contact between drying air which originates from a working space (11) in the domestic appliance and a hygroscopic liquid (4) which is provided for drying purposes, in which domestic appliance effective drying is possible in a comparatively short time. According to the invention, this is achieved in that at least one nozzle (15, 16) for atomizing the hygroscopic liquid (4) in the contact chamber (8, 14) and/or for sprinkling the hygroscopic liquid (4) in the contact chamber (8, 14) is provided..
Sanhua Aweco Appliance Systems Gmbh

Rotary burring tool

A texturizing tool that creates concentric, circular patterns of burrs in the surface of a workpiece by graving, planning or plowing, curved stop-grooves each with a burr of the displaced material which remains securely attached to the workpiece. Toothed cylindrical saws having angled slots for a drive pin are concentrically assembled.

Axle assembly

An axle assembly having a tube, a shaft received in the tube, a wheel bearing disposed between the tube and the shaft. The axle assembly also includes a thrust washer, a retaining ring and a snap ring, each of which is mounted about the shaft.
American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc.

Ozone injection systems

An ozone laundry system that injects ozone into the chemical injection system in order to allow the system to inject ozone as other cleaning chemicals are injected into the washer. This allows ozone to be injected through the wash cycle rather than just during the initial fill phase and additional avoids the expense and maintenance of adding ozone recirculation plumping to an ozone laundry system.

Dust separation from the crude gas of an entrained flow gasifier

A multistage gas washing system is applied for dust separation from crude gases of entrained flow gasification of pulverized fuels under pressures up to 10 mpa and temperatures which are greater than the melting point of the fuel ash. A first stage comprises a modified quenching system and a downstream washing column, which operates as a bubble column.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Axial compressor

An axial compressor includes: a spray nozzle (32) that supplies droplets to a working fluid before compression or being compressed; a variable stator vane (56) having a stem section (94) inserted in an insertion hole (73) in a casing (54), the variable stator vane (56) having an angle of attack varied through sliding motion relative to the casing caused by rotation of the stem section; a sealing groove (93) provided in a sliding portion between a thrust washer (82) slid relative to the casing during rotation of the stem section and the casing; and a sealing member (92) housed in the sealing groove.. .
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.

Device for closing the door of a household appliance, in particular for a washing machine, such as a dishwasher

A dishwasher door closing device (10; 110) includes an engagement element (11; 111), fitted on the casing (c) of the household appliance (w) releasably held by a retaining element (16) on the door (d). The engagement element (11; 111) includes a support body (12), a catch (14) releasably coupled to the retaining element (16) moving between a refracted position coupled to the retaining element (16) and the door (d) is closed, and an extracted position coupled to the retaining element (16) and the door (d) is in a pre-opening condition.
Elbi International S.p.a.

Sound abatement for a dishwasher appliance

A dishwashing appliance is provided having one or more sound abatement features for blocking sound transmission emanating from the appliance during operation. Spaces or gaps present between the dishwashing appliance and the cabinetry in which it is installed can be blocked by features having one or more chambers that attenuate the transmission of sound therefrom.
General Electric Company

Mount for tremolo arm

A mount for the improved engagement of a tremolo arm with a pivoting bridge of a stringed instrument is provided. The mount features a body having a first side adapted for an engagement with a surface of the bridge.

System for transporting condensed water from a vehicle's air conditioner to its windshield washer reservoir

A system, designed to transport condensed water from the vehicle's air conditioner to the vehicle's windshield washer reservoir that comprises an air conditioner, a reservoir, and tubing. The tubing transports condensed water from the air conditioner to the reservoir.

Golf club

A golf club includes a golf club head and a shaft attached to the golf club head, the golf club including the golf club head provided with a shaft insertion hole having an upper opening and a lower opening, the shaft insertion hole having an internal surface provided with an undercut groove, the shaft having a tip end, a shaft sleeve adaptor attached to the tip end of the shaft, the shaft sleeve adaptor inserted into the shaft insertion hole through the upper opening and having a first thread portion, a fastener comprising a second thread portion engaging with the first thread portion of the shaft sleeve adaptor through the lower opening of the shaft insertion hole, and a washer held in the undercut groove of the shaft insertion hole and disposed between the fastener and the shaft sleeve adaptor.. .
Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.

Torsion-damping device comprising two torque output plates arranged on either side of torque input ring

A device (10) for damping torsion between a clutch element (16) and a transmission shaft, comprising: an input washer (12a, 12b) that is rotationally integral with the clutch element (16); two output webs (18a, 18b) that are rotationally integral with the transmission shaft by means of a central hub (20); a pair of circumferentially acting elastic members (42) that are interposed circumferentially in series between the input washer (12a, 12b) and the output web (18a, 18b); a phase washer (44) that is interposed circumferentially between the two elastic members (42) of said pair.. .
Valeo Embrayages

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