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 3-in-1 attachment system for liner plates of mills used to grind minerals patent thumbnailnew patent 3-in-1 attachment system for liner plates of mills used to grind minerals
The present invention consists in a 3-in-1 fastening system for shells of mill liners used for grinding minerals allowing the quick installation and removal in one step by using conventional tools. The system comprises a metal washer (1), a fastening element (2, 200) and a rubber washer (5), being concentrically joined to be coupled and thereby securing the shell of a mill, wherein the metal washer (1) has one or more inner openings (3) receiving one or more retaining members (4) to retain the fastening element (2, 200) inside said metal washer (1)..
American Screw De Chile Limitada

 Locking fastener with deflectable lock patent thumbnailnew patent Locking fastener with deflectable lock
The washer member has a central bore with a banking portion that complements the banking feature of the bolt member such that, when the threaded segment is inserted in the central bore, the washer member moves axially and is rotatably fixed relative to the bolt member. The washer member has an axially projecting circumferential wall with radially inward facing engagement teeth for intermeshing with teeth of the lock member.

 Method for removing mercury from washer suspensions patent thumbnailnew patent Method for removing mercury from washer suspensions
A method for removing mercury from flue gas in a flue gas desulfurization plant, in which the mercury concentration in the fgd gypsum is reduced without increasing the size of the waste water treatment plant, by increasing the volume-related mercury concentration in the wash wastewater and feeding this more concentrated flow of waste water to the waste water treatment plant.. .
Andritz Ag

 Locking device and assembly for use with a truck tailgate mounting hub patent thumbnailnew patent Locking device and assembly for use with a truck tailgate mounting hub
A tailgate collar locking device encloses the slotted mounting hub of the tailgate, together with the pivot point stub within the mounting hub, within a portion of the locking device. The locking device of the present invention comprises a lock housing, a lock cylinder and a shackle.
Vsi, Llc

 Windshield wiper assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Windshield wiper assembly
A windshield wiper assembly includes a washer fluid distribution assembly configured to securely connect to a windshield arm interface. A first squeegee holder is configured to securely receive a first squeegee.

 Chemcial jug washer and disposal assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Chemcial jug washer and disposal assembly
A combination cleaning and disposal assembly for safely cleaning and rendering unusable a jug containing a hazardous chemical residue. A body supports a receiving chamber for receiving the jug.

 Bottle washer assemblies for dishwasher appliances patent thumbnailnew patent Bottle washer assemblies for dishwasher appliances
Spray tines for bottle washer assemblies of dishwasher appliances are provided. A spray tine includes a conduit extending between a first end and a second end and defining a passage for flowing wash fluid therethrough.
General Electric Company

 Dishwasher appliances and methods for operating same patent thumbnailnew patent Dishwasher appliances and methods for operating same
Dishwasher appliances and methods for operating dishwasher appliances are provided. A dishwasher appliance includes a cabinet defining a wash chamber for the receipt of articles for washing, a sump for collection of fluid from the wash chamber, and a filter positioned between the wash chamber and the sump for filtering the fluid from the wash chamber.
General Electric Company

 Transmission patent thumbnailTransmission
Disclosed herein is a transmission having a tooth holder for holding teeth of a toothed ring, said teeth being arranged around an axis of rotation of the transmission, wherein the teeth are arranged in the tooth holder in such a way as to be movable and to be guided in a radial direction. The transmission furthermore has a drive element, which is rotatable about the axis of rotation, for driving the teeth in a radial direction, wherein the drive element has a cam contour with lobes in a radial direction.
Wittenstein Ag

 Torque converter thrust assembly having variable effective thickness patent thumbnailTorque converter thrust assembly having variable effective thickness
A thrust assembly for a torque converter is provided. The thrust assembly includes a drivable mating component and a thrust washer connected to the drivable mating components.
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

Portable working machine

To enhance responsivity of temperature sensor detecting an engine temperature. A temperature sensor component 40 includes a metal washer 42.
Walbro Llc

Portable working machine

To enhance responsivity of temperature sensor detecting an engine temperature. A temperature sensor component 40 includes a metal washer 42.
Yamabiko Corporation

Machine cleaning composition

The invention relates to a dishwasher machine cleaning detergent composition that is capable of being used during a normal dishwashing cleaning cycle.. .
Reckitt Benckiser (brands) Limited

Arrangement and actuating at least one windshield wiper and/or windshield cleaning system

The invention proposes an arrangement for controlling a windshield wiper system and/or windshield washer system of a vehicle, having at least one sensor for recording ambient parameters, which sensor is connected via a control unit for purposes of controlling with a drive unit of the windshield wiper system and/or windshield washer system. The control unit is connected with a correction request recording actuating element of the windshield wiper system and/or windshield washer system, for providing adaptive control.
Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

Pressure washing system and method

Disclosed herein are various embodiments of a system and method for operating a surface pressure washer with a wand component. The method may include the steps of cleaning a first surface through a first fluid path, where the first fluid path includes a pump, a pressure regulating valve, a diversion block, and a spray gun, while spray nozzles are not discharging fluid to a second surface, actuating a valve connected to the diversion block, thereby reducing the pressure available to the first fluid path and creating a second fluid path, where the second fluid path includes the pump, the pressure regulating valve, the diversion block and the spray nozzles, where the spray nozzles are configured to rotate above the second surface when the second fluid path is open, and cleaning a second surface underneath the pressure washer system through the second fluid path..

Detecting opening of a washing agent dispenser lid in a dishwasher

Provided herein are a dishwasher and a method at a dishwasher for detecting opening of a washing agent dispenser lid. The dishwasher may include a dispenser accommodated in a dishwasher door and being arranged to dispose a washing agent in a compartment of the dishwasher at the opening of a dispenser lid.
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag

Integrated washing agent dispenser, in particular for a dishwasher

A dispensing device (1) for a door of a dishwasher, includes a support body (2) having first and second, longitudinally adjacent, dispensers (5-7; 9, 10), for a washing agent and a rinse agent, respectively; and an electrically controlled actuator device (13), having a stationary structure (15) and a mobile member (18), coupled to the first dispenser (5-7) such that when the door is closed a first energisation of the actuator device (13) causes the dispensing of the washing agent, and coupled to the second dispenser (9, 10) through a transmission mechanism including an interconnecting member (30) which makes the mechanism operative after a first energisation of the actuator device (13) after the door is closed, to allow dispensing of the rinse agent by a subsequent energisation of the actuator device (13). The interconnecting member (30) has an inactive position in which the mechanism is inoperative when the door is opened..
Bitron Poland Sp. Zo.o.

Dishwasher appliance and a forming a unitary tub

A dishwasher appliance with a tub that defines a wash chamber is provided. A bottom wall of the tub defines a volute.
General Electric Company

Arrangement for a dishwasher for creating a wash zone with selectable position

Provided herein is an arrangement for a dishwasher for creating a wash zone with a selectable position within a washing chamber of the dishwasher. The arrangement may include a water spray arm rotatably arranged around an axis in the washing chamber, and a support element arranged to support the spray arm in the washing chamber.
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag

Washer for fishing reel

A washer for a fishing reel can be attached to a rotary shaft so as to be unitarily rotated therewith. The washer includes a washer body and a first cut-and-raised part.
Shimano Components (malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

Electrical connector

An electrical connector used to make electrical connection to a heating system or to an antenna system on a glazing comprises a substantially planar foot, suitable for soldering, an angled portion, permanently connected to the foot and substantially at right angles to the plane of the foot and a holding portion, connected to the angled portion and suitable for holding a cable, wherein the foot has a substantially circular or oval shape. A glazing comprising such an electrical connector further comprises a sheet of glazing material, an electrical conductor on a surface of the sheet of glazing material and a solder layer between the electrical conductor and the foot wherein the solder layer comprises lead-free solder.
Pilkington Group Limited

Cylindrical battery

In a cylindrical battery including a gap formed between a peripheral side surface 32b of a dish-shaped portion in an anode terminal plate 32 and a curved end portion 11a of a cathode can 11, and a washer 50 having a washer boss portion 52a and an annular flange portion 50c provided around an upper end surface of the washer boss portion 52a, the washer being mounted to an opening portion of a cathode can 11 such that the washer boss portion 52a is fitted into the gap 201, a vent structure configured to release gas released to the gap 201 from a first vent hole 32a in the anode terminal plate 32 is provided in a range surrounded by a ridge line connecting a highest part 11b of the curved end portion 11a in the washer 50 and the peripheral side surface 32b of the anode terminal plate 32.. .
Fdk Energy Co., Ltd.

Tapered washer shaft jacking arrangement

A vertical in-line split couple pump includes a motor shaft having a motor shaft collar; a pump shaft having a pump shaft collar with a pump shaft angled collar surface oblique to an axis of the motor and pump shafts; and a coupler having coupler halves that attach together, that have a couple groove to receive the motor shaft collar, and have a couple angled groove to receive the pump shaft collar. The couple angled groove has a couple angled groove surface oblique to the axis.
Fluid Handling Llc.

Axial needle roller bearing with self-aligning washers

An axial needle roller bearing assembly is provided having first and second axial end washers, each with a radial body having a concave outer profile and a convex inner profile in radial cross-section and each including an axial flange on one of a radially inner or outer side. First and second intermediate washers having respective intermediate radial bodies with first and second axial sides are provided with the first axial sides defining first and second bearing races and the second axial sides defining contact surfaces for the respective first and second axial end washers.
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

Structure for preventing reverse rotation of threaded body

The objective is to prevent the loosening of a structure with which a member 80 to be fastened and a base material 90 are fastened through a male screw body 10 and a washer 50. A screw-body-side seat part 22 is formed on the male screw body 10, and a first receiving part 60 and second receiving part 70 are formed on the washer side.
Nejilaw Inc.

Tri-tab lock washer

A washer includes a hub and a first lobe connected to the hub. The first lobe includes a first hole.
United Technologies Corporation

Quad-tab u-washer

A washer includes a first lobe comprising a first hole, a second lobe comprising a second hole, a third lobe comprising a third hole, and a fourth lobe comprising a fourth hole. A first leg extends from the first lobe to the second lobe, and a second leg extends between the third lobe and the fourth lobe, wherein the second leg is parallel to the first leg.
United Technologies Corporation

Saltwater pool skimmer

The present invention relates to a method of mounting a pool skimmer to a wall of a saltwater swimming pool to prevent rusting of the wall in the skimmer mounting area. This is accomplished by interposing insulators between the corrosive salt water and the holes necessary to mount the skimmer.
Champlain Plastics Inc.

Dryer or washer dryer and this operation

Example dryers and washer-dryers having a closed process air circuit having a drum, a condenser downstream from the drum for dehumidifying warm moist air, and a thermoelectric device having a cold side arranged in the process air circuit downstream from the drum are disclosed. Example thermoelectric devices have a warm side cooled by a fluid which is circulated in a liquid/air heat exchanger arranged in the process air circuit downstream from the condenser.
Whirlpool Corporation

Drum type washer and control method thereof

Provided are a drum type washer and a control method thereof. Spin-drying performance and efficiency can be enhanced by determining a position and a degree of unbalance using a phase and size of a signal input through a vibration measuring device located at each of a first half portion and a second half portion of an outer side surface of a tub..
Lg Electronics, Inc.

Impeller-type heat pump integrated washer-dryer and drying method therewith

Disclosed are an impeller-type heat pump integrated washer-dryer and a drying method. The impeller-type heat pump integrated washer-dryer includes: a housing, an outer drum mounted inside the housing, an inner drum mounted in the outer drum, an impeller provided at the bottom of the inner drum, and an electric motor provided at the lower part of the outer drum for driving of the inner drum and/or the pulsator.
Qingdao Haier Washing Machine Co., Ltd.

"cart buddy" conventional shopping cart anti-viral handle cover and armrest

Cushioned handle to cover a common, conventional shopping cart handle, preventing a shopper's hands from coming in contact with the cart handle. Additionally, offers a comfortable rest area for forearms while shopping.

Tool free bolt system for a saw blade

A bolt assembly (100) enables a user to change a circular blade (160) on a power tool (200) without the use of tools. The bolt assembly includes a bolt body (110) that has a bolt head (132) and a shank (136) that extends axially from the bolt head.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Washing device for medical instruments

A washer machine for medical instruments comprises a washing chamber, at least a sliding loader trolley at least to load the medical instruments into the washing chamber and a washing device to wash the medical instruments, comprising a multiple connection unit and a plurality of flexible washing pipes connectable to the aperture of the medical instrument to be washed. The multiple connection unit comprises a free multiple connector, autonomous and unconstrained from the sliding loader trolley and connectable to said flexible washing pipes, and a static and fixed multiple counter-connector disposed in the washing chamber.
Steelco Spa

Poly-axial pedicle screw assembly and packaging therefor

A pedicle screw assembly including a pedicle screw, a tulip head, a set screw, and a washer; a packaging assembly for a pedicle screw; a pedicle screw screwdriver assembly; and a set packaging assembly are disclosed.. .
Spinal Balance, Inc.

Arrangement in a dishwasher for creating a wash zone with intensified washing

Provided herein is an arrangement in a dishwasher for creating a wash zone with intensified washing in a washing chamber. The arrangement may include a spray arm rotatably arranged around an axis a; a water pump arranged to feed water to the spray arm; and a control unit arranged to control operation of the water pump.
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag

Dishwasher appliance and a forming a unitary tub

A dishwasher appliance with a tub is provided. The tub defines a filter medium and a supply conduit within the tub.
General Electric Company

Filter for a dishwasher appliance

A filter for dishwasher appliance includes a filter medium, a body extending along an axial direction of the filter, and a cap positioned at a first end of the body along the axial direction of the filter. The filter medium is configured to filter debris and other particles from wash fluid from the wash chamber of the dishwasher appliance and is attached to or formed integrally with the body of the filter.
General Electric Company

Arrangement for providing a wash zone

Provided herein is an arrangement for creating a wash zone with in a dishwasher washing chamber. The arrangement may include a spray arm may rotate around an axis; a water pump may feed water to the spray arm; and a support element may rotatably support the spray arm in the washing chamber.
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag

Autonomously traveling floor washer, cleaning schedule data structure, storage medium, creating cleaning schedule, and program

In an autonomously traveling floor washer, a position estimating unit estimates position data. When a manual operation teaching mode is being executed, a taught data obtaining unit obtains taught position data and a taught cleaning condition at a taught data obtaining time.
Murata Machinery, Ltd.

Generator and converting vibrational energy into electrical energy

Disclosed is an electromechanical generator for converting mechanical vibrational energy into electrical energy, the electromechanical generator comprising: a mass resiliently connected to a body by a biasing device and adapted to oscillate about an equilibrium point relative to the body with an oscillation amplitude, a transducer configured to convert oscillations of the mass about the equilibrium point relative to the body into electrical energy, and a resilient device disposed between the biasing device and one of the mass and the body, wherein the resilient device is configured to be deformed between the biasing device and the one of the mass and the body only when the oscillation amplitude exceeds a predetermined non-zero threshold amplitude. The resilient device may comprise one of a helical spring, an o-ring and a spring washer, such as a belleville washer, a curved disc spring, a wave washer, and a split washer..
Perpetuum Ltd.

Sealing member of tube-shaped battery and tube-shaped battery

A sealing member 40 to seal an opening of a battery can, the sealing member being used to configure a tube-shaped battery provided with a bottomed tube-shaped battery can and a power generating element that has been arranged inside the battery can, the sealing member 40 includes an electrode terminal that is to be electrically connected to the power generating element, a sealing plate 41, insulating gaskets 42a, 42b, and a washer 44. An inserting part 43b extending from the electrode terminal 43 is inserted through these elements so that the elements are integrally tightened.
Fdk Corporation

Method and flow regulation

A flow regulator system includes a flow regulator placed within a fluid flow path to maintain fluid flow therethrough at a desired flow rate. The flow regulator includes a flow washer having an orifice therethrough and a regulator body that receives the flow washer.
Lancer Corporation

Vibratory scale reduction in hot water heaters, steam generators and related devices

A steam generator for generating steam by boiling water, or other hot water heating device, in either case such as for use in a steam cooker or warewasher, includes a tank structure providing a heating chamber for holding water and including a water inlet, a steam outlet and a water drain outlet. A heating element is located for heating water within the heating chamber so as to generate steam.

Double-acting lockwasher

A locking washer is to be inserted between a bearing element and a screwable element. The locking washer includes two washer crowns, each of which has an engagement face.
Nord-lock International Ab

Washer member in valve housing of engine

A washer member disposed in a valve housing of an engine is disclosed. The washer member resiliently supports an injector push member via an elastic member and receives a pair of hydraulic lash adjusters for operating an inlet valve and an outlet valve of a cylinder of the engine.
Caterpillar Inc.

Portable undercarriage washer for vehicles

A portable undercarriage washer for vehicles includes a spray manifold having a feed line with a proximal end and a distal end, a spray tube coupled with the distal end of the feed lines, and a plurality of spaced spray nozzles connected with spaced openings on the spray tube. A protective cover overlies the spray manifold and the spaced spray nozzles.

Cushion device for cylinder of pneumatic tool

A cushion device is used for a cylinder of a pneumatic tool, and the pneumatic tool contains: a body, a cylinder, a valve unit, a piston member, and a cushion washer. The body includes a grip and a fitting sleeve having a chamber, a closing face, and an opening.

Iv membrane attachment systems and methods

An intravenous delivery system may have a liquid source containing a liquid, tubing, and an anti-run-dry membrane positioned such that the liquid, flowing form the liquid source to the tubing, passes through the anti-run-dry membrane. The anti-run-dry membrane may be positioned within an exterior wall of a drip unit, and may be secured to a seat of the exterior wall by an attachment component.
Becton, Dickinson And Company


A dishwasher may include a basket; tubing at the bottom of the basket; at least one utensil holder rotatably connected to the tubing and rotatable between an operating position, in which an article can be held at the utensil holder, and a resting position, in which the utensil holder is stowed away when not in use; and a nozzle communicating with the tubing and located to direct a jet of washing liquid towards an article held at the utensil holder. The utensil holder may include a clamping portion adapted to engage an article to be cleaned, and the nozzle may be located in proximity of the clamping portion.
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag

Tub structures for dishwasher appliances

Tubs for dishwasher appliances, as well as associated dishwasher appliances, are provided. A tub includes a plurality of walls defining a wash chamber.
General Electric Company

Dishwasher appliance and a forming a unitary spray arm for a dishwasher appliance

A dishwasher appliance includes a spray assembly with a unitary spray arm. The unitary spray arm of the spray assembly defines a plurality of outlets.
General Electric Company

Dishwasher appliance and a forming a unitary filter for a dishwasher appliance

A dishwasher appliance includes a sump assembly with a unitary filter for filtering wash fluid supplied to a wash chamber of the dishwasher appliance. The unitary filter defines a central axis.
General Electric Company

Dishwasher and method

A personal dishwasher washes and dries a dish that is manually or mechanically moved through a dishwasher chamber or is manually placed in and manually removed from the chamber. Pressurized water, possibly containing soap, wetting agent, etc., may be added to the wash water.

Household appliance having antennas

A household appliance, such as a dishwasher, for treating an item according to at least one automatic cycle of operation includes multiple antennas for transmitting and receiving data with an external network. The multiple antennas can be coupled with a radio also located within the appliance..
Whirlpool Corporation

Harness system for a baby carrier

A harness system comprised of a harness assembly having adjustable shoulder and waist straps connected therewith secured at two points of engagement to an anchoring assembly permanently anchored to a baby carrier. A padding member is attached to the shoulder strap of the harness assembly extending over either side of the user's shoulder.

Silicon force sensor and using the same

The various technologies presented herein relate to a sensor for measurement of high forces and/or high load shock rate(s), whereby the sensor utilizes silicon as the sensing element. A plate of si can have a thinned region formed therein on which can be formed a number of traces operating as a wheatstone bridge.
Sandia Corporation

Shotgun shell tracer and tracer manufacturing device

A shotgun shell tracer includes a base wall, an obturator, and an edge wall extending from the base wall opposite to the obturator. A chamber support may be engaged to the base wall extending from the base wall within the internal space of the tracer.

Insulated reinforced foam sheathing, reinforced vapor permeable air barrier foam panel and making and using same

The invention comprises a product. The product comprises a composite panel comprising a foam insulating panel having a first primary surface and an opposite second primary surface, and a first layer of a polymeric elastomeric material on the first primary surface such that at least a portion of a first layer of reinforcing material is at least partially embedded in the polymeric elastomeric material.

Automated step for industrial washer

An industrial washer/extractor with an automated step, components thereof, and applications thereof. The industrial washer/extractor can include at least one opening within which goods are loaded to be washed, and an automated step positioned underneath the at least one opening.
G.a. Braun, Inc.

Actuator motor

A case is formed of aluminum. A rotation axis has one end affixed with an input rotor element and is rotational with a rotor.
Denso Corporation

Vehicle camera with lens washer system

A vision system of a vehicle includes a camera configured to be disposed at an exterior portion of a vehicle so as to have a field of view exterior of the vehicle. The camera includes a lens.
Magna Electronics Inc.

Methods and systems for use in washing bulk containers

A method of washing a bulk container is provided. The method includes receiving the bulk container on a support surface and rotating the support surface and at least one washer arm relative to one another.

Joint arthrodesis and arthroplasty

An implantable fixation system for fusing a joint between a first bone and a second bone. The system may include an anchor, standoff, bolt, and cortical washer.

Dishwasher rack assembly having positionable support members

A dishwasher rack assembly including a bottom wall formed of a first set of wire rods in parallel, uniform spaced relation to each other perpendicular a second set of wire rods in parallel, uniform spaced relation to each other, the first and second sets of wire members defining open, square lattice areas. One or more support members are coupled intermediate opposing wire rods of the first or second set within a selected lattice area.


A dishwasher is provided including a washing chamber with a sump and a hydraulic arrangement. The hydraulic arrangement may include the sump, a circulation pump, one or more spray arrangements, and a washing liquid storage tank.
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag

Nfc antenna assembly

A nfc antenna assembly is provided. The nfc antenna assembly includes: a metal plate defining a fitting aperture which penetrates through the metal plate in a thickness direction of the metal plate; a mounting sheet disposed in the fitting aperture; an insulating washer disposed in the fitting aperture and surrounding the mounting sheet; and an nfc antenna disposed on the mounting sheet, in which the mounting sheet comprises a first through slot extended in a radial direction of the mounting sheet, and the metal plate comprises a second through slot extended from the fitting aperture to a periphery of the metal plate..
Byd Company Limited

Pivoting assembly for a timepiece

The invention relates to a pivoting assembly comprising an arbor rotatably mounted between two bearings, a member mounted between a shoulder of the arbor and a resilient washer, at least one of the two bearings comprising a limit stop which is arranged to enter into direct contact with the resilient washer in order to restrict the relative movement between the arbor and its bearings.. .
Nivarox-far S.a.

Theft deterrent apparatus

A mounting hardware and theft deterrent device includes a hand knob; a threaded screw coupled to the hand knob; a u-clip configured to replace a stock retaining clip on a motorcycle frame and for placement on the motorcycle frame to receive the threaded screw coupled to the hand knob and thereby to secure a motorcycle saddlebag to the motorcycle; and a lock washer for placement over the threaded screw coupled to the hand knob before the threaded screw is inserted into the u-clip. The hand knob, threaded screw fixedly coupled to an underside surface of the hand knob, u-clip, and lock washer collectively form the theft deterrent device.

Wiper blade

A washer apparatus 50 is provided to a coupling portion cn between a blade rubber 20 and a holder member 30, and has a length in a longitudinal direction of the blade rubber 20, which is set to be shorter than that of the blade rubber 20 in the longitudinal direction, and inner-peripheral-side-oriented injection nozzles 53a and 55a and an outer-peripheral-side-oriented injection nozzle 54a have openings oriented to respective ends of the blade rubber 20 in the longitudinal direction.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Radiation applicator and radiating tissue

A dipole microwave applicator emits microwave radiation into tissue to be treated. The applicator is formed from a thin coax cable having an inner conductor surrounded by an insulator, which is surrounded by an outer conductor.
Angiodynamics, Inc.

Dishwasher clean/dirty indicator

An automatic indicating device showing the clean or dirty state of items in a dishwasher using a cycle sensor, a sensor to detect when the dishwasher door is open, user input for toggling states, and logic to determine the correct state to display.. .

Water heater leak detection system

The disclosure reveals a system for detecting moisture or water in a particular location. The system may incorporate a moisture detector having a control module connected to an appliance, a moisture detection circuit connected to the control module, and a voltage source connected to the moisture detection circuit and to the control module.
Honeywell International Inc.

Micro push-button assembly

A micro push-button assembly includes a pin which has a head, a shoulder, a neck and a chamfer at the distal end. Other elements include a spring, a washer, and a seal.
Penn Engineering & Manufacturing Corp.

Cartridge of non-lethal weapon

A cartridge of a non-lethal weapon includes a housing in a launching device and including an internal space, a piercing member on a rear end of the space, a channel through the piercing member to communicate the space with at least one projectile, a metal sleeve at a front end of the space, and internal threads on an inner surface of the sleeve wherein the sleeve, the piercing member, and the housing are formed integrally; a high-pressure air canister in the space; a cap including two front through holes, external threads adjacent to the through holes, an internal primer between the through holes, and at least one spacer between the primer and the air canister wherein the cap is in the sleeve with the external threads and the internal threads secured together; and a first washer sandwiched by and between the cap and the inner surface of the space.. .

Turbine housing

Provided is a turbine housing that comprises: a scroll unit; a flat annular cover (6) that is disposed in a state where one end face abuts a flanged portion (20a) of the scroll unit and that is welded to the flanged portion (20a); an annular seal portion (4) that extends from a basal end (4a) welded to the inner circumferential side of the other end face of the annular cover (6) to the distal end (4b) disposed further to the exterior than the basal end (4a) in the radial direction and that comprises a member that can be elastically deformed; and a plurality of threaded bushings (16) that are each welded in a plurality of locations on the outer circumferential side of the other end face of the annular cover (6) and that have fastening holes (16a) for fastening bolts (40) inserted along the direction of the axis of rotation. A sealing region that extends around the entire circumference of the axis of rotation is formed by elastically deforming the annular seal portion (4) by the distal end (4b) being in contact with the outer circumferential face (30c) of a bearing housing (30) by way of the bearing housing (30) being pressed toward the annular cover (6) via a seat face of a washer (41)..
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Washing machine with rotating joint

A washer/dryer apparatus including a rotating joint to allow water and/or air to be introduced into the drum, despite rotation of the drum. In example forms, the apparatus includes a housing, a fixed bulkhead fixedly attached to the housing, and a drum mounted for rotation in at least one direction.
Hg Laundry Systems, Llc

Combination washer/dryer apparatus

A combination clothes washer/dryer apparatus for receiving, washing, and drying clothes or other washable items includes a housing for resting atop a generally horizontal surface (like the floor), with the housing being generally box-like and having a bottom portion. A first drum is pivotally mounted within the housing, and the first drum is pivotable about a pivot axis that is oriented generally between about 10 degrees and 50 degrees up from the bottom portion of the housing and a movable door is mounted at an angle of between about 40 degrees and 80 degrees up from the bottom portion of the housing.
Hg Laundry Systems, Llc

Condylar fracture fixation system

A condylar fracture fixation system for use with an intramedullary nail includes a longitudinally extending rod having first and second ends, each end having outwardly extending threads or ridges. The rod extends along a first longitudinal axis which extends in a medial-lateral direction in use.
Stryker European Holdings I, Llc

Dishwasher support structures

Support structures for dishwashers are disclosed. An example dishwasher for treating dishes according to a cycle of operation includes a tub defining a treating chamber with an opening, a frame coupled to and structurally supporting at least a portion of the tub, a dish rack mount coupled to the frame, and a dish rack coupled to the dish rack mount, wherein the weight of the dish rack is substantially borne by the frame..
Whirlpool Corporation

Improved overflow siphon for use in a dishwasher and dishwasher having the same

The present invention relates to an overflow siphon (1) for use in a dishwasher (2) for draining excess water. The dishwasher (2) comprises a washing tub (3) for receiving dishes to be cleaned, wherein the washing tub (3) has an opening for loading or unloading the dishes, a plurality of feet (5) for supporting the washing tub (3) and a reservoir which is arranged under the washing tub (3) for collecting the excess water filled into the washing tub (3).
Arcelik Anonim Sirketi

Tapered colander

A colander configured to adapt to various sized containers. The colander is designed to prevent contact with unclean surfaces thus preventing contamination of food.

Universal rechargeable battery constituted by employing lithium-ion battery and control method

A universal rechargeable battery constituted by employing a lithium-ion battery and a control method for the rechargeable battery are provided. The rechargeable battery includes: an outer packaging housing and, sequentially laminated and assembled within the outer packaging housing, a charging/discharging controller, a positive electrode crimping piece, a lithium-ion battery, and a negative electrode end cap.
Shenzhen Maigesong Electrical Technology Co. Ltd

Washer and combination washer and fastener system for building construction

A washer for use in building construction having an outer side having an upper surface defined by an upper wall, an underside opposite the outer side, and a perimeter. A central aperture extends from the outer side to the underside, with an alignment surface extending inwardly and downwardly relative to the central aperture with the alignment surface configured to be contacted by a nose stem of a fastener gun.
Rodenhouse, Inc.

Fastening element

A fastening element with a nut and a thrust washer is provided. The nut includes an interior portion with an internal thread and an abutment surface at one end.
Amtek Tekfor Holding Gmbh

Continuous batch tunnel washer and method

A method of washing fabric articles in a tunnel washer that includes moving the fabric articles from the intake of the washer to the discharge of the washer and through multiple modules or sectors. Liquid can be counter flowed in the washer interior along a flow path that is generally opposite the direction of travel of the fabric articles in order to rinse the fabric articles.
Pellerin Milnor Corporation

Appliance monitoring systems and methods

Systems, methods, and apparatus are disclosed for monitoring appliances at a site, such as a household, business office, etc. The appliances can include, for example but not limited to, an electric oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, laundry washer, freezer, pool controller, light bulb, microwave oven, computer, motor vehicle, television, telephone, etc.

Method for optical detection of bio-contaminants

A method for optical detection of residual soil on articles (such as medical instruments and equipment), after completion of a washing or a rinsing operation by a washer. A soil detection system provides an indication of soil on the articles by detecting luminescent radiation emanating from the soil in the presence of ambient light..
Institut National D'optique / National Optics Institute

Reverse bearing system, apparatus, and method

A bearing system includes a bearing comprising a first end and a second end opposite to the first end. The bearing further comprises a plurality of threads adjacent to the second end.

Nut and washer assembly

A nut and washer assembly, wherein the assembly includes a nut having a body configured with a pair of flanges defining a channel there between, wherein the first flange includes a gap there through, and a washer having an outer perimeter and an inner perimeter, wherein the washer also includes a plurality of projections, wherein a first projection arises proximate the inner perimeter and is complementary to the gap in the first flange of the nut and a second projection arises proximate the outer perimeter and is complementary to the channel of the nut.. .
Gallagher Group Limited

Extended riffle structure for a dry washer

A generally elastic riffle assembly useful with a dry washer is provided with a frame that is receivable within the washer opening through which the mined particulates descend while the washer is agitated to separate the denser particulates and a set of inclined transverse riffles aligned across the frame to form wedge shaped transverse cavities in which the descending particulates are collected. Each of the riffles further include a plurality of generally vertical posts attached to their elevated edges which assist in the separation of the particulate flow and in setting off of the various modes of elastic motion of their corresponding riffle..

Double loop lasso with single puller wire for bi-directional actuation

U-shape bend therebetween. The u-shape bend is anchored at a distal end of a deflectable section which is reinforced by at least one washer having at least two holes, each hole axially aligned with a respective lumen in the deflectable section.

Lateral plate and spinal implant system and method

A lateral plate assembly has an elongated lateral plate for attachment to adjacent vertebrae having a first end portion and a second end portion and a pair of apertures for receiving a first and a second bone screw. The pair of apertures includes a first aperture which is an opening positioned in the first end portion for receiving the first bone screw and a second aperture which is a slotted opening to receive the second bone screw.
Amendia, Inc.

Apparatus for cleaning medical instruments

A rack for holding and washing surgical instruments in a washer/disinfector includes a frame assembly having tubular sections, a rotary spray arm mounted to the frame assembly, a fluid inlet positioned on the frame assembly to connect the frame assembly to the washer/disinfector, a first fluid path defined from the fluid inlet to the spray nozzles through one or more of the tubular sections to direct fluid from the washer/disinfector to the spray nozzles, a second fluid path defined from the fluid inlet to connectors through the tubular section, a filter for fluids from the fluid inlet, and a securing system to secure the surgical instruments.. .
Steris Inc.

Narrow-angle directional microphone

An acoustic tube attaching unit that attaches an acoustic tube to a side of a main body case where a microphone unit is mounted. The acoustic tube attaching unit includes first and second elastic members lying between a fixing member and a washer, and bolts that tight the fixing member and the washer in an axial direction.
Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

Clot protection and detection algorithm for activated clotting time testing

Activated clotting time (act) tests detect blood clotting time based on the viscosity changes of a test sample, using a ferromagnetic washer lifted to the top of a test chamber and then dropped from the top via gravity; a drop time greater than a preset threshold value indicates clotting of the test sample. Blood samples which have high levels of heparin usually produce very weak clots that may easily be destroyed by the lifting movement of the washer.
Medtronic, Inc.

Liquid surface sensor

A liquid surface sensor includes a case fastened to a washer tank, and a float assembled to the case and is movable relative to the case in a vertical direction. The float supports a magnet.
Denso Corporation

Free-wheel device for an automatic transmission

A free-wheel device for an automatic transmission of a motor vehicle is provided, including a rotating inner ring (1) and a stationary, fixed outer ring (2), a cage (3) arranged radially between the inner ring (1) and the outer ring (2) for holding clamping bodies. The outer ring (2) is formed of a thrust ring (4) and a ring washer (5) that is arranged axially on the thrust ring (4) and connected locked in rotation with the thrust ring (4).
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

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