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This page is updated frequently with new Washer-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Washer-related patents
 Waterproof separable swivel connector patent thumbnailWaterproof separable swivel connector
A waterproof swivel electrical cable connector comprises a first housing including a first electrical connector being rotatably connected to a second housing including a second electrical connector. A first elastomeric washer is intermediate the first housing and the second housing and providing a watertight seal between the first housing and the second housing as the first housing and first electrical connector are rotated relative to the second housing and second electrical connector..
Aqua Products, Inc.

 Thrust washer having lubricant pockets patent thumbnailThrust washer having lubricant pockets
The invention relates to a thrust washer (i) having a central hole (2) for pushing onto a bolt or a shaft, wherein the thrust washer (i) has lubricant pockets (4, 4′) on the two flat thrust surfaces (3, 3′) thereof, characterized in that at least one lubricant pocket (4) is assigned a corresponding lubricant pocket (4′) on the opposite thrust surface (3′), and at least one lubricant pocket (4, 4′) is connected to the corresponding lubricant pocket (4, 4′) thereof by way of at least one channel (6) which runs axially through the thrust washer (i) and is formed, in particular, in each case by a hole.. .
E. Winkemann Gmbh

 Selective coating removal or masking for ground path patent thumbnailSelective coating removal or masking for ground path
A device for providing a grounding path between an outer surface of a gas turbine aircraft engine and an inner surface of a gas turbine aircraft engine uses a structural guide vane (sgv) with a nonconductive coating on the surface. Bolts are put in bolt holes that have a bolt receiving cavity without the nonconductive coating.
United Technologies Corporation

 Continuous screw tightening machine with washer stacking supply mechanism patent thumbnailContinuous screw tightening machine with washer stacking supply mechanism
In a continuous screw tightening machine with washer stacking supply mechanism, in conjunction with retreating of a tightening machine, a washer is placed on a seat surface portion of a washer feeding body of a washer sequential supply mechanism and reliably supplied to a tightening possible position one by one and the one screw is supplied by a screw sequential supply mechanism between the washer and a bit so as to be in concentric arrangement, in conjunction with advancing of the tightening machine, the washer sequential supply mechanism is set to a feeding preparation attitude of the subsequent washer, and the screw sequential supply mechanism is constituted to be set to a feeding preparation attitude of the subsequent screw, and the screw is tightened and fixed together with the washer at the tightening target spot by rotation/driving of the bit advanced to the tightening possible position by a driving machine.. .
Muro Corporation

 Washer liquid heating apparatus integrated into washer reservoir patent thumbnailWasher liquid heating apparatus integrated into washer reservoir
A washer liquid heating apparatus integrated into a reservoir may include a plate-type heater that may be installed in a hole of the reservoir to heat a washer liquid within the reservoir, a protect cover that may be assembled into the reservoir to surround the heater, and a fastening device for fixing the heater and the protect cover to the reservoir, wherein the plate-type heater may be fixed to be exposed to an inside of the reservoir through the hole such that a heating surface where heating may be performed heats the washer liquid within the reservoir.. .
Denso Korea Automotive Corporation

 Washer liquid heating apparatus integrated into washer reservoir patent thumbnailWasher liquid heating apparatus integrated into washer reservoir
A washer liquid heating apparatus integrated into a reservoir may include an auxiliary tank which is integrally connected to the reservoir and in which a washer liquid inflowing from the reservoir is stored, and a heater assembly that is integrally attached to the auxiliary tank and heats the washer liquid stored in the auxiliary tank, wherein the heater assembly comprises a plate-type heater that is installed in a hole of the auxiliary tank to heat the washer liquid within the auxiliary tank, and wherein the plate-type heater is exposed to an inside of the auxiliary tank through the hole of the auxiliary tank such that a heating surface where heating is performed heats the washer liquid within the auxiliary tank.. .
Denso Korea Automotive Corporation

 Self cleaning water nozzle patent thumbnailSelf cleaning water nozzle
A self-cleaning water nozzle uses a washer and a threaded outlet cap to allow for self-cleaning and easy access to the nozzle components. The threaded outlet cap permits the nozzle components to be accessed without having to remove the nozzle housing from a water supply line.
Bodygard Llc

 Robust nose torque-limiting device patent thumbnailRobust nose torque-limiting device
A torque-limiting driver has a handle, a body, a torque-limiting assembly and a work-piece engaging tip. The torque-limiting assembly includes an upper and lower shank that have a plurality of teeth circumferentially spaced.
Eca Medical Instruments

 Dishwasher patent thumbnailDishwasher
A dishwasher is provided. The dishwasher includes a main body including a washing chamber and an input port for inputting dishes into the washing chamber; a door configured to hinge-connect at one end to the main body and open and close the washing chamber; and a door opening apparatus installed in the main body configured to open the door, wherein the door opening apparatus includes a thermally driven actuator configured to thermally expand and contract to make a plunger protrude, a movable member configured to linearly reciprocate when supplied with power from the thermally driven actuator, and a push portion configured to push the door so as to open the input port when supplied with power form the movable member..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Dishwasher patent thumbnailDishwasher
A sealing apparatus seals between a pump chamber and a bottom surface of a washing tank of a dishwasher. The sealing apparatus includes a packing member disposed along a top portion of the pump chamber and a protecting member which fixes some portion of the packing member to the pump chamber to prevent the packing member from moving when the bottom surface of the washing tank and the pump chamber are coupled to each other..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd


Dishwasher with vacuum drying and method

An automatic dishwasher, having a wash cycle and a drying cycle, includes an openable and closeable washing chamber, at least one spray apparatus inside the washing chamber, and a vacuum pump in fluid communication with the washing chamber. The washing chamber has an interior configured to contain articles to be washed, and is configured to withstand vacuum pressure when closed.


Dust boot for a moveable joint

A moveable joint assembly is provided. The assembly includes a housing with an inner bore that extends along an axis.
Federal-mogul Products, Inc.


Bonding lug washer

A washer includes a perimeter portion, a support edge adjoining the perimeter portion and defining a first plane, and a contact portion having a generally planar contact surface. The contact surface defines a second plane parallel to and spaced from the first plane.
Harger, Inc.


Combination game

A game device can be configured to support play of various types of games. Specifically, the game device is reversibly configurable to support play of multiple entertainment games using one primary structure, which could include ladder ball, beanbag toss, and washer toss.
Eastpoint Sports Ltd., Llc


Medial column (meco) fixation device, method, and system

An orthopedic implant device and system support the fusion of bones in the medial column of the human foot. An exemplary implant uses an improved lag screw and supplemental components, including a washer plate and transverse screws which penetrate transverse through holes in the shaft of the lag screw.
Virginia Commonwealth University



A dishwasher includes a tub having an air outlet, an airflow conduit fluidly coupling the tub air outlet to ambient air, a blower assembly forcing air to flow from the tub and through the tub air outlet into the airflow conduit, a first reservoir associated with the airflow conduit and collecting liquid condensed from the air forced through the airflow conduit, the first reservoir fluidly coupled to the tub for draining the collected liquid into the tub, and a second reservoir associated with the airflow conduit downstream of the first reservoir and collecting liquid condensed from the air prior to the exhaustion of the air to the ambient air, wherein any liquid not collected by the first reservoir is collected by the second reservoir for evaporation.. .
Whirlpool Corporation


Dishwasher with air system

A dishwasher may include a tub at least partially defining a treating chamber, an airflow conduit, and a blower assembly fluidly coupled to the airflow conduit. The blower assembly may include a first impeller effecting a flow of ambient air to the treating chamber and a second impeller effecting a flow of mixed air from the treating chamber exhausting the mixed air from the treating chamber.
Whirlpool Corporation


Food storage container and methods of use

A spherical food storage container with a lid for adding foods, or for extracting food is provided. The spherical food storage container can be stored as two or more pieces that may be assembled to form a spherical container for holding food, while providing a lid in a portion of one of the hemispheres for the addition of a food, or for extraction of the food.


Electric solenoid structure having elastomeric biasing member

An apparatus and method directed to the art of providing an electrically insulative electric solenoid for starting internal combustion engines are provided. The solenoid has a housing; a coil unit within the housing comprising a hollow can with an open end, and a bobbin, an armature, and a bridging contact assembly positioned in the can; a flux washer abutting the open end of the can; a mounting plate abutting the open end of the housing, and an electrically insulative biasing member positioned between the mounting plate and the flux washer and between the mounting plate and the bobbin..
Trumpet Holdings, Inc.


Segmented firearms suppressor

A firearms flash and sound suppressor formed from ring segments (16) that thread into each other and baffle washers (18) that are captured between the mating joints of the ring segments thus forming chambers out of each ring segment (16). The ring segment male thread (16a) on the end of the suppressor subassembly formed from the joined ring segments (16) has a ring adapter (14) threaded onto it to convert it to a female thread.


Cable bend limiter

A cable bend limiter provides one or more joints including alternating sleeves and outer ball sections enclosing inner ball sections. Friction is controlled by washers at, or low friction surface treatments on, either side of the outer ball sections..


Anti-friction washer system

Included is an anti-friction washer system comprising two steel washers coated with a zinc coating that is at least 0.0002 inch thick, the two washers adhered to one another by an adhesive having a melting temperature of 300° f. Or less.
Fci Holdings Delaware, Inc.


Arrangement for fastening a wheel disc made of fiber composite material to a wheel hub

A wheel for a motor vehicle, has a rim intended to receive a tire and a wheel disc made of fiber composite material joined to the rim, as well as an arrangement including screws or nuts for fastening the wheel disc to a wheel hub, for which purpose the wheel disc has axially directed openings for the passage of the screws or threaded bolts for screwing onto the nuts. The arrangement includes, for each opening of the wheel disc, an insulating body, a bush and a washer, each having a central opening, which surround the opening of the wheel disc in a u-shape, wherein the bush rests as a frame at an inner circumference of the opening, and the insulating body and the washer, resting against the frame and against the wheel disc in each case on one side of the wheel, at least partially cover the wheel disc in the radial direction.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft


Bone compression screw

A system for orthopedic repair of bones, the system may include a compression screw. The screw may include a blunt tip on one end with tapped threads to allow for greater bone fixation uniform across a threaded portion of the screw.
Bridging Medical, Llc


Clavicle fixation

A substantially rigid plate is secured to a medial portion of a clavicle relative to a fracture in the clavicle. The plate is positioned so that it extends at least partially over a distal portion of the clavicle relative to the fracture.
Suspension Orthopaedics Solutions, Llc


Dishwasher detergent dispenser

A dispenser for a dishwasher having a wash tub includes a fluid reservoir to hold a treating chemistry, a lid operatively mounted to the fluid reservoir, and configured to move between an open position and a closed position, and a hydraulic actuator fluidly coupled to a fluid source and configured to initiate movement of the lid between its dosed and the open positions in response to fluid pressure applied to the actuator by the fluid source. The dispenser is configured to be mounted at more than one location in the wash tub..
Whirlpool Corporation



A dishwasher includes a cabinet, a tub providing a washing space, a sump located below the tub and providing a space in which the washing water is stored, racks provided inside the tub and providing a space in which washing targets are received, spray arms for spraying the washing water to the racks, a pump for supplying the washing water stored in the sump to the spray arms, and at least two insulating units for connecting the pump with the sump to allow the pump to be spaced apart from a bottom of the cabinet at a predetermined distance and attenuating transfer of vibration generated in the pump to the sump.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.



A dishwasher includes a cabinet having a tub, a pump and at least one spray arm. The at least one spray arm has a flow path guide and first and second flow channels separated from each other.
Lg Electronics Inc.



A dishwasher includes: a tub which defines a space in which dishes are washed; a sump which accommodates washing water to be supplied into the tub; and a descaling solution supply device which supplies a descaling solution to the sump, in which the descaling solution supply device includes: a main flow path which guides washing water to be supplied to the sump; a solution accommodating unit which accommodates a descaling agent and has a solution outlet through which washing water, in which the descaling agent is dissolved, is discharged to the main flow path; a solution discharge valve which opens and closes the solution outlet; and a branch flow path which branches off from the main flow path, supplies the washing water into the solution accommodating unit, and has an atmosphere communicating port that communicates with the atmosphere.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Dishwasher with filter assembly

A dishwasher with a tub at least partially defining a treating chamber, a liquid spraying system, a liquid recirculation system defining a recirculation flow path, and a liquid filtering system. The liquid filtering system includes a filter disposed in the recirculation flow path to filter the liquid..
Whirlpool Corporation


Method of controlling dishwasher

A method of controlling a dishwasher including washing dishes using washing water in which a detergent is dissolved, draining the washing water in which the detergent is dissolved, first rinsing the dishes using washing water in which no detergent is dissolved, and second rinsing the dishes using washing water in which a descaling agent is dissolved. The dishwasher includes a tub which accommodates the dishes, and a sump which receives the washing water supplied into the tub, and the descaling agent is input during a process of supplying the washing water from the outside of the tub to the sump..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Adjustable bonding washer

An adjustable bonding washer for placement between two metal pieces to create an electrical bond between them. The bonding washer has two metallic parts constrained to slide relative to one another along an axis.
Hubbell Incorporated


Machine learning based smart water heater controller using wireless sensor networks

Smart hot water heater control can be improved by departing from the conventional approach of monitoring hot water demand at a single point (i.e., the water heater output). Instead, hot water demand is monitored at each location in the building where hot water is used.
Santa Clara University


Fastener-removal method and assembly including a fastener-removal member integrally constructed with a washer member

Fastener-removal method and assembly including a washer member (22) integral with a fastener-removal member (26) are provided. A fastener (16) may be disposed in a through hole (24) in the washer member.
Siemens Energy, Inc.


Elastomeric retaining devices for joining elements

Elastomeric joining element retaining devices are disclosed. In an aspect, a retaining device is disclosed which is constructed from an elastomeric material such as polyurethane and designed to receive and align an assembly or “stack-up” of nuts, bolts, washers, and/or other joining elements.
Rtodds Engineering, Llc


Press in flange container closure system

An insert for fitment to a container comprises an internally threaded, through-going opening adapted to receive a complementary, externally threaded plug to form a fluid-tight sealed closure for the container. The insert is preferably of plastics material and comprises an external recessed portion or groove shaped to snap-fittingly retain the insert installed in an aperture formed in the container.
Greif International Holding Bv


Wiper apparatus having integrally formed washer nozzle

A wiper apparatus having an integrally formed washer nozzle may include a retainer connected to a driving motor to be rotated, a wiper blade having a center spoiler and side spoilers, a washer module coupled to an upper surface of the center spoiler, a rubber coupled to a lower surface of the wiper blade, and a connector for detachably fastening the wiper blade and the retainer, wherein the connector may be inserted into a connector hole formed on an upper surface of the washer module and may be coupled into recesses of the center spoiler using bosses formed at an inner side thereof, and the retainer may be inserted into opposite insertion holes of the connector through a tip end thereof to be laid on an upper surface of the connector and to be caught by opposite hook coupling parts of the connector through hooks at lower portions thereof.. .
Kcw Corporation


Support device, and dishwasher comprising said device

The present invention relates to a support device for holding dishing goods in a dishwasher comprising at least one basket. The support device comprises: support means for arranging the support device on the at least one basket; and holding means for holding the dishing goods in a position vertically displaced from the basket.
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag


Rack for dishwashers, in particular commercial dishwashers

A rack for dishwashers, in particular for commercial dishwashers, is provided. With the aim of making optimum use of space in the rack, and of discharging residual water as best as possible, it is proposed, that the rack has a rack framework (20) with two directly adjacent set-down surfaces (si, s2) which are intended for washware (10) and run parallel to one another in the longitudinal direction of the rack, wherein the set-down surfaces (s) are inclined in relation to the horizontal such that the surface normals (f1, f2) of the set-down surfaces (s 1, s2) diverge..
Premark Feg L.l.c.



A dishwasher includes a tub configured to define a washing space, a rack provided in the tub to provide a space where washing objects are held, a spray arm provided in the tub and located under the rack to spray wash water to the rack, and a noise shield provided between the spray arm and a bottom surface of the tub to reduce a kinetic energy of the wash water falling from above the spray arm toward the bottom surface of the tub.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Pressure cooker

This invention relates to a safety locking means, particularly multi functions safety lock means for a pressure cooker acting as a pressure indicator cam locking means comprising of a rod (1) as visual pressure indicator and a washer (4) suitably and removably fixed to avoid erroneous opening and closing of the pressure cooker thereby ensuring safe operation by the rod positioning above the lock cover (3) under pressure where restricts opening of the pressure cooker otherwise enables the pressure cooker to be opened when not in pressure. This locking means can be used on any type of pressure cooker including microwave pressure cooker..
Ttk Prestige Limited


Rotatable joint

A rotatable joint for flexible pipes is disclosed including two bodies that are rotatable in relation to one another, wherein the pressurised fluid inside the joint generates an axial thrust that would tend to press the two bodies against one another and is balanced by an axial thrust that is almost equal and opposite generated hydraulically by a counterpressure chamber included between the two bodies and between two annular washers arranged between the two bodies and having diameters that are different from one another.. .
Manuli Rubber Industries S.p.a.


Locking washer assembly

A locking washer assembly includes a first locking washer and a second locking washer. The first and second locking washers include a mechanism for engaging an element to be attached by means of a screw joint.
Nord-lock Ab


Stator for a camshaft adjuster, with a washer for reducing axial bearing play

A stator assembly (1) for a camshaft adjuster (2), including a stator (3) the exterior (5) of which has a toothed portion (4) for absorbing torque provided by a crankshaft is provided. The stator (3) includes a wall (6) which integrally forms the toothed portion (4) and has an axially running cavity (7) for receiving a rotor (9).
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg


Flood prevention systems for appliances

A system for preventing and/or controlling flooding caused by blockages in the drain line and/or caused by damage to a water supply line or a water drain line of an appliance such as a washing machine, dishwasher and the like, including (i) a motorized cold water supply line valve, (ii) a motorized hot water supply line valve; (iii) a sealed connection adapted for connection to the appliance discharge line, connection to an atmospheric vent, connection to a float switch and connection to a sewer line; (iv) a including a liquid sensor adapted to generate a fault signal upon detecting liquid on a surface near the washing machine and to transmit the leakage signal to a control processor; and (v) the control processor operable to shut off power to the washing machine upon receipt of the fault signal, and to close the water supply line valves upon loss of power to the washing machine.. .


Pressurized mobile washer including de-ionized water cleaning aerosol and housing canister

A pressurized washing apparatus includes an aerosol comprised of a solution of de-ionized or distilled water that is dispensed with pressure from a canister to lift away dirt or debris from surfaces of articles or items toward which it is directed. The solution of de-ionized or distilled water ensures that surfaces will air-dry without risk of leaving any mineral or calcium build-up, residue, or film behind.


Radiation applicator for microwave medical treatment

A radiation applicator with a dielectric body (2) surrounding the antenna. The dielectric body (2) is comprised of three sections (3, 4 and 5) with different dielectric constants to provide broad-band matching of the applicator to surrounding material.
Angiodynamics, Inc.


Bone anchor locking device

A bone anchor locking device for receiving a bone anchor having a shank and an enlarged head, the device has a bone anchor, a dome and a conical split washer. The receiving portion has a base extending radially outward and inwardly to a wall.
Amendia, Inc.


Dishwasher appliance and a operating a dishwasher appliance

A dishwasher appliance includes a spray detection sensor and a variable speed pump. Based upon signals from the spray detection sensor, a speed of the variable speed pump is changed.
General Electric Company


Pump and dishwasher provided with pump

A pump includes an inlet chamber for providing a space into which external water is supplied; an outlet chamber provided to be connected with the inlet chamber, guiding the water inside the inlet chamber to the outside of the inlet chamber; an impeller provided inside the outlet chamber, moving the water; a first housing fixed to the outside of the outlet chamber; a rotor rotatably provided inside the first housing; a rotation shaft provided to pass through the outlet chamber, connecting the rotor with the impeller; a magnetic field formation unit provided to surround the first housing, forming a rotating magnetic field to rotate the rotor; a friction bearing provided to pass through the outlet chamber, rotatably supporting the rotation shaft; and an outlet path for connecting the inside of the first housing with the outlet chamber.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Spraying device for a washing machine

Spraying device for washing machine, in particular a dishwasher, comprising an impeller provided with blades on the upper part as to receive an axial flow of a washing fluid and to deviate said flow in substantially radial direction, a lower cage defining a containment compartment having an upper access opening for the insertion of the impeller, and an upper closing cover, firmly applicable superiorly on the top of the cage to close the containing compartment.. .
Indesit Company, S.p.a.


Method and fuel tank spark containment

A method and apparatus for forming a seal over a hole in a structure. The apparatus comprises a washer, a sleeve, and a fastener.
The Boeing Company


Fastener with unidirectional latch

A fastener and associated lock washer having an integral anti-rotation mechanism. The head of the fastener includes a plurality of saw teeth—arranged in a radial array.


Torque indicating threaded mechanical fastening systems and methods

Threaded mechanical fastening systems and methods are provided that allow the simple deflection of a washer to indicate that a desired minimum torque has been reached or that a desired maximum torque has been exceeded. The method includes providing a threaded connection having a washer, installing the threaded connection so that the washer is supported as a simple beam over a gap, and using an amount of deflection of the washer as a result of torque applied by the threaded connection as an indicator.
Hubbell Incorporated


Water leak detection, prevention and water conservation systems and methods

A water leak detection and prevention system uses sensors, wires, and wireless transmitters, to monitor all plumbing fixtures (faucets, toilets, hose bibs, etc.) and water-using appliances (dishwashers, washing machines, icemakers, etc.). When water is being used at a plumbing fixture or a water-using appliance, the sensor shows water that is expected to be used at that location and communicates the usage and the amount of flow for that location.
Aqualock Global Corporation


System for distributing washer fluid for motor vehicle windscreen wipers

A system for distributing washer fluid (1) for motor vehicle windscreen wipers (3, 5) including at least one fluid circulation pipe (19, 21), at least one heating element (25, 27) extending along said pipe, at least one hydraulic connection (9, 11) connected hydraulically to said pipe, characterized in that it includes a heat-conducting adapter (55, 57) in contact with said heating element (25, 27) and arranged at a suitable distance to transmit at least some of the heat from said adapter to said hydraulic connection (9, 11).. .
Valeo Systèmes D'essuyage


Variable headlight washer spray apparatus and method dependent on outside temperature

A temperature-dependent spray assembly for a headlight and associated method of spray washing a headlight are provided. The spray assembly includes a nozzle assembly having an opening directed toward a headlight lens surface.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Wiper device and wiper motor

A wiper device that includes: a wiper motor that uses a wiper to perform a wiping operation; and a controller that controls the wiper motor such that a wiping operation by the wiper is performed during a first wiping period for a plurality of cycles in a case in which a vehicle speed detected by a vehicle speed detection section is below a specific speed and a washer switch is switched on to instruct a washer pump to eject washer fluid, and controls the wiper motor such that a wiping operation of a plurality of cycles by the wiper begins by starting during a second wiping period that is longer than the first wiping period in a case in which the vehicle speed detected by the vehicle speed detection section is the specific speed or greater and the washer switch is switched on.. .
Asmo Co., Ltd.


Post-consumer scrap film recycling system and process

A system and method for processing a supply of post-consumer scrap linear low density or low density polyethylene film into near-virgin quality blown film product. The method includes tearing the supply of film in a shredder, wherein the surface area of the film is exposed, including delaminating the film.
Wisconsin Film & Bag, Inc.


Dishwasher utensil basket

A dishwasher utensil basket includes a mechanism for unloading multiple utensils at once without the user having to directly handle the utensils. The mechanism can include a grid that is loaded with utensils for treatment.
Whirlpool Corporation


Basin for use with commercial dish and glassware racks

A basin which stackably interlocks with 20-inch square racks that hold dish and glassware washed in commercial dishwashers. The basin has substantially the exterior configuration of a commercial dishwasher rack and receives a plurality of dishwasher racks stacked above.


Door assembly for a dishwasher

A dishwasher includes a treating chamber for receiving dishes for treatment according to a cycle of operation and a door assembly selectively moveable to close an access opening to the treating chamber, the door assembly comprising a window assembly comprising first and second spaced window panes defining an intervening vacuum sealed chamber, a window assembly support frame provided on the door panel, and a seal provided between the window assembly support frame and the first and second panes and encapsulated by the window assembly support frame.. .
Whirlpool Corporation


Fluidic coupling devices, assemblies, and related methods

A fluidic coupling device includes a housing, and a piston, spring, and cap insertable in the housing. The spring includes a stack of spring washers and is compressible between the cap and the the piston.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.


Bearing support point with at least one axial bearing

A bearing support point with at least one axial bearing, in which at least one bearing washer of the axial bearing is held at a structural element, with the bearing washer being formed separately from the structural element and comprising at least one axially aligned track for the axial bearing as well as being fastened at the structural element such that the bearing washer is inserted in an opening of the structural element and is encompassed by the structural element at least at an exterior area and with the bearing washer being supported via the area inside the opening, aligned in the radial direction.. .
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg


Sliding bearing with lining layer comprising carbon nanostructures

A sliding bearing may include a backing layer and a sintered lining layer. The lining layer may include a composition of 0.1 to 10 percent by weight carbon nanostructures embedded in a copper-based matrix.
Mahle Engine Systems Uk Ltd


Washer and washer control with cycles for laundry additives and color safe bleaches/in-wash stain removers

A washer and a control for an automatic washer to operate the washer through a wash cycle selected based upon a range of conditions of a fabric load to be washed. The control has a plurality of selectable stain type entrees, each with a particular dedicated wash cycle.
Whirlpool Corporation


Post-consumer scrap film recycling system and process

A system for processing a supply of post-consumer scrap linear low density or low density polyethylene film into near-virgin quality blown film product. The system includes tearing the supply of film in a shredder, wherein the surface area of the film is exposed, including delaminating the film.
Wisconsin Film & Bag, Inc.


Silencing device for pneumatic tool

A silencing device is disposed in an exhaust channel of a pneumatic tool. The exhaust channel has an outlet and an inner surface.
Tranmax Machinery Co., Ltd.


Bottle washer assembly for dishwasher appliance

Bottle washer assemblies for dishwasher appliances are provided. A bottle washer assembly includes a supply conduit defining a main passage for flowing wash fluid therethrough.
General Electric Company


Attachment of deep drawn resonator shell

The apparatus includes a base having a hole in a top surface, a fastener having a longitudinal section with the longitudinal section extending into the hole, and a shell. The shell has a connecting section connecting a first lateral surface section and a second lateral surface section.
Radio Frequency Systems


Integration of a radar sensor in a vehicle

A washer system includes a washer pump constructed and arranged to pump washer fluid from a reservoir to an outlet of the pump. The pump includes an inlet port extending from a bottom thereof.
Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.


Spindle gear unit for an adjusting mechanism in a motor vehicle and vehicle seat

A spindle gear unit (10), for an adjusting mechanism in a motor vehicle seat, includes a housing (20, 22), a spindle nut (40, 140, 240) cooperating with a spindle (30). The spindle nut (40, 140, 240) has external toothing (44, 144, 244) and has at least one bearing surface (46, 146, 246) for rotatably mounting the spindle nut (40, 140, 240) in the housing (20, 22).
Johnson Controls Metals And Mechanisms Gmbh & Co. Kg


Portable parts washer

A portable parts washer for cleaning mechanical parts that includes a washer body having an upper portion, a lower portion, and a wash basin formed within the upper portion having inner sidewalls, a floor panel and at least one drain aperture. The portable parts washer also includes an in-use reservoir formed within the lower portion of the washer body and having a bottom panel spaced from the floor panel and outer sidewalls, and which is configured to receive cleaning fluid from the wash basin through the drain aperture when the floor panel is in a substantially horizontal orientation.
Chemfree Corporation


Household appliance with bulk unit-dose dispenser and controlling the same

A household appliance, such as dishwasher, includes a bulk unit-dose dispenser configured to hold multiple unit doses of treating chemistry and dispense the treating chemistry at the appropriate time in a cycle of operation. The bulk unit-dose dispenser can include a multiple compartments moveable along a track, and the compartments can be sequentially moved into registry with a dispensing opening of the appliance..
Whirlpool Corporation



A control method for a dishwasher that includes a spray arm, a sump configured to provide a space where washing water is stored and to collect washing water sprayed from the spray arm, a housing configured to connect the sump and the spray arm, a heater located in the housing, an impeller located in the housing and above the heater, and a motor configured to rotate the impeller, is described. The control method includes the actions of supplying washing water to the sump; rotating the impeller by supplying electricity to the motor; measuring an amount of electric current supplied to the motor during the rotating of the impeller; and heating washing water located in the housing by operating the heater based on the amount of electric current supplied to the motor during the rotating of the impeller being greater than or equal to a preset reference amount..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Dishwasher diverter valves with continuous calibration

Diverter valves and associated dishwashers with continuous calibration are provided. An example dishwasher includes a diverter valve assembly.
General Electric Company



A dishwasher includes a tub to provide a wash space, a first rack located inside the tub to receive a washing object and a second rack located below the first rack, a flow path tower provided at the second rack to eject wash water to the first rack, an ejection arm including a chamber for introduction of wash water, a first flow path in communication with the chamber, and second and third flow paths in communication with the chamber to eject wash water to the second rack and separated from each other, a tower separable coupler provided inside the ejection arm to connect the first flow path to the flow path tower when wash water is supplied to the first flow path, and a flow path switcher provided inside the chamber to selectively open the first, second and third flow paths according to a pressure inside the chamber.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Spray arm assembly for dishwasher appliance

A spray arm assembly includes a spray arm including a plurality of branches connected to each other and arrayed about a center point, each of the plurality of branches defining a passage therethrough and an aperture in fluid communication with the passage. The center point defines a spray arm central axis.
General Electric Company


Dishwasher and control method thereof

A control method of a dishwasher that includes at least two flow paths having different flow rates, a chamber having communication holes that each communicate with a respective flow path, a water supply pump configured to supply washing water to the chamber through an impeller rotated by a motor, and a flow path switching unit located within the chamber and configured to sequentially open the communication holes is described. The control method includes the actions of measuring an amount of current supplied to the motor while the motor rotates the impeller to supply washing water to the chamber, and determining a position of the flow path switching unit by comparing the amount of current supplied to the motor with reference current amounts that are each designated as an amount of current supplied to the motor when the motor rotates the impeller to supply washing water to the respective flow path..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Shotgun shell tracer and tracer manufacturing device

A shotgun shell tracer includes a base wall, an obturator, and an edge wall extending from the base wall opposite to the obturator. A chamber support may be engaged to the base wall extending from the base wall within the internal space of the tracer.


Base-mounted airbag inflator and related methods and systems

Apparatus and systems for coupling a base of an airbag inflator with a housing, such as an airbag module housing or an adapter housing configured to be coupled with an airbag module housing. In some embodiments, a vehicle airbag assembly may comprise a housing comprising an opening and a plurality of notches.
Autoliv Asp, Inc.


Washer device for breast pump accessories

A washing device for washing breast pump accessories and baby bottles, by spraying water in jets of high pressure, includes a washing enclosure; a water inlet; a drain outlet; a tube network; a wash pump; a heating element; a tray; a top sliding mesh lid; a breast shield clamp, including a clip, a clamp base, and extender arm, and adjustable side arms; a distribution valve; a plurality of water dispensing components, including spray pipes, a top spinner, a bottom spinner, side spinners, side nozzles. Spray pipes can be height adjustable, and can include spray nozzles, which can be flexible or rotating.


Dishwasher filtration system

A liquid filtration system includes a sump screen, a filter, and a cap. The sump screen mounts to a tub bottom wall and includes a plate and a filter aperture edge mounted through the plate.
Wolf Appliance, Inc.


System for supplying and treating water for a washing machine, in particular a dishwasher

A dishwasher system having an electronic control unit (ecu). The control unit is designed to control selectively, in predetermined ways, as a function of the hardness of the water, and through the electric valves: the quantity of water used for forming the brine used for each operation of regenerating the softening substances contained in the first tank; and the frequency of the operations of regenerating and washing the softening substances..
Bitron S.p.a


Tape measure anchor

Provided is a weighted anchor for a tape measure. The device includes a tubular housing with a defined interior volume for holding one or more magnetic weights therein.


Adjustable chock

An adjustable chock for levelling and anchoring a machine to a foundation. The chock comprises a base element, a centre element and a spherical washer (comprising either a concave or convex surface), each is rotationally symmetric about a centre axis.


Bonding washer

A bonding washer for making electrical connection between two metal pieces that are to be mechanically fastened together. The washer, to be interposed between the two metal pieces, may be constructed so as to fasten to one of the pieces before the two pieces are joined.
Hubbell Incorporated


Adjustable volume rigid container

As the internal volume is adjusted the container collapses into a smaller size. Preferably the first component is larger diameter than a second component that is a smaller diameter and slides onto the larger first component.


Cleaning device and system for vehicle-mounted optic surface and vehicle-mounted optic sensor with cleaning device

A cleaning device for cleaning a vehicle-mounted optic surface, including a housing, the housing including an opening adapted to fit an optic surface, a fluid inlet arranged to take in washer fluid, an at least one fluid discharge port arranged to discharge washer fluid onto the optic surface, a first passage in fluidic communication with the fluid inlet and the at least one fluid discharge port so as to guide the washer fluid from the fluid inlet towards the at least one fluid discharge port and a protruding part that substantially surrounds the opening so as to define an inner wall. A cleaning system and a vehicle-mounted sensor can include an optic surface and the cleaning device..
Fico Transpar, S.a.



Disclosed herein is a dishwasher having a structure capable of reducing energy consumption, and improving drying performance. The dishwasher includes a body, a washing tub provided inside the body and a drying unit in which a dehumidifying member is rotatably accommodated, wherein the dehumidifying member may include a dehumidifying area and a regenerating area separated from the dehumidifying area to perform dehumidifying and regenerating concurrently..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Dishwasher with unitary wash module

An automatic dishwasher having a tub defining a treating chamber and a housing physically separate from the tub and defining a sump to receive liquid sprayed into the tub, the housing having an inlet fluidly connected to a liquid outlet of the tub and an outlet fluidly coupled to a sprayer located within the tub to define a recirculation path for the sprayed liquid.. .
Whirlpool Corporation


Sun visor with wireless charging function

The present invention provices a sun visor with wireless charging function, which comprises a sun visor body having a charger stand therein; a wireless charging circuit module disposed inside the sun visor body, said wireless charging circuit module including a coil coupled to the charger stand; wherein said charger stand comprises a case and a cover mounted on said case, wherein the case includes a containing space having washers therein. The charger stand has the washers to fix effectively the electronic products to prevent bump on the road, and limits to the position of the electronic products with the positioning convex piece, so as to ensure good connection between the coil of the wireless charging module and the electronic product..
Dongguan Evervictory Electronic Co., Ltd


Inflation valve cap apparatus and method

An inflation valve cap having a cap body, an ear depending from the cap body, and a valve body for inflating or pressurizing a beverage bottle. A locking washer may be provided to prevent the valve body from ejecting from the cap body..


Temperature compensated torque limiting valve

A flow limiting and temperature compensated orifice assembly includes a valve body having an orifice and a plurality of exterior bypass channels or openings. The valve body is disposed in a complementary cylindrical chamber in a housing in the fluid line which also receives a bi-metallic disc and a rubber washer.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Thermal and acoustic insulation assembly and an exhaust duct of a rotary machine

A thermal acoustic insulation structure including: a metal internal sheet having an exposed surface configured to be exposed to a hot gas, an external sheet and an insulation sandwiched between the internal and external sheets; a bar secured to the metal internal sheet and extending through at least a portion of the insulation; a bracket connected to the external sheet or to a support plate extending from the external sheet, wherein the bracket includes an opening configured to receive an end of the bar; a fastener securing the end of the bar to the bracket, and an insulating washer separating the bracket from the bar and the fastener.. .
General Electric Company


Pressure actuated ported sub for subterranean cement completions

A shifting sleeve has differential piston areas so that applied pressure displaces the sleeve against spring bias, which preferably is a series of belleville washer stacks associated with modular mandrel components, to obtain the desired opposing force to the movement initiated with pressure applied to differential piston areas. An indexing feature is located between the sleeve and the mandrel passage wall and on a predetermined number of cycles disables the belleville washer stacks from biasing the sleeve in an opposed direction as when pressure is applied.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Tub insert system for top loading washer

A washing machine tub insert system is provided that prevents the wash tub from impacting the washing machine cabinet during shipping and handling. The tub insert system may be made from a die cut corrugated blank and foam locking members.
Sonoco Development, Inc.


Clothes mover for an automatic washer

A washing machine for treating laundry comprising a basket rotatable about a first rotational axis, having a peripheral side wall extending upwardly from a bottom wall to at least partially define a treating chamber; a clothes mover proximate the bottom wall, having a base with a centrally located hub concentric with a second rotational axis about which the clothes mover reciprocally rotates; and at least one vane having an elongated body extending away from the hub and projecting upwardly from the clothes mover to terminate in a tip.. .
Whirlpool Corporation

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