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Visceral Leishmaniasis
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Pharmaceutical Formulation

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Visceral Leishmaniasis patents

This page is updated frequently with new Visceral Leishmaniasis-related patent applications. Subscribe to the Visceral Leishmaniasis RSS feed to automatically get the update: related Visceral RSS feeds. RSS updates for this page: Visceral Leishmaniasis RSS RSS

Date/App# patent app List of recent Visceral Leishmaniasis-related patents
 Vaccine composition and immunization method patent thumbnailVaccine composition and immunization method
The present invention refers to the recombinant vaccine against canine visceral leishmaniasis containing the recombinant a2 protein and saponin, monophosphoryl lipid a, or aluminum hydroxide plus cpg as an adjuvant, allowing the distinction between vaccinated and infected animals through conventional elisa or immunofluorescence tests that employ antigens of promastigote forms of leishmania.. .
 Leishmaniasis antigen detection assays and vaccines patent thumbnailLeishmaniasis antigen detection assays and vaccines
The present invention relates to isolated visceral leishmaniasis (vl) antigens that are useful in therapeutic and vaccine compositions for stimulating a vl specific immunological response. The identified antigens are also useful in diagnostic assays to determine the presence of active vl in an individual.
 Leishmanicidal formulation and its use patent thumbnailLeishmanicidal formulation and its use
The present invention refers to pharmaceutical formulations obtained from the aqueous extract of the fungus agaricus blazei and its purified fractions for the treatment of leishmaniasis. More particularly, the present invention discloses formulations preferably for topic and oral use, in form of solid, semi-solid and liquid pharmaceutical formulations selected from a group consisting of gel, cream, ointment, pastes, emulsions in general, solutions, tablets and capsules for the treatment of canine and human cutaneous and visceral leishmaniasis..
 Fusion proteins and their use in the diagnosis and treatment of leishmaniasis patent thumbnailFusion proteins and their use in the diagnosis and treatment of leishmaniasis
The present invention relates generally to a fusion protein made from a synthetic gene construct comprising of elements derived from the leishmania antigens k26, k39, and k9. The fusion protein is particularly useful in the diagnosis of leishmaniasis, particularly visceral leishmaniasis in animals such as humans and dogs..

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Visceral Leishmaniasis topics: Visceral Leishmaniasis, Leishmaniasis, Leishmania, Polypeptide, Nucleic Acid, Antibodies, Pharmaceutical Formulations, Pharmaceutical Formulation

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