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Virtual Reality patents


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 Ultrasound simulation system and tool patent thumbnailUltrasound simulation system and tool
Embodiments of flexible ultrasound simulation devices, methods, and systems described herein may facilitate various medical procedure training by rendering realistic ultrasound images in accordance with the end user interaction with an anatomy model, an ultrasound probe replica and a medical tool. An ultrasound probe replica may be adapted with a low friction tip, such as a roller ball.
Virtamed Ag

 Direct volume rendering in virtual and/or augmented reality patent thumbnailDirect volume rendering in virtual and/or augmented reality
Performing volume rendering in a virtual reality environment by applying an adapted monte carlo integration, grid accelerator-based view ray tracing, image filtering, and user-movement detected adapted frame compensation.. .
Arivis Ag

 Method and sytem for presenting a digital information related to a real object patent thumbnailMethod and sytem for presenting a digital information related to a real object
The invention is related to a method of presenting a digital information related to a real object, comprising determining a real object, providing a plurality of presentation modes, wherein the plurality of presentation modes comprises an augmented reality mode, and at least one of a virtual reality mode and an audio mode, providing at least one representation of a digital information related to the real object, determining a spatial relationship between a camera and a reference coordinate system under consideration of an image captured by the camera, selecting a presentation mode from the plurality of presentation modes according to the spatial relationship, and presenting the at least one representation of the digital information using the selected presentation mode.. .
Metaio Gmbh

 3d analytics actionable solution support system and apparatus patent thumbnail3d analytics actionable solution support system and apparatus
The claimed invention relates to a system and method for generating actionable intelligence and information by utilizing a multi-sensor, multi-temporal; multi-spatial, multi-format data (mstsfa) architecture stored in a nosql data architecture to qualify spatial (accuracy) and contextual information integrated into a real time engineering grade location based analysis and predictive analytics engine returning users based queries in a 3d visualization including virtual reality (vr)/augmented reality functionality. The present invention is a systemized platform for handling geospatial, geophysical, financial, temporal and attribute data input directly to analyze the datasets to serve the operational and business needs of the industries such as transportation, water, environmental, engineering, telecommunication, finance, energy, natural resources, defense and security..

 Earpiece 3d sound localization using mixed sensor array for virtual reality system and method patent thumbnailEarpiece 3d sound localization using mixed sensor array for virtual reality system and method
A system and method for communicating with a virtual reality headset. The wireless earpieces are linked with the virtual reality headset.
Bragi Gmbh

 Haptic augmented and virtual reality system for simulation of surgical procedures patent thumbnailHaptic augmented and virtual reality system for simulation of surgical procedures
The present technology relates to systems, methods and devices for haptically-enabled virtual reality simulation of cerebral aneurysm clipping, wherein a user uses two physical stations during the simulation. The first station is a haptic and augmented reality station, and the second station is a haptic and virtual reality station..
Immersivetouch, Inc.

 System and  full motion capture and haptic feedback suite patent thumbnailSystem and full motion capture and haptic feedback suite
A full motion capture and haptic feedback suite which allows users to touch and feel virtual objects used with a kinect or made into a hybrid state using 9-axis sensors to move freely outside the view of the kinect. The suite uses a combined software and hardware platform for immersive virtual reality, capable of tracking a user's movements, translating them into a virtual space, and providing haptic feedback when the user comes into contact with a virtual object.

 Image generation device, image generation method and non-transitory recording medium storing image generation program patent thumbnailImage generation device, image generation method and non-transitory recording medium storing image generation program
A communication load is reduced in a virtual-reality-space sharing system. An image generation device for generating a virtual reality space image includes a memory for storing an instruction and a processor coupled to the memory for executing the instruction.
Colopl, Inc.

 Wearable computing system patent thumbnailWearable computing system
A wearable computer system which may be used in various applications including virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality applications. The system may be worn by a user while using such systems and applications.
Atomic Vr Inc

 Foldable virtual reality viewer structure integrated in mailer and/or product packaging patent thumbnailFoldable virtual reality viewer structure integrated in mailer and/or product packaging
A new method of constructing a convertible virtual reality viewer on planar surface when in an unfolded state, or out of a box-type structure is described. Through its design of structural folds, the planar surface(s) can be configured into any shape such as, but not limited to, a package, box, container, mailer, and flyer of any material.

Dual-mode augmented/virtual reality (ar/vr) near-eye wearable displays

A dual-mode augmented/virtual reality near-eye wearable display for use with a curved lens element. The lenses are provided with one or more transparent waveguide elements that are disposed within the thickness of the lenses.
Ostendo Technologies, Inc.

Video display system

Disclosed herein are virtual reality systems and methods. An exemplary video reality system includes a computerized media processing unit configured to receive real time video; extract a subset video from the received real time video; and output the extracted subset video without human perceptible delay to at least one display of a virtual reality headset..
Skreens Entertainment Technologies, Inc.

Cinematic mastering for virtual reality and augmented reality

An entertainment system provides data to a common screen (e.g., cinema screen) and personal immersive reality devices. For example, a cinematic data distribution server communicates with multiple immersive output devices each configured for providing immersive output (e.g., a virtual reality output) based on a data signal.
Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Presentation of a virtual reality scene from a series of images

A method and system that uses multiple views of a single image to create a three dimensional scene having a projected depth of projection. The projected depth of projection may be controlled by choosing views having a particular number of views separating them.
Soliddd Corp.

Lidar stereo fusion live action 3d model video reconstruction for six degrees of freedom 360° volumetric virtual reality video

A system for capturing live-action three-dimensional video is disclosed. The system includes pairs of stereo cameras and a lidar for generating stereo images and three-dimensional lidar data from which three-dimensional data may be derived.

Method and optimizing video streaming for virtual reality

A system and method for reducing the bandwidth requirements for virtual reality using selective optimization are provided. The system selectively optimizes pre-encoded virtual reality video based on viewport information received from the headset..
Cinova Media

Production and packaging of entertainment data for virtual reality

An augmented reality (ar) output device or virtual reality (vr) output device is worn by a user, and includes one or more sensors positioned to detect actions performed by a user of the immersive output device. A processor provides a data signal configured for the ar or vr output device, causing the immersive output device to provide ar output or vr output via a stereographic display device.
Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Virtual reality environment responsive to predictive route navigation

A vehicle state sensor data record associated with a current state of a vehicle is received. A predictive vehicle navigation data record based on map data is also received.
Here Global B.v.

Wearable augmented reality eyeglass communication device including mobile phone and mobile computing via virtual touch screen gesture control and neuron command

Provided are an augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality eyeglass communication device and a method for facilitating shopping, payments and multimedia capture using an eyeglass communication device. The eyeglass communication device may comprise a frame, and a right earpiece and a left earpiece connected to the frame.

Optical hand tracking in virtual reality systems

A system tracks movement of the vr input device relative to a portion of a user's skin, track movement of the vr input device relative to a physical surface external to the vr input device, or both. The system includes an illumination source integrated with a tracking glove coupled to a virtual reality console, and the illumination source is configured to illuminate a portion of skin on a finger of a user.
Oculus Vr, Llc

Programming and virtual reality representation of stimulation parameter groups

The present disclosure involves a medical system that includes one or more implantable medical devices configured to deliver a medical therapy to a patient. The medical system also includes a portable electronic device on which a touch-sensitive user interface is implemented.
Nuvectra Corporation

Eye gaze responsive virtual reality headset

A headset for providing images to a user is provided. The headset is configured to attach to a user's head and includes displays positioned adjacent to a user's eyes.
Thika Holdings Llc

Vibrotactile control software systems and methods

Methods and systems are disclosed to facilitate creating the sensation of vibrotactile movement on the body of a user. Vibratory motors are used to generate a haptic language for music or other stimuli that is integrated into wearable technology.

Using anisotropic weaves of materials in input interfaces for a virtual reality system

A control for a virtual reality (vr) system contacting areas of user's body is comprised of one or more materials having different stiffnesses at different positions of the control. In various embodiments, portions of the control contacting an area of the user's body with a relatively limited range of motion comprise stiffly woven material to limit movement of the control.
Oculus Vr, Llc

Method and system for interacting with a virtual environment

A system for providing a more personalized virtual environment for a user, the system including one or more sensing devices that detect one or more physical, physiological, or biological parameters of the user and transmit the same to a game console or virtual reality controller that produces the virtual environment. The game console or virtual reality controller can analyze the sensor data and adjust one or more aspects of the virtual environment as a function of the sensor data.
Mc10, Inc.

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