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 System and  collaborative annotations of streaming videos on mobile devices patent thumbnailSystem and collaborative annotations of streaming videos on mobile devices
A system and method to enable fine-grained, contextual annotations of streaming videos by one or more users, prioritizing the use of screen space on mobile devices by allowing users to draw or place threaded comments while utilizing a touch-based interface, reducing distractions caused by a* cluttered interface. By enabling the user to control annotations beginning at a particular timestamp within the streaming video, the present invention optimizes screen real estate on mobile devices efficiently.
Freshdesk, Inc.

 Generating videos of media items associated with a user patent thumbnailGenerating videos of media items associated with a user
A method includes grouping media items associated with a user into segments based on a timestamp associated with each media item and a total number of media items. The method also includes selecting target media from the media items for each of the segments based on media attributes associated with the media item.
Google Inc.

 System and  generating video from video clips based on moments of interest within the video clips patent thumbnailSystem and generating video from video clips based on moments of interest within the video clips
videos may be automatically generated using a set of video clip. Individual moments of interest may be identified within individual video clips of a set of video clips.
Gopro, Inc.

 Dental assistant training and customization system patent thumbnailDental assistant training and customization system
Implementations of a dental assistant training and customization system are provided. In some implementations, to create a custom training system, the dental assistant training and customization system is configured to allow a dental office to upload an image of a tray layout of dental instruments and materials for at least a first dental service based on the tray layout at the dental office.

 Methods and systems for verification of a user's identity patent thumbnailMethods and systems for verification of a user's identity
Methods and systems for verification of a user's identity. Such methods and systems are used in dating websites, social media and generally on the internet.

 Sensitivity adjustment for computer-vision triggered notifications patent thumbnailSensitivity adjustment for computer-vision triggered notifications
A computer-based method includes classifying motion in a video file using a classifier to produce a confidence score for the video file that indicates how confident the classifier is that motion in the video file is a particular type of motion (e.g., motion by a living being). The method further includes enabling a first human user to specify (e.g., with a slider-style graphical control element), from a first user computing device, a first threshold confidence score for receiving notifications about videos.
Canary Connect, Inc.

 System and  providing recommendations of moments of interest within video clips post capture patent thumbnailSystem and providing recommendations of moments of interest within video clips post capture
Users desiring to generate videos from video clips may want to locate moments of interest within the video clips. A system and method described herein may be configured to provide recommendations of moments of interest within video clips post capture of the video clips.
Gopro, Inc.

 Video highlight detection with pairwise deep ranking patent thumbnailVideo highlight detection with pairwise deep ranking
Video highlight detection using pairwise deep ranking neural network training is described. In some examples, highlights in a video are discovered, then used for generating summarization of videos, such as first-person videos.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Incremental learning framework for object detection in videos patent thumbnailIncremental learning framework for object detection in videos
Techniques disclose an incrementally expanding object detection model. An object detection tool identifies, based on an object detection model, one or more objects in a sequence of video frames.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

 Method for extracting residual videos and deleted videos in a dvr hard disk patent thumbnailMethod for extracting residual videos and deleted videos in a dvr hard disk
A method for extracting residual videos in a dvr hard disk and deleted videos, including: 1) connecting and recognizing devices; 2) judging whether a file system can be recognized; 3) if so, parsing disk partitions and matching the file system; 4) scanning sectors one by one; 5) parsing video data, capturing and recording same; 6) enumerating a video list and displaying same; and 7) extracting videos. Parsing and data extraction can be conducted on all dvr hard disks of various types of various manufacturers, and files in the hard disks can be reorganized into valid, single-channel and continuously played video files; and useful video data can be parsed and screened out, thereby reducing human and material resources..
Xly Salvation Data Technology Inc.

Touchscreen user interface for presenting media

The subject matter of this specification can be implemented in, among other things, a method that includes providing a mid state, a fullscreen state, and a miniplayer state of a touchscreen user interface for presentation on a touchscreen device. The mid state presents a first video from a queue of videos and portions of a previous video or a next video from the queue of the videos.
Google Inc.

Media acquisition, processing and distribution system for the internet

The present invention, generally speaking, provides a broad-based solution for acquisition, processing and distribution of media objects including pictures (images), movies, videos, graphics, sound clips, etc via the internet or the like. And specifically, it is a solution to such systems for use in applications wherein there are multiple originators of media objects that will be viewed in multiple web sites having different viewing requirements.
Summit 6 Llc

Video synchronization based on audio

A content reproduction screen displays a plurality of content items. A video reproduction processing section reproduces substantially simultaneously videos of a plurality of content items on a screen.
Yamaha Corporation

Multimedia view with dynamic resizing and scaling upon user interaction or non-human event triggers

A multiple video viewer with dynamic resizing and scaling upon user interaction or other applicable automated non-human event triggers. The invention provides the ability for a user to focus on any one or more video feeds by dynamically resizing the video windows.

Virtual hunting devices and uses thereof

Embodiments of the present invention concern a virtual hunting apparatus that employs an imaging device mounted on top of the barrel of a simulated firearm such as a rifle or other toy. A cable can be used to connect the imaging device to the trigger of the simulated firearm.

Integrated oven with a tablet computer/flat panel display

Integration of a tablet computer and/or flat panel display with an oven brings numerous added functionalities to an oven that is not currently possible with current stand alone oven. It creates a new kitchen appliance that can be used for cooking, entertainment, shopping and provides a platform for displaying information and advertisement to the user.
Geniuss Inc.

Platform content moderation

Systems and methods for moderating branded content provided by users to an online content publishing and distribution network are described. In some embodiments, a content management system stores user-generated or user-created content, and creates and shares links associated to the user-generated content to online networks and other sites, where other users share, consume, and/or interact with the content (e.g., videos and other multimedia content)..
Vivoom, Inc.

Video search algorithm

Avdos is a server algorithm and service, which can be utilized by series of api call from the client side. The client will make request to the server by pass the command and proper parameter to initiate the process.

Passenger vehicle make and model recognition system

A system, a method, and a non-transitory computer readable recording medium for recognizing a passenger vehicle make and model are disclosed, which includes a make and model recognition (mmr) database, which is constructed from rear view videos of passenger vehicles.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California

Video synthesis system, video synthesis device, and video synthesis method

A video display system performs a video conversion process on a video of a camera mounted on a vehicle and displays a resulting video, and includes a plurality of cameras, a detecting unit that detects an object of interest around the vehicle based on information or the like acquired through the plurality of cameras, other sensors, or a network, a transforming/synthesizing unit that transforms and synthesizes the videos photographed by the plurality of cameras using a shape of a virtual projection plane, a virtual viewpoint, and a synthesis method which are decided according to position information of the object of interest detected by the detecting unit, and a display unit that displays the video that is transformed and synthesized by the transforming/synthesizing unit.. .
Clarion Co., Ltd.

Automatic composition of composite images or videos from frames captured with moving camera

A processing device generates composite images from a sequence of images. The composite images may be used as frames of video.
Gopro, Inc.

Mobile terminal and controlling the same

The present invention relates to a mobile terminal capable of capturing videos, and a method of controlling the same. The mobile terminal includes a display unit capable of outputting a first video captured in response to a preset user input, and outputting a timeline of the first video in a camera preview mode, a camera capable of capturing a second video consecutive to the first video, in response to a preset user input, and a controller capable of storing the first video and the second video as one full video, and outputting a timeline of the full video, which a timeline of the second video follows the timeline of the first video, in the camera preview mode..
Lg Electronics Inc.

User interface for adjusting an automatically generated audio/video presentation

Some embodiments provide a method for creating a composite presentation. In some embodiments, this method is performed by an application that executes on a computing device that stores media content pieces (e.g., videos, still images, etc.), and/or that has access through a network to media content pieces (mcps) stored on other computing devices.
Apple Inc.

Systems and methods for post processing time-lapse videos

Techniques and devices for post-processing time-lapse videos are described. The techniques include obtaining an input time-lapse sequence of frames and determining a visual metric value, e.g., average luminance, for each frame.
Apple Inc.

Reverse replication to rollback corrupted files

The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for reverse replication to rollback corrupted files. When a computer system detects that a copy of a file includes inappropriate content, the computer system can coordinate with other computer systems (e.g., in replicated storage system) to determine that a viable (e.g., clean) copy of the file exists.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Grouping media content for automatically generating a media presentation

Some embodiments provide a media compositing method that performs automated processes (1) to analyze the media content pieces (mcps) to define one or more mcp groups, and (2) produces a user interface (ui) layout that identifies the defined mcp groups as groups for which the method can display composite presentations (e.g., video presentations). To define the mcp groups, the method of some embodiments uses one or more media grouping templates (mgts).
Apple Inc.

Antenna communication system and antenna integrated smart device thereof

The present invention relates to an antenna communication system and antenna integrated smart device thereof. The device includes an antenna measurement unit, a microprocessor, a sensor unit, and an integrated internal camera.
Sky Align Solutions Private Limited

Systems and methods for enabling time-shifted coaching for cloud gaming systems

Systems and methods are provided for enabling users playing online games to create coaching videos of gameplay, and post such coaching videos to a cloud gaming system. In one example, coaching videos include a video clip of the gameplay and a video of the user, guiding and/or explaining how the game was played.
Sony Computer Entertainment America Llc

Interactive object placement in virtual reality videos

A method for processing a virtual reality video (“vrv”) by a virtual reality (“vr”) computing device comprises identifying objects in the vrv for interactive product placement, generating interactive objects for the vrv based on the identified objects, embedding the vrv with the generated interactive objects, and storing the embedded vrv. Creation of interactive product placements is provided in a monoscopic or stereoscopic virtual reality video.
Lens Entertainment Pty. Ltd.

Method of converting 2d video to 3d video using machine learning

Machine learning method that learns to convert 2d video to 3d video from a set of training examples. Uses machine learning to perform any or all of the 2d to 3d conversion steps of identifying and locating objects, masking objects, modeling object depth, generating stereoscopic image pairs, and filling gaps created by pixel displacement for depth effects.
Legend3d, Inc.

Video processing device, video processing method, and video processing program

Provided is a video processing apparatus including: shooting template storage unit that stores shooting templates for individual themes available for a video work, the shooting templates indicating compositions and shoot times of individual scenes available for the video work; scene selecting unit that displays, upon selection of any one of the shooting templates for the individual themes stored in the shooting template storage unit, a list of scenes for the selected shooting template and receives a selection of scenes for commencement of shooting; scene shooting unit that displays, upon selection of the scenes through the scene selecting unit, a shooting screen with guide information on the screen, and shoots the selected scenes lasting for the shoot times defined by the shooting template, the guide information serving as a guide for the compositions defined by the shooting template; and video work completing unit that completes the video work by compiling videos for the respective selected scenes shot by the scene shooting unit. This facilitates making of story movies..
Hurray3 Inc.

System and remotely monitoring medication compliance using a pillbox with a camera

A system and method for monitoring compliance with medications is disclosed. The system includes a pillbox, a control system that is spaced away from the pillbox, an information transfer system, and a monitoring device.
Clear Rock Technologies Incorporated

Predicting a viewer's quality of experience

A method, system and computer program product for predicting a viewer's quality of experience while watching mobile videos potentially afflicted with network induced impairments. The length of a stall on a video at time t is received as a first input to a model.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

Automated creation and maintenance of video-based documentation

A computer system for creation and maintenance of video-based training documentation. Universal identifiers are created and associated with user interface elements for delimiting videos and audios.
International Business Machines Corporation

Automated methods and systems for identifying and characterizing face tracks in video

The present document is directed to methods and systems that identify and characterize face tracks in one or more videos that include frames that contain images of one or more human faces. In certain implementations, values for attributes, such as age, ethnicity, and gender, are assigned to face-containing subimages identified in frames of the image.
Imagesleuth, Inc.

Video searching for filtered and tagged motion

In one embodiment, captured video summaries are tagged with metadata so the videos can be easily searched. The videos are classified into different scenes, depending on the type of action in the video, so searching can be based on the type of scene.
Logitech Europe S.a.

Episodic timely notification based on a notifiable event

A notifiable event pertaining to a series of videos is detected. A user who has a highest affinity score with respect to the series is selected from a plurality of users who have partially viewed the series.
Google Inc.

Selective degradation of videos containing third-party content

A video server receives an uploaded video and determines whether the video contains third-party content and which portions of the uploaded video match third-party content. The video server determines whether to degrade the matching portions and/or how (e.g., extent, type) to do so.
Google Inc.

Identification of captured videos

An identification system receives a request from a user device to identify a video captured in a video stream. The identification system identifies a display area captured in the video stream in which the video is displayed.
Google Inc.

Distributed control of video encoding speeds

Video encoding operation is performed in a distributed video encoding system to meet a service layer agreement such as a target time for completion of the video encoding operation. Each of multiple videos being encoded is split into smaller jobs corresponding to video segments of the videos.
Facebook, Inc.

Method for decreasing the bit rate needed to transmit videos over a network by dropping video frames

An aspect of the disclosure is directed to transmitting a reduced stream of encoded video frames. An original stream of encoded video frames is analyzed, a plurality of frames are removed without re-encoding encoded video frames to generate the reduced stream of encoded video frames, and the reduced stream and metadata describing the plurality of removed frames are transmitted.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Method and system for collecting digital media data and metadata and audience data

Collecting media content data such as media content metadata, and audience viewing data, such as a list of videos whose statistics needs to be fetched from one or more repositories from a large number of data sources is implemented according to extensible multi-threaded data gathering framework, which involves utilizing a plugin-based extensible architecture, which delegates the site-specific responsibility to the plugin while at the core providing a fault-tolerant multi-threaded service on which the plugins are run to gather the data from the web.. .
The Aleph Group Pte., Ltd.

Method for testing cloud streaming server, and apparatus and system therefor

A method for testing a cloud streaming server, and an apparatus and a system therefor are disclosed. Test result videos are created by receiving, from cloud streaming servers, test results corresponding to the key input of a preset test script; masked videos are created by masking the test result videos; and it is determined whether at least any one of the cloud streaming servers has a failure by mutually comparing test result images created by capturing the masked videos..
Entrix Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods for matching two or more digital multimedia files

Systems and computer-implemented methods match two digital videos previously recorded at a same event. The systems and methods provide a group of digital videos to a computer system, wherein each digital video comprises digital audio and digital video signals previously recorded at the same event, wherein the digital videos are previously recorded by different digital mobile devices and are previously at least temporally synchronized with respect to each other and aligned on a timeline of the same event, wherein a set of instants in time within the timeline of the same event is predefined.
Evergig Music S.a.s.u.

Digital inventory system

An inventory technology that works with computers, smartphones and devices that assists in creating a personal property inventory for insurance purposes wills, probate, taxes and or other needs. An inventory may be prepared before an insurance loss occurs by use of photos, videos, user input and vender supplied receipts.

Incorporating social-network connections information into estimated user-ratings of videos for video recommendations

Techniques for incorporating social-network connections information into estimated user-ratings of videos for video recommendations are described. A user-rating that a user is likely to assign to a video is predicted based on first and second predictions.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Armrest for dental chair with mouse touch device for patient use

Armrest for dental chair with mouse touch device for patient use comprising an armrest (1) fixed to the dental chair, featuring a mouse touch-type input peripheral (2) on its edge connected via usb or radio frequency wireless connection to a cpu, central processing unit (3), which manages programs and sends information to an lcd, liquid crystal display (4), placed within sight of the patient, regardless of the height and tilting movements of the dental chair, enabling patient interaction with various interface programs, such as internet access, games, watching videos, choose music media or social media, among others, simply using the fingertips.. .

Video transmission system and video receiver

Provided are a video-signal switching method and a video receiver having two functions: a switching function between video signals in a currently-active system and in a backup system; and a switching function between two different videos. The present invention provides a video transmission system including video transmitters, a network connected to the video transmitters, and a video receiver connected to the network and configured to receive video streams of two ip-packetized video contents from the video transmitters.
Media Global Links Co., Ltd.

Mobile terminal and controlling the same

A mobile terminal and a method for controlling the same that may perform wireless communication with a video output device are disclosed. The mobile terminal comprises a wireless communication unit configured to perform wireless communication with a video output device; a touch screen; and a controller controlling the touch screen to output at least one folder to a first area of the touch screen and output an electronic program guide (epg), which includes channel information related to the video output device, to a second area different from the first area, wherein the controller, if a predetermined touch is applied to any one of the at least one folder output to the first area, generates a virtual channel configured to output videos included in the any one folder from the video output device, and changes the epg such that channel information corresponding to the generated virtual channel is reflected in the epg..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Image stitching and automatic-color correction

Panoramic videos are generated from multiple video feeds in real time received from multiple video cameras, such as an array of video cameras having overlapping fields of view. Texture mapping techniques are employed to correct lens distortion or other defects or deficiencies in the video frames in each of the video feeds caused by optical properties of the corresponding video camera.
Searidge Technologies Inc.

Using image similarity to deduplicate video suggestions based on thumbnails

A system and computer program product are provided for improving the utility of video recommendations in a content system via de-duplication of highly similar thumbnail images. For each video added to an online content system, a thumbnail image is generated and stored.
Google Inc.

Video recommendation via affect

Analysis of mental state data is provided to enable video recommendations via affect. Analysis and recommendation is made for socially shared live-stream video.
Affectiva, Inc.

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