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 Privacy aligned and personalized social media content sharing recommendations patent thumbnailPrivacy aligned and personalized social media content sharing recommendations
Systems and methods are provided that facilitate selecting videos to share in a messaging session. A system is provided that includes an accessible data mining component configured to generate a first set of data associated with a messaging session between a user and one or more other user, the first set of data excluding data that is inaccessible to the user and comprising data that is accessible to the user, and an identification component configured to identify a set of media items based on the first set of data.
Google Inc.

 Translucent digital display system patent thumbnailTranslucent digital display system
A digital display system includes a transparent outer protective panel, a transparent inner protective panel, and a translucent digital video display located between the outer and inner protective panels. An integrated media player is operably connected to the translucent digital video display so that full-motion videos displayed on the translucent digital video display are viewed through the outer protective panel and items can be viewed through the translucent digital video display.
Stratacache, Inc.

 Feature-based video annotation patent thumbnailFeature-based video annotation
A system and methodology provide for annotating videos with entities and associated probabilities of existence of the entities within video frames. A computer-implemented method identifies an entity from a plurality of entities identifying characteristics of video items.
Google Inc.

 System and  predicting neurological disorders patent thumbnailSystem and predicting neurological disorders
A method and system for predicting neurological disorders is provided. The method comprises receiving videos of individuals and detecting regions of interest (roi) in video frames.
Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd

 Animated data visualization video patent thumbnailAnimated data visualization video
The claimed subject matter generates animated data visualization videos. A user interface is displayed that includes a clip library panel, a clips panel, and a configurations panel.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Camera system patent thumbnailCamera system
A camera system includes a camera mounting frame having a plurality of camera mounts. Each camera mount is configured to hold a respective camera at a respective lens orientation such that mounted cameras provide different respective lens orientations relative to each other, with each mounted camera providing a different field of view facing outward from the mounting frame.

 Interactive entertainment using a mobile device with object tagging and/or hyperlinking patent thumbnailInteractive entertainment using a mobile device with object tagging and/or hyperlinking
Systems and methods for an interactive game using a multi-functional hand-held personal mobile device, such as a smart phone or entertainment device use the smart phone or other mobile device to find and/or activate various effects and items in the real world, then connect those items and effects together to provide a purpose to finding the effects/items consistent with the game theme. Embodiments include themes related to a treasure hunt with items that may or may not respond to the player detecting or finding them.
Whitewater West Industries Ltd.

 Visually assisted entry of a veress needle with a tapered videoscope for microlaparoscopy patent thumbnailVisually assisted entry of a veress needle with a tapered videoscope for microlaparoscopy
A veress needle is modified to receive a forward-looking miniature videoscope through the cannula of an insufflation tube of the veress needle. The modified instrument enables direct viewing of progress of the instrument through tissue to the peritoneal cavity of a patient, for proper location of the needle and insufflation of the cavity via the needle.
Asimion Inc.

 Automated creation and maintenance of video-based documentation patent thumbnailAutomated creation and maintenance of video-based documentation
An approach for creation and maintenance of video-based training documentation. Universal identifiers are created and associated with user interface elements for delimiting videos and audios.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Automated creation and maintenance of video-based documentation patent thumbnailAutomated creation and maintenance of video-based documentation
A computer program product for creation and maintenance of video-based training documentation. Universal identifiers are created and associated with user interface elements for delimiting videos and audios.
International Business Machines Corporation

Playback initialization tool for panoramic videos

A method for initializing a panoramic video by a graphical user interface (gui) includes receiving a panoramic video, creating a three-dimensional mesh, and displaying a preview rendered from the three-dimensional mesh. The gui displays a time selection interface and selects a frame time in the panoramic video with the time selection interface.

Serving a live stream as an advertisement

A content server receives live streams from a content distributor to transmit to users of the content server. In one embodiment, the content server promotes the live streams received from the content distributor, by serving portions of the live stream as advertisements (ads) to users of the content server along with videos or digital content requested by the users.
Google Inc.

System and recognition of items in media data and delivery of information related thereto

The system and method disclosed herein relate to the establishment of both the location and identity of individual items in pictures or videos and delivering of related information thereto. Initially, images in video source content are scanned and individual elements in the images are dynamically compared with digital images stored in a database to identify individual items in the image that match the digital images stored in the database.
Hsni, Llc

Creating audience segments for campaigns

Creating audience segments for campaigns is described. In one or more embodiments, an audience manager is configured to create, for one or more videos, a video audience segment associated with the video by storing, in a data management platform, user identifiers of users that viewed the video.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Data processing for led television, and led television

The disclosure discloses a data processing method and device for a light emitting diode (led) television (tv), and an led tv, wherein the data processing device includes: a signal processing chip configured to perform mode conversion on a received tv signal so as to obtain a first video signal of a preset mode; and a video processing chip connected to the signal processing chip and configured to perform clock synchronization processing on the first video signal so as to obtain a second video signal and output the second video signal to an led display. By means of the disclosure, the problem in the prior art that an led tv can only display a tv signal of a single mode is solved, thereby achieving the effect that the led tv can display videos of various modes and various formats..
Leyard Optoelectronic

System relating to 3d, 360 degree or spherical for refering to and/or embedding posts, videos or digital media within other posts, videos, digital data or digital media and posts within anypart of another posts, videos, digital data or digital media

There is disclosed herein a system of managing posts for interacting with web based digital video. The system comprises a user interface application operating on one or more user devices which are operative to view web based digital video, the user interface application creating posts that refer to 3d, 360 degree, geocoded or spherical digital image and video.
Pixured, Inc.

System and digital delivery of reveal videos for online gifting

An electronic gift (e-gift) giving system includes a first computing device that receives from a second computing device of a giver, e-gift information associated with an e-gift to be given to a recipient and reveal video information from the second computing device. From this information, the first computing device generates an interactive reveal video that, when displayed on a recipient computing device of the recipient, receives one or more user interface input actions and generates one or more tactile feedback actions to be performed by the second computing device in response to the user interface input action..
Gift Card Impressions, Llc

Systems, methods and applications for using and enhancing vehicle to vehicle communications, including synergies and interoperation with satellite radio

Various applications, systems and methods for using, and enhancing v2v communications for various purposes are described. These systems and methods leverage various aspects of satellite radio broadcasts in combination with v2v communications.
Sirus Xm Radio Inc.

Video data analyzing method and apparatus and parking lot monitoring system

This application provides a video data analyzing method and apparatus and a parking lot monitoring system where the system includes: a video camera configured to capture videos; a data memory configured to store video data from the video camera; an analysis server configured to analyze a status of each parking lot according to the video data obtained from the data memory; an information publishing device configured to publish status information on each parking lot; and a central manage system configured to control operations of parts of the parking lot monitoring system. With the method, apparatus or system of this application, a large quantity of parking lots may be monitored by using few hardware resources, and high detection precision under an all-weather condition may be realized, which is extendable, and may support high-grade functions based on core technologies..
Fujitsu Limited

System for adaptive real-time facial recognition using fixed video and still cameras

A system for facial recognition, consisting of a global database of facial characteristics of known users, a server which accepts from registration pictures taken on a user's camera device, accepts and processes training pictures and videos of other users to enable algorithm improvement, and a static camera which processes user pictures to determine whether the user is a known user or not based on the global database and a local database associated with each static camera.. .
Vcognition Technologies Inc.

Method and generating a web page

A method, apparatus and computer readable medium generate a webpage using keywords identified from user input and user email communications. The keywords are identified, ranked, and transmitted to a server where a search engine uses one or more of the keywords to identify items of interest such as articles or videos.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Portable proprioceptive peripatetic polylinear video player

Departing from one-way linear cinema played on a single rectangular screen, this multi-channel virtual environment involves a cinematic paradigm that undoes habitual ways of framing things, employing architectural concepts in a polylinear video/sound construction to create a type of experience that allows the world to reveal itself and permits discovery on the part of participants. Techniques are disclosed for peripatetic navigation through virtual space with a handheld computing device, leveraging human spatial memory to form a proprioceptive sense of location, allowing a participant to easily navigate amongst a plurality of simultaneously playing videos and to center in front of individual video panes in said space, making it comfortable for a participant to rest in a fixed posture and orientation while selectively viewing any one of the video streams, and providing spatialized 3d audio cues that invite awareness of other content unfolding simultaneously in the virtual environment..
Monkeymedia, Inc.

Method for generating a composition of audible and visual media

One variation of a method for distributing a composition of audio and visual media includes: at a first computing device, generating a first meta file for a first composition, including pointers to an audio track and pointers to, positions and durations of video masks for, and an order for a set of videos; storing the first meta file and a portion of a private video, in the set of videos, in a remote database; serving the audio track and the set of videos to a second computing device for playback at the second computing device according to the first meta file; in response to modification of the first composition at the second computing device, generating a second meta file for a second composition defining a modified arrangement of the first composition; and storing the second meta file for local playback of the second composition at a third computing device.. .
Lomotif Private Limited

Video distribution method, video reception method, server, terminal apparatus, and video distribution system

A video distribution method is a video distribution method to be performed by a server that distributes a plurality of videos captured by a plurality of users from different viewpoints to a terminal apparatus. The video distribution method includes distributing, from a server to a terminal apparatus, a first video that is one of a plurality of videos captured by a plurality of users from different viewpoints and that is requested by the terminal apparatus, selecting a second video that is one of the plurality of videos and that is likely to be next requested next time by the terminal apparatus, and starting transmission of the second video to the terminal apparatus during distribution of the first video to the terminal apparatus..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Lt

Generating videos with multiple viewpoints

videos of an event may be captured by camera (e.g., camera devices). The videos may be processed to generated virtual videos that provide different viewpoints of the event.
Google Inc.

Stabilizing camera phone extension

A device to enhance the ability of impromptu cell phone filmmakers to make high-quality, watchable videos without sacrificing the flexibility of the cell phone camera video medium. Embodiments of the device stabilize a camera phone while the user records video, using only the shape of the device to enable a natural, steady grip..

Method and system for allocating video transcoding resources

Embodiments of this disclosure provide a method and system for allocating transcoding resources so as to address the problem in the prior art of underutilizing transcoding resources so that if there are a large number of videos to be transcoded, the efficiency of transcoding may be seriously reduced. In an embodiment of this disclosure, a resource value to be consumed for transcoding a video corresponding to a transcoding task is determined; and transcoding resources are allocated for the transcoding task from currently allocable transcoding resources upon judging that transcoding resources can be allocated for the transcoding task, according to the transcoding resource value corresponding to the transcoding task, and a condition of occupied transcoding resources, instead of configuring a fixed workload of transcoding, thus improving utilization ratio of the resources so that if there are a number of videos to be transcoded, the efficiency of transcoding will be improved..
Le Cloud Computing Co., Ltd.

Video playback device and method

A video playback device includes a processor that executes a procedure. The procedure includes: for each of plural videos, receiving designations of positions in display regions of the videos; and adjusting a placement position in the display regions of the plural videos such that the positions designated for each of the plural videos are aligned at the same position in a vertical direction or a horizontal direction..
Fujitsu Limited

Video playback device and method

A video playback device includes a processor that executes a procedure. The procedure includes, for plural respective videos, receiving designations of widths in a vertical direction or in a horizontal direction within display regions of the videos, and adjusting the relative display sizes between the plural videos such that the display sizes of the widths designated for the plural respective videos are equivalent..
Fujitsu Limited

Video playback device and method

A video playback device includes a processor that executes a procedure. The procedure includes receiving a designation of a tuning during video playback in each of plural respective videos, and, according to a playback instruction, playing back the plural videos in synchronization starting from the timings designated for the plural respective videos..
Fujitsu Limited

Methods and systems for determining query date ranges

One or more systems and/or methods for determining a query date range and/or searching a content corpus are provided. A set of content items (e.g., digital images, videos, etc.), associated with an event, may be identified from a content corpus.
Yahoo!, Inc.

System and displaying images and videos found on the internet as a result of a search engine

A system that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, receiving, prior to entering a screensaver mode of operation, a search criteria identifying a requested subject matter, wherein the search criteria is based on a last user-initiated search query to a web-based search engine. In response to entering the screensaver mode, the search criteria identifying the requested subject matter is automatically transmitted to a web browser.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Video encoding apparatus and method and video decoding apparatus and method

When one frame of multiview videos is encoded, each of encoding target regions obtained by dividing an encoding target image is encoded while motion information for a reference viewpoint image from a reference viewpoint other than a viewpoint of the encoding target image is used to perform prediction between different viewpoints. According to information, which indicates a corresponding region on the reference viewpoint image for the encoding target region, and the motion information for the reference viewpoint image, temporary motion information for the corresponding region is determined.
Nippon Telegraph And Telephone Corporation

Emoji as facetracking video masks

The system disclosed herein allows a user to select and/or create a mask using emoji or other expressions and to add the selected mask to track a face or other elements of a video. By utilizing the existing emoji character set, users are familiar with the expressiveness of the masks they can create and can quickly find them.
String Theory, Inc.

Promotional video competition systems and methods

A system and method for incentivizing bartenders and other individuals to promote a particular brand of alcohol by creating a video competition. The system receives instructions to implement a video competition and notifies a plurality of individuals of the video competition.
Quasar Blu, Llc

System and the detection and counting of repetitions of repetitive activity via a trained network

A technique and system for counting the number of repetitions of approximately the same action in an input video sequence using 3d convolutional neural networks is disclosed. The proposed system runs online and not on the complete video.

Techniques for providing a user with content recommendations

Techniques described herein may be used to improve recommendations that are provided to a user regarding content (e.g., images, music, and videos). A content recommendations server may provide a user with recommended content and the reasons for which the content is being recommended, such as genres, directors, and actors that the content recommendations server believes the user enjoys.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Managing media content storage for user devices

A user device (e.g., a smart phone) may dynamically manage photographs, videos, and other types of media content. The user device may receive media content by taking photographs, recording videos, and/or recording audio inputs.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Facilitating high-definition panoramic videos

High definition panoramic videos may be facilitated by, e.g., assigning video controllers to respective panoramic videos or portions thereof; activating a first video controller assigned to a first one of the panoramic videos; and producing a first view-point perspective from the first panoramic video utilizing the activated controller.. .
Kt Corporation

Video recommendation based on video co-occurrence statistics

A system and method provides video recommendations for a target video in a video sharing environment. The system selects one or more videos that are on one or more video playlists together with the target video.
Google Inc.

Cinematic image blur in digital cameras based on exposure timing manipulation

Cinematic motion blur and other cinematic effects are enabled during image capture through exposure timing manipulation. The resulting captured images and videos include one or more cinematic effects without the need for a user to impose the cinematic effects post-capture..
Gopro, Inc.

Systems and methods for real-time integrating information into videos

The present disclosure is directed to a system that can incorporate information into captured images. The system includes a first encoder that can process image information captured from an image component and a second encoder that can process information collected from a sensor.
Chengdu Ck Technology Co., Ltd.

Technologies for generating a point-of-view video

Technologies for generating a point-of-view video of a user include determining whether a mobile communication device is positioned in a reference point-of-view position relative to a body of the user and, if so, initiating recording of a video without direction from the user. The point-of-view position may be defined as, for example, a position near the chest of the user.
Beme Inc.

Smart vehicle sun visor

A vehicle sun visor system with a touch screen display is configured to display video feed from one or more cameras. A front facing polarized and/or photochromic camera shows the area of view which is normally blocked by the deployed sun visor, allowing the user to view traffic lights, road signs, etc.
Be Topnotch, Llc

System and media-centric and monetizable social networking

A method and system connects brands, users and communities via socially shared content elements that take the form of, for example, words, pictures/images, videos and/or audio objects. The method creates a social media engagement and distribution capability of dynamic, interactive impressions linking users to users and users to brands around shared “day in the life” moments. Llc

Automapping of music tracks to music videos

A music service remote from a local device user identifies matching video and music content. An identification of a piece of media content that is part of a collection or playlist, is received by the service, the selected piece of media content being included in a unified catalog of video and music content that is accessible by the music service.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Mobile terminal and controlling the same

The present invention relates to a mobile terminal allowing for image processing, and a method for controlling the same. A mobile terminal according to the present invention includes a wireless communication unit to transmit a first video of a specific object captured with a first capture setting value, to an external server or at least one external terminal, and receive a plurality of videos of the specific object captured with different capture setting values different from the first capture setting value, from the external server or the external terminal, a display unit to output a plurality of objects corresponding to the plurality of videos, and a controller to produce a merged video by merging a selected video corresponding to at least one object with the first video, in response to a user input for selecting the at least one object from the plurality of objects, and output the merged video on the display unit, based on a preset user input..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Content transmission apparatus, content transmission method, content reproduction apparatus, content reproduction method, program and content delivery system

Disclosed herein is a content transmission apparatus, including: a retaining section adapted to retain a multi viewpoint video content formed from a plurality of viewpoint videos imaged simultaneously by a plurality of different video cameras; a production section adapted to produce a vrt including acquisition destination information of the viewpoint videos which configure the multi viewpoint video content, vrt standing for view relation table; a supplying section adapted to supply the produced vrt to a content reproduction apparatus; a broadcasting section adapted to broadcast one or plural ones of the viewpoint videos which configure the retained multi viewpoint video content; and a delivery section adapted to deliver one or plural ones of the viewpoint videos which configure the retained multi viewpoint video content through a network.. .
Sony Corporation

Layered interactive video platform for interactive video experiences

In various embodiments, methods and systems for generating interactive videos based on a layered interactive video platform are provided. An interactive graphics track is received using a layered video platform that supports interactive graphics tracks functionality on interactivity content editor components, content management components, and interactivity components on end-user media devices.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Method, apparatus, and computer program product for predictive customizations in self and neighborhood videos

A method, apparatus, and computer program product are provided for enhanced customization for smart video rendering of high resolution immersive content on devices with lower resolution displays. A method is provided that includes receiving first instance default region of interest data for a first instance of content; receiving first instance region of interest customization interaction data for the first instance of the content; receiving second instance default region of interest data for a second instance of the content; determining customization similarity detection for the second instance of the content based on the first instance default region of interest data, the first instance region of interest customization interaction data, and the second instance default region of interest data; generating predicted customized region of interest data for the second instance of the content; and providing an indication of the predicted customized region of interest data..
Nokia Technologies Oy

Systems and methods for generating 360 degree mixed reality environments

Systems and methods for generating a 360 degree mixed virtual reality environment that provides a 360 degree view of an environment in accordance with embodiments of the invention are described. In a number of embodiments, the 360 degree mixed virtual reality environment is obtained by (1) combining one or more real world videos that capture images of an environment with (2) a virtual world environment that includes various synthetic objects that may be placed within the real world clips.
Paofit Holdings Pte Ltd

Method for object segmentation in videos tagged with semantic labels

The present invention provides a method for object segmentation in videos tagged with semantic labels, including: detecting each frame of a video sequence with an object bounding box detector from a given semantic category and an object contour detector, and obtaining a candidate object bounding box set and a candidate object contour set for each frame of the input video; building a joint assignment model for the candidate object bounding box set and the candidate object contour set and solving the model to obtain the initial object segment sequence; processing the initial object segment, to estimate a probability distribution of the object shapes; and optimizing the initial object segment sequence with a variant of graph cut algorithm that integrates the shape probability distribution, to obtain an optimal segment sequence.. .
Beihang University

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