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new patent Heat dissipation in a mobile device to enable high-performance desktop functionality
The invention allows a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet to be designed to dissipate heat through the battery or battery casing to the back and sides of the enclosure, which allows better passive cooling for hand-held applications, and more importantly allows the mobile device to be used as a high-performance desktop computer by plugging the mobile device into a cradle with forced-air cooling. The cradle connects to external displays, keyboards, pointing devices, storage devices, peripherals, networks, and audio devices.
Arctec Mobile Inc.

new patent Generating customized on-demand videos from automated test scripts
Generating customized on-demand videos from automated test scripts is provided. Responsive to receiving a request for an instruction on performing a task on a computer, a database of automated test scripts may be searched to identify a set of test scripts that comprise a set of executable actions associated with the task.
International Business Machines Corporation

new patent Video management and marketing
A computer-implemented method for operating a video management and marketing system that enables managing and marketing videos produced or provided by a user includes a processor configures an embed code that is unique to the user to show a real-time call to action that streams real-time data in one or more videos displayed to a viewer at a viewer device; the processor displays the real-time call to action during playback of the video at a first site and uses the real-time call to action to fetch call to action information on the fly; and the processor automatically forwards the viewer device to a second site, where the call to action information is displayed, upon completion of playback of the video at the first site.. .
Lnvidz, Llc

new patent Video channel categorization schema
Implementations are disclosed for scoring and categorizing a video channel. A method includes receiving category identifiers associated with a plurality of videos in a video channel.
Google Inc.

new patent Preloading and switching streaming videos
One embodiment of the present invention sets forth a technique for playing sequential video streams. The technique involves initiating playback of a first video stream within a foreground of a display region and loading at least a portion of a second video stream during the playback of the first video stream.
Autodesk, Inc

new patent Video encoding method, video decoding method, video encoding apparatus, video decoding apparatus, video encoding program, and video decoding program
A video encoding apparatus is a video encoding method apparatus which, when encoding an encoding target picture which is one frame of a multi-view video including videos of a plurality of different views, performs predictive encoding from a reference view different from a view of the encoding target picture, for each encoding target area which is one of areas into which the encoding target picture is divided, using a depth map for an object in the multi-view video, and includes an area division setting step unit which determines a division method of the encoding target area based on a positional relationship between the view of the encoding target picture and the reference view, and a disparity vector setting step unit which sets a disparity vector for the reference view using the depth map, for each of sub-areas obtained by dividing the encoding target area in accordance with the division method.. .
Nippon Telegraph And Telephone Corporation

new patent Adaptive tone mapping based on local contrast
A method, apparatus, and non-transitory computer readable medium for video tone mapping. The method includes processing a video using at least first and second tone mapping functions to generate at least first and second tone mapped videos and identifying an amount of local contrast in one or more areas of each of the at least first and second tone mapped videos.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

new patent Monitoring digital images on mobile devices
Methods and systems for monitoring digital pictures and videos on mobile devices are described herein. A method for monitoring digital images on mobile devices includes receiving a designation of a target device and monitoring settings for the target device via a monitoring application on a monitoring device.
Conrad Management Corporation

new patent Enriching online videos by content detection, searching, and information aggregation
Many internet users consume content through online videos. For example, users may view movies, television shows, music videos, and/or homemade videos.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

new patent In-vehicle user interfaces for law enforcement
User interfaces may be used by a law enforcement officer to communicate information to and obtain feedback from a person that is held in a secure holding area of a law enforcement vehicle. The user interfaces may be presented via hardware interfaces in the law enforcement vehicle and a computing device.
Whp Workflow Solutions, Llc

new patent

Recommending mobile device activities

Techniques for recommending mobile device activities, such as accessing mobile applications and/or mobile web pages, are described. Some embodiments provide an activity recommendation system (“ars”) configured to recommend relevant activities for a user to perform with a mobile device, based on context of the mobile device.
Vcvc Iii Llc

new patent

Generating customized on-demand videos from automated test scripts

Generating customized on-demand videos from automated test scripts is provided. Responsive to receiving a request for an instruction on performing a task on a computer, a database of automated test scripts may be searched to identify a set of test scripts that comprise a set of executable actions associated with the task.
International Business Machines Corporation

new patent

Synchronization of videos in a display wall

A method and a device for synchronizing the display of video frames from a video stream of a video insertion of a video image source, which is simultaneously presented on two or more displays of a display wall. The synchronous, tearing free display is realized by means of a video frame queue for the video frames, a mediation function which is commonly used by the network graphics processors involved in the display of the video insertion and which, during a mediation period that extends over a plurality of vertical retraces of the display wall, determines which video frame is displayed by the displays and establishes a balance between the vertical display frequency and the video stream frequency, and synchronization messages which are sent before the start of a mediation period by a master network graphics processor of a display to the slave network graphics processors of the other displays..
Barco Control Rooms Gmbh

Mobile phone capable of broadcasting videos or pictures

The present invention provides a mobile phone, including: a control unit; a display coupled to the control unit; a memory coupled to the control unit, wherein the memory stores at least one video or picture; a wireless broadcasting device configured to share the at least one video or picture; and a group broadcast application configured with the wireless broadcasting device to broadcast the at least one video or picture to at least two another mobile phone, wherein a group key is required for the group broadcast application, the wireless broadcasting device broadcasting the at least one video or picture on the display to the at least two another mobile phone.. .

Methods, apparatuses, and/or systems for distributing video compilations of user-captured videos

Systems and methods of distributing a video compilation of user-captured videos are presented herein. Users may capture videos via respective user devices and/or upload the user-captured videos to network storage.
Tapes, Llc

A recorded broadcast of a series of short videos

This invention relates to a means for creating and broadcasting a film wherein the film comprises a first transmitted originating video broadcast and a subsequent transmitted one or more video broadcasts appended thereto.. .
Safetonet Limited

Operation controlling apparatus

Operation controlling apparatus executing equipment operation controlling, including: an equipment management portion configured to manage control commands corresponding to plural number of control items; a video producing portion configured to produce videos corresponding to the plural number of control items; a video display portion configured to display video produced by the video producing portion laying on a control surface; a distance detector portion configured to detect distance from the video producing portion to the control surface; and a controller portion configured to control the video display portion, so that a size of the video to be displayed by the video display portion is within a size of the control surface, depending on the distance detected by the distance detector portion, and to make equipment of a control target execute the control command, which is managed by the equipment management portion, when execution of the control item is determined.. .
Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.

Video role-play learning system and process

An automated video role-play teaching system and process. In some embodiments, the system and process provides a software interface for teachers or others to establish situation scenarios for students, students to review the scenarios locally and locally record their role-play responses, which one or more teachers or others can then review in order to provide feedback to the students through the system.
Rebellion Training, Llc

Intra-document search

In order to facilitate access to pages in documents (such as slides in presentations and/or frames in videos), a system may create pointers specifying the pages in the documents, and may aggregate the pointers in an index. For example, the index may be aggregated based on keywords in content in the documents, metadata associated with the documents and/or presentation formats of the pages.
Linkedln Corporation

Method and system for recording video directly into an html framework

Provided herein are systems and methods directed to the recording, uploading, processing, viewing, and submitting of video and audio content via a digital asset in an html framework. The systems and methods disclose solutions to the problem of incorporating user video commenting systems regardless of framework, type of user device, or browser type.
Vipeline, Inc.

Multi-angle video editing based on cloud video sharing

A solution for composing a multi-angle video from videos captured from different angles is disclosed. A request to compose a multi-angle video is received from a target user, requesting composing a multi-angle video using a video captured by the target user and videos captured by other users nearby the target user.
Zepp Labs, Inc.

Systems and methods for producing panoramic and stereoscopic videos

A system and associated method for capturing panoramic and stereoscopic image data can be utilized to produce panoramic and stereoscopic videos for use in conjunction with suitable virtual reality display devices. The system utilizes a camera arrangement consisting of a plurality of camera pairs positioned to capture a 360° environment.
8702209 Canada Inc.

Look-ahead convergence for optimizing display rendering of stereoscopic videos and images

The present invention is drawn to a device for use with first stereoscopic data, second stereoscopic data and a display device. The device includes an input portion, a convergence data detecting portion, a convergence plane portion, a comparing portion and a modification portion.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Screen system

At least one embodiment of the invention relates to a display screen comprising a first area comprising at least one status indicator and a plurality of different areas such as a preview window, an output window, an audio level indicator, at least one window having at least one video feed, a cut and transition control section, a plurality of buttons for switching sources and events, and at least one area for settings of the parameters wherein the display screen is configured to allow control over multiple feeds to a single screen which allows for the selection of different types of feeds from different cameras. In at least one embodiment there is a process for changing a display comprising the following steps setting a first video in a first preview screen; setting a second video in a second screen; moving said first video from said first preview screen to said second screen.

Video generating method and apparatus of video generating system

The present invention belongs to the technical field of video recording and provides a video generating method and apparatus of a video generating system, the video generating system comprises a system target orientating camera, a target tracking camera and a panorama camera, the method comprises: when it is judged that a target object included in the image collected by the target tracking camera is a person, and the person lies within a scope of a lens of the target tracking camera, switching the target tracking camera such that it serves as a video generating source and generating a video according to images collected by the target tracking camera; when it is judged that the target object included in an image collected by the target tracking camera is a person, and the person lies out of the scope of the lens of the target tracking camera, or it is judged that the target object included in an image collected by the target tracking camera is not a person, switching the panorama camera such that it serves as the video generating source and generating a video according to the images collected by the panorama camera. Automatic control for switching among different cameras to collect images and generate videos is achieved, so that accurate tracking for any target object and accurate switching among different cameras can be done, and automatic switching among different cameras during a video generating process is realized; in this way, there is no need to perform operation and manual intervention after installation and debugging are accomplished..
Sz Reach Tech Co., Ltd.

Digital media album

A virtual or digital multimedia album. The digital album may include a collection of related media to provide virtually, what a traditional band album provides, and more.
Iboard Incorporated

Method and device for video preview

The embodiments of the disclosure provide a method and device for video preview. The method includes: with the determination of a need to enter a video preview interface, obtaining a respective preview control corresponding to at least one playback position for playing a preview video in a video preview interface; loading video data of respective one way of preview video corresponding to each of the preview controls; and playing the video data of the respective one way of preview video in each of preview controls.
Lemobile Information Technology (beijing) Co., Ltd.

Method and co-ordinating and displaying how-to videos

The disclosure is directed at a method and apparatus for producing and displaying how-to videos. The production of the how-to video includes the functionality of the insertion of a coaching tip within the how-to video which allows a producer of the video to embed pauses and annotations within the video for a viewer..
Skillionz Inc.

Automatic generation of time-lapse videos

Embodiments of the present invention provide systems, methods, and computer storage media directed to operations to facilitate generation of time-lapse videos. In accordance with embodiments described herein, frames of a photographic input are analyzed to detect activity occurring across frame pairs.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Systems and methods for centralized online contest management and video sharing

Systems and methods for centralized contest management are disclosed. In some embodiments, a computerized method comprises storing first videos associated with a first contest related to a first sponsor system, and second videos associated with a second contest related to a second sponsor system.
Votocast, Inc.

Systems and methods for semantically classifying and normalizing shots in video

The present disclosure relates to systems and methods for classifying videos based on video content. For a given video file including a plurality of frames, a subset of frames is extracted for processing.
Tivo Inc.

Video buttons for a stage lighting console

Video buttons controlling stage lights. Each of the buttons includes a video part, which displays either video or an image that previews the function that is carried out by the button when it is pressed.
Production Resource Group, Llc

Method and system for the implementation of cell phone texting to be used with entering data for social networks

A method and system for individuals to quickly and easily share behaviors, actions, photographs, videos, other data, and/or posts on, but not limited to, a social network without needing to be logged into, or even having an account on, the social network/website. The system uses, but is not limited to, existing texting technology as an easy way for the individual to send keywords and/or additional information.
Myactions, Llc

Automated video production from a plurality of electronic devices

A computer implemented and electronic device for to capture and process video and environmental information while using the mobile device in a conventional manner to capture and store video of an event. The information associated with the video is specifically designed to allow videos taken of the same scene, at the same time, from a plurality of users to be automatically combined for a seamless video production of the scene as the video transitions between different devices..

Automatic video synchronization via analysis in the spatiotemporal domain

Methods and systems for automatically synchronizing videos acquired via two or more cameras with overlapping views in a multi-camera network. Reference lines within an overlapping field of view of the two (or more) cameras in the multi-camera network can be determined wherein the reference lines connect two or more pairs of corresponding points.
Xerox Corporation

Systems and methods for creating music videos synchronized with an audio track

Systems and methods for creating music videos synchronized with an audio track are provided. In some embodiments, an audio track may be selected and one or more video takes may be captured while the selected audio track plays.
Mibblio, Inc.

Methods and systems for controlling interferometric modulators of reflective display devices

The current disclosure is directed to systems and methods that process standard video signal data and that control a reflective display panel to brightly display videos and images in colors selected from a broad range of colors. In certain implementations, an input video/image signal is first transformed from a rgb encoding to an encoding based on a new color system that encodes colors using spectral, black, and white components.
Unipel Technologies, Llc

Techniques for predicting perceptual video quality

In one embodiment of the present invention, a quality trainer and quality calculator collaborate to establish a consistent perceptual quality metric via machine learning. In a training phase, the quality trainer leverages machine intelligence techniques to create a perceptual quality model that combines objective metrics to optimally track a subjective metric assigned during viewings of training videos.
Netflix, Inc

Selectively shared and custom-branded/re-branded online subscription merchandising

Present invention concerns software-driven subscription services providing custom-branded all-inclusive member websites and custom branded marketing materials including, among others, online virtual tours and stand-alone videos. Present invention further and uniquely provides means whereby such branded merchandise and related marketing materials originating with one member subscriber can be selectively shared with other member subscribers and custom re-branded for dissemination across all platforms and media concurrently, independent of browsers and viewers and mitigating meta data without loss of control of merchandise or merchandise listing by originating member subscriber or loss of sales credit to shared member subscriber upon successful sale of offered merchandise..

System and tracking moving objects in videos

A system and method are provided for tracking objects in a scene from a sequence of images captured by an imaging device. The method includes processing the sequence of images to generate sequential images at a plurality of hierarchical levels to generate a set of regions of interest; and, at each of the hierarchical levels: examining pairs of sequential images to link pixels into short tracklets; and grouping short tracklets that indicate similar motion patterns to generate representative tracklets.
Sportlogiq Inc.

Hierarchical heat map for fast item access

Embodiments for creating and using hierarchical data structures. In some embodiments, the hierarchical data structure that organizes user information (e.g., profile, messages, social connections and relationships, videos, photos, and other media) according geo-location.

Method of, and a computer program product for sharing digital media such as photos and/or videos between a plurality of mobile communication devices

The present invention relates to a method of sharing digital media such as photos and/or videos between a plurality of mobile communication devices. The present invention further relates to a computer program product for sharing such digital media.
The Fun Fellows B.v.

Device for creating enhanced videos

A device for creating video sequences wherein a certain amount of data is added in order to better interpret and assess the video sequence. A typical use case is the following: a person with a smartphone (or any other online terminal capable of carrying out a video recording) films a person (or object) that thereon has sensors (accelerometers, gyrometers, etc.) capable of communication.

Coordination of video stream timing in cloud-based video streaming system

A method to coordinate video stream timing is disclosed. In one embodiment, a request is received at a streaming platform coordinator (spc) to create a plurality of synchronized media workflows for video sources.
Istreamplanet Co.

Media content creation application

In some embodiments an apparatus includes a processor included within a compute device, operatively coupled to a memory, and is configured to execute an application module and a recording module. The application module is configured to receive, at a compute device, an indication of a user selection of a video request from a list of video requests.
Snipme, Inc.

Methods and systems for viewing embedded videos

An item of content includes an embedded video and one or more portions distinct from the embedded video. An electronic device simultaneously plays an embedded video at a first resolution and displays a first portion of the item of content.
Facebook, Inc.

Projection device and projection-type video display device

Provided are a projection device and a projection-type video display device capable of displaying a plurality of videos, allowing speckles to be inconspicuous, and miniaturizing an optical system. A projection device includes an optical element including light diffusion elements capable of diffusing light, an irradiation device configured to irradiate the optical element with illumination light beams, each illumination light beam scanning the corresponding light diffusion element, spatial light modulators, each spatial light modulator being illuminated with illumination light beam which is incident from the irradiation device to each light diffusion element to be diffused, and projection optical systems, each projection optical system projecting modulation image obtained on each spatial light modulator on corresponding screen.
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Traffic monitoring and surveillance system and method, and corresponding traffic infraction recording system and unmanned air vehicle

The present invention relates to a system and method for the monitoring and surveillance of one or more vehicles (120) moving on one or more roadways (300) and to the detection and recording of images and/or videos of speeding infractions by vehicles (120) moving on the roadway (300). The invention also relates to an unmanned air vehicle (10) that carries out the method according to the invention together with a base station (80), with which it forms the system according to the invention..
Perkons S.a.

Airplane cabin panoramic view system

A system and method for displaying on a display inside of an aircraft a panoramic view of a view outside the aircraft. The system includes a window plug configured to fit into a window of an aircraft.
The Boeing Company

Display apparatus and video processing apparatus

While presenting on a display apparatus videos of high picture quality obtained from portable video processing apparatuses such as a camera and a cellular, it is possible to communicate with the internet and/or a home network. A display apparatus includes a first radio communication unit capable of receiving video information by radio from an external video processing apparatus, a second radio communication unit capable of connecting by radio to a network, and a control unit for controlling assignment of connection by radio transmission for each of the first and second radio communication units.
Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.

Stereoscopic 3d camera for virtual reality experience

Embodiments are disclosed for embedding calibration metadata for a stereoscopic video capturing device. The device captures a sequence of stereoscopic images by a plurality of image sensors and combines the captured sequence of stereoscopic images into a stereoscopic video sequence.
Lucid Vr, Inc.

Stereoscopic 3d camera for virtual reality experience

Embodiments are disclosed for a stereoscopic device (also referred to simply as the “device”) that captures three-dimensional (d) images and videos with a wide field of view and provides a virtual reality (vr) experience by immersing a user in a simulated environment using the captured 3d images or videos.. .
Lucid Vr, Inc.

Method and extracting surveillance recording videos

The present invention relates to the field of video surveillance. Disclosed are a method and device for extracting surveillance record videos.
Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • Coordinates
  • Discrete Cosine Transform
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