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new patent Computerized automatic highlight detection from live streaming media and rendering within a specialized media player
Disclosed are systems and methods for improving interactions with and between computers in content generating, searching, hosting and/or providing systems supported by or configured with personal computing devices, servers and/or platforms. The systems interact to identify and retrieve data within or across platforms, which can be used to improve the quality of data used in processing interactions between or among processors in such systems.
Yahoo Holdings, Inc.

new patent Video processing system with multiple syntax parsing circuits and/or multiple post decoding circuits
A video processing system includes a storage device, a demultiplexing circuit, and a syntax parser. The storage device includes a first buffer and a second buffer.
Mediatek Inc.

new patent Apparatus and low latency video encoding
An apparatus and method for video encoding with low latency is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a video encoding module to encode input video data into compressed video data, one or more processing modules to provide the input video data to the video encoding module or to further process the compressed video data from the video encoding module, and one data memory associated with each processing module to store or to provide shared data between the video encoding module and each processing module.
Mediatek Inc.

new patent Video processing system using low-cost video encoding/decoding architecture
A video encoder has a processing circuit and a universal binary entropy (ube) syntax encoder. The processing circuit processes pixel data of a video frame to generate encoding-related data, wherein the encoding-related data comprise at least quantized transform coefficients.
Mediatek Inc.

new patent Light field capture
This disclosure pertains to operations, systems, and computer readable media to capture images of a scene using a camera array and process the captured images based on a viewer's point of view (pov) for immersive augmented reality, live display wall, head mounted display, video conferencing, and similar applications. In one implementation, the disclosed subject matter provides a complete view to a viewer by combining images captured by a camera array.
Apple Inc.

new patent Method and providing video conferencing
A system that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, capturing images that are associated with a video conference communication session, obtaining a video conference policy associated with the video conference communication session, applying object pattern recognition to the images to detect an object in the images, and retrieve first replacement image content according to the video conference policy. The images can be adjusted by replacing a first portion of the images other than the detected object with the first replacement image content to generate first adjusted video content.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

new patent System and video call using augmented reality
An augmented reality-based video calling system includes a first terminal configured to capture a video and a second terminal configured to add virtual content to the video captured by the first terminal and provide information regarding the added virtual content to the first terminal. The first terminal calculates 3d position coordinates of the virtual content in a 3d space corresponding to the video on the basis of the provided information regarding the virtual content, combines the virtual content with the video using the calculated 3d position coordinates, and display the virtual content combined with the video..
Maxst Co., Ltd.

new patent Cable tie transmitting chroma-keyed videos to mobile phones
A system for transmitting a chroma-keyed video between at least two mobile communication devices. The system includes a first mobile communication device for creating the chroma-keyed video through a software application and transmitting the chroma-keyed video.

new patent Multi background image capturing video system
A system which interleaves two or more backgrounds to create two or more different versions of a video, with different backgrounds. One of the videos has an image background, and another of the videos has a chromakey background.
Production Resource Group, Llc

new patent Information pushing method and system
A method for pushing information is disclosed by which a client acquires the statistical characteristic information of a current video frame in real time during video playback on the client; the client then searches a first mapping relationship table consisting of mapping relations between the statistical characteristic information and index values that is established by the client for the index value that matches the acquired statistical characteristic information, and sends the index value thus found to a cloud server; the cloud server searches a second mapping relationship table consisting of mapping relations between the index values and push information that is established by the cloud server for the push information that corresponds to the index value; and finally the client receives and plays or displays the push information. There is also provided a system for pushing information..
Shenzhen Tcl Digital Technology Ltd.

new patent

Activating a video based on location in screen

Providing a method for browsing portions of videos called video previews. The video previews may be associated with a link or predefined duration of a full video, such that the video preview is generated from a portion of the full video and viewed by a user.
Alc Holdings, Inc.

new patent

Video processing system using ring buffer and racing-mode ring buffer access control scheme

A video processing system has a storage device, an audio/video demultiplexing circuit, and a video decoder. The storage device has a bitstream buffer that is a ring buffer.
Mediatek Inc.

new patent

Portable phone activated video camera with phone location tracking

A system for monitoring an area. The system has: (i) detecting apparatus for detecting a signal of a portable phone associated with a person in the area; (ii) capturing apparatus for capturing video in response to the detecting apparatus; (iii) communication apparatus for communicating the captured video to a monitoring location remote from the area; and monitoring apparatus at the monitoring location for determining whether the person is authorized to be in the area..

new patent

System and generating enhanced stereographic videos of aircraft build processes

Provided is a system and method for generating enhanced stereographic videos of aircraft build processes. Specifically, the system comprises a stereoscopic recording device configured to capture a plurality of stages of an aircraft build process.
The Boeing Company

new patent

Entertainment device safety system and related methods of use

An entertainment device safety system includes a video camera configured to capture video of an entertainment device and a user of the entertainment device and a video analytic module to perform real-time video processing of the captured video to generate non-video data from video. A computer receives the video and the non-video data from the video camera analyzes the video or the non-video data to determine a user position in relation to the entertainment device.

new patent

Method of building a three-dimensional network site, network site obtained by this method, and navigating within or from such a network site

The invention relates to a method for producing network sites, in particular websites, offering real immersion in the sites (in the manner of video games) with intuitive and fluid navigation that does not require a means for directing the avatar, allowing selective referencing by a search engine of objects contained on the site, as well as providing improved access security. A simple mechanical control means (arrow keys on a keyboard, mouse without click buttons, joystick formed by a handle on a base with push buttons) or virtual control means (arrow-based computer representation, system for the detection of a movement of the hand, eye, etc., accelerometer remote control, etc.) can be used to direct the avatar, and the method of the invention allows the movements of the avatar to be interpreted, such as a simple walk through the site or a command to navigate to another space on the site (same url) or to another site (different url)..

new patent

Underwater case for digital cameras and video cameras

An underwater case for containing a device, such as a camera, a tv camera and the like comprised also in mobile telephones, smartphones, tablets and the like, comprising control means, arranged on a portion of the underwater case, for activating the device when it is positioned internally of the underwater case, comprising an integrated connection module in wireless mode for activating the device by the control means.. .
Easydive Di Benvenuti Fabio

new patent

System for video-doppler-radar traffic surveillance

This invention is related to a video-doppler-radar traffic surveillance system comprising of multiple doppler radars and video cameras, circuitry for processing radar and video signals, and data recording devices. Although the system is mainly designed for roadside traffic surveillance, it can be used in different applications, such as mounted on a host vehicle or on a uav.

new patent

A detection system for detecting and determining an integrity of pharmaceutical/parapharmaceutical articles

A detection system (s) for detecting and determining an integrity of pharmaceutical/parapharmaceutical articles includes a conveyor device (1), for conveying and advancing articles having an advancement section (10) along which the articles are advanced on a flat plane, in a line one after another in an advancement direction (a). The system (s) has a processor (e) for data processing; at least one colour matrix video camera (2) for acquiring images of the articles advancing along the advancement section, a laser projector (p) able to emit and project a laser beam (l) so that the laser beam (l) crosses the advancement section (10) and a high-speed linear three-dimensional video camera (3) for acquiring the images of the cut profiles of the articles crossing the laser beam..
Marchesini Group S.p.a.

new patent

Computer-implemented multiplayer combat video game method and apparatus

Disclosed is a method for enabling a plurality of players to play a two-dimensional, multiplayer video game that involves a plurality of game characters, each of which represented by a player, the characters deployed for combat within, at one time, one of a plurality of virtual battlefields, each battlefield comprising a plurality of platforms disposed parallel to one another, the characters adapted to be controllably moved between the plurality of platforms and perform a plurality of actions, the game generated by a game processor by executing a game software residing within a game memory, selectively associating a character with a player, each character selectively associated with at least one firearm, each of which is adapted to be controlled by the player, enabling the character to aim and fire a firearm at any angle with respect to the horizontal resulting in the targets being hit through the platforms.. .

new patent

Addiction/compulsive behavior recovery and relapse prevention gaming simulation platform

A new method and gaming system for recovery and relapse prevention for individuals recovering from addictive and compulsive behavior including drugs and/or alcohol is described. The system employs a series of video games configured to reinforce recovery actions, including rehearsing and reinforcing refusal language, which facilitates and expedites the recovery of an individual that has experienced problems with drugs and/or alcohol.

new patent

Location based reward distribution system

Embodiments of the invention broadly contemplate a location based rewards distribution system. Various embodiments of the invention provide rewards, for example video game unlock codes, based on a user physically visiting a specific physical location..
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

new patent

System and retaining a strategy video game player by predicting the player game satisfaction using player game behavior data

System and method for retaining a strategy video game player by classifying and predicting the player game satisfaction using data extracted from player interactive game sessions. The system and method are comprised of the following: (1) a strategy game player is classified to a predefined game personality archetype/s with specific psychological needs.

Broadcast management system

A broadcast management system creates, manages, and streams a broadcast of an event from videos captured from multiple cameras. A video capture system comprising multiple cameras captures videos of the event and transmits the videos to a broadcast management server.
Gopro, Inc.

Multimedia content management system and method

A multimedia content management system includes a mobile computing device and a backend server. The mobile computing device includes a memory programmed with a mobile application, a processor module, a wireless communication module configured to communicate over a wireless communication link, and a first multimedia device configured to capture a first video and a second video.

Method and system for recommending dynamic, adaptive and non-sequentially assembled videos

The present disclosure provides a system and method for recommending dynamic, adaptive and non-sequentially assembled videos. The method includes reception of a set of preference data and a set of user authentication data.

Method and system for real time, dynamic, adaptive and non-sequential stitching of clips of videos

The present disclosure provides a method and system for real time, dynamic, adaptive and non-sequential assembling of one or more mapped fragments of one or more tagged videos. The method includes a step of receiving a set of preference data from pre-defined selection criteria and set of user authentication data.

Orientation based, aspect ratio switching video playback system

An orientation based, aspect-ratio switching video playback system selects from multiple video streams having corresponding content to automatically match the orientation of the device and play a version of the video filmed, produced and formatted for that orientation. Orientation changes may occur at any time during playback.
Tastemade, Inc.

Method and system for serving advertisements during streaming of dynamic, adaptive and non-sequentially assembled video

The present disclosure provides a system and method for serving one or more advertisements during streaming of dynamic, adaptive and non-sequentially assembled video. The method includes reception of a set of preference data and a set of user authentication data.

Method and system for switching to dynamically assembled video during streaming of live video

The present disclosure provides a system and method for switching to a real time, dynamic, adaptive and non-sequentially assembled video during streaming of a live video. The method includes fetching an interest profile of a user.

Methods and apparatus of decoding process for palette syntax

Methods and apparatus for image or video decoding in a video decoding system are disclosed. Input data associated with a current block coded with palette mode is received to parse a palette predictor run.
Mediatek Inc.

Method and compressing coding unit in high efficiency video coding

Methods for decoding of a video bitstream by a video decoding circuit are provided. In one implementation, a method receives coded data for a 2n×2n coding unit (cu) from the video bitstream, selects one or more first codewords according to whether asymmetric motion partition is disabled or enabled when a size of said 2n×2n cu is not equal to a smallest cu size, wherein none of the first codewords corresponds to inter n×n partition, selects one or more second codewords when the size of said 2n×2n cu is equal to the smallest cu size, wherein none of the second codewords corresponds to the inter n×n partition when n is 4, determines a cu structure for said 2n×2n cu from the video bitstream using said one or more first codewords or said one or more second codewords, and decodes the video bitstream using the cu structure..
Hfi Innovation Inc.

Virtual memory access bandwidth verification (vmbv) in video coding

A method is provided that includes determining a target picture virtual memory access (vma) bandwidth rate, wherein the target picture vma bandwidth rate indicates a maximum vma bandwidth rate for motion compensation of a picture, and verifying the target picture vma bandwidth rate for a compressed video bit stream.. .
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Identifying popular network video segments

A method for identifying popular segments of a network video comprising: receiving video player operation information for a plurality of video players operated by users accessing the network video; evaluating a popularity measure for one or more segments of the network-video using the received operation information so as to identify popular segments of the network video.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Apparatus for video communication

An apparatus for video communication connected to a local processing device executing a video conferencing software for communicating with a remote location, the apparatus being configured to be locally wirelessly connected to a plurality of mobile devices each comprising a display and a video camera, to receive a plurality of video signals related to a plurality of participants in a video conference generated by the video cameras of the plurality of local mobile devices, to generate a video stream based on said plurality of video signals received from the plurality of local mobile devices, to transmit the video stream to said local processing device, to receive from the local processing device an output signal representing a content displayed by a display of the processing device when executing the video conferencing software and to share with the plurality of local mobile devices the output signal.. .
Huddle Room Technology S.r.l.

Interactive video conferencing

Technology for a first multimedia telephony services over internet protocol (ip) multimedia subsystems (ims) (mtsi) client operable to support region of interest (roi) signaling with a second mtsi client is disclosed. The first mtsi client can identify a requested region of interest (roi).
Intel Ip Corporation

Techniques to selectively capture visual media using a single interface element

Techniques to selectively capture media using a single user interface element are described. In one embodiment, an apparatus may comprise a touch controller, a visual media capture component, and a storage component.
Facebook, Inc.

Object or area based focus control in video

Embodiments are directed to an electronic device including a camera module capturing a video, a memory, and a processor sequentially storing, in the memory, each of a plurality of frames respectively focused during the video capture on a plurality of frame areas selected from the video.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Distributed sensing and video capture system and apparatus

Systems and apparatus for sensing and video capture include at least one camera with an optical sensor that captures video image data of a first sampling rate. An auxiliary sensor captures auxiliary data at a second sample rate.
Verint Americas Inc.

Redirects during manifest file configuration and serving of video segment files

Techniques for serving a manifest file of an adaptive streaming video include receiving a request for the manifest file from a user device. The video is encoded at different reference bitrates and each encoded reference bitrate is divided into segments to generate video segment files.
Dlvr, Inc.

Manifest file configuration based on manifest request characteristics

Techniques for serving a manifest file of an adaptive streaming video include receiving a request for the manifest file from a user device. The video is encoded at different reference bitrates and each encoded reference bitrate is divided into segments to generate video segment files.
Dlvr, Inc.

Method and system for navigation between segments of real time, adaptive and non-sequentially assembled video

The present disclosure provides a system and method for enabling navigation to one or more discrete segments of a real time dynamic and adaptive non-linear, non-sequentially assembled video. The method includes reception of a set of preference data associated with a user from a pre-defined selection criteria and a set of user authentication data.

Method and system for sharing of real-time, dynamic, adaptive and non-linearly assembled videos on publisher platforms

The present disclosure provides a method and system for sharing a real time, dynamic, adaptive and non-linearly assembled video on one or more publisher platforms. The method includes collection of a first set of information associated with a publisher platform of the one or more publisher platforms and fetching a set of preference data of the user from the publisher platform in the real time.

Audio time synchronization using prioritized schedule

A method is provided for synchronizing playback of audio an/or video by a plurality of separate devices in a computer network, e.g. In a wi-fi network.
Dynastrom Aps

Controlling display brightness based on image capture device data

A system and method for controlling the brightness level of an electronic display. An image capture device in proximity to the electronic display is used to capture images and/or video of the ambient environmental conditions local to the electronic display.
Manufacturing Resources International, Inc.

System and training cognitive skills utilizing data addition to videos

A cognitive skill development method and system for training users in various fields wherein data is added to a video and the video is played on a user device in accordance with such data. Video interruption techniques such as video occlusion are used to interrupt the video.
Kadho Inc.

Methods and systems for detecting persons in a smart home environment

The various implementations described herein include methods, devices, and systems for detecting motion and persons. In one aspect, a method is performed at a smart home system that includes a video camera, a server system, and a client device.
Google Inc.

Video processing device

To provide a video processing device that allows a user to quickly search for a desired scene while at the same time easily confirming details of an image string. There is provided a video processing device that acquires a first image string and a second image string different from each other that are made up of a plurality of frame images extracted from a video of interest, that performs control such that the first image string is shown on a display device screen as an image string of interest, that causes the frame images included in the first image string to scroll in response to a scrolling operation by the user while the first image string is shown, and that switches the image string of interest from the first image string to the second image string if the scrolling operation satisfies a given determination condition..
Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

Video game processing program, and video game processing system

A non-transitory computer-readable medium including a video game processing program product for causing a server to realize functions to control progress of a video game in response to an operation of a user is provided. The functions include: a first setting function configured to set an ability to an available state when a predetermined available condition for the ability is satisfied, the ability being associated with an in-game element in the video game; and a second setting function configured to set a combination ability to an available state, the combination ability corresponding to a combination of an in-game element selected by the user and the ability that has become the available state by the setting of the first setting function..
Kabushiki Kaisha Square Enix (also Trading As Square Enix Co., Ltd.)

Systems and methods for using virtual reality, augmented reality, and/or a synthetic 3-dimensional information for the measurement of human ocular performance

A system or method for measuring human ocular performance can be implemented using an eye sensor, a head orientation sensor, an electronic circuit and a display that presents one of virtual reality information, augmented reality information, or synthetic computer-generated 3-dimensional information. The device is configured for measuring saccades, pursuit tracking during visual pursuit, nystagmus, vergence, eyelid closure, or focused position of the eyes.

System and providing seamless service in a mobile device

The present disclosure relates to a system and method for providing seamless service to a dual sim enabled user equipment. The seamless service is provided by smoothening the broadcast services which is based on the dual sim mobile devices with a single radio frequency chain that will require tune-away from one a one type of radio service to another type of radio service when checking for possible incoming calls.
Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited

Network video streaming with trick play based on separate trick play files

Network services encode multimedia content, such as video, into multiple adaptive bitrate streams of encoded video and a separate trick play stream of encoded video to support trick play features. The trick play stream is encoded at a lower encoding bitrate and frame rate than each of the adaptive bitrate streams.
Sonic Ip, Inc.

Video player calling method, apparatus, and storage medium

The present disclosure provides a video player calling method, apparatus, and storage medium. The method includes: creating a mutation observer process; registering a playing callback event in the mutation observer process, wherein the mutation observer process is configured for monitoring a page node tree in a page loading event according to an observation option configured in the playing callback event; the page node tree comprises a video label; the page loading event comprises an event of loading a video in a web page; and the playing callback event is configured for modifying a function of calling a video player in the web page; monitoring the page node tree by running the mutation observer process; performing the playing callback event when the video label exists in the page node tree; and playing the video in the web page by using the video player identified in the playing callback event..
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Systems and methods for assessing viewer engagement

A system for quantifying viewer engagement with a video playing on a display includes at least one camera to acquire image data of a viewing area in front of the display. A microphone acquires audio data emitted by a speaker coupled to the display.
Tvision Insights, Inc.

System and making a content item, resident or accessible on one resource, available through another

Systems and methods are provided to make content items, already available on one resource, also available through another, such as through a new location or resource. The content items may be, e.g., videos uploaded by a user or other content.
Crackle, Inc.

Video recommending method, server, and storage media

A video recommending method, including: obtaining videos, the video including long videos and short videos; obtaining a subset of the long videos, of which video attribute values are greater than corresponding attribute thresholds; obtaining a watching record of a user, and obtaining similarities between the short videos and videos in the watching record, to extract a preset quantity of short videos having highest similarities; and recommending the subset of the long videos, of which video attribute values are greater than corresponding attribute thresholds, to the user, and/or recommending the preset quantity of short videos having highest similarities to the user.. .
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Systems and methods for dynamic stitching of advertisements

A method comprises receiving an unmarked content item comprising stream-enabled video segments, one or more segments including sequential black frames; identifying insertion point(s) for the segments based on location of black frame(s) without requiring user input; discarding segment(s) that do not include black frames; removing black frames from the segments; generating a playlist comprising a first source location associated with segments that do not include black frames, a second source location associated with segments having removed black frames, and a third source location associated with an ad provider system; providing the playlist to the consumer system to allow the consumer system to stream segments that do not include black frames from the first source location, second stream segments having removed black frames from the second source location until a corresponding insertion point is reached, and third stream ad(s) from the third source location when the corresponding insertion point is reached.. .
Sniffercat, Inc.

Method and detecting video playability

System and methods related to video information distribution are provided. The system may obtain a video source address.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Apparatus, system, and automated real-time live video streaming for equestrian sports

A system and methods for generating automated real-time live video stream of a target that is moving around an obstacle of pre-defined area uses an automated video streaming provided with a plurality of video cameras that are positioned about the pre-defined area by tracking the moving target and displaying the moving target on the animated timeline such as current class leader will be automatically displayed and compared, in real time, with the rider on the track and integrating the data collected by the wireless network to make video stream from that camera to the optimized video stream.. .

A method, an apparatus and a computer readable storage medium for video streaming

A method comprising: requesting, by a client, an independently coded first representation of a video content component from a server; receiving and playing a first set of data units of the independently coded first representation; requesting a second set of data units of a second representation, said second set of data units being dependently coded on one receive and play a first set of data units of or more requested or buffered data units of the first set; and requesting a third set of independently coded data units of a third representation.. .
Nokia Technologies Oy

Methods and devices for live broadcasting based on live broadcasting application

Methods and devices are provided for live broadcasting in a live broadcasting field. The method includes: displaying a first button corresponding to public live broadcasting; obtaining a public account associated with a log-in account logging in to the live broadcasting application, when a trigger operation on the first button is detected; sending a live video streaming to respective audience sides corresponding to the public account..
Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd.

Image encoding method and image decoding method

A video decoding method that includes: receiving information for deriving motion information of a current block; deriving the motion information of the current block based on the received information for deriving the motion information; and performing prediction to generate predicted pixels of the current block based on the motion information of the current block, wherein the motion information of the current block is determined by using motion information of a reference block, wherein the reference block is determined based on a specific disparity vector, wherein the specific disparity vector is determined for an area in a picture to which the current block belongs, wherein the area which the specific disparity vector is determined is split based on a quad tree structure, and wherein the current block is a block of a texture picture and the reference block is a block in a reference view is disclosed.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

Image block-based matching method and system, and video processing device

This application provides an image block matching method performed at a computing device, the method including: obtaining a target image block and an image; identifying a candidate image block within the image and multiple search points in the candidate image block; calculating a plurality of differences between the target image block and the candidate image block, each difference corresponding to a respective search point; choosing, among the plurality of differences, a smallest value and a corresponding smallest-value search point; and when the smallest-value search point is at the center of the target image block, choosing the candidate image block as a match of the target image block.. .
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Method and decoding inter-layer video, and encoding inter-layer video

Provided is an inter-layer video decoding method including obtaining a disparity vector of a current block included in a first layer image; determining a block of a second layer image corresponding to the current block by using the obtained disparity vector; determining a reference block including a sample that contacts a boundary of the block; obtaining a motion vector of the reference block; and determining a motion vector of the current block included in the first layer image by using the obtained motion vector.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Method and encoding video using variable partitions for predictive encoding, and decoding video using variable partitions for predictive encoding

A video encoding method and apparatus and a video decoding method and apparatus are provided. The video encoding method includes: prediction encoding in units of a coding unit as a data unit for encoding a picture, by using partitions determined based on a first partition mode and a partition level, so as to select a partition for outputting an encoding result from among the determined partitions; and encoding and outputting partition information representing a first partition mode and a partition level of the selected partition.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Electronic patient sitter management implementing

An electronic sitter management system coupled to patient surveillance network having a plurality of video cameras, each camera transmitting a stream of surveillance video of a respective patient room. The sitter management system includes at least one sitter management device and a plurality of sitter devices.
Careview Communications, Inc.

Media resource storage and management

A computer-implemented method obtains a plurality of image files, each corresponding to an image in a video stream and builds a common file from a contiguous grouping of the plurality of image files. The video stream has a plurality of contiguous video segments, each having a first video frame, and the plurality of image files correspond to the plurality of first video frames of the plurality of video segments.
Level 3 Communications, Llc

Image processing apparatus, error recovery image display the same, and recording medium

An image processing apparatus includes: a display; a memory that stores multiple key frames of a video guide on how to recover from an operating error; an error sensor that detects the operating error; and a display processor that allows the display to display at least one of the multiple key frames as a still frame for a digest along with an operation button for video playback, when the error sensor detects the operating error, the multiple key frames being stored on the memory, and that further allows the display to play back the video guide by serially displaying the multiple key frames, when the operation button is pressed.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Enhanced search filters for emails and email attachments in an electronic mailbox

Disclosed herein are technologies for enabling enhanced search filters for emails and email attachments in an electronic mailbox. Email attachments, such as pictures or videos, are analyzed to determine one or more keywords associated with the email attachment.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Generating moving thumbnails for videos

A method of generating a moving thumbnail is disclosed. The method includes sampling video frames of a video item.
Google Inc.

System and recording a video scene within a predetermined video framework

A computer-implemented video method includes receiving a first digital video file and a second digital video file; recognizing the first digital video file as a beginning scene and the second digital video file as an ending scene; receiving a user input to record a middle scene, wherein the beginning scene, the middle scene, and the ending scene being configured to form a full video; and responsive to a user input to record, providing a real-time queue for the recording by sequentially, in real-time: 1) first, playing the beginning scene within a first preview window on the video display; 2) second, recording the middle scene and simultaneously displaying the middle scene within a video capture window on the video display; and 3) third, playing the ending scene within a second preview window on the video display.. .
Yuvie, Llc

Vision system

A vision system for a motor vehicle and a method for providing information to a driver of a motor vehicle, where the system includes at least one video camera, including a lens, adapted and configured to be mounted on a side of the vehicle with the lens facing forward, the lens having an angle of view that provides a field of view for allowing capture, simultaneously, of images of a view alongside the vehicle and of at least part of the side of the vehicle from the rear towards the front of the vehicle, and a processor coupled to the at least one video camera, the processor adapted and configured to process the captured images and provide processed images for display on a monitor and/or vehicle orientation information to a computerized vehicle operation system.. .

Detection and location of active display regions in videos with static borders

Techniques are provided for detection and location of active display regions in videos with static borders. A methodology implementing the techniques according to an embodiment includes extracting features from rows and columns of pixels of a video frame.
Intel Corporation

Systems and methods of updating user identifiers in an image-sharing environment

Computer-implemented methods and systems of updating user identifiers in an image-sharing environment include features for facilitating blocking, permitting, sharing and/or modifying content such as images and videos. User identification vectors providing data representative of a user and information about one or more facial characteristics of the user are broadcasted by a modular computing device.
Google Inc.

Using an image matching system to improve the quality of service of a video matching system

A system receives a subject video. The system identifies dynamic segments and semi-static segments within the subject video.
Google Inc.

Content-based video recommendation

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for providing video recommendations. For each video in a set of videos, a set of images included in the video are obtained.
Accenture Global Solutions Limited

Video playing method and apparatus

Embodiments of this disclosure provide a method relating to video playing in mobile phone. The method includes: while displaying a first video in a first user interface of a first application, detecting an event for displaying a second user interface of a second application; if the second application has a higher display priority than the first application and playback of the first video is in active progress, replacing display of the first user interface of the first application with display of the second user interface of the second application on the display; generating a hover box to overlay a portion of the second user interface of the second application on the display; and continuing the playback of the first video in the hover box overlaid on the portion of the second user interface of the second application such that both the first application and the second application are performed simultaneously..
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Information processing device

Provided is an information processing device capable of operating in accessibility mode of guaranteeing browsing corresponding to disability or functional degeneration of a body of an operator. A source device checks whether each sink device is in accessibility mode at the time of connection, and determines whether or not metadata for supporting disability (for example, audios, videos, texts, vibration information, or the like) is added to the sink device in the accessibility mode at the time of transmission of original image/audio data.
Sony Corporation

Video display system, video display method, video display program

A video display system that improves convenience of a user by displaying video in a state in which the video can be easily viewed by a user is provided. A video display system according to the present invention includes a video output unit that outputs a video, a gaze detection unit that detects a gaze direction of a user on the video output by the video output unit, a video generation unit that performs video processing so that the user recognizes the video in a predetermined area corresponding to the gaze direction detected by the gaze detection unit better than other areas in the video output by the video output unit, a gaze prediction unit that predicts moving direction of the gaze of the user when the video output by the video output unit is a moving picture, and an extension video generation unit that performs video processing so that, in addition to the video in the predetermined area, the user recognizes the video in a predicted area corresponding to the gaze direction predicted by the gaze prediction unit better than other areas when the video output by the video output unit is a moving picture..
Fove, Inc.

Optical fibre sensor

A fiber optic sensor for detecting an excitation in proximity to a fiber optic assembly, the excitation inducing a modulation of the phase of an optical signal propagating in the fiber optic assembly, the sensor comprises: a laser assembly emitting at least one laser beam; a fiber optic assembly; an optical system configured to: inject at least one portion of the laser beam; generate at least one laser signal beam issued from the laser beam injected into and propagated in the fiber assembly; generate at least one reference beam from the laser beam or the signal beam; produce at least one interference zone corresponding to the interference between a portion of the reference beam and a portion of the interference signal beam corresponding to the interference between a portion of the reference beam and a portion of the signal beam; a digital holography assembly comprising: a liquid-crystal spatial light modulator; a video camera configured to receive the interference zone and to transcribe it electrically to the liquid-crystal spatial light modulator in order to create thereon a phase hologram corresponding thereto; at least one optical detector configured to detect an output optical signal beam.. .
Universite Nice Sophia-antipolis

Method for replacing the blades of a wind turbine to maintain safe operation

An amount of the deflection of the blades of a rotor of a wind turbine of the type including a tower and a nacelle mounted to the top of the tower, the rotor being rotatably connected to the nacelle for rotating about a rotor axis and having a plurality of equally spaced blades includes positioning video cameras on the rotor at a root of a respective one of the blades so as to provide a line of sight of the camera along the respective one of the blades to the tip to obtain a video image of the rotor and tip and carrying out an analysis of the images of the tip to determine a position of the tip and hence the deflection of the tip time synchronized analyzed optionally with external data providing load, capacity, power produced or environmental data.. .

Vehicle video systems including rear mounted video cameras

A vehicle includes a vehicle body that has a cabin area and a cargo area including a truck bed assembly. A tailgate assembly is pivotally connected to the truck bed assembly at a location between a pair of tailgate posts, the tailgate assembly being moveable between a raised configuration and a lowered configuration.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North Ame Rica, Inc.

Removable, external peripheral holder for a video game controller

A removable, external peripheral holding device for a game-controller is disclosed. The device has left and right retaining annuli, each made to be a circumscribing, external fit to the respective left and right holding portions of a game controller, enabling the device to be removably attached to the game-controller.

Interactive gameplay playback system

The disclosure provides a video playback system for use within a game application and/or other interactive computing environments. The video playback system can be used to capture gameplay during execution of a game application.
Electronic Arts Inc.

Method and system for an integrated platform wide party system within a multiplayer gaming environment

A method and system for a platform wide party system that may be deployed in a multiplayer gaming environment. Players may associate themselves with one or more parties, wherein players within a party may choose to automatically exchange messages associated with changes in state of the players in a gaming environment.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Using hmd camera touch button to render images of a user captured during game play

Methods and systems for presenting an image of a user interacting with a video game includes providing images of a virtual reality (vr) scene of the video game for rendering on a display screen of a head mounted display (hmd). The images of the vr scene are generated as part of game play of the video game.
Sony Interactive Entertainment America Llc

Method and system for sharing video game content

A video game sharing method and system enables users to share playable video game segments with users so that the users are able to view the video game segments or interactively play the video game segments. When shared, state information for the video game segments is included such that the users begin in the same position with the same relevant statistics.
Sony Interactive Entertainment Llc

Motion interactive video recording for fighters in a mixed martial arts and boxing match

A motion interactive video recording and scanning mechanism and system. A scanning and recording device is configured to capture a 360° hd video with infrared emitters, image sensors and optical character recognition for detecting motion and precision of a fighter's movements while engaged in a fighting match.

Sport training equipment

A system for recording and analyzing an activity, such as a golf activity, is provided. The system comprises an impact detection device and one or more video capture unit for recording and displaying recorded activities.

Connecting user equipment to different core networks

Techniques described herein may enable user equipment (e.g., user broadband devices, internet of things (iot) devices, etc.) to connect to different core networks of a wireless telecommunication network. The core networks may support different network services (e.g., voice over internet protocol (voip) services, internet access service, telematics services, video on demand (vod) services, etc.) and a ue may connect be connected to the appropriate core network based on an access point name identifier (apn id) that the ue may provide to the network (e.g., upon sending a request to connect to the wireless telecommunication network)..
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Mtsi based ue configurable for video region-of-interest (roi) signaling

In a video conferencing application, a user viewing a scene can performing zooming by selecting an area in the scene, then dynamically switching a video feed of the scene to the selected area of the scene. The hardware and software of the video conferencing application can limit the video transmitted to the user to include only the selected area of the scene.
Intel Ip Corporation

System and adaptive video streaming with quality equivalent segmentation and delivery

A system for adaptive streaming may include a video receiver configured to transmit a request for a video segment. A video analyzer may be configured to determine, for the video segment, a quality equivalence map between two or more bitrate levels.
Videopura, Llc

Caption replacement service interactive service in video on demand

Provided is a caption replacement service system and method for servicing an interactive advertisement on a video on demand (vod). A system for making an annotation may include an annotation creator configured to create annotation information on a moving object included in a video and an annotation player configured to play a preview on the annotation information based on a frame unit or a shot unit of the video.

Automatic digital video recorder scheduling

Methods, systems, and computer readable media may be operable to facilitate recording scheduling based on calendar information. A multimedia device may track viewing history by one or more devices and/or one or more users, and the multimedia device may maintain a view count for one or more programs being viewed at certain times.
Arris Enterprises Llc

Write confirmation of a digital video record channel

Systems, methods, and computer program products to perform an operation comprising receiving a first unit of video data on a first input/output (i/o) channel, of a plurality of i/o channels of a digital video recorder, computing a first value by applying an error-detecting function to the first unit of video data, attempting to write the first unit of video data to a storage location of a storage device communicably coupled to the digital video recorder, computing, after attempting to write the first unit of video data, a second value by applying the error-detecting function to a data stored at the storage location of the storage device, and upon determining that the first and second values are not equal, storing an indication that the first unit of video data was not successfully written to the storage location of the storage device.. .
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Method and encoding and decoding high dynamic range (hdr) videos

To preserve backward compatibility with a non-hdr device or service, an hdr picture may be represented using a modulation value and an sdr picture representative of the hdr picture. The modulation value and the sdr picture can then be encoded into the bitstream.
Thomson Licensing

Palette coding for non-4:4:4 screen content video

A video coding device may receive a video bit-stream that carries a video captured in a non-4:4:4 chroma format. A palette mode may be used to decode the video bit-stream.
Vid Scale, Inc.

Methods and apparatuses of decoder side intra mode derivation

video processing methods and apparatuses receive input data associated with a current block, determine an actual intra prediction mode for the current block by performing decoder side intra mode derivation, perform intra prediction based on the actual intra prediction mode, replace the actual intra prediction mode with a pseudo mode when processing the current block by an intra mode dependent tool in syntax signaling or parsing, and encode or decode the current block. The pseudo mode referenced by the intra mode dependent tool is a predefined mode or a derived mode, which is referenced as the intra prediction mode for blocks coded using decoder side intra mode derivation, or is referenced by the intra mode dependent tool as the intra prediction mode for all intra prediction coded blocks..
Mediatek Inc.

Real-time or near real-time streaming

A near real time content streaming system can use a playlist file, in one embodiment, that includes an indicator of the type of content represented by the playlist file. The type can be indicated by a parameter, such as video on demand (vod) or live, or event, that specifies the type of playlist file, and a client device can process the playlist file based upon the type of playlist file indicated by the parameter.
Apple Inc.

Service orchestration to support a cloud-based, multi-party video conferencing service in a virtual overlay network environment

Concepts and technologies disclosed herein are directed to service orchestration to support cloud-based, multi-party video conferencing service in a virtual overlay network environment. According to one aspect of the concepts and technologies disclosed herein, a video conferencing service orchestrator can receive, from a user device, a service request for the cloud-based, multi-party video conferencing service orchestrated by the video conferencing service orchestrator.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Adjusting spatial congruency in a video conferencing system

Example embodiments disclosed herein relate to spatial congruency adjustment. A method for adjusting spatial congruency in a video conference is disclosed.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Device and using different video formats in live video chat

A device is described for bridging a live video chat between two users via two terminals. Upon a conduction that the video chat will be the first chat between the two users or that the two users have not had such a video chat for a certain period of time since last video chat, or that one user's privilege for video chatting is higher than the other user's, instructions will be send to either or both of the terminals to make non full-fledged video to be used in the video chat.
Shenzhen Seefaa Scitech Co., Ltd.

Automatic adjustment of video orientation

Methods, systems and computer program products for automatic adjustment of video orientation are provided. A computer-implemented method may include receiving a video comprising a plurality of image frames, determining that shaking of a mobile device has occurred during recording of the video, determining a baseline alignment for the video, adjusting the video in view of the baseline alignment, and providing a user interface comprising the video player to present a preview of the adjusted video to a user on the mobile device..
Google Inc.

Overlay non-video content on a mobile device

Methods, systems, and devices are described for presenting non-video content through a mobile device that uses a video camera to track a video on another screen. In one embodiment, a system includes a video display, such as a tv, that displays video content.
Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

Video transmission based on independently encoded background updates

Systems and methods are provided for alleviating bandwidth limitations of video transmission and enhancing the quality of videos at a receiver. In particular, an improved video transmission system is provided for generating high-resolution videos.
Huddly As

Improving focus in image and video capture using depth maps

In an example embodiment, method, apparatus and computer program product for improving image and video captures using depth maps of viewfinder depth map, are provided. The method includes facilitating receipt of a viewfinder depth map of a scene, the viewfinder depth map comprising depth information of a plurality of objects in the scene.
Nokia Corporation

Video processor, display apparatus, and video processing method

A video processor includes a receiving section that receives video information representing video images and luminance-related information on the luminance of the video images and a video processing section that determines an expansion target luminance range of the video images based on the luminance-related information and expands the expansion target luminance range in such a way that the maximum luminance in the expansion target luminance range increases.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Dynamic summary generation for real-time switchable videos

In viewing a media presentation having multiple streams or tracks running in parallel and synchronized to a common playback timeline, a user experiencing one of the streams will miss interesting events and other content occurring in other streams. Accordingly, upon receiving an instruction to switch from a first stream to a second stream, a summary of the second stream is dynamically generated based on content that the user missed while watching the first stream.
Jbf Interlude 2009 Ltd

Zero-delay initialization encryption for streaming content

Methods are disclosed for creating a virtual encryption session prior to video streaming content being requested to reduce or eliminate delay in initialization of the encryption session and content delivery to the customer. A virtual session has control word(s) (cw) and virtual entitlement control message(s) (ecm) that are devoid of content specific information.
Combined Conditional Access Development & Support, Llc (ccad, Llc)

Multimedia communication system

Multimedia communication concept (system) is a new original multimedia communication application software, platform, design and solution. The system may provide an original, standard set of video and voip communication and other features which already exist in the market such as, video talks (face to face video talk), voice communication, im (text messaging), document and file sharing etc.

Cryptographic signature system and related systems and methods

The disclosed devices, systems, and methods relate to a validation system which can be used to authenticate photos and videos. The system can have various steps including; a user taking a photo or video, sensor data being collected by a processing system, the sensor data being hashed to create a cryptographic signature, and the cryptographic signature being stored.
Praxik, Llc

Recording medium, playback method, and playback device

A playback device is provided that reads out and plays content from a recording medium, in which are recorded a video stream that is encoded video information, map information, and bitrate information of the video stream. The map information includes playback start time information, start position information, and size information.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

Collage of interesting moments in a video

A computer-implemented method includes determining interesting moments in a video. The method further includes generating video segments based on the interesting moments, wherein each of the video segments includes at least one of the interesting moments from the video.
Google Inc.

Systems and methods for generating 360 degree mixed reality environments

Systems and methods for generating a 360 degree mixed virtual reality environment that provides a 360 degree view of an environment in accordance with embodiments of the invention are described. In a number of embodiments, the 360 degree mixed virtual reality environment is obtained by (1) combining one or more real world videos that capture images of an environment with (2) a virtual world environment that includes various synthetic objects that may be placed within the real world clips.
Paofit Holdings Pte. Ltd.

Efficient decoding and rendering of inter-coded blocks in a graphics pipeline

Innovations in video decoding and rendering operations for inter-coded blocks in a graphics pipeline, in which at least some of the operations are performed using a graphics processing unit (“gpu”), are described. For example, a video playback tool receives encoded data for a current picture and performs operations to decode the encoded data and reconstruct the current picture.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Segmentation of objects in videos using color and depth information

Techniques are provided for segmentation of objects, in videos comprising a sequence of color and depth image frames. A methodology implementing the techniques according to an embodiment includes receiving image frames, including an initial reference frame, and receiving a mask to outline a region in the reference frame that contains the object to be segmented.
Intel Corporation

Adaptive sharpness enhancement control

Techniques related to video processing with adaptive sharpness enhancement are discussed. Such techniques may include determining a detail versus noise score for a video frame based on a noise level, a motion level, an average luma value, and spatial frequency information of the video frame and enhancing sharpness of the video frame based on sharpness enhancement control parameters generated based on the detail versus noise score for the video frame..
Intel Corporation

Special purpose cuvette assembly and optical microscopy of nanoparticles in liquids

A special purpose cuvette assembly with features that create a small, restricted volume to minimize bulk movements of liquid and that minimize backscattering of light. The special-purpose cuvette assembly enables recording of brownian movements of nanoparticles in a liquid when it is placed in a suitable optical device comprising a light sheet and an optical microscope attached to a video camera that is oriented perpendicular to the light-sheet plane..
Manta Instruments, Inc.

Daytime and nighttime stellar sensor with active polarizer

The invention relates to a daytime and nighttime stellar sensor (1), comprising: at least one video camera (2) suitable for taking images of stars (3) in the sky; and a control unit (4), characterized in that it furthermore comprises: a polarizer (5), the control unit (4) being configured: to obtain an estimation of a direction of polarization of the polarized light received from the sky by the video camera (2); and to control the orientation of the polarizer (5) so that said polarizer (5) filters polarized light from the sky directed toward the video camera (2) and having said polarization direction.. .
Centre National D'etudes Spatiales

Automated container handling system for refuse collection vehicles

A fully automated container handling system for a refuse vehicle is provided that utilizes a vehicle-mounted video camera which feeds video to a cab-mounted monitor to inform a driver of the location of a container of interest enabling accurate alignment of the vehicle. The system is operated by a single button in the cab and includes an extending, pivoting arm with a base equipped with a converging grabber to seize and empty the container.
Con-tech Manufacturing, Inc.

Systems, methods and computer readable media for a viewer controller

Systems, methods and media for controlling online video games are disclosed. For example, a controller system can receive first data associated with a game played at a player platform.
Proletariat, Inc.

Controller lanyard system

Supported two handed controllers usable with video games are disclosed that include a controller body with a back, a front, a lanyard and a joining structure. The joining structures may attach to the controller body at a body joining point near the controller body center of gravity and near a controller symmetry plane such that the controller body is able to freely hang from the lanyard by the joining structure with the controller back above the controller front and with the controller at a distance from the user that is comfortable for both play and short term retention when not actively engaged in play..

Self-adaptive matrix completion for heart rate estimation from face videos under realistic conditions

Recent studies in computer vision have shown that, while practically invisible to a human observer, skin color changes due to blood flow can be captured on face videos and, surprisingly, be used to estimate the heart rate (hr). While considerable progress has been made in the last few years, still many issues remain open.
University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth Of Higher Education

Performance lighting and control method

The lighting coordinator of an information handling system may associate quantitative values of a state parameter that describes a state of operation of a component of the information handling system with lighting effects. The lighting effect associated with a quantitative value may be indicative of a range of the quantitative value.
Dell Products, Lp

Associating audio with three-dimensional objects in videos

Disclosed is a system and method for generating a model of the geometric relationships between various audio sources recorded by a multi-camera system. The spatial audio scene module associates source signals, extracted from recorded audio, of audio sources to visual objects identified in videos recorded by one or more cameras.
Gopro, Inc.

System and composing function programming for adult toy operation in synchronization with video playback

A method for programming a tactile stimulation device includes displaying a video playback scrubber showing a video in conjunction with a timeline and providing navigation controls for playing, advancing, and regressing the display of the video. A control panel for selecting an operational mode of the tactile stimulation device is displayed concurrently with the video playback scrubber.
Shenzhen Love Sense Technology Co., Ltd.

Scheduling video content from multiple sources for presentation via a streaming video channel

A method, apparatus, and computer-readable storage device includes functionality for analyzing a streaming video schedule for one or more scheduling gaps and for streaming supplemental content to fill the one or more scheduling gaps. The streaming video schedule comprises a list of start times, end times, and titles to video segments to be streamed over a computer network.
Wowza Media Systems, Llc

Methods and systems for media consumption

Methods and apparatus for increasing media consumption. The present invention can provide viewers increased access to content of interest across various platforms, such as online articles, online audio and video clips, and television and radio broadcasts.
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

Apparatus and preventing switching from a channel during an advertisement display

An apparatus and method is disclosed for preventing a viewer from switching from a channel when an advertisement is being displayed on the channel. The apparatus and method comprises an advertisement controller in a video playback device that (1) prevents a viewer of a direct (non-recorded) broadcast from switching channels when an advertisement is displayed, and (2) prevents a viewer of a recorded program from fast forwarding the recorded program in order to skip past advertisements that were recorded with the program.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Streaming video queue management system

Methods, systems and computer program products for managing a video streaming queue during a planned trip are provided. Aspects include receiving a list of content items from a user for viewing during the planned trip and receiving information regarding the planned trip.
International Business Machines Corporation

Fragment-aligned audio coding

Audio video synchronization and alignment or alignment of audio to some other external clock are rendered more effective or easier by treating fragment grid and frame grid as independent values, but, nevertheless, for each fragment the frame grid is aligned to the respective fragment's beginning. A compression effectiveness lost may be kept low when appropriately selecting the fragment size.
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

Image pickup apparatus that compensates for flash band, control method therefor, storage medium, and video processing apparatus

An image pickup apparatus which satisfactorily compensates for a flash band appearing due to an external flash and prevents a row insensitive to the flash from appearing in a corrected image. The flash band appearing in a plurality of frames consecutive in terms of time is detected based on an image signal output from an image pickup device which sequentially starts exposure and sequentially reads out signals for each row of pixels.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Methods, computer-accessible medium, and systems to rank, cluster, characterize and customize users, digital contents and advertisement campaigns based on implicit characteristic determination

The invention provides, in some aspects, a statistical algorithm-driven digital system for automated optimization of a large number of key performance indicators (kpi) involved in social digital interactions among the users, contents and advertisement, further augmented by data-driven verification and recommendation. The users include humans from diverse socio-cultural-economic groups, whose identity may be pseudonymous (though persistent), and whose explicit features may remain private, though statistically imputable.
New York University

System and users to designate accounts from which to trade rewards

A system and method for operating a reward points accumulation and redemption program wherein a user earns rewards from a plurality of independent reward issuing entities, with each tracking the user's earned rewards. A trading server accumulates some or all of the user's earned rewards from the reward servers and credits the accumulated rewards into a single reward exchange account associated with the user.
Signature Systems Llc

Ranking video delivery problems

Systems and methods for determining video infrastructure delivery problems using machine learning are presented. In an aspect, a system includes a reception component configured to receive information regarding videos streamed by the system to devices, wherein the information identifies video playback events at the devices and rebuffer events respectively associated with the video playback events.
Google Inc.

Lip-reading recognition method and apparatus based on projection extreme learning machine

Disclosed are a lip-reading recognition method and apparatus based on a projection extreme learning machine. The method includes: obtaining a training sample and a test sample that are corresponding to the projection extreme learning machine pelm, where the training sample and the test sample each include n videos, n is a positive integer greater than 1, the training sample includes a category identifier corresponding to each video in the training sample; training the pelm according to the training sample, and determining a weight matrix w of an input layer in the pelm and a weight matrix β of an output layer in the pelm, to obtain a trained pelm; and identifying a category identifier of the test sample according to the test sample and the trained pelm.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Premises composition & modular rights management

A multi-tired, modular, electronic system which utilizes restricted usage management. In a multi-tiered environment, lower tiered systems contain, based on configuration, mobile units that are capable of performing simple tasks such as lawnmowers, vacuum cleaners, mobile audio/video players to more complex ones capable of performing as human assistants such as robots.

Online video playback analysis and assistance

In an approach for providing assistance to a user viewing an online video, the computer receives an online video. The computer determines that an uncommon action occurs with the online video.
International Business Machines Corporation

Multi-spectral polarlmetric variable multi-spectral polarlmetric variable

A system is described that combines spectropolarimetry with scatterometry. The system uses an annular mirror and liquid crystal devices to control the angle of the incident light cone, the polarization and wavelength, an imaging setup and one or more video cameras so that spectroseopic-polarimetric-scatterometric images can be grabbed rapidly.
B.g. Negev Technologies & Applications Ltd. At Ben-gurion University

System and alternatively interacting with elevators

An electrical or electromechanical installation includes a central processor for controlling operation of the electrical or electromechanical installation, a computer communicatively coupled to the central processor to output a control signal to the central processor, and a first video camera communicatively coupled to the computer to output an image signal to the computer. The computer has a memory storing computer instructions to determine facial characteristics from a person's face data comprised in the image signal, to categorizing the facial characteristics into at least one of predefined emotion categories, and to generate a control signal corresponding to the at least one of predefined emotion categories.
Inventio Ag

Vehicle exception event management systems

Exception event recorders and analysis systems include: vehicle mounted sensors arranged as a vehicle event recorder to capture both discrete and non-discrete data; a discretization facility; a database; and an analysis server all coupled together as a computer network. Motor vehicles with video cameras and onboard diagnostic systems capture data when the vehicle is involved in a crash or other anomaly (an ‘event’).
Smartdrive Systems, Inc.

System and reading graphically-encoded identifiers from physical trading cards through image-based template matching

A system and method is provided for reading graphically-encoded identifiers from physical trading cards through image-based template matching in order to incorporate game items from the identified trading cards in a video game.. .
Activision Publishing, Inc.

Profile-based, computing platform for operating spatially diverse, asynchronous competitions

Methods, devices, and computing platforms for operating spatially diverse, asynchronous competitions are disclosed. A platform includes a competition control module that determines competition information associated with a competition between spatially distinct competitors, receives video data from devices of each of the spatially distinct competitors, receives a determination of a preferred one of the videos and provides results associated with the competition.
Premier Timed Events Llc

Barrage video live broadcast method and apparatus, video source device, and network access device

A barrage video live broadcast method is performed at a video source device that is communicatively connected to a network access device and a video capture device. The video source device sends an account distribution request to the network access device and the account distribution request is used to instruct the network access device to return a video source device account bound to the network access device for accessing a barrage video system hosted at a remote server.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Systems and methods for sharing video with advertisements over a network

A user can create a video segment or employ an existing video segment, upload the segment to a server, indicate an advertisement to be associated with the video, and then send it to a recipient over a computer network. The user provides an indication that one or more particular video segments and advertisements are to be shared over the network.
Videoshare Llc

Viewer tailored dynamic video compression using attention feedback

The invention is a video compression method and device utilizing attention data collected from advertisers and by attention sensors in display units carried by one or multiple viewers. The attention data is sent to a server where it is used to produce an aggregated attention map in which attention data from multiple viewers are combined.

Content adaptation for streaming

Techniques are disclosed by which a coding parameter is determined to encode video data resulting in encoded video data possessing a highest possible video quality. Features may be extracted from an input video sequence.
Apple Inc.

Image analysis system for analyzing dynamically allocated camera image, integrated control system including same, and operation method therefor

The operation method of integrated control system according to an embodiment of the present invention comprises the steps of: providing an event detection request to the video analysis server; detecting an event by analyzing videos from at least one camera which are allocated to each video analysis server in accordance with default configuration; selecting at least one correlated camera corresponding to event-detecting camera by analyzing table information stored in the monitoring client as well as the event detection result; newly allocating the correlated camera to the at least one video analysis server; and detecting an event in each of the video analysis server by analyzing videos from the newly-allocated correlated camera.. .

Video conference timeline

Timeline (200) information is provided to endpoints in a video conferencing system. The timeline (200) comprises a starting time point (201), a current time point (203) and a plurality of timestamps (202) that represent respective points in time between the starting time point and the current time point.
Pexip As

Video capture with frame rate based on estimate of motion periodicity

video capture is described in which the video frame rate is based on an estimate of motion periodicity. In one example, a period of motion of a moving object is determined at a sensor device.
Intel Corporation

User interface for camera effects

The present disclosure generally relates to user interfaces. In some examples, the electronic device transitions between user interfaces for capturing photos based on data received from a first camera and a second camera.
Apple Inc.

User interface for camera effects

The present disclosure generally relates to user interfaces. In some examples, the electronic device transitions between user interfaces for capturing photos based on data received from a first camera and a second camera.
Apple Inc.

User interface for camera effects

The present disclosure generally relates to user interfaces. In some examples, the electronic device transitions between user interfaces for capturing photos based on data received from a first camera and a second camera.
Apple Inc.

World wonders learning is and educational initiative, curriculum, program, publishing resource etc. for reinventing schools

The purpose of online social media, social network, social gaming and social messaging service website is to connect, communicate, and collaborate socially, as well as send regular or live communication messages, and or mail through their ioffice spot address. ioffice members could conduct personal and or professional business or maybe startup a new business and use your ioffice spot's communication and messaging system as its home-based communication tool.

Audio/video processing

The invention provides audio/video processing methods and devices. In one aspect, an embodiment of the invention can output the page where the audio/video to be shared is located through: obtaining shared information provided by an inviting party, the shared information containing information of audio/video to be shared and instant communication identification information of the inviting party; establishing, based on a confirm operation from the invited party in view of the shared information, instant communication connection with the inviting party using the instant communication identification information, for instant communication with the inviting party; and obtaining, based on the information of audio/video to be shared, the page where the audio/video to be shared is located, the page including instant communication page elements for input and/or output of communication information of instant communication with the inviting party.
Baidu Online Network Technology (beijing) Co., Ltd.

Scalable real-time videoconferencing over webrtc

A webrtc-compliant media server avoids sharing the ssrcs of passive participants (namely, the video viewers who do not send video) by intercepting feedback packets (issued from the viewers) on the server side, modifying those packets, and then transmitting the modified packets back to the sender such that, when the sender receives these feedback packets, the sender treats the packets as if they were sent by a known ssrc. Preferably, the known ssrc is one that is associated with a single ssrc (e.g., a dummy or surrogate ssrc, or a technical ssrc, in either event that was previously shared with the video sender).
Logmein, Inc.

Method and process for a smart door system

Doors provide the means of access to a room or building. Enhancing the functionality of doors today requires ad-hock means for security and or communication.

Gaming system and method with a real-time streaming video feed and display

A convertible in-revenue and out-of-revenue gaming system is disclosed that includes a server connected to automatically convert operating modes and control in-revenue and out-of-revenue operation of one or more banks of gaming machines. Additionally disclosed are gaming machines with video cameras connected to provide live video feed to one or more displays, such as during tournament play when live video feed of the players and the player tournament positions may be driven in real-time to an overhead display by the server operating in a tournament controller mode..
Everi Games Inc.

Data processing system for managing activities linked to multimedia content

An activity management system, according to particular embodiments, is configured to provide a platform in which viewers may access multimedia content (e.g., one or more videos files, audio files, document files, image files, etc.). The activity management system is operable to present viewers with multimedia content where the multimedia content is divided in to segments.
Understory, Llc

System and methods for providing user generated video reviews

Methods and systems for content aggregation and distribution are described. video content may be received from a plurality of sources.
Scorpcast, Llc

Worker-management systems

A worker-management system having a computer-application, with the computer-application including a profile-module, a safety-ticket-module, a certification-module, an information-module, a notifications-module, and a calendar-module, all in functional combination. The computer-application includes multiple profiles and accesses such that the employee-user may store information related to multiple employers; and the employer-user may store information related to multiple employees.

Combining independent solutions to an image or video processing task

An algorithm for performing an image or video processing task is generated that may be used to combine a plurality of different independent solutions to the image or video processing task in an optimized manner. A plurality of base algorithms may be applied to a training set of images or video and a first generation of different combining algorithms may be applied to combine the respective solutions from each of the respective base algorithms into respective combined solutions.
Gopro, Inc.

Detecting usage of copyrighted video content using object recognition

Techniques detecting usage of copyrighted video content using object recognition are provided. In one example, a computer-implemented method comprises determining, by a system operatively coupled to a processor, digest information for a video, wherein the digest information comprises objects appearing in the video and respective times at which the objects appear in the video.
International Business Machines Corporation

Systems and methods for providing playback of selected video segments

Systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable media can identify a set of video segments that represents a video. A subset of video segments can be selected out of the set of video segments.
Facebook, Inc.

Large scale video search using queries that define relationships between objects

One embodiment of the present solution is a relationship-based video server system. The server system is programmed to provide a platform for large scale video search based on relationships between objects in video segments, and the platform executes search based on probabilistically discriminative objects and relationships..
Trustees Of Boston University

Haptic feedback for opportunistic displays

One illustrative system disclosed herein includes a computing device in communication with a sensor configured to detect a display device near the sensor, the computing device, or within a field of view of a user of the computing device. The sensor can also be configured to transmit a signal associated with the display device to a processor in communication with the sensor.
Immersion Corporation

Portable shooting stabilization assist clamp

A portable, quick-release shooting stabilization assist clamp designed for quick and easy, single-handed attachment and detachment on to a shooting rail or similar solid object. Once attached to an object, the clamp supports a firearm fore-stock, forend, frame, stock, or barrel allowing the user a steadier aim for more accurate shot placement.
Wicked Aim, Llc

Vehicle-mounted external display system

A terrestrial vehicle such as a truck has one or more video cameras mounted to capture a field of view that includes looking forward and ahead of the vehicle. The vehicle also includes one or more rear-mounted, rear-facing displays that are operably coupled to such a camera.
Leo Burnett Company, Inc.

Game controller apparatus

An adapter for use with a video game controller of a video game console includes a housing for attachment to the controller, a pair of lever switch mechanisms for operation by the left and right hand, and a console port. Each lever switch mechanism includes a contact switch and a lever.
Collective Minds Gaming Co. Ltd.

User interface for live streaming game play including user controls

A user interface for live streaming game play including user controls enables users to play a video game by providing input with a device and see the provided input on the screen which enables users to analyze the input provided including reviewing strategy analytics. Users are also able to retrieve/share the input/analytics from/to other users..
Sony Interactive Entertainment Llc

Sectional terrain editing

Techniques for sectional terrain editing are described herein. In some examples, terrain associated with at least part of a virtual area of a video game may be sectioned into a plurality of terrain sections.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Modular accessory for video gaming

Systems and method for using a modular game accessory to play a video game. A smart toy is presented that can be reconfigured by the player on the fly while playing the video game by adding and removing modules.
Ubisoft Entertainment

Method and system for saving a snapshot of game play and used to begin later execution of the game play by any user as executed on a game cloud system

A method for navigating through a gaming world, including capturing a plurality of snapshots generated from instances of a video game; generating for display a timeline of a first user playing the video game, wherein the timeline includes snapshot images of at least one user progressing through the video game displayed in relation to a currently rendered image displayed in association with the first user; generating for display in the timeline thumbnails including first snapshot images associated with the first user, wherein the first snapshots shows past progress of the first user in comparison to the currently rendered image; and generating for display in the timeline second thumbnails including second snapshot images associated with a second user, wherein the second snapshot images shows progress of the second user at a point in the video game after the currently rendered image.. .
Sony Interactive Entertainment America Llc

Browser-based cloud gaming

A method includes: receiving, from a browser executed by a client device, a request to initiate gameplay of a cloud video game; responsive to the request, transmitting to the client device a web application, and initiating execution of the cloud video game by a cloud game machine to generate a first video stream including video content of the cloud video game that is encoded in a compressed video format and encrypted; transmitting the first video stream from the cloud game machine to a streaming server; decrypting the first video stream by the streaming server to generate encoded video content; transmitting, by the streaming server, the encoded video content using a secure protocol to the web application, thereby defining a second video stream, the web application being configured to receive and process the second video stream to provide the video content of the cloud video game for rendering to a display.. .
Sony Interactive Entertainment America Llc

Method, apparatus, and computer program product for management of connected devices, such as in a wireless docking environment- intelligent and automatic connection activation

Method, apparatus, and computer program product embodiments enable a wireless docking center device to manage one or more wireless and/or wired peripheral devices on behalf of a wireless dockee device. In an example embodiment, a wireless docking system may automatically provide only those peripherals to user's attention, which are in direct relation to user's activity and are meaningful to the user at each point in time.
Nokia Technologies Oy

Cloud-based digital content recorder apparatus and methods

Apparatus and methods for the storage and delivery of content over a network. In one embodiment, the network comprises a managed content distribution network, and the apparatus comprises a “cloud” digital video recorder (cdvr) server which stores, processes and assembles content prior to its delivery in a way that obviates superfluous storage, and gains significant network efficiencies.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc

Method and apparatus of boundary padding for vr video processing

A method and apparatus or video coding or processing for an image sequence corresponding to virtual reality (vr) video are disclosed. According to embodiments of the present invention, a padded area outside one cubic face frame boundary of one cubic face frame is padded to form a padded cubic face frame using one or more extended cubic faces, where at least one boundary cubic face in said one cubic face frame has one padded area using pixel data derived from one extended cubic face in a same cubic face frame..
Mediatek Inc.

Methods and apparatuses for encoding and decoding video according to coding order

Provided is a video decoding method including obtaining split information indicating whether to split a current block; when the split information indicates that the current block is split, splitting the current block into at least two lower blocks; obtaining encoding order information indicating an encoding order of the at least two lower blocks of the current block; determining a decoding order of the at least two lower blocks according to the encoding order information; and decoding the at least two lower blocks according to the decoding order.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Synchronizing external data to video playback

The subject disclosure is generally directed towards synchronizing live streaming videos with additional sources of contextually-related data. In one or more aspects, contextually-related data is marked with a timestamp, with a reference to each piece of data maintained in a manifest.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

System and interactive video conferencing

A networked communication session is defined vis-à-vis parameter information received from a first device, and access to the networked communication session is provided to the first device. Access to the networked communication session is further provided to each of additional device(s) in accordance with information associated with each of the additional device(s).
Touchcast Llc

Video processing device

A video processing device detects, as a characteristic region, a region having a prescribed characteristic in each frame of a video and performs specific image processing on either the characteristic region in the frame or a region other than the characteristic region in the frame with a specified processing strength. The processing strength is specified so as to be altered stepwise in at least two steps that involve an intermediate value between a minimum value and a maximum value when there is a change in whether or not a characteristic region has been detected..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Video segmentation from an uncalibrated camera array

The disclosure provides an approach for image segmentation from an uncalibrated camera array. In one aspect, a segmentation application computes a pseudo depth map for each frame of a video sequence recorded with a camera array based on dense correspondences between cameras in the array.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Determining manifest file data used in adaptive streaming video delivery

Techniques for serving a manifest file of an adaptive streaming video include receiving a request for the manifest file from a user device. The video is encoded at different reference bitrates and each encoded reference bitrate is divided into segments to generate video segment files.
Dlvr, Inc.

Slow motion video playback computing devices with touch interfaces

Disclosed is a system and method for controlling the playback speed, and user experience, of watching slow motion video content on a touch sensitive computing device such as a mobile phone, tablet or laptop with a touch sensitive screen. Key features of the disclosure are the simplicity of the user interface and the instant visual feedback given to the user..

Virtual reality 360-degree video camera system for live streaming

The present disclosure relates to imaging systems and methods that include a plurality of cameras configured to capture video image data based on respective fields of view of an environment. Each camera of the plurality of cameras is communicatively coupled to neighbor cameras of the plurality of cameras via a communication interface.
Visbit Inc.

System and implementing computer-simulated reality interactions between users and publications

Methods, systems, and media for enhancing one or more publications by receiving live video captured by a user, the live video comprising video of a publication, the publication comprising copyrighted content; identifying at least one first trigger in the live video, identifying one or more first three-dimensional, interactive media associated with the at least one first trigger and pertaining to the copyrighted content, and presenting to the user the first three-dimensional, interactive media; and identifying at least one second trigger in the first three-dimensional, interactive media, identifying one or more second three-dimensional, interactive media associated with the at least one second trigger and pertaining to the copyrighted content, and presenting to the user the second three-dimensional, interactive media to progressively deepen and enrich the engagement with the copyrighted content of the publication.. .

On-camera video capture, classification, and processing

video and corresponding metadata is accessed. Events of interest within the video are identified based on the corresponding metadata, and best scenes are identified based on the identified events of interest.
Gopro, Inc.

Approach for processing audio data at network sites

Several approaches are provided for processing audio data to generate transcription data that is supplemented with visual content items. The visual content items may be any type of data that may vary depending upon a particular implementation.

System and assessment of reflective objects along a roadway

A system for classifying different types of sheeting materials of road signs depicted in a videostream compares estimated retroreflectivity values against known minimum retroreflectivity values for each of a plurality of colors. Once a road sign has been identified in the videostream, the frames associated with that road sign are analyzed to determine each of a plurality of colors present on the road sign.
Mandli Communications, Inc.

Autonomous braking failure management in pedestrian protection

A collision avoidance system and method for a vehicle. The system includes a video camera and a distance sensor.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Support for video playback devices

A support for video playback devices includes a headwear device, a support mechanism, and a holding mechanism. The support mechanism is connected to the headwear device.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Frame dropping video frame and video sending apparatus

A frame dropping method for a video frame and a video sending apparatus are used to perform frame dropping processing on video frames in order to reduce a quantity of dropped frames, enhance video playing smoothness, and improve user experience. A specific solution includes obtaining a video frame sequence of a to-be-sent video, establishing a reference relationship between video frames in the video frame sequence according to a preset criterion, and detecting a data occupation length of buffered video frames in a video sending buffer during a process of sending the video frame sequence, dropping a current to-be-buffered video frame when the data occupation length is greater than a preset threshold, and dropping all video frames in the video frame sequence that reference the current to-be-buffered video frame according to the reference relationship..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Method of zooming video images and mobile terminal

The present disclosure provides a method and an apparatus for zooming video images, and belongs to video playing technology. The method may include: receiving a zoom request for zooming a current video frame while a video is being played; determining a zoom center point and a zoom ratio according to the zoom request; determining a target image area to be displayed in a playing window from the current video frame after zooming according to the zoom center point and the zoom ratio; and rendering, in the playing window, image content within the target image area of video frames subsequent to the current video frame when playing subsequent video frames.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Anticipatory video signal reception and processing

A system and method that provide reduced latency in a video signal processing system. Various aspects of the present invention may comprise receiving a current request from a user for first video information.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Distributing embedded content within videos hosted by an online system

An online system analyzes videos from video hosting systems to identify embedded contents in the videos. The online system associates embedded content with videos that include the embedded content.
Facebook, Inc.

Generation of a video mosaic

A method for generating a first video stream representative of a mosaic of videos, referred to as a video mosaic, from a set of at least two second video streams each consisting of a video associated with header data and encoded video data representative of images. During the course of the method: the encoded video data of the second video streams are stored during the generation of the first video stream, a header associated with said video mosaic is generated, said header being representative of an assembly of the encoded video data from the second video streams, and comprising: first header data which are legacy header data from each of the videos of the set of second video streams, second header data which are generated separately from the header data of the second video streams.

Processing live video streaming based on network coding and content distribution network

The present invention provides a processing system and method for live video streaming based on network coding and content distribution network, applied in video streaming over a network. The processing system comprises a live broadcast source station, at least one edge server and a plurality of player nodes.
Yun Shang Company Limited

World view window

Arrangement and method in which at least one server is coupled to imaging sources that obtain high resolution videos of scenic locations, a series of images constituting a video. Stream controllers are located at user sites and coupled to the server.
Atti International Services Company, Inc.

Method and encoding video based on scanning order of hierarchical data units, and decoding video based on scanning order of hierarchical data units

A video decoding method and apparatus and a video encoding method and apparatus based on a scanning order of hierarchical data units are provided. The decoding method includes: receiving and parsing a bitstream of an encoded video; extracting from the bitstream information about a size of a maximum coding unit for decoding a picture of the encoded video, and encoding information about a coded depth and an encoding mode for coding units of the picture, wherein the size of the maximum coding unit is a maximum size of a coding unit which is a data unit for decoding the picture; and determining a hierarchical structure of the maximum coding unit and the coding units into which the picture is divided according to depths, and decoding the picture based on the coding units, by using the information about the size of the maximum coding unit and the encoding information about the coded depth and the encoded mode..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Playing apparatus, playing method, information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and recording medium

The present technology relates to a playing apparatus, a playing method, an information processing apparatus, an information processing method, a program, and a recording medium that allow playing of appropriate hdr videos. A playing apparatus in an aspect of the present technology has a storage unit that has regions for storing a plurality of units of information indicating the state of the playing apparatus including preference information indicating the type of an hdr video to be preferentially played, out of a first hdr video that is essential in including in a content an hdr video as a video in a wider brightness range than a standard brightness range and a second hdr video that is capable of being included in the content.
Sony Corporation

System to dispatch video decoding to dedicated hardware resources

A system to perform processing operations of input (video) streams, including is disclosed. The system consists of an input module, a stream type detection engine, a plurality of processing resources a resource monitoring engine, an attribution module, a dispatching module, and various other optional interface modules..
Genetec Inc.

Video processing device and method

A video processing device capable of automatically determining an operation mode is provided. The video processing device includes a control signal processing circuit and a controller.
Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

Passively monitoring online video viewing and viewer behavior

Various user behaviors are passively monitored and recorded when a user/viewer interacts with a network video player, e.g. A web video player, while watching an online video clip.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Method of stabilized adaptive video streaming for high dynamic range (hdr)

An adaptive video streaming stabilization system includes a computer network comprising a data source; a video player; and a session controller connected between the data source and an adaptive streaming stabilizer. The session controller is configured to use in parallel a variable number of streams in order to maximize download throughput from the data source to the video player.
Giraffic Technologies Ltd.

Systems and methods for creating linear video from branched video

Computer-implemented methods and systems for creating non-interactive, linear video from video segments in a video tree. Selectably presentable video segments are stored in a memory, with each segment representing a predefined portion of one or more paths in a traversable video tree.
Jbf Interlude 2009 Ltd

Synchronizing edits to low- and high-resolution versions of digital videos

One or more embodiments of a video editing system enable one or more users to conveniently edit a digital video. In particular, an online content management system can provide a low resolution version of a digital video to a client device.
Dropbox, Inc.

Virtual reality system and controlling working state thereof

A virtual reality system and a method of controlling working state of the virtual reality system. The virtual reality system comprises a video playing device and a virtual reality glasses box, and the virtual reality glasses box utilizes a screen of the video playing device to play a video content, the method comprises: establishing a wired or wireless connection between the video playing device and the virtual reality glasses box; when the video playing device is placed in the virtual reality glasses box, transmitting information of wearing state of the virtual reality glasses box to the video playing device; and controlling a playing state of the video playing device according to the wearing state of the virtual reality glasses box.
Beijing Pico Technology Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods for video game competition wagering

video game competition wagering in a hybrid game including a host game and a guest game is disclosed. A wager associated with a player in the host game is received.
Spina Technology Ltd.

Video processing apparatus, video processing method, and storage medium

A video processing apparatus is directed to appropriately associating a plurality of objects in an image. A target detection unit detects a position of a region of a tracking target included in a video image.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Systems and methods for higher order dimensional space video segmentation

This disclosure relates to system and methods for segmenting a video in a higher order dimensional space. A video may be segmented by obtaining visual information defining an image of the video.
Eth Zürich

Method and device for playing live videos

The disclosure relates to a method and device for playing videos. The method includes playing a first video in a video window; receiving a first instruction to switch windows; transferring the first video from the video window to a floating window in response to receiving the first instruction; receiving a second instruction to play a second video; and closing the floating window in response to receiving the second instruction..
Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd.

Wearable lighting accessory

The present invention provides a novel lighting accessory, which has never been proposed before for increasing luminance when in one embodiment, a mobile electronic device is used in a low light environment for photography, videography or video conferencing. By disposing a lighting device in an accessory, when a user utilizes a common back camera on a mobile device to conduct video conferencing, the lighting device helps to illuminate the user's face and increase luminance.
Isquared Global, Llc

Aggregating and utilizing meta-game data for artificial intelligence in video games

Control of artificial intelligence (ai) entities in a video game is enhanced using a meta-game template which reflects successful human player styles, strategies and tactics. Multiple game histories having game environment data and meta-game data relating to human behavior are analyzed, and specific meta-game data is statistically correlated with successful play.
International Business Machines Corporation

Device for interfacing with a computing program using a projected pattern

A device for enabling user control for interfacing with a video game is provided, including the following: a projector for projecting a radiation pattern; a camera for capturing images of the projected radiation pattern; an image processor configured to process the captured images for identification of the projected radiation pattern; a transceiver configured to communicate with a game console that executes the video game, the transceiver configured to transmit data generated by the image processor to the game console, such that a position of the device is determined based on the captured images of the radiation pattern, the determined position of the device being utilized to update a state of the executing video game at the game console; a harness for attaching the device to the user.. .
Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

Touch screen inputs for a video game system

Example systems and methods involve detecting an input to a touchscreen display of a video game apparatus; determining a video game action based on a shape of the input; and determining a timing of the video game action based on a color associated with the input.. .
Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Massage machine

A massage machine includes display means for displaying videos and/or subtitles and output means for outputting pieces of music and/or voices. The massage machine includes a storage portion configured to store at least two selected from the group consisting of the videos, the subtitles, the pieces of music, and the voices, and a selection portion configured to select at least two from the group consisting of one of the videos, one of the subtitles, one of the pieces of music, and one of the voices stored in the storage portion..
Family Inada Co., Ltd.

Drb mapping method and apparatus

Disclosed are a drb mapping method and apparatus. The method in the embodiments of the present invention comprises: a network device and a terminal determining a drb mapping manner, wherein the drb mapping manner refers to whether a drb is allowed to be mapped onto a licensed frequency band carrier and/or is allowed to be mapped onto an unlicensed frequency band carrier; and the network device and the terminal sending service data of the drb on a designated carrier according to the determined drb mapping manner.
China Academy Of Telecommunications Technology

Management of the channel bar

Videos may be loaded to an electronic device at any of a plurality of bitrates, each bitrate corresponding to a certain video quality level. The bitrate selected may be based on, for example, bandwidth capabilities and/or video quality standards.
Apple Inc.

Systems and methods for determining quality levels for videos to be uploaded

Systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable media can define a set of video quality levels. One or more social engagement signals associated with videos uploaded at each video quality level out of the set of video quality levels can be acquired.
Facebook, Inc.

System and providing real-time super-resolution for compressed videos

A real-time system and method for displaying video on a display are disclosed. Received compressed video data is decoded to produce an uncompressed first video frame, a first frame syntax element, an uncompressed second video frame, and a second frame syntax element.
Massachusetts Lnstitute Of Technology

Encoding and decoding architectures for format compatible 3d video delivery

Encoding and decoding architectures for 3d video delivery are described, such as 2d compatible 3d video delivery and frame compatible 3d video delivery. The architectures include pre-processing stages to pre-process the output of a base layer video encoder and/or decoder and input the pre-processed output into an enhancement layer video encoder and/or decoder of one or more enhancement layers.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Video encoding device and video decoding device using high-precision skip encoding and method thereof

Provided is a video decoding method performed by a video decoding apparatus, the video decoding method including: determining prediction mode information of a current block and an index indicating a prediction candidate, from a bitstream; determining a prediction candidate list according to the prediction mode information; when the prediction mode information of the current block indicates a pre-set prediction mode, determining a motion vector indicated by the index indicating the prediction candidate from the prediction candidate list, and determining a prediction motion vector of the current block based on at least one of pieces of motion prediction information related to the motion vector; and determining a motion vector of the current block based on the prediction motion vector, wherein the pre-set prediction mode is a prediction mode different from a skip mode and a merge mode.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Method and line buffer reduction for video processing

A method for encoding luma intra mode using context adaptive entropy processing determines a current luma intra mode for a current block and determines whether a neighboring block of the current block within a region of an independently coded slice is on a different side of a boundary of the region from the current block. The method replaces prediction mode information associated with the neighboring block by dc mode if the neighboring block is on the different side of the boundary of the region from the current block, and forms data for processing a current syntax element associated with the current luma intra mode based on the prediction mode information associated with the neighboring block.
Mediatek Inc.

Video encoding method and apparatus therefor, and video decoding method and apparatus therefor, in which edge type offset is applied

Provided is a video decoding method including: acquiring offset type information of a current block; determining a neighboring sample of a current reconstruction sample of the current block according to an edge direction when the offset type information of the current block indicates an edge type; determining an offset category of the current reconstruction sample based on a sample value gradient between a sample value of the current reconstruction sample and a sample value of the neighboring sample and a difference in the sample value gradient; and applying, from among offsets acquired from a bitstream, an offset according to the determined offset category to the current reconstruction sample.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Quality metric for compressed video

Methods and systems are disclosed for calculating and applying a vq metric which operates during the decoding of compressed video. As such, this metric is appropriate for all formats of compressed video codecs (e.g., mpeg-2, avc and hevc).
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Method and device for encoding/decoding video using intra prediction

A video decoding method includes determining an intra prediction mode of a current lower block corresponding to one of a plurality of lower blocks generated by splitting an upper block, determining reference samples of the current lower block based on samples adjacent to the upper block, determining a predicted value of a current sample included in the current lower block, by using the reference samples based on the intra prediction mode, and reconstructing the current lower block based on the predicted value, wherein the current sample included in the current lower block is excluded from reference samples of another lower block included in the upper block.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

360 degree video system with coordinate compression

In a system for 360 degree video capture and playback, 360 degree video may be captured, stitched, encoded, decoded, rendered, and played-back. In one or more implementations, a video capture device captures 360 degree video in a first projection format, and an encoding device encodes the captured 360 degree video into a 360 degree video bitstream.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Video sharing platform providing for posting content to other websites

A method for use in providing content includes hosting a network site on a computer network, displaying on the network site links to one or more videos, and displaying on the network site at least an on-demand preview of a first video in response to a corresponding one of the links being selected. A storage medium stores a computer program for use on a client computer.
Crackle, Inc.

360 degree video recording and playback with object tracking

In a system for 360 degree video capture and playback, 360 degree video may be captured, stitched, encoded, decoded, rendered, and played-back. In one or more implementations, a decoding device receives a 360 degree video stream as input and decodes the 360 degree video stream, and a memory device stores the 360 degree video stream and viewing history data associated with the 360 degree video stream.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Emotional/cognitive state-triggered recording

Emotional/cognitive state-triggered recording is described. A buffer is used to temporarily store captured video content until a change in an emotional or cognitive state of a user is detected.

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