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new patent Digital device and data processing method by digital device
Disclosed are various embodiment(s) for a digital device and a service processing method by the digital device. Here, a digital device according to an embodiment of the present invention comprises: a display processing unit for transmitting a first lifecycle message, a second lifecycle message, and coordinate information on the size and the position of the second application in a display, to webkits of a first application and a second application, when a plurality of applications exist in the foreground; a display engine comprising a main sink for the first application and a sub sink for the second application; and a video processing unit for connecting the first application to the main sink of the display engine according to an identifier and a connection request received from a webkit of the first application and connecting the second application to the sub sink of the display engine according to an identifier and a connection request received from a webkit of the second application.
Lg Electronics Inc.

new patent Video encoding apparatus and method and video decoding apparatus and method
When one frame of multiview videos is encoded, each of encoding target regions obtained by dividing an encoding target image is encoded while motion information for a reference viewpoint image from a reference viewpoint other than a viewpoint of the encoding target image is used to perform prediction between different viewpoints. According to information, which indicates a corresponding region on the reference viewpoint image for the encoding target region, and the motion information for the reference viewpoint image, temporary motion information for the corresponding region is determined.
Nippon Telegraph And Telephone Corporation

new patent Inter-layer video decoding method and apparatus therefor performing sub-block-based prediction, and inter-layer video encoding method and apparatus therefor performing sub-block-based prediction
Provided is an inter-layer video decoding method including: obtaining motion inheritance information from a bitstream; when the motion inheritance information indicates that motion information of a block of a first layer, which corresponds to a current block of a second layer, is usable as motion information of the second layer, determining whether motion information of a sub-block including a pixel at a predetermined location of the block of the first layer from among sub-blocks of the block of the first layer, which correspond to sub-blocks of the current block, is usable; when it is determined that the motion information of the sub-block including the pixel at the predetermined location of the block of the first layer is usable, obtaining motion information of the sub-blocks of the block of the first layer; and determining motion information of the sub-blocks of the current block based on the obtained motion information of the sub-blocks of the block of the first layer.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

new patent Hybrid video decoding performing hardware entropy decoding and subsequent software decoding and associated hybrid video decoding method
A hybrid video decoding apparatus has a hardware entropy decoder and a storage device. The hardware entropy decoder performs hardware entropy decoding to generate an entropy decoding result of a picture.
Mediatek Inc.

new patent Parallel decoder with inter-prediction of video pictures
A parallel decoder for decoding compressed video picture data including inter-coded picture item data with motion vector data. A decoding module decodes picture data stored in a temporary storage.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

new patent Framework to support a hybrid of meshed endpoints with non-meshed endpoints
A videoconferencing system includes a hybrid mcu configured to act as a hybrid mesh participant in a videoconference. The hybrid mcu may include a processing module to mix videoconference media data received by the hybrid mcu in data streams transmitted from mesh and non-mesh endpoints.
Cafex Communications Inc.

new patent Background modification in video conferencing
Methods and systems for real-time video processing can be used in video conferencing to modify image quality of background. One example method includes the steps of receiving a video including a sequence of images, identifying at least one object of interest (e.g., a face) in one or more of the images, detecting feature reference points of the at least one object of interest, and tracking the at least one object of interest in the video.
Avatar Merger Sub Ii, Llc

new patent Camera view control using unique nametags and gestures
Embodiments disclosed herein provide systems, methods, and computer readable media for controlling a camera view using unique nametags and gestures. In a particular embodiment, a method provides identifying a plurality of items at a location from video captured of the location by the video camera and associating a unique nametag of a plurality of unique nametags to each item of the plurality of items.
Avaya Inc.

new patent Eye contact enabling device for video conferencing
A device and system can physically position a camera lens between the eyes of the image of the person onscreen in a video conference. To position the lens, a mechanical device may position or move the camera lens.

new patent Frame-rate conversion in a distributed computing system
Described herein are, among other things, distributed processing methods and systems for frame rate conversion. In an embodiment, a transcoding management machine manages a distributed transcoding process, creating a plurality of video segments and assigning the video segments across a set of distributed transcoding resources for frame rate conversion.
Akamai Technologies, Inc.

new patent

Image capturing device, signal separation device, and image capturing method

Disclosed is a video capturing device which enables easy video processing in a visible light region and a near-infrared region while utilizing the configuration of a general video capturing device. This video capturing device is provided with a video data acquisition means for acquiring video data including a periodic pattern of near-infrared light, and a video processing means for acquiring a color signal of a visible light component and a near-infrared signal from the video data on the basis of the periodic pattern..
Nec Corporation

new patent

Multiple view and multiple object processing in wide-angle video camera

Methods and systems of transmitting a plurality of views from a video camera are disclosed. A multi object processing camera captures a wide-angle field of view in high resolution and a processing circuit executes a plurality of software tasks on a plurality of regions extracted from the wide-angle view.
Grandeye, Ltd.

new patent

Camera voice coil motor driver circuit with variable power supply input voltage

In a portable camera device, a variable voltage regulator produces a power supply voltage of a vcm driver circuit that conducts the coil current of a vcm actuator as part of an optical image stabilization (ois) mechanism. A processor signals the variable voltage regulator to increase the power supply voltage when the camera device transitions from still capture mode or preview mode to video capture mode, where the increase causes an increase in stroke of the vcm ois actuator.
Apple Inc.

new patent

Increasing spatial resolution of panoramic video captured by a camera array

The present disclosure involves systems, software, and computer implemented methods for increasing spatial resolution of panoramic video captured by a camera array. In one example, a method may include identifying a captured image from each camera in a camera array associated with a capture of a panoramic video.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

new patent

Arrangement for, and , reducing server processing requirements of a host server

video cameras are distributed throughout a venue. Each camera is operated under control of a host server to capture a video stream of images of targets at a frame rate and resolution.
Symbol Technologies, Llc

new patent

Mobile video quality prediction systems and methods

A method of developing a mvqp system includes determining network factors affecting video quality over a lte network; displaying, via live video streaming, video recordings; receiving evaluations of the displayed video recordings to form a subjective assessment; calculating a subjective mos for the video recordings based on the corresponding subjective assessment and the network factors; calculating a correlation between the received evaluations and the subjective mos for the video recordings; receiving and saving the video recordings for an objective assessment; measuring the network factors during reception of the video recordings in the objective assessment; predicting an objective mos for the video recordings based on the measured network factors, the calculated correlation, and at least one weight value; comparing the predicted objective mos to the subjective mos; and based on the comparison, modifying the weight value. The measuring, predicting, and comparing are repeated until a predetermined condition is met..
King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology

new patent

Emoji as facetracking video masks

The system disclosed herein allows a user to select and/or create a mask using emoji or other expressions and to add the selected mask to track a face or other elements of a video. By utilizing the existing emoji character set, users are familiar with the expressiveness of the masks they can create and can quickly find them.
String Theory, Inc.

new patent

Video processing apparatus, video processing method, and program

A video processing apparatus includes an input unit configured to input information instructing a focus position, in a first shooting, an acquisition unit configured, in a case in which the information instructing a focus position has been input by the input unit, to acquire position information indicating the instructed focus position, and time information indicating a time at which the focus position has been instructed, and a control unit configured to control a focus position in a second shooting based on the position information and the time information that have been acquired by the acquisition unit.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent

Method and system for automated video image focus change detection and classification

A system includes a processor and a memory for evaluating a focus status of a video camera. The system receives a video image from a video server in accordance with a predetermined schedule.
Video Insight, Inc.

new patent

Promotional video competition systems and methods

A system and method for incentivizing bartenders and other individuals to promote a particular brand of alcohol by creating a video competition. The system receives instructions to implement a video competition and notifies a plurality of individuals of the video competition.
Quasar Blu, Llc

new patent

System and the detection and counting of repetitions of repetitive activity via a trained network

A technique and system for counting the number of repetitions of approximately the same action in an input video sequence using 3d convolutional neural networks is disclosed. The proposed system runs online and not on the complete video.

new patent

Prediction of future views of video segments to optimize system resource utilization

Provided are devices, computer-program products, and methods for improved management of system resources in a matching system. For example, examples can increase the efficiency of system resource utilization by managing the duration that data related to video segments are retained based on data that takes into account an identified popularity of a video segment.
Vizio Lnscape Technologies, Llc

new patent

Techniques for providing a user with content recommendations

Techniques described herein may be used to improve recommendations that are provided to a user regarding content (e.g., images, music, and videos). A content recommendations server may provide a user with recommended content and the reasons for which the content is being recommended, such as genres, directors, and actors that the content recommendations server believes the user enjoys.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

new patent

Systems and methods for partitioning search indexes for improved efficiency in identifying media segments

Systems and methods for identifying a media segment of audio or video content are disclosed. The video segment is identified by deriving data from media content and comparing said data to a reference database in order to identify said video segment.
Vizio Inscape Technologies, Llc

new patent

Managing media content storage for user devices

A user device (e.g., a smart phone) may dynamically manage photographs, videos, and other types of media content. The user device may receive media content by taking photographs, recording videos, and/or recording audio inputs.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

new patent

Sharing three-dimensional gameplay

A method for sharing three-dimensional gameplay of a video game, that is rendered to a head-mounted display (hmd), to a social network, is provided, including the following method operations: recording, by an hmd connected computer, a three-dimensional (3-d) video clip to a storage, the 3-d video clip generated from 3-d gameplay of a video game that is driven by interactive use of the hmd; receiving, by the hmd connected computer, a request to share the 3-d video clip to a social network; generating, by the hmd connected computer, a two-dimensional (2-d) video clip by converting the 3-d video clip to a 2-d format; sharing, by the hmd connected computer, the 2-d video clip to the social network.. .
Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

new patent

Video game processing program and video game processing system

A video game processing program product for causing a server to realize functions to control progress of a video game is provided. The functions include: a function to generate content in which at least one of the user or a character operated by the user is allowed to participate, in a case where a predetermined condition is satisfied; a function to store the number of participants who participate in first content and a clear time indicating a time required to clear the first content in a predetermined storage medium; a function to set up the degree of difficulty for second content indicating content to be generated newly; and a function to detect whether a generation condition contained in the predetermined condition to generate the second content is satisfied or not.
Kabushiki Kaisha Square Enix (also Trading As Square Enix Co., Ltd.)

new patent

Thermoelectric device in game controller

A thermoelectric device (ted) is coupled to a portable game controller such that the ted can be used in coordination with video game events to heat or cool the game controller to add realism. Or, the ted can be used to transform heat from a player's body into electricity to charge the battery of the game controller..
Sony Corporation

Facilitating high-definition panoramic videos

High definition panoramic videos may be facilitated by, e.g., assigning video controllers to respective panoramic videos or portions thereof; activating a first video controller assigned to a first one of the panoramic videos; and producing a first view-point perspective from the first panoramic video utilizing the activated controller.. .
Kt Corporation

Video recommendation based on video co-occurrence statistics

A system and method provides video recommendations for a target video in a video sharing environment. The system selects one or more videos that are on one or more video playlists together with the target video.
Google Inc.

Multi-view video streaming with fast and smooth view switch

A video server comprises memory to store video content obtained from multiple camera views; one or more streaming components configured to stream video content to a client application; and one or more frame feeder components. A frame feeder component is configured to access first video content corresponding to a first camera view and provide the first video content to a streaming component; access, in response to a request received at the video server to stream second video content corresponding to a second camera view, intermediate video content corresponding to one or more camera views intermediate to the first and second camera views; and access the second video content, and provide the intermediate video content and the second intermediate video to the streaming component..
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Video encoding encoding division block, video decoding decoding division block, and recording medium for implementing the same

Disclosed are a method of encoding a division block in video encoding and a method of decoding a division block in video decoding. An input picture is divided into encoding unit blocks.
Korean Broadcasting System

Intra-refresh for video streaming

Embodiments relate to encoding and decoding frames of a video stream. Video frames are encoded as intra-coded frames (iframes) and predictive coded frames (p/bframes) and transmitted.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Method and processing video

The present invention relates to a method for processing a video, comprising: a step in which a video central processing unit communicates with a host, receives a bitstream, parses header information, and generates a plurality of tasks for parallel processing; a step in which free scan information is generated by a free scan of a video bitstream inputted from the host according to the control of the video central processing unit; and a step in which a plurality of video processing units process the plurality of tasks on the basis of the free scan information and the parsed header information by receiving the control of the video central processing unit.. .
Chips & Media, Inc

System and interactive animations for enhanced and personalized video communications

A videoconferencing system and method using personalized, 3d interactive animations across screen barriers. Via auditory, behavior, visual, or computer-inputted cues, preloaded images, sounds, and gestures as well as customized images, sounds, and gestures can be manipulated and sent into and across one or more videoconference feeds in the form of animated sequences.

Single-stream transmission multi-user video conferencing

A method includes transmitting, from an encoding client to a first remote computing system, an encoded video stream that includes a plurality of first-resolution frames and a plurality of second-resolution frames. The method also includes transmitting, from the encoding client to the first remote computing system in the encoded video stream, a first-resolution non-displayed anchor frame.
Google Inc.

Video processing system

A video processing system includes: an object movement information acquiring means for detecting a moving object moving in a plurality of segment regions from video data obtained by shooting a monitoring target area, and acquiring movement segment region information as object movement information, the movement segment region information representing segment regions where the detected moving object has moved; an object movement information and video data storing means for storing the object movement information in association with the video data corresponding to the object movement information; a retrieval condition inputting means for inputting a sequence of the segment regions as a retrieval condition; and a video data retrieving means for retrieving the object movement information in accordance with the retrieval condition and outputting video data stored in association with the retrieved object movement information, the object movement information being stored by the object movement information and video data storing means.. .
Nec Corporation

Cinematic image blur in digital cameras based on exposure timing manipulation

Cinematic motion blur and other cinematic effects are enabled during image capture through exposure timing manipulation. The resulting captured images and videos include one or more cinematic effects without the need for a user to impose the cinematic effects post-capture..
Gopro, Inc.

System and automatic camera hand-off using location measurements

Systems and methods for receiving video images from a plurality of video cameras having respective fields of view that cover a geographical region. At a first time, first video images of an object may be output, where the images are captured by a first video camera selected from the plurality of video cameras.
Verint Systems Ltd.

Systems and methods for real-time integrating information into videos

The present disclosure is directed to a system that can incorporate information into captured images. The system includes a first encoder that can process image information captured from an image component and a second encoder that can process information collected from a sensor.
Chengdu Ck Technology Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods for automatically adjusting view angles in video

The present technology is directed to systems and methods for maintaining a position of an objection-of-interest in a predetermined place in a video captured by a sports camera. The method includes positioning an object at a pre-determined location of an image interface of a camera (e.g., a view finder), starting to record a video, and periodically determining whether the object is at the pre-determined location by constantly calculating a view ratio of the object (e.g., a ratio of area that the object occupies to the whole view finder).
Chengdu Ck Technology Co., Ltd.

Technologies for generating a point-of-view video

Technologies for generating a point-of-view video of a user include determining whether a mobile communication device is positioned in a reference point-of-view position relative to a body of the user and, if so, initiating recording of a video without direction from the user. The point-of-view position may be defined as, for example, a position near the chest of the user.
Beme Inc.

Smart vehicle sun visor

A vehicle sun visor system with a touch screen display is configured to display video feed from one or more cameras. A front facing polarized and/or photochromic camera shows the area of view which is normally blocked by the deployed sun visor, allowing the user to view traffic lights, road signs, etc.
Be Topnotch, Llc

Electronic movie camera

An electronic video camera has a camera body which comprises an inner carrier structure and at least one outer cover element which is arranged at the carrier structure and which bounds an interior space of the camera body. In this respect, the camera structure forms a central cooling passage which divides the interior space of the camera body into a ventilation space within the cooling passage and into at least one component space outside the cooling passage.
Arnold & Richter Cine Technik Gmbh & Co. Betriebs Kg

Methods and apparatuses for providing information of video capture device

Disclosed includes a method for providing an operation status of a video capture device over a network is provided. The method is performed by the video capture device and comprises: receiving a communication request from a terminal; determining, based on the communication request, one or more terminals connected with the video capture device; and transmitting status information of the video capture device to the network, the status information including information of the one or more terminals connected with the video capture device.
Xiaomi Inc.

Proxy streams in a video streaming network

A method and system method for code testing in a video streaming network, a first broadcast stream including a first program containing video content is received by an ingest server of a live cluster of servers, wherein the live cluster of servers is deployed for providing streaming media programs to multiple user devices. The first broadcast stream is provided to one or more user devices.
Ustream, Inc.

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