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Vibration Sensor patents


This page is updated frequently with new Vibration Sensor-related patent applications.

 Machine component diagnosis system and server thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Machine component diagnosis system and server thereof
A machine component diagnosis system that has high convenience and performing highly accurate malfunction diagnosis. This system includes: an information terminal, a server connected to the information terminal via a communication line network; a vibration sensor that measures vibration of a diagnosis subject; and an additional sensor that measures one characteristic of the diagnosis subject.
Ntn Corporation

 Methods and systems for estimating residual useful life of a rolling element bearing patent thumbnailMethods and systems for estimating residual useful life of a rolling element bearing
Estimating residual useful life of a rolling element bearing in an operating gas turbine engine is provided. A processor receives a vibration signal from a vibration sensor.
United Technologies Corporation

 Enhanced power transmission tower condition monitoring system for overhead power systems patent thumbnailEnhanced power transmission tower condition monitoring system for overhead power systems
A power transmission tower condition monitoring system includes a plurality of sensors configured to be positioned at a plurality of separate locations on the power transmission tower. The plurality of sensors includes at least one tilt sensor, at least one shock sensor, and at least one vibration sensor.
Micatu Inc.

 Bone-conductive arousal induction apparatus patent thumbnailBone-conductive arousal induction apparatus
The present invention provides an apparatus and methods to deliver audible acoustic sound to the brain through bone conduction and to terminate snoring and sleep apnea. The apparatus comprises a control module and a device that measures signs of the snoring and the sleep apnea and generates the audible acoustic sound to arouse a subject.

 Control area network machine diagostic patent thumbnailControl area network machine diagostic
A method of monitoring and balancing rotary machinery utilizing bus-based smart vibration sensors with dedicated tachometer signals fed, via a wire or wirelessly, to each bus-based smart vibration sensor.. .

 Vibration sensor of magnetic type patent thumbnailVibration sensor of magnetic type
A vibration sensor having at least one magnet and at least one coil, a first leg having a first and second mounting positions, and a second leg having first and second mounting positions, wherein a coil unit having a coil is arranged at the first mounting position of the first leg, and wherein a permanent magnet holder with a magnet is arranged at the first mounting position of the second leg, and the coil unit surrounds the magnet unit so that the magnet unit can move relative to the coil unit and be surrounded by the coil unit, and wherein the first leg, in the second mounting position, is arranged with a spacing relative to the second mounting position of the second leg, so that the first leg at the first mounting position is arranged spring-like with respect to the second leg at the first mounting position.. .

 Touch sensitive device with multi-sensor stream synchronized data patent thumbnailTouch sensitive device with multi-sensor stream synchronized data
Touch sensitive devices having sensor systems and sensor systems for use with touch sensitive devices are provided. A vibration sensor senses vibrations and a touch sensor senses contact with an object.
Qeexo, Co.

 Electronic target system and hit detection method patent thumbnailElectronic target system and hit detection method
Various embodiments of the present disclosure provide an electronic target system and a hit detection method. In certain embodiments, the electronic target system includes a target having a plurality of distinct sectors, each having a measurable capacitance, and a controller configured to determine the capacitance and the change in capacitance of each sector.

 Display  vehicle patent thumbnailDisplay vehicle
A display apparatus for a vehicle includes a screen on which an image is displayed. A projector projects the image to the screen, and a knob is rotatably disposed at one side of the screen.
Hyundai Motor Company

 Information processing device, anomaly detection method and recording medium patent thumbnailInformation processing device, anomaly detection method and recording medium
A model learning unit (120) of an anomaly detection device (100) learns a relational expression between vibration strengths at frequencies based on a time series of frequency characteristics of a vibration strength detected during a learning period by a vibration sensor placed on a monitoring target. The anomaly detection unit (140) learns a relational expression between vibration strengths at frequencies based on a time series of frequency characteristics of a vibration strength detected during a new period by the vibration sensor.

Vibration sensor assembly for prognostic and diagnostic health assessment of a power circuit breaker's power transmission and distribution system in real time

A component monitoring system structured to monitor circuit breaker assembly component characteristics is provided. The component monitoring system includes a record assembly, a number of vibration sensor assemblies, a comparison assembly, and an output assembly.
Eaton Corporation

Golf-swing monitoring system

A system for automatically gathering information on a performance of an action involving an object being hit or struck, the system comprising at least one object contact sensor for detecting a contact with the object. Preferably one or more of the at least one object contact sensors comprises a shock and/or vibration sensor such as an accelerometer, and/or one or more of the at least one object contact sensors comprises a sound sensor; and the system is configured to at least partially detect shock and/or vibrations caused by contact with the object using the one or more shock and/or vibration sensors and/or at least partially detect sound generated by contact with the object using the one or more sound sensors to thereby detect contact with the object.
Shot Scope Technologies Limited

Machine toolpath compensation using vibration sensing

A method for machining a workpiece using a programmable, numerically controlled machining system by calculating or retrieving a compensated toolpath based on comparing contact position from monitoring a vibration signal from a vibration sensor during probing of workpiece with rotating tool during relative motion therebetween. Contact position is compared to position from predetermined toolpath and wherein the predetermined toolpath extends between initial machining point and end machining point.
General Electric Company

A device for measuring the frequency of vibrations on a tight drive belt and a carrying out the vibration frequency measurement

Device (1) for manually measuring the frequency of vibrations on a tight drive belt (6, 6′, 6″), comprising a doppler radar module (3) which uses a transmit antenna (4) for emitting a transmit beam (8) onto a vibrating surface of the drive belt (6, 6′, 6″) as well as a receive antenna (5) for receiving the receive beam (9) reflected by the surface and evaluates the receive beam (9) according to the doppler principle, the vibration sensor (1) also comprising an acceleration sensor (10) in addition to the doppler radar module (3), the signals of the acceleration sensor (10) being calculated along with the signals of the doppler radar module, thus allowing some signals to be disregarded.. .

Fluid-flow monitor

An electronic device that monitors flow of a fluid in a vessel (such as a pipe) is described. This electronic device may be mounted on an exterior of the vessel using a mounting mechanism.
Leeo, Inc.

Musical strum and percussion controller

A controller for musical instrument models is presented, comprising acoustic elements with embedded vibration sensors that the user actuates for example by plucking, strumming, or striking the elements. A vibration sensor attached to each acoustic element is used to generate an excitation signal for musical instrument models.

Method for determining mechanical properties of a material

A tool having at least one vibration sensor and at least one standoff is disposed in a contact with a material and the at least one standoff of the tool is pushed into the material. Vibration is excited by the at least one vibration source and at least one coupling frequency of the tool is measured by the at least one vibration sensor.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Respiratory therapy systems, sensors arrangements and methods

A respiratory therapy system includes a vibratory expiratory therapy device through which the patient exhales to set up vibrations within the chest. An array of piezoelectric vibration sensors is mounted on the patient's chest and supplies vibration outputs to a processor, which in turn provides an output to a display indicative of impedance of different regions of the chest..
Smiths Medical International Limited

System and limiting vibration of electric motor

A system and method for limiting the vibration of an electric motor so as to avoid situations in which extreme vibration may result in damage to the motor or other equipment. A motor control subsystem runs the motor in accordance with a command specifying a speed or torque.
Nidec Motor Corporation

Condition monitoring system and condition monitoring method

A wind turbine includes vibration sensors for detecting conditions of apparatuses in the wind turbine. Each of detection outputs of the vibration sensors is transmitted to an information processing device.

Method for acquiring information about attachment of article, and printing apparatus

During attachment or detachment of an article to or from an attaching portion, a coded vibration pattern is generated by contact between the attaching portion and the article. Information about attachment or detachment of an article is acquired by detection of a vibration pattern using a vibration sensor and analysis..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

System and improved drive system diagnostics

A method of drive system diagnostics of an aircraft includes capturing high load drivetrain component vibration data at select steady-state and/or high-load transient operating conditions of the aircraft and processing the captured vibration data to improve reliability and/or accuracy of captured vibration data. The processed vibration data is utilized to provide a health assessment of the drivetrain components and achieve earlier detection of incipient faults.
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

Endoscope and using same

The invention relates to the field of inspecting mechanical parts, and in particular to an endoscope (1) suitable for being used for frequency inspection of a part that is difficult to access, and also to a method of using the endoscope (1), which endoscope comprises an endoscopic head (2), an image display device (3) for displaying images picked up via said endoscopic head (2), and an elongate member (4) connecting the endoscopic head (2) to the display device (3), and in which the endoscopic head (2) also includes a frequency inspection device (7) comprising at least one vibration sensor (10) for picking up a vibratory response of a subject for frequency inspection.. .

Cryogenic vibration sensor and insulator pad assembly, and cryogenic pumps including the same

A cryogenic-rated vibration sensor generally includes a cryogenic-rated accelerometer mounted to a top planar surface of an insulation block, wherein the insulation block includes a threaded opening on a bottom planar surface thereof for attachment to an object. Also disclosed are cryogenic pumps including the cryogenic-rated vibration sensor..
Nikkiso Cryo Inc.

Wireless musical instrument tuner

A computerized system, method and device for assisting in the tuning of a musical instrument to a user identified reference pitch comprising, a vibration sensor attachable to a musical instrument wirelessly connected to a computer device such as an iphone, android tablet, windows phone, or other such smart devices (sd) having a display screen and software for receiving vibration data and computing and displaying the difference between the user input pitch and the instrument vibration frequency computed from the vibration data as, sharp, flat, or in tune, to tune the instrument. The system further provides a choice of either an audio or vibration alert signals for directing the user to increase or decrease the tone of the musical instrument matching the reference pitch enabling even visually impaired musicians who may not be able to visualize the data on a touch screen display of the smart device, to tune their instruments..

Display device, control method, program and recording medium

A head-up display 2 includes a light source unit 4 and a combiner 9. A control unit 55 of the light source unit 4 displays on the combiner 9 a guide image indicating a letter or a graphic so that the guide image appears to overlap the background visible from a vehicle ve.
Pioneer Corporation

Method for poisitioning a residental pest detector and a system for detecting residential pests

A detection system for detecting a residential pest, the detection system may include a housing, a vibration sensor that is configured to sense vibration signals; a processor that is configured to process the vibration signals and detect residential pest activities; a coupler that once connected to a metal-including element of a resident vibrationally couples the metal-including element to the vibration sensor.. .

Device for monitoring vibrations

A device for collecting vibration data, the device comprising: a housing that has an inner surface defining a void; a coupling arrangement for coupling the housing to a baseplate; a vibration sensor that is coupled to the coupling arrangement and is located in the void; and an electronic circuit that is located in the void and which is electrically coupled to the vibration sensor and which is arranged to receive a signal from the sensor and process the signal to create vibration data.. .
Shottrack Pty Ltd

Downhole test signals for identification of operational drilling parameters

A method for selecting drilling parameters for drilling a borehole penetrating the earth with a drill string includes: varying a frequency of an excitation force applied to the drill string using an excitation device controlled by a drill string controller and measuring vibration-related amplitudes of the drill string due to the applied excitation force using a vibration sensor to provide amplitude measurements. The method further includes determining one or more modal properties comprising one or more eigenfrequencies of the drill string using the amplitude measurements and selecting drilling parameters that apply an excitation force at a frequency that avoids a selected range of frequencies that bound the one or more eigenfrequencies..
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Headset with leakage detection

A headset (e.g., on-ear headphone, over-ear headphone, earphones, earbuds, in-ear headphone, etc.) may include one or more transducers (e.g., microphones, accelerometers, vibration sensors, etc.) operative to measure leakage of sound generated by a loudspeaker(s) of the headset (e.g., leakage from an imperfect seal between a headset interface and a pinna interface). The headset may receive content from a memory, a wireless communications link (e.g., bluetooth, wifi, nfc) and/or from a wired communications link (e.g., a headphone cable or a usb cable).

Vibration detection mechanism and vibration sensor unit

A vibration detection mechanism includes: a first sensor section that detects vibration of a vibrating member of a musical instrument in a first direction being a main vibration direction; a second sensor section that detects vibration of the vibrating member in a second direction being approximately perpendicular to the first direction; and a third sensor section that detects vibration of the vibrating member in a third direction being approximately perpendicular to both the first direction and the second direction. Sensitivity of the second sensor section is greater than sensitivity of the first sensor section.
Yamaha Corporation

Boil and boil-dry detection systems for cooking appliances using vibration sensors

A method of boil and boil-dry detection for cooking appliances. The method includes the steps: detecting vibrations that correspond to cookware situated on a burner assembly; generating a vibration signal based on the vibrations; and performing signal processing on the vibration signal.
Whirlpool Corporation

Electronic audible feedback bullet targeting system

A system for sensing the impact of a bullet on a target and remotely reporting the successful impact to the shooter by means of a signal transmitted from a sensor transmitter to a receiver incorporated with headphones, ear buds or an “smart phone”, tablet or other device with wifi and/or blue tooth capability. The sensor includes a wireless transmitter and a impact/vibration sensor such as a piezoelectric sensor.

Solid filling coal mining feeding and conveying monitoring system

A solid-filling coal mining feeding and conveying monitoring system, suitable for monitoring of a vertical feeding and conveying system in underground mine solid-filling mining. The monitoring system mainly consists of an industrial control computer, a plc control box, an operating platform, a liquid crystal display, a color four-picture divider, two video optical receivers and loudspeakers, four cameras, uphole electronic belt scales, downhole electronic belt scales, a radar level meter, a coal level sensor, a vibration sensor, and various matching junction boxes and cables, the components being installed in positions such as a material field, a control room, upper and lower openings of a storage silo, and a gangue transportation lane.
China University Of Mining And Technology

Wireless electric heat trace and vibration control and monitoring system

A monitoring system for monitoring the temperature and vibration of equipment, comprising a central digital computer, a mesh communication network, wherein the network feeds signals to the central digital computer, a plurality of heating elements for heating the equipment, temperature/vibration sensors adapted to measure the temperature of the equipment, wherein each sensor is adapted to provide a signal representing the temperature/vibration of the piece of equipment to which the sensor is associated, to the network, wherein each temperature/vibration sensor can also be used to control the electric heaters, a temperature sensor that monitors the ambient temperature of the facility, and current transducers associated with the heaters, to monitor the energy use and current loss of the heaters, wherein the central computer uses the data it receives from the other elements of the monitoring system to determine when the equipment is not at the correct temperature/vibration and diagnoses the reason why.. .

Capped bearing with vibration sensor

The invention provides a bearing having a first ring, a second ring, at least one row of rolling elements arranged in a rolling chamber between the first ring and the second ring and a cap attached to the first ring to close the rolling chamber. It is proposed that at least one vibration sensor is attached on the inside of the cap..
Aktiebolaget Skf

Stepless variable auto stroke hydraulic breaker system

Provided is a stepless variable auto stroke hydraulic breaker system capable of reducing impact energy reflected in the event of an idle blow by detecting a frequency of vibrations generated when a chisel breaks objects such as bedrocks using a vibration sensor, operating according to a short stroke if the frequency of vibrations does not exceed a preset frequency, and automatically switching the short stroke into a long stroke if the frequency of vibrations exceeds the preset frequency. The breaker system includes a vibration sensor configured to detect vibrations generated when a chisel breaks rocks, a transmitter provided with the vibration sensor and configured to transmit signals generated from the vibration sensor, a receiver configured to receive the signals transmitted from the transmitter, and a stepless variable auto stroke hydraulic breaker controlled by a reception micro controller unit (mcu) of the receiver..
Daemo Engineering Co., Ltd.

Centrifuge system and method that determines fill status through vibration sensing

A centrifuge may include a bowl operative to rotate with respect to a stationary portion. The centrifuge may include at least one vibration sensor operative to generate vibration data representative of vibrational movement of portions of the centrifuge.
Pneumatic Scale Corporation

Method and precisely perceiving indoor activity

The present invention discloses a method and an apparatus for precisely perceiving an indoor activity. The method may include: receiving a vibration signal on a floor by using multiple vibration sensors disposed according to a preset rule; and determining a location of a vibration source according to a phase difference of a vibration signal of the same vibration source in different vibration sensors.

Electronic device, recognizing playing of string instrument in electronic device, and providng feedback on playing of string instrument in electronic device

An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes an image sensor configured to sense a motion of a bow to the string instrument, a vibration sensor configured to sense a vibration generated by the string instrument, and a control module configured to determine a fingering position of a user with respect to the string instrument using the motion of the bow and the vibration..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Biomechanical activity monitoring

A wearable sensor apparatus comprises a motion sensor configured to sense two or three dimensional movement and orientation of the sensor and a vibration sensor configured to sense acoustic vibrations. The apparatus includes means for attaching the motion sensor and the vibration sensor to a body.
Imperial Innovations Limited

Observation of vibration of rotary apparatus

The operation of rotary equipment carried on elongate structure such as coiled tubing extending into a borehole from the earth's surface is carried out by providing at least one optical fibre extending downhole to the rotary equipment from the surface, using optical time domain reflectometry to operating the optical fibre as a distributed vibration sensor while the rotary equipment is in operation, and thereby observing vibration created by the rotary equipment.. .
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Method for clarifying a flowable product by way of a centrifuge

A method is provided for clarifying a flowable product with a separator that discontinuously automatically empties solid matter and includes a rotary system having a drum that is rotatable by a drive spindle, the drum having an inlet for the product to be clarified and at least one liquid discharge for the continuous discharge of at least one clarified liquid phase and solid-matter discharge openings that are to be opened discontinuously for the discontinuous discharge of the solid phase. The method involves a) determining one or more parameter(s) associated with the vibratory behavior of the rotary system with the aid of at least one vibration sensor and b) initiating a temporally limited solid-matter discharge when or after a limit value for the measured parameter(s) is exceeded..
Gea Mechanical Equipment Gmbh

Barrier evaluation system and method

Methods and systems of barrier evaluation are disclosed. The method includes obtaining vibration measurement data measured in a wellbore having at least one casing.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Fault detection in rotor driven equipment using rotational invariant transform of sub-sampled 3-axis vibrational data

A method and system of detecting faults in rotor driven equipment includes generating data from one or more vibration sensors communicatively coupled to the rotor driven equipment. The data from the one or more machine wearable sensors is collected onto a mobile data collector.

Vibration sensor and pulse sensor

A bpf connected to a pulse wave generator has a bandwidth encompassing the fluctuation range of the resonance frequency of a helical antenna. As a result, even if the resonance frequency of the helical antenna fluctuates by a human body approaching the helical antenna, one or a number of a plurality of frequencies of signals passing through the bpf can pass through the bandwidth of the helical antenna..
Kyushu Institute Of Technology

Acoustic line tracing fluid transfer system

An acoustic line tracing system for tracing a fluid transfer system tubing line includes an acoustic receiver operably connectable to the tubing line and configured to receive the vibratory signal. The acoustic receiver includes a vibration sensor disposed to contact the tubing line and configured for detecting vibration of the surface of the tubing line caused by the vibratory signal, and an indicator producing at least one of an audio and a visual cue when the vibration sensor detects the vibratory signal..
Baxter Healthcare S.a.

Motor control based on vibration sensing

Various embodiments are directed to systems and methods for controlling a vent fan motor associated with a dishwasher based at least in part on sensed vibration signals. A vibration sensor, such as a microphone and/or an accelerometer, may be associated with the vent fan motor and may be configured to sense sound pressure level vibrations emitted by the vent fan motor.
Electrolux Home Products, Inc.

Condition monitoring wind turbine

Frequency analysis units are configured to perform a frequency analysis of vibrations detected by vibration sensors, respectively. A natural frequency detection unit is configured to detect a natural frequency of a wind turbine in accordance with a direction of a nacelle, based on results of the frequency analysis.
Ntn Corporation

Washing machine and controlling the same

A washing machine having a plurality of washing units and a method for controlling the same are disclosed. The washing machine classifies overall laundry according to the capacity or categories of laundry and independently washes the classified laundry using different washing units.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Respiratory therapy apparatus and methods

Respiratory therapy apparatus includes an expiratory therapy device (100) that produces an oscillating resistance to breathing. The device has a vibration sensor (20) mounted on its housing (2) that transmits signals to a receiver (200) indicative of operation of the device.
Smiths Medical International Limited

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