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Ventilation patents

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Protective accessory device for freestanding outdoor cooking units

Apparatus and method for removing the upper internals from a nuclear reactor pressurized vessel

Apparatus for ventilation of a casting mold

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ventilation-related patents
 Vehicle ventilation module and device patent thumbnailnew patent Vehicle ventilation module and device
The actuating mechanism is actuated to pivot the flap to the open position by a current applied to the actuating mechanism.. .
 Device and method for active pressure regulation in rail vehicles patent thumbnailnew patent Device and method for active pressure regulation in rail vehicles
A device for active regulation of the internal vehicle pressure in a rail vehicle includes an aeration device for increasing the internal pressure in the rail vehicle, a ventilation device for reducing the internal pressure in the rail vehicle, and a measuring device for measuring the internal pressure in the rail vehicle. A control device is connected for signaling purposes at least to the ventilation device in order to reduce the internal pressure and to the measuring device, and the ventilation device for reducing the internal pressure can be controlled by the control device according to the internal pressure determined by the measuring device..
 new patent "le four en brique" - the first brick oven designed for your oven
An apparatus and method to temporarily convert an oven into a brick oven comprising a dome with a ventilation aperture governed by a damper to control the accumulation of hot air within the dome, and a plate placed within the dome possessing a diameter less than the diameter dome to permit heat to rise up from within the oven into the dome. A handle is secured to the dome to facilitate handling of the dome..
 Hearing aid patent thumbnailnew patent Hearing aid
A hearing aid comprises a microphone on a proximal side of a device housing and a loudspeaker which via a transmission channel is in open communication with a sound-emitting opening of the device. A sound processing device serves to generate sound received by the microphone to the loudspeaker in amplified form.
 Apparatus and method for removing the upper internals from a nuclear reactor pressurized vessel patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and method for removing the upper internals from a nuclear reactor pressurized vessel
A lifting fixture for removing the upper internals from a reactor to provide access to the core for refueling that does not require flooding of a refueling canal. The invention provides a means of shielding and ventilation that is integral to a lifting rig used to remove the upper internals.
 Heat dissipation device for memory cards patent thumbnailnew patent Heat dissipation device for memory cards
A heat dissipation device for a number of memory cards includes two positioning frames, a supporting bracket located above the memory cards, a fan, and four latching members. The memory cards are connected a number of memory slots.
 Portable system performing business center operations patent thumbnailnew patent Portable system performing business center operations
The present disclosure describes a portable system for performing business operations. The portable system includes a multi-function device (mfd) including a surface for keeping stationery items, the surface have multiple curved edges for accommodating space constraints, a customizable partition for providing visual privacy to at least one of an official and multiple customers while filling multiple forms and branding, a perforated pattern across at least three sides of the mfd for providing ventilation, a cable management unit for connecting the mfd with a power source, one or more storage units for storing promotional material, a number of filled forms, a product manual, and one or more maintenance records, and a printout interface for providing a point of interaction for customers in order to access one or more printouts.
 Ventilation device for the fuel system of a hybrid vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Ventilation device for the fuel system of a hybrid vehicle
A ventilation device including: a first enclosure including a first passage configured to be connected to a canister outlet and the atmosphere, and a normally closed shutter device configured to open to release the first passage; a second enclosure including a second passage configured to be connected to the canister inlet and a fuel tank, and a normally open shutter device configured to close to shut the second passage, the second passage being separate from and not in communication with the first passage; and a combined pressure/vacuum relief valve or opr and upr valve pair situated in or fastened to a bypass of the first passage configured to establish a connection between ends of the first passage when the shutter device is closed and when there is over- or under-pressure in the ends. A fuel system can include the device and a hybrid vehicle can include the fuel system..
 Return air ducts for vehicles patent thumbnailnew patent Return air ducts for vehicles
A vehicle includes an air inlet passage, a cargo compartment, a passenger compartment, a battery, and a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (hvac) unit. The battery is disposed in the cargo compartment.
 Apparatus for ventilation of a casting mold patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus for ventilation of a casting mold
The invention relates to an apparatus for ventilation of a casting mold.. .
new patent Protective accessory device for freestanding outdoor cooking units
A safety device for outdoor cooking grills having a plurality of base pieces that are linearly joined such that they may be folded together for transportation or unfolded for use by interlocking the first piece with the last piece to form an enclosure. Depending on the number of base pieces used, the enclosure may take the form of triangle, octagon, or other geometric shape, and may contain an opening to facilitate ventilation.
new patent System and method for controlling a variable speed drive of a compressor motor
A variable speed drive (vsd) can be used to vary the voltage-to-frequency ratio (v/f) supplied to a compressor motor of a heating, ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration (hvac&r) system to make the motor stronger or weaker to compensate for varying conditions in the hvac&r system. The vsd and corresponding control system or algorithm can monitor an operating parameter of the hvac&r system, such as the kw absorbed by the motor, and then raise or lower the v/f of the vsd to obtain the lowest possible power consumption from the motor..
new patent Cosmetic brush systems with coupled caps
A cosmetic brush system for applying a product to a surface is disclosed. The cosmetic brush system may include a displaceable cap coupled to a handle and a group of bristles fixed to one end of the handle.
Non-invasive ventilation measurement
Determining the lung compliance and lung resistance of a subject undergoing respiratory therapy using non-invasive ventilation requires taking the presence of leaks into account. In particular, variable and unintentional leaks at or near a subject interface appliance may be dynamically determined based on an average resistance of the leak orifice of the subject..
Heating, ventilation and/or air-conditioning apparatus including an air flow channel bypassing a heat exchanger
A heating, ventilation and/or air-conditioning apparatus (1) for the passenger compartment of a motor vehicle includes a housing (2) comprising a first air inlet (3) and a second air inlet (4). The housing (2) directs an inner air flow (fi) from the first air inlet (3) and/or the second air inlet (4) and contains at least a first heat exchanger (5).
External thermostat fan controller
A method for efficient control of a heater ventilation fan. The method includes switching the heater ventilation fan from low speed to high speed after a brief period p1 following starting, and continuing heater ventilation fan operation for a variable period of time p2 after the heat source has stopped.
Air intake duct
There is provided an air intake duct capable of fully achieving intake-air noise attenuation effect. The air intake duct has a duct wall section formed of resin in form of tube and configured to introduce external air into an internal combustion engine or alternate power supply system.
Inner cylinder of explosion-venting-type aerosol fire extinguishing device
The present disclosure relates to an inner cylinder of an explosion-venting-type aerosol fire extinguishing device, including a cylinder body (3) and a cylinder cover component (4) arranged on one end of the cylinder body (3), and an explosion-venting device arranged on the cylinder body (3). The explosion-venting device includes a friction layer (11), a connecting rod (12), a guiding unit (13), and a limiting device (14).
Control assembly
A control component for insertion in a standard size connection box of a conventional component such as a switch or other electrical mechanism. The control component may have new capabilities plus maintain the capabilities of the conventional component.
Ventilation device for buildings equipped with a valve for opening and closing an aperture for the passage of an airflow
Air exchange device for buildings, comprising: a casing having an internal inlet opening, an internal outlet opening, an external inlet opening and an external outlet opening, a heat exchanger housed within said casing and having a first inlet in communication with the internal inlet opening, a first outlet in communication with the external outlet opening, a second inlet in communication with the external inlet opening and a second outlet in communication with the internal outlet opening, a first fan unit arranged for generating a first airflow directed from the internal inlet opening towards the external outlet opening and a second fan unit arranged for generating a second airflow directed from the external inlet opening towards the internal outlet opening.. .
System and method for detecting minimal ventilation support with volume ventilation plus software and remote monitoring
Methods and systems are provided that determine whether a patient is receiving minimal support from a ventilator. In one embodiment, a ventilation system may determine a value of a peak inspiratory pressure (pip) and a value of a positive end-expiratory pressure (peep) of a patient.
Multiple-use airway mask
A flexible transparent multiple use face mask that encloses a user's face allowing the user's airway to be ventilated that includes a transparent flexible airway mask that encloses and ventilates a user's airway, an airway adaptor that directs a quantity of ventilation to the transparent flexible airway mask, a manual resuscitation bag valve that receives the airway adaptor and controls the quantity of ventilation directed to the transparent flexible airway mask and a manual resuscitation bag that produces the quantity of ventilation transmitted through the airway adaptor to the transparent flexible airway mask. The multiple-use airway mask may also be turned inside-out and be utilized in combination with an endotracheal tube or a tracheotomy tube and also includes an optional attachment strap to prevent losing the transparent flexible airway mask as an added safety measure to keep the mask and bag connected..
Acoustic ventilation and respiratory booster machine
An acoustic ventilator using feedback control is designed to generate and exert a desired mixture of pressure oscillations into a supply of gas entering a subject's airways to maintain optimal ventilation and perfusion in the lungs. According to the subject's biological specifications and real-time medical condition, computers and human interface control the vibrations in intensity and frequency along with the pressure and composition of blended gases in order to enhance oxygenation and co2 clearance.
Icomfort: method to measure and control your micro-climate using a smart phone
Temperature, relative humidity and air quality define comfort indoors. Individuals judge comfort by how the environment feels and smells.
Ventilation device
Ventilation device is mounted on inner wall in wind tunnel communicating between indoor and outdoor sides, having a ventilation louver. The ventilation louver includes a louver frame and a movable louver.
Mounting apparatus with air guiding duct
A mounting apparatus includes a chassis and a mounting bracket. The chassis includes a front plate and a rear plate.
Electronic device with airflow control structure
An electronic device includes a chassis, an air-guiding housing mounted in the chassis, and an airflow control member. The chassis includes a base panel with a plurality of ventilation holes.
Opacity baffle to prevent viewing of internal structures in secure electronic equipment
An opacity baffle is disclosed that can be permanently secured to the back face of an electronic apparatus to cover ventilation openings or other openings that render the apparatus visually unsecure. The opacity baffle in one example comprises a grill and ventilation material that are secured together at their edges resulting in a rigid structure.
Furnace tube inspection
Devices, methods, and systems for determining a layout for a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (hvac) system of a building are described herein. One method includes receiving information from a building information model associated with a building, receiving information from a pre-engineering tool associated with the building, and determining a layout for an hvac system of the building based, at least in part, on the information form the building information model and the information from the pre-engineering tool..
Waste liquid recovery apparatus and liquid ejecting apparatus
A waste liquid recovery apparatus includes a container body; a liquid absorbing body which is accommodated in the container body and absorbs liquid discharged as a waste liquid; and a sealing member which seals the container body, wherein a first space into which liquid is discharged from a liquid ejecting head and a second space which links with the outside through a ventilation hole formed in the sealing member are formed in a space closed by the container body and the sealing body, and the first space and the second space are connected with each other at the ventilation hole side.. .
Device and system for diffusion of a fragrance
A compact fragrance diffuser 1 including a ventilation corridor, an air flow generator, a fixing support on the downstream side of the air flow generator and adapted to fix a fragrance cartridge there, a partition in the ventilation corridor between the air flow generator and the fixing support, the state of which can be modified between at least a partitioning state and a non-partitioning state, and a servocontrol system between the air flow generator and the partition such that the partition is in the partitioning state if the air flow generator is stopped, the partition and the ventilation corridor being produced at least in part in a material inert to the fragrances.. .
Ember blocking ventilation device
Exemplary embodiments of an ember blocking ventilation device are disclosed. The ventilation device may be a mountable device having a frame that can hold a layer of endothermic materials and bonded filters.
Ventilation controller
A ventilation system for a building in some cases includes a main hvac blower for moving temperature-conditioned air through the building plus a smaller ventilation blower for providing fresh air. A controller regulates the ventilation blower's speed to provide a target ventilation flow rate regardless of changes in the pressure differential between the indoor and outdoor air.
Ventilator pressure oscillation filter
A ventilation air pressure oscillation mitigation device for a ventilator includes a housing defining an inlet and an outlet. The device includes a valve seat defining a primary opening and a plurality of secondary openings.
Methods, systems and devices for humidifying a respiratory tract
Systems and methods are provided for humidifying ventilation gas. Systems and methods may include a nasal interface apparatus for receiving ventilation gas from gas delivery tubing and for humidifying ventilation gas.
Autonomous ventilation system
An autonomous ventilation system includes a variable-speed exhaust fan, a controller, an exhaust hood, and a spillage sensor. The exhaust fan removes air contaminants from an area.
Heat exchanger for a heating, ventilation and/or air-conditioning unit
The invention relates to a heat exchanger (1) arranged to perform a heat exchange between a coolant (2) and an internal air flow (3) and comprising a bundle (8) formed by a first layer (4) and a second layer (6) through which the coolant flows, said first layer (4) being defined by a first front face (5a) and a second front face (5b) and said second layer (6) being defined by a third front face (5c) and a fourth front face (5d). At least three of the front faces (5a, 5b, 5c, 5d) are different and arranged in different planes..
Structure of shoe sole having superior ventilation function and double- landing function
A shoe sole according to an aspect to the invention has ventilation function and has a double-landing function. The shoe sole includes a main groove, and sole including a pressure pad of a flat shape and connection portion.
Use of natural language in controlling devices
The invention discloses methods and apparatus based on tabular concepts which greatly simplify the configuration, maintenance and run-time operations of a broad range of electronic equipment control systems, including, but not limited to: (a) industrial controls, (b) supervisory control and data acquisition, such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and (c) home automation, including systems or stand-alone equipment, such as video recording devices. The tabular concepts of the invention are applied in three primary stages, namely (i) data input or configuration, including automated data population, (ii) generic operating rule application to tables of rules data variables, and (iii) english (or other) language translations of the current rule sets, for ease of verification.
Ventilation monitoring
According to an embodiment of the present invention, a ventilation monitoring device comprises at least one processor and at least one memory including computer program code. The at least one memory and the computer program code is configured with the at least one processor to cause the ventilation monitoring device to determine whether an intubated subject's tracheal tube is properly placed by receiving an indication of a subject's breath from at least one sensor..
Electronic device enclosure
An electronic device enclosure includes a cabinet, an air guiding duct, and a controlling member. The cabinet includes a bottom plate with a heat dissipating area.
Personal ventilation in an aircraft environment
A method for providing purified air to an occupant of a seat in a mask lacking corporeal features that is generated by an apparatus. The apparatus includes a contaminant conditioning system that delivers purified air to a first and a second laminar flow generator.
Systems and methods for storing spent nuclear fuel
Systems and methods for storing spent nuclear fuel below grade that afford adequate ventilation of the spent fuel storage cavity. In one aspect, the invention is a system comprising: a shell forming a cavity for receiving a canister of spent nuclear fuel, at least a portion of the shell positioned below grade; and at least one inlet ventilation duct extending from an above grade inlet to a below grade outlet at or near a bottom of the cavity; the inlet ventilation duct connected to the shell so that the cavity is hermetically sealed to ingress of below grade fluids.
Motor mount with improved decoupling for ventilation system
The invention relates to a mount 2 in which is housed an electric motor 3 which has a shaft 10 extending along a longitudinal axis 13, said motor having a mass equilibrium line 22 transverse to the longitudinal axis 13 and passing through a centre of gravity 40 of the electric motor, said mount 2 being connected to the motor 3 by a plurality of decoupling means 20 distributed around the periphery of the motor, characterized in that the longitudinal position d2 with respect to the mount 2 of at least one decoupling means 20 and a dimension d3 of this decoupling means 20 along the longitudinal axis 13 are determined with respect to the mass equilibrium line 22.. .
Aircraft cockpit with emergency exit via a central pane
The present invention relates to an aircraft cockpit with a double flight deck in which a central pane of a windscreen can be removed in order to at least partially clear an opening in order to constitute an emergency exit and ensure natural ventilation of the cockpit. Moreover, a central portion of a glare shield and of a flight station instrument panel are optionally moveable in order to facilitate access to the opening in the event of the need for emergency evacuation..
Dog shading screen
A removable dog screen for placement in the rear opening door of a vehicle to provide shade and ventilation to an animal within the vehicle for a short period of time. The disclosure provides for a removable dog screen that spans across the rear opening of a vehicle such as an suv.
Integrated hvac case and pipe retention feature
A heating, ventilation, and air cooling (hvac) assembly including a blower subassembly and an hvac subassembly. The blower subassembly includes a first heater core pipe retention member.
Equipment fault detection, diagnostics and disaggregation system
A system for fault detection and diagnostics of equipment. The system may also be capable of disaggregation and/or virtual submetering of energy consumption by equipment, such as that of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting, and so forth, in a building.
Weaning from ventilation using capnography
Devices and systems for monitoring weaning of a subject from a respiratory ventilator including a processing logic configured to characterize distinct patterns in a series of co2 waveforms, the distinct patterns indicative of the effectiveness of a weaning process; and to provide an indication relating to the effectiveness of the weaning process.. .
Developer supply container and developer supplying system
A developer supply container includes a developer accommodating portion for accommodating developer; a discharge opening for discharging the developer from said developer accommodating portion; a pump portion capable of changing an internal pressure of said developer accommodating portion so as to discharge the developer through said discharge opening; a venting portion for permitting venting between an inside and an outside of said developer accommodating portion while preventing flowing of the developer out of said developer accommodating portion; and a ventilation blocking portion for blocking venting of said venting portion at least when said pump portion operates.. .
System and method for the ventilated storage of high level radioactive waste in a clustered arrangement
A system for receiving and storing high level radioactive waste comprising: an enclosure comprising walls having inlet ventilation ducts, a roof comprising an array of holes, and a floor; an array of metal shells located in an internal space of the enclosure, the array of metal shells being co-axial with the array of holes in the roof so that containers holding high level radioactive waste can be lowered through the array of holes in the roof and into the array of metal shells; the array of metal shells acting as load bearing columns for the roof; and each of the metal shells comprising (i) an expansion joint for accommodating thermal expansion and/or contraction of the metal shells; and (ii) one or more holes at a bottom portion of the metal shell.. .
Method and apparatus for enhanced pathogen mortality in ventilation systems using solid state means of generation of uvc
A novel method and apparatus is presented wherein an output of infra-red solid state laser or multiple of such lasers is quadrupled in frequency to obtain a laser output that emits energy in ultra violet c spectrum, and wherein this energy is then provided within an air duct as is normal in hvac systems so as it kill pathogens that are airborne and being carried through the conduit. Further such a method reduces production of ozone, detrimental to human health and produced in other means of generating uvc and provides ease of control of such energy so as to maintain the required energy at a steady level for prolonged period of time..
Beverage container
A beverage container includes a container main body, an inner lid portion that covers the container main body, a spout portion which is formed on the inner lid portion and through which a beverage is discharged, a spout blocking portion 3a that blocks the spout portion, an outer lid portion disposed so as to be able to engage with and disengage from the inner lid portion, a ventilation portion that allows air to flow between the inside and the outside of the container main body, and a vent blocking portion formed on the outer lid portion or the inner lid portion to block the ventilation portion when the outer lid portion is placed to close the inner lid portion. A cancellation operation portion which cancels engagement between the outer lid portion and the inner lid portion is formed, and the beverage container further includes a ventilation adjusting protruding portion..
Muffler for enhanced arc protection
A muffler for enhanced arc protection is described. In the case of an internal arc event in an electrical enclosure, the muffler exhausts arc gas and plasma parallel to the enclosure surface, instead of directly forward where persons may be located.
System and method to route airflow through dynamically changing ducts
The invention generally relates to ventilation systems and methods, and more particularly to selectively configurable climate control systems and methods for use in data centers and the like. A system includes a first structural element and a second structural element spaced apart from first structural element to define a space between the first and second structural elements.
Atomizing device, ventilation member and electronic cigarette having same
An atomizing device of an electronic cigarette without a liquid reserving member is provided. The atomizing device includes an atomizing sleeve, a support, a heating assembly, and a ventilation member fixed inside the atomizing sleeve.
Duct for engine bay cooling and ventilation
An air cooling system provides cooling air within an engine bay of a vehicle. The vehicle includes a radiator and a cooling fan, the cooling fan is operable to force air to flow through the radiator, and the cooling fan is also operable to blow air within a blow zone away from the cooling fan and into the engine bay.
Air-conditioning apparatus for electric vehicle
An air-conditioning apparatus for an electric vehicle, which includes a main core disposed on a ventilation channel, and a thermoelectric device having a first surface and a second surface performing heat generation or heat absorption. An air-conditioning channel through which cooling water circulates around the first surface of the thermoelectric device and the main core is also provided along with a waste heat channel through which the cooling water circulates around the second surface of the thermoelectric device and an electric component a controller configured to control the thermoelectric device so that the first surface and the second surface serve as a heat generating surface and a heat absorbing surface, respectively, and control circulation through the air-conditioning channel or the waste heat channel in a heating mode..
Air-conditioning apparatus for vehicle
An air-conditioning apparatus for a vehicle, which includes an evaporator core and a heater core disposed on a ventilation channel overlapping each other, and thermoelectric device having a heat generating surface and a heat absorbing surface. A cooling line including a first cooling channel through which cooling water circulates around the heat absorbing surface and the evaporator core and a second cooling channel through which the cooling water circulates around the heat absorbing surface and an engine, and a heating line including a first heating channel through which the cooling water circulates around the heat generating surface and the heater core and a second heating channel through which the cooling water circulates around the engine and the heater core are also included.
Toilet ventilation systems
Provided are toilet ventilation systems. A toilet ventilation system may use an air conduit to facilitate removal of air from a toilet bowl into a toilet tank via an overflow tube.
Recessed profile
The invention relates to a recessed hollow profile for mounting to a wall system in a wall of a building, which allows ventilation with efficient decentralised energy recovery. The invention also relates to a system for ventilating a room..
Mobile barrier
In one embodiment, a safety trailer has semi-tractor hitches at both ends and a safety wall that is fixed to one side of the trailer. That side, however, can be changed to the right or left side of the road, depending on the end to which the truck attaches.
Mounting apparatus for battery module
A battery mounting apparatus requiring a minimum of screw fixings includes an enclosure, two positioning members, and a supporting mechanism. The enclosure includes a rear wall defining two ventilation openings.
Support structure for displaying a helmet
A helmet display device for supporting and displaying a helmet on a light fixture is provided. The device has a helmet supporting area configured to contact an inside surface of the helmet and hold the helmet in a fixed position around a light bulb of the light fixture; and a ventilation opening adjacent the helmet supporting area configured to dissipate heat generated by the light bulb..
Nasal venti system
A portable nasal ventilation assembly and system having a nasal piece with fluid delivery ports which engage and occlude the nares of a patient and provides sustained oxygen saturations greater than 90% with lung afflictions requiring high-flows such as pulmonary fibrosis. The assembly is noninvasive and does not require the use of positive pressure machines that can only be used within the confines of a hospital intensive care unit.
Ventilation circuit adaptor and proximal aerosol delivery system
An adaptor for delivering an aerosolized active agent to a patient with concomitant positive pressure ventilation includes an aerosol flow channel having an aerosol inlet port and a patient interface port, and defining an aerosol flow path from the aerosol inlet port to and through the patient interface port; and a ventilation gas flow channel in fluid communication with the aerosol flow channel and having a gas inlet port and a gas outlet port, and defining a ventilation gas flow path from the gas inlet port to and through the gas outlet port, wherein the ventilation gas flow path is at least partially offset from the aerosol flow path and at least partially encircles the aerosol flow path. Systems and methods for delivering an aerosolized active agent to a patient with concomitant positive pressure ventilation incorporate the adaptor..
Home appliance with supplemental primary air supply
A home appliance, particularly a gas range including an appliance body, a cooktop on the appliance body, an oven cavity in the body, a gas-operable heating element in the cavity for heating the cavity to a cooking temperature and including a gas mixing pipe having an inlet open to the cavity for intake of gas and air for combustion. A ventilation channel extends through the appliance body intermediate the cooktop and the oven cavity.
Intercooler condensate to sump or positive crankcase ventilation flow
Methods and systems are provided for removing condensate from a charge air cooler. Condensate may be drained from the charge air cooler and introduced into a positive crankcase ventilation flow or an engine oil sump.

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