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Ventilation patents


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 Energy storage apparatus patent thumbnailEnergy storage apparatus
Provided is an energy storage apparatus includes: at least one energy storage device; and a spacer disposed adjacently to the energy storage device, the spacer being configured to form a ventilation passage which allows cooling air to pass therethrough between the spacer and the energy storage device, wherein the spacer has an opposedly facing portion which opposedly faces a spacer disposed adjacently to the spacer with the energy storage device sandwiched therebetween at a position which faces the ventilation passage and is disposed adjacently to the energy storage device in a flow direction of the cooling air in the ventilation passage, one opposedly facing portion of a pair of opposedly facing portions which opposedly faces each other of the spacers disposed on both sides of the energy storage device has an extending portion extending toward the other opposedly facing portion of the pair of opposedly facing portions, and the extending portion is brought into contact with the other opposedly facing portion.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

 Ventilation management system patent thumbnailVentilation management system
Ventilator management systems are provided. In one aspect, a ventilator management system includes a memory that includes an initial configuration profile configured to designate operating parameters for a ventilation device, and a processor.
Vyaire Medical Capital Llc

 Ventilation  computer case patent thumbnailVentilation computer case
The ventilation system for a computer case housing electronic components and cables contains a casing member, an air admission device, an air exhaust device, a first storage space, a second storage space, and a partition board. The air admission device is configured on a first side and the air exhaust device is configured on a second side of the casing member.
Evga Corporation

 Wearable computing system patent thumbnailWearable computing system
A wearable computer system which may be used in various applications including virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality applications. The system may be worn by a user while using such systems and applications.
Atomic Vr Inc

 Air ventilation system with radio frequency shielding for use in magnetic resonance imaging systems patent thumbnailAir ventilation system with radio frequency shielding for use in magnetic resonance imaging systems
An air ventilation device for use in a magnetic resonance imaging system, the air ventilation device comprising: —an electric motor-driven fan (30), —a fan housing (34) having at least one air intake opening (36) and at least one air outlet opening (38), wherein the fan (30) is arranged inside the fan housing (34) between the at least one air intake opening (36) and the at least one air outlet opening (38), —at least one ventilation duct (40) connected to the at least one air outlet opening (38), wherein the fan housing (34) is designed as an open-ended waveguide (24) for conveying electromagnetic waves having a cutoff frequency (fc) that is larger than a largest frequency of the emission spectrum that exceeds a predefined amplitude-related parameter, and wherein one end of the waveguide (24) serves as the at least one air intake opening (36), and the opposite end of the waveguide (24) serves as the at least one air outlet opening (38); and a magnetic resonance imaging system comprising a scanner unit (10) that is configured for acquiring magnetic resonance images from a subject of some interest, and an embodiment of such air ventilation device.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

 Crimp joint with o-rings enhanced with adhesive and incorporated to manifold feeder tubes patent thumbnailCrimp joint with o-rings enhanced with adhesive and incorporated to manifold feeder tubes
Systems and methods are disclosed that include providing a heating, ventilation, and/or air conditioning (hvac) system with a spine fin heat exchanger comprising elliptical heat exchanger tubes joined to elliptical feeder tubes extending from the heat exchanger manifold by a crimp joint that is configured such that the heat exchanger tubes are inserted into corresponding feeder tubes. The crimp joint includes at least two o-rings disposed between an outer diameter of each of the heat exchanger tubes and an inner diameter of each of the feeder tubes.
Trane International Inc.

 Air mixing device patent thumbnailAir mixing device
A portable enclosure is configured to mix room air with a controlled amount of exterior air via one or more flexible conduits disposed between the enclosure and an exterior window. At least one flexible conduit is connected to a barrier structure which is designed for sealable placement within the window.

 Ventilation unit patent thumbnailVentilation unit
A ventilation unit includes a fixing member coupled to an exhaust tube, through which exhaust gas is discharged, a discharge cap portion including a hollow discharge flange portion coupled to the fixing member, and a discharge cone portion extending from the discharge flange portion and having a narrow upper side and a wide lower side, a finish cap portion including a hollow finish flange portion arranged to be spaced from the discharge flange portion, a finish cone portion extending from the finish flange portion and having a narrow upper side and a wide lower side, and a finish plate portion closing the upper end of the finish cone portion, and a spacing member for fixing the discharge cap portion and the finish cap portion to be spaced from each other, wherein the discharge cone portion overlaps with the finish cone portion.. .

 Portable solar hvac system with all-in-one appliances patent thumbnailPortable solar hvac system with all-in-one appliances
This invention relates to a portable or fixed solar powered heating ventilation air conditioner (hvac) system. The disclosed invention consists of the following major components.

 Air-conditioning and ventilation apparatus patent thumbnailAir-conditioning and ventilation apparatus
An air-conditioning and ventilation apparatus includes an air-conditioning coil that is installed on a downstream side of a heat exchanger in a supply air trunk and changes cooling capacity with respect to heat-exchanged outdoor air in multiple stages; an outdoor-air temperature and humidity sensor that detects temperature and relative humidity of the outdoor air; and a control unit that stores therein reference data in which the cooling capacity is set for each combination of temperature and relative humidity of the outdoor air such that absolute humidity of supply air becomes equal to or lower than indoor target absolute humidity on the basis of a dehumidification load corresponding to an absolute humidity difference between indoors and outdoors, and determines a cooling capacity value of the air-conditioning coil on the basis of detection results during a cooling operation by the outdoor-air temperature and humidity sensor and the reference data.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Package-storage type engine generator

In the present invention, a package is partitioned into upper and lower sections. An engine and a generator are both disposed in the lower section.
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

Portable restroom

A portable restroom is provided. The portable restroom offers features providing users with temporary toilet functions in a physically and emotionally secure environment while offering the owner/operator a cost-effective means of providing service.
Sansom Industries Llc

Tank filler tube

A tank filler tube includes a fill tube line which features, in the tank assembled state, an inlet end further from the tank, which is designed for temporary insertion of the fill nozzle into a closer-to-the-tank insertion region of the fill tube line, and with a closer-to-the-tank transit line end in the tank assembled state, which is designed for transit of liquid in a direction of the liquid transit line leading away from the inlet end, wherein the fill tube line is of multi-part design. At least one part of the ventilation line is for venting the gas displaced during a filling of a tank into the atmosphere.
Röchling Automotive Se & Co. Kg

Hvac kinematics to provide temperature and mode control with one actuator

An air-handling system for a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system comprising includes a main housing, a temperature door, a mode door, and a control mechanism. The temperature door is disposed in a mixing and conditioning section of the main housing to control a temperature of a flow of air to a delivery section of the main housing.
Hanon Systems

Air conditioning device for vehicle

An air conditioning device has an electric blower, an air conditioning case, a cooling heat exchanger, and a partition wall. The electric blower has an electric motor, a fan, and a blowing case.
Denso Corporation

Intelligent automotive air-quality assessment and management

A mechanism is provided for controlling the internal air-quality of a vehicle. Responsive to determining that a speed of a vehicle fails to be above the predetermined low-speed threshold, a determination is made as to whether an internal air-quality from an internal air-quality sensor is better than the external air-quality from an external air-quality sensor.
International Business Machines Corporation

Connecting-system kit for a respiratory humidifier

A liquid-container/ventilation-tube kit for a ventilation system that includes (a) a ventilator, (b) a respiratory humidifier having a housing and a liquid container, the housing having a pair of first electrical contact elements, (c) a first inhalation tube extending from the respiratory humidifier to a y-piece, (d) a second inhalation tube extending from the ventilator to the respiratory humidifier, and (e) an exhalation tube extending from the y-piece to the ventilator, the kit including the liquid container having a pair of first connection elements for removable connection of the first and second inhalation tubes thereto, and a pair of second connection elements each attached to a respective one of the first and second inhalation tubes and by which each of the inhalation tubes is pneumatically connected to a respective one of the first connection elements along a first connecting direction, each second connection element having a second electrical contact element that is positioned and arranged such that electrical connection with a respective one of the first electrical contact elements is possible in both of two ways, one when the pneumatic connection of the respective ventilation tube to the liquid container is effected after the liquid container has been inserted into the housing and the other when the liquid container is inserted into the housing after the pneumatic connection of the ventilation tubes to the liquid container has been effected.. .
Hamilton Bonaduz Ag

Air duct ventilation system for apparel items

An apparel item having an integrated duct system for an upper torso of a wearer is provided herein. The integrated duct may be formed by permanently and discontinuously affixing a portion of the panels used to form the apparel item along their edges.
Nike, Inc.

Power generation system and method

A method is disclosed for generating and distributing electric power for localized use. The method entails providing an enclosed building having an air conditioning and ventilation unit for supplying cooled air within the building, the unit including a closed loop circuit configured to operate a closed loop refrigeration cycle, including a compressor operable to compress a working fluid of the closed loop circuit.

Mobile electric power generation for hydraulic fracturing of subsurface geological formations

Providing mobile electric power comprising a power generation transport configured to convert hydrocarbon fuel to electricity and an inlet and exhaust transport configured to: couple to at least one side of the power generation transport such that the inlet and exhaust transport is not connected to a top side of the power generation transport, provide ventilation air and combustion air to the power generation transport, collect exhaust air from the power generation transport, and filter the exhaust air.. .
Evolution Well Services, Llc

Modular insulation fluid handling system

A modular insulation fluid handling system for protecting insulation fluid of an inductive power device having an expansion vessel and for handling volume variations of the insulation fluid, the modular insulation fluid handling system includes a first protective housing including a resilient reservoir filled with an inert gas, a connector, and an adapter sealably connected to the inside of the resilient reservoir, an interface including a ventilation duct terminal and a reservoir terminal being sealably connected to the adapter, the connector is arranged between the adapter and the interface and configured to be connected to a connector of a second protective housing, and a vessel ventilation duct configured to be sealably connected to the expansion vessel and the ventilation duct terminal. The inside of the resilient reservoir is configured to be in hermetically sealed fluid communication with the expansion vessel via the adapter, the interface and the vessel ventilation duct..
Abb Schweiz Ag

Ventilated body armor and load carrying apparatus

Various embodiments add a structure to a body armor unit that has a frame and a breathable (e.g. Porous) material suspended between elements of the frame, that may allow the suspended breathable material to become the primary, or the sole material, in contact with the wearer's body.
Spartan Investment Services Llc

Cosmetic makeup sponge/blender container

A cosmetic sponge drying and storage container has a plurality of components, including at least a first component and a second component, the first component being moveable with respect to the second component to position the container in at least an open condition and a closed condition. At least one of the first component or said second component is perforated with perforations.

Ventilation apparatus of lamp module for vehicles

A ventilation apparatus of a lamp module for vehicles may include a lamp housing, a lamp installed in the lamp housing and emitting light through a light transmitting part, a light transmitting lens covering an opening of the lamp housing and transmitting the light emitted from the light transmitting part, an intake hole part formed through the lamp housing and arranged at one side of the lamp, an exhaust hole part formed through the lamp housing and arranged at the other side of the lamp, an exhaust pipe coupled to the lamp housing and connected to the exhaust hole part, and an exhaust pump connected to the exhaust pipe and forcibly discharging the air between the lamp housing and the light transmitting lens through the exhaust pipe.. .
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

Ventilation apparatus of lamp module for vehicles

A ventilation apparatus of a lamp module for vehicles may include: a lamp housing; a lamp emitting light through a light transmitting part; a light transmitting lens covering an opening of the lamp housing; an intake hole part formed through the lamp housing, and arranged at one side of the lamp; an exhaust hole part formed through the lamp housing, and arranged at the other side of the lamp; and an exhaust pipe having one side coupled to the lamp housing and connected to the exhaust hole part and the other side connected to an intake part of an engine.. .
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

Filling member and manufacturing seat pad using the filling member

A seat pad which can provide a favorable seating feeling while adhesion between a breathable member and a resin foam constituting the seat pad is ensured and a method of manufacturing such a seat pad are provided. A filling member including a breathable member having a ventilation function to an outside, used in a molding process of the seat pad for a vehicle integrally molded from a foam made of a foamable resin in a state where the breathable member is placed therein, and removed after the molding, is characterized by including a frame-shaped body attached to a peripheral side surface of an outside exposed surface of the breathable member and installed on a molding surface of a mold and a side-surface covering body installed upright on the frame-shaped body and partially covering a side surface of the breathable member..
Bridgestone Corporation

Method and system for cooling an electric motor of a simulation or video game controller

A method and system for cooling an electric motor of a simulation or video game controller that comprises a rotor arranged in a casing, wherein the method comprises a forced air ventilation from the outside of the casing to the inside of the casing by a fan arranged on the rotor and kinetically decoupled from the rotor. As such, cold outside air is recovered and circulates through the coils which constitute the heat source and expulsed to the other end of the motor.
Guillemot Corporation S.a.

Apparatus for monitoring a disconnection

Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for monitoring the disconnection of a patient interface system during the ventilation, in which values which are indicative for the time curve of the respiratory gas flow are established and subjected to data evaluation, and wherein an alarm is triggered on the basis of the data evaluation if at least one value which is indicative for the time curve of the respiratory gas flow deviates from a specific limit value for a specific period of time.. .
Loewenstein Medical Technology S.a.

Dental scanner holding apparatus and dental scanner system including the same

The present invention relates to a dental scanner holding apparatus and a dental scanner system including the same. The apparatus may include a holding unit configured to have a dental scanner held therein, a holding detection unit configured to detect whether the dental scanner has been held in the holding unit, a humidity detection unit configured to detect humidity within the holding unit, a control unit configured to generate a sterilization signal based on a result of the detection of the holding detection unit regarding whether the dental scanner has been held in the holding unit and to generate a dehumidification signal based on the humidity detected by the humidity detection unit, an ultraviolet sterilization unit configured to radiate ultraviolet rays into the holding unit in response to the sterilization signal, and a ventilation unit configured to send air into the holding unit in response to the dehumidification signal..
Vatech Ewoo Holdings Co., Ltd.

Integrated heat pump and thermoelectric cooling with a bladeless fan

Various air conditioner systems and methods are presented. An air ventilation chamber assembly may include a first chamber and a second chamber through which air is circulated into an environment to be cooled.
Google Inc.

Ventilation device

A ventilation device includes a temperature regulating coil that is capable of changing the heating capacity at multiple stages, and that heats a supplied-air flow after having undergone total heat exchange by a total heat exchanger, a humidifying element that humidifies a supplied-air flow heated by the temperature regulating coil, a target indoor-humidity storage unit that stores therein a target indoor humidity that is a target value of the indoor-air humidity, and a control unit that decides the heating capacity of the temperature regulating coil, such that the humidity of the supplied-air flow becomes the target indoor humidity, based on measurement values of an outside-air temperature sensor and an outside-air humidity sensor when the target indoor humidity is higher than an actual measurement value of the indoor-air humidity measured by an indoor humidity sensor.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

See-through in-window air conditioner unit

Various embodiments of air conditioner units are detailed. Such air conditioner units may use multiple air ventilation chambers arranged on both an indoor and outdoor portion of the air conditioner unit.
Google Inc.

System and mounting undercabinet ventilation hood

A system and method for installing a ventilation hood to an underside of a wall cabinet includes providing structure for initially establishing mounting or anchoring points for the ventilation hood, securing first mounting structure for the ventilation hood, supporting the ventilation hood on the first mounting structure, and then further securing the ventilation hood with an additional fastening arrangement to complete the installation.. .
Whirlpool Corporation

Vacuum heat insulating body, and heat insulating container and heat insulating wall employing same

A vacuum heat insulating body includes core material and outer packing material that vacuum-seals core material. Core material includes first heat insulating core material and second heat insulating core material having ventilation characteristics.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Heating and ventilation inlay for a vehicle seat

The present invention is directed to a heating and ventilation inlay for a vehicle seat that is adapted to be placed in a recess in a seat cushion or backrest of the vehicle seat underneath a seat trim. The heating and ventilation inlay comprises an arrangement of layers including an air permeable heating mat having a heating conductor running on the heating mat.
Kongsberg Automotive Ab

Liquid ejection system, ventilation unit, liquid supply apparatus

A liquid ejection system includes a liquid ejection head configured to ejecting liquid, a liquid storage container that includes a liquid storage portion capable of storing the liquid that is to be supplied to the liquid ejection head, and a ventilation unit that constitutes at least a portion of an air introduction portion that is in communication with the liquid storage portion and is configured to introducing air into the liquid storage portion, and is detachable from the liquid storage container. The ventilation unit includes an introduction passage that constitutes at least a portion of a path of air flowing toward the liquid storage portion in the air introduction portion, and an air chamber that constitutes at least a portion of the introduction passage.
Seiko Epson Corporation

Ultrasonic transducer element chip, probe, electronic instrument, and ultrasonic diagnostic device

An ultrasonic transducer element chip includes a substrate defining an opening, an ultrasonic transducer element disposed at a position corresponding to the opening in a thickness direction of the substrate, and a reinforcing member connected to the substrate to cover the opening. The reinforcing member defines a ventilation passage from the opening to an outside of the substrate..
Seiko Epson Corporation

Resuscitator with distal oxygen inlet, breathing circuits having reusable and disposable components, resuscitation and providing assisted ventilation and anesthesia, and kits and components therefore

A resuscitation device is disclosed comprising a bag, a non-rebreathing valve (nrv), a breathing conduit, a filter, a pressure limiting valve, a patient airway device, and an oxygen inlet located distally (on the patient side) of the bag. The device can be operatively connected to a patient airway device to provide gases to and/or exhaust gases from a patient.

Methods and systems for adaptive base flow and leak compensation

This disclosure describes systems and methods for providing adaptive base flow scheduling during ventilation of a patient to optimize patient-machine synchrony and accuracy of estimated exhaled as well as inhaled tidal volumes. Further, this disclosure describes systems and methods for providing adaptive inspiratory trigger threshold scheduling during the adaptive base flow scheduling.
Covidien Lp

Ventilation system with mechanical ventilation and extracorporeal blood gas exchange

A system for supporting the blood gas exchange by means of mechanical ventilation and extracorporeal blood gas exchange comprises a ventilation device for mechanical ventilation of the lungs of a patient, and an ecls device for the extracorporeal blood gas exchange, wherein the ventilation system is designed to perform mechanical respiratory support by the ventilation device on the one hand and an extracorporeal blood gas exchange by the ecls device on the other hand in coordinated, automated manner in order to support the gas exchange in the blood circulation of the patient, wherein the ecls device sets a level of the extracorporeal blood gas exchange, and the ventilation device, on the basis of the level of the extracorporeal blood gas exchange set by the ecls device, adjusts in automated manner to a level of the mechanical respiratory support.. .
Hamilton Medical Ag

Eyewear having multiple ventilation states

Eyewear is disclosed that can have multiple ventilation states providing different amounts of ventilation through the eyewear. The eyewear can include a lens and a frame.
Oakley, Inc.

Drive circuit unit and display device having the same

A drive circuit unit includes: a printed circuit board; an electronic device disposed on the printed circuit board; and a shield can disposed on the printed circuit board to surround the electronic device such that an electromagnetic wave generated in the electronic device is shielded, and the shield can further includes a shield cover which overlaps at least a portion of a heat ventilation hole defined in a wall of the shield can in a vertical direction.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Residential hvac system equipment selection method

A new method for selection of heating-ventilation-and air-conditioning (hvac) equipment, and the airflow settings of same, to comply with industry established limits of sizing of hvac equipment for the residential housing construction and renovation industry. The current method utilized by mechanical contractors in the united states (and elsewhere), are guidelines set forth in the air conditioning contractor's of america's “manual s” current edition.

Using wireless hvac dampers for internet of things end-point sensing, monitoring, control and response within buildings

The invention will facilitate the creation of a wireless mesh network based upon a plurality of wireless dampers used in hvac (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) for the purposes of sensing, controlling and responding to environmental and security devices or control fixtures within a building. Each building fixture includes a communication port and a controller.

Ventilation systems and gasper valves with flexible components

ventilation systems and gasper valves for ventilating passenger compartments of aircraft are disclosed herein. The ventilation system includes, but is not limited to, an air supply conduit and a gasper valve.
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

Systems and methods for detecting damage in a positive crankcase ventilation tube

A positive crankcase ventilation (pcv) system for an engine includes: a pcv tube defining a flowpath extending along an axis; a damage detection circuit associated with the pcv tube. The pcv system also includes a damage detection module that selectively indicates that a fault is present in the pcv tube based on a change in a characteristic of the damage detection circuit and that illuminates a malfunction indicator lamp (mil) when the fault is present..
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Optimized mine ventilation system

The optimized mine ventilation system of this invention supplements mine ventilation basic control systems composed of plcs (programmable logic controllers with human machine interfaces from vendors such as allen-bradley™, modicon™ and others) or dcss (distributed control system from vendors such as abb™ and others) with supervisory control establishing a dynamic ventilation demand as a function of real-time tracking of machinery and/or personnel location and where this demand is optimally distributed in the work zones via the mine ventilation network and where the energy required to ventilate is minimized while totally satisfying the demand for each work zones. The optimized mine ventilation system operates on the basis of a predictive dynamic simulation model of the mine ventilation network along with emulated control equipment such as fans and air flow regulators.
Howden Alphair Ventilating Systems Inc.

Peripheral tunnels propeller with alternative balance

This disclosure is related with propeller noise and cavitation abatement in applications like propulsion, ventilation, pumping or turbine systems on fluids by novel techniques that allows stronger propellers with improved laminar flow by means of a propeller which consists on a rotating cylindrical block or a truncated substantially conical block with one or more tunnels around it rotational axis, said block also may have flow-guiding structures at both ends that help to keep the fluid's laminar flow when it is mixing fluids with its environment, having the rotating block tunnels with either substantially circular shaped cross-section or variable shape cross-section from substantially circular to irregular oval measured in perpendicular plane to the rotational axis whereby it smoothly accelerates fluid or gas by means of either centrifugal or axial movement, also including dynamic balance or imbalance or torque modulation means that modulate specific vibrations which generates sound waves.. .

Vehicle air conditioner

A vehicle air conditioner includes a first duct, a second duct, and a third duct. The first duct has a first ventilation opening that is disposed on first side in a width direction of a seat provided in a vehicle.
Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Method for producing a climate control box

A method of forming a component of a vehicle heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system from polymeric material includes providing a molding system including at least one mold cavity defining the component. A base resin is introduced to the mold system via an inlet.
Hanon Systems

Localized ventilation systems and methods

Systems and apparatus for a personal ventilation system that provides a personalized column of clean air surrounding a user's space is presented. The personal ventilation system includes an air purifier with a fan and an annular gap downstream of the fan.
Sprimo, Inc.

Ventilation with a view mask

A facemask to abolish “difficult mask ventilation” in unconscious patients by viewing the wind pipe while delivering oxygen and incorporating channels on the facemask is described. The facemask makes it possible to oxygenate/ventilate an unconscious patient while securing a definitive airway by endotracheal intubation.

System and vibratory, high frequency ventilation of neonates and infants

One aspect of the present disclosure relates to a system for providing non-invasive, high frequency ventilation to a neonate or an infant in need thereof. The system can include a tubing array, a vibration device, and a bifurcated cannula.
Medstar Health

Method for patient control of ventilation properties

A method of providing a gas flow for delivery to an airway of a subject, which includes the steps of generating a gas flow that facilitates respiration of the subject, receiving a selection of an adjustment from the subject for a property of the gas flow, and making the selected adjustment to the gas flow if the gas flow will remain within a predetermined range after the selected adjustment is made. The method also includes the step of declining to make the selected adjustment to the gas flow if the gas flow would not remain within the predetermined range after the selected adjustment..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Pulmonary expansion therapy devices

A pulmonary expansion therapy (pxt) device may be a handheld device that covers specific lung fields and may generate negative pressure fields locally. The device also may provide percussion therapy for airway clearance.

Grossing station

A grossing station for use with performing autopsy, necropsy or pathology procedures comprises a table and an overhead hood connected to a top surface of the table. The grossing station further comprises a blower and ventilation system arranged in the table to move air across the table from a front to rear direction.
Mp Acquisition, Llc

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