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Date/App# patent app List of recent Velocity-related patents
 Multi-sensor velocity dependent context aware voice recognition and summarization patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-sensor velocity dependent context aware voice recognition and summarization
A system and method for receiving an indication of an environmental context; receiving a query request; determining a query result in reply to the query request based, at least in part, on the environmental context; and presenting the query result in a format depending on the environmental context.. .
 Bandpass adc sampling for fluid velocity determination patent thumbnailnew patent Bandpass adc sampling for fluid velocity determination
A method of calculating a time difference is disclosed. The method includes receiving a first ultrasonic signal (r21) having a first frequency from a first transducer (ut2) at a first time and receiving a second ultrasonic signal (r12) having the first frequency from a second ultrasonic transducer (ut2) at a second time.
 System and method for underactuated control of insertion path for asymmetric tip needles patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for underactuated control of insertion path for asymmetric tip needles
A needle steering system and apparatus provides active, semi-autonomous control of needle insertion paths while still enabling a clinician ultimate control over needle insertion. The present teaching describes a method and system for controlling needle path as the needle is inserted by precisely controlling the rotation of the needle as it continuously rotates during insertion.
 Inference of mental state using sensory data obtained from wearable sensors patent thumbnailnew patent Inference of mental state using sensory data obtained from wearable sensors
Systems and processes that incorporate teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, receiving, by a system including a processor, physical states of multiple anatomical locations of a body. Each of the physical states includes one of a position, an orientation, and motion, such as velocity or acceleration, or combinations thereof.
 Determination of ventricular pressure and related values patent thumbnailnew patent Determination of ventricular pressure and related values
A method and a device for determining a cardiac function parameter, the device including a sonic sensor for determining timing data of a closure of a mitral valve and an aortic valve, a pressure cuff and a sensing unit coupled to the pressure cuff for sensing. The sensing unit is configured to sense, for each cardiac cycle, blood breakthrough pressure data and corresponding time data from a closing of the mitral valve and data relating to a velocity of propagation of a pressure wave as it travels along at least a portion of the pressure cuff.
 Determining a luminal-flow-related index of a lumen by performing image processing on two-dimensional images of the lumen patent thumbnailnew patent Determining a luminal-flow-related index of a lumen by performing image processing on two-dimensional images of the lumen
Apparatus and methods are described for use with a lumen including, without generating a virtual three-dimensional model of the lumen, and by performing image processing on two-dimensional angiographic images, determining blood velocity within the lumen, and determining geometry of the lumen at a given location. A value of a current flow-related parameter at the location is determined based upon the determined blood velocity and the geometry of the lumen at the location.
 Process for producing at least one product from at least one gaseous reactant in a slurry bed patent thumbnailnew patent Process for producing at least one product from at least one gaseous reactant in a slurry bed
A process for producing at least one product from at least one gaseous reactant includes feeding the gaseous reactant, as a gaseous feed or as part of a gaseous feed which is ax an inlet superficial gas velocity of at least 0.5 m/s, into a vessel holding an expanded slurry bed of solid catalyst particles suspended in a suspension liquid so that the gaseous reactant can bubble upwardly through die slurry bed. The slurry bed has a catalyst loading of less than 14% by volume of degassed slurry.
 Drive system and method for controlling drive system patent thumbnailnew patent Drive system and method for controlling drive system
Provided are a drive system and a method for controlling the drive system which reduce a shock to a third shaft at the start of an internal combustion engine during ev driving. The drive system includes an engine, a first shaft connected to a crankshaft, a second shaft, a first clutch, a motor generator, a third shaft, a first transmission, a one-way clutch, and an ecu for controlling a gear ratio of the first transmission and the first clutch.
 Method and system for estimation of mobile station velocity in a cellular system based on geographical data patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for estimation of mobile station velocity in a cellular system based on geographical data
A system and method for estimating velocity of a mobile station in a wireless communication system using time-frequency signal processing and a geographical database. The geographical database is used for prediction of ray trajectory and ray power to provide an estimate of propagation delay associated with database points..
 Drum pouch wind turbine patent thumbnailnew patent Drum pouch wind turbine
The drum pouch wind turbine consists of drum shaped cage structures wrapped with fabric pouches all around the perimeter which catch the wind on one side. The pouches may be stretched between two rings, one ring on each end.
new patent Trillium wind turbine
A trillium wind turbine has an electricity-generating nacelle and swept-back, complexly-curved blades. Each blade has a main blade, a trailing edge blade, and a diversion blade.
new patent System and methodology for wind compression
A wind compressor system having one or more wind turbines and a plurality of wind compressors located proximate the one or more wind turbines. The wind compressors optimize the energy created by the wind turbines by redirecting and converging the wind from the wind compressor to the wind turbines.
new patent System and methodology for wind compression
A wind compressor system having one or more wind turbines and a plurality of wind compressors located proximate the one or more wind turbines. The wind compressors optimize the energy created by the wind turbines by redirecting and converging the wind from the wind compressor to the wind turbines.
new patent Polymer film, optically-compensatory film, process for producing the same, polarizing plate and liquid-crystal display device
A polymer film that has: a ratio r (vt/vm) of a sound velocity in a transverse direction vt to a sound velocity in a machine direction vm of from 1.05 to 1.50; and an in-plane retardation re(λ) and a thickness-direction retardation rth(λ) satisfying formula (i): (i) 0≦re(630)≦10, and . .
new patent Scanned beam intensity modulation using amplitude and drive duty cycle
A scanning laser projector includes a scanning mirror that moves in a sinusoidal motion on at least one axis. Pixels are displayed by modulating a laser beam that is reflected by the scanning mirror.
new patent Vehicle camera lens dirt protection via air flow
A vision system for a vehicle includes a camera having an imager and a lens. The camera is disposed at an exterior portion of a vehicle and has a field of view exterior of the vehicle.
new patent Sensor array touchscreen recognizing finger flick gesture
Touchscreen user interfaces configured to detect a finger flick touch gesture for controlling software applications, computers, devices, machinery, and process environments. Such user interfaces can be manipulated by users and provide a wide range of uses with computer applications, assistance to the disabled, and control of electronic devices, machines, and processes.
new patent Sensor array touchscreen recognizing touch gestures
Touchscreen user interfaces for controlling software applications, computers, devices, machinery, and process environments with touch gestures. Such user interfaces can be manipulated by users and provide a wide range of uses with computer applications, assistance to the disabled, and control of electronic devices, machines, and processes.
new patent Electrical power multiplication
A power multiplier and method are provided. The power multiplier includes a power multiplying network that is a multiply-connected, velocity inhibiting circuit constructed from a number of lumped-elements.
new patent Process to prepare a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide from a liquid hydrocarbon feedstock containing a certain amount of ash
A process to prepare a synthesis gas mixture comprising hydrogen and carbon monoxide from a liquid hydrocarbon feedstock containing between 0.1 and 4 wt % ash comprises performing a partial oxidation on a hydrocarbon feed using a multi-orifice burner provided with an arrangement of separate co-annular passages, wherein the hydrocarbon flows through a passage of the burner, an oxidizer gas flows through a separate passage of the burner and wherein the passage for hydrocarbon feed and the passage for oxidizer gas are separated by a passage through which a moderator gas flows and wherein the exit velocity of the moderator gas is greater than the exit velocity of the oxidizer gas.. .
new patent Terahertz scanning reflectometer
A terahertz scanning reflectometer is described herein. A high sensitivity terahertz scanning reflectometer is used to measure dynamic surface deformation and delamination characteristics in real-time.
new patent Universal mounting system
A system and method for universally mounting a user's imaging solution(s). The universal mounting solution (sometimes referred to herein as the velocity clip) is a universal video mounting system for smartphones and digital cameras with video capabilities that turns them into a point of view camera.
new patent Aerodynamic radiant wall burner tip
A radiant wall burner apparatus. The apparatus includes an inlet and primary fuel tip for introduction of fuel gas and air mixing in a mixing chamber.
new patent Dummy object, in particular for functionally testing driver assistance systems in motor vehicles
Embodiments of the invention relate to a three-dimensional dummy object, in particular for functionally testing driver assistance systems in motor vehicles, comprising a head, a skeleton, a trunk, movable anus, and movable legs. The skeleton comprises a trunk skeleton having cavities, to which the arms and legs are articulated, wherein the legs each have a thigh and a lower leg articulated to the thigh, wherein a drive unit and a receiver/control unit are installed in the trunk skeleton, which receiver/control unit receives signals correlating to the relative velocity of the moving dummy object as an input quantity, such that the movement pattern of the thighs and lower legs can be varied according to the relative velocity of the dummy object by means of an installed movement mechanism..
new patent Degradation diagnosis device and degradation diagnosis method for exhaust gas sensor
Provided is a device for performing degradation diagnosis of a downstream-side exhaust gas sensor. When a diagnosis condition is met, an intake-air quantity is successively accumulated to obtain an intake-air-quantity accumulation value, an intake-air-quantity average value is obtained as an average of the intake-air quantity from the start of diagnosis, and, on the basis of this intake-air-quantity average value, an intake-air-quantity accumulation threshold value is set.
new patent Laundry treatment machine and method of operating the same
Disclosed are a laundry treatment machine and a method of operating the same. The method of operating the laundry treatment machine that processes laundry via rotation of a wash tub includes accelerating a rotational velocity of the tub during an accelerated rotating section, rotating the tub at a constant velocity during a constant velocity rotating section, and determining an amount of laundry in the tub based on a first output current flowing through a motor that is used to rotate the tub during the accelerated rotating section and a second output current flowing through the motor during the constant velocity rotating section.
Metrics for description of human capability in execution of operational tasks
Manipulability metrics are used to evaluate the feasibility of a vehicle occupant package design. A manipulability metric quantifies the ability of a virtual human subject to carry out an operational task in the design.
Methods for automated and semiautomated composition of visual sequences, flows, and flyovers based on content and context
A system with the ability to dynamically compose a sequence of visual views or flows allowing a single object or region, or multiple objects or regions, to be viewed from different perspectives and visual distances is described. The sequence of views can provide smooth flyovers over positions and details on objects that are deemed to be of interest, with changes in zoom level and/or velocity that are functions of the estimated complexity and/or unfamiliarity with features of the object.
Guided vehicle system and guided vehicle travel schedule generation method
A traveling schedule of a guided vehicle is generated for use in a guided vehicle system for transporting articles between load ports by a plurality of guided vehicles traveling with articles carried thereon along a predetermined traveling route. A traveling schedule is created separately for each guided vehicle, disregarding interferences with other guided vehicles, the traveling schedules including a string of velocity control points representing positions and times at which guided vehicles accelerate or decelerate on the traveling route.
Method and system for determining a primary direction of force resulting from a vehicle collision
A vehicle comprises an acceleration sensing module and a crash direction-computing module. The acceleration-sensing module is configured for generating acceleration information resulting from a vehicle collision event.
Tool trajectory display device having function for displaying inversion position of servo axis
A tool trajectory display device capable of displaying an inversion position of a servo axis on a tool trajectory. The display device has a position information obtaining part and velocity information obtaining part which obtain position information and velocity information of at least one servo axis, respectively, from numerical controller; a tool coordinate calculating part which calculates a coordinate value of a tool center point based on the position information and information of a mechanical constitution of the machine tool; an inversion position calculating part which calculates an inversion position where a polarity of a velocity of the servo axis is changed, based on the velocity information and the calculated coordinate value; and a displaying part which displays a trajectory of the tool center point based on the calculated coordinate, and displays the inversion position of the servo axis on the trajectory..
Systems and method for volitional control of jointed mechanical device based on surface electromyography
Systems and methods for controlling a weight bearing member having at least one powered joint are provided. A system includes a velocity reference module for receiving myoelectric control signals from a user during a non-weight bearing mode for the powered joint and generating a velocity reference for the powered joint based on the myoelectric control signals.
Process for preparing cyclohexanepolycarboxylic acid derivatives having a low proportion of by-products
The present invention relates to a process for preparing at least one cyclohexanepolycarboxylic acid or a derivative thereof by bringing at least one corresponding benzenepolycarboxylic acid or a derivative thereof into contact with a hydrogen-comprising gas in the presence of at least one coated catalyst comprising an active metal selected from the group consisting of ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, platinum and mixes thereof, applied to a support material comprising silicon dioxide, where the pore volume of the support material is from 0.6 to 1.0 ml/g, determined by hg porosimetry, the bet surface area is from 280 to 500 m2/g, at least 90% of the pores present have a diameter of from 6 to 12 nm, and from 40 to 70% by weight of the active metal, based on the total amount of the active metal, are present in the catalyst coating up to a penetration depth of 200 μm, wherein the contacting is carried out at a superficial velocity of not more than 50 m/h.. .
Assessment of cardiac health and thrombotic risk in a patient
The invention features methods and compositions for assessing risk, particularly immediate risk, of thrombotic events in patients with suspected or known vascular disease, and more particularly to assessing risk of thrombotic events in patients with coronary artery disease, particularly acute myocardial infarction, stroke, unstable angina, stable angina, or restenosis. Risk of thrombosis can be assessed by analysis of platelet reactivity and/or velocity of thrombin or fibrin formation, and determining whether the patient has a score associated above a risk threshold value.
Face spline molding device, face spline molding method, outer joint member, and constant velocity universal joint
An outer joint member for a constant velocity universal joint is formed by a face spline forming apparatus and a face spline forming method. The face spline forming apparatus includes a punch member having a tooth portion for forming a face spline, a pedestal having an end-surface receiving surface for receiving an opening end surface of a cup section, and a shaft member having an inner-surface receiving surface for receiving a bottom-wall inner surface of the cup section.
Preparation method of silver nano-structure for surface enhanced, raman scattering substrate and silver nano-structure thereby
A preparation method of silver nanostructure for use as substrate of surface-enhanced raman scattering (sers), which can ensure the ‘hot spot’, which provides the considerably very intense electromagnetic field in which the silver nano-structures have uniform average size and very strong forms of particles, by characterizing a variety of conditions such as, for example, concentration of agno3 and reductant, reaction temperature, stirring velocity, single dropwise addition quantity, dropwise addition rate, or total dropwise addition quantity, which were unpredictable in the conventional silver nanoparticle preparation method using agno3 aqueous solution and nabh4 reductant, so that the preparation method can be advantageously applied for the mass production of silver nano-structures for use as substrate of sers because the method can provide multimer form with enhanced sers signals and reproducibility, and also ability to selectively control the particle size.. .
Method for in-duct urea injection for selective catalytic reduction on small boilers and combustion sources
A method for reducing nox emissions from a lean burn combustor equipped with a nox reducing exhaust catalyst, includes at least the following steps: (i) generating a computer based model of the geometry of an exhaust system of the combustor; (ii) computing at least one of flue gas velocity profiles and mass flow stream lines for exhaust gas flow through the exhaust system; (iii) inputting injector data comprising at least droplet size and velocity; (iv) modeling droplet trajectories for a plurality of injector locations; (v) modeling at least one flow conditioning device in the exhaust system; and (vi) manipulating the computer based model until an injector location is identified that provides a predicted root mean square (rms) of reagent at the face of the catalyst that is less than 15%.. .
Single pass rf driver
The disclosed embodiments relate to ion delivery mechanisms, e.g., for fusion power. Particularly, some embodiments relate to systems and methods for delivering ions to a fuel source in such a manner to initiate fast ignition.
Touch and motion detection using surface map, object shadow and a single camera
The present invention provides an optical method and a system for obtaining positional and/or motional information of an object with respect to a reference surface, including detecting if the object touches the reference surface, by using a projector and one camera. A surface map is used for mapping a location on the reference surface and a corresponding location in a camera-captured image having a view of the reference surface.
Speed estimation using delta rtt measurements and area maps
Systems and methods for two-dimensional (2d) velocity estimation of an object in an area of interest are disclosed. The area of interest can correspond to an indoor or an outdoor environment.
Vehicle alert device for velocity and stop detection
An electronic device employed in vehicles, such as automobiles, to ascertain whether the vehicle has stopped at a stop point, such as a stop sign. The operation of the alert device is that it monitors the status of the vehicle's speed or wheel sensor (that it is outputting or not) and if a minimum pulse rate is present, then the vehicle is in motion.
Mechanically initiated speed-based latch device
A pawl actuation device includes a movable input member that shifts from a first position to an actuated position. The pawl actuation device also includes linkage that selectively interconnects the movable input member and the pawl such that movement of the movable input member at a first velocity causes the pawl to shift to an unlatched position, and movement of the movable input member at a second velocity that is substantially greater than the first velocity does not cause the pawl to shift to its unlatched position, such that pawl remains in its latched position..
Air release vent valve
An air release vent valve having a valve body with an inlet port and a venting orifice; a direct float configured with an axial passageway; and a displaceable orifice closure rod deployed in at least a portion of the axial passageway, the displaceable orifice closure rod being longitudinally displaceable therein, wherein at least of portion of the displaceable orifice closure rod extends above the direct float and at least a portion of the displaceable orifice closure rod is configured to close the venting orifice when the water level in the valve body reaches a predetermined level. Also disclosed is a suspended surge prevention element that is suspended within the valve body at an adjustable distance from the venting orifice and configured to seal the initial vent orifice in response to a velocity of the flow of air through the valve body..
Intake air control system for multi-cylinder combustion engine
An intake control system for a multi-cylinder combustion engine with control valves positioned within intake passageways that can vary the cross-sectional area of the intake runners to increase air intake velocity at low engine speeds. The control system includes an inner frame that can be inserted into a lower manifold after manufacture.
Device and method for measurement of ultrasonic transit times
A device for measurement of ultrasonic wave transit times of an ultrasonic flow sensor consists of: 1) a synchronization signal generator, 2) a reference pulse generator, 3) a sine wave generator, 4) an analog signal amplifier, 5) a comparator, 6) a plurality of latch circuits, 7) a digital adder, 8) an integrator, 9) an a/d converter, 10) a master counter, 11) a plurality of edge counters, and 12) an arithmetic circuit. The device measures the ultrasonic wave transit times using a method of averaging the ultrasonic wave arriving times at different measuring points (triggering point).
Fluidized bed conveyor belt freezer system
A fluidized bed conveyor belt freezer system that includes at least one wire mesh conveyor belt in a freezer with a plurality of coil arrays and fans that produce a high volume of cold air directed upward into a plurality of air deflection vanes mounted under the belt. The vanes are equally spaced apart and longitudinally aligned under the conveyor belt to evenly distribute the cold air in the fan chamber through the belt to efficiently fluidize and freeze product transported on the belt with minimal waste.
Altitude and acceleration command altitude hold algorithm for rotorcraft with large center of gravity range
A flight control system includes an acceleration and attitude command/velocity hold mode (aacvh) algorithm which blends attitude commands with acceleration commands this blending determines a trim attitude for a given rotorcraft flight condition.. .
Rotation-tolerant devices and schemes for pedestrian-dead-reckoning (pdr) location determination
Devices, systems, and methods are directed to the determination of current location information of a wireless communication device. Such devices, systems, and methods include a plurality of sensor elements configured to provide orientation parameter information, velocity and/or acceleration parameter information, and directional heading parameter information; a camera mechanism configured to capture images at predetermined intervals of a user's body as the user handles the wireless communication device; orientation logic configured to determine orientation change information attributable to the user's handling, based on the captured images, and provide orientation correction information; and location estimation logic configured to provide current location information based on previous location information, the velocity and/or acceleration parameter information, the directional heading parameter information and/or the orientation parameter information, and the orientation correction information..
Particle separation and concentration using spiral inertial filtration
A spiral inertial filtration device is capable of high-throughput (1 ml/min), high-purity particle separation while concentrating recovered target particles by more than an order of magnitude. Large fractions of sample fluid are removed from a microchannel without disruption of concentrated particle streams by taking advantage of particle focusing in inertial spiral microfluidics, which is achieved by balancing inertial lift forces and dean drag forces.
Aphlogistic burner
A burner which is capable of producing zero nox and zero co by passing a thoroughly mixed stream of air and fuel at an appropriate air-to-fuel ratio to maintain a temperature below the nox forming threshold through a radiant combustion zone. The radiant combustion zone provides the intense radiant energy required to initiate and to complete the combustion process.
Solid pharmaceutical and vaccine dose
An elongate body for parenteral injection at low velocity from a device is described. The body has at least one pointed end and comprises at least one active material.
Crawler-type traveling vehicle
A travel control section 60b is configured to control the revolution velocities of transversely opposite travel motors 51 and 52 such that when turning amount command signals are inputted from a turning amount operation dial 48, transversely opposite crawler travel devices 12a and 12b are caused to realize a turn according to the turning amount command signals by decelerating the traveling velocities of the transversely opposite crawler travel devices 12a and 12b from a target straight traveling velocity set by a travel operation lever 47 by equal values of velocity which are predetermined according to the turning amount command signals inputted from the turning amount operation dial 48 and further decelerating the traveling velocity of the crawler travel device 12a or 12b which is positioned inwardly relative to the other in the turning direction.. .
Image forming apparatus and method for controlling recording medium conveyance
An image forming apparatus has an intermediate transfer member to which an image on an image bearing member is primarily transferred. The image primarily transferred to the intermediate transfer member is secondarily transferred to a recording medium.
Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus has a system velocity of 400 to 1,700 mm/sec and includes a fixing belt including a base layer; a silicon rubber layer; and a fluorine resin layer. A thickness l2 of the fluorine resin layer is in range of 2≦l2≦20 μm.
System and method for controlling multiple light sources of a laser scanning system in an imaging apparatus
An imaging device having a printhead unit which includes a plurality of independently controllable light sources, each light source generating a light beam when activated; a photoconductive surface operable at a plurality of image transfer rates; a scanning device having one or more deflecting surfaces, the scanning device arranged to direct the light beams so as to sweep in at least one scan direction across a surface such that, for each sweep, scan lines written by the light beams are spaced from one another on the photoconductive surface in a process direction that is nominally orthogonal to the scan direction; and a controller configured to selectively activate any number of the light sources for use during a print operation to write image data along scan lines on the photoconductive surface, wherein a rotational velocity of the scanning device is selected and the number of the light sources activated based upon at least one selected operating parameter for the imaging device.. .
Collison warning system
A method of estimating a time to collision (ttc) of a vehicle with an object comprising: acquiring a plurality of images of the object; and determining a ttc from the images that is responsive to a relative velocity and relative acceleration between the vehicle and the object.. .
Adaptive smoothing of channel estimates
Techniques for directly adapting the parameters of a smoothing filter used for channel estimation to the current velocity and signal-to-noise ratio (snr) situation. An example method begins with a plurality of channel response measurements.
Image stabilizer
An image stabilizer applicable to a monocular or binocular optical system. The stabilizer includes an erecting prism placed between an objective lens and an eyepiece to compensate for deterioration in a quality of an observed image caused by hands movement.
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and method of manufacturing device
A scanning exposure apparatus measures levels of a substrate at a predetermined position on the substrate at a first measurement point during the acceleration period and a second measurement point during the constant velocity period, obtains a correction value for a measurement error due to factors associated with acceleration based on the measurement results, corrects the measured level using the obtained correction value and exposes the substrate so that the level at a given position on the substrate becomes equal to the corrected level, when the substrate is exposed at the given position after the level is measured while the stage accelerates, and exposes the substrate so that the level at a given position on the substrate becomes equal to the measured level measured, when the substrate is exposed after the level of the substrate at the given position is measured while the stage moves at a constant velocity.. .
Notification system for providing awareness of an interactive surface
A system for providing awareness of an interactive surface is disclosed. The system may include a processor that is communicatively linked to an interactive surface.
Use of electrical power multiplication for power smoothing in power distribution
A system for power smoothing in power distribution and methods are provided. In one embodiment, a power multiplying network is provided that comprises a multiply-connected, velocity inhibiting circuit constructed from a number of lumped-elements.
Spray device having a parabolic flow surface
A rotary atomizer spray coating device, in certain embodiments, has a bell cup with a generally parabolic flow surface. This generally parabolic flow surface provides additional surface area for dehydration of coating fluids, thereby improving color matching as compared to traditional bell cups, for example, by affording capability for higher wet solids content.
Clarifier with feedwell and methods of clarifying liquids
Certain examples relate to a new feedwell design for use in a clarifier that may better dissipate the entrance energy of the slurry-liquid combination exiting the feedwell and entering the clarifier. Plates of various shapes may be provided proximate to the bottom of the feedwell.
Constant velocity joint with cooling ring
A constant velocity joint includes an outer housing and an inner race disposed inside the outer housing and spaced therefrom. The outer housing and inner race are respectively rotatable about a first and second rotation axes, and moveable relative to one another to change an angle between the rotation axes.
Azimuthal brittleness logging systems and methods
Methods and systems for gathering, deriving, and displaying the azimuthal brittleness index of a borehole. At least some embodiments include various methods for calculating and displaying borehole measurements in real-time for geosteering and drilling operations.
Apparatus and methods for large particle ash separation from flue gas using screens having semi-elliptical cylinder surfaces
Apparatus for separating ash particles from a flue gas. The apparatus includes a screen that has a plurality of semi-elliptical cylinder surfaces.
Acceleration and angular velocity resonant detection integrated structure, and related mems sensor device
An integrated detection structure has a first inertial mass and a second inertial mass, each of which is elastically anchored to a substrate and has a linear movement along a first horizontal axis, a first detection movement of rotation about a first axis of rotation parallel to a second horizontal axis and a second detection movement of translation along the second horizontal axis; driving electrodes cause linear movement of the inertial masses, in opposite directions of the first horizontal axis; a pair of flexural resonator elements and a pair of torsional resonator elements are elastically coupled to the inertial masses, the torsional resonator elements having a resonant movement of rotation about a second axis of rotation and a third axis of rotation, parallel to one another and to the first axis of rotation.. .
Flamesheet combustor dome
The present invention discloses a novel apparatus and way for controlling a velocity of a fuel-air mixture entering a gas turbine combustion system. The apparatus comprises a hemispherical dome assembly which directs a fuel-air mixture along a portion of the outer wall of a combustion liner and turns the fuel-air mixture to enter the combustion liner in a manner coaxial to the combustor axis and radially outward of a pilot fuel nozzle so as to regulate the velocity of the fuel-air mixture..
Electrical power assisted steering system
An electric power assisted steering assembly comprises a steering mechanism which operatively connects a steering wheel to the roadwheels of a vehicle, a torque sensing means adapted to produce a first output signal indicative of the torque carried by a portion of the steering mechanism, a means for producing a second output signal indicative from a signal indicative of the angular velocity of the portion of the steering mechanism, an electric motor operatively connected to the steering mechanism, a signal processing unit adapted to receive the two output signals and to produce therefrom an overall torque demand signal representative of a torque to be applied to the steering mechanism by the motor, and a motor drive stage adapted to provide a drive current to the motor responsive to the torque demand signal. The overall torque demand signal includes a damping component that is dependent upon the second output signal.
Centripetal acceleration determination, centripetal acceleration based velocity tracking system and methods
The flight of an aircraft is characterized in terms of earth-based reference system data for a first position and a second position of the aircraft that are separated by a time increment. A centripetal acceleration of the aircraft is determined based on the earth-based reference system data for the positions in conjunction with the time increment.
Device and method to estimate the state of a moving vehicle
Device and method to estimate the state of a moving vehicle overflying a certain terrain. The device comprises a camera oriented toward the terrain, an inertial measurement unit, a device for the processing of images and a “navigation filter”.
Method for estimating flow rates, pressure gradients, coronary flow reserve, and fractional flow reserve from patient specific computed tomography angiogram-based contrast distribution data
An embodiment in accordance with the present invention provides a method for non-invasively determining the functional severity of coronary artery stenosis. The method includes gathering patient-specific data related to concentration of a contrast agent within a coronary artery of a patient using a coronary computed tomography angiography scan (ccta).
Magnetic resonance angiography using velocity-selective magnetization preparation
Selective excitation of spin magnetizations based on their velocities can be a useful tool for generating image contrast in magnetic resonance imaging (mri) applications. Particularly in mr angiography, velocity-selective (vs) excitation can highlight arterial blood only by utilizing its significantly different velocity from stationary tissues and venous blood in the background.

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