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Utilizing version vectors across server and client changes to determine device usage by type, app, and time of day

Date/App# patent app List of recent Vectors-related patents
 Gene combinations for producing punicic acid in transgenic plants patent thumbnailGene combinations for producing punicic acid in transgenic plants
Transgenic plants with enhanced punicic acid accumulation result from over-expression of pgfadx and pgfad2, and optionally, one or more of pgdgat1, pgdgat2, and pgpdat1. The invention also relates to novel isolated punica granatum diacylglycerol acyltransferases: type 1 (pgdgat1), type 2 (pgdgat2) and phospholipid:diacylglycerol acyltransferases (pgpdat1); polynucleotide sequences encoding the dgats and pdat enzymes; polynucleotide constructs, vectors and host cells incorporating the polynucleotide sequences; and methods of producing and using same..
 Polypeptides having xylanase activity and polynucleotides encoding same patent thumbnailPolypeptides having xylanase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Provided are isolated polypeptides having xylanase activity, catalytic domains and cellulose binding domains, and polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides, catalytic domains or cellulose binding domains. Also provided are nucleic acid constructs, vectors and host cells comprising the polynucleotides as well as methods of producing and using the polypeptides, catalytic domains or cellulose binding domains..
 Production of transgenic avians using improved retroviral vectors patent thumbnailProduction of transgenic avians using improved retroviral vectors
A transgenic avian containing in its genome an exogenous nucleotide sequence which includes a promoter component and a vector with reduced promoter interference wherein the exogenous nucleotide sequence is integrated into the genome and the avian.. .
 Utilizing version vectors across server and client changes to determine device usage by type, app, and time of day patent thumbnailUtilizing version vectors across server and client changes to determine device usage by type, app, and time of day
Technology is disclosed for utilizing version vector data of computing devices to optimize performance of the computing devices and/or other computer systems that provide various services to the computing devices (“the technology”). One embodiment includes analyzing version vectors of the computing devices to determining a user's usage pattern, such as the type of computing device used, the computer applications used on the computing device, and the time of day of usage.
 Multi-frequency impedance monitoring system patent thumbnailMulti-frequency impedance monitoring system
A system and method is provided to measure intrathoracic complex impedance and to identify and indicate disease conditions based on the impedance measurements. Multiple impedance vectors may be taken into account, and an optimal vector may be selected to provide the most useful impedance measurement for the identification and indication of disease conditions..
 Heat-resistant newcastle disease virus live vaccine vector system and use thereof patent thumbnailHeat-resistant newcastle disease virus live vaccine vector system and use thereof
A heat-resistant ndv live vaccine vector system includes a transcription plasmid, three helper plasmids, and host cells. The transcription plasmid is constructed by through cloning complete genomic cdna of a heat-resistant ndv vaccine strain to a pbr322 vector.
 Methods and compositions for enhancing the efficacy and specificity of single and double blunt-ended sirna patent thumbnailMethods and compositions for enhancing the efficacy and specificity of single and double blunt-ended sirna
The present invention provides methods of enhancing the efficacy and specificity of rnai using single or double blunt-ended sirna. The invention also provides single and double-blunt ended sirna compositions, vectors, and transgenes containing the same for mediating silencing of a target gene.
 Polypeptides having xylanase activity and polynucleotides encoding same patent thumbnailPolypeptides having xylanase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
The present invention relates to polypeptides having xylanase activity, catalytic domains, and carbohydrate binding domains, and polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides, catalytic domains, and carbohydrate binding domains. The present invention also relates to nucleic acid constructs, vectors, and host cells comprising the polynucleotides as well as methods of producing and using the polypeptides, catalytic domains, and carbohydrate binding domains..
 Polypeptides having immunoactivating activity and methods of producing the same patent thumbnailPolypeptides having immunoactivating activity and methods of producing the same
Isolated polypeptides are provided that comprise a cholera toxin b subunit variant having one or more modifications to increase the expression of the polypeptide in a plant cell. Nucleic acids sequences, vectors, and plant cells for expressing the cholera toxin b subunit variant polypeptides are also provided.
 Chimeric antigen receptor specific for folate receptor beta patent thumbnailChimeric antigen receptor specific for folate receptor beta
The invention provides compositions and methods for treating leukemia, for example, acute myeloid leukemia (aml). The invention also relates to at least one chimeric antigen receptor (car) specific to folate receptor beta (frβ), vectors comprising the same, and recombinant t cells comprising the frβ car.
Tau protease compositions and methods of use
Disclosed are mammalian tau proteases, as well as proteolytically-active fragments, variants, and mutants thereof. Also disclosed are polynucleotides and recombinant expression vectors that encode these polypeptides, as well as methods for producing such proteins in selected recombinant host cells, and for using the compositions in a variety of diagnostic and analytical assays..
Transient expression vectors, preparation and uses thereof
The present invention describes a recombinant retroviral vector which cannot by itself achieve complete reverse transcription as well as its uses, in particular for transiently transferring in vitro, ex vivo or in vivo at least one ribonucleic acid sequence of interest in a cell. Such a transient transgene expression is of interest in the context of research, therapy and more generally in the field of biotechnology..
Rs7 antibodies
This invention relates to monovalent and multivalent, monospecific binding proteins and to multivalent, multispecific binding proteins. One embodiment of these binding proteins has one or more binding sites where each binding site binds with a target antigen or an epitope on a target antigen.
Method for coding a sequence of digital images
A method codes a sequence of digital images, each image having the same image format and including a number of pixels with assigned pixel values. Motion parameters between first and second images are determined, where based on said motion parameters a motion compensation is performed for coding the sequence of images, where said motion parameters are included in the coded sequence of images.
Image registration device and operation method of the same
Provided is an image registration device including a first feature vector magnitude calculating unit calculating magnitudes of feature vectors corresponding to any one first feature point among feature points of a reference image to create a first magnitude value, a second feature vector magnitude calculating unit calculating magnitudes of feature vectors corresponding to any one second feature point among feature points of a target image to create a second magnitude value, a magnitude difference calculating unit receiving the first and second magnitude values and calculating a difference between the received first and second magnitude values to create a third magnitude value, a first threshold value creating unit creating a first threshold value on the basis of the first magnitude value and a magnitude ratio, and a magnitude difference determining unit receiving the third magnitude value and the first threshold value, and determining a magnitude difference.. .
Multi-mode orthogonal frequency division multiplexing receiver for highly-spectrally-efficient communications
A receiver may comprise a sequence estimation circuit and operate in at least two modes. In a first mode, the sequence estimation circuit may process ofdm symbols received on a first number of data-carrying subcarriers to recover a number of mapped symbols per ofdm symbol that is greater than the first number.
Video quality measurement
A particular implementation receives a bitstream and derives parameters from the bitstream. The parameters include quantization parameters, content unpredictability parameters, ratios of lost blocks, ratios of propagated blocks, error concealment distances, motion vectors, durations of freezing, and frame rates.
Disparity vector derivation in 3d video coding for skip and direct modes
A video decoder performs a neighboring-block based disparity vector (nbdv) derivation process to determine a disparity vector or performs a nbdv refinement (nbdv-r) process to determine the disparity vector. The video decoder uses the disparity vector as a disparity vector for a current block without using a median filtering process on multiple disparity motion vectors, wherein the current block is coded in either a skip mode or a direct mode.
System and method for non-uniform video coding
A method and system for video coding by integrating frame data and time data may be described. The method and system can include a video coding non-transitory storage media that integrates reference data and time data.
Enhanced reference region utilization for scalable video coding
Techniques to identify one or more candidate reference blocks used to generate a prediction block to encode a current coding block. The candidate reference blocks can be in the same layer as the current coding block or a different layer.
Synchronized pulsed lada for the simultaneous acquisition of timing diagrams and laser-induced upsets
Method to extract timing diagrams from synchronized single- or two-photon pulsed lada by spatially positioning the incident laser beam on circuit feature of interest, temporally scanning the arrival time of the laser pulse with respect to the tester clock or the loop length trigger signal, then recording the magnitude and sign of the resulting fail rate signature per laser pulse arrival time. A single-photon laser-assisted device alteration apparatus applies picosecond laser pulses of wavelength having photon energy equal to or greater than the silicon band-gap.
Plants with decreased activity of a starch dephosphorylating enzyme
In addition, the present invention relates to chimeric genes comprising nucleic acids encoding a starch dephosphorylating lsf-2 protein, vectors, host cells such as plant cells, and plants containing such chimeric genes.. .
Integrated fuel catalyst monitor
A method of monitoring catalyst performance may comprise applying a set of parameter readings for a given sample to a support vector machine to generate a classification output, clustering the set of parameter readings to reduce a number of support vectors, computing a total fuel mass following a deceleration fuel shut-off event and an exhaust gas oxygen sensor switch and indicating catalyst degradation based on the total fuel mass.. .
Novel insecticidal proteins and methods of use
Compositions and methods for controlling pests are provided. The methods involve transforming organisms with a nucleic acid sequence encoding an insecticidal protein.
Transgenic insect cells comprising a bacterial glcnac-6-p 2prime-epimerase
The present invention relates to methods of facilitating the expression of recombinant polypeptides from cells, extracellular fluids, extracellular fibers, or any combination thereof, obtained from transgenic insect cells and larvae comprising a bacterial glcnac-6-p 2′-epimerase (gnpe), which is capable of converting n-acetyl-d-glucosamine-6-phosphate (glcnac-6-p) to n-acetyl-d-mannosamine-6-phosphate (mannac-6-p). The invention relates to methods to promote efficient glycoconjugate sialylation, by providing simpler ways to produce large intracellular pools of sialic acid precursors.
Animal models and therapeutic molecules
The invention discloses methods for the generation of chimaeric human-non-human antibodies and chimaeric antibody chains, antibodies and antibody chains so produced, and derivatives thereof including fully humanised antibodies; compositions comprising said antibodies, antibody chains and derivatives, as well as cells, non-human mammals and vectors, suitable for use in said methods.. .
Document verification with distributed calendar infrastructure
Transformations of digital records are used as lowest level inputs to a tree data structure having a root in a core system and having nodes computed as digital combinations of child node values. Signature vectors are associated with the digital records and have parameters that enable recomputation upward through the tree data structure to either a current calendar value or onward to a composite calendar value that is a function of calendar values in a calendar, which comprises a set of computed calendar values, such that the calendar values have a time correspondence.
Systems and methods for tuning technology files
A method generally comprises arranging a plurality of layer combinations into a plurality of groups such that each of the layer combinations is assigned to at least one group. A shifting analysis is performed on a plurality of benchmark circuits for each of the groups.
Fault injection of finfet devices
Defect-describing (or “cut”) layer(s) for describing defects associated with different sides of a 3-dimensional (3d) structure enable fault modeling to determine the effect of position and location of defects on transistor performance. One or more defect-describing layers are used to identify the coordinates and sides of the 3d structures of the defects.
Method and apparatus for device testing using multiple processing paths
According to some aspects, a method of operating an automatic test system comprising a plurality of paths and programmed with a test pattern is provided. One such method comprises executing vectors in the test pattern with circuitry comprising a plurality of paths, the executing comprising upon processing, in a first of the plurality of paths, the operation portion of a vector specifying an operation capable of generating a branch in the flow of execution of the vectors in the test pattern to a non-sequential location in the test pattern, initiating processing of the test pattern in a second of the plurality of paths from the non-sequential location.
Performance of a system having non-volatile memory
Systems and methods are disclosed for improving performance of a system having non-volatile memory (“nvm”). The system can vertically re-vector defective blocks of a user region of the nvm to other blocks having the same plane or die's plane (“dip”) but corresponding to a dead region of the nvm.
Secured embedded data encryption systems
Devices generate security vectors based on their own attributes. A device's security vectors compose its transformation matrix.
Cycle sliced vectors and slot execution on a shared datapath
An example method for executing multiple instructions in one or more slots includes receiving a packet including multiple instructions and executing the multiple instructions in one or more slots in a time shared manner. Each slot is associated with an execution data path or a memory data path.
Data coherency management
A data processing system 3 employing a coherent memory system comprises multiple main cache memories 8. An inclusive snoop directory memory 14 stores directory lines 22.
Generating and using social brains
A method includes determining a plurality of social interactions associated with a plurality of people, grouping the determined social interactions into a plurality of groups, generating a social object matrix using the plurality of groups, and producing a singular value representation of the social object matrix by performing singular value decomposition (svd) on the social object matrix. The social object matrix includes a plurality of vectors, and each social interaction is a particular person interacting with a particular social object..
Numerical method: making the infinite, finite. a universal transform and system of force vector
This innovation involves a proof of a necessary change in the universal transform describing natural laws. Instead of the prohibitively refining force velocity squared, this system is created by transforms which use force vectors: two distinct, separate force vectors that can work in different directions and create a perfect resultant force which will prevent so many of the anomalous problems across scientific design.
Method and system that produces non-stabilizer quantum states that are used in various quantum circuits and systems
The current application is directed to methods and quantum circuits that prepare qubits in specified non-stabilizer quantum states that can, in turn, be used for a variety of different purposes, including in a quantum-circuit implementation of an arbitrary single-qubit unitary quantum gate that imparts a specified, arbitrary rotation to the state-vector representation of the state of an input qubit. In certain implementations, the methods and systems consume multiple magic-state qubits in order to carry out probabilistic rotation operators to prepare qubits with state vectors having specified rotation angles with respect to a rotation axis.
Media recommendation based on media content information
Disclosed are the method and apparatus for recommending media objects based on media object metadata. The technology generates media content metadata that relate to contents of a plurality of media objects from a plurality of web documents.
Searches and recommendations using distance metric on space of media titles
Techniques are described for generating search results and content recommendations using a distance metric on a space of media titles. In one embodiment, each media title may be associated with metadata tags and represented by a vector which indicates those associated tags.
Combined term and vector proximity text search
A system and related method are disclosed for searching a data set made up of a set of documents, a set of terms, and a vector associated with each term and each document. The method involves converting a search query to a vector in the vector space spanned by the term and document vectors, and combining vector-proximity searching and term searching to produce a set of results, which may be ranked according to various measures of relatedness to the query.
Persistent search object in a method and apparatus for keeping and finding information
A find engine provides a user with access to information via a find interface and a keep interface. The find interface accesses both a content search index and a personal search index; the keep interface accesses personal search index.
Expert network in a method and apparatus for keeping and finding information
An expert network in connection with keeping and finding information provides a textual search engine which, in response to a user query comprising a search term, uses a semantic vector to promote documents that contain other, closely related terms that strongly correlate with the search term. A social graph is generated for the user in which connections for the user comprise hyper-dimensional relationships based on semantic vectors that link the search term with a collection of the other, closely related terms.
Interactive method to reduce the amount of tradeoff information required from decision makers in multi-attribute decision making under uncertainty
There is provided a method, a system and a computer program product for supporting a decision making process. The system receives a decision model from a decision maker, the decision model used for determining a solution to a decision problem based on attributes and uncertainties of the decision problem.
Signal processing systems
We describe a signal processor, the signal processor comprising: a probability vector generation system, wherein said probability vector generation system has an input to receive a category vector for a category of output example and an output to provide a probability vector for said category of output example, wherein said output example comprises a set of data points, and wherein said probability vector defines a probability of each of said set of data points for said category of output example; a memory storing a plurality of said category vectors, one for each of a plurality of said categories of output example; and a stochastic selector to select a said stored category of output example for presentation of the corresponding category vector to said probability vector generation system; wherein said signal processor is configured to output data for an output example corresponding to said selected stored category.. .
Cross media recommendation
Methods, systems and computer program products are provided for cross-media recommendation by store a plurality of taste profiles corresponding to a first domain and a plurality of media item vectors corresponding to a second domain. An evaluation taste profile in the first domain is applied to a plurality of models that have been generated based on relationship among the plurality of taste profiles and the plurality of media item vectors, and obtain a plurality of resulting codes corresponding to at least one of the plurality of media item vectors in the second domain..
Method and program structure for machine learning
A method using a recognizer program structure is used in a program that is learned over training data. The method includes (a) for each vector in an input tuple of vectors, (i) mapping the vector to one of a domain index; (ii) using the domain index to select one or more corresponding linear transformations; (iii) applying one or more of the selected linear transformations on the vector to obtain a resulting vector in a first intermediate space; and (iv) applying a predetermined function on each element of the resulting vector to obtain an output vector in a second intermediate space; and (b) mapping the resulting vectors of the second intermediate space by linear transformation to obtain an output tuple of vectors in rn space..
Resolving and merging duplicate records using machine learning
According to various embodiments of the present invention, an automated technique is implemented for resolving and merging fields accurately and reliably, given a set of duplicated records that represents a same entity. In at least one embodiment, a system is implemented that uses a machine learning (ml) method, to train a model from training data, and to learn from users how to efficiently resolve and merge fields.
System and method for estimating price sensitivity and/or price aggregation for a population having a collection of items
Provided is a system for estimating price sensitivities and determining aggregate price adjustments for a population of items, the population comprising a plurality of sub-populations. More specifically, provided is a system comprising a computer executing a price sensitivity engine and a price aggregation engine, the price sensitivity engine receiving time-series information, determining covariate coefficients to estimate a population price sensitivity average, modeling a first set of vectors based on the covariate coefficients, modeling a second set of vectors based on the covariate coefficients and an indicator variable, and estimating sub-population price sensitivities based on the first and second sets of vectors; and the price aggregation engine comparing each of the sub-population price sensitivities to the population price sensitivity average and/or to other sub-population price sensitivities, ranking, ordering, and/or clustering the sub-populations, and determining aggregate price adjustments to items in the sub-populations..
Method, apparatus, and computer-readable medium for predicting sales volume
An apparatus, computer-readable medium, and computer-implemented method for predicting sales volume includes receiving historical sales information corresponding to a plurality of stock keeping units (skus), the historical sales information including a sales volume, grouping the plurality of skus into a plurality of sales tiers, generating a feature vector for each sku in the plurality of skus, generating a statistical model based at least in part on the plurality of skus and their corresponding assigned sales tiers and feature vectors, and determining one or more projected sales tiers corresponding to one or more new skus based at least in part on the statistical model.. .
Trend analysis using network-connected touch-screen generated signals
A method of identifying and analyzing a trend is disclosed. A signal created on a network-connected touch-screen by actively filtering content is received by a programmed data processor.
System and method for grouping medical codes for clinical predictive analytics
A system and method for grouping medical codes for clinical predictive analytics is provided. The system for predictive modeling using medical information comprising a computer system for electronically receiving a data set of medical diagnosis codes and applying indicator variables to the data set, the computer system allowing a user to define a target and one or more thresholds conditions, a supervised variable grouping engine executed by the computer system, said engine calculating, for each indicator variable, a vector length and a distance to a target vector, wherein each indicator variable initially forms a group, automatically combining two groups of indicator variables that satisfy threshold conditions to create a combined group, recalculating the combined group's vector length, distance to the target vector, and distance to vectors of other remaining groups, iteratively combining and recalculating until there are no two groups that satisfy the threshold conditions or until a satisfactory number of groups is formed; and generating an altered data set of medical code groupings with reduced dimensionality and inputting the altered data set into a predictive model..
Method and apparatus for audio characterization
Characterizing an acoustic signal includes extracting a vector from the acoustic signal, where the vector contains information about the nuisance characteristics present in the acoustic signal, and computing a set of likelihoods of the vector for a plurality of classes that model a plurality of nuisance characteristics. Training a system to characterize an acoustic signal includes obtaining training data, the training data comprising a plurality of acoustic signals, where each of the plurality of acoustic signals is associated with one of a plurality of classes that indicates a presence of a specific type of nuisance characteristic, transforming each of the plurality of acoustic signals into a vector that summarizes information about the acoustic characteristics of the signal, to produce a plurality of vectors, and labeling each of the plurality of vectors with one of the plurality of classes..
Method and system for converting document sets to term-association vector spaces on demand
Disclosed herein is a method and system for producing a term association vector space on demand for a client given a document set in electronic form. The method extracts terms from the document set, stripping out words that do not convey meaning and adding important phrases within the context of the document set to the terms.
Enhanced disk actuator modeling
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for modeling turbine parameters. One of the methods includes obtaining, along multiple points of a blade of a turbine from a minimum radius rmin of the blade to a maximum radius rmax of the blade, lift coefficients cyi and drag coefficients cxi.
Methods and systems for optical flow modeling applications for wind and solar irradiance forecasting
A method of forecasting cloud motion: gathering a time-series of satellite imagery; transforming the time-series of satellite imagery into a cloudiness index image by establishing an upper and lower limit of visible pixel values for time t; calculating the cloudiness index at each pixel location for time t to provide a cloudiness index image; applying optical flow modeling to the cloudiness index image by assuming pixel value constancy across time; assuming motion to be small and approximating the motion with a taylor series; assuming vector field is smooth locally; selecting all pixels within d distance of location n with the same prior vector field (m*m pixels); solving system of m*m equations in the least square sense; repeat at multiple resolutions; and calculating cloud motion vectors from multiple resolution vector fields; applying the cloud motion vectors to the cloudiness index image to predict future cloud position and intensity.. .

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