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Parainfluenza virus 5 based vaccines


Sub-prediction unit (pu) based temporal motion vector prediction in hevc and sub-pu design in 3d-hevc

Date/App# patent app List of recent Vectors-related patents
 Troubleshooting based on log similarity patent thumbnailnew patent Troubleshooting based on log similarity
The present disclosure relates to a method and apparatus for troubleshooting based on log similarity. In one embodiment, there is provided a method for troubleshooting based on log similarity, comprising: extracting log patterns from multiple log files in response to having collected the multiple log files from at least one system with troubles, the log pattern describing a regular expression to which a log message in a log file among the multiple log files conforms; building a pattern repository using the log patterns; mapping each of the multiple log files to an n-dimensional vector based on the pattern repository; and clustering multiple n-dimensional vectors to which each of the multiple log files is mapped into at least one group, wherein each of the at least one group indicates one trouble type of the at least one system.
Emc Corporation
 Programmable interface-based validation and debug patent thumbnailnew patent Programmable interface-based validation and debug
A programmable interface-based validation and debug system includes, for example, a test connector that is arranged to communicatively couple a design under test to the test fixture. A programmable logic interface is communicatively coupled to the test connector and is arranged to receive a downloadable test bench, where the downloadable test bench is arranged to apply test vectors from a first set of test vectors to a first test control bus.
Texas Instruments, Incorporated
 Predicate vector pack and unpack instructions patent thumbnailnew patent Predicate vector pack and unpack instructions
In an embodiment, a processor may implement a vector instruction set including predicate vectors and multiple vector element sizes. The vector instruction set may include predicate vector pack and unpack instructions.
Apple Inc.
 Vector hazard check instruction with reduced source operands patent thumbnailnew patent Vector hazard check instruction with reduced source operands
In an embodiment, a processor may implement a vector hazard check instruction to detect dependencies between vector memory operations based on the addresses of the vectors accessed by the vector memory operations. The addresses may be specified via a base address and a vector of indexes for each vector.
Apple Inc.
 Systems and methods for content response prediction patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for content response prediction
Techniques for predicting a user response to content are described. According to various embodiments, a configuration file is accessed, where the configuration file includes a user-specification of raw data accessible via external data sources and raw data encoding rules.
Linkedin Corporation
 Platform for generating personalized career pathways patent thumbnailnew patent Platform for generating personalized career pathways
The disclosure provides for generating an adaptive career pathway for an individual. An apparatus is provided that includes at least one processing unit to: (a) receive data indicative of two or more of an educational level, a skill level, a personality metric, a residence location, a score in an educational course, a score in a vocational course, a job location, and a skill set selected by the individual; (b) compute an assessment vector associated with the individual based on the received data; (c) perform a gap analysis to compare the assessment vector to a database of job taxonomy vectors, wherein each job taxonomy vector comprises data indicative of deconstruction parameters associated with a specified job; and (d) classify the individual, based on the gap analysis, according to at least one of a coursework recommendation, a career pathway recommendation, and an employability score..
Viridis Learning Inc.
 Method and  a parallel frequency-mask trigger patent thumbnailnew patent Method and a parallel frequency-mask trigger
The frequency-mask trigger unit comprises n trigger machines, where n≧2, in order to evaluate a total of n signal paths. In this context, the n trigger machines are connected to an evaluation unit.
Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co. Kg
 Hla-binding peptides, precursors thereof, dna fragments and recombinant vectors that code for those peptide sequences patent thumbnailnew patent Hla-binding peptides, precursors thereof, dna fragments and recombinant vectors that code for those peptide sequences
An hla-binding peptide binding to an hla-a type molecule, said hla-binding peptide comprising at least one type of amino acid sequence selected from the group consisting of seq id nos: 1 to 183, and not less than 8 and not more than 11 amino acid residues is provided. Any of the amino acid sequence is predicted to have the binding property to a human hla-a type molecule by a predicting program using an active learning experiment method as illustrated in fig.
Kochi University
 Compositions and methods for increasing the expression and signalling of proteins on cell surfaces patent thumbnailnew patent Compositions and methods for increasing the expression and signalling of proteins on cell surfaces
The present invention relates to the field of protein expression. More specifically, the present invention provides compositions and methods for increasing the expression and signaling of proteins on cell surfaces.
The Johns Hopkins University
 Functionalized porous silicon nanoparticles and use thereof in photodynamic therapy patent thumbnailnew patent Functionalized porous silicon nanoparticles and use thereof in photodynamic therapy
Disclosed are nanovectors of formula (i) that can be used simultaneously for the targeting, imaging and treatment, by photodynamic therapy, of cancer cells, and to biodegradable silicon nanoparticles containing a variety of photosensitizing molecules, in particular porphyrins, capable of targeting diseased cells and inducing cell death by excitation in the near-infrared region (>600 nm) in monophotonic and biphotonic modes. In formula (i), (aa) is a porous silicon nanoparticle..
Ecole National Superieure De Chimie De Montpellier
new patent

Parainfluenza virus 5 based vaccines

The present invention provides safe, stable, efficacious, and cost-effective vaccines based on viral expression vectors that include a parainfluenza virus 5 (piv5) genome including a heterologous nucleotide sequence expressing a heterologous polypeptide. In some embodiments, the heterologous nucleotide sequence is inserted closer to the leader than between the hemagglutinin-neuroaminidase (hn) gene and the large rna polymerase protein (l) gene of the piv5 genome.
University Of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.
new patent

Adenoviral-based vectors

The present invention provides replication competent adenoviral vectors capable of expressing antigens from infectious pathogens, such as influenza virus. The adenoviral vectors can be used to vaccinate subjects against the infectious pathogens.
Paxvax, Inc.
new patent

Anti-cd22 antibodies

Anti-cd22 antibodies, including isolated nucleic acids that encode at least one such anti-cd22 antibody, vectors, host cells, transgenic animals or plants, and methods of making and using thereof including therapeutic compositions, methods and devices.. .
Bioatla, Llc
new patent

Antibody light chains

The present invention relates to methods for improving biophysical properties, including the stability of antibody lambda light chains, to antibody lambda light chains with improved biophysical properties, including stability, nucleic acid and vectors encoding such antibody lambda light chains, and to uses of such antibody lambda light chains, nucleic acid and vectors.. .
Dutalys Gmbh
new patent

Prebiotic composition or pharmaceutical composition synthesized from catalytic domains producing highly alpha-1,2 branched dextran

The invention relates to an isolated polypeptide with an glycosyl transferase enzymatic activity for producing dextrans with .alpha.(1.fwdarw.2) sidechains, comprising at least one region for bonding to glucan and a catalytically active region situated beyond the region bonding to glucan. The invention further relates to polynucleotides coding for said enzymes and vectors containing the same..
Institut National Des Sciences Appliquees (insa)
new patent

Demographic analysis of facial landmarks

A set of training vectors may be identified. Each training vector may be mapped to either a male gender or a female gender, and each training vector may represent facial landmarks derived from a respective facial image.
University Of North Carolina At Wilmington
new patent

Image classification and information retrieval over wireless digital networks and the internet

A method and system for matching an unknown facial image of an individual with an image of a celebrity using facial recognition techniques and human perception is disclosed herein. The invention provides a internet hosted system to find, compare, contrast and identify similar characteristics among two or more individuals using a digital camera, cellular telephone camera, wireless device for the purpose of returning information regarding similar faces to the user the system features classification of unknown facial images from a variety of internet accessible sources, including mobile phones, wireless camera-enabled devices, images obtained from digital cameras or scanners that are uploaded from pcs, third-party applications and databases.
Facedouble Incorporated
new patent

Sub-prediction unit (pu) based temporal motion vector prediction in hevc and sub-pu design in 3d-hevc

Techniques are described for sub-prediction unit (pu) based motion prediction for video coding in hevc and 3d-hevc. In one example, the techniques include an advanced temporal motion vector prediction (tmvp) mode to predict sub-pus of a pu in single layer coding for which motion vector refinement may be allowed.
Qualcomm Incorporated
new patent

Method and encoding multi-view images, and decoding multi-view images

The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for encoding images and to method and apparatus for decoding images. The method for encoding a current predicted unit in a 3d image includes: selecting the motion vector of a neighboring block as the predicted motion vector candidate of the current predicted unit, wherein the motion vector of the neighboring block belongs to the same group and has the same depth as the current predicted unit, from among the motion vectors of already encoded neighboring blocks of the current predicted block; and performing inter-prediction on the basis of the predicted motion vector candidate in order to predict the motion vector of the current predicted unit, and transmitting the predicted motion vector to a decoder..
Humax Co., Ltd.
new patent

Sub-prediction unit (pu) based temporal motion vector prediction in hevc and sub-pu design in 3d-hevc

Techniques are described for sub-prediction unit (pu) based motion prediction for video coding in hevc and 3d-hevc. In one example, the techniques include an advanced temporal motion vector prediction (tmvp) mode to predict sub-pus of a pu in single layer coding for which motion vector refinement may be allowed.
Qualcomm Incorporated
new patent

Image coding device, image coding method, and image coding integrated circuit

When compression encoding processing of an image is performed in units of macroblocks using a pipeline structure, an application of a skip mode or the like according to mpeg4avc to compression encode an encoding target block requires motion vectors and the like of adjacent blocks of the encoding target block. However, depending on a structure of the pipeline stages, the motion vectors may not be determined.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.
new patent

Motor control apparatus and motor control method

A motor control apparatus includes a calculator, a determinator, and a selector. The calculator calculates a zero vector current predicted to flow through a three-phase ac motor when an inverter operates in a first mode for applying no voltage to the motor.
Denso Corporation

Gh61 polypeptide variants and polynucleotides encoding same

The present invention relates to gh61 polypeptide variants. The present invention also relates to polynucleotides encoding the variants; nucleic acid constructs, vectors, and host cells comprising the polynucleotides; and methods of using the variants..
Novozymes, Inc.

Method for storing and applying related sets of pattern/message rules

This invention provides a method and apparatus for efficiently storing and applying related sets of pattern/message rules that are used to analyse and annotate blocks of text. Where sets of rules can include other sets, representations of the sets that speed analysis can contain significant redundancy and add to the consumption of memory.
Citadel Corporation Pty Ltd

Method and isolating a fault in a controller area network

A controller area network (can) includes a plurality of can elements comprising a communication bus and a plurality of controllers. A method for monitoring includes periodically determining vectors wherein each vector includes inactive ones of the controllers detected during a filtering window.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

System, a data structure for controlling the system, and a updating the data structure

Co-occurrence data representing e.g. Preferences and facts observed in a plurality of situations may be stored in a matrix as combinations of high-dimensional sparse vectors.
Nokia Corporation

Method for calibrating kinematics

The invention relates to a method for calibrating parallel and serial robot kinematics, which have not been constructed especially for achieving the greatest possible accuracies. To this end, there is proposed a method which includes the following steps: —moving the kinematics along a predetermined number of first configuration vectors, wherein a control function is applied to the configuration vectors,—measuring the pose of the kinematics that is taken up as a result of the movement,—determining second configuration vectors which lead to the measured pose by application of the control function,—determining a correction value for at least a part of the first configuration vectors by evaluating the part of the first and associated second configuration vectors,—determining a function for transforming the configuration space by evaluating the correction values, and—defining a calibrated control function from sequentially carrying out first the function for transforming the configuration space and subsequently the control function..

Aspiration thrombectomy catheter system, and associated methods

An aspiration thrombectomy catheter system includes an aspirator and an aspiration catheter for insertion in a blood vessel. The catheter has a shaft with a proximal end for connection with the aspirator and a tapering distal end with a tip for insertion in the vessel.
Smalling Medical Ventures, Llc

Device for automatic mapping of complex fractionated atrial electrogram

A device that monitors and evaluates electrogram signals representing electric activities of a heart chamber, and includes a signal input connected to a mapping catheter, and a signal processing and evaluation unit. The mapping catheter includes one or more electrode poles that pick up electric potentials and generate electrogram signals therefrom.
Biotronik Se & Co. Kg

Systems and methods for similarity-based semiconductor process control

The present disclosure provides methods and systems for providing a similarity index in semiconductor process control. One of the methods disclosed herein is a method for semiconductor fabrication process control.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Crispr-cas component systems, methods and compositions for sequence manipulation

The invention provides for systems, methods, and compositions for manipulation of sequences and/or activities of target sequences. Provided are vectors and vector systems, some of which encode one or more components of a crispr complex, as well as methods for the design and use of such vectors.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Circular nucleic acid vectors, and methods for making and using the same

Circular nucleic acid vectors that provide for persistently high levels of protein expression are provided. The circular vectors of the subject invention are characterized by being devoid of expression-silencing bacterial sequences, where in many embodiments the subject vectors include a unidirectional site-specific recombination product hybrid sequence in addition to an expression cassette.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Hyperglycosylated binding polypeptides

Provided are binding polypeptides (e.g., antibodies), and effector moiety conjugates thereof, comprising a ch1 domain (e.g., a human igg1 ch1 domain), wherein the ch1 domain has an engineered n-linked glycosylation site at amino acid position 114, according to kabat numbering. Also provided are nucleic acids encoding the antigen-binding polypeptides, recombinant expression vectors and host cells for making such antigen-binding polypeptides.
Genzyme Corporation

Methods for amelioration of autoimmune disease using stem cells transduced with t cell receptors from il-10 secreting t cells

Methods, cells and vectors are provided for treating a subject for an autoimmune disease using stem cells transduced with genes encoding t cell receptors from il-10 secreting regulatory t cells. The il-10 secreting regulatory t cells are obtained from a donor of stem cells, the donor having been immunized with peptidic compositions used in the treatment of the autoimmune disease..
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Visual descriptors based video quality assessment using outlier model

System and method for identifying erroneous videos and assessing video quality is provided. Feature vectors are generated corresponding to a plurality of frames associated with the one or more videos.
Interra Systems, Inc.

Device and fast block-matching motion estimation in video encoders

A solution is provided to estimate motion vectors of a video. A multistage motion vector prediction engine is configured to estimate multiple best block-matching motion vectors for each block in each video frame of the video.
Fastvdo Llc

Extended endurance air vehicle

An air vehicle comprises a vehicle body and a propulsion assembly. The vehicle body has the shape of a wing airfoil so that the vehicle body generates lift when air flows over the vehicle body.

Method for scan testing three-dimensional chip

A method for scan testing a three-dimensional chip, comprising: establishing a scan forest structure for the three-dimensional chip; generating a first test set and a plurality of test periods, and dividing the first test set into a plurality of test subsets; distributing test vectors in the plurality of test subsets into the plurality of test periods; obtaining a current hotspot of the three-dimensional chip; ranking the plurality of test subsets in accordance with an order of temperature rising values from small to large to obtain a test vector strategy; selecting the test subsets corresponding to the temperature rising values less than a temperature threshold from the plurality of test subsets according to the test vector strategy, so as to generate a second test set; and applying the second test set to the scan forest structure, and updating the current hotspot of the three-dimensional chip.. .
Tsinghua University

Method and system for principal component analysis

A method of constructing a set of basis functions is disclosed. The method comprises: receiving a set of data vectors describing a physical object or a physical phenomenon; using a data processor for calculating a set of eigenvalues for an objective matrix defined as a sum of a first matrix corresponding to the set of data vectors and a second matrix corresponding to a laplace-beltrami operator, the objective matrix being a positive definite matrix; and constructing the set of basis functions based on at least a subset of the eigenvalues..
Technion Research & Development Foundation Limited

Strength based modeling for recommendation system

Example apparatus and methods provide a recommendation to a user about a product they may wish to consider purchasing. One method produces a single indication concerning a relationship between a user and an item with which the user has interacted.
Microsoft Corporation

Cardio-embolic stroke prevention

An embolic protection device comprises an intravascular flow-interactive surface supported by an expandable, substantially cylindrical frame, wherein the frame is configured to expand and engage the luminal surface of the ascending aortic arch, wherein said frame defines a longitudinal channel generally parallel to predominant blood flow vectors, and wherein a flow-modulating element is configured to alter fluid dynamics in a manner that redirects the cranial trajectory of embolic particles originating from the heart through and beyond the longitudinal channel. The embolic protection device may also comprise a plurality of independent or interconnected flow-modulating elements serially spaced apart along the longitudinal axis of the primary vessel.
Regents Of The University Of Minneasota

Method and monitoring movement and breathing of multiple subjects in a common bed

The invention relates to methods and apparatus for monitoring movement and breathing of two or more subjects occupying common bedding. Particularly, the invention relates to a method for monitoring movement of subjects located in a common bedding, the method comprising the steps of:—imaging the bedding by an optical sensor;—performing a motion estimation by producing motion vectors indicating the local displacement of corresponding image blocks between consecutive images, or images that are several frames apart, received from said optical sensor;—calculating motion clusters by measuring spatial and temporal correlations of the motion vectors;—segmenting the calculated motion clusters by assignment of each motion cluster to a corresponding subject, wherein the assignment of the motion clusters to the corresponding subject is based on the spatial and/or temporal similarity of the motion clusters among each other and on previous segmentation results..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Fibronectin based scaffold domain proteins that bind to myostatin

The present invention relates to fibronectin-based scaffold domain proteins that bind to myostatin. The invention also relates to the use of these proteins in therapeutic applications to treat muscular dystrophy, cachexia, sarcopenia, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, copd, chronic kidney disease, heart failure, myocardial infarction, and fibrosis.
Bristol-myers Squibb Company

Multiple mutation variants of serine protease

The present invention provides novel micrococcineae spp serine proteases having multiple substitutions. In particular, the present invention provides serine proteases having multiple substitutions, dna encoding these proteases, vectors comprising the dna encoding the proteases, host cells transformed with the vector dna, and enzymes produced by the host cells.
Danisco Us Inc.

Methods for genome-wide screening and construction of genetic interaction maps

The present invention provides methods for conducting screens using nucleic acid elements (e.g., interfering rnas) to confidently identify hit genetic elements. The present invention further comprises constructing vectors that contain two or more nucleic acid elements to knock down all pairwise combinations of the hit genetic elements identified from the screen.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Method of nuclear reprogramming

A method of producing an induced pluripotent stem cell includes introducing into a somatic cell one or more non-viral expression vectors. The vectors include one or more of an oct family gene, a klf family gene, a sox family gene, a myc family gene, a lin family gene, and nanog gene.
Kyoto University

Recombinant microorganisms and methods of use thereof

The present provides selection markers, methods, nucleic acids, and vectors of use in the preparation of recombinant clostridium spp.. .
Lanzatech New Zealand Limited

Transcription units and the use thereof in expression vectors

Novel transcription units that may be used in expression vectors. The transcription unit allow antibodies to be produced whose gain in productivity is not linked to a particular antigenic target antibody and therefore by extrapolation to a given recombinant protein, nor linked to the culture medium..
Laboratoire Francais Du Fractionnement Et Des Biotechnologies

Viral vectors and their use in therapeutic methods

The invention provides viral vectors (e.g., herpes viral vectors) and methods of using these vectors to treat disease.. .
Georgetown University

Chimeric poly peptides and the therapeutic use thereof against a flaviviridae infection

The invention relates to building a chimeric polypeptide used for preventing or treating a flaviviridae infection. The use of the inventive chimeric polypeptide for producing recombinant viral vectors such as a measles living viral vector is also disclosed..
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

Simian adenovirus 41 and uses thereof

Novel simian adenovirus 41 and two isolates thereof are described. Various uses of these isolates, including construction of a recombinant vector which comprises simian adenovirus 41 sequences and a heterologous gene under the control of regulatory sequences are provided.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

Anti-her2 and anti-igf-ir bi-specific antibodies and uses thereof

Disclosed are antibodies, or binding fragments thereof, that specifically bind to human her2 and human igf-ir. Also provided are nucleic acid molecules encoding the disclosed antibodies and binding fragments and vectors and host cells containing these nucleic acid molecules.
The University Of Hong Kong

Adeno-associated virus factor viii vectors

The invention provides improved adeno-associated virus (aav) factor viii (fviii) vectors, including aav fviii vectors that produce a functional factor viii polypeptide and aav fviii vectors with high expression activity.. .
Biomarin Pharmaceutical Inc.

Method for inducing antitumor immunity using sindbis viral vectors and tumor associated antigens

The subject application is directed to a method for treating a mammal harboring a tumor comprising identifying a tumor associated antigen (taa) expressed by the tumor and parenterally administering to the mammal a therapeutically effective amount of a sindbis viral vector carrying a gene encoding the taa to the mammal sufficient to elicit an immune response directed against the tumor, and thereby treating the tumor.. .
New York University

Combined measles-malaria vaccine

A combined measles-malaria vaccine containing different attenuated recombinant measles-malaria vectors comprising a heterologous nucleic acid encoding several plasmodium falciparum antigens is described. Preferably, it relates to viral vectors that comprise nucleic acids encoding the circumsporozoite (cs) protein of p.
Cadila Healthcare Limited

Human antibodies that bind human il-12 and methods for producing

Human antibodies, preferably recombinant human antibodies, that specifically bind to human interleukin-12 (hil-12) are disclosed. Preferred antibodies have high affinity for hil-12 and neutralize hil-12 activity in vitro and in vivo.
Abbott Gmbh & Co., Kg

Tumor-specific minicircles for cancer screening

The present disclosure encompasses embodiments of nucleic acid minicircle vectors most advantageous for the detection of tumor cells. In particular, the minicircles of the disclosure incorporate a tumor-specific promoter operably linked to a nucleotide sequence desired to be selectively expressed in a tumor cell or a tissue comprising a population of tumor cells.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Image processing device, image processing method and non-transitory computer readable medium

There is provided an image processing device including: a motion vector acquirer, a position generator, a weight calculator and an image generator. The acquirer acquires motion vectors with respect to a reference frame for pixels of an input frame.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Electronic device, equation computing system and method

An electronic device and an equation computing method are provided. The electronic device receives parameters and conversion equations for converting the input parameters to vectors input by a user, and then converts the parameters input by the user to vectors according to the equation.
Fih (hong Kong) Limited

Spiculated malignant mass detection and classification in a radiographic image

An image analysis embodiment comprises generating a bulge mask from a digital image, the bulge mask comprising potential convergence hubs for spiculated anomalies, detecting ridges in the digital image to generate a detected ridges map, projecting the detected ridges map onto a set of direction maps having different directional vectors to generate a set of ridge direction projection maps, determining wedge features for the potential convergence hubs from the set of ridge direction projection maps, selecting ridge convergence hubs from the potential convergence hubs having strongest wedge features, extracting classification features for each of the selected ridge convergence hubs, and classifying the selected ridge convergence hubs based on the extracted classification features.. .
Vucomp, Inc.

Estimating doppler shift using predefined autocorrelation vectors

A method includes holding in a memory of a communication terminal multiple predefined vectors, each including signal autocorrelation values computed for a respective doppler shift. A signal is received, and empirical autocorrelation values are calculated for the received signal.
Marvell World Trade Ltd.

Apparatus and recovering spatial motion vector

Discussed is an apparatus for recovering a motion vector to perform error concealment on received video stream, including: a first selecting unit selecting a first motion vector from a first slice that is above a lost slice, and selecting a second motion vector from a second slice that is below the lost slice; a second selecting unit determining at least one first orthogonal motion vector that is orthogonal to the first motion vector, and determining at least one second orthogonal motion vector that is orthogonal to the second motion vector; and a recovering unit computing a lost motion vector, comprised in the lost slice, using a weighted average of valid motion vectors, wherein the valid motion vectors include at least one of the first motion vector, the second motion vector, the first orthogonal motion vector, and the second orthogonal motion vector.. .
Lg Display Co., Ltd.

Performing video encoding mode decision based on motion activity

A method and apparatus are described for performing video encoding mode decisions. A down-scaled frame is received that includes a macroblock corresponding to a first subset of macroblocks of a first area in a full-scale frame.
Ati Technologies Ulc

Failure detection in lighting system

The present invention relates to a method of detecting a failed luminaire and/or light sensor in a lighting system comprising m luminaires and n light sensors. The elements dsl of an n×m transfer matrix d expresses how each luminaire l affect a light sensor s with respect to sensed light intensity, wherein s=1, 2, .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Citrus plants resistant to citrus huanglongbing (ex greening) caused by candidatus liberibacter asiaticus (las) and bacterial canker caused by (xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri) (xac)

Disclosed herein are viral vectors based on modifications of the citrus tristeza virus useful for transfecting citrus trees for beneficial purposes. Included in the disclosure are viral vectors including one or more gene cassettes that encode spinach defensin peptide(s).
Southern Gardens Citrus

New repeat variable diresidues for targeting nucleotides

The present invention relates to polypeptides and more particularly to transcription activator-like effector derived proteins that allow to efficiently target and/or process nucleic acids. The present invention also concerns methods to use these proteins.
Cellectis, S.a.

Method and data processing device for reconstructing a vector

A method for reconstructing a first vector from a second vector includes: storing code for the row vectors according to a first code and a second code; correcting the row vectors of the second vector corresponding to the first vector so that the row vectors of the second vector have the same code as the row vectors of the first vector; calculating the code of the column vectors of the second vector according to the second code; comparing the code of the row vectors of the second vector with the code of the column vectors of the first vector; identifying the columns in which the first vector is unequal to the second vector; the rows in which the first vector is unequal to the second vector; and the components in which the first vector is not equal to the second vector, and correcting the components of the second vector.. .
Infineon Technologies Ag

Systems and methods quantifying trust perceptions of entities within social media documents

A computer system measures trust of an entity in electronic documents from electronic media sources is described. A communication network is linked to one or more of the sources.
Maritz Holdings Inc.

Image search device, image search method, program, and computer-readable storage medium

An image search device is configured to: obtain a plurality of query feature vectors each indicating a local feature of an image serving as a query; select a plurality of image feature vectors respectively corresponding to the plurality of query feature vectors based on proximities between the plurality of image feature vectors respectively indicating a plurality of local features of each of a plurality of search target images to be searched, and the plurality of query feature vectors; generate an image score of the search target image based on a total sum of score elements each corresponding to the proximities between the selected plurality of image feature vectors and the query feature vectors corresponding to the selected image feature vectors; and select at least one of the plurality of search target images based on the image score.. .
Rakuten, Inc.

Method for mapping media components employing machine learning

The present document relates to cloud computing. In particular, the present document relates to methods and systems for cloud computing which enable the efficient and flexible placement of application components within a cloud.
Alcatel Lucent

Fast access vectors in real-time behavioral profiling

An artificial intelligence fraud management system comprises real-time analytics process for analyzing the behavior of a user from the transaction events they generate over a network. An initial population of smart agent profiles is stored in a computer file system and more smart agent profiles are added as required as transaction data is input.
Brighterion, Inc.

Enterprise risk assessment

Methods and apparatus are disclosed for assessing risk in an enterprise. A server may receive risk scores indicating an asset's risk level across various risk vectors.
Bank Of America Corporation

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