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 Wireless resource allocation and buffer status reporting based on packet size patent thumbnailnew patent Wireless resource allocation and buffer status reporting based on packet size
Wireless resource allocation and buffer status reporting may be based on packet size, and a base station may allocate resources for communications with a user equipment (ue) to provide resources for an integer number of packets. For downlink communications from a base station to a ue, a scheduler may allocate resources to transmit an integer number of packets, based on packet size and a number of packets to be transmitted.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Centralized, scalable, resource monitoring system patent thumbnailnew patent Centralized, scalable, resource monitoring system
A method, apparatus, and computer program product are disclosed to provide host-independent resource monitoring for distributed networks. The method includes determining, from a set of jobs, one or more jobs to execute that monitor the status of resources within a distributed network.
Groupon, Inc.

 Methods and systems related to time triggered geofencing patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and systems related to time triggered geofencing
Time triggered geo-fencing. At least some of the example embodiments are systems including: a processor; a wireless interface coupled to the processor; and a memory coupled to the processor.
Gordon*howard Associates

 Intentional monitoring patent thumbnailnew patent Intentional monitoring
An approach for providing intentional monitoring is provided. An alarm can be predefined with any number of metrics or thresholds for monitoring an electronic service.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

 Real-time state-machine implemented with micro-controller patent thumbnailnew patent Real-time state-machine implemented with micro-controller
A system and method for implementing a real-time state machine with a microcontroller is disclosed. The method includes using a two-stage process, including a configuration stage and a run-time stage, for processing objects for a printing device.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

 Why-buy/time variable shopping bonus patent thumbnailnew patent Why-buy/time variable shopping bonus
A network marketing system in conjunction with a cash back system based on time variables. Network marketing aspect of system can help sponsors acquire free products.

 Time domain response simulation system patent thumbnailnew patent Time domain response simulation system
The time domain response of a simulated system is simulated by first receiving variables for the simulated system. A frequency domain simulation is performed over different frequencies using each of the variables to provide simulated frequency domain responses for the simulated system.
Dell Products L.p.

 Hybrid simulation methodologies patent thumbnailnew patent Hybrid simulation methodologies
Possible outcomes can be determined by combining simulation methods on a pool of input variables. Certain members of the pool are identified as members of a first set of variables (e.g., priority set), and certain other members of the pool of input variables are identified as members of a second set of variables (e.g., non-priority set).
Sas Institute Inc.

 Adaptive sampling via adaptive optimal experimental designs to extract maximum information from large data repositories patent thumbnailnew patent Adaptive sampling via adaptive optimal experimental designs to extract maximum information from large data repositories
A system, method, and computer-readable medium for extracting the samples from big data to extract most information about the relationships of interest between dimensions and variables in the data repository. More specifically, extracting information from large data repositories follows an adaptive process that uses systematic sampling procedures derived from optimal experimental designs to target from a large data set specific observations with information value of interest for the analytic task under consideration.
Dell Software, Inc.

 Method for dialogue between a machine, such as a humanoid robot, and a human interlocutor; computer program product; and humanoid robot for implementing such a method patent thumbnailnew patent Method for dialogue between a machine, such as a humanoid robot, and a human interlocutor; computer program product; and humanoid robot for implementing such a method
A method for performing a dialog between a machine, preferably a humanoid robot, and at least one human speaker, comprises the following steps, implemented by a computer: a) identifying the human speaker; b) extracting from a database a speaker profile comprising a plurality of dialog variables, at least one value being assigned to at least one of the dialog variables; c) receiving and analyzing at least one sentence originating from the speaker; and d) formulating and emitting at least one response sentence as a function at least of the sentence received and interpreted in step c) and of one dialog variable of the speaker profile.. .
Aldebaran Robotics

new patent

System and predicting transformative events in multivariable systems

A method of predicting a transformative event within a multivariable system includes receiving values for each of a plurality of variables of the multivariable system for a plurality of measurement times over a measurement time period; selecting a plurality of agitated variables as a sub-set of the plurality of variables; calculating a cross correlation coefficient between each pair of agitated variables from the plurality of agitated variables; identifying connected pairs of agitated variables based on the cross correlation coefficients; identifying all clusters of agitated variables such that each agitated variable within each cluster of agitated variables is a connected pair of agitated variables with at least one other agitated variable therein; identifying a percolating cluster of variables as the largest cluster of agitated variables from all clusters of agitated variables identified for the corresponding measurement time; receiving at least one nucleation core variable that is known to be associated with the transformative event; identifying all occurrences of the at least one nucleation core variable in each percolating cluster for each of the plurality of measurement times; calculating a nucleation index based on said all occurrences of the at least one nucleation core variable identified in each percolating cluster for each of the plurality of measurement times; comparing the nucleation index with a predetermined event index; and predicting the transformative event based on the comparing.. .
The George Washington University A Congressionally Chartered Not-for-profit Corporation

new patent

Controller and control method

A controller includes a control computation unit, a control computation output correction unit, and a final-control-element output upper-lower limit processing unit. The control computation unit calculates, for each control cycle, a control computation output value by performing a control computation using a controlled variable and a set point as input values.
Azbil Corporation

new patent

Phantom for evaluating performance of magnetic resonance imaging apparatus using ultra high field

The present invention relates to a phantom for evaluating performance of an ultra high field magnetic resonance imaging (mri) apparatus. Specifically, the present invention relates to a multi-purpose phantom which can grasp a degree of diagnostic capability of an mri apparatus using a comprehensive result of imaging conditions and variables and simultaneously analyze and evaluate performance of magnetic resonance imaging (mri), performance of magnetic resonance spectroscopy (mrs) and metabolic components of a human body within a predetermined range of error and limit.
The Catholic University Of Korea Industry - Academic Cooperation Foundation

new patent

Fault prediction and condition-based repair urban rail train bogie

The present invention provides a fault prediction and condition-based repair method of an urban rail train bogie. An optimum service life distribution model of a framework, a spring device, a connecting device, a wheel set and axle box, a driving mechanism, and a basic brake device of a bogie is determined by adopting a method based on survival analysis; a reliability characteristic function of each subsystem is obtained; then, a failure rate of each subsystem of the bogie is calculated by adopting a neural network model optimized by an evolutionary algorithm; and finally, proportional risk modelling is conducted by taking the failure rate and safe operation days of each subsystem of the bogie as concomitant variables; and on the basis of cost optimization, thresholds and control limits for condition-based repair of a bogie system are obtained..
Beijing Jiaotong University

new patent

Continuously variable transmission and control method therefor

A continuously variable transmission with an annular band body including grooves meshable with movable teeth provided on a second pulley and a biasing unit configured to bias the movable teeth radially outwardly of a shaft portion is provided with a hydraulic control unit configured to reduce a hydraulic pressure in a second oil chamber when a speed ratio reaches a predetermined speed ratio at which the grooves are meshed with the movable teeth.. .
Jatco Ltd

new patent

Continuously variable transmission

A continuously variable transmission provides an increased transmission speed ratio with fewer parts. A kinematic arrangement can provide at least a squared kinematic arrangement of the variator for two or more modes, for example, and can provide an increased range transmission speed ratio with fewer moving parts.
Dana Limited

new patent

Infinitely variable transmissions, continuously variable transmissions, methods, assemblies, subassemblies, and components therefor

Inventive embodiments are directed to components, subassemblies, systems, and/or methods for infinitely variable transmissions (ivt). In one embodiment, a control system is adapted to facilitate a change in the ratio of an ivt.
Fallbrook Intellectual Property Company Llc

new patent

Continuously variable transmission metal element

A continuously variable transmission metal element includes a first ring slot, a second ring slot, a neck portion, an ear portion, and a body portion. The body portion includes an inclined surface.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

new patent

Controlling nozzle areas of variable area fan nozzles

Provided are methods and systems for measuring and controlling nozzle areas of variable area fan nozzles. A control system attached to a nozzle may include a cable having one end connected to a linear displacement measuring device, such as a string potentiometer.
The Boeing Company

new patent

Variable inlet guide vane scheduling

There is disclosed an aero gas turbine engine comprising a compressor and an array of variable inlet guide vanes for the compressor. The angle of the variable inlet guide vanes is controlled by scheduling, the scheduling comprising a first component invoked for engine ground start and a second component invoked for engine in-flight windmill start at least under particular flight conditions.
Rolls-royce Plc

new patent

Probabalistic modeling and analysis of hydrocarbon-containing reservoirs

Methods and systems are provided for modeling an aspect of a hydrocarbon-containing reservoir by constructing a first factor graph having variables and factors that describe the aspect of the hydrocarbon-containing reservoir. The first factor graph is converted to a tree-structured graph that does not have any cycle or loops.

new patent

Inhibitors of bruton's tyrosine kinase

This application discloses compounds according to generic formula i: wherein all variables are defined as described herein, which inhibit btk. The compounds disclosed herein are useful to modulate the activity of btk and treat diseases associated with excessive btk activity.
Hoffmann-la Roche Inc.

new patent

Substituted 1,2,5-oxadiazole compounds and their use as herbicides

The present invention relates to a compound of formula i, wherein the variables are defined as in the specification. The invention further refers to a composition comprising such compound and to the use thereof for controlling unwanted vegetation..
Basf Se

new patent

Perfluorinated cyclopropyl fused 1,3-oxazin-2-amine compounds as beta-secretase inhibitors and methods of use

Wherein variables a4, a5, a6, a8, each of ra, rb, r1, r2, r3 and r7 of formula i, independently, are defined herein. The invention also provides pharmaceutical compositions comprising the compounds, and uses of the compounds and compositions for treatment of disorders and/or conditions related to a-beta plaque formation and deposition, resulting from the biological activity of bace.

new patent

Pyrrolidine gpr40 modulators

The present invention provides compounds of formula (i): or a stereoisomer, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein all of the variables are as defined herein. These compounds are gpr40 g protein-coupled receptor modulators which may be used as medicaments..
Bristol-myers Squibb Company

new patent

Dihydropyrazole gpr40 modulators

The present invention provides compounds of formula (i): or a stereoisomer, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein all of the variables are as defined herein. These compounds are gpr40 g protein-coupled receptor modulators which may be used as medicaments..
Bristol-myers Squibb Company

new patent

Torque sensor and electric bicycle using same

A torque sensor for electrically assisting a vehicle with pedals includes a housing, a rotating member, an actuator, and an resistor. The housing defines a receiving chamber and is configured to be coupled to the driving member.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

new patent

Device for measuring physiological values

A device used to establish a contact between a subject and a measuring device using measurement technology, wherein the subject can be a patient. The device has at least one measuring device for connecting to the subject and at least one line to which the measuring device is secured.
Seca Ag

new patent

Controlled variable length and illumination pattern light diffusing optical fiber

An illuming device for use in medically illuminating tissue of interest within a patient generally includes a light diffusing optical fiber and an at least partially optically opaque sheath that is mounted over the fiber for selective, sliding movement along the length thereof. By sliding the sheath relative to the optical fiber after it has been inserted into a patient to illuminate a particular area of tissue, the length, size, and/or shape of the light that is exposed to the tissue can be selectively controlled.
Corning Incorporated

new patent

Glove structure

A glove structure of the present invention is provided with first and second glove components, wherein the first glove component is correspondingly provided with a first internal surface and a first external surface, and the second glove component is correspondingly provided with a second internal surface and a second external surface. The second internal surface uses joining regions to bond to the first external surface.
Shanghai Jin Feng Yu Glove Co., Ltd.

Methods, systems, and computer readable media for converging on network protocol stack vulnerabilities using fuzzing variables, vulnerability ratings and progressive convergence

A method for progressive convergence on network protocol stack vulnerabilities includes defining an initial protocol field and field value space for fuzz testing of a network communications protocol stack implementation. The method further includes dividing the initial space into regions corresponding to combinations of protocol fields and field values.

Channel coding variable length information using block code

A method for channel-coding information bits using a code generation matrix including 32 rows and a columns corresponding to length of the information bits includes, channel-coding the information bits having “a” length using basis sequences having 32-bit length corresponding to columns of the code generation matrix, and outputting the channel-coded result as an output sequence. If “a” is higher than 10, the code generation matrix is generated when (a-10) additional basis sequences were added as column-directional sequences to a first or second matrix.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Method and operating a converter in a converter-based power distribution system, and power distribution system having a plurality of converter-based power transmission units

The invention relates to a method for operating a converter in an energy distribution system, wherein, by means of the converter, an electrical energy provided by a source is fed into an ac electricity network at a coupling point (e) or electrical energy is drawn from the ac electricity network at the coupling point (e), wherein the ac electricity network is coupled to further converters for feeding in or drawing electrical energy, wherein the converter has an inverter provided with power switches in order to provide an electrical variable, comprising providing one or a plurality of system state variables indicating a system state of the electricity network, selecting one of a plurality of commutation patterns depending on the one or the plurality of system state variables, and driving the inverter according to the selected commutation pattern.. .
Abb Technology Ag

Resistor calibration using a mos capacitor

A method for calibrating a resistance value comprises the steps of measuring a value of a reference capacitor, and adjusting a variable resistor based on the measured value of the reference capacitor. The method may more specifically comprise the steps of directing a constant current through the reference capacitor during a reference time interval; after the reference time interval, directing the constant current through the variable resistor; and varying the variable resistor value progressively by varying a control signal until a voltage of the variable resistor reaches a voltage of the reference capacitor..
Stmicroelectronics (grenoble 2) Sas

Variable-component deep neural network for robust speech recognition

Systems and methods for speech recognition incorporating environmental variables are provided. The systems and methods capture speech to be recognized.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

System and providing group learning via computerized student group assignments conducted based on student attributes and student-variable-related criteria

In certain implementations, group learning may be provided via computerized student group assignments. In an implementation, student information about students registered to take a course may be obtained.
Scriyb Llc

Producing multi-author animation and multimedia using metadata

The present invention relates to the creation of digital multimedia, in particular the creation of digital animation and or audio tracks by multiple participants. Specifically, the invention relates to a novel method to facilitate, through automation, custom tools and custom methods, the creation and maintenance of a collaboration of two or more individuals who generate incremental media elements, and a resultant accretive animation and or audio thereof.

Generating and applying patches to computer program code concurrently with its execution

A method and data processing system are disclosed for concurrently loading a plurality of new modules while code of a plurality of modules of an original (i.e., currently running) computer program is loaded and executed on a computer system. The method may include allocating a module thread local storage (tls) block for each thread within an initial computer program, wherein the allocated module tls blocks are large enough to hold all module thread variables that are loaded or to be loaded.
International Business Machines Corporation

Selection and organization based on selection of x-y position

An x-y interaction (xyi) facilitates rapid relationship pairing by creating tap or selection zones that intersect variables. The y-axis contains an indefinite number of variables (items) that can be assigned to x-axis variables (groups).
Paypal, Inc.

Device and detecting types of universal serial bus cable

Disclosed is a device and method for detecting types of a universal serial bus cable. The detection device includes a detection circuit and a control unit.
Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

Systems and methods for assessing data collected from an electrically active cell culture

Disclosed herein are systems and methods for assessing electrically active cell cultures. Optionally, the data can be collected using a microelectrode array (mea).
Axion Biosystems, Inc.

Vehicle power transmission device

A vehicle power transmission device including a crank type continuously variable transmission mechanism is provided with a forward/reverse switching mechanism disposed between an output shaft and a driven wheel, a transmission shaft relatively rotatably fitted around an outer periphery of the output shaft, an auxiliary power transmission device configured to provide a connection between an input shaft and the transmission shaft, a first outer peripheral spline provided on the transmission shaft, second and third outer peripheral splines provided on the output shaft, an inner peripheral spline that can switch between a first state, a second state, and a third state, and a second one-way clutch provided between the output shaft and the second outer peripheral spline and that is engaged when a rotational speed of the output shaft exceeds a rotational speed of the second outer peripheral spline.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Continuously variable transmission

Traction planets and traction rings can be operationally coupled to a planetary gearset to provide a continuously variable transmission (cvt). The cvt can be used in a bicycle.
Fallbrook Intellectual Property Company Llc

Continuously variable transmission

A continuously variable transmission includes an input disk and output disk rotatable about a disk axis of rotation. An input ring member rotatable about an input axis of rotation engages the input disk at an input contact patch.

Method for handling variable length plumbing needs on an electrical submersible pump test bench

A submersible pump test bench capable of testing multiple lengths of submersible pumps. The test bench includes a series of trolleys that may be moved along, added to, or removed from a rail depending on the length of submersible pump to be tested.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Aryl- and heteroarylcarbonyl derivatives of hexahydroindenopyridine and octahydrobenzoquinoline

Wherein the variables r1, r2, r3, r4, and m are defined as in claim 1, possessing valuable pharmacological activity. Particularly, the compounds are inhibitors of 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (hsd) 1 and thus are suitable for treatment and prevention of diseases which can be influenced by inhibition of this enzyme, such as metabolic diseases, in particular diabetes type 2, obesity, and dyslipidemia..

Biphenylamide derivative hsp90 inhibitors

Compounds of the formulas are provided: wherein variables y1-y5, x1-x5, a1-a4, x, y, n1, n2, and r1-r15 are as defined herein. Pharmaceutical compositions of the compounds are also provided.
University Of Kansas

Power safety instrument system

A power safety system is configured to provide power information in an aircraft. The power safety system includes a power safety instrument having a power required indicator and a power available indicator, each being located on a display.
Textron Innovations Inc.

Compounds useful as inhibitors of atr kinase

Wherein the variables are as defined herein.. .

Automatic matching circuit for high frequency power supply

An automatic matching circuit includes a variable inductor disposed in order to perform impedance matching at a high frequency equal to or higher than 2 mhz between the output impedance of a high frequency power supply 10 and the input impedance of a resonant type transmission antenna 11, to cause an inductance value to be variable by using an electronic part that electrically performs contact switching including continuous contact switching, a variable capacitor disposed in order to perform the impedance matching, to cause a capacitance value to be variable by using an electronic part that electrically performs contact switching including continuous contact switching, and a variable control circuit 1 to control the electronic parts, in the variable inductor and the variable capacitor, each of which electrically performs the contact switching including the continuous contact switching, in such a way as to perform the impedance matching.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Company, Limited

Dimension reducing visual representation method

In a data visualization system, a method of arranging, in n dimensions, data points representing n or more variables, the method including the steps of: a data point ranking module ranking a set of data points with respect to a first axis of a visual representation using a first variable; and based on a second variable, a data point distribution module distributing the set of data points along the first axis while retaining information relating to the ranking of data points determined in step i).. .
New Bis Safe Luxco S.á.r.l

Method and system for online user engagement measurement

The present teaching relates to online user engagement measurement. In one example, user activities with respect to a piece of content are detected.
Bidtellect, Inc.

Method for ranking of currencies in a payment system with a multitude of issuers

The invention provides a method for application of statistical methods to rank various currencies in a payment system, wherein currencies are created in the same pattern but have different parameters and different user-acceptance rates, which together are used for the assignment of a rating to each currency and ranking of the currencies according to the ratings. Currency ratings are a function parameters, each parameter being the numerical value of a time series data set: amount of currency in circulation, the number of times a currency is used in transactions, number of different users accepting the currency, back-up level (redeemability) of currency and market value of the currency.

System and classifying respiratory and overall health status of an animal

Systems and methods are provided for determining the respiratory and overall health status of an animal. The systems and methods utilize location data of individual animals to generate variables describing the behavior of the individual animals.
Precision Animal Solutions, Llc

Detecting outlier prescription behavior using graphical models with latent variables

Software that performs the following steps: (i) receiving a first set of observed data pertaining to healthcare events, the first set of observed data including a subset of patient care event data pertaining to patient care events and a subset of prescription data pertaining to prescription events; (ii) generating a graphical model representing a probabilistic relationship between the patient care event data and the prescription data, the graphical model including a set of latent variable(s) estimated from the first set of observed data using an expectation maximization method; (iii) receiving a second set of observed data pertaining to healthcare events associated with a healthcare provider; and (iv) computing, using a dynamic programming approach, a first prescription score for the healthcare provider relating to a computed probability under the generated graphical model of at least one prescription event of the second set of observed data.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Statistical design with importance sampling reuse

A mechanism is provided for reusing importance sampling for efficient cell failure rate estimation of process variations and other design considerations. First, the mechanism performs a search across circuit parameters to determine failures with respect to a set of performance variables.
International Business Machines Corporation

Division operations on variable length elements in memory

Examples of the present disclosure provide apparatuses and methods for performing variable bit-length division operations in a memory. An example method comprises performing a variable length division operation on a first vector comprising variable length elements representing a number of dividends and stored in a group of memory cells coupled to a first access line and a number of sense lines of a memory array and a second vector comprising variable length elements representing a number of divisors stored in a group of memory cells coupled to a second access line and the number of sense lines of the memory array.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Method for determining a switching function for a sliding mode controller, and sliding mode controller

The disclosure relates to a method for determining a switching function for a sliding mode controller for controlling a controlled variable of a system, the switching function being selected as a function of a control deviation of the controlled variable and its time derivatives up to at least the second order and on the basis of initial control dynamics of the system, coefficients of the switching function being represented by means of poles of a closed control loop of the system, the poles each being selected as a function of the control deviation, and desired control dynamics of the system being set by shifting at least one first pole of the poles, and to such a sliding mode controller and to a use of such a controller.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Reflective optical element, and optical system of a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus

A reflective optical element (50) having a substrate (52) and a multilayer system (51) that has a plurality of partial stacks (53), each with a first layer (54) of a first material and a second layer (55) of a second material. The first material and the second material differ from one another in refractive index at an operating wavelength of the optical element.
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

Loading weight detection device

A loading weight detection device applicable to various mobile bodies can accurately detect loading weight with minimized number of input variables. It includes a touch panel 33 receiving input of vehicle body weight ma and initial setting cargo weight mb0; an oscillation detection part 20 detecting cargo vehicle oscillation; an arithmetic part 31 functioning as natural vibration identifying means for identifying natural vibration in self-weight direction as vertical oscillation center-of-gravity-specific natural vibration value, based on oscillation data detected by an oscillation detection part 20; a storage part 32 storing vertical oscillation center-of-gravity-specific natural vibration value identified by an arithmetic part 31 with cargo having initial setting cargo weight of mb0 loaded on cargo vehicle, vehicle body weight ma, and initial setting cargo weight mb0 as initial setting data, arithmetic part 31 calculating total weight m, being based on vertical oscillation center-of-gravity-specific natural vibration value identified and initial setting data..
National University Corporation Tokyo University Of Marine Science And Technology

Clutch and torque converter control for a continuously variable transmission

A hydraulic control system with clutch and torque converter control for a cvt includes a pressure regulator subsystem, a cooler subsystem, a manual valve assembly, and a torque converter control valve assembly connected to the torque converter clutch (tcc) and the cooler subsystem. A boost valve assembly is connected to the pressure regulator subsystem, the manual valve assembly, and the torque converter clutch control valve assembly.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Sealing system for variable area fan nozzle

In various embodiments, a nacelle may comprise a cowl, an inner panel, a vafn panel and an overhang. The cowl may define a first portion of an outer surface of the nacelle.
Rohr, Inc.

Method for operating a gas turbine

A gas turbine having a compressor is controlled at least by controlling an opening of variable inlet guide vanes between a maximum opening and a minimum opening. A function indicative of the mechanical stress undergone by compressor blades downstream of the variable inlet guide vanes has an increasing line trend from the maximum opening to the minimum opening of the variable inlet guide vanes.
Ansaldo Energia Ip Uk Limited

Compositions and methods for treating ischemia and ischemia-reperfusion injury

And methods of using such compounds to activate cytoprotective kinases. The values and preferred values of the variables in structural formula i are defined herein..

Bicyclic azaheterocyclobenzylamines as pi3k inhibitors

Wherein the variables are defined herein, that modulate the activity of phosphoinositide 3-kinases (pi3ks) and are useful in the treatment of diseases related to the activity of pi3ks including, for example, inflammatory disorders, immune-based disorders, cancer, and other diseases.. .

Bubble column reactor based digester and its use

A method for digestion of a crude terephthalic slurry obtained from oxidation of para-xylene in a bubble column reactor oxidation process is provided. The method is conducted in one or more bubble column reactors having one or more segregrated zones defined by horizontal baffles and particle flow through the digestion system is controlled to maximize conversion of partial oxidation intermediates to terephthalic acid while minimizing formation of other contaminant products.
Grupo Petrotemex, S.a. De C.v.

Antibacterial agents: aryl myxopyronin derivatives

And salts thereof, wherein variables are as described in the specification, as well as compositions comprising a compound of formula ia-ic, methods of making such compounds, and methods of using such compounds, e.g., as inhibitors of bacterial rna polymerase and as antibacterial agents.. .

Wireless communications system that supports multiple modes of operation

A wireless communications adapts its mode of operation between spatial multiplexing and non-spatial multiplexing in response to transmission-specific variables. An embodiment of a wireless communications system for transmitting information between a base transceiver station and a subscriber unit includes mode determination logic.
Intel Corporation

Low power high speed receiver with reduced decision feedback equalizer samplers

Described is an apparatus which comprises: a variable gain amplifier (vga); a set of samplers to sample data output from the vga according to a clock signal; and a clock data recovery (cdr) circuit to adjust phase of the clock signal such that magnitude of a first post-cursor signal associated with the sampled data is substantially half of a magnitude of a primary cursor tap associated with the sampled data.. .
Intel Corporation

System and method adopting a reliable stop-and-wait hybrid automatic repeat request protocol

A method for transferring data in a communication system is implemented in a network device. In the method, the network device receives an ir version of a frame, a sequence number, and a revision number in a media access control (mac) layer.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Amplifier current consumption control

The audio amplifier includes a variable gain amplifier receiving the input audio signal and providing the output signal, whereby the output signal corresponds to the input signal amplified by a limiter gain. The audio amplifier further includes a limiter gain calculation unit, thus the input signal is amplified by the limiter gain.
Harman Becker Automotive Systems Gmbh

Behavioral model and predistorter for modeling and reducing nonlinear effects in power amplifiers

The behavioral model and predistorter for modeling and reducing nonlinear effects in power amplifiers addresses the model size estimation problem. The gmp model is replaced by the hybrid memory polynomial/envelope memory polynomial (hmem) model within a twin nonlinear two-box structure to reduce the number of variables involved in the model size estimation problem, without compromising model accuracy and digital predistorter performance.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Methods and apparatus to allocate advertisements in an advertising campaign

Methods and apparatus to allocate advertising elements to selected campaign variables are disclosed. An example method includes selecting one of a first campaign variable and a second campaign variable based on a first penalty associated with the first campaign variable and a second penalty associated with the second campaign variable, the first penalty representative of non-allocation of a first advertising element to the first campaign variable, the second penalty representative of non-allocation of a second advertising element to the second campaign variable; selecting a target advertising element based on efficacy scores associated with the first and second campaign variables; and allocating the target advertising element to the selected one of the first and second campaign variables..
The Nielsen Company (us), Llc

Method and optimization

An approach is provided for solving optimization problems. The present invention also relates to a method comprising obtaining a first set of binary variables and a second set of binary variables; providing information regarding interactions between binary variables of the first set and binary variables of the second set; and providing an inverse temperature value.
Nokia Technologies Oy

Discovery of potential problematic execution plans in a bind-sensitive query statement

Aspects of the present invention provide systems and methods that can help generate potential execution plans for a query statement that have one or more bind variable, whether the one or more bind variables were originally in the query statement or replaced one or more literals in the query. Embodiments of the present invention also include systems and methods for testing performance of one or more of the potential execution plans before they emerge in the production environment..
Dell Products L.p.

Determination of valid input sequences for an unknown binary program

A method to determine a valid input sequence for an unknown binary program is provided. The method may include obtaining an input sequence for an unknown binary program.
Fujitsu Limited

System and serving multiple data objects and formatting functions in a single request

Disclosed is a novel framework by which the sources of data objects and/or formatting functions can be easily requested and managed. More specifically, the invention provides a system for and method of serving multiple data objects and/or formatting functions to a subscribing client via a single request.
International Business Machines Corporation

Measurement of electrical variables on a dc furnace

A method of detecting an open arc in a dc plasma arc furnace which is based on detecting a linear decrease in the log of the magnitude of the frequency spectrum of the voltage between the anode and cathode.. .

Cvt ratio change control during a sudden vehicle stop

A continuously variable transmission (cvt) includes input and output members, a primary variator pulley, and a secondary variator pulley. The respective variator pulleys are responsive to primary and secondary pressures.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Controller for vehicle power transmission system

When there is a failure in a speed ratio control linear solenoid valve, or the like, a controller for a vehicle power transmission system establishes a state where torque is transmitted via a gear mechanism, and, in this state, determines whether the speed ratio control linear solenoid valve, or the like, has returned to a normal state by comparing a target speed ratio and actual speed ratio of a continuously variable transmission with each other. It is determined whether the speed ratio control linear solenoid valve, or the like, has returned to the normal state by changing the target speed ratio of the belt-type continuously variable transmission and then comparing the target speed ratio with the actual speed ratio.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Continuously variable transmission

The invention relates to a continuously variable transmission. The continuously variable transmission comprises an outer rotary part, an inner rotary part which is arranged in the outer rotary part such that the inner and/or the outer rotary part are rotatable relative to one another, several coupling mechanisms for coupling the inner and outer rotary part with one another, an adjustment device for eccentric adjustment of the inner and outer rotary part relative to one another, a pump for delivering a lubricant into the transmission along a shell surface of the inner rotary part, and sealing elements which are arranged on the inner rotary part in the coupling mechanisms, or nozzles for delivering a predetermined amount of lubricant to the particular coupling mechanism..
Ums Maschinenbau Gmbh

Machine and process for building 3-dimensional metal and composite structures by using carbonyl and other gases

The current invention teaches a process to add transition metals to a substrate with careful, spacial control to build up regions selectively, and a machine to enable this process to be performed. The process is amenable to doping with other gases to provide dispersion strengthening and/or to form metal matrix composites.

Block copolymers of polyacrylates and polyolefins

Wherein “po” is a polyolefin having a number average molecular weight of at least 300 g/mole, and “ar” is selected from the group consisting of c6 to c20 aryls, a c7 to c32 alkylaryls, a c6 to c20 aryloxys, and halogen substituted c6 to c20 aryls and c7 to c32 alkylaryls, while the other variables are as described herein. The block copolymers can be produced in an alkylation reaction between the desired polyacrylate and a vinyl/vinylidene-terminated polyolefin..

Method for producing a foil or a film

B) at least partially curing and/or partially drying the poured material (2), during which step b) the properties of the material and/or thermal state variables of a defined area around the belt (3) are recorded by means of at least one non-invasive spectroscopic method.. .

Tension loop for a spinal cord stimulator

An electrical stimulation device comprises a stimulation lead with a tension section to prevent induction of an electrical current when the electrical stimulation device is in the presence of a magnetic field generated by a device such as an mri machine. The tension section is shaped to organize excess length of the stimulation lead while providing a variable length between a distal end of the stimulation lead and an electrical source.

Dihydropyridinone mgat2 inhibitors

Or a stereoisomer, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein all of the variables are as defined herein. These compounds are monoacylglycerol acyltransferase type 2 (mgat2) inhibitors which may be used as medicaments..

Blood-collecting needle having variable length and provided with pain, inflammation, and risk prevention functions

A blood-collecting needle is provided in which, when a disposable blood-collecting needle is inserted into a semiautomatic blood collection device to collect blood, the blood-collecting needle not only reduces pain, but achieves perfect sanitation to relieve the sense of danger and anxiety felt by a user, and the length of the blood-collecting needle is freely changed in multiple stages. A multi-bump disposed on a lower end of a main body may smoothly pass through a needle passage of the blood collection device to reduce pain while instantly contacting the peripheral epidermis during self-injection.

Method and dynamically presenting content using an interface for setting conditional network destinations

Qr codes or the like are used in hardlink applications, by which different users may receive different information in response to a user's interaction with a touchpoint. The content delivered to a particular user in response to a hardlink code or a presented hyperlink may be dependent on the time of the scan, the geographic location of the user, a weather condition at the geographical location, personal information associated with the user, a number of previous scans of the code by prior individuals, and any combination of the these or other variables, which may be determined by an originator of the qr code or other party.
Life In Mobile Innovations, Inc.

Dynamic and selective response to cyber attack for telecommunications carrier networks

A response to a cyber attack on a carrier network is provided. The response can be based on inspection of traffic flowing through a carrier network.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

Design and optimization of partial response pulse shape filter

A method and system for configuring one or both of a transmitter pulse-shaping filter and a receiver pulse-shaping filter to generate a total partial response that incorporates a predetermined amount of inter-symbol interference (isi), based on one or more defined performance-related variables and one or more set constraints that are applicable to one or both of the transmitter pulse-shaping filter and the receiver pulse-shaping filters. The predetermined amount of isi is determined based on an estimation process during extraction of data from an output of the receiver pulse-shaping filter, such that performance of total partial response based communication matches or surpasses performance of communication incorporating filtering based on no or near-zero isi.
Magnacom Ltd.

Resonant type high frequency power supply device

A resonant type high frequency power supply device provided with a power semiconductor element that performs a switching operation at a high frequency exceeding 2 mhz, the resonant type high frequency power supply device including a variable inductor that makes an adjustment to the amplitude of a device output voltage.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Company, Limited

Fuel savings training needs prediction and alert system

A novel fuel savings training needs prediction and alert system is capable of calculating a probability of persistent future fuel waste of a particular driver based on recent driving patterns originating from real-time on-board diagnostics (obd) information of a vehicle. The fuel savings training needs prediction and alert system is also configured to generate and transmit one or more action items and alerts to a vehicle fleet operations manager or another supervisory personnel for improving driving behaviors of the particular driver.
Truelite Trace, Inc.

Privacy-preserving data collection, publication, and analysis

A data collection procedure is described, which can be performed automatically for each subject of a study as the participant produces the data being collected. In one case, the procedure transforms the data matrix x (of the participants' data) to axb, where matrix a is a row operator that transforms data records (cases) in x and matrix b is a column operator that transforms data attributes (variables) in x, and the keys to generate these random operators are held separately by different parties.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

Cyber security

Systems and methods that use probabilistic grammatical inference and statistical data analysis techniques to characterize the behavior of systems in terms of a low dimensional set of summary variables and, on the basis of these models, detect anomalous behaviors are disclosed. The disclosed information-theoretic system and method exploit the properties of information to deduce a structure for information flow and management.
Cyberricade, Inc.

Synchronization of configuration changes between applications and their platforms

A method, system, and computer program product for handling synchronization of configuration changes between applications and their platforms. A computer implemented method synchronizes middleware configurations with application configurations using a reciprocating protocol.
Oracle International Corporation

Multicore programming apparatus and method

A multicore programming apparatus according to the present invention to which a target board on which a memory and a multicore are mounted is connected, comprises: a link script generator configured to generate a link script based on memory map specification; and a cross compiler configured to compile a multicore program to generate a binary code corresponding to the program, wherein the cross compiler generates a shared section or a nonshared section to store shared or nonshared variables in the binary code by using the link script information.. .

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