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System and methods for units-based numeric information retrieval

Authoring system for bayesian networks automatically extracted from text

Date/App# patent app List of recent Variable-related patents
 Systems and methods that formulate embeddings of problems for solving by a quantum processor patent thumbnailSystems and methods that formulate embeddings of problems for solving by a quantum processor
Systems and methods allow formulation of embeddings of problems via targeted hardware (e.g., particular quantum processor). In a first stage, sets of connected subgraphs are successively generated, each set including a respective subgraph for each decision variable in the problem graph, adjacent decisions variables in the problem graph mapped to respective vertices in the hardware graph, the respective vertices which are connected by at least one respective edge in the hardware graph.
 Chatbots patent thumbnailChatbots
In one aspect, the invention concerns a method of operating a chatbot to engage in a conversation with a correspondent the method comprises building a profile having plural profile variables for the correspondent; and during the conversation with the correspondent; selecting a node in the conversation data structure for processing based on the one or more profile variables, and processing the node to follow a conversation path based on the node's coded instructions and/or relationship with other nodes. In another aspect, the method comprises the steps of attempting to match the conversation data structure of the chatbot; if a matched node is found, selecting the matched node for processing; but if a matched node is not found, selecting a node for processing using a fuzzy search, or using a default procedure..
 System and methods for units-based numeric information retrieval patent thumbnailSystem and methods for units-based numeric information retrieval
An information retrieval and analysis system for numeric data which provides high precision and recall for numeric search and uses a methodology for determining contextualization of the extracted data. The capabilities include extracting, parsing, and contextualizing numeric data including both a numeric value and an accompanying unit.
 Authoring system for bayesian networks automatically extracted from text patent thumbnailAuthoring system for bayesian networks automatically extracted from text
A system and computer program product that facilitates authoring of a bayesian belief networks by: accessing text content stored in a content storage device; identifying statements within said accessed text content indicating a dependence relation; extracting said statements indicating said dependence relation from said text content; and aggregating said extracted statements into a form suitable for representation as a bbn network structure. To identify statements indicating a dependence relation, the system identifies one or more lexical and semantic attributes of variables within a text unit indicating a conditional dependence relation between two or more variables.
 Authoring system for bayesian networks automatically extracted from text patent thumbnailAuthoring system for bayesian networks automatically extracted from text
A system and method that facilitates authoring of a bayesian belief networks by: accessing text content stored in a content storage device; identifying statements within said accessed text content indicating a dependence relation; extracting said statements indicating said dependence relation from said text content; and aggregating said extracted statements into a form suitable for representation as a bbn network structure. To identify statements indicating a dependence relation, the method includes identifying one or more lexical and semantic attributes of variables within a text unit indicating a conditional dependence relation between two or more variables.
 Dynamical monitoring and modelling of a coordinate measuring machine patent thumbnailDynamical monitoring and modelling of a coordinate measuring machine
A method for providing dynamic state information for a coordinate measuring machine that includes a base, a probe head, a machine structure linking the probe head to the base and a drive mechanism that moves the probe head. A dynamic model with first state variables represents an actual state of physical properties of the coordinate measuring machine.
 Steering system for a motor vehicle patent thumbnailSteering system for a motor vehicle
A steering system for a vehicle that includes actuators for a wheel drive, steering, and suspension may include (a) a request level configured to determine a desired movement vector, (b) a control level, to which for each predetermined movement direction of the motor vehicle one control unit is assigned, each control unit being configured to determine a force vector as a function of the desired movement vector, and (c) an actuation level configured to determine respective control variables for the actuators as a function of the determined force vectors.. .
 In vivo blood spectrometry patent thumbnailIn vivo blood spectrometry
A process and apparatus for determining the arterial and venous oxygenation of blood in vivo with improved precision. The optical properties of tissue are measured by determination of differential and total attenuations of light at a set of wavelengths.
 Aryl-and heteroarylcarbonyl derivatives of hexahydroindenopyridine and octahydrobenzoquinoline patent thumbnailAryl-and heteroarylcarbonyl derivatives of hexahydroindenopyridine and octahydrobenzoquinoline
Wherein the variables r1, r2, r3, r4, and m are defined as in claim 1, possessing valuable pharmacological activity. Particularly, the compounds are inhibitors of 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (hsd) 1 and thus are suitable for treatment and prevention of diseases which can be influenced by inhibition of this enzyme, such as metabolic diseases, in particular diabetes type 2, obesity, and dyslipidemia..
 Compounds useful as inhibitors of atr kinase patent thumbnailCompounds useful as inhibitors of atr kinase
Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, wherein the variables are as defined herein.. .
Substituted pyrazolopyrimidines as glucocerebrosidase activators
In which variables r1-r7 and x are described in the application.. .
Perfluorinated 5,6-dihydro-4h-1,3-oxazin-2-amine compounds as beta-secretase inhibitors and methods of use
Wherein variables a4, a5, a6, a8, each of r1 and r2, r3 and r7 of formula i, independently, are defined herein. The invention also provides pharmaceutical compositions comprising the compounds, and corresponding uses of the compounds and compositions for treatment of disorders and/or conditions related to a-beta plaque formation and deposition, resulting from the biological activity of bace.
Continuous variable transmission system and use thereof
The invention provides a continuously variable transmission (cvt) system comprising a transmission means, connected to an input shaft and comprising at least a driving gear capable of rotating around its center, said center capable of rotating around a center of a virtual trajectory; a gear ring, engaged with said driving gear, capable of eccentrically rotating around said center of said virtual trajectory; a blocking means, engaged with said gear ring, comprising a set of blocking elements adopted to block the rotation of said gear ring and which elements are suitable to move; and an output shaft, connected with said driving gear. The invention further provides the use of such a cvt system in large vehicles and windmills..
Infinitely variable transmissions, continuously variable transmissions, methods, assemblies, subassemblies, and components therefor
Inventive embodiments are directed to components, subassemblies, systems, and/or methods for infinitely variable transmissions (ivt). In one embodiment, a control system is adapted to facilitate a change in the ratio of an ivt.
Hydro-mechanical continuously variable transmission for producing high torque output
A hydro-mechanical continuously variable transmission for producing high torque output is provided. One transmission includes an engine drive shaft driven by an engine and a planetary gear unit driven by power from the engine and to provide power to drive a transmission output shaft.
High-throughput image and video compression
A system implements multiple coding formats for coding pixels within a picture. The formats may be selected based on one or more of the input picture and encoding variables.
Particle based visualizations of abstract information
Multivariate data that includes data records may be obtained, each of the data records represented as data values of data attribute variables. A cardinality of the data records is substantially large.
Visualization of parallel co-ordinates
Parallel co-ordinates associated with a business scenario represent underlying data of the business scenario. Based upon associated categorical variables, the parallel co-ordinates are divided into a plurality of segments.
Novel nfc receiver architecture with improved power sensitivity
An electronic communication device includes an antenna configured to receive a radio frequency (rf) signal and generate a differential current signal at a first tag pin and a second tag pin. A first variable resistor is coupled to the first tag pin and a second variable resistor is coupled to the second tag pin.
System and method for proactive management of an information handling system with in-situ measurement of end user actions
Dissatisfaction variables track inputs made by an end user at an information handling system that are associated with end user dissatisfaction regarding the operation of the information handling system, such as corrective actions, so that an alert issues if a dissatisfaction variable changes by a predetermined amount over a predetermined time period. Dissatisfaction variables identify a pattern of a change in behavior by an end user rather than the operational status of system components.
Method for optimizing power flows in electric power networks
Power flow in an electric power network is optimized during multiple time periods of operation of the electric power network by solving an optimization problem represented by an objective function by first initializing variables and constraints of a branch and bound (bb) tree, wherein nodes in the bb tree represent feasible regions of the optimization problem. Upper and lower bounds on the objective function are solved using the bb tree.
Interventional catheter housing assemblies incorporating guide wire brakes and management systems
Interventional catheter assemblies that operate over a guide wire are disclosed. Specifically, an elongated flexible catheter is associated at its proximal end with a housing having a guide wire port where the guide wire exits the housing.
Herbicidal benzoxazinones
Wherein the variables are defined according to the description, processes and intermediates for preparing the benzoxazinones of the formula (i), compositions comprising them and their use as herbicides, i.e. For controlling harmful plants, and also a method for controlling unwanted vegetation which comprises allowing a herbicidal effective amount of at least one benzoxazinones of the formula (i) to act on plants, their seed and/or their habitat..
5- or 6-substituted 3-hydroxy-2(1h)-pyridinones as d-amino acid oxidase (daao) inhibitors in therapy of diseases such as schizophrenia, cognitive disorder and paid
The present invention provides compounds of formula (i) and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, wherein r1 is hydrogen or fluorine, one of a and b is r2, the other is a group —x—y—r3. R3 represents a carbocyclic or heterocyclic ring.
Phenylpyrazole derivatives as potent rock1 and rock2 inhibitors
Or stereoisomers, tautomers, or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, wherein all the variables are as defined herein. These compounds are selective rock inhibitors.
Continuously variable transmission (cvt) having a coaxial input/output arrangement and reduced friction losses
A toroidal continuously variable transmission provided with co-axial input/output arrangement where a drum assembly is used to transfer torque from a central driven disk of the cvt to the input or output shaft thereof. The drum assembly includes features to reduce the friction between the rotating drum and lubrication fluid present in the transmission..
Infinitely variable traction drive employing alternate steerable rollers
The invention relates to a method for achieving a continuously variable transmission. A power transmission is realized by a drive and driven members creating at least one point of a contact between each other.
Continuously variable transmission control system for vehicle and work vehicle
A continuously variable transmission control system includes a continuously variable transmission device having an electricity-driven actuator that changes an width between a moveable sheave and a fixed sheave in at least one pulley of a drive pulley and a driven pulley, and a control device that controls driving of the electricity-driven actuator. The control device selects, from a plurality of speed relationships, each of which is a relationship between an input shaft rotational speed of the drive pulley and an output shaft rotational speed of the driven pulley, one speed relationship according to an input of a switch command signal or a drive state of the vehicle, and changes the width between the moveable sheave and the fixed sheave based on the selected speed relationship and detected values of the input shaft rotational speed and the output shaft rotational speed..
Antiviral compounds
Wherein the variables in formula i are defined as described herein. Also disclosed are pharmaceutical compositions containing such compounds and methods for using the compounds of formula i in the prevention or treatment of hcv infection..
Adaptive filter for video signal processing for decoder that selects rate of switching between 2d and 3d filters for separation of chroma and luma signals
An adaptive temporal motion filter for a video decoder system operates in an infinite impulse response (iir), a max or a bypass mode. The adaptive temporal motion filter includes an adaptive time constant control module and a filter gain module.
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
In a semiconductor device including a memory cell array formed of memory cells using a storage element by a variable resistor and a select transistor, a buffer cell is arranged between a sense amplifier and the memory cell array and between a word driver and the memory cell array. The resistive storage element in the memory cell is connected to a bit-line via a contact formed above the resistive storage element.
Apparatus, method, and program for 3d data analysis, and fine particle analysis system
As a data analysis apparatus that can easily and intuitively identify fine particles and small fine particle populations to be analyzed in a distribution graph and that can obtain accurate statistical data regarding these, a 3d data analysis apparatus is provided that includes a data storage unit which saves measurement data regarding fine particles, an input unit which selects independent three types of variables from the measurement data, a data processing unit which calculates positions and figures in a coordinate space whose coordinate axes are the three types of variables and which creates a 3d stereoscopic image representing characteristic distribution of the fine particles, and a display unit which displays the 3d stereoscopic image and that displays, in the 3d stereoscopic image, the figures in each region of the coordinate space divided into a plurality of regions by a plane in a different color in each region.. .
Head tracking method and device
The invention extends to a tracking device for tracking a position of a moving object such as a human head or eyes, the device comprising a camera, a radiation source radiating electro-magnetic radiation, and a processor for calculating variables indicative of the position of an object relative to the camera, wherein the camera is adapted to capture images using illumination provided by the radiation source, wherein the radiation source comprises a source of infrared radiation and the camera comprises a monocular image input. Further aspects of the invention relate to an associated method for tracking a moving object; to quickly sorting a set of competing models of the users head; the use of threshold conversion to distinguish characteristics of captured images, and controlling the output of a three dimensional display in dependence on the tracked position of a user's head..
Variable orifice spray head of liquid delivery system and calibration system
A liquid delivery system includes an engine and a hydraulic circuit, which includes a hydraulic pump driven by the engine and a hydraulic motor driven by the hydraulic pump. A liquid pump is driven by the hydraulic motor and is configured to provide pressurized liquid along a liquid conduit.
Marine acoustic projector piston for vibrator source element and method
There is a method for determining a shape and structure of a piston for a vibratory seismic source element. The method includes generating a cost function j that is function of plural variables; applying plural constraints to the cost function j; calculating a piston shape and piston design that fulfills the plural constraints; and modifying the calculated piston shape and piston design based on practical implementations of the vibratory source element..
Utility vehicle
Provided is a utility vehicle which can shorten the entire length of an air intake duct. The utility vehicle includes a belt-type continuously variable transmission that converts and transmits a driving force from an engine, a transmission case that accommodates the continuously variable transmission, an air intake duct that introduces outside air into the transmission case, and an exhaust duct that discharges air in the transmission case, wherein the transmission case is provided in a console box, and an air intake port of the air intake duct is arranged in the console box..
Variable area fan nozzle with wall thickness distribution
A gas turbine engine includes a core engine that has at least a compressor section, a combustor section and a turbine section disposed along a central axis. A fan is coupled to be driven by the turbine section.
Surface cleaning apparatus
A surface cleaning apparatus is provided wherein a uniflow cyclone comprises a cyclone chamber defined by a longitudinal axis, the cyclone chamber having a dirt outlet that has a variable length in the direction of the longitudinal axis. A cyclone chamber having a barrier wall facing the dirt outlet of the cyclone chamber is also provided..
Systems and methods for organizing dependent and sequential software threads
Systems and methods are provided for the organization of dependent and sequential software threads running multiple threads of execution on a computing device in order to improve performance and reduce the complexity of thread management. Computing tasks, or jobs, are organized into job wrappers for ordered execution.
Channel coding method of variable length information using block code
A method for channel-coding information bits using a code generation matrix including 32 rows and a columns corresponding to length of the information bits includes, channel-coding the information bits having “a” length using basis sequences having 32-bit length corresponding to columns of the code generation matrix, and outputting the channel-coded result as an output sequence. If “a” is higher than 10, the code generation matrix is generated when (a-10) additional basis sequences were added as column-directional sequences to a first or second matrix.
Application execution environment setting apparatus and method for mobile terminal
An apparatus and method for application execution environment setting in a mobile terminal are provided. The application execution environment setting apparatus configures application execution environment variables on a per application basis in consideration of variable values assigned by the user in the past..
System and method for fast identification of variable roles during initial data exploration
Systems and methods are provided for identifying data variable rules during initial data exploration. In one example, a computer-implemented method of determining a role for a data variable is disclosed.
Sparse variable optimization device, sparse variable optimization method, and sparse variable optimization program
A gradient computation unit computes a gradient of an objective function in a variable to be optimized. An added variable selection unit adds a variable corresponding to a largest absolute value of the computed gradient from among variables included in a variable set, to a nonzero variable set.
Interactive variable selection device, interactive variable selection method, and interactive variable selection program
An optimality degree computation unit computes an optimality degree in the case where a first variable included in a variable set is a candidate for an addition variable, using an objective function. An addition threshold computation unit computes an addition threshold based on the computed optimality degree, the addition threshold being a threshold of the optimality degree and indicating a criterion for determining whether or not the first variable is to be set as the candidate for the addition variable.
Automated context-based unique letter generation
The automated generation of a unique letter or unique letters using one or more context variables for the letter. The contextual variables may represent author characteristics, audience characteristics, tone, word diversification, letter type, and so forth.
Method and system for designing a material
A method of designing a material by optimising values for design variables includes the steps of: (i) providing one or more property models that produce a prediction for a value of a respective property of the material as a function of the design variables and produce a value for the uncertainty in the prediction, (ii) setting a specification target for a desired value for each property and a probability for that specification target to be met or exceeded, (iii) determining a probabilistic target for a value for each property, the probabilistic target being based on the specification target and the probability, and defining a merit index factor based on the degree to which a given prediction satisfies the probabilistic target, (iv) constructing an overall merit factor from the individual merit index factors of the properties, and (v) determining a set of optimal design variables that optimise the overall merit factor.. .
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
The invention relates to a control apparatus for an internal combustion engine (10) including a control target (60v, 52) that controls controlled variable (pim, regr). The control apparatus according to the invention is capable of selectively performing single control that is control for controlling the controlled variable to a target value thereof (pimt, regrt) without considering a change in the controlled variable that acts as a disturbance on the control of the controlled variable, and composite control that is control for controlling the controlled variable to the target value thereof in consideration of the change in the controlled variable that acts as the disturbance on the control of the controlled variable.
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
A method for operating an internal combustion engine is described. A base controlled variable for influencing an actual value of an operating variable of the internal combustion engine is ascertained.
Method for calculating momentum
A method of calculating momentum, using multiple variables. A method of calculating an individual's, event's, sports event's, game's, club's, leagues, group's, organization's, or team's momentum, using multiple variables.
Hydrazide containing nuclear transport modulators and uses thereof
Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein the values and alternative values for the variables are as defined and described herein. The invention also includes the synthesis and use of a compound of structural formula i, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or composition thereof, e.g., in the treatment, modulation and/or prevention of physiological conditions associated with crm1 activity..
Trpm8 antagonists and their use in treatments
Where the definitions of the variables are provided herein.. .
Heterocyclic compounds as mdm2 inhibitors for the treatment of cancer
Wherein the variables are defined above, which compounds are useful as therapeutic agents, particularly for the treatment of cancers. The present invention also relates to pharmaceutical compositions that contain an mdm2 inhibitor..
Transmission for outdoor power equipment
An engine includes a throttle, a drive shaft, a driven shaft, a continuously variable transmission coupling the drive and driven shafts and providing a mechanical advantage therebetween, and a governor that operates the throttle as a function of rotational speed of the driven shaft. The transmission includes a first wheel coupled to the drive shaft, a second wheel coupled to the driven shaft, and a belt coupling the first and second wheels, wherein a working diameter of the second wheel changes as a function of torque acting on the driven shaft, thereby automatically changing the mechanical advantage in response to torque experienced by the driven shaft, and wherein a working diameter of the first wheel changes a function of tension in the belt..
Continuously variable transmission
A continuously variable transmission includes plural planetary balls, a carrier, a sun roller, an input shaft, an output shaft, and thrust bearings sandwiched between respective holding surfaces of the input shaft and the output shaft, wherein the holding surface at a time of rest is formed such that a space between the holding surface and a race on one side of the thrust bearing becomes wider on an outside in a radial direction than on an inside in the radial direction, and the holding surface at the time of rest is formed such that a space between the holding surface and a race on the other side of the thrust bearing becomes wider on the outside in the radial direction than on the inside in the radial direction.. .
An infinitely variable transmission that utilizes a wobbler in driving engagement with a planetary gear arrangement. The planetary gear arrangement drives a sun gear that provides an output from the transmission.
Endless power transmission belt-type continuously variable transmission
Among v-faces (48) of a pulley (15), a portion (48a) that is radially further inside than a predetermined position p1 is susceptible to slip against a metal belt (19), but making a shape of the generatrix of the portion (48a) on the radially inner side into a straight line enables a large coefficient of friction against the metal belt (19) to be ensured, thereby reliably preventing slip from occurring. Furthermore, by making, among the v-faces (48) of the pulley (15), a shape of the generatrix of a portion (48b) that is radially further outside than the predetermined position p1 into a curved line that curves in a direction that compensates for misalignment (c) of the metal belt (19) ensures that the metal belt (19) smoothly bites into the v-faces (48), thereby enabling the durability of the metal belt (19) or the pulley (15) to be enhanced.
Translating variable area fan nozzle providing an upstream bypass flow exit
A variable area fan nozzle assembly for a turbofan engine includes a nacelle having an aft edge and a translating nozzle segment having a forward edge and a first end. The nozzle segment is movably disposed behind the aft edge such that an upstream bypass flow exit is defined between the aft edge and the forward edge when the nozzle segment is in a deployed position.
Ultrasonic speaker system
An ultrasonic speaker system has a first variable gain block, a modulation block, a second variable gain block, an ultrasonic actuator, and a controller, wherein the controller controls gain of the first variable gain block so that a modulation degree of a modulated signal becomes a predetermined value, and when the controller raises the gain of the first variable gain block, the controller lowers the gain of the second variable gain block, while when the controller lowers the gain of the first variable gain block, the controller raises the gain of the second variable gain block.. .
Methods for analyzing and optimizing the performance of a data collection network on an electrical distribution grid
A system and methods for optimizing the performance of communication network utilizing an electrical distribution grid are disclosed. Optimization methods may include archiving historical message data and metrics from transmissions by remote hubs received on one or more substation-to-edge channels.
Thin film media structure for perpendicular magnetic recording and storage devices made therewith
Iron-platinum (fept) based magnetic recording media structures that provide small grain size and isolated-grain configurations suitable for high-density magnetic recording. In one of the structures, the recording media structure includes a thin film containing grains of l10 fept and boron as a segregant contained in intergranular regions located among the fept grains.
High-frequency rms-dc converter using chopper-stabilized square cells
An rms-dc converter includes a chopper-stabilized square cell that eliminates offset, thus enabling high-bandwidth operation. The chopper-stabilized offset requires only a small portion of the circuitry (i.e., a single component square cell) which operates at high frequencies, and is amenable to using high-bandwidth component square cells.
Direction indicating apparatus
To provide a direction indicating apparatus that is less susceptible to a change of a power supply voltage and can reduce the difference in brightness of a direction indicating lamp using an led element between a direction indicating operation and a hazard operation. A direction indicating apparatus includes a pulse signal generating part, a first switching element, a variable resistor circuit, a direction indicating switch, a hazard switch, first and second direction indicating lamps, a voltage detecting part and a lighting status detecting part..
System and method for ballistic solutions
Disclosed embodiments, as well as features and aspects thereof, are directed towards providing a system, device and method for calculating comprehensive ballistic solutions, or portions thereof, via a varying magnification optical range determining and ballistic trajectory calculating apparatus referred to as a ballistic solutions device. Advantageously, embodiments of a ballistic solutions device may drastically reduce marksman error in milling targets by employing a measurement component configured to measure angular movement of a projectile launching device, such as a rifle, thus delivering consistently accurate distance to target estimations.
Efficient model checking technique for finding software defects
A method for detecting defects in a computer program. The method steps include obtaining source code and a potential defect definition; identifying, based on the potential defect definition, a set of program objects associated with a potential defect in the source code; extracting an executable program slice having the potential defect from the source code; generating, by a processor, an abstracted model of the program slice by: modeling, using data abstraction, the set of program objects as data-abstracted variables, identifying, within the program slice, a set of control statements including predicates necessary for evaluating the set of control statements, modeling, using predicate abstraction, the predicates as predicate-abstracted boolean variables, and creating, based on the data-abstracted variables and the predicate-abstracted boolean variables, a finite state machine (fsm) model of the program slice; and identifying an error state of the fsm indicating an occurrence of the potential defect within the program slice..
Declaratively responding to state changes in an interactive multimedia environment
Using declarative language application instructions, actions associated with playing interactive content of an interactive multimedia presentation are triggered based on a state change of a particular media object. Certain application instructions specify the characteristic of the media object, while other application instructions specify the actions associated with playing the interactive content (for example, when media objects are renderable, event generation, script execution, or changes in variables) based on a state change of the characteristic.
System and method for a spreadsheet application supporting diverse formulaic functions
A spreadsheet application or other application supporting formulaic cells that automatically provides support for a number of diverse formulaic functions. The automatically provided diverse formulaic functions include a function returning the value of the formula logic if the logic can be evaluated without an error.
Device for securing a client application for a symbology display system of the client-server type
The device according to the invention, which makes it possible to secure a client application, including an acquisition and processing module of measured properties (gm) to generate properties of interest (gi); a lookup table associating each dynamic variable (vd) of each of the graphic objects to be maintained with a property of interest (gi); and a module for generating commands capable of issuing a command (c) to the server application. The device includes dedicated means for securing the operation of said acquisition and processing module; dedicated means for securing said lookup table; and dedicated means for securing said command generating module..
Systems and methods for designing experiments
Methods and systems for designing an experiment using a computer to determine whether the experiment is a true experiment are described. These approaches allow a user who is unsophisticated in the complexities of true experimental design to design and deploy an experiment that produces substantially confound-free results and can be used to determine and quantify any causal relationship between independent and dependent variables.
Data visualisation tool
A rapidly configurable data visualisation tool for enabling a user to carry out a desired analysis function to identify trends within stored data sets is described. The tool comprises: a very large database having a plurality of base model database tables, each base model table being configured to store predetermined data variables relating to a previously implemented complex function and having one or more predetermined base analysis fields associated with each table; a configuration module arranged to present to the user a plurality of the predetermined base analysis fields for user selection to configure the desired analysis function on the data sets; and an analysis module for reading out the data stored in the base model tables in the selected base analysis fields in accordance with the desired analysis function and conducting further processing on the data to create a base analysis result comprising other composite selected base analysis fields in accordance with the desired analysis function..
Method and apparatus for presenting content in response to user inputs using dynamic intelligent profiling
Different users may receive different information in response to a selection of the same link that is displayed on a website, mobile site or in the real world. The content delivered to a particular user may be dependent on the time of the selection, the geographic location of the user, a weather condition at the geographical location, personal information associated with the user, a number of previous selections of the link by prior individuals, and any combination of the these or other variables, which may be determined by an originator of the link or another party.
Initializing an inertial sensor using soft constraints and penalty functions
An initialization method for an inertial sensor that estimates starting orientation and velocity without requiring the sensor to start at rest or in a well-known location or orientation. Initialization uses patterns of motion encoded as a set of soft constraints that are expected to hold approximately during an initialization period.
Method and system for selecting driver preferences
A vehicle computing system enables one or more processors to control a plurality of vehicle features. The vehicle computing system may control a plurality of vehicle features while determining and selecting occupant preferences for those features.
Thermo-economic modeling and optimization of a combined cooling, heating, and power plant
A method to manage operating costs of a combined cooling heating and power (cchp) plant that includes converting complex models of underlying components of the plant into simplified models (s101), performing an optimization that uses the simplified models as constraints of the optimization to output at least one decision variable (s102), and adjusting controls of the plant based on one or more of the output decision variables (s103).. .

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