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Apparatus and method for seamless data transfer to a cloud network

Ge Intelligent Platforms

Apparatus and method for seamless data transfer to a cloud network

Current mode logic circuit with multiple frequency modes


Current mode logic circuit with multiple frequency modes

Current mode logic circuit with multiple frequency modes


Apparatus for controlling controlled variable of rotary machine to command value

Date/App# patent app List of recent Variable-related patents
 Tone mapping for low-light video frame enhancement patent thumbnailTone mapping for low-light video frame enhancement
A technique is provided for generating sharp, well-exposed, color images front low-light images. A series of under-exposed images is acquired.
Fotonation Limited

 Apparatus and  seamless data transfer to a cloud network patent thumbnailApparatus and seamless data transfer to a cloud network
A seamless and secure communication path from a control network to a cloud server is created. The network is coupled to one or more control devices.
Ge Intelligent Platforms, Inc.

 Current mode logic circuit with multiple frequency modes patent thumbnailCurrent mode logic circuit with multiple frequency modes
A device comprising a clock circuit, a control circuit, and a current mode logic (cml) circuit is disclosed. The clock circuit provides a first differential clock signal and the control circuit generates a control signal based at least in part on the frequency of the first differential clock signal.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Apparatus for controlling controlled variable of rotary machine to command value patent thumbnailApparatus for controlling controlled variable of rotary machine to command value
In a control apparatus, an interference-reduction current calculator calculates, as an interference reduction current, a component of a current vector in a coordinate axis in a rotating coordinate system defined with respect to a rotor of the rotary machine. The current vector flows in the rotary machine, and the coordinate axis serves as an interference reduction coordinate axis in which the component of the current vector has reduced interference from change of the phase of the output voltage vector.
Denso Corporation

 Hand-held power tool patent thumbnailHand-held power tool
A hand-held power tool includes a housing with a handle, a transmission, a drive motor, a tool receiver, and a first switch unit. The transmission and drive motor are arranged in the housing, the transmission being configured to transmit a torque generated by the drive motor to the tool receiver, which is configured to rotate about a rotation axis.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

 Indexed uniform styles for stroke rendering patent thumbnailIndexed uniform styles for stroke rendering
Style parameters, which specify respective visual parameters for rendering a map feature at multiple zoom levels, are stored as an indexed data structure in one or more uniform variables that are (i) accessible in multiple stages of a rendering pipeline, (ii) unchanged during execution of the multiple stages of the rendering pipeline. A selection of a zoom level at which the map feature is to be displayed is received via a user interface.
Google Inc.

 System and  identifying social trends patent thumbnailSystem and identifying social trends
A method and system for identifying social trends are provided. The method includes collecting multimedia content from a plurality of data sources; gathering environmental variables related to the collected multimedia content; extracting visual elements from the collected multimedia content; generating at least one signature for each extracted visual element; generating at least one cluster of visual elements by clustering at least similar signatures generated for the extracted visual elements; correlating environmental variables related to visual elements in the at least one cluster; determining at least one social trend by associating the correlated environmental variables with the at least one cluster..
Cortica, Ltd.

 Code generation for using an element in a first model to call a portion of a second model patent thumbnailCode generation for using an element in a first model to call a portion of a second model
A device may generate code for a caller element of a first graphical model and a called element of a second graphical model by generating a first function and a second function. The first function may represent an interface between the caller element and the called element.
The Mathworks, Inc.

 Product configuration patent thumbnailProduct configuration
Methods, computer systems and computer readable storage mediums for configuring a product based on a product model are provided. The product model has variables and rules.
Configit A/s

 Price-and-branch algorithm for mixed integer linear programming patent thumbnailPrice-and-branch algorithm for mixed integer linear programming
A method includes forming a working mixed integer linear program (milp) from a given milp at least by choosing a subset of variables from the milp, wherein the working milp includes the chosen subset of variables but no other variables from the given milp. The working milp is solved to determine a solution.
International Business Machines Corporation


Diagnostic testing based on information handling system variables

Methods and systems for performing diagnostic testing based on information handling system variables include receiving a first indication specifying diagnostic tests to be performed on an information handling system, receiving a second indication specifying diagnostic test conditions respectively associated with the diagnostic tests, receiving a third indication specifying health condition severity of the information handling system, and receiving a fourth indication specifying a user profile including user usage patterns. Based on the first indication, the second indication, the third indication, and the fourth indication, a schedule for executing diagnostic tests is generated..


Handling value types

In one approach, a method comprises receiving one or more higher-level instructions specifying to assign a value of a particular value type to a particular container of a plurality of containers, wherein the plurality of containers represent a data structure for maintaining one or more variables during execution of a block of code, wherein at least two containers of the plurality of containers are different sizes; generating one or more lower-level instructions that assign the value to the particular container based on applying one or more assignment rules to the one or more higher-level instructions based on the particular value type and executing the one or more lower-level instructions.. .
Oracle International Corporation


Easy creation of mobile code

A user is presented with a first display with certain parties and a second display on the same screen, where the user can drag and drop the parties on the first screen to the second screen to create a desired network flow. A service provider, such as a payment provider, builds code based on the network flow and zips it into a downloadable file.
Paypal, Inc.


System and evaluating sentiment

An example system and method elicits reviews and opinions from users via an online system or a web crawl. Opinions on topics are processed in real time to determine orientation.
Twitter, Inc.


Measurement process of minimum miscibility pressure (mmp) and critical points of a gas in crude oils or binary mixtures

The present invention provides a new process of the transitiometric scanning technique to determine in an experimental way the minimum miscibility pressure of any sample of hydrocarbon at constant temperature (from the atmospheric temperature to 673 k) in the pressure interval of the atmospheric temperature to 400 mpa, including pressure at which the organic matter will precipitate due to the co2 injection, based on a transitometric technique which has proved to be reliable, highly accurate and highly reproducible. The apparatus used is based on a highly accurate control of the pvt variables and the calorimetric determination of the present phase transitions during the injection process of gases into hydrocarbons.
Instituto Mexicano Del Petroleo


Geared stepless transmission

A mechanical transmission having higher power transmission efficiency than existing mechanical transmissions is achieved and thus environmental load is reduced. A geared stepless transmission includes a geared continuously variable transmission including a spiral gear (tg) and a second gear (pg), driver configured to drive the spiral gear and second gear, brake configured to brake the spiral gear and second gear, switch configured to switch between the driver and brake.


Variable intake system with variable valve

A variable intake system may include an air duct that guides intake air into an engine and a variable valve having a variable opening degree, to adjust an amount of the intake air, wherein the air duct includes a first inlet and a second inlet that may be opened to an outside, wherein the air duct has a first flow path having one end connected with the first inlet and a second flow path having one end connected with the second inlet, wherein the second flow path shares a part of the first flow path, wherein another end of the first flow path and another end of the second flow path share a same outlet, and wherein a length of the second flow path may be longer than a length of the first flow path.. .
Kia Motors Corporation


Device and controlling variable compression ratio internal combustion engine

A fuel cut during deceleration is executed at time point t1. An oxygen storage amount (ros) which increases with this fuel cut is estimated based on an exhaust air-fuel ratio and an intake air quantity.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


Snow removal device and method

A snow removal device comprising a pad or mat assembly having a bottom surface and a top surface and a plurality of flexible vertical blades having alternating, variable lengths that extend from both the bottom surface and top surface. The varying lengths of blades help prevent the blades positioned at the bottom surface of the pad assembly from freezing to the ground when the device is in use.


Controller and controlling a property of an object

An apparatus in a manufacturing process of a sheet including: a measurement arrangement, a controller and an actuator arrangement regulating at least one property of the sheet; the measurement arrangement being configured to provide the controller with controlled variable data about at least one property of the sheet; the controller having available a predetermined model based on temporally or spatially dependent disturbance; and the controller being configured to form a manipulated variable for the actuator arrangement on the basis of the model in response to the disturbance.. .
Valmet Automation Oy


Carbon nanotube foams with controllable mechanical properties

Syntheses of carbon nanotubes (cnt) are disclosed. The syntheses can take place on a thermally oxidized silicon surface placed inside a furnace prior to a reaction.
California Institute Of Technology


Catalyst system for the preparation of polyolefins

Wherein the variables are described in the description. .


Compounds and compositions for inducing chondrogenesis

Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, tautomer, or stereoisomer thereof, wherein the variables are as defined herein. The present invention further provides pharmaceutical compositions comprising such compounds, and methods of using such compounds for treatment of joint damage or joint injury in a mammal, and for inducing differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into chondrocytes..


Substituted [1,2,4]triazole compounds and their use as fungicides

Wherein the variables are defined in the description and claims, their preparation processes and uses.. .


Variable resistor jaw

A bipolar forceps for sealing tissue includes an end effector assembly having opposing first and second jaw members each having a proximal end and a distal end. A first electrically conductive surface having two or more conductive sealing plates and a dielectric layer is operably coupled to the first jaw member.
Covidien Lp


Skypoint for mobile hotspots

A system and method for dynamically planning a network is presented. One method may begin by determining network parameters for connecting nodes to a network and decision variables associated with radios and/or nodes in the network.
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.


System and estimating interest in, activity at and occupancy of a physical location

Techniques for determining levels of interest, activity, or occupancy at a physical location can include receiving data corresponding to physical parameters sensed by a plurality of sensors at the physical location. The physical parameters can include temperature, humidity, pressure, sound, distance to an object, visible light, infra-red light, motion of objects, acceleration, magnetic field, vibration, and radio signals.
Orcasense, Inc.


Low-voltage analog variable gain amplifier with enhanced linearity

In a variable gain amplifier, a base of a bipolar first transistor receives a first differential input signal. The emitter of the first transistor is connected in series between a first resistor and a mosfet coupled to ground.
Linear Technology Corporation


Receiver with variable gain control transimpedance amplifier

According to one embodiment, a compact low-power receiver comprises first and second analog circuits connected by a digitally controlled interface circuit. The first analog circuit has a first direct-current (dc) offset and a first common mode voltage at an output, and the second analog circuit has a second dc offset and a second common mode voltage at an input.
Broadcom Corporation


Optimization-based predictive battery charging

A battery management system for a rechargeable battery includes a battery monitor configured to acquire data regarding the rechargeable battery and a processor. The processor is configured to determine an initial state of charge of the battery based on the acquired data; determine a target state of charge for the battery; determine a plurality of charging solutions to achieve the target state of charge based on an optimization of one variable of the battery of a plurality of variables of the battery; narrow the plurality of charging solutions to charging solutions that meet an objective of each of the remaining plurality of variables of the battery; select the charging solution that corresponds with the fastest charge time for the battery from the charging solutions that meet the objective of each of the plurality of battery variables; and command a controller to regulate an amount of charge to the battery in accord with the selected charging solution..
Cummins, Inc.


Condensed cyclic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same

Wherein in formulae 1a and 1 b, groups, rings, substituents, and variables are defined in the detailed description.. .


System and recovering from an interrupted encryption and decryption operation performed on a volume

Systems and methods for reducing problems and disadvantages associated with traditional approaches to encryption and decryption of data are provided. An information handling system may include a processor, a memory communicatively coupled to the processor, and a computer-readable medium communicatively coupled to the processor.
Dell Products L.p.


Real-time predictive simulation modeling

Methods, systems, and computer storage media are provided for generating simulation graphs using real-time clinical data. A user may indicate one or more scenario variables to apply to an area of interest.
Cerner Innovation, Inc.


Method and natural language search for variables

A method for natural language search for variables is provided. The method may include searching an index using key words from a user's natural language question and the context of the user's question.
Bank Of America Corporation


Linear regression using safe screening techniques

Systems and methods for linear regression using safe screening techniques. A computing system may receive, from a user of the system, a data set including a set of variables, the set of variables being related to a linear model for predicting a response variable of the data set.
Sas Institute Inc.


Method for communicating running clock status using low bandwidth

Millions of people play sports around the world. Most sports involve some form of clock that counts down the amount of time remaining in the period or quarter.


Intelligent battery sensor for vehicle and storing data in sensor

Provided is an intelligent battery sensor for a vehicle which detects an overcurrent module generating an abnormal overcurrent within a vehicle. The intelligent battery sensor for a vehicle includes a data packetizing unit configured to extract internal data variables related to detection of an overcurrent module and packetize the extracted internal data variables, a volatile memory configured to temporarily store the packetized internal data variables, a fault and validity diagnosing unit configured to monitor the packetized internal data variables stored in the volatile memory and classify, when a diagnostic trouble code (dtc) related to the abnormal overcurrent is diagnosed, the packetized internal data variables with respect to a diagnosis time of the dtc, and a nonvolatile memory configured to store the classified internal data variables under the control of the fault and validity diagnosing unit..
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd


Automatic analyzer

An automatic analyzer that accurately detects dispensation abnormality in dispensation conditions with small suction quantities has a statistical distance calculation unit that calculates characteristic variables regarding a sucking operation in the first dispensation and calculates a statistical distance d from reference data to the characteristic variables extracted from a memory. A comparison unit compares the statistical distance d with a preset threshold value stored in memory and if the statistical distance d is less than the preset threshold value, the first discharging operation is performed.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Continuously variable transmission

A continuously variable transmission includes a shaft, first and second rotary members, a sun roller, a carrier, planetary balls, a gear shifter for changing a gear ratio between input and output by tilting each of the planetary balls, a casing for accommodating these elements, and a lubricating oil supply opening for supplying lubricating oil into the casing. The casing includes a discharge opening for discharging the lubricating oil to the outside of the casing.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Method of operating a heat pump laundry dryer and heat pump laundry dryer or heat pump washing machine having drying function

The invention relates to a method of operating a heat pump laundry dryer or a heat pump washing machine having drying function and to such a laundry dryer or washing machine, wherein the laundry dryer or washing machine comprises: a control unit (30) controlling the operation of the laundry dryer or washing machine, a laundry treatment chamber (18) for treating laundry using process air, a process air circuit for circulating the process air, a heat pump system (4) having a refrigerant loop, in which the refrigerant fluid is circulated through a first and a second heat exchanger (10, 12), a compressor (14) for circulating the refrigerant fluid through the refrigerant loop, and a cooling fan unit (24) for cooling the compressor (14), and wherein the method comprises: modifying or changing an operation parameter set of the cooling fan unit (24) in dependency of at least one of the following input variables: a user selectable input variable, a working parameter of the laundry drum, a working parameter of a process air fan, a working paraparameter set meter of an electric driving motor, a working parameter of the compressor, a drying progress status parameter or a status parameter of the laundry to be dried, and an environment parameter of the treatment apparatus environment.. .
Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.


Pyrrolidine gpr40 modulators

Or a stereoisomer, a tautomer, a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, a polymorph, or a solvate thereof, wherein all of the variables are as defined herein. These compounds are gpr40 g protein-coupled receptor modulators which may be used as medicaments..


Pyrazine derivatives and their use in the treatment of neurological disorders

In which all of the variables are as defined in the specification, in free form or in salt form, to their preparation, to their medical use and to medicaments comprising them.. .


N-substituted benzamides and methods of use thereof

The invention provides novel compounds having the general formula (i) and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, wherein the variables ra, subscript n, ring a, x2, l, subscript m, x1, ring d, r1, and rn have the meaning as described herein, and compositions containing such compounds and methods for using such compounds and compositions.. .
Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Power safety instrument system

A power safety system is configured to provide power information in an aircraft. The power safety system includes a power safety instrument having a power required indicator and a power available indicator, each being located on a display.
Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.


(hetero) arylacrylamides for the control of ectoparasites

The present invention relates to new compounds of formula (i) wherein the variables have the meaning as indicated in the claims; in free form and in salt form; and optionally the enantiomers and geometrical isomers thereof. The compounds of formula (i) are useful in the control of parasites, in particular ectoparasites, in and on vertebrates..
Novartis Tiergesundheit Ag


Status-assisted communications with a vehicle

A method of sending data from a central facility to a vehicle includes transmitting a vehicle identifier to a status server from a central facility located apart from the status server; obtaining at the central facility one or more vehicle status variables corresponding to the transmitted identity of the vehicle from the status server; and initiating a direct transmission of packet data from the central facility to the vehicle based on the content of the obtained vehicle status variables.. .
General Motors Llc


Transmitter and monitoring system using the same

The present disclosure discloses a transmitter and a monitoring system using this transmitter, the transmitter includes: a multi-to-one multiplexing switch configured to receive a plurality of sensor signals of a plurality of channels through a plurality of input terminals, select one sensor signal from the plurality of sensor signals, and output the selected sensor signal through a output terminal; a first variable gain amplifier configured to receive the selected sensor signal, amplify the selected sensor signal with a gain within a first gain range, and output the amplified sensor signal; a control parameter input terminal configured to receive an input control parameter from outside of the transmitter; and an operating and switching selector configured to perform operations according to the input control parameter, so as to control the multi-to-one multiplexing switch to select the one sensor signal and control the gain of the first variable gain amplifier.. .
Delta Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd


Voltage controlled switching element gate drive circuit

A voltage controlled switching element gate drive circuit makes it possible to suppress an occurrence of a malfunction, while suppressing surge voltage, surge current, and switching noise, when switching in a voltage controlled switching element. A gate drive circuit that supplies a gate voltage to the gate of a voltage controlled switching element, thus driving the voltage controlled switching element, includes a high potential side switching element and low potential side switching element connected in series, first variable resistors interposed between at least the high potential side switching element and a high potential power supply or the low potential side switching element and a low potential power supply, and a control circuit that adjusts the resistance values of the first variable resistors..
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.


Organometallic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same

Wherein in formulae 1, 2, and 3, groups and variables are the same as in the specification.. .


Method and predictive driving demand modeling

A system includes a processor configured to record vehicle inputs during travel over a predefined distance. The processor is also configured to record environmental variables during travel over the predefined distance.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Health forecaster

Methods, computer systems, and computer-readable storage media are provided for utilizing health-related variables to generate a current health state of a user along with a most-likely future health state of the user and an ideal future health state of the user. Graphical representations of these health states are generated and presented on a graphical user interface.
Cerner Innovation, Inc.


Methods, systems, devices, and products for error correction in computer programs

Access to personal information is restricted when analyzing errors in computer programs. Variables are named with prefixes to identify data that must be transformed before disclosure.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Methods to eliminate extra memory loads while accessing global variables in position independent code

Methods for reducing memory loads for accessing global variables (globals) when creating executables for position independent (pi) code are disclosed. A first method includes compiling pi code, identifying globals, and determining whether globals are defined in the executable.
Google Inc.


Building management system for forecasting time series values of building variables

A building management system (bms) includes sensors that measure time series values of building variables and a deterministic model generator that uses historical values for the time series of building variables to train a deterministic model that predicts deterministic values for the time series. The bms includes a stochastic model generator that uses differences between actual values for the time series and the predicted deterministic values to train a stochastic model that predicts a stochastic value for the time series.
Johnson Controls Technology Company


Online control calculation for models containing near colinearity and uncertainty

A method, apparatus, and computer program product for increasing closed-loop stability in a mpc controller controlling a process where there are significant uncertainties in the model used by the controller. This invention focuses on the improvement of the robustness of the steady-state target calculation.
Aspen Technology, Inc.


Methods and battery power and energy availability prediction

This application relates to methods and apparatus for predicting power and energy availability of a battery. The prediction is made based on a given amount of time, which represents a period in which the battery may be required to operate.
Apple Inc.


Continuously variable transmission with a hydraulic control system

A continuously variable transmission is provided with a drive belt (6) drive belt (3), fitted between a primary pulley (1) and a secondary pulley (2) of the transmission, each pulley having two pulley sheaves (4, 5) of which at least one pulley sheave (4) in each case is axially movable under the influence of a hydraulic pressure exerted in a pressure cylinder (11; 12) of a respective pulley (1; 2), and with a hydraulic control system for controlling these respective cylinder pressures (pp, ps) including two oil pumps (41, 42). A pump flow control valve (100, 48) is provided and is arranged to connect to or disconnect from the main hydraulic line (46) the one oil pump (42) in dependency on a difference between an actual line pressure (ps) in the main hydraulic line (46) and a desired pressure level there for..
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Control system for a continuously variable transmission

Control system for a continuously variable transmission with a first and a second pair of conical sheaves each with adjustable running radius, in which of each pair at least one sheave (14a, 14b) is coupled to a first and a second hydraulic actuator (20a, 20b) respectively which sets the axial sheave position in dependence of the amount of hydraulic medium supplied thereto, in which the actuators are connected with means to supply and discharge thereto/therefrom respectively, hydraulic medium, and one actuator is connected to a source of hydraulic pressure medium, and in which furthermore the first and second actuator respectively is connected with a first and second control chamber (60, 124) respectively, filled with hydraulic medium and having a variable control volume, in such a way that an increase of the first control volume is coupled to a decrease of the second control volume, and vice versa.. .
Gear Chain Industrial B.v.


Automatic transmission apparatus

A predetermined transmission ratio of a direct coupling mechanism arranged in parallel to the continuously variable transmission and directly connects the input shaft and the output shaft to transmit rotation of the input shaft to the output shaft at that predetermined transmission ratio is set to the minimum transmission ratio of the continuously variable transmission, and the direct coupling mechanism is connected to the input shaft through a third clutch.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Transmission damper

A transmission damper includes a first cover plate, a flange, a spring, and a shaft. The first cover plate includes a first spring window and is arranged for fixing to a sheave for a continuously variable transmission.
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg


Gas turbine engine with low stage count low pressure turbine

A gas turbine engine includes a core nacelle defined about an engine axis. A fan nacelle is mounted at least partially around the core nacelle to define a fan bypass airflow path for a fan bypass airflow.
United Technologies Corporation


Gas turbine engine variable area fan nozzle control

A method of managing a gas turbine engine includes the steps of detecting an airspeed and detecting a fan speed. A parameter relationship is referenced related to a desired variable area fan nozzle position based upon at least airspeed and fan speed.
United Technologies Corporation


Substituted tetrahydroisoquinoline compounds as factor xia inhibitors

Or stereoisomers, pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, wherein all of the variables are as defined herein. These compounds are inhibitors of factor xia and/or plasma kallikrein which may be used as medicaments..


Aryl dihydropyridinones and piperidinone mgat2 inhibitors

Or a stereoisomer, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein all of the variables are as defined herein. These compounds are monoacylglycerol acyltransferase type 2 (mgat2) inhibitors which may be used as medicaments..


Power management an unmanned air vehicle

Power management method and system for an unmanned air vehicle, wherein the unmanned air vehicle comprises a plurality of power demanding subsystems and a plurality of power sources. The invention establishes mission oriented fixed parameters.
The Boeing Company


Vehicle control apparatus, and controlling same

A vehicle control apparatus includes: a first target driving force calculation unit that calculates a first target driving force based on an accelerator pedal opening; a target speed ratio calculation unit that calculates a target speed ratio of a continuously variable transmission based on the first target driving force; a target torque calculation unit that calculates a target torque of a driving source based on the first target driving force; an air density detection unit that detects air density; and a first correction unit that corrects only the target torque, out of the target speed ratio and the target torque, in accordance with the air density.. .
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


Vehicle movement dynamics control method

A method for controlling the movement dynamics of a motor vehicle, in which a measured transverse dynamics variable is compared with a transverse dynamics variable which is calculated on the basis of a vehicle model, wherein it is checked whether the vehicle is understeering, and in this case the difference between the measured and the calculated transverse dynamics variables is reduced by increasing braking forces at the wheels of at least the front axle independently of the driver. According to the invention, the time gradient of the braking force at each wheel at which a braking force is increased is selected in accordance with the difference between the measured and calculated transverse dynamics variables.
Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg


Variable gain reference antenna for non-contact charging device

A non-contact charging device for charging a battery includes a source resonator, a reference antenna, and a variable gain amplifier. The source resonator is configured to transfer electrical energy to a capture resonator in a vehicle.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.


Monitoring a continuous casting mould including building up a database

A monitoring device (6) records variables that are characteristic of operating parameters of a continuous casting mold (1) for casting a metal strand (2). The monitoring device (6) records at least some of the characteristic variables by independently performing measurements during the casting of the metal strand (2).
Primetals Technologies Austria Gmbh


Variable length catheter for treating a vessel containing thrombus

A system and method for treating a vessel is provided. A catheter system includes an inner elongated element and an outer elongated element positioned coaxially with respect to the inner elongated element.
Thermopeutix, Inc.


Moving picture coding method and a moving picture decoding method

A moving picture coding apparatus includes a motion estimation unit (101) for performing motion estimation by fixing the one of two reference pictures as a reference picture indicated by an inputted default reference picture number defrefno and a variable length coding unit (107) for performing variable length coding on coded residual data eres, a prediction type predtype, a reference picture number refno2 and motion vectors mv1, mv2 on a block-by-block basis, and outputting them as coded moving picture data str.. .
Godo Kaisha Ip Bridge 1


Centrally optimized variable length coding for source routed multicast

A system, controller and method having centrally optimized coding for a source routed forwarding based multicast network. The network comprises a plurality of nodes configured to transfer data packets to one another via a plurality of links.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Trace canceller with equalizer adjusted for trace length driving variable-gain amplifier with automatic gain control loop

Distortions of both amplitude and phase along a transmission line are compensated for by a trace canceller inserted between a transmitter and a receiver. The trace canceller has an equalizer that compensates for a trace length between the transmitter and the trace canceller.
Pericom Semiconductor Corporation


Microphone bias circuit

A bias circuit supplies a bias voltage vbias to a microphone. A variable gain amplifier amplifies a reference voltage vref.
Rohm Co., Ltd.


Charge pumps having variable gain and variable frequency

In one embodiment, a circuit comprises a charge pump. A gain control circuit is configured to detect an input voltage and generate a gain control signal to change a gain of the charge pump to maintain the output voltage of the charge pump in a voltage range.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Stabilization plane determination based on gaze location

Embodiments are described herein for determining a stabilization plane to reduce errors that occur when a homographic transformation is applied to a scene including 3d geometry and/or multiple non-coplanar planes. Such embodiments can be used, e.g., when displaying an image on a head mounted display (hmd) device, but are not limited thereto.


Modeling incrementaltreatment effect at individual levels using a shadow dependent variable

Embodiments of the invention are directed to systems, methods and computer program products for utilizing a shadow ridge rescaling technique to model incremental treatment effect at the individual level, based on a randomized test and control data. A shadow dependent variable is introduced with its mathematical expectation being exactly the incremental effect.
Bank Of America Corporation


Deformation analysis device, deformation analysis method, and program

The deformation analysis device includes: a storage unit (12) which stores analysis data of a material; a state variable calculating unit (152) which calculates stresses and other state variables of respective elements of the material at each point in time of deformation of the material, based on the analysis data; a fracture determining unit (153) which, based on the calculated state variables, determines whether or not a fracture has occurred in each of the elements of the material, based on a fracture limit stress curve which is found in advance for the material; and a stress correcting unit (154) which, regarding an element in which it is determined that the fracture has occurred, out of the elements of the material, reduces σ by the following expression σ=(1−d)σ′ where σ is a stress with a rigidity decrease taken into consideration, d is a damage variable (note that 0≦d≦1) in continuum damage mechanics, and σ′ is a stress with the rigidity decrease not taken into consideration, to thereby decrease rigidity of the relevant element, without eliminating the element, and updates the analysis data.. .
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation


Identifying potentially uninitialized source code variables

Computer program source code is represented by nodes in a control flow graph. A set of target nodes is identified, where each node in the set of target nodes includes at least one line of source code that defines a modification to a particular variable used in the computer program.
International Business Machines Corporation


Identifying potentially uninitialized source code variables

Computer program source code is represented by nodes in a control flow graph. A set of target nodes is identified, where each node in the set of target nodes includes at least one line of source code that defines a modification to a particular variable used in the computer program.
International Business Machines Corporation


Environment measurement system and environment measurement method

An environment measurement system according to the present invention is provided with a first unit comprising: a transmitter which is located undersea and transmits an acoustic wave in a designated direction a plurality of times; a first receiver which is located undersea and receives an acoustic wave reflected by a reflecting body at the sea surface or the seabed; a transmission direction setting unit which designates, to the transmitter, transmission directions specified in advance by a user, so as to cause the transmitter to transmit acoustic waves in the directions; a first necessary time measurement unit which, for each of the transmission directions, measures from the transmission and reception times of an acoustic wave a time necessary for the acoustic wave to return, as a necessary time, and outputs an average of the measured necessary time as an average necessary time for each of the transmission directions; a layer setting unit which partitions between the sea surface and the seabed into layers each extending horizontally, at intervals of preset distances; a simultaneous equations set-up unit which sets up simultaneous equations using the transmission directions, the necessary times and the layer thicknesses and taking average sound velocities in the respective layers as unknown variables; a simultaneous equations solving unit which solves the simultaneous equations; an initial parameter setting unit which sets initial values necessary for the simultaneous equations solving unit to solve the simultaneous equations, as parameter initial values; and a sound velocity profile output unit which creates a profile of sound velocities obtained by determining solutions acquired by the simultaneous equations solving unit to be average sound velocities in the respective layers and arranging the average sound velocities in the respective layers in order of depth, and outputs the profile.. .
Nec Corporation


Vibration analysis method and vibration analysis device of vehicle

There is provided a vibration analysis technique using vibration measured while a vehicle is made to run on a real road, enabling the detection of vibration characteristics while distinguishing various vibrational input modes. In the inventive vibration analysis technique, a vehicle is made to run on a road surface whose height varies at various wavelengths along its movement, and using a vibration characteristic value in a site of a vehicle body measured during the vehicle running as a response variable and using at least two vibration input values causing the vibration characteristic value as explanatory variables, a transfer function of the vibration characteristic value for each of at least two vibration input values is computed as partial regression coefficients by multiple regression analysis..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Hydraulically actuated continuously variable transmission for a vehicular drive line provided with an internal combustion engine

A hydraulically actuated continuously variable transmission (1) is provided with a hydraulic system (th) for the control of the torque transmissible by the transmission (1) as well as the speed ratio provided by the transmission (1). The hydraulic system (th) is provided with a mechanically driven hydraulic pump (pm) and with an electrically driven hydraulic pump (pe) for generating a pressurised flow of hydraulic medium for the actuation of the transmission.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


V-belt type continuously variable transmission

Provided is a v-belt type continuously variable transmission constructed such as to accommodate in a transmission case a transmission mechanism including: a drive shaft connected to an engine flywheel and provided with a drive pulley; a driven shaft provided with a driven pulley; and a v-belt wound around between the drive pulley and the driven pulley, the v-belt type continuously variable transmission comprising: an air intake chamber for introducing cooling air to surroundings of the drive shaft; and a flywheel cover for covering at least a periphery of the flywheel located in the air intake chamber.. .
Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


V-belt type continuously variable transmission

Provided is a v-belt type continuously variable transmission provided with a transmission case attached to an engine and forming an outer shape, comprising: an air intake duct provided with an air intake port arranged on the engine side; and an air intake duct connection port arranged in a side wall on the engine side of the transmission case and connected to the air intake duct, wherein the air intake duct connection port is inclined relative to the side wall.. .
Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Split input continuously variable transmission

A two mode cvt is provided that for a motor vehicle. The cvt includes a speed change device connected to a pulley and belt assembly.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Three mode continuously variable transmission

A three mode continuously variable transmission (cvt) for a motor vehicle includes an optional speed change device connected to a pulley and a belt assembly or other continuously variable unit. The pulley and belt assembly is also connected to a planetary gear set arrangement.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Continuously variable transmission mechanism driven by self-actuating control of ring gear

Wherein the cam arm (2) is pushed by the control gear (6) to attain a reciprocating drive the push arm (1) and further the drive arm (7), via an one-way mechanism a drive to an opposite direction for the input is rendered to a ring gear (10) rotating in the same direction for the input to add a power of a rotation drive to an opposite direction for the input to the planetary gear (11) to add a power of a rotation in the same direction for the input to the sun gear (12) at the output side to carry out the drive and control the ring gear by a power produced by the input rotation.. .


Integral cascade-variable area fan nozzle system and method

A cascade-variable area fan nozzle system (the “cvafn system”) is provided. The cvafn system may comprise a cascade portion and a variable area fan nozzle (“vafn”) portion.
Rohr, Inc.


Single actuator variable area fan nozzle system and method

A single actuator variable area fan nozzle (“vafn”) system is provided. In contrast to typical system, the single actuator vafn may comprise a single actuator, a linkage and a vafn panel.
Rohr, Inc.


Control of a gas turbine engine

An engine that has, in axial flow series, booster compressor, core compressor, combustion equipment, core turbine, and low-pressure turbine. Core turbine drives core compressor via an interconnecting high-pressure shaft.
Rolls-royce Plc

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