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Declaratively responding to state changes in an interactive multimedia environment

System and method for a spreadsheet application supporting diverse formulaic functions

Device for securing a client application for a symbology display system of the client-server type

Date/App# patent app List of recent Variable-related patents
 Efficient model checking technique for finding software defects patent thumbnailEfficient model checking technique for finding software defects
A method for detecting defects in a computer program. The method steps include obtaining source code and a potential defect definition; identifying, based on the potential defect definition, a set of program objects associated with a potential defect in the source code; extracting an executable program slice having the potential defect from the source code; generating, by a processor, an abstracted model of the program slice by: modeling, using data abstraction, the set of program objects as data-abstracted variables, identifying, within the program slice, a set of control statements including predicates necessary for evaluating the set of control statements, modeling, using predicate abstraction, the predicates as predicate-abstracted boolean variables, and creating, based on the data-abstracted variables and the predicate-abstracted boolean variables, a finite state machine (fsm) model of the program slice; and identifying an error state of the fsm indicating an occurrence of the potential defect within the program slice..
 Declaratively responding to state changes in an interactive multimedia environment patent thumbnailDeclaratively responding to state changes in an interactive multimedia environment
Using declarative language application instructions, actions associated with playing interactive content of an interactive multimedia presentation are triggered based on a state change of a particular media object. Certain application instructions specify the characteristic of the media object, while other application instructions specify the actions associated with playing the interactive content (for example, when media objects are renderable, event generation, script execution, or changes in variables) based on a state change of the characteristic.
 System and method for a spreadsheet application supporting diverse formulaic functions patent thumbnailSystem and method for a spreadsheet application supporting diverse formulaic functions
A spreadsheet application or other application supporting formulaic cells that automatically provides support for a number of diverse formulaic functions. The automatically provided diverse formulaic functions include a function returning the value of the formula logic if the logic can be evaluated without an error.
 Device for securing a client application for a symbology display system of the client-server type patent thumbnailDevice for securing a client application for a symbology display system of the client-server type
The device according to the invention, which makes it possible to secure a client application, including an acquisition and processing module of measured properties (gm) to generate properties of interest (gi); a lookup table associating each dynamic variable (vd) of each of the graphic objects to be maintained with a property of interest (gi); and a module for generating commands capable of issuing a command (c) to the server application. The device includes dedicated means for securing the operation of said acquisition and processing module; dedicated means for securing said lookup table; and dedicated means for securing said command generating module..
 Systems and methods for designing experiments patent thumbnailSystems and methods for designing experiments
Methods and systems for designing an experiment using a computer to determine whether the experiment is a true experiment are described. These approaches allow a user who is unsophisticated in the complexities of true experimental design to design and deploy an experiment that produces substantially confound-free results and can be used to determine and quantify any causal relationship between independent and dependent variables.
 Data visualisation tool patent thumbnailData visualisation tool
A rapidly configurable data visualisation tool for enabling a user to carry out a desired analysis function to identify trends within stored data sets is described. The tool comprises: a very large database having a plurality of base model database tables, each base model table being configured to store predetermined data variables relating to a previously implemented complex function and having one or more predetermined base analysis fields associated with each table; a configuration module arranged to present to the user a plurality of the predetermined base analysis fields for user selection to configure the desired analysis function on the data sets; and an analysis module for reading out the data stored in the base model tables in the selected base analysis fields in accordance with the desired analysis function and conducting further processing on the data to create a base analysis result comprising other composite selected base analysis fields in accordance with the desired analysis function..
 Method and apparatus for presenting content in response to user inputs using dynamic intelligent profiling patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for presenting content in response to user inputs using dynamic intelligent profiling
Different users may receive different information in response to a selection of the same link that is displayed on a website, mobile site or in the real world. The content delivered to a particular user may be dependent on the time of the selection, the geographic location of the user, a weather condition at the geographical location, personal information associated with the user, a number of previous selections of the link by prior individuals, and any combination of the these or other variables, which may be determined by an originator of the link or another party.
 Initializing an inertial sensor using soft constraints and penalty functions patent thumbnailInitializing an inertial sensor using soft constraints and penalty functions
An initialization method for an inertial sensor that estimates starting orientation and velocity without requiring the sensor to start at rest or in a well-known location or orientation. Initialization uses patterns of motion encoded as a set of soft constraints that are expected to hold approximately during an initialization period.
 Method and system for selecting driver preferences patent thumbnailMethod and system for selecting driver preferences
A vehicle computing system enables one or more processors to control a plurality of vehicle features. The vehicle computing system may control a plurality of vehicle features while determining and selecting occupant preferences for those features.
 Thermo-economic modeling and optimization of a combined cooling, heating, and power plant patent thumbnailThermo-economic modeling and optimization of a combined cooling, heating, and power plant
A method to manage operating costs of a combined cooling heating and power (cchp) plant that includes converting complex models of underlying components of the plant into simplified models (s101), performing an optimization that uses the simplified models as constraints of the optimization to output at least one decision variable (s102), and adjusting controls of the plant based on one or more of the output decision variables (s103).. .
Eye drop dispenser
The present disclosure provides a portable drug dispenser which includes one or more chambers for holding a plurality of separately contained drug products, a dispensing mechanism for accurately dispensing one or more of the plurality of separately contained drugs upon activation of the dispensing mechanism in a specified dose (e.g. Specified volume/number of drops) at specified times, and a processor configured to determine the time, and potentially other information such as, e.g.
Combination therapy of hsp90 inhibitory compounds with mek inhibitors
A pharmaceutical composition comprising an mek inhibitor, and an hsp90 inhibitor according to the following formulae (i) or (ia) or tautomers or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, wherein the variables in the structural formulae are defined herein. Also provided are methods for treating a proliferative disorder in a subject in need thereof, using pharmaceutical compositions described herein..
Heteroaryl-substituted hexahydropyrano[3,4-d][1,3]thiazin-2-amine compounds
And the variables r1 and r2 are as defined in the specification. Corresponding pharmaceutical compositions, methods of treatment, methods of synthesis, and intermediates are also disclosed..
Continuously variable transmission apparatus
Provided is a continuously variable transmission mechanism of a traction drive type having: a shaft (60) which functions as the center of rotation; relatively rotatable first and second rotating members (10, 20) that are disposed to face each other on the shaft (60) and share a first rotation center axis (r1); plural planetary balls (50) that have a second rotation center axis (r2), are radially disposed around the first rotation center axis (r1) as the center, and are held between the first and second rotating members (10, 20); and an iris plate (80) that changes the gear ratio between an engine-side input shaft (11) and a drive wheel side output shaft (21) by tilting each of the planetary balls (50) with respect to the first rotation center axis (r1). When an engine is started, the gear ratio is controlled to an acceleration side rather than maximum deceleration..
Hollow golf club head having sole stress reducing feature
A hollow golf club head incorporating a stress reducing feature including at least one sole located stress reducing feature located at least partially on the sole. The location and size of the sole stress reducing feature, and their relationship to one another and other club head engineering variables, play a significant role in selectively influencing deflection and performance of the face..
Guided tool tips for expression calculation
A graphical object is displayed on a display screen of a student device. The student device may then display one or more data elements pertaining to the graphical object on a display screen of the student device.
Image processing device and method
The present technique relates to an image processing device and method capable of performing an encoding process or a decoding process on an image at high speed. Similarly, arithmetic coding parameters arranged together in the syntax are subjected to a variable length (fixed length) decoding process together.
Power converter with dead-time control function
In a power converter, a feedback controller feedback controls a manipulated variable based on a first electrical parameter depending on input power and a feedback controlled variable determined for output power. A dead-time determiner determines a value of the dead time as a function of a boundary condition variable depending on at least one of the input power and the output power.
Power conversion apparatus
A power conversion apparatus includes a switch circuit which drives switching elements based on a control signal, a feedback section which performs feedback control, a signal output section which outputs the control signal based on a controlled variable of the feedback control, an output value detecting section which detects an output value outputted from the switch circuit, and an operation determining unit which has an operation stop determination section which determines whether to stop operation of the switching elements based on a rate of change of the output value, and an operation start determination section which determines whether to start operation of the switching elements based on the controlled variable.. .
Variable gain amplifier
The present disclosure provides an amplifier and associated methods of operations. An exemplary amplifier an input terminal; an output terminal; a first virtual ground node; a second virtual ground node; an operational amplifier coupled with the input terminal and the output terminal; a resistive input section coupled with an input of the operational amplifier; and a resistive feedback section coupled with an output of the operational amplifier.
Extended variable gain amplification bandwidth with high-frequency boost
An apparatus having a circuit is disclosed. The circuit may be configured to (i) receive an input signal from a communication channel and (ii) generate an intermediate signal by amplifying the input signal (a) by a low-frequency gain in response to an amplitude control signal and (b) by a high-frequency gain in response to a boost control signal..
Stilbene derivatives, light-emitting element, display device, and electronic device
A novel stilbene derivative is provided with motivation of providing a blue emissive material showing excellent color purity. The use of the stilbene derivative of the present invention allows the fabrication of a blue-emissive light-emitting element with excellent color purity.
Compound for organic optoelectronic device, organic light emitting diode including the same, and display including the organic light emitting diode
Wherein, in chemical formula 1, variables a, y1 to y4, x1, m, r1 to r4, l1 to l3, n1 to n3, ar1 and ar2 are described in the specification.. .
Gas turbine engine with compressor inlet guide vane positioned for starting
A gas turbine engine includes a compressor section, the compressor section including a variable inlet guide vane which is movable between distinct angles to control the airflow approaching the compressor section. A control is programmed to position the vane at startup of the engine to direct airflow across the compressor section.
Energy-storing device and method for storing energy
An energy-storing device with a charging circuit for a working gas for storing thermal energy, comprising a compressor, a heat accumulator, and an expansion turbine is provided. The compressor is connected to the inlet of the expansion turbine at the outlet side of the compressor via a first line for the working gas, and the heat accumulator is connected into the first line.
Internal combustion engine coupled turbocharger with an infinitely variable transmission
A turbocharger for use with an internal combustion engine is provided. The turbocharger comprises a differential device having a carrier portion, a compressor portion, and a turbine portion.
Integration project center
Embodiments of the present invention provide for supporting definition of services in the soa using templates for definition of processes, tasks, and/or components and wizards associated to the templates for guiding users in defining values to variables in the templates. Embodiments of the present invention provide developers with a guided flow for an integration project as well as guidance from the functional decomposition from the solution architect within an integrated development environment.
Construction of tree-shaped baysian network
Embodiments relate to constructing a tree-shaped bayesian network from variables associated with conditional dependencies in a given data set, the constructing being performed by a plurality of processors in parallel. An aspect includes assigning a plurality of variables as nodes to a respective plurality of processors.
Hierarchical latent variable model estimation device, hierarchical latent variable model estimation method, and recording medium
A hierarchical latent structure setting unit 81 sets a hierarchical latent structure that is a structure in which latent variables are represented by a tree structure and components representing probability models are located at nodes of a lowest level of the tree structure. A variational probability computation unit 82 computes a variational probability of a path latent variable that is a latent variable included in a path linking a root node to a target node in the hierarchical latent structure.
Accelerating learning by sharing information between multiple learning machines
In one embodiment, variables maintained by each of a plurality of learning machines (lms) are determined. The lms are hosted on a plurality of field area routers (fars) in a network, and the variables are sharable between the fars.
Systems and methods for enhanced principal components analysis
Systems and methods for providing geodemographic analyses using a unique weighting, centering and scaling approach for intensive variables is provided in a principal components analysis. The system may use an extensive variable as a size parameter that is appropriate for the particular geodemographic application.
Process and system for integrating information from disparate databases for purposes of predicting consumer behavior
A process and system for integrating information stored in at least two disparate databases. The stored information includes consumer transactional information.
Dynamical monitoring of a coordinate measuring machine using recursive filtering
A method for providing dynamic state information for a coordinate measuring machine that includes a base, a probe head, a machine structure with structural components linking the probe head to the base and a drive mechanism that moves the probe head relative to the base. A dynamic model is defined with actual state variables related to physical properties representing an actual state of the coordinate measuring machine.
System and method for controlling a continuously variable transmission during a shuttle shift
A method for controlling a continuously variable transmission of a work machine during a shuttle shift is disclosed. The method may generally include initiating a directional swap by disengaging an off-going directional clutch of the continuously variable transmission and slipping an on-coming directional clutch of the continuously variable transmission to decelerate the work machine in an off-going direction.
Entry of electric power delivery system data in a web-based interface
Disclosed herein are a variety of systems and methods for entry of data relating to an electrical power delivery system using a web-based interface. One embodiment may include a computer program product having a client-side module to communicate with a server-side module.
Method and apparatus for monitoring emotional compatibility in online dating
Methods, devices, and systems provide for capturing and sharing emotion data to determine the emotional compatibility of couples for online dating or longer-term relationships. An emotion monitoring device (emd) measures physiological signals obtained from biosensors and computes an emotion profile in response to standardized stimuli displayed to the user.
Process for preparing polysulfone
The present invention relates to a process for preparing polysulfone, comprising reacting bisphenol monomers with a salt forming agent to form bisphenolate, followed by subjecting the bisphenolate and 4,4′-dihalodiphenyl sulfone to polycondensation to give polysulfone, characterized in that the reaction for forming bisphenolate and the polycondensation are performed in the presence of a composite ionic liquid as the solvent, the composite ionic liquid containing zwitterionic liquid of formula (i) and/or (ii) as component a and ionic liquid of formula (iii) and/or (iv) as component b, wherein variables are respectively defined in the description of the present invention. The process of the present invention enables a shortened preparation period of polysulfone, particularly a shortened reaction time (including the time of water removal) of the salt forming stage; in addition, the polysulfone thus prepared has an improved molecular weight which is much higher..
Novel macrocycles as factor xia inhibitors
The present invention provides compounds of formula (ia): or a stereoisomer, a tautomer, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein all the variables are as defined herein. These compounds are selective factor xia inhibitors or dual inhibitors of fxia and plasma kallikrein.
Shuttle shifting for a continuously variable transmission
A method for performing a shuttle shift with a continuously variable transmission of a work machine is disclosed. The method may generally include adjusting a swash plate angle of a hydrostatic power unit of the transmission in a first direction to reduce a travel speed of the work machine in an off-going direction, initiating a directional swap between an off-going directional clutch of the continuously variable transmission and an on-coming directional clutch of the continuously variable transmission while the work machine is traveling in the off-going direction and adjusting the swash plate angle of the hydrostatic unit in a second direction after the initiation of the directional swap to reduce slippage across the on-coming directional clutch, wherein the second direction is opposite the first direction..
Vehicle control device
A vehicle control device for controlling a vehicle with an oil pump to be driven by rotation generated by a drive source and transmitted thereto and a continuously variable transmission including a power transmission member mounted between two pulleys includes coast stop control means configured to execute a coast stop control in which the drive source is stopped during vehicle running when a predetermined condition holds, and hydraulic pressure control means configured to execute a pulley pressure control in which a hydraulic pressure supplied to the pulley is increased such that frictional heat generated between the pulley and the power transmission member does not exceed upper limit frictional heat, below which the pulley or the power transmission member is not degraded, when the coast stop control is stopped, the drive source is restarted and the hydraulic pressure is supplied from the oil pump.. .
Power split transmission of a traction drive of a vehicle
A power split transmission (lg) of vehicle a traction drive (f) includes a continuously variable transmission (g) and a summing transmission (sg). The continuously variable transmission (g) has a primary unit (p) and a secondary unit (s) driven by the primary unit (p).
Drive belt comprising different types of transverse members for a continuously variable transmission
The invention relates to a drive belt (3) including an endless carrier (31) and a plurality of transverse members (30) that are mounted on and arranged along the circumference of the carrier (31) in an essentially contiguous row. This type of drive belt (3) is well-known, in particular from its application in the friction-type belt-and-pulleys transmission.
Method for controlling interference from white space units
The present invention relates to a method of a node such as a geo-location database, for controlling an aggregated interference generated by at least two white space units in at least one point in space for at least one frequency channel. A model of propagation channels from each of the at least two white space units to each of the at least one point comprises a variable with a lognormal distribution.
Automatic analyzer
A plunger 66 is moved downwardly in predetermined distance while the tip of the sample probe 15 is immersed in a sample to suck the sample into the probe. A pressure sensor 26 detects the pressure fluctuation during the suction operation, an ad converter converting the signals into digital signals to send the signals for a signal processing unit 76.
Individual inlet guide vane control for tip turbine engine
A tip turbine engine according to the present invention includes a plurality of independently variable inlet guide vanes for the fan and/or for the compressor. An actuator is operatively coupled to each of the flaps, such that each actuator can selectively vary the flap of its associated inlet guide vane.
Systems, methods, and devices for testing communication lines
The invention generally relates to systems, devices, and methods for testing communication lines. In certain aspects, the invention provides systems and devices that include a digital/analog converter configured to operate with a computer processor and memory to send or receive an analog signal over a communication line that includes a plurality of signals having known frequencies.
Radiographic imaging apparatus, radiographic imaging system, and radiographic imaging method
There are provided the following components: an fpd that has a plurality of pixels, in which signal electric charges corresponding to amounts of x-rays incident are accumulated, and that is capable of nondestructively reading data which indicates the x-ray image; an amplifier that amplifies a signal sent from the fpd and has a variable gain; an evaluation value calculation section that obtains an evaluation value for evaluating the x-ray image; and a gain adjustment section that calculates a new gain of the amplifier used at the time of rereading. The gain of the amplifier is changed to a value of a new gain which is calculated by the gain adjustment section, and the x-ray image is reread..
Packet switch and switching method for switching variable length packets
A packet switch for switching variable length packets, wherein each of output port interfaces includes a buffer memory for storing transmission packets, a transmission priority controller for classifying, based on a predetermined algorithm, transmission packets passed from a packet switching unit into a plurality of queue groups to which individual bandwidths are assigned respectively, and queuing said transmission packets in said buffer memory so as to form a plurality of queues according to transmission priority in each of said queue groups, and a packet read-out controller for reading out said transmission packets from each of said queue groups in the buffer memory according to the order of transmission priority of the packets while guaranteeing the bandwidth assigned to the queue group.. .
Detector circuits for interferometers
A detector circuit for a multi-channel interferometer, typically as may be used in an optical coherence tomography device, comprising: a plurality of measurement channels (43) each comprising a measurement detector (31); and a balance channel (44) comprising a balance detector (30), each of the measurement detectors (31) and the balance detector (30) having a light sensitive area and an electrical output configured to output a signal indicative of the intensity of light incident on the light sensitive area, in which each measurement channel (43) is provided with a feedback circuit (40) comprising: a variable gain circuit (35) having an input for the signal from the measurement detector (31) and an output, the variable gain circuit (35) being configured to output at its output the signal received at its input with a variable level of gain; a difference circuit (38) having a first input for the output of the variable gain circuit (35), a second input for the signal from the balance detector (30) and an output, and being configured to output at its output a signal indicative of a difference of the signals at its first and second inputs; and a controller (36) for each variable gain circuit (35) configured to vary the variable level of gain dependent upon a low frequency component of the output of the difference circuit (38).. .
Magnetic gear arrangement having a variable gear ratio
A magnetic gear arrangement is provided having a magnetically active gear member that generates a first magnetic field, which is modulated by interpoles. The modulated magnetic field generates magnetic poles on a magnetically passive gear member, and these poles form a second magnetic field.
Gas turbine engine having slim-line nacelle
A gas turbine engine according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a nacelle assembly that includes an inlet lip section and an inlet internal diffuser section downstream of the inlet lip section. A variable area fan nozzle is positioned near an aft segment of the nacelle assembly, the variable area fan nozzle adaptable to move between a first position having a first discharge airflow area and a second position having a second discharge airflow area greater than the first discharge airflow area.
Digital circuit verification monitor
A method, a system and a computer readable medium for providing information relating to a verification of a digital circuit. The verification may be formal verification and comprise formally verifying that a plurality of formal properties is valid for a representation of the digital circuit.
Statistical design with importance sampling reuse
A mechanism is provided for reusing importance sampling for efficient cell failure rate estimation of process variations and other design considerations. First, the mechanism performs a search across circuit parameters to determine failures with respect to a set of performance variables.
Methods and systems for estimating and analyzing flow activity and path performance data in cloud or distributed systems
Virtual resources associated with an execution of a user's applications in a cloud or distributed resource configuration including virtual or physical machines, network services and storage are identified. A source and destination virtual machine, utilized by the user's applications, are determined, and at least one source or destination virtual machine belongs to the identified virtual resources.
Finding time-dependent associations between comparative effectiveness variables
Embodiments of the invention relate to arrangements for ascertaining time-dependent associations between inputted comparative effectiveness research (cer) variables from patient data are. Each cer variable is represented via at least one unit time series, and a similarity metric with respect to pairs of cer variables is determined.
Systems and methods for waterfall adjustment analysis
The present invention relates to systems and methods for waterfall adjustment analysis which identifies continuous root dimensional causes and enables identification of opportunities. Waterfall adjustment analysis includes analyzing transactions to generate a data set of transactions, and then generating a continuous root dimensional cause classification by setting recoverable lift as a dependent variable and selected dimensions as independent variables, and clustering transactions into segments along dimensional boundaries that best explain the primary waterfall cause, thereby identifying the root cause and its location.
Systems and methods for price point analysis
The present invention relates to systems and methods for price point analysis which identifies dynamic root dimensional causes and enables identification of opportunities. Price point analysis includes analyzing transactions to generate a data set of transactions, identifying a primary waterfall cause of the data set, and lastly generating a discrete root dimensional cause classification by setting the primary waterfall cause as a dependent variable and all other dimensions as independent variables, and clustering the transactions into segments along dimensional boundaries that best explain the primary waterfall cause, thereby identifying the root cause and its location.
Open loop machine motor speed control based on downhill slope determination
A manner of managing operation of a machine is described for preventing damage/wear to movable machine components arising from operation of the machine/parts at excessive speed while the machine is traveling down a steep incline. The managing of the machine operation includes determining a downhill slope value in a machine direction of travel and then establishing a maximum commanded transmission output speed in accordance with the determined downhill slope value.
Control device for continuously variable transmission
A control device for continuously variable transmission includes an operating state detection means for detecting an operating state of a vehicle including a vehicle speed and an accelerator pedal opening, a control means for controlling a speed ratio of a continuously variable transmission based on the operating state, an acceleration request determination means for determining the presence or absence of an acceleration request of a driver based on the accelerator pedal opening, and a speed ratio setting means for setting a speed reduction ratio controlled by the control means to be smaller with an increase in an acceleration start vehicle speed if the accelerator pedal opening is equal during acceleration. The control means updates the acceleration start vehicle speed to a vehicle speed at the time of a determination after determining that the accelerator pedal opening has been increased during acceleration..
Variator lockout valve system
A variator lockout valve system for a continuously variable transmission includes a pair of shift valves. Each shift valve has at least one port that is fluidly coupled to a variator of the continuously variable transmission.
Cooperative operating device and method
A cooperative operating device includes primary controlling units that are provided for individual primary control systems, and calculate operating variables and outputting them to the actuators of the corresponding primary control systems, a selector that combines operating variables by performing a weighting calculation on the operating variables calculated by the primary controlling units, and an operating variable adjustment controlling unit that is provided to correspond to a single secondary control system for controlling an equilibrium point that is a desirable operating variable output with the primary control in a steady-state, inputs a specific operating variable setting value that indicates the equilibrium point, and inputs, as a controlled variable input, the operating variable after combination, outputted from the selector, to calculate an adjustment operating variable and output it to the actuator of the secondary control system.. .
Bifurcation catheter with variable length occlusion elements
There is provided a catheter for providing a delivery substance to a bifurcated vessel, and isolating a treatment zone within the bifurcation. The catheter includes a proximal shaft and a first and second distal shaft positioned within the proximal shaft.
Fused multi-cyclic sulfone compounds as inhibitors of beta-secretase and methods of use thereof
Wherein variables a5, a6, a8, r1, r2, r3, r7, x, y, n and o of formula i, independently, are defined herein. The invention also provides pharmaceutical compositions comprising the compounds, and corresponding uses of the compounds and compositions for treatment of disorders and/or conditions related to a-beta plaque formation and deposition, resulting from the biological activity of bace.
Advanced hybrid iron type golf club
The present invention is a unique advanced hybrid iron type golf club. The club is characterized by a long heel blade length section, while having a small club moment arm, zcg, and volume.
Emulator for production software outcome validation
A test tool provides a flexible resource for control an of electronic gaming machine (egm) via a data network. The test tool provides both interactive and automated access to the egm when the egm is operated using a special diagnostic bios that supports both communication with the test tool over the data network and the ability to set operational variables including random numbers.
Single-input multiple-output amplifiers with independent gain control per output
Amplifiers with multiple outputs and separate gain control per output are disclosed. In an exemplary design, an apparatus (e.g., a wireless device or an integrated circuit) may include first and second amplifier circuits.
Wild game call apparatus and method
A wild game call may include a resonance piece. The resonance piece may include a body, pipes, and a plug that may attach to a mouth piece.
Automatic adjustment of logical channels in a fibre channel network
One embodiment of the present invention provides a system that facilitates automatic adjustment of logical channels in a fibre channel (fc) network. During operation, the system receives fc data frames.
Accessory bag having reinforced sidewalls and variable length
An accessory bag includes a bottom wall, a front wall and a back wall. The wall is made of flexible material.

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