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Variable Length patents

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Surface cleaning apparatus

Date/App# patent app List of recent Variable Length-related patents
 Interventional catheter housing assemblies incorporating guide wire brakes and management systems patent thumbnailnew patent Interventional catheter housing assemblies incorporating guide wire brakes and management systems
Interventional catheter assemblies that operate over a guide wire are disclosed. Specifically, an elongated flexible catheter is associated at its proximal end with a housing having a guide wire port where the guide wire exits the housing.
 Surface cleaning apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Surface cleaning apparatus
A surface cleaning apparatus is provided wherein a uniflow cyclone comprises a cyclone chamber defined by a longitudinal axis, the cyclone chamber having a dirt outlet that has a variable length in the direction of the longitudinal axis. A cyclone chamber having a barrier wall facing the dirt outlet of the cyclone chamber is also provided..
 Channel coding method of variable length information using block code patent thumbnailChannel coding method of variable length information using block code
A method for channel-coding information bits using a code generation matrix including 32 rows and a columns corresponding to length of the information bits includes, channel-coding the information bits having “a” length using basis sequences having 32-bit length corresponding to columns of the code generation matrix, and outputting the channel-coded result as an output sequence. If “a” is higher than 10, the code generation matrix is generated when (a-10) additional basis sequences were added as column-directional sequences to a first or second matrix.
 Image processing device and method patent thumbnailImage processing device and method
The present technique relates to an image processing device and method capable of performing an encoding process or a decoding process on an image at high speed. Similarly, arithmetic coding parameters arranged together in the syntax are subjected to a variable length (fixed length) decoding process together.
 Entry of electric power delivery system data in a web-based interface patent thumbnailEntry of electric power delivery system data in a web-based interface
Disclosed herein are a variety of systems and methods for entry of data relating to an electrical power delivery system using a web-based interface. One embodiment may include a computer program product having a client-side module to communicate with a server-side module.
 Packet switch and switching method for switching variable length packets patent thumbnailPacket switch and switching method for switching variable length packets
A packet switch for switching variable length packets, wherein each of output port interfaces includes a buffer memory for storing transmission packets, a transmission priority controller for classifying, based on a predetermined algorithm, transmission packets passed from a packet switching unit into a plurality of queue groups to which individual bandwidths are assigned respectively, and queuing said transmission packets in said buffer memory so as to form a plurality of queues according to transmission priority in each of said queue groups, and a packet read-out controller for reading out said transmission packets from each of said queue groups in the buffer memory according to the order of transmission priority of the packets while guaranteeing the bandwidth assigned to the queue group.. .
 Bifurcation catheter with variable length occlusion elements patent thumbnailBifurcation catheter with variable length occlusion elements
There is provided a catheter for providing a delivery substance to a bifurcated vessel, and isolating a treatment zone within the bifurcation. The catheter includes a proximal shaft and a first and second distal shaft positioned within the proximal shaft.
 Wild game call apparatus and method patent thumbnailWild game call apparatus and method
A wild game call may include a resonance piece. The resonance piece may include a body, pipes, and a plug that may attach to a mouth piece.
 Automatic adjustment of logical channels in a fibre channel network patent thumbnailAutomatic adjustment of logical channels in a fibre channel network
One embodiment of the present invention provides a system that facilitates automatic adjustment of logical channels in a fibre channel (fc) network. During operation, the system receives fc data frames.
 Accessory bag having reinforced sidewalls and variable length patent thumbnailAccessory bag having reinforced sidewalls and variable length
An accessory bag includes a bottom wall, a front wall and a back wall. The wall is made of flexible material.
Video encoder and video encoding method as well as video decoder and video decoding method
A video encoder includes: a predictive vector selecting unit that selects candidates for a first predictive vector for predicting a motion vector in a first direction, and candidates for a second predictive vector for predicting a motion vector for a second direction; a selection information setting unit that sets first selection information for identifying the first predictive vector from among the first predictive vector candidates, and second selection information for identifying the second predictive vector from among the second predictive vector candidates; and a variable length coding unit that performs variable length coding on the first and second selection information. The video encoder applies predetermined code to the second selection information indicating that the second predictive vector candidate obtained from a motion vector in the second direction, for an encoded block corresponding to the first predictive vector is the second predictive vector..
Method and system for facilitating quality of service in edge devices in a fibre channel network
One embodiment of the present invention provides a system that facilitates quality of service (qos) in a fibre channel (fc) host bus adaptor (hba). In this system the bandwidth on an fc link between the hba and the fc switch can be allocated into a plurality of logical channels, and a respective logical channel can transport data frames of variable length.
Flashlight holding cradle with adjustable aim
A flashlight holding cradle device and method of making it, in which a semi-circular sleeve forms a cradle to hold various sizes of conventional flashlights. The cradle sleeve is manufactured by method of mold injection.
Variable length light shield for an electro-optical sensor within a nose cone
A variable length light shield is disclosed for an electro-optical sensor within a nose cone. The light shield includes a base, a telescopic shade supported by the base, and a ring rotatably supported about the base.
Line-based compression for digital image data
A method of compressing digital image data is provided that includes selecting an entropy code for encoding a line of pixels in the digital image data, wherein the entropy code is selected from a plurality of variable length entropy codes, using spatial prediction to compute a pixel predictor and a pixel residual for a pixel in the line of pixels, and selectively encoding the pixel residual using one of the entropy code or run mode encoding.. .
Variable length catheter for drug delivery
A method for localized delivery of a therapeutic or diagnostic agent within a vessel is provided. The method provides for adjustability of the length of the treatment area and for reducing of pressure within the treatment area.
Variable length catheter for drug delivery
A catheter system for localized delivery of a therapeutic or diagnostic agent within a vessel is provided. The system provides for adjustability of the length of the treatment area and for reducing of pressure within the treatment area.
Method and device for storing a compression ratio indication in a pixel value buffer in tile encoding
A tile of pixels is encoded by variable length encoding blocks of pixels constituting different subsets of the tile to form sequences of symbols as encoded representations of the pixel values. A respective size indication is determined for each set of at least block.
Picture coding and decoding apparatuses and methods performing variable length coding and decoding on a slice header stream and arithmetic coding and decoding on a slice data stream
A frame coding unit generates individual picture signal information from a moving picture signal, and outputs a frame code value which is a numeric value to be obtained as a result of coding picture signal information of each frame. A variable length coding unit decomposes the frame code value into unit frame code values which are basic units of coding, converts the unit frame code values into frame code words using only a single code table, and constructs a frame stream by combining the converted frame code words.
Equipment for high speed transversal perforations of variable lengths on continuous forms in movement
An equipment (111) for high speed transversal perforations of variable lengths on continuous forms (32) in movement comprising a blade support (34) with at least a perforating blade (39a) and a blade contrast (112) having at least one projecting profile (41a) of contrast for the perforating blade (39a) and blade and contrast servomechanisms (43, 128) for rotating the support blade and the blade contrast to carry the perforating blade against the projecting profile in synchronism with the form. The blade contrast (112) comprises a hollow cylinder (113) of low rotational inertia, defining the projecting profile (41a) as sectors with axial extensions different in dependence on their angular positions.
Variable length shaft
A variable length golf club shaft is disclosed herein. The variable length shaft includes a hollow lower shaft with a plurality of holes, a hollow upper shaft with at least one protrusion extending from an inner surface that is sized to fit within the plurality of holes, and an unlocking bar.
Image compression method and apparatus for bandwidth saving
Described herein are methods and devices that employ parallel compression of image data using a lossless compressor and a quantization compressor. As described, the lossless compressor generates a variable length compressed bit stream and the quantization compressor generates a fixed length compressed bit stream.
Context adaptive position and amplitude coding of coefficients for video
A coding method, apparatus, and medium with software encoded thereon to implement a coding method. The coding method includes encoding the position of non-zero-valued coefficients in an ordered series of quantized transform coefficients of a block of image data, including encoding events using variable length coding using a plurality of variable length code mappings that each maps events to codewords, the position encoding including switching between the code mappings based on the context.
Picture coding device, picture coding method and picture coding program as well as picture decoding device, picture decoding method, and picture decoding program
A prediction direction difference calculating unit derives a prediction direction difference in intra prediction modes of a plurality of reference blocks used for an intra prediction processing of a block to be coded. A most probable mode determining unit and a coding tree selecting unit determine a most probable mode as an intra prediction mode candidate of the block to be coded based on the intra prediction modes of the reference blocks used for deriving the prediction direction difference and the prediction direction difference, and creates a coding tree assigned with a bitstream having a shorter code length than other prediction modes for the determined most probable mode.
Airbag cover door having a variable length hinge
A cover door that includes a frame having a wall and an upper aperture extending at the end of the wall, and a lid covering at least one portion of the upper aperture and movable relatively to the frame so as to clear the upper aperture. The lid is attached to the wall through a hinge-forming area.
Disposable berm mop
An absorbent berm mop assembly to contain a liquid spill is provided. The absorbent berm comprises an absorbent material packed within a tube sock of variable length and diameter comprising a berm.
Identifying modified chunks in a data set for storage
Provided are a computer program product, system, and method for identifying modified chunks in a data set for storage. Information is maintained on a data set of variable length chunks, including a digest of each chunk and information to locate the chunk in the data set.
Telescopic traversing system for retractable window treatments
A variable length support rod apparatus for translational support of a window treatment, such as draperies, comprised of a support member formed of a plurality of transnationally engaged segments, the support member is infinitely configurable from a minimum contracted length to a maximum extended length through a translation of the plurality of segments toward or away from each other. A continuous flexible member is positioned along a pathway running between a first end and a second end of the support member.
Memory system with variable length page stripes including data protection information
Methods and apparatuses for enhanced protection of data stored in a non-volatile memory system involve a controller capable of adapting to the failure of one or more non-volatile memory devices in the memory system. The controller stores data in the form of page stripes, each page stripe composed of data pages, and each data page stored in a different non-volatile memory device.
Mobile communication system, control device, base station device, system control method and device control method
A mobile communication system includes a control device and a base station device. Data communication between the control device and the base station device is conducted using a fixed-length data size and a variable-length data size.
Article handling apparatus
An article handling apparatus comprising a handling frame comprising a plurality of arm members adapted to grip the article, at least one of the plurality of arm members being of variable length. There is also disclosed means for dismounting a tyre from a wheel, the means comprising a housing and a pad, the housing being adapted to be releasably attached to gripping means and the pad adapted to break the bead of the tyre to facilitate removal of the tyre from the wheel..
Punch arrangement for a press and press
Punch arrangement for a press, in particular a rotary press, comprising at least one press punch having a punch head, a tool region and a punch shank extending between the punch head and tool region, further comprising at least one punch guide having at least one guide bore in which the punch shank of the at least one press punch is guided in an axially movable manner and at least one variable length sealing sleeve at least partially surrounding the shank, which sealing sleeve is retained with its first end against the punch shank or against the tool region of the press punch, the sealing sleeve being retained with its second end against an inner wall of the guide bore, the second end of the sealing sleeve, with the punch shank located in the guide bore, being captured between the inner wall of the guide bore and the punch shank. The invention further relates to a press and a rotary press..
Mobile terminal
There is disclosed a mobile terminal including a touchscreen configured to generate a touch signal by sensing touch input, a stylus pen having a variable length, and comprising a first pen tip provided in an end to touch the surface of the touchscreen to create a first touch signal, a sensing part configured to sense state variation of the stylus pen including length variation of the stylus pen, and a controller configured to switch an input mode of the touchscreen according to the state variation of the stylus pen, wherein the input mode selects one of a mouse input mode, a gesture input mode; and a quick-memo input mode.. .
Electrical powered weight and fullness level system
A collection apparatus weight and fullness level reporting system includes: an inlet; a removable collection bin receiving material placed into the collection apparatus; a compacting mechanism including a ram body, wherein the ram body travels between a home position located above the collection bin to a maximum travel position located inside the collection bin, wherein during each compaction cycle the ram body travels along a variable length of the compaction path; a fullness-reporting module that determines the height of the material in the collection bin; and a controller that determines the length of the compaction path the ram body travels during each compaction cycle based on the input received from the fullness reporting module, wherein at the end of each compaction cycle in which the material height is below a maximum height, the ram body is brought to rest at a height below the home position.. .
Apparatus(es) and method(s) for securing mobile device(s)
An apparatus designed in dimensions that will make it suitable for affixing to a variety of mobile devices. The device is comprised of a flexible base having anterior and posterior sides and first and second ends, where each end includes first and second slots.
Variable length shaft and grip
A variable length shaft assembly comprising a shaft, a shaft adapter, a grip sleeve, an actuator screw, a grip, and a screw is disclosed herein. The grip is bonded to the grip sleeve, the shaft adapter is bonded to the shaft, and the shaft adapter comprises a keyed portion that mates with a keyed structure inside of the grip sleeve.
Method and apparatus of intra mode coding
Method and apparatus for intra prediction mode coding and decoding are disclosed. In one embodiment, the encoding and decoding process assigns individual indices and codewords to dc mode and planar mode respectively.
Image coding and decoding system using variable length coding and variable length decoding
An image coding apparatus provides a run-length encoding unit rle1 that subjects quantized coefficients obtained by quantizing frequency components of an image signal to a variable length coding process by using a run value run that indicates the number of successive zero coefficients and a level value lev that indicates a value of a non-zero coefficient following the zero coefficients. The run-length encoding unit rle1 includes a reordering unit lreodr for reordering level values lev; a variable length coder lvlc for coding reordered level values rolev by using a code table selected according to the value of a quantization parameter qp; a reordering unit rreodr for reordering run values run from high frequency component of the quantized coefficients to low frequency component; and a variable length coder rvlc for coding reordered run values rorun by using a code table selected according to the number of already-processed run values..
Controlling contortion
An apparatus comprising: a flexible body comprising an arrangement for limiting flexing of the body, the arrangement comprising: a first part within the body; a second part within the body; a flexible interconnect extending at least between the first part and the second part wherein the arrangement is configured to change between a first configuration, in which a portion of the interconnect between the first part and the second part is of a variable length enabling more and less flexing of the interconnect, and a second configuration, in which the portion of the interconnect between the first part and the second part has a limited length that limits one or both of more flexing and less flexing.. .
Variable length animations based on user inputs
A computer-implemented method for transition animation is disclosed according to one aspect of the subject technology. The method comprises determining a user's level of experience using an application, determining a duration of a transition animation based on the user's determined level of experience, and playing the transition animation for the determined duration..
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding audio/speech signal
Provided is a method of encoding an audio/speech signal, the method including determining a variable length of a frame, that is, a processing unit of an input signal in accordance with a position of an attack in the input signal; transforming each frame of the input signal to a frequency domain and dividing the frame into a plurality of sub frequency bands; and, if a signal of a sub frequency band is determined to be encoded in the frequency domain, encoding the signal of the sub frequency band in the frequency domain, and if the signal of the sub frequency band is determined to be encoded in a time domain, inverse transforming the signal of the sub frequency band to the time domain and encoding the inverse transformed signal in the time domain. According to the present invention, the audio/speech signal may be efficiently encoded by controlling time resolution and frequency resolution..
Apparatus for treating tissue with microwave radiation and antenna calibration system and method
A calibration method and apparatus for surgical antennas arranged to deliver microwave radiation into biological tissue. An emitting region of the antenna is exposed to a plurality of calibration standards having different complex impedances at the treatment frequency.
Control for pressurized bladder in a patient support apparatus
An apparatus for supporting a patient, such as a hospital bed, is provided. The apparatus includes a patient support surface and at least one fluid containing bladder.
Sweeping vehicle
A sweeping vehicle is provided including a disc brush and a holding device for the disc brush, the holding device having a holding part and a holding arm pivotably connected to the holding part, the holding device held on the vehicle by the holding part, and the disc brush held on the holding arm. The vehicle includes an adjusting device having an adjustment member of variable length engaging the holding arm, the holding arm being pivotable relative to the holding part upon change in length of the adjustment member.
Peel-away security covering for a ticket
A solution for concealing confidential information that is printed at the point of sale in a game of chance utilizing a more common type printer designed for printing on a standard grade and biodegradable direct thermal paper. This system can print and cut each individual ticket in variable lengths.
Variable length combustor dome extension for improved operability
The present invention discloses a novel apparatus and method for operating a gas turbine combustor having a structural configuration proximate a pilot region of the combustor which seeks to minimize the onset of thermo acoustic dynamics. The pilot region of the combustor includes a generally cylindrical extension having an outlet end with an irregular profile which incorporates asymmetries into the system so as to destroy any coherent structures..
Search unit to accelerate variable length compression/decompression
Systems and methods to accelerate compression and decompression with a search unit implemented in the processor core. According to an embodiment, a search unit may be implemented to perform compression or decompression on an input stream of data.
Variable length flush nozzles for wire electrical discharge machines
Variable length flush nozzles for wire electric discharge machining (wire edm) are provided. The variable length flush nozzle comprises an elongated body having an internal channel and a nozzle head having a pair of opposed slots formed therein.
Extendable-length encapsulating housing arrangement for an encapsulated electrical energy transmission device
A variable length encapsulation housing configuration for an encapsulated electrical energy transmission device has a first encapsulation housing with a sliding surface and a second encapsulation housing supported in a sliding manner on the sliding surface of the first encapsulation housing. The first encapsulation housing has a supporting body on which a coating is applied to form the sliding surface..
Variable length and flexible forefoot shoe
The invention is a shoe that has a variable length and flexible shape realized because of a flexible sectional sole and a flexible upper corresponding to the forefoot section of the user's foot. These flexible portions of the shoe permit bending of the forefoot relative to the rest of the shoe to change the length and shape of the forefoot and the length of the upper vamp of the shoe in order to allow a player to achieve maximum results in sports where feet and shoes are the player's tools, where the shoe aids in using the maximum number of sweet spots of the shoe for control, distance, and accuracy.
Variable length blade tip molds, tip assemblies and methods for manufacturing the same
Variable length blade tip molds include standard tip mold sections having a tapered profile and variable length joint mold sections having first ends and second ends with a constant cross section, wherein the variable length blade tip molds can each produce a plurality of tip assemblies of various lengths.. .
Lossless compression of fragmented image data
Lossless compression of fragmented image data is disclosed. In some embodiments, a stream of information comprising data elements having statistical characteristics is received.
Double balloon catheter and methods for homogeneous drug delivery using the same
The present disclosure is directed to a catheter for site-specific delivery of a therapeutic agent to a blood vessel of a patient. The catheter further includes an elongated shaft having at least one inner lumen, a distal end and a proximal end and proximal and distal vessel-conforming balloons where each is separately positionable and inflatable, and when inflated, substantially restricts blood flow in the vessel and creates a treatment window of a defined but variable length for delivery of the therapeutic agent.
Tissue grafted with a biodegradable polymer
Novel implantable tissue fixation methods and compositions are disclosed. Methods and compositions of tissue, fixed using polymeric and/or variable length crosslinks, and di- or polymercapto compounds are described.
Ofdm/ofdma frame structure for communication systems
An ofdm/ofdma frame structure technology for communication systems is disclosed. The ofdm/ofdma frame structure technology comprises a variable length sub-frame structure with efficiently sized cyclic prefixes and efficient transition gap durations operable to effectively utilize ofdm/ofdma bandwidth.
Led-lamp-board connector
An improved led-lamp-board connector includes a main housing having a base having terminal sockets. The base has two laterals formed with arms each separated from the base by a gap.
Method and apparatus for inverse scan of transform coefficients in hevc
A method and apparatus for decoding two-level scanned transform coefficients corresponding to a transform unit (tu) are disclosed. The tu is divided into sub-blocks and the transform coefficients of the tu are scanned across the sub-blocks according to a first scan pattern, and each sub-block is scanned according to a second scan pattern.
Rotorcraft autopilot system, components and methods
An autopilot actuator includes first and second motors each including a rotatable motor output shaft such that either one or both of the motors can drive an actuator output shaft. An autopilot main unit enclosure is removably mounted to the helicopter proximate to a cyclic control and commonly houses autopilot actuators as well as main autopilot electronics.
Method and apparatus for controlling fetch-ahead in a vles processor architecture
There is provided a method for controlling fetch-ahead of fetch sets into a decoupling first in first out (fifo) buffer of a variable length execution set (vles) processor architecture, wherein a fetch set comprises at least a portion of a vles group available for dispatch to processing resources within the vles processor architecture, comprising, for each cycle, determining a number of vles groups available for dispatch from previously pre-fetched fetch sets, and only requesting a fetch-ahead of a next fetch set in the next cycle if one of a select set of criteria related to the number of vles groups available for dispatch is true.. .
Parallel processing of a single data buffer
Technologies for executing a serial data processing algorithm on a single variable length data buffer includes streaming segments of the buffer into a data register, executing the algorithm on each of the segments in parallel, and combining the results of executing the algorithm on each of the segments to form the output of the serial data processing algorithm.. .
Editing device
An editing device for connecting first and second streams containing variable length coded parameters, includes a decision unit operable to compare an encoded first parameter contained in the first stream with an encoded second parameter contained in the second stream, and decide whether at least one of the first parameter and the second parameter is to be changed, and a replacing unit operable to replace at least one of the first and second parameters with the other code word of the same length as the code words assigned to the first and second parameters, when the decision unit decides that at least one of the parameters is to be changed.. .
Fast initial link setup discovery frames
A method for use in a wireless station includes receiving a fast initial link setup discovery (fd) frame from an access point (ap) between instances of a full beacon frame and determining whether to associate with the ap based on the received fd frame. The fd frame includes fd frame contents and a fd frame control field.
Participatory method and system for application and project management
Provided herein are a methods and a system for implementing a participatory mechanism for selecting of applications, overseeing implementation and progress of projects, monitoring and evaluation of completed projects. The method provides a mechanism for managing projects which involve flexible and hard to quantify outcomes.
Generating a code alphabet of symbols to generate codewords for words used with a program
Provided are a computer program product, system, and method for generating a code alphabet for use by a deployed program to determine codewords for words. A first code alphabet has a first number of symbols that provide variable length codings of the words.

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