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Vacuum Pump patents


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 Electron microscope patent thumbnailElectron microscope
There is provided an electron microscope capable of easily achieving power saving. The electron microscope (100) includes a controller (60) for switching the mode of operation of the microscope from a first mode where electron lenses (12, 14, 18, 20) are activated to a second mode where the electron lenses (12, 14, 18, 20) are not activated.
Jeol Ltd.

 Rotor disc and rotor for a vacuum pump patent thumbnailRotor disc and rotor for a vacuum pump
A rotor disc for a vacuum pump, in particular a turbo molecular pump, having an inner ring. The inner ring is connected to a plurality of blade elements extending radially outward.
Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Gmbh

 Internal combustion engine patent thumbnailInternal combustion engine
An internal combustion engine includes an intake camshaft, a vacuum pump, an oil pump, and an oil feeding passage serving as an oil supplying path. The vacuum pump includes a rotor and a housing.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

 Machine for coating an optical article with an anti-soiling coating composition and  using the machine patent thumbnailMachine for coating an optical article with an anti-soiling coating composition and using the machine
A machine for coating an optical article with an anti-soiling coating composition, includes a vacuum chamber (8) configured to receive the optical article, a vacuum pump (20) connected to the vacuum chamber (8), a plasma generator (11) configured to carry out a vacuum plasma treatment of the optical article, an evaporation device (10) configured to carry out a vacuum evaporation treatment of the composition for depositing it on the optical article, a control unit (2) controlling the plasma generator for removing an initial outermost anti-soiling coating of the article, controlling the evaporation device for recoating the article with the anti-soiling coating composition, being configured to causes the vacuum pump (20) to suck gases from the chamber (8) during vacuum plasma treatment and being further configured to causes the vacuum pump (20) not to suck gases from the chamber (8) during vacuum evaporation treatment.. .
Satisloh Photonics Ag

 Plastic rotor for a vacuum pump patent thumbnailPlastic rotor for a vacuum pump
A rotor for a vane cell pump—in particular, for a vacuum pump—with a base body that is made of plastic and can be driven by rotation, and that rotates about an axis of rotation during operation, wherein the base body comprises a guiding section for slidably receiving a pump vane and wherein the base body is flanked in the direction of the axis of rotation by a first bearing surface and a second bearing surface, wherein the second bearing surface comprises bearing sections that are at a distance from one another and that lie on a circular path that is arranged concentrically to the axis of rotation.. .
Joma-polytec Gmbh

 Vane for a vane cell pump and vane cell pump patent thumbnailVane for a vane cell pump and vane cell pump
A vane for a vane cell vacuum pump. The vane can be rotated about an axis of rotation by a rotor in a pump chamber and guided in the longitudinal direction in the rotor, with an upper side and a lower side to abut against the bottom and the ceiling of the pump chamber, with a rear side opposite a front side to limit the pressure chambers, with at least one face to slidably abut against an inside wall of the pump chamber on the casing side.
Joma-polytec Gmbh

 Organic garbage and kitchen waste processing assembly patent thumbnailOrganic garbage and kitchen waste processing assembly
A processing assembly for processing kitchen organic garbage and waste of farms includes a tank with a grinder located therein. The grinder grinds the garbage and waste by blades and rotatable blades.

 Vacuum exhaust system of sterilizer patent thumbnailVacuum exhaust system of sterilizer
The present invention relates to a vacuum exhaust system of a sterilizer, comprising: a sterilization chamber; a first vacuum pump connected to one side of the sterilization chamber; an oil mist trap section for exhausting steam incoming from the sterilization chamber via the first vacuum pump; and a second vacuum pump connected to the first vacuum pump and the oil mist trap section. The vacuum exhaust system of a sterilizer according to the present invention comprises the second vacuum pump connected to the first vacuum pump and the oil mist trap section, wherein by turning the second vacuum pump on to apply a vacuum to the operating oil in the first vacuum pump, thereby providing a certain pressure for evaporating water in liquid state to the first vacuum pump, the present invention can vaporize the water vapor trapped in the operating oil in the first vacuum pump..
Cmtech Co., Ltd.

 Motor vehicle vacuum pump patent thumbnailMotor vehicle vacuum pump
A motor vehicle vacuum pump includes a pumping chamber in which a pump rotor rotates to compress a gas, an outlet chamber into which the gas exits, a separation wall which includes a valve opening and a valve seat arranged on an outlet side of the separation wall around the valve opening. The separation wall separates the pumping chamber from the outlet chamber.
Pierburg Pump Technology Gmbh

 Control  vehicle patent thumbnailControl vehicle
A vehicle having a valve stop mode control unit configured such that an intake valve and an exhaust valve are stopped in a closed state during rotation of an output shaft, supply of fuel to an engine is stopped, a clutch is made to be in an engaged state, and pistons are driven by rotational forces from driving wheels through the output shaft. When there is a request for valve stop inertial running, a negative pressure is supplied to an intake passage by a vacuum pump..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Motor vehicle assembly arrangement with an internal combustion engine and a switchable vacuum pump

An arrangement of motor vehicle units includes a vacuum pump, a power brake unit, a pump which pumps a hydraulic fluid with a control pressure, and a control valve. The vacuum pump comprises a pump rotor, a coupling element, a control connection, a coupling arrangement switchable by the control connection to lock/unlock the coupling element with the pump rotor, and a suction connection.
Pierburg Pump Technology Gmbh

Systems and methods for detection and mitigation of liquid fuel carryover in an evaporative emissions system

Methods and systems are provided for detecting and mitigating the presence of liquid fuel carryover in an evap system of a vehicle in response to a refueling event. In one example, during a first condition, a vacuum pump is activated to pressurize the fuel system responsive to a first fuel tank pressure decay rate being less than a threshold, and responsive to a second fuel tank pressure decay rate being greater than a threshold, the vacuum pump is maintained on until a fuel tank pressure decreases to atmospheric pressure.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Fan scrubber and vacuum pump apparatus

The fan scrubber is provided with a casing having a gas draw-in port and a gas ejection port, a fan disposed in the casing, a nozzle from which a liquid is jetted into the casing, and a canned motor connected to the fan. The canned motor has a main shaft connected to the fan, a rotor which rotates integrally with the main shaft, a stator disposed on the periphery of the rotor, a motor casing in which the rotor and the stator are housed, and a can which partitions the interior of the motor casing into a rotor chamber in which the rotor is disposed and a stator chamber in which the stator is disposed..
Ebara Corporation

Vacuum pump

To provide a vacuum pump capable of heating only a flow channel extending from the vicinity of an exit of a thread groove exhaust flow channel toward an outlet port and prevents the accumulation of a product that is caused by a decrease in the temperature of process gas near the exit of the thread groove exhaust flow channel and the flow channel. A vacuum pump has a thread groove exhaust portion that has thread groove exhaust flow channels at least in respective parts of portions on inner and outer circumferential sides of a rotor (rotating body), a casing enclosing the thread groove exhaust portion, an outlet port for exhausting gas compressed by the thread groove exhaust portion to the outside of the casing, and a partition wall that covers a flow channel extending from the exits of the thread groove exhaust flow channels toward the outlet port..
Edwards Japan Limited

Motor vehicle vacuum pump having a switchable clutch

A motor vehicle vacuum pump includes a pump rotor, a coupling element, and a clutch arrangement. The clutch arrangement locks or releases the coupling element to/from the pump rotor so that the coupling element rotates together with or is released from the pump rotor.
Pierburg Pump Technology Gmbh

Device for trying electronic cigarette liquids

The invention relates to a device that can be used to try electronic cigarette liquids, intended for the retail sale of electronic cigarettes, providing a system that allows the end client to try different electronic cigarettes without having to put together a complete assembly for each type of liquid, said device taking the form of a block provided internally with a set of clearomizers and vacuum pumps that convey the aroma into a single tube to the exterior. Alternatively, it can be assembled with a single vacuum pump or without any vacuum pump, using instead direction aspiration, or manual selection prior to the selected test or aspiration..

Cryofocused sampling of volatiles from air using peltier-assisted capillary microextraction

A cmv sampling device includes a thermoelectric cooler, a vacuum pump, and one or more holders for one or more capillary microextractor of volatiles (cmv) tubes. The holder thermally contacts the thermoelectric cooler and the vacuum pump is fluidly connected to the cmv tube.
The Florida International University Board Of Trustees

Vacuum storage box

The present invention provides a storage box, which comprises a box body and a vacuum pumping component capable of being fixed on the box body. The box body is provided with a vacuum pumping channel.
Dongguan Pheaton Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Sterilization apparatus and sterilization method using same

Provided are a sterilization apparatus including a sterilization chamber, a vacuum pump connected to one side of the sterilization chamber, a vaporizer connected to another side of the sterilization chamber, and a collector having one side connected to the vaporizer and the other side connected to the sterilization chamber and a sterilization method using the sterilization apparatus. In the sterilization apparatus and the sterilization method, a hydrogen peroxide solution having a concentration of 95 wt % or higher may be obtained through multiple concentration steps and used as a sterilant, thereby considerably improving a sterilization effect..
Cmtech Co., Ltd.

Substrate processing apparatus

Provided are a substrate processing apparatus capable of performing a semiconductor process using a plasma and a method of forming a semiconductor device using the same. The substrate processing apparatus includes a process chamber, a high vacuum pump, an exhaust flow path between the high vacuum pump and the process chamber, and a vacuum valve in the exhaust flow path.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Transmission for a drive arrangement of a driven machine

The transmission for a drive arrangement of a driven machine with an oil supply system has at least one oil collecting receptacle for supplying components of the transmission with oil for lubrication and/or cooling. The oil is supplied from the respective oil collecting receptacle via an oil supply line and an oil supply pump and is returned to the respective oil collecting receptacle subsequently via an oil return line.
Renk Aktiengesellschaft

Dry roughing vacuum pump

A dry roughing vacuum pump includes a valve (10; 15) with a through-passage arranged in the discharge line (9), the valve (10) with a through-passage being able to move between a closed position in which the valve (10; 15) with a through-passage is in contact with a seat of a mouth (12) of the discharge line (9) and an open position in which the valve with a through-passage is moved away from the mouth (12) of the discharge line (9), the vacuum pump including a motor gas injection device (13) that is configured to inject a motor gas into the inlet (11a) of the venturi-effect passage (11).. .
Pfeiffer Vacuum


A vehicle comprising a kinetic energy recovery system having a flywheel supported for rotation in a vacuum enclosure wherein a first vacuum pumping arrangement evacuates the vacuum enclosure and a second vacuum pumping arrangement of the vehicle evacuates the recovery system. The flywheel is supported for rotation on a common drive shaft with the first vacuum pumping mechanism..
Edwards Limited

Kinetic energy recovery system

The present invention provides an improved kinetic energy recovery and/or storage system for vehicles or other devices employing kinetic energy recovery systems comprising a flywheel supported for rotation in a first vacuum enclosure for receiving energy from and dissipating energy to one or more parts of a vehicle; a scroll vacuum pumping arrangement having an inlet arranged to be in fluid communication with an outlet of the first vacuum enclosure for evacuating the first vacuum enclosure; and a second vacuum enclosure having an inlet in fluid communication with an exhaust of the scroll pumping arrangement and arranged to be maintained at a pressure less than atmosphere for reducing the pressure at the exhaust of the scroll pumping arrangement, wherein the second vacuum enclosure comprising an outlet through which gas can be pumped periodically for maintaining the second vacuum enclosure at a pressure less than atmosphere.. .
Edwards Limited

Scrubbing agent and using same

A scrubbing agent includes activated carbon having a spherical shape, a median particle size of 100 to 800 μm, a peak pore diameter of 0.7 nm to 1.2 nm, and a micropore volume of not less than 0.5 cm3/g. The activated carbon satisfies condition (1).
Met Co., Ltd.

Vacuum pump and mass spectrometer

A vacuum pump comprises: a first pump stage; a second pump stage provided downstream of the first pump stage; a first suction port provided on a suction side of the first pump stage; and a second suction port provided downstream of the first pump stage and communicating with the second pump stage. The first pump stage includes a siegbahn pump portion suitable for a small exhaust volume, and a turbo-molecular pump portion.
Shimadzu Corporation

In-situ plasma cleaning of process chamber components

Provided herein are approaches for in-situ plasma cleaning of one or more components of an ion implantation system. In one approach, the component may include a beam-line component having one or more conductive beam optics.
Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

Apparatus and operating recirculation valve for turbocharged engine

An apparatus for operating a recirculation valve for a turbocharged engine includes a bypass line connected between an intake line, which is connected to an inlet side of a compressor for a turbocharger, and an intake line which is connected to an outlet side of the compressor; and a recirculation valve openably and closably mounted in the bypass line. A vacuum pump for operating a brake is connected to the recirculation valve such that the recirculation valve is opened by negative pressure of the vacuum pump..
Hyundai Motor Company

Systems and methods for improved connection to wound dressings in conjunction with reduced pressure wound treatment systems

A system for applying reduced pressure to tissue includes a multi-lumen reduced pressure delivery tube having a proximate end, a distal end, a primary lumen extending through the conduit from the proximate end to the distal end, and an ancillary lumen extending through the conduit from the proximate end to the distal end. A vacuum pump is coupled to the proximate end of the primary lumen, and a reduced pressure adapter is coupled to the distal end of the reduced pressure delivery tube.
Kci Licensing, Inc.

Vacuum infusion hair coloring appliance

The hair coloring appliance includes a flexible cap which is adapted and sized to fit against the head of the user, covering the user's hair. The cap includes a sealing band which seals the edge of the cap to the user's head.

Vacuum pump system with light gas pumping and leak detection apparatus comprising the same

A rough vacuum pump system includes a primary vacuum pump and a secondary vacuum pump. The primary vacuum pump is an oil-free positive displacement pump, and has an inlet opening, an outlet opening, a compression stage between the inlet and outlet openings, and an intermediate gas passageway that connects to a gas flow path running through the compression stage.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Apparatus and hybrid manufacturing

An apparatus for hybrid manufacturing comprising a frame, a build plate that is adapted to move relative to the frame, a material pump that is adapted to pump one or more materials, a mixing head that is adapted to mix the one or more materials, a mixing hose that is in fluid communication with the material pump and the mixing head, a vacuum pump that is adapted to remove air from a mold, a vacuum hose that is in fluid communication with the vacuum pump and the mold, a vat that is adapted to retain a liquid, and a radiation source that is disposed adjacent to the vat. The apparatus prints the mold and fills the mold.

Portable milking machine

A portable milking machine is provided. The portable milking machine includes a container, such as a jar.

Systems and methods for vacuum cooling a beverage

Vacuum cooling assemblies for cooling a beverage are disclosed herein. In an embodiment, the vacuum cooling assembly may include a container compartment, a container disposed within the container compartment, and at least one beverage supply line in communication with the container compartment.
The Coca-cola Company

Vacuum pump and heat insulating spacer used in vacuum pump

Provided is a vacuum pump for preventing solidification of gas in a thread groove portion, and a heat insulating spacer used in the vacuum pump. The vacuum pump includes a heat insulating spacer that is interposed between a casing and an outer circumferential stator having a thread groove portion, supports the outer circumferential stator coaxially with a rotor in a rotor radial direction, with keeping a gap between the casing and the outer circumferential stator, and has lower thermal conductivity than the casing and the outer circumferential stator..
Edwards Japan Limited

Vacuum pump system including scroll pump and secondary pumping mechanism

A vacuum pump system includes a secondary pumping mechanism incorporated into a stationary portion of a scroll pump. The stationary portion includes the stationary plate scroll of the scroll pump and defines a gas passageway in which the secondary pumping mechanism is disposed.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

System and methods for mechanical vacuum pump exhaust

A system for an engine is provided, the system comprising a vacuum pump at least partially deposed within an engine crankcase, and a fuel vapor canister coupled to an exhaust conduit of the vacuum pump via a one-way valve. By coupling the vacuum pump exhaust to the fuel vapor canister, unmetered fuel vapor flow to the engine intake may be reduced, thus decreasing engine stall events.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Facility for purifying harmful gas

A facility for purifying harmful gas disposing harmful gas discharged from at least one process chamber in which processes are performed in the vacuum status by a vacuum pump, the facility including: one or a plurality of microwave generators generating microwave; a plurality of wave guides including a wave path through which the microwave generated by the microwave generator is provided; a plasma discharge chamber including the wave guides connected by a certain distance along the harmful gas flow direction outside; and a shield installed inside the plasma discharge chamber preventing ions or electrons for the plasma discharge from leaking outside by contacting with the plasma discharge chamber.. .
Core Plasma Technology Inc.

Methods for fabricating porous media with controllable characteristics

A method for fabrication of ordinary porous media and fractured porous media with controllable characteristics is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of: providing a cylindrical container and sealing one end of the cylindrical container.

Source housing assembly for controlling ion beam extraction stability and ion beam current

Provided herein are approaches for improving ion beam extraction stability and ion beam current for an ion extraction system. In one approach, a source housing assembly may include a source housing surrounding an ion source including an arc chamber, the source housing having an extraction aperture plate mounted at a proximal end thereof.
Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

Vacuum insulated glass (vig) window unit with reduced seal height variation and making same

A vacuum insulated glass (vig) window assembly and method for making same is provided in which a variation in the final edge seal height is preferably 0.20 mm or less, more preferably about 0.15 mm or less. Controlling final edge seal height variations substantially reduces breakage of the glass substrates of the vig window assembly during vacuum pump-down of the cavity between the glass substrates.
Guardian Industries Corp.

Vacuum adhering serving system

A vacuum adhering serving system may include a vacuum cup having a suction cup and a suction aperture. The suction aperture may be coupled to a vacuum nozzle of a vacuum pump.

Multi stage scroll vacuum pumps and related scroll devices

A multi-stage vacuum pump, expander, or compressor, that incorporates one or more stages of a fixed scroll(s) and orbiting scroll(s) that operates simultaneously. The motor drives the orbiting scroll(s) within the structure, and the various fixed and orbiting scrolls are arranged for either parallel generation of a vacuum or high pressure gas, or arranged in series for generating of a significantly high vacuum or gaseous pressure, or a combination of parallel arranged and series arranged fixed and orbiting scrolls may be embodied within the structure, operated by a single motor means, in order to attain the high efficiencies of operation as a vacuum pump, or a gaseous compressor, during its functioning.

Sputter unit

A sputter unit is introduced comprising a housing, a gas inlet, an interface for removable connecting the sputter unit to a vacuum chamber, a gas outlet arranged for supplying a process gas received via the gas inlet to the vacuum chamber, an interface for removable connecting the sputter unit to a base unit comprising a vacuum pump for generating a vacuum in the vacuum chamber, and a transformer arranged in the housing for increasing a supply voltage into an ionisation voltage for ionising the process gas supplied via the gas outlet to the vacuum chamber.. .
Safematic Gmbh

Light-curing oven

A light-curing oven (1; 100) comprising: a light-curing chamber (2) configured to contain one or more objects (a) to be light-cured; a source (3) of light-curing rays arranged inside the light-curing chamber (2); a vacuum pump (4) with a suction duct (5) communicating with the light-curing chamber (2) and means (6; 106) for moving the objects (a) during the light-curing process. The moving means (6; 106) comprise an electric motor (7; 107) with a drive shaft (8) mechanically associated with means (9) for supporting the objects (a) to be light-cured, the electric motor (7; 107) and the drive shaft (8) being configured in such a way that they define for the objects (a) a horizontal rotation axis (x).
Dws S.r.l.

Vacuum exhaust mechanism, compound type vacuum pump, and rotating body part

A vacuum pump has, in at least either a stator disc to be disposed or a rotating disc to be disposed, a siegbahn type molecular pump portion in which a spiral-shaped groove with a ridge portion and a root portion is engraved (disposed), and is structured to ensure high conductance at a returning flow channel formed at the outer periphery (outside) of the siegbahn type molecular pump portion. This structure is created by a communicating portion (a groove portion, a slit) formed on each rotating disc, or an oblique plate disposed on the stator disc and the communicating portion formed on the rotating disc.
Edwards Japan Limited

Driving and control device for a vacuum pump, vacuum pump, and producing a control circuit board for a vacuum pump

In a separating wall, which separates a vacuum region from a region under atmospheric pressure, pins are provided as a current lead-through. The pins are cast in, for example, glass.
Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Gmbh

System for decontamination of a lumen device

A system for decontamination of a medical device comprising a decontamination chamber configured to withstand pressure changes; a vacuum pump configured to adjust the pressure within the decontamination chamber; and a source of decontaminating substance positioned within the decontamination chamber. The system also includes a container within the decontamination chamber to enclose a medical device and provide fluid communication between the medical device and the source of decontaminating substance; and a vaporizer positioned within the decontamination chamber to vaporize the decontaminating substance..
Medivators Inc.

Portable vacuum chamber and an associated automated test the testing of electronic devices

A testing system includes a vacuum pump, testing equipment and a vibration device. A vacuum tray is configured to provide relative movement between a dut and the vacuum pump, testing equipment and the vibration device.
Keysight Technologies, Inc.

Protective bearing, bearing unit, and vacuum pump

To provide a protective bearing, a bearing unit, and a vacuum pump that are configured to prevent a touchdown bearing from co-rotating with the rotation of a rotor that is supported in a levitated state and a non-contact state. Slits are formed in the radial direction at four sections on the inner side of a securing member.
Edwards Japan Limited

Outlet valve

The invention concerns an outlet valve, in particular of a vacuum pump, with a main valve spring which, in a closed state of the outlet valve, closes at least one outlet opening from which the main valve spring lifts off on opening of the outlet valve, and with a hold-down element which forms a stop for the main valve spring on opening, wherein at least one additional valve spring is arranged between the main valve spring and the hold-down element. The invention is distinguished in that in closed state of the outlet valve, the additional valve spring is partly spaced from the main valve spring in the opening direction, in particular spaced with a free end from a free end of the main valve spring..
Magna Powertrain Bad Homburg Gmbh

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