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Vacuum Pump patents

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Method for leak testing and leak testing apparatus

Wilco Ag

Method for leak testing and leak testing apparatus

Date/App# patent app List of recent Vacuum Pump-related patents
 Vacuum pump patent thumbnailnew patent Vacuum pump
Durability of a vacuum pump is prevented from degrading by suppressing abrasion of a rotor and a side plate. The vacuum pump has a hollow cylinder chamber s having an opening at an end portion of a casing body, a rotor which is rotationally driven in the cylinder chamber s, a side plate for blocking the opening of the cylinder chamber s, and a pump cover which is disposed at the opposite side to the rotor so as to sandwich the side plate between the pump cover and the rotor, and the side plate is provided with an intercommunication port which confronts a shaft hole of the rotor and intercommunicates with a space between the side plate and the pump cover..
Nabtesco Automotive Corporation
 Ipm motor for vacuum pump patent thumbnailnew patent Ipm motor for vacuum pump
An ipm motor for a vacuum pump suitable for use as a motor for a small vacuum pump is provided. The ipm motor for a vacuum pump includes: a rotor core in which a rotor shaft of the vacuum pump is pressed and which also has magnets embedded therein; and a stator core which surrounds the rotor core and around which stator windings are wound.
Edwards Japan Limited
 Method and  laminating scintillator panel and imaging device panel patent thumbnailnew patent Method and laminating scintillator panel and imaging device panel
An apparatus for laminating a scintillator panel and an imaging device panel includes a chamber, a membrane, a first vacuum pump, a second vacuum pump, a heater plate, and a heater power supply. The chamber includes a chamber cover, defining a sealed space.
 Method for leak testing and leak testing apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Method for leak testing and leak testing apparatus
For leak testing closed containers (9) which are filled with a filling product containing at least one liquid component the container is introduced in a test cavity (1) which is evacuated at least down to vapour pressure of that liquid component. The pressure in the surrounding of the container (9) and thus within test cavity (1) is monitored.
Wilco Ag
 Systems and methods for improved connection to wound dressings in conjunction with reduced pressure wound treatment systems patent thumbnailSystems and methods for improved connection to wound dressings in conjunction with reduced pressure wound treatment systems
A system for applying reduced pressure to tissue includes a multi-lumen reduced pressure delivery tube having a proximate end, a distal end, a primary lumen extending through the conduit from the proximate end to the distal end, and an ancillary lumen extending through the conduit from the proximate end to the distal end. A vacuum pump is coupled to the proximate end of the primary lumen, and a reduced pressure adapter is coupled to the distal end of the reduced pressure delivery tube.
Kci Licensing, Inc.
 Method for calming a person patent thumbnailMethod for calming a person
The present invention relates to a method for reducing stress or promoting relaxation in a person is disclosed herein. The method includes the use of a deflatable cushion which has an attachment for a vacuum pump and includes positioning the person in need upon the cushion so that the cushion extends at least the length of the person's torso, eliminating a sufficient amount of air from the cushion so that the cushion at least partially envelops the person, and keeping or retaining the person in the enveloping cushion for a sufficient time for reducing the stress or producing relaxation..
 Vacuum attachment for a penis extension device patent thumbnailVacuum attachment for a penis extension device
Iii) the interior of the hollow body (3) is connected to the vacuum pump (4).. .
 Evaporative intercooler patent thumbnailEvaporative intercooler
It is proposed that the through-flow element (2) is arranged in the housing (6) in which at least one atomizer nozzle (7) is arranged, which atomizes a coolant within the housing (6). Wherein a closed circuit (19) having a vacuum pump (9) is arranged on the housing (6)..
 Method and device for compacting and consolidating a thick composite panel having a thermoplastic matrix patent thumbnailMethod and device for compacting and consolidating a thick composite panel having a thermoplastic matrix
A device for compacting and consolidating a stack of fibrous plies pre-impregnated with a thermoplastic polymer, configured to be placed in an oven. The device comprises containment blocks, a flexible compacting plate and a vacuum pump.
Daher Aerospace
 Electric vacuum pump patent thumbnailElectric vacuum pump
An electric vacuum pump includes a rotary member including an armature and a commutator; a brush arranged to slide in contact with the commutator; a motor part provided with a rotary shaft integral with the rotary member; a pump part connected to the rotary shaft and configured to operate in sync with the motor part; and a bearing supporting the rotary shaft between the motor part and the pump part, the commutator and the brush being placed on a non-pump side opposite to a pump side on which the pump part is placed in an axial direction of the rotary shaft with respect to the armature.. .
Aisan Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Spin pump with spun-epicyclic geometry

The subject matter described herein relates to a spin pump that includes a combination of a compressor and a vacuum pump on respective pistons extending from a common crankshaft in a rotating housing. Related methods, apparatuses, systems, techniques and articles are also described..
Chart Inc.

Method and plasma ignition in high vacuum chambers

A plasma process method and apparatus for use with a vacuum instrument having a vacuum chamber evacuated by an oil free high vacuum pump to a base pressure below about 1 pa. A gas buffer chamber in fluid communication with the plasma chamber, the gas buffer chamber having a volume about 1/500 to 1/2000 of the volume of the vacuum chamber.
Xei Scientific Inc.

Inline vacuum pump

The present invention relates to a vacuum pump, and more particularly, to an inline vacuum pump. The inline vacuum pump according to the present invention comprises a cylinder-type housing, an ejector, and a guide which are mounted in series on the upper side and the lower side in the housing, and a gripper connector coupled to the lower portion of the housing.
Korea Pneumatic System Co., Ltd.

Container provided with a vacuum pump for cream-type cosmetics

The present invention relates to a container provided with a vacuum pump for creamy-type cosmetics. According to the container provided with a vacuum pump for a creamy-type cosmetics of the present invention, the discharge hole of a button part is positioned so as to be biased, and a pressure display part is formed in the upper middle portion of the button part, in order to pressurize the button part and thus enable the user to accurately ascertain the pressure portion of the button part, and the contents can be uniformly discharged by simply pumping using one hand without causing the button part to incline..
Yonwoo Co., Ltd.

Cpv-controlled evap leak detection system

A method and system for testing an evaporative emission control system for leaks. The method includes opening a canister purge valve by an amount sufficient to provide a flow equivalent to a predetermined orifice diameter.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Method and warming up a vacuum pump arrangement

A method for warming up a vacuum pump arrangement having a booster pump and a backing pump downstream of the booster pump for evacuating a process chamber includes setting the booster pump at a first speed higher than an idle speed of the booster pump when the same is in an idle mode; and controlling a backing pressure at an outlet of the booster pump within a range from 0.1 mbar to 10 mbar at least for a period of time from when the vacuum pump arrangement is activated from the idle mode to when the booster pump reaches a temperature equal to or exceeding a first predetermined threshold value. Such method is implemented in system where a controlled is configured to carry out the above-motioned actions..
Edwards Limited

Method and system for fuel vapor control

Methods and systems are provided for identifying leaks on each of a fuel tank and a canister side of a fuel system using a single leak check module. A position of a switching valve coupled in the vapor line of the fuel system is adjusted to selectively couple the leak check module to either the fuel tank or the canister.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Servo controlled evap leak detection system

A method and system for testing an evaporative emission control system for leaks. The method begins by setting a variable reference orifice to a preselected diameter.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Arrangement with a vacuum pump and compensating magnetic field produced by magnetic interference field of at least one vacuum pump component

An arrangement includes a vacuum pump having a rotor, and a drive unit for driving the rotor and having at least one magnetic interference field-generating component and at least one compensation coil for compensating the magnetic interference field generated by the at least one component.. .
Pfeiffer Vacuum Gmbh

Method of controlling a brake system

In a method of controlling a brake system, a basic control to operate an electric vacuum pump is performed when a booster internal pressure, i.e., an actual pressure of a negative pressure chamber of a brake booster, is larger than a target booster internal pressure, i.e., a target pressure in the negative pressure chamber. The electric vacuum pump is not operated under a predetermined condition even when the booster internal pressure is larger than the target booster internal pressure..
Aisan Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Vacuum sustaining heating systems and methods

In order to solve the numerous problems with existing steam, vacuum, and hot water heating systems, presented are novel systems and methods of vapor vacuum heating having several improvements over the prior art, including: condensate return which can operate without steam traps; naturally-induced vacuum; improved vacuum pump operation for sustaining vacuum in such systems; liquid lift apparatus for use with such systems; and other improvements. All innovations presented herein make vapor vacuum heating more efficient and economical for industrial, commercial, and home applications.

Silicon purification apparatus and silicon purification method

Provided are a silicon purification apparatus that uses a ring-shaped thermal-insulating lid, which can be replaced while heating a crucible, as a thermal-insulating means for keeping the surface of a silicon melt at a high temperature, and has a simple structure and is easy to produce, said silicon purification apparatus being capable of continuously processing several tens of portions of charged silicon with the crucible heated as is; a silicon purification method that makes use of the silicon purification apparatus; and a purification method. The present invention pertains to a silicon purification apparatus, which is provided with, inside a depressurization chamber equipped with a vacuum pump, a graphite crucible having an opening at the upper end and accommodating silicon therein, and a heating device for heating said crucible, said silicon purification apparatus being characterized by being provided with a ring-shaped thermal-insulating lid that covers the opening of the crucible at the top of the crucible and has an exhaust opening with an area smaller than the surface of the silicon melt inside the crucible, said thermal-insulating lid being capable of being replaced during heating of the crucible in the decompression chamber.
Silicio Ferrosolar S.l.

Silicon refining equipment and refining silicon

In this method for refining silicon by vacuum melting, the falling of impurity condensate from an impurity trap located above a crucible and contamination of the molten silicon are prevented. A crucible for housing molten silicon, and a heating means for heating the crucible are located inside a treatment chamber equipped with a vacuum pump; further provided are: an impurity trap having an impurity condensation unit for cooling and condensing the vapor of impurities evaporating from the liquid surface of the molten silicon; and a contamination prevention device for preventing contamination of the molten silicon, having an impurity catch unit for catching impurities when impurities trapped by the impurity trap fall..
Silicio Ferrosolar S.l.

Device and evacuating a chamber and purifying the gas extracted from said chamber

A device evacuates a chamber and purifies the gas extracted from said chamber of any foreign substances. The device comprises a dry-condensing vacuum pump having an input connected to the chamber to be evacuated and is suitable for maintaining the input pressure at a constant level at the output despite variable conditions.

Vacuum insulated glass units system

Vacuum systems comprising vacuum insulating glass (vig) units are provided. The vacuum spaces within the vig units are connected to one another and to one or more vacuum pumps that are configured to operate during the service lives of the vig units..

Extruder having a vacuum feeder

An extruder includes a machine base, a cylinder connected with one end thereof to the machine base and defining a feeding section adjacent to the machine base, a feed port at the feeding section and a discharge port at an opposite end, a screw pivotally connected with one end thereof to the machine base and accommodated in the cylinder and rotatable in the cylinder by an external force, a feed tank having a top through hole and a bottom through hole and connected to the feed port of the cylinder, a control valve mounted in the top through hole and operable to open or close the feed tank, and a vacuum pump connected to the feeding section of the cylinder through a piping and operable to pump air out of the feeding section and to further leave a vacuum in the feeding section.. .
Ko Win Yang Industrial Co., Ltd

Vacuum pump and arrangement with vacuum pump

A vacuum pump includes a housing having an axial inlet a pumping unit including a stator, a rotor rotatably supported in the stator, and a drive for driving the rotor. At least one housing part which has at least one outlet, is placed on the housing in an axial direction and is connected with the housing..
Pfeiffer Vacuum Gmbh

Atmosphric vortex engine

The present invention comprises a device capable of setting ambient air pressure into motion and maintaining a vortex. The apparatus uses a vacuum pump to set it into motion to generate a plurality of converging and diverging portions of high and low pressure regions.

Multiple port vacuum pump system

A vacuum pump system for evacuating at least five volumes comprising a turbomolecular pump and a forevacuum pump arranged to pump an output of the turbomolecular pump arrangement to atmosphere. The turbomolecular pump has at least five pumping stages separated by rotor blades.
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

Heated showerhead assembly

The present disclosure generally comprises a heated showerhead assembly that may be used to supply processing gases into a processing chamber. The processing chamber may be an etching chamber.
Applied Materials, Inc.

Magnetic bearing device and vacuum pump

A magnetic bearing device comprises a first carrier generation section generating a first carrier signal; a second carrier generation section generating a second carrier signal whose phase differs by (π/2+θ) radian from the phase of the first carrier signal; a first demodulation section performing demodulation by sampling the first modulated signal at sampling timing shifted by a phase θ from timing at which the first carrier signal becomes a peak; a second demodulation section performing demodulation by sampling the second modulated signal at sampling timing shifted by a phase (−θ) from timing at which the second carrier signal becomes a peak; and a controller controlling current in each of the first radial electromagnet and the second radial electromagnet, based on a result of the demodulation by each of the first demodulation section and the second demodulation section.. .
Shimadzu Corporation

Device for separating oil from an oil-water mixture

A device for separating oil from an oil-water mixture includes a first pump which is connected with a separation tank. The first pump pumps the oil-water mixture to the separation tank.

Plasma processing devices having multi-port valve assemblies

A plasma processing device may include a plasma processing chamber, a plasma electrode assembly, a wafer stage, a plasma producing gas inlet, a plurality of vacuum ports, at least one vacuum pump, and a multi-port valve assembly. The multi-port valve assembly may comprise a movable seal plate positioned in the plasma processing chamber.
Lam Research Corporation

Vacuum pumping device, vacuum glazing manufacturing system, and related method

Provided is a vacuum pumping device and a related method for manufacturing a vacuum glazing. The vacuum pumping device includes: a circular tubular pumping operation unit; a cylindrical pump-out hole sealing operation unit; a control part; and a driving device.
Beijing Synergy Vacuum Glazing Technology Co., Ltd

Interface designed with differential pumping and built-in figure of merit method to monitor chambers where environmentally sensitive samples are prepared and transferred for analysis

In some embodiments, a system may function to transfer samples in a controlled environment. The system may include a sample container configured to convey a sample from a first device to a second device.
Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

Apparatus and automatically analyzing biological samples

Provided are an apparatus and a method for automatically analyzing biological samples capable of performing the entire processes of dissolving the biological samples in protease and cell lysate to dissolve a nucleic acid in a solution, attaching the nucleic acid to magnetic particles, finally washing the magnetic particle to which the nucleic acid is attached with an organic solvent, drying the magnetic particles using a vacuum pump, eluting the target nucleic acid attached to the magnetic particles in an aqueous solution, adding and mixing the eluted target nucleic acid into a vessel containing a nucleic acid amplification reagent, real-time detecting amplification by irradiating excitation light to a reactor simultaneously with regulating a temperature to perform amplification to measure fluorescence, inactivating an amplified product using an ultraviolet lamp after amplification, obtaining an image through electrophoresis, and analyzing a molecular weight in a single apparatus.. .
Bioneer Corporation

Device and the condensation of a vapor in a vacuum chamber

A vacuum cooling device for the cooling of foodstuff, in particular hot bakery products comprises a vacuum chamber (2) containing a product chamber (7) for receiving the foodstuff for its cooling and a separation chamber (28), a vacuum source (3), such as a vacuum pump which is connected to the separation chamber (28) and a vapor condenser (4) for condensation of vapor generated during the cooling process in the product chamber. The vapor condenser comprises a cooling medium in a sump (11) and comprises a vapor introduction element (8, 9, 10) for introducing the vapor into the cooling medium..


The present invention relates to a multi-stage vacuum pump which has a plurality of pumping stages. The pump comprises a stator forming the pumping chambers of respective pumping stages and at least one shaft, for supporting a plurality of rotors for rotation in respective pumping chambers.
Edwards Limited

Method and device for activating an electric vacuum pump for a brake booster of a vehicle

Described are a method and a device for activating an electric vacuum pump for a brake booster of a vehicle. The brake booster is supplied with a vacuum from a vacuum reservoir.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Method of controlling vacuum pump for vehicle brake booster

An electric brake booster vacuum pump of a vehicle has a deactivation level determined according to a percentage of maximum available vacuum at the instant altitude of the vehicle. The activation level may be determined in the same way.
Jaguar Land Rover Limited

Gas transfer vacuum pump

An improved vacuum pump mechanism is described in which an intersecting solid or perforated element is arranged to intersect a channel member. Relative movement of the intersecting solid or perforated element and channel member causes gas molecules to be urged from inlet to an outlet of the pump.
Edwards Limited

Substrate manufacturing facility and manufacturing substrate

A substrate manufacturing facility includes a lower molding plate and an upper molding plate. A resin supply tray provides resin powder to a top surface of the lower molding plate.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Piece of continuous operating cycle sludge transfer equipment

Piece of continuous operating cycle sludge transfer equipment, which consists of two deposits (d1-d2), each one of which has a filling or suction circuit and another emptying or discharge circuit. A vacuum pump (depr.) creates a depression in the first of the deposits, which causes the product to be sucked up from the outside, until said tank reaches a certain set level.
Eulen S. A.

Method and arrangement for waste-gas purification in vacuum steel treatment processes

A method for waste gas purification in dust separation plants making use of a device (16) for generating a negative pressure, in particular by means of steam jet ejector pumps or mechanical vacuum pumps, wherein the waste gas coming from a vacuum chamber (15) is conducted into a cyclone separator (12), and that the method steps of coarse separation of particles from the waste gas and fine dust separation of particles from the waste gas and gas cooling in the cyclone separator (12) are carried out in succession in such a way that the waste gas, after coarse purification has taken place, is conducted directly via a fine dust filter (13) installed in the cyclone separator (12) and subsequently through a gas cooler (14), which follows the fine dust filter (13), into a suction line (2) connected to the device (16) for generating a negative pressure and to the device (16).. .

Container for collection of undisturbed soil samples, collecting, preparing and analysing undisturbed soil samples, and equipment for defining soil hydraulic conductivity

A container consists of two external cylinders: bottom and top, between which a middle cylinder, designed for a sample, is situated. A method of collecting, preparing and analysing undisturbed soil samples to define soil hydraulic conductivity generally bases on measurement of volume of water flowing through the sample as a function of time and temperature at a defined hydraulic drop.
Uniwersytet Rolniczy Im. Hugona Kollataja

Silicon refining device

Provided is a silicon refining device that is used when industrially producing silicon of high purity by vacuum melting, has a high p removal rate and thus high productivity, and is a practical device cost-wise with a simple and cheap device configuration. This silicon refining device comprises, in a decompression vessel provided with a vacuum pump, a crucible that contains a metal silicon material, a heating device that heats the crucible, and a molten metal surface thermal insulation member that covers the upper portion of silicon molten metal and has an exhaust opening with an opening area that is smaller than the silicon molten metal surface area.
Silicio Ferrosolar S.l.

Steering wheel adjusting stiffness and receiving pressure and controlling the same

A steering wheel apparatus for adjusting stiffness and receiving a pressure is provided. The apparatus includes a rim having a ring-shaped frame structure and an air container disposed around an outer surface of the rim.
Hyundai Motor Company

Aspiration systems

Thrombus aspiration may be performed using manual negative intermittent suction (e.g., provided by a syringe) or using an automated negative suction device (e.g., provided by a vacuum pump). The suction device may be connected through suction tubing to a hub of a catheter.
Insera Therapeutics, Inc.

Apparatus and wound volume measurement

A method and apparatus for measuring a volume of a wound are described, the method comprising the steps of: applying a dressing over a wound, the volume of which is to be measured, the dressing including at least a sealing drape over the wound so as to create a sealed wound cavity; creating a vacuum in said wound cavity by vacuum pump means so as to produce a predetermined vacuum in the wound cavity; measuring a volume of air extracted from said wound cavity in producing said predetermined vacuum; and, calculating a volume of said wound.. .
Smith & Nephew Plc

Vacuum pump

A vacuum pump includes a pump inlet, a pump outlet, a rotor rotatable about an axis of rotation, at least one process gas pump stage for conveying a process gas present at the pump inlet from the pump inlet to the pump outlet, a motor space, and a drive motor which is arranged in the motor space, is configured for rotationally driving the rotor and which has a motor stator, wherein at least one gas path is provided for the process gas from the pump inlet to the pump outlet which leads through the motor space and which leads at least sectionally along the motor stator or through the motor stator.. .
Pfeiffer Vacuum Gmbh

Vehicle tank system for storing a fuel in an extremely cold state

A vehicle tank system for storing a fuel in an extremely cold state is provided. The vehicle tank system includes an inner tank that accommodates the fuel and an outer skin that surrounds the inner tank to form an insulation layer approximately constituting a vacuum.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

Tongue vacuum cleaner

A portable hand held tongue vacuum cleaner that includes a small vacuum pump and power supply contained within a hollow housing. A removable cleaning head is attached to a vacuum port which extends out from the housing.

Systems and methods for applying reduced pressure therapy

Embodiments of a reduced pressure system and methods for operating the system are disclosed. In some embodiments, the system can include one or more processors responsible for various functions associated with various levels of responsiveness, such as interfacing with a user, controlling a vacuum pump, providing network connectivity, etc.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.

Microlithographic apparatus and changing an optical wavefront in such an apparatus

A microlithographic apparatus comprises an optical wavefront manipulator. The latter includes an optical element and a gas-tight cavity that is partly confined by the optical element or contains it.
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

Sputtering device and producing long film with thin layer

A sputtering device includes: a vacuum chamber; a vacuum pump for evacuating the vacuum chamber; a supply roll for supplying a long film; a storage roll for storing the long film; a film depositing roll that is provided in the vacuum chamber and conveys the long film along a surface thereof; a target facing the film depositing roll; a gas pipe for supplying a gas into the vacuum chamber; a plurality of guide rolls for guiding the long film; a plurality of guide roll shafts provided at each of both ends of the plurality of guide rolls; a plurality of bearings for supporting the guide roll shafts; and a plurality of insulators configured to insulate the guide roll shafts and the bearings from each other, wherein contact surfaces of the guide rolls with the long film are kept at a floating potential.. .
Nitto Denko Corporation

Plasma processing method and apparatus

Plasma processing of plural substrates is performed in a plasma processing apparatus, which is provided with a plasma processing chamber having an antenna electrode and a lower electrode for placing and retaining the plural substrates in turn within the plasma processing chamber, a gas feeder for feeding processing gas into the processing chamber, a vacuum pump for discharging gas from the processing chamber via a vacuum valve, and a solenoid coil for forming a magnetic field within the processing chamber. At least one of the plural substrates is placed on the lower electrode, and the processing gas is fed into the processing chamber.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

Wound closure and drainage system

A vacuum system for draining an open wound from liquids exuded therefrom, comprising an enclosure sealable to the wound circumference, a vacuum pump including a disposable pump unit detachably attachable to a non-disposable drive unit, and a waste container for collection of drained liquids. The enclosure has an outlet connected by means of a tube to an inlet of the pump unit and the waste container is connected to an outlet of the pump unit, such that when the vacuum pump is operated the drained liquids flow through the vacuum pump.

Vacuum pump of vehicle for reducing operation noise

A vacuum pump of a vehicle for reducing operation noise may include a rotor rotating in a space defined by a housing formed in a pump body at an eccentric position relative to a center of the space, a vane installed to the rotor to rotate eccentrically in the space, and an oil outlet passing through the pump body and formed at a predetermined height above a lower limit of the space such that, when lubricant in the space is discharged in a pressurized state by the vane, the lubricant is not reintroduced back into the space by gravity.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Surface adsorption vacuum pumps and methods for producing adsorbate-free surfaces

Methods for pumping a chamber to generate substantially adsorbate-free surfaces are described. Pumping systems for achieving a vacuum based on surface adsorption are also described..

Vacuum pump

A vacuum pump has a working space, a bearing space, a dividing wall arranged between the working space and the bearing space and at least one rotor shaft which extends through the dividing wall and which forms a gap with the dividing wall and having a blocking device for blocking between the working space and the bearing space. The blocking device is formed by a siegbahn pump stage which is configured for providing a pump action passing through the gap between the working space and the bearing space..
Pfeiffer Vacuum Gmbh

Gemstone inspection

There is described an apparatus and method for inspecting and optionally sorting gemstones. The apparatus includes a nozzle or array of nozzles operatively connected to a vacuum pump such that a gemstone located generally underneath one of the nozzles will be supported against that nozzle by air pressure when a vacuum is applied above the nozzle.
De Beers Centenary Ag

Wine bottle closure apparatus

An improved wine bottle closure and vacuum pump apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus provides an improved bulb structure to be used for pumping and storage purposes, the bulb remaining with a closure plug even after pumping is completed and the wine is to be stored for later consumption.

Membrane vacuum pump

A membrane vacuum pump includes at least one membrane pump stage, at least one inlet valve for a process gas to be conveyed associated with the membrane pump stage, and at least one gas ballast valve for the supply of a ballast gas. The flow path for the ballast gas, leading through the gas ballast valve, opens into the flow path for the process gas behind the inlet valve in the direction of flow of the process gas..
Pfeiffer Vacuum Gmbh

Charged particle beam system and operating a charged particle beam system

The present disclosure relates to a charged particle beam system, comprising a noble gas field ion beam source, a charged particle beam column, and a housing defining a first vacuum region and a second vacuum region. A noble gas field ion beam source is arranged within the first vacuum region.
Carl Zeiss Microscopy, Llc

System and producing an exclusionary buffer gas flow in an euv light source

A system for producing an exclusionary buffer gas flow in an euv light source, comprising a vacuum chamber, a light path, a plasma generation region, at least one shield, at least one through-bore arranged in the at least one shield, at least one buffer gas injector arranged within the at least one through-bore to inject a buffer gas into the light path substantially towards the plasma generation region to prevent a flow of a target material into the light path, and a vacuum pump arranged to remove the buffer gas and the target material from the vacuum chamber.. .
Kla-tencor Corporation

Apparatus for securing a computing device to a surface

A vacuum based apparatus that will, when activated, inhibit relocation of a computing device. The apparatus includes a first surface of a main body.
International Business Machines Corporation

Vacuum buffer assembly

Disclosed are improvements to a high speed power buffer assembly provided with a dust evacuation system. The assembly includes a hood depending from the chassis to encircle the high speed rotating buffer pad, a peripheral skirt depended from the chassis, a dust collection aperture adjacent the buffer penetrating the hood for the outlet of dust to the exterior of the hood, a curved dust collector chute, aligned and in communication with the dust collection aperture, and a dust collection bag, communicated with the dust collector output.
Surtec, Inc.

System for controlling environment in a reaction box

A system (100) for controlling the environment in a reaction box (300) comprises a controller (150) configured to control a gas multiplexer (130) to switch between applying an under pressure in the reaction box (300) from a vacuum pump (140) and applying a gas flow from a connected gas source (200) to the reaction box (300) multiple times in a cyclic manner. A particle monitor (160) generates particle information representing a concentration of particles in the reaction box (300).
Bencar Ab

Artificial olfactory system and an application thereof

The present invention relates to an artificial olfactory system (100), comprising of an inlet (101); a gas chamber (110) having a detector means, connected to a data acquisition system (104); a heater (112) and a plurality of fans (115); a humidity absorber (111); an outlet (102); a vacuum pump (103); characterized by the detector means having a plurality of sensors (121) in each of a plurality of clusters (120), wherein the plurality of sensors (121) in each of the plurality of clusters (120) comprises identical sensors capable of responding to a particular gas or vapour. The present invention also relates to a method for detecting a gas or a vapour from the artificial olfactory system (100), comprising the step of exposing the gas or vapour to the plurality of sensors (121) to produce a plurality of output signals from the plurality of sensors (121); transferring the plurality of output signals to the data acquisition system (104); extracting median data from the plurality of output signals; applying a principal component analysis (pca), neural network, and least square regression analysis on the median data from all of the plurality of clusters (120)..
Universiti Putra Malaysia

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