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Vaccine patents

This page is updated frequently with new Vaccine-related patent applications. Subscribe to the Vaccine RSS feed to automatically get the update: related Vaccine RSS feeds. RSS updates for this page: Vaccine RSS RSS

Date/App# patent app List of recent Vaccine-related patents
 Mannose-containing solution for lyophilization, transfection and/or injection of nucleic acids patent thumbnailnew patent Mannose-containing solution for lyophilization, transfection and/or injection of nucleic acids
The present invention is directed to (the use of) a solution containing at least one nucleic acid (sequence) and free mannose for lyophilization, transfection and/or injection, particularly of rna and mrna. The inventive solution exhibits a positive effect on stabilization of the nucleic acid (sequence) during lyophilization and storage but also leads to a considerable increase of the transfection efficiency of a nucleic acid.
Curevac Gmbh
 Personalized cancer vaccines and adoptive immune cell therapies patent thumbnailnew patent Personalized cancer vaccines and adoptive immune cell therapies
Cancer antigens containing mutations in an expressed gene of cancer cells from a cancer patient are identified. Sequences from cancer cells obtained using a parallel sequencing platform are selected by comparing to the patient's normal genes or to normal genes from an hla-matched individual.
Persimmune, Inc.
 Autologous biological cancer vaccine patent thumbnailnew patent Autologous biological cancer vaccine
The present disclosure relates to an autologous biological cancer vaccine and to a method for preparing the same. The vaccine of the present application is a biological vaccine obtained from overexpressed proteins in the serum of cancer patients, proteins to which have been added immunological adjuvants such as an attenuated virus dna and amino acids in order to cause an immune response, blocking tumor cells.
Universidad Manuela Beltran
 Oil-based adjuvants patent thumbnailnew patent Oil-based adjuvants
The instant invention provides various formulations comprising combinations of immunostimulating oligonucleotides, polycationic carriers, sterols, saponins, quaternary amines, tlr-3 agonists, glycolipids, and mpl-a or analogs thereof in oil emulsions, use thereof in preparations of immunogenic compositions and vaccines, and use thereof in the treatment of animals.. .
Zoetis Llc
 C. perfringens alpha toxoid vaccine patent thumbnailnew patent C. perfringens alpha toxoid vaccine
The present invention describes vaccines that comprise c. Perfringens type alpha toxoids, antigenic fragments thereof, inactivated antigenic fragments of c.
Intervet Inc.
 Antigens and vaccines directed against human enteroviruses patent thumbnailnew patent Antigens and vaccines directed against human enteroviruses
The instant invention provides materials and methods for producing immunologically active antigens derived from members of the picornaviridae virus family. The picornavirus antigens of the invention may be in a form for use as a vaccine administered to a subject in a therapeutic treatment or for the prevention of a picornavirus infection.
Sentinext Therapeutics Sdn Bhd
 Interaction of moraxella catarrhalis with epithelial cells, extracellular matrix proteins and the complement system patent thumbnailnew patent Interaction of moraxella catarrhalis with epithelial cells, extracellular matrix proteins and the complement system
The present disclosure relates to surface proteins of moraxella catarrhalis and their ability to interact with epithelial cells via cell-associated fibronectin and laminin, and also to their ability to inhibit the complement system. These surface proteins are useful in the preparation of vaccines.
Arne Forsgren Ab
 Cancer stem cell targeted cancer vaccines patent thumbnailnew patent Cancer stem cell targeted cancer vaccines
Provided herein are cancer stem cell targeted cancer vaccines and methods for treating and vaccinating against cancer. Also contained herein are regimens by which cancer stem cell targeted cancer vaccines are administered, such regimens comprising peptides, compositions, immunomodulatory agents, and emulsifiers.
Stemline Therapeutics, Inc.
 Nasal dry powder delivery system for vaccines and other treatment agents patent thumbnailnew patent Nasal dry powder delivery system for vaccines and other treatment agents
A nasal delivery device can include air-receiving section that has a first passageway therethrough to allow air to pass through the air-receiving section, a powder-reservoir receiving section sized to receive a powder reservoir, and a powder-delivery section that has a second passageway therethrough to allow aerosolized powder from the powder reservoir to pass through the powder-delivery section. The first passageway can have a first end and a second end, with the first end being further from the powder-reservoir receiving section and the second end being at or near the powder-reservoir receiving area.
Creare, Incorporated
 Selective embryonic structure targeting and substance delivery device patent thumbnailnew patent Selective embryonic structure targeting and substance delivery device
The present disclosure relates to a device for delivering substances to specific embryonic structures, including heart and blood vessels, within a developing avian egg. The disclosure also relates to methods of using the device to produce enhanced avian embryos.
Merial Limited

Dendritic cell compositions and methods

Methods are provided for the production of dendritic cells from monocytes that have been incubated at a temperature of 1° c.-34° c. For a period of approximately 6 to 96 hours from the time they are isolated from a subject.

Vaccine formulation of mannose coated peptide particles

A vaccine formulation as disclosed which is comprised of a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier in a plurality of particles with mannose on their surface. The particles are comprised of a biocompatible polymer which maybe a co-polymer such as plga combined with a peptide of a sequence which corresponds to a sequence on a surface of a pathogen.

Fish vaccine

The present invention relates to novel compositions for medical use, particularly for use as vaccines. The present invention relies upon the dependence of the bacteria of the species alliivibrio wodanis (formerly vibrio wodanis) in the pathogenesis in the unrecognized, novel disease wodanosis (norwegian: odinose), as well as in the chronic disease stages of winter ulcer in a composition together with moritella viscosa (m.

Adjuvanted formulations of streptococcus pneumoniae antigens

The efficacy of s. Pneumoniae vaccines can be enhanced by adjuvanting s.

Combination gas vaccines and therapeutics

Compositions useful for reducing the risk of, preventing, and/or treating s. Pyogenes (gas) infections which comprise combinations of gas antigens, nucleic acid molecules encoding the antigens, or antibodies which specifically bind to the antigens..

Methods for displaying polypeptides and uses thereof

Provided herein are methods and compositions for displaying a polypeptide on a tubular structure and uses of such displayed polypeptides in the production of antibodies or vaccines.. .

Clostridium difficile toxin-based vaccine

The present invention relates to recombinant fragments of c. Difficile tcda and tcdb that may be used in the development of vaccines against c.

Anti-hiv vaccine constructed based on amino acid mutations in attenuated live eiav vaccine

Provided are antigenic polypeptides of hiv envelope glycoproteins which are constructed based on amino acid mutation of attenuated live vaccine of equine infectious anemia virus, dna constructions and recombinant virus vectors comprising polynucleotides encoding said polypeptides, antibodies against said polypeptides as well as uses thereof in preventing and treating hiv infection. Said antigenic polypeptides and vaccines can induce high titer neutralization antibodies against hiv in organism..

Influenza vaccine constructs

vaccine compositions and methods of producing and using the same are provided, which compositions comprise a modified ha stem domain in a trimeric configuration.. .

Influenza virus vaccines and uses thereof

Provided herein are flu hemagglutinin polypeptides, including chimeric influenza virus hemagglutinin polypeptides, and flu hemagglutinin polypeptides comprising modified glycosylation sites and non-naturally glycosylation sites, compositions comprising the same, vaccines comprising the same and methods of their use.. .

Vaccine and uses thereof

The present disclosure provides immunogenic compositions, such as vaccines, including dna vaccines, and uses thereof, e.g., to suppress or prevent an immune response and/or to treat or prevent an autoimmune disease.. .

Proteinase-engineered cancer vaccine induces immune responses to prevent cancer and to systemically kill cancer cells

The present invention provides a method of making a proteinase-engineered cancer vaccine for treating a cancer patient, especially for cancer patient at advanced/metastatic stage. The cancer vaccine comprises dead cancer cells with unbroken plasma membrane wherein the extracellular proteins and extracellular portion of membrane proteins are cleaved by proteinase digestion.

Method for the preparation of dendritic cell vaccines

The present invention relates to a process for obtaining an antigen-loaded dendritic cell showing higher viability and migratory capacity towards lymphatic nodes. The invention also relates to vaccines containing said dendritic cells as well as to the use thereof for the treatment of infectious diseases, especially aids..
FundaciÓ Privada Institut De Recerca De La Sida - Caixa

Attenuated pasteurella multocida vaccines & methods of making & use thereof

The present invention provides attenuated p. Multocida strains that elicit an immune response in animal p.
Merial Limited

Methods and compositions using listeria for enhancing immunogenicity by prime boost

Provided herein are prime-boost regimens and materials used therein. The prime-boost regimens enhance the immune response to a target antigen.
Aduro Biotech

Recombinant polypeptide construct comprising plasmodium falciparum circumsporozoite protein hla class i restricted t-cell epitopes

The invention relates to a recombinant polypeptide construct comprising epitopes from plasmodium falciparum protein circumsporozoite protein (csp). The epitopes contain hla class i binding motifs and stimulate an anti-malaria cd8+ t-cell response.

Methods for constructing antibiotic resistance free vaccines

The present invention provides listeria vaccine strains that express a heterologous antigen and a metabolic enzyme, and methods of generating same.. .
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

Antibodies against and methods for producing vaccines for respiratory syncytial virus

The present invention relates to novel respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) f peptides and compositions comprising them. The present invention also relates to methods of evaluating anti-rsv antibody binding to f peptides.
Medimmune, Llc

Human m2e peptide immunogens

The present invention provides novel peptide immunogens comprising influenza virus matrix 2 protein epitopes and related compositions and methods. The present invention relates to a composition comprising a peptide immunogen useful for the prevention and treatment of an influenza virus-mediated disease.
Theraclone Sciences, Inc.

Modular nanodevices for smart adaptable vaccines

Modular nanoparticle vaccine compositions and methods of making and using the same have been developed. Modular nanoparticle vaccine compositions comprise an antigen encapsulated in a polymeric particle and adaptor elements which modularly couple functional elements to the particle.
Yale University

Glycoengineered outer membrane vesicles and use thereof as vaccines

The present application relates to glycoengineered outer membrane vesicles obtained from recombinant, gram-negaetive bacteria comprising hetereologous dna encoding an enzyme or enzymes that produce a heterologous glycan that replaces all or a portion of the naturally-occurring o antigen in the lipopolysaccharides of the bacteria. Also provided by the present application are immunogenic compositions and vaccines prepared from the glycoengineered outer membrane vesicles expressing the heterologous glycans at their surface..
The Governors Of The University Of Alberta

Multivalent recombinant avian herpes viruses and vaccines for immunizing avian species

The present invention relates to a recombinant avian herpes virus, which comprises at least two recombinant nucleotide sequences, each recombinant nucleotide sequence encoding a distinct antigenic peptide, wherein said at least two recombinant nucleotide sequences are inserted into distinct non-coding region of the viral genome chosen among the region located between ul44 and ul45, the region located between ul45 and ul46, the region located between us10 and sorf3, the region located between sorf3 and us2.. .
Ceva Sante Animale

Affinity matured anti-ccr4 humanized monoclonal antibodies and methods of use

The present invention provides affinity matured humanized monoclonal antibodies, bi-specific antibodies, antibody conjugates, and fusion proteins that bind to the chemokine receptor ccr4. This antibody is derived from mab 1567 and recognizes the same epitope.
Dana-farber Cancer Institute, Inc.

Soluble microneedle arrays for buccal delivery of vaccines

A buccal microneedle patch may be provided for vaccination. The buccal microneedle patch may include at least one of microneedles.
Theraject, Inc.

Antigen delivery vectors and constructs

The present invention relates to fluorocarbon vectors for the delivery of antigens to immunoresponsive target cells. It further relates to fluorocarbon vector-antigen constructs and the use of such vectors associated with antigens as vaccines and immunotherapeutics in animals..
Immune Targeting Systems Ltd.

Method and antibody production and purification

The subject invention pertains to methods and apparatus for the production and purification of cell products, such as immunoglobulins. One aspect of the invention is an integrated cell culture and purification apparatus for the growth and maintenance of cells and the harvest and purification of cell products, such as immunoglobulins.
Biovest International, Inc.

Self-assembled nanoparticle vaccines

The present invention provides nanoparticles and compositions of various constructs that combine meta-stable viral proteins (e.g., rsv f protein) and self-assembling molecules (e.g., ferritin, hsps) such that the pre-fusion conformational state of these key viral proteins is preserved (and locked) along with the protein self-assembling into a polyhedral shape, thereby creating nanoparticles that are effective vaccine agents. The invention also provides nanoparticles comprising a viral fusion protein, or fragment or variant thereof, and a self-assembling molecule, and immunogenic and vaccine compositions including the same..
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Particulate vaccine formulations

The present disclosure provides vaccine formulations comprising at least one peptide antigen assembly and at least one adjuvant. The disclosure also provides methods of inducing an immune response in a mammal and methods of treating a disease in a mammal utilizing the vaccine formulations..
Pds Biotechnology Corporation

Infectious hepatitis c viruses of genotype 3a and 4a and uses thereof

The present invention relates to molecular approaches to the production of nucleic acid sequences, which comprises the genome of infectious hepatitis c virus. In particular, the invention provides nucleic acid sequences which comprise the genomes of infectious hepatitis c viruses of either genotype 3a (strain s52) or genotype 4a (strain ed43).
United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary

Compositions and methods related to viral vaccines

Provided herein are methods and compositions relating to infectious bursal disease virus (ibdv), and vaccines for treatment and prevention thereof.. .
The Ohio State University

Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of influenza

The present invention provides compositions, vaccines, and methods for diagnosing, treating, and preventing influenza infection using a combination of antibodies raised against the influenza hemagglutinin and the matrix 2 ectodomain polypeptides.. .
Theraclone Sciences, Inc.

Immunogenic wt-1 peptides and methods of use thereof

This invention provides peptides, immunogenic compositions and vaccines, and methods of treating, reducing the incidence of, and inducing immune responses to a wt-1-expressing cancer, comprising peptides derived from the wt-1 protein.. .
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Compositions and methods for identifying and targeting cancer cells of alimentary canal origin

Screening and diagnostic reagents, kits and methods for primary and or metastatic stomach or esophageal cancer are disclosed. Compositions for and methods of imaging and treating primary and/or metastatic stomach or esophageal cancer are disclosed.
Thomas Jefferson University

Rotavirus vaccine compositions and process for preparing the same

Invention provides novel rotavirus vaccine compositions comprising rotavirus antigens, stabilizers and buffers. The buffers in the invention are pre-mixed in the rotavirus vaccine compositions to neutralize the high acidic ph of the stomach without requiring separate administration of an antacid before vaccine administration.
Bharat Biotech International Limited

Influenza vaccines

An influenza vaccine comprising an influenza hemagglutinin-containing antigen which is subjected to a treatment at a suitable low ph or other suitable conditions to obtain a suitable degree of loss of potency, and the method of making it are provided. The vaccine not only induces an increased cross-reactive immune response and cross protection, but can also induce a strain-specific immune response and protection like current inactivated vaccines.
Kj Biosciences Llc

Influenza nucleoprotein vaccines

The present invention is related to a fusion protein comprising a variant of a nucleoprotein antigen from influenza strain a, b or c, and a variant of a c4bp oligomerization domain for increasing the cellular immunogenicity of the nucleoprotein antigen from influenza. The invention is also related to nucleic acids, vectors, fusion proteins and immunogenic compositions, for their use as a vaccine or immunotherapy for the prevention and treatment of influenza disease..

Pcsk9 vaccine

The present invention relates to the provision of novel immunogens comprising an antigenic pcsk9 peptide linked to an immunogenic carrier for the prevention, treatment or alleviation of pcsk9-mediated disorders. The invention further relates to methods for production of these medicaments, immunogenic compositions and pharmaceutical compositing thereof and their use in medicine..
Pfizer Vaccines Llc

Autologous tumor vaccines and methods

Autologous anti-cancer vaccines and methods of manufacture and treatment are provided, including expansion of individual patient-derived tumor cells in an immune-compromised animal(s) to attain, quantitatively and qualitatively, sufficient material for efficacious vaccine production and utilization, to elicit an immune response against micrometastases and/or recurrence in the individual patient following tumor excision.. .
Vaccinogen, Inc.

Chimeric multivalent polysaccharide conjugate vaccines

The present invention provides multivalent chimeric conjugate vaccine molecule and methods of using the conjugate to immunize subjects against bacterial infections. A conjugate molecule of the invention comprises multiple bacterial capsular polysaccharides linked to a carrier protein.
Baxter Healthcare Sa

Tuberculosis tb vaccine to prevent reactivation

The present invention discloses a vaccine or immunogenic composition that can be administered to latently infected individuals to prevent reactivation of latent tuberculosis infection caused by species of the tuberculosis complex microorganisms (mycobacterium tuberculosis., m. Bovis, m.
Statens Serum Institut

Influenza a virus vaccines and inhibitors

The present invention includes compositions and methods related to the structure and function of the cellular polyadenylation and specificity factor 30 (cpsf30) binding site on the surface of the influenza a non-structural protein 1 (ns1). Specifically, critical biochemical reagents, conditions for crystallization and nmr analysis, assays, and general processes are described for (i) discovering, designing, and optimizing small molecule inhibitors of influenza a (avian flu) viruses and (ii) creating attenuated influenza virus strains suitable for avian and human flu vaccine development..
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey

Ii-key/her-2/neu hybrid cancer vaccine

Provided are methods and compositions for treating cancer in humans, the cancer being characterized by expression of her-2/neu. The methods involve vaccinating a patient with an ii-key/mhc class ii hybrid construct and thereby stimulating an immune response to the native her-2/neu protein.
Antigen Express, Inc.

Lipopolysaccharide-targeted peptide mimic vaccine against q fever

A vaccine and method of vaccination for conferring immunity to q fever is described. The vaccine comprises a polypeptide with a sequence of sltwhkhelhrk (m1e41920) or sppwhkhelhrk (m1e44), or at least 90% identity to m1e41920 or m1e44.

Compositions of vaccines and adjuvants and methods for the treatment of urinary tract infections

This invention describes novel adjuvant compositions and formulations with excellent stability at refrigerated and room temperatures and up to and about 37° c. That can be produced at remarkably low costs.
Sequoia Sciences, Inc

Compositions of vaccines and adjuvants and methods for the treatment of urinary tract infections

This invention describes novel adjuvant compositions and formulations with excellent stability at refrigerated and room temperatures and up to and about 37° c. That can be produced at remarkably low costs.
Sequoia Sciences, Inc

Parainfluenza virus 5 based vaccines

The present invention provides safe, stable, efficacious, and cost-effective vaccines based on viral expression vectors that include a parainfluenza virus 5 (piv5) genome including a heterologous nucleotide sequence expressing a heterologous polypeptide. In some embodiments, the heterologous nucleotide sequence is inserted closer to the leader than between the hemagglutinin-neuroaminidase (hn) gene and the large rna polymerase protein (l) gene of the piv5 genome.
University Of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.

Vaccine adjuvant

Oil-based adjuvant emulsions, immunogenic compositions, and methods of using the same to elicit immunological responses in a subject are provided. The oil-based adjuvants comprise a plant-derived surfactant, such as gum arabic, an aqueous component, and an oil.
University Of Tennessee Research Foundation

Triterpene saponins, methods of synthesis and uses thereof

The present invention relates to triterpene glycoside saponin-derived adjuvants, syntheses thereof, intermediates thereto, and uses thereof. Qs-7 is a potent immuno-adjuvant that is significantly less toxic than qs-21, a related saponin that is currently the favored adjuvant in anticancer and antiviral vaccines.
Memorial Sloan-kettering Institute For Cancer Research

Neisseria meningitidis antigens and compositions

The invention provides proteins from neisseria meningitidis, including the amino acid sequences and the corresponding nucleotide sequences. The proteins are predicted to be useful antigens for vaccines and/or diagnostics..
J. Craig Venter Institute, Inc.

Fast diagnosis and personalized treatment for acne

Methods of diagnosing and treating patients afflicted with acne, including diagnosing one as having acne if the individual possesses rt4, rt5, rt7, rt8, rt9, or rt10. Methods for treating acne include administering an effective amount of a drug specifically targeting rt4, rt5, rt7, rt8, rt9, or rt10, such as small molecules, antisense molecules, sirnas, biologics, antibodies, phages, vaccines, or combination thereof..
The Regents Of The University Of California

Human cytomegalovirus vaccine

Combination peptides, polypeptides and proteins that elicit high titer neutralizing antibodies against cytomegalovirus (cmv) are provided. The combination peptides, polypeptides and proteins encompass epitopes located within the ul130 and ul131 components of the gh/gl/ul128-131 protein complex, in particular, epitopes located within amino acid residues 27-46 of ul130 and amino acid residues 90-106 of ul131.
Virginia Commonwealth University

Influenza vaccine and therapy

The present invention is directed generally to m1 polypeptides that can be utilized as vaccines and/or antigens for generation of anti-m1 polypeptide antibodies for prophylactic treatment of individuals who are susceptible to infection by influenza virus. The anti-m1 polypeptide antibodies of the invention are useful for treatment of individuals infected with influenza virus, or useful for prophylactic treatment of individuals who are susceptible to infection by influenza virus, or for immune-suppressed individuals who cannot generate an effective antibody response..
Engen Bio Inc.

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