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Vaccine patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Vaccine-related patents
 Plasmids and methods for peptide display and affinity-selection on virus-like particles of rna bacteriophages patent thumbnailPlasmids and methods for peptide display and affinity-selection on virus-like particles of rna bacteriophages
The present invention relates to a system and method for controlling peptide display valency on virus-like particles (vlps), especially including ms2 or pp7 vlps. In this method, large amounts of wild-type and low quantities of single-chain dimer coat proteins may be produced from a single rna.
 Method for enhancing immune response in the treatment of infectious and malignant diseases patent thumbnailMethod for enhancing immune response in the treatment of infectious and malignant diseases
The present invention pertains to a new approach for the treatment of infectious and malignant diseases. The present invention provides new dna and protein vaccines for the treatment of infectious and malignant diseases through enhancing immune response..
 Hepatitis c virus particles, vaccines, compositions and methods related thereto patent thumbnailHepatitis c virus particles, vaccines, compositions and methods related thereto
This disclosure relates to viral particles and nucleic acids encoding an hcv envelope glycoprotein 2 containing a mutation. Viral particles can be created and administered to a subject to illicit an immune response..
 Bovine vaccines and methods patent thumbnailBovine vaccines and methods
Methods for stimulating immune responses in a bovine animal susceptible to infection by leptospira hardjo-bovis are disclosed. In the methods, a composition of inactivated l.
 Cytotoxic t lymphocyte inducing immunogens for prevention treatment and diagnosis of dengue virus infection patent thumbnailCytotoxic t lymphocyte inducing immunogens for prevention treatment and diagnosis of dengue virus infection
Dengue fever (df) and dengue hemorrhagic fever (dhr) are significant global public health problems and understanding the overall immune response to infection will contribute to appropriate management of the disease and its potentially severe complications. Live attenuated and subunit vaccine candidates, which are under clinical evaluation, induce primarily an antibody response to the virus and minimal cross-reactive t cell responses.
 Immunogenic hpv l2-containing vlps and related compositions, constructs, and therapeutic methods patent thumbnailImmunogenic hpv l2-containing vlps and related compositions, constructs, and therapeutic methods
The invention provides immunotherapeutic and prophylactic bacteriophage viral-like particle (vlps) which are useful in the treatment and prevention of human papillomavirus (hpv) infections and related disorders, including cervical cancer and persistent infections associated with hpv. Related compositions (e.g.
 Prostate cancer vaccine patent thumbnailProstate cancer vaccine
Androgen receptor-based vaccines for eliciting an immune reaction in vivo against cells expressing androgen receptor are disclosed. The vaccines are useful in the treatment of prostate cancer.
 Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors patent thumbnailNon-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Are hiv reverse transcriptase inhibitors, wherein r1, r2, re, l, m and z are defined herein. The compounds of formula i and their pharmaceutically acceptable salts are useful in the inhibition of hiv reverse transcriptase, the prophylaxis and treatment of infection by hiv and in the prophylaxis, delay in the onset or progression, and treatment of aids.
 Vaccines with enhanced immune response and methods for their preparation patent thumbnailVaccines with enhanced immune response and methods for their preparation
The present invention is concerned with vaccines and their preparation. An effective long-term immune response, especially in mammals, can be produced using a vaccine comprising an antigen encapsulated in liposomes, a suitable adjuvant and a carrier comprising a continuous phase of a hydrophobic substance.
 Yeast expressed classical swine fever virus glycoprotein e2 and use thereof patent thumbnailYeast expressed classical swine fever virus glycoprotein e2 and use thereof
The present invention provides a recombinant yeast system for expressing the glycoprotein e2 of classical swine fever virus (csfv), in which the expression level of ye2 is improved by codon optimization and shortening coding region of e2 gene. The truncated e2 subunits are used as major active ingredient in anti-csfv vaccines and useful diagnostic blocking elisa kits for csfv infection with easy manipulation and low cost..
Pneumococcal vaccine and uses thereof
The present invention relates to new pneumococcal vaccines. The invention also relates to vaccination of subjects, in particular immunocompromised subjects, against pneumoccocal infections using said novel pneumococcal vaccines..
S. aureus polypeptide and antibodies
The invention relates to antigenic polypeptides expressed by pathogenic microbes, vaccines comprising said polypeptides; therapeutic antibodies directed to said polypeptides and methods to manufacture said polypeptides, vaccines and antibodies.. .
Solid pharmaceutical and vaccine dose
An elongate body for parenteral injection at low velocity from a device is described. The body has at least one pointed end and comprises at least one active material.
Immunogenic compositions and expression systems
Immunogenic compositions and vaccines against plasmodial infection comprising an rh polypeptide or a fragment or variant thereof are disclosed. Also disclosed are rh5 polypeptides or fragments or variants thereof capable of binding cd147 and conferring protection against infection and/or disease caused by multiple plasmodial strains or plasmodial species, inhibitors of the interaction between rh5 and cd147 and methods for producing polypeptides in a mammalian expression system..
Combined vaccines for prevention of porcine virus infections
The present disclosure provides vaccine compositions comprising a prrsv vaccine and a second porcine vaccine, which are substantially free from immuno-inhibition against each other. The second porcine virus vaccine can be csfv and/or prv.
Immunogenic compositions in particulate form and methods for producing the same
The invention relates to the field of immunology and vaccine development, in particular to the development of vaccines based on native antigen oligomers. Provided is an immunogenic composition in particulate form, comprising oligomers of a surface exposed polypeptide of pathogenic origin or tumour origin, or antigenic part thereof, said oligomers being bound non-covalently to a particulate carrier, and a pharmaceutically acceptable diluent or excipient.
Malaria vaccines
The present invention relates to a synthetic antigenic sequence which represents a combination of epitope-containing sequences from the highly polymorphic block 2 repeat region of k1-type plasmodium falciparum merozite surface antigen (msp1) and fusion proteins containing that sequence in combination with additional epitope-containing sequences capable of inducing antibody and cellular immune responses to p. Falciparum antigens.
Protein matrix vaccine compositions including polycations
The present invention relates to immunogenic compositions containing one or more antigens of interest, one or more carrier proteins, and one or more polycations, wherein the antigen of interest is entrapped with cross-linked carrier protein matrix and one or more polycations, methods of making such vaccines, and methods of vaccine administration.. .
Use of cyclodextrins in diets, water or vaccine adjuvants to boost the immune system of fish
The present disclosure describes compositions containing cyclodextrin and methods of using cyclodextrins to stimulate or enhance the immune system and response in fish. Methods of enhancing the efficacy of a fish vaccine by administering cyclodextrin to the fish are also described..
Adjuvant for the preparation of vaccine compositions intended for the prevention of coccidiosis
A vaccine adjuvant which, based on the 100% mass thereof, includes between 10% and 95% of a mineral oil containing: between 0.05 mass-% and 10 mass-% hydrocarbon chains having less than 16 carbon atoms, and between 0.05 mass-% and 5 mass-% hydrocarbon chains having more than 28 carbon atoms. In addition, the adjuvant has a p/n ratio, corresponding to the ratio of the mass quantity of the paraffinic hydrocarbon chains to the mass quantity of the naphthenic hydrocarbon chains, of between 2.5 and 3, the adjuvant being intended for the production of a vaccine composition to prevent coccidiosis..
Attenuated live vaccines for aquatic animals
Safe and effective live vaccines against bacteria infecting aquatic animals were created through the induction of novobiocin-resistance in liquid culture and novobiocin- and rifampicin-resistance in liquid culture.. .
Vaccine adjuvants from self-assembling peptides
Pharmaceutical or veterinary compositions, vaccine systems, methods, and kits for treating or protecting a subject from a condition using peptide-based adjuvants are provided. The peptide adjuvants comprise a peptide having a hydrophobic region, a turning region, and a hydrophilic region.
Vaccines for hsv-2
Compositions of recombinant hsv-2 proteins and an agonist of the innate immune system, such as an adjuvant, are provided as a vaccine. Proteins include an envelope glycoprotein and a structural protein other than an envelope glycoprotein, e.g., a capsid or tegument protein.
Primate t-lymphotropic viruses
Disclosed are compositions and methods related to the isolation and identification of the primate t-lymphotropic viruses, htlv-3 and htlv-4. The diversity of htlvs was investigated among central africans reporting contact with nhp blood and body fluids through hunting, butchering, and keeping primate pets.
Antibody recognizing arbitrarily designed epitope of three or more amino acid residues in a peptide and method of generating thereof
Peptide vaccine that is a mixture of different peptide species, where each species has a number of fixed amino acid residues and a number of randomized residues. The fixed resides are the same amino acid residues at the corresponding positions in each species of the mixture while the randomized residues are randomly any available candidate amino acids chosen by design.
Combination vaccines
The present invention relates to the field of vaccines. More specifically the present invention relates to compositions and methods for enhancing immune responses induced by vaccines, including vaccines targeted at secondary infections and conditions associated with influenza infection..
Sin nombre virus full-length m segment-based dna vaccines
The invention contemplates a new synthetic, codon-optimized sin nombre virus (snv) full-length m gene open reading frame (orf) that encodes a unique consensus amino acid sequence. The snv orf was cloned into a plasmid to form the first stable recombinant snv full-length m gene that elicits neutralizing antibodies.
Influenza hemagglutinin and neuraminidase variants
Polypeptides, polynucleotides, reassortant viruses, immunogenic compositions and vaccines comprising influenza hemagglutinin and neuraminidase variants and method using thereof are provided.. .
Bi-specific diabodies for masking and targeting vaccines
The present invention describes compositions and methods for priming protective immunity in the presence of pre-existing maternal antibody. In some embodiments, the invention contemplates simultaneously masking vaccines to avoid antibody neutralization while targeting those vaccines to specific cell types in order to elicit an enhanced immune response.
Novel influenza hemagglutinin protein-based vaccines
Novel vaccines are provided that elicit broadly neutralizing anti-influenza antibodies. Some vaccines comprise nanoparticles that display hemagglutinin trimers from influenza virus on their surface.
Vaccine against streptococcus pneumoniae
The present invention relates to improved immunogenic compositions and vaccines, methods for making them and their use in medicine. In particular the invention relates to immunogenic compositions of unconjugated streptococcus pneumoniae proteins selected from: pneumolysin and member(s) of the polyhistidine triad family (e.g.
Expression of chimeric ksac protein and method of producing soluble proteins by high pressure
The present invention encompasses vaccines or compositions comprising the chimeric ksac protein that possesses immunogenic and protective properties, and methods of use including administering to an animal the antigenic ksac protein thereof to protect animals. The invention also encompasses methods for making and producing the soluble, disaggregated, refolded or active proteins from inclusion bodies produced from prokaryotes or eukaryotes..
North american porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (prrs) virus and uses thereof
The invention provides isolated polynucleotide molecules that comprise a dna sequence encoding an infectious rna sequence encoding a genetically-modified north american prrs virus, methods to make it and related polypeptides, polynucleotides, and various components. Vaccines comprising the genetically modified virus and polynucleotides and a diagnostic kit to distinguish between naturally infected and vaccinated animals are also provided..
Proteins and nucleic acids useful in vaccines targeting staphylococcus aureus
Disclosed are novel immunogenic proteins derived from staphylococcus aureus, as well as methods for their use in conferring protective immunity against s. Aureus infections.
Novel polymavirus associated with diarrhea in children
Provided is a new polyomavirus, provisionally named mx polyomavirus, (mxpyv). Further provided are cdna nucleic acid sequences, recombinant proteins, expression vectors and host cells, recombinant anti-mxpyv antibodies, vaccines, compositions, methods of detecting mxpyv, methods for assaying for anti-mxpyv compounds, and methods for treating or preventing a mxpyv infection..
Ureaplasma vaccine and antibody for prevention and treatment of human, animal and cell culture infection
The present invention encompasses methods and compositions for ureaplasma infection prevention and/or treatment. In specific cases, the invention concerns vaccines for ureaplasma, including dna vaccines.
Adjuvant compositions and methods for enhancing immune responses to polynucleotide-based vaccines
The invention provides adjuvants, immunogenic compositions, and methods useful for polynucleotide-based vaccination and immune response. In particular, the invention provides an adjuvant of cytofectin:co-lipid mixture wherein cytofectin is gap-dmorie..
Hyperbaric device and methods for producing inactivated vaccines and for refolding/solubilizing recombinant proteins
The invention relates to hyperbaric devices for inactivating microorganisms and viruses while retaining their immunogenicity and for making and producing the soluble, disaggregated, refolded or active immunogenic or therapeutic proteins from inclusion bodies produced from prokaryotes or eukaryotes. The invention encompasses hyperbaric methods for inactivating pathogenic organisms, and methods for producing vaccine compositions using the inactivated pathogens.
Genetically stable recombinant modified vaccinia ankara (rmva) vaccines and methods of preparation thereof
A vaccine comprising an immunologically effective amount of recombinant modified vaccinia ankara (rmva) virus which is genetically stable after serial passage and produced by a) constructing a transfer plasmid vector comprising a modified h5 (mh5) promoter operably linked to a dna sequence encoding a heterologous foreign protein antigen, wherein the expression of said dna sequence is under the control of the mh5 promoter; b) generating rmva virus by transfecting one or more plasmid vectors obtained from step a) into wild type mva virus; c) identifying rmva virus expressing one or more heterologous foreign protein antigens using one or more selection methods for serial passage; d) conducting serial passage; e) expanding an rmva virus strain identified by step d); and f) purifying the rmva viruses from step e) to form the vaccine. One embodiment is directed to a fusion cytomegalovirus (cmv) protein antigen comprising a nucleotide sequence encoding two or more antigenic portions of immediate-early gene-1 or immediate-early gene-2 (iefusion), wherein the antigenic portions elicit an immune response when expressed by a vaccine..
Vaccines against chlamydial infection
The present invention relates to compositions comprising proteins or polynucleotides of chlamydia sp., in particular combinations of proteins or polynucleotides encoding them, and methods for the use of the proteins or polynucleotides in the treatment, prevention and diagnosis of chlamydia infection.. .
Liquid stable virus vaccines
The present invention discloses liquid stable vaccines that comprise a live attenuated virus, 10-30% sugar additive, and an amino acid. The present invention also discloses the manufacture of such vaccines and methods of protecting an animal by administration of such vaccines..
Fusion proteins and combination vaccines comprising haemophilus influenzae protein e and pilin a
The present invention relates to compositions comprising haemophilus influenzae protein e and pilin a. More particularly, the present application relates to fusion proteins and immunogenic compositions comprising protein e and pila, vaccines comprising such immunogenic compositions and therapeutic uses of the same..
Novel compounds
Wherein r1 is n-c1-6alkyl or c1-2alkoxyc1-2alkyl-, r2 is halo, oh or c1-3alkyl, m is an integer having a value of 4, 5, 6 or 7, n is an integer having a value of 0, 1, 2 or 3, and p is an integer having a value of 0, 1 or 2, are inducers of human interferon. Compounds which induce human interferon may be useful in the treatment of various disorders, for example the treatment of allergic diseases and other inflammatory conditions, for example allergic rhinitis and asthma, infectious diseases and cancer, and may also be useful as vaccine adjuvants..
Treating cancer
This document relates to methods and materials involved in treating cancer (e.g., melanoma). For example, methods and materials involved in using an anti-chronic inflammation treatment (e.g., chemotherapy) in combination with a cancer treatment agent (e.g., a cancer vaccine) to treat cancer are provided..
Cells and methodology to generate non-segmented negative-strand rna viruses
The present invention relates to recombinant cells as well as to methods for the generation of non-segmented negative-sense single-stranded rna viruses (nnv or mononegavirales) from cloned deoxyribonucleic acid (cdna), especially from measles virus and in particular from attenuated strains such as those approved for vaccination, in particular from the attenuated schwarz measles virus and various recombinant schwarz measles-based viruses expressing heterologous sequences. Such rescued viruses can be used, after amplification, as vaccines for immunization against measles and/or against the heterologous peptides or proteins expressed..
Modified viral particles with immunogenic properties and reduced lipid content useful for treating and preventing infectious diseases
The present invention relates to a method for reducing the occurrence and severity of infectious diseases, especially infectious diseases in which lipid-containing infectious viral organisms are found in biological fluids, such as blood. The present invention employs solvents useful for extracting lipids from the lipid-containing infectious viral organism thereby creating modified viral particles with reduced infectivity and enhanced antigenicity.
Replication-defective arenavirus vectors
The invention relates to an infectious arenavirus particle that is engineered to contain a genome with the ability to amplify and express its genetic information in infected cells but unable to produce further infectious progeny particles in normal, not genetically engineered cells. One or more of the four arenavirus open reading frames glycoprotein (gp), nucleoprotein (np), matrix protein z and rna-dependent rna polymerase l are removed or mutated to prevent replication in normal cells but still allowing gene expression in arenavirus vector-infected cells, and foreign genes coding for an antigen or other protein of interest or nucleic acids modulating host gene expression are expressed under control of the arenavirus promoters, internal ribosome entry sites or under control of regulatory elements that can be read by the viral rna-dependent rna polymerase, cellular rna polymerase i, rna polymerase ii or rna polymerase iii.
Novel h5 proteins, nucleic acid molecules and vectors encoding for those, and their medicinal use
The present invention relates to novel hemagglutinin h5 proteins, nucleic acids and vectors encoding for those as well as vaccines comprising any of such h5 proteins, nucleic acids or vectors encoding for those h5 proteins. Moreover, the present invention also relates to the medicinal use of any of such compositions in humans and animals..
Polyionic papilloma virus-like particle (vlp) vaccines
The present invention relates to the field of vaccines. In particular, the present invention provides compositions and methods relating to virus-like particle (vlp) vaccines.
Mesothelin vaccines and model systems
Mesothelin can be used as an immunotherapeutic target. It induces a cytolytic t cell response.
Replication deficient influenza virus for the expression of heterologous sequences
The present invention relates to a novel replication deficient influenza virus comprising a modified ns1 segment coding for a ns1 protein lacking a functional rna binding domain and functional effector domain and having a heterologous sequence inserted between the splice donor site and the splice acceptor site of the ns gene segment. The virus can be used as vector for expression of various proteins like chemokines, cytokines or antigenic structures and to produce vaccines.
Novel strategies for improved cancer vaccines
The present invention concerns methods and compositions for forming anti-cancer vaccine complexes. In preferred embodiments, the anti-cancer vaccine complex comprises an antibody moiety that binds to dendritic cells, such as an anti-cd74 antibody or antigen-binding fragment thereof, attached to an ad (anchoring domain) moiety and a xenoantigen, such as cd20, attached to a ddd (dimerization and docking domain) moiety, wherein two copies of the ddd moiety form a dimer that binds to the ad moiety, resulting in the formation of the vaccine complex.
Vaccines against clostridium difficile and methods of use
Attenuated microorganisms expressing clostridium difficile antigen(s), and methods of using the same for vaccination of patients are disclosed the invention provides an attenuated microorganism expressing an immunogenic portion of a c difficile toxin a c-terminal repeat region and/or a c difficile toxin b c-terminal repeat region the microorganism is an attenuated salmonella comprising an integrated gene expression cassette that directs the expression of the immunogenic peptide from an in vivo inducible promoter.. .
Influenza a virus vaccines and inhibitors
The present invention includes compositions and methods related to the structure and function of the cellular polyadenylation and specificity factor 30 (cpsf30) binding site on the surface of the influenza a non-structural protein 1 (ns1). Specifically, critical biochemical reagents, conditions for crystallization and nmr analysis, assays, and general processes are described for (i) discovering, designing, and optimizing small molecule inhibitors of influenza a (avian flu) viruses and (ii) creating attenuated influenza virus strains suitable for avian and human flu vaccine development..
Novel hypoallergens
The present invention provides mutant polypeptides useful as hypoallergens. More specifically the present invention provides mutant bet v 1 proteins and the use of such polypeptides as hypoallergens for desensitizing against birch pollen allergies.
Displaying native human ige neutralizing fcerla-contacting ige b-cell epitopes by constraining super beta(b)-strands and cystine knots on thermostable protein scaffold
Vaccine displaying native antigenic loops of immunoglobulin e is critical for eliciting neutralizing anti-ige antibodies. The embodiment of the invention enables the display of native antigenic ige receptor-contacting loops as ige b-cell vaccines via three steps of constraining methods.
Mammalian cell lines for increasing longevity and protein yield from a cell culture
Disclosed are compositions and methods for increasing the longevity of a cell culture and permitting the increased production of proteins, preferably recombinant proteins, such as antibodies, peptides, enzymes, growth factors, interleukins, interferons, hormones, and vaccines. Cells transfected with an apoptosis-inhibiting gene or vector, such as a triple mutant bcl-2 gene, can survive longer in culture, resulting in extension of the state and yield of protein biosynthesis.
Vaccine composition containing synthetic adjuvant
Compositions and methods, including vaccines and pharmaceutical compositions for inducing or enhancing an immune response are disclosed based on the discovery of useful immunological adjuvant properties in a synthetic, glucopyranosyl lipid adjuvant (gla) that is provided in substantially homogeneous form. Chemically defined, synthetic gla offers a consistent vaccine component from lot to lot without the fluctuations in contaminants or activity that compromise natural-product adjuvants.
Exopolysaccharide of shigella sonnei bacteria, method for producing same, vaccine and pharmaceutical composition containing same
For the first time, an o-specific polysaccharide antigen that is a shigella sonnei, phase i, exopolysaccharide has been produced and characterized, said exopolysaccharide being an authentic natural compound in the form of a bacterial capsular polysaccharide. The exopolysaccharide contains a non-toxic lipid component, namely non-hydroxylated fatty acids, and exhibits low pyrogenicity and high immunogenicity.
Adjuvants that activate adaptive immune system by stimulating nlrp3
A method of identifying an agent, or combination of agents, as a candidate immunological adjuvant is provided comprising contacting a cell comprising a nod-like receptor (nlrp3) with the agent. Methods of enhancing immune responses to vaccines are also provided..
Hiv/siv vaccines for the generation of mucosal and systemic immunity
Compositions of genetically engineered, secreted gp96 (gp69-ig) induced strong mucosal and systemic immune responses and cd8 expansion that was independent of cd4 help. Immunization of patients with gp96-ig immunization is especially attractive for induction of mucosal and systemic immunity to siv/hiv and other diseases..
Hiv-1 envelope glycoprotein
The present application relates to novel hiv-1 envelope glycoproteins which may be utilized as an hiv-1 vaccine immunogens, antigens for crystallization and for the identification of broad neutralizing antibodies. The present invention encompasses the preparation and purification of immunogenic compositions which are formulated into the vaccines of the present invention..
Immunization of avians by administration of non-replicating vectored vaccines
The present invention relates generally to the fields of immunology and vaccine technology. More specifically, the invention relates to recombinant human adenovirus vectors for delivery of avian immunogens and antigens, such as avian influenza into avians.
The present invention provides mutant polypeptides useful as hypoallergens. More specifically the present invention provides mutant bet v 1 proteins and the use of such polypeptides as hypoallergens for desensitizing against birch pollen allergies.
Peptide and conjugate vaccines for fungal infections
Several new peptides have been developed that show effectiveness as vaccines against candidiasis and other fungal diseases. A new conjugate vaccine of a β-mannotriose linked to a fungal peptide linked to tetanus toxin has been shown to be effective as a vaccine with or without use of an adjuvant.
Materials and methods for designing autologous idiotype vaccines and treatment of b-cell malignancies
The present invention relates to compositions, kits, and methods for preparing an autologous idiotype vaccine, or autologous anti-idiotype vaccine, for treatment of a b-cell malignancy based on the isotype(s) (class(es)) of immunoglobulins expressed by the malignancy; methods for treating b-cell malignancies; and methods for selecting a treatment for a subject having a b-cell malignancy.. .
Cell-based, anti-cancer vaccines
The present invention relates to cancer vaccines and more particularly to compositions and methods for producing activated antigen presenting cells (dendritic cells, macrophages, monocytes, or other cells capable of presenting antigen to t lymphocytes); to pharmaceutical compositions including such cells; and to methods of using such cells (e.g., in treating patients who are suffering from or at risk of developing cancer).. .

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