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Date/App# patent app List of recent Vaccine-related patents
 Glycoengineered outer membrane vesicles and use thereof as vaccines patent thumbnailnew patent Glycoengineered outer membrane vesicles and use thereof as vaccines
The present application relates to glycoengineered outer membrane vesicles obtained from recombinant, gram-negaetive bacteria comprising hetereologous dna encoding an enzyme or enzymes that produce a heterologous glycan that replaces all or a portion of the naturally-occurring o antigen in the lipopolysaccharides of the bacteria. Also provided by the present application are immunogenic compositions and vaccines prepared from the glycoengineered outer membrane vesicles expressing the heterologous glycans at their surface..
The Governors Of The University Of Alberta
 Multivalent recombinant avian herpes viruses and vaccines for immunizing avian species patent thumbnailnew patent Multivalent recombinant avian herpes viruses and vaccines for immunizing avian species
The present invention relates to a recombinant avian herpes virus, which comprises at least two recombinant nucleotide sequences, each recombinant nucleotide sequence encoding a distinct antigenic peptide, wherein said at least two recombinant nucleotide sequences are inserted into distinct non-coding region of the viral genome chosen among the region located between ul44 and ul45, the region located between ul45 and ul46, the region located between us10 and sorf3, the region located between sorf3 and us2.. .
Ceva Sante Animale
 Affinity matured anti-ccr4 humanized monoclonal antibodies and methods of use patent thumbnailnew patent Affinity matured anti-ccr4 humanized monoclonal antibodies and methods of use
The present invention provides affinity matured humanized monoclonal antibodies, bi-specific antibodies, antibody conjugates, and fusion proteins that bind to the chemokine receptor ccr4. This antibody is derived from mab 1567 and recognizes the same epitope.
Dana-farber Cancer Institute, Inc.
 Soluble microneedle arrays for buccal delivery of vaccines patent thumbnailSoluble microneedle arrays for buccal delivery of vaccines
A buccal microneedle patch may be provided for vaccination. The buccal microneedle patch may include at least one of microneedles.
Theraject, Inc.
 Antigen delivery vectors and constructs patent thumbnailAntigen delivery vectors and constructs
The present invention relates to fluorocarbon vectors for the delivery of antigens to immunoresponsive target cells. It further relates to fluorocarbon vector-antigen constructs and the use of such vectors associated with antigens as vaccines and immunotherapeutics in animals..
Immune Targeting Systems Ltd.
 Method and  antibody production and purification patent thumbnailMethod and antibody production and purification
The subject invention pertains to methods and apparatus for the production and purification of cell products, such as immunoglobulins. One aspect of the invention is an integrated cell culture and purification apparatus for the growth and maintenance of cells and the harvest and purification of cell products, such as immunoglobulins.
Biovest International, Inc.
 Self-assembled nanoparticle vaccines patent thumbnailSelf-assembled nanoparticle vaccines
The present invention provides nanoparticles and compositions of various constructs that combine meta-stable viral proteins (e.g., rsv f protein) and self-assembling molecules (e.g., ferritin, hsps) such that the pre-fusion conformational state of these key viral proteins is preserved (and locked) along with the protein self-assembling into a polyhedral shape, thereby creating nanoparticles that are effective vaccine agents. The invention also provides nanoparticles comprising a viral fusion protein, or fragment or variant thereof, and a self-assembling molecule, and immunogenic and vaccine compositions including the same..
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
 Particulate vaccine formulations patent thumbnailParticulate vaccine formulations
The present disclosure provides vaccine formulations comprising at least one peptide antigen assembly and at least one adjuvant. The disclosure also provides methods of inducing an immune response in a mammal and methods of treating a disease in a mammal utilizing the vaccine formulations..
Pds Biotechnology Corporation
 Infectious hepatitis c viruses of genotype 3a and 4a and uses thereof patent thumbnailInfectious hepatitis c viruses of genotype 3a and 4a and uses thereof
The present invention relates to molecular approaches to the production of nucleic acid sequences, which comprises the genome of infectious hepatitis c virus. In particular, the invention provides nucleic acid sequences which comprise the genomes of infectious hepatitis c viruses of either genotype 3a (strain s52) or genotype 4a (strain ed43).
United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary
 Compositions and methods related to viral vaccines patent thumbnailCompositions and methods related to viral vaccines
Provided herein are methods and compositions relating to infectious bursal disease virus (ibdv), and vaccines for treatment and prevention thereof.. .
The Ohio State University

Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of influenza

The present invention provides compositions, vaccines, and methods for diagnosing, treating, and preventing influenza infection using a combination of antibodies raised against the influenza hemagglutinin and the matrix 2 ectodomain polypeptides.. .
Theraclone Sciences, Inc.

Immunogenic wt-1 peptides and methods of use thereof

This invention provides peptides, immunogenic compositions and vaccines, and methods of treating, reducing the incidence of, and inducing immune responses to a wt-1-expressing cancer, comprising peptides derived from the wt-1 protein.. .
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Compositions and methods for identifying and targeting cancer cells of alimentary canal origin

Screening and diagnostic reagents, kits and methods for primary and or metastatic stomach or esophageal cancer are disclosed. Compositions for and methods of imaging and treating primary and/or metastatic stomach or esophageal cancer are disclosed.
Thomas Jefferson University

Rotavirus vaccine compositions and process for preparing the same

Invention provides novel rotavirus vaccine compositions comprising rotavirus antigens, stabilizers and buffers. The buffers in the invention are pre-mixed in the rotavirus vaccine compositions to neutralize the high acidic ph of the stomach without requiring separate administration of an antacid before vaccine administration.
Bharat Biotech International Limited

Influenza vaccines

An influenza vaccine comprising an influenza hemagglutinin-containing antigen which is subjected to a treatment at a suitable low ph or other suitable conditions to obtain a suitable degree of loss of potency, and the method of making it are provided. The vaccine not only induces an increased cross-reactive immune response and cross protection, but can also induce a strain-specific immune response and protection like current inactivated vaccines.
Kj Biosciences Llc

Influenza nucleoprotein vaccines

The present invention is related to a fusion protein comprising a variant of a nucleoprotein antigen from influenza strain a, b or c, and a variant of a c4bp oligomerization domain for increasing the cellular immunogenicity of the nucleoprotein antigen from influenza. The invention is also related to nucleic acids, vectors, fusion proteins and immunogenic compositions, for their use as a vaccine or immunotherapy for the prevention and treatment of influenza disease..

Pcsk9 vaccine

The present invention relates to the provision of novel immunogens comprising an antigenic pcsk9 peptide linked to an immunogenic carrier for the prevention, treatment or alleviation of pcsk9-mediated disorders. The invention further relates to methods for production of these medicaments, immunogenic compositions and pharmaceutical compositing thereof and their use in medicine..
Pfizer Vaccines Llc

Autologous tumor vaccines and methods

Autologous anti-cancer vaccines and methods of manufacture and treatment are provided, including expansion of individual patient-derived tumor cells in an immune-compromised animal(s) to attain, quantitatively and qualitatively, sufficient material for efficacious vaccine production and utilization, to elicit an immune response against micrometastases and/or recurrence in the individual patient following tumor excision.. .
Vaccinogen, Inc.

Chimeric multivalent polysaccharide conjugate vaccines

The present invention provides multivalent chimeric conjugate vaccine molecule and methods of using the conjugate to immunize subjects against bacterial infections. A conjugate molecule of the invention comprises multiple bacterial capsular polysaccharides linked to a carrier protein.
Baxter Healthcare Sa

Tuberculosis tb vaccine to prevent reactivation

The present invention discloses a vaccine or immunogenic composition that can be administered to latently infected individuals to prevent reactivation of latent tuberculosis infection caused by species of the tuberculosis complex microorganisms (mycobacterium tuberculosis., m. Bovis, m.
Statens Serum Institut

Influenza a virus vaccines and inhibitors

The present invention includes compositions and methods related to the structure and function of the cellular polyadenylation and specificity factor 30 (cpsf30) binding site on the surface of the influenza a non-structural protein 1 (ns1). Specifically, critical biochemical reagents, conditions for crystallization and nmr analysis, assays, and general processes are described for (i) discovering, designing, and optimizing small molecule inhibitors of influenza a (avian flu) viruses and (ii) creating attenuated influenza virus strains suitable for avian and human flu vaccine development..
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey

Ii-key/her-2/neu hybrid cancer vaccine

Provided are methods and compositions for treating cancer in humans, the cancer being characterized by expression of her-2/neu. The methods involve vaccinating a patient with an ii-key/mhc class ii hybrid construct and thereby stimulating an immune response to the native her-2/neu protein.
Antigen Express, Inc.

Lipopolysaccharide-targeted peptide mimic vaccine against q fever

A vaccine and method of vaccination for conferring immunity to q fever is described. The vaccine comprises a polypeptide with a sequence of sltwhkhelhrk (m1e41920) or sppwhkhelhrk (m1e44), or at least 90% identity to m1e41920 or m1e44.

Compositions of vaccines and adjuvants and methods for the treatment of urinary tract infections

This invention describes novel adjuvant compositions and formulations with excellent stability at refrigerated and room temperatures and up to and about 37° c. That can be produced at remarkably low costs.
Sequoia Sciences, Inc

Compositions of vaccines and adjuvants and methods for the treatment of urinary tract infections

This invention describes novel adjuvant compositions and formulations with excellent stability at refrigerated and room temperatures and up to and about 37° c. That can be produced at remarkably low costs.
Sequoia Sciences, Inc

Parainfluenza virus 5 based vaccines

The present invention provides safe, stable, efficacious, and cost-effective vaccines based on viral expression vectors that include a parainfluenza virus 5 (piv5) genome including a heterologous nucleotide sequence expressing a heterologous polypeptide. In some embodiments, the heterologous nucleotide sequence is inserted closer to the leader than between the hemagglutinin-neuroaminidase (hn) gene and the large rna polymerase protein (l) gene of the piv5 genome.
University Of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.

Vaccine adjuvant

Oil-based adjuvant emulsions, immunogenic compositions, and methods of using the same to elicit immunological responses in a subject are provided. The oil-based adjuvants comprise a plant-derived surfactant, such as gum arabic, an aqueous component, and an oil.
University Of Tennessee Research Foundation

Triterpene saponins, methods of synthesis and uses thereof

The present invention relates to triterpene glycoside saponin-derived adjuvants, syntheses thereof, intermediates thereto, and uses thereof. Qs-7 is a potent immuno-adjuvant that is significantly less toxic than qs-21, a related saponin that is currently the favored adjuvant in anticancer and antiviral vaccines.
Memorial Sloan-kettering Institute For Cancer Research

Neisseria meningitidis antigens and compositions

The invention provides proteins from neisseria meningitidis, including the amino acid sequences and the corresponding nucleotide sequences. The proteins are predicted to be useful antigens for vaccines and/or diagnostics..
J. Craig Venter Institute, Inc.

Fast diagnosis and personalized treatment for acne

Methods of diagnosing and treating patients afflicted with acne, including diagnosing one as having acne if the individual possesses rt4, rt5, rt7, rt8, rt9, or rt10. Methods for treating acne include administering an effective amount of a drug specifically targeting rt4, rt5, rt7, rt8, rt9, or rt10, such as small molecules, antisense molecules, sirnas, biologics, antibodies, phages, vaccines, or combination thereof..
The Regents Of The University Of California

Human cytomegalovirus vaccine

Combination peptides, polypeptides and proteins that elicit high titer neutralizing antibodies against cytomegalovirus (cmv) are provided. The combination peptides, polypeptides and proteins encompass epitopes located within the ul130 and ul131 components of the gh/gl/ul128-131 protein complex, in particular, epitopes located within amino acid residues 27-46 of ul130 and amino acid residues 90-106 of ul131.
Virginia Commonwealth University

Influenza vaccine and therapy

The present invention is directed generally to m1 polypeptides that can be utilized as vaccines and/or antigens for generation of anti-m1 polypeptide antibodies for prophylactic treatment of individuals who are susceptible to infection by influenza virus. The anti-m1 polypeptide antibodies of the invention are useful for treatment of individuals infected with influenza virus, or useful for prophylactic treatment of individuals who are susceptible to infection by influenza virus, or for immune-suppressed individuals who cannot generate an effective antibody response..
Engen Bio Inc.

Evoking protection against streptotoccus pneumoniae incorporating b-cell and t-cell pneumococcal protein antigens and pneumococcal polysaccharides delivered concomitantly

This disclosure is directed to compositions that combine the polysaccharide-specific antibody protection afforded by the conventional vaccines through carrier effects provided by one or more pneumococcal common t-cell antigen(s) together with streptococcus pneumoniae-specific th-17 responses elicited by the pneumococcal carrier common t-cell antigen. The disclosed compositions are useful for pan-serotypic protection against np carriage, and antibody responses against common pneumococcal virulence factors, potentially useful for pan-serotype protection against streptococcus pneumoniae invasive diseases..


The present invention relates to the field of bacterial polysaccharide antigen vaccines. In particular, the present invention relates to bacterial polysaccharides conjugated to protein d from h.
Glaxosmithkline Biologicals S.a.

Canine babesiosis vaccine antigen

The present invention relates to the field of veterinary parasitology, especially of canine babesiosis. In particular the invention relates to a polypeptide being a novel canine babesia antigen (cba), or fragments thereof, and to compositions comprising this antigen, to nucleic acids encoding the antigen, antibodies against the antigen, and medical uses of this antigen, fragments, antibodies, or encoding nucleic acids.
Intervet Inc.


The present invention relates to the field of bacterial polysaccharide antigen vaccines. In particular, the present invention relates to bacterial polysaccharides conjugated to protein d from h.
Glaxosmithkline Biologicals S.a.

Neisseria meningitidis antigens and compositions

The invention provides proteins from neisseria meningitidis, including the amino acid sequences and the corresponding nucleotide sequences. The proteins are predicted to be useful antigens for vaccines and/or diagnostics..
J. Craig Venter Institute, Inc.

Human rotavirus vaccine strains and diagnostics

A vaccine composition and method of vaccination are provided useful for immunizing a subject against a rotavirus. The vaccines include rotavirus strains cdc-9 and cdc-66, fragments thereof, homologues thereof, or combinations thereof.
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Dept. Of Health & Human Se

Human respiratory syncytial virus consensus antigens, nucleic acid constructs and vaccines made therefrom, and methods of using same

Nucleic acid molecules and compositions comprising one or more nucleic acid sequences that encode an rsv immunogen are disclosed. Nucleic acid are disclosed that comprise the sequences that encodes consensus rsv f protein or immunogenic fragment thereof, sequences that encodes an rsv g(a) protein or immunogenic fragment thereof and sequences that encodes an rsv g(b) protein or immunogenic fragment thereof.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

Identification and use of novopeptides for the treatment of cancer

Compositions, methods, systems, apparatus and/or articles of manufacture are disclosed for reducing the susceptibility of a population and/or members thereof to cancer, which may include anti-cancer vaccines, components thereof which may include novopeptides, and methods relating thereto.. .

Compositions comprising angiogenic factors and methods of use thereof

The present invention provides recombinant listeria strains comprising an angiogenic factor, recombinant polypeptides comprising an angiogenic factor operatively linked to a polypeptide comprising a pest-like sequence, recombinant nucleotide molecules encoding same, related vaccines, and immunogenic and therapeutic methods utilizing same.. .
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

Pharmaceutical composition comprising a mixture of carboxylated oligopeptides

A pharmaceutical composition comprising a mixture of carboxylated oligopeptides, derived by hydrolysis of eukaryotic or prokaryotic cells and their subsequent partial carboxylation through acylation or alkylation of the amino acid and basic amino acid residues in the amino terminal structure of the oligopeptides. The resulting pharmaceutical composition can be used in production of medical drugs effective in the treatment of cancer, pancreatitis, viral infection, for the development of vaccines..

Compounds and methods for diagnosis and treatment of leishmaniasis

Compounds and methods are provided for diagnosing, preventing, treating and detecting leishmaniasis infection and stimulating immune responses in patients are disclosed. The compounds disclosed are include polypeptides and fusion proteins that contain at least one immunogenic portion of one or more leishmania antigens, or a variant thereof.
Infectious Disease Research Institute

Microparticles with adsorbed polynucleotide-containing species

Microparticles with adsorbed polynucleotide-containing species, compositions containing the same, methods of making such microparticles, and uses thereof are disclosed. The microparticles comprise (a) a biodegradable polymer, such as a polyhydroxy butyric acid, a polycaprolactone, a polyorthoester, a polyanhydride, or a polycyanoacrylate, (b) a cationic surfactant such as cetyltrimethylammonium bromide, (c) and a polynucleotide-containing species adsorbed on the surface of the microparticles, wherein the polynucleotide-containing species constitutes at least 5 percent of the total weight of said microparticles.
Novartis Vaccines And Diagnostics, Inc.

Therapeutic stem cell composition and stimulant, facilitator, accelerator, and synergizer thereof, growth factor, anti-inflammatory composition and uses thereof

The present invention relates to a non-invasive medical therapy and a composition for avoiding organ transplantation, or controlling biological rejection of transplanted organs, or treating organs under consideration for replacement by transplant, and otherwise treating aged, diseased and/or abnormal tissues and/or organs. More specifically, the non-invasive medical therapy involves administering to a patient an elemental nutritional feeding comprising a free amino acid profile simulating and/or replicating a targeted diseased or transplanted tissue and/or organ.
Immunopath Profile, Inc.

Gastrointestinal site-specific oral vaccination forumulations active on the ileum and appendix

The invention provides oral vaccine formulations which deliver an antigen in the vicinity of the distal ileum and the area of the ileal brake and/or the appendix. These vaccines are useful in the treatment and/or prevention of variety of disorders, including viral and bacterial infections and cancers.
Therabiome, Llc

Method of treating patients with a mucinous glycoprotein (muc-1) vaccine

The present invention provides a method for treating an individual who is afflicted with a cancer, such as non-small cell lung cancer or prostate cancer, by administering to that individual a muc-1-based formulation. The formulation may be a muc-1 based liposomal vaccine formulation..
Oncothyreon Inc.

Methods and compositions for viral vectored vaccines

Methods and compositions are provided herein for non-invasive administration of an adenoviral vector (ad-vector) vaccine with an adjuvant, such as a tlr3 agonist. These methods provide, for example, an increase in the immune response to the vaccine, an increase in the immunogenicity of the ad-vector vaccine, an antigen sparing effect and improved safety with an effective protective immune response to the vaccine..
Vaxin Inc.

Siderophore conjugate immunogenic compositions and vaccines

An immunogenic composition comprising a siderophore covalently linked to a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier molecule wherein the antigenicity of the siderophore moiety is sufficient to stimulate an immunologic response to the siderophore when the composition is circulating in the bloodstream of a human or non-human animal and vaccine.. .
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

Novel surface exposed haemophilus influenzae protein (protein e; pe)

The present invention relates to a surface exposed protein (protein e, pe), a virnlence factor, which can be detected in haemophilus influenzae, having an amino acid sequence as described in seq id no 1, an immunogenic fragment of said surface exposed protein, and a recombinant immunogenic protein (pe (a)) or truncated variants thereof based on said surface exposed protein. Nucleic acid sequences, vaccines, plasmids and phages, non human hosts, recombinant nucleic acid sequences, fusion proteins and fusion products are also described.

Anti-her2 and anti-igf-ir bi-specific antibodies and uses thereof

Disclosed are antibodies, or binding fragments thereof, that specifically bind to human her2 and human igf-ir. Also provided are nucleic acid molecules encoding the disclosed antibodies and binding fragments and vectors and host cells containing these nucleic acid molecules.
The University Of Hong Kong

Generation of a cancer-specific immune response toward muc1 and cancer specific muc1 antibodies

The present invention provides a method for inducing a cancer specific immune response against muc1 using an immunogenic glycopeptide. Other aspects of the invention are a pharmaceutical composition comprising the immunogenic glycopeptide and a cancer vaccine comprising the immunogenic glycopeptide.
Cancer Research Technology Limited

Muc1 based glycolipopeptide vaccine with adjuvant

Provided herein are liposomal glycolipopeptidic vaccine formulations comprising an adjuvant and an immunogen for immunotherapy and/or treatment of cancer.. .
Oncothyreon Inc.

Pluripotent germ layer origin antigen presenting cancer vaccine

The disclosure provides reagents, methods, and kits, for treating or preventing cancers derived from each of the germ layers (endoderm, mesoderm, ectoderm, neural crest). The reagent encompasses interferon-gamma (ifn-gamma) responsive cancer cells, where the cells are autophagic and non-apoptotic cancer cells, and where the cells express mhc class ii..
California Stem Cell, Inc.

Dsrnas as influenza virus vaccine adjuvants or immuno-stimulants

vaccine protection against acute or chronic viral infection is facilitated by using as an adjuvant or immuno-stimulant, a dsrna together with an anti-influenza vaccine.. .
Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc.

Therapeutic delivery and expression system, methods and uses thereof

Therapeutic methods for cancer treatments using a combined prokaryotic-eukaryotic delivery and expression system for the delivery of multiple therapeutic factors via a modified tumor-targeted bacteria. A targeted bacteria-vector system elicits an inter-kingdom dual expression (ikde) of antitumor agents, in the nucleus or cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells, with priming and maintenance of the vector in the bacterium.
The University Of Hong Kong

Development of mutations useful for attenuating dengue viruses and chimeric dengue viruses

A menu of mutations was developed that is useful in fine-tuning the attenuation and growth characteristics of dengue virus vaccines.. .
The Usa, As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health & Human Services

Transgenic immunodeficient mouse expressing human sirp-alpha

The present invention provides a transgenic mouse which comprises a deficiency for murine t lymphocytes, b lymphocytes and nk cells, a deficiency for murine mhc class i and mhc class ii molecules, and a functional xenogenic sirpα transgene. This mouse is useful for in vivo screening of various compounds, including immuno-therapeutic agents and vaccines.
Institut Pasteur

Method for manufacturing transdermally delivered hyaluronic acid-protein conjugate and transdermally delivered hyaluronic acid-protein conjugate manufactured using same

A transdermal delivery system of drug and a method of preparing the same are provided. More specifically, the invention can be a transdermal delivery system applied for various protein drugs such as vaccines and chemical drugs, because the drug delivery system has a biocompatibility, biodegradation property, transdermal delivery property, the safety of human body, maximum activity of protein drugs, good bio-conjugation efficiency and a long-term efficacy, a method of preparing the same and its use..
Phi Biomed Co., Ltd.

Influenza vaccines

The present invention relates to influenza vaccine compositions and vaccination schemes for immunizing against influenza disease, in particular it relates to immunogenic compositions comprising an antigen or a antigenic preparation from a first influenza virus strain and an oil-in-water emulsion adjuvant for use in inducing a immune response against at least one second influenza virus strain wherein said second influenza virus strain is from a different type or from a different subtype than said first influenza virus strain.. .
Glaxosmithkline Biologicals, Sa

Sequential and repeated immunization with four or more vector-based hiv gene vaccines

The present invention provides a combined aids vaccine for preventing and/or treating aids, which consists of four or more different vector-based aids vaccines, wherein hiv protein gene comprised in the different aids vaccines may be same. A use method of the vaccine comprises inoculation of one aids vaccine each time, wherein inoculation of each vaccine may be continuously performed twice, and after sequential application of the four or more vector vaccines, repeated sequential application of the vector vaccines may be performed.
Beijing University Of Technology

Antigens and vaccines directed against human enteroviruses

The instant invention provides materials and methods for producing immunologically active antigens derived from members of the picornaviridae virus family. The picornavirus antigens of the invention may be in a form for use as a vaccine administered to a subject in a therapeutic treatment or for the prevention of a picornavirus infection.
Sentinext Therapeutics Sdn Bhd

Multicomponent or monocomponent vaccine to be used against chagas disease, pharmaceutical compositions containing them, procedure for the obtention of immunogen of said vaccines, and nucleic acid used in said procedure

A vaccine against the chagas disease, capable of stimulating the immune response against the trans-sialidase virulence factor of the trypanosoma cruzi parasite, which is a multicomponent vaccine comprising: (a) an immunogenic portion formed by one or more recombinant or synthetic polypeptides or fractions of thereof and (b) one or more polynucleotides including the regions codifying one or more immunogenic polypeptides, or a monocomponent vaccine comprising at least one component selected among an immunogenic portion formed by one or more recombinant or synthetic polypeptides or fractions of them and a group of polynucleotides including the regions codifying one or more immunogenic polypeptides derived from trypanosoma cruzi and pharmaceutical compositions containing said multicomponent and monocomponent vaccines, the procedures for obtaining the immunogen portion of said vaccines and the nucleic acid used in the procedure.. .

Fused antigen vaccines and compositions against streptococcus pneumoniae

Streptococcus pneumoniae is a major health concern, especially in very young, elderly, or immunocompromised patients. The present disclosure provides, inter alia, certain highly effective vaccines and pharmaceutical compositions in streptococcus pneumoniae that contain fusion proteins.
Children's Medical Center Corporation

Method of altering the immundominance hierarchy of hiv gag by dna vaccine expressing conserved regions

The invention provides methods and compositions for eliciting broad immune responses. The methods employ nucleic acid vaccines that encodes highly conserved elements from a virus..
University Of Washington

An infectious cdna clone of north american porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (prrs) virus and uses thereof

The invention provides isolated polynucleotide molecules that comprise a dna sequence encoding an infectious rna sequence encoding a genetically-modified north american prrs virus, wherein the polynucleotide molecule lacks at least one detectable antigenic epitope of north american prrs virus. The invention also provides vaccines comprising genetically modified north american prrs virus, rna molecules, plasmids and viral vectors comprising the isolated polynucleotide molecules.
Zoetis Llc

Hpv epitopes targeted by t cells infiltrating cervical malignancies for use in vaccines

The present invention relates to novel cd4+ and cd8+ t cell epitopes that are specific for hpv-specific e6 and e7 oncoproteins, to peptides comprising these novel t cell epitopes, and to (vaccine) compositions comprising these peptides for use in methods for the prevention and/or treatment of hpv related diseases. Preferred epitopes are recognized by a t cell that infiltrates a cervical neoplastic lesion or by a t cell from a draining lymph node, and are presented by an hla-dq or hla-dp molecule, or an hla-b..
Academisch Ziekenhuis Leiden H.o.d.n. Lumc

Recombinant papaya mosaic virus coat proteins and uses thereof in influenza vaccines

Recombinant papaya mosaic virus (papmv) coat proteins comprising one or more antigenic peptides derived from an influenza virus antigen, such as from the m2e peptide, fused at a position within a predicted random coil within 13 amino acids of the n-terminus of the coat protein, uses thereof to prepare virus-like particles (vlps), and uses of the vlps in influenza vaccines.. .
Folia Biotech Inc.

Equine encephalitis virus vaccines and methods of using thereof

Disclosed herein are nucleotide sequences which encode a plurality of structural proteins, except the capsid, of an equine encephalitis virus, wherein the nucleotide sequence is codon-optimized for mammalian expression. The nucleotide sequences are codon-optimized for expression in humans.

Methods and materials for generating t cells

The document provides to methods and materials for generating t cells (e.g., antigen-specific cd4+ t cells). For example, methods and materials for using nested mhc class ii epitopes as vaccines to generate activated cd4+ t cells in vivo or as reagents to generate activated cd4+ t cells ex vivo are provided..
Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

Peptide mimotopes to oxidation specific epitopes

Provided herein are peptide mimotopes that are useful for generating antibodies and in the preparation of vaccines and diagnostics for treating and diagnosing coronary artery disease.. .
Medizinsche Universitat Wien

Vaccines against hpv

The present invention relates to therapeutic compounds, such as vaccines against human papillomavirus (hpv) and in particular to dna vaccines against hpv16 or hpv18. The invention further relates to protein construct encoding homodimeric peptides, which peptides may be released from a dna vaccine or used separately.
Vaccibody As

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