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This page is updated frequently with new Vaccine-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Vaccine-related patents
 Recombinant influenza viruses for vaccines and gene therapy patent thumbnailRecombinant influenza viruses for vaccines and gene therapy
The invention provides compositions and methods useful to prepare segmented, negative strand rna viruses, e.g., orthomyxoviruses such as influenza a viruses, entirely from cloned cdnas and in the absence of helper virus.. .
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

 An isolated immunogenic bacterial antigen and its use in the prevention and treatment of infections caused by gram-negative bacteria patent thumbnailAn isolated immunogenic bacterial antigen and its use in the prevention and treatment of infections caused by gram-negative bacteria
The subject of the present invention is an isolated antigen being an immunogenic form of the common enterobacterial antigen (eca) of gram-negative bacteria of the family enterobacteriaceae: eca combined with lipopolysaccharide (ecalps); a glycoconjugate of inactivated form of this antigen with a protein, as well as compositions and vaccines containing such an antigen/glycoconjugate designed for the prevention and treatment infections caused by gram-negative bacteria.. .
Wroclawskie Centrum Badan Eit+ Sp. Z O.o.

 Composition and  treating cancer patent thumbnailComposition and treating cancer
Pharmaceutical compositions useful as vaccines are described containing a purified surface or excreted protein qualitatively or quantitatively associated with a type of cancer, at least one interleukin (il), and at least one colony stimulating factor (csf), where the purified surface or excreted protein is provided in an amount sufficient to induce an immune response in an individual administered the composition. Such compositions can be used in methods for treating individuals having cancer, and for inducing an immunotherapeutic response in the same..
Oncbiomune, Inc.

 Vaccine system for vaccine adjuvant patent thumbnailVaccine system for vaccine adjuvant
The present invention provides adjuvant compositions that have improved stability, increased potency and which provide an enhanced th1 response. The present invention also provides methods of making those compositions and administration of the improved adjuvant compositions.
Vaxform Llc

 Pharmaceutical composition for viral immunotherapy and uses thereof patent thumbnailPharmaceutical composition for viral immunotherapy and uses thereof
The present disclosure relates to a method of overcoming host immune tolerance in a subject having chronic hepatitis b virus (hbv) infection, comprising administering to the subject an immunomodulatory agent and a recombinant hbv vaccine, such that the immune tolerance of the chronic hbv infection in the subject is overcome. Moreover, the present disclosure relates to a method of treating chronic hbv infection in a subject in need thereof, comprising administering to the subject a first anti-viral agent, an immunomodulatory agent and a recombinant hepatitis b vaccine, such that the hbv infection in the subject is treated..
Fudan University

 Hepatitis b vaccine patent thumbnailHepatitis b vaccine
Disclosed is a composition comprising: i) hbsag, a fragment thereof, a variant thereof, or the mixture of at least two of them, ii) hbcag1-x, a fragment thereof, a variant of the antigen or the antigen fragment, or the mixture of at least two of them, wherein x is an integer of from 149 to 183, iii) cpg-odn, 21 bases long, which is a phosphorothioate oligonucleotide and includes two or more copies of 5′-ntcgtt-3′ motifs. The use of the composition in the treatment of hbv-infection and hbv-induced diseases, and the therapy methods of hbv-infection and hbv-induced diseases are also disclosed..
Jiangsu Theravac Bio-pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

 Influenza virus vaccines and uses thereof patent thumbnailInfluenza virus vaccines and uses thereof
Provided are influenza hemagglutinin stem domain polypeptides comprising (a) an influenza hemagglutinin ha1 domain that comprises an ha1 n-terminal stem segment comprising the amino acids from position 1 to position x, preferably from position p to position x, of the ha1 domain, covalently linked by a linking sequence of 0-50 amino acid residues to an ha1 c-terminal stem segment, comprising the amino acids from position y to and including the c-terminal amino acid of the ha1 domain; and (b) an influenza hemagglutinin ha2 domain, wherein the hemagglutinin stem domain polypeptide is resistant to protease cleavage at the junction between ha1 and ha2, and wherein one or more amino acid of the amino acids at positions 337, 340, 352, 353, 402, 406, 409, 413 and/or 416 have been mutated, as compared to the corresponding positions in wild-type influenza ha.. .
Crucell Holland B.v.

 Live attenuated vaccines for influenza viruses patent thumbnailLive attenuated vaccines for influenza viruses
The subject invention pertains to attenuated influenza viruses, and related vaccines and methods, comprising a genetically modified viral genome. The genetically modified viral genome comprises a disruption in the non-structural (ns1) coding segment and one or more base substitution in the matrix membrane protein coding segment.
The University Of Hong Kong

 Attenuated influenza vaccines and uses thereof patent thumbnailAttenuated influenza vaccines and uses thereof
Provided herein are attenuated influenza viruses and methods of making attenuated influenza viruses.. .
University Of Rochester

 Protein matrix vaccines and related methods of making and administering such vaccines patent thumbnailProtein matrix vaccines and related methods of making and administering such vaccines
The invention relates to vaccine compositions having a carrier protein and an antigen of interest entrapped in a complex, methods of making such vaccines, and methods of vaccine administration.. .
President And Fellows Of Harvard College


Polysaccharide-protein conjugate vaccines

Methods for synthesis and manufacture of polysaccharide-protein conjugate vaccines at high yield are provided. The methods involve reaction of a hydrazide group on one reactant with an aldehyde or cyanate ester group on the other reactant.
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health And Human Serv


Vaccination with recombinant mycobacterium tuberculosis pknd attenuates bacterial dissemination to the brain

Vaccines comprising mycobacterium tuberculosis (m. Tuberculosis) pknd sensor polypeptides, compositions, kits, and methods of use for treating central nervous system tuberculosis are disclosed.
The Johns Hopkins University


Vaccines against pregnancy-associated malaria

The present invention relates to combinations of polypeptides or of polynucleotides corresponding to a specific region of the n-terminal portion of the var2csa protein of different parasitic families or lines of plasmodium falciparum, and to their use in the prevention of pregnancy-associated malaria. The invention also relates to immunogenic compositions and to vaccines useful for preventing malaria in pregnant women..
Institut De Recherche Pour Le DÉvelopment (ird)


Hydrophobic preparations

The present invention relates to preparations of substances in hydrophobic solvents in which they would not normally be soluble and to processes for obtaining these preparations. In particular, the invention relates to preparations of hydrophilic species in hydrophobic solvents such as oils.
Vaxcine Ltd.


Bioinformatic processes for determination of peptide binding

This invention relates to the identification of peptide binding to ligands, and in particular to identification of epitopes expressed by microorganisms and by mammalian cells. The present invention provides polypeptides comprising the epitopes, and vaccines, antibodies and diagnostic products that utilize or are developed using the epitopes..
Iogenetics, Llc


Attenuated african swine fever virus vaccine based in the deletion of mgf genes

African swine fever virus (asfv) is the etiological agent of a contagious and often lethal viral disease of domestic pigs. Control of asf has been hampered by the unavailability of vaccines.
The University Of Connecticut


Nucleic acid molecules encoding novel herpes antigens, vaccine comprising the same, and methods of use thereof

Provided herein are nucleic acid sequences that encode novel consensus amino acid sequences of herpes virus antigens, as well as genetic constructs/vectors and vaccines expressing the sequences. Also provide herein are methods for generating an immune response against herpes virus using the vaccines that are provided..
The Thustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania


Hand, foot, and mouth vaccines and methods of manufacture and use thereof

The present disclosure relates to hand, foot, and mouth disease vaccines and immunogenic compositions having one or more antigens from at least one virus that causes hand, foot, and mouth disease in humans, and methods of manufacture, formulation, and testing, and uses thereof.. .
Takeda Vaccines, Inc.


Chimeric infectious dna clones, chimeric porcine circoviruses and uses thereof

The present invention relates to infectious dna clones, infectious chimeric dna clones of porcine circovirus (pcv), vaccines and means of protecting pigs against viral infection or postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome (pmws) caused by pcv2. The new chimeric infectious dna clone and its derived, avirulent chimeric virus are constructed from the nonpathogenic pcv1 in which the immunogenic orf gene of the pathogenic pcv2 replaces a gene of the nonpathogenic pcv1, preferably in the same position.
Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.


Compositions and methods for administration of vaccines against dengue virus

Embodiments of the present invention report compositions and methods for vaccinating a subject against dengue viruses. In some embodiments, vaccine compositions may be administered by intradermal introduction.
Takeda Vaccines, Inc.


Targeting dna vaccines to b cells as primary antigen presenting cells

It is disclosed herein that b cells, not dendritic cells or myeloid-derived populations, are primary human antigen presenting cells for plasmid dna. Based on this finding, improved methods and compositions for administering dna vaccines are disclosed.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


Method of processing a veterinary tumor vaccine and a veterinary tumor vaccine processing kit

The present invention provides methods for preparing and administering a tumor vaccine. The processes include resecting tumors and isolating tumor cells, followed by treatment with ultraviolet radiation to activate the tumor cells.


Predicting immunogenicity of t cell epitopes

The present invention relates to methods for predicting t cell epitopes. In particular, the present invention relates to methods for predicting whether modifications in peptides or polypeptides such as tumor-associated neoantigens are immunogenic or not.


Composition comprised of antigen linked to a tnf superfamily ligand

The invention provides fusion proteins comprising antigens of infectious disease agents and cancer cells linked to multiple-trimer forms of tnf superfamily (tnfsf) ligands. The tnfsfs serve as vaccine adjuvants for increasing the immune response to the antigens.


Recombinant rsv antigens

This disclosure provides recombinant respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) antigens and methods for making and using them, including immunogenic compositions (e.g., vaccines) for the treatment and/or prevention of rsv infection.. .
Glaxosmithkline Biologicals, S.a.


Therapeutic hpv16 vaccines

Provided is designer nucleic acid constructs and polypeptides that can be used as therapeutic vaccines against hpv16.. .
Crucell Holland B.v.


Method for producing beta-hematin crystal comprising step of heating

This invention provides a method of preparing a β-hematin crystal comprising a step of heating, the β-hematin crystal obtained by such method, and a vaccine adjuvant composition containing the β-hematin crystal. The β-hematin crystal has a needle-like morphology, it has an average particle size of 0.6 to 1.2 μm, and it exhibits main peaks characteristics for angles of diffraction (2θ) of 7.4°, 12.2°, 21.6°, and 24.1° in an x-ray diffraction pattern obtained by powder x-ray diffractometry with cu—kα rays (with each peak including a plus-minus 0.2° diffraction angle)..
Nippon Zenyaku Kogyo Co., Ltd.


Vaccine stabilizer

Wherein r1, r2, and r3 may be identical or different and each is a straight or branched lower alkyl group having from 1 to 4 carbon atoms; an inorganic salt; glutamic acid or a salt thereof; a polyol; a physiologically acceptable buffer, and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier. The tertiary amine n-oxide may be trimethylamine-n-oxide, (ch3)3no.


Fish vaccine

A composition comprising a translocation sequence derived from a fish pathogen and a heterologous payload coupled to the translocation sequence is provided. The composition is able to translocate across the plasma membrane of a eukaryotic cell, for example a fish cell, and thus stimulate an immune response.
The University Court Of The University Of Aberdeen


Attenuated swine influenza vaccines and methods of making and use thereof

This disclosure provides attenuated swine influenza strains, particularly those produced via a reverse genetics approach, compositions comprising same, and methods of production and use thereof. The attenuated strains are engineered to encode ha proteins having additional glycosylation sites, relative to the ha proteins encoded by the corresponding virulent parental viruses.
Merial Inc.


Modified endotoxic bacteria lipopolysaccharide (variants), combination of modified lipopolysaccharides (variants) and, containing same, a vaccine (variants) and a pharmaceutical composition (variants)

The modified s-lps and combinations thereof have high safety profile and provide low pyrogenicity and high immunogenicity. Developed on their basis vaccines and pharmaceutical compositions demonstrate anti-shock activity, high efficiency and specificity, broad-spectrum action and also good chemical-pharmaceutical parameters..


Methods of using microneedle vaccine formulations to elicit in animals protective immunity against rabies virus

The present invention relates to microneedle vaccine formulations, as well as methods of use thereof to provide animals, including canines, protective immunity against infection and disease caused by rabies viruses. Once placed onto the skin of the animals, the microneedle formulations dissolve quickly into the surrounding skin, where the antigens then elicit in the animals high and protective levels of rabies virus neutralizing antibodies..
Merial, Inc.


Synthetic oligosaccharide subunits of the psl exopolysaccharide of pseudomonas aeruginosa and uses thereof

This disclosure relates to synthetic oligosaccharide subunits of the pseudomonas exosaccharide psi and uses thereof, e.g., for epitope mapping of anti-psl antibodies, for identification of anti-psl antibodies, and for use as vaccines. In one aspect a synthetic oligosaccharide subunit of a pseudomonas aeruginosa psl oligosaccharide is provided, comprising the trisaccharide of formula i..
The University Of Georgia Research Foundation


Aluminum compounds for use in therapeutics and vaccines

The invention relates to means and methods for preparing aqueous composition comprising aluminium and a protein said composition comprising less than 700 ppm heavy metal on the basis of weight with respect to the aluminium content. The invention further relates to aqueous compositions comprising a protein and an aluminium-salt, said composition comprising less than 350 ppb heavy metal based on the weight of the aqueous composition..
Valneva Austria Gmbh


Nucleic acid molecule encoding hepatitis b virus core protein and surface antigen protein and vaccine comprising the same

Provided herein are nucleic acid sequences encoding hepatitis b virus (hbv) core proteins, surface antigen proteins, fragments and combinations thereof as well as genetic constructs/vectors and vaccines that express said protein sequences. These vaccines are able to induce an immune response peripherally and in the liver by recruiting both cellular and humoral agents.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania


Pan-lyssavirus vaccines against rabies

Described herein are recombinant rabies viruses encoding rabies virus glycoprotein and at least one heterologous glycoprotein from another lyssavirus, such as mokola virus, lagos bat virus and/or west caucasian bat virus. In particular embodiments, the recombinant rabies virus includes two or three heterologous lyssavirus glycoproteins.
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health And Human Serv


Therapies, vaccines, and predictive methods for filoviruses including ebolavirus and marburg virus

The present invention provides therapies, vaccines, and predictive methods for filoviruses, including ebolaviruses and marburg viruses, and provides compounds for diagnosing, preventing, and treating outbreaks of filoviruses.. .


Novel surface exposed haemophilus influenza protein (protein e; pe)

The present invention relates to a surface exposed protein (protein e; pe), a virulence factor, which can be detected in haemophilus influenzae, having an amino acid sequence as described in seq id no 1, an immunogenic fragment of said surface exposed protein, and a recombinant immunogenic protein (pe(a)) or truncated variants thereof based on said surface exposed protein. Nucleic acid sequences, vaccines, plasmids and phages, non human hosts, recombinant nucleic acid sequences, fusion proteins and fusion products are also described.


Targets and compositions for use in decontamination, immunoprophylaxis, and post-exposure therapy against anthrax

The present invention relates to the decontamination of anthrax spores, prophylaxis and treatment of anthrax infections and, more particularly, to compounds that act as specific inhibitors of b. Anthracis germination/outgrowth-associated proteins, methods and means for making such inhibitors and their use as pharmaceuticals and/or vaccines.
Altimmune Inc.


Imp-3 epitope peptides for th1 cells and vaccines containing the same

Isolated imp-3-derived epitope peptides having th1 cell inducibility are disclosed herein. Such peptides can be recognized by mhc class ii molecules and induce th1 cells.
Oncotherapy Science, Inc.


Interleukin-13 receptor alpha 2 peptide-based brain cancer vaccines

Provided herein are interleukin-13 receptor α2 peptide-based brain cancer vaccines and methods for treating and vaccinating against brain cancer comprising administering to patients in need thereof interleukin-13 receptor α2 peptide-based brain cancer vaccines. Also provided herein are regimens comprising interleukin-13 receptor α2 peptides and at least one additional peptide and/or immunostimulant..
University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education


Recombinant vaccinia virus derived from kvac103 strain

Disclosed herein is a novel recombinant virus vector derived from the attenuated vaccinia virus strain kvac103. The recombinant virus vector is obtained by inserting an exogenous gene into the kvac103 and may be used as a safe vaccine delivery vehicle in mammals.


Mdck-derived cell strain suspension-cultured in protein-free medium and proliferating virus using cell strain

The present invention relates to a novel mdck-derived cell line capable of being suspension-cultured in a protein-free medium and a method for proliferating a virus using the mdck-derived cell line to produce a vaccine. The novel mdck-derived cell line exhibits high and uniform productivity for various viruses, while causing less viral antigenic variations with low tumorigenicity, and thus can be useful in producing viruses used for vaccines..


Vaccines against hepatitis b virus

A pharmaceutical composition comprising at least two peptides of from 15 to 60 amino acids in length, selected from peptides comprising a sequence of at least 15 contiguous amino acids of one of the sequences shown in seq id nos: 1 to 4 or of a sequence having at least 80% identity to one of the sequences shown in seq id nos: to 4, wherein each peptide comprises at least one cd8+ t-cell epitope and/or at least one cd4+ t-cell epitope and wherein each peptide elicits a response in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (pbmc) from at least one chronically infected hbv individual in an 10 in vitroassay.. .


Adaptation of attenuated infectious bronchitis virus (ibv) to embryonic kidney cells and vaccine thereby produced

Disclosed are methods for preparing a vaccine against infection by infectious bronchitis virus (ibv). The methods typically include passing a heterogeneous attenuated population of ibv in chicken embryonic kidney cells, and optionally may include further passaging the heterogeneous attenuated population of ibv in embryonated chicken eggs (ece) in order to obtain passaged attenuated population of ibv.


Vaccines against pathogenic escherichia coli and methods of using the same

Provided herein are compositions and methods for vaccinating against infection with pathogenic escherichia coli (e. Coli).


Novel immunogenic proteins of leptospira

The invention provides novel immunogenic proteins liga and ligb from leptospira for use in the development of effective vaccines and antibodies, as well as improved diagnostic methods and kits.. .


Dendritic cell compositions and methods

Methods are provided for the production of dendritic cells from monocytes that have been incubated at a temperature of 1° c.-34° c. For a period of approximately 6 to 96 hours from the time they are isolated from a subject.


Modulating regulatory t cell activity via interleukin 35

Methods for regulating t cell function in a subject, particularly regulatory t cell activity are provided. Methods of the invention include administering to a subject a therapeutically effective amount of an interleukin 35-specific binding agent, such as an antibody or small molecule inhibitor.


Nonlinear saccharide conjugates

This specification is directed to nonlinear saccharide conjugates that comprise polysaccharides that are linked to at least two peptides that comprise t-cell epitopes and have no conformational b-cell epitopes where one of the peptides is linked to an internal saccharide so that the conjugates have a branched (i.e., nonlinear) structure. The specification also provides methods of manufacturing these conjugates, methods of formulating these conjugates in compositions for use as vaccines and methods of using the compositions to induce an immune response to the capsular saccharide.


Melk epitope peptides and vaccines containing the same

According to the present invention, peptides having the amino acid sequence of seq id nos: 14, 21, 23, 27, 36, 46, 57, 60 and 62 were demonstrated to have cytotoxic t lymphocyte (ctl) inducibility. Therefore, the present invention provides a peptide having the amino acid sequence selected from among seq id nos: 14, 21, 23, 27, 36, 46, 57, 60 and 62.


Compositions and methods for personalized neoplasia vaccines

The invention provides a method of making a personalized neoplasia vaccine for a subject diagnosed as having a neoplasia, which includes identifying a plurality of mutations in the neoplasia, analyzing the plurality of mutations to identify a subset of at least five neo-antigenic mutations predicted to encode neo-antigenic peptides, the neo-antigenic mutations selected from the group consisting of missense mutations, neoorf mutations, and any combination thereof, and producing, based on the identified subset, a personalized neoplasia vaccine.. .


Breast cancer vaccine

Compositions and methods for immunization against human breast cancer are disclosed. A breast cancer vaccine comprises an immunogenic polypeptide comprising human α-lactalbumin..


Polyvalent chimeric ospc vaccinogen and diagnostic antigen

Chimeric polyvalent recombinant proteins for use as vaccines and diagnostics for lyme disease (e.g. In canines and humans) are provided.
Virginia Commonwealth University


Rapid, efficient purification of hsv-specific t-lymphocytes and hsv antigens identified via same

A method of identifying an immunologically active antigen of a virus that attacks skin, as well as a method of enriching a population of lymphocytes for t lymphocytes that are specific to a virus that attacks skin. Also provided are hsv antigens and epitopes that are useful for the prevention and treatment of hsv infection that have been identified via the methods of the invention.
University Of Washington


Dps fusion proteins for use in vaccines and diagnostics

Novel nanoparticle fusion proteins comprising proteins or peptides fused to dps (dna binding protein from starved cells) proteins are provided which bring forth distinct advantages for development of new and improved vaccines, diagnostic tests, and other biomedical products.. .
Kj Biosciences Llc


Controlled release vaccines and methods of treating brucella diseases and disorders

Methods and compositions for the treatment of brucella induced diseases and disorders are disclosed herein. In preferred embodiments, the invention relates to vaccines.
The Texas A&m University System


Methods and compositions for inducing protective immunity against human immunodeficiency virus infection

Compositions, vaccines and methods for inducing protective immunity against human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) infection are described. Heterologous vaccine combinations of one or more viral expression vectors and an isolated antigenic polypeptide induced strong protective immunity against infections by one or multiple clades of hiv..
Crucell Holland B.v.


Nanodisk-associated immunogen super polyvalent vaccines

Disclosed are compositions of matter consisting of collections of nanodisks associated with polypeptide immunogens. Each said collection contains multiple epitopes of at least one immunogen.
Shiva Science & Technology Group Llc


Compositions containing ambient-temperature stable, inactivated but therapeutically active biopharmaceuticals & methods for formulation thereof

The disclosure concerns compositions containing inactivated but therapeutically active biopharmaceuticals, and methods for formulation thereof. Biopharmaceuticals are encapsulated and immobilized in dry amorphous carbohydrate-glass and irradiated for inactivation while in the dry state.
Universal Stabilization Technologies, Inc.


Genetically modified yersinia as vaccines against yersinia species

Recombinant attenuated y. Pseudotuberculosis mutants have been created that show efficacy as oral vaccines against plague caused by y.
Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University


Correlates of efficacy relating to tumor vaccines

The invention relates to methods and compositions for causing the selective targeting and killing of tumor cells. Through a combination of ex vivo gene therapy protocols and cell enchment, tumor cells are engineered to express an α (1,3)galactosyl epitope and optionally the tumor associated antigens mesothelin and carcinoembryonic antigen.
Newlink Genetics Corporation


Enzymatic process for the production of mannosylerythritol lipids from lignocellulosic materials

The present invention relates to processes for the production of microbial glycolipids, mannosylerythritol lipids (mel), from lignocellulosic carbon source. These processes are characterized in that the use of lignocellulosic materials for the production of a microbial glycolipids, mel, comprising a fermentation preferably using fungi of the genus pseudozyma or other microorganisms such as genetically modified fungi or bacteria.
LaboratÓrio Nacional De Energia E Geologia


Novel vaccines against apicomplexan pathogens

The technology provided herein generally relates to novel fusion proteins suitable as human and/or animal vaccines against parasites or pathogens of the phylum apicomplexa. In particular, the present disclosure relates to novel fusion proteins as a basis for vaccines against plasmodium parasites, including p.
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur FÖrderung Der Angew Andten Forschung E.v.


Attenuated african swine fever virus strain induces protection against challenge with homologous virulent parental virus georgia 2007 isolate

African swine fever virus (asfv) is the etiological agent of a contagious and often lethal viral disease of domestic pigs that has significant economic consequences for swine breeding. Control of asf has been hampered by the unavailability of vaccines.
The University Of Connecticut


Neisserial vaccine compositions comprising a combination of antigens

The present invention relates to immunogenic compositions and vaccines for the treatment and prevention of neisserial disease. Immunogenic compositions of the invention contain combinations of antigens selected from at least two different classes of antigens including adhesins, autotransporter proteins, toxins, iron acquisitions proteins and membrane-associated protein (preferably integral outer membrane protein)s.
Glaxosmithkline Biologicals S.a.


Mucinous glycoprotein (muc-1) vaccine

The present invention provides a method for treating an individual who is afflicted with a cancer, such as non-small cell lung cancer or prostate cancer, by administering to that individual a muc-1 based formulation. The formulation may be a muc-1 based liposomal vaccine formulation..
Oncothyreon Inc.


Allogeneic autophagosome-enriched composition for the treatment of disease

A method is presented for screening cells that produce allogeneic autophagosome enriched compositions able to induce expression of a selective marker on a subpopulation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells, the method comprising contacting a cell with a proteasome inhibitor, contacting the cell with a lysosome inhibitor, harvesting the resulting autophagosomes, determining a molecular signature of the harvested autophagosomes, and selecting cells that divert one or more toll-like receptor agonist and/or one or more molecular chaperones to the harvested autophagosomes. By screening for cells that divert one or more toll-like receptor agonist and/or one or more molecular chaperones to the harvested autophagosomes, enriched populations of autophagosomes may be generated which may illicit a specific immune response against numerous cancer types.
Ubivac, Llc


Thermosensitive mutants of influenza viruses

The invention relates to thermosensitive mutants of influenza viruses, containing at least one mutation localised in a flexible region of a protein of said virus, such as especially the region of the sub-unit pa of the viral polymerase corresponding to the region 197-225 of the sub-unit pa of influenza a. These viruses can be especially used for preparing attenuated living vaccines..
Institut National De La Recherche Agronomique


Nanoemulsion influenza vaccine

The present invention relates to methods for inducing an immune response to influenza in a subject comprising administering a nanoemulsion vaccine composition comprising an influenza immunogen or protein.. .
Nanobio Corporation


Recombinant subunit dengue virus vaccine

The present invention provides dengue virus vaccines and immunogenic compositions for administration to human subjects. The vaccine compositions of the present invention comprise recombinantly produced monomeric and/or dimeric forms of truncated dengue virus envelope glycoprotein that, when formulated together with an adjuvant and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, induce balanced tetravalent immune responses.
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.


Infectious dna vaccines against chikungunya virus

Described herein are i-dna™ vectors and vaccines and methods for using the same. The i-dna™ generates live attenuated vaccines in eukaryotic cells in vitro or in vivo for pathogenic rna viruses, particularly chikungunya virus (chikv).
Medigen, Inc.


Staphylococcus live cell vaccines

Staphylococcus aureus protein a variants, defective in immunoglobulin binding, elicit protective immunity against staphylococcal disease. The present invention includes methods for preventing or ameliorating staphylococcal infections, particularly hospital acquired nosocomial infections.
The University Of Chicago


Oral vaccine for borrelia

The present invention relates to vaccines for control of borrelia infections in animal and human populations. In particular, the present invention provides compositions and methods comprising recombinant bacteria engineered to express one or more borrelia burgdorferi antigens for use as lyme disease vaccines.
Biopeptides, Corporation


Peptide vaccine for prevention and immunotherapy of dementia of the alzheimer's type

The present disclosure is directed to individual aβ peptide immunogen constructs, peptide compositions comprising these aβ peptide immunogen constructs and mixtures thereof, pharmaceutical compositions including vaccine formulations comprising these aβ peptide immunogen constructs, with the individual aβ peptide immunogen constructs having the n-terminus of the aβ peptide as the b cell (b) epitopes linked through spacer residue(s) to heterologous t helper cell (th) epitopes derived from pathogen proteins that act together to stimulate the generation of highly specific antibodies directed against the n-terminus of the aβ peptide offering protective immune responses to patients at risk for, or with, alzheimer's disease.. .
United Biomedical, Inc.


Vaccines with biomolecular adjuvants

Disclosed herein is a vaccine comprising an antigen and one or more bimolecular adjuvant. Also disclosed herein are methods for increasing an immune response in a subject.


Generating peptoid vaccines

The present invention provides for methods of identifying peptoid mimetics that will mimic b cell epitopes when delivered as vaccine compositions. One aspects of the invention is the use of monoclonal antibody that is broadly protective to select the mimetics, thereby identifying an epitope from a pathogen or other disease-causing agent that will be common among most or all variants of that pathogen or agent..
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System


E1e2 hcv vaccines and methods of use

The present disclosure provides immunogenic compositions comprising hcv e1, e2, or e1/e2 polypeptides from two or more different hcv genotypes. The present disclosure provides immunogenic compositions comprising hcv e2 or e1/e2 polypeptides from two or more different hcv genotypes.
The Governors Of The University Of Alberta


Viral proteins as immunomodulatory agents and vaccine components

The invention provides compositions and methods involving viral envelope polypeptides and peptides for use in modulating immune responses, including inhibition inflammation related to pathogenic t-cell activation. In addition, modification of the viral sequences responsible for modulating immune response provides for improved vaccine formulations..
The University Of Iowa Reseach Foundation


Herpes virus vaccines and treatments

Provided herein are vaccine compositions and methods of their use in treating or preventing herpes diseases.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California


Recombinant neuraminidase and uses thereof

A recombinant neuraminidase based on amino acid sequence (seq id no: 1) of wild-type ph1n1-na (a/texas/05/2009) influenza virus is provided. The recombinant neuraminidase of the present invention has an ectodomain with an amino acid sequence essentially identical to seq id no: 1 and replaced at specific positions 149, 344, 365 and 366 residue(s) with corresponding amino acids of other influenza viruses.
National Tsing Hua Univerisity


Omv vaccines

The invention is in the field of outer membrane vesicles (omv) and their uses. More particularly the present invention provides omv obtained from a bacterium being an ompa mutant and/or a mutant in one or more components of the tolpal complex and presenting a heterologous antigen on its surface.
Novartis Ag


Novel vaccine formulation for ocular immunization

The present invention relates generally to the field of ocular therapeutics and the development thereof for use in humans and animals including mammals and birds. More particularly, it relates to subunit vaccines that are effective against pathogens causing infections thereof for use in humans and animals including mammals and birds.
Medizinische UniversitÄt Wien


Method for treating pancreatic cancer with toxoplasma gondii vaccine

Attenuated toxoplasma gondii mutants and methods using the same as vaccines in the prevention or treatment pancreatic cancer are provided.. .
Trustees Of Dartmouth College

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