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Display apparatus

Lg Display

Display apparatus

Data card and data interaction system


Data card and data interaction system

Data card and data interaction system


Dual band wireless local area network (wlan) transceiver

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ver-related patents
 Server device patent thumbnailServer device
A server device includes a server rack having a front opening, a network switch device disposed in the server rack, a plurality of server computers stacked in the server rack, and a plurality of signal cables located at the front opening of the server rack. The network switch device includes a plurality of first i/o ports located at the front opening of the server rack.
Quanta Computer Inc.

 Display apparatus patent thumbnailDisplay apparatus
Disclosed is a display apparatus which does not use some elements of cases and set cover members necessary for producing the display apparatus and thus can minimize a thickness and enhance a sense of beauty with an innovative design. The display apparatus includes a display panel, a panel supporting member, an adhesive member, a guide frame, and a cover member.
Lg Display Co., Ltd.

 Data card and data interaction system patent thumbnailData card and data interaction system
Disclosed is a data card, comprising a casing, a pcb and a main antenna arranged in the internal cavity of the casing, and an adapter fixedly connected to the casing. The data card also comprises a metal rotating shaft for an adapter which is arranged in the casing and electrically connected to the adapter.
Zte Corporation

 Dual band wireless local area network (wlan) transceiver patent thumbnailDual band wireless local area network (wlan) transceiver
Dual band wireless local area network (wlan) transceiver. A wireless communication device includes at least two different transceivers (or radios) therein to effectuate communications with other wireless communication devices using at least two respective frequency bands.
Broadcom Corporation

 Methods and  using wlan chips to support communications in licensed frequency bands patent thumbnailMethods and using wlan chips to support communications in licensed frequency bands
Methods and apparatus for using wlan chips, e.g., wifi communications chips, to support communications in licensed frequency spectrum which is located outside unlicensed frequency spectrum available for unlicensed wifi communications, are described. Through the use of low cost wifi communications chips in frequency bands for which they were not originally intended, low cost communication is achieved in licensed frequency bands.
Proxim Wireless Corporation

 Method and  facilitating the coexistence of wireless communications of different wireless communication technologies patent thumbnailMethod and facilitating the coexistence of wireless communications of different wireless communication technologies
A first wireless communication device including a first transceiver and a second transceiver. The first transceiver is configured to transmit first signals according to a first wireless communication technology.
Marvell World Trade Ltd.

 Radio link establishment method, apparatus, and system patent thumbnailRadio link establishment method, apparatus, and system
Embodiments of the present invention relate to the communications field, and provide a radio link establishment method, apparatus, and system, which are used to save radio link overhead. The method includes: determining a first supporting user equipment ue; determining a first beneficial ue served by the first supporting ue; configuring synthesis layer information of the first supporting ue and first synthetic bearer information of the first supporting ue for the first supporting ue according to radio bearer information of the first beneficial ue; configuring synthesis layer information of the first beneficial ue for the first beneficial ue according to the radio bearer information of the first beneficial ue; and configuring synthesis layer information of the base station according to the radio bearer information of the first beneficial ue.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Method and  transmitting backhaul link information patent thumbnailMethod and transmitting backhaul link information
Disclosed are a method and an apparatus for transmitting backhaul link information. A method for acquiring backhaul link state information for a station (sta) may comprise the steps of: an sta transmitting, to an access point (ap), a generic advertisement service (gas) request frame requesting a backhaul link state information of the ap; the sta receiving, as a response to the gas request frame, a gas response frame comprising backhaul link state information, wherein the gas request frame is a frame transmitted by an sta, before an authentication or an association procedure and after a scanning procedure of the ap, to request availability-related information of a network to be accessed by the sta, and the backhaul link state information can comprise information regarding the load of a backhaul link linking network apparatuses other the ap and the sta..
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Communication system for vehicle-to-environment communication patent thumbnailCommunication system for vehicle-to-environment communication
In a communication system for vehicle-to-environment communication, data to be transmitted is transmitted wirelessly as data packets. The system includes a communication unit and an application unit which are in contact with one another via an internal communication link, the communication unit having a high-frequency antenna and a transceiver for physical data transmission, in addition to a data processor for controlling the physical transmission.
Continental Automotive Gmbhß

 Wireless communication terminal, communication method, program, information processing apparatus and distribution server patent thumbnailWireless communication terminal, communication method, program, information processing apparatus and distribution server
A wireless communication terminal, includes: a plurality of communication interfaces each of which corresponds to at least one of a plurality of wireless access schemes; a first unit for displaying information representing the plurality of wireless access schemes as a list in accordance with a priority order; and a second unit for communicating using a communication interface corresponding to a wireless access scheme selected from the list.. .
Nec Corporation


Handover signaling for beamforming communications

A first base station receives a first message comprising one or more parameters indicating whether a wireless device supports configuration of a number of channel state information (csi) processes. The first base station transmits at least one second message comprising configuration parameters of csi reference signals.
Ofinno Technologies, Llc


Detection of early inter-radio access technology (irat) handover triggering

A device detects poor coverage associated with a source radio access technology (rat) with which the device is connected, and connects to a target rat. The device also measures the source rat for a time period after connecting to the target rat, and sends, based on the measurements, one or more measurement reports to the target rat, where the target rat forwards the one or more measurement reports to the source rat.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Techniques for executing a handoff profile between telecommunications networks

Examples are disclosed for executing a handoff profile for a hybrid mobile device. Communication link handoff logic may be executed by a processor component to detect an 802.11 network access point while in a communication session between a mobile device and a call server over a cellular communication link.
Bandwidth.com, Inc.


Assistance information for evolved node b (enb) parameter tuning

Technology for providing core network assistance information from a mobility management entity (mme) in an evolved packet core (epc) is disclosed. An average radio resource control (rrc) connected state time for a ue is determined.
Intel Ip Corporation


Method and device for determining target cell

Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method and a device for determining a target cell. The method includes: acquiring information about a candidate cell for a mobile terminal; and determining the candidate cell as a target cell for the mobile terminal if the candidate cell is a preferred cell determined according to cell statistic information, where the cell statistic information includes: specific information about a cell having served the mobile terminal and specific information about the mobile terminal in the cell having served the mobile terminal.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Methods and use in facilitating the communication of neighboring network information to a mobile terminal with use of a radius compatible protocol

A disclosed example method for requesting neighboring network information from a device involves encoding a request for neighboring network information and sending the request to an authentication server to obtain the neighboring network information. The example method also involves receiving a response to the request, retrieving the neighboring network information contained in the response, and decoding the neighboring network information.
Blackberry Limited


Beamforming handover messaging in a wireless network

A first base station transmits a message to a second base station after a handover decision for a wireless device supporting beamforming and multiple carrier configurations. The message includes a plurality of measurement configuration parameters for the wireless device.
Ofinno Technologies, Llc


Method and performing handover of carrier aggregation mobile station

A method of a base station (bs) of a carrier aggregation (ca) is provided. The method includes determining whether a mobile station (ms) concurrently uses a first cell associated with a first carrier frequency and a second cell associated with a second carrier frequency, and controlling a handover of the ms using a measurement configuration set corresponding to a result of the determination among a plurality of measurement configuration sets that are set for each of handover related events..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Registration of radio network change based title of the invention on a cs fallback mechanism

A method for the switchover of a mobile terminal device from a first radio network of a mobile radio system to a second radio network is described. The switchover is carried out on the basis of a cs fallback mechanism, and whereby, on the basis of the switchover, the mobile terminal device logs on to a base station of the second radio network in order to establish a connection.
Vodafone Holding Gmbh


Techniques for executing a handoff profile between telecommunications networks

Examples are disclosed for executing a handoff profile for a mobile device. Communication link handoff logic may be executed by a processor to detect an 802.11 network access point and register the mobile device with a call server over the 802.11 network access point.
Bandwidth.com, Inc.


Method, device, and system for returning to long term evolution lte network

The present invention discloses a method, a device, and a system for returning to an lte network. The method of the present invention includes: after a csfb service of a ue ends, receiving, by a base station, a plmn id of an lte network with which the ue registers, where the plmn id is sent by a serving msc/vlr of the ue; determining lte frequency band information according to the plmn id; and sending, to the ue, a connection release message that includes the lte frequency band information, so that the ue returns to an lte plmn corresponding to a plmn id with which the ue previously registers, thereby ensuring continuity of a ps service, avoiding an unnecessary inter-plmn handover..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Mobile communication system, first base station, mobile station, and communication mobile communication system

Provided is a mobile communication system in which a first base station included in a first access network initiatively performs a handover from the first base station to a second base station, the second base station determines the availability of the handover for each flow, and notifies the first base station of the determination result, the first base station transmits a flow for which the handover is determined to be possible to the second base station, and the second base station transmits the transmitted flow to a mobile station. Thus, in the handover of the mobile station in which data transmission is performed between the base stations in access systems, a handover destination access system determines a communication flow to be handed over and a communication flow to be handed over, and the switching and data transmission between the access networks are performed, based on the determination result..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Method and mobile terminal mobility

A method, apparatus and computer program product are provided herein to enable a current release timer value to be transferred to a target access point (e.g. Target cell) in an instance in which a mobile terminal is performing a handover or has recently attached to a target access point.
Nokia Technologies Oy


Direct handover

A direct handover method and device are provided. The method comprises: receiving a handover message sent by a source side access network node; selecting a destination side core network node, and sending a handover message to the destination side core network node, so that the destination side core network node obtains context information of a ue from a source side core network node; receiving a handover acknowledge message sent by the destination side core network node.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Methods and enabling load steering in heterogeneous radio access networks

According to a first aspect there is provided a method of enabling load steering between a 3rd generation partnership project (3gpp) radio access network (ran) and a wi-fi ran. The method comprises, at a server, generating overlap information associating one or more cells of the 3gpp ran with one or more access points (ap) of the wi-fi ran, wherein a cell of the 3gpp ran is associated with an ap of the wi-fi ran if it is determined that the cell overlaps with an area covered by the ap.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Reducing core network traffic caused by migrant users

A method and apparatus for reducing core network traffic caused by migrant users of a public wireless network are described including receiving a dhcp discover request from a wireless client device, determining if there are enough ip addresses available to assign one of the plurality of ip addresses to the wireless client device, transmitting a dhcp acknowledgement including the assigned ip address and a lease duration to the wireless client device, determining if a lease timeout has occurred, releasing the assigned ip address if the lease timeout has occurred, receiving a first hypertext transfer protocol (http) request or first hypertext transfer protocol secure (https) request from the wireless client device, transmitting a media access control (mac) pre-authentication request from the wireless client to an authentication, authorization and accounting (aaa) server, receiving a mac pre-authentication response from the aaa server and providing access to the internet via the wireless client device.. .
Thompson Licensing


Efficient use of reference symbol resources in a hierarchical heterogeneous cell deployment

Techniques for collecting channel-state-information (csi) feedback in a wireless network that comprises a plurality of geographically separated transmission points include methods in which a set of csi reference symbol (csi-rs) resources are identified, which correspond to the union of csi-rs resources used by multiple transmission points in the primary transmission point's coverage area. A mobile station is configured to measure csi-rs on a subset of the csi-rs resources, the subset corresponding to csi-rs resources used by a subset of the transmission points.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


User equipment handover error reporting

Embodiments described herein relate generally to a user equipment (“ue”) that is to transmit a handover error report to an access node. An access node may use information in the handover error report to adjust configurations for parameters that are used to make handover decisions.


Method for collecting information by electronic device and electronic device therefor

A method of an electronic device and a method of a server are provided. The method of the electronic device includes receiving a broadcast signal broadcast by another electronic device via a wireless communication; determining, based on the received broadcast signal, a number of times the another electronic device has been detected; and sending a request for information to the another electronic device, based on the determined number of times the another electronic device has been detected.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Crowd sourcing strategy to minimize system bias

Systems, apparatus and methods for deriving a heatmap in a server are presented. A heatmap is formed from sensor measurements and/or wireless signal strength measurements that have been grouped.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Mobile device management

Methods and apparatuses that enroll a wireless device into an enterprise service with a management server addressed in a management profile are described. The enrollment may grant a control of configurations of the wireless device to the management server via the management profile.
Apple Inc.


Cloud hosted multimedia file handling on mobile devices

A method for handling a cloud hosted multimedia file on mobile devices includes receiving a message with a link to multimedia file, extracting the link and determining an address of multimedia server, contacting the multimedia server to determine a file type and determining whether the file type is supported.. .
Mediafriends, Inc.


Mobile communication terminal, communication method, and communication system

A mobile communication terminal used in a communication system in which audio based on an audio signal transmitted from a given mobile communication terminal having speaking rights is output from another mobile communication terminal, the given mobile communication terminal being selected by a server storing priority rank information indicating a priority rank pertaining to acquisition of the speaking rights for each of a plurality of mobile communication terminals, the mobile communication terminal including a rank signal receiver receiving, from the server, a priority rank signal based on the priority rank information stored by the server and indicating the priority rank for at least a subset of the mobile communication terminals and a display displaying a terminal priority rank based on the priority rank signal when the rank signal receiver receives the priority rank signal.. .
Kyocera Corporation


Content geofencing

Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for invitational content geofencing. A system first sends, to a server location data associated with the system, the location data being calculated at the system.
Apple Inc.


Radio access system, controlling apparatus, and terminal apparatus

A radio access system includes a controlling apparatus that when the terminal apparatuses to which delivery data is to be delivered are concentrated in a particular area, groups the terminal apparatuses as a terminal apparatus group, selects a representative server terminal apparatus from the terminal apparatuses, creates data map information indicating a delivery rule for delivering the delivery data from the representative server terminal apparatus to another terminal apparatus, adds information for identification of the representative server terminal apparatus to the data map information, transmits the group information and the data map information to the terminal apparatuses, and instructs a delivery data server to deliver the delivery data to the representative server terminal apparatus; and a terminal apparatus that obtains the delivery data by communicating, in accordance with the received data map information, with the another terminal apparatus within the terminal apparatus group included in the received group information.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Method and apparatus to switch between network-based and mobile-based positioning modes

Systems, methods and apparatus for using positioning modes including mobile-based and network-based positioning modes are presented. The mobile device comprises a transceiver configured to receive an individualized command from a server instructing the mobile device to switch from the first positioning mode to the second positioning mode.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Sim based data operation method and electronic device supporting the method

An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a subscriber identity module (sim) card configured to store sim information, a control module configured to combine the sim information with stored address information on a server device to create combined address information, to control a connection with the server device based on the combined address information, and to control a reception of a list of applications comprising information related to application installation or update corresponding to a type of the sim information, and a communication module configured to establish communication with the server device..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


System with wireless earphones

A system comprising a wireless earphone set and a client computing device, both of which are communicable with a host server via the internet. The host server stores configuration parameters for the wireless earphone set that are transmittable to the wireless earphone set via the internet, and that are configurable by an authenticated user of the client computing device via the host server to generate updated configuration parameters for the wireless earphone set.
Koss Corporation


Radiation exposure monitoring device and system

A radiation exposure monitoring system comprising wireless dosimeter devices that are very energy efficient and that can communicate remotely with a remote host that in turn performs the dose calculations from the raw data transmitted by the wireless dosimeter devices. The system has a plurality of wireless dosimeter devices not equipped with a display screen, each comprising a integrated dosimeter, a control unit being in turn connected to a wireless transceiver for the transmission of data representative of the radiation detected by each dosimeter; at least one remote host comprising a wireless transceiver suitable for communicating with at least some of the transceivers of the dosimeter devices and with at least one remote host for tracking the wireless dosimeter..
Senaya, Inc.


Electronic media server

An electronic media server configured to provide media channel information data of a plurality of media channels to a plurality of electronic media clients, wherein the plurality of media channels comprises at least one real media channel and at least one virtual media channel. The system comprises a receiving unit to receive metadata of media content items, the metadata comprising title information of the respective media content item and the media content source, a storage device to store media channel information data of real media channels and virtual media channels, a metadata delivery server, wherein media channel information data of a real media channel comprises a link to a linear media content source and the media channel information data of a virtual media channel comprises for each media content item of that respective virtual media channel a link to a respective linear media content source or non-linear media content source..
Funke Digital Tv Guide Gmbh


Method and system for automatically scheduling and inserting television commercial and real-time updating of electronic program guide

A method and system for automatically scheduling television commercials within the broadcasting content have been disclosed. A program scheduling module schedules television programs (broadcasting content) with respect to specific time-slots for advertisement insertion.
Surewaves Mediatech Private Limited


System and providing content-aware persistent advertisements

A method and system of providing content-aware persistent advertisements comprises the steps of ingesting and collecting vdna (video dna) fingerprints of media contents playing on various network-enabled terminals including internet browsers, mobile devices, tablets, smart televisions and so on; sending the ingested fingerprints along with other information such as metadata, user's location, etc, to the content identification server via internet or mobile networks, and selecting accurate advertisements according to the media content and relevant information, then finally pushing the advertisements back to user's terminal. With vdna fingerprint identification, media contents are identified by content instead of metadata or other surrounding information, so that the result of identification can be considered genuine, and the chosen advertisements based on the media content can be persistent across multiple terminals playing the same media content..


Method and video device for accessing information

A method and video device are disclosed for accessing information. In an embodiment of the present invention, part of data included in a title, being played, read from a storage medium or extracted from a broadcast signal is extracted and sent to a server over a network, and information corresponding to the part of the data (i.e., information related to the data and complete data of the data) is received from the server and played.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Video-on-demand content delivery system for providing video-on-demand services to tv service subscribers

A video-on-demand (vod) content delivery system has a vod application server which manages a database of templates ordered in a hierarchy for presentation of video content elements of different selected types categorized in hierarchical order. The templates include those for higher-order displays which have one or more links to lower-order displays of specific content.
Broadband Itv, Inc.


Image display apparatus, server and operating the same

An image display apparatus and a method for operating the same are disclosed. The method for operating an image display apparatus includes receiving user input for requesting content recommendation, transmitting a message requesting information about a user and a content recommendation list to a server, receiving, from the server, the content recommendation list based on content viewing information of other users linked with the user over a social network, displaying the received content recommendation list, receiving input for selecting at least one piece of content from the content recommendation list, and playing back the selected content..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Reproducing device, reproducing method, receiving apparatus, and reproducing system for specifying viewing record of program content remotely viewed by user

A smart phone having a control section is provided. The control section remotely accesses a television, which is connected with a home lan, so as to obtain a program content from the television, and reproduces the program content thus obtained.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


System and providing integrated media

Methods and system deliver media to users of media presentation systems. In accordance with one embodiment of the invention, a media server communicates with a media presentation system, such as a media player for streaming video and audio, to present subscription and non-subscription media to the user of the media presentation system.
Intel Corporation


Internet protocol television

An on-demand video delivery system, comprising: a program center having a content server for receiving and storing media signals representing humanly perceptible video programs and for converting the media signals into coded media data suitable for streaming over the internet; and a plurality of delivery servers, each connected to the content server and the internet for establishing an unicast link over the internet with a respective one of a plurality of set top boxes (stbs) to deliver, upon request made from an stb for a video program, the requested video program by streaming over the internet using internet protocol (ip).. .
Kylintv, Inc.


Method and system for scheduling commercial advertisement

A method and system for scheduling commercial advertisement are described in which a data processing system having the spot scheduler solver may be operable to receive an advertiser's order to pace advertisement or commercial spots into one or more commercial television breaks. The order may comprise various constraints and requirements corresponding to the spots.
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.


Temporary storage of recorded content on a cloud storage server

A server device may receive, from a user device, a request to store a unique copy of particular content, associated with a particular user; store, in a storage device associated with the server device, the unique copy of the particular content; determine a set of attributes of the particular content; determine a set of criteria based on which the unique copy of the particular content should be provided to the user device, the determining being based on one or more attributes, of the set of attributes of the particular content; determine that the set of criteria have been met; output, based on determining that the set of criteria have been met, the unique copy of the particular content to the user device; and delete the unique copy of the particular content from the storage device after outputting the particular content to the user device.. .
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Methods and revenue-optimized delivery of content in a network

Methods and apparatus for optimizing the distribution and delivery of multimedia or other content within a content-based network. In one embodiment, the network comprises a broadcast switched cable television network, which utilizes a network optimization controller (noc) that processes subscriber program viewing requests to identify options available to fulfill the request (including, e.g., the creation of one or more “microcasts” specifically targeting one or more users), and evaluate these options to determine one that optimizes network operation.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc


Stereoscopic display device

Provided is a stereoscopic display device via which a good stereoscopic image can be obtained with little crosstalk across a wide zone. A stereoscopic display device is provided with: a display panel that displays an image; a lens sheet, which is arranged in a superimposed manner on the display panel, and which separates an image displayed on the display panel into a right-eye image and a left-eye image in the horizontal direction; a control unit that controls the display panel; and a position sensor that acquires position information with respect to an observer and supplies the same to the control unit.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Security system and method thereof

The security system comprises a monitoring sensor, a video camera, a cloud server and a wireless transceiver module coupling with the video camera through a dido terminal port. The monitoring sensor senses a triggering event to generate a status signal to transfer to the video camera through the wireless transceiver module.
Metalligence Technology Corporation


Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and server

An information processing apparatus according to an embodiment of the present technology includes a generation unit and a first transmission unit. The generation unit generates parameter information that shows states of a user.
Sony Corporation


Imaging device and camera system with photosensitive conversion element

An imaging device including a pixel array section functioning as a light receiving section which includes photoelectric conversion devices and in which a plurality of pixels, which output electric signals when photons are incident, are disposed in an array; a sensing circuit section in which a plurality of sensing circuits, which receive the electric signals from the pixels and perform binary determination regarding whether or not there is an incidence of photons on the pixels in a predetermined period, are arrayed; and a determination result integration circuit section having a function of integrating a plurality of determination results of the sensing circuits for the respective pixels or for each pixel group, wherein the determination result integration circuit section derives the amount of photon incidence on the light receiving section by performing photon counting for integrating the plurality of determination results in the plurality of pixels.. .
Sony Corporation


Solid-state image sensing apparatus

In a solid-state image sensing apparatus of an addressing method, a clock-conversion part generates a high-speed clock signal having a frequency two times or more the frequency of a low-speed clock signal. A signal processing part receives 10-bit pixel data through a horizontal signal line, performs predetermined signal processing, and passes parallel-format data to a switching part.
Sony Corporation


Comparator, solid-state imaging device, electronic apparatus, and driving method

A solid-state imaging device that outputs a pixel signal having a signal level corresponding to charges generated by a photoelectric conversion includes a comparator. The comparator has a first amplifying unit with first and second transistors configured as a differential pair and provides a signal output by amplifying a difference of signals input to the gate electrodes of the first and second transistors.
Sony Corporation


Image pickup device and image pickup apparatus

Provided is an image pickup device including: an image pickup pixel group including a plurality of pixels arrayed in a matrix; a focus detection pixel group of focus detection pixels discretely arranged in the image pickup pixel group; a first readout circuit including a first ad converter that converts only pixel signals from the image pickup pixel group to digital signals; and a second readout circuit including a second ad converter that converts only pixel signals r, l, t and b from the focus detection pixel group to digital signals.. .
Olympus Corporation


Solid-state image pickup apparatus, signal processing a solid-state image pickup apparatus, and electronic apparatus

A solid-state imaging device includes a pixel array section that has at least one pixel with a photoelectric conversion unit and a charge detection unit. A driving section is configured to read out a signal of the pixel, a first portion of said signal being based on signal charge, a second portion of said signal being based on a reset potential.
Sony Corporation


Solid-state image capturing apparatus and camera

A solid-state image capturing apparatus, comprising a plurality of photoelectric conversion portions disposed in a first semiconductor region of a first conductivity type, a first portion of the first conductivity type disposed in the first semiconductor region and configured to supply a first potential to the first semiconductor region, and a second semiconductor region of a second conductivity type configured to receive a second potential, wherein the first portion is disposed between first and second photoelectric conversion portions neighboring each other, and the second semiconductor region is disposed between the first portion and each of the first and second photoelectric conversion portions.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Method and apparatus to correct digital image blur by combining multiple images

Signal processing techniques are applied to digital image data to remove the distortion caused by motion of the camera, or the movement of the subject being photographed, or defective optics, or optical distortion from other sources. When the image is captured, the effect of relative motion between the camera and the subject is that it transforms the true image into a blurred image according to a 2-dimensional transfer function.


Method of using address book of image forming apparatus on web browser and image forming performing the same

A method of using an address book of an image forming apparatus on a web browser includes receiving web data in an image forming apparatus from a web server; displaying a web page corresponding to the received web data on a display unit of the image forming apparatus; receiving an input of selecting one of at least one input box comprised in the web page; analyzing a form tag corresponding to the selected input box from the web data; and displaying a virtual text input device or an address list on the display unit based on the analysis result in which the selected input box is determined as an input box for receiving an input of an email address or a phone number, wherein the virtual keyboard is capable of being synchronized with an address book of the image forming apparatus.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Determining usage predictions and detecting anomalous user activity through traffic patterns

A system for selecting and monitoring data plans for telecommunications systems, and methods of determining, learning and estimating usage patterns in-order to predict usage and tie this to cost and the overlaying of plan selection for cost optimization. Further, additional methods are applied to determine anomalous user behaviors and raise security and data leakage related events..


Customer service call routing

Customer service calls to media service providers are addressed by remotely monitoring and diagnosing the customer's installed equipment. Such remote diagnosis decreases the need for assistance from customer service representatives and on-site repair technicians.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.


Automatic switching of modes and mode control capabilities on a wireless communication device

Methods, systems and devices for implementing different modes or persona of a wireless communication device that allow the wireless communication device to function as multiple devices corresponding to conditions and circumstances that may be defined by an enterprise. Operating modes or persona may be defined by a set of operating characteristics that may include user permissions, device functionality, capabilities enabled, and user restrictions that may be selected by the enterprise.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Smart phone having emergency call button

The present invention relates to a smart phone having an emergency call button, including an emergency button (110) which is engraved on a rear surface of the smart phone so as not to protrude from the rear surface and has a touch detection unit (111) provided on the rear surface of the smart phone to detect a touch signal according to manipulation of a user, and a decompression detection unit (112) provided on a lower portion of the touch detection unit (111) to detect a decompression signal according to the manipulation of the user; and an emergency call transmission unit (120) which, when the touch signal and the decompression signal are received from the emergency button (110), transmits preset emergency rescue request information to a guardian terminal (10) and an agency server (20) and records a voice coming from the scene of an accident in real time and transmits the live recording information to a mobile communication company server (30). According to the present invention as described above, when an emergency situation occurs, a smart phone user touches and decompresses a single emergency button provided on the rear surface of a smart phone instead of decompressing a plurality of buttons so as to transmit emergency information to a preset guardian terminal and agency server, thereby promoting the touching and decompressing of the emergency button while preventing the user from panicking in the emergency situation, the emergency button is engraved on the rear surface of the smart phone so as to insert the emergency button into the inside of a case, thereby minimizing friction or interference according to normal use of the smart phone, and the emergency information is transmitted to the preset guardian terminal and agency server as soon as the user decompresses a button-type camera provided on the rear surface of the smart phone, thereby transmitting the emergency situation without the need for an additional button..


Driver level segmentation

A method for performing segmentation of a first data packet into a plurality of second data packets at a functionality of a device driver for a network interface device supported by a data processing system, each second data packet comprising a header and a segment of data from the first data packet and the network interface device being capable of supporting a communication link over a network with another network interface device, the method comprising: accepting the first data packet, the first data packet carrying data for transmission by the network interface device over the network; forming a set of headers for the plurality of second data packets; writing the set of headers to memory; forming a specification, the specification indicating the headers in memory and the segments of data in the first data packet; requesting by means of the device driver transmission by the network interface device of the headers and the respective segments of data indicated in the specification so as to effect transmission of the second data packets over the network.. .
Solarflare Communications, Inc.


Tcp proxy server

In methods and devices for controlling a tcp proxy server, the tcp-proxy initial window size is set based on tcp rtt measurements. This is possible because the tcp proxy has knowledge about both sides round trip time rtt values just after opening the tcp connections.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Extensible messaging and presence protocol (xmpp) based software-service-defined-network (ssdn)

A method for communicating between a plurality of software-service-defined-networks (ssdns) comprising transmitting a data packet from a network element (ne) in a first ssdn domain to a component in a second ssdn domain by using an extensible messaging and presence protocol (xmpp), wherein the data packet comprises a destination address indicating an address of a xmpp server in the second domain. Also disclosed is a method of federating a plurality of ssdn domains implemented in a first xmpp server comprising receiving a login message from a first component positioned in a first ssdn domain, and in response to receiving the login message, advertising the first ssdn component to a second xmpp server positioned in a second ssdn domain via a first xmpp message..
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Methods and providing one-arm node clustering using a port channel

Methods and apparatus for providing one-arm node clustering using a port channel are provided herein. An example application node may be communicatively connected to at least one application node, and the application node may be connected to a network through a port channel.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Processing selected browser requests

Processing a browser request that specifies a destination network resource generally includes intercepting a browser request that specifies a selected destination network resource and redirecting the browser request to a network server that differs from the destination resource specified by the browser request. Processing a browser request also may include intercepting a browser request received from a client computer at a proxy server when the browser request specifies a selected destination network resource and performing instructions associated with and in addition to instructions performed to download the selected destination network resource..
Facebook, Inc.


Method and corresponding device for streaming video data

Transmitting to the client device, by the server, video data corresponding to the requested video sub-tracks, in response to the request messages.. .


Bulk uploading of multiple self-referencing objects

A computer implemented method, computer program product, and system for performing create, read, update, or delete operations on a plurality of resources in a client-server environment. In an embodiment, the computer implemented method includes the steps of identifying individual resources requiring operations to be performed, assigning local references for any resources to which a uri (uniform resource identifier) has not been provided by the server, generating metadata describing the local references and operations to be performed, wrapping each individual resource with the metadata to provide a plurality of wrapped resources arranging the wrapped resources into a single payload, and transmitting the single payload to the server..
International Business Machines Corporation


Image forming apparatus and event notification system that reduces load of server for helping event notification

An image forming apparatus includes an event notification data preparing unit, an event notification data transmitting unit, an information-processor count calculating unit, and an information-processor count determining unit. The information-processor count calculating unit calculates a count of the at least one information processor to which the event notification data is transmitted.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Method and system for accessing website

The present invention relates to the technical field of network and discloses a method and a device for accessing a website. The method comprises: constructing a first domain name query request according to a domain name in a webpage request of a client, and sending the request to a first domain name server; obtaining an identification ip address returned by the first domain name server, wherein the identification ip address is used to identify whether an target ip address corresponding to the domain name in the webpage request belongs to a predetermined ip address library or not; according to the identification ip address, judging to replace the target ip address corresponding to the domain name in the webpage request with an ip address of a proxy server, and according to the ip address corresponding to the proxy server, sending the webpage access request to the proxy server.
Beijing Qihoo Technology Company Limited


Proxy server failover and load clustering

Aspects of the present disclosure involve systems, methods, computer program products, and the like, for providing failover and load clustering features to one or more proxy servers of a content delivery network (cdn). In one embodiment, one or more proxy servers may announce a virtual host internet protocol (ip) and, to provide a failover feature, two or more of the proxy servers may also announce a more generic virtual network ip address that includes a broader range of ip addresses associated with the virtual network ip address.
Level 3 Communications, Llc


Method, device and system for pushing network data

Examples of the present disclosure provide a method, device and system for pushing network data. The method includes: a backend server obtains description information of a user attribute according to user data collected through an interaction with a user terminal; obtain network data matched with the description information of the user attribute, and pushing the network data to the user terminal.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited


Method and device for pushing information

A method and device for sending information are disclosed in the present disclosure. The method comprises the steps of: receiving the current updated message of an information source; deriving the message which satisfies a preset condition from the current updated message; when the message satisfying the preset condition is non-subject message, deriving the user information and subject message correlated to the non-subject message from a server; and sending the information context, identification or link address corresponding to the non-subject message, the correlated user information and subject message to a third party.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited


Systems and methods for automatically saving a state of a communication session

A system comprising a computer-readable storage medium storing at least one program and a computer-implemented method for automatically saving and presenting a state of a communication session are presented. The communication session may be established between a client device of a user and an application server of a content publisher.


Permanent connection oriented communication using parallel single connection circuits

Methods, systems, and techniques for providing a pseudo permanent communications connection using temporary connection protocols are described. Example embodiments provide a enhanced communications layer that provides such connections by means of a layer incorporated in the client side and server side communications stacks.
Vmware, Inc.


Configuring wireless devices for a wireless infrastructure network

Systems and methods permit a wireless device to receive data wirelessly via an infrastructure wireless network, without physically connecting the wireless device to a computer in order to configure it, and without having an existing infrastructure wireless network for the wireless device to connect to. A remote server hosts a website that permits a user of the wireless device to input via a computer credential data for at least one infrastructure wireless network.
Koss Corporation


Information display system, information display method, server, control server, and program

An information display system of the present invention includes: an information processing device capable of reading an identifier of a tag; and a server capable of performing communication with the information processing device through a network. The server: stores an identifier of a first tag and an identifier of a second tag corresponding to the first tag in a manner of being related to each other; stores information in a manner of being related to each of the identifier of the first tag and the identifier of the second tag; when the identifier of the first tag or the identifier of the second tag and an acquisition request for the information corresponding thereto are received from the information processing device, transmits to the information processing device the information stored in a manner of being related to the received identifier and, when the identifier of one tag selected from the identifier of the first tag and the identifier of the second tag as well as a setting request for the information corresponding to the other tag are received from the information processing device, stores the information requested in the setting request, in a manner of being related to the identifier of the other tag.
Biglobe Inc.


Method for client specific database change propagation

A new method is provided for a database client to interact with a database server that allows the client to observe all changes happening in the server. Using this method is efficient to aggregate changes at the database record level before delivering them to the client.


System, apparatus, and measuring number of user steps

A system for counting shoe and uploading data to a centralized server. The system includes a shoe that counts the number of steps a user takes during a predefined period of time.
Stepbuddies International


P2p for mobile providers

Methods and arrangements for arranging a distribution tree in a peer to peer p2p streaming system are included. The system includes a bootstrapping server that creates an external distribution tree based on received register messages from participating operator external clients.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Dual peer-to-peer connection system, dual peer-to-peer connection method and computer application program thereof

A dual peer-to-peer connection system for obtaining a registration information of a remote network device from internet. The dual peer-to-peer connection system of this application comprises a subsystem and a user electronic device.
Jsw Pacific Corporation


Aggregating plug-in requests for improved client performance

In one embodiment, computer-readable instructions, when executed, cause a client browser to wait for all of the markup language in a document object model to be loaded, and upon loading, parse the document object model for supported tags, create placeholder frames for each supported tag, and bundle all the tags into a single meta-request for a server. Upon receiving each response, the instructions are further operable to cause the client browser to replace the hidden frames with its corresponding response, thereby reducing the number of socket connections from the client to the server..
Facebook, Inc.


Extensible interoperability of network devices

The subject system allows network devices utilizing any number of networking technologies (including to-be-developed technologies) to access a common abstraction layer and/or the network operations facilitated by a common abstraction layer. The subject system allows a device that is added to a network to communicate whether existing devices on the network should retrieve communication protocol information for facilitating communication with the added device from a remote server.
Broadcom Corporation


Message exchange between a native application and a web browser

There is provided a system and method for exchanging messages between a native application and a web browser using a server. The server configured to receive a message from a communication application of a first client device for delivery to the second client device, determine if the second client device includes the communication application, create a link to a webpage for rendering the message on the webpage when the second client device does not have the communication application, transmit the link to the second client device, render the message on the webpage to the second client device in response to receiving a request, receive a reply message from the second client device, and transmit the reply message to the first client device for rendering by the communication application.
Smith Micro Software, Inc.


Geographic placement of application components by a multi-tenant platform-as-a-service (paas) system

Implementations for geographic placement of application components by a multi-tenant platform-as-a-service (paas) system are disclosed. A method of the disclosure includes providing, by a processing device of a multi-tenant paas system, a list of geographic locations to a user of a multi-tenant paas system, receiving, by the processing device from the user, a first request to deploy a component of an application corresponding to the user, the first request comprising a selection of one of the geographic locations from the list, and communicating, by the processing device, a second request to deploy the component of the application, the second request directed to a messaging server dedicated to the selected geographic location of the user, the dedicated messaging server of the selected geographic location to handle a configuration of a node in the selected geographic location for the component of the application..
Red Hat, Inc.


Method and system for file transmission

A file transmission method and system relate to the technical field of communications networks, which can perform file resource sharing, so as to accelerate file transmission and publication, reduce time consumption, and save storage space. A browser upload plug-in at a client scans a to-be-uploaded file, acquires a unique identifier of the to-be-uploaded file, and sends the unique identifier to an instant-publishing management server.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited


Generic download and upload functionality in a client/server web application architecture

The present invention relates generally to client-server architectures for allowing generic upload and download functionality between a web application at a server and a client. One exemplary method includes sending a download/upload request to a web application at the server, where the download/upload request specifies at least one file to download/upload; receiving a transmission from the server; parsing the transmission to identify a download/upload command and an associated download/upload manifest, where the download/upload manifest includes executable code that, when executed on the client, will perform the download/upload of the at least one file..
Aol Inc.


User interface delegation to a delegated device

The present technology provides an illustrative method for delegating user interface-related tasks. In some examples, the method includes receiving a request to delegate a user interface-related task to a delegated computing device, and causing the transceiver of the delegating device to send a delegation command to the delegated computing device to establish a delegation session on the delegated computing device.
Empire Technology Development Llc


Web-based interaction with a local system

Systems, methods, and computer program products for facilitating web-based interaction with a local system are disclosed. Such systems, methods, and computer program products provide an approach that allows a web client within in a web browser environment to access local hardware and local software—via a web server contained in the local system—in a local computer system.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Method, apparatus and computer program product for managing static uniform resource locator access

A method for managing static uniform resource locator (url) access, an associated apparatus, and an associated computer program product are provided, wherein the method includes the steps of: receiving a url request from a browser running on another electronic device, wherein the url request includes a static url, and the static url is utilized for accessing a specific web page on a specific web server; sending request information representing the url request to a control server, wherein the control server stores registered information of each web server of at least one web server, and the at least one web server includes the specific web server; receiving response information corresponding to the request information from the control server; and controlling the browser to perform a test operation according to the registered information of the specific web server, in order to selectively control web page access of the browser.. .
Synology Incorporated


Method for processing url and associated server and non-transitory computer readable storage medium

A server includes a processor and a storage unit, where the storage unit stores a program code, and when the processor executes the program code, the processor performs the following steps: receiving a url from a device external to the server; determining whether the url has a user account, and converting the url to a file path; when the url has the user account, utilizing a first php mode to execute the file path; and when the url does not have the user account, utilizing a second php mode to execute the file path.. .
Synology Incorporated


Cloud based 2d dental imaging system with html web browser acquisition

An html web browser based imaging system which supports acquisition of 2d x-ray radiographs and which includes either a 2d x-ray imaging device or a 2d color imaging device and a client device located in a dental office. Software operating upon the client device and a cloud server with dental imaging software installed and means to receive and store images or image data.


Content delivery system

The server device 100 transmits media data of a media rate, calculated by the rate output means 102, to the client device 200 at a transmission rate calculated by the rate output means 102. The rate output means 102 uses an objective function, which uses a media rate and a transmission rate as variables and determines an evaluation value evaluating a combination of qoe and a delivery cost so as to correspond to the variables, and predetermined constrains, to calculate a combination of a media rate and a transmission rate with which the evaluation value is the highest.
Nec Coporation


Communication system, communication apparatus, and communication method

A communication system including: a communication apparatus including: a transmitter, and a processor coupled to the transmitter and configured to: set an operation mode in the communication apparatus for forwarding data, to be one of a first operation mode and a second operation mode, the first operation mode in which the data is forwarded without a protocol conversion, the second operation mode in which the data is forwarded with the protocol conversion, detect identification information of the data included in the data that is received from an upstream communication apparatus and forwarded to a downstream communication apparatus, and when the operation mode in the communication apparatus is the first operation mode and the identification information detected by the first processor is a first given value, switch the operation mode in the communication apparatus from the first operation mode to the second operation mode.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Control command forwarding in multimedia applications network

Command ports are provided for objects within a data stream. The command ports allow control commands to be issued to individual objects in the data stream rather than for the entire stream.
Thomson Licensing


Systrem and advertisement augmentation via a called voice connection

Disclosed herein are methods, systems, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for streaming audio via a telephone call. The method includes receiving a telephone call from a user via a client device, presenting available audio streams to the user and receive an audio stream selection from the user, contacting a website associated with the selection and communicating the selected audio stream with the user, and while streaming the audio stream, replacing advertisements with new advertisements selected from an advertisement database.
Alpine Audio Now, Llc


Method and system for content management

Disclosed are a method and a system for content management, the method comprises: a master control server allocates, for contents to be issued, one or more merged file blocks and a storage location of each content in its corresponding merged file block according to a received content issue request, and sends to a media storage-and-forward server a content download request containing one or more names of the one or more merged file block and the storage location of each content; the media storage-and-forward server downloads the content to be issued according to the content download request, and stores each downloaded content in the corresponding storage location of the corresponding merged file block. The solutions save the storage space of the file system, improve the storage efficiency of the file system, and reduce the storage cost of the file system..
Zte Corporation


Asynchronous audio and video in an environment

Embodiments of an electronic system for asynchronous audio and video in and environment includes a server with a connection to a wireless access point or a personal digital device that communicates with the server through the wireless access point. The server receives and stores an audio track that is to accompany a public display.
Exxothermic, Inc.


Method and arrangement for adaption in http streaming

A method of controlling adaptive http streaming of media content between a http server and a http client in a communication system, in which system media content is arranged as a plurality of periods, and each such period comprises a plurality of representations of media segments, which method includes the steps of providing temporal alignment information for the media segments of the plurality of representations, which temporal alignment information provides indications about a temporal relation between the segments of the plurality of representations of the media content. Further, the method includes providing key frame location information for the media segments, which key frame location information provides indications about locations of key frames in the media segments of the plurality of representations.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Real-time transcode transfer method and system based on http under dlna

Disclosed is a real-time transcode transfer method based on http under dlna, including: matching playing capability information with media item resource information, and according to the matching result, acquiring data of multimedia content from a digital media server. Also disclosed is a real-time transcode transfer system based on the http under the dlna.
Zte Corporation


Local media rendering

Local media rendering of a multi-party call, performed by a client user equipment. The media is encoded by each party in the call, and sent as a media stream to a media server, and the media server receives a request for media streams from each client user equipment, each media stream in the request associated with a client priority.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Method for quickly obtaining decision advice from several people

A method for obtaining decision advice from a set of confidants comprises the steps of receiving a plurality of user inputs on a source communication device from a user to generate a pending decision, receiving at least one user input on the source communication device to select one or more confidants from the set of confidants, posting the user inputs to an application server that is being coupled with an application of the source communication device via at least one network, sending the user inputs to other communication devices associated with the one or more confidants, receiving a set of selections from at least one confidant and posting a message that indicates the user has made a decision. The user inputs are defined as a set of choices including at least one of a set of images and a set of text characters..


Method and playlist synchronization

The present application is applicable to the field of network technologies, and provides method and apparatus for playlist synchronization, where the method includes: detecting a user operation on a playlist of multimedia documents at a first terminal; generating an operation code according to the user operation on the playlist, the operation code including an identifier of the playlist; extracting identification information, the identification information including a user identifier and a globally unique identifier (guid) of the first terminal; and sending the operation code and the identification information to the server, wherein the server is configured to identify a second terminal according to the operation code and the identification information and send the operation code to the second terminal such that the second terminal can perform a synchronization operation to a playlist of multimedia documents at the second terminal according to the operation code.. .
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited


Internet based telephone line

In one embodiment, a telephone service method that provides subscribers with the functionality of an extra telephone line during data/internet sessions is disclosed. Each subscriber has a unique telephone number dns that can be dialed by anyone with access to the pstn.
Infointeractive Corp.


Method and detecting attack on server

The present invention discloses a method and apparatus for detecting an attack on a server. The method comprises: calculating interval time after a current request is received by the server, wherein the interval time is interval time between a time when a previous request is received and a time when the current request is received, or interval time between a time when a previous request, of a same type as a type of the current request, is received and the time when the current request is received, or interval time between a time when a previous response to the previous request, of the same type as the type of the current request is sent by the server and a time when a response to the current request is sent by the server; calculating a baseline moving average of interval time and a trigger moving average of interval time according to the calculated interval time, wherein the baseline moving average reflects a change of interval time in a long history period, and the trigger moving average reflects a change of interval time in a recent period; and when a ratio of the baseline moving average to the trigger moving average is larger than a first threshold, determining there is an attack on the server..
Beijing Blue I.t. Technologies Co., Ltd.


Facilitating third parties to perform batch processing of requests requiring authorization from resource owners for repeat access to resources

An aspect of the present disclosure facilitates third parties/server system to perform batch processing of requests requiring authorization from resource owners for repeat access to resources. In one embodiment, a server system/third party selects a next request from a batch of requests, with the next request requiring a protected resource (hosted on a second party) owned by a owner/user (first party).
Oracle International Corporation


Identity verification

A method and a device, of identity verification are disclosed. The method includes: receiving by a server, an identity verification request seat, from a terminal, where the identity verification request contains a specified user identifier; based on a user relationship chain of the specified user identifier, obtaining a verified user information set which includes user's information on the user relationship chain; providing the verified user information set to the terminal, in order to subsequently receive returned selected user's information; determining whether the received selected users information from the terminal matches the user's information on the user relationship chain; if the selected user's information received matches the user's information on the user relationship chain, confirming that the identity verification being successful.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.


Method and user authentication

An electronic device is provided including a biometric sensor, a memory, and a processor configured to: initiate a transaction with a server; receive an authentication request from the server; retrieve a biometric template stored in a secure portion of the memory in response to the authentication request; capturing a biometric sample using the biometric sensor; comparing the biometric template with the biometric sample; and transmitting to the server a message indicating an outcome of the comparison.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method and system for enhanced biometric authentication

A method allows for the biometric authentication of at least a first and a second user jointly representing a first legal entity or individually representing a first and the second legal entity with at least a first mobile station. The method includes the steps of enrolment and authenticating the users before performing a transaction by transferring biometric data to the authentication server that were captured from the first and the second user and by comparing the biometric data of the users received from the mobile station with biometric data retrieved from the database.


Image processing apparatus, and authentication processing method in the same

An image processing apparatus includes a function executing unit that executes a plurality of functions including image processing and browsing, a panel that displays a screen associated with the functions of the function executing unit, an authentication unit that authenticates a user based on an input to the panel, a storing unit that associates an authentication token indicating success of authentication by the authentication unit with user privilege level of the authenticated user, and a browser that sends the authentication token stored in the storing unit to a web server to access content managed by the web server.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Securing organizational computing assets over a network using virtual domains

A method for connecting to a trust broker system is disclosed. The electronic device stores encrypted identifying information for a plurality of client systems authorized to interact with the server system, wherein the encrypted identifying information is changed per client system per session.
Vidder, Inc.


Method and system for accessing data in a distributed network system

Disclosed are a method and a system for accessing data by a client device in a distributed network system having a central server system, at least one client device, and at least one business object server. The client device and business object server are coupled to the central server system via a communication network.
Oms Software Gmbh


Secure authentication in a multi-party system

An authentication server transmits a random number to and receives a other information from a service provider. Later, the first random number is received from a requester and a provider identifier, the received other information and provider authentication policy requirements are transmitted to the requester.
Authentify, Inc.


Method and processing authentication request message in a social network

A method and an apparatus for processing an authentication request message in a social network are provided. To improve the inefficiency of existing technology in processing user authentication and request to establish social relationship as well as inadequacy of parameters available for said authentication, the disclosed method includes a social network server detecting an authentication request message sent by a first client to a second client requesting to establish a social relationship with the second client.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited


Operating system monitoring and protection method utilizing a variable request string generator and receiver algorithm

A novel method of monitoring and protecting on-line computer access from intrusions (hackers, viruses, worms, etc.) through the through the implementation of a specific algorithm that permits continuous and direct communication with both the user computer's operating system and the accessed server (at multiple contact points) for verification purposes during any on-line access event. The overall system depends on a string variable algorithm method that accords a contact point identifications to and for all operating systems and servers monitored thereby in order to provide a four-level protection system to allow for instantaneous and reliable recognition and identification of all components within such transactions by initiating electronic communication between the server and the algorithm system, the algorithm system and the operating system, and, ultimately, the operating system and the server..


Apparatus, context-aware security control in cloud environment

An apparatus, method and system for context-aware security control in a cloud environment are provided. The apparatus includes an authentication header inspection unit and a packet data processing unit.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Scalable network content based switching or validation acceleration

A network apparatus is provided that may include one or more security accelerators. The network apparatus also includes a plurality of network units cascaded together.
Intel Corporation


System and method employing an agile network protocol for secure communications using secure domain names

A system for connecting a first network device and a second network device includes one or more servers. The servers are configured to: (a) receive, from the first network device, a request to look up a network address of the second network device based on an identifier associated with the second network device; (b) determine, in response to the request, whether the second network device is available for a secure communications service; and (c) initiate a virtual private network communication link between the first network device and the second network device based on a determination that the second network device is available for the secure communications service, wherein the secure communications service uses the virtual private network communication link..
Virnetx, Inc.


Method for securely configuring customer premise equipment

A method for securely configuring a customer premise equipment in a network. The network including a configuration server, a dhcp server, and the customer premise equipment.
Ciena Corporation


Low latency server-side redirection of udp-based transport protocols traversing a client-side nat firewall

Systems, methods, and machine-readable media for low latency server-side redirection of user datagram protocol (udp)-based transport protocols traversing a client-side network address translation (nat) are provided. A request may be sent from a client for a data resource to a first server.
Google Inc.


Secure network tunnel between a computing device and an endpoint

The present disclosure presents a system, method and apparatus herein enabling secure coupling of a computing device, such as a mobile device with an endpoint, such as an application server. The computing device can include any electronic device such as a computer, a server, an application server, a mobile device or tablet.
Blackberry Limited


Method and device for sending cloud server address

A method for sending a cloud server address to a desktop cloud terminal, where a terminal management server receives a request message from a desktop cloud terminal, obtains, by means of parsing, an address of the desktop cloud terminal carried in the request message, queries a mapping table according to the address of the desktop cloud terminal, acquires an address of a cloud server accessible to the desktop cloud terminal, generates a request response message, and sends the request response message to the desktop cloud terminal, where the request response message carries the address of the cloud server accessible to the desktop cloud terminal. Therefore a system administrator does not need to manually configure the cloud server address on the terminal management server for the desktop cloud terminal, and a desktop cloud terminal user does not need to manually configure the desktop cloud terminal..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Address processing

According to an example, an address may be processed through snooping, by a network device, of a packet sent from a dhcp client for confirming whether an ip address is available and recording a temporary snooping table item associated with the ip address according to the snooped packet. In addition, at least one packet for applying for the ip address may be generated according to the snooped packet, a duid of a dhcp server may be added to the at least one packet for applying for the ip address and the at least one packet may be sent to a dhcp server.
Hangzhou H3c Technologies Co., Ltd.


Computerized techniques for network address assignment

Computer-implemented systems, methods, and computer-readable media are provided for assigning an ip address to a client device through an authentication process without needing to receive a dynamic host configuration protocol (dhcp) discover message to trigger the authentication process. In accordance with some embodiments, a message requesting assignment of an ip address to the client device is received, and a determination is made that identification information for the client device is not stored in a storage device.
Benu Networks, Inc.


Method of and system for providing a client device with an automatic update of an ip address associated with a domain name

Method of providing client device with automatic update of an ip address associated with domain name, comprising: if domain name is member of second set being subset of first set, obtaining by server from first domain name resolution service a first ip address. If domain name is member of third set being subset of second set, sending to client device first ip address.
Yandex Europe Ag

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