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User Input patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent User Input-related patents
 White-box testing systems and/or methods for use in connection with graphical user interfaces patent thumbnailWhite-box testing systems and/or methods for use in connection with graphical user interfaces
Certain example embodiments relate to white-box testing techniques, e.g., for graphical user interfaces (guis). A test case to be run on the application includes interactions between the application and external components that were gathered as the application ran and received user input from a user until a desired test state was reached, and assertions to be made to the application once that state is reached.
 Apparatus, method, comptuer program and user interface patent thumbnailApparatus, method, comptuer program and user interface
A method, apparatus, computer program and user interface where the method comprises detecting a user input comprising an acceleration of an apparatus; and in response to the detecting of the user input comprising an acceleration, displaying at least one user selectable item on a touch sensitive display of the apparatus.. .
 Context-sensitive information display with selected text patent thumbnailContext-sensitive information display with selected text
User input identifying a selection of a textual portion of a document (such as an e-reader document, a word processing document, etc.) being displayed in a first computer display region can be received. It can be automatically requested that one or more services identify a context-sensitive meaning of the selection by analyzing textual context information around the selection in the document.
 Navigation with slides in a zooming user interface patent thumbnailNavigation with slides in a zooming user interface
A method is provided method to control a computer generated presentation using a two-dimensional (2d) zooming user interface, the method comprising: providing on the display screen multiple respective thumbnail images that correspond to the multiple screen images displayed within the presentation; and in response to receipt of user input selecting one thumbnail image followed by receipt of user input selecting another of the thumbnail image, displaying on the display screen a screen image that corresponds to the user selected one thumbnail image followed by display on the display screen of another thumbnail image that corresponds to the user selected another thumbnail image and display of at least one of panning and zooming between display of the one thumbnail image and the another thumbnail image.. .
 Displaying information according to selected entity type patent thumbnailDisplaying information according to selected entity type
User input identifying a selection of a textual portion of a document being displayed in a computer display region can be received. Identification of an entity indicated by the selection and text around the selection can be automatically requested.
 Automated data visualization about selected text patent thumbnailAutomated data visualization about selected text
User input identifying a selection of a textual portion of a document being displayed in a computer display region can be received. An identification of a meaning of the selection by analyzing context information around the selection can be automatically requested.
 Adaptive screen timeouts based on user preferences, interaction patterns and active applications patent thumbnailAdaptive screen timeouts based on user preferences, interaction patterns and active applications
A computing device, such as a mobile communication device, is provided that adjusts, based on user interaction with the device, sleep times for a display to enter a sleep mode restricting use of a graphical user interface. The device includes a display providing the graphical user interface and a processor.
 Performing a search for a document patent thumbnailPerforming a search for a document
A system for performing a search for a document in a collection of documents (11) is presented. A user input unit (1) enables a user to indicate a part of a search term.
 Integrating sponsored media with user-generated content patent thumbnailIntegrating sponsored media with user-generated content
A variety of computer based service that permit users to edit, compose, upload, or otherwise generate content also provide for the integration of sponsored media into presentations along with user-generated content. An exemplary service generates text based on user input, provides tags based on the text to a sponsored media repository, receives a sponsored media data structure in return, and formats sponsored media from the data structure for display to the user..
 Neurostimulation programmer and method for directly assigning parameter values to electrodes patent thumbnailNeurostimulation programmer and method for directly assigning parameter values to electrodes
An external control device for use with a neurostimulator coupled to a plurality of electrodes capable of conveying electrical stimulation energy into tissue in which the electrodes are implanted. The external control device comprises a user interface configured for receiving direct input from a user specifying a target value for a target electrode.
Location-based update of subscriber identity information in a wireless device
Location-based subscriber identity update in a wireless user equipment (ue) device. A location of the ue may be determined.
Auditory feedback device and method for swimming speed
There is provided an auditory feedback swim training device for use by a swimmer. The device includes a flow meter connectable to the swimmer and configured to measure a flow rate of fluid while the swimmer is swimming.
System and methodology for utilizing a portable media player
A low-cost portable digital video player receives proprietary compressed data from a source such as a personal video recorder (pvr), and displays the data on an integral display. A rewritable non-volatile memory of the player stores the data and a media decoder of the player transforms and decompresses the data.
Apparatus and method for providing digital drawing
An apparatus and method for providing a digital drawing in which equipment information or control point information of an analog computer aided design (cad) drawing relating to interior equipment of a building and relative position information of the equipment information or the control point information of the analog cad drawing are obtained from a scan drawing obtained by scanning the analog cad drawing. The obtained information is displayed according to a user input based on the equipment information or control point information and the relative position information of the equipment information or the control point information in combination with the scan drawing..
Method and system for dynamically determining when to train ethernet link partners to support energy efficient ethernet networks
Training, refreshing and/or updating ethernet link partners for silent channels and/or silent directions of channels may be determined based on control parameters. This may be used to improve energy efficiency in ethernet communication.
Multi-camera image stitching calibration system
A vision system of a vehicle includes a plurality of cameras with exterior overlapping fields of view. The vision system is operable to calibrate at least one of the cameras and includes a plurality of targets disposed at locations near the vehicle and within the fields of views of the cameras.
System and method for generation and manipulation of a curve in a dynamic graph based on user input
A system and method for generating and manipulating one or more curves in a dynamic graph in response to user input. The system provides a user interface for interacting with (e.g.
Articulating hitch apparatus for vehicles
A hitch apparatus includes a frame configured to be secured to a vehicle and that is pivotable about a first axis, a guide that is movably secured to the frame and pivotable about a second axis substantially transverse to the first axis, and a tow bar movably secured to the guide and movable relative to the guide between retracted and extended positions. The hitch apparatus includes a user controlled positioning system with a user input device that is configured to allow a user to extend and retract the tow bar and to articulate the tow bar up-down and left-right so as to position the tow bar distal end at a desired position within a three-dimensional coordinate system..
Height-adjustable support surface and system for encouraging human movement and promoting wellness
A sit/stand workstation includes a worktop that includes a powered drive and is moveable between a sitting height and a standing height. An electronic controller offers the user different operating modes, each with varying levels of automation.
Systems and methods for enabling an automatic license for mashups
Systems and methods for managing digital rights settings are provided. In some aspects, the systems and methods described include receiving user input including an order for obtaining access rights to a media asset.
Secure user authentication using a master secure element
The master secure element comprises a processor, a memory and a logic unit and at least controls the user input of the handset in order to secure the user authentication based on pin entry. The pin code is entered directly into the secure element with no possibility for the host processor to intercept the code or for a malware program to inject the code into the master secure element..
Assisted registration of audio sources
Systems and methods are provided for assisting a user with setting up an audio system with audio content services the user is already registered with. One method may involve receiving a list of a plurality of audio services supported by an audio system, selecting an audio service from the list of plurality of audio services, and determining whether a computing device application corresponding to the audio service is present on a computing device operated by the user and associated with the audio system.
Graphically based method for developing connectivity drivers
A method for graphically developing a connectivity driver is provided. The method includes inputting a hardware message and a first delimiter into computer readable memory medium and generating a first graphical diagram in response.
Apparatus and method for controlling user interface to select object within image and image input device
A method for controlling a user interface of an apparatus to enable intuitive manipulation for an object included in an image is provided. An object with deeper depth in a rear image of the apparatus may become selectable when the user holds a user input means close to the apparatus, while an object with shallower depth in the rear image may become selectable when the user draws the user input means away from the apparatus, thereby allowing the user to intuitively select an object in the rear image..
Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
A mobile terminal and controlling method thereof are disclosed, by which a selection and/or execution of an application can be designated using a list of applications currently executed in a multitasking environment. The present invention includes a display unit, a user input unit configured to receive an input of a command from a user, and a controller, when a plurality of applications are being executed, if there is a first input via the user input unit, controlling a list of a plurality of the currently executed applications to be displayed on a first region, the controller, if one of at least one or more applications running in the background in the list is selected by a second input via the user input unit, controlling the selected application to be displayed on a second region of the display unit by having a prescribed visual effect applied thereto..
System and method for multi-domain problem solving on the web
A system and method for problem solving in multiple domains on the web is provided. Two facets of preference are applied regardless of domain: first, criteria selected by the user which indicates which elements relate to the user, and second, level of importance to the user.
Methods for motion simulation of digital assets presented in an electronic interface using single point or multi-point inputs
A system for creating and editing image and or text-based projects includes a server connected to a network, the server having access to a processor and a data repository, and software running from a non-transitory physical medium and providing for establishing a client server connection between the server and at least one user-operated computing appliance connected to the network, initiating and maintaining an active data session between one or more users involved in project creation and or in project editing through a graphics user interface (gui), accessing at least one asset associated with a layout of the image and or text-based project, assigning pre-specified physics properties to the asset, detecting a subsequent interaction with the asset on the layout from the perspective of at least one predetermined aspect of user input control, and applying the motion physics to the asset relative to the defined user input and assigned physics properties.. .
Search and parental control features for digital entertainment services
A computing device displays a sentence template that includes fixed text and one or more menu boxes. The computing device displays particular menu items associated with the menu boxes in the menu boxes in response to receiving user input to select the particular menu items.
System and method for controlling the progression of multmedia assets on a computing device
A system and method is provided for content presentation. In one or more implementations, at least one processor is operatively coupled to processor readable storage media.
Method and system for automating the process of testing a device
Device test automation framework. This embodiment provides a device test automation framework for automating testing of embedded systems.
System and method for resolving synchronization conflicts
Technology is disclosed herein for resolving synchronization conflicts. According to at least one embodiment, multiple computing devices in a synchronization group can communicate with a cloud storage service for data synchronization.
Personal advocate
According to various aspects of the present disclosure, a system and associated method and functions to anticipate a need of a user are disclosed. In some embodiments, the disclosed system includes a data acquisition unit, a prediction unit, and an operation unit.
Automatic payment and deposit migration
The disclosure extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for migrating automatic financial services from one institution to another institution with minimum user input required.. .
Remote system interaction
A computer system includes a processor, a display, one or more input devices allowing a user to input commands into the computer system and a browser which allows the user of the system to browse remote web pages. The computer system is programmed to use the browser to visit a website in response to one or more user commands entered into at least one of the user input devices.
Executing a business process in a framework
Various embodiments of systems and methods for executing a customized business process in a business process framework are described herein. A user selection of a solution type corresponding to a business process is received from a user interface.
Dialogue system using extended domain and natural language recognition method and computer-readable medium thereof
A dialogue system uses an extended domain in order to have a dialogue with a user using natural language. If a dialogue pattern actually input by the user is different from a dialogue pattern predicted by an expert, an extended domain generated in real time based on user input is used and an extended domain generated in advance is used to have a dialogue with the user..
User device position indication for security and distributed race challenges
A mobile computing device includes a processor configured to receive position information from a position sensor and a display controlled by the processor. The device also includes a storage medium accessible to the processor and bearing instructions which, when executed by the processor, cause the processor to receive user input to challenge a friend's mobile device to an exercise, upload the challenge to a server, and receive a signal from the server indicating the challenge is accepted.
Camera apparatus
A wireless communication device (10) incorporates computing hardware (20) coupled to a data memory (30), to a wireless communication interface (50) for communicating data from and to the wireless communication device (10), to a graphical user interface (40) for receiving user input, and to an optical imaging sensor (60) for receiving captured image data therefrom. The computing hardware (10) executes software applications (200) for enabling the optical imaging sensor (60) to capture images, and for storing corresponding image data in the data memory (30) and/or for communicating the corresponding image data from the wireless communication device (10) via its wireless communication interface (50).
Apparatus and method for learning emotion of robot
An apparatus for the learning emotion of a robot includes an internal state calculation unit for detecting external environment information and calculating an internal state vector value for one point of an internal state coordinate system; an emotion decision processing unit for generating an emotion value within each emotion value group, indicated by the coordinates of the internal state input value of the robot on the coordinate system, as an emotion of the robot; a behavior generation unit for deciding the behavior of the robot based on the decided motion value and making an emotional expression; and an emotion learning unit for generating feedback information on the emotion value, corresponding to one point of the coordinate system, based on the decided emotion value and information on the type of emotion from a user input unit and changing an emotion probability distribution of the coordinate system using the feedback information.. .
Method and system for bone segmentation and landmark detection for joint replacement surgery
A method and system for automatic bone segmentation and landmark detection for joint replacement surgery is disclosed. A 3d medical image of at least a target joint region of a patient is received.
Image reader
The disclosure generally relates to a cover portion of an image reader or other multifunctional peripheral. The cover portion may move between an uncovering position and a covering position by pivoting about a first axis.
Non-connected product data exchange via near field communication
Systems and methods for providing data exchange between electronic devices which are not network accessible to each other. The methods involve: monitoring a plurality of operational parameters of an electronic device that correspond to at least one of a plurality of functional categories; receiving a user input selecting a first functional category of the plurality of functional categories; dynamically generating a data string comprising a subset of operational parameters that corresponds to the first functional category and destination data specifying a destination corresponding to the first functional category; and outputting the data string from the electronic device via a near field communication..
Automatic recognition and capture of an object
A method, system, and device for automatic recognition and capture of an object are disclosed. In one embodiment, a mobile terminal comprises a display unit, a memory, a camera module, and a controller.
Multi-modal touch screen emulator
Systems and methods may provide for capturing a user input by emulating a touch screen mechanism. In one example, the method may include identifying a point of interest on a front facing display of the device based on gaze information associated with a user of the device, identifying a hand action based on gesture information associated with the user of the device, and initiating a device action with respect to the front facing display based on the point of interest and the hand action..
Hospital bed having user input to enable and suspend remote monitoring of alert conditions
A hospital bed has a bed frame and communication circuitry operable to transmit bed status data to a network of a healthcare facility and to receive messages from the network. The messages include information indicating whether bed status conditions are being monitored by a remote computer of the network for generation of alert messages to at least one caregiver in response to alert conditions being indicated by the bed status data.
Semantic note taking system
A semantic note taking system and method for collecting information, enriching the information, and/or binding the information to services is provided. User-created notes are enriched with labels, context traits, and relevant data to minimize friction in the note-taking process.
Method and apparatus for application management in user device
The method and apparatus support signature-based application management that examines credibility of an application to be installed or executed and controls installation and execution accordingly. The application management method for a user device includes: receiving user input for installing an application; comparing signature information of the application with an authentication list stored in a signature information storage; preventing, when the signature information is present in a blacklist of the authentication list, installation of the application; initiating, when the signature information is present in a whitelist of the authentication list, installation of the application; and selectively performing, when the signature information is not present in either the blacklist or the whitelist, installation of the application according to user consent..
System, method, and computer program product for isolating a device associated with at least potential data leakage activity, based on user input
A system, method, and computer program product are provided for isolating a device associated with at least potential data leakage activity, based on user input. In operation, at least potential data leakage activity associated with a device is identified.
Automated detection of harmful content
This document discloses a solution for automatically detecting malicious content by computer security routine executed in a processing device. A user input to a social media application is detected by the computer security routine.
Processing user input events in a web browser
A method and computing device are provided for processing user events received via a user interface, such as a touchscreen, in multiple threads. When a user event is received for a target element in a webpage, the user event is dispatched to both a main browser thread and a secondary thread.
Destination routing in a virtual world
A user input requesting a route that satisfies particular criteria (e.g., a route to one or more destinations) in a virtual world is received. A route from the current location of the user in the virtual world that satisfies the criteria is determined, and an indication of this route is displayed to the user.
Method of displaying data in display device using mobile communication terminal, the display device, and the mobile communication terminal
A method of displaying data by a mobile communication terminal mirrored by an external display device is provided. The method includes if a mirroring mode with the external display device is executed, determining whether a first user input for displaying a fixed pointing area is input, if the first user input is input, displaying the pointing area, and transmitting screen data including the pointing area to the external display device in real time..
Display/input device, image forming apparatus therewith, and method of controlling a display/input device
A display/input device has a display portion and a touch panel portion. The display portion displays selection keys and displays a setting screen of a selected setting item.
Visible sort
A system can provide for display a ribbon having multiple segments for controlling how data in a table are sorted. The data can be sorted according to a sort hierarchy including multiple sort levels, each sort level corresponding to a field.
Ranking of user feedback based on user input device tracking
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium for obtaining first position information of a first user interaction with a multimedia content item that is presented at a first time to the first user in a presentation area on a first computer device; obtaining, in response to obtaining the first position information, second position information of a second user interaction with the multimedia content item that was presented at a second time to a second user in a presentation area on a second computer device, the second time occurring before the first time; calculating a correlation score that is indicative of the relatedness of the second user interaction to the first user interaction; and in response to the correlation score meeting a threshold value, providing a first data set provided by the second user and associated with the first user interaction to the first user.. .
Methods, systems, and computer readable media for providing diameter traffic estimator
The subject matter described herein includes methods, systems, and computer readable media for providing a diameter traffic estimator. According to one exemplary system, a user interface is configured to receive user input regarding a number of subscribers and subscriber network activity types.
Interactive creation of a movie
A system for creating an animated and/or non-animated movie includes a database and a movie editor. The database stores at least one script and at least one modifiable, animated and/or non-animated clip.
System and method for generating event distribution information
A computer system and method for generating event distribution information using an audio file and controlling events corresponding to the user inputs based on the event distribution information. The computer-implemented method includes: extracting a predefined number of event-triggering times from event distribution information, wherein the event distribution information is associated with an audio file currently played on the computer and the event-triggering times are arranged in a sequential order; determining a current play time for the audio file; and controlling event locations corresponding to user inputs on the display of the computer based on a comparison of the current play time and the extracted event-triggering times..
Electronic apparatus, control method thereof, and program
An electronic apparatus includes an operation unit that receives a user operation, input assistance means used when a user inputs information to the operation unit and that can change a user's sensory perception, and a control unit that, in response to an operation performed by a user using the input assistance means, guides a user operation to a prescribed operation by changing a sensory perception given to the user by the input assistance means.. .
Methods and systems for facilitating an online social network
The invention relates to social networking with a mobile computing device. The mobile computing device is provided a synchronization index, wherein the synchronization index is associated to multimedia and indicates respective times within the multimedia corresponding to a word or range of words.
Semantic note taking system
A semantic note taking system and method for collecting information, enriching the information, and/or binding the information to services is provided. User-created notes are enriched with labels, context traits, and relevant data to minimize friction in the note-taking process.
Performance monitoring, apparatuses, systems, and methods
We have disclosed systems and methods for monitoring an individual's performance during a physical activity. The systems may include a mount adapted to releasably secure the portable performance monitoring device to the individual's body during the physical activity and a main body coupled to the mount.
Wireless extender secure discovery and provisioning
According to embodiments of the invention, a first wireless access point discovers a second wireless access point, the first wireless access point tunes its radio and privacy settings, without user input, based upon parameters automatically exchanged in response to the discovery of the second wireless access point, and a secure direct wireless connection is established between the first and second wireless access points using the radio and privacy settings. Adding the first wireless to an existing mesh network includes a determination of the best available direct wireless connection..
Strike and dip tooltip for seismic sections
A method for displaying exploration and production (e&p) data set during an e&p tool session of a field having a subterranean formation. The method includes generating, by an e&p tool executing on a computer processor during the e&p tool session, an e&p data set based on a subterranean formation field data set, displaying, to a user controlling the e&p tool session, the e&p data set as a multi-dimensional canvas, generating, by the computer processor and in response to a user input identifying a point in the multi-dimensional canvas, a strike&dip tool tip, and further displaying the strike&dip tool tip superimposing the multi-dimensional canvas, wherein the strike&dip tool tip is tagged to the point in the multi-dimensional canvas..
Network visualization through augmented reality and modeling
A user equipment (ue) comprising a display, an input device configured to receive user input, a visual input configured to capture motion or stop photography as visual data, and a processor coupled to the display, input device, and visual input and configured to, receive visual data from the visual input, overlay a model comprising network data onto the visual data to create a composite image, wherein the model is aligned to the visual data based on user input received from the input device, and transmit the composite image to the display.. .
Directional light sensors
A directional light sensor may be provided having an array of beam steering elements and an array of corresponding light sensors. Each beam steering element may be configured to direct light from a given angle onto a particular light sensor so that the angular distribution of light may be mapped onto a planar grid of light sensors.
Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
An image processing apparatus and a control method thereof are provided, to move and display an item within an image in response to a user's motion. The image processing apparatus includes: an image processor which processes an image to be displayed; a user input which receives a user's motion; and a controller which displays the image including at least one item and moves the item by a predetermined unit moving distance which corresponds to a moving distance of the motion according to the user's motion, such that the unit moving distance of the item increases as the user's motion becomes farther away from an initial location..
Progress display of handwriting input
A computer-implemented method includes: receiving, at a user device, user input corresponding to handwritten text to be recognized using a recognition engine; and receiving, at the user device, a representation of the handwritten text. The representation includes the handwritten text parsed into individual handwritten characters.
Mobile terminal having touch screen and method for displaying cursor thereof
A method comprising measuring a change of capacitance associated with a user input approaching a display of an electronic device, determining whether the user input is within a proximity range of the display of the electronic device based on the change of capacitance, displaying a graphical user interface (gui) object at a location of the display of the electronic device according to whether the user input is within the proximity range of the display of the electronic device, determining whether the user input is within a touch range of the display of the electronic device based on the change of capacitance, and performing a function at the location according to whether the user input is within the touch range of the display of the electronic device.. .
Mobile terminal and operation control method thereof
Discussed are a mobile terminal and an operation control method thereof in which a delay time of the screen lock execution is controlled according to the user's gaze information. The mobile terminal according to an embodiment of the present disclosure may include an input unit configured to receive a user input; an execution controller configured to execute screen lock if the user input is not received for a predetermined time t1; and a change controller configured to change the predetermined time t1 based on the user's gaze information..
Method and apparatus for controlling information display areas in a mirror display
A mirror display with controllable information display areas. The mirror display includes a reflective viewer side to function as a mirror and an lcd device located on a non-viewer side to provide information display areas, which are viewable through the mirror display on the viewer side.
Method and apparatus for responding to input based upon relative finger position
A method, apparatus and computer program product are provided to facilitate user input based upon the relative position of their fingers. In the context of a method, sensor information is received that is indicative of the position of a first finger relative to a second finger.
Radar reception device, radar apparatus and radar reception signal displaying method
A radar reception device is provided. The device includes a reception signal acquirer, a signal processor, a ppi-scope generator, an a-scope generator, a display output unit, and a user interface.
Electroactive polymer actuator feedback apparatus system and method
An electronic damping feedback control system for an electroactive polymer module, an electroactive polymer device, and a computer-implemented method for creating realistic effects are provided. The electronic damping controller is coupled in a feedback loop between a user interface device and an electroactive polymer actuator, where the actuator is coupled to the user interface device.

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