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 Pictures using voice commands and automatic upload patent thumbnailPictures using voice commands and automatic upload
A system and method is disclosed for enabling user friendly interaction with a camera system. Specifically, the inventive system and method has several aspects to improve the interaction with a camera system, including voice recognition, gaze tracking, touch sensitive inputs and others.
Cutting Edge Vision Llc

 Stateless technique for distributing data uploads patent thumbnailStateless technique for distributing data uploads
The embodiments set forth a technique for providing a stateless technique for distributing uploads. According to some embodiments, a system can include various computing devices, authorization servers, and storage destinations.
Apple Inc.

 Video creation, editing, and sharing for social media patent thumbnailVideo creation, editing, and sharing for social media
The described embodiments include methods and systems for combining an original video recording with multiple additional video recordings and audio recordings into a new video recording. The original video content may be uploaded indexed and displayed so that additional users can access it in order to upload additional content into or over the original video.
Omiro Ip Llc

 Verified-party content patent thumbnailVerified-party content
Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for uploading, by a verified party, verified-party content to a media platform, receiving requests by a client device for store content, and displaying the uploaded verified-party content along with store content on the client device.. .
Apple Inc.

 Offline loading  electronic cash of ic card patent thumbnailOffline loading electronic cash of ic card
The invention relates to an ic card electronic cash offline loading system, which comprises an ic card, a pos terminal, and a bank backstage system, wherein the ic card comprises electronic cash and a load application module. The load application module comprises a recharging module and a first interaction module, wherein the recharging module is used for performing data interaction with the electronic cash and for completing load of the electronic cash, the first interaction module is used for performing data interaction with the pos terminal and for transmitting loaded amount data to the recharging module; the pos terminal has a loading device comprising a second interaction module used for performing data interaction with the load application module and a recharged amount uploading module used for transmitting the loaded amount data sent from the load application module to the bank backstage system.
China Union-pay Co.,ltd.

 Method and  album display, and storage medium patent thumbnailMethod and album display, and storage medium
The present disclosure relates to an album display method, an album display apparatus and a storage medium, which pertain to the graphics and image technical field. The method includes: uploading a plurality of photographs stored in the smart device to a server, receiving face identification information for at least two of the plurality of photographs from the server, wherein the at least two photographs are identified to include faces by the server using a face recognition algorithm, the face identification information includes a photograph identifier and an album identifier for one of a plurality of face albums, and the plurality of face albums are generated by grouping the at least two photographs based on faces identified in the at least two photographs, adding the at least two photographs to their corresponding face albums based on the face identification information, and displaying the plurality of face albums.
Xiaomi Inc.

 Apparatuses, methods, and systems for ranking and comparing user-generated posts patent thumbnailApparatuses, methods, and systems for ranking and comparing user-generated posts
Apparatuses, methods, and systems for ranking and comparing user-generated posts can provide a platform on which users can upload photos and/or videos (“media”). Other users can then post different media believed to be superior to the original media upload.

 System and  displaying weapon engagement feasibility patent thumbnailSystem and displaying weapon engagement feasibility
Disclosed is a system and method for generating, in an aircraft (1) in flight, a display indicative of the feasibility of a weapon carried on the aircraft (1) successfully engaging a determined target (5, t) and/or the feasibility of a weapon carried on the target (5, t) successfully engaging the aircraft (1). The method comprises: using a performance envelope of the weapon and performance envelope(s) for one or more different types of aircraft (1), determining a further performance envelope specifying the performance of the weapon when carried by any of the different aircraft (1) types; determining coefficients for a generic polynomial that fit the generic polynomial to the further performance envelope; uploading, to the aircraft (1), the generated coefficients; and, on the aircraft (1), reconstructing the further performance envelope and generating the feasibility display..
Bae Systems Plc

 Multi-activity platform and interface patent thumbnailMulti-activity platform and interface
A multi-activity system may be configured to receive, upload, synchronize and process data for a variety of different activity types and/or recorded using multiple types of activity monitoring devices. In one example, an application interface may be defined with a multiple functions that are each useable by various types of devices and for processing multiple types of data.
Nike, Inc.

 Wearable wireless multisensor health monitor with head photoplethysmograph patent thumbnailWearable wireless multisensor health monitor with head photoplethysmograph
Ambulatory monitoring of human health is provided by a multi-component multi-sensor wireless wearable biosignal acquisition system comprising a torso device and a peripheral device communicating wirelessly, and a mobile phone for receiving collected data and uploading it over cellular network or wifi to a remote computer for multivariate analysis. Biosignals include ekg and ppg, from which a determination of pulse transit time can be made..
Venture Gain L.l.c.

Wireless internet system and method

A method, system, and apparatus, including a program encoded on computer-readable medium, for transmitting data to a server. A wireless communication connection is established between a first computing device and a second computing device.
Barkan Wireless Access Technologies, L.p.

System and generating and sharing compilations of video streams

A method for displaying a compilation of video clips, comprising by a user, accessing an application for uploading video clips and displaying a video stream the application capable of being associated with the user and with a social media application including other users identified with the user the application further having one or more channels each representing an affinity, by the user, selecting a channel in the application, by the application, compiling a stream of video clips uploaded by the other users identified with the user to a selected channel, and by the application, displaying the stream of video clips.. .

Methods and systems for integration of peer-to-peer (p2p) networks with content delivery networks (cdns)

Disclosed herein are methods and systems for integrating peer-to-peer (p2p) networks with content delivery networks (cdns). In an embodiment, a method for use in a network storage control peer (nscp) supporting p2p operation includes receiving swarm stats from a tracker; determining, based on the received swarm stats, a p2p rarity associated with a content piece; and responsive to the determined p2p rarity, transmitting an upload request message to an ingestion gateway, wherein the upload request message indicates that the content piece is to be uploaded to a cdn..
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.

Terminal single sign-on configuration, authentication method, and system, and application service system thereof

The present invention provides a terminal single sign-on configuration, authentication method, and system. The terminal single sign-on authentication method includes obtaining a vpn login information for accessing a private virtual network, where the application service system is installed on a mobile terminal; and uploading the vpn login information to a server for verification.
Sangfor Technologies Company Limited

System and providing an application programming interface for deploying a service bus artifact from a local development environment to a cloud environment

In accordance with an embodiment, described herein is a system and method for deploying a service bus artifact from a local development environment to a service bus instance in a cloud environment. A deployment api can be plugged into the local development environment to perform a plurality of steps required for deploying the service bus artifact, including enabling communication from the local development environment to pass through a corporate firewall.
Oracle International Corporation

Integrating sponsored media with user-generated content

A variety of computer based service that permit users to edit, compose, upload, or otherwise generate content also provide for the integration of sponsored media into presentations along with user-generated content. An exemplary service generates text based on user input, provides tags based on the text to a sponsored media repository, receives a sponsored media data structure in return, and formats sponsored media from the data structure for display to the user..
Yahoo! Inc.

Utility pole staking system and method

Aspects of the invention include methods and systems for staking utility poles for a job. The methods and systems may comprise a central facility server; a network; and a mobile device adapted to transmit data to the central facility server using the network and including a processor and computer memory.
Marmon Utility Llc (hendrix)

A semantic terminal devices of internet of things

The present invention relates to the technical field of terminal devices of the internet of things, more specifically to a semantic method for terminal devices of the internet of things capable of analyzing the application characteristics of terminal devices of the internet of things, setting down the rules for building ontology base; analyzing and building initial ontology base by using the ontology base building tool; pre-processing information from network and sensors; collecting information uploaded by sensors, updating the initial ontology base, and expanding the ontology base by collecting information searched by network. The method establishes program plan by object-oriented mode, analyzes implementing results by using existing test data or simulated data, and realizes domain updating and expansion of sensor ontology according to specific applications.
Shenyang Institute Of Automation Of The Chinese Academy Of Sciences

Technique for data loss prevention for a cloud sync application

Techniques describe preventing sensitive data from being misappropriated during an operation performed by a cloud synchronization application. A request from a cloud sync application to upload a file to a cloud storage service is intercepted.
Symantec Corporation

System and compiling and dynamically updating a collection of frequently asked questions

At least one social media channel includes a plurality of user messages, which are accessible via a communication network. At least some of the stored messages are retrieved from the at least one social media channel via the communication network, and a collection of frequently asked questions (faq) is generated or updated by analyzing the retrieved messages to form a plurality of topical issue clusters.
Avaya Inc.

Systems, methods, and apparatuses for implementing data upload, processing, and predictive query api exposure

Disclosed herein are systems and methods for implementing data upload, processing, and predictive query api exposure including means for receiving a dataset in a tabular form, the dataset having a plurality of rows and a plurality of columns; processing the dataset to generate indices representing probabilistic relationships between the rows and the columns of the dataset; storing the indices in a database; exposing an application programming interface (api) to query the indices in the database; receiving a request for a predictive query or a latent structure query against the indices in the database; querying the database for a prediction based on the request via the api; and returning the prediction responsive to the request. Other related embodiments are further disclosed.., Inc.

Stream publishing and distribution capacity testing

Some embodiments dynamically test capacity of a streaming server under test (sut). The dynamic testing involves a test server generating different test scenarios.
Edgecast Networks, Inc.

Method, system and electronic searching nearby apparatus

A method, a system and an electronic apparatus for searching nearby apparatuses are proposed. The method includes: searching at least one first apparatus belonging to a first subnet which the electronic apparatus belongs to, and accordingly generating a first list; scanning at least one access point (ap) near the electronic apparatus, and accordingly generating a first ap list; uploading the first ap list to a server, and receiving a second list from the server, where the second list includes at least one second apparatus, and a similarity between a second ap list of each second apparatus and the first ap list is higher than a predetermined threshold; and uniting the first list and the second list to generate a pairing list including at least one apparatus to be paired..
Acer Incorporated

A novel transcoder and 3d video editor

A system and method for conducting 3d image analysis, generating a lossless stereoscopic master file, uploading the lossless stereoscopic master file to editing software, wherein the editing software generates a disparity map, analyzes a disparity map, analyzes cuts, and creates cut and disparity meta-information, and then scaling media, storing media and streaming the media for playback on a 3d capable viewer is provided.. .
3doo, Inc.

Underwater image projection system and method

Some embodiments include an underwater projection system having a water feature that includes a first underwater light niche. A user interface is configured to upload an image from a user to a controller.
Pentair Water Pool And Spa, Inc.

Client side host machine backup system and its implementing method

A client side host machine backup system and its implementing method is provided, in which a cloud server is connected with a client side host machine in advance, and a number of client side slave machines, which perform exchange operation independently, are connected with the client side host machine by means of wireless transmission mode. After completing the exchange operation, each of the client side slave machines transmits the exchange data synchronously to the client side host machine, and the host machine uploads each exchange data, after archiving by the host machine to the cloud server for storage.
Ichef Co., Ltd.

Crowd-sourced analysis of end user license agreements

In an example, a computing device is provided with an analysis engine for helping a user to evaluate and make informed decisions about legal agreements such as an end-user license agreement (eula). The eula may be long and include provisions that are difficult for the user to understand.

System and advertising items

A system for advertising items which are close to their expiry dates, the system comprising: a merchant device configured to upload information about an item which is close to its expiry date; a service provider server configured to receive the uploaded information and to store the uploaded information in an item database; and a user device configured to receive at least part of the uploaded information from the item database, to receive a user's selection of the item, and to transmit a reserve request to the service provider server, wherein the service provider server is further configured to forward the reserve request to the merchant device such that the item is reserved for the user.. .
Argadnel Ventures Limited

Shadow advertisement system and method, controlled in linkage with smartphone

Disclosed are a shadow advertisement system and a shadow advertisement method which are controlled in linkage with a smartphone. The system comprises: a power supply unit for, in dc-dc conversion of solar energy from a photovoltaic module, supplying a constant dc voltage and dc current or using an smps power source; a shadow advertisement controller for receiving, via a smartphone and a wireless communication means, an upload of an advertisement image and setting an advertisement time; and a shadow advertisement system for projecting a shadow advertisement printed on a film through a light source, a lens and an advertisement film in linkage with a lighting circuit and exposing the shadow advertisement, wherein the shadow advertisement is exposed at a certain location in such a manner that the light source is delivered to and penetrates the lens, and the advertisement printed on the advertisement film is projected by light which has passed through the lens..

Method for providing social activity integration service

A method for providing a social activity integration service run on a social activity integration service providing server comprises designating and inserting a unique key and an embeddable commenting program, into a web content of a website, inserting the unique key into an app content corresponding to the web content where the unique key is designated and to be uploaded to an appsite or an application, crawling the appsite and the application using an app crawler to extract an app content having the same key as the unique key of the website, inserting comment data of the extracted app content to be integrated with comment data of the web content of the website, and integrating the comment data of the app content and the comment data of the web content into the comment data of the web content and displaying the integrated data.. .

Technologies for providing information to a user while traveling

Technologies for providing information to a user while traveling include a mobile computing device to determine network condition information associated with a route segment. The route segment may be one of a number of route segments defining at least one route from a starting location to a destination.
Intel Corporation

Three-dimensional decorating system for edible items

In one aspect, the present disclosure relates to decorating and printing of edible media sheets based on a user-uploaded image. Using a browser-based user interface, the user selected image can be edited and embellished as an edible media design.
Decopac, Inc.

Image capture device capable of uploading clear images via wireless transmission

An image capture device capable of uploading clear images via wireless transmission includes a central processing unit, an image capture unit electrically coupled to the central processing unit, an image memory unit, a clear image detection unit electrically coupled to the central processing unit, and a wireless transmission unit electrically coupled to the central processing unit and these units are operated together to upload clear images, particularly to upload clear images to an external storage device via wireless transmission.. .
Digilife Technologies Co., Ltd.

Bulk uploading of multiple self-referencing objects

A computer implemented method, computer program product, and system for performing create, read, update, or delete operations on a plurality of resources in a client-server environment. In an embodiment, the computer implemented method includes the steps of identifying individual resources requiring operations to be performed, assigning local references for any resources to which a uri (uniform resource identifier) has not been provided by the server, generating metadata describing the local references and operations to be performed, wrapping each individual resource with the metadata to provide a plurality of wrapped resources arranging the wrapped resources into a single payload, and transmitting the single payload to the server..
International Business Machines Corporation

Method and system for one-time connection

A method and an apparatus for one-time connection are provided. In the method, a first apparatus generates a connection item according to first connection information, in which the first connection information is previously registered in a server.
National Tsing Hua University

Method and collaborative drawing

Intended for two or more users with individual graphic devices. When one user draws on a device, information for that element is sent to other device(s).

Security check method and system, terminal, verification server

Described are a security check method and system, a terminal, and a verification server. The method includes: receiving a selection operation on one of service provider identifiers; triggering an interface switching instruction according to the selection operation, and switching, according to the interface switching instruction, to an original virtual resource accumulation page corresponding to a user identifier and the service provider identifier selected by a user; receiving a virtual resource acquisition instruction input by the user on the original virtual resource accumulation page; switching from the original virtual resource accumulation page to a verification interface according to the virtual resource acquisition instruction; receiving verification information input on the verification interface, and uploading the verification information and the service provider identifier to a verification server for verification; and receiving a new virtual resource accumulation page that is returned by a virtual resource server after verification of the verification server succeeds..
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Paint your place application for optimizing digital painting of an image

A user-facing front end screen display of an illustrative digital image painting application includes a bucket tool which enables a user to apply a selected color to a selected area of an uploaded digital image such as a wall of a room, a paint brush tool to fill in missed areas, an eraser tool is to remove misapplied color, masking tools to mask off selected areas, and a tolerance slider tool to assist in properly filling in painted areas. Improved image preprocessing methods enable better definition of areas of the image to be painted the same color..
Behr Process Corporation

System, method, and personalizing greeting cards

A method, system, and apparatus are provided for personalizing electronically printed greeting cards so that any generally applicable messages printed therein particularly address any intended recipients. In an embodiment, the system may prompt a user to upload a remote address book containing mailing information and one or more personal details relating to each of her intended recipients.

Industrial controller automation interface

An automation interface is provided for interacting with industrial controllers. The automation interface provides for programming, editing, monitoring and maintenance of industrial controllers programmatically from a local or remote location.
Rockwell Automation, Inc.

Packing case with a stacking structure

The invention discloses a packing case with a stacking structure including a base and a case body disposed at the base, wherein, a first groove is disposed along a first direction of a bottom of the base, a first card is disposed to match a first groove along the first direction on a top surface of the case body. In the invention, during the stacking procedure of the packing case with stacking structure, a card on a top surface of another packing case is engaged by the groove on the bottom to restrict the packing cases at horizontal direction, and the packing cases won't fall down even encounter adverse factors, ex: quacking, during transporting and then protecting the safety of products effectively and increasing working efficiency of loading/uploading and carrying simultaneously..
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

System and modifying human behavior through use of gaming applications

A gaming system for training to modify behavior includes a trainer database for storing data input by a trainer that documents behavioral data corresponding to a player and is collected or observed by the trainer when the player is not playing a game offered through use of a gaming engine; a player device used by the player to play a game selected from a gaming database, used to generate player behavioral data uploaded to the gaming database and based on the player's interactions with the game, and used to interact with the trainer through the gaming engine; and an i/o device in communication with the player device or the gaming engine for collecting location or vitals data corresponding to the player as the player plays the game. Game settings can be changed based on the player's interactions with the game or based on the location or vitals data..

Automated large file processing with embedded visual cues

A network-based solution for automatically processing large email attachments or other files during migration and archiving operations may involve downloading mailboxes from a source email platform and inspecting the mailboxes for emails containing attachment files. The solution may involve uploading a copy of the detected attachment to a storage server when a comparison determines that the file size of the detected attachment file exceeds a predetermined size limit.
Dell Software, Inc.

Deploying applications in a networked computing environment

An approach for deploying and managing applications in a networked computing environment (e.g., a cloud computing environment). A user uploads an application for deployment in the networked computing environment.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method and system for music collaboration crowd funding

A system and method for funding the creation of audio tracks, comprising: provisioning of a expandable set to store prerecorded audio data in multiple tracks, request for funding indicator in the set, enabling a registered user to create the request for funding indicator providing the information about the expected funding amount in a permitted currency and a timeframe to reach this amount, allowing the requesting user to optionally provide a draft or sample of the track, allowing the requesting user optionally to add hypertext information as a description of the track to be funded, enabling the funding user to download or stream an arbitrary combination of tracks of the set including the sample of the track to be funded, enabling the funding user to provide an arbitrary amount of money in a given currency, a presentation of the remaining time and the remaining amount to reach the funding goal, the billing of the funding user and the refund in case the funding goal is not reached, the payment of the requesting user, enabling the requesting user to upload the funded track.. .

System and catalog image generation

Various embodiments of system and method for catalog image generation include a method. The method comprises, while a first person is using a mobile device to scan an item in a store, capturing one or more first images of the item from the mobile device and selecting one of the one or more first images.
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

Electronic project checklist and data management system

A system, method, and computer readable medium for electronic project and data management is described. The system is comprised of a central database, a server controller for the database, an interface with electronic access to the database for vendor and client personnel, and a foreman device.

Joint surgery triage tool

A computerized method provides remote access to orthopaedic triage services. A user accesses a computerized graphical interface having at least one of a first graphical interface for input of data including personal metrics, a second interface for input of answers to standardized functional impairment queries, and a third interface for input of prior surgery or injury queries.

Information management medical care data, and non-transitory computer readable medium

An information sharing apparatus (management apparatus) for medical care data of a patient body includes a data uploader for classifying the medical care data into confidential data for a primary use in medical care of the patient body, and published data published for a secondary use different from the primary use, to store the confidential data and the published data in a storage medium. A problem event detector monitors the confidential data being added or updated, to check occurrence of a problem event of clinical exacerbation of the patient body.
Fujifilm Corporation

Methods and systems for tracking and representing medical information

This disclosure relates to systems and methods for educating and empowering patients and their caregivers. In one aspect, a system for providing medical information to a user includes a healthcare provider terminal, a patient record database, a patient-diagnostic processor, and an interface.
Vca Antech, Inc.

Mechanism for facilitating evaluation of data types for dynamic lightweight objects in an on-demand services environment

In accordance with embodiments, there are provided mechanisms and methods for facilitating evaluation of data types for dynamic lightweight objects in an on-demand services environment. In one embodiment and by way of example, a method includes uploading a data file having data at a first computing device in response to a request, and detecting data types relating to the data within the data file., Inc.

Transmission system, information processing apparatus, computer program product, and information processing

A transmission system includes a first information processing apparatus and a second information processing apparatus. The first information processing apparatus includes: a material transmitter that uploads material data to a third information processing apparatus; an operation acquiring unit that acquires an operation by a user and outputs operation information indicating the acquired operation; and a transmission side controller that causes a transmission side display unit to display the material data and changes how the material data is displayed in accordance with the operation by the user.

Industrial controller automation interface

An automation interface is provided for interacting with industrial controllers. The automation interface provides for programming, editing, monitoring and maintenance of industrial controllers programmatically from a local or remote location.
Rockwell Automation, Inc.

Systems and methods for providing instant messaging with interactive photo sharing

An instant messaging system is configured to facilitate digital photo sharing. An invitation is transmitted to at least one contact at a corresponding instant messaging system, where the invitation includes a selected digital photo presentation template comprising a plurality of panels.
Cyberlink Corp.

Captured test fleet

A system and method for monitoring vehicles in a captured test fleet that includes: receiving a call at a service center from a vehicle in the captured test fleet, wherein the call is triggered based on a condition detected at the vehicle; establishing a connection between the service center and the vehicle via the call; requesting a vehicle data upload (vdu) from the vehicle via the call; completing the vdu at the service center, and storing data received from the vdu in a captured test fleet database that manages data for a plurality of vehicles included in the captured test fleet.. .
General Motors Llc

Collection of transaction receipts using an online content management service

An online content management service can collect and store receipts for a user from a variety of sources, including images captured by the user, messages received for the user at a messaging service or message management service, and/or receipts directly uploaded to the online content management service by a merchant. In the case of receipts provided as messages, a user can interact with a message management service to identify messages as receipts, and the message management service can upload such messages to the online content management service..
Dropbox, Inc.

Image recognition enhanced crowdsourced question and answer platform

A crowdsourced question and answer platform enhanced with image recognition technology is disclosed. The platform generates and organizes conversations surrounding an object recognized from an image uploaded by a user.
Ricoh Co., Ltd.

Automated integration of video evidence with data records

A computer system receives event data associated with data records in a database, receives metadata corresponding to a digital media content file (e.g., a video, audio, or image file), compares the event data with the metadata, automatically identifies a matching event based on the comparison, and automatically tags the content file by modifying the metadata based on event data associated with the matching event. In one usage scenario, the digital media content file may be used as evidence in a criminal investigation.
Taser International, Inc.

Method and system for managing image forming apparatus through network

A method of managing an image forming apparatus through a network, the method including: logging in to a server through a diagnostic control unit application from a user terminal; receiving, by the user terminal, device information of an image forming apparatus from the image forming apparatus; requesting for and receiving, by the user terminal, diagnostic control unit information corresponding to the received device information from the server; performing a diagnostic control on the image forming apparatus through the diagnostic control unit application by using the received diagnostic control unit information; and uploading results of performing the diagnostic control on the server.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Luminescent resonance energy transfer sensors for non-invasively and continuously monitoring glucose for diabetes

The present disclosure discloses a non-invasive wireless glucose level monitoring device. The device is fitted into a contact lens and can analyze glucose levels in tear fluid.

Wireless network design, commissioning, and controls for hvac, water heating, and lighting system optimization

Methods, devices, and systems for commissioning and programming a network of wireless devices are disclosed herein. These can include utilizing a commissioning tool having a directional radio frequency antenna, a microprocessor, and memory.
Amatis Controls, Inc.

Vehicle ad hoc network (vanet)

Mesh node modules are associated with vehicles and companion nodes can dynamically form a mesh network which uploads location information of the nodes and in some cases additional information, e.g., road condition or proximity to objects.. .
Sony Corporation

Video-on-demand content delivery providing video-on-demand services to tv service subscribers

A video-on-demand (vod) content delivery system has a vod application server which manages a database of templates for presentation of video content elements of different selected types categorized in hierarchical order. A web-based content management system receives content uploaded online in file formats with metadata for title and topical area, and automatically converts it into video data format compatible with the vod content delivery system indexed by title and topical area.
Broadband Itv, Inc.

System for addressing on-demand tv program content on tv services platform of a digital tv services provider

Video content is uploaded via the internet to a video-on-demand (vod) server identified by a title and a hierarchical address of categories and subcategories for categorizing the title. The vod server converts and stores the video content at a storage address in a video content database linked to the title.
Broadband Itv, Inc.

Portable device and manipulation method

A portable device and a manipulation method thereof are disclosed in this disclosure. The portable device includes a camera unit, a communication unit, a first switch button and a control module.
Htc Corporation

Hard-copy signatures using a cloud-connected printing device with a workflow service

Example systems and related methods may relate to a way to efficiently incorporate authentication to cloud-based review and approval processes. In an example embodiment, a workflow service operating on a network may send a request for document approval to a mobile computing device.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Digital picture frame with automated interactions with viewer and viewer devices

A digital picture frame including a camera integrated with the frame, and a network connection module allowing the frame for direct contact and upload of photos from electronic devices or from a user's social media account or her or his community members' social media accounts. The integrated camera is used to automatically determine an identity of a frame viewer, and a viewer profile automatically determined from the identity of the viewer.
Pushd, Inc.

Method and displaying image

The present disclosure relates to image processing technologies, and provides a method for displaying an image, comprising: receiving a picture uploaded by a client; intercepting a first image and a second image from the picture; and associating the intercepted first image and the intercepted second image with a network account of a user; when monitoring that the network account is logged in, pushing the first image and the second image as content of a data card of the network account to a client for displaying. The solution of the present invention can mix the avatar of the data card and the background image of the data card together, and display more information related to the avatar of the data card by the background image of the data card..
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

User participation type electronic advertisement system

A server (1) of a central dealer provides an app (8′) for editing an advertisement material moving image to a terminal (2) of a web user (a creator user) 2m who has intention to create the advertisement material moving image. The creator user (2m) edits and creates the advertisement material moving image using the app (8′) based on sensitivity or taste of the creator user, and uploads the created advertisement material moving image to the server (1).

System and the indication of modification region boundaries on facial images

Computerized method and system for creating a personalized advertisement, and for recommending a product being advertised. An uploaded facial photograph is received, the facial photograph including a plurality of facial features.
Modiface Inc.

Secure offline playing of media files

A system and method that allows media files to be downloaded to a client device via the internet and played without commercial interruption, even when the local device is no longer connected to the internet. The viewing habits of users of the invention are recorded on the client device, and when the device is connected to the internet, the user's viewing habits are uploaded to a web server database.
Firtiva Corporation

System and generating home repair reports

A method of generating home repair estimate reports from subjective home or other building inspection reports may be provided. Such a method may allow preliminary high-level estimation of building repair costs, and may require uploading the inspection report and building and location data, generating a calibration model and location indexing information, extrapolating the sectional deficiencies identified in the inspection report, mapping the deficiencies to the building model, and applying the indexing information..

Network interview system and interview method thereof

A method of performing a network interview includes a questioner providing a question set with respect to a designated interviewee or a designated event. The questioner uploads the question set to a network in order to collect the support from a plurality of network users.

Systems and methods for distributing content using attributes

A fixed content server stores electronic content for delivery to a nomadic server on a vehicle. A schedule for arrival and departure of the vehicle transporting the nomadic server at a destination location is obtained, and a destination content server is identified.
Thales Avionics, Inc.

Social networking games including image unlocking and bi-directional profile matching

The present subject matter relates to systems and methods for providing enhanced social networking, or other games, that include various profile unlocking techniques and/or bi-directional profile matching. In some examples, a game-like experience may be provided in which an “unveiling” or “unraveling” mechanic is used, e.g.
Unravel, Llc

System and enterprise mobile message

A system and method of an enterprise mobile message are provided. The system includes a cloud composed of a database, a server, and a push gateway.
Mitake Information Corporation

Data upload method using shortcut

Provided is a method of uploading data to a data server with minimum manipulations and downloading or retrieving the uploaded data by using a user's mobile terminal or a user-designated recipient's mobile terminal. A data upload method used by a computer system includes: monitoring whether a data upload shortcut command is input; selecting an object to be uploaded when an input of the data upload shortcut command is sensed; and transmitting an upload file, which consists of data of the selected object, to a data server..
Enbsoft Inc

Method and client to content appliance (ca) synchronization

A new approach is proposed that contemplates systems and methods to support file synchronization between a local host and a cloud storage via one or more local content appliances (cas), wherein each content appliance is a storage device/host configured to locally maintain documents and files previously downloaded from the cloud storage. First, a client agent at the local host discovers and connects to the ca that manage its files locally.
Barracuda Networks, Inc.

Method to improve quality of service for real time internet applications

A data router is programmed on power up to be automatically configured for voip packet priority by setting the correct isp speeds. A relatively long term speed test is automatically done as part of the data router boot up.

Generating multi-image content for online services using a single image

Systems and methods are provided for generating multi-image content for online services using a single image. For example, a processor identifies publishing constraints specified for image categories in a profile of an online service.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

System and monitoring and reporting environmental conditions

A method for identifying, monitoring, collecting and collating compliance information regarding safety components of a defined environment, is provided and includes securely associating a location tag with at least one location within the defined environment, wherein the location tag is configured to include location information regarding the at least one location, obtaining at least a portion of the location information, associating the at least a portion of the location information with the location tag, uploading the at least a portion of the location information into a processing device, processing the at least a portion of the location information via the processing device to generate processed location information and publishing the processed location information in a predetermined format.. .

Rating system characterizing athletes based on skillset

Methods and systems are described for an athlete rating system. A method for rating an athlete includes data collected from a variety of sources.

Method and authorized access to local files on a copy appliance

A new approach is proposed that contemplates systems and methods to support authorized access by a second client to files stored on a local content appliances (ca), wherein each content appliance is a storage device/host configured to locally maintain entire or parts of files owned and maintained by a first user. First, a first client agent is configured to establish a region including at least one local ca and to provide authoritative copies of one or more of its files and/or their parts containing sensitive information of the first client to be stored and maintained on the ca in the region instead of uploading them to a cloud storage.
Barracuda Networks, Inc.

Methods for identifying audio or video content

The disclosed technology generally relates to methods for identifying audio and video entertainment content. One claim recites network server comprising: an input for receiving data representing audio uploaded to said network server; memory for storing the data representing audio; one or more processors configured for processing the data representing audio to yield fingerprint data; memory for storing fingerprint data; one or more processors configured for: determining whether the fingerprint data incurs a potential match with the stored fingerprint data, the potential match indicating an unreliability in the match below a predetermined threshold; and issuing a call, upon a condition of unreliability in the match, requesting at least a first reviewer and a second reviewer to review the data representing audio; an interface for receiving results from the first reviewer and results from the second reviewer; and one or more processors configured for weighting results from the first reviewer differently than results from the second reviewer, and determining whether to allow public access to the data representing audio based at least in part on weighted results.
Digimarc Corporation

Dynamic extensibility of application programming interfaces

A system for extending application programming interfaces provided by web service providers to interface with web services includes an application programming interface extender; a plurality of application programming interface extensions; and a catalog of the application programming interface extensions. The catalog logically links the application programming interface extensions with the application programming interfaces and provides an interface to first developers who upload the application programming interface extensions to the platform and second developers who develop applications which access the web services via the application programming interface extensions.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method for playing back and separately storing audio and video tracks in the internet

In the method an indefinite number of audio tracks are stored separately for each video film, in order to be played back in sync with the video in the internet. Hence, a video can be stored in any number of languages, and at any time the language can be changed in real time during the playback of the video without having to reload the video.

Zero touch provisioning

According to one embodiment, a method comprises automatically uploading device information from a first network device in a first operating state to a second network device in response to an event, such as an initial power up. The second network device is part of the cloud, and thus, providing cloud-based services.
Aruba Networks, Inc.

Storing data at a remote location based on predetermined criteria

Storing data at a remote location based on predetermined criteria includes obtaining data from a remote sensor, identifying a storage provider that meets predetermined storage criteria of the data, and uploading the data to the storage provider.. .
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp

Zero touch provisioning

According to one embodiment, a method comprises automatically uploading device information from a first network device in a first operating state to a second network device in response to an event, such as an initial power up. The second network device is part of the cloud, and thus, providing cloud-based services.
Aruba Networks, Inc.

System for crowdfunding and crowdsourcing competition

Apparatus and methods concerning a crowd sourced database of content featuring content uploaded for the purpose of achieving a desired outcome for the contributing user and using a user based voting system for an established duration that is limited to established geographical areas and allows users to vote for contributing users to go from a starting page to a state page and up to a national page for the purpose of awarding a prize or other desired outcome to the contributing user by winning the most votes on a national level. The contributing user may pay a fee per state to be included in that state's voting process..

System and recognizing revenue and managing revenue lifecycles

A system and method for calculating variable consideration for performance obligations. The method can involve, checking a database for historical transaction data, accessing the historical transaction data, and applying one or more predetermined variable consideration rules to the historical transaction data.
Leeyo Software, Inc.

Automated transfer of enriched transaction account data to a submitted record of charge

Transaction account holders are able to attach additional data to a transaction in concert with the transaction being initiated, prior to the merchant posting the transaction. Transaction account holders do not have to wait and/or opt for an external service provider to assist with the compiling and/or attaching of data at a later point in time (e.g., after the merchant posts the transaction).
American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.

An identifying plant varieties from leaf samples taken whilst in the field

An apparatus for identifying plant varieties from leaf or flower samples taken whilst in the field comprises a scanning device having a backlight so as to enable a detailed image of a sample to be recorded digitally, a computer for uploading the image for analysis, a computer program which allocates user prescribed parameters such as leaf venation, leaf shape, base position and shape and leaf curvature to the image, and utilising the data produced by the computer program and applying an algorithm to it for matching the data against a database of plant varieties to determine the highest match probability.. .
Avicennia Investments Pty Ltd

Network-based client side encryption

A device may provide an upload request to upload a file. The device may receive, based on the upload request, a unique identifier associated with the device.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Integrated multi-platform user interface/user experience

An integrated multi-platform user interface/user experience enables a user to enjoy an online experience including watching/viewing content, receiving offers and participating with the content. The user interface includes a full screen mode, a split-screen mode, features to receive contextually-related content, uploading and sharing content capabilities, and many additional functions/options..
Sony Corporation

System and enterprise instant message

A system and method of an enterprise instant message are provided. The system includes a database and a server.
Mitake Information Corporation

System and photo subject display optimization

A software application platform which provides a user with the ability to customize, via the uploading of digital photographs, the displayable area of a digital photo in an image gallery such that the photo subject for each digital photo is viewable within the image gallery on a graphical user interface is disclosed. Photos, each having a first aspect ratio, uploaded to an image gallery may be processed by the application such that the photo subject and the photo subject area of each digital photo is identified and positioned within an individual display window, each display window having a second aspect ratio, such that the display window displays the photo subject area in an image gallery on a graphical user interface.
Smugmug, Inc.

Petroleum well downhole logging tool with high speed data bus

The invention is a petroleum well downhole logging tool (0) comprising—a wireline telemetry controller unit (6) comprising—a downhole modem (61) for transmitting data at a first bitrate uplink on a wireline (8) to a surface telemetry unit (106) connected to a surface read-out unit (sro) with a memory (123)), a server toolbus controller (62) connected between said downhole modem (61) and an internal tool databus (7) operating at a second bitrate (r2) higher than the first bitrate;—one or more logging tools (4) each with sensors (40a, 40b, 40c, . .
Bergen Technology Center As

Wlan rate estimation

Methods, systems, and devices are described for estimating wireless local area network (wlan) capacity. In accordance with the present disclosure, one or more applications associated with a mobile device may request wlan capacity estimation in order to maximize the use of available network resources.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Methods, systems, and computer program products for categorizing/rating content uploaded to a network for broadcasting

Methods, systems, and computer program products that automatically categorize and/or assign ratings to content (video and audio content) uploaded by individuals who want to broadcast the content to others via a communications network, such as an iptv network, are provided. When an individual uploads content to a network, a network service automatically extracts an audio stream from the uploaded content.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

Video reaction processing

A disclosed system provides a software developer kit (sdk) having programming code that is installable on a content delivery platform, and when installed and executed provides: a reaction interface that is displayed within the content delivery platform and allows client devices to capture and upload video reactions in response to content items served by the content delivery platform, wherein each video reaction is externally stored in a remote server and is viewable in the reaction interface, and wherein the reaction interface includes a sharing facility that allows video reactions to be shared over a network; an aggregation interface that visually aggregates, in the reaction interface, sets of video reactions with associated content items served by the content delivery platform; and an analytics interface that displays reaction analytics for content items, wherein the reaction analytics include emotional analytics, demographic analytics, and engagement analytics.. .
Dumbstruck, Inc.

Peer-to-peer upload scheduling

Client devices act as data sources for other clients, such as in a p2p or p2sp situation. The client devices receive upload configuration information based on information relating to their prior uploads and upload operation.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

File sharing method and file sharing system utilizing the same

A file sharing system includes: a second, first user device and a cloud server. The first user device uploads a file and sharing information corresponding to the file, wherein the sharing information includes file recipient information of an application corresponding to the second user device.
Quanta Computer Inc.

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