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Ultraviolet patents


This page is updated frequently with new Ultraviolet-related patent applications.

 Extreme ultraviolet light generation apparatus patent thumbnailExtreme ultraviolet light generation apparatus
A target sensor may include: a plurality of sensor elements, each of the plurality of sensor elements being configured to output a sensor signal that varies in accordance with an amount of light received on a light-receiving surface; and a signal generator configured to process the sensor signals from the plurality of sensor elements. The light-receiving surfaces of the plurality of sensor elements may be disposed at different positions in a second direction different from a first direction along which an image of the target illuminated by the illumination light may move.
Gigaphoton Inc.

 Amoled device and febricating method thereof, and display apparatus patent thumbnailAmoled device and febricating method thereof, and display apparatus
The embodiments of the present disclosure relate to an amoled device and a fabricating method thereof, and a display apparatus. The amoled device comprises: a back plate; a blue hole transport layer on the back plate; an excitation layer on the blue hole transport layer; a blue light emitting layer on the excitation layer; an electron transfer layer on the blue light emitting layer; and a cathode on the electron transfer layer.
Ordos Yuansheng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

 Techniques for forming integrated passive devices patent thumbnailTechniques for forming integrated passive devices
Techniques are disclosed for forming integrated passive devices, such as inductors and capacitors, using next-generation lithography (ngl) processes, such as electron-beam direct write (ebdw) and extreme ultraviolet lithography (euvl). The techniques can be used to form various different integrated passive devices, such as inductors (e.g., spiral inductors) and capacitors (e.g., metal finger capacitors), having higher density, precision, and quality factor (q) values than if such devices were formed using 193 nm photolithography.
Intel Corporation

 Drying an extreme ultraviolet (euv) pellicle patent thumbnailDrying an extreme ultraviolet (euv) pellicle
Systems and methods for rinsing one or more pellicles during fabrication, including immersing and soaking the one or more pellicles in a rinse bath solution for a particular time period, forming a top layer above the rinse bath solution, the top layer having a lower surface tension than the rinse bath, and withdrawing the one or more pellicles through the top layer for drying.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

 Multidirectional communication system patent thumbnailMultidirectional communication system
Various of the disclosed embodiments incorporate wavelength-shifting (wls) materials to facilitate high data rate communication. Some embodiments employ a waveguide incorporating such wls materials to receive a wireless signal from a source.
Facebook, Inc.

 Optical waveguide device patent thumbnailOptical waveguide device
An optical waveguide device includes a substrate with an electro-optic effect on which an optical waveguide and an electrode for controlling optical waves propagating through the optical waveguide are formed and at least one light source for irradiating ultraviolet light on the substrate.. .
Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd.

 Display device patent thumbnailDisplay device
According to one embodiment, a display device includes a display module including a peripheral area located outside a display area, a cover member including a phototransmissive region and a light-shielding region, and a ultraviolet-cured resin layer which bonds the display module to the cover member, includes first and second portions, and contains polar monomers as a monomer component. A transparent first electrode is interposed between the cover member and the display module to cover the phototransmissive region.
Japan Display Inc.

 Optical article comprising an antireflective coating with a very low reflection in the visible and ultraviolet regions patent thumbnailOptical article comprising an antireflective coating with a very low reflection in the visible and ultraviolet regions
This invention relates to an ophthalmic lens comprising a transparent substrate with a front main face and with a rear main face, at least one of the main faces being coated with a multilayered antireflective coating comprising a stack of at least one high refractive index layer (hi) having a refractive index higher than or equal to 1.55 and at least one low refractive index layer (li) having a refractive index lower than 1.55, characterized in that: said at least one high refractive index layer (hi) is in direct contact with said at least one low refractive index layer (li) forming a bilayer, said bilayer has a physical thickness lower than or equal to 60 nm, said bilayer is, in the direction moving away from said transparent substrate, in second to last place in said multilayered antireflective coating, said multilayered antireflective coating has a mean reflection factor ruv between 280 nm and 380 nm, lower than 5% for an angle of incidence in the range from 20° to 50°.. .
Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optique)

 Defect inspection method and defect inspection device patent thumbnailDefect inspection method and defect inspection device
A defect inspection method according to an embodiment includes irradiating an euv mask having a substrate, a first line-shaped portion, and a second line-shaped portion with deep ultraviolet radiation from a lower surface side of the substrate, and detecting reflection light of the deep ultraviolet radiation. The first line-shaped portion and the second line-shaped portion are provided on the substrate.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

 System and  measuring thermal degradation of composites patent thumbnailSystem and measuring thermal degradation of composites
A system for measuring thermal degradation of composites, may include a housing having an interior with an opening shaped to expose a test area of the composite to be tested to the interior; a light-emitting diode that emits primarily ultraviolet radiation, the diode mounted on the housing to direct the ultraviolet radiation into the interior and through the opening; an image sensor mounted on the housing and open to the interior to receive radiation emitted from the test area passing through the opening into the interior; and an image processor connected to receive a signal from the image sensor, the image processor determining a presence or absence of thermal degradation of the test area in response to the signal.. .
The Boeing Company

Ultraviolet light sensing circuit and sensing system

An ultraviolet light sensing circuit and sensing system. The ultraviolet light sensing circuit comprises a modulation unit and a phase delay unit, wherein the modulation unit comprises a first stage of inverter which is used for sensing ultraviolet light and is used as a voltage feedback modulation stage; and the phase delay unit comprises n stages of inverters which are connected in sequence, where n is an even number which is greater than or equal to 2.
Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School

Eyewear with radiation detection system

Eyewear having radiation monitoring capability is disclosed. Radiation, such as ultraviolet (uv) radiation, infrared (ir) radiation or light, can be measured by a detector.
Ingeniospec, Llc

Processing facility for manufacturing integrated circuits from semiconductor wafers as well as perforated panel for a processing facility

A processing facility for manufacturing integrated circuits on semiconductor wafers is provided with at least one radiation generator that generates an euv (extreme ultraviolet) radiation that is supplied to at least one lithography machine, housed in a factory building, for exposure of the semiconductor wafers. The radiation generator is housed in a building or a building section separate from the factory building.
M+w Group Gmbh

Ultraviolet radiation protection of composite panel and making and using the same

A number of variations may include a product including a composite panel comprising a substrate comprising a fiber weave, and a first layer overlying the substrate comprising silicone wherein the composite panel is constructed and arranged to resist ultraviolet radiation.. .
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Recovery of metals from ores

A process includes at least formulating an aqueous oxidizing solution by addition of ingredients to water, wherein the aqueous oxidizing solution has a ph of less than 0.7 primarily from at least one strong acid, at between 0.04% and 0.42% weight/volume of persulphate anions, and 0.03% to 0.1% weight/volume of hydrogen peroxide; an irradiation step wherein ozone is produced by irradiating oxygen with an ultraviolet source wherein the ozone is present in the solution at a concentration of 0.75 to 2 mg/l ozone; a metal solubilization step of oxidizing and thereby rendering soluble a desired at least one metal from a ground amount of ore in suspension; collecting a pregnant liquor from the suspension; and selectively removing at least a portion of the at least one metal from the liquor while at a ph of less than 3, such that any remaining liquid is a recyclable liquor.. .
Novel Mining Limited

Nozzle for selectively generating either plasma or ultraviolet radiation

One aspect of the invention provides a method of generating ultraviolet radiation. The method includes: introducing a mixture of nitrogen gas and helium gas into a dielectric barrier discharge device including a high voltage electrode and a ground electrode separated by a gap and a dielectric; and applying suitable electricity to the high voltage electrode, thereby generating ultraviolet radiation.
Drexel University

Ultraviolet disinfecting device for food and beverage dispensers

Disinfecting devices and related methods are provided that apply germicidal ultraviolet light to disinfect dispensing components of food and beverage dispensers. A disinfecting holster for a bar gun includes a support surface configured to interface with a bar gun to support the bar gun when stowed in the holster, a housing coupled with the support surface and surrounding a dispensing nozzle of the bar gun when the bar gun is stowed in the holster, and an ultraviolet light source configured to emit germicidal ultraviolet light onto the nozzle.
Automatic Bar Controls, Inc.

Contact lens handling device

Certain embodiments are directed to a contact lens application/removal device comprising a plurality of removably interconnection components. The components include a lens handling tip, a lubrication fluid container, two detachable storage chambers, and, optionally, a detachable ultraviolet disinfection system.
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

Height adjustable desks with ultraviolet light irradiation of keyboard tray

Height adjustable desks with a keyboard tray system that is irradiated by an ultraviolet light disinfectant unit. The ultraviolet light unit resides parallel to and above the keyboard tray while being rigidly affixed to the underside of the desktop.
Next Technologies, Inc.

Lighting element-centric network of networks

A lighting system utilizes intelligent lighting system elements, such as lighting devices, user interfaces for lighting control or the like and possibly sensors. The system also has a data communication network.
Abl Ip Holding Llc

Ultraviolet light-emitting device and production method therefor

The present invention provides an ultraviolet light-emitting device exhibiting improved crystal quality, flatness, and feasibility of filling in irregularities. The ultraviolet light-emitting device has a substrate having irregularities, an ain buffer layer formed on the substrate by sputtering, an undoped algan layer, an n-type algan layer, a light-emitting layer, an electron blocking layer made of p-type algan, and a p-type contact layer made of p-type algan, each of the layers sequentially deposited.
Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.

Vapor deposition deposited photoresist, and manufacturing and lithography systems therefor

A photoresist vapor deposition system includes: a vacuum chamber having a heating element and cooled chuck for holding a substrate, the vacuum chamber having a heated inlet; and a vapor deposition system connected to the heated inlet for volatilizing a precursor into the vacuum chamber for condensing a photoresist over the substrate cooled by the cooled chuck. The deposition system creates a semiconductor wafer system that includes: a semiconductor wafer; and a vapor deposited photoresist over the semiconductor wafer.
Applied Materials, Inc.

Optical component and light emitting device

An optical component includes a phosphor member, an optical filter arranged over the phosphor member at a light extraction side of the phosphor member, and a light scattering member arranged on over the optical filter. An excitation spectrum of the phosphor member has a first local maximum wavelength in the visible region and a second local maximum wavelength in the ultraviolet region.
Nichia Corporation

Photostabilizing compounds and methods of making and using the same

Compounds that stabilize ultraviolet (uv) light are generally disclosed herein. Methods of making and using such compounds are also generally disclosed.
Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc.

Custom multi-colored images applied to three dimensional products, such as polystyrene post production on an individual basis

A base plate for supporting a plurality of interlocking building bricks includes a planar sheet having a top surface and a bottom surface, with a plurality of nodes projecting from the top surface. The plurality of nodes includes a node having a vertical cylindrical wall and a horizontal top wall, the vertical cylindrical wall tapering along its vertical height; the node also having a bevel extending around a circumference of the node at an edge where the vertical cylindrical wall transitions to the horizontal top wall.

Notch filter coatings for use in sunscreen applications

Notch filter coatings for use in sunscreen applications are provided herein. An exemplary composition includes multiple zinc oxide particles suspended within a medium forming sunscreen composition; and a combination of multiple notch filter coating materials individually applied as a distinct layer to each of the multiple zinc oxide particles to create a multi-layered structure surrounding each of the multiple zinc oxide particles within the sunscreen composition, wherein the multi-layered structure: reflects light at a user-determined wavelength range based on the wavelength range at which each of the multiple notch filter coating materials reflects light; and allows wavelengths of light (i) within at least a portion of the ultraviolet spectrum and (ii) outside of the user-determined wavelength range to be absorbed by the multiple zinc oxide particles..
International Business Machines Corporation

Extreme ultraviolet light generation apparatus

An apparatus for generating extreme ultraviolet light used with a laser apparatus and connected to an external device so as to supply the extreme ultraviolet light thereto includes a chamber provided with at least one inlet through which a laser beam is introduced into the chamber; a target supply unit provided on the chamber configured to supply a target material to a predetermined region inside the chamber; a discharge pump connected to the chamber; at least one optical element provided inside the chamber; an etching gas introduction unit provided on the chamber through which an etching gas passes; and at least one temperature control mechanism for controlling a temperature of the at least one optical element.. .
Gigaphoton Inc.

Extreme uv light generator

An extreme ultraviolet light generation apparatus may include: a chamber in which extreme ultraviolet light is generated from plasma generated by irradiating a target supplied into the chamber with a laser beam; a target generator that supplies the target into the chamber as a droplet; a droplet measurement unit that measures the droplet supplied from the target generator into the chamber; and a shielding member that shields the droplet measurement unit from electromagnetic waves emitted from the plasma, the droplet measurement unit including: a light source that emits continuous light to the droplet; a window provided in the chamber to allow the continuous light to transmit therethrough; and an optical sensor that receives the continuous light via the window. The shielding member includes a shielding body provided on the chamber side with respect to the window and configured to cover an optical path of the continuous light..
Gigaphoton Inc.

Ultraviolet detection system and method

An ultraviolet detection system and method comprises a bluetooth mcu control unit, a bluetooth antenna impedance matching unit and an ultraviolet detection unit. A sensor is a silicon product, which is formed by soi technology, and the sensor can test the current uvi accurately and quickly, such that the ultraviolet detection system can provide accurate advice to customers to avoid being sunburned.
Shenzhen Hali-power Industrial Co., Ltd.

System and generating extreme ultraviolet light, and laser apparatus

An extreme ultraviolet light generation system used with a laser apparatus may be provided, and the extreme ultraviolet light generation system may include: a chamber including at least one window for at least one laser beam and a target supply unit for supplying a target material into the chamber; and at least one polarization control unit, provided on a laser beam path, for controlling a polarization state of the at least one laser beam.. .
Gigaphoton Inc.

Photodetector with nanowire photocathode

A photodetector assembly for ultraviolet and far-ultraviolet detection includes an anode, a microchannel plate with an array of multichannel walls, and a photocathode layer disposed on the microchannel plate. Additionally, the photocathode may include nanowires deposited on a top surface of the array of multichannel walls..
Physical Optics Corporation

Anisotropic conductive film structures

Anisotropic conductive film (acf) structures and manufacturing methods for forming the same are described. The manufacturing methods include preventing clusters of conductive particles from forming between adjacent bonding pads and that are associated with electrical shorting of acf structures.
Apple Inc.

Hybrid extreme ultraviolet imaging spectrometer

A hybrid extreme ultraviolet (euv) imaging spectrometer includes: a radiation source to: produce euv radiation; subject a sample to the euv radiation; photoionize a plurality of atoms of the sample; and form photoions from the atoms subject to photoionization by the euv radiation, the photoions being desorbed from the sample in response to the sample being subjected to the euv radiation; an ion detector to detect the photoions: as a function of a time-of-arrival of the photoions at the ion detector after the sample is subjected to the euv radiation; or as a function of a position of the photoions at the ion detector; an electron source to: produce a plurality of primary electrons; subject the sample to the primary electrons; and form scattered electrons from the sample in response to the sample being subjected to the primary electrons; and an electron detector to detect the scattered electrons: as a function of a time-of-arrival of the scattered electrons at the electron detector after the sample is subjected to the euv radiation or the primary electrons; or as a function of a position of the scattered electrons at the electron detector.. .
United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of Commerce

Touch device with enhanced protection effect thereon

A touch device with enhanced protection effect thereon includes a touch assembly, a protection layer and a transparent layer. After the protection layer is painted on the touch assembly, the transparent layer is formed on the protection layer.
Liyitec Incorporated

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