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Ultrasound patents


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 Handphone patent thumbnailHandphone
A handphone is configured to receive a first audio signal of a telecommunication conversation from a telecommunication device and send a second audio signal of the telecommunication conversation to the telecommunication device. A modulated ultrasound frequency audio signal that is directional is created from the first audio signal of the telecommunication conversation.
New York University

 Ultrasound image displaying  displaying ultrasound image patent thumbnailUltrasound image displaying displaying ultrasound image
An ultrasound image displaying apparatus includes: a composite data generating unit which generates composite data in which data based on echo signals obtained by transmitting ultrasound to a subject are multiple-frame combined; a display unit on which an ultrasound image based on the composite data is displayed; and an index calculating unit which calculates an index related to the amount of motion artifacts in the ultrasound image for each frame, based on the data. The composite data generating unit generates composite data combined using data of some or all frames in each of which the index satisfies a prescribed reference..
Ge Healthcare Japan Corporation

 Device for measuring a filling level of a liquid in a container with an ultrasound sensor patent thumbnailDevice for measuring a filling level of a liquid in a container with an ultrasound sensor
A device for measuring the filling level of a liquid in a container is provided, which uses an ultrasound sensor. The ultrasound sensor is associated with a damping cup with at least one antechamber, and the antechamber has at least one outer ring and one inner ring.
Hella Kgaa Hueck & Co.

 Flow meter unit with water-tight casing patent thumbnailFlow meter unit with water-tight casing
An ultrasound flow meter unit, e.g., a unit forming part of a flow meter for ultrasonic measurement of a fluid flow. The unit comprises two ultrasound transducers 206, a circuit board 202 with an electronic circuit 204 arranged for operating the ultrasound transducers 206, and a common protection membrane 132, such as a sheet of metal, for protecting the transducers 206.
Kamstrup A/s

 Method and system for synthesizing taxol from corylus avellana tissue culture patent thumbnailMethod and system for synthesizing taxol from corylus avellana tissue culture
A spherical bioreactor system and a method of synthesizing taxol from hazel (corylus avellana) cell culture are disclosed. The bioreactor has a round bottomed flask fitted with two piezoelectric transducers connected to an audio amplifier, a voltage controlled oscillator, an integrator and a lock in amplifier.

 Concentrated water dispersion of graphene and  the preparation thereof patent thumbnailConcentrated water dispersion of graphene and the preparation thereof
Concentrated dispersion from 5 to 50% by weight of nanoparticles of graphene in water with a lateral size from 10 to 5000 nm and thickness from 0.34 to 30 nm. The production process comprises the dispersion in water of flakes of expanded graphite and the subsequent treatment with ultrasounds at an energy level of from 100 to 2000 w for a period from 1 to 100 hours..
Directa Plus S.p.a.

 Unimorph-type ultrasound probe patent thumbnailUnimorph-type ultrasound probe
A unimorph-type ultrasound probe has a plurality of piezoelectric element regions which extend in a minor axis direction and are arranged at a predetermined arrangement pitch in a major axis direction, a plurality of minute piezoelectric element portions are formed so as to be arranged in each piezoelectric element region, the size of the plurality of minute piezoelectric element portions is changed in the minor axis direction, the plurality of minute piezoelectric element portions are arranged such that the size of the piezoelectric element portions in both end portions in the minor axis direction becomes smaller than the size of the piezoelectric element portions in a central portion in the minor axis direction, and ultrasonic waves having different frequencies are radiated from the piezoelectric element portions having different sizes.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

 Ultrasonic treatment apparatus patent thumbnailUltrasonic treatment apparatus
Treatment is provided at an ideal timing. Provided is an ultrasonic treatment apparatus including: a therapeutic-ultrasound-wave radiating portion that radiates therapeutic ultrasound waves for causing an ultrasonic treatment material having a tendency to accumulate in an affected area to exert a therapeutic effect; an accumulation determining portion that determines whether or not the ultrasonic treatment material has accumulated in the affected area; and a determination-result presenting portion that presents a determination result obtained by the accumulation determining portion..
Olympus Corporation

 High-intensity focused ultrasound irradiation patent thumbnailHigh-intensity focused ultrasound irradiation
The present invention provides n ultrasonic treatment device (10) for heating a portion of a subject of interest, comprising a ultrasonic irradiation unit (12) for generating high-intensity focused ultrasonic irradiation, whereby a beam path of the ultrasonic irradiation is movable along a trajectory for depositing ultrasonic energy within a target zone (22) of the subject of interest, and a control unit (20) for controlling the ultrasonic irradiation unit (12) to move the beam path of the ultrasonic irradiation along the trajectory and to apply an ultrasonic dose to the target zone (22), wherein the control unit (20) is adapted to receive temperature information of the target zone (22) and to control the ultrasonic irradiation unit (12) based on the received temperature information, and the control unit (20) is adapted to control the ultrasonic irradiation unit (12) based on the temperature of a current (26) and at least one previous direction (28) of the beam path of the ultrasonic irradiation along the trajectory. The invention further provides a corresponding method for ultrasonic treatment and an ultrasonic treatment system, comprising the above ultrasonic treatment device (10) and a diagnostic imaging device for providing temperature information of a target zone (22) of the subject of interest, wherein the control unit (20) of the ultrasonic treatment device (10) is adapted to receive the temperature information from the diagnostic imaging device.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

 Feature tracking using ultrasound patent thumbnailFeature tracking using ultrasound
Various implementations of the invention provide techniques and supporting systems that facilitate real-time or near-real-time ultrasound tracking for the purpose of calculating changes in anatomical features during a medical procedure. More specifically, anatomical features within a patient undergoing a medical procedure are tracked by obtaining temporally-distinct three dimensional ultrasound images that include the feature of interest and obtaining a targeted subset of ultrasound images focused on the feature.
Elekta, Ltd

Vertebral body augmentation systems comprising microbubbles

Adding gas-filled microbubbles to both the saline solution of either a kyphoplasty balloon or a vertebroplasty cement allows the clinician to assess via ultrasound both the location and expansion of the balloon and the location of the cement during vertebral body augmentation procedures without the use of fluoroscopy.. .
Depuy Synthes Products, Llc

Sonolysis with biodegradable nanoparticles

The present invention provides methods for lysing a thrombus or ablating a mass in a subject by administering a plurality of biodegradable nanoparticles and delivering ultrasound to the subject. Also provided is a method for delivering a therapeutic agent to a tumor in a subject by administering a plurality of biodegradable nanoparticles comprising the therapeutic agent and delivering ultrasound to the subject..
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Arkansas

On demand ultrasound performance

An ultrasound imaging system (102) includes an ultrasound sub-system (104) with at least a transducer array (112), and an ultrasound resource pool (106). The ultrasound sub-system and the ultrasound resource pool are separate entities.
B-k Medical Aps

Ultrasound display client

An ultrasound imaging system (102) includes an ultrasound scanner (104) and a client device (106) with a display (120). The client device is not a mechanical component of the scanner.
B-k Medical Aps

Point source transmission and speed-of-sound correction using multi-aperture ultrasound imaging

A multiple aperture ultrasound imaging system and methods of use are provided with any number of features. In some embodiments, a multi-aperture ultrasound imaging system is configured to transmit and receive ultrasound energy to and from separate physical ultrasound apertures.

Ultrasound imaging system and method

The present invention relates to an ultrasound imaging system (100) comprising: an ultrasound probe (10) that comprises a single element ultrasound transducer (16) for transmitting an receiving ultrasound signals; a movement sensor (18) for sensing a displacement-over-time signal x(t) of a displacement (x) of the ultrasound probe (10) relative to an examination object (24) during signal acquisition; an image acquisition hardware (26) that is configured to reconstruct an m-mode ultrasound image from the received ultrasound signals, said reconstructed m-mode ultrasound image being a two-dimensional image i(t,y) comprising multiple one-dimensional depth signals of substantially constant depth (y) in the examination object (24) illustrated over time (t), wherein the image acquisition hardware (26) is further configured to map said m-mode ultra-sound image i(t,y) to a two-dimensional second image i(x,y) comprising the depth signals illustrated over the displacement (x) by using the displacement-over-time signal x(t) that is sensed with the movement sensor (18); and an image analysis unit (48) that is configured to analyse said second image and to detect at least one tissue layer boundary of the examination object (24) in said second image.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Method for focal point compensation, and ultrasonic medical apparatus therefor

A method and an ultrasound medical apparatus for compensating for a focal point are disclosed. A method and an ultrasound medical apparatus are provided, for transmitting a high-intensity ultrasound having an intensity lower than a predetermined output value to a target object (an affected area of a patient) in a manner that no errors are generated between a focal point on the target object and an actual ultrasound focusing location when transmitting a high-intensity focused ultrasound and compensating a distance of the focal point by using a reflected signal of the ultrasound..
Alpinion Medical Systems Co., Ltd.

Ultrasonic imaging processing method and system based on rf data

An ultrasonic imaging processing method based on rf data includes the following steps: s1, receiving echo signals which are obtained by sending ultrasound signals; s2, beamforming the echo signals; s3, obtaining the rf data of the echo signals; and s4, directly conducting an ultrasonic imaging process based on the obtained rf data in order to obtain a target image. The ultrasonic imaging processing method and system based on the rf data according to the present application directly conduct ultrasonic imaging treatment based on the obtained rf data of the echo signals in order to obtain the target image.
Vinno Technology (suzhou) Co., Ltd.

3-dimensional ultrasound image provision using volume slices in an ultrasound system

Embodiments for providing a plurality of 3-dimensional ultrasound images by using a plurality of volume slices in an ultrasound system are disclosed. The ultrasound system comprises: an ultrasound data acquisition unit configured to transmit and receive ultrasound signals to and from a target object to acquire ultrasound data; a volume data forming unit configured to form volume data by using the ultrasound data; a user input unit for allowing a user to input a user instruction; and a processing unit configured to set a plurality of volume slice regions having different widths in the volume data in response to the user instruction and form a plurality of 3-dimensional ultrasound images by using volume slices defined by the volume slice regions..
Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, signal processing ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, and recording medium

An object of the present invention is to provide an ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, a signal processing method, and a recording medium which are capable of eliminating a ghost signal with a small number of data when correcting element data by superimposing a plurality of element data, obtaining a high quality ultrasound image while preventing a decrease in the frame rate, and reducing the capacity of a memory. Information on a transmission frequency of an ultrasonic beam is acquired, and second element data is generated using a plurality of first element data on the basis of the acquired information on a transmission frequency..
Fujifilm Corporation

Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus

An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus according to an embodiment includes transmitting and receiving circuitry, adding circuitry, and image generating circuitry, and control circuitry. The transmitting and receiving circuitry performs, more than once on the same scan line, an ultrasound transmission and reception repeatedly performed with phase polarities being inverted on the same scan line, according to a number set as a scan condition parameter.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

Ultrasound probe and manufacturing method thereof

Disclosed herein is an ultrasound probe including a transducer array configured to generate ultrasonic waves, an integrated circuit disposed on a back surface of the transducer array by using an adhesive member, a printed circuit board connected to the integrated circuit and configured to output a signal to the integrated circuit, and a pad bridge disposed on front surfaces of the printed circuit board and the integrated circuit by using the adhesive member and configured to electrically connect the printed circuit board with the integrated circuit. An area of a region of the ultrasound probe contacting the human body may be reduced without reducing the size of the transducer array, and the integrated circuit and the printed circuit board may be integrally connected by using the adhesive member..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Ultrasound sensor element, ultrasound sensor array assembly, ultrasound transmit sensor element, imaging device, ultrasound transducer, and performing an ultrasound scan

Methods and apparatus for ultrasound imaging using ultrasound sensor elements comprising thin film transistors. Specifically, ultrasound elements for use in a two dimensional array of ultrasound elements, two dimensional arrays of ultrasound elements, ultrasound sensor element array assemblies, ultrasound imaging devices and methods of performing an ultrasound scan using a two dimensional array of ultrasound elements.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Quantitative transmission ultrasound imaging of dense anatomical structures

Methods and systems for imaging dense anatomical structures are provided. In one aspect, for example, a method for imaging a bone or a joint of a subject can include delivering a transmission ultrasound wave field from a transmission transducer array to a body part of a subject, receiving transmission data from the transmission ultrasound wave field at a transmission receiver array, delivering a reflection ultrasound wave field from a reflection transducer array to the body part of the subject, receiving reflection data from the reflection ultrasound wave field at a reflection receiver array, and generating an image of a bone or joint from at least one of the transmission data or the reflection data..
Qt Ultrasound Llc

Systems for cosmetic treatment

Embodiments of a dermatological cosmetic treatment and imaging system and method can include use of a hand wand and a removable transducer module having an ultrasound transducer. The system can include a control module that is coupled to the hand wand and has a graphical user interface for controlling the removable transducer module, and an interface coupling the hand wand to the control module.
Guided Therapy Systems, Llc

Elevating and rotating ultrasound patient stand

A patient stand for supporting a patient in a standing position on a platform during examination by an ultrasound technologist. The patient stand comprised of an elevation apparatus mounted on a base.
Creative Ultrasound Imaging, Inc.

Method apparatus and system for enhancing needle visualization in medical ultrasound imaging

The present invention discloses a method, apparatus and system for enhancing needle visualization in ultrasound imaging, said method comprising: a setting step for setting a scanning depth corresponding to a depth of a part or tissue target in a patient's body; and a determining step for automatically determining a needle frame steering angle and an ultrasound working frequency for needle frame collection based on the scanning depth. In the embodiments of the present invention, the needle frame steering angle and ultrasound working frequency for needle frame collection and the filter kernel for enhancing edge filtering of the collected needle frame are both dependent upon the scanning depth, and thereby can achieve enhancing needle visualization in ultrasound imaging for scanning at different depths without participation of the user or extra change of hardware..
General Electric Company

Multi-faced ultrasound transducer element

An imaging system (300) includes a transducer array (308) with a transducer element (310) with at least two faces (402, 904). Each face faces a different direction.
B-k Medical Aps

Multi-client ultrasound imaging system

An ultrasound imaging scanner includes an ultrasound input device (104), of a plurality of ultrasound input devices, that includes an array of transducer elements, which transmits an ultrasound signal and receives an echo signal produced in response thereto; and a multi-client ultrasound imaging data processing system (106) that includes processing resources which are shared by the plurality of ultrasound input devices, wherein the processing resources include a plurality of ultrasound signal processing units, each including a plurality of ultrasound signal processing blocks configured to processes echo signals, and wherein the multi-client ultrasound imaging data system temporarily allocates at least one ultrasound signal processing block to process the received echo signal of the ultrasound input device, generating an image indicative thereof.. .
B-k Medical Aps

Image sensor for large area ultrasound mapping

An image sensor includes a source configured to output ultrasound, a probe for emitting the ultrasound onto a scan area, the probe being moveable relative to at least two scan locations of the scan area such that the ultrasound will be focused on each of the at least two scan locations as the probe is moved relative to the scan area to provide an array of scanned images, an ultrasonic, two-dimensional array receiver configured to receive ultrasound reflected from each of the at least two scan locations, and a processing unit configured to generate, for a first of the scan locations, a two-dimensional image of the first scan location based on an intensity of the reflected ultrasound from the first scan location, and to generate an aggregate two-dimensional image for the first scan location which integrates plural two-dimensional images generated using reflected ultrasound of the at least two scan locations.. .
Imperium, Inc.

Method for performing work on underwater pipes

An apparatus for underwater pipes comprising an ultrasound emitting system and at least one ultrasound receiving transducer is lowered into he marine environment. During an inspection phase, an ultrasound inspection source of the ultrasound emitting system and the receiving transducer are disposed on each side of the pipe.
Total Sa

Ultrasound device for treatment of a tumor in a region of intervertebral disc tissue

An ultrasound device and method for the treatment of intervertebral disc tissue for remediation of back pain. An applicator comprises a catheter and/or needle with a distal tip including one or more ultrasound transducer crystals.
Acoustic Medsystems, Inc.

Stereotactic positioning guide apparatus

The present invention presents an apparatus and methods to stereotactically guide insertion of invasive tubular devices to a tissue target of a living body. The apparatus comprises a positioning guide control assembly and a positioning guide assembly that is reversibly coupled with and operated by the positioning guide control assembly, and rotationally adjustable and lockable.

Ultrasound-guided minimally invasive plantar fascia release

A method for performing a plantar fasciotomy on a foot may involve advancing an elongate plantar fasciotomy device through an entry point and an exit point on the foot, cutting the plantar fascia, using the plantar fasciotomy device, and observing the advancing step and/or the cutting step, via an ultrasound imaging device.. .
Thayer Intellectual Property, Inc.

System and real-time ultrasound guided prostate needle biopsies using a compliant robotic arm

One or more of the present embodiments include systems and methods for utilizing an mri image and real-time an ultrasound images to guide and/or restrict the movement of an ultrasound probe in position for collecting a biopsy core. A real-time ultrasound image is acquired and fused with pre-operative imaging modalities, such as an mri image, to provide a three-dimensional model of the prostate.
Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

An biopsy and therapy

A biopsy and therapy device comprising: a needling unit for holding and inserting a biopsy needle; an imaging module comprising an ultrasound probe and an actuator for moving the probe in a reciprocal action; a first arcuate slide; a second arcuate slide in sliding engagement with the first arcuate slide and a linkage to which the first arcuate slide is mounted; said linkage arranged to move the first and second arcuate slides within a vertical plane; said needling unit mounted to said arcuate slide wherein the first and second arcuate slides are mounted perpendicular to each other so as to rotate the needling unit about respective first and second principal axes.. .
Singapore Health Services Pte Ltd

Ultrasound imaging system using beamforming techniques for phase coherence grating lobe suppression

High-frequency ultrasound imaging can be performed with greater quality and suppressed grating lobes by using methods and systems for effectively reducing the temporal length of transmit grating lobe signals in received ultrasound echoes. Systems and methods are provided for improved high-frequency ultrasound imaging.
Dalhousie University

Hand held ultrasound imaging apparatus with portable carrier charger

A system includes a hand-held ultrasound imaging apparatus and a portable charger. The apparatus includes imaging components, an internal power source that powers the imaging components, and at least one electrical contact in electrical communication with the internal power source.
Analogic Corporation

Valve regurgitant detection for echocardiography

A regurgitant orifice of a valve is detected. The valve is detected from ultrasound data.
Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

Feeder device for feeding a food product in a machine for making filled pasta and machine for making filled pasta comprising such a feeder device

A machine for making filled pasta comprises at least one station for preparing a strip of pasta sheet; a station for preparing a filling; a filling operation station, in communication with the station for preparing the strip of pasta sheet and with the station for preparing the filling, in which portions of filling are wrapped in corresponding portions of the strip of pasta sheet to form individual pieces of filled pasta; the station for preparing the filling comprises a feeder device for feeding the filling to the filling operation station; the feeder device comprises: a feed duct comprising an inlet and an outlet for the filling; a piston operating in the feed duct feeding the filling from the inlet to the outlet; an ultrasound generator provided with an ultrasound emitter applied to the feed duct for transmitting at least one vibration to the feed duct.. .
G.d S.p.a.

Activating method and electronic device using the same

An electronic device includes a receiver and an activator. The receiver includes a microphone; and a signal detector, coupled to the microphone, for determining whether a valid input signal received from the microphone is a voice signal or an ultrasonic signal by comparing a frequency of the valid input signal with at least two frequency bands, and accordingly passing the valid input signal.
Mediatek Inc.

Mobile terminal and control system

A mobile terminal includes a wireless communication unit; a camera; a display; an ultrasound transmission unit; and a controller configured to control the wireless communication unit, the camera, the display, and the ultrasound transmission unit. The mobile terminal is configured to: transmit a first detection prepare request signal to allow a plurality of external devices located within a control area to switch to a prepare state; acquire an image including at least one of the plurality of external devices that switches to the prepare state; selectively transmit an ultrasound signal to the at least one of the plurality of external devices included in the image; receive associated control information from each of the at least one of the plurality of external devices; and display a graphic image related to the associated control information from each of the at least one of the plurality of external devices..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Method and system for the hand-guided ultrasound check of a test object

A method for the ultrasound check of a test object involves moving a test probe along a test probe surface and sending ultrasound impulses into the test object by the test probe. Respective echo signals corresponding with the emitted ultrasound impulses are received by the test probe.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Calculating velocity of moving objects with time of flight of ultrasound pulses and rectifying detecting depth with reduced ultrasound speed

Moving objects change the speed of reflected ultrasound pulses. The forward moving objects increase reflected speed and reversely moving objects decrease reflected speed, which change their tof.

Chromatography system with tilt-prevention structure and associated process

Chromatography apparatus and methods are described, especially for expanded bed adsorption. A column tube has a process fluid input device at the bottom and a movable piston in the top.
Biotechflow Limited

Systems and methods for ultrasound treatment

Various embodiments provide a method for an extended field of view treatment. The method can include the steps of imaging a region; targeting a region with directed ultrasound energy; monitoring the region; moving the imaging, treatment, and monitoring region while spatially correlating to one or more prior regions via imaging and/or position sensing; continuing the extended field of view treatment; and, achieving an ultrasound induced biological effect in the extended field of view treatment region..
Guided Therapy Systems, Llc

Systems and methods for fast ultrasound treatment

This disclosure provides systems and methods for fast ultrasound treatment. The systems and methods can involve a treatment device including a housing, a transducer module, and a control module.
Guided Therapy Systems, Llc

Imaging system of microbubble therapy and image evaluation method using the same

An imaging system of microbubble therapy cooperated with an ultrasound device for monitoring a cavitation on microbubbles in a vessel of an affected part is disclosed in the present invention, in which the cavitation is occurred by applying an ultrasound to disrupt the microbubbles. The system comprises an image acquiring module and a controlling module.
National Tsing Hua University

System for image guided procedure

A system for supplementing ultrasound image needle guidance with magnetically detected needle position and tissue impedance measurements. The system comprises an ultrasound imaging system with the ultrasound probe being provided with a magnetometric detector for detecting the position of a magnetised needle, cannula, catheter or other tissue-penetrating tool.
Ezono Ag

Ultrasound-detectable markers, ultrasound system, and methods for monitoring vascular flow and patency

An ultrasound-detectable marker, ultrasound system, and methods for monitoring vascular flow and patency are disclosed. The ultrasound-detectable marker comprises one or more resorbable polymers, one or more non-resorbable polymers, one or more non-polymeric materials, or any combinations thereof.
The Johns Hopkins University

Simulation-based focused-ultrasound treatment planning

A focused-ultrasound or other procedure for treating a target within a tissue region can be planned iteratively by creating a treatment plan specifying a treatment location pattern and stimuli applied thereto, simulating the treatment, computationally predicting an effect of the simulated treatment, comparing the predicted effect against one or more treatment constraints (such as efficacy and/or safety thresholds), and, if a constraint is violated, repeating the simulation for an adjusted treatment plan.. .
Insightec, Ltd.

Reflectance-facilitated ultrasound treatment and monitoring

Apparatus comprising a reflection-facilitation element, which is disposed in the pericardial cavity of a subject and on a first side of a tissue of the subject. The reflection-facilitation element comprises an inflatable member, having a first side and a second side, and configured to be inflated while disposed in the pericardial cavity, and a plurality of electrodes, comprising at least a first electrode and a second electrode, the first electrode being disposed on the first side of the inflatable member.
Rainbow Medical Ltd.

Method and systems for adjusting a pulse generated for ultrasound multi-line transmit

Various methods and systems are provided for ultrasound imaging with multi-line transmit. In one example, a method for ultrasound imaging comprises reducing an acoustic intensity at a position away from an array transducer of a combined beam formed from a plurality of transmit beams emitted by the array transducer in a multi-line transmit event by selectively adjusting one or more pulse parameters of one or more individual transmit beams of the combined beam for a given energy level of the one or more individual transmit beams..
General Electric Company

Ultrasound probe and ultrasound imaging system

The present invention relates to an ultrasound probe (10) for an ultrasound imaging system (100), comprising: —a probe housing (40), —a single element ultrasound transducer (26) for transmitting and receiving ultrasound signals, —a transducer movement unit (48) arranged within the probe housing (40) for moving the single element ultrasound transducer (26) relative to said probe housing (40) along a two-dimensional convex curved pathway during signal acquisition.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Object information acquiring apparatus and image processing method

An object information acquiring apparatus is used that includes: an ultrasound probe that receives an acoustic wave propagating from an object and outputs an electric signal; and a processor that generates an image of the inside of the object, using the electric signal. The processor creates a frequency distribution of pixel values included in a region of interest including a point of interest in the image, classifies the point of interest on the basis of the shape of the frequency distribution and the position of the point of interest in the frequency distribution, and determines a pixel value of the point of interest on the basis of a classification result of the point of interest..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Measurement apparatus

The aim of the invention is to enable high-speed signal processing for a measurement apparatus, which performs imaging using adaptive signal processing, and spatial smoothing. The measurement apparatus generates image data inside an object using an analog signal obtained by receiving an ultrasound propagated inside the object with a plurality of ultrasound transducing devices, the measurement apparatus comprising: a received signal processing unit which converts the analog signal to a digital signal; a calculating unit which performs adaptive signal processing on the digital signal and generates image information; and a data reducing unit which reduces data amount of the digital signal transferred from the received signal processing unit to the calculating unit..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Swipe to see through ultrasound imaging for intraoperative applications

An ultrasound system has an ultrasound probe, a processing unit, and a display. The ultrasound probe includes a sensor configured to detect the position and orientation of the ultrasound probe and an ultrasound scanner configured to generate a plurality of ultrasound images.
Covidien Lp

Ultrasound apparatus and information providing the ultrasound apparatus

An information providing method which is implementable by using an ultrasound apparatus includes obtaining ultrasound image data which relates to an object; displaying, on a first area of a screen, a gain setup window for setting a gain of the obtained ultrasound image data; receiving a gain which is set by a user on the gain setup window; and displaying, on a second area of the screen, an ultrasound image of the object to which the set gain is applied.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus having plurality of display units

An ultrasound diagnosis apparatus includes a main body supporting ultrasound equipment that generates ultrasound image signals. First and second display units are electrically coupled to the ultrasound equipment, and display ultrasound images corresponding to the ultrasound image signals.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Sensor attachment for three dimensional mapping display systems for diagnostic ultrasound machines

A sensor attachment for use with three dimensional ultrasound mapping devices is presented. According to the invention, one or more sensors are attached to specific locations on the body, such as the nipple and sternum, the inventive sensor attachments enabling accurate recording of target information, including location and size; the present invention especially helpful in subsequent and comparative examinations.
Metritrack, Inc.

Synthetic aperture ultrasound system

A synthetic aperture ultrasound system includes an ultrasound probe, and an ultrasound signal processor configured to communicate with the ultrasound probe to receive phase and amplitude information from a plurality of ultrasonic echo signals from a corresponding plurality of ultrasound pulses. The synthetic aperture ultrasound system also includes a positioning system configured to communicate with the ultrasound signal processor to provide probe position information.
Duke University

Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus and ultrasound image processing method

According to one embodiment, an ultrasound diagnosis apparatus includes a tomographic image data generator, a blood flow information generator, a change detector, and a condition changing unit. The tomographic image data generator sequentially obtains tomographic image data of a subject for a plurality of times.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

Apparatus and methods for detecting increase in intracranial pressure

The disclosed subject matter related to methods and apparatus for determining brain swelling in a patient as well as predicting an increase in intracranial pressure in the patient. The apparatus can include a transducer such as an ultrasound transducer communicatively connected to a controller via wires or via wireless communications device(s).
Nihon Kohden Corporation

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