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Ultrasound patents

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Apparatus and method of transmitting ultrasound

Method, apparatus, and hifu system for generating ultrasound that form multi-foci in region of interest

System and method for variable depth ultrasound treatment

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ultrasound-related patents
 Method, apparatus, and high intensity focused ultrasound (hifu) system for generating ultrasound that forms multi-foci via medical image in region of interest patent thumbnailMethod, apparatus, and high intensity focused ultrasound (hifu) system for generating ultrasound that forms multi-foci via medical image in region of interest
A method of generating therapeutic ultrasound that forms multi-foci by a therapeutic ultrasound probe, the method including: obtaining a medical image including anatomical information of a region of interest in a subject; calculating, by using the medical image, characteristics which influence traveling of therapeutic ultrasound with respect to tissues included in the region of interest; calculating, by using the calculated characteristics, a parameter of the therapeutic ultrasound for forming multi-foci in the region of interest; and generating the therapeutic ultrasound according to the calculated parameter.. .
 Apparatus and method of transmitting ultrasound patent thumbnailApparatus and method of transmitting ultrasound
Provided are methods and apparatuses of transmitting ultrasound by adjusting positions of a plurality of ultrasound generating elements within an applicator to direct the ultrasound waves at a position desired by a user.. .
 Method, apparatus, and hifu system for generating ultrasound that form multi-foci in region of interest patent thumbnailMethod, apparatus, and hifu system for generating ultrasound that form multi-foci in region of interest
Provided is a method of generating ultrasound that forms focus points in a region of interest. Additional embodiments include related apparatuses and system embodiments.
 System and method for variable depth ultrasound treatment patent thumbnailSystem and method for variable depth ultrasound treatment
A non-invasive variable depth ultrasound treatment method and system comprises a variable depth transducer system configured for providing ultrasound treatment to a patient. An exemplary variable depth transducer system can comprise a transducer configured to provide treatment to more than one region of interest, such as between a deep treatment region of interest and a superficial region of interest, and/or a subcutaneous region of interest.
 Ultrasound transducer element and ultrasound endoscope patent thumbnailUltrasound transducer element and ultrasound endoscope
An ultrasound transducer element includes a plurality of electrostatic capacitance type ultrasound cells each having a lower electrode portion and a membrane including an upper electrode portion that are oriented and disposed via a cavity circular in plan view, and a thickness of the cavity monotonously decreases in a curved manner toward an outer circumferential portion from a center portion of the cavity.. .
 Cmut-on-cmos based guidewire intravascular imaging patent thumbnailCmut-on-cmos based guidewire intravascular imaging
An intravascular guidewire with integrated imaging and pressure measurement capabilities is disclosed. The guidewire can comprise an integrated cmut-on-cmos ultrasound transducer array to provide 3d imaging of vasculature and other tissue.
 Ultrasound device with cavity for conductive medium patent thumbnailUltrasound device with cavity for conductive medium
Devices and systems are disclosed that are associated with ultrasound sound devices. In one embodiment, a diaphragm for an ultrasound device comprises a housing configured with a receiving cavity defined by one or more sidewalls, wherein the receiving cavity is configured to hold a conductive medium.
 High intensity focused ultrasound probes and methods of manufacturing and operating the same patent thumbnailHigh intensity focused ultrasound probes and methods of manufacturing and operating the same
An ultrasound probe includes a therapeutic ultrasound transducer, a slot disposed in the therapeutic ultrasound transducer, and a first diagnostic ultrasound transducer disposed in the slot and configured to move along the slot.. .
 Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and ultrasound image producing method patent thumbnailUltrasound diagnostic apparatus and ultrasound image producing method
An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus controls, out of a plurality of arithmetic cores each for phasing addition on element data, the no river of arithmetic cores to be used in phasing addition on element data in accordance with remaining power of a built in battery, and produces an ultrasound image based on the element data that has been subjected to phasing addition by the arithmetic cores used.. .
 Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus patent thumbnailUltrasound diagnosis apparatus
Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus is provided which easily recreates test conditions same as the past, comprising scanner, signal processor, display controller, storage, detector, collator, and controller. Scanner scans a subject with ultrasound waves through ultrasound probe.
Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and ultrasound image producing method
In an ultrasound diagnostic apparatus of the present invention, the controller writes and reads element data of one frame into and out from two or more buffer memories 21a, 21b, . .
Ultrasound imaging equipment and method
In ultrasonic imaging, a physically consistent value of blood flow velocity is measured in the vicinity of body tissues. The ultrasound imaging apparatus comprises a shape extraction part for recognizing shape data of biological tissues by using echo signals reflected from a test subject irradiated with ultrasonic waves, a flow velocity distribution acquisition part for detecting blood flow velocities in the vicinity of the tissues from the echo signals, and a velocity determination part for extracting velocity information desired by a tester (objective velocity information).
Contrast assisted intravascular ultrasound imaging
A method of imaging a blood vessel includes delivering a bubble-based contrast agent within the vessel and positioning at least one ultrasound device in the vicinity of the bubble-based contrast agent within the vessel. A first burst of low-frequency ultrasound energy can be delivered to excite the bubble-based contrast agent into oscillation within the vessel, and a second burst of high-frequency ultrasound energy can be delivered at the excited bubble-based contrast agent.
Ultrasound diagnostic device and ultrasound image display method
An ultrasound image is displayed while clarifying a positional relationship with an ultrasound probe. An ultrasound diagnostic device is provided with an ultrasound probe, a first position detecting means for detecting a position of the ultrasound probe, an ultrasound image generating means for generating an ultrasound image by using a reflected echo signal, an ultrasound volume data generating means for generating three-dimensional ultrasound volume data by accumulating the ultrasound images, a reference image generating means for generating a ultrasound reference image of an arbitrary cross section by using the ultrasound volume data and displaying an ultrasound probe mark indicating the position of the ultrasound probe in a superimposed manner on a position in the ultrasound reference image, the position corresponding to the ultrasound probe position detected by the first position detecting means, and a display means for displaying the ultrasound image and the ultrasound reference image..
Multi-modality image acquistion
One or more techniques and/or systems are described for automatically generating a transformation matrix for correlating images from an ultrasound modality with images from another modality (or with ultrasound images acquired at a different point in time). Ultrasound volumetric data and volumetric data yielded from another image modality are examined to identify and/or extract features.
Apparatus, system and method for multi-modal volumetric ultrasound imaging and biopsy of a single breast
An apparatus for volumetric ultrasound imaging of a breast using different modes, including transmission, reflection and the speed of sound, which apparatus comprises a negatively pressurized breast imaging cup with integrated ultrasound transducers and an ultrasound coupling mechanism; an ultrasound system comprising the apparatus; and a method of imaging a breast in three dimensions without moving the ultrasound transducers.. .
Preconfigured gel with infused drug for ultrasound
Embodiments associated with an ultrasound conductive medium are described. In one embodiment, an ultrasound conductive medium is formed into a preconfigured shape, wherein the ultrasound conductive medium includes a composition combined with a drug..
Method of controlling a cursor by measurements of the attitude of a pointer and pointer implementing said method
A system and method of controlling a cursor (120) in a surface (100) by measurements of attitude of a pointer (110). The measurements can be provided by inertial, optical, magnetic, ultrasound, radiofrequency or video means and appropriate processing means.
Process and system for treating particulate solids
System and method for treating particulate solids comprises a processor for providing contaminated particulate solids at a predetermined apparent density and a screw feeder for transporting a water-based slurry of the contaminated particulate solids through an ultrasound signal of sufficient size, strength and duration to cause the contaminants to separate from the particulate solids. One or more stacks of ultrasonic transducers arranged around the screw feeder may be employed in which the diameter of each transducer preferably is substantially the same as the pitch of the screw feeder..
Biocompatible and ultrasound-differentiable micro-objects suitable for implantation in a vertebrate subject
Described embodiments include a system. A described system includes a set of at least two biocompatible and ultrasound-differentiable micro-objects suitable for implantation in a vertebrate subject.
Methods for prediction of ventilation treatment inadequacy
Ventilatory systems and methods are disclosed including a ventilator and at least one sensor in communication with the ventilator. The sensor is configured to monitor a chest wall movement of a patient during ventilation.
Method and apparatus for delivering a substance
A method of delivering a substance includes providing a substance at a location in a gastrointestinal (gi) tract, excluding a buccal membrane, of a biological body; and applying ultrasonic waves, having a frequency between about 20 khz and about 10 mhz, at the location. The method can include storing the substance in at least one reservoir and exposing a medium within or of the gi tract to the substance.
Method and apparatus for automated ultrasonic doppler angle and flow velocity estimation
Disclosed is an ultrasound device for measuring blood flow velocity in a blood vessel of a subject without imaging functionality in the device. The measurement depends upon reflections of a collimated beam of ultrasound from a subject's body part.
Guiding-type medical system
A medical appliance is easily inserted into a desired blood vessel route. There is provided a guiding-type medical system, including: a cylindrical or linear guidewire made of an elastic body that can be inserted into a blood vessel; and a guiding device having a device head portion that can be inserted into a body to guide the guidewire inserted into the blood vessel.
Device and method for displaying fetal positions and fetal biological signals using portable technology
A new, inexpensive and non-invasive fetal visualization process helps to locate fetal body parts and identify fetal positions without exposing the fetus to prolonged ultrasound irradiation. Associating location data with biological electrophysiology signal patterns and/or light absorption/reflection-related tissue-specific local fetal body composition data enables the generation of a 3d anatomical and functional map of the fetal body through the expecting mother's womb, which will be essential for long-term home monitoring of a fetus during pregnancy..
Sequentially programmed magnetic field therapeutic system (spmf)
A comprehensive system for inducing cellular regeneration and/or degeneration processes and methods of treatment based on such processes through generating and applying a sequentially programmed magnetic field (spmf) to the area to be treated. In the case of regeneration and degeneration of cells, the pulsing frequencies are in the range of about 0.1 to about 2000 hz based on the indication of the disease type which was determined by either the patient's mri, ct, ultrasound or other diagnostic information.
Directional ultrasound transmitting stylus
A stylus that includes a tip portion that has a cavity. The cavity has a plurality of holes at a first end and a transmitter of acoustic, e.g., ultrasound waves at the end longitudinally opposite the first end.
Method and apparatus for sensing an input object relative to a sensing region of an ultrasound sensor device
A subsystem, system and method for sensing an input object relative to a sensing region of an ultrasound sensor device are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a subsystem for sensing an input object relative to a sensing region of an ultrasound sensor device includes a circuit, a switch coupled to an output of the circuit, and an integrating capacitor coupled to the output of the circuit.
Ultrasound generating apparatus, and methods for generating ultrasound
Ultrasound generating apparatus (10) comprises an arbitrary waveform generator (12) to provide a waveform output at (14), representing a waveform. A power amplifier (16), which may be an operational amplifier, is operable to amplify the waveform output (14) in power and amplitude to provide a power output (18) for applying to an ultrasonic transducer (20)..
A method and apparatus for cosmetic skin care
The present method and apparatus seek to provide cosmetic skin care including application in concert or consecutively of various types of energy to bring about a welcomed combination of skin cleansing and skin re - juvenation and enhancing. There is thus provided, in accordance with an exemplary embodiment of the current method and apparatus an apparatus for cosmetic skin care including a brush-like head having a multiplicity of bristles attached to one or more carriers at least a portion of which is operative to apply forms of energy to the skin.
System and method for frequency domain photoacoustic intravascular imaging
A photoacoustic device capable of performing both intravascular photoacoustic (“ivpa”) imaging and intravascular ultrasound imaging is provided. The device includes one or more optical fibers coupled to a transducer assembly that includes an photoacoustic transducer and optionally an ultrasound transducer.
Ultrasound probe, ultrasound diagnostic imaging apparatus and manufacturing method of ultrasound probe
Disclosed is an ultrasound probe which outputs ultrasound on a basis of a drive signal which is to be received. The ultrasound probe including a composite piezoelectric layer in which a piezoelectric material and a polymer material are arranged alternately in a one-dimensional array or in a two-dimensional array, an acoustic reflection layer which has an acoustic impedance higher than an acoustic impedance of the composite piezoelectric layer and an adhesion layer which bonds the composite piezoelectric layer and the acoustic reflection layer wherein in a bonding surface of the composite piezoelectric layer that bonds with the acoustic reflection layer, a polymer material part is concaved in a direction opposite to an acoustic reflection layer side comparing to an piezoelectric material part..
Ultrasound transducer, ultrasound probe including the same, and ultrasound diagnostic equipment including the ultrasound probe
Provided are an ultrasound transducer, an ultrasound probe including the ultrasound transducer, and ultrasound diagnostic equipment including the ultrasound probe. The ultrasound transducer includes a piezoelectric unit including a plurality of piezoelectric elements which vibrate to convert ultrasound waves into electrical signals and electrical signals back into ultrasound waves, and a dummy piezoelectric unit which is disposed at edges of the effective piezoelectric unit and includes a plurality of dummy piezoelectric elements which vibrate due to vibration of the piezoelectric unit..
Transformer-based multiplexer for ultrasound imaging system and method
A low-loss high-voltage multiplexer is implemented using a transformer that is connected to one transmitter, one receiver and transducer elements. At least one primary winding is magnetically coupled at least two secondary windings.
Ultrasound system with automated doppler flow settings
An ultrasound system performs duplex colorflow and spectral doppler imaging, with the spectral doppler interrogation performed at a sample volume location shown on the colorflow image. The colorflow image is displayed in a color box overlaid on a co-registered b mode image.
Ultrasound apparatus and control method thereof
Disclosed are an ultrasound apparatus and a control method thereof, in which the thickness of subcutaneous tissue is measured using an ultrasound probe or vital data regarding a subject is acquired to select an appropriate injection needle and determine suitability of injection to a corresponding body region, which ensures safe and effective drug administration. In the ultrasound apparatus and the control method thereof, a map containing results of selection of an appropriate injection needle and determination of injection suitability is generated and provided to a patient, which ensures safe self-administration by the patient without a hospital visit.
Ultrasound diagnostic imaging apparatus
An ultrasound diagnostic imaging apparatus includes an ultrasound probe, a display unit, a touch panel and a control unit. The touch panel is disposed in such a way as to be superposed on a display screen of the display unit.
Ultrasound diagnostic imaging apparatus
Disclosed is an ultrasound diagnostic imaging apparatus which displays an ultrasound image on a display screen of a display unit based on ultrasound image data. The ultrasound diagnostic imaging apparatus includes a touch panel and a control unit.
Tuning ultrasound acquisition parameters
Values for ultrasound acquisition parameters are altered in a manifold space. The number of parameters to be set is reduced using a manifold.
Non-linear echogenic markers
Medical devices include echogenic subregions and echolucent subregions arranged in an alternating pattern and having exogenous features. Examples include metal printing and cast metal being applied to a plastic structure.
Real-time 3-d ultrasound reconstruction of knee and its implications for patient specific implants and 3-d joint injections
Methods and apparatus for treating a patient. The method includes acquiring a plurality of radio frequency (rf) signals with an ultrasound transducer, each rf signal representing one or more return echoes from a scan line of a pulse-mode echo ultrasound scan.
Apparatus and method for detecting catheter in three-dimensional ultrasound images
An apparatus for detecting catheter(s) in 3d ultrasound images includes a 3d ultrasound image acquiring module and a catheter centerline 3d trajectory generating module. The 3d ultrasound image acquiring module is used for capturing an original 3d ultrasound image.
Temporal echogenic markers
Devices and methods for enhancing observability under ultrasound imaging of medical devices include temporal markers which are dynamic, producing a variable ultrasound image over time. Included are rotating markers which produce a doppler shift visible through ultrasound imaging in a doppler mode and which enhance visibility of the marker.
Ultrasonically-treated nutritional products having extended shelf life
Disclosed are nutritional products and nutritional bars having increased shelf life. The nutritional product or nutritional bar is manufactured utilizing high power ultrasound in combination with an extrusion process or slabbing process.
Enhanced transport using membrane disruptive agents
Compositions and methods for transport or release of therapeutic and diagnostic agents or metabolites or other analytes from cells, compartments within cells, or through cell layers or barriers are described. The compositions include a membrane barrier transport enhancing agent and are usually administered in combination with an enhancer and/or exposure to stimuli to effect disruption or altered permeability, transport or release.
System and method for acquiring optoacoustic data and producing parametric maps using subband acoustic compensation
A method is disclosed for generating sinograms by sampling transducers acoustically coupled with a surface of a volume after a pulse of light, each transducer being associated with a channel in an optoacoustic imaging system, and processing at least two multi-channel sinograms, each corresponding to a different one of the at least two different predominant wavelengths, to create at least two processed sinograms. The processing step includes a step of sub-band acoustic compensation.
Synthetic data collection method for full matrix capture using an ultrasound array
A method for efficiently achieving full-matrix ultrasonic data capture which includes the steps of providing an ultrasound array apparatus, the ultrasound array apparatus further comprising a probe, collecting data over a plurality of inspection locations, generating a plurality of data matrices, each of the data matrices reflecting data collected at the locations, and collecting, initially, a subset of a quantity of data needed for reconstruction of each of the inspection locations. In the method, as the probe moves from collection location to collection location, a data matrix at a prior collection location is gradually filled in as the probe moves to subsequent collection locations.
Ultrasound imaging tool for rock cores
The ultrasound imaging tool for rock cores includes an ultrasound generator that can be inserted at selected depths into a drilled bore in a geological core sample. An array of ultrasound receivers are placed completely around the outer surface of the core sample.
Method and apparatus for representing changes in shape and location of organ in respiration cycle
Provided is a method of generating a model, the method including generating a first model representing a change in the location or the shape of the region of interest during the respiration cycle, using diagnostic images that are obtained at two points of time in the respiration cycle and that represent the region of interest; extracting shape information of one or more tissues included in the region of interest at a shape information extractor, using a 3d ultrasound image that is obtained at one point of time in the respiration cycle; determining a characteristic point of the 3d ultrasound image corresponding to a characteristic point of the first model by matching the first model with the extracted shape information; and generating a second model by updating the first model with the determined characteristic point.. .
Ultrasonic transducer
An ultrasonic transducer as an important part of an ultrasonic flow meter is described, with a transducer housing and with a transducer element, the transducer housing having an ultrasound window and a housing tube, the transducer element being made for sending or receiving ultrasonic waves and being either near the ultrasound window of the transducer housing or away from the ultrasound window of the transducer housing, there being a relatively soft mechanical coupling system and the mechanical coupling system having preferably at least one weakly coupled mechanical resonator. The ultrasonic transducer is improved with respect to the prevention of the transmission of housing waves by there being a second soft mechanical coupling system..
Method for the non-destructive inspection of an organic-matrix composite material
A method for the non-destructive inspection of a part made from an organic-matrix composite material (cmo) includes the steps of: a) carrying out a surface inspection of the part by fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (ftis), b) if step a) reveals a defect, carrying out in-depth inspections of the organic-matrix composite material according to two complementary ultrasound techniques.. .
Microfluidic ultrasonic particle separators with engineered node locations and geometries
An ultrasonic microfluidic system includes a separation channel for conveying a sample fluid containing small particles and large particles, flowing substantially parallel, adjacent to a recovery fluid, with which it is in contact. An acoustic transducer produces an ultrasound standing wave, that generates a pressure field having at least one node of minimum, pressure amplitude.
Device for the non-destructive inspection of a test object by means of ultrasound, method for operating such a device and method for the non-destructive inspection of a test object by means of ultrasound
The present invention relates to a device for the non-destructive testing of a test object by means of ultrasound. The device comprises a control unit provided for driving a phased array ultrasonic test probe and a display.
Air coupled ultrasonic contactless method for non-destructive determination of defects in laminated structures
There is an air coupled ultrasonic contactless method and an installation for non-destructive determination of defects in laminated structures with a width (w) and a multiplicity of n lamellas with intermediate n−1 bonding plants (b), whereas at least one transmitter (t) in a fixed transmitter distance (wts) radiates ultrasound beams at multiple positions and at least one receiver (r) in a sensor distance (wsr) is receiving re-radiated ultrasound beams at multiple positions relative to the laminated structure (s). The method images the position and geometry of for example lamination defects and allows for inspection of laminated structure (s) of arbitrary height (h) and length (l), and an individual assessment of specific bonding planes (e.g.
Advisory controls of desalter system
The present invention concerns a method of providing advisory controls for a desalter system. The method allows a user to continuously monitor performance of the desalter system, to continuously monitor position of the emulsion band (or rag layer), to control the emulsion band using demulsifiers, and to recommend to users how to maintain optimal pressure drop at the mix valve of the desalter system.
Ultrasound catheter for disrupting blood vessel obstructions
Ultrasound catheter devices and methods provide enhanced disruption of blood vessel obstructions. Generally, an ultrasound catheter includes an elongate flexible catheter body with one or more lumens.
3d catheter-based ultrasound assembly with gimbal-mount transducer and single-coil drive
Described are embodiments of devices and methods for imaging a body conduit, such as a blood vessel. In particular embodiments, the catheter has a chamber within which is a transducer mounted to a pivot mechanism.
Calibration for 3d reconstruction of medical images from a sequence of 2d images
Provided herein are systems and methods (i.e., utilities) that are directed to correcting misalignments or offsets between a series or sequence of medical images. The utility corrects offsets between a series of medical images obtained where an imaging device (e.g., ultrasound probe) is supported by a positioning mechanism where there is misalignment between an imaging axis or other reference point of the imaging device and the axis of movement of the positioning device.
Ultrasound system with dynamically automated doppler flow settings as a sample volume is moved
An ultrasound system performs duplex colorflow and spectral doppler imaging, with the spectral doppler interrogation performed at a sample volume location shown on the colorflow image. The colorflow image is displayed in a color box overlaid on a co-registered b mode image.
Intra-fraction motion management system
The present invention relates to the field of radiation therapy. In particular, the invention concerns systems and methods for monitoring intra-fraction motions of patients in connection with treatment cancer in radiation therapy system.
Method and apparatus for providing ultrasound treatment
An apparatus configured to provide ultrasound treatment, includes an applicator configured to radiate ultrasound to a subject. The apparatus further includes an image capturing unit configured to capture an image of a coupling guiding line on a patient where the applicator is to be placed, and a computer configured to set a target location of the applicator based on the image and a current location of the applicator.
System & method for delineation and quantification of fluid accumulation in efast trauma ultrasound images
Efast ultrasound is a cost effective assessment procedure using software to enable detection of free fluid/air accumulation in trauma cases using images from portable ultrasound study.. .
Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and method of producing ultrasound image
An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, which transmits an ultrasonic wave toward a subject by an ultrasound probe, produces ultrasound image data based on obtained reception data by a diagnostic apparatus body, and displays an ultrasound image, includes a dilation processor which performs dilation processing on the ultrasound image data based on a dilation radius to produce dilated image data, an erosion processor which performs erosion processing on the ultrasound image data based on an erosion radius different in magnitude from the dilation radius to produce eroded image data, a difference processor which calculates difference between the dilated image data and the eroded image data to produce difference image data, and an edge enhancer which performs edge enhancement processing on the ultrasound image data based on the difference image data to produce edge enhanced image data.. .

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