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Ultrasound patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Ultrasound-related patents
 Bubble-induced color doppler feedback during histotripsy patent thumbnailBubble-induced color doppler feedback during histotripsy
A histotripsy therapy system is provided that can include any number of features. In some embodiments, the system includes a high voltage power supply, a pulse generator electrically coupled to at least one signal switching amplifier, at least one matching network electrically coupled to the signal switching amplifier(s), and an ultrasound transducer having at least one transducer element.
 Method, apparatus, and system for measuring propagation of shear wave using ultrasound transducer patent thumbnailMethod, apparatus, and system for measuring propagation of shear wave using ultrasound transducer
A method of measuring propagation of a shear wave by using an ultrasound transducer includes generating a shear wave inside the object, setting a region of interest (roi) on which propagation of the shear wave is to be observed, and determining a position of a second focus on which ultrasound signals are to be directed to obtain information about the roi, irradiating the ultrasound signals toward the second focus, and receiving echo signals reflected from the roi.. .
 Ultrasound-image-guide system and volume-motion-base calibration method patent thumbnailUltrasound-image-guide system and volume-motion-base calibration method
The present invention relates to an ultrasound-image-guided system and to a volume-motion-based calibration method for operating such system. The system comprises one or more ultrasound probes (20) operable to generate image volumes (13i, 13j) of an anatomical object (10).
 Connective tissue monitoring, compositions for connective tissue treatment and methods for treating connective tissue patent thumbnailConnective tissue monitoring, compositions for connective tissue treatment and methods for treating connective tissue
Methods and computer instruction code for monitoring, screening and classifying the response to load of a connective tissue or part thereof are disclosed. The method includes the steps of obtaining or receiving an ultrasound scan of a connective tissue or part thereof and analysing the ultrasound scan to detect one or more region of differential structural disorganisation in the connective tissue or part thereof.
 Systems and methods for touch-based input on ultrasound devices patent thumbnailSystems and methods for touch-based input on ultrasound devices
Systems and methods for receiving touch-based input from an operator of an imaging device are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, an ultrasound imaging device is configured to receive tactile input from an operator.
 Ultrasonic probe including a bonded chemical barrier patent thumbnailUltrasonic probe including a bonded chemical barrier
Provided is an ultrasound probe including a bonded chemical barrier. The chemical barrier is manufactured between a matching layer and a lens layer by cross-sectionally applying a sputtering layer formed of a nichrome (nicr) layer and a titanium (ti) layer onto polyetherimide (pei) to thereby completely prevent lifting of the lens layer or rising of the matching layer.
 Method and device for operating an scr system patent thumbnailMethod and device for operating an scr system
A method for operating a selective catalytic reduction (scr) system having a urea solution supply and an ultrasound based urea concentration sensor, the measurement signal of the urea concentration sensor being representative of a propagation time of an ultrasonic pulse along a predefined path length in a fluid of the urea solution supply includes: heating at least the fluid in a detection region of the urea concentration sensor from a predefined first temperature to a predefined second temperature; during the heating, detecting the measurement signal at at least a third and fourth temperature, and in each case determining a raw concentration characteristic value as a function of the respective measurement signal, which raw concentration characteristic value is representative of the propagation time of the ultrasonic pulse; and determining a concentration characteristic value, representative of a concentration of urea in the fluid, as a function of the raw concentration characteristic values.. .
 Methods and devices for modulating cellular activity using ultrasound patent thumbnailMethods and devices for modulating cellular activity using ultrasound
The present invention comprises methods and devices for modulating the activity or activities of living cells, such as cells found in or derived from humans, animals, plants, insects, microorganisms and other organisms. Methods of the present invention comprise use of the application of ultrasound, such as low intensity, low frequency ultrasound, to living cells to affect the cells and modulate the cells' activities.
 Ultrasound neuromodulation treatment of schizophrenia patent thumbnailUltrasound neuromodulation treatment of schizophrenia
Disclosed are methods and systems and methods for non-invasive neuromodulation using ultrasound to treat schizophrenia. The neuromodulation can produce acute or long-term effects.
 System and method for tattoo removal patent thumbnailSystem and method for tattoo removal
A combination device for applying a treatment of light and ultrasound on a tattooed area of a patient desiring tattoo removal. The device includes an ultrasound and a led light source.
Methods and apparatuses for measuring tissue stiffness changes using ultrasound elasticity imaging
A method of evaluating tissue stiffness of a target area includes positioning an ultrasound elasticity imaging apparatus adjacent a surface of an area of tissue where the target area is located and applying a dynamic range of force to the tissue. A plurality of ultrasound beams can be directed at the tissue and a plurality of ultrasound echoes can be acquired from the strained tissue in the target area to calculate an amount of developed strain within the target area..
Devices that cooperate with ultrasound probes for muscoskeletal evaluations and related systems and methods
Adaptors for ultrasound probes can have an adaptor body can have an open lower end that allows a distal end of the ultrasound probe to extend therethrough to contact skin of a patient. The adaptor can include a plurality of spaced apart resilient members held by the adaptor body that, in operation, are able to change in length such that the resilient members translate from a first longer length to a second shorter length when the probe applies compressive force to the target tissue..
Cavity filling biopsy site markers
The invention provides materials, devices and methods for marking biopsy sites for a limited time. The biopsy-marking materials are ultrasound-detectable bio-resorbable powders, with powder particles typically between about 20 microns and about 800 microns in maximum dimension, more preferably between about 300 microns and about 500 microns.
Device producing test sonications for high intensity focused ultrasound
A medical apparatus (600, 700, 800) including a high intensity focused ultrasound system (602), a signaling device (628) for generating a discomfort signal during the sonication of the sonication volume, and a processor (634) for executing instructions. Execution of the instructions causes the processor to receive (102) a set of sonication points (658, 904).
Image guided high intensity focused ultrasound treatment of nerves
A method for using high intensity focused ultrasound (hifu) to treat neurological structures to achieve a desired therapeutic effect. Depending on the dosage of hifu applied, it can have a reversible or irreversible effect on neural structures.
Vibrating device with workpiece receiving portion and compensating mass
The invention relates to a device (1) and a method, comprising a workpiece-receiving portion (2) for receiving a workpiece (28) to be mechanically machined. At least one vibrating device (9) is connected to the workpiece-receiving portion (2), and the vibrating device (9) causes the workpiece-receiving portion (2) to vibrate, the vibration of the workpiece-receiving portion (2) having a frequency that is lower than the frequency of ultrasound.
Systems and methods for acquiring biometric information
The invention may be embodied as a fingerprint scanner having an ultrasonic wave detector, a platen, an ultrasonic wave generator located between the detector and the platen. The invention may be embodied as a method of scanning a finger.
Apparatus and method for treating infestation in a wooden body
An apparatus and method for treating infestation in a wooden body is provided. The apparatus comprises at least one transducer configured to deliver high intensity focused ultrasound (hifu) signals to at least one region of the wooden body.
Self-cooling ultrasound ablation catheter
Systems for nerve and tissue modulation are disclosed. An example system may include an intravascular nerve modulation system including an elongated shaft having a proximal end region and a distal end region.
System for nerve modulation and innocuous thermal gradient nerve block
Systems for nerve and tissue modulation are disclosed. An example system may include a first elongate element having a distal end and a proximal end and having at least one nerve modulation element disposed adjacent the distal end.
Acoustic access disconnection systems and methods
An access disconnection system includes a blood treatment machine including a housing, an access site detection housing separate from the blood treatment machine housing, a transmitter positioned in the access site housing and configured to transmit an ultrasound wave into a blood stream of a patient, a receiver positioned in the access site housing and configured to receive a reflection of the ultrasound wave from the blood stream of the patient; and electronic circuitry in communication with the transmitter and the receiver. The electronic circuitry is supported by the access site detection housing, and the transmitter is configured to send a wireless disconnection output to the blood treatment machine.
Ultrasound neuromodulation treatment of gastrointestinal motility disorders
Disclosed are methods and systems and methods for non-invasive neuromodulation using ultrasound to treat gastrointestinal motility disorders. The neuromodulation can produce acute or long-term effects.
Double lumen or double wire endobronchial ultrasound-guided histology needle (ebus)
An endoscopic needle for collecting tissue, cell and/or fluid specimens from a patient that uses a multi-channel connector having a first channel for accepting a vacuum source that will fluidly connect with a hollow needle at the distal end, and a second channel for receiving a stylet therein, an outer sheath having proximal and distal ends with the proximal end being operatively connected to a lower portion of a leur-lock, an inner tube fluidly connected to the multi-channel connector and an outer needle assembly connected to or as part of the inner tube, an inner needle or a stylet having a proximal end attached to a cap removably connected to the second channel, the stylet having a distal end connected to an inner needle or slidingly positioned within the outer needle, and a fluid pathway from the multi-channel connector to the interior of the outer needle.. .
Integrated circuit apparatus, ultrasound measuring apparatus, ultrasound probe and ultrasound diagnosis apparatus
An integrated circuit apparatus includes transmitting circuits tx1 to tx64, which output transmission signals with regard to channels ch1 to ch64 of an ultrasound transducer device which has a plurality of ultrasound transducer elements, and a switching circuit which performs a switching operation. The switching circuit is provided between a receiving circuit and output nodes nq1 to nq64 of the transmitting circuits tx1 to tx64.
Ultrasound imaging system and method
C) combining the received signals at the different sub-intervals of the time interval based on said time varying, according to expected ultrasound propagation times to scatterers localized at different pixels, to find image densities at the pixels.. .
Ultrasound apparatus and information providing method of the ultrasound apparatus
An information providing method which is implementable by using an ultrasound apparatus includes obtaining ultrasound image data which relates to an object; displaying, on a first area of a screen, a gain setup window for setting a gain of the obtained ultrasound image data; receiving a gain which is set by a user on the gain setup window; and displaying, on a second area of the screen, an ultrasound image of the object to which the set gain is applied.. .
Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus
An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus in which an ultrasonic wave is transmitted toward a subject by an ultrasound probe, an ultrasound image is generated by a diagnostic apparatus body based on reception data thus obtained and an examination is performed based on the ultrasound image, including a display unit on which a plurality of examination portions corresponding to a series of examinations relating to ultrasound diagnosis are displayed in an order of time series in a single screen at a time, and a controller which highlights an examination portion corresponding to an examination being executed among the plurality of examination portions in the display unit, in which each of the plurality of examination portions is displayed as a body mark which indicates an examination position by the ultrasound probe.. .
Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and ultrasound image producing method
An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus includes a determining unit adapted to determine a depth position of a boundary of the intima-media complex at the clear boundary sound ray, and ascertain a depth position of the boundary of the intima-media complex at the unclear boundary sound ray; and an calculator adapted to calculate an intima-media complex thickness based on the depth positions of the boundary of the intima-media complex, wherein the determining unit performs pattern matching on a sound ray signal corresponding to the unclear boundary sound ray by using a sound ray signal corresponding to a clear boundary sound ray lying adjacent to the unclear boundary sound ray as a reference signal, thereby ascertaining the depth position of the boundary of the intima-media complex at the unclear boundary sound ray.. .
Single chip and handheld electronic device
A single chip includes an analog module, an ultrasound imaging module, a wireless network module, a switch circuit and a central processing unit (cpu). The ultrasound imaging module controls an ultrasound front end, and the wireless network module controls a radio-frequency (rf) front end.
Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus
Provided is an ultrasound diagnostic apparatus that measures an elastic modulus of a vascular wall, the apparatus allowing selection of a heartbeat suitable for the measurement of the elastic modulus. The problem is solved by storing m-mode images at predetermined intervals in the azimuth direction in a b-mode image, selecting a position in the azimuth direction in the b-mode image, and displaying the m-mode image of the selected position together with the b-mode image..
Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus
Provided is an ultrasound diagnostic apparatus that measures the modulus of elasticity of a vascular wall, wherein only m-mode images for heartbeats necessary for the measurement are displayed. The problem is solved by, when freeze is implemented during a b/m-mode display, displaying an m-mode image after discarding a heartbeat at the time of freeze and possibly also a heartbeat immediately before freeze..
Robotic localizing aid for high intensity focused ultrasound delivery
A holding structure holds a biopsy needle and a hifu transducer to allow smooth and accurate delivery of the hifu beam at the interface of the liver, where bleeding will occur. This manipulator structure performs the biopsy and hifu through the percutaneous approach.
System and method for local estimation of nonlinear tissue elasticity with acoustic radiation force
Ultrasound system and method configured to locally determine a parameter of nonlinear tissue elasticity by monitoring shear wave propagating through the tissue. The shear wave is caused by an acoustic radiation force (arf) which is applied to the tissue by ultrasound irradiation locally, in a focal region of the ultrasound beam and which is a function of the intensity of ultrasound irradiation, its time rate, and the featured nonlinearity parameter.
Transducer storage rack
This disclosure is for a transducer storage rack (fig. 1) that provides protection for the transducer probes(4) and transducer connector(3) while not in use.
Ultrasound image processing apparatus and program
An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus generates doppler waveform images whose visibility is improved appropriately in accordance with changes in measurement conditions. The ultrasound diagnostic apparatus includes a frequency-analyzing unit that generates frequency spectrum data on doppler shift frequency components of ultrasonic waves that are received after being transmitted towards a subject and reflected in the subject, and a line data generating unit for generating line data, wherein arrays of multiple pixels are stipulated according to the corresponding frequencies and each pixel value represents the magnitude of the doppler shift frequency component, based on the frequency spectrum data.
Surface impedance systems and methods
A surface impedance sensor and method are provided. The surface impedance sensor generally includes first and second electrodes, a driver circuit to drive the electrodes at a plurality of driving frequencies, and a detection circuit to measure the impedance across the first and second electrodes for comparison against a plurality of reference profiles.
Viewing and correlating between breast ultrasound and mammogram or breast tomosynthesis images
This specification describes a novel user interface and method for viewing mammograms together with 3d breast ultrasound images for breast cancer screening. The user identifies a region of interest, in one modality and the processing system calculates the location in the other modality.
System and method for image-guided arthroscopy
Configurations are described for conducting minimally invasive medical diagnoses and interventions utilizing elongate instruments and assemblies comprising one or more imaging devices, and one or more remote retraction and distraction devices. Retraction and distraction devices, such as balloons, mechanical retraction members, and/or trocar screw geometries may be utilized to access, investigate, and intervene at the joint capsule, or inside of the joint capsule.
Method for ablating body tissue
A cardiac ablation method including the following steps: inserting a treatment catheter into an atrium of a heart, the treatment catheter including an ultrasound emitter; positioning the ultrasound emitter to face heart tissue within the left atrium outside of a pulmonary vein; emitting ultrasound energy from the ultrasound emitter while rotating the ultrasound emitter about a rotation axis; and ablating heart tissue with the ultrasound energy to form a lesion outside of a pulmonary vein.. .
Nerve modulation system
Systems for nerve and tissue modulation are disclosed. An example system may include a first elongate element having a distal end and a proximal end and having at least one nerve modulation element disposed adjacent the distal end.
Ultrasound catheter devices and methods
Ultrasound catheter devices and methods provide enhanced disruption of blood vessel obstructions. Generally, an ultrasound catheter device includes an elongate flexible catheter body with one or more lumens, an ultrasound transmission member extending longitudinally through the catheter body lumen and a distal head coupled with the transmission member and positioned adjacent the distal end of the catheter body for disrupting occlusions.
Nearfield ultrasound echography mapping
Various embodiments concern delivering an ablation therapy to different areas of the cardiac tissue and, for each of the areas, sensing an ultrasound signal with at least one ultrasound sensor, the ultrasound signal responsive to the ultrasound energy reflected from the area of cardiac tissue. Such embodiments can further include for each of the plurality of different areas of the cardiac tissue, associating with each area an indication of the degree to which the area of cardiac tissue was lesioned by the delivery of the ablation therapy based on the ultrasound signal and representing a map of the different areas on a display.
Portable electrosurgical instruments and method of using same
In contrast to instruments of the prior art that require bulky, cumbersome and/or costly electrical connections and energy sources, instruments designed in accordance with the instant disclosure are both portable and self-powered. The electrosurgical instruments of the present invention are not limited to a particular use or construction and can be adapted for operation with or without a patient return electrode (sometimes referred to as return pad or plate), in dry or wet fields, in the presence of bodily fluids (such as blood saliva and more), electrically conductive or non-conductive fluids.
Method and apparatus for laser ablation under ultrasound guidance
A method and apparatus for performing minimally-invasive image-guided laser ablation of targeted region within a tissue or organ comprising the following: a guidance tool that can guide laser source to a predefined target region from a planning image; a controller that can control energy from laser source, duration of its application and dosage of energy from laser source; and a computer with software that can compute thermometry based on precise location and duration of application or dosage of the laser source. The computer receives signal from controller and can control or shut-off laser energy..
Medical doppler ultrasound system for locating and tracking blood flow
Systems and methods for processing echo signals in a doppler ultrasound system from a region of interest. An ultrasound beam is electronically steered to deliver ultrasound to and receive echo signals from a plurality of sample locations in the region of interest.
Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and control method for ultrasound diagnostic device
An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus includes a measurement position-orientation determination unit, a judgment unit and a property measurement unit. The measurement position-orientation determination unit determines a measurement target region for measuring a property of a vascular wall, based on a 3d image of a blood vessel generated from transverse tomographic images acquired by scanning of an ultrasound probe in a longitudinal direction, and also determines a measurement position and measurement orientation of the ultrasound probe for acquiring a longitudinal tomographic image including the measurement target region.
Ultrasound imaging apparatus and control method for the same
Disclosed are an ultrasound imaging apparatus which includes a 3d display to display a 3d ultrasound image as well as a 2d display to display a 2d ultrasound image, thereby displaying both the anatomical shape of a diagnosis part and a high-resolution image, and a control method thereof. The ultrasound imaging apparatus includes an ultrasound data acquirer configured to acquire ultrasound data, a volume data generator configured to generate volume data based on the ultrasound data, a 3-dimensional (3d) display image generator configured to generate a 3d ultrasound image based on the volume data, a cross-sectional image acquirer configured to acquire a cross-sectional image based on the volume data, a 3d display configured to display the 3d ultrasound image, and a 2d display configured to display the cross-sectional image..
Selectably compounding and displaying breast ultrasound images
Acquiring, processing and presenting breast ultrasound information to a user is described. Breast tissue is scanned with an ultrasonic transducer array to generate sonographic image information of the tissue in multiple angles using beamsteering techniques.
Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and method for displaying an ultrasound image
An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus is provided. The ultrasound diagnostic apparatus includes a physical quantity calculating unit configured to set correlation windows to two echo signals different in time from each other on the same sound ray, and perform a correlation computation to calculate a physical quantity related to elasticity.
Method, apparatus, and system for analyzing elastography of tissue using one-dimensional ultrasound probe
A method of analyzing elastography of tissue using a one-dimensional (1d) ultrasound probe. The method includes: acquiring two-dimensional (2d) ultrasound images with respect to a region of interest (roi) of an object to be diagnosed, to which a shear wave is induced, using the 1d ultrasound probe; measuring a displacement of the shear wave from the acquired 2d ultrasound images; estimating a change rate in the displacement of the shear wave along a y-axis direction orthogonal to a 2d plane on which the 2d ultrasound images are shown, using the measured displacement; and analyzing elastography information of tissue in the roi using the measured displacement and the estimated displacement change rate..
Ultrasound and acoustophoresis for collection and processing of oleaginous microorganisms
Microorganisms such as microalgae are collected and separated from a host medium such as water. Cellular walls and membranes of the microorganisms are then ruptured to release their lipids using a lipid extraction unit.
Beamforming method and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
A beamforming method includes: generating a main beam signal by performing, with a focus on a first region, a delay and sum operation on receiving echo signals; generating a sub beam signal which has a low sensitivity to ultrasound signals reflected off the first region; and generating a narrow beam signal by (i) calculating a coefficient for narrowing an angle of the main beam signal, and (ii) multiplying the main beam signal by the coefficient, wherein in the generating of a sub beam signal, the sub beam signal is generated using a differential signal that is a difference between two beam signals each of which is generated by performing a delay and sum operation on the receiving echo signals, with a focus on a corresponding one of two regions of a subject which are different from the first region and are different from each other.. .
Method and apparatus for laser ablation under ultrasound guidance
A method for minimally invasive laser ablation of a target tissue within a patient while sparing tissue within a safety zone proximate to the target tissue, comprising: guiding a laser fiber within a patient with a guidance tool; measuring a temperature within the target tissue and the safety zone based on an invasive and a non-invasive thermal sensor; computing a thermal profile in conjunction with a real-time tissue image adapted for guidance of the laser fiber with the guidance tool within the patient; and controlling a laser to deliver energy through the laser fiber, to deliver a minimally therapeutic ablation therapy to the target tissue while ensuring that the safety zone is maintained in a non-ablation condition, based on at least a treatment plan, the measured temperature, and the thermal profile.. .
Non-invasive autonomic nervous system modulation
A system for applying energy to nerves surrounding blood vessel can include a piezoelectric array comprising a plurality of ultrasound elements, a controller configured to individually control a phasing of each of the ultrasound elements, a platform on which the ultrasound elements are coupled, wherein the platform is configured to support at least a part of the patient, a programmable generator configured to generate an output power for at least one of the ultrasound elements, and a programmable processor configured to process a signal transmitted from one of the ultrasound elements and reflected back from tissue, and determine a tissue characteristic based on the reflected signal.. .

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