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Ultrasonic patents

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Method for processing an ultrasonic analog signal, digital signal processing unit and ultrasonic inspection device

Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and medical image processing apparatus

Ultrasound imaging equipment and method

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ultrasonic-related patents
 Ultrasonic flow meter patent thumbnailUltrasonic flow meter
A method for estimating and correcting or at least reducing phase errors in received ultrasonic signals in an ultrasonic flow meter is disclosed, the method including the steps of: measuring one or more signals in the ultrasonic flow meter, which one or more signals depend on characteristics of one or more ultrasonic transducers in the ultrasonic flow meter, using the one or more measured signals for calculating an estimated phase error value, and using the estimated phase error value for correcting transmission times measured by the ultrasonic flow meter.. .
 Method for processing an ultrasonic analog signal, digital signal processing unit and ultrasonic inspection device patent thumbnailMethod for processing an ultrasonic analog signal, digital signal processing unit and ultrasonic inspection device
The invention relates to a method for processing an ultrasonic analog signal (10) representing a reflected ultrasonic wave, wherein the ultrasonic analog signal (10) is fed in a parallel manner into at least two signal paths (a;b) and the ultrasonic analog signal is supplied in each signal path (a;b) to respective amplifiers (20a;20b) whose gains are different from one another. The ultrasonic analog signals (11;11′) which have thus been amplified differently are supplied in each signal path (a;b) to a respective a/d converter (30a;30b) which converts the amplified ultrasonic analog signals (11; 11′) into digital ultrasonic data (12;12′), from which a combined digital ultrasonic signal (15) is reconstructed after further processing steps.
 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and medical image processing apparatus patent thumbnailUltrasonic diagnostic apparatus and medical image processing apparatus
An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus according to an embodiment includes an image acquisition unit, a measurement unit, an estimation unit, and a display unit. The image acquisition unit acquires an ultrasonic image representing information inside an object.
 Ultrasound imaging equipment and method patent thumbnailUltrasound imaging equipment and method
In ultrasonic imaging, a physically consistent value of blood flow velocity is measured in the vicinity of body tissues. The ultrasound imaging apparatus comprises a shape extraction part for recognizing shape data of biological tissues by using echo signals reflected from a test subject irradiated with ultrasonic waves, a flow velocity distribution acquisition part for detecting blood flow velocities in the vicinity of the tissues from the echo signals, and a velocity determination part for extracting velocity information desired by a tester (objective velocity information).
 Combined imaging apparatus and method for controlling the same patent thumbnailCombined imaging apparatus and method for controlling the same
A combined imaging apparatus in which heterogeneous imaging devices are combined and a method for controlling the same are disclosed. The combined imaging apparatus includes a photoacoustic imaging unit to irradiate an energy beam to a target part, an ultrasonic imaging unit to generate an ultrasonic wave, irradiate the ultrasonic wave to the target part, and collect an echo ultrasonic wave reflected from the target part to which the ultrasonic wave is irradiated or an ultrasonic wave generated from the target part in response to energy beam irradiation of the photoacoustic imaging unit.
 Plastic closure device for a tubular bag patent thumbnailPlastic closure device for a tubular bag
The invention relates to a plastic closure device (1) for a tubular bag made of plastic or a multi-layer plastic film, comprising at least one bottom part (5) that has a spout (7), a spout opening (8), and a flange (4). The flange (4) has an energy-introduction arrangement (10) on the flange underside surface (9) of the flange.
 Parametric transducer and related methods patent thumbnailParametric transducer and related methods
An ultrasonic audio speaker includes a backing plate comprising a first major surface and a conductive region, the backing plate further comprising a plurality of textural elements disposed on the first major surface. A flexible layer disposed adjacent the first major surface of the backing plate includes a conductive region and an insulative region, wherein the flexible layer is disposed adjacent the backing plate such that the insulative region is positioned between the backing plate and the conductive region of the flexible layer, and such that there is a volume of air between the flexible layer and surfaces of the textural elements..
 Ultrasonic speaker system patent thumbnailUltrasonic speaker system
An ultrasonic speaker system has a first variable gain block, a modulation block, a second variable gain block, an ultrasonic actuator, and a controller, wherein the controller controls gain of the first variable gain block so that a modulation degree of a modulated signal becomes a predetermined value, and when the controller raises the gain of the first variable gain block, the controller lowers the gain of the second variable gain block, while when the controller lowers the gain of the first variable gain block, the controller raises the gain of the second variable gain block.. .
 Intrusion detection device patent thumbnailIntrusion detection device
In an intrusion detection device of the embodiment, a determining unit allows a transmission unit to stop transmitting ultrasonic waves until a level of a doppler signal exceeds a predetermined threshold (threshold for detecting destruction of a window glass), and allows the transmission unit to transmit the ultrasonic waves when the level of the doppler signal exceeds said threshold. Therefore, if the destruction of the window glass is not detected, it is possible to reduce power consumption through allowing the transmission unit to stop the transmission.
 Portable humidifier patent thumbnailPortable humidifier
The present device deploys a portable humidifier of utilizing mineral water bottles or thermos containing mineral water, including an ultrasonic vibrator, a circuit part to generate ultrasonic waves, usb connector to supply electric power in connection to the circuit part, and a water-supply bottle join, and a main body in which a water-supply part can be installed and spray holes are formed, but the water supply part consists of a circular filter, and a support pipe, while accommodating the circular filter, a through hole is drilled on the support pipe to connect an auxiliary water-supply filter or a large and short circular filter by forming a stopper, in order to make the appearance beautiful, lighting led is installed at the said circuit part, and ornamental caps and ornamental auxiliary materials are installed at the top of the said main body.. .
Process and system for treating particulate solids
System and method for treating particulate solids comprises a processor for providing contaminated particulate solids at a predetermined apparent density and a screw feeder for transporting a water-based slurry of the contaminated particulate solids through an ultrasound signal of sufficient size, strength and duration to cause the contaminants to separate from the particulate solids. One or more stacks of ultrasonic transducers arranged around the screw feeder may be employed in which the diameter of each transducer preferably is substantially the same as the pitch of the screw feeder..
Device and method for the amelioration of recesses
The invention relates to a device (1) for the amelioration of a recess (8) e.g. A recess in a (human) bone (7).
Reshaping method and device for carrying out the method
The present invention relates to a method for reshaping a workpiece, in which a reshaping force is exerted on the workpiece by means of a reshaping tool and the workpiece is heated during or before the reshaping of the workpiece, wherein the heating of the workpiece is performed by the at least partial absorption of an ultrasonic vibration in the workpiece. In order to provide a method and a device for reshaping a workpiece that avoids the aforementioned.
Method and apparatus for fabricating a fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite structure
An apparatus for fabricating a fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite structure is described. The apparatus comprises a localised heat source arranged to heat a portion of a stack of fibre reinforced thermoplastic material layers and an ultrasonic transducer arranged to locally introduce ultrasonic energy waves to the heated portion of the fibre reinforced thermoplastic material layers.
Apparatus for cleaning industrial components
An apparatus for cleaning industrial components which has a liquid container defining a liquid enclosure for containing a cleaning liquid and ultrasonic transducers having an operating frequency and a wavelength in the cleaning liquid and secured to at least a portion of the liquid container at a spacing of between 2 and 10 wavelengths. During operation, the transducers generate a larger power density in the component-receiving area of the liquid container than an average power density of the liquid container..
Ultrasonic flow-meter
An ultrasonic flow-meter of the present invention includes a partition plate which partitions a passage of a target fluid into a measurement passage and a non-measurement passage, a pair of ultrasonic transducers which is disposed in the measurement passage, a measuring unit which measures a propagation time of an ultrasonic wave between the pair of ultrasonic transducers, and a calculating unit which calculates a flow rate of the target fluid. Further, the calculating unit has a computing unit which computes at least one of a flow velocity and a flow rate of the target fluid in the measurement passage based on the propagation time and an estimating unit which estimates the flow rate of the target fluid in the passage based on the flow velocity or the flow rate in the measurement passage.
Ultrasonic test equipment and evaluation method thereof
An ultrasonic test equipment includes: a signal generating mechanism that generates a voltage waveform; an ultrasonic transmitting mechanism that excites ultrasonic vibrations having a lower frequency than a predetermined frequency to an object to be tested; an ultrasonic receiving mechanism that receives an ultrasonic response from the object to be tested; an ad converting mechanism that digitizes the received ultrasonic waveform; an analyzing mechanism that performs frequency analysis of the digital ultrasonic waveform digitized by the ad converting mechanism; an evaluating mechanism that extracts a variation of a nonlinear ultrasonic component from a frequency component of the digital ultrasonic wave obtained by the frequency analysis, compares the variation with defect data information in a defect information database, identifies a physical quantity of defect information of the object to be tested, and evaluates a defect in the object to be tested; and a control mechanism that partly or entirely controls a measurement system.. .
Method and sensor mount for measuring seam peaking in pipes by means of ultrasonic inspection
For ultrasonic measurement of pipe seam peaking, optionally with simultaneous ultrasonic wall thickness measurement using ultrasonic probes mounted on sensor holders on a sensor mount, it is proposed to use a sensor mount with sensor holders mounted on movable skids, which are pressed outward by spring elements and bear against the internal pipe surface, and skids having a large skid breadth greater than the seam peak breadth measured in the pipe's circumferential direction in the region of a measured seam peak, and sensor holders equipped with sensors only in a measuring region situated half way between two skid contact surfaces, wherein the measuring region breadth is less or equal to half of the skid breadth such that the stand off deviation of the sensors resulting in the seam peak region remains below a threshold value.. .
Probabilistic modeling and sizing of embedded flaws in ultrasonic nondestructive inspections for fatigue damage prognostics and structural integrity assessment
A method for probabilistic fatigue life prediction using nondestructive testing data considering uncertainties from nondestructive examination (nde) data and fatigue model parameters. The method utilizes uncertainty quantification models for detection, sizing, fatigue model parameters and inputs.
Method and apparatus for delivering a substance
A method of delivering a substance includes providing a substance at a location in a gastrointestinal (gi) tract, excluding a buccal membrane, of a biological body; and applying ultrasonic waves, having a frequency between about 20 khz and about 10 mhz, at the location. The method can include storing the substance in at least one reservoir and exposing a medium within or of the gi tract to the substance.
Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system and control method thereof
An ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system not depending on an operator who operates the apparatus is provided. The system includes a measuring unit (coordinate calculation section 2034) that measures a relative position and a relative posture of the ultrasonic probe with respect to an examinee using image information on the examinee acquired by the ultrasonic probe, a control amount calculation unit (2035) that calculates an amount of control of the position and posture of the ultrasonic probe based on the measurement result of the measuring unit and at least one of a probe control mechanism that controls the position and posture of the ultrasonic probe using the amount of control calculated by the control amount calculation unit and a guiding information presentation unit that presents information for guiding movement of the position and posture of the ultrasonic probe using the amount of control calculated by the control amount calculation unit..
Method and apparatus for automated ultrasonic doppler angle and flow velocity estimation
Disclosed is an ultrasound device for measuring blood flow velocity in a blood vessel of a subject without imaging functionality in the device. The measurement depends upon reflections of a collimated beam of ultrasound from a subject's body part.
Guiding-type medical system
A medical appliance is easily inserted into a desired blood vessel route. There is provided a guiding-type medical system, including: a cylindrical or linear guidewire made of an elastic body that can be inserted into a blood vessel; and a guiding device having a device head portion that can be inserted into a body to guide the guidewire inserted into the blood vessel.
Methods for positioning an ultrasonic catheter
An emitter may be disposed in a patient. Output from the emitter may be detected by a detector connected with the guide rod and by a detector connected with the tracheal tube.
Synthetic beads/bubbles functionalized with molecules for attracting and attaching to mineral particles of interest
A synthetic bead for use in mineral separation is described. The synthetic bead has a surface made of a synthetic material such as polymer and the synthetic material is functionalized with molecules having a functional group for attracting mineral particles to the surface in a separation process.
Exfoliating laminar material by ultrasonication in surfactant
Disclosed herein is a method for exfoliating a laminar material to form an exfoliated material, in which the laminar material is ultrasonicated in a solution of a surfactant for sufficient time to form the exfoliated material. At all times during the ultrasonication the concentration of the surfactant in the solution is maintained sufficient to form a complete monolayer on the surfaces of the laminar material and the exfoliated material in the solution, or sufficient to sterically stabilise the laminar and exfoliated materials against aggregation..
Trailer hitching aid system for vehicle
A tow hitching aid system for a vehicle includes a camera, at least one ultrasonic sensor, a display screen and a control. The camera has a rearward field of view that encompasses a vehicle hitching element.
Systems and methods for harmonic reduction in capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers by gap feedback linearization
Systems and methods for providing increased cmut imaging performance are disclosed. The system can comprise cmut electronics with integrated or derived gap feedback.
Solderless die attach to a direct bonded aluminum substrate
A dba-based power device includes a dba (direct bonded aluminum) substrate. An amount of silver nanoparticle paste of a desired shape and size is deposited (for example by micro-jet deposition) onto a metal plate of the dba.
Methods and apparatus for cleaning flip chip assemblies
An apparatus for cleaning flip chip assemblies is provided. The apparatus comprises: a chuck assembly; a motor coupled to the chuck assembly by a spindle; at least one carrier for holding flip chips; at least one spray nozzle for directing diw, a cleaning solution, a gas or a vapor.
Ultrasonic testing method of wheel
An ultrasonic testing apparatus includes an array probe 3 disposed to face a flange-side rim face 16 of a wheel 1. The ultrasonic testing apparatus also includes an array flaw detector having a function of transmitting transmission-reception control signals to the array probe, and a personal computer having a function of setting various parameters for the array flaw detector, and receiving signals from the array flaw detector so as to generate images such as an a-scope image and a b-scope image.
Ultrasound generating apparatus, and methods for generating ultrasound
Ultrasound generating apparatus (10) comprises an arbitrary waveform generator (12) to provide a waveform output at (14), representing a waveform. A power amplifier (16), which may be an operational amplifier, is operable to amplify the waveform output (14) in power and amplitude to provide a power output (18) for applying to an ultrasonic transducer (20)..
Ultrasonic detection method and system
An ultrasonic detection method and system are disclosed. The ultrasonic detection method includes providing an ultrasonic detection system having a first ultrasonic device arrangement and a second ultrasonic device arrangement, positioning the ultrasonic detection system in a peripheral offset position with respect to an object to be measured, and transmitting and receiving an ultrasonic beam between the first ultrasonic device arrangement and the second ultrasonic device arrangement, thereby obtaining ultrasonic detection information about the object.
Magnetostrictive probe with inverted signal detection
The present discloses an alternate construction and method for a magnetostrictive probe intended to be used as a tank monitoring device. Height determination, either water or fuel, is referenced to an ultrasonic pickup assembly located inside the shaft at the foot of the probe.
Clathrate desalination process using an ultrasonic actuator
A freeze desalination process uses cyclopentane (“c5h10”) (14) as an agent for the formation of a gas hydrate as a clathrate (13). A crystallizer vessel (10) containing a mixture of seawater (11) and diffuse bubbles (18) of c5h10 is cooled to allow a gas hydrate phase to form.
Method of manufacturing a reforming fuel by adding water to a fuel oil and the manufacturing apparatus thereof
A method of manufacturing a reforming fuel by adding water to a fuel oil and a manufacturing apparatus is provided, the method and the apparatus comprising of preprocessing water in a water tank, aerating the water simultaneously in the water tank using the air previously processed by passing through ceramic catalyst, passing the water to an ultrasonic and electric field chamber, preprocessing fuel oil in a fuel oil tank with the catalyst, mixing the pre-processed water and fuel oil in a mixing chamber to produce a reforming fuel oil and passing the reforming fuel oil through one or a plurality of combination chambers.. .
Presence detection using bluetooth and hybrid-mode transmitters
Presence detection using bluetooth and hybrid-mode transmitters is disclosed. In some embodiments, a transmitter is configured to broadcast a secure identifier comprising a venue identifier using bluetooth low energy (btle) and/or an ultrasonic audio channel.
Ultrasonic device for cutting and coagulating
An ultrasonic surgical instrument that is configured to permit selective positioning of the relative distance between an end effector for cutting and coagulating tissue and a power actuation switch that is carried by the instrument for selectively energizing the end effector. In one instance, the end effector is able to change position relative to the actuation switch, alternatively, the actuation switch moves relative to the end effector, and still further, both the end effector and the actuation switch are capable of moving relative to each other..
Transducer/waveguide engagement mechanisms for ultrasonic surgical instruments
An ultrasonic surgical instrument includes a transducer assembly having a distal engagement member and configured to supply ultrasonic energy. A waveguide defines a longitudinal axis and has a proximal engagement member configured to threadingly engage the distal engagement member.
Ultrasonic probe and manufacturing method of ultrasonic probe
A manufacturing method of an ultrasonic probe includes analyzing a first lateral vibration which is superposed on a longitudinal vibration because of an asymmetric shape of a distal asymmetric portion when the ultrasonic probe is longitudinally vibrated. The manufacturing method includes specifying a bending position to bend a proximal-direction side part of the ultrasonic probe so that the proximal-direction side part is parallel to a x-y plane and tilted relative to a x-axis, a second lateral vibration, which has the same wavelength and vibration direction as the first lateral vibration and which is in anti-phase with respect to the first lateral vibration, being superposed on the longitudinal vibration and the first lateral vibration in the ultrasonic probe while the ultrasonic probe is bent at the bending position..
Catheter insertion assist device and treatment apparatus
Operative duration is shortened, and strain on a patient is reduced. Provided is a catheter insertion assist device comprising an ultrasonic element arranged at a tip of an insertion portion to be inserted into the body, and emitting an ultrasonic wave toward outside the insertion portion; and a guide portion for guiding a catheter so as to protrude the catheter toward a region irradiated with an ultrasonic wave from the ultrasonic element..
Subject information acquisition apparatus
A viscoelasticity measurement reference layer whose elastic modulus and viscosity coefficient are known is included between an ultrasonic wave transmitting/receiving probe and the subject and distributions of elastic modulus and viscosity coefficient inside the subject are calculated from a change over time of strain generated in the viscoelasticity measurement reference layer and the subject according to a pressure applied to the subject which changes over time and known elastic modulus and viscosity coefficient of the viscoelasticity measurement reference layer.. .
Toner, developer and image forming apparatus
To provide a toner, which contains silica particles containing first silica particles, and second silica particles, wherein the toner is a toner produced by depositing the silica particles on surfaces of base particles, the first silica particles have an average primary particle diameter of 75 nm to 250 nm, the second silica particles have an average primary particle diameter of 10 nm to 50 nm, a mass ratio of the first silica particles to the base particles is 0.010 to 0.040, a mass ratio of the second silica particles to the base particles is 0.005 to 0.030, a liberation ratio of the silica particles from the toner by a ultrasonic vibration method is 5% by mass to 20% by mass, and an amount of particles having primary particle diameters of 30 nm or smaller in the silica particles librated from the toner by the ultrasonic vibration method is 20% by number or less.. .
Ultrasonically-treated nutritional products having extended shelf life
Disclosed are nutritional products and nutritional bars having increased shelf life. The nutritional product or nutritional bar is manufactured utilizing high power ultrasound in combination with an extrusion process or slabbing process.
Ultrasonically welded lateral seals
A horn for an ultrasonic welder includes a pattern of knurls on a face of the horn. The knurls are spaced by a pattern of indentations including fist indentations formed a first depth from a contact plane and second indentations formed a second depth from the contact plane..
Micromachined ultrasonic transducer devices with metal-semiconductor contact for reduced capacitive cross-talk
Embodiments reduce capacitive cross-talk between micromachined ultrasonic transducer (mut) arrays through grounding of the substrate over which the arrays are fabricated. In embodiments, a metal-semiconductor contact is formed to a semiconductor device layer of a substrate and coupled to a ground plane common to a first electrode of the transducer elements to suppress capacitive coupling of signal lines connected to a second electrode of the transducer elements..
Cmos ultrasonic transducers and related apparatus and methods
Cmos ultrasonic transducers and processes for making such devices are described. The processes may include forming cavities on a first wafer and bonding the first wafer to a second wafer.
Signal processing device, signal processing method, recording medium, and program
A reception bf unit calculates a phase difference indicating a relative positional shift between a plurality of transducers based on a difference between each phase difference of a signal of a reflective wave in each of a plurality of transducers of an ultrasonic wave transmitted from a transducer being a transmission target out of a plurality of transducers, relative positions of which are not fixed, and each known phase difference of the signal of the reflective wave in a plurality of transducers in a case in which an arrangement of a plurality of transducers is a reference arrangement. A delay calculating unit calculates a delay amount of each of a plurality of transducers used in the beam forming based on the phase difference calculated by a phase difference calculating unit.
Synthetic data collection method for full matrix capture using an ultrasound array
A method for efficiently achieving full-matrix ultrasonic data capture which includes the steps of providing an ultrasound array apparatus, the ultrasound array apparatus further comprising a probe, collecting data over a plurality of inspection locations, generating a plurality of data matrices, each of the data matrices reflecting data collected at the locations, and collecting, initially, a subset of a quantity of data needed for reconstruction of each of the inspection locations. In the method, as the probe moves from collection location to collection location, a data matrix at a prior collection location is gradually filled in as the probe moves to subsequent collection locations.
Imaging apparatus, ultrasonic imaging apparatus, method of processing an image, and method of processing an ultrasonic image
A method of processing an image, including estimating a point spread function (psf) of an acquired image, and performing image restoration on the acquired image using the estimated psf based on a generalized gaussian model using inverse filter frequency domain so as to perform image restoration at high speed and to prevent a halo effect. The method provides high speed processing while preventing a halo effect.
Unitary housing for electronic device
An electronic device having a unitary housing is disclosed. The device can include a first housing component having an open cavity, an internal electronic part disposed within the cavity, a second housing component disposed across the cavity, and a support feature disposed within the cavity and arranged to support the second housing component.
Ultrasonic transducer
An ultrasonic transducer as an important part of an ultrasonic flow meter is described, with a transducer housing and with a transducer element, the transducer housing having an ultrasound window and a housing tube, the transducer element being made for sending or receiving ultrasonic waves and being either near the ultrasound window of the transducer housing or away from the ultrasound window of the transducer housing, there being a relatively soft mechanical coupling system and the mechanical coupling system having preferably at least one weakly coupled mechanical resonator. The ultrasonic transducer is improved with respect to the prevention of the transmission of housing waves by there being a second soft mechanical coupling system..
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
A semiconductor device according to the present invention includes a plurality of semiconductor chips, a plate electrode disposed on the plurality of semiconductor chips for connecting the plurality of semiconductor chips, and an electrode disposed on the plate electrode. The electrode has a plurality of intermittent bonding portions to be bonded to the plate electrode and a protruded portion which is protruded erectly from the bonding portions.
Cmos ultrasonic transducers and related apparatus and methods
Cmos ultrasonic transducers and processes for making such devices are described. The processes may include forming cavities on a first wafer and bonding the first wafer to a second wafer.
Microfluidic ultrasonic particle separators with engineered node locations and geometries
An ultrasonic microfluidic system includes a separation channel for conveying a sample fluid containing small particles and large particles, flowing substantially parallel, adjacent to a recovery fluid, with which it is in contact. An acoustic transducer produces an ultrasound standing wave, that generates a pressure field having at least one node of minimum, pressure amplitude.
Methods and apparatus for uniformly metallization on substrates
An apparatus for substrate metallization from electrolyte is provided. The apparatus comprises: an immersion cell containing metal salt electrolyte; at least one electrode connecting to at least one power supply; an electrically conductive substrate holder holding at least one substrate to expose a conductive side of the substrate to face the at least one electrode; an oscillating actuator for oscillating the substrate holder with an amplitude and a frequency; at least one ultrasonic device with an operating frequency and an intensity, disposed in the metallization apparatus; at least one ultrasonic power generator connecting to the ultrasonic device; at least one inlet for metal slat electrolyte feeding; and at least one outlet for metal salt electrolyte draining..
Hybrid pickup tool
Systems of the present invention relate to apparatus for a multi-aperture vacuum tool that is comprised of a distributed vacuum tool that has a number of apertures distributed across an area for manipulating material portion, such as textile, mesh, cloth, and foam. The multi-aperture vacuum tool is also comprised of a refined vacuum tool.
Liquid spray device
A liquid spray device includes a container defining a reception space for receiving a liquid medicine therein, having a discharge outlet for discharging the liquid medicine to an exterior of the container; a spray module disposed in the discharge outlet, and connected electrically to a driving source such that the liquid medicine forcefully collides against the discharge outlet due to ultrasonic oscillation of the spray module and spraying out a plurality of mist droplets; and a particle sorter disposed downstream to a discharging direction of the liquid medicine, spaced from the spray module at a predetermined distance to permit once against collision of the liquid medicine during the discharging operation such that the mist droplets are sprayed out through the particle sorter in terms of a plurality of micro-mist droplets along the discharging direction.. .
Flow meter with protruding transducers
The invention relates to an ultrasonic flow meter arranged to measure a flow rate of a liquid, the flow meter comprises a flow tube 2, optionally a measurement insert, and two or more ultrasonic transducers 8 which are arranged in transducer inserts 20 to be inserted into the flow tube through openings in the flow tube. The transducer inserts are formed monolithically with the housing as a part of the bottom of the housing.
Method for determining the flow rate of fluids using the ultrasonic transit time method
In order to take into account the change in the transmission function of the ultrasonic converters, which change acts as a drift of the measurement variable, the transmission function of the measurement section is determined at least approximately, and at least one ultrasonic transit time is corrected by means of a correction value that is determined from the group transit time of the transmission function.. .
Capacitive ultrasonic transducer
In order to achieve an improved construction by means of which increased temperature resistance up to several hundred degrees celsius can be achieved even in strongly oxidizing and reducing media, the membrane provided as a sound generated is subjected to tensile stress in the planar direction.. .
Device for the non-destructive inspection of a test object by means of ultrasound, method for operating such a device and method for the non-destructive inspection of a test object by means of ultrasound
The present invention relates to a device for the non-destructive testing of a test object by means of ultrasound. The device comprises a control unit provided for driving a phased array ultrasonic test probe and a display.
Method and arrangement for determining and/or monitoring the state of a roller bearing
In a method for determining and/or monitoring the state of a roller bearing wherein during the operation of the roller bearing a sensor signal in the form of a sound emission signal is detected in a frequency band in the ultrasonic range, according to an embodiment of the invention shock pulses in the sensor signal are determined. As a result, electrical bearing currents in the roller bearing can be detected and damage to the bearing can therefore be avoided early..
Air coupled ultrasonic contactless method for non-destructive determination of defects in laminated structures
There is an air coupled ultrasonic contactless method and an installation for non-destructive determination of defects in laminated structures with a width (w) and a multiplicity of n lamellas with intermediate n−1 bonding plants (b), whereas at least one transmitter (t) in a fixed transmitter distance (wts) radiates ultrasound beams at multiple positions and at least one receiver (r) in a sensor distance (wsr) is receiving re-radiated ultrasound beams at multiple positions relative to the laminated structure (s). The method images the position and geometry of for example lamination defects and allows for inspection of laminated structure (s) of arbitrary height (h) and length (l), and an individual assessment of specific bonding planes (e.g.

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