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Automatic classification system for motor vehicles


Automatic classification system for motor vehicles

Uhf rfid reader with improved antenna system


Uhf rfid reader with improved antenna system

Uhf rfid reader with improved antenna system


Optical device and method for manufacturing such a device

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 Fiber optic rotary joints, methods practiced thereby, and fiber optic devices patent thumbnailFiber optic rotary joints, methods practiced thereby, and fiber optic devices
This invention provides a fiber optic rotary joint (20) for enabling the transmission of digital optical signals across the interface between facing surfaces (26, 29) of a rotor and a stator (21, 22), comprising: a plurality of light sources (42a, 42b, 42c, . .
Moog Inc.

 Automatic classification system for motor vehicles patent thumbnailAutomatic classification system for motor vehicles
This automatic classification system according to the invention comprises a data processing unit (20) programmed to classify a vehicle present in the images captured by a camera (6), by processing the captured images, the captured images being intensity matrix images and the camera (6) being positioned capture images of the vehicle in birds-eye view and in three-quarters view, preferably three-quarters front view.. .

 Uhf rfid reader with improved antenna system patent thumbnailUhf rfid reader with improved antenna system
The present invention relates to a rfid reader with an antenna system for emitting and receiving rfid signals. The antenna system includes at least a first inverted f antenna and a second inverted f antenna each having a feed element, a radiating element with a first end coupled to the feed element and a second end free, and a tuning element having a first end coupled to the ground plane and a second end coupled to the first end of the radiating element.

 Optical device and  manufacturing such a device patent thumbnailOptical device and manufacturing such a device
An optical device includes an optical guide adapted for propagating a light beam by successive total internal reflections and an injection device adapted for injecting the light beam into the optical guide via an injection section. A polarising material is present between the optical guide and the injection device at the injection section.

 Resonating beam accelerometer patent thumbnailResonating beam accelerometer
A method of making a resonating beam accelerometer (rba). In an example process, a proof mass device and resonators are created from a quartz material.
Honeywell International Inc.

 Combustion tube patent thumbnailCombustion tube
A combustion tube comprises a generally cylindrical body with an outwardly extending tube stop spaced from one end of the combustion tube for engaging a combustion tube mounting assembly and fixing the tube in a precise position. Near the opposite end of the tube is an enlarged opening for receiving an upper seal assembly of a combustion furnace with the outer annular shoulder of the upper end of the tube having a rolled edge to facilitate the insertion of the tube through the seal in the upper seal assembly of the furnace.
Leco Corporation

 Granite-like composite materials and methods of preparation thereof patent thumbnailGranite-like composite materials and methods of preparation thereof
The invention provides novel granite-like composite materials and methods for preparation thereof. The granite-like composite materials can be readily produced from widely available, low cost precursor materials by a process suitable for large-scale production.
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey

 Pour spout signaling apparatus patent thumbnailPour spout signaling apparatus
A signaling apparatus paces a free pour count and choreographs a movement to stop pouring. The apparatus emits a first signal after an approximately 200-ms time interval and a series of subsequent signals every approximately 400-ms thereafter.
Creative Beverage Solutions, Llc

 Cattle hoof trimming chute patent thumbnailCattle hoof trimming chute
An animal restraining chute having a four sided cage with a closeable front and rear opening and two sides constructed from a series of ribs made from a single bent component to provide structural support. A partially closable front gate closes the front opening and restrains the head of the animal, and a curved rear pusher gate secures the hindquarters of an animal.

 Ethernet network  cancelling common mode signal patent thumbnailEthernet network cancelling common mode signal
An ethernet network system and method for cancelling common mode signal is disclosed. The ethernet network system, with a system frequency, utilizes the delay time point of transmitting data so as to suppress frequency spectrum generated by the ethernet network system.
Realtek Semiconductor Corp.


Crystal oscillator with reduced acceleration sensitivity

A crystal oscillator having a plurality of quartz crystals that are manufactured so that the directional orientation of the acceleration sensitivity vector is essentially the same for each crystal. This enables convenient mounting of the crystals to a circuit assembly with consistent alignment of the acceleration vectors.
Greenray Industries, Inc.


Durable fine wire electrical conductor suitable for extreme environment applications

Durable fine wire electrical conductors are robust, durable, small in profile, and light weight, yet capable of operating under extreme environmental conditions. Formed of a glass, silica, sapphire or crystalline quartz fiber core with a metal coating and one or more polymer layers, a unipolar electrical conductor can have an outer diameter as small as about 300 microns or even smaller.
Cardia Access, Inc.


Illuminated balance spring

A watch or timepiece regulating member includes a balance, a balance-cock, at least one light energy source, and at least one balance spring attached between the balance and the balance-cock. The balance spring is made of quartz or of glass or of ceramic or is partially transparent to visible and/or ultraviolet wavelengths or made of an at least partially amorphous material and transmits and diffuses light emitted by the light energy source..
The Swatch Group Research And Development Ltd


Off-axis alignment system and alignment method

An off-axis alignment system includes, sequentially along a transmission path of a light beam, an illumination module (10), an interference module (20) and a detection module (30). The interference module (20) includes: a polarization beam splitter (21) having four side faces, the illumination module (10) and the detection modules (30) both located on a first side of the polarization beam splitter (21); a first quarter-wave plate (22) and a first reflector (23), sequentially disposed on a second side opposite to the first side; and a second quarter-wave plate (24) and a cube-corner prism (25), sequentially disposed on a third side of the polarization beam splitter (21); and a third quarter-wave plate (26), a second reflector (27) and a lens (28), sequentially disposed on a fourth side of the polarization beam splitter (21).
Shanghai Micro Electronics Equipment Co., Ltd.


Methods for working and sensing synthetic quartz glass substrate

A synthetic quartz glass substrate having front and back surfaces is worked by lapping, etching, mirror polishing, and cleaning steps for thereby polishing the front surface of the substrate to a mirror-like surface. The etching step is carried out using a hydrofluoric acid solution at ph 4-7..
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.


Propulsion device for transmitting momentum

A propulsion device for exerting a propulsive force on a vehicle generates an impulse of momentum by a piston of non-zero mass, an acceleration produced by a force acting on a structure of the vehicle and the braking produced in isolation inside the propulsion device without any force being applied to the vehicle. The piston moves inside a cross-shaped cavity from a reference position to an end of a cylindrical part of the cavity where it is stopped by a gas that it compresses adiabatically.
European Aeronautic Defence And Space Company Eads France


Tubing anchoring and movement reducing system

The present invention provides a ¼ turn tubing anchor catcher for use in tubing strings within petroleum wells. The tubing string may also include a pump for increasing the delivery of petroleum through the well bore.
Tazco Holdings Inc.


Vertical heat treatment apparatus, operating vertical heat treatment apparatus, and storage medium

A vertical heat treatment apparatus for performing a film forming treatment on a plurality of target substrates having a surface with convex and concave portions includes: a gas supply unit that supplies a film forming gas into a reaction chamber; and gas distribution adjusting members made of quartz and installed to be positioned respectively above and below a region in which the plurality of target substrates held and supported by a substrate holding and supporting unit are disposed, wherein if s is a surface area per unit region of the gas distribution adjusting members and s0 is a surface area per unit region obtained by dividing a surface area of the target substrate by a surface area calculated based on an external dimension of the target substrate, a value obtained by dividing s by s0 (s/s0) is set to be 0.8 or more.. .
Tokyo Electron Limited


Marine lifting apparatus

A catamaran lifting apparatus is disclosed for lifting objects in a marine environment. The apparatus includes first and second vessels that are spaced apart during use.


Substrate storing case, substrate cleaning apparatus and substrate storing case cleaning apparatus

The substrate storing case includes a base being made of quartz glass, and having a supporting part that is formed on an upper surface thereof and supports a substrate. The substrate storing case includes a top cover being made of quartz glass, and being in contact with the base to cover the substrate on the upper surface of the base.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Method and apparatuses for reducing porogen accumulation from a uv-cure chamber

Porogen accumulation in a uv-cure chamber is reduced by removing outgassed porogen through a heated outlet while purge gas is flowed across a window through which a wafer is exposed to uv light. A purge ring having specific major and minor exhaust to inlet area ratios may be partially made of flame polished quartz to improve flow dynamics.
Novellus Systems, Inc.


Microplate for high performance spectroscopic applications

A microplate for making optical measurements is described. The microplate uses two optical flats, which for example can be quartz glass, and a spacer having a plurality of holes defined in the spacer.
University Of Massachusetts


Uncooled ir detector arrays based on nanoelectromechanical systems

We describe the use of a high-quality-factor torsional resonator of microscale dimensions. The resonator has a paddle that is supported by two nanoscale torsion rods made of a very low thermal conductivity material, such as amorphous (“a-”) silicon.
California Institute Of Technology


Ballistic range finding reticle for modern sporting rifle

A gunsight reticle suitable for rapid and accurate target distance measurement and compensation or rapid close quarters target acquisition. Reticle may incorporate members and markings suitable for use in scale based, bracket at distance, and power ring rangefinding techniques.


Method and mixing

An apparatus and method for mixing a liquid having particulate includes a vessel for containing me liquid an axial impeller rotating about a substantially vertical axis. The impeller is adapted for submerging below the liquid surface by a distance approximately one-quarter to one-half of the height of the liquid.
Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd.


Rigid shoe shell of a skate

A rigid shoe shell of a skate has a heel portion, two quarter portions respectively extending from two opposite sides of the heel portion, and at least one resilient cushion region formed on an upper edge of the rigid shoe shell. In some embodiments each of the at least one resilient cushion region has multiple strips that have an upper distal end being a free end.
Sakurai Sports Mfg. Co., Ltd.


Displays with elevated backlight efficiency

An electronic device may be provided with a display mounted in a housing. The display may include a liquid crystal display module and a reflective polarizer having an in-plane optical axis.
Apple, Inc.


Golf ball

The present invention is directed to a golf ball having multiple indicia for aiding a golfer in positioning the golf ball with the intended ball path. In one embodiment, the golf ball has at least three distinct primary indicia aligned on the golf ball within a quarter of the circumference of the golf ball.


Coil structure and electromagnetic component using the same

An electromagnetic component including a multi-layer, spiral coil structure embedded in a molded body is disclosed. Each layer of the coil structure makes approximately one and a quarter turns of a winding.
Cyntec Co., Ltd.


Mechanical/quartz movement smart watch hybrid

A hybrid watch is provided. The hybrid watch may include a band coupled to a housing so as to be worn fashionably.


Silicon single crystal growing growing silicon single crystal

A silicon single crystal growing apparatus based on a czochralski method arranges a graphite crucible inside a graphite heater for heating and a quartz crucible inside the graphite crucible and grows a crystal from a raw material melt filling the quartz crucible, and includes a heater outer heat-insulating member outside the graphite heater, a crucible lower heat-insulating member below the graphite crucible, a crucible upper heat-insulating member above straight bodies of the graphite and quartz crucibles, a crucible outer heat-insulating member outside the straight body of the graphite crucible, a crucible inner heat-insulating member inside the straight bodies of the graphite crucible and the quartz crucible, and a heat shielding member above a liquid surface of the raw material melt, the graphite crucible and the quartz crucible being movable upward and downward in a space enclosed with the crucible upper heat-insulating, crucible outer heat-insulating, and crucible inner heat-insulating members.. .
Shin-etsu Handotai Co., Ltd.


Transparent, dyed cook top or hob with improved colored display capability and a the manufacturing of such a cook top or hob

Transparent, dyed cook top or hob with improved color display capability, consisting of a glass ceramic with high quartz mixed crystals as predominant crystal phase, whereby the glass-ceramic contains none of the chemical refining agents arsenic oxide and/or antimony, with transmission values of greater than 0.1% in the range of the visible light within the entire wavelength range greater than 450 nm, a light transmission in the visible of 0.8-2.5% and a transmission in the infrared at 1600 nm of 45-85%.. .
Schott Ag


Heat treatment synthetic quartz glass

A method for heat treating a synthetic quartz glass having a hydroxyl concentration with a maximum/minimum difference (Δoh) of less than 350 ppm involves the steps of first heat treatment of holding at 1,150-1,060° c. For a time of 0.5-10 hours, cooling down to a second heat treatment temperature at a rate of −7° c./hr to −30° c./hr, second heat treatment of holding at 1,030-950° c.
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.


Structure having antifouling properties and having concave-convex shaped surface, and producing the same

A structure having dry-wiping off characteristic relative to dirt attached to a concave-convex shaped surface of the structure, and a method for producing the structure. A structure having a concave-convex shaped surface, fabricated from a composition containing at least one compound having in a molecule, one to ten polymerizable group(s) and a photopolymerization initiator, wherein the structure has a martens hardness of 3 n/mm2 or more and 130 n/mm2 or less when the martens hardness of the structure is measured under a condition under which a martens hardness of a molten quartz is 4,100 n/mm2.
Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.



Disclosed in the present application is a horologe, a walking system thereof including: a winding mechanism powering the second hand, minute hand and hour hand; a mechanical transmission wheel train engaged with the winding mechanism and driving the second hand, minute hand and hour hand to operate, wherein the mechanical transmission wheel train comprises a tourbillion mechanism driving a second wheel connected with the second hand to rotate; an accuracy control device, wherein the walking motor of the accuracy control device drives the rotation of the rotor and the walking accuracy of the walking motor is controlled by a quartz crystal oscillator; and an electronic transmission wheel train connected to the rotor. The horologe disclosed in the present application can solve the problem that the walking accuracy of the mechanical horologe is poor..
Fuzhou Xiaoshenlong Watch Technology Research Co., Ltd.


Liquid crystal display panel and display apparatus using the same

The present invention provides a liquid crystal display (lcd) panel and a display apparatus using the same. The lcd panel comprises a first substrate, a second substrate, a liquid crystal layer and quarter wave (λ/4) pattern retarder films.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Ball valve with square bore and quarter turn component

The invention relates to a turned regulating ball valve, which comprises a ball valve body, a ball and a stem mechanically fixed with the ball, the ball can be rotated by 90 degrees in the ball valve body using the stem as an axis, a first side and a second side of the ball valve body are respectively provided with an inlet seat and an outlet seat, the ball valve body and the inlet seat are provided with an inlet fluid passage, the ball valve body and the outlet seat are provided with an outlet fluid passage, the ball is placed between the inlet seat and the outlet seat, a first part of the ball, which is close to the inlet seat, is provided with a control assembly, and a second side of the ball, which is close to the outlet seat, is provided with a plurality of hole fluid channels which communicate with the control assembly. The turned regulating ball valve has the advantages that are: enlarging a fluid flow area at an entrance of the ball; enabling accurate regulations; allowing regulations under a high pressure differential..
Keyva Control, Inc.


Quarter turn tubing anchor catcher

A torque anchor for anchoring well equipment in a well conduit to arrest movement in both longitudinal directions and rotation in a first direction, but not rotation in an opposed second direction. A mandrel connected to the equipment has one or more grooves for slideably receiving respective pins from a drag body on the mandrel.
Tazco Holdings Inc.


Upper dome with injection assembly

Embodiments provided herein generally relate to an apparatus for delivering gas to a semiconductor processing chamber. An upper quartz dome of an epitaxial semiconductor processing chamber has a plurality of holes formed therein and precursor gases are provided into a processing volume of the chamber through the holes of the upper dome.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Method of charging raw material, manufacturing single crystals, and single-crystal manufacturing apparatus

A method of charging raw material, includes: storing the material in a recharge tube including a quartz cylinder for storing the material and a conical valve for opening or closing an opening at a lower end of the cylinder, installing the recharge tube storing the raw material in a chamber; and feeding the raw material stored in the recharge tube into the crucible by locating the recharge tube and crucible such that a distance between the lower end of the recharge tube and raw material or melt in the crucible ranges from 200 to 250 mm, and lowering the conical valve to open the opening while simultaneously lowering the crucible such that a ratio cl/sl of the lowering speed of the crucible to the lowering speed of the conical valve ranges from 1.3 to 1.45. The method can inhibit damage of the quartz crucible and recharge tube..
Shin-etsu Handotai Co., Ltd.


Quarter masters

A portable in-door, out-door, token game board consisting of four equally-spaced tiles permanently affixed horizontally in line atop a rigid rectangular board at graduated distances from a target at the end of the board, and also serving as a protective surface for play of the traditional game called “quarters” (see fig. 5 illustration).


Quartz crystal vibrator and manufacturing method thereof

Embodiments of the invention provide a quartz crystal vibrator including an at-cut quartz crystal piece having a long side in an x axis direction and including first and second crystal planes formed on at least one side surface thereof in a y′ axis direction, and an electrode layer formed on the at-cut quartz crystal piece.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


High quality factor capacitors and methods for fabricating high quality factor capacitors

Provided are space-efficient capacitors that have a higher quality factor than conventional designs and improve coupling of electrical energy from a through-glass via (tgv) to a dielectric. For example, provided is a tgv having a non-rectangular cross-section, where one end of the tgv is coupled to a first metal plate.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Radiator unit for generating ultraviolet radiation and its production

Known radiator units for generating ultraviolet radiation, particularly for use in food processing or for the treatment of water, have a uv radiator having a radiator tube made of quartz glass or a uv radiator surrounded by a cylindrical jacket tube made of quartz glass having a radiator tube made of quartz glass. Starting from this background, in order to provide a radiator unit for generating ultraviolet radiation, which is suitable for emitting a high radiation power and is also simple and economical to produce, a contaminant- and water-repellent coating is applied to the radiator tube and/or the jacket tube.
Heraeus Noblelight Gmbh (a German Corporation)


Method for detecting and dosing hydrofluoric acid in an electrolyte containing lithium hexafluorophosphate lipf6 for lithium batteries

A method for detecting and dosing hydrofluoric acid content of an electrolyte containing lithium hexafluorophosphate lipf6 in lithium batteries, including measuring a variation in weight of a material that can undergo a surface reaction with the hydrofluoric acid in the electrolyte, the variation being determined by a quartz microbalance.. .
Renault S.a.s.


Strain inspection apparatus

A strain inspection apparatus is provided that includes a drive mechanism for rotating a polarizing plate corresponding to an analyzer and that can perform a test without the polarizing plate being manually rotated by an operator. A strain inspection apparatus includes a camera, a second polarizing plate, a quarter wavelength plate, a first polarizing plate, a diffusion plate, a light source and a drive mechanism for stepwise rotating the second polarizing plate at an arbitrary angle.
Luceo Co., Ltd.


Microwave amplifier device

A microwave amplifier including: a bias circuit that includes a line having an electrical length of one quarter the wavelength at the frequency configured to be amplified by the microwave amplifier and being connected between the output terminal of an amplifier and a bias voltage source, and a capacitor connected between a terminal where the line is connected to the bias voltage source and a ground that defines the reference potential of the microwave amplifier; and a resonant circuit that includes a resistor and a capacitor connected in series between the ground and the terminal where the line is connected to the bias voltage source.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Crucible for a luwpl

A crucible for a luwpl is formed from a wave guide body having a central bore through it. Received within the central bore is a drawn quartz tube having its ends sealed, one having been worked flat to be coplanar with one face of the body.
Ceravision Limited


Movement for mechanical chronograph with quartz regulator

Movement for chronograph watch comprising: a barrel (1); a main gear train (rh) for driving one or more current time indicators (43); a regulator member comprising a generator (8) driven by the main gear train (rh), the generator powering an electronic regulation circuit (80) to control the speed of rotation of the main gear train as a function of a quartz oscillator (81); a chronograph gear train (rc) that can be brought into mesh with the main gear train (rh) to drive a timer indicator (152). The chronograph gear train can be brought into mesh with a wheel (8) that performs more than one revolution per minute..
Richemont International S.a.


Frequency quadrupled laser using thulium-doped fiber amplifier and method

An apparatus, method and associated fiber-laser architectures for high-power pulsed operation and pumping wavelength-conversion devices. Some embodiments generate blue laser light by frequency quadrupling infrared (ir) light from tm-doped gain fiber using non-linear wavelength conversion.
Lockheed Martin Corporation


Sliding bearing and manufacturing method thereof

This sliding bearing comprises a pair of semicircular half bearings formed into a cylindrical shape by bringing both circumferential ends thereof into contact with each other. The axial width of the half bearings is narrower in both circumferential ends and the circumferential center, and wider in the quarter parts located therebetween.
Taiho Kogyo Co., Ltd.


Fused quartz tubing for pharmaceutical packaging and methods for making the same

A method for forming high purity silica articles. The high purity silica articles can be particularly suitable for forming packaging such as packaging for pharmaceutical applications.


Method for producing an optical preform with a pod cladding glass layer

The invention relates to a plasma deposition process for producing an optical preform, which is characterized by a cladding glass layer having a non-round internal cross-section together with high fluorine doping and axially and radially specified dopant distribution, which in the simplest case is as uniform as possible. For this purpose, a two-stage method is proposed, wherein a substrate body having a non-round cross-section is first reshaped into a coated substrate body having a circular cross-section in that a pod filling layer made of quartz glass having the nominal fluorine concentration is deposited onto a present filling surface and rounded by grinding, and then in the second stage of the method a pod sheathing glass layer made of fluorine-doped quartz glass and having a circular-ring-shaped cross-section is deposited..
Heraeus Quarzglas Gmbh & Co. Kg


Method of simultaneous cavitation treatment of liquid media different in composition

The present invention relates to a method of simultaneous cavitation treatment of liquid media having different compositions. The acoustic cavitation may operate by a double resonance effect inside a flow mechanical oscillatory system—formed as a rectangular channel of finite length.
Cavitanica Ltd.


Light-emitting element, light-emitting device, and display device

A light-emitting element with which a reduction in power consumption and an improvement in productivity of a display device can be achieved is provided. A technique of manufacturing a display device with high productivity is provided.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Watch external part, manufacturing watch external part, and watch

A watch external part of the present invention is equipped with a substrate and a coating formed using an aerosol deposition method. The coating is selectively provided at a portion of a site observable in a state with the watch external part incorporated in a watch.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Watch external part, manufacturing watch external part, and watch

A watch external part of the present invention is equipped with a substrate and a coating formed using a gas deposition method. The coating is selectively provided at a portion of a site observable in a state with the watch external part incorporated in a watch.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Coupling system

The present invention relates to a coupling system comprising at least one male component and one female component, in which system the male component is inserted into the female component along a longitudinal axis that is common to the male and female components and is retained removably by the female component: the male component comprising an elongate body of substantially cylindrical shape; the female component comprising an elongate body of substantially cylindrical shape and having a longitudinal internal bore of dimensions suited to the insertion and retention of the male component and an open top end; the male component being inserted into the female component through a movement of longitudinal displacement combined at the same time with a rotation by a quarter of a turn; the male component comprising means for blocking rotation and displacement along a longitudinal axis, these means collaborating with complementary stop means present in the female component.. .


Elevated living space assembly and method

The elevated habitable module is primarily an enclosed living space that folds to a very small size and deploys to a tall and large elevated living quarters. It is designed to be readily transported and erected by utilizing a light weight design that unfolds easily and is uncomplicated to assemble.


Method for producing difluoromethane

A method for producing difluoromethane, including the catalytic reaction of dichloromethane with hydrogen fluoride in the liquid phase, in the presence of chlorine, and in the presence of an ionic liquid catalyst consisting of the product of the reaction of antimony pentachloride with an organic salt having the general formula x+a, where a is a halide anion or hexafluoroantimonate, and x+ is a quaternary ammonium cation, quarternary phosphonium or ternary sulfonium. Further, equipment suitable for implementing said method..
Arkema France


Method for preparation of crystalline alane using quarternary ammonium aluminum hydride

The invention relates to a method of forming α-alane. The method includes reacting a tetraalkyl ammonium alanate solution in toluene with an alkyl halide or other proton source such as hcl or h2so4..
Intelligent Energy Inc.


Durable small gauge wire electrical conductor suitable for delivery of high intensity energy pulses

Implantable medical devices intended for electrostimulation and sensing devices typically incorporate one or more electrical conductors as leads for electrical stimulation to, or retrieval of localized sensing data from, discrete points in the body, such as the heart. Certain applications require delivery of high intensity electrical pulses, i.e.


Waveguide circulator having stepped floor/ceiling and quarter-wave dielectric transformer

In an example, a circulator is disclosed. The circulator includes a waveguide housing having a plurality of hollow waveguide arms that communicate with a central cavity.
Honeywell International Inc.


Method of preparing synthetic quartz glass substrate

A synthetic quartz glass substrate is prepared by immersing a starting substrate in an aqueous solution of a nonionic surfactant and precision polishing the substrate with a colloidal silica water dispersion. A synthetic quartz glass substrate having a few defects and low surface roughness is obtained while the polishing rate is improved and the polishing time is reduced..
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

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