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Date/App# patent app List of recent Uart-related patents
 Resonator element, resonator, resonator device, oscillator, electronic device, and mobile object patent thumbnailnew patent Resonator element, resonator, resonator device, oscillator, electronic device, and mobile object
A resonator element includes a quartz crystal substrate having a main surface along a plane including an x-axis and a z′-axis, and a thickness in a y′-axis direction. The quartz crystal substrate includes a vibrating portion including a side along the x-axis, a side along the z′-axis, and a peripheral portion having a thickness smaller than that of the vibrating portion, which is provided along an outer edge of the vibrating portion.
Seiko Epson Corporation

 Resonator device, electronic device, and mobile object patent thumbnailnew patent Resonator device, electronic device, and mobile object
A quartz crystal resonator includes a quartz crystal resonator element, a thermistor, and a package base having a first principal surface and a second principal surface having an opposed surface relationship with each other, the quartz crystal resonator element is mounted on the first principal surface side, the thermistor is housed in a recessed section of the second principal surface side of the package base, a plurality of electrode terminals connected to the quartz crystal resonator element or the thermistor is disposed on the second principal surface side of the package base, and a distance in a first direction perpendicular to the first principal surface from a mounting surface of the electrode terminals to the thermistor is equal to or longer than 0.05 mm.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

 Fiber-optic current sensor with spun fiber and temperature compensation patent thumbnailnew patent Fiber-optic current sensor with spun fiber and temperature compensation
A fiber-optic current sensor uses a highly-birefringent spun fiber as sensing fiber. The light is fed through a retarder, which is a detuned quarter-wave or half-wave retarder.
Abb Research Ltd.

 Methods and  ultra-sensitive temperature detection using resonant devices patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and ultra-sensitive temperature detection using resonant devices
Methods, apparatus, and systems to improve thermal sensitivity of resonant circuits. One aspect utilizes tracking near-resonance complex impedance for a quartz resonator based calorimeter sensor to derive ultra-sensitive temperature measurement from the sensor.
The Penn State Research Foundation

 Improved three-way valve structure patent thumbnailnew patent Improved three-way valve structure
The invention relates to an improved three-way valve structure consisting of a main three-way valve body (1) with inlet (2) and outlet channels (3, 4) that communicate internally by means of an inner obturator element (5) actuated by a key (27), characterized by the relative position of the outlet channels which are perpendicularly arranged in relation to each other and in the same plane perpendicular to the inlet channel, the exterior form of the obturator (5) being a surrounding cylindrical shape and provided with, in the upper part thereof, flanges (9) for the seating of the same and sealing joints (12, 13), ending in a projecting rod (15) with a key seat shape that can fit into the key (27) of the valve. The key enables four functional positions by means of a quarter-circle turn: both outlets open, one outlet open and another closed and both outlets closed..
VÁlvulas Arco, S.l.

 Insulating layer forming material, insulating layer forming paste patent thumbnailnew patent Insulating layer forming material, insulating layer forming paste
An insulating layer forming material and an insulating layer forming paste capable of forming an insulating layer on a metallic substrate without the filler and glass reacting or warpage occurring even when repeatedly fired at 850° c. Or higher are provided.
Nihon Yamamura Glass Co., Ltd.

 Bicycle tensioning device patent thumbnailnew patent Bicycle tensioning device
A tensioning device for bicycle front and rear wheel assemblies. A skewer assembly with a thumbnut is securable to the wheel assembly with a quick-release assembly.

 Tote transport patent thumbnailnew patent Tote transport
A tote transport assembly that includes a base, a handle, a partition, and a lid. The base includes a plurality of wheels that facilitate vertical or tipped transportation of the ice cart through an environment.
San Jamar, Inc.

 Holder for used plastic bags patent thumbnailnew patent Holder for used plastic bags
A bag holder for plastic bags comprising a container having a pair of spaced apart side walls and a front wall joining the side walls. The side walls diverge slightly moving away from the front wall.

 Systems with virtual universal asynchronous receiver transmitter and methods therefor patent thumbnailSystems with virtual universal asynchronous receiver transmitter and methods therefor
In one embodiment, a monolithic integrated circuit includes a first uart, a second uart, and a multiplexer. The first uart has a parallel io interface to couple to a host system to transceive parallel data and a serial io interface.


Transformer-based doherty power amplifier

Transformer-based doherty power amplifier (pa). In some embodiments, a doherty pa can include a carrier amplification path having an output that includes a carrier transformer, and a peaking amplification path having an output that includes a peaking transformer.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


Multilayer acoustic impedance converter for ultrasonic transducers and forming the same

An impedance conversion layer useful for medical imaging ultrasonic transducers comprises a low impedance polymer layer and a high impedance metal layer. These layers are combined with corresponding thicknesses adapted to provide a function of converting from a specific high impedance to specific low impedance, wherein the polymer layer is at the high impedance side and the metal layer is at the low impedance side.
Measurement Specialties, Inc.


Life safety device having high acoustic efficiency

Low frequency alarm tones emitted by life safety devices are more like to notify sleeping children and the elderly. Disclosed herein is a life safety device equipped with a novel, compact, quarter-wave, folded resonant cavity which significantly increases the low frequency (400-700 hz square wave) acoustic efficiency of an audio output transducer when the folded resonant cavity is acoustically coupled to the transducer forming an audio output apparatus.
Google Inc.


Paint can securing use with a ladder

A paint can support box adapted to surround and selectively seal a paint can. A hinged top with a seal is affixed to the box and is movable between an open and a closed position.


Apparatus and training football quarterbacks

Embodiments of the invention relate to a football training apparatus and method for strengthening and training a user. The apparatus includes an arm restraining member securable to a chest portion and to a bicep region of a non-throwing arm of the user..


Integrated millimeter wave transceiver

A millimeter wave transceiver including a plate forming an interposer having its upper surface supporting an interconnection network and having its lower surface intended to be assembled on a printed circuit board by bumps; an integrated circuit chip assembled on the upper surface of the interposer; antennas made of tracks formed on the upper surface of the interposer; and reflectors on the upper surface of the printed circuit board in front of each of the antennas, the effective distance between each antenna and the reflector plate being on the order of one quarter of the wavelength, taking into account the dielectric constants of the interposed materials.. .
Stmicroelectronics Sa


Generating a parallel data signal by converting serial data of a serial data signal to parallel data

Methods and deserializer circuits are provided for generating a parallel data signal by converting serial data of a serial data signal to parallel data. In a particular embodiment, the deserializer circuit includes a logic divider configured to generate based on a half rate clock, a quarter rate clock, a mode rate clock, and a selection control signal.
International Business Machines Corporation


Localized hardening of metallic surfaces

The present invention relates to a method and system for treatment of a surface of a metallic material component, the method comprising the steps: electro-spark treating the surface of the metallic component by means of an electro-spark electrode, wherein the metallic material is a basically ferritic, perlitic and/or austenitic steel and the method creates a thin layer with martensitic microstructures at the surface of the metallic material component. Serpentines and quartz can be incorporated by an additional step as well as the surface randomly structured by this..
Longevity Engineering Sa


Wet cleaning of a chamber component

Embodiments of the invention generally provide methods for cleaning a uv processing chamber component. In one embodiment, a method for cleaning a uv processing chamber component includes soaking the chamber component having a sico residue formed thereon in a cleaning solution for about 1 to 10 minutes.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Manufacturing of orifices in glass like materials, e.g. nanocapillaries, and objects obtained according to this process

The ability to reshape nanopores and observe their shrinkage under an electron microscope is a powerful and novel technique14,17. It increases the sensitivity of the resistive pulse sensing and enables to detect very short and small molecules12,31.
Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (epfl)


Method for the manufacture of doped quartz glass

One aspect relates to a method for the manufacture of doped quartz glass. Moreover, one aspect relates to quartz glass obtainable according to the method including providing a soot body, treating the soot body with a gas, heating an intermediate product and vitrifying an intermediate product..
Heraeus Quarzglas Gmbh & Co. Kg


Integrated heavy lift and logistics vessel

This invention relates to an integrated heavy lift and logistics vessel (100) for receiving another vessel (105). Further the integrated heavy lift and logistics vessel (100) is able to provide logistical support to the other vessel in remote locations.
Keppel Offshore & Marine Technology Centre Pte. Ltd.


Probe head and intraoral confocal imaging

A probe head for dental confocal imaging, comprises a light-guiding part for guiding a light beam towards a teeth portion, the light-guiding part having an entrance face through which the light beam enters the light-guiding part and an exit face through which the light beam exits the light-guiding part, wherein the light-guiding part is configured, in case of a linearly polarized light beam having two polarization components being perpendicular to each other, to change polarization of the linearly polarized light beam on its path through the light-guiding part in such a way that one of the two polarization components, compared to the other of the two polarization components, is retarded by an odd multiple of a quarter of a wavelength of the light beam along the path from the entrance face to the exit face.. .
Align Technology, Inc.


Integrated securing guide pin for an electrical connector assembly

An integrated securing guide pin is configured to guide and securely connect an electrical connector assembly with respect to an electrical component device. The integrated securing guide pin includes a guiding member configured to guide the integrated securing guide pin into a receiving channel of a guiding connection module, and a securing member configured to securely connect to a securing surface of the guiding connection module.
Tyco Electronics Corporation


Detection of defect in die

Generally discussed herein are systems, apparatuses, and methods that can detect a defect in a die. According to an example, a method can include transmitting a first beam of light with a wavelength and optical power configured to produce a reflected beam with at least one milli-watt of power, linearly polarizing the first beam of light in a specific direction, circularly polarizing the linearly polarized light by a quarter wavelength to create circularly polarized light, directing the circularly polarized light to a device under test, linearly polarizing light reflected off the device under test by a quarter wavelength, or creating an image of the linearly polarized light reflected off the device under test..
Intel Corporation


Physical unit of chip-scale nmr gyroscope

A physical unit of a chip-scale nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) gyroscope, the physical unit including: a vertical cavity surface emitting laser (vcsel), a silicon sheet including a recess, a glass sheet, an atomic vapor chamber, a first right angle prism, a quarter-wave plate, a polarizing beam splitter, and photodetectors. The recess includes sides including reflecting mirrors.
Wuhan Institute Of Physics And Mathematics, Chinese Academy Of Sciences


Gas cooling equipment and high temperature operating system

A gas cooling equipment is provided comprising a refrigerant storage device, a cooling processing device, and a dehydrating device. The dehydrating device is disposed on an air intake end of the cooling processing device for dewatering a high temperature gas.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Optically transparent single-crystal ceramic receiver tubes for concentrated solar power

Disclosed embodiments include solar power receiver tubes for a concentrated solar power receiver having a tube wall that is optically transparent to solar energy. Concentrated solar power systems and methods featuring the use of optically transparent receiver tubes are also disclosed.
Abengoa Solar Llc


A method and a system for determining a video frame type

A computer-implemented method for determining whether a video frame is of a 3d tb type (top-bottom) or a 3d lr type (left-right) frame, characterized in that it comprises the steps of: receiving a video frame (100); extracting at least three portions (121-124) of the frame, each portion belonging to a distinct quarter of the frame (100, 120) and being positioned at the same fragment of the quarter; calculating color histograms for each portion (121-124); comparing the color histograms of at least two different pairs of portions; generating a frame type indicator based on the result of comparison of the color histograms.. .
Advanced Digital Broadcast S.a.


4-level pulse amplitude modulation transmitter architectures utilizing quadrature clock phases

A four-level pulse amplitude modulation transmitter and corresponding method are provided. The transmitter includes a most significant bit processing section and a least significant bit processing section.
International Business Machines Corporation


Doherty amplifier

A two-way doherty amplifier for amplifying a modulated or non-modulated carrier signal, said carrier signal having a carrier frequency; wherein the doherty amplifier comprises a first amplifier having a first amplifier output node, a second amplifier having a second amplifier output node, a combining node connected or connectable to a load, a first amplifier output line connecting the first amplifier output node to the combining node, and a second amplifier output line connecting the second amplifier output node to the combining node, and wherein the first amplifier output line has an electrical length of substantially one quarter wavelength of the carrier signal and the second amplifier output line has an electrical length of substantially one half wavelength of the carrier signal.. .
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Horn lens antenna

An antenna includes a receiver, a horn, a lens, and an anti-reflection layer. The horn has a first end disposed on the receiver and a second end defining an aperture positioned opposite the receiver.
Google Inc.


Airfoil with thickened root and fan and engine incorporating same

In accordance with one aspect of the disclosure, an airfoil is disclosed. The airfoil may include a platform and a blade extending from the platform.
United Technologies Corporation


Optical component made of quartz glass for use in arf excimer laser lithography and producing the component

An optical component made of synthetic quartz glass includes a glass structure substantially free of oxygen defect sites and having a hydrogen content of 0.1×1016 to 1.0×1018 molecules/cm3, an sih group content of less than 2×1017 molecules/cm3, a hydroxyl group content of 0.1 to 100 wt. Ppm, and an active temperature of less than 1070° c.
Heraeus Quarzglas Gmbh & Co. Kg


Noise reduction coating for use on dark colored foam

A seat assembly for use in an automotive vehicle includes a frame assembly for supporting a seat occupant in the vehicle, a foam pad supported by the frame assembly, and a trim cover covering the foam pad. A noise reduction coating is applied to the foam pad between the foam pad and the frame assembly to reduce noise from movement therebetween.


Attachment for a hair care appliance

Disclosed is an attachment for a hot styling appliance, the appliance comprising a body comprising a fluid inlet, a fan unit, a heater and a fluid flow path from the fluid inlet through the fan unit and heater, and a head comprising a generally tubular outer wall having a fluid outlet extending at least partially along the generally tubular outer wall which in use is in fluid communication with the body providing a fluid outlet for fluid drawn into the fluid inlet, the attachment comprising an elongate member which, when attached to the appliance, extends at least partially along the fluid outlet. The head may be bristleless.
Dyson Technology Limited


Reduced depth data storage assembly and rack server

A reduced-depth rack server for a reduced depth rack includes a data storage device rotated a quarter turn within a carrier. An interposer cable connects at one end to a laterally presented electrical connector of the data storage device and presents another connector to an end that is inserted inwardly into a rack server chassis to electrically connect with a backplane of the reduced-depth rack server.
Dell Products, L.p.


Composite electronic component, oscillator, electronic apparatus, and mobile object

A quartz crystal resonator includes a thermistor having electrodes and a quartz crystal resonator body having a package. The quartz crystal resonator body has a plurality of electrode terminals on a second principal surface of the package and the thermistor is placed at the second principal surface side of the package between the electrode terminals in a plan view or within a range surrounded by the electrode terminals.
Seiko Epson Corporation


High frequency switching circuit

A high frequency switching circuit for a first high frequency signal that is input through a first terminal and a second high frequency signal that is input through a second terminal includes a first transmission line connecting a first transistor to the first terminal. The first transmission line has a line length that is an integer multiple of a quarter wavelength of the first high frequency signal.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Semiconductor device

The present invention is directed to solve a problem that, in a semiconductor device capable of generating a clock signal by coupling a quartz oscillator to an external terminal to which an i/o port is coupled, leak current of the i/o port which is in the inactive state disturbs activation of a clock. The semiconductor device has a first terminal, an amplification circuit coupled to the first terminal, and an output buffer whose output terminal is coupled to the first terminal.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Resonator element, manufacturing resonator element, resonator, gyro sensor, electronic apparatus, and moving object

To improve durability against impact, a quartz crystal resonator element includes a recess in a plan view. The quartz crystal resonator element further includes a first principal surface and a second principal surface that are front and rear surfaces facing away from each other and a side surface disposed between the first principal surface and the second principal surface, and the side surface is formed of flat surfaces and curved surfaces formed by dry etching and alternately arranged.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Method for black start of a power station comprising a plurality of inverters connectable to an ac electrical grid

In a method for black start of a power station including a plurality of inventers connectable to a local ac electrical grid, a first ac voltage is built up in the ac electrical grid by a first inverter, said first ac voltage being reduced in comparison with a rated voltage of the ac electrical grid by at least a quarter, and at least one second inverter is connected to the ac electrical grid after synchronization with the first ac voltage. After connection of the second converter, a second ac voltage, which is higher than the first ac voltage, is built up in the ac electrical grid..
Sma Solar Technology Ag


Apparatus and a dual polarized broadband agile cylindrical antenna array with reconfigurable radial waveguides

Embodiments are provided for an agile antenna that beamsteers radio frequency (rf) signals by selectively activating/de-activating tunable elements on radial-waveguides using direct current (dc) switches. The antenna comprises two parallel radial waveguide structures, each comprising a first radial plate, a second radial plate in parallel with the first radial plate, and conductive elements positioned vertically and distributed radially between the two plates.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Eyepiece for near eye display system

An optical display system configured to transmit light along a light path to a user's eye, the display system comprising a circular polarizing reflector configured to reflect light with a first polarization from an image source, a quarter wave plate downstream of the circular polarizing reflector in the light path and configured to rotate the polarization of the light to a second polarization, and a curved linear polarizing reflector downstream of the quarter wave plate and configured to reflect the light back through the quarter wave plate along the light path in the direction of the circular polarizing reflector. The quarter wave plate further configured to rotate the polarization of the light received from the curved linear polarizing reflector to a third polarization and the circular polarizing reflector further configured to receive said light from the quarter wave plate and transmit the light toward the user's eye..


Measurement of total reactive nitrogen, noy, together with no2, no, and o3 via cavity ring-down spectroscopy

A sensitive, compact detector measures total reactive nitrogen (noy), as well as no2, no, and o3. In all channels, no2 is directly detected by laser diode based cavity ring-down spectroscopy (crds) at 405 nm.
The United States Of America, Represented By The Secretary Of Commerce


Method for producing titanium-doped synthetic quartz glass

The liquid sio2 feedstock material comprises at least one additional component made of the polyalkylsiloxane d3 having a weight fraction of md3 and one additional component made of the polyalkylsiloxane d5 having a weight fraction of md5 at a weight ratio of md3/md5 in a range of 0.01 to 1, and the liquid sio2 feedstock material provided is evaporated while maintaining the weight ratio of md3/md5 and at least 99% by weight thereof are evaporated to form the gaseous sio2 feedstock vapor.. .


Euler disc

An euler disc comprises a metal disc body having a maximum radius, an upper surface, a lower surface, a circular polished rounded edge joining the upper surface and the lower surface, and a maximum thickness. The upper surface is formed so that the cross-sectional area of the disc body that is above a horizontal bisector line and outside of a vertical quarter line drawn at one half of the maximum radius is less than 75% of the cross-sectional area of the disc body that is below the horizontal bisector line and outside of the vertical quarter line..


Grill and rotisserie apparatus

A rotisserie arrangement mounts above the heat source of a grill. The rotisserie includes a plurality of holding devices configured to receive a flat meat item such as a steak or burger patty.


Sensor array with self-aligned optical cavities

A sensing device includes an array of sensing elements. Each sensing element includes a thermal infrared sensor, configured to output an electric signal in response to an intensity of infrared radiation that is incident on the sensor.
A.b. Todos Imaging 2012 Ltd.


Quartz sand/graphite composite molten salt heat transfer and heat storage medium and preparation method thereof

The present invention relates to the solar photo-thermal power generation technology. Provided is a quartz sand/graphite composite molten salt heat transfer and heat storage medium and a preparation method thereof.
Shenzhen Enesoon Science & Technology Co., Ltd


Hybrid quarter module design for front underrun protection device

In an embodiment, a component for an underrun protection device can comprise: a housing member (10), comprising a main body (100) having a base plate (108) with a top wall (103), bottom wall (109), and optional side walls (104), extending from one side of the base plate (108) to form a housing (115); an arm (101) extending from another side of the base plate (108), wherein the arm (101) comprises a base (109) in contact with the base plate (108), arm sides (105) that extend from the base (109) toward a connection area (107), wherein the arm sides (105) form an arm channel (113); a body polymeric insert (200) comprising body insert ribs (202) and body insert channels (204); and an arm polymeric insert (300) comprising arm insert ribs (302) and arm insert channels (304), wherein the arm polymeric insert (300) is located in the arm channel (113).. .
Sabic Innovative Plastics Ip B.v.


Attachment for a sports training device

A sports training device includes a target having a mounting arm and an attachment. The mounting arm includes a set of front holes and a set of back holes.


Quartz vibrating device

A quartz vibrating device that includes a quartz vibrator supported upon a case board in a cantilever state. The quartz vibrator is electrically connected to first and second mount electrodes by first and second conductive adhesive layers.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


A remote controllable switch operating device

A remote controllable switch operating device many household and workplace electrical appliances must be connected to a power supply. They are turned on and off by electrically connecting them to and disconnecting them from a power supply.
Den Automation Limited


Scalable polarimetric phased array transceiver

A polarimetric transceiver front-end includes two receive paths configured to receive signals from an antenna, each receive path corresponding to a respective polarization. Each front-end includes a variable amplifier and a variable phase shifter; a first transmit path configured to send signals to the antenna, where the transmit path is connected to the variable phase shifter of one of the two receive paths and includes a variable amplifier; and a transmit/receive switch configured to select between the first transmit path and the two receive paths for signals, where the transmit/receive switch includes a quarter-wavelength transmission line that adds a high impedance to the transmit path when the transmit/receive switch is in a receiving state..
International Business Machines Corporation


Cable management ring assemblies and associated methods

A cable management assembly is provided that facilitates routing of cables from a rack, frame or cabinet. The cable management assembly may be mounted in a vertical or a horizontal orientation, and generally includes a flange, a pair of fingers extending outwardly relative to the flange and defining a routing region therebetween, at least one mounting element extending rearwardly relative to the flange; and a polygonal locking face mounted with respect to the at least one mounting element.
Ortronics, Inc.


Multi-frequency quarter-wave resonator for an internal combustion engine vehicle

A variable noise attenuation element is disclosed that comprises a tube, at least one valve seat, at least one valve body and a wire connected to the valve body. The tube has an overall length that defines a first effective length for noise attenuation.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Variable stiffness bracing device

The present invention relates to a variable stiffness bracing device comprising: a rectangular frame (100) having a solid quarter cylinder (101) at each angle of the rectangular frame (100); a pair of leaf spring (200) attached at each end of the rectangular frame (100) at the solid quarter cylinder (101); a steel rail (300) fixed on top middle of the rectangular frame (100); a core (400) fixed at the tip of each leaf spring (200), the core (400) is slidable along the steel rail (300); a cubic core (500) located in the middle of the core (400); and a rod cable (600) passes through each end of the rectangular frame (100) and the core (400) and ended at the cubic core (500) located in the middle of the core (400). The above provision is advantageous as the present invention deploys wholly mechanical in retrofitting and rehabilitation of structures..
Universiti Putra Malaysia


Method for preparing synthetic quartz glass substrate

A synthetic quartz glass substrate is prepared by furnishing a synthetic quartz glass block, coating an arbitrary surface and an opposite surface of the block with a liquid having a transmittance of at least 99.0%/mm at the wavelength of birefringence measurement, measuring the birefringence of the block by letting light enter one coated surface and exit the other coated surface, and sorting the block to an acceptable or unacceptable group, based on the measured birefringence value.. .
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.


Multi-planar pre-curved rotary endodontic file

An improved rotary endodontic file includes a multi-planar pre-curved apical portion having a first and a second curvature. The pre-curved apical portion begins at about one-third to one-quarter of the working length as measured from the tip end of the endodontic instrument.


Substrate for electronic device package, electronic device package, electronic device, and manufacturing electronic device

A base substrate includes a first layer which is a ceramic layer; a second layer which is disposed on one surface side of the first layer, and contains at least one of a glass layer, a silicon layer, and a quartz layer; and a concave portion that is opened on a side of the second layer opposite to the first layer. In addition, the concave portion is formed through etching..
Seiko Epson Corporation


Quartz watch movement

A quartz watch movement includes a minute wheel connected to a handsetting wheel by an intermediate wheel, a shaft of a third wheel placed in a shaft hole in a main plate, elastic connection structures being rotated by a third-wheel shaft gear and a minute wheel piece gear which are engaged together and are arranged between a minute wheel tube and the minute wheel piece gear when a stem is pulled or the minute hand is adjusted through the handsetting wheel, the intermediate wheel and a minute wheel shaft gear, and a second-hand stop lever detachably connected to a second-hand stop electrode. The elastic connection structures are arranged between the minute wheel tube and the minute wheel piece gear, so that the quartz watch is accurate in travel time and has the function of efficiently adjusting the hour hand and the minute hand when omitting a handsetting middle wheel..


Methods and control unit with a variable assist rotational interface and display

Provided according to one or more embodiments is a method of processing rotational inputs to a control device having a an electronic display and user interface, such as a programmable thermostat. Methods and systems include displaying on the electronic display associated with the control device at least a portion of an initial display element selected from a sequence of display elements.
Google Inc.


Seamless undermount stainless steel sink system

A seamless undermount stainless steel sink system includes a solid countertop constructed of granite, marble, quartz stone, quartzite, porcelain, glass, engineered stone, multi-layered and/or composite materials, and having a sink mounting aperture defining an inner periphery disposed therethrough. The system also includes a stainless steel sink having a sidewall with a rimless upper edge defining an outer periphery therearound.


Quartz glass member for wavelength conversion and manufacturing the same

The quartz glass member for wavelength conversion includes: a quartz glass base material; and a quartz glass surface layer film formed on a surface of the quartz glass base material, in which: the quartz glass surface layer film is obtained by applying, onto the surface of the quartz glass base material, a polysilazane-containing solution containing fluorescent material particles having an average particle diameter of from 0.1 μm to 20 μm and silica fine particles each having a spherical shape and hydrophobicity and having an average particle diameter of from 1 nm to 100 nm, followed by drying in air and then beat treatment in a water vapor atmosphere: the polysilazane-containing solution has a ratio between a total amount of polysilazane and the fluorescent material particles and the fluorescent material particles of from 10:3 to 10:7 in terms of mass; and the quartz glass surface layer film has an nh group concentration of 1,000 ppm or less.. .


Mountain bike handlebar grip

A handlebar grip which incorporates a hinge in or near the outboard end of the grip allowing a substantial portion of the grip to flip up from the grip body to become the equivalent of a hard-mounted bar end, but with the ability to easily flip back down flush with or adjacent to the grip body and out of harm's way when riding in tight quarters. The bar ends can be deployed when riding uphill providing all the advantages of bar ends, and just as easily flipped closed when riding downhill so that they do not interfere with nearby obstacles.


Cml quarter-rate predictive feedback equalizer architecture

A system for reduced-rate predictive dfe. In one embodiment a plurality of sampler-multiplexer blocks, each including two samplers and a multiplexer-latch, controlled by a multi-phase clock, sample the received analog signal one at a time, and the output of each multiplexer-latch, which may represent the value of the last received bit, is used to control the select input of another multiplexer-latch, so that the other multiplexer-latch selects the appropriate one of two samplers, each applying a different correction to the received analog signal before sampling.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Top dielectric quartz plate and slot antenna concept

Techniques disclosed herein include an apparatus for treating substrates with plasma generated within a plasma processing chamber. In one embodiment, dielectric plates, of a plasma system can include structural features configured to assist in generating a uniform plasma.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Highly permeating terbinafine formulation

The present invention provides topical compositions, methods of preparation, and methods of treatment for onychomycosis. In certain specific embodiments, the invention provides an anti-fungal pharmaceutical composition for topical application comprising an anti-fungal agent, a zwitterionic surfactant or charged derivative thereof; a carboxylic acid, a lower alcohol, and water.
Nuvo Research Inc.


Compound reinforced with glass or quartz fiber and light curing liquid resin, the reconstruction of teeth and application for the compound

The present invention relates to a compound for medical and dental use made from glass or quartz fiber and light curing liquid resin; the design of dental structures in the mouth and outside the mouth using said compound; and the presentation of the compound as a treatment method.. .


Method and transmission and reception of in-band on-channel radio signals including complementary low density parity check coding

A method includes: constructing complementary low density parity check codewords by generating a first codeword having a first code rate; and partitioning the first codeword by assigning groups of bits of the first codeword to four quarter-partitions, wherein each of the quarter partitions includes bits in one half of one of four independently decodable semi-codewords each having a second code rate that is larger than the first code rate. Receivers that receive signals produced by the method are also disclosed..
Ibiquity Digital Corporation


Method for generating quartic bezier triangle patches from triangle mesh for computer graphics

Method for generating curved surface consisting of quartic bezier triangles patches, from a mesh of planar triangles is disclosed. Mesh of planar triangles is used as input.


Remote console access of port extenders

Embodiments of the present invention facilitate access to an information handling system, such as a port extender, from a remote information handling device, such as a controlling bridge. According to embodiments of the invention, a port extender, responsive to receiving a request from a controlling bridge for console access to the port extender, submits one or more instructions to a mux to switch control of a uart from a host cpu of the port extender to a protocol extension message processor residing on the port extender, and switches control by the mux of the uart to the processor according to the one or more instructions..
Dell Products L.p.


Compact riflescope display adapter

This disclosure describes a compact and lightweight riflescope display adapter configured to be affixed in front of the objective lens of a riflescope. The display adapter includes a receptacle that enables the adapter to be electrically connected to a ballistic computer, rangefinder or other targeting mechanism.
Cubic Corporation


Component, particularly for use in a crucible pulling quartz glass, and producing such a component

Furthermore, the present invention refers to a component produced according to the method, particularly a melting crucible, particularly in a crucible pulling method for quartz glass, in which the joint between the butt-joined walls is closed in a gas-tight manner by a sealant.. .


Oil forming composition, producing crude oil, and producing volatile liquid

An oil forming composition and a method of producing a synthetic crude oil are provided. The oil forming composition includes a mixture of an organic material selected from the group consisting of a member of the lactuca genus, nuts, nut derivatives, vegetable oils, pine tree derivatives, animal protoplasm, and combinations thereof; and a mineral aggregate selected from the group consisting of a silica containing mineral aggregate and a quartz containing mineral aggregate.

Uart topics: Euv Lithography, Radiant Energy, Light Pipe, Diversity Antenna, Transmitter, Light Transmission, Semiconductor Substrate, Degas Chamber, Semiconductor, Silicon Dioxide, Light Guide Plate, Light Guide, Multiplexing

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