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 Vaporizer having a surface for improved contact point vaporization and method thereof patent thumbnailVaporizer having a surface for improved contact point vaporization and method thereof
An apparatus including a medium collection device having a vaporization contact surface, the medium collection device configured to attach to a nail base wherein the medium collection device is comprised at least partially of silicon carbide (sic), optical or semi conducting quartz, or synthetic sapphire, is provided. Also provided is a vaporizer including a nail base, and a vaporization component operably connected to the nail base, the vaporization component including a medium collection device and a coupler, wherein the coupler secures the medium collection device to the nail base by threaded engagement between the coupler and the nail base.
Smart Smokes Llc

 Resonator element, resonator, resonator device, oscillator, electronic device, and mobile object patent thumbnailResonator element, resonator, resonator device, oscillator, electronic device, and mobile object
A resonator element includes a quartz crystal substrate having a main surface along a plane including an x-axis and a z′-axis, and a thickness in a y′-axis direction. The quartz crystal substrate includes a vibrating portion including a side along the x-axis, a side along the z′-axis, and a peripheral portion having a thickness smaller than that of the vibrating portion, which is provided along an outer edge of the vibrating portion.
Seiko Epson Corporation

 Small-aperture-ratio display with electrical component patent thumbnailSmall-aperture-ratio display with electrical component
A small-aperture-ratio display includes a display substrate and a plurality of spatially separated pixel elements distributed over the display substrate. Each pixel element includes one or more light emitters.
X-celeprint Limited

 Manufacturing  a sliding bearing patent thumbnailManufacturing a sliding bearing
This sliding bearing comprises a pair of semicircular half bearings formed into a cylindrical shape by bringing both circumferential ends thereof into contact with each other. The axial width of the half bearings is narrower in both circumferential ends and the circumferential center, and wider in the quarter parts located therebetween.
Taiho Kogyo Co., Ltd.

 Secondary fuel injection  diesel engines patent thumbnailSecondary fuel injection diesel engines
A secondary fueling system for a diesel internal combustion engine includes an injector which injects an oxygen-containing secondary fuel into the engine's air intake system, a pump which pumps the secondary fuel to the injector, a sensor which senses pressure in the air intake system, and a secondary fuel controller which receives output signals from the sensor and pump, operator inputs for the engine, and data signals pertaining to operation of the engine from the main engine controller, determines an injection amount of the secondary fuel based thereon, and controls the pump based on the determined injection amount. A position of the injector in the engine's air intake system is distant from the engine's intake valves and is based on the engine's displacement, e.g., it relates to approximately equal to one quarter of the engine's displacement..
Michigan Angel Fund Llc

 Method and  isolating nucleic acids patent thumbnailMethod and isolating nucleic acids
A method comprises: sorbing a sample solution comprising nucleic acids to a sample receiving portion of a quartz fiber filter by contacting the sample solution with the sample receiving portion; and washing the sample receiving portion while keeping most of nucleic acids around the sample receiving portion by flowing a wash solution through the sample receiving portion under a wicking force directed away from the sample receiving portion. An associated apparatus is also provided..
General Electric Company

 Antenna and mobile terminal patent thumbnailAntenna and mobile terminal
An antenna-includes a first radiator and a first capacitor structure. A first end of the first radiator is electrically connected to a signal feed end of a printed circuit board by means of the first capacitor structure, and a second end of the first radiator is electrically connected to a ground end of the printed circuit board.
Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

 Semiconductor-wafer cleaning tank and  manufacturing bonded wafer patent thumbnailSemiconductor-wafer cleaning tank and manufacturing bonded wafer
The present invention is a semi conductor-wafer cleaning tank in which semiconductor wafers are immersed in a cleaning solution and cleaned, including a tank body, composed of quartz, for storing the cleaning solution to immerse the semiconductor wafers in the cleaning solution, an overflow-receiving part, composed of quarts and provided around an opening of the tank body, for receiving the cleaning solution overflowing from an upper end of the opening of the tank body, and a heat-insulating wall-provided around the tank body, in which the heat-insulating wall forms an unbroken enclosure around the tank body with a hollow layer formed between the heat-insulating wall and a side wall of the tank body. As a result, there is provided a cleaning tank for use in an etching step that allows bonded wafers keeping film-thickness uniformity even after the etching step for adjusting the film thickness to be manufactured in high yield..
Shin-etsu Handotai Co., Ltd.

 Transport of polarized laser-radiation using a hollow-core fiber patent thumbnailTransport of polarized laser-radiation using a hollow-core fiber
Plane-polarized laser-radiation from a laser-source is converted to circularly polarized radiation by a quarter-wave plate. The circularly polarized radiation is input into a hollow-core fiber for transport to a point of use.
Coherent, Inc.

 Force sensor for manually operated or pneumatic presses patent thumbnailForce sensor for manually operated or pneumatic presses
A force sensor for measuring axially occurring forces in manually operated or pneumatic presses has a central axis and an outer diameter and includes a bolt and a nut that preload between them a piezoelectric force washer with a plug connection. The washer has an inner end face defining a first bore having a first diameter with an internal thread.
Kistler Holding Ag

Piezoelectric actuators optimized for synthetic jet actuators

A synthetic jet actuator and a method for optimizing a synthetic jet actuator to meet operating requirements and physical constraints may include estimating dimension and a resonance frequency of an air cavity of the synthetic jet actuator, and using the estimated resonance frequency to the estimate dimensions of a piezoelectric actuator of the synthetic jet actuator. Individual simulations of the air cavity and piezoelectric actuator, and a coupled simulation may be performed using the estimated dimensions, and the dimensions may be revised and simulations re-executed to match the resonance frequencies of the air chamber and the piezoelectric actuator.
The Boeing Company

Carbon nanotube freestanding membrane, process for production of the same, composites having carbon nanotube membranes and process for production thereof

The invention provides a composite comprising a substrate and a membrane of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes formed on the substrate which membrane is independent of the material of the substrate and a process for the production of the same. A process for producing the first composite comprising the first substrate and vertically aligned carbon nanotubes formed on the first substrate which comprises the step (a) of preparing the second composite comprising the second substrate made of quartz or silicon and vertically aligned carbon nanotubes formed on the second substrate, the step (b) of subjecting the second composite to water immersion wherein the temperature (tw) of the water is higher than the temperature (tc) of the second composite with a temperature difference Δt (=tw−tc) of at least 25° c.
The University Of Tokyo

Impedance matching layer for ultrasonic transducers with metallic protection structure

An ultrasonic transducer comprising a piezoelectric element, an acoustic matching layer arranged on a surface of the piezoelectric element and having a thickness of at least one-quarter of a wavelength of a center resonant frequency of the transducer, and a front metal layer arranged on a surface of the acoustic matching layer opposite that of the piezoelectric element and having a thickness equal to one-half of the wavelength of the center resonant frequency.. .
Measurement Specialties, Inc.

Start-up algorithm for an implantable blood pump

A system and a method for starting a rotor of an implantable blood pump are described. For example, a blood pump system includes a rotary motor having a stator and a rotor.
Thoratec Corporation

One quarter wavelength transmission line based electrostatic discharge (esd) protection for integrated circuits

Device and a method of forming an integrated circuit (ic) that offers protection against esd in re applications is disclosed. The device includes a transmission line (tl) coupled to a signal pad.
Globalfoundries Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Solar panel racking array

A commercial modular solar racking system, with the capability to be assembled in several configurations, which when assembled, creates a adaptable, size variable, solar panel supporting infrastructure, with a rapid assembly time. The said modular system can be adapted, to construct a perimeter wind lift-dampening fence around the deployed array.
Powerak Pty Ltd

Liquid crystal display with backlight

A display may have an array of pixels that display images for a user. The backlight unit may have a light-guide layer.
Apple Inc.

Method for ion detection

A method and apparatus for detecting mercury in air includes passing a substantial quantity of air through a concentrator column containing gold film whereby a gold-mercury amalgam is formed, purging the concentrator column with nitrogen gas for a predefined period of time to remove oxygen and other organics from the concentrator column, quickly heating the concentrator column to a substantial temperature to decompose the gold-mercury amalgam forming mercury gas, and injecting the mercury gas into a photoionization detector system. The apparatus includes a quartz housing having a quartz body defining an internal volume, a gas inlet, a gas outlet, and a heater end, and a concentrator element sealingly disposed within the quartz housing, the concentrator element having a first element portion and a second element portion, a film of gold deposited on at least a first element portion disposed in the quartz body..

Biopsy cannula adjustable depth stop

A biopsy system with a grid plate used as either a lateral or medial compression plate of a localization fixture used with a breast coil includes a rotatable guide cube that may be inserted into a desired rectangular recess in the grid plate after rotating to position a selected guide hole in the desired spatial orientation. Versions of a guide cube include those rotatable in two axes to provide additional hole positions, angled holes, enlarged circular holes that function with a rotating guide to support a noncircular biopsy instrument cannula (e.g., trocar/sleeve combination, core biopsy probe of a biopsy device) for rotation.
Devicor Medical Products, Inc.

Noise suppression system

A noise suppression system for an air-cooled internal combustion engine is disclosed. The system may include an acoustically designed shroud forming a cavity and configured for attenuating noise produced by a cooling air fan associated with the engine.
Kohler Co.

Efficient assembly of triple pane windows

This invention describes a process flow and method to assemble triple ig units without contaminating the center glass lite. A non-contact vacuum pad is used to lift a glass lite off from a horizontal or vertical support that conveys it from a glass washer to an assembly station.
Ged Integrated Solutions, Inc.

Quarter pallet

A pallet for transporting products thereon includes a top having a product support surface and an opposing underside, and with outer sides extending between the product support surface and the opposing underside. Four feet each extend away from the underside of the top.
Chep Technology Pty Limited

Quarter pallet with hand access hole

A pallet for transporting products thereon includes a top having a product support surface and an opposing underside, and with outer sides extending between the product support surface and the opposing underside. The top includes a hand access hole extending through the top and located at a center of gravity of the pallet.
Chep Technology Pty Limited

Agricultural baler having a quarter turn with a spring loaded lock arrangement

An agricultural baler including a frame and a quarter turn attached to the frame. The agricultural baler further includes a transport lock associated with a lateral end of the quarter turn for locking the quarter turn in a transport position.
Cnh Industrial America Llc

Wafer boat

A wafer boat for receiving wafers, in particular semiconductor wafers, includes at least two elongated receiving elements made of quartz, each receiving element having a plurality of parallel receiving slots, which extend transverse to the longitudinal extension of the receiving elements, and two end plates, between which the receiving elements are arranged and attached such that the receiving slots of the receiving elements are aligned. For increasing the stability, the wafer boat includes a plurality of attachment pieces, via which the receiving elements are attached to the end plates, wherein each attachment piece has a circumference which is at least 1.5 times as large as the circumference of a receiving section of the receiving elements comprising the receiving slots, and wherein each attachment piece is welded or bonded to at least one of the following: an end plate and a receiving element.
Centrotherm Photovoltaics Ag

Vitreous silica crucible and distortion-measuring the same

In an embodiment, a distortion-measuring apparatus for measuring a distortion distribution of an entire vitreous silica crucible in a non-destructive way includes: a light source 11; a first polarizer 12 and a first quarter-wave plate 13 disposed between the light source 11 and an outer surface of a vitreous silica crucible wall; a camera 14 disposed inside of a vitreous silica crucible 1; a camera control mechanism 15 configured to control a photographing direction of the camera 14; a second polarizer 16 and a second quarter-wave plate 17 disposed between the camera 14 and an inner surface of the vitreous silica crucible wall. An optical axis of the second quarter-wave plate 17 inclines 90 degrees with respect to the first quarter-wave plate 13..
Sumco Corporation

Long lifetime thermal spray coating for etching or deposition chamber application

In accordance with this disclosure, there are provided several inventions, including a substrate processing apparatus with multi-layer surfaces configured to face the plasma and resist against corrosion. These multi-layer surfaces may in one example include a base layer of aluminum, anodized aluminum, or quartz, a second layer of stabilized zirconia, and a second layer of a yttrium-aluminum composite such as yttrium aluminum garnet (yag)..
Lam Research Corporation

Modular bottle rack cellar system

A modular bottle rack cellar system, where the system comprises a plurality of cell. The cell comprises at-least one unit of first holding component, a maximum four unit of second holding component and a strip.

Wideband doherty amplifier circuit with integrated transformer line balun

A doherty amplifier circuit includes an rf input terminal, an rf output terminal, a main amplifier having a first input terminal and a first output driving terminal, and a peaking amplifier having a second input terminal and a second output driving terminal. An output combining network is configured to feed output current from the first and second output driving terminals into a summing node.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Titania-doped quartz glass and making method

Titania-doped quartz glass is manufactured by mixing a silicon-providing reactant gas and a titanium-providing reactant gas, preheating the reactant gas mixture at 200-400° c., and subjecting the mixture to oxidation or flame hydrolysis. A substrate of the glass is free of concave defects having a volume of at least 30,000 nm3 in an effective region of the euv light-reflecting surface and is suited for use in the euv lithography..
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Method and device for detecting odorants in hydrocarbon gases

A dual quartz crystal microbalance (qcm) sensor is disclosed for use in a hand-held detection device (10) for detecting the presence of an odorant in hydrocarbon gaseous fuels. The odorant is a thiol-based compound, such as ethanethiol.
Battelle Memorial Institute

Method and sorting pieces of rock containing quartz vein from pieces of rock and computer program for a processing device

A method, apparatus and non-transitory computer readable medium for sorting out pieces of rock containing quartz vein includes receiving an electric signal representing an image of a piece of rock to be sorted; determining the number of pixels in the image having a predetermined color value that is indicative of presence of quartz; and in case the number of the pixels having said predetermined color value exceeds a predetermined threshold value, the method comprises as step for identifying from the image linear forms between the area of the pixels having said predetermined color value and the area of pixels representing the rest of the piece of rock, and in case linear forms is, the method comprises a step for generating a control signal for controlling a deviator device to perform a sorting action.. .
Outotec (finland) Oy

Partial fingered gloves for football or golf play

According to the various features characteristics and embodiments of the present invention which will become apparent as the description thereof proceeds, the present invention provides partially fingered gloves and the use of said gloves, intended to increase the overall performance in sports activities including but limited to football and golf. Because of its unique finger configurations, grip enhancers, and/or its hand protective properties, the present invention makes a glove now operable on a football quarterback's throwing hand and on golfers dominant hand, for example..

Encoder and video processing

The embodiments of the present invention relate to a method and an encoder for encoding a bitstream representing a sequence of pictures of a video stream. The pictures are divided into units which are further divided into blocks of a first size, wherein the blocks can be divided further into four quarter blocks of a second size.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Stereo display device and method manufacturing the same

The present invention provides a stereo display device and a method for manufacturing the same. The stereo display device comprises a liquid crystal display unit including a first polarizer, a first substrate, a second substrate, and a liquid crystal layer arranged between the two substrates; and a polarization control unit including a third substrate, a gate line, a protective layer, a first electrode, a spacer, a second electrode and a quarter-wave plate.
Beijing Boe Display Technology Co., Ltd.

Aluminum alloy heat exchanger

A core material contains mn: 0.3-2.0 mass % (hereinafter, abbreviated to %), si: 1.5% or less, fe: 0.1-1.0% and cu: 0.05-1.0%, and comprises a remainder al and unavoidable impurities, and the sacrificial anode material contains fe: 0.05-1.0% and zn: 0.5-5.0%, and comprises a remainder al and unavoidable impurities. A potential at the joint section between the header pipe and the tube is lower by 30 mv or less than potentials at the header pipe surface and the tube surface, and the potential at the joint section is lower by 30-100 mv than a potential at a position in a depth of one quarter of the overall thickness from the header pipe surface and a potential at a position in a depth of one quarter of the overall thickness from the tube surface..
Uacj Corporation

Anchoring member

Anchoring member provided for being mounted on a support pedestal, which anchoring member comprises a plate provided with a notch extending as from a part of his border, which plate is provided for being partially entered in each time a cut-out situated in a lateral sidewall of a corner of a tile resting on the support pedestal, wherein the plate comprises a geometry essentially parallelogram shaped, said notch extending from a first corner located on a crossing of a first raising edge and a first horizontal edge of the parallelogram shaped geometry over essentially a quarter of the plate surface.. .
Buzon Pedestal International

Ultrasonic transducer with backing having spatially segmented surface

Methods and devices are provided for suppressing reverberations within an ultrasound transducer with a backing whereby the backing may not sufficiently attenuate the acoustic energy by means of acoustic absorption and scattering alone. At least a portion of a surface of the backing is segmented into a plurality of levels defined by surface segments.
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Traveling wave tube

When a plurality of amplifiers for transmission source are used, a related traveling wave tube requires a large space for arranging a plurality of the traveling wave tubes. In this respect, a traveling wave tube of an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes two meander-shaped waveguides formed to have the same meander pitch, wherein the meander-shaped waveguides are assembled together such that beam holes of one of the meander-shaped waveguides and those of the other one are arranged on the same axis, and one of the meander-shaped waveguides is shifted with respect to the other one by a quarter folding period in the wave traveling direction..
Nec Network And Sensor Systems, Ltd.

Rifle scope targeting display adapter

This disclosure describes a compact and lightweight rifle scope display adapter configured to be affixed in front of the objective lens of a rifle scope. The display adapter includes a receptacle that enables the adapter to be electrically connected to a ballistic computer, rangefinder or other targeting mechanism.
Cubic Corporation

Method for manufacturing single crystal

Method for manufacturing a single crystal according to a cz method, including: pre-examining a correlation between an al/li ratio in a quartz raw material powder used for producing the quartz crucible, a use time of the crucible, a devitrification ratio at the use time, and occurrence or nonoccurrence of melt leakage attributable to the devitrification part; setting a range of the devitrification ratio of the quartz crucible in order not to generate the melt leakage, and determining a maximum use time of the quartz crucible according to the al/li ratio so as to fall within the set range of the ratio, on the basis of the correlation; and growing the single crystal by using the quartz crucible in the range of the maximum use time. This provides a manufacturing method which can efficiently use a quartz crucible to grow a single crystal while preventing occurrence of melt leakage..
Shin-etsu Handotai Co., Ltd.

Method for fluorinating doped quartz glass

The invention describes a method for the manufacture of quartz glass that comprises not only doping with rare earth elements and/or transition metals, but also fluorination of the quartz glass. The method described presently allows the diffusion of the dopants during fluorination to be prevented.
Heraeus Quarzglas Gmbh & Co. Kg

Oven controlled crystal oscillator using embedded heating device package

An oven controlled crystal oscillator using an embedded heating device package is disclosed. The oven controlled crystal oscillator, which is different from the conventional technology using a heating source independent from a quartz crystal package, integrates a heating resistor in a ceramic package structure of the quartz crystal and cooperates with a temperature-controlled circuit to heat a quartz blank in the quartz crystal package, thereby shortening thermal conduction paths, increasing thermal conduction efficiency and greatly reducing thermal dissipation.
Txc Corporation

Differential transmission line having quarter wavelength differential coupler to reduce common mode noise

A differential transmission line includes a positive conductor on which a positive complementary component of a differential signal is transmitted, and a negative conductor parallel to the positive conductor on which a negative complementary component of the differential signal is transmitted. A quarter wavelength differential coupler is inserted along a length of the positive and negative conductors.
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Pillar arrangement in nand memory

Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards techniques and configurations for providing a 3d memory array apparatus. In one embodiment, the apparatus may comprise a substantially hexagonal arrangement having seven pillars disposed in a die in a repeating pattern.
Intel Corporation

Multi-frequency quarter-wave resonator for an internal combustion engine

A variable noise attenuation element is disclosed that comprises a tube, at least one valve seat, at least one valve body and a wire connected to the valve body. The tube has an overall length that defines a first effective length for noise attenuation.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Method for forming opaque quartz glass components

A method of forming an opaque quartz glass component is provided. The method includes (a) providing a starting preform made of quartz glass; (b) heating at least a portion of the starting preform to a predetermined temperature at which the quartz glass of the starting preform has a viscosity in a range of 10e2 to 10e12 poise; and (c) deforming at least a portion of the heated preform at the predetermined temperature to change a shape and/or dimension(s) of the heated perform in order to form the opaque quartz glass component.
Heraeus Quartz America Llc

Bandstop filters with minimum through-line length

Systems and methods are provided for creating higher order microwave bandstop filters with total through-line length of significantly less than one-quarter wavelength at the filter center frequency. The mixed electric and magnetic field coupling bandstop filter topologies provided by embodiments of the present disclosure can be used to reduce the size, weight, and throughline insertion loss of microwave bandstop filters.
The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

Semiconductor processing apparatus with protective coating including amorphous phase

Embodiments of the invention relate to compositions including a yttrium-based fluoride crystal phase, or a yttrium-based oxyfluoride crystal phase, or an oxyfluoride amorphous phase, or a combination of these materials. The compositions may be used to form a solid substrate for use as a semiconductor processing apparatus, or the compositions may be used to form a coating which is present upon a surface of substrates having a melting point which is higher than about 1600°, substrates such as aluminum oxide, aluminum nitride, quartz, silicon carbide and silicon nitride, by way of example..
Applied Materials, Inc.

Corner texel addressing mode

The adverse affects of using out-of-bounds texels for bilateral interpolation may be reduced by redefining the valid texel domain as having four corners defined at the centers of four corner texels. As a result, the texels around the periphery of the valid texture domain are partial texels, with the corner texels being one quarter of a texel and the edges being half of a texel..
Intel Corporation

An incident angle insensitive color filter and its manufacturing method

An incident angle insensitive color filter is disclosed, comprising a substrate, wherein several cylindrical gratings, made of silicon, are arranged in a regular hexagon shape on the substrate which is made up of fused quartz. A manufacturing method of the aforesaid filters is also disclosed.
Zhejiang University

Vehicle rear portion structure

Falling-in deformation, in which a second quarter pillar deforms so as to fall toward a vehicle vertical direction lower side, is suppressed. Due to twisting input being applied to a vehicle, a second quarter pillar deforms so as to fall toward the vehicle vertical direction lower side.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Polarizer and display device comprising the same

A polarizer for a display device is disclosed. In one aspect, the polarizer includes a linear polarizer and a phase retardation layer on the linear polarizer and comprising a quarter-wave plate and a half-wave plate.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Oil forming composition, producing crude oil, and producing volatile liquid

An oil forming composition and a method of producing a synthetic crude oil are provided. The oil forming composition includes a mixture of an organic material selected from the group consisting of a member of the lactuca genus, nuts, nut derivatives, vegetable oils, pine tree derivatives, animal protoplasm, and combinations thereof; and a mineral aggregate selected from the group consisting of a silica containing mineral aggregate and a quartz containing mineral aggregate.

Fluid sterilization system

A fluid filtration system is shown. The fluid filtration system utilizes a one-piece or multiple piece containers having a plurality of radiation-transmissible media adapted to receive light, such as ultraviolet light, white light or other wavelength light.
Aerobiotix, Inc.

Light-irradiation heat treatment apparatus

A semiconductor wafer held by a holding part in a chamber is irradiated and heated with halogen light emitted from a plurality of halogen lamps. A cylindrical louver and an annular light-shielding member, both made of opaque quartz, are provided between the halogen lamps and the semiconductor wafer.
Screen Holdings Co., Ltd.

Method and low complexity quarter pel generation in motion search

This disclosure provides systems and methods for low complexity quarter pel generation in motion search for video coding. The method can include storing full-pixel position information related to a plurality of rows of video information of a reference frame in a memory.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Surface elastic wave device comprising a single-crystal piezoelectric film and a crystalline substrate with low visoelastic coefficients

A surface elastic wave device comprises a stack including: a thin film made of a piezoelectric first material; a substrate made from a second material; and exciting means for generating at least one surface acoustic wave propagation mode in the piezoelectric film; wherein: the first material is a single-crystal material and the second material is a crystalline material, the thickness of the thin film of piezoelectric first material being smaller than or equal to 20 μm, and the first material and the second material having viscoelastic coefficients lower than or equal to those of quartz for the propagation mode induced by the exciting means.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

Metal fluoride passivation coatings prepared by atomic layer deposition on licoo2 for li-ion batteries

The fabrication of robust interfaces between transition metal oxides and non-aqueous electrolytes is one of the great challenges of lithium ion batteries. Atomic layer deposition (ald) of aluminum tungsten fluoride (alwxfy) improves the electrochemical stability of licoo2.
Uchicago Argonne, Llc

Above motherboard interposer with quarter wavelength electrical paths

An apparatus includes a processor having an array of processor interconnects arranged to connect the processor to conductive paths, a circuit substrate having an array of circuit interconnects arranged to provide connections between the processor and the circuit substrate, the circuit substrate having conductive paths connected to the array of circuit interconnects, an interposer substrate arranged between the processor and the circuit substrate, at least one conductive trace in the interposer substrate in connection with at least one processor interconnect in the array of interconnects on the processor, the conductive trace arranged at least partially parallel to the interposer substrate such that no electrical connection exists between the conductive trace in the interposer substrate and a corresponding one of the circuit interconnects on the circuit substrate, and at least one peripheral circuit connected to the at least one conductive trace. .
Morgan / Weiss Technologies Inc.

Point-and-click control of unmanned, autonomous vehicle using omni-directional visors

The proposed method outlines a new control mechanism well-suited for small, unmanned aerial vehicles traversing in a gps-denied areas. It has the strong advantage of simplifying the interface, so that even an untrained operator can handle the difficult, dynamic problems encountered in closed quarters.

Display screen film, preparation method therefor and energy saving method

Disclosed are a display screen film and a preparation method therefor, and an energy saving method. The display screen film comprises an oriented carbon nanotube layer and a quartz glass layer, wherein the oriented carbon nanotube layer is located above the quartz glass layer, comprises an oriented growth carbon nanotube, and is configured to refract all incident light through the oriented growth carbon nanotube; the quartz glass layer is used for the carbon nanotube layer to grow orientately thereon, and is also used for absorbing the incident light so as to enable all the incident light to reach the oriented carbon nanotube layer..
Zte Corporation

Heating cooker

A heating cooker includes: a top plate on which a cooking container to be heated is placed; an outer case as a main body having an upper surface on which the top plate is placed; a heater heating the cooking container; and a light emitting device disposed in the outer case, for displaying the heating state. The top plate includes: a glass substrate having a transparent light-transmitting low-expansion crystallized glass made mainly of li2o—al2o3—sio2 and having β-quartz solid solution, having a crystal size smaller than the wavelength of visible light; a design layer having a black-based color disposed on an undersurface of the glass substrate; a diffusion region disposed partially on an undersurface of the design layer, for diffusedly emitting light from the light emitting device; and a light-blocking layer disposed on the undersurface of the design layer other than the diffusion region, for blocking light from below..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Method for laser marking an anodized metal surface with a desired colour

A method for laser marking an anodized metal surface (5) with a desired colour, which method comprises: providing a laser (1) for emitting a laser beam (4) comprising laser pulses having a pulse energy, a pulse width, and a pulse repetition frequency; providing a scanner (2) comprising a first mirror (6) for scanning the laser beam in a first direction (8), and a second mirror (7) for scanning the laser beam in a second direction (9); providing a lens (3) for focussing the laser beam from the laser (2) onto the anodized metal surface (5) to form a spot (31) having a spot diameter and a pulse fluence; providing a controller (11) for controlling the scanner (2) with a control signal (12); marking a plurality of lines (15) separated by a hatch distance (19) on the anodized metal surface to form a desired mark (16) by scanning the scanner (2) while pulsing the laser (1); selecting a scan speed (16), the pulse repetition frequency, and the spot diameter such that the separation (18) between consecutive spots (31) during each scan of the scanner (2) is at least one quarter of the spot diameter; the method being characterized by: overwriting each line (15) more than once; the colour being given by the spot to spot separation (18), hatch distance (19), the pulse fluence, the pulse width, and the number of times each line is written; and selecting the spot to spot separation (18), the hatch distance (19), the pulse fluence, the pulse width, and the number of times each line is written to form the desired colour. .
Spi Lasers Uk Limited

Torches and methods of using them

Certain embodiments described herein are directed to a torch that includes a suitable amount of a refractory material. In some embodiments, the torch can include one or more non-refractory materials in combination with a refractory material.
Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.

Glass ceramic material and multilayer ceramic electronic component

A first ceramic layer of a composite laminate included in a common mode choke coil is formed from a sintered body of a glass ceramic material. The glass ceramic material contains 40 to 90 percent by weight of a glass which contains 0.5 to 5 percent by weight of k2o, 0 to 5 percent by weight of al2o3, 10 to 25 percent by weight of b2o3, and 70 to 85 percent by weight of sio2; and 10 to 60 percent by weight of a filler containing alumina and quartz, and the content of the alumina contained in the filler is 1 to 10 percent by weight of the total amount of the glass and the filler..
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Automobile seat divider - the backseat buddy

A divider, possibly made of soft but strong, sturdy foam, with the pending trademark name of the backseat buddy, to be secured in seats of automobiles, forming a physical barrier between passengers. This barrier can be used for children, pets, or adults.

Article of footwear having an upper with inflation system

An article of footwear with a sole and an upper. The upper includes an inner layer configured to receive a foot and an outer layer with a first portion more stretchable than a second portion.
Reebok International Limited

Resonant unit, voltage controlled oscillator (vco) implementing the same, and push-push oscillator implementing a pair of vcos

A resonant circuit to be connected to a negative resistance unit is disclosed. The resonant circuit includes a pair of resonant transmission lines electrically coupled to each other and a coupling transmission line connecting the resonant transmission lines.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Line-multiplexed uart

A line multiplexed uart interface is provided that multiplexes a uart transmit and cts functions on a transmit pin and that multiplexes a uart receive and rts functions on a receive pin. In this fashion, the conventional need for an additional rts pin and an additional cts pin is obviated such that the line multiplexed uart interface uses just the transmit pin and the receive pin..
Qualcomm Incorporated

Omnidirectional high chroma red structural colors

A multilayer thin film that reflects an omnidirectional high chroma red structural color. The multilayer thin film may include a reflector layer, at least one absorber layer extending across the reflector layer, and an outer dielectric layer extending across the at least one absorber layer.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

Cylindrical resonator gyroscope

A quartz vibratory gyroscope comprises a substrate, a quartz cylindrical ring having one end connected to the substrate and an opposite open end, and a radial surface lined with an electrically conductive material, and a pair (or more) of electrodes arranged adjacent opposite sections of the electrically conductive material to electrically induce resonance at the open end of the quartz cylindrical ring, such as by electrostatic actuation or piezoelectric actuation. The same or additional electrode pairs may be used for rotational sensing, such as by capacitive sensing or by piezoelectric sensing..

Uart topics:
  • Euv Lithography
  • Radiant Energy
  • Light Pipe
  • Diversity Antenna
  • Transmitter
  • Light Transmission
  • Semiconductor Substrate
  • Degas Chamber
  • Semiconductor
  • Silicon Dioxide
  • Light Guide Plate
  • Light Guide
  • Multiplexing

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