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This page is updated frequently with new Uart-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Uart-related patents
 Amplifier circuit and method patent thumbnailAmplifier circuit and method
An amplifier arrangement comprises n amplifier stages (101 to 10n), wherein n is an integer equal or greater than four. The amplifier arrangement comprises a cascade of quarter wavelength transmission lines coupled between an output of an amplifier of a first amplifier stage (101) and an output node (15) of the amplifier arrangement, wherein the cascade comprises n-1 quarter wavelength transmission lines (111 to 11n-1).
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Dry etching apparatus and method patent thumbnailDry etching apparatus and method
There is provided dry etching apparatus including a stage on which a wafer is placed, an antenna electrode, a high frequency power supply, a shower plate, and an rf bias power supply. Further, a bias path controller is provided on the side of the antenna electrode.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

 Spiral-type acidic gas separation module patent thumbnailSpiral-type acidic gas separation module
There is provided a high-quality spiral-type acidic gas separation module which is obtained by winding a laminate including an acidic gas separation layer that has a facilitated transport film and which has no defects in the facilitated transport film, in which the average value of the fiber diameter of a supply gas channel member is in a range of 100 μm to 900 μm, and the area ratio of concave portions inscribed in a hemisphere having a diameter greater than or equal to three-quarters of the fiber diameter of the supply gas channel member is 50% or less with respect to a surface of an auxiliary support film of a porous support that is on the side opposite to the facilitated transport film.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

 Stabilized miter edge system and device patent thumbnailStabilized miter edge system and device
A stabilized miter edge system includes a top element, including a top miter surface; at least one edge element, including a front miter part with a front miter surface, and a rear stabilizer part with a rear stabilizer surface, such that the top element is configured to connect with the edge element with an adhesive. The edge element can be manufactured in one piece or glued together from several pieces, and can include use of laminated components.
Ez Countertop, Llc

 Dynamic support system for quartz process chamber patent thumbnailDynamic support system for quartz process chamber
One embodiment of the present invention provides a support system for providing dynamic support to a deposition reactor. The system includes a coupling mechanism configured to provide coupling between the deposition reactor and the support system, an attachment mechanism configured to attach the support system to an external frame, and at least one gas bellows situated between the coupling mechanism and the attachment mechanism..
Solarcity Corporation

 Universal polarization converter patent thumbnailUniversal polarization converter
A universal polarization converter is provided including a polarizer configured to receive unpolarized light. The polarizer is further configured to split the received unpolarized light into a first and second polarized state.
Government Of The United States, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Air Force

 Polymer-small molecule film or coating having reverse or flat dispersion of retardation patent thumbnailPolymer-small molecule film or coating having reverse or flat dispersion of retardation
The present disclosure relates to a retarder plate with adjustable dispersion of retardation. The retarder can form a quarter-wave plate that exhibits a reverse or flat dispersion of retardation..
Light Polymers B.v.

 High performance quartz crystal microbalance enhanced by microstructures for biological applications patent thumbnailHigh performance quartz crystal microbalance enhanced by microstructures for biological applications
Quartz crystal microbalance resonators are described, as are methods of making them using micron sized pillar array of polymethyl methacrylate fabricated on a qcm surface using a nanoimprint lithography process. Their use in any applications, including for example gas and liquid sensors and biosensors as well as other measurement applications, is also discussed..
University Of Massachusetts

 Diffuse reflectors and methods of use thereof patent thumbnailDiffuse reflectors and methods of use thereof
In some embodiments, the present invention provides for a laser pump chamber, including: at least one laser gain medium, at least one excitation source, and at least one diffuse reflector to direct and redirect an emission from the excitation source into the laser gain medium, wherein the at least one diffuse reflector is made from a diffuse reflector material comprising at least one of: 1) white quartz and 2) baso4.. .

 Method, apparatus, and computer readable medium for signaling high efficiency preambles patent thumbnailMethod, apparatus, and computer readable medium for signaling high efficiency preambles
Methods, apparatuses, and computer readable media are disclosed to signal a packet configuration. A hew device to signal a packet configuration may include circuitry.
Intel Ip Corporation


Dynamic power divider circuits and methods

The present disclosure includes dynamic power divider circuits and methods. In one embodiment, a dynamic power divider includes first and second quarter wave lines that receive an input signal and produce first and second signal on second terminals of the lines.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Multiband helical antenna

A multiband antenna including a feed point, a helical radiating element galvanically connected to and fed by the feed point, the helical radiating element resonating in a very high frequency range and an elongate radiating element arranged coaxially within the helical radiating element and galvanically connected to and fed by the feed point, the elongate radiating element extending along only a portion of the helical radiating element, the elongate radiating element having a first resonant frequency and a second resonant frequency, the elongate radiating element operating as a quarter-wavelength monopole at the first resonant frequency and as an eighth-wavelength monopole at the second resonant frequency.. .
Galtronics Corporation, Ltd.


Downhole distributed pressure sensor arrays, downhole pressure sensors, downhole distributed pressure sensor arrays including quartz resonator sensors, and related methods

Downhole distributed pressure sensor arrays include sensor housings each comprising at least one pressure sensor in a pressure housing. Downhole pressure sensors include a housing, at least one pressure sensor in a pressure housing portion of the housing, and at least one isolation element positioned at an outer wall of the housing..
Delaware Capital Formation, Inc.


A method and a system for processing plastic waste

A method for processing of plastic and/or rubber waste to generate energetic gas comprising aliphatic hydrocarbons c1-c4, carbon oxide and hydrogen, wherein the waste may comprise halogens, sulphur, nitrogen and oxygen and may be contaminated by substances of inorganic origin comprising ceramic and metallic materials, the method comprising processing the waste in a pyrolysis process, wherein a powdered waste material is fed to a microwave drum reactor (102), where it is heated by microwaves while being moved through the reactor (102), the method comprising: conducting the pyrolysis reaction inside the reactor (102) at a temperature of 800-950° c. To obtain end products comprising gases, dust and a porous char of a large surface area having absorptive properties; separating the char from the other pyrolysis products by deposition; directing a portion, preferably a quarter, of the obtained char to a filter (105); directing the dust and gases to a gas cooling apparatus (103) comprising at least two synchronized screw conveyors, wherein the gases are cooled to a temperature of 120-160° c.


Polyamide compositions

Polyamides, such as polyamide compositions based on nylon-6 (pa 6) or nylon-6,6 (pa 66) and including melamine cyanurate, natural quartz powder, and glass fibres have improved heat resistance, flame retardancy, and isotropic shrinkage characteristics.. .
Lanxess Deutschland Gmbh


Combined ultraviolet and ozone fluid sterilization system

A combined ultraviolet light and ozone fluid sterilization system for sterilizing fluid that includes a removable and replaceable internal reflective sleeve is provided. The sterilization system includes a lower housing, an upper housing, a winged nut, a uv light manifold, a plurality of uv light assemblies, a plurality of uv light securing assembly, and a reflective sleeve.
Hayward Industries, Inc.


Rugby game and play

The instant invention is new field game based on improvements to the rugby sevens and traditional rugby union laws (including nos. 3, 5, 6 and 10) whereby, among other things, a match is extended to about 45 to 60 minutes and is played in four quarters broken into about 10-15 minutes, played on the same size field as the traditional sevens rugby game.
The North American Super 7s Rugby League Llc


Antimicrobial foams and methods of making same

Antimicrobial foams and methods of making same. The antimicrobial foams can include a polymeric foam having a wet-out time of at least 250 sec; and a coating comprising an antimicrobial material.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Antireflective oled construction

The disclosure relates to emissive displays and, in particular, to emissive displays that include a top surface (111) that has a diffusely reflective inactive surface (116) adjacent a diffusely reflective emissive surface (114). The emissive display further includes a polarization selective antireflection film component (120) that includes a linear absorbing polarizer (126), a reflective polarizer (124), and a quarter-wave retarder (122), and is positioned separated from the top surface.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Heat-resistant synthetic jewelry material

A heat-resistant synthetic jewelry material having a transparent, semitransparent or nontransparent composite nanocrystalline material on the basis of nanosized oxide and silicate crystalline phases. The material includes at least one of the following crystalline phases: spinel, quartz-like phases, sapphirine, enstatite, petalite-like phase, cordierite, willemite, zirconium, rutile, zirconium titanate, zirconium dioxide with a content of ions of transition elements, rare-earth elements and precious metals of from 0.001 to 4 mol %.


Automated percentage of breast density measurements for full field digital mammography

An automated percentage of breast density measure (pda) that analyzes signal dependent noise (sdn) based on a wavelet expansion using full field digital mammography (ffdm). A matched case-control dataset is used with images acquired from a specific direct x-ray capture ffdm system.


Construction blocks and systems

A semi-interlocking construction block system may include blocks having prism shaped male and female fittings configured for semi-interlocking interaction. When mated the male and female fittings may engage along their respective interfacing upper bases and lower ends of their respective lateral side faces.


Evaporator and producing synthetic fused quartz

A method for manufacturing quartz glass, wherein (a) an appropriate liquid starting material is evaporated by spraying it into a vertically arranged evaporation chamber, (b) the vaporous starting material is oxidized to form sio2, and the sio2 is collected. The method is characterized in that the starting material to be evaporated is sprayed in on the bottom of the evaporation chamber and the vaporous starting material is removed at the top end of the evaporation chamber, wherein the evaporation chamber is designed such that components depositing in the chamber accumulate on the bottom of the evaporator and are sprayed once again, as well as an evaporator for applying the method..


System and inactivation of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus (ipnv) using medium pressure ultraviolet (uv) light

A method and a system is provided for inactivation of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus (ipnv) comprising illuminating a liquid containing ipnv with a lamp emitting a continuous broad band of ultraviolet (uv) light. The uv lamp may be “tuned” to optimize ipnv inactivation.


Fluid reservoir cap

A cap for closing a fill tube of a fluid container that includes fewer part and requires just a quarter turn between opened and closed positions. The cap has a lower plate for engagement with a free end of a fill tube and an upper plate that connects to a cover.


Method for reducing flu-like symptoms associated with intramuscular administration of interferon using a fast titration escalating dosing regimen

The present invention provides a method for treating multiple sclerosis (ms), and for reducing flu-like symptoms associated with administration of an interferon to a patient with ms. The method involves intramuscularly administering the interferon to the ms patient according to an escalating dosing regimen in weeks 1 to 3, and a full therapeutically effective dose of interferon in week 4.


Ultrasonic vitrectomy needle

A needle for use with an ultrasonic handpiece for dissecting and aspirating vitreous tissue includes a cannula having a lumen extending from a port adjacent a cannula distal tip to a cannula proximal end. The cannula port has a cross-sectional area less than a cross-sectional area of the cannula lumen.


Method for manufacturing magnetism measurement device, manufacturing gas cell, magnetism measurement device, and gas cell

A method for manufacturing a magnetism measurement device which measures a magnetic field generated from a living body, includes: arranging an ampoule made of borosilicate glass and having a hollow part filled with a solid alkali metal, in a void in a cell section made of quartz glass, and then sealing the cell section; and casting a pulse laser beam on the ampoule through the cell section and thus forming a penetration hole in the ampoule. The pulse laser beam has an energy of 20 μj/pulse to 200 μj/pulse.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Method for measuring the properties of liquid based on a quartz crystal microbalance sensor

The present invention provides a method for a method for measuring the properties of liquid based on a quartz crystal microbalance sensor, which employs two measurements to obtain two frequency shifts of the qcm sensor induced by two different volume of the sample liquid. The present invention creatively established the relationship between the density and viscosity of sample liquid and the frequency shifts of qcm sensor.
University Of Electronic Science And Technology Of China


Method for the manufacture of synthetic quartz glass

One aspect relates to a method for the production of synthetic quartz glass. Moreover, one aspect relates to a polyalkylsiloxane compound, which includes certain specifications with respect to chlorine content, metallic impurities content, and residual moisture, as well as the use thereof for the production of synthetic quartz glass.
Heraeus Quarzglas Gmbh & Co. Kg


Off-road rolling film vision system

Disclosed is an off-road rolling film vision system comprising a controller module (200), a takeup module (300), and a rollout module (400). The controller module (200) comprises a command input (205), a controller process module (210), a command transmitter (215), and a power supply (220).


Batting tee having bendable base

A batting tee has a base which is made from bendable recycled rubber. The base is between 11 inches and 13 inches wide, 11 inches and 13 inches long, and one-half inch and three-quarters inch thick..
Outwest Baseball, Llc


End-cap system and device for use with countertops

An end-cap component for installation on an open end of a countertop includes an end-cap front element, and an end-cap stabilizer, which can be solid rectangular pieces or laminated components. The end-cap component can be made in a right-side, left-side or center-mount configuration, and can be glued together with an adhesive and configured with a polished face of the end-cap front element.
Ez Countertop, Llc


Dynamic vision sensor with shared pixels and time division multiplexing for higher spatial resolution and better linear separable data

A dynamic vision sensor (dvs) where pixel pitch is reduced to increase spatial resolution. The dvs includes shared pixels that employ time division multiplexing (tdm) for higher spatial resolution and better linear separation of pixel data.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Efficient power management of uart interface

Methods and apparatus relating to efficient and/or robust link power management of a uart (universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter) interface are described. In an embodiment, logic causes a link to enter into a low power consumption state in response to a message exchange over data lines of a uart (universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter) interface.
Intel Corporation


Wristwatch structure with physical hands and offering communication function to wristwatch

The present invention provides a wristwatch structure with physical hands and a method for offering a communication function to a wristwatch, which uses remaining room in a traditional wristwatch (such as a mechanical watch and a quartz watch) to dispose an electronic module. By way of wireless transmission, the electronic module is utilized to receive wireless signals transmitted from a device (such as a smart phone) near a wristwatch user, and to provide a prompt message (such as vibration or an audio sound) based on the wireless signals.
Princo Middle East Fze


Dead-front lens for interior vehicle display

A vehicle instrument cluster lens assembly for a vehicle instruments panel includes a first layer comprised of a quarter-wave plate (λ/4). A second layer which is a polarizer, a third layer of another quarter-wave plate (λ/4); the first and a fourth layer being a polarizer light to a new orientation.
Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.


Method and a system for determining at least one forecasted air quality health effect caused in a determined geographical area by at least one air pollutant

A method for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual forecasted air quality health effects caused by air pollutants generated over a determined geographical area and a system implementing the method.. .


Quartz pouring & casting system for non-wetting amorphous alloys

Described herein is a crucible with a rod fused thereon to optimize pouring of molten material, and method of using the same. The crucible has a body configured for receipt of an amorphous alloy material in a vertical direction, and the rod extends in a horizontal direction from the body.
Crucible Intellectual Property, Llc


Method for producing synthetic quartz glass of sio2 granulate and sio2 granulate suited therefor

A method for producing synthetic quartz glass by fusion of sio2 granulate involves synthesizing amorphous sio2 primary particles, granulating the amorphous sio2 primary particles to form an open-pore sio2 granulate, sintering the open-pore sio2 granulate by heating in a sintering atmosphere at a sintering temperature and for a sintering period to form a densified sio2 granulate, and melting the densified sio2 granulate at a melting temperature to form the synthetic quartz glass. To provide an inexpensive production of low-bubble transparent components of quartz glass despite the use of still open-pore sio2 granulate, the sintering atmosphere, sintering temperature and sintering duration are adjusted such that the densified sio2 granulate still comprises open pores but manifests a material-specific infrared transmission t1700 at a wavelength of 1700 nm.
Heraeus Quarzglas Gmbh & Co. Kg


Method and manufacturing quartz slab

An apparatus including a mold having a top opening which leads to an inner chamber. The mold may include a first, second, third, and fourth walls, and a bottom which enclose the inner chamber.


Waveguide circulator with improved transition to other transmission line media

A waveguide circulator for an electro-magnetic field having a wavelength is provided. The waveguide circulator includes: n waveguide arms, where n is a positive integer; a ferrite element having n segments protruding into the n respective waveguide arms; at most (n−1) quarter-wave dielectric transformers attached to respective ends of at most (n−1) other segments; a first quarter-wave dielectric transformer attached to an end of the first segment; and a coaxial-coupling component.
Honeywell International Inc.


Co-located locationing techniologies

A method and apparatus for a co-located radio frequency identification (rfid) device and ultrasonic device includes an rfid reader loop antenna element oriented parallel to a reflector panel. An ultrasonic emitter is disposed through an aperture in the reflector panel with a horn that extends through the loop element.
Symbol Technologies, Inc.


Filler powder and manufacturing same

Provided is a filler powder that has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion than silica powder and is less likely to cause quality and color alteration of a resin when blended into the resin. The filler powder is made of a crystallized glass in which β-quartz solid solution and/or β-eucryptite is precipitated.
Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd.


Photovoltaic panel mounting system

A photovoltaic panel mounting system having a pair of spaced mounting rails, one or more fastener retaining devices and a plurality of quick access fasteners. Each of the pair of spaced mounting rails has a first end, a second end and a plurality of mounting holes.
Lumos Lsx, Llc


Chip antenna module

A chip antenna module is provided for use with an electronic device. The antenna module includes an insulation section arranged on a metal layer and the insulation section forms a non-metal closed area.
Sage Elephant Tech Co., Ltd.


Semiconductor device and a making a semiconductor device

An led device capable of emitting electromagnetic radiation ranging from about 200 nm to 365 nm, the device. The device includes a substrate member, the substrate member being selected from sapphire, silicon, quartz, gallium nitride, gallium aluminum nitride, or others.
Rayvio Corporation


Variable frame length virtual gpio with a modified uart interface

A virtual gpio interface is provided that receives a transmit set of gpio signals from a processor. The virtual gpio interface transmits a portion of the transmit set of gpio signals over gpio pins in a conventional fashion.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Laser illumination on phosphor for projection display

An embodiment of an apparatus for image projection includes a laser providing a first color light, a plurality of dichroic polarizing beam splitters (dpbss), a plurality of switchable half-wave plates paired with a respective dpbs and positioned between the laser and the respective dpbs, a quarter-wave plate backed by a mirror and positioned to receive a first beam from a respective dpbs, and a plurality of static phosphor devices that are each positioned to receive either the first beam or the second beam from a respective dpbs and to emit light in a respective color. The emitted light from the phosphor devices and the beam that is reflected from the mirror are directed towards an output by one or more respective dpbss.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Compact projection light engine for a diffractive waveguide display

The technology provides a waveguide display having a compact projection light engine and a diffractive waveguide. The diffractive waveguide includes input diffraction gratings with rolled k-vectors.


Optical device for augmented reality

An optical device includes a light input part and a light output part. The light input part includes a micro display; a first and a second polarizing beam splitters configured to reflect or transmit incident light including an image displayed on the micro display; and a first quarter wavelength plate configured to receive light transmitted by the first polarizing beam splitter or the second polarizing beam splitter and change a polarized state of the received light.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method and process for extracting shale oil and gas by fracturing and chemical retorting in oil shale in-situ horizontal well

A method and a process for extracting shale oil and gas by fracturing and chemical retorting in oil shale in-situ horizontal well. An inclined well is drilled from the ground to the upper part of an underground oil shale stratum, and a horizontal well is drilled in parallel to the oil shale stratum in the upper part of the oil shale stratum.
Jilin Zhongcheng Oil Shale Investment And Development Co., Ltd.


Sapphire thin film coated substrate

A method to deposit a layer of harder thin film substrate onto a softer substrate. In particular, the present invention provides a method to deposit a layer of sapphire thin film on to a softer substrate e.g.
Hong Kong Baptist University


Ear muffler

A passive semi-insert noise reducing device configured for insertion into the ear of a subject includes at least one muffler tube having a closed end and an opposing open end, the muffler tube being configured to be secured to the head of a subject. The at least one muffler tube is defined by an elongate hollow tubular section, including the closed end, and a transverse hollow tube at the open end that is configured for placement in the outer ear of the subject.
Syracuse University


Projector device

A projector device of the present disclosure includes a luminous tube made of quartz glass, a concave reflecting mirror in which the luminous tube is disposed, and an optical unit for projecting an image by utilizing light emitted from the concave reflecting mirror. The luminous tube has a luminous part, in which at least mercury is enclosed inside and a pair of electrodes is disposed so as to face each other, and a pair of sealing parts extending from the luminous part in opposite directions to each other.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Methods and systems to identify and manage recyclable materials

A method to identify and manage recyclable materials provides a recyclable material with a quartz crystal identification element configured to oscillate at a predetermined frequency associated with the recyclable material. A mobile device detects the oscillation frequency of the quartz crystal, identifies the recyclable material based on the detected oscillation frequency, and sends that information to a controller..
International Business Machines Corporation


Flapping wing device

A flapping wing device may include a main body and several wings hingedly coupled to the main body. The wings may be configured to reciprocate or “flap” relative to the main body to provide lift for the flapping wing device.
New York University


Retractable room actuation assembly for recreational vehicle

A slide-out or retractable room for a mobile living quarters, such as a recreational vehicle, is provided with actuating assemblies mounted on opposite side walls of the slide-out room and the adjacent wall of the main living area. The actuating assemblies include a pair of parallel gear racks mounted on the side wall, which are engaged by pinions rotated by torque shafts mounted on the main living quarters.
Lippert Components Manufacturing, Inc.


Laser machining apparatus

A laser machining apparatus has a laser beam irradiation unit that includes: a pulsed laser oscillator that oscillates a pulsed laser beam at a given repetition frequency; first and second condensers that collect the pulsed laser beam oscillated by the pulsed laser oscillator; and a beam splitting unit arranged between the pulsed laser oscillator and the first and second condensers to split the pulsed laser beam oscillated by the pulsed laser oscillator and direct the resultant beams alternately toward the first and second condensers. The beam splitting unit includes a photoelastic modulator that has a piezo element and a synthetic quartz formed in one piece and modulates the laser beam so that a polarization plane of the laser beam is alternately at 0 and 90 degrees by applying, to the piezo element, a high frequency voltage at a frequency that matches the natural frequency of the synthetic quartz..
Disco Corporation


Paper chain factory toy

This invention is child-friendly craft toy consisting of tools for making paper chains by folding rectangular sheets, of paper. Included are means to make one or more precisely located and parallel creases in said rectangular paper to facilitate folding into a strip.


Trephine guide

There is disclosed a trephine guide having an upper guide member having a first substantially circular guide aperture and a first circumferential portion and a lower guide member having a second substantially circular guide aperture and a second circumferential portion. The upper and lower guide members are connected in a spaced apart configuration by at least one arm extending from the first circumferential portion to the second circumferential portion, such that the first and second guide apertures are substantially concentric, thereby to allow a trephine to pass through the upper and lower guide members.
Coronet Medical Technologies Ltd.


Method for real-time location based close quarters introductions

A method for making introductions between consenting members of an online community based on the real time physical location of the consenting members. The method allows members to digitally communicate with strangers they meet whilst performing their daily activities and then the members can decide whether to follow up the digital communication with a face to face interaction.


Resonance coupler and transmission device

A resonance coupler according to one aspect of the present disclosure includes first resonance wiring and second resonance wiring. The first resonance wiring includes first open loop wiring, first input/output wiring extending outwardly from a first connection portion of the first open loop wiring, and first stub wiring extending inwardly from a second connection portion of the first open loop wiring.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Liquid crystal display device and driving method therefor

Overshoot drive is performed during a first frame period, which is shortened to such an extent that a “positive effective area” and a “negative effective area” are approximately equal in size. The duration of the first frame period is set to be greater than or equal to a quarter of one frame period at a refresh rate of 60 hz but less than one frame period.


Structured illumination microscope apparatus and an image forming apparatus

Polarized light which is emitted from an optical fiber becomes circular polarized light by passing through a first quarter wave plate. The circular polarized light which has entered a second quarter wave plate is converted into nearly linear polarized light which has s polarization.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Firearm magazine capacity limiter

The firearm magazine capacity limiter selectively limits the capacity of the magazine to comply with applicable laws or regulations. The capacity limiter has a rod including a follower contact end and an opposite attachment end that secures removably in a passage provided through a closure plate at one end of the magazine.


Method and device for producing rod lenses

A method for producing rod lenses with an enveloping diameter of the rod lens face of up to 200 mm and an edge length of at least 800 mm. The method is characterized in that fabrication is performed from a cylindrical rod lens element made from synthetic quartz glass material configured as a fused silica ingot.
J-plasma Gmbh

Uart topics: Euv Lithography, Radiant Energy, Light Pipe, Diversity Antenna, Transmitter, Light Transmission, Semiconductor Substrate, Degas Chamber, Semiconductor, Silicon Dioxide, Light Guide Plate, Light Guide, Multiplexing

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