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Resonating element, resonator, oscillator, electronic apparatus, and mobile object

Seiko Epson

Resonating element, resonator, oscillator, electronic apparatus, and mobile object

Oxide compounds as a coating composition

Audio Impressions

Swap divisi process

Date/App# patent app List of recent Uart-related patents
 Bis-quarternary cinchona alkaloid salts as asymmetric phase transfer catalysts patent thumbnailnew patent Bis-quarternary cinchona alkaloid salts as asymmetric phase transfer catalysts
The invention is directed to novel bis-quarternary cinchona alkaloid salts and the use of bis-quarternary cinchona alkaloid salts in asymmetric phase transfer catalysis. The present invention is directed to novel bis-quarternary cinchona alkaloid salts and the use of bis-quarternary cinchona alkaloid salts in asymmetric phase transfer catalysis.
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.
 Resonating element, resonator, oscillator, electronic apparatus, and mobile object patent thumbnailnew patent Resonating element, resonator, oscillator, electronic apparatus, and mobile object
A resonating element has a quartz crystal substrate having a vibrating portion and a thin-walled portion that is thinner than the vibrating portion, and a pair of excitation electrodes respectively disposed on opposite surfaces of the vibrating portion. Moreover, in the excitation electrode, each of a pair of sides arranged in a z′-axis direction is convexly curved toward the center so that the excitation electrode has a constricted portion in which a length in the z′-axis direction increases gradually from a central portion toward both ends in an x-axis direction..
Seiko Epson Corporation
 Valve actuator having magnetic angle sensors patent thumbnailnew patent Valve actuator having magnetic angle sensors
A valve actuator including a magnetic angle sensor is disclosed. The magnetic angle sensor may function as an absolute position encoder.
Flowserve Management Company
 Oxide compounds as a coating composition patent thumbnailnew patent Oxide compounds as a coating composition
The invention relates to a coating composition consisting of an oxide compound. The invention also relates to a method for producing a coating composition consisting of an oxide compound and to a method for coating substrates composed of metal, semiconductor, alloy, ceramic, quartz, glass or glass-type materials with coating compositions of this type.
Leibniz-institut Fuer Neue Materialien Gemeinnuetzige Gmbh
 Swap divisi process patent thumbnailnew patent Swap divisi process
A divisi process in which different samplings are provided of full section, half a section, quarter section, etc. When a first note on input is received, the note is assigned to the full section.
Audio Impressions
 Compact combined habitation module and utility rack with multiple deployment modes patent thumbnailnew patent Compact combined habitation module and utility rack with multiple deployment modes
The present invention is an easily mobilized compact module that combines habitable quarters and integrated interior and/or exterior multipurpose storage structures. Mobilization may be via trailer, truck bed, helicopter, adjustable jacks or other conveyance means.
Taxa, Inc.
 Quartz-temperature-measurement probe and quartz-temperature-measurement device patent thumbnailQuartz-temperature-measurement probe and quartz-temperature-measurement device
A crystal oscillator (31) (y-cut) has a temperature characteristic in which its oscillating frequency significantly changes with temperature, whereas a crystal oscillator (32) (at-cut) has a temperature characteristic in which its oscillating frequency is stable with temperature. Crystal oscillators (31, 32) are cut from a raw material of the same type and configured to be substantially equal in shape, material, and size, and provide a combination of oscillation frequencies such that the frequency of a signal generated by a differential frequency circuit (35) will be less than or equal to 10 khz within a measuring temperature range of 21 to 30° c.
 Quartz crystal unit, quartz crystal oscillator and electronic apparatus patent thumbnailQuartz crystal unit, quartz crystal oscillator and electronic apparatus
In a quartz crystal unit, the unit comprising a case, a quartz crystal tuning fork resonator and a lid, the resonator having a tuning fork base, and first and second tuning fork tines, each of the first and second tuning fork tines having a first side surface and a second side surface opposite the first side surface, the first side surface of the first tuning fork tine confronting the second side surface of the second tuning fork tine; at least one groove having a plurality of surfaces including a first surface being formed in at least one of first and second main surfaces of each of the first and second tuning fork tines so that only the first surface of the at least one groove is directly opposite the first side surface of the corresponding tuning fork tine and a width of the at least one groove is greater than or equal to a distance in the width direction of the at least one groove measured from an outer edge of the at least one groove to an outer edge of the corresponding one of the first and second tuning fork tines and less than 0.07 mm.. .
Piedek Technical Laboratory
 Surface mount type quartz crystal device patent thumbnailSurface mount type quartz crystal device
A surface mount type quartz crystal device according to a first aspect of the disclosure includes a ceramic package, a pedestal blank, a quartz-crystal vibrating piece. The pedestal blank is placed within the ceramic package via a conductive adhesive.
Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.
 Retractable room actuation assembly for recreational vehicle patent thumbnailRetractable room actuation assembly for recreational vehicle
A slide-out or retractable room for a mobile living quarters, such as a recreational vehicle, is provided with actuating assemblies mounted on opposite side walls of the slide-out room and the adjacent wall of the main living area. The actuating assemblies include a pair of parallel gear racks mounted on the side wall, which are engaged by pinions rotated by torque shafts mounted on the main living quarters.
Lippert Components Manufacturing, Inc.

Polishing agent for synthetic quartz glass substrate

Disclosed is a polishing agent for synthetic quartz glass substrates, which is characterized by containing a colloidal solution of a colloidal silica or the like having a colloid concentration of 20-50% by mass, and a polycarboxylic acid polymer, an acidic amino acid, a phenol or a glycosaminoglycan.. .
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Milking parlor arrangement with an inner robot device

The invention relates to a milking parlor arrangement (1), in particular a milking carousel, comprising at least one milking parlor (3) for milking milk-producing animals (t) and comprising an inner robot device with at least one robot arm (9). The at least one milking parlor (3) comprises two longitudinal sides and two narrow sides, namely a head narrow side and a hindquarters narrow side, one narrow side being paired with the head side of a milk-producing animal (t) to be milked as the head narrow side.
Gea Farm Technologies Gmbh

Quartz glass tube as a semi-finished product for an optical component and producing said quartz glass tube

A quartz glass tube as a semi-finished product for an optical component that has an inner bore extending along a tube centre axis for the acceptance of a core rod and a tube wall limited by an inner casing surface and an outer casing surface is already known; within said tube wall an inner region made of a first quartz glass and an outer region made of a second quartz glass with a different index of refraction surrounding the inner region contact one another at a contact surface which runs around the centre axis. In order to provide a quartz glass on this basis that facilitates the production of optical components for special applications such as laser-activated optical components in wand or fibre form, the invention states that the contact surface has a non-round course in the radial cross-section and the inner casing surface has a circular course..
Heraeus Quarzglas Gmbh & Co Kg

Anthocyanin-based colorant

1. A composition, which is an anthocyanin-based colorant composition comprising 50-90 mol-%, based on the total amount of anthocyanins, of pelargonidin-based anthocyanins, and wherein (i) >70 mol-% of all anthocyanins are acylated with at least one phenolic acid; and (ii) >20 mol-% of all anthocyanins are acylated with at least one hydroxycinnamic acid; and wherein the composition has a red color with a hue value h≧in the l*c*h* color system in the range of 10-30, measured at an l*-value of (70.0±0.1) in a 0.1 mol/l trisodium citrate dihydrate buffer at ph 3 in a 1 cm-length quartz cell using spectraflash 650 (datacolor) in transmission mode under d65 illuminant 10 deg.
Chr. Hansen A/s

Common coordinate-quartz loop for reducing the impact of shock and vibration on global navigation satellite system measurements

The common control signals are generated by a common coordinate-quartz loop discriminator that processes signals generated from the entire group of navigation signals received by the navigation receiver.. .

Method and device for bonding workpieces each produced from glass substrate or quartz substrate

Vacuum ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 200 nm or less is applied on the joining surfaces of first and second workpieces made from a crystal substrate and a glass substrate, or a glass substrate and a glass substrate from a light irradiation unit. The workpieces are conveyed to a workpiece cleaning and laminating mechanism by a conveyance mechanism, the joining surfaces are subjected to mega-sonic cleaning as needed, and the workpieces are aligned with the joining surfaces thereof facing each other, and laminated such that the joining surfaces are in contact with each other.
Ushio Denki Kabushiki Kaisha

Method of manufacturing photomask blank and photomask blank

In a chamber (50), a quartz substrate (10) having a main surface on which an optical film (20) is formed is put on a susceptor (30). A flash lamp (60) is housed in a lamp house (90), and the optical film (20) is irradiated with flash light through two quartz plates (70a and 70b).
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Device for heat treatment

Known devices for heat treatment comprise a process space surrounded by a furnace lining made of quartz glass, a heating facility, and a reflector. In order to provide, on this basis, a device for heat treatment having a furnace lining that can be manufactured easily and in variable shapes and enables rapid heating and cooling of the material to be heated and short process times and is characterised by its long service life, the invention proposes that the furnace lining comprises multiple wall elements having a side facing the process space and a side facing away from the process space, and that at least one of the wall elements comprises multiple quartz glass tubes that are connected to each other by means of an sio2-containing connecting mass..
Heraeus Noblelight Gmbh

Wireless thermometer

A wireless thermometer is provided, which measures a deep temperature with high accuracy and has an improved communication distance. A wireless thermometer includes a flat film-like substrate.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Displays with reflective polarizers

An electronic device may be provided with a display mounted in a housing. The display may include a liquid crystal display module and a reflective polarizer having an in-plane optical axis.
Apple Inc.

Retardation plate manufacturing method

A retardation plate manufacturing method for manufacturing a retardation plate that has an orientation pattern in which is formed a plurality of regions having optical axes oriented in different directions from each other, the retardation plate manufacturing method comprising arranging an unoriented light orientation layer that is to be oriented by light on a first surface of a substrate; preparing a retardation mask including an orientation pattern in which is formed a plurality of regions that have a quarter wavelength retardation plate retardation function and correspond to the plurality of regions in the orientation pattern of the retardation plate; and orienting the light orientation layer by irradiating the retardation mask with elliptically polarized light and irradiating the light orientation layer with polarized light emitted form the retardation mask.. .
Arisawa Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Fluid decontamination method

A method for decontaminating a biologically contaminated fluid, comprising the steps of: providing a substrate comprising an open-cell foam at least substantially coated with a solution consisting essentially of an organo-functional silane-based quarternary ammonium salt at a concentration of between approximately 0.10 percent to approximately 3.7 percent in water; at least substantially drying said solution on said substrate; placing said coated substrate in a container; introducing into said container a fluid to be decontaminated; and agitating the container for a period of time sufficient to substantially biologically decontaminate said fluid.. .

Sensors for measuring temperature, pressure transducers including temperature sensors and related assemblies and methods

Quartz resonator pressure transducers for use in subterranean boreholes include a quartz pressure sensor and an electronic temperature sensor. Temperature sensors include a constant current generator, a proportional to absolute temperature (ptat) current generator, and a relaxation oscillator.
Delaware Capital Formation, Inc.

Method for producing synthetic quartz glass

The invention relates to a method for producing synthetic quartz glass by vaporizing a polyalkylsiloxane as a liquid sio2 feedstock (105), converting the vaporized sio2 feedstock (107) into sio2 particles, separating the sio2 particles, forming a soot body (200) and vitrifying the soot body (200). According to the invention, the vaporizing of the heated sio2 feedstock (105) comprises an injection phase in an expansion chamber (125), in which the sio2 feedstock (105) is atomized into fine droplets, wherein the droplets have an average diameter of less than 5 pm, and wherein the atomizing of the droplets takes place in a preheated carrier gas stream which has a temperature of more than 180° c..
Heraeus Quarzglas Gmbh & Co. Kg

Bearing system for observation wheels

Systems and related methods related to structures with large-scale rotatable elements. Some of the present systems comprise: a tower; a tower hub coupled to the tower and having a transverse dimension of at least 50 feet; an observation wheel rotatably coupled to the tower and having a central wheel hub; a plurality of roller bearings disposed between the tower hub and the wheel hub to rotatably support the observation wheel relative to the structure, the roller bearings each having a diameter that is less than one quarter of the transverse dimension of the wheel hub..
Miamieye Development Group, Llc

Method and detection of a biomarker by alternating current electrokinetics

Systems, methods and a lab-on-a-chip product are described for the detection of pathogens, infectious diseases and physiological conditions by quantifying change over time of one of capacitance or impedance when a biological sample is loaded onto the chip. The lab-on-a-chip utilizes ac electrokinetic phenomena such that molecules move or are carried in an electric field generated by the application of a signal of predetermined voltage and frequency to an electrode array.
University Of Tennessee Research Foundation

Quartz vibrator manufacturing method and quartz vibrator

A method capable of manufacturing a quartz vibrator by disposing a metallic bonding material on one main surface of a ceramic plate having a quartz vibrating element mounted thereon. Thereafter, the bonding of a cap having a recess to the ceramic plate by disposing the cap on the one main surface of the ceramic plate so that an open side of the recess faces the ceramic plate, melting the bonding material, and then allowing the bonding material to set, is carried out..
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Method of manufacturing composite material bearing component

A method of manufacturing a composite material bearing component includes designing a pattern of a fabric combination including a ptfe film, a quartz fabric and a glass fabric, which are stacked, in consideration of a final shape of a bearing, and stacking the fabric combination on a fusion surface which is a steel surface of a bearing structure of a composite material bearing; and simultaneously performing molding and fusing under conditions of a thermal treatment temperature of 300˜400° c. And a pressure of 30˜100 kgf/cm2, thereby manufacturing the composite material bearing.
Agency For Defense Development

Sheeting panels for trench-shoring systems

A substantially rectangular trench shoring sheeting panel made primarily of polyethylene includes at least one pair of hand holes. In some embodiments, the sheeting panel includes a plurality of buttons protruding outwardly from one of the sheeting panel's surfaces.

Aromatic polycarbonate polarising lens

Provided is a polarizing lens which is excellent in terms of impact resistance, outer appearance and prevention of eye strain and which exhibits little variation in color tone and transmittance during formation. The polarizing lens is formed by stretching a polyvinyl alcohol film and dyeing it with a dichroic dye, bonding an aromatic polycarbonate sheet to both surfaces of the film by means of an adhesive layer, and then inserting a polarizing sheet, bent to have a spherical or aspherical surface, into a mold, and injecting aromatic polycarbonate thereto, wherein the area in which the dichroic dye seeps from the surface of the polyvinyl alcohol film is not more than a quarter of the thickness of the polyvinyl alcohol film..
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.

Resonator element, resonator, electronic device, electronic apparatus, and moving object

A quartz crystal resonator element includes a first electrode pad and a second electrode pad disposed on a lower surface of a support arm, and cut sections disposed in both principal surfaces (upper and lower surfaces) of the support arm between the first and second electrode pads so as to overlap each other, and the cut sections extend so that the support arm is cut from the side surface in the +x-axis direction of the support arm to the −x-axis direction, and are provided with first surfaces roughly perpendicular to the x axis and first and second tilted surfaces extending in the +x-axis direction.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Uv lamp support assembly

A fluid treatment system includes plural housings (10, 78). Each housing includes quartz tubes (16, 80) fixedly supported at an upper plate (12, 106) while being movably supported at a lower plate (14, 104).
Eaton Corporation

Toiletries and accessories case for travel

Toiletries and accessories cases are disclosed which are substantially compliant with tsa 3-1-1 regulations. An exemplary case includes: a substantially flexible body; a first compartment coupled to or integrated with the body for holding liquids, gels or aerosols and having about a one-quart interior volume (e.g., 1±25%), the first compartment having a first front panel and at least a portion of a first rear panel which are substantially clear or otherwise substantially optically transparent, and further having a zippered closure coupled to a top panel; and a second compartment coupled to or integrated with the body, with the second compartment having a second, substantially clear front panel and a second rear panel.
Travel Caddy, Inc., D/b/a Travelon

Detection and locking to the absorption spectra of gasses using quartz enhanced photoacoustic sprectroscopy

A device for generating a frequency reference including a frequency reference generation unit coupled to an integration cell to generate a frequency reference signal based on radio frequency (rf) produced pressure waves detected by an acoustic detector in the integration cell.. .
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Modular pulse jet fabric filter

A modular design for large pulse jet fabric filters (pjff) is divided into similar compartments, which are each “shop-fabricated” in quarter sections prior to delivery to the power plant site. The quarter sections of the compartments are modular and sized so that they can be fabricated at a shop located away from the power plant site and transported by truck over public roads to the power plant site.
Clyde Bergemann Power Group Americas Inc.

Method of manufacturing nonslip member made of silicone resin, nonslip member manufactured in the same method, and quarter lining with nonslip member attached thereto

A surface of a nonslip member (1) made of a silicone resin is treated by combustion chemical vapor deposition (2). A two pack urethane-based primer (3) in the molten state is applied to the surface of the nonslip member (1) treated by combustion chemical vapor deposition (2).
Hassho Shoji Co., Ltd.

Methods and reducing ghost images in reflective imager-based projectors

An image projection system (300, 400) uses a polarized illumination source (306) in conjunction with a linear polarizer (314) located before and a quarter-wave retarder (312) located after an imager field lens 118 along a projection optical axis (216) between a spatial light modulator reflective imager (120) and a projection lens (122). The combination serves to block illumination light (210a) reflected off the imager field lens (314) and other optics (408, 411), while passing illumination light (210c) modulated by on-state reflector elements of the reflective imager 120.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Process for preparing graphene on a sic substrate based on metal film-assisted annealing

Provided is a process for preparing graphene on a sic substrate, based on metal film-assisted annealing, comprising the following steps: subjecting a sic substrate to a standard cleaning process; placing the cleaned sic substrate into a quartz tube and heating the quartz tube up to a temperature of 750 to 1150° c.; introducing ccl4vapor into the quartz tube to react with sic for a period of 20 to 100 minutes so as to generate a double-layered carbon film, wherein the ccl4 vapor is carried by ar gas; forming a metal film with a thickness of 350 to 600 nm on a si substrate by electron beam deposition; placing the obtained double-layered carbon film sample onto the metal film; subsequently annealing them in an ar atmosphere at a temperature of 900 to 1100° c. For 10-30 minutes so as to reconstitute the double-layered carbon film into double-layered graphene; and removing the metal film from the double-layered graphene, thereby obtaining double-layered graphene.
Xidian University

Catalyst for a hydrodgenation dewaxing process and manufacturing same

The present invention relates to a bifunctional catalyst for a hydrodewaxing process with improved isomerization selectivity, and to a method for manufacturing the same, and more particularly to a bifunctional catalyst and to a method for manufacturing same, which is characterized in that eu-2 zeolite with a controlled degree of phase transformation is used as a catalyst support having an acid site. The eu-2 zeolite, the degree of phase transformation of which is controlled, includes, by controlling synthesis parameters of eu-2, predetermined amounts of materials that are phase-transformed from eu-2 crystals such as cristobalite and quartz.
Sk Innovation Co., Ltd.

Method and apparatus of manufacturing silicon seed rods

A method and apparatus for manufacturing high-purity long silicon seed rods with controlled resistivity for siemens and similar processes with using a film of silicon dioxide, wherein a film of silicon dioxide is formed on the seed rod in the course of a reaction between a silicon melt and oxygen. The rod is formed with a quartz die and cooled by direct immersion into a cooling fluid, such as de-ionized water and/or by cooling fluid vapor in the gas cooling zone..
Creative Innovations, Inc.

Polycarbonate resin composition pellets and process for manufacturing same

Provided is a polycarbonate resin composition pellet, which has a light transmittance at a wavelength of 380 nm of 97.0% or more when the light transmittance is measured by using a methylene chloride solution having a concentration of 12 g/dl, the solution being charged into a quartz glass cell having an optical path length of 5 cm, and which has a viscosity-average molecular weight (mv) of from 11,000 to 22,000.. .

Quarternized buprenorphine analogs

The present invention is directed to buprenorphine analog compounds of the formula (i), formula (ia) or formula (ib) shown below, wherein r1, r1a, r2, r8, r3a, r3b, g, x, z, y, and a® are as defined herein. Compounds of the invention are useful for treating pain, constipation, and other conditions modulated by activity of opioid and orl-1 receptors..

Device and folding a print substrate web

A device and a method for folding a print substrate web is disclosed. The device has devices for quarter folding and for cross-cutting the print substrate web for severing individual products as well as devices for cross folding.

Ceramic electronic component and manufacturing method therefor

When firing a composite substrate structured to have stacked ceramic dielectric and ceramic magnetic layers, a glass constituent is diffused from the ceramic dielectric layer to the ceramic magnetic layer to, as a result, decrease sinterability of the ceramic dielectric layer or degrade insulation resistance characteristics thereof. When the ceramic dielectric includes 40 to 80% by weight of glass formed from 35 to 50% by weight of cao, 0 to 20% by weight of al2o3, 5 to 20% by weight of b2o3, and 30 to 50% by weight of sio2; and 20 to 60% by weight of at least of alumina, forsterite, and/or quartz, this problem is avoided.

Multiple polarization loop antenna and associated methods

The multiple polarization loop antenna includes a circularly polarized loop antenna, which may utilize a loop electrical conductor and two signal feedpoints along the loop electrical conductor separated by one quarter of the length of the loop circumference for a signal feedpoint phase angle input difference of 90 degrees. Each of the signal feedpoints may include a loop discontinuity, so that at least one signal source coupled thereto provides circular polarization from the loop electrical conductor.

Dual-mode crystal oscillator

A dual-mode crystal oscillator includes a single at-cut quartz crystal piece, a package, and an integrated circuit. The integrated circuit includes an oscillation circuit configured to cause the at-cut quartz crystal piece to oscillate at a frequency in the mhz band, a dividing circuit configured to divide the frequency in the mhz band to generate a frequency of 32.768 khz, a selection circuit configured to select one of a pause state where the frequency in the mhz band is not output and an active state where the frequency in the mhz band is output.

Quartz crystal device and fabricating the same

A surface mount type quartz crystal device includes a quartz crystal vibrating piece and a base plate. The quartz crystal vibrating piece is configured to vibrate at a predetermined frequency.

U.s. presidential election campaign game and play

Described is a united states presidential election campaign board game. The board game includes a game board on which a map of the united states is drawn, wherein the map shows the boundaries between the different states.

Light source device, light irradiating apparatus equipped with light source device, and patterning self-assembled monolayer using light irradiating apparatus

A light source device is disclosed that can be regarded as a point light source and that emits vacuum ultraviolet light at a sufficiently high optical intensity. The device has a lamp housing to house a flash lamp and a parabolic mirror.

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