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Date/App# patent app List of recent Uart-related patents
 Brake indicator patent thumbnailBrake indicator
The brake indicator is a cylindrical device, measuring approximately one quarter of an inch in length and three-eighths of an inch in width. This component is a high temperature insulator pressed part with a round rod, as well as a wire configuration with terminal rubber booth protection.
 Composite fiber having a high surface area and flexibility and method for manufacturing the same, and substrate containing the composite fiber and method for manufacturing the same patent thumbnailComposite fiber having a high surface area and flexibility and method for manufacturing the same, and substrate containing the composite fiber and method for manufacturing the same
The present invention provides a composite fiber having a high surface area and flexibility and a method for manufacturing the same, and a substrate containing the composite fiber and a method for manufacturing the same. The composite fiber contains a first component and a second component, and has a maximum diameter and a circumference.
 Plasma processing method patent thumbnailPlasma processing method
In a plasma torch unit, copper rods forming a coil as a whole are disposed inside copper rod inserting holes formed in a quartz block so that the quartz block is cooled by water flowing inside the copper rod inserting holes and cooling water pipes. A plasma ejection port is formed on the lowermost portion of the torch unit.
 Advanced receive channel architecture patent thumbnailAdvanced receive channel architecture
This relates to an architecture of a receive channel circuit used during both a spectrum analysis phase and a touch panel detection phase. Various components of the receive channel can be used during both the spectrum analysis phase and the touch panel detection phase.
 System and method for inductively communicating data patent thumbnailSystem and method for inductively communicating data
A system for inductively communicating signals in a magnetic resonance imaging system is presented. The system includes first array of primary coils configured to acquire data from a patient positioned on a patient cradle.
 Pitch quartering to create pitch halved trenches and pitch halved air gaps patent thumbnailPitch quartering to create pitch halved trenches and pitch halved air gaps
A silicon structure is fabricated determining a pattern for wire trenches and air gaps. The wire trenches are created, and certain trenches are used as air gaps.
 Photovoltaic module comprising conductors in the form of strips patent thumbnailPhotovoltaic module comprising conductors in the form of strips
A photovoltaic module including a transparent upper plate and a lower plate, electrically insulating and sealed to each other to define a tight package; photovoltaic cells pressed between the upper and lower plates; at least two electric contacts arranged on at least a surface of each cell, at least one electric contact being in the form of a strip; and elements electrically connecting the contacts of each cell with the contacts of at least one adjacent cell. At least one strip of each cell is housed in a groove made in the plate in front or it, the groove is defined by: a depth between one quarter and three quarters of the thickness of the strip in a uncompressed state; a width greater than or equal to the width of the strip at 85° c.; and a length greater than or equal to the length of the strip at 85° c..
 Pluggable system and optical transceiver applicable to pluggable system patent thumbnailPluggable system and optical transceiver applicable to pluggable system
An optical transceiver and a pluggable system to enhance the reliability of the communication between the optical transceiver and the host system are disclosed. The rear of the housing of the transceiver provides a periodic structure, a plurality of hollows or a plurality of projections, arranged along the gasket provided in the host connector.
 Enhanced deposition of noble metals patent thumbnailEnhanced deposition of noble metals
The invention relates generally to processes for enhancing the deposition of noble metal thin films on a substrate by atomic layer deposition. Treatment with gaseous halides or metalorganic compounds reduces the incubation time for deposition of noble metals on particular surfaces.
 Particle sampling and measurement in the ambient air patent thumbnailParticle sampling and measurement in the ambient air
An apparatus and method for sampling and measuring air born particulate matter includes an inlet for the particulate containing gas to enter. A mechanism then removes coarse particles larger than a selected size while permitting filtered particles of less than the selected size to pass through.
Granules and method for their production, method for producing molten glass, and method for producing glass product
Granules of a glass raw material mixture, for producing alkali-free glass containing substantially no alkali metal oxides, such that the glass composition of glass obtained from the granules comprises, as represented by mol % based on oxides, 60-75 mol % of sio2, 5-15 mol % of al2o3, 1-9 mol % of b2o3, 0-15 mol % of mgo, 0-20 mol % of cao, 0-12 mol % of sro and 0-21 mol % of bao, provided that the total of cao, sro and bao is more than 0, and in an x-ray diffraction spectrum of the granules obtained by means of a cukα ray, when the diffraction peak area of quartz (100) in a range of 2θ being 19.85-21.71 degrees is taken as 1, the total of the relative values of the diffraction peak areas of strontium borate hydrate, calcium borate hydrate and barium borate hydrate, is at least 0.005.. .
Kneed-a-hand is a practical device strap worn over the knee that enables its user to lift/raise their leg(s). Kneed-a-hand measures approximately fourteen inches in length and three quarters inch in width.
Optical grid enhancement for improved motor location
Methods for performing a scheme that results in a refined measurement pattern within an optical grid are provided. Physically adjusting spacing of elements within an optical grid to achieve enhanced resolution is historically unfeasible, as reduction of the spacing causes light sensors of the optical grid to pick up false signals when reading light beams.
Inspection apparatus
An inspection apparatus includes: beam generation means for generating any of charged particles and electromagnetic waves as a beam; a primary optical system that guides the beam into an inspection object held in a working chamber and irradiates the inspection object with the beam; a secondary optical system that detects secondary charged particles occurring from the inspection object; and an image processing system that forms an image on the basis of the detected secondary charged particles. The primary optical system includes a photoelectron generator having a photoelectronic surface.
High carbon thin steel sheet and method for producing same
A steel sheet having a composition containing c: 0.20% to 0.50%, si: 1.0% or less, mn: 2.0% or less, p: 0.03% or less, s: 0.02% or less, 0.08% or less, n: 0.02% or less, and fe and incidental impurities, and a microstructure composed of ferrite and cementite, wherein each of the average grain size ds of the ferrite in the region from the surface of the steel sheet to the position at one-quarter of the sheet thickness and the average grain size dc of the ferrite in the region from the position at one-quarter of the sheet thickness of the steel sheet to the sheet thickness center is 20 to 40 μm, 0.80≦ds/dc≦1.20 is satisfied, the average grain size of the cementite is 1.0 μm or more, the spheroidizing ratio is 90% or more, and 90% or more of cementite is present inside ferrite grains.. .
Microorganism detection and analysis using carbohydrate and lectin recognition
Methods of binding and detecting a microorganism on a solid substrate. The microorganism is bound on a solid substrate covalently bound to a capture agent having a saccharide moiety.
Workout raft
Disclosed is a flotation platform engineered to permit aquatic based exercise routines in a pool or shallow calm waters for fitness or rehabilitation. An exercise method directed for a total body workout.
Amyloid protein oligomer-binding aptamer
An aptamer having a g-quartet structure and being at least one selected from the group consisting of the following polynucleotides, the aptamer having a binding ability to an amyloid protein oligomer: (1) a polynucleotide comprising a base sequence represented by any one of seq id no:1 to seq id no:18; (2) a polynucleotide comprising a base sequence that includes at least four sets of at least two consecutive guanosine nucleotides and in which one or several bases has been deleted, substituted, or added in a base sequence represented by any one of seq id no:18; and (3) a polynucleotide that is a multimer including the polynucleotide of (1) or (2) as a structural unit.. .
Black synthetic quartz glass with transparent layer and method for producing the same
Provided in a facile manner are a black synthetic quartz glass with a transparent layer, which meets demands for various shapes, has a black portion satisfying required light shield property and emissivity in an infrared region, keeps a purity equivalent to that of a synthetic quartz glass in terms of metal impurities, has a high-temperature viscosity characteristic comparable to that of a natural quartz glass, can be subjected to high-temperature processing such as welding, does not release carbon from its surface, and is free of bubbles and foreign matter in the transparent layer and the black quartz glass, and at an interface between the transparent layer and the black quartz glass, and a production method therefor.. .
High-purity silicon dioxide granules for quartz glass applications and method for producing said granules
It has been found that conventional cheap waterglass qualities in a strongly acidic medium react to give high-purity silica grades, the treatment of which with a base leads to products which can be processed further to give glass bodies with low silanol group contents.. .
Operation of an antenna on a second, higher frequency
Systems and methods are provided for operating an existing antenna at a second, higher frequency. To this end, an antenna system includes an antenna feed and a first antenna assembly electrically connected to the antenna feed at a first end.
Semiconductor device
The present invention is directed to solve a problem that, in a semiconductor device capable of generating a clock signal by coupling a quartz oscillator to an external terminal to which an i/o port is coupled, leak current of the i/o port which is in the inactive state disturbs activation of a clock. The semiconductor device has a first terminal, an amplification circuit coupled to the first terminal, and an output buffer whose output terminal is coupled to the first terminal.
Internal rf antenna with dielectric insulation
Disclosed is a radio frequency (rf) antenna for plasma ion sources. The rf antenna includes a low-resistance metal tube having an inner and outer diameter.
Method for producing molds
In production of a mold having a deposited film on the surface thereof as a mold release layer, a quartz substrate plasma etched employing an etching gas that includes a sedimentary gas to form a pattern of protrusions and recesses having a desired shape in a structure constituted by the quartz substrate and a mask layer, while a deposited film constituted by sediment of the sedimentary gas is formed along the pattern of protrusions and recesses. The deposited film becomes the mold release layer.
High carbon thin steel sheet and method for producing same
A high carbon steel sheet having a chemical composition containing c: 0.20% to 0.50%, si: 1.0% or less, mn: 2.0% or less, p: 0.03% or less, s: 0.02% or less, sol. Al: 0.08% or less, n: 0.02% or less, and the remainder composed of fe and incidental impurities, on a percent by mass basis, and a microstructure composed of ferrite and cementite, wherein the fraction of pro-eutectoid ferrite, among the ferrite, in the whole steel microstructure is 20% or more and less than 50%, the average grain size dc of the cementite in the region from the position at one-quarter of the sheet thickness of the steel sheet to the sheet thickness center is 0.50 to 1.5 μm, and the average grain size ds of the cementite in the region from the surface of the steel sheet to the position at one-quarter of the sheet thickness satisfies ds/dc≦0.8..
Start-up algorithm for an implantable blood pump
A system and a method for starting a rotor of an implantable blood pump are described. For example, a blood pump system includes a rotary motor having a stator and a rotor.
Colored and opaque glass-ceramic(s), associated colorable and ceramable glass(es), and associated process(es)
Disclosed herein are glass-ceramics having crystalline phases including β-spodumene ss and either (i) pseudobrookite or (ii) vanadium or vanadium containing compounds so as to be colored and opaque glass-ceramics having coordinates, determined from total reflectance—specular included—measurements, in the cielab color space of the following ranges: l*=from about 20 to about 45; a*=from about −2 to about +2; and b*=from about −12 to about +1. Such cielab color space coordinates can be substantially uniform throughout the glass-ceramics.
Compact laser radar corner cube
Focus assemblies for laser radar are situated to receive a measurement beam that is focused at or in the focus assemblies. In some examples, focus assemblies include a corner cube and a return reflector, and the measurement beam is focused on, at, or within the corner cube or return reflector.
Three-dimensional display device and lc barrier
A 3d display device and lc barrier are disclosed. The 3d display device comprises a non-polarized light display unit and an lc barrier.
Touch display
A touch display including a liquid crystal display having a surface displaying images and a capacitive touch-sensitive panel superposed on a surface of the liquid crystal display and enabling an input operation in reaction to the displayed image; wherein being arranged on the liquid crystal display in order from the surface of the liquid crystal display toward an outer surface of the liquid crystal display, a second quarter-wave plate converting a light passing through into a circular polarization by shifting phase, the capacitive touch-sensitive panel, a first quarter-wave plate having a same orientation to the second quarter-wave plate, a polarizer converting the light passing through into a linear polarization, a decorated sheet protecting an upper surface of the capacitive touch-sensitive panel, and an antireflection layer preventing a surface-reflection of outside light, in order to obtain the antireflection effect while keeping costs low.. .
Doherty amplifier having compact output matching and combining networks
A doherty amplifier having a main amplifier branch and one or more peak amplifier branches, where the functionality and structure of the cascade of the main output matching network, the main offset line, and the quarter-wave transformer of the main amplifier branch of a conventional doherty amplifier are subsumed into the main output matching network of the main amplifier branch, and the functionality and structure of each cascade of the peak output matching network and the peak offset line of each peak amplifier branch of a conventional doherty amplifier are subsumed into the peak output matching network of the corresponding peak amplifier branch. Furthermore, the output quarter-wave transformer can be replaced by a wideband node matching network that does not have to perform frequency inversion..
Rear pillar apparatus for vehicle
A rear pillar apparatus for a vehicle may include a rear pillar supporting a rear quarter of the vehicle, and a reinforcement member mounted on the rear pillar, wherein the rear pillar has a support vertically supporting the rear quarter, a door-upper portion configured to support a roof between a door and the roof, a rear end extending from the support and connected with a rear side of a vehicle body, and a glass seat formed between the door-upper portion and the rear end configured to mount a rear glass, and wherein the reinforcement member includes an upper reinforcement member integrally mounted on the door-upper portion, the glass seat, and the rear end, in a longitudinal direction of the vehicle body, and a vertical reinforcement member mounted on the support and connected to the upper reinforcement member.. .
Valve switchbox
A switchbox for monitoring the position of a manual quarter-turn valve has a housing mountable to the valve to be monitored/controlled. A handle-driven shaft extends through the housing, with one end of the shaft couplable to the valve stem such that movement of the shaft moves the valve stem.
Flowering stimulant composition using nitrobenzene
A flowering stimulant composition with nitrobenzene for agricultural and horticultural flowering crops comprising nitrobenzene as an active ingredient, with natural/synthetic/ionic (or) non ionic chemical surfactant and base with petro (or) non petro solvent base. A typical example of 100 kg of the composition has 5 to 10 kgs.
Surface acoustic wave resonator, surface acoustic wave oscillator, and electronic apparatus
A surface acoustic wave resonator includes a quartz crystal substrate with preselected euler angles, and an idt that is provided on the quartz crystal substrate, that includes a plurality of electrode fingers, and that excites a stop band upper end mode surface acoustic wave. Inter-electrode finger grooves are provided in the quartz crystal substrate between the electrode fingers in a plan view.
Resonator element having a notched base
A resonator element capable of improving impact resistance is provided. A quartz crystal resonator element is a resonator element formed by etching a z plate which is cut at predetermined angles with respect to the crystal axes of a quartz crystal.
Original and article manufacturing method using same
The original of the present invention has a pattern to be transferred. For example, the original of the present invention is a mold for use in an imprint apparatus or a mask for use in an exposure apparatus.
Heat treatment method for synthetic quartz glass
[means of overcoming the problem] a heat treatment method for synthetic quartz glass whereby columnar synthetic quartz glass having two opposing end faces and a lateral face is heat-treated covered with thermal insulator; wherein said heat treatment is performed using as end face thermal insulator which covers said two end faces, and as lateral face thermal insulator which covers said lateral face, thermal insulators that differ in at least either type or thickness to afford different thermal insulation effects such that the birefringence fast axis direction of said synthetic quartz glass is regulated.. .
Method and articles for adornment of footwear
An adornment for application to an article of footwear includes a decorative element sized and shaped for conforming application about the quarter of a shoe and two or more fasteners operably affixed to the decorative element and adapted to removably affix the decorative element directly to the quarter of the shoe. The decorative element may be formed as a decorative panel, a decorative construct, a decorative strip or the like.
Light emitting diode and light emitting diode package
A light emitting diode includes a first semiconductor layer, an active layer, and a second semiconductor layer sequentially stacked on a substrate, and a first electrode connected to the first semiconductor layer. The first electrode includes an edge electrode including first and second edge portions opposite to each other, and a line electrode including first and second line portions respectively extending from the first and second edge portions.
Ultraviolet light generating target, electron-beam-excited ultraviolet light source, and method for producing ultraviolet light generating target
An ultraviolet light generating target 20 includes a substrate 21 made of sapphire, quartz, or rock crystal; and a light-emitting layer 22 that is provided on the substrate 21 and that generates ultraviolet light upon receiving an electron beam. The light-emitting layer 22 includes powdered or granular pr:luag crystals.
Methods for controlling defects for extreme ultraviolet lithography (euvl) photomask substrate
Methods for providing a silicon layer on a photomask substrate surface with minimum defeats for fabricating film stack thereon for euvl applications are provided. In one embodiment, a method for forming a silicon layer on a photomask substrate includes performing an oxidation process to form a silicon oxide layer on a surface of a first substrate wherein the first substrate comprises a crystalline silicon material, performing an ion implantation process to define a cleavage plane in the first substrate, and bonding the silicon oxide layer to a surface of a second substrate, wherein the second substrate is a quartz photomask..
Air blower and control method thereof
When blowing out air, an air blower provides a user with feeling of being exposed to natural wind. A control unit of an air conditioner controls a fan motor of the air conditioner so that an airflow speed of a fan of the air conditioner changes over time with a synthesis pattern composed of a plurality of patterns including a sine-wave-like waveform pattern and a hill-like variation pattern having a width of less than a quarter cycle of the waveform pattern and a height of equal to or greater than an amplitude of the waveform pattern for each cycle of the waveform pattern..
Method and apparatus for a clock and signal distribution network for a 60 ghz transmitter system
Herein is presented, a low power on-die 60 ghz distribution network for a beamforming system that can be scaled as the number of transmitters increases. The transmission line based power splitters and quadrature hybrids whose size would be proportional to a quarter wavelength (˜600 μm) if formed using transmission lines are instead constructed by inductors/capacitors and reduce the area by more than 80%.
Light emitter
A lucent waveguide electromagnetic wave plasma light source has a fabrication of fused quartz sheet and drawn tube. An inner closed void enclosure is formed of 8 mm outside diameter, 4 mm inside diameter drawn tube.
Glass ceramic sinter, reflective member and substrate for mounting a light-emitting-element, and light-emitting device
A glass ceramic sinter is disclosed. The glass ceramic sinter includes a glass matrix, and anorthite grains, fersmite grains and quartz grains, all of which are in the glass matrix.
Grid and rotatable cube guide localization fixture for biopsy device
A biopsy system with a grid plate used as either a lateral or medial compression plate of a localization fixture used with a breast coil includes a rotatable guide cube that may be inserted into a desired rectangular recess in the grid plate after rotating to position a selected guide hole in the desired spatial orientation. Versions of a guide cube include those rotatable in two axes to provide additional hole positions, angled holes, enlarged circular holes that function with a rotating guide to support a noncircular biopsy instrument cannula (e.g., trocar/sleeve combination, core biopsy probe of a biopsy device) for rotation.
Devices and systems for isolating biomolecules and associated methods thereof
A device, a system, and a method for isolating biomolecules from biological materials are provided. The device comprises a quartz-based solid phase extraction matrix comprising one or more reagents impregnated therein; and an electroosmotic pump (eop) operationally coupled to the quartz-based solid phase extraction matrix to elute the nucleic acids, wherein the eop comprises a plurality of electroosmotic membranes comprising one or more positive electroosmotic membranes and one or more negative electroosmotic membranes disposed alternatively and a plurality of electrodes comprising one or more cathodes and one or more anodes, wherein at least one cathode is disposed on one side of one of the membranes and at least one anode is disposed on another side of that membrane and at least one cathode or anode is disposed between a positive electroosmotic membrane and a negative electroosmotic membrane..
Apparatus and methods for etching quartz substrate in photomask manufacturing applications
The present invention provides methods for etching a quartz substrate using a second level photoresist layer disposed thereon as an etching mask. In one embodiment, a method of etching a quartz substrate for forming a photomask includes providing a quartz substrate having a metal containing layer disposed thereon in an etch chamber, applying a first photoresist layer on a substrate, patterning the first photoresist layer to remove a first region of the metal containing layer to expose a first portion of the quartz substrate while remaining a second region of the metal containing layer on the quartz substrate, removing the remaining first photoresist layer on the quartz substrate, applying a second photoresist layer on the exposed quartz substrate and the second region of the metal containing layer, patterning the second photoresist layer to form openings in the second photoresist layer exposing the underlying quartz substrate, and etching the quartz substrate defined by the patterned second photoresist layer..

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