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Adjustable resilient seal with bendable bulb portions

Modular pulse jet fabric filter

Date/App# patent app List of recent Uart-related patents
 Euv lithography member, making method, and titania-doped quartz glass patent thumbnailnew patent Euv lithography member, making method, and titania-doped quartz glass
A member is made of titania-doped quartz glass in which striae have a curvature radius of at least 150 mm in a surface perpendicular to an euv-reflecting surface. The member free of exposed striae and having a high flatness is useful in euv lithography..
 Power divider patent thumbnailnew patent Power divider
A power divider/combiner comprising a plurality of transmission lines, each transmission line being in the form of a separate longitudinal component (e.g. A length of coaxial cable), wherein the longitudinal components are arranged such that they are substantially parallel to each other, and such that a side of each longitudinal component is contiguous with a side of at least one other longitudinal component.
 Adjustable resilient seal with bendable bulb portions patent thumbnailnew patent Adjustable resilient seal with bendable bulb portions
A resilient seal for mobile living quarters around a slide out room that includes a pair of attaching members extending along the inside and outside surfaces of the main living area wall at an aperture through which the slide out room moves and further includes a connecting member extending between the attaching members and along the edge of the wall defining the aperture. A wiper seal extends from the connecting member to flex against the walls of the slide out room, and the connecting member further includes an accordion pleat for adjusting the distance between the attaching members to thereby accommodate walls of different thicknesses..
 Modular pulse jet fabric filter patent thumbnailnew patent Modular pulse jet fabric filter
A modular design for large pulse jet fabric filters (pjff) is divided into similar compartments, which are each “shop-fabricated” in quarter sections prior to delivery to the power plant site. The quarter sections of the compartments are modular and sized so that they can be fabricated at a shop located away from the power plant site and transported by truck over public roads to the power plant site.
 Major qtls conferring resistance of corn to fijivirus patent thumbnailMajor qtls conferring resistance of corn to fijivirus
The invention relates to methods and compositions for identifying maize plants that have newly conferred resistance or enhanced resistance to, or are susceptible to, a fijivirus, particularly mal de rio cuarto virus (mrcv) and/or maize rough dwarf virus (mrdv). The methods use molecular genetic markers to identify, select and/or construct resistant plants or identify and counter-select susceptible plants.
 Quartz upper and lower domes patent thumbnailQuartz upper and lower domes
Embodiments of the invention relate to a dome assembly. The dome assembly includes an upper dome comprising a central window, and an upper peripheral flange engaging the central window at a circumference of the central window, wherein a tangent line on an inside surface of the central window that passes through an intersection of the central window and the upper peripheral flange is at an angle of about 8° to about 16° with respect to a planar upper surface of the peripheral flange, a lower dome comprising a lower peripheral flange and a bottom connecting the lower peripheral flange with a central opening, wherein a tangent line on an outside surface of the bottom that passes through an intersection of the bottom and the lower peripheral flange is at an angle of about 8° to about 16° with respect to a planar bottom surface of the lower peripheral flange..
 Plasma light source patent thumbnailPlasma light source
A lucent waveguide plasma light source has a quartz waveguide body with a central through bore. The bore has orifices at its opposite ends, opening centrally of flat, end faces of the body.
 Wireless communication device patent thumbnailWireless communication device
A wireless communication device includes an antenna element for carrying out wireless communications, a power feeding section for supplying power to the antenna element, a conductor other than the antenna element, and a dividing part for dividing the conductor, the dividing part being provided so as to divide the conductor into parts so that each of the parts has a length equal to or less than a quarter of wavelength at an operating frequency at which the antenna element carries out wireless communications.. .
 Light guide element patent thumbnailLight guide element
A light guide element (201) for modifying a light distribution pattern of a light source (202) is presented. The light source radiates first light beams to a first quarter-space and second light beams to a second quarter-space, where the first and second quarter-spaces are defined by mutually perpendicular spatial planes and one of the spatial planes constitutes a planar boundary between the first and second quarter-spaces.
 Anti-fouling surface, and radiation source assembly and fluid treatment system comprising same patent thumbnailAnti-fouling surface, and radiation source assembly and fluid treatment system comprising same
An element having an immersible portion for contact with an aqueous liquid, the immersible portion having a contact surface for contact with the aqueous liquid, the contact surface configured to have strong acidity, a radiation (e.g., ultraviolet radiation) source assembly, a radiation (e.g., ultraviolet radiation) source module and a fluid (e.g., water) treatment system incorporating this element applicable to any surface in contact with fluid that is susceptible to build-up of fouling materials. The embodiments obviates or mitigates the rate of accumulation of fouling on surfaces in contact with aqueous solution, such as the protective (e.g., quartz) sleeves in an ultraviolet radiation fluid treatment system, by modifying at least a portion of the surface of those sleeves in contact with fluid (e.g., water) to have an inherent strong surface acidity..
Hypergolic bipropellants
A hypergolic bipropellant. The hypergolic bipropellant includes an ionic liquid fuel and nitric acid, which is operable as an oxidizer.
System and method for forming fused quartz glass
A method of forming fused quartz glass is provided. The method includes the steps of: (a) providing a starting body made of fused quartz glass; (b) positioning the fused quartz glass starting body on a base plate; (c) inserting a first insert device into an interior cavity of the starting body to form an assembled structure; (d) heating the assembled structure to a predetermined temperature at which the fused quartz glass has a viscosity in a range of 105 to 1013 poise; and (e) deforming the fused quartz glass of the starting body at the predetermined temperature or in the viscosity range of 105 to 1013 poise around the first insert device to change a shape of the starting body.
Shoe with resilient heel
A shoe with a resilient heel comprising: a shoe having a heel, midsole, outsole, toe, vamp and quarter; a rear resilient member attached to the midsole having a rear impact area for impacting the ground during a first stage of a step and a rear mid-impact area for impacting the ground during a second stage of a step wherein the rear impact area includes a rear upward curve; and, a front resilient member attached to the midsole forward the quarter having a front mid-impact area for impacting the ground during a third stage of a step and a front impact area for impacting the ground during a fourth stage of a step wherein the front impact area includes a front upward curve.. .
Partial-fingered gloves
According to the various features characteristics and embodiments of the present invention which will become apparent as the description thereof proceeds, the present invention provides partially fingered gloves and the use of said gloves, intended to increase the overall performance in sports activities including but limited to football and golf. Because of its unique finger configurations, grip enhancers, and/or its hand protective properties, the present invention makes a glove now operable on for football quarterback's throwing hand and golfers, for example..
Manufacture of bend insensitive multimode optical fiber
A method of assembling a preform for a bend-insensitive multimode optical fiber (bimmf), includes providing a multimode core rod, a glass overclad tube, and a trench tube of down-doped quartz glass with a depressed refractive index sufficient to obtain a desired trench depth in a refractive index (ri) profile of a drawn fiber. The core rod is placed inside the trench tube, and the trench tube and the core rod are placed inside the overclad tube to define the preform.
Apparatus for producing rectangular seeds
An apparatus for producing rectangular seeds for use in semiconductor or solar material manufacturing includes a template having a top surface and parallel slots, and an adhesive layer connected to the top surface of the template. The adhesive layer includes alignment lines aligned with the parallel slots.
Process for the adsorption of toxic sulphur bearing gases
The preparation of nano-oxide coated adsorbent, which is useful for treatment of toxic gases, by coating of composite materials containing hydrotalcite over ceramic monolithic substrates. Oxides and salts of metals are reacted in a known manner to prepare hydrotalcites or mixed metal layered hydroxides such as mg—al, ca—al, zn—al, zn—cr type possessing positive layer charge, from which a stable gel is prepared by adding swellable clay, e.g., montmorillonite etc.
Mobile terminal and power saving method thereof
A mobile terminal and a method are provided for power saving. The mobile terminal monitors changes of data on a uart bus, acquires current operating states of a bluetooth chip and a main control chip on the mobile terminal, and when detecting that there is no data on the uart bus, the main control chip controls a bluetooth module to enter into a power saving mode.
Scalable polarimetric phased array transceiver
A polarimetric transceiver front-end includes two receive paths configured to receive signals from an antenna, each receive path corresponding to a respective polarization. Each front-end includes a variable amplifier and a variable phase shifter; a first transmit path configured to send signals to the antenna, where the transmit path is connected to the variable phase shifter of one of the two receive paths and includes a variable amplifier; and a transmit/receive switch configured to select between the first transmit path and the two receive paths for signals, where the transmit/receive switch includes a quarter-wavelength transmission line that adds a high impedance to the transmit path when the transmit/receive switch is in a receiving state..
Economical power and data track lighting system
A track lighting system incorporates an elongate track that includes a plurality of longitudinal guideways. Multiple light fixtures selected from a group consisting of led, incandescent, quartz halogen, compact fluorescent (cfl), high intensity discharge (hid) and ultra-violet (uv) luminaires are supported on the track.
Device housing and method for manufacturing the same
A device housing providing a sensation of touch similar to that of jade is made of a material including quartz, clay mineral and a polymer composition containing calcium-magnesium. The clay mineral includes elemental zn, aluminum oxide, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, barium oxide, silicon oxide, and titanium oxide.
High voltage transmission line cable based on textile composite material
An electric transmission cable having a current conductive element comprising a braided core formed of a plurality of high modulus synthetic armored yarns, each yarn being of at least 53.6 tex and having a tensile strength of at least 200 cn/tex (centinewton/tex), and the core being of a diameter in the range of 0.7 mm to 4.5 mm and being surrounded by a quartz sleeve covered on an outer surface thereof by a carbon layer.. .
Methods for producing rectangular seeds for ingot growth
A method of producing rectangular seeds for use in semiconductor or solar material manufacturing includes connecting an adhesive layer to a top surface of a template, the template including a plurality of parallel slots, and drawing alignment lines on the adhesive layer, the alignment lines aligned with at least some of the parallel slots. The method also includes connecting quarter sections to the alignment layer such that an interface between a rectangular seed portion and a curved wing portion of each quarter section is aligned with at least one of the alignment lines drawn on the adhesive layer, and slicing each of the quarter sections to separate the rectangular seed portions from the curved wing portions..
Protective coating to prevent reaction between graphite susceptor and quartz crucible
A susceptor for supporting a crucible includes a body with an interior surface defining a cavity. A coating is disposed on the interior surface to provide a barrier for preventing contact between the body of the susceptor and the crucible disposed within the cavity..
Methods and systems of retrieving seismic data by a data server
Retrieving seismic data by a data server. At least some of the illustrative embodiments are methods including: retrieving a seismic data slice from a seismic data volume, the datums logically organized in parallel layers, the retrieving by: sending a request for the seismic data slice from a client computer to a data sever over a network connection, the request spans at least a quarter of the layers in the seismic data volume, and the data server is remote from the client computer; extracting data values associated with the seismic data slice from the seismic data volume by the data server; sending, by the data server, datums residing within the seismic data slice, the sending such that at least some cache lines of a processor of the client computer filled responsive to the request comprise datums that span more than one layer; and then rendering the seismic data slice on a display device..
Display device and method for manufacturing the same
A display device includes a display panel, a first pressure sensitive adhesive positioned on the display panel, a quarter wavelength (λ/4) wave plate positioned on the pressure sensitive adhesive, a linear polarizer positioned on the λ/4 wave plate, and a first base layer positioned on the linear polarizer.. .
Support holder for quartz dip stick in directional solidification system furnaces
A support fixture for use in a directional solidification system for the production of multi-crystalline ingots having a housing with a passage that extends into an inner assembly having a crucible includes a collar, an alignment bracket, and an arm. The collar has a mounting structure for attaching the collar to the housing.
Process for converting silicon tetrachloride to trichlorosilane
The invention relates to a process for converting silicon tetrachloride (stc) to trichlorosilane (tcs), by introducing reactant gas containing stc and hydrogen into a reaction zone of a reactor in which the temperature is 1000-1600° c., wherein the reaction zone is heated by a heater located outside the reaction zone and the product gas containing tcs which forms is then cooled, with the proviso that it is cooled to a temperature of 700-900° c. Within 0.1-35 ms, wherein the reactant gas is heated by the product gas by means of a heat exchanger working in countercurrent, wherein reactor and heat exchanger form a single, gas-tight component, wherein the component includes one or more ceramic materials selected from the group consisting of silicon carbide, silicon nitride, graphite, sic-coated graphite and quartz glass..
Automatic gain control unit for a low power receiver or transceiver
The automatic gain control unit for a radiofrequency receiver includes a first current source for charging a storage capacitor by a first current, four comparators for comparing on the lower side an in-phase positive intermediate signal, an in-phase negative intermediate signal, a quarter-phase positive intermediate signal, a quarter-phase intermediate signal with a first reference threshold to a high amplitude level of the intermediate signals. Each comparator controls a mos transistor connected in series between a second current source and the storage capacitor in order to discharge the storage capacitor when each transistor is in a conductive state.
Polarizing plate, method for preparing the same, and optical display apparatus including the same
A polarizing plate includes a polarizer having absorption and transmission axes, a protective film on an upper surface of the polarizer, a half-wavelength (λ/2) retardation film on a lower surface of the polarizer, an adhesive layer on a lower surface of the half-wavelength (λ/2) retardation film, and a quarter-wavelength (λ/4) retardation film on a lower surface of the adhesive layer. An absolute orthogonal b-coordinate value based on a cielab color coordinate system of the polarizing plate may be approximately 3 or less when the polarizing plate is stacked with a reference polarizing plate having a degree of polarization of at least 99.9% such that an angle between the absorption axis of the polarizer and an absorption axis of a polarizer of the reference polarizing plate or an angle between the transmission axis of the polarizer and a transmission axis of the polarizer of the reference polarizing plate is 90°..
Polarizing plate and optical display apparatus including the same
A polarizing plate includes a polarizer, a protective film on an upper surface of the polarizer, a half-wavelength (λ/2) retardation film on a lower surface of the polarizer, an adhesive layer on a lower surface of the half-wavelength (λ/2) retardation film, and a quarter-wavelength (λ/4) retardation film on a lower surface of the adhesive layer. The half-wavelength (λ/2) retardation film may have a refractive index n1, the quarter-wavelength (λ/4) retardation film may have a refractive index n2, and the adhesive layer may have a refractive index n in the range of n1<n<n2 or n2<n<n1.
Polarisation rotator with small induced ellipticity
The invention relates to a polarisation rotator with small polarisation ellipticity. The rotator includes a first optical unit (401) and a second optical unit (402) on a common optical axis.
Resonator element, resonator, oscillator, electronic device, and moving object
A quartz crystal resonator element includes: a base portion and a pair of vibrating arms which extend from a first end portion of the base portion along a y-axis direction. The base portion includes a second end portion provided on the opposite side to a first end portion in the y-axis direction.
Source/drain extension control for advanced transistors
A planar transistor with improved performance has a source and a drain on a semiconductor substrate that includes a substantially undoped channel extending between the source and the drain. A gate is positioned over the substantially undoped channel on the substrate.
Exhaust system for an internal combustion engine
An exhaust system for an internal combustion engine, having a first exhaust tract and a second exhaust tract, wherein a first silencer device is arranged in an end section of the first exhaust tract and a second silencer device is arranged in an end section of the second exhaust tract, and the two exhaust tracts are connected in an inter-communicating manner by a crosstalk point, and, in the first or second exhaust tract downstream of the crosstalk point, there is provided a valve for the selective closure of the respective exhaust tract, wherein a distance between the valve and the crosstalk point is dimensioned such that, at a particular rotational speed of the engine, an exhaust line path between the valve and the crosstalk point serves as a quarter lambda resonator such that, at the rotational speed of the internal combustion engine, disturbing noises of the exhaust system are reduced.. .
Quarter turn tension torque anchor
A torque anchor for anchoring well equipment in a well conduit to arrest movement in both longitudinal directions and rotation in a first direction, but not rotation in an opposed second direction. A mandrel connected to the equipment has l-shaped grooves for slideably receiving respective pins from a drag body on the mandrel.
Qcm sensor
A qcm (quartz crystal microbalance) sensor includes a quartz crystal vibrator for measurement having a first electrode which contacts a measurement sample to be detected and a first quartz substrate in which is formed the first electrode, and a quartz crystal vibrator for reference having a second electrode which contacts a reference sample serving as a reference when detecting the physical quantity of the measurement sample and a second quartz substrate in which is formed the second electrode. A housing accommodates the quartz crystal vibrators and confines the reference sample in a state of contacting the second electrode.
Multiband monopole antenna built into decorative trim of a mobile device
A multiband monopole antenna for a mobile device is disclosed that can be dynamically switched between a quarter-wave monopole antenna and a half-wave folded monopole antenna. In one embodiment, a radiator element can be built into at least part of a decorative trim on an outer casing of the mobile device.
Ultra-wideband 180 degree hybrid for dual-band cellular basestation antenna
Ultra-wideband 180° hybrids for feeding a radiator of one band of a dual-band dual-polarization cellular basestation antenna are disclosed. The hybrid comprises: metal plates configured in parallel as groundplanes, and a dielectric substrate disposed between plates.
Flexible organic light emitting display device
A flexible organic light emitting display device includes: a display panel configured to output an image; a retardation film formed on an upper portion of the display panel to cover the display panel and formed by laminating a half wave plate and a quarter wave plate; and a polarizing plate attached to the retardation film. A color shift in a black screen can be improved by replacing a barrier film used for face seal with a retardation film including a half wave plate and a quarter wave plate combined at a predetermined angle..
Compact uv water treatment device for spas
A compact uv water treatment device for spas. The device includes a reactor chamber through which the water circulates which includes a housing that receives the uv source.
Hair care products with selected quarternary ammonium compounds and silicones containing sugar structures
The present invention relates to hair treatment agents containing selected quaternary ammonium compounds and silicones containing sugar structures.. .
Fluid sterilization system
A fluid filtration system is shown. The fluid filtration system utilizes a one-piece or multiple piece containers having a plurality of radiation-transmissible media adapted to receive light, such as ultraviolet light, white light or other wavelength light.
Production of an ophthalmic lens suitable for stereoscopic vision
A process for producing an ophthalmic lens which is suitable for stereoscopic vision based on selection of circular light-polarization includes laminating a quarter-wave retarding layer (3) onto an ophthalmic base lens (1). Such process leads to low unit cost for the lenses produced, and a high optical quality.
Method for preparing micro straight pzt piezoelectric fiber array
Plastic capillaries are used as a reaction template; firstly, sol-pzt is prepared; then, pzt nanometer powder is added into the sol-pzt and blended uniformly to form suspension, the plastic capillaries are put into a quartz tube, the gaps between the capillaries and the gaps between the quartz tube and the plastic capillaries are filled with paraffin and solidified to a required array shape, the quartz tube is dipped into the suspension, after full absorption, the rest suspension is poured into the quartz tube and filtered from the other end, so that the suspension is pumped into the plastic capillaries until the capillaries are full of suspension. The quartz tube is dried until no excessive liquid component and then taken out to be dipped, filtered and dried; removal of template and crystallization heat treatment is then performed for the dried container..
Apparatus and method for monitoring signals transmitted in bus
A signal monitor includes a signal collecting unit, two registers, a processing unit, and a universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter (uart). The signal collecting unit collects real-time signals from a bus, converts the real-time signals into accessible data, and stores the accessible data in the two registers.
Financial system and method based on absolute returns
Where: ij=a reference index reported price/level j observation periods after an initial observation date/time. The periods can variable and measured in days, weeks, months, quarters and years.
Play systems having multiple curved structural members
Embodiments of play systems having multiple curved structural members are disclosed. Play systems illustratively include a first quarter of an ellipse, a second quarter of an ellipse, a third quarter of an ellipse, and a fourth quarter of an ellipse.
Formulas comprising highly soluble elements and vitamin for the prevention and amelioration of osteoporosis
The present invention provides methods of producing dosage forms for formulas of elemental compositions encompassing acetate salts of calcium, magnesium and zinc along with vitamin d3. The acetate salts could be extracted from natural sources such as pearls, coral, and oyster or compounded using synthetic materials.
Method of setting ue mode switching for rpd reduction
A ue communication device is provided having a transmitter architecture that transmits srs transmissions and pusch transmissions. A reference mode chosen from a lpm, an mpm and an hpm is selected based on a present power mode of the srs transmission or based on a predicted power mode that the pusch transmission following the present srs transmission will likely operate in.
Method of coating quartz crucible for growing silicon crystal, and quartz crucible for growing silicon crystal
A coating method for coating a crucible and a quartz crucible for growing a silicon crystal are provided. In the coating method, a bubble-free quartz layer which is 80 μm to 4 mm thick is formed on an inner surface of a crucible for growing a silicon crystal, and the surface of the bubble-free quartz layer is covered with alkaline earth hydroxide, following which heating is performed to a temperature at which the surface becomes devitrified.
Infrared quartz conveyor dryer and method of use thereof
A conveyor dryer for curing ink on a substrate is provided. The dryer comprises a dryer body, a housing functionally coupled to the dryer body, the housing and dryer body defining a heat zone, a heating element functionally disposed within the heat zone and configured to provide thermal energy, an infeed extension functionally coupled to the dryer body, such that the infeed extension extends substantially horizontally from the dryer body, a conveyor belt functionally coupled to the infeed extension, the conveyor belt being configured to transition from the infeed extension into the heat zone, and a sensor functionally coupled to the infeed extension and configured to sense the substrate on the conveyor belt, wherein under the condition that the substrate is placed on the conveyor belt, the sensor senses the substrate and results in the dryer transitioning from a standby state to an operational state..

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