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Performance enhancement air filter

Method for producing an optical element

Dollar coin converter

Date/App# patent app List of recent Uart-related patents
 Molding sand comprising biodegradable polymeric binder patent thumbnailMolding sand comprising biodegradable polymeric binder
Molding sand containing (i) 100 parts by weight of refractory quartz or olivine matrix and (ii) 1 to 5 parts by weight of organic binder. The organic binder contains a mixture of (a) 40-50% w/w aqueous solution of sodium poly(acrylate) in the amount of 30-70% by weight and (b) 40-50% w/w aqueous solution of dextrin in the amount of 30-70% by weight..
 Performance enhancement air filter patent thumbnailPerformance enhancement air filter
This disclosure relates to a method of filtering air for use in a combustion engine. A filter is utilized that comprises a treated filter fabric and a treated filter foam.
 Method for producing an optical element patent thumbnailMethod for producing an optical element
A method for producing an optical element made of quartz glass, said element being designed for a conversion of pump light, may include providing a sol having a silicon precursor, admixing the sol with at least one luminescent substance and one luminescent substance educt, gelling the sol to form a gel body, and sintering the gel body to form a quartz glass solid.. .
 Dollar coin converter patent thumbnailDollar coin converter
The dollar coin converter is an annular attachment to a united states dollar coin, which semi-permanently converts the coin into a size that is tactilely and visually, more easily distinguished from the united states quarter coin. It allows advertising and marketing on the faces of the annular attachment to provide incentives to circulate the coin, saving billions of dollars.
 Dual mode usb and serial console port patent thumbnailDual mode usb and serial console port
An information handling system includes a service connector operable to receive an rs-232 signal and a usb signal. The service connector is a usb type connector.
 Synethetic quartz glass subtrate polishing slurry and manufacture of synethetic quartz glass substrate using the same patent thumbnailSynethetic quartz glass subtrate polishing slurry and manufacture of synethetic quartz glass substrate using the same
A polishing slurry comprising a collagen derivative and a colloidal solution is effective for polishing of synthetic quartz glass substrates. It prevents formation of defects having a size that can be detected by a high-sensitivity flaw detector..
 Optical system for near-eye display patent thumbnailOptical system for near-eye display
Embodiments are disclosed herein that relate to compact optical systems for incorporation into near-eye display devices. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a near-eye display system may comprising a light source, a first polarizing beam splitting surface configured to receive light from the light source, a minor configured to reflect light passed by the first polarizing beam splitting surface, and a quarter wave plate positioned between the first polarizing beam splitting surface and the mirror.
 Integrated and self-contained suspension assembly having an on-the-fly adjustable air spring patent thumbnailIntegrated and self-contained suspension assembly having an on-the-fly adjustable air spring
An integrated and self-contained suspension assembly having a gas spring integrated with a shock absorber (damper) is described. The rigid gas cylinder of the air spring is divided into a first gas chamber and a second gas chamber.
 Water damage prevention system patent thumbnailWater damage prevention system
The present invention is a water damage prevention system that has a residential or industrial/commercial facility water supply interruption system. The system is comprised of a remotely controllable base station with shut-off/on mechanism that is in wireless or wired communication with a convenient controller.
 Determining constituents of a wellbore fluid patent thumbnailDetermining constituents of a wellbore fluid
Techniques for determining a wellbore fluid constituent concentration include depositing a portion of a hydraulic fracturing fluid that includes a base fluid on a quartz crystal microbalance, the base fluid including a constituent; measuring an oscillation frequency of the quartz crystal microbalance based on the constituent of the base fluid; determining, with the quartz crystal microbalance, a mass of the constituent in the deposited portion of the hydraulic fracturing fluid; and based on at least one of the determined mass or the measured frequency, determining a concentration of the constituent of the base fluid.. .
Chemical vapor deposition reactor having ceramic lining for production of polysilicon
Apparatus configured to produce polysilicon by chemical vapor deposition, including a reactor vessel having an inner surface defining at least a portion of a chamber, the inner surface having a lining of quartz ceramic. The apparatus also includes a silicon substrate disposed within the chamber of the reactor vessel, the silicon substrate having a deposition surface upon which polysilicon is deposited.
Sealed crystal oscillator and semiconductor package including the same
A semiconductor package includes a package substrate; an integrated circuit chip formed on one surface of the package substrate; and a sealed quartz oscillator formed on at least one of an inside, one surface, and the other surface of the package substrate, wherein the sealed quartz oscillator includes a substrate, a quartz blank formed on one surface of the substrate, and a sealing cap covering at least one surface of the quartz blank and including metal.. .
Crystal oscillation device and semiconductor device
A wiring pattern for oscillation input signal and a wiring pattern for oscillation output signal are provided on a printed circuit board, and a wiring pattern for ground power source voltage is arranged in a region therebetween. A quartz crystal unit is connected between the wiring pattern for oscillation input signal and the wiring pattern for oscillation output signal and one ends of capacitors serving as load capacitors thereof are connected to the wiring pattern for ground power source voltage.
Discharge lamp
The invention describes a discharge lamp (1) comprising a quartz glass envelope (10), a discharge chamber (11) and a pair of electrodes (2), wherein an outer end portion (2a) of an electrode (2) overlaps a conductive foil (3) embedded in a pinch (12) of the quartz glass envelope (10), and wherein the electrode (2) comprises an inner structured zone (zb) in an inner portion (2b) of the electrode (2) between the conductive foil (3) and the discharge chamber (11), and an outer structured zone (za) over the outer end portion (2a) of the electrode (2), and wherein the outer structured zone (za) and the inner structured zone (zb) are different from each other. The invention also describes a method of manufacturing an electrode (2) for use in a discharge lamp (1).
Production method of quartz glass
A method of manufacturing quartz glass includes depositing soot generated by flame hydrolysis of a raw material gas to a starting member, while the starting member is raised and rotated, to form a soot deposition member that includes an effective portion having a substantially constant outer diameter, the effective portion to become a material of a glass product, an upper ineffective portion formed at an upper end of the effective portion, and a lower ineffective portion formed at a lower end of the effective portion, each of the ineffective portions having an outer diameter changing in a tapering form, wherein the depositing includes forming the lower ineffective portion while decreasing a peripheral speed of a surface of the starting member to a predetermined final peripheral speed in a ratio of 1.3 m/minute or below per second during a period after the effective portion is formed.. .
Skate boot with improved flexibility
A method of making a skate boot including manufacturing a rear element including a tendon guard for covering at least a rear portion of the ankle received within the boot, and forming a direct connection at a fixed position between contacting portions of the rear element and of a remainder of the skate boot separately from the quarters, the direct connection being formed such that the rear element is an external element of the boot and such that an upper portion of the rear element is displaceable relative to the quarters in a forward and rearward direction, the upper portion of the rear element being displaceable through flexing of the rear element about the connection.. .
Method for estimating frequencies and phases in three phase power system
Parameters of a three phase mixture of sinusoids with harmonic distortion are estimated by first acquiring samples of the signal for no more than a quarter cycle of the signal, a classifier is applied to the samples to obtain noise and signal parameters. Then, initial parameters are estimated to obtain final parameters..
Directional ultrasound transmitting stylus
A stylus that includes a tip portion that has a cavity. The cavity has a plurality of holes at a first end and a transmitter of acoustic, e.g., ultrasound waves at the end longitudinally opposite the first end.
Apparatus for administering volatilizable medicaments
An apparatus is disclosed for administering a volatilizable medicament, comprising a thermally stable, chemically inert, highly porous matrix media, preferably fused or sintered quartz wool, housed in a small container, which can be heated to high temperatures to volatilize the active ingredients for inhalation by a user.. .
Method and system for offset matching
The trading of interest rate swaps or other interest rate derivatives gives rise to mismatch exposure. This can be offset by a series of fra trades.
Electrospun polymer nanofibers with surface active quaternary ammonium salt antimicrobials
A fiber having a polymeric matrix and a quarternary ammonium salt. The quarternary ammonium salt contains at least one aliphatic group and no aromatic groups, is not covalently incorporated into the polymeric matrix, and is present on both the surface and in the interior of the fiber.
Dielectric ceramic composition, electronic element, and composite electric element
In order to provide a dielectric ceramic composition capable of sintering at a low temperature, implementing a low relative dielectric constant, providing other excellent properties (such as a relative density and an insulation resistance), performing co-firing of different materials, and suppressing dispersion of ag in the sintered body when the internal electrode is formed, the dielectric ceramic composition includes a main ingredient containing sio2—k2o—b2o3-based glass of 40 to 65 weight %, quartz of 35 to 50 weight %, and amorphous silica of remaining weight %; and a subsidiary ingredient containing alumina of 1.5 to 4 weight %, k2o-mo—sio2—b2o3-based glass (where “mo” denotes at least any one selected from a group consisting of cao and sro) of 5 to 20 weight % relative to the main ingredient of 100 weight %.. .
Surface-emitting laser device, surface-emitting laser array, optical scanner, image forming apparatus, and method for manufacturing surface-emitting laser device
A surface-emitting laser device includes a transparent dielectric layer provided in an emitting region and configured to cause a reflectance at a peripheral part to be different from a reflectance at a central part in the emitting region. In the surface-emitting laser device, the thickness of a contact layer is different between a region having a relatively high reflectance and a region having a relatively low reflectance in the emitting region.
Piezoelectric resonator element and piezoelectric resonator
A piezoelectric resonator element includes a piezoelectric substrate formed of an at-cut quartz crystal substrate in which the thickness direction thereof is a direction parallel to the y′ axis; and excitation electrodes disposed so as to face vibrating regions on both front and rear principal surfaces of the piezoelectric substrate. The piezoelectric substrate includes a rectangular excitation portion in which sides parallel to the x axis are long sides thereof, and sides parallel to the z′ axis are short sides thereof; and a peripheral portion having a smaller thickness than the excitation portion and formed around the excitation portion.
Mount system
A mount system includes two different friction enhancing surfaces that attach to at least one leg of a support structure and form a stable surface area for inhibiting movement by the leg. A mount joins with a terminal end of the leg.
Efficient assembly of triple pane windows
This invention describes a process flow and method to assemble triple ig units without contaminating the center glass lite. A noncontact vacuum pad is used to lift a glass lite off from a horizontal or vertical support that conveys it from a glass washer to an assembly station.
Food preservation system
A system for storing food, including a plurality of food-containing packages disposed inside an endless high-density polyethylene wall for surrounding the plurality of food-containing packages and defining an airtight container. The high-density polyethylene wall is no less than one-quarter inch thick and is formed by engaging a heat source into thermal contact with container rim portion and a lid portion, energizing the heat source to partially melt both the rim portion and the lid portion, disengaging the heat source, and introducing the molten lid and rim portions into pressurized contact with one another to fuse them together to define the airtight container..
Process of leaching precious metals
The invention relates to modifications of a non-ammoniacal thiosulfate process of leaching precious metals (e.g. Gold or silver) from precious metal-containing ores.
Plasma deposition process for producing an optical preform with a cladding glass layer of fluorine-doped quartz glass
In plasma deposition processes for producing an optical preform according to the pod method, a cladding glass layer composed of fluorine-doped quartz glass is produced by means of a plasma torch on a cylindrical substrate body composed of quartz glass, said substrate body rotating about the longitudinal axis thereof. In this case, the plasma torch performs a reversing relative movement between two turning points (a; b) along the substrate body.
Euv lithography member, making method, and titania-doped quartz glass
A member is made of titania-doped quartz glass in which striae have a curvature radius of at least 150 mm in a surface perpendicular to an euv-reflecting surface. The member free of exposed striae and having a high flatness is useful in euv lithography..
Power divider
A power divider/combiner comprising a plurality of transmission lines, each transmission line being in the form of a separate longitudinal component (e.g. A length of coaxial cable), wherein the longitudinal components are arranged such that they are substantially parallel to each other, and such that a side of each longitudinal component is contiguous with a side of at least one other longitudinal component.
Adjustable resilient seal with bendable bulb portions
A resilient seal for mobile living quarters around a slide out room that includes a pair of attaching members extending along the inside and outside surfaces of the main living area wall at an aperture through which the slide out room moves and further includes a connecting member extending between the attaching members and along the edge of the wall defining the aperture. A wiper seal extends from the connecting member to flex against the walls of the slide out room, and the connecting member further includes an accordion pleat for adjusting the distance between the attaching members to thereby accommodate walls of different thicknesses..
Modular pulse jet fabric filter
A modular design for large pulse jet fabric filters (pjff) is divided into similar compartments, which are each “shop-fabricated” in quarter sections prior to delivery to the power plant site. The quarter sections of the compartments are modular and sized so that they can be fabricated at a shop located away from the power plant site and transported by truck over public roads to the power plant site.
Major qtls conferring resistance of corn to fijivirus
The invention relates to methods and compositions for identifying maize plants that have newly conferred resistance or enhanced resistance to, or are susceptible to, a fijivirus, particularly mal de rio cuarto virus (mrcv) and/or maize rough dwarf virus (mrdv). The methods use molecular genetic markers to identify, select and/or construct resistant plants or identify and counter-select susceptible plants.
Quartz upper and lower domes
Embodiments of the invention relate to a dome assembly. The dome assembly includes an upper dome comprising a central window, and an upper peripheral flange engaging the central window at a circumference of the central window, wherein a tangent line on an inside surface of the central window that passes through an intersection of the central window and the upper peripheral flange is at an angle of about 8° to about 16° with respect to a planar upper surface of the peripheral flange, a lower dome comprising a lower peripheral flange and a bottom connecting the lower peripheral flange with a central opening, wherein a tangent line on an outside surface of the bottom that passes through an intersection of the bottom and the lower peripheral flange is at an angle of about 8° to about 16° with respect to a planar bottom surface of the lower peripheral flange..
Plasma light source
A lucent waveguide plasma light source has a quartz waveguide body with a central through bore. The bore has orifices at its opposite ends, opening centrally of flat, end faces of the body.
Wireless communication device
A wireless communication device includes an antenna element for carrying out wireless communications, a power feeding section for supplying power to the antenna element, a conductor other than the antenna element, and a dividing part for dividing the conductor, the dividing part being provided so as to divide the conductor into parts so that each of the parts has a length equal to or less than a quarter of wavelength at an operating frequency at which the antenna element carries out wireless communications.. .
Light guide element
A light guide element (201) for modifying a light distribution pattern of a light source (202) is presented. The light source radiates first light beams to a first quarter-space and second light beams to a second quarter-space, where the first and second quarter-spaces are defined by mutually perpendicular spatial planes and one of the spatial planes constitutes a planar boundary between the first and second quarter-spaces.
Anti-fouling surface, and radiation source assembly and fluid treatment system comprising same
An element having an immersible portion for contact with an aqueous liquid, the immersible portion having a contact surface for contact with the aqueous liquid, the contact surface configured to have strong acidity, a radiation (e.g., ultraviolet radiation) source assembly, a radiation (e.g., ultraviolet radiation) source module and a fluid (e.g., water) treatment system incorporating this element applicable to any surface in contact with fluid that is susceptible to build-up of fouling materials. The embodiments obviates or mitigates the rate of accumulation of fouling on surfaces in contact with aqueous solution, such as the protective (e.g., quartz) sleeves in an ultraviolet radiation fluid treatment system, by modifying at least a portion of the surface of those sleeves in contact with fluid (e.g., water) to have an inherent strong surface acidity..
Hypergolic bipropellants
A hypergolic bipropellant. The hypergolic bipropellant includes an ionic liquid fuel and nitric acid, which is operable as an oxidizer.
System and method for forming fused quartz glass
A method of forming fused quartz glass is provided. The method includes the steps of: (a) providing a starting body made of fused quartz glass; (b) positioning the fused quartz glass starting body on a base plate; (c) inserting a first insert device into an interior cavity of the starting body to form an assembled structure; (d) heating the assembled structure to a predetermined temperature at which the fused quartz glass has a viscosity in a range of 105 to 1013 poise; and (e) deforming the fused quartz glass of the starting body at the predetermined temperature or in the viscosity range of 105 to 1013 poise around the first insert device to change a shape of the starting body.
Shoe with resilient heel
A shoe with a resilient heel comprising: a shoe having a heel, midsole, outsole, toe, vamp and quarter; a rear resilient member attached to the midsole having a rear impact area for impacting the ground during a first stage of a step and a rear mid-impact area for impacting the ground during a second stage of a step wherein the rear impact area includes a rear upward curve; and, a front resilient member attached to the midsole forward the quarter having a front mid-impact area for impacting the ground during a third stage of a step and a front impact area for impacting the ground during a fourth stage of a step wherein the front impact area includes a front upward curve.. .
Partial-fingered gloves
According to the various features characteristics and embodiments of the present invention which will become apparent as the description thereof proceeds, the present invention provides partially fingered gloves and the use of said gloves, intended to increase the overall performance in sports activities including but limited to football and golf. Because of its unique finger configurations, grip enhancers, and/or its hand protective properties, the present invention makes a glove now operable on for football quarterback's throwing hand and golfers, for example..
Manufacture of bend insensitive multimode optical fiber
A method of assembling a preform for a bend-insensitive multimode optical fiber (bimmf), includes providing a multimode core rod, a glass overclad tube, and a trench tube of down-doped quartz glass with a depressed refractive index sufficient to obtain a desired trench depth in a refractive index (ri) profile of a drawn fiber. The core rod is placed inside the trench tube, and the trench tube and the core rod are placed inside the overclad tube to define the preform.
Apparatus for producing rectangular seeds
An apparatus for producing rectangular seeds for use in semiconductor or solar material manufacturing includes a template having a top surface and parallel slots, and an adhesive layer connected to the top surface of the template. The adhesive layer includes alignment lines aligned with the parallel slots.
Process for the adsorption of toxic sulphur bearing gases
The preparation of nano-oxide coated adsorbent, which is useful for treatment of toxic gases, by coating of composite materials containing hydrotalcite over ceramic monolithic substrates. Oxides and salts of metals are reacted in a known manner to prepare hydrotalcites or mixed metal layered hydroxides such as mg—al, ca—al, zn—al, zn—cr type possessing positive layer charge, from which a stable gel is prepared by adding swellable clay, e.g., montmorillonite etc.
Mobile terminal and power saving method thereof
A mobile terminal and a method are provided for power saving. The mobile terminal monitors changes of data on a uart bus, acquires current operating states of a bluetooth chip and a main control chip on the mobile terminal, and when detecting that there is no data on the uart bus, the main control chip controls a bluetooth module to enter into a power saving mode.
Scalable polarimetric phased array transceiver
A polarimetric transceiver front-end includes two receive paths configured to receive signals from an antenna, each receive path corresponding to a respective polarization. Each front-end includes a variable amplifier and a variable phase shifter; a first transmit path configured to send signals to the antenna, where the transmit path is connected to the variable phase shifter of one of the two receive paths and includes a variable amplifier; and a transmit/receive switch configured to select between the first transmit path and the two receive paths for signals, where the transmit/receive switch includes a quarter-wavelength transmission line that adds a high impedance to the transmit path when the transmit/receive switch is in a receiving state..
Economical power and data track lighting system
A track lighting system incorporates an elongate track that includes a plurality of longitudinal guideways. Multiple light fixtures selected from a group consisting of led, incandescent, quartz halogen, compact fluorescent (cfl), high intensity discharge (hid) and ultra-violet (uv) luminaires are supported on the track.
Device housing and method for manufacturing the same
A device housing providing a sensation of touch similar to that of jade is made of a material including quartz, clay mineral and a polymer composition containing calcium-magnesium. The clay mineral includes elemental zn, aluminum oxide, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, barium oxide, silicon oxide, and titanium oxide.

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