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Disposable beverage container

Soft dilute-copper alloy insulated twisted wire and coil

Adjustable kiosk system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Twisted-related patents
 Connecting method of single core electric wire to stranded electric wire patent thumbnailConnecting method of single core electric wire to stranded electric wire
A connecting method of a single core electric wire to a stranded electric wire which can prevent a contact resistance from increasing is provided. The connecting method includes a tube inserting process that a single core wire and a twisted wire are respectively inserted from openings and of a tubular joint terminal having a single core wire inserting part from an end part to a prescribed position in an interior side and a twisted wire inserting part from the other end part to the single core wire inserting part in the interior side, and a metallic bond process that an end face contacts under pressure with an end face and the single core electric wire is rotated in a twisting direction of the twisted wire to metallically bond the end faces..
 Disposable beverage container patent thumbnailDisposable beverage container
A disposable beverage cup is provided to be received by a cup holder having a cup engagement means associated with an opening of the cup holder. The beverage cup comprises a base, at least one sidewall extending upwardly from the base to define a cup opening, and at least one projection disposed substantially horizontally on an outer surface of the sidewall a predetermined height above the base, the projection extending a predetermined distance outwardly from the sidewall.
 Soft dilute-copper alloy insulated twisted wire and coil patent thumbnailSoft dilute-copper alloy insulated twisted wire and coil
A soft dilute-copper alloy insulated twisted wire includes a plurality of insulated wires twisted together and each including a conductor and an insulating cover layer thereon. The conductor includes a soft dilute-copper alloy wire including a soft dilute-copper alloy material including an additional element selected from the group consisting of ti, mg, zr, nb, ca, v, ni, mn and cr with a balance consisting a copper and an inevitable impurity.
 Adjustable kiosk system patent thumbnailAdjustable kiosk system
A kiosk system includes: a flexible bendable user interactive display screen capable of operation when contorted, twisted or bent into different physical configurations; an operational interface in communications with the display screen; a network for access to and from the display screen via the operational interface; and a computer system for providing and receiving data to and from the display screen via the network.. .
 Multi-stranded apparatus for treating a medical condition patent thumbnailMulti-stranded apparatus for treating a medical condition
The present embodiments provide apparatus suitable for treating a medical condition at a target site. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a plurality of strands, each having proximal and distal regions, wherein the plurality of strands are twisted in a generally helical manner to form a tubular shape.
 Cvt belt patent thumbnailCvt belt
A vulcanized rubber cvt belt in the form of an endless v-belt having a belt body with angled sides, a tensile cord layer of helically spiraled tensile cord embedded in the belt body, an overcord rubber layer, and an undercord rubber layer, wherein the tensile cord is a twisted, single-tow bundle of continuous-filament, carbon fiber impregnated with an adhesive treatment and/or overcoated with adhesive compatible with the rubber of the tensile cord layer. The tow may be 18k.
 Assembly conducting wire for rotary electric machine winding and rotary electric machine patent thumbnailAssembly conducting wire for rotary electric machine winding and rotary electric machine
An assembly conducting wire for a rotary electric machine winding includes a plurality of bundled wires, the plurality of wires being twisted in a circumferential direction of the assembly conducting wire, and the plurality of wires being welded together at a predetermined distance.. .
 Vacuum container, twist and lock cap, bottle locker, fluid collector  and auto pump patent thumbnailVacuum container, twist and lock cap, bottle locker, fluid collector and auto pump
A vacuum container and/or pump system may include a rounded rectangular base container with opening at a top to receive foodstuffs, adapted with an edge; an optional cover having at least two locking latches adapted to couple to the edge, the cover to close the opening of the container, the cover including: a circular vacuum tubular opening forming a cylindrical hole through the cover, and a cross-shaped notch on the inner cross-section of the tube, through which at least a portion of a plug is received and disposed when evacuating air, and optionally the cover may include a spinner, chopper, and/or twist/lock cap (coupling plug to container) to prevent loss of vacuum of the container (when cap has been twisted in locked position). A vacuum bag may include an opening; resealable fastener; hole for evacuating air with pump; cap for covering hole; and removable clip for easing closure..
 Shielded cable patent thumbnailShielded cable
A shielded cable includes a twisted cable including a plurality of electric wires each including a conductor covered with an insulation therearound, and an electrically conductive wire twisted together with the plurality of electric wires, and a strip-like member including a conductive layer and an insulating layer. The strip-like member is wound around the twisted cable in the same direction as a twist direction of the twisted cable and at substantially the same winding pitch as a twist pitch of the twisted cable such that the conductive layer is continuously contacted with and along the lead wire..
 Tubing element for a heat exchanger patent thumbnailTubing element for a heat exchanger
A tubing element used for a heat exchanger is a rigid elongated heat exchanger tubing having at least a first end, a second end, a first side wall and a second side wall. The first side wall and the second side wall are arranged substantially parallel to each other.
Freitragende glenkarm-kassetten-markise für fahrzeuge
The invention relates to a self-supporting articulated-arm cassette awning, in particular for motor homes or trailers, comprising articulated arms (20) that are pivotable at awning arm joints or shoulder joints (10), and brackets or shoulders (ii) for connecting the entire awning (100) to the vehicle by means of fastening elements and for receiving joint pins (i) in an insertable, in particular, slidable manner and for at least limiting the twistability of joint pins (i) of those parts of the awning arm joint or shoulder joint that are fixed to the vehicle. Desirable is a compact, continuously variable twisting arrangement for the joint pin which, at the same time, is capable of absorbing the high torques of the extended awning.
Battery powered light with alignment mechanism
A portable lamp is provided that is powered by a plurality of batteries. The lamp includes a housing having a battery compartment with a removable closure.
Tn liquid crystal display device and touch control method thereof
A twisted nematic liquid crystal display device integrated with a touch control function is disclosed. The device includes an array substrate, a color film substrate disposed opposite the array substrate, and a liquid crystal layer disposed between the array substrate and the color film substrate.
Connecting structure of pressure attaching terminal to electric wire and connecting method of pressure attaching terminal to electric wire
In a connecting method of a pressure attaching terminal to an electric wire, the pressure attaching terminal includes first and second electric wire connecting parts having u shapes and having a bottom plate part and one pairs of electric wire caulking pieces. When the electric wire is a single core electric wire, a single core conductor is set and one pairs of electric wire caulking pieces are respectively bent inside to caulk the caulking pieces to the single core conductor.
Anode for secondary battery and secondary battery having the same
The anode active material layer of the spirally-twisted has a thin thickness as compared with a single strand of an anode having the same anode active material. Therefore, li ions can be easily diffused to enhance battery performance.
Rotating drive shaft coupling
A rotatable coupling is used with a replaceable developer cartridge and electrostatographic image devices. The coupling has a driven portion and a driving portion.
Splicing twisted multiple core optical fibers
A method of coupling optical fibers containing cores or other structures that twist about the axis of one or both fibers. The fiber end faces are aligned axially to confront one another, and side view images of end regions of the fibers including the contained cores or structures are produced.
Inspection apparatus for display substrate
An inspection apparatus for a display substrate includes a reflection plate, a liquid crystal layer, an electrode layer, a ¼ wavelength retardation plate and a polarization plate. The liquid crystal layer is disposed on the reflection plate and includes liquid crystal molecules which have a retardation value of about 140 nanometers to about 200 nanometers and are operated in a twisted nematic mode.
Self-defense spray manufactured in various designs with portability
A portable self-defense spray to protect a person from danger under an emergency situation is provided. The compressive-spray structure includes a compact case manufactured in various designs by using a flexible long-length filling tube filled with the cn solution.
Composite material having at least one twisted thread deposited therein
The invention relates to a composite material in which at least one reinforcement thread is deposited on a surface according to a path having at least one curved area on the deposition surface, wherein the reinforcement thread is connected to the surface by a polymeric binder. A twist is applied to the reinforcement thread before the deposition thereof at least in order to compensate the length differences of the extreme paths of the thread on either side of the width as measured in a direction parallel to the deposition surface..
Control device for hybrid vehicle
A control device for a hybrid vehicle is equipped with an engine, an electric motor, and a damper that is interposed in a motive power transmission path between the engine and the electric motor. The control device is equipped with a hysteresis mechanism and a controller.
Articles including untwisted fibers and methods of using them
Certain embodiments described herein are directed to composite materials comprising untwisted fibers. In some embodiments, the article can include a core layer comprising a thermoplastic polymer and reinforcing fibers.
Ski with tri-dimensional ski surface
A ski for mounting a binding on the ski's surface approximately in the middle of the ski or slightly behind the middle, where the ski is provided with inwardly curved edge portions, the ski having greater width at the transition to the front tip than in the middle, and the ski has an upwardly curved front tip. The ski combines features from skis with a very special and characteristic three-dimensional geometry in the actual sliding surface, and a special design of the tip (possibly also in a rear tip where this is relevant), where the tip's secondary sole surfaces (3, 4) are twisted upwards relative to a central reference surface (1, 2), with the result that the ski's tip succeeds in pressing more snow under the ski when running in loose snow and slush, and the invention thereby provides a ski which both glides better in loose snow as well as retaining all the favourable dynamic properties which exist in the described three-dimensional design of the actual sliding surface on the ski..
Optical probe and optical measuring method
An optical measurement method that can suppress variation in detection sensitivity even if an optical probe is bent, and an optical probe suitably used for the method are provided. An optical probe 10 includes an optical fiber 11 that transmits light between a proximal end 11a and a distal end 11b, an optical connector 12 connected with the optical fiber 11 at a side of the proximal end 11a, a focusing optical system 13 and a deflecting optical system 14 optically connected with the optical fiber 11 at a side of the distal end 11b, and a support tube 15 and a jacket tube 16 surrounding the optical fiber 11 and extending along the optical fiber 11.
Vibration resistant cable
A vibration resistant cable may be provided. The vibration resistant cable may comprise a first conductor and a second conductor.
A playhouse has a main frame, a canopy mounted on and above the main frame, and two roof supporting frames. When the roof supporting frames cross each other, the canopy is propped up and expanded to construct the playhouse into a three-dimensional space.
Vehicular power line communication system and transmitter
An opening area between twisted portions of a pair of twisted wires is arranged to be opposite to an opening area of an aperture antenna of each of communication apparatuses. Thus, the use of the pair of twisted wires permits division of electric power among the communication apparatuses and also communication of signals.
Sofa kit
This invention concerns a sofa which solves the problems of the prior art by providing a sofa that can easily be assembled or disassembled by the end consumer at home. The disassembled sofa can be stored in 3 flat boxes.
Torque rod
Provided is a torque rod which has a first annular part of resin adapted to connect to a power unit; a second annular part of resin adapted to connect to a vehicle body; a connecting portion of resin that connects the first and second annular parts while arranging these parts at mutually twisted positions, the connecting portion having, at a surface including an outer cylindrical surface of the first annular part, a recess; a first elastic member provided in an inner cylindrical surface of the first annular part; a first metal collar member of which outer peripheral portion is supported by the first elastic member; a second elastic member provided in an inner cylindrical surface of the second annular part; a second metal collar member of which outer peripheral portion is supported by the second elastic member; a first rib structure formed on the surface including the outer cylindrical surface of the first annular part, the first rib structure having an end portion placed in the recess of the connecting portion; and a second rib structure formed on a surface including an outer cylindrical surface of the second annular part, the second rib structure having an end portion between the first and second annular parts at a position nearer to the first annular part than the end portion of the first rib structure.. .
Heat exchangers
Heat exchanger (100) has one or several substantially flat and rigid elongated tubing elements (10), whereby the tubing elements (10) tilted while being helically wound, forming a substantially overall cylindrical structure having a central longitudinal axis (x). Tubing elements (10) are tilted spirally curved around the central longitudinal axis (x).
Overlay ply for a pneumatic tire
A composite cord includes at least one cellulose-fiber first yarn twisted helically about at least one second yarn. The second yarn includes at least one polyamide, polyester, or pen.
Technology and device for uniform distribution of water film on solid collecting plate
Disclosed is technology and device for uniform distribution of water film on solid collecting plate used on a wet electrostatic precipitator (esp). The device includes clamping plate fastening bolts, suspended clamping plates, a water distribution pipe, guide vanes, collecting plate, a limiter, a two-way limited fixed axis and a double arming bolt.
Encapsulation of dali commands in wireless networks
An exemplary lighting control system and method to use the same in which the lighting system may incorporate wireless communications between a dali controller and dali controlled devices while maintaining adherence to dali protocol. The system comprises a dali protocol based controller (master) connected via a first two wire data bus (e.g.
Welding apparatus
A welding apparatus to weld two wires includes a chassis, a direct current (dc) power supply, and a contacting plate. The contacting plate is electrically connected to a cathode of the dc power supply.
Method and apparatus for providing adaptive swirl injection and ignition
A fuel injector-igniter incorporating adaptive swirl injection and ignition. The fuel injector-igniter comprises a housing, an actuator, and a valve.
Rotational shape-memory actuators and associated devices, systems, and methods
Rotational shape-memory actuators and associated devices, systems, and methods are disclosed. In some embodiments, a rotational shape-memory actuator includes a first anchor, a second anchor, a spring element extending between the first and second anchors, a first shape memory element extending between the first and second anchors, a second shape memory element extending between the first and second anchors, and a communication line wrapped around the first and second shape memory elements.
Sliding plane comprising lateral entrance-exit and different diameters
A sliding plane is provided for water slides, which are used for fun in places such as tourist facilities, aqua parks and entertainment centers. The sliding plane has a conical form narrowing from top to the bottom.
Centrifugal fan and air conditioner using the same
A centrifugal fan and an air conditioner using the same are provided. A gurney flap having a rectangular plate or a s-shaped, twisted gurney flap may be formed in a tip of a blade provided in or on a hub of the centrifugal fan, so that noise may be effectively reduced, and efficiency increased.
Storage container with a collapsible bellows unit
A storage container having a collapsible unit and a twist cap is described. The collapsible unit is a type of bellows which includes a base and a sidewall attached to the base.
Twisted leak detection cable
Disclosed is a leak detection cable that has an outer jacket layer and a four wire construction in a flat wire configuration that is twisted in a helix. Detection cables are disposed on the exterior surface adjacent openings of the jacket to allow for detection of aqueous fluids.
Plug-in connector having contacts
The invention relates to a plug-in connector (1) having a receiving sleeve (2) which encloses an insulation for the contacts (4), and a plug-in portion (3) which can be assembled with said sleeve and which also encloses an insulation (5) for counter contacts (6), wherein said plug-in connector can be coupled and attached in the inserted position without requiring a threading having a counter threading or having a counter nut. For this purpose, the outer side of the plug-in portion (3) and the inner side of the receiving sleeve (2) each have a non-round cross section in some regions on a rotating sleeve (7) which is rotatable relative to the receiving sleeve (2).
Beltless pretzel dough rolling machine
This invention relates to an apparatus for forming strands or rods of dough from a random but generally spherical shaped quantity of dough. The apparatus is comprised of three rigid co-rotating rollers, two of which are static, and the third roller which is movable, which gradually reduces the space allowed for the rotating dough to reside.
Heat transfer tube and cracking furnace using the heat transfer tube
The present disclosure relates to a heat transfer tube and a racking furnace using the heat transfer tube. The heat transfer tube comprises a twisted baffle arranged in an inner wall of the tube, said twisted baffle extending spirally along an axial direction of the heat transfer tube.
Transflective display device, electronic apparatus, and method of driving transflective display device
According to an aspect, a transflective display device, includes a first substrate on which a first orientation film and a plurality of reflective electrodes formed for each of pixels are provided; a second substrate on which a second orientation film and a transparent electrode that is opposite to the reflective electrodes are provided; and a liquid crystal layer including a plurality of liquid crystal molecules provided between the first substrate and the second substrate. A direction of long axis of the liquid crystal molecules is parallel to surfaces of the first and second orientation films and twisted between the first substrate and the second substrate.
An elevator may include an elevator car; a traction sheave that comprises a plurality of grooves; a hoisting machine configured to drive the traction sheave; and a plurality of beltless hoisting ropes configured to interact with the traction sheave to move the elevator car. An overall contact between the traction sheave and the hoisting ropes may exceed a contact angle of 180°.
Composite layer for reinforcement of objects such as tires or belts
The present invention pertains to a fibrous cord comprising yarns twisted together wherein the cord has a twist multiplier of from 5.0 to 12.0, and comprises a blend of aromatic polyamide or aromatic copolyamide yarns and polyester yarns. The invention further pertains to a composite layer comprising an elastomer and a fabric wherein the fabric comprises from about 25 to 60 weight percent of the total composite layer, and comprises a plurality of inventive cords..
Connector guide for orienting wires for termination
A guide member is provided for use with a multi-wire plug connector. It has an elongated body with multiple wire pathways extending through it in a torturous path so that wires inserted into one end of the guide member in a first orientation are twisted into a second orientation that is different than the first orientation.
Fast wake-up and link acquisition in reduced-twisted pair gigabit ethernet applications
Automotive area networks (aan) have a substantially fixed network topology, meaning that the physical media used for communications between devices included in the aan is known. For example, the physical connections within an aan, sometimes provided by wiring harnesses, can include fixed lengths of twisted pairs of wire (“twisted pairs”).
Mounting structure of assist grip
Total four notched portions, two for each of both edges, are formed in a lateral leg to which a tensile load is applied when an assist grip is normally used. In an extending direction of the lateral leg, a position of the notched portion and a position of the notched portion are different from each other.
Strong arm bolt-rebar system
An apparatus with multiple components to create a system capable of holding foundation bolts and foundation rebars prior to pouring concrete. The apparatus consists of [1]a ⅛ inch thick by one inch wide by ten inch length steel plate bent and twisted in a manner to hold both bolt and rebars.
Manufacturing method of segment coil
A manufacturing method of a segment coil includes i) bending a wire assembly in which a plurality of conducting wires are twisted together in a manner such that the conducting wires are able to slide with respect to one another, and ii) compression molding the bent wire assembly.. .
Tissue repair device
A tissue repair device includes a closed knotless loop of multifilament flexible material, and a fixation member having a structure that defines a cavity that receives at least a part of the closed loop. The tissue repair device may include a flexible member traversing the loop.
Bladeless obturator
A surgical obturator adapted to penetrate a body wall includes an elongate shaft having an axis which extends between a proximal end and a distal end. A bladeless tip, disposed at the distal end of the shaft has an outer surface which extends to a blunt point.
Cut resistant webbing system
In general, the present invention has to do with a webbing system used in a fall restraint retractor and other industrial applications where the webbing has an elongated main body comprising synthetic fiber warp yarns, lateral weft yarns, and wire and multi-component stuffer yarns. Cut resistant warp yarns are arranged across the face and back of the main body, the yarns being formed of multi-filament high tenacity yarns.
Elastic rope
The utility model relates to the technical field of wires, in particular to an elastic rope. The elastic rope comprises an elastic body, and a flocked layer is attached to the outer surface of the body; and the body can be a naked elastic rubber rope or silica gel rope, also can be a complex formed by compounding chemical fiber threads or woven belts on the periphery of the naked elastic rubber rope or silica gel rope, and also can be a spring wire, a curved wire, a curl cord, or a telephone line and the like.
Co-registration of cores in multicore optical fiber sensing systems
A twisted, multicore fiber communicates light input to each core to an output. The twisting mitigates relative time delays of the input light traveling through each of the cores in the multicore fiber to the output caused by bending of that multicore fiber.
Reduced pair ethernet transmission system
A system for reduced pair ethernet transmission. The system includes an interleaver that is operable to receive sets of four code symbols from a physical channel sub-layer (pcs) encoder, wherein each code symbol of each set of four code symbols is associated with one of four channels, and interleave the sets of four code symbols to generate a plurality of interleaved code symbols.
Electric wire connecting method
An electric wire connecting method for connecting together a wire having a conductor and a stranded wire having a plurality of strands which are twisted, the electric wire connecting method is provided. The electric wire connecting method includes a forming step and a welding step.
Lotion distribution device
A lotion distribution device is configured to apply lotion to a back area that is unreachable by human hands. The lotion distribution device includes an applicator twisted and tied to form a left loop and a right loop.
Sericin extracted fabrics
Silk is purified to eliminate immunogenic components (particularly sericin) and is used to form fabric that is used to form tissue-supporting prosthetic devices for implantation. The fabrics can carry functional groups, drugs, and other biological reagents.
Propeller of a pulsed airflow generator, in particular for a portable blower
A propeller of a pulsed airflow generator, in particular for a standalone portable blower, of the type made up of the assembly of two parts coaxially adjoining one another, i.e.: a first front part made as a single piece and comprising a plurality of twisted blades connected to a central ring, and a second rear part with a generally conical shape also made as a single piece, the central portion of said assembly having a conical shape and making up the rear portion of an air-inlet cone, said propeller being characterised in that said first and second rear parts are secured by a clamping device made up of a hub including two parts assembled coaxially and between which said two parts that make up the propeller are clamped, said hub being rotatably secured to the latter and maintaining said front and rear parts in the assembled position thereof.. .
Trillium wind turbine
A trillium wind turbine has an electricity-generating nacelle and swept-back, complexly-curved blades. Each blade has a main blade, a trailing edge blade, and a diversion blade.
Method and system for extended reach copper transceiver
Aspects of a method and system for an extended range copper transceiver are provided. Reducing the communication rate provided by multi-rate physical (phy) layer operations in an ethernet transceiver may extend the range of the ethernet transceiver over twisted-pair copper cabling from a standard connection length.
Resin tube for guide wire, method for manufacturing resin tube for guide wire, and guide wire
Provided are a resin tube for a guide wire, a method for manufacturing a resin tube for a guide wire, and a guide wire, configured such that the resin tube makes point contact in the axial direction with an object of contact at working site, thereby reducing frictional resistance and yielding excellent sliding properties, while also being prevented from kinking and collapsing, and having excellent buckling resistance. The resin tube for a guide wire is characterized in that the outer shape of a cross-section perpendicular to the axial direction is polygonal, elliptic, or irregular, that the resin tube is twisted in a helical shape about a deep inner-core hole as the axis of twisting, the deep inner-core hole extending in the axial direction and allowing a core wire to be inserted therein, and that the resin tube is provided with a trunk section having an undulation on the outer surface caused by the twisted eccentric wall thickness..
Communications cables having electrically insulative but thermally conductive cable jackets
A communications cable includes a plurality of insulated conductors that are arranged as at least four twisted pairs of insulated conductors and a cable jacket that surrounds the at least four twisted pairs of insulated conductors, the cable jacket including an outer surface that defines the exterior surface of the communications cable. The cable jacket may be a thermally conductive cable jacket..
Energy efficient noise dampening cables
Energy efficient noise dampening coaxial and twisted pair cables include certain layers to improve the quality of signals transmitted over the cables. A coaxial cable includes a conductive core, a first insulating layer surrounding the conductive core, a metal shield layer surrounding the first insulating layer, a second insulating layer surrounding the metal shield layer, a carbon material layer surrounding the second insulating layer, and a protective sheath wrapping the carbon material layer.
Window regulator module having carrier plate forcing arcuate rails to acquire helical twist
In an aspect, a window regulator module kit is provided, comprising a guide rail having substantially no helical twist, a carrier plate having a selected mounting arrangement configured to bring the guide rail to a selected helically twisted position when the guide rail is mounted to the carrier plate, a lifter mountable to the guide rail, wherein the lifter is configured to hold a window glass, and a cable drive assembly connectable to the lifter so as to slide the lifter along the arcuate rail.. .
Power switching in a two-wire conductor system
In an example embodiment, a power switching circuit of an automobile audio bus (a2b) chip is provided in a bi-directional, multi-node two-wire conductor system that includes a plurality of a2b chips interconnected on a twisted wire pair bus (a2b bus), with at least one a2b chip functioning as a master and the remaining a2b chips functioning as slaves. The power switching circuit of the a2b chip powers up a next downstream a2b chip in the a2b bus sequentially according to a power switching procedure, and the power switching circuit is configured to detect faults in the a2b bus before, during, and after the power switching procedure.
Two-wire communication protocol engine
In an example embodiment, a two-wire communication protocol engine manages control and data transmissions in a bi-directional, multi-node bus system where each node is connected over a twisted wire pair bus to another node. Some embodiments include a state machine that allows for synchronized updates of configuration data across the system, a distributed interrupt system, a synchronization pattern based on data coding used in the system, and data scrambling applied to a portion of the data transmitted over the twisted wire pair bus.
Steel cord comprising flat wires
A steel cord (20) comprises a plurality of steel filaments (22, 24) arranged in parallel to the longitudinal axis of the steel cord (20) without twisting. The steel cord (20) further comprises a wrapping filament (26) twisted around the steel cord (20).
Automated vision inspection of a side curtain airbag assembly
An automated vision inspection system detects whether a cushion of a side curtain airbag assembly system is twisted. The cushion is provided a plurality of markings arrayed along a longitudinal extent of the cushion.
Automated vision inspection of a side curtain airbag assembly
An automated vision inspection system detects whether a cushion of a side curtain airbag assembly system is twisted. The cushion is provided a plurality of markings arrayed along a longitudinal extent of the cushion.

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