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Wavelength-tunable laser output method and tunable laser apparatus

Huawei Technologies

Wavelength-tunable laser output method and tunable laser apparatus

Tunable dbr laser and a method of operating a tunable dbr laser

Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

Tunable dbr laser and a method of operating a tunable dbr laser

Tunable dbr laser and a method of operating a tunable dbr laser

Cresatech Limited

Cresatech limited

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tuna-related patents
 Transceivers with a transformer supporting multiband operation patent thumbnailnew patent Transceivers with a transformer supporting multiband operation
Several multiband transceivers are disclosed. An exemplified multiband transceiver supporting different bands has a transformer, an inbound switch circuit, and an outbound switch circuit.
Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.
 Wavelength-tunable laser output method and tunable laser apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Wavelength-tunable laser output method and tunable laser apparatus
The present invention discloses a wavelength-tunable laser output method. The method includes adjusting, by a thermoelectric cooler according to a received control signal, a working temperature of a laser, so that the laser emits a multi-longitudinal mode optical signal corresponding to the current working temperature and the multi-longitudinal mode optical signal corresponds to a transmittance peak of a filter at a peak wavelength; performing, by the filter, filtering processing on the multi-longitudinal mode optical signal to obtain a single-frequency optical signal with a corresponding peak wavelength frequency; reflecting, by a reflector, a part of the single-frequency optical signal back to the laser; and locking, by the laser according to a center wavelength of the received single-frequency optical signal, an operating frequency, and generating and outputting a frequency-locking optical signal with a wavelength that is the same as the center wavelength of the single-frequency optical signal..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
 Tunable dbr laser and a  operating a tunable dbr laser patent thumbnailnew patent Tunable dbr laser and a operating a tunable dbr laser
A tunable dbr laser including: an amplifier section, a part-reflecting optical output, a connection section connected to the amplifier section, and at least two wavelength-selective reflectors optically coupled to the amplifier section via the connection section. The connection section includes at least one mmi coupler and several waveguides, so that different optical paths lead from the amplifier section to the wavelength-selective reflectors and each of the different optical paths leads through the at least one mmi coupler and through one of the waveguides.
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.
 Fiber signal loss event identification patent thumbnailnew patent Fiber signal loss event identification
A system includes a wavelength tunable laser to provide a first optical pulse of a first wavelength and a second optical pulse of a second wavelength to an optical fiber, a reflection detector to determine a first fiber attenuation curve from the first reflected pulse and a second fiber attenuation curve from the second reflected pulse, and a discontinuous loss event analyzer to identify a discontinuous loss event at a discontinuous loss point in at least one of the first fiber attenuation curve and the second first fiber attenuation curve, determine a return loss slope based on a return loss at the discontinuous loss point for the first fiber attenuation curve and a return loss at the discontinuous loss point for the second first fiber attenuation curve, and determine whether the discontinuous loss event is a bad fiber bending event based on the return loss slope.. .
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.
 Cresatech limited patent thumbnailnew patent Cresatech limited
A method of detecting disturbance in a metallic conductor, comprises the steps of providing an inductance sensing circuit in mechanically and electrically connected to a metallic conductor having a monitorable inductance, tuning the inductance sensing circuit based on an electromagnetic field impressed upon the metallic conductor and an internally generated circuit oscillation, and outputting an alert signal when a tuned output signal from the tuned inductance sensing circuit becomes detuned due to a change in inductance of the metallic conductor by addition to or removal of at least a portion of the metallic conductor. A metallic conductor disturbance detection device for such a method is also provided, the device comprising an amplitude and/or frequency tunable inductance sensing circuit, and an alarm circuit for outputting an alarm signal based on an output of the inductance sensing circuit..
Cresatech Limited
 Cushion structure and construction patent thumbnailnew patent Cushion structure and construction
One exemplary aspect of the present disclosure relates to, among other things, a tunable cushion including a core made of a polymer material, and at least one topper layer adjacent the core, which is also made of a polymer material. Further, the core and the at least one topper layer provide a cushion assembly having a support factor of less than or equal to 4 with an indentation load deflection (ild) determined using a 4 inch batt sample of the cushion assembly..
Indratech Llc
 Method to transfer personal financial information and other hard to replace documents to a selected recipient post death patent thumbnailMethod to transfer personal financial information and other hard to replace documents to a selected recipient post death
A safe, secure and reliable process allows a family member to select one or more loved ones who should be able to receive all the financial details, hard to replace documents, and other information of a person in case of an unfortunate sudden death. The system and methods surrounding this process can help avoid the various follow ups and errands that might be required with various agencies, such as banks, creditors, tax agents, insurance companies, and the like, to find all of the related and necessary information..
 Estimation of nox generation in a commercial pulverized coal burner using a dynamic chemical reactor network model patent thumbnailEstimation of nox generation in a commercial pulverized coal burner using a dynamic chemical reactor network model
Nox generation in a coal burning furnace is estimating using a chemical reactor network model. The model is constructed with ideal chemical reactor modules, an input matrix and a tunable parameter matrix defining split ratios and flow rates among the ideal chemical reactor modules.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
 Absolute distance laser interferometer patent thumbnailAbsolute distance laser interferometer
A device for absolute distance measurement includes a first tunable light source for emitting a first wavelength light of a first tunable frequency modulated by a first modulating frequency and a second light source for emitting a second wavelength light of a second frequency modulated by a second modulating frequency. An optical coupler couples the first wavelength light and the second wavelength light into an interferometer cavity.
Attocube Systems Ag
 Chitosan based high performance filter with self-regenerating ability patent thumbnailChitosan based high performance filter with self-regenerating ability
A self-regenerating chitosan based filter medium for disinfecting and purifying organic pollutants and other pollutants in a gas or liquid is disclosed herein. Porosity and surface charge of said filter medium is manipulative/tunable by varying one or more of the following parameter(s): concentration of chitosan, crosslinking density, amount of copolymers and additives, freezing temperature, freezing profile, and/or types of crosslinker used.
Nano And Advanced Materials Institute Limited

Self-aligned tunable metamaterials

A self-aligned tunable metamaterial is formed as a wire mesh. Self-aligned channel grids are formed in layers in a silicon substrate using deep trench formation and a high-temperature anneal.

Tunable headphone

A tuning headphone is adapted to engage to the user's ear. The tuning headphone includes a perforated frame, a tuning frame and an acoustic generator.
Dexin Corporation

Tunable duplexer arrangement configured for tdd operation

Rf duplexing and methods of operating the same are described herein. In one embodiment, an rf duplexing system may include a control circuit and a duplexer with a first tunable rf filter and second tunable rf filter.
Rf Micro Devices, Inc.

Polysiloxane substrates with highly-tunable elastic modulus

A highly tunable bioscaffold is provided, as well as a method of manufacture of the bioscaffold and methods of use of the bioscaffold, for example for drug testing, cell propagation and for optimizing growth of a cell type, for example corneal endothelial cells.. .
University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

Optical network unit (onu) wavelength self-tuning

A remote node (rn) comprises a downstream port, a wavelength multiplexer (wm) coupled to the downstream port and comprising ports for passing optical waves, an optical rotator coupled to the wm, and a mirror coupled to the optical rotator, wherein the wm, the optical rotator, and the mirror are part of a wavelength tuning scheme. An apparatus comprises a tunable transmitter, a polarization beam splitter (pbs) coupled to the tunable transmitter, a filter coupled to the pbs, a receiver coupled to the filter, a photodiode (pd) coupled to the pbs, and a processor coupled to the tunable transmitter and the pd.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Monolithically integrated tunable semiconductor laser

A monolithically integrated, tunable semiconductor laser with an optical waveguide, comprising a laser chip having epitaxial layers on a substrate and having first and second reflectors bounding an optical gain section and a passive section, wherein at least one of the reflectors is a distributed bragg reflector section comprising a grating and configured to have a tunable reflection spectrum, wherein the laser is provided with a common earth electrode, wherein control electrodes are provided on the optical waveguide in at least the optical gain section and the at least one distributed bragg reflector section, wherein the passive section is provided with an electrode or electrical tracking on the optical waveguide, the passive section is configured not to be drivable by an electrical control signal, and no grating is present within the passive section.. .
Oclaro Technology Ltd

Wavelength-tunable vertical cavity surface emitting laser for swept source optical coherence tomography system

A wavelength-tunable vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (vcsel) with the use of micro-electromechanical system (mems) technology is provided as a swept source for optical coherence tomography (oct). The wavelength-tunable vcsel comprises a bottom mirror of the vcsel, an active region, and a mems tunable upper mirror movable by electrostatic deflections.
Inphenix, Inc.

Wavelength-tunable light source

An external cavity semiconductor laser light source comprises includes a semiconductor gain device operable to provide light amplification; a wavelength selection element including a diffraction grating; and light re-directors. The gain device, light re-directors and grating are arranged so that an optical resonator is established for light portions emitted by the gain device and diffracted by the diffraction grating.
Exalos Ag

Multiport tunable optical filters

A tunable multiport optical filter includes various types of arrays of optical ports. The tunable filter also includes a light dispersion element (e.g., a grating) and a reflective beam steering element (e.g., a tilting mirror).
Ii-vi Incorporated

Filtering antenna systems, devices, and methods

The present subject matter relates to filtering antenna devices, systems, and methods in which a tunable antenna having one or more first variable impedance element is configured to selectively vary an impedance at a signal path output and a tunable filter is in communication between the signal path output of the tunable antenna and a signal processing chain. The tunable filter can have one or more second variable impedance element configured to provide a frequency-selective filtering response between the signal path output and the signal processing chain.

Color-temperature-tunable device

A method of operating a color-temperature-tunable device is described. The method drives a first light emitting diode (led) chip with a first driving current from a first power source.
Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd.

Wireless energy transfer for implantable devices

Wireless energy transfer methods and designs for implantable electronics and devices include, in at least one aspect, a device resonator configured to be included in an implantable medical device and supply power for a load of the implantable medical device by receiving wirelessly transferred power from a source resonator coupled with a power source; temperature sensors positioned to measure temperatures of the device resonator at different locations; a tunable component coupled to the device resonator; and control circuitry configured and arranged to adjust the tunable component to detune the device resonator in response to a measurement from at least one of the temperature sensors.. .
Witricity Corporation

Antenna system with receiver diversity and tunable matching circuit

Electronic devices may be provided that contain wireless communications circuitry. The wireless communications circuitry may include radio-frequency transceiver circuitry and antenna structures.
Apple Inc.

Tunable cast grounding block for dry sections

A number of variations may include a casting having a raised integrated cast grounding block with tunable surfaces for routing an electrical grounding wire/strap via an eyelet and an anti-rotational tab attachment.. .
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Chemical mechanical polishing slurry compositions and method using the same for copper and through-silicon via applications

Provided are novel chemical mechanical polishing (cmp) slurry compositions for polishing copper substrates and method of using the cmp compositions. The cmp slurry compositions deliver superior planarization with high and tunable removal rates and low defects when polishing bulk copper layers of the nanostructures of ic chips.
Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

Interactive physical therapy

Persons recovering from injuries or surgeries today generally undertake physical therapy to regain usage of their muscles, joints and other portions of their body. Unfortunately such treatments often do not fully restore the patient's function, at least within constraints of the funds available.
Interactive Physical Therapy, Llc

Broad band continuous tunable laser

The invention relates to a broad band continuous tunable laser. The laser includes a first laser cavity mirror, a laser gain medium, an intracavity collimating lens, an active optical phase modulator, a tunable acousto-optic filter, and the tunable laser further includes an intracavity reflection mirror to reflect the first order diffracted beam of the first diffraction back to the tunable acousto-optic filter to compensate the wavelength shift, a tunable fabry-perot filter arranged in the optical path of the second diffraction beam, a second laser cavity mirror and a laser drive and control circuit system.
Gp Photonics, Inc.

Method of forming a magnetic mems tunable capacitor

An apparatus including a die; a carrier coupled to the die; and at least one capacitor positioned in or on the carrier, the at least one capacitor including a first electrode, a second electrode and a dielectric material; and a magnet positioned such that a magnetic field at least partially actuates the second electrode toward the first electrode. A method including disposing a die, a first electrode of a capacitor and a magnet on a sacrificial substrate; forming a dielectric layer on the first electrode; patterning a conductive material coupled to the first electrode; patterning a second electrode on the dielectric layer; and removing the sacrificial substrate.

Methods and signal filtering

Systems and techniques for filtering of radiofrequency signals. A plurality of tunable cross-couple resonators are connected using capacitive coupling elements to form a cross-coupled bandpass filter.
Nokia Corporation

Fipel panel light bulb with tunable color

A lighting device for use in creating light, e.g., for replacing a light bulb. The device is in a bulb shaped housing, having an element emitting light.
Vizio Inc

Mixed material tunable rocker system

A number of variations may include a rocker system using tunable parts to satisfy a number of load cases.. .
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Wide-field imaging using nitrogen vacancies

Nitrogen vacancies in bulk diamonds and nanodiamonds can be used to sense temperature, pressure, electromagnetic fields, and ph. Unfortunately, conventional sensing techniques use gated detection and confocal imaging, limiting the measurement sensitivity and precluding wide-field imaging.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Automatic welding filter with tunable spectral transmission

The present invention relates to an automatic welding filter that changes from a light transmission state to a dark transmission state in response to incident welding light and includes a colour-tunable filter whose spectral transmittance can be varied to optimise the visual appearance of a welding task. The colour-tunable filter comprises at least one low twist liquid crystal cell disposed between polarisation filters having substantially parallel polarisation directions.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Process kit for edge critical dimension uniformity control

A tunable ring assembly, a plasma processing chamber having a tunable ring assembly and method for tuning a plasma process is provided. In one embodiment, a tunable ring assembly includes an outer ceramic ring having an exposed top surface and a bottom surface and an inner silicon ring configured to mate with the outer ceramic ring to define an overlap region, the inner silicon ring having an inner surface, a top surface and a notch formed between the inner surface and the top surface, the inner surface defining an inner diameter of the ring assembly, the notch is sized to accept an edge of a substrate, an outer portion of the top surface of the inner silicon ring configured to contact in the overlap region and underlying an inner portion of the bottom surface of the outer ceramic ring..
Applied Materials, Inc.

Method and quantitative hyperspectral fluorescence and reflectance imaging for surgical guidance

An imaging system includes an illumination device for illuminating a target. A surgical microscope receives light from the target, the surgical microscope comprising at least one optical output port at which at least a portion of the received light is provided as an output from the surgical microscope.
The Trustees Of Dartmouth College

Wireless communications circuit for improving current consumption and rf performance

A wireless communications circuit includes: a transceiver; a power amplifier module including a plurality of power amplifiers coupled to the transceiver; a filter module, including a plurality of filters coupled to the power amplifier module; an antenna switching module coupled between the filter module and an antenna; a tunable matching network coupled between the antenna and the antenna switching module; and a baseband circuit coupled to the tunable matching network. The baseband circuit is used for generating a control signal to the tunable matching network to adjust an impedance of the tunable matching network, wherein the impedance of the tunable matching network is adjusted to be different values under different operating conditions of the wireless communications circuit..
Mediatek Inc.

Down-conversion circuit

A down-conversion circuit for a receiver circuit is disclosed, the down-conversion circuit comprises a first passive switching mixer arranged to down-convert a received radio frequency, rf, signal with a first local oscillator, lo, signal (lo1) having a first duty cycle for generating a first down-converted signal at an output port of the first passive switching mixer. The down-conversion circuit further comprises a second passive switching mixer arranged to down-convert the received rf signal with a second lo signal (lo2) having the same lo frequency as the first lo signal (lo1) and a second duty cycle, different from the first duty cycle, for generating a second down-converted signal at an output port of the second passive switching mixer.
Teelfonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Method and managing interference in a communication device

A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a matching network including a tunable reactance circuit configured to be coupled to at least one of a transmitter portion and a receiver portion of a communication device, where the tunable reactance circuit is adjustable to a plurality of tuning states, and where the determination of a tuning state is based on whether detected signal measurements are determined to be invalid and is based on information from at least one of an open-loop or closed-loop feedback configuration of the tunable reactance circuit. Additional embodiments are disclosed..
Blackberry Limited

Quad-band tunable diversity antenna for global applications

An electronic device includes a main antenna and a diversity antenna. The diversity antenna includes a first portion configured to enable a transceiver to receive a signal in a first low-band frequency of four frequency bands.
Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Tunable operational parameters in motion-capture and touchless interface operation

The technology disclosed can provide for improved motion capture and touchless interface operations by enabling tunable control of operational parameters without compromising the quality of image based recognition, tracking of conformation and/or motion, and/or characterization of objects (including objects having one or more articulating members (i.e., humans and/or animals and/or machines). Examples of tunable operational parameters include frame rate, field of view, contrast detection, light source intensity, pulse rate, and/or clock rate.
Leap Motion, Inc.

Integrated optical system and components utilizing tunable optical sources and coherent detection and phased array for imaging, ranging, sensing, communications and other applications

In another embodiment the system uses an optical photonic phased array. The phase array can be a static phased array to eliminate or augment the lens that couples light to and from a sample of interest or can be static and use a spectrally dispersive antenna and a tunable source to perform angular sweeping.

Integrated optical coherence tomography systems and methods

Disclosed herein are optical integration technologies, designs, systems and methods directed toward optical coherence tomography (oct) and other interferometric optical sensor, ranging, and imaging systems wherein such systems, methods and structures employ tunable optical sources, coherent detection and other structures on a single or multichip monolithic integration. In contrast to contemporary, prior-art oct systems and structures that employ simple, miniature optical bench technology using small optical components positioned on a substrate, systems and methods according to the present disclosure employ one or more photonic integrated circuits (pics), use swept-source techniques, and employ a widely tunable optical source(s)..
Acacia Communications Inc.

Light measurement device with identifiable detection elements

A light measurement device comprising an optical sensor that includes a tunable interference filter and a detecting section detecting light passed through the tunable filter, a storing section that stores a first correlation data and a second correlation data, and a cpu that obtains amount of the light by controlling the optical sensor based on the first correlation data and a second correlation data.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Tunable diode laser absorbption spectroscopy with water vapor determination

A gas absorption spectroscopy system and method are provided. A sealed chamber is provided with a reference gas having a known moisture concentration.
Rosemount Analytical Inc.

Frequency tunable antenna

A frequency tunable antenna is provided. Specifically, a device is provided that includes: a ground; an antenna feed; a first radiating arm connected to the antenna feed; a second radiating arm capacitively coupled to the first radiating arm; a switch connected to the second radiating arm, the switch having an open position and a closed position; an inductor connected to the switch on one side and the ground on an opposite side, and, a processor in communication with the switch, the processor configured to open and close the switch to tune a resonance frequency of at least the second radiating arm thereby changing a resonant length of the second radiating arm depending on whether the inductor is connected thereto..
Blackberry Limited

Electrically-driven phase transitions in functional oxide heterostructures

A tunable resistance system includes a layer of a first functional material deposited on a component of the system. The first functional material undergoes a phase transition at a first critical voltage.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Brackish water desalination using tunable anion exchange bed

A process for treating feed water for desalination, the process comprising: (a) removing one or more polyvalent anions from the feed water by feeding the feed water into a bed comprising one or more anion exchange resins under conditions sufficient to exchange the polyvalent ions in the feed water with one or more monovalent anions in the resin; and (b) regenerating the bed by feeding a brine stream into the bed under conditions sufficient to exchange one or more polyvalent anions in the resins with one or more monovalent anions in the brine stream.. .
Lehigh University

Tunable vibration dampers and methods of manufacture and tuning

Embodiments are directed to tunable damper embodiments and methods of using the same for damping resonant and non-resonant vibrations present within an object that the tunable damper is secured to. In some cases, the tunable damper may be tuned before, during or after being secured to an object..
Newport Corporation

Method and structure for achieveing acoustically spectrum tunable earpieces, panels, and inserts

At least one exemplary embodiment is directed to an earpiece that includes a fluid in a reservoir where the composition of the fluid or the pressure of the fluid can be modified to vary the insertion loss value of the earpiece.. .

Inductively powered remotely adjustable gastric banding system

A power management system provides wireless power to operate components of a remotely adjustable gastric banding system. The power management system comprises an external power component transmitting power, and an implantable power management component receiving power and converting the power for use in powering one or more components of the remotely adjustable gastric banding system, such as a pump.
Apollo Endosurgery, Inc.

Electronic component with reactive barrier and hermetic passivation layer

An electronic component is provided on a substrate. A thin-film capacitor is attached to the substrate, the thin-film capacitor includes a pyrochlore or perovskite dielectric layer between a plurality of electrode layers, the electrode layers being formed from a conductive thin-film material.
Blackberry Limited

Silk-based scaffold platform for engineering tissue constructs

The inventions provided herein relate to silk-based scaffolds and methods of producing the same, which can be used for a range of tissue engineering applications. The fabrication methods described herein provide a versatile platform to incorporate hollow conduits (e.g., for nutrient/oxygen delivery) through three-dimensional silk-based scaffolds that have tunable bulk properties (e.g., but not limited to, porosity, mechanical, degradation rate) and allow endothelialization and/or cell compartmentalization, for engineering a variety of complex tissue equivalents..
Tufts University

Tunable laser emission device

A second waveguide (5) made of silicon on silicon dioxide and disposed parallel to the first waveguide spaced from the first waveguide in a vertical direction of the emission device so as to allow the existence of a hybrid optical mode coupled at one and the same time to the second waveguide and to the first waveguide, the second waveguide comprising a distributed reflector (9) along the second waveguide, the second waveguide comprising transverse zones (11, 12, 13, 14) doped differently so as to form a polar junction oriented in a transverse direction of the emission device. Electrodes (15, 16) coupled to the doped transverse zones modify an effective index seen by the hybrid optical mode..

Direct sampling receiver with continuous-time mdac

Methods and apparatuses are described for a direct sampling receiver having high dynamic range and low noise figure with a continuous-time (ct) multiplying digital-to-analog converter (mdac) architecture. In a multipath architecture, the input signal is sampled in the quantizer path, but not the ct signal path.
Broadcom Corporation

Apparatus for output light with wavelength tunable function and method to determine oscillation wavelength of wavelength tunable laser diode

An apparatus for output light with a wavelength tunable function, includes: a semiconductor laser diode (ld) including regions to determine an oscillation wavelength, the regions providing respective diffraction gratings and electrodes to control refractive index of the regions; a temperature controller for mounting the ld thereon to control a temperature of the ld; and a controller configured to vary the refractive index of the regions by providing control signals to the electrodes and another control signal to the temperature controller for varying the temperature of the ld to coincide the oscillation wavelength with a target wavelength.. .
Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations, Inc.

Interferometer using asymmetric polarization and optical device using the interferometer

The present invention relates to an interferometer and an optical device using same. Unclear interference patterns and restrictions between light source and the interferometer for conventional devices require precise control devices.
Kohyoung Technology Inc.

Led display with wavelength conversion layer

A display and method of manufacture are described. The display may include a substrate including an array of pixels with each pixel including multiple subpixels, and each subpixel within a pixel is designed for a different color emission spectrum.
Luxvue Technology Corporation

Interference rejection in ultra-wideband real time locating systems

Systems, methods, apparatuses, and computer readable media are disclosed for providing interference rejection in ultra-wideband real time locating systems. In one embodiment, an ultra-wideband (uwb) receiver is configured to: receive a composite signal, the composite signal comprising a uwb signal transmitted from within a monitored region and an interference signal transmitted from a source positioned outside the monitored region; filtering at least a first component of the composite signal representing the interference signal with a tunable notch filter to generate a filtered signal; determining an interference level in the filtered signal; and adjust the tunable notch filter to reduce the interference level.

Multi-band interference optimization

Rf communications circuitry, which includes a first rf filter structure and control circuitry, is disclosed. The first rf filter structure includes a pair of weakly coupled resonators and a first tunable rf filter.

Close proximity airborne influenza/pathogen mitigator

Close proximity, including conversations at closer than three (3) feet apart, facilitates disease transfer via airborne pathogens. This transfer can be mitigated by the present invention, which is directed towards methods, systems and apparatuses to produce a predictably shaped and minimally intrusive air barrier that may comprise an airborne disinfectant, to divert and or render harmless and to divert and negate close proximity airborne pathogens, such as influenza and severe acute respiratory syndrome, etc., and other airborne particulates transferred from an infected person towards the face of an unfortunate recipient at normal conversational distances apart from each other, and/or to divert and render harmless such airborne particulates..

Two-dimensional optical beam steering module

An interference-free communication system having a central communication controller (ccc) with a wavelength-tunable light source that emits a tunable wavelength optical data signal, and controls the wavelength-tunable light source by conditioning, modulation and wavelength-tuning, the ccc includes a signal-transparent optical crossconnect and fiber optic network, a pencil-radiating antenna (pra) that is a passive 2-dimensional diffractive module is coupled to the wavelength-tunable light source via the fiber optic network, the crossconnect routes the optical data signal to the pra, the optical data signal is transmitted through a confined optical pencil beam, the pra deflects the pencil beam in 2 angular dimensions as a function of a wavelength of the pencil beam, the deflected pencil beam is disposed for communication with an opto-electronic communication device, and a radio return channel that provides upstream communication from the communication device to the ccc includes a lack-of-connection communication between the communication device and the ccc.. .

Compact, tunable, submersible dry mate n-pin optical connector

A multi-pin connector with a small envelop and low insertion loss capable of operating while submerged is described within. This configuration avoids the tolerance stack up troubles that has plagued other similar designs thereby allowing it to achieve a low insertion loss without the typical cost drivers of tighter tolerances.

Multiple antenna interference rejection in ultra-wideband real time locating systems

Systems, methods, apparatuses, and computer readable media are disclosed for providing interference rejection in ultra-wideband real time locating systems. In one embodiment, an ultra-wideband (uwb) receiver is configured to: receive an interference signal from a source positioned outside a monitored region; receive a composite signal transmitted from a tagged object moving about a playing field within the monitored region, wherein the composite signal comprises a location signal and a component of the interference signal; detect whether the component of the interference signal exceeds a threshold value; and adjust, via a processor, filtering of the composite signal to attenuate the component of the interference signal based on whether the component of the interference signal exceeds the threshold value.

Tunable optical filter

Methods, systems, and apparatus for optical fiber communications. One tunable optical filter includes a light inputting assembly and a light receiving assembly; an adjustable cavity length assembly arranged between the light inputting assembly and the light receiving assembly, wherein the adjustable cavity length assembly includes an adjustable length device, a first substrate, and a second substrate, wherein the first substrate and the second substrate are positioned parallel to each other and are fixed at respective ends of the adjustable length device; and a fabry-perot filter arranged in the adjustable cavity length assembly, the fabry-perot filter including a first component which is fixed on the first substrate, and a second component which is fixed on the second substrate, the first component includes a reflecting surface facing the second substrate and the second component includes a reflecting surface facing the first substrate..

Short-wavelength infrared (swir) multi-conjugate liquid crystal tunable filter

A swir hyperspectral imaging filter has serial stages along an optical signal path with angularly distributed birefringent retarders and polarizers. The retarders can include active retarders such as tunable liquid crystal birefringent elements, passive retarders such as fixed retarders, and/or combinations thereof.

Tunable rf filter paths for tunable rf filter structures

This disclosure relates generally to radio frequency (rf) filter structures. In one embodiment, an rf filter structure includes a first resonator and a second resonator.

Tunable rf filter based rf communications system

Rf communications circuitry, which includes a first rf filter structure, is disclosed. The first rf filter structure includes a first tunable rf filter path and a second tunable rf filter path.

Tunable rf filter structure formed by a matrix of weakly coupled resonators

Rf filter structures are disclosed that may have multiple filter paths, which are provided by weakly coupled resonators. The filter paths may be interconnected so that additional filter paths may be realized between input and output terminals of the rf filter structures.

Communication device and control method thereof

A communication device is provided in the present invention. The communication device comprises an oscillation signal source, a tunable capacitor array, a frame counter; and a control module.

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