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new patent Methods and recording impulsive sounds
Loud sounds with fast rise times, like gunfire and explosions, can cause noise-induced hearing loss (nihl). Unfortunately, current models do not adequately explain how impulsive sounds cause nihl, which makes it difficult to predict and prevent nihl on battlefields and other hostile or rugged environments.

new patent Tunable reactance devices, and methods of making and using the same
A tunable reactance device and methods of manufacturing and using the same are disclosed. The tunable reactance device includes a substrate, a microelectromechanical (mem) structure supported on the substrate and comprising a conductive material, and a driver configured to move the mem structure with respect to the substrate upon application of an electrostatic force to the driver.

new patent Reconfigurable load modulation amplifier
A reconfigurable load modulation amplifier having a carrier amplifier and a peak amplifier that are coupled in parallel is disclosed. The peak amplifier provides additional power amplification when the carrier amplifier is driven into saturation.
Qorvo Us, Inc

new patent Miniaturized highly efficient wireless power transfer elements using multiple layers of resonators and/or tunable capacitors
Novel and advantageous systems and methods for wireless power transfer (wpt) via multiple-resonator conformal strongly coupled magnetic resonance (cscmr) are provided. Instead of using a single loop as a resonator, multiple resonators can be used.
Florida International University Board Of Trustees

new patent Methods and system for wavelength tunable optical components and sub-systems
Wavelength division multiplexing (wdm) has enabled telecommunication service providers to fully exploit the transmission capacity of optical fibers. State of the art systems in long-haul networks now have aggregated capacities of terabits per second.
Aeponyx Inc.

new patent Tunable filters for spectral sensing
A spectroscopic analysis device for analysis of a sample comprising: a photonic integrated circuit (pic) comprising: an input (def) for receiving light from the sample; and a demultiplexer (demux) arranged to distribute the received light into at least a first optical chain (c1) and a second optical chain (c2); wherein each optical chain (c1, c2) of the photonic integrated circuit c(pic) further comprises a tunable bandpass filter (tbf1, tbf2) and a variable attenuator (att1, att2) and a photodetector (pd1, pd2) arranged respectively to filter and to attenuate and to detect the light distributed into its corresponding optical chain (c1, c2).. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

new patent Tunable luminaire and related methods to control light output
A light fixture may include one or more light sources and one or more lenses for manipulating light provided by the light sources. The lenses may manipulate the direction of the light, light wavelength, dispersion pattern, or any other quality of the light.
Delta T Corporation

new patent Tunable vibration dampers and methods of manufacture and tuning
Embodiments are directed to tunable damper embodiments and methods of using the same for damping resonant and non-resonant vibrations present within an object that the tunable damper is secured to. In some cases, the tunable damper may be tuned before, during or after being secured to an object..
Newport Corporation

new patent Tunable vibration dampers and methods of manufacture and tuning
Embodiments are directed to tunable damper embodiments and methods of using the same for damping resonant and non-resonant vibrations present within an object that the tunable damper is secured to. In some cases, the tunable damper may be tuned before, during or after being secured to an object..
Newport Corporation

new patent Swirling jet actuator for control of separated and mixing flows
The present invention includes a method of controlling a fluid flow using momentum and/or vorticity injections. Actively controlling an actuator allows for direct, precise, and independent control of the momentum and swirl entering into the fluid system.
The Florida State University Research Foundation, Inc.

new patent

Novel methods for sol-gel polymerization in absence of solvent and creation of tunable carbon structure from same

The present application is directed to methods for solvent-free preparation of polymers and their subsequent processing into activated carbon materials. These methods unexpectedly demonstrate ability to tune pore structure in the polymer gel and carbon produced there from, while also providing distinct advantages over the current art..
Energ2 Technologies, Inc.

new patent

Composition and the use thereof

The present invention relates to the pharmaceutical field, particularly to a composition and the use thereof. The composition serves to lower uric acid through the combination of several traditional chinese medicines of smilacis glabra rhizoma, cichorii herba, plantaginis herba and coicis semen.
Infinitus (china) Company Ltd.

Adaptable operating frequency of a variable focal length lens in an adjustable magnification optical system

An imaging system is provided for a precision machine vision inspection or metrology system. The imaging system optical path includes a variable magnification lens portion and a variable focal length lens portion.
Mitutoyo Corporation

Tunable balun

A system includes a balun, a power monitoring circuit, a first circuit, and a second circuit. The balun includes a first inductor to receive an input and a second inductor to couple the input to a load.
Marvell World Trade Ltd.

Front-end circuit for simultaneous transmission and reception operation

A front end circuit is disclosed. In an embodiment, the circuit includes a first antenna connection and first to third signal paths, each of which include a tunable filter and each of which is connected to the first antenna connection.
Epcos Ag

Tunable lc filter

An inductor-capacitor (lc) filter designed to comply with emc (electromagnetic compatibility) standards comprises capacitors; switches for coupling capacitors; differential-mode inductors for coupling capacitors and switches; and common-mode inductors or a combination of differential-mode inductors and common-mode inductors, where an input signal changes the inductance of differential-mode inductors in the lc filter to modify a frequency response of the lc filter. In the lc filter, differential-mode inductors further comprise identical multiple-winding inductors, and the input signal, which biases the plurality of differential-mode inductors, includes a dc signal or a combination of dc and ac signals.
Toshiba International Corporation

Apparatus and methods for tunable power amplifiers

A power amplifier is described. The power amplifier including at least a first amplifier stage, and at least a first tunable matching network.
Tdk Corporation

Antenna system and terminal

An antenna system includes an antenna body, a tunable component, and at least one of a first filter and a second filter. The antenna body is connected to the tunable component.
Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

Optical imaging devices and variable-focus lens elements, and methods for using them

The present disclosure relates optical imaging devices and methods useful in biological and medical imaging applications. In one embodiment, an optical imaging device includes a flexible lightguide having a first end and a second end, the output of the source of pulsed infrared radiation being optically coupled to the first end of the flexible lightguide; a lens assembly attached to and optically coupled to the second end of the flexible lightguide, the lens assembly comprising a variable-focus lens element, the a variable-focus lens element having a tunable focal length; and a photodetector coupled to the flexible lightguide to detect radiation propagating from the second end toward the first end of the flexible lightguide.
The Regents Of The University Of Colorado, A Body Corporate

Apparatus and tuning optical components

An apparatus and method for tuning optical components are provided. The apparatus and method may be used for wavelength selection in the context of optical communication.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Apparatus and tuning and switching between optical components

Apparatuses and methods for tuning and switching between optical components are provided. The apparatuses and methods may be used in the context of optical communication.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Direct sampling of received signals in radar

It is common practice in modern radar to utilize some type of downconversion to an intermediate frequency or baseband before analog-to-digital conversion takes place. Several microwave components are needed for this downconversion process, including a tunable local oscillator, bandpass filters, amplifiers, and other signal conditioning devices.
Mark Resources, Inc.

Method for inhibiting self-absorption effect in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy

Provided is a method for inhibiting self-absorption effect of a libs, comprising ablating a to-be-measured sample via a pulse laser thereby generating plasma, and selectively stimulating the plasma using a wavelength-tunable laser beam enabling transition of particles in a ground-state in the plasma to high energy state as stimulated absorption, thereby improving a stimulated absorption transition efficiency of the particles in a ground-state, and preventing plasma spectrum from being influenced by self-absorption effect. The invention is capable of eliminating the self-absorption effect without introducing external interference, obtaining original characteristics of emission spectrum from the center of the plasma, and essentially inhibiting and finally eliminating the self-absorption effect of laser plasma by making use of intrinsic physical property of plasma..
Huazhong University Of Science And Technology

Ferroelectric nanocomposite based dielectric inks for reconfigurable rf and microwave applications

A novel ferroelectric ink comprising multiphase barium strontium titanate (bst) in a polymer composite is described. The ink can be employed using direct-ink writing techniques to print high dielectric constant, low loss, and electrostatically-tunable dielectrics on substrates.
University Of Massachusetts

Led lighting module having tunable correlated color temperature and control method thereof

A led lighting module having tunable correlated color temperature and control method thereof is disclosed. The control method comprises steps of: (a) receiving an ac voltage signal and converting the ac input signal into a first ac signal; (b) receiving the first ac signal and converting the first ac signal into a first dc signal; (c) comparing the first dc signal with a plurality of reference voltages by the control unit, wherein the reference voltages comprise driven voltages of one of the led strings or driven voltages of serially-connected led strings; and (d) if the first dc signal exceeds the reference voltage of the corresponding led string or the corresponding serially-connected led strings, the corresponding led string or the corresponding serially-connected led strings is driven so as to adjust the correlated color temperature of the light emitted by the led lighting module..
Delta Electronics, Inc.

Hearing aid with increased acoustic bandwidth

A hearing aid (21) includes a signal processor producing signals that have been processed to compensate for a hearing impairment, a first output converter (26), a second output converter (27), a first acoustic output transducer (34) and at least a second output transducer (35). The first output converter (26) and the first output transducer (34) are configured to reproduce the high frequencies of the processed signals, and the second output converter (27) and the second output transducer (35) are configured to reproduce the low frequencies of the processed signals.
Widex A/s

Optical channel monitor with integral optical switch

A multiport optical switch (such as an n×1 switch) is used to controllably select a specific incoming optical signal that is to be processed by an associated optical channel monitor (ocm). The ocm includes a tunable optical filter and photodetector arrangement, and is configured to measure the optical spectrum of the incoming optical signal and extract information associated with the various optical channels (wavelengths) forming the incoming optical signal (i.e., power, wavelength, osnr and the like for each channel).
Ii-vi Incorporated

Partly tunable filter and radio unit using the same

A filter comprises a first tunable portion connected to a transmitting module, a second tunable portion connected to a receiving module, and a fixed portion connected to an antenna unit. The first tunable portion is works in a first frequency range different from a first pass band in which the second tunable portion is controlled to work when the radio frequency signal is received via the antenna unit, such that the received radio frequency signal is rejected by the first tunable portion to the transmitting module.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Tunable power amplifier with wide frequency range

A circuit includes an amplifier configured to amplify an input signal and generate an output signal. The circuit also includes a tuning network configured to tune frequency response of the amplifier.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Tunable optical phase filter

An embodiment provides a 850 nm vcsel transmitter that includes an active region having: one or more quantum wells having ingaas material; and two or more quantum well barriers having algaas or gaasp materials adjacent to the one or more quantum wells. An in-phase or anti-phase, step or ring surface relief structure depth control is made on either (i) the topmost gaas surface/contact layers by either dry or wet etching, or (ii) with the help of pecvd made thin sin layer made on gaas layer with wet etching for tunable static and dynamic characteristics such as output power, slope efficiency, and resonance oscillation bandwidth, photon lifetime through its damping, rise/fall times of eye-opening, over shooting, and jitter respectively.
Sae Magnetics (h.k.) Ltd.

Tunable antenna module using frequency-division circuit for mobile device with metal cover

A tunable antenna module for a mobile device includes an antenna, a frequency-division circuit and one or more impedance-tuning circuits. The frequency-division circuit is coupled to a radiator of the antenna for forming one or more signal paths for one or more of component frequencies of a radio-frequency signal of the antenna.
Mediatek Inc.

Coplanar antenna

A coplanar antenna including a conductive plane, wherein the length of the conductive plane along a first dimension is less than one-quarter of a wavelength of a resonant frequency; an insulating region within the conductive plane, wherein the insulating region is of a shape that outlines a conductive peninsula, wherein: the conductive peninsula is coupled to the conductive plane, the conductive peninsula is substantially coplanar to a major portion of the conductive plane, the conductive peninsula is operable to be electrically coupled to an electric feed circuit, and the conductive peninsula is operable to electrically couple a tunable inductance to the conductive plane after receiving a current from the electric feed circuit.. .
Wisewear Corporation

Tunable multiband antenna with passive and active circuitry

An electronic device may have an antenna for providing coverage in wireless communications bands of interest such as a low frequency communications band and a high frequency communications band. The antenna may have an antenna ground and an antenna resonating element.
Apple Inc.

Light emitting diode, photodiode, displays, and forming the same

The present invention is related to solid state light emitting diodes (leds), photodetector/photovoltaic devices, displays, applications and methods for making the same. As demonstrated experimentally, the leds, as disclosed herein, have high light emission efficiency, high contrast, high brightness, low ambient light reflection, low light glare, and a tunable display viewing angle.
Princeton University

Tunable negative bitline write assist and boost attenuation circuit

An apparatus and method are provided for implementing write assist with boost attenuation for static random access memory (sram) arrays. The apparatus includes a memory array comprising a plurality of sram cells.
International Business Machines Corporation

Contact structure for a tunable liquid crystal optical device

A tunable liquid crystal optical device defining an optical aperture and having a layered structure. The device includes a film electrode formed on a surface of a first substrate and covered by a second substrate, and a contact structure filling a volume within the layered structure and contacting the film electrode.
Lensvector Inc.

Infrared imaging system with automatic referencing

A method and apparatus for obtaining reference samples during the generation of a mid-infrared (mw) image without requiring that the sample being imaged be removed is disclosed. A tunable mir laser generates a light beam that is focused onto a specimen on a specimen stage that moves the specimen in a first direction.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Ultra low density biodegradable shape memory polymer foams with tunable physical properties

Compositions and/or structures of degradable shape memory polymers (smps) ranging in form from neat/unfoamed to ultra low density materials of down to 0.005 g/cc density. These materials show controllable degradation rate, actuation temperature and breadth of transitions along with high modulus and excellent shape memory behavior.
The Texas A&m University System

Tunable control of pozzolan-lime cement compositions

Disclosed herein are cement compositions and methods of using cement compositions in subterranean formations. An embodiment discloses a method of formulating a cement composition.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Communication device and electronic device including the same

A communication device includes: a communication module configured to discover a network capable of communication; a processor configured to identify a first frequency band of the network and to output a control signal for changing a pass band of a band pass filter; a multiplexer configured to change the pass band of the band pass filter to correspond to the first frequency band of the network; and a tunable tuner circuit configured to change an impedance thereof according to the control signal.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Transformer based duplexer

A tunable transformer based duplexer (ttbd) comprising a first antenna port and a second antenna port. The ttbd further comprises a first winding coupled between a transmitting port and the first antenna port, wherein the first antenna port is configured to receive a first signal; a second winding coupled between the transmitting port and the second antenna port, wherein the second antenna port is configured to receive a second signal.
Intel Ip Corporation

Method and applications of thin-film membrane transfer

The disclosure relates to method and apparatus for micro-contact printing of micro-electromechanical systems (“mems”) in a solvent-free environment. The disclosed embodiments enable forming a composite membrane over a parylene layer and transferring the composite structure to a receiving structure to form one or more microcavities covered by the composite membrane.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Tunable capacitor for fdsoi applications

The present disclosure provides in one aspect a semiconductor device including an soi substrate with an active semiconductor layer disposed on a buried insulating material layer, which, in turn, is formed on a base substrate material, a gate structure formed on the active semiconductor layer, and a back gate region provided in the base substrate material below the gate structure opposing the gate structure. Herein, the back gate region may be electrically insulated from the surrounding base substrate material via an isolation region surrounding the back gate region..
Globalfoundries Inc.

Stable, high efficiency, wavelength tunable fiber optic parametric oscillator

An optical apparatus comprising: a source and a loop. The source generates a pump.
The Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of The University Of Arizona

In-flight auto focus tunable liquid crystal optical element

An auto-focus system employing a tunable liquid crystal lens is provided that collects images at different optical power values as the liquid crystal molecules are excited between a ground state and a maximum optical power state tracking image focus scores. An image is acquired at a desired optical power value less than maximum optical power established with the liquid crystal molecules closer a fully excited state than the maximum optical power state having the same image focus score.
Lensvector Inc.

Tunable optical receiver

An embodiment of the disclosure provides a system for determining information on one or more constituents in a medium. The system includes n light emitters l1 .
Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

Apparatus for spatially and spectrally adaptable dichromatic white light source using spatial light modulator

In described examples of an illumination system, the illumination system includes: at least two illumination modules to output different color light beams to an illumination path; and illumination optics corresponding to each of the at least two illumination modules to receive the light beams and to provide illumination to a programmable spatial light modulator. The programmable spatial light modulator receives the illumination and outputs patterned light to projection optics.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

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