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Tunable u-laser transmitter with integrated mach-zehnder modulator

Packet Photonics

Tunable u-laser transmitter with integrated mach-zehnder modulator

Tunable long term evolution antenna

Auden Techno Corp.

Tunable long term evolution antenna

Tunable long term evolution antenna

Luxvue Technology

Led display with wavelength conversion layer

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tuna-related patents
 Wireless energy distribution system patent thumbnailWireless energy distribution system
Described herein are systems for wireless energy transfer distribution over a defined area. Energy may be distributed over the area via a plurality of repeater, source, and device resonators.
Witricity Corporation

 Tunable u-laser transmitter with integrated mach-zehnder modulator patent thumbnailTunable u-laser transmitter with integrated mach-zehnder modulator
According to the present invention, a monolithically integrated laser 102, also referred to herein as a u-laser 102, or integrated dual optical emission laser 102, having a first optical emission 104 and a second optical emission 106 where both the first and second optical emissions 104, 106 of the monolithically integrated laser 102 are in optical communication with a modulator 108 or other device is provided. The integrated dual emission laser 102 can be formed with a a light bending portion 134 in variety of configurations including a waveguide in the form of a u-shape, or total internal reflection (tir) mirrors, curved waveguides, and free-space etched gap mirrors.
Packet Photonics, Inc.

 Tunable long term evolution antenna patent thumbnailTunable long term evolution antenna
A tunable long term evolution antenna comprises a feeding portion, a grounding portion, a first radiation portion, a second radiation portion and a coupling radiation portion. The shape of the first radiation portion is a strip.
Auden Techno Corp.

 Led display with wavelength conversion layer patent thumbnailLed display with wavelength conversion layer
A display and method of manufacture are described. The display may include a substrate including an array of pixels with each pixel including multiple subpixels, and each subpixel within a pixel is designed for a different color emission spectrum.
Luxvue Technology Corporation

 Tunable reflectors based on multi-cavity interference patent thumbnailTunable reflectors based on multi-cavity interference
A reflective structure includes an input/output port and an optical splitter coupled to the input/output port. The optical splitter has a first branch and a second branch.
Skorpios Technologies, Inc.

 Measurement apparatus and  measuring signal light quality patent thumbnailMeasurement apparatus and measuring signal light quality
There is provided a measurement apparatus of measuring signal light quality. The measurement apparatus may include: a tunable wavelength filter configured to be input signal lights having different power levels; a measure configured to measure an optical power level of light passing through the tunable wavelength filter; and a controller configured to calculate a non-linear noise component and a spontaneous emission component of a signal light based on the measured optical power levels, the optical power levels being measured at different transmission frequencies for each of the signal lights having the different power levels in response to a control of the transmission frequency of the tunable wavelength filter..
Fujitsu Limited

 Realistic laser acupuncture apparatus patent thumbnailRealistic laser acupuncture apparatus
A realistic laser acupuncture apparatus includes a laser device having a laser driver and a laser head. The laser head emits a laser beam moving along a path.
I-shou University

 Am/fm antenna performance in the presence of wide-band noise using tunable high-q structures patent thumbnailAm/fm antenna performance in the presence of wide-band noise using tunable high-q structures
An am/fm radio system for a vehicle that is selectively impedance matched to the particular tuned frequency of interest so that noise received by other frequencies does not affect the received signal. The radio system includes an hmi allowing a user to select an am or fm radio station and a radio tuner responsive to a signal from the hmi identifying the selected radio station.
Kathrein Automotive North America, Inc.

 Optical transceiver having auxiliary area to install mach-zehnder modulator patent thumbnailOptical transceiver having auxiliary area to install mach-zehnder modulator
An optical transceiver for the coherent communication system is disclosed. The optical transceiver follows the standard of the cfp transceiver and installs a wavelength tunable laser diode (ld) as a light source for the optical transmission and a local light for the optical reception; an optical modulator of the mach-zehnder type made of dielectric material; and an optical receiver to recover the dp-qpsk optical signal the housing of the optical transceiver provides a front auxiliary area and a rear auxiliary area to install a slender optical modulator and to bend an inner fiber with a large radius..
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

 Wireless device with adaptively-tunable electrically-small antennas patent thumbnailWireless device with adaptively-tunable electrically-small antennas
A communication device includes a transmitter (tx), a receiver (rx), one or more adaptively-tunable electrically-small antennas (esas), and a control unit. The transmitter is configured to produce a tx signal for transmission on a tx frequency band.
Altair Semiconductor Ltd.


Tunable frequency-to-voltage controlled oscillation

A tunable dco (digitally controlled oscillator), for example, includes a clock generator that is arranged to provide a converter clock signal for driving a frequency-to-voltage (f2v) converter. The f2v converter, for example, includes a frequency target control input for selecting an operational frequency and in response generates a frequency control signal using a dac (digital-to-analog converter).
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Electronically tunable filter

An electronically tunable filter (etf) and systems comprising an etf are disclosed herein. The etf comprises: a first image rejection mixer; a second image rejection mixer; a first hybrid coupler, the first hybrid coupler being coupled to the first image rejection mixer; a second hybrid coupler, the second hybrid coupler being coupled to the second image rejection mixer; an internal filter coupled to the first hybrid coupler and the second hybrid coupler; a control port for receiving a control signal; a power splitter coupled to the control port, the first image rejection mixer, and the second image rejection mixer; a first port coupled to the first image rejection mixer; and a second port coupled to the first image rejection mixer..
Nanowave Technologies Inc.


Adjustable cajÓn instrument

Tunable cajón devices, including tuning and adjustment during a performance, are disclosed. In an aspect, the present disclosure provides a tunable cajón device wherein internal strings or cords under tension may be tuned via the manual manipulation of tuners accessible via a top surface of the cajón.
Drum Workshop, Inc.


Cavity opto-mechanical sensor system

A mass sensor system including multiple fabry-perot microcavities connected in parallel by multiple waveguides. Each of the mass sensors includes a microbridge having a fundamental resonance frequency, and a movable reflective mirror etched into the microbridge; a fixed reflective mirror etched in a substrate, the fixed reflective mirror being fixed to the substrate in a region spaced apart from the movable reflective mirror; and an optical waveguide etched in the substrate that connects the movable mirror and the fixed mirror forming the fabry-perot microcavity interferometer.
The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Multi-purpose and tunable pressure chamber for pyrotechnic actuator

A pressurized gas-powered actuator includes a housing and a piston movably positioned within the housing. The piston has a drive pocket formed therein.
Tk Holdings Inc.


Ncc as a functional scaffold for amine-cured epoxy nanocomposite materials of tunable properties

The disclosure relates to a novel process for functionalizing ncc, a method for producing amine-cured epoxy-based nanocomposites through the use of said functionalized ncc, and nanocomposites thereof. The process for functionalizating ncc comprises providing a mixture of ncc and one or more monomers.
Celluforce Inc.


Silica aerogels and their preparation

Silica aerogels with improved properties are disclosed together with methods for synthesizing such aerogels. The improved properties include lower thermal conductivity (better insulating capacity), lower acoustic velocity, lower dielectric constant and improved ductility.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Rf structure of user terminal for supporting multi-carrier aggregation and various communication radio access technologies

According to one embodiment of the present specification, a user terminal is provided. The user terminal can comprise: a tunable antenna capable of adjusting a band; a diplexer connected to the tunable antenna to synthesize and separate sub-carriers; one or more antenna switches connected to the diplexer to synthesize and separate low-band sub-carriers and middle-band and high-band sub-carriers; and a sub-carrier processing unit connected to the one or more antenna switches to synthesize and separate a plurality of low-band sub-carriers, a plurality of middle-band sub-carriers and a plurality of high-band sub-carriers.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Method and tuning device for tuning a tunable optical transmitter to a predetermined target wavelength

A method for tuning a tunable optical transmitter to a target wavelength includes applying at least one tuning signal to the tunable optical transmitter to control the tunable optical transmitter to create an optical calibration signal according to nominal tuning information for the tunable optical transmitter. The optical calibration signal has a wavelength lying within a secure wavelength range, and the nominal tuning information is based on a nominal wavelength dependency for the tunable optical transmitter.
Adva Optical Networking Se


Low noise phase locked loops

Aspects of circuits and methods for generating an oscillating signal are disclosed. The circuit includes a phase detector configured to output first and second signals responsive to a phase difference between two input signals.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Switchable filters and design structures

Switchable and/or tunable filters, methods of manufacture and design structures are disclosed herein. The method of forming the filters includes forming at least one piezoelectric filter structure comprising a plurality of electrodes formed on a piezoelectric substrate.
International Business Machines Corporation


Electromagnetic energy transfer using tunable inductors

A receiving coil apparatus for use in an electromagnetic energy transfer system includes multiple conductive loops and a switching circuit connected with the conductive loops. The switching circuit is configured to control an electrical center of the receiving coil apparatus as a function of at least one control signal.
Lsi Corporation


Continuous tunable lc resonator using a fet as a varactor

A varactor includes a field effect transistor (fet) integrated with at least a portion of a bipolar junction transistor (bjt), in which a back gate of the fet shares an electrical connection with a base of the bjt, and in which a reverse voltage applied to the back gate of the fet creates a continuously variable capacitance in a channel of the fet.. .
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


Tunable stressed polycrystalline silicon on dielectrics in an integrated circuit

A method of forming an integrated circuit device is disclosed. A polycrystalline silicon layer is formed in direct contact with a dielectric material so that the dielectric material induces a stress in the polycrystalline silicon layer as the polycrystalline silicon layer is formed.
Infineon Technologies Ag


New photoactive bioadhesive compositions

A novel diazirine-based biocompatible polymer that can be used as on-demand or tunable bioadhesive and applied across various clinically important surfaces. The biocompatible polymer comprises a single strand of repeating units and up to 5,000 photoreactive diazirine groups covalently attached to it.
Nanyang Technological University


Method of generating life sustaining energy in the terminal and respiratory bronchioles system (trbs)

The trbs model of respiratory physiology is based on the water dissociation by low power radiation, emitted from co2 to hemoglobin as organic semiconductor. The unit is composed of three modules: (a) the tunable microcavity module—in the terminal bronchioles, (b) the compressor module—in the respiratory bronchioles, (c) the reservoir module—in the alveolar sacs.


Apparatus and antenna matching

A method and apparatus are for performing antenna matching and include determining a cable connection state of a cable connector, generating a cable detection signal that indicates the cable connection state, and modifying impedance transform of a tunable matching circuit in response to the cable detection signal. The cable detection signal indicates one of a presence and an absence of a cable connector.
Motorola Mobility Llc


Broadband power amplifier systems and methods

Disclosed are systems, devices, and methodologies to reduce harmonics in a radio frequency output signal. A power amplifier system comprises a power amplifier and a tunable output matching network electrically connected between the output of the power amplifier and an output of the tunable output matching network.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


Widely tunable laser control

A tunable laser has a first binary super grating (bsg), a second bsg, and a phase adjuster. The first bsg, the second bsg, and the phase adjuster are optically tuned by changing temperatures of respective heating elements.
Skorpios Technologies, Inc.


External cavity system generating broadly tunable terahertz radiation in mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers

A broadly tunable terahertz source constructed as an external cavity system using a difference-frequency generation quantum cascade laser source. The external cavity system includes an external diffraction grating configured to tune and reflect mid-infrared emission at a first wavelength.


Method and applications of thin-film membrane transfer

The disclosure relates to method and apparatus for micro-contact printing of micro-electromechanical systems (“mems”) in a solvent-free environment. The disclosed embodiments enable forming a composite membrane over a parylene layer and transferring the composite structure to a receiving structure to form one or more microcavities covered by the composite membrane.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Near field tunable parasitic antenna

An antenna comprising: a conductive ground plane; a conductive half loop grounded to the ground plane and configured to be fed with a radio frequency (rf) signal; a single, unitary, three-sided, conductive cage positioned so as to cover the half loop; and dielectric mounts disposed between the cage and the ground plane such that the cage is electrically insulated from the ground plane.. .
United States Government As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Self-compensating tunable bridge for string musical instrument

A tunable bridge for a string musical instrument is provided to enable a user to rapidly switch between two pre-selected string tunings simply by movement of an actuator arm. The actuator arm controls the position of a cam roller assembly, which in turn controls the pivotal movement of a rocker arm between a lower position and an upper position.


Dynamic power reduction and performance improvement in caches using fast access

With the increasing demand for improved processor performance, memory systems have been growing increasingly larger to keep up with this performance demand. Caches, which dictate the performance of memory systems are often the focus of improved performance in memory systems, and the most common techniques used to increase cache performance are increased size and associativity.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Tunable optical filter and tunable optical filter module

A tunable optical filter with an optical axis is provided. An input light field moves forward from an upstream end to a downstream end, and passes through the tunable optical filter to form an output light field.
National Tsing Hua University


Applications of contact-transfer printed membranes

The disclosed embodiments provide sensitive pixel arrays formed using solvent-assisted or unassisted release processes. Exemplary devices include detectors arrays, tunable optical instruments, deflectable minors, digital micro-mirrors, digital light processing chips, tunable optical micro-cavity resonators, acoustic sensors, acoustic actuators, acoustic transducer devices and capacitive zipper actuators to name a few..
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Multiport tunable optical filters

A tunable multiport optical filter includes various types of arrays of optical ports. The tunable filter also includes a light dispersion element (e.g., a grating) and a reflective beam steering element (e.g., a tilting mirror).
Ii-vi Incorporated


Iii-v photonic integration on silicon

Photonic integrated circuits on silicon are disclosed. By bonding a wafer of hi-v material as an active region to silicon and removing the substrate, the lasers, amplifiers, modulators, and other devices can be processed using standard photolithographic techniques on the silicon substrate.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Tunable starter resistor

A passive two-terminal circuit element may include a resistor including a carbon-metal composite resistive element. The resistive element is configured to maintain a resistivity that fluctuates less than one tenth of an ohm per ten degree temperature change up to 400 degrees celsius..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Formation of core-shell fibers and particles by free surface electrospinning

Disclosed are methods that utilize the differences in physical properties between two coating fluids to form core-shell particles or core-shell fibers by coaxial free-surface electrospinning. The methods are able to achieve higher productivity than known methods, and are tunable.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Dna assimilation

Gene targeting is a valuable tool for basic researchers and gene therapists. Unfortunately, current methods utilised to target genes are inefficient because of their low targeting frequencies.
Regents Of The University Of Minnesota


Hydrophobic, superhydrophobic, oleophobic, and paintphobic tools, devices, systems, and methods using solvent resistant, ultraviolet resistant, water resistant, and food safe phobic and superphobic coatings

A means for applying and beneficially using durable hydrophobic, superhydrophobic, oleophobic, superoleophobic, paintphobic, superpaintphobic, tunable liquid-phobic and superliquidphobic coatings, collectively called x-phobic coatings, which are solvent resistant, ultraviolet light resistant, water resistant, and food safe is claimed while also improving adhesion and durability of the materials used to create the desired properties. These x-phobic surface coatings are usefully applied to a host of tools, devices, systems, and methods which benefit from the coatings, including but not limited to equipment used in painting and applying protective coatings.


Flapping wing aerial vehicles

An autonomous flapping wing aerial vehicle can have a vehicle body, a pair of flapping wings, tunable wing hinges, and elastic drive mechanisms. The tunable wing hinges can be coupled to the flapping wings.
University Of Maryland, College Park


Fully collapsing armrest insert with tunable tensioning elements

A collapsible vehicular armrest substrate includes load-bearing strips extending across a gap defined within a support frame. A first tunable element secures the load-bearing strips in a support position on the support frame.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Method and measuring quality parameters of optical transmission channel

The present invention discloses a method and an apparatus for measuring quality parameters of optical transmission channels. The apparatus comprises: a tunable optical filter for receiving an optical signal, performing wavelength or optical carrier demultiplexing on the optical signal, and out-of-band ase noise suppression; an optical coherent receiver connected to the tunable optical filter, for performing polarization- and phase-diversity detection on the filtered optical signal and converting it into multiple lane baseband electrical signals; analog-to-digital converters for sampling and quantizing the multiple lane baseband electrical signals so as to convert the them into multiple lane digital signals; a digital signal processing module for processing the multiple lane digital signals to obtain quality parameters; and an display module for displaying the quality parameters.
Shenzhen Bitcomb Technologies Co., Ltd.


Independent multi-band tuning

Various implementations include circuits, devices and/or methods that enable tuning a multi-band antenna such that two or more of the bands are tuned independently of one another, whereby tuning one band is decoupled from tuning another band. Some implementations include a multi-band tuning arrangement having first and second tunable two-terminal circuits.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


Tunable duplexing circuit

A tunable duplexer circuit is described, wherein the frequency response as well as bandwidth and transmission loss characteristics can be dynamically altered, providing improved performance for transceiver front-end applications. The rate of roll-off of the frequency response can be adjusted to improve performance when used in duplexer applications.
Ethertronics, Inc.


Wide tunable band filters

The present disclosure introduces wide tunable band filters. In one embodiment, a wide tunable band filter apparatus is described.
King Saud University


Mems tunable inductor

Embodiments of the present invention provide a tunable inductor having a magnetic core which has an air gap. In order to vary the inductance of the inductor, the inductor includes a tuner that is moveable relative to the magnetic core in the vicinity of the air gap.
U.s. Army Research Laboratory Attn: Rdrl-loc-i


System for optimizing air balance and excess air for a combustion process

A control system for adjusting total air flow or oxygen in flue gas for a fossil fired power generating or steam generating unit, that includes a plurality of sensors that supply data to a tunable controller adapted to sense total air flow and/or oxygen flow; with the sensors also supplying data relating to carbon monoxide (co) and/or combustibles and/or loss of ignition (loi) and/or carbon in ash (cia), and where the tunable controller can set a desired target or target range for at least one of co, combustibles, cia, or loi and adjust the total air flow and/or o2 via direct control or bias signals. The system can respond to discrete events, analog events and/or thresholds..


Tunable acoustic gradient index of refraction lens and system

A tunable acoustic gradient index of refraction (tag) lens and system are provided that permit, in one aspect, dynamic selection of the lens output, including dynamic focusing and imaging. The system may include a tag lens and at least one of a source and a detector of electromagnetic radiation.
Trustees Of Princeton University


Capacitively coupled electric field control device

A spatially non-uniform electrode structure is proposed for controlling a spatially non-uniform electric field driving a tunable liquid crystal lens. The spatially non-uniform electrode structure enables the generation of a predetermined spatially non-uniform electric field profile where complex capacitive coupling between multiple different electrically floating neighboring electrode segments is employed for the generation of the electrical field of desired form by supplying an initial electric potential to a limited number of electrodes..
Lensvector Inc.


In-flight auto focus tunable liquid crystal optical element

An auto-focus system employing a tunable liquid crystal lens is provided that collects images at different optical power values as the liquid crystal molecules are excited between a ground state and a maximum optical power state tracking image focus scores. An image is acquired at a desired optical power value less than maximum optical power established with the liquid crystal molecules closer a fully excited state than the maximum optical power state having the same image focus score.
Lensvector Inc.


Device and fast recording of an absorption spectrum of a fluid

A device for recording an absorption spectrum of a fluid has a radiation source (1) that emits a radiation in a spectral range along a beam path (11), a measuring path (5), along which the radiation passes through the fluid and arranged in the beam path, a tunable fabry-perot interferometer (7), arranged in the beam path and transmitting radiation in the spectral range as a displaceable bandpass filter, and a detector (9, 35) measuring the intensity of the radiation in the spectral range. An etalon (3) is arranged for spectral modulation of radiation in the beam path and has a plurality of transmission maxima (17) in the spectral range.
Dräger Medical Gmbh


Building block transducer assembly

A transducer assembly configured to accommodate a plurality of individually tunable sensing elements of various geometries and configurations by using a cap and an accompanying capillary tube. The configuration of the various embodiments described herein eliminate the header to flat plate welds of the prior art, and therefore better accommodates a plurality of sensing elements and corresponding header assemblies within one transducer assembly..
Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc.


Carbon nanotube-reinforced fabric, assembly and related methods of manufacture

The present invention provides fabrics that have been embedded with nano- and micro-particles in a tunable gradient. This gradient, in turn, confers a gradient of mechanical and permeation properties.


Tunable metal-organic frameworks

A method, system, and apparatus for tunable metal-organic frameworks comprises a plurality of metallic ions, a plurality of organic linking anions that connect adjacent metallic ions of the plurality of metallic ions, and a plurality of cations connected to the plurality of organic linking anions, wherein the plurality of cations are selected from the group consisting of inorganic cations, organic cations, imidazolium based cations, pyridinium based cations, and cationic organic polymers and coordinated ligands.. .
New Mexico Highlands University


Methods, systems and devices for simultaneous production of lactic acid and propylene glycol from glycerol

Methods, processes and systems for using solid catalysts to simultaneously produce lactic acid and propylene glycol from glycerol are provide, as are methods, processes and systems of converting glycerol use heterogeneous catalytic agents. Different combinations of catalysts and reaction conditions provide tunable ranges for the yields of lactic acid and propylene glycol.
University Of Tennesee Research Foundation


Concurrent transmit and receive

The disclosure is directed to a circuit arrangement and method that provide efficient concurrent transmit and receive, transmit only and receive only of wireless signals. In one implementation, a circuit arrangement is provided that incorporates uses a single antenna to achieve concurrent transmit and receive, transmit only and receive only of wireless signals.


Switched radio frequency (rf) driver for tunable laser with multiple in-line sections

A tunable laser with multiple in-line sections generally includes a semiconductor laser body with a plurality of in-line laser sections each configured to be driven independently to generate laser light at a wavelength within a different respective wavelength range. The wavelength of the light generated in each of the laser sections may be tuned, in response to a temperature change, to a channel wavelength within the respective wavelength range.


Mechanically gated electrical switches by creasing of patterned metal/elastomer bilayer films

Strain-gated logic devices are important for the development of advanced flexible electronics. Using a dual-monolayer-promoted film-transfer technique, a flexible multilayer structure capable of undergoing large compressive deformation was prepared.


Core shell superparamagnetic iron cobalt alloy nanoparticles with functional metal silicate core shell interface and a magnetic core containing the nanoparticles

Core shell nanoparticles of an iron-cobalt alloy core, a silicon dioxide shell and a metal silicate interface between the core and the shell are provided. The magnetic properties of the nanoparticles are tunable by control of the interface thickness.


Height detecting apparatus

A height detecting apparatus for detecting the height of a workpiece held on a chuck table. The height detecting apparatus includes a single-mode fiber for transmitting return light reflected from the workpiece and next branched by a fiber coupler, a photodetector for detecting the return light emerging from the single-mode fiber and outputting a signal corresponding to the intensity of the return light detected above, and a controller having a memory for storing a table setting the relation between wavelength and height.


Controlled hno release through intramolecular cyclization-elimination

Protected hno donors designed to undergo non-enzymatic release at neutral ph via an intramolecular cyclization-elimination are disclosed. The rate of cyclization, and therefore hno release, can be controlled by substituents and chain length.


Hetero-assembling, tunable, and injectable hydrogels for cell encapsulation

A viscoelastic hydrogel based on a protein hetero-assembled with a polymer is provided. The protein cannot self-assemble with itself and the polymer cannot self-assemble with itself.


Microelectromechanical systems (mems) microphone having two back cavities separated by a tuning port

Microelectromechanical systems (mems) microphones associated with a tunable back cavity are described. Provided implementations can comprise a mems acoustic sensor element associated with a first back cavity, which first back cavity can be separated and/or acoustically coupled by a tuning port to a second back cavity.


Methods, systems, and non-transitory computer readable media for wideband frequency and bandwidth tunable filtering

Methods, systems, and computer readable media for wideband frequency and bandwidth tunable filtering are disclosed. According to one aspect, the subject matter described herein includes a wideband frequency and bandwidth tunable filter that splits a filter input signal into first and second input signals, modifies the first input signal to produce a first output signal, modifies the second input signal to produce a second output signal having an intermediate frequency response, and combines the first and second output signals while adjusting their relative phases and/or amplitudes to produce a filter output signal with the target frequency response.


Tunable filter employing feedforward cancellation

Methods, systems, and computer readable media for a tunable filter employing feedforward cancellation are disclosed. According to one aspect, the subject matter described herein includes a tunable transmissive filter that includes a splitter for splitting an input signal into a first signal and a second signal, a first modifier circuit for modifying a characteristic of the first signal to produce a modified first signal, a second modifier circuit for using feedforward cancellation to modify a characteristic of the second signal to produce a modified second signal, the second modifier circuit including an n-path filter, n being an integer greater than 0; and a combiner for combining the modified first signal and the modified second signal to produce a filtered output signal having a bandpass response..


Tunable external cavity laser

Provided herein is a tunable external cavity laser comprising: a gain medium configured to create an optical signal; an external reflector configured to be coupled to the gain medium, and to comprise a bragg grating; and a phase control section configured to adjust a phase of an entire laser, but to adjust a wavelength of the laser to a longer wavelength than a peak reflectivity of the external reflector.. .


External-cavity tunable laser with flexible wavelength grid tuning function

An external-cavity tunable laser with a flexible wavelength grid tuning function comprises a resonant cavity, collimating lenses, an optical isolator, and an output optical fiber. The resonant cavity comprises a semiconductor gain chip, a beam expander collimating lens, a combined liquid crystal tunable filter assembly, and a reflecting mirror.


Multi-chip vecsel-based laser tunable independently at multiple wavelengths

A laser device capable to simultaneously generate light at multiple wavelengths that are independently (and, optionally, simultaneously) tunable without a limit of how small a spectral separation between such wavelengths can be made is enabled with the use of a laser-cavity network that (i) contains multiple spatially-distinct laser cavity portions all of which have at least one spatial region of the cavity network in common and (ii) is defined by such optical elements that prevent the intracavity amplification of light at first and second of multiple wavelengths at the expense of the same laser gain medium. Each of the distinct cavity portions contains a dedicated laser chip supporting the generation of light at a corresponding wavelength.


Systems and methods for stabilized stimulated brillouin scattering lasers with ultra-low phase noise

Systems and methods for stabilized stimulated brillouin scattering lasers with ultra-low phase noise are provided. In one embodiment, a method for producing a stimulated brillouin scattering (sbs) beam comprises: generating laser light from a tunable laser source; splitting the laser light into a first light beam and a second light beam; creating a phase modulated light beam by applying a phase modulation to the first light beam; locking a frequency of the laser light to a frequency of a ring cavity using the phase modulated light beam and a pound-drever-hall servo loop coupled to the tunable laser source; coupling the second light beam into the ring cavity in a direction of travel opposite to that of the phase modulated light beam; generating a stimulated brillouin scattering light beam in the ring cavity from the second light beam; and outputting the stimulated brillouin scattering light beam..


Adjustable mid-infrared super-continuum generator using a tunable femtosecond oscillator

A super-continuum system including: a fiber laser configured to output a pulse having a center wavelength; a first nonlinear waveguide configured to shift the wavelength of the pulse from the fiber laser; a first fiber amplifier of at least one stage configured to amplify the output from the first nonlinear waveguide; and a second nonlinear waveguide configured to spectrally broaden the output from the first fiber amplifier.. .


Low-cost ultra wideband lte antenna

An antenna capable of operating among all lte bands, and also capable of operation among all remote side cellular applications, such as gsm, amps, gprs, cdma, wcdma, umts, and hspa among others. The antenna provides a low cost alternative to active-tunable antennas suggested in the prior art for the same multi-platform objective..


Tunable high frequency filter

The invention relates to an improved tunable high frequency filter of coaxial construction, characterized, inter alia, by the following features: the high frequency filter comprises an outer conductor housing (24) having an inner conductor (10) and a housing cover (22); the resonator (1) comprises a tuning element (30) arranged opposite the inner conductor (10), which in the housing cover (22) is held position-adjustably in the axial position of the tuning element (30), at least indirectly, and which extends into the internal space of the resonator; the tuning element (30) comprises a dielectric material, or is formed from a dielectric material such that between the outer thread (32) and the inner thread (41), current transitions are avoided.. .


Finfet including tunable fin height and tunable fin width ratio

A semiconductor substrate includes a bulk substrate layer that extends along a first axis to define a width and a second axis perpendicular to the first axis to define a height. A plurality of hetero semiconductor fins includes an epitaxial material formed on a first region of the bulk substrate layer.


Noise-reduction mechanism for oil pump

A noise-reduction mechanism is coupled to a portion of an oil-pump system and includes various tunable components that are configurable to affect specific frequency ranges of noise within the system. The mechanism includes a series of channels that are coupled to a portion of the oil-pump system (e.g., outlet tube) and are coupled to a reservoir..


Tunable surface topography through particle-enhanced soft composites

Composite material. The material included a matrix of a deformable material having a first stiffness and particles having a second stiffness different from the first stiffness are embedded near a surface of the matrix wherein a deformation of the matrix induces a change in topography of the surface.


Brake booster with tunable release

A vehicle brake booster includes a brake input member configured to receive a braking input force and a booster housing divided into a first chamber adjacent the brake input member and a second chamber remote from the brake input member. A poppet valve includes a poppet valve body and a poppet seal, the poppet valve operable to maintain separation between pressure and vacuum during assisted braking and further being operable to enable evacuation of the air from the first chamber through one or more side ports of the poppet valve body upon release of the braking input force and completion of the assisted braking a restrictor element provides a predetermined release speed for the booster.


Carrier aggregation with tunable antennas

A wireless device having a first tunable antenna tuned to a first frequency band; and a second tunable antenna tuned to a second frequency band that is different than the first frequency band, wherein the first and second antennas are configured to transmit, receive, or a combination of transmit and receive transmission signals by carrier aggregation at the respective first and second frequency bands simultaneously.. .


Transceiver with asymmetric matching network

A system on a chip (soc) includes a transceiver comprising a transmitter and a receiver, wherein at least one of the transmitter and receiver has a configurable portion that can be configured to operate in a single ended mode and in a differential mode. Two interface pins are provided for coupling the transceiver to an antenna via a matching network, wherein the two interface pins are shareably coupled to the transmitter and to the receiver.
Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh


Tunable antenna systems

An electronic device has wireless communications circuitry including an adjustable antenna system coupled to a radio-frequency transceiver. The adjustable antenna system may include one or more adjustable electrical components that are controlled by storage and processing circuitry in the electronic device.
Apple Inc.


Method and tunable antenna and ground plane for handset applications

An embodiment is directed to a device comprising an antenna, a chassis configured to be electrically coupled to the antenna and comprising a slot loaded with at least one tunable component, wherein: the slot is aligned along a longitudinal edge of the chassis, the slot is formed in an area of the chassis based on an identification of currents in the area, and the antenna and chassis are electrically connected at a location based on the area.. .
Blackberry Limited


Tunable band-pass filter

The present invention comprises: a conductive chassis having a cavity resonator; a conductive cover to cover the cavity resonator; a resonant element arranged in the cavity resonator, one end of the resonant element being connected with the chassis and the other end being open end; and a movable conductor arranged in a space between the open end of the resonant element and the conductive cover. As a result, a tunable band-pass filter which is inexpensive and of a simple structure and which can change a resonance frequency of a cavity resonator and the coupling amount between cavity resonators easily is realized..
Nec Corporation


Lenses with electrically-tunable power and alignment

An optical device (24, 60) includes an electro-optical layer (40, 62), having an effective local index of refraction at any given location within an active area of the electro-optical layer that is determined by a voltage waveform applied across the electro-optical layer at the location. An array of excitation electrodes (46, 68, 72), including parallel conductive stripes extending over the active area is disposed over one or both sides of the electro-optical layer.
Optica Amuka (a.a.) Ltd.


Low temperature-curable antireflective coatings having tunable properties including optical, hydrophobicity and abrasion resistance

Disclosed herein is an inventive low-temperature curable antireflective (ar) coating produced by a single layer sol gel deposition process comprising a low-temperature curing step, whereby temperatures well below 100° c. For under 8 hours result in highly robust ar coatings having excellent transmittance and abrasion resistance.


Cavity enhanced laser based isotopic gas analyzer

Systems and methods for measuring the isotope ratio of one or more trace gases and/or components of gas mixtures such as different gas species present in a gas mixture. The system includes a resonant optical cavity having two or more mirrors and containing a gas, the cavity having a free spectral range that equals the difference between frequencies of two measured absorption lines of different gas species in the gas, or of two different isotopes, divided onto an integer number.
Ll-cor, Inc.


Method and two point calibration of a tunable diode laser analyzer

Method and apparatus for two point calibration of a tunable diode laser (tdl) spectrometer, the tdl of the spectrometer housed in a module defining a cavity within the module across which cavity a portion of the light from the tdl is directed to collimation optics for collimating light from the collimation optics of the module to be directed through a gas to be analyzed to a first light detector. A portion of the portion of light from the tdl that is not directed to the collimation optics within the cavity is directed through a known gas to a second light detector as the current fed to the tdl is varied so that the current values fed to the tdl are determined for at least two known absorption peaks of the known gas..
Yokogawa Corporation Of America


Batwing light beam distribution using directional optics

A luminaire is provided to redirect incidence light from one or more solid state light sources to a batwing distribution with both tunable peak angle and beam width. The peak angle is able to be tuned from 90 degree to 0 degree from the incidence direction with very high efficiency.
Osram Sylvania Inc.


Short-wavelength infrared (swir) fluorescence in vivo and intravital imaging with semiconductor nanocrystals

Inas based core-shell particles which leads to tunable, narrow emitting semiconductor nanocrystals with a very high quantum yield which can be preserved in physiological buffers with long stability can used for short wavelength infrared (swir) imaging. Increased resolution with reduced read time and increased imaging frequency can provide advantages in in vivo applications..
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Transceiver front-end

A transceiver front-end for a communication device is connectable at a signal transmission and reception arrangement node to a signal transmission and reception arrangement adapted to transmit a transmit signal having a transmit frequency and to receive a receive signal having a receive frequency. The transceiver front-end is also connectable at a transmitter node to a transmitter adapted to produce the transmit signal and at a receiver node to a receiver adapted to process the receive signal.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Tunable filter using variable impedance transmission lines

Techniques for implementing tunable lumped element filters with transmission line sections. Transmission lines sections are used to implement one or more inductive or capacitance component elements of the filter.
Newlans, Inc.


Monolithic wide wavelength tunable mid-ir laser sources

A monolithic tunable mid-infrared laser has a wavelength range within the range of 3-14 μm and comprises a heterogeneous quantum cascade active region together with at least a first integrated grating. The heterogeneous quantum cascade active region comprises at least one stack, the stack comprising two, desirably at least three differing stages.
Thorlabs Quantum Electronics, Inc.


Broadband switchable antenna

System and method embodiments are provided for a broadband switchable antenna. The embodiments enable an easily tunable, temporally switchable antenna with good low- and high-band performance with controlled high impedance loci that easily coexists with other wireless device components.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Tunable antenna systems, devices, and methods

The present subject matter relates to tunable antenna systems and methods in which a tunable band-stop circuit is provided in communication between a signal node and an electrically small antenna having a largest dimension that is substantially equal to or less than one-tenth of a length of a wavelength corresponding to a frequency within a communications operating frequency band. The tunable band-stop circuit can be tunable to adjust a band-stop frequency..
Wispry, Inc.


Apparatus for manipulating color changing materials in articles of wear

Apparatuses for manipulating a color displayed by an article of wear comprising iron oxide colloidal nanocrystals arranged within chains are described. The apparatus includes (a) a magnetic field source, wherein a strength of a magnetic field generated by the magnetic field source is tunable to control the color displayed by the article of wear, and (b) an energy source, wherein energy generated by the energy source is applied to at least some of the chains of nanocrystals to soften materials within the article of wear immediately surrounding the chains of nanocrystals to which the energy is applied..
Adidas Ag


Applications of contact-transfer printed membranes

The disclosed embodiments provide sensitive pixel arrays formed using solvent-assisted or unassisted release processes. Exemplary devices include detectors arrays, tunable optical instruments, deflectable mirrors, digital micro-mirrors, digital light processing chips, tunable optical micro-cavity resonators, acoustic sensors, acoustic actuators, acoustic transducer devices and capacitive zipper actuators to name a few..
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Method and system for correcting incident light fluctuations in absorption spectroscopy

A method and system for correcting the effect of intensity fluctuations of the transmitted light in an absorption spectroscopy system used for the detection or measurement of chemical species in a medium, whereby one or more modulation bursts are imposed onto a light beam that passes through the medium. This burst signal may be obtained by modulating the bias current of a tunable diode laser, and the modulation burst signal may be optimally at the second harmonic of the modulation frequency of a wavelength modulated beam to allow usage of the same signal path processing used for the spectroscopic detection of the measurand for a second harmonic detection system.
Servomex Group Limited

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