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Tuna patents

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Programmable phase shifter with tunable capacitor bank network


Programmable phase shifter with tunable capacitor bank network

Adaptive receiver/transmitter amplifier circuit

Auriga Measurement Systems

Adaptive receiver/transmitter amplifier circuit

Adaptive receiver/transmitter amplifier circuit

Electrically tunable miniature antenna

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tuna-related patents
 Output power control for rf digital-to-analog converter patent thumbnailOutput power control for rf digital-to-analog converter
Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, are provided for power control of rf dacs. In one aspect there is provided an apparatus.
Nokia Corporation
 Programmable phase shifter with tunable capacitor bank network patent thumbnailProgrammable phase shifter with tunable capacitor bank network
Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, are provided for a programmable phase shifter. In some example embodiments, there is provided an apparatus.
Nokia Corporation
 Adaptive receiver/transmitter amplifier circuit patent thumbnailAdaptive receiver/transmitter amplifier circuit
A smart amplifier circuit is disclosed. The amplifier circuit comprises a processor configured to receive a state control signal and generate a plurality of control signals, a power amplifier configured to provide an amplified rf signal that is a function of the rf input signal and the first control signal, and a tunable matching network configured to receive a second control signal and to provide a tuned, amplified rf output signal as an output that is a function of the amplified rf signal and the second control..
Auriga Measurement Systems, Llc
 Electrically tunable miniature antenna patent thumbnailElectrically tunable miniature antenna
Described herein are architectures, platforms and methods for electrically tuning radiators in a portable device.. .
 Bandpass microwave filter tunable by relative rotation of an insert section and of a dielectric element patent thumbnailBandpass microwave filter tunable by relative rotation of an insert section and of a dielectric element
A bandpass filter for microwave-frequency wave which is frequency tunable, comprises at least one resonator. Each resonator comprises a cavity having a conducting wall substantially cylindrical in relation to an axis z, and at least one dielectric element disposed inside the cavity.
Centre National D'etudes Spatiales
 Bandpass microwave filter tunable by rotation of a dielectric element patent thumbnailBandpass microwave filter tunable by rotation of a dielectric element
A frequency tunable microwave bandpass filter comprises a resonator, including: a cavity with conducting wall substantially cylindrical with axis z having height h, and partially closed at both ends; and a dielectric element inside the cavity. The resonator resonates at two perpendicular polarizations having distributions of electromagnetic field in the cavity deduced from each other by 90° rotation.
Centre National D'etudes Spatiales
 Tunable acoustic gradient index of refraction lens and system patent thumbnailTunable acoustic gradient index of refraction lens and system
A tunable acoustic gradient index of refraction (tag) lens and system are provided that permit, in one aspect, dynamic selection of the lens output, including dynamic focusing and imaging. The system may include a tag lens and at least one of a source and a detector of electromagnetic radiation.
Trustees Of Princeton University
 Radio-frequency test system with tunable test antenna circuitry patent thumbnailRadio-frequency test system with tunable test antenna circuitry
A test system is provided for performing radio-frequency tests on an electronic device under test (dut) having multiple antennas. The test system may include a test unit for generating radio-frequency test signals, a test enclosure, and a test antenna fixture.
Apple Inc.
 Hydrogel particles with tunable optical properties patent thumbnailHydrogel particles with tunable optical properties
The present disclosure relates to compositions comprising a hydrogel particle with optical properties substantially similar to the optical properties of a target cell, and methods for their use.. .
Slingshot Biosciences
 High-throughput synthesis of nanoparticles patent thumbnailHigh-throughput synthesis of nanoparticles
A simple and versatile coaxial turbulent jet mixer can synthesize a range of nanoparticles at high throughput, while maintaining the advantages of homogeneity, reproducibility, and tunability that are normally accessible only in specialized microscale mixing devices. Rapid mixing down to a timescale of 7 ms can be achieved by controlling the reynolds number, providing homogeneous and controllable environments for formation of nanoparticles, for example, by precipitation.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Aqueous radiation protecting formulations and methods for making and using them

Medical devices are typically sterilized in processes used to manufacture such products and their sterilization by exposure to radiation is a common practice. Radiation has a number of advantages over other sterilization processes including a high penetrating ability, relatively low chemical reactivity, and instantaneous effects without the need to control temperature, pressure, vacuum, or humidity.
Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

Power toothbrush with a tunable brushhead assembly system

A power toothbrush appliance (10) and a method for tuning a brushhead assembly system (41) thereof. The appliance includes a handle portion (16), a drive assembly and a brushhead assembly system (41).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Tunable correlated color temperature led-based white light source with mixing chamber and remote phosphor exit window

A light source (600) includes: a plurality of leds (610), including one or more first leds (612) configured to emit first light having a first color, one or more second leds (614) configured to emit second light having a second color, and one or more third leds (616) configured to emit third light having a third color; a mixing device (620) configured to mix the first light, the second light, and the third light into a mixed light, wherein the mixing device includes an exit window (640) configured such that the mixed light is emitted from the mixing device through the exit window; and a light-conversion material (6300 provided at the exit window, wherein the light-conversion material is configured to convert the first light from the first color to a lime color.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Balancing tunable duplexer

An apparatus comprises a tunable duplexer configured to output a transmission signal to be wirelessly transmitted from the apparatus at a transmission frequency, and configured to input a reception signal wirelessly received by the apparatus at a reception frequency, a tuning device connected to the tunable duplexer, configured to control a balance between impedances of an antenna port and of a balance port of the tunable duplexer, a transmitting device configured to, during a predetermined time period, wirelessly transmit a specific transmission signal for calibration of the tunable duplexer, a receiving device configured to, during the predetermined time period, wirelessly receive the specific transmission signal transmitted by the transmitting device, and a measuring device configured to, during the predetermined time period, measure the power of the specific transmission signal received by the receiving device. The tuning device controls the balance based on the measured power of the specific transmission signal..
Broadcom Corporation

Spectral alignment of a wdm device to a specified frequency grid

A wdm device having a controller that individually controls the operating parameters of tunable lasers and the temperatures of an optical multiplexer and etalon. The device employs a spectral analyzer to measure the spectral composition of the optical output signal produced by the device.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

Mobile communication device and adaptive rf front-end tuning

Examples of a system and method for adaptively tuning a radio frequency (rf) front-end are generally described herein. In some examples, the frequency of a transmit signal of rf front-end circuitry is swept in at least a part of the rf transmit band.

Method and system to improve antenna tuner reliability

A method and system performs antenna tuning which enhances radio frequency (rf) tuner reliability within a wireless communication device (wcd). The wcd, in response to receiving a request to change an active rf tuning state, retrieves component usage data corresponding to components of a tuning circuit that is tunable to an rf operating channel.
Motorola Mobility Llc

Rf integrated circuit with tunable component and memory

An rfic with memory is described where the memory can be used to house a look-up table for tuning components designed into the rfic, providing a customized tuning circuit for antenna and transceiver front-end tuning applications. The look-up table can be loaded at wafer level during the manufacturing process to customize an rfic design for a specific antenna system.
Ethertronics, Inc.

Tunable rf channel select filter

Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, are provided for rf filtering. Related apparatus, systems, methods, and articles are also described..
Nokia Corporation

Tunable loadline

A tunable loadline is disclosed. In an exemplary embodiment, an apparatus includes an amplifier configured to output an amplified signal having a selected power level and a first impedance network coupled to receive the amplified signal at an input terminal and generate a first output signal having a first power level at a first output terminal.
Qualcomm Incorporated

System and stabilizing mode locked swept laser for oct medical imaging

An optical coherence analysis system uses a laser swept source that is constrained to operate in a stable mode locked condition by modulating a drive current to the semiconductor optical amplifier as function of wavelength or synchronously with the drive voltage of the laser's tunable element based on stability map for the laser.. .
Axsun Technologies, Inc.

Tunable resonators using high dielectric constant ferrite rods

Disclosed are single-piece magnetically tunable ferrite rods that can be used for radio-frequency (rf) applications, and methods of manufacturing the resonators using synthetic garnets. In some embodiments, a separate tuner need not be used in the resonator during magnetic tuning.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Method for analyzing nested optical cavities

An optical sensor apparatus illuminates nested optical cavities by a broadband light source, such as a tunable laser. A composite interference signal is obtained from light reflected from the nested optical cavities, partial interference spectra are recovered from the composite interference signal, cavity depths are measured based on the partial interference spectra, and electrical signals are provided based on the final measured cavity depths..
Petrospec Engineering Ltd.

Tunable nucleate boiling using electric fields and ionic surfactants

A tunable boiling system includes a fluid having a solvent and an ionic surfactant in the solvent, a counter electrode disposed within the fluid, and a working electrode having a surface in contact with the fluid. The system is configured to apply a voltage between the surface and the counter electrode in order to affect bubble formation in the fluid at the surface.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Lignin nanoparticle dispersions and methods for producing and using the same

A mild, simple process of preparing lignin nanoparticle dispersions is disclosed. Additionally, compositions and methods of making lignin nanoparticle-polymer complexes comprising derivatized and/or non-derivatized lignin nanoparticle dispersions and water soluble and/or water dispersible polymers are disclosed.
Solenis Technologies, L.p.

Process for the preparation of tunable fluorescent polymer composition

Disclosed herein is a tunable fluorescent polymer composition comprising silk and one or more polymerizable monomer provided with fluorescent probe, wherein, the said one or more polymerizable monomer provided with fluorescent probe is grafted onto the silk backbone at the a-position of the amide useful in optoelectronics.. .
Council Of Scientific & Indsutrial Research

Small packaged tunable laser transmitter

A tunable laser transmitter configured in a small package subassembly coupled to a printed circuit board. The tunable laser transmitter includes a housing with a volume formed by exterior walls.
Emcore Corporation

Tunable baseline compensation scheme for touchscreen controllers

A method for compensating for panel capacitance the associated current is proposed, wherein the mutual capacitances of a capacitance sensing array are selectively coupled to drive voltages and to a self capacitance under test.. .
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

Fractional-n synthesizer

One embodiment of the present invention provides a synthesizer. The synthesizer includes one or more tunable oscillators, a frequency-dividing circuit coupled to the tunable oscillators, and a multiplexer coupled to the frequency-dividing circuit.
Aviacomm Inc.

Adaptive self-tunable antenna system and method

Adaptive self-tunable antenna systems and methods are provided including a closed-loop system for sensing near-field rf signals of transmitted rf signals and tuning an antenna or switching between multiple antennas, so that the strength of the transmitted rf signals is maximized. A sensing antenna detects the near-field rf signal, which is filtered and converted to an rf strength control signal that can be used to generate an antenna tuning control signal.
Shure Acquistion Holdings, Inc.

Transmission line filter with tunable capacitor

A tunable filter design. The filter is implemented using transmission line sections as inductive and capacitive components.
Newlans, Inc.

Small packaged tunable laser

A tunable laser configured in a small package subassembly including a gain chip positioned in the interior space between first and second tunable filter subassemblies. The tunable laser is packaged in either a rectangular or cylindrical housing, with an electrical input interface positioned at one end of the housing..
Emcore Corporation

Tunable composite interposer

A composite interposer can include a substrate element and a support element. The substrate element can have first and second opposite surfaces defining a thickness of 200 microns or less, and can have a plurality of contacts exposed at the first surface and electrically conductive structure extending through the thickness.
Invensas Corporation

Tunable interdigitated capacitor

A tunable capacitor implemented as interdigitated arrays of finger elements arranged so that the spacing between finger arrays may be adjusted. The design has a number of advantages including high capacitance for a given circuit area, small area for a given desired capacitance, mechanical stability, high self resonance frequency, and high quality factor..
Newlans, Inc.

Methods and recording impulsive sounds

Loud sounds with fast rise times, like gunfire and explosions, can cause noise-induced hearing loss (nihl). Unfortunately, current models do not adequately explain how impulsive sounds cause nihl, which makes it difficult to predict and prevent nihl on battlefields and other hostile or rugged environments.

Broadband generation of mid ir, coherent continua with optical fibers

Coherent and compact supercontinuum light sources for the mid ir spectral regime are disclosed and exemplary applications thereof. The supercontinuum generation is based on the use of highly nonlinear fibers or waveguides.
Imra America, Inc.

Method and system for optical measurements of contained liquids having a free surface

The present invention is an optical measurement system for measuring a liquid sample within a well. The system comprises a light source configured to transmit light though the well, a detector configured to measure optical signals derived from the transmitted light, and a tunable optical element.
Bacterioscan Inc.

Wideband active radio frequency interference cancellation system

A wideband radio frequency (rf) interference cancellation system includes an electronic channel canceller configured to split an electronic reference signal output from an electronic transmitting element into a plurality of band signals. At least one electronic band pass filter is configured to receive a respective band signal delivered to a respective channel.
Raytheon Company

Gate-tunable graphene-ferroelectric hybrid structure for photonics and plasmonics

The invention relates to a novel type of gate-tunable photonics and plasmonics which utilizes doped large-scale graphene coupled with ferroelectric material. The graphene-ferroelectric hybrid structure paves the way for the realization of ultra-fast, low power consumption and multi-wavelength operation saturable absorbers for applications in ultra-fast laser systems and novel types of plasmonics for applications in infrared detection, single-photon quantum devices and ultrasensitive detectors..
National University Of Singapore

Method for controling wavelength tunable laser, and wavelength tunable laser

A lasing wavelength is controlled so that a wavelength detection result becomes a first target value; selection is made to select either a step of calculating a second target value as a wavelength detection result with a shift of the lasing wavelength, or a step of calculating a third control value of a wavelength characteristic of an etalon for letting a laser lase at a wavelength with a shift of the lasing wavelength; in the former step, the lasing wavelength is controlled so that the wavelength detection result becomes the second target value; in the latter step, the lasing wavelength is controlled so that the wavelength detection result becomes the first target value.. .
Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations, Inc.

Superluminescent diode, manufacturing the same, and wavelength-tunable external cavity laser including the same

Provided are a high-speed superluminescent diode, a method of manufacturing the same, and a wavelength-tunable external cavity laser including the same. The superluminescent diode includes a substrate having an active region and an optical mode size conversion region, waveguides including an ridge waveguide in the active region and a deep ridge waveguide in the optical mode size conversion region connected to the active waveguide, an electrode disposed on the ridge waveguide; planarizing layers disposed on sides of the ridge waveguide and the deep ridge waveguide on the substrate, and a pad electrically connected to the electrode, the pad being disposed on the planarizing layers outside the active waveguide..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Optimizing virtual machine synchronization for application software

Real-time application metrics of an application executed by a virtual machine are dynamically monitored by a controlling agent and analyzed to determine an optimal configuration of the virtual machine for executing the application. Based on the measured metrics, tunable parameters of the virtual machine may be adjusted to achieve desired application performance..
International Business Machines Corporation

Wavelength tunable mems-fabry perot filter

A wavelength tunable gain medium with the use of micro-electromechanical system (mems) based fabry-perot (fp) filter cavity tuning is provided as a tunable laser. The system comprises a laser cavity and a filter cavity for wavelength selection.
Inphenix, Inc.

Self-tunable compound bow

Provided is a self-tunable compound bow including: a bow main body including a pair of limbs that are respectively coupled to both ends of a handle; upper and lower pulley assemblies that are respectively coupled to the rear end of each limb; a bowstring; and first and second cam cables that are wound around a cam of each of the upper and lower pulley assemblies as the bowstring is pulled. A contact pin is formed in one of the pulley assemblies, in which the contact pin is in contact with one limb when the bowstring is pulled, and an indicator is formed in the other of the pulley assemblies, in which the indicator is in contact with the other limb and moves when the bowstring is pulled in a guide hole formed in the pulley of the other of the pulley assemblies..
Win & Win Co., Ltd.

Bioabsorbable coating with tunable hydrophobicity

The present invention relates to implantable medical devices coated with polymer having tunable hydrophobicity and their use in the treatment of vascular diseases.. .
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

Tunable spring mattress and making same

A mattress includes a spring extending between first and second points to provide a first spring rate in a first direction. A polymer fiber structure is provided between the first and second points and adjoins the spring.
Indratech Llc

Integrated receiver and integrated circuit having integrated inductors and method therefor

In one form, an integrated receiver includes a tracking bandpass filter, a tunable lowpass filter, and a mixer formed on a single integrated circuit chip. The tracking bandpass filter has an input for receiving a radio frequency (rf) input signal, and an output, and comprises a variable capacitor having a capacitance that varies in response to a bandpass frequency control signal, in parallel with an integrated inductor.
Silicon Laboratories Inc.

Method and locking and scanning the output frequency from a laser cavity

A system and method that can be employed to lock and scan the output of a laser cavity (2) is described. The system and method involves the use of a signal generator for generating an error signal between an output of the laser cavity (28) and the transmission (28) of the laser through a tunable external reference cavity (3).
M Squared Lasers Limited

Method and locking and scanning the output frequency from a laser cavity

A tunable reference cavity (3) with two independently controllable mirrors (15, 16) is disclosed. The mirrors are mounted on respective piezoelectric crystals (18, 19) so that thermal expansion of the piezoelectric crystals moves the cavity mirrors in the same direction along a longitudinal axis of the reference cavity thereby reducing a change of the cavity length.
M Squared Lasers Limited

Optical scanner integrated with substrate making and using the same

An optical scanner includes a substrate, and a tunable laser on the substrate, wherein the tunable laser is configured to emit light, and to sweep a wavelength of the emitted light through a waveband. The optical scanner further includes a grating over a top surface of the substrate, the grating configured to diffract light emitted from the tunable laser, and an angled reflective surface configured to reflect the diffracted light from the grating.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Wavelength tunable light source

To provide a wavelength tunable light source which can both ensure operation speed and reduce a drive voltage. A wavelength tunable light source according to the present invention includes a pair of reflectors at least one of which is a movable reflector, an active layer provided between the pair of reflectors, and a beam on part of which the movable reflector is formed and which is supported by a support member.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Tunable antenna

A tunable antenna including a first radiating element, a second radiating element, a connection circuit and a switch circuit is provided. The first radiating element includes a coupling portion and a first feeding portion.
Asustek Computer Inc.

Tunable fin-scr for robust esd protection

One embodiment of the present invention relates to a silicon-controlled-rectifier (scr). The scr includes a longitudinal silicon fin extending between an anode and a cathode and including a junction region there between.
Intel Mobile Communications Gmbh

Voltage tunability of thermal conductivity in ferroelectric materials

A method to control thermal energy transport uses mobile coherent interfaces in nanoscale ferroelectric films to scatter phonons. The thermal conductivity can be actively tuned, simply by applying an electrical potential across the ferroelectric material and thereby altering the density of these coherent boundaries to directly impact thermal transport at room temperature and above.
Sandia Corporation

Methods and tuning circuit components of a communication device

A system that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a process that assigns a respective priority level to each of a number of tuning algorithms controlling different tunable elements of a communication device. A first tuning algorithm is executed according to a first priority level assigned to the first tuning algorithm.
Blackberry Limited

Nanoporous electrodes and related devices and methods

High surface area electrodes formed using sol-gel derived monoliths as electrode substrates or electrode templates, and methods for making high surface area electrodes are described. The high surface area electrodes may have tunable pore sizes and well-controlled pore size distributions.
Nanotune Technologies Corp.

Flexible grid twdm-pon architecture and intelligent set-up for twdm-pon

An approach to proving a flexible grid architecture for time and wavelength division multiplexed passive optical networks is described. One embodiment includes an optical transmitter array configured to transmit an optical signal, an optical combiner coupled to the optical transmitter array configured to receive unlocked wavelengths from the optical transmitter array and output a single optical signal, and an optical amplifier coupled to the optical combiner configured to boost downstream optical power.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Method and system for hybrid integration of a tunable laser

A cable television transmitter includes a substrate including a silicon material, control electronics disposed in the substrate, and a gain medium coupled to the substrate. The gain medium includes a compound semiconductor material.
Skorpios Technologies, Inc.

Hybrid metallization on plastic for a light emitting diode (led) lighting system

Provided is a multi-layer reflective coating for application to a lighting housing assembly, including a polymer substrate adjacent a polymer base coat layer applied to the lighting housing. Atop the polymer base coat layer is an aluminum adhesion layer, followed by a diffusive barrier layer, and a silver reflective layer.
Ge Lighting Solutions Llc

Spectroscopic measurement apparatus and spectroscopic measurement method

A spectroscopic measurement apparatus includes a wavelength tunable interference filter that selects light of a predetermined wavelength from incident light, allows the selected light to exit, and is capable of changing the wavelength of the light that is allowed to exit, a light dividing element that divides the exiting light having exited out of the wavelength tunable interference filter into a plurality of light fluxes, and a first light receiving device and a second light receiving device that are provided in correspondence with the plurality of divided light fluxes divided by the light dividing element and have sensitivities different from each other.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Tunable light-guide image processor for multi-dimensional imaging

A method of adjusting a resolution of a multidimensional imaging system includes taking a first hyperspectral snapshot by the multidimensional imaging system comprising a light processor comprising a plurality of optical fibers having a first end with an input spacing and a second end with an adjustable output spacing; adjusting the adjustable output spacing of the light processor to a new output spacing; and taking a second hyperspectral snapshot after adjusting the adjustable spacing of the multidimensional imagining system.. .
William Marsh Rice University

Measuring apparatus comprising an interferometer and an absorption medium defining a dense line spectrum

Measuring apparatus comprising a tunable laser diode for generating a mono mode measurement radiation, said laser diode being designed as a laser beam source in such a way that an emission wavelength of the measurement radiation is variable within a wavelength range by means of the variation of a tuning parameter, comprising an absorption medium defining absorption lines within the wavelength range, comprising a memory having a line atlas for the absorption medium, comprising a detector for determining an absorptivity and comprising a control and evaluation unit for regulating the emission wavelength by means of the at least one tuning parameter in a manner dependent on the absorptivity determined in such a way that the emission wavelength remains stable.. .
Leica Geosystems Ag

Electro-optical liquid crystal device

A liquid crystal (lc) lens comprises a first substrate, a first electrode structure, an electrically tunable lc layer structure, a second substrate and a second electrode structure, wherein the electrically tunable lc layer structure is arranged between the first substrate and the second substrate. The electrically tunable lc layer structure includes at least two lc layers stacked on top of one another, and each lc layer further includes at least one lc unit.
Ligxtal Technology Inc.

Methods and devices for testing segmented electronic assemblies

Methods and devices are disclosed for testing an electronic assembly comprising a number of segments. In one embodiment, a scalable periphery amplifier may comprise a number of amplifier segments.
Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation

Magnetoresistance sensor with perpendicular anisotropy

A nanoscale tunnel magneto-resistance (tmr) sensor comprising an in-plane-magnetized reference layer and a free layer comprising interfacial perpendicular anisotropy, wherein the free layer comprises a sensing layer for sensing resistance as a function of applied magnetic field and is tunable to vary the direction of the sensing layer magnetization to be in-plane, canted, or out-of-plane.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California

High rectifying ratio diode

Devices and methods for forming a device are disclosed. The device includes a substrate and a selector diode disposed over the substrate.
Globalfoundries Singapore Pte. Ltd.

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