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Tunable filter devices and methods

Tunable earphone

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tuna-related patents
 Implantable transient nerve stimulation device patent thumbnailImplantable transient nerve stimulation device
The invention generally relates to an implantable, tunable, and bioresorbable medical device for nerve stimulation within a body of a patient for pain management. The medical device includes a substrate, a circuit configured to provide stimulation to a target tissue, and a material surrounding the substrate and the circuit.
 Tunable filter devices and methods patent thumbnailTunable filter devices and methods
Analog interference filter devices and methods for isolation of desirable portions of a radio frequency signal. Signal compensation is used to provide desirable center frequency, passband width, ripple, rolloff, stopband and distortion performance.
 Tuning toner gloss with bio-based stabilizers patent thumbnailTuning toner gloss with bio-based stabilizers
The disclosure describes a process to produce toner with tunable gloss levels comprising a stabilizer to freeze particle growth following aggregation, where the stabilizer does not chelate metal ions.. .
 Tunable earphone patent thumbnailTunable earphone
A tunable earphone includes a speaker for making sound, a shell receiving the speaker and defining a resonance cavity therein, and a tunable element rotatably and removably mounted on the shell. The shell has a top thereof recessed downward to form a receiving cavity.
 Fabry-perot device with a movable mirror patent thumbnailFabry-perot device with a movable mirror
A fabry-perot tunable filter (fptf) includes a top mirror having a first surface for receiving light and a second surface opposite the first surface. A movable mirror having a front side is secured to the second surface of the top mirror and includes back side.
 Low-loss tunable radio frequency filter patent thumbnailLow-loss tunable radio frequency filter
An rf filter comprises a signal transmission path having an input and an output, a plurality of resonant elements disposed along the signal transmission path between the input and the output, and a plurality of non-resonant elements coupling the resonant elements together to form a stop band having a plurality of transmission zeroes corresponding to respective frequencies of the resonant elements, and at least one sub-band between the transmission zeroes. The non-resonant elements comprise at least one variable non-resonant element for selectively introducing at least one reflection zero within the stop band to create a pass band in a selected one of the sub-band(s).
 High sensitivity micro-piezoelectric tunable resonator patent thumbnailHigh sensitivity micro-piezoelectric tunable resonator
A highly sensitive micro-piezoelectric tunable resonator element and device that uses a tapered transition region from the actuator and sensor elements to the resonator beam to permit maximum mechanical energy transfer to the beam. A dual-resonator beam embodiment with a shared tuning element is provided in an alternative embodiment..
 Fan drive gear system flexible support features patent thumbnailFan drive gear system flexible support features
A disclosed gear assembly support for a gas turbine engine includes a first portion configured for attachment to a case of the gas turbine engine and a second portion configured for supporting a gear assembly. The support further includes a snap portion defining a fit within the case.
 New class of tunable gas storage and sensor materials patent thumbnailNew class of tunable gas storage and sensor materials
The electronic structure of nanowires, nanotubes and thin films deposited on a substrate is varied by doping with electrons or holes. The electronic structure can then be tuned by varying the support material or by applying a gate voltage.
 Method and apparatus for wireless communicationdevice multiband tunable radio architecture patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for wireless communicationdevice multiband tunable radio architecture
A method and apparatus provide a wireless communication device multiband tunable radio architecture. The apparatus can include a multiband transceiver configured to transmit and receive wireless communication signals.
Duplex filter arrangements for use with tunable narrow band antennas having forward and backward compatibility
A transceiver module and duplexer within a communication device supports a minimized antenna volume and enhances a transfer gain for transmit and receive channels. The duplexer is communicatively coupled to one of multiple antenna and filter matching configurations which include a first configuration that couples receive and transmit filter matching circuits to a single antenna matching circuit.
Subchannel security at the optical layer
The present invention includes various novel systems and methods for dynamically modifying wdm transmission and receive steps (individually or in combination), including encoding client signals, mapping them to subchannels within or across itu channels, modulating them onto subcarrier frequencies, and multiplexing them together for optical transmission. By dynamically modifying one or more of these processing steps over time (as well as encrypting underlying client signals), additional security is provided at the physical (optical) layer of an optical network, thereby greatly enhancing overall network security.
Tunable laser and photoacoustic device including the same
A tunable laser includes a resonator including a highly reflecting mirror and a partially reflecting mirror; a gain medium disposed in the resonator; a birefringence filter disposed in the resonator; and an excitation device that excites the gain medium. In the tunable laser, light that passes through the birefringence filter oscillates between the highly reflecting mirror and the partially reflecting mirror.
Cavity enhanced laser based isotopic gas analyzer
Systems and methods for measuring the isotope ratio of one or more trace gases and/or components of gas mixtures such as different gas species present in a gas mixture. The system includes a resonant optical cavity having two or more mirrors and containing a gas, the cavity having a free spectral range that equals the difference between frequencies of two measured absorption lines of different gas species in the gas, or of two different isotopes, divided onto an integer number.
Material with tunable index of refraction
Devices are described including a component comprising an alloy of aln and alsb. The component has an index of refraction substantially the same as that of a semiconductor in the optoelectronic device, and has high transparency at wavelengths of light used in the optoelectronic device.
Wavelength tunable interference filter, method for manufacturing wavelength tunable interference filter, optical module, and electronic apparatus
A wavelength tunable interference filter includes an electrostatic actuator that changes the dimension of a gap between a fixed reflection film and a movable reflection film, a fixed drawn electrode and a movable drawn electrode that are connected to the electrostatic actuator, and a third substrate having a top surface portion and a sidewall portion. An end surface of the sidewall portion is bonded to a first substrate so that a space surrounded by the top surface portion, the sidewall portion, and the first substrate is hermetically sealed.
Electrochemical liquid-liquid-solid deposition processes for production of group iv semiconductor materials
An electrochemical liquid-liquid-solid (lls) process that produces unlimited amounts of crystalline semiconductor, such as ge or si, from aqueous or polar solutions with tunable nanostructured shapes without any physical or chemical templating agent is presented. Dissolution into, saturation within, and precipitation of the semiconductor from a liquid electrode (e.g., hg pool) or near an electrode comprising metallic nanoparticles (e.g., in nanoparticles) yields a polycrystalline semiconductor material, as deposited.
Tandem solar cell with graphene interlayer and method of making
A tandem solar cell with graphene interlayer and method of making are disclosed. The graphene interlayer can serve as a recombination contact to a pair of photoactive subcells electrically connected in series or as a common electrode to a pair of photoactive subcells electrically connected in parallel.
Method and apparatus for a tunable antenna
A method for tuning an antenna comprising determining an operating frequency band of the antenna, and adjusting a capacitance of a tunable load according to the operating frequency band, wherein the tunable load is electromagnetically coupled to the antenna via a parasitic arm, and wherein the operating frequency band depends on the capacitance.. .
Carbon fluoride cathodes and batteries made therefrom
Electrochemical cells containing a stoichiometric capacity ratio of carbon-treated carbon monofluoride to carbon monofluoride being greater than 1:1 provide electrochemical cells having a tunable end-of-service indication.. .
Thermally tunable systems
One embodiment of the present disclosure is a unique system. Another embodiment is a unique fastener system.
Passive optical network reach extender based on wavelength tunable optical module and method thereof
Provided are a passive optical network reach extender based on a wavelength tunable optical module and a method thereof. According to an embodiment of the invention, a passive optical network reach extender includes a first optical splitter configured to receive an optical signal from an optical line terminal and split the signal into optical signals having a multiplexed wavelength, a wavelength tunable remote relay configured to receive the optical signals split from the first optical splitter, and select and control an available wavelength for each port, a wavelength multiplexer configured to multiplex a wavelength of the optical signal output from the wavelength tunable remote relay, and a second optical splitter configured to split the optical signal multiplexed by the wavelength multiplexer into a plurality of optical network units..
Silicon-on-insulator platform for integration of tunable laser arrays
An apparatus comprising a silicon-on-insulator (soi) platform comprising an optical component network. An apparatus comprising an optical component network monolithically grown on a soi platform, and an optical device coupled to the optical component network.
Method and apparatus for tuning a communication device for multi band operation
In one example, a wireless communication device adapted for multi-band operation includes a first antenna, a first diplexer configured to pass signals within first and second sets of frequency bands, first and second signal paths, wherein each signal path includes a set of notch filters tunable to attenuate a different frequency. The wireless communication device includes a second antenna, a second diplexer configured to pass the first and second frequency bands, third and fourth signal paths, wherein each of the third and fourth signal paths includes one or more notch filters tunable to attenuate a different frequency, and a transceiver coupled to each signal path..
Methods and apparatus for transparent display using scattering nanoparticles
Transparent displays enable many useful applications, including heads-up displays for cars and aircraft as well as displays on eyeglasses and glass windows. Unfortunately, transparent displays made of organic light-emitting diodes are typically expensive and opaque.
Tunable capacitor
A tunable capacitor includes a substrate, a movable member, a first capacitive plate, a second capacitive plate, a third capacitive plate and a set of electrode plates. The movable member is disposed on the substrate.
System and method for stabilizing mode locked swept laser for oct medical imaging
An optical coherence analysis system uses a laser swept source that is constrained to operate in a stable mode locked condition by modulating a drive current to the semiconductor optical amplifier as function of wavelength or synchronously with the drive voltage of the laser's tunable element based on stability map for the laser.. .
Method for measuring concentration of a gas component in a measurement gas
A method in which the wavelength of the light of a tunable light source is varied periodically over an absorption line of interest for the gas component to measure the concentration of a gas component in a measurement gas based on one of two measurement methods of direct absorption spectroscopy and wavelength modulation spectroscopy and, where in the case of wavelength modulation spectroscopy, the wavelength of the light is additionally sinusoidally modulated at a high frequency and with a small amplitude, where the intensity of the light is detected after transradiation of the measurement gas and processed to yield a measurement result, and where in order to increase the accuracy and reliability of the measurement, the two measurement methods are applied simultaneously during each period, or alternately in consecutive periods, and their results are combined by averaging to form the measurement result.. .
System and method for lithography alignment
The present disclosure provides one embodiment of a lithography system for integrated circuit making. The system includes a substrate stage designed to secure a substrate and being operable to move the substrate; an alignment module that includes a tunable light source being operable to generate an infrared light with a wavelength tunable; and a detector to receive the light; and an exposing module integrated with the alignment module and designed to performing an exposing process to a resist layer coated on the substrate..
Microelectronic machine-based variable resonator
A tunable resonator is provided that has a high q for each resonate frequency. The tunable resonator is a mems tunable resonator wherein the tuner is affected by moving a moveable mass, associated with the resonating portion of the resonator, form a first position to a second position such that the moveable mass is held in the first position or second position by a detent rather than a constant electromagnet magnetic or electrostatic force applied thereon..
Amplifiers operating in envelope tracking mode or non-envelope tracking mode
Various envelope tracking amplifiers are presented that can be switched between an et (envelope tracking) mode and a non-et mode. Switches and/or tunable components are utilized in constructing the envelope tracking amplifiers that can be switched between the et mode and the non-et mode..
Compensated impedance calibration circuit
Aspects of the invention provide for compensating impedance calibration circuits. In one embodiment, a compensated impedance calibration circuit, includes: a variable resistor network including a tunable resistor and a fixed resistor; and an external resistance network including a target external precision resistor and a parasitic distribution resistance; wherein a resistance of the variable resistor network is proportional to a resistance of the external resistance network, such that a ratio of an output voltage of the variable resistor network to a power supply voltage is constant..
System having tunable performance, and associated method
A system having tunable performance includes: a plurality of units, wherein at least one unit includes a hardware circuit; at least one global/local busy level detector including a global busy level detector, wherein the global busy level detector is arranged to detect an entire global busy level of the plurality of units; at least one local busy level detector, wherein each local busy level detector is arranged to detect a local busy level of at least one portion of the units; and a global/local system performance manager arranged to tune the performance of the system according to the entire global busy level and the at least one local busy level, wherein a weight of the at least one local busy level is higher than that of the entire global busy level. An associated method is also provided..
Method, apparatus, system for continuous automatic tuning of code regions
Described herein are mechanisms for continuous automatic tuning of code regions for optimal hardware configurations for the code regions. One mechanism automatically tunes the tunable parameters for a demarcated code region by calculating metrics while executing the code region with different sets of tunable parameters and selecting one of the different sets based on the calculated metrics..
Tunable algorithmic segments
Tunable algorithmic segment techniques are described. In one or more implementations, a target audience definition is obtained that is input to initiate creation of a look-alike model.
Tunable nonfouling surface of oligoethylene glycol
An article having a nonfouling surface thereon is comprises: (a) a substrate having a surface portion; (b) a linking layer on the surface portion; and (c) a polymer layer formed on the linking layer, preferably by the process of surface-initiated polymerization of monomeric units thereon, with each of the monomeric units comprising a monomer core group having at least one protein-resistant head group coupled thereto, to thereby form a brush molecule on the surface portion. The brush molecule comprising a stem formed from the polymerization of the monomer core groups, and a plurality of branches formed from the hydrophilic head group projecting from the stem.
Methods and apparatus for performing passive antenna testing with active antenna tuning device control
A wireless electronic device may contain at least one adjustable antenna tuning element for use in tuning the operating frequency range of the device. The antenna tuning element may include radio-frequency switches, continuously/semi-continuously adjustable components such as tunable resistors, inductors, and capacitors, and other load circuits that provide desired impedance characteristics.
Wideband multi-channel receiver with fixed-frequency notch filter for interference rejection
A wideband multi-channel receiver comprises an antenna configured to receive a radio frequency band. A band-pass filter is in signal communication with the antenna, and a low-noise amplifier is in signal communication with the band-pass filter.
Wavelength stabilization
Systems and methods of the invention generally relate to feedback loops for wavelength stabilization. According to certain aspects, a method of the invention includes filtering light through a tunable filter configured to deliver a target wavelength of light, measuring the wavelength of the filtered light, detecting a change between the target wavelength and the filtered wavelength, and adjusting the tunable filter based on the detected change so that the filtered wavelength matches the target wavelength..
Oct system with bonded mems tunable mirror vcsel swept source
A microelectromechanical systems (mems)-tunable vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (vcsel) in which the mems mirror is a bonded to the active region. This allows for a separate electrostatic cavity, that is outside the laser's optical resonant cavity.
Multi-band multiplexing intra-cavity gas sensing system and method
Disclosed is a multi-band multiplexing intra-cavity gas sensing system and method. The system consists of a laser resonant cavity subsystem, a gas sensing subsystem and a detection-demodulation subsystem.
Distributed disturbance sensing device and the related demodulation method based on polarization sensitive optical frequency domain reflectometry
This invention relates to a distributed disturbance sensing device based on polarization sensitive optical frequency domain reflectometry (ofdr) and the related demodulation thereof. The device, adopting ofdr, polarization controlling and analysis techniques, consists of a ultra-narrow linewidth tunable laser source module, polarization generating and polarization splitting balanced detecting module, laser source optical frequency and phase monitoring module, high-speed optical switch and so on to establish a large-scale and long-distance optical sensing network.
Tunable impedance network
A tunable impedance network and a method for tuning the tunable impedance network are disclosed. In one aspect, the tunable impedance network comprises a plurality of transformers connected in series.
Filter that is variable by means of a capacitor that is switched using mems components
A tunable filter comprises at least two resonator circuits placed between two matching networks characterized in that: one resonator is connected at a first of its ends to the ground plane m of the filter by metallized holes and at a second end to a mems network; the distance between the two resonators forms an inter-resonator inductive coupling circuit; an inter-resonator coupling capacitor is formed by two etched lines connected to the first and second resonators; the mems networks are distributed around the ends of the resonators; the mems networks are connected between the first and second resonator and the ground plane m by means of metallized holes; and the filter comprises a number of independent electrical control voltages designed to actuate the mems.. .
Tunable nitric oxide-releasing macromolecules having multiple nitric oxide donor structures
Provided here are nitric oxide-releasing compounds that include at least two different no donor functional groups of the same class. In some embodiments, such nitric oxide-releasing compounds are macromolecules such as dendrimer and co-condensed silica.
Tunable gloss toner
The disclosure describes an emulsion aggregation toner process wherein aspartic acid derivatives are employed as chelating agents. Also disclosed is a process for preparing toner using aspartic acid derivatives to freeze/stop toner particle growth where coalescence occurs following acidification of the reaction mixture..
Modulator for optical transmitter
An optical transmitter has a modulator for modulating data onto an optical signal for transmission to the receiver, the modulated signal having components at one or more constellations of points of different amplitudes and phases. The modulator is tunable such that distortions of the points of the one or more constellation can be tuned, and a tuning controller is provided for receiving a feedback signal from the receiver indicating a distortion measured at the receiver, and for tuning automatically the modulator to adjust the modulation based on the received feedback signal to pre-compensate for the measured distortion.
Transceiver with self-registered wavelengths
An integrated optical component outputs and receives an optical signal that provides a comb of modulated wavelengths for use in wavelength-division-multiplexing (wdm) optical interconnects or links. In particular, a shared echelle grating is used as a wavelength-selective filter or control device for multiple lasing cavities to achieve self-registered and accurate lasing-channel spacing without inter-channel gain competition for multiplexing modulated wavelength channels into one transmit port, and for receiving and de-multiplexing wdm wavelength channels simultaneously.
Mobile communication circuitry for three or more antennas
Communication circuitry is disclosed that is capable of switching between three or more antennas while providing low harmonic interference during carrier aggregation. In one embodiment, a communication system includes a first switch with two poles and four throws, a second switch with two poles and four throws, and four diplexers associated with four antennas.
Tunable acoustic gradient index of refraction lens and system
A tunable acoustic gradient index of refraction (tag) lens and system are provided that permit, in one aspect, dynamic selection of the lens output, including dynamic focusing and imaging. The system may include a tag lens and at least one of a source and a detector of electromagnetic radiation.
Air stable, color tunable plasmonic structures for ultraviolet (uv) and visible wavelength applications
A plasmonic optical device is provided operating in near ultra violet (uv) and visible wavelengths of light. The optical device is made from a substrate and nanoparticles.
Tunable wide band driver amplifier
A tunable wide band driver amplifier is disclosed. In an exemplary embodiment, an apparatus includes a first band selection circuit selectively connected between an output terminal of an amplifier and a circuit ground.
Tunable pressure transducer assembly
A tunable pressure transducer assembly that comprises a sensing element disposed within a housing, wherein the sensing element is adapted to output a signal substantially indicative of an applied pressure, and a filter assembly also disposed within the housing. In one example embodiment, a method includes receiving, at a filter assembly having a tube, a cap and a cavity defined by a housing, a pressure, wherein the cap is positioned to set a predetermined volume of the cavity and the tube is associated with an application of the pressure to the cavity, wherein the pressure includes a static pressure component and a dynamic pressure component; filtering, by the tube and the cavity, at least a portion of the dynamic pressure component of the pressure to obtain a filtered pressure; outputting, from the filter assembly, the filtered pressure; and wherein the filtered pressure is used to determine the static pressure component of the pressure..
Apparatus and method for self-testing a component for signal recovery
A circuit having a component for signal recovery, such as an adaptive equalizer, may be tested in order to ensure that the component operates properly. Unfortunately, external test equipment may be expensive and prone to being damaged.
Multiband monopole antenna built into decorative trim of a mobile device
A multiband monopole antenna for a mobile device is disclosed that can be dynamically switched between a quarter-wave monopole antenna and a half-wave folded monopole antenna. In one embodiment, a radiator element can be built into at least part of a decorative trim on an outer casing of the mobile device.
Laser annealing device and method
A laser annealing device for compensating wafer heat maps and its method are disclosed. A laser annealing device comprises a pump laser source array including of a plurality of pump laser sources for irradiating a tunable mask, each pump laser source emitting pump laser, an annealing laser source for emitting annealing laser and irradiating the tunable mask, and a tunable mask for transmitting at least part of the annealing laser after being irradiated by the pump laser..
Method and device for generating a tunable array of fluid gradients
Provided herein are devices and methods for generating microfluidic gradients, including an array of unique microfluidic gradients within an array of microchannels. Fluids within conduits are mixed in an intersection region to generate a mixed flow stream in a source reservoir channel that provides a gradient that varies with axial distance from the intersection region.
Compact tunable photonic crystal nanobeam cavity with low power consumption
Methods and devices for a tunable photonic crystal nanobeam cavity are disclosed. Such nanobeam cavity has high q-factor and can be integrated with a microheater.
Polarization scrambling in interferometer systems
A system and method to obtain and process interferometer output scans is described. The interferometer-based sensor system includes a tunable laser to transmit a transmit signal and a polarization scrambler to produce a polarization state change on the transmit signal.
Reconfigurable multiband antenna decoupling networks
Multiband antenna decoupling networks and systems including multiband antenna decoupling networks are provided herein. A multiband decoupling network is connected to two or more closely spaced antennas.
Doherty power amplifier with tunable impedance load
Radio frequency (rf) amplification devices are disclosed that include doherty amplification circuits and control circuits along with methods of operating the same. In one embodiment, the doherty amplification circuit includes a quadrature coupler having an isolation port and a tunable impedance load coupled to the isolation port and configured to provide a tunable impedance.
Variable-wavelength lidar system
A narrow-linewidth, variable-wavelength, active, absorbing lidar (light detection and ranging) system and method. The linewidth of the source and detector is sufficiently narrow to produce a reasonable signal-to-noise ratio for the system.
Method of manufacturing frequency tunable terahertz transceiver
A method of manufacturing a frequency tunable terahertz transceiver including two separate distributed feedback lasers manufactured in one substrate, includes forming a lower clad layer on the substrate, forming an active layer on the lower clad layer, forming an upper clad layer on the active layer. And interposing first and second diffraction grating layers between the upper clad layers.
Graphene membrane with size-tunable nanoscale pores
Technologies are generally described for a graphene membrane with uniformly-sized nanoscale pores that may be prepared at a desired size using colloidal lithography. A graphene monolayer may be coated with colloidal nanoparticles using self-assembly, followed by off-axis metal layer deposition, for example.
Tunable laser using iii-v gain materials
Disclosed herein are techniques, methods, structures and apparatus that provide a laser monolithically integrated in a silicon photonic integrated circuit (pic) that is suitable for high-performance coherent fiber-optic telecommunications and other applications. Among the features of a laser according to the present disclosure, and in particular a hybrid ingaasp/si laser, is an integrated si isolator to protect the laser from back reflections; optical, rather than electrical pumping; and coupling the optical pump using an ingaasp grating coupler that acts simultaneously as a wdm coupler and laser mirror..
Integrated dual swept source for oct medical imaging
An optical coherence analysis system comprising: a first swept source that generates a first optical signal that is tuned over a first spectral scan band, a second swept source that generates a second optical signal that is tuned over a second spectral scan band, a combiner for combining the first optical signal and the second optical signal for form a combined optical signal, an interferometer for dividing the combined optical signal between a reference arm leading to a reference reflector and a sample arm leading to a sample, and a detector system for detecting an interference signal generated from the combined optical signal from the reference arm and from the sample arm. In embodiments, the swept sources are tunable lasers that have shared laser cavities..
Serial weak fbg interrogator
A serial weak fbg interrogator is disclosed. The serial weak fbg interrogator may include a cw tunable laser or pulsed laser utilized as a laser source and an edfa.
Integrated tunable inductors
An integrated inductor can be tunable via a control current which alters the magnetic flux density in a permeable magnetic material. The resulting inductor can be adjusted in-circuit, and may be suitable for applications such as dc-dc converters, rf circuits, or filters requiring operation at high frequencies and across wide bandwidths..
Formulations and methods for removing oil-wet solids from aqueous streams
The invention encompasses methods for aggregating oil-wet solids in an aqueous suspension comprising providing an aqueous suspension containing oil-wet solids, and treating the aqueous suspension with an effective amount of a formulation comprising a tunable surfactant, thereby aggregating the oil-wet solids as removable aggregates. The invention also encompasses methods for extracting bitumen from oil sands ore and systems for separating bitumen from inorganic oil sands ore..

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