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Tuna patents


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 Phase shifted resonator patent thumbnailPhase shifted resonator
Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, are provided for a tunable filter. In some example embodiments, there may be provided an apparatus.
Nokia Technologies Oy

 Electro-mechanical voltage-controlled oscillator and a  generating tunable balanced oscillations patent thumbnailElectro-mechanical voltage-controlled oscillator and a generating tunable balanced oscillations
A cross-coupled complementary balanced voltage-controlled oscillator and a method for operating same. The oscillator comprises an electro-mechanical resonator, and an oscillator core.
Microsemi Storage Solutions (u.s.), Inc.

 Tunable photonic harvesting for solar energy conversion and dynamic shading tolerance patent thumbnailTunable photonic harvesting for solar energy conversion and dynamic shading tolerance
Methods, apparatus and systems for tunable photonic harvesting for solar energy conversion and dynamic shading tolerance are provided herein. A method includes determining one or more of multiple portions of a solar photovoltaic module that are underperforming in relation to separate portions of the solar photovoltaic module; configuring multiple reflective surfaces to produce a given configuration of the multiple reflective surfaces in relation to a surface of the solar photovoltaic module based on said determining; collecting (i) direct solar radiation and (ii) diffuse solar radiation incident on a plurality of the multiple reflective surfaces; and distributing (i) the collected direct solar radiation and (ii) the collected diffuse solar radiation across the multiple portions of the solar photovoltaic module in a targeted manner based on the given configuration of the multiple reflective surfaces to offset the underperforming portions of the solar photovoltaic module by a given amount..
International Business Machines Corporation

 Quantum cascade laser with serially configured gain sections patent thumbnailQuantum cascade laser with serially configured gain sections
An apparatus that includes a gain chip assembly, an external cavity, and a controller is disclosed. The gain chip assembly includes first and second gain chips that are coupled optically such that light travels serially between the first gain chip and the second gain chip, each gain chip is electrically biased.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

 Antenna for mobile communication device patent thumbnailAntenna for mobile communication device
An antenna includes a metal member, a closed slot disposed in the metal member, and a feed element having a first feed portion and a second feed portion, the first and second feed portions crossing the closed slot, and being electrically connected to each other. The feed element enables the closed slot to resonate at two different frequency bands and enables both bands to be individually tunable.
Acer Incorporated

 Tunable cavity resonator patent thumbnailTunable cavity resonator
An apparatus includes a tunable cavity resonator that includes conductive walls that form a tunable cavity. The tunable cavity has first dimensions when one or more phase change material layers within the tunable cavity have a first state.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Dual-mode microwave tunable filter patent thumbnailDual-mode microwave tunable filter
A dual-mode filter is provided. A filter may include a cylindrical cavity configured to implement resonance modes with a plurality of different resonant frequencies, and a plurality of slot irises formed on a side of the cylindrical cavity, and the plurality of slot irises may be arranged asymmetrically to each other with respect to the cylindrical cavity..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

 Laminated multilayer membranes, separators, batteries, and methods patent thumbnailLaminated multilayer membranes, separators, batteries, and methods
Disclosed herein are novel or improved microporous battery separator membranes, separators, batteries including such separators, methods of making such membranes, separators, and/or batteries, and/or methods of using such membranes, separators and/or batteries. Further disclosed are laminated multilayer polyolefin membranes with exterior layers comprising one or more polyethylenes, which exterior layers are designed to provide an exterior surface that has a low pin removal force.
Celgard, Llc

 Injection molded microoptics patent thumbnailInjection molded microoptics
A wafer-scale apparatus and method is described for the automation of forming, aligning and attaching two-dimensional arrays of microoptic elements on semiconductor and other image display devices, backplanes, optoelectronic boards, and integrated optical systems. In an ordered fabrication sequence, a mold plate comprised of optically designed cavities is formed by reactive ion etching or alternative processes, optionally coated with a release material layer and filled with optically specified materials by an automated fluid-injection and defect-inspection subsystem.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Method and  controlled dopant incorporation and activation in a chemical vapor deposition system patent thumbnailMethod and controlled dopant incorporation and activation in a chemical vapor deposition system
Embodiments include systems and methods for producing semiconductor wafers having reduced quantities of point defects. These systems and methods include a tunable ultraviolet (uv) light source, which is controlled to produce a raster of a uv light beam across a surface of a semiconductor wafer during epitaxial growth to dissociate point defects in the semiconductor wafer.
Veeco Instruments, Inc.

System, improving the spectral resolution and signal-to-noise ratio of optical spectrometer using digital beam refocusing, reforming, slicing, and multiplexing

There is disclosed a novel system and method for improving spectral resolution and signal-to-noise ratio of a captured spectrum by employing digital beam reforming, digital slicing, and digital multiplexing. In an embodiment, the method comprises: and entrance aperture for the light to enter the apparatus, a collimating element (refractive or reflective), a dispersive element (single- or multi-axis), a focusing element (refractive or reflective), and a linear or array detector for acquisition of the spectrum.

System and a nondestructive on-line testing of samples

An mri-free non-destructive on-line system for detecting a presence of a material in a sample. The system includes: a flow conduit encompassed by a tunable rf coil and having an input duct and an output duct; a flow of the sample through the flow conduit; a signal detector that detects frequency-dependent output signals as a function of a frequency variation of the rf tunable coil within a frequency range of an rf resonant frequency of a standard sample of the substance; and a processing unit..
Aspect Al Ltd.

Oxygen absorber

An oxygen scavenger includes a coated film formed as a sachet and an oxygen scavenger retained in the sachet. The coated film may include a spun-bonded polyolefin base layer coated with a usp-grade low density polyethylene.
Multisorb Technologies, Inc.

Silk-based scaffold platform for engineering tissue constructs

The inventions provided herein relate to silk-based scaffolds and methods of producing the same, which can be used for a range of tissue engineering applications. The fabrication methods described herein provide a versatile platform to incorporate hollow conduits (e.g., for nutrient/oxygen delivery) through three-dimensional silk-based scaffolds that have tunable bulk properties (e.g., but not limited to, porosity, mechanical, degradation rate) and allow endothelialization and/or cell compartmentalization, for engineering a variety of complex tissue equivalents..
Tufts University

Tunable transceivers for colorless spectrum-sliced wdm passive optical networks

This application discloses apparatuses and methods for selecting and tuning of a select mode of a multi-longitudinal mode device seeded or wavelength locked to a spectrum-sliced external wavelength by either self-seeding or broadband light-source seeding through an array-waveguide grating.. .
University Of Zagreb, Faculty Of Electrical Engineering And Computing

Multi-antenna system

A multi-antenna system is provided. The multi-antenna system includes a first antenna, a second antenna, a tunable circuit, and a frequency-divisional circuit.
Mediatek Inc.

Apparatus and methods for tunable notch filters

A notch filter is described. A notch filter including an input, an output and at least one variable capacitor coupled in series between the input and the output.
Tdk Corporation

Telecommunications device comprising an ebd circuit, a tunable impedance network and a tuning a tunable impedance network

A system having a tunable impedance network and a method of tuning a tunable impedance network are disclosed. In one aspect, a telecommunications device comprises an electrical-balance duplexer (ebd) circuit coupled to at least one output node of a transmit path (txin), an antenna, and at least one input node of a receive path (rxout), wherein the ebd circuit is configured to isolate the transmit path from the receive path by signal cancellation, and a balancing network (zbal) as part of the ebd circuit.
Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Tunable and integrated impedance matching and filter circuit

A high performance integrated tunable impedance matching network with coupled merged inductors. Embodiments include a combination of merged multiport constructively coupled spiral inductors and tunable capacitors configured to reduce insertion losses, circuit size, and optimization time while maintaining a high q factor for the coupled spiral inductors.
Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation

Systems and methods for graphene mechanical oscillators with tunable frequencies

A nano-electro-mechanical systems (nems) oscillator can include an insulating substrate, a source electrode and a drain electrode, a metal local gate electrode, and a micron-sized, atomically thin graphene resonator. The source electrode and drain electrode can be disposed on the insulating substrate.
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

Broadband tunable external-cavity laser using small mems mirror

A raman pump laser control apparatus comprises a wavelength division multiplexer, a tap coupler, a photoelectric detector, an analogue amplification processing circuit, an analogue-to-digital converter, a fast raman pump control unit, an digital-analog converter, and a raman pump laser. The fast raman pump control unit, after having known anticipated output light power of the raman pump laser, based on a direct relationship between a current anticipated output light power of the raman pump laser and input digital quantity that is needed by the digital-analog converter, uses a feedforward control mechanism so that actual output light power of the raman pump laser fastly approximates the anticipated output light power thereof, and then synchronously combines with a feedback control mechanism so that the actual output light power of the raman pump laser is precisely locked on the anticipated output light power, thereby achieving fast and precise control of the raman pump laser..
Accelink Technologies Co., Ltd.

Rapidly tunable laser assembly

A laser assembly for generating an output beam includes a first module assembly, a second module assembly, and a module fastener assembly. The second module assembly is selectively movable relative to the first module assembly to selectively adjust a cavity length, and a pivot axis of a grating in the laser.
Daylight Solutions, Inc.

Tunable film bulk acoustic resonators and filters

In wireless communications, many radio frequency bands are used. For each frequency band, there are two frequencies, one for transmitting and the other for receiving.

Protein fluorescent nanoparticles and methods of synthesis thereof

Disclosed herein are stable and versatile protein nanoparticles having a range of tunable fluorescent properties. Such nanoparticles may find utility in biological imaging.
University Of Connecticut

Tunable muzzle compensator for a firearm

A tunable muzzle compensator for a weapon such as a firearm that includes a tube that extends the barrel of the weapon by fitting over the muzzle or is directly integrated into the barrel. This center tube, or modified barrel includes one or more holes along its length.

Synthetic surfaces with robust and tunable underwater superoleophobicity

The present invention provides multilayer polymer films, materials and coatings which exhibit robust underwater superoleophobicity and have remarkable structural functional tolerance to a broad range of physical, chemical, and environmental challenges encountered by surfaces deployed in aqueous or aquatic environments. These materials can be fabricated on surfaces of arbitrary shape, size, and composition and provide straightforward means to manipulate surface chemistry and fine-tune other useful features of the interfacial behavior (e.g., underwater oil-adhesiveness).
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Methods and recording impulsive sounds

Loud sounds with fast rise times, like gunfire and explosions, can cause noise-induced hearing loss (nihl). Unfortunately, current models do not adequately explain how impulsive sounds cause nihl, which makes it difficult to predict and prevent nihl on battlefields and other hostile or rugged environments.

Tunable reactance devices, and methods of making and using the same

A tunable reactance device and methods of manufacturing and using the same are disclosed. The tunable reactance device includes a substrate, a microelectromechanical (mem) structure supported on the substrate and comprising a conductive material, and a driver configured to move the mem structure with respect to the substrate upon application of an electrostatic force to the driver.

Reconfigurable load modulation amplifier

A reconfigurable load modulation amplifier having a carrier amplifier and a peak amplifier that are coupled in parallel is disclosed. The peak amplifier provides additional power amplification when the carrier amplifier is driven into saturation.
Qorvo Us, Inc

Miniaturized highly efficient wireless power transfer elements using multiple layers of resonators and/or tunable capacitors

Novel and advantageous systems and methods for wireless power transfer (wpt) via multiple-resonator conformal strongly coupled magnetic resonance (cscmr) are provided. Instead of using a single loop as a resonator, multiple resonators can be used.
Florida International University Board Of Trustees

Methods and system for wavelength tunable optical components and sub-systems

Wavelength division multiplexing (wdm) has enabled telecommunication service providers to fully exploit the transmission capacity of optical fibers. State of the art systems in long-haul networks now have aggregated capacities of terabits per second.
Aeponyx Inc.

Tunable filters for spectral sensing

A spectroscopic analysis device for analysis of a sample comprising: a photonic integrated circuit (pic) comprising: an input (def) for receiving light from the sample; and a demultiplexer (demux) arranged to distribute the received light into at least a first optical chain (c1) and a second optical chain (c2); wherein each optical chain (c1, c2) of the photonic integrated circuit c(pic) further comprises a tunable bandpass filter (tbf1, tbf2) and a variable attenuator (att1, att2) and a photodetector (pd1, pd2) arranged respectively to filter and to attenuate and to detect the light distributed into its corresponding optical chain (c1, c2).. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Tunable luminaire and related methods to control light output

A light fixture may include one or more light sources and one or more lenses for manipulating light provided by the light sources. The lenses may manipulate the direction of the light, light wavelength, dispersion pattern, or any other quality of the light.
Delta T Corporation

Tunable vibration dampers and methods of manufacture and tuning

Embodiments are directed to tunable damper embodiments and methods of using the same for damping resonant and non-resonant vibrations present within an object that the tunable damper is secured to. In some cases, the tunable damper may be tuned before, during or after being secured to an object..
Newport Corporation

Tunable vibration dampers and methods of manufacture and tuning

Embodiments are directed to tunable damper embodiments and methods of using the same for damping resonant and non-resonant vibrations present within an object that the tunable damper is secured to. In some cases, the tunable damper may be tuned before, during or after being secured to an object..
Newport Corporation

Swirling jet actuator for control of separated and mixing flows

The present invention includes a method of controlling a fluid flow using momentum and/or vorticity injections. Actively controlling an actuator allows for direct, precise, and independent control of the momentum and swirl entering into the fluid system.
The Florida State University Research Foundation, Inc.

Novel methods for sol-gel polymerization in absence of solvent and creation of tunable carbon structure from same

The present application is directed to methods for solvent-free preparation of polymers and their subsequent processing into activated carbon materials. These methods unexpectedly demonstrate ability to tune pore structure in the polymer gel and carbon produced there from, while also providing distinct advantages over the current art..
Energ2 Technologies, Inc.

Composition and the use thereof

The present invention relates to the pharmaceutical field, particularly to a composition and the use thereof. The composition serves to lower uric acid through the combination of several traditional chinese medicines of smilacis glabra rhizoma, cichorii herba, plantaginis herba and coicis semen.
Infinitus (china) Company Ltd.

Adaptable operating frequency of a variable focal length lens in an adjustable magnification optical system

An imaging system is provided for a precision machine vision inspection or metrology system. The imaging system optical path includes a variable magnification lens portion and a variable focal length lens portion.
Mitutoyo Corporation

Tunable balun

A system includes a balun, a power monitoring circuit, a first circuit, and a second circuit. The balun includes a first inductor to receive an input and a second inductor to couple the input to a load.
Marvell World Trade Ltd.

Front-end circuit for simultaneous transmission and reception operation

A front end circuit is disclosed. In an embodiment, the circuit includes a first antenna connection and first to third signal paths, each of which include a tunable filter and each of which is connected to the first antenna connection.
Epcos Ag

Tunable lc filter

An inductor-capacitor (lc) filter designed to comply with emc (electromagnetic compatibility) standards comprises capacitors; switches for coupling capacitors; differential-mode inductors for coupling capacitors and switches; and common-mode inductors or a combination of differential-mode inductors and common-mode inductors, where an input signal changes the inductance of differential-mode inductors in the lc filter to modify a frequency response of the lc filter. In the lc filter, differential-mode inductors further comprise identical multiple-winding inductors, and the input signal, which biases the plurality of differential-mode inductors, includes a dc signal or a combination of dc and ac signals.
Toshiba International Corporation

Apparatus and methods for tunable power amplifiers

A power amplifier is described. The power amplifier including at least a first amplifier stage, and at least a first tunable matching network.
Tdk Corporation

Antenna system and terminal

An antenna system includes an antenna body, a tunable component, and at least one of a first filter and a second filter. The antenna body is connected to the tunable component.
Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

Optical imaging devices and variable-focus lens elements, and methods for using them

The present disclosure relates optical imaging devices and methods useful in biological and medical imaging applications. In one embodiment, an optical imaging device includes a flexible lightguide having a first end and a second end, the output of the source of pulsed infrared radiation being optically coupled to the first end of the flexible lightguide; a lens assembly attached to and optically coupled to the second end of the flexible lightguide, the lens assembly comprising a variable-focus lens element, the a variable-focus lens element having a tunable focal length; and a photodetector coupled to the flexible lightguide to detect radiation propagating from the second end toward the first end of the flexible lightguide.
The Regents Of The University Of Colorado, A Body Corporate

Apparatus and tuning optical components

An apparatus and method for tuning optical components are provided. The apparatus and method may be used for wavelength selection in the context of optical communication.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Apparatus and tuning and switching between optical components

Apparatuses and methods for tuning and switching between optical components are provided. The apparatuses and methods may be used in the context of optical communication.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Direct sampling of received signals in radar

It is common practice in modern radar to utilize some type of downconversion to an intermediate frequency or baseband before analog-to-digital conversion takes place. Several microwave components are needed for this downconversion process, including a tunable local oscillator, bandpass filters, amplifiers, and other signal conditioning devices.
Mark Resources, Inc.

Method for inhibiting self-absorption effect in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy

Provided is a method for inhibiting self-absorption effect of a libs, comprising ablating a to-be-measured sample via a pulse laser thereby generating plasma, and selectively stimulating the plasma using a wavelength-tunable laser beam enabling transition of particles in a ground-state in the plasma to high energy state as stimulated absorption, thereby improving a stimulated absorption transition efficiency of the particles in a ground-state, and preventing plasma spectrum from being influenced by self-absorption effect. The invention is capable of eliminating the self-absorption effect without introducing external interference, obtaining original characteristics of emission spectrum from the center of the plasma, and essentially inhibiting and finally eliminating the self-absorption effect of laser plasma by making use of intrinsic physical property of plasma..
Huazhong University Of Science And Technology

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