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This page is updated frequently with new Tuna-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tuna-related patents
 Down-conversion circuit patent thumbnailDown-conversion circuit
A down-conversion circuit for a receiver circuit is disclosed, the down-conversion circuit comprises a first passive switching mixer arranged to down-convert a received radio frequency, rf, signal with a first local oscillator, lo, signal (lo1) having a first duty cycle for generating a first down-converted signal at an output port of the first passive switching mixer. The down-conversion circuit further comprises a second passive switching mixer arranged to down-convert the received rf signal with a second lo signal (lo2) having the same lo frequency as the first lo signal (lo1) and a second duty cycle, different from the first duty cycle, for generating a second down-converted signal at an output port of the second passive switching mixer.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

 Amplifier with common-mode filter patent thumbnailAmplifier with common-mode filter
A differential amplifier having a tunable filter is disclosed. The tunable filter may attenuate some common-mode signals while not affecting amplification of differential signals.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Generating two synchronized trains of laser pulses patent thumbnailGenerating two synchronized trains of laser pulses
A method and system generates two synchronized trains of laser pulses at different wavelengths, wherein the two pulse trains are temporally synchronized and have a stable phase relation, and wherein the wavelength of one of the pulse trains is de-tunable. The method includes the steps of: generating a train of ultra-short seed laser pulses; splitting the train of seed laser pulses into a first pulse train and a second pulse train; and frequency-shifting the first pulse train by soliton self-frequency shift in an optically pumped waveguide having anomalous dispersion, wherein the spectrum of the frequency-shifted first pulse train is de-tunable by varying the pump power..
Toptica Photonics Ag

 Tunable acoustic transmitter for downhole use patent thumbnailTunable acoustic transmitter for downhole use
The resonant frequency of an example transducer can be adjusted by changing the effective mass of a backing mass using a tuning module. The tuning module includes a electrical source, a switch, and an electromagnetic coil connected in series as an electrical circuit.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

 Wave shaping device, an electronic device, and a system patent thumbnailWave shaping device, an electronic device, and a system
A wave shaping device which comprises a tunable impedance surface and a controller connected to the surface in order to control its impedance. The shaping device further comprises a transmission module for receiving a pilot signal used to control the impedance of the surface..
Universite Paris Diderot - Paris 7

 Tunable radio frequency low noise amplifier patent thumbnailTunable radio frequency low noise amplifier
An apparatus comprising an amplifier comprising an input, a capacitor having a capacitor first side and a capacitor second side, wherein the capacitor first side is coupled to the input, a switch having a switch first side and a switch second side, wherein the switch first side is coupled to the capacitor second side, and a transistor having a transistor gate, and a transistor source, wherein the transistor gate is coupled to the input and the capacitor first side, wherein the transistor source is coupled to the switch second side and wherein the switch is positioned directly between the capacitor second side and the transistor source.. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

 Inductively coupled transformer with tunable impedance match network patent thumbnailInductively coupled transformer with tunable impedance match network
A packaged rf power transistor includes an rf input lead, a dc gate bias lead, an rf power transistor comprising gate, source and drain terminals, and an input match network. The input match network includes a primary inductor electrically connected to the rf input lead, a secondary inductor electrically connected to the gate terminal and to the dc gate bias lead, and a tuning capacitor electrically connected to the rf input lead and physically disconnected from the gate terminal.
Infineon Technologies Ag

 Tunable wireless energy transfer systems patent thumbnailTunable wireless energy transfer systems
Described herein are improved configurations for a wireless power transfer. A power source for driving a resonator includes a switching amplifier.
Witricity Corporation

 Laser assembly patent thumbnailLaser assembly
A tunable laser configured in a small package subassembly including a gain chip positioned in the interior space between first and second tunable filter subassemblies. The tunable laser is packaged in either a rectangular or cylindrical housing, with an electrical input interface positioned at one end of the housing..
Neophotonics Corporation

 Wavelength tunable laser device and optical coherence tomography apparatus patent thumbnailWavelength tunable laser device and optical coherence tomography apparatus
A wavelength tunable laser device, including: a first reflector; a second reflector; an active layer formed between the first reflector and the second reflector; a quantum well structure layer that exhibits a quantum confined stark effect; and an electrode configured to apply a reverse bias voltage to the quantum well structure layer, wherein the active layer and the second reflector have a gap formed therebetween, the gap having a length to be changed to thereby sweep a resonance wavelength, and wherein the electrode is further configured to change application of the reverse bias voltage to be applied to the quantum well structure layer depending on the length of the gap when the resonance wavelength is swept.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Wavelength-tunable light source and wavelength-tunable light source module

A first arm portion and a second arm portion are provided so as to have a distance therebetween greater than a distance between input ends of two output waveguides and greater than a distance between an output end of a first output portion and an output end of a second output portion, the first arm portion forming a traveling path of light from one of the two output waveguides to the first output portion through a first optical amplifier, the second arm portion forming a traveling path of light from another one of the two output waveguides to the second output portion through a second optical amplifier. The first optical amplifier and the second optical amplifier have curved portions in which the first output portion and the second output portion are curved in a direction toward each other, and the first optical amplifier and the second optical amplifier respectively output light from the output end of the first output portion and the output end of the second output portion..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Tunable negative bitline write assist and boost attenuation circuit

An apparatus and method are provided for implementing write assist with boost attenuation for static random access memory (sram) arrays. The apparatus includes a memory array comprising a plurality of sram cells.
International Business Machines Corporation


Color display calibration system

A display calibration system may be used to calibrate a display. The display calibration system may have an image sensor that captures images of the display.
Apple Inc.


Quantum cascade laser (qcl) based gas sensing system and method

A system and method are disclosed for gas sensing over a wide tunable wavelength range provided by one or more quantum cascade lasers. A laser beam is generated within the wide tunable wavelength range, which is given by the sum of the wavelength ranges from the individual lasers.
Block Engineering, Llc


Method and system for gas concentration measurement of gas dissolved in liquids

The present invention concerns a method and system for gas concentration measurement of gas or gas mixtures dissolved in liquids. A gas or gas mixture dissolved in a liquid sample is extracted from the liquid sample using an extraction system and conducted into a measurement chamber.
Vaisala Oyj


Multiple beam pulsed laser deposition of composite films

The present disclosure generally relates to a system and method for multiple beam laser deposition of thin films wherein separate laser beams are used to ablate material from separate targets for concurrent deposition on a common substrate. The targets may include, but not limited to polymers, organics, inorganics, nanocrystals, solutions, or mixtures of materials.
Dillard University


Metal-based thiophene photodynamic compounds and their use

Compositions of the invention include tunable metal-based thiophene photodynamic compounds useful as therapeutic agents and as in vivo diagnostic agents for treating or preventing diseases that involve hyperproliferating cell etiology including cancer and diseases associated with hyperproliferating cells. The compositions are also useful for treating infectious diseases and for pathogen disinfection..


Tunable electrical conductivity in metal-organic framework thin film devices

A composition including a porous metal organic framework (mof) including an open metal site and a guest species capable of charge transfer that can coordinate with the open metal site, wherein the composition is electrically conductive. A method including infiltrating a porous metal organic framework (mof) including an open metal site with a guest species that is capable of charge transfer; and coordinating the guest species to the open metal site to form a composition including an electrical conductivity greater than an electrical conductivity of the mof..
Sandia Corporation


Controlling mitigating rogue optical network unit (onu) in hybrid passive optical network (pon) system

A controlling method for mitigating a rogue behavior of an optical network unit (onu) having a wavelength-tunable function in a hybrid passive optical network (pon) system. The controlling method includes determining whether a first wavelength for an upstream signal received from the onu strays away from an allowable range for a second wavelength assigned to the onu, and, in response to a determination that the first wavelength strays away from the allowable range for the second wavelength, transmitting an upstream wavelength adjustment request message to the onu to adjust a wavelength for the upstream signal.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Wavelength/bandwidth tunable optical filter and driving method thereof

Provided herein is a wavelength/bandwidth tunable optical filter capable of flexibly tuning a wavelength and bandwidth, the wavelength/bandwidth tunable optical filter including an optical circulator configured to receive a wdm (wavelength-division-multiplexing) optical signal from an optical cable; and a plurality of wavelength-tunable optical filters configured to receive the wdm optical signal via the optical circulator, wherein the plurality of wavelength-tunable optical filters reflect wavelengths of different bandwidths from one another.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Instit Institute


Integrated clock generator and method therefor

An integrated clock generator includes a tunable lc oscillator, a tunable frequency synthesizer, and a processor. The tunable lc oscillator has an input for receiving an oscillator control signal, and an output for providing an oscillator clock signal.
Silicon Laboratories Inc.


Tunable laser source

A tunable transmission optical filter is optically coupled between a laser section and semiconductor optical amplifier (soa) section of a tunable laser device. The optical filter may be tuned to provide a high transmission near the lasing peak while suppressing a significant portion of back-propagating amplified spontaneous emission (ase) of the soa section.
Lumentum Operations Llc


Akinetic swept laser fast sweeping of the same

The present invention discloses a method and apparatus for producing a narrow line laser emission that can be tuned at frequency rates exceeding 100 khz. The laser apparatus is capable of fast scanning speeds close to multiples of the cavity resonance frequency.
University Of Kent


On-chip vertical three dimensional microstrip line with characteristic impedance tuning technique and design structures

A vertical three dimensional (3d) microstrip line structure for improved tunable characteristic impedance, methods of manufacturing the same and design structures are provided. More specifically, a method is provided that includes forming a first microstrip line structure within a back end of the line (beol) stack.
University Of South Carolina


Semiconductor device with tunable work function

The metal-oxide semiconductor structure includes a substrate, a gate dielectric multi-layer, an etch stop layer, a work function metallic layer, a barrier layer and a silicide layer. The substrate has a trench.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Tunable inductive device for parametric audio systems and related methods

An apparatus and method for optimizing a parametric emitter system having a pot core inductive device coupled between an amplifier and emitter. The pot core inductive device allows for adjustments of the air gap formed between the two halves of the pot core structure to adjust its inductive value.
Turtle Beach Corporation


Tunable inductor arrangement, transceiver, method and computer program

A tunable inductor arrangement arrangable on a chip or substrate is disclosed. The tunable inductor comprises a first winding part connected at one end to a first input of the tunable inductor arrangement, a second winding part connected at one end to the other end of the first winding part, a third winding part connected at one end to a second input of the tunable inductor arrangement, a fourth winding part connected at one end to the other end of the third winding part, and a switch arrangement arranged to tune the tunable inductor arrangement.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)


Tunable nano-antenna and methods of manufacturing and operating the same

Provided are an optical nano-antenna including a tunable material layer and methods of manufacturing and operating the optical nano-antenna. The optical nano-antenna includes a substrate; and a plurality of material layers sequentially laminated on the substrate.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Long-period grating device and tunable gain flattening filter having same

A tunable gain flattening filter includes a long-period grating device. The long-period grating device includes: an optical fiber that includes a core having a refractive index and a core guided mode with a first effective index, and a cladding surrounding the core and having a cladding mode with a second effective index that is less than the first effective index; a thermoelectric module, the optical fiber being mounted on the thermoelectric module; a thermoelectric cooler configured to precisely control temperature of the optical fiber; and a thermistor configured as a sensor to provide feedback for the thermoelectric module.
Nano And Advanced Materials Institute Limited


Tunable turbocharger compressor cover

A turbocharger compressor housing is configured to allow a releasable fixed adjustment of a geometry of a compressor housing to increase at least one of responsiveness, efficiency or the ultimate power obtainable by a turbocharged system. Adjustability can be provided by an air intake pipe that is threadably connected with a central portion of the compressor housing to allow an air gap between the housing and the intake pipe to be adjusted to create an effect similar to adjusting the inducer area of a compressor wheel disposed in the housing, whereby power can be exchanged for efficiency and responsiveness.
Bullseye Power, Llc


Biomimetic cell culture substrates

Embodiments of the presently disclosed subject matter provide biomimetic cell culture substrates comprising highly tunable patterned polymer nanofiber matrices capable of modulating expression of critical self-renewal factors and markers of cell-cell interaction to maintain stemness of human mesenchymal stem cells in vitro. Embodiments of the presently-disclosed subject matter also provide scalable, highly repeatable methods of making biomimetic cell culture substrates by hot pressing thermoplastic polymer films into femtosecond laser-ablated nanopore molds to form patterned polymer nanofiber matrices on flat thermoplastic substrates..
Ultra Small Fibers, Llc


Tunable nonfouling surface of oligoethylene glycol

An article having a nonfouling surface thereon is comprises: (a) a substrate having a surface portion; (b) a linking layer on the surface portion; and (c) a polymer layer formed on the linking layer, preferably by the process of surface-initiated polymerization of monomeric units thereon, with each of the monomeric units comprising a monomer core group having at least one protein-resistant head group coupled thereto, to thereby form a brush molecule on the surface portion. The brush molecule comprising a stem formed from the polymerization of the monomer core groups, and a plurality of branches formed from the hydrophilic head group projecting from the stem.
Duke University


Tunable laser and tuning a laser

The invention relates to a tunable laser, the tunable laser comprising a first waveguide, a second waveguide and a semiconductor layer being arranged to separate the first waveguide from the second waveguide. The first waveguide comprises a first coupling portion and an active portion for generating a laser signal.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Tunable hot-carrier photodetector

Various examples are provided for hot carrier spectral photodetectors that can be tuned. In one example, among others, a hot-carrier photodetector includes a graded barrier; an absorber disposed on the graded barrier; and a second barrier disposed on the absorber.
Georgia State University Research Foundation, Inc.


Hydrogenated graphene with surface doping and bandgap tunability

A graphene compound made from the method of preparing graphene flakes or chemical vapor deposition grown graphene films on a sio2/si substrate; exposing the graphene flakes or the chemical vapor deposition grown graphene film to hydrogen plasma; performing hydrogenation of the graphene; wherein the hydrogenated graphene has a majority carrier type; creating a bandgap from the hydrogenation of the graphene; applying an electric field to the hydrogenated graphene; and tuning the bandgap.. .
The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Methods and transparent display using scattering nanoparticles

Transparent displays enable many useful applications, including heads-up displays for cars and aircraft as well as displays on eyeglasses and glass windows. Unfortunately, transparent displays made of organic light-emitting diodes are typically expensive and opaque.


Downhole systems for detecting a property of a fluid

System, methods, and apparatuses for determining properties of a production fluid downhole are presented. In one instance, a system includes a sample-filled sensing device for vibrating a first suspended tube containing a sample of production fluid and producing a first response signal.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Carbon monoxide releasing molecules and associated methods

The present disclosure relates to carbon monoxide releasing molecules (“corms”), and methods of synthesizing and applying the molecules. More specifically, this disclosure relates to structurally tunable corms, compounds containing corms (and salts thereof).
Utah State University


Toolholder with tunable passive vibration absorber assembly

A toolholder includes a cutting tool mounted to a head attached to a collar at a first end of the toolholder. A shank is located at a second, opposite end of the toolholder.
Kennametal Inc.


High frequency power amplifier, high frequency front-end circuit, and radio communication device

A high frequency power amplifier includes a first high frequency amplifier, a final high frequency amplifier, and a tunable filter. The tunable filter is connected between the first high frequency amplifier and the final high frequency amplifier.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Tunable delay circuit and operating method thereof

A tunable delay circuit includes a first multiplexer, a delay chain, and a second multiplexer. The first multiplexer selects an input signal or a feedback signal as a first output signal according to an enable signal.
Mediatek Singapore Pte. Ltd.


Broadly tunable optical paramteric oscillator

A novel broadly tunable optical parametric oscillator is described for use in numerous applications including multi-photon microscopy. The optical parametric oscillator includes at least one sub-picosecond laser pump source configured to output a pump signal having a wavelength of about 650 nm or less and at least one type ii optical parametric oscillator in optical communication with the pump source and configured to generate a single widely tunable pulsed optical signal.
Newport Corporation


Tunable antenna with slot-based parasitic element

Electronic devices may be provided that contain wireless communications circuitry. The wireless communications circuitry may include radio-frequency transceiver circuitry and antenna structures.
Apple Inc.


Tunable muzzle compensator for a firearm

A tunable muzzle compensator for a firearm that includes a tube that extends the barrel of the weapon by fitting over the muzzle. This center tube includes one or more holes along its length.


Tunable luminaire and related methods to control light output

A light fixture may include one or more light sources and one or more lenses for manipulating light provided by the light sources. The lenses may manipulate the direction of the light, light wavelength, dispersion pattern, or any other quality of the light.
Delta T Corporation


Alkinyl-tolanes, liquid-crystal mixtures containing them and components for high-frequency technology

In which the parameters have the respective meanings given in the description, to the use thereof for high-frequency components, to liquid-crystalline media comprising the compounds, and to high-frequency components, in particular antennae, especially for the gigahertz range, comprising these media. The liquid-crystalline media serve, for example, for the phase shifting of microwaves for tunable ‘phased-array’ antennae..


Tunable energy absorbers

An energy absorber according to various embodiments can include a structure having a predetermined cross-sectional profile. A hollow profile is formed within the structure.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Matchmaking system for massive multiplayer online games

In accordance with one aspect of the embodiments described herein, there is provided a matchmaking system for massive multiplayer online games. In one or more embodiments, the described matchmaking system is easily tunable enabling the gaming administrator to make quick adjustments to the parameters of the matchmaking system.
Mail.ru Games, Llc


Metal-glycoprotein complexes and their use as chemotherapeutic compounds

Compositions of the invention include glycoproteins, such as transferrin, and metal-based coordination complexes, which are preferably chemotherapeutic compounds and more preferably tunable photodynamic compounds. The compositions are useful as in vivo diagnostic agents, and as therapeutic agents for treating or preventing diseases including those that involve hyperproliferating cells in their etiology, such as cancer.
Theralase Technologies, Inc.


Multi-flow optical transceiver, multi-flow optical transponder and multi-flow optical node

There is provided a multi-flow optical transceiver that includes (a) a plurality of wavelength-tunable light sources, (b) a plurality of optical modulation units which modulates light with an input signal, (c) an optical multiplexing/demultiplexing switch which couples light from at least one of the wavelength-tunable light sources to at least one of the optical modulation units with any power, (d) an optical coupling unit which couples a plurality of lights, modulated by a plurality of the optical modulation units, to at least one waveguide, (e) at least one multiple carrier generating unit which generates multiple carries, arranged at equal frequency intervals, from light of the wavelength-tunable light source, and (f) a wavelength separation unit which branches the multiple carriers from the multiple carrier generating unit for each wavelength.. .
Nippon Telegraph And Telephone Corporation


Link architecture and spacecraft terminal for high rate direct to earth optical communications

A satellite in low-earth orbit (leo) or medium-earth orbit (meo) with a modern image sensor and/or other remote sensing device can collect data at rates of 10 mbps or higher. At these collection rates, the satellite can accumulate more data between its passes over a given ground station than it can transmit to the ground station in a single pass using radio-frequency (rf) communications.


Electronic device having antenna tuning integrated circuits with sensors

An electronic device may be provided with wireless circuitry. The wireless circuitry may include one or more antennas.
Apple Inc.


Tunable diplexers in three-dimensional (3d) integrated circuits (ic) (3dic) and related components and methods

Tunable diplexers in three-dimensional (3d) integrated circuits (ic) (3dic) are disclosed. In one embodiment, the tunable diplexer may be formed by providing one of either a varactor or a variable inductor in the diplexer.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Tunable laser with a cascaded filter and comb reflector

A laser comprises a gain medium, and a mirror coupled to the gain medium and comprising a coupler coupled to the gain medium, a phase section coupled to the coupler, a bandpass filter coupled to the phase section, and a comb reflector (cr) coupled to the bandpass filter. A laser chip package comprises a substrate, and a laser coupled to the substrate and comprising a filter comprising a first interferometer with a first transmittance, and a second interferometer with a second transmittance, wherein the filter is configured to provide a filter transmittance based on the first transmittance and the second transmittance, and a comb reflector (cr) coupled to the filter and comprising a ring with a circumference, and a refractive index, wherein the cr is configured to provide a cr reflectivity based on the circumference and the refractive index..
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Wavelength tunable optical transmitter

An optical transmitter includes: a wavelength tunable light source; an etalon filter that filters output light of the light source; a measurement unit that generates a monitor value corresponding to power of output light of the etalon filter; and a controller that controls a temperature of the light source and a temperature of the etalon filter. Until the wavelength of the output light of the light source is adjusted to a target wavelength, the controller alternately performs first processing to control the temperature of the light source based on the monitor value so as to shift the wavelength of the output light of the light source by a specified amount, and second processing to control the temperature of the etalon filter based on the monitor value so as to shift the transmission characteristics of the etalon filter by the specified amount..
Fujitsu Optical Components Limited


Tunable negative bitline write assist and boost attenuation circuit

An apparatus and method are provided for implementing write assist with boost attenuation for static random access memory (sram) arrays. The apparatus includes a memory array comprising a plurality of sram cells.
International Business Machines Corporation


Tunable electro-optic liquid crystal lenses and methods for forming the lenses

Electro-optic lenses, including liquid crystals, wherein the power of the lenses can be modified by application of an electric field. In one embodiment, the liquid crystal-based lenses include ring electrodes having a resistive bridge located between adjacent electrodes, and in a preferred embodiment, input connections for several electrode rings are spaced on the lens.
Kent State University


Water quality monitoring and early event detection

According to one exemplary embodiment, a method for water quality monitoring and early detection of a contamination event is provided. The method can include receiving a first water characteristic value corresponding with a water characteristic.
International Business Machines Corporation


External tunable damping rings for flexible coupling

Damping rings of suitable disclosed material are disposed exteriorly and between spaced apart convolutions of a bellows of a flexible coupling. One, two or more damping rings are oriented in a coupling between bellows convolutions and the convolutions adjacent a damping ring extend radially outward of an outer periphery of the ring.
American Boa, Inc.


Brightness equalized quantum dots

The present invention relates to brightness equalized quantum dots (qds). These quantum dots are semiconductor nanocrystals having tunable fluorescence brightness across a broad range of emission colors and excitation wavelengths, enabling equalization of the light output of an array of these dots.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois


Tunable directional color transition compositions and methods of making and using the same

Color change compositions that transition from a first to second color state upon application of an applied stimulus are provided. Also provided are substrates having the compositions on a surface thereof, as well as methods of making and using the compositions..
Segan Industries, Inc.


Porous gels and methods for their preparation

There is provided a method for preparing a porous gel. The method comprises using a porous polymer template.
Polyvalor Limited Partnership


Cartridge-based 3d printing system

Embodiments of the invention are directed to a 3d printing system that directs projected light at tunable wavelengths to cure a polymer resin from monomers or oligomers which floats on a dense liquid platform in which the curing occurs within a prepackaged vessel which facilitates the layer is printed at any given time.. .
Syzygy Memory Plastics Corporation


Self-aligned tunable metamaterials

A self-aligned tunable metamaterial is formed as a wire mesh. Self-aligned channel grids are formed in layers in a silicon substrate using deep trench formation and a high-temperature anneal.


Methods and apparatuses for use in tuning reactance in a circuit device

Methods and apparatuses for use in tuning reactance are described. Open loop and closed loop control for tuning of reactances are also described.


Tunable resonator

A tunable resonator includes at least one tunable capacitor coupled with at least one tunable inductor. The tunable resonator includes a mechanical tuning mechanism coupled with a connecting bridge and with first and second electrodes of the tunable inductor.


Amplifiers operating in envelope tracking mode or non-envelope tracking mode

Various envelope tracking amplifiers are presented that can be switched between an et (envelope tracking) mode and a non-et mode. Switches and/or tunable components are utilized in constructing the envelope tracking amplifiers that can be switched between the et mode and the non-et mode..


Packaging structure of color tunable solar cell

A packaging structure of a solar cell includes a first substrate and a first laminating film attached to a back surface of the first substrate. The solar cell, which includes one or more substrates, is attached to a back surface of the first laminating film.


Tunable-frequency pulse forming networks for high power microwave applications

A tunable frequency transmission line pulse forming network circuit for forming a waveform having a spectral content. The pulse forming network circuit comprises a dielectric material; a ground section; a stepped shaped charged section, with the charged section having a plurality of stages including a first stage; a power supply coupled to the pulse forming network circuit for charging the pulse forming network circuit; a switch coupled to the pulse forming network circuit for periodically discharging the pulse forming network circuit; and an antenna coupled to the pulse forming network circuit for propagating a high-power microwave signal from the pulse forming network circuit into the environment.


Color temperature tunable and dimmable solid-state linear lighting arrangements

A solid-state linear lamp comprises a co-extruded component, the co-extruded component comprising multiple photoluminescence portions corresponding to different color temperatures, a diffuser portion, and a top portion, where the photoluminescence portion, the diffuser portion, and the top portion are integrally formed into the co-extruded component.. .


Material fabrication using acoustic radiation forces

Apparatus and methods for using acoustic radiation forces to order particles suspended in a host liquid are described. The particles may range in size from nanometers to millimeters, and may have any shape.


Acoustically tunable headphones

The acoustically tunable headphones comprises of a flexible headband with a speaker housing affixed on either end of the flexible headband. The speaker housing encloses one or more speakers behind a grill with multiple openings.


Tunable evanescent-mode cavity filter with closed loop control

An evanescent-mode cavity filter with an improved mems tuner design is disclosed. The mems tuner design allows for the independent control of individual poles in a multi-pole filter, which increases the adaptability of the filter in a crowded rf environment.


Integrated tunable impedance network

A tunable impedance network includes at least one variable impedance bank comprising a plurality of digitally controlled unit cells each connected from at least a first end to a routing wire. The tunable impedance network is provided with selection means arranged for selecting, based on a desired impedance, a corresponding predetermined digital control signal to be supplied to the variable impedance bank to switch-on a corresponding combination of the unit cells.


Tunable tube amplifier system of a radio-frequency power generator

Tube amplifier system including a plurality of conductor walls extending parallel to a longitudinal axis and defining an interior space therebetween. The tube amplifier system also including a shorting deck that extends transverse to the longitudinal axis.


Tunable matching network with phase-switched elements

Described is a phase-switched tunable impedance matching network (ps-tmn). The ps-tmn has an input that can be coupled to a source and an output that can be coupled to a load.


Thyristor-based optoelectronic oscillator with tunable frequency and optical phase lock loop employing same

An optoelectronic circuit for producing an optical clock signal that includes an optical thyristor, a waveguide structure and control circuitry. The waveguide structure is configured to split an optical pulse produced by the optical thyristor such that a first portion of such optical pulse is output as part of the optical clock signal and a second portion of such optical pulse is guided back to the optical thyristor to produce another optical pulse that is output as part of the optical clock signal.


Methods of forming tuneable temperature coefficient fr embedded resistors

Methods of forming resistor structures with tunable temperature coefficient of resistance are described. Those methods and structures may include forming an opening in a resistor material adjacent source/drain openings on a device substrate, forming a dielectric material between the resistor material and the source/drain openings, and modifying the resistor material, wherein a temperature coefficient resistance (tcr) of the resistor material is tuned by the modification.


Rfid reader antenna port isolation

A device includes a switch having multiple ports, an antenna coupled to each corresponding port, a tunable matching network coupled between each antenna and each port, and a controller to detune ports having antennas that are not transferring power when a selected antenna is transferring power.. .


Tunable rejection liquid crystal filter

Apparatus and method for tuning a liquid crystal filter to the wavelength of incoming electromagnetic radiation (such as visible light) by exploiting the ac error signal produced by the filter when a tuning error is present.. .


Method and system for low coherence interferometry

Optical coherence tomography (oct) system and apparatus of this instant application is very useful for diagnosis and management of ophthalmic diseases such as retinal diseases and glaucoma etc. Instant innovative oct diagnostic system leverages advancements in cross technological platforms.


Methods and apparatuses for dynamically tunable wafer-edge electroplating

Disclosed herein are methods of electroplating which may include placing a substrate, an anode, and an electroplating solution in an electroplating cell such that the substrate and the anode are located on opposite sides of a fluidically-permeable plate, setting the configuration of one or more seals which, when in their sealing configuration, substantially seal pores of the fluidically-permeable plate, and applying an electrical potential between the anode and the first substrate sufficient to cause electroplating on the first substrate such that the rate of electroplating in an edge region of the first substrate is affected by the configuration of the one or more seals. Also disclosed herein are apparatuses for electroplating which may include one or more seals for substantially sealing a subset of the pores in a fluidically-permeable plate whose sealing configuration affects a rate of electroplating in an edge region of the substrate..


The synthesis of core-shell metal-semiconductor nanomaterials

A solution-based route to biocompatible, cysteine-capped gold-zinc telluride (au—znte) core/shell nanoparticles with potential in biomedical applications is described. The optical properties of the core/shell nanoparticles show no features of the individual parent components.


Lighting system for contained environments

Techniques and architecture are disclosed for a lighting system for contained environments, such as elevators or other such environments. The lighting system can include one or more luminaires and/or one or more display devices that include tunable output controlled to automatically change the ambient lighting and/or presentable content (e.g., imagery, video, audio) based on one or more conditions related to the contained environment.
Osram Sylvania Inc.


Tunable peak-to-average power ratio frequency division multiplexing

Technologies are generally provided to enable the peak-to-average power ratio (papr) in ofdm communication systems to be adjusted to a particular level. In some examples, an n-symbol transmission vector may be partitioned into k equal partitions, a fast fourier transform (fft) may be performed on each partition, and an interleaving union of fft results may be generated.
Indian Institute Of Technology Delhi


Temperature insensitive demux/mux in silicon photonics

A temperature insensitive demux/mux device whose wavelength does not change by environment temperature is provided for wdm application. The temperature insensitive demux/mux device includes a waveguide-based delay-line-interferometer configured to receive an input light bearing multiplexed wavelengths and output a first output light bearing the same multiplexed wavelengths but with a shifted intensity peak position.
Inphi Corporation


Method, system, and resonator circuits and modulating resonators

Embodiments of resonator circuits and modulating resonators and are described generally herein. One or more acoustic wave resonators may be coupled in series or parallel to generate tunable filters.
Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation


Method and correcting inconvenient power amplifier load characteristics in an envelope tracking based system

A tunable matching network is configured to couple at least one filter with a power amplifier that is configured to operate in an envelope tracking (et) mode of operation over a transmit band. A control component is configured to detect a present set of operating conditions of the power amplifier when the power amplifier operates in the et mode of operation.
Intel Corporation


Semiconductor devices with graded dopant regions

Performance improvements can be obtained in application specific areas like increase in frequency of operation for digital logic, various power mosfet and igbt ics, improvement in refresh time for dram's, decrease in programming time for nonvolatile memory, better visual quality including pixel resolution and color sensitivity for imaging ics, better sensitivity for varactors in tunable filters, higher drive capabilities for jfet's, and a host of other applications.. .


Tunable oled lighting source

Described herein are devices and methods related to lighting systems that are color tunable and have a long lifetime. In certain embodiments, the device comprises two independently controlled phosphorescent oled lighting panels coupled together in one package to emit light in one direction.
Universal Display Corporation


A color image acquisition

An imaging system color image acquisition including: an image sensor; a tunable spectral filter arranged in an optical path of light propagation towards the image sensor; and a controller connected to the image sensor and to the tunable spectral filter. The controller is configured and operable for generating a colored image by sequentially operating the tunable spectral filter for sequentially filtering light passing towards the image sensor with three or more different spectral filtering curves during three or more corresponding integration time durations.
Technology Innovation Momentum Fund (israel) Limited Partnership


Energy management of a computing deployment with guaranteed end-to-end performance

Techniques for managing energy use of a computing deployment are provided. In one embodiment, a computer system can establish a performance model for one or more components of the computing deployment, where the performance model models a relationship between one or more tunable parameters of the one or more components and an end-to-end performance metric, and where the end-to-end performance metric reflects user-observable performance of a service provided by the computing deployment.
Vmware, Inc.


Geophone with tunable resonance frequency

An illustrative geophone with tunable resonance frequency includes a first inductive assembly including an inductive coil having a first magnet arranged therein, wherein the first magnet and the first inductive coil move relative to each other, and a second inductive assembly including a second inductive coil having a second magnet arranged therein, wherein the second magnet and the second inductive coil move relative to each other. A coupling element couples a movable element of the first inductive assembly with a moveable element of the second inductive assembly.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Color rendering index tunable lamp and luminaire

The invention provides a provides a lighting unit (100) comprising a first light source (110), a second light source (210), a first wavelength converting (1100), a second wavelength converting element (2100), wherein the lighting unit further comprises a transport infrastructure (20) configured to arrange the first light source, the second light source, the first wavelength converting element, and the second wavelength converting element in a first configuration or a second configuration by transport of one or more of these, wherein in the first configuration and the second configuration the lighting unit provides lighting unit light having substantially the same color point while having different color rendering indices. With such lighting unit, it is possible to switch between high cri-low efficiency and low cri-high efficiency at a given color temperature (or color point)..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Energy absorbing collapsible armrest with tunable stiffening feature

A vehicular armrest assembly includes a laterally collapsible substrate having a gap defined between inner and outer substrate portions. A tunable stiffening feature is disposed on the collapsible substrate and has an aperture positioned over the gap, and engagement tabs that engage the inner and outer substrate portions.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Auto-tunable antenna devices

Auto-tunable antenna devices and methods of using the same are described herein. One method for tuning an antenna of a device includes comparing a reference phase of a reference signal to a return phase of a return signal of the antenna and sending a correction signal to a tunable circuit element of the antenna in response to the reference phase being out of phase with the return phase..
Honeywell International Inc.


Tunable dual-band band-pass filter

A tunable dual-band resonator and a tunable dual-band band-pass filter using the tunable dual-band resonator. The dual-band resonator is structured such that a stub is added to each half-wavelength resonator provided with half-wavelength resonator protrusions (capacity-component adjust parts).
The Japan Steel Works, Ltd.


Apparatus and methods for tunable filters

Apparatus and methods for tunable filters are provided. In certain configurations, a tunable filter includes a semiconductor die attached to a laminated substrate, such as a substrate of a multi-chip module (mcm).
Newlans, Inc.


Tunable soi laser

A wavelength tunable silicon-on-insulator (soi) laser comprising: a laser cavity including: a semiconductor gain medium having a front end and a back end, wherein a mirror of the laser cavity is located at the back end of the semiconductor gain medium; and a phase-tunable waveguide platform coupled to the front end of the semiconductor gain medium, the phase-tunable waveguide platform comprising: a first resonator and a second resonator; at least one resonator being a phase-tunable resonator; wherein the first resonator is any one of: an mmi device including a pair of reflective surfaces defining a resonator cavity therebetween such that the device is configured to act as a fabry-perot filter; a ring resonator; or a waveguide fabry-perot filter; and wherein the second resonator is any one of: an mmi device including a pair of reflective surfaces defining a resonator cavity therebetween such that the device is configured to act as a fabry-perot filter; a ring resonator; or a waveguide fabry-perot filter.. .
Rockley Photonics Limited

Tuna topics: Dielectric Constant, Magnetic Field, Transistors, State Machine, Finite State Machine, Tunable Capacitor, Frequency Band

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