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Medical tubing having variable characteristcs and method of making same

Devices for concealing a urine collection bag and that provide access to monitor and manipulate a urine collection bag…

Neonatal fluid tubing heater

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tubing-related patents
 Coiled tubing useful life monitor and technique patent thumbnailCoiled tubing useful life monitor and technique
A system and technique for dynamically and historically evaluating useful life of coiled tubing. Methods are detailed wherein a monitor and system are equipped for enhanced evaluating of coiled tubing fatigue life based in part on the orientation of the coiled tubing during use.
 Medical tubing having variable characteristcs and method of making same patent thumbnailMedical tubing having variable characteristcs and method of making same
The invention primarily is directed to a medical tubing adapted for insertion into a body tissue or cavity and method of manufacturing different variations of the tubing along a length of the tubing. The tubing comprises a plurality of individual, discrete, generally ring-shaped elements arranged in series and fused or bonded together forming a continuous tubular structure.
 Devices for concealing a urine collection bag and that provide access to monitor and manipulate a urine collection bag therein patent thumbnailDevices for concealing a urine collection bag and that provide access to monitor and manipulate a urine collection bag therein
A cover for concealing and supporting a urinary incontinence bag to be worn by an individual in conjunction with a catheter and attached tubing. The cover provides a comfortable sleeve for containing the urinary bag and one or more straps for securing the bag to the leg of an individual.
 Neonatal fluid tubing heater patent thumbnailNeonatal fluid tubing heater
A heating system for heating neonate nutritional liquid, including a heater and a control module. The heater includes a heating portion having serpentine shaped grooves for receiving a tube.
 Apparatus and methods for measuring peripheral venous pressure and applications of same patent thumbnailApparatus and methods for measuring peripheral venous pressure and applications of same
In one aspect, an apparatus for measuring peripheral venous pressure includes a tubing having two ends with one end connectable to a fluid source and the other end connectable to a vein, a fluid controlling device configured to have an on position and an off position, and at least one pressure sensor configured to measure fluid pressures therein. When the fluid controlling device is in the on position, fluid flow in the tubing is allowed to pass through the fluid controlling device, such that the at least one pressure sensor measures both a fluid pressure from the fluid source and a distal venous pressure from the vein.
 Completion fluid for reducing friction between metal surfaces patent thumbnailCompletion fluid for reducing friction between metal surfaces
A liquid mixture reduces the friction between two surfaces, at least one of which is moving with respect to the other such as tubing moving within the casing of an oil or gas well. The mixture includes an oil, a suspending agent, polymer particles and a surfactant..
 Multi-layered fuel tubing patent thumbnailMulti-layered fuel tubing
The invention describes a flexible tubular article for transport of volatile hydrocarbons comprising: (a) an inner layer of a polyvinylidene difluoride (pvdf) polymer or a polyvinylidene difluoride copolymer; (b) an intermediate thermoplastic polyurethane (tpu) layer extruded in tubular form over the inner pvdf layer, and (c) a polyvinyl chloride polymer extruded in tubular form over the outside surface of the intermediate layer and being coextensive therewith. The tubular articles of the invention have a maximum permeation rating of 15 g/m2/day under sae j1737 test conditions..
 Multilayer plastic tube patent thumbnailMultilayer plastic tube
Packaging containing a pvdc barrier layer is manufactured without any significant orientation, with the result that the pvdc harrier layer remains flexible at significantly greater thicknesses than when it is oriented. This increased thickness compensates for the reduced barrier properties resulting from less crystallinity of the pvdc, and hence multilayer plastic tubing can be manufactured in which pvdc is used as a barrier layer instead of aluminum..
 Lift for all terrain vehicles patent thumbnailLift for all terrain vehicles
The lift for all terrain vehicles has a plurality of telescoping box-shaped frame members, each frame member having top and bottom rectangles made of square tubing, the rectangles being spaced apart by posts at each of the corners. The inner telescoping box-shaped member has a standing platform mounted on the bottom rectangle.
 Method of completing a well using a friction reducing completion fluid patent thumbnailMethod of completing a well using a friction reducing completion fluid
A method for reducing the friction forces between tubulars, for example coiled tubing in casing, is disclosed. The method includes mixing a selected suspending agent and surfactant and polymer particles in oil, then adding the mixture to water and pumping the mixture down the tubing.
Method of reducing corrosion on metal surfaces
A method for reducing corrosion on the exterior or interior surface, for example coiled tubing and casing, is disclosed. The method includes mixing a selected surfactant and particles of a polymer in oil, then adding the oil to water and contacting the surfaces of the tubing with the mixture..
System and method for removing debris from a downhole wellbore
A method for removing fines and debris from a downhole wellbore in a formation, including introducing a tubing string having a downhole debris removal tool disposed substantially near the lower end of the tubing string into the downhole wellbore; positioning the downhole debris removal tool substantially proximal to the fines and debris; circulating fluid through the downhole debris removal tool for disintegrating the fines and debris; and collecting the fines and debris in the downhole debris removal tool for removal out of the downhole wellbore.. .
Dynamic variable intake tubing
A dynamic variable intake tubing includes a dynamic swirl supercharging tube which has a tubular member. The tubular member has a through hole axially penetrated.
Universal medical gas delivery system
A first source of medical gas has a generally cylindrical male outlet with a cylindrical bore and a threaded outer cylindrical surface. A flexible cylindrical elastomeric medical gas tubing has an input end with a bushing making a flush abutment with the male outlet at the output orifice.
Device for artificial insemination
A device for artificial insemination, wherein the device includes a dildo member having an internal channel for receiving a tubing connected to a pumping mechanism and associated pumping arm, wherein fluid may be drawn into the dildo member through the pumping mechanism and discharged through the internal tubing at a distal end.. .
Termination arrangement for a cable bundle
A termination arrangement for a cable bundle includes a body with a cable cavity extending therethrough with the plurality of cables extending into the cable cavity. The body includes a cable attachment end through which the cable bundle enters the cable cavity.
Apparatus and method of zonal isolation
Methods and apparatus include an expandable packer having a tubing expanded to create a seal in an annulus surrounding the tubing. The tubing includes a non-uniform outer surface configured to cause formation of undulations in a diameter of the tubing upon expansion of the tubing.
Degradable ball sealer
High strength, degradable ball sealer for temporarily sealing off lower zones in a wellbore from the flow of a fluid injected into the well. The degradable ball sealer may also seal openings formed through slidable packers or sleeves received within a tubing string in the well, from the flow of a fluid injected into the well.
Collection and distribution of plant material
A method of reclaiming disturbed land including designating an area of land with propagules as a source area and collecting a portion of the propagules from the area. A portion of the propagules are distributed on disturbed land.
Method and device for protection of musical instruments
Musical instrument protection devices are provided based a removable impact absorbing ring that shields the bell of a musical instrument. A continuous offset slit in the ring receives the bell of an instrument while minimally intruding on the sound of the instrument.
Post-surgical garment
A post-surgical garment comprises a wrap-around material with pouches for comfortable placement of surgical drains. The garment provides a wrap around piece designed to keep the post-surgical drains and the tubing of the drains secure while showering, sponge bathing or during daily activities.
Introducer sheath
Introducer sheath (10,30,40) having a flexible kink-resistant distal tip portion (26,32,42). A multilayer sheath structure is used, with an inner tube (12) such as ptfe having a coil (14) of wire wound therearound.
Kink-resistant tubing
Tubing for use in gastrointestinal applications includes a hollow tube and a spring positioned inside the tube. The spring is corrosion resistant and helps to prevent kinking of the tubing when the tubing is bent.
Unidirectional catheter control handle with tensioning control
A catheter includes a tip electrode with a shell and a support member to provide a plenum chamber. The plug is formed with a u-shaped passage for a safety line to wrap around and secure the support member (with the shell affixed thereto) to the catheter.
Encapsulating an electric submersible pump cable in coiled tubing
An electric submersible pump (esp) cable encapsulated in coiled tubing is provided. In an example process, esp cable is drawn through coiled tubing.
Apparatus and method for subsea well drilling and control
A subsea assembly suitable for subsea drilling and intervention operations includes a dual blowout preventer system having an upper blowout preventer located between a drill floor and a high pressure riser string, and a lower blowout preventer located below the riser string and above a wellhead. The dual blowout preventer system is adapted to enable advanced drilling and intervention operations such as managed pressure drilling, underbalanced drilling, dual gradient drilling, or through tubing rotary drilling, and slim hole drilling in an offshore deepwater environment..
Controller device, system and method for improved patient respitory care
This invention provides an improved respiratory care system for patients. This system uses vapor generated by a humidifier device to provide a humidified vapor mist directly to a trachea patient via a tubing element.
Catheter tip coating system
A catheter tip coating assembly includes a housing defining a fluid reservoir and having a fluid outlet configured to dispense fluid to an end of a piece of tubing. The catheter tip coating assembly includes a valve assembly carried by the housing and at least partly disposed in fluid communication with the fluid reservoir.
Domestic-water supply and withdrawal system for a washstand and sampling valve for such a system
The present invention relates to a domestic-water supply and withdrawal system for a washstand (8) with wall-mountable angle valves (16, 18) for cold and hot water and a washstand fitting (10) which is coupled in flow communication with the associated angle valves (16, 18) via pipe or tubing sections (12, 14). The present invention wants to indicate a domestic-water supply and withdrawal system for improving the possibility of taking samples.
Catheter with direct cooling on nonablating element
A catheter tip electrode has a tissue contacting surface which electrically conducts rf energy to the tissue and is more thermally conductive than adjacent non-electrically conductive coating or cover which prevents rf conduction to the tissue contacting that surface. The tip electrode has a shell with a nonablating hollow proximal neck portion and a distal ablating portion defining a fluid chamber, and a plug-like support member which is configured with a fluid channel on its outer surface so a fluid passage is provided between the member and the neck portion for convective or direct cooling of the nonablating neck portion and nonconductive tubing covering it..
Short wire cable catheter
A balloon catheter device of the present invention includes an elongate catheter shaft comprising multifilar cable tubing having a proximal portion and a distal portion. The proximal portion includes a coating that allows the shaft to provide a patent fluid passage, and a part of the distal portion inside a balloon may be uncoated or otherwise open to the balloon lumen, allowing for passage of fluid through the shaft into the balloon lumen.
Catheter with improved safety line for distal tip and related method
A catheter includes a tip electrode with a shell and a support member to provide a plenum chamber. The plug is formed with a u-shaped passage for a safety line to wrap around and secure the support member (with the shell affixed thereto) to the catheter.
Collapsible tennis net support
A collapsible tennis net support is disclosed. The collapsible tennis net support includes a plurality of lightweight tubing to easily fold-up for easy storage and transport.
Power transmission in drilling and related operations using structural members as the transmission line
A generating system or transmission system for imparting and transmitting electrical power onto a continuous long electrical conductor for use related to drilling and fluid piping operations. The transmission system may include a power generator/transmitter, voltage transformers, a movable transmission line including the rotational (tubing, piping, casing, liner hanger, drill string, etc.) a receiving circuit/receiver that may be tuned for impedance matching and a converting device to output the transmitted power at a predetermined voltage to be either used immediately by a power consuming device or to be stored in a energy harvesting array such as but not limited to batteries..
Wind turbine apparatus powered by wind generated from building cooling and chiller unit
Wind turbine apparatus of two embodiments of vertical 12 and horizontal 10 structural tubing bolted together with generator 20 and blades 22, horizontally paralleling building chilling 18 and cooling unit 40, bolted into foundation surface. The structural tubing is made of weather resistant material consisting of metal, aluminum, hard plastic, or wood.
Wire handheld tool
A wire handheld tool including a handle contiguous to a shank with a wire engaging end. The wire engaging end may be a helically shaped portion used to engage one or more wires thereto.
Tubing hanger assembly with single trip internal lock down mechanism
A tubing hanger assembly for suspending a tubing string into a wellbore comprises a hanger body having a radially outer surface including external threads having a first thread handedness. In addition, the assembly comprises a load ring coaxially disposed about the hanger body.
Plug tooling package with integrated sequence valves
A device and method of handling a plug in a tubing hanger includes a pressure actuated sequence valve that has multiple outlets. Hydraulic fluid from a remotely operated vehicle (rov) provides hydraulic fluid that selectively flows through the valve for operating a tool that handles the plug.
Downhole fluid flow control system and method having dynamic response to local well conditions
A downhole fluid flow control system having dynamic response to local well conditions. The system includes a tubing string operably positionable in a wellbore.
Performance of permanently installed tubing conveyed seismic arrays using passive acoustic absorbers
Methods and apparatus for reducing the impact of guided (or “tube”) waves in permanently installed seismic systems are provided. By utilizing passive acoustic absorbers, the impact of tube waves may be reduced, leading to improved performance of permanently installed seismic systems that are installed onto production tubing when the well is completed..
Tubing element for a heat exchanger
A tubing element used for a heat exchanger is a rigid elongated heat exchanger tubing having at least a first end, a second end, a first side wall and a second side wall. The first side wall and the second side wall are arranged substantially parallel to each other.
Wire loom tool
A handheld device comprising a handle assembly containing a longitudinally tubular shank used to manage and/or insert flexible elongated components during the assembly, replacement and/or repair of wired elements of a system is described. The handheld device includes a conduit that can be used to manage and/or insert said flexible elongated components such as wires, cables, flexible tubing, lines, cords, strings, ropes, and the like through constrained spaces and/or barriers.
Flushing tool and method of flushing perforated tubing
A flushing tool for a perforated tubing in a production tubing string is described. The flushing tool includes a chamber that is sealed at a pressure at or below atmospheric pressure when the flushing tool is in its sealed configuration, the chamber arranged to receive wellbore fluids when the flushing tool is in its activated configuration.
Methods, systems and devices for humidifying a respiratory tract
Systems and methods are provided for humidifying ventilation gas. Systems and methods may include a nasal interface apparatus for receiving ventilation gas from gas delivery tubing and for humidifying ventilation gas.
Threadless fork compression system and method for kick style scooter
A compression coupler is described that provides a robust and simple mechanism to couple threadless tubes in bicycles and/or scooters. Particularly, the handlebar/stem tube-to-fork joint is coupled with a compression sleeve.
Downhole fluid tracking with distributed acoustic sensing
Various disclosed distributed acoustic sensing (das) based systems and methods include embodiments that process the das measurements to detect one or more contrasts in acoustic signatures associated with one or more fluids flowing along a tubing string, and determine positions of the one or more contrasts as a function of time. The detected contrasts may be changes in acoustic signatures arising from one or more of: turbulence, frictional noise, acoustic attenuation, acoustic coupling, resonance frequency, resonance damping, and active noise generation by entrained materials.
Feeding tube with inflatable balloon component
A feeding tube with an inflatable balloon component, a kit containing the feeding tubing, and a method for intubating a patient to deliver the feeding tube to a desired location for delivering nutrients and/or medication to the patient are described herein.. .
Pressure sensing in medical injection systems
A pressure sensor for a medical injection system includes a cuff, a transducer embedded in the cuff, and a force transmitting member coupled to the transducer and exposed at an inner surface of the cuff, such that an outer surface of a tubing line of a fluid circuit of the system, when fitted within the cuff, contacts the force transmitting member. A limited length of the tubing line may have a greater compliance than a remainder of the line, in which case, the pressure sensor cuff fits around and encloses the limited length to provide support against plastic deformation, when pressures within the line are significantly greater than atmospheric.
Method for forming cover layer for golf ball core
The present invention is directed to a method for forming golf balls, wherein an extruder forms a continuous tubing of cover material and a continuous stream of golf ball cores are fed into the tubing and translated to an encasement station wherein the tubing/cover material is wrapped around each core and the encased core sealed off by a twisting or crimping procedure. The resulting product is placed into a compression mold and a two piece golf ball can be created without the need for the costly process of injection molding..
Tubing inserted balance pump
Pump assemblies for use with a subsurface fluid reservoir include an upper barrel connected to a fluid filled conduit extending to the surface, a lower barrel connected to the upper barrel and in fluid communication with the reservoir, and a plunger assembly movably located within the upper and lower barrels. As the fluid pressure within production tubing, external to the pump assembly, increases, movement of the plunger draws fluid into the pump.
Tubing inserted balance pump with internal fluid passageway
Pump assemblies for use with a subsurface fluid reservoir include an upper portion connected to a fluid conduit extending to the surface, a lower portion connected to the upper portion and in fluid communication with a fluid reservoir of the wellbore, and a plunger assembly movably located within the upper and lower portion of the pump assembly. As the fluid pressure within the tubing string, fluidly isolated from the fluid conduit, increases, fluid is forced into the pump assembly moving the plunger assembly upwell to draw fluid into the pump and forces fluid into the fluid conduit.
Insulated tubing for downhole applications
An insulated tubing member of an insulated tubing string includes inner and outer tubing. Solid insulating material is provided in an annular cavity between the inner and outer tubing and a slip joint is provided between adjacent insulated tubing members to accommodate differential expansion of the inner and outer tubing..
Tubing reshaping method and apparatus
Further, a tubing reshaping apparatus (10) for use in reshaping a deformed tubing section (52) comprises a reshaping module (20) configured to be located within a deformed tubing section (52) and comprises an inflatable bladder (22) to be inflated by application of fluid pressure to expand and reshape the deformed tubing section (52), wherein the reshaping module (20) further comprises a reinforcing structure (24) associated with the inflatable bladder (22). A fluid control module (30) may be provided for controlling inflation of the reshaping module (20)..
Method and apparatus for downhole installation of coiled tubing strings
A tool for releasably coupling a coiled tubing string to a primary tubing string includes: a tool body for coupling to a downstream end of the primary tubing string, the tool body comprising a locking mechanism for selectively coupling a coiled tubing end joint to the tool body, the locking mechanism being unlockable in response to fluid pressure inside the tool body exceeding a first threshold; a wellbore access mechanism openable in response to fluid pressure inside the tool exceeding a second threshold.. .
Extended reach well system
A system and methodology facilitates extending the reach of coiled tubing during a well operation. The technique employs tubing which is deployed along wellbore.
Musical water instrument or water filled instrument having rigid pipes connected to elastic or rigid media
A musical instrument or multimedia input device is disclosed. User input is by hitting or striking water in order to produce an at least partially transient acoustic disturbance, vibrations, or change in the water.
Stimulation probe
A stimulation probe comprises a lead having a distal end and a proximal end. The distal end of the lead has a plurality of electrodes configured to stimulate tissue.
Flow sensor for medical pump
A medical pump or the like provides a flow sensor element that may be integrated into the iv tubing assembly. The flow sensor element tits within the medical pump which may provide for capacitive plates sensing changes in the electrical environment within the flow sensor element to deduce flow.
System and method for holding tubing for a perstaltic pump
A “load and go” peristaltic pump tubing arrangement without a special configuration, such as the “double-y” tubing connectors used by the watson marlow 505l pump head. One of the critical components in the peristaltic pump system is the pump tubing which now can be monitored so that the health of the peristaltic pump is known.
Intravenous fluid warming system
A fluid warming device may include a housing comprising a main body, a heat exchange body receiving compartment, and a cover movably coupled to the main body between an open position and a closed position; a heater assembly disposed within the main body and having a heat conducting surface disposed proximate the heat exchange body receiving compartment; and a heat exchange body removably disposable in the heat exchange body receiving compartment of the main body and having an input port and an output port to couple the heat exchange body to tubing to flow a fluid to be warmed through the heat exchange body. In another aspect, a fluid warming system increases or decreases power to a heater assembly to adjust the fluid temperature to ensure that the fluid is at an appropriate temperature when it reaches the patient..
Tubing probe bobbin with petal
An apparatus and method for inspecting an elongate tubular member with an eddy current sensor inspection assembly including a bobbin is provided. The bobbin includes a shell defining a hollow interior and axially aligned openings at each end while supporting a sensor.
Chromatography column assembly
Described is a chromatography column assembly that includes a permanently deformable outer tube, an intermediate tube, an inner tube and a sorbent bed disposed within the inner tube. The sorbent bed may be in the form of packed chromatographic particles or a porous monolithic structure.
Hydrocarbon recovery employing an injection well and a production well having multiple tubing strings with active feedback control
System and method for producing fluids from a hydrocarbon reservoir where an injector well segment and parallel underlying producer well segment are both completed with slotted liners. The injector and producer segments are logically partitioned into corresponding sections to define a plurality of injector-producer section pairs.
System and method for sampling fluid from piston top land crevice of piston engine
A system and method for sampling fluid from a top land piston crevice of a reciprocating piston engine. Access into the crevice is via a length of tubing inserted into a bore through the piston wall.
Estimating change in position of production tubing in a well
Characterizing a parameter of interest relating to a formation intersected by a borehole. Methods may include estimating the parameter using at least one gravity measurement adjusted to account for a gravity field gradient associated with a change in a frame of reference caused by removal of a reference feature from the borehole.
Assembly of active cardiac electrical lead
An active bipolar cardiac electrical is assembled by coupling an inner conductor coil to a connector pin to form an inner conductor assembly. The inner conductor assembly is threaded through a connector insulator.
Control circuit and method for negative pressure wound treatment apparatus
A negative pressure wound therapy apparatus can include a wound dressing, a fluid collection container, a vacuum pump comprising a pump motor, and tubing. Additionally, the apparatus can include a pressure sensor that measures a pressure in the tubing.
Pinch clip
The pinch clip has a flange with a recess on the underside and a resiliently biased leg for moving from an open position spaced from a tubing and the flange to a closed position abutting and closing the tubing to a flow of liquid therethrough. The leg has a lip at the end for disposition in the recess of the flange to lock the leg in the closed position..
Catheter having a healing dummy
A catheter for implantation into tissue, the catheter comprising a tubing having a lumen and defining an outer boundary between the catheter and the tissue when the catheter is implanted in the tissue, a healing dummy being insertable in the lumen with clearance so as to prevent tissue ingrowth from the tissue into the lumen when the healing dummy is within the lumen, wherein the healing dummy is removable from the lumen by pulling the healing dummy relative to the tubing out of the lumen, and a perfusion insert being insertable in the lumen when the healing dummy is removed from the lumen, being configured for supplying a perfusion fluid to the tissue so as to initiate interaction between the perfusion fluid and tissue, and being configured for collecting perfusion fluid after interaction with tissue.. .
Dual-valve contrast fluid delivery system
A disposable set (5) for establishing a fluid connection between a fluid dispensing unit (17) and a dosing device adapted to dispense the fluid into a patients' vein, the disposable set comprising a length of a tubing (15) for establishing a fluid connection from the fluid dispensing unit towards and into the dosing device, wherein the tubing (15) comprises a first (1) and a second (10) tubing part, and a releasable connection (11,12), wherein the first tubing part (1) comprises two or more one-way valves (3, 24) which are provided to prevent a backflow from the patient in the direction of the fluid dispensing unit (17) in the closed position of the releasable connection.. .

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