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Medical tubing

Multilayer flexible tubing

Well fluid extraction jet pump providing access through and below packer

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tubing-related patents
 Medical tubings made of a polymer material patent thumbnailMedical tubings made of a polymer material
Medical tubing (t), such as a guidewire, a stent, a catheter or a hollow needle, made of a kinked rigid-rod polyarylene exhibiting a outstanding characteristics including high torqueability, high pushability and high flexibility and which can be easily thin-wall extruded under especially harsh conditions.. .
 Medical tubing patent thumbnailMedical tubing
A medical tube has a tube wall, a first end and a second end. At least one heater wire is wrapped around the wall.
 Multilayer flexible tubing patent thumbnailMultilayer flexible tubing
A flexible tube includes a first layer comprising a polyolefin material having a flexural modulus of not greater than 150 mpa and includes a second layer directly bonded to and in direct contact with the first layer. The second layer comprising a blend of propylenic polymer and styrenic block copolymer..
 Well fluid extraction jet pump providing access through and below packer patent thumbnailWell fluid extraction jet pump providing access through and below packer
A through-accessible reversible operation jet pump for attachment to a tubing string includes a pump housing having a pump housing interior and a jet pump assembly retrievably disposed in the pump housing interior. The jet pump assembly includes a carrier, a carrier nozzle in the carrier and at least one carrier opening in the carrier and establishing communication between the carrier nozzle and the pump housing interior.
 Fitting for a heat pump and method of installation patent thumbnailFitting for a heat pump and method of installation
A fitting for a heat pump having at least one heat exchanger includes a first fitting element configured for connection with a tubing portion of the heat exchanger and a second fitting element removably connectable to the first fitting element and configured for connection with a tubing portion of the heat exchanger. A non-conductive element is disposed between at least a portion of the first fitting element and at least a portion of the second fitting element such that, when connected, the non-conducting element deforms between the first fitting element and the second fitting element to electrically isolate the second fitting element from the first fitting element..
 Coiled tubing system with multiple integral pressure sensors and dts patent thumbnailCoiled tubing system with multiple integral pressure sensors and dts
A multiple integral pressure transducer system for installation in oil field downhole coiled tubing systems.. .
 Device for welding plastic tubes patent thumbnailDevice for welding plastic tubes
A device for welding plastic tubes includes a pair of tube holders each of which has a tube clamp which includes an upper jaw and a lower jaw. The jaws in both of the tube clamps of both tube holders have smooth tube contacting walls to permit the tubing to slip through either side when the tube holders and tubes are being moved from a loading station to a stripping station to increase the length of fluid free area in the clamped tubes.
 Liquid gas vaporization and measurement system and method patent thumbnailLiquid gas vaporization and measurement system and method
A liquid gas vaporization and measurement system, and associated method, for efficiently vaporizing a continuous sample of liquid gas, such as liquid natural gas (lng), and accurately determining the constituent components of the gas. A constant flow of liquid gas sampled from a mass storage device is maintained in a vaporizing device.
 Method for installing multiple sensors in coiled tubing patent thumbnailMethod for installing multiple sensors in coiled tubing
A method for installing multiple fiber optic cables in coiled tubing in oil and gas operations.. .
 Method and device for installing multiple fiber optic cables in coiled tubing patent thumbnailMethod and device for installing multiple fiber optic cables in coiled tubing
A method for installing multiple fiber optic cables in coiled tubing in oil and gas operations.. .
Coiled tubing servicing tool
A coiled tubing servicing system comprising a servicing cart comprising two or more support frames, a length of coiled tubing supported by the servicing cart, a servicing fixture disposed about a portion of the length of coiled tubing adjacent the servicing cart, wherein the servicing fixture is movable along a longitudinal axis of the length of coiled tubing and radially about the longitudinal axis of the length of coiled tubing; and a servicing tool coupled to the servicing fixture.. .
Implantable medical lead with blood seal
An implantable medical lead comprises an insulating tubing with a channel housing a conductor electrically connected to a shaft present in a lumen of a bearing. The shaft is also connected to a fixation helix present in a lumen of a lead header.
Body cavity drainage device and methods for using the same
The present invention provides a drainage tube and method that removes fluid from a peritoneal, abdominal, or other body site. The tube has a central internal passageway for the flow of fluids.
Helical graft
A graft includes a flow tubing having a tubing portion defining a flow lumen. The flow lumen of the tubing portion is substantially free of ribs or grooves.
Modular hemofiltration apparatus with removable panels for multiple and alternate blood therapy
An apparatus for performing blood therapy having a plurality of pumps for engaging blood and fluid tubing is characterized by a plurality of manually mounted and disengagable panels installed on the sides of the apparatus housing, the panels having pump engaging tubing mounted on the inside of the respective panels.. .
Wellbore fluid lift apparatus
An apparatus and a method are provided for lifting wellbore fluids from a distal section of a wellbore. The apparatus comprises a suction generator connected to a communication line having an open free end that extends into the distal section.
Apparatus and methods for fluid processing and flow control
Fluid processing apparatus has a prefabricated branched network of flexible tubing, for conducting process fluid between process elements of the apparatus, and control valves. A tubing support has opposable front and rear plates which define a pattern of support channels between them in which the flexible tubing network lies, so that the support channels limit or prevent expansion of the flexible tubes.
Semipermeable medical pouches and their uses
A novel process for bacterial production of nanocellulose hydrogel pouches for applications for cell therapy, cell encapsulation, cell delivery, cell proliferation and cell differentiation has been invented. The process is based on fermentation of bacteria producing nanocellulose in oxygen permeable mold interconnected with tubing with diameter less than 5 mm.
Functionally-closed, sterile blood processing solution system and method
Delivering a blood processing solution to blood in a blood bag includes coupling a first tube to a vented spike at one end and to a y-shaped tube connector at a second end. An in-line microbiotic barrier filter is coupled to the first tube between its ends.
Lead assembly including a polymer interconnect and methods related thereto
A lead assembly includes a ring component having mechanical coupling features, and at least one polymer component mechanically coupled with the mechanical coupling features of the ring component. Elongate tubing is disposed over the polymer component and is secured with the polymer component..
Abyssal sequestration of nuclear waste and other types of hazardous waste
A system and method of disposing nuclear waste and other hazardous waste includes means for, and the steps of, blending a waste stream, which includes either a radioactive waste or a hazardous waste (or both), with a liquid and, optionally, a solid material to produce a dense fluid and pumping the dense fluid into a tubing string of an injection boring. The dense fluid then exits a perforation in a casing of the injection boring and enters a fracture in a rock strata, where it continues to propagate downward until it reaches an immobilization point.
Tapered spiral welded structure
A method for creating a tapered spiral welded conical structure where the overall shape of the cone is first graphically slit axially and unwrapped, and then a series of construction arcs and lines are created to form the edge lines of a strip that can then be wrapped (rolled) to form a tapered conical structure. The edges of the spirally wound strip can be welded together, and a very large conical structure can thus be achieved.
Systems and methods for enhanced protection during blood tubing sealing
Disclosed herein are systems and methods for user protection from blood splatter during blood tubing sealing. Systems and methods described herein utilize a blood splatter safety shield attached to a handheld blood tubing sealer, comprising one or more barriers, wherein at least one barrier runs substantially perpendicular to the handheld blood tubing sealer separating blood tubing being sealed from a user of the handheld blood tubing sealer..
Tubing pump
A configuration of a tubing pump capable of improving flow rate accuracy which is required, particularly, in infusion pumps for medical use is developed. In a tubing pump that delivers a liquid in a tube which is separately loaded, a pump mechanism includes a valve mechanism unit that occludes and releases occlusion to the loaded tube and a tube pressing mechanism unit that repeatedly presses the tube, and the tube squeezing mechanism unit includes a pump block which has its movement guided by at least two guide shafts..
Cooling device and image forming apparatus including same
A cooling device including at least two cooling members to cool a recording medium passing thereover, a coolant circulation unit to circulate a coolant, and tubing that connects the coolant circulation unit to the cooling members and through which the coolant circulates. Each of the cooling members includes a heat-absorbing surface that directly contacts the recording medium or indirectly contacts the recording medium via a thermal transmission member, an internal channel provided within each of the cooling members through which the coolant circulates, and a channel inlet and outlet formed at downstream and upstream ends of each of the cooling members in a direction of conveyance of the recording medium, respectively.
Fiberoptic systems and methods for acoustic telemetry
A disclosed acoustic telemetry system includes a downhole acoustic telemetry module that generates an acoustic uplink signal such as a pulsed fluid flow or compressional waves in a tubing string wall. An optical waveguide transports an optical signal representing the acoustic uplink signal to the surface interface.
Hydraulic set packer with piston to annulus communication
A hydraulically set packer has a mandrel with an internal bore and a port communicating the internal bore outside the mandrel. A packing element disposed on the mandrel can be compressed by a piston to engage the borehole.
Deploying an expandable downhole seat assembly
A technique that is usable with a well includes deploying a seat assembly into a tubing string; releasing the seat assembly at a downhole location inside the tubing string; pumping the seat assembly to a restriction in the tubing string at a second downhole location; and using an untethered object received in a seat assembly to form an obstruction in the tubing string.. .
Apparatus and methods for providing tubing into a subsea well
In some embodiments, apparatus useful for providing tubing into an underwater well includes at least one surface injector and at least one underwater injector. The surface injector is adapted and arranged to control the movement of the tubing into and out of the underground well below the sea floor during normal operations.
Hydrocarbon recovery control system and method
The present disclosure describes a system, method and computer readable medium capable of dynamically managing a hydrocarbon recovery operation. The hydrocarbon recovery operation may utilize an injection well and a production well.
Frac adapter for wellhead
There is provided a frac adapter configured to couple a frac tree to a wellhead component. The frac adapter may couple the frac tree to a casing head without a tubing head, thereby enabling the well to be fractured before the tubing head is installed.
Self-locking, spring-loaded snare
The invention is a snare threaded through a compression spring delivered to the animal via a two-jaw animal trap. The snare consists of steel or other resilient cable, a snare lock and other wire rope devices sufficient for making a snare, flexible tube, a spring retention washer, “j” clip, and a compression spring.
Precision venting arrangement for pressure equilibration to enhance drainage of medical tubing
A precision venting arrangement for urinary drainage includes a tubular housing communicating with medical tubing receiving urine from the body and a pouch for storing the urine, the tubular housing having opposing open ends with a lumen passing longitudinally therebetween, an intermediate portion disposed between the open ends and an intermediate portion with a side passage disposed at the intermediate portion and extending through a side wall of the housing with a venting valve disposed in the side passage having a biased dosed distal end and an open proximal end exposed to atmospheric pressure such that the venting valve is opened when the differential between the pressure in the lumen of the housing and atmospheric pressure exceeds a predetermined value.. .
Intravenous infusion tubing fitment and set
An intravenous infusion tubing fitment comprises a body, a rotatable knob coupled with the body, and a pressure dome seated within the knob. The body defines; a first inlet configured for coupling with a first segment of tubing; a first outlet into a pressure dome; a second inlet from the pressure dome; and a second outlet configured for coupling with a second segment of tubing.
Medical cuff
A wrist-worn device having a tether forming a bridge under which medical tubing can be extended and adapted to be worn by a patient undergoing fluid infusion via an iv insertion point so that the tubing, when subjected to accidental pulling or tugging, is restrained by the tether from damaging the iv connection point.. .
Fischer tropsch method for offshore production risers for oil and gas wells
A method and an apparatus is disclosed that uses a gas lift tubing arrangement to produce synthetic hydrocarbon related products. Using the fischer tropsch process as an example, the tubing is packed with a suitable catalyst and then hydrogen and carbon monoxide are injected into the top of the tubing in a fashion similar to a gas lift process.
Automated peptide production machine
A device capable of synthesizing a plurality of selected peptides by automatically mixing various amino acids, solvents, and activators and adding these to resins contained in a plurality of individual reaction vessels. A plurality of amino acids are contained in vessels within a carousel which is rotated into position where a syringe is inserted into a selected vessel to transport the amino acid within to a pre-reaction vessel for mixing with other selected amino acids which were previously drawn from the carousel.
Sampling system and method
In one embodiment, the present disclosure provides an apparatus and method for supporting a tubing bundle during installation or removal. The apparatus includes a clamp for securing the tubing bundle to an external wireline.
Gas lift apparatus and method for producing a well
A gas lift system is provided for use in unloading a fluid from a perforation interval of a subterranean well to facilitate producing gas from a gas-bearing formation. The system may include a packer having dual ports, a tubing string running from the surface to the packer for producing the well, and an injection tool extending below from the packer into the perforation interval.
Mechanical filter for acoustic telemetry repeater
A subsea installation kit is described. The kit is provided with a subsea tree, a plurality of tubing sections, a plurality of acoustic repeaters and a mechanical filter.
Airborne vegetation trimming apparatus
An airborne vegetation trimming apparatus includes an apparatus housing, an elongated saw boom extending from the apparatus housing, a plurality of rotatable saw blades carried by the saw boom, a saw blade operating system drivingly engaging the saw blades, a rotatable tubing coupling carried by the apparatus housing and a tubing coupling rotation motor drivingly engaging the tubing coupling.. .
Method for making a coiled tubing assembly
A coiled tubing assembly includes coiled tubing having a side wall that defines an opening and an insert covering the opening and affixed to the coiled tubing. The coiled tubing has a longitudinal axis.
Windshield wiper system
A windshield wiper system that includes a pair of windshield wiper blades movably positioned on an exterior surface of a windshield of a vehicle, a piece of windshield wiper fluid tubing that allows windshield wiper fluid to be transmitted to reach the pair of windshield wiper blades and a pump positioned inside the piece of windshield wiper fluid tubing. The system also includes a recyclable hard plastic receptacle with a top orifice that contains the windshield wiper fluid that is pumped by the pump through the piece of windshield wiper fluid tubing and a screw cap that removably connects the second end of the piece of windshield wiper fluid tubing to the top orifice of the receptacle.
Coiled tubing useful life monitor and technique
A system and technique for dynamically and historically evaluating useful life of coiled tubing. Methods are detailed wherein a monitor and system are equipped for enhanced evaluating of coiled tubing fatigue life based in part on the orientation of the coiled tubing during use.
Medical tubing having variable characteristcs and method of making same
The invention primarily is directed to a medical tubing adapted for insertion into a body tissue or cavity and method of manufacturing different variations of the tubing along a length of the tubing. The tubing comprises a plurality of individual, discrete, generally ring-shaped elements arranged in series and fused or bonded together forming a continuous tubular structure.
Devices for concealing a urine collection bag and that provide access to monitor and manipulate a urine collection bag therein
A cover for concealing and supporting a urinary incontinence bag to be worn by an individual in conjunction with a catheter and attached tubing. The cover provides a comfortable sleeve for containing the urinary bag and one or more straps for securing the bag to the leg of an individual.
Neonatal fluid tubing heater
A heating system for heating neonate nutritional liquid, including a heater and a control module. The heater includes a heating portion having serpentine shaped grooves for receiving a tube.
Apparatus and methods for measuring peripheral venous pressure and applications of same
In one aspect, an apparatus for measuring peripheral venous pressure includes a tubing having two ends with one end connectable to a fluid source and the other end connectable to a vein, a fluid controlling device configured to have an on position and an off position, and at least one pressure sensor configured to measure fluid pressures therein. When the fluid controlling device is in the on position, fluid flow in the tubing is allowed to pass through the fluid controlling device, such that the at least one pressure sensor measures both a fluid pressure from the fluid source and a distal venous pressure from the vein.
Completion fluid for reducing friction between metal surfaces
A liquid mixture reduces the friction between two surfaces, at least one of which is moving with respect to the other such as tubing moving within the casing of an oil or gas well. The mixture includes an oil, a suspending agent, polymer particles and a surfactant..
Multi-layered fuel tubing
The invention describes a flexible tubular article for transport of volatile hydrocarbons comprising: (a) an inner layer of a polyvinylidene difluoride (pvdf) polymer or a polyvinylidene difluoride copolymer; (b) an intermediate thermoplastic polyurethane (tpu) layer extruded in tubular form over the inner pvdf layer, and (c) a polyvinyl chloride polymer extruded in tubular form over the outside surface of the intermediate layer and being coextensive therewith. The tubular articles of the invention have a maximum permeation rating of 15 g/m2/day under sae j1737 test conditions..
Multilayer plastic tube
Packaging containing a pvdc barrier layer is manufactured without any significant orientation, with the result that the pvdc harrier layer remains flexible at significantly greater thicknesses than when it is oriented. This increased thickness compensates for the reduced barrier properties resulting from less crystallinity of the pvdc, and hence multilayer plastic tubing can be manufactured in which pvdc is used as a barrier layer instead of aluminum..
Lift for all terrain vehicles
The lift for all terrain vehicles has a plurality of telescoping box-shaped frame members, each frame member having top and bottom rectangles made of square tubing, the rectangles being spaced apart by posts at each of the corners. The inner telescoping box-shaped member has a standing platform mounted on the bottom rectangle.
Method of completing a well using a friction reducing completion fluid
A method for reducing the friction forces between tubulars, for example coiled tubing in casing, is disclosed. The method includes mixing a selected suspending agent and surfactant and polymer particles in oil, then adding the mixture to water and pumping the mixture down the tubing.
Method of reducing corrosion on metal surfaces
A method for reducing corrosion on the exterior or interior surface, for example coiled tubing and casing, is disclosed. The method includes mixing a selected surfactant and particles of a polymer in oil, then adding the oil to water and contacting the surfaces of the tubing with the mixture..
System and method for removing debris from a downhole wellbore
A method for removing fines and debris from a downhole wellbore in a formation, including introducing a tubing string having a downhole debris removal tool disposed substantially near the lower end of the tubing string into the downhole wellbore; positioning the downhole debris removal tool substantially proximal to the fines and debris; circulating fluid through the downhole debris removal tool for disintegrating the fines and debris; and collecting the fines and debris in the downhole debris removal tool for removal out of the downhole wellbore.. .
Dynamic variable intake tubing
A dynamic variable intake tubing includes a dynamic swirl supercharging tube which has a tubular member. The tubular member has a through hole axially penetrated.
Universal medical gas delivery system
A first source of medical gas has a generally cylindrical male outlet with a cylindrical bore and a threaded outer cylindrical surface. A flexible cylindrical elastomeric medical gas tubing has an input end with a bushing making a flush abutment with the male outlet at the output orifice.
Device for artificial insemination
A device for artificial insemination, wherein the device includes a dildo member having an internal channel for receiving a tubing connected to a pumping mechanism and associated pumping arm, wherein fluid may be drawn into the dildo member through the pumping mechanism and discharged through the internal tubing at a distal end.. .
Termination arrangement for a cable bundle
A termination arrangement for a cable bundle includes a body with a cable cavity extending therethrough with the plurality of cables extending into the cable cavity. The body includes a cable attachment end through which the cable bundle enters the cable cavity.
Apparatus and method of zonal isolation
Methods and apparatus include an expandable packer having a tubing expanded to create a seal in an annulus surrounding the tubing. The tubing includes a non-uniform outer surface configured to cause formation of undulations in a diameter of the tubing upon expansion of the tubing.
Degradable ball sealer
High strength, degradable ball sealer for temporarily sealing off lower zones in a wellbore from the flow of a fluid injected into the well. The degradable ball sealer may also seal openings formed through slidable packers or sleeves received within a tubing string in the well, from the flow of a fluid injected into the well.
Collection and distribution of plant material
A method of reclaiming disturbed land including designating an area of land with propagules as a source area and collecting a portion of the propagules from the area. A portion of the propagules are distributed on disturbed land.
Method and device for protection of musical instruments
Musical instrument protection devices are provided based a removable impact absorbing ring that shields the bell of a musical instrument. A continuous offset slit in the ring receives the bell of an instrument while minimally intruding on the sound of the instrument.
Post-surgical garment
A post-surgical garment comprises a wrap-around material with pouches for comfortable placement of surgical drains. The garment provides a wrap around piece designed to keep the post-surgical drains and the tubing of the drains secure while showering, sponge bathing or during daily activities.
Introducer sheath
Introducer sheath (10,30,40) having a flexible kink-resistant distal tip portion (26,32,42). A multilayer sheath structure is used, with an inner tube (12) such as ptfe having a coil (14) of wire wound therearound.
Kink-resistant tubing
Tubing for use in gastrointestinal applications includes a hollow tube and a spring positioned inside the tube. The spring is corrosion resistant and helps to prevent kinking of the tubing when the tubing is bent.
Unidirectional catheter control handle with tensioning control
A catheter includes a tip electrode with a shell and a support member to provide a plenum chamber. The plug is formed with a u-shaped passage for a safety line to wrap around and secure the support member (with the shell affixed thereto) to the catheter.

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