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Tubes patents

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Windbreak supporting tower for reducing the speed of natural wind on open-air ore stacks


Drive for a bobbin-winding machine

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tubes-related patents
 Cold storage system for storing pharmaceutical product containers patent thumbnailnew patent Cold storage system for storing pharmaceutical product containers
Intelligent cold storage system for storing pharmaceutical product containers, such as vials, ampules, syringes, bottles, medication tubes, blister packs and cartons, at the point of dispensing. Embodiments of the invention use product identification technology, such as radio-frequency identification (rfid) tags and barcode readers, to uniquely identify containers as they are added to or removed from the cold storage compartment, and automatically retrieve from a local or remote database a variety of details associated with the containers and their contents, such as manufacturing data, expiration dates, time out of refrigeration, inventory levels, safety information, usage statistics, known contraindications and warnings, etc.
 Axle assembly having banjo beam and strengthened coverpan patent thumbnailnew patent Axle assembly having banjo beam and strengthened coverpan
An axle assembly with a banjo beam and a coverpan. The banjo beam has an upper and lower beam members that are welded together to define a central carrier portion and a pair of tubes.
 Photobioreactor patent thumbnailnew patent Photobioreactor
A photobioreactor system may include a one or more fluidly connectable tubes for growing or producing microorganisms or biomass such as microalgae. The system may include either a single tube loop or an array of tubes.
 Photobioreactor patent thumbnailnew patent Photobioreactor
A photobioreactor system may include a one or more fluidly connectable tubes for growing or producing microorganisms or biomass such as microalgae. The system may include either a single tube loop or an array of tubes.
 Fiber-reinforced ceramic composite material honeycomb and method for preparing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Fiber-reinforced ceramic composite material honeycomb and method for preparing the same
Disclosed herein is a fiber-reinforced ceramic composite material honeycomb, including: a plurality of inner tubes, each of which is made of a fiber-reinforced ceramic composite material; and an outer shell which is made of a fiber-reinforced ceramic composite material and which surrounds the plurality of inner tubes.. .
 System for management of racks and tubes position for clinical chemistry  laboratories patent thumbnailnew patent System for management of racks and tubes position for clinical chemistry laboratories
The system for management of racks and tubes position for clinical chemistry laboratories of the invention comprises tubes (10) capable of containing human biological material, a rack (20) configured for receiving and/or holding the tubes (10) to be stocked, a supporting base (30) configured for supporting the rack (20) thereon, reading means (50) configured for reading an identificator (rid) of the rack (20) to be put onto the supporting base (30) and an identificator (tid) of the tube to be put into the rack (20), a camera (40) for detecting the rack (20) on the supporting base (30), and at least one of the tubes (10) into the rack (20), a processing unit (60) for mapping the detected rack (20) into a plurality of allowed positions (pi) and the detected tube (10) into a tube position (p) comprised in said plurality of allowed positions (pi).. .
 Tube to produce platelet rich fibrin patent thumbnailnew patent Tube to produce platelet rich fibrin
Invention; it is about the tubes used to obtain blood products through centrifuge order to cure open and closed injuries, to heal hard and soft tissues and to diagnose in all fields of medicine and dentistry. Platelet rich fibrin (prf) obtained in the tubes the surface of which contacts blood and made from pure titanium or titanium alloys has a better structure of fibrin than that is obtained through classical methods.
 Radiant heat tube chemical reactor patent thumbnailnew patent Radiant heat tube chemical reactor
A radiant heat-driven chemical reactor comprising a generally cylindrical pressure refractory lined vessel, a plurality of radiant heating tubes, and a metal tube sheet to form a seal for the pressure refractory lined vessel near a top end of the pressure refractory lined vessel. The metal tube sheet has a plurality of injection ports extending vertically through the metal tube sheet and into the refractory lined vessel such that biomass is injected at an upper end of the vessel between the radiant heating tubes, and the radiant heat is supplied to an interior of the plurality of radiant heating tubes.
 Power cable with ability to provide optical fiber upgrade patent thumbnailnew patent Power cable with ability to provide optical fiber upgrade
The disclosed power cable enables optical fibers to be installed after the power cable has been installed, thereby forming a hybrid cable. Segments of the power cable are manufactured with fiber installation tubes containing pulling members.
 Fuel assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Fuel assembly
A fuel assembly includes a plurality of fuel rods arranged in parallel and including fissile material, a plurality of guide tubes arranged in parallel with and interspersed amongst the fuel rods, an upper end fitting connected with upper ends of the guide tubes, and a lower end fitting connected with lower ends of the guide tubes. Each fuel rod includes a top end and a bottom end wherein the top end extends into the upper end fitting and/or the bottom end extends into the lower end fitting..
new patent Memory elements and cross point switches and arrays for same using nonvolatile nanotube blocks
Under one aspect, a covered nanotube switch includes: (a) a nanotube element including an unaligned plurality of nanotubes, the nanotube element having a top surface, a bottom surface, and side surfaces; (b) first and second terminals in contact with the nanotube element, wherein the first terminal is disposed on and substantially covers the entire top surface of the nanotube element, and wherein the second terminal contacts at least a portion of the bottom surface of the nanotube element; and (c) control circuitry capable of applying electrical stimulus to the first and second terminals. The nanotube element can switch between a plurality of electronic states in response to a corresponding plurality of electrical stimuli applied by the control circuitry to the first and second terminals.
new patent Microdrape
A microdrape 10 covers a surgical microscope system 60 including a surgical microscope 61 and a pair of binoculars 62 independently supported by an arm structure 64. The microdrape 10 has an opening end 6 and a closed end opposite to the opening end 6.
new patent Method and system for generating magnetic field gradients for an nmr imaging machine
Disclosed is a gradient generator system arranged around a volume of interest of axis oz. The system includes z-gradient coils of axis oz; z-gradient tubes of axes parallel to the axis oz including coils arranged in a ring outside the z-gradient coils; x-gradient coils and y-gradient coils of saddle shape arranged around the z-gradient coils; and x and y-gradient tubes of axes parallel to the axis oz and situated in a ring outside the z-gradient coils, being interposed between the z-gradient tubes, with each of the x and y gradient tubes including coils..
new patent Devices and methods related to flat gas discharge tubes
Disclosed are devices and methods related to flat gas discharge tubes (gdts). In some embodiments, a plurality of gdts can be fabricated from an insulator plate having a first side and a second side, with the insulator plate defining a plurality of openings.
new patent Sports cart
A sports cart with a folding tubular frame, a central steering column, a pair of real wheels, a centrally located front wheel, a lower basket member, a secondary holding rack, a handlebar assembly, a front wheel fork assembly, a brake member, a steering column to handlebar assembly folding and locking joint and a steering column telescoping member. The secondary holding rack forms a portion of the folding frame and includes centrally located upper and lower tubes that rotatably retain the central steering column.
new patent Nano-structured refractory metals, metal carbides, and coatings and parts fabricated therefrom
Refractory metal and refractory metal carbide nanoparticle mixtures and methods for making the same are provided. The nanoparticle mixtures can be painted onto a surface to be coated and heated at low temperatures to form a gas-tight coating.
new patent Drive for a bobbin-winding machine
The invention relates to a drive unit for powering a turret winding head for winding roving onto bobbin tubes. The drive unit comprises a closed housing, a first and a second spindle disposed in a turret base plate, wherein the turret base plate is formed as part of the housing and the spindles are disposed outside of the housing, and a first drive for the first spindle and a second drive for the second spindle, wherein the drive means are disposed inside the housing, and the first and second drives are each provided with a fan wheel.
new patent Vehicle bicycle rack
An improved vehicle bicycle rack structure includes a hook and a connecting body. The hook has a rack that includes the upper and lower tubes for a hook shell, which can receive the connecting body and secure it by soldering the connecting portion, so that the structure of hook shell of the hook can be strengthened because the connecting body is received therein.
new patent Reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membrane cleaning
A method of cleaning a reverse osmosis or nanofiltration membrane includes supplying pulses of bubbles to the membrane. A venturi device for supplying bubbles to improve the cleaning of reverse osmosis or nanofiltration membranes includes a venturi having a liquid inlet and an air inlet provided at a choke point of the venturi, as well as an outlet.
new patent Method and apparatus for the bio-remediation of aqueous waste compositions
Numerous different types of waste compositions generally in an aqueous environment are bio-remediated under aerobic conditions utilizing highly diverse and multiple microorganisms within a reactor. The process is carried out with the microorganisms attached or bound by a variety of different surface characteristics to packing substrates, located within the reactor, having high surface areas and high porosity in the form of small micropores.
new patent Compact and operability-enhancing multicage-type device for filtering ballast water
A device for filtering for treating ballast water by way of a filtering method, and more particularly, to a compact and operability-enhancing multicage-type device for filtering ballast water, which distributes a lower portion of the device for filtering a discharge portion for discharging foreign substances after backwashing a filter and a backwash line, among features that are concentrated at an upper portion of the device for filtering, and communicates discharge tubes of each filtering unit in a single line, by considering the unique installation environment of the device for filtering that is coupled to a ship, thereby simplifying structure, reducing space required for installing the device for filtering in the upper portion of the device for filtering, allowing efficient maintenance by integrating foreign substance discharge and back pressure maintenance of each of the filtering units.. .
new patent System and method for controlling and optimizing the hydrothermal upgrading of heavy crude oil and bitumen
A system and method is provided for upgrading a continuously flowing process stream including heavy crude oil (hco). A reactor receives the process stream in combination with water, at an inlet temperature within a range of about 60° c.
new patent Double acting spool-shaped fluid cylinder lock
A brake for a rod includes a spool-shaped lock having conical opposed open ends communicating with a cylindrical opening. Positioned within the cylindrical opening is an inwardly projecting shoe for engaging the outer cylindrical surface of a rod to be controlled.
new patent Thermoplastic resin composition with emi shielding properties
A thermoplastic resin composition that can have excellent emi shielding and injection-molding processability includes (a) a thermoplastic resin, (b) carbon fibers, and (c) filler comprising nano metal particles surface coated with graphite crystalline nano carbon particles, composite fillers which are carbon nanotubes coated with nano metal particles, composite fillers which are carbon nanotubes supporting nano metal particles, and combinations thereof.. .
new patent System and method for controlling and optimizing the hydrothermal upgrading of heavy crude oil and bitumen
A system and method is provided for upgrading a continuously flowing process stream including heavy crude oil (hco). A reactor receives the process stream in combination with water, at an inlet temperature within a range of about 60° c.
new patent Erosion ports for shunt tubes
A gravel pack apparatus for a wellbore has a shunt tube disposed along the apparatus near a wellscreen. The shunt tube is typically composed of stainless steel and has an internal passage for conducting slurry.
new patent Heat exchanger
The invention relates to a heat exchanger for heat exchange between fluids, comprising a housing having an inlet and an outlet for each fluid, the inlet and outlet for each fluid being connected to one another by a flow path, the flow path of a first fluid comprising multiple heat exchange modules comprising at least one longitudinal hollow tube, wherein the modules are arranged in a matrix configuration that comprises at least two columns of longitudinal tubes and at least two rows of longitudinal tubes, and wherein a module is provided with at least one connector for connecting to a co-operating connector of an adjacent module, such that the space enclosed between adjacent modules defines a flow path for a second fluid, parallel to the flow path for the first fluid.. .
new patent Passive solar tracking system to enhance solar cell output
A passive solar tracking system to enhance solar cell output is provided. The passive solar tracking system includes a panel having at least one solar cell for solar-to-electric conversion and an actuator that is arranged for moving the panel to provide the variable facing direction of the panel.
new patent Anti-reflective coating for photovoltaic cells
A surface of a photovoltaic cell is coated with a solution that includes barium titanate to reduce reflection of sunlight that is incident on the surface. The solution may include a base of polydimethylsiloxane and carbon nanotubes.
new patent Methods and apparatus for construction of machine tools
Cement or other liquid-like material fills the hollow tubes of a machine tool under construction. The machine tool structures are held rigidly against a fixture while the substance dries.
new patent Receiver for a solar thermal installation and solar thermal installation that includes said receiver
A solar receiver having a higher yield than a central tower receiver. The receiver comprises a plurality of absorbent tubes for absorbing incident energy from light guides suitable for capturing solar radiation in solar collector concentration focal points, the absorbent tubes being arranged consecutively and in parallel, adjacently in relation to a direction transverse to the longitudinal axis of the absorbent tubes.
new patent Non-structural insulating panel system
An insulating panel structure has an inner surface for attachment to a building exterior and an outer surface for attachment to cladding material. The panel structure has external stringers for attachment of the cladding, connectors extending perpendicularly from the inner surface to the external stringers to transmit compressive forces from the cladding to the building, lateral connectors that run diagonally upward from the external stringers to the inner surface to transmit tensile forces from the weight of the cladding to the building, and insulating foam embedded between the panel inner and outer surfaces.
new patent Windbreak supporting tower for reducing the speed of natural wind on open-air ore stacks
The present invention relates to a windfence supporting tower with tension-integrity, comprising a tubular metal tower comprising a central tubular post (1) and four inclined tubular structural tensile elements (2) attached to the post via the coupling ring (3) and the lower ends attached to the free ends of a yoke of compression tubes (4), which is in turn attached to the post (1) by means of the reaction flange of the yoke (5), further receiving at the free ends of the yoke (4) four vertical tensile structural elements (6) which, by means of tensioners (7), are tensioned and anchored to the ground through four independent foundations (8) located around the foundation of the central tube. These vertical ties pull on the connection point of the yoke and in turn the inclined structural elements connected to the coupling ring, thereby providing stability with tension-integrity, which is the main feature of the present supporting tower for absorbing forces caused by the wind.
new patent Heat exchanger, shower tray and method for producing a shower tray
A shower tray having a heat exchanger that is arranged beneath the shower tray for recovering heat from waste water in order to heat up clean water, wherein a first heat-exchanger surface is in contact with the waste water and a second heat-exchanger surface is in contact with the clean water, and the first heat-exchanger surface forms the floor, or part of the floor, of the shower tray. The shower tray here is produced from one metal material and, in the region of the tray floor, beneath the shower tray, a base plate made of some other metal is fastened on the tray floor, so as to form a heat-conducting connection to the tray floor is formed substantially over the entire surface of the base plate.
Medical device and method
A vessel-occluding medical device for the use in diagnosis and/or treatment of cardiovascular disease in the human body includes an outer tube, an inner tube slidably housed within the outer tube, and a tubular sleeve comprising a generally u-shaped, direction reversing region, which moves along the length of the tubular sleeve, to assume radially contracted and radially expanded state as the inner and outer tubes move between the first and second positions. When the tubular sleeve is in the radially expanded state, the inner portion of the tubular sleeve has a funnel-shaped surface and a longitudinally-extending opening to permit material to pass therethrough for receipt of material into the inner tube..
Peri-vascular tissue ablation catheter with support structures
An intravascular catheter for peri-vascular and/or peri-urethral tissue ablation includes multiple needles advanced through supported guide tubes which expand around a central axis to engage the interior surface of the wall of the renal artery or other vessel of a human body allowing the injection an ablative fluid for ablating tissue, and/or nerve fibers in the outer layer or deep to the outer layer of the vessel, or in prostatic tissue. The system may also include a means to limit and/or adjust the depth of penetration of the ablative fluid into and beyond the tissue of the vessel wall.
Locking tube clip
A component useable with one or more tube comprises a body engageable with one or more external surface recesses of the one or more tubes. The component has a pair of jaws extending from the body for gripping an item.
Polyisobutylene prepared at high velocity and circulation rate
A method of making a polyisobutylene polymer in a recirculating loop reactor with one or more reaction tubes in contact with a heat transfer medium includes controlling the delta p and polymerization reaction to provide a linear velocity of the reaction mixture of at least 11 ft/sec in the one or more tubes of the loop reactor and/or controlling the delta p and polymerization reaction of steps (b) and (c) to provide a recirculation ratio of the recirculation rate to the feed rate of at least 30:1. Typically, the process utilizes a recirculating pump operating at a pressure differential of from 35 psi to 70 psi..
Curable monomers
The invention relates to methods and a novel powdered curable monomer which may be used to manufacture bulk polymers, adhesives and coatings composite materials with high percentage weight inclusions of particulate filler materials, more specifically to fibre reinforced polymer composite materials with high percentage weight inclusions of particulate filler materials. The preferred particulate filler materials are carbon nanotubes.
Highly conducting and transparent film and process for producing same
An optically transparent and electrically conductive film composed of metal nanowires or carbon nanotubes combined with pristine graphene with a metal nanowire-to-graphene or carbon nanotube-to-graphene weight ratio from 1/99 to 99/1, wherein the pristine graphene is single-crystalline and contains no oxygen and no hydrogen, and the film exhibits an optical transparence no less than 80% and sheet resistance no higher than 300 ohm/square. This film can be used as a transparent conductive electrode in an electro-optic device, such as a photovoltaic or solar cell, light-emitting diode, photo-detector, touch screen, electro-wetting display, liquid crystal display, plasma display, led display, a tv screen, a computer screen, or a mobile phone screen..
Method of semiconductor integrated circuit fabrication
A method of fabricating a semiconductor integrated circuit (ic) is disclosed. The method includes providing a substrate and depositing a conductive layer on the substrate.
High reliability armored termination/epoxy gland
An armored cable termination/fiber-optic seal which connects a fiber optic cable—the fiber optic cable including one or more armor wires and one or more cable tubes—to a pressure housing, the armored cable termination/fiber-optic seal including: an armored termination which locks the one or more armor wires in a conical cavity; sealing paths which block water from traveling in the interstitial space between the one or more armor wires and the one or more cable tubes into the pressure housing; and fiber feed-through tubes which block water from traveling in the interior of the one or more cable tubes into the pressure housing.. .
Image analysis platform for identifying artifacts in samples and laboratory consumables
A high-resolution image acquisition and processing instrument (hiapi) performs at least five simultaneous measurements in a noninvasive fashion, namely: (a) determining the volume of a liquid sample in welh (or microtubes) containing liquid sample, (b) detection of precipitate, objects of artifacts within microliter plate wells, (c) classification of colored samples in microliter plate wells or microtubes; (dl determination of contaminant (e.g. Wafer concentration}; (e) air bubbles; (f) problems with the actual plate.
Measurement of solid, aerosol, vapor, liquid and gaseous concentration and particle size
A method and apparatus for measuring particle content in a stream, comprising routing the stream, via a plurality of tubes, from a plurality of sampling points where particle content concentrations are to be measured. The concentration of particle content in the stream may be measured.
Composites of poly(hydroxy carboxylic acid) and carbon nanotubes
A resin composition comprising a polyolefin, carbon nanotubes and poly(hydroxy carboxylic acid). The invention also covers a process for preparing a resin composition comprising a polyolefin, carbon nanotubes and poly(hydroxy carboxylic acid) by (i) blending a poly(hydroxy carboxylic acid) with carbon nanotubes to form a composite (ii) blending the composite with a polyolefin.
Aquarium filter
A media reactor aquarium filter incorporates a simple design and allows simple media replacement. The filter includes co-axial inner and outer tubes.
Electronic packages and components thereof formed by co-deposited carbon nanotubes
Microelectronic packages may be formed using the co-deposition of carbon nanotubes. The carbon nanotubes may be functionalized to have an appropriate charge so they can be combined with other materials to give suitable properties.
Materials and methods for insulation of conducting fibres, and insulated products
An electrical conductor comprising an electrically conducting fibre comprising carbon nanotubes and/or graphene nanoribbon and a layer of insulating material coated around the electrically conducting fibre. The insulating material substantially does not penetrate the electrically conducting fibre, or penetrates the electrically conducting fibre only to a depth that leaves a continuous conductive path along a remaining part of the electrically conducting fibre..
Falling film heat exchanger, absorption refrigerator system, ship, offshore structure and underwater offshore structure
A guide plate having depressed portions is provided between an array of heat exchanger tubes, herein after “tubes”, arranged horizontally side-by-side and a next lower array of tubes arranged horizontally side-by-side, and is positioned with the lowest parts of the depressed portions near crest portions of respective lower tubes. The guide plate conveys a liquid d on outer surfaces of respective upper tubes onto similarly positioned lower tubes even when the tubes move in a right-and-left direction.
Heat exchanger
A heat exchanger includes a plurality of tubes conveying a first fluid flow therethrough disposed substantially transverse to a direction of a second fluid flow through the heat exchanger and arranged in a plurality of tube rows extending substantially along the direction of the second fluid flow. The heat exchanger further includes a web sheet having a plurality of webs and a plurality of tube recesses disposed between the webs of the plurality of webs.
Heat exchanger collector box, in particular for a motor vehicle, and corresponding heat exchanger
A collector box (5) is a component of a heat exchanger for a motor vehicle, with the heat exchanger including a heat exchange core with a plurality of heat exchange tubes (3). The collector box (5) includes a fluid collector (9) with a flat bottom (13) to receive the ends of the tubes (3).
Compact total evaporator and device for carrying out the controlled mixing, evaporating and/or reaction of a number of fluids
A total evaporator for fluids, including a cold chamber to prevent pre-evaporation, an evaporation region connected thereto having narrow flow cross-section for fast evaporation of the fluid, and a subsequent vapor chamber for pulsation damping and the controlled superheating of the vapor, the evaporation region being formed by a gap between concentrically nested cylindrical and/or conical tube sections and heat required for the evaporation and superheating processes is supplied by electric heating and/or by hot fluid and/or by catalytic or homogeneous combustion via the wall of the concentric tubes.. .
Device for welding plastic tubes
A device for welding plastic tubes includes a pair of tube holders each of which has a tube clamp which includes an upper jaw and a lower jaw. The jaws in both of the tube clamps of both tube holders have smooth tube contacting walls to permit the tubing to slip through either side when the tube holders and tubes are being moved from a loading station to a stripping station to increase the length of fluid free area in the clamped tubes.
Color-coded endotracheal tube
Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to endotracheal tubes having a plurality of colored markings such as colored rings therearound. The colored markings are positioned at predetermined intervals and facilitate quick and accurate determination of intubation depth.
Multi-tube solar collector structure
A collector system (12) is disclosed that comprises a row of linearly conjoined collector structures (13). The collector system is arranged to be located at a level above a field of reflectors (10) and to receive solar radiation reflected from the reflectors within the field.
Hydrodynamics to limit boiler fouling
Methods and systems relate to generating steam from water that may be recycled in thermal oil recovery processes and is heated in tubes having non-obtrusive features to limit fouling formation. The tubes may include jets to generate enhanced flow mixing along an inner wall of the tubes in order to increase heat transfer and disrupt bubble nucleation.
Rolling stand for tubes or rounds
A rolling stand for tubes or rounds comprising two or more rolls (10, 20, 30) defining a rolling section of the rolling stand that is coaxial to a rolling axis y of the same stand, each roll having a respective rolling surface (s1) defining a respective straight line of symmetry (b) passing through the rolling axis and through the center of symmetry of the respective surface, thus determining a first half and a second half of the respective surface, two gap zones having a radial distance of value h2 from the rolling axis and a groove bottom zone (1) having a radial distance of value h1 from the rolling axis at the intersecting point of the respective surface with the respective straight line of symmetry, characterized in that it provides, for each roll on said respective rolling surface, at least one first pushing zone (2) and at least one second pushing zone (3).. .
Body-space drainage-tube debris removal
In accordance with embodiments of the present invention, a debris removal system is provided for a body-space drainage system having one or more body tubes with a body tube lumen disposed therein. The debris-removal system comprises an elongated cleaning member and a cleaning head adapted to be advanced distally at least a portion of a length of the body tube lumen to dislodge debris therein.
Catheter with variable attachment means
The invention relates to a design for securing tubes, catheters, drains, or other tubular medical devices within the body of a mammal, for example a human, and methods of securing same. The invention includes a first tubular body and at least one second tubular body.
Tire with rubber tread containing precipitated silica and functionalized carbon nanotubes
This invention relates to a tire having a rubber tread containing functionalized carbon nanotubes and particulate reinforcement comprised of precipitated silica.. .
Surgical guide kit apparatus and method
Disclosed are: a kit and a method for the instant in-office fabrication of a surgical guide. The kit comprises of: a dental model laser aligner, self-adhesive partitioning dental stickers, telescopic composed drilling tubes and radiopaque rods.
Working method for a system for partial mirroring of glass tubes, and said system
External drying of the tube. .
Artificial light and evacuated tube boiler
An evacuated tube boiler comprised of one or more evacuated tubes and a header, operatively connected to form a common internal volume. The internal volume further containing a first heating fluid.
Telecommunications enclosure with splice tray assembly
Example telecommunications apparatus (100) include an enclosure (103) having an enclosure base (101) and a enclosure cover (102) that join together at a sealed interface. The enclosure cover (102) is latchable to the enclosure base (101).
Fiber optic cable with improved flexibility, low temperature and compression resistance
A multi-tube optical fiber cable has a core with a first set of one or more optical fiber tubes, each having one or more optical fibers loosely arranged therein. The first set of tubes is constructed of a polymer having a low young's constant modulus.
Gas laser device and gas reservoir
The invention refers to a laser device comprising a tubular space formed by at least two resonator tubes (12) for a gas to be excited, excitation means (50) for each of the at least two resonator tubes for exciting the gas in the resonator tube for generating laser light, a partially reflecting output coupler (42) for coupling out a laser beam, and at least one gas reservoir container (60) which forms a gas reservoir, the gas reservoir container being free of excitation means and in fluidic communication with the tubular space, wherein the gas reservoir container is arranged between the at least two resonator tubes and connected to the tubular space at two separate connecting portions (20).. .
Led-based replacement for fluorescent light source
A light source that is adapted to replace existing fluorescent tubes in an existing fluorescent light fixture is disclosed. The light source includes a plurality of leds mounted on a heat-dissipating structure, first and second plug adapters that mate with the florescent tube connectors of the fluorescent tube the light source is to replace, and a power adapter that converts power from a fluorescent tube ballast presented on the first and second plug adapters to dc power that powers the leds.
Carbon nanostructure device fabrication utilizing protect layers
Hall effect devices and field effect transistors are formed incorporating a carbon-based nanostructure layer such as carbon nanotubes and/or graphene with a sacrificial metal layer formed there over to protect the carbon-based nanostructure layer during processing.. .
Rectifying device, electronic circuit using the same, and method of manufacturing rectifying device
To provide a rectifying device equipped with a carrier transporter excellent in high frequency responsiveness and heat resistance, an electronic circuit using the same, and a method of manufacturing the rectifying device. The rectifying device includes a pair of electrodes, and a carrier transporter arranged between the pair of electrodes and composed of one or multiple carbon nanotubes.
Mechanically robust, electrically conductive ultralow-density carbon nanotube-based aerogels
A method of making a mechanically robust, electrically conductive ultralow-density carbon nanotube-based aerogel, including the steps of dispersing nanotubes in an aqueous media or other media to form a suspension, adding reactants and catalyst to the suspension to create a reaction mixture, curing the reaction mixture to form a wet gel, drying the wet gel to produce a dry gel, and pyrolyzing the dry gel to produce the mechanically robust, electrically conductive ultralow-density carbon nanotube-based aerogel. The aerogel is mechanically robust, electrically conductive, and ultralow-density, and is made of a porous carbon material having 5 to 95% by weight carbon nanotubes and 5 to 95% carbon binder..

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