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Trellis and accent band

Desiccant wheel dehumidifier and heat exchanger thereof

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tubes-related patents
 Devices, systems and methods for treating disorders of the ear, nose and throat patent thumbnailnew patent Devices, systems and methods for treating disorders of the ear, nose and throat
Sinusitis, mucocysts, tumors, infections, hearing disorders, choanal atresia, fractures and other disorders of the paranasal sinuses, eustachian tubes, lachrymal ducts and other ear, nose, throat and mouth structures are diagnosed and/or treated using minimally invasive approaches and, in many cases, flexible catheters as opposed to instruments having rigid shafts. Various diagnostic procedures and devices are used to perform imaging studies, mucus flow studies, air/gas flow studies, anatomic dimension studies and endoscopic studies.
 Apparatus and process for the continuous reaction of liquids with gases patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and process for the continuous reaction of liquids with gases
The present invention relates to an apparatus of the loop venturi reactor type for the continuous reaction of liquids with gases, in particular for hydrogenations, oxidations or acetylations, e.g. For the preparation of toluenediamine by hydrogenation of dinitrotoluene, and a process for the continuous reaction of liquid reactants with gaseous reactants in the apparatus.
 Inflatable floatable liferaft for marine rescue patent thumbnailnew patent Inflatable floatable liferaft for marine rescue
The present invention relates to an inflatable floatable liferaft (1) for marine rescue which in its deflated state is capable of being stored in a container on board a ship, vessel or sea installation, and which is inflatable when deployed into the water, the fully inflatable floatable liferaft (1) extending in a longitudinal direction and comprising a non-rigid bottom element (2) having a water side (2a) and an air side (2b). The inflatable floatable liferaft (1) further comprises a plurality of non-rigid floatation tubes (3) arranged beneath the non-rigid bottom element (2), the non-rigid bottom element (2) extending in the longitudinal direction and being arranged with an intermediate distance (id1) between neighbouring non-rigid floatation tubes (3).
 Method for making a carbon nanotube film patent thumbnailnew patent Method for making a carbon nanotube film
A method for making a carbon nanotube film includes the steps of: (a) adding a plurality of carbon nanotubes to a solvent to create a carbon nanotube floccule structure in the solvent; (b) separating the carbon nanotube floccule structure from the solvent; and (c) shaping the separated carbon nanotube floccule structure to obtain the carbon nanotube film.. .
 Flexible alkaline battery patent thumbnailnew patent Flexible alkaline battery
This invention presents the development of flexible battery especially primary and secondary alkaline batteries. Nano carbons, in particularly carbon nanotubes are implemented in conductive polymers to develop flexible electrodes.
 Multi-branched n-doped carbon nanotubes and the process for making same patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-branched n-doped carbon nanotubes and the process for making same
A multibranched n-doped carbon nanotube (cnt) and the process of production are described. The cnt includes a first-stage stalk having a direction comprising a first-stage base, and a first-stage top opposite to and attached with the first-stage base, at least two second-stage bundles, each of which comprises a second-stage base attached to the first-stage top, and second-stage top opposite to and attached with the second-stage base, and wherein the second-stage bundles branch from the first-stage stalk in substantially the direction of the first stage stalk, and a plurality of third-stage nanotubes each of which comprises a third-stage base attached to the second-stage top, a third-stage top opposite to and attached with the third-stage base, and wherein the plurality of third-stage nanotubes branch from the second-stage bundles..
 Drug loaded fibers patent thumbnailnew patent Drug loaded fibers
Implants and methods for the delivery of a therapeutic agent to a target location within a patient's body are disclosed. The implants include a fiber comprising a polymeric material and having a diameter of up to about twenty microns, and a first therapeutic agent within the fiber.
 Method and apparatus for producing carbon nanotubes patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for producing carbon nanotubes
Carbon nanotubes are grown by supplying raw material gas 30 comprising a carbon compound to be a raw material of the carbon nanotubes into the inside of a reaction vessel tube 14 in which a catalyst 26 to grow the carbon nanotubes is charged. At this time, halogen-containing material gas 32 to reduce the amount of a carbon product such as amorphous carbon produced besides carbon nanotubes that deposits on the surface of catalyst particles 44 due to supply of the raw material gas 30 is further supplied into the inside of the reaction vessel tube 14.
 Ethylene cracking furnace patent thumbnailnew patent Ethylene cracking furnace
The present disclosure provides an ethylene cracking furnace, comprising at least one radiant section provided with a bottom burner and/or a side burner, and at least one set of radiant coil arranged along a longitudinal direction of the radiant section. The radiant coil is an at least two-pass coil having an n−1 structure, wherein n is preferably a natural number from 2 to 8.
 Method and apparatus for refueling a nuclear reactor having an instrumentation penetration flange patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for refueling a nuclear reactor having an instrumentation penetration flange
Apparatus and a method for retracting in-core instrument thimble tubes from the reactor core prior to refueling a nuclear reactor with top mounted instrumentation. The apparatus includes a penetration flange interposed between the head flange and the reactor vessel flange through which the instrumentation cabling passes.
new patent Fitting for joining tubes and method of joining tubes
A crimp fitting comprises a female socket that is configured to be crimped to an end portion of a hard tube. The socket comprises an annealed annular wall that has an inner cylindrical surface portion and at least one annular sealing portion.
new patent Dopant injection layers
The present invention uses an isopotential source layer for an electronic device, wherein the source layer provides ions of charge to be preferentially injected into an active layer of the electronic device, such that a charge of the injected ions has the same sign as the sign of a relative bias applied to the isopotential source layer. The source layer may comprise a composite ionic dopant injection layer having at least one component that has a relatively high diffusivity for ions.
new patent Saliva glucose monitoring system
A glucose sensor suitable for measuring glucose levels in human saliva is provided. Systems containing the glucose sensor and methods for making and using the sensor are also provided.
new patent Inflatable evacuation slide
An inflatable evacuation slide includes a base, one or more top tubes, a first lateral side, including a series of alternately upright and inverted generally triangular inflatable frames, each frame being coupled to neighboring frames in the series, a first common side of the base and at least one of said top tubes, and a second lateral side including a series of alternately upright and inverted generally triangular inflatable frames, each frame being coupled to neighboring frames in the series, a second common side of the base and at least one of said top tubes. The first common side of the base is opposite the second common side of the base so that the slide is generally triangular in cross-section, and the angles of the triangular frames combine to form an upwardly directed arcuate bend in the uninflated slide which straightens under the weight of the slide when inflated and deployed..
new patent Direct torque helical displacement well and hydrostatic liquid pressure relief device
A helical displacement well with preassembled segments includes a preassembled shaft-forming penetrator tube including helical plates mounted to its exterior that may be rotated to propel the casing into the ground. A hydraulic drill motor rotates the penetrator tube and as it moves deeper into the ground.
new patent Header tank, heat exchanger and corresponding method of assembly
A header tank for a heat exchanger comprises a header plate (11) having openings (17) for the passage of a plurality of heat exchange tubes (5) and at least two end plates (7) on either side of the tubes (5), an elastic sealing means (13) arranged around the peripheral contour of the header plate (11), and a cover (15) having a cover base (25) which closes the header tank, thereby compressing the sealing means (13). The end plates (7, 107, 207) have, on the inside of the header plate (11, 111, 211), an axial extension of length (l′) greater than or equal to the height (h) of the sealing means (13, 113, 213).
new patent Heat exchanger with enhanced airflow
Systems, apparatuses, and methods described herein are directed to a heat exchange tube structure and an arrangement of heat exchange tubes that enhance or help promote fluid flow through a heat exchanger. Bend portions of heat exchange tubes may be structured and configured to allow for gaps so that fluid may pass an assembly of the heat exchange tubes.
new patent Bridle delivery system, method, and apparatus for securing nasal tubes
Systems, methods, and apparatus for securing nasal tubes are disclosed. An exemplary system includes a bridle, a magnetic portion connected to the bridle, a delivery probe, a retrieval probe, and a clamp.
new patent Pressure release means and placement indicator for inflatable catheter or respiratory gas supply retention means
Under- and overinflation of retention balloons and cuffs for catheters including foley catheters, and for endotracheal tubes, tracheostomy tubes, laryngeal mask airways and similar devices is correlated with hospital acquired infections and with patient injury. In this patent, a solution that correctly inflates inflatable retention devices is taught, whereby a pressure release means is incorporated into the inflation pathway from the fluid input syringe to the retention means while inflating.
new patent Gas burner assembly for an oven appliance
A gas burner assembly for an oven appliance is provided. The gas burner assembly includes a pair of burner tubes and a runner tube that extends between the pair of burner tubes.
new patent Oven appliance and a gas burner assembly for the same
A gas burner assembly for an oven appliance is provided. The gas burner assembly includes a pair of burner tubes.
new patent Multiple toy rocket launching system
The system includes a foot-generated air pump, a launch hose which extends from the air pump and a plurality of tube launchers in fluid communication with the launch hose, extending outwardly therefrom. Individual toy foam rockets are adapted to fit in a fluid-tight relationship with the launch tubes..
new patent Desiccant wheel dehumidifier and heat exchanger thereof
A heat exchanger of a desiccant wheel dehumidifier, disclosed in the disclosure, includes a frame and multiple heat exchange platy tubes. The frame has an air inlet and an air outlet.
new patent Tyre pressure monitor
A tyre pressure monitor for the paired wheels at one end of a vehicle axle in the form of a hub which bolts to the wheel using the wheel nuts. The hub contains a tyre pressure gauge for the inner wheel and a gauge for the outer wheel.
new patent Trellis and accent band
A trellis system is disclosed wherein the trellis comprises a front tube, a back tube, and two end tubes joined together, a plurality of roof panels, each panel having a perimeter, wherein the perimeter of the panel is coupled to at least a back tube surface and a front tube surface; a plurality of cross member assemblies wherein the cross member assemblies assist in creating tension between the front tube and the back tube, and a plurality of fasteners coupling the front tube to the end tubes, the back tube to the end tubes, and the roof panels to at least the front tube and the back tube, wherein the fasteners are not visible when the trellis system is installed. The trellis system also includes accent bands.
System and method for the simultaneous automated bilateral delivery of pressure equalization tubes
Systems and methods for treating a patient having a head with a first ear and a second ear, function by aligning a first device with a tympanic membrane of the first ear; inputting a command to an input device operatively coupled to the first device to generate a signal; and actuating the first device in response to the signal so as to drive a penetrator of the device through the tympanic membrane.. .
Dual irrigating bipolar forceps
Bipolar electrosurgical forceps are provided with dual irrigating tubes that deliver irrigating liquid to the opposed surfaces of the tips of the forceps to prevent the sticking of body tissue to the tips. To reduce the manufacturing costs of the forceps and enable the forceps to be single use, disposable forceps, each tube of the dual irrigating tools is a plastic tube adhered along one of the opposing surfaces of the pair of forceps arms.
Respiratory monitoring
A patient interface in accordance with one embodiment of the present invention is configured to be at least partially carried by a patient and to receive gas exhaled by the patient. The patient interface includes first and second cannula tubes each having a first end and a second end, the first ends are configured to be inserted into the nostrils of a patient, the first and second cannula tubes are configured to direct exhaled gas from the patient from the first ends to said second ends.
New class of tunable gas storage and sensor materials
The electronic structure of nanowires, nanotubes and thin films deposited on a substrate is varied by doping with electrons or holes. The electronic structure can then be tuned by varying the support material or by applying a gate voltage.
Process for the acetoxylation of olefins in the gas phase
Yield and selectivity of olefin acetoxylation are improved through the use of successive catalyst zones of different reactivities, the successive zones contained in one or more reaction tubes arranged is parallel.. .
Expandable baton with locking mechanism
A multi-section locking baton includes a manually actuatable release rod extending axially through outer, middle and inner tubes for unlocking first and second cam joints between the tubes. The release rod includes a tip having three sections, including an outermost or distal section that increases in diameter as measured in a direction moving away from the distal end of the tip; an intermediate section that is the widest section of the tip and that has a plurality of relief openings formed in as outer surface; and a proximal section that tapers from the intermediate section to a narrower diameter at the proximal tip end where it is secured onto the release rod.
Expandable raku kiln
A raku kiln has a fire ring with a cylindrical sidewall and bottom made of refractory material with a kiln shelf supported a few inches above the bottom to enclose a space that is superheated by burners. A firing-chamber rests on the fire ring and is lifted by a two aligned pulleys on top of a pole which rotates to move the chamber out of the way.
Double wall carbon nanotubes and method for manufacturing same
The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing carbon nanotubes comprising: a preparatory step of a supported catalyst; a temperature-raising step of inserting the supported catalyst into a reactor, injecting hydrocarbon gas and hydrogen gas at the same time, and raising the temperature of the reactor to between 900 to 1000° c. To synthesize carbon nanotubes; and a temperature-lowering step of lowering the temperature of the reactor to between a room temperature to 200° c., injecting only hydrogen gas, and synthesizing carbon nanotubes.
One-dimensional titanium nanostructure and method for fabricating the same
A one-dimensional titanium nanostructure and a method for fabricating the same are provided. A titanium metal reacts with titanium tetrachloride to form the one-dimensional titanium nanostructure on a heat-resistant substrate in a cvd method and under a reaction condition of a reaction temperature of 300-900° c., a deposition temperature of 200-850° c., a flow rate of the carrier gas of 0.1-50 sccm and a reaction time of 5-60 hours.
Fan-out subassembly
A fan-out subassembly includes furcation modules mounted to a furcation module holder, which is adapted to be connected to a main component. The furcation module holder includes a cable anchoring location.
Coaxial-impedance synthesizer
The invention relates to a coaxial-impedance synthesizer, comprising: a longitudinal central (0x) conductor (1); an outer conductive tube (2) arranged coaxially to the conductor (1); and at least one probe (4) mounted so as to longitudinally translate around the conductor (1), the coaxial-impedance synthesizer being characterized in that the outer tube (2) includes two separable half-tubes, such that the probe (4) is permitted to move longitudinally, relative to the central conductor (1), to a desired position when the two half-tubes are spaced apart from each other, and when the two half-tubes are near each other, the outer periphery of the probe (4) and the inner wall of the outer tube are in contact with each other.. .
Platform grating
A platform grating is provided. The platform grating includes an array of plates placed in a spaced apart arrangement.
Cactus mucilage and ferric ions for the removal of arsenate (as(v)) from water
Potable drinking water is plagued with widespread arsenic contamination, particularly in developing communities. Ferric ions were introduced to interact with arsenate based on the strong affinity of arsenate for ferric hydroxides, followed by mucilage addition.
Conveyor system with different applications and isolation of the conveyed product in relation to the drive system
“conveyor system with different applications and isolation of the conveyed product in relation to the drive system”, is a conveyor for grains, seeds, fruit, granulated and ground products and similar products. The conveyor has different applications and isolates the product conveyed from the drive system.
Method of making a tobacco product
A tobacco product is formed by rolling a sheet of material supplied by a roll or rolls (e.g. Moistened tobacco leaves) and/or homogenized sheet tobacco about a slit mandrel to form a shaped tube.
Air conditioning system
A supplementary air conditioning system includes an indoor heat exchanger and an outdoor heat exchanger. The indoor heat exchanger is fanless and includes indoor tubes installed so as to be inclined to a ceiling of a room.
Coaxial fuel supply for a micromixer
Embodiments of the present application can provide systems and methods for a coaxial fuel supply for a micromixer. According to one embodiment, the micromixer may include an elongated base nozzle structure, a number of mixing tubes in communication with the elongated base nozzle structure, and an air inlet configured to supply the plurality of mixing tubes with air.
Cap handling tool and method of use
A tool (100) is provided for use in uncapping a plurality of linearly-oriented, spaced-apart tubes; the tubes capped with a unitary closure device comprising a plurality of spaced-apart, linearly-oriented alternating caps and openings, each cap having a cap upper surface and being connected to at least one adjacent cap by at least two connecting structures, each of the at least two connecting structures having a connecting structure upper surface and a connecting structure lower surface, the at least two connecting structures and two adjacent caps forming a boundary of an opening. The tool comprises a body (30) having first portion (42) for engagement by a user and a second portion comprising a base (52) and a plurality of spaced-apart projections (60) extending there-from.
Steerable ultrasound catheter
Ultrasound catheter devices and methods provide enhanced disruption of blood vessel obstructions. Ultrasound catheter devices generally include an elongate flexible catheter body with one or more lumens, an ultrasound transmission member extending longitudinally through the catheter body lumen and a distal head coupled with the transmission member and positioned adjacent the distal end of the catheter body for disrupting occlusions.
Medical device and method
A vessel-occluding medical device for the use in diagnosis and/or treatment of cardiovascular disease in the human body includes an outer tube, an inner tube slidably housed within the outer tube, and a tubular sleeve comprising a generally u-shaped, direction reversing region, which moves along the length of the tubular sleeve, to assume radially contracted and radially expanded state as the inner and outer tubes move between the first and second positions. When the tubular sleeve is in the radially expanded state, the inner portion of the tubular sleeve has a funnel-shaped surface and a longitudinally-extending opening to permit material to pass therethrough for receipt of material into the inner tube..
Devices for clearing blockages in in-situ artificial lumens
Devices and methods for the effective clearing of artificial tubes, especially in-situ clearing of artificial tubes in a living being is covered in this disclosure. An elongated clearing member includes either a fixed or an adjustable element that selectively defines the portion of the elongated clearing member that is insertable within the artificial tube.
Device and method for applying pressure to mammalian limb
A therapeutic pressure strap for applying pressure across a muscle or muscle groups on a mammalian limb is described. The strap is particularly well suited for treating “tennis elbow”.
An endoscope includes: an insertion portion; an operation portion provided on a proximal end side of the insertion portion, and including a first and a second sheath bodies; a fluid tube, a light guide fiber bundle, and a signal cable extended from a distal end portion and guided into an internal space of the operation portion; a main board provided in the internal space of the operation portion, wherein the fluid tube, the light guide fiber bundle, and the signal cable are provided on a surface of the main board; and an position regulating member attachable/detachable to/from a predetermined position of the main board, and in a state of being attached to the main board, regulates insertion states of the fluid tubes, the light guide fiber bundle, and the signal cable extended from the insertion portion toward the main board into a predetermined insertion state.. .
Thermoplastic resin composition with anti-dripping properties
A thermoplastic resin composition includes (a) thermoplastic resin in an amount of about 100 parts by weight, (b) flame retardant in an amount of about 1 to about 10 parts by weight, and (c) carbon nanotubes in an amount of about 0.005 to about 0.05 parts by weight. The thermoplastic resin composition of the present invention can have excellent anti-dripping properties..
Kit for constructing a play structure
A kit for constructing a variety of play structures for children includes a plurality of arcuate tubes, a plurality of linear tubes, a plurality of connectors, a plurality of couplers, and a plurality of panels. At least one of the tubes is releasably assembled together with another one of the tubes using one of the couplers and the connectors to form a frame.
A method of preparing metal oxide microtubes
The present invention prescribes a new sol-gel method of preparing and formation of the metal oxide microtubes. According to the method firstly is prepared the precursor sol from metal oxides or mixtures of metal oxides and alkoxides, thereafter from the precursor sol are extruded the fibres, which are gelatinised afterwards until the inner sol which is less viscous of fibres is converted to thinner wall until alcohol from the precursor is left trough walls.
Methods for the production of aligned carbon nanotubes and nanostructured material containing the same
Disclosed herein is a scaled method for producing substantially aligned carbon nanotubes by depositing onto a continuously moving substrate, (1) a catalyst to initiate and maintain the growth of carbon nanotubes, and (2) a carbon-bearing precursor. Products made from the disclosed method, such as monolayers of substantially aligned carbon nanotubes, and methods of using them are also disclosed..
Array printing
The invention provides a method of printing, onto a substrate (12), an array (14) of spots of reagent compositions for use in a chemical and/or biochemical analysis. The method includes displacing an array of reagent composition containing capillary tubes (22) arranged alongside one another from an inoperative position to an operative position in which open ends of the capillary tubes (22) simultaneously impinge against a substrate and thereafter displacing the array of tubes (22) from the operative position back to the inoperative position.
A device for feeding fluid to a hydraulic actuator for controlling the pitch of the fan blades of a two-propeller turboprop
A device for feeding fluid to a hydraulic actuator for controlling a pitch of fan blades of a two-propeller turboprop, the device including: a fluid manifold secured to a rotor of the turboprop and including a cylindrical portion including at least two fluid-circulation grooves, each presenting an outlet orifice; a fluid-admission support secured to a stationary portion of the turboprop and including a cylindrical portion including at least two distinct fluid passages opening to fluid-admission tubes and each leading radially into one of the fluid-circulation grooves of the manifold; and a tub constrained to rotate with the fluid manifold and including a cylindrical portion including at least two fluid-flow channels, each fed with fluid by a respective one of the outlet orifices of the fluid dispenser, each fluid-flow channel leading to a respective chamber of a control actuator.. .
Liquid ejection apparatus
A liquid ejection apparatus of the invention comprises a switcher configured to connect or disconnect a sucker with suction tubes individually. The switcher comprises a case and a rotator.
Gas discharge tubes
An novelly designed gas discharge tube (gdt) comprising at least two electrodes and at least one hollow insulating ring fastened to at least one of the electrodes, wherein the hollow insulating ring has an inductive property or a variable resistance property, thereby the new gas discharge tube can provide another possibility of a circuit design.. .
Assemblies for cooling electric machines
Cooling assemblies (e.g., tubes, members (e.g., i-beams, rectangular members, and the like), stator windings, stator laminations, and/or combinations thereof), such as those configured to cool electric machines (e.g., electric motors and generators).. .
Fine particles having a multiple structure, polymer film for smart glass and method of manufacturing the same
Disclosed are fine particles having a multiple structure, a polymer film for smart glass, and a method of manufacturing the same. More particularly, disclosed are fine particles having a multiple structure, which include a reaction portion containing iron oxide nanoparticles, carbon black and/or carbon nanotubes, and at least one non-reaction portion containing silica and/or titania nanoparticles, and which rotate by means of an electric field or a magnetic field, a polymer film for smart glass including the fine particles to control light transmissivity, and a method of manufacturing the same..
Conductive composition, and conductive complex
A conductive composition containing carbon nanotubes, a carbon nanotube dispersant, and a dopant precursor, wherein the dispersant is a non-conjugated polymer compound having an aromatic ring as the repeating unit, and the dopant precursor is an acid-generating agent which generates cation by being subjected to light and/or heat. The aforementioned conductive composition is capable of stably dispersing carbon nanotubes and of efficiently doping same without damaging the conductive properties of the carbon nanotubes..
Carbon nanotube dispersion containing polyarylene ether and method for preparing the same
The carbon nanotube dispersion includes: carbon nanotubes; polyarylene ether having a number-average molecular weight of about 5,000 g/mol to about 25,000 g/mol; and a solvent, wherein the polyarylene ether may be non-covalently bonded to surfaces of the carbon nanotubes via π-π stacking interaction. The carbon nanotube dispersion is prepared by dispersing carbon nanotubes using inexpensive polyarylene ether..
Perforated fluid dispensing hose or tube for the purpose of applying liquids and/or gases to railroad tracks including railroad switches, railroad crossings, bridge overheads and tunnel walls
This invention uses a perforated hose or tube, of various shapes, sizes and wall thicknesses, to evenly and accurately dispense fluids such as lubricants, anti-ice, anti-snow or other liquids and/or gases onto railroad tracks including railroad switches, railroad crossings, bridge overheads, tunnel walls and even roof tops. This is accomplished by fastening or affixing, by clamp or other means, the hoses or tubes along the length of the railroad tracks, railroad switches, railroad crossings, bridge overpasses, tunnel walls and even roof tops for the purpose of manually, automatically and/or remotely controlling liquid or gas application of various amounts and at various frequencies of application.
Method for improving anisotropy of carbon nanotube film and method for making touch panel
A method for improving anisotropy of a carbon nanotube film is provided. The carbon nanotube film is drawn from a carbon nanotube array.
Size separating device for carbon nanotube agglomerate using magnetic field, and separating and obtaining method of dispersed carbon nanotube using the same
A size sorting device for carbon nanotube agglomerate and a method for separating and collecting dispersed carbon nanotubes using the size sorting device are provided. The size sorting device and method for separation and collection may use a magnetic field for separating and collecting dispersed carbon nanotubes..
Method and nanocomposite for treating wastewater
The method and nanocomposite for treating wastewater provides a method of treating aniline-containing wastewater with a magnetic nanocomposite. Nickel nitrate, iron nitrate and citric acid are dissolved in deionized water to form a metal nitrate and citric acid solution, which is then ph balanced.
Graphene nanotube array for gas filtration
Technologies are generally described for a gas filtration device including an array of parallel carbon nanotubes. The carbon nanotubes may extend between first and second substrates, and the ends of the carbon nanotubes may be embedded in the substrates and cut to expose openings at each end of the carbon nanotubes.
Fiber application machine including flexible fibre-conveying tubes provided with flexible blades
The present invention relates to a fiber application machine, for making components out of composite materials, comprising a fiber application head, fiber storing means, and means for conveying the fibers from said storage means to the application head. The conveying means comprises first flexible tubes, that receive one fiber into its internal passage.
Force absorbing device
A force absorbing device is provided for use with a walking aid having proximal and distal tubes arranged in a telescoping configuration for relative movement therebetween along a longitudinal axis. A proximal end member is affixed within a hollow bore of the proximal tube with no relative movement between the proximal tube and the proximal end member.
Sensing water vapour
A water vapour sensor comprises a substrate and a film of carbon nanotubes impregnated with surfactant on the substrate. The substrate is of material which is inert relative to the film.
Evaporator with cool storage function
An evaporator with a cool storage function includes a plurality of flat refrigerant flow tubes and at least one cool storage material container. The at least one cool storage material container includes a container main body and a plurality of convex portions.
Threadless fork compression system and method for kick style scooter
A compression coupler is described that provides a robust and simple mechanism to couple threadless tubes in bicycles and/or scooters. Particularly, the handlebar/stem tube-to-fork joint is coupled with a compression sleeve.
Method of and printable compositions for manufacturing a multilayer carbon nanotube capacitor
Multilayer carbon nanotube capacitors, and methods and printable compositions for manufacturing multilayer carbon nanotubes (cnts) are disclosed. A first capacitor embodiment comprises: a first conductor; a plurality of fixed cnts in an ionic liquid, each fixed cnt comprising a magnetic catalyst nanoparticle coupled to a carbon nanotube and further coupled to the first conductor; and a first plurality of free cnts dispersed and moveable in the ionic liquid.

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