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Peri-vascular tissue ablation catheter with support structures

Locking tube clip

Polyisobutylene prepared at high velocity and circulation rate

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tubes-related patents
 Medical device and method patent thumbnailMedical device and method
A vessel-occluding medical device for the use in diagnosis and/or treatment of cardiovascular disease in the human body includes an outer tube, an inner tube slidably housed within the outer tube, and a tubular sleeve comprising a generally u-shaped, direction reversing region, which moves along the length of the tubular sleeve, to assume radially contracted and radially expanded state as the inner and outer tubes move between the first and second positions. When the tubular sleeve is in the radially expanded state, the inner portion of the tubular sleeve has a funnel-shaped surface and a longitudinally-extending opening to permit material to pass therethrough for receipt of material into the inner tube..
 Peri-vascular tissue ablation catheter with support structures patent thumbnailPeri-vascular tissue ablation catheter with support structures
An intravascular catheter for peri-vascular and/or peri-urethral tissue ablation includes multiple needles advanced through supported guide tubes which expand around a central axis to engage the interior surface of the wall of the renal artery or other vessel of a human body allowing the injection an ablative fluid for ablating tissue, and/or nerve fibers in the outer layer or deep to the outer layer of the vessel, or in prostatic tissue. The system may also include a means to limit and/or adjust the depth of penetration of the ablative fluid into and beyond the tissue of the vessel wall.
 Locking tube clip patent thumbnailLocking tube clip
A component useable with one or more tube comprises a body engageable with one or more external surface recesses of the one or more tubes. The component has a pair of jaws extending from the body for gripping an item.
 Polyisobutylene prepared at high velocity and circulation rate patent thumbnailPolyisobutylene prepared at high velocity and circulation rate
A method of making a polyisobutylene polymer in a recirculating loop reactor with one or more reaction tubes in contact with a heat transfer medium includes controlling the delta p and polymerization reaction to provide a linear velocity of the reaction mixture of at least 11 ft/sec in the one or more tubes of the loop reactor and/or controlling the delta p and polymerization reaction of steps (b) and (c) to provide a recirculation ratio of the recirculation rate to the feed rate of at least 30:1. Typically, the process utilizes a recirculating pump operating at a pressure differential of from 35 psi to 70 psi..
 Curable monomers patent thumbnailCurable monomers
The invention relates to methods and a novel powdered curable monomer which may be used to manufacture bulk polymers, adhesives and coatings composite materials with high percentage weight inclusions of particulate filler materials, more specifically to fibre reinforced polymer composite materials with high percentage weight inclusions of particulate filler materials. The preferred particulate filler materials are carbon nanotubes.
 Highly conducting and transparent film and process for producing same patent thumbnailHighly conducting and transparent film and process for producing same
An optically transparent and electrically conductive film composed of metal nanowires or carbon nanotubes combined with pristine graphene with a metal nanowire-to-graphene or carbon nanotube-to-graphene weight ratio from 1/99 to 99/1, wherein the pristine graphene is single-crystalline and contains no oxygen and no hydrogen, and the film exhibits an optical transparence no less than 80% and sheet resistance no higher than 300 ohm/square. This film can be used as a transparent conductive electrode in an electro-optic device, such as a photovoltaic or solar cell, light-emitting diode, photo-detector, touch screen, electro-wetting display, liquid crystal display, plasma display, led display, a tv screen, a computer screen, or a mobile phone screen..
 Method of semiconductor integrated circuit fabrication patent thumbnailMethod of semiconductor integrated circuit fabrication
A method of fabricating a semiconductor integrated circuit (ic) is disclosed. The method includes providing a substrate and depositing a conductive layer on the substrate.
 High reliability armored termination/epoxy gland patent thumbnailHigh reliability armored termination/epoxy gland
An armored cable termination/fiber-optic seal which connects a fiber optic cable—the fiber optic cable including one or more armor wires and one or more cable tubes—to a pressure housing, the armored cable termination/fiber-optic seal including: an armored termination which locks the one or more armor wires in a conical cavity; sealing paths which block water from traveling in the interstitial space between the one or more armor wires and the one or more cable tubes into the pressure housing; and fiber feed-through tubes which block water from traveling in the interior of the one or more cable tubes into the pressure housing.. .
 Image analysis platform for identifying artifacts in samples and laboratory consumables patent thumbnailImage analysis platform for identifying artifacts in samples and laboratory consumables
A high-resolution image acquisition and processing instrument (hiapi) performs at least five simultaneous measurements in a noninvasive fashion, namely: (a) determining the volume of a liquid sample in welh (or microtubes) containing liquid sample, (b) detection of precipitate, objects of artifacts within microliter plate wells, (c) classification of colored samples in microliter plate wells or microtubes; (dl determination of contaminant (e.g. Wafer concentration}; (e) air bubbles; (f) problems with the actual plate.
 Measurement of solid, aerosol, vapor, liquid and gaseous concentration and particle size patent thumbnailMeasurement of solid, aerosol, vapor, liquid and gaseous concentration and particle size
A method and apparatus for measuring particle content in a stream, comprising routing the stream, via a plurality of tubes, from a plurality of sampling points where particle content concentrations are to be measured. The concentration of particle content in the stream may be measured.
Composites of poly(hydroxy carboxylic acid) and carbon nanotubes
A resin composition comprising a polyolefin, carbon nanotubes and poly(hydroxy carboxylic acid). The invention also covers a process for preparing a resin composition comprising a polyolefin, carbon nanotubes and poly(hydroxy carboxylic acid) by (i) blending a poly(hydroxy carboxylic acid) with carbon nanotubes to form a composite (ii) blending the composite with a polyolefin.
Aquarium filter
A media reactor aquarium filter incorporates a simple design and allows simple media replacement. The filter includes co-axial inner and outer tubes.
Electronic packages and components thereof formed by co-deposited carbon nanotubes
Microelectronic packages may be formed using the co-deposition of carbon nanotubes. The carbon nanotubes may be functionalized to have an appropriate charge so they can be combined with other materials to give suitable properties.
Materials and methods for insulation of conducting fibres, and insulated products
An electrical conductor comprising an electrically conducting fibre comprising carbon nanotubes and/or graphene nanoribbon and a layer of insulating material coated around the electrically conducting fibre. The insulating material substantially does not penetrate the electrically conducting fibre, or penetrates the electrically conducting fibre only to a depth that leaves a continuous conductive path along a remaining part of the electrically conducting fibre..
Falling film heat exchanger, absorption refrigerator system, ship, offshore structure and underwater offshore structure
A guide plate having depressed portions is provided between an array of heat exchanger tubes, herein after “tubes”, arranged horizontally side-by-side and a next lower array of tubes arranged horizontally side-by-side, and is positioned with the lowest parts of the depressed portions near crest portions of respective lower tubes. The guide plate conveys a liquid d on outer surfaces of respective upper tubes onto similarly positioned lower tubes even when the tubes move in a right-and-left direction.
Heat exchanger
A heat exchanger includes a plurality of tubes conveying a first fluid flow therethrough disposed substantially transverse to a direction of a second fluid flow through the heat exchanger and arranged in a plurality of tube rows extending substantially along the direction of the second fluid flow. The heat exchanger further includes a web sheet having a plurality of webs and a plurality of tube recesses disposed between the webs of the plurality of webs.
Heat exchanger collector box, in particular for a motor vehicle, and corresponding heat exchanger
A collector box (5) is a component of a heat exchanger for a motor vehicle, with the heat exchanger including a heat exchange core with a plurality of heat exchange tubes (3). The collector box (5) includes a fluid collector (9) with a flat bottom (13) to receive the ends of the tubes (3).
Compact total evaporator and device for carrying out the controlled mixing, evaporating and/or reaction of a number of fluids
A total evaporator for fluids, including a cold chamber to prevent pre-evaporation, an evaporation region connected thereto having narrow flow cross-section for fast evaporation of the fluid, and a subsequent vapor chamber for pulsation damping and the controlled superheating of the vapor, the evaporation region being formed by a gap between concentrically nested cylindrical and/or conical tube sections and heat required for the evaporation and superheating processes is supplied by electric heating and/or by hot fluid and/or by catalytic or homogeneous combustion via the wall of the concentric tubes.. .
Device for welding plastic tubes
A device for welding plastic tubes includes a pair of tube holders each of which has a tube clamp which includes an upper jaw and a lower jaw. The jaws in both of the tube clamps of both tube holders have smooth tube contacting walls to permit the tubing to slip through either side when the tube holders and tubes are being moved from a loading station to a stripping station to increase the length of fluid free area in the clamped tubes.
Color-coded endotracheal tube
Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to endotracheal tubes having a plurality of colored markings such as colored rings therearound. The colored markings are positioned at predetermined intervals and facilitate quick and accurate determination of intubation depth.
Multi-tube solar collector structure
A collector system (12) is disclosed that comprises a row of linearly conjoined collector structures (13). The collector system is arranged to be located at a level above a field of reflectors (10) and to receive solar radiation reflected from the reflectors within the field.
Hydrodynamics to limit boiler fouling
Methods and systems relate to generating steam from water that may be recycled in thermal oil recovery processes and is heated in tubes having non-obtrusive features to limit fouling formation. The tubes may include jets to generate enhanced flow mixing along an inner wall of the tubes in order to increase heat transfer and disrupt bubble nucleation.
Rolling stand for tubes or rounds
A rolling stand for tubes or rounds comprising two or more rolls (10, 20, 30) defining a rolling section of the rolling stand that is coaxial to a rolling axis y of the same stand, each roll having a respective rolling surface (s1) defining a respective straight line of symmetry (b) passing through the rolling axis and through the center of symmetry of the respective surface, thus determining a first half and a second half of the respective surface, two gap zones having a radial distance of value h2 from the rolling axis and a groove bottom zone (1) having a radial distance of value h1 from the rolling axis at the intersecting point of the respective surface with the respective straight line of symmetry, characterized in that it provides, for each roll on said respective rolling surface, at least one first pushing zone (2) and at least one second pushing zone (3).. .
Body-space drainage-tube debris removal
In accordance with embodiments of the present invention, a debris removal system is provided for a body-space drainage system having one or more body tubes with a body tube lumen disposed therein. The debris-removal system comprises an elongated cleaning member and a cleaning head adapted to be advanced distally at least a portion of a length of the body tube lumen to dislodge debris therein.
Catheter with variable attachment means
The invention relates to a design for securing tubes, catheters, drains, or other tubular medical devices within the body of a mammal, for example a human, and methods of securing same. The invention includes a first tubular body and at least one second tubular body.
Tire with rubber tread containing precipitated silica and functionalized carbon nanotubes
This invention relates to a tire having a rubber tread containing functionalized carbon nanotubes and particulate reinforcement comprised of precipitated silica.. .
Surgical guide kit apparatus and method
Disclosed are: a kit and a method for the instant in-office fabrication of a surgical guide. The kit comprises of: a dental model laser aligner, self-adhesive partitioning dental stickers, telescopic composed drilling tubes and radiopaque rods.
Working method for a system for partial mirroring of glass tubes, and said system
External drying of the tube. .
Artificial light and evacuated tube boiler
An evacuated tube boiler comprised of one or more evacuated tubes and a header, operatively connected to form a common internal volume. The internal volume further containing a first heating fluid.
Telecommunications enclosure with splice tray assembly
Example telecommunications apparatus (100) include an enclosure (103) having an enclosure base (101) and a enclosure cover (102) that join together at a sealed interface. The enclosure cover (102) is latchable to the enclosure base (101).
Fiber optic cable with improved flexibility, low temperature and compression resistance
A multi-tube optical fiber cable has a core with a first set of one or more optical fiber tubes, each having one or more optical fibers loosely arranged therein. The first set of tubes is constructed of a polymer having a low young's constant modulus.
Gas laser device and gas reservoir
The invention refers to a laser device comprising a tubular space formed by at least two resonator tubes (12) for a gas to be excited, excitation means (50) for each of the at least two resonator tubes for exciting the gas in the resonator tube for generating laser light, a partially reflecting output coupler (42) for coupling out a laser beam, and at least one gas reservoir container (60) which forms a gas reservoir, the gas reservoir container being free of excitation means and in fluidic communication with the tubular space, wherein the gas reservoir container is arranged between the at least two resonator tubes and connected to the tubular space at two separate connecting portions (20).. .
Led-based replacement for fluorescent light source
A light source that is adapted to replace existing fluorescent tubes in an existing fluorescent light fixture is disclosed. The light source includes a plurality of leds mounted on a heat-dissipating structure, first and second plug adapters that mate with the florescent tube connectors of the fluorescent tube the light source is to replace, and a power adapter that converts power from a fluorescent tube ballast presented on the first and second plug adapters to dc power that powers the leds.
Carbon nanostructure device fabrication utilizing protect layers
Hall effect devices and field effect transistors are formed incorporating a carbon-based nanostructure layer such as carbon nanotubes and/or graphene with a sacrificial metal layer formed there over to protect the carbon-based nanostructure layer during processing.. .
Rectifying device, electronic circuit using the same, and method of manufacturing rectifying device
To provide a rectifying device equipped with a carrier transporter excellent in high frequency responsiveness and heat resistance, an electronic circuit using the same, and a method of manufacturing the rectifying device. The rectifying device includes a pair of electrodes, and a carrier transporter arranged between the pair of electrodes and composed of one or multiple carbon nanotubes.
Mechanically robust, electrically conductive ultralow-density carbon nanotube-based aerogels
A method of making a mechanically robust, electrically conductive ultralow-density carbon nanotube-based aerogel, including the steps of dispersing nanotubes in an aqueous media or other media to form a suspension, adding reactants and catalyst to the suspension to create a reaction mixture, curing the reaction mixture to form a wet gel, drying the wet gel to produce a dry gel, and pyrolyzing the dry gel to produce the mechanically robust, electrically conductive ultralow-density carbon nanotube-based aerogel. The aerogel is mechanically robust, electrically conductive, and ultralow-density, and is made of a porous carbon material having 5 to 95% by weight carbon nanotubes and 5 to 95% carbon binder..
Spacecraft east-west radiator assembly
A heat transfer assembly for a spacecraft is disclosed. The assembly includes an equipment panel having an east end and a west end.
Bicycle rack system apparatus and method of use
The present invention relates generally to a bicycle rack system providing for bicycle transportation of articles, and more particularly to a system for a quick release, modular, and expandable bicycle rack system. The present invention comprises a bicycle rack system comprising a bottom connector comprising two portions; a front top connector comprising two portions; a rear top connector comprising two portions; tubes both hollow or solid inserted within and secured by the bottom, rear top, and front top connectors; and an adjustable female receiving plate and male insert that is attached to the adjustable female receiving plate.
Marking apparatus with a plurality of gas lasers with resonator tubes and individually adjustable deflection means
The invention relates to a marking apparatus (100) for marking an object with laser light, comprising a plurality of gas lasers (10) and a control unit for individually activating each of the gas lasers (10) to emit a laser beam according to a sign to be marked. The gas lasers (10) are stacked such that the laser beams emitted by the gas lasers (10) form an array of laser beams, in particular a linear array with parallel laser beams, each gas laser (10a-i) comprises laser tubes (12) that at least partially surround an inner area (5).
Production of carbon nanostructures from functionalized fullerenes
Electromagnetic irradiation of functionalized fullerenes in an oxygen-free environment induces conversion of the functionalized fullerenes to carbon nanotubes, carbon nanohorns, carbon onions, diamonds and/or carbon schwarzites. The carbon nanotubes can be multi-wall carbon nanotubes.
Chassis for an electric vehicle
A chassis for an electric vehicle comprises: a base frame, a front frame, a rear frame, two side frames, four suspension devices and four wheels. The front frame and the rear frame have the front arc-shaped tube and the arc-shaped rear tube fixed to the base frame, the arc-shaped tubes can not only reduce the number of tubes required but also increase the area of thrust force as compared to the straight tubes.
Heat exchanger
A heat exchanger includes a plurality of heat exchanger units, each of which including header pipes (4,6) disposed in parallel to each other, a plurality of tubes (8) communicating with the header pipes and being disposed between the header pipes, fins (10) disposed between adjacent tubes, wherein a core portion (12) of the heat exchanger unit (2) is configured with the tubes and the fins layered therebetween; wherein the plurality of heat exchanger units are disposed in a direction that the tubes and the fins are arranged; and wherein the heat exchanger includes: fitting portions (16,18) which connect respective end portions (4a, 6a) of the header pipes of the heat exchanger units that are adjacent to each other, and side plates (20,22,40,42,46,48) which connect opposing end portions (12a) of respective core portions of the heat exchanger units that are adjacent to each other.. .
Heat exchanger
An air-cooled and ventilated heat exchanger includes a fin and a plurality of heat transfer tubes. The fin has a plate-shaped part and a plurality of protruding parts.
Heat exchanger, housing, and air-conditioning circuit including such an exchanger
A heat exchanger (1) for a motor vehicle includes a plurality of tubes (2) arranged in a first and a second row (3a, 3b); a first and a second header tank (4, 5) inside which tanks (4, 5) the tubes (2) of each of the rows (3a, 3b) emerge; and a longitudinal dividing partition (16) arranged in the first header tank (4) to divide the first header tank (4) longitudinally into refrigerant inlet and outlet compartments (17, 18) into which the tubes (2) of the first row (3a) and of the second row (3b) emerge. The longitudinal dividing partition (16) includes a plurality of transverse dividing partitions (27) arranged in the second header tank (5) to divide the second header tank (5) transversely into a plurality of return compartments (28) into which at least one tube (2) of each of the rows (3a, 3b) emerges..
Microchannel heat exchanger
A microchannel heat exchanger of an hvac system may include a plurality of microchannel tubes having fins disposed between at least one pair of adjacent microchannel tubes. The pair of adjacent microchannel tubes may connect a header on each end of the microchannel tubes in fluid communication, and at least one of the microchannel tubes and the fins are oriented substantially parallel with respect to a primary airflow direction of an airflow across the microchannel heat exchanger..
Heat exchanger arrangement in a housing
A heat exchanger arrangement in a housing, such as an intake pipe of an internal combustion engine, has at least one stack including tubes and fins and an end plate having media connections, and wherein the stack is inserted into the housing and is fastened therein. A connecting block which contains the media connections and/or at least one profiled rail is arranged on the end plate.
Detection device for a cleaning sysytem
The present disclosure describes embodiments of a detection device for a cleaning system used in heat exchange systems which comprise a plurality of tubes. The detection device comprises a mounting plate defining a plurality of perforations and a plurality of sensors.
Tire with electrically non-conductive rubber tread with electrically conductive, carbon nanotube containing rubber strip extending through the tread to its running surface
This invention relates to a tire having a circumferential electrically non-conductive (relatively electrically non-conductive) rubber tread which contains an electrically conductive (relatively electrically conductive) rubber strip extending from an electrically conductive underlying tread base rubber layer (underlying the tread) through the rubber tread to its running surface. The rubber strip contains a dispersion of carbon nanotubes to provide its electrical conductivity and to thereby provide a path of least electrical resistance through the tread to its running surface..
Apparatus and methods for fluid processing and flow control
Fluid processing apparatus has a prefabricated branched network of flexible tubing, for conducting process fluid between process elements of the apparatus, and control valves. A tubing support has opposable front and rear plates which define a pattern of support channels between them in which the flexible tubing network lies, so that the support channels limit or prevent expansion of the flexible tubes.
Continuous fuse structure for combination fireworks
A combination fireworks device including at least one fire transmission unit including a plurality of single tubes placed in successive arrangement, wherein each of the plurality of single tubes includes a fire hole located on the tube side wall, and a single, continuous fuse connecting the plurality of single tubes to each other in series, wherein a portion of the fuse extends into the fire hole of each of the plurality of single tubes and the portion of the fuse includes a length of the fuse folded back onto itself in each fire hole.. .
Device for machining notches in headrest tubes
Device for machining indentations in headrest tubes, comprising a support matrix that holds a tube in order to make indentations in it, positioned on a press that exerts a pressure on said matrix in a vertical direction such that the tube is rigidly secure in the support matrix. In addition, the device has a roller holder in which can turn freely at least one form roller, connected by an arm to a vertical displacement mechanism formed by a motor, an eccentric piece and a connecting rod, such that the roller can move up and down.
Shoe having an inflatable bladder
An article of footwear including a sole and an upper with an exterior and interior surface, and one or more bladders which comprises at least one of the exterior or interior surfaces of the upper. The bladder comprising sheets of polyurethane or polyester film attached together to form an airtight seal.
Heat exchanger with telescoping expansion joint
A heat exchanger comprises a shell comprising a hollow shell body and separate shell end members attached thereto. A number of tubes is disposed within the shell body which is sized to permit both ends of the tubes to project outwardly therefrom to facilitate access for attaching the tubes ends to respective tube header plates, after which time the shell end members are slid over the shell body towards the shell body ends for attachment to respective header plates.
Alkyd resin based paint work composition and a method for preparing the same
The invention provides an alkyd resin based paint work composition comprising an alkyd resin based film forming material, one or more colorants, one or more fast-drying materials, fumed silica, one or more types of carbon nanotubes and one or more solvents. The invention also provides a method for preparing the alkyd resin based paint work composition..
Foam reinforced structural member
A composite material for reinforcing closed structural members as a tube or any closed profile section. More specifically, a composite material for filling metal tubes or any closed profile section forming the frame of vehicle seats to increase or maintain the strength of the seat frame while reducing the mass of the seat tubes or sealed profile section..
Carbon nanotube composite material and thermal conductor
A carbon nanotube composite material having carbon nanotubes and carbon fibers dispersed in a matrix is provided wherein a carbon nanotube group formed from a plurality of the carbon nanotubes is present between the carbon fibers, an average diameter of the carbon fibers is 1 μm or more and 50 μm or less, an average diameter of the carbon nanotubes is 0.7 nm or more and 50 nm or less, the carbon nanotubes are included in a range of 0.01 wt % or more and 30 wt % or less and the carbon fibers are included in a range of 10 wt % or more and 60 wt % or less with respect to 100 wt % of the carbon nanotube composite material, thermal conductivity of the matrix is less than 10 w/mk, and the carbon nanotube composite material includes thermal conductivity in a direction of 10 w/mk or more.. .
Tube for the end consumer with minimum interior and exterior oxidation, with grains that may be selectable in size and order; and production process of tubes
The invention set forth in this specification considers implementing a production process through a productive line of a continuous vertical casting machine that produces a direct pre-tube from the melt, which we shall call “new pre-tube”. Later, as a second step, that new pre-tube passes through two simultaneous, synchronized wiredrawing machines and finally, through an induction annealing furnace.
Process of recycling plastics, products and applications thereof
The present disclosure further relates to various articles like industrial post recycled (ipr) plastic tubes, blow moulded bottles, pallates, manufactured from the recycled plastic waste.. .
Methods of producing coiled carbon nanotubes
Methods and systems for producing coiled nanotubes. At least one exemplary method of producing coiled carbon nanotubes of the present disclosure comprises the steps of reacting a carbon feedstock and a catalyst within a reaction vessel to produce a reaction product comprising at least about 5% coiled carbon nanotubes, wherein the carbon feedstock comprises either (i) a mixture of a hydrocarbon and water or (ii) an alcohol, and wherein the catalyst comprises at least one group vib or viiib transition metal..
Device with dilated oxidation zone for gasifying feedstock
A downdraft gasifier that utilizes a plurality of vertically positioned tubes to create a pyrolysis zone, an oxidation zone beneath the pyrolysis zone and a reduction zone beneath the oxidation zone. The shape of the tubes eliminates the need for a restriction (hearth), which limits the maximum achievable throughput.
Vascular outlining with ostia visualization
An apparatus and a related method of processing a 2d projection image (110a-b) taken of a tubular structure comprising two or more tubes. One of the tubes branches off from the other at a sidewall opening.
System and method for optical measurement of a target
The invention relates to a system and a method for optical measurement of a target, wherein the target is illuminated, either actively illuminated, reflecting ambient light, or self illuminating, and a measurement light beam received from the target or through it is detected. The prior art optical measurement systems generally include mechanical filter wheels and photomultiplier tubes, which cause the equipment to be expensive, large-sized and often not sufficiently accurate and stable.
Flash tube with an external triggering wire
The present invention relates to the field of flash tubes for photographic use, in particular to a flash tube comprising a trigger element for triggering a flash in the flash tube. Accordingly, a flash tube is provided.
Wave-power electricity generation system
The invention relates to a wave-power system for generating electricity, in which a pendular buoy captures the wave energy and transfers the movement unidirectionally to a flywheel inside a pressurised box. The shaft of the flywheel transmits the energy to a hydraulic pump and the hydraulic flow travels through flexible tubes into a pelton turbine.
Tissue engineered constructs
The present invention relates to a field of biocompatible membranes, tubes and conduits which comprising a photosensitizer which is capable of being crosslinked to form a three dimensional structure which can be implanted into a subject to assist in tissue bonding and nerve maintenance and development. Methods of making such membranes, tubes and conduits and kits comprising them are also described..
Carbon nanotube fiber and method for producing the same
There are provided carbon nanotube fibers having excellent mechanical property and a method for producing the same. In a long carbon nanotube fiber 11 in which a plurality of carbon nanotubes 12 are assembled, the carbon nanotubes 12 comprise a diameter ranging from 0.4 to 100 nm and are oriented in an angle ranging from 0 to 5° with respect to axial direction of the carbon nanotube fiber 11..
Carbon nanotube composite material
A carbon nanotube composite material capable of exhibiting a high conductivity with a small amount of carbon nanotubes is realized. A carbon nanotube composite material according to the present invention contains carbon nanotubes dispersed in a matrix and includes a carbon nanotube group formed of a plurality of carbon nanotubes, and a basic material area.
High surface area, electrically conductive nanocarbon-supported metal oxide
A metal oxide-carbon composite includes a carbon aerogel with an oxide overcoat. The metal oxide-carbon composite is made by providing a carbon aerogel, immersing the carbon aerogel in a metal oxide sol under a vacuum, raising the carbon aerogel with the metal oxide sol to atmospheric pressure, curing the carbon aerogel with the metal oxide sol at room temperature, and drying the carbon aerogel with the metal oxide sol to produce the metal oxide-carbon composite.
Bag support assembly
A bag support assembly comprising a frame (20) that includes a pair of beams (22) and a plurality of tubes (38) that extend perpendicularly between the beams (22). Two pairs of vertical rails (50) are supported by disposition in the beams (22).
Device for manufacturing sodium hypochlorite or hypochlorous acid and water treatment system in general
This disclosure includes a device for producing sodium hypochlorite or hypochlorous acid for water treatment, the device including: a cylinder for storing salt in solid form, adapted for being fed directly via a pressurized water pipe, and including one or more tubes that form one or more electrolytic chambers; one or more electrolytic cells received in the electrolytic chambers; the tubes of the cylinders being perforated to allow the contacting of the electrolytic cells with the salt-saturated water while preventing the electrolytic cells from being short-circuited by the solid salt. This produces sodium hypochlorite or hypochlorous acid from salt-saturated water in a cylinder, connected directly to the pipe of the water to be treated without the latter being loaded with salt..

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