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 Yeast expressed classical swine fever virus glycoprotein e2 and use thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Yeast expressed classical swine fever virus glycoprotein e2 and use thereof
The present invention provides a recombinant yeast system for expressing the glycoprotein e2 of classical swine fever virus (csfv), in which the expression level of ye2 is improved by codon optimization and shortening coding region of e2 gene. The truncated e2 subunits are used as major active ingredient in anti-csfv vaccines and useful diagnostic blocking elisa kits for csfv infection with easy manipulation and low cost..
 Touch sensor panel design patent thumbnailnew patent Touch sensor panel design
A touch sensor panel including a plurality of drive lines crossing a plurality of sense lines, forming an array. The plurality of drive lines and the plurality of sense lines are formed by interconnecting sections of at least one conductive material having a truncated diamond shape or formed of interconnected conductive lines.
 Refrigerator and filler thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Refrigerator and filler thereof
A filler to seal a gap between a plurality of doors is provided with a height adjustment portion, thereby enabling a height of the filler to be uniformly maintained regardless of deflection of the door. Accordingly, the filler may be smoothly operated regardless of deflection of the door, and cold air in a storage chamber may be prevented from escaping.
 Process of evaluating corrosion resistance patent thumbnailnew patent Process of evaluating corrosion resistance
The present invention is directed to a process for evaluating corrosion resistance of coated metals substrates, such as autobodies at an accelerated rate. An anode and cathode coated with protective coating being tested are exposed to an electrolyte in a chamber of a corrosion resistance evaluator.
 Content aware block power savings patent thumbnailContent aware block power savings
A memory architecture power savings system includes a first memory module configured to provide data corresponding to a stored address from among a plurality of stored addresses by comparing the plurality of stored addresses to a search key in response to a control signal. A second memory module is configured to store a plurality of data entries corresponding to truncated portions of the plurality of stored addresses, and to generate the control signal by comparing the plurality of data entries to a truncated portion of the search key..
 Enhancement of low power medium access stas patent thumbnailEnhancement of low power medium access stas
Enhanced low power medium access (lpma) processes involve the enhanced lpma sta indicating low power capabilities during association and being allocated an aid. The aid(s) for one or a group of enhanced lpma sta(s) are included in one tim sent during a different beacon interval than the aid(s) for another or another group of enhanced lpma sta(s).
 Near-closed polygonal chain microstrip antenna patent thumbnailNear-closed polygonal chain microstrip antenna
A microstrip antenna includes a substrate having a first surface and an opposing second surface, a ground plane disposed at the first surface of the dielectric layer, and a conductive layer disposed at the second surface of the substrate. The conductive layer includes a continuous conductive trace comprising a plurality of linear segments arranged in a near-closed polygonal chain.
 Portioned package for espresso machines patent thumbnailPortioned package for espresso machines
Truncated-cone-shaped capsules of plastic can have a lower construction height than the widespread aluminium capsules for creating an espresso, in order to avoid the hot water injection needles penetrating into the portioned package of plastic and bonding. By way of this, a greater quantity of heated water at an increased pressure prevails outside the truncated-cone-shaped capsule with its conical side wall and the circumferential flange projecting circumferentially therefrom.
 Rotodynamic pump for variable output flow patent thumbnailRotodynamic pump for variable output flow
A pump varies output flow. For all cross-sections, which are vertical to the axis of rotation between axial outer positions for the cross-sectional areas of flow at the periphery of the impeller, the inner wall of the pump housing forms approximately circular profiles.
 Methods and apparatus for fragmented phased array radar patent thumbnailMethods and apparatus for fragmented phased array radar
Methods and apparatus for a phase array radar system having a fragmented array. In one embodiment, subarrays forming a generally rectangular shape are disposed on the surface of a truncated cone or a dome so that gaps are formed between adjacent segments of subarrays or between every adjacent subarrays..
Steering support member
A steering support member according to the present invention supports a steering shaft, extends in a vehicle width direction and is fixed at both ends to lateral sides of a vehicle, is molded of a light alloy or a resin composite material. And the steering support member includes a fixing portion having a shape of a truncated cone that extends toward a vehicle front side from the vicinity of a position supporting the steering shaft, a top of the fixing portion being fixed to a dash panel delimiting an engine room in a vehicle front portion, and a plurality of reinforcing ribs that are arranged upright along tangents to a circle constituted by the top of the fixing portion and to a bottom circle..
Capsules for making infused drinks
Capsules for making an infused drink which include a tray-like body substantially cylindrical or a truncated cone shape made from a sheet of paper or paper material and open at one end, and a cover or sealing film applied to said open end of the tray-like body are provided. Such capsules may further include a peripheral annular rim suitable for abutting with a support surface which surrounds an infusion chamber of an infusion group when the capsule is inserted in said chamber.
Static eliminating and dust removing apparatus
The static eliminating and dust removing apparatus comprises a big container and a small container disposed within the big container. The big container opens at the top and bottom ends to suck the dust in upwardly and discharge the dust.
Pulley structure for wire combination
A pulley assembly for combining of a wire, may include a groove member having a first guide groove helically threaded in an outer circumferential surface thereof and having a truncated cone shape, and a cylindrical guide pulley selectively combined with a bottom surface of the groove member and having a second guide groove formed on an outer circumferential surface thereof, wherein the wire may be configured to move to the second guide groove of the guide pulley along the first guide groove of the groove member when the groove member combined with the cylindrical guide pulley rotates in a direction.. .
Training golf ball
A training golf ball is a truncated sphere having a continuous spherical portion and two truncated sides. The training golf ball has an equator extending around the spherical portion that divides the training golf ball into two congruent sections.
B-type iron silicate composition and method for reducing nitrogen oxides
The present invention relates to a composition including a β-type iron silicate, which includes all or part of iron in a β-type framework structure, and a solid acidic porous inorganic oxide. The present invention is characterized in that the β-type iron silicate is compounded with the porous inorganic oxide having solid acidic properties so that the solid acidic function derived from aluminum of the β-type iron silicate, is reinforced or complemented by the porous inorganic oxide, the individual particles of which are physically isolated from each other.
Methods for truncation error minimization in an mri device
Devices and methods for the truncation of signal data in a system of a magnetic resonance imaging (mri) device are provided. A device includes a demodulator that provides multiple truncation of signal data on a route between an input and an output of a system for the respective reduction of a bit width of signal data.
Valve stem seal device
A valve stem seal device has a valve stem guide, a cylindrical metallic ring retained to an outer periphery of the valve stem guide, a rubbery elastic seal lip integrally formed in one end side of the metallic ring, and hermetically sliding to the valve stem, and a valve stem seal having the cylindrical metallic ring and the seal lip and fixed to the valve stem guide side. The valve stem seal device has a stop ring retained between a circular-truncated-cone-shaped surface which is expanded toward a side of the seal lip formed in an outer peripheral surface of the valve stem guide, and a cylindrical inner peripheral surface of the metallic ring.
Spin or aerodynamically stabilized ammunition
The disclosure relates to spin-stabilized ammunition for use in grooved or smooth bore handheld firearms with calibers up to 60 mm. The projectile of the ammunition features: a body in the shape of a truncated cone at the top of a cylinder with proportions of the cone length to the cylinder length varying between from one-to-six to one-to-three depending on the expected initial speed of the projectile after the ammunition has been discharged; a central longitudinal barrel through the projectile with a proportion of the entrance diameter and exit diameter of 1.38-to-one for expected discharge speeds near sound velocity or of 1.22-to-one for expected discharge of hypersonic velocities; nozzles for the creation of a spinning motion of the ammunition around the projectile's axis, the nozzle being located between cavities for propellant charges..
Variable geometry centrifugal basket
A screen assembly including at least upper and lower portions each with screen elements having different orientations. The upper portion includes a first plurality of screen elements and the lower portion includes a second plurality of screen elements.
Low z-height projection system for projecting structured light for 3d imaging
A low z-height projection system includes a display panel for displaying a grating pattern that has gratings extended in a first direction. A projection lens system is also included and projects the grating pattern displayed on the display panel onto a surface.
Vehicle seat spacer arrangement
The present invention relates to a light-weight, space efficient spacer arrangement for distancing a vehicle seat from a vehicle floor structure. The spacer arrangement comprises a first and a second spacing element, each having a spacing element seat side adapted to be positioned towards the vehicle seat, and a spacing element floor side adapted to be positioned towards the vehicle floor structure.
Section knife
A section knife is formed from a blank having the perimeter of a truncated generally isosceles triangle. Each angled side of the truncated generally isosceles triangle includes a plurality of substantially semi-circular channels.
System and method for constrained least-squares spectral processing and analysis of seismic data
An inversion-based algorithm for computing the time frequency analysis of reflection seismograms using constrained least-squares spectral analysis is formulated and applied to modeled seismic waveforms and real seismic data. The fourier series coefficients are computed as a function of time directly by inverting a basis of truncated sinusoidal kernels for a moving time window.
V-belt continuously variable transmission
The v-belt continuously variable transmission comprises a driving pulley and a driven pulley mounted on shafts, each of which pulleys consists of two half pulleys movable in a horizontal plane and provided with radial longitudinal through slots for enabling the half pulleys to mate (penetrate) one another, and a drive belt. Furthermore, each half pulley is in the form of a single component consisting of three solids of revolution with a common axis, which are interconnected as a single unit, two of said solids of revolution being different-sized hollow truncated cones oriented in different directions and connected by their smaller bases, and the third being a hub that is connected to the corresponding shall in such a way as to be able to move along the latter.
Light source structure for optical fiber display device and optical fiber display device
Embodiments of the present invention provide a light source structure for optical fiber display device and an optical fiber display device. The light source structure for optical fiber display device comprises a light source.
Cannabis genomes and uses thereof
Using the efficiency of next generation sequencing, a draft de novo reference sequence for the cannabis (c.) sativa and c. Indica genomes has been generated as well as four full length contiguous sequences with homology to thca and cbda synthases and 10 partially homologous contigs with truncated orfs.
Bolt and clamping system using bolts
A bolt for the detachable connection of two component parts provided with at least one through-hole and a clamping system serving for detachably, rapidly and reliably interconnecting objects provided with through-holes. A plug-in pin includes a bolt housing having through-openings; a clip means supported in the through-openings; and a clamping device arranged in the housing's interior and provided with an external thread, which meshes with an internal thread of the housing and during clamping, forces the clip means out of the housing such that an outer portion of the clip means protrudes from the through-openings.
Composite perforation device with scallops on the inner wall
The present invention relates to a composite perforating device with scallops on its inner wall to improve the depth of penetration in the oil reservoir during perforation of oil and gas well. In one embodiment, the scallops on the inner wall of the gun body are located at a position corresponding to the open end of a perforating charge.
Process, vectors and engineered cell lines for enhanced large-scale transfection
Processes, vectors and engineered cell lines for large-scale transfection and protein production in mammalian cells, especially chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells are described in which transfection efficiencies are realized through the use of a single vector system, the use of functional orip sequences in all plasmids, the use of codon-optimized epstein-barr virus nuclear antigen-1 (ebna1) constructs, the use of a fusion protein between a truncated epstein-barr virus nuclear antigen-1c (ebna1c) protein and a herpes simplex virus protein vp16, the use of a 40 kda fully deacetylated poly(ethylenimine) as a transfection reagent, the use of co-expression of a fibroblast growth factor (fgf) and/or the use of protein kinase b to potentiate heterologous gene expression enhancement by valproic acid (vpa).. .
Edge seal on a vacuum bag used in an infusion molding process
A seal is provided on a vacuum bag used in an infusion molding process. The seal is a truncated v-shape that has convergent walls and a distal end that defines a vacuum channel in conjunction with an infusion mold..
Gas dissolving apparatus
A gas dissolving apparatus that combines a gas at first pressure into a working fluid, the working present at a second pressure equal to or greater than the first pressure. The device includes a molecular mixing chamber which is designed as a truncated conical chamber located between an inlet.
Apparatus, system and method for pumping gaseous fluid
An apparatus, system and method for pumping gaseous fluid are described. The gas separator of the invention homogenizes at least a portion of produced well fluid and vents unhomogenized gas thereby improving the efficiency and decreasing the downtime of the assembly.
Device and method for omnidirectional image display
The invention generally relates to the display of images viewable from any direction and devices therefor. In some aspects, the invention provides an apparatus for displaying a hologram-like image.
Concentrator solar receiver with improved homogenizer
A concentrator solar receiver with an improved homogenizer is revealed. A homogenizer used in a concentrator solar module is improved.
Use of truncated cysteine il28 and il29 mutants to treat cancers and autoimmune disorders
Methods for treating patients with cancer and autoimmune disorders using il-28 and il-29 molecules. The il-28 and il-29 molecules include polypeptides that have homology to the human il-28 or il-29 polypeptide sequence and proteins fused to a polypeptide with il-28 and il-29 functional activity.
Air filter
An air filter (1) which is intended for an air conditioning system, includes a disc type filter element (2) and a power unit (3), preferably an electric motor, which is connected to the filter element for rotating the same. The filter element is arranged in connection with a ventilation duct (4), such that it is placed outside an aperture (4a) of the ventilation duct (4) at a first distance therefrom, and such that it is concentric with the ventilation duct.
Tfeb variants and uses thereof
The invention refers to tfeb related molecules, as variants, mutants, truncated proteins, chimeras etc. That are constitutively localized in the nucleus of a eukaryote cell.
Single chain relaxin polypeptides
The present invention relates to biologically active single chain relaxin polypeptides comprising a relaxin b chain derived from relaxin-3, the polypeptides being truncated by one or more amino acids at the c-terminus of the relaxin-3 b chain. Typically the single chain relaxin polypeptides are antagonists of the rxfp3 receptor, and in some embodiments are selective antagonists of the rxfp3 receptor..
Powder metallurgy method for making components
A powder metallurgy method includes (a) forming a metallic powder into a shape, (b) thermo-mechanically forming the shape into an article having a polycrystalline microstructure, (c) heat treating the article to cause coarsening of the polycrystalline microstructure, and (d) controlling the grain size homogeneity and distribution in the article formed during coarsening in step (c) by selecting the metallic powder in step (a) to include a metallic powder particle size distribution that is truncated on fine and coarse particle size sides, the selected metallic powder particle size distribution reducing abnormal grain growth such that the polycrystalline microstructure coarsens to a predefined target grain size range.. .
Vibration actuator
A first weight portion of a vibration actuator includes an inner-side enlarged portion that protrudes from an end portion of a solid head in a direction of a vibration axis and that is inserted into an opening portion extending within a first compression coil spring along the direction of the vibration axis. An outer peripheral surface of the inner-side enlarged portion becomes continuously smaller in diameter from a base end towards a free end, with the vibration axis being the center of the diameter.
Tantalum-material multilevel distillation crucible and distillation process
A tantalum-material multilevel distillation crucible; the distillation crucible comprises a crucible body (1), an insulation plate (2), and a receiving hood (3); the insulation plate (2) is sheathed in the upper part of the crucible body (1), and the receiving cover is disposed on top of the crucible body (1) and above the insulation plate (2); the crucible body (1) is made of tantalum in a horn-shaped circular truncated cone increasing in size from top to bottom; and the insulation plate (2) is made of a high-temperature resistant refractory material with good insulation performance, characterized by: the insulation plate (2) comprises of a plurality of insulation plates that can be stacked and used (2); and a heating unit (6) provided with a plurality of pads (5) that can be stacked and used at the bottom of the crucible. According to the present invention, the height of a crucible buried in a heat source can be adjusted, enabling one crucible to be used for distillation of various kinds of rare earth metals..
Method for fabricating array-molded package-on-package
An improved method for fabricating a semiconductor device provides a mold having a top portion and a bottom portion. The top portion includes recesses suitable for a cavity and a plurality of protrusions shaped as truncated cones.
Apparatus, system and method for pumping gaseous fluid
An apparatus, system and method for pumping gaseous fluid are described. The centrifugal pump of the invention homogenizes at least a portion of the gas and liquid contained in produced well fluid thereby improving the efficiency of the pump in electric submersible pump (esp) applications and decreasing the downtime of the esp system.
Ball-and-socket joint member
The ball-and-socket joint member includes an inner ring, of a general shape of revolution around a first axis, having an outer surface provided with an inner raceway, an outer ring, of a general shape of revolution around a second axis, having an inner surface provided with an outer raceway, and at least one row of balls aligned circumferentially, extending radially between the inner raceway and the outer raceway. The outer surface of the inner ring comprises a portion with a generally truncated sphere shape, forming the inner raceway.
Symmetric transmit opportunity (txop) truncation
Various embodiments of symmetric transmit opportunity (txop) truncation (stt) systems and methods are disclosed. One method embodiment, among others, comprises receiving a frame that truncates a txop around a first station, and responsive to receiving the frame, sending a second frame that truncates the txop around a second station.
Graphics lighting engine including log and anti-log units
Disclosed is an apparatus and method for generating a lighting value based on a number of lighting factors. A lighting accelerator first converts an ambient portion, a diffuse light portion, and a specular light portion of the lighting factors into the log domain.
Transoesophageal device using high intensity focused ultrasounds for cardiac thermal ablation
The present invention relates to a probe that comprises a piezoelectric therapy transducer having an acoustic axis bb′, and an imaging transducer having an imaging plane, in which the therapy transducer and imaging transducer are mounted in a head which is itself connected to a guide. More particularly, the therapy transducer is in a form of a truncated cup and has a spherical concave front face for emitting ultrasonic waves focused on a focal point, a rear surface and the therapy transducer is truncated alone two parallel lanes such that a length d1, a width t and a longitudinal direction are provided; the therapy transducer is a 1d annular phased array transducer and the imaging transducer is a multiplane transducer having a rotation axis corresponding to the acoustic axis of the therapy transducer whereby the focal point of the therapy transducer is comprised in the imaging plane of the imaging transducer, said imaging transducer being fixed to the therapy transducer.
Exercise apparatus and method
An exercise apparatus comprises a ball unit and a handle. The ball unit is weighted and may be hollow or solid.
Fluid pumping capillary seal for a fluid dynamic bearing
An apparatus and method are provided for a robust and shock resistant fluid dynamic bearing. A fluid sealing system with fluid pumping and capillary features provides increased reliability and performance for small form factor disc drive memory systems.
Antiviral composition
The present invention provides a composition comprising a broad spectrum protein of microbial origin as active anti-hiv/aids agent. Either the protein is secreted by or surface associated in microorganisms including but not limiting to bacteria, both pathogenic and non-pathogenic.
Lighting device and light source device
An led bulb (100) including a light source device (105) provided on a mounting plate (102) and covered by a globe (104) in a shape of a spherical shell is configured such that the light source device (105) includes: a reflecting member (108) in a truncated cone shape; and a plurality of led chips (15) provided on a top surface of the substrate (11), at least a side face of the reflecting member (108) has a light reflecting function, and the light source device (105) is provided on the mounting plate (102) in such a way that a bottom surface of the substrate (11) faces the mounting plate (102).. .
Method and rolling train for rolling a rolled stock produced in an ingot casting process, open- and/or closed-loop control device for a rolling train, machine-readable program code for an open- and/or closed-loop control device, and storage medium
In a rolling train, prior to being rolled, the rolled stock, or slab, produced in an ingot casting process, has the shape of a truncated pyramid with a base area, a top area and four side areas. During a first rolling pass sequence, two opposite side areas of the rolled stock are rolled in a first direction so that all of the cross-sectional areas of the rolled stock oriented transversely with respect to the rolling direction have the same surface area when the sequence ends.
Optimization of expression and purification of recombinant human mxa protein in e. coli
Full length mxa constructs and truncated mxa constructs produce human mxa protein in e. Coli.
Hollow panel and mould for the manufacture thereof
A hollow panel including a hollow central board or body and two external sheets forming a sandwich, the central body being made of wod fiber and glues and made in a mold, the mold having an uneven surface with oblique walls and truncated vetices where, the external sheets, made form the same material as the central body, are joined using the same glues, and the mold has a fixed peripheral frame, a thrust platform and a heating plate with a serrated plate to which another, similar plate is brought close—such that the two serrated plates constitutes the mold, where—the latter plate is ridigly secured to the upper hot plate of the press for forming the cnetral board or body, and the teeth of the two plates are offset in a staggered pattern, and do not meet, to form the uneven surface with the desired thickness.. .
Vibration damper
The present invention provides a vibration damper comprising: a cylindrical body (1); a core member (2) disposed on one side of the cylindrical body (1) on the central axis thereof to be coaxial with the cylindrical body (1); and a main rubber body (3) for connecting an inner peripheral surface of the cylindrical body (1) over the entire circumference thereof to the core member (2), wherein an outer surface of the main rubber body (3) is formed to have a truncated cone-like shape protruding toward the core member (2) in a vertical cross section including the central axis of the main rubber body, the vibration damper is adapted to absorb, primarily by shearing deformation of the main rubber body (3), vibrations inputted in the central axis direction from a member on the vibration-generation side, so that the inputted vibrations are prevented from being transmitted to a member on the vibration-transmission side, and the main rubber body (3) is constituted of two types of rubber elastic bodies (3a, 3b) having different rubber hardness values and firmly and integrally attached to each other over the circumference of the cylindrical body (1).. .
Low weight, compactly deployable support structure
Deployable support structures include a six-bar linkage structure as a lateral facet of a truncated pyramid. The six-bar linkage structure comprises six articulated struts, each coupled to two others by a revolute joint to form a closed loop.
Feeding tube clip
A feeding tube clip has a first tube clasp. The tube clasp has a truncated cone shape with an opening along a length of the truncated cone shape.
Nucleotide sequences mutated by insertion that encode a truncated oleate desaturase protein, proteins, methods and uses
Isolated nucleotide sequences mutated by insertion encoding a truncated sunflower oleate desaturase protein, truncated protein, methods, procedures and uses. The isolated nucleotide sequences comprise an insertion that includes a stop codon, and wherein the sequences encode a truncated sunflower oleate desaturase protein.
Variant forms of urate oxidase and use thereof
Genetically modified proteins with uricolytic activity are described. Proteins comprising truncated urate oxidases and methods for producing them, including pegylated proteins comprising truncated urate oxidase are described..
Optimal sandwich core structures and forming tools for the mass production of sandwich structures
A sandwich structure is provided that includes a corrugated layer with at least one core layer (structure) made of a periodic array of adjacent truncated upward facing peaks and truncated downward facing valleys. Each truncated peak has a bonding land of an area a1.
Receiver side indication of preview content for template emails
A computer implemented method, a computer program product, and a data processing system display a user-defined email preview within a mail folder of an email client. A user can enter a user-defined preview text into a preview field associated with a particular email.
System and method for optimizing revenue and profit with limited number of price changes
The disclosed technology improves the process of generating recommended prices for retail products. First, the present technology makes it possible to model shopper demand when sales data includes time periods with zero unit sales without hypothesizing whether the time periods are out-of-stock events or zero sales.
System and method for modeling demand and optimizing prices with immunity to out-of-stock events
The disclosed technology improves the process of generating recommended prices for retail products. First, the present technology makes it possible to model shopper demand when sales data includes time periods with zero unit sales without hypothesizing whether the time periods are out-of-stock events or zero sales.
Chimeric flavivirus vaccines
A chimeric live, infectious, attenuated virus containing a yellow fever virus, in which the nucleotide sequence for a prm-e protein is either deleted, truncated, or mutated, so that functional prm-e protein is not expressed, and integrated into the genome of the yellow fever virus, a nucleotide sequence encoding a prm-e protein of a second, different flavivirus, so that the prm-e protein of the second flavivirus is expressed.. .
Method of determining binary codewords for transform coefficients
A system is provided for determining a binary codeword for a symbol representing a transform coefficient within transform units (tus) that divide up coding units (cus) in a high efficiency video coding (hevc) system. The system determines a truncated rice prefix and, when a parameter variable is greater than zero, determines a truncated rice suffix for the symbol.
Circuit and methods to use an audio interface to program a device within an audio stream
Method and apparatus for controlling a digitized analog audio device from a control circuit communicating with the digitized analog audio device with a serial digital analog audio protocol on a serial communication medium multiplexes command data words within digitized analog audio data frames. The digitized analog audio device extracts the command data words from the digitized analog audio data frames.
Commissioning of wireless devices in personal area networks
A device joining a wireless network performs a scan and acquire procedure to discover the optimal node in the desired network. The joining device scans all desired channels for a predetermined amount of time.

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