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Oxygen enhancing membrane systems for implantable devices


Oxygen enhancing membrane systems for implantable devices

Diagnostic radio frequency identification sensors and applications thereof


Diagnostic radio frequency identification sensors and applications thereof

Date/App# patent app List of recent Troche-related patents
 Scanning electrochemical microscopy patent thumbnailnew patent Scanning electrochemical microscopy
A new scanning electrochemical microscopy tip positioning method that allows topography and surface activity to be resolved independently is presented. A secm tip is oscillated relative to the surface of interest.
University Of Warwick
 Oxygen enhancing membrane systems for implantable devices patent thumbnailnew patent Oxygen enhancing membrane systems for implantable devices
The present invention relates generally to systems and methods for increasing oxygen availability to implantable devices. The preferred embodiments provide a membrane system configured to provide protection of the device from the biological environment and/or a catalyst for enabling an enzymatic reaction, wherein the membrane system includes a polymer formed from a high oxygen soluble material.
Dexcom, Inc.
 Minimally invasive stress sensors and methods patent thumbnailnew patent Minimally invasive stress sensors and methods
Methods and devices to continuously measure electrochemical activity of one or more biochemical or molecular markers (fig. 9).
Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University
 Catalytic surfaces and coatings for the manufacture of petrochemicals patent thumbnailnew patent Catalytic surfaces and coatings for the manufacture of petrochemicals
This disclosure describes a coating composition comprising: mnxoy, mncr2o4, or combinations thereof in a first region of a coating having a first thickness, wherein x and y are integers between 1 and 7; and x6w6(siz, c1-z) in a second region of the coating having a second thickness, wherein x is ni or a mixture of ni and one or more transition metals and z ranges from 0 to 1.. .
Basf Qtech Inc.
 Non-platinum group metal electrocatalysts using metal organic framework materials and  preparation patent thumbnailnew patent Non-platinum group metal electrocatalysts using metal organic framework materials and preparation
A method of preparing a nitrogen containing electrode catalyst by converting a high surface area metal-organic framework (mof) material free of platinum group metals that includes a transition metal, an organic ligand, and an organic solvent via a high temperature thermal treatment to form catalytic active sites in the mof. At least a portion of the contained organic solvent may be replaced with a nitrogen containing organic solvent or an organometallic compound or a transition metal salt to enhance catalytic performance.
Uchicago Argonne, Llc
 Electrochemical system for storing electricity in metals patent thumbnailnew patent Electrochemical system for storing electricity in metals
An electrochemical system for storing electrical energy in metallic material comprises a charging assembly having one or more cathode and anode couples for metal deposition and a discharging assembly having one or more cathodes and spaces amid the cathodes for containing metal anode. The charging assembly and discharging assembly are physically separated allowing independent operation of the charging and discharging facilities and independent scaling of power and energy capabilities.
E-zn Inc.
 Lithium ion battery electrolytes and electrochemical cells patent thumbnailnew patent Lithium ion battery electrolytes and electrochemical cells
An electrolyte solution for a lithium ion battery, wherein the electrolyte solution includes water.. .
3m Innovative Properties Company
 Lithium ion battery and electrolyte thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Lithium ion battery and electrolyte thereof
A lithium ion battery electrolyte, comprises lithium salt, a non-aqueous organic solvent and additives. The additives comprise an sei film forming additive and furil and derivatives thereof, and the sei film forming additive is at least one of vinylene carbonate, fluoroethylene carbonate and vinyl ethylene carbonate.
Ningde Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited
 Organic/inorganic composite porous separator and preparation method thereof and electrochemical device patent thumbnailnew patent Organic/inorganic composite porous separator and preparation method thereof and electrochemical device
The present disclosure provides an organic/inorganic composite porous separator and a preparation method thereof and an electrochemical device. The organic/inorganic composite porous separator comprises: a porous substrate; and an organic/inorganic composite porous coating coated on at least one surface of the porous substrate; the organic/inorganic composite porous coating comprises inorganic particles, an adhesive and organic particles with at least two swelling degrees, and the organic particles are swollen by a plasticizer.
Ningde Amperex Technology Limited
 Cathodic material, energy storage system, and method patent thumbnailnew patent Cathodic material, energy storage system, and method
An electrochemical cell is provided that includes a cathode chamber including a cathode material and an ion sequestering material, an anode chamber including a molten alkali metal material and a separator disposed in an ionic conductivity path between the cathode chamber and the anode chamber. The electrochemical cell demonstrates a reduced increase in discharge resistance..
General Electric Company
new patent

Method of manufacturing palladium thin film by using electroless-plating method

Provided is a method of manufacturing a palladium (pd) thin film by using an electroless-plating method, the method including: manufacturing a reaction mixture by adding pd salt and an alkaline ph regulator to an alcohol-water mixed solution; and forming a pd thin film by loading and stirring the reaction mixture in a substrate. Accordingly, a pd thin film having a surface enhancement raman scattering (sers) effect may be easily manufactured without having to use expensive additional equipment, such as a vacuum device, and in detail, electroless-plating may be performed even on an insulating substrate formed of, for example, glass.
Soongsil University Research Consortium Techno-park
new patent

Gel, in particular for use in a wound treatment agent

A gel, in particular for use in a wound treatment agent includes an inorganic silicate as thickener; and an electrochemically activated aqueous common salt solution having a content of free chlorine of more than 200 mg/l and a conductivity of not more than 12 ms/cm.. .
new patent

Diagnostic radio frequency identification sensors and applications thereof

An integrated passive wireless chip diagnostic sensor system is described that can be interrogated remotely with a wireless device such as a modified cell phone incorporating multi-protocol rfid reader capabilities (such as the emerging gen-2 standard) or bluetooth, providing universal easy to use, low cost and immediate quantitative analyses, geolocation and sensor networking capabilities to users of the technology. The present invention can be integrated into various diagnostic platforms and is applicable for use with low power sensors such as thin films, mems, electrochemical, thermal, resistive, nano or microfluidic sensor technologies.
Altivera, Llc
new patent

Ceramic separator for ultracapacitors

A separator such as for an electrochemical double layer capacitor includes acicular inorganic particles that are dried to form a porous membrane. Example inorganic particles are calcium silicate particles.
Corning Incorporated
new patent

System and method to divert inductive energy from cells

A power tool/battery pack combination includes an electric motor, one or more electrochemical cells, and a capacitive element. The electric motor is connected in series to a first switch.
Black & Decker Inc.
new patent

Heterojunction elevated-temperature photoelectrochemical cell

A solid-state pec includes mixed ionic and electronic conducting oxides that allow it to operate at temperatures significantly above ambient utilizing both the light and thermal energy available from concentrated sunlight to dissociate water vapor. The solid-state pec has a semiconductor light absorber coated with a thin miec oxide for improved catalytic activity, electrochemical stability and ionic conduction, which is located between the gas phase and the semiconductor light absorber.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University
new patent

Pencil graphite electrode modified with gold nanoparticles

The pencil graphite electrode modified with gold nanoparticles can be used for the detection of hydrazine. The pencil graphite electrode has an outer surface coated with gold nanoparticles.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals
new patent

Disposable palladium nanoparticle-modified graphite pencil electrode

The disposable palladium nanoparticle-modified graphite pencil electrode (pdnp-gpe) is a graphite pencil electrode having palladium nanoparticles disposed on the surface of the electrode. The electrode is prepared by adding ascorbic acid to an aqueous solution of ammonium tetrachloropalladate(ii) [(nh4)2pdcl4] at room temperature to form the palladium nanoparticles (pdnps), immersing a gpe in the aqueous solution of pdnps, and heating the solution to about 75° c.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals
new patent

Modular cathode assemblies and methods of using the same for electrochemical reduction

Modular cathode assemblies are useable in electrolytic reduction systems and include a basket through which fluid electrolyte may pass and exchange charge with a material to be reduced in the basket. The basket can be divided into upper and lower sections to provide entry for the material.
Ge-hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas Llc
new patent

Electrochemical test sensor and making the same

An electrochemical test sensor being adapted to assist in determining information relating to an analyte in a fluid sample and includes a base and a second layer. The base includes a plurality of electrodes, a working conductive lead and a counter conductive lead thereon.
Bayer Healthcare Llc

Sudomotor function for peripheral diabetic neuropathy evaluation

A method for assessing sudomotor function of a patient for evaluating diabetic and autonomous neuropathy is disclosed. The method is performed in a system comprising electrodes intended to be placed on different regions of the patient body, and an adjustable dc source.
Impeto Medical

Method for making phosphorated polymer

This disclosure is related to a method for making a phosphorated polymer for electrochemical reversible lithium storage. A mixture including organic polymer and phosphorus is first heated and then cooled down to room temperature.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Method of electrochemically preparing silicon film

A method of preparing a silicon thin film, silicon thin film prepared using the method, and an electronic device including the silicon thin film are provided. The method includes applying an oxidized silicon element solution to a substrate and sintering the silicon oxide film to prepare a compact silicon oxide thin film, electrochemically reducing the silicon oxide thin film to form a porous silicon film, and re-sintering the porous silicon film.
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

Electrochemical device comprising a proton-conducting ceramic electrolyte

The invention relates to the use of a ceramic of formula ba2(1-x)m2xin2(1-y)m′2yo4+δ(oh)δ′ where m represents at least one metal cation with an oxidation number ii or iii or a combination thereof, m′ represents at least one metal cation with an oxidation number iii, iv, v or vi or a combination thereof, 0≦x≦1, 0≦y≦1, δ≦2 and 0<δ′≦2, as solid proton-conducting electrolyte in an electrochemical device, in particular a fuel cell, an electrolytic cell, a membrane separating hydrogen from a gas mixture, or also a hydrogen detector, at an operating temperature of said electrochemical device preferably comprised between 200° c. And 600° c..
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique - Cnrs -

Medium and high-temperature carbon-air cell

The present invention relates to a medium and high-temperature carbon-air cell, which include a solid oxide fuel cell, a co2 separation membrane and a carbon fuel. The solid oxide fuel cell is a tubular solid oxide fuel cell with one end closed, the carbon fuel is placed inside the tubular solid oxide fuel cell, and the co2 separation membrane is sealed at the open end of the solid oxide fuel cell.
Nanjing University Of Technology

Multi-stack electrochemical cell system and use

An electrochemical cell stack system may include a plurality of cell stacks fluidly connected by a plurality of first conduits to form a loop of cell stacks. At least one first valve may be located on each first conduit and may be capable of a closed configuration and an open configuration.
Nuvera Fuel Cells, Inc.

Electrochemical magnesium cell and making same

An electrochemical cell is provided that includes at least one electrode that includes a magnesium intercalation compound. The provided electrochemical cell also includes an electrolyte that includes a fluorinated imide salt or a fluorinated methide salt substantially dissolved in an oxidatively stable solvent.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Silicone epoxy ether compositions, methods for making same and uses therefor

The present invention relates to silicone epoxy compositions, methods for making same and uses therefore. In one embodiment, the silicone epoxy ether compositions of the present invention are silane epoxy polyethers that contain at least one epoxy functionality.

Li/metal battery with microstructured solid electrolyte

In one embodiment, an electrochemical cell includes an anode including form of lithium, a cathode spaced apart from the anode, and a microstructured composite separator positioned between the anode and the cathode, the microstructured composite separator including a first layer adjacent the anode, a second layer positioned between the first layer and the cathode, and a plurality of solid electrolyte components extending from the first layer toward the second layer.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Li/metal battery with composite solid electrolyte

In accordance with one embodiment, an electrochemical cell includes a first anode including a form of lithium a first cathode including an electrolyte, and a first composite electrolyte structure positioned between the first anode and the first cathode, the first composite electrolyte structure including (i) a first support layer adjacent the first anode and configured to mechanically suppress roughening of the form of lithium in the first anode, and (ii) a first protective layer positioned between the first support layer and the first cathode and configured to prevent oxidation of the first support layer by substances in the first cathode.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Elevated temperature li/metal battery system

In accordance with one embodiment an electrochemical cell system includes a housing, at least one electrochemical cell within the housing and including an anode including a form of lithium, and an ionic liquid electrolyte within a cathode, the cathode separated from the anode by a solid separator impervious to the ionic liquid electrolyte, a temperature sensor within the housing, and an environmental controller at least partially positioned within the housing and configured to maintain a temperature within the housing at least 50° c. Above ambient based upon input from the temperature sensor..
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Lithium-rich layered oxide cathodes and rechargeable batteries containing lithium-rich layered oxides

The present disclosure relates to an electrochemically active lithium-rich layered oxide having the general formula li[(1.33−0.67x−y)mn(0.67−0.5z−0.33x)ni(x−0.5z+2y)m(z−y)o2, wherein m is cobalt (co), chromium (cr), or any combinations thereof, wherein, with respect to the amount of li, 1<(1.33−0.67x−y)<1.2, wherein, with respect to the amount of mn, 0.5<(0.67−0.5z−0.33x)<0.6, wherein, with respect to the amount of ni, 0.2<(x−0.5z+2y)<0.5, and wherein, with respect to the amount of m, 0<(z−y)<0.13. The present disclosure further relates to cathodes and rechargeable batteries containing such a lithium-rich layered oxide..

Method and system for energy storage capacity estimation of batter cells

An apparatus (100) includes at least one electrochemical cell (106) and at least one pass element (104) serially coupled with the electrochemical cell. A control circuit (102) is operable to open the at least one pass element when a charger (105) or power supply (107) is connected to the electrochemical cell for at least a predetermined time and to measure an open circuit voltage of the at electrochemical cell to determine a state of charge.
Motorola Mobility Llc

Li/metal battery with shape change control

An electrochemical battery system in one embodiment includes a first electrochemical cell including an anode with a form of lithium, a first plurality of pressure sensors positioned and configured to sense localized variations in pressure along the anode, a memory in which command instructions are stored, and a processor configured to execute the command instructions to (i) identify an indication of a variation in localized pressure along the anode, and (ii) selectively control the first electrochemical cell based upon the identified indication.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Method and radial electromagnetic power arrays

Multiple arrays of linear motors and generators are combined in a radial configuration to provide high mechanical efficiency to deliver power in a single plane of motion to a common crankshaft. Magnet core assemblies for the motors and generators use powerful rare earth magnets positioned within an outer flux containment shell comprising a highly-magnetically-permeable ferrous-alloy to provide high power density.
Juiced Planet, Llc

Method for the reuse of gallium nitride epitaxial substrates

A method for the reuse of gallium nitride (gan) epitaxial substrates uses band-gap-selective photoelectrochemical (pec) etching to remove one or more epitaxial layers from bulk or free-standing gan substrates without damaging the substrate, allowing the substrate to be reused for further growth of additional epitaxial layers. The method facilitates a significant cost reduction in device production by permitting the reuse of expensive bulk or free-standing gan substrates..
The Regents Of The University Of California

Combined co2 capture and conversion method and system

Systems and methods are described that utilize mixed conductive membranes in conjunction with solid oxide electrolysis in a single unit operation. The mixed conductive membranes of the systems are high-flux electrochemical separation membranes that can selectively and efficiently capture co2 from a source gas, e.g., a flue gas or fuel gas, by transporting the co2 across the membrane in the form of carbonate ions followed by oxidation of the carbonate-ions at the second side of the membrane to reform co2 in a capture stream.
University Of South Carolina

Electrolysis cell with multiple membranes for cuci/hci electrolysis in hydrogen production

An electrochemical cell for producing hydrogen gas and cupric chloride. The cell comprises: an anode compartment comprising an anode for disposition in an anolyte, wherein the anolyte is cuprous chloride in hydrochloric acid; a cathode compartment comprising a cathode, wherein the cathode comprises an electrocatalyst; a plurality of ion exchange membranes disposed between the anode compartment and the cathode compartment; and at least one center compartment defined by a pair of said ion exchange membranes and comprising at least one element for removal or sequestering of copper ions that cross at least one of said membranes from the anode compartment.
Atomic Energy Of Canada Limited

Heterocycle catalyzed electrochemical process

A method for heterocycle catalyzed electrochemical reduction of a carbonyl compound is disclosed. The method generally includes steps (a) to (c).
Liquid Light, Inc.

Electrochemical reduction carbon dioxide using solution containing potassium sulfate

The embodiments described herein pertain generally to an electrochemical reduction method of carbon dioxide under a solution condition containing potassium sulfate.. .
Korea South Power Co., Ltd.

Hazardous materials incident location system and uses thereof

Provided herein are systems for locating one or more hazardous material incidents, for example, a petrochemical incident, in a geographical area of interest. The system generally comprises electronic device with at least a processor, a memory and a display coupled to the processor and at least one network connection; and a user interactive tool coupled to the electronic device.
Texas Southern University

Systems, methods and devices for electrochemical detection using helper oligonucleotides

Disclosed herein are systems, devices, and methods for the electrochemical detection of a target using a helper oligonucleotide (each a helper oligo, or collectively, helper oligos).. .
Xagenic Inc.

Liquid drum type fuel cell-metal recovery apparatus

Disclosed herein is a liquid drum type fuel cell-metal recovery apparatus, which can produce power through electrochemical oxidation of coal by continuously receiving coal/metal oxide mixed particles.. .
Gwangju Institute Of Science And Technology

Electrochemical devices based on multiple junction ionic conductive membranes

A fuel cell (100) includes a cation exchange membrane (110), a first anion exchange membrane (120) and a second anion exchange membrane (130). The cation exchange membrane (110) has a first side and an opposite second side.
Georgia Tech Research Corporation

Binders derived from polyamic acids for electrochemical cells

Described are binder precursor compositions for cathodes containing polyamic acid which has a anhydride to amine ratio of greater than or equal to 0.985:1 to less than or equal to 1.10:1. These compositions are useful as cathodes in electrochemical cells, such as lithium ion batteries.
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

Electrical energy storage structures

According to the invention there is provided a structural metallic rechargeable battery and a method of producing same. The battery uses one of an acid, alkaline or li-ion chemistry and the battery has an anode structure, a cathode structure, each of which comprise a conductive foam which contains the active electrochemical reagents, and a structural separator which separates the conductive foams of anode from the cathode respectively.
Bae Systems Plc

High energy cathode materials for primary batteries

A composition, comprising: a composite including (i) a carbon fluoride component comprising a cfx material, wherein x≧1, and having a first electrochemical property, and (ii) a carbonaceous material component having a second electrochemical property. The carbon fluoride component is 70 wt % to 99 wt % based on a total weight of the composite.
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey

Amorphous titania/carbon composite electrode materials

An isolated salt comprising a compound of formula (h2x)(tio(y)2) or a hydrate thereof, wherein x is 1,4-diazabicyclo[2.2.2]octane (dabco), and y is oxalate anion (c2o4−2), when heated in an oxygen-containing atmosphere at a temperature in the range of at least about 275° c. To less than about 400° c., decomposes to form an amorphous titania/carbon composite material comprising about 40 to about 50 percent by weight titania and about 50 to about 60 percent by weight of a carbonaceous material coating the titania.
Uchicago Argonne, Llc

Venting device for an electrochemical battery and battery with a venting device

The invention relates to a venting device (1) for an electrochemical battery (90). The venting device comprises at least one inlet opening (2) for receiving gases venting from the battery (90), at least one outlet opening (3) for venting the gases received from the battery (90), and at least one flame arrester element (4).

Energy storage assembly comprising an electrically insulating elastic ring

The invention concerns an electrical energy storage assembly (capacitor or battery) comprising: -an envelope (20) including: *at least one lateral wall (21), and *an open end, -an electrochemical element (30) intended to be contained in the envelope (20) and -at least one cover (40) intended to be positioned at the open end of the envelope (20), each cover (40) including: *a cover wall (41, 45) intended to cover the open end of the envelope (20), *a lateral face (42, 43) at the periphery of the cover wall (41, 45) and intended to be facing the lateral wall (21) of the envelope (20), -at least one electrically insulating elastic annular ring (50) intended to be positioned between the lateral wall (21) of the envelope (20) and the lateral wall (42, 43) of the cover (40).. .
Blue Solutions

Self-healing electrode protection in electrochemical cells

Articles and methods for protection of electrodes in electrochemical cells, including protective material precursor layers for use in electrode protective structures, are provided. Certain embodiments relate to electrode protective structures that comprise protective material precursor layers that, upon direct contact with a liquid electrolyte, cause a reaction product to form between the material of the precursor layer and a component of the electrolyte..
Sion Power Corporation

High surface area and low structure carbon blacks for energy storage applications

The present invention, in part, relates to a carbon black having a) a nitrogen bet surface area (bet) of from about 600 m2/g to about 2100 m2/g, b) a cdbp value in ml/100 g of from about (−2.8+(b*bet)) to about (108+(b*bet)), where b is 0.087 and bet is expressed in m2/g, and c) an apparent density (p, g/cm3) of at least about 0.820+q*bet, where q=−2.5×10−4, as determined at a compressive force (p) of 200 kgf/cm2 on dry carbon black powder. Energy storage devices, such as electrochemical double layer capacitors (edlc's), containing the carbon black are also disclosed.
Cabot Corporation

Multilayer component and producing a multilayer component

A method can be used for producing a fully active stack. A stack has the sides a, b, c and d running along the stacking direction.
Epcos Ag

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