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Date/App# patent app List of recent Troche-related patents
 System and  controlling a thermostatic valve for an electrochemical power source for use in a marine environment patent thumbnailSystem and controlling a thermostatic valve for an electrochemical power source for use in a marine environment
A system for controlling, in a marine environment, a thermostatic valve coupled to an electrochemical type of electric power source, the thermostatic valve being provided with: a valve body; a first fluid inlet receiving a hot electrolytic fluid; a second fluid inlet receiving a cold electrolytic fluid; an outlet providing a mixed electrolytic fluid, resulting from mixing the hot and cold electrolytic fluids; and an adjusting element, which may be controlled to regulate the mixing. A control unit receives a reference temperature signal, variable over time, and a temperature measurement signal from a temperature sensor connected to the outlet of the thermostatic valve; and executes a control algorithm implementing fuzzy logic for generating a control signal for the adjusting element, as a function of the reference temperature signal, to reduce an error between the temperature measurement signal and the reference temperature signal..

 Energy storage apparatus and method patent thumbnailEnergy storage apparatus and method
An alkaline electrolyte comprising at least a synthesized molecular-mesh of starches infused with transition metal oxide nano-tubes is described. In particular the transition metal oxide may comprise titanium dioxide and the starches may comprise modified or reticulated starches.

 Halogenosilane functionalized carbonate electrolyte material, preparation method thereof and use in electrolyte for lithium ion battery patent thumbnailHalogenosilane functionalized carbonate electrolyte material, preparation method thereof and use in electrolyte for lithium ion battery
A class of halogensilane-functionalized carbonate electrolyte materials, a preparation method thereof and use in a lithium ion battery. The chemical structure is shown in formula 1, the compound containing a halogenosilane group and an organic carbonate group wherein the organic carbonate moiety contained in the molecular structure facilitates the dissociation and conduction of the lithium ions, and the organic silicon functional group can improve surface performance of the electrode and enhance interface performance of the material.
Guangzhou Institute Of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy Of Sciences)

 Halogenated organosilicon electrolytes, methods of using them, and electrochemical devices containing them patent thumbnailHalogenated organosilicon electrolytes, methods of using them, and electrochemical devices containing them
Wherein “a” is from 1 to 3; “b” is 1 or 2; 4≧“a”+“b”≧2; x is a halogen; r can be alkoxy or substituted alkoxy, among other moieties, and r1 is alkyl, substituted alkyl, aryl, substituted aryl, alkoxy, or substituted alkoxy. Also described are electrochemical devices that use the electrolyte composition..

 Electrode for electrochemical device with low resistance,  manufacturing the same, and electrochemical device comprising the electrode patent thumbnailElectrode for electrochemical device with low resistance, manufacturing the same, and electrochemical device comprising the electrode
The present disclosure relates to an electrode that may minimize an electrical resistance increase caused by a binder polymer or a conductive material used in the electrode and provide a high capacity, a method for manufacturing the same, and an electrochemical device comprising the electrode, and an electrode mix slurry is prepared using a high shearing mixing process for each step such that fine grained conductive material and a binder polymer are uniformly dispersed in an electrode mix, and a high capacity electrode active material is used in the electrode mix, to manufacture a high capacity electrochemical device.. .
Lg Chem, Ltd.

 Electrochemical cell including functionally graded and architectured components and methods patent thumbnailElectrochemical cell including functionally graded and architectured components and methods
Electrochemical cells or batteries featuring functional gradations, and having desirable, periodic configurations, and methods for making the same. One or more methods, in alone or in combination, are utilized to fabricate components of such electrochemical cells or batteries, which are designed to achieve certain thermal, mechanical, kinetic and spatial characteristics, and their effects, singly and in all possible combinations, on battery performance.
Sakti3, Inc.

 Method for filling electrochemical cells patent thumbnailMethod for filling electrochemical cells
G) separating the foil and/or connecting tube components (37) that are situated outside the seam.. .

 Quantum-size-controlled photoelectrochemical etching of semiconductor nanostructures patent thumbnailQuantum-size-controlled photoelectrochemical etching of semiconductor nanostructures
Quantum-size-controlled photoelectrochemical (qsc-pec) etching provides a new route to the precision fabrication of epitaxial semiconductor nanostructures in the sub-10-nm size regime. For example, quantum dots (qds) can be qsc-pec-etched from epitaxial ingan thin films using narrowband laser photoexcitation, and the qd sizes (and hence bandgaps and photoluminescence wavelengths) are determined by the photoexcitation wavelength..
Sandia Corporation

 Electrochemical plating methods patent thumbnailElectrochemical plating methods
An electrochemical process for applying a conductive film onto a substrate having a seed layer includes placing the substrate into contact with an electrochemical plating bath containing cobalt or nickel, with the plating bath having ph of 4.0 to 9.0. Electric current is conducted through the bath to the substrate.
Applied Materials, Inc.

 Electrochemical pressure transducer patent thumbnailElectrochemical pressure transducer
An electrochemical sensor (100), comprising a substrate (105), two electrodes (130) and (140) screen printed onto said substrate, an elastomer (150) disposed over one of said plurality of screen printed electrodes, and one or more electroactive species disposed within said elastomer.. .
Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University


Electrochemical etching apparatus

An electroplating etching apparatus includes a power to output current, and a container configured to contain an electrolyte. A cathode is coupled to the container and configured to fluidly communicate with the electrolyte.
International Business Machines Corporation


Electrochemical ion separation in molten salts

A purification method that uses ion-selective ceramics to electrochemically filter waste products from a molten salt. The electrochemical method uses ion-conducting ceramics that are selective for the molten salt cations desired in the final purified melt, and selective against any contaminant ions.
Sandia Corporation


Bipolar electrochemical printing

A bipolar electrochemistry printer and method are disclosed wherein electrolytic deposition onto a conductive substrate is accomplished by inducing ionic current in an electrolytic cell disposed above the substrate to undergo charge transfer at the conductive substrate, such that a portion of the substrate becomes a bipolar electrode. The ohmic current in the substrate undergoes a second charge transfer back to ionic current and returning to the cathode of the electrolytic cell.
University Of Washington


High pressure electrochemical cell and process for the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide

The present disclosure the present disclosure is directed to an electrochemical cell including an exterior pressure vessel, the exterior pressure vessel including a cylindrical body, a first end removably fastened to the cylindrical body to cover a first opening of the cylindrical body and a second end removably fastened to the cylindrical body to cover a second opening of the cylindrical body. The electrochemical cell may further include high surface area electrodes which may be configured to operate at high pressures, such as in the range of 2 to 100 atmospheres or more..
Liquid Light, Inc.


Conformally coated wire array photoelectrodes for photoelectrochemical fuel generation

Embodiments of the present invention are directed to photoelectrodes having a wire array core and a conformal coating on the core. The wire array core and the conformal coating can be independently selected from inorganic semiconductor materials.


Aqueous treatment apparatus utilizing precursor materials and ultrasonics to generate customized oxidation-reduction-reactant chemistry environments in electrochemical cells and/or similar devices

An electrochlorination and electrochemical system for the on-site generation and treatment of municipal water supplies and other reservoirs of water, by using a custom mixed oxidant and mixed reductant generating system for the enhanced destruction of water borne contaminants by creating custom oxidation-reduction-reactant chemistries with real time monitoring. A range of chemical precursors are provided that when acted upon in an electrochemical cell either create an enhanced oxidation, or reduction environment for the destruction or control of contaminants.
Global Water Holdings, Llc


Drug delivery using electrochemically-triggered biodegradable electroactive materials

A biodegradable electroactive material can be doped with a drug and the drug can be delivered to a living subject by stimulating the material with an electrical potential. The material (in this case a polymer) has an electrochemically responsive oligoaniline block terminated with a carboxylic acid moiety and is linked to an alcohol-terminated diol by an ester bond.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Incorporated


Analyte monitoring device and methods of use

An analyte monitor includes a sensor, a sensor control unit, and a display unit. The sensor has, for example, a substrate, a recessed channel formed in the substrate, and conductive material disposed in the recessed channel to form a working electrode.
Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.


Electrochemical determination of infection

Provided herein are devices including a wrapping, such as a bandage or a food wrapper, that can detect incipient infection at wounds or incipient contamination in food by voltage, resistance, and/or current. Methods for detecting incipient microbial infections and incipient microbial contaminations are also included herein..
Indicator Systems International, Inc.


Floor cleaning machines having intelligent systems, associated sub-assemblies incorporating intelligent systems, and associated methods of use

A floor cleaning machine having an intelligent system including a recovery tank sub-assembly, a vacuum fan sub-assembly, a solution tank sub-assembly, wherein the solution tank sub-assembly preferably includes a secondary electrochemical cell, a solution flow sub-assembly, a control console sub-assembly, a frame and wheel sub-assembly and/or a frame and transaxle sub-assembly, a scrub head sub-assembly, a scrub head lift sub-assembly, a squeegee sub-assembly, a solution flow sub-assembly, and an intelligent system associated with at least one of the above-identified sub-assemblies, wherein the intelligent system at least one of selectively gathers, obtains, monitors, stores, records, and analyzes data associated with components of the floor cleaning machine assembly, and at least one of controllably communicates and disseminates such data with at least one of another system and user.. .


Grid-scale solid state electrochemical energy storage systems

A method facilitates storing and discharging renewable energy. The method includes applying an electrical potential across a membrane comprising an oxygen ion conducting material during an energy storage cycle, transporting oxygen through the membrane to move oxygen from ambient air to a storage chamber during the energy storage cycle, subsequent to the energy storage cycle, applying an oxygen partial pressure differential across the membrane during an energy discharge cycle, transporting oxygen ions in an opposite direction through the membrane during the energy discharge cycle; and generating an electric current in at least one electrical circuit electrically connected to the membrane during the energy discharge cycle..
Hifunda Llc


Methods of enhancing electrochemical double layer capacitor (edlc) performance and edlc devices formed therefrom

The invention broadly encompasses energy storage devices or systems and more specifically relates to methods of enhancing the performance of electrochemical double layer capacitors (edlcs), or supercapacitors or ultracapacitors, and devices formed therefrom. In some embodiments, the invention relates generally to energy storage devices, such as edlcs that use phosphonium-based electrolytes and methods for treating such devices to enhance their performance and operation.
Esionic Corp.


Electrochemical cell for lithium-based batteries

An electrochemical cell is formed. The cell includes a non-lithium negative electrode in contact with a lithium ion permeable negative electrode current collector, and a positive electrode disposed in contact with a lithium ion permeable positive electrode current collector.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Proton exchange membrane fuel cell with open pore cellular foam

The present application relates generally to electrochemical devices, for example proton exchange membrane fuel cells or electrolysers. The present application employs a metal foam as a common fluid flow manifold between adjacent fuel cells and avoids the use of expensive metal end plates.
Dublin City University


Charge transfer mediator based systems for electrocatalytic oxygen reduction

Disclosed are systems for the electrocatalytic reduction of oxygen, having redox mediator/redox catalyst pairs and an electrolyte solution in contact with an electrode. The redox mediator is included in the electrolyte solution, and the redox catalyst may be included in the electrolyte solution, or alternatively, may be in contact with the electrolyte solution.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


Flow battery with mixed flow

A flow battery includes a liquid electrolyte that has an electrochemically active specie and a bipolar plate that has channels for receiving flow of the liquid electrolyte. A porous electrode is arranged immediately adjacent the bipolar plate.
United Technologies Corporation


Electrochemical battery for the propulsion of underwater craft with a centrifugal pump regulating incoming water flow

An electrochemical battery for the propulsion of an underwater craft, comprising: a main electric battery of the electrochemical type, wherein a mixing chamber is configured to house an anhydrous electrolyte and is provided with an intake member for admitting a flow of water from the aquatic environment to the chamber, where the admitted water is mixed with the anhydrous electrolyte, thereby forming a liquid electrolyte, and a recirculation system for the fluid electrolyte using a centrifugal electric pump and communicating with a plurality of electrochemical cells housed within the chamber. The water intake member is configured to establish a direct connection, when open, between the exterior of the craft and the inlet of the centrifugal pump, which has an outlet communicating with the mixing chamber.
Whitehead Sistemi Subacquei S.p.a


Lithium/air cathode design

The present disclosure is related to an electrochemical component, particularly a coating for an electrode and a method for producing the electrochemical component. Said electrode is part of an electrode assembly of a lithium/air battery cell.
Fm Lab


Compound for an organic optoelectronic device, organic light-emitting element comprising same, and display device comprising the organic light-emitting element

Disclosed are a compound for an organic optoelectronic device, an organic light-emitting diode including the same, and a display device including the organic light emitting diode. The compound for an organic optoelectronic device represented by the following chemical formula ad-1 provides an organic light emitting diode having life-span characteristics due to excellent electrochemical and thermal stability, and high luminous efficiency at a low driving voltage..
Cheil Industries Inc.


Insulation failure inspecting apparatus, insulation failure inspecting method using same, and manufacturing electrochemical cell

Disclosed is a method for manufacturing an electrochemical cell, wherein an insulation failure product can be accurately rejected, and an electrochemical cell can be used again after the insulation failure inspection. In the method for manufacturing the electrochemical cell (1), which is configured by hermetically housing an electrochemical cell main body (20) such that the leading end of a metal terminal (21) protrudes to the outside of the outer housing (10), an impulse voltage is applied between the metal terminal (21) and a metal foil layer (12), the waveform of the voltage applied to the capacitance between the metal terminal (21) and the metal foil layer (12) is measured, and the insulation failure inspection step is performed..
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.


Method for manufacturing a lot of test sensors

Systems and methods for electrochemically oxidizing components of a test-sensor reagent prior to deposition on a test sensor comprise at least a first electrode and a second electrode for contacting the test-sensor reagent. The first electrode and the second electrode may have hollow interior portions for contacting the test-sensor reagent to produce a modified test-sensor reagent having a reduced background current..
Bayer Healthcare Llc


Test strip for biological component measurement and manufacturing method thereof

A test strip for biological component measurement includes a substrate. A pair of a working electrode and a counter electrode, a sensor unit that produces an electrochemical reaction with a bodily fluid of a measurement subject and produces a change in electrical characteristics, a resistance portion having an electrical resistance expressing attribute information including a sensitivity of the test strip, and a pair of wires connected to both ends of the resistance portion are provided on the substrate.
Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.


Electrochemical analysis and simulation device

An electrochemical analysis and simulation device includes an input unit, a processing unit, a display unit and a power supply unit. The input unit is configured to read an executable program pre-written into a replaceable counting chip.
Zensor R&d Company


Detachable retrievable outboard system and sacrificial anodes.

Semi-circuit systems, methods and apparatus for the protection of metallic elements immersed in an electrolytic fluid against electrochemical corrosion. The apparatus preferably comprises four components: a housing component, an anode component, an electrically conductive cord component, and electrical connector component.


Detached retrievable outboard system and sacrificial anodes.

Semi-circuit systems, methods and apparatus for the protection of metallic elements immersed in an electrolytic fluid against electrochemical corrosion. The apparatus preferably comprises four components: a housing component, an anode component, an electrically conductive cord component, and electrical connector component.


Preparation of lithium carbonate from lithium chloride containing brines

This invention relates to a method for the preparation of lithium carbonate from lithium chloride containing brines. The method can include a silica removal step, capturing lithium chloride, recovering lithium chloride, supplying lithium chloride to an electrochemical cell and producing lithium hydroxide, contacting the lithium hydroxide with carbon dioxide to produce lithium carbonate..
Simbol, Inc.


Method of making active materials for use in secondary electrochemical cells

The present invention provides a method for producing lithium iron phosphate or lithium iron mixed metal phosphate. The method comprises using waste pickling liquor as a starting material wherein the waste pickling liquor is the source of the iron ions in such phosphates.
Valence Technology, Inc.


Electrochemically-actuated microfluidic devices

Electrochemical actuation is disclosed for fluid movement and flow control in microfluidic devices, allowing for miniaturization, minimal power requirements, single-use disposability and engineering of small, complex fluidic networks. In one embodiment, a single-dose fluid delivery device is operable to deliver a bolus dose, in a single extended stroke or in multiple repeated doses.


Reference electrodes having an extended lifetime for use in long term amperometric sensors

The present application provides ag/agcl based reference electrodes having an extended lifetime that are suitable for use in long term amperometric sensors. Electrochemical sensors equipped with reference electrodes described herein demonstrate considerable stability and extended lifetime in a variety of conditions..
Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.


Electrochemical energy storing device

An electrochemical energy storing device disclosed herein includes a positive electrode containing a positive-electrode active material, a negative electrode, and a nonaqueous electrolyte solution which is in contact with the positive electrode and the negative electrode. The positive-electrode active material in a discharged state contains at least one selected from the group consisting of an alkali metal chloride, an alkaline-earth metal chloride, and a quaternary alkylammonium chloride.
Kyoto University


Method and system to maintain electrolyte stability for all-iron redox flow batteries

Methods and systems are provided which maintain the positive and negative electrolyte ph and stability of a redox flow battery through the use of electrochemical rebalancing cells. The electrochemical cells may be activated by applying an electrical load to affect changes to the ph of the electrolytes.
Energy Storage Systems, Inc.


Polyarene mediators for mediated redox flow battery

The fundamental charge storage mechanisms in a number of currently studied high energy redox couples are based on intercalation, conversion, or displacement reactions. With exception to certain metal-air chemistries, most often the active redox materials are stored physically in the electrochemical cell stack thereby lowering the practical gravimetric and volumetric energy density as a tradeoff to achieve reasonable power density.
Oak Ridge National Laboratories


Current collector having a built-in sealing means, bipolar battery including such a collector, manufacturing such a battery

The invention relates to a device for a lithium electrochemical generator, having an elongate shape along a longitudinal axis (x), comprising a strip comprising a current collector central portion that is at least partially electrically conductive, in which at least one of the two main surfaces is covered with an electrode consisting of a lithium insertion material, and at least two side peripheral portions connected to the central portion and extending transversely to the longitudinal axis, the side peripheral portions being made of an electrically insulating material comprising at least one polymer, the insulating material of at least one of the two side portions being resiliently or plastically deformable, the dimensions of the latter also being determined such as to allow the deformation thereof without breaking during the winding of the strip about a winding axis, which is transverse to the axis (x) and adjacent to the other one of the two side peripheral portions. The invention relates to the method for manufacturing a related bipolar battery..
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives


Rechargeable zinc ion battery based on carbon cathode

The present invention discloses a rechargeable zinc ion battery, in which anodic zinc will be electrochemically dissolved as zn2+ ions, diffuses to the cathodic electrode/electrolyte interface through the electrolyte, and zinc ions subsequently inserted in carbon material during discharging. In charging, above-mentioned process will be reverse.
Graduate School At Shenzhen, Tsinghua University


Lithium titanate crystal structure, composite of lithium titanate crystal structure and carbon, production thereof, and electrode and electrochemical element employing said composite

Highly dispersed lithium titanate crystal structures having a thickness of few atomic layers level and the two-dimensional surface in a plate form are supported on carbon nanofiber (cnf). The lithium titanate crystal structure precursors and cnf that supports these are prepared by a mechanochemical reaction that applies sheer stress and centrifugal force to a reactant in a rotating reactor.
Nippon Chemi-con Corporation


Anode materials for lithium ion batteries

An electrochemical device includes a composite material of general formula (1−x)j-(x)q wherein: j is a metal carbon alloy of formula snzsiz′metwmet′w′ct; q is a metal oxide of formula aγmαm′α′oβ; and wherein: a is li, na, or k; m and m′ are individually ge, mo, al, ga, as, sb, te, ti, ta, zr, ca, mg, sr, ba, li, na, k, v, cr, mn, fe, co, ni, cu, zn, nb, rt, ru or cd; met and met′ are individually ge, mo, al, ga, as, sb, te, ti, ta, zr, ca, mg, sr, ba, li, na, k, v, cr, mn, fe, co, ni, cu, zn, nb, rt, ru or cd; 0<x<1; γ is 0, 1, or 2; 0<α≦1; 0≦α′≦1; β is 0.5, 1, 2, or 3; 0<t≦5; 1≦w≦5; 0<w′≦5; 1≦z≦5;and 0<z′≦5.. .
Uchicago Argonne, Llc


Mixed cathode material with high energy density

The present invention relates to an electrochemical cell comprising an anode of a group ia metal and a cathode of a composite material prepared from a first active cathode material of a transition metal phosphate mixed or added to a second active cathode material of a carbonaceous material. The cathode material of the present invention provides increased rate pulse performance compared to carbon monofluoride cathode material.
Electrochem Solutions, Inc.


Timing system and device and making the same

A timing device for indicating the passage of a duration of time is disclosed. The timing device and system, in accordance with the embodiments of the invention, comprise an electrochemical component which generates a visual and/or audio indication of the passage of time.
Vision Works Ip Corporation


Cathodized gold nanopartcle graphite pencil electrode and glucose detection

The cathodized gold nanoparticle graphite pencil electrode is a sensitive enzymeless electrochemical glucose sensor based on the cathodization of aunp-gpe. Cyclic voltammetry shows that advantageously, the cathodized aunp-gpe is able to oxidize glucose partially at low potential (around −0.27 v).
King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology


Flexible electrochemical micro-sensor

A universal electrochemical micro-sensor can be used either as a biosensor or an environmental sensor. Because of its small size and flexibility, the micro-sensor is suitable for continuous use to monitor fluids within a live subject, or as an environmental monitor.
Stmicroelectronics Pte Ltd.


Method and electrochemical device for low environmental impact lithium recovery from aqueous solutions

An efficient and low environmental impact method is disclosed for the recovery of lithium from aqueous solution, for example, brines from high altitude salt lakes. The method comprises the use of an electrochemical reactor with electrodes which are highly selective for lithium, where lithium ions are inserted in the crystal structure of manganese oxide in the cathode, and extracted from the crystal structure of manganese oxide in the anode.
Inis Biotech Llc


Electrochemical machining apparatus

Provided is an electrochemical machining apparatus, which includes an electrode (3) that form of a shape which a tube shape is extended, including a flexible conductive material, and is which an electrolyte (w) circulates from a base end side (3b) thereof toward a distal end side (3a) thereof, a current supply unit (6) that causes electric current to flow with respect to the electrode (3) in an extending direction (direction running the y direction) in which the electrode (3) extends, and a magnetic field generation unit (7) that includes at least one pair of magnets (9) which are disposed to face the electrodes (3) a direction and apply a magnetic field in a direction (x direction) intersecting the extending direction with respect to the electrodes (3).. .
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Modified surface having low adhesion properties to mitigate insect residue adhesion

A process to modify a surface to provide reduced adhesion surface properties to mitigate insect residue adhesion. The surface may include the surface of an article including an aircraft, an automobile, a marine vessel, all-terrain vehicle, wind turbine, helmet, etc.
U.s.a. As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration


Analyte sensors comprising hydrogel membranes

Generally, embodiments of the present disclosure relate to analyte determining methods and devices (e.g., electrochemical analyte monitoring systems) that have improved signal response and stability by inclusion of a coating including a hydrogel, a crosslinker, and a swelling modulator, where the coating is disposed proximate to a working electrode of in vivo and/or in vitro analyte sensors, e.g., continuous and/or automatic in vivo monitoring using analyte sensors and/or test strips. Also provided are systems and methods of using the, for example electrochemical, analyte sensors in analyte monitoring..
Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.


Apparatus for storing and releasing electrical energy using a flywheel and a plurality of electrochemical accumulators

An apparatus for transferring energy from cell to cell of a battery, wherein each cell is connected to its individual electrical motor/alternator through an electronic module, and wherein each motor/alternator is mechanically connected to a common flywheel. The electrical motor/alternator preferably is an electrical motor that provides rotational work and generates power when being driven by an external source of rotational kinetic energy or by an external source of rotational power.
Socpra Sciences Et GÉnie S.e.c.


Structure for electrochemical device to improve safety and electrochemical device comprising the same

Disclosed is a sealed structure for an electrochemical device having a hollow space therein, further comprising a material generating gases via thermal decomposition in the hollow space. Also, disclosed is an electrochemical device comprising a cathode, an anode, a separator, an electrolyte, a casing for the device, and the structure for the electrochemical device..
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Electrochemical energy storage devices

Provided herein are energy storage devices. In some cases, the energy storage devices are capable of being transported on a vehicle and storing a large amount of energy.
Ambri Inc.


Electrochemical energy storage devices

Provided herein are energy storage devices. In some cases, the energy storage devices are capable of being transported on a vehicle and storing a large amount of energy.
Ambri Inc.


High conductivity nasicon electrolyte for room temperature solid-state sodium ion batteries

Solid electrolytes compositions, methods of making the solid electrolytes, and methods of using the solid electrolytes in batteries and other electrochemical technologies are disclosed. The method of producing a solid electrolyte comprises (a) ball milling na2co3, sio2, nh4h2po4, a zirconium source, and a dopant to produce a ball milled powder; (b) calcining the ball milled powder to produce a calcined powder; and (c) sintering the calcined powder to produce a solid electrolyte.
University Of Marylnd, College Park


Lithium-sulphur (li-s) battery with high cycle stability and operation thereof

A li—s battery including a cathode and an anode and at least one of a lithium-containing liquid electrolyte, gel electrolyte, and solid electrolyte disposed between the cathode and the anode. The cathode includes at least one of an electrically conductive carbon material, an electrochemically active cathode material that comprises sulphur, and at least partially fibrillar plastic material.
Technische UniversitÄt Dresdenß


Apparatus and producing electrochemical cells

The invention relates to an apparatus and a method for producing electrochemical cells, preferably li-ion cells. The apparatus comprises at least one placing location (13, 15, 17, 19), at least one assembly location (2, 4), a robot system (3) with gripper (150), an automated pipetting machine (5) with cleaning station, a tool for sealing cell stacks and at least one tray with depressions for accommodating components, the number of depressions being in total greater than or equal to two, preferably greater than or equal to four and particularly preferably greater than or equal to six.
Basf Se



The present invention provides novel cathodes having a reduced resistivity and other improved electrical properties. Furthermore, this invention also presents methods of manufacturing novel electrochemical cells and novel cathodes.
Zpower, Llc


Method for plating a photovoltaic cell and photovoltaic cell obtained by said method

A method for producing at least one electric contact by electrochemical deposition of an electrically conducting material on a face of a photovoltaic cell, the contact being formed by first and second lines connected to one another, the second line presenting a larger width than the width of the first line, the method including, before electrochemical deposition, a formation step of at least one area presenting a lower electric conductivity than the electric conductivity of the electrically conducting material, on a part of the face of the photovoltaic cell designed to be electrically connected with the second line, at the level of its intersection with the first line.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives


Hydrogel network

The invention provides a hydrogel network comprising a plurality of hydrogel objects, wherein each of said hydrogel objects comprises: a hydrogel body, and an outer layer of amphipathic molecules, on at least part of the surface of the hydrogel body, wherein each of said hydrogel objects contacts another of said hydrogel objects to form an interface between the contacting hydrogel objects. A process for producing the hydrogel networks is also provided.
Isis Innovation Limited


Electrochemical hydrogen sensor

A sensor for hydrogen in a fluid medium has a chamber for electrolyte with a window which is selectively permeable to hydrogen to allow hydrogen to pass from the fluid medium under test into the electrolyte in the chamber. A plurality of electrodes in contact with the ionic liquid electrolyte are used to observe hydrogen concentration by voltammetry.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Test strips having ceria nanoparticle electrodes

Ceria nanoparticle compositions for use with in vitro electrochemical chemical or biochemical sensors (e.g., test strip glucose sensors), for example to form a cathode or a reference electrode, are provided. The ceria nanoparticle compositions may be combined with a conductive material (e.g., mixed with) to form the cathode or the reference electrode or the ceria nanoparticle compositions may be deposited over a layer of conductive material to form the cathode or the reference electrode.
Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.


Label-free electrochemical biosensor

The binding agent can be a binding protein, an antibody, or an aptamer, and the analyte can be a biomolecule. Accordingly, the current invention provides a method of detecting the presence or assessing the likelihood of development of a disease associated with an abnormal level of a biomolecule in a subject..


Functionalized graphene-pt composites for fuel cells and photoelectrochemical cells

A method of growing crystals on two-dimensional layered material is provided that includes reversibly hydrogenating a two-dimensional layered material, using a controlled radio-frequency hydrogen plasma, depositing pt atoms on the reversibly hydrogenated two-dimensional layered material, using atomic layer deposition (ald), where the reversibly hydrogenated two-dimensional layered material promotes loss of methyl groups in an ald pt precursor, and forming pt—o on the reversibly hydrogenated two-dimensional layered material, using combustion by o2, where the pt—o is used for subsequent pt half-cycles of the ald process, where growth of pt crystals occurs.. .
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Electrochemical polishing solution, process for electrochemically polishing graphite gate electrode and graphite gate electrode

The invention discloses an electrochemical polishing solution, a process for electrochemically polishing a graphite gate electrode and a graphite gate electrode, which are used for providing an electrochemical polishing solution and a polishing process to efficiently remove the contaminant on the surface of a gate electrode and improve the quality of the gate electrode. Said electrochemical polishing solution comprises 900-1000 parts by weight of water; 195-205 parts by weight of an alkaline metal hydroxide; 49-51 parts by weight of a weak acid salt; and 294-306 parts by weight of an additive..
Beijing Boe Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.


Methods for electrochemical deposition of multi-component solder using cation permeable barrier

Processes and systems for electrochemical deposition of a multi-component solder by processing a microfeature workpiece with a first processing fluid and an anode are described. Microfeature workpieces are electrolytically processed using a first processing fluid, an anode, a second processing fluid, and a cation permeable barrier layer.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Apparatus, system, and a dynamic rotational electrochemical reactor

A dynamic rotational electrochemical reactor, system and process, for treatment of liquids and gases, can function as a rotational electrochemical-coagulation-reactor or a rotational electrochemical-oxidation reactor. An electrochemical reactor can include a reactor vessel with a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet; a reactor body, having an inlet turbine, such that the reactor body is rotatably attached to a drive shaft within the reactor vessel, the drive shaft connected to a plate-stack comprising electrode plates; and a voltage source connected to the electrodes, wherein the plate-stack includes angled channels for accepting the fluid, such that the fluid flows between sets of positive and negative electrode plates.


Corrosion resistant and electrically conductive surface of metal

Methods for coating a metal substrate or a metal alloy with electrically conductive titania-based material. The methods produce metal components for electrochemical devices that need high electrical conductance, corrosion resistance and electrode reaction activities for long term operation at a low cost..
Treadstone Technologies, Inc.


Methods for making hollow carbon materials and active materials for electrodes

In an example of a method for making a hollow carbon material, a carbon black particle is obtained. The carbon black particle has a concentric crystallite structure with an at least partially amorphous carbon core and a graphitic carbon shell surrounding the at least partially amorphous carbon core.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Microelectrodes in an ophthalmic electrochemical sensor

An eye-mountable device includes an electrochemical sensor embedded in a polymeric material configured for mounting in front of a surface of an eye. The electrochemical sensor includes a working electrode, a reference electrode, and a reagent that selectively reacts with an analyte to generate a sensor measurement related to a concentration of the analyte in a fluid to which the eye-mountable device is exposed.
Google Inc.


Electric vehicle propulsion system and method utilizing solid-state rechargeable electrochemical cells

A vehicle propulsion system comprising a plurality of solid state rechargeable battery cells configured to power a drivetrain is disclosed. In accordance with one aspect of the invention, a transportation system that is powered at least in part by electricity stored in the form of rechargeable electrochemical cells.
Sakti3, Inc.


Electrochemical cell with divalent cation electrolyte and at least one intercalation electrode

The present invention provides a novel electrochemical cell that comprises a cathode, an anode, and an electrolyte, where an ion species present in the electrolyte intercalates into the cathode upon discharge of the electrochemical cell.. .
Eos Energy Storage, Llc


Method of manufacturing secondary battery

A secondary battery manufactured according to the method may have improved ionic conductivity, electronic conductivity and the like and, as such, may have improved electrochemical performance.. .


Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (eis) analyzer and using thereof

Systems, methods, and devices of the various embodiments provide a hardware and software architecture enabling electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (“eis”) to be performed on multiple electrochemical devices, such as fuel cells, at the same time without human interaction with the electrochemical devices. In an embodiment, a matrix switch may connect each cell of a fuel cell stack individually to an eis analyzer enabling eis to be performed on any fuel cell in the fuel cell stack.
Bloom Energy Corporation


Alternative path cooling of a high temperature fuel cell

Systems and methods provide for the thermal management of a high temperature fuel cell. According to embodiments described herein, a non-reactant coolant is routed into a fuel cell from a compressor or a ram air source.
The Boeing Company


Reactant flow channel configuration to facilitate water removal

An exemplary fuel cell component comprises a reactant distribution plate including a plurality of channels configured for facilitating gas reactant flow such that the gas reactant may be used in an electrochemical reaction for generating electricity in a fuel cell. Each of the channels has a length that corresponds to a direction of reactant gas flow along the channel.
Ballard Power Systems Inc.

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