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Fuel cell device and method for operating a fuel cell device

Elringklinger Ag

Fuel cell device and method for operating a fuel cell device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Troche-related patents
 Skin dressing with electrodes and physiologically active precursor substance patent thumbnailnew patent Skin dressing with electrodes and physiologically active precursor substance
A skin dressing comprising first and second electrodes, an electrical power supply not electrically connected to either or both of the first and second electrodes, and further comprising a physiologically or antimicrobially active precursor substance, the dressing being operable, when placed on a skin site to be treated, to connect the electrical power supply to both the first and second electrodes, thereby to trigger the electrochemical oxidation or reduction of the precursor substance on one of the electrodes to produce a physiologically or antimicrobially active oxidised or reduced compound which is capable of diffusing towards the skin site for the treatment thereof.. .
Microarray Limited
 Sensor inserter assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Sensor inserter assembly
An analyte monitor includes a sensor, a sensor control unit, and a display unit. The sensor control unit typically has a housing adapted for placement on skin and is adapted to receive a portion of an electrochemical sensor.
Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.
 System and  tuning an electrochemical cell stack patent thumbnailnew patent System and tuning an electrochemical cell stack
The present disclosure is directed to a method for tuning the performance of at least one electrochemical cell of an electrochemical cell stack. The method includes supplying power to an electrochemical cell stack.
Nuvera Fuel Cells, Inc.
 Fuel cell device and  operating a fuel cell device patent thumbnailnew patent Fuel cell device and operating a fuel cell device
In order to provide a fuel cell device, including a fuel cell stack that includes electrochemically active cathode/electrolyte/anode units, and a reformer for producing a fuel gas for the fuel cell stack from a starting fuel, wherein the fuel cell stack is configured to have the fuel gas produced by the reformer and an oxidizing agent supplied to it, in which the thermomechanical loads in the heating phase are lessened and/or it is made possible to shorten the heating phase, it is proposed that the fuel cell device should include at least one heat transfer device which is configured to have the fuel gas and the oxidizing agent flow through it, upstream of the cathode/electrolyte/anode units of the fuel cell stack.. .
Elringklinger Ag
 Semi-solid electrodes with gel polymer additive patent thumbnailnew patent Semi-solid electrodes with gel polymer additive
Embodiments described herein relate generally to electrochemical cells having semi-solid electrodes that include a gel polymer additive such that the electrodes demonstrate longer cycle life while significantly retaining the electronic performance of the electrodes and the electrochemical cells formed therefrom. In some embodiments, a semi-solid electrode can include about 20% to about 75% by volume of an active material, about 0.5% to about 25% by volume of a conductive material, and about 20% to about 70% by volume of an electrolyte.
24m Technologies, Inc.
 Flexible composite solid polymer electrochemical membrane patent thumbnailnew patent Flexible composite solid polymer electrochemical membrane
A solid state battery includes a flexible polymer sheet, and an array of solid state pillars supported by and extending through the sheet. Each of the pillars has an anode layer, a cathode layer adjacent, and an inorganic solid electrolyte (ise) layer interposed between the anode and cathode layers.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc
 Protected active metal electrode and battery cell structures with non-aqueous interlayer architecture patent thumbnailnew patent Protected active metal electrode and battery cell structures with non-aqueous interlayer architecture
Active metal and active metal intercalation electrode structures and battery cells having ionically conductive protective architecture including an active metal (e.g., lithium) conductive impervious layer separated from the electrode (anode) by a porous separator impregnated with a non-aqueous electrolyte (anolyte). This protective architecture prevents the active metal from deleterious reaction with the environment on the other (cathode) side of the impervious layer, which may include aqueous or non-aqueous liquid electrolytes (catholytes) and/or a variety of electrochemically active materials, including liquid, solid and gaseous oxidizers.
Polyplus Battery Company
 Nanowires and  the production there of patent thumbnailnew patent Nanowires and the production there of
For the electrochemical deposition of the nanowires, a reversed pulse procedure with an alternating sequence consisting of cathodic deposition pulses and anodic counter-pulses is carried out. By this means, segmented nanowires can be produced..
 Method for passivation of strip black plate patent thumbnailnew patent Method for passivation of strip black plate
A process for passivation of strip steel plate, having the following steps: electrochemical treatment of the black plate by passing the black plate through an electrolyte to form an inert steel surface; rinsing the black plate; and application of an aqueous chromium-free treatment solution to at least one surface of the black plate to form a conversion layer that protects against corrosion and an adhesion layer for paints and organic coating materials. The black plate treated in accordance with this process is characterized by high corrosion resistance and has good bonding capacity for paints and organic coatings and therefore is very suitable as a substitute for tin-free steel (tfs or eccs) and tinplate for the production of packagings, in particular cans.
Thyssenkrupp Rasselstein Gmbh
 Methods for promoting neuronal development and/or health patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for promoting neuronal development and/or health
The present disclosure relates to methods for promoting neuronal health and/or development in a subject by providing nutritional compositions comprising docosahexaenoic acid and alpha-lipoic acid. The nutritional composition may further include lactoferrin, a prebiotic, a probiotic, and mixtures thereof.
Mead Johnson Nutrition Company
new patent

Detection of a malfunction in an electrochemical accumulator

An electrochemical accumulator, including a casing, at least two electrodes and an electrolyte contained in the casing. There is a ferromagnetic material contained in the casing and having remanent magnetization.
Commissariat à L'énergie Atomique Et Aux énergies Alternatives
new patent

Electrochemical cell labels and accessories

A battery includes a first terminal, a second terminal, body connecting the first and second terminals, and an outer layer or label. The label may be provided with a power indicator apparatus and a visual charge indicator having improved visibility.
Avery Dennison Corporation
new patent

Treatment methods and treatment systems for plant effluents

A plant effluent treatment method includes a mixing treatment step that mixes a microorganism activating agent into plant effluent containing organic compounds as discharged from a chemical plant, petroleum plant or petrochemical plant and discharges it as mixing treatment effluent, and an aerobic treatment step that subjects the mixing treatment effluent to aerobic biological treatment and solid-liquid separation treatment in a membrane bioreactor tank.. .
Toray Industries, Inc.
new patent

Near-field-communication or rfid based electrochemical biosensor and an ingredient measurement using thereof

Disclosed herein are a near-field-communication or a radio-frequency identification (rfid) based electrochemical biosensor capable of measuring an ingredient by being inter-worked with a wireless communication device such as a smartphone and a method for an ingredient measurement using thereof. The near field communication or radio-frequency identification based electrochemical biosensor, includes: a casing having a specimen introduction channel formed therein; an ingredient measurement electrode disposed in the casing and measuring a specific ingredient of a specimen; a reaction reagent portion disposed in the casing and reacting with the specimen; a specimen recognition electrode disposed in the casing and recognizing the introduction of the specimen; an antenna transmitting and receiving signals and power to and from a smart device or a tester; and a control integrated circuit (ic) chip controlling the ingredient measurement electrode, the specimen recognition electrode, and the antenna..
Center For Integrated Smart Sensors Foundation
new patent

Device and electrochemical gas sensing

The disclosure relates to a device for electrochemical gas sensing, comprising a plurality of different electrodes and a freestanding electrolyte film covering said electrodes, wherein at least two of those electrodes present a different distance from its top surface to the electrolyte film surface. The disclosure also relates to an electronic system and a method for electrochemical gas sensing..
Stichting Imec Nederland
new patent

Optical measurement system for determining the position of an electrode during the electrochemical processing of a component

Disclosed is a device for the electrochemical processing of components, having at least one electrode and at least one electrode holder, with which the electrode is movably mounted. The device comprises at least one optical measurement system for determining the position of the electrode.
Mtu Aero Engines Ag
new patent

Continuous machining system and machining method thereof

The present invention provides a continuous machining system and the machining method thereof. The machining system comprises a feeding module, an electrochemical machining module, and a separating module.
Metal Industries Research & Development Centre
new patent

Electrochemical producing nano graphene platelets

A method of producing nano-scaled graphene platelets with an average thickness smaller than 30 nm from a layered graphite material. The method comprises (a) forming a carboxylic acid-intercalated graphite compound by an electrochemical reaction; (b) exposing the intercalated graphite compound to a thermal shock to produce exfoliated graphite; and (c) subjecting the exfoliated graphite to a mechanical shearing treatment to produce the nano-scaled graphene platelets.
new patent

Electrowinning cell and process

An electrochemical cell and method for electrowinning a variety of multivalent metals including titanium is described. In one aspect, the invention provides an electrochemical cell comprising an anolyte chamber comprising an anode and configured for containing an anolyte, a catholyte chamber comprising a cathode and configured for containing a catholyte comprising a metal to be electrolytically produced, and a diaphragm separating the anolyte chamber and the catholyte chamber, the diaphragm configured to control the potential drop across the diaphragm so that it is below the potential difference required for inducing bipolarity at the diaphragm..
Case Western Reserve University
new patent

Iridium complexes for electrocatalysis

Solution-phase (e.g., homogeneous) or surface-immobilized (e.g., heterogeneous) electrode-driven oxidation catalysts based on iridium coordination compounds which self-assemble upon chemical or electrochemical oxidation of suitable precursors and methods of making and using thereof are. Iridium species such as {[ir(lx)x(h2o)y(μ-o)]zm+}n wherein x, y, m are integers from 0-4, z and n from 1-4 and lx is an oxidation-resistant chelate ligand or ligands, such as such as 2(2-pyridyl)-2-propanolate, form upon oxidation of various molecular iridium complexes, for instance [cp*ir(lx)oh] or [(cod)ir(lx)] (cp*=pentamethylcyclopentadienyl, cod=cis-cis,1,5-cyclooctadiene) when exposed to oxidative conditions, such as sodium periodate (naio4) in aqueous solution at ambient conditions..
Yale University
new patent

Carbon dioxide capture using resin-wafer electrodeionization

The present invention provides a resin-wafer electrodeionization (rw-edi) apparatus including cathode and anode electrodes separated by a plurality of porous solid ion exchange resin wafers, which when in use are filled with an aqueous fluid. The apparatus includes one or more wafers comprising a basic ion exchange medium, and preferably includes one or more wafers comprising an acidic ion exchange medium.
Uchicago Argonne, Llc
new patent

Electrochemical strip and manufacturing method thereof

An electrochemical strip is disclosed. The electrochemical strip includes a substrate and an electrode deposited on the substrate.
Yutek Tronic Inc.
new patent

Method for the manufacture of composite separators

The present invention pertains to a process for the manufacture of a composite separator for an electrochemical cell, said process comprising the following steps: (i) providing a substrate layer; (ii) providing a coating composition comprising: —an aqueous latex comprising at least one vinylidene fluoride (vdf) polymer [polymer (f)] under the form of primary particles having an average primary particle size of less than 1 μm, as measured according to iso 13321, and —at least one non-electroactive inorganic filler material; (iii) applying said coating composition onto at least one surface of said substrate layer to provide a coating composition layer; and (iv) drying said coating composition layer at a temperature of at least 60° c., preferably of at least 100° c., more preferably of at least 180° c. To provide said composite separator.
Solvay Specialty Polymers Italy S.p.a.

Electrochemical substrate patterning and analyte detection on a two-electrode platform

A two-electrode detection system having target substrates including nucleic acids, proteins, and/or small molecules on specifically defined regions of a single surface. The spatial distribution of the target substrate on the surface allows for more accurate substrate interactions and analysis.
California Institute Of Technolgy

Electrochemical energy storage device or energy conversion device comprising a galvanic cell having electrochemical half-cells containing a suspension or fullerene and ionic liquid

An electrochemical half-cell, comprising an active anode and/or cathode material having at least one fullerene.. .
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

Electrochemical conversion device

In order to improve an electrochemical conversion device comprising a plurality of functional elements stacked one upon the other into a stack in a stacking direction and interconnected within the stack, some of which have peripheral areas of sheet material, some of which are arranged in a stacked configuration one upon the other in a stacking direction, forming peripheral stacks, and are interconnected by way of a first element-to-element connection and some others of which are interconnected by way of a second element-to-element connection, in such a manner that the strain placed on the element-to-element connections can be kept as low as possible, it is proposed that one of the functional elements comprise a compensating unit and that the compensating unit comprise at least one deformable element which, by deformation, allows for at least one height compensation in the stacking direction.. .
Elringklinger Ag

Use of mesoporous graphite particles for electrochemical applications

The present invention relates to the use of mesoporous graphitic particles having a loading of sintering-stable metal nanoparticles for fuel cells and further electrochemical applications, for example as constituent of layers in electrodes of fuel cells and batteries.. .
Studiengesellschaft Kohle Mbh

Process for producing transport and storage-stable oxygen-consuming electrode

A process for producing oxygen-consuming electrodes, in particular for use in chloralkali electrolysis, which display good transport capability and storage capability. In the process, a silver oxide-containing sheet-like structure as intermediate is electrochemically reduced.
Bayer Materialscience Ag

Polyvinylpyridine additives for nonaqueous electrolytes activating lithium rechargeable electrochemical cells

An electrolyte comprising an organic solvent, a lithium salt, and a polymer additive comprised of repeating vinyl units joined to one or more heterocyclic amine moieties is described. The heterocyclic amine contains five to ten ring atoms, inclusive.
Greatbatch Ltd.

Electrochemical devices based on block copolymers

The present invention relates generally to electrolyte materials. According to an embodiment, the present invention provides for a solid polymer electrolyte material that has high ionic conductivity and is mechanically robust.
Seeo, Inc

Electrochemical device electrode including cobalt oxyhydroxide

This invention discloses an electrochemical device having a multilayer structure and methods for making such a device. Specifically, this invention discloses a multilayer electrochemical device having nano-sized cobalt oxyhydroxide conductive agents and/or active materials within the polymer layers..

Cathode active segment for an eletrochemical cell

The invention is directed towards a cathode active segment for an electrochemical cell. The cathode active segment includes at least one cathode active material, a cross-sectional width including a first curvilinear surface, a second curvilinear surface, a longitudinal length, and at least one cathode mating surface.
The Gillette Company

Fire prevention or fire extinguishing in an electrochemical energy storage system

A device for preventing or extinguishing a fire in an electrochemical energy storage system comprising storage cells arranged in a storage housing, in particular lithium-ion cells, wherein a composition of expandable volume, containing a chemical compound for preventing or extinguishing a fire, is disposed with limited volume in one or a plurality of hollow spaces in or on the storage housing, and expansion of the volume of the composition can be activated by sensors.. .
Key Safety Systems, Inc.

Method for nitrogen recovery from an ammonium comprising fluid and bio-electrochemical system

A method is disclosed for nitrogen recovery from an ammonium including fluid and a bio-electrochemical system for the same. In an embodiment, the method includes providing an anode compartment including an anode; providing a cathode compartment including a cathode, wherein the compartments are separated by at least one ion exchange membrane; providing the ammonium comprising fluid in the anode compartment and a second fluid in the cathode compartment; applying a voltage between the anode and the cathode; and extracting nitrogen from the cathode compartment..
Magneto Special Anodes B.v.

Cathode active material having core-shell structure and producing method thereof

Disclosed is a cathode active material having a core-shell structure. The core-shell cathode active material includes a core including a lithium transition metal oxide with excellent electrochemical properties and a shell formed by coating the surface of the core with a transition metal oxide.
Korea Insitiute Of Science And Technology

Stability enhancing additive for electrochemical devices

Such that r is h, saturated or unsaturated, linear or branched, acyclic carbon group, oh, halogen nh2, no2, (so)2cf3, or monocyclic or polycyclic aryl, and n is an integer from 0 to 5.. .

Electro-optic display with controlled electrochemical reactions

An electro-optic display has a viewing surface through which a user views the display, a bistable, non-electrochromic electro-optic medium, and at least one electrode arranged to apply an electric field to the electro-optic medium, the display. The display comprises at least 10 micromoles per square meter of the viewing surface of at least one redox compound having an oxidation potential more negative that about 150 mv with respect to a standard hydrogen electrode, as measured at ph 8..
E Ink Corporation

Probe for measuring biomolecules by means of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

A probe (1) for measuring biomolecules by means of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy is proposed, having a distal end (2) and a proximal end (3), wherein the probe (1) has the following structure in a cross-section oriented transversely to its longitudinal extent: a base layer (4) of an insulating material, on a first side of the base layer (4) at least one layer (5, 6) of a conducting material, on a second side of the base layer (4), which is remote from the first side of the base layer (4), at least one layer (8) of a conducting material, and on the side of the layers of conducting material that is remote from the base layer (4), on the outside, in each case an outer layer (15) of an insulating material, wherein further the at least one layer (5, 6) of a conducting material on the first side of the base layer (4) is formed into an annular conductor structure (9) in the region of the distal end (2) of the probe, wherein the annular conductor structure (9) is followed proximally by at least one elongate conductor (10) which is in the form of a feed line for the annular conductor structure and extends to the proximal end (3) of the probe (1), and wherein the at least one layer (8) of a conducting material on the second side of the base layer (4) covers the predominant part of the base surface of the base layer (4), wherein the layer (8) of a conducting material on the second side of the base layer (4) has in the region of the distal end (2) of the probe (1) a polygonal hole (13) which is arranged concentrically to the annular conductor structure (9).. .
Kimal Plc

Voltage-enhanced energy storage devices

The present disclosure provides an energy storage device comprising at least one electrochemical cell comprising a negative current collector, a negative electrode in electrical communication with the negative current collector, an electrolyte in electrical communication with the negative electrode, a positive electrode in electrical communication with the electrolyte and a positive current collector in electrical communication with the positive electrode. The negative electrode comprises an alkali metal.
Ambri, Inc.

Surface coating method and improving electrochemical performance of an electrode for a lithium based battery

In an example of the surface coating method, an aromatic resin or a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonate is dissolved in an organic solvent to form a solution. A film precursor is formed on a surface of an electrode material by immersing the electrode material into the solution, and evaporating the organic solvent.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Methods and systems for capturing carbon dioxide and producing a fuel using a solvent including a nanoparticle organic hybrid material and a secondary fluid

Methods and systems for capturing carbon dioxide and producing fuels such as alcohol using a solvent including a nanoparticle organic hybrid material and a secondary fluid are disclosed. In some embodiments, the methods include the following: providing a solvent including a nanoparticle organic hybrid material and a secondary fluid, the material being configured to capture carbon dioxide; introducing a gas including carbon dioxide to the solvent until the material is loaded with carbon dioxide; introducing at least one of catalysts for carbon dioxide reduction and a proton source to the solvent; heating the solvent including the material loaded with carbon dioxide until carbon dioxide loaded on the material is electrochemically converted to a fuel..

Electrochemical synthesis of nitro-chitosan

The present disclosure provides methods for producing chitosan derivatives and the derivatives formed by these methods. The processes of the present disclosure utilize electrochemical methods to functionalize and/or modify amine and/or hydroxyl groups present on chitosan, to form new derivatives.
The Research Foundation For The State University Of New York

Machine for the electro-marking of large metallic surfaces and relative process

A machine for the electrochemical marking treatment of metallic surfaces, includes an electrode placed in sliding movement on the metallic surface to be treated, a buffer impregnated with etching solution for the specific metal in treatment, and an electric current circuit, suitable for electro-marking treatment of said metal, with a conductor connected to the electrode and the other conductor connected to the metallic surface in treatment; and presents to treat large metallic surfaces on plates, metal canvas or on metallic sheet in coil. The plate, canvas or the metallic sheet is placed in a electro-marking mechanism in a reciprocally movable way with respect to the electrode, in such a way to allow the electrode the electrochemical marking action on the surface to be treated even if the electrode is of limited size with respect to said surface, the electrode being movable in the and/or with the electro-marking mechanism, the buffer being impregnated with the etching solution at regular intervals, and the relative motion of the electrode on the surface being the combination of two longitudinal and transverse relative motions..
Metaly S.r.l.

Electrochemical processes to separate products derived from biological conversions

The disclosure relates to efficient methods of controlling biological conversions while simultaneously removing and converting some of the generated products. More specifically, and, for example, the disclosure discloses electrochemical processes to remove and capture potentially toxic ammonium during anaerobic digestions and to remove and capture carboxylic acids during bioethanol production.
Universiteit Gent

Electrochemical gas sensor comprising an anion-exchange membrane

Due to the use of anion exchange ionomer materials, the sensor can be made less expensive and suitable for high volume production. When applied for the detection of co, the sensor shows good co selectivity s(co/h2) in the presence of hydrogen..

Electrochemical synthesis of chloro-chitosan

The present disclosure provides methods for producing chitosan derivatives and the derivatives formed by these methods. The processes of the present disclosure utilize electrochemical methods to functionalize and/or modify amine and/or hydroxyl groups present on chitosan, to form new derivatives.
The Research Foundation For The State University Of New York

Electrochemical detection of proteases using ac voltammetry on nanoelectrode arrays

An electrochemical method for measuring the activity of enzymes using nanoelectrode arrays fabricated with vertically aligned carbon nanofibers. Short peptide substrates specific to disease-related enzymes are covalently attached to the exposed nanofiber tips.
Kansas State University Research Foundation

Electrochemical device

Embodiments of electrochemical devices are provided herein. In some embodiments, an electrochemical device may include a housing having an inner volume; a first outer electrode disposed within the inner volume and on a first side of the housing; a second outer electrode disposed within the inner volume on a second side of the inner volume opposite the first side; a first inner electrode disposed between the first outer electrode and the second outer electrode; and a second inner electrode disposed between the first inner electrode and the second outer electrode..
U.s. Army Research Laboratory Attn:rdrl-loc-i

Cathodes and electrolytes for rechargeable magnesium batteries and methods of manufacture

The invention relates to chevrel-phase materials and methods of preparing these materials utilizing a precursor approach. The chevrel-phase materials are useful in assembling electrodes, e.g., cathodes, for use in electrochemical cells, such as rechargeable batteries.
University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

Lead-acid battery design having versatile form factor

An electrochemical storage device is disclosed. The device comprises a first electrochemical cell and a second electrochemical cell disposed in a common casing and each comprising an anode and a cathode.
Energy Power Systems, Llc

Ceramic/polymer matrix for electrode protection in electrochemical cells, including rechargeable lithium batteries

Articles and methods for forming ceramic/polymer composite structures for electrode protection in electrochemical cells, including rechargeable lithium batteries, are presented.. .
Sion Power Corporation

Molten metal rechargeable electrochemical cell

The present invention provides rechargeable electrochemical cells comprising a molten anode, a cathode, and a non-aqueous electrolyte salt, wherein the electrolyte salt is situated between the molten anode and the cathode during the operation of the electrochemical cell, and the molten anode comprises an aluminum material; also provided are batteries comprising a plurality of such rechargeable electrochemical cells and processes for manufacturing such rechargeable electrochemical cells.. .
Eos Energy Storage, Llc

Carbon nanotubes - graphene hybrid structures for separator free silicon - sulfur batteries

Provided herein are electrochemical systems and related methods of making and using electrochemical systems. Electrochemical systems of the invention implement novel cell geometries and composite carbon nanomaterials based design strategies useful for achieving enhanced electrical power source performance, particularly high specific energies, useful discharge rate capabilities and good cycle life.
California Institute Of Technology

Fuel cell system

A fuel cell system includes a fuel cell module for generating electrical energy by electrochemical reactions of a fuel gas and an oxygen-containing gas, a condenser for condensing water vapor in an exhaust gas discharged from the fuel cell module by heat exchange between the exhaust gas and a coolant to collect the condensed water and supplying the collected condensed water to the fuel cell module. The condenser includes an air cooling condensing mechanism using the oxygen-containing gas as the coolant.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Electrodeposition of platinum/iridium (pt/ir) on pt microelectrodes with improved charge injection properties

Aspects of the present disclosure are directed to electrochemical approaches for synthesis of platinum-iridium alloys with selected platinum-iridium ratio content and subsequently predetermined mechanical properties and electrochemical impedance properties. Such can provide a simple and cost-effective process for preparing these electrodes, as compared to conventional thin film processing techniques.
University Of Southern California

Solid electrochemical supercapacitor

A process for fabricating an electrochemical supercapacitor is disclosed herein. The process comprises depositing a carbon nanotube layer onto a first substrate; depositing a layer of metal oxide material onto the substrate forming a first electrode; depositing an electrolytic material onto the electrode; and joining the electrode to a first face of a solid electrolyte membrane such that the electrolytic material is disposed between the electrode and the electrolytic membrane.
Her Majesty The Queen In Right Of Canada, As Represented By The Minister Of National Defence

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