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This page is updated frequently with new Troche-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Troche-related patents
 Multi-element liquid metal battery patent thumbnailMulti-element liquid metal battery
An electrochemical cell includes a negative electrode having at least two active metals, a positive electrode having a metal or alloy, and an electrolyte having a cation of each of the active metals. The electrolyte defines first and second interfaces with the positive electrode being in contact with the first interface and the negative electrode being in contact with the second interface.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

 Method for fabricating metal electrode from seawater and generating electric power with metal electrode patent thumbnailMethod for fabricating metal electrode from seawater and generating electric power with metal electrode
A method for fabricating a metal electrode from seawater and generating electric power with the metal electrode comprises steps: using a seawater treatment apparatus to heat seawater to a first temperature of 100-120° c. To obtain concentrated seawater; guiding the concentrated seawater to a precipitation apparatus, and adding a precipitation agent to the concentrated seawater to obtain a first crystalline material comprising magnesium hydroxide; heating the first crystalline material to a second temperature of 600-1100° c.
Taiwan Carbon Nanotube Technology Corporation

 Impregnation process using a bio-templating  nano-catalyst incorporation into the electrodes of solid-state electrochemical cells patent thumbnailImpregnation process using a bio-templating nano-catalyst incorporation into the electrodes of solid-state electrochemical cells
A process for incorporating a nanocatalyst on the surface of and within the pores of an electrode comprising subjecting an electrode to a singular template impregnation to form a treated electrode having a bio-template layer; and then subjecting the treated electrode to a singular nano-catalyst impregnation for tethering the nano-catalyst to the treated electrode; and then removing the bio-template layer by performing thermolysis upon the treated electrode for forming a nano-catalyst bonded on the surface and within the pores of the electrode. A modified electrode or product made by this process is provided..
West Virginia University

 Lithium oxyhalide electrochemical cell with carbon monofluoride patent thumbnailLithium oxyhalide electrochemical cell with carbon monofluoride
The present invention relates to an oxyhalide electrochemical cell comprising an anode of a group ia metal and a cathode of a composite material prepared from a first electrochemically active carbonaceous material and a second electrochemically non-active carbonaceous material. The cathode material of the present invention provides increased discharge capacity compared to traditional lithium oxyhalide cells.
Electrochem Solutions, Inc.

 Method for manufacturing electrodes using three-dimensional substrate for electrochemical applied products patent thumbnailMethod for manufacturing electrodes using three-dimensional substrate for electrochemical applied products
Using the generally used coating method of an active material paste to a metal foil on a 3df made the electrode properties instable due to residual air inside of the 3df, and had the risk of causing micro short circuit of the battery due to metal fine powder and the like adhered to the 3df and the 3df exposed to the electrode surface. To solve the above-mentioned, the coating of the active material paste to the 3df was made into a two-step coating process as shown below.
M&g Eco-battery Co., Ltd.

 Electrochemical cell and  making the same patent thumbnailElectrochemical cell and making the same
A secondary cell comprising a positive cathode electrode of capacity p (mah) in communication with a liquid or gel electrolyte; an negative anode electrode of capacity n (mah) in communication with the electrolyte; and a separator permeable to at least one mobile species which is redox-active at least one of the anode and the cathode; designed and constructed such that the anode capacity n is smaller than that of the cathode capacity p, hence n/p<0.9.. .
Pellion Technologies, Inc.

 Electrochemical cell and  making the same patent thumbnailElectrochemical cell and making the same
A secondary cell comprising a positive cathode electrode of capacity p (mah) in communication with a liquid or gel electrolyte; an negative anode electrode of capacity n (mah) in communication with the electrolyte; and a separator permeable to at least one mobile species which is redox-active at least one of the anode and the cathode; designed and constructed such that the anode capacity n is smaller than that of the cathode capacity p, hence n/p<0.9.. .
Pellion Technologies, Inc.

 Secondary battery, battery pack, electric vehicle, electric power storage system, electric power tool, and electronic apparatus patent thumbnailSecondary battery, battery pack, electric vehicle, electric power storage system, electric power tool, and electronic apparatus
A secondary battery is provided. The secondary battery includes an outer package (11); an electrode structure (20) contained inside the outer package, wherein the electrode structure includes an anode (22) and a cathode (21); an electrolytic solution contained inside the outer package, and a safety valve mechanism (15) configured to interrupt a current in accordance with an internal pressure of the outer package, wherein at least one of the non-impregnation electrolytic solution is in an amount so as to increase an operation probability of the safety valve mechanism and the anode includes a material that electrochemically generates gas at an anode potential so as to increase an operation probability of the safety valve mechanism..
Sony Corporation

 Connection method in an accumulator and accumulator thus connected patent thumbnailConnection method in an accumulator and accumulator thus connected
A method for connecting electrodes of the same polarity of an accumulator (1) to a current output terminal (6, 7), the accumulator including two current output terminals (6, 7), a container (2) containing an electrochemical bundle (9) having alternating positive and negative electrodes, the ends of the current collectors of the positive and negative electrodes defining a first (si) and second (s2) surface respectively. There is a step of additive manufacturing of an internal connecting part (11, 13) electrically connecting the first and/or the second surface to the corresponding current output terminal..
Saft Groupe Sa

 Hetero ring compound and organic light emitting diode comprising same patent thumbnailHetero ring compound and organic light emitting diode comprising same
The present specification provides a novel compound capable of significantly improving lifespan, efficiency, electrochemical stability and thermal stability of an organic light emitting device, and an organic light emitting device containing the compound in an organic compound layer.. .
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Composite of metal oxide nanoparticles and carbon, production thereof, electrode and electrochemical element employing said composite

A composite powder in which highly dispersed metal oxide nanoparticle precursors are supported on carbon is rapidly heated under nitrogen atmosphere, crystallization of metal oxide is allowed to progress, and highly dispersed metal oxide nanoparticles are supported by carbon. The metal oxide nanoparticle precursors and carbon nanoparticles supporting said precursors are prepared by a mechanochemical reaction that applies sheer stress and centrifugal force to a reactant in a rotating reactor.
Nippon Chemi-con Corporation


Timing system and device and making the same

A timing device comprises an electrochemical timing structure and a mechanism that enables the timing device to be manually programmed to expire at a plurality of different time periods. In some embodiments, the mechanism is used to adjust the timing device to add a duration of time to an expiration time of the timing device.
Vision Works Ip Corporation


A diagnosing tuberculosis

Mycolic acid antigen containing liposomes, and an electrode immobilised antigens of tuberculous mycobacterial origin are produced. A diagnostic sample from a human suspected of having tuberculosis is diluted and divided into first and second samples.
University Of Pretoria


Assay structures and enhancement by selective modification and binding on amplification structures

The invention is related to the methods, devices, fabrications and applications that can improve the property of assay sensing an analyte by selectively masking the surface and selectively bonding in an assay which has high sensing signal amplification surfaces and low sensing signal amplification surfaces. The sensing includes raman scattering, chromaticity, luminescence that includes fluorescence, electroluminescence, chemiluminescence, and electrochemiluminescence.
The Trustees Of Princeton University


Analyte determination method and analyte meter

The presence of oxygen or red blood cells in a sample applied to an electrochemical test strip that makes use of a reduced mediator is corrected for by an additive correction factor that is determined as a function of the temperature of the sample and a measurement that reflects the oxygen carrying capacity of the sample. The measured oxygen carrying capacity can also be used to determine hematocrit and to distinguish between blood samples and control solutions applied to a test strip..
Agamatrix, Inc.


Electro-synthetic or electro-energy cell with gas diffusion electrode(s)

There is provided a new type of electro-synthetic (electrochemical) or electro-energy cell, such as a fuel cell. The cell includes a liquid electrolyte and at least one gas diffusion electrode (gde).
Aquahydrex Pty Ltd.


Electrochemical and thermal digestion of organic molecules

Various examples are provided for electrochemical digestion of organic molecules. In one example, among others, a method includes providing a fluid mixture including organic molecules to a reaction vessel including at least one current distribution part suspended within the fluid mixture.
Rf Advanced Technology Group Llc


Production of graphene and graphane

The present invention provides a method for the production in an electrochemical cell of one or more of graphene, graphite nanoplatelet structures having a thickness of less than 100 nm, and graphane, wherein the cell comprises: (a) a negative electrode which is graphitic; (b) a positive electrode which may be graphitic or another material; and (c) an electrolyte selected from (i) an ionic liquid; (ii) a deep eutectic solvent; and (iii) a solid ionic conductor, optionally further comprising (iv) one or more ionic species, wherein the amount of (i), (ii) or (iii) and (iv) is greater than 50 wt % based on the total weight of the electrolyte; and wherein the electrolyte includes a mixture of different cations; and wherein the method comprises the step of passing a current through the cell to intercalate ions into the graphitic negative electrode so as to exfoliate the graphitic negative electrode.. .
The University Of Manchester


Novel cross-linker for the preparation of a new family of single ion conduction polymers for electrochemical devices and such polymers

A specific cross-linker, an alkaline metal bis(styrenesulfonyl)imide monomer, is used in the synthesis of single ionic conductive copolymers that are non-fluorinated and non-peo based. Such copolymers meet the security and costs requirements to be used as solid polymers electrolytes (spe).
Belenos Clean Power Holding Ag


Systems for erasing an ink from a medium

A system for erasing an ink from a medium includes the medium having the ink printed on a surface thereof, and an erasure fluid directly or indirectly applied to the surface, wherein the medium further includes another surface opposed to the surface upon which the ink is printed. An electrochemical cell includes an anode and a cathode.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Knitted electrochemical capacitors and heated fabrics

A garment includes a supercapacitor and/or heated fabrics including a first conductive yarn knitted to as to form a current collector and a second conductive yarn knitted to as to form an electrode that is in electrical contact with the current collector. The conductive yarns are knitted into a predetermined supercapacitor design having respective electrodes that are not in electrical contact with each other.
Drexel University


Rechargeable electrochemical energy storage device

A rechargeable energy storage device is disclosed. In at least one embodiment the energy storage device includes an air electrode providing an electrochemical process comprising reduction and evolution of oxygen and a capacitive electrode enables an electrode process consisting of non-faradic reactions based on ion absorption/desorption and/or faradic reactions.
Imra America, Inc.


Acrylonitrile derivatives as additive for electrolytes in lithium ion batteries

An electrolyte composition (a) containing (i) at least one aprotic organic solvent; (ii) at least one conducting salt; (iii) at least one compound of formula (nc)(a1x1)c═c(x2a2)(cn) wherein x1 and x2 are independently from each other selected from n(r′), p(r1), o, and s, and a1 and a2 are selected from h or organic substituents; and electrochemical cells containing electrolyte composition (a).. .
Basf Se


Electrochemical systems incorporating in situ spectroscopic determination of state of charge and methods directed to the same

State of charge determination within electrochemical systems, such as flow batteries, can often be difficult to measure, particularly in an in situ manner. Methods for assaying the condition of an electrochemical system can include: interacting electromagnetic radiation with a first electrolyte solution at a location within the electrochemical system, the electromagnetic radiation being delivered through an optical material configured to exhibit attenuated total reflectance at an interface between the optical material and the first electrolyte solution; receiving at a detector electromagnetic radiation that has interacted with the first electrolyte solution via one or more attenuated total reflectances within the optical material; and measuring an absorbance of at least one of an oxidized form or a reduced form of a first coordination compound within the first electrolyte solution via the electromagnetic radiation that is received at the detector..
Lockheed Martin Advanced Energy Storage,llc


Method and electrochemical cell for managing electrochemical reactions

A method and/or electrochemical cell for utilising one or more gas diffusion 5 electrodes (gdes) in an electrochemical cell, the one or more gas diffusion electrodes have a wetting pressure and/or a bubble point exceeding 0.2 bar. The one or more gas diffusion electrodes can be subjected to a pressure differential between a liquid side and a gas side.
Aquahydrex Pty Ltd


Electrodes and electrochemical devices and methods of making electrodes and electrochemical devices

Dual use gas diffusion-gas evolution electrodes containing diamond-like carbon are described, which can act as gas diffusion electrodes during discharge, and gas evolution electrodes during recharge. Electrodes of the disclosed materials are electrochemically robust, inhibit multi-step reactions, and have high, isotropic thermal conductivity.
Coulombic, Inc.


Process for producing an active cathode material comprising a mixture of a metal oxide and a metal sulfide and use of the active cathode material in rechargeable electrochemical cells

Provided are a process for producing an active cathode material comprising at least one oxide of a metal m and at least one sulfide of said metal m, an active cathode material obtained by said process, electrodes comprising said active cathode material and rechargeable electrochemical cells comprising said electrodes.. .
Basf Se


Electrochemical cell with polyimide separator and high-voltage positive electrode

Wherein the positive electrode is charged above 4.4 v versus a li metal reference electrode.. .


Coulometric titration cell

A cell and/or a measuring instrument are arranged for coulometric titration. The cell has first and second electrochemical half-cells, each of which is connected into a regulated circuit and each of which has an associated electrode.
Mettler-toledo Gmbh


Sensing platform for quantum transduction of chemical information

A system for determining chemistry of a molecule in a high background interfering liquid environment by application of an electronic signal at a biased metal-electrolyte interface is disclosed. One or more of a resonant exchange of energy between one or more electrons exchanged by the metal and the electrolyte and vibrating bonds of a molecular analyte, for example, may be sensed by measuring small signal conductivity of an electrochemical interface..
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Solar-powered flameless candle

A flameless candle may comprise an electronic circuit and a candle shell substantially enclosing a light-receiving face of at least one photovoltaic cell. An electronic circuit may comprise the at least one photovoltaic cell, at least one light source, and at least one electrochemical cell.
Winvic Sales Inc.


Continuous electrochemical machining apparatus

The invention discloses a continuous electrochemical machining apparatus, which comprises an electrode wheel and an auxiliary module. The auxiliary module pushes the material tape to the insulating part of the electrode wheel.
Metal Industries Research & Development Centre


Method and electrochemical cell for synthesis of electrocatalysts by growing metal monolayers, or bilayers and treatment of metal, carbon, oxide and core-shell nanoparticles

An apparatus for the synthesis and treatment of electrocatalyst particles in batch or continuous fashion is provided. In one embodiment, the apparatus is comprised of a three-electrode cell which includes a cell body electrode, a reference electrode and a floating counter electrode.
Brookhaven Science Associates, Llc


Composite hardware for an electrochemical cell

A composite cell plate can include a polymer element laterally mated and interlocked, at a plurality of engagement points, with a resilient metal element. The cell plate can be used in an electrochemical cell.
Itm Power (research) Limited


Reduction of aldehydes in amine catalysts

The present disclosure provides a method for reducing the aldehyde content in an amine catalyst by treating the amine catalyst with an organic acid. The organic acid-treated amine catalyst may then be used in the production of polyurethane materials which exhibit reduced aldehyde emissions..
Huntsman Petrochemical Llc


Method of repairing steel reinforced concrete structure affected by chloride induced corrosion

Replacing the material (102, 120, 140) embedding the steel reinforcement (110), which has been enriched with chlorides during the electrochemical treatment, with a repair material (124) that is relatively poor in chlorides.. .


Electrochemical transferring graphene

The present application discloses a method for separating a graphene-support layer laminate from a conducting substrate-graphene-support layer laminate, using a gentle, controllable electrochemical method. In this way, substrates which are fragile, expensive or difficult to manufacture can be used—and even re-used—without damage or destruction of the substrate or the graphene..
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet


Electrochemical cell with adjacent cathodes

The disclosure includes an electrochemical cell comprising a first cathode and a second cathodes are adjacent one another in a stacked arrangement to form a cathode stack in the electrochemical cell. The first cathode includes a first current collector and a first cathode form of active material covering the first current collector, and the second cathode includes a second current collector and a second cathode form of active material covering the second current collector.
Medtronic, Inc.


Methods for the direct electrolytic production of stable, high concentration aqueous halosulfamate or halosulfonamide solutions

Methods and apparatuses for the direct electrochemical generation of high concentration, stable aqueous solutions comprised of mixtures of free halogen species, n-halosulfamate compounds, n-halosulfonamide, and other compounds for biocidal applications is disclosed. Solutions containing the desired content of these species, with the desired concentration and ph value, is achieved through the electrolysis of aqueous brines containing mixtures of metal halide compounds, sulfamic acid, and other additives as desired.
Miox Corporation


Power supply system and managing the same

A power supply system for a data center includes a cooling circuit, an electrochemical power generator, a sensor, and a processor. The cooling circuit includes a fluid configured to receive heat energy generated by a server located in the data center.
Elwha Llc


Metal-air electrochemical cell with high energy efficiency mode

The present invention relates to a metal-air electrochemical cell with a high energy efficiency mode.. .
Fluidlc, Inc.


Polymer electrolytes for electrochemical cells

Thin polymer layers for use as electrolytes in electrochemical cells, and associated electrochemical cells and methods, are generally described. The thin polymer layers may be formed by initiated chemical vapor deposition (icvd) and may be doped with an electroactive species (e.g., li+).
The Regents Of The University Of California


Positive electrode material for secondary battery and manufacturing the same

A positive electrode material for a secondary battery and a method for manufacturing the same are provided, in which manganese fluorophosphate containing lithium or sodium can be used as an electrode material. That is, a positive electrode material for a lithium/sodium battery is provided, in which intercalation/deintercalation of sodium/lithium ions is possible due to a short lithium diffusion distance caused by nanosizing of particles.
Korea Electronics Technology Institute


Electrochemical high rate storage materials, process, and electrodes

A non-activated, majority non-graphitic amorphous carbon material may be produced by supplying a carbonized precursor material, heating the carbonized precursor material in a first heating step at a temperature and for a duration sufficient to produce a heat-treated carbon material that has a specific surface area less than about 500 m2/g and is less than about 20% graphitic by mass, purifying the heat-treated carbon material, and heating the purified heat-treated carbon material in a second heating step at a temperature and for a duration to produce a non-activated, majority non-graphitic amorphous carbon material that has a specific surface area less than about 500 m2/g and is less than about 20% graphitic by mass.. .
Corning Incorporated


Cosolvent electrolytes for electrochemical devices

A method for stabilizing electrodes against dissolution and/or hydrolysis including use of cosolvents in liquid electrolyte batteries for three purposes: the extension of the calendar and cycle life time of electrodes that are partially soluble in liquid electrolytes, the purpose of limiting the rate of electrolysis of water into hydrogen and oxygen as a side reaction during battery operation, and for the purpose of cost reduction.. .
Alveo Energy, Inc.


Electrode coated with a film obtained from an aqueous solution comprising a water-soluble binder, production method thereof and uses of same

A method of preparing an electrochemical electrode which is partially or totally covered with a film that is obtained by spreading an aqueous solution comprising a water-soluble binder over the electrode and subsequently drying same. The production cost of the electrodes thus obtained is reduced and the surface porosity thereof is associated with desirable resistance values..


Strip of electrochemical cells for the production of a battery module for an electric or hybrid vehicle, and the production of such a module

The invention relates mainly to a system of electrochemical cells for the production of a battery module for an electric or hybrid vehicle, comprising a stack of flexible electrochemical cells, characterized in that it comprises at least one support strip with at least one electrochemical cell disposed on the surface thereof. According to the invention, the support strip can be cut such that the number of electrochemical cells disposed on the surface is adapted to provide the necessary battery power, and the strip can be folded such as to allow the electrochemical cells to be positioned side by side and stacked on top of one another..
Valeo Systemes Thermiques


Electrochemical current collector screen designs utilizing ultrasonic welding

An electrochemical cell comprising an electrode assembly having a plurality of cathodes in which the plurality of cathodes is electrically connected together at a connection tab junction is disclosed. The junction preferably comprises a plurality of cathode connection tabs that are folded over each other to construct a junction that is mechanically and electrically robust.
Greatbatch Ltd.


Electrolyte solution and electrochemical device

An electrolyte solution intended for use in electrochemical devices which can achieve a high capacitance retention ratio even after long-term use at high voltage. The electrolyte solution of the present invention includes a mononitrile compound (i), at least one compound (ii) selected from dinitrile compounds and trinitrile compounds, and a quaternary ammonium salt (iii).
Daikin Industries, Ltd.


Photolithography for making electrochemical measurements

An apparatus for electrochemical experimentation with an isolated microstructural region on a surface comprising a metal sample coated with a photoresist, a region of interest, an exposed region of photoresist and unexposed region of photoresist wherein the exposed region is created by light and creating a developed region of unexposed photoresist, and an adhesive strip with a first perforated window over the region of interest and a sealed waterproof container with a second larger perforated window over the first perforated window. A method for isolating microstructural regions for electrochemical experimentation comprising providing a metal sample, identifying regions of interest, coating the metal sample, selecting regions of interest, exposing with light and creating exposed photoresist and unexposed photoresist by laser lithography without a mask, and immersing the metal sample in a developer solution and creating developed regions of unexposed photoresist..
The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Reversible electrochemical mirror

Provided is a reversible electrochemical mirror including a first substrate, a second substrate on the first substrate and spaced apart from the first substrate, a first transparent electrode on the first substrate, a second transparent electrode under the second substrate, a semi-transmissive film between the second substrate and the second transparent electrode, a barrier rib having a chamber between the first and second transparent electrode and an electrolyte solution filled in the chamber.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Method for estimating the state of health of an electrochemical cell for storing electrical energy

A method for estimating a state of health of an electrochemical cell for storing electrical energy includes applying at least one current strength peak to the cell, the current peak passing through the cell, measuring a variation, as a function of a time t elapsed after the application of the current peak, of voltage u at the terminals of the cell, and calculating at least one coefficient αi1 and at least one coefficient u0,i1 such that the function √{square root over (t)}→αi1×√{square root over (t)}+u0,i1 is a linear approximation of the variation of the voltage u as a function of √{square root over (t)} for √{square root over (t)}≧c, where c>0. The method is used in electrical or hybrid vehicles..
Renault S.a.s.


Electrochemical sensor for determining an analyte concentration

The invention relates to an electrochemical sensor for the determination of a concentration of at least one analyte in a medium, in particular a body tissue and/or a body fluid, to an apparatus that includes the electrochemical sensor, and to a use of the electrochemical sensor, and finally to a method for producing it. The electrochemical sensor has an isolation element and at least two electrodes.
Roche Diabetes Care, Inc.


Chemical and electrochemical synthesis and deposition of chalcogenides from room temperature ionic liquids

Room temperature electrochemical methods to deposit thin films of chalcogenide glasses.. .
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System


Electrochemical concentration of lanthanide and actinide elements

A carbon paste electrode is modified with a chemical agent that is selective for a plurality of lanthanides and actinides (f-series) elements. The modified carbon paste electrode selectively has different voltages applied thereto where a first voltage is used to cause the deposition of one or more lanthanides or actinides from an industrial or environmental sample onto the electrode, and, subsequent to removal of the electrode from the sample and insertion into a second sample where concentration of lanthanides or actinides is preferred, a second voltage is used to cause the deposited lanthanides and/or actinides to be discharged from the electrode for concentration into the second sample..
Washington State University


Membrane module

A membrane module and method of making are provided. Exemplarily, the membrane module is adapted for use with an electrochemical apparatus.


Electrospun nanofibrous membranes and disposable glucose biosensor

An electrospun nanofibrous membrane being sheet like and being formed by comprising multiple glucose oxidase/potassium hexacyanoferrate (iii) modified electrospun nanofibers, wherein the glucose oxidase/potassium hexacyanoferrate (iii) modified electrospun nanofibers are pva electrospun nanofibers containing glucose oxidase and potassium hexacyanoferrate (iii) homogeneously dispersed therein; and the glucose oxidase/potassium hexacyanoferrate (iii) modified electrospun nanofibers are pva electrospun nanofibers and are cross-linked by glutaraldehyde vapor with ultrasonic energy assistance. In the present invention, graphene modified pva/gox electrospun membranes were prepared to examine the immobilization mechanism between graphene and gox.
National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology


Redox couple-based mitigation of fluid-flow-driven electrochemical surface degradation

The present disclosure relates to methods, systems, hydraulic fluids and additives for reducing the rate of surface current degradation for components in a hydraulic system, wherein the hydraulic system is exposed to phosphate-ester-based hydraulic fluid.. .
The Boeing Company


Treatment and adhesive for microporous membranes

An electrochemical cell may have a pvdf microporous memberane that may be adhesively bonded to electrodes. The adhesive may be a mixture of a solvent and non-solvent that may cause the pvdf membrane to become tacky and adhere to an electrode without collapsing.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Apparatus using electrochemical discharge machining process and method using the same

An apparatus for an electrochemical discharge machining process is provided. The apparatus includes a holder housing having, an inlet hole, an outlet hole, a first side, and a second side, and containing an electrolyte, a tool holder disposed at the first side, and a first electrode having a first end and a second end.
Foundation Of Soongsil University-industry Cooperation


Systems and methods for delivering a therapeutic agent using mechanical advantage

Devices and methods for delivering a therapeutic agent to a patient are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a delivery system includes a reservoir containing a fluid and a fluid communicator in fluid communication with the reservoir.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Analyte monitoring device and methods of use

An analyte monitor includes a sensor, a sensor control unit, and a display unit. The sensor has, for example, a substrate, a recessed channel formed in the substrate, and conductive material disposed in the recessed channel to form a working electrode.
Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.


Battery module for an electric or hybrid vehicle incorporating a heat exchanger

The invention relates mainly to a battery module for an electric or hybrid vehicle, comprising a stack of flexible electrochemical cells, essentially characterised in that it comprises a heat exchanger including a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet between which a device for guiding the flow of a fluid provides at least two heat exchange portions, with two electrochemical cells being inserted between said heat exchange portions and in bearing contact therewith. The invention also relates to a battery for an electric or hybrid vehicle comprising an assembly of battery modules.
Valeo Systemes Thermiques


Alkaline electrochemical cells with separator and electrolyte combination

An alkaline electrochemical cell having an anode including electrochemically active anode material, a cathode including electrochemically active cathode material, a separator between the anode and the cathode, and an electrolyte. The electrolyte includes a hydroxide dissolved in water.
The Gillette Company


All-solid-state lithium-sulfur polymer electrochemical cells and production methods thereof

All-solid-state lithium-sulfur electrochemical cells and production methods thereof are described. The li—s electrochemical cells comprise at least one multilayer component which comprises an ion-conductive solid electrolyte film, a positive electrode film containing a sulfur composite, and a negative electrode film containing lithium.


Systems and methods of securing immunity to air co2 in alkaline fuel cells

An air co2 filtration assembly or system is provided that includes co2 filters or traps designed and configured with a limited, but high capacity, volume to maximize filtration/absorption of co2 from an air stream supplied to an alkaline fuel cell to thereby minimize the co2 level in the air stream fed into the fuel cell cathode. The co2 filters or traps include at least one thermally regenerative co2 chemical filter or trap arranged in a tandem configuration with a strongly bonding co2 chemical filter or trap.
Elbit Systems Land And C4i Ltd.


Silicon oxide particles, making method, lithium ion secondary battery, and electrochemical capacitor

Silicon oxide particles each comprising an inner portion having an iron content of 10-1,000 ppm and an outer portion having an iron content of up to 30 ppm are suitable as negative electrode active material in nonaqueous electrolyte secondary batteries. Using a negative electrode comprising the silicon oxide particles as active material, a lithium ion secondary battery or electrochemical capacitor having a high capacity and improved cycle performance can be constructed..
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.


Surface treated silicon containing active materials for electrochemical cells

Provided are active materials for electrochemical cells. The active materials include silicon containing structures and treatment layers covering at least some surface of these structures.
Nexeon Limited


Method for performing enrichment of an electrode of an electrochemical device with ionic species

Method for an electrochemical device electrode enrichment, with ionic-species, including steps of: providing a substrate with at least one stack including: a first current-collector covering at least part of the substrate, first electrode covering at least part of the first current-collector, the first electrode being in electric contact with the first current-collector, protective layer totally covering the first electrode and at least part of the first current-collector, the protective layer being electrically insulating and ionically conducting; immersing in an electrolytic solution: the substrate provided with stack, counter-electrode made from conducting material, the electrolytic solution including at least one ionic-species salt and/or counter-electrode including ionic-species, applying electric voltage or current, with voltage or current generator, between first current-collector and counter-electrode making the ionic-species migrate to the first electrode and enrich the first electrode with ionic-species, depositing a second electrode on the protective layer after enrichment of the first electrode with ionic-species.. .
Commissariat À L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives


Separator for electrochemical device

Disclosed is a separator for an electrochemical device including a porous polymer film, and a porous coating layer including at least one type of particles of inorganic particles and organic particles and binder polymer, the porous coating layer formed on one surface or both surfaces of the porous polymer film, wherein the porous polymer film has a structure in which multiple fibrils arranged parallel to the surface of the film are stacked in layers, and a diameter of the fibril disposed at the side of one surface of the film where the porous coating layer is formed is smaller than a diameter of the fibril disposed at a central part in a thickness-wise direction of the film, and an electrochemical device comprising the same.. .
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Accurate assessment of the state of charge of electrochemical cells

Provided are methods, systems and devices for thermodynamically evaluating electrochemical systems and components thereof, including electrochemical cells such as batteries. The present systems and methods are capable of monitoring selected electrochemical cell conditions, such as temperature, open circuit voltage and/or composition, and carrying out measurements of a number of cell parameters, including open circuit voltage, time and temperature, with accuracies large enough to allow for precise determination of thermodynamic state functions and materials properties relating to the composition, phase, states of charge, health and safety and electrochemical properties of electrodes and electrolytes in an electrochemical cell.
Nanyang Technological University


Electronically neutral metal complexes as biological labels

The invention relates to electronically neutral metal complexes as luminescent labels. The positive charge of the metal ion in the complex is neutralized by the negatively charged groups that are covalently linked to the nitrogen-containing diimine ligands, such as 2,2-bipyridine, 1,10-phenanthroline and their derivatives.
Rubipy Scientific, Inc.


Membranes for use in electrochemical sensors and associated devices

A membrane is provided, as well as membrane electrode assemblies and sensors utilizing the membrane of the present technology. The membrane includes a membrane material with a top surface and a bottom surface; and a protonic ionic liquid disposed at least between the top surface and the bottom surface of the membrane material where the protonic ionic liquid is of formula i..
Gentex Corporation


Systems and methods for electrochemical hematocrit determination by alternate current impedance phase angle determinations

A system for determining a level of hematocrit includes a test strip configured to receive a sample; a meter configured to receive the test strip; and further including circuitry and a microprocessor, the circuitry and microprocessor configured to apply electrical energy to the test strip and the sample and determine an electrical property of the sample, either the impedance phase angle or the impedance magnitude of the test strip and the sample and, based on the electrical property, calculate the level of hematocrit in the sample.. .
Polymer Technology Systems, Inc.


Apparatus and process for measuring gaseous emissions from an engine

A process for measuring methane emissions by an internal combustion engine includes connecting a methane sensor to an exhaust line of the internal combustion engine such that a portion of the gas in the exhaust line can enter the methane sensor, operating the internal combustion engine so as to produce the exhaust, measuring a methane concentration of the gas from the portion of the gas from the exhaust line with the methane sensor, and producing an output from the methane sensor corresponding to the methane concentration. The methane sensor is plumbed to the exhaust line.

Troche topics: Quantum Dot, Lead Telluride, Crystallin, Lead Selenide, Lead Sulfide, Electrolyte, Test Strip, Chemical Reaction, Accommodation

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