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This page is updated frequently with new Troche-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Troche-related patents
 Design and operation of electrochemical energy systems patent thumbnailDesign and operation of electrochemical energy systems
Electrochemical cells that include resistor switch assemblies that can operate according to temperature and batteries and power systems including such cells are disclosed.. .
Ec Power, Llc

 Recycling electrochemical cells and batteries patent thumbnailRecycling electrochemical cells and batteries
Methods for separating and recycling battery and electrochemical cell materials are disclosed.. .
Rsr Technologies, Inc.

 Electroactive cultures and apparatuses therefor patent thumbnailElectroactive cultures and apparatuses therefor
Disclosed herein are methods, systems, and devices for generating electricity from an effluent source. In the presence of electrogenic bacteria and substrate electrodes, an electroactive biofilm is produced which possesses bioconductive capacity for efficiently producing an electric current while treating an effluent source such as, e.g., wastewater.

 Core-shell structured electrocatalysts for fuel cells and production method thereof patent thumbnailCore-shell structured electrocatalysts for fuel cells and production method thereof
Disclosed is a method for producing a core-shell structured electrocatalyst for a fuel cell. The method includes uniformly supporting nano-sized core particles on a support to obtain a core support, and selectively forming a shell layer only on the surface of the core particles of the core support.
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

 Method of depositing nanoscale materials within a nanofiber network and networked nanofibers with coating patent thumbnailMethod of depositing nanoscale materials within a nanofiber network and networked nanofibers with coating
Provided herein is a method of manufacturing a nanoscale coated network, which includes providing nanofibers, capable of forming a network in the presence of a liquid vehicle and providing a nanoscale solid substance in the presence of the liquid vehicle. The method may also include forming a network of the nanofibers and the nanoscale solid substance and redistributing at least a portion of the nanoscale solid substance within the network to produce a network of nanofibers coated with the nanoscale solid substance.
Wellstat Biocatalysis, Llc

 Carbon containing binderless electrode formation patent thumbnailCarbon containing binderless electrode formation
An anode or negative electrode having a material matrix of carbon, graphene and an active element such as silicon or tin is described. The electrode is fabricated from an electrode slurry that does not utilize an organic binder.
Sinode Systems, Inc.

 Luminescent oxygen channeling immunoassays utilizing electrochemical discharge of singlet oxygen and methods of production and use thereof patent thumbnailLuminescent oxygen channeling immunoassays utilizing electrochemical discharge of singlet oxygen and methods of production and use thereof
Chemiluminescent detection systems, kits, and microfluidics devices containing same, as well as methods of production and use thereof, are disclosed.. .
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

 Measuring  use therewith patent thumbnailMeasuring use therewith
The ability to switch at will between amperometric measurements and potentiometric measurements provides great flexibility in performing analyses of unknowns. Apparatus and methods can provide such switching to collect data from an electrochemical cell.
Agamatrix, Inc.

 Hand-held test meter with  test strip simulation passive circuit block patent thumbnailHand-held test meter with test strip simulation passive circuit block
A hand-held test meter for use with an electrochemical-based analytical test strip in the determination of an analyte in a bodily fluid sample includes a housing, a micro-controller disposed in the housing, a test strip simulation passive circuit block disposed in the housing, and a strip port connector (“spc”) configured to operationally receive an electrochemical-based analytical test. The test strip simulation passive circuit block is in electrical communication with the spc and the spc is configured in electrical communication with the micro-controller.
Lifescan Scotland Limited

 Paper-based reference electrode and potentiometric ion sensing patent thumbnailPaper-based reference electrode and potentiometric ion sensing
Microfluidic, electrochemical devices are described. The microfluidic, electrochemical device may include a sample zone on a first porous, hydrophilic layer, a reference zone and a microfluidic channel, wherein the microfluidic channel provides for predominantly diffusive fluid communication between the sample zone and the reference zone; (therefore realizing a similar function of a reference electrode), a fluid-impermeable material that defines each of the sample zone, reference zone and microfluidic channel, a first electrode in fluid communication with the sample zone and a second electrode in fluid communication with the reference zone.
Regents Of The University Of Minnesota


Electrochemical cell for recovery of metals from solid metal oxides

An electrochemical cell and methods of using the electrochemical cell are described that can be utilized for the recovery of metals from metal oxides. The cell includes a first electrode that includes a solid metal oxide, an electrolyte including an oxygen ion conductor, and a second electrode space apart from the electrolyte by an oxygen ion conducting membrane.
Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, Llc


Amalgam electrode, producing method thereof, and electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide using the same

The embodiments described herein pertain generally to an amalgam electrode, and a producing method of the amalgam electrode, and an electrochemical reduction method of carbon dioxide using the amalgam electrode.. .
Korea Southern Power Co., Ltd.


Electrodes/electrolyte assembly, reactor and direct amination of hydrocarbons

An electrodes/electrolyte assembly—mea, electrochemical membrane reactor—is described and a method for the direct amination of hydrocarbons, namely for the direct amination of benzene to aniline, and a method for the preparation of said electrodes/electrolyte assembly. The presented solution allows the increase of conversion of said amination to above 60%, even at low temperatures, i.e., between 200° c.
Cuf - Quimicos Industriais S.a.


Nucleotide analogs for sequencing

Provided herein is technology relating to sequencing nucleic acids, but not exclusively, to compositions, methods, systems, and kits related to nucleotides comprising an electrochemically detectable moiety and one or more photolabile synthesis-inhibiting moieties.. .
Ibis Biosciences, Inc.


Novel process for removal of nitrogen from natural gas

A method for removing nitrogen from natural gas includes contacting substantially dry natural gas that contains unwanted nitrogen with lithium metal. The nitrogen reacts with lithium to form lithium nitride, which is recovered for further processing, and pipeline quality natural gas.
Ceramatec, Inc.


Method and pulsed electrochemical grinding

A method and apparatus for electromechanical grinding is provided. An pulsed alternating waveform is applied between an anodic workpiece and cathodic grinding wheel to physically remove and electrochemically remove material from the anodic workpiece..
Faraday Technology, Inc.


Magnetic separation of electrochemical cell materials

A process and system for the separation of materials from electrochemical cells is disclosed. Electrode materials are removed from electrochemical cells and separated into constituent active materials using magnetic separation..
Rsr Technologies, Inc.


Electrochemical sensing module

A sensing circuit for an electrochemical sensor includes a digital-to-analog converter (dac), an operational amplifier, an instrumentation amplifier, and an analog-to-digital converter (adc). The dac generates a biased ground voltage signal which is received by the operational amplifier.
Atlas Scientific Llc


Method and system for simultaneously charging an energy storage device from multiple energy input devices

A system for simultaneously charging an energy storage device from multiple energy input devices includes energy input devices in the form of solar and non-solar modules and an energy storage device in the form of a rechargeable battery, which is part of an energy storage module. A first solar module is able to generate solar power and delivers this power to the energy storage module, while the non-solar module delivers, for example, electrochemically generated electricity to the energy storage module via the first solar module, which acts as a backplane.
Neah Power Systems, Inc.


Lithium-air battery with cathode separated from free lithium ion

A lithium-air electrochemical cell is provided. The battery comprises: an anode compartment; a cathode compartment; and a lithium ion conductive membrane separating the anode compartment from the cathode compartment.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.


Electrolyte for magnesium rechargeable battery and preparation method thereof

Disclosed is an electrolyte solution for a magnesium rechargeable battery with a high ionic conductivity and a wide electrochemical window compared to the conventional electrolyte solution. The electrolyte solution is prepared by dissolving magnesium metal into the ethereal solution using combinations of metal chloride catalysts.
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology


Multi-phase electrolyte lithium batteries

Electrode assemblies for use in electrochemical cells are provided. The negative electrode assembly includes negative electrode active material and an electrolyte chosen specifically for its useful properties in the negative electrode.
Seeo, Inc.


Gel polymer electrolyte composition, gel polymer electrolyte and electrochemical device comprising the same

A gel polymer electrolyte composition includes i) a compound acting as a monomer for forming gel polymer by polymerization and having at least two double bonds at an end thereof; ii) an electrolyte solvent containing carbonate and linear saturated ester; an electrolyte salt; and iv) a polymerization initiator. A gel polymer electrolyte formed using the above composition has excellent mechanical strength and lithium ion conductivity.
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Gel polymer electrolyte and electrochemical device including the same

Where r1 to r3 are independently hydrogen, an alkyl group having 1 to 5 carbon atoms, an aryl group having 5 to 7 carbon atoms, or a fluorine substituted alkyl group having 1 to 5 carbon atoms, or at least two substituents selected from r1 to r3 are coupled or connected to each other to form a cycle group having a ring atom composed of 2 to 6 carbon atoms or a heterocyclic group having a ring atom composed of 2 to 8 carbon atoms and 1 to 3 oxygen hetero atoms.. .


Cubic ionic conductor ceramics for alkali ion batteries

The present disclosure relates to novel compositions, electrodes, electrochemical storage devices (batteries) and ionic conduction devices that use cubic ionic conductor (“cubicon”) compounds, such as nitridophosphate compounds. The cubic ionic conductor compound have a framework formula [mt3x10]n− (1) and a general formula axmt3x10 (2), where m is a cation in octahedral coordination, t is a cation in tetrahedral coordination, x is an anion, and the framework has a net negative charge of −n, a net charge of +n.
Brookhaven Science Associates, Llc


Electrochemically stable li7p2s8i superionic conductor

A li7p2s8i electrolyte for a battery is disclosed. The electrolyte can be a single phase of li7p2s8i.
Ut-battelle, Llc


Battery with embedded fiber optic cable

A method of fabricating an electrochemical energy storage cell such as a battery or supercapacitor involves positioning a portion of a fiber optic cable that includes at least one optical fiber sensor over a current collector layer. The electrode material of the energy storage cell is deposited over the current collector layer and the fiber optic cable..
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated


Monolithic porous open-cell structures

Process for the fabrication and manufacture of highly porous open-cell structures using templates that are formed by mechanical pressing, injection molding, sintering, or any combination thereof. The processing scheme includes coating, filling or depositing a material on, or inside the porous template.
Xerion Advanced Battery Corporation


Activation of laves phase-related bcc metal hydride alloys for electrochemical applications

Laves phase-related bcc metal hydride alloys historically have limited electrochemical capabilities. Provided are processes of activating these alloys to produce hydrogen storage materials with greater than 200 mah/g capacities and commonly much greater than 300 mah/g capacities.
Ovonic Battery Company, Inc.


Lithiated transition metal oxides

Process for the fabrication of an electrode structure comprising an electrochemically active material suitable for use in an energy storage device. The method includes electrodepositing the electrochemically active material onto an electrode in electrodeposition bath containing a non-aqueous electrolyte.
Xerion Advanced Battery Corporation


Silicon-embedded copper nanostructure network for high energy storage

Provided herein are nanostructure networks having high energy storage, electrochemically active electrode materials including nanostructure networks having high energy storage, as well as electrodes and batteries including the nanostructure networks having high energy storage. According to various implementations, the nanostructure networks have high energy density as well as long cycle life.
Amprius, Inc.


Integrable redox-active polymer batteries

The disclosed technology relates generally to apparatuses and methods of fabricating solid-state electrochemical cells having redox-active polymers. In one aspect, an electrochemical cell comprises a negative electrode including a first redox-active polymer and configured to be reversibly oxidized during a discharging operation and further configured to be reversibly reduced during a charging operation.
Fluidic, Inc.


Protected active metal electrode and battery cell structures with non-aqueous interlayer architecture

Active metal and active metal intercalation electrode structures and battery cells having ionically conductive protective architecture including an active metal (e.g., lithium) conductive impervious layer separated from the electrode (anode) by a porous separator impregnated with a non-aqueous electrolyte (anolyte). This protective architecture prevents the active metal from deleterious reaction with the environment on the other (cathode) side of the impervious layer, which may include aqueous or non-aqueous liquid electrolytes (catholytes) and/or a variety of electrochemically active materials, including liquid, solid and gaseous oxidizers.
Polyplus Battery Company


Electrochemically-gated field-effect transistor and its manufacture

An electromechanically-gated field-effect transistor includes an arrangement which is placed on top of a substrate. The arrangement includes a first electrode, a second electrode, a transistor channel, an electrolyte, and a gate electrode.
Karlsruher Institut FÜr Technologie


Nonaqueous electrolyte solution and electricity storage device using same

The present invention provides a nonaqueous electrolytic solution capable of improving electrochemical characteristics in a broad temperature range and an energy storage device using the same. [1] a nonaqueous electrolytic solution having an electrolyte salt dissolved in a nonaqueous solvent, the nonaqueous electrolytic solution containing, as an additive, an so4 group-containing compound having a specified structure and [2] an energy storage device including a positive electrode, a negative electrode, and a nonaqueous electrolytic solution having an electrolyte salt dissolved in a nonaqueous solvent, wherein the nonaqueous electrolytic solution contains, as an additive, 0.001% by mass or more and less than 5% by mass of an so4 group-containing compound having a specified structure in the nonaqueous electrolytic solution, are disclosed..
Ube Industries, Ltd.


Electrochemical force microscopy

A system and method for electrochemical force microscopy are provided. The system and method are based on a multidimensional detection scheme that is sensitive to forces experienced by a biased electrode in a solution.
Ut-battelle, Llc


Nucleic acid probes, their synthesis and use

The invention provides a method of probing for a nucleic acid comprising: contacting a nucleic acid solution with an oligonucleotide probe labelled with an electrochemically active marker, providing conditions at which the probe is able to at least partially hybridise with any complementary target sequence which may be present in the nucleic acid solution, selectively degrading either hybridised, partially hybridised or unhybridised nucleic acid probe, and electrochemically determining information relating to the electrochemically active marker. The invention further provides novel molecules with use in methods of the invention..
Atlas Genetics Limited


Heated graphite scrubber to reduce interferences in ozone monitors

The present invention provides a means of greatly reducing interferences from mercury vapor, uv-absorbing compounds and water vapor in the measurement of ozone by uv absorbance. A heated graphite scrubber destroys greater than 99% of ozone passing through it while reducing biases from typical atmospheric uv-absorbing interferents by large factors compared to conventional ozone scrubbers.
2b Technologies, Inc.


Electrochemical tongue

An electrochemical tongue can be used for detection of metal ions. The reference electrode of the electrochemical tongue can be coated with a polymer.
University Of Massachusetts


Methods for generating ph/ionic concentration gradient near electrode surfaces for modulating biomolecular interactions

Device and methods for use in a biosensor comprising a multisite array of test sites, the device and methods being useful for modulating the binding interactions between a (biomolecular) probe or detection agent and an analyte of interest by modulating the ph or ionic gradient near the electrodes in such biosensor. An electrochemically active agent that is suitable for use in biological buffers for changing the ph of the biological buffers.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Stretchable ionics for transparent sensors and actuators

A class of devices enabled by ionic conductors is highly stretchable, fully transparent to light of all colors, biocompatible or biodegradable, and capable of operation at frequencies beyond 10 kilohertz and voltages above 10 kilovolts. These devices enabled by ionic conductors can be used as large strain actuators, full-range loudspeakers, as strain or pressure sensors and as stretchable interconnects.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College


Electro-osmotic pump using reversible electrode reaction and fluid pumping system using same

An electro-osmotic pump using a reversible electrode reaction is provided, the electro-osmotic pump using a reversible electrode reaction comprising: a membrane that allows movement of a fluid; and first and second electrodes that are arranged on both sides of the membrane, respectively, and composed of a porous material or structure to allow the movement of the fluid, and a material to cause a reversible electrochemical reaction, wherein the first and second electrodes are alternately and reversely supplied with a voltage to make the electrochemical reaction repeat alternately forward and backward, and as a result, the alternate change of the movement direction of the fluid generates a pumping force to repair the first and second electrodes.. .
Sogang University Research Foundation


Nanowire structural element

A template based process is used for the production of the nanowire structural element, wherein the nanowires are electrochemically depositioned in the nanopores. The irradiation is carried out at different angles, such that a nanowire network is formed.
Gsi Helmholtzzentrum Fur Schwerionenforschung Gmbh


Methods for the electrolytic decarboxylation of sugars

Methods for decarboxylating carbohydrate acids in a divided electrochemical cell are disclosed using a cation membrane. The improved methods are more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly than conventional methods..
Dynamic Food Ingredients Corporation


Electrochemical activation of water

The methods, systems, and apparatus disclosed herein employ natural, common salts that are electrochemically activated (eca) in an aqueous solution to result in an eca product solution that is safe and non-toxic. Using a metal halide salt, such as nacl with acetic acid may produce a sanitizer or disinfectant of variable ph and fac, but with the property of long shelf-life..
Geneon Technologies Llc


Electrochemical compressor utilizing an electrolysis

An electrochemical compression system utilizes an electrolyzer to electrolyze an electrochemically active working fluid, at a first pressure, into decomposition products that are reformed back into said electrochemically active working fluid by a fuel cell, at a higher pressure. Water may be electrolyzed into hydrogen and oxygen and stored in reservoir tanks at an elevated pressure and subsequently provided to a fuel cell for reforming.
Xergy Inc.


Methods of producing and providing purified gas using an electrochemical cell

In accordance with one embodiment, a method of producing hydrogen gas meeting a predetermined threshold of purity may include transferring a quantity of a hydrogen gas mixture through an electrochemical hydrogen pump, wherein the electrochemical hydrogen pump includes an anode, a cathode, and an electrolyte membrane located between the anode and the cathode; separating a quantity of hydrogen gas from the hydrogen gas mixture by transferring the hydrogen gas from the anode, through the electrolyte membrane, to the cathode; collecting the hydrogen gas from the cathode, wherein the collected hydrogen gas at least meets the predetermined threshold of purity; and producing a certificate that the collected hydrogen gas has a purity that is at least substantially equal to the predetermined threshold of purity.. .
Nuvera Fuel Cells, Inc.


Laves phase-related bcc metal hydride alloys for electrochemical applications

Laves phase-related bcc metal hydride alloys historically have limited electrochemical capabilities. Provided are a new examples of these alloys useful as electrode active materials.
Ovonic Battery Company, Inc.


Electrochemical detoxification wood-based hydrolysate for producing biochemicals or biofuels, and detoxified wood-based hydrolysate

Provided is a method for producing a saccharified solution of wood-based biomass having toxicity reduced or removed, comprising the steps of: preparing a saccharified solution in which wood-based biomass has been pretreated by hydrolysis; and reducing toxicity in the saccharified solution using an electrochemical detoxification method. The method is capable of efficiently removing the toxicity of compounds which are produced during the pretreatment process and inhibit growth of microorganisms and fermentation.
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology


Electro-autotrophic synthesis of higher alcohols

The disclosure provides a process that converts co2 to higher alcohols (e.g. Isobutanol) using electricity as the energy source.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Battery power capability estimation based on reduced order electrochemical models

A vehicle includes a battery made up of cells having positive and negative electrodes. A controller operates the battery according to a battery power limit based on a reduced order electrochemical model of the battery.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Temperature dependent electrochemical battery model for vehicle control

A vehicle battery system includes a traction battery. The traction battery includes at least one cell having an anode, a cathode and an electrolyte therebetween defining a solid-electrolyte interface including an anode solid-electrolyte interface and a cathode solid-electrolyte interface.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Reduced order electrochemical battery model for vehicle control

A vehicle battery system includes a traction battery. The traction battery includes at least one cell having an anode, a cathode and an electrolyte therebetween defining a solid-electrolyte interface including an anode solid-electrolyte interface and a cathode solid-electrolyte interface.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Techniques to improve polyurethane membranes for implantable glucose sensors

The invention provides an implantable membrane for regulating the transport of analytes therethrough that includes a matrix including a first polymer; and a second polymer dispersed throughout the matrix, wherein the second polymer forms a network of microdomains which when hydrated are not observable using photomicroscopy at 400× magnification or less. In one aspect, the homogeneous membrane of the present invention has hydrophilic domains dispersed substantially throughout a hydrophobic matrix to provide an optimum balance between oxygen and glucose transport to an electrochemical glucose sensor..
Dexcom, Inc.


Systems and methods for fluid testing

Implementations disclosed herein provide a method of determining a quantity of an electrochemically convertible substance in a fluid sample, the method comprising introducing the fluid sample into an electrochemical sensor, wherein at least a portion of the fluid sample is electrochemically converted to produce an electrical output from the electrochemical sensor, measuring the electrical output from the electrochemical sensor on a periodic basis to produce sensor measurements, inputting a first subset of the sensor measurements into a first computation to yield first computation analysis results, inputting a second subset of the sensor measurements and the first computation analysis results into a second computation to yield second computation analysis results, and calculating the quantity of the electrochemically convertible substance in the fluid sample by applying a third computation to the first computation analysis results and the second computation analysis results.. .
Lifeloc Technologies, Inc.


Iron-sulphide-based battery and anode

The use of iron sulphide in the anode provides a rechargeable electrical energy storage system which is low-cost, easy to produce, and environmental friendly, and which shows a long lifetime and has excellent electrochemical properties like high power density and good cycling efficiency. The battery according to the invention also shows superior charge/discharge behavior as compared to e.g.


Electrolyte for electrochemical energy storage devices

An electrolyte for an electrochemical storage device is disclosed. In one embodiment, the electrolyte includes a lithium salt from about 3% to about 20% by weight, a primary solvent from about 15% to about 25% by weight, wide-temperature co-solvents from about 14% to about 55% by weight, interface forming compounds from about 0.5% to about 2.0% by weight, and a flame retardant compound from about 6% to about 60% by weight.
Lynntech, Inc.


Bipolar li-ion battery with improved leaktightness and associated production

The present invention relates to a bipolar battery with at least two electrochemical cells stacked one above the other, each collector comprising at its periphery at least one bead of an electrical insulating material also constituting a peripheral zone of the electrolyte-leaktight wall. According to the invention, each leaktight wall is constituted of at least one bead consisting of a honeycomb matrix, the matrix being covered, on each of its two main faces, with a layer or leaf made of heat-sealing and electrically insulating material, each layer or leaf being heat-sealed to one of the current collectors, the heat-sealing and electrically insulating material filling at least partly the cells of the honeycomb while interconnecting the two layers or leafs..
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives


Flow battery flow field having volume that is function of power parameter, time parameter and concentration parameter

A flow battery includes a cell that has first and second flow fields spaced apart from each other and an electrolyte separator layer. A supply/storage system is external of the cell and includes first and second vessels fluidly connected with the first and second flow fields, and first and second pumps configured to selectively move first and second fluid electrolytes between the vessels and the first and second flow fields.
United Technologies Corporation


Carbon nanotube-containing dispersion and the use thereof in the production of electrodes

The invention relates to a dispersion comprising a dispersion medium, a polymeric dispersing agent, and carbon nanotubes dispersed in the dispersion medium. The proportion of carbon nanotubes present in the form of agglomerates with an average agglomerate size of >=1 [mu]m to the total quantity of carbon nanotubes <=10 vol %, and >=70% of the carbon nanotubes which are not present in the agglomerated form have a length of >=200 nm.
Bayer Materialscience Ag


Zinc anode alkaline electrochemical cells containing bismuth

A negative electrode active material for a zinc anode alkaline electrochemical cell includes (i) particles, comprising bismuth, and (ii) powder, comprising zinc. The particles have an average particle size of at most 135 nm..
Nanophase Technologies Corporation


Battery module with a flexible bus

A battery module includes a plurality of battery cells and a flexible bus. Each of the battery cells has a main body, a first terminal disposed on the main body, and a second terminal disposed on the main body.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Electrically-polymerized surface layer for artificial solid-electrolyte-interphase (sei) layers on silicon and carbon based electrodes

Provided is an electrode comprising an active material comprising silicon, carbon or both, and a layer comprising active material protecting compounds covalently bound to the surface of the active material, the active material protecting compounds comprising an electrochemically polymerizable group, e.g., an aryl group or a cyclic alkenyl group. Batteries incorporating the electrodes are also provided, e.g.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


Reusable nitride wafer, making, and use thereof

Techniques for processing materials for manufacture of gallium-containing nitride substrates are disclosed. More specifically, techniques for fabricating and reusing large area substrates using a combination of processing techniques are disclosed.
Soraa, Inc.


Normalized calibration of analyte concentration determinations

Biosensor system measurement devices used to determine the presence and/or concentration of an analyte in a sample include normalized calibration information relating output signal or signals the device generates in response to the analyte concentration of the sample to previously determined reference sample analyte concentrations. The measurement devices use this normalized calibration information to relate one or more output signals from an electrochemical or optical analysis of a sample to the presence and/or concentration of one or more analytes in the sample.
Bayer Healthcare Llc


Setting conductive object of electrochemical test strip

The present invention relates a setting method for a conductive object of electrochemical test strip. In the embodiment, this manufacturing process is not complex, convenient, and has well precision, such that the cost of manufacturing an electrochemical test strip is reduced effectively, and the disadvantage of past manufacturing process is improved.
Kuang Hong Precision Co., Ltd.


Electrochemical characterization of plating solutions and plating performance

A process for quantifying, by means of soft modeling, the characteristics of an electroplating solution is provided. The process includes (a) obtaining a sample set, wherein each sample comprises a plating solution of proper performance, (b) obtaining an electrochemical response (in form of a tensor) for each of the sample to produce a multi-way electrochemical response data set, (c) obtaining a training set that comprises the sample set and corresponding the multi-way electrochemical response data set, (d) analyzing the training set by soft modeling using multi-way decomposition method coupled with outlier-detection analysis methods to produce a outlier-detection parameters data set, and (e) validating said training data set by soft modeling to produce the multi-way predictive data set for a predictive model..
Technic, Inc.


Electrochemical coupling of a phenol to a naphthol

The invention relates to an electrochemical method for the selective coupling of a phenol to a naphthol which differ in their oxidation potential. The invention also relates to compounds which can be produced by electrochemical coupling..
Evonik Degussa Gmbh


Electrochemical process for coupling of phenol to aniline

The invention relates to an electrochemical method for coupling phenol and aniline, the difference of the oxidation potential of the substrates being in the region of 10 mv-450 mv and the substrate with the highest oxidation potential being added in excess. Said method enables biaryls, which have hydroxy- and amino functions, to be electrochemically produced and to dispense with multi-step syntheses using metallic reagents..
Evonik Degussa Gmbh


Method and system for electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide employing a gas diffusion electrode

The present disclosure is a method and system for the reduction of carbon dioxide. The method may include receiving hydrogen gas at an anolyte region of an electrochemical cell including an anode, the anode including a gas diffusion electrode, receiving an anolyte feed at an anolyte region of the electrochemical cell, and receiving a catholyte feed including carbon dioxide and an alkali metal bicarbonate at a catholyte region of the electrochemical cell including a cathode.
Liquid Light, Inc.


Electrochemical process for producing graphene, graphene oxide, metal composites, and coated substrates

A process and system for the electrochemical production of graphene, graphene oxide, graphene quantum dots, graphene/graphene oxide metal composites, graphene/graphene oxide coated substrates and graphene/graphene oxide metal composite coated substrates in a single step process involving no secondary purifications utilizes an electrochemical cell containing electrodes with variable gaps including a zero gap, containing an anode electrode including graphite, a cathode electrode including electrically conductive material with an electrolyte-free electrochemical bath including water and an organic liquid that produces joule heating along with oxygen embrittlement.. .
Rochester Institute Of Technology


Electrochemical-based analytical test strip with enzymatic reagent layer containing a naphthoquinone-based mediator and fad-gdh

An electrochemical-based analytical test strip for the determination of an analyte (such as glucose) in a bodily fluid sample includes an electrically insulating base layer, an electrically conductive layer disposed on the electrically insulating base layer and including at least one electrode, an enzymatic reagent layer disposed on the at least one electrode, a patterned spacer layer, and a top layer. Moreover, the enzymatic reagent layer includes at least one naphthoquinone-based mediator.
Lifescan Scotland Limited


Method for producing synthetic diamonds

A method of producing diamonds comprises the steps of providing a nano-structured carbonaceous material, and thermally treating the nano-structured carbonaceous material in an oxygen-containing environment so as to produce diamonds. The nano-structured carbonaceous material may be materials such as carbon nano-particles, carbon nano-tubes and carbon nano-scrolls.
Cambridge Enterprise Limited


Smart medical device for electrochemical monitoring and control of medical implants

An external or implantable system for measuring for measuring electrical factors, such as voltage, current, and impedance, to assess the behavior of metallic biomaterials surfaces and to determine the corrosion-based activity of the surfaces while placed in their normal location within the human body. The system includes electrodes for interrogating the medical implant and electronics for monitoring the implant and controlling the electrodes, as well as a power source and communication module..


Protected anode structure suitable for use in metal/air batteries

A metal/air electrochemical cell comprising at least one air cathode, an alkaline electrolyte and at least one anode component, wherein the anode component is in the form a spatial body bounded by a surface consisting of two opposite parallel bases and lateral sides, with said lateral sides being provided thereon with a protective member comprising a resilient polymer seal.. .
Phinergy Ltd.


Apparatus for electrochemical cell temperature measurement in a battery pack

A temperature monitoring apparatus for a battery that includes at least one electrochemical cell has been developed. The temperature monitoring apparatus includes a printed circuit board mounted to a battery pack.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Aqueous slurry for battery electrodes

A slurry or paste for the manufacture of electrodes for secondary batteries such as lithium ion containing electrochemical cells. The slurry comprises a water based binder with cmc, sbr and pvdf as binder materials..
Leclanche' S.a.


Air electrode, lithium air battery comprising the air electrode, and manufaturing the air electrode

An air electrode including: a carbonaceous material having an electrolyte-philic ion-dissociative functional group coated on a surface thereof; a lithium salt; and an electrolyte, wherein the carbonaceous material has a specific surface area of about 500 m2/g or greater, and the electrolyte-philic ion-dissociative functional group is electrochemically stable in a voltage range of about 1.5 v to about 4.5 v with respect to lithium.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Rechargeable copper-zinc cell

A rechargeable cell comprising h combination a bipolar electrode, a zinc electrolyte, a copper electrolyte and metal-ion impermeable, polymer electrochemical membrane separator, wherein the zinc electrolyte and the copper electrolyte are separated from each other by the bipolar electrode on one side and by the membrane separator on the other side. A battery comprising at least one said rechargeable cell..
Cumulus Energy Storage Limited


Template electrode structures for depositing active materials

Provided are examples of electrochemically active electrode materials, electrodes using such materials, and methods of manufacturing such electrodes. Electrochemically active electrode materials may include a high surface area template containing a metal silicide and a layer of high capacity active material deposited over the template.
Amprius, Inc.


Membranes for electrochemical cells

Ionically conducting composite membranes are provided which include a solid-state ionically conducting material the ionically conducting composite membranes may be used in electrochemical cells. The solid-state ionically conducting material may be an electrochemically active material.


High energy density electrochemical capacitors

Electrochemical capacitors and methods for producing such electrochemical capacitors. The electrochemical capacitor can have an initial charged state and a cycled charged state and can include an anode, a cathode, and an electrolyte.



A supercapacitor or electrochemical capacitor includes spaced apart electrodes which are separated from each other by a separator made of an electrical insulating material. Each electrode is formed of carbonaceous material and capable of being impregnated with a liquid electrolyte.
U.s. Army Research Laboratory Attn: Rdrl-loc-i

Troche topics: Quantum Dot, Lead Telluride, Crystallin, Lead Selenide, Lead Sulfide, Electrolyte, Test Strip, Chemical Reaction, Accommodation

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This listing is a sample listing of patent applications related to Troche for is only meant as a recent sample of applications filed, not a comprehensive history. There may be associated servicemarks and trademarks related to these patents. Please check with patent attorney if you need further assistance or plan to use for business purposes. This patent data is also published to the public by the USPTO and available for free on their website. Note that there may be alternative spellings for Troche with additional patents listed. Browse our RSS directory or Search for other possible listings.



2 - 1 - 102