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Electrolyte solution, electrochemical device, lithium battery, and module

Electrolyte solution, electrochemical device, lithium battery, and module

Flow-type electrochemical cell

Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Ag

Flow-type electrochemical cell

Flow-type electrochemical cell

Proton Energy Systems

Electrochemical cell with protector gasket arrangement

Date/App# patent app List of recent Troche-related patents
 Hybrid electrochemical cell systems and methods patent thumbnailHybrid electrochemical cell systems and methods
Disclosed herein are systems, devices, and methods for a hybrid electrochemical cell which utilizes two different chemistries in the same cell. According to one aspect, the hybrid cell includes a first pair of electrode units which form a first electrochemical cell and a second pair of electrode units, which form a second electrochemical cell.
G4 Synergetics, Inc.

 Electrolyte solution, electrochemical device, lithium battery, and module patent thumbnailElectrolyte solution, electrochemical device, lithium battery, and module
Wherein r1, r2 and r3 may be the same as or different from one another, each representing a hydrogen atom, a fluorine atom, a c1-c20 alkyl group, or a c1-c20 fluorinated alkyl group, excluding cases where all of r1, r2, and r3 are hydrogen atoms or fluorine atoms.. .

 Flow-type electrochemical cell patent thumbnailFlow-type electrochemical cell
Flow type electrochemical cells are disclosed. The electrochemical cell has an anode half-cell, a cathode half-cell, and permeable separating layer.
Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Ag

 Electrochemical cell with protector gasket arrangement patent thumbnailElectrochemical cell with protector gasket arrangement
An electrochemical cell is provided. The electrochemical cell includes a first frame, the frame having at least one first cleat feature arranged on one side, the at least one first cleat feature having a first height.
Proton Energy Systems, Inc.

 Copper fluoride based nanocomposites as electrode materials patent thumbnailCopper fluoride based nanocomposites as electrode materials
The present invention relates to primary and secondary electrochemical energy storage systems, particularly to such systems as battery cells, which use materials that take up and release ions as a means of storing and supplying electrical energy.. .
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey

 Method of manufacturing secondary battery patent thumbnailMethod of manufacturing secondary battery
A secondary battery manufactured according to the method may have improved electrolyte solution impregnation properties, ionic conductivity, electronic conductivity and the like and, as such, may have improved electrochemical performance.. .

 Electrode protection using electrolyte-inhibiting ion conductor patent thumbnailElectrode protection using electrolyte-inhibiting ion conductor
The use of ion-conducting materials to protect electrodes is generally described. The ion-conducting material may be in the form of a layer that is adjacent to a polymeric layer, such as a porous separator, to form a composite.
Sion Power Corporation

 Slurry for forming insulating layer, separator for electrochemical device,  producing the same, and electrochemical device patent thumbnailSlurry for forming insulating layer, separator for electrochemical device, producing the same, and electrochemical device
A slurry for forming an insulating layer of the present invention includes heat-resistant insulating fine particles, a thickening agent, and a dispersion medium. The insulating fine particles are dispersed in the dispersion medium.
Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.

 Electrodeposition of thin-film cells containing non-toxic elements patent thumbnailElectrodeposition of thin-film cells containing non-toxic elements
A structure and method of making a thin-film solar cell is provided. A thin-film solar cell includes a substrate, absorber layer and a buffer layer.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Electrodeposition of thin-film cells containing non-toxic elements patent thumbnailElectrodeposition of thin-film cells containing non-toxic elements
A structure and method of making a thin-film solar cell is provided. A thin-film solar cell includes a substrate, absorber layer and a buffer layer.
International Business Machines Corporation


Nonaqueous electrolyte solution, electrochemical device, lithium ion secondary cell, and module

A nonaqueous electrolyte solution including: a nonaqueous solvent; and an electrolyte salt. The nonaqueous solvent contains a fluorinated linear carbonate (a) represented by formula (1): rfocoor where rf represents a c1-4 fluorinated alkyl group and r represents a c1-4 alkyl group, and at least one cyclic carbonate (b) selected from ethylene carbonate, propylene carbonate, and fluoroethylene carbonate.
Daikin Industries, Ltd.


Systems and methods for compensating long term sensitivity drift of electrochemical gas sensors exposed to nitric oxide

Described are systems and methods for compensating long term sensitivity drift of catalytic type electrochemical gas sensors used in systems for delivering therapeutic nitric oxide (no) gas to a patient by compensating for drift that may be specific to the sensors atypical use in systems for delivering therapeutic nitric oxide gas to a patient. In at least some instances, the long term sensitivity drift of catalytic type electrochemical gas sensors can be addressed using calibration schedules, which can factor in the absolute change in set dose of no being delivered to the patient that can drive one or more baseline calibrations.
Ino Therapeutics Llc


Electrochemical sensor and manufacturing

A sensor includes a sheath that is elongated along a longitudinal axis; a spacer positioned within the sheath and defining first and second channels having lengths that extend along the longitudinal axis; a first elongated member positioned within the first channel; and a second elongated member positioned within the second channel. The first elongated member includes an active surface forming a working electrode and the second elongated member including an active surface defining a counter electrode..
Pepex Biomedical, Llc


Test sensor with multiple sampling routes

An improved disposable electrochemical test sensor designed to facilitate sampling of fluid samples. It has a fluid chamber having a novel extra wide sampling entrance.
Changsha Sinocare Inc.


Electrodeposition of thin-film cells containing non-toxic elements

A structure and method of making a thin-film solar cell is provided. A thin-film solar cell includes a substrate, absorber layer and a buffer layer.
International Business Machines Corporation


Electroplated metallic conductors

One embodiment is a method for producing void-free electroplated metallic conductors, the method including steps of: (a) providing a substrate having an insulating mask formed over a metallic seed layer, said insulating mask having at least one opening formed therein, wherein inside the at least one opening only the bottom surface includes exposed metallic seed layer; (b) immersing the substrate in an electrolyte contained in an electrochemical deposition (ecd) cell, the ecd cell including at least one anode and a cathode, wherein the cathode includes at least the exposed metallic seed layer at the bottom of the at least one opening, and wherein the electrolyte includes plating metallic ions and at least one inhibitor additive, said metallic ions and said at least one inhibitor additive having concentrations; (c) providing agitation of the electrolyte across the surface of the substrate; (d) electroplating inside the at least one opening wherein (i) the agitation and the concentrations of the plating metallic ions and the at least one inhibitor additive produce void-free electroplated metal or alloy inside the at least one opening when applying to the substrate an average electroplating current density between 45-250 ma/cm2, and (ii) said electroplated metal or alloy is a material selected from a group consisting of cu, ag, cu alloys, and ag alloys; and (e) removing the insulating mask, and then removing the metallic seed layer which was covered by the insulating mask during step (d).. .


Microbial electrochemical cells and methods for producing electricity and bioproducts therein

Bioelectrochemical systems comprising a microbial fuel cell (mfc) or a microbial electrolysis cell (mec) are provided. Either type of system is capable of fermenting insoluble or soluble biomass, with the mfc capable of using a consolidated bioprocessing (cbp) organism to also hydrolyze an insoluble biomass, and an electricigen to produce electricity.
Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University


Electrochemical cell

A separator plate and a frame member for an electrochemical cell are provided. The separator plate includes a plurality of protrusions extending therefrom to define a flow field.
Proton Energy Systems, Inc.


Environmentally-friendly integrated installation for producing chemical and petrochemical products

An environmentally-friendly integrated installation includes a combined air separation and carbon dioxide capture installation and an electrolysis unit. In certain embodiments, the integrated installation additionally includes a unit for producing renewable energy.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Electrochemical machining tool and electrochemical machining system

An electrochemical machining tool includes a tool main body which includes an electrode having a tubular shape extending along an axis and formed of a conductive material having flexibility, the electrode through which an electrolyte flows toward a distal end side, and an insulating layer coated on an outer circumferential surface of the electrode so as to expose a distal end surface of the electrode. In the electrochemical machining tool, a hole part serving as a fluid discharge part configured to discharge the electrolyte flowing through inside of the electrode toward the outside in the radial direction of the tool main body is formed at a portion of a position in the circumferential direction of the tool main body..
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Gel-based bio chip for electrochemical synthesis and electrical detection of polymers

An embodiment of the invention relates to a biochip comprising at least two measurement electrodes, a synthesis electrode, a ground electrode, a gap between the at least two measurement electrodes, a porous dielectric isolation layer and a gel comprising a probe in the gap, wherein the porous dielectric isolation layer is between the synthesis electrode and the gel. Yet other embodiments relate to the method of manufacturing the biochip and using the biochip for electrical detection of bio-species..
Intel Corporation


Gas-liquid reactor

The gas-liquid reactor relates to the field of process equipment for realization of gas-liquid processes and can be used in the chemical, petrochemical and other industries. The technical result of the present invention lies in the fact that the invention provedes maximum target product output and a plug flow regime.
Public Joint Stock Company " Sibur Holding"


In vivo sensors having ceria nanoparticle electrodes

Ceria nanoparticle compositions for use as electrode materials for in vivo electrochemical analyte sensors (e.g., glucose sensors) are provided, for example to form a cathode or a reference electrode. The ceria nanoparticle compositions may be combined with a conductive material (e.g., mixed with) to form the cathode or the reference electrode, or the ceria nanoparticle compositions may be deposited over conductive material to form the cathode or the reference electrode.
Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.


Heat resistant battery and charging and discharging the same

A heat resistant battery includes a positive electrode including a positive electrode current collector and a positive electrode active material fixed on the positive electrode current collector, wherein the positive electrode active material includes a sodium-containing transition metal compound capable of electrochemically storing and releasing a sodium ion; a negative electrode including a negative electrode current collector and a negative electrode active material fixed on the negative electrode current collector, wherein the negative electrode active material contains at least one selected from the group consisting of a sodium-containing titanium compound and a non-graphitizable carbon, each of the sodium-containing titanium compound and the non-graphitizable carbon capable of storing and releasing a sodium ion at a lower potential than a potential of the sodium-containing transition metal compound; and a sodium ion-conductive electrolyte provided at least between the positive electrode and the negative electrode, wherein the sodium ion-conductive electrolyte includes a salt of an organic cation having a pyrrolidinium skeleton and a bis(perfluoroalkyl sulfonyl)imide anion.. .
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Method for forming an electrochemical cell, an electrochemical cell and battery

A method for forming an electrochemical cell involves pressing a first contact element of a forming unit onto a first forming contact-making section of a first conductor of the cell, pressing a second contact element of the forming unit onto the second forming contact-making section of the second conductor of the cell, carrying out a forming treatment on the cell, separating the first forming contact-making section from the first conductor, and separating the second forming contact-making section from the second conductor.. .
Li-tec Battery Gmbh


Electrochemical bioreactor module and methods of using the same

A device and process for using the device are provided for the production of commodity chemicals by biological methods which require the addition of reducing equivalents. The device allows operating conditions to be conveniently altered to achieve maximal electrochemical efficiencies for a given biologically mediated redox reaction, series of reactions, or fermentation process..
Biocheminsights, Inc.


Method of operating electrochemical cells comprising electrodeposited fuel

An electrochemical cell system and a process for operating the same, the system having at least two fuel electrodes for receiving electrodeposited metal fuel; at least one oxidant electrode spaced apart from the fuel electrode; at least one charging electrode; an ionically conductive medium communicating the electrodes of the electrochemical cell system for conducting ions to support electrochemical reactions at the fuel, oxidant, and charging electrodes; and, one or more controllers configured to operate the cell system in discharging and charging modes and monitor a state of charge for each fuel electrode. The controllers may assign each fuel electrode in a discharging unit having a state-of-charge meeting a predetermined depletion criteria from the discharging unit to the charging unit, and each fuel electrode in the charging unit having a state-of-charge meeting a predetermined loading criteria from the charging unit to the discharging unit..
Fluidic, Inc.


Structure and fuel cell system where multiple fuel cells and power electronics feed loads in parallel allowing for integrated electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (eis)

Systems, methods, and devices of the various embodiments enable electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (“eis”) to be performed on electrochemical devices, such as fuel cell stack segments, by power electronics connecting the electrochemical devices in parallel to a common load and/or bus. In an embodiment, the power electronics may compensate for any ripple generated during eis such that no ripple is realized at the common load and/or bus..
Bloom Energy Corporation


High performance silicon electrodes having improved interfacial adhesion between binder and silicon

Methods for making a negative electrode material for use in an electrochemical cell, like a lithium ion battery, are provided. The electroactive material comprises silicon.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Battery module and the production thereof

A method for producing a battery module having a plurality of individual electrochemical cells, includes the following steps:—arranging cell cans;—embedding the cell cans in a metal foam; and—inserting cell coils into the cell cans. The metal foam is used hereby as common negative pole or positive pole of the single cells..
Audi Ag


System and a non-hazmat shippable portable power device

Provided are a system and method for a non-hazmat shippable portable power device (“nhspd”). The nhspd includes at least one cell block providing a plurality of electrically isolated encased electrochemical cells each in a predetermined location, each cell having one positive and one negative terminal in a predetermined location.
Virideon, Inc


Sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter

A potentiostat includes a voltage regulator, a current mirror, a capacitor, a comparator, a current source, and a counter. The voltage regulator maintains a voltage on a working electrode of an electrochemical sensor.
Google Inc.


Electrochemical article and processes for making same and making electrochemical measurements

An electrochemical article includes: a substrate; a working electrode disposed on the substrate to contact a composition that includes: a fluid; and an analyte to adsorb to the working electrode and comprising an electroactive moiety, the reference electrode being configured to receive a plurality of electrons from the electroactive moiety, to donate electrons to the electroactive moiety, or a combination thereof; a reference electrode disposed on the substrate to contact the fluid; a counter electrode disposed on the substrate to contact the fluid; a heater disposed on the substrate to heat the analyte adsorbed on the working electrode to a selected temperature; and an electrically insulating layer interposed between the heater and the working electrode, the electrochemical article being microfabricated. A process for process for performing electrochemistry includes: introducing a composition to the electrochemical article; and transferring a plurality of electrons between the working electrode and the electroactive moiety to perform electrochemistry..
National Institute Of Standards And Technology


Rotational ducted fan (rdf) propulsion system

In accordance with the present invention, an embodiment of a rotational ducted fan motor comprises a monolithic rotational ducted fan rotor, an electric propulsion system, a static aft-shroud comprising electrochemical-energy-storage, and an engagement system. The rotational ducted fan rotor is the portion of a ducted fan motor comprising a propeller, a duct, and a center hub, and having the effect of increasing the pressure difference from upstream to downstream of the propeller.


Underpotential deposition-mediated layer-by-layer growth of thin films

A method of depositing contiguous, conformal submonolayer-to-multilayer thin films with atomic-level control is described. The process involves electrochemically exchanging a mediating element on a substrate with a noble metal film by alternatingly sweeping potential in forward and reverse directions for a predetermined number of times in an electrochemical cell.
Brookhaven Science Associates, Llc


Electroplating methods for semiconductor substrates

A non-uniform initial metal film is non-unniformly deplated to provide a more uniform metal film on a substrate. Electrochemical deplating may be performed by placing the substrate in a deplating bath formulated specifically for deplating, rather than for plating.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Process for the electrochemical production of 2,2,4-trimethyladipic acid and 2,4,4-trimethyladipic acid

A process for the electrochemical production of 2,2,4-trimethyladipic acid and 2,4,4-trimethyladipic acid by electrochemical oxidative ring cleavage of a mixture of cis- and trans-3,3,5-trimethylcyclohexanol.. .
Evonik Industries Ag


System and introducing an additive with a unique catalyst to a coking process

Gas oil components, coking process recycle, and heavier hydrocarbons are cracked or coked in the coking vessel by injecting an additive into the vapors of traditional coking processes in the coking vessel. The additive contains catalyst(s), seeding agent(s), excess reactant(s), quenching agent(s), carrier(s), or any combination thereof to modify reaction kinetics to preferentially crack or coke these components.


Low scale potential water treatment

An electrochemical treating device having low scale potential is disclosed. The device has a variety of configurations directed to the layering of the anionic exchange and cationic exchange.
Evoqua Water Technologies Llc


Method for producing an arbitrary geometry on pistons of internal combustion engines

A method for processing a constructed, liquid-cooled piston of an internal combustion engine, the piston including an upper piston part and a lower piston part, which are supported by a joining plane and are connected to each other in a bonded manner. An electrochemical method, such as electrochemical machining, is used to produce a passage opening or a hole in the piston.
Ks Kolbenschmidt Gmbh


Catalysts for petrochemical catalysis

Metal oxide catalysts comprising various dopants are provided. The catalysts are useful as heterogenous catalysts in a variety of catalytic reactions, for example, the oxidative coupling of methane to c2 hydrocarbons such as ethane and ethylene.
Siluria Technologies, Inc.


Electrochemical and luminescent sensor structures integrated on common substrate

A sensor arrangement for detecting information indicative of a physiological substance in a body material of a physiological subject, wherein the sensor arrangement comprises a substrate a first sensor structure connected to the substrate and being configured for sensing the physiological substance electrochemically, and a second sensor structure connected to the substrate and being configured for sensing the physiological substance by a luminescence detection.. .
Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft Mbh


Service-detectable analyte sensors and methods of using and making same

Generally, embodiments of the invention relate to analyte determining devices (e.g., electrochemical analyte monitoring systems) that include an indicator element that provides information relating to service history of the analyte determining devices, including, for example, previous use of the analyte determining devices. Also provided are systems and methods of using the, for example electrochemical, analyte determining devices in analyte monitoring..
Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.


Air-metal-battery and electrochemical power generation method

The invention relates to an air-metal-battery composed of plural nested elements and is useful for electrochemical power generation by means of an electrolyte. In order to remarkably improve the ratio of the capacity to the weight, a first interior element (1) is formed by a tube (2) which is made of a perforated, electrolyte-resistant material; in the tube (2), a cavity (3) for an electrolyte (4) is constructed; the tube (2) is exteriorly wrapped with an electric current collector (5) as a first electrode (6); a separator (7) is tightly affixed to the electric current collector (5) exteriorly; and the separator (7) is exteriorly covered by an air electrode (8) serving as a second electrode (9)..
New Energy Power Sci-tech Co., Ltd.


Battery cell having air electrode assembly bonded to can and manufacture

An electrochemical battery cell is provided having a housing formed by a can and a cup, with a sealing gasket disposed therebetween. First and second electrodes and electrolyte are disposed within the housing.
Eveready Battery Company, Inc.


Ionic liquid containing hydroxamate and n-alkyl sulfamate ions

Embodiments of the invention are related to ionic liquids and more specifically to ionic liquids used in electrochemical metal-air cells in which the ionic liquid includes a cation and an anion selected from hydroxamate and/or n-alkyl sulfamate anions.. .
Fluidic, Inc.


Lithium sulfur battery cathode electrode surface treatment during discharge

Methods and apparatus are provided for discharging a li—s battery having at least one battery unit comprising a lithium-containing anode and a sulfur-containing cathode with an electrolyte layer there between. One method comprises electrochemically surface treating the sulfur-containing cathode during discharge of the battery.
Nissan North America, Inc.


Symmetrical and unsymmetrical organosilicon molecules and electrolyte compositions and electrochemical devices containing them

Described are organosilicon electrolyte compositions having improved thermostability and electrochemical properties and electrochemical devices that contain the organosilicon electrolyte compositions.. .
Silatronix, Inc.


Non-aqueous electrolyte and power storage device using same

Provided are a nonaqueous electrolytic solution having an electrolyte salt dissolved in a nonaqueous solvent, the nonaqueous electrolytic solution containing from 0.001 to 5% by mass of 1,3-dioxane and further containing from 0.001 to 5% by mass of at least one selected from a specified phosphoric acid ester compound, a specified cyclic sulfonic acid ester compound, and a cyclic acid anhydride containing a side chain having allyl hydrogen; and an energy storage device using the same. This nonaqueous electrolytic solution is capable of improving electrochemical characteristics at high temperatures and further capable of not only improving a capacity retention rate after a high-temperature cycle test but also decreasing a rate of increase of an electrode thickness..
Ube Industries, Ltd.


High energy density solid state lithium ion battery with fail-sale

Electrochemical cells for a lithium-ion battery are formed on a conductive wire substrate drawn through a multi-chamber deposition reactor, then assembled together in series and parallel connection to create a fail-safe battery. The wire substrate acts as current-limiting fuse that melts when there is a short affecting that cell, while remaining cells of the battery continue to operate.
Kalptree Energy, Inc.


Water-activated permanganate electrochemical cell

A water-activated permanganate electrochemical cell includes at least one anode, a solid cathode configured to be electrically coupled to the anode, an electrolyte between the at least one anode and the cathode, and a housing configured to hold the at least one anode, the cathode, and the electrolyte. The electrolyte includes water and permanganate configured to be reduced within the cell in at least a two-step reduction process..
Open Water Power, Inc.


High performance lithium battery electrodes by self-assembly processing

Disclosed are methods and processes for producing electrochemical devices having well-organized nanostructures or microstructures. In one aspect, the present invention discloses a simple, cheap, and fast nanotechnology-based manufacturing process for fabricating high performance electrodes.


Energy storage cell and energy storage module

An energy storage cell includes an electrically conductive housing having at least one first, one second, and one third outer wall, with the first outer wall being located at a distance from the second outer wall, and with the third outer wall connecting the first and second outer walls to one another. At least one electrochemical element is disposed in the housing having one anodic connection and one cathodic connection.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft


Battery modules and cells with insulated module block, and manufacturing

Systems and methods for providing the assembly electrochemical cells in neutral materials are described. Components can be eliminated from traditional electrochemical cell designs in this fashion.
General Electric Company


Electrolyte solution and electrochemical device

The present invention aims to provide an electrolyte solution that is less likely to lead to an increase in resistance and realizes high capacity retention factor even after continuous application of a high voltage, and to provide an electrochemical device. The present invention provides an electrolyte solution including: a nitrile compound; and a quaternary ammonium salt, the electrolyte solution having a potassium ion content of less than 10 ppm, a moisture content of 20 ppm or less, a tertiary amine content of 30 ppm or less, a heterocyclic compound content of 30 ppm or less, and an ammonia content of 20 ppm or less..
Daikin Industries, Ltd.


Electrochemical device

An electrochemical device is provided with an electric storage element that is constituted by a first electrode sheet, a second electrode sheet, and a separate sheet installed between the two electrode sheets. The separate sheet includes: a first part (high liquid absorptivity part) sandwiched between the two electrode sheets; a second part (low liquid absorptivity part) extending outward from the two electrode sheets; and a third part (contact part) in contact with a rim surface of the second electrode sheet, whereby the electrochemical device can quickly and reliably resolve a phenomenon of the amount of electrolyte decreasing in the part of the separate sheet sandwiched between the two electrode sheets, even if the phenomenon occurs frequently..
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.


Photoassisted high efficiency conversion of carbon-containing fuels to electricity

Electricity is generated by oxidizing a carbon-containing fuel in a photoelectrochemical fuel cell via a cyclic oxidation pathway to yield carbon dioxide and water, and collecting the electrons released via the cyclic oxidation pathway to yield a flow of electrons. The cyclic oxidation pathway includes a series of reactions of which is a photooxidation reaction.
California Institute Of Technology

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