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 Electrochemical cell comprising an electrodeposited fuel patent thumbnailnew patent Electrochemical cell comprising an electrodeposited fuel
Provided is a rechargeable electrochemical cell system for generating electrical current using a fuel and an oxidant. The system includes a plurality of electrochemical cells.
Fluidic, Inc.

 Flame retardant for electrolytes for batteries patent thumbnailnew patent Flame retardant for electrolytes for batteries
The present invention relates to an electrolyte composition with low flammability which can be used in batteries yielding high electrochemical performance. In particular, the present invention relates to an electrolyte composition comprising a) at least 3 wt.-% of the electrolyte composition of at least one compound of general structure (i) r1 and r2 are independent from each other methyl, ethyl, n-propyl or n-butyl and b) at least one anode film forming additive..
Basf Se

 Solid polymer electrolyte composition patent thumbnailnew patent Solid polymer electrolyte composition
A polymer electrolyte composition includes a hard polymer segment covalently bound to an ionically-conducting segment, and a salt that includes an element m selected from an alkali metal, an alkaline earth metal, zinc, and aluminum. The hard polymer segment has a glass transition temperature (tg) greater than or equal to 110° c., or a melting temperature (tm) greater than 110° c.
Cornell University

 Rechargeable electrochemical lithium cell with sulfur dioxide-containing electrolyte patent thumbnailnew patent Rechargeable electrochemical lithium cell with sulfur dioxide-containing electrolyte
The invention relates to a rechargeable, non-aqueous electrochemical battery cell which has a negative electrode, a positive electrode and a sulfur dioxide-containing electrolyte.. .
Fortu New Battery Technology Gmbh

 Electrochemical energy storage systems and methods featuring optimal membrane systems patent thumbnailnew patent Electrochemical energy storage systems and methods featuring optimal membrane systems
This invention is directed to aqueous redox flow batteries comprising ionically charged redox active materials and separators, wherein the separator is about 100 microns or less and the flow battery is capable of (a) operating with a current efficiency of at least 85% with a current density of at least about 100 ma/cm2; (b) operating with a round trip voltage efficiency of at least 60% with a current density of at least about 100 ma/cm2; and/or (c) giving rise to diffusion rates through the separator for the first active material, the second active material, or both, of about 1×10−7 mol/cm2-sec or less.. .
Lockheed Martin Advanced Energy Storage, Llc

 High capacity positive electrodes for use in lithium-ion electrochemical cells and methods of making same patent thumbnailnew patent High capacity positive electrodes for use in lithium-ion electrochemical cells and methods of making same
Positive electrode for lithium-ion electrochemical cells are provided that have capacity retentions of greater than about 95% after 50 charge-discharge cycles when comparing the capacity after cycle 52 with the capacity after cycle 2 when cycled between 2.5 v and 4.7 v vs. Li/li+ at 30° c.
3m Innovative Properties Company

 Separator media for electrochemical cells patent thumbnailnew patent Separator media for electrochemical cells
A separator medium for electrochemical cells that contains at least one nonwoven sheet of polymeric fibers. The nonwoven sheet has a surface area of about 0.5 to about 1.5 m2/g and has a maximum pore size that is equal to or more than 2.5 times the mean flow pore size and more than 11 times the minimum pore size.
E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

 Porous siox materials for improvement in siox switching device performances patent thumbnailnew patent Porous siox materials for improvement in siox switching device performances
A porous memory device, such as a memory or a switch, may provide a top and bottom electrodes with a memory material layer (e.g. Siox) positioned between the electrodes.
William Marsh Rice University

 Electrochemical energy storage device and methods of fabrication patent thumbnailnew patent Electrochemical energy storage device and methods of fabrication
An embodiment of an electrochemical energy storage device has been disclosed. The device includes a housing, an electrolyte contained within the housing, and an electrode arrangement at least partially submerged in the electrolyte.
Cooper Technologies Company

 Electrochemical device patent thumbnailnew patent Electrochemical device
An electrochemical device (100) according to an embodiment of the present disclosure includes: a first substrate (12); a second substrate (52) arranged so that a gap is formed between the first substrate and the second substrate; an electrolytic medium (24) including an electrolyte solution filling the gap; a sealing portion (46) formed between the first substrate and the second substrate for sealing the electrolytic medium (24) in the gap; and a first electrode (15), a second electrode (35) and a third electrode (55) being in contact with the electrolytic medium (24) and each having an electrochemically different function, wherein at least a portion of each of the first electrode (15), the second electrode (35) and the third electrode (55) is formed on the first substrate (12) or on the second substrate (52).. .
Panasonic Corporation

new patent

Electrochemical biosensor

According to one embodiment of the present invention, an electrochemical sensor (10) for detecting the concentration of analyte in a fluid test sample is disclosed. The sensor (10) includes a counter electrode having a high-resistance portion for use in detecting whether a predetermined amount of sample has been received by the test sensor..
Ascensia Diabetes Care Holdings Ag

new patent

Methods for optimized production of multilayer metal/transparent conducting oxide (tco) constructs

The present disclosure relates to processes and apparatuses for optimizing the single pass production of multilayer constructs including metal/transparent conducting oxide (tco) multilayers. Articles created from such methods are also disclosed.
Materion Corporation

new patent

Ion exchange membranes, electrochemical systems, and methods

Disclosed herein are ion exchange membranes, electrochemical systems, and methods that relate to various configurations of the ion exchange membranes and other components of the electrochemical cell.. .
Calera Corporation

new patent

Photocathodes and dual photoelectrodes for nanowire photonic devices

Important components of direct solar based nanowire enabled chemical processing and electrochemical systems are a high efficiency and highly stable photocathode and 2-photon dual electrodes. The former enables photo-excited electrons that lead to hydrogen generation whereas the later with complementary energy bandgap photoanode and photocathode enables high efficiency, unassisted solar-driven water splitting.

new patent

Cycloaliphatic polyester polyols from thermoplastic polyesters

Cycloaliphatic polyester polyols and processes for making them from thermoplastic polyesters are disclosed. One process comprises heating a thermoplastic polyester with a glycol to give a digested intermediate and hydrogenating aromatic rings in the digested intermediate to produce the cycloaliphatic polyester polyol.
Resinate Materials Group, Inc.

new patent

Method of making mesoporous carbon from natural wood and mesoporous carbon hollow tubes made thereby

In various embodiments, the present invention provides a relatively low cost and substantially chemical free method of making high surface area mesoporous carbon (as well as novel mesoporous carbon hollow tube (mcht) structures made thereby) utilizing the cellulose framework found in natural wood and/or other plant fibers to make porous carbon structures. In some embodiments, the present invention will provide porous carbon structures having higher surface area than porous carbon structures made using prior art template methods, higher adsorption capacity than commercial activated carbon, and, in some embodiments, excellent electrochemical capacitance and storage capabilities.
The University Of Akron

new patent

Laser welding-self brazing in medical power manufacturing

A process for creating a laser braze weld joint between a current collector and a terminal pin in the construction of electrochemical cells is described. The laser braze welding process utilizes a laser weld instrument to create a braze-like joint between two work pieces.
Greatbatch, Ltd.

Method for manufacturing a biological fluid sensor

The present invention presents a method of fabrication for a physiological sensor with electronic, electrochemical and chemical components. The fabrication method comprises steps for manufacturing an apparatus comprising at least one electrochemical sensor, a microcontroller, and a transceiver.
Coresyte, Inc.

Battery module separator plates

The present disclosure includes a battery module having a first electrochemical cell and a second electrochemical cell positioned adjacent to the first electrochemical cell. The battery module also includes a separator plate disposed between the first electrochemical cell and the second electrochemical cell.
Johnson Controls Technology Company

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Ionic conductivity of nasicon through aliovalent cation substitution

The present invention is directed to solid nasicon electrolytes in which the zirconium site is doped with a 2+ oxidation state cation. The present invention is also directed to methods of making the solid electrolytes and methods of using the solid electrolytes in batteries and other electrochemical technologies..
University Of Maryland, College Park

Integration of reforming/water splitting and electrochemical systems for power generation with integrated carbon capture

High efficiency electricity generation processes and systems with substantially zero co2 emissions are provided. A closed looping between the unit that generates gaseous fuel (h2, co, etc) and the fuel cell anode side is formed.
Ohio State Innovation Foundation

Anode for secondary battery comprising additive for improving low-temperature characteristics, and secondary battery having the same

The present disclosure refers to an anode for a secondary battery that comprises a low-temperature additive, and an electrochemical device using the anode. More specifically, the present disclosure provides a carbon-based anode material comprising a low-temperature additive such as lithium titanium oxide (lto) to improve low-temperature output characteristics, thereby providing high output at room temperature and even a low temperature, and an electrochemical device using the anode..
Lg Chem, Ltd.

Electrochemical accumulator

The invention relates to an electrochemical accumulator comprising at least one housing and at least one electrochemical cell disposed in said housing as well as at least two electrical connection terminals for electrically contacting the accumulator, wherein at least one of the connection terminals is formed from at least two interconnected sections of differing metals or metal alloys. The invention furthermore relates to a method for manufacturing an electrochemical accumulator..
Johnson Controls Advanced Power Solutions Gmbh

Electrochemical cell and electrochemical cell with terminal

A coin type (button type) electrochemical cell is configured of a negative electrode can configuring a negative electrode side and a positive electrode can configuring a positive electrode side. Then, the negative electrode can and the positive electrode can are formed of non-magnetic stainless steel which does not have magnetic properties due to plastic processing.
Seiko Instruments Inc.


A supercapacitor or electrochemical capacitor includes spaced apart electrodes which are separated from each other by a separator made of an electrically insulating material. Each electrode is formed of carbonaceous material and capable of being impregnated with a liquid electrolyte.
U.s. Army Research Laboratory Attn: Rdrl-loc-i

Electrochemical devices with plastic substrates

An electrochromic device includes a first flexible or rigid plastic substrate including a front surface, and a rear surface, wherein the rear surface comprises a first conductive material; and the front surface, the rear surface, or both the front surface and the rear surface of the first substrate comprises a gas diffusion barrier; and a second flexible or rigid plastic substrate including a front surface, and a rear surface, wherein the front surface comprises a second conductive material, wherein the first substrate is joined to the second substrate by a sealing member, where the rear surface of the first substrate and the front surface of the second substrate with the sealing member define a chamber therebetween.. .
Gentex Corporation

Optical assay device with pneumatic sample actuation

This invention relates generally to devices and methods for performing optical and electrochemical assays and, more particularly, to test devices, e.g., cartridges, methods and systems, wherein the test devices have an entry port configured to receive a test sample into a holding chamber; a first conduit having at least one lateral flow test strip; and a displacement device, such as a pneumatic pump, configured to move a portion of said test sample from said holding chamber into said first conduit. The present invention is particularly useful for performing immunoassays and/or electrochemical assays at the point-of-care..
Abbott Point Of Care Inc.

Nanoporous bioelectrochemical sensors for measuring redox potential in biological samples

A bioelectrochemical sensor utilizing a nanoporous gold electrode. The bioelectrochemical sensor is suitable for measuring redox in biologic media while having increased resistance to biofouling as compared to conventional electrodes such as planar gold electrodes, due to greater exposed surface area of the three-dimentional ligature structure defining the nanopores.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

An electrochemical producing pure-oxygen gas and oxygen-lean gas from oxygen-containing gas mixtures

The present invention relates to an electrochemical method for continuously producing a pure-oxygen gas and an oxygen-lean gas from an oxygen-containing gas mixture. At least two water electrolyzer units and two power supply units are used, of which each former solely corresponds to each latter, respectively.
Dalian University Of Technology

Electrochemical clamp assay

Described herein are systems and methods for electrochemically detecting a variant of a target sequence in a sample, the target sequence being present as a plurality of variants within the sample, the system comprising an electrode comprising a first probe on its surface, said probe being capable of binding a first variant of the target sequence, and a second probe capable of binding a second variant of the target sequence, wherein the second probe is added to the sample, thereby preventing binding of the second variant to the first probe. Also disclosed herein are kits for electrochemical detection of target sequences..
The Governing Council Of The University Of Toronto

Lactate dehydrogenase detector

A lactate dehydrogenase detector, which is used to detect a content of lactate dehydrogenase in a biological sample, comprises a substrate, an electrode assembly, a hydrophobic insulation layer, a cover and a reagent-containing membrane. The electrode assembly is disposed on the substrate and including a working electrode and a reference electrode.
Eumed Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Integrated process for conversion of waste plastics to final petrochemical products

An integrated process for the conversion of waste plastics to high value products. The integrated process allows for operation with a hydroprocessing reactor which provides simultaneous hydrogenation, dechlorination, and hydrocracking of components of a hydrocarbon stream to specifications which meet steam cracker requirements..
Sabic Global Technologies, B.v.

Robust integrated process for conversion of waste plastics to final petrochemical products

A robust integrated process for the conversion of waste plastics to high value products. The robust integrated process allows for operation with a single hydroprocessing reactor which provides simultaneous hydrogenation, dechlorination, and hydrocracking of components of a hydrocarbon stream to specifications which meet steam cracker requirements, with the option to further dechlorinate the treated hydrocarbon stream in a polishing zone..
Sabic Global Technologies, B.v.

Apparatus and water treatment using in-situ activation of manganese dioxide catalyst

The apparatus for water treatment using in-situ activation of a manganese dioxide catalyst includes: a reaction bath configured to give a space where aqueous organic contaminants are removed by means of reaction with permanganate (mno4−) generated by electrochemical oxidation of manganese oxide (mno2); a plurality of manganese dioxide catalysts provided at the reaction bath and electrochemically oxidized into permanganate (mno4−) by a voltage applied thereto; and a power supply device configured to apply power to the manganese dioxide catalyst so that the manganese dioxide (mno2) is electrochemically oxidized into permanganate (mno4−).. .
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

Catalytic formation of carbon monoxide (co) and hydrogen (h2) from biomass

The present invention relates to methods of preparing carbon monoxide (co) and hydrogen (h2) by reacting biomass, a biomass component (e.g., lignin, ligno-cellulose, cellulose, hemiceullose or combination thereof) or a carbohydrate from any source with a polyoxometalate catalyst such as h5pv2mo10o40, or solvates thereof, in the presence of a concentrated acid, under conditions sufficient to yield carbon monoxide (co); followed by electrochemical release of hydrogen (h2). The carbon monoxide (co) and hydrogen (h2) may be combined in any desired proportion to yield synthesis gas (syngas).
Yeda Research And Development Co., Ltd.

Range-extending, charging, and driving an electric vehicle

Nowadays people attempt to replace petrochemical engine vehicles by electric vehicles. However, up to now this attempt has not been successful yet for the insufficiency of safety, cruising range and convenience.

Ingestible, electrical device for oral delivery of a substance

In one aspect, an ingestible, electrical device, comprises a substrate comprising a reservoir that is configured to hold one or more substances; a first film covering the reservoir, wherein the first film is at least partially metallic; a charge storage system connected to the first film, the charge storage system configured to deliver a transient electrochemical potential to the first film; wherein the first film is configured to prevent exposure of the substance to an aqueous environment in an organism, while the charge storage system delivers the transient electrochemical potential to the first film; and wherein the first film is configured for dissolution to expose the one or more substances to the aqueous environment in the organism, after the charge storage system stops delivering the transient electrochemical potential to the first film.. .
Carnegie Mellon University

Energy storage assembly, use thereof, and energy storage cell assembly

An energy storage assembly includes the following: at least one electrochemical cell, wherein the at least one electrochemical cell comprises an anode that is liquid during operation, an electrolyte that is liquid during operation, and a cathode that is liquid during operation; and a magnetic field-generating structure disposed outside the at least one electrochemical cell for generating a magnetic field, wherein the magnetic field-generating structure is configured such that the generated magnetic field penetrates the at least one electrochemical cell.. .
Helmholtz-zentrum Dresden Rossendorf E. V.

Electrochemical devices comprising compressed gas solvent electrolytes

Disclosed are novel electrolytes, and techniques for making and devices using such electrolytes, which are based on compressed gas solvents. Unlike conventional electrolytes, disclosed electrolytes are based on “compressed gas solvents” mixed with various salts, referred to as “compressed gas electrolytes.” various embodiments of a compressed gas solvent includes a material that is in a gas phase and has a vapor pressure above an atmospheric pressure at a room temperature.
The Regents Of The University Of California

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Solid-state multi-layer electrolyte, electrochemical cell and battery including the electrolyte, and forming same

An electrochemical cell including a multi-layer solid-state electrolyte, a battery including the cell, and a method of forming the battery and cell are disclosed. The electrolyte includes a first layer that is compatible with the anode of the cell and a second layer that is compatible with the cathode of the cell.
The Regents Of The University Of Colorado, A Body Corporate

Ionically permeable structures for energy storage devices

An electrochemical stack comprising carrier ions, an anode comprising an anode active material layer, a cathode comprising a cathode active material layer, a separator between the anode and the cathode comprising a porous dielectric material and a non-aqueous electrolyte, and an ionically permeable conductor layer located between the separator and an electrode active material layer.. .
Enovix Corporation

"b" and "o" site doped ab2o4 spinel cathode material, preparing the same, and rechargeable lithium and li-ion electrochemical systems containing the same

A process for preparing a stable group viii period 4 element (iron, cobalt, or nickel) “b” site and chlorine “o” site modified lithium manganese-based ab2o4 spinel cathode material is provided. The general formula of the “b” and “o” site modified lithium manganese-based ab2o4 spinel is lixmn2-ymyo4-z(clz) where m is fe, co or ni.
United States Government, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army

Cathode materials for lithium ion batteries

A process of forming a coated cathode active material include preparing a cathode material precursor by co-precipitation; coating the cathode material precursor with an electrochemically inert coating material precursor by precipitation to form a coated cathode material precursor; lithiating the coated cathode material precursor with a lithium source material to tern a lithiated coated cathode material precursor; and sintering the lithiated coated cathode material precursor to form a cathode active material coated with an electrochemically inert material.. .
Uchicago Argonne, Llc

Metal fluoride passivation coatings prepared by atomic layer deposition on licoo2 for li-ion batteries

The fabrication of robust interfaces between transition metal oxides and non-aqueous electrolytes is one of the great challenges of lithium ion batteries. Atomic layer deposition (ald) of aluminum tungsten fluoride (alwxfy) improves the electrochemical stability of licoo2.
Uchicago Argonne, Llc

Energy storage elctrodes and devices

An energy storage electrode and a device can be fabricated from ultrafine metal mesh (umm). Deposited onto the said umm surfaces are electrode materials including electrochemically active materials and electrolytes, producing umm-based electrodes.

System and managing web-based refinery performance optimization using secure cloud computing

A management system for improving operation of a plant. A server is coupled to the management system for communicating with the plant via a communication network.
Uop Llc

Electrochemical for determining the content of doc and/or toc and/or ic in an aqueous sample

The carbon dioxide thereby formed is collected in a closed gas space, wherein, in the range of the essentially linear increase in the co2 content in the gas space, the rate at which this increase takes place is determined and used in an analyzer unit to determine the doc and/or toc and/or ic content.. .

Process control

A method for controlling a process stream comprises detecting interfaces that are present in the process stream under a set of conditions using a phased array ultrasound probe, reconstructing an image of the interfaces, and providing the image, or information derived therefrom, to a control system. The control system either modifies or maintains the set of conditions in process stream.
Bp Corporation North America Inc.

Electrochemical determination of heavy metals

Methods and sensing instruments are provided which perform automated electrochemical sensing and determination of metals in a liquid sample, such as drinking water or waste water. With use of microelectrode arrays, concentrations of metal are determined through a double potential step variation on anodic stripping coulometry, and the ability to generate these results provides for compact sensor networks that can be remotely deployed for determination of metals in samples, for real-time, decentralized sample monitoring..
University Of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc.

Method of forming electrically isolated structures using thin dielectric coatings

Electrochemical fabrication processes and apparatus for producing multi-layer structures where each layer includes the deposition of at least two materials and wherein the formation of at least some layers including operations for providing coatings of dielectric material that isolate at least portions of a first conductive material from (1) other portions of the first conductive material, (2) a second conductive material, or (3) another dielectric material, and wherein the thickness of the dielectric coatings are thin compared to the thicknesses of the layers used in forming the structures. In some preferred embodiments, portions of each individual layer are encapsulated by dielectric material while in other embodiments only boundaries between distinct regions of materials are isolated from one another by dielectric barriers..
Microfabrica Inc.

Method for sludge-reduced electrocatalytic reduction-oxidation pretreatment of nitrotoluene production wastewater

Embodiments herein relate to methods for sludge reduction for pretreatment of nitrotoluene wastewater using electro-catalytic redox. The embodiments may include (a) adjusting a ph of the nitrotoluene wastewater to 1.5 to 2.0, standing for precipitation, draining sludge of the nitrotoluene wastewater at the bottom, obtaining supernatant of nitrotoluene wastewater, placing the supernatant through a cathode inlet into a cathode chamber of an electrochemical reactor; (b) performing electrochemical treatment, wherein reduction reaction of the supernatant of the nitrotoluene wastewater takes place at the cathode chamber, the nitrotoluene wastewater is placed into the anode chamber for oxidation reaction through the cathode outlet, the catholyte tank, and the anode inlet in sequence; (c) adjusting the nitrotoluene wastewater treated in step (b) via the anolyte tank, and then discharging the nitrotoluene wastewater into a biochemical system.
Nanjing University

Nanoporous graphene nanowires and producing methods and applications of same

The invention relates to a material of porous graphene nanowires with a pore-rich structure, production methods and applications of the material of porous graphene nanowires. The method includes: synthesis of catalyst nanowires for porous graphene nanowires, chemical vapor deposition of a carbon source on the catalysts to grow graphene, removal of residual catalyst, and formation of the porous graphene nanowires.
Angstron Holdings Corporation

Electrochemical machining method, electrochemical machining apparatus and electrochemical machining fluid

While switching polarity of an electrode, a voltage is applied between the electrode and a workpiece hard metal with the electrode used as a negative-electrode such that tungsten carbide (wc; component of the hard metal) is anodized to form a tungsten oxide (wo3), and a voltage is supplied therebetween with the electrode used as a positive-electrode such that cobalt (co) that is a component of the workpiece is electrolytically-eluted and at the same time the wo3 generated by anodization is dissolved in the machining fluid, a saline solution (nacl) or an aqueous solution of nitrate of soda (na(no3)) is used as an machining fluid; a calcium salt is added beforehand to the machining fluid to react tungstate soda (na2wo4) generated in the machining with the calcium salt whereby calcium tungstate (cawo4) is produced; and a calcium compound is separated and recovered using a difference in specific gravity.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Biocompatible graphene quantum dots for drug delivery and bioimaging applications

In this work we have targeted two aspects of gqds, size and ros to reduce their cytotoxicity. Small size can damage cell organelles and production of ros (reactive oxygen species) can hamper cell machinery in multiple ways.
Council Of Scientific And Industrial Research

Analyte sensor with increased reference capacity

Systems and methods of use for continuous analyte measurement of a host's vascular system are provided. In some embodiments, a continuous glucose measurement system includes an electrochemical sensor incorporating a silver/silver chloride reference electrode, wherein a capacity of the reference electrode is controlled..
Dexcom, Inc.

Battery wireless charging system

A system for wirelessly charging an electrical energy storage device such as an electrochemical cell or battery pack is described. The system comprises a transmitting base unit having a charging tray that is capable of wirelessly transmitting electrical power received from an external electrical energy source.
Electrochem Solutions, Inc.

Battery arrangement

A battery arrangement is provided that includes battery cells that are electrically connected to one another, wherein each of the battery cells includes individual electrochemical cells. Each of the battery cells is thermally insulated from the further battery cells of the plurality of battery cells.
Airbus Defence And Space Gmbh

Acrylonitrile derivatives as additive for electrolytes in lithium ion batteries

An electrolyte composition (a) containing (i) at least one aprotic organic solvent; (ii) at least one conducting salt; (iii) at least one compound of formula (i) wherein x1 and x2 are independently from each other selected from n(r1), p(r1), o, and s, y1 and y2 are independently from each other selected from (o), (s), (pr2) and (nr2); and electrochemical cells containing electrolyte composition (a).. .
Basf Se

Grid assembly for a plate-shaped battery electrode of an electrochemical accumulator battery

The invention relates to a grid arrangement for a plate-shaped battery electrode of an electrochemical accumulator having a frame and a grid arranged thereon, wherein the frame comprises at least one upper frame element having a connecting lug of the battery electrode disposed on its side facing away from the grid, and wherein the grid is at least formed by horizontal bars, which are bars extending substantially horizontally, and vertical bars, which are bars extending substantially vertically, wherein at least some of the vertical bars are arranged at different angles to one another in the shape of a fan. The invention further relates to an accumulator..
Johnson Controls Autobatterie Gmbh & Co. Kgaa

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Nanocomposite anode materials for sodium-ion batteries

The disclosure relates to an anode material for a sodium-ion battery having the general formula aox—c or acx—c, where a is aluminum (al), magnesium (mg), titanium (ti), vanadium (v), chromium (cr), manganese (mn), iron (fe), cobalt (co), nickel (ni), zirconium (zr), molybdenum (mo), tungsten (w), niobium (nb), tantalum (ta), silicon (si), or any combinations thereof. The anode material also contains an electrochemically active nanoparticles within the matrix.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

Making lithium secondary battery electrodes using an atmospheric plasma

The manufacture of electrode members for lithium-ion electrochemical cells and batteries is more efficient using an atmospheric plasma stream in carrying, heating, and directing current collector and electrode materials for deposition on thin sheet substrates. Particles of conductive metals are heated and partially melted in the plasma and deposited as current collector films for active electrodes (and reference electrodes) at relatively low temperatures (<100° c.) on separator sheets.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Composite silicon or composite tin particles

The specification relates to a composite particle for storing lithium. The composite particle is used in an electrochemical cell.

Electrochemical systems with electronically conductive layers

Provided are separator systems for electrochemical systems providing electronic, mechanical and chemical properties useful for a variety of applications including electrochemical storage and conversion. Embodiments provide structural, physical and electrostatic attributes useful for managing and controlling dendrite formation and for improving the cycle life and rate capability of electrochemical cells including silicon anode based batteries, air cathode based batteries, redox flow batteries, solid electrolyte based systems, fuel cells, flow batteries and semisolid batteries.
California Institute Of Technology

Electrochemical cell with bipolar faradaic membrane

An electrochemical cell includes a negative electrode having a first liquid phase having a first active metal, a positive electrode having a second liquid phase having a second active metal, and a liquid electrolyte having a salt of the first active metal and a salt of the second active metal. The electrochemical cell also includes a bipolar faradaic membrane, disposed between the negative electrode and the positive electrode, having a first surface facing the negative electrode and a second surface facing the positive electrode.
Total Marketing Services

Apparatus for estimating state of hybrid secondary battery and method thereof

An apparatus for estimating state of a hybrid secondary battery including a first secondary battery and a second secondary battery having different electrochemical characteristics from each other and being connected in parallel with each other, is provided. The apparatus includes a sensor unit which measures an operating voltage and an operating current of the secondary battery at time intervals, and a control unit which is electrically connected with the sensor unit and estimates the state of the hybrid secondary battery including at least one of a first state of charge of the first secondary battery and a second state of charge of the second secondary battery, by implementing an extended kalman filter algorithm using a state equation and an output equation, in which the state equation includes, as a state parameter, at least one of the first state of charge of the first secondary battery and the second state of charge of the second secondary battery, and the output equation includes, as an output parameter, the operating voltage of the hybrid secondary battery..
Lg Chem, Ltd.

Application of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy in sensor systems, devices, and related methods

A diagnostic electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (eis) procedure is applied to measure values of impedance-related parameters for one or more sensing electrodes. The parameters may include real impedance, imaginary impedance, impedance magnitude, and/or phase angle.
Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

A system for utilizing excess heat for carrying out electrochemical reactions

A system and a method are provided for utilizing excess heat generated by an industrial process, in an electrochemical process. The system comprising: an electrochemical reactor for carrying out an electrochemical reaction, wherein the electrochemical reaction requires a pre-defined minimal temperature to be carried out; means operative to receive a gaseous feed stream generated in the industrial process and being at an elevated temperature; an inlet for introducing one or more chemical reactants to the electrochemical reactor; wherein the system is characterized in that the gaseous feed stream temperature is not constant and for at least part of the time, the temperature of the gaseous feed stream received by the system is lower than the required pre-defined minimal temperature..
Newco2fuels Ltd.

Ion-conducting membranes

An ion conducting polymeric composition mixture comprises a copolymer of styrene and vinylbenzyl-rs. Rs is selected from the group consisting of imidazoliums, pyridiniums, pyrazoliums, pyrrolidiniums, pyrroliums, pyrimidiums, piperidiniums, indoliums, and triaziniums.
Dioxide Materials, Inc.

Electrochemical cell containing a graphene coated electrode

An electrochemical cell 10 is provided that includes first and second electrodes 13, 15, an electrolyte medium 17 in electrolytic communication with the first and second electrodes 13, 15, a chemical substance capable of undergoing an electrochemical reaction, and a voltage source 19 in electrolytic communication with the first and second electrodes 13, 15. The first electrode 13 includes a layer of an active catalyst material 25, and graphene coating 27 at least partially covering the layer of the active catalyst material 25.
Ohio University

Energy-efficient diaphragm-electrolyser

The invention relates to the field of electrochemical production of disinfectants, where a solution of alkaline metals is used as the electrolyte in the anode chamber. The invention offers a new design for electrolysers, reducing power consumption in the production of disinfectants by known methods.

Electrolytic cell equipped with concentric electrode pairs

A bipolar electrolytic cell particularly useful for electrochemical processes carried out with periodic reversal of polarity is provided. The cell is equipped with a series of concentric electrode pairs, the innermost pair and the outermost pair being connected to the poles of a dc generator and the intermediate pairs acting as bipolar electrodes.
Industrie De Nora S.p.a.

Floor cleaning machines having intelligent systems, associated sub-assemblies incorporating intelligent systems, and associated methods of use

A floor cleaning machine having an intelligent system including a recovery tank sub-assembly, a vacuum fan sub-assembly, a solution tank sub-assembly, wherein the solution tank sub-assembly preferably includes a secondary electrochemical cell, a solution flow sub-assembly, a control console sub-assembly, a frame and wheel sub-assembly and/or a frame and transaxle sub-assembly, a scrub head sub-assembly, a scrub head lift sub-assembly, a squeegee sub-assembly, a solution flow sub-assembly, and an intelligent system associated with at least one of the above-identified sub-assemblies, wherein the intelligent system at least one of selectively gathers, obtains, monitors, stores, records, and analyzes data associated with components of the floor cleaning machine assembly, and at least one of controllably communicates and disseminates such data with at least one of another system and user.. .

Electrochemical energy store comprising a conductivity section for overcharge protection

An electrochemical energy store with an anode, which is electrically connected to an anode space in which an anode material with a first fill level is arranged, and a cathode, which is electrically connected to a cathode space in which a cathode material with a second fill level is arranged, and an ion-conducting separator, which separates the anode space from the cathode space. The ion-conducting separator has a top region and a base region, wherein at least one conductivity section is provided in the top region of the ion-conducting separator, which conductivity section has greater electrical conductivity during correct operation of the electrochemical energy store than an electrically insulating insulation section in the base region, wherein at least one state of charge of the electrochemical energy store exists in which the anode material makes contact with the conductivity section in the anode space..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Electrolyte system for high voltage lithium ion battery

A secondary high energy density lithium ion cell includes a cathode comprising a high voltage cathode active material, a lithium metal anode, and a non-aqueous electrolyte, wherein the non-aqueous electrolyte comprises an imide salt with a fluorosulfonyl group and a perchlorate salt, wherein the electrolyte is electrochemically stable at operating voltages greater than 4.2v.. .
Solidenergy Systems

Quinone and hydroquinone based flow battery

The invention provides an electrochemical cell based on a new chemistry for a flow battery for large scale, e.g., gridscale, electrical energy storage. Electrical energy is stored chemically in quinone molecules having multiple oxidation states, e.g., three or more.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Driven electrochemical cell for electrolyte state of charge balance in energy storage devices

The invention concerns redox flow batteries comprising one or more electrochemical cells in fluid contact with an electrochemical balancing cell, the balancing cell comprising: (i) a first electrode comprising a gas diffusion electrode and the first electrode comprising a hydrogen oxidation catalyst, wherein the first electrode being maintained at a potential more positive than the thermodynamic potential for hydrogen evolution; (ii) a second electrode, the second electrode contacting negative electrolyte, and the second electrode being maintained at a potential sufficiently negative to reduce the negative electrolyte; (iii) a membrane dis posed between the positive electrode and the negative electrode, the membrane suitable to allow hydrogen cations to flow from the membrane to the negative electrolyte; and (iv) a means for contacting hydrogen with the first electrode.. .
Lockheed Martin Advanced Energy Storage, Llc

Apparatus, secondary battery, manufacturing method, and electronic device

A lithium-ion secondary battery having stable charge characteristics and lifetime characteristics is manufactured. Before the secondary battery is completed, a positive electrode is subjected to an electrochemical reaction in a large amount of electrolyte solution in advance, so that the positive electrode can have stability.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Two compartment lithium sulfur cell and assembly method

Electrochemical cells for lithium-sulfur batteries include a cathode comprising a sulfur containing material, an anode comprising lithium, a separator between the anode and cathode and an interlayer extending from a perimeter of the separator in a direction perpendicular to a stacking direction. The interlayer is configured to prevent polysulfide migration from the cathode to the anode..
Nissan North America, Inc.

Separators for high voltage rechargeable lithium batteries and related methods

In accordance with at least selected embodiments, the present disclosure or invention is directed to improved or novel separators, cells, batteries, and/or methods of manufacture and/or use. In accordance with at least certain embodiments, the present disclosure or invention is directed to improved or novel separators such as a separator for a high energy and/or high voltage lithium ion battery which is stable up to a 4.5 volt, or preferably up to a 5.0 volt or higher charging voltage, such as a novel or improved single or multilayer or multiply microporous separator membrane.
Celgard, Llc

Dopant-driven phase transitions in correlated metal oxides

Reversible phase transitions of exceptional magnitude may be induced in correlated metal oxides by altering their chemical compositions through reversible introduction of dopant ions and electronic carriers into the correlated metal oxides. One or more catalyst electrodes may be deposited onto a surface of a film of a correlated metal oxide such as a perovskite or a transition metal oxide.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

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  • Electrolyte
  • Test Strip
  • Chemical Reaction
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