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 Portable electrical energy storage and power processing device patent thumbnailPortable electrical energy storage and power processing device
A portable power unit is provided that can be embodied in backpack, waist-pack, or other portable form. The portable power unit can include a battery, a bidirectional power processor, and a power port.
Whisper Energy Systems Inc.

 Method of operating electrochemical cells comprising electrodeposited fuel patent thumbnailMethod of operating electrochemical cells comprising electrodeposited fuel
An electrochemical cell system and a process for operating the same, the system having at least two fuel electrodes for receiving electrodeposited metal fuel; at least one oxidant electrode spaced apart from the fuel electrode; at least one charging electrode; an ionically conductive medium communicating the electrodes of the electrochemical cell system for conducting ions to support electrochemical reactions at the fuel, oxidant, and charging electrodes; and, one or more controllers configured to operate the cell system in discharging and charging modes and monitor a state of charge for each fuel electrode. The controllers may assign each fuel electrode in a discharging unit having a state-of-charge meeting a predetermined depletion criteria from the discharging unit to the charging unit, and each fuel electrode in the charging unit having a state-of-charge meeting a predetermined loading criteria from the charging unit to the discharging unit..
Fluidic, Inc.

 Rechargeable electrochemical battery cell patent thumbnailRechargeable electrochemical battery cell
B is greater than or equal to 0.. .

 Garnet materials for li secondary batteries and methods of making and using garnet materials patent thumbnailGarnet materials for li secondary batteries and methods of making and using garnet materials
Set forth herein are garnet material compositions, e.g., lithium-stuffed garnets and lithium-stuffed garnets doped with alumina, which are suitable for use as electrolytes and catholytes in solid state battery applications. Also set forth herein are lithium-stuffed garnet thin films having fine grains therein.
Quantumscape Corporation

 Sulfide barrier coating or solid electrolyte patent thumbnailSulfide barrier coating or solid electrolyte
Provided is a lithium-conductive solid-state electrolyte material that comprises a sulfide compound of a composition that does not deviate substantially from a formula of li9s3n. The compound's conductivity is greater than about 1×10−7 s/cm at about 25° c.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

 Multi-component bipolar plate for an electrochemical cell patent thumbnailMulti-component bipolar plate for an electrochemical cell
A bipolar plate assembly is provided. The bipolar plate assembly may have a first seal assembly including a first high pressure seal, a second high pressure seal, and an insert plate disposed between the first high pressure seal and the second high pressure seal.
Nuvera Fuel Cells, Llc

 Ultralow resistance electrodes for electrochemical cells patent thumbnailUltralow resistance electrodes for electrochemical cells
An electrode for electrochemical cells comprising an electrically conductive surface; an electrically conductive porous membrane having a first surface and an opposed outer second surface separated from the first surface by a thickness dimension defined by the length of a vector normal to the first surface and extending to where the vector intersects the second surface of an uncompressed portion of membrane, the membrane first surface is adjacent the electrically conductive surface and not more than 10% of the membrane second surface includes an area comprising at least one of; being compressed with sufficient sustained force toward and embedded into the electrically conductive surface so that electrical resistance between a location within a compressed outer second surface and the conducting surface is less than 10 micro-ohm and wherein no point within an uncompressed area is further from a nearest compressed area than three times the defined thickness dimension of the membrane.. .

 Electrochemical cells comprising fibril materials patent thumbnailElectrochemical cells comprising fibril materials
The use of fibril materials, such as fibril cellulose materials and other similar materials, in electrochemical cells and components thereof is generally described.. .
Sion Power Corporation

 Electrochemical cells exposed to hydrostatic pressure patent thumbnailElectrochemical cells exposed to hydrostatic pressure
The present invention relates to a battery comprising as a first component (a) a pressure vessel (a) and as a second component (b), which is inside of the pressure vessel (a), at least one electrochemical cell (b) comprising at least one cathode comprising at least one electroactive sulfur-containing material, wherein the pressure vessel (a) can be filled or is filled with a pressure medium (c) in order to generate a pressure in the range from 2 bar to 200 bar inside of said pressure vessel. The present invention further relates to a process for operating an electrochemical cell (b), wherein the electrochemical cell (b) is exposed to a hydrostatic pressure in the range from 2 bar to 200 bar..
Basf Se

 Exterior package for flexible electrochemical device and electrochemical device including the exterior package patent thumbnailExterior package for flexible electrochemical device and electrochemical device including the exterior package
An exterior package for an electrode assembly of an electrochemical device includes a plurality of linear patterns. Each of the linear patterns has a cross-section of an uneven structure in a thickness direction of the electrode assembly and a linear pattern of the linear patterns includes a first element line and a second element line, which extend in different directions on a plane perpendicular to the thickness direction of the electrode assembly..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Methods for producing interconnects in semiconductor devices

A method for forming metallization in a workpiece includes electrochemically depositing a second metallization layer on the workpiece comprising a nonmetallic substrate having a dielectric layer disposed over a substrate and a continuous first metallization layer disposed on the dielectric layer and having at least one microfeature comprising a recessed structure, wherein the first metallization layer at least partially fills a feature on the workpiece, where the first metallization layer is a cobalt or nickel metal layer, and wherein the second metallization layer is a cobalt or nickel metal layer that is different from the metal of the first metallization layer, electrochemically depositing a copper cap layer after filling the feature, and annealing the workpiece to diffuse the metal of the second metallization layer into the metal of the first metallization layer.. .
Applied Materials, Inc.

Electrochemical detection systems and methods using modified coated multi-labeled magnetic beads with polymer brushes

An immunosensor is provided that includes polymer coated particles, wherein the polymer coated particles are labelled with an enzyme and used for at least one of protein biomarker detection and dna biomarker detection.. .
Salve Regina University

State of health monitoring and restoration of electrochemical sensor

A method of manufacturing an electrochemical sensing system is provided. The method includes forming a sensor with a first sensing element disposed on a sensor, the first sensing element configured to detect a target gas, disposing a second sensing element on the sensor, the second sensing element configured to detect the target gas, and coupling a protective feature to the second sensing element, the protective feature configured to prevent non-target gases from contacting the second sensing element.
Carrier Corporation

Electrochemical cell

An electrochemical cell for detecting a gas from the surrounding environment. The cell comprises an electrolyte and a sensing electrode which is in fluid communication with the electrolyte and the gas to be detected, when present.
Sprue Safety Products Ltd.

Method for high-throughput micro-sampling analysis of electrochemical process salts

Briefly, the invention provides a method for analyzing molten salt electrolyte involving extracting a sample of a molten salt electrolyte from an electrorefiner or other process vessel or conduit; generating droplets from the sample, where the droplets are at a first temperature; transporting the droplets to detectors, where during transport, the droplets attain a second temperature that is lower than the first temperature; analyzing the droplets at or below the second temperature; and returning the droplets to the process. Also provided is a system for analyzing molten salt electrolyte using a droplet generator..
Uchicago Argonne, Llc

Additive manufacturing by localized electrochemical deposition

A method of electrolytic additive manufacturing provides 3-d parts. The method can be used to form parts from particulate material in an electrolytic bath.
University Of Cincinnati

High performance earth-abundant electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction and other reactions

Electrodes for catalyzing electrochemical reactions (e.g., the hydrogen evolution reaction) are provided. The electrode may comprise a ternary pyrite-phase transition metal phosphochalcogenide (e.g., cops) disposed on a substrate, wherein the ternary pyrite-phase transition metal phosphochalcogenide is a solid material of a ternary compound of a transition metal, phosphorous (p), and a chalcogen, the solid material characterized by a substantially single, ternary alloy phase having a pyrite crystal structure.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Process of extracting gold and silver from ores and mining by-products

The invention relates to a process for the extraction of gold and silver from ores and mining by-products. The process according to invention consists in treating ores and mining residues having a content of 0.5 .

Reactive mesogen based polymer particles

This invention relates to a process for the preparation of monodisperse optical and shape anisotropic polymer particles comprising monomer units of at least one reactive mesogen, such particles per se, the use of these particles for the preparation of optical, electrooptical, electronic electrochemical, electrophotographic, electrowetting and electrophoretic displays and/or devices and security, cosmetic, decorative, and diagnostic applications, and electrophoretic fluids and displays.. .
Merck Patent Gmbh

Method for preparing porous metal material and application thereof

A method for preparing a porous metal material comprises: in a vacuum environment, volatilizing one or more volatile alloy elements in an alloy, so as to finally form a porous pure metal or a porous alloy. The process method can be widely applied in the fields such as aeronautics and astronautics, atomic energy, electrochemistry, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, machinery, medicines, environmental protection or construction..
Institute Of Metal Research, Chinese Acadamy Of Sciences

Analyte sensor devices, connections, and methods

Devices associated with on-body analyte sensor units are disclosed. These devices include any of packaging and/or loading systems, applicators and elements of the on-body sensor units themselves.
Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

Method for the electrochemical charging/discharging of a lithium-sulphur (li-s) battery and device using said method

The invention relates to a process of charge/discharge of a li—s battery or cell. Moreover, the invention relates to a device for carrying out the process according to the invention.

Galvanic element having solid-state cell stack

A galvanic element is provided having a solid-state cell stack containing a multiplicity of electrochemical solid-state cells stacked along a longitudinal axis in a housing. Each of the electrochemical solid-state cells has a stack including at least one anode layer, at least one cathode layer and at least one solid electrolyte layer arranged between the anode layer and the cathode layer.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

Multi-stack electrochemical cell system and use

An electrochemical cell stack system may include a plurality of cell stacks fluidly connected by a plurality of first conduits to form a loop of cell stacks. At least one first valve may be located on each first conduit and may be capable of a closed configuration and an open configuration.
Nuvera Fuel Cells, Llc

Composite particles for electrochemical device electrode and manufacturing composite particles for electrochemical device electrode

The present invention provides composite particles for an electrochemical device electrode which makes it possible to manufacture an electrochemical device exhibiting excellent high temperature storage characteristics. The composite particles for an electrochemical device electrode of the present invention contain an electrode active material (a), a particulate binder resin (b), a water-soluble polymer (c), and a composite (d) of a water-soluble polymer (d′) and crystalline cellulose (d″)..
Zeon Corporation

Surface modification of silicon particles for electrochemical storage

Silicon particles for active materials and electro-chemical cells are provided. The active materials comprising silicon particles described herein can be utilized as an electrode material for a battery.
Enevate Corporation

Combination of single-cell electroporation and electrical recording using the same electrode

Methods for stimulating exocytosis from a cell are provided where the same electrochemical microelectrode is used to electroporate an adjacent cell and then measure quantal exocytosis from the adjacent cell. Also provided are methods for stimulating and measuring exocytosis from a select cell population arrayed on a chip comprising addressable electrodes.
The Curators Of The University Of Missouri

System and compensating sample-related measurements based on polarization effects of test strips

A system and a method for correcting an analyte concentration measurement taken by a test strip is described herein. The test strip includes at least two spaced apart electrodes defining an electrochemical cell or reaction chamber.
Lifescan Scotland Limited

Method for estimating distribution of sample

The present invention relates to a method for estimating a distribution of a sample flowed from a first electrode toward a second electrode of an electrochemical test strip. A working voltage is provided between the first electrode and the second electrode for obtaining a first and a second currents, where a ratio of the first current to the second current is applied to estimate the distribution of the sample on the first and the second electrodes and an effectiveness of a measurement of a target analyte of the sample..
Bionime Corporation

Method and system for electrochemical production of formic acid from carbon dioxide

An electrochemical device converts carbon dioxide to a formic acid reaction product. The device includes an anode and a cathode, each comprising a quantity of catalyst.
Dioxide Materials, Inc.

Use of titanium nitride as an electrode in non-faradaic electrochemical cell

A nanopore cell includes a conductive layer. The nanopore cell further includes a titanium nitride (tin) working electrode disposed above the conductive layer.
Genia Technologies, Inc.

Washing or cleaning agents with electrochemically activatable anionic mediator compounds

The aim of the invention is to improve the cleaning power of washing and cleaning agents, especially with regard to bleachable stains, while avoiding any damage to the textile treated with said washing and cleaning agents. This is substantially achieved by using an electrolytically bleachable species generated by a redox reaction from an anionically substituted 1-hydroxy-2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine, 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine-n-oxide, or (2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine-1-yl)oxyl..
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

Method for comprehensively processing brown coal and leonardite into humic fertilizers and preparations and into fuel briquettes, and mechanochemical reactor for processing highly-viscous media

A method for comprehensively processing coal-type caustobiolites, predominantly brown coal and leonardite, into humic organic and organomineral fertilizers and intor preparations producing fuel briquettes, including carrying out main processes in a continuous flow; carrying out leaching processes based on aqueous solutions with hydromodules of close to 2, carrying out acidification processes with the formation of humic acid released from a liquid phase into a heavy phase of a coagulated pulp, carrying out mechanical phase separation processes in a centrifugal field, carrying out liquid-phase mechanoactivation and the dispersion of reaction compositions via grinding, using residual “water” in recycling, and including the production of water-soluble humic acids and fuel briquettes and allowing for the production of a wide range of products; preliminarily grinding raw materials to a 03 mm class, and cleaning and electrochemically softening water in preparing reaction aqueous solutions; using a liquid-phase raw material oxidation process, and using liquid-phase mechanoactivation and/or mechanochemical activation, with the dispersion of reaction compositions by means of grinding and by means of dynamically shifting layers having statistical shift rate components, of a medium to be processed, which range from single-digit meters per second to tens of meters per second; accompanying said mechanoactivation with the dosed input into said medium of 1040 mj of mechanical energy per cubic meter, with the stabilization of said dosing regardless of the drift of all other parameters in said medium to be processed; wherein, said grinding and shifting processes are formed by means of statistical and dynamic characteristics; in this way, a dynamic hydro-pulse effect on a medium to be processed is carried out within a range of frequencies floating between infrasound and frequencies bordering on ultrasound, wherein the processing is carried out beginning with higher frequencies; in addition, providing for automatically maintaining maximum parameters for inputting mechanical energy into the medium to be processed, while automatically restricting same within a sub-cavitation zone in order to prevent the transition of the mechanochemical reactors into cavitation modes.. .

Electrochemical treatment of hydrocarbons

Disclosed are methods and systems of producing plasma from a polar liquid under relatively benign conditions of temperature and pressure, by providing at least one dielectric medium in contact with the polar liquid, such that an interface forms between the liquid and the medium; and creating an electric potential across the interface to produce plasma from the polar liquid inside the dielectric medium. The plasma may be used to convert hydrocarbons into useful products or intermediates..
Quantum Ingenuity Inc.

Electrochemical cell

An air-metal battery utilizes a magnesium anode, a carbon cathode, and a conductive fluid including glycol and water. The anode and cathode are provided in a fuel card assembly that is replaceable as a unit..

Managing battery current based on temperature

A battery can include an anode-electrolyte-cathode stack and a phase-change material. The anode-electrolyte-cathode stack can include at least one anode, at least one cathode, and an electrolyte which more directly interacts with each of the at least one anode and the at least one cathode, wherein the at least one anode electrically interacts with the at least one cathode via the electrolyte.
Motorola Mobility Llc

Lithium-sulfur batteries

A lithium-sulfur electrochemical cell includes a cathode including elemental sulfur; an anode including elemental lithium; and an electrolyte including a salt and a non-polar fluorinated ether solvent. Alternatively, a lithium-sulfur electrochemical cell may include an anode; an electrolyte; and a cathode including a polytetrafluoroethylene-coated carbon paper and sulfur..
Uchicago Argonne, Llc

Long cycle-life lithium sulfur solid state electrochemical cell

In a solid-state lithium-metal/sulfur-based battery cell, barriers to sulfur and polysulfide diffusion are included in or used as an ionically conductive electrolyte in the cathode or separator layers. During operation of the battery, the barrier materials are positioned to either 1) rapidly react with any free sulfur or lithium polysulfide species that are generated, forming stable carbon-sulfur bond(s) and preventing further migration of the sulfur or polysulfide species or 2) prevent the formation and diffusion of elemental sulfur or free lithium polysulfide species.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Semi-solid electrodes having high rate capability

Embodiments described herein relate generally to electrochemical cells having high rate capability, and more particularly to devices, systems and methods of producing high capacity and high rate capability batteries having relatively thick semi-solid electrodes. In some embodiments, an electrochemical cell includes an anode, a semi-solid cathode that includes a suspension of an active material and a conductive material in a liquid electrolyte, and an ion permeable membrane disposed between the anode and the cathode.
24m Technologies, Inc.

Semi-solid electrodes having high rate capability

Embodiments described herein relate generally to electrochemical cells having high rate capability, and more particularly to devices, systems and methods of producing high capacity and high rate capability batteries having relatively thick semi-solid electrodes. In some embodiments, an electrochemical cell includes an anode and a semi-solid cathode.
24m Technologies, Inc.

Polyol-based compositions comprising cationic group-functionalized polyphenylene polymers

Disclosed herein are embodiments of compositions comprising polyols and cationic group-functionalized polyphenylene polymers suitable for use in electrochemical systems. The disclosed composition exhibit improved dispersion properties and further provide anion exchange polymer membranes exhibited improved chemical and mechanical properties.
Los Alamos National Security, Llc

Resource tower

Invented is a resource tower that uses water electrolysis to separate out its elemental and purified h2 hydrogen gas and o2 oxygen gas. These gases form a pressurized flow for electricity generation for distribution and transport to heights atop the resource tower.

High energy and power electrochemical device and making and using same

An electrolyte is introduced into an electrochemical device, passed, via a first corrugation feature, through a first electrode of the electrochemical device, passed through an ion permeable separator, and contacted with a second electrode. The first or second electrode comprises a second corrugation feature in fluid communication with the first corrugation feature to contact the electrolyte across a portion of an active surface of the first or second electrode..
Ada Technologies, Inc.

Catalyst layer

A catalyst layer including: (i) a platinum-containing electrocatalyst; (ii) an oxygen evolution reaction electrocatalyst; (iii) one or more carbonaceous materials selected from the group consisting of graphite, nanofibres, nanotubes, nanographene platelets and low surface area, heat-treated carbon blacks wherein the one or more carbonaceous materials do not support the platinum-containing electrocatalyst; and (iv) a proton-conducting polymer and its use in an electrochemical device are disclosed.. .
Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells Limited

Phosphate based compound, use of the compound in an electrochemical storage its preparation

A phosphate based compound basically comprising —a: exchangeable cations used in charging and discharging, e.g. Li, na, k, ag, —b: non-exchangeable cations from the transition metals, group 3-12 of the periodic table of elements, e.g.
Max-planck-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Wissenschaften E.v.

Connector from the tab of an electrode current collector to the terminal pin of a feedthrough in an electrochemical cell

A process for creating a laser braze weld joint between a current collector and a terminal pin in the construction of electrochemical cells is described. The laser braze welding process utilizes a laser weld instrument to create a braze-like joint between two work pieces.
Greatbatch Ltd.

Resistance-switching device having conductive fiber, fabric type resistance-switching device array having the same, memory and sensor having the device or the array

Provided is a resistance-switching device. The resistance-switching device includes a first wiring including an aluminum oxide surface layer, and a second wiring including a carbon-containing surface layer in contact with the aluminum oxide surface layer.
Kookmin University Industry Academy Cooperation Foundation

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