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Trigger Mechanism patents

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Trigger mechanism for inhaler device

Arven Iiac Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.s.

Trigger mechanism for inhaler device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Trigger Mechanism-related patents
 Universal vehicle self-right apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Universal vehicle self-right apparatus
A self-right apparatus is a device for automatically returning an overturned vehicle to an upright orientation. The device features a base plate that is mountable to a vehicle and a flip plate that is hingedly connected to the base plate via a pivot axle.
 Trigger mechanism for inhaler device patent thumbnailnew patent Trigger mechanism for inhaler device
The present invention relates to a dry powder inhaler device comprising a body having a guide surface formed on an inner surface thereof, a trigger having a socket with a shape complementing the guide surface, and a spring, characterized by comprising at least one retaining element (8) positioned on the inner surface (1) of the body diagonally across the spring (6) to enable the trigger (5) to perform a stable axial displacement and a mechanism check or quality control to be made as one of the parts of the device (7) body is not closed or assembled yet.. .
Arven Iiac Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.s.
 Pump actuated jar for downhole sampling tools patent thumbnailPump actuated jar for downhole sampling tools
An apparatus configured to impart a force on a downhole component, having a piston configured to expand from a movement of a drilling fluid in a downhole environment, a weight configured to move from a first position to a second position, wherein the weight contacts the piston and the piston is configured to move the weight from the first position to the second position when the piston expands from movement of the drilling fluid, a spring configured to contact a bearing surface and the weight, wherein movement of the weight toward the second position compresses the spring, a return spring configured to impart a force on the weight to return the weight to the first position from the second position and a trigger mechanism configured to actuate a return of the weight from the second position to the first position by the return spring.. .
 Inhaler 624 patent thumbnailInhaler 624
The present invention relates to an breath actuated inhaler (bai) actuator, comprising: a loading element capable of being loaded with an actuation force, a breath actuated trigger mechanism arranged to counteract the actuation force of the loading element, and to fire the actuator by releasing the actuation force of the loading element in response to an inhalation breath, and actuation locking means moveable between a locked position wherein it relieves the actuation force from the trigger mechanism setting the trigger mechanism in a neutral position, and an armed position wherein the trigger mechanism is set in an armed position.. .
Astrazeneca Ab
 Kite flying apparatus and method patent thumbnailKite flying apparatus and method
An improved kite launching, flying and control apparatus and system combines a target kite with a reel and control arm arrangement for power flexing a kite line under tension to launch the kite, while adjusting, unreeling and retrieving of the kite line with a reel having an integral brake and trigger mechanism, thereby controlling the launch and flight characteristics of the kite.. .
Castakite Llc
 Mask patent thumbnailMask
A mask assembly is herein disclosed wherein the mask assembly comprises a main mask portion, a moveable mask portion, wherein the moveable mask portion is moveable between a first and second position relative to the main mask portion; and a trigger mechanism remote from the main mask portion, wherein actuation of the trigger mechanism causes the moveable mask portion to move from the first position to the second position.. .
Blue Sky Designs Limited
 Stressed substrates for transient electronic systems patent thumbnailStressed substrates for transient electronic systems
A stressed substrate for transient electronic systems (i.e., electronic systems that visually disappear when triggered to do so) that includes one or more stress-engineered layers that store potential energy in the form of a significant internal stress. An associated trigger mechanism is also provided that, when triggered, causes an initial fracture in the stressed substrate, whereby the fracture energy nearly instantaneously travels throughout the stressed substrate, causing the stressed substrate to shatter into multiple small (e.g., micron-sized) pieces that are difficult to detect.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated
 Compact consciousness arousing device patent thumbnailCompact consciousness arousing device
A pen-shaped device has a trigger mechanism placed within a trigger housing, the trigger mechanism being used to puncture an adjacent gas containing ampoule housed in an ampoule receptacle. The trigger mechanism is actuated by a cap, which is connected to a stop (the latter connected to a plunger) of the trigger mechanism.
 Firing blocker mechanism for firearm patent thumbnailFiring blocker mechanism for firearm
A striker-fired firearm in one embodiment includes a firing mechanism having a spring-biased blocker movable into and out of the linear path traveled by the striker to reach a chambered cartridge. A sear operates to hold the striker in a cocked position.
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc.
 Triggering an internet packet protocol against malware patent thumbnailTriggering an internet packet protocol against malware
A process of triggering an internet packet protocol against malware includes providing protocol trigger mechanisms configured to affect network access and data object access against malware, denial of service attacks, and distributed denial of service attacks, a multi-level security system is established with a cryptographically secure network channel, or another equivalent encrypted channel, and a second object of an encrypted document or data message that uses the secure network channel. The equivalent encrypted channel can be a virtual private network tunnel (vpn) including mppe/pptp/cipe/open vpn, secure socket layer (ssl), or ipsec tunnel..
Tecsec Inc.

Pickup tool for pet waste or the like

An extended pickup tool adapted to pick up pet waste or the like from a surface from a standing, upright position. The pickup tool consists of an elongated body having a trigger mechanism disposed in a handle at an upper end thereof.

Cartridge dispenser for liquid or semi-liquid materials

A dispenser for a fluid material includes a handle portion and a cartridge having the material to be dispensed. The cartridge is easily mounted to the handle portion or removed, whereby the handle portion may be used with a variety of cartridges, each of which may contain a selected material.
Adhesive Technologies, Inc.

Firearm having a dual cam, cock on close bolt action and a low creep sear and step trigger assembly

A bolt action firearm that cocks the firing pin upon closing the bolt and includes a cam pin with dual heads for a high velocity rimfire cartridge. In one embodiment, actuating the main spring while closing the bolt, instead of while opening the bolt, more uniformly distributes the physical energy required by the user over the bolt actuation cycle.
Alliant Techsystems Inc.

Connectable two piece bowstring engaging mechanism for crossbow

A manually assisted bowstring drawing mechanism may be used with a crossbow. The drawing mechanism may include a pair of handles attached to opposite ends of a rope and an engaging mechanism.
Hunter's Manufacturing Company, Inc. D/b/a Tenpoint Crossbow Technologies

Skin-attachable miniature drug injection device with remote activation capability and dry drug carrier within injection needle

An active agent or drug injecting device (10) includes a main housing (16) containing a trigger mechanism (24) which can be manually activated via release bar (32) or remotely triggered via wireless receiver (70) activating motor (74), and a second housing (80) containing an injection- and needle-assembly (22). The needle (30) encloses a dry carrier (26) having an active agent (12) disposed thereon.
Preciflex Sa

Trigger mechanism

This invention includes an adaptive mechanism for activating a firearm's trigger comprising a bite-activated trigger assembly, a cable assembly, an actuator assembly, lanyard, and a storage assembly. When properly assembled, the actuator is mated adjacent to the firearm's trigger in such a manner that the actuator is not exerting a force significant enough to activate the firearm's trigger.

Pull activated greeting cards and gift bags with motion and audio

The greeting card of the present invention is a traditional greeting card enhanced by audio and movement. The greeting card contains a pull trigger mechanism so that the user must interact with the greeting card to trigger the audio and motor movement.
American Greetings Corporation

Method of signaling passage of objects using tattle-tale apparatus

An electro-mechanical indicator system for signaling when a droppable object (such as, for example, a dart, plug or ball) is released during well cementing operations. A body section has first and second chambers divided by a fluid and pressure sealing barrier.
Blackhawk Specialty Tools, Inc.

Data security device

The invention provides an apparatus for storing data using solid state technology. The apparatus is configured to employ a destruction mechanism that damages elements of the apparatus to render data stored within it irrecoverable in the event that predetermined conditions are met.
Pangaea Media Ltd

Trigger mechanism

A trigger mechanism includes a hammer, and a trigger disconnector assembly including a trigger body having a trigger nose, and a disconnector having a disconnector hook. A reset lever is mounted for movement between open and closed positions.

Triggering control of audio for walk-around characters

A control system for selectively operating a sound system provided in a walk-around character costume. E.g., to play audio files in an order defined by a dialog tree that can be navigated by a performer wearing the costume.

Trigger mechanism

A trigger mechanism for a ball activated device comprises a seat sleeve with seat defining members forming a fluid seal between the ball and the seat in an initial state and allowing the ball to pass through the seat in a final state. An alternating member can move radially in an aperture through an inner sleeve and abuts an outer surface on the seat sleeve in the initial state, is received in a recess on the seat sleeve in an intermediate state, and is received in a groove in the outer sleeve in the final state.

Granular fertilizer dispenser apparatus

The fertilizer dispenser apparatus has contoured wheels and tines extending radially therefrom, enabling preparation of the surface area to be treated. The tines enable the targeted site to be exposed prior to fertilization.

Methods and providing enhanced time-to-trigger mechanism to improve ue call performance

Methods and apparatus for wireless communication include monitoring, by a user equipment, a signal quality value from at least one of a serving cell or a target cell. The methods and apparatus further include determining, at an expiration of an internal time to trigger (ttt) less than a network-configured ttt, that at least one of the signal quality value from the serving cell is below a serving cell threshold value, or the signal quality value from the target cell is above the signal quality of the serving cell by a comparative threshold value.

Releasable binding systems

A releasable water ski binding system includes a trigger mechanism that causes releasable bindings to release a boot from a ski. The trigger mechanism senses a displacement of a portion of a body of a skier past a point of criticality and causes the releasable bindings to release the boot from the ski..

Toy crossbow projectile launcher with extendable body and safety release

A toy projectile launcher assembly has the form of a crossbow. The crossbow only launches the safety projectiles that are provided.

Injector safety device

A safety member for use with an injection device is disclosed. The safety member includes a blocking ring extending into a housing of the injection device in blocking association with a latch member associated with a trigger mechanism of the injector, in which the blocking ring blocks movement of a portion of the trigger mechanism into a firing position.

Fixation releasing device

A fixation releasing device by which a buoyant body and a weight may be securely fixed and the fixed state between the buoyant body and the weight may be readily released, using a simple structure. The fixation releasing device is made from a buoyant body, a weight, and a connection designed to connect the buoyant body and weight.

Firearm trigger

The present disclosure relates to firearm triggers comprising engagement profiles. In various embodiments, a trigger mechanism may include a trigger component and/or trigger shank have a first profile and a second profile.

Trigger mechanism

The invention relates to the field of gun technology. The trigger mechanism comprises a body, a spring-loaded sear, a trigger with a spring, and adjustment screws, including a screw for adjusting the triggering and a screw for adjusting the triggering motion.

Device for dispensing intraocular substances

This disclosure relates generally to an injection device having a plunger configured to advance a distance into a container of material, such as a viscoelastic container; a trigger mechanism configured upon an actuation of the trigger mechanism to apply a first force to a spring element; and the spring element coupled to the plunger and configured to apply a second force to the plunger and which is configured to prevent exceeding a threshold maximum force applied to the container.. .

Needle assisted jet injection device having reduced trigger force

An injector includes a trigger mechanism including: a trigger member disposed about an axis having an aperture and a protrusion, and a ram assembly having a ram configured to pressurize a medicament container for expelling a medicament therefrom, the ram assembly further having a trigger engagement member configured to engage the aperture of the trigger member when the trigger member is in a pre-firing condition; an energy source associated with the ram for powering the ram to expel the medicament; and a user-operable firing-initiation member having an aperture engaged with the protrusion of the trigger member and operable for causing an axial translation of the trigger member in a proximal direction from the pre-firing condition to a firing condition in which the trigger engagement member is released from the retaining portion to allow the energy source to fire the ram.. .

Downhole tool

A downhole tool mechanism for applying a driving force, such as a cutter tool for cutting a line captured within the tool, comprises a resiliently compressible member for storing a compressive force; a retaining device for maintaining storage of the compressive force until released; a trigger mechanism for releasing the compressive force when the trigger mechanism is activated. In one form the resiliently compressible member comprises a plurality of concentrically arranged spring washers each having a radial slot therein for receiving a line along the length of the resiliently compressible member.

Balloon inflation, illumination and holding device

A device for inflating, illuminating and holding a balloon like a torch, without the use of helium. The device includes illumination means, a power supply and related circuitry, a pathway for inflating and sealing the balloon, an elongate handle, and a cap.

Balloon pumper having relief valve

A balloon filling device is provided for filling balloons with air or water. The balloon filling device includes a container for holding fluid, a pump mechanism for pressurizing the container and a trigger mechanism for releasing fluid in the container.

Ring seal installation tool

A tool for installing a ring seal within a groove is provided. The groove is disposed within an inner diameter of a flange.

Pneumatic tool driving assembly

A pneumatic tool driving assembly comprises: a valve housing defining first and second chambers and a valve opening; a valve mechanism including a valve actuator that extends into the valve housing, and a valve member that is disposed for closing the valve opening and that is actuated by the valve actuator to uncover the valve opening; and a trigger mechanism pivoted to an exterior of the valve housing so as to be pressible relative to the valve housing. The trigger mechanism includes a detachable wrench that is spaced apart from the valve housing, and a pivot joint that is pivoted to the valve housing and that brings the wrench to pivot relative to the valve housing..

Narrow crossbow with large power stroke

One or more techniques and/or systems are disclosed for a crossbow may include a main beam; a compound bow assembly mounted to the main beam; and, a trigger mechanism mounted to the main beam for use in holding a bowstring in a cocked position. The crossbow may include wheels at opposite ends of the bow that operatively receive the bowstring.

Techniques for efficient and granular composition of a user profile

Techniques are provided for customizing user settings for applications. Each user profile includes one or more packages that each includes user settings for one or more applications.

System and naming an image file

A system and method for naming an image file includes an image capture module; a processor; a memory unit; an interface; a coded image trigger mechanism for initiating capture of a coded image; and a photo trigger mechanism for initiating capture of one or more photo image(s). The image capture module including a decode module, a photo module, a photo file renaming module.

Firearm trigger mechanism, firearm and controlling a rate of the firearm

A trigger mechanism for a firearm, the trigger mechanism having: a trigger for actuating a hammer of the trigger mechanism, wherein actuation of the trigger causes the hammer to advance to a firing position; and a release configured for movement between a first position and a second position, the release must be first actuated from the first position to the second position and thereafter from the second position to the first position in order to allow for the hammer to advance to the firing position.. .

Snare trapping system and method

A snare trapping system including a trigger mechanism operatively connected to an anchor line. The trigger mechanism includes a base, a pivot arm pivotally connected to the base, a trip line extension operatively connected to the pivot arm, and a selective opening being a trigger aperture in a set position and a trigger slot in a tripped position.

Shower door seal system

A shower sealing system includes a sliding shower door slidable along a length of an upper track assembly and configured to slide horizontally and freely above a surface and a sealing element configured to provide a fluid seal between the surface and at least a portion of the shower door. The system also includes a trigger mechanism coupled to the sealing element and a stop configured to activate the trigger mechanism when at least partially in contact with the trigger mechanism.

Bone graft delivery apparatus

A magazine supporting multiple bone grafts in chambers is coupled to a housing including a barrel. A plunger selectively passes through one of the chambers and along the barrel.

Toy vehicle track set

In one exemplary embodiment, a toy vehicle track set for use with at least one toy vehicle is provided, the toy vehicle track set having: a first vehicle path through the toy vehicle track set when the toy vehicle track set is in a first configuration; a second vehicle path through the toy vehicle track set when the toy vehicle track set is in a second configuration; and a trigger mechanism for converting the toy vehicle track set from the first configuration into the second configuration, wherein the trigger mechanism is actuated by a toy vehicle travelling along only one of two paths of the first vehicle path.. .

Pharmaceutical warning system and method

Disclosed herein are various embodiments of a system and a method for pharmaceutical packaging with an audio warning and/or instruction. In accordance with one aspect of the approach, an sound generating pharmaceutical package includes a medical container having an interior space, a cover for preventing unauthorized access to the interior space, a sound module affixed to the medical container, the sound module containing a pre-recorded digital medical notice and a means for playing the digital warning; and a trigger mechanism configured to cause the sound module to play the medical notice when the cover is moved to allow access to the interior of the container..

Power-assisted winch

A power-assisted winch includes a rotatable drum for receiving a line thereabout. The power-assisted winch further includes a trigger mechanism configured to be releasably engaged upon a force exerted on the line.

Wheeled material distributing machinery

In one aspect of the present disclosure, a wheeled material distributing machinery includes a main travel system, a boom system, at least three outrigger mechanisms, and a material distributing frame, where an inner end of a root end boom of the boom system is connected to the material distributing frame, and an inner end of the outrigger mechanism is connected to the material distributing frame, the main travel system is mounted on a cantilever of at least one of the outrigger mechanisms, and the outrigger mechanism is a driving outrigger mechanism. In a travel state, the driving outrigger mechanism is supported on a road surface through the main travel system, and at least a part of the weight of the folded boom system acts on at least one driving outrigger mechanism..

Seismically activated gas shut-off valve

A gas shut-off valve assembly designed to automatically close gas flow in a gas conduit in response to a seismic vibration comprises a trigger mechanism disposed in a trigger mechanism housing, a springless sealing mechanism disposed in a valve housing, a latching mechanism configured to engage the springless sealing mechanism to keep the gas conduit open, and a pressure release valve. Upon sensing a seismic vibration, the trigger mechanism disengages the springless sealing mechanism from the latching mechanism.

Magnetic trigger mechanism and associated control method

A magnetic trigger mechanism is provided. The magnetic trigger mechanism operates in conjunction with a plurality of magnetic sensors.

Fluid delivery device

A fluid delivery device (1) for discharging a fluid comprises a housing (2, 3), piston pump (4), biasing mechanism (5, 101), and trigger mechanism (6); the housing (2, 3) comprising a basal end (3) and discharge end (2) having an outlet (10) for discharging the fluid; the piston pump (4) comprising a casing (20) defining a pump chamber (35) for fluid storage, piston (21) slidably movable relative to the pump chamber (35), piston plunger (22), and delivery channel (59) for delivering fluid discharged from pump chamber (35) to outlet (10); the trigger mechanism (6) being movable from cocked configuration, preventing transfer of biasing mechanism (5, 101) force to the casing (20) to prevent casing (20) movement towards the outlet (10), to triggered configuration, enabling transfer of biasing mechanism (5, 101) force to the casing (20) to cause casing (20) movement towards the outlet (10) to discharge fluid from the pump chamber (35). The biasing mechanism (5, 101) comprises one or more flexible catch members (104) which in cocked configuration are catched and in triggered configuration are decoupled from the housing (2, 3).

Pneumatic stamping press with high velocity slide and punch

A pneumatic press with high slide acceleration and velocity is equipped with an arrangement trigger mechanism for holding the slide, upper die, and punch in place until air pressure force in tons is exerted against slide opposite the upper die and punch. When the trigger mechanism releases the slide, upper die, and punch in a short travel the velocity is very high.

Motorized snare

Motorized snare. In one example embodiment, a motorized snare includes a housing, a snare cable extending from the housing and terminating in a noose, a retraction mechanism at least partially positioned within the housing and including a motorized reel attached to the snare cable, and a trigger mechanism configured, upon being triggered, to cause the motorized reel to reel in at least a portion of the snare cable into the housing..

Magnetic trigger mechanism and associated control method

A magnetic trigger mechanism is provided. The magnetic trigger mechanism operates in conjunction with a plurality of magnetic sensors.

Fishing device

A fishing device, for use with a reel and rod combination having fishing line with attached terminal tackle, includes a base, an indicator device, a trigger mechanism, and a tine device. The base has a hole and slot configuration to allow a fishing line to feed through the base.

Over-center trigger mechanism for animal cage traps and conversion kit

A trigger mechanism for an animal cage having a door that can be closed by linking to hanging bait comprises a frame for mounting to that cage. The frame includes a first support pivotally mounted at its base end, a second support fixedly mounted substantially perpendicular to the frame; and a door actuation bar pivotally mounted to the frame at one end.

Fluid dispenser

A fluid dispensing device is provided for dispensing a measured amount of fluid into a living organism. The device has a needle having a first end and a second end.

Foot snare triggering device

The foot snare triggering device of the present invention is designed to be used with a foot snare, and comprises a trigger plate assembly, having a tension adjustment means which allows the trigger plate assembly to pivotally yield to vertical pressure. A trigger mechanism has a trigger end set within said plate assembly and is attached to an extension mechanism providing a tandem extension spring configuration attached to a pair of pulleys, and a snare attachment port located within the trigger mechanism for releasably securing a foot snare by moving longitudinally when the trigger mechanism is engaged by pressure to said plate assembly allowing a foot snare to be released from the snare attachment port after triggering said device.

Feed mechanism for swagable lockbolt collars

An air-driven feeder tool is provided for presenting swagable collars one at a time for placement on the shanks of lockbolts and thereby made ready for the application of a swaging tool. The swaging tool breaks off a pintail from the lockbolt and a vacuum system draws the broken-off pintails through a vacuum device and into a receptacle for safe disposal.

Extendable intubation stylet

An extendable intubation stylet including a handle member and a trigger mechanism moveable relative to the handle member between a retracted position and an extended position. A hollow semi-rigid stylet member extends from the handle member from a proximal end to a distal end.

Reconfigurable lithographic structures

A lithographically structured device has an actuation layer and a control layer operatively connected to the actuation layer. The actuation layer includes a stress layer and a neutral layer that is constructed of materials and with a structure such that it stores torsional energy upon being constructed.

Foot snare triggering device

The foot snare triggering device of the present invention is designed to be used with a foot snare, and comprises a trigger plate assembly, having a tension adjustment means which allows the trigger plate assembly to pivotally yield to vertical pressure. A trigger mechanism has a trigger end set within said plate assembly and a mechanism end attached to an extension mechanism, and a snare attachment port located within the trigger mechanism for releasably securing a foot snare by moving longitudinally when the trigger mechanism is engaged by pressure to said plate assembly allowing a foot snare to be released from the snare attachment port after triggering said device.

Dry-fire safety for crossbow

A trigger mechanism for a crossbow that includes a housing having a channel for receiving an arrow, a trigger arm carried by the housing, a bowstring latch for retaining a bowstring in a cocked position that is pivotally carried by the housing and engagable with the trigger arm, and a dry-fire safety (dfs) latch pivotally carried by the housing and engagable with the bowstring latch, wherein the dfs latch substantially retains the bowstring latch in the cocked position when the trigger arm is actuated without the arrow seated in the channel.. .

Location-based small arms control system

An apparatus includes a trigger mechanism and a controller coupled to the trigger mechanism. The controller is configured to disable the trigger mechanism when the apparatus is within a gun-restricted zone..

Safety trigger mechanism for a crossbow

In at least one embodiment, a crossbow trigger assembly comprises a housing, a string catch and a trigger arranged to release the string catch. A safety member is moveable between safe and fire orientations, which prevents actuation of the trigger while in the safe orientation.

Medical infusion pump mechanism

A medical device pump with a housing with a compartment for removably receiving a cartridge containing a therapeutic agent, a conduit configured to operatively provide a fluid flow path for therapeutic agent to exit from the cartridge, a user activated delivery button, a trigger mechanism, and a pump mechanism employing an articulating, coiled drive spring.. .

Bowstring drawing and release assist apparatus and method thereof

An apparatus for one-handed operation of archery equipment may facilitate drawing and firing of an arrow from a bow. The apparatus may comprise a release aid having jaws for selective engagement and disengagement of a bowstring and a trigger mechanism operable to open and close the jaws.

Input device on trigger mechanism for mobile device

A mobile device is described. The mobile device includes a housing having a pistol grip portion.

Projectile launcher structured in shotgun configuration

An embodiment of presently claimed invention discloses a projectile launcher structured in a shotgun-like configuration. The projectile launching device or launcher includes a receiver, a forestock, a trigger mechanism, and a trigger extension cable.

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