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Treadmill patents


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 System and  measuring running efficiencies on a treadmill patent thumbnailnew patent System and measuring running efficiencies on a treadmill
A method for improving running efficiency includes measuring power usage of a drive motor of a treadmill while a user is running on the treadmill for a first period of time and analyzing the measured power usage of the drive motor for the first period of time with a computer. The method further includes providing the user with information about the user's running form based on the analyzed data and providing the user with information on how the user can change their current running form to improve running efficiency..
Icon Health & Fitness, Inc.

 In-floor treadmill assembly patent thumbnailnew patent In-floor treadmill assembly
A treadmill assembly is provided that is located co-planar with a surrounding floor surface. An edge assembly is provided that spans a gap between the floor surface and the treadmill assembly..

 Movement trainer for small animals patent thumbnailMovement trainer for small animals
A movement trainer for small animals has a water basin and a treadmill disposed in the water basin. The water basin has a peripheral side wall that is slanted along a peripheral surface into an interior of the water basin and forms a movement-limiting element for an animal provided in the movement trainer.

 High efficiency treadmill motor control patent thumbnailHigh efficiency treadmill motor control
A high voltage direct current signal is obtained from a power supply. The power supply includes power factor correction circuitry.
Icon Health & Fitness, Inc.

 Automatically adjustable treadmill control system patent thumbnailAutomatically adjustable treadmill control system
Systems and methods are described for automatically adjusting the speed of a treadmill system. The system periodically receives outputs from the range sensor indicative of the position of a user on the treadmill belt.
Ohio State Innovation Foundation

 Leg-powered treadmill patent thumbnailLeg-powered treadmill
A motor-less leg-powered curved treadmill produced that allows people to walk, jog, run, and sprint without making any adjustments to the treadmill other than shifting the user's center of gravity forward and backwards. A closed loop treadmill belt running between front and rear pulley rollers is formed with a low friction running surface of transverse wooden, plastic or rubber slats attached to each other in a resilient fashion, wherein each transverse slat has at least one continuous fin descending downward therefrom..
Speedfit Llc

 Weight balancing mechanism patent thumbnailWeight balancing mechanism
This invention is related to a mechanism to be used to balance the weight of a patient or a sportsman in rehabilitation or sport based equipment. The purpose of the weight balancing mechanism subject to the invention is to prevent the legs carry the entire weight of a patient or a sportsman during the walking therapy on a treadmill by carrying a portion of their weight.
Bama Teknoloji Tibbi Cihazlar Danismanlik Saglik Bilisim Sanayi Ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi

 Treadmill patent thumbnailTreadmill
A computerized treadmill is provided. The treadmill deck may be fully suspended by a plurality of air suspension elements, such as bellows.

 Treadmill  extender patent thumbnailTreadmill extender
Embodiments are described for a treadmill extender for providing a structure for performing upper-body exercises in conjunction with walking or running on a treadmill, comprising a base section configured to be fastened securely against an underside of the treadmill, two or more posts configured to fit securely between the base section and the underside of the treadmill, wherein the posts include feet that are movable up and down to fix immovably fix the base relative to a running platform of the treadmill, attachment means for attaching to or more cords to the base for providing resistance to the user when performing the upper-body exercises, and adjustment means for moving the posts to accommodate a width of the treadmill.. .
Bachar Corporation

 Treadmill with multiple shock-absorbing functions patent thumbnailTreadmill with multiple shock-absorbing functions
A treadmill includes a two side frames, a support plate disposed above the side frames, two shock-absorbing structures mounted between the support plate and the side frames, a styrofoam layer mounted on the support plate, and a surface layer mounted on the styrofoam layer. Each of the shock-absorbing structures includes an elastic bar mounted between the support plate and one of the side frames, and a plurality of vibration absorbers mounted between the support plate and one of the side frames.

Small pocket-size fitness towel with nylon hook strips

Since the fitness towel would be conveniently attached to an article of exercise clothing, it would be readily available and easily accessible at all times. It would also reduce the risk of the user misplacing or losing the towel, and would eliminate the need to hang it over equipment such as barbells, weight machines, treadmills, stationary bikes, etcetera, at a health club.

Stationary manual exercise sled

A manual non-motorized exercise treadmill with the ability to provide adjustable resistance to perform strength training resistance movements and simulate the movements of an exercise drive sled in a stationary location is described. A treadmill deck of the treadmill is supported by friction-reduction rollers, a front treadmill roller and a rear treadmill roller.

Method of detecting a lubrication status between a deck and a belt of a treadmill

The present invention relates to a method of detecting a lubrication status between a deck and a belt of a treadmill. The method includes: starting a lubrication detecting procedure of the treadmill by a user, making the belt driving system drive the belt to run for a period of time without the user on the belt of the treadmill, having the user walk on the belt of the treadmill for a period of time at a level state, having the user walk on the belt of the treadmill for a period of time at a predetermined angle.
Johnson Health Tech Co., Ltd.


A treadmill comprises a base, a first frame, a second frame, and a driving assembly. The base allows a user to walk or run in place.
Dyaco International Inc.

Variable stiffness treadmill system

A variable stiffness treadmill system having a variable stiffness mechanism, a split-belt treadmill, a counterweight system, and a body weight support for supporting an individual and varying the stiffness below the individual on the treadmill for research and rehabilitation.. .
Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University

Intelligent treadmill and enhancements to standard treadmills

An intelligent treadmill is described with modifications to existing treadmills, and associated methodology. The invention allows the conveyor belt automatically keeps track of and fixes the user's position dynamically with respect to a stationery reference point of the treadmill by adjusting its own speed free hands.

Systems and methods for training and imaging an animal in an awaken state

Systems for training an animal, such as a rodent, to maintain its head substantially motionless during an imaging procedure using an imaging and training system are disclosed. In some embodiments, the imaging and training system includes a frame defining an enclosure for enclosing an animal therein during the imaging procedure.
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Dept. Of Health And Human Services

Buffer board structure of a treadmill

A buffer board structure of a treadmill includes bamboo layers made by attaching bamboo sheets side by side, a bottom surface of which is adhered by a membrane layer whereby the bamboo sheets are firmly stuck on the membrane layer. Each membrane layer has an upper and lower faces respectively stuck between the bamboo layers.

High-incline treadmill

A treadmill which utilizes provides for a connection between the floor stand and the treadbase which is toward the front end of the treadbase and provides for generally improved support of the front end of the treadbase at higher angles by providing that the lift mechanism is attached to the treadbase at two fixed points a fixed distance from each other. The lift mechanism then utilizes two different motions, the extension of an extension arm and the rotation of a rigid arm, to produce lift.

Treadmill apparatus that measures gait parameters using four or fewer load cells

This gait analysis apparatus comprises three, and preferably four, vertical force sensors disposed between a treadmill and the ground. When a person walks on the treadmill belt, each force sensor emits an electronic signal proportional to the load on the frame.
Mobility Research, Inc.

Manual treadmill

Disclosed is a manual treadmill for the exercise of a user, comprising: a frame extending along a longitudinal direction and rotational shafts suitable to rotate about corresponding rotational axes transversal to the longitudinal direction of the frame; and an exercise belt operatively connected to the rotational shafts, so as to generate an endless closed exercise path having an upper portion suitable to interact with the user and a lower portion facing a reference plane. The upper portion has a set curved side profile along the longitudinal direction of the frame so that a force generated by the user on the exercise belt generates the rotation of the rotational shafts and the exercise belt..
Technogym S.p.a.

High efficiency treadmill motor control

A high voltage direct current signal is obtained from a power supply. The power supply includes power factor correction circuitry.
Icon Health & Fitness, Inc.

Arrangement for training the gait

A system for training the gait has an endless belt formed of transparent material serving as a treadmill, one surface of which serves as a walking surface, a sensor system for determining a pressure/force distribution on the endless belt, an analyzing unit connected to the pressure/force sensors, a processing unit connected, on the input side, to the analyzing unit, which generates from the pressure distributions values or signals, respectively, that characterize the gait of the subject, an optical display located beneath the walking surface of the transparent endless belt, the display connected to an image signal generator mans and a display process controller for generation and position of images in the optical display, and a synchronization and adaptation stage for synchronizing and adapting the processing of the pressure distribution images with the image representation on the display.. .

Systems and methods for gait rehabilitation using mechanical perturbations on the unimpaired leg to provide therapy to the impaired leg

Embodiments for systems and methods of a variable stiffness treadmill for gait rehabilitation using mechanical perturbations on the unimpaired leg to provide therapy to the impaired leg are disclosed.. .
Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University

Treadmill with a tensioning mechanism for a slatted tread belt

A treadmill has an exercise deck, and a tread belt disposed on the exercise deck. The treadmill further has a tensioning mechanism attached to the exercise deck, and the tensioning mechanism has a selectively movable structure movable with respect to the exercise deck to push outward against an inward surface of the tread belt..
Icon Health & Fitness, Inc.

Treadmill with slatted tread belt

A treadmill includes an exercise deck, and a tread belt on the exercise deck having multiple slats. At least one slat of the multiple slats has a first rod end and a second rod end protruding from the slat.
Icon Health & Fitness, Inc.

Apparatus for automated walking training

An apparatus for automated walking training includes a frame or treadmill having a driven treadmill belt and a pelvis attachment to support a position and weight of a user. The pelvis attachment includes a displacement unit for allowing a movement of the user's pelvis held by attachment elements transverse to and/or rotating about a perpendicular axis to the walking direction of the treadmill to provide a more natural and physiological gait during training.
Hocoma Ag

Information sharing

Methods, devices and systems for sharing information related to exercise/health activities are disclosed. A user terminal can acquire a device identifier associated with a health monitoring device, such as a monitoring wristband or a treadmill, through a communication program (e.g., an instant messaging application).

Treadmill with removable handles and relative assembly method

Described is a treadmill (1) comprising a frame (2) having uprights (3) for supporting a control panel (5) equipped with a user interface; a belt (4) trained around rotatable rollers, defining a treadable surface (4a); a motor connected to at least one of the rollers for moving the belt (4); at least one handle (7) connected to a corresponding upright (3) and having a grip portion (7a) which can be accessed by the user, wherein the treadmill (1) comprises a shape coupling between the handle (7) and the upright (3) and a lock/release mechanism (16) for manually coupling and uncoupling the handle (7) with respect to the upright (3).. .
Technogym S.p.a.

Compact treadmill with walker

A lightweight treadmill for walking which utilizes a short walking surface, a small and lightweight motor, strong but minimized frame design; and a remote display to make a compact, relatively lightweight and portable treadmill. In the preferred embodiment the treadmill uses.
Mobility Research, Inc.

Treadmill power station

A treadmill power station is connected between a treadmill and its power outlet. The treadmill power station contains a power consumption sensor that reads information about the usage of the treadmill by externally analyzing its power consumption pattern.

Retractable treadmill desk

A retractable walking treadmill which may be connected to an adjustable-height desk, in such a way as to be able to be retracted and stowed vertically when not in use.. .

Power generating manually operated treadmill

The present invention relates to a manually operated treadmill adapted to generate electrical power comprising a treadmill frame, a running belt supported upon the treadmill frame and adapted for manual rotation, and an electrical power generator mechanically interconnected to the running belt and adapted to convert the manual rotational motion of the running belt into electrical power.. .
Woodway Usa, Inc.

Laterally tilting treadmill deck

A treadmill includes a running deck. The running deck includes a front portion, a rear portion connected to the front portion by a first side and a second side, a tread belt surrounding the front portion and the rear portion, a motor to drive movement of the tread belt, and an actuator that cause the running deck to tilt laterally towards either the first side or the second side to form a lateral tilt angle in response to a tilt command..
Icon Health & Fitness, Inc.

Treadmill with adjustable shock-absorbing structure

A treadmill includes a frame, a support plate mounted on the frame, and a shock-absorbing structure mounted on two opposite sides of the frame. The shock-absorbing structure includes an elastic bar mounted between the frame and the support plate to support the support plate and to provide a shock-absorbing function.

Desk workstation with an integrated treadmill

A treadmill and desk assembly which allows a user to comfortably exercise while simultaneously running or walking. The desk includes a work panel, an adjustable leg, and a base frame.

Treadboard of a treadmill and a treadmill

A treadboard and a treadmill includes two first elastic strips of same structure arranged abreast with the lengths disposed along the moving direction of the belt of the treadmill and a plurality of solid support strips; the first elastic strips are arc structural, the center of the arc structure is higher than two ends of the arc structure; either end of each first elastic strip is once formed with buffer portion that is flexible along the length direction, so that the buffer portions buffer the arc structure of the first elastic strip after fixedly connected to the base of the treadmill; the solid support strips is of straight strip structure respectively connected vertically between the two first elastic strips, two ends of each solid support strip are respectively connected to the corresponding upper sides of the two first elastic strips.. .
Xiamen Aolro Technology Co., Ltd.

Position sensor on a treadmill

A treadmill system includes a deck, an endless tread belt covering at least a portion of the deck, a position sensor that senses a position of a user when the user is on the tread belt, and a control module that adjusts a speed of the tread belt in response to an output of the position sensor.. .
Icon Health & Fitness, Inc.

Determining work performed on a treadmill

A treadmill system includes a deck, an endless tread belt covering at least a portion of the deck, and a motion transducer positioned to detect movement of the tread belt. The treadmill system also includes a processor and memory where the memory includes instructions executable by the processor to receive an output of the motion transducer, determine an exercise type performed on the tread belt, and calculate an amount of work performed by a user on the tread belt based on the output of the motion transducer and the determined type of exercise..
Icon Health & Fitness, Inc.

Curved treadmill

A curved treadmill having a base comprising: an exercise surface configured for rotating around a first roller and a second roller, converting the potential energy of the user on the exercise surface into rotational kinetic energy; a first pulley operatively connected to the first roller adapted to rotate around a respective rotation axis. The base comprises a first coupling device of the first pulley with the first roller operatively connected between the first roller and the first pulley.
Technogym S.p.a.

Flattened treadmill

Embodiments of this invention disclose flattened treadmills employing at least a medium roller mechanism for transforming rotational speeds of the rollers, so as to make the elevation of motor and the rollers equal to or lower than that of a conveyer belt.. .
Dyaco International Inc

Exercise usage monitoring system

The disclosed embodiments relate to real time monitoring of usage of multiple pieces of exercise equipment and providing exercise based metric data based thereon to devices for aggregation, display or other processing thereof. In particular, the disclosed embodiments facilitate collection of exercise based metric data from various pieces of exercise equipment, such as stationary bikes, treadmills, and the like, in real time, i.e.
Ecofit Networks Inc.

Fat cell destroying exercise device

A motorized belt and roller device utilizes pressure-applying rollers to facilitate weight loss. The belt is arranged to reciprocate over an extended distance, and to apply sufficient pressure via the rollers to cause breakdown of fat cells in the abdominal region.

Noise cancelling mechanism in a treadmill

A treadmill having a running deck comprising a motor arranged to drive movement of a tread belt, a processor, memory in electronic communication with the processor, and instructions stored in the memory. The instructions are executable by the processor to determine an anti-phase waveform based on waveform attributes of a noise emitted from the treadmill and to cause a sound of the anti-phase waveform to be emitted into a surrounding environment..
Icon Health & Fitness, Inc.

Manual treadmill and methods of operating the same

A manually operated treadmill is provided that includes a treadmill frame having a front end and a rear end opposite the front end, a front shaft assembly rotatably coupled to the treadmill frame at the front end, a rear shaft assembly rotatably coupled to the treadmill frame at the rear end, and a running belt disposed about the front and rear shaft assemblies, wherein the running belt defines a curved running surface upon which a user of the treadmill may run. The treadmill also includes an incline adjustment system movably coupled to the treadmill frame for moving at least one of the front end and the rear end relative to a support surface, wherein increasing a height of the front end relative to the rear end and the support surface increases a running speed that a user can achieve on the running belt..
Woodway Usa, Inc.

Running machine with a pulling rope

A running machine with a pulling rope has a treadmill and a rope assembly. The rope assembly is mounted on the treadmill and has a housing and at least one rope set mounted in the housing.

Cable system incorporated into a treadmill

A treadmill includes an opening formed in a surface of a running deck, a resistance mechanism incorporated into the running deck, and a cable threaded through the opening where the cable comprises a resistance end connected to the resistance mechanism and a pull end accessible through the running deck.. .
Icon Health & Fitness, Inc.

Desk treadmill assembly with chair platform

Exercise treadmill chair platform that resides horizontally over a treadmill when it is not in use to stabilize an office chair while it resides beneath the desk. The platform has a top and bottom flat plate, aligned, square or rectangular shaped, and of a low profile, that slides over the treadmill to cover the belt when the treadmill is not in use, thus enabling the user to safely sit at the desk without having to store away the treadmill.
Next Technologies, Inc.

Treadmill system with rotatable exercise platform

A treadmill system, comprises: a sidewall member comprising a rim member extending around at least a portion of an upper edge of the sidewall member and a hatch member that provides access to an area enclosed by the sidewall member; a base member; a support pole member; a handle member coupled to the support pole member that extends from an upper portion of the support pole member and that is removably coupled to the rim member of the sidewall member; a rotatable platform member comprising an exercise surface, a peripheral sidewall and an interior sidewall, configured to rotate around the support pole member; and a particulate substrate disposed on the exercise surface. The exercise surface of the rotatable platform member is configured to evenly distribute the particulate substrate between the peripheral sidewall and the interior sidewall..


A treadmill includes a base, a platform, a universal joint, two elevators and two telescopic elements. The universal joint is used to connect a rear portion of the base to a rear portion of the platform.
Dk City Corporation

Patient aid devices, particularly for mobile upper extremity support in railed devices such as parallel bars and treadmills

Patient aid devices and an associated method of supporting an upper extremity are described and include a mobile upper extremity support for the patient. A support assembly supports a first side of an upper body of the user for movement along a first rail.

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