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Treadmill patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Treadmill-related patents
 Enhanced environment simulator for proxy robot handlers patent thumbnailEnhanced environment simulator for proxy robot handlers
An omnidirectional treadmill environment simulator is disclosed. The omnidirectional treadmill environment simulator includes a circular simulator stage area, a plurality of transport mechanisms that maintain an object at or near the center of a circular simulator stage area and at least one processor.

 Stepper with tread interconnect patent thumbnailStepper with tread interconnect
A treadmill device includes dual reciprocating treads mounted in side-by-side relation. First ends of the treadmills are pivotably mounted on a base and second ends of the treadmills are pivotably movable upwardly and downwardly through a range of motion.

 Treadmill belt wear notification system patent thumbnailTreadmill belt wear notification system
Belt wear of a treadmill is determined. Samples of electric current draw of a treadmill at different speeds of the treadmill belt of the treadmill are received.
Precor Incorporated

 Treadmill patent thumbnailTreadmill
A treadmill is disclosed that includes: a base portion; an elongate belt extending along the base portion and rotatably disposed about a roller so that rotation of the roller causes rotation of the elongate belt; an upright portion extending from the base portion, the upright portion supporting an interface; a motor rotatably driving the roller; an elevator having a driving element engaged with the base portion, the driving element vertically movable to incline the base portion to an inclination measurable by an inclination value; and a controller electronically coupled with the motor and the elevator and including one or more processors configured to perform a number of steps with respect to the treadmill.. .
Jhrun Llc

 Exercise equipment with integrated desk patent thumbnailExercise equipment with integrated desk
An exercise apparatus include a base frame and a treadmill deck movably coupled with the base frame. The exercise apparatus also includes a desk with a working surface.
Icon Health & Fitness, Inc.

 Exercise equipment with integrated desk patent thumbnailExercise equipment with integrated desk
Exercise devices, and related components and methods are provided. In one embodiment, an exercise device is provided having a frame, treadmill deck and a desk.
Icon Health & Fitness, Inc.

 Exercise equipment with improved user interaction patent thumbnailExercise equipment with improved user interaction
Methods and systems are presented for accepting inputs into a treadmill or other exercise equipment to control functions of the treadmill or exercise equipment. An exercise control system can receive gestures and other inputs.
Flextronics Ap, Llc

 Combined exercise apparatus patent thumbnailCombined exercise apparatus
A treadmill assembly, respective kit-of-parts and method of assembling combined exercise apparatus are described. The treadmill assembly includes a couple of vertical struts, a couple of support tabs including a fastener affixable to the vertical struts, at least one structural element configured to sustain rotation relatively to the support tabs, a couple of add-on members including a driven subpart and a weight loading subpart..

 Leg-powered treadmill patent thumbnailLeg-powered treadmill
A motor-less leg-powered curved treadmill produced that allows people to walk, jog, run, and sprint without making any adjustments to the treadmill other than shifting the user's center of gravity forward and backwards. A closed loop treadmill belt running between front and rear pulley rollers is formed with a low friction running surface of transverse wooden, plastic or rubber slats attached to each other in a resilient fashion.

 Low profile collapsible treadmill patent thumbnailLow profile collapsible treadmill
A manually operated treadmill a deck and a tread belt encircling the deck to provide a movable, continuous running surface during operation of the treadmill. Further, the treadmill includes a transmission connecting a flywheel to the tread belt and a resistance unit disposed to adjustably apply a resistance force to the inertial motion of the flywheel..
Icon Health & Fitness, Inc.


Training machine providing adjustable handrail space

According to an embodiment of this invention, a treadmill is disclosed with a conveyor belt, two assistance devices, and at least a first control member. The two assistance devices are respectively arranged at a side of the conveyor belt with each assistance device comprising a handrail and two supporting bars, and each supporting bar couples to the handrail via a connecting assembly.
Dyaco International Inc.


Treadmill lubricating mechanism

A treadmill includes a tread deck supported on a tread base for rotatably supporting an endless belt, a motor driving device coupled to the endless belt for driving the endless belt to move around the tread deck, a lubricant supplying device having a container for containing a lubricant, a pump device attached to the container for pumping the lubricant out of the container, a motor coupled to an actuating rod for actuating the actuating rod toward and away from the pump device and to force the lubricant to flow out through the pump device, and a pipe is coupled to the pump device for receiving the lubricant from the container and for supplying the lubricant to lubricate the endless belt.. .
Sports Art Industrial Co., Ltd.


Treadmill providing gait analysis

A treadmill is capable of performing a gait analysis and comprises a conveyor belt, a supporting plate, a driving mechanism, and at least two sensing assemblies. The conveyor belt is used for a user to walk or run in place.
Dyaco International Inc.


Treadmill arrangement and operating same

A treadmill arrangement, comprising a treadmill frame and an endless belt driven by a drive and running across rollers held in the treadmill frame and whose surface serves as a walking or running surface, with handholds being mounted at upwardly extending side parts or a front part of the treadmill frame on both sides of the belt, and wherein a force sensor system with a holding force evaluation device on the output side for the time-dependent registration and optionally evaluation processing of the holding force, which is subject to the direction in space, introduced by the user into the or each handhold when using the treadmill arrangement and/or actuating means for controlling a parameter and/or a function of the treadmill arranged are assigned to at least one of the handholds.. .
Zebris Medical Gmbh


Flattened treadmill

An embodiment of this invention discloses a flattened treadmill comprising a conveyer belt and two decorating bars respectively arranged at a side of the conveyer belt. The conveyer belt and the decorating bars have the same elevation resulting in the flattened treadmill.
Dyaco International Inc.


Method for determining aerobic capacity

A method of estimating the maximal oxygen uptake of an individual on the basis of heart rate data, biometric data, biomechanical data, and geophysical data is described. These data can be collected as the individual engages in activities requiring various levels of exertion, without modifying those activities from the ordinary manner in which they are performed.


Treadmill with integrated walking rehabilitation device

A treadmill for providing walking rehabilitation to a rehabilitee is provided. The treadmill includes a base including a belt, a motor interconnected with the belt, and a walking rehabilitation device interconnected with the base.
Woodway Usa, Inc.


Foldable treadmill

A foldable treadmill includes a base for running or walking, a frame set pivotally connected with the base, and a folding mechanism for folding the frame set. The folding mechanism has a control assembly and a sliding rod connected with the frame set and capable of being locked or released by the control assembly.
Dyaco International Inc.


Treadmill with manually adjustable magnetic resistance system and manually adjustable angle of inclination

A treadmill, having: (a) a frame with front and rear rollers and a continuous tread wrapped therearound; (b) a flywheel connected to one of the front or rear rollers; and (c) a magnetic resistance unit positioned near the flywheel to provide resistance to rotation of the flywheel. The magnetic resistance unit is moved up and down by an operator to move a series of magnets to different positions near the flywheel such that the position of the magnets determines the amount of resistance provided to rotation of the flywheel..


Flat belt treadmill-like rotation toothbrush

In an embodiment of the disclosed technology, a toothbrush head formed of a bristled tread is rotatable about at least one vertically disposed sprocket. The toothbrush head has an elongated neck with sprockets extending axially therefrom.


Foldable treadmill

A foldable treadmill includes a base for running or walking, a frame set pivotally connected with the base, and a folding mechanism for folding the frame set. The folding mechanism has a control assembly comprising a knob and a first bolt controlled by the knob.
Dyaco International Inc.


Method of processing a treadmill belt and an practicing the method

A method for enhancing anti-abrasion of a belt of a treadmill and an apparatus for practicing the method are disclosed herein. As processing the belt, the belt is installed in the apparatus and a driving device of the apparatus can move the belt.
Johnson Health Tech Co., Ltd.


Power generating manually operated treadmill

The present invention relates to a manually operated treadmill adapted to generate electrical power comprising a treadmill frame, a running belt supported upon the treadmill frame and adapted for manual rotation, and an electrical power generator mechanically interconnected to the running belt and adapted to convert the manual rotational motion of the running belt into electrical power.. .
Woodway Usa, Inc.


System and tracked vehicle dynamometer testing

A system and method for tracked vehicle dynamometer testing. The dynamometer system may be configured as a treadmill electric chassis dynamometer having dual, parallel endless belts positioned as substantially flat surfaces with cleats, i.e., the tracks of a test vehicle and a dynamometer vehicle.


Walking training apparatus

The present invention relates to a walking training apparatus. The walking training apparatus includes: a treadmill providing a bottom surface to allow a user who is training to walk to do so in a stationary position; a user counterweight unit including a counterweight, a wire, and a harness jacket, wherein the user counterweight unit lifts the user's body upward in order to reduce the load from the user's weight; a joint motion robot worn on one lower leg of the walker, wherein the joint motion robot is constituted by a hip-joint motion part, a knee-joint motion part, and an ankle-joint motion part; a joint motion robot support part supporting and coupled to the joint motion robot to reduce the load of the weight of the joint motion robot, wherein the joint motion robot support includes a horizontal movable part and a vertical movable part for moving the joint motion robot; and a control unit linked with at least one of the treadmill, the user counterweight unit, the joint motion robot, and the joint motion robot support in order to generate a customized control signal according to the user and to transmit the signal..
P&s Mechanics Co., Ltd.


Elliptical treadmill

An elliptical treadmill has a main framework, guiding wheel set, rocker bar, upper connecting rod, pedal assembly and a crank set. Of which, the crank sets are fitted with first and second swinging arms arranged in pair at interval.
Mario Contenti Designs Co., Ltd.


Active workstation apparatus and method

An apparatus and method provide various desk structures as workstations to receive a user, standing or sitting, walking or stationary, exercising or sedentary. A double duty desk system may include multiple, dedicated “sitting desks” at seated height and fixed to a shared “standing desk,” the height of whose desktop stands accessible to a user exercising on an exercise bike, treadmill, stepper, or the like.


System and monitoring cardiorespiratory parameters

An apparatus, system, and method is disclosed for monitoring the motion, breathing, heart rate of humans in a convenient and low-cost fashion, and for deriving and displaying useful measurements of cardiorespiratory performance from the measured signals. The motion, breathing, and heart rate signals are obtained through a processing applied to a raw signal obtained in a non-contact fashion, typically using a radio-frequency sensor.


Single belt omni directional treadmill

A treadmill having a belt assembly allows a user to walk or run in any direction. A single helically wound belt over a flattened torus is powered by two independent drive systems.


Devices and methods for determining the weight of a treadmill user

A treadmill may comprise a drive motor positioned and configured to drive a treadbelt, and an electrical current sensor configured to measure the electrical current utilized by the drive motor. The treadmill may also include a computer programmed and configured to analyze the measured electrical current usage by the drive motor to determine the weight of a person positioned on the treadbelt.


Portable universal gym system

A portable universal gym is compact and easily stowed in a portable case. The framework is designed to breakdown into easily stowable components.


Take-off and landing system for carrier aircraft on an aircraft carrier and the method thereof

The present invention discloses a take-off and landing system for carrier aircraft, which comprises a takeoff device and a landing device; said takeoff device is a bow side launch deck which is located at the front part of the aircraft carrier and extends from a track groove provided with a track guider; said landing device is a stern side rear bridge which is located at the rear part of the aircraft carrier and extends from a treadmill belt-type runway. The invention also discloses a take-off and landing method corresponding to the take-off and landing system.


Treadmills with adjustable decks and related methods

A treadmill may comprise a base and a deck comprising a treadbelt. A front of the deck may be rotatably coupled to the base, and the deck may be rotatable between an operating position and a storage position.


Motorless treadmill with large flywheel

A motorless exercise treadmill has a flywheel of 7 to 10 inches radius, weighing 40 to 60 pounds. The flywheel provides a fluid motion for the belt when the brake system is engaged and smooth transition through increasing or decreasing speeds.


Apparatus, system, and dual tread treadmill improvements

A dual treadle treadmill. The dual treadle treadmill includes a frame, a first treadle, a second treadle, a clutch axle, and a tensioning mechanism.


Apparatus, system, and providing resistance in a dual tread treadmill

A dual treadle treadmill. The dual treadle treadmill includes a frame, a first treadle, a second treadle, and a generator.


Method and teaching utilizing moving walkways

A room or area designed to facilitate a plurality of users moving while they learn, work, or participate in a simulation. Sensor relays aid this process by sending and receiving user information to a central hub, a movement device, one another or any combination of the three, in order to safely benefit the users coordination, exercise, or concentration while multitasking, according to their own user defined set points, a set of default set points, or set points determined by an external observer.


Video annotation navigation

A video server assigns topics to portions of a video based on the content of the video. The video is requested by a client device and streamed to the client device for playback.


Treadmill automated dosing user interface

Methods and systems for dispensing a radionuclide are disclosed. A processor may receive one or more physiological signals for a patient from one or more physiological parameter sensors.


Upper body exercise and flywheel enhanced dual deck treadmills

An exercise device includes a frame, a first treadle assembly supporting a first moving surface, and a second treadle assembly supporting a second moving surface. The first treadle assembly is pivotally coupled with the frame, and the second treadle assembly is pivotally coupled with the frame.


Equipment, improving exercise efficiency in a cardio-fitness machine

Equipment and processes to guide users in the experience of rhythmic exercise. Playback of an audio signal, such as a musical phrase, that has known rhythmic structure (e.g., beat pattern) is accompanied, by non-audio sensory cues such as a light signal or tactical signal (vibration) to mark rhythmic events in the audio playback (such as the beginning and end of playback and/or audio pulses (beats).



Disclosed is a treadmill which comprises: a main frame; a treadmill belt which is installed inside said main frame, and rotates in connection with the rotation of a support roller through an operation of a driving unit; and a pair of left and right support decks which are placed in an inner space of said treadmill belt, and support said treadmill belt when pressure is applied to an upper surface of said treadmill belt from an upper side, wherein said support decks are installed to move along a guide rail installed in said main frame in connection with the rotation of said treadmill belt and running of a user.. .


Tilting and folding device for a treadmill

A tilting and folding device of a treadmill includes a base and a track bed is pivotably connected to the base by an arm, a support device and an actuator. The arm is pivotably connected between the base and the track bed.


Sensor device and system for fitness equipment

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a sensor devices and corresponding systems for various fitness equipments to determine information corresponding to one or more activities of a user utilizing the equipments. The information may include speed, pressure, stride, and one or more other activities of the user.


Manual treadmill and methods of operating the same

A manually operated treadmill is provided. The treadmill includes a treadmill frame, a front shaft rotatably coupled to the treadmill frame, a rear shaft rotatably coupled to the treadmill frame, a running belt including a contoured running surface upon which a user of the treadmill may run, wherein the running belt is disposed about the front and rear shafts such that force generated by the user causes rotation of the front shaft and the rear shaft and also causes the running belt to rotate about the front shaft and the rear shaft without the rotation of the running belt being generated by a motor, and a one-way bearing assembly configured to prevent rotation of the running surface of the running belt in one direction..


Therapeutic walking trainer

A therapeutic walking trainer for improving the ability to walk, in particular for re-learning the ability to walk, with an upper frame, which has a torso-free body holder and provides forward support, and with a lower frame, which is connected to the upper frame by means of at least one supporting bar and has a number of rollers. To compensate for a torque acting on the vertical axis, the rollers are at least four in number, with at least one of the rollers, preferably exactly two of the rollers, being formed as drivable rollers.


Canine gait analyzer

A canine gait analyzer is used in connection with a treadmill. A sensor assembly includes a plurality of overlapping sensor panels, each having a pressure transducer array connected to a circuit board with conductive traces.


Running form diagnosis scoring running form

A running form diagnosis system capable of automatically scoring a running form of a runner is provided. The running form diagnosis system obtains body motion information as to a test subject running on a treadmill, and calculate a running form score of the test subject by applying obtained characteristics to a given operation expression.


Digital exercise equipment cluster system

A digital exercise equipment cluster system comprises a computation unit, a display unit, stereo equipment, environmental effects equipment and multiple pieces of exercise equipment installed with electronic control equipment. The computation unit is connected to the display unit, stereo equipment and environmental effects equipment, respectively, and is connected to the electronic control equipment on the exercise equipment through interface circuits.


Systems and methods for frequency-based stride length correction in a pedometer device

A pedometer or other stride-detection device (304) can record the number of strides, and the frequencies of those strides, during a running or other session using a detector (306). The device (304) can report an estimated total elapsed distance (318) at the end of the session, based on the number and estimated lengths of each stride.


Foldable treadmill

An embodiment of this invention discloses a foldable treadmill comprising a bracket, a platform, a lifting device, a folding frame, a motor, a linear actuator, and a control board, wherein the bracket comprises two supporting sticks, two tracks, and a rear linkage connected with the supporting sticks, the lifting device comprises a rod connected with the bracket, and two pull members respectively arranged at one end of the rod, the folding frame comprises two bars and a link bar, in which the link bar has two ends respectively connect with one bar, a middle portion of each bar connects with the pull member of the lifting device, a front end of each bar is used as a pivotal point to rotate, and a rear end of each bar has a wheel placed in the track, and the linear actuator is horizontally laid on the rear linkage.. .


Electric treadmill

An electric treadmill includes a base, vertical posts coupled to the base, a desk with a treading belt, and a lifting and folding device. The lifting and folding device includes a linear actuator disposed on the desk and having a retractable lifting pipe, a lifting unit connected to the desk, a pivotal connection point protruding from the desk, first and second lateral panels, and a fixing stand disposed between the second lateral panels and connected to the lifting pipe, two movable pivotal connection elements disposed at free ends of the first lateral panels, respectively, two linking plates connected to the first lateral panels and a link, two position-limiting elements disposed between the base and the lifting unit, connected to two lateral bars of the base by an axle, and having a slot each, and two guide rods coupled to the first lateral panels and inserted into the slots..


Treadmill having a device for a virtual walking course image and driving the treadmill

A treadmill having a device for a virtual walking course image and a method for driving the treadmill. The treadmill is structured to be used within a restricted space and has a separate image device which enables a user to select, a course from a virtual walking course image menu.


Treadmill with integrated walking rehabilitation device

A treadmill for providing walking rehabilitation to a rehabilitee is provided. The treadmill includes a base including a belt, a motor interconnected with the belt, and a walking rehabilitation device interconnected with the base.


Manual treadmill and methods of operating the same

A manually operated treadmill and methods of using the same are provided. The treadmill includes a treadmill frame having a front end and a rear end opposite the front end, a front shaft rotatably coupled to the treadmill frame at the front end, a rear shaft rotatably coupled to the treadmill frame at the rear end, and a running belt including a curved running surface upon which a user of the treadmill may run.


Bike trainer

Provided are a bike trainer, and an exercise apparatus with a bike trainer for supporting a bike on a treadmill. A mounting bracket is adapted to be non-invasively installed on a frame of the treadmill utilizing a releasable fastener that is adjustable to secure an installation of the mounting bracket and allow the mounting bracket to be removed from the frame.


Rehabilitation treadmill

A rehabilitation treadmill includes a running belt, a plurality of pace sensors mounted to two opposite sides of the running belt, and a control panel. When a user intends to do rehabilitation exercise via the rehabilitation treadmill, the pace sensors can detect the user's footstep to generate and transmitting an activation signal and a stop signal to the control panel and then the control panel can activate or stop the running belt subject to the activation or stop signal.


Treadmill resistance training apparatus

Methods and apparatus are provided for monitoring plasma parameters in plasma doping systems. A plasma doping system includes a plasma doping chamber, a platen located in the plasma doping chamber for supporting a workpiece, an anode spaced from the platen in the plasma doping chamber, a process gas source coupled to the plasma doping chamber, a pulse source for applying pulses between the platen and the anode, and a plasma monitor.


Treadmill with deck vibration

A treadmill includes a support structure and a treadbase connected thereto. The treadbase has first and second opposing side rails extending along at least a portion of first and second sides of the treadbase, respectively.


Leg-powered treadmill

A motor-less leg-powered curved treadmill produced that allows people to walk, jog, run, and sprint without making any adjustments to the treadmill other than shifting the user's center of gravity forward and backwards. A closed loop treadmill belt running between front and rear pulley rollers is formed with a low friction running surface of transverse wooden, plastic or rubber slats attached to each other in a resilient fashion.



A treadmill includes a frame, two rollers, and an endless belt. The frame is placed on a ground and has a left plate and a right plate.



A treadmill has an endless belt and a housing supporting movement of the endless belt along the housing. The housing has a top surface, a bottom surface and a plurality vertical channels extending between the top surface and the bottom surface.


Treadbelts comprising a specialized surface, treadmills including such treadbelts, and related methods

A treadbelt for a treadmill may comprise a major surface comprising a plurality of tufts extending therethrough. The treadbelt may further comprise a first textile layer and a plurality of fibers extending through the first textile layer to provide the plurality of tufts.


Rotary type adjustable cushioning mechanism of a treadmill

A rotary type adjustable cushioning mechanism of a treadmill, comprising a cushioning unit being interposed the base frame and the running board such that an expected and proper cushioning effect is created after the running board is subject to a force. The cushioning unit consists of two regulating mechanisms and a resilient element.


System and measuring running efficiencies on a treadmill

A treadmill may comprise a deck, a treadbelt covering at least a portion of the deck, and a drive motor configured for driving the treadbelt. The treadmill may further comprise a sensor, a console, and a computer.


High efficiency treadmill motor control

A high voltage direct current signal is obtained from a power supply. The power supply includes power factor correction circuitry.


Treadmill with selectively engageable deck stiffening mechanism

A treadmill includes an impact absorption mechanism operatively positioned at least in part between a deck and a base frame of the treadmill so that the impact absorption mechanism enables the deck to move relative to at least a portion of the base frame during impact events on the deck and a selectively engageable deck stiffening mechanism that reduces the amount of movement of at least a portion of the deck relative to the base frame during impact events on the deck. The deck stiffening mechanism includes one or more generally rigid members and an engaging mechanism.


Foldable treadmill having lifting mechanism

A foldable treadmill having lifting mechanism is provided. A base is connected to a running platform through two swing arms.


Systems, methods, and devices for gathering and transmitting exercise related data

A data collecting device is selectively attachable to a tread base of a treadmill. The device includes a foot fall sensing mechanism that collects foot fall data from the tread base, an inclination sensing mechanism that collects inclination data regarding the inclination of the tread base, and a communication mechanism that selectively transmits the foot fall data and the inclination data to an external computing device..


Ultra-low-friction treadmill deck

A laminated treadmill deck or deck insert includes a wear surface formed of a phenolic impregnated paper laminated to an isocyanate resin bonded mdf core. A low moisture content isocyanate resin bonded wood fiber mdf core enables dimensional stability and high internal bonding strength even at reduced insert thicknesses.


Collapsible treadmill

A collapsible treadmill is composed of a chassis having two support members in no contact with the ground; a main frame having an endless belt rotatable along a closed path; a folding device having a lifting frame, the lifting frame having two first lateral frames spaced from each other and two second lateral frames spaced from each other, the lifting frame having a rear end pivotably attached to the main frame and two active pivoting members formed at a front end thereof and contacting against the support members; two linking-up members having front ends connected with the active pivoting members and rear ends connected with the chassis; and two limiters mounted to the chassis and defining a limited space with the support members for limiting the space within which the active pivot members can act.. .



When the tread platform support is set in the first position, a strut device of the tread platform and swivel casters of the tread platform support are stopped at the ground to hold the treadmill vertically and positively on the ground. When the tread platform support is set in the second position, two directional rollers of the tread platform and the swivel casters are attached to the ground, enabling the treadmill to be moved easily in any direction.


Liftable and foldable treadmill

A liftable and foldable treadmill includes a base frame provided with two sliding tracks, a running platform provided at the top side of the base frame, two sliding devices arranged at the front side of the running platform, a lift frame having a front coupling portion pivotally connected to the running platform, a folding frame having a rear coupling portion pivotally connected to the base frame, and a linear brake arranged at the running platform. When folding the running platform, the two sliding tracks are respectively inserted into an upward opening in each of the sliding tracks and moved backwards along the sliding tracks.


Collapsible mechanism for treadmill

A collapsible mechanism for a treadmill is composed of a support frame, a stand, and an operational console. The stand includes a frame body, a first positioning assembly, and a second positioning assembly.


System and cardiovascular exercise stress mri

A system and method for cardiovascular exercise stress magnetic resonance using a mr-compatible treadmill. The treadmill is made of non-ferromagnetic materials and has a belt driven by a motor that produces rotational motion from pressurized fluid that is produced by a pump located outside the scan room.


Supporting structure for treadmill

A supporting structure for a treadmill includes an outer tube, an inner tube and a spring means. The outer tube has an inner wall and a protrusion.



A treadmill includes a tread platform having two longitudinal frame bars, a swing unit pivotally mounted at the bottom side of the tread platform, and two inclination angle adjustment blocks. Each inclination angle adjustment block has a core shaft defining an axis line, and a plurality of bearing faces connected to one another and respectively disposed in parallel to the axis line and adapted for selectively supporting the tread platform on the ground.


Treadmill ergometer having adapted pulling and measuring units for therapeutic applications and for gait training and running training

A treadmill ergometer for therapeutic applications and/or intense running training is connected to one or more force pull-out units. The force pull-out units can be connected at the free end area thereof to limbs and/or the body of a training person in such a way that a force is applied to the limb(s) or the body when the limb and/or the body moves..


Shock-absorbing treadmill

A treadmill having one or more air springs attached to the underside of the treadmill and one or more wheels on the underside of the treadmill near the back end of the treadmill, to provide increased shock-absorption over conventional treadmills. Other embodiments disclosed herein include treadmills with the above-discussed components as well as one or more air compressors, pressure sensors, and/or weight sensors for adjusting the level of pressure in the one or more air springs, based on the weight of a person using such a treadmill..


Dual-purpose foldable treadmill

A dual-purpose foldable treadmill includes a drive unit, a base frame, an arm frame, a cantilever panel and a tread frame. The arm frame extends in an upright direction from a wall of the base frame and terminates at a top joining end.


Electric treadmill with a folding mechanism

An electric treadmill with a folding mechanism includes a handrail frame pivotably mounted at both sides of the front end of the base frame. A guide plate having a sliding groove, two link plates, and a positioning plate attached to the handrail frame are provided between both sides of the base frame and the handrail frame.


Buffer structure of treadmill

A buffer structure of a treadmill includes a load board, two side rods and two tooth racks. The two side rods includes a pair of hand wheels and a pair of gear wheels which are respectively located central sections of the two side rods and connected by a link rod, and a pair of fixing rods disposed under the link rod.


Anti-drift mechanism for treadmill

An anti-drift mechanism for a treadmill having a chassis, a support frame, and endless belt is mounted between a bottom side of the support frame and a lower half part of the endless belt includes a guide member and a pressing axial member sleeved onto the guide member. The guide member is mounted to the chassis of the treadmill and movable longitudinally with respect to the endless belt in such a way that the pressing axial member can be driven by the guide member to oppress the endless belt so as to increase the pressure applied to the endless belt for the purpose of adjusting the drifting belt back to its normal operational position..


Endless belt multi-function training system

A training apparatus having an endless belt is provided. The apparatus provides a treadmill operable to simulate a variety of high intensity exercises.


Sand treadmill walking device

Disclosed is a treadmill device providing a cushioned layer of sand to walk upon. The device comprises a base having a conveyor walking surface and an underside sand storage area.


Sensing applications for exercise machines

Methods for profiling exercise sessions are described. An example method of determining cadence of a user disclosed herein includes receiving output signals from a sensor generated in response to consecutive footfalls of the user impacting a deck of a treadmill during an exercise session and processing the output signals from the sensor to determine respective magnitude values of a peak or a trough value of each of the output signals.


Walking training apparatus

Provided is a walking training apparatus including: a walking-assist robot which is worn on a lower half of a body of a walking trainee; a treadmill which has a tread plate moving at a predefined speed which the walking trainee walks on; a load pulling unit which holds a body of the walking trainee upward; and a controller which controls driving of the walking-assist robot, the treadmill, and the load pulling unit, wherein the load pulling unit includes: a harness which is worn on the body of the walking trainee; a main rope which is connected to the harness; a driving motor which operates to pull the main rope so as to pull the harness upward; and a counter-load weight plate unit which applies a counter-load to the walking trainee. Accordingly, the load pulling unit pulls a patient, and a counter-load is appropriately set according to a state of the patient or a purpose of a therapy, so that it is possible to prevent the patient from falling during the waling training, and it is possible to effectively perform rehabilitation training of the patient..


Exercise usage monitoring system

The disclosed embodiments relate to real time monitoring of usage of multiple pieces of exercise equipment and providing exercise based metric data based thereon to devices for aggregation, display or other processing thereof. In particular, the disclosed embodiments facilitate collection of exercise based metric data from various pieces of exercise equipment, such as stationary bikes, treadmills, and the like, in real time, i.e.


Platform for supporting conveyor belt of treadmill

A platform for supporting a conveyor belt of a treadmill includes a wooden plate, a reinforcement plate above the wooden plate, and a shock-absorbing plate sandwiched between the wooden plate and the reinforcement plate. The shock-absorbing plate has a surface facing the wooden plate base, and a plurality of cushions protruding from the surface and stopping against the wooden plate for providing good elastic support force and cushion effect..


Hardness-adjustable platform for supporting conveyor belt of treadmill

A hardness adjustable platform for supporting a conveyor belt of a treadmill includes a platform body having internal spaces, and a plurality of elastic fillers moveably and respectively disposed in the internal spaces of the platform body for providing a cushion effect. The fillers are moveable relative to the platform body by an external force and divide the platform body into first and second regions having different hardness.


Wireless sensor network for determining cardiovascular machine usage

To provide users the ability to track their cardiovascular exercise and determine cardiovascular exercise machine usage, the present system and methods describe an activity tracking platform. The platform includes a wireless sensor configured to monitor a piece of cardiovascular exercise equipment.


Exercise device with rack and pinion incline adjusting mechanism

Incline mechanisms are provided for adjusting an incline of an inclinable portion of an exercise device. The incline mechanism may include one or more racks disposed on a frame, such as a generally upright support structure of a treadmill.


Treadmill with workstation

A treadmill includes a tread assembly, a supporting frame, a control unit and a tread utility assembly. The supporting frame has a lower end portion connected to a front end portion of the tread assembly, and an upper end portion extended from the lower end portion at a predetermined evaluation.


Treadmill with lateral shift gain effect

A treadmill is provided which allows a lateral shift rack to be set over the pedestal of the main framework, and the lateral shift rack is provided with a treading mechanism. The lateral shift rack is driven to yield reciprocating lateral shift through circumferential movement of the crank linking frame when two pedals of the treading mechanism are treaded to shift vertically.


Apparatus for foldable treadmill for pets

An apparatus for a foldable treadmill for pets includes a front frame, a rear frame, at least two hinges, at least two stabilizing mechanisms, a belt, an overhead bar, and a pair of side panels. The front frame and the rear frame pivotally connected to each other by the at least two hinges, which allows the front frame and the rear frame to move in between a folded position and an unfolded position.



An improved treadmill includes a pedestal, arm stand, drag wheel, two swinging rods and pedals, a stride regulating mechanism, and two elbow-type drive connecting rods. The arm stand is set vertically onto the pedestal's mounting surface.


Apparatus for cushioning a platform of a treadmill

A treadmill includes a base, two rollers, a platform, a belt and two cushions. The base includes two longitudinal bars.


Treadmill with foot fall monitor and cadence display

In general, the present invention discloses treadmills that include a monitor that detects foot falls of a person exercising on the treadmill. Various mechanisms are described that can be incorporated on a treadmill to detect foot falls.


Cushioning mechanism of a treadmill

A cushioning mechanism of a treadmill is interposed with an auxiliary plate between a base frame and the running board. The cushioning mechanism 20 includes two hanging support pieces, two hanging swing pieces, and a flexible elastic element.

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Treadmill topics: Endless Belt, Distributed, Modulation, Motor Control, Transmission Gear, Impregnated, Fluoropolymer, Computing Device, Engageable, Angle Of Inclination, Magnetic Material, Vascular Disease, Cardiovascular, Cardiovascular Disease, Transverse

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