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Transverse patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Transverse-related patents
 Needle tip for biopsy device patent thumbnailNeedle tip for biopsy device
A biopsy device includes a body portion, a tip, at least one blade, and a cutter. The cannula defines at least one lumen.
 Monolithic metallic self-ligating bracket with locking catch devices patent thumbnailMonolithic metallic self-ligating bracket with locking catch devices
A monolithic metallic self-ligating bracket with a locking catch device is provided. The bracket includes a base, at least one tie wing and at least one locking catch device placed on one surface of the base.
 Washable long-filament fiber quilt patent thumbnailWashable long-filament fiber quilt
A washable long-filament fiber quilt includes a plurality of filament fibers in the interior of the shell, each filament fiber including a first end attached at the first end of the shell, and a second end attached at the second end of the shell; a first plurality of stitching line structures extending in the first direction; a second plurality of stitching line structures extending in a direction transverse to the first direction. The first and second plurality of stitching line structures divide the interior of the shell into a plurality of compartments, and each filament fiber traverses multiple compartments.
 Free piston type torsion drive compressor patent thumbnailFree piston type torsion drive compressor
The invention relates to a free piston type compressor 10 according to the invention comprises a first free piston 2a and a second free piston 2b interconnected by a torsion body 3a and 3b, and elastic bending element 4a and 4b to the central electromotor 5. In accordance with the invention the driving force is applied transversely to the direction of the expected displacement d of the first free piston and the second free piston..
 Vertical axis wind turbine with self-starting capabilities patent thumbnailVertical axis wind turbine with self-starting capabilities
A vertical axis wind turbine and vertical axis wind turbine assembly comprising a rotary body and a plurality of blades. A cross section through each blade of the plurality of blades transverse to the rotary axis comprises an inner camber line, an outer camber line, and a chord line.
 Retaining device patent thumbnailRetaining device
A retaining device includes a support including an uneven base; and at least one flexible latch each including a curved lower portion joining the base, an upward extending intermediate portion, and a curved transverse top. A joining edge of the upward extending intermediate portion of each of the at least one latch and the curved transverse top thereof is offset laterally with respect to a joining edge of the curved lower portion of each of the at least one latch and the base.
 Connection unit for slide of rod patent thumbnailConnection unit for slide of rod
A connection unit cooperates with a rod when in use. The connection unit includes a fixing member, a pin rod, an oblique detent and a knob.
 Optics for axially-transverse light emission patent thumbnailOptics for axially-transverse light emission
Apparatus for injecting light into a light transmitting substrate or window, including an optical arrangement secured to one of the surfaces of the substrate or window for directing light into the substrate or window at an incident angle selected for propagation of light via total internal reflection (tir) along the substrate or window. The optical arrangement comprises: (1) refractive media transmissive to light from a light source, the refractive media being bounded on a first end by coplanar exit and input surfaces and at a second end by a non-planar reflective surface, and (2) at least one coupling material to optically and physically couple the exit and input surfaces to the substrate or window, the refractive media and the at least one coupling material having a refractive index greater than air..
 Dual action shutter for drawout circuit breaker patent thumbnailDual action shutter for drawout circuit breaker
A shutter device for a drawout circuit breaker. The arrangement includes first and second moveable plungers for contacting the circuit breaker.
 Image producing apparatus and image producing method patent thumbnailImage producing apparatus and image producing method
A control signal is generated, so that if dots, which are formed in a transverse direction across a recording medium, are classified into plural groups depending on a plurality of timings, then preceding dots, which belong to a group having an earliest timing, are formed in a pale color. A head drive circuit controls a recording head based on the generated control signal..
Variable-length rail cover
A rail cover for a seat rail includes a cover element for completely covering a longitudinal portion of the seat rail. The cover element extends at least in part in a plane of extension that is formed by a longitudinal direction and a transverse direction of the rail cover and includes a first, rigid, longitudinal portion and a second longitudinal portion that follows on from the first longitudinal portion.
Open roof construction for a vehicle
An open roof construction includes at least one closure element for selectively opening and closing a roof opening and a wind deflector assembly having a wind deflector arm pivotally connected to a stationary part and a wind deflector body extending in a transverse direction with respect to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle. A spring biases the wind deflector assembly in an upward direction to a first, operative position, in which the wind deflector body is positioned above the surface of the roof opening, from a second, inoperative position in which the wind deflector body is positioned in a storage position, below the surface of the roof.
Flip-over window assembly for vehicle
A vehicle window assembly includes a cap that includes a rooftop section, which extends in a transverse direction of the vehicle, and a side wall that extends from the rooftop section generally in a normal direction. The side wall includes an opening.
Gripper with cable synchronized jaw movement
A gripping device including a main body, a first elongate actuator, a second elongate actuator, a first jaw, a second jaw, a first pin, a second pin, a pair of pulleys, and a cable. The elongate actuators are both disposed in respective actuator bores within the main body and translate opposingly to each other.
Exterior airbag cushion for vehicle
An external airbag cushion including: an outer cover that inflates to cover the front of a bumper of a vehicle; a plurality of separation walls that are disposed inside outer cover to divide the inside into a plurality of chambers in the transverse direction of the vehicle; and low-pressure variable vents and high-pressure variable vents that are disposed for the chambers, respectively, and selectively open, depending on the internal pressure of the chambers.. .
Articulating hitch apparatus for vehicles
A hitch apparatus includes a frame configured to be secured to a vehicle and that is pivotable about a first axis, a guide that is movably secured to the frame and pivotable about a second axis substantially transverse to the first axis, and a tow bar movably secured to the guide and movable relative to the guide between retracted and extended positions. The hitch apparatus includes a user controlled positioning system with a user input device that is configured to allow a user to extend and retract the tow bar and to articulate the tow bar up-down and left-right so as to position the tow bar distal end at a desired position within a three-dimensional coordinate system..
Nose section for a flying machine and associated flying machine
The nose section for a flying machine according to the invention comprises an enclosure delimiting a nose cone extending along a longitudinal axis (a-a′), the enclosure delimiting a window, and a glass closing the window extending transversely relative to the longitudinal axis (a-a′). The nose section includes an optical sensor, in particular a camera, positioned in the enclosure behind the glass.
Envelopes and folders with digital media storage
Packaging systems, such as envelopes and folders, with digital media storage are disclosed. In some embodiments, an envelope may include a unitary planar material folded along first and second transverse folds forming a first end panel, a second end panel, and a middle panel disposed between the first end panel and the second end panel, along the second transverse fold to form a closure for the document receptacle, and a lateral projection on one of the first and second end panels folded along a longitudinal fold onto another portion of the one of the first and second end panels and affixed along an edge of the lateral projection opposite the longitudinal fold to the another portion of the one of the first and second end panels to form a pocket between the lateral projection and the another portion of the one of the first and second end panels..
Non-rail-bound vehicle
A non-rail bound vehicle, in particular a commercial vehicle or a bus, has a current collector for feeding electrical energy from a two-pole overhead line. The contact wires of the overhead line are configured as forward and return conductors, and each can be contacted by at least one contact strip of the current collector.
Method of and apparatus for casting metal slab
Embodiments of the invention relate to a method and apparatus for continuously casting a metal slab. The method involves continuously introducing molten metal into an inlet of a casting cavity defined between advancing casting surfaces, cooling the metal in the cavity to form a metal slab, and discharging the slab from the cavity through an outlet.
Method and plant for producing material boards, and a device for compressing the narrow sides of a pressed-material mat
A method, a plant and a device for producing material boards in a press from spreading material, wherein a pressed-material mat made of the spreading material is spread by means of a spreading device onto an endlessly circulating forming belt and the pressed-material mat, during transport through the press, is compressed at its narrow sides transversely to the production direction by means of a compression device. The invention for the plant consists in that at least one compression device for compressing the pressed-material mat by displacing the narrow sides in the direction of the longitudinal central axis of the pressed-material mat and/or by compressing a region, adjoining the narrow sides, of the surface side of the pressed-material mat is arranged between the press and the spreading device.
Umbrella slide
In order to improve a free-standing parasol, particularly a large parasol, in which canopy rods of a canopy are supported through supporting struts on an accommodating collar (8) of a slider (2), which, with the canopy open, can be latched to a parasol pole (4) through a releasable pawl (26) and a catch (30), wherein the pawl (26) is arranged on a tilting lever (12), it is proposed that the tilting lever (12) be surrounded by a housing (20) that comprises bearings (22) for the hinge pin (40). The tilting lever (12) itself has an operating button (13).
Apparatus for cutting and/or stirring curd
Apparatus for cutting curd, including a curd vat with drive shaft and cutting frames with a u-shaped or closed frame for longitudinal knives and transverse knives. The transverse knives are caught by their ends by recesses provided in the side frame girders.
Firearm sight
A sight for use on a firearm includes a frame member mountable to a firearm and having a pair of spaced apart posts extending therefrom, a support member extending transversely between the pair of posts and selectively rotatable with respect thereto, and a sight element. The sight element is carried by the support member between the posts and includes a central portion rotatably coupled to the support member, a first sight aperture portion extending from the central portion and defining a first aperture formed in a diamond shape with an upper v-notch and a lower v-notch, and a second sight aperture portion extending from the central portion and defining a second aperture formed in a diamond shape..
Motorized shaving apparatus head and shaving apparatus implementing the same
A motorized shaving apparatus head and motorized shaving apparatus incorporating the same. In one embodiment, the invention is a shaving apparatus comprising: an elongated handle having a longitudinal axis; a power source; a head coupled to a distal end of the elongated handle, the head having a working surface with a longitudinal width of 40-44 mm and a transverse width of 14-16 mm; the working surface comprising a fixed blade having a cutting edge; a rotary cutter having cutting edges disposed within the head, the cutting edges of the rotary cutter positioned adjacent the cutting edge of the fixed blade so that a user's hairs are sheared between the cutting edge of the fixed blade and the cutting edges of the rotary cutter when the rotary cutter is rotating; and a motor operably coupled to the rotary cutter to rotate the rotary cutter about an axis..
System for connecting a bracelet to a watch case
System for connecting a bracelet to a watch case by means of a link, the watch case comprising a caseband and a back cover, the link comprising a first hollow element and a second element partly nesting in the first hollow element, the first hollow element carrying a first means of fastening to the watch case and the second element carrying a second means of fastening to an adjacent bracelet link, characterized in that the watch case includes a mechanical device arranged to pivot the second element about a transverse axis to the longitudinal direction of the bracelet, the second element transmitting the pivoting motion thereof to the first element which pivots in turn and which is pressed against the caseband of the watch case.. .
Protective liner
A multilayer protective liner in the form of a cot bumper is provided to protect infants when sleeping or resting in a bedding arrangement such as a cot or crib. In one form, the cot bumper has two outer surfaces of a quilted padded mesh material which not only provides protection against accidental or inadvertent contact with exposed hard surfaces of the cot or crib, but also provides for air circulation around and through the protective layer so as to produce a healthier environment for the sleeping or resting infant.
Field-of-view-dependent coincidence window for positron emission tomography
A method and apparatus for determining a coincidence window for imaging a region of interest of an object using a positron emission tomography (pet) scanner. The method includes determining a diameter of a transverse field of view (fov) for imaging the region of interest of the object; and calculating the coincidence window based on the determined diameter, a ring diameter of the pet scanner, an axial length of the pet scanner, and a time-of-flight resolution of the pet scanner..
Graft fixation device
A fixation device and method for retaining a graft. The device including: an elongate body having a first end and a second end; a transverse passage for retaining a graft retainer element; a first aperture located in the first end, and a second aperture in the second end; the first aperture and second aperture defining respective ends of a longitudinal through path.
Implantable therapy lead with conductor configuration enhancing abrasion resistance
An implantable therapy lead employs electrical conductors configured to enhance the abrasion resistance of the lead. Specifically, conductors are configured to create a surface contact area with walls of a wall lumen of a tubular body that is greater than would otherwise be possible with traditional conductors that have a circular transverse cross-section.
Implantable therapy lead with conductor configuration enhancing abrasion resistance
An implantable therapy lead employs electrical conductors configured to enhance the abrasion resistance of the lead. Specifically, conductors are configured to create a surface contact area with walls of a wall lumen of a tubular body that is greater than would otherwise be possible with traditional conductors that have a circular transverse cross-section.
Intravascular heat exchange catheter with multiple spaced apart discrete coolant loops
A catheter has a series of hollow loops arranged along a tube for carrying working fluid from a heat exchange system to exchange heat with a patient in whom the catheter is advanced. The loops when inflated are transverse to the catheter axis and parallel to each other, and circumscribe a hollow passageway through which blood can flow.
Vertebral osteosynthesis equipment
The equipment includes at least one connecting bar, at least one flexible ligament, and at least one connector making it possible to connect the ligament to the connecting bar. The connector having a first conduit for engaging the connecting bar, equipped with a device for immobilizing the connector relative to the connecting bar, and a second conduit for receiving at least one strand of the ligament, having an insertion opening for this or these strands and an outlet opening for this or these strands, and equipped with devices for mobilizing the ligament relative to the connector.
Occlusion treatment system
An occlusion treatment devices and methods are disclosed for treating a body lumen that is at least partially blocked by an occlusion. The occlusion treatment device includes an outer catheter with at least one expandable member, and an inner catheter with a cutting tip to debulk the occlusion.
Intramedullary nail and implant system comprising the nail
An intramedullary nail has a posterior side, an anterior side, a proximal portion and a distal portion is described. A transverse bore is arranged in the proximal portion and is configured to receive a bone engagement member.
Multifunctional surgical instrument with flexible end effector tools
A surgical tool having proximal and distal ends and adapted to transverse a curved passageway comprises an end effector disposed on the distal end of the surgical tool, the end effector having a first body section and a second body section and a releasable connector joining the end effector first body section with the end effector second body section. The connector is operable to reversibly engage the first and second end effector body sections in a first fixed position and in a second movable position.
Needle tip for biopsy device
A biopsy device includes a body portion, a cannula, a cutter, and a tissue stop having a proximal face. The cannula has a transverse aperture that is defined in part by a proximal edge and a distal edge.
Condition checking device for endoscope
An endoscope system includes an endoscope, having a tip device for entry in a body cavity, and a viewing window portion formed in the tip device. A sleeve-shaped condition checking device is disposed on a distal side in an axial direction, for resiliently deforming in a transverse direction crosswise to the axial direction when pushed on an inner wall of the body cavity, to enter a viewing area of the viewing window portion.
Covering system
A covering system for removably covering a vehicle, such as a boat, that includes a plurality of rotatively anchored swing arms rotatable between a covered position and an uncovered position. Each swing arm includes a mount and a pretensioner formed of one or more stays adjustably attached to part of a shaft of the arm to adjust an applied preload and transfer forces encountered during operation to part of the shaft rotatively anchored by the mount to a grounded structure such as a piling or post of a dock.
Crawler-type traveling vehicle
A travel control section 60b is configured to control the revolution velocities of transversely opposite travel motors 51 and 52 such that when turning amount command signals are inputted from a turning amount operation dial 48, transversely opposite crawler travel devices 12a and 12b are caused to realize a turn according to the turning amount command signals by decelerating the traveling velocities of the transversely opposite crawler travel devices 12a and 12b from a target straight traveling velocity set by a travel operation lever 47 by equal values of velocity which are predetermined according to the turning amount command signals inputted from the turning amount operation dial 48 and further decelerating the traveling velocity of the crawler travel device 12a or 12b which is positioned inwardly relative to the other in the turning direction.. .
Wave anchor soil reinforcing connector and methods
A facing anchor assembly for securing a facing to a soil reinforcing element, the facing anchor assembly including first and second horizontally-disposed plates vertically-offset from each other and having at least one transverse protrusion disposed on each plate. The transverse protrusions can receive and seat at least one transverse wire of the soil reinforcing element and a coupling assembly can be configured to secure the at least one transverse wire in place, and also frictionally engage a pair of longitudinal wires of the soil reinforcing element between the first and second horizontally-disposed plates, thereby preventing removal of the soil reinforcing element..
Gas laser having a heat exchanger
A gas laser includes a fan for producing a flow of a laser gas and a heat exchanger including multiple heat exchanger pipes. The heat exchanger further includes two end plates to which the multiple heat exchanger pipes are secured at the opposing ends thereof.
Waveguide apparatus for illumination systems
A waveguide (100, 101) such as optical fiber is to receive a primary light in a longitudinal (propagation) direction. The fiber has formed therein scattering structures (105, 106, 107) that re-direct the propagating primary light out of the waveguide, for instance in a transverse direction.
Contact protection for integrated circuit device loading
In one embodiment, a load frame and an integrated circuit device are aligned, with a base frame carried on a substrate, along a first alignment axis defined by a first alignment post extending from the base frame to the load frame, in a direction transverse to the substrate, and a first biasing device carried on the base frame is actuated to engage and bias the load frame toward the base frame aligned with the load frame, and to bias the integrated circuit toward the substrate. A latch latches the load and base frames together, aligned with and biased towards each other with the integrated circuit device and the substrate aligned with, and biased toward each other.
Nmr sample containment
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer for examination of a sample under pressure has a coolant vessel containing a radio-frequency coil cooled by coolant in the vessel while located within the magnetic field of the spectrometer. A pressurizable sample holder comprises a nonmagnetic pressure retaining tube formed of electrically insulating matrix material containing electrically insulating reinforcing filaments.
Method for verifying the authenticity of securities and device for its realization
The present invention relates to methods and devices for verifying the authenticity of various securities and may be used for determining the authenticity of banknotes, financial documents, identity cards and other important documents. The method consists in that the security is transilluminated with a light flux passing from a light source to a receiver, is registered the feature of paper, is compared the registration result with the reference feature, obtained during the control test and stored in a database of reference features, the coincidence of signs confirming the authenticity of the security.
End member and gas spring assembly including same
An end member for a gas spring assembly is dimensioned to receivingly engage an end of a flexible wall. The end member can be formed from polymeric material and can include a side wall receiving the end of the flexible wall.
Laser power and energy sensor utilizing anisotropic thermoelectric material
A laser-radiation sensor includes a copper substrate on which is grown an oriented polycrystalline buffer layer surmounted by an oriented polycrystalline sensor-element of an anisotropic transverse thermoelectric material. An absorber layer, thermally connected to the sensor -element, is heated by laser-radiation to be measured and communicates the heat to the sensor-element, causing a thermal gradient across the sensor-element.
Laser power and energy sensor utilizing anisotropic thermoelectric material
A laser-radiation sensor includes a copper substrate on which is grown an oriented polycrystalline buffer layer surmounted by an oriented polycrystalline sensor-element of an anisotropic transverse thermoelectric material. An absorber layer, thermally connected to the sensor-element, is heated by laser-radiation to be measured and communicates the heat to the sensor-element, causing a thermal gradient across the sensor-element.
Piano seat with automatic height adjustment
Piano seat that has a structure for raising and lowering that is formed by two pairs of “l”-section profiles arranged in a facing manner, two at the bottom and two at the top, which are connected together by individual pairs of scissor-type mechanisms, or assemblies in the form of an “x”, which are articulated and arranged in a facing manner, and also by a series of transverse bars, there being, at the end of the scissor-type mechanisms, articulations connecting to the upper and lower profiles, which are stationary and movable, these latter running via oblong slots in the upper and lower “l”-profiles; the entire assembly is moved by gas springs actuated by actuators, which results in a seat that is noiseless when adjusted and used, which requires no effort on the part of the user, is easy and convenient to use and also to assemble, and which has no rebound effect and is rigid and robust.. .
Device for repairing wire spools
The invention is a repair device for a spool on which a wire, cable or the like may be wound. The spool includes two parallel, spaced apart circular sidewalls which are connected by a transverse coaxial shaft.
Garment frame apparatus and system
A frame for facilitating storage, transport, stacking and organizing garments includes four panels linearly aligned and connected by folds or creases. The rear panel has two flaps extending transversely.
Rail vehicle brake actuator with a brake block holder
A rail vehicle brake actuator (1) has a brake block holder (4) suspended therefrom so as to be laterally movable during braking. Brake block hangers (5) are attached at their upper ends to brackets (2) on the actuator (1) by means of a joint (15) allowing relative laterally pivotable and rotatable movements and at their lower ends to the brake block holder.
Method for continuously producing optical display panel, and system for continuously producing optical display panel
A method includes a first bonding step including providing a first polarizing film obtained by transversely cutting a first long polarizing film having an absorption axis in its longitudinal direction, supplying the first polarizing film from a first optical film roll, and bonding the first polarizing film to a back side of the optical cell while feeding the optical cell; and a second bonding step including providing a linearly polarized light separating film obtained by transversely cutting a long linearly polarized light separating film having a reflection axis in its transverse direction, supplying the linearly polarized light separating film from a second optical film roll, and bonding the linearly polarized light separating film onto the first polarizing film bonded to the back side of the optical cell, while feeding the optical cell.. .
High-performance tyre for a motor vehicle
A tyre for a motor vehicle, in particular a high-performance, tyre is provided with a tread having an overall width. The tread includes first and second circumferential grooves which separate a central region from first and second shoulder regions.
Textile sleeve with twisted hybrid fill yarn and method of construction thereof
A textile sleeve for routing and protecting elongate members and method of construction thereof is provided. The sleeve includes an elongate wall having opposite edges extending parallel to a central axis.
Collapsible table
A collapsible table structure comprises a tabletop and a plurality of folding leg assemblies pivotally attached thereto. Each leg assembly comprises a first leg and a second leg connected to each other at a pivot coupling defining an unintruding common axis for movement between an open condition generally resembling an x-shaped configuration and a closed condition wherein the legs, as well as the tabletop, are generally parallelly disposed in a common plane.
Shaft having a journal
A threaded spindle (11), having a drive part (20), which has a longitudinal axis (a) and is mounted in a first journal (70), and having a threaded part (30), which likewise has a longitudinal axis (b), and having a threaded nut (50), which is mounted in a second journal (80a; 80b) and in which the threaded part (30) is guided. The drive part (20) and the threaded part (30) are formed as separate parts and are each provided with at least one coupling element (25, 55), which are connected to each other in an articulated manner by plugging together.
Force detecting mat with multiple sensor types
A flexible force or pressure sensing mat includes a first sheet of electrically conductive first paths, a second sheet of electrically conductive second paths, and a sensing layer positioned between the first and second sheets. The first and second conductive paths are oriented transversely to each other, and the locations of their intersections define individual sensing areas or sensors.
Vehicle, a door assembly for the vehicle and a method of assembling the door assembly
A vehicle, a door assembly for the vehicle and a method of assembling the door assembly are disclosed. A first component includes a first alignment member and a second component is attached to the first component.
Automatic pet door controlled by smart phone
The present invention relates to a pet door system that has one or more open modes throughout a day wherein a pet can transverse the door for limited duration of time. In one variation, the open mode of the door may terminate upon passage by the pet and the pet may traverse the door at the next open mode.
Fountain toothbrush
A toothbrush includes a housing having a handle and a toothbrush head, a pump having a pump chamber and a pump impeller or pump gear arranged in the pump chamber, and a motor driving the impeller or pump gear. An input port and an output port are connected to the chamber, the impeller causing a flow of a working fluid through the output port when the impeller is driven by the motor and the working fluid is supplied through the input port.
Waterless urinal cartridge
A removable waterless urinal cartridge for installation in a urinal to conduct urine to a waste line includes a collection basin for collecting urine, a drain opening in the collection basin; and a p-trap assembly having an inlet connected to the drain opening, a p-trap having a trap height of at least 2 inches, a generally transverse extension at the outlet of the p-trap, and a generally vertical tail depending from the generally transverse extension to an outlet. There is a strainer disposed over the drain opening in the collection basin having a top and a sidewall having openings for liquid to pass from basin through the strainer and into the drain.
Method for generating a graphical user interface menu
A method for generating a graphical user interface menu, the method comprising the steps of generating a first and a second transversely extending and intersecting scroll lists wherein each scroll list comprises a plurality of scroll list elements that can be scrolled successively through a focus region positioned at the intersection of the scroll lists, wherein the method further comprises the steps of receiving a request to scroll, among the plurality of scroll list elements, away from the focus region, wherein the request to scroll allows identification which scroll list is to be scrolled; scrolling the identified scroll list elements such that the focus region always comprises a scroll list element of the identified scroll list; whereas in case the request to scroll switches between the first and the second scroll lists respectively, the scroll list element, previously in the focus region, is displayed adjacent the focus region on the scroll list it is associated with.. .
Methods and apparatus for preparing a patient's femur for patellofemoral knee arthroplasty
Methods and apparatus provide for modifying a patient's femur to receive a patellofemoral prosthesis, including: a distal punch, an anterior punch and a trochlear punch which are used in well defined orientations to remove material from the femur to accommodate complex geometries of a patellofemoral prosthesis; and optionally a guide operating to engage a distal end of the femur, the guide including a distal slot, an anterior slot and a transverse slot, which ensure that the punches achieve the desired orientations.. .
Implant system for bone fixation
An implant system for use in orthopaedic surgery for fixation of bone includes an intramedullary nail and a coupling unit. The intramedullary nail has a proximal portion defining a longitudinal axis and a transverse bore.
Tensioning device for a traction-device drive
A tensioning device (08) for a traction-device drive having a dynamically operable tensioning element (04) which acts on a traction device (03). It is a feature of the tensioning device that it has an electromagnetic actuator (09) for operating the tensioning element (04) as a function of deflections of the traction device (03) transverse to the longitudinal extent of the traction device (03)..
Plug connector for direct contacting on a circuit board
A plug connector for direct electrical contacting of contact surfaces on a circuit board includes at least one electrical end contact of an electric line inserted into the plug connector housing in a plug-in direction and at least one separate electrical contact element, which protrudes elastically beyond one housing side of the plug connector housing transversely to the end contact for electrical contacting of a contact surface of the circuit board and is in electrically conductive contact with the end contact, at least when the contact surface has been contacted.. .
Porous polypropylene film
Provided is a porous polypropylene film having both air permeability properties and puncture strength. A porous polypropylene film which has an air permeability of 700 seconds/100 ml or less and a puncture strength of 1.5 n or greater, and has β activity can be obtained when the porous polypropylene film is made to have a tensile strength in the machine direction of the film, emd, of 100 mpa or greater, a tensile strength in the transverse direction to the machine direction, etd, of less than 100 mpa, and a ratio of emd and etd, emd/etd, of 1.5 to 10..
Fiber - resin composites and ballistic resistant armor articles containing the fiber - resin composites
A fiber-resin composite useful in a ballistic resistant armor article comprises a first nonwoven layer comprising a first plurality of yarns arranged parallel with each other and a second nonwoven layer comprising a second plurality of yarns arranged parallel with each other. The first plurality of yarns have an orientation in a direction that is different from the orientation of the second plurality of yarns, the composite further comprises a binding resin partially coating portions of internal surfaces of the yarns and partially filling some space between the filaments of the yarns so as to leave discrete areas of yarn surfaces that are free from binder resin coating, a viscoelastic resin coats at least portions of external surfaces of the yarns and fills in some space between the filaments of the yarns.
Propulsion turbine
A turbine creating fluid displacement or thrust having an outer frame superstructure comprised of opposed disk assemblies extending parallel, each joined concentrically to a central sun gear and central drive shaft housing, each spaced apart along a central axis defining an interior operating space to support a motor driven driveshaft joined to a rotatable interplanetary assembly that secures two or more orbiting evenly spaced planetary turbines by bearing means each having a pivoting wing/s which presents a maximum contact surface profile in drive maximally impinging on air or water and pivoting back to a position of least resistance in glide thereby creating current or thrust, each made to counter rotate, once around its axis as the interplanetary assembly rotates once around the propulsion turbine's central axis, each maintaining a transverse planetary turbine and wing orientation relative to the direction of created thrust or fluid displacement.. .
Turbocharger with a double-vane nozzle system
Disclosed is a turbocharger with a dual-blade nozzle system, comprising a turbine housing, a fixed nozzle ring (1), a linearly moving nozzle disk (2), a mid-housing (5), a rack (4), rocker arm rods (3), and a gear (6), wherein airfoil-shaped fixed blades (8) are provided on the front end face of the fixed nozzle ring (1), with blade-type holes (9) provided between the fixed blades (8), and the fixed nozzle ring (1) is sheathed around the outside of the mid-housing (5) and fixed to the mid-housing (5) via screws; the linearly moving nozzle disk (2) is provided on the rear end of the fixed nozzle ring (1), a group of moving blades (7) is provided on the front end face of the linearly moving nozzle disk (2), the moving blades (7) are movably inserted into the blade-type holes (9), the rear end face of the linearly moving nozzle disk (2) is fixedly connected to two rocker arm rods (3), with the rocker arm rods (3) inserted into the mid-housing (5) and engaged with the rack (4) via the gear (6). The provision of an additional blade along a nozzle flow passage in the turbocharger with the dual-blade nozzle system can not only reduce the cross-sectional area of the passage, but also separate the original nozzle into two gas passages to reduce the loss of gas flow due to transverse flow; in addition, the gas flow can flow at an optimum gas flow angle according to the original design, so that the turbine can keep working in the high efficiency region..
Independently supported concrete saw apparatus and method
A saw apparatus for sawing paving slabs has a frame mounted on a ground contacting propulsion member such that the frame may move above a slab to be cut without touching the slab. A first saw support assembly disposes a blade of a saw in cutting engagement with the slab for a transverse cut.
Flanged material and standing seam clamp
A clamping assembly for attaching loads to various kinds of flanged seams, the assembly comprising a generally u-shaped clamp body, at least one clamping hammer disposed interior of the clamp body, the clamping hammer is secured to the clamp body along the longitudinal axis of the clamp body, at least one adjustment screw extending through the clamp body and adapted to selectively impinge against the clamping hammer and cause it to pivot about its axis or otherwise move inwardly within the clamp body, the adjustment screw extending transverse to the longitudinal axis of the clamping hammer, at least one locking screw adapted to selectively impinge against the clamping hammer to prevent pivoting of the same may be optionally provided whereby a standing seam received within the clamp body may be tightly grasped between the clamp body and the clamping hammer under action of the adjustment screw.. .
Assembly for an aircraft nacelle
An assembly for an aircraft nacelle includes a reinforcing plate and a flange that includes one first portion and one second portion. The first portion of the flange is attached to another flange, and the second portion extends transversely relative to the first portion and is attached onto a panel of the assembly.
Binder film for a fiber optic cable
A fiber optic cable includes a core and a binder film surrounding the core. The core includes a central strength member and core elements, such as buffer tubes containing optical fibers, where the core elements are stranded around the central strength member in a pattern of stranding including reversals in lay direction of the core elements.

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