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Air outlet for a motor vehicle dashboard

Mounting device for aircraft supply systems

Method and apparatus for in-well wireless control using infrasound sources

Date/App# patent app List of recent Transverse-related patents
 Dynamic spinal plating system patent thumbnailnew patent Dynamic spinal plating system
Dynamic spinal plating systems that can be placed on the anterior aspect of the spine to aid in spinal fusion and surgical methods for using the dynamic spinal plating systems are disclosed. The dynamic spinal plating systems including a plate and at least one bone attachment mechanism.
 Innenkant catheter tip patent thumbnailnew patent Innenkant catheter tip
The invention relates to a laser catheter for bypass surgery. The laser catheter comprises: a tubular arrangement comprising a tubular bundle of optical fibres having distal ends defining an emitting surface for emitting laser radiation in the distal direction of the catheter; at the distal end of the catheter, a channel extending in axial direction of the catheter and defined by the inside of the tubular arrangement, which channel is connectable to a suction source; and a grid element arranged inside the channel at a distance proximally from the emitting surface, which grid extends in transverse direction of the catheter across the channel.
 Methods for counteracting rebounding effects during solid state resistance welding of dissimilar materials patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for counteracting rebounding effects during solid state resistance welding of dissimilar materials
The present disclosure is directed to methods for joining initially separate members of different metallic materials, e.g., as in joining segments of a multi-segment intravascular guide wire, as well as multi-segment intravascular guide wires so formed. Initially separate members are provided, which members comprise different metallic materials relative to one another (e.g., stainless steel and nitinol).
 Suction catheter device and method patent thumbnailnew patent Suction catheter device and method
A device and method for removing material from inside a tube is provided, comprising a catheter having a tubular body and defining an inner lumen, the distal end portion of the tubular body defining a distal opening and apertures on a sidewall. An expandable member is attached to the distal end portion of the catheter tubular body distal to the one or more apertures.
 Compression garment patent thumbnailnew patent Compression garment
A graduated compression garment is disclosed that includes a plurality of longitudinal fuzzy wales arranged to form a fabric with a plurality of transverse elastomeric threads under variable tension connecting the adjacent longitudinal fuzzy wales to deliver a first level of elastic compression distally on a limb and a gradually decreasing level of elastic compression as the limb increases in diameter proximally.. .
 Cell phone protective shell with holder patent thumbnailnew patent Cell phone protective shell with holder
A smart phone protective shell with a holder, comprising a cavity formed by a bottom plate and a main framework; and characterized in that it further comprises a bracket, wherein the support plate with a clamping block of the bracket is connected to the first transverse frame of the surface frame through a side connecting plate; a support block is formed on the second transverse frame of the surface frame; a notch is set in the first transverse side plate of said main framework to adapt to the side connecting plate; a notch is set in the second transverse side plate of the main framework to adapt to the support block; a support plate recess with a clamping slot is formed on the back side of said bottom plate; said surface frame is detachably clamped in the main framework; said support plate is clamped in said support plate recess; said side connecting plate is clamped in said side connecting plate notch; and said support block is clamped in said support block notch. In this way, the present invention solves the problem of instable support and inconvenience in hand-held use with the prior art..
 Air outlet  for a motor vehicle dashboard patent thumbnailnew patent Air outlet for a motor vehicle dashboard
The invention relates to an air outlet device (1) that includes a first blade (4), extending longitudinally and being rotatable around a longitudinal axis (a), and at least one second blade (6), extending transversely and being rotatable around a transverse axis (b), the device comprising an actuator (8) connected to the first (4) and to the second blade (6) and being rotatably secured to the first blade (4) and being translatably mobile on said first blade (4). The first blade (4) includes at least one projection (38) extending transversely from a longitudinal surface (22) of the first blade (4), the actuator (8) comprising an opposite projection (40) that extends transversely opposite said longitudinal surface (22) such that the projection (38) pushes the opposite projection (40) when the actuator (8) is translatably moved..
 Gas turbine engine nose cone attachment configuration patent thumbnailnew patent Gas turbine engine nose cone attachment configuration
A gas turbine engine fan section includes a fan hub configured to rotate about an axis. A nose cone includes a spinner operatively mounted to the fan hub.
 Method and apparatus for storing and dispensing bagged ice patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for storing and dispensing bagged ice
An article storage and dispensing apparatus and method in which articles made by series production are distributed from an article supplier into a storage compartment of predetermined dimensions for storage of articles in front and rear rows of article storage positions. An article distributor in an upper portion of the storage compartment has a carriage, a carriage drive which is configured to drive the carriage in a reversible horizontal carriage drive direction across at least part of the width of the storage compartment, and an article support mounted on the carriage and configured to receive articles from the article supplier above the support when the carriage is in a start position.
 Method and apparatus for in-well wireless control using infrasound sources patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for in-well wireless control using infrasound sources
A system and method for downhole data communication using an infrasound wave generator and receivers. The infrasound waves have a low frequency and a wavelength that is much larger than the transverse dimensions of the well.
new patent Led flexible hanging display screen
An led flexible hanging display screen comprises several discrete led modules (1) and a flexible mesh (2). The led modules (1) are arrange and fixed on the flexible mesh (2) in matrix form.
new patent Illumination system
An illumination system for defining and lighting around an object positioned on a base such as for example a mirror, includes at least one elongate profile that has a fastening section and a limitation section extending transversely, in particular perpendicularly to the latter, and at least one illuminant that is fastened or can be fastened to the top of the fastening section of the profile a distance away from the limitation section and is formed and positioned such that, in the correctly arranged state, it emits light in the direction of the limitation section.. .
new patent Vehicular video-recording module
A flat vehicular video-recording module has a housing being transversely elongated and having a circuit board therein. The housing further has a photo-sensing element thereon to align with the circuit board, a connector extending outwards from the housing and sticking plasters thereon.
new patent Operating status warning lamp aparatus
An operating status warning lamp apparatus for visually indicating at least one operating status or a plurality of different operating statuses for a technical appliance such as a machine, an installation, a vehicle or the like having at least one warning lamp unit (1, 4), wherein the warning lamp unit (1, 4) has at least one warning lamp element (3) for producing warning light (6), wherein the warning lamp unit (1, 4) has a radiating element (1), having at least one warning lamp radiating area (4), for radiating the warning light (6), wherein the radiating element (1) has at least one end face (2) oriented transversely with respect to the warning lamp radiating area (4), is proposed that can be produced without great design involvement, at reasonable cost and using new layout options. The invention achieves this in that the warning lamp element (3) is arranged on the end face (2) for the purpose of coupling the warning light (6) into the radiating element (1) and in that the radiating element (1) has scattering means (5, 12, 15) for scattering the warning light (6), as result of which the warning light (6) enters the radiating element (1) via the end face (2) and can be deflected to the warning lamp radiating area (4)..
new patent Common mode filter
A common mode filter includes a plurality of substrates stacked along an axial direction, a first conductor structure and a second conductor structure disposed on the substrates and including a plurality of first rings and second rings disposed sequentially along the axial direction. The first rings and the second rings are disposed to alternate with each other along the axial direction.
new patent Magnetic drive apparatus
A primary disc and the secondary discs are each fitted with magnetic means, typically in the form of permanent magnets of the same polarity, located along a radial line from the centre point of the discs, and arranged generally transverse to the axis of rotation of the respective disc. These magnets are also located at or adjacent to the periphery of the disc(s).
new patent Semicorrugated gasket
An elastomer sealing gasket (10) having a length (l) along a contour (c) and a cross section (s) of width (i) and of height (h) considered in a transverse plane (t) perpendicular to said length (l), wherein the cross section (s) has a geometry that is continuously varying along the length (l) of the gasket.. .
new patent Mounting device for aircraft supply systems
A mounting device for aircraft supply systems comprises a cross member and at least one support module including a body having a shape complementary to that of a cross member. The body includes a structure for securing an aircraft supply system, an opening, and a pin, wherein the opening forms a guide that is able to receive a portion of the pin.
new patent Movement method for re-melting cracks
Re-melting the material of a component transversely to the propagation direction of a crack in the component, providing a welding beam on the component and moving the welding beam at least transversely over the crack for re-melting the material, and more material is re-melted and increasing the strength of the re-melted crack.. .
new patent Safety confinement equipment for laser radiation
Safety confinement equipment for laser radiation includes a safety confinement enclosure having two laterally opposite openings through which at least one metal strip can pass, the enclosure including first and second jaw devices for clamping the strip disposed on a path of travel of the strip between the two openings, the jaws being transversely disposed at least over the width of the strip. A cutting or welding equipment head emits a beam of laser radiation to be confined, in which the beam can be moved transversely between a pair of jaws disposed opposite each other on one side of a surface of the strip.
new patent Lightweight container base
A container defining a longitudinal axis and a transverse direction that is transverse with respect to the longitudinal axis is disclosed. The container includes a finish, a sidewall portion extending from the finish, and a base portion extending from the sidewall portion and enclosing the sidewall portion to form a volume therein for retaining a commodity.
new patent Container carrier
A package for unitizing a plurality of containers that includes a flexible carrier having an array of container receiving apertures formed in longitudinal rows and transverse ranks wherein each container receiving aperture engages with a respective container of the plurality of containers and includes an outer band having a sufficiently narrow width to result in permanent yield following stretching engagement with and application to a respective container and a secondary package positioned with respect to the carrier and containers to form a unitized package.. .
new patent Fall arrest safety apparatus with blocking on a rope
And a control device to move said securing system from the closed position to the open position, and vice-versa, wherein the control device comprises a pair of gripping cleats able to be actuated simultaneously to stabilize and lock the securing system in the open position, the two gripping cleats being arranged side by side on a transverse pivot-pin integral to the pivoting securing system.. .
new patent Lead frame
A lead frame includes a plurality of unit lead frames arranged in a matrix. Leads of adjacent ones of the unit lead frames are connected via a connecting bar, in which a longitudinal connecting bar and a transverse connecting bar are crossed at a crossing part.
new patent Corrugated tube provided with passage maintenance member, and wire harness
A passage restricting member is attached to a corrugated tube. This corrugated tube includes a corrugated tube, a passage maintenance member, and an attachment member.
new patent Flow control system
A downhole flow control apparatus comprising: at least one tubular body (1) locatable at a zone of a well, the tubular body (1) having a longitudinal through bore and one or more transverse ports (5a, 5b) and a port covering device (3) which, in use, is movable from a lower position in which the or each port is covered to an upper position in which the or each port is open; and at least one plugging device (6) which is operable to travel downhole from the surface to locate within and seal the through bore of the tubular body, the plugging device including moving means (10) to cause the port covering device (3) to move from the lower position to the upper position thus allowing fluid communication between the through bore and the or each port (5a, 5b).. .
new patent Method for producing porous polytetrafluoroethylene membrane
Provided is a method including: a step a of extruding a mixture containing a polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) fine powder having a standard specific gravity (ssg) of 2.19 or less and a liquid lubricant into a sheet using a flat die so as to obtain a ptfe sheet; a step b of rolling the ptfe sheet by passing the sheet between a pair of rolls in a longitudinal direction of the sheet; a step c of stretching the rolled ptfe sheet in a transverse direction of the sheet; a step d of removing the liquid lubricant from the ptfe sheet; and a step e of stretching the ptfe sheet, from which the liquid lubricant has been removed, both in the longitudinal direction of the sheet and in the transverse direction of the sheet, for example, at an area stretch ratio of 150 to 700, so as to make the sheet porous. According to this production method, it is possible to increase the pf value of the porous ptfe membrane..
new patent Method for applying stretched elastic strands to a substrate
A system and method applies a plurality of stretched elastic strands onto a substrate such as along a predetermined non-linear path, to form a leg gather of a disposable absorbent personal hygiene product. The system includes an adhesive dispensing module for individually applying adhesive to the elastic strands.
new patent Spark plug for an internal combustion engine
The invention relates to a spark plug for an internal combustion engine, in particular a gas engine. The spark plug includes a middle electrode and at least one earth electrode group, each comprising one or more earth electrode platelets.
new patent Cut-off end surface improvement
A method of improving the surface finish of a sheared end face of a cylindrical blank in a progressive forming machine comprising deforming the end face out of its original as sheared transverse plane into a first shape concentric with the axis of the blank that slightly departs from the original plane a distance that increases with proximity to the axis of the blank, thereafter deforming the end face from the first shape into a second shape in a direction opposite a direction the first shape was displaced from the original shear plane, the second shape slightly departing from a transverse plane a distance that increases with proximity to the axis of the blank.. .
new patent Haymaking machine comprising an improved deflector
A haymaking machine comprises a harvesting device comprising a rotor driven about an axis which is horizontal and perpendicular to a direction of advance during work, teeth, the points of which describe a curve envelope when the rotor turns about the axis, and a conveyor moving the plants transversely to the direction of advance, the machine comprising a deflector connected to an arm connected to the harvesting device by means of an articulation, about which the arm can pivot between a first position in which the deflector is arranged, during work, beside and at a distance from a lateral end of the harvesting device, and a second position. In the second position and considering the machine during work, the deflector and the arm extend flat and at least partially above the harvesting device..
new patent Masonry units and structures formed therefrom
A masonry unit for constructing built structures includes a rectangular shaped base having a front edge and a rear edge. The front edge and the rear edge each include a recess formed therein configured for disposal of a vertically disposed reinforcing material.
new patent Profile system
A profile system for finishing or defining a tile covering provided over a base includes at least one elongate profile that has a fastening arm and a profile section adjoining the latter which has a defining arm extending transversely, in particular at right angles, to the fastening arm and two side arms extending transversely, in particular at right angles to the free ends of the defining arm and arranged lying opposite one another, at least one illuminant that in the correct state is disposed in the receiving space defined by the substantially u-shaped profile section, and at least one elongate diffusion disc cover that can be secured to the profile.. .
new patent Trailing shield for a snow removal device
A snow removal device may include an auger assembly, a mobility assembly, a housing and a blowback prevention assembly. The auger assembly may include a rotatable auger that imparts momentum to draw material engaged by the auger toward an ejection path.
new patent Method for producing a transverse member
The disclosure relates to a method for producing a transverse member having a securable ball joint receiving member from a transverse member having an integral ball joint receiving member. The transverse member is the kind used for connecting a vehicle wheel to a vehicle structure.
new patent Push rod removal tool
A tool for engaging and pivoting the rocker arm of an internal combustion engine to enable removal of a push rod from the engine by disengaging the rocker arm from the push rod includes a handle, a pair of bifurcated arms extending from the handle which fit on opposite sides of the rocker arm and further including connected outer ends of the bifurcated arms defining a prong to depress the valve spring. A transverse plate connecting the bifurcated arms engages the underside of a rocker arm as the bifurcated arms are positioned on the bracket supporting the rocker arm to enable pivoting the rocker arm and permit removal of the engine push rod..
Osteograft implant
Bone implant compositions are provided that include a body made of cortical bone extending along an axis between a first end and a second end. The body includes an outer surface configured to engage host bone of a patient and at least one recess extending transverse to the axis into the outer surface of the body configured for disposal of an insert.
Devices and methods for coronary sinus pressure relief
A method and devices for relieving pressure in the left atrium of a patient's heart is disclosed. The method includes using an ablative catheter in a minimally invasive procedure to prepare an opening from the coronary sinus into a left atrium of the patient's heart.
Lumen reentry mechanism and method
A lumen reentry mechanism includes a catheter configured to bypass an area of stenosis, and having a longitudinal passage with a side hole. A piercing tool is positioned within the passage and has a transverse end section with a cutting tip, trapped between first and second longitudinally extending beads within the passage.
Suture trimmer
A suture trimmer including an elongate shaft including an elongate lumen extending proximally from a distal end of the elongate shaft, a transverse through-opening disposed proximal the distal end of the shaft, and a groove extending proximally from the distal end of the shaft to a distal end of the opening. A fitting is disposed within the elongate lumen at the distal end of the shaft and extends distally therefrom.
Access port
An access port includes a first and a second resilient element, each having a first face and a second face. A first slit and a second slit are defined in the first and second resilient elements, respectively.
Random sinogram variance reduction in continuous bed motion acquisition
Random sinogram variance is reduced in continuous bed motion acquisition. The randoms are modeled as a product of transverse singles efficiencies.
Axial bearing of pinion gears of a planetary gear set
An axial mounting of the planetary gearwheels of a planetary gearset having a sun gear that meshes with at least one planetary gearwheel mounted on a planetary bolt that is supported on the planetary carrier. The at least one planetary gearwheel meshes with a ring gear.
Attraction for amusement rides
The present invention relates to an attraction (100) for amusement rides, such as a fairground attraction or an amusement park attraction. The attraction comprises two towers (101), each provided with a drivable arm (102) which is mounted rotatably on the tower.
Aluminium composite material with almgsi core layer
The invention relates to a strip consisting of an aluminum material for producing components with improved bending behavior and exacting shaping requirements, a method for producing the strip and the use of sheets produced from the strip according to the invention. The strip has a core layer of an almgsi alloy and at least one outer aluminum alloy layer arranged on one or both sides, made from a non-hardenable aluminum alloy, wherein the at least one outer aluminum layer has a lower tensile strength in the (t4) state than the almgsi layer, wherein the strip has a uniform strain (ag) in the (t4) state of more than 23% transverse to the rolling direction and, at a thickness of 1.5 mm-1.6 mm, achieves a bending angle of less than 40° in a bending test..
Artificial roofing shingle
An artificial roofing shingle composed of plastic and preferably having a rearward attachment flange, preferably having a flat and non-textured upper surface, and a forward body member, the forward body member having a textured upper surface. The shingle further has a front wall and opposing lateral walls, the bottom of the shingle being open such that each component of the shingle is thin in transverse cross-section.
Precompressed sealing tape
The precompressed sealing tape for sealing a joint has an elastically reexpandable foam strip, a wrapping, which at least partially surrounds the foam strip, and a strip-shaped element, which is made of stiff foam. The strip-shaped element is arranged in an area of the first transverse surface of the foam strip.
Rotor disk including a plurality of hooks
A rotor disk comprises a plurality of circumferentially distributed hooks, the set of hooks defining an annular groove adapted to cooperate with at least two flange sectors. At least one of the hooks comprises a second element through which a recess is formed which opens up at each of the transverse flanks of the second element and at the internal peripheral surface of the second element..
Gas turbine half-casing lifting and shipping fixture
A lifting fixture assembly adapted for shipping and/or lifting includes a lower turbine casing having two horizontal joint flanges adapted to engage mating flanges on an upper-turbine casing. The horizontal joint flanges are provided with plural bolt holes used for securing the upper turbine casing to the lower turbine casing.
Internally coolable component for a gas turbine with at least one cooling duct
An internally coolable component for a gas turbine with at least one cooling duct, on the inner surface of which swirl elements are arranged in the form of turbulators which extend transversely with respect to the main flow direction of a coolant is provided. In order to reduce pressure losses for the coolant in the cooling duct, pins with different heights are set up between the turbulators..
Exhaust-gas turbocharger
An exhaust-gas turbocharger (1) having a turbine housing (2) which has a turbine inlet (3) and a turbine outlet (4) and which connects a wastegate duct (5) between the turbine housing inlet (3) and the turbine housing outlet (4), which wastegate duct can be opened and closed via a shut-off element (6). The shut-off element is in the form of a piston (6) which is guided in a longitudinally displaceable manner in an interior space (14) of a guide (7), and the wastegate duct (5) opens into the interior space (14) transversely with respect to the longitudinal central line (l) of the guide (7)..
Bearing unit for a vehicle wheel
A bearing unit for a vehicle wheel having a radially outer stationary ring provided with an axial lug, with a flange transverse to an axis of rotation and with an annular channel formed between the axial lug and the flange and delimited axially by a bottom surface. A radially inner rotatable ring defining, together with the stationary ring, a space; an encoder fixed onto the inner ring and extending outside of the space and in front of the axial lug; a protective cover mounted on the axial lug to protect the encoder and close off the space and provided with a side wall mounted on the outer cylindrical surface and having a bent edge arranged axially in abutment against the bottom surface of the annular channel; sealing means disposed between the cylindrical side wall and the tubular axial lug to seal the cylindrical side wall on the outer cylindrical surface..
Bearing unit for a vehicle wheel
A bearing unit for a vehicle wheel is provided having an axis of rotation and a radially outer stationary ring including a tubular axial lug delimited by an outer cylindrical surface, and with a flange transverse to the axis of rotation and axially delimited. A radially inner rotatable ring defines, with the ring, a space.
A package has a flexible top wall (3) joined in its periphery (6) to flexible side walls (4, 5) to form an enclosure, the top wall (3) being formed with a line of weakness (7) which is adapted to be torn to create an opening, the tear being confined between the peripheral join (6), the side walls (4, 5) may have transverse seals (1, 2), and top and bottom walls (3) folded inwards as gussets, and the line of weakness (7) with a thumb on each side of the line of weakness (7) with a thumb on each side to press downwards and create a tear along the line of weakness. Preferably, the upper edges of the side walls (4, 5) are sealed to the adjoining edges of the top wall (3) to form a peripheral upstanding rim (6)..
Apparatus and method for transmitted light illumination for light microscopes and microscope system
The invention relates to an apparatus for transmitted light illumination for light microscopes, in particular stereo microscopes or macroscopes, having changing effective entrance pupil of an objective. The apparatus has a light source for emitting an illuminating light beam, a housing, in which the light source is arranged, a holding device for holding a sample to be examined and at least one diaphragm edge for trimming the illuminating light beam, wherein the diaphragm edge extends transversely to an optical axis of a light microscope, which can be positioned in an operating state on the device for transmitted light illumination, and wherein a beam path of the illuminating light between the diaphragm edge and the sample held by the holding device is free from adjustable beam focussing components.
System and method for optical three-dimensional particle localization
Embodiments include methods that may be used to optically obtain the precise three-dimensional location of multiple objects from one or more two dimensional images. An optical point spread function having a transverse shape which varies with axial distance may be implemented to obtain depth information.
Capacitive touch pad configured for proximity detection
The present disclosure relates to a method for controlling a touch pad, comprising an object locate mode for locating an object on the touch pad comprising steps of: determining a measurement of capacitance of each of the pairs of electrodes of the touch pad, each pair comprising a row electrode and a column electrode transverse to the row electrode, comparing each measurement with a first detection threshold, and if the comparison of at least one measurement with the first threshold reveals the presence of an object on the touch pad, locating the object on the touch pad according to the capacitance measurements, the method comprising a proximity detection mode comprising steps of: determining a measurement representative of the capacitance between one or two electrodes and one or two other electrodes of the touch pad, and comparing a measurement obtained with a second detection threshold different from the first threshold.. .
Drawer assembly for an appliance
A drawer assembly for an appliance is provided. The drawer assembly includes a container for receipt of items for storage and a linkage assembly positioned below the container.
Platform grating
A platform grating is provided. The platform grating includes an array of plates placed in a spaced apart arrangement.
Electrode substrate and planar optoelectronic device
Electrode substrate for an optoelectronic device having a fabric (10) that includes electrically conductive (14; 56) as well as non-conductive (12; 50) and transparent fibres wherein the fabric is furnished over a wide area with a transparent, electrically conductive coating (26, 28, 58) in such manner that projecting or exposed portions of the electrically conductive fibres cooperate with the conductive coating in order to produce electrical contacts, wherein the conductive coating has a layer thickness that is smaller than a mean diameter of the electrically conductive and electrically non-conductive fibres of the fabric, a fabric weave of the electrically conductive fibres of the fabric is organized in such a manner that in order to create the protruding portions, the fibres encompass at least 2 of the non-conductive fibres that extend transversely in the manner of a twill weave, the fabric is embedded in the coating in such manner that portions (20; 22; 56) of the conductive fibres protrude from a non-conducting polymer material of the coating and/or are exposed, at least on one side of the coating, and the coating is applied to a polymeric, electrically non-conductive and transparent carrier film that is situated opposite the conductive coating that is applied to one side relative to the fabric.. .
Removable safety barrier
A removable safety barrier for a construction site pit, in which piles support the sides of the pit, and having a plurality of upright barrier posts at spaced intervals, supported on the piles, the barrier posts extending below grade level around the edge of the construction pit and also above grade level; a plurality of retention panels, shaped to fit between adjacent posts; personal barrier supports secured to the barrier posts above grade level; and personal barrier members supported in the supports, extending substantially transversely between the upright barrier posts, and the retention panels being located below grade level extending between the barrier posts.. .
Thermostatic mixing valve
A thermostatic mixing valve for the mixing of a first fluid and second fluid is disclosed. The thermostatic mixing valve includes a valve body having a first fluid inlet, a second fluid inlet, and a mixed fluid outlet.
Laser cleaning system for a stator slot
A device for removing a coating formed in a slot of a stator core. The device includes a carriage movably attached to a first guide rail assembly to enable movement of the carriage in a longitudinal direction.
Autonomous vehicle braking and steering system
A steering system for a vehicle includes a front wheel supported for rotation about a first axis and a pivot axis transverse to the first axis and spaced inboard of a centerline of the front wheel. The front wheel is movable about the pivot axis to change direction of the vehicle.
Resilient cover for power tool
A power tool includes a housing having a horizontal part of that contains a motor and gear set, and a vertical part having a handle extending from the horizontal part generally transverse to the horizontal part. A cover includes a generally tubular body having an internal shape corresponding to an external shape of the horizontal part of the housing, an end cap portion sealing a rear end of the tubular body, a first aperture defined in a front end of the tubular body, and a second aperture defined in a bottom side wall of the body section.
Die casting machine and die casting method
A die casting machine (1) is provided, including a die casting mold (3) having at least one stationary first casting mold part (5), at least one second casting mold part (7) that is movable along guide pillars (6), and at least two lateral casting mold parts (8, 9), which are movable relative to one another transversely to the travel path of the at least one second casting mold part (7). Locking pins (14) protrude from at least two lateral casting mold parts (8, 9), which in a locked position engage behind at least the movable second casting mold part (7) such that the travel path of the at least one second casting mold part (7) is limited in the direction away from the at least one first casting mold part (5).
The partitions can be mad e of an elongated and flat body of a material being manually flexible in an elastic manner in a transverse orientation, have two lengthwisely opposite ends and at least two superposed lengthwisely oriented rows of keeper apertures extending therebetween, and protrusions extending outwardly at each one of the ends, each protrusion being lengthwisely aligned with a corresponding one of the rows and being shaped to matingly engage the keeper apertures.. .
Mechanism for automatically cutting and placement of resin impregnated fibers
Mechanism for automatically cutting and placement of resin impregnated fibers in a carrier setting to the carriage that moves longitudinally and transversely relative to the axis of the wound part and where is provided more pneumatic cylinders one of which is rotational and other are used for longitudinal movement of the components mounted of the guides, for linear motion and implication and extraction of the fiber hold bed, for opening and closing the knife and the moving of pressure roller.. .
Control housing module and production method
A control housing module (1) for a combustion engine, with integrating and/or connecting and/or receiving structures for auxiliary components (2,3,4,5,6,7,8) and a rib structure. The control housing module (1) consists of a fibre-plastic composite, which has at least one insert (10) made from a flat fibre textile in a thermoplastic matrix.
Chassis dip treatment stations
A chassis dip treatment station may include a process liquid tank; a line configured to convey in sequence a plurality of skids inside and outside of the station, the skids each configured to support a chassis to be treated, the conveying line comprising roller units for displacing the skids, the skids configured to move between an operating position, for supporting and displacing the skids above the tank, and a retracted non-operating position, for immersing one of the skids with the chassis inside the tank; and a system configured to vertically move the skids conveyed above the tank using the conveying line, and configured to move the one of the skids with the chassis inside and outside of the tank. The system configured to vertically move the skids may include a platform configured to support and engage the skids.
Air intake system for cooling air
An air intake system supplies cooling air to at least one heat exchanger and through which the cooling air flows. The air intake system is equipped on the inlet side with a device for removing and shredding components of the cooling air adhering on the inlet-side surface of the sieve.
Structural element for heat-insulating purposes
Structural element for heat-insulating purposes between two structural parts, in particular between a building and a projecting exterior part, formed of an insulating body, which is to be arranged between the two structural parts, and of reinforcing elements at least including a load-bearing element which, with the structural element in the installed state, runs through the insulating body substantially horizontally and transversely to the substantially horizontal longitudinal extent of the insulating body, and can be connected at least indirectly to the two structural parts. The load-bearing element has an additional element which encloses the load-bearing element at least in sub-regions, and at least indirectly, and the load-bearing element is produced using a lost mold (1), and the additional element is formed, at least in part, of the lost mold, and wherein the additional element is formed in two or more parts..
Sill pan membrane
Disclosed herein are various waterproof membranes that may be applied to a sill surface of an opening in a building structure to waterproof that surface as well as direct water that penetrates through the opening out of the structure. Generally, a flexible waterproof membrane is adhesively applied to the sill surface for purposes of waterproofing that surface.

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