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Date/App# patent app List of recent Transverse-related patents
 Method and device for detecting parameters of a traversing or circulating material web in a material processing machine patent thumbnailMethod and device for detecting parameters of a traversing or circulating material web in a material processing machine
A method detects parameters of a traversing or circulating material web in a material processing machine. At least one oscillation parameter of at least one transverse oscillation which occurs on the material web is detected contactlessly by at least one sensor.
 Expandable interbody fusion device patent thumbnailExpandable interbody fusion device
An expandable interbody fusion device includes superior and inferior endplates that are configured to receive a sequentially inserted stack of interlocking expansion members or wafers. The like-configured wafers include features on their top and bottom surfaces that interlock the wafers in multiple degrees of freedom so that the wafer stack is not disrupted when the fusion device is fully expanded.
 Intrastomal segment patent thumbnailIntrastomal segment
A description has been provided herein of an intrastromal segment especially designed for use as a prosthesis inside the corneal tunnel of patients suffering from keratoconus. The segment consists of a lengthened body of variable dimensions in the form of an arc with noticeably rounded ends, devoid of any communicating orifice, and endowed with a transverse section that may be triangular, trapezoidal, hexagonal or oval, with at least three marks connecting to the narrowest side for which two ends aid the safe handling of the segment and the mid-section mark serves as a positional reference point.
 Fluid-surgical instrument with variable spray image patent thumbnailFluid-surgical instrument with variable spray image
A fluid-surgical instrument includes a nozzle (20) to which a vibration can be applied. This concept can be used for changing the direction of the jet during the operation of the nozzle to generate an artificial wiping motion or to impart the nozzle with only micromovements that inject into the fluid jet a transverse pulse and thus lead to a change of the jet image.
 Medical connection device with valve and method patent thumbnailMedical connection device with valve and method
The assembly is generally tubular and comprises a female connector portion comprising a cannula adapted to receive a male connector, the female connector portion comprising one or more septum units. Each of the septum units comprises slits and flaps.
 Disposable two-part orthotic foot support strap system and method patent thumbnailDisposable two-part orthotic foot support strap system and method
A method for treating plantar fasciitis and foot pain utilizes a pre-cut sole support strap and an arch support strap formed of flexible woven material having an adhesive layer on an underside surface that are adhered to a foot individually or in combination. The sole strap is adhered to the skin surface along the sole from the ball of the foot to the heel and the back and lateral sides of the heel, and provides stability and support to the foot and, when subjected to forces induced during walking, absorbs tensile loads and stresses to prevent damage to the plantar fascia by reducing tensile stress carried by the plantar fascia.
 Disposable two-part orthotic foot support strap system and method patent thumbnailDisposable two-part orthotic foot support strap system and method
An ultrathin sole strap with a pair of heel tabs and an ultrathin arch strap formed of flexible, non-resilient non-stretch woven microfiber material having an adhesive layer on an underside surface for adhesive application to a foot individually or in combination. The sole strap is adhered along the ball, the midfoot, and the heel of the foot, and the heel tabs are adhered to the back side of the heel in crossed relation.
 Compression bandage for placing on the human or animal body patent thumbnailCompression bandage for placing on the human or animal body
A compression bandage for placing on the human or animal body, includes a planar sheet material with a longitudinal direction and a transverse direction, and two transverse edges lying opposite each other in the longitudinal direction, and two longitudinal edges lying opposite each other in the transverse direction, wherein the sheet material is made of a fabric with a warp and a weft system of threads, wherein at least one of the thread systems includes elastic threads, wherein the thread density in the warp and/or weft system of threads is varied in the longitudinal direction of the bandage such that at least one section of the bandage in the longitudinal direction has a warp and/or weft thread density different than an adjacent section. .
 Needle assembly for use with a biopsy device patent thumbnailNeedle assembly for use with a biopsy device
A needle assembly comprises an outer cannula and an inner cannula. The outer cannula and the inner cannula have complementary tissue receiving apertures.
 Synchronous belt sprocket and system patent thumbnailSynchronous belt sprocket and system
A sprocket system comprising a first sprocket (100) comprising a plurality of transverse first teeth (101) extending parallel to an axis of rotation (a-a) and having a first pitch (p1), the first sprocket further comprising a plurality of transverse second teeth (102) having a second pitch (p2) and disposed immediately adjacent the first teeth, the second teeth parallel to the first teeth, a tooth of said first teeth aligned with a radius (a) of said first sprocket, a tooth of said second teeth offset a distance (x) from said radius (a), wherein (x) is greater than zero, a second sprocket (200), and a toothed belt (300) entrained between the first sprocket and the second sprocket.. .
Wireless signal propagation apparatus
There is provided apparatus for propagation of a wireless signal through a barrier comprising a first antenna for location on a first side of the barrier, a second antenna for location on a second side of the barrier and a waveguide. The waveguide comprises a conducting member passing through the barrier between the first and second sides.
Connector with side power bay
A receptacle connector, a plug connector and an electrical connector assembly, the receptacle connector comprises a housing, a cage, a separation unit, a plurality of receptacle terminals, and a plurality of receptacle power terminals. The housing comprises a first tongue plate and a second tongue plate which are arranged transversely at an interval.
Electrical connector comprising a sealing element and assembly process
An electrical connector includes a connector body, the connector body having a plurality of seats for a plurality of terminal contacts. The electrical connector also includes at least one sealing element received in the connector body in a plane transverse to conductors associated with the plurality of terminal contacts, so as to provide a seal around the conductors.
Gas turbine diffuser blowing method and corresponding diffuser
A diffuser of a compressor of centrifugal or mixed type includes two end plates which enclose a plurality of regularly distributed circumferential blades, and at least one transverse upstream passage produced in lower or upper surfaces of the blades. An injection/withdrawal coupling is achieved by a recirculation of a stream in an air passage of the diffuser on the basis of injection of air from at least one point in a leading edge zone of an upstream side of the diffuser.
Multiple focal spot x-ray radiation filtering
The present invention relates to filtering of x-ray radiation generated at multiple focal spots. For the generation of multiple-energy x-ray radiation, an x-ray tube (10) for generating multiple-energy x-ray radiation is provided that comprises an anode (12) and a filter unit (14).
Flow cell modules and liquid sample analyzers and methods including same
A flow cell module for use in a liquid sample analyzer includes a module housing, a liquid core waveguide mounted in the module housing to receive a flow of a liquid sample from a liquid sample source, an input optical fiber disposed in the module housing to transmit radiation from a radiation source to the liquid core waveguide, an input termination located on an input end of the input optical fiber, a first kinematic connection mechanism operative to bias the input termination in a first direction along a first axis while permitting displacement of the input termination in a first opposing direction along the first axis, and a second kinematic connection mechanism operative to bias the input termination in a second direction along a second axis while permitting displacement of the input termination in a second opposing direction along the second axis. The second axis is transverse to the first axis..
Polymer film, optically-compensatory film, process for producing the same, polarizing plate and liquid-crystal display device
A polymer film that has: a ratio r (vt/vm) of a sound velocity in a transverse direction vt to a sound velocity in a machine direction vm of from 1.05 to 1.50; and an in-plane retardation re(λ) and a thickness-direction retardation rth(λ) satisfying formula (i): (i) 0≦re(630)≦10, and . .
Wafer-level rf transmission and radiation devices
Method for constructing a dipole radio frequency antenna includes depositing on a dielectric substrate at least one layer each of a conductive material, a dielectric material, and a sacrificial material. The deposit of conductive material is controlled to form a transmission line, antenna radiating element and associated antenna feed.
Differential transformer type magnetic sensor and image forming apparatus
A differential transformer type magnetic sensor includes a board, a drive coil, a first differential coil, and a second differential coil. The drive coil includes a planar coil in which a dimension of a first direction which is one of longitudinal and transverse dimensions is smaller than that of a second direction which is the other of the longitudinal and transverse dimensions, and is disposed on the board.
Device for generating short-wavelength electromagnetic radiation based on a gas discharge plasma
A device for generating short-wavelength electromagnetic radiation based on a gas discharge plasma calls for suppressing droplet formation of liquid coating material that is applied to disk electrodes rotated at high rotational frequencies and ensuring a uniform layer thickness. The device has two rotating disk electrodes, each having two lateral surfaces and a circumferential surface, provided with a reservoir with liquid coating material and a wiper for removing excess coating material.
Transverse flux electrical machine rotor
A rotatable transverse flux electrical machine (tfem) comprising a stator portion and a rotor portion operatively disposed inside the stator portion is described therein, the rotor portion comprising a plurality of magnets and concentrators alternatively affixed in a cylindrical arrangement to a non-magnetic magnets-and-concentrators supporting frame, the non-magnetic magnets-and-concentrators supporting frame being operatively secured to an axial shaft concentrically aligned with a rotational axis of the rotor portion.. .
Tibia pad and tibia pad installation structure
A tibia pad has: a right foot placement portion having a right side horizontal portion positioned beneath and rearward of an accelerator pedal on which a passenger's heel who is stepping-on the accelerator pedal is placed, and a right side inclined portion integrally formed with a vehicle front side of the right side horizontal portion and positioned beneath the accelerator pedal; and a rib formed at least at a bottom surface of the right side horizontal portion at the right foot placement portion by a region between a pair of groove portions that are formed so as to extend along a vehicle longitudinal direction and so as to be lined-up in a vehicle transverse direction, and that is provided at a position that is offset toward a vehicle transverse direction one side with respect to a central line that passes-through a vehicle transverse direction central portion of the accelerator pedal.. .
Threaded connector locking device
A system for joining pipe segments, the system including a first pipe connector connected to a first pipe segment, and a second pipe connector threadingly connectable to the first pipe connector, and connected to a second pipe segment. The system further includes a recess in the outer surface of the first pipe connector, and an elongated key having first and second lengthwise surfaces.
Device and assembly for gliding
A gliding device includes a gliding board, a mechanism for binding a boot to the gliding board, the binding mechanism including a retaining device allowing rotation of the boot about an axis transverse to the gliding board, and an arrangement for applying a pulling force on the shovel of the gliding board. The arrangement for applying a pulling force on the shovel is not elastic, and the gliding device further includes a device for adjusting the length of the pulling arrangement..
Pin clamp with multi-thickness clamping feature
A pin clamp for clamping a workpiece includes a housing and a locating pin extending through the housing and having a longitudinal axis. The locating pin is sized to be positioned within an opening of the workpiece.
A hanger is described for hanging an object from a generally vertical support rod. In one embodiment, the hanger comprises a hanger body, a first set of one or more hooks on the hanger body defining a first hook-defined recess, and a second set of one or more hooks on the hanger body defining a second hook-defined recess.
Conveyor structure and method for handling
A bay for a belt conveyor structure, the bay includes a transverse support stand having a first part that is positionable adjacent one longitudinal edge of the belt. The transverse support stand also includes a second part that is positionable adjacent the other longitudinal edge of the belt.
Lug loader
Embodiments provide methods, systems, and apparatuses for loading workpieces in a flow direction into the spaced apart lugs on a lugged conveyor with the workpieces oriented transverse to the flow direction. The lug loader includes an array of pairs of endless conveyors configured to convey workpieces toward a lugged conveyor.
Vibratory ripper having depth adjustable ripping member
In an aspect of the invention a ripping mechanism for a vehicle is provided which includes a support frame, a ripping member and an impact mechanism, such as a vibrator, which is configured to reciprocate the ripping member forwardly and rearwardly about a transverse pivot axis. The ripping member is mounted within a sleeve that pivots with the ripping member about the pivot axis, while at the same time selectively permitting movement of the ripping member along the sleeve.
Method for detecting the transverse position of a packing material, in particular a film wrapping
The invention relates to a method for detecting the transverse position of at least one sealing section (1, 2) on a packaging material (4), in particular a film wrapping, and/or the transverse position of the packaging material (4), wherein the packaging material (4) is displaced along a running direction (l), wherein the transverse position of the at least one sealing section (1, 2) or the packaging material (4) relative to the running direction (l) is detected by means of at least one sensor unit (5). The packaging material (4) comprises at least one cursor (7) by means of which the transverse position of the at least one sealing section (1, 2) or the packaging material (4) transverse to the running direction (l) is detected, wherein the shape of the cursor (7) changes with respect to a direction running in particular transverse to or at an angle to the running direction (l), wherein said change is detected by the sensor unit (5) and the transverse position of the packaging material (4) or the at least one sealing section (1, 2) is determined by means of the change..
Hybrid solar cell contact
A solar cell and a method of forming a solar cell comprising: a semiconductor body having a p-n junction located between a front (light receiving) semiconductor region and a back (non-light receiving) semiconductor region; a dielectric layer extending over a front surface of the front semiconductor region; one or more elongate semiconductor fingers formed on the front surface of the front semiconductor region, the semiconductor fingers being exposed through the dielectric layer, more heavily doped than the remainder of the front semiconductor region and of the same dopant polarity; one or more elongate plated contacts formed to self align with and at least partially cover the semiconductor fingers; one or more metal collection fingers extending over the dielectric layer, generally transversely to the plated contacts.. .
Concentrating solar energy collector
Systems, methods, and apparatus by which solar energy is efficiently collected to provide heat, electricity, or a combination of heat and electricity include a solar energy collector having a receiver, a first reflector and a second reflector arranged end-to-end such that an edge of the first reflector overlaps an edge of the second receiver; and a support structure that accommodates movement of the receiver, rotation of the reflectors, or rotation of the receiver and the reflectors about an axis parallel to a long axis of the receiver. The support structure has reflector supports oriented transverse to the rotation axis and reflectors are securable to the reflector support..
Cooling system for concrete saw
A concrete saw includes a generally rectangular frame having a front end, a rear end and a longitudinal length. An engine is supported by the frame.
Method, die, and apparatus for crystal growth
An apparatus, die, and method can be used form a ribbon from a melt, where capillaries are relatively short and spacers are relatively long as compared to a die opening. Such a configuration can cause the melt to flow is a transverse direction that is substantially parallel to the solid/liquid interface to help move impurities to desired locations.
Combined chiller and spreader roll assembly
A roller assembly is provided for spreading and chilling a web in a printing press. The roller assembly includes a roller for chilling and spreading a web and a trolley roller contacting the roller, the trolley roller configured and arranged to impart a deflection in the roller.
Line for processing a continuous web material and related method
The line comprises a feed path (p) of the web material (n) and, along the feed path, a transverse cutter (5) for cutting scraps (fs) from said continuous web material (n); furthermore, the line comprises a system for removing scraps of web material cut by the cutter. The system for removing scraps is fitted with a scrap accumulator member (21).
Standing wave amplification device for vibration signal collection and ladle slag vibration signal detection method
A standing wave amplification device for vibration signal collection includes a sensing rod (11) acting as standing wave transmission medium. A standing wave formation device includes two fixing support devices (12) distributed along the axial direction and connecting the sensing rod (11) to an operating arm (14).
Method for evaluating absorbency of an absorbent article
A method of evaluating the absorbency of an absorbent article comprises the steps of: (i) providing an absorbent article comprising a topsheet and having a longitudinal axis, a transverse axis, a first longitudinal end and a second longitudinal end; (ii) disposing the absorbent article in a flat configuration in a plane defined by the longitudinal axis and the transverse axis of the absorbent article; (iii) twisting the longitudinal ends in opposite directions in planes perpendicular to the longitudinal axis; (iv) twisting the longitudinal ends in directions opposite that of step (iii); (v) applying artificial bodily fluid to the topsheet of said absorbent article during steps (iii) and/or (iv); and (vi) repeating steps (iii) and (iv) after the artificial bodily fluid is applied to the topsheet.. .
Abutment device, in particular for installing floor elements, and method for laying floor elements
An abutment device, in particular for laying floor elements, is proposed, comprising a first abutment element with a first abutment face and a second abutment face, which is oriented transversely to the first abutment face, and a second abutment element with a third abutment face, which is oriented transversely to the first abutment face, and which second abutment element is slidingly displaceably guided in a fixable manner on the first abutment element, a spacing between the first abutment face and the third abutment face being fixably adjustable, the first abutment element, on a side opposite to the first abutment face, having a recess, which is limited by an edge and in which the second abutment element is arranged.. .
Cement mortar panel with prestressed biaxial reinforcement
This cement mortar panel with prestressed biaxial reinforcement is formed by a slab of cement mortar which, having a thickness ranging from 2 to 7 cms, includes a biaxial reinforcement. The slab has occluded in the cement plugs for versatile operating on the panel assembly allowing for its handling and/or fixation to a building structure via a plurality of panel fixing members.
Method of manufacturing a transverse flux electrical machine rotor
A method of assembling a rotor portion adapted to be used in a rotatable transverse flux electrical machine (tfem) is presented, the method comprising assembling at least one concentrator to a concentrator-receiving jig, applying bonding material between the concentrator and a magnet-and-concentrator supporting frame, assembling the concentrator-receiving jig to the magnet-and-concentrator supporting frame wherein a radial reference portion of the concentrator-receiving jig is material to set a distance between the concentrator assembled to the concentrator-receiving jig and the magnet-and-concentrator supporting frame, curing the bonding material to secure the concentrators to the magnet-and-concentrator supporting frame, and removing the concentrator-receiving jig without the at least one concentrator that remains secured to the magnet-and-concentrator supporting frame. A tool thereof is also encompassed by the present application..
Mountable attachment apparatus and method
A mountable attachment apparatus and method includes an attachment shaft where the attachment shaft is at least partially tapered. A combination headless drive shaft-hang shaft is connected with the attachment shaft.
Transverse pipe flange separator
A device for separating pipe flanges through the application of a transverse force. The device contains a frame, a frame retaining plate, a pusher pin, a leveling pin, an anchoring pin, a member, and anti-slip screws..
Needle tip for biopsy device
A biopsy device includes a body portion, a tip, at least one blade, and a cutter. The cannula defines at least one lumen.
Monolithic metallic self-ligating bracket with locking catch devices
A monolithic metallic self-ligating bracket with a locking catch device is provided. The bracket includes a base, at least one tie wing and at least one locking catch device placed on one surface of the base.
Washable long-filament fiber quilt
A washable long-filament fiber quilt includes a plurality of filament fibers in the interior of the shell, each filament fiber including a first end attached at the first end of the shell, and a second end attached at the second end of the shell; a first plurality of stitching line structures extending in the first direction; a second plurality of stitching line structures extending in a direction transverse to the first direction. The first and second plurality of stitching line structures divide the interior of the shell into a plurality of compartments, and each filament fiber traverses multiple compartments.
Free piston type torsion drive compressor
The invention relates to a free piston type compressor 10 according to the invention comprises a first free piston 2a and a second free piston 2b interconnected by a torsion body 3a and 3b, and elastic bending element 4a and 4b to the central electromotor 5. In accordance with the invention the driving force is applied transversely to the direction of the expected displacement d of the first free piston and the second free piston..
Vertical axis wind turbine with self-starting capabilities
A vertical axis wind turbine and vertical axis wind turbine assembly comprising a rotary body and a plurality of blades. A cross section through each blade of the plurality of blades transverse to the rotary axis comprises an inner camber line, an outer camber line, and a chord line.
Retaining device
A retaining device includes a support including an uneven base; and at least one flexible latch each including a curved lower portion joining the base, an upward extending intermediate portion, and a curved transverse top. A joining edge of the upward extending intermediate portion of each of the at least one latch and the curved transverse top thereof is offset laterally with respect to a joining edge of the curved lower portion of each of the at least one latch and the base.
Connection unit for slide of rod
A connection unit cooperates with a rod when in use. The connection unit includes a fixing member, a pin rod, an oblique detent and a knob.
Optics for axially-transverse light emission
Apparatus for injecting light into a light transmitting substrate or window, including an optical arrangement secured to one of the surfaces of the substrate or window for directing light into the substrate or window at an incident angle selected for propagation of light via total internal reflection (tir) along the substrate or window. The optical arrangement comprises: (1) refractive media transmissive to light from a light source, the refractive media being bounded on a first end by coplanar exit and input surfaces and at a second end by a non-planar reflective surface, and (2) at least one coupling material to optically and physically couple the exit and input surfaces to the substrate or window, the refractive media and the at least one coupling material having a refractive index greater than air..
Dual action shutter for drawout circuit breaker
A shutter device for a drawout circuit breaker. The arrangement includes first and second moveable plungers for contacting the circuit breaker.
Image producing apparatus and image producing method
A control signal is generated, so that if dots, which are formed in a transverse direction across a recording medium, are classified into plural groups depending on a plurality of timings, then preceding dots, which belong to a group having an earliest timing, are formed in a pale color. A head drive circuit controls a recording head based on the generated control signal..
Variable-length rail cover
A rail cover for a seat rail includes a cover element for completely covering a longitudinal portion of the seat rail. The cover element extends at least in part in a plane of extension that is formed by a longitudinal direction and a transverse direction of the rail cover and includes a first, rigid, longitudinal portion and a second longitudinal portion that follows on from the first longitudinal portion.
Open roof construction for a vehicle
An open roof construction includes at least one closure element for selectively opening and closing a roof opening and a wind deflector assembly having a wind deflector arm pivotally connected to a stationary part and a wind deflector body extending in a transverse direction with respect to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle. A spring biases the wind deflector assembly in an upward direction to a first, operative position, in which the wind deflector body is positioned above the surface of the roof opening, from a second, inoperative position in which the wind deflector body is positioned in a storage position, below the surface of the roof.
Flip-over window assembly for vehicle
A vehicle window assembly includes a cap that includes a rooftop section, which extends in a transverse direction of the vehicle, and a side wall that extends from the rooftop section generally in a normal direction. The side wall includes an opening.
Gripper with cable synchronized jaw movement
A gripping device including a main body, a first elongate actuator, a second elongate actuator, a first jaw, a second jaw, a first pin, a second pin, a pair of pulleys, and a cable. The elongate actuators are both disposed in respective actuator bores within the main body and translate opposingly to each other.
Exterior airbag cushion for vehicle
An external airbag cushion including: an outer cover that inflates to cover the front of a bumper of a vehicle; a plurality of separation walls that are disposed inside outer cover to divide the inside into a plurality of chambers in the transverse direction of the vehicle; and low-pressure variable vents and high-pressure variable vents that are disposed for the chambers, respectively, and selectively open, depending on the internal pressure of the chambers.. .
Articulating hitch apparatus for vehicles
A hitch apparatus includes a frame configured to be secured to a vehicle and that is pivotable about a first axis, a guide that is movably secured to the frame and pivotable about a second axis substantially transverse to the first axis, and a tow bar movably secured to the guide and movable relative to the guide between retracted and extended positions. The hitch apparatus includes a user controlled positioning system with a user input device that is configured to allow a user to extend and retract the tow bar and to articulate the tow bar up-down and left-right so as to position the tow bar distal end at a desired position within a three-dimensional coordinate system..
Nose section for a flying machine and associated flying machine
The nose section for a flying machine according to the invention comprises an enclosure delimiting a nose cone extending along a longitudinal axis (a-a′), the enclosure delimiting a window, and a glass closing the window extending transversely relative to the longitudinal axis (a-a′). The nose section includes an optical sensor, in particular a camera, positioned in the enclosure behind the glass.
Envelopes and folders with digital media storage
Packaging systems, such as envelopes and folders, with digital media storage are disclosed. In some embodiments, an envelope may include a unitary planar material folded along first and second transverse folds forming a first end panel, a second end panel, and a middle panel disposed between the first end panel and the second end panel, along the second transverse fold to form a closure for the document receptacle, and a lateral projection on one of the first and second end panels folded along a longitudinal fold onto another portion of the one of the first and second end panels and affixed along an edge of the lateral projection opposite the longitudinal fold to the another portion of the one of the first and second end panels to form a pocket between the lateral projection and the another portion of the one of the first and second end panels..
Non-rail-bound vehicle
A non-rail bound vehicle, in particular a commercial vehicle or a bus, has a current collector for feeding electrical energy from a two-pole overhead line. The contact wires of the overhead line are configured as forward and return conductors, and each can be contacted by at least one contact strip of the current collector.
Method of and apparatus for casting metal slab
Embodiments of the invention relate to a method and apparatus for continuously casting a metal slab. The method involves continuously introducing molten metal into an inlet of a casting cavity defined between advancing casting surfaces, cooling the metal in the cavity to form a metal slab, and discharging the slab from the cavity through an outlet.
Method and plant for producing material boards, and a device for compressing the narrow sides of a pressed-material mat
A method, a plant and a device for producing material boards in a press from spreading material, wherein a pressed-material mat made of the spreading material is spread by means of a spreading device onto an endlessly circulating forming belt and the pressed-material mat, during transport through the press, is compressed at its narrow sides transversely to the production direction by means of a compression device. The invention for the plant consists in that at least one compression device for compressing the pressed-material mat by displacing the narrow sides in the direction of the longitudinal central axis of the pressed-material mat and/or by compressing a region, adjoining the narrow sides, of the surface side of the pressed-material mat is arranged between the press and the spreading device.
Umbrella slide
In order to improve a free-standing parasol, particularly a large parasol, in which canopy rods of a canopy are supported through supporting struts on an accommodating collar (8) of a slider (2), which, with the canopy open, can be latched to a parasol pole (4) through a releasable pawl (26) and a catch (30), wherein the pawl (26) is arranged on a tilting lever (12), it is proposed that the tilting lever (12) be surrounded by a housing (20) that comprises bearings (22) for the hinge pin (40). The tilting lever (12) itself has an operating button (13).
Apparatus for cutting and/or stirring curd
Apparatus for cutting curd, including a curd vat with drive shaft and cutting frames with a u-shaped or closed frame for longitudinal knives and transverse knives. The transverse knives are caught by their ends by recesses provided in the side frame girders.
Firearm sight
A sight for use on a firearm includes a frame member mountable to a firearm and having a pair of spaced apart posts extending therefrom, a support member extending transversely between the pair of posts and selectively rotatable with respect thereto, and a sight element. The sight element is carried by the support member between the posts and includes a central portion rotatably coupled to the support member, a first sight aperture portion extending from the central portion and defining a first aperture formed in a diamond shape with an upper v-notch and a lower v-notch, and a second sight aperture portion extending from the central portion and defining a second aperture formed in a diamond shape..
Motorized shaving apparatus head and shaving apparatus implementing the same
A motorized shaving apparatus head and motorized shaving apparatus incorporating the same. In one embodiment, the invention is a shaving apparatus comprising: an elongated handle having a longitudinal axis; a power source; a head coupled to a distal end of the elongated handle, the head having a working surface with a longitudinal width of 40-44 mm and a transverse width of 14-16 mm; the working surface comprising a fixed blade having a cutting edge; a rotary cutter having cutting edges disposed within the head, the cutting edges of the rotary cutter positioned adjacent the cutting edge of the fixed blade so that a user's hairs are sheared between the cutting edge of the fixed blade and the cutting edges of the rotary cutter when the rotary cutter is rotating; and a motor operably coupled to the rotary cutter to rotate the rotary cutter about an axis..
System for connecting a bracelet to a watch case
System for connecting a bracelet to a watch case by means of a link, the watch case comprising a caseband and a back cover, the link comprising a first hollow element and a second element partly nesting in the first hollow element, the first hollow element carrying a first means of fastening to the watch case and the second element carrying a second means of fastening to an adjacent bracelet link, characterized in that the watch case includes a mechanical device arranged to pivot the second element about a transverse axis to the longitudinal direction of the bracelet, the second element transmitting the pivoting motion thereof to the first element which pivots in turn and which is pressed against the caseband of the watch case.. .
Protective liner
A multilayer protective liner in the form of a cot bumper is provided to protect infants when sleeping or resting in a bedding arrangement such as a cot or crib. In one form, the cot bumper has two outer surfaces of a quilted padded mesh material which not only provides protection against accidental or inadvertent contact with exposed hard surfaces of the cot or crib, but also provides for air circulation around and through the protective layer so as to produce a healthier environment for the sleeping or resting infant.
Field-of-view-dependent coincidence window for positron emission tomography
A method and apparatus for determining a coincidence window for imaging a region of interest of an object using a positron emission tomography (pet) scanner. The method includes determining a diameter of a transverse field of view (fov) for imaging the region of interest of the object; and calculating the coincidence window based on the determined diameter, a ring diameter of the pet scanner, an axial length of the pet scanner, and a time-of-flight resolution of the pet scanner..

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