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Transverse patents


This page is updated frequently with new Transverse-related patent applications.

 Flippable electrical connector patent thumbnailFlippable electrical connector
A plug connector mateable with the receptacle connector, includes an insulative housing enclosed in a metallic shell, defining a receiving cavity to receive the mating tongue, and equipped with a plurality of contacts on opposite sides in the vertical direction. A latch forms a pair of locking heads extending into two opposite lateral sides of the receiving cavity to lock with a shielding plate embedded within a mating tongue of the complementary receptacle connector during mating.
Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited

 Electrical connector patent thumbnailElectrical connector
An electrical connector comprises a plurality of terminal blocks arranged along a transverse direction. The terminal block includes a vertical insulative plate, a pair of first terminals, and a pair of second terminals.
Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited

 N-way coaxial-to-coaxial combiner / divider patent thumbnailN-way coaxial-to-coaxial combiner / divider
An impedance matching power combining/dividing system and a method for combining power combiners/dividers are presented. The impedance matching power combiner comprises a cylindrical matching cavity, two or more coaxial inputs, each of the two or more coaxial inputs having an inner input conductor and an outer input conductor and having a source impedance, a coaxial output having an inner output conductor and an outer output conductor and having a load impedance and a circular matching plate suspended inside the cylindrical matching cavity, wherein the inner input conductors and the inner output conductor are electrically connected to the matching plate, the outer input conductors and the outer output conductor are electrically connected to the cylindrical matching cavity and the cylindrical matching cavity at least partially matches the source impedance with the load impedance.
Raytheon Company

 Transverse magnetic (tm) mode dielectric filter patent thumbnailTransverse magnetic (tm) mode dielectric filter
A transverse magnetic (tm) mode dielectric filter includes an enclosure, a dielectric resonator, a main cover, and an elastic component, where the dielectric resonator is disposed in a resonant cavity of the enclosure; the main cover is secured between the elastic component and an open end of the enclosure; the elastic component includes multiple elastic flaps; the multiple elastic flaps are evenly distributed around an axial direction of the dielectric resonator; one end of each of the elastic flaps is fixedly connected to the main cover, and free ends of the elastic flaps elastically act on a central part of an outer surface of the main cover, to provide an elastic force towards the dielectric resonator. The evenly distributed multiple elastic flaps produce a pressure towards the dielectric resonator.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Semiconductor component, lighting device and  producing a semiconductor component patent thumbnailSemiconductor component, lighting device and producing a semiconductor component
The invention relates to a semiconductor component (1) comprising: a plurality of semiconductor chips (2), each having a semiconductor layer sequence (200) with an active region (20) for generating radiation; a radiation output side (10) that runs parallel to the active regions (20); a mounting side surface (11) which is provided for securing the semiconductor component, and which runs in a transverse or perpendicular direction to the radiation output side; a moulded body (4) which is shaped in places on the semiconductor chips, and which at least partially forms the mounting side surface; and a contact structure (50) which is arranged on the moulded body, and which connects at least two semiconductor chips of the plurality of semiconductor chips in an electrically conductive manner. The invention also relates to a lighting device (9) and to a method for producing a semiconductor component..
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh

 Semiconductor substrates with unitary vias and via terminals, and associated systems and methods patent thumbnailSemiconductor substrates with unitary vias and via terminals, and associated systems and methods
Semiconductor substrates with unitary vias and via terminals, and associated systems and methods are disclosed. A representative system in accordance with a particular embodiment includes a semiconductor substrate having an opening that includes a generally cylindrical portion with a generally smooth, uniform surface.
Micron Technology, Inc.

 Energy recovery linac for radioisotope production with spatially-separated bremsstrahlung radiator and isotope production target patent thumbnailEnergy recovery linac for radioisotope production with spatially-separated bremsstrahlung radiator and isotope production target
A method and electron linac system for production of radioisotopes is provided. The electron linac is an energy recovery linac (erl) with an electron beam transmitted through a thin bremsstrahlung radiator.
Muons, Inc.

 Clear ice maker patent thumbnailClear ice maker
An ice maker includes an ice making tray having an array of individual ice cube compartments. The ice making tray having a transverse axis and at least one pivot axle aligned with the transverse axis.
Whirlpool Corporation

 Apparatus and  prepairing culverts and pipes patent thumbnailApparatus and prepairing culverts and pipes
An apparatus and method for repairing a damaged host pipe, such as a culvert or other conduit. A trough is positioned over the invert of the host pipe and a longitudinally successive series of ribs are positioned and expanded against the interior of the damaged host pipe and against the trough, the rib having one or more segments and a pair of circumferentially successive flaps hinged together.

 Window spacer frame crimping assembly patent thumbnailWindow spacer frame crimping assembly
An apparatus and method is provided for forming folds at a corner in a spacer frame assembly used in the construction of insulating glass unit windows. The apparatus comprises a carriage supporting first and second crimping fingers.
Ged Integrated Solutions, Inc.

Compression knit fabric component

A compression knit fabric, in particular a flat-knit fabric, composed of at least one knitted yarn and an incorporated elastic weft yarn, with a first knit fabric section having a compressive first base weave, to which is attached a second knit fabric section having a second weave different from the base weave which imparts to the second knit fabric section greater elasticity in the longitudinal and/or transverse direction of the knit fabric section than in the first knit fabric section, to which is attached a third knit fabric section having a third weave different from the first base weave and second base weave which imparts to the third knit fabric section greater elasticity in the longitudinal and/or transverse direction of the knit fabric section than in the second knit fabric section.. .
Medi Gmbh & Co. Kg

Flat-knitted material in the form of a pants part comprising the seat

A flat-knitted material in the form of a pants part comprising the seat for a compression pant, consisting of at least one yarn forming the stitches and an interknitted elastic weft yarn, with an upper base knitted section, to which is adjoined a seat section comprising two adjacent 3-dimensionally curved parts, wherein each 3-dimensionally curved part is formed by several knitted gussets, wherein each gusset comprises several rows of stitches, and the gussets of the one 3-dimensionally curved part is knitted with an offset in the transverse direction of the knitted material from the gussets of the other 3-dimensionally curved part.. .
Medi Gmbh & Co. Kg

Adjustable load supporting stand apparatus and method

The disclosure describes load supporting stands and methods of supporting a load. Such systems and methods may include providing a load supporting stand with a column having an outer diameter, and a first end opposite a second end, a saddle attached to the first end of the column, a load bearing pin that extends transversely through the column and may be fixedly attached to the column, and a conduit capable of receiving the column, and a plurality of pin receiving slots disposed in the conduit and capable of receiving the pin, wherein the conduit may be capable of receiving the column and pin through the first end of the conduit, and wherein the column may be configured to be rotated within the conduit to translate upward from a top of the conduit such that the saddle engages the load to be supported..
Bosch Automotive Service Solutions, Inc.

Sorting device

A sorting device comprising an endless path placed on a frame, a series of trays provided with a pusher mechanism to be driven by an exchange system placed on the frame for pushing away an object substantially transverse to the conveyance direction, a drive system comprising alternately arranged first and second driving elements that are mutually connected to each other so as to hinge for a movement of the drive system that is oriented substantially parallel to the conveyance direction, a drive adapted for transferring a drive power onto the drive system, which power is directed substantially parallel to the conveyance direction.. .
Optimus Sorter Holding Bv

Transfer device, conveyor system including a transfer device and transferring conveyed products

A transfer device (19), comprising a carrier (21) including a number of mutually spaced-apart, substantially parallel extending transfer fingers (22) that in use reach into grooves (14) between ribs (13) on a conveying surface of a grooved conveyor belt (2). Back parts (23) of the fingers form a comb shaped part (24) of a substantially planar slide-over surface (25) of the transfer device.
Rexnord Flattop Europe B.v.

Transport container for transport-sensitive goods

A transport container is made of a trough-like lower part which is open towards the top and an upper part which is arranged on the lower part and closes the open upper side of the lower part. The upper part can be removed or pivoted in order to open the lower part, and the lower part and the upper part preferably consist of a dimensionally stable plastic material.
Va-q-tec Ag

Repair kit for preparing polymeric compositions for repairing surfaces and methods of use thereof

A repair kit for use in preparing a polymeric composite material and methods for preparing the polymer composite material are described. The repair kit includes a sealed container and a first removable divider arranged transversely across the sealed container.

Vehicle body front portion structure

The present disclosure provides a vehicle body front portion structure including: a front side member main body to which a bead is formed at rear portion of an outer-side side wall portion, and is joined to a front side member base portion such that the front side member base portion covers a portion of an outer circumferential surface of the front side member main body located at vehicle body rear side of the bead. Abutting ribs extending in vehicle body front-rear direction are provided at a portion of the front side member base portion.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Hydraulic block for a hydraulic assembly of a slip control system of a hydraulic vehicle brake system

A hydraulic block for a hydraulic assembly of a slip control system for a hydraulic vehicle brake system includes a mount for a brake circuit pressure sensor in a flat side of the hydraulic block. The mount for the brake circuit pressure sensor is configured to measure pressure in at least one brake circuit of the vehicle brake system and communicates with a connecting line through a transverse line and a vertical line.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Side airbag device for rear seat

There is provided a side airbag device for a rear seat, the side airbag including (i) a side airbag that is provided between a vehicle body and a side portion of a seatback of a rear seat, and at least a portion of the side airbag is disposed further toward a vehicle lower side than a top surface of an armrest, and the side airbag is expanded at a side of a passenger at a time of a collision, and (ii) an airbag door garnish that covers the side airbag from a vehicle cabin side, and that has a door portion that, due to inflation pressure of the side airbag, opens toward a vehicle front side and a vehicle transverse direction outer side and abuts the armrest.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Side airbag includin forward facing vent

An airbag includes a panel including a first lobe and a second lobe connected at a spine. The first lobe and the second lobe are affixed to each other along a seam.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Side airbag including forward facing vent

An airbag includes a first panel having a perimeter, and a second panel connected to the first panel along the perimeter of the first panel. The first panel and the second panel define an inflation chamber between the first and second panels.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Illumination apparatus, vehicle component and vehicle

An illumination apparatus for a vehicle component, especially for a rearview device of a motor vehicle, features at least one illuminant for emitting light and a condenser unit having at least one condenser lens. The condenser unit is adapted to focus the light emitted by the at least one illuminant into an optical path.
Smr Patents S.à.r.l.

Trailer coupling

The invention relates to a trailer coupling including a ball neck, which is movable between an operative position and a rest position and which has a coupling ball, a pivot bearing unit, which is arranged fixed to the vehicle, and a rotation blocking arrangement having at least two rotation blocking bodies, which are guided by means of a guide body to be movable in a guide direction having at least one component in the radial direction relative to the pivot axis, and having an actuating body which has a respective cam face, that runs transversely to the guide direction, for each of the rotation blocking bodies and which is arranged to be rotatable about the pivot axis and as a result of the rotary movement whereof in a direction of actuation the at least two rotation blocking bodies are movable and urgeable in the guide direction, wherein a release position latching arrangement is provided which, in a release position of the actuating body, is movable between a latch release position that allows movement of the actuating body in relation to the guide body and a latching position that fixes the actuating body in relation to the guide body, and which is urged in the direction of the latching position by a spring element, at least in the release position of the actuating body.. .
Scambia Holdings Cyprus Limited

Cover tapes and assemblies and making

Cover tapes for securing electronic parts in a carrier tape are provided. The cover tape includes opposing edges extending along a longitudinal direction of the cover tape orthogonal to a transverse direction, and first and second layers.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Machining center having arrangement for absorbing thermal expansion

A machining center includes a rectangular base; two walls disposed on two sides of a top of the base respectively; two parallel rails disposed on a top of each wall, the rails extending in x-direction; two sliding members each slidably disposed on the rails on each wall; two parallel rail members disposed on a top of each sliding member, the rail members extending in y-direction; a transverse beam having a first end secured to one sliding member and a second end slidably disposed on the other sliding member; and a sliding element slidably mounted on a front surface of the transverse beam. The second end of the transverse beam may move relative to one sliding member in response to heat buildup in the transverse beam..

Anti-reflux catheter

An anti-reflux catheter includes a central support body having an inner longitudinal passage chamber; a cannula extending out of one end of the central body and connected to the inner chamber; a transverse opening which extends through the central body and communicates with the inner chamber; an outwardly extending mouthpiece of the transverse opening; a flexible sleeve longitudinally accommodated in the inner chamber at the transverse opening and having an outer surface facing such transverse opening, the mouthpiece having a pressure system associated therewith, which act upon the sleeve and is movable between an idle position or an operating pressed position, and vice versa.. .
Delta Med S.p.a.

Absorbent product

An absorbent product including a liquid-permeable top layer, a liquid-impermeable bottom layer and an absorbent core arranged between the top layer and the bottom layer is disclosed. The absorbent product has a head product portion, an intermediate product portion and a rear product portion extending in a longitudinal direction of the absorbent product.
Sca Hygiene Products Ab

Absorbent core

An absorbent core, intended for use in an absorbent product such as a panty liner, is disclosed, comprising an absorbent material and a superabsorbent material. The core has a first extension in a longitudinal direction and a second extension in a transverse direction, and a longitudinal central line extending through the core, located between a first longitudinal portion and a second longitudinal portion.
Sca Hygiene Products Ab

Spinal implant system and method

A spinal implant includes a first member defining a longitudinal axis and including a wall that defines an axial cavity. The first member further defines at least one lateral cavity configured for disposal of an instrument and is oriented transverse relative to the longitudinal axis.
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

Ablation system for large-area surface coagulation of biological tissue

The ablation system (10) according to the invention works with an ablation probe (12, 12a) that comprises two alternatingly working spark plasma electrodes (31, 32). They generate a plasma beam (47, 48) having a non-circular cross-section, which beam is to be guided—transversely with respect to the large longitudinal axis of its preferably oval cross-section—over the tissue to be ablated, in particular the mucosa (14).
Erbe Elektromedizin Gmbh

Devices and methods for bone fixation using axial implants

The invention comprises a method for fixating bones in the foot by aligning the bones in their desired position, inserting a screw in the aligned bones, inserting at least one transverse element near the head or tip of the screw, and tightening the screw to compress the bones. The screw comprises a shaft having first and second ends with spirally wound screw threads beginning near the first end and extending along the shaft.
Extremity Medical, Llc

Transverse connector

The present disclosure provides a transverse connector having first and second spinal rod connecting members disposed on opposing ends of a cross member. Each spinal rod connecting member is configured to connect to a spinal rod.
K2m, Inc.

Surgical instrument and method

A surgical instrument includes a first member defining an axis. A second member is axially translatable relative to the first member.
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

Electric bed frame

An electric bed frame, comprising a main frame which has a pair of longitudinal rail members and a pair of transverse rail members, each longitudinal rail member has a guide slot; a secondary frame comprising at least four rotatable rollers adapted to be inserted in the guide slots of the main frame and run a movement with respect to the main frame in the guide slots; and wherein the longitudinal rail members of said main frame are connected with the adjacent transverse rail members via main frame riveted plates. The bed frame of the invention is easy for assembly.
Jiaxing Shufude Electric Bed Co.,ltd

Travel pillow

A travel pillow for supporting the head of a person when seated comprises a generally u-shaped frame having two side members and a rear member, and a padded generally u-shaped cushion fixed with the frame. In one embodiment, the pillow includes a plurality of cushions each fixed along the frame.
Cabeau, Inc.

Swather tractor swath with a compressor attachment

A swather includes a swath compression panel with a downwardly and rearwardly inclined undersurface for applying a downward compression force on the swath between the front and rear wheels. A mounting assembly includes an actuator operable in response to a speed and/or direction of travel of the tractor for raising the panel to a retracted position under the tractor.
Macdon Industries Ltd.

Device for hitching a tool, such as an agricultural tool, onto a hauling system of a vehicle such as an agricultural tractor

The invention relates to a hitching device including: a hitched frame mounted onto a tool, such as an agricultural tool; a hitching frame mounted onto a hauling system of a vehicle, such as an agricultural tractor, provided with a power take-off; and transmission means comprising coupling members that are suitable for being moved between a released position and an engaged position and are mounted onto the frames such as to be translatable along a vertical axis (z) and freely rotatable about a so-called “transverse” axis (y). Moreover, a prepositioning means is suitable for keeping, in the released position thereof, both coupling members in a predetermined position along the vertical axis (z) and for enabling, in the engaged position, the displacement of said coupling members, coupled along the vertical axis (z), and tilting of the latter about the transverse axis (y)..

Flash thermography borescope

A flash thermography device for generating an infrared image of each of a plurality of rotating turbine components located inside a turbine. The device includes an infrared sensor for detecting thermal energy radiated by each component.
Siemens Energy, Inc.

Transparent, photovoltaic, thermally insulating, construction wall comprising corrugated material, and buildings constructed therefrom

A photovoltaic construction wall is provided, having an inner surface adapted to face an inner enclosed space, and an outer surface adapted to gather energy from the sun when installed. The wall is used in buildings and also in buildings in building complexes.

Energy storage in quantum resonators

Methods and apparatus for storing information or energy. An array of nano-capacitors is provided, where each nano-capacitor has a plurality of cathodic regions and an anode separated from each of the cathodic regions by one or more intervening dielectrics.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

Industrial vehicle with feature-based localization and navigation

An industrial vehicle is provided comprising a drive mechanism, a steering mechanism, a vehicle controller, a camera, and a navigation module. The camera is communicatively coupled to the navigation module, the vehicle controller is responsive to commands from the navigation module, and the drive mechanism and the steering mechanism are responsive to commands from the vehicle controller.
Crown Equipment Corporation

Method for lane detection

A method for lane detection for a camera-based driver assistance system includes the following steps: image regions in images that are recorded by a camera are identified as detected lane markings if the image regions meet a specified detection criterion. At least two detected lane markings are subjected to a tracking process as lane markings to be tracked.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.

Liquid crystal display panel

A transverse electric field type liquid crystal display panel includes a pair of substrates opposed with a liquid crystal layer interposed therebetween. A plurality of sub-pixels having at least one curved portion in a display area are provided in a matrix on one side of the pair of substrates, and a pair of electrodes having at least one curved portion are formed in the plurality of sub-pixels.
Japan Display Inc.

Electrically-tunable lenses and lens systems

An optical device (34, 66, 76) includes an electro-optical layer (48), having an effective local index of refraction at any given location within an active area of the electro-optical layer that is determined by a voltage waveform applied across the electro-optical layer at the location. Conductive electrodes (44, 64, 74, 82, 84) extend over opposing first and second sides of the electro-optical layer.
Optica Amuka (a.a.) Ltd.

Multi-function composite optical film

A composite optical film has the functions of brightness enhancement, self-diffusion and defect blocking. The film comprises: a structured substrate including a structured light incidence surface and a light emitting surface opposite the structured light incidence surface, wherein the structured light incidence surface includes longitudinal prism structures or longitudinal lens structures transversely arranged in rows; a support base plate adjacent to the light emitting surface of the structured substrate, the support base plate having a light incidence surface on one side and a light emitting surface on another side opposite the light incidence surface, wherein at least one of the light incidence surface and the light emitting surface has a plurality of buried particles, and at least one portions of the buried particles are protruded on the light emitting surface of the support base plate..
Ubright Optronics Corporation

Electrochemical sensor and manufacturing

The present disclosure relates to a sensor including an elongated member including at least a portion that is electrically conductive. The elongated member includes a sensing layer adapted to react with a material desired to be sensed.
Pepex Biomedical, Inc


A system and method are provided for a magazine-fed, pump-action firearm. The system comprises an extruded receiver having a longitudinal bore extending along the length of the extruded receiver, where the longitudinal bore forms a first opening in the extruded receiver for receiving a barrel, and a second opening in the extruded receiver for receiving a stock, a barrel extension key extending inward from an interior surface of the longitudinal bore, the barrel extension key configured to index and position the barrel, and a barrel nut configured to couple with the first opening of the extruded receiver and maintain the barrel substantially inside of the longitudinal bore between the barrel extension key and the barrel nut.

Assembly group with a combustion chamber shingle for a gas turbine

An assembly group for a combustion chamber of a gas turbine includes a combustion chamber shingle with a mounting element and a bolt formed as a separate structural component for supporting the combustion chamber shingle at a wall of the combustion chamber. The mounting element has a reception area into which a bolt head of the bolt is inserted transversely with respect to a longitudinal axis of the bolt and anchored therein in a form-fit manner.
Rolls-royce Deutschland Ltd & Co Kg

Tubular connector with an automatic connection

A tubular coupling comprising a female connector (2) into which a male connector (6) provided with an annular collar (7) is designed to be inserted axially, and a connection element (9) that extends in a transverse direction in the female connector. The connection element is designed to interfere mechanically with the collar while the male connector is being inserted into the female connector, and to move by itself in said transverse direction towards the inside of the female connector.
A Raymond Et Cie

Turbomachine blade

A blade for a turbomachine, in particular a compressor or turbine stage of a gas turbine, having at least one matrix having a first impact chamber (10) in which at least one impulse element (11) is disposed with play, at least one second impact chamber (20) whose volumetric centroid is offset from a volumetric centroid of the first impact chamber (10) along a first matrix axis (a) and in which at least one impulse element (21) is disposed with play, and at least one third impact chamber (30) whose volumetric centroid is offset from the volumetric centroid of the first impact chamber (10) along a second matrix axis (b) transversely to the first matrix axis (a) and in which at least one impulse element (31) is disposed with play, the first matrix axis (a) and an axis of rotation (r) of the turbomachine forming an angle of at least 60° and no more than 120° is provided.. .
Mtu Aero Engines Ag

Sealing arrangement for sealing a gap between two components which bear flat against one another on the gap side at room temperature

A sealing arrangement for sealing a gap between two components which bear flat against one another on the gap side and which can be assembled only by transverse movement, wherein each component has a step on the gap side to form an overlapping stop and the steps are curved along their edges. One of the two components has a first groove which extends in a manner analogous to the curved edge and which is arranged in the set-back partial surface of the gap side of the component in question.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Melt blowing die, apparatus and method

A melt blowing die includes a stack of plates including corresponding melt blowing die tip, die body and air functionalities. One or more rows of polymer filament extrusion orifices extend through in a stack direction across multiple plates of a stack.
Nanofiber, Inc.

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