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Date/App# patent app List of recent Transparency-related patents
 Method, apparatus and computer program product for automatically generating a computer program using consume, simplify and produce semantics with normalize, transpose and distribute operations patent thumbnailnew patent Method, apparatus and computer program product for automatically generating a computer program using consume, simplify and produce semantics with normalize, transpose and distribute operations
A code generator and multi-core framework are executable in a computer system to implement methods as disclosed herein, including a method for the code generator to automatically generate multi-threaded source code from functional specifications, and for the multi-core framework, which is a run time component, to generate multi-threaded task object code from the multi-threaded source code and to execute the multi-threaded task object code on respective processor cores. The methods provide transparency to the programmer, and during execution, provide automatic identification of processing parallelisms.
 Networking method for restricted communications patent thumbnailnew patent Networking method for restricted communications
The present invention is a computer implemented, internet website based method for idea development and subsequent sharing, networking, and best practices dissemination through a unique segregation method; construction of which is specifically intended to maximize, streamline, and expedite communications and transparency by and between individual members of governmental boards and commissions subject to locally implemented public record and open meeting laws, while at the same time preventing users from violating such existing laws which could lead to criminal prosecution and incarceration.. .
 Epoxy resin composition, cured object and optical semiconductor sealing material patent thumbnailnew patent Epoxy resin composition, cured object and optical semiconductor sealing material
An epoxy resin composition, a cured object thereof, and an optical semiconductor sealing material using the cured object are described. The epoxy resin composition includes an alicyclic epoxy resin (a) and a vinyl polymer particle (b).
 Extended film and the manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Extended film and the manufacturing method thereof
An extended film and a manufacturing method thereof are provided. The extended film includes a poly(lactic acid) and a block copolymer, wherein the block polymer includes a first block, a second block and a third block that connected with each other by chemical bonds.
 Plasticizers for resin compositions and resin compositions including the same patent thumbnailnew patent Plasticizers for resin compositions and resin compositions including the same
Provided are a plasticizer for a resin composition including any one or more selected from a polyvinyl chloride resin, a polyurethane resin, an epoxy resin, a polycarbonate resin or a biodegradable resin, which has excellent mechanical properties such as tensile strength, elongation and hardness, and shape processability, and particularly has excellent flexibility at low temperatures, does not cause bleeding because compatibility with the resins is good, and has excellent transparency, heat resistance, cold resistance and durability, and a resin composition including the same.. .
 Display patent thumbnailnew patent Display
A display includes: a display panel; an illumination unit; and a driving unit. The illumination unit includes a pair of light transmissive substrates, two light sources, an optical modulation layer configured to exhibit diffusion or transparency for light from each of the two light sources, and an electrode.
 Electronic device for performing mode coversion in performing memo function and method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic device for performing mode coversion in performing memo function and method thereof
An electronic device for performing mode conversion in performing a memo function and a method thereof are provided. The method includes sensing touch input from an input unit and displaying a moving trajectory of the input unit, converting a mode setup state from a first mode to a second mode when receiving a mode conversion signal through selection of a certain region of the input unit from the input unit, and displaying the moving trajectory of the input unit according to set transparency.
 Methods of rapid preparation of silver nanowires with high aspect ratio patent thumbnailnew patent Methods of rapid preparation of silver nanowires with high aspect ratio
Disclosed is a method suitable for efficiently producing silver nanowires with high aspect ratio. In this method, silver nanowires with aspect ratio of more than 300 and purity of more than 80% are produced through an acid compound mediated microwave-assisted wet chemistry method.
 Fluorine-containing polymerizable monomer and polymer compound using same patent thumbnailFluorine-containing polymerizable monomer and polymer compound using same
Where a represents a single bond, an oxygen atom, a sulfur atom, so2, ch2, co, c(ch3)2, c(ch3)(ch2ch3), c(cf3)2, c(ch3)(c6h5), ch2—c6h4—ch2 or a divalent organic group obtained by elimination of two hydrogen atoms from benzene, biphenyl, naphthalene, cyclohexene or fluorene; and a and b each independently represent an integer of 0 to 2 and satisfy a relationship of 1≦a+b≦4. The thus-obtained polymer compound combines adequate hydrophilicity and high transparency with low water adsorption of fluorine-containing compound..
 Method for manufacturing microparticulate anatase or rutile titanium oxide dispersion and component having photocatalytic thin film on surface patent thumbnailMethod for manufacturing microparticulate anatase or rutile titanium oxide dispersion and component having photocatalytic thin film on surface
A method for manufacturing a microparticulate anatase or rutile titanium oxide dispersion from a peroxotitanic acid solution optionally containing tin, wherein the method for manufacturing an anatase or rutile titanium oxide dispersion is characterized in that the peroxotitanic acid solution is fed continuously to a flow reactor and subjected to hydrothermal treatment at 150 to 250° c. And 0.5 to 10 mpa.
Methods for securing data generation via multi-part generation seeds
Methods and systems for securely generating lottery games are presented. A final game generation seed number is formed from multiple seed numbers from multiple and differing parties such that no one party has the ability to create the final seed number without the other parties' consent or knowledge.
Image processing method, and image processor
The present invention provides an image processing method which includes any one of recording an image on a thermally reversible recording medium that can reversibly change any one of its transparency and color tone depending on temperature by irradiating and heating the thermally reversible recording medium with a laser beam, and erasing the image recorded on the thermally reversible recording medium by heating the thermally reversible recording medium, wherein in any one of the image recording and the image erasing, the thermally reversible recording medium is located at a position farther than a focal position of the laser beam, and at least any one of the image recording and the image erasing is performed.. .
Three-dimensional viewing system
A three-dimensional viewing system includes a television having an electric circuit provided therein for the generation of alternating left-eye image and right-eye image on a screen, a micro controller unit provided inside the television and configured to extract a vertical synchronizing signal therefrom, a signal transmitting system for directly transmitting the vertical synchronizing signal to a pair of three-dimensional shutter glasses to be worn by the viewer in front of the television. The shutter glasses include left and right liquid crystal shutter lenses adapted to receive the vertical synchronizing signal and produce alternating transparency and opacity of the left and right shutter lenses.
Method for printing on a shiny surface by a uv inkjet printer with transparency and high color density
A method for printing on a shiny surface by a uv inkjet printer with transparency and high color density is described. Steps of the method include: (a) according to a conveying direction of a workpiece, dividing the workpiece with a reflective film into a plurality of continuous printing areas; (b) performing a printing operation on each printing area of the reflective film of the workpiece for at least three times; and (c) turning on a uv lamp at one side of an inkjet module when a final printing operation is performed on each printing area, to cure ink jetted from the inkjet module, thereby enabling the reflective film of the workpiece to still retain high shininess and high transparency after printing of the workpiece with a transparent reflective film surface is completed, and enabling a pattern printed thereon to have high color density..
Optically pumped magnetometer, magnetoencephalography meter, and mri device
An optical pumping magnetometer measures a magnetic field of a measurement object using optical pumping. The optical pumping magnetometer includes a nonmagnetic cell in which at least an alkali metal is enclosed and which has optical transparency and heat resistance, a laser beam irradiation unit which radiates a laser beam to the cell and optically pumps at least the alkali metal, a detecting unit which receives a transmission laser beam transmitted through the cell and detects a detection signal related to the magnetic field, and a high frequency voltage applying unit which applies a high frequency voltage to a pair of application units provided on the cell and heats the cell by dielectric heating..
Infrared light enabled and electromagnetic shielding aircraft window
A flight deck aircraft window 10 has improved transparency from two layers of different types of glass and electromagnetic radiation shielding from a thin layer of indium tin oxide between the two layers of glass. The thin layer of indium tin oxide provides the required shielding without appreciably adding to the window weight or detracting from the enhanced transparency of the two layers of glass..
Electronic apparatus, method of executing application, and computer readable recording medium
An electronic apparatus includes a storage unit which stores a plurality of applications, a management unit which manages a list of applications that have been already selected from among the plurality of applications stored in the storage unit, a user interface which applies transparency to a shortcut region which includes an icon corresponding to each application included in the list, and displays the transparent shortcut region, and a controller which, if one of the displayed icons is selected, drives an application corresponding to the selected icon.. .
Trade matching platform with variable pricing based on clearing relationships
The disclosure describes a regulated trading platform capable of communicating with a plurality of clearing houses. In particular, aspects of the disclosure relate to providing and/or calculating differentiated prices for the same or underlying financial product/instrument capable of being cleared at different clearing houses.
Polycarbonate resin composition and formed product thereof
In a polycarbonate resin composition containing a polycarbonate resin and a polycarbosilane compound, the use of the polycarbosilane compound modifies the surface properties of the polycarbonate resin composition without adversely affecting the intrinsic characteristics of the polycarbonate resin, such as transparency, heat resistance, and mechanical properties, e.g., impact resistance. A polycarbonate resin composition containing 100 parts by mass of a polycarbonate resin, 0.001 to 1 part by mass of a metal salt compound, and 0.005 to 5 parts by mass of a polycarbosilane compound has significantly improved flame resistance and high transparency and causes markedly reduced outgassing and mold fouling, without losing impact resistance and heat resistance..
Polyamic acid, polyimide, polyamic acid solution, polyimide solution, polyimide films obtained from these solutions, and use of polyimide films
Objects of the present invention are: to obtain a polyimide that is excellent in heat resistance, transparency, and optical isotropy and is soluble in an organic solvent; to provide, by using either a polyimide or a polyamic acid which is a precursor or the polyimide, a product or a member that is highly required to have heat resistance and transparency; and particularly to provide a product and a member both of which are obtained by applying a polyamic acid solution and a polyimide solution of the present invention to the surface of an inorganic substance such as glass, metal, metal oxide, or a single crystal silicon. These objects can be attained by a polyimide acid and a polyimide which are each prepared from an alicyclic tetracarboxylic dianhydride and a monomer having a fluorene structure..
Large aluminum nitride crystals with reduced defects and methods of making them
Reducing the microvoid (mv) density in aln ameliorates numerous problems related to cracking during crystal growth, etch pit generation during the polishing, reduction of the optical transparency in an aln wafer, and, possibly, growth pit formation during epitaxial growth of aln and/or algan. This facilitates practical crystal production strategies and the formation of large, bulk aln crystals with low defect densities—e.g., a dislocation density below 104 cm−2 and an inclusion density below 104 cm−3 and/or a mv density below 104cm−3..
Acrylic resin composition, and optical film comprising same
The present invention relates to an acrylic copolymer resin containing: 1) an alkyl (meth)acrylate-based monomer; 2) a (meth)acrylate-based monomer containing an aliphatic ring and/or an aromatic ring; and 3) at least an imide-based monomer or a styrene-based monomer, to a resin composition containing said acrylic copolymer resin and a resin containing an aromatic ring and/or an aliphatic ring in the main chain thereof, to an optical film comprising said resin composition, and to a liquid crystal display device comprising said optical film. The optical film according to the present invention has excellent heat resistance, optical transparency, etc..
Infrared shielding film, method for producing infrared shielding film, and infrared shielding body
The objects of the present invention is to provide an infrared shielding film, a method for producing same, and an infrared shielding body provided with the infrared shielding film, whereby it is possible to maintain stable infrared shielding property, visible light transmittance, flexibility, and transparency over time. This infrared shielding film having at least one unit consisting of a high refractive index layer having metal oxide particles and a low refractive index layer on a substrate is achieved when (i) at least one layer of the high refractive index layer and the low refractive index layer contains a temperature responsive polymer as a binder component or (ii) the high refractive index layer has any one of a cellulose compound or polyvinyl acetal resin as a binder component, and the low refractive index layer contains a binder component different from that of the high refractive index layer..
Surface-modified glass substrate
Scratch-resistant glass substrates including a hard, scratch-resistant layer over a major surface of the substrate are disclosed. The layer may exhibit a hardness, as measured using a berkovich indenter, of at least 10 gpa and an x-ray amorphous structure along at least a portion of the thickness of the layer.
Demonstrating organizational transparency
A method of demonstrating organizational transparency is described. The method includes: defining a plurality of different groups of readers to whom organizations may elect to make a report available, wherein each group of readers has an associated transparency value; receiving a report which has an associated group of readers; calculating a transparency level of an organization by determining the transparency value of the associated group of readers to whom the report has been made available; and publishing the calculated transparency level of the organization..
Highly branched lipophilic polymer, and photopolymerizable composition containing the same
There is provided a highly branched lipophilic polymer that is excellent in blending and dispersing properties in a matrix resin, and is possible to provide surface modification properties such as excellent lipophilicity (anti-fingerprint property) and the like to a coating that is obtained from the resin composition while the intrinsic transparency of the resin is not impaired; and a photopolymeizable composition comprising the highly branched lipophilic polymer. A highly branched lipophilic polymer obtained by polymerizing a monomer a containing two or more radically polymerizable double bonds per molecule and a monomer b containing a c6-30 alkyl group or a c3-30 alicyclic group and at least one radically polymerizable double bond per molecule in the presence of 5 to 200 mol % of a polymerization initiator c relative to the number of moles of the monomer a.
Transparent conductive films with carbon nanotubes, inks to form the films and corresponding processes
Inks for the formation of transparent conductive films are described that comprise an aqueous or alcohol based solvent, carbon nanotubes as well as suitable dopants. Suitable dopants generally comprise halogenated ionic dopants.
Method and apparatus for producing photoreaction product sheet
A photo-reactive composition layer is formed on a support with transparency while the support is moved in one direction. Then the support is reversed in a first irradiating chamber as to be moved in a direction opposite to the one direction to generate a serpentine transport path.
Print controlling apparatus, image forming apparatus, method of controlling print, method of image forming and computer-readable recording medium
A print controlling apparatus includes a user interface to input a printing command of a document displaying a plurality of overlaid objects, a printing data generator to detect a transparency region where a transparency is set, in the overlaid objects, to generate a transparency image by calculating a pixel value of the transparency region, based on the pixel value of each object and the transparency, and to generate printing data comprising the transparency image, and a communication interface to send the printing data to the image forming apparatus.. .
Photocoupler and semiconductor light emitting element
A photocoupler includes: a light emitting element; a light receiving element; and a bonding layer. The light emitting element includes a semiconductor stacked body, and a first and a second electrode.
Photosensitive resin composition
There is provided provide a photosensitive resin composition which can markedly improve transparency, heat resistance, heat discoloration resistance, solvent resistance, and patterning properties. A photosensitive resin composition including: a polymer (a) in which a content of a unit structure containing a boronic acid group, a unit structure containing a boronic acid ester group, or a combination of these unit structures is 20 mol % to 100 mol % of a total molar number of unit structures constituting the polymer; and a photosensitizer (b).
Carbon film laminate, method of manufacturing said laminate, and lubricant using said laminate
An object of the invention is to provide a carbon film laminate having a sliding surface with low friction, low abrasion, and low counterpart aggressiveness using high adhesiveness to a base material, hardness, surface flatness, low counterpart aggressiveness, transparency, and high thermal conductivity which are provided to the carbon film without using liquid and semiliquid lubricants such as lubricating oil. Provided is a carbon film laminate including a base material, a carbon film adhesion reinforcing layer which is provided on the base material and which is formed from silicon oxide (siox, x=1 to 2) containing fluorine atoms (f) in a concentration of 1×1019 atoms/cm3 or more, and a carbon film that is formed on the carbon film adhesion reinforcing layer.
Coating composition, plastic lens
There is provided a coating composition capable of realizing a coating layer having conductivity and sufficient transparency. The coating composition contains respective components of a component (a) and a component (b) below, component (a): acrylic resin or methane resin, component (b): conductive polymer..
Computer-based method for cropping using a transparency overlay / image overlay system
The present invention provides a method for cropping one or more files in freeform using transparent or non-transparent layers. Specifically, the invention allows a user to crop a file with irregular/freeform boundaries while using a plurality of transparent or non-transparent layers that overlay the original file.
Golf ball manufacturing method and golf ball
The invention provides a method of manufacturing golf balls having covers of very high transparency, which method includes, prior to formation of the cover, a preformed body fabricating step wherein a temperature-responsive pigment that responds to a change in temperature by developing a color is included in or coated onto the preformed body. In this way, a preformed body that matches the cover to be formed can be easily and reliably identified from among a plurality of types of preformed bodies stored at a temporary storage place.
Process and system for friction stir welding of a stiffener on an aircraft panel
Process for linear transparency friction stir welding of a flange of a stiffener onto at least one panel for an aircraft, wherein a weld bead is made along the flange of the stiffener and wherein the weld bead extends in cross-section from a first lateral edge to an opposite second lateral edge of the stiffener flange. System for the implementation of the above welding process, which includes three welding heads arranged as a triangle, each of which includes a rotating pin as well as a shoulder extending at the base of said rotating pin..
Urethane-based pressure-sensitive adhesive and surface protective film using the pressure-sensitive adhesive
A urethane-based pressure-sensitive adhesive including a polyurethane-based resin, in which: the polyurethane-based resin includes a polyurethane-based resin obtained by curing a composition containing a polyol (a) and a polyfunctional isocyanate compound (b); and the polyol (a) contains a polyol (a1) having 3 oh groups and a number-average molecular weight mn of 8,000 to 20,000. The urethane-based pressure-sensitive adhesive is excellent in reworkability, initial wettability, and transparency, and is preferably excellent in adhesive residue-preventing property, that preferably has a large wetting rate, and that is preferably prevented from showing external appearance unevenness due to orange peel.
Plastic lens
The disclosure includes producing a plastic lens with an antireflection film at a lower cost. The plastic lens is configured to include a plastic base material; and an antireflection film having an electrically conductive layer that is formed in contact with a surface of the plastic base material and that has colorless transparency, and an antireflection film main body that contains a metal oxide, formed on the electrically conductive layer..
Nano-ranged wide color gamut and environmental-friendly uv inkjet printing system
The present invention provides a nano-ranged wide color gamut and environmental-friendly uv inkjet printing system for a hard substrate comprising a carrier, an ink supplier, a printing head and a controller. The carrier receives the hard substrate thereon and the ink supplier includes a container space for containing an ink.
Device and method for adjusting transparency of display used for packaging a product
A device and method for adjusting the transparency of a display used for packaging a product are provided. The method includes: receiving a user input on the transparent display that encloses the product; adjusting the transparency of the transparent display based on the user input; and displaying information related to the product, which is enclosed by the transparent display, on the transparent display whose transparency has been adjusted.
Device and method for displaying and adjusting image information
A device and a method for displaying and adjusting image information are disclosed. The method at least includes steps of: controlling an lcd unit to be transparent, so that an environmental scene is visible, and an image information is displayed on the lcd unit according to a display instruction; executing a first automatic adjustment procedure.
Dual-face transparent viewing screen
The general field of the invention is that of hybrid viewing devices comprising several screens of different nature. The device according to the invention comprises a stack comprising three superimposed viewing screens of the same dimensions and means for generating and processing images, the first viewing screen being a transparent emissive matrix screen, the second viewing screen being a matrix screen with controlled transparency, the third viewing screen being a transparent emissive matrix screen, the second viewing screen being disposed between the first viewing screen and the third viewing screen so as to be able to block all or part of the image displayed by the first viewing screen and/or the third viewing screen, the stack of three screens thus being arranged so as to be able to display an image on its first face and an image on its second face, the two images being able to be identical..
Controlling assembly and electronic device
A controlling assembly is disclosed, which is adapted to be disposed at a casing, in which the casing has an opening. The controlling assembly includes an infrared transmission module (ir transmission module), a pressing switch and a button.
Electrostatic chuck with radiative heating
An electrostatic chuck is formed using materials that are optically transparent to a range of frequencies, such as infrared radiation. The invention discloses several methods for achieving optical transparency.
Methods and systems for managing supply chain processes and intelligence
A global supply chain intelligence system (“gsci”) adapted to predict, discover and verify commodity trade flows. Creating and maintaining a dataset that tracks real and near real-time commodity flows as they happen as an input to the gsci.
Hexagonal prism-shaped zinc oxide particles, method for production of the same, and cosmetic, heat releasing filler, heat releasing resin composition, heat releasing grease, and heat releasing coating composition comprising the same
It is an object of the present invention to provide hexagonal prism-shaped zinc oxide particles which have a specific particle diameter and a specific aspect ratio, and high ultraviolet blocking performance and transparency, and therefore can be suitably used as a cosmetic and a heat releasing material. Provided are hexagonal prism-shaped zinc oxide particles having a primary particle diameter of 0.1 μm or more and less than 0.5 μm and an aspect ratio of less than 2.5..
Ocular lens
A method of making an ocular lens device (and resulting lens device) from a polyolefin copolymer material having a crosslinking component, wherein the material is processed to remove unwanted reaction byproducts that can contribute to reduced transparency of the polyolefin copolymer material in the ocular environment of the eye.. .
Method, system and apparatus for electronically tinting windows
A method and apparatus for darkening or tinting windows may be described. The method and apparatus can include coupling a display to a window; coupling the display to a power source; sending a signal from a controller to the display, and changing the display properties of the display with the signal sent from the controller to adjust the transparency of the display..
Augmented reality direction orientation mask
An augmented reality device provides a virtual mask that surrounds the viewer and includes a variation that provides information about the direction to a target item. The variation, which may be a variation in transparency, color, geometric shape, texture, material, lighting, or shading, is associated with the position of the target item so that orientation of the variation in the virtual mask does not change with respect to the direction of the target item.
Fluorinated ester monomer, making method, fluorinated ester polymer, and difluorohydroxycarboxylic acid
A fluorinated ester monomer is provided having formula (1) wherein r1 is h, ch3 or cf3, r2 and r3 are h or a monovalent hydrocarbon group, or r2 and r3 forms a hydrocarbon ring, r4 is a monovalent hydrocarbon group, and k is 0 or 1. A polymer obtained from the monomer has transparency to radiation with a wavelength of up to 200 nm and appropriate alkaline hydrolysis, is constructed such that any of water repellency, water slip and surface segregation may be adjusted by a choice of its structure, and is useful in forming arf immersion lithography materials..
Window with modifiable transparency
A window with modifiable transparency, the window including window panes that define at least one cavity in between the panes. The window also including one or more mechanisms for introducing and removing a transparency modifying fluid into and from said one or more cavity..
Acrylic resin film
Disclosed herein is an acrylic resin film having excellent heat resistance and mechanical strength, less fish-eyes, and high transparency. The acrylic resin film is obtained by molding a resin composition containing a glutarimide acrylic resin (g) and a (meth)acrylic resin (f) obtained by polymerization of a vinyl group-containing compound in the presence of alkyl acrylate-based cross-linked elastic particles having an average particle size of less than 80 nm..
Pressure-sensitive adhesive, pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet
A pressure-sensitive adhesive capable of forming a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer with high transparency and low sebum-induced swelling rate is provided, which includes a (meth)acryl-based polymer obtained by polymerization of a monomer component containing 40 to 82% by weight of an alkyl(meth)acrylate having an alkyl group of 4 to 18 carbon atoms at the ester end and 18 to 35% by weight of a hydroxyl group-containing monomer.. .
Solventless composition and method for preparing the same
Provided are a solventless composition and a method of preparing the same. Here, the solventless composition may effectively manufacture a film that is uniform without substantial deviation in thickness and has a large but uniform thickness or an excellent physical property such as thermal resistance during manufacture of a film.
Crosslinked product of cyclic olefinic polymer and process for producing the same
A chain olefin-cyclic olefin copolymer is irradiated with an electron beam for crosslinking to prepare a crosslinked product of a cyclic olefinic polymer. The cyclic olefin contains a bicyclic olefin.
Method and apparatus for dynamic image manipulation in a mobile terminal
A method for dynamic image manipulation and a mobile terminal supporting the same are disclosed. The method for dynamic image manipulation includes: outputting at least one thumbnail; receiving an input event; and performing image change by changing at least one of the shape, color and transparency of the output thumbnail according to properties of the input event..
Method, device and system for generating a textured representation of a real object
A particular subject of the invention is a method for generating a textured representation of a real object in a system comprising a data processing device linked to an image acquisition device. After receiving (310) a first image representing said real object in a given pose and after obtaining (320, 325, 330, 335) a second image representing said real object in a pose identical to said given pose, said second image being representative of the transparency of said real object in said given pose, said textured representation is generated (340) by combining said first and second images..
Optical semiconductor package, optical semiconductor module, and manufacturing method of these
An optical semiconductor package has a base material that includes a principal surface, an optical semiconductor element that is located on the principal surface of the base material to project or receive light, and an optical transparency sealing layer that seals the optical semiconductor element while covering the principal surface of the base material. An air gap having a shape surrounding an optical axis of the optical semiconductor element is provided in the optical transparency sealing layer such that the light is reflected by an interface of a portion corresponding to an inner circumferential surface of the air gap in an interface formed by the air gap and the optical transparency sealing layer..
Adaptable transparency
By adjusting visual settings on a display behind a section of a background to emphasize menu options, a user can determine the status in the series of menus and sub-menus and can better read the menu options.. .
Resin composition, pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet, and surface protective film
A resin composition includes: a polyol (a) having two or more oh groups; a polyfunctional isocyanate compound (b); and a catalyst (c), in which: the content ratio of the polyfunctional isocyanate compound (b) with respect to 100 parts by weight of the polyol (a) is 1 part by weight to 100 parts by weight; and the catalyst (c) includes an iron complex compound. The resin composition can serve as a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition that is a material for forming a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer containing a polyurethane-based resin, the resin composition showing extremely high reactivity without any use of a tin compound as a catalyst, allowing a cross-linking reaction between a polyol and a polyfunctional isocyanate compound to rapidly progress, and being capable of providing a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer having high transparency.
Alkyl(meth)acrylate-based thermoplastic resin composition and thermoplastic resin with high scratch resistance and low yellowness
Disclosed are an alkyl(meth)acrylate-based thermoplastic resin composition and a thermoplastic resin with modified scratch resistance and yellowness. The alkyl(meth)acrylate-based thermoplastic resin composition provides improved scratch resistance and low yellowness index while maintaining transparency, flowability, and impact strength, even when the total content of the vinyl cyan-based monomer contained in the resin composition is reduced to a level unattainable by conventional techniques, and the content of the alkyl(meth)acrylate-based monomer is increased..
Surface protective film, optical member, and electronic member
Provided is a surface protective film that uses a polyurethane-based resin in a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, the surface protective film being able to achieve both of low contamination property and adhesive residue reduction, and having excellent reworkability, wettability, and transparency as well. Also provided are an optical member and an electronic member each having attached thereto such surface protective film.
Thermally stable, flexible substrates for electronic devices
A flexible substrate with a high optical transparency (>80% from 400 to 750 nm) that is retained after exposure to 300° c., near-zero birefringence (<±0.001), and a relatively low cte (<60 ppm/° c.) is disclosed. The substrate may be manufactured as single layer, polyimide films and as a multi-layer laminate comprising a polyimide layer and a thin glass layer.
Aerosol jet printable metal conductive inks, glass coated metal conductive inks and uv-curable dielectric inks and methods of preparing and printing the same
Provided are aerosol jet uncoated and coated (e.g., glass-coated) metal conductive ink compositions that can be deposited onto a substrate using, for example, aerosol jet printing and direct-write methods such as aerosol jet (e.g., optomec m 3d) deposition and methods of aerosol jet deposition of the aerosol jet uncoated and coated metal conductive ink compositions. Also provided are aerosol jet uv curable dielectric ink compositions that exhibit transparency, storage stability, and very good print quality and print stability, thereby enabling the formation of very fine dielectric features on a variety of substrates..
Display apparatus and method thereof
A display apparatus and a method thereof. The display apparatus includes a display with variable transparency, a sensor which senses a location of at least one of a person and an object, and a controller which determines proximity of the at least one of the person and the object to the display based on a result of the sensing by the sensor, and adjusts the transparency of the display differently according to a result of the determining.
Carbon nanotube-radical polymer composite and production method therefor
The present invention relates to a carbon nanotube-radical polymer composite and to a production method therefor, and relates to a polymer composite comprising carbon nanotubes and a radical polymer; being a carbon nanotube-radical polymer composite that has outstanding electrical conductivity and transparency and can be used in permeable batteries or flexible batteries, and also relates to a production method therefor.. .
Forensic marking using a common customization function
Methods, systems, and apparatus are disclosed which enable flexible insertion of forensic watermarks into a digital content signal using a common customization function. The common customization function flexibly employs a range of different marking techniques that are applicable to a wide range of forensic marking schemes.
Image forming apparatus
When a graphics library performs transparency calculation even if transparency processing is unnecessary, or when the graphics library does not issue an effective rendering instruction to a gpu, no satisfactory rendering performance can be obtained even in a virtual machine which runs in combination with the graphics library. To solve this, the virtual machine uses the graphics library to or not to perform transparency processing in accordance with a content to be rendered.
Coating composition containing siloxane resin
The present invention provides a coating composition comprising: a siloxane resin having silanol groups or alkoxysilyl groups, and a polyol having hydroxyl groups at both ends of a straight 2 to 5 carbon atom hydrocarbon chain. This coating composition enables to form a hardened film of high transparency, of high insulation and of low dielectricity..
Method for defoaming a vinyl chloride resin slurry
Disclosed is a method for defoaming a vinyl chloride resin slurry. The agent of the present invention may prevent generation of fish eyes and deteriorate in production efficiency caused by slurry foams without inhibiting inherent transparency of vinyl chloride resins, in the process of preparing the vinyl chloride resins by polymerizing a monomer mixture containing vinyl chloride as a main component in a polymerization reactor..
Transparent soap comprising fluorescer
It has been found that transparency and water-white appearance of soap bars is improved by adding a fluorescer at selective levels. Disclosed is a transparent soap bar comprising: (i) 20 to 78 wt % total fatty matter; and (ii) 0.003 to 0.5 wt % fluorescer, wherein (i) cielab b* value of said bar at 0° viewing and 75° illumination is less than 0; and (ii) color of said bar expressed as y+5r on lovibond® scale is 0 to 3 and wherein the soap bar includes 0.05 to 10 wt % c2 to c3 alcohol.
Solar cell equipped with electrode having mesh structure, and process for manufacturing same
A solar cell having on a light incident surface side an electrode with both low resistivity and high transparency to promote efficient excitation of carriers using inexpensive materials. The solar cell includes a photoelectric conversion layer, a first electrode layer arranged on the light incident surface side, and a second electrode layer arranged opposed to the first electrode layer.

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Transparency topics: Transparency, Conductive Layer, Electronic Device, Polycarbonate, Photoelectric Conversion, Flowability, Electric Conversion, Impact Strength, Conductive Polymer, Semiconductor, Transducer, Irradiation, Solubility, Epoxy Resin

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