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Transmitter patents


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 Listen before talk protocol selection patent thumbnailListen before talk protocol selection
Embodiments of the present disclosure describe apparatuses and methods for determining a listen before talk (lbt) protocol to be used in a long term evolution unlicensed spectrum environment, wherein the lbt protocol is based at least in part on a transmitter-based lbt protocol or a receiver-aided lbt protocol. Other embodiments may be described and/or claimed..
Intel Ip Corporation

 Sharing resources between wireless networks patent thumbnailSharing resources between wireless networks
A radio transceiver comprises a first baseband processor, a second baseband processor, and a radio transmitter coupled to the first and second baseband processors. The first baseband processor receives a radio channel allocation from a first network comprising a radio frequency reserved for communicating in the first network.
Genghiscomm Holdings, Llc

 Congestion control for scrambled coded multiple access (scma) patent thumbnailCongestion control for scrambled coded multiple access (scma)
A telecommunication system includes a gateway receiver having a processor and a data storage medium. The receiver is programmed to wirelessly communicate with a plurality of terminals, determine an error rate associated with communication with the plurality of terminals, determine an operating probability from the error rate, and transmit the operating probability to the plurality of terminals.
Hughes Network Systems, Llc

 Urban mobile network system patent thumbnailUrban mobile network system
An embodiment of a mobile communication system includes a plurality of mobile units operating within a defined operating area, each of the mobile units having a processor, a memory for storing a mobile unit file structure, an application running on the processor for operating on the mobile unit file structure, and a receiver for receiving on a common receive communication channel data. The mobile communication system further includes a plurality of geolocation markers disposed within the defined operating area, each having a memory for storing geolocation information to define a relative position within the defined operating area, and a geolocation transmitter for transmitting the defined geolocation information on the common receive communication channel, the geolocation transmitter having a geolocation transmit range less than the defined operating area..
Beelinx Usa, Llc

 Optical transmitter and control method patent thumbnailOptical transmitter and control method
An optical transmitter has an array of laser diodes, which output optical signals from a forward end, and controls the power of the optical signals. The optical transmitter has photodiodes detecting the optical power of optical signals from a reverse end and a ld-drv unit that supplies to the laser diodes, bias current amplitude modulated to a predetermined frequency that differs from that of the drive signal of the laser diodes.
Fujitsu Optical Components Limited

 Camera-connection-type sound recording apparatus patent thumbnailCamera-connection-type sound recording apparatus
A sound recording apparatus is provided which is hdmi-connected to a camera and another device, which outputs a video image signal from the camera to the other device without processing, and which outputs to the other device, without degradation, an audio signal recorded separately from the camera. A sound recording apparatus is hdmi-connected to a camera and a backup image recording apparatus.
Teac Corporation

 Information push system and method patent thumbnailInformation push system and method
An information push system, including a plurality of signal transmitters, a client side, and a server. The signal transmitters are configured to output a respective identification code.
Quanta Computer Inc.

 Signal detection in a communication system patent thumbnailSignal detection in a communication system
There is provided a computer-implemented method of estimating transmitted signals in a communication system, the signals being transmitted by a transmitter to a receiver over a communication channel having a channel response, the method comprising estimating the transmitted signals based on generated trial sequences minimizing the channel response between adjacent received signals. There is also provided a receiver, a signal detector device and a communication system adapted to estimated transmitted signals in a communication system by generating trial sequences and determining the generated trial sequences minimizing the channel response between adjacent received signals.
C/o Khalifa Univ Of Science, Tech & Res (kustar)

 Method and  transmitting data block patent thumbnailMethod and transmitting data block
Provided are method for transmitting a data block in a wireless lan and an apparatus using the same. A transmitter transmits a physical layer protocol data unit (ppdu) in a transmission bandwidth.
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Apparatus and  sending and receiving broadcast signals patent thumbnailApparatus and sending and receiving broadcast signals
Disclosed herein is a broadcast signal transmitter. The broadcast signal transmitter according to an embodiment of the present invention includes an input formatting module configured to perform baseband formatting and to output at least one physical layer pipe (plp) data, a bicm module configured to perform error-correction processing on the plp data, a framing and interleaving module configured to interleave the plp data and to generate a signal frame, and a waveform generation module configured to insert a preamble into the signal frame and to generate a broadcast signal by ofdm-modulate the signal frame..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Methods and apparatus to perform serial communications

Methods and apparatus to perform serial communications are disclosed. An example serial data transmitter includes: a clock signal generator to generate a digital clock signal; a clock signal controller to enable the clock signal generator; a line break signal generator to, in response to an expiration of a time period, trigger the transmission of a transmission line check frame; a data integrity check generator to generate error detection data corresponding to first data to be transmitted via the transmission port; a signal framer to: generate a first data frame having a preamble, second data, third data, the first data, the error detection data, and fourth data; and generate the transmission line check frame..
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Recovery mechanism for rohc with lost initialization and refresh messages

A recovery mechanism for robust header compression (rohc) is disclosed for wireless communication systems. The rohc recovery mechanism may allow a receiver and/or transmitter in the wireless systems to establish or reestablish a context of a packet transmission session when an initialization and refresh message is lost.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Wireless receiver

Described herein is a wireless receiver configured to receive wireless signals containing data packets transmitted according to an undetermined communications protocol selected from at least a first communications protocol and a second communications protocol. Without necessarily decoding the data packets, for example according to either the first or the second communication protocol, the described wireless receiver is able to concurrently detect presence of signal transmission in the first communications protocol or the second communications protocol.

Radio-over-fibre transmission in communications networks

A radio-over-fibre transmitter comprising: an optical splitter arranged to receive an optical carrier signal having a carrier optical frequency, and split it into a plurality of portions; electro-optic modulation apparatus each arranged to receive a respective optical carrier signal portion and a respective modulated radio frequency subcarrier signal, and arranged to modulate the respective optical carrier signal portion with the respective modulated radio frequency subcarrier signal and arranged to suppress onward transmission of the respective optical carrier signal portion, to form a respective carrier suppressed optical subcarrier signal; an optical combiner arranged to receive the carrier suppressed optical subcarrier signals and one of the optical carrier signal portions and arranged to combine them to form a subcarrier multiplexed optical signal; and polarisation apparatus arranged to ensure that the carrier suppressed optical subcarrier signals and said optical carrier signal portion each have the same polarisation state at the optical combiner.. .
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Optical module and optical transmitter using the same

An optical module has an optical modulator configured to perform phase modulation on each of divided light components of an input light and output at least two phase-modulated signal lights, a semiconductor optical amplifier configured to amplify the phased-modulated signal lights in a same polarization mode, and a polarization multiplexer configured to convert the amplified signal lights into two orthogonally polarized signal lights and multiplex the orthogonally polarized signal lights.. .
Fujitsu Optical Components Limited

Transceiving system, transmitter, receiver, and control transceiving system

A transceiving system includes: a transmitter; and a receiver coupled to the transmitter via optical transmission lines, the transmitter includes: a first processor configured to generate division data obtained by dividing data; a modulator configured to modulate wavelengths of transport lights, which transport the division data, based on setting information including a correspondence relationship between identification information identifying each of the optical transmission lines and wavelength information indicating a wavelength, and output lights, each of which is superimposed with the respective division data, to the optical transmission lines; and a second processor configured to transmit changed setting information, which is obtained by changing the setting information, to the receiver, and the receiver includes: a de-multiplexer configured to separate lights from the optical transmission lines into de-multiplexed lights of a wavelengths, based on the changed setting information; and a third processor configured to convert the de-multiplexed lights into division data.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Photonic vector signal generation without precoding

A novel and simple photonic vector signal generation scheme at radio frequency (rf) bands enabled by a single-drive mach-zehnder modulator (mzm)-based optical carrier suppression (ocs) without precoding techniques and optical filter, which can reduce the complexity of transmitter digital signal processing (dsp), is described. The generation and reception of 16/20/22-gbaud quadrature-phase-shift-keying (qpsk) vector signals at 16/20/22 ghz are experimentally demonstrated, respectively.
Zte Corporation

Optical transmitter and controlling optical modulator

An optical transmitter has an optical modulator with a mach-zehnder interferometer, a pilot signal generator configured to generate a pilot signal to be superimposed on a drive signal for driving the optical modulator or on a substrate bias voltage applied to the optical modulator, and a controller configured to detect a ratio between a pilot component and a direct current component contained in a light output from the optical modulator and control at least one of an amplitude of the drive signal and a level of the substrate bias voltage such that the ratio becomes a constant value.. .
Fujitsu Optical Components Limited

Systems for improved spectral efficiency in multi-carrier communication systems

This disclosure provides systems, methods, and apparatus for improving spectral efficiency of a communication system. The communication system can include a transmitter, a receiver and a communication link for communicating data between the transmitter and the receiver.
Google Inc.

Optical time domain reflectometer implementation apparatus and system

Embodiments disclose an otdr implementation apparatus. The apparatus includes m transmitters, configured to transmit m optical waves of different wavelengths, where m is greater than or equal to 2.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Antenna array weight vector selection techniques for 60 ghz mimo communications

Various embodiments may be generally directed to antenna array weight vector selection techniques for 60 ghz multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) communications. In some embodiments, using one or more such techniques, a 60 ghz-capable transmitting device may select respective antenna array weight vectors for two or more transmit antenna arrays, and a 60 ghz-capable receiving device may select respective antenna array weight vectors for two or more receive antenna arrays.

Reducing receiver distortion caused by transmitter signals

Computer-implemented methods, computer software, and computer systems for adjusting receiver distortion caused by transmitter signals. A first signal is transmitted by a transmitter of the wireless terminal.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Real time polarization compensation for dual-polarized millimeter wave communication

A communication system comprises a signal generator, polarizer, signal combiner, transmitter, positioning device, and controller. The signal generator converts first and second received data streams into respective first and second orthogonal linearly polarized signals.
Raytheon Company

Non-linear transmitter pre-coding

A method for pre-coding a digital signal in a transmitter associated with a digital communications system to remove non-linear distortions. The method converts digital bits to be transmitted to a transmit constellation including symbols defining a plurality of the bits and subtracting a modeled constellation from the transmit constellation to provide a pre-coded constellation.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

Outphasing transmitter systems and methods

The present disclosure is directed to a system and method for performing the outphasing technique without using a combiner at the output of two power amplifiers to reduce loss and distortions.. .
Broadcom Corporation

Inductive power transfer converters and system

The present invention relates to an ipt system for wireless power transfer, in particular an ipt system capable of operating at high frequencies. In one aspect there is provided an ipt transmitter comprising: a push-pull resonant converter having a resonant frequency; and configured to operate at a switching frequency below the resonant frequency and dependent on a switching characteristic of a second converter configured to inductively couple to said transmitter..
Auckland Uniservices Limited

Wireless power transmitter and wireless power transmission method

A wireless power transmitter includes a sensor configured to sense an object, a power transmitter configured to wirelessly transmit power to a wireless power receiver, and a controller configured to determine whether the object is the wireless power receiver, and control the power transmitter to wirelessly transmit power to the wireless power receiver upon the object being determined to be the wireless power receiver, wherein the sensor and the power transmitter comprise separate coils.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Dual coil wireless power transmitter

A transmit coil assembly configured to transmit two different alternating magnetic fields having different frequencies is provided. The transmit coil assembly includes a first transmit coil set configured to resonate within a first frequency range and a second transmit coil set configured to resonate within a second frequency range which is outside the first frequency range and at least ten times higher or lower than the first frequency range.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.

Wireless power supply system and power receiver

A wireless power supply system includes a power transmitter and a power receiver. The power transmitter includes a power-transmitting coil to which ac power of a frequency is input from a power source.
Ihi Corporation

Field regulator

The invention generally relates to a field regulator, particularly a field regulator for a resonant circuit, a transmitter including such a field regulator, a proximity detection system including such a transmitter, and a method of regulating a resonant circuit. In one aspect the invention provides a field regulator for a resonant circuit, the resonant circuit including an inductor coil around a core, the field regulator including a dc bias circuit configured to apply a dc bias current to the inductor coil for regulating an electromagnetic field generated by the inductor.
Mine Site Technologies Pty Ltd

Weather alert system

A weather alert system for notifying a user of an extreme weather event. The weather alert system includes a base unit that can be positioned within a user's home or office.

Flash controller to provide a value that represents a parameter to a flash memory

An integrated circuit device includes a transmitter circuit including an output driver. The integrated circuit device includes a first register to store a value representative of a drive strength setting associated with the transmitter circuit such that the output driver outputs data in accordance with the drive strength setting.
Rambus Inc.

Flash memory controller with calibrated data communication

An integrated circuit device includes a transmitter circuit operable to transmit a timing signal over a first wire to a dram. The dram receives a first signal having a balanced number of logical zero-to-one transitions and one-to-zero transitions and samples the first signal at a rising edge of the timing signal to produce a respective sampled value.
Rambus Inc.

System for controlling the electrical power supply of an aircraft

A system for controlling electrical power supply of an aircraft includes at least two control boards and at least two switching members. Each switching member is connected to each control board.
Zodiac Aero Electric

Wearable environmental interaction unit

A wearable environmental interaction unit may include a plurality of sensors each being configured to provide an output indicative of at least one physiological aspect of an individual; a transmitter to establish a wireless communication path between the wearable environmental interaction unit and at least one environmental response unit located remotely with respect to the wearable environmental interaction unit; and a microcontroller. The microcontroller may be programmed to: analyze the outputs provided by the plurality of sensors; determine a state of being for the individual based on the outputs of the plurality of sensors; generate an environmental interaction control signal based on the determined state of being for the individual; and cause the transmitter to transmit the environmental interaction control signal to the at least one environmental response unit via the wireless communication path, the environmental interaction control signal being configured to cause a response by the environmental response unit including at least one change in an environmental condition..
Heartmiles, Llc

Control system, timing device, and process executed by the system

A control system includes a timing device to indicate an elapsed time from a time point at inversion of the timing device, and a computer including a transmitter to start transmission of a control signal according to a control scenario determined with a predetermined signal to a predetermined device other than the timing device if switching of the timing device to an operational mode is determined, and to transmit a signal indicating the end of the control for the predetermined device if switching of the timing device to a nonoperational mode is determined. The control system reduces the number of steps of managing tokens, archives, and token passwords by a terminal manager, and further improves the security level of the terminal..
Fujitsu Electronics Inc.

Method and system to optimise the authentication of radionavigation signals

A radio navigation system (100; 400), comprising a plurality of satellite-borne transmitters (110, 114, 118, 122) and at least one ground-based receiver (104), the receiver (104) being adapted to receive radionavigation signals (112, 116, 120, 124; 412, 416, 420, 424) from each of a plurality of the transmitters (110, 114, 118, 122). Each of the transmitters (110, 114, 118, 122) and the receiver (104) being adapted to access a predetermined first key chain, the first key chain comprising a first encryption key (k; kj) and one or more further encryption keys (k; kj,1, kj,2, kj,3, kj,4).
The European Union, Represented By The European Commission

Radar system and associated apparatus and methods

A multi-static radar system provides surveillance. The radar system includes a plurality of radar receivers and a plurality of radar transmitters arranged in a multi-static configuration to form at least one radar cell to provide an area of radar coverage within the cell..
Aveillant Limited

Arrangement for, and , enhancing the accuracy of position detection and tracking of a mobile device movable in a venue

A transmitter subsystem periodically transmits ranging signals at transmit times, and a receiver subsystem receives the ranging signals at receive times within a receiver window having an adjustable time duration. A real-time position of a mobile device supporting one of the subsystems is determined based on differences between the receive and transmit times.
Symbol Technologies, Llc

Wireless transmitter adapters for battery-operated biosensor meters and methods of providing same

A wireless transmitter adapter (206) can provide wireless data transmission capability to a battery-operated biosensor meter (100), such as a blood glucose meter, originally configured for hardwired data downloads. In some embodiments, the wireless transmitter adapter (206) can be configured to replace a bio-sensor meter's battery cover (106).
Ascensia Diabetes Care Holdings Ag

Eddy current array probe with independent transmitters

There is described an eddy current array probe for detection and depth sizing of a surface- breaking defect in a metallic material, said eddy current array probe comprising: a probe body comprising a plurality of probe elements arranged in a linear configuration, the probe elements each comprising at least one coil, the probe body being adapted to be displaced along a surface of the metallic material so that a longitudinal axis of the coil be parallel to the surface of the metallic material, the coil, when in use, being adapted to induce an eddy current within the metallic material detect the eddy current; and a set of active elements of the plurality of probe elements being adapted to be selectively operated at a plurality of time-spaced instances.. .
Eddyfi Ndt Inc.

Detection of volatile chemicals using an rfid sensing system

Methods, systems, and apparatuses, including computer programs encoded on computer-readable media, for monitoring volatile chemicals. A system includes an radio-frequency identification (rfid) tag composed of a patterned metal.
Empire Technology Development Llc

Control valve testing method

A control valve testing method comprises steps: providing a testing device, inputting data in the testing device, electrically connecting the testing device to the location transmitter installed on the control valve, the transmitter connected with a pointer of a valve spindle, the testing device providing an electric current with a testing opening to an electric current air transformer, the electric current air transformer controlling air compressor applying a specific pressure according to the current on the control valve for triggering a valve spindle action to drive the location transmitter to obtain valve spindle action strokes data, transferring the data and performing a comparison between the data with the previously inputted actual opening data for analyzing the error percentage of the actual opening and the testing opening. If the error percentage is within a tolerance range, the result is qualified, and if not, the result is not qualified..

Sensor/transmitter plug-and-play for process instrumentation

A sensor assembly with a sensing element sends a sensor signal from the sensing element to attached process transmitter over sensor connection wires. The sensor assembly has memory circuitry for storing information related to the sensor assembly and interface circuitry that provides for digital communication of the stored information with the attached process transmitter.
Rosemount Inc.

Testing float liquid level transmitter

A testing method for float liquid level transmitter first prepares a testing device displaying a basic data screen and receiving basic data corresponding to fields on the basic data screen. The testing device computes the basic data to obtain corresponding standard values and displays the standard values.

Wireless control of unmanned aerial vehicle with distance ranging and channel sensing

Various techniques are provided to efficiently detect the position and angular velocity of an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) of a uav system including a transmitter antenna array and a receiver antenna array. In one example, a method includes establishing a wireless link between a uav controller and a uav using at least one transmitter antenna array and/or at least one receiver antenna array, communicating link state data corresponding to the established wireless link over the established wireless link, generating uav operational data based, at least in part, on the link state data, wherein the uav operational data is configured to control operation of the uav, and controlling operation of the uav using the uav operational data..
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation

Remotely piloted crustacean fishing vessel

An unmanned, remotely controlled modular vessel that is capable of deploying and retrieving a crustacean fishing cage or “pot.” a derrick structure is supported by two modular rigid pontoons and is interconnected to equipment deck plates that contain: a motor for propulsion, a winch for lowering and raising a cage suspended centrally from a pulley mounted underneath the top of the derrick, a receiver electronics module inside a waterproof enclosure, and a pair of rechargeable marine batteries. The derrick structure also provides elevated mounting points for a receiving antenna and a beacon light for use during night hours.

Sensor device

A sensor device includes sensors and an electronic control unit (ecu). The sensors include sensor elements, a signal comparator, and a signal transmitter.
Denso Corporation

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