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Transmitter patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Transmitter-related patents
 Authenticated encryption support in iso/iec 23009-4 patent thumbnailnew patent Authenticated encryption support in iso/iec 23009-4
A server apparatus supporting authenticated encryption in a network, comprising a receiver configured to receive an unencrypted segment, a processor configured to selecting an encryption key, an initialization vector, and an additional authentication data (aad), encrypt the segment, configuring the segment for transfer in a dynamic adaptive streaming over hypertext transfer protocol (http) (dash) media, assign a segment number to the encrypted segment, append an authentication tag to the encrypted segment, store the encrypted segment with the appended authentication tag, and update a media presentation description (mpd) associated with the encrypted segment with the appended authentication tag, wherein the mpd comprises an @aadbase attribute with an aad base value, wherein the aad value is the sum of the segment number and the @ aadbase attribute value, and a transmitter configured to transmit the encrypted segment with the appended authentication tag to a destination.. .
 Multimedia mp3/mp4 pace responsive sensored footwear patent thumbnailnew patent Multimedia mp3/mp4 pace responsive sensored footwear
Footwear (10), that has (2) sensing means (20), on toe and heel end, under both left and right ground engaging body (14), when user is moving, as in jogging, will trigger automatic audio signal of transmitter (16) located in compartment (15) on upper (12) and compartment (25) in ground engaging body (14), or multimedia mp3, mp4, images in transmitter (16) upon constant weight transference between toe and heel end using both sensing means (20), and has a manual override (21-23), to end or begin audio signal (16) or multimedia images (16), in compartment (15 or 25), independently of both sensing means (20). Compartment (15 and 25), serve as a mounting means for audio signal of transmitter (16), and full multimedia capability with mp3, mp4 images.
 Arrow construction system having tip canister electronics patent thumbnailnew patent Arrow construction system having tip canister electronics
An arrow construction system comprising a tip canister configured to receive an arrow tip and to attach to an arrow shaft. The tip canister contains a power source and sensitive electronics.
 Sports contest celebration display patent thumbnailnew patent Sports contest celebration display
A sports goal is configured to have display lighting and fireworks. This goal post has a light emitting device, a laser lighting emitting device, and remote transmitter for controlling the light emitting device and a sound emitting device.
 Apparatus and method for measuring indoor position of terminal and providing terminal with path guidance on basis of femtocell patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and method for measuring indoor position of terminal and providing terminal with path guidance on basis of femtocell
Provided are an apparatus and method for measuring an indoor position of a terminal and providing the terminal with path guidance on the basis of a femtocell. The apparatus for measuring an indoor position of a terminal on the basis of a femtocell includes a femtocell base station including a plurality of sensor transmitters respectively transmitting sensor signals for locating the terminal so that the terminal receives the sensor signals and a sensor controller controlling operation of the sensor transmitters, and the terminal configured to receive the sensor signals from the plurality of sensor transmitters, find which sensor transmitters the sensor signals have been transmitted from, and calculate distances between the sensor transmitters having transmitted the sensor signals and the terminal..
 Satellite communication system patent thumbnailnew patent Satellite communication system
A satellite communication system comprises a wireless signal transmitter to be mounted to an outdoor satellite signal receiver and an indoor signal receiver to be connected to an output appliance and to wirelessly receive signals from the wireless signal transmitter.. .
 Using predicted movement to maintain optical-communication lock with nearby balloon patent thumbnailnew patent Using predicted movement to maintain optical-communication lock with nearby balloon
A balloon may include an optical-communication component, which may have a pointing axis. A pointing mechanism could be configured to adjust the pointing axis.
 40, 50 and 100 gb/s optical transceivers/transponders in 300pin and cfp msa modules patent thumbnailnew patent 40, 50 and 100 gb/s optical transceivers/transponders in 300pin and cfp msa modules
Disclosed by way of exemplary embodiments, a 40/50/100 gb/s optical transceivers/transponders which use opto-electronic components at data rates collectively that are lower than or equal to half the data rate, using two optical duobinary carriers. More specifically, the exemplary embodiments of the disclosed optical transceivers/transponders relate to a 43 gb/s 300pin msa and a 43˜56 gb/s cfp msa module, both include a two-carrier optical transceiver and the appropriate hardware architecture and msa standard interfaces.
 Resource-efficient digital chromatic dispersioin compensation in fiber optical communication using spectral-shaping subcarrier modulation patent thumbnailnew patent Resource-efficient digital chromatic dispersioin compensation in fiber optical communication using spectral-shaping subcarrier modulation
An optical receiver comprising a frontend configured to receive an optical signal and convert the optical signal into a plurality of digital electrical signals comprising a plurality of spectrally shaped subcarrier signals carrying symbol mapped data information, and a digital signal processor (dsp) unit coupled to the frontend and configured to receive the digital signals from the frontend, demulitplex the digital signals into the subcarrier signals, and compensate chromatic dispersion (cd) for each of the subcarrier signals by applying an equalizer, wherein each of the subcarrier signals is associated with a unique tone frequency and a unique spectral shape. Also disclosed is an optical transmitter comprising a digital signal processor (dsp) unit configured to map data symbols onto a plurality of electrical subcarrier signals that are non-overlapping and spectrally shaped in a frequency domain..
 Managing downstream non-broadcast transmission in an ethernet passive optical network (epon) protocol over coax (epoc) network patent thumbnailnew patent Managing downstream non-broadcast transmission in an ethernet passive optical network (epon) protocol over coax (epoc) network
An olt comprising an optical port configured to couple to an optical distribution network, a processor coupled to the optical port and configured to generate a dl-map based on non-broadcast downstream bandwidth allocations for a plurality of network units, wherein each of the downstream bandwidth allocations is not assigned to all of the network units, generate an epon mpcp downstream gate message comprising the dl-map, and embed the dl-map in the epon mpcp downstream gate message, and a transmitter coupled to the processor and the optical port, wherein the transmitter is configured to transmit the epon mpcp downstream gate message to the network units via the pon.. .
new patent Optical transmission system, method of adjusting optical transmission device, and non-transitory computer-readable medium
An optical transmission system includes: a plurality of transmitters that output an optical signal having a frequency different from each other; a process unit that adds a reference signal to at least two of the optical signals, the reference signal having a frequency width narrower than that of the two optical signals, an interval of central frequencies of the reference signals being narrower than that of the two optical signals, a multiplexer that multiplexes optical signals output by the plurality of transmitters; an extract unit that extracts a beat signal generated between the reference signals because of a multiplexing of the multiplexer; and an adjust unit that adjusts a frequency interval of the two optical signals in accordance with an extract result of the extract unit.. .
new patent Optical coupling device
An optical coupling device includes an optical coupling member, an optical-electrical converting module, and at least two optical fibers. The optical coupling member has a first under positioning portion.
new patent Timing pilot generation for highly-spectrally-efficient communications
Methods and systems are provided for timing synchronization for reception of highly-spectrally efficient communications. An example method may include, mapping, in a transmitter, a plurality of transmit bits to a plurality of symbols at a symbol rate that is based on an oscillator signal.
new patent Downlink multi-user interference alignment scheme
A method, system and device are provided for using a predetermined vector, vref and channel knowledge h, g from each transmitter to compute and feedback equivalent channel vector information hi,jeq to its affiliated transmitter. With this information, each transmitter selects li receivers and constructs a transmitted signal by applying a selected precoding vector to rank 1 data, thereby eliminating interference to the rest of the receivers in the network..
new patent Data processing apparatus for configuring display interface based on compression characteristic of compressed display data and related data processing method
A data processing apparatus at a transmitter end has an output interface and a display controller. The output interface packs a compressed display data into an output bitstream, and outputs the output bitstream via a display interface.
new patent Joint transmitter and receiver gain optimization for high-speed serial data systems
Embodiments of the present invention allow for adjustment of transmitter amplitude during joint transmitter (tx) and receiver (rx) equalization. During joint tx and rx adaptation, when the receiver requires a gain update, the receiver gain update is masked above or below a preset range.
new patent Digitally controlled jitter injection for built in self-testing (bist)
A digitally controlled jitter injection apparatus for built in self-testing includes a transceiver circuit having a transmitter circuit and a receiver circuit. The digitally controlled jitter injection apparatus also includes a generator that generates a composite jitter including multi-tone jitter components.
new patent Antenna selection with frequency-hopped sounding reference signals
A transceiver has a first antenna and a second antenna for transmitting alternatively a frequency-hopped sounding reference signal (srs) over a sub-band of a bandwidth at a time. The transceiver includes a determination unit for determining whether a number of sub-bands in the bandwidth is odd or even, a transmitter for transmitting the srs continuously from the first antenna, if the number of sub-bands is even, and a receiver for receiving a response to the transmitting..
new patent Integrated circuit device and method of performing cut-through forwarding of packet data
An integrated circuit device comprises a cut-through forwarding module. The cut-through forwarding module comprises at least one receiver component arranged to receive data to be forwarded, and at least one transmitter component arranged to transmit data stored within at least one transmitter buffer thereof.
new patent Contention based access of resources in a wireless network
A wireless communication device for a wireless network employing a wireless time division communication structure, where the wireless communication device includes a wireless transmitter, a wireless receiver and an access control unit, which is configured to order the wireless transmitter to transmit, in a contention interval, a priority setting of a wireless communication device competing for resources, where the priority setting is transmitted as a signal having a frequency representing the priority setting, order the wireless receiver to receive, in the contention interval, priority settings of other competing wireless communication devices as signals having frequencies representing these priority settings, compare the transmitted priority setting with the received priority settings and seize a following data interval if the transmitted priority setting is higher than the received priority settings.. .
new patent Apparatus and methods for managing hyper frame number (hfn) de-synchronization in radio link control (rlc) unacknowledged mode (um)
Apparatus and methods of data communication between a transmitter and a receiver in a radio link control (rlc) unacknowledged mode (um) include determining, by the transmitter, a hyper frame number (hfn) de-synchronization condition, wherein the hfn de-synchronization condition is false when at least one protocol data unit (pdu) out of a plurality of successive pdus is successfully transmitted by the transmitter to the receiver, and wherein the hfn de-synchronization condition is true when all of the plurality of successive pdus are lost, and adjusting, by the transmitter, a transmitter hfn of the transmitter when the hfn de-synchronization condition is true, wherein the adjusted transmitter hfn is used for new pdus to be transmitted.. .
new patent Method and apparatus for indictating a temporary block flow to which a piggybacked acknowledgement/non-acknowledgement field is addressed
Methods and base stations are described. A base station includes a receiver, a processor and a transmitter.
new patent Signaling control for reduced signaling storm and improved user equipment battery life
A ue comprising a transmitter configured to transmit data from a network; and a processor coupled to the transmitter and configured to execute an application that performs signaling with a wireless network via the transmitter, determine that the application is assigned to an application group based on signaling requirements of the application, and determine that the application group is associated with a connection parameter that limits network signaling of all applications in the group, and initiate a network signaling link for the application according to the connection parameter.. .
new patent Standby mode for use in a device having a multiple channel physical layer
The present invention provides a way of placing a physical layer device into a standby mode. After a link is established between multiple devices, a determination is made whether the device has data to transmit or whether a standby request was received from a link partner.
new patent Underwater communications
An environmental monitoring system comprises at least one underwater environmental measurement device and a transmitter for transmitting data from the measurement device to an above water station using electromagnetic and/or magnetic signals, and/or a receiver for receiving data and/or commands from the above water station using electromagnetic and/or magnetic signal. The transmitter and receiver include a magnetically coupled antenna.
new patent Method and system for transmission of seismic data
The transmission method utilizes multiple seismic acquisition units within an array as intermediate short range radio receivers/transmitters to pass collected seismic data in relay fashion back to a control station. Any one seismic unit in the array is capable of transmitting radio signals to several other seismic units positioned within radio range of the transmitting unit, thus allowing the system to select an optimal transmission path.
new patent Method and system for transmission of seismic data
The transmission system combines a self-contained, wireless seismic acquisition unit and a wireless, line of site, communications unit to form a plurality of individual short-range transmission networks and also a mid-range, line of sight transmission network. Each seismic unit has a power source, a short-range transmitter/receiver disposed within a casing and a geophone disposed within the casing.
new patent Switched mode power supplies
An example embodiment relates to a switched-mode power supply comprising a transformer with a first winding and a second winding. There is a transmitter configured to: detect a detectable variable (vout) at the first winding, generate a transformer relayed signal in accordance with the detectable variable (vout), and provide the transformer relayed signal to the first winding.
new patent Method and apparatus pertaining to user-sensed transmission power control in a stylus
A stylus includes a wireless transmitter and a user sensor configured to detect a stylus-user's proximity (such as, for example, the proximity of the user's hand). A control circuit adjusts transmission power for the wireless transmitter as a function, at least in part, of the stylus-user's proximity..
new patent Method and apparatus pertaining to an interference-assessing stylus
A stylus is configured to use a local wireless receiver to assess interference at a transmission frequency that corresponds to the stylus's location-information wireless transmitter. By one approach, the stylus carries out this assessment during transmission nulls for the location-information wireless transmitter.
new patent Pseudo-satellite transmitter and method of transmitting gps signals using pseudo-satellite transmitter
A pseudo-satellite transmitter includes a gps unit, a transmission power control unit, and a plurality of antennas. The gps unit generates a gps signal of a pseudo-satellite.
new patent Device & method for cognitive radar information network
In cognitive radar information networks (crins) human-like cognitive abilities of attention and intelligence are built into radar systems and radar information networks (rins) to assist operators with information overload. A crin comprises a plurality of radar sensing nodes monitoring an environment, a repository or memory, and a cognitive radar controller.
new patent System, transmitting device, receiving device, and method for the wireless control of an rc model
A system for the wireless control of an rc model, comprising a transmitting device separate from the rc model, a multifunctional device in the rc model, and a receiver model in the rc model. The transmitting device comprises a first transmitter for transmitting information via digital radio communication to the rc model, and a second receiver adapted to receive second information via digital radio communication from the rc model.
new patent Wireless car seat toy system
A wireless car seat toy system is disclosed. The wireless car seat toy system includes a car seat toy coupled to a child car seat in a vehicle containing the car seat inside of the vehicle and a radio frequency system or an audio transmitter system.
new patent Transmitter and signal processing method
The switching frequency in an envelope amplifier is set below that of a transmission rf signal. A transmitter according to the present invention includes a transmission amplifier (3) that amplifies an input signal and generates an output signal, a voltage control amplifier (6) that controls a power supply voltage of the transmission amplifier (3), and an envelope calculation unit (4) that calculates an approximate envelope signal that is an envelope signal of the input signal and is sampled at a lower frequency than the input signal.
new patent Auto resonant driver for wireless power transmitter sensing required transmit power for optimum efficiency
An auto-resonant driver for a transmitter inductor drives the inductor at an optimal frequency for maximum efficiency. The transmitter inductor is magnetically coupled, but not physically coupled, to a receiver inductor, and the current generated by the receiver inductor is used to power a load.
new patent Positive displacement motor (pdm) rotary steerable system (rss) and apparatus
A motor steering system includes a drill collar, a transmitter circuit having a power transmitting coil, a rotor, and a receiver circuit having a power receiving coil. The transmitter circuit is coupled to the drill collar and the receiver circuit is coupled to the rotor such that the transmitter circuit and the receiver circuit are positioned with respect to one another such that power is coupled from the power transmitting coil to the power receiving coil whereby the drill collar provides electric power to the rotor..
new patent Pressure transmitter and transmission method
Hydrogen which has entered into a pressure/differential pressure transmitter from external or internally generated hydrogen and hydrocarbons are converted to air bubbles within pressure guide paths. As a result, the indicated value drifts and an accurate numerical value is not output.
Information processing apparatus and image management method
According to one embodiment, an information processing apparatus includes an image storing processor, a slide show transmitter and a comment receiver. The image storing processor receives an image from clients and stores first images including the received image.
Data sharing method, transmitter, receiver and data sharing system
According to one embodiment, a transmitter includes a signal dividing unit, a syndrome sending unit, a syndrome receiving unit and a decoding unit. The signal dividing unit divides an original signal into a first signal and a second signal based on a common dividing policy.
Key change management apparatus and key change management method
According to one embodiment, an apparatus includes a permission/inhibition information storage which stores a permission/inhibition information file, a changer which changes a first encryption key of a first private key encrypted with the first public key to the second public key by using the first re-encryption key, a first storage which stores a second private key in a device private key temporary storage, a second storage which stores a second re-encryption key in a re-encryption key storage, a permission/inhibition information registration module which registers second permission/inhibition information in the permission/inhibition information file, and a transmitter which transmits the second private key in the re-encryption key storage to the second terminal.. .
Information processing apparatus, computer readable storage medium, and key assignment changing method
An information processing apparatus includes a transmitter, a receiver, and a key assignment changing module. The transmitter is configured to transmit information relating to a use situation of the information processing apparatus to an external storage device.
System and method for remote tele-health services
A tele-health services cabin includes a plurality of vital signs monitoring devices, a cabin management unit, and videoconferencing hardware via which a remote practitioner in a remote medical call center videoconferences with a patient in the cabin to diagnose symptoms of the patient. The cabin management unit includes a processor that controls the cabin, a data input at which patient data is provided from the vital signs monitoring devices, and a transmitter connectable to a communication link for bi-directional communication between the cabin management unit and the medical call center, where the transmitter transmits the patient data to the medical call center.
Process variable measurement noise diagnostic
A process variable transmitter, includes an analog-to-digital (a/d) converter that receives a sensor signal provided by a sensor that senses a process variable and converts the sensor signal to a digital signal. A processor receives the digital signal and provides a measurement output indicative of the digital signal.
Method for operating a tire pressure-monitoring unit, and tire pressure-monitoring unit
A method for operating a tire pressure monitoring unit for monitoring pneumatic tires of a vehicle includes where a pressure measurement is taken at regular intervals using a pressure sensor and the pressure information is transmitted wirelessly at larger intervals by a transmitter. A control unit checks whether a pressure change exceeding a threshold value has occurred, and, if so, pressure measurements are taken at shortened intervals and the transmission activity is increased.
Devices and methods for optical detection of tissue contact
A method of directing energy to tissue includes the initial step of positioning an energy applicator for delivery of energy to target tissue. The energy applicator is provided with a surface-contact detection device including one or more optical transmitters and one or more optical receivers.
Devices and methods for optical detection of tissue contact
An electrosurgical system includes an energy applicator adapted to direct energy to tissue, an electrosurgical power generating source, and a surface-contact detection device. The surface-contact detection device is operably associated with the energy applicator.
Implantable wireless neural device
Systems and methods for providing an electrical interface to a body are provided. In one embodiment, an implantable module is disclosed, comprising: an implantable electrode array, implantable within a body and capable of providing a plurality of communication channels for communicating electrical signals detected in a body; an amplifier circuit for processing electrical signals received from the electrode array; a wireless transceiver for sending and receiving telemetry data between the amplifier circuit and a wireless receiver located outside of the body; and a sealed enclosure that houses the amplifier circuit and the wireless transmitter and is biocompatible with surrounding tissue, the enclosure having a window that is transparent to a wireless medium used by the wireless transceiver.
Miniature locator device for use with hunting arrows
A hunting arrow for tracking target animals is disclosed and described. The arrow can include a chamber.
Adapting output power of a radio transmitter
Methods and apparatus are disclosed for improving radio transmissions between a mobile device located inside an enclosed structure and an outside radio network. A relay or repeater is used to relay transmissions back and forth between the inside mobile device and the outside radio network.
Cognitive radio system and cognitive radio carrier device
A system including a processor; a memory configured to store information on a pool of virtual subscriber identification modules (sims), each of the virtual sims having an associated international mobile subscriber identity (imsi); and a transmitter configured to provide a mobile device with a virtual sim from the pool of virtual sims on an as-needed basis to ensure connectivity. The pool of virtual sims includes sims for one or more regions based at least in part on a subscriber base.
Receiver in physical layer of mobile industry processor interface (mipi-phy)
A receiver includes a control module, a data receiving circuit and a masking circuit. The control circuit generates an enable signal according to a pair of differential signals provided by a transmitter.
Dual-drive modulator
A transmitter module includes a processor configured to receive input data, and determine input values corresponding to the input data; a digital-to-analog converter configured to receive the input values from the processor, and generate first and second voltage signals based on the input values; a laser configured to output light; a mach-zehnder modulator configured to receive the light from the laser and the first and second voltage signals from the digital-to-analog converter, and modulate the light based on the first and second voltage signals to generate a modulated optical signal that includes distortion; and a filter configured to receive the modulated optical signal from the modulator, process the modulated optical signal to reduce or eliminate the distortion and produce an output optical signal, and output the output optical signal.. .
Shift register circuit and display device using the same
The display device according to the present invention comprises a substrate and at least one optical coupler having an optical receiver and an optical transmitter formed on the substrate, wherein the optical transmitter transmits an optical signal to the optical receiver.. .
Multiphase sampling of modulated light with phase synchronization field
A light transmitter transmits multiple light packets, each formatted to include a predetermined phase synchronization field (psf) and a same message comprising a series of bits. The psf and each bit are each represented as light that is intensity modulated over a bit period at a corresponding frequency.
Methods and apparatus for multiphase sampling of modulated light
A light transmitter transmits multiple light packets, each formatted to include a same message comprising a series of bits, each bit represented as light that is intensity modulated over a bit period at a frequency indicative of the bit. The light packets are transmitted at different start-times to establish different phases, one for each of the light packets, to permit a light receiver to sample each message at a different phase of a fixed sample timeline that is asynchronous to the bit period and the frequency.
Light id error detection and correction for light receiver position determination
A light receiver records images of light beams originating from a neighborhood of lights, and demodulates identifiers (ids) from them at determined image positions. The receiver retrieves a set of neighbor ids for each demodulated id and a real-world position of the corresponding light.
Vehicular audio processing unit and communication system including same
A vehicular audio processing unit includes a receiver that receives voice data by wirelessly communicating with audio equipment, an audio processor that applies predetermined audio processing to the voice data received by the receiver, a transmitter that transmits the voice data to which the audio processor applies the predetermined audio processing by wirelessly communicating with an audio output device that can output a sound, and a sensor that detects an operational status of a vehicle with which the unit is provided. The audio processor automatically modifies the predetermined audio processing based on the operational status detected by the operational status detector to the voice data received by the receive, thereby the user is not required to perform any operation for varying the voice output according to an operational status of the vehicle..
Wireless precoding methods
Various wireless precoding systems and methods are presented. In some embodiments, a wireless transmitter comprises an antenna precoding block, a transform block, and multiple transmit antennas.
Method for transmitting a signal from a transmitter to a receiver in a power line communication network, transmitter, receiver, power line communication modem and power line communication system
A method for transmitting a signal from a transmitter over a channel to a receiver on a power line network, wherein said signal is ofdm-modulated on a set of sub-carriers, is proposed, wherein an ofdm tonemap and an eigenbeamforming encoding matrix are determined based on a channel estimation for each sub-carrier, a tonemap feedback signal and an eigenbeamforming feedback signal are generated, which are descriptive of said ofdm tonemap and said eigenbeamforming encoding matrix, respectively, and transmitted to the transmitter. A corresponding receiver, a transmitter, a power line communication and a power line communication system are described as well..
Method and system for diagnosing radio performance during functional over-the-air operation
An apparatus for determining a health of radio-frequency transmitters each transmitting a transmitted signal during normal operation. The apparatus comprises a receiver for receiving received signals, each received signal responsive to a transmitted signal, a first element for determining signal parameters of each received signal, the signal parameters responsive to an operating condition of a transmitter, each transmitted signal and each associated received signal including an identifier of the transmitter that transmitted the transmitted signal, the apparatus using the identifier to link determined signal parameters with the transmitter that transmitted the transmitted signal and a second element for determining a health of the transmitter that transmitted the transmitted signal, the health responsive to a relationship between one or more signal parameters and a selected value or a range of selected values for each signal parameter..
Methods and apparatuses using filter banks for multi-carrier spread-spectrum signals
A transmitter includes a synthesis filter bank to spread a data symbol to a plurality of frequencies by encoding the data symbol on each frequency, apply a common pulse-shaping filter, and apply gains to the frequencies such that a power level of each frequency is less than a noise level of other communication signals within the spectrum. Each frequency is modulated onto a different evenly spaced subcarrier.
Laser system for power transmission
An optical power beam transmission systems, with a directional light transmitter and receiver. The transmitter contains an amplifying laser medium, and this together with a retroreflector in the receiver, forms a laser resonator.
Channel carrying multiple digital subcarriers
An optical system includes a transmitter module and/or a receiver module. The transmitter module is configured to receive input data, map the input data to a set of subcarriers associated with an optical communication channel, independently apply spectral shaping to each of the subcarriers, generate input values based on the spectral shaping of each of the subcarriers, generate voltage signals based on the input values, modulate light based on the voltage signals to generate an output optical signal that includes the subcarriers, and output the output optical signal.
Radio node, a user equipment and methods for managing a transmission
A radio network node (110), a user equipment (120) and methods therein for managing a transmission from the user equipment (120) to the radio network node (110) are disclosed. The radio network node (110) adapts (302) a transport format relating to the transmission based on information indicating at least one mode switching point of a radio transmitter (1420).
Transmission of uplink control information in inter-enb carrier aggregation
A user equipment (ue) for communication in a wireless network supporting inter-eutran node b (enb) carrier aggregation has a receiver to communicate with a first enb corresponding to a primary cell (pcell) in the wireless network and a second enb corresponding to a secondary cell (scell) in the wireless network. The receiver is configured to receive downlink data through a physical downlink shared channel (pdsch) in the scell.
Wireless communication with multiple access points
A wireless device that includes a receiver to receive data transmission scheduling information from a first wireless communication access point and to receive data from a second wireless communication access point according to the data transmission scheduling information. The wireless device may also include a request generator to generate a data transmission request based on the data transmission scheduling information and a transmitter to transmit the data transmission request to the second wireless communication access point.
Locationing using differential phase measurements of ieee 802.11 preambles
A method and apparatus for locationing using differential phase measurements of ieee 802.11 preambles. A first step includes providing a local clock at the same frequency as the ieee 802.11 preambles.
System and method for response frame type indication
Embodiments are provided for indicating response frame types according to response frame durations in a wireless network. The embodiments include defining a plurality of response frame types in accordance to different transmission durations.
Wireless power transmission device
A wireless power transmission device includes a power transmitter, a first transmission unit, a power receiver, a feedback regulator, a receive controller, and a second transmission unit. The power transmitter is for generating power, and the first transmission unit is for wirelessly transmitting power generated by the power transmitter.
Device for measuring the relative position of two objects moving in relation to each other
The invention relates to a device for measuring the relative position of two objects moving relative to each other along an axis or around a rotating axis (d), with a transmitter (12) which emits unpolarized light, and with a polarizer (20), and with at least one receiver (16) which measures the luminosity of the light passing through the polarizer (20) in order to create a position-dependent signal, such that a polarizing filter is positioned in front of the receiver (16), and the receiver (16) and the polarizer (20) move relative to each other as a function of the relative position of the two objects, and such that the polarizer (20) has at least two different polarizing directions.. .
Mechanism for faciiltating an optical instrumentation testing system employing multiple testing paths
A mechanism is described for facilitating optical testing of a device under test (dut) using a testing mechanism having multiple testing paths according to one embodiment. A method of embodiments of the invention may include facilitating, via a loopback path, optical testing of the dut in a loopback configuration.
Optical zoom probe
An optical zoom probe is provided. The optical zoom probe includes: an aperture adjuster which adjusts an aperture through which light which is transmitted by a light transmitter propagates; and a focus adjuster which focuses light that propagates through the aperture and which includes first and second liquid lenses for each of which respective curvatures are independently controlled so as to adjust a respective focal length..
Transmission device, video display device, transmission method, video processing method, video processing program, and integrated circuit
A transmission device transmits data for causing a video display device to display, in a display area, a video made up of a 3d video and a superposed display object, the transmission device comprising: a division information generator generating division information indicating a range for each of two or more regions into which the display area is divided by at least one boundary line that is horizontal; an offset information configurator generating offset information in accordance with a 3d video depth in one of the regions, the offset information indicating a region depth for 3d display of the display object in the region, and a different piece of the offset information being generated for each region; a stream generator generating a transport stream that includes the division information, the offset information, and 3d video data for displaying the 3d video; and a stream transmitter transmitting the transport stream.. .
Hybrid stylus for use in touch screen applications
A touch screen system is configured to sense a proximate or actual touch made to a touch screen panel. In response thereto, an rf transmitter is actuated to emit rf energy.
Frustrated total internal reflection and capacitive sensing
Detecting force and touch using ftir and capacitive location. Ftir determines applied force by the user's finger within infrared transmit lines on a touch device.
Reducing ion-migration and corrosion in electrodes
Embodiments of the present invention generally provide a processing system for an input device including a sensor module having sensor circuitry. The sensor module may be coupled to transmitter electrodes, receiver electrodes, and a shield electrode.

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