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This page is updated frequently with new Transmitter-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Transmitter-related patents
 Mobile device, method and non-transitory computer readable medium for operating mobile device patent thumbnailMobile device, method and non-transitory computer readable medium for operating mobile device
A method for operating a mobile device includes: receiving a first wireless signal from an external wireless signal transmitter, in which the first wireless signal comprises an identification code, and the identification code corresponds to the external wireless signal transmitter; sending a service request comprising the identification code to the information providing device to request the information providing device to provide a real-time information to the mobile device according to the identification code; acquiring communication information of the at least one target mobile device; and providing a second wireless signal to the at least one target mobile device, in which the second wireless signal comprises at least one of the real-time information and the identification code.. .
Institute For Information Industry

 Wireless communication system, wireless communication setting method, base station, mobile station, and program patent thumbnailWireless communication system, wireless communication setting method, base station, mobile station, and program
A base station includes a transmitter configured to transmit a downlink control information to a user equipment, the downlink control information being generated based on one of a first uplink allocation information and a second uplink allocation information, and a receiver configured to receive a first reference signal in a case where the transmitted downlink control information is generated based on the first uplink allocation information, and a second reference signal in a case where the transmitted downlink control information is generated based on the second uplink allocation information.. .
Nec Corporation

 Communication apparatus and method, computer program, and communication system patent thumbnailCommunication apparatus and method, computer program, and communication system
Communication operations are optimally conducted by applying space-division multiple access in which wireless resources on a spatial axis are shared among a plurality of users. By applying an rd protocol to a communication system that conducts space-division multiple access, spatially multiplexed frames in a txop are made more efficient.
Sony Corporation

 Apparatus for transmitting broadcast signals,  receiving broadcast signals,  transmitting broadcast signals and  receiving broadcast signals patent thumbnailApparatus for transmitting broadcast signals, receiving broadcast signals, transmitting broadcast signals and receiving broadcast signals
A method and an apparatus for transmitting broadcast signals thereof are disclosed. The apparatus for transmitting broadcast signals comprises an input formatter for input formatting one or more data streams into one or more service data, an encoder for encoding the service data, a mapper for mapping the encoded service data onto constellations, a time interleaver time interleaving the mapped service data, a frame builder for building at least one signal frame including the time interleaved service data, a modulator for modulating data in the built at least one signal frame by an ofdm (orthogonal frequency division multiplex) scheme and a transmitter for transmitting the broadcast signals having the modulated data..
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Techniques for compressing session initiation messages using templates for evolved data compression scheme (edcs) patent thumbnailTechniques for compressing session initiation messages using templates for evolved data compression scheme (edcs)
Session initiation messages may be compressed using templates for evolved data compression scheme (edcs). One or more session initiation messages may be exchanged between various network entities, such as ues and base stations, for purposes such as registration, call setup, and call modification, for example.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Mobile phone as a handheld radio transmitter and receiver over non-cellular radio frequency channels patent thumbnailMobile phone as a handheld radio transmitter and receiver over non-cellular radio frequency channels
A system enables a device such as a mobile phone to operate as a transmitter and receiver over non-cellular radio frequencies such as very-high frequency (vhf) and ultra-high frequency (uhf) not natively compatible with the mobile phone. The system includes a radio appliance coupled to a radio that receives and transmits information over non-cellular radio frequencies.
World Emergency Network-nevada Ltd.

 Electroacoustic transducer patent thumbnailElectroacoustic transducer
An electroacoustic transducer is provided that combines the properties and advantages of the known concepts of the thickness mode transducer and of the bending transducer with each other. For this purpose, an electroacoustic transducer is provided, which includes a housing and an oscillating structure.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

 Web camera and operation method thereof patent thumbnailWeb camera and operation method thereof
A web camera and an operation method thereof are provided. The web camera includes a photographic unit, an infrared (ir) transmitter, a network communication unit and a processing unit.
Asustek Computer Inc.

 Movement monitoring security devices and systems patent thumbnailMovement monitoring security devices and systems
Motion sensing devices for computer security are provided herein. In various embodiments, a security device includes a sensor for detecting movement of a computing device to which the security device is coupled, a transmitter, a processor, a memory, and instructions that are executed to receive from the sensor a message indicative of the movement of the computing device, determine if the computing device has been moved using the sensor message, and activate a camera to obtain image or video of an area proximate the computing device..

 Evolved data compression scheme signaling patent thumbnailEvolved data compression scheme signaling
Methods, systems, and devices are described for wireless communication at a ue. In aspects, a receiver may receive a transmission requesting information about support for data compression.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method and device for forwarding information

The invention relates to a method for forwarding information by means of a transmitting and receiving device in a first vehicle, having the following steps of: determining a stop state of the first vehicle, determining a position of the first vehicle, receiving information from a first transmitter in a vehicle and/or an infrastructure unit, forwarding the information from the first transmitter to a receiver in a second vehicle by means of the transmitting and receiving device if the position of the first vehicle is within a predefined area. The invention also relates to a device for carrying out the method..
Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft


Effective intra-frame refresh in multimedia communications over packet networks

Systems and methods of performing intra-frame refresh in multimedia communications over lossy packet networks, in which a video receiver can provide packet loss feedback information to a video transmitter, and the video transmitter can respond to the feedback information, in a manner that makes efficient use of available bandwidth. By providing one or more pli messages from the video receiver to the video transmitter based on criteria related to the detection of an eventual missing video packet and/or the determination that the quality of a current reference frame is bad, and by pausing the providing of gnack messages from the video receiver to the video transmitter while the pli messages are being provided to the video transmitter, the total number of video packets required for transmission/retransmission can be reduced, thereby limiting the impact of the transmitted/retransmitted video packets on the available bandwidth while enhancing the video qoe of system users..
Dialogic Corporation


Pilot design for wireless system

The description herein relates to pilot designs for an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) based communication system. In at least one embodiment, the communication system is one operating according to the ieee 802.16m, or wimax, standard.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Implicit signalling in ofdm preamble with embedded signature sequence, and cyclic prefix and postfix aided signature detection

A transmitter transmitting payload data using orthogonal frequency division multiplexed (ofdm) symbols, including: a frame builder configured to receive the payload data and to receive signalling data to use in detecting and recovering the payload data at a receiver, and to form the payload data with the signalling data into frames for transmission; a modulator configured to modulate a first ofdm symbol with the signalling data and to modulate one or more second ofdm symbols with the payload data; a signature sequence processor circuit providing a signature sequence; a combiner circuit combining the signature sequence with the first ofdm symbol; a prefixing circuit prefixing a guard interval to the first ofdm symbol to form a preamble; and a transmission circuit transmitting the preamble and the one or more second ofdm symbols. The guard interval is formed from time domain samples of a part of the signature sequence..
Sony Corporation


Power-efficient digital wireless transmitter and operation thereof

A digital wireless transmitter and a method of transmitting a high-power modulated rf signal using a digital wireless transmitter. In one embodiment, the transmitter includes: (1) a digital system-on-a-chip configured to receive a complex digital input signal and having: (1a) an all-digital phase-locked loop and digital pulse modulator configured to modulate a phase and frequency modulation signal based on the complex digital input signal to yield a modulated complex signal, (1b) a driver configured to generate a pulse-position-modulated and pulse-width-modulated pulse train based on an instantaneous phase and amplitude of the modulated complex signal and (1c) a power supply modulation control block configured to develop an amplitude modulation control signal based on the complex digital input signal that defines a non-constant-envelope for an output signal of the transmitter.
Tallannquest, Inc.


High-speed interface apparatus and deskew method thereof

A high-speed interface apparatus and method of correcting skew in the apparatus are provided. A high-speed transmitter includes a transmission d-phy module that generates and transmits a clock signal through a clock channel, generates a deskew synchronous code and test data in response to a deskew request signal, transmits the deskew synchronous code followed by the test data through a data channel, and transmits a normal synchronous code followed by normal data through the data channel in normal mode..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Tone plans for wireless communication networks

Methods and apparatuses for communicating over a wireless communication network are disclosed herein. One example apparatus includes a memory that stores instructions.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Bit parser for interleaver in transmitter with multiple transmit antennas

A transmitter having two or more transmit antennas includes a bit parser for providing two or more data streams to an interleaver of the transmitter. The bit parser receives bits representing data to be transmitted over the transmit antennas, and parses the bits into a number of data streams equal to a number of the transmit antennas such that the bits are divided into bit groups, each having no more than two of the bits, and each of the data streams include non-adjacent ones of the bit groups..
Broadcom Corporation


Rate indication and link adaptation for variable data rates in long range wireless networks

A method of fast link adaptation for bluetooth long-range wireless networks is provided. A data packet comprises a preamble, a first packet portion including a rate indication field, and a second packet portion including a pdu.
Mediatek Inc.


Adaptive cyclic channel coding for orthogonal frequency division multiplexed (ofdm) systems

A method and apparatus for an orthogonal frequency division multiplexed (ofdm) communication system for communication in the presence of cyclostationary noise is provided. A receiver receives from a medium a channel measurement packet of a communication channel.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Using modulation-transcendent rf sampled digital data over an ip connection

The apparatus and methodologies used herein leverages roip to generically transport either conventional modulation (e.g., am, fm, phase or pulse) or complex modulation (e.g., gmsk, cdma, tdma, ofdm, etc.) in real time or near real time across an internet protocol link, such as gigabit ethernet (gbe). The purpose of the invention is a method of creating a live, virtual, modulation transcendent link by using an internet protocol (ip) link to extend the natural range of a connection between an rf signal source (e.g.


Apparatus, system and user-equipment (ue) centric access network selection

Some demonstrative embodiments include devices, systems of user equipment (ue) centric access network selection. For example, a cellular node may include a transmitter to transmit to a user equipment (ue) a cellular communication message over a cellular communication medium, the message including a value of a predefined parameter, which is based on a cellular network load of a cellular network controlled by the cellular node..
Intel Corporation


Integrated device package and/or system comprising configurable directional optical transmitter

Some novel features pertain to a device that includes a first integrated device package and a second integrated device package. The first integrated device package includes a first package substrate, a first integrated device, and a first configurable optical transmitter.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Wavelength stabilizer for twdm-pon burst mode dbr laser

An optical network unit (onu) comprising a media access controller (mac) configured to support biasing a laser transmitter to compensate for temperature related wavelength drift receiving a transmission timing instruction from an optical network control node, obtaining transmission power information for the laser transmitter, estimating a burst mode time period for the laser transmitter according to the transmission timing instruction, and calculating a laser phase fine tuning compensation value for the laser transmitter according to the burst mode time period and the transmission power information, and forwarding the laser phase fine tuning compensation value toward a bias controller to support biasing a phase of the laser transmitter.. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Small packaged tunable laser transmitter

A tunable laser transmitter configured in a small package subassembly coupled to a printed circuit board. The tunable laser transmitter includes a housing with a volume formed by exterior walls.
Neophotonics Corporation


Optical transmitter module

An optical transmission device includes a light source, a driver, and a light receiving element. In accordance with electronic signals supplied from a signal line, the light source emits forward a signal light and emits back a monitor light for monitoring the signal light.
Fujitsu Optical Components Limited


Mobile device transmitter and methods for transmitting signals in different signal dimensions for 3gpp lte

Embodiments of a mobile device transmitter and methods for transmitting signals in different signal dimensions are generally disclosed herein. The mobile device transmitter comprises a mapper to map a block of two or more input modulation symbols to different signal dimensions comprising two or more spatial dimensions, and linear transform circuitry to perform a linear transform on the block of mapped input modulation symbols to generate a block of precoded complex-valued output symbols such that each output symbol carries some information of more than one input modulation symbol.
Intel Corporation


Transmitter path for power line communication devices

A transmitter path of a power line communication (plc) device is described. In an embodiment, the transmitter path may include an amplifier, a capacitor coupled to the amplifier, a shared transformer coupled to the capacitor, and a plurality of line interface coupling circuits coupled to the shared transformer, where each of the line interface coupling circuits is configured to be connected to a different phase of an electrical power circuit..
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Multiple radio frequency (rf) systems using a common radio frequency port without an rf switch

Methods and systems are disclosed for changing between multiple radio frequency (rf) systems. The method comprising transmitting, by a first radio frequency (rf) transmitter of a first rf system, a first rf signal from an antenna, receiving, by a first rf receiver of the first rf system, a second rf signal from the antenna, and receiving, by a second rf receiver of a second rf system, the second rf signal from the antenna, wherein a first rf port of the first rf system and a second rf port of the second rf system are both connected to a common rf port of the antenna, and wherein the first and second rf systems operate with overlapping frequency bands..
Honeywell International Inc.


Receiver, transmitter, determining a value encoded in a pwm signal, and transmitting a value encoded in a pwm signal

A receiver includes a receiver circuit to receive a pulse width modulated signal, which assumes a first signal level, a second signal level and an intermediate signal level between the first signal level and the second signal level. The receiver further includes a quantization circuit to determine a value encoded in the signal based on an intermediate time period between a first transition and an intermediate transition and based on a main time period between the first transition and a second transition.
Infineon Technologies Ag


Receive circuit for use in a power converter

A multi-die isolated integrated circuit controller includes a magnetically coupled communication link, a transmitter circuit coupled to the magnetically coupled communication link, and a receiver circuit coupled to the magnetically coupled communication link. The transmitter circuit is galvanically isolated from the receiver circuit.
Power Integrations, Inc.


Apparatus and full-orientation over-the-air charging in portable electronic devices

An apparatus and method for full-orientation over-the-air charging includes a receiver coil associated with a portable electronic device for wireless charging; and a repeater coil associated with a device selectively configured to engage or support the portable electronic device for wireless charging, wherein the device is one of a cover, holster, or case for the portable electronic device; wherein, when the device is selectively engaged or supporting the portable electronic device, a portion of the repeater coil overlaps a portion of the receiver coil forming a magnetic coupling therebetween and supporting wireless charging of the portable electronic device in a plurality of orientations of the portable electronic device relative to a transmitter coil.. .
Motorola Solutions, Inc


Wireless power transmitter, wireless power receiver, wireless power transmission method and wireless power reception method

A wireless power reception method of a wireless power receiver for receiving power from a wireless power transmitter is disclosed. The wireless power receives a connection signal for identifying the wireless power receiver from the wireless power transmitter; transmitting a response signal in response to the connection signal to the wireless power transmitter; negotiating a power transmission condition with the wireless power transmitter; and receiving the power using resonance frequency band according to the negotiated power transmission condition.
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Wireless power transmitting apparatus

A wireless power transmitter according to one exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure includes a body having a transmitting coil unit embedded therein, and having one surface with a portable electronic device located thereon, the portable electronic device receiving power from the transmitting coil unit in a wireless manner, and a driving unit that is configured to rotate the transmitting coil unit centering on a shaft penetrating through the transmitting coil unit, such that the transmitting coil unit is moved close to a receiving coil unit of the portable electronic device.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Power structure diagnostic improved motor drive diagnostic coverage

Motor drive diagnostic and control methods and apparatus are provided in which rectifier and inverter switching devices are individually monitored for malfunctions, and detected malfunctions initiate implementation of a safety function to signal a drive controller to shut down non-safety-related processing, to discontinue command pulse signaling to the switching devices, and to disable optical transmitters between the drive controller and the rectifier and inverter switches, and an input contactor or other switching circuit is opened to disconnect input power from the motor drive after implementation of the safety function.. .
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.


Laser apparatus and optical transmitter

A laser apparatus includes a semiconductor laser of which a drive condition is controlled according to a plurality of types of drive currents and a controller which controls the drive condition such that a sum of the drive currents is equal to or less than a predetermined threshold value.. .
Fujitsu Optical Components Limited


Shorted bowtie patch antenna with parasitic shorted patches

Described herein are shorted bowtie patch antennas. The shorted bowtie patch antenna includes parasitic shorted patches.
City University Of Hong Kong


Method and a communication device

There are disclosed various methods for a communication device and apparatuses comprising an antenna and a transmitter. In some embodiments of the method a transmission signal is provided to a first feed point (126) of an antenna (102) having a first impedance and to a second feed point (128) having a second impedance.
Nokia Technologies Oy


Electrochemical storage device having a state detector

An electrochemical storage device including a state detector, has an electrochemical storage device, which has a wall that surrounds an electrochemical storage material. The state detector has at least one ultrasonic transmitter and at least one ultrasonic receiver, which are attached to the side of the wall facing away from the electrochemical storage material.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Method for manufacturing wireless power-transmitting device, and resonator

Provided is a method for manufacturing a wireless power-transmitting device including a power-transmitter having a transmission coil, and a power-receiver having a reception coil. The method includes forming, in the electrically-conductive member, an eddy current interruption unit configured to change a state of an eddy current, formed in the electrically-conductive member by the transmission coil (reception coil), by interrupting and redirecting a portion of the eddy current to obtain processed electrically-conductive members, and preparing a plurality of types of the processed electrically-conductive members whose eddy current interruption units are different in form from each other; and selecting one type of the processed electrically-conductive member from the plurality of types of the processed electrically-conductive members and arranging the selected one type of the processed electrically-conductive member near the transmission coil (reception coil), thereby finely adjusting the inductance of the transmission coil (reception coil) to reach a preset inductance..
Ihi Corporation


Electronic device and wireless power receiver equipped in the same

A wireless power receiver for receiving power from a wireless power transmitter using resonance according to the embodiment includes a reception resonant coil resonance-coupled with a transmission resonant coil of the wireless power transmitter for receiving the power, a reception induction coil coupled with the reception resonant coil for receiving the power, and a connecting unit, and the reception resonant coil includes at least one conductive line having one end and an opposite end being open with each other, and the connecting unit couples the one end and the opposite end of each conductive line with each other so that the reception resonant coil forms a closed loop.. .
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Transfer layer for wireless capacitive power

A power receiver device including: a pair of receiver electrodes (341, 342) for capacitively coupling with the pair of transmitter electrodes (321, 322) placed on one side of a surface; and a deformable transfer layer (371, 372) placed between each of the pair of the receiver electrodes and another side of the surface. A power signal generated by the power driver (110) is wirelessly transferred from the pair of transmitter electrodes (321, 322) to the pair of receiver electrodes (341, 342) to power a load (150) in the power receiver device..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Wearable posture regulation system and method to regulate posture

A wearable posture monitoring and feedback system and related method configured to monitor and provide feedback regarding a user's posture while operating and viewing a portable electronic device includes: a wearable frame configured to be fit on or about a head of the user; a sensor mounted on the wearable frame configured to monitor at least a head position of the user; and a transmitter configured to transmit data related to at least the head position wirelessly from the sensor to a receiver on or in the portable electronic device. The system is configured to (1) provide feedback to the user based on the data from the sensor; and (2) send a signal to alter an output provided to the user by the portable electronic device based on the data from the sensor..
Medical Wearable Solutions Ltd.


Theft detection and alarm apparatus coordinated with other similar devices

The invention relates to a security system (9) comprising a computer (1), which centralises data from a movement detection means (3), a seismic sensor (4), and a dome recording camera (2) with led night light. In addition, the computer (1) transfers the data selected as relevant by means of a gprs channel (7) or a radio channel (8) via another neighbouring security system to the central control unit (10).


Apparatus and facilitating gaming activity and/or gambling activity

An apparatus, including a user communication device which is a wireless communication device, wireless telephone, or personal digital assistant, configured for use in on-line gaming activity, further including a global positioning device which determines a position or location of the user communication device; a display capable of displaying gaming information; and a transmitter which transmits the position or location information to a computer which administers the on-line gaming activity. The computer is configured to identify the jurisdiction in which the user communication device is located based on the position or location of the communication device at the time of the placing of a bet.


Transmitting device, transmitting method, non-transitory information recording medium, and program

In an electronic mail transmitting device (100), a determiner (101) determines, based on a behavior history of the user, the number of e-mails to be transmitted to a user within a predetermined time period. A classifier (102) classifies multiple contents to be distributed to the user within the predetermined time period to groups of the number of e-mails determined by the determiner (101).
Rakuten, Inc.


Device for intuitive dexterous touch and feel interaction in virtual worlds

A device for dexterous interaction in a virtual world in disclosed. The device includes a housing including a plurality of buttons and a plurality of vibration elements each associated with at least one of the plurality of buttons.
Thika Holdings Llc


Display apparatus and control method thereof

A display apparatus installed in a predetermined installation surface, includes: a display configured to display an image; a sensing module configured to include a circuit portion generating a wireless transmission signal, a transmitter being in electric contact with the circuit portion and transmitting the wireless transmission signal from the circuit portion to an external object to be sensed, and a receiver being in contact with the circuit portion and receiving the wireless reception signal reflected from the object to be sensed; and at least one processor configured to determine that the object to be sensed is moving if a change in amplitude of the wireless transmission signal and the wireless reception signal in the sensing module is higher than a preset first threshold and a phase difference between the wireless transmission signal and the wireless reception signal is higher than a preset second threshold, and perform a preset corresponding signal process in accordance with the determination results.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Inverted 45 degree mirror for photonic integrated circuits

Inverted 45° semiconductor mirrors as vertical optical couplers for pic chips, particularly optical receivers and transmitters. An inverted 45° semiconductor mirror functions to couple light between a plane in the pic chip defined by thin film layers and a direction normal to a top surface of the pic chip where it may be generated or collected by an off-chip component, such as a wire terminal.


Wireless devices and systems for tracking patients and methods for using the like

Disclosed are apparatuses, systems, and methods for tracking patients that suffer from dementia. The disclosed apparatus is a wearable device capable of micro-tracking through bluetooth low energy technology and capable of macro-tracking through gps technology.


Method of system compensation to reduce the effects of self interference in frequency modulated continuous wave altimeter systems

An altimeter system is provided. The altimeter system includes a receiver mixer including an antenna-input and a local-oscillator-input; a transceiver circulator communicatively coupled to an antenna via a transmission line having a selected length and communicatively coupled to the antenna-input of the receiver mixer; and a transmitter configured to output a transmitter signal to the antenna via the transceiver circulator.
Honeywell International Inc.


Problem detection in cable system with fuses

Apparatuses (10) report problems in cable systems comprising cables (101) and loads (111) connected to the cables (101) via fuses (121) and comprise first circuits (1) for detecting the fuses (121) going from conducting modes to non-conducting modes or having reached non-conducting modes, second circuits (2) for receiving first pulse signal from devices (20) connected to the cables (101) and in response to receptions of the first pulse signals transmitting second pulse signals to the devices (20) and third circuits (3) for activating the second circuits (2) in response to detection results from the first circuits (1). The devices (20) search for the problems and comprise transmitters (21) for transmitting the first pulse signals to the apparatuses (10) and receivers (22) for receiving the second pulse signals from the apparatuses (10).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Measuring system with a pressure device as well as monitoring and/or checking such a pressure device

The method serves for monitoring and/or checking a pressure device having a lumen surrounded by a wall for conveying and/or storing a fluid. To this end, the method comprises a step of registering both a strain of a first wall segment as well as also a strain of at least a second wall segment spaced from the first wall segment, for ascertaining a strain deviation value representing a difference between the strain of the first wall segment and the strain of the second wall segment, as well as a step of using the strain deviation value for ascertaining damage to the wall, as a result of plastic deformation of the wall and/or as a result of wear of the wall.
Endress+hauser Flowtec Ag


Solar battery wireless integrated load cell and inclinometer

An integrated load cell and inclinometer includes an outer shell including a u-shaped structure configured to receive a polished rod; a load sensor configured output a load signal based on a load experienced by the load sensor; a position sensor configured to output a position signal based on a position experienced by the position sensor; a load and position signal processor configured to receive and process the load signal from the load sensor and to output load signal data representative of the load experienced by the load sensor, and receive and process the position signal from the position sensor and to output position signal data representative of the inclination of the walking beam or the position of the polished rod; a solar battery configured to provide power to the integrated load cell and inclinometer; and a transmitter configured to transmit the load signal data and position signal data.. .
Bode Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.


System for packaging electronic components in a rotatable shaft

A system for packaging electronic components in a rotatable shaft includes an annular carrier shaft having a first end that is axially spaced from a second end and an inner surface that is radially spaced from an outer surface, and a plurality of transmitter assemblies annularly arranged within the carrier shaft. Each transmitter assembly includes a transmitter housing radially supported within the carrier shaft via a pair of circumferentially spaced rail members.
General Electric Company


Subsurface pipe dimension and position indicating device

A sensing system provides real time information as to the location of a stand in a tubular string at a predetermined elevation such as where the rams are located. This allows a determination of whether the upsets are aligned with the ramps or whether the stand is aligned with the rams in a manner that the rams will close on the tubular between the end upsets.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Method of treating a pathological syndrome

A method of treating disorder or condition that relates to intracellular signal transmission of a neurotransmitter, comprising administration of an homeopathically potentized form of antibodies to an antigen, which antigen is a molecule capable of effecting the intracellular signal transmission of a neuroreceptor, in particular dopamine or serotonin.. .


Wireless reception device, vehicle rear sensor including the same and sensing rear image

A vehicle rear sensor includes an imaging device including an image acquisition unit, an encoder configured to encode image information captured by the image acquisition unit and a first transmitter configured to transmit the encoded signal, and a wireless reception device including a receiver configured to wirelessly receive a signal, a controller configured to determine whether the received signal is an event signal and a second transmitter configured to send the event signal and the received signal to a display device. The event signal has at least one byte for identifying a mode..
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods for current mode communication via a weld cable

A system for communicating between at least two welding components may include a transmitter circuit that sends a first set of data via a welding cable that may couple the at least two welding components. The system may also include a receiver circuit that receives a second set of data via the welding cable and a coupling transformer that couples to the welding cable, the transmitter circuit, and the receiver circuit, such that the first set of data is sent and the second set of data is received via the coupling transformer..
Illinois Tool Works Inc.


Electroacoustic transducer

An electroacoustic transducer includes: a housing; an oscillating structure including at least one disk-shaped piezoelectric element having first and second surfaces; an acoustic transmitter; and electrical connecting element contacting electrodes of the piezoelectric element. The acoustic transmitter has parallel first and second surfaces, which first surface is joined to the first surface of the piezoelectric element, and which second surface is suitable for emitting and/or receiving sound waves.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Athletic band with removable module

A band includes a tubular body configured to be worn on a user's body and a pocket supported by the tubular body, where the pocket defines a cavity and has an access opening providing access to the cavity, and where the pocket is configured to removably receive an electronic module in the cavity through the access opening. An input device is connected to the tubular body and has a port exposed to the cavity of the band, where the port is configured for removable connection to a connector of the electronic module when the electronic module is received in the cavity.
Nike, Inc.


Wireless power distribution system and method

A wireless power distribution system and method for power tools and other battery-powered devices. The system includes a power transmitter configured to transmit a power signal within a first power distribution volume and a plurality receivers configured to receive the power signal.
Techtronic Power Tools Technology Limited


Base station, radio communication, program, radio communication system, and radio terminal

Provided is a base station including a control signal generating section that generates a control signal which includes resource information identified by a group identifier assigned to a plurality of radio terminals, and a transmitter section that transmits the control signal generated by the control signal generating section.. .
Sony Corporation


Method and communication for coexisting with wireless-lan in non-licensed band

Disclosed is a communication method for coexisting with a non-licensed band communication system of a non-licensed band in a licensed band communication system. The method includes: transmitting a signal by a transmitter in order to operate in a non-licensed band, when the signal is a transmission target signal having frames and a wireless local area network (wlan) preamble signal is inserted to the front of each frame of the transmission target signal; and extracting the wlan preamble signal from the signal of the transmitter by a receiver to synchronize with the transmitter..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Throttling packet-switched call establishment in wireless communications

Aspects described herein relate to throttling packet-switched (ps) call establishment in wireless communications. A circuit-switched (cs) call can be conducted by using a first radio access technology (rat).
Qualcomm Incorporated


Base station device, mobile terminal, and radio communication system

A base station device is able to perform radio communication with a mobile terminal that exists in a first cell, and includes a memory and a transmitter. The memory stores therein position information on a second cell that can be a move destination for the mobile terminal.
Fujitsu Limited


Transmit node detection by a receiver in a shared access lte environment

Presented herein are mechanisms to reduce collisions in deployments with wi-fi and shared access lte (sac-lte) equipment as well sac-lte equipment from multiple operators. The mechanisms enhance the baseline energy detection mechanism by incorporating methods to decode cross-technology physical layer elements and media access control (mac) layer elements in the wi-fi system to elements in the sac-lte system.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Determining the geographic location of a portable electronic device

Determining the geographic location of a portable electronic device (100) in a radio communications network, by transmitting radio signals from a plurality of first network transmitters (200, 300, 400); receiving, in the network, a measurement signal from the portable electronic device, which measurement signal comprises, for each transmitted radio signal, a plurality of data samples obtained in the electronic device from the respective transmitted signal at different time points during a measurement period with movement of the portable electronic device (100), and local position data associated to each data sample obtained from a local positioning unit in the electronic device, so as to form a synthetic antenna array; obtaining, a direction measurement between the electronic device and the first network transmitter from the synthetic antenna array; obtaining geographic location data for the first network transmitter; and identifying geographic location data of the portable electronic device based on the direction measurement and the geographic location data for the first network transmitter.. .
Sony Corporation


Apparatus and playing music

Provided is an apparatus and method for playing music, which can play music by simply sharing the music with an external device. An apparatus for playing music includes a first portable terminal and a second portable terminal.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Short range peer-to-peer communications system

A short range peer-to-peer communications system for communicating between mobile machines includes a first machine having a first prime mover, a first ground engaging drive mechanism operatively connected to the first prime mover to propel the first machine about a work site, and a first peer-to-peer transmitter system on the first machine for transmitting a first signal indicative of a characteristic associated with operating of the first machine. A second machine has a second prime mover, a second ground engaging drive mechanism operatively connected to the second prime mover to propel the second machine about the work site, and a second peer-to-peer receiver system for receiving the first signal directly from the first peer-to-peer transmitter system..
Caterpillar Inc.


Apparatus and method to prevent distraction from a mobile device while driving when that device is determined to be within a restricted zone inside the vehicle

A method and apparatus for controlling the operability of a mobile device while that mobile device is inside a vehicle equipped with a concealed nfc transmitter located inside the vehicle's cigarette lighter dc connector that transmits a signal, which is directed by deflection to ideally cover the driver's seat area. When that signal is received and decoded by nearby mobile devices using specific software, a process that begins by determining whether such mobile device is located within the vehicle and proximate to the driver's seat gets started, then, the system defines the transmitted signal coverage area as a restricted zone in which the mobile device use is partially or fully prohibited.


Apparatus and cloud assisted adaptive streaming

An apparatus for transmitting user data to a server system including one or more servers includes a content encoder for encoding a plurality of portions of the user data to obtain a first data stream, wherein the content encoder is configured to encode each of the plurality of portions with a bandwidth-dependent quality which depends on a bandwidth that is available for transmitting the first data stream from the apparatus to the server system, and includes a transmitter for transmitting the first data stream from the apparatus to the server system. The content encoder is configured to encode two or more of the plurality of portions of the user data to obtain a second data stream, wherein the content encoder is configured to encode each of the two or more of the plurality of portions with a predefined quality..
Bitmovin Gmbh


Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus and controlling method thereof

Provided are a transmitting apparatus, a receiving apparatus and controlling methods thereof. The transmitting apparatus includes: at least one processor configured to implement a packet generator which generates a packet including a header and a payload based on a plurality of input packets; and a signal processor which signal-processes the generated packet, and a transmitter configured to transmit the signal-processed packet.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Differential current mode low latency modulation and demodulation for chip-to-chip connection

A chip-to-chip communications circuit which is particularly well-suited for short range communication (less than a few inches) from one integrated circuit (chip) to another is presented. The circuits preferably utilize multi-frequency quadrature amplitude modulation (qam) mechanisms for converting digital data bits from a parallel form into a serial analog stream for communication over a chip i/o connection.
The Regents Of The University Of California


System and receiver window status acknowledgement in data communication

The present invention provides a better solution to the problem of reporting to the transmitter the data received by a receiver in the field of data communications. This is achieved by reporting the status of the receivers' window.


Adding operations, administration, and maintenance (oam) information in 66-bit code

An apparatus comprises a 64b66b encoder configured to process operations, administration, and maintenance (oam) information, determine a bit pattern based on the oam information, form forward error correction (fec) parity sync-headers based on the bit pattern, and form an fec codeword with the fec parity sync-headers, and a transmitter coupled to the 64b66b encoder and configured to transmit the fec codeword. A method comprises processing oam information, determining a bit pattern based on the oam information, forming fec parity sync-headers based on the bit pattern, forming an fec codeword with the fec parity sync-headers, and transmitting the fec codeword.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Optical transmitter and method to control the same

An optical transmitter that outputs a wavelength multiplexed signal that multiplexing sub-signals generated by respective lds. The bias current and the modulation current supplied to the ld are determined such that the sub-signal transmitting the optical multiplexer shows optical power independent of the temperature, and adjusted such that the extinction ratio and the average power of the sub-signal transmitting the optical multiplexer satisfy the preset condition by sensing the sub-signal in upstream of the optical multiplexer..
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Transmitter optical module implemented with a plurality of signal sources

A transmitter optical module that implements with two or more laser diodes (lds) therein is disclosed. The lds are mounted on a common sub-mount independent of driving circuits and driven by the driving circuits in the shunt-driving mode.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Moving platform roll angle determination system using rf communications link

An orientation tracking system for a moving platform includes a transmitter which generates an beam having a known polarization with respect to a predefined coordinate system. The moving platform includes an ellipsometric detector capable of detecting the polarized beam when within the line-of-sight of the transmitter, and measuring its polarization state.
Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, Llc


Method and transmitting phase shift keyed optical signals

A burst-mode phase shift keying (psk) communications apparatus according to an embodiment of the present invention enables practical, power-efficient, multi-rate communications between an optical transmitter and receiver. Embodiments may operate on differential psk (dpsk) signals.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


High-speed optical transceiver systems and methods

A high-speed 100 g optical transceiver, such as for infiniband and ethernet, with associated mapping to frame various different protocols. The optical transceiver utilizes an architecture which relies on standards-compliant (i.e., multi-sourced) physical client interfaces.
Ciena Corporation


Static delay compensation in a telecommunications system

Certain features relate to compensating for a roundtrip delay caused by a distributed antenna system. A delay unit communicatively coupled to a base station can intercept the delay compensation signaling communicated between the digital baseband unit of the base station and the radio transmitter unit of the base station.
Commscope Technologies Llc


Wireless communication system and data transmitter

A wireless communication system includes a first radio equipment that transmits first data using a first radio wave; a data transmitter that transmits a second radio wave, the second radio wave causing a disturbance on the first radio wave according to second data to be transmitted; and a second radio equipment that demodulates the first data transmitted from the first radio equipment, and demodulates the second data transmitted from the data transmitter using a variation in a bit error rate of communication between the first radio equipment and the second radio equipment, wherein the data transmitter includes a first antenna that receives the first radio wave; an input amplifier that amplifies a signal corresponding to the first radio wave received by the first antenna; and an oscillator that is supplied with an output from the input amplifier, and oscillates at the same frequency as that of the first radio wave.. .
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Reducing location-dependent interference in distributed antenna systems operating in multiple-input, multiple-output (mimo) configuration, and related components, systems, and methods

Components, systems, and methods for reducing location-based interference in distributed antenna systems operating in multiple-input, multiple-output (mimo) configuration are disclosed. Interference is defined as issues with received mimo communications signals that can cause a mimo algorithm to not be able to solve a channel matrix for mimo communications signals received by mimo receivers in client devices.
Corning Optical Communications Llc


Mimo communication system for propagation environment including deterministic communication channel, and antennas for mimo communication system

In a mimo communication system that includes a transmitter and a receiver and forms line-of-sight orthogonal channels between the transmitter-side transmitting antenna and the receiver-side receiving antenna, the mimo communication system is provided between the transmitting antenna and the receiving antenna with an optimum antenna-to-antenna spacing shortening unit to shorten an optimum antenna-to-antenna spacing by changing the phase rotation of a carrier wave used for directly opposed waves between opposed antennas, and the phase rotation of a carrier wave used for intersecting waves between oblique antennas in such a manner that the amount by which one of the phase rotations changes is different from that by which the other phase rotation changes.. .
Nec Corporation


Wireless power transfer method, apparatus and system

The present disclosure relates to a wireless power transmission method, a wireless power transmission apparatus, and a wireless charging system in a wireless power transmission field, and there is provided a communication method of a wireless power transmitter capable of the transmission of power in a wireless manner, and the communication method may include receiving communication information indicating whether or not a second communication mode is available using a first communication mode from a wireless power receiver, determining whether or not communication in a second communication mode is available using the communication information, notifying either one of the first communication mode and second communication mode to the wireless power receiver based on the determination result, and performing communication with the wireless power receiver using a communication mode notified to the wireless power receiver.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Reciprocating magnet electrical generator

A short burst electrical energy harvesting generator in one embodiment including a reciprocating magnet, under the magnetic influence of dual repelling magnets, whose travel path oscillates within a centered through hole coil bobbin thereby producing an induced voltage at the coil terminals. This induced voltage can be utilized to power battery-less and wireless remote communications control function such as ismb and wireless transmitters and battery-less electronic device applications..


Wireless charger circuit and method

A charging system for a mobile device includes a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter includes (a) a first interface to a power source; (b) a second interface to the receiver; (c) a polarity detection circuit for detecting polarities of the; and (d) first and second switches controlled by the polarity detection circuit, wherein each switch selectively connects a terminal of the first interface to a terminal of the second interface.
Silicon Spread Corporation


A charging device and hand-held device for a small mobile electrical device

A charging device having contactless transmission of electrical energy in order to supply energy to a wireless hand-held device. An electronic circuit for feeding an inductive energy transmitter is designed to adapt energy fed to the inductive energy transmitter in accordance with energy drawn from the inductive energy transmitter.
Trisa Holding Ag


Wireless power system

A wireless power system including a wireless power transmitter coupled to a power source and being structured to receive power from the power source, the wireless power transmitter including a transmitter coil structured to wirelessly transmit said power; and a wireless power receiver including a receiver coil structured to receive the power from the transmitter coil, the wireless power receiver being coupled to and load and structured to provide the power to the load, wherein the wireless power transmitter is structured to be installed in a junction box disposed in a floor, a wall, or a ceiling, or inside an exterior surface of equipment; and wherein the wireless power transmitter is structured to wirelessly transmit the power to the wireless power receiver disposed outside of the floor, the wall, or the ceiling.. .
Eaton Corporation


Methods for steering a magnetic field for smart wireless power transmission

Systems and methods for mitigating constraints associated with wireless power transmission in applications where the position and orientation of the desired magnetic field changes over time, for example, because the position and orientation of the receiver being powered changes over time or because different receivers having different positions and orientations are being powered at different times. In accordance with some embodiments, the system employs a plurality of wireless power transmitters in a defined space, each transmitter consisting of individual coils oriented orthogonally relative to each other.
The Boeing Company

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