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Transmitter augmented radar/laser detection using local mobile network within a wide area network

Telecommunication Systems

Transmitter augmented radar/laser detection using local mobile network within a wide area network

Method of transmitting signal, and apparatus for performing the same

Kwangwoon University Industry-academic Collaboration Foundation

Method of transmitting signal, and apparatus for performing the same

Method of transmitting signal, and apparatus for performing the same

Rf Check

System and method for automated radio frequency safety and compliance within commercial or public structures

Date/App# patent app List of recent Transmitter-related patents
 Direct digital frequency generation using time and amplitude patent thumbnailDirect digital frequency generation using time and amplitude
This application discusses, among other things, apparatus and methods for sharing a local oscillator between multiple wireless devices. In certain examples, an apparatus can include a central frequency synthesizer configured to provide a central oscillator signal having a first frequency, a first transmitter, the first transmitter including a first transmit digital-to-time converter (dtc) configured to receive the central oscillator signal and to provide a first transmitter signal having a second frequency, and a first receiver, the first receiver including a first receive dtc configured to receive the central oscillator signal and to provide a first receiver signal having a first receive frequency..
 Transmitter augmented radar/laser detection using local mobile network within a wide area network patent thumbnailTransmitter augmented radar/laser detection using local mobile network within a wide area network
A radar/laser emission detector is augmented with a cellular communications capability to provide the capability to share emission detection information amongst drivers to give other drivers even more advanced warning. A network of a plurality of cellular augmented radar/laser emission detector devices may be formed, each having the capability to source the location of radar or laser emission detections to others requesting access to such information, and each being warned when within a proximity of a recent radar or laser emission detection reported by at least one of the plurality of hybrid radar/laser detector devices.
Telecommunication Systems, Inc.
 Method of transmitting signal, and  performing the same patent thumbnailMethod of transmitting signal, and performing the same
A signal transmission method and apparatus are provided. A signal transmission apparatus may include a time hopping apparatus configured to calculate a difference between values of time hopping patterns corresponding to adjacent symbol transmission periods, and to determine, based on the calculated difference, whether a position of a time hopping pattern corresponding to one of the adjacent symbol transmission periods is to be adjusted, and a transmitter configured to transmit a signal in the adjacent symbol transmission periods based on a determination result obtained by the time hopping apparatus.
Kwangwoon University Industry-academic Collaboration Foundation
 System and  automated radio frequency safety and compliance within commercial or public structures patent thumbnailSystem and automated radio frequency safety and compliance within commercial or public structures
Collecting and maintaining information about all sources of rf radiation within commercial and public structures in a computer database. In one aspect this is a living database consisting of millions of structures including their associated rf transmitting devices and unique characteristics.
Rf Check, Inc.
 Electronic apparatus, method and storage medium patent thumbnailElectronic apparatus, method and storage medium
According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus is wearable by a user. The electronic apparatus includes a transmitter and a controller.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba
 Communication system, transmitter, receiver, communication method, program, and communication cable patent thumbnailCommunication system, transmitter, receiver, communication method, program, and communication cable
The present invention relates to a communication system, a transmitter, a receiver, a communication method, a program, and a communication cable for providing high-speed bidirectional communication while maintaining compatibility. When an hdmi (r) source performs bidirectional ip communication with an hdmi (r) sink using a cec line and a signal line, a switching control unit controls a switch so that, when data is transmitted, the switch selects a constituent signal forming a differential signal output from a converting unit and, when data is transmitted, the switch selects a constituent signal forming a differential signal output from a receiver.
Sony Corporation
 Method and  frame rate control in transmitter of wireless communications system patent thumbnailMethod and frame rate control in transmitter of wireless communications system
A method for frame rate control in a transmitter of a wireless communications system is disclosed. The method comprises generating a frame and a first information corresponding to a first expiration time of the frame by a frame generating module; handling the frame according to the first expiration time by the driver module; and informing the frame generating module an adjusting information according to a first pre-determined rule by the driver module..
Mediatek Inc.
 Image generation system patent thumbnailImage generation system
An image generation system includes a light detector configured to detect light from a sample; a super-resolution image component transmitter including an objective, configured to transmit the light from the sample including a super-resolution image component that exceeds a cut-off frequency of the objective to the light detector; and an image processor configured to enhance the super-resolution image component of an image of the sample in accordance with an output signal from the light detector. The super-resolution image component transmitter includes a light polarization converter that is placed in an optical path of illumination light for illuminating the sample and that is configured to convert a polarization state of the illumination light to make a polarization direction distribution in the light flux of the illumination light symmetric with respect to an optical axis of the illumination light..
Olympus Corporation
 Asymmetric chip-to-chip interconnect patent thumbnailAsymmetric chip-to-chip interconnect
Methods and apparatus apparatuses to transfer data between a first device and a second device are disclosed. In various embodiments, an apparatus includes a first device and a second device.
Micro Technology, Inc.
 Network test system patent thumbnailNetwork test system
A network test system seeks to improve visibility into the real-time operation of a network system or subsystem of a spacecraft through the use of a port from each relevant network to a spacecraft test interface. The network test system includes a packet switch operatively coupled downstream from a serdes receiver and operatively coupled upstream from a serdes transmitter.
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

Method for monitoring a communication between a transmitter entity and a receiver entity

The invention relates to a method for monitoring a communication between a transmitter entity and a receiver entity. It consists of the transmission of diagnostic frames d dedicated to the monitoring of the communication.
Schneider Electric Industries Sas

Method of wireless communication with a multi-antenna receiver

A method of transmitting data between a transmitter furnished with m>=1 transmission antenna(s) and a receiver furnished with n>=2 reception antennas, in which said data are coded using an ofdm/oqam modulation having l>=1 subcarriers. The method combines a specific coding/decoding with a precoding by time reversal, which can be used in high speed radio communications..

Method and receiver in a wireless communication system

Receiver and method in a receiver, for estimating a normalised frequency offset between a transmitter and the receiver in a wireless communication system, based on orthogonal frequency division multiplexing, ofdm. The method comprises receiving a first pilot signal (yr1) and a second pilot signal (yr2) from the transmitter; computing a karhunen-loeve approximation λk(φ), up to any finite order k of a log-likelihood function λ(φ), based on the received pilot signals (yr1, yr2); and estimating the frequency offset by calculating a maximum value of the computed karhunen-loeve approximation λk(φ)..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Apparatus and interference cancellation in communication systems

A system that incorporates the subject disclosure may include, for example, determining channel gains for a group of transmitters based on transmitted training symbols; and performing analog time domain cancellation and digital time domain cancellation responsive to a determination that a total interference does not satisfy a threshold range of the analog-to-digital converter, where the total interference is determined based on the channel gains. Other embodiments are disclosed..
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

Overlapping priority contention windows power line communications networks

Embodiments of a power line communication (plc) transmitter device for overlapping priority contention windows are presented. A processor is configured to perform a physical channel sense operation to detect an idle channel on a plc network.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Scattered pilot pattern and channel estimation mimo-ofdm systems

A method and apparatus are provided for reducing the number of pilot symbols within a mimo-ofdm communication system, and for improving channel estimation within such a system. For each transmitting antenna in an ofdm transmitter, pilot symbols are encoded so as to be unique to the transmitting antenna.
Blackberry Limited

Parallel processing of overlapping subsequences to generate soft estimates

A receiver system and method for recovering information from a symbol data sequence y. The symbol data sequence y corresponds to a symbol data sequence x that is transmitted onto the channel by a transmitter.
Coherent Logix, Incorporated

Method and transmitting or detecting a primary synchronization signal

A method and apparatus for transmitting or detecting primary synchronization signal. The receiver receives primary synchronization signal from a transmitter, and detects the sequence used in the received primary synchronization signal by using three root indexes.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Antenna tuning unit

A system, apparatus, and method directed to impedance matching an antenna with a transmitter for non-directional radio beacons. The apparatus includes an l-type impedance network comprising non-capacitive elements and at least one variable inductor on each branch of the impedance network.
Southern Avionics Co.

Distortion measurement for limiting jitter in pam transmitters

Methods and test equipment for measuring jitter in a pulse amplitude modulated (pam) transmitter. Under one procedure, a first two-level pam signal test pattern is used to measure clock-related jitter separated into random and deterministic components, while a second two-level pam signal test pattern is used to measure oven-odd jitter (eoj).
Intel Corporation

Circuit and a circuit

A circuit comprises a transmitter to provide a transmit signal. The circuit also comprises a coupler element to receive the transmit signal at an input port, to provide a first representation of the transmit signal at an antenna port and a second representation of the transmit signal at a testing port.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Communications system using adaptive frequency notching

A communications system includes a receiver unit connected with a transmission channel. The receiver unit determines a signal power of a first communications signal received over the transmission channel.
Sony Corporation

Optical receiving device

An optical receiving device includes: an adaptive equalizer that includes a position estimation unit configured to estimate, based on a first signal component and a second signal component of a reception signal generated by reception of a training sequence pattern transmitted from an optical transmitter, a symbol position of the reception signal, and generates an estimated symbol position, a delay unit configured to provide a delay difference between the first signal component and the second signal component, a control unit configured to set a plurality of symbol displacement amount candidates of displacement amounts for the estimated symbol position, causes the delay unit to generate a plurality of delay differences, and generates a channel estimation symbol position used for channel estimation, and an error rate calculation unit configured to calculate an error rate of the signal restored by an adaptive equalization unit.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Interconnect bridge assembly for photonic integrated circuits

A photonic transmitter, comprises a modulator driver having a first and second output ports, a photonic integrated transmitter circuit having a modulator having a first and a second input line, and a first input port electrically coupled with the first input line and a second input port electrically coupled with the second input line, and an interconnect bridge assembly, including a first termination resistor, a second termination resistor, and a substrate. An impedance-controlled transmission structure is formed in the substrate, and has: (a) an impedance control section including a first and a second signal lines electrically insulated from one another; and (b) a transmission section including a third and a fourth signal line coupled with termination resistor.

Methods and monitoring and controlling the performance of optical communication systems

In some embodiments, an apparatus includes an optical detector that can sample asynchronously an optical signal from an optical component that can be either an optical transmitter or an optical receiver. In such embodiments, the apparatus also includes a processor operatively coupled to the optical detector, where the processor can calculate a metric value of the optical signal without an extinction ratio of the optical signal being measured.
Juniper Networks, Inc.

Transmitter noise suppression in receiver

Systems and methods for suppressing transmitter noise in a receive band of a co-located receiver that are suitable for wideband applications are disclosed. In one embodiment, an analog radio frequency transmit signal output by a transmitter includes a desired signal in a transmit band of the transmitter and transmitter noise in a receive band of a main receiver.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Wide bandwidth digital predistortion system with reduced sampling rate

A digital predistortion linearization method is provided for increasing the instantaneous or operational bandwidth for rf power amplifiers employed in wideband communication systems. Embodiments of the present invention provide a method of increasing dpd linearization bandwidth using a feedback filter integrated into existing digital platforms for multi-channel wideband wireless transmitters.
Dali Systems Co. Ltd.

Wireless bicycle communication apparatus and wireless bicycle communication system

A wireless bicycle communication apparatus comprises an information receiver and a wireless transmitter. The information receiver is configured to receive first information and second information from a first bicycle component and a second bicycle component.
Shimano Inc.

Display device and infrared touch module thereof

A display device includes an infrared touch module, a back casing and a display panel. The infrared touch module includes a light guide member, a circuit board and an infrared transmitter.
Qisda Corporation

Apparatus for radiative wireless power transmission and wireless power reception

Provided is an apparatus that may control a direction of wireless power transmission. A radiative wireless power transmitter may include at least two first unit resonators to form a magnetic field with a target resonator based on an x-axis direction and a z-axis direction, and to transmit a resonance power to the target resonator, at least two second unit resonators to form a magnetic field with the target resonator based on the x-axis direction and a y-axis direction, and to transmit a resonance power to the target resonator, at least two third unit resonators to form a magnetic field with the target resonator based on the y-axis direction and the z-axis direction, and to transmit a resonance power to the target resonator, and a feeding unit to control resonance power transmission of the at least two first unit resonators, the at least two second unit resonators, and the at least two.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Adaptive receiver/transmitter amplifier circuit

A smart amplifier circuit is disclosed. The amplifier circuit comprises a processor configured to receive a state control signal and generate a plurality of control signals, a power amplifier configured to provide an amplified rf signal that is a function of the rf input signal and the first control signal, and a tunable matching network configured to receive a second control signal and to provide a tuned, amplified rf output signal as an output that is a function of the amplified rf signal and the second control..
Auriga Measurement Systems, Llc

Systems and methods for i-q imbalance calibration

A method for in-phase-quadrature (i-q) imbalance calibration is described. A signal is transmitted by a first transmitter in a first system.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Wireless power transmitter, wireless power receiver, and controlling same

Disclosed is a method for controlling a wireless power transmitter for transmitting charging power to a wireless power receiver. The control method of the present invention comprises the steps of: adjusting the internal impedance of the wireless power transmitter such that the impedance variation occurring when the wireless power receiver is positioned is set to a second impedance variation different from the first impedance variation; applying detection power for detecting the wireless power receiver; detecting the second impedance variation during the application of the detection power so as to detect the wireless power receiver; and changing the impedance variation occurring when the wireless power receiver is positioned from the second impedance variation to the first impedance variation..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Ultrasonic sensing system

A low-cost, simple ultrasonic sensing system has an increased detection range. The ultrasonic sensing system may be implemented as part of a load control system for controlling the power delivered from an ac power source to an electrical load.
Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

Coil device, and wireless power transmitter and wireless power receiver having the same

A coil device may be capable of varying the gap of a coil so that several devices may be wirelessly charged simultaneously or a single device may be wirelessly charged with concentrated power. The coil device may include: a case having a reception space and varying a charging area upon a user's selection; and a coil part, having, in the reception space of the case, a coil body formed of a wound conductor having a predetermined length.
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Coil arrangement for generating a rotating electromagnetic field and positioning system for determining a position of an identification transmitter

A coil arrangement is provided for generating a rotating electromagnetic field, comprising at least three coils, each having at least one associated coil winding. The coil arrangement further comprises a ferromagnetic coil yoke which establishes a magnetic coupling between the at least three coils..
Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft

Accelerometer and gyroscope controlled tone effects for use with electric instruments

A movement actuated tone effects system is provided for manipulating the electrical signal of an electric instrument by moving the electrical instrument in relation to a set of reference axes. A movement actuated tone effects unit is positioned within the electric instrument or within an effects cartridge attached to the electric instrument via a cartridge receiver.

Channel-switching remote controlled barrier opening system

An improved barrier door one way wireless communication system for operating a barrier, such as a garage door, includes the transmission and reception of multibit code hopping data packets in combination with automatic rf channel switching. Packet data is transmitted automatically on more than one rf channels in a switching style while sending two or more redundant multibit code hopping data packets on each of the rf channels.
Overhead Door Corporation

Monitoring device

A condition monitoring device for attachment to a machine and for monitoring the condition thereof includes at least one sensor for monitoring at least one parameter of the machine, and a processor connected to the one or more sensors for analyzing the signals produced therefrom. A wireless transmitter and a wireless receiver is connected to the processor and permits external communication therewith.
Aes Engineering Ltd.

Method and system for patterning elements having two states

A patterning system includes transportable nodes, each having a unique identifier, and including an element having first and second states and a transceiver for receiving a element command signal. A transmitter sends a query command to the transportable nodes to validate the identifier against the database and activate validated transportable nodes to receive the signal.
Glow Motion Technologies

Lock/unlock method in conjunction with near field wireless transmission device

A lock/unlock method in conjunction with a near field wireless transmission device which is applicable to a lock toolset, wherein the near field wireless transmission device includes a transmitter and a processor driving the transmitter to continuously transmit a predetermined wireless activation signal, and the lock toolset includes a controller, a memory recording an authentication code, a receiver for receiving said wireless activation signal, and an anti-theft lock driven to be opened by the instruction of the controller. The lock/unlock method includes the steps of: a) receiving the predetermined wireless activation signal by means of the receiver and converting it into an electric signal output; b) receiving the electric signal output by means of the controller and verifying it with the authentication code recorded in the memory; and c) instructing to drive the anti-theft lock to open in case the controller confirms a predetermined condition is satisfied..
Jetdian Technology, Inc.

Information processing system, information processing method, information processing apparatus, and control method and control program of information processing apparatus

An apparatus of this invention is directed to an information processing apparatus that auctions and delivers merchandise in consideration of quality degradation caused by delivery of the merchandise, and implements both an increase in profit and an increase in delivery efficiency. The information processing apparatus includes a first receiver that receives the current position of merchandise from a communication terminal used for delivery of the merchandise, a first transmitter that transmits, to a communication terminal of each user, a reserve price representing the lower limit of a bid price according to prediction of quality degradation caused by delivery of the merchandise predicted based on a current position of each user and the received current position of the merchandise, a selector that receives bid prices for the merchandise from communication terminals of a plurality of users and selects a delivery destination candidate, and a second transmitter that transmits the selected delivery destination candidate to the communication terminal located at the current position of the merchandise..
Nec Corporation

Alternative email-based website checkouts

An e-commerce system and method for facilitating transactions between a customer and a vendor is disclosed. The e-commerce system includes a receiver configured to receive a request for at least one token, the request including the details of at least one transaction for the purchase of at least one product, a processor configured to generate at least one token, a transmitter configured to transmit the at least one token to a customer browser, the customer browser being used to validate the token using at least one iframe, the receiver configured to receive submission in the iframe, the processor configured to decode the token, the processor configured to perform one or more validations, and the processor configured to process the transaction, on a condition that the validations are approved..
@pay Ip Holdings Llc

Customer management system and customer management method

The present invention is a customer management system wherein a delivery server includes a storage device that manages a list that includes multiple customer data targeted for meter reading, and a receiver that receives cancellation data for a customer's gas contract. Moreover, the delivery server includes an update unit that, based on the cancellation data, deletes data for a cancelled customer from the multiple customer data included in the list to update the list.
Nippon Gas Co., Ltd.

Terminal and sharing content thereof

A terminal and a method for sharing content are provided. A terminal includes an image acquirer configured to acquire face image data from a camera while content is being displayed, a face recognizer configured to recognize a face included in the face image data, a face change detector configured to detect whether the recognized face is different from a face recognized in a previous image data, a contact searcher configured to, in response to the detection that the recognized face is different from the face recognized in the previous image data, search a contact corresponding to the recognized face, and an information transmitter configured to transmit content usage information to the searched contact..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Coordinate detection system, coordinate detection apparatus, and coordinate detection method

A coordinate-detection system for detecting coordinates pointed by a pointing device on a board face includes an image display to display an image, a first signal transmitter to output a first signal along the board face, a first signal receiver to receive the first signal output from the first signal transmitter, a first coordinate detector to detect coordinates pointed by the pointing device based on the received first signal, a signal requesting unit to transmit a third signal to the pointing device to request an output of a second signal from the pointing device when the first coordinate detector does not detect coordinates pointed by the pointing device, a second signal receiver to receive the second signal output from the pointing device, and a second coordinate detector to detect coordinates pointed by the pointing device based on the received second signal.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Method and improved input sensing using a display processor reference signal

Embodiments of the invention generally provide a method and apparatus that is configured to reduce the effects of interference that is undesirably provided to a transmitter signal that is delivered from a transmitter signal generating device to a sensor processor to determine if an input object is disposed within a touch sensing region of a touch sensing device. In one embodiment, the sensor processor includes a receiver channel that has circuitry that is configured to separately receive a transmitter signal delivered from a display processor and a sensor processor reference signal that is based on a display processor reference signal to reliably sense the presence of an object.
Synaptics Incorporated

Transcapacitive sensor using transmit on gate lines

Capacitive sensing is performed in an input device having an input sensor and associated display device using gate lines of the display device. A transmitter signal having a negative pulse is used to safely transmit a transcapacitive transmitter signal while not opening any of the access transistors in the display device..
Synaptics Incorporated

Optical multiplexer and transmitter optical subassembly

An optical multiplexer and a transmitter optical subassembly are provided that relate to the field of optics communications. A light-combining part is formed by using at least one light combiner that can combine two beams of light into one beam of light, and at least two levels of light-combining parts are used to constitute an optical multiplexer, so that 2n beams of light are combined into one beam by using n level of light-combining parts, thereby reducing a package size and packaging loss, and reducing the complexity of a manufacturing process..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Method and apparatus to generate a crosswell data set

Systems, methods, and apparatuses to generate a crosswell data set are described. In certain aspects, a method includes producing a first electromagnetic field at the earth's surface with a transmitter at a first location, detecting in a first borehole a first field signal induced by the first electromagnetic field, detecting in a second borehole a second field signal induced by the first electromagnetic field, and generating a crosswell data set from the first field signal and the second field signal.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Wireless communication system, a radar system and a determining a position information of an object

A wireless communication system includes a first semiconductor module and a second semiconductor module. The first semiconductor module includes a semiconductor die connected to an antenna structure.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Calibrated radar apparatus and associated methods

A radar apparatus measures at least one characteristic of at least one object even in a near field. A sweep generator generates a sweep signal to modulate an oscillator to generate a varying frequency signal.
Delta Mobile Systems, Inc

Analog process variable transmitter with electronic calibration

A process variable transmitter for measuring a process variable includes a process variable sensor configured to sense a process variable and provide a sensor output. Measurement circuitry receives the sensor output and provides a measured output related to the process variable.
Rosemount Inc.

Waveform calibration using built in self test mechanism

A system on a chip (soc) includes a transceiver comprising a transmitter having a power amplifier and a receiver having a signal buffer. At least one of the transmitter and receiver has a configurable portion that can be configured to produce a range of waveforms (both in waveshape as well as duty cycle).
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Magnetic flowmeter with automatic operating setpoint selection

A magnetic flowmeter includes a flowtube with electrodes and field coil and a transmitter that automatically determines an operating setpoint for the magnetic flowmeter based upon sensed coil inductance, sensed coil resistance, a power rating for the transmitter, the flowtube, or both, and selected performance criteria.. .
Rosemount Inc.

Chain-based transfer device

A transfer device is provided with variable rotation angle having an internally toothed ring gear, an externally toothed sun gear, a transmitter element and an adjustable actuation device, wherein the transmitter element comprises a circumferential engagement device arranged between the ring gear and sun gear. The actuation device comprises an activation element that can be moved along the engagement device for rotation angle adjustment.
Iwis Motorsysteme Gmbh & Co. Kg

System and detecting intrusion into vehicle

A system and a method of detecting an intrusion into a vehicle includes: a transmitter that transmits an ultrasonic wave signal into the vehicle when the system enters an intrusion-into-vehicle monitoring mode; a receiver that receives an ultrasonic wave signal reflected by an object inside the vehicle; and a controller that generates an intrusion warning when it is detected that a frequency level of the ultrasonic wave signal flowing in the receiver is changed, determines that a frequency by an external ultrasonic wave device is synthesized when a changed frequency waveform having a predetermined magnitude is continuously received by the receiver, and defers generation of the intrusion warning.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Presbyopia correcting wireless optical system

An optical accommodating system for an eye includes a sensor assembly and an adjustable optic assembly. The sensor assembly includes a sensor configured to sense a movement of the ciliary muscle and produce a signal, an electronic processor, a transmitter and a power source.

Threshold barrier system

An animal containment system is described that comprises a transmitter unit and a receiver, the transmitter unit comprising a transmitter coil and signal generator. The signal generator transmits a modulated activation signal through the coil and generates a uniform magnetic field within a region around the coil.
Radio Systems Corporation

Distributed multi-cell multi-user beamforming method, transmitter and relevant system

Disclosed are a distributed multi-cell multi-user beamforming method, a transmitter and a relevant system. In the distributed beamforming method in the embodiments of the present invention, beamforming coordinated calculation is performed by a plurality of transmitters, and an interference matrix among the transmitters is used to perform an iterative operation on a beamforming vector corresponding to the data which is to be sent to each user over each sub-channel of this cell, so that the interference dimension of each user over each sub-channel of the transmitters is compressed into a subspace as small as possible..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Method and controlling responses from two-way radio subscribers

A method and apparatus for controlling responses from mobile communication devices in a two-way radio communication system are provided. An infrastructure provides a multicast transmission, for transmission in a first time interval to members of a group of mobile communication devices.
Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Radio communication terminal and radio communication method

Provided is a radio communication terminal which is capable of measuring quality in communication with a handover destination with high accuracy. The radio communication terminal is capable of communicating with a base station or a relay node, and includes: a receiver which receives control information including information relating to measurement of measuring quality of a neighbor cell; an extractor which extracts information on a subframe where the measurement should be performed, which is a subframe where only transmission of a signal from the relay node connected to the base station is performed, from the information relating to the measurement; a measurement section which performs the measurement, on a subframe basis, based on the extracted information on the subframe where the measurement should be performed; and a transmitter which transmits a result of the measurement to the base station or the relay node..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

Tcp enhancement with limited licensed channel usage for wireless networks

Methods, systems, and devices are described for operating a communications system using both licensed and unlicensed frequency bands. Unlicensed spectrum may be used as a primary band for transmitting data packets and tcp may be implemented for selectively transmitting (e.g., retransmitting) a subset of the transmitted data packets via licensed spectrum.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Multi-function general purpose transceivers & devices

The present invention is generally directed to a system and associated method for communicating information. In some embodiments, the invention is directed to a general purpose transceiver having a receiver for receiving an information signal and a transmitter configured to transmit an outgoing signal to a central station.
Sipco, Llc

Cloud based emergency wireless link

Embodiments relate to an emergency wireless link in a data center comprising a plurality of servers. An aspect includes an emergency wireless link system in a data center comprising a plurality of servers.
International Business Machines Corporation

Remote control for a hearing assistance device

The present subject matter provides systems and methods for remotely controlling a hearing assistance device, including using a personal wireless device such as a cellular telephone. One embodiment includes a communication system for controlling a hearing assistance device.
Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

Wireless connective apparatus

A wireless connective apparatus includes a connective rod, a transmission unit and a reception unit. The transmission unit includes a sensor for detecting a change in the status of the connective rod and a wireless transmitter for transmitting a wireless signal based on the change.
Matatakitoyo Tool Co., Ltd.

Electronic apparatus and display control method

According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a receiver, processing circuitry, and a transmitter. The receiver receives first data and second data from a server, the first data being for displaying an image of a first item, the second data being for displaying a graphical user interface relating to the first item.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Transport of stereoscopic image data over a display interface

A digital display interface (40) connects a first audio-visual device (10) to a second audio-visual device (20). Stereoscopic image data is transmitter over the display interface (40).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Image processing apparatus, control method thereof, and program

In an image processing apparatus 100 having a function for transferring electronic data, in a case where receiving data (first electronic data) is in a file format that allows attachment of other electronic data thereto, the image processing apparatus 100 formulates a receiving information file (second electronic data) that contains transmitter information that was attached to the receiving data. The image processing apparatus 100 then attaches the formulated receiving information file to the receiving data in accordance with a previously set attachment method, and transfers the resulting electronic data file..

Echo elimination device and miniature hands-free voice communication system

The present invention discloses an echo elimination device and method for a miniature hands-free voice communication system. The system comprises a receiver, a primary transmitter and an auxiliary transmitter, a distance from the primary transmitter to the receiver being greater than that from the auxiliary transmitter to the receiver.
Goertek Inc.

System for displaying content

The invention describes a system and a method for displaying content on a first device by using a second device. In an exemplary system, the first device comprises a first display, a first transmitter for transmitting a first identification message comprising information for identifying the first device, and a first receiver for receiving content.
Watchever Group

One time password authentication of websites

A method includes generating first and second one time password (otp) token values from a shared clock, receiving a version of the second otp token value, and comparing the second otp token value and the version of the second otp token value. A system includes a generator residing on an authentication server to generate first and second one time password (otp) token values from a shared clock, a transmitter residing on the authentication server to transmit the first otp token value, a receiver residing on the authentication server to receive a version of the second otp token value, and a comparator to compare the second otp token value and the version of the second otp token value to authenticate a site and a user..
Ebay Inc.

System and user authentication

Disclosed are a system and method for controlling a user log in and log out process. The system may include the use of a near field communication (“nfc”) transmitter, a bluetooth transmitter, or an rfid transmitter worn or carried by the user, such as by embedding the transmitter in a fob, bracelet or id badge, and a receiver, which may be connected to the computer, which receives user data from the transmitter.

Encoding method and decoding a list of identifiers, associated computer program products, transmitter and receiver applying said methods

Coding (145) the list with the sum of the obtained codes.. .

Design and optimization of partial response pulse shape filter

A method and system for configuring one or both of a transmitter pulse-shaping filter and a receiver pulse-shaping filter to generate a total partial response that incorporates a predetermined amount of inter-symbol interference (isi), based on one or more defined performance-related variables and one or more set constraints that are applicable to one or both of the transmitter pulse-shaping filter and the receiver pulse-shaping filters. The predetermined amount of isi is determined based on an estimation process during extraction of data from an output of the receiver pulse-shaping filter, such that performance of total partial response based communication matches or surpasses performance of communication incorporating filtering based on no or near-zero isi.
Magnacom Ltd.

Method and system for utilizing a 10/100/1g/10g base-t phy device for single channel and shared channel networks

Aspects of a method and system for utilizing a 10/100/1 g/10 gbase-t phy device for single channel and shared channel networks are provided. In this regard, at least one switching element may be utilized to configure an ethernet over twisted pair phy device for communication over a single and/or shared channel.
Broadcom Corporation

Transmission of segmented frames in power line communication

Segmented frames of data may be transmitted from a transmitting device using conflict free slots (cfs) within a carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance (csma/ca) protocol on a noisy media. At a receiver, a segmented frame of data is received.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Optical transceiver and method with channel binding, clock forwarding, and integrate-and-dump receivers

An optical transceiver includes n transmitters each transmitting one of n transmitted optically bound channels; a clock forwarding mechanism to transmit a transmitted optical clock signal to an opposing optical receiver; n receivers each receiving one of n received optically bound channels; and a clock recovery mechanism to receive a received optical clock signal from the opposing optical transmitter. A method and photonically integrated system are also disclosed.
Ciena Corporation

Automatic repeat request (arq) protocol employing first information indicating whether to perform retransmission of an uplink data packet and second information indicating a transport format for the retransmission

A transmission apparatus controls a transport format for retransmission of data packets transmitted uplink to a receiving apparatus via at least one data channel using an automatic repeat request (arq) protocol. A transmitter transmits an uplink data packet via the data channel to the receiving apparatus, and a receiver receives first information along with second information from the receiving apparatus.
Optis Wireless Technology, Llc

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