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Transmitter patents


This page is updated frequently with new Transmitter-related patent applications.

 Interference control in shared bands patent thumbnailInterference control in shared bands
Terrestrial mobile wireless network capacity may be maximized subject to an interference constraint imposed by a protected station of another wireless network in a shared band. Equipment of one or more users (ues) may receive a calibrated beacon signal from the protected station prior to activating a transmitter of one or more wireless ues.
The Aerospace Corporation

 Transmitter localization method and system based on the reciprocity theorem using signal strength measurements patent thumbnailTransmitter localization method and system based on the reciprocity theorem using signal strength measurements
The invention provides a system and method of locating a non-cooperative transmitter in a network based on a received signal strength (rss) comprising the steps of: observes the differences in both downlink and uplink signal losses for the transmitter to be located and a small number of receiver pairs; calculating the difference in downlink signal losses for each receiver pair is obtained by measuring the rss; comparing the calculated values generated for the uplink using a propagation predictor; predicting the location of the non-cooperative transmitter in the network.. .
The Provost, Fellows, Foundation Scholars And The Other Members Of Board, Of The College Of The Holy

 Apparatus and  calibrating a wireless access point comprising an array of multiple antennas patent thumbnailApparatus and calibrating a wireless access point comprising an array of multiple antennas
A method and apparatus are provided for calibrating a wireless access point comprising an array of multiple (m) antennas denoted ai (i=1 . .
Ucl Business Plc

 Optimized distribution of wireless broadband in a building patent thumbnailOptimized distribution of wireless broadband in a building
Methods and systems are disclosed for optimizing the distribution of a broadband wireless signal in a building. The methods and systems include at least one antenna inserted into a building ventilation system and transmitting a wireless broadband signal from a transmitter in communication with the antenna.
Centurylink Intellectual Property Llc

 Server apparatus, communication apparatus, and communication method patent thumbnailServer apparatus, communication apparatus, and communication method
A server apparatus, a communication apparatus, and a communication method are disclosed. Communication terminals forming a group are capable of performing push-to-talk group communication through the server apparatus.
Kyocera Corporation

 Wireless positioning terminal patent thumbnailWireless positioning terminal
A wireless positioning terminal includes a wireless receiver receiving reception signals from a wireless transmitter via multiple communication links. A multi-link-base reception informational item is determined by evaluating reception signals via the communication links.
Denso Corporation

 Concurrent wireless power transfer and data communication patent thumbnailConcurrent wireless power transfer and data communication
Systems and methods for concurrent wireless power transfer and data transmission are provided. A constraint encoder receives data bits for communication to a mobile device and encodes the data bits onto a transmit signal.
Empire Technology Development Llc

 Sensor node and  controlling sensor node patent thumbnailSensor node and controlling sensor node
A sensor node includes a power generator, a power storage, a transmitter having an environment sensor, a transmission controller, and a transmission unit, a first switcher provided between the transmission controller and the power storage, and a second switcher provided between the transmission unit and the power storage. In a case where the storage capacity of the power storage decreases to a first threshold or less and then the storage capacity increases, when the storage capacity reaches the first threshold, the first switcher is brought into an on-state and the first switcher supplies electric power to the transmission controller.
Fujikura Ltd.

 Error correction data in a video transmission signal patent thumbnailError correction data in a video transmission signal
A transmitter transmits a raster-type video signal. For each one of a plurality of active video segments of a frame of the video signal, the transmitter derives redundant data from the respective active video segment and inserts the redundant data into a horizontal blanking segment of the video signal..
Semtech Canada Corporation

 Superimposing an image on an image of an object being photographed patent thumbnailSuperimposing an image on an image of an object being photographed
A camera may include a display that projects a picture of the user's choice onto an image sensor array (or film), which is superimposed on the image of an object from a photograph that the lens system projects on the same image sensor array. Optionally, a pellicle mirror may be used to combine the two images.

Communicating within a wireless security system

Techniques are provided that enable a wireless security system that is designed to detect and receive wireless transmissions in one protocol, to use sensor-transmitters that operate in a different protocol. The techniques involve, generally, the use of an integration device, and in some implementations, first enrolling sensor-transmitters of a first protocol into the integration device, along with device type information for the sensor-transmitters.
Resolution Products, Inc.

Constrained shortest path first for temporal tunnel services

An ingress node in a network including a receiver configured to receive a first request for a temporal label switched path (lsp) in the network. The first request indicates the ingress node, an egress node, a network constraint, and a scheduled time interval having a predetermined start time and a predetermined end time for the temporal lsp to carry traffic.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Apparatus, system and simultaneous transmit and receive (str) wireless communication

In some demonstrative embodiments, a simultaneous transmit and receive (str) transceiver may include a receiver; a transmitter; a radio frequency (rf) echo cancellation module to generate an analog echo cancellation signal to be applied to a received rf signal via the receiver based on a transmitted rf signal via the transmitter; and a digital baseband module. The rf echo cancellation module may include a plurality of tap modulators to modulate a plurality of delayed taps of the transmitted rf signal.
Intel Corporation

Method, apparatus, and system for transmitting and receiving information of an uncoded channel in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system

A method apparatus and system for efficiently transmitting and receiving channels are provided in a wireless communication system based on orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm). A multiplexing scheme differs according to a channel when a transmitter transmits a packet data channel, a common control channel and a control channel designated for a particular user.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Method for transmitting reference signal based on adaptive antenna scaling in wireless communication system, and apparatus therefor

A method for transmitting a signal to a receiver by a transmitter in a wireless communication system is disclosed. The method includes transmitting information about a first non-precoded pilot signal and information about a second non-precoded pilot signal to the receiver, transmitting the first non-precoded pilot signal the second non-precoded pilot signal to the receiver, and transmitting one or more transmission streams to the receiver through first logical antenna ports and second logical antenna ports, wherein the number of the first logical antenna ports is less than or equal to the number of the second logical antenna ports, the first non-precoded pilot signal is a pilot signal for measuring channel state information at the receiver, and the second non-precoded pilot signal is a pilot signal for determining the number of the first logical antenna ports..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Antenna calibration in communications

A method is disclosed for antenna calibration in communications, the method co icing creating an uplink calibration signal for active antenna or antenna array uplink calibration, at a baseband part of a transmitter directly to a selected duplex spacing or another specified spacing from a transmission signal inside a baseband output sampling rate spectrum of the transmitter. Measurements are carried out on the uplink calibration signal.
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

Chip-based advanced modulation format transmitter

In various embodiments, a monolithic integrated transmitter, comprising an on-chip laser source and a modulator structure capable of generating advanced modulation format signals based on amplitude and phase modulation are described.. .
Freedom Photonics, Llc.

Distributed outdoor network apparatus and methods

Novel tools and techniques providing for the robust wireless distribution of communications signals from a provider to multiple customer premises. Certain embodiments comprise one or more modular communications apparatuses which are located near to customer premises.
Centurylink Intellectual Property Llc

System for evaluation of mimo antenna deployment

The present disclosure relates to a radio receiver, a radio transmitter, and methods for evaluating multiple-input multiple-output, mimo, antenna deployment. The method for evaluating mimo, antenna deployment comprises the steps of receiving a first composite signal via a first receive antenna.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Method and transmitting data signal by using massive mimo in a wireless access system

The present invention relates to a wireless access system, and more particularly, to a method and apparatus for transmitting data signal by using a massive multi input multi output (mimo). In one aspect of the present invention, a method for transmitting data signals by using a massive multi input multi output (mimo), the method is performed by a transmitter and comprises steps of inputting input bits of data signals to a channel encoder; outputting from the channel encoder a first coded bit set including one or more coded bits and second coded bit sets including one or more coded bits; transmitting first data signals of the first coded bit set by applying a first mimo mode; and transmitting second data signals of the second coded bit sets by applying a second mimo mode..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Rf system using pr-ask with orthogonal offset

An rf system using pr-ask with orthogonal offset is disclosed. In some embodiments, the system includes a pr-ask signal generator and an orthogonal offset generator.
Clairvoyant Technology Llc

Pilot-based analog active interference canceller

Aspects of the disclosure are directed to interference cancellation. A method for performing interference cancellation in a wireless communications device having a transmitter, a receiver, a coefficient controller, an analog interference cancellation (aic) circuit and a receive local oscillator (lo) includes utilizing a receive local oscillator (lo) to generate a transmit pilot; injecting the transmit pilot into a transmit chain for transmission; utilizing a receiver to receive a signal, wherein the signal includes the transmit pilot and an interference signal; and determining a set of coefficients for the interference cancellation based on an output signal from the receiver..
Qualcomm Incorporated

Wireless power transmitter

A wireless power transmitter includes a resonator including a variable resonator; an inverter configured to operate the resonator; and, a controller configured to adjust the variable resonator in response to a change in a level of power input to the inverter.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Apparatus for transmission of wireless energy

An apparatus for transmission of wireless energy and an apparatus for reception of wireless energy are provided. The apparatus for transmission of wireless energy includes a natural energy conversion module, an energy converter, and an energy transmitter.
Industrial Technology Research Institute

Remote control tool assembly for use in live line environments

A remote control tool assembly for use in live line environments having an insulated pole (often termed a “hot stick”) with a tool at one end that generally includes a power supply so that the tool is fully isolatable at the end of the insulated pole. At the other end, a tool control transmitter is positioned which is configured to communicate wirelessly with the tool.

Vehicle identification

A method of identifying a vehicle-borne transmitter emitting an interfering signal over a predefined frequency band. The method comprises monitoring the predefined frequency band at a first location to identify an emission of an interfering signal from a passing vehicle.
Qinetiq Limited

Apparatus and processing and/or providing healthcare information and/or healthcare-related information with or using an electronic healthcare record or electronic healthcare records

An apparatus, including a controller specially programmed to control an operation of an electronic healthcare record system containing an electronic healthcare record for each individual of a plurality of individuals, and specially programmed to remotely control or monitor a healthcare device, equipment, or instrument, via the electronic healthcare record system; a receiver which receives a first control signal or first monitoring signal transmitted from a first communication device associated a healthcare provider of the individual to remotely control or monitor a healthcare device, equipment, or instrument, via the internet or the world wide web; a transmitter which transmits a second control signal or second monitoring signal to control or monitor, the healthcare device, equipment, or instrument; and a memory or database which stores information regarding a remote control or monitoring operation of, the healthcare device, equipment, or instrument, in the individual's electronic healthcare record.. .

Virtual reality apparatus, feedback apparatus, and providing realistic service

A virtual reality apparatus, a feedback apparatus, and a system and method for providing a realistic service. The virtual reality apparatus for providing a realistic service in association with at least one feedback apparatus includes: a video analyzer configured to analyze a video being played; a video feedback information generator configured to generate realistic feedback information based on the analyzing by the video analyzer; and a feedback information transmitter configured to transmit the generated realistic feedback information to the at least one feedback apparatus..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Remote control device

A remote control device includes an instruction transmitter and a controller which controls a speed of an unmanned helicopter based on an instruction from the instruction transmitter. The instruction transmitter selectively outputs one of a speed change signal that changes the speed of the unmanned helicopter and a speed determination signal that determines the speed of the unmanned helicopter.
Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

Differential energy analysis for dipole acoustic measurement

Systems and methods for differential energy analysis of dipole acoustic signals to facilitate identification of geological or borehole characteristics are provided. An acoustic downhole tool may be placed into a borehole in a geological formation.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Modular ladar sensor

A mobile ladar platform having a ladar sensor, a positioning system, and a digital processor adapted to perform analysis of a scene in a field of view. The ladar sensor includes a ladar transmitter, a zero range reference circuit, a two-dimensional array of light sensitive detectors positioned at a focal plane of a light collecting and focusing system, and a readout integrated circuit with a plurality of unit cell electrical circuits.
Continental Advanced Lidar Solutions Us, Inc.

"proximity sensor including enclosed accomodation space with sealed light passage and manufacturing method thereof"

A proximity sensor includes a transmitter unit, a receiver unit, and a housing. The transmitter unit transmits a light signal.
Pixart Imaging Incorporation

Method and system for jointly separating noise from signals

A system for reception of electromagnetic waves in a spectrum in which interference with radio frequencies of other electronics devices occurs comprising a transmitter; at least one receiver configured to receive the received signal; each received signal organized into a digital vector; at least one memory portion configured to store a plurality of received signals in a vector form; the vectors being combined into a matrix, each vector of the matrix being a digital data record representing a received signal; at least one processor operatively connected to the at least one memory portion; the at least one processor configured to estimate that portion of the received signal attributable to noise; the at least one processor operating to jointly estimate a minimal number of distinctive noise patterns and minimize the simplicity of the data of interest; the at least processor operating to process the noise and data of interest separately.. .
U.s. Army Research Laboratory Attn: Rdrl-loc-i

Transmitter configured for test signal injection to test ac-coupled interconnect

In one example, a driver circuit includes a differential transistor pair configured to be biased by a current source and including a differential input and a differential output. The driver circuit further includes a resistor pair coupled between a node pair and the differential output, a transistor pair coupled between a voltage supply and the node pair, and a bridge transistor coupled between the node pair.
Xilinx, Inc.

Optoelectronic sensor

To allow a simple cascading without any optical crosstalk at the connection points, an optoelectronic sensor is provided having at least one electronic card which has light transmitter elements and/or light reception elements and having at least two optical modules which can be fastened to the electronic card, wherein each optical module comprises a tube array, which has a plurality of tubes, an open end and a closed end, wherein the open end of the optical module comprises an open first connection element of a connection to the tube array and comprises wall connection elements and wherein the closed end of the optical module comprises a closed second connection element of the connection which has an outer wall which is formed with shape matching to the wall connection elements of the open end of the optical module such that, on a plugging together of an open end of an optical module and of a closed end of a further optical module, the two connection elements of the connection form a connection tube which is like the tubes of the tube array.. .
Sick Ag

Revolving ultrasound field multiphase flowmeter

The present invention includes a device and method for determining the flow of one or more phases of a multiphase fluid mixture comprising: a tube, a pipe, a main body or any combinations thereof comprising an interior and an exterior, wherein the interior receives a multiphase fluid mixture for the determination of the fractions in the multiphase; a first ultrasound field detector ring comprising: two or more pairs of transversal paired dual frequency ultrasound transmitter/receivers are on the same normal plane and are positioned in a transversal direction to a flow of the multiphase fluid mixture on the exterior of the tube, pipe, or main body, wherein the sampled volume covers a part of or the whole cross-section of the flow volume; and a computer connected to the ultrasound transmitter/receivers that determines the one or more phases of a multiphase fluid mixture.. .

Multiphase flow meter

A multiphase flowmeter, and a method of analyzing and measuring multiphase flow is described. The multiphase flowmeter includes a combination 3 flow elements where a pressure differential is measured.
Medeng Research Institute Ltd.

Integration of solenoid positioning antennas in wireless inductive charging power applications

An apparatus for determining a position between a wireless power transmitter and a wireless power receiver is provided. The apparatus comprises a ferrite structure.
Qualcomm Incorporated

System and powering on-road electric vehicles via wireless power transfer

A system for wireless power transfer of on-road vehicles is provided herein. The system includes a plurality of base stations; a power transmission line located beneath a surface of a road having a plurality of segments, each segment having at least one pair of coils and at least one capacitor electrically connected via a switch to the coils in the segment; and at least one vehicle having at least one power receiving segment having at least two coils, connected to at least one capacitor, wherein the at least one vehicle further includes a communication transmitter configured to transmit a power requesting signal, wherein the coils of the power transmitting segment are configured to receive the power requesting signal; and wherein each of the base stations is further configured to feed a plurality of the power transmitting segments with current at a resonance frequency, responsive to the power requesting signal..
Electric Road Ltd.

System and transmission of electrical signals in imperfectly conducting media

A system for transmitting a signal through an imperfectly-conducting medium includes a transmitter station and a receiver station. The transmitter station has a transmitter and at least one conductor (electrode).
Vortant Technologies, Llc

Compliance monitoring module for a breath-actuated inhaler

A compliance monitoring module for a breath-actuated inhaler comprising: a miniature pressure sensor, a sensor port of said sensor being pneumatically coupled to a flow channel through which a user can inhale; a processor configured to: receive a signal originating from a dosing mechanism of the inhaler indicating that medication has been released; receive data from a sensing element of the sensor; and based on said signal from said dosing mechanism and said data from said sensing element, make a determination that inhalation of a breath containing medication through said flow channel complies with one or more predetermined requirements for successful dosing; and a transmitter configured to, responsive to said determination, issue a dosing report. .
Norton (waterford) Limited

Imaging apparatus and interventional instrument event mapper

A system (102) includes an interventional instrument (104) and an imaging apparatus (106). The interventional instrument includes an interventional instrument event tracking transmitter (116) that transmits an interventional instrument event signal in response to a predetermined interventional instrument event by interventional instrument in connection with an interventional procedure for a region of interest of a subject.
Analogic Corporation

Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus and ultrasound imaging method

An ultrasound diagnosis apparatus includes a transmitter, a generator, and an output controller. The transmitter transmits, from an ultrasound probe, push pulses that cause displacement of body tissue according to an acoustic radiation force and transmits, from the ultrasound probe, tracking pulses for observing the displacement of body tissue, which is caused according to the push pulses, in a given scanning area.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

Ultrasound image diagnostic apparatus

An ultrasound image diagnostic apparatus includes an ultrasound probe, a transmitter and an image generator. The ultrasound probe transmits ultrasound to a subject and generates a reception signal.
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Headband monitoring system

A headband monitoring system comprises or consists of an elastic fabric headband for fitting around an individual's head over the individual's forehead, ears and lower back portion of the head. In addition, a pedometer, a heart rate monitor and a number of sensors for detecting number of steps taken and heartbeats in given periods of time and a mini-computer having an input mechanism, data storage, central processing unit and a clock/timer for calculating distance traveled in a given period.
Umm Al-qura University

Implantable device with an oxygen sensor and a operating an implantable device with an oxygen sensor

Embodiments include a method of determining an oxygen content in a bodily tissue or in blood of a human or animal body, wherein a variable representative of oxygen content in the bodily tissue or in the blood is detected at least over one cardiac cycle and is correlated with a contraction state of a heart. Embodiments include a device configured to be inserted into the human or animal body, wherein the device includes at least one sensor unit that detects a signal representative of an oxygen content along a measurement path.
Biotronik Se & Co. Kg

Transdermal analyte sensing device

There is disclosed a transdermal analyte sensor device. The device includes a sensor cartridge having a membrane permeable to a target analyte transdermally received from a subject, a reservoir containing a fluid to receive the target analyte through the membrane and an enzyme to react with the target analyte to form a byproduct, a working electrode to generate an electrical current based on a concentration of a byproduct, and a cartridge electrical contact to transmit the electrical current.
Milo Sensors, Inc.

Information transmission method and apparatus

Embodiments of the present disclosure disclose an information transmission method and apparatus and relate to the field of communications technologies, which can initialize a sequence generator during device-to-device communication, reduce time of transmitting data between a transmitter and a receiver, and save transmission resources. The method of the present disclosure includes: initializing, by a transmitter, a sequence generator according to a synchronization source id, a group id, and a timeslot number, scrambling to-be-transmitted information according to a pseudo random binary sequence generated by the sequence generator, and transmitting scrambled to-be-transmitted information; and receiving, by a receiver, the scrambled to-be-transmitted information transmitted by the transmitter, and descrambling the scrambled to-be-transmitted information transmitted by the transmitter.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Transmitter sharing system for dual active subscriptions

For a user equipment in a transmitter sharing dual subscriber identity module (sim) dual active subscriptions (dsda) mode, a first subscription of a first radio access technology (rat) in a packet switched data call in general has a lower priority than a second subscription in an active voice call in a second rat. As a result of this default high priority assigned to the active voice call, the first subscription may experience long delay, low throughput or in some cases radio link failure due to long starvations.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Method for indicating cell coverage enhancement mode and base station

A transmitter, configured to send system information to a terminal, where the system information is used for indicating to the terminal whether a cell covered by the base station supports coverage enhancement, and the system information includes a master information block mib and/or a system information block sib. According to the base station provided in an embodiment of the present invention, a transmitter sends, to a terminal, system information used for indicating whether a cell covered by the base station supports coverage enhancement, so that the terminal can accurately learn whether the cell supports communication in a coverage enhancement mode, and the terminal is notified in a timely manner when the cell does not support communication in the coverage enhancement mode, which avoids blind access of the terminal and reduces power consumption of the terminal..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Physical random access channel enhanced transmission method, network device, and terminal

A physical random access channel enhanced transmission method, a network device, and a terminal are disclosed, where implementation of the terminal is used as an example, and the terminal includes: a processor, configured to determine level information of physical random access channel prach enhanced transmission; and to determine a first characteristic parameter that is of prach enhanced transmission and that is related to the determined level information of prach enhanced transmission, where the first characteristic parameter includes transmit power and a preamble format; and a transmitter, configured to perform prach enhanced sending according to the first characteristic parameter determined by the processor.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Information communication system

There is disclosed an apparatus (10) for transmitting a communication signal across one or more pre-existing frequency channels or bands that carry a transmission signal. The apparatus comprises a memory for storing at least one pre-existing frequency channel or band together with information relating to a strength of the transmission signal carried by the at least one pre-existing frequency channel or band.
Emergency Waring System Ltd.

Systems relating to ultra wideband broad casting comprising dynamic frequency and bandwidth hopping

This invention relates to ultra wideband wireless communications and more particularly communications systems ex-ploiting mixerless transmitters and energy based receivers. The transmitter as an impulse radio with dynamic frequency and bandwidth hopping for dynamic setting of emitted power spectrum density.
Gestion Valeo Societe En Comandite (valeo Management L.p.)

Access network discovery and selection function (andsf) using policy validity conditions and area update policy instructions

According to the invention in a first aspect, there is provided a communication device (114, 200) configured to form part of a telecommunications network and to carry out an access network discovery and selection function, andsf. The communication device comprises a receiver (204) configured to receive a request for access network policy information relating to a user equipment, ue, (100, 300) and current ue location data.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

System and methods for unobtrusively and relocateably extending communication coverage and supporting unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) activities

Exemplary apparatuses and methods are provided associated with an unobtrusive router/relay system (urrs) configured to communicate with a plurality of radio frequency (rf) systems including a first radio frequency (rf) system (e.g. A cell phone, rf system carried or used by an individual or team, etc.), other urrs systems (which each include a second rf receiver/transmitter), and an rf communication's hub (e.g.
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

Communications device

A communications device comprising a transmitter, a receiver and a controller operable to transmit and to receive signals representing data to and from a network element across a first wireless access interface, the first wireless access interface being provided by the network element and access to resources of the first wireless access interface being controlled by the network element. The controller is configured to control the receiver to perform detection of signals transmitted across a second wireless access interface, and to control the transmitter to transmit a reporting message to the network element across the first wireless access interface, the reporting message including an indication of one or more properties of signals that have been detected across the second wireless access interface..
Sony Corporation

Method for transmitting digital data packets from a transmitter to a receiver arranged in a mobile device, and mobile device, transmitter and hearing aid for implementing the method

A method transmits a multiplicity of digital data packets from a transmitter to a receiver arranged in a mobile device. A plurality of data packets in each case is combined to form a block.
Sivantos Pte. Ltd.

Attachment optical system and image pickup system including the same

An attachment optical system detachably mounted between a lens system and an image pickup apparatus, includes: a receiver receiving first information for correcting lateral chromatic aberrations caused by the lens system; a computer deriving, based on the first information and optical characteristics of the attachment optical system, second information for correcting lateral chromatic aberrations; and a transmitter transmitting the second information to the image pickup apparatus, in which the first and second information include information for obtaining lateral chromatic aberration amounts under conditions of zoom, focus and f-number, based on ratio of image height to maximum image height, in which the first and second information indicate shift amounts of blue/red relative to green radially about optical axis, and in which the shift amounts of blue/red in the first information and in the second information are properly set as functions of ratio of image height to maximum image height.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Key management

According to an example embodiment of the present invention there is provided an apparatus comprising a receiver configured to receive a pair of cryptographic keys comprising a public key and a secret key, the public key being cryptographically signed, a memory configured to store the secret key, and a transmitter configured to send the cryptographically signed public key to a correspondent node and participate in establishment of a cryptographic network protocol session based at least in part on the pair of cryptographic keys.. .
Nokia Corporation

Dual medium communications

A dual channel transmitter and a dual channel receiver are disclosed. The dual channel transmitter may determine to transmit an information signal to a network device and the dual channel receiver may determine to receive an information signal at the network device on either or both a wireless channel and a wireline channel.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Multiple-input multiple-output orthogonal frequency division multiplexing based communication system

Embodiments herein provide a multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) method for a communication system in general, and more particularly to an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) based communication system to serve more than one receivers on the same resources. The method includes selecting, by a transmitter, a plurality of precoder matrices for a plurality of receivers from a predefined codebook of precoders, where the plurality of precoder matrices is dynamically cycled within an allocated resource.
Indian Institute Of Technology Madras

Transmitter, transceiver circuit, and wireless transmitting and receiving system

A transmitter includes a phase control circuit configured to receive a first and a second modulation signals, and a power amplifier configured to receive a third modulation signal. The phase control circuit includes a variable frequency divider, a frequency division ratio being controlled by the first modulation signal; a frequency modulation d/a converter configured to modulate the frequency by the second modulation signal; and a voltage controlled oscillator, including a varactor, configured to receive a first control voltage based on the first modulation signal and a second control voltage based on the second modulation signal.
Stichting Imec

Digital broadcasting system and processing data in the digital broadcasting system

A broadcast transmitter and a method of processing broadcast data in the broadcast transmitter are disclosed. The method includes the steps of performing rs encoding and crc encoding on mobile service data to build rs frames belonging to an ensemble, wherein each of the rs frames are mapped into data groups, wherein each of the data groups comprises known data sequences and a portion of fic data including information for rapid mobile service acquisition, wherein the information for rapid mobile service acquisition includes transport stream identification information for identifying a mobile broadcast carrying a mobile service that includes the mobile service data and c/n indication information for indicating whether the fic data are applicable to a current transmission frame or a next transmission frame, multiplexing data in the data groups and main service data, and transmitting a transmission frame including the multiplexed data..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Communications device

A communications device including a transmitter transmitting data signals to a network element of a wireless communications system using shared resources of an uplink of a first wireless access interface included in the network element, a receiver receiving data signals from the network element using shared resources of a downlink of the first wireless access interface, allocations of the shared resources being made by the network element and the uplink of the first wireless access interface is within a first set of resources, and a controller controlling the transmitter and receiver to transmit/receive signals representing data to/from another communications device using a second wireless access interface within a second set of resources formed from resources of the first set of resources for preferable allocation for device-to-device communications by the network element, resources of the second wireless access interface being time divided into at least a data and control regions.. .
Sony Corporation

Energy efficient transmitter power control

A microwave transceiver comprising a data buffer, an acm module, a pa, and an antenna. The acm module configured to receive buffered data from the data buffer and to modulate the buffered data at a modulation format having a spectral efficiency, the pa configured to receive modulated buffered data from the acm module, and to transmit amplified modulated buffered data, via the antenna, to a remote microwave transceiver at an output power.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Flexible grid twdm-pon architecture and intelligent set-up for twdm-pon

An approach to proving a flexible grid architecture for time and wavelength division multiplexed passive optical networks is described. One embodiment includes an optical transmitter array configured to transmit an optical signal, an optical combiner coupled to the optical transmitter array configured to receive unlocked wavelengths from the optical transmitter array and output a single optical signal, and an optical amplifier coupled to the optical combiner configured to boost downstream optical power.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Transmission system and method using mixed modulation formats

A system and method for transmitting a wavelength division multiplexed (wdm) signal on an optical transmission path. The system includes at least one first modulation format transmitter configured to generate an associated first modulation format signal on an associated signal wavelength using a first modulation format having a first spectral efficiency, and at least one second modulation format transmitter configured to generate an associated second modulation format signal on an associated signal wavelength using a second modulation format having a second spectral efficiency higher than the first spectral efficiency.
Tyco Electronics Subsea Communications Llc

Methods, systems, and computer program products for calibrating phase hardware-induced distortion in a long term evolution communications system

Methods and systems are described for calibrating phase hardware-induced distortion in a long term evolution (lte) communications system. In one aspect, an estimate of a phase difference at a user equipment (ue) between downlink channels including signals sent over two or more bs transmitter chains is received from the ue in an lte communications system.
Collision Communications, Inc.

Transmission groupcast message and storage medium accessible by electronic devices

The present invention relates to a transmission method and system for groupcast message and a storage medium accessible by electronic devices applicable to a first electronic device transmitting a groupcast message to a plurality of remote second electronic devices. The method comprises steps of: acquiring a piece of communication quality information for each said second electronic device and each said piece of communication quality information representing the connection quality between each said second electronic device and nearby devices; the first electronic device selecting one of the plurality of second electronic devices as a broadcast transmitter according to the plurality pieces of communication quality information; the first electronic device transmitting the groupcast message to the broadcast transmitter; and the broadcast transmitter transmitting a broadcast message to the plurality of second electronic devices.
Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd.

Minimizing polarization-dependent optical power for pm-m-qam transmitters

A system is configured to determine a first power level of a first signal output from a first modulator, and determine a second power level of a second signal output from a second modulator. The first signal may include a first optical signal associated with a particular polarization orientation, and the second signal may include a second optical signal associated with the particular polarization orientation.
Juniper Networks, Inc.

Method and virtualizing antenna in multi-antenna system, and transmitting and receiving signal using the same

The transmitter maps an antenna port to a logical antenna port through a first virtualization. The transmitter maps the logical antenna port to a transceiver unit (txru) through a first operation.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Systems and methods of beam training for hybrid beamforming

Systems and methods of beam training for hybrid beamforming are disclosed. In some embodiments, a method of operation of a receiver includes identifying multiple sets of beam indices for use with transmissions from a transmitter using hybrid precoding.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Multi-user multiple-input and multiple-output for digital subscriber line

A method implemented in a network element (ne), comprising obtaining, via a processor of the ne, a plurality of encoded signals associated with a plurality of downstream (ds) channels in a network, wherein the plurality of ds channels form a plurality of ds multiple-input and multiple-output (mimo) groups, performing, via the processor, mimo pre-coding on the plurality of encoded signals according to the plurality of ds mimo groups, performing, via the processor, crosstalk pre-coding on the plurality of encoded signals jointly after performing the mimo pre-coding to produce a plurality of output signals, and transmitting, via transmitters of the ne, synchronously the plurality of output signals to a plurality of remote nes via the plurality of ds channels.. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Single channel full duplex wireless communication

A single channel full duplex wireless communication system includes a processor, a transmitter, a receiver, a secondary transmission path, a combining element, a primary transmission feedback path and a secondary transmission feedback path. The transmitter transmits a transmission signal via a transmission path.
Redline Communications, Inc.

Reconfigurable communication device and method

A communication device includes a transmitter operable to couple to a plurality of transceivers via a plurality of transmission channels, transmit payload data via the plurality of transmission channels, and obtain monitored transmission conditions for one or more transmission channels in the plurality of transmission channels. During operation, the transmitter is further operable to generate reconfiguration request signals resultant from processing the monitored transmission conditions and transmit the reconfiguration request signals on transmission channels in the plurality of transmission channels..
Lantiq Deutschland Gmbh

Coexistence signaling for adaptive gain table selection

A device implementing adaptive gain table selection based at least on coexistence signaling may include at least one processor circuit. The at least one processor circuit may be configured to identify that a packet is scheduled to be received by a receiver and retrieve at least one transmission indicator that indicates whether at least one transmitter is transmitting, where the at least one transmitter is collocated with the receiver within a device.
Broadcom Corporation

Receiver, transmitter and radio communication method

A mobile station includes: a physical channel segmentation unit to receive radio signals including multiple orthogonal signals which are orthogonal to each other, and multiple non-orthogonal signals which are not orthogonal to each other; and data demodulating/decoding units to extract the non-orthogonal signal addressed to the mobile station from the multiple non-orthogonal signals by demodulating and cancelling the radio signal addressed to another mobile station by use of the orthogonal signals included in the radio signals received by the physical channel segmentation unit, and demodulate the signal included in the orthogonal signals and addressed to the mobile station, and the extracted non-orthogonal signal addressed to the mobile station.. .
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

System and encoding and decoding using a plurality of constellations within a single fec block

A method of data transmission and recovery over a communications channel comprising encoding, by an encoder, data using a forward error correction (fec) code such that a plurality of encoded fec frames results wherein each encoded fec frame comprises a fec codeword mapped to a plurality of symbols from a plurality of constellations, at least two of the constellations being different from one another, transmitting the encoded fec frames across a communications channel using a transmitter, and decoding the received encoded fec frames using a decoder at a receiver.. .
Comtech Ef Data Corp.

Integration of positioning antennas in wireless inductive charging power applications

An apparatus for determining a position between a wireless power transmitter and a wireless power receiver is provided. The apparatus comprises a first ferrite block having respective portions configured to be disposed in physical contact with each of adjacent second and third ferrite blocks separated by a first gap and with each of adjacent fourth and fifth ferrite blocks separated by a second gap.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Wireless power alignment

A computing device can include a wireless power module and a haptic module to move the computing device in a direction. A controller in the computing device can detect a misalignment of the wireless power module with a wireless power transmitter.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

Wireless power transfer and rapid charging system and method with maximum power tracking

A wireless power transfer and rapid charging system with maximum power tracking and a method for the same are revealed. The system includes a transmitter device and a receiver device.
National Yunlin University Of Science And Technology

Vehicle finder

A system for guiding a person to a vehicle. The system includes a vehicle control unit configured to generate vehicle position data identifying the vehicle's location and transmit the vehicle position data with a transmitter.
Denso Corporation

System and tracking physical location of vehicle keys

A vehicle key monitoring system using a keychain device is provided. The system comprises a location database and a vehicle key monitor (vkm) device, which comprises a processor and memory and is connected to the location database.

Smart electronic display for restaurants

Exemplary embodiments herein provide a wireless transmitter/receiver which receives a unique identifier from a smart device and finds associated order history stored on an electronic storage device. A display controlling assembly may generate individualized image data based on the associated order history and transmits the individualized image data to the electronic menu board for display.
Manufacturing Resources International, Inc.

Radio communication systems and radio communication methods

According to various embodiments, a radio communication system may be provided. The radio communication system may include: a portable device; a beacon receiving device; and a server.
Razer (asia-pacific) Pte. Ltd.

Data transmission system, data transmission apparatus, data transmission method, and non-transitory computer readable medium

A data transmission system includes a storage site information transmitter, an access acceptor, and a password information transmitter. The storage site information transmitter transmits storage site information representing a storage site of data to a certain destination.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Distributed system architecture for continuous glucose monitoring

The present disclosure relates to techniques for receiving glucose data from a continuous glucose sensor and controlling the use and redistribution of that data so it is used in an intended manner. In one aspect, a method includes obtaining one or more data points relating to glucose levels from a transmitter associated with a continuous glucose monitor device; distributing the one or more data points among one or more display devices and one or more servers; identifying a missing data point from among a display device of the one or more display devices or a server of the one or more servers, the missing data point being one of the one or more data points; and providing the missing data point to the display device or the server when the missing data point falls within a defined time period..
Dexcom, Inc.

Apparatuses and methods for asymmetric input/output interface for a memory

Apparatuses and methods for asymmetric input/output interfaces for memory are disclosed. An example apparatus may include a receiver and a transmitter.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Field device configuration system and method

A system includes, but not limited to, at least one processor, a retriever configured to retrieve a first field device parameter belonging to burst mode settings from at least one field device connected to a field network, and a transmitter. The transmitter is configured to transmit a second field device parameter belonging to burst mode settings to the at least one field device, based on at least a configuration file.
Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Calibration of a multifunctional automotive radar system

A multifunctional radar transmitter may comprise bus interface circuitry and beamforming circuitry. The beamforming circuitry, with use of a plurality of beamforming coefficients, is operable to process a plurality of baseband signals to generate a millimeter wave radar burst corresponding to a radiation pattern that comprises a first lobe and a second lobe, where the first lobe is at a first angle and the second lobe is at a second angle.
Maxlinear, Inc.

Digital compensation for amplifier-induced instability

A method is provided for correcting radar signal transient variation induced by power amplification in a pulse radar transmitter. The method includes establishing a first plurality of characteristics of a first pulse sequence having a digital pulse; establishing a second plurality of characteristics of a second pulse sequence having a plurality of digital pulses; comparing the first and second pluralities of characteristics to determine a sequence difference; providing pre-distortion coefficients for the plurality of digital pulses corresponding to the signal transient variation in response to the sequence difference; and applying the coefficients to the plurality of digital pulses prior to the power amplification..
United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

Object detection device

An object detection device mounted on a vehicle includes a transmitter, a receiver, a measurement unit, and a determination unit. The transmitter intermittently transmits a signal wave to space around the vehicle.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Scalable architecture for an automotive radar system

First transmitter circuitry communicates, via bus interface circuitry, on a data bus to detect whether any second transmitter circuitry is coupled to the data bus. In instances that no second transmitter circuitry is detected as being coupled to the data bus, the first transmitter circuitry transmits beamformed signals via a first plurality of antenna elements using beamforming coefficients.
Maxlinear, Inc.

System and testing transceiver

A method includes; generating, via a testing signal source, a test transmission signal; receiving the test transmission signal at an input port of a socket device having the input port, an input coupler, a divider, a combiner, an output coupler and an output port; providing, via the input coupler, an input signal based on the test transmission signal; providing, via the divider, portions of the input signal to each of respective inputs of in receivers of a transceiver having n transmitters and the m receivers; combining, via the combiner, signals provided at the respective outputs of the n transmitters into a combined output signal; providing a coupled output signal to the input coupler; providing a measured output signal to the output port; providing, via the output port, the measured output signal to a receiving signal measuring device; and testing, via the receiving signal measuring device, the measured output signal.. .
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Dynamic ofdm symbol shaping for radar applications

A radar transmitter comprises orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) symbol generation circuitry, windowing circuitry, and control circuitry. The ofdm symbol generation circuitry is operable to modulate data onto a plurality of subcarriers to generate a plurality of ofdm symbols.
Maxlinear, Inc.

Method and sar focusing with an array of rf transmitters

A method for providing sar focusing at a target in a body using an mri system is provided. A computed pulse is provided at a lower power to the body.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Method and system for examining the interior material of an object, such as a pipeline or a human body, from a surface of the object using ultrasound

A method and system are described for examining the interior material of an object from a surface of an object using ultrasound having a frequency of at least 100 khz. The method comprises the step of transmitting at least a first ultrasound signal by a first ultrasound transmitter of a first number of ultrasound transmitters to the interior material of the object for forming a first image in order to determine, according for example to the principle of inverse wave field extrapolation, where in the interior material of the object reflections and/or diffractions occur.
Rontgen Technische Dienst B.v.

Method and device for determining the proportion of molecular oxygen in a respiratory gas by means of sound

The invention relates to a method for determining the proportion of molecular oxygen in a respiratory gas, for example in lung function diagnostics, comprising the introduction of the respiratory gas into a measurement tube, transmitting a sound signal by means of a sound transmitter and receiving the sound signal by means of a sound receiver, defining a sound measurement zone by means of the sound transmitter and the sound receiver, determining the average molar mass of the respiratory gas by means of a sound propagation time measured over the measurement zone, and determination of the carbon dioxide content of the respiratory gas with a carbon dioxide gas sensor. The invention also relates to a device for performing the method..

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