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Transmitter patents

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Load based lte/lte-a with unlicensed spectrum


Load based lte/lte-a with unlicensed spectrum

Timing advance techniques for large cells


Timing advance techniques for large cells

Timing advance techniques for large cells

Lg Electronics

Method for transmitting an srs-triggering-based srs in a wireless communication system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Transmitter-related patents
 Lighting control system patent thumbnailLighting control system
A method for controlling a light, comprising: providing a first sensor device (11) comprising a first transmitter and a first occupancy sensor; providing a lighting controller (1) comprising a receiver and a second sensor; and transmitting an occupancy signal from the first transmitter to the receiver. The occupancy signal comprises a repeated cycle of transmission phases and silent phases, such that during a transmission phase the transmitter transmits and during a silent phase the transmitter does not transmit.
C.p. Electronics Limited

 Load based lte/lte-a with unlicensed spectrum patent thumbnailLoad based lte/lte-a with unlicensed spectrum
In one aspect of the disclosure, a method of wireless communication includes receiving, at a transmitter, data for transmission over an unlicensed carrier, calculating, at the transmitter, a first available extended clear channel assessment (ecca) opportunity of the unlicensed carrier after the receiving, wherein the calculating uses at least network information and a pseudo-random number, performing a clear channel assessment (cca) check, by the transmitter, on the unlicensed carrier at the first available ecca opportunity, in response to detecting a clear cca check, transmitting channel reserving signals, by the transmitter, onto the unlicensed carrier, and in response to failing to detect the clear cca check, calculating, by the transmitter, a next available ecca opportunity of the unlicensed carrier using at least the network information and another pseudo-random number.. .
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Timing advance techniques for large cells patent thumbnailTiming advance techniques for large cells
Methods, systems, and devices are described for implementing timing advances in which a propagation delay may exceed a time period of a portion of a radio frame. In some examples, a transmitter may identify a timing advance indicating a time to initiate wireless uplink transmission of a subframe.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Method for transmitting an srs-triggering-based srs in a wireless communication system patent thumbnailMethod for transmitting an srs-triggering-based srs in a wireless communication system
The present invention relates to a method and terminal apparatus which involve transmitting a sounding reference signal (srs)-triggering-based srs in a wireless communication system. The terminal apparatus of the present invention comprises a receiver which receives, from a base station, an srs-triggering indicator for triggering an srs transmission; and a transmitter which transmits the srs via a preconfigured uplink subframe in accordance with the srs-triggering indicator..
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Method of detecting indicator information in wireless communication system patent thumbnailMethod of detecting indicator information in wireless communication system
A method of detecting indicator information received by a receiver of a wireless communication system is provided, and the method includes determining a threshold value that reduces costs incurred by a false alarm rate that decides discontinuous transmission (dtx) information transmitted from a transmitter as non-dtx information and a missed detection rate that decides non-dtx information transmitted from the transmitter as dtx information; and detecting the indicator information using the threshold value. The threshold value is determined based on a reception quality level for acknowledgement (ack) information when the transmitter transmits the ack information..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Proximity beacon management using a network device patent thumbnailProximity beacon management using a network device
Management of a proximity beacon transmitter using a network device. Operational characteristics are generated for a proximity beacon transmitter coupled to a network device.
Aerohive Networks, Inc.

 Deployment of proximity beacon devices patent thumbnailDeployment of proximity beacon devices
A technique for deploying proximity beacons involves coupling proximity beacon transmitters and/or hubs to an enterprise network device. The coupling can be by way of physically connecting communication interfaces of the network device and the proximity beacon transmitter or hub.
Aerohive Networks, Inc.

 Mobile station positioning assistance with local mapping data patent thumbnailMobile station positioning assistance with local mapping data
Techniques are provided which may be implemented using various methods and/or apparatuses for use in providing positioning assistance data to mobile stations. For example, a method in a first server in a cellular network may comprise sending a request for location information to a mobile station.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 A method, an apparatus and a system for estimating a number of people in a location patent thumbnailA method, an apparatus and a system for estimating a number of people in a location
An apparatus, method, system and computer program for estimating a number of people within a location. The estimation includes obtaining a plurality of estimates of the number of mobile transmitters and respective estimates of the number of people within a first location during a first period of time, and determining a mapping function providing a mapping between an estimate of the number of mobile transmitters at a location and an estimate of the number of people at the location on basis of the plurality of estimates of the number of mobile transmitters and the respective plurality of estimates of the number of people for determination of a second estimate of the number of people within a second location during a second period of time on basis of a second estimate of the number of mobile transmitters obtained at the second location during the second period of time..
Innorange Oy

 Steerable acoustic resonating transducer systems and methods patent thumbnailSteerable acoustic resonating transducer systems and methods
The present disclosure provides systems and methods associated with acoustic transmitters, receivers, and antennas. Specifically, the present disclosure provides a transducer system for transmitting and receiving acoustic energy according to a determined acoustic emission/reception pattern.
Elwha Llc


Object exterior photographing system

The utility model discloses an object exterior photographing system comprising an electronic transmitter, a camera and an electronic turn-plate. The electronic turn-plate is connected with the electronic transmitter to be a wireless access through wi-fi connection, so that the electronic turn-plate can rotate in sync with photographing of the camera, and multi-angle images of an object can be simply and accurately taken..
Sheenwill International (hong Kong) Limited


Mobile wireless display for accessing data from a host and controlling

An apparatus includes a monocular display with a wireless communications interface, a user input device, a transmitter, and a controller. The monocular display is positioned relative to the user's eye to display images to the user while occluding less than half of the user's maximum viewing space.
Kopin Corporation


Method and handling messages

In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, there is provided an apparatus, comprising a receiver configured to receive a data packet, at least one processing core configured to determine, based on contents of the data packet, a new destination address for the packet, wherein the received data packet does not comprise the new destination address in a header field, the at least one processing core being configured to insert the new destination address into a destination address header field of the data packet, and a transmitter configured to cause the data packet to be transmitted after the new destination address has been inserted. In some embodiments, the new destination address is determined on the basis of a compression context used to compress the data packet..
Nokia Technologies Oy


Peak to average power ratio suppression

A transmitter comprises a first peak-to-average-power ratio (papr) suppression circuit, a second peak-to-average-power ratio (papr) suppression circuit, and a first modulator. The first papr suppression circuit may receive a first sequence of time-domain symbols to be transmitted, alter the first sequence based on each of a plurality of symbol ordering and/or inversion descriptors to generate a corresponding plurality of second sequences of time-domain symbols, measure a papr corresponding to each of the second sequences, select one of the plurality of symbol ordering and/or inversion descriptors based on the measurement of papr, and convey the selected one of the symbol ordering and/or inversion descriptors to the second papr suppression circuit.
Maxlinear, Inc.


Digital communication system

Methods and apparatus for use in communication systems using recursive modulation schemes with a low density generator matrix code (including an irregular repeat accumulate (ira) code) are described that have reduced complexity and thus reduced cost compared to prior art systems. A communication system is described in which the transmitter concatenates a low density generator matrix code with an accumulator followed by a recursive modulator in order to eliminate the use of an interleaver, and in which the receiver combines the decoder for the accumulator and the soft demodulator into a single joint decoder in order reduce the number of components and complexity.
University Of South Australia


Method and channel estimation

To facilitate sending a reference signal in a wireless communication environment, a transmitter sends a reference signal in a first time-frequency resource to a user equipment (ue); the transmitter sends data information in a first portion of a second time-frequency resource different from the first time-frequency resource to the ue; and the transmitter excludes data information from being sent in a second portion of the second time-frequency resource. The second portion of the second time-frequency resource is designated for use by another transmitter for sending another reference signal to the ue..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Elements to counter transmitter circuit performance limitations

Embodiments of the invention are generally directed to elements to counter transmitter circuit performance limitations. An embodiment of an apparatus for driving data on a differential channel including a first output terminal and a second output terminal includes a differential driver circuit; and a first pre-driver and a second pre-driver, where each pre-driver has an output, wherein the first output terminal of the apparatus is coupled to the output of the first pre-driver, and the second output terminal of the apparatus is coupled to the output of the second pre-driver, where each pre-driver includes one or more capacitors, a first end of each capacitor being connected to the output of the pre-driver and a second end of each of the capacitors being connected to a sub-pre-driver circuit..
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation


Method and a modified harq procedure after a receiver outage event

A system and method of responding to a receiver outage event, which includes: determining if a receiver outage event has occurred; if a receiver outage event has occurred, discarding soft bits that were corrupted due to the outage event; and if a received first redundancy version (rv) of coded bits corrupted by the outage event was decoded incorrectly, sending a message to a transmitter in response to the outage event, and thereafter receiving a second rv of coded bits retransmitted by the transmitter in response to the message.. .
Zte (tx) Inc.


Transmission of acknowledgement signals

Methods are described for a node b to transmit and for a user equipment (ue) to receive acknowledgement (ack) information associated with the use of hybrid automatic repeat request (harq), also known as harq-ack signaling, in a communication system that includes multiple downlink component carriers or multiple uplink component carriers. An harq-ack signal to a ue is in response to a data packet transmission from the ue and may consist of 2 information bits when the ue has 2 or more transmitter antennas.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Controlling an optical transmitter that supports multiple modulation formats and baud rates

A device receives a modulation format and a baud rate for transmission of an optical signal, and generates optical signals based on the modulation format and the baud rate. The device generates quadrature-delay-interferometer signals based on the optical signal, the modulation format, and the baud rate, and generates a particular optical signal with a particular wavelength for the modulation format and the baud rate.
Infinera Corp.


Mobile communication system, communication control method, base station, and user terminal

A mobile communication system comprises: a user terminal that receives a desired wave signal from a serving cell while receiving an interference wave signal from a neighboring cell adjacent to the serving cell; and a base station that manages the serving cell. The base station comprises: a controller that generates an interference replica signal corresponding to the interference wave signal and superposes the interference replica signal on the desired wave signal; and a transmitter that transmits the desired wave signal superposed with the interference replica signal to the user terminal.
Kyocera Corporation


Method for transmitting and receiving data on the basis of adaptive blind interference alignment

The present invention provides adaptive blind interference alignment (bia) methods capable of controlling interference between users without channel information, and devices for supporting the same. A method for transmitting a signal according to the adaptive bia method in a wireless access system, as one embodiment of the present invention comprises the steps of enabling a transmitter to constitute a first block including preferred signals and interference signals on the basis of the number of receivers within a cell and the number of reception modes of the receiver; enabling the transmitter to constitute a second block including one kind of signal from the preferred signals or the interference signals; enabling the transmitter to constitute alignment blocks for each receiver by combining the first block with the second block; and enabling the transmitter to transmit the alignment blocks to the receivers according to transmission symbol patterns corresponding to the alignment blocks..
Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University


Tracking nonlinear cross-phase modulation noise and linewidth induced jitter in coherent optical fiber communication links

An optical receiver may include a digital signal processor to receive an input sample that includes transmitted data, transmitted by an optical transmitter, and nonlinear distortion. The digital signal processor may process the input sample to generate an estimated data value.
Infinera Corporation


Optical transmitter, optical receiver, and optical transmission method

An optical transmitter includes: a plurality of optical modulators, each and a driver by which a modulation format is variable; and a wavelength selection unit configured to selectively outputs modulation optical signals generated by the optical modulators to a first output port corresponding to a first optical transmission degree and a second output port corresponding to a second optical transmission degree in a unit of wavelength.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Multimode optical transmission system employing modal-conditioning fiber

A multimode optical fiber transmission system that employs an optical fiber with at least one modal-conditioning fiber is disclosed. The system includes a single-mode transmitter that generates modulated light having a wavelength between 800 nm and 1600 nm; an optical receiver configured to receive and detect the modulated light; a multimode optical fiber that defines an optical path between the single-mode transmitter and the optical receiver, the multimode optical fiber having a core with a diameter d40 and a refractive index profile configured to optimally transmit light at a nominal wavelength of 850 nm; and at least one modal-conditioning fiber operably disposed in the optical path to perform at least one of modal filtering and modal converting of the optical modulated light..
Corning Optical Communications Llc


Multimode optical fiber transmission system including single mode fiber

Some embodiments of the disclosure relate to an optical transmission system that operates at a wavelength in the range from 950 nm to 1600 nm and that employs a single-mode optical transmitter and an optical receiver optically coupled to respective ends of a multimode fiber designed for 850 nm multimode operation. The optical transmission system also employs at least one single mode fiber situated within the optical pathway between the optical transmitter and the receiver and coupled to the multimode fiber..
Corning Incorporated


Flexible placement of spectral inverters in optical networks

Methods and systems are provided for flexible placement of spectral inverters in an optical network. The method includes identifying a first transmission path coupling a transmitter and a receiver.


Wireless power supply apparatus

A power transmitter coil, a power transmitter circuit, and a direct-current power source constitute a power transmitter unit. Further, a power receiver coil, a power receiver circuit, and a load constitute a power receiver unit.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods for measuring power and impedance in wireless power charging systems

A wireless power transmitter may generate a magnetic field via a transmit antenna to induce voltage in a receive antenna of a wireless power receiver to power the unit and/or charge the receiver's battery. An apparatus for measuring wireless power transfer at an operating frequency between the transmitter and the receiver is provided.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Low power, low out-of-band harmonic content radio

A radio that includes a transceiver to transmit and receive rf signals. The transceiver including a transmitter, a transformer, and a receiver, the transformer is coupled to and shared between the transmitter and the receiver.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Apparatus for transmitting and receiving a signal and transmitting and receiving a signal

The present invention relates to a method of transmitting and a method of receiving signals an corresponding apparatus. One aspect of the present invention relates to an efficient l1 signaling method for an efficient transmitter and an efficient receiver using the efficient l1 signaling method for an efficient cable broadcasting..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Current control three-phase rotary machine

In an apparatus, a synchronizing unit synchronizes a measurement timing of values of first and second phase currents by a current sensor with a measurement timing of a rotational angle of a rotor by a rotational angle sensor. A current calculator calculates, based on the first and second parameter signals and the rotational angle of the rotor, values of two phase currents in a rotational coordinate system defined with respect to the rotor.
Denso Corporation


Vibrational energy harvesting for structural health instrumentation

A system includes a vibrational energy harvesting device adapted to receive vibrational energy and convert the vibrational energy to electrical energy. The system also includes a computing device having an electrical connection to the vibrational energy harvesting device.
The Trustees Of The Stevens Institute Of Technology


Wireless sound power distribution system for law enforcement equipment

A wireless sound power distribution system for law enforcement equipment is disclosed. The system includes a wireless power transmitter coupled with a power source.
Energous Corporation


Wireless sound charging of clothing and smart fabrics

The present invention provides various electric receiver arrangements included in clothing pieces that require electric current to perform tasks, such as warming, cooling and displaying. Suitable wireless sound power transmission techniques like pocket forming is used to provide the clothing pieces with wireless power.


Wireless charging transmitter and wireless charging system using the same

A wireless power transmitter is electromagnetically coupleable to a receiving coil of a wireless power receiver to provide power wirelessly and includes a substantially planar transmitting core. A transmitting coil has a plurality of windings and is disposed on a surface of the transmitting core.
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Wireless charger units for powering low-cost disposable electronic systems and related methods

Wireless charger units include a transmitter unit to provide an ac magnetic field at a predetermined frequency to a physically separate receiver unit, the receiver unit receives the alternating current magnetic field, converts the alternating current magnetic field into an alternating current, and rectifies the alternating current to provide a direct current output. The receiver unit can be resonant at a multiple integer of the predetermined frequency.
Avery Dennison Corporation


Wireless christmas tree lighting and ornaments device and system using non-radiative energy transfer

A system is for wireless non-radiative energy transfer. A transmitter comprises an inductively coupled power source that is configured to provide a magnetic energy field.
Powered By Aura, Llc


Wireless power transmitter

A wireless power transmitter according to an exemplary embodiment in the present disclosure may include a transmitting core; a transmitting coil provided on the transmitting core and transmitting power wirelessly; and a magnetic body provided on the transmitting core and allowing a virtual line which is normal to a surface of the magnetic body to form an acute angle with the transmitting core.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Operating a wireless power transfer system at multiple frequencies

A transmitter device in an inductive energy transfer system includes a first transmitter coil operatively connected to a first resonant circuitry. A receiver device includes a first receiver coil operatively connected to a first resonant circuitry.
Apple Inc.


Transducer sound arrangement for pocket-forming

The present disclosure describes a plurality of transducer arrangements that may be suitable for wireless power transmission based on single or multiple pocket-forming. Single or multiple pocket-forming may include one transmitter and at least one or more receivers, being the transmitter the source of energy and the receiver the device that is desired to charge or power.
Energous Corporation


Wireless sound powered house

The present invention provides a wireless sound power system using wireless power transmission techniques such as pocket-forming. Wireless sound power system is used in a house to provide power and charge to a plurality of mobile and non-mobile devices therein.
Energous Corporation


Tunable u-laser transmitter with integrated mach-zehnder modulator

According to the present invention, a monolithically integrated laser 102, also referred to herein as a u-laser 102, or integrated dual optical emission laser 102, having a first optical emission 104 and a second optical emission 106 where both the first and second optical emissions 104, 106 of the monolithically integrated laser 102 are in optical communication with a modulator 108 or other device is provided. The integrated dual emission laser 102 can be formed with a a light bending portion 134 in variety of configurations including a waveguide in the form of a u-shape, or total internal reflection (tir) mirrors, curved waveguides, and free-space etched gap mirrors.
Packet Photonics, Inc.


Bulk acoustic wave resonator tuner circuits

Techniques and configurations are disclosed for bulk acoustic wave resonator (bawr) tuner circuits and their use in integrated circuit (ic) packages and mobile communication devices for radio frequency (rf) communication. In some embodiments, a mobile communication device may include an antenna; a transmitter circuit having an output port, a tuner circuit having one or more bawrs, an antenna port coupled to the antenna, a transmitter port coupled to the output port of the transmitter circuit, and a control port; and a control circuit, coupled to the control port, configured to adjust an impedance of the tuner circuit, via adjustment of a bawr or another component of the tuner circuit, based at least in part on an impedance of the antenna.


Method for producing a measuring pickup

A method for producing a coil as a measurement transmitter for a sensor, including: providing electrical connections and a magnetic core for the coil, forming a coil former around the magnetic core in such a way that the magnetic core is at least partially enclosed by the coil former and the electrical connections are held by the coil former, winding at least one coil wire onto the formed coil former, and connecting the wound coil wire to the electrical connections.. .
Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg


System, reducing the height of bipolar transmitters and/or receivers in electric vehicle charging

Systems, methods and apparatuses for reducing the height of bipolar transmitters and/or receivers in electric vehicle charging and/or power transfer are described herein. One implementation may include an apparatus for wireless power transfer.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Vehicle monitoring systems and methods

An embodiment includes a lot management system. The lot management system includes a transmitter comprising a location determination module having a gps data pathway to an rf transmission module and a receiver including an rf antenna and a receiver processor..
Key Control Holding, Inc.


Method and system for medical tracking using a plurality of camera positions

A method for tracking trackable objects using a medical tracking device, the tracking device being a camera or an em transmitter, during a medical workflow comprising a plurality of workflow steps, wherein each trackable object has at least one marker and the method comprises the steps of: —acquiring a set of camera positions, wherein each tracking device position is associated with at least one workflow step; —identifying a workflow; —sequentially and automatically moving the tracking device to the camera positions associated with the workflow steps; and—performing a tracking step only when the tracking device is in a fixed position.. .
Brain-lab Ag


Method and obtaining sensing data

An electronic device according to various embodiments of the present disclosure may include at least one sensor module including a transmitter, a receiver, a secure memory for storing data obtained by the receiver, and a security control module for controlling the transmitter based on whether a target memory in which the obtained data is to be stored is the secure memory. In an example, the sensor may be a biometric sensor in which the transmitter transits an optical signal to a user's finger or iris or the like to authenticate the user.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Systems, devices, and methods for authenticating a value article

Systems, devices, and methods for authenticating a value article are provided herein. In an embodiment, a system for authenticating a value article that includes a luminescent material includes a portable computing device and an authentication device that is physically and electronically separate from the portable computing device.
Honeywell International Inc.


Apparatus and processing and/or providing healthcare information and/or healthcare-related information with or using an electronic healthcare record or electronic healthcare records

A computer-implemented method, including receiving, with a receiver, a request, to access an electronic healthcare record of an individual or patient, transmitted from a first communication device associated with a user or provider; receiving, with the receiver or a computer, a photograph, picture, or video clip, or an audio recording or audio clip, of the user or provider; processing, with a processing device or the computer, information regarding the request; generating, with the processing device or the computer, a message which contains information regarding the request and which contains, contains a link or hyperlink to, or includes as an attachment thereto, the photograph, picture, or video clip, or the audio recording or audio clip, of the user or provider; and transmitting, with a transmitter, the processing device, or the computer, the message to a second communication device associated with the individual, the patient, or a caregiver.. .


Apparatuses, methods, and systems for a portable image-processing transmitter

This disclosure details the implementation of apparatuses, methods, and systems for a portable, image-processing transmitter. The transmitter provides a platform capable of managing, manipulating, storing, and transmitting digital media files across a wide array of transmission means and protocols.
Lagavulin Limited


System and using passive pen with ground mass state switch

A processing system includes a sensor module and a determination module. The sensor module includes sensor circuitry coupled to transmitter electrodes and receiver electrodes.
Synaptics Incorporated


Timepiece lever

Timepiece lever for the transmission of motion between a transmitter wheel set and a receiver wheel set pivoting about distinct first and second axes of the lever which includes a pivoting plate carrying a transmission means remote from the first axis and of variable angular position relative to the first axis and which includes a control finger-piece or a transmission wheel set, the lever also including a frictional connection between a first friction surface of the transmitter wheel set and a second friction surface of the pivoting plate, the element carrying the first friction surface is elastic and the element carrying the second friction surface is elastic.. .
Eta Sa Manufacture Horlogere Suisse


Optical modulator, optical transmitter, optical transmission/reception system, and control optical modulator

An optical modulation unit outputs an optical signal generated by binary-modulating an input light. Phase modulation areas are formed on an optical wave guide.
Nec Corporation


Inline jet-sonde

A multi-piece sonde configuration for use in troubleshooting a pipe and providing precise location of the problem includes a sonde carrier having a first end adapted to attach to a line and a second opposite end adapted to attach to a troubleshooting device. The multi-piece sonde can include a first carrier having a sonde housing with a central fluid passageway and a sonde transmitter operably positioned about the central fluid passageway.


Monopole acoustic transmitter ring comprising piezoelectric material

A monopole acoustic transmitter for logging-while-drilling comprising as a ring that comprises one or more piezoelectric arc segments. The ring is oriented in a plane whose normal is essentially coincident with the major axis of a logging tool in which it is disposed.
Precision Energy Services, Inc.


Systems and methods for ultrasonic velocity and acceleration detection

The present disclosure provides systems and methods associated with determining velocity and/or acceleration information using ultrasound. A system may include one or more ultrasonic transmitters and/or receivers.
Elwha Llc


Controlling transmission of pulses from a sensor

Apparatus for use in one of a plurality of sensors each having a respective transmitter which transmits pulses for sensing, a respective clock which controls timing of the pulses transmitted from the respective transmitter, and a respective receiver which receives echoed instances of the pulses. The apparatus comprises: sensing logic configured to sense a being or object in dependence on the echoed pulses received back by the respective receiver from the respective transmitter, and timing logic configured to compensate for a clock discrepancy between the respective clock and that of one or more others of the sensors.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Radar apparatus with quiet switch calibration and associated methods

A radar apparatus measures at least one characteristic of at least one object. A sweep generator generates a sweep signal to modulate an oscillator to generate a varying frequency signal.
Delta Mobile Systems, Inc


Frequency modulated continuous wave radar device, and object detection method using continuous wave thereof

Disclosed herein is a frequency modulated continuous wave (fmcw) radar device, including: a continuous wave (cw) signal generator configured to generate a transmit (tx) cw signal; a radio frequency (rf) transmitter configured to transmit the generated tx cw signal as an rf signal through a tx antenna; an rf receiver configured to receive a cw signal which is reflected and returned from a forward object after the tx cw signal is transmitted; a target detector configured to extract speed and angle using a frequency difference between the tx cw signal and the reflected cw signal, and detect an approaching target; and a detection controller configured to control the rf transmitter to transmit the tx cw signal as a signal having a triangular waveform in a time-frequency graph and to additionally transmit the tx cw signal as a signal having a crossbar waveform at a predetermined frequency for a predetermined time, and extract speed and angle from the reflected cw signal having a crossbar waveform so as to detect the approaching target, when the sign of the target speed extracted from the reflected cw signal having a triangular waveform is negative (−).. .
Mando Corporation


Re-entry broadcasting alert apparatus, system and method

A re-entry broadcasting alert apparatus having a housing provided with a heat shielda connector for attaching the housing to a space system and releasing it during atmospheric re-entry thereof; a geolocalisation receiver, for determining the position of the apparatus; a processor programmed to determine a hazard area on ground and/or in airspace, where debris from the space system are expected to fall, taking the position of the apparatus as input data; and a transmitter for broadcasting a signal carrying information defining the hazard area; the geolocalisation receiver, processor and transmitter being located within the housing. A re-entry alert receiving device, cooperating with the re-entry broadcasting alert apparatus.
Agence Spatiale Europeenne


Measuring device, especially flow measuring device, and manufacturing a measuring tube for a measuring device

A measuring device, especially a flow measuring device, including a measuring tube. The measuring tube includes at least one nozzle formed from the measuring tube by hot forming and serving for mounting a measuring transducer, especially an ultrasonic transducer, a measurement signal reflector, especially an ultrasonic reflector, and/or a measurement transmitter, and a method for manufacturing a measuring tube for a measuring device..
Endress + Flowtec Ag


Articulated arm coordinate measurement machine having a rotary switch

A rotary switch device such as that used on the probe end of an articulated arm coordinate measurement machine is provided. The rotary switch having a housing with an axis of rotation.
Faro Technologies, Inc.


Target impact sensor transmitter receiver system

A system for sensing the impact of a bullet on a target and remotely reporting the successful impact to the shooter by means of a signal transmitted from a sensor transmitter to a receiver incorporated with headphones, ear buds or an i-phone with bluetooth capability. The sensor includes a wireless transmitter and a impact/vibration sensor such as a piezoelectric sensor.


Wellbore systems with hydrocarbon leak detection apparatus and methods

In one aspect, a wellbore system is disclosed that in one non-limiting embodiment includes a cement section in the wellbore formed to prevent flow of fluids including hydrocarbons through the cement section, a plug disposed uphole of the cement section to provide a space between the cement section and the plug and a sensor in the space for providing measurements relating to a parameter of interest. In one aspect, the parameter of interest may include one or more of presence and extent of a hydrocarbon, presence of moisture; pressure; and temperature.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Control transmitter for a motor vehicle and in particular for a device for closing a motor vehicle, and control system particularly for a motor vehicle

A control transmitter for a motor vehicle, and in particular for a device for closing a motor vehicle, is designed to be worn on a human body. The control transmitter includes an element for attaching or fastening the control transmitter onto the human body, and a transmitter element including an electronic circuit for transmitting an electric signal through the human body in order to actuate at least one functionality of the motor vehicle.
Johnson Controls Automotive Electronics Sas


Automatic automobile license tag

An automatic automobile license tag arrangement includes an electronic display tag mounted in association with a license plate of an automobile. A transmitter is associated with the vehicle and transmits display data to the electronic display tag.
Panasonic Automotive Systems Company Of America, Division Of Panasonic Corporation Of North America


Equipment for the remote control of fire extinguishers and/or hydrants

An equipment for a remote control of fire extinguishers (10) and/or hydrants, comprising a valve group (16), equipped with a manometer and a pressure switch, which is able to control the operating pressure of the known fire extinguishers (10) and/or hydrants, wherein a plurality of micro-switches (18, 19, 20), connected with a wireless transmitter (21), send the received signals to a remote central control unit (22), that is fully programmable locally or remotely and able to send alarms and/or warnings, depending on the programming carried out, to operators, persons in charge and/or maintainers of fire extinguishers (10) and/or hydrants.. .
Texa S.p.a.


Charger for implant

A system for supplying energy to an implantable medical device when implanted in a patient's body can comprise an internal charger arranged to be implanted in the patient's body, the internal charger comprising a first coil. The system can further comprise an external charger arranged to wirelessly transmit energy to supply power to the internal charger, using a second coil.


Systems and methods for measurement of oxygen levels in blood by placement of a single sensor on the skin

Disclosed herein are systems and methods for measurement of oxygen levels in blood by placement of a single sensor on the skin. According to an aspect, a method includes using a light transmitter to generate and direct light into a surface of skin.
Nuline Sensors, Llc


Tentative grant for efficient device-to- device communications

Technology for efficient distributed scheduling is provided using tentative grants. A ue can receive a transmission request from a tx ue, and from additional tx ues.
Intel Ip Corporation


Method, network node, and computer program for determining rank

It is presented a method for determining a rank indicating the number of layers to be used by a multiple input multiple output, mimo, transmitter in a mobile communication network, the method being executed in a network node of the mobile communication network. The method comprises the steps of: obtaining success measurements indicating whether data frames, comprising user data, have been successfully transmitted between the network node and a mobile communication terminal for each one of a plurality of ranks; determining usage frequencies for each one of the plurality of ranks based on the success measurements for the respective ranks; and determining the rank to be used for transmission between the network node and the mobile communication terminal based on the usage frequencies.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Systems, methods and devices for flexible retransmissions

A hybrid automatic repeat request (harq) process enables a retransmission to be sent on a carrier (or medium, set of frequencies, band, etc.) different from the carrier on which the previous transmissions (initial transmission and/or retransmissions) were sent. An enhanced harq process can improve system performance by aiding user throughput, system throughput, and delay performance by making retransmissions possible even when the unlicensed band is not available (e.g., when occupied by other rats or the same rat deployed by another operator).
Intel Ip Corporation


Method and transmitting and receiving information in wireless distributed system

When a transmitter transmits a first timing offset indication identifier (toid) of a plurality of toids representing timing offset of a frame, the transmitter determines a first codeword corresponding to the first toid of a plurality of codewords representing a subcarrier. The transmitter allocates a busy tone to a first subcarrier that the first codeword represents.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Method and efficiently delivering supplementary services to multi-technology capable wireless transmit/receive units

A multiple wireless access technology capable (wat-capable) wireless transmit receive unit (wtru) includes a registration message generator configured to generate a registration message indicating that the wtru is configured to communicate using an ieee 802.11x technology. The wtru also includes a transmitter configured to send the registration message via an ieee 802.11x wlan to a cellular network during registration with the cellular network, and a receiver configured to receive services from the cellular network via the wlan.
Interdigital Technology Corporation


System and mapping potential internet protocol television interference

A device is disclosed for determining a first geographical location of a customer premise, a second geographical location of a radio frequency transmitter and a third geographical location of network access equipment proximal to the customer premises, wherein the network access equipment provides access to media signals by way of a broadband communications link. The first, second and third geographical locations are mapped, and a distance between the second geographical location and one of the first geographical location or the third geographical location is determined.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp


Maximum pathloss measurement for broadcast communication

Methods, systems, and devices are described for determining pathloss. A transmitter may send a reference signal to receivers associated with broadcast transmissions.
Qualocmm Incorporated


Extendable-reach imaging apparatus with memory

Disclosed are embodiments of an image acquisition apparatus with an extendable arm on which an image sensor is located and is easily manipulated to reach hard-to-reach places and transmit captured images to the user. In one embodiment, the combination of a telescopic sensor mount and an image sensor can be an integral part of or an add-on accessory for cell phones, cameras, ipads, ipods, etc.


Media stream data and control parameter synchronization

Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to transmitting or receiving a media stream and associated control parameter over different physical channels. The transmitter transmits a media stream over a first physical channel and at least one associated control parameter along with a time parameter associated with a part of the media stream over a second physical channel.
Silicon Image, Inc.


Transmission of delay tolerant data

Transmission of delay tolerant data. An apparatus includes a processor configured to classify data, on the basis of its delay requirement, into delay tolerant data and into delay critical data, and to control transmission of the delay tolerant data with a transmitter in such a manner that the transmission of the delay tolerant data is timed to coincide with transmission of the delay critical data..
Nokia Technologies Oy


Transmission of delay tolerant data

Transmission of delay tolerant data. An apparatus includes a processor configured to classify data, on the basis of its delay requirement, into delay tolerant data and into delay critical data, and to control transmission of the delay tolerant data with a transmitter in such a manner that the transmission of the delay tolerant data is timed to coincide with transmission of the delay critical data..
Nokia Technologies Oy


Radio system for simultaneous multi-channel reception

A radio communication system includes a frequency synthesizer, a radio frequency (rf) front end, a first receiver, and a second receiver. The frequency synthesizer is configured to generate an oscillation signal, and the rf front end is configured to receive a detected rf signal and apply the oscillation signal to downconvert the rf signal to an intermediate frequency (if) signal.
Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh


High bit-rate magnetic communication

A magnetic communications transmitter includes a magnetic field generator and a controller. The magnetic field generator is configured to generate a magnetic field.
Lockheed Martin Corporation


Method and generating and processing quantum signal in regular frame unit for quantum encryption key distribution

A transmitter for generating and processing quantum signals in regular frame units in a quantum key distribution system, includes: a photon pulse stream generator to generate quantum information in numbered frame units and periodically transmit the quantum information through a quantum channel; a public channel transceiver to communicate with a receiver of the quantum key distribution system through a public channel; a frame synchronization information generator to generate frame synchronization information for frame synchronization of the receiver, and transmit the frame synchronization information through the public channel transceiver to the receiver, in every frame or every several frames; and a signal processor to transmit and receive open information on the every frame or every several frames through the public channel transceiver, and process the quantum information in frame units.. .
Sk Telecom Co., Ltd.


Transmission scheme for communication systems

A transmission scheme for at least one transceiver pair, each transceiver pair including a first transceiver and a second transceiver, each transceiver including a transmitter and a receiver, the at least one transceiver pair defining a downlink between the transmitter of a first transceiver and the receiver of a second transceiver and further defining an uplink between the transmitter of the second transceiver and the receiver of the first transceiver, each transceiver pair transmitting data over a data transmission frame, the transmission scheme including determining a respective active-set for each one of the at least one transceiver pairs, the active-set including a combination of selected logical allocation units, each the logical allocation unit being defined as a unique combination of a time-slot and a frequency band, each selected logical allocation unit relates to at least one of the downlink only and the uplink.. .
Sckipio Technologies S.i Ltd


Hybrid orthogonal frequency division multiple access system and method

A hybrid orthogonal frequency division multiple access (ofdma) system including a transmitter and a receiver is disclosed. The transmitter includes a first spread ofdma subassembly, a first non-spread ofdma subassembly and a first common subassembly.
Intel Corporation


Methods and systems for enhanced detection of electronic tracking messages

Methods and systems for enhancing the detectability of electronic tracking messages are provided. Transmitters apply error protection encoding to the payload portion of messages to be transmitted.
Exactearth Ltd.


Bandwidth control for differential manchester encoding auto-negotiation signaling

A network device includes a communication interface and a transmitter coupled to the communication interface. The transmitter is configured to determine to start an auto-negotiation page with a link partner, and transmit, through the communication interface, a start delimiter for the auto-negotiation page.
Broadcom Corporation


Method and transmitter for channel coding and modulation in the frequency domain of orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing wireless networks

The method comprising: applying, by a transmitter, a forward error correction to an information block to be sent to a receiver and modulating said information block prior to its transmission, wherein the transmitter has knowledge of a channel frequency response seen by the receiver and the applying and modulating are performed at a variable-rate, at the transmitter side, by: transforming the information block into a number of smaller packets denoted as codeblocks fitting the input sizes accepted by the forward error correction; selecting, a set of modulation and coding schemes to be independently applied to each of the codeblocks; including, information about the selected set of modulation and coding schemes within part of physical resources devoted to user data by reserving specific subcarriers and ofdm symbols; and mapping, said information within physical resources devoted to user data and not reserved for said selected set of modulation and coding schemes, first in order of ascending ofdm symbols and then of ascending subcarriers.. .
Telefonica, S.a.


Envelope tracking rf transmitter calibration

An envelope tracking rf transmitter calibration procedure calculates both a supply voltage to apply to a power amplifier for a modulated signal envelope to achieve iso-gain, and a timing delay adjustment to time-align the applied supply voltage and the modulated signal to minimize distortion due to time delay error. An iso-gain surface is calculated, as a function of the envelope of a modulated signal and the power amplifier supply voltage, for each of a plurality of desired gain values.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Photo-sensor array to adjust alignment of optical receiver

In the context of a balloon network, embodiments described herein may help to maintain an optical communications link between two balloons. For example, an illustrative balloon may include auxiliary photodetectors that are arranged around the photodetector in the balloon's optical receiver system.
Google Inc.


Hybrid virtual antenna mapping for multiple-input multiple-output system

Aspects for balancing power output on the plurality of antennas for the transmission of a transport block are disclosed. In accordance with the present disclosure, a transmitter may balance the power output on a plurality of transmit antennas in a multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) system by having a precoded data block bypass a virtual antenna mapping of the overhead channels (e.g., control channels).
Qualcomm Incorporated


System and multiple-input multiple-output communication

An embodiment communication system and method for using multiple-input multiple-output use. Kronecker model to determine a symbol coding formulation that achieves ergodic capacity for high signal-to-noise ratios (snrs).
Huawei Technologies Canada Co., Ltd.


Methods of operating and implementing wireless otfs communciations systems

Computerized wireless transmitter/receiver system that automatically uses combinations of various methods, including transmitting data symbols by weighing or modulating a family of time shifted and frequency shifted waveforms bursts, pilot symbol methods, error detection methods, mimo methods, and other methods, to automatically determine the structure of a data channel, and automatically compensate for signal distortions caused by various structural aspects of the data channel, as well as changes in channel structure. Often the data channel is a two or three dimensional space in which various wireless transmitters, receivers and signal reflectors are moving.
Cohere Technologies, Inc.


Signal acquisition in a multimode environment

A transmitter comprises a symbol mapper operable to map a frame of bits to a frame of symbols, where the symbols correspond to a determined modulation scheme, and circuitry operable to convert the frame of symbols to a physical layer signal and transmit the physical layer signal onto a communication medium. The circuitry is operable to process the physical layer signal such that a first portion of the physical layer signal is a first type of signal (e.g., a linear signal and/or non-isc signal) and a second portion of the physical layer signal is a second type of signal (e.g., nonlinear signal and/or isc signal).
Magnacom Ltd.


Wireless device with adaptively-tunable electrically-small antennas

A communication device includes a transmitter (tx), a receiver (rx), one or more adaptively-tunable electrically-small antennas (esas), and a control unit. The transmitter is configured to produce a tx signal for transmission on a tx frequency band.
Altair Semiconductor Ltd.


Synchronous rectifier design for wireless power receiver

Synchronous rectifier circuit topologies for a wireless power receiver receiving a supply of power from a wireless transmitter are disclosed. The synchronous rectifier circuit topologies include a half-bridge diode-fet transistor rectifier for rectifying the wireless power into power including a dc waveform, using a control scheme that may be provided by a delay-locked loop clock, or phase shifters, or wavelength links to control conduction of fet transistors in the synchronous rectifier circuit topology, and maintaining a constant switching frequency to have the diodes, coupled to fet transistors, to allow current to flow through each one respectively at the appropriate timing, focusing on high conduction times.
Energous Corporation


Systems and methods for wireless transmission of power

Systems and methods for real time communication between wireless power transmitters and wireless power receivers based on software embedded on a microprocessor. The systems and methods described here may allow wireless power transmitters to communicate with one or more wireless power receivers in real time within intervals of one second.
Energous Corporation


Portable wireless charging pad

The present disclosure provides a method and apparatus for improved wireless charging pads for charging and/or powering electronic devices. Such pads may not require a power cord for connecting to a main power supply, for example a wall outlet.
Energous Corporation


Bulk wireless charger

An improved bulk wireless charger station may be constructed of a number of individual wireless charger modules. Each module may include an embedded wireless charger transmitter with the capability of wirelessly charging a device inserted into the module.


System and transmitting rf energy

Systems and methods for wirelessly harvesting power are disclosed. The method may include, for example, transmitting radio frequency waves to a receiver and receiving, using one or more antennas, the radio frequency waves.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Alabama


Wireless sound charging methods and systems for game controllers, based on pocket-forming

The present invention provides wireless charging methods and systems for powering game controllers. The methods and systems may include one or more transmitters and one or more receivers.
Energous Corporation


Systems and methods for managing and controlling a wireless power network

A system for managing a wireless power network is disclosed here. The system includes a graphical user interface from which a user may perform managing functions in a wireless power network.
Energous Corporation


Transmission-guard an inductive power supply

Wireless power transfer between a power transmitter and a power receiver may include a power transfer established by a detector of the wireless power transmitter detecting a magnetic field from a wireless power receiver in proximity to the wireless power transmitter and activating the wireless power transmitter to transfer power to the wireless power receiver.. .
Powermat Technologies, Ltd.


Wireless sound charging and powering of healthcare gadgets and sensors

The present disclosure provides wireless charging and powering methods for healthcare gadgets and wireless sensors. The method may include wireless power transmission through suitable techniques such as pocket-forming.
Energous Corporation


Wireless sound powering of electronic devices with selective delivery range

The present disclosure describes a methodology for wireless sound power transmission based on pocket-forming. This methodology may include one transmitter and at least one or more receivers, being the transmitter the sender of energy and the receiver connected to an electronic device that is desired to charge or power.
Energous Corporation


System and controlling communication between wireless power transmitter managers

A method for controlling communication between wireless power transmitter managers is disclosed. According to some aspects of this embodiment, wireless power transmission system may include one or more wireless power transmitter managers and one or more wireless power receivers for powering various customer devices.
Energous Corporation


Systems and methods for device and power receiver pairing

Various exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure describe systems and methods for pairing electronic devices with wireless power receivers. The described systems include one or more wireless power transmitters, one or more wireless power receivers and one or more electronic devices.
Energous Corporation

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