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Transmission Path patents


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 Synchronization control method within wireless network, wireless network and smart home device patent thumbnailSynchronization control method within wireless network, wireless network and smart home device
The present disclosure relates to the smart home field, disclosing a synchronization control method within wireless network, a wireless network and a smart home device. In the present disclosure, controlling a terminal to broadcast a control command directed at multiple smart home devices; characterized in, the control command carries a count-down time duration for command execution time; continuing to broadcast the control command by a smart home device which receives the control command within its wireless broadcast coverage area, and carrying in the broadcasted control command the processing time for the smart home device to process the control command; determining command execution time by respective smart home devices to execute the control command according to the count-down time duration in the received control command, as well as the total processing time of respective smart home devices which the control command passes on its transmission path.
Telink Semiconductor (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

 System and  applying system policies in an optical communication system having user-allocated bandwidth patent thumbnailSystem and applying system policies in an optical communication system having user-allocated bandwidth
A system and method that enforces one or more policy rules on user-allocated bandwidth portions of the overall system bandwidth, for example in an optical fiber transmission system. The policy rules may limit, for example, the range of optical wavelengths, the acceptable range on the output-power-spectral density and/or the total per-band optical power within the user-allocated bandwidth that a user may provide on the system.
Tyco Electronics Subsea Communications Llc

 Interposer-less stack die interconnect patent thumbnailInterposer-less stack die interconnect
Techniques for providing a semiconductor assembly having an interconnect die for die-to-die interconnection, an ic package, a method for manufacturing, and a method for routing signals in an ic package are described. In one implementation, a semiconductor assembly is provided that includes a first interconnect die coupled to a first integrated circuit (ic) die and a second ic die by inter-die connections.
Xilinx, Inc.

 Head mounted video and touch detection for healthcare facility hygiene patent thumbnailHead mounted video and touch detection for healthcare facility hygiene
A system and method tracks touches in a healthcare environment in order to analyze paths of transmission and contamination for the purpose of eliminating and containing transmission of colonizing, drug-resistant pathogens. Touches are identified and tracked with the use of recording devices.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Fluid type power transmission device patent thumbnailFluid type power transmission device
A fluid type power transmission device in which a torque transmission path for transmitting torque from a vehicular engine is provided with a dynamic damper mechanism formed by disposing a plurality of damper springs between an inertial rotating body and a rotation-transmitting member forming part of the torque transmission path. An elastic member always linked to one of the rotation-transmitting member and the inertial rotating body is added to the dynamic damper mechanism.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

 Sheet metal pressure plate and pressure pot as joint component patent thumbnailSheet metal pressure plate and pressure pot as joint component
The invention relates to a clutch for a motor vehicle, having a pressure plate which is set up to clamp a torque transmission member, such as a disk or friction disk, together with a counterpressure plate, wherein a force transmission path is provided between an actuating unit via a pressure transmission member, wherein the pressure transmission member is configured as an integral part of the pressure plate. The invention also relates to a method for producing a pressure plate for a clutch, wherein the pressure plate is formed with an integrated pressure transmission member from a sheet metal plate via a chipless forming process..
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

 Method of communicating between secured computer systems, a computer network infrastructure and a computer program product patent thumbnailMethod of communicating between secured computer systems, a computer network infrastructure and a computer program product
A method communicates between secured computer systems in a computer network infrastructure. Data packets are transmitted between a plurality from a group of processing computer systems, wherein such a transmission is performed by at least one broker computer system.
Fujitsu Technology Solutions Intellectual Property Gmbh

 Mini isolator patent thumbnailMini isolator
A coaxial radio frequency (rf) isolator is disclosed. The isolator includes a first connector that conducts an rf signal received from a first device connected to the isolator.
Ppc Broadband, Inc.

 Semiconductor device patent thumbnailSemiconductor device
In a semiconductor device, memory modules each having a low power consumption mode that is enabled and disabled by a control signal belong to a memory block. A transmission path of the control signal is provided such that the control signal is inputted in parallel to the memory module via an inside-of-module path, and such that the control signal is outputted by a particular memory module of the memory modules via the inside-of-module path to a downstream outside-of-module path.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

 Head-mounted device patent thumbnailHead-mounted device
A head-mounted device including a main body, a projection device and a beam combiner is provided. The main body has an upper shade portion and a lower shade portion, wherein the upper shade portion and the lower shade portion have an opening defined therebetween.
Coretronic Corporation

Optical coherence imaging systems having a reduced effective linewidth

Frequency domain optical coherence imaging systems have an optical source, an optical detector and an optical transmission path between the optical source and the optical detector. The optical transmission path between the optical source and the optical detector reduces an effective linewidth of the imaging system.
Bioptigen, Inc.

Closed-loop power control in multi-transmission wireless systems

Techniques for closed loop power control in multi-transmission systems are discussed. One example system employing such techniques can include coupling circuitry configured to receive a transmission path signal comprising a plurality of signal components, wherein the plurality of signal components comprises at least a first signal component in a first frequency band and a second frequency component in a second frequency band distinct from the first frequency band; filter circuitry configured to receive the transmission path signal from the coupling circuitry, to separate the first signal component from the second signal component, and to separately output the first signal component and the second signal component; and power control circuitry configured to receive the first signal component and the second signal component, and to generate a first power control signal based on the first signal component and a second power control signal based on the second signal component..
Intel Ip Corporation

Transmission apparatus and transmission system

A transmission side counts the number of data signals to be transmitted to an internal signal route (or a transmission path) and sets a transmission counter value counted at a timing when a monitor signal is transmitted into a monitor signal to be transmitted to the route (or the path). A reception side of the data signals counts the number of data signals received from the internal signal route (or the transmission path) and sets a reception counter value counted at a timing when the monitor signal is received into the received monitor signal..
Fujitsu Limited

Electrode-status-determining facility and determining electrode status information

A method is for determining electrode status information relating to an electrode in a differential voltage measuring system for measuring a bioelectric signal, the electrode status information indicating whether the electrode is connected or not connected. An embodiment of the method includes the acquisition of a temporal profile of an electric current flowing through a shunt resistor, wherein the shunt resistor is arranged in series with the electrode in an electric transmission path of the differential voltage measuring system, and the determination of the electrode status information on the basis of the temporal profile..
Siemens Healthcare Gmbh

Differential absorption lidar

A system for remotely detecting gas concentration is provided. The system includes a plurality of light sources.
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.

Recording medium conveyance apparatus and image forming apparatus

The apparatus includes a first clutch and a second clutch. The first clutch transmits rotation of the driving unit in a first rotation direction to the first feeding device without transmitting rotation of the driving unit in a second rotation direction that is reverse to the first rotation direction to the first feeding device.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Signal routing system

This specification discloses a protocol agnostic networking apparatus and method of networking. The networking apparatus receives physical layer signal through a plurality of communications ports that interface with external computing systems.
Zomojo Pty Ltd

Multichannel content distribution via satellite to broadcast-capable mobile networks

A method of delivering content, via a satellite, from a content server to one or more tower sites of a mobile operator network or locations with caching functions, the method including using satellite bandwidth of the satellite to transmit content to one or more tower sites of a mobile operator network, transmitting the content to the one or more tower sites or locations with caching functions using a combination of wide and spot beams based on locations of the one or more tower sites, and receiving distribution rules, with respect to the content, within computing resources on the downlink side of the transmission path in cloud-based architecture, and comprises transmitting the content to the one or more tower sites or caching locations based on the aggregated, received distribution rules and policies with further distribution to mobile devices.. .
Intelsat Corporation

Interference cancellation device and interference cancellation method

An interference cancellation device includes: an interference signal generation unit including a buffer circuit that accumulates a first digital signal, delays the first digital signal, and outputs the first digital signal as a second digital signal and a digital signal processing circuit that processes the second digital signal in such a way as to have the same optical characteristic change as a reflected light whose optical characteristic changes according to the characteristic of an optical fiber transmission path, wherein the reflected light is a light reflected at a reflection point of the path when a transmission signal light modulated by the first digital signal is transmitted through the path, and outputs the second digital signal as an interference signal; and a subtraction unit that subtracts the interference signal from a third digital signal obtained by converting a reception signal light into an electric signal and outputting the result.. .
Nec Corporation

Optical power measurement in a passive optical network

A passive optical network (pon) device and method for optical power measurement along an optical transmission path supporting bidirectional propagation of downstream light and upstream light between two network elements of a pon is provided. The device includes an optical power splitter assembly extracting respective portions of the upstream and downstream light, and an upstream wavelength analyzer determining, from the extracted upstream light, an upstream spectral characteristic of the upstream light.
Exfo Inc.

Low-loss tunable radio frequency filter

A method of constructing an rf filter comprises designing an rf filter that includes a plurality of resonant elements disposed, a plurality of non-resonant elements coupling the resonant elements together to form a stop band having a plurality of transmission zeroes corresponding to respective frequencies of the resonant elements, and a sub-band between the transmission zeroes. The non-resonant elements comprise a variable non-resonant element for selectively introducing a reflection zero within the stop band to create a pass band in the sub-band.
Resonant Inc.

Antenna matching circuit, antenna matching module, antenna device and wireless communication device

An antenna device includes an antenna element, which is able to transmit and receive high-frequency signals of a plurality of frequency bands, and an antenna matching circuit. The antenna matching circuit includes an impedance converting circuit, which is connected to the antenna element side of the circuit, and a variable reactance circuit, which is connected to a feeder circuit side of the circuit.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor devices with redistribution pads

Semiconductor devices with redistribution pads are disclosed. The semiconductor device includes a plurality of electric pads provided on a semiconductor substrate, and a plurality of redistribution pads electrically connected to the electric pads and an outer terminal.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Row decoder and a memory device having the same

A row decoder of the semiconductor memory device includes a decoding and precharging unit that is connected between a high voltage node and a block word line, wherein the decoding and precharging unit precharges the block word line, and wherein the decoding and precharging unit includes one or more decoding transistors that decode an address and form a transmission path for transmitting a block selection voltage. The row decoder further includes a pass transistor block that transmits one or more row driving voltages to row lines in response to the block selection voltage, wherein the block selection voltage is boosted according to a switching operation of the pass transistor block..

Storage device

A storage subsystem comprises one or more volumes, and multiple nodes having multiple control packages interconnected via an intra-node communication path, wherein the control packages of different nodes are interconnected via an inter-node communication path having a lower transmission path capacity than the intra-node communication path. When the host computer accesses a volume, access is enabled via any of at least two or more control packages out of the multiple control packages, and the priority for issuing access requests to the relevant volume is determined in each of the control packages.
Hitachi, Ltd.

Arrangement comprising a patient support apparatus with a support plate and an overlay for the support plate

An arrangement is disclosed including a patient support apparatus with a support plate and an overlay for the support plate. In an embodiment, the support plate or overlay includes an electrically conductive first layer.
Siemens Healthcare Gmbh

Low power redundant transmission network

A method and system for using a communication protocol over a low-powered transmission network. The communication system and protocol enables low-powered transmission devices to efficiently and reliably transmit data in challenging environments.
Squadle, Inc.

Control load transmission

A control method and apparatus for load transmission is provided. The control method includes: receiving a trigger event reported by a proxy server, where the trigger event includes a first transmission delay of a first member transmission path and a second transmission delay of a second member transmission path, and reporting the trigger event when one of the first and the second transmission delays is greater than a first delay threshold, the method also includes initiating a request to a packet data network gateway and obtaining network information fed back by the packet data network gateway.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Video signal transmission system

The present invention provides a transmitter including a first source network interface connected to a first transmission path of a plurality of transmission paths, an nth source network interface connected to an nth transmission path of the plurality of transmission paths, a video signal segmenting unit configured to segment a video signal into a plurality of pieces of data, a sequence number allocating unit configured to allocate a sequence number to each of the plurality of pieces of data, an ip packet generating unit configured to generate a plurality of ip packets by adding ip headers to the plurality of pieces of data, and a transmitting unit configured to allocate each of the plurality of ip packets to one of the first source network interface to the nth source network interface, respectively, and to transmit the ip packets independently.. .
Media Global Links Co., Ltd.

Transmission apparatus, reception apparatus and digital radio communication method

A transmission apparatus and method include modulating a transmission signal using a first modulation scheme selected from a plurality of modulation schemes to generate a first symbol sequence. A second symbol, generated using a phase shift keying (psk) modulation scheme, is inserted in the first symbol sequence to generate a first modulation signal for transmission.
Wi-fi One, Llc

Full duplex operation in a wireless network

Multiple wireless devices in a network perform full duplex communication in which the transmission path and receiving path are spatially separated to allow simultaneous transmission and receiving. The wireless devices can either be controlled using a centralized, or point, coordination function or a distributed coordination function.
Zte (usa) Inc.

Device for power line communication, transmitting signals, and receiving signals

A device for power line communication is provided, including a transmitter adapted to transmit signals on at least two of a plurality of power line transmission paths of a power line network; a sensor adapted to determine one or a plurality of reflection parameters of one of the plurality of power line transmission paths; and a transmission impedance matching unit adapted to match the output impedance of at least two output ports of the device which each couple to one of the plurality of transmission paths to the impedance of the at least two of the power line transmission paths based on the one or the plurality of reflection parameters. Further, a device including a corresponding reception impedance matching unit is provided and corresponding methods for transmitting and receiving signals..
Sony Corporation

Systems and methods for increasing the effectiveness of digital pre-distortion in electronic communications

Various embodiments of communication systems and methods in which the communication system is operative to find, record, and use sets of pre-distortion parameters in conjunction with a pre-distortion procedure, in which each set of pre-distortion parameters is operative to specifically counter distortions produced in a power amplifier by a specific combination of level of input signal power and level of analog gain associated with a transmission path of the communication system. In some embodiments, there is a modulator, a transmission chain, a distortion analysis mechanism, and a pre-distortion mechanism, operative to analyze and modify signals so as to counter signal distortion..
Redline Communications Inc.

Sensor interface that provides a long package crc to improve functional safety

A data transmission system comprising an automotive sensor network system (asns) connected to a plurality of source locations via a common bus, wherein the asns is configured to ascertain the source from which the data-frames and first package checksum are received and based on the ascertainment of the source, appropriate decoding methods are used to calculate the asns location data-frame checksums and the asns location package checksums. A higher order redundancy check is done over a series of data-frames to detect errors in the reception caused by temporary high interference that may exist in the transmission path..
Infineon Technologies Ag

Radio frequency module

A radio frequency module includes a transmission terminal, a transmission filter connected to the transmission terminal, a common terminal, a reception filter which is connected to the common terminal, a reception terminal, a branch point to which the common terminal, the transmission filter, and the reception filter are connected, a transmission path connecting the transmission terminal and the branch point, a reception path connecting the reception terminal and the branch point, a common path connecting the common terminal and the branch point, a matching circuit connected to the common path, and an inductor circuit that includes a first inductor that defines a propagation path through electromagnetic coupling to at least one of the transmission path, the common path, the matching circuit, and the reception path, and a second inductor that is positioned so as not to be electromagnetically coupled to the transmission path, the common path, the matching circuit, or the reception path.. .
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Vehicle controller

A vehicle controller includes a lock-up clutch disposed to a power transmission path between an engine and a driving wheel, and a clutch configured to connect and disconnect the power transmission path, wherein at the time of switching driven traveling for causing a vehicle to travel by connecting the power transmission path and inertia traveling for causing the vehicle to travel by disconnecting the power transmission path, the lock-up clutch and the clutch are switched at switching start timings different from each other.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Control device for vehicle driving device

A control device for controlling a vehicle driving device provided with a transmission apparatus including a plurality of engagement devices in a power transmission path between a driving force source and a wheel and selectively forming a plurality of transmission shift stages having different transmission shift ratios depending on engagement states of the plurality of engagement devices.. .
Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

Transmission module, information transmission network system, information transmission method, information transmission program

A module transmits send information to be processed by an information processing apparatus along a transmission path on which the information processing apparatus is present. When the send information is sent in accordance with predetermined sending parameters, if a sending failure in which a sending completion state of the send information cannot be confirmed occurs, a part or all of the sending parameters used for sending of the send information with respect to which the sending failure has occurred are changed, and the send information is resent in accordance with the sending parameters after the changing.
Omron Corporation

Wireless transmission path selection method and apparatus

The present invention relates to the field of the mobile communications technologies, and in particular, to a wireless transmission path selection method and apparatus. In this solution, according to corresponding precoding information, a cqi of each wireless transmission path and/or orthogonality information of channel propagation directions from any two candidate transmission nodes in a candidate transmission node set to a wireless transmission path selection node are/is determined.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Free space optical receiver and free space optical receiving method

It is impossible to prevent the deterioration of the coupling efficiency between received light and a single mode fiber, and difficult to achieve a higher transmission rate, with respect to a free space optical communication receiver; therefore, a free space optical receiver according to an exemplary aspect of the present invention includes light collecting means for collecting laser light having propagated through a free space transmission path; mode controlling means for separating the laser light collected by the light collecting means into a plurality of propagation mode beams depending on a wave-front fluctuation of the laser light and outputting the propagation mode beams; a plurality of single mode transmission media for guiding the plurality of propagation mode beams, respectively; and a plurality of light receiving means for receiving the plurality of propagation mode beams respectively through the plurality of single mode transmission media.. .
Nec Corporation

Oled display panel and display device including the same

The disclosed oled display panel includes: an oled unit, including one or more pixel light-emitting units, wherein light emitted from the pixel light-emitting units is transmitted in a first area; a rotatable optical component, arranged on a transmission path of the light emitted from the pixel light-emitting units, wherein the light emitted from the pixel light-emitting units is transmitted onto the optical component and then reflected by the same, and light reflected by the optical component, when the optical component is rotated, is projected onto a second area within a predetermine period, wherein the second area is larger than the first area; and a light-transmitting display substrate, arranged on a transmission path of the light reflected by the optical component and arranged corresponding to the second area.. .
Beijing Boe Chatani Electronics Co., Ltd.

Storage system, storage apparatus, and communication method

A storage system includes storage apparatuses and a second transmission path. The storage apparatuses each include a control device, and memory devices coupled in series with the control device through a first transmission path having the control device at a beginning.
Fujitsu Limited

Apparatus and in-situ calibration of a photoacoustic sensor

An apparatus for in-situ calibration of a photoacoustic sensor is provided. The apparatus includes a light emitter to emit light along a transmission path to a gas and an acoustic sensor element configured to detect an acoustic signal emitted from the gas based on the received light.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Motor actuator, processing motor actuator, and inspecting motor actuator

A motor actuator includes a housing that contains a motor, a sensor contained in the housing, and a transmission path capable of continuously transmitting a detection signal generated by the sensor. The housing has an insertion hole formed therein, and the insertion hole is capable of receiving a probe for taking out the detection signal from the transmission path.
Tgk Co., Ltd.

Communication device, communication method, and computer program

Graphics are preferably superimposed on uncompressed image data received from an external device to be transmitted to another external device. An av amplifier 12 inserted on an hdmi transmission path between a bd player 11 and a television receiver 13 superimposes the graphics on the transmitted uncompressed image data.
Sony Corporation

Image encoder, image decoder, and image transmission device

Making effective use of an image encoder and an image decoder for processing a color image of a general-purpose standard bit depth, an image transmission device capable of transmitting/receiving a monochrome image of a higher bit depth is configured. An image transmission device includes an image encoder to encode a high bit-depth monochrome image and output encoded data and an image decoder to generate, by decoding the encoded data received via a transmission path, a high bit-depth monochrome image.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

Optical transmission unit and image capturing apparatus

An optical transmission unit includes a plurality of optical transmission paths, a first aperture limiter configured to limit an aperture on an entrance end of each of the plurality of optical transmission paths, a second aperture limiter configured to limit an aperture on an exit end of each of the plurality of optical transmission paths; and a moving unit configured to rotationally move, around an optical axis direction of the transmission paths, at least one of the plurality of optical transmission paths, the first aperture limiter, and the second aperture limiter so that a moving direction and a moving amount of the aperture limited by the first aperture limiter can be equal to those of the aperture limited by the second aperture limiter.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Method for synchronizing video and audio in virtual reality system

A method for audio-video synchronization in a virtual reality (vr) system is provided. The vr system includes a vr device and a host device.
Htc Corporation

Communication device and method applicable to stacking communication system

The present invention discloses a communication device applicable to a stacking communication system. The communication device comprises: a plurality of communication ports operable to constitute a part of an internal transmission path of the stacking communication system; a storage unit operable to store a reference path table; and a controller operable to receive a frame and then determine whether the frame should be forwarded, wherein if the frame should be forwarded, the controller is operable to choose one among the communication ports according to the reference path table and the content of the frame to forward the frame or a frame derived therefrom to the internal transmission path of the stacking communication system..
Realtek Semiconductor Corporation

Wavelength conversion device and projector

A wavelength conversion device adapted to convert a wavelength of an exciting light beam is provided. The wavelength conversion device includes a main body, a middle connection layer and a wavelength conversion adhesive layer.
Coretronic Corporation

Projection apparatus and illumination system

An illumination system including a coherent light source device, a light delivery module, and a light wavelength conversion module is provided. The coherent light source device includes a light emitting source and a light collimating element.
Coretronic Corporation

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