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Date/App# patent app List of recent Transducer-related patents
 Circuits and methods for artifact elimination patent thumbnailCircuits and methods for artifact elimination
Disclosed are apparatus and methods that provide the ability to electrical stimulate a physical system, and actively eliminate interference with signal acquisition (artifacts) that arises from the stimulation. The technique implemented in the circuits and methods for eliminating interference connects a discharge path to a physical interface to the system to remove charge that is built-up during stimulation.
 Apparatus for and method of monitoring condensed water in steam pipes at high temperature patent thumbnailApparatus for and method of monitoring condensed water in steam pipes at high temperature
A system and method for monitoring the properties of a fluid, such as water, in a steam pipe without mechanically penetrating the wall of the pipe. The system uses a piezoelectric transducer to launch an ultrasonic probe signal into the pipe.
 Bandpass adc sampling for fluid velocity determination patent thumbnailBandpass adc sampling for fluid velocity determination
A method of calculating a time difference is disclosed. The method includes receiving a first ultrasonic signal (r21) having a first frequency from a first transducer (ut2) at a first time and receiving a second ultrasonic signal (r12) having the first frequency from a second ultrasonic transducer (ut2) at a second time.
 Ultrasonic surgical instruments patent thumbnailUltrasonic surgical instruments
In one general aspect, various embodiments are directed to a surgical instrument that can supply mechanical energy and electrical energy to an end effector of the surgical instrument. The surgical instrument may be operated in a first operating mode in which a transducer of the surgical instrument produces mechanical energy, or vibrations, that are transmitted to the end effector and a second operating mode in which electrical energy, or current, can flow through the end effector to perform electrosurgery.
 Evaluation of an implanted prosthesis patent thumbnailEvaluation of an implanted prosthesis
Evaluating an implanted hearing prosthesis, including operating the implanted hearing prosthesis, capturing sound generated by a transducer of the prosthesis during said operation, and comparing the captured sound to a sound model.. .
 Non-invasive valsalva maneuver (vm) heart failure diagnostic method and  apparatus patent thumbnailNon-invasive valsalva maneuver (vm) heart failure diagnostic method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for diagnosing heart failure are disclosed. They include monitoring a subject's pulsatile blood flow with a non-invasive probe during a valsalva maneuver (vm), processing data therefrom to calculate fall in flow, hear rate changes, rebound, and heart stroke volume during the vm.
 Mechanical scanning ultrasound transducer with micromotor patent thumbnailMechanical scanning ultrasound transducer with micromotor
A system for use with ultrasound procedures including an ultrasound control and/or imaging system which has a microminiature motor, a rotatable reflector and a stationary ultrasound transducer. The transducer may be placed between the motor and the reflector, so as to eliminate the need for placement of wires or other artifact-creating items in the path of ultrasound signals.
 Devices and methods for three-dimensional internal ultrasound usage patent thumbnailDevices and methods for three-dimensional internal ultrasound usage
There are disclosed embodiments of devices and methods for imaging the inside of a body part, particularly a blood vessel. In particular embodiments, a catheter has a tip chamber, within which is an ultrasound transducer mounted on a pivot mechanism, a motor for turning the transducer, and an implement for pivoting the transducer.
 Reciprocating internal ultrasound transducer assembly patent thumbnailReciprocating internal ultrasound transducer assembly
A device for endoluminal therapeutic and diagnostic ultrasound procedures includes a motor which rotates a drive shaft and ultrasound transducer. In one example, conductors attach to the transducer and extend through a hollow drive shaft.
 Internal transducer assembly with slip ring patent thumbnailInternal transducer assembly with slip ring
A device for internal ultrasound imaging including a micro-motor rotates a drive shaft and ultrasound transducer. Conductors attach between the transducer and slip ring assemblies.
Method and apparatus for non-invasive treatment of hypertension through ultrasound renal denervation
Non-invasive inactivation of nerve conduction in a treatment region of a mammalian subject as, for example, a region encompassing a renal artery. A therapeutic ultrasound transducer (31) is engaged with the body of the subject outside of the treatment region, preferably with the skin of the subject in proximity to the treatment region (10).
Finger biometric sensor including laterally adjacent piezoelectric transducer layer and associated methods
A finger biometric sensor may include a finger biometric sensing layer having an upper major surface and at least one sidewall surface adjacent thereto. The finger biometric layer may be for generating signals related to at least one biometric characteristic of the user's finger when positioned adjacent the first major surface.
Method for operating a hearing device as well as a hearing device
A method for operating a hearing device by applying a frequency transposition scheme to an input signal of the hearing device comprising an input transducer, a signal processing unit and an output transducer, the method comprising the steps of transforming the input signal from time domain into frequency domain by applying a transformation function in order to obtain an input spectrum having a frequency range comprising a source region (20) and a destination region (30), adaptively selecting signal components of the source region (20) taking into account momentary characteristics of the input signal, transposing the selected signal components to the destination region (30), and supplying the output spectrum or a transformation thereof to the output transducer, the output spectrum comprising signal components of the destination region (30).. .
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, probe head, ultrasonic probe, electronic machine, and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
An ultrasonic measurement apparatus has an ultrasonic transducer device including an ultrasonic element array, a first through n-th first end-side terminal xa1 to xan provided to a first end side, and a first through n-th second end-side terminal xb1 to xbn provided to a second end side opposing the first end side; a first transmission circuit outputting first drive signals vta1 to vtan to the first through n-th first end-side terminals xa1 to xan; and a second transmission circuit outputting second drive signals vtb1 to vtbn to the first through n-th second end-side terminals xb1 to xbn.. .
Parametric transducers and related methods
An ultrasonic emitter comprises a support member operable to support an ultrasonic emittive material. The support member includes a plurality of support ribs.
Televiewer image wood-grain reduction techniques
Measurements made by a transducer assembly for downhole imaging are affected by reverberations between the transducer and the window on the outside of the assembly. The reverberations result in a stationary noise on the image.
Multi-layer piezoelectric transducer with inactive layers
Apparatus for positioning a control object, such as a microactuator used to position a read/write transducer adjacent a data storage medium. In accordance with some embodiments, a piezoelectric transducer (pzt) element is adapted to induce rotational displacement of the control object in a bending mode of operation.
Ultrasonic transducer and fabricating the same
An aspect of one embodiment, there is provided an ultrasonic transducer including a plurality of oscillators, each of the oscillator having a convex portion, a printed wiring board provided to be opposed to the convex portion and electrically connected to the convex portion, a resin provided between the oscillator and the printed wiring board, the resin covering at least the convex portion and a portion of the printed wiring board.. .
Ultrasonic transducer device, probe head, ultrasonic probe, electronic machine and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
An ultrasonic transducer device includes a substrate on which a plurality of openings are arranged; a plurality of ultrasonic transducer elements, each of the ultrasonic transducer elements being provided to each of the openings of the plurality of openings, on a first surface of the substrate; and a member fixed to a second surface of the substrate, which is a surface on the opposite side of the first surface of the substrate. Provided to the member are a plurality of first groove sections, and a second groove section for bundling together the plurality of the first groove sections..
Systems and methods for wireless transducers through integrated on-chip antenna
Novel methods and systems for wireless sensors are described. The systems can comprise an energy-harvesting unit, a transducer, and electronic control circuit, and an antenna.
Micro-electromechanical pressure sensor having reduced thermally-induced stress
Thermally-induced stress on a silicon micro-electromechanical pressure transducer (mems sensor) is reduced by attaching the mems sensor to a plastic filled with low cte fillers that lowers the plastic's coefficient of thermal expansion (cte) to be closer to that of silicon. The mems sensor is attached to the housing using an epoxy adhesive/silica filler mixture, which when cured has a cte between about ten ppm/° c.
Ultrasonic cleaning apparatus
An ultrasonic cleaning apparatus includes a cleaning tank, a control device and a plurality of ultrasonic transducers. The cleaning tank includes a bottom surface.
Force transducer forming a load cell
A force transducer, in particular a weighing cell, includes a spring body, which deforms under the action of a force or load to be measured, and a sensor that includes two separate sensor parts mounted at different locations of the spring body and that generates a sensor signal which is dependent on the relative position of the sensor parts with respect to each other. In order to improve the adaptation of the sensor to the spring body, one of the sensor parts is attached to the spring body with interposition of an electromechanical actuator and a control device is present, which controls the actuator dependent on the sensor signal in the direction of a reduction in the positional difference of the sensor parts..
Enhanced static-dynamic pressure transducer suitable for use in gas turbines and other compressor applications
This disclosure provides example methods, devices and systems associated with filter structures employed with sensors. In one embodiment, a method comprises receiving, at a first filter having a plurality of pores, a pressure, wherein the pressure includes a static pressure component and a dynamic pressure component; filtering, by the first filter, at least a portion of the dynamic pressure component of the pressure; outputting, from the first filter, a filtered pressure; and wherein the filtered pressure is used to determine the dynamic pressure component..
Portable articulated arm coordinate measuring machine with optical communications bus
A portable articulated arm coordinate measurement machine (aacmm) having opposed first and second ends and a plurality of connected arm segments each having at least one position transducer for producing a position signal; an electronic circuit configured to receive the position signals; a first bus for communication with the electronic circuit, wherein at least a portion of the first bus is an optical communication bus configured to transmit light; and a rotary coupler having a first portion and a second portion, the second portion configured to rotate relative to the first portion, the first portion affixed to the first arm segment, the rotary coupler configured to transfer signals on the optical communication bus between the first portion and the second portion.. .
Vest assembly
A vest assembly is provided for use by a wearer. The vest assembly comprises a vest body, a plurality of communication components disposed within the vest body, an antenna disposed within, or otherwise connected to the vest body, a rechargeable power supply, and a thermoelectric transducer assembly for converting body thermal energy into electrical energy to recharge the power supply and/or power the communication components.
Electromechanical measurement of stapedius muscle/tendon activity
A device for measuring stapedius tissue activity uses a mechanoelectrical transducer having two ends. A static end is configured for attachment to the bony pyramid in the middle ear, and a dynamic end is configured for attachment to stapedius tissue in the middle ear.
Polarization scrambling for intra-body fiber optic sensor
In an example, an optical system can include a polarization scrambler coupleable to a tunable first optical source configured to generate a coherent optical output. The system can include an intra-body optical sensor such as a an intravascularly-deliverable optical fiber transducer, configured to be coupled to the tunable first optical source through the polarization scrambler, the polarization scrambler configured to vary a polarization state of the optical energy provided by the tunable first optical source, the intravascularly-deliverable optical fiber transducer configured to reflect a portion of the optical energy modulated in response to a vibration, pressure, or strain.
Bubble-induced color doppler feedback during histotripsy
A histotripsy therapy system is provided that can include any number of features. In some embodiments, the system includes a high voltage power supply, a pulse generator electrically coupled to at least one signal switching amplifier, at least one matching network electrically coupled to the signal switching amplifier(s), and an ultrasound transducer having at least one transducer element.
Method, apparatus, and system for measuring propagation of shear wave using ultrasound transducer
A method of measuring propagation of a shear wave by using an ultrasound transducer includes generating a shear wave inside the object, setting a region of interest (roi) on which propagation of the shear wave is to be observed, and determining a position of a second focus on which ultrasound signals are to be directed to obtain information about the roi, irradiating the ultrasound signals toward the second focus, and receiving echo signals reflected from the roi.. .
Methods for predicting and improving the survival of gastric cancer patients
The present invention provides assays and methods for predicting the post-operative survival of a subject having an early stage gastric cancer after tumor surgery. The present invention also provides methods for treating a subject having an early stage gastric cancer by administering a combination therapy tailored to the signal transduction biomarkers that are activated in the cancer.
Method for measuring electroacoustic parameters of transducer
A method discloses measuring electroacoustic parameters of transducer. With known voice-coil displacement, voice-coil current, transducer impedance and its stimulus signal as inputs, the five calculation procedures of direct problem, adjoint problem, sensitivity problem, conjugate gradient method, and constraint equations are involved in inversely solving electroacoustic parameters.
Radio-frequency transceiver device in wireless communication system
A radio-frequency transceiver device, used in a wireless communication system, includes a housing; a first printed circuit board, disposed on a first surface of the housing; a second printed circuit board, disposed on a second surface of the housing, for cooperating with the first printed circuit board to process a receive signal; and a waveguide, connected to the housing, having an orthomode transducer, having a common port, for conveying a transmit signal and the receive signal; a first low-pass filter, coupled to a co-polar port of the orthomode transducer; and a diplexer, coupled to a cross-polar port of the orthomode transducer, for cooperating with the first low-pass filter to separate the transmit signal and the receive signal; wherein connection of the housing and the waveguide substantially conforms to an l shape.. .
Acoustic wave measuring apparatus
An acoustic wave measuring apparatus includes: a probe having a plurality of transducers that are capable of converting an acoustic wave into an electric signal and vice versa; a transmitting and receiving unit that includes a plurality of channels connected to the probe, generates an acoustic wave from the probe, and obtains a reception signal of the probe; a plurality of switches that switch connections between the transducers and the channels; and an image generating unit that generates an image from the reception signal. The transducers include a central element row and an end portion element row, and the plurality of channels are respectively connected to the transducers on the central element row and the transducers on the end portion element row alternately via the switches..
In-line substrate media sensor and protective guide
A sensing method and system to protect printer print heads from substrate media contact comprising a trip wire sensor to detect and signal a printer control system that substrate media carried by transport media is positioned to strike or contact the print head. The trip wire sensor is located upstream of the print heads, a controlled distance above the transport media in the direction normal to the plane of the media, and comprises a trip wire operatively connected to at least one transducer.
Current transformer
A current measuring transducer for measuring the current flowing through an electrical cable, with a ring probe, a sensor and an evaluation device for recording the current value obtained by the ring probe and the sensor, wherein the ring probe has an annular core, wherein the ring probe is divided into a basic ring section and at least one movable ring section, wherein the movable ring section defines an open and a closed state, wherein in the open state, a radial cable insert opening is opened, and wherein a circularly closed arrangement is created in the closed state of the movable ring section in which the annular core surrounds the cable, wherein the radial insertion of a cable extending axially relative to the current measuring transducer into the inside area of the ring probe transfers the ring section from one to the other state, and measurement of the current in the cable inserted into the inside area is made possible in the closed state.. .
Efficient cooling of piezoelectric transducers
A sealed piezoelectric transducer having a single, uniform, electrically insulating, heat-conducting layer of a soft, rubbery material filled with a fine, homogeneously-dispersed powder having high thermal conductivity. The material is placed in contact with the surfaces of the transducer and conducts the heat from the surfaces to an external heat sink.
System and method of monitoring displacement of a member during a downhole completion operation
A method of monitoring axial or radial displacement of a member during a downhole completion operation includes, sensing axial or radial displacement of the member during the downhole completion operation with the at least one transducer, and communicating the sensing of the axial or the radial displacement to surface via the wired pipe.. .
Ice prevention system and method for power lines
A method for preventing the build-up of ice on overhead power lines using induced vibrations and hydrophobic chemical treatment. In one embodiment, audio frequency transducers are used to send low frequency vibrations down a transmission line, while a hydrophobic coating is applied before inclement weather.
Pressure transducer using ceramic diaphragm
A pressure transducer using a ceramic diaphragm which is not easily damaged so that there is no risk of leakage of a target medium to be measured, having a superior mass-production capability and a reduced volume and enabling low-price by simplifying a flexible cable and a printed circuit board (pcb) to connect the transducer and a signal processing chip. The pressure transducer includes the ceramic diaphragm formed as a rectangular planar ceramic diaphragm and having a surface having formed thereon a pattern made of an electrically conductive material and strain gages; a base plate configured to face the surface of the ceramic diaphragm having formed thereon the pattern; and an adhesive layer configured to be formed along edges of a contacting surface of the ceramic diaphragm and the base plate so as to bond the ceramic diaphragm and the base plate and form a space for the strain gages..
Ultrasonic sensor device and method for assembling the same
An ultrasonic sensor device includes a housing, a transducer, a securing unit, a circuit board and a sealing cap. The housing includes an enclosing portion.
Electrodynamic position transducer device and a washing machine comprising such a device
The processing unit (17) is designed to correct the instantaneous actual values of the parameter in such a way that, at least when the actual values of the parameter are lower than a predetermined value, the processing unit (17) generates and emits corrected values of the parameter which are amplified by a predetermined factor.. .
Method for ultrasonic inspection of irregular and variable shapes
A system and a method for enabling ultrasonic inspection of multiple or varying radii of a composite part without making mechanical adjustments to compensate for changes in the radius dimension. The system may comprise one or more ultrasonic pulser/receivers, one or more ultrasonic transducer arrays, a probe body or shoe to hold and position the array(s), ultrasonic data acquisition application software to drive the array(s), and ultrasonic data acquisition application software to select the best signal response for each column of pixels to be displayed.
Methods and devices for modulating cellular activity using ultrasound
The present invention comprises methods and devices for modulating the activity or activities of living cells, such as cells found in or derived from humans, animals, plants, insects, microorganisms and other organisms. Methods of the present invention comprise use of the application of ultrasound, such as low intensity, low frequency ultrasound, to living cells to affect the cells and modulate the cells' activities.
Three-dimensional needle localization with a two-dimensional imaging probe
An imaging system and method include a medical device (102) having a tracking element (106) mounted thereon. An array (109) of transducers is spaced apart from one another for exchanging energy in a subject between tracking element and the array of transducers.
Communication and speech enhancement system
A communication and speech enhancement system featuring a first transducer designed to be temporarily affixed to a human such as a hospital patient to convert the audible vibrations of human speech into an electrical signal. The transducer provides this electrical signal to one or more electronic modules which modify and enhance the signal.
Method and system for improving laser alignment and optical transmission efficiency of an energy assisted magnetic recording head
An eamr disk drive includes a media, a laser, and a slider coupled with the laser. The laser for provides energy.
Pvdf sonar transducer system
A sound navigation and ranging (sonar) transducer system comprises a transmit element and a receive element. The transmit element may be formed from ceramic material and configured to transmit an ultrasonic signal into a body of water.
Electromechanical inductors and transformers
Devices and systems for power electronic circuits are provided. Embodiments of the present invention enable high density inductive energy storage by using electromechanical coupling between an electrically conducting inductive element and a mechanical resonator to passively store energy via both electromagnetic and mechanical mechanisms.
Image obtaining device and detecting apparatus having the same
An image obtaining device is provided, including a waterproof casing, a ccd image transducer mounted in the waterproof casing, a motor having a driving shaft and being mounted in the waterproof casing, and a transparent plate covered on one side of the waterproof casing, connected to the driving shaft of the motor, and driven to rotate by the motor. A detecting apparatus having the above image obtaining device is further provided.
Reduced mechanical coupling with structured flex circuits
An actuator assembly including a flexible printed circuit and a method for making such an actuator assembly are provided. The flexible printed circuit includes a body having a top side and a bottom side, with the body defining a plurality of bumps extending from the bottom side.
Ultrasonic transducer assembly installation device and methods
Transducer assemblies and associated methods are provided for facilitating alignment of ultrasonic transducers with respect to pipes onto which the transducers are installed. The transducer assembly can include a transducer housing having a track on along which the transducers can be slidingly engaged.
Applications of contact-transfer printed membranes
The disclosed embodiments provide sensitive pixel arrays formed using solvent-assisted or unassisted release processes. Exemplary devices include detectors arrays, tunable optical instruments, deflectable mirrors, digital micro-mirrors, digital light processing chips, tunable optical micro-cavity resonators, acoustic sensors, acoustic actuators, acoustic transducer devices and capacitive zipper actuators to name a few..
Circuit interrupter employing a linear transducer to monitor contact erosion
A circuit interrupter includes, a first contact and a second contact, the second contact being moveable relative to the first contact, a drive assembly structured to move the second contact relative to the first contact, and an erosion monitoring device including a linear transducer coupled to a portion of the drive assembly. The liner transducer is structured to generate an output signal representative of an amount of linear displacement of the portion of the drive assembly, wherein the erosion monitoring device is structured to monitor a degree of erosion of at least one of the first contact and the second contact based on the output signal..
Systems and methods for the determination of gas permeability
According to various embodiments, a method may include supplying a gas to an upstream side of a core holder containing a core sample, accumulating permeated gas that has flowed through the core sample in a cavity coupled to a downstream side of the core holder, measuring an elapsed time during which the permeated gas accumulates in the cavity using a timer, measuring a pressure of the permeated gas using a pressure transducer coupled to the cavity, and determining a gas permeability of the core sample based at least in part on the pressure of the permeated gas and the elapsed time.. .
A transducer with a measuring cell and a housing within which the measuring cell is accommodated, the housing has a measurement opening and at least in a fastening section has an electrically insulating surface, wherein the housing has at least one biocidally active surface at least in an area surrounding the measurement opening.. .
Internally switched multiple range transducers
Systems and methods for an internally switched multiple range transducer are provided. In one embodiment, a method comprises receiving, at a first sensor, a pressure, wherein the first sensor is associated with a first pressure range; measuring, at the first sensor, the pressure to generate a first pressure signal; in response to determining that the first pressure signal is not associated with the first pressure range, activating a second sensor, wherein the second sensor is associated with a second pressure range that is different from the first pressure range; and measuring, at the second sensor, the pressure to generate a second pressure signal..
Sensor systems for measuring an interface level in a multi-phase fluid composition
A sensor includes a resonant transducer, the resonant transducer being configured to determine the composition of an emulsion. The composition of the emulsion is determined by measuring the complex impedance spectrum values of the mixture of the emulsion and applying multivariate data analysis to the values..
Apparatus and method for treating infestation in a wooden body
An apparatus and method for treating infestation in a wooden body is provided. The apparatus comprises at least one transducer configured to deliver high intensity focused ultrasound (hifu) signals to at least one region of the wooden body.
Electrical interconnect using embossed contacts on a flex circuit
A method of manufacturing a print head includes forming a jet stack having an array of jets, arranging an array of transducers on the jet stack such that each transducer in the array of transducers corresponds to each jet in the array of jets, embossing a flexible circuit substrate having contact pads such that the contact pads extend out of a plane of the flexible circuit substrate, and arranging the flexible circuit substrate such that the contact pads electrically connect to at least some of the transducers in the array of transducers.. .
Step counter device with energy-scavenging functionality, and step-counting method
A step-counter device detects and counts user steps. The device includes a transducer configured to generate an electrical transduction signal in response to user stepping.
Self-cooling ultrasound ablation catheter
Systems for nerve and tissue modulation are disclosed. An example system may include an intravascular nerve modulation system including an elongated shaft having a proximal end region and a distal end region.
System for nerve modulation and innocuous thermal gradient nerve block
Systems for nerve and tissue modulation are disclosed. An example system may include a first elongate element having a distal end and a proximal end and having at least one nerve modulation element disposed adjacent the distal end.
Adhesive transducer holder
System, methods and apparatus for a disposable transducer mounting device that secures one transducer to a patient. Based on the illustrative embodiments, the holder is of rigid or semi-rigid material that has the ability to secure the transducer via rails and has an adhesive base that is used to secure the transducer and mounting device to the patient at the desired location..
Integrated circuit apparatus, ultrasound measuring apparatus, ultrasound probe and ultrasound diagnosis apparatus
An integrated circuit apparatus includes transmitting circuits tx1 to tx64, which output transmission signals with regard to channels ch1 to ch64 of an ultrasound transducer device which has a plurality of ultrasound transducer elements, and a switching circuit which performs a switching operation. The switching circuit is provided between a receiving circuit and output nodes nq1 to nq64 of the transmitting circuits tx1 to tx64.
Ultrasonic image guidance of transcutaneous procedures
Ultrasonic image guidance of a transcutaneous invasive procedure such as a needle biopsy is conducted by placing an imaging probe above but laterally to one side of a mass to be biopsied. The image region of the probe is then laterally steered in the elevation direction to image the site of the mass to the side of the probe.
Robotic localizing aid for high intensity focused ultrasound delivery
A holding structure holds a biopsy needle and a hifu transducer to allow smooth and accurate delivery of the hifu beam at the interface of the liver, where bleeding will occur. This manipulator structure performs the biopsy and hifu through the percutaneous approach.
Transducer storage rack
This disclosure is for a transducer storage rack (fig. 1) that provides protection for the transducer probes(4) and transducer connector(3) while not in use.

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