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Transceiver patents

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Power saving and device traffic offload

Power saving and device traffic offload

Apparatus and method for authentication in wireless communication system

Samsung Electronics

Apparatus and method for authentication in wireless communication system

Apparatus and method for authentication in wireless communication system


Tracking device and tracking device control method

Date/App# patent app List of recent Transceiver-related patents
 Apparatus, method and computer program for scheduling data transmission patent thumbnailApparatus, method and computer program for scheduling data transmission
Embodiments provide an apparatus, a method and a computer program for scheduling a data transmission. The apparatus 10 is operable for scheduling data transmissions to a mobile transceiver in a mobile communication system.
Alcatel Lucent

 Power saving and device traffic offload patent thumbnailPower saving and device traffic offload
Generally discussed herein are systems, apparatuses, and techniques that can offload ue traffic to a wlan. According to an example a base station can include a transceiver configured to (1) transmit, to a ue, a first control packet to move u-plane traffic of the ue to a wlan or (2) receive, from the ue, a second control packet acknowledging that the u-plane traffic of the ue is to be moved to the wlan, or (3) transmit control plane (c-plane) traffic to the ue while no u-plane traffic of the ue is being transmitted to the ue by the transceiver.

 Apparatus and  authentication in wireless communication system patent thumbnailApparatus and authentication in wireless communication system
The present disclosure relates to a communication method and system for converging a 5th-generation (5g) communication system for supporting higher data rates beyond a 4th-generation (4g) system with a technology for internet of things (iot). The present disclosure may be applied to intelligent services based on the 5g communication technology and the iot-related technology, such as smart home, smart building, smart city, smart car, connected car, health care, digital education, smart retail, security and safety services.
Samsung Electronics Co. , Ltd.

 Tracking device and tracking device control method patent thumbnailTracking device and tracking device control method
A tracking device and a tracking device control method with intelligent safe zones are provided. The tracking device includes a positioning module, a long-range transceiver, a short-range transceiver and a microcontroller.
Athentek Incorporated

 Method and apparatus of optimizing an xdsl transceiver configuration using single ended line test (selt) measurement patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus of optimizing an xdsl transceiver configuration using single ended line test (selt) measurement
The present invention relates to a method by which an xdsl modem can be properly connected and/or optimally tuned to achieve a desired performance goal based on knowledge obtained by first performing a selt test and then post-processing the results of that test. In embodiments, the processed selt results are used to detect bad connections or other anomalies such as split pairs.
Ikanos Communications, Inc.

 Servers and methods for controlling a server patent thumbnailServers and methods for controlling a server
According to various embodiments, a server may be provided. The server may include: a first memory configured to store data of a first kind; a second memory configured to store data of a second kind; a wireless transceiver configured to transmit data stored in the first memory and data stored in the second memory, and configured to receive data; and a memory selection circuit configured to determine whether to store the received data in the first memory or to store the received data in the second memory..
Marvell International Ltd.

 Wireless cross-connect switch patent thumbnailWireless cross-connect switch
A wireless packet switch and methods for controlling the same include a multiple port controllers, each in communication with a respective wireless transceiver, configured to analyze data streams to and from the respective wireless transceiver; a cross-connect switch in communication with all of the port controllers, configured to provide connections between respective port controllers; an arbiter, in communication with all of the port controllers and with the cross-connect switch, configured to control the cross-connect switch, such that the cross-connect switch connects data streams of the port controllers in accordance with packet destination information and scheduling information from the port controllers.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

 Wireless network adapter and self-configuration  same patent thumbnailWireless network adapter and self-configuration same
Provided are a wireless network adapter and a configuration method of same. A wireless network adapter comprises: a self-configuration portion, used to configure the wireless network adapter as an access point adapter, and generate access information of a wireless network access point; a cable connection portion, connected to a second wireless network adapter, and used to transmit the access information to the second wireless network adapter and receive an acknowledgment message from the second wireless network adapter; and a wireless transceiver, connected to the second wireless network adapter.
Schneider Electric Industries Sas

 Scheme  power saving in vectored communications patent thumbnailScheme power saving in vectored communications
A transmission scheme for a plurality of transceiver pairs, the transmission scheme including a partition of at least a downlink transmission portion of a data transmission frame into a plurality of precoding intervals, each precoding interval being associated with a respective active group of transceiver pairs, each active group of transceiver pairs including a plurality of transceiver pairs, each precoding interval terminating no earlier than the end of a respective downlink data transmission period associated with at least one of the transceiver pairs in the respective transceiver active group, wherein, a different respective precoder is associated with each the active groups and wherein, at least the transmitting ports of the first transceivers, which are not members of an active group, turn off.. .
Sckipio Technologies S.i Ltd

 Method and  signaling and operation of low delay consumption of media data in mmt patent thumbnailMethod and signaling and operation of low delay consumption of media data in mmt
Methods and apparatuses for wireless communication between at least one base station and user equipment, the user equipment including a transceiver and processing circuitry. The transceiver is configured to receive a packet comprising a control message with a header and a payload related to fragments of multimedia content.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Circuit, an integrated circuit, a transmitter, a receiver, a transceiver, a obtaining calibration data and a generating a local oscillator signal

A circuit according to an example includes a digital-to-time converter and a signal processing circuit coupled to the digital-to-time converter and configured to generate a processed signal derived from a signal provided to the signal processing circuit, the processed signal including a predetermined phase relation with respect to the signal provided to the signal processing circuit, wherein the circuit is configured to receive a reference signal and to generate an output signal based on the received reference signal. The a measurement circuit is configured to measure a delay between the output signal and the reference signal, wherein the output of the digital-to-time converter is coupled to a memory configured to store calibration data of the digital-to-time converter based on the measured delay..
Intel Ip Corporation


Optical transceiver

An optical transceiver according to an exemplary aspect of the invention includes an interferometer including an input-side optical coupler, an output-side optical coupler, and two arms through which to propagate light and disposed between the input-side optical coupler and the output-side optical coupler, adding a bias phase difference of approximately π/2+2nπ, n representing an integer, between light beams propagating through the two arms; an optical phase modulator generating an optical signal obtained by modulating a phase of continuous wave light to be inputted depending on an electrical signal to be inputted; and an optical delay device making a difference in time for which the optical signal modulated by the optical phase modulator reaching the output-side optical coupler, wherein the optical phase modulator operates by changing carrier density in a silicon optical waveguide.. .
Nec Corporation


Rack level pre-installed interconnect for enabling cableless server/storage/networking deployment

Apparatus and methods for rack level pre-installed interconnect for enabling cableless server, storage, and networking deployment. Plastic cable waveguides are configured to couple millimeter-wave radio frequency (rf) signals between two or more extremely high frequency (ehf) transceiver chips, thus supporting millimeter-wave wireless communication links enabling components in the separate chassis to communicate without requiring wire or optical cables between the chassis.


Transceiver with asymmetric matching network

A system on a chip (soc) includes a transceiver comprising a transmitter and a receiver, wherein at least one of the transmitter and receiver has a configurable portion that can be configured to operate in a single ended mode and in a differential mode. Two interface pins are provided for coupling the transceiver to an antenna via a matching network, wherein the two interface pins are shareably coupled to the transmitter and to the receiver.
Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh


Tunable antenna systems

An electronic device has wireless communications circuitry including an adjustable antenna system coupled to a radio-frequency transceiver. The adjustable antenna system may include one or more adjustable electrical components that are controlled by storage and processing circuitry in the electronic device.
Apple Inc.


Data signal receiver, transceiver system and receiving data signal

A data signal receiver includes a clock signal filter, a falling pulse signal generator, a mixing block, and a sampler. The clock signal filter generates a first filtered clock signal and a second filtered clock signal by filtering a clock signal.
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology


Analog baseband filter for radio transceiver

An analog baseband filter for a radio transceiver is provided. An analog baseband filter for a multi-mode multi-band radio transceiver includes a current-voltage conversion amplifier converting a current received at the analog baseband filter into a voltage and adjusting a gain of an output voltage of the current-voltage conversion amplifier using a plurality of resistors, and a source follower circuit compensating for temperature for the output voltage of the current-voltage conversion amplifier..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Beacon device for enhancing measurements of the effecitiveness of mobile notifications

A beacon device comprising a memory, a processor, and one or more first wireless transceivers is disclosed. The processor retrieves, from the memory, a list of entries of identification information related to a plurality of entities.
Yext, Inc.


System for and rapidly determining true bearings of radio frequency identification (rfid) tags associated with items in a controlled area

An rfid tag reading system and method accurately and rapidly determine true bearings of rfid tags associated with items in a controlled area. An rfid reader has an array of antenna elements and a plurality of rf transceivers.
Symbol Technologies, Inc.


Coexistence of rf barcodes and other nfc devices

An nfc-enabled device (12) comprising a host (22), an nfc interface (26) and an rf transceiver (24) configured to emit a first rf field (46) to power-up one or more in-range rf barcodes (16, 60), the nfc-enabled device (12) being configured to detect the presence of an rf barcode (16, 60) upon powering it up and being configured to read data (48, 62) from the one or more detected, in-range rf barcodes (16, 60), characterised by the nfc-enabled device (12) periodically (42) emitting the first rf field (46) and being configured to transmit only changes (64) in the read data (48, 62) from the or each rf barcode (16, 60) to the host (22). The invention therefore presents several advantages, namely: it can improve the user's experience by keeping the listen mode active, even in the presence of a nearby kovio tag; and it can save battery power by performing a periodic kovio tag detection instead of a continuous one..
St-ericsson Sa


Devices and methods for a ring computing device

A user controls an external electronic device with a finger-ring-mounted touchscreen that includes a computer processor, wireless transceiver, and rechargeable power source; the ring is worn on a first finger receives an input from a second finger, selects one of a plurality of touch events associated with the input, and wirelessly transmits a command associated with the touch event to the external electronic device.. .
Apple Inc.


Application agnostic sensor, control computer and methods for operating

A multi-application-transceiver device, control computer, computer implemented method and computer program product for operating the multi-application-transceiver device is disclosed. At least one signal transceiver receives a reflected signal in response to an original signal sent by the at least one signal transceiver.


Distance measuring apparatus and distance measuring method

A distance measuring apparatus and a distance measuring method are provided. The distance measuring apparatus includes a gps module, an ultrasound transceiver module and a control module.
Joy Technology(shen Zhen)co., Ltd


Phased-array transmitter, transceiver, and radar apparatus

A phased-array transmitter includes a first pll for transmission, a control circuit, a plurality of transmission units, a delay circuit, and a second pll for self-test. The first pll is configured to generate a reference transmission signal, and the control circuit is configured to control the first pll.
Fujitsu Limited


Self-diagnosing fmcw radar level gauge

A self-diagnosing fmcw radar level gauge and a method for providing self-diagnosing with a radar level gauge is provided in a radar level gauge comprising a transceiver, a mixer, a signal propagating device and a signal propagation path connecting the transceiver and the signal propagating device, a filter arrangement and processing circuitry. The filter arrangement provides a filtered intermediate frequency signal.
Rosemount Tank Radar Ab


Flow line mounting arrangement for flow system transducers

A mounting insert is provided for in situ placement of the tomographic arrays and associated processing electronics. The processing electronics convert sensed flow condition data into serial digital data to minimize both the number of external feedthroughs and also the bandwidth required for transmission.
Saudi Arabian Oil Company


Process variable transmitter with loop-powered wireless transceiver

A process variable transmitter includes transmitter circuitry for determining a process variable from a sensor signal produced using a process sensor. The transmitter circuitry has at least one operating parameter.
Rosemount Inc.


Garage door operator accessory

Systems, devices, and methods according to the present disclosure can be used to control or automate operation of a barrier door using a transceiver device and a barrier door operator. In an example, the transceiver device includes a wireless communication circuit that receives door operation instructions from a remote control device.


Safety arrangement for aircraft and determining type of the landing surface for an aircraft

A safety arrangement (300, 310, 320, 330, 340) for an aircraft, especially for amphibious aircraft, being configured for determining a type of landing surface (such as water/solid ground) and including: a first transceiver (301) configured to operate on electromagnetic wavelength, a second transceiver (302) configured to operate on ultrasound wavelengths, and determining elements for determining the type of the landing surface based on the properties of reflections of the electromagnetic and ultrasound wavelengths, and for outputting a signal indicating the type of the determined landing surface.. .
Suokas Avionics Oy


Introducer sheath with electrodes for use in bleed detection

An introducer includes a sheath for introducing a catheter into a blood vessel at an insertion site and a plurality of electrodes on the sheath. The introducer also includes an impedance assessment unit connected to the electrodes.
Texas Heart Institute


Control apparatus and related methods

An exemplary aspect comprises a control apparatus comprising: (a) a controller comprising a microprocessor; (b) a wireless transceiver in communication with said microprocessor and operable to communicate over a wireless network with an application on a mobile device; (c) a light switch controlled by the controller; (d) a sensor in communication with the controller; and (e) a front panel that allows a user to interface with the controller.. .
Quirky, Inc.


Resource allocation techniques for device-to-device (d2d) communications

Resource allocation techniques for d2d communications are described. In one embodiment, for example, user equipment may comprise one or more radio frequency (rf) transceivers, one or more rf antennas, and logic, at least a portion of which is in hardware, the logic to receive a d2d control information (d2dci) message comprising d2d transmission pattern (dtp) information, identify a set of d2d transmission resources based on the dtp information, and send one or more d2d data messages using the set of d2d transmission resources.
Intel Corporation


Methods and managing radio measurements during discontinuous reception

Methods and apparatus for managing radio measurements during discontinuous reception. In one exemplary embodiment, the distribution of long term evolution (lte) drx measurements is staggered or distributed across multiple drx cycles (which may be contiguous or non-contiguous) so as to reduce the transceiver activity and power consumption.
Apple Inc.


Automatically relocating picture-in-picture window in video calls

A computer-implemented method is performed by a communications device having a processor operatively coupled to a memory and a data transceiver for transmitting and receiving video data of a video call between a user of the device and one or more other parties to the call. The method entails receiving and displaying video images of the one or more other parties within a main video window on a display of the device, identifying one or more faces in the video images, determining a minimally obscuring position for a picture-in-picture (pip) window that minimally obscures the one or more faces of the other parties, capturing video of the user with a camera on the device, and displaying a pip window from the video of the user in the minimally obscuring position within the main video window..
Blackberry Limited


Call log for a hand held communication device simultaneously displaying most frequent and most recent communications

A method of implementing a communication log for a hand held communication device is provided. The hand held communication device comprises a transceiver for wireless communication, a central processing unit and a display.
Saronikos Trading And Services, Unipessoal Lda


Baseline wander compensating method, baseline calibration module and ethernet transceiver using the same

The present disclosure illustrates a baseline wander compensating method adapted for compensating baseline wander induced in an ethernet transceiver. The baseline wander compensating method comprises following steps.
Ali Corporation


Method and system for monolithic integration of photonics and electronics in cmos processes

Methods and systems for monolithic integration of photonics and electronics in cmos processes are disclosed and may include in an optoelectronic transceiver comprising photonic and electronic devices from two complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (cmos) die with different silicon layer thicknesses for the photonic and electronic devices, the cmos die bonded together by metal contacts: communicating optical signals and electronic signals to and from said optoelectronic transceiver utilizing a received continuous wave optical signal as a source signal. A first of the cmos die includes the photonic devices and a second includes the electronic devices.
Luxtera, Inc.


Fibre network comprising sensors

Fibre network for interrogating fibre-optic sensors in a first passive optical network (pon) and in a second pon, the fibre network comprising a test signal transceiver for emitting query signals and for receiving response signals, a first pon and a second pon. Each pon comprises a light source for generating telecommunication signals and a fibre-optic sensor.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Coordinated multipoint systems

In a coordinated multipoint system, geographically distributed base transceiver stations employ overlapping coverage areas in a radio access network (ran) to serve multiple user equipments (ues). A fronthaul network communicatively couples the base transceiver stations to a central processor.
Genghiscomm Holdings, Llc


Fault tolerant transceiver

Described is a differential data bus system which maintains error free communication despite faults in one of the data bus lines.. .
Sital Technology Ltd.


Transceiver front-end

A transceiver front-end for a communication device is connectable at a signal transmission and reception arrangement node to a signal transmission and reception arrangement adapted to transmit a transmit signal having a transmit frequency and to receive a receive signal having a receive frequency. The transceiver front-end is also connectable at a transmitter node to a transmitter adapted to produce the transmit signal and at a receiver node to a receiver adapted to process the receive signal.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Control of tx/rx mode in serial half-duplex transceiver separately from communicating host

Signaling to control transmit/receive mode transitions of a serial half-duplex transceiver coupled externally to an integrated circuit is provided by the integrated circuit separately from a host processor of the integrated circuit with which the transceiver communicates. This can avoid slow transceiver turn-around times that may be associated with host processor control of the mode transitions..
Texas Instruments Incorporated


System and executing file by using biometric information

Provided are a first device for transmitting data, a second device for receiving data, and a system including the same. The first device includes: a controller configured to obtain biometric information of the second user; and a transceiver configured to transmit, to the device of the second user, the data and to transmit, to the device of the second user, the obtained biometric information to control an access to the data by the second user..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Display device and positioning method

A display device receiving an image is provided. The display device includes a micro control unit and a plurality of transceivers.
Qisda Corporation


Resource sharing in a telecommunications environment

A transceiver is designed to share memory and processing power amongst a plurality of transmitter and/or receiver latency paths, in a communications transceiver that carries or supports multiple applications. For example, the transmitter and/or receiver latency paths of the transceiver can share an interleaver/deinterleaver memory.
Tq Delta, Llc


Cell-phone-based vehicle locator and "path back" navigator

A hand-held, portable navigation system and method are integrated within a cellular telephone enclosure, resulting in a simplified architecture with fewer buttons to press and items to carry. The apparatus uses a cellular telephone having a microphone, a keypad, gps receiver, a display, a memory, an earphone, a wireless transceiver, and a processor.


Environmental control apparatus and related methods

An exemplary aspect comprises a temperature control apparatus comprising: (a) a microprocessor in communication with an hvac control system; (b) a wireless transceiver in communication with the microprocessor and with a controller operable to communicate over a wireless network with an application on a mobile device; (c) a temperature sensor in communication with the microprocessor; and (d) a front panel that allows a user to interface with the controller.. .
Quirky, Inc.


Smart solenoid

A solenoid fluid control valve is disclosed for controlling fluid flow. The solenoid fluid control valve may comprise a transceiver that receives a signal via a controller area network (can) bus, and a micro controller unit that decodes the signal to determine a temperature.
Flextronics Ap, Llc


Eigen mode transmission of signals

An apparatus includes a logging cable with exactly 3 conductors and an armor. A first transceiver is coupled to the three conductors and the armor of the logging cable.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Modular drone and methods for use

Various exemplary embodiments relate to a drone. The drone may include: a navigation unit configured to determine the location of the drone and navigate the drone to designated locations; a radio frequency identification (rfid) reader configured to read rfid tag information from rfid tags; and a wireless network transceiver configured to periodically transmit the location of the drone and rfid tag information to an inventory management system.
Azure Sky Group Llc.


Smart energy distribution methods and systems for electric vehicle charging

A power management system can smartly allocate the available power at a location to support more electric vehicles than would otherwise be possible. Power managers can intelligently allocate that power based on the real-time needs of vehicles.
Evercharge, Inc.


Method and system to enable commands on a vehicle computer based on user created rules

A vehicle computing system has at least one controller in communication with one or more transceivers, where the one or more transceivers are capable of communicating with a wireless device. The at least one controller is configured to recognize a vehicle occupant based on a wireless device connection received at the transceiver.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and operating the same

Provided are an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and a method of operating the same. The ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus includes: a first ultrasonic transceiver that transmits an ultrasonic signal and receives a first echo signal that is reflected, through a deactivated probe from among a plurality of probes; a gel detector that determines whether gel is applied on the deactivated probe based on the received first echo signal; and a controller that activates the deactivated probe when it is determined that the gel is applied on the deactivated probe..
Sansung Medison Co., Ltd.


System and voice control of medical devices

A diagnostic system includes a sensor generating signals associated with physiological parameters, a proximity sensor, and a position/location sensor. A software application generates data representing physiological information based on the sensors signals and operates on a control system adapted to receive, store, and process the physiological information.
Omni Medsci, Inc.


Single antenna sharing for multiple wireless connections

A wireless device includes: a first radio and first transceiver configured to transmit and receive according to a first radio access technology; a second radio and second transceiver configured to transmit and receive according to a second radio access technology; a first antenna and a second antenna connected to the first radio and the second radio; a switch; and a control unit configured to control the switch to configure connections of the first and second antennas to the first and second radios. The control unit is configured to control the switch to disconnect the second radio from the second antenna in response to a receiving, by the second radio through the second antenna, a signal that is below a predetermined threshold, and to connect the second radio to the first antenna during a wakeup period of the second radio..
Qualcomm Incorporated


Methods, devices, and computer program products for keeping devices attached without a default bearer

The present invention proposes devices, methods and computer program products in relation to mobile communication. In particular, it relates to those devices, methods and computer program products concerning packet-based communication.
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy


Method and an alert strategy between modules

A telematics control unit comprising a transceiver configured to receive a message from a vehicle module during a sleep mode, the message requesting the telematics control unit to output information via a telecommunications network. The telematics control unit also includes a processor configured to determine whether to output the information or delay the output of the information based upon the message, and output the information to the telecommunications network, or delay outputting the information until the telematics control unit enters a full-power mode or a wake-up cycle..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Power optimizations for challenging wan service conditions

A method for a tracking device optimizing power to remain reachable for a desired period based on evaluated wide-area-network conditions. The tracking device may communicate via a power-intensive long-range transceiver and may continually measure service conditions related to network communications.
Qualcomm Incorporated


System and digital communication between computing devices

A communication system and method which receive and stores an identifier; mode, an outbound message; and transmits a modified version received inbound message. The system extracts routing data comprising location and identity of each respective forwarding transceiver from received messages; compares past received messages with a current message to determine repetition, and controls the transceiver to transmit a modified version of the message having appended a geographic location and identifying information of the communication device, selectively in dependence on at least: the extracted routing data comprising location and identity of each respective forwarding transceiver, the comparing, and an operating mode..
Gotenna Inc.


System and digital communication between computing devices

A wireless communication device, comprising radio frequency transceivers which transmit outbound messages to targeted receivers, and receive the inbound messages addressed to the respective transceiver; each having a processor which controls the transceiver to establish communication sessions according to a protocol, and processes targeting and address information. The transceiver communicates with a telephone device having a telephone address book containing information which defines the targets and address for a telephone network and perhaps other networks.
Gotenna Inc.


System and determining a location for a wireless communication device using an integrated wifi sniffer and measurement engine

Methods, systems, computer-readable media, and apparatuses for determining a location for a wireless communication device using an integrated wifi sniffer and measurement engine are presented. The method includes utilizing a first wifi transceiver and a second wifi transceiver.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Efficient generation and update of heat maps

Methods and apparatuses are presented for generating and updating heat maps for terrestrial wireless transceivers located in an area or venue. According to some embodiments, a method may include obtaining, by a mobile device, first signal data for a terrestrial transceiver and generating, by the mobile device, a transceiver heat map using the first signal data.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Apparatus and providing a joint ip data-stream

The present invention refers to an apparatus for providing at least one joint outgoing ip data stream, the apparatus comprises: (a) at least one receiver adapted to receive a stream of digital tv data, the stream simultaneously containing digital data of a plurality of tv channels, (b) at least one transceiver adapted to receive a downlink stream of ip data and to transmit an uplink stream of ip data via a satellite link, (c) at least one processing unit adapted to convert the digital tv data received from the receiver into a first outgoing ip data stream and to convert the ip data received from the transceiver into a second outgoing ip data stream, and (d) at least one switching unit adapted to combine the first outgoing ip data stream and the second outgoing ip data stream in at least one joint outgoing ip data stream.. .
Ses Platform Services Gmbh


Video transmitter, video transceiver system and video transmission method

According to an embodiment, a video transmitter includes an encoding unit and a communication unit. The encoding unit is configured to encode each frame per one or more lines to generate a code, each frame making up a video signal.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Passive optical networking with daisy-chaining

A system for implementing a local area network using passive optical networking is described. The system includes an optical line terminal (olt), a fiber optic connection, an optical network terminal (ont) in communication with the olt using a passive optical networking standard, and a peripheral device directly coupled with the ont.


Synchronized slotted power line communication

A method and a device are disclosed including a plc node having a synchronizer, a modem with a transceiver, and a computing device coupled with a power line for power line data communications. In various embodiments, a coordinator or data concentrator unit (dcu) coordinates the communication of plc nodes.


Radio communication apparatus, radio communication system, and radio communication method

A radio communication apparatus includes antennas, transceiver units respectively connected to the antennas, and a radio control unit that controls the transceiver units, simultaneously inputs same transmission data to the transceiver units, and instructs, every switching cycle of frequency hopping, the transceiver units to start check processing for an idle state of frequency channels. The transceiver units respectively include hopping control units that switch the frequency channels every fixed time in synchronization with a communication partner and control such that each of the transceiver units uses a different frequency at the same hour.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Devices and methods for reducing interference between closely collocated antennas

Devices and methods for reducing interference between closely collocated antennas working at the same or adjacent frequencies are disclosed. According to one embodiment, the antenna array comprises a plurality of antennas for transmitting signals from and receiving signals to a plurality of transceivers respectively, and the device comprises a plurality of resonators; a first set of ports, each of which is connected to a respective one of the plurality of transceivers; and a second set of ports, each of which is connected to a respective one of the plurality of antennas; wherein each of the transceivers and the antennas is connected to a respective one of the resonators, and coupling coefficients among the resonators as well as a resonance frequency of each of the resonators are configured so that a desired isolation among the first set of ports and a desired matching at each of the first set of ports are obtained..
The Chinese University Of Hong Kong


Processor chip with ultrasound transducer for ultrasound chip debugging

A transceiver device combination includes a first ultrasound transducer and a processor chip including a central processing unit (cpu). A memory is coupled to the cpu including stored ultrasound communications software for rendering the processor chip a target device for an ultrasound probe driven via a host computing device having a second ultrasound transducer for together performing ultrasonic debugging of the processor chip.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Method and providing calendar displaying work history of document

Provided are a server for managing history information of a document work, a device for viewing the history information, and a system including the same. The server includes: a transceiver configured to receive, from at least one first device of a user, work history information of a document on the at least one first device; and a controller configured to arrange the received work history information in a calendar form by using time information included in the received work history information, wherein the transceiver provides the work history information in the calendar form to a second device..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Parameter distribution mapping in a gas turbine engine

A profile map of parameter values in a region is determined based on average values along linear paths through the region. In one example, a temperature map of a region of a gas turbine engine is created based on time-of-flight measurements from acoustic transceiver pairs arranged circumferentially around the region.
Siemens Energy, Inc.


Nonintrusive transceiver and characterizing temperature and velocity fields in a gas turbine combustor

An acoustic transceiver is implemented for measuring acoustic properties of a gas in a turbine engine combustor. The transceiver housing defines a measurement chamber and has an opening adapted for attachment to a turbine engine combustor wall.
Siemens Energy, Inc.


Athletic performance monitoring systems and methods in a team sports environment

Systems, apparatuses, and methods estimate the distance between a player and a ball by transmitting a chirp (sweep signal) to a radio tag located on the ball. During the chirp, the frequency of the transmitted signal is changed in a predetermined fashion.
Nike, Inc.


Athletic performance monitoring systems and methods in a team sports environment

Systems, apparatuses, and methods estimate the distance between a player and a ball by transmitting a chirp (sweep signal) to a radio tag located on the ball. During the chirp, the frequency of the transmitted signal is changed in a predetermined fashion.
Nike, Inc.


Monitor for monitoring a comsumption of pills from a container

A monitor for monitoring a consumption of pills from a container, the monitor comprises: an interface; a controller; multiple sensors of different types, an alert element; and a transceiver that is configured to exchange information with one or more devices that differ from the monitor; wherein the interface is configured to interface with the container; wherein when the monitor interfaces with the container the multiple sensors are configured to (i) detect an attempt to consume a pill of the pills from the container and (ii) evaluate an amount of pills within the container; wherein the controller is configured to trigger an erroneous consumption alert when the attempt to consume the pill does not correspond to a desired pill consumption schedule.. .


Apparatuses, methods and systems for a wi-fi bluetooth multimedia bridge

A multimedia communication bridge that includes a long range communication transceiver, a processor, a short range communication transceiver, and a multimedia unit that comprises a speaker and a microphone. The long range communication transceiver is configured to communicate, using a first communication protocol, with a remote server the internet.


Tracking rfid objects with integrated communication link

A wireless system includes a plurality of objects. The wireless system includes a controller and a radio frequency identification (rfid) read-write device.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Adaptive pade filter and transceiver

According to an embodiment of the disclosure, a communication transmitter and receiver include an adaptive filter and a decision feedback equalizer as well as cross-talk cancellers. The adaptive filter is configured to receive an input signal and includes a continuous analog delay circuit with a plurality of padé-based delay elements..


System and testing a radio frequency transceiver by controlling test flow via an induced interrupt

System and method for controlling test flow of a radio frequency (rf) signal transceiver device under test (dut) by inducing an interrupt via an internal signal interface or an external signal interface (with one example of the latter being a baseband signal interface for conveying audio signals). With exemplary embodiments, one or more dut control signals are provided to or otherwise initiated within the dut by inducing an interrupt, including inducement via use of the signal interface.
Litepoint Corporation


Analog built-in self test transceiver

An apparatus includes a first power amplifier coupled to a first transmission path, a first low noise amplifier coupled to a first reception path, a second power amplifier coupled to a second transmission path, and a second low noise amplifier coupled to a second reception path. A first switch is configured to selectively couple the second low noise amplifier to receive an output of the first power amplifier.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Coaxial transmitter optical subassembly (tosa) with cuboid type to laser package and optical transceiver including same

A coaxial transmitter optical subassembly (tosa) including a cuboid type to laser package may be used in an optical transceiver for transmitting an optical signal at a channel wavelength. The cuboid type to laser package is made of a thermally conductive material and has substantially flat outer surfaces that may be thermally coupled to substantially flat outer surfaces on a transceiver housing and/or on other cuboid type to laser packages.
Applied Optoelectronics, Inc.


Pluggable optical transceiver with shield finger rigidly fixed to housing

An optical transceiver to be plugged into a cage of the host system is disclosed. The optical transceiver provides a shield finger that surrounds the optical transceiver and to be in contact with the cage.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Replaceable transmitting module and optical transceiver having the same

A replaceable transmitting module is disposed on an optical connector. The replaceable transmitting module comprises a plurality of optical sub-assemblies disposed independently respectively, and at least one positioning mount disposed on the optical connector.
Luxnet Corporation


Methods and target identification

Methods and apparatus for target identification are disclosed. Example methods disclosed herein to respond to a target identification interrogation include aligning an optical transceiver based on a detected optical signal to establish an optical communication link with a target detector, receiving a first signal from the target detector using the optical communication link, extracting a first code from the first signal, and transmitting a second signal using the communication link, wherein the second signal is encoded with a second code based on the first code of the first signal..
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Apparatus and priority addressing and message handling in a fixed meter reading network

A method and apparatus is disclosed for prioritizing the processing of messages sent between site transceivers (12, 15) at utility meter data origination sites (10) and gateway transceivers (20, 30, 40) in a fixed meter data collection network. To reduce message processing time, priorities are assigned for processing messages destined for mobile gateways, messages sent to assigned gateways, and messages sent to any gateway after not receiving an acknowledge signal from an assigned gateway.
Badger Meter, Inc.


Radio-frequency transceiver system

A radio-frequency transceiver system adapted to a wireless local area network includes an antenna set, including a plurality of antenna units disposed toward a plurality of directions, a radio-frequency signal processing module for processing radio-frequency signals, and a switching module electrically coupled between the antenna set and the radio-frequency signal processing module for switching between different connection states of the radio-frequency signal processing module and the antenna units of the antenna set such that the radio-frequency transceiver system switches between an omnidirectional mode and a directional mode. In the omnidirectional mode, the antenna units are electrically connected to the radio-frequency signal processing module to transmit or receive radio-frequency signals omni-directionally.
Wistron Neweb Corporation


Embedded wireless modem

A space-efficient cellular modem device for machine-to-machine communications that includes: a multi-layer printed circuit board defining a top side and a bottom side and including a first circuit layer adjacent the top side, a second circuit layer adjacent the bottom side, a ground plane layer, and a power plane layer, the ground and power plane layers located between the first and second circuit layers; a cellular transceiver module configured to communicate over a cellular wireless cellular network; electrical power-management components attached to the multi-layer printed circuit board, the power-management components in electrical communication with the cellular transceiver module; first and second rows of pins in electrical communication with the cellular transceiver; and a communications port.. .
Nimbelink L.l.c.


Antenna feed system

An improved microwave system. Certain embodiments include a radio transceiver, an antenna, an antenna feed mechanism, and the necessary rf cabling to connect these elements.
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.


Antenna array self-calibration

A method and apparatus for calibrating an antenna array. The apparatus includes first and second couplers, a calibration transceiver, and a controller.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Facility access system

A device including a processor coupled to a transceiver, and a remotely located user input device, said input device coupled to the transceiver. The input device provides information to the processor from which the processor controls a barrier, said barrier coupled to the processor, and a barrier controller, wherein the barrier controller operates the barrier in response to control information generated by the input device.


Simple order system and method

A mobile terminal is disclosed. The mobile terminal includes: a wireless signal detector configured to detect a wireless signal transmitted from the outside; an application driver configured to execute an application corresponding to the detected wireless signal and receive order information of a product selected by a user through the application and payment information related to the order information; and a transceiver configured to transmit the order information and the payment information and receive a response to the transmitted order information and payment information..
Sk Planet Co., Ltd.


Interactive property communication system

Disclosed herein, among other things, are apparatus and methods for interactive property communication. In various embodiments, an interactive property communication system includes two or more property communication nodes (pcns) each adapted for coupling to an electrical service.


System and improving medication regimen adherence

A computer-based system for improving medication regimen adherence, including: a container arranged to hold a first medication and including a wireless transceiver and a unique identifier; and a wireless communications device (wcd) including: a memory element configured to store a medication regimen including a prescription for the medication and the unique identifier, the unique identifier associated with the medication regimen; and a processor configured to when the container is within a predetermined distance of the wcd obtain, via the wireless transceiver, the unique identifier from the container, confirm that the unique identifier from the container matches the unique identifier stored in the memory element, obtain data from the container regarding instances of the container being opened, determine, according to the data and the medication regimen, that a reminder to take the medication is desired, and output a sensory reminder signal.. .
Xerox Corporation


Circularly polarized transceiver for magnetic resonance imaging

A patch resonator for nuclear magnetic resonance device includes a ground plane, a conductive element, a dielectric element positioned between the ground plane and the conductive element, the resonator being able to transmit a circularly polarized radiofrequency signal when the resonator is supplied by a first transmission line connected to the conductive element via a first connection point and able to receive alternatively a radiofrequency signal circularly polarized in the opposite direction when the resonator is connected to a second transmission line via a second connection point, the resonator including a switch mounted in parallel on each transmission line at a distance from the ground plane corresponding to (2n+1)λ/4 with n a natural integer, and λ the wavelength of the guided wave in the transmission line at the operating frequency of the resonator, the switch making it possible to electrically connect/disconnect the transmission lines from the conductive element.. .
Commissariat à L'énergie Atomique Et Aux énergies Alternatives


System and enabling automated testing of wireless data packet signal transceivers

A system and method for enabling automated testing of wireless data packet signal transceiver devices under test (duts). One or more duts are enclosed inside respective chambers within a shielded enclosure providing electromagnetic shielding for its interior region.
Litepoint Corporation


Optical configuration for a compact integrated day/night viewing and laser range finding system

A compact integrated optical system including an eyepiece, a reflective telescope, and a multi-spectral combiner optically coupled between the reflective telescope and the eyepiece, and configured to direct visible light received via the reflective telescope assembly along a direct view optical path to the eyepiece assembly. In one example, the multi-spectral combiner includes a display that displays a visual representation of the imagery of the viewed scene, and laser range-finder transceiver that transmits and receives a laser beam via the reflective telescope.
Raytheon Company


Patch-sized fluid delivery systems and methods

A patch-sized fluid delivery device may include a reusable portion and a disposable portion. The disposable portion may include components that come into contact with the fluid, while the reusable portion may include only components that do not come into contact with the fluid.
Deka Products Limited Partnership


Subject motion monitoring, temperature monitoring, data gathering and analytics system and method

The monitoring device provides value to parents by assisting with monitoring their infants via a convenient sensor package, straightforward interface, and informative data. With movement, orientation, and temperature data, some strong indicators of general well-being can be monitored and conclusions extracted without the parent needing to be constantly involved.
Mondevices Inc.


Apparatus and operating multiple beamforming transceiver in wireless communication system

A method for operating a base station in a wireless communication system in order to support a plurality of propagation characteristics is provided. The method includes allocating resource periods for respective propagation characteristics, transmitting system information including information on the propagation characteristics, transmitting a reference signal with the propagation characteristic corresponding to the relevant resource period through at least one of the resource periods, and receiving feedback information determining channel qualities for all of the propagation characteristics..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Systems, methods and media for mobile management entity (mme) selection by evolved node b (enodeb)

A method for mobile management entity (mme) selection includes receiving at a base transceiver station (bts) a message from each of multiple mmes including information for advertising functionalities of each of the mmes. The functionalities include at least one type of communications session supported by each of the mmes.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Internet protocol television via public wi-fi network

An apparatus, e.g. A wireless media access point, includes a transceiver, a non-transitory storage medium, and a processor operably coupled to the transceiver and the storage medium.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.


Image receiving apparatus, mobile terminal, server, image receiving method and storing method

According to one embodiment, an image receiving apparatus includes a tuner, a verification unit, a transceiver and a display. The tuner decodes a broadcast wave into a video content.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Radio transceiver having frequency synthesizer

A radio transceiver is disclosed. It comprises a first transceiver circuit and a second transceiver circuit, the latter requiring an lo signal having higher lo frequency than the former.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Radio transceiver

A radio transceiver circuit for fdd communication is disclosed. It comprises a transmitter for fdd signal transmission in a first frequency band, a first receiver for fdd signal reception in a second frequency band, separate from the first frequency band, and a duplexer.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Optical transceiver with plug in one of paired optical ports

An optical transceiver having a bi-directional optical subassembly (bosa) and a twin optical port is disclosed. The bosa is installed with respect to one of the twin port, and a plug is plugged within the other of the twin port.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Communication system for reducing the effects of radiation emitted from cellular phone antennas

A cellular communication system which comprises a cellphone interface unit that includes a transceiver for low power rf communication; a microphone; an earphone; a display; a keypad; a hub device that includes a transceiver for low power rf communication; an antenna for high power rf communication and circuitry and appropriate software components for establishing a communication channel between the hub and a base station.. .


Electronic device with near-field antennas

An electronic device may have multiple near-field communications antennas. Multiplexer circuitry may have a transceiver port that is coupled to a near-field communications transceiver, and multiple antenna ports coupled to respective near-field communications antennas.
Apple Inc.


Rf switch with integrated tuning

Methods and devices are described for reducing receiver complexity in an rf front-end stage. In one exemplary implementation, a switch is used to connect a plurality of receive paths to a single input amplifier of a transceiver unit used the rf front-end stage.
Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation


Electronic device with shared antenna structures and balun

An electronic device may be provided with shared antenna structures that can be used to form both a near-field-communications antenna such as a loop antenna and a non-near-field communications antenna such as an inverted-f antenna. The antenna structures may include conductive structures such as metal traces on printed circuits or other dielectric substrates, internal metal housing structures, or other conductive electronic device housing structures.
Apple Inc.


Antenna array and synthesizing antenna patterns

An antenna array having a plurality of antenna elements is disclosed. The antenna array comprises: a plurality of transceiver modules; an active antenna element subset of the plurality of antenna elements, wherein the active antenna element subset comprises at least one active antenna element being actively coupled to an associated transceiver module of the plurality of transceiver modules; and at least one passively combined sub-array of at least two antenna elements of the plurality of antenna elements.
Kathrein-werke Kg

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