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Transceiver patents

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Methods and systems for improving error resilience in video delivery

Methods and systems for improving error resilience in video delivery

Keyboard assembly and voice-recognition method

Keyboard assembly and voice-recognition method

Keyboard assembly and voice-recognition method

Mobile device with guaranteed qos

Date/App# patent app List of recent Transceiver-related patents
 Electronic cigarette and  identifying whether there is a match between a battery component and an atomizer component therein patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic cigarette and identifying whether there is a match between a battery component and an atomizer component therein
An electronic cigarette and a method for identifying whether there is a match between a battery assembly and an atomizer assembly therein are provided. The electronic cigarette comprises a laser identifying assembly, a battery assembly and an atomizer assembly.
 Apparatus, method and computer program for a base station transceiver patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus, method and computer program for a base station transceiver
Embodiments relate to an apparatus, a method and a computer program for a base station transceiver (100) for a mobile communication system (300). The base station transceiver (100) is operable in a coverage area (205) of another base station transceiver (200).
 Methods for dormant cell signaling for advanced cellular network patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for dormant cell signaling for advanced cellular network
User equipment for wireless communication with at least one base station includes a transceiver operable to communicate with the at least one base station by transmitting radio frequency signals to the at least one base station and by receiving radio frequency signals from the at least one base station. The transceiver is configured to receive a discovery signal from a base station of the at least one base station, the discovery signal comprising a discovery signal identifier.
 Mobile device with guaranteed qos patent thumbnailnew patent Mobile device with guaranteed qos
A mobile device includes a transceiver that receives data from a network, and transmits data to the network, an input interface that receives input data from a user of the device, and a processor. The processor is configured to receive an input from the input interface indicating a desired quality of service (qos) requested by the user for a communication session through the network.
 Measurement and reporting configuration in radio communication networks patent thumbnailnew patent Measurement and reporting configuration in radio communication networks
A wireless device, a network apparatus, a test equipment and a method in a heterogeneous radio-communication system configured to perform and report measurements in view of patterns including at least two types of subframes are provided. The wireless device has a transceiver and a processing unit.
 System and  concurrently testing multiple packet data signal transceivers capable of communicating via multiple radio access technologies patent thumbnailnew patent System and concurrently testing multiple packet data signal transceivers capable of communicating via multiple radio access technologies
System and method for using a shared packet data signal source to test multiple packet data signal transceiver devices under test (duts) capable of communicating using multiple radio access technologies (rats). The signal source provides a packet data signal that includes a plurality of sequential signal segments having respective signal timing parameters and mutually distinct signal characteristics in accordance with the rats.
 Apparatus, system and  protecting domains of a multimode wireless radio transceiver patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus, system and protecting domains of a multimode wireless radio transceiver
Some demonstrative embodiments include apparatuses, systems and/or methods of protecting domains of a multimode wireless radio transceiver. For example, an apparatus may include a protection domain controller (pdc) to restrict access of a configuration software to a protection domain of a plurality of protection domains of a multimode wireless radio transceiver based on a security level of the configuration software, wherein the protection domain includes one or more radio configuration parameters of the multimode wireless radio transceiver..
 Hearing device with position data and  operating a hearing device patent thumbnailnew patent Hearing device with position data and operating a hearing device
A hearing device includes: a first antenna; a first transceiver coupled to the first antenna and configured to wirelessly receive one or more audio streams from an audio system, the one or more audio streams including a first audio stream; a primary processing unit; an acoustic output transducer coupled to an output of the primary processing unit; a secondary processing unit with a first input coupled to an output of the first transceiver for receiving a first wireless input signal representative of the first audio stream from the first transceiver; a position controller for determining position data, the position controller having an output for sending a position control signal to the secondary processing unit; and at least one microphone coupled to the secondary processing unit; wherein the secondary processing unit is configured to process the first wireless input signal from the first transceiver based on the position control signal.. .
 Hearing device with position data, audio system and related methods patent thumbnailnew patent Hearing device with position data, audio system and related methods
A method of operating a hearing device comprising a first antenna, a first transceiver coupled to the first antenna, an acoustic output transducer, a microphone, and a processing unit, the processing unit being coupled to the first transceiver, the acoustic output transducer, and the microphone, the method includes: pairing the hearing device with an audio system; initiating detection of hearing device motion; sending position data indicative of a position of the hearing device to the audio system; wirelessly receiving a first audio stream based on the position data; converting the first audio stream to a first wireless input signal; mixing the first wireless input signal with an audio input signal from the microphone of the hearing device to form a mixed signal; processing the mixed signal to form an output signal; and converting the output signal to an audio output signal.. .
 Digital communication system for loudspeakers patent thumbnailnew patent Digital communication system for loudspeakers
A communication system for communicating with at least one loudspeaker is described where the loudspeaker is connected to audio equipment over standard two-wire speaker wire operable to carry an audio signal. The communication system includes a master node in electrical communication with a signal path carrying the audio signal between the audio equipment and the loudspeaker, the master node also including an interface with the audio equipment, a data encoder operable to encode data signals, a data transceiver operable to place the data signals onto the audio signal at frequencies above audio frequencies.
new patent

Distributed network of a structure that provides location-based human interaction and intelligence

An apparatuses, methods, and systems for a distributed network of a structure that provides location-based human interaction and intelligent use of the structure are disclosed. The distributed network includes wireless transceivers, sensors, asset tags, and a controller electronically connected to the wireless transceivers, the sensors and the asset tags.
new patent

System for data card emulation

An improved system for data card emulation involves a phone that can emulate any one of multiple data cards corresponding to multiple entities. The phone includes a memory for storing bar code information corresponding to data cards of the multiple entities.
new patent

Methods and systems for improving error resilience in video delivery

A multimedia transceiver apparatus continuously generates a model of a video scene, and then uses the generated model to estimate missing sections (e.g., image frames) of the video stream by morphing and/or modifying available uncorrupted video data based on the model. By estimating the missing sections, the subjective quality of video under error conditions (e.g., image frame loss, image frame corruption, video signal interruption, etc.) is improved..
new patent

Agile radio architecture

An agile transceiver including a receiver channel that includes an input, a coarse tracking filter coupled to the input, the coarse tracking filter having a set of at least two bandpass filters for filtering signals from the input into at least two coarse pass bands, a mixer coupled to an output of the coarse tracking filter, a selected local oscillator coupled to the mixer for mixing with the output of the coarse tracking filter and shifting a desired coarse pass band to near a base band, a fine tracking filter for filtering the shifted and desired coarse pass band to a fine pass band, and a band pass ΣΔ demodulator for converting signals in the fine pass band from analog into digital. The agile transceiver may include a corresponding transmitter channel..
new patent

Data signal transceiver circuitry for providing simultaneous bi-directional communication via a common conductor pair

Interface circuitry and method for transmitting and receiving downstream and upstream data signals simultaneously via a common conductor pair. The composite signal containing the downstream and upstream data signal components being conveyed by the common conductor pair is isolated, e.g., via signal filtering or buffering, and combined with an appropriately scaled inverse replica of the outgoing upstream data signal to subtract out upstream data signal components and thereby provide the downstream data signal substantially free of any upstream data signal components..
new patent

Optical transceiver

An optical transceiver is provided and connected to a display surface, including a main body, a slider, an elastic element, a movable element, and a circuit board. The main body comprises a base and a cover.
new patent

Pluggable optical transceiver module

A pluggable optical transceiver module for being plugged in a housing is provided. The housing has a cover and an elastic piece, and the cover has an accommodating space.
new patent

Antenna switching system with adaptive switching criteria

Electronic devices may be provided that contain wireless communications circuitry. The wireless communications circuitry may include radio-frequency transceiver circuitry coupled to multiple antennas.
new patent

Frequency hopping

A communications node operable to communicate with another communications node over a communications channel having a plurality of frequency resources, the communications node includes data defining a division of the communications channel into a plurality of contiguous sub-bands each having n frequency resources, wherein each frequency resource in a sub-band has a corresponding frequency resource in each of the other sub-bands, data defining an initial allocation of the frequency resources, a resource determination module operable to apply a frequency shift to the initially allocated frequency resources in accordance with a frequency hopping sequence to determine frequency resources to use for communicating information with the other communications node, wherein the frequency shift applied moves the initially allocated frequency resources to corresponding frequency resources in another sub-band, a transceiver for communicating information with the other communications node using the determined frequency resource.. .
new patent

Configurable receiver architecture for carrier aggregation with multiple-input multiple-output

A wireless communication system and method that includes configurable carrier aggregation (ca) and/or multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) operational modes. In ca, multiple carriers (i.e., channel bundling) are aggregated and jointly used for transmission to/from a single terminal.
new patent

Techniques for detecting sensor inputs on a wearable wireless device

Various embodiments are generally directed to an apparatus, method and other techniques for detecting, by one or more sensor components, at least one sensor input, and executing, by logic, at least one instruction to cause an event on a wearable wireless device, the event comprising at least one of a change in a physical parameter on the wearable wireless device and a wireless communication with a computing device via a transceiver.. .
new patent

Electronic system for locating remote objects

Systems and methods for marking and locating objects in crowded environments, and more particularly, systems and methods that include a remote configured to communicate with a beacon having audio and visual indicators, are shown and described. One system comprises a remote including a housing, a tool extending from the housing, a movable sleeve configured to cover the tool, a first control circuit, a selection button coupled to the control circuit, a first transceiver, and a beacon including a second transceiver configured to communicate with the first transceiver, a second control circuit, an indicator electrically coupled to the second control circuit, and a latch mechanism, the tool configured to interact with the latch mechanism to securely couple the beacon..
new patent

Wireless bidirectional communications between a secure element and point of sale terminal using inaudible sound waves

In some embodiments, a system includes a mobile communication device and a secure element physically coupled to the mobile communication device. The mobile communication device includes a first wireless transceiver, first processor, first memory, first speaker, first microphone, and first audio to digital conversion (adc).
new patent

Virtual and configurable touchscreens

Systems and methods may provide virtual and configurable touchscreens. The systems and methods may include a plurality of micro impulse radar (mir) transceivers and logic to determine a location of an input object such as a finger or pointer based on signals from the plurality of mir transceivers.
new patent

Inclined photonic chip package for integrated optical transceivers & optical touchscreen assemblies

An optical touchscreen assembly may employ a photonic chip packaged with a chip surface at an angle inclined between horizontal and vertical orientations. An inclined paddle sawn flat no-leads (ipsfn) package may be affixed to a cover glass surface along a perimeter of a display.
new patent

Keyboard assembly and voice-recognition method

A keyboard assembly with voice-recognition ability includes a keyboard module, a wireless transceiver chip, a voice-recognition chip, and a voice-receiver member. The chips and the member are mounted in the keyboard module.
new patent

Optical coupling apparatus and optical transceiver installing the same

A simplified optical coupling system having two optical connectors is disclosed. The optical coupling system includes a male connector with a ferrule, a female connector with another ferrule, and a sleeve to receive the ferrules in respective ends thereof.
new patent

Method and system to estimate the location of a transmitting device in an (asynchronous) wireless network

A system for locating a mobile device is disclosed. In one embodiment, the system includes a mobile device having a processor and a receiver, and at least three transceiver devices forming a network of transceiver devices.
new patent

Laser doppler velocimeter with intelligent optical device

Systems and methods for laser based measurement of air parameters are disclosed. An example system includes a coherent source of radiation, a transceiver, an optical mixer, and an intelligent optical device.
new patent

Air conditioning apparatus and controller

An exemplary aspect comprises an air conditioning apparatus comprising: (a) a controller comprising a microprocessor; (b) a wireless transceiver in communication with the microprocessor and operable to communicate over a wireless network with an application on a mobile device; (c) a compressor controlled by the controller; (d) a fan controlled by the controller; and (e) a front panel that allows a user to interface with the controller. Another exemplary aspect comprises a mobile device comprising a processor and a memory, the memory storing an application that enables a user of the mobile device to adjust settings for an air conditioning apparatus operable to communicate via a wireless network with the mobile device..
new patent

Self-powered wireless fuse switch

A self-powered wireless fuse switch is disclosed that is a plug-in replacement for a fuse found in the electrical system of vehicles. The self-powered wireless fuse adds remote-controlled switching capabilities for short and long-range control of power to subsystems of a vehicle electrical system.
new patent

System for communicating with implantable medical devices using a bridge device

A communications bridge device communicates between a consumer electronics device, such as a smart telephone, and an implantable medical device. The bridge forwards instructions and data between the consumer electronics device and the implantable medical device.
new patent

Continuous analyte monitoring system

An improved analyte monitoring system having a sensor and a transceiver with improved communication and/or user interface capabilities. The transceiver may communicate with and power the sensor.

Establishing wireless communication via proximity detection

The present disclosure relates to computer-implemented systems and methods for wireless communication via proximity detection. The method may include determining, by a computer via a plurality of induction coils in a proximity transponder, a magnetic field emitted from a base station.

License shared access in cellular network

Generally discussed herein are systems and apparatuses that are configured for using licensed shared access (lsa) in a cellular network. Also discussed herein are method of using the systems and apparatuses.
Intel Corporation

Apparatus, system and triggering a wireless-local-area-network (wlan) action of a user equipment (ue)

Some demonstrative embodiments include devices, systems and/or methods of triggering a wireless local area network (wlan) action of a wireless communication device, e.g., a user equipment (ue). For example, an evolved node b (enb) may include a radio to transmit a control message to a ue, the control message including a wlan trigger to trigger one or more actions by a wlan transceiver of the ue..

Indoor remote triggered location scanning

In some implementations, wireless transceivers (“nodes”) can be located throughout a building. In some implementations, an originating mobile device can request the current location of a target mobile device.
Apple Inc.

Wireless communication apparatus and method

According to one embodiment, a wireless communication apparatus includes a transceiver, an estimator and a controller. The transceiver transmits and receives a frame in a frequency band which is used by a first system executing communication in a first communication range determined by a first transmission power and a first antenna gain.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

System and improving channel efficiency in a wireless link

System and method for improving channel efficiency in a wireless link between an access-point transceiver and a first transceiver. The first transceiver may have a first data throughput rate that is lower than the maximum possible data throughput rate of the wireless link.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Moving ad hoc network small cell relay handover

A mobile small station including a transceiver, a processor, and a memory having instructions for execution by the processor to exchange measurement information with a macro station, provide a wide area network connection and act as a relay for a small station moving network with the mobile small station, and perform handover of relay responsibilities to another mobile small station in the small station moving network.. .
Intel Corporation

Methods and device for determining when to switch between multiple communication modes of a transceiver subsystem

A communication device performs a method for determining when to switch between multiple communication modes of a transceiver subsystem. The method includes detecting an indication that a multimedia message is ready for transmission.
Motorola Mobility Llc

Prioritizing repair of signal leakage in an hfc network

A method or apparatus of identifying for repair a signal leak in an hfc network, wherein a base transceiver station in the vicinity of the hfc network transmits a bts signal over-the-air. The method comprises or apparatus performs the steps of: (a) identifying a location of the signal leak; (b) in the vicinity of the signal leak, detecting the bts signal; (c) determining a level of the bts signal; (d) defining a threshold level; (e) with the use of a processor, determining whether the level of the bts signal meets or exceeds the threshold level; and (f) indicating for repair the signal leak if the level of the bts signal meets or exceeds the threshold level..

Remote configuration of digital video surveillance system elements

A method and system are provided for configuring or provisioning a digital video surveillance system (dvss) element, such as a digital video recorder (dvr). Implementations described herein use a scannable device identifier, such as a bar code or a quick response (qr) code, to uniquely identify a dvss element.
March Networks Corporation

Mobile wireless access

Mobile wireless access unit 10 and method comprising: wireless transceiver. Mobile network transceiver for connecting to a cellular network.
Vodafone Ip Licensing Limited

Communications via a receiving device network

A receiving device system arranged to distribute voice communications includes first and second receiving devices, each having a personal area network (pan) transceiver, a programming transceiver to receive multimedia content, and a local area network (lan) transceiver. The second receiving device is configured to accept input data via its pan transceiver from a communications device, initiate communications with the first receiving device via the lan, and communicate voice data received via the second pan transceiver to the first receiving device via the lan.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.

Baseband processing of tdd signals

transceiver device and method therein, for baseband processing of signals associated with tdd communication over wire lines. The method involves use of a single burst i/o n-point complex fft kernel for baseband processing of receive and transmit signal blocks, where the processing involves simultaneously performing a respective fft or ifft of two n-sample signal blocks..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Transceiver device and a generating a compensation signal

A transceiver device 100 includes a transmit path module 110, a receive path module 120 and a compensation signal generator module 130. The transmit path module 110 generates a high frequency transmit signal 112 based on a baseband transmit signal.

Powerline communications automotive network

An embodiment is a powerline communications (plc) apparatus including a communications interface that implements a first communication protocol including of a transceiver that communicates over an electrical power distribution wiring of a vehicle. The first communication protocol includes a powerline communications automotive network (plcan) delimiter type (dt) (plcan-dt), and a plcan variant length field in a frame control comprising payload length, a number of symbols used, a phy block size, and a number of repetitions used, wherein broadcast addressing is used in the network to transmit messages..
Stmicroelectronics, Inc.

Method and improved data communication in cellular access systems

A method for use in a cellular access system is disclosed. The system includes a first transceiver and a second transceiver, wherein the first transceiver sends and receives data blocks to and from the second transceiver, and the first transceiver is considered a reporting party with respect to the second transceiver.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Built-in self-test technique for detection of imperfectly connected antenna in ofdm transceivers

Ofdm communication transceiver having a receiver chain and an emitting chain, adapted to test its connection with an antenna circuit unit (11), the receiver chain comprising a time-to-frequency transform unit (15) and the emitting chain comprising a frequency-to-time transform unit (6), and the transceiver further comprising:—means for disconnecting the receiver chain to the antenna circuit unit (11);—means for providing a stimulus as input to the emitting chain;—means (22, 23) for reintroducing the signal at the output of the emitting chain as an input of the receiving chain;—means (24) for determining a circuit resonance frequency, fr, and a quality factor, q, of a transfer function computed from the output of the time-to-frequency transform unit (15);—means for deciding (25, 26) about the connection of said antenna circuit unit (11) according to these resonance frequency and quality factor.. .
St-ericsson Sa

Transceiver module

An optical/electrical signal transmission system (100) comprises a number of processing devices (106) mounted on a motherboard (104), and a number of transceiver modules (102) comprising a number of e/o engines (304), in which the transceiver modules (102) electrically couple to the processing devices (106) without interrupting the processes of the system (100).. .

System and conveying aeronautical radio voice and signaling over a satellite ip network

Systems and methods for conveying aeronautical radio voice and signaling over a satellite ip network are described. According to disclosed embodiments, a remote very high frequency (vhf) transceiver is connected with a central location where air traffic control is exercised.
Inaccess Networks S.a.

Smart nfc antenna matching network system having multiple antennas and user device including the same

At least one example embodiment provides a near field communication (nfc) antenna matching network system connected to an nfc transceiver. The nfc antenna matching network system includes a matching circuit connected to first and second antenna terminals and to the nfc transceiver.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Analog baseband filter multi-band and multi-mode wireless transceiver and controlling the filter apparatus

An analog baseband filter apparatus for a multi-mode and multi-band wireless transceiver and a method for controlling the analog baseband filter apparatus are provided. The analog baseband filter apparatus includes a plurality of radio frequency (rf) units, each of the plurality of rf units being for receiving rf signals of one of a plurality of frequency bands and outputting baseband signals, a plurality of filter blocks for filtering and amplifying the baseband signals, and a switching unit for connecting at least two of the plurality of rf units to at least one of the plurality of filter blocks according to a selected communication mode, wherein the at least one of the plurality of filter blocks is configured to be connected to a capacitor region of an adjacent filter block from among the plurality of filter blocks..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Radio-frequency front-end circuit of multiband terminal and multiband terminal

Disclosed is a radio-frequency front-end circuit of a multi-frequency terminal, including: a radio-frequency transceiver chip, a radio-frequency amplifier chip and a radio-frequency switch, wherein all frequency bands share one transmission port in the radio-frequency transceiver chip; the radio-frequency amplifier chip includes a plurality of radio-frequency amplifiers corresponding to frequency bands in which the radio-frequency transceiver chip transmits signals, and the plurality of radio-frequency amplifiers are integrated together and share a common input port; the input port of the radio-frequency amplifier chip is connected to the transmission port of the radio-frequency transceiver chip; the radio-frequency switch is connected to an output of the radio-frequency amplifier chip, and used for switching signals in different frequency bands.. .
Zte Corporation

Wi-fi transceiver having dual-band virtual concurrent connection mode and operation thereof

A transceiver, a method of providing multiple-band virtual concurrent wireless communication and a wireless device incorporating the transceiver or the method. In one embodiment, the transceiver includes: (1) first transmit and receive intermediate frequency (if) strips, (2) second transmit and receive if strips, (3) first and second local oscillators (los) and (4) switches operable to multiplex clock signals from the first and second local oscillators to cause the transceiver to operate in a selectable one of: (4a) a unified, multiple-input, multiple-output (mimo) mode in which the first and second transmit and receive if strips are driven to transmit and receive in a first band and (4b) a concurrent multiple-band connection mode in which the first transmit and receive if strips are driven in the first band and the second transmit and receive if strips are concurrently driven in a second band..
Icera, Inc.

Self-calibrating antenna system

A self-calibrating antenna system having a radio frequency (rf) detector configured to estimate a time delay of a transmission signal on a transmission line, which couples an rf front end with an antenna tuner, based on a magnitude and phase of an input impedance of the transmission line at a first set of a plurality of respective frequencies, and a transceiver configured to transmit to the antenna tuner a calibrated tuning control command based on the estimated time delay to calibrate the antenna tuner and the transmission line.. .

Semiconductor arrangement and formation thereof

A semiconductor arrangement and a method of forming the same are described. A semiconductor arrangement includes a first layer including a first optical transceiver and a second layer including a second optical transceiver.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited

Integrated radio and solar panels

A solar panel array structure is used in network communications that comprises at least one support structure configured to support a solar panel array, wherein the at least one support structure comprises a metal portion. The metal portion comprises antenna connections that are configured to allow the metal portion to be used as a radio antenna.
Vivint, Inc.

Wireless communication systems for underground pipe inspection

Wireless communication system for underground pipeline inspection. The system includes a plurality of sensor nodes moved by robots within the pipeline and each sensor node includes a radio transceiver.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Method and system for patterning elements having two states

A patterning system includes transportable nodes, each having a unique identifier, and including an element having first and second states and a transceiver for receiving a element command signal. A transmitter sends a query command to the transportable nodes to validate the identifier against the database and activate validated transportable nodes to receive the signal.
Glow Motion Technologies

Wireless radio frequency switch controller

A wireless radio frequency switch controller may be capable of being retrofit on to any existing parent system such as a thermostat, security system, garage door, and the like. The switch controller may have an external housing, a contact penetrating clip, a processor capable of being connected to a network, and a computer readable storage medium storing one or more programs for execution by the processor.

Wearable rfid storage devices

Systems, methods, and devices related to a multifunctional digital data storage device which is wearable by the user as a decorative ornament. A wearable device, such as a ring or a wristwatch, is equipped with a transceiver, a storage module, and an antenna.

Method for operating a transceiver of a bus participant connected to a data bus

The method is used for operating a transceiver of a bus participant connected to a data bus, the arrangement additionally having a control unit, wherein the transceiver is connected between the data bus and the control unit and obtains commands and operating data for its operation in accordance with the bus protocol, and receives and transmits useful data via the data bus. For its operation in this method, the transceiver receives, at its inputs and/or outputs provided for the useful data and connected to the data bus and the control unit, commands from the control unit or transmitted via the data bus, and is operated accordingly if such a command is received..
Elmos Semiconductor Ag

Effective power management for pluggable transceiver receiving hardware in network switching systems

A transceiver-receiving system, such as a network switch with pluggable transceivers, is built with hardware and machine logic so that power to certain components is turned off when the pluggable transceiver is not present in its plug in slot. The machine logic for handling the turning off an on of power is present on a processor on the board to which the plug-in slot is attached.
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Optical connector

An optical connector is disclosed. The optical connector has a casing, a circuit structure, a lens structure and an optical transceiver element.
Delta Electronics, Inc.

Proximity tags for vehicles

An object tracking system includes a wireless device having a first antenna, a first transceiver coupled to the first antenna, and a sensor coupled to the first transceiver and configured to monitor a parameter of the vehicle. The parameter is related to an operational state of the vehicle.
Acco Brands Corporation

Feeding circuit arrangement for supplying a radio frequency signal to a plurality of coil elements of a magnetic resonance coil system

The invention relates to a feeding circuit arrangement (18) for supplying a radio frequency signal to a plurality of coil elements (14) of a magnetic resonance coil system (12), wherein the circuit arrangement (18) comprises a main line (20) for connecting a radio frequency signal source (16); a plurality of feeding lines (22), each feeding line (22) for connecting a corresponding coil element (14) of the coil system (14); a power divider (24) arranged between the main line (20) and the plurality of feeding lines (22) for distributing the signal on the main line (20) to each of the feeding lines (22), wherein at least one of the feeding lines (22) comprises a controllable switching circuit (26) with a switching element (28) for connecting/disconnecting of two resulting line sections (30, 32) of the feeding line (22), a first line section (30) on the divider side and a second line section (32) on the side connectable to the coil element (14), and wherein the switching circuit (26) further comprises at least one connectable termination element (44) for line termination of the first line section (30) or the main line (20) comprises a circulator device (60) interconnected with a termination means (62). The invention further relates to a corresponding parallel transceiver system (10)..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Waveform calibration using built in self test mechanism

A system on a chip (soc) includes a transceiver comprising a transmitter having a power amplifier and a receiver having a signal buffer. At least one of the transmitter and receiver has a configurable portion that can be configured to produce a range of waveforms (both in waveshape as well as duty cycle).
Texas Instruments Incorporated

System and determining density of a medium in a tank

A system and method for determining a density of a non-conducting medium in a tank is disclosed where the relationship between a dielectric constant and a density of the medium is known. The system comprises a transceiver, and a waveguide, the waveguide extends towards and into the medium.
Rosemount Tank Radar Ab

Guided wave radar level gauging with probe retaining element

A gwr level gauge system for determining a filling level in a tank. The system comprises a tank, a transceiver, a surface waveguide comprising a single conductor transmission line probe, connected to the transceiver, arranged extending vertically into the tank and configured to guide the electromagnetic transmission signals towards the surface and to guide the reflected electromagnetic signals back to the transceiver; processing circuitry connected to the transceiver and configured to determine the filing level based on received reflected electromagnetic signals; a plurality of retaining elements arranged in fixed positions in relation to an inside of the tank and spaced apart along the probe, wherein each of the retaining elements circumscribes the probe, and is configured to allow movement of the probe in a vertical direction relative the retaining element, and to restrict movement of the probe in a horizontal direction relative the retaining element..
Rosemount Tank Radar Ab

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