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Transceiver patents

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Label and system for infant care having provision for automatic updating


Label and system for infant care having provision for automatic updating

Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic diagnostic method

Toshiba Medical Systems

Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic diagnostic method

Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic diagnostic method


Fluorescence-based sensor with multiple indicator grafts

Date/App# patent app List of recent Transceiver-related patents
 Railroad interlocking system with distributed control patent thumbnailRailroad interlocking system with distributed control
A system includes a transceiver for receiving one or more communications from a communication device in a railway vehicle; a microcontroller that is configured for communication with the transceiver and that is configured to control a position of a switch in the railway; and an electronic subsystem for interfacing with the microcontroller and with the switch; wherein the trans transceiver is configured to transmit to the microcontroller at least one of the one or more communications received from the railway vehicle; wherein the microcontroller is further configured to extract a command from the parsed contents; wherein the microcontroller is further configured to transmit the command to the electronic subsystem to cause the electronic subsystem to transition the switch to a position specified by the command; and wherein transitioning of the switch to the specified position enables the railway vehicle to cross the switch.. .
Carnegie Mellon University
 Label and system for infant care having provision for automatic updating patent thumbnailLabel and system for infant care having provision for automatic updating
A method and system for providing suitably audio programmatic material for enhancing a baby's experience in distinct contexts employs a connected device having communicative access to a wan and further includes a camera capable or reading a qr code and responding to instructions contained thereon. The system includes a media player device.
Swaddledesigns Llc.
 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic diagnostic method patent thumbnailUltrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic diagnostic method
According to one embodiment, an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus includes a transceiver part, a signal processing part and an image generation part. The transceiver part controls an ultrasonic probe to perform a first and second scans.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation
 Fluorescence-based sensor with multiple indicator grafts patent thumbnailFluorescence-based sensor with multiple indicator grafts
A system including a sensor and a transceiver and configured to determine a concentration of an analyte in a medium of a living animal. The sensor may include first and second signal photodetectors and first and second reference photodetectors, which may each be covered by an associate filter.
Senseonics, Incorporated
 Analyte concentration alert function for analyte sensor system patent thumbnailAnalyte concentration alert function for analyte sensor system
Systems, methods, and apparatuses that provide alerts based on analyte data and acceleration data. An analyte sensor may generate the analyte data.
Senseonics, Incorporated
 Methods and  enhancing wireless data network telephony, including quality of service monitoring and control patent thumbnailMethods and enhancing wireless data network telephony, including quality of service monitoring and control
A system for wireless communication comprises an architecture of routers connected to a network and having connected transceivers for wireless transmission and reception of data, and a plurality of hand-held communicators adapted for users to communicate with the network through the routers. The system is configured for data network telephony (dnt) in the wireless portion, wherein voice data is encoded and transmitted in real time in data packets, and also provides data exchange for document-type entities.
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories Inc.
 Apparatus, base station transceiver, method, and computer program for assigning a radio resource patent thumbnailApparatus, base station transceiver, method, and computer program for assigning a radio resource
Embodiments relate to an apparatus, a base station transceiver, a method, and a computer program for assigning a radio resource. An apparatus 10 for a mobile communication system is operable to assign a radio resource from a plurality of radio resources to enable communication of information between a mobile transceiver 200 and a base station transceiver 100.
Alcatel Lucent
 Method for enhancing the use of proximity services in a public land mobile network patent thumbnailMethod for enhancing the use of proximity services in a public land mobile network
A method for enhancing the use of proximity services in a public land mobile network includes: in a first step, a base transceiver station receives a first proximity services activation information related to a first user equipment of a plurality of user equipments; in a second step, the base transceiver station receives a second proximity services activation information related to a second user equipment of the plurality of user equipments; in a third step, a proximity services broadcast information is sent from the base transceiver station to the plurality of user equipments within the geographic area; and in a fourth step, the first user equipment starts to emit a first proximity services discovery signal and the second user equipment starts to emit a second proximity services discovery signal.. .
Deutsche Telekom Ag
 Systems and methods for providing emergency messages to a mobile device patent thumbnailSystems and methods for providing emergency messages to a mobile device
The present invention is directed to systems and methods for providing emergency messages to a mobile device. In an exemplary embodiment, a system for communicating emergency messages is provided comprising a mobile device comprising an emergency message application and a personal emergency message transceiver, an emergency message control center, wherein the emergency message application is enabled to receive a plurality of emergency messages generated by the emergency message control center..
Sipco, Llc
 Wireless motion activated user device with bi-modality communication patent thumbnailWireless motion activated user device with bi-modality communication
A device, system or method may include a body-wearable user device including a user device wireless transceiver configured to communicate directly with a secondary device wireless transceiver associated with a secondary device, a sensor configured to sense a physical motion of at least one of the user device and a body part of a user of the user device and output a signal based on the physical motion, and a processor configured, based on the output from the sensor, to cause the user device wireless transceiver to transmit to the secondary device wireless transceiver a pair signal according to a first wireless modality based, at least in part, on the signal and complete a wireless pairing between the user device wireless transceiver and the secondary device wireless transceiver according to a second wireless modality different than the first wireless modality.. .
Playtabase, Llc

Method of monitoring an optoelectronic transceiver with multiple flag values for a respective operating condition

An optoelectronic transceiver includes an optoelectronic transmitter, an optoelectronic receiver, memory, and an interface. The memory is configured to store digital values representative of operating conditions of the optoelectronic transceiver.
Finisar Corporation

Polarization multiplexing optical transceiver

It is provided a polarization multiplexing optical transceiver including a polarization multiplexing optical transceiver, a polarization multiplexing optical receiver, a transmission side polarization state control unit and a reception side polarization state control unit. The polarization multiplexing optical receiver includes: a polarization demultiplexing unit; a plurality of information signal reconstruction units configured to receive the reconstructed polarization component on the transmission side as an input, and reconstruct and extract information signals; and an information signal coupling unit configured to one of couple and select the information signals output by the plurality of information signal reconstruction units and output the resultant under control of the reception side polarization state control unit.
Hitachi, Ltd.

System and optical layer management in optical modules and remote control of optical modules

A system and method for managing the optical layer network data communications of an optical fiber data network by an optical transceiver module is disclosed. The management of the optical layer network data communications comprising data link layer functions or layer 2 functions in an osi model.

Scheme of remote control of the slicing level of a receiver in a smart transceiver

A scheme is described of remote control of the slicing level of a receiver in a smart sfp (or sfp+, or xfp) duplex (or bidi, or swbidi) transceiver in a communication system using an operating system with oam and pp functions, an oam, pp & payload processor, a transceiver, a bert, and an optical link in the field.. .
Oe Solutions Co., Ltd.

Monitoring of a passive optical network (pon)

A passive optical network, pon, comprising an optical line termination, olt, connected to one or more optical network terminals, ont, over an optical distribution network, odn, is monitored by a monitoring device. The monitoring device comprises an optical frequency domain reflectometer, ofdr, and is arranged to monitor the optical power received by the olt and the onts of the pon, and to perform transceiver analysis of the olt and the onts, combined with an ofdr analysis of the odn, based on the monitored optical power violating a threshold..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Apparatus and compensation of am hoise in rfid devices through modulation of a received signal

A method and apparatus for compensation of noise in a radio frequency identification (rfid) device through modulation of a received signal is described. The method includes determining an amplitude signal proportional to an amplitude of a transmitter signal and associated noise; processing the amplitude signal to derive a correction signal; and modulating a received signal during a receive period with the correction signal to substantially remove the associated noise from the received signal.
Motorola Solutions, Inc

Transmitting circuit, transceiver, communication system, and transmitting data

A transmitting circuit, a transceiver, a communication system, and a method for transmitting data. The transmitting circuit includes a digital interface circuit configured to obtain, in a predetermined bandwidth, data to be sent, and decompose the data into n parallel sub digital signal flows; a digital modulation circuit configured to modulate the n sub digital signal flows to obtain n modulated signals; a frequency relocation circuit configured to perform frequency relocation on the n modulated signals; a synthesizer configured to modulate m modulated signals of the n modulated signals that have undergone frequency relocation into a bandwidth signal; a digital to analog converter configured to receive the bandwidth signal, and perform digital to analog conversion on the bandwidth signal to obtain an analog signal; an up-conversion circuit configured to receive the analog signal, and convert the analog signal into a radio frequency signal..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Weighted sum data rate maximization using linear transceivers in a full-duplex multi-user mimo system

Signal interference associated with multi-user multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) full-duplex wireless communication systems is reduced. In an example, first streams are received by a mimo base station from uplink user devices based on a first availability of channel matrices and second streams are transmitted to downlink user devices based on a second availability of the channel matrices.
The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology

Systems and methods for reduction of triple transit effects in transceiver communications

Systems and methods for transceiver communication are discussed herein. An exemplary system comprises a first transceiver unit comprising a first attenuator, a filter module, a gain module, and an antenna.
Aviat U.s., Inc.

Radio transceiver with improved radar detection

A radar detector is used with a radio link, the radio link characterized by high duty factor operation of a radio transmitter. The radar detector is located a sufficient distance from the radio transmitter that the radar detector is not overwhelmed by the radio transmission signal in that channel and can detect sufficiently low level radar signals to ascertain potential radio interference at the radar from said radio transmitter.
Cbf Networks, Inc.

Hierarchical modulation for unicast streams

Hierarchical modulation is performed by an access node in a communication network, by identifying, by the access node, a plurality of user devices in the communication network for hierarchical modulation reception, and sending, via a transceiver in the access node, control information to each of the identified user devices, the control information comprising an identification of a shared radio resource for use by two of the identified user devices in support of hierarchical modulation reception.. .
Wi-lan Labs, Inc.

Smartphones backgroung uplink small data packet optimization

A communication apparatus includes a wireless transceiver that transmits data packets including background traffic data packets and a transceiver control unit that controls transmission by the wireless transceiver of the data packets. The transceiver control unit receives, prior to their transmission, all data packets that are to be transmitted by the wireless transceiver.
Verizon Patent And Licensing, Inc.

Mobile communication terminal device and operating a mobile communication terminal device

According to an aspect of this disclosure a communication terminal device is provided, comprising: a transceiver configured to communicate with a communication device in accordance with an uplink resource allocation; a determiner configured to determine a desired power consumption for data transmissions from the communication terminal device to the communication device, and to determine a suitable uplink resource allocation based on the desired power consumption; and a controller configured to determine a communication behavior of the communication terminal device with the communication device based on the suitable uplink resource allocation and to control the transceiver according to the determined communication behavior.. .
Intel Ip Corporation

Cloud-enabled low power wi-fi sensor

A cloud-enabled low power wi-fi device is provided that includes a transceiver, a programmable processor, and executable control software stored on a non-transitory computer readable medium. The transceiver can be in a low power sleep mode until the programmable processor and the executable control software detect a first condition.
Honeywell International Inc.

Radio transceiver on a chip

An entire radio transceiver can be easily integrated into one ic chip. In order to integrate the if filters on the chip, a heterodyne architecture with a low if is used.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

System and data packet transceiver testing after signal calibration and power settling to minimize test time

A system and method for testing one or more wireless data packet signal transceiver devices under test (duts). Incoming data packets from a dut are monitored to discern between data packets transmitted as part of a dut calibration cycle or initial data packets being transmitted as the dut transmitter circuitry settles at its new settings (e.g., transmit signal frequency or power), and later data packets transmitted following completion of the dut calibration cycle or settling of the dut transmitter circuitry.
Litepoint Corporation

System and enabling testing a data link of a data packet signal transceiver

A system and method for enabling testing a data link of a data packet signal transceiver device under test (dut). A rx data packet signal originating from a reference device is conveyed for reception by a dut, and a tx data packet signal originating from the dut is conveyed for reception by the reference device.
Litepoint Corporation

Method and arrangement for providing data plane redundancy

A pluggable transceiver is provided for achieving a redundant connection in a communication network when inserted in a communication network node of the communication network. The pluggable transceiver is connected to a first cable on a first input and is directly connected to two or more data-plane ports when inserted.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Using a rfid paging infrastructure

The “rfid paging infrastructure” uses rfid technology to provide a low-cost localized message paging system. When a stationary rfid transceiver detects a programmable rfid tag, the transceiver reads an identifier from the rfid tag.
International Business Machines Corporation

Two-way finding system

A two-way finding system includes a first wireless transceiver device and a second wireless transceiver device. The first wireless transceiver device is generated a second wireless transceiver device calling signal that contains a first identification code, a first communication address and a second identification code.

Internet-connected garage door control system

An internet-connected garage door control system is disclosed that includes a garage door opener for opening and closing a garage door in response to signals received through the internet, and an in-vehicle remote garage door opener integrated into a vehicle for transmitting the signals through the internet to the garage door opener. The in-vehicle remote garage door opener includes an interface configured to communicate with an internet-connected device, a trainable rf transceiver for transmitting an rf signal to the garage door opener, a user-actuated input, an interface configured to communicate with an internet-connected device, and a controller, wherein, upon actuation of the user-actuated input, the controller is configured to at least one of (a) request a signal to be transmitted by the internet-connected device through the internet to the garage door opener, and (b) cause the trainable rf transceiver to transmit the rf signal to the garage door opener..
Gentex Corporation

Surface elastic wave generator, transceiver, and generation method thereof

A surface elastic wave generator may include a substrate. A first conductivity type region is formed in the substrate.
Industrial Technology Research Institute

Heated antenna

The invention describes a fill level measuring device, comprising a microwave transceiver, an antenna connected to the microwave transceiver, which comprises an outlet opening for a targeted emission of microwave radiation as well as an antenna cover arranged at the outlet opening, which closes the outlet opening in a sealing fashion, with the fill level measuring device additionally comprising a heating device, by which the antenna cover can be heated to avoid the formation of condensate.. .
Vega Grieshaber Kg

Method and determining a road usage charge

A method and apparatus for determining a distance traveled by a vehicle for the purpose of assessing and settling a road usage charge allows a mobile device to determine distance traveled with a vehicle while paired with a pan transceiver of the vehicle by using gps location information. The mobile device can also capture odometer images that are reported to a system that processes the images to obtain the odometer values and find the difference between the odometer values.

System for monitoring and controlling negative pressure wound therapy

A system for monitoring and controlling negative pressure wound therapy includes a microcontroller that controls means for maintaining reduced air pressure based on a pressure signal from a pressure sensor. The means for maintaining reduced air pressure may include a vacuum pump and valve.

Wireless detector and adapter

The handheld wireless network detector and adaptor includes a housing at least partially enclosing a processor, a self-contained power source, an interface, a wireless transceiver, a wireless network detector and a wireless network adapter. The interface is configured to communicate with an external computing device.

Location-aware multimodal communication system

A system and method for providing a multimodal list of transceiver devices to a remote terminal is disclosed. A positioning unit determines a location of a remote terminal.

Apparatus and processing priority information in a wireless device

A user equipment capable of performing reselection in a wireless network is disclosed. The user equipment comprises: 1) a controller configured to perform reselection between cells according to a priority-based reselection (pbr) algorithm using priority information; 2) transceiver circuitry configured to operate in cells using at least one radio access technology and to receive incoming messages including the priority information; and 3) a memory configured to store the received priority information.

Wireless transmitter network analysis tool

A handheld wireless transmitter network analysis tool has a transceiver for detecting wireless signals from a transceiver of a smart device used in an automated process control. The tool has a processor with program modules for analyzing the spectrum of received wireless signals and noise.

Device selection

Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, are provided for device selection. In one aspect there is provided a method.

Pairing a mobile terminal with a wireless device

A mobile terminal includes a camera for capturing a first image, a radio transceiver for discovering wireless devices and determining a position of the discovered wireless devices with respect to the mobile terminal, processing means for projecting the position of each discovered wireless device onto the first image and creating a second image by overlaying symbols at the projected positions, and a display for displaying the second image, the mobile terminal being arranged for pairing, in response to a request from a user of the mobile terminal selecting one of the overlaid symbols, the corresponding wireless device with the mobile terminal.. .

Digital optical modulator for programmable n-quadrature amplitude modulation generation

An optical transceiver comprising an optical signal input, a first modulation section coupled to the optical signal input, a second modulation segment coupled to the optical signal input and positioned in serial with the first modulation section, wherein the first modulation section comprises a first digital electrical signal input, a first digital driver coupled to the first digital electrical signal input, and a first modulator coupled to the first digital driver, and wherein the second modulation section comprises a second digital electrical signal input, a second digital driver coupled to the second digital electrical signal input, and a second modulator coupled to the second digital driver, and an optical signal output coupled to the first modulation section and the second modulation section.. .

Transceiver for use in fibre network

A method performed by a transceiver for use in fibre network for sending and/or receiving signals. Transceiver includes scm device; laser diode; red-blue filter, rbf, having red, blue and common channels; pd; and subcarrier demultiplexing, scdm, device.

Modulation scheme for communication

A modulation scheme for long range transceiver utilizing a processing scheme in combination with a hadamard transform is disclosed. The processing scheme can correspond to an industry standard or to other processing schemes.

Method and synchronizing timing among devices in a wireless local area network (wlan)

A wireless communication device including a first media access control device and a first transceiver. The first media access control device is configured to selectively generate a first timestamp having a first length and a second timestamp having a second length.

Dynamic aggregation for coexistence between wireless transceivers of a host device

A circuit includes a first wireless interface circuit that communicates packetized data to a first external device in accordance with a first wireless communication protocol. A second wireless interface circuit communicates packetized data to a second external device in accordance with a second wireless communication protocol.

Adjacent channel interference cancellation in multi-channel systems

A method for adjacent channel interference cancellation may be disclosed, comprising collecting adjacent channel usage samples at a first time; assigning coefficient weights in an adjacent channel interference model based on the adjacent channel usage samples; determining whether a radio may be available for measuring current adjacent channel usage; adjusting coefficient weights based on the current adjacent channel usage; and canceling noise in an adjacent channel at a second time based on the coefficient weights. A radio frequency chain may be coupled to the output of the radio transceiver and configured to sample adjacent channel interference caused by the radio transceiver..

Wifi positioning bench test method and instrument

The present invention relates to simulation on a lab workbench of conditions that would be encountered by a mobile device during a so-called drive test, which involves transporting the mobile device along a course so that it encounters fading and changing wireless access points used normally to connect the mobile device to a wireless network but in this case used to locate the device. The instrument and method also support parametric testing of transceivers used for wifi positioning and, optionally, gnss positioning by the same mobile device used for wifi positioning..

Method, device and computer program for reporting radio link failures (rlf) for cellular communication based on communication links enabled on at least two different access technologies

The present invention proposes a user equipment ue, which includes a transceiver module for cellular communication based on communication links enabled on at least two different access technologies, and a control module, wherein the control module is configured to detect a first event, namely a connection failure on a communication link established using a first access technology, to start, triggered by the detection, a timer, to discern a second event, namely reconnection of a communication link established after the first event and using a first or a second access technology, to stop, triggered by the discerning, the timer and to compose a report, wherein the report includes at least an information element indicative of the time counted by the timer. Likewise, the present invention encompasses a corresponding method and a respective computer program product..

Wearable glove electronic device

A glove electronic device includes a plurality of peripherals, each of which is affixed to an adhesive cover and attachable to a location in at least one of finger portions, a wrist portion and a hand portion of the glove electronic device. Configuration of the plurality of peripherals on the glove electronic device is adaptable during use of the glove electronic device.

Methods and signal sideband receiver/transceiver for phased array radar antenna

Methods and apparatus for a receiver having a single sideband mixer with all pass networks to remove unwanted sidebands down conversion of signals. In exemplary embodiments, a single chip receive/transceiver can be used in phased array radars.

Method and on-board unit for warning in case of wrong-way travel

A method is disclosed for warning in case of wrong-way travel of a vehicle on a directional carriageway by means of an on-board unit carried by the vehicle, said on-board unit determining its position and direction of movement in a satellite-assisted manner, comparing the latter with a target direction of movement stored in a digital road map for this position and outputting a warning message when detecting a wrong-way travel, comprising: for a temporary change in course of a section of the directional carriageway, providing a radio beacon arranged upstream to said section and having a local radio coverage range; when the on-board unit enters the radio coverage range of the radio beacon, receiving a message sent by the radio beacon concerning the change in course in a transceiver of the on-board unit; and detecting the wrong-way travel depending on the received message.. .

Low-cost and low-power smart parking system utilizing a wireless mesh network

The disclosure generally relates to a low-cost and low-power smart parking system, and in particular, to forming a multi-hop wireless mesh network that can be used to estimate an occupancy map at a parking facility. The mesh network may be formed according to messages that are broadcasted from wireless identity transceivers corresponding to vehicles parked at the parking facility and include unique identifiers assigned to the broadcasting wireless identity transceivers and unique identifiers in any messages that the broadcasting wireless identity transceivers receive, whereby an occupancy map at the parking facility can be estimated according to the formed mesh network and a known physical layout associated with the parking facility.

Fire alarm power line carrier com-system

A fire alarm system includes a transceiver. The transceiver has: a housing; conductors for receiving power from power lines; power output conductors for transmitting the power to a local alarm; and a connector for the alarm conductor of the local alarm.

Method and automatically disarming a security system

A security system comprises a system control panel for arming and disarming the security system. A door sensing unit comprises a first radio frequency (rf) transceiver interconnected with the system control panel over a network.

Electrical system adapted to transfer data and power between devices on a network

This invention relates to an electrical system which enables peripheral devices to communicate exclusively of other ac and power transceivers which provide to the electrical system and receive from the electrical system power and signals. The invention is an electrical system that comprises network channels (1000, 2000) connected by circuits (100, 200).

Method for inline image resizing

The present invention provides a computer implemented method for resizing an inline image on a server. The method includes generating a hyper-text markup language (here in after html) image template, receiving a request for the inline image from a mobile device by the transceiver, retrieving the image by the one or more processors, fetching display resolution of the mobile device based on the device identifier by the one or more processors and resizing the inline image by the one or more processors.
M/s. Mobilemotion Technologies Private Limited

Session quality display in a wireless communication system

Wireless communication systems may transfer communication status to a session icon that is displayed on a wireless communication device such as a smart phone, a tablet, a personal computer, a game console, a hand-held or wearable console, or other software processing device that has a wireless transceiver. A session quality server system obtains communication status data for a set of communication contacts.
Sprint Communications Company L.p.

Systems and methods for controlling communication between a host computer and communication devices

A site controller adapted to be used in an automated monitoring system for monitoring and controlling a plurality of remote devices via a host computer connected to a first communication network is provided. The site controller is configured for controlling communication with the host computer and a plurality of communication devices that define a second communication network associated with the plurality of remote devices.
Sipco, Llc

Connected tracker for oral health implements

A connected activity tracker for oral health implements is provided for use during oral health care activities carried out daily by a user. A connected activity tracker is provided including an activity sensor that provides activity data for various oral health implements.
Beam Technologies Inc

Smart sensor unit with memory metal antenna

Systems, method and apparatuses of a building control sensor unit are disclosed. One apparatus includes a building control sensor unit that includes one or more sensors operative to sense an environmental condition of a structure, and a transceiver, wherein the transceiver includes an extended antenna, wherein the extended antenna includes a strand of memory metal.
Enlighted, Inc.

Wireless vehicle control system

A vehicle control system for a vehicle having a plurality of sensors and a plurality of actuators. The control system includes a sensor-actuator-transceiver (sat) associated with each sensor and/or actuator to read and transmit and value of the sensor or receive a target value for the actuator and generate a control signal to the actuator.
Hitachi, Ltd

Wireless communication system and device for coupling a base station and mobile stations

Wireless communication devices, comprising: a first transceiver in wireless communication with a terrestrial base station, wherein the station is in wireless communication with wireless communication devices; and a second wireless lan transceiver in wireless communication with computing devices located within a coverage area of the second transceiver, the second transceiver being coupled to the first transceiver wherein: the first transceiver receives a first signal from the station, the first signal intended for a first computing device of the computing devices, the second wireless lan transceiver determines signal characteristics of the first computing device, and the second transceiver transmits the first signal to the first computing device based on the determined signal characteristics of the first computing device; and the second transceiver receives a second signal from the first computing device, the second signal intended for the station, and the first transceiver transmits the second signal to the station.. .

User interface for object tracking

A method for tracking a location of a mobile communication device having a processor, a memory, a transceiver, and a display includes communicating, by the transceiver, with a wireless apparatus. The method also includes storing location information of the mobile communication device in response to the transceiver one of connecting to and disconnecting from the wireless apparatus.
Acco Brands Corporation

Systems and/or methods of data acquisition from a transceiver

Systems and/or methods are disclosed for acquiring data from a transceiver responsive to one or more signals that are received at the transceiver from one or more devices. In one embodiment, a transceiver is configured to transmit a signal responsive to having received a first signal from a first device, wherein the signal that is transmitted by the transceiver is configured to trigger a second device to transmit a second signal.
Eices Research, Inc.

Trainable transceiver module

A trainable transceiver module for operating a home operating system includes a housing, a photovoltaic unit supported by the housing and accessible to sunlight, a rechargeable power source, a trainable transceiver, and a one or more activation switches.. .
Gentex Corporation

Method and aircraft server system for communication with a personal electronic device in an aircraft

An aircraft server system includes a wireless transceiver configured to wirelessly emit and receive radio frequency signals in the passenger cabin of an aircraft, and a plurality of virtual network server units, each configured to remotely control one or more virtual network clients on one of a plurality of personal electronic devices, peds, wirelessly connected to the aircraft server system.. .
Airbus Operations Gmbh

Mobile wireless communications device including nfc antenna matching control circuit and associated methods

A mobile wireless communications device includes a near-field communications (nfc) transceiver, nec antennas and an nfc control circuit. The nfc transceiver generates a received signal strength based on a received signal from an adjacent nfc device.
Blackberry Limited

Near field communication transceiver system

A transceiver system to detect and transfer information from a capacitive based communication system to a personal electronic device having near field communication capabilities includes a transceiver. The transceiver includes a first near field communication device and a signal detection and decoding circuit coupled to the first near field communication device.
Tk Holdings Inc.

Nfc negotiated pairing

A mobile device includes a transceiver for performing wireless communication, a microprocessor for operating said mobile device, a near field communications (nfc) system for performing wireless communication independent of the transceiver and at a lower amount of power than said transceiver, a contactless front end included in the nfc system for receiving or transmitting signals with an nfc capable device, and a pairing system implemented in the microprocessor for pairing one nfc capable device with another nfc capable device. The pairing system configures the mobile device to receive a tag or a device driver from one of the nfc capable devices that are to be paired with each other; and transfers the tag or a device driver obtained from the tag to the other of the nfc capable devices in order to enable interoperation between the two nfc capable devices..
Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless

First responder and mine emergency communication

An underground mine communications upgrade comprises an independent vhf-uhf band to mf band repeater-transceiver translator (rtt) and loop antenna added to a conventional miner's cap-lamp and helmet. Vhf/uhf band communications with nearby conventional handsets are translated to medium frequency (mf band) communications that couple mine-wide to copper-core life-lines in all the entries.
Stolar, Inc.

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