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Transaction patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Transaction-related patents
 Offering items identified in a media stream patent thumbnailOffering items identified in a media stream
Disclosed are techniques to enable users to perform transactions such as purchasing items or receiving information regarding items depicted within a content stream, where the content stream may be received from a content provider and provided to an output device. Transactions may be performed by a user that may or may not be associated with a content provider or associated with an item offering service.
 Interconnect bandwidth throttler patent thumbnailInterconnect bandwidth throttler
An interconnect bandwidth throttler is disclosed. The interconnect bandwidth throttler turns off the interconnect, based on whether a maximum number of transactions has taken place within a predetermined throttle window.
 Method and system for optimizing distributed transactions patent thumbnailMethod and system for optimizing distributed transactions
A distributed system includes a plurality of nodes; and replicas of the nodes. Each of the nodes transmits a commit log of a transaction to its own replica and receives a reply to the commit log from its own replica to complete a local transaction.
 Data structure for efficiently identifying transactions patent thumbnailData structure for efficiently identifying transactions
A technique for monitoring software which efficiently communicates transaction trace data, including static and dynamic data, from an agent to a manager is disclosed. A tree data structure describes transactions as a sequence of transaction elements.
 Image triggered transactions patent thumbnailImage triggered transactions
In one example, a method for image triggered transactions includes capturing an image of a document with an imaging device and searching a database for a template matching the captured image. If a matching template is found for the captured image, then retrieving pre-authored tasks associated with the captured image, extracting fields from the image related to the tasks, processing the extracted fields to obtain content to complete the tasks; and executing the selected task.
 System and method for machine-to-machine privacy and security brokered transactions patent thumbnailSystem and method for machine-to-machine privacy and security brokered transactions
A machine-to-machine secure messaging system permits a first machine to send a message to a second machine, despite not knowing the addressing information (e.g., telephone number, ip address or other identifier) associated with the second machine. The system comprises an intermediary server with access to a database with information linking addressing information with other information related to the device, e.g., owner name, operator name and job title, etc., and facilitates a secure communication without the need for either party to the communication to know the other party's addressing information..
 Retrieving point-in-time copies of a source database for creating virtual databases patent thumbnailRetrieving point-in-time copies of a source database for creating virtual databases
A storage system maintains copies of a source database to allow virtual databases to be provisioned. Transaction logs received from the source database are applied to database blocks stored in the storage system to update the database blocks.
 Retrieving point-in-time copies of a source database for creating virtual databases patent thumbnailRetrieving point-in-time copies of a source database for creating virtual databases
A storage system maintains copies of a source database to allow virtual databases to be provisioned. Transaction logs received from the source database are applied to database blocks stored in the storage system to update the database blocks.
 Funding loans through the short sale of yield bearing assets patent thumbnailFunding loans through the short sale of yield bearing assets
A system and method are provided for funding loans. The method includes selling us treasury securities (or other yield bearing assets) short and using the proceeds of the short sale to fund a loan to a borrower.
 Virtualization and secure processing of data patent thumbnailVirtualization and secure processing of data
Systems, methods, and non-transient machine-interpretable data representing executable instruction sets and/or other products for the processing of data for the secure creation, administration, manipulation, processing, and storage of electronic data useful in the processing of payment transactions and other secure data processes. In various aspects and embodiments the disclosure provides secure means for the authorization of sensitive and other data processes subject to controlled access.
Privacy preserving e-payment architecture, systems, and methods
A method for providing privacy in online transactions. The method can include receiving, at a service provider system, a purchase request from a client, the purchase request including banking information, and the banking information being encrypted with a third party public key such that the service provider system cannot decrypt the encrypted banking information.
Systems and methods for payment management for supporting mobile payments
Systems and methods for managing mobile payments is provided. An account issuer provides an application that is loaded onto a mobile device, which enables a consumer to pay for transactions.
Management of biometric information
Fraud risk is monitored in financial transactions. Biometric information is received over the communications interface configured to exchange data with multiple distinct financial institutions.
Electronic system for quickly and securely processing transactions using mobile devices
The invention relates to a secured element (3) for securely and quickly processing transactions, said element being able to communicate with an external mobile device (1) and with an external billing center (6) such that transaction data (15) that is transmitted by the mobile device in order to authorize the transaction can be checked using authorization rules and parameters (8) of the billing center (6). According to the invention, the secured element (3) has a local proxy module (7) that acts on behalf of the billing center (6), wherein the current authorization rules and parameters (8) of the billing center (6) can be stored in said proxy module when communicating with the billing center (6) so that the proxy module (7) can authorize the transaction using the mobile device (1) in an autonomous manner, without a data connection to the billing center (6), and in a secured environment.
Collaborative fraud determination and prevention
A computer implemented method and system for determining a fraudulent payment transaction in a collaborative environment is provided. A collaborative database, accessible by multiple reviewing entities via a network, receives and stores transaction history data of payment transactions from the reviewing entities.
Interoperable financial transactions via mobile devices
A method and system provide interoperable electronic financial services using mobile communications devices and without the need for traditional banking systems like plastic cards, pos machines, branches and atms. A consumer can deposit and/or withdraw money from his account using his mobile device and with the help of a local agent without ever stepping inside a branch of a bank where the consumer has an account.
Rules suggestion engine
Embodiments of the invention are directed to systems and methods for implementing a rules suggestion engine that suggests rules to a user for lowering fraud in future transactions. Embodiments of the invention segment the transaction data based on at least one attribute defined by the user.
System and methods for trading complex financial products
A system for managing the formation of and transactions relating to a syndicated loan is described which provides an interface for all active and prospective participants of a syndicated loan to interact with the system an each other, thereby making the syndication process more efficient and dynamic. In addition, a trading functionality is incorporated and described herein that creates a market for trading syndicated loans and disseminating information about the loans to other participants in the market..
Method, apparatus and interface for transaction toggling
A method for submitting transactions from an automated trading tool to an electronic exchange. The method includes defining a proximity limit and automatically generating a transaction for a tradeable object.
Notarization based on currency transactions
In one example, a method includes generating a first digital code that represents a content of a document created by a first user; and notarizing the creation of the document by triggering a plurality of remittances from a first account associated with the first user to a second account, with each of the plurality of remittances time-stamped and a respective amount of each of the plurality of remittances indicating a corresponding portion of the first digital code.. .
Rules engine having user activated rules of selectable scope and selectable outcomes
Orders for execution of securities transactions and requests for asset movement are screened by a rules engine and may be automatically approved. The rules engine has rules which are user configurable.
Method of buying or selling items and a user interface to facilitate the same
A method of buying or selling items having at least one market and its associated processes are disclosed. The method includes the steps of, under control of a client system, displaying information identifying at least one item and a bid and/or ask price for the item in the market; and specifying transaction conditions based on a user directed position of a moveable icon, where the transaction conditions are related to the buying or selling of the identified item in the active market.
Aggregate merchant monitoring
A method of monitoring cashless transaction data includes extracting transaction history data for a merchant within a first predetermined time period from a transaction data storage. A plurality of forecast models that forecast transaction patterns for the merchant over the first predetermined time period are provided, each forecast model of the first plurality having a different forecast period.
Systems and methods of processing information and transactions involving digital content and/or experiences associated with celebrities and networked users
Systems and methods are disclosed for processing transactions and associated data. In one exemplary implementation, there is provided a method for processing information associated with transactions involving a product, wherein the product may comprise an experience, a physical product, and/or a digital product.
Method and use of point-of-sale terminal, which receives, transmits, stores, authorizes, reconciles, and calculates transactions electronically
A point-of-sale terminal, which receives, stores, transmits, authorizes, reconciles and calculates electronic transactions of data. It is also an on-line document delivery system which allows access, download, viewing and printing from a client's desktop, receive and send documents via facsimile to any location, and do virtually any other transaction offered by the system from home, office or from almost anywhere in the world at any time.
Mobile system and method for payments and non-financial transactions
A method and system for mobile commerce, communication, and transaction processing to real-world point of sale (pos), web, e-commerce, virtual terminal, mobile personal digital assistant, mobile phone, mobile device, or other computer based transactions involving either one or both financial and non-financial such as loyalty based transactions as a mobile payment system is described. A consumer mobile software application (cma) may be utilized in accordance with the method and system to provide a visual representation of merchants that abstractly represents the relevance of the merchants to a consumer..
Transaction processing platform for facilitating electronic distribution of plural prepaid services
A transaction processing platform capable of facilitating the distribution to consumers of various types of prepaid products is disclosed. The transaction processing platform is configured to interface with one or more providers of such prepaid products in order to facilitate the procurement or activation of the products.
Agent relationship portal
Systems and methods which assist a parent entity in directing an agent entity toward a desired course of action are provided. Embodiments may include one or more data processing devices which compile data for the parent entity regarding the agent entity.
Systems and methods for utilizing an economic model that incorporates economic influences to predict transactions
Systems and methods for utilizing models that incorporate economic influences to predict transactions and/or events. In one embodiment, a method is described that generates a predictive model that may incorporate economic influences, such as weekdays in a month, lagging economic indicators such as unemployment data, leading economic indicators such as an industrial index, energy costs such as the price of gas, and real-world events such as precipitation, and utilizing the predictive model to predict events such as car insurance claims..
Automated banking machine that can detect servicing actions
In an example embodiment, an automated banking machine can cause financial transfers responsive to data read from data bearing records. The machine includes a card reader that can read from user cards, card data which corresponds to financial accounts.
Video game financial determinations
According to an embodiment, a virtual environment is configured in which characters are able to engage in a variety of financial transactions is provided. Characters who are unable to fulfill their financial obligations may enter into bankruptcy.
Apparatus and method for managing electronic transactions
In some embodiments, an apparatus includes a memory and a processor. The processor is operable to present, in a first region of a display, information associated with a first transaction of a plurality of transactions and present, in a second region of the display, a first option, the first option indicating that, when selected, the user has marked the first transaction for further review.
Context-related arrangements
In one arrangement, a first device presents a display that is based on context data, derived from one or more of its sensors. This display is imaged by a camera in a second device.
Systems and methods for expense management
Systems, methods, and articles of manufacture for expense management are disclosed. A user may submit receipts for one or more transactions into an expense management system.
Large bottle vending apparatus and method
A combination vending/return apparatus and method. The apparatus includes a series of rows and columns for receiving, storing and dispensing unfilled and filled large-volume water-containing bottles from and to consumers.
Method and system for mobile device based authenticationservices environment
In this specification, access may be provided to secure systems by authentication using mobile devices. Users may register a mobile device and password with an authentication system.
Credential authentication methods and systems
Methods and systems are provided for performing and verifying transactions involving authentication with a secure credential, such as a smart card, in an untrusted or semi-trusted environment. An application module, operating in an untrusted or semi-trusted environment can be denied access to sensitive data.
Algorithm for optimal usage of external memory tuning sequence
A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for optimally tuning a memory card in a host device are provided. The apparatus determines at least one tuning parameter associated with the memory card, initiates a reading operation with the memory card, and sends a tuning command to the memory card based on the at least one tuning parameter.
Methods and systems for optimizing information technology costs based on outage costs
A method that includes monitoring, by a computing device including a processor, transaction activity level of a plurality of pre-defined it transactions, and determining, by the computing device, that an it outage has occurred when the activity level is below a threshold.. .
Data buffer with a strobe-based primary interface and a strobe-less secondary interface
A data buffer with a strobe-based primary interface and a strobe-less secondary interface used on a memory module is described. One memory module includes an address buffer, the data buffer and multiple dynamic random-access memory (dram) devices.
Virtualized communication sockets for multi-flow access to message channel infrastructure within cpu
A message channel optimization method and system enables multi-flow access to the message channel infrastructure within a cpu of a processor-based system. A user (pcode) employs a virtual channel to submit message channel transactions, with the message channel driver processing the transaction “behind the scenes”.
Efficient scheduling of transactions from multiple masters
Data-transfer transactions from multiple masters may be balanced by taking snapshots of the transactions stored in a buffer, and executing transactions from each master back-to-back.. .
Efficient scheduling of read and write transactions in dynamic memory controllers
Data-transfer transactions in the read and write directions may be balanced by taking snapshots of the transactions stored in a buffer, and executing transactions in the same direction back-to-back for each snapshot.. .
Consistency-based service-level agreements in cloud storage environments
An application programming interface is provided that allows applications to assign multiple service-level agreements to their data transactions. The service-level agreements include latency bounds and consistency guarantees.
Transaction feedback data collection
Technologies and implementations for collecting feedback related to the occurrence of transactions are generally disclosed.. .
Creating validated database snapshots for provisioning virtual databases
Virtual databases are provisioned using point-in-time copies of a source database. Transaction logs received from the source database are applied to a point-in-time copy of the source database to create recovery milestones comprising database blocks that can be used to provision virtual databases.
Batch processing and data synchronization in cloud-based systems
Disclosed are methods and apparatus for efficiently storing application data received from clients in a database stored on a server, such as a cloud-based database. The methods include receiving a batch of a plurality of web operations that specify actions to be performed on data objects that represent application data stored in a cloud database, translating the web operations to a batch of data storage operation sets, creating a temporary database having a subset of contents of the cloud database, applying the data storage operation sets to the temporary database, recording database operations generated by the temporary database based on the plurality of data storage operation sets, and applying the plurality of database operations to the cloud database in a transaction.
System for management of alternatively priced transactions
A system and method thereof, comprising means for: communicating through at least one computer network interface with each of (i) a plurality of providers of accountable resources, and (ii) a plurality of registrars which register clients, each client having access to accountable resources of providers, and maintain client-associated accounts therewith; generating a token verifying that a client is authenticated by a registrar; logging accountable transactions identifying a client-associated account and a transaction valuation, maintained by the registrar; and periodically accounting for the logged accountable transactions between respective registrars and respective providers; wherein a valuation of the accountable transaction is dependent at least on information conveyed in the token.. .
Systems, methods, and computer program products for managing remote transactions
Systems, methods, and computer-program products are provided for managing remote transactions. A first request including a wallet identifier (wid) is received from a merchant system.
Mobile financial transaction system
A computer system and computerized methods enable users to conduct financial transactions in a secured manner without using traditional financial instruments, such as credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, checks, cash, etc.. .
Do-not-recognize transaction handling
A technique for improving collaboration between relevant parties in a commercial transaction involves sending a timely alert including descriptors useful for reducing the number of do-not-recognize (dnr) transactions. A system constructed in accordance with techniques described in this paper can integrate multiple stakeholders and service providers.
Self-authenticating peer to peer transaction
A system and method of transaction processing is provided. The system includes a central server, which, after receiving transaction and recipient information from an initiator, sends a verification code to the initiator.
System and method for online financial transactions
Systems, methods, and articles of manufacture capable of approving financial transactions are disclosed. An on-line merchant may store consumer transaction account information.
Gift card transaction processing
Embodiments of the invention are directed to systems, methods and computer program products for processing information associated with a transaction that qualifies for a gift card. An exemplary apparatus is configured to: receive information associated with a transaction executed using a payment method associated with an account, the information including an alias associated with the account and an amount of the transaction; determine, based on accessing a database, whether the alias is associated with a gift card; in response to determining the alias is associated with the gift card, determine whether the transaction qualifies for the gift card; and in response to determining the transaction qualifies for the gift card, apply a balance of the gift card to the amount of the transaction..
Sound-based payment transactions
According to an embodiment, a payment is facilitated though sound-based communication. A first sound-based communication is received.
Systems, methods, and computer program products for managing remote transactions
Systems, methods, and computer-program products are provided for managing remote transactions. Applet data and transaction parameters are received from a mobile wallet platform over a communications network.
Methods and systems for conducting remote point of sale transactions
Systems, methods, apparatus and computer program code are provided for operating a mobile device to conduct a transaction which include obtaining, by a mobile device operating a mobile payment application, a transaction payload from a merchant, extracting a payment gateway identifier from the transaction payload and establishing a secure communication channel with a payment gateway identified by the payment gateway identifier, receiving, from the payment gateway, item data associated with the transaction, the item data obtained by the payment gateway from the merchant, and receiving, from a user operating the mobile device, a confirmation to complete the transaction using a payment account associated with the user and transmitting the confirmation to the payment gateway with payment account credentials associated with the payment account.. .
Accounts with multiple pre-authorization levels
A system and method of pre-configuring a financial account for later transactions is provided. The system includes an account server, which, after receiving a request to configure an account from an initiator, sends a prompt for identification verification information to the initiator.
Automatic calculation with multiple editable fields
A simplified transaction data management system using automatic calculation with multiple editable fields is provided. The system enables a user to manage transactions with a simplified interface, with multiple editable fields and automatic calculation of other fields based on mathematical relations with inputs that are received in any of the other editable fields.
Systems and methods for providing computer-automated adjusting entries
Systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable mediums storing computer program code implement methods for providing a computer-aided dual-date system and method for accounting. In some cases, the described systems and methods include steps of receiving a plurality of accounting transactions to a computer device, storing the plurality of accounting transactions, and utilizing the plurality of stored accounting transactions to generate a financial statement.
Pass-through entities visualization
A tax visualization program which uses the sas social network analytics tool or other link analysis or social network analytics tools, and as a tool for the tax examiner, providing near instantaneous access to the pass-through data related to an individual or entity under tax examination. The pass-through data can provide a view of various patterns of compliance risk, inappropriate/abusive preparer behavior, enterprise ownership and control, as well as provide a diverse network analysis of people, documents, data, and organizational entities.
Touchless and touch optimized processing of retail and other commerce transactions
A computer implemented method for reducing input performed in a commerce based application is provided. The method includes receiving a sequence of input values from an input device and associating the sequence of input values with an object in the application based on the sequence.
Loyalty rules
Embodiments of the invention are directed to systems, methods and computer program products for applying loyalty rules. An exemplary apparatus is configured to: receive a rule from a merchant; receive information associated with a transaction executed by the user, the transaction being associated with the merchant; receive information associated with the user's transaction history for transactions associated with the merchant; and determine, based on the rule, the information associated with the transaction, and the information associated with the transaction history, whether to issue a reward to the user's account..
Utilizing near field communication to improve customer interactions
Systems, methods and devices which utilize near field communication-style technologies in conjunction with one or more of personal devices and communication networks in order to provide for improved customer interactions with a service establishment are provided. In one embodiment an application is configured to provide for various functionality upon the triggering of a near-field communication stimulus.
Systems and methods for health care credit transactions
Systems, methods, and computer program media for creating, managing, backing, and transferring health care credits are described. Health care credits may be implemented as freely transferrable financial instruments whose initial value can be based on costs or savings generated by an individual, or by a health care provider, that are associated with a health-related metric or a health benefitting behavior(s)..
System and method to process transactions at retail fueling stations using a mobile device
A method of processing a transaction includes receiving a site location code. Site configuration information corresponding to the received site location code is received from a database.
Vending accommodation and accessibility
Vending accommodation and accessibility is described in connection with completing transactions by a machine. In certain aspects, the method includes entering an accommodation mode based on a user selection, displaying an accommodation menu comprising at least one selection button and a list of items available for vending, and announcing a selected item of the list of items available for vending.
A package includes a first die and a second die. An interface connects the first die and the second die.

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