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Tractable patents


This page is updated frequently with new Tractable-related patent applications.

 Microphone positioning system patent thumbnailMicrophone positioning system
A microphone positioning system includes a microphone, a selectively operable turntable device to which the microphone is mounted, and a remote control device for selectively imparting rotation to the turntable device to selectively vary the angle of the microphone. The elevation of the microphone can also be varied, such as by means of an extendable and retractable support.

 Injector head lifting bale patent thumbnailInjector head lifting bale
A lifting bale is mounted on top of an injector head for handling the injector head. The lifting bale includes a lifting arm attached to the injector head, an articulated member attached between the injector head and the lifting arm, the articulated member having a knee joint, and a cylinder, having an extendable and retractable arm, attached between the injector head and the knee joint.
Premier Coil Solutions, Inc.

 Noise dampening motor drive system for retractable covering for architectural openings patent thumbnailNoise dampening motor drive system for retractable covering for architectural openings
A motor-drive system for retractable covering having a headrail with a horizontally disposed roller supporting a top edge of a flexible fabric material includes an electric motor mounted within a housing and interconnected to the roller to selectively rotate the roller in opposite directions while minimizing noise created from vibrations within the system. This system includes motor mounts within the housing which separate and absorb vibrations of the motor within the housing and a drive disk of a moderately soft material, which is firm enough to transfer torque from the motor to the roller while being soft enough to absorb vibrations which would otherwise be transmitted from the motor to the roller.
Hunter Douglas Inc.

 Fabric refreshing cabinet device patent thumbnailFabric refreshing cabinet device
A device for refreshing fabrics by reducing malodors and/or wrinkles without requiring that the fabrics to be put through an entire standard laundry process. The device comprises an extractable drawer which is pulled out of the device to allow for loading of a fabric into a receiving region.
Whirlpool Corporation

 Retractable support for a screen, and aircraft cabin seat comprising such a support patent thumbnailRetractable support for a screen, and aircraft cabin seat comprising such a support
A retractable support for a screen, and aircraft cabin seat including such a support are provided. The retractable support for a screen comprises a support arm for the screen and a housing for receiving the arm in a retracted position inside the housing.
Dassault Aviation

 Retractable support for a screen and interior layout assembly of an aircraft cabin comprising such a support patent thumbnailRetractable support for a screen and interior layout assembly of an aircraft cabin comprising such a support
A retractable support for a screen, and interior layout assembly for an aircraft cabin comprising such a support are provided. The retractable support for a screen includes a housing for receiving the screen in a retracted position, and an arm movably mounted relatively to the housing between a retracted position inside the housing and a deployed position outside the housing.
Dassault Aviation

 System and  detaching an extraction unit from an extractable unit patent thumbnailSystem and detaching an extraction unit from an extractable unit
A system and method for detaching an extractable unit from an extraction unit pulling the extractable unit in an extraction direction out of a cargo bay of an aerospace vehicle for aerial delivery. The system includes a detachment unit which is connectable to an extractable unit and which is operable for controllably detaching an extraction unit from the extractable unit, a guiding system and a release unit.
Airbus Operations Gmbh

 Automated retractable step system, sensor system for a moveable vehicle member, and actuator assembly for a moveable vehicle member patent thumbnailAutomated retractable step system, sensor system for a moveable vehicle member, and actuator assembly for a moveable vehicle member
An automated retractable step system is has at least one linkage subassembly for attachment to a vehicle frame. A step is attached to the linkage subassembly and is movable between a stowed position and a deployed position.
Magna Closures Inc.

 Apparatus for cutting a pattern in sheet material patent thumbnailApparatus for cutting a pattern in sheet material
An apparatus for cutting a pattern in a sheet material includes a template having a channel with a predetermined shape. The apparatus also includes a cutting device, including a base having one or more projections configured to interact with the channel, a handle coupled to the base and moveable relative to the base between a first position and a second position, and a retractable rotary blade coupled to the handle.
Fiskars Brands, Inc.

 Dispensing device having a retractable head patent thumbnailDispensing device having a retractable head
A dispenser device (10) for a container (80) containing a product to be dispensed, the device comprising a body (20) for connecting to the container and presenting a chamber (21) that is open at a bottom end of the body and in which a pump (50) is arranged, connected to a top dispenser head (30). The dispenser device also comprises a driver (40) that is suitable for being moved so as to cause the dispenser head (30) to move between a storage position in which the dispenser head is substantially retracted inside the body (20), and a dispensing position in which the dispenser head projects beyond a top end (23) of the body.
Parfums Christian Dior

Portable guiding device for the practice of golf

Portable guiding device for the practice of golf comprising a first fastening module, rigid or semi-rigid, with an inverted u shape, which is attached to the user's belt. Said first fastening module comprises attachment methods to a second arm module, which in turn comprises a retractable extendible system that is placed in a mouth of said second arm module.

Retractable wall mounted exercise rack system

A retractable wall mounted exercise rack system for providing an exercise rack that may be easily and compactly stored when not in use. The retractable wall mounted exercise rack system generally includes one or more brackets attached to a wall, a pair of support members, and a plurality of arms pivotally extending from the brackets and pivotally connecting to the support members.
Prx Performance, Llc

Lift system with lowering mechanism

A movement system for use with an overhead patient lift system includes a motor. A drum is operatively coupled to the motor.
Liko Research & Development Ab

Percutaneous bone screw device

Embodiments of the invention provide a bone screw device including a bone screw with a temporary encasement. In some embodiments, the temporary encasement comprises a biocompatible material that may be an osteoinductive, a hemostatic and or a bacteriocide.
Globus Medical, Inc.

Using wolffia genus plant material for preparing dough

The present invention discloses a malleable mass of dough comprising: (a) dry material; said dry material comprises flour; and, (b) a liquid component; said liquid component comprising liquid essentially originating from fresh whole wolffia genus plant added to said dry material during the kneading process; said liquid component extractable from said fresh whole plant during the plant disruptive dough kneading process. The present invention further discloses methods for preparing the aforementioned malleable mass of dough..
Hinoman Ltd

Portable electronic device integrated with extendable and retractable headset assembly

A portable electronic device defines a substantially enclosed interior space and includes a detecting pin, a processor and a reeling mechanism. The reeling mechanism drives a headset assembly to be withdrawn from and retracted into the enclosed interior space.
Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

Device, system and mobile identity verification

A device, system and method of mobile identity verification is provided. Identifier data is received at the device, from a remote computing device.

Apparatus for sunlight collection and solar energy generation

This invention relates to photovoltaic (pv) systems with solar trackers. Retractable auxiliary panels are positioned at opposite sides of a solar panel along its tilt direction.

Fixed charging unit having retractable charging cables

A charging device for charging personal electrical devices is provided. The charging device includes a housing, a first charging cable configured to electrically couple to an electrical device, an electrical receptacle, and a power connector configured to receive electrical energy from an electrical outlet.

Retractable multifunctional connecting device

A retractable multifunctional connecting device includes a first module, a second module, and an outer casing body. The first module includes a first insulating body and a first terminal group, the first terminal group is disposed at the first insulating body.

Retractable gun stand

A retractable stand comprises a base and two ribbons. Each ribbon has a coiled portion and an uncoiled portion.
Cfish, Llc


A lock includes a housing and a lock mechanism with a dead-bolt disposed in the housing, wherein the dead-bolt is retractable and protrudable between its two terminal positions. The lock further includes at least one bending element disposed in the housing connected to a mechanical component of the lock mechanism at a connecting location, wherein the longest extension of the bending element is defined along a first axis.
Dorma Deutschland Gmbh

Anti-bumping impact protection device and solenoid-operated locking containers

Existing small and medium-sized solenoid-operated locking containers are vulnerable to undesired impact-induced opening. An impact-resistant solenoid-operated locking container is disclosed.

Vehicular restraint device for animals

An animal restraint device restrains an animal relative to a vehicle seat having two lower anchors laterally spaced apart at a rear bottom of the seat and an auxiliary anchor separate from the lower anchors. The harness includes a chest panel and a plurality of straps for securement about the torso of the animal.

Fluid flow control device with retractable cannula

A device having a housing; a cannula projecting forwardly from the housing; a connector useful for attaching the device to a fluid source or receptacle; a fluid flow path establishing fluid communication between the cannula and the connector; a retraction mechanism biasing the cannula away from its projecting position; and an actuator supported by the housing and configured to modify the fluid flow path so as to terminate fluid flow through the device, seal off the fluid flow path, and release the retraction mechanism to retract the cannula into the housing. The subject device is particularly preferred for use in the medical field, for example, as part of an infusion set or as a collection device for blood, or other fluids or flowable matter..
Retractable Technologies, Inc.

Single-use pneumatic safety syringe providing gas-driven needle retraction

A pneumatic retractable syringe has a plunger having an interior retraction lumen. The plunger and syringe barrel have cooperating locking elements so that the plunger is locked after use within the syringe barrel.
L.o.m. Laboratories Inc.

Retractable cable and cable rewind spool configuration

A spool apparatus is described to include in one particular example a cable spool with a first cylindrical lip and a second cylindrical lip on an opposite side of the cable spool. A center of the spool includes a clutch bearing in the center of both the first cylindrical lip and the second cylindrical lip that provides a rotational axis for the cable spool to rotate around.
Amx Llc

Dust and debris tolerant retractable cover connector

A debris exclusion and removal apparatus for connectors which have retractable cover configurations which include internal wafers that clean the connectors prior to mating.. .
United States Of America As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Spac

Key structure and portable computer using the same

A key structure includes a key cap, a bridge assembly, a first supporting part, a second supporting part, an attractable element and a magnet. The bridge assembly includes first and second hinge parts.
Lite-on Technology Corporation

Shock mounting cover glass in consumer electronic devices

Apparatus, systems and methods for shock mounting glass for an electronic device are disclosed. The glass for the electronic device can provide an outer surface for at least a portion of a housing for the electronic device.
Apple Inc.

Rotary energy converter with retractable barrier

A rotary internal combustion engine includes outer and inner housings defining an enclosure therebetween, and first and second side housings disposed on opposite sides of the outer housing. The inner housing is rotatable relative to the outer housing and at least two barriers divide the enclosure into a combustion chamber and an exhaust chamber.

Child resistant locking packaging

A container comprising an outer casing and an inner casing. The inner casing is received within the outer casing and is retractable from the outer casing.
Multi Packaging Solutions, Inc.

Retractable cargo cover with integral storage compartment

A cargo cover apparatus includes a housing, a cover retracting mechanism held in the housing and a cargo cover. The cargo cover incorporates an integral storage compartment.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Galley pullout

A cabinet assembly includes a cabinet case, a pullout enclosure, and a removable countertop piece. The pullout enclosure is slidable between retracted and extended positions.
Allied Recreation Group, Inc.

Anechoic chamber fire suppression system

A fire suppression system for anechoic chambers with multiple non-retractable tubes fixed on the ceiling of the chamber, with each tube connected to a pneumatic valve. Each valve is controlled by a compressed air supply that reacts to the presence of fire in the chamber.

Guide device for guiding a furniture part which can be moved relative to a furniture body

In a guide device for guiding a furniture part, in particular a drawer, an extractable or the like, which can be moved relative to a furniture body, having at least one guide unit which comprises a body rail which can be fastened on the furniture body, a central rail mounted displaceable relative to the body rail by a lower rail guide, and an extraction rail mounted displaceable relative to the central rail by an upper rail guide and is connectable to an extractable, lower rail support for supporting the central rail on the body rail being provided in addition to the lower rail guide, and upper rail support for supporting the extraction rail on the central rail being provided in addition to the upper rail guide, the lower rail support and the upper rail support are actively connected to one another.. .
Grass Gmbh

Table with an adjustable orientation table top

In various implementations, a flip-top table is provided. The flip-top table may include a table top that can rotate between two or more orientations and a frame.
Paragon Furniture, Lp

Cosmetic container having retractable nozzle

Provided is a cosmetic container having retractable nozzle. The cosmetic container having retractable nozzle, when a button member is pressed, enables a guide protrusion of an outer nozzle to move along a guide groove of a guide member such that the outer nozzle moves forward while the height thereof does not change and is withdrawn through an inlet/outlet hole of a supporting body, and then enables a pumping operation of a pumping member so as to discharge content, thereby allowing the content to be easily applied to an exact position and preventing the contamination of the container..
Yonwoo Co., Ltd

Measuring devices for fishing

A fishing rod with convenient devices for measuring a length and a weight of a fish, includes a display; a weight sensor, a measuring control unit, including a processor, a non-transitory memory, an input/output, a weighing manager, a communication manager, and a data bus; a measuring assembly, including an assembly body, an axle, a spring-loaded mechanism, and a retractable hook connector; a weighing hook, and a cavity for storing the weighing hook, wherein the retractable hook connector, is configured to show a length between a lower end of the fishing rod and a lower end of the weighing hook. The retractable hook connector can be a retractable tape measure or a retractable cord..

Flexible and retractable wireless charging device

A wireless charging device includes a first separation part, a second separation part, a flexible charging film and a circuit board. The first separation part has a first accommodation space.
Jtouch Corporation

Wireline tractor comprising a disc-shaped cutting device for perforating of a tubing wall and perforating a tubing wall

This invention relates to a wireline tractor (10) for use in a casing or tubing (4) in a well. The wireline tractor (10) includes at least one retractable wheel (14) for driving within the casing or tubing (4) and a rotatable disc-shaped cutting device (11) mounted on an actuator (13) that is coupled to the wireline tractor.
Qinterra Technologies As

Retractable curtain panel with track guide

According to some aspects, provided are curtain assemblies comprising two or more curtains selectably moveable between an open position and a closed position. Some embodiments include a track guide for at least one of the curtains having a first track and second track insert coupled to respective sides of the track guide and the curtain, wherein the curtain is moveably coupled to the first and second track inserts, and moveable along the channel of operation during transition between the open and the closed position.

Spool fixation device with bi-stable magnet assemblies

A spool fixation device for use in a wire winding installation, where in this spool fixation device, spools having a magnetically attractable flange are held to a rotatable flange using magnet assemblies. The magnet assemblies can be switched between a ‘hold’ state and a ‘release’ state.
Nv Bekaert Sa

High speed multi-bin card collation system

An automated high speed multi-bin card collation system that takes die cut greeting cards at high speeds and diverts them on a customer by customer basis into multiple bins. A series of diverters are included that actuate between customer jobs to divert and collate the jobs independently into the bins.
Xerox Corporation

Retractable steering column with a radially projecting attachment

A driver interface for a vehicle includes a steering column assembly and a structural facial. The steering column assembly includes a column constructed and arranged to move between a retracted state and an extended state, and an attachment projecting outward from the column.
Steering Solutions Ip Holding Corporation

Extendible hand hold device for golf and recreation carts

The present invention relates generally to an extendible and retractable hand hold device for use on golf carts and other transportation vehicles by children and smaller adults to add increased stability and safety. The extendable and retractable hand hold device is securely mounted to the roof of a typical golf cart.
Innovative Accessories, Llc

Truck rack canopy

A retractable canopy assembly for mounting to a truck rack to provide shade to a bed of a truck is provided. The retractable canopy assembly comprises a housing sized to fit within a footprint of the truck rack mounted to a vehicle.

Game rimz

A decorative wheel cover comprising a decorative sign, a disc frame, and retractable claw arm assemblies with claws attachable to automobile wheels between the rim and tire by a person manually without using any tools.. .

Frontal attachment device for syringe with rotationally activated retractable needle

A medical device attachable to the front of a conventional syringe and having a hub assembly selectively attachable to the syringe, a nose projecting forwardly from the hub assembly, a rearwardly biased needle retraction mechanism seated inside the nose, a retractable needle projecting forwardly of the nose, and a fluid flow path from the fluid chamber through the hub assembly, nose, needle retraction assembly and needle, wherein the needle is retracted into the nose and a retraction tube external to the syringe by rotating the syringe relative to the nose.. .
Retractable Technologies, Inc.

Beverage machine

The present invention relates to a beverage machine. The beverage machine comprises a brewing unit (10) with (i) a main body (12) defining a hollow (14) for receiving a portable capsule holder (18) and (ii) a lid (20) connected to the main body (12) for opening and closing the hollow (14).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Automatic rotary machine for the production of empanadas

The invention relates to an automatic rotary machine for the production of empanadas, comprising a circular rotary plate on which the empanadas are produced, actuated by a motor reducer and with pneumatic, hydraulic or other type means in the different production phases, such as dough metering, flattening, filling metering, molding, flattening and cutting. The invention includes a dough flattening disk and a folding system comprising two retractable half-moons actuated by pivot levers..

Headphones with retractable monocle video screen controlled by remote smart device

This type of headphone with retractable monocle video screen is able to pull down the retractable monocle video screen when it is needed and retract it when it is not. The screen display is controlled via a remote smart device.
Red Street Ventures, Llc

Mobile phone with integrated retractable image capturing device

A mobile phone may include a phone body, a recessed portion and an image capturing unit that is retractable and received in the recessed portion. The phone body and the image capturing unit and the phone body are connected through a connecting rod that has a first movement controlling unit, a second movement controlling unit, and a third movement controlling unit to control the movement of the image capturing unit.

Chuck structure capable of quickly adjusting placement angle of drumstick and percussion practice assisting device thereof

A chuck structure for fixing a drumstick on a non-circular revolving shaft of a foot drum includes a retractable chuck, two arched plates and a fastening element. The two arched plates clamp the non-circular revolving shaft.

Shock mounting cover glass in consumer electronic devices

Apparatus, systems and methods for shock mounting glass for an electronic device are disclosed. The glass for the electronic device can provide an outer surface for at least a portion of a housing for the electronic device.
Apple Inc.

Self-cleaning splitter

A splitter that physically delineates the travel path between material steams having different trajectories mounted on a metal sorting system. The splitter has an outer edge and comprising an automatic mechanism located at the outer edge for removing accumulated debris from the splitter.
Eriez Manufacturing Co.

Frontal attachment device for syringe with pinch-activated retraction

A retractable needle device attachable to the front of a fluid collection or infusion device such as a syringe, the retractable needle device comprising a housing having an engagement member, a slide support surface, a retraction cavity and a first pinch surface; a needle; a needle alignment member comprising a needle tube and a second pinch surface; and a needle retraction mechanism positioned within the needle tube and configured to bias the needle rearwardly; wherein the first and second pinch surfaces are configured so that a pinching force applied to them will cause relative lateral movement between the housing and needle alignment member. This translational movement from an injection position, wherein the needle is aligned with the syringe connector, to a retraction position, wherein the needle is aligned with the retraction cavity, allows the needle retraction mechanism to force the needle into the retraction cavity..
Retractable Technologies, Inc.

Retractable device to dissect and evacuate ligamentum flavum in lumber spinal stenosis

A device for performing a surgical procedure including an elongated shaft extending between a proximal end, a distal end and an inner surface defining a passageway. A first cutting element extending from the distal end of the elongated shaft so as to contact tissue.
Kyphon Sarl

Deployment tool for sutureless vascular anastomosis connection

A tool is described for deploying a sutureless vascular anastomosis connection, including a body, a sheath configured to house a connector, the connector being configured to couple a graft vessel to a main vessel, the sheath being removably coupled to a distal end of the body, a dial disposed on a proximal end of the body, a spring disposed within the body and coupled to the dial, a shaft extending from the distal end of the body into the sheath, the shaft having a shaft cannula, a plunger having a plunger head configured to be coupled with the spring at one end, the plunger coupled to the shaft at an opposite end, and a retractable needle coupled to the dial using a retraction mechanism, the retractable needle configured to fit within the shaft cannula, the retractable needle having a sharp end.. .
Asfora Ip, Llc

Retractable guide in capsule handling device

A device (1) handles a capsule (2a, 2b) having a flange (2a′, 2b′). The device comprises: a first part (10) and a second part (20) that are relatively movable across a space (3a, 3b) from a transfer position for inserting and/or removing such capsule (2a, 2b) to an extraction position for extracting such capsule; a third part (30) for guiding such capsule (2a, 2b) to in between the first and second parts (10,20) when in the transfer position; and stop means (32a,32b).
Nestec S.a.

Beverage machine

The present invention relates to a beverage machine, comprising: a brewing unit (10) with (i) a main body (12) defining a hollow (14) for receiving different types of portable pad and/or capsule holders (16, 18, 18′), and (ii) a lid (20) connected to the main body (12) for opening and closing the hollow (14); a first holder (16) for receiving a first type of pad or capsule which encapsulates an extractable food product; and a second holder (18, 18′) for receiving a second type of pad or capsule which encapsulates an extractable food product. The shape of the hollow (14) is configured such that it may either receive the first or the second holder (16, 18, 18′).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Retractable wiring system for a photovoltaic module

Systems and methods for assembling and wiring photovoltaic arrays are provided. The wiring systems can include retractable wires included in photovoltaic modules that may be extended during installation of photovoltaic modules in the array to connect to wires of adjacent photovoltaic modules, which can retract into a tightened position under the array as the installation is completed.
Solarcity Corporation

Acoustic panel assembly

An acoustic panel assembly may have one or more panels adaptable for reflecting sound waves and a support member to which the one or more panels may be attached. The support member may be extendable and retractable.
Jim Melhart Piano And Organ Company

Retractable shade for coverings for architectural openings

A retractable cellular shade is illustrated in various embodiments to consist of a support structure that could assume numerous forms including cellular material, flexible sheets of material, tapes or ribbons, or flexible monofilaments or similar cords of natural or synthetic fibers with the support structure supporting a plurality of vanes or slats in various configurations and orientations. The movement of the vanes or slats is totally dependent upon movement of the support structure.
Hunter Douglas Inc.

Fungal treatment to enhance extractable rubber yield from plants

Materials and methods to enhance extractable natural rubber yields from plants are disclosed. The materials and methods of the present invention can be used with minimal capital investment, and can provide new agricultural, manufacturing, sales, and transport jobs for local economies.
Ohio State Innovation Foundation

Tubular low density ethylene-based polymers with improved balance of extractables and melt elasticity

The invention provides an ethylene-based polymer comprising the following properties: a) weight fraction (w) of molecular weight above 5*106 g/mol, w>a−b*i2, where a=0.4 wt %, and b is 0.02 wt %/(dg/min), and w<c−b*i2%, where c=0.9 wt %; and b) g′>d−e*log(i2), where d=162 pa and e=52 pa/log(dg/min).. .
Dow Global Technologies Llc

High-performance, filler-reinforced, recyclable composite materials

Polyhexahydrotriazine (pht) and polyhemiaminal (pha) materials form highly cross-linked polymers which can be used as binder resins in composite materials. A filler element functionalized with a primary amine group can be covalently bonded to the pha/pht polymer resins.
International Business Machines Corporation

Dentifrice dispenser and oral care system comprising the same

Disclosed is a dentifrice dispenser, comprising: a container defining a chamber storing a dentifrice and having an orifice through which the dentifrice is dispensable from the chamber; and a permanent magnet connected to the container for retaining an oral care implement with the container. Also disclosed is an oral care system, comprising: a dentifrice dispenser according to any preceding claim; and an oral care implement; wherein the oral care implement comprises a second magnet or a metal portion that is magnetically attractable to the permanent magnet..
Colgate-palmolive Company

Universal automated shade for a vehicular windshield to block the entrance of sunlight

An automated shade apparatus for a vehicle's windshield includes a housing having a pair of openings, a drive assembly disposed within the housing and having a belt disposed around rollers, at least one of the rollers driven by a motor, a retractable shade roller coupled to the housing and having a sheet disposed around the shade roller, and a collapsible scissor arm assembly coupled to the housing and having a plurality of arms with a pair of top ends disposed through the housing openings and coupled to the belt and a pair of bottom ends coupled to the sheet. The motor drives the belt in a first direction to extend the arms, thereby deploying the sheet over the windshield.

Ventilated seatbelt for efficient cooling and heating of vehicle passengers

A vehicle seatbelt mounted, individualized climate control apparatus that provides substantially instantaneous heating or cooling of the occupant of a vehicle seat is presented. The apparatus has at least one housing with an inner chamber coupled to diffusers to deliver ambient, cooled or heated air from an air source through the chamber to the body of the occupant.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Multiple chamber pneumatic tire

A multiple chamber pneumatic tire having an upper section and a lower section. A diaphragm separates the upper section from the lower section.

Component connection and producing a component connection

A component connection includes a first component, which is made of a material attractable by a magnet, and a second component which lies directly or indirectly adjacent to the first component and which has a hole. A magnetic element is provided which covers the hole and attracts the first component such that both components are clamped together..
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

Ablation systems, probes, and methods for reducing radiation from an ablation probe into the environment

The ablation systems, ablation probes, and corresponding methods according to the present disclosure reduce or eliminate energy radiating from an ablation probe into the environment. Some ablation probes include a retractable sheath that shields at least the radiating portion of the ablation probe.
Covidien Lp

Protective case for portable electronic device with integrated dispensable and retractable charge and sync cable

A protective case for a portable electronic device which incorporates a spool assembly containing a user dispensable and retractable industry standard or oem charge/sync cable. The case provides the user with the utility of always having a charge/sync cable available when needed while being discreetly housed in a low-profile ergonomically pleasing package.
Cordcase Llc

Connection module for a portable electronic device

A connection module for a portable electronic device is disclosed. The connection module includes a mating structure that is configured to attach to a mating structure interface of the portable electronic device.
Apple Inc .

Method for preparing sugar, bioethanol or microbial metabolite from lignocellulosic biomass

The present invention relates to a method for preparing bioethanol from lignocellulosic biomass. The method of the present invention is capable of: minimizing the impurity content of an enzymatic saccharification raw material, by extracting biomass using hot water, before pretreatment, and removing extractable substances such as inorganic salts; suppressing, to the greatest extent, the production of overdecomposition products of sugar, by pretreating the biomass, from which the hot water extractable substances have been removed, in a condition for maximizing xylan yield; preparing fermentable sugar at a low cost, without washing a pretreated solid obtained from subsequent solid-liquid separation, but by only concentrating a sugar solution obtained after enzymatic saccharification, using a separation film; and preparing bioethanol therefrom in high yield..
Korea Research Institute Of Chemical Technology

Article feeder with a retractable product guide

An automatic stack feeder having a moveable stack or product guide is disclosed. The automatic stack feeder may be configured to receive a stack of articles and a container enclosing a stack of articles.
United State Postal Service

Center armrest lock

A locking assembly for a vehicle armrest includes a pivoting stopping member disposed below an armrest body and a catch wire disposed on a seat back frame member. A retractable stop pin maintains engagement of the pivoting stopping member and the catch wire.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Retractable sports board rack system and associated methods

A sports board rack system includes an upper support frame, an upper pulley arrangement carried by the upper support frame, a lower support frame, and a lower pulley arrangement carried by the lower support frame. A flexible rack assembly is coupled between the upper and lower support frames and includes a pair of spaced apart rack units.

Apparatus and proximal to distal stent deployment

Methods and devices for delivering a stent in a proximal to distal fashion are disclosed. The delivery device includes a sheath catheter, an outer catheter and an inner catheter over a guide wire.

Systems and methods for endometrial ablation

A device for endometrial ablation having an elongated shaft with a working end comprising an expandable-contractable frame, a complaint energy-delivery surface carried by the frame, the surface and the frame being configured to engage against the interior of a patient's uterine cavity when the working end is inserted into the cavity and the frame is expanded.. .
Minerva Surgical, Inc.

System for medication transport with a traveling case

A system for medication transport that includes: a storage case; a main compartment within the storage case; a top closure, where the top closure seals the main compartment; a plurality of pockets on an inner surface of the top closure; a pocket on at least one side of the main compartment; and a handle on one side of the main compartment. The system for medication transport may further include wheels on the storage case and the handle may be retractable..

Smart cane with extensions for navigating stairs

Devices and systems are described including a walking aid including a linear rod having a first end and a second end, a hand grip disposed in proximity to the first end of the linear rod, two or more extendable and retractable self-leveling load-bearing feet at the second end of the linear rod, at least one sensor configured to detect a parameter of a walking surface in proximity to the second end of the linear rod, and a controller including a microprocessor and circuitry, the controller operably coupled to the two or more extendable and retractable self-leveling load-bearing feet and the at least one sensor, and including circuitry configured to receive information regarding the detected parameter of the walking surface from the at least one sensor and circuitry configured to actuate at least one of the two or more extendable and retractable self-leveling load-bearing feet in response to the information regarding the detected parameter of the walking surface.. .
Elwha Llc

Aerosol-generating device comprising a heat exchanger

An aerosol-generating device for use in an aerosol-generating system is provided, the aerosol-generating device including a cavity configured to receive an aerosol-generating article; a heat exchanger having a first portion proximate to the cavity and a second portion distal to the cavity for capturing heat from a lighter; and a retractable cover, wherein the retractable cover is movable from a first position in which the retractable cover covers the second portion of the heat-exchanger to a second position in which the second portion of the heat exchanger is exposed for heating by a lighter and wherein the retractable cover is configured to automatically return from the second position to the first position when the second portion of the heat exchanger reaches a threshold temperature.. .
Philip Morris Products S.a.

Cable retraction system

A retractable storage system for a handheld electronic device includes at least one cable with a plug head and an end piece, and at least one retractable mechanism to retract and store the cable. The retractable mechanism has a groove track system to control a rotational movement of the retractable mechanism.
Hybrid Skillz Inc.

Electrode and battery

A battery includes a positive electrode, a negative electrode, and an electrolyte. At least one of the positive electrode and the negative electrode is an electrode containing an active material and an inorganic oxide.
Sony Corporation

Music instrument case with incorproated detachable stand

The present invention provides an assembly for providing a detachable handle/stand that includes a main body, a top support dependent on the main body, at least three extendable and retractable members associated with the main body, a handle, and a mounting for selectively releasing and attaching said assembly to a musical instrument case.. .

Travel lockout monitoring system

A vehicle system including a housing, an extendable/retractable member coupled to the housing, an electrically controlled actuator and a lockout system. The electrically controlled actuator is connected to the extendable/retractable member, and is configured to extend and retract the extendable/retractable member relative to the housing.
Asa Electronics, Llc

Tape measure

A tape measure includes a spool, a housing defining an opening, where the spool is rotatably coupled to the housing, and a blade including a first end and a second end, where the first end is connected to the spool and the second end is movable through the opening between a retracted position and an extended position. The manually retractable tape measure further includes a cleaning assembly positioned within the housing adjacent the opening such that the cleaning assembly is in contact with the blade to push away debris from the blade as the blade moves between the retracted position and the extended position..
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation

Retractable supressor

A variety of apparatuses and associated methods are provided for providing a retractable suppressor system for gas generator systems such as a firearm. One embodiment includes a suppressor system that includes a retractable structure and housing, a fixed baffle, floating baffles, and springs to displace the floating baffles within the suppressor as the suppressor is extended from the housing along a gas generator system, e.g.
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

Retractable flagpole

A flagpole retracts a flag for storage and mounts on the side of a building or other vertical surface. Internally, the flagpole proves a tension released roller and cords to retract the flag into the flagpole, and roll up the flag around the roller.

Stowable elevated footstep for an aircraft galley

The present invention is an improved footstep for an aircraft galley or similar monument that is retractable into the galley when not in use. The overall size of the footstep is significantly reduced by the use of a spring loaded detent mechanism.
B/e Aerospace, Inc.

Automated vehicle sunshade

An automated vehicle sunshade includes a compartment mountable to a roof of a vehicle, a flexible shade, a plurality of rods coupled to the flexible shade and a drive device coupled to the plurality of rods and a spindle coupled to the flexible shade and operable by the drive device. The plurality of rods are retractable and extendable so that the sunshade repeatably alternates between an extended position and a retracted position.

Compact cutter with ceramic blade

A compact cutter employs a ceramic blade. The ceramic blade may be fixed or retractable and configured to easily cut paper or other thin material without readily cutting or injuring the user.
Acme United Corporation

Automated peritoneal dialysis system using a peristaltic pump and non-contact sensors

An automated peritoneal dialysis therapy device includes pump tubing for delivering dialysate to a patient and for removing waste from the patient; a retractable peristaltic pump assembly; and a processor for controlling operations of the automated peritoneal dialysis therapy device. The retractable peristaltic pump assembly includes a retractable peristaltic pump having a pump rotor and a pump base, a heating source, located in the pump base, to heat the dialysate, a first temperature sensor to measure a temperature of the heating source, a second temperature sensor to measure a temperature of the dialysate, a flow sensor to measure an amount of dialysate being pumped, a pressure sensor to measure a pressure of the dialysate being pumped, and a motor to rotate the pump rotor.

Retractable seat assembly

A retractable seat assembly which can be attached to a vertical structure and which, in the upright position, presents a profile which is relatively thin and in any event poses virtually no impediment to going very close to the vertical structure. The retractable seat assembly having a rear support, a seat, a front support, and a biaser which releasably biases said seat to the generally upright position..

Lanyard with integrated ear plugs and retractable sheath

A lanyard is provided. The lanyard may include a lanyard cord which is attached to a personal item such as safety glasses or an access card, an earplug cord which is attached to a first earplug and a second earplug, and a flexible retractable sheath.

Retractable and extendable tether device

A retractable and extendable tether device that attaches to a hand-held electronic device and selectively replaceably attaches the hand-held electronic device to a user. The retractable and extendable tether device includes a retractor, a retainer, and a tether.

Cellular-phone case having retractable card holding structure

A cellular-phone case having a retractable card holding structure, intended to hold a card in such a way that the card is put into or taken out from the case. The cellular-phone case includes a case body and a card holding means.
Mark And Draw, Llc

Photovoltaic power rapid deployment

A rapidly deployed photovoltaic (pv) apparatus (2) providing a pv array (10) housed within an easily transportable standardized container. The pv array (10) is movable between a stowed position in a v-shape configuration and a fully deployed flat position.

Portable electronic device case assembly

A portable electronic device case assembly is provided that includes a device mount, a device case, and a retractable tether therebetween. The device mount is a body-worn support that includes a receptacle for supporting the device case, a battery power supply, and a tether spool.

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