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Tractable patents


This page is updated frequently with new Tractable-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tractable-related patents
 Electronic devices with multi-layer heat reduction components patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic devices with multi-layer heat reduction components
In one example in accordance with the present disclosure an electronic device with a multi-layer heat reduction component is described. The device includes a number of integrated circuits and a first layer in contact with at least one of the number of integrated circuits to remove heat from at least one integrated circuit.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

 Expansion turbine patent thumbnailnew patent Expansion turbine
An expansion turbine including: a stator, a rotor facing the stator, a short pipe, a shaft rotatably mounted in the short pipe and removably connected to the rotor. The shaft is extractable from the short pipe from the side opposite said rotor.
Exergy S.p.a.

 Covering for an architectural opening having nested tubes patent thumbnailnew patent Covering for an architectural opening having nested tubes
A covering for an architectural covering is provided. The covering may include a rotatable outer tube, a rotatable inner tube, a shade attached to the outer tube, and an operating element secured to the inner tube.
Hunter Douglas Inc.

 Hidden extendable and retractable shower hose system patent thumbnailnew patent Hidden extendable and retractable shower hose system
A hidden extendable and retractable shower hose system. The system is made up of a housing that contains a system of pulleys, a hose and a counterweight.

 Bystander interaction during delivery from aerial vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Bystander interaction during delivery from aerial vehicle
An unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is disclosed that includes a retractable payload delivery system. The payload delivery system can lower a payload to the ground using an assembly that secures the payload during descent and releases the payload upon reaching the ground.
Google Inc.

 Automated soft tonneau cover patent thumbnailnew patent Automated soft tonneau cover
A retractable cover system includes a frame that provides an opening. A drive system includes a motor operatively connected to a main roller through a first drive element.
Bos Automotive Products, Inc.

 Automated soft tonneau cover patent thumbnailnew patent Automated soft tonneau cover
A retractable cover system includes a frame that provides an opening and includes laterally spaced apart guide rails and includes a drive system. A flexible cover has laterally opposing edge portions with intermittent retainers received in the guide rails.
Bos Automotive Products, Inc.

 Automated soft tonneau cover patent thumbnailnew patent Automated soft tonneau cover
A retractable cover system includes a frame that provides an opening and a drive system. A flexible cover is configured to slide relative to the frame between first and second positions within the opening in response to actuation of the drive system.
Bos Automotive Products, Inc.

 Systems and methods for navigating a catheter and delivering a needle patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for navigating a catheter and delivering a needle
Systems and methods for navigating a catheter and delivering a needle to a desired anatomic location are provided. The system includes an injection catheter that includes a needle slidably exposed from, or retracted into, the catheter lumen.
Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

 Electrosurgical instruments and connections thereto patent thumbnailnew patent Electrosurgical instruments and connections thereto
An electrosurgical instrument includes jaws having an electrode configuration utilized to electrically modify tissue in contact with one or more electrodes. The instrument is removably connectable to an electrosurgical unit via an electrosurgical connector extending from the instrument and a receptacle on the electrosurgical unit.
Applied Medical Resources Corporation

new patent

Device and access to interior body regions

A device and method is provided to gain access to interior body regions. The system includes a stylet needle assembly, a safety needle assembly, a blade assembly, a retractable obturator assembly, and a dilator assembly.

new patent

Tissue incision device and method

A minimally invasive tissue incision system for creating joint capsulotomies and releasing/incising various tendon and fibrous band structures. The system contains a penetrating needle which is retractable so as to expose a cutting element, and which may be used as a penetrating needle to pierce the skin and other soft tissue structures.
Release Medical, Inc.

new patent

Device to percutaneously treat heart valve embolization

The present invention provides devices and methods for percutaneously retrieving an embolized or malpositioned heart valve or foreign bodies from a patient's body. Several of these devices may include a catheter system with expandable and retractable baskets attached to a catheter and guidewire system.
Cedars-sinai Medical Center

new patent

Intravascular arterial to venous anastomosis and tissue welding catheter

Systems and methods for creating an arteriovenous (av) fistula comprise an elongate member, a distal member connected to the elongate member and movable relative to the elongate member, and a heating member disposed on at least one of the movable distal member and the elongate member. The distal member comprises structure for capturing tissue to be cut to create the fistula, and the heating member is adapted to cut through the tissue to create the fistula.
Avenu Medical, Inc.

new patent

Retractable storage system

A pull-out and drop-down storage system maximizing storage space and providing a user with convenient access to otherwise difficult to access storage space. The storage system may comprise a stationary support structure, a moveable section, and a guide rail linked to the top of the moveable section by a connector to direct the motion of the movable section between a retracted position and a more accessible position.

new patent

Method of making an article of footwear with a last having retractable pins

A last assembly includes a plurality of retractable pins and a plurality of vacuum holes, both acting to hold footwear segments to the last assembly to facilitate manufacturing of, or modification to, an article of footwear. A method of making or modifying an article of footwear includes placing footwear segments on the last assembly by associating an extension portion of at least one footwear segment with the retractable pins, modifying the footwear segments and then removing the extension portion..
Nike, Inc.

new patent

Shoe with a retractable and extractable heel controlled by a smart device

A shoe with a retractable heel in which the first members housing body, is cored by the second members threaded bolt, which is operated by a rotating motor attached in the first members cavity which turns a gear, which then rotates the threaded bolt and extracts and/or retracts the heels assembly when activated by the user's smart communication device.. .


Pogo pin connector

Various connector and sensor assemblies are described. In some embodiments, the connector and sensor assembly comprises a connector and a sensor assembly.
Masimo Corporation


System and high throughput work-in-process buffer

A buffer system for a semiconductor device fabrication tool includes one or more retractable shelves, one or more sliding assemblies positionable above the one or more load ports of the semiconductor device fabrication tool, and one or more lifting assemblies. The one or more retractable shelves are configured to support sealable containers.
Kla-tencor Corporation


Retractable locking mechanism for a vehicle accessory mounting system

A retractable locking mechanism for securing an accessory to a surface, the retractable locking mechanism including a gear carriage, a gear assembly, an input mechanism, and a retractor lever. The gear carriage shifts between a deployed position and a non-deployed position and includes a gear assembly cavity.


Vehicle accessory mounting assembly

A mounting assembly for securing one or more accessories to a surface, the mounting assembly including a base layer, an upper layer positioned above the base layer, a number of support members between the base layer and the upper layer, and a number of lock anchors spaced apart from each other for receiving locking mechanisms of accessories positioned thereon. The lock anchors each include an open-topped central cavity for receiving the retractable locking mechanisms therein and one or more side openings for at least partially receiving an extendable locking member of one of the retractable locking mechanisms therein..


Elongated and retractable sterile marker apparatus

An elongated and retractable sterile marker apparatus includes a handle assembly, an elongated marker operating assembly a top portion of which is connected to the handle assembly, and a sterile marker assembly which is connected to a bottom portion of the elongated marker operating assembly. Preferably, the sterile marker assembly includes a felt marker tip.


Liquid discharge apparatus and control liquid discharge apparatus

A printer is provided with a discharging head that discharges ink, a supporting base that supports a medium, and a cap that receives an ink droplet discharged from the discharging head at the time of maintenance (flushing) implementation. The supporting base and the cap are moved between an ascending position (a supporting position and a flushing position) facing the discharging head along different moving routes and a retractable position.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Helice launcher system

A helice launcher system comprising a frame with wheels and that has an electrical cabinet on top. A swinging carriage with two motions: one pivoting one that makes it move upwards and downwards and another movement that makes it come closer and move away, on which an automatic loader is arranged where the helices are loaded, which are housed inside the head made up of a circular platform, on which a tip rises arranged in the centre thereof and a pair of retractable pins distributed symmetrically and at an equal distance from the centre.


Metallic flange connection gasket

A metallic flange connection gasket to be used for sealing between flanges on pipes or between attractable pipe flange and flange of an operational unit, e.g. Pump or valve, the gasket exhibiting at least a pair of circling first ridges, the ridges thereof protruding from opposite faces of the gasket, right opposite to each other, and at least one first valley being adjacent a respective one of the first ridges and recessed in a respective face of the gasket.
Otechos As


System for a mechanical conversion of an internal combustion engine of 4 strokes into 8 strokes

A converting mechanical system including a dual connecting rod having a top section adapted to be pivotally connected to a piston on a conventional internal combustion engine and a bottom section adapted to be connected to a crankshaft of a conventional internal combustion engine. A support surrounds each dual connecting rod and includes a retractable device.


Retractable sun shade

A retractable sun shade, comprising at least one fabric section affixed to a boom, the boom supported and slideably engaged to a track at an intermediate portion of the boom, the track supported by a frame, and at least one flexible drawing element affixed to the boom at the intermediate portion, for drawing the boom in a first direction along the track to extend the sun shade and for drawing the boom in an opposite direction along the track to retract the sun shade.. .
Shadefx Canopies Inc.


Locking device for elevator car

A locking device for the cab of an elevator includes two sets of locking members disposed on two sides of the cab respectively, each locking member including a spring-biased retractable lock pin extending out of either side of the cab; and two sets of plate members disposed on two opposite surfaces of a shaft respectively, each plate member including a hole aligned with the lock pin. The locking members co-act with a door of the cab.


Farm implement with retractable ladder

A farm implement includes a ladder for climbing in relation to a container. The ladder includes an upper ladder portion and a lower ladder portion.
Unverferth Manufacturing Company, Inc.


Devices for feeding electrode capsules

Devices which shorten the time needed for the assembly of electrode capsules on welding grippers are provided. Such devices may have two stations for withdrawal of electrode capsules.
Sinterleghe S.r.l.


Drain cleaning apparatus

A drain cleaning apparatus, includes a handle and a clog-catching member detachably connected the handle. Airplane-like wings project radially from the clog-catching member.
Pf Waterworks Lp


Super absorbent polymer and preparing the same

Disclosed are a granular super absorbent polymer, including particles (a) having an average diameter of 150 to 850 μm, wherein the particles (a) includes particles (a1) having an average diameter of 500 to 850 μm; and particles (a2) having an average diameter of 150 to 250 μm, and the particles (a1 and a2) have a water-solubility index of 0.08 to 2.0 (represented by equation 1), thereby it is possible to maintain a proper amount of extractables in a resin, and to exhibit excellent flow conductivity and water absorption ability in a case of being actually applied to products, without inducing any skin problem when, as well as a preparation method thereof.. .
Sk Global Chemical Co., Ltd.


Water-absorbing resin and preparing method thereof

Disclosed are a water-absorbing resin and a method of preparing the same, wherein absorbency under unload of the water-absorbing resin is 25 g/g or more, the absorbency under load is 20 g/g or more, and an increase in extractables at a high temperature represented by equation 1 ranges from 1 or more but less than 3, thereby it is possible to solve a problem that gel-blocking of the water-absorbing resin is accelerated at a high temperature, and improve absorption rate and dry efficiency of the water-absorbing resin.. .
Sk Innovation Co., Ltd


Retractable basketball goal

A retractable basketball goal and methods of use are described. Embodiments of the retractable goal are configured to alternately retract into a garage for storage and to extend out of the garage through a garage door opening for use.


Fluid pump assembly and loading of same into a fluid delivery system

A fluid delivery system comprises: a control interface and multiple unique loading guides. The control interface of the fluid delivery system is configured to accept a fluid pump assembly.
Ivenix, Inc.


Stent and inserting a stent into a delivery catheter

Stents and method of inserting a stent into a delivery catheter are disclosed. In a disclosed embodiment, a stent for redirecting blood flow away from an aneurysmal sac is provided.
Isis Innovation Limited


Retractable inflatable bone tamp

An inflatable bone tamp for performing a minimally invasive surgical procedure includes an outer shaft defining an internal lumen, an inflatable structure coupled to the outer shaft, and an inner shaft movably disposed within the internal lumen and coupled to a distal end region of the inflatable structure. The internal lumen is sized to receive the inflatable structure, such that by moving the inner shaft relative to the outer shaft, the inflatable structure can be retracted into the internal lumen (and likewise can be extended from within the internal lumen for deployment in bone).
Kyphon SÀrl


Robotically-controlled shaft based rotary drive systems for surgical instruments

A surgical instrument including an end effector that has a selectively reciprocatable implement movably supported therein. The implement is selectively advanceable in a distal direction upon application of a rotary actuation motion thereto and retractable in a proximal direction upon application of a rotary retraction motion thereto.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Llc


Robotically-controlled shaft based rotary drive systems for surgical instruments

A surgical instrument including an end effector that has a selectively reciprocatable implement movably supported therein. The implement is selectively advanceable in a distal direction upon application of a rotary actuation motion thereto and retractable in a proximal direction upon application of a rotary retraction motion thereto.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Llc


Robotically-controlled shaft based rotary drive systems for surgical instruments

A surgical instrument including an end effector that has a selectively reciprocatable implement movably supported therein. The implement is selectively advanceable in a distal direction upon application of a rotary actuation motion thereto and retractable in a proximal direction upon application of a rotary retraction motion thereto.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Llc


Suture passer devices and methods

Devices, systems and methods for passing a suture. In general, described herein are suturing devices, such as suture passers, as well as methods of suturing tissue.


Oral care system and oral care material dispenser

An oral care dispenser system in one embodiment includes a toothbrush and removable dispenser. The dispenser includes an elongated housing with reservoir containing an oral care material, an applicator at a distal end, and an actuator at a proximal end.
Colgate-palmolive Company


Retractable guide features for data storage device carriers

Data storage device mounting systems to provide alignment and mounting of data storage devices are provided herein. A carrier is configured to couple to a data storage device and hang the data storage device in a vertical orientation in a data storage assembly from retractable mounting pins coupled to the carrier.
Hgst Netherlands B.v.


Wire gripper

Provided is a wire gripper which is capable of efficiently supplying a gripping force without inviting an increase in size and weight. A wire gripper grips a sheathed wire which is illustrated by an imaginary line.
Nagaki Seiki Co., Ltd.


Method and system for signal-based localization

In an embodiment of the present invention, a graphslam-like algorithm for signal strength slam is presented. This algorithm as an embodiment of the present invention shares many of the benefits of gaussian processes yet is viable for a broader range of environments since it makes no signature uniqueness assumptions.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Ballast water treatment monitoring system

A system for withdrawing samples of fluids comprises a pitot tube assembly, a flow sensor to measure a flow rate of the sample, and a pump connected to the pitot tube assembly to withdraw a sample, wherein the system is configured to match a sample flow velocity to the flow velocity sensed by a flow sensor on a pitot wand. The pitot tube assembly comprises a housing with a sample outlet and a return sample inlet, an extendable/retractable pitot wand within the housing, wherein the pitot wand includes a passage extending the length thereof to transfer a sample from a pitot tube end to a sealed compartment in the housing connected to the sample outlet; wherein the return sample inlet is connected to a passage in the housing leading to an outlet from the housing, and a flow sensor on an end of the pitot wand..
The Glosten Associates, Inc.


Retractable shade with collapsible vanes

A retractable cover for architectural openings having collapsible vanes includes a support structure in the form of a sheet of material, monofilaments, tapes, ribbons, cords, or the like, supporting an upper edge of a plurality of vertically spaced, horizontally extending vanes with the lower edges of the vanes in most embodiments of the invention being connected to operating elements adapted to raise the lower edges of each vane toward the upper edges to define openings or gaps between the vanes through which vision and light can pass in an open condition of the covering. Variations of the covering do not require movement of a lower edge of a vane relative to an upper edge but simply movement of some vanes relative to other vanes.
Hunter Douglas Inc.


Improved retractable bollard

This invention relates to a retractable bollard including an embedded outer housing having an open end and a closed end; a ram slideably mounted within the outer housing; and means for injecting fluid into, and means for removing fluid from, a chamber within the retractable bollard to move the ram relative to the outer housing between a retracted position and an extended position. The chamber is bounded by one or more sliding surfaces and one or more seals configured to move in sealing relationship relative to the sliding surfaces and the ram is able to be completely removed from the outer housing without separating the seals from the sliding surfaces..


Portable electronic vehicle lift

A portable electronic vehicle jack is provided. The present invention provides a vehicle lifting device including a telescoping hydraulic cylinder disposed inside a portable housing, wherein a piston is extendable and retractable therefrom.


System, method and capsule for preparing a beverage

A system, method and capsule are usable for preparing a predetermined quantity of beverage suitable for consumption using an extractable product is disclosed. The system includes an exchangeable capsule, and an apparatus including a receptacle for holding the exchangeable capsule, and a fluid dispensing device for supplying a fluid to the exchangeable capsule.
Koninklijke Douwe Egberts B.v.


Rail vehicle with a completely retractable coupling

A rail vehicle has a bogie which rolls on a track in a direction of travel, a vehicle structure which is supported on the bogie, a rigid carrying structure which is arranged on the end side of the rail vehicle, and an end-side coupling opening through which a coupling extends for coupling further rail vehicles. A coupling securing device secures the coupling to the rail vehicle.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Sheet bonding method, sheet bonding device, and transfusion bag

A sheet bonding device includes a pressurization mold which is constituted of an upper mold and a lower mold and performs sealing through heating by sandwiching a sealing target portion of a bag main body and a sealing target portion of a gas barrier function sheet with pressurization surfaces; a plurality of support pins which are provided in the lower mold so as to be retractable and position the gas barrier function sheet with respect to one surface of the bag main body by penetrating the sealing target portions of the bag main body and the gas barrier function sheet; and gas spray means for making the gas barrier function sheet float by spraying inert gas to an area-enlarged portion, which does not overlap the bag main body, of the gas barrier function sheet supported by the support pins.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


Extraction devices, systems, and methods

Extraction devices, methods, and systems are disclosed. Example devices have a solvent chamber, a plant material chamber, a collection chamber, and a solvent return that create a sealed, closed-cycle extraction and/or solvent purification process.
Connoisseur Concentrates, Llc


Retractable applicator system

A system for retractably securing a hygeine product to a garment of a user, the system having an applicator forming an interior space therein containing a hygeine product substance, the applicator having a base portion on a first end and a dispensing portion on a second end wherein said interior space cannot be removed from the base portion, and a retractor assembly for removably mounting the applicator to a garment of the user in a manner that permits selective movement of the applicator away from the body of the user; wherein the retractor assembly is connected directly to the base portion of the applicator such that when the applicator is freely hanging below the retractor assembly, said base portion is positioned closer to the retractor assembly than the dispensing portion and the dispensing portion is positioned below the base portion.. .


Lighter holding and securing device

A retractable lighter holding and securing device for use with a smoking device which allows a user to retract and more easily secure a lighter to a water pipe. The silicone housing allows easier attachment and removal of the retractable lighter holding and securing device to the smoking device.


Retractable storage system for handheld electronic device

A retractable storage system for a handheld electronic device has a protective housing member operative shaped and sized to bound the handheld electronic device and enable wrapping around the handheld electronic device. A charging station structured on the housing member has an aperture to arrest, dispense, charge and store an accessory item of the handheld electronic device.
Hybrid Skillz Inc.


Downhole electrical wet connector

A downhole electrical wet connector comprising a plug which is slidingly inserted into a socket, the socket comprising a series of wiper seals spaced apart by separation zones, each zone being individually supplied with dielectric fluid from a separate reservoir. A retractable insert is arranged in the socket and displaced by the plug during connection.
Accessesp Uk Limited


Contacts with retractable drive pins

An insertable electrical contact is disclosed herein. The insertable electrical contact can include a body having a connector end, a conductor receiver end, and a middle portion disposed between the connector end and the conductor receiver end.


Hi-hat pedal assembly

Drum pedal assemblies are disclosed which can include one or more adjustment features. Adjustment features which can be included in embodiments of the present disclosure can include components for adjusting pedal angle and/or height, and the resistance offered by the pedal (such as due to a spring connection).
Drum Workshop, Inc.


Power adapter unit with integrated input/output interface, and portable electronic device with storage recess for multifunction power adapter

A multifunctional adapter or interface unit for a portable electronic device, the adapter unit being stored or stowable within the portable electronic device and being operable as a power adaptor, user input/output device, and/or data transfer unit. The power adaptor includes a plug body with a retractable tray for storing a user input/output device, e.g.
Aquaterra Limited


Integrated rail and sight system for firearm

A firearm includes an integrated rail and sight system that slidably mounts to the top of the firearm and is also retractable and detachable from the firearm. The rail may slide on and off the top of the firearm and may include integrated front and rear flip down sights.
Rock River Arms, Inc.


Latch and release mechanism for adjustable firearm stock

An adjustable stock assembly includes a housing, a stock rail, a release, a key movable with respect to the release, a latch rotatable about a latch pivot between a latched position, an unlatched position and a disassembly position, and a latch cam pin coupled to the release. The housing is extendable and retractable with respect to the stock rail.
Sig Sauer, Inc.


Container for storage of contact lenses

A container for transporting contact lenses which in some embodiments may comprise: a container lid having an exterior surface and an interior surface with the interior surface having a mirror; a container base flexibly coupled to the container lid, the container base having an exterior surface and an interior surface, with the interior surface comprising a shelf member; a light source positioned within the container; a power source in electrical communication with the light source; and a left contact lens well and a right contact lens well positioned within the shelf member. In further embodiments, the container may comprise a retractable tray which may optionally be flush mounted within the container.


Cover member

A cover member is to cover a cylinder and includes a plurality of peaks, a plurality of valleys, and coupling portions, which couple the plurality of peaks to the plurality of valleys. The cover member is expandable and contractable in an alignment direction in which the plurality of peaks and the plurality of valleys are aligned.
Fukoku Bussan Co., Ltd.


Bag holding device

Bag holding devices are presented including: a base having an inclined housing portion and a raised planar portion; a spring-loaded clamping element disposed along the raised planar portion and pivotally coupled with the planar portion; and a retractable reel disposed within the inclined housing portion. In some embodiments, devices further include: a mating groove disposed along an outer edge of the inclined housing portion; and a bowl having a mating portion that mates with the mating groove.


Aircraft landing gear

In some embodiments, an aircraft may include a retractable or extendable landing gear. The landing gear may include a wheel connected to an axle, a strut configured to resist longitudinal compression, and a linear actuator that is partially disposed within an opening of the strut..
Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.


Pop up electrical apparatus with wireless charging component for electric vehicles

An electrical supply apparatus including a containment unit with a bottom, at least one side wall forming an enclosure with an open top; a tower extendable and retractable from the containment unit and a charging unit attached to the tower which, in preferred embodiments, is a wireless charging component provided in a cover, for charging electric vehicles, and particularly to induce optimal current transfer to a receiving component without requiring a corresponding extension of the receiving component out of an electric vehicle and featuring a flexible bellows having an upper edge and a lower edge, wherein said upper edge is continuously affixed about said cover and a lower edge is continuously attached to a flange forming the bottom of the crown ring such that said bellows provides a watertight barrier preventing contaminants from entering an area under said cover.. .


Device and applying fluids in difficult access locations

The present invention relates to the field of devices for applying fluid in difficult access locations. More particularly, the invention reveals a container with a retractable, flexible neck that allows easy application of powder in difficult access locations, such as the posterior region of shoes, as well as a method for applying fluids through the use of this device..
Sanofi-aventis De Mexico, C.a De C.v


User-propelled collapsible apparatus

A user-propelled collapsible apparatus comprises a body (1) provided with wheels (21) and a retractable handle means (3) for propelling the apparatus. Bracing means (5) is provided for the handle means, the bracing means being movable between a deployed configuration in which the bracing means supports the extended handle means and a stored configuration in which the bracing means lies substantially adjacent to the body..
Digital Line Markers Fze


Multileaf collimator, and radiation therapy apparatus and radiation therapy system using same

A multileaf collimator includes leaves extending in a first direction; a frame supporting the leaves so that the leaves are advanceable and retractable in a state where the leaves are placed side by side in a second direction perpendicular to the first direction; shafts extending in the second direction and corresponding to the leaves; driving units respectively connected to base ends of the shafts for rotating the shafts around axial lines; and driving units provided at tips of the shafts and contacting portions of the leaves for advancing and retracting the leaves in the first direction by the rotation of the shafts around the axial lines. At least some of the shafts have the same shaft length.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Sliding system for drawer

The present invention relates to a sliding system for a drawer comprising a main base which is fixed unto a grill whose front end of the base overlaps from the same; a wire rod base set over the main base by means of a fixed rail, said wire rod base allows for the complete aperture of the drawer; a drawer base which supports the drawers and remains fixed unto the system; a plurality of bushings which decrease the amount of friction, which allows for smooth and silent sliding; a magnet which provides closing force to the drawer which grants the closing sensation when the drawer reaches the bump and extractable drawers which are transportable.. .
Mabe, S.a. De C.v.


Stepless retractable handle assembly for luggage

A stepless retractable handle assembly for luggage includes a handle grip and two retractable bars connected to the handle grip in such a manner that when pressed a press-button in the handle grip, two transmission plates in the handle grip are forced by the press-button to move transversely in reverse directions, and two connection shafts are forced by the transmission plates to move vertically in the respective retractable bars in biasing respective anchor clamps away from the inside walls of the outer tubes of the respective retractable bars for allowing adjustment of the height of respective inner tubes of the retractable bars. When released the press-button after the adjustment, the anchor clamps are returned to abut against the inside walls of the respective outer tubes, locking the inner tubes in the adjusted position..
Hokei Corporation


Semi-automatic and fully-automatic cigarette-making machines for making cigarettes of varying lengths

A cigarette tobacco compacting mechanism for making cigarettes in two or more different lengths having a compacting chamber for receiving loose tobacco, a compacting member mounted for reciprocal motion in the compacting chamber to compact the loose tobacco, and one or more retractable sizing members each having a tab mounted for movement across the compacting chamber for shortening the effective width of the compacting chamber to enable the compacting chamber to accommodate hollow cigarette tubes of varying lengths.. .
Republic Tobacco L.p.


Fish gig

A fish gig is provided. The fish gig may include a retractable barb, wherein the retractable barb is operably connected to a handle configured for extending and retracting the retractable barb..


Table-mounted cord retractor

A table-mounted cord retractor for cord storage includes a frame with a first end from which a cord extends, a second end, and a pair of opposed, spaced sidewalls. The cord retractor also includes a sled slidably engageable between the sidewalls for movement therealong and a pulley mount slidable along the sled and spring-biased toward the second end, a pulley journaled to the pulley mount, and at least one cord-retainer adjacent to the pulley mount; a retractable pull tether at the second end of the frame having a tether line extending toward the first end to attachment with the sled; and an electronic cord having a proximal end portion adjustably clamped by the cord manager.
Marshall Furniture, Inc.


Screen printing machine with extendable and retractable platen

A screen printing system includes a screen printing machine. The screen printing machines includes a screen printing unit with a screen.


Tool magazine device and machine tool

A tool magazine device includes a rail that is annularly formed and that has a separation section at a part in a circumferential direction of the rail and a holding ring that is arranged coaxially with the rail and that is rotated by a driving motor. The holding ring is provided with a plurality of holding sections that are open in an axial direction of the holding ring.
Komatsu Ntc Ltd.


Spinal cord stimulation with interferential current

A stimulator and a method for the treatment of intractable pain syndromes by electrical stimulation of the spinal cord is disclosed in which implantable electrodes positioned around a targeted area of the spinal cord transmit an interferential current that has a base medium frequency alternating current between 500 hz-20 khz. A digital signal processor generates a sine-wave-like waveform from a pulse generator which after further processing is used to generate at least two circuits for use in producing the beat frequency signal.
Meagan Medical, Inc.


Retractable cannulated suture passer and passing suture

A suture passer and method for passing suture in tissue repair and other surgical procedures. The suture passer has an outer stiff tube component and a flexible tube component which is both cannulated and retractable.
Arthrex, Inc.


Quick connect mounting system and tree mounted hunting stands and ladders

Quick connect mounting system, tree hunting blinds, and ladders utilizing a base clamp in conjunction with a quick connect clamp at the upper most end of the assembly. The blinds, ladders and other equipment can be used with retractable safety harnesses that can be attached to the person at ground level prior to placing the blind or ladder in upright position..


Method and device for removing integrated circuits

The present disclosure provides a method and device for removing an integrated circuit. The device is used to remove the integrated circuit from a display panel.
Hefei Xinsheng Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Protective cover and retractable lanyard

A protective cover and retractable lanyard device comprises a retraction device, removably integratable within the protective cover for an electronic device. A pair of tethers retractably extend from an outlet of the retraction device forming a lanyard when joined together by a coupling.
3b Product Development, Llc


Auto-rotating aisle rail systems and methods

Improved aisle rail systems and methods for use in conjunction with telescopic or retractable seating systems. A handle portion is at an upper end of a post.
Hussey Seating Company


Automatic retractable downspout system

An automatic retractable gutter assembly (10) dispenses rainwater collected in a gutter (14). A short down-tube (26) is attached to the gutter (14).


Snow clearing device

An array of retractable shields is employed for closing an exposed opening through which the snow enters into a receiver. A piston-like object, which is empowered by a compressed spring and is moving at high speed, makes an impact on the snow with great force.


A laundry treatment device having a control panel assembly

A laundry treatment device (100) includes a casing (2) with a front wall (4) defining a continuous front surface (4a). The front surface (4a) has a laundry opening (3a) to load and/or unload a laundry treatment chamber (12) contained in the casing (2).
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag


High-performance, filler-reinforced, recyclable composite materials

Polyhexahydrotriazine (pht) and polyhemiaminal (pha) materials form highly cross-linked polymers which can be used as binder resins in composite materials. A filler element functionalized with a primary amine group can be covalently bonded to the pha/pht polymer resins.
International Business Machines Corporation


Retractable stirrup extension

A retractable stirrup extension for use with a saddle and horse. The extendable stirrup assembly includes an conventional fixed stirrup with an upper (top) foot plate for supporting the rider's foot during riding, and a retractable bottom foot plate retractably attached to the upper stirrup with an extension mechanism that provides about 4-8 inches of vertical travel (extension).


Integrated fuel station

A fuel dispensing system is disclosed to be equipped to a vehicle and to dispense fuel from the vehicle. The system includes a fuel tank, a selectively activated dispensing pump, a retractable flexible fuel line connected to the pump enabling storage of the fuel line within a body of the vehicle, and a dispensing nozzle attached to the fuel line..


Retractable vehicle step

A retractable step for use with a vehicle comprises a stepping member having an upper stepping surface, a first arm, and a second arm. The first arm has a first end pivotally attached to the vehicle, and a second end pivotally attached to the stepping member.
Lund Motion Products, Inc.


Mouth guard apparatus with hook

A mouthguard apparatus of the present invention comprises a mouth piece with an insert, a retractable hook and/or an opening for storing a substance dispensing container.. .


Scoop for foodstuff, particularly for ice cream

This invention relates to a foodstuff scoop, particularly an ice cream scoop comprising a pushing portion that can be easily detached from and mounted onto a handle of the scoop. The pushing portion comprises a pushing piece for pushing scooped foodstuff out of a scoop portion of the scoop, and a retractable member for retracting the pushing piece from an active position to an inactive position after the scooped foodstuff has been pushed out of the scoop portion..
King's Flair Development Ltd.


Retractable strap system

A retractable strap system includes a retractor assembly and a strap. The retractor assembly includes a base plate, a retractor housing, and a center spindle.


Retractable cable and cable rewind spool configuration

A spool apparatus is described to include in one particular example a cable spool with a first cylindrical lip and a second cylindrical lip on an opposite side of the cable spool. A center of the spool includes a clutch bearing in the center of both the first cylindrical lip and the second cylindrical lip that provides a rotational axis for the cable spool to rotate around.


Methods and systems that convert document images to electronic documents using a trie data structure containing standard feature symbols to identify morphemes and words in the document images

The current application is directed to methods and systems that convert document images, which contain arabic text and text in other languages in which symbols are joined together to produce continuous words and portions of words, into corresponding electronic documents. In one implementation, a document-image-processing method and system to which the current application is directed employs numerous techniques and features that render efficiently computable an otherwise intractable or impractical document-image-to-electronic-document conversion.


Process cartridge

The invention relates to a process cartridge, which comprises a process cartridge housing, a photosensitive member, a driving force receiving opening, a retractable mechanism and a control mechanism, wherein the photosensitive member is arranged inside the process cartridge housing; the driving force receiving opening is connected with the photosensitive member and provides a driving force for the photosensitive member; the retractable mechanism allows the driving force receiving opening to extend or retract in the axial direction of the photosensitive member; and the control mechanism controls the extension and retraction of the retractable mechanism.. .

Tractable topics: Extensible, Touch Screen, Dynamic Content, Fibromatosis, Contracture, Intractable

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