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 Retractable wiring system for a photovoltaic module patent thumbnailRetractable wiring system for a photovoltaic module
Systems and methods for assembling and wiring photovoltaic arrays are provided. The wiring systems can include retractable wires included in photovoltaic modules that may be extended during installation of photovoltaic modules in the array to connect to wires of adjacent photovoltaic modules, which can retract into a tightened position under the array as the installation is completed.
Solarcity Corporation

 Acoustic panel assembly patent thumbnailAcoustic panel assembly
An acoustic panel assembly may have one or more panels adaptable for reflecting sound waves and a support member to which the one or more panels may be attached. The support member may be extendable and retractable.
Jim Melhart Piano And Organ Company

 Retractable shade for coverings for architectural openings patent thumbnailRetractable shade for coverings for architectural openings
A retractable cellular shade is illustrated in various embodiments to consist of a support structure that could assume numerous forms including cellular material, flexible sheets of material, tapes or ribbons, or flexible monofilaments or similar cords of natural or synthetic fibers with the support structure supporting a plurality of vanes or slats in various configurations and orientations. The movement of the vanes or slats is totally dependent upon movement of the support structure.
Hunter Douglas Inc.

 Fungal treatment to enhance extractable rubber yield from plants patent thumbnailFungal treatment to enhance extractable rubber yield from plants
Materials and methods to enhance extractable natural rubber yields from plants are disclosed. The materials and methods of the present invention can be used with minimal capital investment, and can provide new agricultural, manufacturing, sales, and transport jobs for local economies.
Ohio State Innovation Foundation

 Tubular low density ethylene-based polymers with improved balance of extractables and melt elasticity patent thumbnailTubular low density ethylene-based polymers with improved balance of extractables and melt elasticity
The invention provides an ethylene-based polymer comprising the following properties: a) weight fraction (w) of molecular weight above 5*106 g/mol, w>a−b*i2, where a=0.4 wt %, and b is 0.02 wt %/(dg/min), and w<c−b*i2%, where c=0.9 wt %; and b) g′>d−e*log(i2), where d=162 pa and e=52 pa/log(dg/min).. .
Dow Global Technologies Llc

 High-performance, filler-reinforced, recyclable composite materials patent thumbnailHigh-performance, filler-reinforced, recyclable composite materials
Polyhexahydrotriazine (pht) and polyhemiaminal (pha) materials form highly cross-linked polymers which can be used as binder resins in composite materials. A filler element functionalized with a primary amine group can be covalently bonded to the pha/pht polymer resins.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Dentifrice dispenser and oral care system comprising the same patent thumbnailDentifrice dispenser and oral care system comprising the same
Disclosed is a dentifrice dispenser, comprising: a container defining a chamber storing a dentifrice and having an orifice through which the dentifrice is dispensable from the chamber; and a permanent magnet connected to the container for retaining an oral care implement with the container. Also disclosed is an oral care system, comprising: a dentifrice dispenser according to any preceding claim; and an oral care implement; wherein the oral care implement comprises a second magnet or a metal portion that is magnetically attractable to the permanent magnet..
Colgate-palmolive Company

 Universal automated shade for a vehicular windshield to block the entrance of sunlight patent thumbnailUniversal automated shade for a vehicular windshield to block the entrance of sunlight
An automated shade apparatus for a vehicle's windshield includes a housing having a pair of openings, a drive assembly disposed within the housing and having a belt disposed around rollers, at least one of the rollers driven by a motor, a retractable shade roller coupled to the housing and having a sheet disposed around the shade roller, and a collapsible scissor arm assembly coupled to the housing and having a plurality of arms with a pair of top ends disposed through the housing openings and coupled to the belt and a pair of bottom ends coupled to the sheet. The motor drives the belt in a first direction to extend the arms, thereby deploying the sheet over the windshield.

 Ventilated seatbelt for efficient cooling and heating of vehicle passengers patent thumbnailVentilated seatbelt for efficient cooling and heating of vehicle passengers
A vehicle seatbelt mounted, individualized climate control apparatus that provides substantially instantaneous heating or cooling of the occupant of a vehicle seat is presented. The apparatus has at least one housing with an inner chamber coupled to diffusers to deliver ambient, cooled or heated air from an air source through the chamber to the body of the occupant.
The Regents Of The University Of California

 Multiple chamber pneumatic tire patent thumbnailMultiple chamber pneumatic tire
A multiple chamber pneumatic tire having an upper section and a lower section. A diaphragm separates the upper section from the lower section.

Component connection and producing a component connection

A component connection includes a first component, which is made of a material attractable by a magnet, and a second component which lies directly or indirectly adjacent to the first component and which has a hole. A magnetic element is provided which covers the hole and attracts the first component such that both components are clamped together..
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

Ablation systems, probes, and methods for reducing radiation from an ablation probe into the environment

The ablation systems, ablation probes, and corresponding methods according to the present disclosure reduce or eliminate energy radiating from an ablation probe into the environment. Some ablation probes include a retractable sheath that shields at least the radiating portion of the ablation probe.
Covidien Lp

Protective case for portable electronic device with integrated dispensable and retractable charge and sync cable

A protective case for a portable electronic device which incorporates a spool assembly containing a user dispensable and retractable industry standard or oem charge/sync cable. The case provides the user with the utility of always having a charge/sync cable available when needed while being discreetly housed in a low-profile ergonomically pleasing package.
Cordcase Llc

Connection module for a portable electronic device

A connection module for a portable electronic device is disclosed. The connection module includes a mating structure that is configured to attach to a mating structure interface of the portable electronic device.
Apple Inc .

Method for preparing sugar, bioethanol or microbial metabolite from lignocellulosic biomass

The present invention relates to a method for preparing bioethanol from lignocellulosic biomass. The method of the present invention is capable of: minimizing the impurity content of an enzymatic saccharification raw material, by extracting biomass using hot water, before pretreatment, and removing extractable substances such as inorganic salts; suppressing, to the greatest extent, the production of overdecomposition products of sugar, by pretreating the biomass, from which the hot water extractable substances have been removed, in a condition for maximizing xylan yield; preparing fermentable sugar at a low cost, without washing a pretreated solid obtained from subsequent solid-liquid separation, but by only concentrating a sugar solution obtained after enzymatic saccharification, using a separation film; and preparing bioethanol therefrom in high yield..
Korea Research Institute Of Chemical Technology

Article feeder with a retractable product guide

An automatic stack feeder having a moveable stack or product guide is disclosed. The automatic stack feeder may be configured to receive a stack of articles and a container enclosing a stack of articles.
United State Postal Service

Center armrest lock

A locking assembly for a vehicle armrest includes a pivoting stopping member disposed below an armrest body and a catch wire disposed on a seat back frame member. A retractable stop pin maintains engagement of the pivoting stopping member and the catch wire.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Retractable sports board rack system and associated methods

A sports board rack system includes an upper support frame, an upper pulley arrangement carried by the upper support frame, a lower support frame, and a lower pulley arrangement carried by the lower support frame. A flexible rack assembly is coupled between the upper and lower support frames and includes a pair of spaced apart rack units.

Apparatus and proximal to distal stent deployment

Methods and devices for delivering a stent in a proximal to distal fashion are disclosed. The delivery device includes a sheath catheter, an outer catheter and an inner catheter over a guide wire.

Systems and methods for endometrial ablation

A device for endometrial ablation having an elongated shaft with a working end comprising an expandable-contractable frame, a complaint energy-delivery surface carried by the frame, the surface and the frame being configured to engage against the interior of a patient's uterine cavity when the working end is inserted into the cavity and the frame is expanded.. .
Minerva Surgical, Inc.

System for medication transport with a traveling case

A system for medication transport that includes: a storage case; a main compartment within the storage case; a top closure, where the top closure seals the main compartment; a plurality of pockets on an inner surface of the top closure; a pocket on at least one side of the main compartment; and a handle on one side of the main compartment. The system for medication transport may further include wheels on the storage case and the handle may be retractable..

Smart cane with extensions for navigating stairs

Devices and systems are described including a walking aid including a linear rod having a first end and a second end, a hand grip disposed in proximity to the first end of the linear rod, two or more extendable and retractable self-leveling load-bearing feet at the second end of the linear rod, at least one sensor configured to detect a parameter of a walking surface in proximity to the second end of the linear rod, and a controller including a microprocessor and circuitry, the controller operably coupled to the two or more extendable and retractable self-leveling load-bearing feet and the at least one sensor, and including circuitry configured to receive information regarding the detected parameter of the walking surface from the at least one sensor and circuitry configured to actuate at least one of the two or more extendable and retractable self-leveling load-bearing feet in response to the information regarding the detected parameter of the walking surface.. .
Elwha Llc

Aerosol-generating device comprising a heat exchanger

An aerosol-generating device for use in an aerosol-generating system is provided, the aerosol-generating device including a cavity configured to receive an aerosol-generating article; a heat exchanger having a first portion proximate to the cavity and a second portion distal to the cavity for capturing heat from a lighter; and a retractable cover, wherein the retractable cover is movable from a first position in which the retractable cover covers the second portion of the heat-exchanger to a second position in which the second portion of the heat exchanger is exposed for heating by a lighter and wherein the retractable cover is configured to automatically return from the second position to the first position when the second portion of the heat exchanger reaches a threshold temperature.. .
Philip Morris Products S.a.

Cable retraction system

A retractable storage system for a handheld electronic device includes at least one cable with a plug head and an end piece, and at least one retractable mechanism to retract and store the cable. The retractable mechanism has a groove track system to control a rotational movement of the retractable mechanism.
Hybrid Skillz Inc.

Electrode and battery

A battery includes a positive electrode, a negative electrode, and an electrolyte. At least one of the positive electrode and the negative electrode is an electrode containing an active material and an inorganic oxide.
Sony Corporation

Music instrument case with incorproated detachable stand

The present invention provides an assembly for providing a detachable handle/stand that includes a main body, a top support dependent on the main body, at least three extendable and retractable members associated with the main body, a handle, and a mounting for selectively releasing and attaching said assembly to a musical instrument case.. .

Travel lockout monitoring system

A vehicle system including a housing, an extendable/retractable member coupled to the housing, an electrically controlled actuator and a lockout system. The electrically controlled actuator is connected to the extendable/retractable member, and is configured to extend and retract the extendable/retractable member relative to the housing.
Asa Electronics, Llc

Tape measure

A tape measure includes a spool, a housing defining an opening, where the spool is rotatably coupled to the housing, and a blade including a first end and a second end, where the first end is connected to the spool and the second end is movable through the opening between a retracted position and an extended position. The manually retractable tape measure further includes a cleaning assembly positioned within the housing adjacent the opening such that the cleaning assembly is in contact with the blade to push away debris from the blade as the blade moves between the retracted position and the extended position..
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation

Retractable supressor

A variety of apparatuses and associated methods are provided for providing a retractable suppressor system for gas generator systems such as a firearm. One embodiment includes a suppressor system that includes a retractable structure and housing, a fixed baffle, floating baffles, and springs to displace the floating baffles within the suppressor as the suppressor is extended from the housing along a gas generator system, e.g.
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

Retractable flagpole

A flagpole retracts a flag for storage and mounts on the side of a building or other vertical surface. Internally, the flagpole proves a tension released roller and cords to retract the flag into the flagpole, and roll up the flag around the roller.

Stowable elevated footstep for an aircraft galley

The present invention is an improved footstep for an aircraft galley or similar monument that is retractable into the galley when not in use. The overall size of the footstep is significantly reduced by the use of a spring loaded detent mechanism.
B/e Aerospace, Inc.

Automated vehicle sunshade

An automated vehicle sunshade includes a compartment mountable to a roof of a vehicle, a flexible shade, a plurality of rods coupled to the flexible shade and a drive device coupled to the plurality of rods and a spindle coupled to the flexible shade and operable by the drive device. The plurality of rods are retractable and extendable so that the sunshade repeatably alternates between an extended position and a retracted position.

Compact cutter with ceramic blade

A compact cutter employs a ceramic blade. The ceramic blade may be fixed or retractable and configured to easily cut paper or other thin material without readily cutting or injuring the user.
Acme United Corporation

Automated peritoneal dialysis system using a peristaltic pump and non-contact sensors

An automated peritoneal dialysis therapy device includes pump tubing for delivering dialysate to a patient and for removing waste from the patient; a retractable peristaltic pump assembly; and a processor for controlling operations of the automated peritoneal dialysis therapy device. The retractable peristaltic pump assembly includes a retractable peristaltic pump having a pump rotor and a pump base, a heating source, located in the pump base, to heat the dialysate, a first temperature sensor to measure a temperature of the heating source, a second temperature sensor to measure a temperature of the dialysate, a flow sensor to measure an amount of dialysate being pumped, a pressure sensor to measure a pressure of the dialysate being pumped, and a motor to rotate the pump rotor.

Retractable seat assembly

A retractable seat assembly which can be attached to a vertical structure and which, in the upright position, presents a profile which is relatively thin and in any event poses virtually no impediment to going very close to the vertical structure. The retractable seat assembly having a rear support, a seat, a front support, and a biaser which releasably biases said seat to the generally upright position..

Lanyard with integrated ear plugs and retractable sheath

A lanyard is provided. The lanyard may include a lanyard cord which is attached to a personal item such as safety glasses or an access card, an earplug cord which is attached to a first earplug and a second earplug, and a flexible retractable sheath.

Retractable and extendable tether device

A retractable and extendable tether device that attaches to a hand-held electronic device and selectively replaceably attaches the hand-held electronic device to a user. The retractable and extendable tether device includes a retractor, a retainer, and a tether.

Cellular-phone case having retractable card holding structure

A cellular-phone case having a retractable card holding structure, intended to hold a card in such a way that the card is put into or taken out from the case. The cellular-phone case includes a case body and a card holding means.
Mark And Draw, Llc

Photovoltaic power rapid deployment

A rapidly deployed photovoltaic (pv) apparatus (2) providing a pv array (10) housed within an easily transportable standardized container. The pv array (10) is movable between a stowed position in a v-shape configuration and a fully deployed flat position.

Portable electronic device case assembly

A portable electronic device case assembly is provided that includes a device mount, a device case, and a retractable tether therebetween. The device mount is a body-worn support that includes a receptacle for supporting the device case, a battery power supply, and a tether spool.

Retractable deer stand ladder system

A retractable deer stand ladder system for providing a ladder that is efficiently concealed from wildlife. The retractable deer stand ladder system generally includes a support member having an elongated structure, an upper end and a lower end, a plurality of first steps pivotally attached to a first side of the support member, and a plurality of second steps pivotally attached to a second side of the support member.

Retractable handle system for vehicle

A retractable handle system for a vehicle may include an electric actuator disposed inside a door panel, a driving member configured to be rotated in forward and reverse directions by receiving rotational force of the electric actuator, a driving arm provided to be rotated in the forward and reverse directions by the rotation of the driving member and blocked by the driving member from being rotated in a state in which an operation of the electric actuator is stopped so as to maintain a stored state and a pop-up state of a handle, and the handle which is supported by and coupled to the driving arm and configured to be moved by the forward and reverse rotation of the driving arm.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


A backhoe includes a boom with one end rotatably supported by a supporting structure fixed on a working vehicle, and a boom cylinder with one end rotatably supported by the supporting structure, and with another end rotatably supported by the boom, the boom cylinder that drives the boom by operating in a freely retractable manner. The boom cylinder includes a piston, a cylinder tube that contains the piston, a piston rod connected to the piston, a scale rod fixed in parallel to the piston rod and operates along the outer surface of the cylinder tube in response to an operation of the piston rod, a scale arranged on the outer surface of the cylinder tube along the scale rod, and an indicator provided on the piston rod and operates along the scale in response to the operation of the piston rod..
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

Multistage process for producing polyethylene compositions

The present invention is a process for producing copolymers of ethylene and alpha-olefins having from 4 to 10 carbon atoms in three polymerization stages where a low molecular weight copolymer of ethylene is produced in two of the stages and a high molecular weight copolymer in one of the stages. The resulting copolymers have a low content of extractable material and can be extruded to films which can be used in food contact applications..
Borealis Ag

Retractable landing gear

The present disclosure describes systems and methods for retractable landing gear. A landing gear arrangement may comprise: a trailing arm; a shock strut; a link rotatably coupled to a first end of the shock strut and rotatably coupled to the trailing arm, the link including a pivot; a rotatable latch rotatably coupled to the link; and an actuator coupled between the rotatable latch and the trailing arm, the rotatable latch configured to rotate about the pivot, the pivot located between a first end and a second end of the rotatable latch, the rotatable latch configured to rotate in a first direction in response to the actuator extending and configured to rotate in a second direction in response to the actuator compressing..
Goodrich Corporation

Pen cutter

The present invention generally relates to pen cutters. Specifically, embodiments of the present invention relate to a pen cutter apparatus with an auto-retractable blade.
Slice, Inc.

Extraction devices, systems, and methods

Extraction devices, methods, and systems are disclosed. Example devices have a solvent chamber, a plant material chamber, a collection chamber, and a solvent return that create an active, passive, or combination extraction and/or solvent purification process.
Connoisseur Concentrates, Llc

Needle capture retractable needle safety syringes

Needle assemblies for retractable needle syringes include a needle, a needle seal, and a needle retainer, wherein the needle includes one or more barbs substantially at its proximal end. The needle retainer engages an optional needle-over-mold component that is fixedly attached to the needle.
Unitract Syringe Pty Ltd

Valved nasal cannula

A valved nasal cannula adapted to provide a positive pressure in the airway using the breathing of the intended user as a source of positive pressure without the need for an external source of energy and/or compressed air. The cannula is designed so as to be relatively easily insertable and retractable into and from the nasal vestibule portion of the nose of the intended user without requiring manual dexterity..

Portable seating apparatus and method

The portable seat apparatus includes a telescopic support member and a seat receptacle. The telescopic support member includes a plurality of concentric sections that are extendable and retractable within each other.
Incuthink, Llc

Retractable vented attic storage system

A closet fits into an attic. A raiseable panel forms the bottom of the closet.
Delorean, Llc

Retractable leash system

An animal restraint system which involves variable adjustability of maximum extension. A braking device with a pivoting tip which can move from a neutral position to a locked engaged position, a disengaged position, and a semi-engaged position.

Retracting mechanism for sensing components in a switchgear cabinet

A switchgear cabinet (100) includes an equipment compartment (102), a bus compartment (104) and a cable compartment (106). The cabinet can employ a sensor(s) (190) to monitor conditions, such as arcing, in the bus or cable compartment.
Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

Thermostatic controller and circuit tester

A thermostatic controller and circuit tester that includes: a control surface; a slider knob on the control surface, where the slider knob initiates power for testing and use of the thermostatic controller; a reading indicator on the control surface, where the reading indicator indicates a related parameter being measured; a digital display, where the digital display displays a reading; a top surface, where the top surface includes a first opening and a second opening; a first retractable cable extending from the first opening; and a second retractable cable extending from the second opening. The related parameters may include at least ac voltage, dc voltage, resistance, capacitance and continuity.

Removal of casing slats by cutting casing collars

A casing cutting tool including a top mandrel operatively coupled to a conveyance; a first retractable wedge operatively coupled to the top mandrel; a jetting tool operatively coupled to the retractable wedge, the retractable wedge thereby interposing the top mandrel and the jetting tool, wherein the jetting tool has one or more jetting nozzles arranged thereon; and a bottom terminal operatively coupled to the jetting tool, the jetting tool thereby interposing the retractable wedge and the bottom terminal.. .
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Laundry washing machine with detergent drawer comprising a control panel

Laundry washing machine (1) has a casing (2), a washing tub (3) with its opening facing a laundry loading/unloading opening on a the front wall (4) of the casing (2), an autodosing detergent dispenser (10) for automatically dosing, on the basis of the selected washing cycle, the suitable amount/dose of detergent, softener and/or other washing agent, and feeding said amount/dose into the washing tub (3), a fresh-water supply circuit (7) for selectively channeling a flow of fresh water from the water mains to the autodosing detergent dispenser (10) and/or to the washing tub (3), and an appliance control panel (8) allowing the user to manually select the desired washing-cycle. The appliance control panel (8) is located/arranged on a front side of the drawer-like supporting structure (16) which is fitted/inserted in extractable manner into a drawer housing (17) extending inside the casing (2) underneath the upper worktop or top wall (9) of the casing (2).
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag

Rear seat accessible vehicle storage compartment

A retractable storage compartment that is accessible by the passengers in the rear portion of a vehicle's passenger cabin is provided. The storage compartment, which is integrated into the vehicle's center console, is mounted on a guide assembly in order to allow a rear passenger to easily open or close the compartment.
Atieva, Inc.

Portable nebulizer medical use, with easy access to the mesh assembly

Portable nebulizer apparatus for medical use, comprising a mesh arranged so as to intercept an internal fluid path which leads into a dispenser outlet, and an oscillator element which causes said mesh to oscillate, the mesh being integrated in an extractable mesh assembly housed between a first and a second half-casing, the half-casings being movable in relation to each other between a coupled operational configuration and a separated configuration which allows access to the mesh assembly.. .
Flaem Nuova S.p.a.

Retractable syringe

An auto-retractable syringe having a barrel and a plunger moveable within said barrel, said barrel having a gland assembly inside a forepart thereof, said gland assembly being connected to a needle hub; wherein said needle hub is located in the forepart of said barrel via a luer-lock thread, internal of the forepart of the barrel, and two or more lugs protruding from said needle hub, and wherein said luer-lock thread is open internal of the barrel such that the needle hub can be drawn into the barrel uninhibited by the thread.. .
Global Medisafe Holdings Limited

Combination socks with fasteners

A pair of socks and a pair of complementary fasteners to hold the pair of socks together while the socks are being washed, dried and stored in a drawer. The pair of fasteners are connected to one another so that one sock is attached to the other.

Retractable pet leash and assembling same

A retractable pet leash. The leash includes a grip configured for releasably attaching to a user and a flexible tether connected to the grip.
Quincy's Crossing, Llc

Disposable and biodegradable litter system for animals

A biodegradable litter kit to be used for the collection and disposal of animal waste. The kit includes a litter box having a tray portion and a retractable lid.
Litter One, Llc

Remote activated auto unplugging device for electrical equipment

A remote automated disconnector for a power plug including electrically activated plug retractor from a wall socket. A remote transmitter and receiver circuit allows for activation of the device from a distance by the user.

Methods and systems that use hierarchically organized data structure containing standard feature symbols in order to convert document images to electronic documents

The current application is directed to methods and systems that convert document images, which contain arabic text and text in other languages in which symbols are joined together to produce continuous words and portions of words, into corresponding electronic documents. In one implementation, a document-image-processing method and system to which the current application is directed employs numerous techniques and features that render efficiently computable an otherwise intractable or impractical document-image-to-electronic-document conversion.
Abbyy Development Llc

Method and equipment for the disassembly of matresses

An apparatus to disassemble a mattress, the mattress including a mattress core between a top ticking and a bottom ticking and the mattress having perimeter surfaces comprising a pair of opposing side surfaces extending in a longitudinal direction and a pair of opposing end surfaces extending between the opposing side surfaces, the apparatus including: a cutting arrangement for applying at least one cut along a length of at least one of the perimeter surfaces; and at least one peeling roller having a peeling surface with retractable pins for engaging with the top and/or bottom ticking, the retractable pins being movable between a retracted position and an extended position, wherein the at least one peeling roller is rotatable in a peeling direction for peeling the top and/or bottom ticking from the mattress with the pins in the extended position and wherein the at least one peeling roller is rotatable in a removal direction, opposite to the peeling direction, for removing the peeled ticking from the peeling surface with the pins in the retracted position.. .
Rtm Recycling Systems B.v.

Capsule, preparing a predetermined quantity of beverage suitable for consumption

A capsule for preparing a predetermined quantity of beverage with a beverage brewing device is disclosed. The beverage brewing device comprises a receptacle for receiving the capsule.
Koninklijke Douwe Egberts B.v.

Bundle of containers, in particular bottles, cans or the like

A bundle of containers like bottles or cans comprises a structure (2) for holding containers (3), having a base wall (4) intended to support the containers (3) and lateral walls (5) extending from the base wall (4), which define a compartment (6) intended for the support of the containers (3). The compartment (6) is impermeable for receiving a predefined amount of ice intended for cooling the containers.
Ocme S.r.l.

Height-adjustable support for a vehicle

A height-adjustable support for a vehicle having an outer support pipe, an inner support pipe displaceably supported in the outer support pipe and deployable out of and retractable into the outer support pipe by a drive spindle, a gear unit arranged in the outer support pipe and a drive unit for driving the gear unit for moving the inner support pipe relative to the outer support pipe, wherein the drive unit has a motor arranged outside the cross section of the outer support pipe and a transmission unit, wherein a rotation axis defined by a motor shaft extends outside the outer support pipe and the transmission unit is configured to transmit a torque from the motor shaft to the gear unit, and wherein the transmission unit has a housing and a drive pinion protruding out of the housing and engaging the gear unit.. .
Saf-holland Gmbh

Retractable top covering mechanism

A retractable top covering system has a top covering configured to cover an open top area of a container having sides that define an interior space. The top covering is connected to a retractable top drive mechanism that selectively retracts and deploys the retractable top covering.
Tarpstop, Llc

Portable, extensible, exercise weight support device with safety features

An exercise weight support device includes a retractable belt with an upper end for attachment to a ceiling or other overhanging support structure to enable suspension therefrom of the exercise weight support device, a cradle and/or one or more hooks to enable the weight support device to be used to suspend a free weight from the ceiling or other overhanging support structure, a retracting reel mechanism attached to the lower end of the belt to selectively retract or pay out the belt to selectively enable vertical movement of the free weight to a desired height, and a trigger handle co-located with the retracting reel mechanism and operable to selectively disallow lowering of the free weight when the trigger handle is not continuously operated by a lifter performing a lifting exercise.. .

Exocervical and endocervical cell sampling device

A cervical cells sampling device includes a tubular sleeve with a first opening and an opposing second opening, an elongate rod having a retractable part with a mounting tip enclosed within the sleeve and a handle section extending out from the sleeve through the second opening. A cell collecting construct with a resilient sheath is stretched to cap onto the mounting tip of the rod and the stretched resilient sheath is in a constant contracting state that the cell collecting construct and portion of the retractable part are allowed to project out, or retract into sleeve, through the first opening by moving the handle section.
Ladiy Healthcare Sdn Bhd

Axillary support device for shower stalls

The object of the present invention is an axillary support device (1) for a handicapped user of a common shower stall provided with at least one flat wall, substantially constituted by a pair of transverse arms (2, 3) fixed to the flat wall of the shower stall by means of a pair of vertical supports (4, 5) firmly anchored to said wall. Said transverse arms (2, 3) are arranged in a manner so as to be substantially perpendicular, in the longitudinal direction thereof, to the wall to which they are fixed; such arms (2, 3) are shaped in a manner so as to have one end (6, 7) bent upward, one end constrained (8, 9) to the vertical supports (4, 5) and they are provided with a covering made of soft and impermeable material.
Paultech S.r.l.

Umbrella with retractable cover that can be hidden

An umbrella includes a base unit, a mounting sleeve, a lid, a cover, and a locking unit. The base unit includes a handle provided with at least one limit portion which has a first positioning limit section and a second positioning limit section.

Top furling automated retractable greenhouse cover

Top furling automated retractable greenhouse cover is a retractable cover for a greenhouse that is mounted on top of the greenhouse. Top furling automated retractable greenhouse cover comprises: a spine clamp, a left furling cover assembly, a right furling cover assembly, a hinge pin assembly, and an electrical control box.

Mathematics and geometry device for visually impaired

The present invention relates to a mathematics and geometry device for visually impaired (1) comprising retractable push-buttons (2) at least one button body (4) which enable the push-button to be placed on the socket (3) and making a linear movement towards the inside-outside of the device when the push-buttons are pressed; and at least one lock system which is located on the button body and which enables the button body to be locked in upper and lower positions; when the button body is locked in the upper position, the push-button becomes an open button; when the button body is locked in the lower position, the push-button becomes a closed button.. .

Process cartridge modification and retractable process cartridge drive

A modification for an imaging cartridge is provided for use with certain aftermarket or non-oem cartridge drive mechanisms. At least one wall of a cartridge guiding member is removed to increase a clearance between the guiding member and the cartridge drive mechanism..
Clover Technologies Group, Llc

Processing cartridge, photoreceptor drum unit, and end member pair

A photoreceptor drum unit is provided with a cylindrical photoreceptor drum, and two end members which are respectively disposed at both ends of the photoreceptor drum in an axial direction. One of the end members is provided with an elastic member, is biased in the axial direction, and is extendable and contractable.
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Cordless retractable roller shade for window coverings

A cordless retractable shade including an operating system for the shade that varies a biasing force of a spring to counterbalance the shade. The bottom rail of a retractable shade can be raised or lowered, and due to the operating system remains in any selected position of the covering between fully extended and fully retracted, without the use of operating cords.
Hunter Douglas Inc.

Anti-theft device intended to be attached to an item sold over-the-counter

An antitheft device attachable to an article, formed by two parts, one part comprises a means for remote interaction with a terminal detecting passage of the device, a hinge to allow movement between a protection position, and a release position, one of the parts having, at the end opposite to the movable hinge, a needle able to move in a direction perpendicular to the mid-plane of the device, the other part comprising a housing for receiving the needle, the housing comprising lock configured to allow the release of the needle with an opener, wherein the first part has three retractable cages enabling the needle to move between a retracted position where the tip of the needle does not project beyond the internal surface of the first part, and a deployed position in which the needle is engaged in the complementary housing when the device is in the closed position.. .
Fors France

Tent having retractable roof

The present invention provides a tent having a retractable roof. A plurality of poles extend substantially perpendicular to the ground.

Pull-out sprayhead with improved magnetic coupling system

Pull out sprayhead (1) for a faucet, comprising: an inlet fitting (10), provided with a coupling end (10d) connectable to a extractable water supply pipe; a supply mouth (11a) in fluid connection with said attachment end (10d); and a magnet (12) fixed at the inlet fitting (10) and prearranged to allow a releasable connection of said pull-out sprayhead (1) to a faucet neck (20), said magnet (12) being arranged in a housing chamber (13), defined between an outer wall of said inlet fitting (10) and a covering nut (14), within which an insulating sleeve (30) is placed, distinct from the covering nut (14) and interposed between the inlet fitting (10) and the magnet (12), so as to minimize the heat flow occurring between a supplied fluid and the magnet (12) through the inlet fitting (10).. .
Amfag S.r.l.

Device for quickly and efficiently rolling garments and other items

A device for rolling garments and other items, comprising an adjustable length rod operable to move between a locked position and a retractable position by twisting the adjustable length rod. There is a handle on one end of the rod capable of fully housing the adjustable length rod when fully retracted in its retractable position, a securing clip operable to move between an open position and a closed position connected to the handle for securing an item to the rod, and a securing clip button on the handle for triggering the securing clip to its open or closed position.

Coffee pad with a relatively large outlet opening for use in a coffee machine

Pad including a covering filled with an extractable beverage preparation product. The covering comprises a flexible first sheet and a rigid shell which are connected to each other.
Koninklijke Douwe Egberts B.v.

Portable multi-platform friction drive system with retractable motor drive assembly

A portable, multi-platform friction drive system with a retractable motor drive assembly (12), containing all needed components of an electric friction drive system in a portable handheld case (10), including motor (18), batteries (34), and all associated electronics (36), as well as a mounting system (30) that enables use on popular bike share bicycles (20), personal bicycles, and kick scooters. Its mounting system (30) enables the friction drive system to be easily installed in seconds on many varieties of bicycles or kick scooters, and to be removed just as easily when no longer needed.

Parking a vehicle with the use of an additional traction system

Parking a vehicle with the use of an additional traction system allowing to move the vehicle at a low speed without starting its combustion engine characterised in that the vehicle is equipped with an additional traction system having an autonomous drive system controlled electronically by means of an intelligent controller (10) that allows to park the vehicle sideways with the use of a system of extendable and retractable additional wheels (5) mounted under chassis (6) of the vehicle by moving the vehicle in direction perpendicular to its normal driving direction.. .
Decylion Sp. Z O.o.

Retractable workstation integrated into the passenger cabin of a vehicle

A retractable workstation that is mounted within the dashboard of a vehicle is provided. In the retracted position the workstation is hidden from sight, while in the extended position it provides a convenient and ergonomic desk for use by the front seat passenger.
Atieva, Inc.

Retractable headliner corner

A headliner corner retractor for a convertible top. The corner retractor moves a front corner of the headliner between a covering position concealing a front portion of the side linkage and a contracted position in which clearance is provided for the side linkages to extend and retract the convertible top.
Magna Car Top Systems Of America, Inc.

Hip obturator and atraumatic hip access

An obturator provides access to a joint through a capsule surrounding the joint. A distal end of the obturator has a first distal location with a first width dimension and a second distal location with a second width dimension, wherein the second distal location is proximal to the first distal location and the second width dimension greater than the first width dimension.
Depuy Mitek, Llc

Wheeled suitcase comprising a retractable rod

The invention relates to a wheeled suitcase comprising a suitcase body mounted on wheels and a rod comprising at least one flexible strip element connected to a handle. The flexible strip element can be wound onto itself in order to retract the handle, and can be unwound forming a tube in order to deploy the handle..
Louis Vuitton Malletier

Motorized luggage

Motorized luggage includes a frame enclosed in part by an outer shell, the frame defining an internal storage compartment, front wheels connected to a steering shaft, wherein the steering shaft is rotatably connected to the frame and the position of the steering shaft controls an orientation of the front wheels, a retractable handlebar received by the steering shaft, wherein the retractable handlebar may be telescopingly moved from a stored configuration to a driving configuration, wherein in the stored configuration the handlebar is retracted and enclosed by a second zippered flap of the outer shell, wherein in the driving configuration, the handlebar is extended above a top face of the frame, a rear set of wheels connected by a second axle, wherein the second axle is operatively coupled to the frame, and an electric motor mounted on the frame, wherein the electric motor drives the rear wheels.. .

Automated retractable vehicle step

Powered retractable vehicle step assist systems and methods are provided. The steps systems are configured for installation (e.g., after market installation) and use with a vehicle.
Lund Motion Products, Inc.

Fin deployment mechanism for projectile and fin deployment

A fin deployment mechanism for a projectile. The mechanism includes at least one fin and at least one actuator.
Bae Systems Bofors Ab

Retractable hideaway chimney damper cap

An apparatus for a damper cap for a chimney flue includes a top plate having dimensions conforming to a top of the chimney flue. A bird and animal screen is joined to and extends from a bottom of the top plate.

Coffee pad for use in a coffee machine

Pad for use in coffee machine for preparing at least one part of a single beverage serving. In use, in the coffee machine an aqueous fluid such as water is supplied under pressure to the pad so that the fluid is forced through the pad for obtaining a beverage that then exits the pad.
Koninklijke Douwe Egberts B.v.

Friction stir welding: for filling a hole at the end of welding or for repairing a welding defect

A method for repairing a defect affecting a weld. A sheet of filler metal is placed on the surface of the welded part, next to the region of the defect.
Airbus Group Sas

Retractable wall mounted exercise rack system

A retractable wall mounted exercise rack system for providing an exercise rack that may be easily and compactly stored when not in use. The retractable wall mounted exercise rack system generally includes one or more brackets attached to a wall, a pair of support members, and a plurality of arms pivotally extending from the brackets and pivotally connecting to the support members.
Prx Performance, Inc.

Composition for external preparation for skin

The problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide a safe and efficacious therapeutic agent for dermatitis which is not only safe and efficacious for patients with dermatitis, in particular atopic dermatitis, but also significantly effective for severe cases that are judged to be intractable by conventional external preparations, and which is also safely applicable to affected areas such as the face and neck, as well as to subjects with sensitive skin, such as infants and females. Furthermore, the invention aims to provide an external preparation that is efficacious as skin care cosmetics having effects to improve elasticity and wrinkles of the skin, moisturizing effects, and hair-growth effects.
Igisu, Co., Ltd.

Wheelchair wheel winder

A manual wheelchair propulsion device (figs. 5, 6 & 7), attached to wheelchairs through the axles of the rear wheels (figs.

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