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Tractable patents

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Retractable stabilizer for watercraft

Retractable stabilizer for watercraft

Luggage handle structure

Luggage handle structure

Luggage handle structure

Ford Global Technologies

Retractable vehicle grab handle with deploying integrated garment hanger

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tractable-related patents
 Electromagnetic relay patent thumbnailnew patent Electromagnetic relay
An electromagnetic relay includes a housing, a fixed contact provided within the housing, a movable contact movable to contact or be separated from the fixed contact, and a driving unit configured to drive the movable contact to be in contact with or separated from the fixed contact, and including a coil, a yoke disposed within the coil and having an inner section for forming a magnetic path inside and outside of the coil, a movable core disposed within the coil to be attractable by the inner section, and a shaft having one end connected to the movable core and another end connected to the movable contact, capable of facilitating an assembling process of a shaft and a movable core by eliminating a welding process.. .
Lsis Co., Ltd.

 Tow plate and load extraction system patent thumbnailnew patent Tow plate and load extraction system
A tow plate for retaining and releasing an extractable unit from an aerospace vehicle including a base plate, an actuating assembly and a retaining assembly. The actuating assembly and the retaining assembly releasably hold a load transmission unit attached to the tow plate.
Airbus Operations Gmbh

 Retractable stabilizer for watercraft patent thumbnailnew patent Retractable stabilizer for watercraft
A user floatation system for boating safety. There is included in the system a boat, having a seat for a user, and a rear and forward section located behind and in front of the user respectively.

 Submersible vessel having retractable wing and keel assemblies patent thumbnailnew patent Submersible vessel having retractable wing and keel assemblies
A submersible vessel having wing and keel assemblies that are extendable for wind-powered surface operation and retractable to reduce drag for submerged operation or to place the vessel in a more compact configuration. A deployment mechanism including an actuator and linkage pivots the wing and keel assemblies simultaneously between the deployed and retracted configuration.
Ocean Aero, Inc.

 System of retractable shelves patent thumbnailnew patent System of retractable shelves
The retractable shelf system allows for the compartmentalization of storage container. The system is integrated into the interior space of the storage container and includes a plurality of shelving units distributed along the length of the storage container.

 Tailgate with tonneau cover for a vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Tailgate with tonneau cover for a vehicle
A vehicle having a front wall, two side walls, and a truck bed that altogether define a tonneau is provided. The vehicle includes a tailgate that has a front panel, a rear panel, two side panels, and a top panel that altogether define a cavity.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

 Retractable vehicle grab handle with deploying integrated garment hanger patent thumbnailnew patent Retractable vehicle grab handle with deploying integrated garment hanger
A deployable hanger for a vehicle comprises a handle operable between deploying and non-deploying positions, two extension members disposed at least partially within the handle and tab members that are free of engagement with the extension members when the handle is in the deploying position, wherein the extension members are oppositely biased toward an extended position, and wherein the tab members selectively engage the extension members when the handle is in the non-deploying position.. .
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

 Assembly for connecting a mouth guard to a helmet or fastening  a helmet patent thumbnailnew patent Assembly for connecting a mouth guard to a helmet or fastening a helmet
A mouth guard assembly with a retractable mouth guard connection, including: a retraction element including a first housing and a retraction device disposed within the first housing; a cord including a first end attached to the retraction device and a second end; a coupling element including a third end connected to the second end and a fourth end arranged to engage a mouth guard to secure the mouth guard to the coupling element; and a connection assembly arranged to attach the retraction element to a protective helmet or a fastening apparatus for a protective helmet. The cord is arranged to be pulled from the retraction assembly in a first direction.

 Tennis training apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Tennis training apparatus
A tennis training apparatus suspends a tennis ball in the air to allow a player to practice striking the ball with a tennis racquet. The apparatus includes a tennis ball with a first magnetic element integrally and non-removably coupled to the tennis ball.

 Bone anchor delivery system device and method patent thumbnailnew patent Bone anchor delivery system device and method
A bone anchor delivery system device (10) has a retractable punch driver assembly and a locking mechanism (32). The punch driver assembly has a retractable punch shaft (30) and a guide (20) for receiving the retractable punch shaft (30).
Valeris Medical, Llc

new patent

Medical devices with retractable needle and related methods

A needle holder is coupled to the elongate shield and fixed axially. The needle holder has a proximal opening sized and shaped to receive a sampling device, such as a vacutainer.

new patent

Luggage handle structure

A luggage handle structure is coupled to a retractable pull rod of a luggage to control extension and retraction of the retractable pull rod. The luggage handle structure includes a handle, a button, a transmission member, and a pull rope.

new patent

Retractable luggage wheel system

A retractable wheel system for luggage. The retractable wheel system includes a luggage body with a base portion, a top portion and a plurality of sides, which define a packing compartment.

new patent

Retractable pet leash provided with a protective shell

An automatically retractable pet leash, comprises a casing or guard (10) inside which is a winding device of a cord or ribbon that protrudes from the casing or guard (10) through an aperture (13), and a braking mechanism operated by a pushbutton (12), and also comprises a handle (11) for gripping the leash with one hand. It also comprises a protective shell (14) designed to protect the casing or guard (10) from knocks or blows that can damage it; the casing or guard comprises at least one housing designed to accommodate by snap-fitting, when used, at least one coupling or ribbing element foreseen on the body of the protective shell (14) in such a way as to hold the protective shell (14) locked against the casing or guard (10)..
Ferplast S.p.a.


Enhanced interference management in heterogeneous wireless networks

We show that for any given muting fraction, a more constrained version of the problem of interest can be optimally solved in an efficient manner. In addition, the obtained solution is also a near-optimal solution for the original problem (for the given muting ratio).
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.


Device and emitting a light beam intended to form an image, projection system, and display using said device

The invention concerns a device for emitting a light beam intended to form an image, the device comprising one or more sources, each emitting a laser-type beam, the device being designed to form the light beam from the one laser beam or from a combination of the laser beams, the device comprising attenuation means, disposed downstream of the source(s), enabling the optical power of the light beam to be varied, the attenuation means comprising one or more retractable filters which can be interposed in the beam or beams.. .
Valeo Etudes Electroniques


Retractable flap for ring binder attachment

An apparatus is disclosed that facilitates the attachment of a bag to one or more rings. The apparatus can be disguised as a surface of the bag, and can pivot into a securing position.


Roll cover assembly

A roll cover assembly for covering a cargo space of a vehicle includes a cassette housing an extendable/retractable roll cover, a first receptacle adjacent a first side wall of the cargo space and having a channel configured to slidably guide a first end of the cassette during insertion or removal, a second receptacle adjacent a second side wall of the cargo space and having an opening configured to receive a second end of the cassette and permit pivoting of the cassette about the second end during removal of the first end from the first receptacle, a locking mechanism releasably locking the first end of the cassette into the first receptacle, and a release device actuatable to release the locking mechanism by pulling along a line-of-action parallel with a direction in which the first end of the cassette moves during removal from the first receptacle.. .
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Ball retrieving retractable claw

An apparatus for retrieving an object: more than two claws mounted to a plunger that is movably housed within a cup, the claws extending through a lid of the cup. With the plunger at the bottom of the cup, each claw is retracted into the lid; with the plunger at the top of the cup, each claw extends beyond the lid to a ball-grasping position.


Immune cell activation inhibitor and use thereof

The present invention provides a pharmaceutical that can be used widely for intractable neurological diseases, inflammatory diseases, etc. The immune cell activation inhibitor of the present invention contains bromovalerylurea or a derivative thereof.
Ehime University


Folding worktable

The present invention provides a folding worktable, which includes a frame and a board. It is upheld by four legs of retractable folding braces.


Retractable interconnect device including multiple electrical paths

A retractable interconnect device is configurable to operate in an extended mode or a retracted mode. The retractable interconnect device includes a first (e.g., short) electrical path and a second (e.g., long) electrical path.
International Business Machines Corporation


Retractable interconnect device configured to switch between electrical paths

A retractable interconnect device is configurable to operate in an extended mode or a retracted mode. The retractable interconnect device includes a first (e.g., short) electrical path and a second (e.g., long) electrical path.
International Business Machines Corporation


Integrated system for liquid separation and electrospray ionization

The present invention relates to an integrated system for liquid separation, such as lc, ce, affinity chromatography, and ion exchange chromatography. A preferred aspect relates to a specialised protection means for protecting the fragile electrospray needle when not in use.
Proxeon Biosystems A/s


Retractable end-cap for led tube

Embodiments of an end-cap for an led tube are described. In one aspect, an end-cap for an led tube may include an end-cap housing, an elastic component, a power connector, and a movable assembly.
Lightel Technologies, Inc.


Rear-mounted retractable aerodynamic structure for cargo bodies

An aerodynamic structure attached to the sides and top of a truck cargo body (either a stand-alone trailer or a “straight truck” with the cab and cargo area as a fixed vehicle) at the aftmost region, which rear typically contains a rolling door assembly, which rolls upwardly. An aerodynamic structure is permanently attached to the sides and top of the trailer in a manner that extend past the aftmost plane of the truck cargo body and retract to the aftmost plane of the truck cargo body when subjected to a force, allowing this device to be backed into structures.
Advanced Transit Dynamics, Inc.


Vehicle inflation device

A vehicle inflation device includes a hollow body having a front opening formed in a front end thereof and adapted for connecting with a vehicle exhaust pipe. Two corresponding through-holes are disposed in the hollow body for installation of an atmospheric relief valve.


Method and treating medical conditions

A method and apparatus for treating a condition in a patient such as bph, irretractable infection, cyst, fibroid, or any mass such as prostate or breast cancer, skin cancer, melanoma, or any other soft tissue cancerous or benign mass, employs a unique, three-dimensional software-controlled electronic amplifier array using arbitrary waveforms that dynamically and proportionally steer electrical currents by using two or more current vector paths, sequentially or simultaneously, through a defined area containing electrically-conductive ionic solutions so as to obtain 100% thermal heating or hyperthermia through the defined area. The condition is treated or a mass is destroyed with a minimally-invasive treatment which requires no radiation or chemotherapy which could be harmful to the patient..


Dinnerware with multifunctional configurations

A dinnerware with multifunctional configurations has a solid storage tube, designed into an extension tube made of stainless steel and a flexible cleaning brush set into the through hole of the solid storage tube in a retractable state. The flexible cleaning brush has a flexible long brush holder and a brushing portion mated at one end of said long brush holder.


Pet care device

A novel pet care device for walking a dog is provided. The device integrates many pet care items that are necessary while walking a dog into a unitary device that is simple to operate and provides a new convenience to the dog owner.


Irrigation systems

The disclosure features irrigation systems that include a base unit featuring a retractable fluid conduit, and a mobile unit coupled to the fluid conduit and including: a main body featuring an internal fluid channel having an opening; a plurality of wheel supports rotatably coupled to the main body, where the internal fluid channel extends through the wheel supports to a first plurality of apertures; two or more wheels coupled to the plurality of wheel supports; and a second plurality of apertures extending from the internal fluid channel through a wall of the main body, where during operation of the irrigation system, water enters the internal fluid channel through the opening and is dispensed from the first and second pluralities of apertures.. .


Lift handles having safety interlocks for a rack-mounted enclosure

According to one embodiment, a system includes an enclosure configured to be removable from a rack system, the enclosure including at least one bay for insertion of a component therein, a horizontally-oriented upper wall, a horizontally-oriented lower wall, two vertically-oriented sidewalls coupled to the upper and lower walls, and a set of integrated handles, each handle being configured to transition from a recessed position to an extended position, and each handle being configured to be gripped by a hand when in the extended position, wherein each handle is configured to extend higher than the upper wall of the enclosure when in the extended position, and wherein each handle is configured to retract to within an outer profile of the enclosure when in the recessed position. Other systems and enclosures are described according to more embodiments that have improved retractable handles..
International Business Machines Corporation


Electronic device including retractable bolt member

In one implementation, an electronic device comprises a first housing portion including a wall and a detent member on the interior of the wall and a second housing portion to attach to the first housing portion to form an enclosure. A retractable bolt member mounted in the second housing portion can engage the detent member in a first position and can disengage the detent member in a second position.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


System and using flexible circuitry in payment accessories

Systems and methods described herein may comprise rfid data acquisition technology which may be embedded in a fob or tag for use in completing financial transactions. This fob may a self-contained device which includes a transponder and which may be contained on any portable form factor and may comprise flexible circuitry.
American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.


Aircraft waste bin extractor

An aircraft galley waste bin extraction unit is disclosed having a first compartment formed by a plurality of walls that conform with walls of the waste bin, an extraction chamber adjoining the first compartment and sharing a common wall, and a platform within the common wall including a hinged bottom edge that allows the platform to pivot into a horizontal position against a rest on an extraction chamber side wall, the deploying of the platform forming a window through which the waste bin can pass through from the first compartment to the extraction chamber. The unit preferably also includes retractable ramp extendable from the platform to a ground surface to guide the waste bin from the extraction unit to the ground..
B/e Intellectual Property, Inc.


Retractable stock guide and metal forming dies

A retractable stock guide has a stationary guide rail on which a retractable guide cap is operably supported. The guide rail and cap have two through holes at opposite ends through which two mounting studs extend to attach the stock guide to an associated die member.
Standard Lifters, Inc.


Keyed spin-on filter element

A filter element for installation in a filter element adapter assembly with a keyed retractable shroud for covering external threads configured to receive the filter element is provided. The filter element includes an end cap having one or more keyed fingers protruding axially and radially therefrom, to engage with keyed passageways on the retractable shroud..
Parker-hannifin Corporation


Stent and inserting a stent into a delivery catheter

Stents and method of inserting a stent into a delivery catheter are disclosed. In a disclosed embodiment, a stent for redirecting blood flow away from an aneurysmal sac is provided.
Isis Innovation Limited


Mammography system and method employing offset compression paddles, automatic collimation, and retractable anti-scatter grid

A mammographic imaging system is optimized for use with a single fixed size flat panel digital image receptor. It accommodates compression devices (paddles) of varying sizes, and positions them properly in a field of view of the image receptor.
Hologic, Inc.


Retractable arms clothes hanger

The disclosed retractable arms clothes hanger is designed to allow it to be easily inserted into and removed from the neck opening of a tee shirt, pullover, buttoned down shirt, or turtleneck sweater when its arms are retracted in the down position. Once inserted, the turning knob of the retractable arms clothes hanger can be rotated so the arms can be extended into their rigid, upwardly extended position thereby preventing unnecessary garment stretching.


Lipstick container with detachable applicator

The present invention provides an apparatus for holding a lipstick column and a lipstick applicator in a common protected container to allow them to be conveniently accessed with one retrieval motion. The apparatus is comprised of a base and cover that contain a retractable lipstick column and a separately detachable lipstick applicator.


Mobile phone case with heating element

A mobile phone case that is characterized by an on-board electrical heating element which is exposed through the mechanical action of a retractable cover. The heating element utilizes resistive heating by inducing electrical current through a small coil housed on the back of the phone case.


Mechanism for charging an electronic device with a retractable cord reel

An mechanism for charging an electronic device with a retractable cord reel. The device maintains a substantially continuous converted power source connection during operation, including operations adjusting the length of the retractable cord..


Product, system, and operational risk curve management

A product, system, and method are provided to efficiently manage potential future operational risk exposure by means of curve analysis, scalable to accommodate big data, made tractable by utilization of power law distributions, such that operational risk is accessible and susceptible to proactive management, including, but not limited to, by utilization of benchmarking, economic trade-off and cost-benefit analysis, forecasting, and reporting.. .


Image heating apparatus and image forming apparatus

An image heating apparatus includes an image heating unit including a pair of rotatable members between which a sheet is nipped and fed while heating a toner image thereon; and a retracting unit retractable from the image heating unit, the retracting unit including an air discharging portion configured to discharge air for separating the sheet from the rotatable member, and a feeding portion provided with a pair of rotatable members and configured to nip and feed therebetween the sheet heated by the image heating unit.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Cellular shade with divider webs

An extendable and retractable cellular shade may include a plurality of vertically aligned shade cells and one or more divider webs extending within each shade cells to as to divide the shade cell into two or more cell structures. By adjusting one or more design parameters associated with the cellular shade, the configuration of the shade cells, such as the size and/or shape of the cell structures, and/or the illumination or lighting effects associated with the cellular shade may be specifically tailored to provide a desired aesthetic look or feel for the shade..
Hunter Douglas, Inc.


Pencil sharpening device with retractable pencil holder

The device sharpens and accommodates multiple sizes and types of pencils. The sharpener is affixed to a retractable reel, which is coupled with a rubber adapter, complete with a bore, for a pencil to be housed.


Game with timer device and playing the game

A timer mechanism for a game is disclosed herein. The timer mechanism including: an end portion; an object secured to the end portion by a retractable member capable of being extracted from the object and retracted into the object by a winding mechanism; and an indicator mechanism located at the end portion for indicating when the object has come into proximity with the end portion and has contacted a portion of the indicator mechanism through retraction of the retractable member into the object by the winding mechanism..


Portable cooking foods, in particular meat

A portable apparatus for cooking foods, in particular meat, comprising a vertically positioned body (12) having a surface, a bottom and a top. The apparatus comprises a bearing (15) applied to the bottom and arranged for allowing to move the apparatus (10), a grill (29) located at the top and arranged to cook horizontally lying foods and a first cover (25) positioned near the bottom and internally to the body, the first cover designed for supporting solid combustible material.


Magnetic clothing stay devices and systems

Magnetic clothing stay systems including a first magnetically attractable partner having a first body, a first magnetically attractable element, a first mating surface, and an of clothing item contacting surface; and a second magnetically attractable partner having a second body, a second magnetically attractable element, and a second mating surface, the first mating surface being matable to the second mating surface are described. In some examples, the first body has a generally dome-shaped body.


Dispensing system for granular products

A dispensing system store and selectively dispenses granular products, such as corn, nuts, grain, or animal feed pellets, or for inedibles such as roadway salt, sand, gravel, fertilizer, seeds, or the like. The system includes a main housing with a storage hopper and, typically, at least one other internal area or region for additional components, such as a camera or a cable spool.


Agricultural discing apparatus having bifold wing sections and forming same

An agricultural discing apparatus having bifold wing assemblies includes a center section and a plurality of winged assemblies attached to the center section. Each of the plurality of winged sections includes an inner wing and an outer wing which folds upon itself when in a retracted position.


Switch structure

The switch structure is configured to have a switch knob, a lens for transmitting the light of a bulb in the interior of a vehicle, a bus bar connected between the bulb side and the power source side (not shown), and a convex portion protruding toward the switch knob. A conductive element is formed to have a bulb-side abutment portion that abuts on a bulb-side bus bar and is connected thereto and a power source side abutment portion that abuts on a power source side bus bar and is connected thereto.
Yazaki Corporation


Process cartridge

The invention relates to a process cartridge, which comprises a process cartridge housing, a photosensitive member, a driving force receiving opening, a retractable mechanism and a control mechanism, wherein the photosensitive member is arranged inside the process cartridge housing; the driving force receiving opening is connected with the photosensitive member and provides a driving force for the photosensitive member; the retractable mechanism allows the driving force receiving opening to extend or retract in the axial direction of the photosensitive member; and the control mechanism controls the extension and retraction of the retractable mechanism.. .
Zhuhai Seine Technology Limited


Retractable end-cap for led tube

Embodiments of an end-cap with retractable and rotatable pin for an led tube are described. In one aspect, an end-cap for an led tube may include an end-cap housing, an end-cap base assembly, a power-pin assembly, and at least one elastic component.
Lightel Technologies, Inc.


Retractable vane diffuser for compressors

A retractable vane diffuser system (36) for a compressor stage (12) of a turbocharger with selectively retractable vanes (38). The retractable vane diffuser system (36) includes a retractable vane (38) or a set of vanes (40) that can extend into a flow path (34) of a diffuser (18) to help control airflow and change the operating characteristics of the compressor stage (12), such as improving surge margin or improving peak stage efficiency.
Borgwarner Inc.


Self-elevating platform employing actuators

An apparatus including a support; a first upper frame and a second upper frame each attached to the support; and removable actuators extending vertically from a base and located below the support and between the first and second upper frames, wherein the actuators are vertically extendable and retractable; wherein the actuators are adapted to engage the support and raise or lower the support upon the extension or retraction of each actuator; wherein the actuators are adapted to extend to a first height at which a first middle frame may be arranged below the first upper frame and a second middle frame may be arranged below the second upper frame; and wherein the actuators are adapted to retract to a second height at which the first middle frame may be attached to the first upper frame and the second middle frame may be attached to the second upper frame.. .
Nabors Drilling International Limited


Awning system

A retractable awning system includes an awning and a support structure therefor. The support structure includes a base and first, second, and third support arms.
Lippert Components, Inc.


Combination excavating bucket having a retractable tooth arm

The present invention is directed to a combination excavating bucket adapted for connection to a power driven excavating vehicle, the bucket comprising a transverse smooth cutting bar along its front bottom edge and a retractable tooth bar pivotally mounted to the lateral sides of said excavating bucket. The retractable tooth bar allows the bucket to be alternately used as tooth-edged bucket and a smooth-edged bucket..


Cycling media support for compiled sets using one motor direction

A sheet-receiving surface comprises retractable bars movable between a first position and a second position. The first position is a first distance away from a mounting support.
Xerox Corporation


Device for receiving and submitting a substrate

A device, method and system for receiving and submitting a substrate, the device including an xy table, the xy table having one or a plurality of sides for accepting a substrate, a set of manipulators coupled to the xy table, the manipulators configured to accept and register the substrate from the one or plurality of sides of the xy table, and a set of retractable dividers on the xy table configurable to register one or a plurality of substrates concurrently.. .
Hewlett-packard Industrial Printing Ltd.


Armrest retractable upon an adverse event and seat assembly employing the same

The present invention in one or more embodiments provides a seat assembly of a vehicle, including a seat base, a seat back communicating with the seat base, an armrest communicating with at least one of the seat back and the seat base, and a pretension unit connected to the armrest such that the armrest is retractable upon an activation of the pretension unit. The pretension unit may include a pretensioner, a pulley, and a cable..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Retractable needle adapters and safety syringes

Barrel adapters for safety syringes include a barrel and a plunger assembly adapted to move within the barrel, a barrel tip adapted to be sealingly engaged with a distal end of the barrel and a needle retraction mechanism barrel having a needle subassembly and an actuator subassembly. The needle subassembly includes a needle, and a needle-over-mold (nom) through which the needle extends.
Unitract Syringe Pty Ltd


Devices and methods for preparation of vertebral members

Devices and methods for preparing a surgical site, and in particular vertebral members, which may include a retractable tool and an actuator. The tool may include distal and proximal members.
Jmea Corporation


Low profile reamers and methods of use

Low profile reamers and methods of use are provided which can, in general, allow a hole to be drilled in bone. In one embodiment, a low profile retractable bone reamer is provided having an elongate shaft with a cutting element disposed on a distal end of the elongate shaft that can be configured to drill a hole in bone.
Depuy Mitek, Llc


Disposable bath brush with integral gel soap and moisturizer dispensers

The present invention is a disposable bath brush intended for one or possibly two uses in the shower or bath. The bath brush contains soap gel and moisturizer stored in containers within the brush.


Seismic data recording units

A seismic data recording unit. The seismic data recording unit may include a housing and retractable arms coupled to the housing.
Westerngeco L.l.c.


Rf receiving coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus including the same

Disclosed are an rf receiving coil, which is retained in an interior receiving space of a patient table and is extractable from the patient table, and an mri apparatus including the same. The mri apparatus includes a patient table having an interior space, and at least one radio frequency (rf) receiving coil integrated with the patient table and retained in the space, the rf receiving coil being movable outward of the patient table..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Telescopically collapsible fire escape ladder

A ladder for use as a fire escape has two stiles comprising telescopically collapsible tube sections, a plurality of rungs each secured to the upper end of two tube sections, each of the two sections being part of a respective one of the two stiles, and retractable spring-biased pins supported by the lateral ends of the rungs and engageable in holes in the walls of the tube sections to lock the tube sections to one another in the extended state of the ladder. The ladder is capable of being suspended from the uppermost tube sections of the stiles and the holes in the walls of the tube sections in which the sprung pins are engageable are dimensioned to allow free play between the pins and the holes in at least the axial direction of the tubes..
Teletower.com Limited


Adjustable structures

An adjustable structure (1) comprising a first structural layer (10) defined by a first array of extendable and/or retractable rods or beams (11, 11a, 11b) pivotally connected to each other at their ends and a second structural layer (20) connected to the first structural layer (10) and defined by a second array of extendable and/or retractable rods or beams (21, 21a, 21 b) pivotally connected to each other at their ends, wherein at least a portion of the second layer (20) is outside the volume defined by the first structural layer (10) and the extendable and/or retractable rods or beams in the second arrayare more densely packed than the extendable and/or retractable rods or beams in the first array.. .


Device for concomitant opening or closing of two flaps of a landing gear door

A device for concomitant opening or closing of two flaps of a door of an aircraft retractable landing gear. The device comprises a single actuating means for the opening or the closing of the two flaps under the effect of its extension or of its retraction.
Airbus Operations S.a.s.


Photoluminescent tailgate and step

A vehicle illumination apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a retractable step in connection with a panel of the vehicle.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Seat comprising a structure for arm support

A seat is described which comprises a base arranged on a base structure, a backrest and structures for arm rest, wherein the seat comprises at least one retractable auxiliary support parallel to the base structure and rotationally slidable between an extended position with respect to the structure for arm rest and a retracted position with respect to the structure for arm rest, wherein in the retracted position the retractable support is totally inserted in the structure for arm rest.. .
Usp - Universidade De SÃo Paulo


Multi-purpose writing instrument

The present invention is a multi-function apparatus that can include a writing instrument, stylus, and integral microfiber retractable cloth.. .


Portable speed bag retention mechanism

A portable exercise apparatus retention mechanism with a base platform, an exercise apparatus retainer, and at least one extendible and retractable retaining structure fixed to the base platform with first and second end portions for engaging first and second opposed surfaces when at least one of the end portions is extended. A sub-panel can be secured to the base structure with a central portion of the retaining structure disposed therebetween.


Resistance apparatus, system and method

A resistance exercise system having, in certain embodiments, a dc power supply system, a dc motor connected to the dc power supply system, a drive section connected to a drive element, a resistance delivery element connected to the drive element, and an extractable exercise resistance delivery section, a predetermined variable resistance section intermediate the dc power supply system and dc motor, an electrical condition sensor, and a variable resistance section control in communication with the electrical condition sensor and the predetermined variable resistance section. In some embodiments, the resistance exercise system includes a computing facility providing the ability to configure the exercise system to provide predetermined static or variable exercise resistance during exercise, and for example, during a positive or negative exercise stroke.


Expandable introducer sheath and related methods

The various embodiments disclosed herein relate to introducer sheaths having an expandable and retractable shaft configured to receive a positionable medical device therethrough. In some embodiments, the shaft is selectively expandable and retractable based on the position of the positionable device within the shaft..
Rg Innovation, Llc


Leg brace and walking aid with retractable wheels

Provided is a leg brace device for restricting movement of the calf and foot areas of an injured leg. Some embodiments of the device may have an upright support connected to a foot support to form an l-shaped body.


Marking device with retractable cannula

A marking device includes a handle defining a hollow interior, and a delivery assembly slidably mounted to the handle. The delivery assembly includes a cannula, a stylet assembly, an imaging marker, and an actuator.
Bard Shannon Limited


Infrared illuminated airway management devices and kits and methods for using the same

Infrared illuminated airway management devices having an infrared lighting element that can be observed with night vision and/or thermal vision devices and airway management kits including such devices. Endotracheal intubation systems containing a tube introducer having an infrared lighting element.
The Henry M. Jackson Foundation For The Advancement Of Military Medicine, Inc.


Portable pet tether

A portable pet tether that provides a mechanism to secure a pet in a stationary position. The portable pet tether is a dome-shaped device that is placed in a stationary position by driving stakes through anchors provided along the perimeter of the tether.


Photovoltaic power rapid deployment

A rapidly deployed photovoltaic (pv) apparatus (2) providing a pv array (10) housed within an easily transportable standardized container. The pv array (10) is movable between a stowed position in a v-shape configuration and a fully deployed flat position.


Portable multiple mobile electronic device charging station

Compact and portable station for charging multiple mobile devices is described, embodiments of the station include: an interlocking charging base, connectable to up to six bases with one 120vac to 12vdc inverter cord; a self-contained main housing to include a cord housing with eight 2-foot spooled retractable cords, ports to recharge eight mobile devices simultaneously, a rechargeable 12-volt lithium ion battery to transfer 5vdc from the rechargeable battery to each mobile device. The unit is intended for use in public places for customer convenience and offering businesses advertising space..


Foldable, boot loadable, insertable air damper device

A foldably tensioned boot loadable air damper device for controlling the flow of air through ductwork, and a method of installing same. The damper device includes an actuator having a retractable member and a pivoting member, wherein the pivoting member is operatively connected to the retractable member of the actuator.
Arzel Zoning Technology, Inc.


Operating slit valve for semiconductor wafer processing chamber

This invention proposed a method to operate s slit valve which utilizes existing resources around the valve to minimize the components used while solving problems associated with the mechanism-based slit valve. A slit valve module includes two solenoid valves and a cover plate with magnetic material or magnetically attractable material, one of the solenoid valves is positioned above or under the plate and another one of the solenoid valves is positioned at a side of the plate.
National Tsing Hua University


Floating craft stablizing platform

An accessory for addition onto a floating pontoon style fishing craft that enables the occupant to safely stand while the craft is floating without fear of tipping the craft. This is in the form of a lowerable, retractable platform that resides below the waterline of the craft and also incorporates a removeable working table/safety bar that resides in front of the occupant's seat to constrain them from falling overboard and to allow them a stable work surface from which to perform fishing related activities.


Rapidly retractable tool support for a pipe machining apparatus

Pipe machining apparatuses, tool supports, and methods of operating pipe machining apparatuses are provided. In one aspect, a pipe machining apparatus includes a frame, a tool carrier coupled to and movable relative to the frame, and a tool support coupled to and movable with the tool carrier relative to the frame.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

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