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Tractable patents

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Projectile launcher


Projectile launcher

Automatic rotary machine for the production of empanadas

Emma Eugenia Mesa Areas Maquiempanadas Sas

Automatic rotary machine for the production of empanadas

Automatic rotary machine for the production of empanadas

L&p Property Management

Docking station with ruggedized case

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tractable-related patents
 Technique for providing travel information patent thumbnailTechnique for providing travel information
A technique is described for providing travel information for route segments repeatedly covered by a vehicle, wherein the travel information is indicative of map data changes extractable from map data update information. A method aspect comprises the steps of determining whether the vehicle is likely to travel along repeatedly covered route segments; selecting map data changes that are associated with the repeatedly covered route segments the vehicle is likely to travel; and generating travel information on basis of the selected map data changes and providing the travel information to a driver.
Elektrobit Automotive Gmbh
 Projectile launcher patent thumbnailProjectile launcher
A toy includes a magazine and a movable arm having a launching end. A plurality of disks are configured to be stacked face to face in the magazine, where each disk has a recess in its face and an engagement element near an edge of the disk.
Mattel, Inc.
 Automatic rotary machine for the production of empanadas patent thumbnailAutomatic rotary machine for the production of empanadas
The invention relates to an automatic rotary machine for the production of empanaclas, comprising a circular rotary plate on which the empanadas are produced, actuated by a motor reducer and with pneumatic, hydraulic or other type means in the different production phases, such as dough metering, flattening, filling metering, molding, flattening and cutting. The invention includes a dough flattening disk and a folding system comprising two retractable half-moons actuated by pivot levers..
Emma Eugenia Mesa Areas Maquiempanadas Sas
 Docking station with ruggedized case patent thumbnailDocking station with ruggedized case
A docking station for an electronic device that is contained within a case, in which the case includes a retractable connector access panel at least partially overlying a portion of a connector port of the electronic device, includes a base to support the electronic device. An electrical connector is coupled to the base and configured positioned to receive the connector port of the electronic device.
L&p Property Management Company
 Retractable environment detector patent thumbnailRetractable environment detector
Systems, methods and apparatus are provided through which in some implementations a retractable environmental detector system includes two portions, a base or retractor unit that can be attached to a ceiling and a retractable environmental detector operably coupled to the base or retractor through a flexible retractable connector that retracts and extends the retractable environmental detector from and to the base or retractor.. .
 Trash spearing tools with retractable spearing pins patent thumbnailTrash spearing tools with retractable spearing pins
A trash spearing tool and method are provided. The tool includes a spearing pin, a trigger assembly, an inner tube, and an outer tube.
Unger Marketing International, Llc
 Hinged extendable climbing aid patent thumbnailHinged extendable climbing aid
An extractable fold-down climbing aid for reaching an operator's cab or for climbing onto the walking deck of an undercarriage of a mobile device, for example a mobile crane, includes a stepladder, a holding mechanism in which the stepladder is held for transportation purposes and out of which the stepladder can be moved for use as a climbing aid, a guide for at least one end of the stepladder, which guide is formed by the holding mechanism or is connected to the holding mechanism. The guide and one end of the stepladder together form a joint in which the stepladder can be pivoted relative to the mobile device, and the stepladder is a telescoping stepladder with at least an inner and an outer slide-out element, and the holding mechanism is connected or can be connected to the mobile device..
Manitowoc Crane Group France Sas
 Sheet process device patent thumbnailSheet process device
A sheet process device includes a processing part unit and a leg part unit. The processing part unit performs post process for a sheet ejected from an image forming apparatus.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.
 Smart retractable holster harness system for electronic devices patent thumbnailSmart retractable holster harness system for electronic devices
A retractable holder for a smartphone is formed with a housing, a connection mechanism for connecting and disconnecting the smartphone to the housing, a first lanyard loop comprising lanyard cords that are reeled onto or deployed from cord storage spools located inside the housing, a second lanyard loop comprising lanyard cords that are reeled onto or deployed from cord storage spools located inside the housing and a lanyard control mechanism. The lanyard control mechanism applies a retracting force to each of the cord storage spools, the retracting force operational to reel the lanyard cord extending from the housing in a deployed state to the cord's respective cord storage spool and to enable a user draw out and deploy a fixed length of the lanyard cord from the cord's respective cord storage spool.
Palms Free Inc.
 Retractable sun shade for an automobile patent thumbnailRetractable sun shade for an automobile
A sun shade and/or system of shades is used for preventing sunlight from shining into an interior of the automobile. Such a device or system is mountable to an automobile having a front end with a windshield, a right side, and a left side.

Telescopic traversing system for retractable window treatments

A variable length support rod apparatus for translational support of a window treatment, such as draperies, comprised of a support member formed of a plurality of transnationally engaged segments, the support member is infinitely configurable from a minimum contracted length to a maximum extended length through a translation of the plurality of segments toward or away from each other. A continuous flexible member is positioned along a pathway running between a first end and a second end of the support member.
Beme International, Llc

Method and tangle-free oxygen lines

The tangle-free, kink-free oxygen supply extensible tubing uses a helical accordion support structure on which the oxygen supply tubing is attached. The helical accordion backbone has some tendency to spring back, but this is not relied upon to extend and return the oxygen supply tubing it carries.

Retractable leash

A two or more subject retractable leash, and methods of use thereof, is disclosed, which includes a roll-back feature on each retractable leash. The leashes may be locked in place by engaging a single lever.

Retractable leash with pliabile handle

A leash assembly includes lead line that is extendable out of and retractable into housing attached to a pliable handle or is affixed to a pliable handle. In embodiments where the leash is retractable and extendable from the housing, a pliable handle may be directly attached to the housing.
Wigzi Llc

Extendable/retractable support column

An extendable and retractable column which is formed from at least three linked sections or chains. The linked sections include a plurality of individual segments linked end to end.
Tower Solutions, Llc

Pivot apparatus and electronic device using pivot apparatus

A pivot apparatus to allow the opening and closing together of two elements in the manner of a clamshell includes a first pivoting member defining a helical gap, a second pivoting member, and a motivating member. The first pivoting member and the motivating member are coupled to the second pivoting member from opposite directions.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Multi mit

The technical features of the multi mit are the retractable finger points on and/or near the metacarpo-interphalangeal joint on the middle, index and thumb fingers. On the dorsal side of the glove, are magnets that are sewn between the insulated material and the outer fabric which connect when the finger caps are retracted.
The Idea Experts Llc

Retractable flow maintaining stent

A self-expanding stent is delivered to an affected site within the human body with a guide wire and hand-manipulable control apparatus. The stent is capable of full expansion along a pre-determined length of its body with the remainder of the overall length conically tapering to a fixed connection point with the guide wire with a flexible joint between the sections.

Percutaneous bone screw device and method

Embodiments of the invention provide a bone screw device including a bone screw with a temporary encasement. In some embodiments, the temporary encasement comprises a biocompatible material that may be an osteoinductive, a hemostatic and or a bacteriocide.
Globus Medical, Inc.

Safety knife with retractable and extendable blade and guard

A safety surgical knife has a blade guard and a knife blade holder. The knife blade is covered when the guard is extended to protect it.

Closed male luer device for minimizing leakage during connection and disconnection

A medical connector for minimizing leakage of fluids during connection and disconnection is described. The medical connector includes a body having an inlet port, at least one outlet port adjacent to a male luer portion of the body, and a fluid path between the inlet port and the at least one outlet ports.
Carefusion 303, Inc.

Retractable needle for blood gas sampling

A medical device having a frontal attachment and a connector housing having at least a body part of an associated medical apparatus, the frontal attachment slidably engaging the connector housing and having a forwardly projecting, rearwardly biased needle and a needle retraction assembly, and the connector housing having a needle retraction cavity laterally offset from the needle in a first position, the needle retraction cavity being selectively movable relative to the frontal attachment following use to reposition the needle retraction cavity into alignment with the needle to permit retraction. The subject device is desirably specially modified for use in blood gas sampling by the addition of a filter plug..
Retractable Technologies, Inc.

Retractable, sanitary covering sleeve

A small container partitioned into two sections—one for housing a pair of retractable cords and the other half for housing a packet containing sanitizing material. Each of the sections have empty spaces therein and are conjoined together via click-and-lock hinges.

Retractable medical tubing reel

This disclosure describes, in part, a reel assembly configured to store and automatically retract flexible medical tubing. The reel assembly may include a constant torque spring configured to bias a rotational force on a spool.
Lifeline-reel Llc

Laundry basket

A laundry basket including: a frame structured wall; a top lid; at least one notch on a first side of the top lid; a hinge on a second side of the top lid, where the hinge provide a means to open and close the top lid on the basket; and a handle extending from one side of the basket. The handle may be a retractable telescoping handle, where the handle extends from the basket on a side adjacent to the first side of the top lid.

Tool for loosening a connecting nut of a rotor of a module for a gas-turbine engine

A tool and method for loosening, for example, a nut connecting an hp rotor to an intermediate housing of a twin-shaft turbojet engine and forward fan including an lp turbine module, an hp module with an upstream journal of the hp rotor, and an intermediate housing with a support bearing of the hp rotor journal. The journal is held in the bearing by the connecting nut.

Integral lateral transport of a mower

A wheel-supported frame for an agricultural mower having a tongue, a pivotally connected frame having a pair of main wheel, and a pair of a retractable transport wheels connected to the frame. A mechanism is provided for each transport wheel to deploy the transport wheels and support the mower, the transport wheels being oriented for travel 90 degrees to the direction of travel of the main wheels.
Cnh America, Llc

Finger grip spirit level

A device for measuring the level of the end surface of a pipe, comprising a body, a planar reference surface, and a retractable spring-loaded finger extendable through and below the planar reference surface to engage the inside surface of the pipe and secure the level in place. The level body may comprise an elongated body having an elongated chamber and an elongated reference plane, said plane comprising at least one reference surface and at least one opening to the chamber..

Instrument kit for spinal osteosynthesis

A surgical kit for fastening vertebrae via the posterior approach or via the posterolateral approach, comprising: at least one vertebral or pedicle screw, and a fitting tube co-operating with the screw; the fitting tube having two rigid branches, each of the two branches having, on the inside face of its proximal end, at least one shoulder; the kit further comprising a retractable securing insert for securing together the branches; wherein the screw head has at least two longitudinal extensions, extending in the distal direction, each of said extensions being configured to enable said screw head to be inserted into a space of complementary shape formed between the inside surface of the proximal end of one of the rigid branches and the outside surface of the proximal end of said retractable insert, when the retractable insert is fully engaged in the fitting tube.. .
Safe Orthopaedics

Brain somatic mutations associated to epilepsy and uses thereof

The present invention relates to epilepsy-inducing brain somatic mutations which are associated with intractable epilepsy caused by malformations of cortical development, and uses thereof. More particularly, the present invention relates to an mtor (mammalian target of rapamycin) gene having mutations in a nucleotide sequence or an mtor protein having mutations in an amino acid sequence resulting from the mutations in the nucleotide sequence.
Yonsei University, University - Industry Foundation (uif)

Cell phone holder

A cell phone holder that has a case with a back portion having an angled surface on an inside end surface of said back side so that a cell phone housed in said case is slanted with its face tilted at an angle for better viewing through said opening in said front surface and to provide room in said case to store a retractable ear phone device behind said cell phone. The back surface has a top portion curving backward with respect to the front surface of the case to provide an overhanging portion forming a clip to mount said case and is mountable in a recess between the driver side inner window surface and the driver side inner door so that the holder hangs on the driver side below the window and near the driver so as to be within range of a driver..
Song Law Firm

Support for trick modes in hevc streams

Assistance information related to a tier framework may describe signaling for extractable and decodable sub-sequences based on pictures interdependencies. This may allow a video application to efficiently select pictures when performing a given trick mode..
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Inflatable, retractable light diffuser, shading and thermal insulation system

A system and method for controlling light shading and thermal insulation in a light transmissive structure is disclosed. An array of adjacently-positioned, inflatable first tubes is provided, each of the first tubes being inflatable to abut an inflated adjacent first tube.

Sun shield device for windshield

A sun screen for a vehicle having a windshield, an a-pillar and a dashboard includes a spool rotatably coupled with the dashboard and a guide moveably coupled with the a-pillar. The sun screen further includes a unitary, flexible substrate spanning a width of the windshield and having a trailing end coupled with the spool and a leading end coupled with the guide such that the substrate is selectively extendable over the windshield and retractable on the spool..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Vehicle body frame structure for automobile

A vehicle body frame structure includes a side frame, a sub-frame, a cabin side support member, an under-floor frame, and a link stay. The sub-frame includes a separate side fastening portion, an adjacent side fastening portion, and a central bending point.
Honda Motor., Ltd.

Anastomotic device

Illustrated and described is an anastomotic device for forming anastomoses, in particular of intestine anastomoses, with an introducer sheath for insertion into a body lumen, wherein a thrust bearing part is provided for the head section and within the head section an extendable and retractable knife and a retaining pin are arranged. According to the invention at least the actuating part and the head section of inter-connected fluid supply channel and at the head section at least one fluid outlet connected with the fluid supply channel are provided for producing a fluidic connection between the actuating part and the head section while inserting the head section into the body lumen and/or when pushing the introducer sheath into the body lumen, in which the fluidic connection is configured for discharging an inflation liquid into the body lumen..
Covidien Lp

Running tool with retractable collet for liner string installation in a wellbore

A running tool for installing a liner string having a profile in a wellbore. The running tool includes a mandrel, a prop assembly positioned about the mandrel and a collet assembly slidably positioned on the mandrel.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Retractable collet assembly for liner string installation in a wellbore

A collet assembly for installing a liner string having a profile in a wellbore. The collet assembly has a generally cylindrical collet collar with a plurality of collet fingers extending therefrom each having a collet head on a distal end thereof.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Retractable shade and method sealing an over-wing exit in an aircraft

A heated roller shade system is provided. The heated roller shade system includes a roller located in a cavity defined between an inner wall of a vehicle and an outer wall of the vehicle.
The Boeing Company

Anti-slip device having retractable spikes

A device for slip-damping effect, comprising a sole unit and a spike with a resilient, circumferential fastening which allows the spike to be tilted in case of shearing motion against the ground surface, wherein the device provides grip on hard ground surfaces as a result of the sole unit, and at the same time the risk of slipping on hard, slippery ground surfaces is reduced by the spike.. .
Twicegrip Sweden Ab

Adapter comprising flexible tongues for a wiping system

An adapter with flexible tongues for wiper systems is disclosed. The adapter has retractable locking buttons, each fixed to the end of a flexible tongue, that are disposed facing each other so that their respective tongues move toward each other on insertion of said adapter in said end fitting, said tongues being disposed so as to cross over during insertion of said adapter in said end fitting..
Valeo Systemes D'essuyage

Biopsy and sutureless device

A dermal punch device for automatically extracting a sample of tissue of a predetermined size and shape from a body comprising a retractable cutter and a sutureless biopsy closure mechanism that includes a wound closure fastener member adapted to be disposed over a biopsy region after the performance of the biopsy, wherein wound closure fastener member is automatically applied without the need of several instruments to seal the wound. The wound closure fastener member is dispensed by a sutureless biopsy closure dispenser located at the same distal end of the biopsy punch device surrounding the biopsy punch cutter assembly avoiding the need of separates instruments, reducing the wound closing steps and surgical procedure time..


An amphibian (1) for use on land and water, comprising: a hull having a planing surface (2), and at least one retractable suspension apparatus (4) movable from a vehicle supporting position to a retracted position, comprising for each wheel (5), upper and lower suspension arms (8, 9) that are pivotably connected at inboard ends to a support structure within the hull; and are pivotably connected at outboard ends to a suspension upright (7). Upright (7) extends from a first, upper connection past a second, lower connection to a location (10) for a wheel hub mounting.
Gibbs Technologies Ltd

Cosmetic implement with detachable receptacle

A cosmetic implement includes a handle with an applicator coupled to a handle and a detachable receptacle coupled to the handle. The applicator and receptacle may be coupled to a same end of the handle or opposite ends of the handle.
Hct Group Holdings Limited

Double-ended cosmetic dispenser

A double-ended cosmetic dispenser with an adaptor sleeve, a first cosmetic sleeve rotatably retained relative to a first end of the adaptor sleeve, and a second cosmetic sleeve rotatably retained relative to a second end of the adaptor sleeve. First and second cosmetic elevators, each with an elevator stem and a cosmetic retaining portion, are extendably and retractably received by the respective cosmetic sleeves and into the adaptor sleeve.

Vehicle display device

There is provided a vehicle display device, which comprises a base to be connected to a vehicle, a reflective panel being extendable from the base and retractable into the base, a projecting means for projecting an image to be displayed to the reflective panel, a cover for covering a front side of the reflective panel in its extending direction when the reflective panel is in the retracted position, and having an arm portion extending to the base and pivotally supported by the base, and a first biasing means for biasing the cover, and a driving means disposed in the base and configured to drive the reflective panel in an extendable-and-retractable manner. The base has an interlocking member capable of being associated with movement of the reflective panel in the extendable-and-retractable manner and configured to press the arm portion..
Yazaki Corporation

Retractable air deflection reduction of vehicular air drag

An air deflection apparatus for reduction of vehicular air drag comprises at least two air deflection elements each coupled to a rear portion of the vehicle but not to any rear door that the vehicle may have. The air deflection elements are displaceable, preferably in unison, between a retracted position and at least one deployed position, and may be deployed and retracted manually, or remotely with powered assistance, or under microprocessor control.

Systems and methods for cleaning a well face during formation testing operations

A method of cleaning a well face during formation testing at a drill site is disclosed. A collection chamber disposed in a formation tester tool may be at least partially filled with cleansing fluid.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Tape measure device, system and method

A tape measure system includes a slide element and a tape measure. The tape measure includes a housing and a tape at least partially stored within the housing.

Slam latch bolt dampener

A slam latch mechanism employs an actuation lever rotatable from a first position to a second position and having a prong extending therefrom. A bolt, resiliently retractable from an extended position with the actuation lever in the first position, has a land with a slip surface engaging the prong in the second position to retract said bolt.
The Boeing Company

Hooded scarf garment

A hooded scarf garment is provided. The present invention comprises a hood and a plurality of scarf members that are attached by a neck portion that covers the user's neck and upper shoulder areas.

Device for manufacturing polymer fibers and uses thereof

There is provided a device, and related method and uses, for drawing a polymer fiber, the device comprising: a. At least two polymer compartments, wherein each polymer compartment is capable of retaining a polymer solution, and wherein adjacent compartments comprise different polymer solutions; and b.
Agency Of Science, Technology And Research

System, a method and a capsule for preparing a pre-determined quantity of beverage

A system and method for preparing a predetermined quantity of beverage suitable for consumption using an extractable product includes at least one disposable capsule; an apparatus comprising a fluid dispensing device for supplying an amount of fluid to the at least one capsule, a receptacle for accommodating the at least one capsule, and an outlet arrangement for supplying the beverage to a container, such as a cup. The at least one disposable capsule comprises a material barrier for enclosing an inner space comprising the extractable product.
Koninklijke Douwe Egberts B.v.

Writing instrument having a protective element for the retractable tip

A writing instrument includes a body extending between a rear end and a front end of the body which has an opening, the body defining an inner volume; a writing member mounted inside the body and including a tip which protrudes from the front of the body; a protective element including a guide portion sliding along the body and a protective end which extends the guide portion and has an opening to allow the tip to pass through, the protective element being movable between a tip protection position and a retracted position for writing; an elastic return element coupled with the guide portion in order to bias the protective element towards the protection position; and a system for locking the retracted position.. .
Societe Bic

Portable electronic support devices

Portable electronic device stands for use with tablet computers, cellular phones, or other portable electronic devices are disclosed. One stand embodiment may include a base assembly which may include a plurality of retractable legs, a vertical axis assembly coupled to the base assembly and configured to store the base within, a horizontal axis assembly coupled to the vertical axis assembly, and an electronic device coupling assembly for removably attaching the electronic device to the stand..

Positive-drive spiral conveyor

A spiral conveyor for positively driving a hinged, modular conveyor belt along a helical path. The spiral conveyor includes a rotating cylindrical tower with parallel drive members extending from the bottom to the top of the tower on its periphery.
Laitram, L.l.c.

Safe room system for folding attic stair assembly

A system and method for establishing a safe room environment within an attic space utilizing a typical folding attic stair and door assembly. The system includes components that retrofit to an existing folding attic stair in a manner that allows the user to draw the attic stair up behind them and to secure the attic door panel closed and locked while the user is within the attic space.

Magnetic removable closure system

Magnetic removable closure system relates to all purpose closure system which is particularly designed and intended for use in clothing, underclothing, leather goods, shoes, any accessories and any other field of application. The present closure system permits to join.
Youareu Srl

Pressure vented fluid reservoir for a fluid infusion device

Disclosed herein is a fluid infusion device of the type that delivers medication fluid to the body of a patient. The device includes or cooperates with a fluid reservoir, and the device has a sealing assembly to receive and form a fluid seal with the fluid reservoir.
Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

Luer connection adapters for retractable needle syringes

A connector mountable to a syringe barrel has a proximal barrel-engaging portion, a distal luer fitment portion, and a fluid aperture therethrough. The barrel-engaging portion of the connector includes an axial ledge configured to abut the axial distal edge of a glass syringe barrel.
Unitract Syringe Pty Ltd

Pneumatic retractable self-destructing injection device

A pneumatic retractable auto-disable syringe, comprising a syringe barrel (4), a hollow cylindrical plunger (3), a needle hub (5), a sealing ring (6), a piston (8) and a seal connector (7), wherein: the seal connector (7) and the needle hub (5) are provided with a compatible connection mechanism disposed thereon; the inner wall of the syringe barrel (4) at the front end thereof and the outer wall of the needle hub (5) at the front end thereof are pneumatically sealed; the plunger (3) is provided with a position limiting device (31) disposed on the inner wall thereof; the plunger (3) is provided with an air vent (33) disposed at the bottom end thereof. The present invention is structurally simple, easy and inexpensive to manufacture, and easily assembled.

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