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Tractable patents

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Front-load washer clothes catcher and front-load dryer clothes catcher

Front-load washer clothes catcher and front-load dryer clothes catcher

Retractable tangential debris deflector for vehicle occupant safety

Retractable tangential debris deflector for vehicle occupant safety

Retractable tangential debris deflector for vehicle occupant safety


Peripheral device storage

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tractable-related patents
 Retractable termination pedestal patent thumbnailnew patent Retractable termination pedestal
An apparatus, method, and system are disclosed for housing and terminating various cables. The apparatus is mounted on a base, which allows it to be pivoted to different positions.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

 Multi-rack retractable door apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-rack retractable door apparatus
A electronic equipment rack assembly retractable door apparatus is disclosed, which may include channels, horizontally mounted at the top and bottom of an open side of the rack assembly, and latch plates mounted to the rack assembly. The retractable door apparatus may have movable door frame members, each having a housing with a cavity and a slot opening to the cavity, rollers attached to the housing and contained within the channels, designed to maintain the door frame member in a vertical orientation, a spool, attached within the housing, a spring configured provide a torsional tensioning force on the spool, and a latching door handle, attached to the housing to engage with the latch plate receptacles.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Controlling batteries for electric bus patent thumbnailnew patent Controlling batteries for electric bus
An onboard charging system for an electric vehicle is configured to communicate with a power supply through exchange of control signals on a power supply line by modulating a charging current being supplied to the charging system. The charging system is capable of communicating fault and battery parameter data to the power supply, as well as a requested charging current used to regulate the power supply output.
New Flyer Industries Canada Ulc

 Peripheral device storage patent thumbnailnew patent Peripheral device storage
A peripheral retention device and related techniques are described. In one or more implementations, a computing device includes a housing having a display device secured thereto, the housing configured to be held by one or more hands of a user, one or more computing components are disposed within the housing, and a peripheral retention device secured to the housing.
Microsoft Corporation

 Electronic device with retractable leg support patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic device with retractable leg support
Particular embodiments described herein provide for an electronic device, such as a notebook computer, laptop, or tablet that includes a circuit board coupled to a plurality of electronic components (which may include any type of components, elements, circuitry, etc.). One particular example implementation of an electronic device may include a housing, a first leg portion having a first hinge portion coupled to the housing, a second leg portion having a second hinge portion coupled to the housing, and a gear mechanism configured to couple the first hinge portion to the second hinge portion.

 Electronic device and antenna state determining  the electronic device patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic device and antenna state determining the electronic device
An electronic device, an antenna state determining method, and a non-transitory computer readable recording medium. The electronic device includes an antenna configured to be extractable or detachable, an information collecting unit configured to collect information on a signal received via the antenna, and a determination unit configured to determine insertion, extraction, attachment, or detachment of the antenna by using the collected information.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Interretractable folding stand patent thumbnailnew patent Interretractable folding stand
An interretractable stand includes outer and inner pairs of minor-image members. Each member of the outer pair rotatably connects to a member of the inner pair.

 Hydraulic shock absorber patent thumbnailnew patent Hydraulic shock absorber
A hydraulic shock absorber includes a damping force generation unit and a damping force adjustment unit. The damping force adjustment unit includes a push rod that changes an opening area of an oil path formed in a piston rod, an electric motor functioning as a driving source, and a feed screw mechanism that converts rotation of the electric motor into linear movement of the push rod.
Showa Corporation

 Portable a-frame barrier and display panel patent thumbnailnew patent Portable a-frame barrier and display panel
A portable, foldable, self-standing a-frame barrier and display panel, preferably made up of a single sheet of corrugated material scored and folded along a number of parallel lines to create multiple upright panel sections. When folded to form the a-frame structure, the device is capable of serving as both an upright barrier and a display board.
Walker Stamp & Seal Co. D/b/a Walker Companies

 Front-load washer clothes catcher and front-load dryer clothes catcher patent thumbnailnew patent Front-load washer clothes catcher and front-load dryer clothes catcher
Install a “shelf” on the front panel of the washer and dryer just a few inches below the door of the front-load washer and dryer. The “shelf” could be a flip-down shelf, a flip-up shelf, a pull-out shelf, or a retractable shelf.

new patent

Retractable tangential debris deflector for vehicle occupant safety

An embodiment of a retractable debris deflector that interrupts the path of road debris thrown up at a tangential angle by a vehicle's rotating wheel. The deflector is conformally shaped to a wheel well cavity and is rotationally attached out of sight within the wheel well cavity at two points on an underside of a vehicle's body panel.

new patent

Retractable writing instrument

A retractable ink pen including an elongate ink cartridge having a writing end and an exposed ink opening, wherein the writing end moves from a retracted position to an extended position for writing. The retractable ink pen includes a cap including a recess with an inner surface having one of: i) a position structure, and ii) both a first locator and a second locator spaced a distance from the first locator along a first longitudinal axis.
Bic Corporation

new patent

Rise assisting structure

A rise assisting structure includes a main body, a seat unit, two operation bars, and two support units. The seat unit is pivotally connected, at one side thereof, to the main body.


Light device has built-in digital data system for record image, sound

A light device having built-in digital data means is powered by an unlimited power source for a lamp-holder, led bulb, or light device connected to unlimited power source by prongs or a base that or conductive wires can be inserted into a socket that would otherwise receiving a bulb. The device may take the form of a webcam having auto tracking added one of plurality functions to make different products and functions and retractable prongs that plug directly into a wall outlet or insert into existing lamp base or incorporate conductive wire to make electric connection at least one of built-in camera, storage unit, wireless kits, bluetooth kits, motion sensor, light device..


Bag with a portable electronic device charger

Disclosed is a bag with a built in charger for portable electronic devices. The bag includes an interior compartment that is disposed between the interior lining and the exterior of the bag.


Graphical rendition of multi-modal data

Changes and anomalies in multi-modal data are detected, collected and abstracted into understandable and actionable formats utilizing, for example, color, intensity, icons and texture creating a rendition of current and developing situations and events. Changes and anomalies in multi-modal sensor data are detected, aggregated, abstracted and filtered using case-based reasoning providing a tractable data dimensionality.
5d Robotics, Inc.


High precision measuring tape

A high-precision measuring device, a kit including the same, and a method of measuring objects using the same are disclosed. The measuring device can include a tape measure that has a retractable measuring tape adapted to extend longitudinally from the tape measure.


Discharged sheet accommodating device

Provided is a discharged sheet accommodating device including a support shaft that has an axial center and is mounted on an apparatus body of an image forming apparatus that is provided with an outlet port from which a recording material is discharged, a first support portion that is provided to be fixed to a lower end of the support shaft, a second support portion into which the support shaft is movably inserted, a holding member of which one end is supported by the first support portion and the second support portion, and which is movable in an up and down direction and in a horizontal direction, and a receiving member of which one end is fixed to the support shaft and the other end is held by a leading end portion of the holding member to foe extensible and contractable, and which receives the recording material.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.


Soldier platform system

A soldier platform system and method includes a soldier platform system in a vehicle. In an embodiment, the soldier platform system includes a seat assembly.
Black Mountain Industries, Inc.


Bone anchor delivery system device and method

A bone anchor delivery system device (10) has a retractable punch driver assembly and a locking mechanism (32). The punch driver assembly has a retractable punch shaft (30) and a guide (20) for receiving the retractable punch shaft (30).
Valeris Medical, Llc


Luggage assembly

A luggage stand assembly is provided wherein a mounting plate is constructed for attachment to luggage, two pair of extendable and retractable legs are associated with the plate, and said luggage stand assembly constructed and arranged in a first extended configuration as a luggage stand and a second retracted configuration whereby each pair of legs are essentially coplanar and adjacent to said mounting plate.. .


Interlock/connector system for a replaceable item for an image forming device

A connector having a magnetically attractable support loosely attachable to an exterior surface of the replaceable item for use in an image forming device. The connector is interconnectable with a second connector of the image forming device, the second connector having a magnet adjacent to an operating position of the replaceable item wherein when the connector is attached to the replaceable item and the replaceable item is in the operating position, a magnetic field draws the support away from the replaceable item and the connector into operational contact with the second connector.
Lexmark International, Inc.


Ballistic shield support system

The invention features a support system which can be attached to a ballistic shield. The system features at least one telescoping or retractable leg which is mounted to the shield to create a standalone shield.


Curtain drawstring structure

A curtain drawstring structure may include an upper beam, a fixed unit, and a movable unit. The upper beam has a rail groove for a string hole, and a projecting rail is protrudingly disposed at a lower portion of the inner wall of each rail groove, and an evading space is used to separate the two projecting rails.


Deployment system for supported retractable extension of a composite boom

A deployment system for supported retractable extension of composite booms which interconverts between a retracted reduced volume stowed condition and an extended elongate tubular condition supported to carry a wide variety of mountable objects at an extended tip end.. .
Roccor, Llc


Rotary atomizer edge guard

The invention relates to rotary bell cup atomizers used in the coating of substrates; more particularly, the invention provides a protective cover for the outer atomizing edge of such devices during idle periods in the coating process, which cover is retractable to expose the atomizing edge and permit unimpeded conventional coating to proceed upon initiation of coating.. .


Electrosurgical element and uterine manipulator for total laparoscopic hysterectomy

A vaginal cervical retractor used to maneuver and visualize the uterus during various medical examinations and procedures would include an inner tube provided with a movable assembly of plastic cups (cervical cup and vaginal cup) designed to be inserted into the uterine cavity and a retractable electrosurgical needle. A cervical cup is molded to a hollow outer shaft to form the movable cup assembly.
University Of Maryland, Baltimore


Compact having protrusible and retractable puff

A compact having a protrusible and retractable puff includes a lower case having a spring seated therein, an upper case having a seating section and a guide section which extend downward through a central portion, a puff assembly fitted into the seating section and having a puff member fixed to a lower portion, a lift fitted into the guide section, and an inner dish positioned on top of the lift. The lift positioned inside the guide section and pressed downward is subjected to upward repulsive force from the spring positioned under the lift.
Hankook P&p Co. Ltd


Pet toy with telescoping wand with retractable cord apparatus

A pet toy includes a handle, a cord, a retractable cord apparatus coupled with a first end of the cord and being structured to retract the cord into itself after the cord has been pulled out, an attachment mechanism coupled to the second end of the cord and structured to releasably couple to an object, and a telescopic pole having a first end coupled to the handle and a second end coupled to the retractable cord apparatus.. .


Retractable touchpad devices and methods

Retractable touchpad devices and methods are provided. In general, an electronic device can include a retractable frame configured to move between a retracted configuration and an expanded configuration.
Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Control lever comprising switch and remote-control device comprising the control lever

According to one embodiment, a control lever comprises a lever body and a grip. The lever body comprises a base and an arm.
Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.


Quick connect mounting system and tree mounted hunting stands

Quick connect mounting system, tree hunting blinds, and ladders utilizing a base clamp in conjunction with a quick connect clamp at the upper most end of the assembly. The blinds, ladders and other equipment can be used with retractable safety harnesses that can be attached to the person at ground level prior to placing the blind or ladder in upright position..


Stringer module for self-supporting stairs

A stringer module for a self-supporting modular stairway in which each riser is composed of two modules (a), each module being manufactured from sheet metal, each module having an l-shape defining a base portion and a riser portion located at a first side of the base portion, whereby an overlap of the riser portion with an opposed part of the base portion of an adjacent like module defines a vertical riser of said stairway and the remaining base portion its tread. The riser portion is located above the base portion, the plane of the riser portion is folded to be offset relative to the base portion such that the base portions of adjacent modules are coplanar when overlapped.


Weighted exercise device

A weighted exercise apparatus having a body section containing a flowable weighted material movable within the housing. The housing has a longitudinal axis and longitudinally opposed end sections.
Escape Fitness Limited


Nephroureterectomy apparatus

The apparatus includes a ureter occlusion apparatus, which comprises, in combination: at least one longitudinally extending plug body (26) of flexible, physiologically acceptable material which obstructs the passage of all particulate matter great than 5 microns in diameter, is laterally compressible to a compressed diameter of not more that 2 millimetres and is laterally expandable in the presence of liquid to an external diameter of at least 1.0 centimetre, a physiologically acceptable flexible guide sheath (21) dimensioned for removable insertion into the ureter, the guide sheath having an internal diameter for receiving the plug body in compressed dry form and being retractable around the plug body so as to leave the plug body in position in the ureter; and a removable physiologically acceptable stylet (22) and guide wire (20) which together allow positioning of the guide sheath within the ureter with both the guide wire and stylet being subsequently removable from the guide sheath to allow the plug body to be installed in the ureter via the guide sheath.. .


Storage system

A storage system for storing contents is provided. The storage system includes a retractable vertical cabinet having a handle, at least a first and second pivoting support member pivotally attached to at least an exterior side of the retractable vertical cabinet and a support structure.


Outdoor appliance with retractable platform

A base has an open top, an aperture coaxial with the open top of the base, and an actuator. The device includes a cover for the aperture that is moveable between a first closed position and a second open position in response to a first displacement of the actuator, and a platform moveable from a first lower position within the base to a second raised position proximate the tabletop in response to a second displacement of the actuator..
Lamplight Farms Incorporated


Compact having protrusible and retractable vibrating puff

A compact having a protrusible and retractable puff includes a lower case having a spring seated therein, an upper case having a seating section and a guide section which extend downward through a central portion, a puff assembly fitted into the seating section, the puff assembly having a puff member fixed to a lower portion, a lift fitted into the guide section, and an inner dish positioned on top of the lift. The puff assembly has a switch and a battery.


Collapsible containers

Collapsible portable containers having a foldable wall section with shape-retaining characteristics are disclosed. In particular, collapsible, wheeled suitcases and trolleys are provided.


Retractable storage system for handheld electronic device

A retractable storage system for handheld electronic device has a plug head actuation system to operably connect or disconnect the plug head and one or more storage chambers to house a retraction mechanism and/or a battery. At least one accessory station structured on the housing member of the device has an aperture for arresting, dispensing and/or charging at least one accessory item, such as a wireless earbud or e-cigarette.
Hybrid Skillz Inc.


Releasing a downhole tool

Techniques for releasing a well tool string from a wireline release tool includes initiating actuation of a linear actuator of the wireline release tool, the actuator coupled to an inner mandrel on which a retractable latch rides, the retractable latch including a profile formed on an outer surface of the latch that is coupled to the well tool string; actuating the actuator to move the inner mandrel of the wireline release tool to remove support of the profile by a ramp formed on the outer surface, the profile retracted toward the inner mandrel based on the movement of the inner mandrel; decoupling the profile from the well tool string based on retraction of the profile toward the inner mandrel; and moving the wireline release tool into a position to release the wireline release tool from the well tool string.. .
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Pourer with retractable spout

The present invention relates to a comprising a tubular body which is able to be attached to a container and a pouring spout accommodated within the tubular body and reversibly movable relative to the tubular body between a retracted position and an extracted position. The pouring spout has a pouring lip conformed to define a pouring orientation and the tubular body and the pouring spout are coupled together by coupling means that are able to guide the movement of the pouring spout relative to the tubular body between the retracted and extracted positions and prevent rotation of the pouring spout relative to the tubular body to hold the relative angular position of the pouring lip with respect to the tubular body..
Guala Closures S.p.a.


Watercraft with retractable fin

In one example, a board includes a body having a single piece structure, the body including an upper surface that defines a deck, and a lower surface. The board also includes first and second retractable fins, where the first retractable fin is rotatably connected directly to the body at a first fixed location on the body such that the first retractable fin is rotatable about the first fixed location between an extended position and a retracted position, and the first retractable fin including an engagement portion that is engageable with a first portion of the body and with a second portion of the body.
Lifetime Products, Inc.


Crane, crawler chassis structure, and methods of assembling and disassembling crawler chassis

In certain aspects, the invention relates to a crane, a crawler chassis structure, and methods of assembling and disassembling the crawler chassis structure. The crawler chassis structure includes a chassis, a pair of crawler frames, two pairs of retractable girders, and connecting members.
Sany America Inc.


Convertible tarp system

A convertible tarp system provides an extendable and retractable enclosure especially suited for covering a flatbed trailer. The convertible tarp system includes a plurality of bows and trolleys that support a tarp structure.


Retractable screw intracardiac lead for cardiac stimulation and/or defibrillation

A retractable screw-type stimulation or defibrillation intracardiac lead is disclosed. According to one embodiment, the lead comprises a flexible hollow sheath (12) having at its distal end a lead head (10) and a connector (66) at its proximal end.
Sorin Crm Sas


Prosthesis including retractable anchoring members

A prosthesis may include a tubular frame comprising rings which are concentric along an axis of the tubular frame. The rings may have a serpentine shape with apexes in a longitudinal direction such that the rings are configured to move between a compressed configuration and an expanded configuration.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc


Machine vision camera mount with rotational adjustment

A camera mount apparatus is disclosed that allows toolless rotation with integrated detent and locking features. The apparatus has the ability to rotate a camera and lens predetermined increments.
Serview, Inc.


Variable displacement pump

Disclosed is a pump having adjustable conveying volumes, in particular a vane, roller-cell or pendulum-slide pump, comprising a rotation assembly, a lifting ring and a rotationally driven rotor with extendable and retractable vanes, rollers or pendulum sliders that are guided in slots.. .
Magna Powertrain Bad Homburg Gmbh


Tension adjustable retractable screen assembly

A screen track assembly for mounting and tensioning a retractable screen across an opening, the assembly having a generally u-shaped outer track member having an opening; an inner track member received within the outer track member, the inner track member adapted to receive a retractable screen, the inner track member being movable relative to the outer track member; biasing members to present a biasing force to extend the inner track member toward the opening of the outer track member; and adjustable mechanical fasteners to fix the position of the inner track member relative to the outer track member such that the screen may be tightened or loosened as required for proper functionality.. .


Capture and docking apparatus, method, and applications

Apparatus and methods to operationally link (couple/decouple) a plurality of relatively massive, complimentary payload platforms (i.e., suspended machinery and rov) at relatively deep working depths in an unstable marine environment (water column) while the payload platforms are in-transit. An apparatus includes a suspended machinery, an rov, a capture collar, an extendable/retractable harpoon, and actuating machinery to controllably effect extension and retraction thereof.
Fairfield Industries Incorporated D/b/a Fairfieldnodal


Rotary thermoforming apparatus and using same

A rotary thermoforming apparatus including a rotatable drum having a plurality of cavity flats positioned on an outer surface of the drum together defining a mold cavity section of the drum, each cavity flat having one or more mold cavities, a plug assist assembly positioned adjacent each corresponding cavity flat when in a first retracted state, the plug assist assembly secured to, and rotatable with, the outer surface of the drum, each plug assist assembly having one or more plug assist members corresponding to the one or more mold cavities in the adjacent corresponding cavity flat, wherein each plug assist member is extendable into its corresponding mold cavity, and retractable from its corresponding mold cavity, wherein each plug assist assembly is extendable from the first retracted state to an extended state positioned over the corresponding cavity flat, and wherein each plug assist assembly is retractable from the extended state back to the first retracted state.. .


Retractable leash for a swing car

A retractable leash for a swing car comprising a front cover further comprising threaded holes an opening, a back cover further comprising threaded holes an opening, a recoil spring, a rotatable guide rail in a hollow cylindrical structure, and a rope with a free end; wherein the threaded holes in the front cover and back cover correspond to each other, wherein the front cover and the back cover are conjoint by the thread holes and screws to enclose the recoil spring, rotatable guide rail, and the rope, wherein the recoil spring is disposed inside of the rotatable guide rail, wherein the recoil spring is fixedly to the back cover, wherein the opening on the front cover and the back cover correspond to each other, and the free end of the rope extends out of the openings.. .
Zhejiang Jinbang Sports Equipment Co., Ltd.


Multi-functional bag

A multi-functional bag includes a prism-shaped main body, a carrying handle, and at least one fold-out reception flap. The main body is comprised of an upper lid and a lower receptacle.


Method and a portable and retractable shade device

Portable and retractable artificial trees including a first generally cylindrical, hollow trunk portion including an upper end, the upper end defining a notch, and a second generally cylindrical trunk portion including a body portion, a lower end having an insertable portion, and an upper end. The artificial trees further include separable, modular tree portions mechanically connectable, controllable and lockable between trunk and branch portions is provided.


Retractable leash

A two or more subject retractable leash, and methods of use thereof, is disclosed, which includes a roll-back feature on each retractable leash. The leashes may be locked in place by engaging a single lever.


Lens barrel and image capturing apparatus

A lens barrel includes a base barrel holding a first guide portion, a movable barrel protrudable/retractable with respect to the base barrel and holding a second guide portion such that when the movable barrel is protruded the second guide portion protrudes with respect to the first guide portion a lens holding member including first and second held portions being respectively held by the first and second guide portions, a lock portion to set a positional relationship between the first and second guide portions, an initial position detector to detect an initial position of the lens holding member, and a controller. The controller controls movements of the movable barrel and the lens holding member so that a movement of the lens holding member toward the initial position detector is started before start of setting of the positional relationship by the lock portion..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Startup burner assembly for recovery boiler and method

The present disclosure describes a recovery boiler startup burner assembly that can mitigate the harmful effects of smelt fouling, airflow interference, and operator exposure to hot air from the furnace and win box through use of an extractable startup burner and an isolation chamber engaged to a windbox. The present disclosure also describes a method for safely extracting a startup burner from an active recovery boiler as has method for inserting an extractable startup burner into a recovery boiler during operation..
Andritz Inc.


Retractable handle arrangement

A retractable handle arrangement comprising a handle comprising a first end and a second end and feeing movable between stowed and deployed positions; the handle being pivotally mounted about a handle pivot axis disposed between the first and second ends; an operating member extending from the handle: a first lever arm for moving the handle from the stowed position to the deployed position; a second lever arm for operating a release mechanism in response to movement of the handle from the deployed position to an operative position; and a drive mechanism; wherein the drive mechanism is coupled to the first fever arm and operable, in use, to cause the first lever arm to operatively engage with the operating member to move the handle from the stowed position to the deployed position; and wherein the operating member is arranged to operatively engage with the second lever arm when the handle is moved from the deployed position to an operative position.. .
Jaguar Land Rover Limited


Retractable handle arrangement

A handle arrangement for a vehicle comprising: a handle moveable between a slowed position and a deployed position; a drive mechanism for controlling the handle position; a sensor for detecting a force applied to the handle when in the deployed position, which force is directed so as to urge the handle into the stowed position; wherein upon detecting the force the handle arrangement is arranged to move the handle from the deployed position to the stowed position.. .
Jaguar Land Rover Limited


Retractable enclosure

A retractable enclosure is comprised of at least two displaceable structural bow frames which each define a roof section and opposed upwardly extending side sections. These sections are interconnected by joint connectors.
Chameleon Transportation Systems Inc.


Beverage capsule with anti-dripping membrane

The present invention concerns a beverage capsule (11) comprising capsule side walls (20), a capsule top, and a capsule bottom (21) having a dispensing outlet (22), that define a chamber for containing a food or beverage precursor ingredient soluble and/or extractable when a fluid is injected inside said chamber under pressure, said capsule (11) further comprising a pressure-sensitive membrane (25), characterized in that said pressure-sensitive membrane (25) comprises at least one weakened or precut zone defining a non-reclosable opening (26) which: (i) elastically and plastically opens, respectively widens when the fluid pressure inside said capsule reaches a predetermined value between 0.5 and 20 bar relative pressure, and then (ii) maintains a widen configuration after the fluid pressure within the chamber is released to an atmospheric pressure value, such that the width of said at least one opening (26) does not exceed 1 mm.. .
Nestec S.a


Stowable aircraft cabin attendant seat

A retractable flight attendant chair includes an anchor box, a sled coupled to the anchor box for horizontal translation of the retractable chair into and out of the stowage compartment, and a chair mounted on the sled. The chair includes an expanding/folding backrest and seat portion that allows the chair to be stowed in a small envelope compartment when not in use..
B/e Aerospace, Inc.


Retractable vehicle fueling receptacle cover

A system for automatically retracting a vehicle fueling receptacle lid, storing the lid within the body of the vehicle, and automatically returning the lid to its original protective position, such that the vehicle fueling receptacle lid will retract automatically upon instruction from the vehicle's electronic control system and, further, will return to its original position, wherein it serves to protect the fueling inlet (whether such inlet allows for the storage of liquid fuel or for electrical charging), upon completion of a fueling or charging session, as instructed by the vehicle's electronic control system.. .


Prefilled syringe with breakaway force feature

A jet injector that includes a prefilled syringe. The syringe includes a fluid chamber that contains a medicament.
Antares Pharma, Inc.


Advanced heart failure treatment material as myocardial/cardiovascular regeneration device

Provided is an advanced heart failure treatment material, as a myocardial/cardiovascular regeneration device, that self-assembles, which can improve the universality and be used in an emergency by commercialization with no need of cell-culturing (cell-free) by controlling stem cells, and has a high therapeutic effect on the fundamental treatment of intractable cardiovascular diseases, in particular, advanced heart failure, in which not only the saving of lives but also improving the patient's quality of life (qol) are urgent issues. The advanced heart failure treatment material includes a pharmaceutical agent, an agent holding for the pharmaceutical agent, and a myocardial support device..
Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Surgical instrument comprising an electrode

A surgical instrument can comprise a first electrode, a second electrode, and a retractable sheath. At least one of the electrodes can comprise an insulative jacket extending along the length thereof which can comprise a tissue stop for limiting the progression of the electrode into tissue.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Adapter with retractable pins

The present invention provides an adapter with retractable pins, which can be retracted to be hided to save space, and can be adjusted to different angles to be adjusted to different angles to be suitable for different conditions.. .
Phihong Technology Co., Ltd.


Apparatus for launching subcaliber projectiles at propellant operating pressures including the range of pressures that may be supplied by human breath

In one embodiment, the sabot includes a registration means adapted to limit lateral displacement of the projectile while simultaneously permitting the projectile to touch the inner surface of the bore of the barrel. An alternative embodiment includes a magnetically attractable portion incorporated into the projectile and a magnetic detent for holding the projectile within the barrel bore in readiness for launching.


Accessory mounting apparatus

An apparatus for mounting accessories includes a base that has a mounting surface and at least one aperture. The apparatus further includes a mounting mechanism coupled to the mounting surface of the base, with the mounting mechanism being connectable with a mountable accessory.


Chain connecting element with security crosspiece

A chain connecting element has two link brackets, coupled via their limbs, and a crosspiece inserted transversally between the limbs. A limb of each link bracket has a neck section and a journal, a neck recess and a journal recess being provided on the opposite limb.
Thiele Gmbh & Co. Kg


Manual toilet flushing apparatus with an odor reducing fresh water inlet valve assembly

A manual toilet flushing apparatus including an integral inlet fresh water valve assembly (iifwva) and a waste water discharge pump assembly (wwdpa) operably isolated from the iifwva is provided to preclude waste water from contaminating pressurized fresh water (pfw). The iifwva includes a pressurized fresh water inlet port to receive the pfw, an inlet valve body defining an inlet valve cavity (ivc), a second plunger in communication with a first plunger to actuate a check valve to direct a flow of the pfw into the ivc, and an outlet port.
Raritan Engineering Company, Inc.


Hand operated food cutting apparatus having a self-stabilizing pusher-arm mechanism and a food-stabilizing pusher-arm mechanism for a food cutting apparatus

A thrust-type food cutting apparatus that includes a blade set, food product pusher, and a manually operated pusher arm having a self-stable resting-open position in which the food product pusher is spaced from the blade set to allow a user to load the cutting apparatus with food product to be cut. In an embodiment, the cutting apparatus includes a chassis and a pivoting link linking the pusher arm to the chassis to provide the pivot arm with a movable fulcrum pivot that enables the self-stable resting-open pusher arm position.
Edlund Company, Llc


Microwave surface coagulator with retractable blade

An ablation instrument having an ergonomic handle that includes an actuator adapted to selectively extend and retract a blade that is pivotably mounted within an aperture assembly coupled to the housing by a shaft. The shaft extends distally from the handle and includes a coaxial feedline, a wire conduit disposed along a longitudinal axis of the shaft, and a pull wire disposed within the wire conduit and having a proximal and a distal end, wherein a proximal end of the pull wire is operably coupled to the actuator.
Covidien Lp


Portable collapsible writing desk for a notebook computer

A portable collapsible writing desk for a notebook computer preferably includes an arm rest assembly, a desktop assembly, a column assembly and a base assembly. The base assembly is attached to a bottom of the column assembly.


Identification badge holder

A retractable identification badge holder which allows interchangeable buttons to be removably attached thereto. The holder includes a housing having a reel mounted therein, the reel having an extendable and retractable cord mounted thereto.
Initial This, Inc.


Suitcase or travelling bag

A suitcase or travelling bag includes a casing that may be opened and closed, and which has a receptacle accessible from outside and housed within which is an extractable protective sheet designed to form a protective covering of the casing.. .
Basicnet S.p.a.


Fast transition running shoe

A running shoe design focused on the heel section of running shoes used in, for example, t2 transition phase of the sport of triathlon. A heel counter portion of the shoe is a retractable flap.


Screened lanai

A multi-seasonal lanai includes a rigid, metal support structure, or frame, that is installed against a building over a designated area in need of screened enclosure, such as a patio or pool. A plurality of retractable screen assemblies is slidably coupled to and selectively encloses the frame.


Vehicle support stand

An extendable and retractable support stand for holding a parked vehicle such as a motorcycle, bicycle or similar vehicle which is otherwise unstable in an upright position. The support stand has the ability to be locked into place without the need for fixed locking positions by means of a tilted plate locking mechanism that can be operated by the operator using only one foot irrespective of the orientation of the support stand.


Emergency vessel repair prosthesis deployment system

A deployment device to deploy a prosthesis for interconnecting vessel portions of a body vessel is described herein. The device includes a support frame and an actuation member coupled to the support frame.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc


Retractable vented attic storage system

A closet or enclosure 100 (closet) fit into an attic. A panel (110) forms the bottom of the closet.


Electromagnetic relay

An electromagnetic relay includes a housing, a fixed contact provided within the housing, a movable contact movable to contact or be separated from the fixed contact, and a driving unit configured to drive the movable contact to be in contact with or separated from the fixed contact, and including a coil, a yoke disposed within the coil and having an inner section for forming a magnetic path inside and outside of the coil, a movable core disposed within the coil to be attractable by the inner section, and a shaft having one end connected to the movable core and another end connected to the movable contact, capable of facilitating an assembling process of a shaft and a movable core by eliminating a welding process.. .
Lsis Co., Ltd.


Tow plate and load extraction system

A tow plate for retaining and releasing an extractable unit from an aerospace vehicle including a base plate, an actuating assembly and a retaining assembly. The actuating assembly and the retaining assembly releasably hold a load transmission unit attached to the tow plate.
Airbus Operations Gmbh


Retractable stabilizer for watercraft

A user floatation system for boating safety. There is included in the system a boat, having a seat for a user, and a rear and forward section located behind and in front of the user respectively.


Submersible vessel having retractable wing and keel assemblies

A submersible vessel having wing and keel assemblies that are extendable for wind-powered surface operation and retractable to reduce drag for submerged operation or to place the vessel in a more compact configuration. A deployment mechanism including an actuator and linkage pivots the wing and keel assemblies simultaneously between the deployed and retracted configuration.
Ocean Aero, Inc.


System of retractable shelves

The retractable shelf system allows for the compartmentalization of storage container. The system is integrated into the interior space of the storage container and includes a plurality of shelving units distributed along the length of the storage container.


Tailgate with tonneau cover for a vehicle

A vehicle having a front wall, two side walls, and a truck bed that altogether define a tonneau is provided. The vehicle includes a tailgate that has a front panel, a rear panel, two side panels, and a top panel that altogether define a cavity.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Retractable vehicle grab handle with deploying integrated garment hanger

A deployable hanger for a vehicle comprises a handle operable between deploying and non-deploying positions, two extension members disposed at least partially within the handle and tab members that are free of engagement with the extension members when the handle is in the deploying position, wherein the extension members are oppositely biased toward an extended position, and wherein the tab members selectively engage the extension members when the handle is in the non-deploying position.. .
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

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