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Tractable patents

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Prisoner safety seat and method of use

Prisoner safety seat and method of use

Antibody against transporter and use thereof

Halliburton Energy Services

Removal of casing slats by cutting casing collars

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tractable-related patents
 Minimally invasive surgical needle and cauterizing assembly and methods patent thumbnailnew patent Minimally invasive surgical needle and cauterizing assembly and methods
A minimally invasive surgical assembly broadly includes an outer hollow needle which has an outer diameter, a longitudinal axis, and a sharp distal end. An insulating member extends through the hollow needle and is movable relative to the hollow needle.
Teleflex Medical Incorporated
 Resistance apparatus, system, and method patent thumbnailnew patent Resistance apparatus, system, and method
A resistance exercise system having, in certain embodiments, a dc power supply system, a dc motor connected to the dc power supply system, a drive section connected to a drive element, a resistance delivery element connected to the drive element, and an extractable exercise resistance delivery section, a predetermined variable resistance section intermediate the dc power supply system and dc motor, an electrical condition sensor, and a variable resistance section control in communication with the electrical condition sensor and the predetermined variable resistance section. In some embodiments, the resistance exercise system includes a computing facility providing the ability to configure the exercise system to provide predetermined static or variable exercise resistance during exercise, and for example, during a positive or negative exercise stroke.
 Intercom handset for cellular phones and smartphones with e.m.f. shield patent thumbnailnew patent Intercom handset for cellular phones and smartphones with e.m.f. shield
Intercom handset for cellular phones and smartphones provided with a ferritic layer of shielding against the electromagnetic field or e.m.f. Emitted by mobile phone devices.
Manarin Srl
 Antibody against transporter and use thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Antibody against transporter and use thereof
The present invention provides a prophylactic or therapeutic agent for various malignant tumors, including currently intractable solid tumors, which contains a novel antibody having the ability to bind to human lat1/cd98 and inducing antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity specifically against cancer cells as an active ingredient.. .
Link Genomics, Inc.
 Retractable end-cap for led tube patent thumbnailnew patent Retractable end-cap for led tube
Embodiments of an end-cap for an led tube are described. In one aspect, an end-cap for an led tube may include an end-cap housing, at least one elastic component, and a connecting assembly.
Lightel Technologies, Inc.
 Prisoner safety seat and  use patent thumbnailnew patent Prisoner safety seat and use
A prisoner seat security device includes a retractable strap which hooks or clasps onto a prisoner, preferably by a restraint device on the prisoner, such as hand-cuffs. As the prison seats in the seat, the strap retracts.
 Telescopic loft ladder patent thumbnailnew patent Telescopic loft ladder
A telescopic loft ladder has two stiles with sections that are telescopically collapsible within each other, rungs having lateral ends each connected to respective sections the stiles, retractable pins in the ends of the rungs for engaging holes in the stile sections retain them in an extended position, and levers on the rungs that automatically operate when two rungs contact one another to disengage pins of the upper of the contacting rungs from the holes to permit collapse of the next higher rung. Each uppermost stile section is rotatable relative to the section connected to the uppermost rung of the ladder and has circumferentially and axially offset pin receiving holes. Limited
 Removal of casing slats by cutting casing collars patent thumbnailnew patent Removal of casing slats by cutting casing collars
Embodiments herein include a casing cutting tool comprising a top mandrel operatively coupled to a conveyance; a first retractable wedge operatively coupled to the top mandrel; a jetting tool operatively coupled to the retractable wedge, the retractable wedge thereby interposing the top mandrel and the jetting tool, wherein the jetting tool has one or more jetting nozzles arranged thereon; and a bottom terminal operatively coupled to the jetting tool, the jetting tool thereby interposing the retractable wedge and the bottom terminal.. .
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.
 Extractable drawer device and furniture item comprising said drawer device patent thumbnailnew patent Extractable drawer device and furniture item comprising said drawer device
Extractable drawer device (1), comprising: a drawer (10) having a front end (15) and a rear end (14) with respect to an extraction direction of the drawer in a sliding direction (s-s); a guide and support system of the drawer (10) connectable to a piece of furniture and configured to permit a displacement of the drawer (10) between a retracted drawer position and an extracted drawer position, wherein, in the extracted drawer position, the drawer (10) is completely outside and distant from the space occupied in the retracted position. Piece of furniture with a top (100) having a visible edge (101), comprising said extractable drawer device (1), wherein said drawer device (1) is mounted at a lower face of said top (100), in a hidden and retracted position with respect to the visible edge (101) and at a distance from the visible edge (101) substantially equal to the distance between the drawer in the extracted position and the space occupied by the drawer (10) in the retracted position..
Unifor S.p.a.
 Spinal cord stimulation with interferential current patent thumbnailSpinal cord stimulation with interferential current
A stimulator and a method for the treatment of intractable pain syndromes by electrical stimulation of the spinal cord is disclosed in which implantable electrodes positioned around a targeted area of the spinal cord transmit an interferential current that has a base medium frequency alternating current between 500 hz-20 khz. A digital signal processor generates a sine-wave-like waveform from a pulse generator which after further processing is used to generate at least two circuits for use in producing the beat frequency signal.
Meagan Medical, Inc.

Retractable syringe with improved delivery efficiency and locking system

A plunger, a needle assembly and a retractable syringe comprising same are provided. The plunger comprises a plunger member and a plunger outer having a lock spring that prevents or impedes movement of the plunger member after needle retraction.
Unitract Syringe Pty Ltd

Electrically driven, retractable rudder propeller including a step-down gear unit

A driving device for a ship is described, including a rudder propeller with a propeller shaft and with a vertical shaft which drives the propeller shaft via an angular gear unit and which is rotatable and driven by an electric driving motor, and including a lifting device for moving the rudder propeller between a retracted position within the ship and a deployed operating position outside the ship.. .
Schottel Gmbh

Method, device, and system for testing video quality

A method and apparatus that tests video quality includes a superimposing of at least one code to a video that is to be transmitted by a communication device to another communication device. The at least one code is transmitted such that the superimposed at least one code is extractable and readable from the decoded video by the device that receives the transmitted video.

Recording apparatus

There is provided a recording apparatus including: a printer main body which has a liquid ejecting head that ejects ink to a paper sheet and performs recording; a supply cassette which is insertable into and extractable from the printer main body and can accommodate the paper sheet; and a liquid accommodation portion which can accommodate the ink that is supplied to the liquid ejecting head. The liquid accommodation portion is installed in the supply cassette..
Seiko Epson Corporation

Retractable touchscreen adapter

An apparatus for determining a location of an object on a planar surface is provided. The apparatus includes a retractable emitter strip, a retractable detector strip, and electrical circuitry.
Otter Products, Llc

Canine excrement collector

The canine excrement collector is a mechanical device for canine excrement collection. The canine excrement collector includes a telescopic mast with a handle and a walking leash on the upper end of the telescopic mast.

Magnetic closure for electronic device cases

The magnetic closure for an electronic device case includes a first member detachably attached to an end of a front cover of the case and a second member directly or indirectly attached to a side wall of the electronic device such that the first and second members are magnetically attractable to each other for closing the front cover of the case onto the front surface of the electronic device. The first member is configured to form a clip structure, having a clip base extending to a bend portion and a clip arm extending back along the clip base from the bend portion wherein the clip arm is biased against the clip base.

Retractable vehicle step

A retractable step for use with a vehicle comprises a stepping member having an upper stepping surface, a first arm, and a second arm. The first arm has a first end pivotally attached to the vehicle, and a second end pivotally attached to the stepping member.
Lund Motion Products, Inc.

Extendable/retractable support column

An extendable and retractable column which is formed from at least three linked sections. The linked sections include a plurality of individual sections linked end to end.
Tower Solutions, Llc

Toilet arrangement for a vehicle

A toilet assembly for a vehicle comprises a first toilet compartment including a first opening, a first foldable toilet compartment door for closing the first opening, and a first toilet opposite to the first opening. An adjacent second toilet compartment includes a second opening, a second toilet compartment door for closing the second opening, and a second toilet opposite to the second opening.
Airbus Operations Gmbh

Telescopic wing and rack system for automotive airplane

The invention is a vehicle for personal transportation with the ability to convert between two alternate modes of transport, as an automobile for transportation on roads and as a personal aircraft for travel between municipal airports, utilizing retractable telescoping wings and a foldable frame.. .

Methods for increasing the extractable rubber content of non-hevea plant matter

Methods for increasing the extractable rubber content of non-hevea plant matter that entail the use of particular forms of hammer milling and/or roller milling in an increase in the amount of rubber that can be extracted from the resulting plant matter such as by organic solvent extraction or aqueous extraction are provided. In certain embodiments, the methods are for increasing the extractable rubber content of guayule plant matter, and entail the use of particular forms of hammer milling in combination with roller milling and flaking to increase the amount of rubber that can be extracted from the guayule plant matter such as by organic solvent extraction or aqueous extraction..
Bridgestone Corporation

Electromechanical driving actuator with damping device

An electromechanical driving actuator with a damping device comprises an electric motor (26) comprising a stator (9) and a hollow rotor (3), the stator (9) enclosing the rotor (3) and the rotor having a base end and an operational end. The electromechanical actuator further comprises a retractable shaft (4) having a cavity and mounted coaxially with the rotor (3) in such a manner that an end portion of the retractable shaft (4) is arranged in the cavity of the rotor, the shaft's end portion being formed as a tubular member (8) having a bottom end and an operational end.

Firearm accessory mounting assembly

An assembly is described for use in attaching accessories to a firearm having a barrel with a threaded distal end. The assembly includes a coupler with opposed, inwardly curved side plates that together form a cylindrical bore for receiving the firearm barrel attachable behind the threaded distal end, the side plates have integrally joined upper ends and lower ends that are moveable toward each other to clamp the coupler to the barrel, the coupler including a retractable pin having an extended position and a retracted position; and an adapter having a rear end with a threaded bore for receiving the barrel threaded end, and a front end with a threaded projection for attachment to a firearm accessory, the adapter including a groove to receive the retractable pin when the retractable pin is in the extended position..

Piston rod for a drug delivery device and drug delivery device comprising a piston rod

A piston rod for a drug delivery device comprises a main body and an engagement means for engaging the piston rod with a part of the drug delivery device. The engagement means are retractable relatively the main body for enabling a disengagement of the engagement means from the part of the drug delivery device..

Needle retractable-type replaceable-needle safe self-destructing syringe

The present invention disclosed a retractable self-destroying safety syringe with replaceable needle including a barrel body, a needle base body (3) disposed in a barrel neck (2) at an end of the barrel body (1), an elastic buffering engaging mechanism formed between the barrel neck (2) and the needle base body (3). An asymmetrical elastic retracting locking member having an elastic function is disposed at an end of a plunger, with which an internal sleeved retracting locking member of the needle base body can be interlocked by the elastic function.

Low organic extractable depth filter media processed with solvent extraction method

Provided is a primary clarification depth filtration process of cell-culture feeds, including chemically treated flocculated feeds, containing target biomolecules of interest such as mabs, mammalian cell cultures, or bacterial cell cultures, utilizing a primary clarification depth filtration device containing a media with significantly lower flushing requirements, resulting in lower levels of organic extractables released after media flushing, and increased throughput for the pre-treated feed streams, without the use of a primary clarification centrifugation step or primary clarification tangential flow microfiltration step. The primary clarification depth filtration device used in the primary clarification of fluid cell culture feeds, including chemically treated flocculated feeds containing flocculated cellular debris and/or colloidal particulates having a particle size distribution of about 0.5 μm to 200 um, contains a porous depth filter media having porous layers of varying pore ratings, and achieves the desired level, of total organic extractables (1-3 ppm) measured in the feed filtered through the media with, significantly lower flushing requirements.

Headset-based telecommunications platform

A hands-free wireless wearable gps enabled video camera and audio-video communications headset, mobile phone and personal media player, capable of real-time two-way and multi-feed wireless voice, data and audio-video streaming, telecommunications, and teleconferencing, coordinated applications, and shared functionality between one or more wirelessly networked headsets or other paired or networked wired or wireless devices and optimized device and data management over multiple wired and wireless network connections. The headset can operate in concert with one or more wired or wireless devices as a paired accessory, as an autonomous hands-free wide area, metro or local area and personal area wireless audio-video communications and multimedia device and/or as a wearable docking station, hot spot and wireless router supporting direct connect multi-device ad-hoc virtual private networking (vpn).

Marked coating composition and its authentication

This invention relates to the field of authentication of coating compositions such as varnishes, inks and paints, and it is particularly useful in the field of authentication of such coating compositions when applied to substrates like banknotes or other valuable documents. It is particularly directed to a marked coating composition.

Adjustable height distribution system for an implement

An implement includes a frame, a tower, a manifold, and a retractable mount. The manifold is attached to the tower.

Single lock and double lock couplings having a locking ring with identifying indicia and methods of use and assembly

Couplings for use with mating couplings with locking rings are disclosed. A stem coupling may have a coupling head configured to attach with a head portion of the mating coupling, a stem mated to the coupling head where the stem has a threaded portion on an outer surface, and a retractable locking sleeve positioned on a portion of the coupling head.

Point take-off and landing of unmanned flying objects

Point take-off and landing systems for an unmanned flying object. In one embodiment, the flying object is guided along a flight trajectory and approaches a landing body such that a latching element, coupled with a suspension cable suspended from the flying body, latches with a receiving latch, coupled with an extendable retractable beam projecting horizontally from a landing body side surface.

Retractable ear bud case

A retractable ear bud case having a separate plug wire and ear bud wire is disclosed. Each wire is wound about a separate spool assembly.

Retractable cutting and pulling tool with uphole milling capability

Cutter blades extend and stay extended as long as pressure on a piston is continued. The blades either open fully in open hole or cut through the wall of a tubular and then mill in an uphole direction to take out a piece of the tubular.

Reform tub iris to also include coil shear

A combined unit comprises an actuator and a plurality of support members coupled together in series connected to the actuator. Each support member further comprises a retractable shear blade (26)..

Spring biased retractable hoses

An extendable and retractable pressure hose can be constructed comprising an input connector, an output connector, an elastic inner hose, an outer cover, and one or more portions of the elastic inner hose engaged with the outer cover and disposed between the first and second ends of the hose. In such a hose, the input connector and output connector can be connected to each end of elastic inner hose and outer cover..

Retractable leash

The present invention relates to a leash housing having elements and features permitting a variety of devices and objects to be readily attached to and removed from the housing. The elements and features of the housing do not limit when additional devices and objects can be used with the housing.

Automatic door with emergency rescue system

Automatic doors have become commonplace in hospitals or retirement homes to facilitate entry into auxiliary rooms, such as bathrooms. Unfortunately, when a patient becomes incapacitated inside the bathroom, the door often becomes obstructed by the patient, making entry into the bathroom through the door impossible without further injuring the patient.

Apparatus and methods for achilles tendon repair

Apparatus and methods for achilles tendon repair are described where an elongate tendon repair assembly may be introduced into a single incision to access the damaged tissue. The assembly may define a channel for receiving a portion of the tendon and which may provide support to the tissue during repair.
Raptor Surgical, Llc

Catheter treating vasculatures

A catheter apparatus may have a flexible shaft, guidewire lumens passing through the shaft, and a positioning device for positioning the guidewires relative to an external lumen. The positioning device may be an expansible scaffold covered with a retractable sheath.
Roxwood Medical, Inc.

Retractable vehicle step

A retractable vehicle step is attachable to a vehicle or truck. The vehicle step facilitates access to a cargo hold, interior, or roof of the vehicle.
Lund Motion Products, Inc.

Automated retractable vehicle step

Powered retractable vehicle step assist systems and methods are provided. The steps systems are configured for installation (e.g., after market installation) and use with a vehicle.
Lund Motion Products, Inc.


A handcart includes a handle, a cart frame and combination members. The handle and the cart frame are firmly combined together by the combination members, which are respectively composed of two combination seats, two fixing seats and an adjustment member.

Passenger aircraft with automatically deployable and/or retractable landing gear

In embodiments, a passenger aircraft includes a body and a landing gear member that is retractable and deployable with respect to the body. The passenger aircraft also includes an altitude detection system.

Lifting jack assembly with rotatable hydraulic cylinder for steering and operation

A lifting jack assembly for use on a walking machine to raise it off the ground and preselect a steering direction before the walking machine is lowered onto the ground for travel therealong includes a hydraulic power-driven lift cylinder for actuating an extendable/retractable rod, wherein the lift cylinder is rotatable about its vertical axis. A roller assembly is provided with rollers mounted to the rod.
Columbia Trailer Co., Inc.

Combination of motorbike and fire distinguishing device

A mobile fire distinguishing device includes a motorbike having a base connected to a rear end thereof, and a foam-type fire distinguishing device is connected to the base. Two support units extend from two sides of the base respectively and each support unit has a retractable support rod.

Method of manufacturing single piece fuselage barrels in composite material

A vacuum bag (18) is placed around the inner forming surface (iml) of an inner mandrel with radially retractable sectors (11a, 11b) having parallel longitudinal slots (17) with composite stringers (30) in the slots (17). An inner support (31) in each stringer is covered by an impermeable tubular bag (32).
Alenia Aermacchi S.p.a.

Jet engine with deflector

An air inlet deflector for a structure having an air inlet. The deflector may be retractable within the structure, may be integrally formed with the structure, and may prevent the structure from ingesting foreign matter, such as birds.

Dryer vent hose assembly

The disclosed dryer vent is a spring-loaded, expandable/retractable dryer vent assembly. The assembly houses a flexible dryer vent aluminum hose with spiral wire.
The Ultimate Dryer Vent Llc

Tightening system for an orthopedic article

A tightening system and method for operating the same in an article for a wearer includes first and second members arranged for being connected at first ends, and separated by a distance at second ends. A tension element connects the first and second members.
Ossur Hf

Retractable cosmetic implement with multiple positions

A retractable cosmetic implement may be movable between multiple different use positions. In one example, the cosmetic implement may include a housing elongated along a longitudinal axis, a multi-stop positioning mechanism disposed within the housing, an applicator coupled to the positioning mechanism at a first end of the housing, and a push-button for engaging the positioning mechanism, the push-button disposed at a second end of the housing.
Hct Group Holdings Limited

Retractable separating systems and methods

A method for detaching an object from a patient includes providing a tool having a sheath, and a separating assembly operably coupled to a distal end of the sheath. The separating assembly includes a separator moveably coupled to a tip via a threadable connection.
The Spectranetics Corporation

Apparatus and mehtods for removing obstructive material from body lumens

An apparatus is provided for removing material within a body lumen that includes a catheter including a proximal end, a distal end for introduction into a body lumen, and an aspiration lumen extending therebetween; a guide member extending from the distal end and terminating in a distal tip, the guide member comprising a track adjacent a track lumen extending from the distal tip into the aspiration lumen; and an obstruction clearing device deployable from the guide member and retractable along the track. In addition or alternatively, the apparatus includes a cutting head reciprocable within the aspiration lumen adjacent the distal end for macerating material being aspirated into the aspiration lumen..
Hotspur Technologies, Inc.

Duct blank seam and making a duct blank seam

A flanged duct blank has a male part defined by lead notches formed at each side of a leading end and has a female part defined by trail notches formed at each side of a trailing end. The male part includes a lock tab.
Mestek Machinery, Inc.

Seed cart

A seed cart includes first and second mating frames. The hopper is mounted on the first frame for holding seed and has an outlet to discharge the seed.
Meridian Manufacturing Group

Optical subassembly testing system

An optical subassembly testing system includes a pedestal, a rotation device, a holder and a supporting device. The rotation device includes a rotation member, a connecting plate and a retractable pillar.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Combined activation mechanism of retractable marker and power status for an electronic pen

An electronic smart pen is disclosed that comprises a housing with a twist ring and a marker that is configured to be in an exposed state or in a retracted state. In the exposed state a tip of the marker is exposed from the housing, while the retracted state has the tip being enclosed by the housing.
Livescribe Inc.

Shock mounting cover glass in consumer electronic devices

Apparatus, systems and methods for shock mounting glass for an electronic device are disclosed. The glass for the electronic device can provide an outer surface for at least a portion of a housing for the electronic device.
Apple Inc.

Rim exit device with split latch

An exit device employs a pair of projectable latches which are retractable by depressing a push pad. A latch actuator is mounted between the latches and is actuatable to retract the latches.

Beverage container with retractable straw

The current invention includes a beverage container with an integrally molded handle. Housed within the handle sits a retractable, sliding straw track.

Roll-down door arrangements

The disclosure includes a cargo vehicle. The cargo vehicle includes a cargo compartment, which in turn is defined by a floor, a plurality of adjoining walls extending upwardly from the floor, and a ceiling attached to an upper end of the plurality of adjoining walls, wherein the walls, floor and ceiling cooperate to form the cargo compartment and a first vertical opening having a width defined by first and second sides for accessing the interior of the cargo compartment.

Electronic deadbolt lock

A deadbolt lock assembly comprising a retractable and extendable deadbolt, a housing, an outside member movably mounted on the housing, the member being normally disconnected from the deadbolt, and an operator input device on the housing, the device connecting the member to the deadbolt in response to presentation of an appropriate credential, such that a force applied to the member by the operator is mechanically transmitted to the deadbolt to move the deadbolt.. .
Schlage Lock Company Llc

Telescopic or retractable bleacher handrail and system

A telescopic and retractable bleacher system and handrail that stows with the bleacher system. The bleacher system is adapted to move between an open position in which seating is available for use and a closed position in which rows of seating surfaces are vertically stacked.

Retractable high heel for shoes

A retractable heel for a shoe is described herein comprising an upper heel body and a retractable lower heel body. The lower heel body is may be placed in at least two configurations.
Alexander Isinhue Llc

Retractable shower enclosure

A retractable shower enclosure includes a top frame and a bottom frame attached together with draw strings for raising and lowering the bottom frame relative to the top frame between a fully deployed position to a fully retracted position. The top frame comprised of tubing wherein the drawstrings are fed through the interior of the tubing.

System and generating a tractable semantic network for a concept

Computer implemented natural language processing systems and methods for generating a semantic network for a specific concept of interest. The method includes identifying co-reference relationships between sentences or clusters of a corpus of documents so as to determine one or more clusters of co-referential sentences.
Rage Frameworks, Inc.

Release mechanism

The disclosure provides a release mechanism, method of manufacturing, and method of releasing a medical device. The mechanism comprises a generally elongate shaft, an actuating member receivable in the elongate shaft, the actuating member having an interlocking position and a releasing position, and at least two opposed arms at a distal end of the elongate shaft, biased to open relative to each other, each arm comprising a gripping portion at a distal end, and at least one interlocking member.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc

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