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Tractable patents

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Vehicle communication system

Vehicle communication system

Electrical connector assembly having contact protector

Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited

Electrical connector assembly having contact protector

Electrical connector assembly having contact protector

Built-in retractable hanger for mobile devices

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tractable-related patents
 Audience segmentation using machine-learning patent thumbnailAudience segmentation using machine-learning
A method and system for audience segmentation is described, the method and system including preparing a plurality of guidebooks of prior probability distributions for content items and user profile attributes, the prior probabilities and user profile attributes being extractable from within audience measurement data, receiving raw audience measurement data, analyzing, at a processor, the received raw audience measurement data using the prepared plurality of guidebooks, generating a plurality of clusters of data per user household as a result of the analyzing, correlating viewing activity to each cluster within an identified household, predicting a profile of a viewer corresponding to each cluster within the identified household, applying classifier rules in order to assign viewing preference tags to each predicted profile, and assigning each predicted profile viewing preferences based on the viewing preference tags assigned to that profile related systems, methods, and apparatus are also described.. .
Cisco Technology Inc.

 Vehicle communication system patent thumbnailVehicle communication system
A communication system coupled between a law enforcement vehicle and a stopped vehicle that includes an extendable and retractable boom coupling from a control means on the law enforcement vehicle. The boom includes an end sensor positionable relative to a driver side view mirror of the stopped vehicle.

 Electrical connector assembly having contact protector patent thumbnailElectrical connector assembly having contact protector
An electrical connector including: a magnetic element having a cavity; a contact protector movably accommodated in the cavity, the protector defining a front end and a plurality of slots through the front end; a plurality of contacts accommodated in the slots, each contact being retractable and having a front end located in the front end of the contact protector; and an elastic element urging the contact protector to extend the front end thereof out of the cavity.. .
Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited

 Built-in retractable hanger for mobile devices patent thumbnailBuilt-in retractable hanger for mobile devices
A built-in retractable hanger for mobile devices is provided. In an implementation, a cord is extendible and retractable within a hinge of a mobile device.

 Piping inspection robot and  inspecting piping patent thumbnailPiping inspection robot and inspecting piping
Provided is an inspection robot that is self-propelled on piping, measures moisture contained in a lagging material using a mounted inspection device, for example, a neutron moisture meter, and detects risk of corrosion. The inspection robot includes a main frame 1 including a recessed part 17 fit onto an outer circumferential surface of piping p, a main frame drive mechanism (first drive mechanism) d1 that causes the main frame to advance/retract in an axis direction of the piping, a revolving member 32 supported in an advanceable/retractable manner along an arc-shaped locus in the recessed part of the main frame, a revolving member drive mechanism (second drive mechanism) d2 that moves the revolving member, and an inspection device mounted on the revolving member..
Mobile Robot Research Co., Ltd.

 System for a mechanical conversion of an internal combustion   engine of 4 strokes into 8 strokes patent thumbnailSystem for a mechanical conversion of an internal combustion engine of 4 strokes into 8 strokes
A converting mechanical system including a dual connecting rod having a top section adapted to be pivotally connected to a piston on a conventional internal combustion engine and a bottom section adapted to be connected to a crankshaft of a conventional internal combustion engine. A support surrounds each dual connecting rod and includes a retractable device.

 Safety gate patent thumbnailSafety gate
A safety gate has a frame with top and bottom assemblies spaced apart in a vertical direction and with opposed side assemblies spaced apart in a horizontal direction in a deployed configuration. A length of the top and bottom assemblies is extendable and retractable to adjust a width of the frame between the opposed side assemblies.
Pilgrim Family Enterprises Llc

 Key having a retractable insert with limited clearance patent thumbnailKey having a retractable insert with limited clearance
A motor vehicle key includes a casing, an insert, a mechanism for deploying the insert, an upper rim of an upper area of the support, and a lower rim of a lower area of the support, the upper rim and the lower rim extending between a rotation end of the key and a blocking end, the upper area and the lower area forming a movement sector of the support, a first play between the rotation end and the support. The movement sector of the support includes at least one constriction point, exhibiting a second play, smaller than the first play, in relation to said support..
Valeo Securite Habitacle

 Tent patent thumbnailTent
A tent includes a tent frame and a tent cloth. The tent frame is composed of a plurality of support pole assemblies.
Q-yield Outdoor Gear Ltd

 Hydraulic excavator patent thumbnailHydraulic excavator
A hydraulic excavator includes an engine, a revolving frame supporting the engine, a vehicle body frame, a first exhaust treatment apparatus and a connecting pipe. The vehicle body frame includes a plurality of column members disposed upright on the revolving frame.
Komatsu Ltd.


Irradiated fluoropolymer articles having low leachable fluoride ions

The invention relates to fluoropolymer articles that have been irradiated with at least 5 kilo gray of radiation, where the resulting articles have low levels of leachable or extractable fluoride ion. The low fluoride ion migration from the irradiated article is due to the presence of low levels of metallic salts or oxides in the fluoropolymer composition.
Arkema Inc.


Method for disassembling and/or assembling an underwater section of a retractable thruster unit

A method for disassembling and/or assembling an underwater section of a retractable thruster unit of a swimming vessel. A supporting cradle is detachably fixed to the underwater section from below, and the thruster unit is lifted so that the underwater section is at least partly brought inside the well formed in the bottom of the vessel.
Rolls-royce Oy


Retractable vehicle step

A retractable vehicle step is attachable to a vehicle or truck, such as at the rear portion. The vehicle step facilitates access to a cargo hold of the vehicle.
Lund Motion Products, Inc.


Retractable entry system

A retractable entry system is provided which is powered to extend and retract along a plurality of spaced-apart rotatable axes, in sequential, reciprocating arcs of motion. With the first axis and in the first of the sequences of motion when retracting, a portion of the step assembly folds onto another portion of the step assembly, the steps being aligned tread to tread.


Digital comparator

Provided is a comparator including: a substantially u-shaped frame; an anvil supported at one end of the frame in an advanceable and retractable manner; a spindle supported at another end of the frame coaxially with the anvil in an advanceable and retractable manner; a measurement unit that measures the advancement and retraction of the anvil; and a display unit that displays a measurement result of the measurement unit. The measurement unit includes: an anvil contact portion that rotates around a support shaft in accordance with the advancement and retraction of the anvil; an interlocking portion that is formed to have a length greater than the length of the anvil contact portion, is supported so as to be rotatable around the support shaft, and is coupled to the anvil contact portion; and a detection unit that detects a displacement of rotation of the interlocking portion..
Mitutoyo Corporation


Method of making porous metal articles

In one embodiment, the present invention may be a method of making a porous biocompatible metal article by combining a metal powder with a homogenizing aid to form metal granules, including blending the metal granules and an extractable particulate to form a composite, forming the composite into a green article, removing the extractable particulate from the green article to form a metal matrix and pore structure, and sintering the metal matrix and pore structure. Furthermore the present invention may include a second homogenizing aid combined with the extractable particulate.
Praxis Powder Technology, Inc.


Catheter apparatus with telescoping lumen catheters and its use in methods for treating vasculatures

The invention provides for methods and catheter apparatus for passing one or more guidewires (via the use of one or more telescoping guidewire lumens) through a chronic total occlusion of a vasculature. The catheter apparatus may include: a catheter shaft having a distal end; one or more telescoping guidewire lumen catheters passing longitudinally through the shaft, wherein the one or more guidewire lumen catheters are capable of telescoping beyond the distal end of the catheter shaft; an expansible distal portion of the shaft; and a retractable sheath covering at least a portion of the expansible distal portion of the shaft, wherein retracting the retractable sheath from the expansible distal portion of the shaft directly activates the expansible distal portion of the shaft causing expansion of the expansible distal portion of the shaft..
Roxwood Medical, Inc.


Surgical needle and anchor system with retractable features

Various surgical introducer needle and anchor systems are provided. The systems can include an introducer needle and a tissue support implant or sling device.
Ams Research Corporation


Ablation systems, probes, and methods for reducing radiation from an ablation probe into the environment

The ablation systems, ablation probes, and corresponding methods according to the present disclosure reduce or eliminate energy radiating from an ablation probe into the environment. Some ablation probes include a retractable sheath that shields at least the radiating portion of the ablation probe.
Covidien Lp


Retractable and rapid disconnect, floating diameter embolic coil product and delivery system

A vaso-occlusive device, delivery system and method of delivery to a selected site of the vessel in a manner allowing the vaso-occlusive device to substantially assumes a diameter of an inner surface of the vessel or aneurism sac at the site of the embolization procedure. The vaso-occlusive device or embolic coil has specific properties of wanting to float and conform to the diameter of the aneurysm sac thereby enabling retractability and rapid disconnect detachment for such embolic coil, and a predetermined shape requiring fewer embolic coils per embolization procedure advantageously improving patient risk, and the cost and time of the procedure.
Ndi Tip Teknolojileri Anonim Sirketi


Apparatus and forming pilot holes in bone and delivering fasteners therein for retaining an implant

Apparatus and methods for forming pilot holes in bone and deploying a staple therein for fixing a sheet-like implant to the bone. A pilot hole forming trocar assembly including a trocar and a position retention sleeve can be included.
Rotation Medical, Inc.


Trim plate with retractable hook arm

A trim plate is disclosed that includes a base plate, a folding hook arm pivotally attached to the base plate, and a weight-bearing truss that supports the folding hook arm. A first end of the weight bearing truss is pivotally connected to the hook arm at about the middle of the hook arm and the second end of the truss is positioned in a primary slot in the base plate.
Beaconmedaes Llc


Eddy current flaw detection probe and eddy current flaw inspection apparatus

The eddy current flaw detection probe (100) includes a first yoke (1), a second yoke (2), a first permanent magnet (3), a second permanent magnet (4), a sensing coil (6). The second yoke (2) is inserted in a freely insertable and extractable manner along an inner peripheral surface of the first yoke (1)..
Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited


Retractable latch bumper

A bumper for a closure, such as a tailgate, acts between the tailgate and a frame to bias a striker in to engagement with a latch. The bumper is moved to a retracted position during closing to reduce the force needed to close the tailgate.
Multimatic Inc.


Moveable support platform

A retractable vehicle step is attachable to a vehicle or truck. The vehicle step facilitates access to a cargo hold of the vehicle.
Lund Motion Products, Inc.


Tailgate access step

A retractable vehicle step is attachable to a rear portion of a vehicle or truck. The vehicle step facilitates access to a cargo hold of the vehicle.
Lund Motion Products, Inc.


Device and positioning an electrode in a body cavity

Electrical sensing/stimulation apparatuses for positioning at least one electrode within body tissue are provided. An electrical sensing/stimulation apparatus may comprise an elongate lead body having at least one internal lumen, at least one sensing/stimulation electrode, a deployable/retractable displacement member that moves or biases at least one electrode towards a prescribed direction by the user, a tissue attachment mechanism for affixing the distal segment of the device to body tissue, and an atraumatic distal lead body termination.
Biotrace Medical, Inc.


Retractable seat assembly

A retractable seat assembly which can be attached to a vertical structure and which, in the upright position, presents a profile which is relatively thin and in any event poses virtually no impediment to going very close to the vertical structure. The retractable seat assembly having a rear support, a seat, a front support, and a biaser which releasably biases said seat to the generally upright position..


Spout-type cosmetic container

The present invention relates to a spuit-type cosmetic container, and more particularly to a spuit-type cosmetic container capable of extracting an exact amount of cosmetic contents and improving convenience in use as a retractable button and a piston are moved down and fixed when a cap part is coupled to a container body by rotating the cap part, and then the retractable button and the piston are moved up so that the cosmetic contents are sucked into a spuit tube and used when the cap part is separated from the container body by rotating the cap part. The spuit-type cosmetic container according to the present invention includes a container body (110) provided at an upper portion thereof with an opening, an inner cap (132) screwed with the opening (112) of the container body (110), formed in an outer circumference, thereof with a rotation annular groove (132d), and including an outer sidewall (132e) formed therein with a slit (132f), and a cylinder (132a) formed in the outer sidewall (132e), an outer cap (134) coupled to an outer portion of the inner cap (132) and provided on an inner circumference thereof with a cam protrusion (134a) and a rotation protruding wheel (134b), a retractable button (140) coupled to an inner upper portion of the outer cap (134) movably up and down within a predetermined stroke distance, and including a cam hole (142) having an oblique guide part (142a) and a stop hole (142b) formed in an outer sidewall (141), an anti-rotation step (145a) vertically formed on an inner sidewall (145), and a piston fixing rod (144) formed at a center of the retractable button (140), a piston (150) fixedly fitted to the piston fixing rod (144) of the retractable button (140) to move up and down together with the retractable button (140), an elastic member (160) fitted to the outer sidewall (132e) of the inner cap (132) to elastically support the retractable button (140), an anti-separation member (180) coupled to an inner portion of a lower end of the outer cap (134) to prevent the outer cap (134) from being separated from the inner cap (132), and a spuit tube (120) coupled to a spuit tube coupling rod 132c of the inner cap (132) to suck up a cosmetic content contained in the container body 110 (spuiting)..
Pum-tech Korea Co.,ltd


Carry bag with retractable umbrella

A carry bag with retractable umbrella is a carry bag with a divider panel dividing the space inside said bag into a main compartment and an umbrella compartment. An umbrella with a retractable means or reel is stored in the umbrella compartment.


Retractable wire systems for mobile devices

Retractable wire systems for mobile devices include a wire and a winding mechanism within a housing for the mobile device. The wire is configured to provide electrical communication between the mobile device and an accessory for the mobile device.


Devices and kits for collection, storage and analysis of samples and methods of production and use thereof

Collection devices, kits and methods related to sample collection and analysis can be used to collect and store samples (e.g., biological samples) from a variety of sources and optionally, for analysis of such samples (e.g., forensics analysis, medical diagnostics, etc.). Methods of production and use thereof are described herein.
Diomics Corporation


Desiccant container

The container for storing a desiccant material includes a flexible housing having a front panel, a back panel, a sealed end, and an opened end. The side edges of the front panel attach to side edges of the back panel so as to form a sleeve.


Galley segment for a cabin of a vehicle, cabin of a vehicle and aircraft having a cabin with such a galley segment

A compact galley segment, which allows to safely and temporarily fix trolleys outside of a closed storage space includes a first trolley storage space, a second trolley storage space, a retractable trolley restraint device and a plurality of vertically arranged walls. The first trolley storage space includes a plurality of delimiting walls defining an inner space for receiving at least one trolley and an opening for inserting or removing the at least one trolley into or from the inner space.
Airbus Operations Gmbh


Retractable stabilizer for watercraft

A user floatation system for boating safety is provided. The system includes a retractable stabilizer for use with a watercraft.


Side-facing vehicle charging system

A vehicle charging system comprises a plurality of retractable conductor bars in a housing of a vehicle. The plurality of conductor bars includes a positive conductor bar and a negative conductor bar.
Proterra Inc.


Self-cleaning retractable washing head with pneumatic drive

A self-cleaning retract washing head with a pneumatic drive designed for efficient washing of vessels or containers and intermediate components for the preparation of solutions in pharmaceutical and food industry, said solutions being at an over-pressure of up to 6 bar, wherein the constructional solution to the washing head of the invention provides for a simple and efficient self-cleaning of the washing head. The self-cleaning retract washing head (1) with the pneumatic drive is provided with a movable bar (2) with a washing ring (5), wherein at the end of the bar (2) on the washing ring (5) an annular element (3) with grooves (3′) is pivotably arranged, which grooves cause rotation of the annular element (3)..
Brinox, D.o.o.


Needle base retractable-type safe self-locking-type self-destructing syringe

A retractable-type safe self-locking-type self-destructing syringe, which comprises a syringe barrel body (6). A plunger (7) is arranged in the syringe barrel body (6).


Endovascular prosthesis and delivery of an endovascular prosthesis

The present invention relates to an endovascular prosthesis. The endovascular prosthesis comprises a first expandable portion expandable from a first, unexpanded state to a second, expanded state to urge the first expandable portion against a vascular lumen and a retractable leaf portion attached to the first expandable portion.
Evysio Medical Devices Ulc


Radiofrequency probes with retractable multi-tined electrodes

A retractable, multi-tined radiofrequency (rf) probe operable for applying rf energy to tissue for therapeutic purposes, the probe having a tubular elongate member defining an interior and having a proximal end and an opposite distal end; a handle element at the proximal end of the elongate member; and an electrode element at the distal end of the elongate member, the electrode element comprising a tip portion and a plurality of tines, each of the plurality of tines being positionable in a retracted configuration within the interior of the top portion and/or the elongate member and in a deployed configuration that extends outward of the top portion.. .
Diros Technology Inc.


Devices and techniques associated with diagnostics, therapies, and other applications, including skin-associated applications

The present invention generally relates to devices and techniques associated with diagnostics, therapies, and other applications, including skin-associated applications, for example, devices for delivering and/or withdrawing fluid from subjects, e.g., through the skin. In some embodiments, the device includes a system for accessing an extractable medium from and/or through the skin of the subject at an access site, and a pressure regulator supported by a support structure, able to create a pressure differential across the skin at at least a portion of the access site.
Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc.


Wheel deployment apparatus

A wheel deployment apparatus having a retractable wheel assembly. The wheel deployment apparatus includes a deployment cable functionally coupled to and extending from the wheel assembly.
Retrac Enterprises Inc.


Linear accelerator

A linear accelerator is disclosed, having a series of interconnected cavities through at least some of which an rf signal and an electron beam are sent, comprising at least one variable coupler projecting into the a cavity of the series, a control apparatus adapted to interpret an electrical signal from the coupler and derive diagnostic information as to the electron beam therefrom, wherein the control apparatus is further adapted to vary the interaction of the at least one coupler with the rf signal in dependence on the diagnostic information. Thus, the accelerator properties can be adjusted by encouraging or inciting an higher-order mode (“hom”) having a desired effect such as bunching and/or deflecting.
Elekta Ab (publ)


Security case for a portable electronic device

A security case (20) for a portable electronic device such as a mobile phone (22) to prevent theft and loss. The security case has a case body comprising a panel (24) and side walls (26) configured to hold the phone.


Connector-free magnetic charger/winder

A method and apparatus for charging an electronic device include rotating a magnetically attractable element, or element, within the electronic device. Rotating a magnet external to the electronic device simultaneously rotates the element.
Apple Inc.


Merchandise security system including retractable alarming power cord

A merchandise security system for an electronic item of merchandise is provided. In one example, the merchandise security system includes a continuous alarming power cord comprising at least one electrical conductor.
Invue Security Products Inc.


Scoring tool

A scoring tool is disclosed that includes a body with a retractable tape therein and a tang on one end of the tape, the tang having a blade-receiving structure thereon configured and arranged to receive a blade of a utility knife therethrough.. .


Retractable pipe structure

A retractable pipe structure may include an inner tube, an outer tube, two connectors and two locking rings. In one embodiment, the inner tube is cover by the outer tube and the connectors are disposed at both ends of the inner tube and connecting portions are inserted into both ends of the inner tube and the tightening unit is used to tighten and secure each end.
Newbud Industrial Corp.


Delivery system for a retractable outer sheath

A delivery system for delivering a prosthesis includes a sheath, a slide shaft having a threaded outer surface, and a handle. The handle includes an internal spring assembly for selectively engaging and disengaging the handle with the threaded outer surface of the slide shaft.
Medtronic Vascular, Inc.


Hair styling tool with rotatable cylinder

A hair styling tool includes a body, a cylinder extending from the body, the cylinder rotatable relative to the body, a motor for rotating the cylinder, a heater to heat the cylinder, and a styling arm pivotally attached to the body. The hair styling tool may have a generally clam shell configuration, wherein the styling arm is movable between an open position in which the styling arm is distant the cylinder and a closed position in which the styling arm is proximate to the cylinder, such as contacting the cylinder.
Mm&r Products, Inc.


Footwear with retractable spikes

An apparatus for selectively extending and retracting spikes includes spike actuating assemblies mounted to, and cooperating between, a first plate and a first slider frame, and a second plate and a second slider frame, pivotally mounted to the first plate and first slider frame respectively. Each spike actuating assembly contains a spike.
Kick-spike Enterprises Ltd.


System for mounting an agricultural soil analyzer to agricultural implement

A system includes a retractable mounting assembly including a frame assembly. The frame assembly includes at least one substantially rigid frame member.
Cnh Industrial America Llc


Multi-purpose credit card reader apparatus

A credit card reader shields a credit card, stores data from one or more credit cards simultaneously and then selectively broadcasts data associated with one of the cards. A slim, electromagnetically shielding housing has a cavity and a card reader for reading data from a credit card received in the cavity.


Docking station with ruggedized case

A docking station for an electronic device that is contained within a case, in which the case includes a retractable connector access panel at least partially overlying a portion of a connector port of the electronic device, includes a base at least partially configured to support the electronic device. An electrical connector is coupled to the base and configured to receive the connector port of the electronic device.
L&p Property Management Company


Locking mechanism for movable column

One embodiment includes an assembly with a movable column with an upper end and a lower end, wherein the lower end includes a recessed opening. The assembly also includes a locking foot assembly with a base foot and a locking mechanism.
Schwing Bioset, Inc.


Cramping fastener device

A cramping fastener device for assembling a part (7) to a support portion (18) comprises a fastener clip including a deformable catch element that defines a cramping face (12), said catch element being designed to be pushed through the part and through the support portion and being designed to have a cramping face that is resiliently retractable into the clip. It further comprises a proper-assembly indicator (4) for checking that the clip is properly assembled in the cramping position, said proper-assembly indicator being in the form of a sort of stud that is constrained to retract under the effect of the cramping face retracting so as to be able to start being pushed into the clip..
A Raymond Et Cie


Excavating tool

An excavating tool includes a casing pipe that forms a cylindrical shape about an axis line and in which a stepped portion whose inner diameter is decreased by one step is formed in an inner peripheral portion of an distal end; an inner bit where a contact portion which can come into contact with the stepped portion is formed in an outer periphery, which is inserted into the casing, and whose distal end portion protrudes from a distal end of the casing pipe; an engagement convex portion that is disposed on the outer periphery of the distal end portion of the inner bit so as to be retractable; a ring bit that forms an annular shape and is arranged around the distal end portion of the inner bit; and an engagement concave portion that is formed in an inner peripheral portion of the ring bit.. .
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation


Safety window grid assembly

A safety window grid assembly includes a window frame unit and a grid-forming unit. The grid-forming unit includes: a rotatable shaft supported rotatably on the window frame unit; a plurality of cords, each of which has a first connecting end secured to the rotatable shaft and each of which is extendably wound on the rotatable shaft, each of the cords being retractable and extendable between a retracted state and an extended state, the cords being helical in shape and being distributed in series along the length of the rotatable shaft when the cords are disposed at the retracted state; and a connecting mechanism for interconnecting a second connecting end of each cord of the grid structure and the window frame unit..
Accval L.l.c.


Retractable cover

A retractable and stowable cover is provided for use with an open living space. A lifting mechanism moves a center section from a stored position to a second position where the cover can be used for shade.


Silicone gel adhesive with hydrophillic and antimicrobial properties

Adhesive compositions are provided that include a crosslinked silicone gel, a hydrophilic component dispersed in the silicone gel, and an antimicrobial agent dispersed in the silicone gel. The adhesive composition is readily applied to (and removed from) skin, and has desirable hydrophilic and antimicrobial properties.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Method for increasing density of aligned carbon nanotubes

The present application relates to a method of increasing density of aligned carbon nanotubes. Firstly, aligned carbon nanotubes grown on a substrate is transferred to a stretched retractable film.
Peking University


Real-time retractable training wheels system and method

A training wheel apparatus for learning to ride a bicycle includes a lift activation assembly, wherein the lift activation assembly includes a grip. The training wheel apparatus further includes a wheel mount assembly configured to operatively connect to a wheel.


Assembly for securing a retractable headlamp washer device

An assembly for securing to a body part of a motor vehicle, a headlamp washer that is retractable through an opening made in this body part, the assembly having a support intended to receive the headlamp washer and a base, wherein one or the other of the base or the support comprises integrally produced connecting elements, these connecting elements being dimensioned such that they, alone, allow the body part to be sandwiched between the base and the support and allow this sandwiching to be maintained durably.. .
Compagnie Plastic Omnium


Photoluminescent winch apparatus

An illumination apparatus for a winch configured to engage a retractable cord is disclosed. The illumination apparatus comprises a light source configured to emit an excitation emission at a first wavelength.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Assembly to adjust the height of an axle of a vehicle

An assembly for adjusting the distance between a wheel axle of a vehicle and a surface of a road. The assembly comprises: an axle casing connected substantially parallel to at least one wheel axle and rotatably connected proximal to an underside of the vehicle.
Advanced Suspension Systems Pty Ltd.


Bicycle repair stand

A bicycle repair stand includes an upright column. A first repair station includes a repair rack extending from the upright column in a first direction.
Bike Fixtation, Llc


Chair with extendable and retractable ganging system

A chair has a frame with legs, a seat hoop carried by the legs, and a backrest extending above the seat hoop. A seat is carried by the seat hoop of the frame, and has a seat base with a cushion.
Mity-lite, Inc.


Bed table retractable to be concealed adjacent a bed rail

A narrow, elongated box to mount in the space between the side of a mattress and bed rail and formed with open top and front sides and a stand pivotally mounted on its lower end in the box.. .


Retractable sun-shield

A sun/rain protector for a person comprising of a back support secured to the back of the person by belts, a frame, retractable mechanism and flexible cover, wherein said flexible cover is mounted to the frame that is mechanically coupled to the back support. The flexible cover is made of a flexible material affixed to a portion of the circumference of the frame so that the material blocks the sun's rays from the head and neck of the person when the frame is manually deployed to a proper protecting position..
La Hombrilla, Llc


Anti-slip mechanism for footwear thereof

A footwear including a retractable anti-slip mechanism is presented, the anti-slip mechanism comprising at least one retractable ground-engaging member disposed in a sole of the footwear and pivotally connected to a pivot member extending on a side of the footwear for selectively expanding the at least one retractable ground-engaging members under the sole to engage with the ground and retracting the at least one retractable ground-engaging members in the sole to prevent engaging the ground.. .
Codet Inc.


Retractable electronic device battery charger keychain

The invention provides users the ability to attach a battery charger intended to recharge the battery of an electronic device to a key ring, key set, or any of the like. The shell of the electronic device battery charging device includes an extruding hole which allows for an attaching device such as key ring, clip, or fastener to be connected to its body.


Extendable connection of electronic components

The present disclosure introduces methods and apparatus for connecting first and second downhole components. A first interface of a first subassembly is coupled to a first component.


Drill bits including retractable pads, cartridges including retractable pads for such drill bits, and related methods

An earth-boring tool may comprise at least one cavity formed in a face thereof. At least one retractable pad residing in the at least one cavity may be coupled to a piston located at least partially within the at least one cavity.


Vehicle window cover with deployable and retractable canopy

A vehicle window cover features a flexible sheet attachable to a vehicle door over a window space thereof. A window opening in the sheet is provided overlies the window space of the vehicle door with the sheet in the installed position.


Vaporization source assembly of oled vapor deposition machine

The present invention provides a vaporization source assembly of an oled vapor deposition machine, which includes: a carrying platform (2), a plurality of vapor deposition crucibles (4) mounted on the carrying platform (2), and an unblocking mechanism (6) mounted on the carrying platform (2). The unblocking mechanism (6) includes a vertical arm (62), a horizontal arm (64) perpendicularly connected to an end of the vertical arm (62), and a detection pin (66) perpendicularly connected to a free end of the horizontal arm (64).


Retractable marine boarding ladder

The present system is directed in various embodiments to marine ladders comprising movement assistance for the transition from a deployed position to a stowed position and to assist in controlling the transition from the stowed position to the deployed position. In certain embodiments, the gas springs and associated pivot point brackets hold the deployed ladder biased in the deployed position with a biasing force that may be overcome by application of force by the user to initiate an automatic stowing process.


Controlling a powered vehicle step

Powered retractable vehicle step assist systems and methods are provided. The steps systems are configured for installation (e.g., after market installation) and use with a vehicle.


Photoluminescent step handle

A vehicle illumination apparatus is disclosed. The illumination apparatus comprises a retractable handle having a proximal end portion in connection with a tailgate.


Method of removing a retractable door of a center door assembly on a dump trailer

A center door assembly for a dump bed and a method for removing the door from the dump bed. A frame is mounted in a wall of the dump bed and has a pair of opposite and spaced apart channels.


Retractable vehicle seat cover device

A retractable vehicle seat cover device for covers a vehicle seat preventing debris from getting onto or into the vehicle seat. The device includes a housing comprising a top wall, a bottom wall, and a perimeter wall extending between and around the top wall and the bottom wall defining an interior space.


Apparatus and bending coiled tubing

Apparatus for bending a coiled tubing, the apparatus having a head portion for lateral insertion in a side opening in a wall of a well, the head portion defining a bending path for bending the coiled tubing during feeding thereof through the head portion, and the head portion having a coiled tubing straightener for straightening the coiled tubing during feeding. The coiled tubing straightener is retractable so that it can adopt a retracted position, for lateral insertion of the head portion into the side opening of the well wall.


Retractable wall mounted exercise rack system

A retractable wall mounted exercise rack system for providing an exercise rack that may be easily and compactly stored when not in use. The retractable wall mounted exercise rack system generally includes one or more brackets attached to a wall, a pair of support members, and a plurality of arms pivotally extending from the brackets and pivotally connecting to the support members.


System for irradiating charged particles and irradiating charged particles

A charged particle irradiation system is capable of shortening the irradiation time and the treatment time by performing efficient irradiation even when irregular variation occurs in the irradiation object during the gating irradiation. The extraction of the beam is stopped upon reception of a regular extraction permission end signal which is outputted based on a regular movement signal.


Medical component insertion device including a retractable needle

An insertion device for use in assisting with the placement of a medical device within the body of a patient is disclosed. For example, the insertion device can be employed to assist with the placement of an introducer, which provides a conduit for insertion of a catheter into the body.


Disposable syringe with retractable needle

Disposable syringe with retractable needle includes a cylindrical body (1), a plunger (2) with grooves (3) and base (4), a needle (7) supported by a support (9), a housing (10) adapted for inserting the support (9) and surrounded by a seal gasket (6) which is integral with a head/support (5) of the plunger (2), a neck (8) arranged at the upper end of the cylindrical body (1), and a separation element (11) adapted to make the needle (7) collapse inside the cylindrical body (1) after the use of the syringe.. .


Nutraceutical composition obtained from fungus-challenged soy seedlings

Soybean seedlings and therefrom extractable compositions are described. Such compositions comprise prenylated isoflavones and at least one isoflavonoid, said isoflavonoid being selected from one of the chemical classes of isoflavones, coumestans and pterocarpans.


Extraction unit with a shiftable multi-size cartridge receiver

An extraction unit (10) for extracting cartridges (1a;1b) of two different dimensions (da,ha;db,hb) comprises a seat (14,20) for receiving any of these cartridges (1a;1b) for extraction thereof in the seat. The seat is delimited by a first part (20,30,33) and second part (12,13,14) that are relatively movable between a cartridge extraction position and a cartridge loading and/or ejection position over a closure distance (ca,cb).


Reel-case phone case

The present invention is a mobile device case with a retractable lanyard housed in a pocket-friendly profile. A novel feature provides for the lanyard to be releasably refracted into the housing in a one-two set-release scenario..


Universal reversible watch band device

A universal reversible watch band device includes a pair of watch band members having a spring bar positioned along one end and a plurality of buckle receivers positioned along the other end. Each of the spring bars including elongated tubular members having a fixed protrusion at a first end, a retractable protrusion at a second end and a pair of actuators located along a middle portion of the tubular member.


Retractable assembly

A retractable assembly for immersion-, flow- or add-on measuring systems in analytical process technology for measuring at least one measured variable of a medium in a containment, comprising: an essentially cylindrical housing; an immersion tube, which is movable axially in the housing between a service position out of the medium and a process position in the medium; and a sensor for measuring the measured variable. The sensor is arranged in the immersion tube, wherein the sensor protrudes at least sectionally out of the immersion tube at the end of the immersion tube remote from the medium; and an openable and closable cover, which surrounds at least the section of the sensor protruding out of the immersion tube.


Dual purpose self-defense device

A dual purpose self-defense device is provided that includes a retractable knife and a chemical agent spray unit. The device comprises an outer body that contains a spray chamber that houses a spray unit and a blade chamber that houses a retractable blade.


Ejection port dust gate for automatic weapons

A removable dust gate for an automatic weapon is described. The removable dust gate can include a retractable pivot pin having rod sections with compressible objects therebetween that allow the rod sections to be temporarily pushed together, shortening the length of the retractable pivot pin.


Capture and docking apparatus, method, and applications

Apparatus and methods to operationally link (couple/decouple) a plurality of relatively massive, complimentary payload platforms (i.e., suspended machinery and rov) at relatively deep working depths in an unstable marine environment (water column) while the payload platforms are in-transit. An apparatus includes a suspended machinery, an rov, a capture collar, an extendable/retractable harpoon, and actuating machinery to controllably effect extension and retraction thereof.


Retractable wheel system for snowmobile ski

The present invention provides a retractable wheel system for snowmobile skis. The retractable wheel system of the present invention may be installed on a snowmobile ski without affecting its structural integrity by installing the system on the reinforced portion of the snowmobile ski.


Medical device with selectively retractable needle cap

A medical device having a forwardly-projecting needle and a selectively-movable needle cap that can be variously positioned to cover all or a portion of the needle, depending upon whether the device is, for example, being transported, aspirated or used to inject a therapeutic fluid. The device can optionally be configured to enable retraction of the needle into the body for safe disposal following use..


Suture passer

A suture passer comprising: a handle; a first needle mounted to the handle; a retrieving loop selectively extendable out of, and selectively retractable into, the first needle; a second needle mounted to the handle, the second needle being configured to pass suture therethrough; a housing having first and second lumens extending therethrough for receiving the first and second needles therein, respectively; wherein the suture passer is configured so that the first and second needles have (i) a first distance therebetween at the location at which the first and second needles pass through the housing, and (ii) a second distance therebetween at a location remote from the housing, and further wherein the second distance is greater than the first distance.. .


Control element for a household appliance

A control element for a household appliance includes an antenna for communicating with an external data source. The antenna can be formed by a cap which is connected to a housing of the control element and is retractable in relation to the housing by a retraction mechanism accommodated in the housing.


Retractable hairbrush system

The new hairbrush system employs a handle made of curved rods that collapse into the body of the brush via tracks, turning it into a non-electric hair roller for setting and smoothing hair. The barrel of the brush system has curved bristles that grip hair and curved slits that allow for airflow.


Pet care system with disposable cartridge

A pet care system is disclosed which may include disposable cartridges for storing and dispensing pet care consumable items. The cartridges may be detachably held in a main structure which may also include a retractable leash, and other pet care related items.


Climate control a greenhouse

A greenhouse environment control system generates a co2-enriched air which is supplied to a greenhouse at a controlled temperature suitable for plant growth. An absorption chiller reduces temperature of a co2-containing stream of processed gasses from an engine.


Retractable termination pedestal

An apparatus, method, and system are disclosed for housing and terminating various cables. The apparatus is mounted on a base, which allows it to be pivoted to different positions.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Multi-rack retractable door apparatus

A electronic equipment rack assembly retractable door apparatus is disclosed, which may include channels, horizontally mounted at the top and bottom of an open side of the rack assembly, and latch plates mounted to the rack assembly. The retractable door apparatus may have movable door frame members, each having a housing with a cavity and a slot opening to the cavity, rollers attached to the housing and contained within the channels, designed to maintain the door frame member in a vertical orientation, a spool, attached within the housing, a spring configured provide a torsional tensioning force on the spool, and a latching door handle, attached to the housing to engage with the latch plate receptacles.
International Business Machines Corporation

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