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Tractable patents


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 Electrical box having a removable module with a charging connector patent thumbnailElectrical box having a removable module with a charging connector
This invention disclosure is an electrical outlet receptacle containing the high voltage ac side and low voltage dc power supply used typically for charging and/or powering portable electronic devices. The charge connector for interfacing with the portable device is contained in a removable module.

 Systems and methods for manipulating a virtual environment patent thumbnailSystems and methods for manipulating a virtual environment
One variation of a method for manipulating virtual objects within a virtual environment includes: determining a first position of a touch sensor within real space; based on the first position of the touch sensor within real space, bounding a virtual surface of a virtual object within the virtual environment tractable through inputs across the touch sensor; generating a first force vector comprising a magnitude related to a force magnitude of a first input on the touch sensor surface and a direction related to an orientation of the touch sensor within real space; locating an origin of the first force vector within the virtual environment based on a first location of the first input on the touch sensor surface and the first position of the touch sensor within real space; and manipulating the virtual surface of the virtual object within the virtual environment according to the first force vector.. .
Sensel Inc.

 Water restricting device for lever  actuated faucets patent thumbnailWater restricting device for lever actuated faucets
A water conservation device for lever actuated faucets having a pair of donut-shaped rings formed of a non-abrasive material, the apertures of the donut-shaped rings of such a dimension that they are slidably received onto a faucet head of a faucet associated with a sink and the lever of the faucet which activates the flow and termination of water, the pair of donut-shaped rings having secured there between a length of expandable/retractable band fabricated from suitable material which is expandable and stretchable upon upward pressure on the lever handle of the faucet to allow the lever handle to open the valve and initiate the flow of water, the retractable band having sufficient elasticity to exert downward pressure on the lever moving the lever downwardly to close the valve and terminate flow.. .

 Pulling tool electromechanical actuated release patent thumbnailPulling tool electromechanical actuated release
A drilling well pulling tool comprising a longitudinal body having an inner cavity. A sleeve is slideably disposed about a portion of the longitudinal body, the sleeve moveable from a first position to a second position.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

 Tilt latch for window patent thumbnailTilt latch for window
A sash latch for use in a sash of a window frame. The latch comprising a housing installed in the sash of the window frame, the housing containing a retractable slide, a pillar formed in the housing, and an extension at an end of the slide.
Ply Gem Industries, Inc.

 Door handle device patent thumbnailDoor handle device
Provided is a door handle device which can prevent rattling of a handle grip using an existing base member. A door handle device includes: a base member having a first shaft portion or a first bearing portion formed on one end side thereof, and having a guide hole which has a restricting portion projecting into an inner space formed on the other end side thereof; a handle grip having a second bearing portion which rotatably supports the first shaft portion or a second shaft portion which is rotatably supported by the first bearing portion on one end side thereof, and having an inserting portion advanceable into and retractable from the guide hole formed on the other end side thereof; and a slide guide having a slide contact portion which is brought into slide contact with the restricting portion..
U-shin Ltd.

 Method of producing a polyamide patent thumbnailMethod of producing a polyamide
A method produces a polyamide having an extractable fraction of oligomer of from 2 to 10 percent. The method includes introducing a monomer into a reactor and polymerizing the monomer to form a first intermediate having an extractable fraction of oligomer of greater than 10 percent, wherein the oligomer is a compound of 2 to 20 units of the monomer.
Basf Se

 Aircraft comprising a retractable arm equipped with an obstacle detector patent thumbnailAircraft comprising a retractable arm equipped with an obstacle detector
The invention relates to an aircraft (5) comprising: a structure (6); a landing gear (1) mounted on the structure (6) of the aircraft; and at least one obstacle detector (2). The aircraft (5) is characterised in that the obstacle detector (2) is secured to an arm (3), said arm (3) being mounted on the structure (6) such that it can move between a rest position in which the arm (3) is retracted and a detection position in which the arm (3) is deployed such that the obstacle detector (2) extends close to a lower portion of the landing gear (1) at a distance from the structure (6) of the aircraft (5)..

 Retractable steering column with dual actuators patent thumbnailRetractable steering column with dual actuators
According to one exemplary embodiment of the present invention a steering column assembly is provided. The steering column assembly includes a steering column shaft.
Steering Solutions Ip Holding Corporation

 Rooftop bike rack system patent thumbnailRooftop bike rack system
A bicycle rack system has wheel trays spaced apart along a first edge of a roof of a vehicle, a support arm extensible and retractable in length, supported by a pivot mechanism near a second edge of the roof of the vehicle, the support arm extensible to a maximum length substantially greater than the width of the roof, and a specific length substantially less than the width of the roof, and a capture mechanism on a free end of the support arm, adapted to capture a part of the bicycle to be carried in the bike rack.. .

Retractable shelter for providing protected space alongside a recreational vehicle having a slideout compartment

A retractable shelter is provided for use with a slideout compartment of a recreational vehicle. The retractable shelter includes a sheet of flexible material capable of being rolled up into a retracted position; and a storage compartment capable of storing the sheet of flexible material rolled up into the retracted position.

Amphibian hull

An amphibian operable in land and marine modes includes a hull, having a discontinuity, and a retractable wheel or track drive assembly at least partially located in the discontinuity. A wheel or track drive of the at least one retractable wheel or track drive assembly is retracted above a lowest point of the hull when operating in marine mode, and the wheel or track drive is protracted below the lowest point when operating in land mode.
Gibbs Technologies Limited

Insert attachment mechanism, rotary cutting tool, tool body, wedge member and adjustment member

An insert attachment mechanism (100) detachably attaches a cutting insert (2) to an insert attachment part (21) of a tool body (3). The insert attachment mechanism includes an adjustment member (30) and a wedge member (10).
Tungaloy Corporation

Closed male luer device for minimizing leakage during connection and disconnection

A medical connector for minimizing leakage of fluids during connection and disconnection is described. The medical connector includes a body having an inlet port, at least one outlet port adjacent to a male luer portion of the body, and a fluid path between the inlet port and the at least one outlet ports.
Carefusion 303, Inc.

Delivery system having a single handed deployment handle for a retractable outer sheath

A delivery system for delivering a prosthesis, the delivery system including a housing, a sheath extending from within the housing, a clutching mechanism housed within the housing, and a cable. The clutching mechanism includes a one-way clutch that transmits a torque from an actuator to an inner shaft assembly when the actuator is rotated in a first direction and does not transmit a torque from the actuator to the inner shaft assembly when the actuator is rotated in a second opposing direction.
Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

Semi-continuous creating an extract from coffee or other extractable materials

The techniques provide for a reconfigurable extraction column length based on the number of columns from a plurality of columns configured for use in an extraction apparatus. The apparatus includes a plurality of columns that each have an inlet, a central portion configured to hold extractable material during an extraction process, and an outlet.
Meltz, Llc

Conveyance device for heat treatment device and heat treatment device

A conveyance device for a heat treatment device presses a conveyed body to convey the conveyed body in a linear direction, and includes a cylinder mechanisms having a retractable rod that presses the conveyed body, in which: an abutting member is disposed at a tip part of the rod of the cylinder mechanism so that the abutting member abuts locations, which are different from each other in a circumferential direction, on an outer peripheral surface of the conveyed body; a guide rail configured to guide the abutting member is provided; and the abutting member is provided with a traveling roller that travels on the guide rail.. .
Ihi Machinery And Furnace Co., Ltd.

Retractable badge reel with button display

An assembly in which a button is secured to a badge reel, the assembly comprising a first structure configured to hold the button against a side of the badge reel and a second structure configured to prevent the button from being sheared from the side of the badge reel.. .
Buttonsmith Inc.

Foldable & extendable 1/4 & 3/8 drive ratchet wrench

A foldable and retractable ratchet wrench comprised of a ¼ inch driver end that manually folds down when not in use; a ⅜ inch fixed driver end; a ratchet arm that folds and locks to various angular positions; an exterior, knurled handle that pivotally folds outward and a cylindrical hollow tube embodiment that extends and retracts from the solid arm. The ¼ inch square driver end is housed within a horizontal square slot provided at an extending shank portion of the ratcheting gear.

Rotation structure of electrosurgical pen

A rotation structure of an electrosurgical pen includes a pen body and a cutting tip mounted to the pen body, an extendible/retractable smoke suction tube, and a rotation assembly mounted to an end of the pen body, and a conduit rotatably coupled to the rotation assembly. The pen body has an end on which a rotary joint part is formed.
Shining World Health Care Co., Ltd.

Self-propelled mower

A self-propelled mower includes a mover main body; a battery, an electric generator, or an engine; a protruding wing that protrudes sideward, the protruding wing being retractable and an extension length of the protruding wing being variable; mowing units protruding from a front face of the mover main body and a front face of the protruding wing, each including a movable blade that reciprocates or rotates to cut grasses driven by an electric motor or the engine, the electric motor being powered by battery or the electric generator. The mover main body moves on a slope face while being towed, via a traction rope, by a straddle-type mover body that moves straddling on a guard rail installed on top of a slope of a bank; or moves on the ground or in the air while being suspended by a suspension rope hung from a spanning cable spanning in the air..
Atsumi Real Estate & Corporation, Inc.

Camera base device with screw-in plug

Present application provides a camera base device with screw-in plug. They can be paired as two units or they can be designed as a single device.
Amaryllo International B.v.

Retractable canopy

Aspects of the present disclosure provide retractable canopies, kits of parts for assembling retractable canopies, and methods for assembling and operating retractable canopies. The retractable canopies provide tracks extending in a longitudinal direction and transversely spaced apart.
Outdoor Living Manufacturing Ltd.

Sprayhead for a faucet, with an improved containment casing

Sprayhead (1) for a faucet, of the type which is separable and can be independently handled with respect to a faucet body, comprising: an inlet union (2), having a connecting mouth connectable to an extractable water supply hose; a dispensing body (4), defining at least a first dispensing outlet (40) and a second dispensing outlet (41); a selector body (3), arranged between the inlet union (2) and the dispensing body (4) and having a selection mechanism (30) actuatable from the outside so as to place the connecting mouth (20) in fluid communication either with the first dispensing outlet (40) or with the second dispensing outlet (41); and a containment casing (5, 6) composed of two portions made of different materials: a structural portion (5), within which the selector body (3) is housed; and a functional portion (6), which covers at least partially said structural portion (5).. .
Amfag S.r.l.

Water supply assembly for laundry washing machine

A water supply assembly (1) for laundry washing machines (100) provided with a detergent drawer (115) which is structured for receiving a given amount of detergent, softener or other washing agent and is fitted in extractable manner into a corresponding drawer housing (116); the water supply assembly (1) being structured for selectively pouring the water arriving from the fresh-water supply circuit (108) of the laundry washing machine (100) into the detergent drawer (115) so as to selectively flush the detergent, softener or other washing agent out of the same detergent drawer (115).. .
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag

Real-time retractable training wheels system and method

A training wheel apparatus for learning to ride a bicycle includes a lift activation assembly, wherein the lift activation assembly includes a grip. The training wheel apparatus further includes a wheel mount assembly configured to operatively connect to a wheel.

Foldable wagon

A foldable wagon is provided that converts from a use configuration to a folded configuration for storage and transportation. The foldable wagon has a collapsible frame, a foldable floor assembly and a linkage assembly.
Radio Flyer Inc.

Retractable putting green

A golf putting device includes a flexible, elongate putting substrate. A distal target portion has a ramped portion attached to a distal end of the flexible, elongate putting substrate and contains a raised deck containing a golf hole.

Surgical snare with ability to deliver electromagnetic energy and/or thermal plasma into biological tissue

A surgical snare comprising a means of delivering thermal plasma on to biological tissue encircled by the snare. The snare may be “cold” snare, i.e.
Creo Medical Limited

Wireless or cellular phone device case with an air tube retractable ear bud headset

A wireless or cellular phone device case with an air tube anti-radiation retractable ear bud headset for providing an easily accessible communication component within a portable wireless or cellular phone device case while limiting transmitted radiation leakage. The wireless or cellular phone device case with air tube anti-radiation retractable ear bud headset generally includes a wireless or cellular phone device case containing a housed retractable phone cord and air filled anti-radiation tube..

Surface mounted device charger

A device includes a cord for connecting into a traditional alternating power supply. The device also includes retractable cords that can be returned and fit inside the device body when not in use.

Retractable curtain panel and enhanced stiffeners

According to some aspects, provided are curtain assemblies configured to operate in high wind environments. The curtain assembly can include first and second track guide including internal security rails.

Stiffened pull cord for architectural coverings

A control element for actuating an operating mechanism for a retractable shade. The retractable shade having a flexible operating cord retractable and extendable from the operating mechanism, the flexible operating cord having a free end.
Hunter Douglas Inc.

Tent having retractable roof

The present invention provides a tent having a retractable roof. A plurality of poles extend substantially perpendicular to the ground.
Yotrio Group Co., Ltd.

Utility putty knife with retractable tool

A multi-use tool with a shaped blade, a retractable tool, and handle with an angled hammering section that allows for a single user to complete varied tasks with just the one multi-use tool.. .

Retractable vehicle step

A retractable vehicle step is attachable to a vehicle or truck. The vehicle step facilitates access to a cargo hold, interior, or roof of the vehicle.
Lund Motion Products, Inc.

Retractable truck bed cover having slat array with flexible joiner members and shielded seams

A retractable truck bed cover having an array of parallel aluminum slats joined together by connective hinges including leading and trailing edge configuration for improving the security of the cover by covering and concealing the seam between adjacent slats while improving the connective hinge's resistance to the effects of aging and/or exposure to temperature fluctuations. The truck bed cover connective hinge slat is designed to be in an array of discrete slats, which are joined to one another by means of joiner members secured at each end to slat end caps.
Roll-n-lock Corporation

Universal multi-terrain brake system (ubs) with adjustable wheel traction (awt)

This invention relates to a universal brake system (ubs) that combines features from an adjustable wheel traction system (wts) and an improved anti-lock brake (abs) system. The wts provides a plurality of extendable and retractable spikes contained in a wheel assembly or wheel adapter to increase traction (friction) between a vehicle's wheel and its supporting surface.

Apparatus and injection molding a golf ball

The present invention is directed to a retractable pin injection mold system and method of forming a layer of a golf ball using the system. By utilizing a radial gate along with stationary vent pins in the mold, the present invention allows for injection molding of a dimpled outer or inner layer having superior physical properties and more consistent aerodynamics..
Acushnet Company

Tools circumferentially placed and retractable into a glove

A glove or length of fabric which is wrapped around at least part of the hand and wrist, having a plurality of circumferentially disposed cavities there-around, is disclosed herein. The cavities hold elongated tools, the tools attached to reels of wire which pull the tools into the cavities.

Device having built-in digital data device powered by unlimited power source for light device

A device having built-in digital data means is powered by an unlimited power source for a lamp-holder, led bulb, or light device connected to unlimited power source by prongs or a base that can be inserted into a socket that would otherwise receiving a bulb. The device may take the form of a webcam having auto tracking functions and retractable prongs that plug directly into a wall outlet..

Prefilled syringe trainer and resetting mechansim

Embodiments of a resettable injection training device are provided herein. The resettable injection training device includes a body and a retractable shield, extendable and retractable relative to the body of the device, in an embodiment.

Sealing system for tank rotary shaft

A seal arrangement allowing in-line maintenance and replacement of packing, seals and bushings of a rotary shaft driving a tool extending inside a fluid holding tank. The rotary shaft and associated seals are mounted in an extractable cartridge removably insertable in sealing engagement within a housing projecting outwardly from the tank.
Rio Tinto Alcan International Limited

Fan module

A fan module is removable from an electronic component by opening a hinged door of the component and removing the fan module from the door. The fan module is removably received within a slot or recess in the door, and is installed or de-installed in a direction non-coincident with the pivotal motion of the door.
Corning Optical Communications Wireless Ltd

Passageway to board and deplane an airplane

Passageway including a section that is extendable and retractable, the section including a frame, slide track assemblies, and scissor bar assembly. The frame has upright members.
East Island Aviation Services, Inc.

Tethered training harness

A training harness for a downhill gliding sport comprising: a harness comprising a back panel, a pair of shoulder straps connected to the back panel, a waist strap connected to the back panel, and at least one sliding anchor point connecter; and a retractable tether comprising a casing supporting and storing a rotatable spool, a handle grip connected to the casing, a tether comprising a first end coupled to the spool and a second end configured for reversible coupling to the at least one sliding anchor point connecter, an elastic section at or proximal to the second end.. .

Forearm mounted holster for quick access to handheld device

A forearm mounted holster for stowing and quick release of a handheld device is disclosed. The holster includes a retractable cord attached to the handheld device.

Retractable hanger used in compartments for carrying personal effects

Retractable hanger used in compartments for carrying personal effects consists essentially of a hanger represented by a hook (1) that can be retracted related to a compartment/bag (b), optionally enclosed by an elastic mesh (2), which is positioned and fixed (3) vertically in the inner surface of the front wall (4) of travel bags (b) and the like, in which the upper fold (5) of said hook (1) enables same to be hung on doors (6) and similar structures, in addition to supports, partitions, bars, rings, clothes hangers and other hooks, whilst the bottom portion (7) thereof has at least one projection (8) for hanging clothing, towels and bags and the like, or a holder (9) for receiving bottles and toiletries and other objects for personal use.. .

Locking mechanism with one and two-stage locking verification

Apparatus and method of locking two devices to each other through a receiver base, a pair of pivoting locking tabs, each having first and second arms extending out from a pivot point, and an insert that is partially engaged within a cavity formed by the receiver base and locking tabs. The receiver base is configured to be engageable with a first device.
Control Dynamics, Inc.

Retractable snap-on leash

Improvements in a retractable snap-on leash is disclosed. The snap-on leash is always on the collar and can be used on nearly any collar that is available in the market place.

Retractable leash

A retractable leash having an internal spooling mechanism, active damping/braking mechanism and sensor activated ultrasonic whistle.. .

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