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This page is updated frequently with new Tractable-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tractable-related patents
 Light device has built-in digital data system for record image, sound patent thumbnailLight device has built-in digital data system for record image, sound
A light device having built-in digital data means is powered by an unlimited power source for a lamp-holder, led bulb, or light device connected to unlimited power source by prongs or a base that or conductive wires can be inserted into a socket that would otherwise receiving a bulb or light source. The device may take the form of a webcam having auto tracking added one of plurality functions to make different products and functions and retractable prongs that plug directly into a wall outlet or insert into existing lamp base or incorporate conductive wire to make electric connection at least one of built-in camera, storage unit, wireless kits, bluetooth kits, motion sensor, light device.

 Wire stripping tool patent thumbnailWire stripping tool
A wire stripping tool comprises a first clip body, a second clip body, an adjusting device, a blade, and a retractable seat. The first clip body includes a first front end with an accommodating groove disposed on one side.
Hanlong Industrial Co., Ltd.

 Fiber optic connector with fiber end protection patent thumbnailFiber optic connector with fiber end protection
The present disclosure relates to fiber optic connection systems including fiber optic connector having retractable noses for protecting bare fiber ends of ferrule-less connectors. In certain examples, the retractable noses are used in combination with protective shutters.
Tyco Electronics Raychem Bvba

 Apparatus,  securing, attaching and/or detaching a device to a fixture patent thumbnailApparatus, securing, attaching and/or detaching a device to a fixture
An apparatus, a system and a method secures, attaches and/or detaches a device to a fixture. A post with an interior secures a retractable reel.
Sennco Solutions, Inc.

 Protective cover assembly for air-moving assembly patent thumbnailProtective cover assembly for air-moving assembly
Apparatuses and methods are provided for protectively covering an air inlet or outlet of an air-moving assembly. The apparatus includes a protective cover assembly, which includes a retractable cover and a spring-biasing mechanism.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Packer plug with retractable latch, downhole system, and  retracting packer plug from packer patent thumbnailPacker plug with retractable latch, downhole system, and retracting packer plug from packer
A packer plug includes a retractable latch having at least one radially compressible finger having threads on an exterior surface, and a housing operatively arranged to move the at least one radially compressible finger inwardly during longitudinal movement of the housing in an uphole direction.. .
Baker Hughes Incorporated

 Retractable vehicle jack patent thumbnailRetractable vehicle jack
A retractable vehicle jack mounted to a vehicle comprising a jack attached to an undercarriage of a vehicle, where the jack moves from an extended position and a retracted position; a top side of the jack, where the top side of the jack presses against the undercarriage of the vehicle when in the extended position; and a bottom side of the jack, where the bottom side of the jack presses against the ground when in the extended position. The jack may be positioned between the front door and the rear door for an optimal balance point on the vehicle..

 Retractable utility knife patent thumbnailRetractable utility knife
A utility knife configured with a retractable cutting blade that is extended and retracted by a blade actuation mechanism. The blade actuation mechanism includes a slider button assembly and a blade carriage assembly that are operably connected in variety of configurations, including a configuration with a rack-and-pinion arrangement between the slider button assembly and the blade carriage assembly.
Slice, Inc.

 Balloon catheter having a retractable sheath and locking mechanism patent thumbnailBalloon catheter having a retractable sheath and locking mechanism
An intravascular balloon catheter device is disclosed having an inner member, an outer member disposed about the inner member and further comprising a balloon. A sheath is disposed about the outer member that moves relative to the balloon so as to selectively expose some or all of the balloon for inflation.

 Electrosurgical snare patent thumbnailElectrosurgical snare
An electrosurgical snare, e.g. Suitably sized for insertion down the instrument channel of an endoscope, arranged to radiate microwave frequency energy (e.g.
Creo Medical Limited


Storage system

A storage system for storing contents is provided. The storage system includes a retractable vertical cabinet having a handle, at least one pivoting support member pivotally attached to at least an exterior side of the cabinet and a support structure.
Dropout Cabinet Fixtures, Llc


Utility glove with integrated measuring device

A utility glove integrally fitted with a selectively retractable tape measure that extends approximately 18 inches to 36 inches. The tape measure is positioned within a compartment located on the dorsal surface of the glove opposite the palm, below the knuckles of the glove index finger and glove middle finger.


Mechanism for charging an electronic device with a retractable cord reel

An mechanism for charging an electronic device with a retractable cord reel. The device maintains a substantially continuous converted power source connection during operation, including operations adjusting the length of the retractable cord..


System with extendable retractable telescopic elements depending on a lifting mechanism, lockable and unlockable mechanically and automatically

According to the invention the load-bearing structure is formed by at least one pantograph having a plurality of parallelograms articulated to one another whose lower vertex is articulated to the base and upper vertex is articulated to the bottom of the furniture or object to be lifted and the stopping device is an integral part of telescopic snap movement.. .


Gas turbine engine variable stator vane

A gas turbine engine includes a stator stage arranged in a core flow path that includes a vane that is configured to be retractable from the core flow path during engine operation.. .
United Technologies Corporation


Numerically controlled tower type combination drive pumping unit and tower moving system

A numerical controlled drive tower pumping unit includes a main tower frame, a power system, a drive system, a control system, a wire rope wheel, a balance weight box, and a suction rod. The power system, drive system, and control system work to alternately raise and lower the suction rod.
International Business Alliance Management, Inc.


Retractable boat extension

A retractable boat extension. The retractable boat extension is a platform that is attachable to a boat, such as a pontoon boat, that provides additional space to transport items or lounge upon.


Motor vehicle having a retractable screen

A trim part of a motor vehicle has a gap into which a display device with a screen can be retracted into the interior of the trim part in a covered position. The screen projects into a passenger compartment of the motor vehicle in a use position by moving through the gap from the covered position with a pivot movement.
Audi Ag


Drum for producing a tire, provided with retractable sectors

The cam has two main faces and is designed such that a monotonous movement of the cam first of all causes the radial movement of some of the sectors by virtue of ramps situated on its first face without modifying a radial position of the other sectors, and then causes the radial movement of the other sectors by virtue of ramps situated on its second face, the movement of all of the sectors then being simultaneous.. .


Lighted tool post guard

A lathe or other rotating machine includes a tool rest on a carriage that is movable along the work piece. The carriage includes a post that is movable with the tool rest.
Jpw Industries Inc.


Dog leash having intelligent lighting to improve safety

Disclosed is a dog leash having intelligent lighting to improve safety. In one aspect, the dog leash includes a central cavity holding a retractable leash and an extension sensor to detect when the retractable leash is extended beyond a threshold distance.


Portable battery device

A portable battery device which comprises two separable parts: a) a support (1), attached permanently or in extractable fashion to a piece of electrical, electronic or electromechanical equipment which is energised by the portable battery device, in which the support (1) is connected by means of at least one electrical contact (4) to said electrical, electronic or electromechanical unit, and; b) a battery (2), attached in extractable fashion to the support (1), connected electrically and mechanically to said support (1), with the battery comprising a charging socket (3) to connect it by means of a cable to a power socket.. .
Ojmar, S.a.


Semiconductor wafer holder and wafer carrying tool using the same

A wafer holder and a semiconductor wafer carrying tool including the wafer holder are provided. The wafer holder includes a frame portion, a wafer centering unit and a plurality of support pins for supporting the wafer carried by the wafer holder.
Macronix International Co., Ltd.


Retractable display apparatus and portable electronic device using the same

A retractable display apparatus includes a display assembly and a retraction assembly. The retraction assembly includes an accommodation assembly, a rotary member, a driving assembly, and a latching member.
Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.


Ejection port dust gate for automatic weapons

A removable dust gate for an automatic weapon is described. The removable dust gate can include a retractable pivot pin having rod sections with compressible objects therebetween that allow the rod sections to be temporarily pushed together, shortening the length of the retractable pivot pin.


Pallet-truck-compatible floor-mounted load elevator

A pallet-truck-compatible load elevator includes a vertical mast and a carriage coupled to the mast for vertical motion of the carriage along the mast. The retractable forks are housed in assemblies connected to the carriage and are beyond the front face of the carriage when in retracted position, such that access to the front face of the carriage is unobstructed to a pallet truck carrying a pallet.
Bishamon Industries Corporation


Electromagnetic valve for high-pressure cryogenic gas

The present application relates to an electromagnetic valve, in particular for high-pressure cryogenic gas for a rocket. The valve includes a body in which a passage is formed connecting an inlet to an outlet, a seat communicating with the passage, a ball sealing the seat when the valve is at rest, a magnetic circuit with a coil, a magnetic shell, and a plunger displacing the ball relative to the seat thereof in order to open and/or close the seat.
Techspace Aero S.a.


Turbine-driven swimming pool cleaning apparatus and method

A swimming pool cleaner is driven along a submerged surface by water and debris flowing past a turbine positioned between an inlet and outlet of the cleaner. Retractable elements carried proximate the inlet form a plenum for water to enhance adherence of the pool cleaner to the submerged pool surface being cleaner.


Laundry washing machine

A laundry washing machine (1) includes an outer casing (2) and an appliance control panel (6) located on a front wall (3) of the casing (2). The appliance control panel (6) is arranged on a front side of a drawer-like supporting structure (13) which is inserted in extractable manner into a corresponding drawer housing (14).
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag


Matrix for magnetic separator and magnetic separator

Matrix for magnetic separator of present invention includes: entirely approximately wavelike plate-shaped magnetic walls each having orderly structure of wave-shaped bent sections continuously repeatedly formed in wave advancing direction and each having wave height h of ≦1 mm and approximately inverted v- or u-shape; and entirely approximately box-shaped housing part housing magnetic walls and having in opposite surfaces, introducing and discharging parts through which sorting target fluid containing magnetically-attractable substance magnetically-attractable to magnetic walls is passed thereinto/therefrom, magnetic walls arranged in juxtaposition such that convex shapes of wave-shaped bent sections in one magnetic wall face concave shapes thereof in another magnetic wall adjacent to one magnetic wall with constant interval therebetween.. .


Compressible or retractable support for air blower cavity of air flow mattress

A compressible or retractable support (10, 80, 90, 100) is installed inside an air blower cavity (36) of a body support system (30), such as a medical mattress with forced air flow. The support is compressed or retracted within the cavity when the air blower (40) is inserted in the dynamic configuration of the body support system.
Fxi, Inc.


Pet leash system

A pet leash system for simultaneously walking multiple pets is provided. The system comprises a retractable leash having a primary leash having a first end and a second end.


Apparatus for meat-sausage portion and for a medicinal pill

An apparatus is for a meat-sausage portion and for a medicinal pill. The meat-sausage portion has an internal-core portion.


Retractable datacommunications rack

A retractable datacommunications rack includes: a mounting member configured to mount to a mounting structure; a linkage mounted to the mounting member; and an enclosure mounted on the linkage and configured to provide locations for datacommunications interconnections. The linkage is configured to move the enclosure between a retracted raised position and a lowered working position..
Commscope, Inc. Of North Carolina


Methods and systems that build a hierarchically organized data structure containing standard feature symbols for conversion of document images to electronic documents

The current application is directed to methods and systems that convert document images, which contain arabic text and text in other languages in which symbols are joined together to produce continuous words and portions of words, into corresponding electronic documents. In one implementation, a document-image-processing method and system to which the current application is directed employs numerous techniques and features that render efficiently computable an otherwise intractable or impractical document-image-to-electronic-document conversion.
Abbyy Development Llc


Structure of linear actuator

An improved structure of linear actuator includes an actuator including a gear set having a friction portion located at the periphery of the gear shaft of a driven gear thereof, a one-way bearing mounted on the gear shaft for rubbing against the friction portion to brake the driven gear from reverse rotation, a driver for driving the gear set and a transmission mechanism including a lead screw coaxially coupled to and rotatable by the gear shaft of the driven gear and a retractable tube assembly coupled to the lead screw and movable by the lead screw between an extended position and a received position, and a stopping mechanism including a thrust bearing coupled to the gear shaft of the driven gear and stoppable against an inner race of the one-way bearing inner race to bear an axial thrust load.. .
Moteck Electric Corp.


Treatment process for extraction of precious, base and rare elements

This invention describes a hydrometallurgical process for the recovery and separation of valuable elements, in particular gold and silver, from a feed material comprising a refractory, intractable or otherwise poorly responding to conventional treatment routes ores, concentrates and other materials. In particular, the process is a process integrated into one or more existing value element extraction processes..
Lifezone Limited


Buffer, stacking system including the buffer, and buffering

A buffer apparatus configured to hold a stack of sheets includes an input, first and second side guides each having a face facing transverse to the travel direction, and a backstop facing the input and spaced from the input in the travel direction. The first side guide, second side guide and backstop define a hopper for holding a plurality of the sheets.
A. G. Stacker Inc.


Cord retractor

A cord retractor includes a support member, a first length of electrical cord, a spool, and a second length of electrical cord. The spool includes a helical groove on an outer surface of the spool.
Mindray Ds Usa, Inc.


Retractable deployable structure using a tape spring

A deployable structure comprises: a mount comprising a first point and a second point opposite and a third point, a storage reel able to rotate about an axis z, a tape spring able to switch from a configuration in which it is wound about the axis z in the storage reel into a configuration in which it is deployed along an axis x substantially perpendicular to the axis z, the first and second points forming a double support with the tape spring to keep the tape spring in the deployed configuration. The third point is able to form a simple support with the tape spring, the storage reel is able to move with respect to the third point and the storage reel is pressed against the third point to guide the deployment of the tape spring..


Real-time retractable training wheels system and method

A training wheel apparatus for learning to ride a bicycle includes a lift activation assembly, wherein the lift activation assembly includes a grip. The training wheel apparatus further includes a wheel mount assembly configured to operatively connect to a wheel.


Hand-held slicer

A hand-held slicing device having a handle connected to a slicing tray. The slicing tray includes a ramp leading to a fixed blade.
Progressive International Corporation


Device for withdrawing and dispensing a viscous product, without taking in air

A device for withdrawing and dispensing a viscous product without taking in air is described. The device on the one hand includes a pumping member positioned, by its base, at the open end of a rigid container associated with a retractable flexible inner pouch, intended to receive the product, and on the other hand a plunger tube connected by its upper end to a corresponding part of the pumping member, such that the upper end is partially submerged in the product and the free lower end is completely submerged in the product, such that the plunger tube is made up of a first upper part, with a closed circumference, defining a reference section of the tube and a second lower part submerging the first, with a circumference open by at least one longitudinal slot, made along a generatrix and defining a c- or u-shaped section on that part of the tube..
Promens Sa


Retractable insulin infusion system

A device for introducing a liquid (e.g., insulin) into tissue of a subject (e.g., a mammal, such as a human) in need of the liquid. The device includes a cannula having a distal tip.


Combination of morphinan compounds and antidepressant for the treatment of pseudobulbar affect, neurolgical diseases, intractable and chronic pain and brain injury

Provided herein are compositions comprising a dextromethorphan analog according to formula i or formula ii or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof of either of the foregoing, and a co-agent, e.g., an antidepressant such as a serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor; a serotonin noradrenaline dopamine reuptake inhibitor; a norepinephrine dopamine reuptake inhibitor; a monoamine oxidase inhibitor; a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor; and a tricyclic antidepressant or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt of any of the foregoing. The compositions are useful in the the treatment of pseudobulbar affect, neuropathic pain, neurodegenerative diseases, brain injuries, and the like..
Concert Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Systems and methods for attachemnt of dental prostheses

Dental implant systems for releasable attachment of dental prostheses are shown and described. Each of the dental implant systems includes an implant body, a prosthesis body, and an abutment body with a locking device.


Ablation systems, probes, and methods for reducing radiation from an ablation probe into the environment

The ablation systems, ablation probes, and corresponding methods according to the present disclosure reduce or eliminate energy radiating from an ablation probe into the environment. Some ablation probes include a retractable sheath that shields at least the radiating portion of the ablation probe.
Covidien Lp


Retractable burr hole plate and method

A plate assembly for attaching a bone flap to a skull is provided and may include a first plate member attached to the bone flap and a second plate member supported by the first plate member and movable between a retracted position and an extended position relative to the first plate member. The second plate member may be removed from a cut line between the bone flap and the skull in the retracted position and may extend over the cut line in the extended position..
Biomet Manufacturing, Llc


Shielded point motion tackle

A shielded point motion fishing tackle having a twin set of springless, retractable fishing hooks shielded by the body of a live or artificial lure until activated by the force caused by the striking motion of a fish.. .


Leash device

A leash assembly includes a housing structured to define a handle portion extending away from a spool portion. A spool is rotatably positioned within the spool portion of the housing.


Apparatus and cultivating a downhole surface

Methods and apparatus for cultivating a surface of a wall of a subterranean well bore, conduit or cable by scraping and furrowing the surface using a string hoistable shaft carrying a flexible arrangement of a laterally extendable and retractable arcuate engagement linkage dragging a cutter and scraper member, wherein said engagement linkage arcuately engages and aligns the cutter and scraper member during one or more scraping engagements: along said surface and longitudinal to a well axis to form and use said furrow, across said surface and transverse to said well axis using a filament linkage to form and use said furrow, or along and across said surface and longitudinal and transverse to said well axis to form and use a lattice of said furrows, separating a plane of the surface into a plurality of planes that comprise separate surface regions, usable by an ancillary apparatus or a spreadable substance.. .


Bi-level work platform for iso tanks

A bi-level work platform includes a landing vertically spaced from and cantilever supported above a u-shaped base. A folding platform is pivotally connected to the landing by a pivotal platform and by gas struts.
Garlock Safety Systems Inc.


Laundry washing machine

A laundry washing machine (1) includes an outer casing (2), a washing tub which is arranged inside the casing (2), a rotatable drum which is structured for housing the laundry to be washed, a detergent dispensing assembly (5), a main fresh-water supply circuit, and an appliance control panel (6) located on the front wall (3) of the casing (2). The laundry washing machine (1) is furthermore provided with an auxiliary, manually-operated, garment cleaning assembly (15) that includes an electrically-powered, hand-held, garment stain-removal tool (16).
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag


Cargo shipping container with top-access roof cover

An intermodal transport container comprising a rectangular frame having enclosed sides, a floor, a top-access roof cover including a retractable roof panel assembly, a first end closure, and an opposing end closure collectively forming an enclosed interior volume for transporting bulk material. The top-access hinged roof cover includes a robust roof panel hinge system that engages with the roof panel assembly.


Vehicle seat back with feature for grasping of seatbelt

A seat assembly for a vehicle includes a seat back having a cushion surface forming a bolster along a lateral edge thereof, a recess formed in the bolster, and a retractable seatbelt. When in a stowed condition, the seatbelt extends along the bolster between a top a bottom thereof, and a portion of the seatbelt passes over the recess to create a space between an edge of the seatbelt and the cushion surface.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Vehicular seat

A vehicle seat having a seat back and seat cushion connected to the seat back, the seat back and seat cushion being retractable to a retraction floor disposed lower than a vehicle body floor, is described. The vehicle seat includes: a support base connected to the vehicle body floor, disposed below the seat cushion, and pivotally connected to a lower end of the seat back; a detachable leg having an upper end attached to the seat cushion and lower end connectable to the support base; a leg retaining member attached to the support base to detachably retain the lower end of the detachable leg; and a base cover that covers the support base.
Ts Tech Co., Ltd.


Landscape lighting pocket tool

A landscape lighting pocket tool having a set of foldable retractable tool bits for working on an article to enable on the go and on the spot adjusting or repairing an article or a system as well as one or more tool bits that may an angle adjustable level for determining a level condition of an article, a drywall saw blade that allows the handle of the foldable pocket tool to be used as a handle of the drywall saw blade and a set of bevel cutting edges in the jaws of the foldable pocket tool to allow a person to both cut and strip insulation from a variety of different wire sizes wire without damaging the wire.. .


Extraction devices, systems, and methods

Extraction devices, methods, and systems are disclosed. Example devices have a solvent chamber, a plant material chamber, a collection chamber, and a solvent return that create a sealed, closed-cycle extraction and/or solvent purification process.
Connoisseur Concentrates, Llc


Retracting sheath detachable safety needle with moving spring

A passive safety needle device is disclosed having a housing, a needle hub, a needle cannula, a retractable sheath, a spring to bias the retractable sheath in a distal direction to cover the distal end of the needle cannula, a radial protrusion to cause the spring to move from the proximal spring position to the distal spring position, and a catch to secure the distal end of the spring to the distal end of the housing. The spring may bias the retractable sheath in a distal direction to cover the distal end of the needle cannula.
Becton, Dickinson And Company


Retractable vented attic storage system

A closet 100 fits into an attic. A raiseable panel (4275) forms the bottom of the closet.
Delorean, Llc


Security badge holder

An apparatus for holding a personal security badge has been developed. The holder includes a split ring for attachment to the body of the wearer and a retractable reel connected to the split ring.


Side bound split trolley case

Generally suitcases, or other articles of luggage, can be divided into ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ constructions. Both kinds of cases have their advantages, but each has its own disadvantages.
It Luggage Limited


Automatic retractable float

The invention relates to an automatic retractable float for use with a crab net including a body which floats in water and an automatic retraction and extension mechanism for automatically extending and retracting line from the body. In use the line is attached to the crab net, the crab net deployed and the body floats when in water towards the surface of the water.


Connector structure with retractable terminal

A connector structure with a retractable terminal includes an insulative main body having a receiving portion and a through hole. A terminal assembly includes a push pin and a connecting terminal, the connecting terminal having a connecting portion, the push pin having a contact portion and an attachment portion, the contact portion protruded out of the through hole, the attachment portion disposed inside the receiving portion; an elastic unit arranged inside the receiving portion and indirectly abutted the push pin protruded out of the through hole; an electrical insulating member covering an outer of the attachment portion of the push pin and disposed between the push pin and the elastic unit for insulation; the electrical insulating member slidably contacts the receiving portion, and a cut-out slot formed on the electrical insulating member, the connecting portion of the connecting terminal penetrating the cut-out slot to electrically contact the push pin..
Bellwether Electronic Corp.


Article ejecting device of automatic vending machine

An article ejecting device of an automatic vending machine includes an article storage rack having an article storage passage for storing articles while being laid sideways, a base board forming one side of the article storage passage, a first stopper member movable between a protruding position in which the first stopper member protrudes toward the article storage passage and a retractable position in which the first stopper member is retracted from the article storage passage, a second stopper member movable between a protruding position in which the second stopper member protrudes toward the article storage passage and a retractable position in which the second stopper member is retracted from the article storage passage, and an outlet adjustment member forming another side of the article storage passage. The first stopper member includes an article placement surface having a holding portion holding the first vending article in a rolling manner..
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.


Multi-purpose credit card reader apparatus

A credit card reader shields a credit card, stores data from one or more credit cards simultaneously and then selectively broadcasts data associated with one of the cards. A slim, electromagnetically shielding housing has a cavity and a card reader for reading data from a credit card received in the cavity.


Mountable and retractable lighting system

An adjustable lighting system for installation on the side walls of a building. The lighting system includes a motor and gears that lower lights when the system is activated and retract them when deactivated, thereby keeping the system hidden from view when not in use.


Retractable lighting assembly

A lighting assembly, mounted within a cavity of a structure having an exposed outer surface, includes a lighting source having a light output surface and a push-retract mechanism. The push-retract mechanism includes at least one biasing assembly operable to displace the lighting source between an extended position where the light output surface extends beyond the outer surface of the structure, and a retracted position, where the light output surface does not extend beyond the outer surface of the structure..
Eklipse Luminaire Architectural Inc.


Wind generator with lightweight adjustable blades

A wind generator system with a plurality of lightweight, surface area adjustable airfoil/sail blades. Each blade is triangular or wedge shape with a narrow inner edge and a wide outer edge.
3 Phase Energy Systems, Inc


Starter device for an internal combustion engine

A starter device for an internal combustion engine includes a starter housing, an electric motor and an engagement pinion driven in rotation by the motor around the pinion rotation axis, the pinion being movable in a translational motion along its pinion rotation axis between a retracted position and an engaging position for engaging a gear connected to the internal combustion engine, the translational motion being caused by the rotation of the electric motor, the starter device further comprising a non-rotatable element which is blocked in rotation with respect to the starter housing, a rotatable element driven in rotation by the electric motor, a helical linkage between the non rotatable element and the rotatable element for causing the translational motion of the pinion. The non rotatable element is fixed in translation along the pinion rotation axis with respect to the starter housing, the rotatable element can translate with respect to the starter housing, and translation of the rotatable element causes translation of the pinion towards its engaging position.
Volvo Truck Corporation


Retractable overhead access platform for machine room less elevator systems

A retractable platform for use in a machine room less elevator system is disclosed. The retractable platform includes a vertical support and a collapsible platform.


Retractable seatbelt positioner with stowage feature

The present teachings provide for a vehicle seatbelt positioner. The vehicle can include a pillar and seatbelt.


Multiple piece pitching mound

A portable pitching mound having a plurality of shell pieces. Each shell piece has a forward and rearward end with opposite side portions and an upper surface and opposite underside.
True Pitch, Inc.


Retractable fluid collection device

Retractable medical device including a body having an open back end and a front end. A movable member is arranged within the body.
Stat Medical Devices, Inc.


Rolling luggage with multiple modes of conveyance

An article of rolling luggage is provided. The article has a retractable or collapsible handle that is convertible between a stored position and a first extended position of use.
Eddie Bauer Llc


Decoy with selectively deployable keel

A decoy with selectively deployable keel for positioning at or near the surface of a body of water comprising: an at least partially buoyant structure wherein the at least partially buoyant structure at least partially resembles the shape of an animal, and at least one selectively deployable keel component which is attachable to said at least partially buoyant structure. In one or more embodiments, the at least partially buoyant structure comprises a waterfowl decoy body with a head and neck region, a midsection, an aft, and a bottom surface with a cavity, and the at least one selectively deployable keel component is attached to the bottom surface so as to be deployable when the added stability of a keel component is desired and retractable when not desired, such as for storage..
Huntwise, Inc.


Retractable row crop tire guard

A tire guard for a wheel of an agricultural vehicle includes a fender having a first width substantially covering a width of the wheel and a crop shield having a forward area and a back area. A first bracket connects the fender to the wheel and a second bracket connects the crop shield to the wheel.
Agco Corporation


Method for operating relation server in nested-centralized model and system using the same

Disclosed herein are a method for operating a relation server in a hybrid model and a system using the method. The method for operating a relation server includes generating, by the relation server, a capability set required to execute a command by analyzing the command, grouping, by the relation server, machines that are to execute the command, based on the generated capability set, capability parameters and status parameters of respective machines that are previously registered in the relation server or that are extractable by the relation server, and generating, by the relation server, relations using sub-relations formed by a machine group grouped by the relation server and a sub-relation server..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Method for operating relation server and system using the same

Disclosed herein are a method for operating a relation server and a system using the method. The method for operating the relation server for managing relations between machines includes generating, by the relation server, a capability set required to execute a command by analyzing the command, and grouping, by the relation server, machines that are to execute the command, among the machines, based on the generated capability set, and capability parameters and status parameters of respective machines that have been previously registered in the relation server or that are extractable by the relation server..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Retractable docking system

An information handling system (ihs) docking system includes an ihs chassis defining an alignment member passageway and an ihs connector opening. An ihs connector is movably coupled to the ihs chassis adjacent the ihs connector opening and resiliently biased into a retracted orientation.
Dell Products L.p.


Apparatus and methods for conducting assays and high throughput screening

The present invention provides microfluidic devices and methods for using the same. In particular, microfluidic devices of the present invention are useful in conducting a variety of assays and high throughput screening.
California Institute Of Technology


Combination combustor and burner

A system for combusting reactants. The system includes a low pressure combustor coupled to a low pressure line.


Table tent

A table tent includes a roof, posts connected to and supporting the roof, at least one sidewall around at least a portion of a perimeter of the table tent. The posts may be attached to a surface upon which the table tent rests.


Stand alone water defence apparatus

A stand-alone flood barrier apparatus that bolts to the ground through anchor bolts (see fig. 1) that connects with other stand-alone flood barrier apparatus to make a circuit to protect a persons desired location they wish to protect against flood waters such as crop fields.


Retractable toe guard assembly for an elevator system

An elevator system including an elevator car having a front wall having an opening allowing entry into the elevator car, a rear wall opposite the front wall, a left wall and a right wall; a platform positioned at an underside of the elevator car; and a toe guard assembly coupled to the platform, the toe guard assembly including a first panel and a second panel, the second panel having an extended position and a retracted position; the second panel movable from the extended position to the retracted position by tray cling in one of a left direction towards the left wall and a right direction towards the right wall.. .
Otis Elevator Company


Storage tank with discharge conveyor

A storage tank defines a square hopper bottom converging to a bottom discharge located at one corner. The tank sits on a base frame defined by four vertical retractable legs with one leg at the discharge recessed inwardly from the corner.
Fb Industries Inc.

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This listing is a sample listing of patent applications related to Tractable for is only meant as a recent sample of applications filed, not a comprehensive history. There may be associated servicemarks and trademarks related to these patents. Please check with patent attorney if you need further assistance or plan to use for business purposes. This patent data is also published to the public by the USPTO and available for free on their website. Note that there may be alternative spellings for Tractable with additional patents listed. Browse our RSS directory or Search for other possible listings.



3 - 0 - 101