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Tractable patents


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 Server patent thumbnailServer
The present invention provides a server, including a casing; and at least one single server node of the server, disposed in the casing and comprising a hard disk of a first size, a drawout hard disk tray, a hard disk backplane, a mainboard and a node power distributing board, in which the hard disk of the first size is disposed on the drawout hard disk tray and at least two layers of the drawout hard disk trays are provided; each layer of the drawout hard disk tray is connected to the hard disk backplane via a retractable cable, or, each layer of the drawout hard disk tray is connected to the mainboard and the node power distributing board via the retractable cable, and the drawout hard disk tray is configured to perform a hot swap of the hard disk of the first size.. .
Beijing Baidu Netcom Science And Technology Co., Ltd.

 Magnetic cardette patent thumbnailMagnetic cardette
A magnetic cardette for removably holding a card or sign. The cardette includes a stem insertable into a floral arrangement container.
Syndicate Sales, Inc.

 Retractable capacitance pen patent thumbnailRetractable capacitance pen
The invention relates to a retractable capacitance pen. The retractable capacitance pen comprises a pen case, an electrical signal transmitting module, an extension-and-retraction unit, and a switching unit.
Waltop International Corporation

 Firearm handgrip with intergrated safety lock system patent thumbnailFirearm handgrip with intergrated safety lock system
A firearm handgrip with integrated safety lock system includes a handgrip having a plurality of connectors, a generally hollow interior space and an aperture, an elongated retractable plate is positioned within the aperture and is connected to a plate alignment unit located within the interior space of the handgrip. The plate transitions between an extended position and a retracted position.

 Clamping device with auxiliary functions patent thumbnailClamping device with auxiliary functions
A clamping device includes a pivot seat; a clamp seat for clamping an object thereon and formed a hook member, and having a lower portion connected pivotally to the pivot seat; and a telescopic structure disposed behind the clamp seat. The telescopic structure defines a hollow space corresponding to the hook member of the clamp seat, and includes two retractable rod units.

 Horizontal engine build stand patent thumbnailHorizontal engine build stand
A horizontal support tool for an engine build stand, the horizontal support tool includes a support tube along an axis and a tie shaft between a handle and a puck assembly, said puck assembly including a puck selectively extendable and retractable transverse to the axis in response to rotation of the handle. A method of horizontally assembling a portion of a gas turbine engine including mounting a first module to an engine build stand; installing a horizontal support tool into the first module, the horizontal support tool supported in a spherical bearing supported by the engine build stand; and installing a second module to the first module, the horizontal support tool operable to at least partially support second module..
United Technologies Corporation

 Device for cutting film-like media patent thumbnailDevice for cutting film-like media
Methods and systems are provided for rewinding and cutting a film-like material. In one example, a method may include adjusting a position of a retractable driven shaft located between a first roller from which the film-like material is unwound and a second roller onto which the film-like material is rewound during the rewinding and cutting operations.
Nepata Gmbh

 Retractable cargo cover system patent thumbnailRetractable cargo cover system
A retractable cargo cover system is provided for a motor vehicle having three rows of seating. That retractable cargo cover system includes a first receiver carried on a second row seat, a second receiver carried on a third row seat and a retractable cargo cover assembly.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

 Sun visor system for a motor vehicle patent thumbnailSun visor system for a motor vehicle
A sun visor system is provided for a motor vehicle. That sun visor system includes a first guide track carried on an a-pillar and a second guide track carried on the rearview mirror support.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

 Retractable column and  forming patent thumbnailRetractable column and forming
The present invention is an improved apparatus and method for forming a retractable tower or column. The present invention includes pointed hooks wherein the hooks are attached to each section of a section chain, one in a horizontal direction and one in an off-set manner.
Tower Solutions, Llc

Unique self-pressurizing, self-cooling beverage system, having impact-and-vibration-absorbing systems, anti-shaking anti-rolling clamping system, root-beer-float system, beverage-dispensing system, and multi-height spigot system

A portable c02 based cooler and beverage dispensing system for pressurizing and cooling beverage tanks, comprises a vibration-absorbing portable shell with a snap on removable tray for holding beverage containers and ice-cream-recesses, two growler-vibration-absorbing circular springs molded on the shell bottom for absorbing vibration from transportation and for holding and separating two beverage tanks, a tank-vibration-absorbing circular spring molded on the shell bottom for absorbing vibration from transportation and for holding a pressurized tank, a clamping system for clamping on and stabilizing two beverage growlers and a pressurized tank for transportation, two multi-height spigots, two height-adjustable telescopic posts, and a retractable height-adjustable spigot-locking handle attached the two posts and having two spigot-locking receptacles molded thereon for locking and adjusting the multi-height spigots to multiple different heights.. .

Governor inertia carrier for elevator safety mechanism

An elevator governor inertia carrier has a cartridge having a shaft opening for receiving a shaft. The cartridge is configured for fixed attachment to the shaft.
Thyssenkrupp Ag

Hitch system

In one embodiment, a hitch system, comprising: an upper support structure comprising a first pivot mount at one end of the upper support structure and a second pivot mount at the other end of the upper support structure; a lower structural assembly comprising a base having a third pivot mount at one end of the base and a fourth pivot mount at the other end of the base, the lower structural assembly further comprising first and second lift arms pivotably connected respectively to the third and fourth pivot mounts; and first and second actuators each comprising a retractable member and independently operable, the first actuator pivotably connected at one end of the first actuator to the first pivot mount and pivotably connected at the other end of the first actuator to the first lift arm, the second actuator pivotably connected at one end of the second actuator to the second pivot mount and pivotably connected at the other end of the second actuator to the second lift arm.. .
Agco Corporation

Blow mold tool with retractable base portion

Blow molding tools and a method of blow molding which provide that the tool have a retractable push up section in the base which allows for the article molded by the tool to have a recessed base internal to an otherwise hollow structure. As the push up is moveable, adjustment of the push up portion can be performed during an automated blow molding operation so as to allow release of the blow molded article..
Pretium Packaging, L.l.c.

Meniscal repair systems and methods

A device for repairing a tear in a portion of tissue comprises a proximal actuator portion, a transfer needle extending distally from the proximal actuator portion and a catch needle extending distally from the proximal actuator portion. A suture needle is disposed in the transfer needle, and is extendable from the transfer needle toward the catch needle and retractable from the catch needle toward the transfer needle.
Cayenne Medical, Inc.

Dual retractable seam ripper

A dual blade retractable seam ripper is provided. The seam ripper has a generally cylindrical tube and a unitary injection molded slide block structure.
Dpg Usa Inc

Compact, ergonomic, lighted, retractable seam ripper

A compact, ergonomic, lighted, retractable seam ripper is provided, having a housing, a retractable seam ripping blade, an led, a battery, and a switch. The housing has generally planar exterior sidewalls and lower peripheral surface, a generally arcuate upper peripheral surface, a blade opening in the upper surface, and a longitudinally extending first and second rail generally parallel to the lower peripheral surface.
Dpg Usa Inc

Microphone unit for stereo recording

A microphone unit for stereo recording capable of switching an arrangement of left and right microphones between a true xy technique and another technique. A microphone unit for stereo recording, including: a pair of unidirectional left and right microphones; and a retractable mechanism joined to the respective left and right microphones.
Zoom Corporation

Unified retractable casing system for mobile devices

The present invention provides for, in one or more embodiments, a casing system for a mobile device. The system includes an upper cover, a lower cover and a hinge mechanism providing for both axial movement and radial movement of the upper cover in relation to the lower cover.
Kingston Digital, Inc.

Process cartridge

The invention relates to a process cartridge, which comprises a process cartridge housing, a photosensitive member, a driving force receiving opening, a retractable mechanism and a control mechanism, wherein the photosensitive member is arranged inside the process cartridge housing; the driving force receiving opening is connected with the photosensitive member and provides a driving force for the photosensitive member; the retractable mechanism allows the driving force receiving opening to extend or retract in the axial direction of the photosensitive member; and the control mechanism controls the extension and retraction of the retractable mechanism.. .
Zhuhai Seine Technology Co., Ltd.

Zone selection with smart object selectively operating predetermined fracturing access valves

An intelligent dart or ball or other shape is dropped or pumped into a borehole that has multiple valves for access to the formation through which fractures are initiated. The intelligent object engages with the valves as it passes with retractable engagement dogs that are outwardly biased but not to the degree needed to find support unless the valve in question is the one that needs to be operated.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Retractable shade system and related manufacturing

In one aspect, the present invention relates to a retractable shade system. In one example implementation, the system includes a shade comprised of a body of rollable material.

Method of installing depressible pavement marker

A retractable, reflective pavement marker for delineating traffic lanes of roadways and a method of installing the same that provides improved protection from potentially damaging vehicle tires, snowplows, and environmental conditions. The marker incorporates a reflector assembly mounted to a piston that is depressible within a housing.
Roadvision Technologies, Inc.

System of retractable shelves

Each shelving unit includes a first retractable shelf and a second retractable shelf. The first retractable shelf and the second retractable shelf each include a storage panel, a support beam, a hinge mechanism, and an at least one support leg.

Retractable stop with frictional element

A transport structure, such as a pallet or dolly, having a plurality of retractable stops with frictional elements is provided. The frictional elements are exposed when the retractable stop is in a retracted position..
Orbis Corporation

Retractable fin and fin box

A retractable fin system having a retractable fin and fin box is disclosed. An example retractable fin system includes a housing insertable into an opening in a watercraft board.
Twitch, Llc

Vessel having a retractable cursor frame assembly

This invention relates to a vessel having an extendable and retractable cursor frame assembly for deploying other vessels into a body of water. The retractable cursor frame assembly on the main vessel may be retracted and secured on a module of the main vessel as the main vessel is in transit.
Keppel Offshore & Marine Technology Centre Pte Ltd

Retractable holder for writing, pointing instruments

A utility retractor having a utility adaptor, and having a retractable tether comprised of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (uhmwpe) material. The uhmwpe exhibits many important qualities suitable in a utility retractor, including abrasion resistance, the ability to be knotted without tangling, and it is very slippery to achieve a significant useful life.

Dual chamber syringe with retractable needle

Embodiments of a retractable syringe assembly are provided that include a dual syringe barrel configuration. One or more embodiments include reuse prevention features and features that prevent premature activation of the retraction mechanism.
Becton, Dickinson And Company

Adjustable necklace extension with interchangeable adornments system and method

The adjustable necklace extension with interchangeable adornments system, the system includes an adjustable necklace extension assembly, two clasp attachers, at least one retractable cord, a housing and a retraction assembly. The adjustable necklace extension with interchangeable adornments system is useful for providing a decorative necklace accessory that helps users to more easily secure a necklace.

Retractable cable and cable rewind spool configuration

A spool apparatus is described to include in one particular example a cable spool with a first cylindrical lip and a second cylindrical lip on an opposite side of the cable spool. A center of the spool includes a clutch bearing in the center of both the first cylindrical lip and the second cylindrical lip that provides a rotational axis for the cable spool to rotate around.
Amx Llc

Component tray holder with slim side rails

A retractable component tray holder includes: an outer tray having first and second outer tray sidewalls, and a bottom; an inner tray configured to retract into and extend from the outer tray, the inner tray having a first inner tray sidewall and a bottom; a fan chassis configured to receive at least one fan, the fan chassis being adjacent a rear of the inner tray; a bottom support assembly comprising a first bottom support slideably mounted on the bottom of the outer tray, a second bottom support slideably mounted on the first bottom support, and the inner tray being slideably mounted on the second bottom support; and a second side support assembly comprising a side support slideably mounted on the second sidewall, a bracket slideably mounted on the side support, and the fan chassis mounted on the bracket.. .
Quanta Computer Inc.

Sheet conveyer and image forming apparatus

A sheet conveyer, having a sheet supporting plate, a feed roller, a lifting device to move the sheet supporting plate between a separated position and a contacting position, a motor, a sheet guide disposed on the sheet supporting plate to extend orthogonally to an axial direction of a rotation shaft of the feed roller to be movable in the axial direction on the sheet supporting plate, and a contact member disposed in an upper position with respect to the sheet guide, is provided. The sheet guide includes a retractable member movable between a first position, in which the retractable member is located when the sheet supporting plate is in the separated position, and a second position, in which the retractable member is placed by a reaction force from the contact member produced by contact between the sheet supporting plate and the feed roller..
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Collapsible wiring conduit for downhole linear actuator

A collapsible wiring conduit can provide an extendable and retractable wired connection between moving components in a downhole tool, such as components moved relative to one another by a linear actuator. The collapsible wiring conduit can include links, hinges, stoppers, and wiring.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Folded dome like retractable opening structure and method

A folded dome like retractable opening structure and method of the present invention is an hourglass in external appearance with a narrow waist and a mirrored double truncated flexible cone-like structure, with one primary truncated flexible cone-like structure on bottom intermediately supported and connected by one secondary truncated flexible cone-like structure on top. The retractable opening of the present invention is the truncated open end of the primary truncated flexible cone-like structure, where it is flexible to expand to open toward and contract to close away from its peripheral.

Label attaching apparatus

The present disclosure relates to a label attaching apparatus comprising a mounting base; an attaching plate having a first end which is connected to a first position on the mounting base and a second end which is a free end and provided with a label attaching unit; and a driving cylinder including a cylinder body and a piston rod retractable and extendable relative to the cylinder body, the cylinder body being connected to a second position on the mounting base, a distal end of the piston rod opposite to the cylinder body being connected to the attaching plate between the first and second ends of the attaching plate, wherein the first end of the attaching plate is hingedly connected onto the mounting base so that an orientation of the label attaching unit is able to be changed by the movement of the piston rod. With the label attaching apparatus, because an inclined angle of the attaching plate relative to a vertical direction can be changed through the forth and back movement of the piston rod, this inclining adsorbing structure can adjust an angle of the attaching plate according to a bend degree of a label, thereby an attaching angle can be adjusted at a larger extend, so that the label is easily attached with the attaching plate when being adsorbed by the attaching plate, which improves an attaching efficiency of the label..
Hefei Boe Optolectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Retractable roof

A retractable roof includes a pair of tracks oriented lengthwise along opposite sides of an opening, a plurality of traveler cars displaceable on the tracks manually or by motor, and a plurality of bows coupled with the traveler cars and extending between the tracks and across the opening. The bows are displaceable with the traveler cars between a closed position and an opened position.
Taylor Made Group, Llc

Rear-mounted retractable aerodynamic structure for cargo bodies

An aerodynamic structure attached to the sides and top of a truck cargo body (either a stand-alone trailer or a “straight truck” with the cab and cargo area as a fixed vehicle) at the aftmost region, which rear typically contains a rolling door assembly, which rolls upwardly. An aerodynamic structure is permanently attached to the sides and top of the trailer in a manner that extend past the aftmost plane of the truck cargo body and retract to the aftmost plane of the truck cargo body when subjected to a force, allowing this device to be backed into structures.
Stemco Lp

Method for modulating speed in sports activity

The present invention provides a method and a device for modulating one's motion in a sport or recreational activity such as inline skating, skateboarding or snowboarding. The device comprises a collapsible or retractable base having a distal end and a proximal end; and a removably attached motion modulating element on the proximal end and/or the distal end of the base..

Fall prevention system for peripatetic persons

The present invention provides a personal support system for use by physically disabled and/or otherwise unstable persons. The support system generally includes: a body harness donned by the user; a navigational surface mounted to the ceiling or other overhead support feature in a structure; a device mounted for movement along the navigational surface; a retractable line such as a strap extending between the body harness and mounted moving device; a motor to control the winding and unwinding of the cable/strap; and a control module for the motor..

Ablation systems, probes, and methods for reducing radiation from an ablation probe into the environment

The ablation systems, ablation probes, and corresponding methods according to the present disclosure reduce or eliminate energy radiating from an ablation probe into the environment. Some ablation probes include a retractable sheath that shields at least the radiating portion of the ablation probe.
Covidien Lp

Percutaneous bone screw device

Embodiments of the invention provide a bone screw device including a bone screw with a temporary encasement. In some embodiments, the temporary encasement comprises a biocompatible material that may be an osteoinductive, a hemostatic and or a bacteriocide.
Globus Medical, Inc.

Charging of wireless earbuds

A storage and charging capsule for a pair of wireless earbuds is presented. The storage and charging capsule has a base part, an elongate intermediate part, the intermediate part having a longitudinal major axis, and a cover part being retractable over the intermediate part.
Earin Ab

Retractable barrier assembly

Embodiments for barrier assemblies and setup configuration of these barrier assemblies are disclosed. The barriers are used to block the entry of children or animal into areas in which their safety may be jeopardized.
Smart Retract Inc.

Retractable striker cover assembly for vehicle

A retractable cover assembly is provided for a vehicle to cover a latching component such as the striker of a trunk door. The assembly includes a retractable cover and a support structure for supporting the cover at a position to cover the striker.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Combination folding spa cover and receptacle

A spa cover and receptacle in combination, the spa cover being a retractable, folding, insulating spa cover with interconnected, plural, elongated, generally rectangular, panel members, the panel members being connected to each other along their longitudinal edges or sides by hinge members that act as seals to close the entire gap between adjoining panel members, wherein the hinge members alternate between the upper and lower surfaces of adjacent panel members, such that the panel members are easily foldable into a vertical stack. The open-topped receptacle is provided with roller members to reduce friction when the panel members are delivered into the panel members in a vertical stack adjacent the spa, the receptacle being a free-standing member, a member mounted to the spa wall, or a member manufactured as an integral component of the spa housing..

Retractable speed barrier

A retractable speed barrier system includes a winged speed barrier assembly, a lateral pivoting assembly that includes a plurality of trapezoidal hinges, a hollow frame assembly, and an electrically activated linear actuator. The winged speed barrier assembly is attached to the hollow frame assembly by the lateral pivoting assembly.

Processes for recovering rubber from natural rubber latex

Processes for recovering natural rubber from an aqueous natural rubber latex that contains extractables and one or more additives and that is essentially free of lignocellulosic plant material are described. Natural rubber in the latex is separated from the water.
Bridgestone Corporation

Hidden adjustable seat tube device for bicycle

A hidden adjustable seat tube device for a bicycle has a lower tube assembly and an upper tube assembly. The lower tube assembly has a first rod and a driving element.

Comfort device, in particular for a railway vehicle, comprising a perfected removable table

The comfort device (10) includes a table (12) including a plate (22) and attachment unit (14, 16) including: a lateral fixed support (46), attached to a vertical wall (20), including a first connecting portion by sliding, an attachment member (52) secured to the plate (22), including a second connecting portion by sliding, mating the first, and unit retractable unit for blocking the attachment member on the lateral fixed support, active at the end of a predefined travel of the first connecting portion on the second connecting portion. These blocking units are movable between a blocking position in which the first and second connecting portions are secured to each other, and a release position in which the first and second connecting portions are free to move relatively to each other..
Alstom Transport Technologies

Center armrest lock

A locking assembly for a vehicle armrest includes a pivoting catch member disposed below an armrest body and a catch wire disposed on a seat back frame member. A retractable stop pin maintains engagement of the pivoting catch member and the catch wire.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Spiral slicer

A cone-type spiral slicer includes a blade along the sidewall for cutting a vegetable into thin strips. The housing is formed in a first portion and a second portion that are separable from one another.
Progressive International Corporation

Actuation mechanisms for dual chamber mixing syringes

An automatic mixing device, an actuating device having integrated plunger and configured to be removably mounted to the automatic mixing device, and a retractable syringe having the automatic mixing device are provided. The actuating device has an initially compressed spring and a trigger member that is rotatable to initiate spring decompression to drive depression of a mixing plunger seal of the automatic mixing device.
Unitract Syringe Pty Ltd

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