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Tractable patents


This page is updated frequently with new Tractable-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tractable-related patents
 Table-mounted cord retractor patent thumbnailTable-mounted cord retractor
A table-mounted cord retractor for cord storage includes a frame with a first end from which a cord extends, a second end, and a pair of opposed, spaced sidewalls. The cord retractor also includes a sled slidably engageable between the sidewalls for movement therealong and a pulley mount slidable along the sled and spring-biased toward the second end, a pulley journaled to the pulley mount, and at least one cord-retainer adjacent to the pulley mount; a retractable pull tether at the second end of the frame having a tether line extending toward the first end to attachment with the sled; and an electronic cord having a proximal end portion adjustably clamped by the cord manager.
Marshall Furniture, Inc.

 Screen printing machine with extendable and retractable platen patent thumbnailScreen printing machine with extendable and retractable platen
A screen printing system includes a screen printing machine. The screen printing machines includes a screen printing unit with a screen.

 Tool magazine device and machine tool patent thumbnailTool magazine device and machine tool
A tool magazine device includes a rail that is annularly formed and that has a separation section at a part in a circumferential direction of the rail and a holding ring that is arranged coaxially with the rail and that is rotated by a driving motor. The holding ring is provided with a plurality of holding sections that are open in an axial direction of the holding ring.
Komatsu Ntc Ltd.

 Spinal cord stimulation with interferential current patent thumbnailSpinal cord stimulation with interferential current
A stimulator and a method for the treatment of intractable pain syndromes by electrical stimulation of the spinal cord is disclosed in which implantable electrodes positioned around a targeted area of the spinal cord transmit an interferential current that has a base medium frequency alternating current between 500 hz-20 khz. A digital signal processor generates a sine-wave-like waveform from a pulse generator which after further processing is used to generate at least two circuits for use in producing the beat frequency signal.
Meagan Medical, Inc.

 Retractable cannulated suture passer and  passing suture patent thumbnailRetractable cannulated suture passer and passing suture
A suture passer and method for passing suture in tissue repair and other surgical procedures. The suture passer has an outer stiff tube component and a flexible tube component which is both cannulated and retractable.
Arthrex, Inc.

 Quick connect mounting system and tree mounted hunting stands and ladders patent thumbnailQuick connect mounting system and tree mounted hunting stands and ladders
Quick connect mounting system, tree hunting blinds, and ladders utilizing a base clamp in conjunction with a quick connect clamp at the upper most end of the assembly. The blinds, ladders and other equipment can be used with retractable safety harnesses that can be attached to the person at ground level prior to placing the blind or ladder in upright position..

 Method and device for removing integrated circuits patent thumbnailMethod and device for removing integrated circuits
The present disclosure provides a method and device for removing an integrated circuit. The device is used to remove the integrated circuit from a display panel.
Hefei Xinsheng Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

 Protective cover and retractable lanyard patent thumbnailProtective cover and retractable lanyard
A protective cover and retractable lanyard device comprises a retraction device, removably integratable within the protective cover for an electronic device. A pair of tethers retractably extend from an outlet of the retraction device forming a lanyard when joined together by a coupling.
3b Product Development, Llc

 Auto-rotating aisle rail systems and methods patent thumbnailAuto-rotating aisle rail systems and methods
Improved aisle rail systems and methods for use in conjunction with telescopic or retractable seating systems. A handle portion is at an upper end of a post.
Hussey Seating Company

 Automatic retractable downspout system patent thumbnailAutomatic retractable downspout system
An automatic retractable gutter assembly (10) dispenses rainwater collected in a gutter (14). A short down-tube (26) is attached to the gutter (14).


Snow clearing device

An array of retractable shields is employed for closing an exposed opening through which the snow enters into a receiver. A piston-like object, which is empowered by a compressed spring and is moving at high speed, makes an impact on the snow with great force.


A laundry treatment device having a control panel assembly

A laundry treatment device (100) includes a casing (2) with a front wall (4) defining a continuous front surface (4a). The front surface (4a) has a laundry opening (3a) to load and/or unload a laundry treatment chamber (12) contained in the casing (2).
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag


High-performance, filler-reinforced, recyclable composite materials

Polyhexahydrotriazine (pht) and polyhemiaminal (pha) materials form highly cross-linked polymers which can be used as binder resins in composite materials. A filler element functionalized with a primary amine group can be covalently bonded to the pha/pht polymer resins.
International Business Machines Corporation


Retractable stirrup extension

A retractable stirrup extension for use with a saddle and horse. The extendable stirrup assembly includes an conventional fixed stirrup with an upper (top) foot plate for supporting the rider's foot during riding, and a retractable bottom foot plate retractably attached to the upper stirrup with an extension mechanism that provides about 4-8 inches of vertical travel (extension).


Integrated fuel station

A fuel dispensing system is disclosed to be equipped to a vehicle and to dispense fuel from the vehicle. The system includes a fuel tank, a selectively activated dispensing pump, a retractable flexible fuel line connected to the pump enabling storage of the fuel line within a body of the vehicle, and a dispensing nozzle attached to the fuel line..


Retractable vehicle step

A retractable step for use with a vehicle comprises a stepping member having an upper stepping surface, a first arm, and a second arm. The first arm has a first end pivotally attached to the vehicle, and a second end pivotally attached to the stepping member.
Lund Motion Products, Inc.


Mouth guard apparatus with hook

A mouthguard apparatus of the present invention comprises a mouth piece with an insert, a retractable hook and/or an opening for storing a substance dispensing container.. .


Scoop for foodstuff, particularly for ice cream

This invention relates to a foodstuff scoop, particularly an ice cream scoop comprising a pushing portion that can be easily detached from and mounted onto a handle of the scoop. The pushing portion comprises a pushing piece for pushing scooped foodstuff out of a scoop portion of the scoop, and a retractable member for retracting the pushing piece from an active position to an inactive position after the scooped foodstuff has been pushed out of the scoop portion..
King's Flair Development Ltd.


Retractable strap system

A retractable strap system includes a retractor assembly and a strap. The retractor assembly includes a base plate, a retractor housing, and a center spindle.


Retractable cable and cable rewind spool configuration

A spool apparatus is described to include in one particular example a cable spool with a first cylindrical lip and a second cylindrical lip on an opposite side of the cable spool. A center of the spool includes a clutch bearing in the center of both the first cylindrical lip and the second cylindrical lip that provides a rotational axis for the cable spool to rotate around.


Methods and systems that convert document images to electronic documents using a trie data structure containing standard feature symbols to identify morphemes and words in the document images

The current application is directed to methods and systems that convert document images, which contain arabic text and text in other languages in which symbols are joined together to produce continuous words and portions of words, into corresponding electronic documents. In one implementation, a document-image-processing method and system to which the current application is directed employs numerous techniques and features that render efficiently computable an otherwise intractable or impractical document-image-to-electronic-document conversion.


Process cartridge

The invention relates to a process cartridge, which comprises a process cartridge housing, a photosensitive member, a driving force receiving opening, a retractable mechanism and a control mechanism, wherein the photosensitive member is arranged inside the process cartridge housing; the driving force receiving opening is connected with the photosensitive member and provides a driving force for the photosensitive member; the retractable mechanism allows the driving force receiving opening to extend or retract in the axial direction of the photosensitive member; and the control mechanism controls the extension and retraction of the retractable mechanism.. .


Axle seal

An axle seal used to prevent lubricant from leaking between a rotating shaft and a shaft bore, for example, sealed fittings between the rotating shaft and shaft bore where static misalignment and/or dynamic misalignment exceeds conventional extent. The seal includes: a peripheral connection section reliably connected to an inner edge of the shaft bore; an extensible and retractable adjustment section connected to the peripheral connection section, allowing the seal to make extension and retraction adjustment in a radial direction; and a sealed contact section connected to the inner edge of the extensible and retractable adjustment section and potentially in sealed contact with the surface of the rotating shaft.


Extendable/retractable support column

An extendable and retractable column which is formed from at least three linked sections or chains. The linked sections include a plurality of individual segments linked end to end.


A laundry treatment device having a control panel assembly

A laundry treatment device (100) includes a casing (2) housing a laundry treatment chamber (12) and including a front wall (4) defining an outward-facing continuous-wall front surface (4a), the front wall (4) having a laundry opening (3a) to load and/or unload said laundry treatment chamber (12), a panel aperture (15) and a drawer aperture (60). The panel aperture (15) and the drawer aperture (60) are separated one from the other by a crosspiece (66).


An item transfer device and a operating the item transfer device

Disclosed is an item transfer device (10) that has a first end (a) and a second end (b) and includes a first frame (12) defining the first end (a) and a second frame (20) defining the second end (b). The second frame (20) is extractable or extendable from the first frame (12) to allow for an increase of the distance between the first end (a) and the second end (b).


Powered unicycle with handle

Various powered unicycles are disclosed. In some embodiments, the powered unicycle includes a central wheel, a motor to power the central wheel, and a control system configured to control the application of power from the motor to the central wheel.


Rear-mounted aerodynamic structure for truck cargo bodies

This invention provides a foldable/retractable and unfoldable/deployable, rearwardly tapered aerodynamic assembly for use on the rear trailer bodies and other vehicles that accommodate dual swing-out doors. The aerodynamic assembly includes a right half mounted on the right hand door and a left half mounted on a left hand door.


Device and forming a hole in a surface for insertion of a tack into the hole

A device and method for forming a hole in the surface for subsequent insertion of a tack into the hole is disclosed. The device including a housing having a base receiving portion, a detachable hole forming rod member held within the housing, a mechanism for turning the hole forming rod member and a mechanism for urging the hole forming rod member out of the housing to form a hole in the surface, wherein the hole is formed substantially perpendicular to the surface.


Automatic injection of medication into animals

In selected embodiments, a handheld injection safety applicator includes an applicator housing with a handle and a retractable needle housed within the applicator. The applicator further includes a first sensor that detects the presence of a user's grip on the handle and a second sensor that detects the presence of an animal.


Apparatus to inject fluids into bone marrow and other target sites

The present disclosure relates to an apparatus for delivering a quantity of fluid to bone marrow. The apparatus may include a drive housing, a plunger operating assembly, a retractable sleeve, a first spring, a second spring, and a release mechanism.


Surface cleaning apparatus with debris ejector

A surface cleaning apparatus includes a separating and collection assembly defining a collection chamber which receives debris and has a debris outlet, and a debris ejector reciprocally moveable within the collection chamber for ejecting debris through the debris outlet. A retractable push rod can be used to displace the debris ejector relative to the debris outlet..


Retractable sofa bed with hidden mattress platform and guide stop with improved security

A sofa bed with a seat back assembly, seat, side frame assembly and lock and release member. The side frame assembly includes a side frame and a link assembly connected to the side frame.


Retractable power plug

A retractable power plug includes a housing having an opening formed therein, a mounting portion fixed in the housing, a plurality of pins, and a cover plate. The pins are rotatably mounted on the mounting portion.


Retractable measuring and cutting device

Disclosed are various embodiments for a measuring and cutting device having, for example, a measuring tool disposed between a first handle component and a second handle component. The first handle component and the second handle component may be coupled by the measuring tool disposed between the first handle component and the second handle component.


Heavy duty retractable mounted multi-purpose drying station

A multi-purpose retractable drying station comprises a mounting bracket and an elongate main support beam extending from the mounting bracket, the elongate main support beam having a mounting pin that projects through the mounting bracket, the position of the mounting pin in said slots determining a position of the elongate main support beam. The station also comprises a plurality of transverse rods, parallel and spaced apart along the elongate main support beam and mounted thereto, and each transverse rod including a bar serving as a rack for drying articles thereon, the elongate main support beam retracting from a deployed horizontal position to a stowed vertical position..


Combination excavating bucket having a retractable tooth arm

A combination excavating bucket adapted for connection to a power driven excavating vehicle, comprising: a) bucket comprising a transverse smooth cutting bar along its front bottom edge, b) a retractable tooth bar pivotally mounted to inner opposed lateral sides of the excavating bucket, wherein the tooth bar comprises a plurality of teeth extending outwardly from the tooth bar, and a pivot means for alternately moving the tooth bar between i) a fully-extended position, wherein the tooth bar fits over the smooth cutting bar thereby permitting the bucket to function as a tooth-edged bucket; and ii) a fully-retracted position, wherein the tooth bar is retracted away from the smooth cutting bar and the smooth cutting bar is exposed thereby permitting the bucket to function as a smooth-edged bucket, wherein the pivot means comprises first and second pivot arms pivotally mounted to the bucket.. .


Methods for cloning and manipulating genomes

Compositions and methods are disclosed herein for cloning a donor genome in a heterologous host cell. In one embodiment, the donor genome can be further modified within a host cell.


Methods for cloning and manipulating genomes

Compositions and methods are disclosed herein for cloning a synthetic or a semi-synthetic donor genome in a heterologous host cell. In one embodiment, the donor genome can be further modified within a host cell.


Retractable, sanitary covering sleeve

A small container partitioned into two sections—one for housing a pair of retractable cords and the other half for housing a packet containing sanitizing material. Each of the sections have empty spaces therein and are conjoined together via click-and-lock hinges.


Mobile cart with retractable wheel assembly

A mobile cart having a retractable wheel assembly. A control rod engages the gear mechanisms coupled to the deployment rods.


Agricultural harvester axle

An agricultural harvester includes a chassis, an axle assembly carrying the chassis, a plurality of hub assemblies including a first hub assembly and a second hub assembly, the hub assemblies coupled to a corresponding end of the axle assembly, and a plurality of ground engaging devices each being coupled to a corresponding hub assemblies. The ground engaging devices support the axle assembly and the chassis.


Vaccination syringe

A replaceable needle assembly is provided for a retractable, prefilled syringe comprising a barrel having a mounting member and a plunger, whereby the retractable needle can be replaced by a user without affecting the retraction mechanism. The replaceable needle assembly comprises a needle fitted to a retractable needle mount and a needle retainer.


Retainer for retractable needle assemblies and syringes

A retainer for a needle assembly of a retractable syringe that includes a plunger assembly and a barrel having a mounting member. The needle assembly includes a retractable needle, a needle hub, and a retainer.


Contact trigger release needle guard with elastic spring

A needle guard device mountable to a pre-filled syringe in its ready-to-fill state. The device includes a device shield interconnected to a lock collar with flexible member and biased to move relative to the lock collar.


Patient-matched acetabular alignment tool

Systems, devices, and methods are provided for aligning acetabular implants. A patient-matched acetabular alignment tool is used to orient tools and implants intraoperatively.


Mixed use fixation elements for endoluminal filters

Filters and methods of deploying and retrieving filters are described. The filters can include a first support member and second support member that form a crossover.


Powered surgical cutting and stapling apparatus with manually retractable firing system

In one general aspect, various embodiments of the present invention can include a motorized surgical cutting and fastening instrument having a drive shaft, a motor selectively engageable with the drive shaft, and a manual return mechanism configured to operably disengage the motor from the drive shaft and retract the drive shaft. In at least one embodiment, a surgeon, or other operator of the surgical instrument, can utilize the manual return mechanism to retract the drive shaft after it has been advanced, especially when the motor, or a power source supplying the motor, has failed or is otherwise unable to provide a force sufficient to retract the drive shaft..


Clip applier and methods of use

A vessel closure device delivery system including a delivery device that couples to a vessel closure clip for delivering the clip onto a blood vessel and a retractable vessel locator is removeably attached to the delivery device, the distal end of the vessel locator being adapted to transition from a collapsed state suitable for insertion into a vessel and an expanded state that lodges against a wall of the vessel from inside the vessel.. .


Light device has built-in digital data system for record image, sound

A light device having built-in digital data means is powered by an unlimited power source for a lamp-holder, led bulb, or light device connected to unlimited power source by prongs or a base that or conductive wires can be inserted into a socket that would otherwise receiving a bulb or light source. The device may take the form of a webcam having auto tracking added one of plurality functions to make different products and functions and retractable prongs that plug directly into a wall outlet or insert into existing lamp base or incorporate conductive wire to make electric connection at least one of built-in camera, storage unit, wireless kits, bluetooth kits, motion sensor, light device.


Wire stripping tool

A wire stripping tool comprises a first clip body, a second clip body, an adjusting device, a blade, and a retractable seat. The first clip body includes a first front end with an accommodating groove disposed on one side.
Hanlong Industrial Co., Ltd.


Fiber optic connector with fiber end protection

The present disclosure relates to fiber optic connection systems including fiber optic connector having retractable noses for protecting bare fiber ends of ferrule-less connectors. In certain examples, the retractable noses are used in combination with protective shutters.
Tyco Electronics Raychem Bvba


Apparatus, securing, attaching and/or detaching a device to a fixture

An apparatus, a system and a method secures, attaches and/or detaches a device to a fixture. A post with an interior secures a retractable reel.
Sennco Solutions, Inc.


Protective cover assembly for air-moving assembly

Apparatuses and methods are provided for protectively covering an air inlet or outlet of an air-moving assembly. The apparatus includes a protective cover assembly, which includes a retractable cover and a spring-biasing mechanism.
International Business Machines Corporation


Packer plug with retractable latch, downhole system, and retracting packer plug from packer

A packer plug includes a retractable latch having at least one radially compressible finger having threads on an exterior surface, and a housing operatively arranged to move the at least one radially compressible finger inwardly during longitudinal movement of the housing in an uphole direction.. .
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Retractable vehicle jack

A retractable vehicle jack mounted to a vehicle comprising a jack attached to an undercarriage of a vehicle, where the jack moves from an extended position and a retracted position; a top side of the jack, where the top side of the jack presses against the undercarriage of the vehicle when in the extended position; and a bottom side of the jack, where the bottom side of the jack presses against the ground when in the extended position. The jack may be positioned between the front door and the rear door for an optimal balance point on the vehicle..


Retractable utility knife

A utility knife configured with a retractable cutting blade that is extended and retracted by a blade actuation mechanism. The blade actuation mechanism includes a slider button assembly and a blade carriage assembly that are operably connected in variety of configurations, including a configuration with a rack-and-pinion arrangement between the slider button assembly and the blade carriage assembly.
Slice, Inc.


Balloon catheter having a retractable sheath and locking mechanism

An intravascular balloon catheter device is disclosed having an inner member, an outer member disposed about the inner member and further comprising a balloon. A sheath is disposed about the outer member that moves relative to the balloon so as to selectively expose some or all of the balloon for inflation.


Electrosurgical snare

An electrosurgical snare, e.g. Suitably sized for insertion down the instrument channel of an endoscope, arranged to radiate microwave frequency energy (e.g.
Creo Medical Limited


Storage system

A storage system for storing contents is provided. The storage system includes a retractable vertical cabinet having a handle, at least one pivoting support member pivotally attached to at least an exterior side of the cabinet and a support structure.
Dropout Cabinet Fixtures, Llc


Utility glove with integrated measuring device

A utility glove integrally fitted with a selectively retractable tape measure that extends approximately 18 inches to 36 inches. The tape measure is positioned within a compartment located on the dorsal surface of the glove opposite the palm, below the knuckles of the glove index finger and glove middle finger.


Mechanism for charging an electronic device with a retractable cord reel

An mechanism for charging an electronic device with a retractable cord reel. The device maintains a substantially continuous converted power source connection during operation, including operations adjusting the length of the retractable cord..


System with extendable retractable telescopic elements depending on a lifting mechanism, lockable and unlockable mechanically and automatically

According to the invention the load-bearing structure is formed by at least one pantograph having a plurality of parallelograms articulated to one another whose lower vertex is articulated to the base and upper vertex is articulated to the bottom of the furniture or object to be lifted and the stopping device is an integral part of telescopic snap movement.. .


Gas turbine engine variable stator vane

A gas turbine engine includes a stator stage arranged in a core flow path that includes a vane that is configured to be retractable from the core flow path during engine operation.. .
United Technologies Corporation


Numerically controlled tower type combination drive pumping unit and tower moving system

A numerical controlled drive tower pumping unit includes a main tower frame, a power system, a drive system, a control system, a wire rope wheel, a balance weight box, and a suction rod. The power system, drive system, and control system work to alternately raise and lower the suction rod.
International Business Alliance Management, Inc.


Retractable boat extension

A retractable boat extension. The retractable boat extension is a platform that is attachable to a boat, such as a pontoon boat, that provides additional space to transport items or lounge upon.


Motor vehicle having a retractable screen

A trim part of a motor vehicle has a gap into which a display device with a screen can be retracted into the interior of the trim part in a covered position. The screen projects into a passenger compartment of the motor vehicle in a use position by moving through the gap from the covered position with a pivot movement.
Audi Ag


Drum for producing a tire, provided with retractable sectors

The cam has two main faces and is designed such that a monotonous movement of the cam first of all causes the radial movement of some of the sectors by virtue of ramps situated on its first face without modifying a radial position of the other sectors, and then causes the radial movement of the other sectors by virtue of ramps situated on its second face, the movement of all of the sectors then being simultaneous.. .


Lighted tool post guard

A lathe or other rotating machine includes a tool rest on a carriage that is movable along the work piece. The carriage includes a post that is movable with the tool rest.
Jpw Industries Inc.


Dog leash having intelligent lighting to improve safety

Disclosed is a dog leash having intelligent lighting to improve safety. In one aspect, the dog leash includes a central cavity holding a retractable leash and an extension sensor to detect when the retractable leash is extended beyond a threshold distance.


Portable battery device

A portable battery device which comprises two separable parts: a) a support (1), attached permanently or in extractable fashion to a piece of electrical, electronic or electromechanical equipment which is energised by the portable battery device, in which the support (1) is connected by means of at least one electrical contact (4) to said electrical, electronic or electromechanical unit, and; b) a battery (2), attached in extractable fashion to the support (1), connected electrically and mechanically to said support (1), with the battery comprising a charging socket (3) to connect it by means of a cable to a power socket.. .
Ojmar, S.a.


Semiconductor wafer holder and wafer carrying tool using the same

A wafer holder and a semiconductor wafer carrying tool including the wafer holder are provided. The wafer holder includes a frame portion, a wafer centering unit and a plurality of support pins for supporting the wafer carried by the wafer holder.
Macronix International Co., Ltd.


Retractable display apparatus and portable electronic device using the same

A retractable display apparatus includes a display assembly and a retraction assembly. The retraction assembly includes an accommodation assembly, a rotary member, a driving assembly, and a latching member.
Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.


Ejection port dust gate for automatic weapons

A removable dust gate for an automatic weapon is described. The removable dust gate can include a retractable pivot pin having rod sections with compressible objects therebetween that allow the rod sections to be temporarily pushed together, shortening the length of the retractable pivot pin.


Pallet-truck-compatible floor-mounted load elevator

A pallet-truck-compatible load elevator includes a vertical mast and a carriage coupled to the mast for vertical motion of the carriage along the mast. The retractable forks are housed in assemblies connected to the carriage and are beyond the front face of the carriage when in retracted position, such that access to the front face of the carriage is unobstructed to a pallet truck carrying a pallet.
Bishamon Industries Corporation


Electromagnetic valve for high-pressure cryogenic gas

The present application relates to an electromagnetic valve, in particular for high-pressure cryogenic gas for a rocket. The valve includes a body in which a passage is formed connecting an inlet to an outlet, a seat communicating with the passage, a ball sealing the seat when the valve is at rest, a magnetic circuit with a coil, a magnetic shell, and a plunger displacing the ball relative to the seat thereof in order to open and/or close the seat.
Techspace Aero S.a.


Turbine-driven swimming pool cleaning apparatus and method

A swimming pool cleaner is driven along a submerged surface by water and debris flowing past a turbine positioned between an inlet and outlet of the cleaner. Retractable elements carried proximate the inlet form a plenum for water to enhance adherence of the pool cleaner to the submerged pool surface being cleaner.


Laundry washing machine

A laundry washing machine (1) includes an outer casing (2) and an appliance control panel (6) located on a front wall (3) of the casing (2). The appliance control panel (6) is arranged on a front side of a drawer-like supporting structure (13) which is inserted in extractable manner into a corresponding drawer housing (14).
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag


Matrix for magnetic separator and magnetic separator

Matrix for magnetic separator of present invention includes: entirely approximately wavelike plate-shaped magnetic walls each having orderly structure of wave-shaped bent sections continuously repeatedly formed in wave advancing direction and each having wave height h of ≦1 mm and approximately inverted v- or u-shape; and entirely approximately box-shaped housing part housing magnetic walls and having in opposite surfaces, introducing and discharging parts through which sorting target fluid containing magnetically-attractable substance magnetically-attractable to magnetic walls is passed thereinto/therefrom, magnetic walls arranged in juxtaposition such that convex shapes of wave-shaped bent sections in one magnetic wall face concave shapes thereof in another magnetic wall adjacent to one magnetic wall with constant interval therebetween.. .


Compressible or retractable support for air blower cavity of air flow mattress

A compressible or retractable support (10, 80, 90, 100) is installed inside an air blower cavity (36) of a body support system (30), such as a medical mattress with forced air flow. The support is compressed or retracted within the cavity when the air blower (40) is inserted in the dynamic configuration of the body support system.
Fxi, Inc.


Pet leash system

A pet leash system for simultaneously walking multiple pets is provided. The system comprises a retractable leash having a primary leash having a first end and a second end.


Apparatus for meat-sausage portion and for a medicinal pill

An apparatus is for a meat-sausage portion and for a medicinal pill. The meat-sausage portion has an internal-core portion.


Retractable datacommunications rack

A retractable datacommunications rack includes: a mounting member configured to mount to a mounting structure; a linkage mounted to the mounting member; and an enclosure mounted on the linkage and configured to provide locations for datacommunications interconnections. The linkage is configured to move the enclosure between a retracted raised position and a lowered working position..
Commscope, Inc. Of North Carolina


Methods and systems that build a hierarchically organized data structure containing standard feature symbols for conversion of document images to electronic documents

The current application is directed to methods and systems that convert document images, which contain arabic text and text in other languages in which symbols are joined together to produce continuous words and portions of words, into corresponding electronic documents. In one implementation, a document-image-processing method and system to which the current application is directed employs numerous techniques and features that render efficiently computable an otherwise intractable or impractical document-image-to-electronic-document conversion.
Abbyy Development Llc


Structure of linear actuator

An improved structure of linear actuator includes an actuator including a gear set having a friction portion located at the periphery of the gear shaft of a driven gear thereof, a one-way bearing mounted on the gear shaft for rubbing against the friction portion to brake the driven gear from reverse rotation, a driver for driving the gear set and a transmission mechanism including a lead screw coaxially coupled to and rotatable by the gear shaft of the driven gear and a retractable tube assembly coupled to the lead screw and movable by the lead screw between an extended position and a received position, and a stopping mechanism including a thrust bearing coupled to the gear shaft of the driven gear and stoppable against an inner race of the one-way bearing inner race to bear an axial thrust load.. .
Moteck Electric Corp.


Treatment process for extraction of precious, base and rare elements

This invention describes a hydrometallurgical process for the recovery and separation of valuable elements, in particular gold and silver, from a feed material comprising a refractory, intractable or otherwise poorly responding to conventional treatment routes ores, concentrates and other materials. In particular, the process is a process integrated into one or more existing value element extraction processes..
Lifezone Limited


Buffer, stacking system including the buffer, and buffering

A buffer apparatus configured to hold a stack of sheets includes an input, first and second side guides each having a face facing transverse to the travel direction, and a backstop facing the input and spaced from the input in the travel direction. The first side guide, second side guide and backstop define a hopper for holding a plurality of the sheets.
A. G. Stacker Inc.


Cord retractor

A cord retractor includes a support member, a first length of electrical cord, a spool, and a second length of electrical cord. The spool includes a helical groove on an outer surface of the spool.
Mindray Ds Usa, Inc.


Retractable deployable structure using a tape spring

A deployable structure comprises: a mount comprising a first point and a second point opposite and a third point, a storage reel able to rotate about an axis z, a tape spring able to switch from a configuration in which it is wound about the axis z in the storage reel into a configuration in which it is deployed along an axis x substantially perpendicular to the axis z, the first and second points forming a double support with the tape spring to keep the tape spring in the deployed configuration. The third point is able to form a simple support with the tape spring, the storage reel is able to move with respect to the third point and the storage reel is pressed against the third point to guide the deployment of the tape spring..


Real-time retractable training wheels system and method

A training wheel apparatus for learning to ride a bicycle includes a lift activation assembly, wherein the lift activation assembly includes a grip. The training wheel apparatus further includes a wheel mount assembly configured to operatively connect to a wheel.


Hand-held slicer

A hand-held slicing device having a handle connected to a slicing tray. The slicing tray includes a ramp leading to a fixed blade.
Progressive International Corporation


Device for withdrawing and dispensing a viscous product, without taking in air

A device for withdrawing and dispensing a viscous product without taking in air is described. The device on the one hand includes a pumping member positioned, by its base, at the open end of a rigid container associated with a retractable flexible inner pouch, intended to receive the product, and on the other hand a plunger tube connected by its upper end to a corresponding part of the pumping member, such that the upper end is partially submerged in the product and the free lower end is completely submerged in the product, such that the plunger tube is made up of a first upper part, with a closed circumference, defining a reference section of the tube and a second lower part submerging the first, with a circumference open by at least one longitudinal slot, made along a generatrix and defining a c- or u-shaped section on that part of the tube..
Promens Sa


Retractable insulin infusion system

A device for introducing a liquid (e.g., insulin) into tissue of a subject (e.g., a mammal, such as a human) in need of the liquid. The device includes a cannula having a distal tip.

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This listing is a sample listing of patent applications related to Tractable for is only meant as a recent sample of applications filed, not a comprehensive history. There may be associated servicemarks and trademarks related to these patents. Please check with patent attorney if you need further assistance or plan to use for business purposes. This patent data is also published to the public by the USPTO and available for free on their website. Note that there may be alternative spellings for Tractable with additional patents listed. Browse our RSS directory or Search for other possible listings.



3 - 0 - 101