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Tractable patents

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Gibbs Technologies Ltd


Cosmetic implement with detachable receptacle

Hct Group Holdings Limited

Cosmetic implement with detachable receptacle

Cosmetic implement with detachable receptacle

Double-ended cosmetic dispenser

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tractable-related patents
 Biopsy and sutureless device patent thumbnailBiopsy and sutureless device
A dermal punch device for automatically extracting a sample of tissue of a predetermined size and shape from a body comprising a retractable cutter and a sutureless biopsy closure mechanism that includes a wound closure fastener member adapted to be disposed over a biopsy region after the performance of the biopsy, wherein wound closure fastener member is automatically applied without the need of several instruments to seal the wound. The wound closure fastener member is dispensed by a sutureless biopsy closure dispenser located at the same distal end of the biopsy punch device surrounding the biopsy punch cutter assembly avoiding the need of separates instruments, reducing the wound closing steps and surgical procedure time..
 Amphibians patent thumbnailAmphibians
An amphibian (1) for use on land and water, comprising: a hull having a planing surface (2), and at least one retractable suspension apparatus (4) movable from a vehicle supporting position to a retracted position, comprising for each wheel (5), upper and lower suspension arms (8, 9) that are pivotably connected at inboard ends to a support structure within the hull; and are pivotably connected at outboard ends to a suspension upright (7). Upright (7) extends from a first, upper connection past a second, lower connection to a location (10) for a wheel hub mounting.
Gibbs Technologies Ltd
 Cosmetic implement with detachable receptacle patent thumbnailCosmetic implement with detachable receptacle
A cosmetic implement includes a handle with an applicator coupled to a handle and a detachable receptacle coupled to the handle. The applicator and receptacle may be coupled to a same end of the handle or opposite ends of the handle.
Hct Group Holdings Limited
 Double-ended cosmetic dispenser patent thumbnailDouble-ended cosmetic dispenser
A double-ended cosmetic dispenser with an adaptor sleeve, a first cosmetic sleeve rotatably retained relative to a first end of the adaptor sleeve, and a second cosmetic sleeve rotatably retained relative to a second end of the adaptor sleeve. First and second cosmetic elevators, each with an elevator stem and a cosmetic retaining portion, are extendably and retractably received by the respective cosmetic sleeves and into the adaptor sleeve.
 Vehicle display device patent thumbnailVehicle display device
There is provided a vehicle display device, which comprises a base to be connected to a vehicle, a reflective panel being extendable from the base and retractable into the base, a projecting means for projecting an image to be displayed to the reflective panel, a cover for covering a front side of the reflective panel in its extending direction when the reflective panel is in the retracted position, and having an arm portion extending to the base and pivotally supported by the base, and a first biasing means for biasing the cover, and a driving means disposed in the base and configured to drive the reflective panel in an extendable-and-retractable manner. The base has an interlocking member capable of being associated with movement of the reflective panel in the extendable-and-retractable manner and configured to press the arm portion..
Yazaki Corporation
 Retractable air deflection  reduction of vehicular air drag patent thumbnailRetractable air deflection reduction of vehicular air drag
An air deflection apparatus for reduction of vehicular air drag comprises at least two air deflection elements each coupled to a rear portion of the vehicle but not to any rear door that the vehicle may have. The air deflection elements are displaceable, preferably in unison, between a retracted position and at least one deployed position, and may be deployed and retracted manually, or remotely with powered assistance, or under microprocessor control.
 Systems and methods for cleaning a well face during formation testing operations patent thumbnailSystems and methods for cleaning a well face during formation testing operations
A method of cleaning a well face during formation testing at a drill site is disclosed. A collection chamber disposed in a formation tester tool may be at least partially filled with cleansing fluid.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.
 Tape measure device, system and method patent thumbnailTape measure device, system and method
A tape measure system includes a slide element and a tape measure. The tape measure includes a housing and a tape at least partially stored within the housing.
 Slam latch bolt dampener patent thumbnailSlam latch bolt dampener
A slam latch mechanism employs an actuation lever rotatable from a first position to a second position and having a prong extending therefrom. A bolt, resiliently retractable from an extended position with the actuation lever in the first position, has a land with a slip surface engaging the prong in the second position to retract said bolt.
The Boeing Company
 Hooded scarf garment patent thumbnailHooded scarf garment
A hooded scarf garment is provided. The present invention comprises a hood and a plurality of scarf members that are attached by a neck portion that covers the user's neck and upper shoulder areas.

Device for manufacturing polymer fibers and uses thereof

There is provided a device, and related method and uses, for drawing a polymer fiber, the device comprising: a. At least two polymer compartments, wherein each polymer compartment is capable of retaining a polymer solution, and wherein adjacent compartments comprise different polymer solutions; and b.
Agency Of Science, Technology And Research

System, a method and a capsule for preparing a pre-determined quantity of beverage

A system and method for preparing a predetermined quantity of beverage suitable for consumption using an extractable product includes at least one disposable capsule; an apparatus comprising a fluid dispensing device for supplying an amount of fluid to the at least one capsule, a receptacle for accommodating the at least one capsule, and an outlet arrangement for supplying the beverage to a container, such as a cup. The at least one disposable capsule comprises a material barrier for enclosing an inner space comprising the extractable product.
Koninklijke Douwe Egberts B.v.

Writing instrument having a protective element for the retractable tip

A writing instrument includes a body extending between a rear end and a front end of the body which has an opening, the body defining an inner volume; a writing member mounted inside the body and including a tip which protrudes from the front of the body; a protective element including a guide portion sliding along the body and a protective end which extends the guide portion and has an opening to allow the tip to pass through, the protective element being movable between a tip protection position and a retracted position for writing; an elastic return element coupled with the guide portion in order to bias the protective element towards the protection position; and a system for locking the retracted position.. .
Societe Bic

Portable electronic support devices

Portable electronic device stands for use with tablet computers, cellular phones, or other portable electronic devices are disclosed. One stand embodiment may include a base assembly which may include a plurality of retractable legs, a vertical axis assembly coupled to the base assembly and configured to store the base within, a horizontal axis assembly coupled to the vertical axis assembly, and an electronic device coupling assembly for removably attaching the electronic device to the stand..

Positive-drive spiral conveyor

A spiral conveyor for positively driving a hinged, modular conveyor belt along a helical path. The spiral conveyor includes a rotating cylindrical tower with parallel drive members extending from the bottom to the top of the tower on its periphery.
Laitram, L.l.c.

Safe room system for folding attic stair assembly

A system and method for establishing a safe room environment within an attic space utilizing a typical folding attic stair and door assembly. The system includes components that retrofit to an existing folding attic stair in a manner that allows the user to draw the attic stair up behind them and to secure the attic door panel closed and locked while the user is within the attic space.

Magnetic removable closure system

Magnetic removable closure system relates to all purpose closure system which is particularly designed and intended for use in clothing, underclothing, leather goods, shoes, any accessories and any other field of application. The present closure system permits to join.
Youareu Srl

Pressure vented fluid reservoir for a fluid infusion device

Disclosed herein is a fluid infusion device of the type that delivers medication fluid to the body of a patient. The device includes or cooperates with a fluid reservoir, and the device has a sealing assembly to receive and form a fluid seal with the fluid reservoir.
Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

Luer connection adapters for retractable needle syringes

A connector mountable to a syringe barrel has a proximal barrel-engaging portion, a distal luer fitment portion, and a fluid aperture therethrough. The barrel-engaging portion of the connector includes an axial ledge configured to abut the axial distal edge of a glass syringe barrel.
Unitract Syringe Pty Ltd

Pneumatic retractable self-destructing injection device

A pneumatic retractable auto-disable syringe, comprising a syringe barrel (4), a hollow cylindrical plunger (3), a needle hub (5), a sealing ring (6), a piston (8) and a seal connector (7), wherein: the seal connector (7) and the needle hub (5) are provided with a compatible connection mechanism disposed thereon; the inner wall of the syringe barrel (4) at the front end thereof and the outer wall of the needle hub (5) at the front end thereof are pneumatically sealed; the plunger (3) is provided with a position limiting device (31) disposed on the inner wall thereof; the plunger (3) is provided with an air vent (33) disposed at the bottom end thereof. The present invention is structurally simple, easy and inexpensive to manufacture, and easily assembled.

In-ceiling or in-wall retracting camera platform system

A retractable camera platform system allows a mounted camera to be hidden while not in use. The system retracts a camera platform into a recess in the ceiling, wall and the like of a room, building, hallway or other structure.
Earthcam, Inc.

Hybrid coupling for a smart battery system

A hybrid coupling for a smart battery system having two internal batteries. The hybrid power coupling includes a power coupling for connecting to the batteries and a data coupling for connecting with two bus devices that are also within the battery housing.
Bren-tronics, Inc.

Device with slidable retractable stand

A device with a retractable stand including a device body and a stand panel slidably coupled to the device body. The stand panel is slidably movable between a retracted configuration, wherein the stand panel is generally flat and planar, and an extended configuration wherein the stand panel is not generally flat and planar.
Acco Brands Corporation

Multipurpose flying boom

Embodiments provide a flying boom that is capable of refueling both receptacle-equipped aircraft and probe-equipped aircraft. In one embodiment, a flying boom includes a refueling tube at an end of the flying boom that is adapted to extend from the end of the flying boom to refuel receptacle-equipped aircraft.
The Boeing Company

Substrate rollers

A magnetically enhanced roller for handling of magnetically attractable substrates comprises a rotatably fixed shaft and a sleeve circumscribing the rotatably fixed shaft. The sleeve configured to rotate around the shaft.

Positioning seat headrest posts in vehicle

A positioning apparatus for seat headrest posts in vehicle is provided, including a retractable rod, two clamping units and a connection joint unit; wherein the retractable rod having an extendible rod able to extend and retract; a locking assembly being disposed on the outer surface of the retractable rod; the locking assembly being able to fasten the position after lateral adjustment of the retractable rod; the two clamping units being disposed on the retractable rod for clamping onto the posts of seat headrest; the connection joint unit being disposed to the end of the extendible rod for engaging an object to be mounted here. As such, when an electronic device, such as, tablet or thin screen display is mounted to the connection joint unit, the position of the electronic device can be adjusted by adjusting the length of the extendible rod for convenient viewing..

Retractable lifeline assembly

A retractable lifeline assembly includes a housing having a first portion and a second portion separated by a plate portion having an aperture. The aperture places a first cavity of the first portion in fluid communication with a second cavity of the second portion.
D B Industries, Llc

Safety gate and extension, retraction, and lock mechanism

Provided is a retractable safety gate and locking mechanism for a retractable safety gate that employs a spline lock and spline geometry for extending and locking the gate in an immovable position, and an air check valve and compression spring as a time delay for retracting the gate.. .

Retractable elastic bungee hose

A retractable elastic pressure hose 30, comprising an inlet connector 22, an outlet connector 28, an inner elastic tube 34, and an outer cover 36. Outer cover 36 is designed to expand and contract radially and longitudinally in response to internal pressure and external tensions on the hose.
Ragner Technology Corporation

System for reducing the wiping gas consumption in an air knife

The present invention relates to a device for controlling the thickness of a coating made of a liquid film on a moving strip (3), characterised in that said automated means for reducing the gas flow at each of said nozzle sides comprise a moving carriage (10) guiding a retractable cable (9) able to be applied respectively onto and out of the gas discharge opening (4), inside the nozzle chamber (5) and in that, at each transversal side of the nozzle (1), a transition, between an external nozzle section where the gas flow is reduced and an internal nozzle section where the gas flow is not reduced, is assured by means of two together-moving grooved wheels or pulleys (6, 7) connected to the moving carriage (10), located side by side and having their axis perpendicular to the nozzle, so that the cable (9) is successively located against the opening (4) on an external side of the first pulley (6), between the two pulleys (6, 7) and distant from the opening (4) on an internal side of the second pulley (7).. .
Cockerill Maintenance & Ingénierie S.a.

Syringe assembly and a needle unit for attachment to a syringe unit to form a syringe assembly

A retractable syringe is proposed having a cutting head mounted on a plunger of the syringe. When the plunger is advanced to expel fluid from the syringe, the cutting crown cuts a retention mechanism which holds a needle unit of the syringe, allowing a drive mechanism to drive the needle unit into the syringe.
Intuitive Creations Pte. Ltd

Orthopedic brace securing and tensioning system

An attachment system for an orthopedic brace incorporates at least one cinching system assembly haying a knob rotatable in a first direction and a second direction. At least one cinching plate is engaged by the knob for rotation in the first direction in a first orientation and transitions to a second orientation upon rotation in the second direction.
United Surgical Associates, Inc.

Method for making pouches and a pouch as such

The present invention relates to a pouch and a method for making the same. In the inventive method, which is adapted to produce pouches having a limited amount of fusible material, a heat-sealable cord is arranged on a web forming confronting side surface of each pouch.
Molins Plc

G-arm x-ray imaging apparatus

An x-ray imaging apparatus is provided having advantages of both c-shaped, g-shaped, and ring-shaped arm configurations. The device consists of a gantry that supports x-ray imaging machinery.

Protective cover structure

A protective cover structure includes a protective cover that is fitted to an assembly work opening disposed in a wall of a case in which electric components are accommodated, thereby closing the opening, and a fitting detecting connector that detects that the protective cover is fitted to the assembly work opening. The fitting detecting connector includes a receptacle connector which is fixed to an interior of the case and an insertion/extraction connector which is disposed on the protective cover in a mutually insertable/extractable manner while being opposed to the receptacle connector.
Yazaki Corporation

Dual self-winding retractable device for a wire of a headphone

The object of invention is a dual self-winding retractable device for headphone cords, designed in particular for thinner, more delicate cords, and especially adapted for cords of mobile phone headsets, cords of ipod headphones, etc. As invented, the dual self-winding retractable device has two independently moving winding reels (1, 1′) with gearing, whereby each one carries a part of the headphone cord.

Rack for drying articles.

A flexible material rack which can retract and extend away from roller and be attached to extended arms. The arms and the retractable rack provide a means for the device to take up less space when not in use.

Portable motor-driven transportation means

Portable motor-driven transportation means consists essentially of a personal portable motor-driven transportation means (pmt), with a telescopic handle on the upper part (2), a hand grip (25), where stowage is preferably done with a backpack (1), which offers protection and which is easily carried or slung over one's back, in a simple, practical and fast manner when arriving at one's destination or when it can no longer be used. The board is retractable and/or foldable (8), offering an additional extension (8′), proving to be extremely practical in its use.

Apparatus and concentric cement bonding operations before and after cementation

Method and apparatus for deploying at least one repeatable signal to empirically measure cement bonding before and after operating a tool string assembly comprising a selectively arrangeable tool assembly of a downhole drive tool usable for operating a downhole placement tool with shaft and axial displacement member extendable and retractable therefrom to radially deploy and operate at least one conduit and downhole coupling tool for placing cement and at least one inner conduit proximally concentrically within a surrounding bore, wherein said drive coupling tool is further usable for transmitting or receiving, through a conductance well element into a memory tool, to measure cement bonding about said surrounding bore before and after concentrically cleaning and coupling cement to at least one conduit and surrounding bore.. .

Pivotally retractable seed planting apparatus and method

A pivotally retractable seed planting apparatus that comprises a main frame assembly, a pivoting transverse member, a pivotally retractable transverse member, a lift system, a set of retractable wheels, a plurality of set of transverse member wheels, a hitching pole member, a central transverse member and a set of frame wheels.. .
Industrie Aulariinc.

Washing machine having drying apparatus

A washing machine having a drying apparatus, which can perform a heated drying operation and shorten a drying time of laundry, is provided. The washing machine having a drying apparatus includes a top cover which is provided in an upper part of a body and has at least one air hole formed in a top surface thereof, a drying duct which is provided in the top cover to supply air heated by a heater provided thereinside to the air hole, and a rack member which is provided to be extractable from the body to hang laundry above the body..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Tru-center rafter clip system

A rafter clip system 10 that when used with a standard retractable tape measure 20 and a common drill bit will provide for the translation of multiple vertically running horizontally displaced rafter centers from inside an accessible roof area where rafters centers are visible, to outside a roof area on-top of a decking 3 above the shingles, requiring only two alignment holes for the translation of multiple centers. These centers are marked on a tape measures tape which is referenced and secured between a 1st rafter clip 1 and a horizontally displaced 2nd rafter clip 19 inside the roof area.

Percutaneous emboli protection sleeve

A device includes a protection sleeve (10) and a retractable sheath (14) operatively connected to the protection sleeve (10), and a catheter (16) that passes through a main lumen (26) of the sleeve (10). The catheter (16) includes a heart valve treatment device arranged to pass into a lumen of the catheter (16)..
Pi-r-squared Ltd.

Snow ski training harness with adjustable tether

A snow ski training device for a child has a harness with harness straps for partially enclosing and supporting a torso of the child. The harness is affixed to a companion backpack.

Process for the manufacture of alcoholic beverages and products produced by such process

According to a first aspect of the invention, there is provided an improved process for the manufacture of an alcoholic beverage, including the steps of providing a sugar source, subjecting the sugar source to at least one instance of fermentation, and simultaneously adding plant material of the family fabaceae during the step of fermentation, thereby potentiating extraction of extractable compounds from the plant material, useful in imparting a unique flavour and aroma to the alcoholic beverage. The alcoholic beverage may be a wine, beer or cider beverage..

Bumper fastening clip

A bumper fixing clip includes a leg portion engaging with a vehicle body panel; engagement claws engaging with a plurality of engagement holes formed on a bumper side; and an engagement member including a second engagement claw engageable with or retractable from one of the engagement holes formed on the bumper side by operating an operation portion, and fixing the bumper to the vehicle body panel. The engagement member is integrally formed with a fixing clip main body, and includes an approximately rod-like operation portion; the second engagement claw formed in a vicinity of a turning center of the operation portion; and an abutment piece formed on a side opposite to the second engagement claw.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Crate with retractable wall

A crate includes a base and a plurality of walls including a front wall. The front wall is movable between a retracted, open position and a closed position.
Rehrig Pacific Company

Multi-tool wrench

A multi-tool is provided having a first end having a socket wrench, a second end having a retractable blade, a plurality of interchangeable wrench heads that are affixable over the second end of the tool when the blade is retracted, a screwdriver that is pivotally deployable from the body of the tool, an extendable magnet that is pivotally deployable from the reverse side of the tool, and at least one level. An alternative embodiment of the present multi-tool further includes a light to be used to illuminate dim work environments.

Retractable and adjustable heating brace

The invention relates to a retractable and adjustable heating brace. Primarily, a main body is provided with a tie portion, retractable portions and assembly portions.

Sensor inserter assembly

An analyte monitor includes a sensor, a sensor control unit, and a display unit. The sensor control unit typically has a housing adapted for placement on skin and is adapted to receive a portion of an electrochemical sensor.
Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

Retractable room actuation assembly for recreational vehicle

A slide-out or retractable room for a mobile living quarters, such as a recreational vehicle, is provided with actuating assemblies mounted on opposite side walls of the slide-out room and the adjacent wall of the main living area. The actuating assemblies include a pair of parallel gear racks mounted on the side wall, which are engaged by pinions rotated by torque shafts mounted on the main living quarters.
Lippert Components Manufacturing, Inc.

System and a towable and inflatable recreational device with a retractable wind foil

Our system and method for a towable and inflatable recreational device with a retractable wind foil. This towable and inflatable recreational device expands the existing field of art in the water sports recreational devices..

System, long endurance vertical takeoff and landing vehicle

A vertical take-off and landing (vtol) aircraft according to an aspect of the present invention comprises a fuselage, an empennage having an all-moving horizontal stabilizer located at a tail end of the fuselage, a wing having the fuselage positioned approximately halfway between the distal ends of the wing, wherein the wing is configured to transform between a substantially straight wing configuration and a canted wing configuration using a canted hinge located on each side of the fuselage. The vtol aircraft may further includes one or more retractable pogo supports, wherein a retractable pogo support is configured to deploy from each of the wing's distal ends..
Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation

Retractable covering

A retractable covering such as a door or window blind or shade has a top rail, a bottom rail, a covering material extending between the top rail and the bottom rail, at least two lift cords extending downwardly from the head rail to the bottom rail for supporting the bottom rail, a covering operating system for enabling retraction and deployment of the covering, and an adjuster connected to at least two of the lift cords. The adjuster is preferably mounted in the bottom rail.
Hunter Douglas Industries B.v.

Restraining device

A restraining device for an animal or a child that has a restraint(1), a retractable lead (2) and a housing (4), in which the retractable lead (2) is at least partially housed. The housing (4) is releasably attached to the restraint (1) and has a twister (13) for changing the orientation of the retractable lead (2) as it exits the housing (4)..
Sally Pattie Consulting Limited

Retractable rod structure of hand tool

A retractable rod structure of a hand tool includes an inner rod disposed along an axis. One end of the inner rod is provided with a tightening seat.

Retractable pliers

The present invention discloses a pair of retractable pliers, comprising a jaw body and a handle body. The jaw body comprises a first jaw part (a1) and a second jaw part (a2) which are articulated together via an articulated shaft (a3).
Hangzhou Great Star Industrial Co., Ltd

Mobile lock with retractable cable

A mobile lock with a retractable cable. The mobile lock includes an integral wireless locator system that can precisely locate the mobile device in real-time if stolen with an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) (i.e.

Method for ordering a spectacle lens and associated system

A method and an associated system for ordering a spectacle lens by a wearer (1), said method involving steps of: selecting (s1) a spectacle frame by the wearer (1); capturing (s2) a picture showing partially a face of said wearer (1) wearing the selected spectacle frame, at a picture capturing side (10) so as a position of said spectacle frame with respect to the wearer face is extractable from said picture; obtaining (s3.1) a three dimensional shape of the selected frame at said picture processing side (20); processing (s3) said picture for obtaining the position of said spectacle frame with respect to the wearer face at said picture processing side (20); and ordering (s6) to a lens manufacturing side (40) spectacle lens complying with said frame shape, said extracted frame position, and wearer data, wherein said wearer data comprises at least a prescription for the wearer (1).. .
Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optique)

Retractable mixing device and method

A system for mixing a fluid in a tank includes a mixer assembly, a housing, and an actuator. The mixer assembly has a motor, a shaft, and an impeller.
Spx Corporation

Retractable mixing device and method

A system for mixing a fluid in a tank includes a mixer assembly, a housing, and an actuator. The mixer assembly has a motor, a shaft, and an impeller.
Spx Corporation

Safety, self-latching, magnetic gate latch device

Disclosed is a self-latching gate latch device. The device comprises a latch and a magnet assembly housing.

Retractable storage system for handheld electronic device

A retractable storage system for handheld electronic device has one or more storage chambers to house a retraction mechanism and/or a battery. At least one accessory station structured on the housing member of the device has an aperture for arresting, dispensing and/or charging at least one accessory item, such as a wireless earbud or e-cigarette.
Hybrid Skillz Inc.

Retractable flexible handle

A retractable flexible handle includes a support (50) with at least one through slot (60), a flexible grip (20) which passes through the at least one slot (60) with a first portion (21) including at least one strap loop (30) cooperating with at least one guide tab (40) arranged at least partially on a side of an inner face (52) of the support (50), and at least one stop, such that the grip (20) is configured to slide between a carrying position in which the at least one strap loop (30) of the first portion (21) of the grip (20) is in contact with the at least one stop, and a retracted position in which the second portion (22) of the grip (20) substantially hugs the outer face (51) of the support (50). A bag including at least one such handle is also described..
Hermes Sellier

Pull-out sprayhead and related faucet provided with enhanced reciprocal coupling system

Pull-out sprayhead (1) for a faucet, comprising: an inlet fitting (10) provided with a coupling end (11a) which can be connected to an extractable water supply pipe; a supply mouth (10d) in fluid communication with said coupling end (10d); and a magnet (12) fixed at the inlet fitting (10) and designed to allow releasable connection of said pull-out sprayhead (1) to a faucet neck (20), said magnet (12) being arranged in a watertight housing chamber (13) defined between an outer wall of said inlet fitting (10) and a covering nut (14) fastened to said inlet fitting (10).. .
Amfag S.r.l.

Tube lancing machine

A pair of parallel metal lances is driven by a transversal drive into and out of heat exchanger tubes. The lances are supported by a plurality of spaced apart, retractable door supports so that the transversal drive mechanism can approach the tube sheet of the heat exchanger tubes as closely as possible.
Aquajet Ltd.

Retractable-expandable restraint device

A restraint device and method of using a restraint device including an outer body, a storage wheel, a line, a first and second connector, and a release mechanism. The storage wheel may be carried by an internal portion of the outer body.
Qwik Cuff Llc

Multi-function utility knife

A multi-function utility knife has a housing, a blade seat forward slidably received in the housing, a blade fixed to the blade seat, a driving unit having an actuator protruding out from the housing and an actuator seat reciprocally slidable along the housing, a blade seat return spring linking the blade seat and the housing, a blade change means, and a function switch. The blade of the multi-function utility knife is also able to be either multi-levelly locked when extended or automatically retractable..

Social network system and method

A social network system includes one or more participant terminals operable to act as a client on a social network and a computer operable to act as a server on the social network and to communicate with each of the participant terminals over the social network. The computer includes: a memory configured to store a set of instructions; and a processor configured to execute the set of instructions.

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