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Injection molding machine

Retractable propulsion container with thruster

Computer case

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tractable-related patents
 Syringe facilitating retraction of multiple needles patent thumbnailSyringe facilitating retraction of multiple needles
A syringe for retracting and storing of the needles for transferring the fluids is provided. The syringe includes a hollow rotatable and retractable syringe plunger body, a hollow syringe barrel slidably disposed inside the hollow rotatable and retractable syringe plunger body a plunger slidably disposed in the hollow syringe barrel, a syringe adapter attached to the front end of the hollow syringe barrel, a syringe plunger adapter attached to the syringe adapter, a hollow retractable barrel body attached to the hollow rotatable and retractable syringe plunger body.
 Injection molding machine patent thumbnailInjection molding machine
An injection molding machine includes first and second friction members, an expandable/retractable member provided in a periphery of the first and second friction members and including first and second end parts, a first attachment member attached to the first end part, and a second attachment member attached to the second end part. A lubricating oil is fed to an area between first and second friction members.
 Retractable propulsion container with thruster patent thumbnailRetractable propulsion container with thruster
The present invention relates to a propulsion container (1) comprising space for a propeller driver, the propulsion container having a first end (3) and a second end (4), said second end (4) having a surface; a trunk (5) inside which the propulsion container (1) is moveably mounted, allowing the propulsion container (1) to be moved between a first position and a second position; a first sealing arrangement (6, 7) arranged to seal, in the first position of the propulsion container, a first gap between the propulsion container (1) and the trunk (5) to define a first watertight space on a second side of the first sealing arrangement, and a second sealing arranged essentially at the second end (4) of the propulsion container (1) and arrangement (8) arranged to seal, in the second position of the propulsion container, a second gap between the propulsion container (1) and the trunk (5) to define a second watertight space on a second side of the second sealing arrangement, said second sealing arrangement (8) comprising a primary propulsion container seal (9) arranged in a functional connection with the surface of the second end (4) of the propulsion container (1).. .
 Computer case patent thumbnailComputer case
A computer case includes a first sidewall, a plurality of peripheral walls, a retractable fence, and a second sidewall. One side of each of the peripheral walls connects with the first sidewall in a surrounding manner; one end of the retractable fence is disposed to the other side of each of the peripheral walls.
 Coreless tissue rolls patent thumbnailCoreless tissue rolls
Coreless rolls of tissue, such as rolls of bath tissue or paper towels, are produced by winding tissue logs on a mandrel having retractable pins. During winding, the pins extend and penetrate the first several windings of the log as it is initially wound, which prevents slippage.
 Retractable leash apparatus patent thumbnailRetractable leash apparatus
A retractable leash apparatus includes opposed first and second open ends and defines an interior area. A retraction assembly is operatively coupled to the handle member and defines an inner space and an aperture, the retraction assembly having a spool rotatably positioned in the inner space.
 Device for controlling a gearbox and a parking brake of a motor vehicle, using a common operating lever patent thumbnailDevice for controlling a gearbox and a parking brake of a motor vehicle, using a common operating lever
A lever having a trigger that is retractable against a travel limiter for engagement of the reverse gear; the lever is interlocked with a means for being switched from one position, allowing the engagement and selection of gears, to another position for applying the parking brake, with the possibility of selecting and engaging a gear; the lever base has a spherical body equipped with a multi-directional movement capability in a mounting, while being equipped for the engagement and selection of gears.. .
 Last with retractable pins patent thumbnailLast with retractable pins
A last assembly includes a plurality of retractable pins and a plurality of vacuum holes, both acting to hold footwear segments to the last assembly to facilitate manufacturing of, or modification to, an article of footwear. A method of making or modifying an article of footwear includes placing footwear segments on the last assembly by associating an extension portion of at least one footwear segment with the retractable pins, modifying the footwear segments and then removing the extension portion..
 Covering for a series of associated portable toilet structures patent thumbnailCovering for a series of associated portable toilet structures
A method and system for providing an aesthetically pleasing covering for construction site structures, such as portable toilets and/or construction waste bins, includes expanses of material designed to encompass and/or encircle such structures. Various embodiments are directed to retractable, weather-resistant fabrics that, when employed in accordance with the present invention, create a cabana-like structure to obscure the undesired aesthetics of underlying structures.
 Dual lumen carrier tube with retractable sleeve and methods patent thumbnailDual lumen carrier tube with retractable sleeve and methods
A vascular closure device includes a carrier tube and a sleeve. The carrier tube includes at least first and second lumens, the first lumen being configured to hold a sealing member, the second lumen being configured to provide blood flow from a distal opening thereof to a proximal opening thereof.
Sensor inserter assembly
An analyte monitor includes a sensor, a sensor control unit, and a display unit. The sensor control unit typically has a housing adapted for placement on skin and is adapted to receive a portion of an electrochemical sensor.
Retractable ignition system
An integrated retractable burner ignition system including a burner having an outlet face and a flow passage including a front end substantially coincident with the outlet face of the burner and a gas inlet positioned rearward from the front end of the flow passage, an igniter including a high voltage electrode surrounded by an insulator and extending beyond the insulator to form a tip end of the igniter, the igniter being mounted slidably within the flow passage, an actuator connected to a rear portion of the igniter and configured to advance and retract the igniter within the flow passage, and a slidable seal between the igniter and the flow passage, the seal being positioned rearward of the gas inlet of the flow passage and frontward of the rear portion of the igniter.. .
Spring loaded rechargeable battery assembly
A spring loaded rechargeable battery assembly is an apparatus that incorporates a particularly designed attachment mount in order to electrically engage a plurality of electronic cigarette/vaporizer components as part of a modular system. The apparatus utilizes an upper housing assembly, a retractable contact assembly, a battery control unit, a battery cell, a housing sleeve, and a lower housing assembly in order to function properly.
System, capsule and method for preparing a beverage
A system including a capsule is usable for preparing a predetermined quantity of beverage suitable for consumption using an extractable product. The system includes a substantially rigid circumferential wall, a bottom closing the circumferential wall at a first end, and lid of a flexible sheet-shaped perforate and/or porous material closing the circumferential wall at a second, open, end opposite the bottom.
Pipeline inspection system
An inspection system configured for “no-blow” use in a pressurized gas pipeline includes a push rod wound around a spool for convenient deployment and portability. A camera disposed on one end of the push rod is configured to relay images back to a monitor.
Cordless retractable roller shade for window coverings
A cordless retractable shade including an operating system for the shade that varies a biasing force of a spring to counterbalance the shade. The bottom rail of a retractable shade can be raised or lowered, and due to the operating system remains in any selected position of the covering between fully extended and fully retracted, without the use of operating cords.
Resin molding mold for intake manifold, intake manifold and method of resin molding for intake manifold
Provided are a resin molding mold enabling an intake manifold made of a resin to be manufactured at low cost, an intake manifold, and a method for molding a resin for an intake manifold. The resin molding mold for an intake manifold includes a slide mold provided at an end of a surge tank and a plurality of combination-type core molds molding an inner surface of the surge tank.
Structure of a handle for a retractable leash
A structure of a handle for a retractable leash comprises a holding piece; the holding piece is formed integrally as one piece by soft gel; a housing of the retractable leash is an assembly of a left housing and a right housing; the holding piece is fitted between the left housing and the right housing.. .
Retractable bottle opener assemblies and methods thereof
A bottle opener assembly includes a bottle opener having a body including a first end and a second end opposed to the first end. A reel component is coupled to the first end of the bottle opener via a connecting cable.
Spring assisted medical device deployment assembly
A medical device deployment assembly includes a retractable sheath and a catheter positioned inside the retractable sheath. A medical device is compressed between an outer surface of the catheter and an inner surface of the retractable sheath.
Circular bone tunneling device employing a stabilizing element
The present invention provides a circular bone tunneling device, comprising: a hollow elongate body comprising a hollow elongate body head, said hollow elongate body head defining a rigid circular arc, comprising a surgical needle; an extendable and retractable support element, reconfigurable from an extended configuration to a retracted configuration; said support element, in said extended configuration, adapted to be located along said path formed by said rigid circular arc; said support element and said hollow elongate body head are adapted to grasp said bone from at least two points along the circumference of said bone; a stabilizing element.. .
Retractable needle safety syringes
A barrel adapter mountable to a syringe barrel includes a barrel tip, a biasing member, a locking mechanism, and a needle assembly. A safety syringe includes a barrel, a plunger assembly, and a barrel adapter.
Apparatus for sharpening blades
An apparatus for sharpening blades, such as those used for mowing. A rotary grinder is mounted within an extensible, retractable, and rotatable support assembly.
Circuit board mounting assembly
A circuit board mounting assembly includes a chassis with a securing hole, a circuit board attached to the chassis, a drive bracket mounted in the chassis, and a latch member configured to latch the circuit board. The drive bracket comprises at least one clamp engaged with the circuit board for preventing the circuit board from moving along a first direction.
Print job management
A system for managing a print job is disclosed. Print job data is intercepted prior to being printed by a printer and a print job package is generated including the print job data as intercepted and metadata on the print job data, the print job data as intercepted being extractable from the print job package..
Vehicle having utility bed and retractable seat
An muv having a utility bed including a bed floor having at least one panel. The bed floor panel is convertible between a planar storage surface and at least one passenger seat back by displacement of a lever.
Handle with retractable plunger
An apparatus that retracts a plunger along an axis about which a handle pivots. The handle has two ends that are perpendicular, the second end having a sidewall with a barrel forming a chamber in which the plunger is slidably mounted.
Aircraft door arrangement
An aircraft door arrangement having a pivotable door for closing an aperture in the fuselage of an aircraft and selectively movable between closed and open positions by a linear actuating mechanism having a casing and a rod selectively extendable and retractable. An actuator mounting mounts the casing between two elements of the primary structure of the aircraft.
Systems and/or methods for using air/wind power to charge/re-charge vehicle batteries
Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to techniques that harness air/wind power to charge and/or re-charge a battery of a vehicle that is at least partially electrically powered. In certain example embodiments, air/wind enters into a channel formed in a vehicle and turns a turbine which, in turn, generates electricity that may be used to charge and/or re-charge a battery of the vehicle.
Decoy suspension system
The decoy suspension system is attached to a tree branch or other suitable support and suspends a decoy above the ground. The system includes a reel containing a retractable and extendible line.
Retractable cover
A retractable cover for use over an opening such as a swimming pool is described. The cover comprises a number i (i≧3) of supporting joist means, each joist having a top and bottom surface; an even number j (j<i) of floor section means, each having a first and second end; the first end of a 1st floor section being pivotally fixed to the top surface of a 1st joist, and the first end of the jth floor section pivotally being fixed to the top surface of the ith joist, the first ends of the 2nd .
Power shovel having hydraulically driven dipper actuator
A hydraulic system for a power shovel is disclosed. The hydraulic system may have a tank, a pump configured to draw fluid from the tank and pressurize the fluid, a crowd cylinder extendable and retractable to adjust a length of a dipper handle, and a valve in fluid communication with the tank, the pump, and the crowd cylinder.
Tiltloader for transferring cargo
A device and method for moving tilt frame and transfer bed portions of a cargo transfer system are disclosed. In one embodiment, the invention may include a table and a pin secured to the transfer bed.
Plant illumination apparatus and plant illumination system
A plant illumination apparatus including a driving unit having a central axis, a first slide base, a second slide base, a light source, and a retractable arm having a retraction-control terminal and light-disposing terminal is provided. The first and second slide bases are disposed on the driving unit.
Retractable cabin access system for machine
A retractable cabin access system for a machine is disclosed. In the current disclosure, the retractable cabin access system includes a linkage member, a stairway, and a lock mechanism.
Electronic device case with retractable stand
A case for an electronic device with a retractable stand may support the case for an inserted electronic device when disposed in a horizontal and/or vertical position. The case may be transitioned from the horizontal and/or vertical disposition and vise-versa without changing the relative positions of the case and the stand to one another..
Retractable pole assembly for a foldable tent
A retractable eave structure of a foldable tent includes a pole assembly having a first end and an opposing second end. The pole assembly first end is pivotally coupled to a hub for pivotal movement between an open state and a folded state of the foldable tent.
Method and apparatus for metal positioning and forming
A duct making apparatus includes a first station configured to accept a formable sheet material and a second station configured to receive the formable sheet material from the first station. The first station includes a mechanism for forming one of a male lock bend and a female lock seam in a leading edge of the formable sheet material.
Compressible or retractable support for air blower cavity of air flow mattress
A compressible or retractable support is installed inside an air blower cavity of a body support system, such as a medical mattress with forced air flow. The support is compressed or retracted within the cavity when the air blower is inserted in the dynamic configuration of the body support system.
Infant bath with retractable sling
An infant bath having a sling infant support that holds the infant while bathing, yet retracts to a convenient and safe storage position when not in use is provided. The assembly includes an elongate infant bath basin having upwardly extended side walls for containing water in which to bathe an infant, a sling extends across the basin and is supported by at least two of the side walls when in the extended position.
System and method of treating intractable epilepsy by stimulation
System and method for treating intractable epilepsy are provided. The method includes implanting electrodes in pedunculopontine nucleus and delivering electrical pulses to the pedunculopontine nucleus, thereby inducing the stimulation of cholinergic neurons leading to the release of acetylcholine, thereby enhancing the genesis of rapid eye movement sleep, which reduces the occurrence of epileptic attacks and also chronically suppresses the epileptogenic process..
Desktop bowling game
A desktop bowling game is provided including bowling pins having metal that is attractable by magnets located at a base of each bowling pin, a ball, a main unit having a playing board having a surface with position markers for setup of the pins, and a pin reset mechanism, located below the playing board. The pin reset mechanism includes a sliding plate that slides up and down beneath the playing board between a first, up position immediately below and adjacent to the playing board to a second, down position away from the playing board.
Suspension device for outboard motor, vessel propulsion apparatus, and vessel
A swivel bracket is coupled via a horizontal bracket to a clamp bracket to be mounted on a vessel. A trim mechanism adjusts a trim angle of an outboard motor by rotating the swivel bracket about the horizontal shaft.
Apparatus and methods for conducting assays and high throughput screening
The present invention provides microfluidic devices and methods for using the same. In particular, microfluidic devices of the present invention are useful in conducting a variety of assays and high throughput screening.
Retractor cord assemblies for carried articles
A low-profile retractable cord system in which a line is attached to a pair of retractor mechanisms located in the sides of an article to be carried (such as a briefcase, a purse, a handbag, suitcase, tote, bag, knapsack, sports bag, gym bag, etc.). The line is high-tensile braided line threaded out through eyelets which are offset inwardly and downwardly from the upper corners of the article to be carried.
Scoop buddy
An ice fishing device compromising of an ice scoop/skimmer with handle having a proximal and distal end, a retractable device, and an apparartus used to secure the invention to the fisherman or other convenient location. This may be to the ice fisherman's clothing/gear such as but not limited to a belt loop, zipper, pocket, or built-in loop that is commonly found on ice fishing garments.
Correction tape dispenser
Disclosed is a dispenser used to correct an error on a paper sheet written with a writing implement inerasable by a rubber eraser, such as a ball-point pen. The dispenser has a cylindrical refill casing rotatable by 360° inside the housing so that it can be used at any angle regardless of an orientation.
Pool skimmer
A device for skimming a pool surface to collect floating debris includes an elongate handle, a hollow body, and a spool on which an elongate continuous length of webbing is wound in a spiral configuration. The spool is housed within the body and the webbing is extendable from the spool through a slot formed in the body and is retractable onto the spool through the slot via spool rotation.
Vacuum sealer with a retractable heater bar
Systems (200) and methods (1300) for selectively retracting a first component of a vacuum packaging appliance (“vpa”). The method comprises: causing the first component to normally be in an engaged position in which the component facilitates a formation of a heat seal along an open end of a container disposed within the vpa; detecting an existence of at least one first condition associated with the vpa; and applying a magnetic field in proximity to the component when the first condition is detected, whereby the first component is at least maintained in an unengaged position in which the first component no longer facilitates the formation of the heat seal..
Hydraulic connector for a windshield wiper blade having a retractable button
A hydraulic connector for a wiper system includes an end part of an arm extending in a longitudinal direction, a blade, a mechanical connector fixed to the blade for attaching the blade to the arm, and at least one pipe for conveying a liquid to the blade via the mechanical connector and at least one button intended to connect the hydraulic connector to the end part in a standby position. The button is retractable so as to allow movement of the hydraulic connector with respect to the end part..
Hydraulically actuated handle assembly for medical device deployment system
A medical device deployment system includes an inner shaft telescopically received within a retractable sheath and a medical device positioned over the inner shaft. A handle assembly houses a hollow washer and includes a hollow handle body having an open distal end receiving the inner shaft and the retractable sheath.
Trocar, and surgery assistance system
A surgery assistance system 101 includes forceps trocars 1a and 1b having retractable cameras 17a and 17b and marks 19a and 19b, a laparoscope trocar 3, forceps 4a and 4b, a laparoscope 5 having a mark 19d, an image processing device 6 that inputs the images obtained from the retractable cameras 17a and 17b and the image obtained from the laparoscope 5 and combines these images to create a three dimensional image, a three dimensional monitor 7 that outputs the three dimensional image created by the image processing device 6, and an optical tracking sensor 9. The positional relationships of the marks 19 and the corresponding cameras 17 are fixed.
Ear bud retraction module having optimal microphone placement
A retractable ear bud module has a housing with an ear bud cable retractable mounted in the housing. The ear bud cable has at least one ear bud and a microphone, and a fixed end attached to a circuit board including a wireless receiver mounted.
Thermal dissipative retractable flex assembly
Embodiments of the present invention provide an apparatus comprising a flexible circuit having a proximal end, a distal end, and a plurality of longitudinal conductors. Further, the apparatus includes a substantially cylindrical retractor capable of retracting the flexible circuit around an exterior surface.
Portable electronic device
A portable electronic device includes a tablet pc, a base panel and two supports. Two opposite ends of each support are respectively pivoted to the tablet pc and the base panel through a first pivotal portion and a second pivotal portion.
Retractable lighting fixture
Disclosed is a retractable lighting fixture having a retractable led lighting layer. One or more optical layers (40, 240a/b, 340a/b, 440) may optionally be provided over the led lighting layer (30, 230, 330, 430).
Mounting system for a headrest retractable by gravity, assembly comprising such a mounting system and vehicle seat comprising such an assembly
A mounting system for a headrest comprising at least one shaft, the system comprising a housing adapted to enclose the shaft with a radial clearance, a moving carriage capable of being moved between a blocking position and an unblocking position, and a jaw movable between an immobilization position and a release position. The jaw is adapted to apply, when it is in the immobilization position, a clamping force to the shaft in a clamping direction perpendicular to the vertical direction, so that the shaft is supported on the housing.
Multi-stage retractable cord winder device
A retractable cord winder device, which has a front cover with center shaft, a spiral spring, a spool with a spool divider with flanged hook dividing the spool chamber into equal halves for efficient and minimal noise cable coiling, oval sliding positioning sliding disc, and a rear cover with concave recess to hold the oval positioning sliding disc with positioning stopper. The front cover is mounted with the rear cover through the center shaft via a center hole of the rear cover where there are symmetrical openings on both ends for cords folded in half to be attached to the flanged hook and retracted upon pulling down..
In-mould labelled capsule for beverage preparation
The present invention concerns a beverage preparation capsule (11) defining a closed chamber for enclosing a mass of soluble and/or extractable food material, for use in a beverage preparation machine, comprising: (i) a capsule body with side walls (12), a bottom wall (13) open with a dispensing opening (14), said capsule body walls comprising an injection-moulded oil-based or biomass-based thermoplastic material, which is not a gas-barrier material, (ii) a gas and moisture impermeable top membrane (15), pierceable by injection means (n) of the machine which are adapted to inject an extraction liquid under pressure inside said chamber, and (iii) a gas and moisture impermeable bottom membrane (16) sealed inside the capsule body near the bottom wall (13), (iv) means (18) adapted to open said chamber by relative engagement with the bottom membrane under the effect of the liquid pressure increase in the chamber during injection of said liquid, characterized in that the inside or outside surface of the capsule body is at least partially covered by a gas-, and optionally moisture-, impermeable label (20) permanently attached by in-mould labelling to said capsule body wall, said label having a tridimensional shape such that the labelled capsule is gas and moisture tight.. .
Adjustable safety gate
An adjustable safety to has a first panel, a second panel and a fastening device. The first panel has a screw hole formed therein.
Retractable computer rack aisle roof
A roof for a computer rack aisle is provided. The roof has a canopy that may be flexible and/or fire-resistant.
Retractable quilt clamp apparatus
A retractable quilt clamp apparatus is disclosed having a clamp attached to a strap, and a strap retraction mechanism attached to the strap. The strap retraction mechanism is configured to retract and retain at least part of the strap.
Handle assembly for medical device deployment system
A medical device deployment system includes an inner shaft telescopically received within a retractable sheath and a medical device positioned over the inner shaft. A handle assembly includes a proximal handle portion having a handle body having an elongate slot therethrough.
Terminal equipment with built-in retractable headset
The present invention provides a terminal equipment with a built-in retractable headset, comprising a case body (1) of the terminal equipment which includes an accommodation space; a headset which is arranged in the accommodation space and includes a headset assembly (2) and a headset line (3) which both can be pulled out of the accommodation space; and a headset line retraction device (4) which is arranged in the accommodation space and with which the headset assembly (2) communicates via the headset line (3). A signal line led from the headset line retraction device (4) communicates with an audio signal of the terminal equipment, and the headset assembly (2) and the headset line (3) can be retracted from the outside of the accommodation space via the headset line retraction device (4).
Convertible push-bike
The teachings provided herein relate to an articulable crankset for converting a pedal-powered vehicle into a push-powered vehicle having the articulable crankset in a retracted position to provide at least less of an obstruction to a user's legs during use of the push-powered vehicle than a non-retractable crankset. The vehicle can be a bicycle, and the articulable crankset can be a component of a production bicycle or a component of a conversion kit that will convert a bicycle from a pedal-powered bicycle to a convertible bicycle that can also function as a push-powered bicycle..
Capsule for use in a beverage preparation machine
The present invention concerns a capsule (1) defining a closed chamber for enclosing a mass of soluble and/or extractable food material, for use in a beverage preparation machine, comprising: (i) capsule side walls (2), (ii) a top membrane (3) pierceable by injection means (4) of the machine which are adapted to inject an extraction liquid under pressure inside said chamber, and (iii) a bottom wall (5) (iv) means (6, 7) adapted to open said chamber by relative engagement with the bottom wall (5) under the effect of the liquid pressure increase in the chamber during injection of said liquid characterized in that at least the portion of the top membrane surface which is to be pierced by the fluid injection means (4), comprises an elastic material having a tensile strength higher than 1 mpa, preferably higher than 5 mpa, more preferably higher than 10 mpa and an elongation at break superior to 100%, preferably superior to 500%, such that said top membrane (3) recloses in a leaktight manner, after said fluid injection means (4) have been removed therefrom.. .
Apparatus and method for treating a mesh pocket of a lacrosse stick
A method of treating a mesh pocket of a lacrosse stick includes providing a solid wax compound, providing a mesh pocket having a plurality of inter-engaged strands that define a plurality of mesh openings, and manually applying the solid wax compound to at least a portion of at least some of the inter-engaged strands of the mesh pocket. A kit for treating a mesh pocket of a lacrosse stick includes a solid wax compound disposed in a retractable applicator, a mesh pocket attached to or attachable to a lacrosse stick, and instructions describing manually applying the solid wax compound to the mesh pocket..
Method and system for lesion candidate detection
An embodiment of the method is disclosed for non-invasive lesion candidate detection in a patient's body includes generating a number of first medical images of the patient's body. The method further includes identifying lesion-like geometrical regions inside the first medical images of the patient's body by applying image processing methods, whereby the identification is at least partly controlled by a number of patient-specific context features which are not directly extractable from the first medical images.
Ear bud retraction mechanism having a break away dust door
A retractable ear bud module, comprising: a housing having a cover and a door with a hinge for removably attaching the door to the cover; the cover includes a side defining a curved depression for removably holding the hinge; a retraction mechanism including a rotatable spool having an axis, and an ear bud cable mounted in the housing, the retraction mechanism selectively retracts or dispenses the ear bud cable; at least one ear bud attached to the ear bud cable; a wireless receiver for receiving audio signals, the wireless receiver being in electronic communication with the ear bud cable to communicate audio signals to at least one ear bud.. .
Wettable silicone hydrogel contact lenses and related compositions and methods
Silicone hydrogel contact lenses having ophthalmically acceptable surface wettabilities are obtained from pre-extracted polymerized silicone hydrogel contact lens products having relatively large amounts of removable or extractable materials. The silicone hydrogel contact lenses can be obtained from non-polar resin based contact lens molds and without surface treatments or an interpenetrating polymeric network of a polymeric wetting agent.
Portable electronic device holder for car
A portable electronic device holder for car includes a fixation base, a clamping base, and a rotating structure provided therebetween. The fixation base includes a cover and a bottom board connected with height adjusting screw pieces.

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