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Tractable patents

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Solar lamp with adjustable height

Solar lamp with adjustable height

Apparatus and method for removing a shaft

Procter & Gamble

Apparatus and method for removing a shaft

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tractable-related patents
 Wiper system and control method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Wiper system and control method thereof
A wiper system and a control method thereof are provided. The wiper system includes a first camera provided inside a vehicle to photograph outside of the vehicle beyond a windshield glass.
Hyundai Motor Company
 Treatment device for endoscope patent thumbnailnew patent Treatment device for endoscope
An endoscopic treatment device includes: an elongated needle pipe having flexibility; a hollow shape section having an inner cavity formed in a distal end section of the needle pipe, and a side hole formed on an outer side surface of the needle pipe and communicating with the inner cavity; a piercing section provided closer to a distal end side of the needle pipe than the hollow shape section and formed with a pointed tip; a collection member including a cutting edge section having a pointed shape toward a radial outer direction of the needle pipe and protruding and retracting between a position where the cutting edge section is housed in the hollow shape section and a position where the cutting edge section protrudes from the side hole; and an operating member advanceable and retractable relative to the needle pipe and including a distal end portion connected to the collection member.. .
Olympus Medical Systems Corp.
 Port device including retractable endoscope cleaner patent thumbnailnew patent Port device including retractable endoscope cleaner
A surgical apparatus includes a housing member having leading and trailing ends that define a longitudinal axis. One or more ports longitudinally extend between the leading and trailing ends, and are configured and adapted to receive a surgical instrument therein in a substantially sealed relation.
Covidien Lp
 Light fixture with retractable blocking device for an expanding lens patent thumbnailnew patent Light fixture with retractable blocking device for an expanding lens
In an embodiment, a light fixture is provided that includes a housing, a lens configured to mount to the housing, a plate, and a light source located inside the housing. The housing may include a top panel, a pair of side panels, and a pair of end panels.
Focal Point Llc
 Solar lamp with adjustable height patent thumbnailnew patent Solar lamp with adjustable height
A solar lamp may include a bottom plate, a lamp post, and a lighting complex. In one embodiment, the lamp post is fixed to the bottom plate and has three segments.
 Bolt with wave structure patent thumbnailnew patent Bolt with wave structure
A lock for a door, window or similar is described, with a lock case (1) and a lock mechanism mounted in the lock case (1) with a bolt (3) which is mounted so as to be retractable and throwable and/or a spring-mounted retractable and throwable latchbolt (2). For improved protection against break-ins it is provided that the body of the bolt (3) has at least one external surface which extends along the direction of movement of the retracting and throwing motion and, along this direction of extension, has a constant surface profile which is formed to be uneven in the direction transverse to the direction of movement, with at least one peak and at least one trough.
Assa Abloy Sicherheitstechnik Gmbh
 Retractable cord reel with electrical contacts mounted on an axial movable spool patent thumbnailnew patent Retractable cord reel with electrical contacts mounted on an axial movable spool
A novel retractable cord reel with electrical contacts that engage when the spool is locked from retraction. The spool moves axially to engage stationary electrical contacts mounted to the cord reel housing.
Response Engineering, Inc.
 Automatically retractable screens for storm drain curb inlets patent thumbnailnew patent Automatically retractable screens for storm drain curb inlets
Embodiments of the invention provide automatically retractable screens, adapted for installation into a storm drain curb inlet, configured such that the automatically retractable screens are biased toward the closed position and thereby reliably closed during periods of no, low, or moderate surface runoff water flows, yet also reliably open when surface runoff water flow rates increase to moderate or high levels.. .
 Apparatus with retractable securing parts patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus with retractable securing parts
In some examples, an apparatus can include a body, a handle attached to a top part of the body and at least two wheels attached to a bottom part configured to roll against a surface, while the body is upright and the handle is being pulled. The apparatus can also include a vertical securing part configured to extend from and retract to the top part or the bottom part and connect to a part of an object to limit the object from moving downward, while the body is upright.
S&s Enterprises Llc
 System and  forming a solid casting patent thumbnailnew patent System and forming a solid casting
A method and a system for forming a solid casting. A material is fed into a mold having a retractable bottom.
Retech Systems Llc
new patent

Apparatus and removing a shaft

An apparatus and method for extracting shafts is provided. The apparatus includes a torquing device, threaded rod, support frame, retractable portion, tensional coupler and collar.
The Procter & Gamble Company
new patent

Staple remover

A staple remover having a retractable pair of pliers is provided. The pair of pliers are capable of a retracted position and an extended position.

Sheath support devices, systems and methods

Devices, systems and methods are provided for accessing a target location in the body of a patient, particularly within the epidural space. A system includes a sheath and a sheath support supporting the sheath to reduce or avoid kinking.
Spinal Modulation, Inc.

Ski training harness having rectractable leashes

A ski training harness comprising: (a) an adjustable, releasable waist strap; (b) a pair of retractable leashes connected to the waist strap at a left-side and right-side location relative to a child, wherein each of the retractable leashes comprises a handle adapted to allow an adult wearing ski gloves to easily grasp the leash handle, a portion of each of the leashes extending from each of the handles; and (c) means for securing the pair of leash handles to the waist strap.. .

Coffee capsule with diffuser for single serve brewer

The invention is directed toward a capsule for use in a single serve beverage brewing machine. The capsule forms a chamber with a film cover sealing the chamber for the brewing of a beverage.

Retractable cosmetic pencil

A retractable cosmetic pencil including a barrel, godet, lower threaded portion and an end cap is disclosed. The godet can be configured to move longitudinally within the barrel.
International Cosmetic Suppliers Ltd

Apparatus for enhancing sound from portable devices

An apparatus is disclosed for enhancing the sound level of portable devices by providing a sound reflector between the portable device and a case. The sound reflector includes a shield which functions to redirect output from rear facing speakers toward the front.
Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless

Lens barrel and image pickup apparatus

A retractable lens barrel includes a first main bar, a second main bar, a fixed barrel including the first main bar, a linear movement barrel including a second main bar and movable in an optical axis direction, a leaf spring configured to adjust decentering of the second main bar relative to the first main bar in a plane orthogonal to the optical axis, and leaf springs configured to adjust a tilt of the second main bar relative to the first main bar in the optical axis direction by pushing the linear movement barrel onto the fixed barrel at a plurality of positions in a plane orthogonal to the optical axis. The first main bar and the second main bar are configured to guide a lens frame holding a lens.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Motorized retractable step apparatus

A motorized retractable step apparatus includes one or more steps that move between a retracted position and a deployed position. The step apparatus includes a drive member that spans the length of the step apparatus and rotates to retract or deploy the steps.
Lippert Components, Inc.

Sealing system and retractable assembly including such

A retractable assembly and a sealing system, the sealing system comprising: an essentially hollow, cylindrical housing with an inner space and a peripheral groove open to the inner space in the housing. The peripheral groove defines a plane in the housing and the normal of the plane is parallel to the longitudinal axis of the housing.
Endress + Hauser Conducta Gesellschaft Für Mess- Und Regeltechnik Mbh + Co. Kg

Thrust reverser with retractable cascade vanes

A thrust reverser for a turbojet engine nacelle includes a movable cowl, cascade vanes and a portion forming a movable variable nozzle. The cowl translates between a closing position and a maintenance position which is located beyond a thrust reversal position.

Gun vault with retractable handle

The present invention provides for a gun vault that can safely transfer a firearm within the public area that is easy to carry and can secure easily and quickly to various surfaces or objects. The gun vault comprises a first component, illustrated as a gun vault top half connected to a second component, illustrated herein as a gun vault bottom half, which when coupled together provides an interior constructed and arranged to store internal functional hardware as well as one or more firearms, such as a handgun and magazine clip.
Envision Product Development Group, Llc

Dog leash and run system

A dog leash and run restraint system which allows significant area of movement for a dog in a backyard or other area. A pulley member is positioned on a main line that is connected between two support structures, such as between a house and a tree.

Lifting gear and its matched retractable container

The retractable container is for a special usage of the device, namely, the retractable wheelie bin (fig. 12)..

Shoe with retractable heel

A show that is operable to be converted between a low heel design and a high heel design. The shoe includes an upper operable to receive a human foot having an integrated sole.

Port device including retractable endoscope cleaner

A surgical apparatus includes a housing member having leading and trailing ends that define a longitudinal axis. One or more ports longitudinally extend between the leading and trailing ends, and are configured and adapted to receive a surgical instrument therein in a substantially sealed relation.
Covidien Lp

Weight apparatus including weight adjustment arrangement

A weight apparatus includes a bar including a handle rotatably attached to an anchorage. The anchorage includes a body and at least one radially extendable and retractable pin, the pin being movable relative to the body between an innermost position and an outermost position.
Personality Gym Ab

Multi-layer membrane capsule for preparing a beverage

A system, method and capsule are usable for preparing a predetermined quantity of beverage suitable for consumption using an extractable product. The system includes an exchangeable capsule, and an apparatus including a receptacle for holding the exchangeable capsule, and a fluid dispensing device for supplying a fluid to the exchangeable capsule.
Koninklijke Douwe Egberts B.v.

Method and performing hierarchical super-resolution of an input image

Super-resolution refers to a process of recovering the missing high-frequency details of a given low-resolution image. Known single image sr algorithms are often computationally intractable or unusable for most of the practical applications.
Thomson Licensing

Safety window grid assembly

A safety window grid assembly includes a hollow housing, a rotating shaft rotatably disposed in the housing, a cord and a locking mechanism. The cord is retractable and extendable relative to the rotating shaft to convert between a retracted state and an extended state.
Accval L.l.c.

Measuring tape

A tape measure comprising a housing, a retractable measuring tape disposed in the housing, and a measurement base attached to the housing, running parallel to the direction of the tape, a method for employing said tape measure, and a method for reading measurement of said tape measure.. .

Transluminal delivery system

A transluminal delivery system and a method of assembling. The system includes a cylindrical, inner-catheter component and a retractable sheath surrounding the component and defining a space between the component and the sheath to receive a self-expanding luminal prosthesis between the component and the sheath.
C. R. Bard, Inc.

Techniques and devices associated with blood sampling

The present invention generally relates to devices and techniques associated with diagnostics, therapies, and other applications, including skin-associated applications, for example, devices for delivering and/or withdrawing fluid from subjects, e.g., through the skin. In some embodiments, the device includes a system for accessing an extractable medium from and/or through the skin of the subject at an access site, and a pressure regulator supported by a support structure, able to create a pressure differential across the skin at at least a portion of the access site.
Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc.

Amphibian hull

An amphibian operable in land and marine modes includes a hull, having a discontinuity, and a retractable wheel or track drive assembly at least partially located in the discontinuity. A wheel or track drive of the at least one retractable wheel or track drive assembly is retracted above a lowest point of the hull when operating in marine mode, and the wheel or track drive is protracted below the lowest point when operating in land mode.

Retractable composite rotor blade assembly

A retractable rotor blade assembly includes a rotor hub assembly having a rotor hub wall, a pitch disc mounted to the rotor hub wall for undergoing rotation about a longitudinal axis, and retractable rotor blades configured to be extended and retracted relative to the rotor hub assembly. Each of the rotor blades has an interlink assembly, a blade base, and a damper for dampening movement of the interlink assembly during extension and retraction of the rotor blade.

Retractable platform for vehicles

A retractable platform mechanism for a vehicle having a cargo area adjacent to its rear bumper 30, which includes a cut out 32 that permits a platform assembly 40 to pass therethrough and being slidably mounted to a supporting rail assembly 20 and movable between two extreme positions. A ramp assembly is housed within platform assembly 40 is selectively and transversally deployed.

Headset-based telecommunications platform

A hands-free wireless wearable gps enabled video camera and audio-video communications headset, mobile phone and personal media player, capable of real-time two-way and multi-feed wireless voice, data and audio-video streaming, telecommunications, and teleconferencing, coordinated applications, and shared functionality between one or more wirelessly networked headsets or other paired or networked wired or wireless devices and optimized device and data management over multiple wired and wireless network connections. The headset can operate in concert with one or more wired or wireless devices as a paired accessory, as an autonomous hands-free wide area, metro or local area and personal area wireless audio-video communications and multimedia device and/or as a wearable docking station, hot spot and wireless router supporting direct connect multi-device ad-hoc virtual private networking (vpn).
Foundation Productions, Llc

Railway reference machine having a collapsible projector assembly

A railway reference machine is provided for surveying and aligning a railroad track, and includes a collapsible projector assembly having a pusher buggy assembly, and a lifting device. A plurality of projectors is mounted to a projector cart.
Nordco Inc.

Rack for reusable crates

A rack for holding a plurality of crates includes a plurality of vertically-spaced support surfaces. Each support surface is configured to support a crate and may be an arm extending from a vertical support.
Rehring Pacific Company

Retractable adjustable-trajectory rooftop fire sprinkler

A retractable adjustable-trajectory rooftop fire sprinkler comprising a base component, a lockable flow-through hinge fitting, a trajectory angle setting means, and a sprinkler head. Trajectory angle setting means is a means to adjust, lock, and hold a certain trajectory angle of water flowing from the sprinkler head by allowing the rotation of the lockable flow-through hinge fitting about an axis-of-rotation relative to the base component.

Roadworthy railroad ballast tamper apparatus

A tamper apparatus configured for being transportable upon a road is provided. A chassis is configured for supporting the tamper apparatus.
Nordco Inc.

Pocket field tool

A foldable pocket field tool having a foldable pliers and a set of specialty field tool bits to enable the foldable pocket tool to be carried on a person and used on-the-go with the field tool having a set of tool bits tool bits extendable or retractable into a handle and with each of the tool bits operable for efficiently performing a unique service tasks that may occur when installing or servicing a field system such as an irrigation system. The tool bits may be arranged to provide a two-part handle for use in manipulating an adjacent tool bit about a central axis as the tool bit is supported by the foldable pocket tool..

Retractable flow conditioner

A retractable flow conditioner that includes a body adapted for insertion into a fluid in a confined conduit upstream of a differential pressure measuring probe. The body has at least one flow conditioning element.
Dieterich Standard, Inc.

Piercing member for container access device

A device for transferring fluids includes a piercing member having a distal end and a proximal end and defines a longitudinal fluid channel. An opening is positioned at the distal end of the piercing member with the opening in fluid communication with the longitudinal fluid channel.
Becton Dickinson And Company Ltd.

Modular frame system

A modular framing assembly is provided. Each individual module comprises one or more retractable slats that may be extendable to connect with another individual module.

Measuring devices with integrated measurement conversions from fraction-inches to decimal-inches and vice versa

Disclosed is a measuring device that is adapted for providing conversions from fractions of an inch to decimals of an inch and vice versa. The measuring device includes a ruler having a first edge opposite a second edge.

Vehicle for cleaning mirrors of thermosolar plants

This comprises at least one cleaning device set on at least one arm (2) fitted at one end with a brush which adapts to the surface of the mirror, and a set of devices for spraying water onto the surface or the mirror, in which the arm (2) also comprises an extendible portion (4) articulated to the truck body, and a retractable portion, said retractable portion consisting of a support structure (6) for the cleaning devices, said cleaning devices being a rotating brush (7) with the same shape as the mirror to be cleaned, water-spraying strips (14) close to the support structure (6) and a moving water-spraying strip (8), secured by means of a retractable arm (9), which can be folded from a retracted position close to the support structure (6) in the area swept by the rotating brush (7) to an operating position, outside the area swept by the rotating brush (7).. .
Gd Energy Services, S.a.u.

Technique for providing travel information

A technique is described for providing travel information for route segments repeatedly covered by a vehicle, wherein the travel information is indicative of map data changes extractable from map data update information. A method aspect comprises the steps of determining whether the vehicle is likely to travel along repeatedly covered route segments; selecting map data changes that are associated with the repeatedly covered route segments the vehicle is likely to travel; and generating travel information on basis of the selected map data changes and providing the travel information to a driver.
Elektrobit Automotive Gmbh

Projectile launcher

A toy includes a magazine and a movable arm having a launching end. A plurality of disks are configured to be stacked face to face in the magazine, where each disk has a recess in its face and an engagement element near an edge of the disk.
Mattel, Inc.

Automatic rotary machine for the production of empanadas

The invention relates to an automatic rotary machine for the production of empanaclas, comprising a circular rotary plate on which the empanadas are produced, actuated by a motor reducer and with pneumatic, hydraulic or other type means in the different production phases, such as dough metering, flattening, filling metering, molding, flattening and cutting. The invention includes a dough flattening disk and a folding system comprising two retractable half-moons actuated by pivot levers..
Emma Eugenia Mesa Areas Maquiempanadas Sas

Docking station with ruggedized case

A docking station for an electronic device that is contained within a case, in which the case includes a retractable connector access panel at least partially overlying a portion of a connector port of the electronic device, includes a base to support the electronic device. An electrical connector is coupled to the base and configured positioned to receive the connector port of the electronic device.
L&p Property Management Company

Retractable environment detector

Systems, methods and apparatus are provided through which in some implementations a retractable environmental detector system includes two portions, a base or retractor unit that can be attached to a ceiling and a retractable environmental detector operably coupled to the base or retractor through a flexible retractable connector that retracts and extends the retractable environmental detector from and to the base or retractor.. .

Trash spearing tools with retractable spearing pins

A trash spearing tool and method are provided. The tool includes a spearing pin, a trigger assembly, an inner tube, and an outer tube.
Unger Marketing International, Llc

Hinged extendable climbing aid

An extractable fold-down climbing aid for reaching an operator's cab or for climbing onto the walking deck of an undercarriage of a mobile device, for example a mobile crane, includes a stepladder, a holding mechanism in which the stepladder is held for transportation purposes and out of which the stepladder can be moved for use as a climbing aid, a guide for at least one end of the stepladder, which guide is formed by the holding mechanism or is connected to the holding mechanism. The guide and one end of the stepladder together form a joint in which the stepladder can be pivoted relative to the mobile device, and the stepladder is a telescoping stepladder with at least an inner and an outer slide-out element, and the holding mechanism is connected or can be connected to the mobile device..
Manitowoc Crane Group France Sas

Sheet process device

A sheet process device includes a processing part unit and a leg part unit. The processing part unit performs post process for a sheet ejected from an image forming apparatus.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Smart retractable holster harness system for electronic devices

A retractable holder for a smartphone is formed with a housing, a connection mechanism for connecting and disconnecting the smartphone to the housing, a first lanyard loop comprising lanyard cords that are reeled onto or deployed from cord storage spools located inside the housing, a second lanyard loop comprising lanyard cords that are reeled onto or deployed from cord storage spools located inside the housing and a lanyard control mechanism. The lanyard control mechanism applies a retracting force to each of the cord storage spools, the retracting force operational to reel the lanyard cord extending from the housing in a deployed state to the cord's respective cord storage spool and to enable a user draw out and deploy a fixed length of the lanyard cord from the cord's respective cord storage spool.
Palms Free Inc.

Retractable sun shade for an automobile

A sun shade and/or system of shades is used for preventing sunlight from shining into an interior of the automobile. Such a device or system is mountable to an automobile having a front end with a windshield, a right side, and a left side.

Telescopic traversing system for retractable window treatments

A variable length support rod apparatus for translational support of a window treatment, such as draperies, comprised of a support member formed of a plurality of transnationally engaged segments, the support member is infinitely configurable from a minimum contracted length to a maximum extended length through a translation of the plurality of segments toward or away from each other. A continuous flexible member is positioned along a pathway running between a first end and a second end of the support member.
Beme International, Llc

Method and tangle-free oxygen lines

The tangle-free, kink-free oxygen supply extensible tubing uses a helical accordion support structure on which the oxygen supply tubing is attached. The helical accordion backbone has some tendency to spring back, but this is not relied upon to extend and return the oxygen supply tubing it carries.

Retractable leash

A two or more subject retractable leash, and methods of use thereof, is disclosed, which includes a roll-back feature on each retractable leash. The leashes may be locked in place by engaging a single lever.

Retractable leash with pliabile handle

A leash assembly includes lead line that is extendable out of and retractable into housing attached to a pliable handle or is affixed to a pliable handle. In embodiments where the leash is retractable and extendable from the housing, a pliable handle may be directly attached to the housing.
Wigzi Llc

Extendable/retractable support column

An extendable and retractable column which is formed from at least three linked sections or chains. The linked sections include a plurality of individual segments linked end to end.
Tower Solutions, Llc

Pivot apparatus and electronic device using pivot apparatus

A pivot apparatus to allow the opening and closing together of two elements in the manner of a clamshell includes a first pivoting member defining a helical gap, a second pivoting member, and a motivating member. The first pivoting member and the motivating member are coupled to the second pivoting member from opposite directions.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Multi mit

The technical features of the multi mit are the retractable finger points on and/or near the metacarpo-interphalangeal joint on the middle, index and thumb fingers. On the dorsal side of the glove, are magnets that are sewn between the insulated material and the outer fabric which connect when the finger caps are retracted.
The Idea Experts Llc

Retractable flow maintaining stent

A self-expanding stent is delivered to an affected site within the human body with a guide wire and hand-manipulable control apparatus. The stent is capable of full expansion along a pre-determined length of its body with the remainder of the overall length conically tapering to a fixed connection point with the guide wire with a flexible joint between the sections.

Percutaneous bone screw device and method

Embodiments of the invention provide a bone screw device including a bone screw with a temporary encasement. In some embodiments, the temporary encasement comprises a biocompatible material that may be an osteoinductive, a hemostatic and or a bacteriocide.
Globus Medical, Inc.

Safety knife with retractable and extendable blade and guard

A safety surgical knife has a blade guard and a knife blade holder. The knife blade is covered when the guard is extended to protect it.

Closed male luer device for minimizing leakage during connection and disconnection

A medical connector for minimizing leakage of fluids during connection and disconnection is described. The medical connector includes a body having an inlet port, at least one outlet port adjacent to a male luer portion of the body, and a fluid path between the inlet port and the at least one outlet ports.
Carefusion 303, Inc.

Retractable needle for blood gas sampling

A medical device having a frontal attachment and a connector housing having at least a body part of an associated medical apparatus, the frontal attachment slidably engaging the connector housing and having a forwardly projecting, rearwardly biased needle and a needle retraction assembly, and the connector housing having a needle retraction cavity laterally offset from the needle in a first position, the needle retraction cavity being selectively movable relative to the frontal attachment following use to reposition the needle retraction cavity into alignment with the needle to permit retraction. The subject device is desirably specially modified for use in blood gas sampling by the addition of a filter plug..
Retractable Technologies, Inc.

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