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Retractable article holding device

Retractable cannula for surgical procedures

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tractable-related patents
 Medical treatment instrument patent thumbnailnew patent Medical treatment instrument
A medical treatment instrument operation unit includes a sliding portion capable of advancing and retracting to a body portion and rotating around a longitudinal axis of the body portion and connected to a proximal end portion of the operating member, and a regulating portion switchable to a movable state where regulating portion is capable of advancing, retracting, and rotating to the body portion and a limited state where the advance, retraction, and rotation of sliding portion to the body portion is limited. The regulating portion includes a rotatable dial portion, and a shaft-shaped member screwed to the dial portion to be relatively advanceable and retractable thereto in a direction in which the shaft-shaped member is brought close to and separated from the body portion.
 Dual chamber passive retraction needle syringe patent thumbnailnew patent Dual chamber passive retraction needle syringe
Embodiments of a retractable syringe assembly are provided that include a single syringe barrel configuration and dual syringe barrel configuration. In one or more embodiments, the assemblies include a barrel having a dividing wall to divide the chamber to define a fluid chamber having a first cross-sectional width for retaining fluid and a needle chamber for housing a needle hub assembly.
 Retractable cannula for surgical procedures patent thumbnailnew patent Retractable cannula for surgical procedures
A cannula assembly having a plurality of outwardly-biased flexible fins capable of inward movement such that the fins converge upon insertion of a trocar device. The fin embodiment including a slot formed therein, with a corresponding raised feature on the trocar shaft capable of engaging the slots.
 Doll supported by a pen, pencil or other implement and accessories therefor patent thumbnailnew patent Doll supported by a pen, pencil or other implement and accessories therefor
An implement supported doll is configured to include at least a head and upper torso of a conventional doll which is supported by a pen, pencil or stylus inserted into a receiving interior passage and attachment. The doll portion may be fabricated to resemble virtually any doll or figure whether human or animal and may further include amusement and play elements such as extended lengths of hair, extending clothing articles such as dresses and skirts, and apparatus which alter the facial character of the doll or figure when the figure is pressed to operate a retractable pen or pencil upon which the doll or figure is supported or alternatively, alter facial configurations when otherwise manipulated upon a conventional non-retractable pen or pencil..
 Retractable dielectric waveguide patent thumbnailnew patent Retractable dielectric waveguide
A rotatable coupler for dielectric wave guides is described. A first dielectric wave guide (dwg) has an interface surface at a one end of the dwg.
 Device for limiting swivel of a wheel patent thumbnailnew patent Device for limiting swivel of a wheel
A device for limiting swivel of a wheel includes a fixed seat, a positioning groove, a driving member, and a limiting member. The fixed seat permits a fork to be connected pivotally thereto, and permits a frame to be connected fixedly thereto.
 Retractable article holding device patent thumbnailnew patent Retractable article holding device
The invention provides an improved device for holding a towel or equivalent article for use in the bath or shower so to provide a means of wiping eyes free of irritants. A retractable article holding device encases a retractable reel mechanism in a water tight housing unit, which is suction mounted to a vertical surface.
 Case with retractable clasp hook patent thumbnailnew patent Case with retractable clasp hook
A case is provided, notably for cosmetic products. The case includes a base and a lid which are articulated relative to one another.
 Wet connection system for downhole equipment patent thumbnailnew patent Wet connection system for downhole equipment
A wet connection system suitable for use in hydrocarbon wells preferably comprises one or more elongate, small diameter conduits (50) which extend down the wellbore (2) and terminate adjacent a locating structure (11) on the production tubing (10). Equipment (70) deployed at the locating structure is connected to one or more self supporting conductors (30) which extend down the conduits from the wellhead (5).
 Stump cutter patent thumbnailnew patent Stump cutter
The present disclosure provides a device and method that enable the efficient reduction of stumps. In one embodiment the stump removal methods and devices according to the present disclosure allow the operator to have a clear view of the work area during operation, and the ability to move the reduction device through a wide range of motion during operation.
Methods and systems for determining skills of an employee
A method, system, and computer program product for determining skills of an employee is disclosed. The method includes determining a first likelihood of at least one keyword from a plurality of keywords being relevant to a topic.
Retractable device to dissect and evacuate ligamentum flavum in lumber spinal stenosis
A device for performing a surgical procedure including an elongated shaft extending between a proximal end, a distal end and an inner surface defining a passageway. A first cutting element extending from the distal end of the elongated shaft so as to contact tissue.
Retractable blade for lead removal device
Methods and devices for separating an implanted object, such as a pacemaker lead, from tissue surrounding such object in a patient's vasculature system. Specifically, the tissue separating device includes a handle, an elongate sheath and a circular cutting blade that may extend from the distal end of the sheath upon actuating the handle.
Blunt tip surgical cutting device and method
A cutting device includes an elongated shaft extending between a proximal end and a distal end. A lower portion extends from the distal end of the elongated shaft and includes an outer surface and an inner surface spaced apart from the outer surface which together form a blunt end configured as a stop so as to protect adjacent tissue.
Fluid delivery catheter with pressure-actuating needle deployment and retraction
A fluid delivery catheter that uses micro-needles for fluid delivery though a vessel wall. The catheter may provide fluid delivery therapy for various procedures, such as, for example, delivery of tumescent fluid or renal denervation.
Medical containers with terephthalate plasticizer for storing red blood cell products
Containers for the storage of red blood cell compositions are disclosed. The container walls are made of a plastic composition that includes a polymeric material and at least one extractable agent that includes a terephthalate ester in an amount effective to suppress hemolysis in red blood cells..
Safety needle syringe braking system
A braking mechanism for a retractable safety syringe is disclosed herein. In a first embodiment, the braking mechanism is disposed about the distal end of a piston.
Retractable needle adapters and safety syringes
Barrel adapters for safety syringes include a barrel and a plunger assembly adapted to move within the barrel, a barrel tip adapted to be sealingly engaged with a distal end of the barrel and a needle retraction mechanism having a needle subassembly and an actuator subassembly. The needle subassembly includes a needle, and a needle-over-mold (nom) through which the needle extends.
Frontal attachment device for syringe with pinch-activated retraction
A retractable needle device attachable to the front of a fluid collection or infusion device such as a syringe, the retractable needle device comprising a housing having an engagement member, a slide support surface, a retraction cavity and a first pinch surface; a needle; a needle alignment member comprising a needle tube and a second pinch surface; and a needle retraction mechanism positioned within the needle tube and configured to bias the needle rearwardly; wherein the first and second pinch surfaces are configured so that a pinching force applied to them will cause relative lateral movement between the housing and needle alignment member. This translational movement from an injection position, wherein the needle is aligned with the syringe connector, to a retraction position, wherein the needle is aligned with the retraction cavity, allows the needle retraction mechanism to force the needle into the retraction cavity..
Delivery catheter
A catheter device is useful in a procedure in which an injectable material or device is injected into a tissue of a patient. In one implementation, for example, the catheter device is useful in injecting a compound into a tissue of the heart, such as the myocardium.
Delivery catheter for injecting a substrate into a tissue
A catheter device is useful in a procedure in which an injectable material or device is injected into a tissue of a patent. In one implementation, for example, the catheter device is useful in injecting a compound into a tissue of the heart, such as the myocardium.
Electrical safety device
An electrical safety device includes a body having a cavity, a plurality of prongs configured to be received into sockets of an electrical outlet, and a plurality of sockets each of which is configured to receive a prong of an electrical plug therein. The electrical safety device further includes a locking assembly configured to secure the prongs of the electrical plug in the sockets of the body.
Tissue cassette with retractable member
An apparatus for holding a tissue sample having a retaining member with a first tissue engaging surface and at least one biasing element. The first tissue engaging surface is moveably attached to the retaining member.
Hierarchical assembly of optical maps
The invention generally relates to optical maps and particularly to computationally tractable methods of assembling large numbers of single molecule maps by dividing the maps into smaller groups of maps within which all of the maps are similar to one another by some metric. For each group, all of the maps are assembled into contigs.
Rooster tail suppression apparatus
A modifier may be used to prevent formation of a rooster tail when surface drive propellers are used with marine vessels. The modifier may be retractable by attaching it to the transom of the marine vessel or fixed-mounted by attaching it to the drive housing.
Article feeder with a retractable product guide
An automatic stack feeder having a moveable stack or product guide is disclosed. The automatic stack feeder may be configured to receive a stack of articles and a container enclosing a stack of articles.
Integrated wireless headset system for electronic devices
An integrated wireless electronic system comprises an electronic device, a headset, a charger, and an accessory. The electronic device includes a charger port and a headset port for connecting the charger and the headset to the electronic device.
Method of manufacturing an optical element, optical element and display device
An optical element, notably an optical element for creating a retractable sheet for use in a motor vehicle, has in the final state a three-dimensional shape resulting from forming of the optical element, the optical element being designed to have an extended shape comprising: a first main surface, a second main surface, and an edge surface. A method of manufacturing involves during a first step of the method, forming the optical element to give its final three-dimensional shape in terms of the first main surface, the second main surface and the edge surface.
Golf cart retractable enclosure
A retractable enclosure for open sided golf carts and/or recreational vehicles. Golf cart retractable enclosures have roll-back doors which coil into housings and onto a tube within each housing for storage.
Retractable striker cover assembly for vehicle
A retractable cover assembly is provided for a vehicle to cover a latching component such as the striker of a trunk door. The assembly includes a retractable cover and a support structure for supporting the cover at a position to cover the striker.
Retractable handle arrangement for a door or the like
A retractable handle arrangement comprises a handle movable between stowed and deployed states, a motor and transmission means arranged to couple the motor to the handle for moving the handle from the stowed state to the deployed state when the motor is driven in a first direction, and to modulate the force exerted on the handle and the speed at which the handle is deployed as the handle travels from the stowed state to the deployed state.. .
Skateboard strap
A strap attached to a skateboard is provided. The strap may be a retractable strap.
Slag clearing system and method
Embodiments of the present invention comprise systems and methods that clear (e.g., break-up, remove, or the like) the solidified slag (e.g., slag that is solidifying or has at least partially solidified) from the furnace, such as from the slag door as molten slag is removed from the furnace. The systems and methods of the present invention comprise utilizing an arm that is extendable and retractable into and out of a position for accessing an opening in a slag door.
Novel display stands
A novel display stand is described. The display stand includes: (i) a housing; and (ii) a supporting frame retractable from the housing; and wherein when the supporting frame is retracted from the housing, and in an operational state of the display stand, the supporting frame contacts the housing and is immobilized with respect to the housing..
Grain bag winder
Systems methods and devices for packaging used grain bags as the grain bags are being unloaded. The system is located at the top of a grain unloader machine or a grain extractor machine.
Rotatable cable guide for retractable cord reel
A novel retractable cord reel is disclosed. The retractable cord reel may have a rotating rotatable guide configured to adapt to an expandable wire coil that changes direction within the cord reel.
Retractable in-wall cable system
A retractable cable system for coiling and uncoiling a cable. The system preferably includes an axle, a first drum having a spring nested inside the drum, a second drum, and a pulley assembly.
Retractable wake surfing tether
An retractable tether device is used to alert the driver of a fallen athlete and to return the athlete, primarily a wake surfer, back to position behind the watercraft. The tether consists of a coil spring with a storage reel for the line and an audible alert notification.
Retractable wall system
The present invention is directed to an apparatus for erecting a retractable wall system. More particularly, this invention relates to a retractable wall system and its components which may be used to divide a room or space, create an acoustic barrier, create a freestanding structure, or provide an awning..
Method of creating living space with added ambient sound, retractable awning with source of sound beneath awning canopy, and head for retractable awning having a speaker
A method of creating a living space beneath an awning with added ambient sound, a retractable awning with added ambient sound and a head for a retractable awning having a speaker. The awning has a canopy secured to an awning roller with the roller mounted between opposite awning heads.
Covering for an architectural opening having nested rollers
A covering for an architectural covering is provided. The covering may include a rotatable outer roller, a rotatable inner roller, a first shade secured to the outer roller, and a second shade secured to the inner roller.
Foldable frame for a portable canopy
A foldable frame for a portable canopy, comprises first, second, third and fourth posts. The posts are extendable and retractable in length and defines a geometric footprint on the ground.
Wheeled support cane
The present invention is a quad-wheeled and quad-legged cane. The cane typically includes one or more wheels, one or more rigid supporting structures, and one or more handles.
Retractable rail wheels for a road/rail vehicle
A road/rail vehicle apparatus comprising a vehicle frame, and a rail axle with rail wheels rotatably attached to ends thereof. The rail axle is attached to the vehicle frame by a parallel link assembly.
Road/rail vehicle with tractive weight control
A road/rail vehicle has front and rear road wheels, an engine driving the rear road wheels, and an indicator of actual vehicle speed. Retractable front and rear rail wheels are mounted on the vehicle and movable from a raised road position for operation in a road mode to a lowered rail position where the rail wheels engage rails of a railroad track for operation in a rail mode.
Mountable fixture for absorbing recoil
A fixture is provided for supporting load from weapons recoil, being mountable on a flat bed of a road vehicle disposed on ground. The flat bed can receive a weapons mount.
Retractable stringed musical instruments and method for operating same
The present invention is directed a retractable stringed musical instrument, and more particularly, to a stringed musical instrument having a tailpiece, a body coupled to the tailpiece, a neck coupled to the body and a fingerboard coupled to the neck. The fingerboard and the neck adjustably extendable and retractable relative to the tailpiece.
Thin mold ice harvesting
An ice maker includes an ice tray which is moveably mounted to a housing and operable between ice forming and ice harvesting positions. The ice tray comprises a generally planar body portion having a plurality of ice forming cavities disposed thereon.
Storm shelter
A storm shelter (20) is provided which includes a front wall (22), rear wall (24), and retractable side wall (28, 30) and top wall (26) assemblies, whereby the shelter to be easily deployed and thereafter stowed between a retracted storage condition and an expanded use condition. The front wall (22) is equipped with a door (38), which can be selectively locked or unlocked so as to allow opening of the door from the inside or outside of the shelter.
Retractable gun stand
A gun stand comprising a base for supporting a gun and a ribbon of stiff material including a coiled portion and an uncoiled portion (e.g., having a curved lateral cross-sectional shape). A lock mechanism (e.g., movable between an engaged position and a released position) can be used to inhibit movement of the ribbon relative to the base.
Vibration-proof clamp
A vibration-proof clamp includes a clamp main body with a holding portion for holding a pipe material, and having a mounting hole therein; a vibration-proof member mounted in the mounting hole, and having therein a fitting hole with a hole shaft corresponding to the mounting hole, and a concave groove provided by notching a peripheral edge of the fitting hole; and a clip including a cylindrical neck portion inserted into the fitting hole, a fixation rib inserted through the concave groove, and an elastic claw projected on an outer peripheral face of the neck portion and retractable inward in a radial direction. The neck portion is inserted into the fitting hole, the elastic claw retracts in a radial direction, and the fixation rib passes through the concave groove, then, the clip is relatively rotated relative to the vibration-proof member, so that the elastic claw fits into the concave groove..
Central vacuum system hose retractor valve with vacuum assisted hose lock and seal
A hose retractor valve for central vacuum cleaning systems that utilize retractable suction hoses that retract into a system vacuum tubing for storage. The hose retractor valve includes a vacuum assisted hose lock and seal assembly comprising a tapered cylinder and an elastomeric cylinder which restrain the vacuum hose from being drawn into the system vacuum tubing while in use, and seals around the hose outer diameter to prevent air from passing between the inside of the system vacuum tubing and exterior of the hose at the valve assembly.
Pumping systems for cassette-based dialysis
A dialysis machine includes: a hardware unit including at least one pump actuator, at least one valve actuator and a cassette interface, the cassette interface including: (i) a plate that abuts the cassette; (ii) at least one pump aperture defined by the plate; (iii) at least one pump head moveable out of and retractable into the at least one pump aperture to operate a pumping portion of the cassette; (iv) at least one valve aperture defined by the plate; (v) at least one valve apparatus moveable out of and retractable into the at least one valve aperture to operate a valve portion of the cassette; (vi) at least one sensor aperture defined by the plate; and (vii) at least one sensor located in the least one sensor aperture, the at least one sensor operable with a sensor portion of the cassette.. .
Track-mounted wheel restraint systems
Example manual wheel restraint systems and methods for restraining a vehicle at a loading dock include are disclosed herein. An example wheel restraint disclosed herein includes a retractable wheel-blocking barrier mounted to a carrier that can be repositioned along a track, where the track is anchored to a driveway of a loading dock.
Device for enhancing the mobility of a standard mixer
A device for enhancing the mobility of a standard mixer, the device including a housing attached to a mixer, the housing having at least one shoulder attached thereto, the at least one shoulder having at least one nodule jutting out therefrom, a lever pivotally connected to the housing, a rod pivotally connected to the lever, a plate mounted to the rod, the plate having at least one finger that protrudes therefrom and a retractable member having at least one transfer ball attached thereto for rolling on a surface, the retractable member slidably engaged to the at least one finger, the retractable member having at least one groove thereon for fitting the at least one finger therein, the at least one groove having at least one bar fitted therein for permitting the first side of the at least one finger to slide over the at least one bar.. .
Retractable lighting fixture
Disclosed is a retractable lighting fixture having a retractable led lighting layer. One or more optical layers (40, 240a/b, 340a/b, 440) may optionally be provided over the led lighting layer (30, 230, 330, 430).
Mobile devices and cases with built-in power supplies
Battery recharging apparatus for smart phones and other mobile devices eliminates the need to carry a separate charger and/or cord. A cradle receiving the portable electronic device includes a plug with at least two prongs configured to plug into a wall outlet supplying ac line voltage.

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