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Golf aid including heads up display


Golf aid including heads up display

Ultrasound multi-zone hovering system


Ultrasound multi-zone hovering system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Track-related patents
 Systems and methods for changing behavior of computer program elements based on gaze input patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for changing behavior of computer program elements based on gaze input
According to the invention, a method for changing the behavior of computer program elements is disclosed. The method may include determining, with an eye tracking device, a gaze point of a user.
Tobii Technology Ab
 Method and  measuring power output of exercise patent thumbnailnew patent Method and measuring power output of exercise
In a portable exercise tracking system, a method and apparatus for measuring power output of exercise motion by a user. The system includes a wireless motion sensor and a wireless central mass unit.
 Golf aid including heads up display patent thumbnailnew patent Golf aid including heads up display
A golf aid for assisting a user in determining distances on a golf course includes a user tracking system configured to determine the location of a user on a golf course, a heads up display, and a processor. The heads up display is configured to be worn on the user's head, and to display an image within a field of view of the user.
Nike, Inc.
 Golf aid including heads up display patent thumbnailnew patent Golf aid including heads up display
A golf aid for displaying one or more golf-related statistics to a user includes a golf ball tracking system for tracking a flight of a golf ball, a heads up display, and a processor in communication with the golf ball tracking system and the heads up display. The heads up display is configured to be worn on the user's head and display an image within the user's field of view.
Nike, Inc.
 Bingo game with player determined prize levels and method patent thumbnailnew patent Bingo game with player determined prize levels and method
A process is presented to improve the method of playing bingo. The process allows player interaction to determine potential bonus prize amounts.
F&s Concepts, Inc.
 Systems and methods for providing audio to a user based on gaze input patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for providing audio to a user based on gaze input
According to the invention, a method for providing audio to a user is disclosed. The method may include determining, with an eye tracking device, a gaze point of a user on a display.
Tobii Technology Ab
 Ultrasound multi-zone hovering system patent thumbnailnew patent Ultrasound multi-zone hovering system
An acoustic tracking system for determining a position of an object is provided that includes one or more receivers that detect an object based on an acoustic signal transmitted by one or more transmitters. The system also includes a processing component that determines a relative position of the detected object with respect to the one or more receivers and the one or more transmitters and selects at least three pairs of receivers and transmitters.
Qualcomm Incorporated
 Supply modulator patent thumbnailnew patent Supply modulator
There is disclosed an envelope tracking supply modulator comprising a switch mode path and a linear amplifier path, wherein the linear amplifier path includes a plurality of amplifiers, each amplifier having an output stage of a different size, wherein at least one of the plurality of amplifiers is enabled in dependence on an output power.. .
Nujira Limited
 Method, system, and related device for operating display device patent thumbnailMethod, system, and related device for operating display device
A method, system, and related device for operating a display device are disclosed. The method includes: a control device transmitting the directional light to the display device when detecting a key thereof is pressed, and transmitting the collected intensity data of the first reflected light and the key information to a light tracking system; the light tracking system matching a corresponding coordinate position according to the received intensity data of the first reflected light and the known current distance between the control device and the display device, from the preconfigured reflected light intensity corresponding to the distances between the control device and the coordinate positions of various directional points on display device at the distance, then executing a corresponding operation on an area of the display device corresponding to the coordinate position in conjunction with the key information, and reflecting an operation result on the display device..
Zte Corporation
 Idea collection and tracking system based on investing game patent thumbnailIdea collection and tracking system based on investing game
A system and a method are disclosed for collecting and tracking ideas. A description of an idea is received by an innovation system from an idea owner.
Intelygenz Inc.

Quality assurance navigation-assisted procedures

A calibration system includes a channel block (102) having a plurality of channels (104) formed therein. The channels are configured to correspond to locations where treatment devices are inserted for treatment of a patient.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Detecting earliest channel path in location tracking systems

Methods, systems, and devices for detecting earliest channel path and/or determining time of arrival of signals in location tracking systems are described. An ultra-wideband (uwb) signal may be received from a tag.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Human image tracking system, and human image detection and human image tracking methods thereof

A human image detection and tracking systems and methods are disclosed. A human image detection method comprises receiving a depth image data from a depth image sensor by an image processing unit, removing a background image of the depth image sensor and outputting a foreground image by the image processing unit, receiving the foreground image and operating a graph-based segment on the foreground image to obtain a plurality of graph blocks by a human image detection unit, determining whether a potential human region exists in the graph blocks, determining whether the potential human region is a potential human head region, determining whether the potential human head region is a real human head region, and regarding the position of the real human head region is the human image position by the human image detection unit if the potential human head region is the real human head region..
National Taiwan University

Reflection based tracking system

In one embodiment, a processor can receive data representing a view reflected by a mirror of a plurality of mirrors. The plurality of mirrors may be configured in a space to reflect a plurality of views of structures in the space.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Directional sound systems including eye tracking capabilities and related methods

Entertainment systems are provided including directional sound speakers embedded in a headrest of a passenger seat, the headrest being associated with a media player of the entertainment system; and a directional sound controller associated with the directional sound speakers of the media player. The directional sound controller is configured to direct a sound beam associated with the media player at a defined target region such that the sound beam is only audible within the defined target region and experiences less than about 20 db of leakage outside the target region during operation of the media player.
Thales Avionics, Inc.

Automatic calibration of eye tracking for optical see-through head mounted display

An apparatus for calibrating an eye tracking system of a head mounted display displays a moving object in a scene visible through the head mounted display. The object is displayed progressively at a plurality of different points (p) at corresponding different times (t).
Qualcomm Incorporated

System and embedding a tracking device in a footwear insole

A novel tracking system is disclosed. In one embodiment, a long-range tracking device is incorporated into a removable footwear insole and a short-range tracking device is incorporated into another removable footwear insole.
Gtx Corp

Excessive-stop alerts in a web based asset tracking system

A geolocation server system and method monitors locations of mobile devices. The geolocation server system compares the locations against rules defining alert conditions.
Landairsea Systems, Inc.

Maximum power point tracking tracking maximum power point of photovoltaic device

A maximum power point tracking (mppt) system and method applied to a photovoltaic (pv) device includes an mppt device and a temperature control device within a load module. The mppt system includes a control unit, a detection unit, and a determination unit and a first command to increase power to the temperature control device and the detection unit detects output power before the command and output power after the command.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Nutrient value loss tracking system and method

A system and method include exploding a recipe via a computer system for a process to make an end food product into a set of hierarchical process steps, obtaining nutrient values for each input material to be used in making the end food product, obtaining loss profiles for input materials, the nutrient loss profiles including a process loss profile for steps in the process to make the end food product and a storage loss profile for storing intermediate food product resulting during the process, and performing a hierarchical based nutrient loss calculation using the nutrient values and loss profiles to quantify nutrients remaining in the end food product.. .
Sap Ag

Tracking system for objects

A system for tracking objects, in which each object has a wireless connected tag attached to it, and a motion detector. The tags transmit the identity of the object to a tag reader only when object motion is detected.
Reshimo Ltd.

Conveyor system including tracking of the conveyed articles by using imaging and virtual sensors

A conveyor system includes a conveyor (4) adapted to move articles (3) along a certain conveyor path, at least one pass sensor designed to detect an article in motion on the conveyor going past at a certain point of the conveyor path and to respond to a detection of the article going past by delivering a pass detection signal (sd) to a monitoring and control unit (8) via a field-bus (9), is characterized in that it further includes a tracking system (10) suitable for generating digital images containing the articles in motion in the conveyor, in that the pass sensor is a virtual sensor represented in a 3d digital model of the conveyor, and in that it includes an emulator (11) configured to transform the images generated by the tracking system into pass detection signals that are delivered to the monitoring and control unit via the field-bus.. .

Non-battery powered animal tracking system

An animal tracking system may include an actuator with a generator that creates electrical energy upon motion of the actuator. The system may utilize the electrical energy to transmit a signal to determine the location of an animal.
Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

Impact sensing, evaluation & tracking system

An impact sensing and tracking system helps detect concussion risks using a computerized evaluation combined with traditional methods. The system includes impact sensors, a application and a centralized database with a webpage browser interface.
Headcase Llc

Methods, systems and appartuses for using flexible triggered segmentation to optimize magnetic resonance imaging

A method for using flexible triggered segmentation to optimize magnetic resonance imaging includes partitioning a k-space table into a plurality of k-space segments, each respective k-space segment comprising one or more phase-encoding steps from a plurality of slice-encoding lines. A cardiac cycle is monitored using an electrical signal tracking system and used to trigger acquisition of the plurality of k-space segments over a plurality of acquisition windows..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Software enabled deterrence of child abduction

An abduction deterrent and user tracking system is provided which employs software configured to run on a portable computing device which has a display, a digital camera, wireless communication, and gps locator. The software enables the portable computing device to provide identified parties with the subscribing user's terrestrial location and if available a real time digital photo taken by the user during an alarm initiated by the user in reaction to a perceived threat..

Media-tracking system using marking laser

A system is described for tracking a position of a receiver medium as it travels along a media path. A laser provides heat to the receiver medium in a localized area sufficient to permanently alter a physical property of the receiver medium thereby forming a reference mark.

Head-mount eye tracking system

A head-mount eye tracking system including a first light source, a first pupil image capturing device, a first and a second environmental image capturing devices, a fixing device and an image identification system. The first light source is applied to illuminate a first eye of a user.
National Chiao Tung University

Proximity tracking system

A proximity tracking system for selectively alerting a custodian when a child becomes located outside a predetermined proximity of the custodian comprises a battery powered custodian component, defined in one embodiment as a modified bracelet with a set of command features, for custodian to wear, as well as a corresponding battery powered child component that is attachable to the person or clothing of a child to be monitored. The custodian component and child component are configured to communicate wirelessly with one another to determine their relative proximity.

Power amplifier module

Improvement in linearity is achieved at low costs in a power amplifier module employing an envelope tracking system. The power amplifier module includes a first power amplifier circuit that amplifies a radio frequency signal and that outputs a first amplified signal, a second power amplifier circuit that amplifies the first amplified signal on the basis of a source voltage varying depending on amplitude of the radio frequency signal and that outputs a second amplified signal, and a matching circuit that includes first and second capacitors connected in series between the first and second power amplifier circuit and an inductor connected between a node between the first and second capacitors and a ground and that decreases a gain of the first power amplifier circuit as the source voltage of the second power amplifier circuit increases..
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Time and amplitude alignment in envelope tracking amplification stage

The invention relates to a method of calibrating an envelope path and an input path of an amplification stage including an envelope tracking power supply, the method comprising: generating input signals having a known relationship for each of the input and envelope paths; and varying an amplitude and a delay of the signal in one of the envelope and input paths in order to reduce the variation in the power detected in a signal at the output of the amplification stage.. .
Nujira Limited

System and counting objects in a queue

A system for counting objects in a queue waiting for service at one of a plurality of electronic points of service “eposs” includes an object tracking system and a processor system for processing data. The processor system may have memory means storing data indicative of the positions of each of said eposs within a service point area, and be adapted to receive data from each epos indicating its operational status and to receive from said tracking system data relating to positions of objects within the service point area.
Infrared Integrated Systems Ltd.

Beverage dispensing and tracking system

A system for managing beverage sales and inventory, and for enabling customers to pour their own beverages while preventing shrinkage is disclosed. The system enables a user to access a beverage from a beverage dispenser by presenting a beverage-pour tracking device.
Ipourlt, Inc.

Photoacoustic tracking and registration in interventional ultrasound

An intraoperative registration and tracking system includes an optical source configured to illuminate tissue intraoperatively with electromagnetic radiation at a substantially localized spot so as to provide a photoacoustic source at the substantially localize spot, an optical imaging system configured to form an optical image of at least a portion of the tissue and to detect and determine a position of the substantially localized spot in the optical image, an ultrasound imaging system configured to form an ultrasound image of at least a portion of the tissue and to detect and determine a position of the substantially localized spot in the ultrasound image, and a registration system configured to determine a coordinate transformation that registers the optical image with the ultrasound image based at least partially on a correspondence of the spot in the optical image with the spot in the ultrasound image.. .
The Johns Hopkins University

Indicator guide for improved instrument navigation in image-guided medical procedures

An indicator guide and method of use is provided for use with an instrument arranged to be guided to a target site within the body of the patient by an electronic tracking system. A sensor is coupled to at least one of the instrument and indicator guide provides a signal to the tracking system which determines the position and orientation of the instrument with respect to the target site and provides output signals indicative thereof.
Civco Medican Instruments Co., Inc.

Surgical navigation devices and methods

A trajectory frame for use with surgical navigation systems includes a base having a patient access aperture formed therein. A yoke is mounted to the base and is rotatable about a roll axis.
Mri Interventions, Inc.

Hybrid network based metering server and tracking client for wireless services

A process of tracking usage of a wireless device in a third party wireless network with a metering system includes implementing the metering system in a network separate from the third party wireless network and activating the wireless device in response to identification of the wireless device and confirmation of use of a tracking system to the metering system. The process further includes obtaining, by the metering system, an amount of wireless services used by the wireless device.
Tracfone Wireless, Inc.

Avoiding unlimited number of unsuccessful location update or packet data connection establishment attempts

The application relates to the procedures routing area update rau in utran and tracking area update tau in lte. Furthermore, it relates to pdp context procedure in utran as well as pdn connection procedure in lte.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Dc-dc converter for envelope tracking

Embodiments provide a dc-dc converter (dc-dc=direct current to direct current) for envelope tracking. The dc-dc converter includes a digital control stage and a driving stage.
Intel Mobile Communications Gmbh

Envelope tracking power supply with direct connection to power source

A communication device, such as a smart phone, includes an envelope tracking power supply. The envelope tracking power supply is configured for direct connection to a supply voltage.
Broadcom Corporation

Infant formula tracking system and method

There is described herein a system and method for tracking an infant formula product. Coded data representative of a unique identity of the formula product is attached thereto and read to allow inventory control and track the allocation of the infant formula product to a user.
Timeless Medical Systems Inc.

System for monitoring and analyzing behavior and uses thereof

Systems for monitoring and analyzing behavior in various applications and uses thereof. Generally, the systems (and uses thereof) are for monitoring and analyzing consumer purchasing behavior in real-time to drive sales via engaging digital customer experiences.
Eyeq Insights

Pneumatic tube carrier routing and tracking system

A system and method provides for a pneumatic tube carrier routing and tracking system having a system control module that captures and presents tracking information associated with sending and receiving carriers. The pneumatic tube carrier tracking system comprises sending and receiving stations connected by pneumatic tubing, and which are configured to securely send carriers, with receiving users optionally being restricted from unauthorized access of carriers.

Systems and methods utilizing adaptive envelope tracking

A communication system utilizing adaptive envelope tracking includes a transmit path, a feedback receiver, a parameter component and an envelope tracking component. The transmit path is configured to generate a transmit signal.

Method to use existing nas signaling connection for pending uplink signaling/ data after tau accept

A method and system to use existing non-access stratum (nas) signaling connection for pending uplink signaling/data after tracking area update procedure (tau) complete is disclosed. The proposed method handles the eps session management (esm), short message service (sms) or voice call or data when a user equipment (ue) is waiting for tau accept.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Solar tracker with refraction-based concentration

The invention comprises: a structure (3) supporting at least one refraction-based concentration element (1) and at least one collector (2) positioned parallel to one another; and first actuation means operatively connected so as to pivot the structure in relation to a base (4) about a first axis (el) parallel to the concentration element and to the collector, in order to track a relative movement of the sun. The concentration element is fixed in a stationary position on the structure and the collector is supported in said structure by at least two rocker arms (5) positioned parallel to one another and connected at the ends thereof to form an articulated quadrilateral mechanism.
Compania Valenciana De Energias Renovables, S. A.

Tracking system

A system simultaneously tracks multiple objects. All or a subset of the objects includes a wireless receiver and a transmitter for providing an output.
Sportvision, Inc.

Method and detecting security vulnerability for animation source file

A method for detecting a security vulnerability for an animation source file is provided. The method may include: decompiling the animation source file and acquiring a program structure and a syntactic model of the animation source file; converting the program structure and the syntactic model into an abstract syntax tree (ast); constructing symbol tables and function summaries based on the ast; and performing a taint backtracking on the symbol tables and the function summaries and detecting whether the animation source file has the security vulnerability according to a vulnerability rule..
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Method and system for reducing instability when upgrading software

A system and a method of rating software bugs using a bug scoring and tracking system is presented. The system and method may use automated scoring of the bugs to determine the impact of the bug.
Oracle International Corporation

Ultrasonic bone motion tracking system

A computerized bone motion tracking system according to one exemplary embodiment is configured to: provide a non-invasive means for accurate measurement and tracking of the motion of a bone using a volumetric ultrasound transducer and a three dimensional position measurement system; provide relative measurements of one bone relative to another bone of a joint; decompose relative joint motion into specific components; and measure joint instability and range of motion.. .
Perception Raisonnement Action En Medecine

Radiation-free position calibration of a fluoroscope

A method includes registering a fluoroscopic imaging system and a position tracking system to a common frame of reference. A region of interest is marked in a patient body by the position tracking system.
Biosense Webster (israel), Ltd.

System and controlling envelope tracking in a transmitter with closed loop power control

A system and method for controlling envelope tracking in a transmitter with closed loop power control, including up-converting and pre-amplifying a baseband signal to a pre-amplified rf signal, amplifying the pre-amplified rf signal, converting the envelope of the baseband signal into a shaped envelope signal, adjusting the gain of the pre-amplified rf signal, and adjusting the shape of the envelope signal in response to changes in the gain of the pre-amplified rf signal.. .
Blackberry Limited

Hybrid precision tracking

Disclosed herein are through-the-lens tracking systems and methods which can enable sub-pixel accurate camera tracking suitable for real-time set extensions. That is, the through-the-lens tracking can make an existing lower precision camera tracking and compositing system into a real-time vfx system capable of sub-pixel accurate real-time camera tracking.
Lightcraft Technology, Llc

Method and connecting devices using eye tracking

A method for connecting an electronic device using an eye-tracking technique and an electronic device that implements the method are provided. The method includes acquiring eye-tracking information, obtaining image information corresponding to the eye-tracking information, comparing the image information with specific information about at least one external device, and based on the comparison, determining a specific external device to be connected from among the at least one external device..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Method and performing tracking area update (tau) by user equipment (ue) in c-ran system

A method and apparatus for performing tracking area update (tau) by a user equipment (ue) in a c-ran system is disclosed. The method for performing a tracking area update (tau) by a user equipment (ub) in a cloud radio access network (c-ran) includes: transmitting a message, that includes a tracking area update (tau) indicator indicating a tracking area update (tau), to a serving remote radio head (s-rrh), wherein the tracking area update (tau) is performed in units of a remote radio head (rrh) cluster..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Ladar backtracking of wake turbulence trailing an airborne target for point-of-origin estimation and target classification

A weapon-locating ladar system estimates a backward trajectory of an airborne target by using flow field measurements to follow the wake turbulence trailing the airborne target from a position at which the target is detected backwards until the wake is no longer observable. The system may use the backward trajectory to estimate the point-of-origin of the target.
Raytheon Company

Capacitive eye tracking sensor

An apparatus (100), comprising a transparent capacitive sensor (102); a body (101) configured to support the transparent capacitive sensor in front of an eye (112) of a user (110); and a driver (106) configured to receive signals from the sensor and to determine eye movements based on the received signals, wherein the sensor (102) is configured to detect movement of the eye (112) based on electrostatic effect caused by a bulge of the cornea of the eye (112). The apparatus may be wearable by the user like eyeglasses..
Nokia Corporation

Autostereoscopic 3d image display device for flattening viewing zone and minimizing dynamic crosstalk

The present invention relates to a 3d image display device and includes an image display panel for displaying a 3d image, a control unit for controlling a viewpoint image, and a viewer position tracking system for determining the position of a viewer's pupil and transmitting positional information to the control unit, wherein the image display panel provides multiple viewpoints such as four or more viewpoints, and the intersection of the viewing zone for any one of the multiple viewpoints with the field of view of an adjacent viewpoint is at least 85% of the maximum brightness of one viewpoint.. .
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

Method and system for adaptive viewport for a mobile device based on viewing angle

A 2d and/or 3d video processing device comprising a camera and a display captures images of a viewer as the viewer observes displayed 2d and/or 3d video content in a viewport. Face and/or eye tracking of viewer images is utilized to generate a different viewport.
Broadcom Corporation

Media-tracking system using deformed reference marks

A system is described for tracking a position of a receiver medium as it travels along a media path. A heat source provides heat to the receiver medium in a localized area sufficient to permanently deform the receiver medium to form a reference mark.

Media-tracking system using thermal fluoresence quenching

A system is described for tracking a position of a receiver medium as it travels along a media path. A heat source provides heat to the receiver medium in a localized area sufficient to permanently alter a fluorescent agent in the receiver medium, thereby forming a reference mark characterized by a reduced level of fluorescence.

Media-tracking system using marking heat source

A system is described for tracking a position of a receiver medium as it travels along a media path. A heat source provides heat to the receiver medium in a localized area sufficient to permanently alter a physical property of the receiver medium thereby forming a reference mark.

Ir emissive display facilitating remote eye tracking

An infrared (ir) emissive display device includes a display panel, an ir sensor, and a controller. The display panel includes ir pixels configured to emit ir light and arranged in a first two-dimensional (2d) pattern.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Display system for tracking large numbers of persons and/or objects

A display system for tracking large numbers of persons or objects in real-time is disclosed. The display system utilizes a tracking system that employs various types of technologies, such as rfid, to determine the location of the person and/or objects being tracked.
Timekeeping Systems, Inc.

Passive ignition interlock identification apparatus and use thereof

The invention comprises a personal identification device used in function of a peripheral device and/or for communication with an external network. In one embodiment, a non-removable personal identification device communicates presence of a specific individual to a peripheral device, such as an ignition interlock device, a tracking system, and/or a communication system or person, such as a police network, an enforcement agency, a regulatory network, a supervisor, and/or a parent or guardian.

Tracking energy consumption using a buck-boosting technique

The invention relates to an apparatus and method for tracking energy consumption. An energy tracking system comprises at least one switching element, at least one inductor and a control block to keep the output voltage at a pre-selected level.
Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh

Wireless tracking pocket-forming

The present disclosure describes a wireless tracking system for tracking the location of living beings or objects. This wireless tracking system may operate by using the wireless power transmission methodology which may include one transmitter and at least one or more receivers, being the transmitter the source of energy and the receiver the device that is desired to charge or power.
Dvinewave Inc.

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