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 Enhanced cell global identifier-based handover from an enodeb to a home enodeb patent thumbnailEnhanced cell global identifier-based handover from an enodeb to a home enodeb
Examples are disclosed that facilitate using enhanced cell global identifier to effectively manage the handover of cellular communication services for a mobile device in an lte network from a source, or serving, evolved node b (enb) to a target home evolved node b (henb). The increased use of henbs to provide service to mobile devices creates issues for the management of tracking area identifiers associated with the enb and henbs and may increase tracking area update (tau) signaling in the cellular network.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

 Balancing paging load and tracking area updates patent thumbnailBalancing paging load and tracking area updates
A method for assigning a tracking area (ta) is disclosed. A mobility state of a wireless transmit/receive unit (wtru) is determined and the ta is assigned based on the determined mobility state.
Interdigital Technology Corporation

 Location tracking system and method patent thumbnailLocation tracking system and method
Provided is a location tracking system and a method of operating the location tracking system. The location tracking system selects either an indoor location tracking mode or an outdoor location tracking mode according to whether a user is currently indoors or outdoors and tracks the location of the user.
Foundation Of Soongsil University-industry Cooperation

 Apparatus and methods for envelope tracking systems patent thumbnailApparatus and methods for envelope tracking systems
Apparatus and methods for envelope tracking systems are provided. In certain configurations, an envelope tracking system includes a digital filter that generates a filtered envelope signal based on a digital envelope signal representing an envelope of a radio frequency signal, a buck converter controllable by the filtered envelope signal and including an output electrically connected to a power amplifier supply voltage, a digital-to-analog converter module including an output electrically connected to the output of the buck converter and that provides an output current, and a digital shaping and delay circuit configured to generate a shaped envelope signal based on shaping the filtered envelope signal.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

 Power amplifier module patent thumbnailPower amplifier module
Improvement in linearity is achieved at low costs in a power amplifier module employing an envelope tracking system. The power amplifier module includes a first power amplifier circuit that amplifies a radio frequency signal and that outputs a first amplified signal, a second power amplifier circuit that amplifies the first amplified signal on the basis of a source voltage varying depending on amplitude of the radio frequency signal and that outputs a second amplified signal, and a matching circuit that includes first and second capacitors connected in series between the first and second power amplifier circuit and an inductor connected between a node between the first and second capacitors and a ground and that decreases a gain of the first power amplifier circuit as the source voltage of the second power amplifier circuit increases..
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 System and  automatic tool tracking, monitoring, and inventory management patent thumbnailSystem and automatic tool tracking, monitoring, and inventory management
Systems and methods for automatically tracking tools and managing tool inventory. Tools may be assigned to a work group or crew.
Recon Dynamics, Llc

 Product tracking and control system patent thumbnailProduct tracking and control system
An apparatus for use in a product tracking system includes a storage device and a processor, the storage device storing software instructions that when executed by the processor configure the processor to: receive a signal representing data including event information detailing an event involving a manufactured product; load a portion of a block-chain ledger for tracking information associated with the product, the block-chain ledger including, within a block thereof and associated with the product, trigger-event data reflecting an event trigger and rules data reflecting a rule associated with the event trigger; and compare the event information with the trigger-event data, wherein the event trigger identifies a causal relationship between a possible event involving the product and an operation with respect to the product.. .
The Toronto-dominion Bank

 Power efficient image sensing apparatus,  operating the same and eye/gaze tracking system patent thumbnailPower efficient image sensing apparatus, operating the same and eye/gaze tracking system
An image sensing apparatus has a light sensitive area and a control unit. The light sensitive area registers image data in response to an incoming amount of light, and is operable in an active mode wherein image data can be read out there from as well as in a standby mode wherein image data cannot be read out.
Tobii Ab

 Vehicle tracking system patent thumbnailVehicle tracking system
A vehicle tracking system includes a vehicle that has a back side. A tracking unit is coupled to the vehicle such that the tracking unit may be visible to an observer thereby facilitating the observer to follow the vehicle.

 Robotic interface positioning determination systems and methods patent thumbnailRobotic interface positioning determination systems and methods
The present disclosure is directed to a robotic surgical system that includes a robotic surgical device having a robotic arm and an end effector with a pair of jaw members. A handpiece includes a pinch interface to control the arm or end effector, optical marker(s), an accelerometer, and a transmitter to transmit data from the pinch interface or accelerometer to the robotic surgical device.
Covidien Lp

Automated data acquisition, appraisal and analysis in noninvasive rapid screening of neuro-otologic conditions using combination of subject's objective oculomotor vestibular and reaction time analytic variables

Ann automated data acquisition, appraisal and analysis in noninvasive rapid screening of neuro-otologic condition using combination of subject's objective oculomotor, vestibular and reaction time analytic variables, comprises the steps of: establishing an ovrt testing protocol for specific neuro-otologic condition which protocol included eye tracking aspects; coupling an eye tracker is coupled to subject; automatically establishing a region of interest for the eye tracker centered on the subject's pupils; conducting the ovrt testing protocol using pre-programmed/automated voice instructions to the subject; confirming that each test is performed within preset parameters including automated eye image evaluation and advising the clinician of testing which is outside of present parameters; and displaying a normalized composite test protocol score (0-1) on graphical progressive background.. .
Neuro Kinetics, Inc.

Amplifier with termination circuit and resonant circuit

Aspects of this disclosure relate to efficient power amplifiers, such as class-f power amplifiers. A power amplifier transistor can provide an amplified rf signal.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Floating solar panel array with one-axis tracking system

A floating solar array made of a closed loop of flexible high density polyethylene pipes with elbows, t fittings and couplings. An anti-lift membrane fills with water and mitigates the wind forces.
4csolar, Inc.

Tracking device and tracking system and tracking device control method

A tracking device, a tracking system, and a tracking device control method with safe-zone demarcation based on the usually detected wifi access points are provided. The tracking device includes a telecommunication transceiver, a wifi receiver and a microcontroller.
Athentek Incorporated

Processing bypass directory tracking system and method

A processing bypass directory system and method are disclosed. In one embodiment, a bypass directory tracking process includes setting bits in a bypass directory when a corresponding architectural register is written.
Intellectual Ventures Holding 81 Llc

State machine based tracking system for screen pointing control

Generally, this disclosure provides systems, devices, methods and computer readable media for state machine based pointing control. A method may include receiving a position estimate of a first location associated with a first portion of a pointing device and a position estimate of a second location associated with a second portion of the pointing device; calculating a vector from the estimated position of the first location to the estimated position of the second location; and resolving the vector into a first distance component (dx) and a second distance component (dy), the dy component orthogonal to the dx component.
Intel Corporation

Gaze direction mapping

A method for determining correspondence between a gaze direction and an environment around a wearable device is disclosed. The wearable device may include an eye tracking device and an outward facing image sensor.
Tobii Ab

Locating and ranging using coherent array reconciliation tomography

A ranging and tracking system and method employs a coherent array reconciliation tomography (cart) approach that benefits from a series of samples gathered from deployed receivers in an area of interest, and applies a sequence of matrix operations and transformations to data defining locations in a cartesian grid space for summing constructive characteristics in a received waveform for identifying a leading edge indicative of a time of arrival (toa) from a signal source, and computing a metric based on the distance to the signal source. Sampled waveform information (data) from multiple locations in the area of interest allows computation of a likelihood metric for each location in the grid space of containing the signal source.
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Seat track

A titanium seat track may include a track plate formed of one of cold and hot rolled titanium. The track plate may include a top surface and a bottom surface.
The Boeing Company

Wireless relay station for radio frequency-based tracking system

System and methods of tracking a position of a mobile device with an electromagnetic signal-transmitting antenna include receiving electromagnetic signals from the transmitting antenna of the mobile device by a plurality of receiver antennae of a base station and by one or more receiver antennae of a relay station. The relay station transmits to the base station timing information associated with the electromagnetic signals received by the one or more receiver antennae of the relay station.
Position Imaging, Inc.

Supply modulators with voltage and frequency partitioning

Techniques to improve efficiencies of power amplifiers in wireless communication devices are described herein. In one embodiment, an envelope tracking supply modulator includes a pre-amplifier having an input coupled to an envelope signal and another input coupled to a threshold voltage signal, a de-multiplexer coupled to an output of the pre-amplifier, a pulse frequency modulator having an input coupled to an output of the de-multiplexer, and a pulse width modulator having an input coupled to the output of the de-multiplexer.
Washington State University

Power amplification system with programmable load line

Disclosed herein are power amplification (pa) systems configured to amplify a signal, such as a radio-frequency signal. The pa system includes a plurality of power amplifiers that are configured to amplify a signal received at a signal input and to output the amplified signal at a signal output.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Reusable bolt electronic seal module with gps/cellular phone communications & tracking system

An electronic security bolt seal for locking a hasp includes an electronic module that has a circuit board disposed at an interior cavity of a housing. The housing includes apertures aligned with each other, such that a bolt is configured to be inserted through the apertures and through the interior cavity to engage the circuit board and complete an electronics circuit.
E.j. Brooks Company

Service provider/customer information tracking systems and methods

Systems and methods, according to various embodiments, facilitate improved interaction between service providers and their customers by, in response to determining that a particular service provider is working at a particular location and that a customer is in the particular location: (1) displaying information regarding the customer to the service provider; and (2) displaying information regarding the service provider to the customer. The displayed information may include, for example, information regarding the customer's past tipping history (e.g., information regarding one or more past tips that the customer previously left for the service provider), the number of times that the service provider has served the customer in the past, the name of the customer and/or the service provider, a picture of the customer and/or service provider, and/or other suitable information.
Quasar Blu, Llc

Mechanism for resource utilization metering in a computer system

Systems, apparatuses, and methods for tracking system resource utilization of guest virtual machines (vms). Counters may be maintained to track resource utilization of different system resources by different guest vms executing on the system.
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Regular expression matching with back-references using backtracking

A device for matching, in input data, a regular expression with back-references, represented by a finite-state machine (fsm). The device comprises a plurality of parallel processing elements (ppes), an interconnection network for interconnecting the ppes with each other, and a memory for receiving and storing input data.
International Business Machines Corporation

Portable device pairing with a tracking system

In embodiments of portable device pairing with a tracking system, a pairing system includes a portable device that generates device acceleration gesture data responsive to a series of motion gestures of the portable device. The pairing system also includes a tracking system that is configured for pairing with the portable device.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Unique reflective lenses to auto-calibrate a wearable eye tracking system

Example embodiments include a lens having an ir-reflective coating that is selectively applied to form a variable infrared (ir) interaction pattern on the lens. The variable ir interaction pattern may vary in the manner it interacts with ir wavelengths, so as to provide a machine-readable code when the lens is illuminated by ir light.
Google Inc.

Apparatus for eye tracking

An eye tracker having a waveguide for propagating illumination light towards an eye and propagating image light reflected from at least one surface of an eye, a light source optically coupled to the waveguide, and a detector optically coupled to the waveguide. Disposed in the waveguide is at least one grating lamina for deflecting the illumination light towards the eye along a first waveguide path and deflecting the image light towards the detector along a second waveguide path..
Digilens, Inc.

Tracking system with mobile reader

A tracking system uses a mobile reader or scanner that scans, for example through a barcode reader, a passive tag reader, a probe, input, camera, or an active rf tag communication reader, and records item (asset or inventory) data. After being recorded, this item data and other relevant data is sent by radio transmission to a receiver network in the tracking system.
Position Imaging, Inc.

Dryer conveyor belt tracking system

The present invention provides a conveyor belt tracking system for a dryer having a web of a mesh material having a protrusion extending along the length proximal one lateral edge and above a flat surface and a first generally cylindrical roller having a three-tiered slot for receiving the protrusion and two flanking shallow tracks for receiving base flanges.. .
M&r Printing Equipment, Inc.

Activity and sport sensor

Surf tracking and monitoring systems and methods. Surf tracking systems that incorporate a variety of sensors, including acceleration and rotation sensors, to track and monitor various aspects of a surfer's activities while in the water surfing including: depth of a duck dive, criticality of a turn while riding a wave, paddling efficiency, and so on.

Gaze tracking variations using dynamic lighting position

Aspects of the present disclosure relate to eye tracking systems and methods which track eyes by illuminating the eyes using a light source and detecting the eye illuminations using a sensor. Implementations of the present disclosure may utilize a light source with a dynamic lighting position to account for changes in lighting conditions during the tracking which interfere with detection of the eye illuminations, such as reflections in glasses which may obscure a user's eyes..
Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

Monitoring individual viewing of television events using tracking pixels and cookies

A real-time content identification and tracking system enabling monitoring of television programming consumption specific to an individual television or other viewing device. Metrics collected may include data regarding viewing of specific broadcast media, commercial messages, interactive on-screen information or other programming, as well as locally cached, time-shifted programming.
Vizio Inscape Technologies, Llc

Dual-mode illuminator for imaging under different lighting conditions

An apparatus, system, and method for dual mode imaging under different lighting conditions. A sensor is configured to image a target.
Thales Visionix, Inc.

Aircraft power and data distribution system and methods of performing the same

A electrical distribution unit comprising a first housing, a second housing connected to the first housing by a bar, a securing unit connected to the lower portion of each housing and to a seat track in an aircraft, at least one outlet unit on each housing, and an electronic connection unit in the first housing that is connected to a power distribution system where the outlet units on the first and second unit are electronically connected to the electronic distribution unit to provide power to a device connected to the at least one outlet unit.. .

Scene analysis for improved eye tracking

Technologies related to scene analysis for improved eye tracking are generally described. In some examples, detected gaze targets may be derived from gaze direction information from an eye-facing sensor.
Empire Technology Development Llc

System and tracking the production and sale of regulated agricultural products

A system and method for tracking the production and sale of regulated agricultural products, such as cannabis products. Secure tracking of the products is done with containers that have specific security keys and attributes known only to the inventory tracking system, which allows secure tracking though the different phases of production, retailing, and sale.
Viridian Sciences Inc.

System and method to track time & attendance of an individual at a workplace

A system and method to track time and attendance of an individual at a workplace is provided. The system includes a location tracking system that detects a presence of a portable electronic device carried by the individual, a time clock system that records clock-out registration time of the individual at the workplace, and a main controller.
Api Healthcare Corporation

Electromagnetic position tracking system

The invention relates to an electromagnetic position tracking system, including: an electromagnetic field emission device including at least one emitter coil and, connected to the emitter coil, a first generator of an electric signal for exciting the emitter coil; a device for receiving the electromagnetic field emitted by the emission device, including at least one receiver coil, and, connected to the receiver coil, a circuit for reading an electric signal induced in the receiver coil; and a system for measuring at least one parameter of the reception device, including, connected to the receiver coil, a second generator of an electric signal for exciting the receiver coil.. .

Wireless remote asset tracking system and method

An asset tracking system includes sensors installed on an asset, where the sensors include a positioning sensor, and a remote central computing device configured to receive data from the sensors, process the data, associate it with a date/time of generation, and store the data in a database and including modules. A communication module receives requests for data and transmits the requested data, a display module displays the requested data, including indicating asset position on a map, an asset information module receives asset information and associates it with the asset, a route module receives route information, associates a driver with a route, and determines from the data whether the driver completes the route and whether the driver leaves the route, and a dashboard module displays a time-period data summary detailing information associated with the asset position over a set period of time..
The Burtner Group, Llc

Underground guidance using above-ground mesh network

A tracking system for communicating a location of a beacon in order to drill a bore path. The beacon is carried by a drill string in a drilling operation.
The Charles Machine Works, Inc.

Golf shot tracking systems, devices and methods of use

A golf shot tracking system including an identification tag coupled to a golf club and a tag reader including a position-determination component and a tag identification component are disclosed. The tag reader may receive identification information relating to the golf club, and may determine its position, in response to the identification tag being within a reception range of the tag identification component.
Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc.

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