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new patent High-frequency signal processing apparatus and wireless communication apparatus
A high-frequency signal processing apparatus and a wireless communication apparatus can achieve a decrease in power consumption. For example, when an indicated power level to a high-frequency power amplifier is equal to or greater than a second reference value, envelope tracking is performed by causing a source voltage control circuit to control a high-speed dcdc converter using a detection result of an envelope detecting circuit and causing a bias control circuit to indicate a fixed bias value.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

new patent Service processing method and related device
A service processing method and related devices are disclosed. The method includes: receiving, by a mobility management entity (mme), an access request message from a user equipment; determining, by the mme, whether the access request message from the user equipment is an attach message or a tracking area update request message; and if the mme has been registered as a short message serving node of the user equipment in a home subscriber server (hss) and it is determined that the access request message is the attach message or the tracking area update request message, sending, by the mme, a notification to the hss to inform the hss to cancel registration of the mme as the short message serving node of the user equipment..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

new patent Incident tracking systems and methods
Various embodiments of the present invention are related to incident tracking systems and methods. A method allows for receiving input that specifies an incident at a facility, defining a search area adjacent to a position of the incident, and displaying one or more other incidents that occurred at the facility within the search area.
Case Global, Inc.

new patent Computerized dual eligibility tracking system and method
A computerized system and method for tracking applications and other information for “dual eligible” members of a health insurance plan. The users of computerized system and method are associates of a health benefits provider that offers medicare advantage insurance plans to individuals who also may qualify for additional health benefits under another program such as medicaid.
Humana Inc.

new patent Handling glare in eye tracking
Embodiments are disclosed for eye tracking systems and methods. An example eye tracking system comprises a plurality of light sources and a camera configured to capture an image of light from the light sources as reflected from an eye.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

new patent Sensor-based medication systems
Described herein are various sensor-based medication storage and dosage tracking systems, comprising a base unit with a visual display, and at least one receptacle to receive one or more pill containers. Sensors in the system are configured to detect medication removal from the pill containers as the pill containers remain in the receptacle, and are configured to automatically track medication usage and amount, and to provide medication reminders to the user.

new patent Flexible optical tracker
An apparatus and method for tracking the position of one or more connected rigid bodies using markers attached to the rigid bodies by flexible connectors. Systems based on this method are comprised of flexible connectors, a position tracking system and a data processing algorithm to determine the positions and orientations of the rigid bodies.
The University Of British Columbia

Communication control method, position management device, base station device, terminal device, and communication system
In means or the position management device that detects that the terminal device performs a prose service, a tracking area update procedure is executed using detection means of a server apparatus that performs management of the prose service.. .

Dynamic modification of the tracking area update period for machine-to-machine communication
The period for tracking area update (tau) requests, that are made by machine-to-machine (m2m) user equipment (ue) in a wireless cellular network, may be dynamically modified. In one implementation, the period for the tau request may be dynamically increased for m2m ues that tend to be stationary.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Calibration of a head mounted eye tracking system
Described herein is a method of calibrating a display in a head-mounted display system. The system includes a frame for maintaining the display in front of the user's eyes, and one or more lenses disposed between the display and the user's eyes.
Seeing Machines Limited

Power management in an eye-tracking system

An imaging device adapted to provide eye-tracking data by imaging at least one eye of a viewer, wherein: the imaging device is switchable between at least an active mode and a ready mode; the imaging device is configured, in the active mode, to use active eye illumination, which enables tracking of a corneal reflection, and to provide eye tracking data which include eye position and eye orientation; and the imaging device is configured, in the ready mode, to reduce an illumination intensity from a value the illumination intensity has in the active mode.. .
Tobii Ab

Electronic asset tracking

A computer system for tracking assets comprises an asset tracking system, a digital identity system and a computer interface. The asset tracking system comprises electronic storage and a profile manager.
Yoti Ltd

System for introspection and annotation of electronic circuit design data

A system for introspection and annotation of electronic design data includes a tracked probe that interacts with an electronic circuit, a tracking system, schematics, design files, or models for the circuit, electronic design system software, and a user interface. The probe has a sensor that tracks the position of the probe within the circuit.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Digital ultrasonic emitting base station

An acoustic tracking system is provided that includes receivers that detect first acoustic signals from a first set of transmitters disposed on a digital pen and second acoustic signals from a second set of transmitters disposed on a base station. The acoustic tracking system also includes a processing component that defines a two-dimensional plane on which the base station lies and determines a three-dimensional position of the digital pen relative to the base station.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Systems, devices, and methods that integrate eye tracking and scanning laser projection in wearable heads-up displays

Systems, devices, and methods that integrate eye tracking capability into scanning laser projector (“slp”)-based wearable heads-up displays are described. An infrared laser diode is added to an rgb slp and an infrared photodetector is aligned to detect reflections of the infrared light from features of the eye.
Thalmic Labs Inc.

Systems, devices, and methods that integrate eye tracking and scanning laser projection in wearable heads-up displays

Systems, devices, and methods that integrate eye tracking capability into scanning laser projector (“slp”)-based wearable heads-up displays are described. At least one narrow waveband laser diode is used in an slp to define one or more portion(s) of a visible image.
Thalmic Labs Inc.

Systems, devices, and methods that integrate eye tracking and scanning laser projection in wearable heads-up displays

Systems, devices, and methods that integrate eye tracking capability into scanning laser projector (“slp”)-based wearable heads-up displays are described. An infrared laser diode is added to an rgb slp and an infrared photodetector is aligned to detect reflections of the infrared light from features of the eye.
Thalmic Labs Inc.

Motion tracking apparatus and method

In accordance with various embodiments herein, disclosed herein is an apparatus comprising an imaging probe-based device operably linked to an automated tracking system. Furthermore, in various embodiments, the apparatus may be used to track the position and movement of a handheld imaging probe, including with respect to a subject's 3d surface profile.
The Regents Of The University Of California

System and multi-scale closed-loop eye tracking with real-time image montaging

A system for multi-scale closed-loop eye tracking to compensate for translation and rotation motion while imaging in vivo a surface area of an internal structure of an eye of a subject includes a narrow field imaging device optically coupled to an optical path to receive light reflected from the surface area of the structure of the eye. A wide field camera is optically coupled to the optical path by a beam splitter disposed in the optical path.

Extended discontinuous reception mechanism

A method, a device, and a non-transitory storage medium having instructions to obtain extended discontinuous reception (drx) parameters from a wireless network; store the extended drx parameters; camp on a cell of the wireless network; wake up from an idle state based on the extended drx parameters, wherein the device wakes up at a time, prior to a paging occasion, wherein a time period from the time to the paging occasion has a duration during which the device can perform a cell reselection procedure, and subsequently, a tracking area update; measure a metric of the cell in response to a wake up; and monitor a scheduled paging occasion, wherein the scheduled paging occasion is a paging occasion that is first to occur subsequent to the wake up.. .
Sony Mobile Communications Inc.

Caching of tracking elements in network content

Systems, methods, apparatuses, and software for caching tracking elements of network content are provided herein. In one example, a method of operating a cache node that caches content for delivery to end user devices is provided.
Fastly, Inc.

Employee cyclic award tracking system

The present invention is directed to an employee task docketing and cyclic award tracking system method. The method includes providing a network, a computer server, a database on the computer server and one or more workstations for storing one or more past periodic award files for a plurality of users.

Tunable crash bolster

An apparatus comprises a vehicle door closeout panel. The closeout panel comprises a pelvis bolster having a plurality of load points.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Easy seat positioning and installation

A seat mounting apparatus of a vehicle, including a plurality of seat tracks mounted in the vehicle; a plurality of seat sliders at least equal in number to a number of the plurality of seat tracks, each of the plurality of seat sliders being slidable along one of the plurality of seat tracks; and a seat mounting bracket that aligns and fixes a relative position in the direction of a number of the plurality of seat sliders equal to the number of the plurality of seat tracks.. .
Aisin Technical Center Of America, Inc.

Systems and methods for eye tracking for motion corrected ophthalmic optical coherenece tomography

Systems and methods for eye tracking for motion corrected ophthalmic optical coherence tomography (oct) are disclosed. According to an aspect, an imaging system includes an eye tracking device configured to determine movement of an eye.
Duke University

Apparatus and methods for wideband envelope tracking

Apparatus and methods for wideband envelope tracking systems are disclosed herein. In certain implementations, an envelope tracker includes a dc-to-dc converter, a current digital-to-analog converter (dac), an error amplifier, a feedback circuit, and an ac combiner.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Method for assessing parameters for controlling a solar tracker

The invention relates to a method for assessing parameters for controlling a solar tracker including modules which include a table of means for processing solar radiation which is movable on means for connecting to the ground, which includes detecting, for each connection means, spatial coordinates of a point for connection with the table; for each module: i. Determining a tilt of the table from the determined spatial coordinates; ii.

Apparatus for sunlight collection and solar energy generation

This invention relates to photovoltaic (pv) systems with solar trackers. Retractable auxiliary panels are positioned at opposite sides of a solar panel along its tilt direction.

Schedule-based sun tracker for increasing directness of sun exposure upon a solar panel to improve energy production

A sun tracking system for use with a solar panel is disclosed. The system has an actuator configured to cause a change in orientation of a solar panel; and a logic controller configured to control the actuator in accordance with a schedule so as to change the orientation of the solar panel.

Tracking energy consumption using a boost-buck technique

The invention relates to an apparatus and method for tracking energy consumption. An energy tracking system comprises at least one switching element, at least one inductor and a control block to keep the output voltage at a pre-selected level.
Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh

Transaction tracking and display

A transaction tracking system includes a display that permits viewing the relationship between related transactions. In the display, individual transactions are depicted as transaction icons sorted in time order horizontal rows according to order id..
Nice-systems Ltd.

Real-time 3d gesture recognition and tracking system for mobile devices

The disclosure relates to a device and a method in the device for recognizing a 3d gesture. The device is connected to a sensor and has access to a database of gesture images including indexable features of normalized gesture images.

Arrow mounted tracking apparatus

An animal tracking device comprising a housing, a controller, a battery, an antenna, a sleeve, an elastic ring, and a prong. The housing encloses the controller and the battery and includes a flexible clip having a flexible neck, a latch on an inner side of the flexible clip, an elastic ring groove on an outer side of the flexible clip for receiving the elastic ring, and a latch release member extending from the outer side between the flexible neck and the elastic ring groove.
Iron Mountain Products, Llc

Apparatus for conveyor belt tracking

A conveyor belt tracking system incorporates a receiving arm secured within a conveyor belt operating system with a roller assembly. The roller assembly has an upper plate and a lower plate forming a high aspect ratio groove to receive a conveyor belt.

System with wheel assembly that communicates with display unit of human propelled cart

A vehicle tracking system includes a wheel assembly containing sensor circuitry capable of sensing one or more types of conditions, such as wheel rotation, wheel vibration caused by skidding, and specific electromagnetic and/or magnetic signals indicative of particular wheel locations. The wheel assembly may also include a brake mechanism.
Gatekeeper Systems, Inc.

Interactive helmet with display of welding parameters

A welding system includes welding equipment for generating a welding current and voltage, a welding control system for controlling the welding current and voltage, a monitoring system for monitoring a welding parameter, and a welding helmet. The welding helmet includes a main body, a retinal tracking system configured to identify a field of view of a user by tracking movement of the user's eyes, and a visual display system configured to generate a visual image of the welding parameter and further configured to position the visual image within the field of view of the user identified by the retinal tracking system.
Lincoln Global, Inc.

Impact prediction systems and methods

An impact prediction system includes a processing circuit configured to receive remote tracking data from a remote tracking system located remote from a plurality of users, receive local tracking data from a plurality of local tracking devices, each local tracking device is worn by a different one of the plurality of users, and predict an impact between two or more of the plurality of users based on the remote tracking data and the local tracking data. The remote tracking data includes data regarding a location of each of the plurality of users.
Elwha Llc

Electronic cigarette usage tracking system

An electronic cigarette usage tracking system includes an electronic cigarette including a housing with an atomizer mounted therein to convert a liquid within the housing into a vapor when air is drawn through the housing. A power supply is electrically coupled to the atomizer is mounted within the housing.

Method and using control plane to transmit and receive data

Methods and apparatus are described for transmitting and receiving data by a wireless transmit/receive unit (wtru) over the control plane. The methods may receive data without the use of an internet protocol (ip) address.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.

Method and system for controlling signalling transmission in power-saving mode

A method and system for controlling signalling transmission in a power-saving mode are disclosed. The method includes that a terminal transmits a tracking area update request signalling or a routing area update request signalling to a new mobility management unit, wherein each signalling includes a power-saving parameter; and the new mobility management unit transmits a power-saving parameter to an old mobility management unit or a serving gateway.
Zte Corporation

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