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This page is updated frequently with new Track-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Track-related patents
 Computerized  creating a resource url for rendering the resource in a resource specific application patent thumbnailComputerized creating a resource url for rendering the resource in a resource specific application
Conversion tracking systems and methods are described herein.. .
Yahoo! Inc.

 Envelope shaping in envelope tracking power amplification patent thumbnailEnvelope shaping in envelope tracking power amplification
The subject matter described herein relates to envelope shaping in envelope tracking power amplification. A method, apparatus and computer storage medium are provided for envelope shaping in envelope tracking power amplification.
Microsoft Corporation

 Power amplifier for amplifying radio frequency signal patent thumbnailPower amplifier for amplifying radio frequency signal
Power amplifiers for amplifying a radio frequency signal are provided. The power amplifier may include an envelope tracking power supply, a carrier amplifier coupled with the envelope tracking power supply and configured to amplify the radio frequency signal, an input matching network configured to split the amplified radio frequency signal from the carrier amplifier such that one part of the amplified radio frequency signal passes along a peak amplifier path and another part of the amplified radio frequency signal passes along an impedance transformer path, a peak amplifier coupled with the envelope tracking power supply and configured to amplify the one part of the amplified radio frequency signal from the input matching network, an impedance transformer configured to perform impedance transformation on the other part of the amplified radio frequency signal from the input matching network, an output matching network configured to combine the output of the peak amplifier and the impedance transformer, wherein the peak amplifier is configured to be switched off in a lower power mode and switched on in a high power mode based at least in part on an input power level of the radio frequency signal.
Microsoft Corporation

 Wearable electronic device patent thumbnailWearable electronic device
A head-mounted device includes a see-through display having an inner surface and an outer surface; a display driver integrated circuit (ddic) for driving the display; and at least one processor for controlling the ddic. A microcontroller may control the ddic to display content through a specific area corresponding to eye tracking information acquired from an eye tracking module in a display area of the display..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Gaming  involving progressive wagers patent thumbnailGaming involving progressive wagers
A method of gaming is disclosed wherein progressive award values may be increased in response to certain pre-established game outcomes, wager amounts or random events. The increased progressive award values may be based on a primary game or secondary game outcome.

 Position adaptive atm for customer privacy patent thumbnailPosition adaptive atm for customer privacy
Embodiments of the invention are directed to a system, method, or computer program product for providing a position adaptive automated teller machine (atm) for customer privacy. In this way, the system senses, via a sensor, characteristics associated with the customer's portion relative to the atm screen.
Bank Of America Corporation

 Visual object tracking system with model validation & management patent thumbnailVisual object tracking system with model validation & management
System, apparatus, method, and computer readable media for on-the-fly captured image data object tracking. An image or video stream is processed to detect and track an object in concurrence with generation of the stream by a camera module.
Intel Corporation

 Dynamic eye tracking calibration patent thumbnailDynamic eye tracking calibration
A user of a computing device may interact with and control objects and applications displayed on the computing device through the user's eye movement. Detected gaze locations are correlated with actions performed by the user and compared with typical gaze locations for those actions.
The Eye Tribe Aps

 Eyewear-mountable eye tracking device patent thumbnailEyewear-mountable eye tracking device
An eye movement tracking device that can be mounted to standard eyeglasses as disclosed. The device comprises an illumination source, a time-of-flight (tof) camera and a processor.

 System and  3d tracking for ad-hoc cross-device interaction patent thumbnailSystem and 3d tracking for ad-hoc cross-device interaction
Disclosed is a three-dimensional ad-hoc tracking system and method between two or more devices at a location. The disclosed systems and methods can be implemented on commodity mobile devices with no added components and require no cross-device calibration, in order to track surrounding devices.
Yahoo! Inc.


Optical capsule and spectroscopic treating and diagnosing the intestinal tract

A device and method for mapping, diagnosing and treating disorders or other diseases, disorders or conditions (e.g., bleeding, ischemic or necrotic tissue, and presence of certain chemicals or substances) of the intestinal tract is provided using a capsule passing through the intestinal tract and sensing optical characteristics as the capsule passes through. Further, a capsule tracking system is provided for tracking a capsule's location along the length of an intestinal tract as various treatment and/or sensing modalities are employed.
Entrack, Inc.


Calibration for eye tracking systems

Generally, this disclosure provides systems, devices, methods and computer readable media for calibration of an eye tracking system. In some embodiments, the method may include analyzing a video stream received from a scene facing camera to detect moving objects and estimate angular locations of the moving objects.
Intel Corporation


Apparatus and qkd quantum communication channel continuous synchronization and alignment

System and methods for synchronizing and aligning quantum channel for quantum key distribution. The primary object of the invention is to allow a quantum key distribution (qkd) apparatus to work continuously with only two communication channels, a quantum communication channel and a service channel.


Moving platform roll angle determination system using rf communications link

An orientation tracking system for a moving platform includes a transmitter which generates an beam having a known polarization with respect to a predefined coordinate system. The moving platform includes an ellipsometric detector capable of detecting the polarized beam when within the line-of-sight of the transmitter, and measuring its polarization state.
Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, Llc


Photovoltaic module with integrated cooling and tracking system

Photovoltaic (pv) power generation systems and methods are disclosed, wherein the system includes a pv module having an integrated frame structure, pv cell rows, solar tracking system, and cooling system. A protective cover may be included with the frame structure to form an enclosed area in which the pc cell rows, cooling system, and tracking system are placed, thereby protecting them from the elements.
Andes Mining & Energy Corporation S.a.


Universal player tracking system utilizing mobile devices

A universal player tracking system includes a gaming machine interface. The interface is connected to a communication port of a gaming machine and is configured to connect with a mobile device.


Integrated real-time tracking system for normal and anomaly tracking and the methods therefor

The ability to identify anomalous behavior in video recordings is important for security and public safety. Current identification techniques, however, suffer from a number of limitations.
The Johns Hopkins University


Classifying user activities using eye fixation clustering, fixation features, and regions of interest

A computing device classifies user activities. The device receives eye tracking data for a person viewing a page having multiple contiguous regions.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.


Dynamic search engine for an industrial environment

A multi-platform industrial search system facilitates indexing and searching of plant-wide data residing on multiple different data platforms. The industrial search system automatically inventories industrial devices and other data sources located throughout a plant, and identifies available data items on each data source.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.


Crawler for discovering control system data in an industrial automation environment

An industrial data indexing system facilitates discovery and indexing of plant-wide data residing on multiple different data platforms. The indexing system automatically inventories industrial devices and other data sources located throughout a plant, and identifies available data items on each data source.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.


Systems and methods for providing audio to a user based on gaze input

According to the invention, a method for providing audio to a user is disclosed. The method may include determining, with an eye tracking device, a gaze point of a user on a display.
Tobii Ab


System for automatic eye tracking calibration of head mounted display device

A method of automatically calibrating a head mounted display for a user is disclosed. The method includes automatically calculating an inter-pupillary distance value for the user, comparing the automatically calculated inter-pupillary distance value to a previously determined inter-pupillary distance value, determining if the automatically calculated inter-pupillary distance value matches the preexisting inter-pupillary distance value, and automatically calibrating the head mounted display using calibration data associated with matching previously determined inter-pupillary distance value..


Positional tracking systems and methods

Optical positional tracking systems that may be used in virtual reality (vr)/augmented reality (ar) applications are described. Exemplary implementations comprise one or more receivers and one or more transmitters.
Valve Corporation


System for tracking and imaging a treatment probe

A system includes a treatment probe, a first tracking sensor configured to track a location of the treatment probe, an ultrasound imager, a second tracking sensor configured to track a location of the ultrasound imager, and a tracking system. The ultrasound imager generates real-time ultrasound images.
Covidien Lp


Correcting systematic calibration errors in eye tracking data

Systems and methods are provided for post-hoc correction of calibration errors in eye tracking data, which take into consideration calibration errors that result from changes in user position during a user session in which the user's fixations on a display screen are captured and recorded by an eye tracking system, and which take into consideration errors that occur when the user looks away from a displayed target item before selecting the target item.. .
International Business Machines Corporation


Tracking area planning

A method is disclosed for improved tracking area planning and handling, comprising: assigning a single tracking area code to a plurality of enodebs at a messaging concentrator gateway, the messaging concentrator gateway situated in a network between the plurality of enodebs and the core network; storing, at the messaging concentrator gateway, at least one indicator of a last known location of a user equipment (ue) other than the single tracking area code; receiving a paging message from the core network at the messaging concentrator gateway for a ue; and performing a paging sequence using the at least one indicator to identify a set of enodebs to page the ue, thereby allowing larger tracking area list sizes to be used without increasing signaling traffic between the radio access network and the core network.. .
Parallel Wireless, Inc.


Methods, wireless communication networks and network nodes for recovering a public warning system

A method is described performed by a wireless communication network for recovering a public warning system when a radio network node comprising radio circuitry for communication with served user equipments, ues, has been newly added or restarted in the network. The method comprises sending, by the radio network node to a core network node, information indicating that the radio network node has been restarted or added to the network, the information including one or more tracking area identifiers, tai, identifying one or more tracking areas that the radio network node supports and/or a radio network node identifier, id, identifying the radio network node in the communication network, and, in case the radio network node id is sent but not the one or more tais, acquiring, by the core network node the one or more tais based on the received radio network node id..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Amplifier topology for envelope tracking

An amplifier (100) comprises an input port (102) for receiving an input signal, an envelope port (104) for receiving an envelope signal indicative of an envelope of the input signal. The amplifier has a first transistor (m1) and a second transistor (m2).
St-ericsson Sa


Transfer function regulation

The invention relates to a technique for controlling in an envelope tracking amplification stage, comprising: determining a representation of the output signal of the amplifier; determining a representation of the input signal of the amplifier; adjusting the determined representation of the input signal according to a target characteristic of the amplifier; comparing the adjusted input and determined representation of the output; and generating a control signal in dependence on the comparison.. .
Snaptrack, Inc.


Image sticking prevention using an information handling system webcam

A system, method, and computer-readable medium for reducing image sticking by jittering an image enough so that sharp borders in the image are not always displayed on the same set of pixel elements. This jittering can also cause sharp borders of an image to be sufficiently blurred so as to not leave a visible line artifact on the screen after the user changes to a different image.
Dell Products L.p.


Cord and cable identification and tracking system

A system for identifying and tracking components, including but not limited to cords, cables and connectors, that are associated with an electronic device or apparatus or that are part of a “set.” devices include tvs, dvd players, vcrs, dvrs, computers, printers, camera, and the like. A plurality of self-adhesive stickers marked with a scannable code, each with a unique code in that set, are affixed to a device and its accessories.


Touch down monitoring of an ocean bottom seismic node

Apparatuses, systems, and methods for guiding and/or positioning a plurality of seismic nodes on or near the seabed by an autonomous underwater vehicle (auv) or a remotely operated vehicle (rov). In one embodiment, an underwater vehicle is configured to monitor the deployment of cable connected to a plurality of seismic nodes, including the touchdown monitoring, positioning, and guiding of deployed autonomous seismic nodes or ocean bottom cable.
Seabed Geosolutions B.v.


System for effecting the rotational movement of a solar tracker and solar tracking device comprising such a system

A system for effecting the rotational movement of a solar tracker about an axis of rotation includes a bow mounted on the solar tracker and comprising a rack a worm engaging with the rack to effect the rotational movement, the rack having a plastic tooth set and the bow having a damper configured to dampen the connection with the solar tracker.. .


High speed tracking dual direction current sense system

A tracking current sense system is described that includes a first current tracking system, a second current tracking system, and a pre-biasing device. The first current tracking system is configured to replicate a first current flowing through a first switch and the second current tracking system is configured to replicate a second current flowing through a second switch.
Infineon Technologies Austria Ag


Multi purpose armrestor

A universal vehicle arm rest which fits on all vehicle types and connects upon a vehicle's interior door/window panel, which is adjustable, slidable and reversible, and incorporates obverse functional apparatuses which are designed into the body of the arm rest. The arm rest connects upon the sill of the door panel along any area of the longitudinal x, y axis points and can be simply adjusted and affixed by means of a slim linear protrusion that extends in between the vehicles window and weather stripping of the window/door panel.


Apparatus and methods for capacitive load reduction of an envelope tracker

Apparatus and methods for capacitive load reduction are disclosed. In one embodiment, a power amplifier system includes a plurality of power amplifiers and an envelope tracking module for generating a supply voltage for the power amplifiers.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


Monopulse autotracking system for high gain antenna pointing

A method including receiving a monopulse transmission by a monopulse antenna determining an angle of arrival of the monopulse transmission, using processing circuitry operably coupled to the monopulse antenna, determining, using the processing circuitry, an angle error for a high gain antenna based on the angle of arrival of the monopulse transmission, and causing the positioning of the high gain antenna based on the angle error.. .
The Johns Hopkins University


Use of force training system implementing eye movement tracking

A use of force training system is described. Embodiments of the use of force training system can include a weapon, a simulator system, and an eye tracking device.
Ti Training Corp.


Apparatus and eye tracking under high and low illumination conditions

An eye tracking apparatus is operable in both first and second illumination environments where the second illumination is associated with a higher illumination environment than the first illumination. The apparatus includes an image capturer configured to capture an image of a user, an image processor configured to detect an eyepoint of the user in the captured image, and an optical source configured to emit infrared light to the user in a first illumination mode.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Portable device pairing with a tracking system

In embodiments of portable device pairing with a tracking system, a pairing system includes a portable device that generates device acceleration gesture data responsive to a series of motion gestures of the portable device. The pairing system also includes a tracking system that is configured for pairing with the portable device.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Systems and methods for use at a vehicle including an eye tracking device

Systems and methods for a vehicle including an eye tracking device. The systems and methods use input from the eye tracking device.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Tracking energy consumption using a boost-buck technique

The invention relates to an apparatus and method for tracking energy consumption. An energy tracking system comprises at least one switching element, at least one inductor and a control block to keep the output voltage at a pre-selected level.
Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh


Automatic electronic communication system for tracking firearms

This invention provides a system, method and algorithm for automatic electronic communication between a firearm formed with a location tracking system and a signal emitting arrangement. A data processing system is provided at a restricted firearm-free-zone established around key public sites (schools, mass gathering places etc.).


Network authentication method and system based on eye tracking procedure

A network authentication method and a system based on an eye tracking procedure are provided. An image capturing unit of a user terminal captures a face image sequence of a user, and transmits the face image sequence to a server terminal such that the server terminal executes an authentication procedure to return an authentication result.


Personal monitor and tracking system

In a method for tracking an offender in possession of a first offender cellular telephone that includes a global positioning system module and for presenting tracking information about first offender to an officer employing an officer communication device, a voiceprint from the first offender is stored on the tangible memory storage device at a server. A set of predetermined location criteria is generated for the first offender.


Method, apparatus and systems for tracking freight

Methods, apparatus, and systems are provided for tracking freight. Embodiments include a tracking device for a trailer containing a load.


Cloud based video detection and tracking system

A method for detecting and tracking multiple moving targets from airborne video within the framework of a cloud computing infrastructure. The invention simultaneously utilizes information from an optical flow generator and an active-learning histogram matcher in a complimentary manner so as to rule out erroneous data that may otherwise, separately, yield false target information.


Gesture based in-store product feedback system

As disclosed herein, an in-store feedback system permits shoppers to provide positive or negative feedback for a particular item using gestures or spoken language. To do so, the feedback system includes a gaze tracking module that identifies what product a shopper is currently focusing on.


Authentication and interaction tracking system and method

Aspects of the invention relate to a central authentication and interaction tracking system for authenticating an entity making a request related to a financial account. The system facilitates authentication of an entity engaging in an interaction with a financial institution, the authentication based on a record of interactions initiated by the entity.


Systems and methods for use at a vehicle including an eye tracking device

Systems and methods for a vehicle including an eye tracking device. The systems and methods use input from the eye tracking device.


Medication unique drug identifier tracking, monitoring and verification for pharmacy

An automated tracking system for a pharmacy that maintains each medication's unique drug identifier (“udi”) information from the stock supply container to individual prescriptions filled therefrom. The udi information automatically travels with each individual prescription until it is dispensed to a customer or patient, thereby allowing the medication contained therein to be returned to stock without risk of losing key information about the medication such as its expiration date and the like.


Remote filling, tracking and verification of pharmacy supply containers

A cost effective system that consistently and accurately verifies prescription orders and the contents of supply containers at a first location without needlessly requiring multiple verifications from different licensed pharmacy technicians or pharmacists. A computerized tracking system monitors the filling of medication bins at a remote second location and preserves the documentation of the pharmacist verification of the bin at that location where it is tagged & sealed and transported to the first location, such as a local pharmacy.


Remote access to tracking system contact information

In the context of tracking systems, it is difficult to ensure that an organization has a complete, accurate database of contacts stored in its tracking system. When tracking systems users are required to manage exporting and importing of contacts from their desktop mail clients and handheld devices, it is almost certain that contact information will not be kept up-to-date and that confidence in the accuracy of the contact information will not be high.


Automatic tracking of contact interactions

In the context of recruitment and sales, it is difficult to ensure that there is a consistent level of activity tracking that occurs in a customer relationship management or applicant tracking system (crm/ats, tracking application, or tracking system) from one user (e.g., recruiter or sales representative) to another within a single firm. This is due in large part to the manual and time consuming mechanics of logging the activity.


System and diagnosis using gaze and eye tracking

A system and method for use of a mobile device to capture one or more images of one or more eyes of a user in a period before, during or after conducting one or more tests involving the eyes, vision or eye movements of the user. A position, motion, pattern or other characteristic of the position, motion or movement of one or more eyes may be evaluated in each of such images and comparisons of such positions, motions or movements in the various images may be made as part of a diagnostic effort for various medical conditions..


Traceable footwear, tracking system for said footwear and network application for said tracking

The invention describes a traceable footwear (1), particularly for children, including a circuit terminal mounted (11) permanently in the footwear (1); a housing (12) formed in the footwear (1) itself including a first electrical contact (13) connected to the circuit terminal (11); a movable component (14) removably inserted in the housing (12); at least one presence detection sensor for detecting the presence of a part of a living body (102) positioned in the movable component (14), wherein the movable component (14) includes a presence detection system for detecting the presence of a human being (17), configured for detecting a parameter representative (pres) of the presence of a human being; and a position detection system (18) configured for detecting a position of the footwear (1). The invention furthermore describes a tracking system (100) and a data processing system (50) configured for interacting with the tracking system (100)..


Asset tracking system activated by predetermined pattern of asset movement

An asset tracking system that optimizes the value per ping by tying the ping to a pattern of movements of the asset. The asset tracking device will send a ping to a remote host (i.e., receiver) when pre-determined condition(s) regarding the movement are met, conditions such as the pattern of movement, and number of movements within a time period.


Framework and tracking lost or stolen electronic device

A framework for tracking an electronic device includes at least one electronic device, a server in wireless communication with the at least one electronic device, and a tracking system implemented in the server and the at least one electronic device. The server stores personal identification information of the at least one electronic device, and a database.


Systems and methods for providing audio to a user based on gaze input

According to the invention, a method for providing audio to a user is disclosed. The method may include determining, with an eye tracking device, a gaze point of a user on a display.


System and method to track and log mobile communication device call status when the device is not in possession

A mobile device logging and tracking system permits a communicative association between a mobile device and a receiving device. When the mobile device communicates data including an indication of an unanswered call to the receiving device, the receiving device is configured to store the data in a memory.


Differential dependency tracking for attack forensics

Methods and systems for intrusion attack recovery include monitoring two or more hosts in a network to generate audit logs of system events. One or more dependency graphs (dgraphs) is generated based on the audit logs.


Switchable dual core power amplifier

A dual mode, dual core power amplifier (pa) device includes a plurality of pa chains that generate output power according to an envelope tracking mode and a non-envelope tracking mode. The different modes can be selected to generate output power based on a set of predetermined criteria, which can be related to an input signal received by the system and related to a target power.


Real-time simulation of fluoroscopic images

A method includes registering a first coordinate system of a fluoroscopic imaging system and a second coordinate system of a magnetic position tracking system. A three-dimensional (3d) map of an organ of a patient is computed using the magnetic position tracking system.


Sales process management and tracking system

A system for managing a sales force that includes at least one sales associate comprises a management console and a mobile console that is in communication with the management console via a data communication network. The mobile console includes a positioning module for determining a geographical position of the mobile console, an interface for receiving input from the sales associate, a display for presenting information to the sales associate, a wireless communication interface for sending and receiving information via the data communication network, a data reader, a memory for storing information and operational instructions for the mobile console, and a processor for controlling and for sending information to and receiving information from the positioning module, the interface, the display, the wireless communication interface, the data reader, and the memory..


Use of range-rate measurements in a fusion tracking system via projections

A target is located and a track is associated with the target in the fusion coordinate system. An estimate/prediction of the target's velocity is developed within the tracker, as well as {right arrow over (t)}, a vector representing the distance from the fusion center to the target as estimated by the tracker, and {right arrow over (s)}, a vector representing the known distance from the fusion center to the sensor.


Device for supporting a length of a control bar of a solar tracking system

A device for supporting a length of a control bar connecting two elements separated from one another, with the control bar having a degree of freedom. The device includes a carrier cable extending vertically parallel and opposite the control bar, with a series of hangers connecting the carrier cable to the control bar and arranged to maintain the degree of freedom of the control bar..


Re-reflecting paraboloid dish collector

The present invention relates to an improved solar energy concentrating system. The system comprises a dual axis sun tracking paraboloid dish collector on a polar mount, with a re-reflecting mirror in top of the paraboloid dish, which reflects the concentrated solar irradiation into an opening in the paraboloid dish into a light pipe and with a movable third mirror redirects the light into a second light pipe along the polar axis, which with a fourth fixed mirror, sends the concentrated solar irradiation into a third light pipe to the cavity receiver.


Well monitoring, sensing, control and mud logging on dual gradient drilling

The present disclosure provides systems and methods for tracking system parameters in each of two or more circulatory systems, such as in a dual gradient drilling system. The systems and methods may include defining each of multiple circulatory systems and simultaneously tracking one or more system parameters for each circulatory system.


Linear motion assemblies and bearings for use in linear motion assemblies

A seat track assembly including a first rail and a second rail spaced apart by a distance and extending parallel with respect to one another, wherein at least one of the first and second rails having a first receiver, a second receiver, the first and second receivers longitudinally translatable with respect to each other, and a sliding member disposed therebetween, wherein the sliding member defines an aperture extending at least partially therethrough.. .


Hand-held imaging devices with position and/or orientation sensors for complete examination of tissue

A scan completeness auditing system for use with an ultrasound imaging console in screening a volume of tissue comprising a location tracking system comprising at least one position sensor adapted to couple to an imaging probe and at least one orientation sensor adapted to couple to the probe, the position and orientation sensors configured to provide data corresponding to the position and orientation of the imaging probe and a receiver comprising a controller configured to receive the position and orientation data from the location tracking system and to electronically receive and record a first scan sequence comprising a first set of scanned images representing cross-sections of the tissue from the imaging probe. The controller can be configured to assign a replay dwell time to each image in the scan sequence.


Display device with curved display function

A display device includes a flat-panel screen, an image capturing module, an eye tracking module, a screen rotating and tilting module, a flat-to-curve emulation module, and a flat-to-curve mechanical module. The display device employs the flat-to-curve emulation module to transform a rectangular flat image displayed by the flat-panel screen to a pincushion-like flat image according to a user's eye position; therefore, it may automatically provide the “emulated” curved image according to the user's eye position so that a user may perceive a visual effect like seeing a curved image.
Top Victory Investments Ltd.


Envelope tracking with reduced dynamic range

Envelope power supply circuitry includes power converter circuitry and envelope tracking circuitry. The power converter circuitry is configured to receive an envelope power converter control signal and a supply voltage and provide an envelope power supply signal for an amplifier from the supply voltage and based on the envelope power converter control signal.
Rf Micro Devices, Inc.


Virtual players card

A gaming machine including a secondary processor coupled to a player tracking system for tracking game play of a patron using a virtual player loyalty card is described. A virtual player loyalty card can be created by associating an existing physical player loyalty card with a newly created mobile loyalty card account.
Leap Forward Gaming


Finger-touch tracking system

A finger-touch tracking system is provided, including a magnet, a magnetic field sensing unit, and a computing unit. The magnet generates a magnetic field.
National Taiwan University


Systems and methods for analyzing event data

A computer-implemented method for determining a target situation in an athletic event. Positional information including the relative positions of a group of selected participants is initially received from a tracking system, and the aggregate motion of the selected participants is detected in real-time using the positional information.
Isolynx, Llc


Message read confirmation using eye tracking

An electronic device generates a message read confirmation by using eye tracking. The device tracks a position of a user's eye while the user is viewing a displayed electronic message.
Ringcentral, Inc.


On-demand serving network authentication

A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided. A method includes transmitting a request to a serving network with a nonce and a signature request directed to a network function of the serving network, receiving a response to the request from the serving network, and authenticating the serving network based on the signature of the network function.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Variable load power amplifier supporting dual-mode envelope tracking and average power tracking performance

A variable load power amplifier that improves the performance of a power amplifier that provides both envelope tracking (et) and average power tracking (apt). The variable load power amplifier can include a plurality of amplifiers that are each selectively connectable into one of a plurality of parallel combinations, each of the plurality of parallel combinations characterized by a corresponding load line.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


Digital multi-level envelope tracking for wide-bandwidth signals

Digital envelope tracking with multilevel supply voltages is performed for wide-bandwidth signals. A digital control component generates a digital control code that facilitates switching of resistor values of one or more resistors coupled between a power amplifier and a supply voltage of plurality of supply voltages.
Intel Ip Corporation


Delay adjustment

There is disclosed an envelope tracking amplification stage comprising an input path and an envelope path and a delay stage in one of the input path and the envelope path, the delay of the delay stage being determined in dependence on the slope polarity of a signal representing the input and whether the signal in the input path leads or lags the signal in the envelope path.. .
Snaptrack, Inc.

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