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This page is updated frequently with new Track-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Track-related patents
 Method and system for network node selection based ue agent assisted modification of temporary identity in 3g and 4g networks patent thumbnailMethod and system for network node selection based ue agent assisted modification of temporary identity in 3g and 4g networks
The embodiments described herein relate generally to a method and system for using mobility management entity (mme) or serving gprs support node (sgsn) pooling features depending on whether it is a 3g or 4g network and adding an enhancement in the user equipment (ue) whereby it uses location information (e.g., broadcast public land mobile network identity (plmn id), tracking area (ta), cell identification, global positioning system (gps) coordinates or the like) to decide from which mme or sgsn it should obtain services.. .
Connectem Inc.

 Control  power amplifiers operating in envelope tracking mode patent thumbnailControl power amplifiers operating in envelope tracking mode
Control systems and methods for power amplifiers operating in envelope tracking mode are presented. A set of corresponding functions and modules are described and various possible system configurations using such functions and modules are presented..
Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation

 Real-time emotion tracking system patent thumbnailReal-time emotion tracking system
Devices, systems, methods, media, and programs for detecting an emotional state change in an audio signal are provided. A number of segments of the audio signal are analyzed based on separate lexical and acoustic evaluations, and, for each segment, an emotional state and a confidence score of the emotional state are determined.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

 Tracking system patent thumbnailTracking system
A tracking unit comprising: positioning means for determining a location of the tracking unit; a transceiver unit for communicating at least position data of the tracking unit; a power supplying circuitry for supplying power to the tracking unit; the tracking unit being configured to switch from a first power saving state to an active state after a first predetermined period; send a request to a network address of a positioning application for checking if a location update request has been given to the tracking unit; in response to the location update request being given, determine the location of the tracking unit and send the position data of the tracking unit to the network address; and in response to the location update request not being given or the position data of the tracking unit being sent to the network address, switch back to the first power saving state.. .
Yepzon Oy

 Issue rank management in an issue tracking system patent thumbnailIssue rank management in an issue tracking system
Described herein is a computer implemented method for maintaining a plurality of issues, each issue having an associated rank value, the rank values of the plurality of issues defining an order of the plurality of issues. The method comprises receiving a rank operation request to change the rank of a subject issue; determining relevant issues to the rank operation request; and attempting to acquire locks on each of the relevant issues.
Atlassian Pty Ltd

 Accurate geographic tracking of mobile devices patent thumbnailAccurate geographic tracking of mobile devices
A tracking system is described having at least two mobile transmitter/receivers (“transceivers”) which sense and respond to at least one tracking transceiver. The signals sent to and received from the mobile transceivers are analyzed to get a distance (range) that each is from the tracking transceiver.
Position Imaging, Inc.

 Physiological parameter measurement and feedback system patent thumbnailPhysiological parameter measurement and feedback system
A physiological parameter measurement and motion tracking system including a control system, a sensing system, and a stimulation system is disclosed. The sensing system includes one or more physiological sensors including at least brain electrical activity sensors.
Mindmaze Sa

 Travel activity tracking system patent thumbnailTravel activity tracking system
Systems, methods, and computer program products for processing real-time travel data. A record database is queried to determine a particular record from a plurality of records managed by the record database.
Amadeus S.a.s.

 Freight tracking system and method patent thumbnailFreight tracking system and method
A freight tracking system and method of use that is operable to track a shipment batch wherein the shipment batch comprises of a plurality of pieces and wherein each piece of the shipment batch is communicably coupled. The freight tracking system further includes a database, controller, remote terminals, warehouse gateways and a plurality of asset tags.

 Automated virtual machine provisioning based on defect state patent thumbnailAutomated virtual machine provisioning based on defect state
A method for automatically provisioning a virtual machine based on the state of a defect work-item workflow for reproducing a defect associated with testing a software product is provided. The method may include identifying a defect in the software product.
International Business Machines Corporation


Mobile gaze input system for pervasive interaction

A mobile gaze-tracking system is provided. The user operates the system by looking at the gaze tracking unit and at pre-defined regions at the fringe of the tracking unit.
The Eye Tribe Aps


Tracking system and tracking method using the same

A tracking system and method using the same is disclosed which is capable of minimizing a restriction of surgical space by achieving a lightweight of the system as well as a reduction of a manufacturing cost through calculating a 3-dimensional coordinates of each of makers using single image forming unit. In the tracking system and method using the same has an effect of reducing a manufacturing cost of the tracking system with small and lightweight, and relatively low restriction of surgical space comparing with conventional tracking system by calculating a spatial position and a direction of the markers attached on a target by using one image forming unit through a trigonometry since a pair of maker images are formed on an image forming unit for each marker by a pair of light sources positioned different to each other..
Kyungpook National University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation


Wideband receiver for position tracking system in combined virutal and physical environment

A positional tracking system used in a virtual reality environment in which multiple users may freely and unrestrictedly explore an environment without affecting position tracking. Receivers mounted to the user in several locations may be accurately tracked regardless of the position of the user and other users in the system.
The Void, Llc


Method for setting and updating tracking area in c-ran and apparatus therefor

A method for performing tracking area (ta) update by a ue in a cloud radio access network (c-ran) includes: receiving at least one of neighbor radio remote unit (rru) information and neighbor baseband unit (bbu) information from a primary bbu; setting a ta based on the received information and characteristics of the ue; and transmitting information on the set ta to the primary bbu during a radio resource control (rrc) connection release procedure.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Utilizing eye tracking to determine attendee engagement

Eye tracking for the purpose of detecting attendee disengagement with respect to a presentation including a visual display communicated over a network. The eye tracking method includes: during a play of the presentation, tracking eye positions of a set of control party(ies); during a play of the presentation, tracking eye positions of a set of non-control party(ies); determining a set of divergence value(s) corresponding to divergence between the eye position(s) of the control party(ies) and the non-control party(ies); and determining a disengagement value corresponding to relative disengagement of the non-control party(ies) based, at least in part on the set of divergence value(s)..
International Business Machines Corporation


Image processing apparatus, image capturing apparatus, and storage medium storing image processing program

An image processing apparatus for processing images captured by an image capturing apparatus includes an image input unit to receive a plurality of image frames of a subject captured by the image capturing apparatus along the time line; a tracking area setting unit to set a target tracking area on the plurality of image frames; a tracking unit to track the target tracking area on the plurality image frames; a subject condition prediction unit to predict a condition of the subject at a time point delayed from a time point when the most recent image frame of the plurality of image frames is captured based on a tracking result of the target tracking area; and a parameter setting unit to set a parameter to be used for an image capturing of the subject based on the predicted condition of the subject to the image capturing apparatus.. .


Using a wireless transmitter and receiver to prevent unauthorized access to restricted computer systems

A method and system for automatically terminating a logout session for a restricted access system by determining that an authorized user has left the vicinity of the restricted access system. The authorized user preferably carries a wireless transmitter which transmits an authorization signal that is also used for permitting access to the restricted access system.
Collateral Opportunities, Llc


2g support for 2g and 3g/4g envelope tracking modulator

There is provided an amplification stage including an envelope tracking modulated supply for tracking a reference signal, comprising a low frequency path for tracking low frequency variations in the reference signal and for providing a first output voltage, and a high frequency path for tracking high frequency variations in the reference signal and for providing a second output voltage, and a combiner for combining the first and second output voltages to provide a third output voltage, the amplification stage further comprising a first amplifier arranged to receive the first output voltage as a supply voltage, and a second amplifier arranged to receive the third output voltage as a supply voltage, wherein the first and second amplifiers are enabled in different modes of operation.. .
Snaptrack, Inc.


Virtual-reality presentation volume within which human participants freely move while experiencing a virtual environment

The current document is directed to a virtual-reality system, and methods incorporated within the virtual-reality system, that provides a scalable physical volume in which human participants can freely move and assume arbitrary body positions while receiving electronic signals that are rendered to the human participants by virtual-reality rendering appliances to immerse the human participants in a virtual environment. In a described implementation, the virtual-reality system includes multiple networked optical sensors, a computational tracking system, networked virtual-reality engines, and virtual-reality rendering appliances..
Vrstudios, Inc.


Customer health tracking system based on machine data and human data

A system allows a provider to better monitor the health of customer accounts. The present system monitors customer utilization and adoption of their product using machine data along with human evaluation data.
Appdynamics Inc.


Video based matching and tracking

An analytical device is disclosed that analyzes whether a first image is similar to (or the same as) as a second image. The analytical device analyzes the first image by combining at least a part (or all) of the first image with at least a part (or all) of the second image, and by analyzing at least a part (or all) of the combined image.
Sensormatic Electronics, Llc


Methods and detection system having fusion of radar and audio data

Methods and apparatus for locating a weapon by fusing audio and radar data. An exemplary embodiment comprises detecting a weapon firing event with an audio sensor system, detecting a projectile fired from the weapon with a radar system, calculating a state vector associated with the projectile detection, identifying a location of the weapon by backtracking the state vector to the detected time of the weapon firing event time, and communicating the location of the weapon..


Systems and methods for tracking motion, performance, and other data for an individual such as a winter sports athlete

A winter sports tracking system, in various embodiments, is configured to measure winter sports athlete speed, heading, distance travelled, acceleration, and other motion related measurements based at least in part on magnetic field measurements taken by one or more magnetometers. In a particular embodiment, the system comprises one or more magnetometers (e.g., that may be embedded in one or more wearable devices, such as eyewear) and at least one magnet disposed on a portion of the winter sports athlete or their equipment.
Vision Service Plan


Systems and methods for tracking motion of a bicycle or other vehicles

A vehicle tracking system, in various embodiments, is configured to measure vehicle speed, heading, distance travelled, acceleration, and other motion related measurements based at least in part on magnetic field measurements taken by one or more magnetometers. In a particular embodiment, the system comprises one or more magnetometers (e.g., that may be embedded in one or more wearable devices, such as eyewear) and at least one magnet disposed on a portion of the vehicle such as the vehicle's wheel.
Vision Service Plan


Ski pylon camera mount tracking system

The invention utilizes the use of a boats ski pylon. The unit mounts to the ski pylon and allows for a camera or other recording device to be attached to it so that individuals or items being towed or otherwise propelled behind a boat may be recorded..


Method for detecting camp-on and camp-off of mobile terminal for zone based service in mobile communication system

Disclosed is a method for detecting cell camp-on and camp-off of a mobile terminal, in which a base station provides an effective zone based service by directly and simply detecting small cell camp-on and camp off of the mobile terminal without a help from a core network, that is, without a separate nas message under a small cell environment of a mobile communication system by enhancing a tracking area update request processing scheme of the mobile terminal.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Lightweight solar module tracking device

The subject-matter of the present invention relates to a solar system with a tracking system (100) comprising an installation and a moving device (20) for a tracking system (100) of a solar system, in particular for moving an installation connected to the moving device (20) according to a position of the sun, comprising at least one turning unit (40) rotatable about at least one elevation axis (102) with at least one receptacle (42) for receiving the installation, wherein at least the turning unit (40) and/or the receptacle (42) is/are configured asymmetrically and/or eccentrically relative to the elevation axis (102). The invention further relates to a method for producing the tracking system..


Method and system for tracking personal property collateral

A tracking system is provided for tracking personal property, such as to track collateral which is used to secure a loan. Collateral belonging to a borrower, such as electronic devices or other items of personal property having a wireless communication interface, is placed in communication with a tracking system which receives information from those items of collateral and utilizes that information to verify the existence of the borrower's collateral..


Goal management system and methods of operating the same

A goal tracking system including a goal retrieval unit that retrieves a listing of goals, with each goal having at least one prerequisite, and retrieves a listing of completed goals related to a user, a goal analysis unit that compares the completed goal of the user with the prerequisite of the goal and determines if the user is qualified to achieve at least one goal from the listing of goals based on the completed goals of the user.. .
Center For Independent Futures


Centripetal acceleration determination, centripetal acceleration based velocity tracking system and methods

The flight of an aircraft is characterized in terms of earth-based reference system data for a first position and a second position of the aircraft that are separated by a time increment. A centripetal acceleration of the aircraft is determined based on the earth-based reference system data for the positions in conjunction with the time increment.
Merlin Technology, Inc.


Non-contact fiber optic localization and tracking system

A system for detecting and tracking one or more of direction, orientation and position of one or more light sources includes one or more optical fiber sensors configured to receive light from the one or more light sources and to generate a plurality of cones of light according to relative positions of the one or more optical fiber sensors relative to the one or more light sources. The system includes light data processing circuitry configured to detect characteristics of the plurality of cones of light and to determine one or more of direction, orientation, or position of the one or more light sources relative to the one or more optical fibers..
The Johns Hopkins University


Cell culturing and tracking with oled arrays

Cell culturing and tracking systems using an array of organic light emitting diodes (oleds) to illuminate cells and/or other particles in a cell chamber are described. Compared to conventional light sources, the oled array consumes very little energy and emits a small amount of waste heat, so it may be disposed near or on the cell chamber.
Empire Technology Development Llc


Methods for efficient wireless communications and communications apparatus utilizing the same

A method for efficient wireless communications includes transmitting a tracking area update (tau) request message by a communications apparatus to a peer device to initiate a tau procedure; receiving a paging message by the communications apparatus from the peer device after transmitting the tau request message; and in response to receipt of the paging message, retransmitting the tau request message by the communications apparatus to the peer device to reinitiate the tau procedure immediately or transmitting a request message by the communications apparatus to the peer device immediately, without waiting a predetermined time period.. .
Mediatek Inc.


Methods for efficient wireless communications and communications apparatus utilizing the same

A method for efficient wireless communications performed by a communications apparatus includes determining a cell according to a low priority list; and performing an attach procedure to try to attach to the cell for establishing an emergency call through the cell. The low priority list comprises information regarding a public land mobile network (plmn) identity (id), tracking area (ta) code, a cell id and/or a closed subscriber group (csg) id of at least one attempted cell through which the communications apparatus has attempted but failed to establish an emergency call..
Mediatek Inc.


Start and stop moving notification triggers for location based tracking

A tracking system in which positioning alerts are communicated to a first user device from a second user device, the tracking system including a positioning sensor that determines a current location of the second user device; a controller in communication with the positioning sensor; and a memory including instructions to: receive a first set of current locations from the positioning sensor, generate, at a start of a candidacy period, a candidate geofence including the first set, receive a second set of current locations from the positioning sensor, when, by an end of the candidacy period, the entirety of the second is within the candidate geofence, communicate a stop motion message to the first user device, receive a third set of current locations from the positioning sensor, and when any of the third set is outside an active geofence, communicate a start motion message to the first user device.. .
Zos Communications, Llc


System and detection of indoor tracking units

Disclosed is a system and method for obtaining ad-hoc the spatial layout and setup of installed radio-based indoor tracking systems at particular locations. The systems and methods can be implemented via an installed or web-based application that performs the ad-hoc detection of indoor beacons, which includes detecting the signal strength of all beacons at a location while the user performs a previously configured gesture.
Yahoo! Inc.


Real time eye tracking for human computer interaction

A gaze direction determining system and method is provided. A two-camera system may detect the face from a fixed, wide-angle camera, estimates a rough location for the eye region using an eye detector based on topographic features, and directs another active pan-tilt-zoom camera to focus in on this eye region.
The Research Foundation For The State University Of New York


Footage collecting/broadcasting device, footage collecting/broadcasting system, footage collecting/broadcasting method, and recording medium recorded with a program

A footage collecting/broadcasting device includes a procedure, the procedure including: cyclically overwriting and storing input footage data in a storage section; periodically transmitting an existence confirmation request to an external device; setting, as a first start time to start protection of the footage data that excludes the inputted footage data from an overwrite target, a point in time reached by backtracking by a set time in cases in which the existence confirmation response from the external device is not detected a specific number of times.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Method for configuring gaming devices via a network

Embodiments of the present invention are directed to a method for configuring gaming machines in which configuration data packets are associated with a player's record in a player tracking system. The configuration data packets may have machine identification information in a header that may be associated with each data packet.
Patent Investment & Licensing Company


Gaze detection offset for gaze tracking models

Examples are disclosed herein that relate to gaze tracking. One example provides a computing device including an eye-tracking system including an image sensor, a logic device, and a storage device comprising instructions executable by the logic device to track an eye gaze direction by acquiring an image of the eye via the eye-tracking system, and determining a determined location of a center of a lens of the eye from the image of the eye.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Gaze tracking via eye gaze model

Examples are disclosed herein that are related to gaze tracking via image data. One example provides, on a gaze tracking system comprising an image sensor, a method of determining a gaze direction, the method comprising acquiring image data via the image sensor, detecting in the image data facial features of a human subject, determining an eye rotation center based upon the facial features using a calibrated face model, determining an estimated position of a center of a lens of an eye from the image data, determining an optical axis based upon the eye rotation center and the estimated position of the center of the lens, determining a visual axis by applying an adjustment to the optical axis, determining the gaze direction based upon the visual axis, and providing an output based upon the gaze direction..
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Head mounted display with eye tracking

A head mounted display is disclosed. More particularly, a head mounted display including one or more projection light sources, one or more eye-tracking light sources, a polarizing beam splitter, and a second polarizing beam splitter is disclosed.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Vehicle tracking systems and methods

A user interface can provide location information (e.g., related to vehicles). Some embodiments include providing user access to a location management dashboard module.
Location Based Technologies, Inc.


Method and focal spot position tracking

A tracking system for tracking focal spot position of an x-ray source includes a detector array including a plurality of detecting elements sensitive to x-ray radiation and a grid overlaid on a detecting surface of the detector array. The grid is formed from an array of vanes and has a density greater than a density of the detector array..
Arineta Ltd.


Systems and methods for evaluating human eye tracking

Systems and methods are disclosed for evaluating human eye tracking. One method includes receiving data representing the location of and/or information tracked by an individual's eye or eyes before, during, or after the individual performs a task; identifying a temporal phase or a biomechanical phase of the task performed by the individual; identifying a visual cue in the identified temporal phase or biomechanical phase; and scoring the tracking of the individual's eye or eyes by comparing the data to the visual cue..
Righteye, Llc


Tracking and monitoring of animals with combined wireless technology and geo-fencing

A networked cattle tracking system may track cattle using a base station, smart tags for cattle, and a mobile device. Tags are placed on each animal within a group of cattle.
Nmode Solutions, Inc.


Method and device for supporting voice service in wireless communication system

A method for supporting a voice service of a user equipment (ue) in a wireless communication system; and a mobility management entity (mme) apparatus therefore. The method according to one embodiment includes transmitting an update location request (ulr) message to a home subscriber server (hss); and transmitting a notify request message including a single radio voice call continuity (srvcc) capability, when the mme determines that the srvcc capability is changed.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Low power eye tracking system and method

A method of reducing the illumination power requirements for an object tracking system, the method including the steps of: (a) determining a current location of the object within a scene; (b) for a future frame: determining a band around the object of interest; determining a start and stop time for when the rolling shutter detector will be sampling the band; and illuminating the object only whilst the rolling shutter detector is sampling the band; (c) for a future frame predicting the location of the object relative to the tracking system; determining the ambient light levels; and illuminating the object with the minimum optical power required for the object to be imaged suitably for tracking.. .
Seeing Machines Limited


Digital predistortion system and method based on envelope tracking and radio frequency system

Embodiments of the present disclosure a digital predistortion system and method based on envelope tracking, and a radio frequency system, so as to reduce complexity of the digital predistortion system based on envelope tracking. The system includes: a digital predistorter, a digital-to-analog converter, a frequency mixer, a power amplifier, and a power supply apparatus; where a value range of a predistortion signal that is obtained when the digital predistorter uses a first processing manner is within a first interval, and in this case, a value of a supply voltage generated by the power supply apparatus is a constant; a value range of the predistortion signal that is obtained when the digital predistorter uses a second processing manner is within a second interval, and in this case, a change of the supply voltage generated by the power supply apparatus tracks a change of an envelope signal of the predistortion signal..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Electronic platform for supporting transaction transmission modification capabilities for various levels of entitlement

An apparatus for providing a transmission tracking system is provided. The apparatus may display a hierarchal view of a transmission associated with a transaction.
Bank Of America Corporation


Eye tracking

Examples are disclosed herein that relate to eye tracking based on two-dimensional image data. One example provides, on a computing device, a method of tracking an eye.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Auto-refinement of search results based on monitored search activities of users

A tracking system passively tracks and records searches conducted by actual search engine users. The recorded data for each search event preferably includes the search query submitted, the search engine used, the search result item (e.g., web page) selected, the position (e.g., page number) of this item, and the user's ip address.
Gula Consulting Limited Liability Company


Dynamic camera or light operation

A user of a computing device may interact with the computing device through the user's eye movement. An image of the user's eyes or face, captured by a camera on the computing device, may be analyzed using computer-vision algorithms, such as eye tracking and gaze detection algorithms.
The Eye Tribe Aps


Board and bike-based sports sensor systems, and associated methods

A product integrity tracking shipping label includes a label body for attaching to a product to be shipped or to packaging containing the product. One or more movement monitoring configured with the label body detects a movement metric of the product.
Tvipr, Llc


Solar tracker drive mount

A sun-tracking solar drive of a solar energy system can include mounting hardware supporting the solar drive with support components of the same type of that used for supporting other components of system. The support components can be in the form of pile driven members, which optionally can be connected together for sharing the loads associated with the solar drive.
Sunpower Corporation


Pipe tracking system for drilling rigs

Pipes, drill strings including pipes, and methods for use on a drilling rig. The method includes obtaining pipe data for individual drill pipes of a drill string, obtaining a well trajectory for a well, obtaining one or more drilling measurements to be used when drilling the well, planning a first drill string based on the pipe data, the well trajectory, and the one or more drilling measurements, predicting an aging of the individual drill pipes in the first drill string while drilling the well using the first drill string, determining that a risk of failure of one or more individual pipes in the first drill string is unacceptable based on the aging of the individual pipes; and planning a second drill string in response to determining that the risk of failure is unacceptable in the first drill string..
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


System and identifying and interpreting repetitive motions

A motion tracking system monitors the motions performed by a user based on motion data received from one or more sensors. The motion tracking system may include a motion tracking device with one or more sensors, a smart device with one or more sensors and/or a server.
Focus Ventures, Inc.


Method and system for metadata extraction from master-slave cameras tracking system

An embodiment of the present invention includes a master camera that may record master metadata regarding an object of interest and communicate the master metadata to a slave camera. The slave camera may zoom, pan, or tilt to isolate and record more detailed image data regarding the object of interest based on the master metadata.


Hybrid network based metering server for a shared service and tracking client for wireless services

A process of modifying a usage allotment of a shared subscription in a third party wireless network includes implementing a metering system in a network separate from the third party wireless network and activating a plurality of wireless devices associated with the shared subscription in response to identification of each of the plurality of wireless devices and confirmation of use of a respective tracking system that tracks a respective usage allotment for each of the plurality of wireless devices on the metering system. In addition, the process includes receiving a change request to reallocate the respective usage allotment for at least two of the plurality of wireless devices and forwarding modification instructions to the at least two wireless devices.


Method and appratus for determining warning alert list contents for assignment of cells to tracking area identifiers

A example method includes receiving, at a cell broadcast center (cbc) an alert request providing information for distribution to at least one user equipment, identifying a broadcast area based on the alert request, one or more cells within the broadcast area, determining a warning area list (wal) for a message and transmitting the message with the wal. The wal may be a list of one or more tracking area identity (tais) or a list of cell identifiers depending on various conditions..


Amplifiers operating in envelope tracking mode or non-envelope tracking mode

Various envelope tracking amplifiers are presented that can be switched between an et (envelope tracking) mode and a non-et mode. Switches and/or tunable components are utilized in constructing the envelope tracking amplifiers that can be switched between the et mode and the non-et mode..


Internet of things locker

The present invention relates to a re-usable internet based locking device that uses electronic keys (either single or a combination to be distributed to multiple parties) for opening and closing the locking device. It enables the institutions to offer highly secure, vault-grade locking device to their user in public places.


Mobile, wearable, automated target tracking system

The mobile, wearable, automated target tracking system is designed to enable an image and/or sound recording device, such as a video camera or directional microphone, to automatically follow a subject (or target) in order to keep that subject within the image frame or sound range that is being recorded. The automated target tracking system makes it possible to capture both the action and subject simultaneously without requiring a cameraman to manually operate the equipment.


Systems and methods for processing data entered using an eye-tracking system

A method for processing data entered using a keyboard and a keyboard capable of implementing the method is described. In one embodiment, the keyboard includes keys associated with at least one input data value and at least one multi-value key associated with at least two input data values.


Systems and methods for generating haptic effects based on eye tracking

A system includes an eye-tracking device configured to track a user's eye gaze while looking at media content comprising an image, and a processor configured to execute one or more computer program modules, including a content determination module that, when executed by the processor, analyzes the media content to identify the image, an eye gaze determination module that, when executed by the processor, determines a gaze location of the user's eye gaze while looking at the image, and an event determination module that, when executed by the processor, determines an event to trigger based on the identification of the image and the gaze location.. .


Active stabilization targeting correction for handheld firearms

An electromechanical system translates an “aiming error” signal from a target tracking system into dynamic “pointing corrections” for handheld devices to drastically reduce pointing errors due to man-machine wobble without specific direction by the user. The active stabilization targeting correction system works by separating the “support” features of the handheld device from the “projectile launching” features, and controlling their respective motion by electromechanical mechanisms.


System and tracking with associated sensory feedback

The aspects of the present disclosure provide a tracking system with associated sensory feedback and method for activating a component and adjusting the component's mode of operation within a vehicle with a tracking system. Sensory feedback may be provided based on the user's gaze or input detected by the tracking system—and/or in response to the change in the component's mode of operation.


A visualizing information in a procedure of placing sources

A system (100) for and a method of visualizing quality information to a person performing a procedure of temporarily or permanently placing energy provision sources in a part of a body of a living being are provided. The body comprises a volume of interest.


Tumor tracking radiotherapy

A system and method for tracking a tumor includes a regression module for selecting, using a motion signal and a regression function, a feature signal from a set of feature signals, each feature signal in the set of feature signals represents a medical image of the body of the patient, wherein the motion signal represents a motion of a surface of a skin of the patient caused by the respiration, and wherein the regression function is trained based on a set of observations of the motion signal synchronized with the set of feature signals; and a registration module for determining the location of the target object using the feature signal and a registration function, wherein the registration function registers each feature signal to a breath-hold location of the target object identified.. .


User initiated and feedback controlled system for detection of biomolecules through the eye

A system for detecting biomolecules in a user's eye having a head and tracking system positioned a comfortable distance from the user that provides positioning cues for the user, an optical system for providing scans of the user's eye, and a controller that operates the head and tracking system and the optical system and perform a risk analysis based on data from the scans.. .


Integrated tracking system for inter-patient imaging

To accurately generate the three-dimensional ultrasound data and/or determine the position of the ultrasound scan relative to pre-operative data, a tracking sensor is releasably connected with the ultrasound probe. The connection positions the tracking sensor near a distal end of the probe for insertion into the patient.


Wireless communication paging and registration utilizing multiple types of node identifiers

Paging load and/or registration load in a network is reduced by using different types of identifiers to specifying which nodes page an access terminal in the network. In some aspects, the network maintains a list that specifies that certain individual nodes (e.g., cells or sectors) are to page a given access terminal and/or that one or more zones (e.g., tracking areas) are to page the access terminal.


Monitoring optical decay in fiber connectivity systems

A tracking system includes a tracking arrangement including a processor, memory, and at least a first interface port; and one or more optical modules. Each optical module includes a housing having at least one input port, at least a first output port, and at least a first monitoring port.


Systems and methods for transmitter receive band noise calibration for envelope tracking and other wireless systems

System and method embodiments are provided for transmitter receive band noise calibration in a wireless device. In an embodiment, a method in a wireless device for transmitter receive band noise calibration includes transmitting, by the wireless device, a signal; iteratively measuring, by the wireless device, a receive band noise caused by the transmitted signal, determining a corrected transmitter parameter for the transmitted signal, and transmitting a corrected signal using the corrected transmitter parameter until a reduced receive band noise is achieved; and setting a final transmitter parameter according to the corrected transmitter parameter corresponding to the reduced receive band noise..


Method and system for state-based power management of asset tracking systems for non-statutory assets

A method and system for power consumption management for moveable assets is provided. Various states and modes are defined, in which elements of the system may operate, each state and mode having different power requirements based on different operational requirements and communication paradigms.


Eye tracking with mobile device in a head-mounted display

A head-mount display (hmd) and variations thereof are described. An hmd may include a mobile device having a display unit, a camera, a light source and a processing unit that controls operations of the display unit, camera and light source.


System and method to improve object tracking using tracking fingerprints

A method includes receiving image data at a first tracking system. The image data may represent a region in an image of a sequence of images.


System and method to improve object tracking using multiple tracking systems

A method includes receiving first tracking data and a first confidence value at a tracker selection system from a first tracking system. The method includes receiving second tracking data and a second confidence value at the tracker selection system from a second tracking system.


Systems and methods for eye tracking-based exam proctoring

A system for administering an activity to a participant, having at least one camera module configured to capture image data of at least one participant's eye, and at least one processor configured to receive a first plurality of images of the at least one eye, generate a first set of data of movements of the at least one eye, receive a second plurality of images of the at least one eye during a second time period, generate a second set of data of movements of the at least one eye based on the second plurality of images, and determine if at least one undesired event occurred based on the analysis of the activity data and the reference data for the participant.. .


Eye tracking with 3d eye position estimations and psf models

Apparatuses, methods and storage medium associated with computing that includes eye tracking. In embodiments, an apparatus may include an image capturing device, and a plurality of psf models of the image capturing device for a plurality of 3d eye positions.


Histological sample tracking system

There is provided a histological sample tracking system, comprising a plurality of tracking stations (ts1, ts2) and controllers (cnt_i, cnt_r1, cnt_r2), each tracking station incorporating a scanner (scn1, scn2) and one of the controllers (cnt_r1, cnt_r2). The scanner (scn_1, scn_2) is configured to scan identifiers of carriers of histological samples, and the controller (cnt_r1, cnt_r2) is configured to receive the identifiers and send messages based on the identifiers to other ones of the controllers (cnt_i, cnt_r1, cnt_r2).


Railroad car tracking system

Tracking railroad cars during transit using computer implemented methods. Location information for railroad cars is obtained from sensors through a computer network and input into a computer.


Full memory seat track mechanism

A seat track assembly includes a latch mechanism operable to allow movement of a movable track relative to a fixed track between a plurality of positions. A memory mechanism is operable between a home position, coupled with the movable track, and a memory position, coupled with the fixed track, to define a selected position.


Method for maintaining service continuity in heterogeneous communications system

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a method for maintaining service continuity in heterogeneous communication system, including: when a bearer is established on a senb/senb's cell for a ue or the ue tracking area is updated due to a bearer transfer, a menb sends a mme a serving identifier of a senb/senb's cell where the ue is located or a serving identifier of a enb/cell which a user plane bearer of the ue is on; the mme determines a ta identifier/enb identifier which the ue bearer is in, including a ta identifier/enb identifier of the senb's cell where the ue is located, according to received serving identifier. On one hand, the mme may determine whether a ue moves out of the local home network according to the ta of the ue, and whether it is necessary to release the sipto@ln bearer.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Apparatus and methods for envelope tracking in a mobile device

Apparatus and methods for envelope tracking in a mobile device are disclosed herein. In certain configurations, a method includes amplifying a radio frequency (rf) input signal using a power amplifier, providing power to the power amplifier from a power amplifier supply voltage, controlling a voltage level of the power amplifier supply voltage based on a control voltage using a dc-to-dc converter, adjusting the voltage level of the power amplifier supply voltage based on an envelope of the rf input signal using an error amplifier, low pass filtering the power amplifier supply voltage to generate a filtered voltage using a low pass filter, and generating the control voltage based on comparing the filtered voltage to a reference voltage using a comparator..
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


Method and system for saving and retrieving spatial related information

The present invention is directed to a method and apparatus for storing, referencing, retrieving, and graphically displaying spatial and non-spatial related information of a mobile computing device, such as a laptop computer or a cellular telephone. The spatial-related information may be obtained by using positioning tracking systems such as a global positioning system, whereas the non-spatial related information may include communication activities associated with the mobile computing device, such as phone calls, e-mails, text messages, pages, etc.
Telecommunication Systems, Inc.


Motorized microphone rail

Improvements in a motorized microphone rail system for a musical instrument and more particularly for a percussion instrument such as a drum, marimba or similar musical instrument. The microphone system includes a vibration isolation system.
Randall May International Inc.


Envelope tracking in connection with simultaneous transmission in one or more frequency bands

Envelope tracking (et) is enabled in connection with single-band or multi-band transmission. One example system includes two or more power amplification components associated with distinct frequency bands, with at least one including a first power amplifier (pa) configured to operate in an et mode, and at least one including a second pa configured to operate in an average power tracking (apt) mode of operation.
Intel Corporation


Method and correcting inconvenient power amplifier load characteristics in an envelope tracking based system

A tunable matching network is configured to couple at least one filter with a power amplifier that is configured to operate in an envelope tracking (et) mode of operation over a transmit band. A control component is configured to detect a present set of operating conditions of the power amplifier when the power amplifier operates in the et mode of operation.
Intel Corporation


Medical information and tracking system

A medical information and tracking system is provided. The system includes a wearable piece of tracking jewelry having a housing and a tracking unit.


Opacity filter for display device

An optical see-through head-mounted display device includes a see-through lens which combines an augmented reality image with light from a real-world scene, while an opacity filter is used to selectively block portions of the real-world scene so that the augmented reality image appears more distinctly. The opacity filter can be a see-through lcd panel, for instance, where each pixel of the lcd panel can be selectively controlled to be transmissive or opaque, based on a size, shape and position of the augmented reality image.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Vision based real-time object tracking system for robotic gimbal control

Using various embodiments, methods, systems, and apparatuses for controlling a camera pivoting device (e.g., mechanical gimbal) are described. In one embodiment, the system comprises a main computing device, a gimbal stabilizer controller, and a computer vision camera, and/or a user camera.
Reflex Robotics, Inc.


Method and tracking target object

A method by which a tracking apparatus tracks a target object includes: acquiring a first tree structure indicating a tracking processing order of frames, each frame including a tracking area in which the target object is located; acquiring a plurality of frame groups, each frame group consisting of two frames, and acquiring distance evaluation values of the respective frame groups; acquiring a second tree structure based on the first tree structure and the distance evaluation values; and tracking the target object based on the acquired second tree structure, wherein the distance evaluation value is determined based on at least one of locations of tracking areas included in two frames belonging to the frame group and pixel values included in the tracking areas.. .
Postech Academy-industry Foundation


Telescopic suspension device fitted with a pretension tracking system

Telescopic suspension device (10) attached to the hub (422) of a wheel (424) of the type comprising a first tube (12), a second tube (14) sliding relative to the first tube and a main spring (34) arranged inside said tubes, and further comprising a pretension adjustment stopper (18) of the spring (34) installed at the upper end (16) of said first tube. The suspension device comprises a pretension tracking system (39) of the spring, representative of the weight of the user, connected to the stopper (18)..


Motion tracking system for real time adaptive imaging and spectroscopy

This invention relates to a system that adaptively compensates for subject motion in real-time in an imaging system. An object orientation marker (30), preferably a retro-grate reflector (rgr), is placed on the head or other body organ of interest of a patient (p) during a scan, such as an mri scan.
Uwm Research Foundation, Inc.


Eye-tracking system and method therefor

A system for tracking eye location is disclosed. Systems in accordance with the present invention include a scanner for sweeping a first optical signal across the surface of an eye, a detector for detecting a second optical signal reflected from the eye, and a detection circuit for determining a maximum intensity in the second optical signal.
Icspi Corp.

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