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This page is updated frequently with new Track-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Track-related patents
 Display device with curved display function patent thumbnailDisplay device with curved display function
A display device includes a flat-panel screen, an image capturing module, an eye tracking module, a screen rotating and tilting module, a flat-to-curve emulation module, and a flat-to-curve mechanical module. The display device employs the flat-to-curve emulation module to transform a rectangular flat image displayed by the flat-panel screen to a pincushion-like flat image according to a user's eye position; therefore, it may automatically provide the “emulated” curved image according to the user's eye position so that a user may perceive a visual effect like seeing a curved image.
Top Victory Investments Ltd.

 Envelope tracking with reduced dynamic range patent thumbnailEnvelope tracking with reduced dynamic range
Envelope power supply circuitry includes power converter circuitry and envelope tracking circuitry. The power converter circuitry is configured to receive an envelope power converter control signal and a supply voltage and provide an envelope power supply signal for an amplifier from the supply voltage and based on the envelope power converter control signal.
Rf Micro Devices, Inc.

 Virtual players card patent thumbnailVirtual players card
A gaming machine including a secondary processor coupled to a player tracking system for tracking game play of a patron using a virtual player loyalty card is described. A virtual player loyalty card can be created by associating an existing physical player loyalty card with a newly created mobile loyalty card account.
Leap Forward Gaming

 Finger-touch tracking system patent thumbnailFinger-touch tracking system
A finger-touch tracking system is provided, including a magnet, a magnetic field sensing unit, and a computing unit. The magnet generates a magnetic field.
National Taiwan University

 Systems and methods for analyzing event data patent thumbnailSystems and methods for analyzing event data
A computer-implemented method for determining a target situation in an athletic event. Positional information including the relative positions of a group of selected participants is initially received from a tracking system, and the aggregate motion of the selected participants is detected in real-time using the positional information.
Isolynx, Llc

 Message read confirmation using eye tracking patent thumbnailMessage read confirmation using eye tracking
An electronic device generates a message read confirmation by using eye tracking. The device tracks a position of a user's eye while the user is viewing a displayed electronic message.
Ringcentral, Inc.

 On-demand serving network authentication patent thumbnailOn-demand serving network authentication
A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided. A method includes transmitting a request to a serving network with a nonce and a signature request directed to a network function of the serving network, receiving a response to the request from the serving network, and authenticating the serving network based on the signature of the network function.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Variable load power amplifier supporting dual-mode envelope tracking and average power tracking performance patent thumbnailVariable load power amplifier supporting dual-mode envelope tracking and average power tracking performance
A variable load power amplifier that improves the performance of a power amplifier that provides both envelope tracking (et) and average power tracking (apt). The variable load power amplifier can include a plurality of amplifiers that are each selectively connectable into one of a plurality of parallel combinations, each of the plurality of parallel combinations characterized by a corresponding load line.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

 Digital multi-level envelope tracking for wide-bandwidth signals patent thumbnailDigital multi-level envelope tracking for wide-bandwidth signals
Digital envelope tracking with multilevel supply voltages is performed for wide-bandwidth signals. A digital control component generates a digital control code that facilitates switching of resistor values of one or more resistors coupled between a power amplifier and a supply voltage of plurality of supply voltages.
Intel Ip Corporation

 Delay adjustment patent thumbnailDelay adjustment
There is disclosed an envelope tracking amplification stage comprising an input path and an envelope path and a delay stage in one of the input path and the envelope path, the delay of the delay stage being determined in dependence on the slope polarity of a signal representing the input and whether the signal in the input path leads or lags the signal in the envelope path.. .
Snaptrack, Inc.


System and automatic eye tracking calibration

A system and method is disclosed for calibrating the location of a player's gaze at a video display of a gaming machine. The system and method includes capturing images of the player's gaze with a camera while displaying a plurality of reference symbols at locations on the display during serial display of game video content.
Bally Gaming, Inc.


3d holographic virtual object display controlling method based on human-eye tracking

A 3d holographic virtual object display controlling method and apparatus based on human-eye tracking are provided. The display controlling method comprises the following steps of: activating tracking of human eyes of a user; tracking motions of eyeballs of the user; controlling a 3d holographic virtual object presented in a display interface to rotate in response to the motions of the eyeballs of the user; and ending up the tracking of the human eyes of the user.
Shenzhen Estar Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Closed-loop container indentification and tracking method and apparatus

A closed-loop box identification and tracking system that includes a plurality of boxes for being moved by at least one box transport apparatus between an origination point and a destination point, each box containing an rfid tag. At least one rfid reader/transmitter is provided to interact with the at least one box transport apparatus, and is adapted to read the rfid tags when in proximity to the rfid reader/transmitter and transmit the identification of the rfid tag.
Schaefer Systems International, Inc.


Object tracking apparatus, object tracking system, object tracking method, display control device, object detection device, and computer-readable medium

An object tracking apparatus, method and computer-readable medium for detecting an object from output information of sensors, tracking the object on a basis of a plurality of detection results, generating tracking information of the object represented in a common coordinate system, outputting the tracking information, and detecting the object on a basis of the tracking information.. .
Nec Corporation


Abstraction of backtracking

A computer-implemented method, computer program product, and computing system is provided for providing a framework for logically representing the discretization of logic for a backtracking algorithm. In an implementation, a method may include defining a validation class representing a validation logic to be tested.
International Business Machines Corporation


Realtime lens aberration correction from eye tracking

Systems and methods include receiving an image for presenting on a display screen of a head mounted display (hmd). The image is provided by an application.
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


Gps tracking arrow

A global positioning system (gps) is disclosed for tracking prey wounded with an arrow during bowhunting excursions. The taught invention includes, in some embodiments, a cylindrical transmitter, power supply, and/or pressure sensor disposed in or to an arrow.


Over-travel mechanism for easy-entry system

A seat assembly includes an easy-entry system with a seat frame having a seatback pivotally coupled to a seat member. An external lever is operably coupled to an engagement lever disposed on the seat frame and is configured to activate the engagement lever to move the seatback into an engaged position with a sector pivotally coupled to the seat frame.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Easy entry seat track adjuster

A seat adjuster may include an end stop bracket and an easy entry lever. An easy entry lever may be configured to rotate between a first position in which the easy entry lever engages the end stop bracket and prevents movement of a seat from a comfort range into an easy entry range, and a second position in which the easy entry lever does not prevent movement of the seat from the comfort range into the easy entry range.
Lear Corporation


Fast transition envelope tracking

Envelope power supply circuitry is operated in one of an off-state, a standby-state, and a transmit-state. In the standby-state, select components in envelope power converter circuitry in the envelope power supply circuitry are turned on in order to charge one or more inductive and/or capacitive elements therein to a maximum value necessary for supporting transmission of signals about a maximum output power.
Rf Micro Devices, Inc.


Hybrid network based metering server and tracking client for wireless services

A process of tracking usage of a wireless device in a wireless network with a metering system includes implementing the metering system in a network separate from the wireless network and activating the wireless device in response to identification of the wireless device and confirmation of use of a tracking system to the metering system. The process further includes obtaining, by the metering system, an amount of wireless services used by the wireless device.
Tracfone Wireless, Inc.


Tunable envelope tracking

A novel method to provide power management to a radio frequency amplifier is described. The method makes use of a dc-ac resonant switching power converter, a resonant tunable network and a rectifier to track the envelope signal of a radio amplifier system.
Eta Semiconductor Inc.


Amplifier with base current reuse

An rf amplifier module that has a plurality of amplifiers wherein at least one of the amplifiers is powered via an envelope tracking module. The biasing input of at least one of the amplifiers is provided to the first amplifier to power the first amplifier to reduce power consumption.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


Wideband self-envelope tracking rf power amplifier

A wideband self-envelope tracking power amplifier (pa) can use more than a 40-mhz channel bandwidth and improves the envelope bandwidth limit of a self-envelope tracking pas by ten times. The pa uses an envelope load network, which is based on a general multi-stage low-pass filter.
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.


Budget tracking system

Tracking costs relative to a budget includes receiving one or more cost values for applying against a predefined budget, and comparing the one or more cost values against preset threshold percentages for the predefined budget, each preset threshold percentage indicating a percentage of costs applied against the predefined budget at which to notify users. Based on the comparison, a determination is made whether the one or more cost values meet or exceed at least one of the preset threshold percentages.


User verification using touch and eye tracking

A method includes receiving at a processor, an indication of a user touching a point on a data entry device, receiving at the processor, an indication of a user gazing in a direction, and comparing via the processor the touched point and the gazing direction to a known touch point and gaze direction to verify the user is an authorized user.. .
Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Method and physical activity tracking

In one aspect of the teachings herein, a physical activity tracking system includes a wearable electronic device that uses dual touch points for detecting control inputs by a user. Processing within the device complements the dual touch point interface by requiring simultaneous touch detections to register user inputs to the device, and by mapping dual-touch detections of different duration to different control actions.
Omron Healthcare, Inc.


Systems and methods for biomechanically-based eye signals for interacting with real and virtual objects

Systems and methods are provided for discerning the intent of a device wearer primarily based on movements of the eyes. The system can be included within unobtrusive headwear that performs eye tracking and controls screen display.
Eyefluence, Inc.


Waveguide eye tracking employing switchable diffraction gratings

A transparent waveguide, for use in tracking an eye illuminated by infrared light, includes an input-coupler and an output-coupler. The input-coupler includes a stack of electronically switchable diffractive gratings arranged parallel to one another, each of which has a respective lens power that causes each of the gratings in the stack to have a different focal length.


Facilitating dynamic eye torsion-based eye tracking on computing devices

A mechanism is described for facilitating eye torsion-based accurate eye tracking on computing devices according to one embodiment. A method of embodiments, as described herein, includes determining a head pose representing a tilt of a head of a person in an image captured by a capturing device of one or more capturing/sensing device.


Aircraft and seat track assemblies for vibration isolation of floor mounted components

Aircraft, vibration isolation assemblies, and methods of assembling vibration isolation assemblies are provided. An aircraft includes a fuselage, a mounted component disposed within the fuselage, and a vibration isolation assembly disposed within the fuselage and mounting the mounted component to the fuselage.
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation


Muscular-skeletal tracking system and method

At least one embodiment is directed to a tracking system for the muscular-skeletal system. The tracking system can identify position and orientation.
Orthosensor Inc


Eye tracking and gaze fixation detection systems, components and methods using polarized light

An eye tracking and gaze fixation detection system, includes an electronically scannable optical illumination system emits polarized near-infrared (nir) light to a retina in an eye of a subject; an optical detection system arranged in an optical path of the nir light after being reflected from the retina of the eye of the subject, the optical detection system providing a detection signal; and a signal processing system communicates with the optical detection system to receive the detection signal, wherein the optical illumination system emits the polarized nir light to illuminate at least a portion of a scanning path, wherein the scanning path is a spatially closed loop across a portion of the retina in the eye of the subject that repeats periodically over time, and wherein the signal processing system is configured to determine at least one of a gaze direction and a gaze fixation based on the detection signal.. .
The Johns Hopkins University


Discontinuous reception (drx) using longer drx intervals

Wireless transmit receive units (wtrus) and methods implemented in wtrus are described. A method includes transmitting idle mode discontinuous reception (drx) parameters to a serving general packet radio service (gprs) support node (sgsn)/mobile management entity (mme) during one of a tracking area update (tau) and a routing area update (rau) procedure and implementing the drx mode of operation using the transmitted drx parameters.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.


Voice transmission technology selection

The present invention relates to a method of transmitting a signal by an mme (mobility management entity) in a wireless network, the method comprising: receiving a tracking area update message from an ue (user equipment); transmitting, on reception the tracking area update message, an update location message comprising an ims voice over ps (packet switched) session supported indication to an hss (home subscriber server), wherein the ims voice over ps session supported indication indicates whether or not an ims voice over ps session is supported homogeneously in all tracking areas in the serving mme.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Adaptive iso-gain pre-distortion for an rf power amplifier operating in envelope tracking

The output of a radio frequency (rf) power amplifier (pa) is sampled and down-converted, and the amplitude envelope of the baseband feedback signal is extracted. This is compared to the envelope of a transmission signal, and the envelope tracking modulation of the rf pa supply voltage is adaptively pre-distorted to achieve a constant iso-gain (and phase) in the rf pa.
Stmicroelectronics International N.v.


Portable power connector with rfid tracking system and method

An electrical connector includes a female and male connector each having a tapered insulator and a contact with a first set screw a radial aperture. A set screw is received within the radial apertures, the set screws having an outer surface and a bore extending at least partway therethrough.
Integro Llc


System and determining the three-dimensional location and orienation of identification markers

A three-dimensional position and orientation tracking system comprises one or more pattern tags, each comprising a plurality of contrasting portions, a tracker for obtaining image information about the pattern tags, a database with geometric information describing patterns on pattern tags; and a controller for receiving and processing the image information from the tracker, accessing the database to retrieve geometric information, and comparing the image information with the geometric information. The contrasting portions are arranged in a rotationally asymmetric pattern and at least one of the contrasting portions on a pattern tag comprising a perimeter with a polygonal shape.
Navigate Surgical Technologies, Inc.


Commitment tracking system

Aspects described herein provide various approaches for managing financial commitments for customers of a financial institution. Financial data regarding a financial commitment for a customer of the financial institution may be received from one or more computing devices.
Bank Of America Corporation


Methods for training emotional response predictors utilizing attention in visual objects

Described herein are methods for training a predictor of a user's emotional response to stimuli (e.g., digital content). In order to more accurately learn the nature of the emotional response of the user to the stimuli, in some embodiments, the training of the predictor involves collection of attention level data that indicates to which objects the user paid attention.


Portable device pairing with a tracking system

In embodiments of portable device pairing with a tracking system, a pairing system includes a portable device that generates device acceleration gesture data responsive to a series of motion gestures of the portable device. The pairing system also includes a tracking system that is configured for pairing with the portable device.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Enhanced display rotation

Enhanced display rotation techniques are described in which arrangement of on-screen elements and user interfaces may be controlled based upon a combination of inputs from a sensor system of a device indicative of positional relationships. Output positions for elements are controlled in dependence upon a calculated position of a user in relation to the device and alignment of the device with a magnetic direction.
Microsoft Corporation


Tracking energy consumption using a sepic-coverter technique

The invention relates to an apparatus and method for tracking energy consumption. An energy tracking system comprises at least one switching element, at least one inductor and a control block to keep the output voltage at a pre-selected level.
Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh


Localized thermal management system

Localized thermal management system. The system includes an array of emitters of beams of infrared radiation mourned for rotation within a volumetric space.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Vehicle monitoring, safety, and tracking system

Devices and systems for vehicle monitoring, safety, and tracking are disclosed. Devices related to the present disclosure have a housing having at least one actuator, two or more flexible arms having attached video cameras, a processor positioned within the housing, the processor in electronic communication with each of the video cameras, a gps receiver, and an accelerometer.


Multiple sensor tracking system and method

A system and method for tracking the flight of golf balls at driving range. The system includes a plurality of hitting stations, a plurality of sensors, a computer, and a range surface.
Origin, Llc


Laser refractive surgery

An ultrashort pulsed laser instrument is used to perform refractive surgery. The invention operates in ablative and incisional modalities.


Laser refractive surgery

An ultrashort pulsed laser instrument is used to perform refractive surgery. The invention operates in ablative and incisional modalities.


System and locating physical assets

A stolen asset locating system includes a first locating device ‘ld’ associated with a first asset and having a first wireless communication unit for communicating over a public mobile radio network pmrn with any of: an operations control centre; a second ld associated with a second asset; or a mobile location tracking system. A second wireless communication unit uses a different wireless technology or protocol to that of the first wireless communication unit.
Tracker Asia Limited


Method and frequency access restriction in cellular communications

A network node provides information to a base station indicating a list of forbidden frequency from which the base station may or may not offer services. The base station checks the received list of forbidden frequencies when considering whether to provide service to user equipments from a new tracking area or a certain access technology.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Method for deactivating isr capability for proximity service

One disclosure of the present specification provides a method for user equipment deactivating an idle mode signaling reduction (isr) capability for a proximity service. The method for deactivating the isr capability comprises the steps of: the user equipment activating isr as a result of performing a routing area update (rau) process or a tracking area update (tau) process; the user equipment determining whether to deactivate the isr for the proximity service; and the user equipment locally deactivating the activated isr depending on the determination result..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Automated alert management

Alerts may be received from an event monitoring system that monitors computing resources of a computer system. Based on an alert ruleset, an alert management module may determine whether to provide notification of the alert.
Bank Of America Corporation


Systems and methods for performing power amplifier bias calibration

Wireless communications circuitry in an electronic device may include power amplifier circuitry that is powered using a bias voltage supplied by adjustable power supply circuitry. The power supply circuitry may include envelope tracking circuitry that continuously adjusts the bias voltage.
Apple Inc.


Electronic correction based on eye tracking

A head mountable display (hmd) system comprises an eye position detector comprising one or more cameras configured to detect the position of each of the hmd user's eyes; a dominant eye detector configured to detect a dominant eye of the hmd user; and an image generator configured to generate images for display by the hmd in dependence upon the hmd user's eye positions, the image generator being configured to apply a greater weight to the detected position of the dominant eye than to the detected position of the non-dominant eye.. .
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited


Deployment high-concentration photovoltaic power generation system

The present invention relates to a deployment method for high-concentration photovoltaic power generation system, according to the present invention, after acquiring the location parameters of a solar tracker array, the surface images of the receiving surface of the solar trackers are acquired subsequently. Afterwards, the numbers of the white and grey pixels in the surface images are analyzed for giving the shadowing ratio.
Atomic Energy Council-institute Of Nuclear Energy Research


Head and eye tracking

Embodiments of the invention relate to a method of extracting eye velocity information from a video footage having a plurality of frames, comprising detecting at least part of an eye in at least two frames of the video footage, applying an optical flow algorithm to the at least two frames of the video footage to extract pixel velocity information, and determining a statistical measure from the pixel velocity information within the detected at least part of the eye. Other embodiments of the invention relate to a method of extracting head image trajectory information from a video footage having a plurality of frames, comprising detecting at least part of a facial region of the head image in at least two frames of the video footage, determining a measure of the movement of the at least part of a facial region between the at least two frames, and determining a transformation map from the measure of the movement..
Auckland Uniservices Limited


Smart shoes with wireless transmitter

A locating and tracking system includes shoes, which carry a wireless module. A user walking the area causes clicking or intermittent energizing a transmitter carried in the module.
Honeywell International Inc.


Paging mechanisms for link-budget-limited user devices

Various mechanisms for paging link-budget-limited (lbl) devices are disclosed, including: (1) transmitting paging message with non-conventional paging identifier; (2) transmitting paging message(s) with increased power; (3) repeating transmission of paging message to support combining at receiver. Various mechanisms for ue device to signal lbl status are disclosed, including, transmitting status flag or special value of drx cycle to network node as part of tracking area update and/or attach request.
Apple Inc.


Video monitoring system

A asset tracking system includes a camera adapted to capture images and output signals representative of the images. The camera may include one or more depth sensors that detect distances between the depth sensor and objects positioned within the field of view of the one or more cameras.
Stryker Corporation


Collecting and analyzing selected network traffic

A tracking system is described herein for investigating the behavior of a network. In operation, each switch in the network (or each switch in some subset of switches) may determine whether each original packet that it processes satisfies one or more packet-detection rules.
Microsoft Corporation


Rf transmitter supporting carrier aggregation and envelope tracking

Exemplary embodiments of the present invention relate to an rf transmitter supporting carrier aggregation and envelope tracking and an rf transmitter according to an embodiment of the present invention comprises an rf path configured to convert a carrier aggregation signal in which a plurality of component carriers belonging to a baseband are aggregated into an rf signal; an et path configured to generate an envelope signal by calculating magnitudes of the plurality of component carriers, respectively, and adding the calculated each magnitude of the component carriers; and an amplifier configured to power-amplify the converted rf signal according to a bias voltage corresponding to the generated envelope signal. According to exemplary embodiments of the present invention, power amplification efficiency and data transmission efficiency are improved by applying carrier aggregation and envelope tracking..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Reduced bandwidth envelope tracking

Envelope power supply circuitry includes an envelope power converter circuitry and envelope tracking circuitry. The envelope power converter circuitry receives an envelope power converter control signal from the envelope tracking circuitry and a supply voltage and provides an envelope power supply signal for an amplifier based thereon.
Rf Micro Devices, Inc.


Multi-functional photovoltaic skylight and/or methods of making the same

Certain examples relate to improved solar photovoltaic systems, and/or methods of making the same. Certain improved building-integrated photovoltaic systems may include concentrated photovoltaic skylights having a cylindrical lens array.
Guardian Industries Corp.


Natural human-computer interaction for virtual personal assistant systems

Technologies for natural language interactions with virtual personal assistant systems include a computing device configured to capture audio input, distort the audio input to produce a number of distorted audio variations, and perform speech recognition on the audio input and the distorted audio variants. The computing device selects a result from a large number of potential speech recognition results based on contextual information.
Intel Corporation


Methods and apparatuses for point of use consumption of renewable energy credits

The present invention provides methods and apparatuses that can establish a correspondence between individual energy consumption and renewable energy resources. The invention can described as comprising two elements combined into an independently verifiable system: (1) a suitably accurate means of tracking or otherwise determining the power consumption of a device or devices of interest; and (2) a third-party auditable, renewable energy credit tracking system that matches (whole or fractional) renewable energy credits to the power consumed by the device or devices.


Method and system for scheduling a meeting

A method is provided for scheduling a meeting. The method includes receiving a request from an organizer to schedule a meeting, executing a constraint satisfaction algorithm to determine at least one meeting data set comprising a value for at least one variable in a set of variables.
Fmr Llc


Video tracking systems and methods employing cognitive vision

Video tracking systems and methods include a peripheral master tracking process integrated with one or more tunnel tracking processes. The video tracking systems and methods utilize video data to detect and/or track separately several stationary or moving objects in a manner of tunnel vision.
Intuvision Inc.


Method and eye gaze tracking

The invention relates to method and apparatus of an eye gaze tracking system. In particular, the present invention relates to method and apparatus of an eye gaze tracking system using a generic camera under normal environment, featuring low cost and simple operation.
Hong Kong Baptist University


Scanner notifications

A scanner notification indicates an operational status of the scanner, such as a hand-held scanner used at a point-of-sale or as part of an inventory-tracking system. Among other things, a notification might indicate to a user that a product identifier has been verified, product tracking is occurring, a tag is being deactivated, successful completion of scanning functions, and various other operational states of the scanner..
Datalogic Adc, Inc


Target tracking system

Methods and apparatuses for identifying a track for a target are disclosed herein. In a general embodiment, trees for targets are identified.
Sandia Corporation


Systems and methods for biomechanically-based eye signals for interacting with real and virtual objects

Systems and methods are provided for discerning the intent of a device wearer primarily based on movements of the eyes. The system can be included within unobtrusive headwear that performs eye tracking and controls screen display.
Eyefluence, Inc.


Apparatus and a sports card lottery game

The sports card lottery game apparatus and method described herein is a daily lottery designed to associate tangible sports trading cards of a specific sport with a chance to win money according to a pool-based payout system. This works by providing the purchaser first with a package of quality sports cards that feature players at different positions of each sport, which have a sporting event that same day.


Method and measuring power output of exercise

In a portable exercise tracking system, a method and apparatus for measuring power output of exercise motion by a user. The system includes a wireless motion sensor and a wireless central mass unit.
Racer Development, Inc.


Multiple sensor tracking system and method

A system and method for tracking the flight of golf balls at driving range. The system includes a plurality of hitting stations, a plurality of sensors, a computer, and a range surface.
Origin, Llc


Matrix-coded aed maintenance

A status monitoring function that simplifies the process of collecting status information for medical devices in a medical device system. Matrix codes are used to associate a medical device with a location.
Physio-control, Inc.


Tracking system and method

Disclosed is a tracking system comprising: a data receiver arranged to: i) receive work data indicative of at least a location of an infestation or other item of interest from a data provider, and ii) receive property data indicative of an address or location from a client device; a module arranged to: i) update an existing record in a database according to the received work data upon determining the record corresponds to the location based on a geographical matching process, ii) create a new record in the database according to the received work data upon determining that no record corresponding to the location exists based on a geographical matching process, and iii) retrieve a record from the database corresponding to the location upon determining that the record corresponds to the address based on a geographical matching process; and a data transmitter arranged to transmit the retrieved record to the client device for output to a user. A tracking method is also disclosed..
Infestation Tracking Systems Pty. Ltd.


Telecommunications apparatus and methods

A paging method in a wireless telecommunications system. A core network element selects a base station from plural base stations including a tracking area to have primary responsibility for paging a terminal device and conveys an indication of the terminal device to the selected base station.
Sony Corporation


Dynamic switching from sglte to csfb to improve data throughput

To leverage the potential advantages of configuring an lte radio access technology (rat) to acquire services in a csfb mode, methods implemented in a mobile communication device (e.g., a simultaneous gsm/lte+gsm communication device) determine whether an available network is capable of supporting circuit-switch fallback (csfb) operations for the lte rat and configure the lte rat to acquire services in either a csfb mode or an sglte mode based on the network's capabilities. In response to determining that the mobile communication device has entered a new tracking area in the lte rat's network, a mobile communication device processor may determine whether a network available in the new tracking area supports csfb operations and may configure the lte rat to operate in either a csfb mode or an sglte mode based on that determination, thereby potentially improving the lte rat's overall performance and quality of services..
Qualcomm Incorporated


Image processing apparatus and control same

An image processing apparatus comprises a controller configured to select either of a first tracking system that tracks a subject by the optical processing of an optical image shake correction unit, or a second tracking system that tracks the subject by electronic processing of cutting out an area of the subject from an imaged image, as a tracking system used for tracking the subject in the captured image.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Radio-frequency high power amplifier with broadband envelope tracking by means of reversed buck converter

A radio-frequency power amplifier with envelope tracking, having a power rf amplifying device for amplifying a rf signal and a switching dc/dc converter for providing the power rf amplifying device with a dc power supply at a voltage level (vsupp) proportional to an envelope of the rf signal, wherein the switching dc/dc converter has a reversed buck topology. Advantageously the switching device is a n-type gan field effect transistor having its drain connected to the ground..
Agence Spatiale Europeenne


Power amplification module

An envelope tracking system is employed in a power amplification module that supports multiple frequency bands. The power amplification module includes multiple power amplification circuits, each of which includes: a first transformer to which a radio frequency signal is input; a differential amplification circuit, in which a first radio frequency signal output from transformer is input to a control electrode and in which a second radio frequency signal output from the transformer is input to a control electrode, the differential amplification circuit outputting an amplified signal obtained by amplifying a difference between the first and second radio frequency signals; and a second transformer for supplying, to the first differential amplification circuit, power-supply voltage varying according to the amplitude of the radio frequency signal and to which the first amplified signal is input..
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Method and system for access control proximity location

A system for a frictionless access control automatically identifies users and enables access to restricted areas of a building for example via access points such as locked doors. The system allows access when authorized users are in the vicinity of doors without requiring the users to swipe access keycards (or badges) at keycard terminals located at the doors, as in current systems.
Sensormatic Electronics, Llc


Vehicle discrimination apparatus

A vehicle discrimination apparatus specifies a vehicle area in which a vehicle is photographed from an image including the vehicle and discriminates a vehicle passing through a road based on an image which a photographing device such as a camera installed at a side of the road or above the road photographs. The vehicle discrimination apparatus includes an image acquisition section, a first search window setting section, a feature amount calculation section, a likelihood calculation section, a vehicle area determination section, a template creation section, a template storage section, a tracking area setting section, a second search window setting section, a candidate area determination section, a selection section, and a detection section..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Digital ultrasonic emitting base station

An acoustic tracking system is provided that includes receivers that detect first acoustic signals from a first set of transmitters disposed on a digital pen and second acoustic signals from a second set of transmitters disposed on a base station. The acoustic tracking system also includes a processing component that defines a two-dimensional plane on which the base station lies and determines a three-dimensional position of the digital pen relative to the base station.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Multi-sensor target tracking using multiple hypothesis testing

Disclosed a multi-sensor multiple hypotheses testing tracking system. The multi-hypothesis testing system associates measurements from multiple sensors with tracks.
Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc.


Apparatus and methods for wideband envelope tracking systems

Apparatus and methods for wideband envelope tracking systems are disclosed herein. In certain implementations, an envelope tracker includes a dc-to-dc converter, a current digital-to-analog converter (dac), an error amplifier, a feedback circuit, and an ac combiner.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


Embedded location tracking systems for sports equipment

Embedded location tracking systems for sports equipment that include a locator tag embedded within an item of sports equipment in such a fashion that removal of the tag results in severe damage to the sports equipment. The tag is capable of determining its location and continually reporting this location over a wireless data network to a server for use by the owner of the sports equipment.


Electronic access control and location tracking system

A method and system that allows authorized individuals access into controlled access locations and the ability to grant temporary and limited access to guests into these locations. The method and system allows for navigational services to be provided to members and guests, and real-time tracking and confirmation to members and administrators that guests have arrived at their destination and did not enter any unauthorized areas.
Collateral Opportunities, Llc


Scene analysis for improved eye tracking

Technologies related to scene analysis for improved eye tracking are generally described. In some examples, detected gaze targets may be derived from gaze direction information from an eye-facing sensor.
Empire Technology Development Llc


Marking of fluoroscope field-of-view

A method includes registering a first coordinate system of a fluoroscopic imaging system and a second coordinate system of a magnetic position tracking system. A three-dimensional (3d) map of an organ of a patient, which is produced by the magnetic position tracking system, is displayed.
Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.


Systems and methods for shipment tracking

According to various aspects, exemplary embodiments are disclosed of systems and methods related to shipment tracking for trains. In an exemplary embodiment, a shipment tracking system generally includes one or more bluetooth nodes positionable onboard one or more cars of a train.
Laird Technologies, Inc.


Three-dimensional hand tracking using depth sequences

In the field of human-computer interaction (hci), i.e., the study of the interfaces between people (i.e., users) and computers, understanding the intentions and desires of how the user wishes to interact with the computer is a very important problem. The ability to understand human gestures, and, in particular, hand gestures, as they relate to hci, is a very important aspect in understanding the intentions and desires of the user in a wide variety of applications.
Apple Inc.


System and location of aircraft

A system and method are provided that includes an aircraft secondary radar transponder activity detector that monitors an aircraft's transponder transmissions and activates an emergency locator transmitter to begin transmitting should the aircraft transponder transmissions cease to help locate an aircraft that may have become undetectable by conventional aircraft surveillance and tracking systems.. .
Embry-riddle Aeronautical University, Inc.


Optical differential solar tracking system

A system and method of using differential optical signals to track the orientation of a solar surface or surfaces is proposed. Two dispersive prisms or gratings arranged in a mirror-symmetric fashion are used to decompose light into its constituent colors, and the gain of a differential amplifier circuit based on the difference of the frequencies of single color collimated light produced by the two prisms or gratings is used to maintain the on-sun orientation of the solar surface or surfaces.
Qbotix, Inc.

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