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 Voice communication and location tracking system patent thumbnailVoice communication and location tracking system
A special-purpose mobile communication device using low-bandwidth cellular technology designed for iot applications, such narrowband lte for iot, is used to securely exchange voice messages in real-time or near real-time with another user. The voice messages are short duration voice messages, also referred to as voice clips, that are capable of being compressed using file compression algorithms instead of stream compression methods ordinarily used for real-time audio.
Muchi Corporation

 Using a wireless transmitter and receiver to prevent unauthorized access to restricted computer systems patent thumbnailUsing a wireless transmitter and receiver to prevent unauthorized access to restricted computer systems
A method and system for automatically terminating a logout session for a restricted access system by determining that an authorized user has left the vicinity of the restricted access system. The authorized user preferably carries a wireless transmitter which transmits an authorization signal that is also used for permitting access to the restricted access system.
Collateral Opportunities, Llc

 Methods and devices for eye tracking based on depth sensing patent thumbnailMethods and devices for eye tracking based on depth sensing
A device for eye tracking is disclosed. The device includes a first depth profiler configured to determine a distance from the first depth profiler to a surface of an eye.
Oculus Vr, Llc

 Zoom effect in gaze tracking interface patent thumbnailZoom effect in gaze tracking interface
A zoom operation in an eye tracking based graphical user interface, where the zoom operation, as initiated by a scroll wheel etc. Takes place with respect to the focus of the user's attention as determined on the basis of eye tracking data.
Ecole Nationale De L'aviation Civile

 Historical representation in gaze tracking interface patent thumbnailHistorical representation in gaze tracking interface
A graphical user interface supporting eye tracking is enriched with graphical representations of the degree of attention afforded respective areas of the user interface. These representations may comprise heatmaps, visual variable and the like.
Ecole Nationale De L'aviation Civile

 Autonomous distressed aircraft tracking system patent thumbnailAutonomous distressed aircraft tracking system
The invention is an autonomous anomaly response unit comprising: a signal coupler in communication with a selected avionics sensor in the aircraft avionics system, the signal coupler functioning to acquire from the selected avionics sensor a monitored sensor signal configured in a first signal format; a signal processor for receiving the monitored sensor signal and cross-formatting the monitored sensor signal into a selected sensor reading configured in a second signal format; a parameter check for evaluating the selected sensor reading such that a monitor trigger signal is issued in response to detection of an anomaly in the selected sensor reading; and a response module configured to issue an emergency response alarm in response to receiving the monitor trigger signal.. .

 Interactive movement tracking system applicable to articles of clothing patent thumbnailInteractive movement tracking system applicable to articles of clothing
The present disclosure relates to an interactive movement detection system applicable to articles of clothing that allows a user to interact with virtualized controllable environments such as the graphical programming environments of personal computers and/or those generated by video game consoles. Similarly, the system of example implementations of the present disclosure allows feedback of actions to the system in the form of impulses that generate pressure and/or vibration sensations that simulate interaction with elements of the controllable interface..
Obe Gaming Inc.

 Method and system for tracking physical metrics in an electronic networking system patent thumbnailMethod and system for tracking physical metrics in an electronic networking system
A method and system for tracking physical metrics in an electronic networking system is disclosed. According to one embodiment, the physical metric tracking system comprises a data registering unit that receives activity data by a user, a data processing unit that validates the activity data using a plurality of data validating algorithms and converts the validated data into a convertible value, and a storage that stores the activity data and the convertible value.
Plus 3 Network, Inc.

 Biopsy tracking systems and methods patent thumbnailBiopsy tracking systems and methods
A biopsy tracking kit includes a trocar, a stylet, a biopsy needle, a biopsy tracking cassette, and a fiducial marker. The trocar has a cannula with a blunt first end and a second end with a cup.
University Hospitals Of Cleveland

 Closed loop tracking system using signal beam patent thumbnailClosed loop tracking system using signal beam
The invention is a system and method for heliostat mirror control. Here, each heliostat mirror generates a low intensity “signal beam”, directed at an angle off from the heliostat mirror's high intensity and sensor blinding “main beam” of reflected solar energy.

Tracking energy consumption using a boost technique

The invention relates to an apparatus and method for tracking energy consumption. An energy tracking system comprises at least one switching element, at least one inductor and a control block to keep the output voltage at a pre-selected level.
Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh

Bearing assembly for solar trackers

A solar tracker bearing assembly has a rotating element sandwiched between two mounting brackets and held together by fasteners. The rotating element includes an arc-shaped slot such that the rotating element can pivot against the fixed mounting brackets.

Pipette with a tracking system

A pipette is described which includes a piston for aspirating liquid into and dispensing out of a container in the pipette. The pipette is provided with at least one tracking element which is able to count the magnitude of some variable or variables relating to the amount of use of the pipette, at least one operating device for creating a limit magnitude for each variable, and for giving information when the limit value is exceeded.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Oy

Acoustic orthopedic tracking system and methods

Systems, devices, and methods are disclosed for acquiring and providing information about orthopedic features of a body using acoustic energy. In some aspects, an acoustic orthopedic tracking system includes portable acoustic transducers to obtain orthopedic position information for feeding the information to an orthopedic surgical system for surgical operations..
Decision Sciences Medical Company, Llc

Subject tracking system for autonomous vehicles

A subject tracking system to track a subject is provided. The subject tracking system may include a sensor system, a transmitting unit and a processor.

Markers including magnetic transponders with increased radiographic visibility

A wireless marker including a magnetic transponder employs a high-z material to improve the visibility of the marker in radiographic images and the electrical performance of the marker for tracking with a tracking system. The magnetic transponder includes a ferromagnetic core and a coil of a conductive wire comprising the high-z material around the ferromagnetic core.
Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

System and characterizing biomechanical activity

A system and method for collecting a set of kinematic data streams from an activity tracking system with at least one activity monitoring system that is attached to a user; segmenting at least a subset of the kinematic data streams into a set of segments according to actions of the user; generating a set of biomechanical signals from the kinematic data streams wherein a biomechanical signal characterize a biomechanical property during a segment and includes generating a first integration data set through data integration and baseline error correction across the set of segments of the normalized kinematic data stream and determining at least a first biomechanical signal that is at least partially based on the first integration data set; and applying the set of biomechanical signals.. .
Lumo Bodytech, Inc

Method and power saving

Aspects of the disclosure provide a method for power reduction in an electronic device. The method includes determining a local timer value corresponding to an idle time for the electronic device to stay in an idle mode.
Mediatek Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Method and improving mobility in wireless communication system

A method for a base station to perform communication in a wireless communication system includes transmitting an interface setup request message related to tracking area information to at least one mobility management entity (mme) in a first mme pool. The method includes identifying whether an interface setup response message related to the tracking area information is received from the at least one mme in the first mme pool, and storing mapping information between the tracking area information and the first mme pool if the interface setup response message is received..

Electronic asset location identification and tracking system with receiver clustering

A system and method for determining the presence of an asset or person at a particular spot within a location. The asset or person is provided with a beacon transmitting a beacon signal.
Collateral Opportunities, Llc

Infrared tracking system

Embodiment of a lightweight and compact wireless precision position tracking device and a precision position tracking motion capture system are described. Optionally, the wireless precision position tracking device is configured to be worn by a user.
Worldviz Llc

Method for initiating photographic image capture using eyegaze technology

The invention is a method for bypassing a locked system, invoking a camera application, and initiating a photographic image capture all using eye tracking technology and a user's gaze at a system's camera sensor.. .
The Eye Tribe

Power amplifier linearization system and method

Envelope tracking can be employed to reduce power consumption of a power amplifier, but envelope tracking can introduce nonlinearities to a power amplifier. These nonlinearities can manifest themselves as noise at the output of the power amplifier.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Array powered solar tracking system

A self-powered solar tracker array system and related method, where a torque tube supporting a plurality of strings of photovoltaic (pv) modules, a dc drive motor with a motor controller circuit, and a drive assembly is capable to rotate the torque tube with torque generated by the drive motor, where the power for operating the drive motor is taken from electricity generated by the pv modules. The system can include a battery to provide a power source for rotating the torque tubes when the pv modules are not generating electricity..
Solarcity Corporation

Human-assisted learning in eye tracking applications

Systems and methods for eye tracking include a video capture component that provides a video of an environment and a set of gaze tracking coordinates for the video. A library stores a plurality of feature sets representing respective areas of interest with respective object labels.
Medstar Health

Optimized diagnostic data collection driven by a ticketing system

A computer implemented method and system for optimizing diagnostic data collection for a computerized issue tracking system. The method and system includes receiving a problem description from an origination system communicating with an issue tracking system.
International Business Machines Corporation

Eye-tracking enabled wearable devices

A method for mapping an input device to a virtual object in virtual space displayed on a display device is disclosed. The method may include determining, via an eye tracking device, a gaze direction of a user.
Tobii Ab

Eye-tracking enabled wearable devices

A method for panning content on a display of a wearable device is disclosed. The method may include determining, via an eye tracking device, a gaze direction of a user.
Tobii Ab

Marker for optical tracking system

A marker including a support with a front surface and a back surface, a light generating element fixed on the back surface of the support, and a device for fixation of the light generating element on the back surface, wherein the support includes at least three openings placed at predetermined positions on the support, wherein the light generating element is fixed on the back surface of the support by the device for fixation to cover the openings such that the light generating element is detectable through the openings by the tracking system, and wherein the light generating element can be placed or removed or replaced during an operation with the device for fixation.. .

Multi-video navigation system

A video tracking system includes a user interface configured to facilitate tracking of a target between video cameras. The user interface includes user controls configured to assist a user in selecting video cameras as the target moves between fields of view of the video cameras.
Proximex Corporation

Multi-video navigation

A video tracking system includes a user interface configured to facilitate tracking of a target between video cameras. The user interface includes user controls configured to assist a user in selecting video cameras as the target moves between fields of view of the video cameras.
Proximex Corporation

Automatic aircraft separation assurance

The present invention replaces the use of a pilot information display method and instead relies upon an automated three dimensional aircraft tracking system using only aircraft tracking data supplied by internal spherical coverage dual mode sensor system. Separation is accurately predicted and minimum flight path separation (from all nearby aircraft) is automatically assured by signals to the aircraft flight control system without action or intervention by the pilot.

Proximity based ad-hoc messaging, alerting, and tracking system

A proximity based ad-hoc messaging, alerting, and tracking system can be employed to quickly and efficiently propagate alerts when a child or other individual becomes lost. Various types of alerts can be provided to facilitate locating a lost individual even in scenarios where a network connection or gps is not available.
Redcritter Corp.

Location tracking system

A location tracking system for allowing a user to monitor the location of an abuser who has been issued a restraining order. The tracking system includes a monitoring unit to be carried by the user that is in wireless communication with a monitored unit to be worn by the abuser.

Personnel authentication and tracking system

Disclosed are techniques to authenticate tags passing through detection regions against an access control list, receive data that identifies a number of people passing through or within the detection regions, compare the number people identified by the received data with the number of tags identified by the system, and cause an alarm to be asserted when a discrepancy is detected in the number people identified with the number of tags in a detection region with personnel within the detection region.. .
Tyco Fire & Security Gmbh

Systems and methods for assessing the marketability of a product

Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to systems and methods for psycho-physiological mood mapping. More specifically, the present invention relates to systems and methods for monitoring various parameters such as, but not limited to, facial muscle activity, heart rate changes, skin conductance changes, electrical charges across scalp, eye tracking, and behavior analysis and analyzing the data of such parameters via a 3d mood map.
Health Care Direct, Inc. D/b/a Hcd Research

Method for using eye tracking and eye biometrics for authentication

The invention is a method for authenticating a system user based on eye tracking or eye parameters.. .
The Eye Tribe

Determining errors in forms using eye movement

Tracking eye movement during the completion of a form on a mobile computing device to determine possible errors and suggest changes to the form. To improve data quality, eye-tracking data is used to determine input fields on a form that cause issues for a user; based on the eye tracking data, suggestions are made to change a response or to modify the form..
International Business Machines Corporation

Eye gaze tracking utilizing surface normal identification

A gaze tracking system captures images of a vehicle operator. The gaze tracking system may detect facial features in the images and track the position of the facial features over time.
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company

Hmd apparatus with adjustable eye tracking device

Provided is a head-mounted display apparatus that includes an imaging optical system and a camera holder. The imaging optical system includes a display unit, an eye camera, and a control device.
Airbus Defence And Space Gmbh

Eye imaging with an off-axis imager

Examples of an imaging system for use with a head mounted display (hmd) are disclosed. The imaging system can include a forward-facing imaging camera and a surface of a display of the hmd can include an off-axis diffractive optical element (doe) or hot mirror configured to reflect light to the imaging camera.
Magic Leap, Inc.

Motion tracking via body radio reflections

A motion tracking system makes use of a number antennas to transmit and receive radio frequency signals that are reflected from objects (e.g., people) in the environment of the system, which may include one or more rooms of a building, the interior of a vehicle, etc., and may be partitioned, for example, walls or cloth sheets. In general, the objects in the environment include both fixed objects, such as chairs, walls, etc., as well as moving objects, such as but not limited to people.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Reconstruction-free automatic multi-modality ultrasound registration

Image co-registration (s390) entails: emitting energy, and responsively and dynamically acquiring images (216), the acquired images having a given dimensionality; selecting, repeatedly, and dynamically with the acquiring, from among the acquired images and, as a result of the selecting, changing, repeatedly, and dynamically, membership in a set (226) of images of the given dimensionality; and, synchronously with the change (s376), dynamically and iteratively registering the set to an image having a dimensionality higher than the given dimensionality. The co-registration is realizable with an imaging probe (140) for the acquiring, and a tracking system for tracking a location, and orientation, of the probe, the registering being specialized for the acquiring with the probe being dynamically, during the acquiring, any one or more of angulated, rotated and translated.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Adding a tracking sensor to a rigid tool

A computerized tomography scan of a patient is registered with a magnetic tracking system configured to track a sensor in proximity to the patient. The sensor is mounted on a probe.
Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.

Systems and methods for guiding a medical instrument

A virtual tracking system for a virtual medical device. The virtual medical device may include a tangible proximal portion that at least temporarily has a magnetic element attached thereto.
C. R. Bard, Inc.

Stereoscopic video imaging and tracking system

Systems and methods for viewing stereoscopic video images are disclosed. In one example, a stereoscopic video imaging and tracking system can include a first video camera to generate a first video feed of a subject, and a second video camera spaced a distance from the first video camera to generate a second video feed of the subject, wherein the first video camera and the second video camera are directed toward a convergent point to provide a stereoscopic image of the subject.
Ultradent Products, Inc.

Method for saving power of user equipment and device

A method for saving power of ue and a device. The method includes, when determining that downlink data to be sent to ue exists and that the ue is in a power saving mode, recording an event that the downlink data to be sent to the ue exists when the user equipment (ue) is in a power saving mode; and sending, when receiving a tracking area update (tau) request initiated by the ue, an indication message to the ue, where the indication message is used to indicate that the downlink data to be sent to the ue exists when the ue is in a power saving mode so that the ue obtains the downlink data after setting up a data bearer..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Mitigating no-service delays for lte capable wireless devices without lte access permission

This disclosure relates to reducing or mitigating no-service delays for lte capable wireless devices which do not have permission to access one or more lte networks. According to some embodiments, a mme of a first plmn may receive an lte nas request corresponding to a tracking area from a wireless device.
Apple Inc.

User activity tracking system

In one embodiment, sensor signals corresponding to motions of a client device are received. Activities of a user corresponding to the client device are determined, based on a first analysis algorithm that uses the sensor signals to select activity types, each activity type corresponding to a particular time period.
Facebook, Inc.

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