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 Telecommunications apparatus and methods patent thumbnailTelecommunications apparatus and methods
A method of paging in a wireless telecommunications system. A core network element selects a base station from plural base stations including a tracking area to have primary responsibility for paging a terminal device and conveys an indication of the terminal device to the selected base station.
Sony Corporation

 Dynamic range of wideband rf front end using delta sigma converters with envelope tracking and injected digitally equalized transmit signal patent thumbnailDynamic range of wideband rf front end using delta sigma converters with envelope tracking and injected digitally equalized transmit signal
A cellular radio architecture that includes a programmable bandpass sampling radio frequency front-end and an optimized digital baseband. The architecture includes a receiver module having a plurality of signal channels for different frequency bands, where each signal channel in the receiver module includes a receiver delta-sigma modulator that converts analog receive signals to a representative digital signal.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

 Power amplifier device with controlled envelope tracking modulator and adapted static voltage patent thumbnailPower amplifier device with controlled envelope tracking modulator and adapted static voltage
This invention relates to a power amplifier device comprising an amplifier component (a) operable to receive an input signal (s;) and to provide an amplified output signal (so), according to a control signal (ctrl), an envelope tracking modulator (et), providing the control signal (ctrl) according to a static voltage (v s) and a dynamic voltage (v d), a power supply (s) providing said static and dynamic voltages according to measurements performed by a power sensor (ps) on the amplified output signal, so that the static voltage (vs) is determined as a mean value of the output signal (so) over a predetermined time duration.. .
Alcatel Lucent

 Self-powered solar tracker apparatus patent thumbnailSelf-powered solar tracker apparatus
A solar tracker apparatus includes an adjustable hanger assembly that has a clam shell hanger assembly. The clam shell hanger assembly may hold a torque tube comprising a plurality of torque tubes configured together in a continuous length from a first end to a second end.
Nextracker Inc.

 Context carryover in language understanding systems or methods patent thumbnailContext carryover in language understanding systems or methods
Systems and methods for determining a user intent or goal for contextual language understanding by utilizing information from one or more previous user natural language inputs and one or more previous system generated responses to the user natural language inputs are provided. More specifically, the systems and methods utilize a common schema for determining features from the responses and natural language inputs and provide carryover tracking between responses and the natural language inputs.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Protected article management patent thumbnailProtected article management
Tracking, identifying and article management systems and methods for reliably and repeatedly determining one or more physically uncopiable attribute instances (of the same or varying types) from or inherent in an article of manufacture, using the selected physical uncopiable attribute(s) to produce an unforgeable identity for the article, and then integrating that unforgeable identity into computer-based tracking systems in a way that permits the tracking system to track and monitor articles for which identity information is known. Applications include documents, fashion accessories, artwork, and other objects..
Siebels Asset Management Research Ltd.

 Object-tracking systems and methods patent thumbnailObject-tracking systems and methods
A system and method for tracking, identifying, and labeling objects or features of interest, such as follicular units is provided. In some embodiments, tracking is accomplished using unique signature of the follicular unit and image stabilization techniques.
Restoration Robotics, Inc.

 Method and system for storing and retrieving packaging relationships patent thumbnailMethod and system for storing and retrieving packaging relationships
A method and system for storing and retrieving a packaging hierarchy of traceable physical items includes at an item marking location, marking physical items to be packaged in the packaging hierarchy, with a unique code with a first and second identifier, transferring packaging relationships between the codes to a track and trace system, identifying for each code in the packaging relationships, hierarchical code relations expressed as parent and/or child codes, and for each code, storing the hierarchical code relations in a section of a data storage location of the first computer system, wherein a start position of the section is determined by a combination of the first and second identifiers of the code.. .
Kezzler As

 Graphical indexing for life cycle management of drilling system assets patent thumbnailGraphical indexing for life cycle management of drilling system assets
Provided is a life cycle tracking system including a memory and a processor. The memory includes instructions that, when executed by the processor, cause the processor to perform certain operations.
Hydril Usa Distribution Llc

 Three-dimensional triangulation and time-of-flight based tracking systems and methods patent thumbnailThree-dimensional triangulation and time-of-flight based tracking systems and methods
A three-dimension position tracking system is presented. The system includes transmitters and receivers.

System and object tracking anti-jitter filtering

Object tracking anti-jitter filtering systems and methods. A plurality of raw location points for a tracking tag attached to a tracked object is received.
Isolynx, Llc

Method for calibrating a head-mounted eye tracking device

Method for calibrating a head-mounted eye tracking device, the method comprising: all acquisition step (s3), during which eye data relating to the position of the eye of the wearer are acquired by the eye tracking device while having the wearer of the head-mounted eye tracking device look in a direction of reference with regard to the spectacle lens mount, an association step (s4) during which the eye data acquired during the acquisition step are associated with the gaze direction corresponding to the direction of reference, a recording step (s5), during which the associated eye data and the gaze direction are recorded - wherein the head-mounted mounted eye tracking device comprises a spectacle frame in which ophthalmic lenses are mounted and the gazing direction corresponding to the direction of reference is determined based on the dioptric function of the ophthalmic lenses.. .
Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optique)

Solar tracker and solar energy collection system

The present invention provides a solar tracker comprising a supporting unit holding a solar panel, a driving unit regulating the position of the supporting unit, an image sensor having incident angle sensitivity characteristic, an identification unit identifying the current incident angle of the sunlight according to the signal output by the image sensor, and a control unit controlling the driving unit to regulate the position of the supporting unit according to the current incident angle to make the sunlight vertically incident upon the solar panel. The micro lens of each pixel in the image sensor only refracts incident light with a certain specific angle to vertically incident upon the photodiode below the micro lens..
Shanghai Ic R & D Center Co., Ltd.

Eye tracking for registration of a haptic device with a holograph

An object or haptic device is registered with a holograph. The position of the object or haptic device relative to the projector or holographic image is sensed.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Time and frequency domain based activity tracking system

A method and apparatus for activity tracking based on time domain and frequency domain processing are disclosed. Embodiments according to the present invention are used to improve the accuracy of activity detection and step counting.
Nxp B.v.

Cameras having a rgb-ir channel

The present disclosure describes various rgb-ir cameras, as well as new applications and methods of using such cameras. An apparatus includes an image sensor module including an image sensor.
Heptagon Micro Optics Pte. Ltd.

Open loop digital pwm envelope tracking system with dynamic boosting

A system, apparatus and method is described for dynamically boosting (increasing) the power supply voltage to an envelope tracking (et) modulator within a transmitter system when the target/desired power amplifier voltage supply is above a predetermined threshold (e.g., equal to the available power supply of the system, such as a battery). By boosting the power input supply to the et modulator, the modulated power supply provided to the power amplifier (pa) is also increased.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Switching regulator circuits and methods with reconfigurable inductance

The present disclosure includes switching regulator circuits and methods having reconfigurable inductance. In one embodiment, a circuit comprises a switching regulator, the switching regulator receiving a switching signal having a switching frequency, a monitor circuit to monitor the switching frequency, and a reconfigurable inductance at an output of the switching regulator, wherein the monitor circuit changes the reconfigurable inductance between a plurality of inductance values based on the switching frequency.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Tracking system

The present simulated medical instrument is adapted for insertion in a channel of a body cavity simulator. The present simulated medical instrument comprises a tube and at least one tracking device.
Cae Inc.

Attendance tracking mobile reader device and system

An attendance tracking system including a memory storing commands and a processor is provided. The processor causes the system to receive class attendance data associated with a student from a personal computer device, including a course parameter and a student attendance parameter.
Blackboard Inc.

Layered map presentation for industrial data

A multi-platform industrial search system facilitates indexing and searching of plant-wide data residing on multiple different data platforms. The industrial search system automatically inventories industrial devices and other data sources located throughout a plant, and identifies available data items on each data source.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

Matter tracking system

A system is described that can detect, track and analyze a bubble of a secondary substance contained within a primary substance along a part of a fluid line. For example, the system can detect the presence of the bubble within the primary substance along the part of the fluid line, which can include assigning a digital signature to the bubble.
Carefusion 303, Inc.

System and method to track time and attendance of an individual at a workplace for a scheduled workshift

A system and method to track time and attendance of an individual at a workplace is provided. The system includes a location tracking system that detects a presence of a portable electronic device carried by the individual, a time clock system that records a registration time of the individual at the workplace, and a main controller.
Api Healthcare Corporation

A method and an efficient data processing

The subject of the invention is a method and an apparatus for efficient data processing, using principles of quantum mechanics. A method of evolving a quantum register from an initial state ψ to a desired final state ψyes of said register characterized by comprising of backtracking to the state computationally equivalent to initial state ψ by mapping each and every unknown, undesirable final state ψnot of the quantum register to the superposition or ensemble of orthogonal states in the computations space, when the projection measurement of a quantum register or parts of said register rendered it in the undesirable state ψnot..

Traffic list generation for passenger conveyance

A passenger tracking system includes a multiple of sensors for capturing depth map data of objects. A processing module in communication with the multiple of sensors to receive the depth map data, the processing module uses the depth map data to track an object and calculate passenger data associated with the tracked object to generate a passenger tracking list that tracks each individual passenger in the passenger data from an origin lobby to a destination lobby and through an in-car track between the origin lobby and the destination lobby..
Otis Elevator Company

Sensor fusion for passenger conveyance control

A fusion based passenger tracking system includes one or more 2d/3d sensors for capturing 2d/3d data; one or more security sensors for capturing security data; and a processing module in communication with the one or more 2d/3d sensors to receive the 2d/3d data, and the one or more security sensors to receive the security data, the processing module uses the 2d/3d data and the security data to calculate passenger data to generate a passenger tracking list that tracks each individual passenger in the passenger data.. .
Otis Elevator Company

Multi-user eye tracking using multiple displays

A system and method of securing data displayed to two or more individuals on two or more displays, wherein the two or more displays include a first display and a second display. One or more fixations of a first individual on the first display are determined.

Pipe tracking system for drilling rigs

A system for a drilling rig, a computer-readable medium, and a method for tracking an oilfield tubular. The method includes applying a tag to the oilfield tubular, the tag including a readable tag identifier, determining a physical parameter of the oilfield tubular, storing data representing the physical parameter in association with the tag identifier in a database, reading the tag identifier from the tag applied to the oilfield tubular, prior to deploying the oilfield tubular into a wellbore, and generating a pipe tally comprising data representing a plurality of oilfield tubulars, including the oilfield tubular, connected together and deployed into the wellbore using a drilling rig..
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Backtracking indoor trajectories using mobile sensors

The present subject matter relates to a computing device (104) and method intended to provide fine-grained continuous location tracking for non-real time uses (e.g., for retracing the movement of office employees). As per the subject matter, the knowledge of an office layout is combined with the application of particle filters (pfs) over inertial tracking (using compass, accelerometer and gyroscope sensors) data.
Tata Consultancy Services

Compound eye laser tracking device

The compound eye laser illumination seeker is a tracking system used to guide items to point at a laser-illuminated target, with the illumination being either pulsed or modulated at either a specific rate or within a range of rates. The device comprises a multiaperture compound receiver optics to collect the signal, a set of light guides to combine the received light into light representing individual angular sectors and redirect it to detectors whose output represents the illumination signal in that quadrant, a spectral filter, an angle filter, the set of detectors, and processing electronics.
Luminit Llc

System for tracking human propelled carts

A vehicle tracking system includes a wheel containing sensor circuitry capable of sensing various types of conditions, such as wheel rotation, wheel vibration caused by skidding, and specific electromagnetic and/or magnetic signals indicative of particular wheel locations. The sensor circuitry is coupled to an rf transceiver, which may but need not be included within the wheel.
Gatekeeper Systems, Inc.

Sedan slouch seat

A seat assembly for an automotive vehicle comprises a seat cushion and a seat back pivotally coupled to the seat cushion for movement between a use position and a fold flat position overlying the seat cushion. A seat track assembly is coupled to the seat cushion for providing selective adjustment of the seat assembly between an upright design position and a reclined slouch position wherein the seat back is automatically pivoted rearwardly in response to forward sliding movement of the seat cushion.
Magna Seating Inc.

Systems and methods for reducing measurement error in optical fiber shape sensors

A shape sensing apparatus comprises an instrument including an elongated shaft with a neutral axis. The shape sensor also includes a first shape sensor with an elongated optical fiber extending within the elongated shaft at a first radial distance from the neutral axis.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

Optical tracking system and tracking method using the same

An optical tracking system and a method using the same capable of detecting an exact spatial position and a direction of a target regardless of the distance from the target to be calculated is disclosed. The optical tracking system and a method using the same according to an embodiment of the present invention has an effect of expanding an available area by detecting an exact spatial position and a direction of a target regardless of the distance from the target to be calculated, as well as, a system downsizing is also achieved by significantly reducing size of the marker unit compared with conventional system..
Kyungpook National University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

System and simultaneous location tracking of multiple wireless terminals

A location-tracking system that includes multiple detector units that are deployed in a region of interest. The detector units receive uplink signals from wireless terminals that are active in the region, and measure the strengths of the received uplink signals.
Verint Systems Ltd.

Spatial systems including eye tracking capabilities and related methods

Entertainment systems are provided including a plurality of spatial sound speakers embedded in a headrest of a passenger seat and associated with a media player of the entertainment system. A spatial sound controller associated with the plurality of spatial sound speakers of the media player is also provided.
Thales Avionics, Inc.

Method for monitoring and controlling an access control system

A method of monitoring and controlling an access control system (12) comprising a server (18) and an access control device (22) connected to the server (16) for data communication. Data goggles (1) monitor and control the access control system.
Skidata Ag

System and controlling a dual-axis solar array tracker based on solar array output signals

A solar array tracking system includes a solar array module having at least three separate cells mounted on a platform coupled to a drive mechanism. Each separate cells provides an electrical output in direct current form.
The Boeing Company

User verification using touch and eye tracking

A method includes receiving at a processor, an indication of a user touching a point on a data entry device, receiving at the processor, an indication of a user gazing in a direction, and comparing via the processor the touched point and the gazing direction to a known touch point and gaze direction to verify the user is an authorized user.. .
Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Methods and providing a snapshot truthing system for a tracker

A method for detecting and correcting drift associated with operation of a hybrid tracking system is provided. The method obtains a data signal from a first tracker subsystem having a first tracker latency time; for a defined window of time, the method captures snapshot input data for a second tracker subsystem having a second tracker latency time which is longer than the first tracker latency time; and captures synchronized data from the data signal which corresponds to the defined window of time; wherein the defined window of time comprises a time duration shorter than the second tracker latency time, to capture the snapshot input data.
Honeywell International Inc.

Smart-arrow insert

The smart-arrow insert is an on-board, rechargeable gps tracking device that can be inserted into the shaft of an arrow or crossbow bolt and, once installed and activated, receives and continuously transmits the location of the arrow or bolt along with timestamp information that enables calculation of the arrow's in-flight velocity and tracking of the arrow after flight. The smart-arrow insert is more durable than existing arrow-tracking systems because its size and design permit it to be installed inside an arrow.

Automated mobile boom system for crawling robots

A system comprising a multi-functional boom subsystem integrated with a holonomic-motion boom base platform. The boom base platform may comprise: mecanum wheels with independently controlled motors; a pair of sub-platforms coupled by a roll-axis pivot to maintain four-wheel contact with the ground surface; and twist reduction mechanisms to minimize any yaw-axis twisting torque exerted on the roll-axis pivot.
The Boeing Company

Tracking system for drilling boreholes

The present invention is directed to a system that has a first sensor assembly coupled to a mobile platform that traverses a predetermined subsurface path and has an axis of motion. The first sensor assembly obtains a gravity vector of the earth relative to the mobile platform.
Vector Magnetics, Llc

Ecg and defibrillator electrode detection and tracking system and method

A system and method for aiding in the proper placement of ecg electrodes and other resuscitation parameters. The system includes motion sensors disposed on the ecg electrodes, and a defibrillator control system operable to interpret motion signals from the motions sensors to determine that an electrode is in motion, and thus being handled by rescuer setting up the system for use, and, based on this determination, prompt the rescuer to place the electrode in its intended location on the body of the patient.
Zoll Medical Corporation

Tracking system for imaging machines and related apparatus

An imaging system such as a medical c-arm x-ray fluoroscopy machine includes a tracking system that tracks a position of an x-ray source and an x-ray detector using sensors which monitor positions of joints which allow relative motions of segments in a support for the x-ray source and detector. Sensor readings are used in a kinematic chain.

Physical change tracking system for enclosures within data centers

Embodiments for implementing change control management in computing center environments by a processor. A determination is made of a present status of a monitored component of a computing device in the computer center environment.
International Business Machines Corporation

Integrated resource tracking system

A computer network including a server computer, a first computer implementing a first software tool having a first function and a second software tool having a second function, and a second computer implementing the first software tool and the second software tool. The server computer is configured to gather first data regarding use of the first software tool; gather second data regarding use of the second software tool; and based on the first data and the second data, link activities of the first user and the second user to a performance goal for any one of the first user, the second user, a team including at least the first user or the second user, or an organization to which the first user and the second user belong.
Adp, Llc

Depth mapping with a head mounted display using stereo cameras and structured light

A tracking system generates a structured light pattern in a local area. The system includes an array of lasers that generate light.
Oculus Vr, Llc

Systems and methods for biomechanically-based eye signals for interacting with real and virtual objects

Systems and methods are provided for discerning the intent of a device wearer primarily based on movements of the eyes. The system can be included within unobtrusive headwear that performs eye tracking and controls screen display.
Eyefluence, Inc.

Method for operating an eye tracking device and eye tracking device for providing an active power management

The invention relates to a method for operating an eye tracking device (10) comprising as components an imaging device (20), an illumination unit (30) and a processing unit (40) and further at least two adjustment parameters (p a), for adjusting the components (20; 30; 40). The eye tracking device (10) comprises a control unit (42) for controlling the adjustment parameters (p a).
Sensomotoric Instruments Gesellschaft Fur Innovati Ve Sensorik Mbh

Rush simulating rowing device

Disclosed is a rowing device having a seat and track arrangement, a handle, and a resistance mechanism, with the seat track being disposed on a carriage. The carriage itself is movable relative to a base of the device and is drivable in a posterior and anterior direction.

Tracking system and tracking method using the same

A tracking system and method using the same is disclosed which is capable of minimizing a restriction of surgical space by achieving a lightweight of the system as well as a reduction of a manufacturing cost through calculating a 3-dimensional coordinates for each maker using one image forming unit. In the tracking system and method using the same, lights emitted from each marker are passed through a lens array unit which includes at least a pair of lens, images of the markers corresponding to the number of the lenses of lens array units are formed on an image forming for each marker, and therefore, it is possible to calculate a spatial position and a direction of the markers attached on the target by using only one image forming unit through a trigonometry.
Kyungpook National University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

Method for operating an eye tracking device and eye tracking device for providing an active illumination control for improved eye tracking robustness

The invention relates to an eye tracking device and a method for operating an eye tracking device (30) comprising an imaging device (32), a plurality of light sources (34), a processing unit and a control unit. The imaging device (32) captures a first image (36a) while at least one of the light sources (34) emits light.
Sensomotoric Instruments Gesellschaft Fur Innovati Ve Sensorik Mbh

Motion tracking system

In a method of producing a composite animation live captured image sequence by capturing a live action sequence of action scenes with an image capture device, which include a stand-in for an animated feature or character, generating concurrently with the live action sequence configuration data for the stand-in, positioning data associated with the stand-in derived through machine vision techniques applied to the live action sequence image frames; producing from the configuration data and the positioning data a computer-generated animated sequence for combining with the captured image sequence to produce composite image sequence comprising the animated feature in place of the stand-in, both the configuration data and frame-by-frame virtual camera data corresponding to the live action image captured frames can be synchronously incorporated enabling efficient and effective production of composite animation live action digital video or film or broadcast. As such, the stand-in tracking data is video-ready such that all animation data may be readily slotted into the captured video image to produce a composite that achieves the requirement of suspended disbelief..
Visible Ink Television Ltd

Tracking system for hand hygiene

In accordance with some embodiments of the present disclosure, a system for tracking hand hygiene may comprise a plurality of dispensers, each dispenser configured to detect a hand-hygiene event and wirelessly transmit hand-hygiene event information associated with the hand-hygiene event. The system may also include a room hub configured to wirelessly transmit location information.
Swipesense, Inc.

Eye tracking for display resolution adjustment in a virtual reality system

A virtual reality system and a display device that can be used, for example, as part of the virtual reality system. The display device can have more than one data driver, such as an even row data driver and an odd row data driver.
Oculus Vr, Llc

Head mounted system and method to compute and render a stream of digital images using a head mounted display

The invention relates to a head mounted system (10) comprising a binocular eye tracking system (14a, 14b) comprising at least a first camera (14a) arranged for acquiring a user's left eye (16a) and at least a second camera (14b) arranged for acquiring a user's right eye (16b), a head mounted display (10) comprising a first displaying means (18a) for presenting an image to a user's left eye (16a), a second displaying means (18b) for presenting an image to a user's right eye (16b), a processing unit (24, 24a, 24b) designed to process images from the eye tracking system (14a, 14b) and calculate at least a 3d position of the left (16a) and the right eye (16b) and an orientation vector of the left (16a) and the right eye (16b) and to compute and render a stream of digital images to be projected onto the user's left and right eye (16a, 16b) by means of the head mounted display, wherein the processing unit (24, 24a, 24b) is further designed to consider the 3d position of the left and the right eye (16a, 16b) and the orientation of the left and the right eye (16a, 16b) when computing and rendering the stream of digital images. The invention further relates to a method to compute and render a stream of digital images using a head mounted display..
Sensomotoric Instruments Gesellschaft Fur Innovative Sensorik Mbh

System and tracking personnel

A tracking system for ensuring the accountability of service providers including real-time reports and notifications to user/supervisors is provided. The tracking system may include a computer for a user to associate personnel with each predetermined location, wherein each personnel has an electronic key configured to provide an e-signature.

Individual and fleet-based vehicle-based wireless marketing device

A battery- or solar-powered wireless removable device fixed to the outside of a motor vehicle for the purpose of promoting a product and/or a service. The product and/or service is normally one produced and sold by an enterprise (e.g.
My Logoes, Inc.

Programmable hair trimming system

A programmable hair trimming system is proposed having a hair trimming device (2) comprising a receiving element (1) for receiving an electromagnetic field and at least one source element (3) comprising an electromagnetic field source. The hair cutting length of the hair trimming device is adjustable, and the at least one source element (3) is external to the hair trimming device(2)and arranged to be placed in a fixed relationship to the head of a person.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Method of welding upper rail and adapter bracket in a seat track for vehicle seat

The present invention relates to a method of welding an upper rail of a seat track for vehicle seat and adapter bracket for supporting a seat frame, the method comprising: contacting surface-to-surface a lower surface of a planar coupling surface part which constitutes a lower end part of the adapter bracket and extends in a longitudinal direction to a predetermined length onto an upper surface of a planar horizontal surface part which constitutes an upper end part of the upper rail and extends in the longitudinal direction; and joining the coupling surface part and the horizontal surface part by welding a lower surface of the horizontal surface part where the horizontal surface part is overlapped with the coupling surface part. Therefore, welding strength between the upper rail of the seat track and the adapter bracket can be reinforced and working hours required to the welding job can be remarkably decreased compared to a conventional art where the welding was performed along an edge of the coupling surface part..
Austem Co., Ltd.

Associative object tracking systems and methods

Systems and methods track a first object when continuous tracking information for the first object is not available. The systems and methods detect when the tracking information for the first object is not available.
Isolynx, Llc

Determination of the coordinate transformation between an optical motion tracking system and a magnetic resonance imaging scanner

Improved cross-calibration between magnetic resonance imaging (mri) coordinates and optical tracking coordinates is provided. Initial calibration is performed with a calibration tool that includes wireless active markers that can be tracked using the mri scanner, and an optical marker that can be tracked using the optical tracking system.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Systems and methods for assessing infant and child development via eye tracking

Systems, devices, and methods are described for assessing the risk of developmental, cognitive, social, or mental abilities or disabilities in very young patients (e.g., in the first 2-6 months of life). Generally, the decline in visual fixation of a subject over time with respect to certain dynamic stimuli provides a marker of possible abilities or disabilities (such as asd).
Children's Healthcare Of Atlanta, Inc.

Systems and methods for detection of cognitive and developmental conditions

Systems, devices, and methods are described for the assessment, screening, monitoring, or diagnosis of developmental or cognitive conditions, including autism spectrum disorders (asd) by analysis of eye tracking data generated from feedback received as a result of display of specific predetermined visual stimuli to a subject or patient. Subsequent to a calibration phase, a testing procedure is performed by presenting predetermined stimuli (e.g., videos) to a subject via a display device.
Children's Healthcare Of Atlanta, Inc.

Differential power amplifier for mobile cellular envelope tracking

A differential power amplifier comprises an envelope tracking power supply configured to provide an envelope power supply signal to the differential power amplifier. The differential power amplifier also comprises an input stage configured to provide a differential signal having a first portion and a second portion to a differential output stage.
Rf Micro Devices, Inc.

Apparatus and methods for envelope shaping in power amplifier systems

Apparatus and methods for envelope shaping in power amplifier systems are provided. In certain implementations, a power amplifier system includes a modulator for generating a rf signal, a power amplifier for amplifying the rf signal, a gain control circuit for controlling the gain of the power amplifier, and an envelope tracking system for controlling a voltage level of the power amplifier's supply voltage based on an envelope signal corresponding to the rf signal's envelope.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

System for holding at least one solar panel on a solar module and solar module comprising same

A mounting system for holding at least one solar panel on a solar module of a solar tracker includes at least one beam having a longitudinal elongate opening and a bearing surface against which the at least one solar panel is intended to bear, and at least one clamping assembly that includes a clamp defining a housing designed to accept an edge of the solar panel against the bearing surface, a threaded clamping element collaborating with the clamp and a connecting element that connects the threaded clamping element with the beam collaborating with the longitudinal elongate opening, the longitudinal elongate opening being produced on a lateral side of the beam adjacent to the bearing surface.. .

Automated sports training workflow, delivery and tracking system

An automated workflow system for implementing, monitoring, tracking and guiding athlete training is disclosed. The system is comprised of a series of proprietary software applications, technology platform and content, accessible using any device that is connected to the internet and utilizes a web browser.

Tracking system for head mounted display

A system and method of tracking a location of a head mounted display and generating additional virtual reality scene data to provide the user with a seamless virtual reality experience as the user interacts with and moves relative to the virtual reality scene. An initial position and pose of the hmd is determined using a camera or similar sensor mounted on or in the hmd.
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Vision-assist systems including user eye tracking cameras

Vision-assist systems including user eye tracking cameras are disclosed. A vision-assist system includes a processor, a memory module communicatively coupled to the processor, a user eye tracking camera communicatively coupled to the processor, an environment camera communicatively coupled to the processor, a feedback device communicatively coupled to the processor, and machine readable instructions stored in the memory module that, when executed by the processor, cause the vision-assist system to receive environment image data from the environment camera, determine a location of an individual speaking to a user based on the environment image data, receive user eye tracking image data from the user eye tracking camera, determine a pose of the user's eyes based on the user eye tracking image data, and provide feedback to the user with the feedback device based on the location of the individual speaking to the user and the pose of the user's eyes..
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

Underwater tracking system

(fig. 9).

Firearm safety system

A firearm safety system and method is described herein. The system may include a tracking system, a smart firearm and/or a smart magazine, and a smart tracking unit.
Black Bart, Inc.

Dc track lighting systems control

This invention generally relates to control of dc track lighting systems. The proposed solution implements a control system for a dc track lighting system based on the use of near-field rf technologies such as nfc.
Philips Lighting Holding B.v.

Network elements, wireless communication system and methods therefor

A tai (tracking area identifier) assigned to a small, ‘presence’ cell (106), which is different from that assigned to a neighbouring cell (101), forces a user equipment (105) entering the presence cell's coverage area to attempt to register with the presence cell. The presence cell forwards the registration request (which includes the ue's temporary subscriber identity and the identity of the most recently serving mobility management entity) to an additional network node (107) that appears as a mobility management entity to other mmes in the network.
Ip.access Limited

Spatial tracking system

A spatial tracking system includes at least two mobile devices, each having wireless communications functionality, a display screen, and a user interface displayed on the display screen; a server in communication with the devices, and programmed to continuously (i) receive position and orientation information from each device, (ii) generate signal information unique to the devices; (iii) calculate distance information and direction information relative to the devices, and (iv) communicate the unique signal information, the distance information and the direction information to the devices. The mobile devices are programmed to continuously (i) receive the unique signal information, the distance information, and the direction information from the server, and (ii) present the received unique signal information, distance information, and direction information on each of the mobile devices.
Geosyte, Llc

Multi-level switching regulator circuits and methods with finite state machine control

The present disclosure includes multi-level switching regulator circuits and methods with finite state machine control. In one embodiment, a circuit comprises a switching regulator and a finite state machine.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Control of directional display

Disclosed is a light guiding valve apparatus including an imaging directional backlight, an illuminator array and an observer tracking system arranged to achieve control of an array of illuminators which may provide a directional display to an observer over a wide lateral and longitudinal viewing range, wherein the luminous intensity of optical windows presented to the observer as viewing windows is controlled dependent on the lateral and longitudinal position or speed of an observer. Further an optical window control system may comprise detection of an observer's hand.
Reald Inc.

Solar collector stabilized by cables and a compression element

A solar collector system including solar elements connected to form an array for intercepting the sun's radiation, a compression element that is positioned substantially perpendicular to the array, and pairs of cables that run from opposite sides of the array to the compression element to mutually stabilize each portion of the array to which the pair of cables connects. A support structure is provided for securing the array to a fixed structure.

Belt tracking system, multi-roller assembly and image forming apparatus employing same

A belt tracking system for controlling the lateral position of a movable belt entrained about a plurality of generally parallel rollers for moving in a trans-axial direction perpendicular to an axial direction in which the rollers extend parallel to each other includes a roller shaft, a slidable member, and a rotation restrictor. The roller shaft extends outward in the axial direction from an axial end of a specific one of the plurality of generally parallel rollers.

Personal activity tracking system

An activity tracking device is defined to detect and record movement of a person to which the activity tracking device is affixed. A secondary electronic device is defined separate from the activity tracking device.
Fitbit, Inc.

Robotized surgery system with improved control

A robotized surgery system (10) comprises at least one robot arm (11) which acts under the control of a control console (12) intended for the surgeon. The console (12) comprises an eye tracking system (21) for detecting the direction of the surgeon's gaze and for entering commands depending on the directions of the gaze detected.
Transenterix Italia S.r.l.

Activity tracking device and associated display

An activity tracking system includes a sensor device and a display device. The sensor device is configured to be carried by the user and includes at least one sensor configured to obtain the activity data for the user.
Under Armour, Inc.

Compact eye imaging and eye tracking apparatus

An optical system for eye tracking is disclosed. The system includes a light guiding prism that guides light from an ocular object to an imaging system through multiple internal reflections.
Augmented Vision, Inc.

Computational array camera with dynamic illumination for eye tracking

Methods and systems for eye tracking are disclosed. One such method obtains a plurality of images of the eye from an array camera and detects glint positions and a pupil edge of the eye in the plurality of the images.
Intel Corporation

Method and paging ue smartly in mme pool

This disclosure provides a method for paging user equipment (ue) smartly in mme pool, comprising: transmitting a paging request to a first enodeb the ue last accessed; if the ue is not paged, transmitting the paging request to all enodebs belonging to a first tracking area (ta) to which the first enodeb belongs; and if the ue is not paged, determining, in a tracking area list assigned to the ue, a first group of tracking areas (tas) adjacent to the first tracking area, and transmitting the paging request to all enodebs belonging to the first group of tracking areas. This disclosure also provides an apparatus for paging user equipment (ue) smartly in mme pool.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Envelope tracking (et) closed-loop on-the-fly calibration

Apparatus and methods are provided to calibrate a closed-loop envelop tracking system for a power amplifier of a wireless transmitter using standardized modulation signals. In one novel aspect, a closed-loop adaptive method is used to track changes in pa nonlinearity due to environmental or circuitry changes during operating condition using standardized modulation signals.
Mediatek Inc.

Illumination system synchronized with image sensor

Eye tracking technology may be used in a wide range of lighting conditions and with many different and varying light levels. In some embodiments, an eye tracking device may employ active illumination (e.g., in the form of infrared light-emitting diodes (leds)).
The Eye Tribe Aps

Electronic access control and location tracking system

A method and system that allows authorized individuals access into controlled access locations and the ability to grant temporary and limited access to guests into these locations. The method and system allows for navigational services to be provided to members and guests, and real-time tracking and confirmation to members and administrators that guests have arrived at their destination and did not enter any unauthorized areas.
Collateral Opportunities, Llc

Wearable access and tracking system for reserved seating events

A wearable rfid band is provided for use at a reserved seating event. The band has a band element worn by a user, and an rfid tag printed on the band element.
Intellitix Technologies Inc.

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