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Trace Elements patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Trace Elements-related patents
 Multi-functional spinning staple fiber master-batches patent thumbnailMulti-functional spinning staple fiber master-batches
The invention relates to multi-functional spinning staple fiber master-batches, mainly comprising a multi-functional ester fiber chip serving as a base material. Main components of the multi-functional ester fiber chip comprise alumina, zirconium oxide, magnesium oxide, tourmaline, zinc oxide, silver ions, porphyries andesite and rare trace elements of deep seaweed mud.
 Semiconductor manufacturing equipment with trace elements for improved defect tracing and methods of manufacture patent thumbnailSemiconductor manufacturing equipment with trace elements for improved defect tracing and methods of manufacture
A semiconductor manufacturing equipment comprising trace elements and method of manufacture are disclosed. The semiconductor manufacturing equipment includes one or more components, wherein at least one component is made from an alloy comprising one or more materials and one or more rare earth elements (rees).
 Compositions incorporating hytd patent thumbnailCompositions incorporating hytd
Disclosed are compositions comprising a first component comprising chitosan, glucosamine and amino acids and a second component selected from the group consisting of (i) one or more pesticides, (ii) one or more non-pesticide organic molecules, (iii) one or more plant nutritional molecules and (iv) non-pesticidal living systems. The composition can also include trace elements, protein and other polysaccharides.
 Multi-nutrient supplement and uses thereof patent thumbnailMulti-nutrient supplement and uses thereof
Various embodiments of the invention relate to compositions comprising vitamins, minerals and trace elements, antioxidants, amino acids, probiotics, and other components and methods for using such compositions to treat or prevent diseases associated with oxidative stress, including cardiovascular disease.. .
 System and method for determining execution of software patent thumbnailSystem and method for determining execution of software
An embodiment provides a level of assurance regarding correct operation of software. An embodiment creates baseline and real-time measurements of software and compares the measurements to determine whether the software is operating correctly.
 Metal cored welding wire, hardband alloy and method patent thumbnailMetal cored welding wire, hardband alloy and method
Various embodiments of a metal cored wires, hardband alloys, and methods are disclosed. In one embodiment of the present invention, a hardbanding wire comprises from about from about 16% to about 30% by weight chromium; from about 4% to about 10% by weight nickel; from about 0.05% to about 0.8% by weight nitrogen; from about 1% to about 4% by weight manganese; from about 1% to about 4% by weight carbon from about 0.5% to about 5% by weight molybdenum; from about 0.25% to about 2% by weight silicon; and the remainder is iron including trace elements.
 System and method for correct execution of software patent thumbnailSystem and method for correct execution of software
In an embodiment of the invention an application provider may include “tracing elements” in a target software application. While working with the application the trace elements are detected and provide a “baseline trace” indicating proper application execution.
 Trace elements patent thumbnailTrace elements
The invention discloses a trace element solution, which comprises at least one metal selected from the group comprising selenium, copper, zinc, manganese and chromium; and at least one component selected from the group comprising a vitamin, a vaccine, a growth stimulant, a dewormer, iron dextran, an antibiotic and a synchronisation preparation. The synchronisation preparation is a combination of injectable hormonal preparations, inplantable hormonal preparations, intravaginal hormonal preparation and other slow release hormonal preparation.
 Ultrasensitive, superfast, and microliter-volume differential scanning nanocalorimeter for direct charactization of biomolecular interactions patent thumbnailUltrasensitive, superfast, and microliter-volume differential scanning nanocalorimeter for direct charactization of biomolecular interactions
Disclosed is a differential scanning nanocalorimeter device, methods of fabricating such a device, and methods of use thereof. The nanocalorimeter contains thermal equilibrium areas for sample and reference liquids, with thermometers, compensation heater, and electric trace elements fabricated on a free-standing polymer diaphragm membrane..
 Removal of elements from coal fly ash patent thumbnailRemoval of elements from coal fly ash
A method for removing elements, including heavy metals, from fly ash and from fly ash resulting from removal of sox/nox from flue gas using na2co3/nahco3/trona, is described. An aqueous suspension of the fly ash and/or a solution of the leachate from the fly ash is treated with dissolved ferrous compounds, such as feso4.7h2o and/or fecl2.4h2o, at a chosen initial acidic ph, and the precipitation of the ferrous ions as the solution basifies sequesters the trace elements..
Agricultural homeopathic elements for biocontrol
The liquid elicitor of chitin and chitosan and micronutrient trace elements of the present invention involves induced systemic resistance (isr)/innate immunity responses within plants. Dilute solutions are applied to propagules (fractions of microgram per seed and/or plant), which causes natural biotic defense responses by seedlings and/or plants.
Methods for the analysis of liquid halosilanes
Methods for the direct analysis of liquid halosilanes. In particular, methods for using graphite furnace atomic absorption (gfaa) spectrometric analysis to evaluate the purity of liquid halosilanes by identifying and quantitatively measuring trace elements or impurities, such as, but not limited to metal species that may be present in liquid halosilanes..
Process for reducing water soluble elements using an amended animal manure fertilizer or litter
The invention relates to process for reducing water soluble elements, namely phosphorus, in animal manure fertilizer and/or litter, namely poultry litter, using chitin or chitosan. The amended fertilizer or litter has useful applications in confined animal production for reducing the water solubility of phosphorous and other trace elements in manure and litter..
V-trough photobioreactor system and method of use
Disclosed herein are photobioreactor systems for high productivity aquaculture or aquafarming for growing of algae or other organisms in an aquatic environment featuring aspects that favor improved growth rates by achieving control over the contents of the growth medium, including carbon source, nitrogen source, and essential trace elements necessary for growth.. .
Method and composition for ameliorating the effects for a subject exposed to radiation or other sources of oxidative stress
Radiation-oxidative exposure treatment compositions may include a mixture of micronutrient multivitamin and trace elements, a mixture of antioxidants and chemopreventative agents, and optionally a mixture of fatty acids. Methods of treatment of a subject exposed to a radiation source or an oxidative stress with the radiation-oxidative exposure treatment composition may include the step of administering to the subject a daily dose of the radiation-oxidative exposure treatment composition such that the life shortening effects induced by the radiation source or the oxidative stress are ameliorated..
Ceramic footbath boots
Ceramic footbath boots, ceramic materials for manufacturing the ceramic footbath boots and application of the ceramic materials to the manufacture of the ceramic footbath boots are disclosed herein. The ceramic footbath boots include a pair of boot-like footbath containers (1).
Touch sensor assembly and method of making the same
A method of making a touch sensor assembly comprises: forming conductive trace elements on a transparent substrate; forming an insulator layer on the transparent substrate such that the insulator layer covers a portion of the conductive trace elements; and forming a plurality of conductive bridging lines such that each of the conductive bridging lines bridges two corresponding ones of the conductive trace elements. Each of the conductive bridging lines includes a plurality of conductor layers stacked one above the other and differing from one another in reflectivity.
Tiacumicin production
Methods, processes and materials for the production and recovery of tiacumicins produced by culturing a microorganism belonging to the species dactylosporangium aurantiacum subspecies hamdenensis having the ability to produce and accumulate one or more tiacumicin in a nutrient medium comprising a carbon source, a nitrogen source, trace elements such as inorganic salts, and an adsorbent, wherein said nitrogen source comprises fish powder, and wherein said tiacumicin is produced in a yield greater than about 50 mg/l broth.. .
Data processing apparatus and related methods of debugging processing circuitry
A data processing apparatus having processing circuitry and debug circuitry is debugged by operating the processing circuitry to generate data. The debug circuitry is employed to generate trace elements indicative of the operation of the processing circuitry.
Process for manufacturing collagen and trace elements from sea water
The process for manufacturing collagen and trace elements from sea water consists of various steps which are raw material preparation, resting of raw material, preliminary filtration to remove heavy metals, deodorize and purity remaining impurities, spraying of water, separation of heavy metals, collagen and trace elements from water and separation of collagen and trace elements. The process according to this invention, apart from sea water, can be applied to other type of salt water by adjusting the salinity and density of the water to an optimal value.
Phosphor compositions and methods of making the same
Disclosed herein are emissive ceramic elements having low amounts of certain trace elements. Applicants have surprisingly found that a lower internal quantum efficiency (iqe) may be attributed to specific trace elements that, even at very low amounts (e.g., 50 ppm or less), can cause significant deleterious effects on iqe.
Data processing apparatus and related methods of debugging processing circuitry
A data processing apparatus, comprising processing circuitry, which in use, generates data and debug circuitry arranged to debug operation of the processing circuitry. The processing circuitry includes bus circuitry arranged to pass data at least one of into and out of the processing apparatus over a communication bus.

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