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Tool Holder patents

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Internal milling cutter

Surgical instrument

Tool holder, and chisel support and drilling bit for a drill head

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tool Holder-related patents
 Single-sided square-shaped indexable cutting insert and cutting tool patent thumbnailSingle-sided square-shaped indexable cutting insert and cutting tool
A single-sided, square-shaped indexable cutting insert has opposing square-shaped upper and lower surfaces and a peripheral side surface extending therebetween having four corner surfaces alternating with four relief surfaces. A corner cutting edge is formed at the intersection of the upper surface with each of the four corner surfaces.
 Internal milling cutter patent thumbnailInternal milling cutter
An internal milling cutter for producing a recess terminating in a radius in a workpiece, in particular for milling a crankshaft, comprises a tool holder having interchangeable cutting inserts detachably attached thereto. For the production of the radius, a plurality of first interchangeable cutting inserts are provided, which are arranged one after another in the direction of cut and have cutting edges which produce complementary portions of the radius, wherein the first interchangeable cutting inserts for producing the radius are identically configured..
 Surgical instrument patent thumbnailSurgical instrument
A surgical instrument according to the invention, particularly a robot-guided surgical instrument, has a shaft end (1), a tool holder (2), which is mounted on the shaft end so as to be able to rotate about a yaw axis (g), and a tool (3) with a main lever (3a), in particular a blade and/or jaw, which is mounted on the tool holder so as to rotate about a pitch axis (n), and a gear transmission with a drive wheel (31), which is mounted on the tool holder so as to be rotatable about an input gear axis (g) by a driving means (200), and, in force-fit and/or form-fit connection therewith, an output wheel (30), which is mounted on the tool holder so as to rotate about an output gear axis (n) and by means of which the tool is rotatable about the pitch axis, or a wraparound transmission with a drive wheel, which is mounted on the tool holder so as to be rotatable about an input gear axis by a driving means, an output wheel, which is mounted on the tool holder so as to be able to rotate about an output gear axis and by means of which the tool is rotatable about the pitch axis, and two traction strands which are different from the drive means, are in particular connected and couple drive wheel and output wheel, or a differential transmission with an output wheel (350; 350a), which is mounted on the tool holder so as to be able to rotate about an output gear axis and by means of which the tool is rotatable about the pitch axis, wherein two traction strands are mutually offset in the direction of the output gear axis, in particular on both sides of the yaw axis, run in opposite directions from the output wheel and/or onto the output wheel and/or are both secured on the output wheel and/or are different from a driving means by which a drive wheel (110), firmly or operatively connected to the tool holder, is rotatable about the yaw axis.. .
 Tool holder, and chisel support and drilling bit for a drill head patent thumbnailTool holder, and chisel support and drilling bit for a drill head
A drill head including a tool holder, chisel supports mounted thereon and drill bits. According to this invention, the chisel supports can be separated from the tool holder..
 Integrated mr imaging and interventional coil device, method and system patent thumbnailIntegrated mr imaging and interventional coil device, method and system
Mr imaging and intervention functions are localized within a single device. At least one integrated coil device (62,63,64,90) which has at least one rf coil (72,94,112,118), a housing (70,74,92,96,110,114) which encases the rf coil and provides an anatomically conformal surface, and a plurality of apertures.
 Machining unit for a program-controlled machine tool patent thumbnailMachining unit for a program-controlled machine tool
A machining unit for a program-controlled machine tool having a measuring and monitoring device for monitoring the position and condition of a tool shaft in the tool holder. This measuring and monitoring device includes a plurality of axial sensors and radial sensors and an evaluating unit for the measurement results detected by the sensors.
 Shrink fit tool holder patent thumbnailShrink fit tool holder
A tool holder has a chuck portion with a retaining bore in which a cutting tool can be inserted. The tool has flat surfaces extending from its end, and circumferential groove at rear ends of the flat surfaces.
 Tool for grinding toothed workpieces having collision contours patent thumbnailTool for grinding toothed workpieces having collision contours
A tool for generating tooth systems by grinding when the maximum tool diameter is limited by collision contours on the workpiece has a dressable grinding tool that is tightly connected to the tool holder. In one preferred arrangement, the dressable grinding tool is glued on the tool holder..
 Cutting drill and method for manufacturing printed wiring board patent thumbnailCutting drill and method for manufacturing printed wiring board
A cutting drill includes a shank having a hole and formed to be gripped in a tool holder, and a drill body having a rod shape and locked into the hole of the shank. The shank has an axis around which the drill body rotates.
 Cutting tool with indexable cutting insert having non-abutting side flanks patent thumbnailCutting tool with indexable cutting insert having non-abutting side flanks
A cutting tool has an s-shaped cutting insert retained in a corresponding insert pocket. The insert pocket has a longitudinal main axis extending in a forward to rearward direction.
Tool holder and tool arrangement
The present invention relates to a tool holder, in particular a steep-taper shank type tool holder, the tool holder comprising at least one mounting surface, in particular a mounting cone, for being received and driven by a drive spindle, and further comprising at least one integrated fluid path for an operating fluid, wherein at least one flow blocking member is associated with the at least one fluid path and is configured to block or release the at least one fluid path in a manner depending on flow direction. The at least one flow blocking member may be configured and arranged such that it permits flow for the operating fluid in the intended direction of supply and does not permit flow for the operating fluid in opposition to the intended direction of supply.
Tool chucking fixture
A tool chucking fixture having a tool holder that receives a tool and is intended for insertion into a receptacle of a tool carrier, which tool carrier is embodied with a corresponding receptacle. To compensate for position errors of the tool holder relative to the tool carrier, at least two adjusting elements, located separately from one another and adjustable via associated adjusting means, are provided on the tool holder, while the tool carrier has at least two contact points, associated with the adjusting elements of the tool holder used, at which points the adjusting elements rest with a precise fit..
Method for attaching a chisel and associates device
The invention relates to a device for machining and/or conveying materials, comprising a roller element rotatably supported about a longitudinal axis, at least one tool holder, a support element for supporting a cutting tool and a cutting tool, wherein the tool holder includes a receiver in which the support element is received in a form locking manner and the support element includes a bore hole. In order to configure the support element that is provided for holding the cutting tool engaging the material so that it can be exchanged in a much simpler manner it is proposed to arrange the fixation element coaxial with the support element, wherein the fixation element is connected with the support element through a threaded connection..
Ankle replacement system and method
A position adjustment device having a tool holder is locked to at least two pins projecting from respective anterior facing locations near a distal end of a tibia of a patient. The position adjustment device is adjusted.
Chuck tool and bits
A tool arrangement and chuck apparatus for quick change of a range of tools; particularly, a quick change chuck adapted to engage various diameter drill bits, tools and tool holders. The tools are rotatable in a chuck or adaptor and have at one end a centering shaft portion having a constant diameter for multiple tool end diameters and shapes, a drive shoulder portion and a lock portion.
Power tool holder
The invention concerns a power tool holder which includes at least two clamping parts mutually movably connected to each other by at least one adjustable connection part, the at least two clamping parts each having a clamping surface which face each other and have a clamping space formed between them, wherein a power tool can be clamped by an adjustment of the connection part to move the clamping parts together. At least one clamping part includes at least one through hole located adjacent to the clamping surface of said clamping part, such that the clamping surface will flex when subjected to pressure on clamping a power tool..
Tool holder
The present disclosure discusses tool holders and a tool holding system that can be attached and secured to the arms of a user.. .
Tool chucking device
A tool chucking device, in particular an oscillation tool chucking device, includes a tool holder that has a first form locking element and a second form locking element. The form locking elements are provided at least for a form locking connection to a machining tool in a circumferential direction about a rotational machining axis.
Wobble drive for an oscillating tool
An oscillating drive for a power tool includes a wobble shaft located on a drive shaft of a motor for a power tool, and a wobble member rotatably supported on the wobble shaft. The wobble member includes a wobble drive structure that defines a drive axis.
Tool holder with nubs for clamping a cutting insert with notches
A tool holder includes a tool holder body with an insert-receiving pocket and a clamp for clamping a cutting insert. The clamp includes a pair of downwardly extending nubs that engage a pair of notches in the cutting insert when the clamp is brought into pressing engagement with the insert, thereby securely clamping the cutting insert in the insert-receiving pocket of the tool holder..
Paint bucket cover
An apparatus that is generally directed to a paint bucket cover, and specifically to a sealable paint bucket cover comprising structures to securely hold painting tools such as rollers or brushes within the container when the cover is in place, is provided. When not being accessed, paint containers need to be sealed to keep the contents from spilling, or the paint from drying out.
Cutting tool and replaceable cutting head having spiral driven surfaces therefor
A replaceable cutting head includes a forward cutting portion and a rearward mounting portion. The mounting portion includes a male coupling member that protrudes rearwardly from a base surface.
Power tool user interface
A power tool has a housing, a motor disposed in the housing, a tool holder driven by the motor, a control circuit for controlling the motor, a rotary input rotatable relative to the housing, and a rotational sensor for sensing the rotational position of the rotary input relative to the housing. The rotary input can be a thumbwheel or a handle that rotates relative to the housing.
Tool holder having a tool body and top clamp for retaining a cutting insert
A cutting tool includes a cutting insert releasably retained therein. The cutting insert has top and bottom surfaces and a peripheral surface extending therebetween.
Tool holder for groove cutting tool, groove insert and groove cutting tool
A groove cutting tool has a groove insert and a tool holder. The groove insert can be replaced by using a lever tool.
Cutting tool mounting assembly
A cutting tool mounting assembly adapted for attachment to a surface of a rotatable driving member of a cutting tool machine. The cutting tool mounting assembly includes a tool holder having a key shank, a base attached to the surface of the rotatable driving member with the base having a mounting groove for receiving the key shank of the tool holder, and a resilient retention structure configured to interact with the base and the tool holder to facilitate a friction fit between the tool holder and the base..
High-frequency spindle
A high-frequency spindle has a tube shaft extending along and rotatable about an axis, a chuck carried on a front end of the shaft, adapted to fit with a tool or tool holder, and a ball cage in the shaft and having a radially extending window. A locking ball os radially displaceable in the window between a holding position engaging in a seat of the tool and a freeing position clear of the seat.
Tool holder for an aerial bucket lift
A tool holder for a bucket lift is disclosed. The tool holder includes a backboard having left, right, front and back sides.
Device for measuring a machine tool pull-in or clamping force
A device and method for measuring the clamping force a machine tool exerts on a tool holder that includes a piston or cylinder body defining a bore that slidably receives a piston. A fluid filled pressure chamber is defined between the piston and the body and a pressure gauge carried by the piston communicates with the pressure chamber such that movement in the piston in at least one direction exerts compressive forces on the fluid in the pressure chamber which is communicated to the pressure gauge.
Tool holder
A combination is disclosed. In at least one embodiment, the combination includes a suspension bar, a tool holder adapted for attachment to the suspension bar, a hook device for suspending an object and a fastening device which enables the hook device to be releasably attached to the suspension bar.
Hand-held machine tool comprising a clamping collar
The disclosure relates to a hand-held machine tool, comprising a housing and a drive unit, a gearbox unit which is provided to convert a rotary motion of the drive unit into an oscillating motion and has an output shaft, and a tool holder for fastening at least one tool, said tool holder being drivable in an oscillating manner via the output shaft the gearbox unit. According to the disclosure, the hand-held machine tool comprises a clamping collar, which extends in a circumferential direction at least partially around the output shaft..
Method and device for machining robot-guided components
A method for machining a robot-guided component with a tool which is fastened in an articulated manner to a tool holder is disclosed. The method includes detecting a deflection of the tool with respect to the tool holder from a desired position and changing a pose of a robot that is guiding the robot-guided component on a basis of the detected deflection..
Milling tool holder wrench
A milling tool holder wrench is provided. A wrench includes two knobs that protrude outward and perpendicular from a surface of the wrench at a top end of a u-shaped portion of the wrench.
Cat 40 tool holder wrench
A cat 40 tool holder wrench is provided. A wrench includes two knobs that protrude outward and perpendicular from a surface of the wrench at a top end of a u-shaped portion of the wrench.
Device for polishing workpiece surfaces
A device for polishing metallic workpiece surfaces. The device includes a tool holder which can be exchangeably fitted into a rotationally driven working spindle of a program-controlled milling machine, and a polishing tool, which is fastened in the tool holder.
Cutting tool holder with internal coolant passage having a compressible member
A cutting tool holder has a holder body and upper and base jaws. An insert receiving pocket is defined between the upper and base jaw, for receiving a cutting insert therein.
Sliding block, tool holder and tool carrier
A sliding block 31, a tool carrier 1 and a tool holder 3 are presented, providing a high-precision interface that is also adjustable. As a result, very exact positioning of the tool arranged in the tool holder 3 in relation to the tool carrier can be achieved.
Tool attachment for a hand-held machine tool
A tool attachment has: (i) a drive shaft driven rotationally; (ii) a locking section for locking on a mounting interface of a hand-held machine tool, the machine tool including a tool holder having a receiving member for receiving an insert tool and a first locking sleeve preloaded by a first spring element in an axial direction pointing away from the hand-held machine tool; and (iii) an actuating element configured to shift, upon mounting the tool attachment on the hand-held machine tool, the first locking sleeve against a spring force applied by the first spring element, in the direction of the hand-held machine tool.. .
Cutting tool as well as a holder blade therefor
A cutting tool for tube cutting machines includes a tool holder and a dismountable holder blade having replaceable cutting inserts. The tool holder includes a basic body, as well as a support body for the holder blade.
Apparatus for guiding a medical tool
There is provided a guide apparatus for orienting a medical tool relative to and through a remote fulcrum or remote center of motion. The guide apparatus may comprise: at least one crank arm comprising at least a portion of a first hinged coupling for hinged coupling to a stabilizer; at least one link arm comprising at least a portion of a second hinged coupling for hinged coupling to the crank arm at a location spaced from the first hinged coupling; a tool holder for supporting a medical tool on the link arm at a location spaced from the first hinged coupling; wherein the rotational axes of the first and second hinged couplings intersect to define a remote fulcrum.
Induction bend cutting system
The invention features methods and apparatuses for cutting a section of a pipe having a non-linear longitudinal axis. A mounting structure attaches to a first portion of the pipe.
Modular tool holder
A tool caddy with vertical inner and outer compartment support sections. The inner and outer sections are made of a semi-rigid, semi-flexible material such as thermoplastic and joined to each other at their respective upper ends by a saddle.
Machine tool
A machine tool for machining a workpiece is provided with a cutting tool holder for holding a cutting tool and a rotation mechanism for holding the workpiece. One or both of the cutting tool holder and the rotation mechanism are movable on multiple axes so that the cutting tool is movable relative to the workpiece in multiple axial directions.
Tool magazine and machining center
A tool magazine that can make a long tool reasonably coexist with other tools and a machining center with the tool magazine are provided. The tool magazine has a rotatable magazine main body and plural of tool holders installed on the magazine main body.
Integrated clamping system for machine tools
An integrated clamping system for a machine tool includes a male locating taper and a tool holder integrally formed therewith and extending therefrom. The male locating taper is configured to be received by a female tapered holding fixture of the machine tool.
Quick attachment bracket for securing a first item to a second item
A quick attachment bracket that permits a tool holder to be quickly secured to the sidewall of a cart is disclosed. The bracket snaps onto the cart and locks the tool holder in position without the use of any mechanical devices..
Double-sided cutting inserts with anti-rotation features
A double-sided cutting insert may generally comprise: a top surface; a bottom surface; at least one side surface interconnecting the top surface and the bottom surface and forming at least one cutting edge; a through hole extending between the top surface and bottom surface; and wherein each of the top surface and bottom surface comprise an anti-rotation element comprising a single recess comprising a generally cyclic conical periphery. Each of the top surface and bottom surface may comprise at least one cyclic conical face.
Hammer dirll
A hammer drill including a cylinder; a piston and a ram mounted within the cylinder; a drive mechanism for converting rotation of a motor into reciprocating movement of the piston; a ram driven by the piston via an air spring; at least two air entry points formed through the wall of the cylinder in different axial positions along the length of the cylinder, each of which are capable of replenishing the air spring; the ram striking a tool in a tool holder; wherein there is further provided a selector mechanism which selectively opens and close the air entry points; characterized in that the selector mechanism opens only one air entry point at any one time during normal use, the selector mechanism closing all other air entry points, each of the air entry point capable of replenishing the air spring during normal use when opened by the selector mechanism.. .
Hammer drill
A hammer drill having a motor mounted within a body and an output spindle; a tool holder mounted on the body capable of holding a cutting tool; a hammer mechanism having a piston; a reciprocating drive for converting rotary movement of the motor into reciprocating movement of the piston; a ram reciprocatingly driven by the piston via an air spring to strike a cutting tool held in the tool holder, the hammer mechanism performing one hammer cycle each time the ram strikes a cutting tool during normal use; an air replenishment mechanism capable of refreshing the air spring during certain time periods during normal use; the air replenishment mechanism capable of being adjusted to refresh the air spring during time periods within the hammer cycle and/or the system allows different volumes of air into or out of the air spring during the refreshment time periods.. .
Screwing system having a tool holder which can be actuated in more than one direction
A screwing system, in particular for assembly plants, includes a drive shaft, which is rotatable with respect to its longitudinal axis, and an output shaft, which is rotatable with respect to its longitudinal axis. The rotary motion of the output shaft is coupled via a coupling device with the rotary motion of the drive shaft.
Tool exchange interface and control algorithm for cooperative surgical robots
A system and method for tool exchange during surgery for cooperatively controlled robots comprises a tool holder for receiving a surgical tool adapted to be held by a robot and a surgeon, a tool holding element for constraining downward motion of the tool while allowing low force removal of the surgical tool from the holder, a first sensor for detecting if the surgical tool is docked within the tool holder, and a selector for automatically selecting different movements or actions of the tool holder to be performed based upon information detected by the first sensor. The system and method of the present invention provides an advantage to an often slow moving cooperative robot, by increasing the speed by which the tool holder may move in the direction away from the patient..
Adjustable utility belt system having tool-specific holders
An adjustable utility belt system is described. The system comprises a belt.
Shoulder-slug personal article carrier and security wallet
A personal article carrier is provided having a shoulder-slung configuration that is adapted to support various travel items and personally information, whereby the holder is adapted to be concealed within a user's clothing and close to the user's chest for security. The holder comprises a two-sided pouch having internal surfaces adorned with various article holders and supports, while the two sides align with one another and are securable along a zip fastener line of connection.
Method for presenting force sensor information using cooperative robot control and audio feedback
A system and method for cooperative control of surgical tool includes a tool holder for receiving a surgical tool adapted to be held by a robot and a surgeon, a sensor for detecting a force based on operator input and/or tool tip forces, a controller for limiting robot velocity based upon the force detected so as to provide a haptic feedback, a selector for automatically selecting one level of a multi-level audio feedback based upon the detected force applied, the audio feedback representing the relative intensity of the force applied, and an audio device for providing the audio feedback together with the haptic feedback. The audio feedback provides additional information to the surgeon that allows lower forces to be applied during the operation..
Tool arrangement
A tool arrangement for a rotary machining tool, for example a grinding disk, has a spindle rotatably accommodated in a housing via a bearing set, onto which spindle a tool holder including a tool mandrel can be clamped for fixing the tool. The tool holder with the tool can be clamped onto the spindle such that the at least one front bearing of the bearing set as well as the set center of the bearing set are enclosed by the tool mandrel and/or the tool..
Electric tools
An electric tool may include a tubular housing, a motor disposed within the housing, and a tool holder rotatably driven by the motor and capable of holding an end tool. A shoe may be supported by the housing and may determine a protruding length of the end tool from one end of the housing.
Tool holder and tool holder attachment structure
A tool holder attachment structure includes a spindle and a tool holder. The spindle has a tip end face and a tapered hole.
Wood cutting tool for cuts on a curved profile
A wood working tool for cutting flutes on a curved profile, used with a wood lathe. The wood working tool includes a vertical mast secured to a base.
Machine tool for processing plate-like workpieces, in particular metal sheets
A machine tool for processing plate-like workpieces, in particular metal sheets, has a machine frame with a lower frame arm, an upper frame arm and a frame compartment or throat defined between the upper and lower arms. A first tool magazine, close to the station, has storage places for processing tools is arranged at least partially within the frame compartment.
Milling drum having integral tool mounting blocks
A tool mounting block is disclosed for use with a milling drum. The tool mounting block may have a flighting portion with a base surface configured to engage an outer cylindrical surface of the milling drum, and a mounting portion integrally formed with the flighting portion at a location opposite the base surface.
Milling drum tool holder
A tool holder is disclosed for use with a milling drum. The tool holder may have a generally cylindrical body defining a first end configured to be received within a tool mounting block of the milling drum, and a second end configured to receive a cutting bit.
Tool holder for receiving and locking a tool taper on a tool magazine, unlocking device, and tool magazine
The present disclosure relates to a tool holder to receive and lock a tool taper on a tool magazine, an unlocking device to unlock a tool taper that is received and is locked in a tool holder of this type, and a tool magazine for a machine tool comprising one or more tool holders of this type and an unlocking device of this type.. .
Handheld machine tool comprising a mechanical striking mechanism
A handheld machine tool including a mechanical striking mechanism, which has a striking member equipped with at least one drive cam and an output shaft equipped with at least one output cam, which is connected to a tool holder for holding a tool, the drive cam being designed to drive the output cam in a striking manner during the striking operation of the mechanical striking mechanism, the output shaft being drivable by a barrel shaped drive member, which at least partially encloses the output shaft and the striking body and is connected via a threaded connection to a drive member that is drivable by an associated gearbox.. .
Tool holder for chip suction device and machine tool including the same
A connection portion 22a between a holder side part 14 of a chip suction path 12 and a main body side part 15 of the chip suction hath 12 is formed to have a non-contact structure, resulting in that not only a chip generated at a machining point but also a chip remained so as to be suspended in a machining atmosphere can be sucked and discharged.. .
Stump cutting apparatus
A stump cutting apparatus including a cutting wheel with a plurality of tool holders secured to the cutting wheel. A plurality of apertures located in each of the tool holders.
Driving assembly for a cutting tool of the shaver type
The nucleotomy device makes it possible to produce a nuclear space es in an intervertebral disc di using a transosseous approach previously pierced in the body of a vertebra va. The device includes a tool holder (2) provided with first connection elements (3) ensuring the placement of an electric rotary driving motor (4), second connection elements (5) for the placement of a blade cutting tool (6), driving elements (7) imparting rotational and longitudinal translational movements to the cutting tool (6), and injection and suction elements (8) making it possible to evacuate the debris from the nucleus resulting from cutting when it is formed inside the intervertebral disc..
Feeding device and machine tool using the same
A feeding device includes a tool holder, a cutter, a feeding mechanism and a mounting seat. The cutter is positioned on the tool holder.
Machine tool with uninterrupted cutting
A machine tool includes a machine support, a work table positioned on the machine support, a moving device and a feeding device. The moving device is movably mounted on the machine support along a first direction above the work table.
Feeding device and machine tool using the same
A feeding device includes a tool holder, a cutter, a feeding mechanism and a mounting seat. The cutter is positioned on the tool holder.
Tool holder
Tool holders are presented including: a tool receiving bracket having a surface, where the surface forms a partial cylinder, the partial cylinder having an upper edge and a lower edge, where the surface includes an opening for receiving a tool, where the opening extends vertically from the upper edge to the lower edge; an attachment portion extending away from the surface with respect to the upper edge and the lower edge; and an accessory hook mechanically coupled with the attachment portion and extending therefrom. In some embodiments, tool holders further include: a connecting arm having a proximal end and a distal end, the proximal end attached with the attachment portion; and a base attached with the distal end of the connecting arm..
Arm band accessory holder for hair stylists, barbers and make up artists
A set of arm band tool holders for professional hair stylists, each having an array of pockets, compartments and receptacles for more convenient access to common stylist tools and implements. Each arm band tool holder (for right and left arms) holds an array of brushes, clips, combs and scissors of varying sizes all ready for instant access within the stylist's direct line of vision as he focuses on a client.

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